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2 gi' 4f"z'.k . ,S .. L' ii .iffy -LPM: .5-NA. ,124 jn- GEN. 373 AR37 1939 The Argentian MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy 8- Local History Branch 317 W. Highway 24 independence, MO 64050 LL WORK av X Z NEWT PUBLIC UBR,qgy .Q x ' - ,, THE Q--LfJ5'na7u , M13 ' ' EMWQ11 ...J.jJQ7dk,.....k4t..g7 """-Sw-f,L1QJ..,4,,,V'.!,,f 4 L+ 3- zT"f"""Ljf"' QMA JfflQ'TfT,f,L'4W . 'fyfmmwfv "v'f'f's3'-'f'f'J-41-A7 . 0A,M,.,Xg,7f'Lw' JWJAM RGENTIAINT ARGENTINE AT womc AND AT PLAY NINETEENHUNDRED AND THIETY-NINE ARGENTINE HIGH SCHOOL i 5 I I I '1 MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY MID CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY tif SQZLZECE llll'llllll'll'llllllllll'll' xl Pi-4 g yn ,W YY, Wmmlqf ... ,.. ..... . . .. .. .LN .,.. . , . M5 , N . . . , , 5 f , , 1 I ' sums. ' 1 1 t 1 I 1 t l l ABGENTINE HIGH scHooL I I 1 I ANNUAL STAFF o Editors,--.Mary lane Cartmill, Geraldine l-loke, I George McDonald, and Louise Wentling Business Manager .......,.i I ......i, lrene Alumbaugh Advertising Managers .......... Maxine Madl and Billy Phillips These journalism students assisted in the preparation ot this looolc: Mary l-leclcman, Margaret Vanderwell, Mary Ellen Southerland, Charlotte Bitter, Norma Paine, Paul Gilles, Richard Burge, Bill Presley, Thelma Bichey, Walter Brink, l-larold Peppers, Betty Ladenlourger, Betty Westfall, Bichard Manlcin, Eleanor Small, leanne Bailey, Leland Lynch, and Eloise Strong. A AND NO PL MAKES Joi-INNIE A r X -Q 7 . 1 my r Q .gp-9 The opportunity to Work is ot blessing. Wor ' or ' n to E youth ois it is to gdults. Schools provide the ne e p t n y tor Work which hots locen pldnned to meet , X573 or outh. ln the school, looys otnd girls should develop or ser' u f . itu to 1 5 Work otnd they should legrn to persevere until the rtic r pi ot Work hds loeen completed. 'iWork which others Q.. do, n ot But lite demotnds Cf vorriety otnd so youthmust ploty c Weil Work. The modern high school goes to greott lengths to p r ide its students Wholesome opportunities for ploty. lt cotnnot loe sorid ot the schools ot todoty thott only the strong get to ploy. All otges otnd otll sizes iind numerous plory orctivities in which they corn engotge with sotlety. And tortunotte is the student Who develops dn under- stcrnding gs to the proper plotce of plory in his lite. by giving my begin motkes o: good motto to Next yeorr the Argentine l-ligh School will loe splendidly eguipped to provide looth Work otnd ploty ctctivities for its students. Moty the students morke the most ot their opportunities. A A I. C. l-IARMON. Q2 2 3 Q- -' M-JA YM KE f . to Shorthomd Sore throott? Typing Biology Auto service ii Chemistry Anriudi editors Metoti project Woodwork . .WORK . . ORK SUPERINTENDENT WORK f 6, F. L. SCHLAGLE Once more may it be said that the Argentine High School is a service institution. With the added facilities for work and play which the Board ot Educa- tion is now providing, this school should be able to serve the youth of this community in a rnanner and to a degree which has never before been possible. Ever onward, Argen- tine. Mr. l-larrnon E R - lt has been said with truth that rnan must work for all that he has and that nothing is worth possessing which costs no work. But it is equally true that one cannot work on always. He must have recreation, too. Thus, it is the responsibility ot the school to provide opportunities for both work and play. Mr. Schlagle PRINCIPAL 1. c. HARMoN Shops, commercial Cateteria Aft Metal shop Clothing Mechanical drawing courses, ioods and cloth- ing classes, journalism, an d regular scholastic sulojects, provide experi- ence in Work. Typing and shorthand are usetul to students in and out oi school. The school Was loettered this year by the service of a nurse. For the last five years the school has been Without a nurse. Biology and chemistry are typical of scholastic Work. S h o p courses give looys a prac- tical training in Wood- work, auto service, and metal shop. Iournalism gives training that is prac- tical as a background for any field. FACULTY- I o MISS MYRTLE MCCORMICK English, Latin, Librarian MR. E. A. MOODY Mechanical Drawing MR. H. I. MOULD , Orchestra, Band Beginning Instrumentsj MR. C. I. OLANDER History, Mathematics, Educational Guidance MISS BERTHA PLUMB Foods, Cafeteria MR. C. L. RICHARDS Woodwork MISS PATTI 'SANKEE English, Spanish MR. I. C. SHANKLAND . Vice-Principal, Constitution, Speech MR. N. E. SHELL I Physics, Chemistry WORK .I ... 6dZyQQwQwM6Q6 N- ' f -' . X y , R H4, 7. S MA .WMM - ,ww -Q. ': ,sf gg fx . . xvsvf 4 iss. swyswsgaggygal sg, Iiwlfs . HST! Y, 22:5 X -9 1 5 f-WAN S' 5SFlVL'f5:. :f If I f za Qzfwww riAwVAQQs 7 X fl pfffgy f ff I v 1 , I I MR. K. C. SKEEN Geometry, Trigonometry, ' Shop Mathematics, Algebra MR. C. E. SWENDER Vocations, Salesmanship, U General Business, Track Coach MISS FRANCES TAYLOR Iournalism, English MR. V. E. TIMMINS History MISS MONA WALTER Glee Club, Chorus MISS BESS WILHITE English, Remedial Reading MISS EVELYN KOESTER Nurse Page Ten WOBK I MISS MARGARET DANNEBERG Secretary MISS EDITH DELANEY I Mathematics, Algebra MR. T. M. EVANS Physical Education, Civics, Health MR. P. G. HAUSMAN Metal Shop, Trades, Auto Service, Advanced Metal MISS MAUD HEWITT English, Art MR. if. s. HoovER Biology MISS LILLIAN IESSUP Geography, History MRS. PAYE LEVY Applied Mathematics, Remedial Reading MR. I. C. LONBCRG General Science, Athletic Coach Algebra, I MISS MISS MISS FACULTY o EDNA BARNES English FRANCES H. BATES Dramatics, Mathematics HELEN BAYER Physical Education, Civics, Health MR. G. E. BRADECRD History MR. G. C. BRINK Typevvriting, Shorthand MISS STELLA COLE Clothing ' MISSGLADYS CONGDCN English MR. P. E. CCWAN International Relations, Social Problems, History MISS GRACE DALE Shorthand, Bookkeeping, General Business n 1 MW 1 , . ,gy If 5 IW, A . ,I , fx I I ,J 'V' 1 , . i w 1 . A If, L ., 04 'Z , f Z, ' ff 1 ,. Af, X 1 I 7 X , ff f X . Page Nine CLASS OF 1939 o MLM WORK ALBERTSON, TEDDY-Art Club, l, 2, 3. ALLISON, DOROTHY-Art Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Social Problems, 3. ALLISON, VERNON-North Kansas City High School, Glee Club, l. ALUMBAUGH, IRENE-Annual Staii, Business Man- ager, Press Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Librarian, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, l, 2, Social Problems, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, International Relations, 3, National Honor Society, 4. ANDERTON, LAVERNE-Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 4. ARNOLD, MABLE-Wyandotte High School, Art Club, l, Basketball, l, 2, Girl Reserves, 2, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, l, 2, Argentine High School, Art Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3. BAILEY, IEANNE-Mustang Club, Z, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4, Numeral Club, 4. BAKER, DONALD+Art Club, l, Tennis, 3, International Relations, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BARNES, BILL31UtQfrg' , 3, , 4- Amr .S Glee Leadersh' , -Colleg' f-d'o r b 4- fel. dent, 4. Q Y O ', 5 I G!! t BARNES, LAWRENCE W BARNES, LEONARD-Band, 3, . PT VERA aiee Club 4 Social Problems, 3, 4. BEAUMONT, MACK-Argentian Staii, 2, 3, 4, Social Problems, 4. BELLMAN, IACK-Football, 2, "A" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Track, 3, 4, Co-captain, 4, Orchestra, l, 2, 3. 4, Class Officer, Vice-President, 4, International Rela- tions, 3, 4, President, 3, 4, Social Problems, 4, Lead- ership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BENDER, FRANCES-Typing Squad, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, 2. 63 C 4, Q. 9,331 Q,..-u,.b49.,..,3,M.t.Q,,4..p-1 BLAIR, MAE ETTA-Mustang ciub, 3, 4, Rqskeibdiifaz, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4. BLASCHE. TOMMY-Leadership Club, 2. 3 BLYTHE, ROBERT-Football, 2, lunior Play, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4. ' I Page Twelve WORlK CLASS CF F ICERS FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS FRESHMAN YEAR President -------------------'----------- --------- R iCl'1Ci1'd lVlCiI'1lii1'1 President Richard MGH ' - - --------------,-------..... ............. k n ggjjijsldenf ---AAAA-- AL--AA-A-- E A-H -S-S lack Bellmen vmpfesidem ,,,,,S,SS,,,,,,,,,S,SS,,,,,,,Sh,-, Richard Burge Treasure? ----'-"'-'A" """"" M eq Y gune ghomcllf SSCTSTCITY ............... ......... M ary lane Cartrnill Cheer ry Gmac Qikiill TFGCISUTGF ----- ' ----------... .................. H elen Wiseman i'7iviis'n.grg..Siffaylif Cheefecfde -AR-ARAAAAAEQEEEEE1-E1EE1++ES.-ESQ-+ E.EE D are Sims S of ------------------------ - ' - - SPOHSOT ---------................... .-Miss Henrietta Conrad pong T """' l Mr. V. E. Timmins President ......... Vice-President ..,.,..,,,,,,,,,, Secretary .....,,,,,,,,, -------------------r--r..---...RiCl'1arCl Mankln Richard Burge ---.---.--Betty lune Thoman PF9SidGf1'f --------.-....,................. ........ R ichard Mankin Vice-President ,,,,.,,.,N,,,-,,.,,,,,,-,,-,,,, Secretary ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,.-.,-. .Bill Wintersteen .Elva lean Burr Treasurer .............. .......... M ary lane Carlmill Treasurer . Pearl Reagan ggjjgofgeadef ""i"" """""""' Og ggri Cheer Leader .......... ............. y -Jeanne Bailey " ' ' 9 S1000-SOr--.------..-----..--.-.---.--.---.--.--Miss Maud Hewitt y sot-'HOMORE YEAR T . ' President ...... 4 ................................. Richard Q Manlqln , Q Vice-President ,,.-,M,,-,--,.-...-,--A----------,-- Betty Westfall PI'eS1deI'1l --------------------.....-.............. R1Cl'1CI1'Cl MCt1'1l'ii1'1 Secretary -,---.--,,,,,- S --,----,-, Mary Iane Cartmill Vice-President ............. ,.,, - ,,,,.,,,,, I earl Sellers Treasurer ......,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, P earl Reagan Secretary ............... .,,,,,,,,,,,,, P aul Gilles Cheer Leader ............. ..,.....,,.,,,, . .--Dale Sparks Treasurer, .....,......... ,,.,,.,,.,, R odney Smith S Q S Miss Stella Cole Cheer Leader ,..,...,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, I eanne Bailey pcmsogs ' """"" Q """' """' l Mr. F. S. Hoover Sponsor ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,-,,- M 1 SS Lillian Ie-Ssap The senior class of l939 boasted a membership of l89 students. This is eight less than the graduating class of last year. . ' . Two members represented the class in the Student Council, they were Paul Gilles, president of the club, and Richard Burge. . A' Richard Mankin was president of the class during all six years of both junior high and senior high Work. 0 "The Spider and the Fly," was presented December 8 and 9, as the annual senior play. The members of the cast Were, Betty Westfall, Richard Burge, Paul Gilles, Richard Mankin, Mary lane Coleman, Bonnie Simpson, Max Dupuy, Doris Roberts, Maxine Goodrick, Norma Paine, and Patricia Scovill. A 5 There were four editors of the yearbook: Mary lane Cartmill, Geraldine Hoke, George McDon- ald, and Louise Wentling. , , H Sixty-one members of the class were in the senior-high Leadership Club. The officers of the club were all senior boys: George McDonald, lohn McGraw, and Richard Burge. lack Bellman, track star and captain of the squad, was an outstanding athlete, breaking the state record in the mile run in competition with all Kansas "A" high schools. ' V lohn Thorp, co-captain of the football team was chosen as a member of the all-state high school football team. The other co-captains of the football team were Herbert Curran and lunior lameson. Sponsors of the class were Miss Frances Taylor, English and journalism instructor, and V. E. Timmins, history instructor. . A ' ' Eleanor Small was school cheer leader two years in succession. . - Betty Westfall was president of the Mustang Club and Richard Burge was treasurer. Members of the,National'Honor Society Were: lrene Alumbaugh, Donald Baker, lack Bellman, Richard Burge, Mary lane Cartmill, Paul Gilles, Albert Goebel, Maxine Goodrick, Mary Hecke man, Geraldine Hoke, Doris Hultz, Alfred Leslie, Maxine Madl, Richard Mankin, Frances Markie- Wicz, George McDonald, Clarence McGee, lohn McGraw, Nadyne Nichols, Norma Paine, Pearl Reagan, Thelma Richey, Doris Roberts, Dale Sparks, Neilus Speers, Charles Stanley, Betty lune Thoman, Louise Wentling, Betty Westfall. A I I The club officers Were: Betty lune Thoman, president, Mary Heckman, vice-presidentg lohn McGraw, secretary, Norma Paine, treasurer. A Page Eleven l CLASS OF 1939 o L E s I i 2 Q . 2 womc ------- Wlf' CURRAN, HERBERT-Football, 3, 4, Co-captain,4, "A"l Club, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Glee Club, 3, Leadership Club, 4. DEMEYER, ALBERT-Leadership Club, 4. DESEURE, FRANK-Track, 3. x I DESPAIN, KEN NETH-Football, 4. DEVRIESE, CVICTOR D HGH-Ursu e adegjfduni , - e , , Qwuss e , ice- resident, , Argentine igh Scho l: G e b, . ' ' I I I . DUPUY. MAX-Mustang Club, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Basketball, 1, Glee Club, 4, Track, 1, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club, 2, 3, 4, Collegiate Radio'Club, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. 1 EGER, HENRY-Basketball, 2, Tennis, 4, Track, 2, Inter- national Relations, 3. WOOLARD, BOB-Football, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 4, Glee A Club, 2, Track, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4. ENGLE, DOROTHY-Glee Club, 1, 3, Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, Debate Squad, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3. EVANS, DOROTHY-Central Iunior: Student Council, 1, Argentine High School: Glee Club, 3, 4. ' ' FLEETWOOD, HERMAN--Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. FLYNN, MARGARET-Glee Club, 4. FOGLESONG, MARTHA-Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' 'Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Leadership Club, 4. FREDERICKS, CLIFFORD-Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club, 'l, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Glee I Club, 4, Track, l, 2,2 3, 4, Co-captain, 4, International Relations, 4, Leadership Club, 4. ' . FREDERICKS, DOROTHY-Art Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 1, 2, Girlsf Athletic Association, 1, 2. FUNCK, DONALD-Glee Club, 3. I GARCIA. TONY-Basketball, 1, 2, Glee Club, 3, 4, 'Track, 1, Leadership Club, 4. Page. Fourteen WOBK BODAM. HUGH-Football, l, 2, 3, International Rela- tions, 3. BRADBURY, ELEANOR-Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Girl Re- serves, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4- International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 4. BREWER, ADELE-Mustang Club, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, I, 2, Social Problems, 4, Leadership Club, 4 I O BRINK. WALTER-Mustang Club, 4, Press Club, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Orchestra, l, Social Problems, 3- Leadership Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Annual Staff, Press Club President, 4. BUNCH, TRENA-Eldon High School, Iunior Play, Argentine High School, Girl Reserves, 4, Leadership Club, 4. - BURR, ELVA IEAN--Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, Glee Club 3, 4, G' l Reserves, 4, Social Prob- lems, 3. Q ' o I I CARR, EVELYN-Girl Reserves, 4, International Rela- tions, 4. CARTMILL, MARY IANE-Girls' "A" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Annual Staff, Editor, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 4, Librarian, 3, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary, l,"2, Treasurer, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, Leadership Club, 3, 4, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4, Office Work, 4, National Honor Society, 4. CASTER, LEWIS-Football, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Track, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3. CHAMBERS, LEROY-Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4. COLEMAN, MARY IANE-Mustang Club, 4, Senior Play, Glee Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Student I Council, l, Girls' Athletic Association, 3, Leadership, 4. COPELAND, DARWIN4Leadership Club, l, 4. O CORBETT, GENEVIEVE-Glee Club, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Social Prob- lems, 3, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4. CORNELIUS, MELVIN-Football, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Track, 2, 3, 4. COTTRELL, HAROLD-Track, l, Orchestra, l, 2, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3. , O COWPERTHWAIT, BETTIE-Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. COXEN. CATHERINE-Topeka High School: Pep Club, l, 2, Gym Club, l, Argentine High School: So-cial Problems Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, International Relations, 4, CROSSLEY, EDYTHE-Art Club, l, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. Page Thirteen CLASS OF 1939 o .--i---- wonli CLASS OF 1939 o f HUGHES, KATHLEEN-Mustang Club, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Girls' Ath- letic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 4, Office Work, 4. HULTZ, DORIS-Mustang Club, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, 1, 3, 4, Typing SquCICl, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 1 1, 2, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4, Office Work, 4, Girls "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. HUTTON, CHARLES-Football, 4, Basketball, 1, 2. IAMESON, IUNIOR-Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf, 4, Student Council, 1, International Relations, 3, Social Prob- lems, 3, Leadership Club, 3, 4. I IANTZEN. SANFORD-Band, 2, 3. V IOHNSON, HOWARD-Social Problems, 3, 4. KUNKEL, GEORGE-Basketball, 1, Track, 1, 2, 3. 6 LADENBURGER, BETTY-Art Club, 4, ir usta g Club, 3 ,A al" ' aff, if , di . , 3, J 1 ge- ' n Staff: , . , , A is , , , , '. 1 'Q' "f'1o Jir.' I , , A f 4 Gi' -. A ociation - sl ,. hi ciub 4, N-L1n J0 4 .- LAMB, MARIE-Ba - all, 4, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, 4. gr? '- 1 I z 5: "0 LANDIE. soL+BuSketbQ11, 2, International Relations 4, Social Problems, 3. ' I LA MAN GE DINE usta , 1 b, 4, Glee Club, , d 1 2 twigs, 4. 2 Cl A0 A A , DI 'f 1' Q all, ,ff , 3,j 4, ub, 3, 4, Basketbal , 2, 3-.ff e il , lee Clu A 4, Track, 1, Q,.Zk3lA!S 1Prog1f '3AQ Sa Air. n 1 1 5 . . LEMBERGER, IACK-Football, 1, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3. LENTZ, BETTY-Art Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Social Problems, 3. LESLIE, ALFRED-Orchestra, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, Leader- ship Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. LOCKE, ROLAND-Art Club, 2, 3, Baszlcetball, 2, Glee Club 4 lnternati al Rela e e hip Club, 4. , 1 ' I LOEB LERO Q4-GD LONG, FRANCES-Mlstang Club, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 4. LJ Page Sixteen wonli -1----w GARRBTT, DWAYNE-Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4. GATZOULIS, PAUL GEIGER. PAUL GIBBS, DOROTHY-Glee Club, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, 1, 4, International Relations, 3, 4. GIBBS, LLOYD-Tennis, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, International Relations, 3, 4, Social Problems, 4. GILLES. PAUL-Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Annual Statt, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Basketball, 1, 2, Press Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Debate Squad, 4, Leadership Club, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, GOEBEL, ALBERT-National Honor Society, 4. GOMEZ, LUCY-Typing Squad, 3, Leadership Club, 4. GOODRICK, CORRINE-Glee Club, 1, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Social Problems, 4, Leadership Club, 1, 4. GOODRICK, MAXINE-Central luniorz Glee Club, 1, Argentine High School: Senior Play, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Office Work, 4, National Honor Society, 4. ' GOWER, DORIS-Art C1ub,b1, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2. GOWER, WILFORD-Social Problems, 3. fs HANEY, ROBERT-Social Problems, 3. HECKMAN, MARY-Girls' "A" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Annual Staff, Iunior Play, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, Debate Squad, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club, 4, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4, Collegiate Radio Club, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Vice-President. HELM, MAURINE-Girl Reserves, 4, Glee Club, 1. HOKE, GERALDINE-Mustang Club, 4, Annual Staff, Editor, Press Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, Leader- ship Club, 4, Typing Squad, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 4. HONTZ, ERVAN HOWE, EDWARD-Art Club, 2, Glee Club, 2, Student Council, 1, Social Problems, 3. Page Fifteen CLASS OF 1939 o CLASS OF 1939 o -WORK McGRAW, IOHN-Football, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 4, Basket- ball, 2, Track, 2, Leadership Club, 4, Secretary, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4, Secretary. MCHENRY, BERT-Band, l, 2, 3, 4, International Rela- tions, l. MCKITTERICK, DONALD-Glee Club, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 4. C MCMAHON. FRANCES Z3.hf I MEADE. ARTHUR-F , 4, " " . , Basketball, 2, 3, 4. MEYER, WAUNETA-Glee Club, 4. MILLER. IAMES-Football, 3. MILLS, CECIL-Football, 2, 3. MORRIS, MILTON-Football,.3, Track, l, 3. MORRISON, RICHARD-Leadership Club, 3, 4. NEECE, CHARLES-Iunior Play, Student Council, l. ICHOLS, NADYNE-Basketball, l, Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Student Council, l, Girls' Athletic Asso- ' io , 1, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor So- ciety, fp Q'-45, I I NICKUM, Bogie-orchestra, , 4, nd, , ,4. ' NINEMIRE, CLARABELLE- irl e rves, ,Libr an, 4, Social Problems, 2. O'DONNELL, FRANK C PAINE, NORMA-Senior Play, Argentian Sta , , 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Treasurer. ' PARTONNAR, MADGE-Basketball, l, 2, Girl Reserves, ?, 51, Typing Squad, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, PAYNE, ADA NADINE-Glee Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Debate Squad, 3, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Librarian, 2, Band, l, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer, 3, Social Problems, 4. Page Eighteen Student Council, l, Leadership Club, 4, Annual Staff, WORK LOPEZ. ROBERT-Glee Club, 3, 4. LOVELL. MARIORIE-Girl Reserves, 4, Social Problems 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4. 1 LUNDBACK, ANN MARIE- serves, Librarian, 4. LY M n C , , - I 1, Glee Clu , . MADL. MAXINE- ng Cl b, 4, Pr ss Club, 3, 4, SGCTGTGTYI 47 le" 01 ei 7 -A it- siness Man- ager, 4, Glee l L 3, D-13: -,Squad, girls' Ath- letic Association, ,L dership - g - , . Q1 Stgffi Advertising Managerfkibrarian, 4,4?lational Honor So- ciety, 4. MALES, GEORGE-Tennis, 3, 4, International Relations, 3, Leadership Club, 4. ' l , 5 I l MAN it v' .5 -TA ' ub, 2, , , Mus g Club, 2, '1 ,M v Ii? 'dent, 3, 1 no ati, S or Play, 4: ' if 'f v fl 2, 3, 4: ' g f ,t ' Glee Club, ' f C41 1: 'Y' d It , l, lass Officer, Q- , , , , , oc' Prob ems, 3, 4, Leaders 4 C , 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ational Hgnor Society, 4. MARKIEWIC , FRANCES IuniorsPlay, - Argentian Staff, 2, Girl Reserves , Orc ra, , eadership Club, 4- Nati l H o 'et . MARTIN . , 2, ustang Club, 4, Glee , 4: b T- 1 Problems, 4. MATTHEWS, MAXINE Girl Reserves, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, l. ' MAXIM, Bos-Glee club, 4, imemqtio Q1 Relatio S, 3, 4, Social Problems . ,. MAYBELL, IANE- u , 3, , 1 Girl Reserves 4 ocial oblems 3- Leadership C u 4 ,1 , . ' ' ' 'D . MCCAULEY. VLIRGINIA-Art lub, 4, rl eserves, 2, Girls .Athletic Association, l, 2, 3. MCCURDY, MARIAN-Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 2, 3, International Rela- tions, 3, 4, Social Problems, 4. McDONALD, CHARLES-Football, 2, 3, 4. Q L GEORGE Mustan Club 4 Annual Staff MCDONA D. - Q , 2 1 Editor, Press Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, Debate Squad, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Vice- President, 4, National Honor Society, 4. MCGEE, CLARENCE-Leadership Club, 4, National ' Honor Society, 4. McG1vERN,,BILL-Bqsketbqii, 1, 2, 3, 4, Giee Club, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Golf, 1, 2, 3, 4. Page Seventeen CLASS OF 1939 e CLASS OF 1939 o WORK ROBERTS, DORIS-Mustang Club, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Typing SGIUCICI, 3, 4i Lead' ership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. ROCK, FRANK RODRIQUEZ, EUFEMIA-Girl Reserves, 4. ' , STRONG, ELOISE--Mustang Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4. SAUER, IACK-Track, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHIEBEL, DANLEY-Football, l, 3, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Golf, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, l, Leadership Club, 3. SCHIEBEL, IEAN-Mustang Club, 4, ' Glee Club, 4, Track, 2, Golf, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3. SCHOOLING, IACK-Football, l, 2, 3, Mustang Club, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Tennis, l, 2, Glee Club, 4, Track, l, 2, Golf, l, 2, Orchestra, l, 2, 3, 4. SCOVILL, PATRICIA-Senior Play, Librarian, 4,4 Inter- national Relations, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4, President, 4. O SELLERS, IEAN-Mustang Club, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, Leadership Club, 2, 3, Press Club. SEWELL, LLOYD-Basketball, 3, Glee Club, 3, 4, In- ternational Relations, 3. SIMPSON, IEAN-Glee Club, 2, 3, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, International Relations, 3, 4. SIMPSON, BONNIE LOUISE-Central Iunior High School: Student Council, l, Argentine High School: Mustang Club, 4, lunior Play, Senior Play, Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, Debate Squad, 4, Librarian, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 3, Social Problems, 3. SMALL, ELEANOR-Mustang Club, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, l, 4, Cheer Leader, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, l, 2, Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club, 3, 4. SOUTHERLAND, MARY ELLEN-Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Typing Squad, 3,. Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, l, 2, 3, International Relations, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff. O SPARKS, DALE-Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, Glee Club, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf, 3, 4, Orchestra, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. SPEARS, NEILUS-Argentian Staff, 2, Debate Squad, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3, Lead- ership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. STANLEY, CHARLES'4Football, 2, Press Club, 4, Ar- gentian Staff, 3, 4, Editor, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. I I l I Page Twenty WORK PEPPERS, HAROLD-Annual Staff, .lfxrgentian Staff, 2 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. I PRICE, VERNON-Football, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, Track 1- Typing Squad 3 I 2 4'-Fbcial Prob: PHILLI , -1 11 Msg 2 -4, Tennis, 1 Ar ' mf , 3, 4, G , ' 16-ms, 3, 4, me t 1K S, 3. POLLOCK, BARBARA-Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 1, ' 2, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3, 4 POSTEN, HELEN-Glee Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Typing Squad, 3, International Relations, 3, Leader- ship Club, 1, 4. PRATHER, KENNETH-Band, 1, 2, 3. PRESLEY, BILL-Annual Staff, Press Club, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Leadership Club, 4. PRICE. GEORGE-Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Band, 1, Interna- tional Relations, 4, Leadership Club, 4. ROMAN, IOANNE-Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club, 4. . I. REAGAN, EARL-Football, 2, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Inter- national Relations, 3, Social Problems, 3. . REAGAN, PEARL-Argentian Staff, 2, Glee Club, 3, 4, Student Council, 1, Secretary, 1, Treasurer, 2, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club, 4, Numeral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. REED, RAYMOND-Glee Club, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. C REYNOLDS, EDNP.-Girl Reserves, 4, International Re- lations, 3. REYN LDS RT -P tlball, 1, 2, 3, 41 "A" ciub Orchestra, 2, 3- , 1, 2, 3, Social Problems, 3: Leadership Clu , 4. RICE, CLARENCE o , mo B , 4, Mustang C , 4- ack, 4, Student Council, 1, RICHEY, THELMP.-Annual Staff, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Crlee Club, 3, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Orchestra, 4, Inter- national Relations, 3, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. RISNER, IOHN-Central Iunior, Band, 1, 2. I RITTER, CHARLOTTE-Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Librarian, 3, Social Problems, 3, Leadership Club. 4, Press Club, 4. Page Nineteen n 1-U HW OF 1939 0 CLASS OF 1939 o 4W0llK LQ, l Mex lfl41'i1ltE.P57lf3'5'J I WISEMAN, HELEN-Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, Class Officer, Treasurer, l, Social Problems, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4. WILKES, ROBERT-Art Club, l, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Student Council, l. WRIGHT, DEAN-Basketball, 2, Leadership Club, l, 2. WILLIAMS, WILFORD-Football, 4, "A" Club, 4, Mus- tang Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Social Problems, 3, Lead- ership Club, 4. WINTERSTEEN, BILL-Art Club, l, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Student Council, l, International Re- lations, 4, Social Problems, 4. WIRE, ROY-Football, l, 3, 4, "A" Club, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Glee b, 2, 3, Track, 4, Golf, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, I t r onal Relations, 4, Social Problems, 3, Lead- Club, 4. , Qlmlf lo Q,lswrfbsS rv K S Fl- HJC l l SENIORS WITH NO PICTURES MIR GE, EUGENE BURGE, RICHARD-Mustang Club, 4, Treasurer, 4, Iunio-r Play, Senior Play, Basketball, l, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, 4, Debate Squad, 4, Class Officer, Vice-president, 2, 3, Leadership Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Press Club, National Honor So- ciety, 4. ENGLE, HARRY GUFFEY, BILL4-Washington Rural High School: Foot- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, Tennis, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, Track, 2, 3, Student Council, l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Vice- President, l, 2, International Relations, 3, Social Prob- lems, 4. MCGREGOR, NOLAN-Iunior Play, Glee Club, 3. PETRIK, MARGARET-Dropped School. WHITE, FLORENCE-Dropped School. Page Twenty-Two WORK STEPHENSON, RUSSELL-Basketball, 2, Tennis, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, International Relations, 4, Social Prob- lems, 4. STIGALL, IUANITA-Glee Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, Social Problems, 3. STUMPF, DWIGHT-Art Club, 3, 4. O TUSH, GILBERT-Football, 1,1 Basketball, 1, 2, Track, 1, 2, 4, International Relations, 3. TEEGARDEN, PATRICIA-Glee Club, 4, Social Prob- lems, 3. TERRY, LORRAINE-Art Club, 1, 3, Glee Club, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, Social Problems, 3. O THOMAN, BETTY-Mustang Club, 4, Press Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Editor, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, Leadership Club, 2, 3, 4, Numeral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 4, President. THORP, IOHN Foo ball, 1, , , Co-captain, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3 - ' d t, - Club, 3, 4, Basketb ,,,, 4, T ac , 1, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4. VANDERWELL, MARGARET-Annual Staff, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4. VARGAS, AMBROSE-Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader- ship Club, 4. . VELASQUEZ, LUPE WILLARD, OWEN WATE , RYSTAL- t lu , , ang lub, 4, G Clu , 1 1 b- le ' "Rm, 'V WEBB, THOMAS-Football, 2. WELLS, HAROLD I O WENDT, MARY-Girl.,Reserves, 4. is WENTLING, LOUISE+A'nnudl3'Staff, Editor, Press Club, 4, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, ,Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, Interna- tional Relations, 3, Leadership Club, 3, 4, Office Work, 4, Librarian, 3, Mustang Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. , WESTFALL, BETTY-Girls' "A" Club, 3, 4: Mustang Club 2, 3, 4, President, 4, lunior Play, Senior Play, Argen tian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3 4, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Student Council, 3, Sec retary, 3, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Secre tary, 2, Vice-President, 3, Leadership Club, 3, 4, Num Class Officer, lficfe-President, 2, NC1iiO1'1Ci1 Honor SO ciety, 4. CLASS OF 1939 o W ' ' Wo - ,5 ,,L, ,V I gf, ' eral Club 2 3 4- Office Work, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, , .1 - XM! .nv get w awz' J, ,'2f:3Z,Q 1 if X I , . Page Twenty-One W 0 R K CLASS The sophomore class was again this year the largest OF in the school with an enrollment ot lU5 girls and l42 1941 WS- 9 The officers ot the class were: lack Moore, president, Doris Green, vice-presidentg Eleanor Cottrell, secre- tary, Leota Vaughn, treasurer, and Lee Burns, cheer leader. Doris has been vice-president for two consecutive years and secretary the other two years she attended junior high school. Cathleen Boris and lack Bouse were members ot the Student Council. Two members, Bob Terry and l-larold May, played on the first team in basketball. Twenty-one boys were on the sophomore intra-mural team. ' Three sophomores represented the school at the Kansas Univer- sity Music contest. They were: Danny Shupp, hornist, Billy Brazier, trumpeter, and lack Bouse, trombonist. Doris Green was their accompanist. l 5 L. Berns. Beaumont, K. Elliott. Caster, Elkins, Barrett. Atnayo, Chappelle, Ayrault Evans, Clevenger, Browne. Hoover, Hodges. ner, Magnenat, Iansen. Garrett. Hawver. E. Kissinger, Koup. Page Twenty-Four t First Row-Devanney, Cervant B1 d G. Berns, Brown, Couch Brazier Engle, Baker, Aiman, Cowperthwait Second Row-Cottrell, Boris Breese Easley, N. Barnes, Adams Duke Bader DeSuere, M. Barnes, Berry. Third Row-Coats, Card, Barnett Dias Anderson, Cleaver, Buffington Cobble Fourth Row-Condron, B. Cartrnill I Cartmill, DeMeyer, Dean, Ashcraft Fifth Row-Brink, Antos, Bunce Beard Sixth Row-C. Elliott, Brauner Athey Seventh Row-Bouse, Bogue Corb tt Bustamante. First Row-Kitterrnan, McGhee Kin naird, Grirn, Ferguson, Harris Gregory Larnb, Luna, Favours, Gregg Second Row-Lozano, Littleheld Field Metz, Miller, Iohnson, Hoke Layman Third Row-F. Hernandez, Koch E Lynch, L. Hernandez, Freeland For iester, Morrison, B. Lynch, Hagemann nn. Y Fourth Row-Hinds, lenkins M Kis singer, Mangels, Lillich, King Ke sh Filth Row-Mahr, Monteil, Iohnson Landrey, A Green, 'Messinger Larnble Sixth Row-Mitchell, Greenup C ner nandez, Harding, Goodrich Huggins Seventh Row-McDermott, Iairne Kent Hartegan, Ferreira, Gomez, Kelso Eighth Row-Mankin, Marvine Miller The junior class with 24l members was the second largest class in the school. The officers were: Eugene Copeland, presidentg B. I. WORK l CLASS OF 1940 Atkinson, Vice-presidentg Betty Perkins, secretaryg Evelyn Bruce, treasurer, and Mildred Darnell, cheer t leader. . The two members oi the Student Council were: Claire Arnold, vice-president, and Anna lrloltman. First Row-E. Bruce, B. Duggins, Bab- cock, Cromwell, Bonnett, Duncan, Ayalla, G. Bruce, Baker, Chandler. Second Row-N. Duggins, Dennis, Cur- ran, DeLeersnyder, Erter, Dickerson, L. Cook, Bottum, Burr, Cole. Third Row-Carpenter, Berry, H. Cook, Coxen, Deitz, Ely, Cassidy, Fudge, Erie. Fourth Row-Adamson, Copeland, Fish- er, R. Foster, Crew, Arnold, Buckman, Atchley, Elsworth. Fifth Row-Eldridge, Clark, Canter- bury, Davis, Dillon, Aiman, Corriston, Cerovich. Sixth Row-Burke, W. Foster, Brown, Coons, Becker, Childs, Debane, Bras- well. Seventh Row-M. Bruce, Burns, Bris- coe, Easley, I. Cook, Atkinson, Arm- strong. Eighth Row-Ferreira, Fuller, Doyle, Connor, Brower, Elliott. First Row--Holthouse, C. McMillen Martinez, Mock, odie, E. McMil1en: jones, E. Gutierrez, Maxwell, Normile, Harrity. Second Row-McGivern, Martin, Hogan, McCormick, Ieffries, Ketchum, McKis- ick, G. Long, Mastelletto, R. Lawson. Third Row-Maddox Ha emann C. I Q 1 Harris, Hays, Griffith, Knowles, E Lynn, Leake, R. Harris. Fourth Row - lngwersen, Kallaras Lundberg, Mairs, Harkness, A. Long: Haney, Lewis. Fifth Row-Hills, McClanahan, Larson I.-Lynn, Kuttler, Keith, Gower, Holt-I man, McCarter. Sixth Row-Liebig, Morris, Holmes, C. Maxim, Lee, Liston, Lovelace, M. Maxim. Seventh Row--A. Harris, V. johnson, McHenry, O. Gutierrez, McCurdy, Mc- Leod, D. Long, Monroe. Eighth Row-McGhan, McCray, Neher, S. Lawson, Iayme, Lemberger, King. Ninth Row-G. johnson, Marquez, Hack, Mitchell, Oehlert. First Row-Reed, Nash, Rangel, Simons Petzold, Rice, Sudduth, R. Spencer, Stephan, Vergouven, E. Smith. Second Row-Stewart, Pappas, Tron- coso, South, Stubbs, Shalinsky, Zan- atta, Warner, Tisdel, Puckett. Third Row-Wade Slau hter Shartran, I g 1 H. Smith, Wilson, Waters, Wendt Shirley. Fourth Row-Summers, Perkins, Wat- kins, Vest, Vernon, B. Smith, Scott Penny. Fifth Row-G. Smith, Tush, D. Weber Sewell, Stine, Savage, R. Rock. Sixth Row-Parcell, Speers, Todd Swinehart, Paxton, Spears, Tucker I. Rock. Seventh Row-C. Smith, Ramsey, Win- ters, Robinson, leffries, L. Spencer, Reyes. Eighth Row-Van Mol, A. Weber Whiteley, Saunders, Wiyninger, Tab berer, Iibbitt, Payne. 1 Thirty-tive of the thirty-nine juniors enrolled in the second year journalism class had positions on the Argentian statt. Page Twenty-Three A W 0 R K CLASS The freshman class had l93 memloers. Cf these 88 OF were girls and lU5 were looys. lt was the third largest 1942 class in the school. The students who had class offices were: Bill Stice, ' president, Charles Chase, vice-president, Shirley Pooker, secretary, Warren Follett, treasurer, Dorothy Cromwell-and lames N ormile, cheer leaders. Other class members who had outstanding positions were: lane Sellers, Student Council memloerg Alice Bose Shankland, vice- president of Campfire, Bill Stice, president of the lunior l-ligh Lead- ership Clulo, and Bololoy Griffith, an important position on the tennis team. Seventeen freshmen were enrolled in either loand or senior high orchestra. V 6 First Row-Casey. Ackors, Bradbury Briggs, DeVriese, Clark, Barr, Duggins 5 E. Fisher, Davis, E. Fisher, Cromwell E Second Row-Corrnan, Crane, Becker 3 Z l Agee, Brink, Brown, Ashlock. roll, Ferguson, Caudron, Blasche. Fourth Row-Burns, Daniels, B. Chase do, Bromley. Fifth Row-Ely, Brewer, Atkinson ' Crocker, Clauder, Beth, Clay, Bass. Sixth Row-D. Fisher, Crowder, Fenski, Seventh Row-Adamson, C. Chase, Bruns, Dodds, Caster, Curnutte. Fir-t Row-H. Hoover, Gipson, Ger- hardt, lngraham, Ludwig, C. Mar- tinez, Moore, Mahr, Maxwell, King, Normile, Hale. Second Row-Griffith, Lehman, F. Lewis, Harvey, Fredericks, Madison, Iohns, McHenry, Liera, Loya. Third Row-Gardner, F. Lewis, Lynch, McLeod, Hanes, Landis, Newport, Flynn, Hailey. Fourth Row-Holtman, Iohnson, lvloclr, North, Leonard, R. Iones, Hontz, Hor- ris, Lasiter. Fifth Row-G. Martinez, D. noover, Gilles, Follett, Lovelace, Meeker, Hall, Iorgenson. Sixth Row-Lemberger, Miller, I. Tones, Hays, Madl, Overly, Hopkins, Moore. Seventh Row-McDougall, Krouse Hall, Hutchinson, Gibson. Firgt Row-Pooker, Schooling, Varner, Stott, Paine, Speers, Wintersteen, Shupp, Tilden, Schiebel. Second Row-Shrader, Warren, Wil- son, Shalinsky, Snodgrass, Ulm, War- rington, Wiseman, Rogers, Teegarden. Third Row-Yount, Simpson, Rosas, Shoal, Townsend, Robinson, Steyaert, Webster, Dickerson. Fourth Row-Weaver, Tush, Van Mol, Wickersharn, Southerland, Studdard, Schwitzgebel, Stice. Fifth Rnw-N. Petersen, Stephenson, Payne, Timmerman, Terry, Shankland, Sellers, Yates. Sixth Row-Stirling, Salazer, A. Peter- son, Sullivan, Rutledge, Stumpf, Ras- mussen, Pierce. Seventh Row-Sauceda, Vergouven, Porter, Regan, Purinton, Teufler. Eiqhth Row-Watkins, Warner, Pena, Wright, Renegar. -i-- J Page Twenty-Six I i Beton, Crossley, Decker, Beemont, Third Row-Bierman, Denys, Cunning- ham, Dudley, DeVeney, Buckley, Car- Coons, Anderson, Alumbaugh, Delga- , Favrow, Coleman, Carrender, Charn- bers. WORK With a skit entitled i'Little Abner", the class won iirst CLASS prize in the student category in the annual stunt night QF 1941 Social activities were limited to a party at the Parish I House in the tall and a picnic in the spring.. program and third place in the stunt assembly. The composite girl ot the class is tive teet, two and one- halt inches tall, and weighs ll3 pounds. She has medium brown hair and wears it with curls on top. She wears a size lil blue sweater and skirt, and size tive and one-halt oxford. Her hobbies are dancing, skating, swimming, and reading. The average boy is tive teet, seven inches tall, and weighs l25 pounds. He has curly black hair and blue eyes. His tavorite cos- tume consists ot blue trousers and a blue slip-over sweaterf His tavorite recreation is the movies. ' Doris Green won the prize tor the best dressed kid in the annual Kid and Hobo day contest. Again this year the sophomore journalism class had iull charge ot publication of the titteenth issue ot the Argentian. ' First How-H. Markiewicz, A. Markie wicz, Moore, Payton, Morlan, Myers McDonald, McGhan, Mattox, Perkins M. McCrary. Second Row-Piehler, Pruitt, Robert- son, Puckett, M. Miller, Rendleman Oropeza, Richardson, Rich, Purinton. Third Row-Mendez, Pollock, Porras Owen, Mostatta, Reese, Keith, I. Mc- C N' h l rary, ic os. F th R -P M n Michel our ow rovas, orga , R. Miller, Reed, Meyer, Lunday, Pat- rick. Fifth Row-Ramirez, May, Kirnler, Mill- house, Hahner, Pacheco, Harris, May- bell. Sixth Row-Howell, Pena, Moore, Par- sons, Hughes, Morlan, E. Rice. Seventh Row-Rafferty, McKitterick Mock, A. Rice. 4 First Row-L. Shupp, Smeltzer, Schroed- er, Schierbaum, Vaughn, Waresback Speaks, W. Smith, G. Steven. 1 Second Row-I. White, Terry, W. Smith Vargas, M. Webb, Ruckman, Payne Stumpf, Steding, Stoker, Watkins. Third Row-VanBuskirk, Yowell, Saler H. Webb, D. Shupp, Wentling, Shan- non, Turner, Stokes. Fourth Row-Woolard, Roller, Yonts, F. Stevens, Patrick, D. Smith, Salts, Wh't l St . ieey, rong Fiith Row-Shirley, R. White, Vassar Small, Wiyninger, Singleton, Willard: Simons. Sixth Row-Thomas, F. White, Stephen- son, Wildman, Tiner, Teegarden. Seventh Row-Swift, Samuels, Servos Wagner, Roberts. 1 1 1 Page Twenty-Five W 0 R K CLASS The l62 seventh grade students chose the following OF class leaders: Bill Nations, president, Billie Daugherty, vice-president, Alice Aiman, secretary, Marilyn Adam- 1944 son, treasurerg and Donald Braun, cheer leader. I Timmy Farnham, Carl Mayhew, Frank Mitchell, Wayne Whistler, and the class officers represented their class in the lunior l-ligh Leadership Club. Wayne Whistler was also the seventh grade representative in the Student Council. The class had its annual party in the spring. The seventh grade assemblies were continued this year. The program was partici- pated in by seventh grade students only. The students taking chorus were in the lunior High Cperetta. The students took three twelve-week courses this year instead of two semester courses. The girls took clothing, chorus, and study. The boys took woodwork, chorus, and study. Donald' Braun, cheer leader of the seventh grade, received the honor of being elected president of the Foreign Correspondence Club, a new organization in the school this year. Couch, Lightle. Casey, Carroll. Buttler, Favours. Holmes. L. Roberts. land, Morris, P. Waters. Murray, Whipple. with, Taylor, Todd. Vest, Whiles, Stanley, Ritter Magill, Warren, Standish. Page Twenty-Eight I First Row-Crawford, Hausler Carroll l Allison, Lawson, Jones, Comes Hauk Bendure, Gastineau, Crowder M Second Row-Fry, Hicks, King Grif fin, Eckard, lohnson, Brown Ferguson Third Row-Fugate, Briggs Hoskins Borders, Iohnson, Gray, Barratt Hol singer, Heinson, Braun, H. Couch Fourth Row-Henry, Ervin Ghr st Brown, Griffin, Ieffries, Hawkins Favrow, Aiman, Dougherty. Fifth Row-Iohnson, Lentz Bouse Geeding, Lincoln, Bush, I Ieff1eS Sixth Row-Adamson, Dodds Greenlee Gillespie, Eoff, Cornel, Alcorn Fuler Seventh Row-Armstrong, Allan Knter man, Larson, Bounds, Farnham French Eighth Row-Angleton, Anderton D1 h man Blick Gos tt , , se . First Row-E. Roberts, Fullerton Wm tersteen, Long, Sturnpt, McMahon Purinton, Tarver, H. Smith, Wohlford Second Row-McGee, Stumpf Valen tine, Prather, Norman, McDonald Mc Williams, Peek, Smashey, Pountam Third Row-South, Woolard C Nay hew, Rogers, Simons, Wilkerson Stand ish, F. Williams, Moore, Ryan Fourth Row-Whistler, Payne Wlng McDaniel, R. Miller, Nation Soutl er Fifth Row-Moody, E. Parker Sanders Sewell, Monroe, M. Miller, McCorl Sixth Row-Wire, Shoaf, Matnev R Williams, Samuels, Valentine Long Seventh Row-Lunday, Spengler Lund berg, Mitchell, V. Waters, Moberly Stuart, C. Mayhew, Ninemlre Terry Eighth Row-Matney, R. Smith Teague Myers, P. Smith, Phelps, G Parker WORK For the second consecutive year Ierry Moore headed CLASS her class as -president. Other class officers were Iames Ol:- Norwood, vice-president, Mildredfteynolds, secretary, Bud Cassidy, treasurer, and Pauline Crabaugh, cheer' 1943 leader. , The eighth grade class of l62 students was represented . in the .Student Council and the Leadership Club by Bud Cassidy, Francis Doyle, Herbert l-loover, Shirley Herrick, laniece leffries, Ierry Moore, lames Norwood, Stanley Peterson, Mildred Reynolds, and Willis Westfall. This year the eighth grade class took three twelve-week courses instead of the usual two semester courses. The girls took art, clothing, and educational guidance. The boys took elementary mechanical drawing, trades information, and educational guid- ance. t Under the sponsorship of Miss Lillian lessup, geography instruc- tor, about seventy students interested in foreign correspondence organized a club which was open to both seventh and eighth grade students. Girls in the clothing classes made dresses and small curtains. ln former years the girls hemmed towels and made aprons. First Row-Curnutte,' Hauk, Griffith Green, Despain, Bruce, Crawford Fisher, Bruns, Fitch, Ely, Horst. S d R -H d , I ', F nk econ ow u son arvis ra Ferguson, Herrick, Gift, Dickerson Gorsage, Crabaugh, L. Arnold, Hale Baker. Third Row-Hoover, Clark, Hogan Gore, Grim, Garrett, Evans, Gorman Campbell, Browne. Fourth Row-Brys, Belk, Gallup, Eck- ard, Fanning, Harris, V. Hontz, Hardy Beaumont. E Fifth Row-Brunk, Harvey, Hays Ilillurnis, Bodam, Hahner, Gelvin uyc , Iones Sixth Row-E. Arnold, Bernitz, Derring- ton, Ieffries, Brown, Bastel, Hiatt Borders, Hans, Kern. Seventh Row-Fisher, Doyle, Croy, Cassidy, Kemper, Atchley, Boydston. Eighth Row-G. Hontz, Connor, Com- ley, Glass, Feagans. First Row-Mitchell, I. Moore, Lem- berger, Keating, Norwood, McGhan Ieffries, Kern, D. Miller, Sebo, Russell Webb, Stigall. Second Row-D. Moore, Messinger, Mears, McHenry, N. Smith, Warner Scarlett, Shutt, Sparks, Petersen. Third Row--Westfall, Mercer, Markula M. Smith, Perry, Stinson, Minnix, Pet- zold, B. Miller, Salmon. Fourth Row-Riggs, Winchell, Peek Singleton, Littlefield, Matthews, Teel P k' R l. er ms, ange Fifth Row-Hardy, Loeb, VanHorn, Keith, Pugh, Rollins, Odle, Swinney. Sixth Row-Morrison, Yates, Tush, McFarland, Schuchmann, Taylor, Spen- gler, Winn, Reynolds. Seventh Row-lones, I. Smith, Wol- from, Phipps, Worsham, Lantz, Morgan I. Smith, Long. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Page Twenty-Seven WOBK - STUDENT The Student Council, operating for the third year CQUNCIL under the new systern of nine rnernloers, two from each senior high class and one trorn each junior high class, was a planning instead of an acting organization and devoted much of its time to look- ing torward and preparing tor next year when the new annex and stadium facilities will loe availalole. The Council planned the dedi- cation of both the additions. Also it was co-sponsor ot the annual stunt night and stunt assernloly programs. TYPING Eleven second years students and sixteen first year SQUAUD students composed the typing team this year. g The team entered both the tirst and second year divi- sions ot the tenth consecutive Kansan Trophy contest held tor high schools in this district. Students were also entered in the Pittsburg typing contest Last year the tearn won double first places in the Kansan Trophy contest, tor looth speed and accuracy. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-Whistler, Westfall, I. C Harmon, sponsor, Boris, Bouse. Second Row-Burge, Holtman, Arnold Gilles. TYPING SQUAD First Row-Iones, Webb, Simpson Bruce, Dietz, Payne, Harkness, Lynn. ran, Scott, Perkins, Arnold, Fudge. Third Row-Whiteley, Heckman, Baker Penny, Partonnar, Hultz. Fourth Row-Lemberger, Thoman Hoke, Bender, Corbett, McLeod, Long structor, Wells, Spears. ' - Page Thirty Second Row-Roberts, Matthews, Shart- Fifth Row-Atkinson, G. C. Brink, in- WORK - Parliamentary procedure was the subject of LEADERSHIP the first three me t' fth ' h' hid - ership Club. e ings o e senior ig ead CLUB O The Leadership Club of Argentine l-ligh School was composed of class presidents, the upper twenty-five per cent of the senior class, home room chairmen, club officers, athletic captains, and the editors and business managers of the school publications. The group passed the information gained at club meetings on to the student body. . The object of the club, which was sponsored by I. C. l-larmon, principal, was to unify the activities of the school, and to study social and moral guidance from the standpoint of the students and the school. , Those selected as club officers Were: Richard Burge, president, George McDonald, vice-president, and lohn McGraw, secretary. George McDonald, vice-president, was chairman of a committee to investigate and report any uncitizenlike attitude on the part of former or present students. . First Row Hoke, Alumbaugh, Duggins, Nichols, Heckrnan, Westfall, Cartmill Coleman, Madl, Gomez. Second Row-Moore, Wendt, Berns Bruce, Small, Ritter, Brink, Ladenburg er, Maybell. ' Third Row-Markiewicz, Holtman, Hultz Arnold, Roberts, Goodrick, Bunch Coons, Lovell. Fourth Row-Vargas, Copeland, Bell- man, Southerland, Thoman, Reagan McGraw, Gatzoulis. Fifth Row-McDonald, McGee, Thorp Curran, Childs, Fredericks, Barnes. Sixth Row-Leslie, Morrison, Tabberer Cassidy. Seventh Row-Wire, May, Chase, Croy Males, Locke, Whiteley. Eighth Row-Spears, Bouse, DeMeyer Wells, Garcia, Atkinson, Wentling. First Row-Pooker, Shupp, Cromwell Presley, Chambers, Lawson, Normile Braun, Nation. Second Row-Smith, Roman, Fogle-song Whistler, Mayhughg Paine, Doyle Hoover, Norwood, Westfall. Third Row-Berns, Moore, Aiman Daugherty, Cook, Riggs, Crabaugh Denys, Perkins. Fourth Row-McMillen, Adamson, Dar- nell, Evans, Brewer, Harkness, Vaughn Martinez. Fifth Row-Sparks, Ieftries, Reynolds Vanderwell, Posten, Richey, Goodrick Green, Turner, Mankin. Sixth Row-Cottrell, Gilles, D. Follett Burge, Gilles, P. Liston, Stanley. l w Page Twenty-Nine WIIRK SPEECH Extemporaneous speaking, in addition to prepared CLASS talks, was stressed in the speech class this year. Every Eriday was devoted to griping and was known ' as "Gripe Day". Members ot the speech class participated in twelve tormal debates, winning tive oi them. A group trom the class made talks tor the Community Chest campaign. ln the annual Stunt assembly, the speech class tied tor first place and won second place among the student groups at the Stunt night program. ' THIRD The policy tor years of the journalism students YEAR has been to back the school in all that it under- takes. Through the school paper and the year- IOURNALISM book a thorough knowledge ot the school 0 activities is presented to the parents and other SPEECH CLASS students in the school. For three consecutive years the school has won a medalist rating in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Contest. This is an honor that is not tully appreciated until it is known that only 7l school papers out ot l,U7O win such an award. Page Thirty-Two First Row-Scovill, Martinez, Gilles Westfall, Burge, Heckman, McDonald Alumbaugh, Burr. Second Row-McMillen, Evans, Elliott Vernon, Simpson, Cissel, Wilson, Engle Tee-garden. Third Row-Smith, Allison, Thoman McGraw, Ninemire, Maybell, Nichols Petrik. Fourth Row-Cornelius, Spears, I. C Shankland, instructor, Mock, Athey. IOURNALISM CLASS First Row-Alumbaugh, Southerland McCurdy, Vanderwell, McDonald, Stan- ley. Second Row-Wilkes, Richey, Wentling Sellers, Ritter, Heckman, Thoman. Third Row-Strong, Peppers, Wiseman, Schiebel, Bailey, Lynch, Beaumont, Mankin, Cartrnill, Westfall. Fourth Row-Small, Ladenburger, Phil- lips, Presley, Brink, Madl, Paine, Hoke. Fifth Row--Burge, Gilles. I Fortv-six studentswere members oi the junior high IUNIOR Honor Society which was organized six years ago. HIGH The members ot this group are chosen by the in- HQNQR structors ot the junior high school. Each teacher SOCIETY makes ot list oi deserving students, then ot meeting is held at which the tinorl membership is compiled. 9 The number usually includes ten per cent ot the tototl clotss members..The students gre chosen on the basis ot scholarship, leadership, service to the school, and character. A letter is awarded each student who enters the group. Creative work, stressed this year, resulted in the making ART ot mural posters tor the Boy Scouts o:nd folders tor the CLUB school banquets. Work was exhibited at the state teach- ers' convention, both libraries, and the annual spring ' display. A A . The Art Club was made up ot the junior and senior high art classes. A new plan was tried this year to get the junior high students interested in art work. The plan consisted ot twelve-week courses instead ot the regular semester course. t r IUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY I First Row-Tilden, Warner, Sparks, Gregg, H. Hoover, I. Perkins, Herrick, Mitchell, Moore, Cromwell. Second Row-M. Shupp, Perry, Hahner, Wiseman, Pooker, F. Perkins, Ferguson, Schierbaurn, Vaughn, Brazier. Third Row-Gomez, Lewis, Puckett, Evans, Gorman, Anderson, jenkins, H. Hoover, Iarvis. Fourth Row-Long, Webb, D. Shupp, Stice, Coats, Wickersharn, P. Hoover, Studdard, Browne. Fifth Row-D. Hoover, Rutledge, Lan- drey, Gilles, Ayrault. Sixth Row-Morlan, Bouse, Borders. ART First Row-Hontz, Hudson, Yates, Pet- zold, Perkins, Eckard, Hardy, Crabaugh, Smith, Curnutte, Hale. Second Row-Bromley, Fitch, Beau- mont, Spencer, McMillen, Riggs, Deck- er, Ellerman, Peek, Maxwell. Third Row-Wilson, Coxen, Blasche, H th D All' Burr Lentz, P ea , enys, 1son, , - Fredericks, M. Arnold, Varner. Fourth Row-Dickerson, Gorsuch, Gore, E. Arnold, Stevens, Lundberg, Laden- burger, McCaulley, D. Frederlcks. Fifth Row-Hogan, Clarke, Hinds, Sturnpf, Gutierrez, Morrison, Bastel, Ritter. Sixth Row-Smith, Phipps, Bernitz, MC' Farland, Erter, Miss Maude Hewitt, in- structor. Page Thirty-One W0llK 11-1-- WORK CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1938-39 September- l2-School opened. '24-Football gameg Argentine vs. Turnerg here. 29-Fourth Fall Music program. 30-Football gameg Argentine October- 8 -Football gameg Argentine l5-Football gameg Argentine 17 22-Football gameg Argentine 25-Activities Parade and the 28-Football gameg Argentine November- 3-Football gameg Argentine 4-5-Teachers' convention. ll-Football gameg Argentine l8-P.-T. A. Carnival. l9-Sophomore Skid. 24-25-Thanksgiving holidays. December- l-P.-T. A. Fathers' night. 8-9-Senior play. 16-Basketball ame- Ar entine vs. Vs. Osawatomieg there. vs. Rosedaleg here. vs. Leavenworthg here. -Kansas Day at the American Royal. vs. Olatheg here. crowning of the Football Queen. vs. Wyandotteg there. vs. Shawnee Missiong there. vs. Atchisong there. Washington Ruralg there. g I g A 17-Basketball gameg Argentine vs 22-Basketball gameg Argentine vs. 222Ianuary 3-Christmas holidays. Bonner Springsg there. Dodge Cityg here. ' Atchisong there. Turnerg there. Leavenworthg here. Mixer. Rosedaleg there. Olatheg here. Mixer. Wyandotteg there. Shawnee Missiong here. Mixer Turnerg here. Leavenworthg there. Ianuary- 6-Basketball game Argentine vs. 7-Basketball game, Argentine vs. 14-Basketball game, Argentine vs. l7-Stunt assembly. l9-Stunt night. 20-Basketball game Argentine vs. 21-Basketball game Argentine vs. 24-Fathers' night. 27-Basketball gameg Argentine vs February- l-Press Club assembly. 3-Basketball gameg Argentine vs. ll-Basketball gameg Argentine vs. l7-Basketball gameg Argentine vs. l7-P.-T. A. Founders' Day program. 18 24 Basketball gameg Argentine vs. Rosedaleg here. Mixer. Basketball gameg Argentine vs. Olatheg there. CContinued on page forty-sevenl Page Thirty-Four wonu li-1 The Argentine lunior-Senior high school PARENT- Parent-Teacher Association during this year, TEACHER retained the rating of a standard unit of the ASSOCIA-I-ICN National Congress. . As the rnain objective for the year special efforts were made to increase the interest of fathers in the school and its activities, loy sponsoring three fathers' nights. Other objectives under the auspices of the association were visit- ing day and the fourth annual rninstrel. The Parent-Teacher chorus was sponsored again and student aid Was increased. O The officers for l938-39 Were: Mrs. Leroy Arnold, presidentg Mrs. W. G. l-lagernann, first vice-presidentg Mrs. O. Z. Lasiter, second vice-presidentg Mrs. T. M. Long, secretaryg and Mrs. C. W. Bouse, treasurer. The officers-elect of the association for l939-40 are: Mrs. W. G. l-lagernann, presidentg Mrs. O. Z. Lasiter, first vice-presidentg Mrs. D. A. Ghrist, second vice-presidentg Mrs. l. O. Yovvell, secretaryg and Mrs. P. l-l. Engel, treasurer. MRS. LEROY ARNOLD V Page Thirty-Three Press Club Stunt Five-hour Broadcast Photographers Speech class stunt l-lobby Club Mixer Girls' gyrnnasiurn Mustang Club Santa Claus Cheer leaders Track . . PLAY. . LAY PLAY ORCHESTRA The orchestra was composed ot thirty-three AND members. lack Bellman was chosen concert BAND 0 master. During the year the orchestra played tor the lunior and Senior plays, numerous assemblies, the operetta, the style show, music week, and radio broadcasts. Both classical and modern types ot music were played during the year. The band was composed ot 65 members who played two night concerts, three broadcasts over station KCKN, and at the Parent- Teachers' Association Founders' day program in the Wyandotte l-ligh School. Dale Sparks was head drum major with Earl Hodges and Billy Brazier as assistant drum majors. . A The Band Boosters' Club, composed of mothers of the band mem-V bers, held their meetings once a month. The oiiicers ot the club were: Mrs. Boss Basmussen, president, Mrs. V. E. Crocker, vice- president, Mrs. George Beard, secretary, and Mrs. D. C. Braun, treasurer. T The pep band was composed ot twenty-tive members of the band who played at all ot the league basketball games. ' BAND l. Airnan, Barnett, Caster. Hanes, Bouse, Card, Hays. Field. ORCHESTRA Ayrault, Aiman. Mock, Richey, Bird. Fourth Row-Barnes, Green Page Thirty-Eight First Row-Ramsey, Parcell Lovelace Stephenson, S. Airman, L. Cook Second Row-Speers, I. Cook Dicker son, Mattox, Copeland, Brazier Fleet wood, Shupp, Iones, Stubbs McCray Fuller. Third Row-McLeod, Layman Davis Strong, Hills, Perkins, H. Cook Lau dron, Chambers, Nickum, Swinehart Fourth Row-Hodges, Sauer Brown North, Ackors, Landery, Maddox Berns Swift, Beard, Morlan, Samuels Crock er, Rasmussen, H. McHenry Woolard Fifth Row-Barnes, Green Spa Erie, Lynn, B. McHenry, Mahr Lancis First Row-Cottrell, Bellman G Hoke Second Row-D. Long, Lee T Long Todd, Perkins, Savage, Brazier Shu p 3 Garrett, Lambie, L. Hoke, Lasiter , Third Row-Foster, Gerhardt School ing, Reed, Coats, Beard, Whiteley Sparks, Presley, McHenry Nickurn Radio Broadcast Waterbugs WaterbuQS Football fans Football team in action Basketball game Senior P1067 Sports, clubs, plays, pro- grams, music, and social activities off er students many opportunities for play. The proceeds of the an- nual stunt assembly in which school organiza- tions took part Went towards the purchase of band uniforms. The l-lobby Clubis open to junior boys and helps them to make good' use of their leisure time. School mixers followed home games and provided so- cial enjoyment. Radio programs offer students opportunities to test out talent for that kind of Work. Athletics keeps the students h e althy and serves as entertainment. The pep organization takes the lead in promot4 ing school spirit. Candid camera enthusiasts caught students at Work and at play. Santa Claus CC. L. Richards? furnished entertainment for the stu- dents before Christmas. 'PLAY FOQTBALL With only four lettermen returning this year , Coach l. C. Lonborg brought forth one of the . strongest- teams he has produced in his eight years at Argentine. The Mustang team was composed of a pow- erful forward wall and a versatile haclcfield that suffered the loss of only one encounter, that to Wyandotte by a score of 7 to U. The Mustangs rode to easy victories over Turner and Osawatomie, defeating the former l9 to U and the latter 2l to U. The next contest, the first league loattle with Rosedale, did not prove such a "push over", however. The Mustangs were forced to produce their whole bag of tricks to defeat the Wildcats l4 to U. Considered from a scoring standpoint the next game was even closer, the final count against the Leavenworth Pioneers loeing' 6 to U. Throughout the first four games the Mustangs had not allowed any opponent to cross their goal line. This record was shattered, however, when the Olathe Eagles completed a pass into the end zone in the final quarter of a game in which the Argentians triumphed lil to 6. ' After the fatal Wyandotte encounter, the Mustangs vented their rage on a hapless triloe of Shawnee Mission lndians, administer- ing to them a 33 to U trouncing. Then they journeyed to Atchison and also demonstrated their ,power against the Redmen, the score standing at 40 to 6. The Mustangs completed their season in a most pleasing manner. They placed eight men on the all-city team, seven on the North- east Kansas team, and one., Iohn Thorp, on the all-state team. ' SCHEDULE OF GAMES PLAYED Sept, Argentine .... 19 Turner ............... ........ U Sept Argentine .... 21 Osawatomie .............. 0 Oct. Argentine .... Rosedale ......... ....... U Oct. Argentine .... , Leavenworth .............. 0 Oct. Argentine .... Olathe ................,..,,,,... 6 Oct. Argentine .... Wyandotte ............ 7 Nov. Argentine .... 33 Shawnee Mission ...... 0 Nov. Argentine .... 40 Atchison ................ 6 - Page Forty First Row-Schiebel, Wire, Williams Iarneson, Doyle, Curran, Leep, Childs Gutierrez. Second Row-Reynolds, B. Woolard Cornelius, Thorp, McGraw, P. Gilles Brower, Fredericks, Ieffries. Third Row-Mattox, Wintersteen, Stine Hagemann, D. Gilles, Davis, Kuttler Wilhm, Maybell, Morgan, Hawver. Fourth Row-T. Woolard, Clay, Aiman Barr, Bass, Peterson, Reed. Fifth Row-Gower, Condron, Kane Hoover, Hall, Mitchell, Shirley. Sixth Row'-Turner, Rich, Monroe Hughes, Swift, Strong, Patrick. Seventh Row-Becker, Cook, Smith Despain, Coons, Bouse, McCurdy Pacheco, May, McDonald, Ferriera. Eighth Row-I. C. Lonborg, coach Mendez, Elkins, Meade, Elliott, Tucker Miller, Braswell. PLAY ' The enrollment ot the combined Boys' and Girls' Clee BOYS' Clubs was lU5. lt was larger than that ot any previous AND glee club at Argentine. GIRLS, An operetta entitled, 'lThe Beaver Trail", was pre- GLEE sented March 2 and 3. The girls who had singing roles CLUBS were: Adele Brewer, Mary lane Coleman, Eileen Mc- o Millen, Nadyne Nichols, and Betty lane Westfall. The boys who had singing roles were: lack Bellman, Bobert Blythe, Kenneth Cromwell, lack Peppers, Billy Phillips, and Dale Sparks. The boys who had speaking parts were: lack Lemburger, Bob Maxim, and lack Schooling. The proceeds from this presentation were given to the music department. . The officers ot the Girls' Glee Club were: Adele Brewer, president, Pearl Reagan, vice-president, Kitty l-lughes, secretary, Mae Etta Blair, treasurerjand Crystal Waters and Frances Long, librarians. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row-McMil1en, Bradbury, Cole- man, Dix, Cassidy, Sudduth, Stigall, Paine, Pierce, Barrett, Mock, Chandler, Crossley, McCurcly, Ely, Hayes, Grif- fith, Fudge, Pollock, Cowperthwait. Second Row-Burr, Odle, White, Deitz, Puckett, Evans, Brewer, Teegarden, Nichols, Ritter, Crew, Buckrnan, Ket- chum, Small, Maybell, Hogan, Jeffries, Darnell, Waters, Bailey, Miss Mona Walter, instructor. Third Row-Payne, Blair, Fisher, Long, Simpson, Layman, Duggins, Posten, Hughes, Cartmill, Westfall, Flynn, Southerland, Mever, Haberrnan, Ander- ton, Penny, Reagan, Thoman. BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row-Tush, Haney, Cromwell, Wintersteen, Martinez, Williams, Locke, Leep, Lopez, Barnes, Reed, Rock, Dillon, Liston, Wilkes. Second Row--Doris Roberts, pianist, Peppers, Sparks, Brink, Sewell, l ' 1 F d 'cks, Bruns, Connor Schiebe , re eri , White, McGivern, Blythe, Maxim, Lie- big, Garcia, Cook, Miss Mona Walter, instructor. Third Row--Lynch, Dupuy,'Tipton, Man- kin, D. Schiebel, Schooling, Phillips, Bogue, Saunders, Wiyninger, Price, Tabberer, Reagan, Briscoe, Easley, Childs. ...Y A b ' Page Thirty-Nine f --------- PLAY FIRST The basketball team this year 'ended a fairly AND successful season in a tie for second place in SECOND the Northeast Kansas League campaign. The BASKETBALL season record for the Mustang basketeers con- sisted of nine games in the winning column TEAMS and seven losses. Although only four lettermen 0 were back from last year and only one of these a regular, Coach l. C. Lonborg turned out a team that scrapped throughout most of the time and won more than its share of the games. The record in league competition was seven wins and five losses. Twice the Mustangs were victorious over the Atchison Redmen, Shawnee Mission Indians, Olathe Eagles, and twice were conquered by the Wyandotte Bulldogs, and the Leaven- worth Pioneers. The other pair of games was split between the Rosedale Wildcats and the Mustangs. ' ln the final competition the Mustangs fell before the Redmen in the first round of the regional tournament at Leavenworth. One of the features of the play of the Mustangs was the way they often snatched victory from the hands of the opponents in the final quarter. They took three of the last six encounters in this manner. Schiebel. en, ir e , ec er. econ ow- oac . Hill, Stephenson, Bruns. Page Forty-Two FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL First Row-Childs, Shirley, SdR ChlC.Lon Te y Second Row-Coach I. C. Lonb Ieffries, Meade, Doyle, Gutierrez. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Flrst Row-Robmson, Hayes, Teeg d Sh 1 y B k b "'-"Tl"""- PLAY Marcel Brower-CCenterJ. He was an able line backer as well as an accurate passer. A junior winning his first letter, he will be a mainstay of the team when he returns next year. Ralph Childs-CTackleD. Childs was a junior, and made his third letter. An outstanding defense man and a hard tackler, he will be a bulwark for next year's eleven. Melvin Cornelius-CEndJ. He made his first letter this year, He was known as a fast charger who often broke up enemy plays behind the line of scrimmage. He was a senior. Q Herbert Curran-fTackleJ. Curran was a hard charging line- man earning his second letter. He had plenty of grit and fight. He served as co-captain during this, his last year. Fay Doyle-fHalfbackD. A hard hitter and consistent ground gainer, he will be a valuable man next year. He was a junior and made his first letter this season. Clifford Fredericks-CHalfbackJ. Serving as blocking back, he won his first letter. He was an accurate place kicker and contributed many points to the Mustang cause. He grad- uated. I Paul Gilles-fQuarterbackD. Gilles was a capable signal- caller and a good man on defense. He was a senior and received his first letter. . Oudon Gutierrez-Clindi. He earned his first letter this year. He was one of the lightest men on the team. He will be a valuable asset next season. Iunior Iameson-fljullbackj. jameson was a co-captain and was the bulwark of the Mustang offense. He developed into a triple threat man. He earned his third letter and will be lost through graduation. G , Clifford Ieffries-fEndD. He was a junior and earned his first letter this year. He was an able pass receiver and a good defense man. Harold May-CHalfbackD. A fast ball carrier, he will be an aid to the team next season. He was the only sophomore to earn a letter. This was his first award. Iohn McGraw-CGuardD. McGraw was a steady, dependable man, outstanding on defense. He won his first letter. He was a senior. XL . Q ff Morton Reynolds-CGuard7. A serrqfbarzbfzis ready to fill any spot in the Mustang forward wall. e received his first letter. , tan Q, m th offense and ?e1fgn 'g-Jgicggxgiggnglllgta M911 5, - as a senior and earne is tlbfglle ter. Thorp w s o Q Q 'c as .ff 5 Wilford Williams-fFullbackJ. A h rd hitter, he had a gre t and earned his first letter. deal of spirit which kept the gang fighting. He was a seni I Roy Wire-CFullbackD. A senior, he played well e y backfield position. He was a fighter and had plen t. Bob Woolard-CTacklei. Woolard was full of spirit fight and was always ready when needed. This was his firs letter. He was a senior. Page Forty-One ti' FOOTBALL LETTERMEN 0 - -------i- PLAY -'---'-l'- TRACK Led by their co-captains, Clifford Fredericlcs and lack TEAM Bellrnan, the Argentine l-ligh School track team exper- ienced a rnost successful season this year. Bellrnan ' was the contender for top honors of the state mile run- ners this year. lfredericks was one of the rnost versatile rnen on the squad, being a hurdler and a dash rnan. Coach C. E. Swender had eleven returning letterrnen from Whom to build a squad. They Were: Clifford Fredericks, Dctnley Schiebel, Bichotrd Mankin, lack Bellrnan, Bob Briscoe, Melvin Cornelius, Bill Davis, Fay Doyle, Paul Gilles, lunior lameson, and Addison Leep. BOYS' The HA" Club, boys' athletic organization, was organ- --Au ized to promote athletics and sportsmanship in Argen- tine l-ligh School. To be eligible for the club, or boy rnust CLUB have rnade ct letter on any of the major sports, or two 9 letters in a minor sport. . The officers of the club were: lunior lotrneson, president, lohn Thorp, vice-president, l-lerbert Curran, secretary-treasurer, Botlph Childs, sergeant-at-arms. A The annual sport night was held in the gymnasium, features of the event being Weight lifting exhibitions and a basketball game. Funds raised bythe program Were used to defray expenses of the annual HA" Club banquet held in the spring. 1 TRACK TEAM land, Thomas, Carringer. Airnan, D. Mankin. Vvfoolard. Fourth Row-Childs, Meade w I Page Forty-Four first Row-Mahr, Brewer, Sfice Paf rick, Goodrick, Hoover, Owen Cope Second Row-Eldridge, Barnes Kane Reese, Messenger, Troncoso Cero vich, Lovelace, McGee, McCurdy Con dron, Haney. Third Row-Childs, Favrow Leep Fredericks, Williams, C. E Swenaer coach, Davis, R. Mankin Schiebel r BOYS' "A" CLUB First How-larneson, Doyle, Thorp Bell rnan, McGraw, Cornelius, Fredericks Second Row-May, Gutierrez Davis Briscoe, Schiebel, Leep, Williams Third Row-Brower, Curran, Wire Man kin, Gilles, Reynolds, Ieffries PLAY I BASKETBALL LETTERMEN RECORD Fon s1s:AsoN 7 Chi1ds ...... ..,...., 0 ' 0 0 Doy1e .......... ........ 4 1 22 104 Gutierrez ................ 7 3 17 Ietiries .... ........ E58 25 161 May ........ ........ 1 1 8 30 Meade .................... 9 10 28 Schiebei ................., 20 14 54 Terry ...... ........ 2 4 22 70 Vargas .....,.. ........ 1 9 23 61 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Argentine ........ 26 Atchison ........ 28 Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine .... FINAL' BASKETBALL SCORES Washington .............. Bonner Springs ........ Dodge City ................ Turner ........... ...------ Atchison .................- -- Leavenworth ............ Olathe ........... .-------- Roseda1e ....... ......--- Argentinei--- Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Argentine .... Wyandotte Shawnee-Mission Turner ....... Leavenworth Roseda1e O1athe ....... Wyandotte Shawnee-Mission Atchison P g Forty-Three GIRLS' ATHLETICS interested in sports. Interest in girls' athletics has shown an increase over last year with three clubs now open to g1rlS The Girls' Athletic Association is the most active ot these clubs and has the most members. The officers of the club were: Mary Heckman '39, preSiCl9Tl'fi Mlldfed Darnell '40, vice-president, Lenore Hoke '4l, secretary, and Kath- leen Hughes '39, treasurer., ' The GirQ member points tn s' "A" Club is composed ot the Girls' Athletic Association l Club includes those girls who have only their numeral, the resuQt ot GUU points. N umera Page Forty-Six s who have received their "A's" by earning one thousand rough competitive sports and other means. The Girls GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . First Row-Lasiter, Schooling, Pooker M. shupp, cook, Mehr, riiden, stoui Beton, Moore. Second Row-Rice, Darnell, Mears, L. Shupp, Berns, Caudron, Ulm, Forrester Bailey, Schiebel, Cromwell. Third Row-DeVeney, Hoke, lenkins Payne, Bradbury, 'V. Lamb, McKisick Atkinson, Ieifries, Whiteley. Fourth Row-Heckman, M.'Lamb, Lad- enburger, Becker, Cartmill, North Waters, Flynn. Fifth Row-Miss Helen Bayer, sponsor- Sudduth, Coats, Lewis, Perkins, Studl dard, Southerland, Lundberg. Sixth Row-Browne, Summers, Ayrault, Westfall, Hughes, Hultz, Fudge, Buck- man. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS Aiman, Barnes, Barnett, Beaumont, Becker, Boris, Breese, Briggs, Brink Rendleman, Buckley, Card, Caudron Coats, Cobble, Cleaver, Crossley Easley, Elliott, Fisher, Forrester Green, Hoke, Yount, Kinnaird, Lewis Miller, North, Puckett, Salts, Schiebel Schooling, Smeltzer, Smith, Snodgrass Speaks, Sterner, Stott, Stumph, Turner Ulm, Varner, Vaughn, Webb, Wicker- sham, Woolworth, Wiseman. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WATERBUGS First Row-Fitch, Curnutte, M. Shupp Fuller, McDonald, L. Shupp, Hoke VVentling, Ayrault, Coats, Ashcratt Caster, V. Lamb, Alumbaugh, Hogan, Clark. 1 1 1 Second Row - Mf Lamb, Lasiter Schiebel, Peihler, Pruitt, Coons, Smith Brown, Reagan, Helm, Ieffries, Leonard Brink, Becker, Littlefield, Webb. Third Row-Simpson, Evans, Darnell Markula, McKisick, Lundberg, Waters Wilson, Ienkins, Southerland, Stucldard, Gregory, Ruckman, Beton, Holsinger, Saunders, Miss Helen Bayer, sponsor Fourth Row-Gift, Cleaver, Dickerson Gorsage, Browne, Stevenson, Steding, McDermott, McFarland, Engle, Hey- nolds, Winn, Matthews, M. Barnes, Gore, Rogers, Myers, M. Barnes. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 MUSTANG CLUB PLAY- With a total membership ot eighty-two, this year's MUST ANG Mustang Club was the largest in the history ot the CLUB organization. I The Mustang Club was established to promote a wlaolesome interest in the athletic activities ot the Ecfool, to create interest in' these contests through assemblies ? OTS Qflmes, to lead organized cheering at games, to stimulate friendly- relationships with other schools, to create a teeling ot good will among classes and organizations, and to aid the school in any capacity possible. The otticers: Betty lane Westtall '39, president, Nadyne Duggins 40, vice-president, Emma Lou Wendt '40, secretary, Bichard Burge 39, treasurer. The golt team was built around the two returning let- GQLF termen, lean Schiebel '39, and B. I. Atkinson '40, Bob AND l-lall, Howard Smith, Lawrence l-lutchinson, and lames Wildman completed Coach F. S. l-loover's team. TENNIS Coach K. C. Skeen built his team of racquet-wielders ' around his sole letterman, Captain George Males '39, and Bobby Grittith '42, inter-city tennis champion in the junior division. First Row - Miss Bates, sponsor, Vaughn, Bird, McMillen, Burr, Bailey, G. Berns, Waters, Gregory, 'Wilhm. Second Row--Ienkins, Moore, Cassidy, Hoke, G. Martinez, Madl, Brewer, Mat- tox, L. Berns. Third Row-Perkins, Long, Roberts, Mc- Kisick, Cartmill, Westtall, Heckman, Duggins, Coleman. Fourth Row-Sellers, Turner, Simpson, Burge, Gilles, Ladenburger, Adams, Wendt, Blair. Fifth Row-H. Smith, Layman, Love- lace, Buckman, Hughes, McDonald, T. Martinez, Wiseman, Wintersteen. Sixth Row-B. Smith, Lundberg, Bell- man, Strong, M. Maybell, G. Maybell, Small, Ketchum, Sparks. Seventh Row--Wire, Arnold, Hultz, Brink, Barnes, Leep, Parcell, Copeland, Williams Eighth Bow-Tipton, Dupuy, Thoman, Ramsey, Fredericks, D. Schiebel, Man- kin, McCurdy, Woolard. ' . S h' bel, Tabberer Phil Ninth Row-I c ie , - ' ' le Atkinson, Davis, Thorp, lips, White y, Speers, Schooling, Reynolds. GOLF AND TENNIS First Row-Griffith, Eger, Haitey Martinez, Stubbs, Brazier. K Second Row-Follett, Beard, Stephen son, McGivern, Schiebel, Hutchison Sparks, Smith. Third Row-Males, Hack, Gibbs, K. C. Skeen and F. S. Hoover, instructors: Atkinson, Hall. Page Forty-Five ------- PLAY --"-'1-"-'- 'fThis is the day!" As Mike sat in sixth hour gazing into space he looked forward expectantly to the forthcoming evening. F His first formal banquet! He'd have to study up on his ex- cerpts from Emily Post because this was different from going down to Dewey's and gulping a hamburger. He wondered ' if Mom had sent Dad's old "tux" to the cleaner. Suddenly he came out of his beautiful dreams! The bell was ringing energetic- ally so he grabbed his books and headed for his locker. The time finally came to prepare himself for his baptism. He took a bath, includ- ing bath salts, and everything went fine until he got to the tuxedo. lt had come back from the cleaners all right but that was all you could say. The trousers struck him two inches above his ankles and the sleeves were an inch too short! "Gee whiz! Mom, l can't go like this," he bellowed. But finally, informed that it didn't look too bad and thinking that all the other fellows would have tuxedos on, he reconciled himself to wearing it. He had managed to beg the family vehicle. for the night and although he was not escorting his favorite girl, she would do in a pinch. His father cautioned him to drive slowly and his mother straightened his tie. Then he was off! He picked up Susy and was making whizzing tracks down the boulevard toward the banquet when, blooey! The car gave a lurch and started toward a lamp post. He gave Susy an agonized look and got out to view the damage. A flat! Well, good thing he had a spare. After about a half hour's hard work he had it repaired and he went on to the banquet. Arriving just in time for the second course, he and Susy, blushing furiously, stole in. That wasn't all, for when he looked around he saw not one other person in a tuxedo. He looked at his plate, didn't know which -tool to use for what and seemed to have lost all control over his hands. He dropped his knife, spilled his coffee and during the last course, flopped a whole dip of ice cream into Susy's lap. Although he apologized fluently, he saw that it didn't help any. After awhile they danced. Mike couldn't dance very well and he knew Susy objected to his using her feet instead of the floor to waltz on, but even with these defects they got along fairly well. Later, after he had forgotten his many misfortunes, the time passed quickly. He even laughed to himself at the fool he had been. He thanked his lucky stars that it had not been worse, and now he had next year's banquet to look forward to. "A perfect evening," he sighed, as he helped Susy on with her coat. . NEW STADIUM ' Page Forty-Eight "ill PLAY February- 25- 25- March- CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1938-39 o Five-hour Radio Broadcast. Basketball game, Argentine vs. Wyandotte, here. Mixer. . 3-Basketball game, Argentine vs. Shawnee Mission, there. 4, Basketball game, Argentine vs. Atchison, here. Mixer. 9-lU-Operetta, 'lThe Beaver Trail.',' l7- Zl- 23- Physical education show. . Iunior l-ligh assembly. s Special talent program. 28-Fathers' night. 31-"A" Club sport night. April- l-Track meet, Leavenworth, St. loseph Benton. - 7-Good Friday, holiday. lO- ll- l2-Press Club picnic. l 3-14-lunior play. l8-Mustang Club picnic. l9-Dramatics Class play. L 21- 22- Faculty meeting for choosing National l-lonor Society members. . Collegiate Radio Club banquet. l5-Track meet, Wyandotte, Topeka. Northeast Kansas League Festival, Rosedale. . Northeast Kansas League Festival, Shawnee Mission. 26-National l-lonor Society assembly. 29-Baker Relays, Baldwin. 29-Northeast Kansas League Golf Tournament, Leavenworth. - May- 6 ' ll T3 5-Mustang Club Review. 6-Track meet, League. -Northeast Kansas League Golf Tournament, Wyandotte. --lunior High Operetta. -Iunior-Senior banquet. l3-Track meet, Regional. l6 l8 19 -Mustang Club banquet. -Fashion Show. --Achievement program. l9-26-Senior week. 20 21 22 24 25 26 -Track meet, State. -Baccalaureate. -"A" Club banquet. -Senior l-ligh Graduation. -Iunior l-ligh Graduation. Awards assembly-Last day. Page Forty-Seven Industrial State Bank "A STBONG BANK ON STBCNG AVE. AT 32nd ST." We Will Be Pleased to Serve You in Every Way Consistent With Good Banking T y gMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes for Argentine High School Graduates KANSASA SEE . -neuven - KANSAS cnrv- 2, FDUN MM,-5 -ruLsA DESIGNERS Q FHBRICHTORS f ERECTORS OF BUILDIHCSBRIDCES HHD THHKS UJHREHOUSE STOCKS Bottomley Bros. DRUGS 2615-3118-3418 Strong Ave. P g Ffty 154-2'-Lf-f77c.4,,A, .Q-LMA, - -CC ', 55: 7 I . . : - , rv-1 A4 I 49-f,u,e. 44 JC. yu, ,',..4. 'zoo 4,41 " f,,,..., Lftfg JMX? .4,f onefcxtulcltions and Best Wislies ,tb 'v-f.fe,fQ,..,.e,..,1. 0 ' CIA el X A I ac L e v e , Z- QI ' 5 H 5.4,-J tg t,,,,,,ffC,L.,,Q7A, ypeeo J-'1...!-L. 7'?f Affwewweiw Z Mfg fi f7i,f-1--M1450 140+-eeff j!+'-'Zi job "0'g'7 I zsfwfwf' - Jima Reynolds Jewelry Co. 3010 STRCNG AVENUE PHONE, ARGENTINE 0211 A I , tb WHEN IN NEED OF For New Building, Purchasing and I for Improving Your Home R E K, M su c Q ADX! WHETHER IT BE A A 'I tl ' FIRE fx,-E I WIND " I 'I'I-IEFT ,,.. AUTOMOBILE I I A -.I'uIIn..-flu'-,,,.,. :nuff-H THE -2,17 I YQUR PROPERTY DAMAGE HAPPY., I o w N LIABILITY OR EXPLOSION 'Til' H M E Leave It Ito THE ARGENTINE 'BUILDING ' sz LOAN ASSOCIKTION FRANK POWELL 21301 Metropolitan Aye., Kansas City, Kan. 2301 Metropolitan Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Qlnngratulzltinnz El . . . . la To the sen1ors who are f1n1sh1ng their high school Work . . . and to the juniors, the sophomores, the freshmen who are stepping up to another class .... CONGRATULATIONS! But with our congratulations, may We remind you that there is no substitute for a sound and satis- factory bank connection. May we suggest that NOW is a good time for each of you to start one. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page Fifty-Two It you think money doesn't talk, then just try to telephone without a nickel. Richard: I always wondered where all the Smiths came from until I came here. Porter: Then what happened? Richard: I saw a sign-Smith Manufacturing Company. Two Chances You have two chances- One of getting the germ And one of not. Davidson Brothers Motor Company Dealers in Dodge and Plymouth Cars and Dodge And if you get the germ Trucks You have two chances- One of getting the disease v And one of dying And if you die- Well, you still have two chances. I I ' USED CAR DEPARTMENT Wonder if canary legs indicate a good voice? 709 NO1"th 7th Si. Drexel 3370 REAL SERVICE TO K YOUR DCOR PHONE: ARGENTINE 0031 lV1cGeorge's Pharmacy A Full Line of School Supplies V 22nd and Metropolitan Avenue Kansas City, KanSCIS The name Iaccard has been synonymous with the jewelry business for 109 years-only quality and integrity could en- dure so long. Iaccard's extend to you cz most cordial invitation to visit ' their store. Iaccard Iewelry Corp 1017-19 Walnut Street Kansas City, Mo. Page Fifty-One City Printing Company PRINTING - PUBLISHING Better Printing of Course Printers of The Argentine High School Newspaper THE ARGENTIAN TELEPHONE, DREXEI. 3336 606 NORTH Sth STREET Compliments K of the I . FELIX KANCEL COMFORT F d C OO S O BEAUTY Quan 1 Y SHOP .wg W 1802 RUBY ARGENTINE 0722 Argentine 0708 1504 Woodland Blvd Page P I y-Po-ur - ,A- Z Ben be t Ben be quic Ben fell over th andl c Ben Burnie. Elderly Lady: I'd like some of that track eet Butcher: And what can I do for you fnadag? E s ' A 1 ET f BE WISH " - ' 'Q 'ss 'T I hear so much about each spring. , I I I X V - The dog stood on the burning deck, The flames rose high around his neck. I-Iot Dogl Have you heard about the determined man Wh i said he could do anything he set his mind to? The last We heard of him was that he was sty.. gp- trying to slam a revolving door. ' A Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall, cm Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, 4 And all the king's horses and All the king's men I-lad scrambled eggs for breakfast. 'PP -I Funeral Dikctoisxgx Best Wishes Addison Service SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GREEN' I Manufacturing Iewelers s1NcE 1885 V Quality and Economy on Iewelry Repairing Watch Repairing Club Pins Society Pins Special Designs Business Stationery Steel Die Engraving Greeting Cards V Diplomas V OFFICIAL MANUFACTURERS ARGENTINE HIGH scHooL CLASS JEWELRY A Sold Through Reynolds Drexel 9617 35th and Argentine Blvd. 1016 WALNUT KANSAS CITY, Mo. Page Fifty-Three Picture Frotrnes Made to Order HARRY T. Tigris Ei'2i'ii'E3'Ki2i335E 1 . . BOOKS . . FLEMING . . PHARMACY i3"it'E'5'E3'EiEi5't5'i?t'5 F I L L E D AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES "FRESH HOME MADE TELEPHONE: ICE CREAM" DBEXEL 0155 Phones: Argentine 0242 and 0243 604 MINNESOTA AVE. I KANSAS CITY, KANSAS 21st and Ruby Ave., Kansas City, Ko: Cl T has been a pleasure to make the AJ photographs tor this Pulolioation, and we Wish to express our qratetul- ness to the Faculty anol Seniors tor their splencliol cooperation. QUQEKGW HODGES STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 748-50 OSAGE AVENUE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS P g PHYS l think that I shall never see A bill board lovely as a tree And unlcgs the bill boards fall I may never see a tree at all. It's a Wonder some smart American salesman didn't sell the Spanish government a trailer to use as a capital. Husband: A man came around collecting for the old ladies' ho-me. I Wife: What did you give him? Husband: Grandma. A skeptical man was Bill Feeter Who Wouldn't believe his gas meter. He pulled out a match And gave it a scratch- "Good morning," he said to Saint Peter. "Poor Danny! He died from drinking shellac." "At least he had a fine finish." Stirling utnr Gln. FORD AND MERCURY Sales and Service QUICK SERVICE ON ALL MAKE CARS 2500 STRONG AVENUE Fairfax 5900 Frank Paxton Lumber Co. HARDWOODS V FIRST AND KANSAS AVE. KANSAS CITY, KANSAS COMPLIMENTS OF The Geo. Rushton Bakingi2Co. BUTEREG BREAD FAMOUS PIES Page Fifty-Five l l Monahan St Grimm HARDWARE - PAINTS OILS-GLASS-GARDEN SEEDS - BLUE GRASS CLOVER Sheet Metal Work F. l . STRUTZEL t PLUMBING 3416 STRONG AVENUE 9 xi Q1O'3hxW EV? Qggxtiess S l tY 6 f Cgfrfse t?OLhl 0 Stenographic o Executive Secretarial 0 Bookkeeping-Accounting o C. P. A. Accounting 6- Law 0 Advertising-Sales-Promotion 0 Radio Dramatics-Public Speech 0 Comptometer-Business Machines 9 Commercial Art Day and Evening Classes operated in a year- round schedule. Hundreds of graduates now em- ployed. Ask for our 48-page Illustrated Catalog OLLEGE OF OM ME-RCE Erravaurn an om VI us e C, . u he Argentine High School may always expect the aicl oi the Argentine Activities Association. Cooperation ancl hard work will accomplish al- most any objective. 627 .27 Argentine Activities Association O. F. UACKJ SMITH, President R. I. ATKINSON, Vic P d t C. HARSHBARGAR, Secr t YT Page Fifty-Eight Bright pupil ot English class: This is the plot of my story. A midnight scene. Two burglars creep stealthily toward the house. They scale a Wall and force open a Window. As they enter the room, the clock strikes onel Dumb pupil ot class: Which one? A little bird sat on a railroad track. Along came a train. Booml Shredded tweet. Boy: Since I met you I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't drink. Girl: Why not? I Boy: I'm broke. The average man is proof that a Woman can take a joke. 1I'Ie who laughs last is English. LLOYD E. HOKE HARRY A. SMITH Reliable Insurance Auto - Lite Property V Compliments of . .Edwards ..Cand Co.. Distributors of SCHRAFFTS CANDIES 837 Minnesota Avenue COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Byron Wentling Coal Co. Established in Business in Argentine Since 1890 V I-Ioke CSI Smith 3504 Strong Ave. Argentine 0100 1111 South 35th St., Kansas City, Kansas Page Fifty-Seven "Look at that funny man across the street." "What is he doing?" "Sitting on the sidewalk talking to a banana peel." I thawt to myselt as I used the so-ap By the beams oi the bathroom lite, I bet it smells sweeter than what it taist So I tasted it and I was rite. Him dummy, Compliments of R. J. Atkinson , V Him got no mummy, Him got no legs, Him crawl on tummy, Him dummy, Him Worm. The landlady in a flutter: I've seen a large mouse in the pantry. What shall I do? Boarder: Shut the door and let it starve to death. 3416 STRONG AVE. ABGENTINE 0080 Compliments of Let Us Talce Care of Your Car, Buy Gas and Oil O. H. Olson 81 Sons . Here I DAIRY We have appreciated your g patronage at school .... LET'S CONTINUE V Phone, Argentine 0417 ilhelm Service Station WE WHOLESALE FUEL AND OIL A CALL US FOR PRICES V 3000 Strong Ave. Phone, Argentine 0129 Page Sixty Through the dark and dismal night The village clock struck three. A stealthy figure gnashed its teeth "Doggonel I've lost my keyl" When you get to the end of your rope, knot and hang onl I sit alone in the moonlight, Forsaken by girls and men, And I murmur over and over "l'll never eat onions again," tie a "He was kicked out of school for cheating." . "How come?" "He Was caught counting his ribs in a physiol- ogy exam. I Said the Pancake to the cook, "Well, I'll be turned! " I BEST WISHES A- 5 Cleaners O Phone, Argentine 0834 3109 Strong The Dougherty Stationery Co. BOOKS, STATIONERY, OFFICE SUPPLIES, FILES AND FILING SUPPLIES, scHooL BOOKS AND NEEDS Pictures and Picture Framing DREXEL 0161 Seventh and Armstrong Avenue Ave. COMPLIMENTS I OF A ARGENTINE COAL CO. Y Phone: Argentine 0600 2013 Metropolitan Page Fifty-Nine Z, I TIIE FIRST STATE BANK ' OFFEES COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES WE INVITE YOU TO AVAIL YOURSELF OF ITS SERVICES Savings Accounts 2 '70 Checking Ac c ounts Safe Deposit Boxes I LOANS YOUR SIZE-PAYMENTS YOU CAN MAKE A I LOANS MADE ON Co-Signers ' Stocks and Bonds Life Insurance Policies O Automobile-4-New or Used . FI H. A. Home and Repair Loans MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Argentine Meat Company CHAS. E. SMITH GROCERIES AND MEATS A 4.4 3005 STRONG AVENUE TELEPI-IONES: ARGENTINE 0895 AND 0896 Page Sixty-Two The day after the military parade, a boy re- marked to his sister's boy friend: "You should have seen the caller Sis had last night. He looked fine, sitting beside her with his arm-1-." FOLLOW THE "Bo-bbyl" gasped his sister, her face getting red, CROWD l'Well, so he did," replied her little brother. "He had his arm ." T0 "Bobbyl" interrupted his mother sharply, 'lleave the room this instant." Bobby left the room mumbling half to himself, "I Was only going to say that he had his army 'A Ik G clothes on." C V A stout Woman drove up to a filling station. "I Want two quarts of oil," she said. "What kind, heavy?" asked the attendant. "Say young man, don't get fresh with me," was the response. Coward: One who in a perilous emergency thinks with his legs. ' Compliments of . J. Mahr Furniture Complete Home I Furnishing Co. Open Evenings By Appointment 0 Argentine 1162 3009-11 Strong Ave. 2004 RUBY AVE. KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Congratuljations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class V Green's Florist Phone, Argentine 1175 1420 South 26th Street Page Sixty-One l l ?U992 INDEX Club, Boys' ..... ------- 4 4 Advertising ......... Annual Staff Art Club ,..................... Basketball Lettermen ...... Basketball Teams .... Band ......................... Building ...................... Calendar oi Events Class oi l944 Class of l943 Class of l942 Class of l94l Class oi l94O Class of l939 Faculty .................... Football .........,............ --..-.-49 -.-.-..3l 1 U A 34 and 47 24 and 25 to 23 --9 and lU Football Lettermen ...,.............,.. ...,... 4 l Girls' Athletic Association ......... .,,,,,. 4 5 Glee Clubs ....................,,....,.... ,,,,,,, 3 9 Goli Team ....... Q ......................... ,,,,,,, 4 5 Gymnasium Class, Girls' ....... 45 Harmon, I. C., Principal ........ . Honor Society, lunior High ,,,,., ,.,,,,, 3 1 lournalism, Third Year ........... ,,..,,, 3 2 ffff 9 Leadership Club ......,.,........ .,--,-- 2 9 Mustang Club ...............,,....,.,, ,.--',, 4 5 Orchestra ..,...,.............,.,,,.,...,,,,,, ,--,-,-,--- 3 3 Farent-Teacher Association .,,,,.,, .,,,,,,-,,-..-. 3 3 Play Section ...,......,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,-,,,,, --,.---.. 3 5 10 49 Schlagle, F. L., Superintendent ..,.. -,,,,,,.,,,,,,--,-.,-.-,--,.-,,---,-,4..,-- H 8 Short Story ....,..,..,......,..,.,,.,.,.,,,.,,.,, -,,-,-,,.,--,,,-,------,---- u Q -----n----------q- 48 S1'1CfDSl'lO'fS ----------- ....... l ,2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 35, 36, and 37 Speech Class ........, -,,,--,,,,,.,,,--,---,--------,----,---,-- H A -.-- 32 Stadium .............,...,. U . , ,--.- --48 Student Council ........ ------- 3 U Tennis Team ......,.... -----.- 4 5 Theme ...........,..... ------- 3 Track Squad .......,.,. -q----- 4 4 Typing Squad ...,.., ---,'-- 3 U Waterbugs ......,.. -----.--------- 4 6 Work Section ..,...., -4-V--- 5 to 35 ' N110-CUNTINENTPUBLICIUBRARU Page Sixty-Four H .... AUTQJQSRAPHS .... EMM M76 027 614' 17 37 ,af , . - QW-L WMM, JAWQZNMMMMA Mywfw JlLwM,vf,MAfMfJ,w,jg..z1,,,2,4fLa4!,ffMf9ff ,0wQMvQM'5fjfV fW"gIZ JMQMWAWJ if 4 MWMVMV- WMMMJWFMWZH Awww iQ1foL07ff44w40fQ - ,Q Wwnbaegg W WM pZWwW5'?MWlf1 Aww ffwmfcaayww awww 4 zgfwff ML I -UfKL1,o,LQ,jJi vwmf .fdifvuv g " QQLMQ MAH ww' MWA? . TNQ OM 'Wg Efwf' A I Page Sixty-Three g I 2 . tw 7L,-.-A-J - W. - V D A- ,, -. . . Ti : 4 ff " " k 1. -vt 4 ,L iflf F, gi.. I r . ,avr 2 . Kiki J. , 5 4' 'r :rw-.Q . Q,-ng 'Y' .:'5-2 4 - LVM, , '-if ' T414 Q EQ"-L V AQ: LA.: , fv , , -Q, ,'rf4?1' - V V ' Y ,,,"K'.Q J 1 ' ' .. ..- , ' ,,,,if5' ' ,..g?nyhA. rl' i x ,V 1' Y-1.1 . - K- , ' Wi' Q , N1--'qi-jf' 9,4-R-v?1'5,afffg-7 ,u ., il.-Y-3-1-wwf f' 5. -v ., 5 21 :Xu Tjf 324, ' ,- Y fan A -fum r '1- , Q VA. ww- .1 " V. .5 ' -V-3" ' ' : 'Q 41 f.--ffaf gs' 1 E. A f ' U Jig TZ," f 3 g::gg4?':' T mu: ' w ff, 1.4, 1, ' 1 QV A iw A GLW nib ew 4 , , V I . g- Lv'u.zd'ki-' an

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Argentine High School - Mustang Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Argentine High School - Mustang Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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