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N 'Mmm bw' Zim F if ip? jwww 5 if 'T ,Q SX ' if xx. 1: S ljywj my kxsxk 3 Q 5 , Ni gb A A B GV is Qiwvefbu' Q ' '5M.jr7 "QW M' dfifgiyffl i 98194 5,3i3'if5fwWfi, 5 bq: V' 1 4 5 LA., -.x X 1 53 xx , ul 7'f V. if 'if I mf'i" i N MW M wi? . iw N if , ff rw X3 pw, W 3 ,pg ,jf gffrfzfgfy L ,, 1AA, WA NAV! 4 fx I V,,,f 09,55 H K '?v' wfm'- ,v-M V-W---v-gf, ' ,. , ,v -. ,.,,, ,,, , , Y1,,, MW ,qql my M f QM ' 1 f J Q!,! AW e. W ' fi WMfMfff.mLig 4Z3:J'ff'fW gd 031 M V ,,Wf, V 741-J """VMU jwlwgblmvf wif r Q 7M My If 1 M.M,f ,fwivzmw QfW3i12A? fefi?v? fhjgwyvfifvjzfifaffkx. we KJAJLVAM ' ,LQ K' , L . WV: . ff 9225 Lf QQ :Midi i 1. , A img-A . N h , Z Z 5 5 JWM044. 5' M417 ' , 4 f f.27'fCzAW h424 Mfg L77 E a . Q if vdwzd-Q4"fff-'Lf' Wfffidi f'ff"" """o"': 92 5 ,QW , 75 A , Ziff? A ., W Q I K M ,. , . .V .. ,, A . -Mg A W WM L. l I lf E sf - ,J YJ .f all ff X N i if , . ...... .... . -fE55ESEEEffEf525IfEIfEEIIfBligeif5IfSEQfflIlifffilmifE55EIHE':.'IIEfIIfifEEif:ff52IfEEEffEffI.lgfEffIfff:::::: ...... :::::::::::: I lxglt :J 1 ' 1 J 0 MN. Xl- to 5 is 5 X X' Hmlilcs "A" ctublhgt .... . ....... I.. ....... Basket Ball and -ootballl ......... Girls' Sports ...................... IQ Golf and Track ......... Mustang Club ............................ THE SCHOOL Classes ........................................ Faculty ...................................... Harmon, l. C., Principal ........... . 6 7 8 ........ ..l9 Schlagle, P. L., Superintendent .......... .......... l 5 ACTIVITIES Art Club ...................................... Band ................ Cflee Clubs ........ .... lournalism .............................. lunior I-ligh Honor Society ....... Leadership Club ................ Orchestra ................. Phillips, Mrs. I. P. ....... .. Speech Class ........... Student Council ......... Typing Team ........... Woodwork ........ ........ U39 .Mfff aww ,Jw WW W lf X K ARI' Page Two iiioogei Q the School Spirit High School, 1 ff! 0 ., 3 T W.',7f fffyiffsvfhifi yffffwo, if fra!! NVWLJ' f M wx Q V-ij, Lg ,Af I it It I 1 '-' I 'f MJ f,iuhLcb,?!,!' 'bf ' ff uf Y, 1. ' L lr Ju ,UWJJ5 ML' ' 1. .,l' JA-I V1 ' x ff 'J' 'L fy Av R-mn ns G-f , 1 , 'H' , 1 5 1 ,"1 , It 4 1' 5 7. .NU ns. Al ,,l Us-Q, 5 f. r N All fb' , R V1 I . ,rib r If 'T ' 4 1 L SCXOOOX K d Argentine" is oi Argentine ! Ko X e md E, - Wgfeifyff :X Q ff ughd fm, 6 'f to th -me an 1 eew WPA, ' f I ner- n orjheas vfasl ,jf45'Z'W9 f e f f ' iw Mfg ygi e' is fe aX KGOYU, Ci 6 C Oiikp- .. 1, ' ff!! , 1014449 oi me Xeague Xost two games Xo'NNyan- he ummaie winner oi the Northeast . , , in . fyj faoxxe, 3 xejxgggggef. ZXVVQ! J MMM 7 nd. Blue" 'ff Gold a . 11, '.r- we 1 ,- I Q xx .X N -4 .. . lx, Al.. X1 . Qi Q :Lga sq i iii the 'Tight for ST PEE' Xe - SMaxme Co mms ---'-------'--------------' lewd Gordon Business Manager ..... Karnes Boraner Pxavemsinq Managerimna Waker . SEXsie 'NN OH Assxswms """"""""""' DN arren Gibbs Je! First Row-Marron, Winchell, Berns, mascot, Childs Second Rowgguckmqnl Pounmml Ienkinsl P V I-R' D W First Row-Marron, Plough, Herring, letferies, Dare a row Mc on ald, captain, lame-son. Third Row-Tippett, Moore, Hale, Butler, Dare, Doze, Childers. Foulgh Row-Brunk, Rodriguez Leep, Payne, lones, Schrneck arras, Fifth Row-King, Macleod, Thornhill, Smith, Plough, Gilles Campbell. Si::t1RI Riw-Reynolds, Hicks, Schooling, Fredriclcs, Mills, Lee ort . Seventh Row-I. C. Sh kl an and, coach, Simpson, C. McDonald, Bellma R I n, eagon, Bodom, I. C. Lonborg, coach. FOOTBALL The Argentine-Wyandotte game, which Argentine won, by a score of 25-12, was the deciding factor in the Mustangs' winning of the mythical City Championship of Kansas City, Kansas. The outstanding features of the game were the passing offense of Argentine and the defensive work of both teams. The first Argentine score came on the seventh play of the ame after a pass had netted the first half wa Q, ing s c e, Dare, f al ck , me the QCIIT1 ri' Cm 9 0 Cm flirt g gghuwggxguyo 32? S the nd a Q ,ii ouch OW ' is , ,,,.,., , ,..., , . . , . ,H ,.-, V- .. . 1 """i'ETl3l'A.5Wl'tL?EY.1.:4 6325.555 ' . ' M Tl S ci JmirftaijsggitstilW'W1t2't'Wf'1fir' 0- tz 9 M4525 4, ,'fic.:w.rff,.t+w'v.121+tmwiffff' f'W'5'k- - 1' 'T-' n ' 1 5. r -nt W ,,' te A - ..-team:-ta'. , gy ff l , --., p -Q ran ' behw 7: r a tguchdownmw aw-Q" an ,L X ,I ,gf t N mABfi'?mf:4ar's.fxm.sf..afwW5ll1 r we ' ? .1 , -f . H 5 , t, ,wg iff, Q' 1 w3t.,254,:.mttM Jm H. it itat 1 Wwe g le f 1. 5 N f 4 ,,,-IKEA AP-id X Z vw 1.1 -P1 ul I K rv at '-1,7 V M b- kk Y F 'V U YP 5-it gg? J M? , f is r ,, , A-.vs ' vw . st' . it t k 2' H 'W Second Row-Buclcman, Eidson, Winchell, Do le, Tho I. C y rp, , Lonborg, coach. BASKET BALL The Argentine High School cage squad went through the regular season with only three defeats, two of these being at the hands of Wyandotte. The Mustangs lost the Northeast Kan- sas league championship by finishing runner-up to Wyandotte. After the regular schedule was over the team was entered in the regional tournament at Leavenworth where it was defeated in the quarter-finals by the Leavenworth Pioneers by a 3l-27 score. The team was hampered in early games by a lack of practice and by the absence of several star players. Two of the high-scoring forwards were forced from the line-up by moving from the city and by other reasons. -illn- 1 J I F QR NS k I B ,I C1-1'1'. I M I ,k' IS IS h' . First How-R. Atkinson, Barnes, Wldman, H qhes, Smith. us bgjw par S mwvl lders Gyo Ier ms cuer C le Secczzcill Blow-F. S. Hoover, coahh, Watsoln, Rush, Duqain S dH-D ,Sh k,A.L,Mk',Fd'lc, if- ec?S:3enC5riv Dggueguy C mec een an m re HC S Third HowTvlLavin, C. Atkinson, Maxim, McGivern, Weber. Thirg Rfaw-Childs, Munoz, Moore, Butler, Pountain, Madden, FOUYUI ROW-TiDD9ff, Smith, PFUICS, SYeDh9flS0f1- on y. Fourth ECW-FGVFOW, McDonald, Thomas, Andrews, Payne Lee, captain, Brunk. Fifth How5Plouah, Winchell, Buclcman, Dare, King, Barnes, C E. Swender, coach. TRACK The track squad was forced to begin training this year without a track, be- cause the new one had not been fin- ished. About forty boys turned out to Coach C. E. Swender among whom were thir- teen lettermen. Only two meets were scheduled besides the state, regional, and the two college relays. They were a dual meet with Leavenworth and a triangular meet with Topeka and Wy- andotte. The Mustangs won first place at the Leavenworth meet and finished second in the triangular meet. Last year's team was very successful and had one representative, lack Buck- man, in the Olympic tryouts at Mil- waukee. Buckman won the high jump in the Kansas University relays and tied for first in the state meet. GOLF Golf was the only minor sport of the school, until the last six weeks of school when the tennis team started a belated schedule. Early in the spring, Larry Trickett, pro- fessional at Quivira lakes, gave a demonstration and a few lessons to the members of the team. The golf team was fairly successful, considering the fact that only one let- terman returned. ln most of the matches the team was made up of Edmund Weber, Paul Lavin, Price Stephenson and Billy Duggins. These boys lost to Wyandotte, and Rosedale, but finished third in the first section of the Northeast Kansas league meet. ABQ if First Row- Bristow. Plank, H. Wintersteen, Stice, Cromwell, Phillips, Hoover, Burch, Madison, Bailey, Burr, Wiseman. Second Row-Gould, An- derson, Worrall, lessee, '1eu1ler, Cartmill, West- lall, Miller, P e r kin S, C f d W l' . raw or , a icer Third How-Berzis, Ken- nedy, Woolard, Harmon, Wolf, Easley, Cole, Kina, Aderholt. Fourth Row-Buckman. Cooper, Sparks, Horton, Pountain, Phillips, Man- kin. Fihh Row - Andrews, F u l t z, B. Wintersteen, Schiebel, Tippett, Ien- kins, Atkinson, Madden, Lynch, Childers. Sixth Row - Winchell. Macleod, Thornhill, Leep, Eistog, Lee, C o nl e V, vnc . Seventh Row - Thomas, Wilhm, G o r d o n, Miss Frances Bates, sponsor, QLAA- ebb G , -4,a-efL1.1duA- 0-awww I The ldea loack of the Mustang Club is to pro Q,gU,,b mote a sp1r1t ot enthuslasm ln school athletlcs A-in ykAJ-kftfzg, . def-4!-Q., the enthusiasm and leadershlp necessary to A ,GL stand behtnd the teams both at home and at ' out of town games and cheer them on to A MW Victory 5 OGU.-4 V' Af-4 v-L0 It 1S formed also to put new ldeas 1nto pep QJAZQWQ 0 X . A ' ' 1f,hrf2sy vv,,,u - , I A 1 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN l V Robert Brunlc .,., Clarence Butler lack Rnckman , Gene Campbell Ralph Childs ...... Lester Childers ...... Edward Dare ........ Walter Favrow lunior lameson .........,Guard .,.,,,.iff,Cenler ..........Taokle ..............Guard .........Halfbaclc ......,..l-lalfloaclc ..............Guard ....i.......,.Fullback Dayton lenkms ....,.. ......... Q uarierback Rue lones ....,... Harley King ...... ..........,...Tackle .. .............. Fullback William Leep ......... ....... G uard-Center loe Marron ........ Raymond McDonald ,.... lames Pountain Lupe Rodriguez N o lohn Thorp ........,..., Olin Tippett ....... lohn Winohell x .........................Fullbaclc .Guard-Captain .............l-lalibacli ..........Tackle ..........Guard ........End 74 x Page Nine X v if ' '1 v ' Q p 0 ,JN ' ' . . xx X 80 1 he If N ,lu 7 U mtpglzifgjjf IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sszsssssassl Q A 2f'0Jlfl3AsKET BALL xl L60 Turner .............,.,........ Washington Rural .... Wyandotte Rosedale .................... Atchison ....,............... Shawnee-Mission .... Leavenworth ............ onthe Q .................,..... Wyandotte Rosedale ...... .......... l-liawatha ........,......... Atchison .................... Shawnee-Mission .... 32 Leavenworth ..........., Turner ........................ Olathe ............. .......... Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine 95 :D LETTERMEN X Roloert Herring ,............ Forward 5'jRobert Plough .......,....... Elack Buckrnan ......,........ -Edward Dare ................ Ioe Marron Virgil Eidson ................ lohn Winchell ............... ....Guard Forward .Forward ...Cfuard .Forward Forward Harley King ....... ,.....,., C enter HB5 ..... .,........ h..... ..... .....,... . ...... I ..... ......... 5 E ...... x' U' f' VV' I X x 1 ' 1" l J A! , A ,V JUNIO BAS LL, T nf' Tffffl .N I, X' "A" CLUB V IUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL First Row-B. Terry, Hayes, I. Terry, Liston. Second Row-Childs, Alvarez, Hernan- dez, King, Martinez, Brown. Third Row-Weber, DeWitt, Fuller, Gib- son, Burns. Fourth Row-K. C. Skeen, coach, Hall, Gutierrez. 1 I -I "A" CLUB ' First Row--Marron, Moore, McDonald, Thomas, Ienkins, Iameson, Stone. Second Row-Conley, Payne, Childs, Favrow, Munoz, Iones, Brunlc. Third Row-Thorp, Buckmcm, Tippett, Campbell, Barnes, Leep, Fourlh How-Winchell, Pountain, Lee, I. C. Lonborg, sponsor, Childers, Dare, Brown. I 12:22:22 -4 5 Q The junior high basket ball team is organized chiefly to develop and give experience to the boys who will be future prospects for the senior high team. lt also gives a sport for the r high boys during the winter. e ost outstandingaccomplishment of this season was the winning of the city invita- tional tournament, Ianuary 12 and l9. During the regular season's play the team won seven games and lost six. After the Christmas holidays three of the members of the team were moved up to the senior high second team squad. GNMVD The "A" Club is composed of all boys who have earned a letter in any major sport or two letters in a minor sport. Page Eleven l e 4 r-'I ,r of-1-if w ,ir V nerr-.4 The physical education program tor girls has been divided into the following groups: funda- mentals oi all major and minor games, stunts, relays, organization, apparatus, tap and folk dancing, marching, drilling, indoor track, intra-mural, and health activities. Each girl is given the opportunity to partici- pate in an after-school program of class com- petition in volley ball, basket ball, individual and group games, track, and baseball. Swimming instruction is given in beginning, advanced swimming and lite-saving. Page Twelve W" I 553552522552EEEEiii2522255255Qiiiifiilfiffiffii-:.'if'Efif :EIZEZ E RLS' A A D NUME A f Q : 6 We CLUBS, First La .H r . Lloyd ft ters W1 - e 90 I Second Row is Helen Brandenburg, sponsor, Madis , Stice, Cartrnill, Berns Cole, Booher. Third Row-Thoman, Harmon, Ander- son, Hultz, Barton, Westfall, Reagan Preston, WATERBUGS First Row-Lamb, Hickman, Fickel, V Hardison, Gregory, Bailey, Simpson Vernon, Buckman, Booher. Second Row-B. Hardison, Harrison Browne, Hughes, Westfall, Gilyeat Lemberger, Richey, Blaschke, Allen. Third Row-Ayrault, Coats, Thoman Hultz, Miss Helen Brandenburg, instruc- Lorf1Wentling, Eppert, Haberman, May- e . 1 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row-Cole, Teufler, Berns, Rob- erts, Beton, Cartrnill. Second Row-Plunk, Lloyd, Gould, Hoover, Miller, Miss Helen Branden- burg, sponsor. Third Row-Westfall, Hultz, Thoman Doolittle, Barton Larson. 1 A GIRLS' SPORTS V ARG STEIN SONG Sing to dear old Argentine, Fight for the Gold and Blue, Stand and let us honor our school, Let every loyal Mustang sing, Sing with all our heart and soul Eyes always toward our goal, Keep this one and only motto, Be fair and honest to our foe. GWWKD ONWARD ARGENTINE Onward Argentine, Onward Argentine We'll stand up for you Fight and hold, tor Blue and Gold To these colors we are true Bah! Bah! Bah! Stand and cheer, boys, Never tear, boys, . A. H. S. our pride, Cheer, cheer, the gang's all here For A. H. S. A new school song was composed this year by H. I. Mould and C. E. Swender, faculty members. They have called it the "Argentine Victory Song." GSMVB ARGENTINE VICTORY SONG We'll raise a song Both loud and long To cheer our team to victory. Argentine high, so brave and strong We pledge eternal loyalty! Fight on, boys, tight. We'll win this game Boll up the score tor Argentine . Beneath the told Ot Blue and Gold To Victory! Argentine! sworn One more! Let's score! One more! Let's score! lrepeat at length! Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low! C'mon team, let's go! Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Argentine Fights! Argentine Fights! Argentine Fights! Argentine Fights! With a Veevo With Vivo With a Veevo, Vivo, Vum, Boom, get a rat trap bigger than a cat trap, Boom, get a cat trap bigger than a rat trap, Batamus, Scatumus, Sis Boom Bah, Argentine High School, Bah, Bah, Bah. Page Thi rteen 4 Q.. ',P1I9-"f ' f , 5 '55555555555555if5E125Efffifmiiffiiiiii5555555555555 ay WN ' i x. LN . I 3 -, N y. x . X- .-X . , 1 K Q ,R X. x , . . K it Vx ' V ,. ...A 1 ........ . ........... . ....................... . ................. . ........... ........... . J. ..... ......... ......... ......... ........ ....... ......................... . . 4, !J15:13:HliF,:i5:::::F5Q:5:::::::::::::::::::::5:::::'. "'::::::.. ":::::::::.. ::::::' '::::::::::' ""' ::::::::::::::.::::::::::::. '::::::::::::::::::::::::: ., I' v- x Q 'A X ' A , Fo ,-, 1 X X 'N X, gg , - , - 1- ' 'X . . :Zi . .., L Y V I ' -LJ! it:-it xr, K X .+ ' I 'JV rQJJwj O 1 I Q ' ' rrvfy-if-X Jcfjzx 2,4141 J' J kilo -f J .1,,fm : C dhxvtf- QJQK A f ' 'sf . ' K ' 'ti g ull 4: I If if ' ,.Af'wiwm 6Cf'l,.4z,fff-I Axboff ' ., 0 v Q Q7-'VAX Nl., L kj ' ', ' V gif - fifqi. Q 11, 'A'-T 4 4L,t,3 4 -- .Qycilp ' U A-' 0-draw. 74 I A it , 1 ., KJ Kirby, t L Lo!' v . Lf! ,XXMLQ I K- ,. . Lx, 5 vf, Yfhv -M-'nv-. ,+L ,Alfa 1 . I I ,,,7,,1ArA-AJ . f 1 , 3 'L'4T"L'l' '?""'1' 57' r" fXx.,-,,s 1 '-Q, -jL01,faflX'b!!L,9i-fA..g,4X!o 't 'k'V" 'F f :. .J M A EQK.-A-47 .X , L35 , I , V ' 7 C""'l'P f"Ef5'0'x"'4"!ffVLAf0cfffU . a,.,k.4A,, luxtfrrk-,iL,qx I. Cckik ,-,g,4,fv I' vw f ' ' if. Rf Lf:-MMQQA-A f 4V"fk10L1yf X54 'IIN 4- 41 lZ',,,,,.L' fx ekfokfi, .,fA.4, C ,4l,', w.4:,4,-, " ,LMA L1 ,L ll fa 3 I 'E' ' . 1 X-AIA-,I,,4dQ, IH., ' Vx- 21: 4 I. . - 'I fs, ,-.ff ' fr f' , .- TL vv'-fa " ! 'A 'fY-- .1 ' -LJ f f , S10 4 44 ,x f,1,44 ,M kk! Hd M ak V - . 4 'x 4 2 1..,.X"?Yf2d o V i, . LA, GZ U Xqcdc X, '5' ITXVVJXI S gb .YI-M 'U " Q o r'f15f' 0 fix! fi'-'sh' 1 4 1 K. S . ' if .' , f ' C A fb, ' A 5 I' XX-rb Q A ' ' J . , I , .T fA SCIH I I. 1. OQL V V V F. L. SCI-ILAGLE A PRINCIPAL V 4 A SUPERINTENDENT I. C. I-IARMON 1 1' f U, , 4 , Qfffiiw, MR. G. C. BRINK Shorthand, Typewriting MR. GUY C. BRADFORD English, History MISS GRACE DALE Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Business Mathematics MISS MARGARET DANNEBURG Secretary MR. F. S. HOOVER Biology MISS LILLIAN IESSUP Geography, I-Iistory Page Seventeen F CULTY 'V NA BARNES English, Dramatics MISS FRANCES BATES English, Mathematics MISS HELEN BRANDENBURG Civics, Physical Education I-Iealth MISS STELLA COLE Clothing MISS I-IENRIETTA CONRAD English, Spanish MISS GLADYS CONGDON Study I-Iall MISS EDITI-I DELANEY Mathematics MR. T. M. EVANS Civics, Physical Education, I-Iealth MISS MAUD I-IEVVITT English, Art H1StOIY DIED APRIL, 1937 . WWW MR. E. A. MOODY Mechanical Drawing Trades Information MR. H. I. MOULD Band, Orchestra MR. I. C. SHANKLAND Vice-Principal Constitution, Speech MR. N. F. SHELL Chemistry, Physics MR. V. E. TIMMINS History MISS MONA WALTER Giee Clubs, Chorus ,C - t y OB MR E P PATTERSON t . - 5 Qt '41 l ............. I Page Elghteen Q ,A,,,,s-cd J 26444-fl 4,14 4, ' 1 5,44 if jLJaCLhS IC RS FOR S A YEA S bv! 7 SENIOR YEAR ,7 FRESHIQIAN YEAR f ' t ....... c ... 2 .. ? . ........ . . L ' H L .. .. . ........ Baker Vice- sident ..,,,.. ildred Cormari Sice- .... L s er omb 589-r . ..,Q..9.., .... Orro ecretory ........., ..........,........,,........ M aria na Berns Treasu r ....................v... .....,....,... a Xi Ch L .d . .., ......................,.,.,.. lohn Macleod Miss Fra es Taylor eer ea er ..................,.. 4 .,,,,,,,,,, Emory Cooper SpOnSOrA5Q"'yA4P?LL? "" 2 pO 'K fella Cole ' N' f U ""' L . .il Shankland IUNIOR YEAR E T .. . --- Q S -LJ if 4514211433-f.i'RADg,,f Vice-President ,.............................,..,,. Paul Madden Sresidentla -----4--e- 2 ---'----A--- -------- Cliff? LFGW .ifggary --nbh D . i --'---.------ i- -Q H Hanna e ns ICS T951 t ...............,.e....... ..,.....e, e rr iston reasurgr .... .... Se "A"' ' """"' Madame Cole 'Tr asurer .......,.... ...........,.,...... R aymond Conley Sponsor .................................... L .,....... Mr. N. F. Shell vf S Miss Lillian Iessup H Sponsors A4"""'h""""A""""-"-' lMr E A Moody P OMORE YEAR ' ' ' resident ...,. ..... ........,o Cl d Andrew? V E Vice-Presi t ..., ....... . ..... . ake resr t ' V,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, C, y Bro Secretary ..........,....,.,........ ......... iann Berns Sec y ,,,,,, .. ,,,,.,,,,,l,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,o,,l,l, Warren H5512 T F .. ...... . . ...R nl ...., . . . Zollinger Ch eader ............,..,..... .......Y.. E mory Cooper Q M15 th Delano Spons s Y Sp SOF ............................. ....... M r F. S. Hoover A'""""""""""""""' 2Mr. .Nicholson m7112315 T Qi! may Qwfmgfzfwf ,yin aT?i'Ks?6H?'f'fr WM! wb-Ejsyldl tttgfaw ZWLAWMPP fad fr WW 4-ff? .-4-7,1 Twenty-one members oi the senior class were elected to the National Honor Society. They are: Clyde Andrews, Verda Bell, lames Bord- ner, Maxine Cole, Emory Cooper, Mildred Cor- man, lack Fox, David Gordon, Ruth l-leckrnan, Richard Lee, lohn Munoz, Lillian Pierce, Evelyn Plunk, Sue Presley, LaVerne Rawlings, Ernest Stone, Edna Sumner, Anna Walker, Edmund Weber, Elsie Wolf, and Patricia Worrall. Members oi the society were selected by the teachers in view ot their rating in scholarship, character, leadership and service. Clyde Andrews was president ot the class during sophomore, junior, and senior years. lack Buckman was one of the outstanding athletes in Kansas during his high school career. Under the new plan of the student council, in h the council is made up of nine mem- Wffwfff ' ' I er , two seniors represented the class. They gf ' were larnes Bordner and Melvin Sudduth. Page Nineteen uf., s. inn A XX' . MARGUERITE ANDERS J Central Iunior High School: Tennis, l, Operetta, l, Glee Club, l, Wyandotte High School: Tennis, 2, Baseball, 2, Argentine High School: Tennis, 3, Student Council, 3, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Leader- ship Club, 4. CLYDE ANDREWS Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, 3, Argentian Statt, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, Student Council, l, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, Leadership Club, 4, Gym Team, 1, 2, 3, Leaders' Club, l, 2, 3, Class Oiticer, President, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. - FRANCES BADER Shavinee Mission High School: Glee,.Club, l, G. AQ A., l, Argentine High Sch!gpl'i,,"G'ym Team, 3, G. A. A,, 3, 4. E'J,.ff"! CLARENCE BAKER Tennis, l, 3, Student Council, l, Class Oiiicer, President, 1, Vice-President, 2. EARL BAKER Tennis, l, 2, 3. GENE BARNES Football, 4, "A" Club, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4. FRANCES BEAUMONT Basketball, 3, Tennis, 2, 3. D - . . ,T 'JV J, L4 7 RI N BE-RNS Art Club, 3, 'A" Club, 4, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Basket Ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Press Club, 3, 4, Operetta, 4, Glee Club, 4, Numeral Club, 3, 4, Leaders' Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Class Oiiicer, Secretary, 2, 3, Secretary, l, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4. LUCILLE BOOHER "A" Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Band, l, Numeral Club, 3, 4, Gym Team, 3, G. A. A., 3, 4. Q 6N,,Q1 IAMES' B IQNBRL Anni.n,,St tt, 4, Busineg anager, 4, lunior Play, 3qAXrgentian Stat , 4, Glee b, 2, Track, 2, ,V xStudent Co , , Typing Squad, 3, 5 -' Orche-srtraf'4, Ba '7 .adership Club, 4, Gym Teamgl, Nation Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, .4 FRANK BOSSE Operetta, 4, Glee Club, 4, Student Council, l. C. IAY BROWN Football, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, Track, l, 2, 3, Golf, l, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, Senior Play, 4. ROBERT BRUNK Football, l, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Basket Ball, l, Operetta, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 3, 4. IACK BUCKMAN Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Basket Ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 2, Glee Club, 2, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Gym Team, 3, Golf, 3, Student Council, 2, 3. Ps. is . Page Twenty L c. 1 v L r , - Aural lolz, , , IZIIIIC1112I:CIII:IIFYZIIIIIIICIICZIIZIIQIIC :IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I:IIIIIIIIIIIZIIZUTIIICIIIIIIIII -.........-......,n...-,--- GENE CAMPBELL Football, 2, 3, 4, UA" Club, 4, Basket Ball, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Or- flltrs-rilrft, fl I.ENA CASTRO Girl Reserves, 2. LESTER CHILDERS Football, 3, 4, "A" Club, 4, Mustang Club. 4, Track, 1', 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE COLE Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Editor, 4, Basket Ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, Z, 3, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Librarian, l, Debate Squad, 2, 3, President, 3, Numeral Club, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Leaders' Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary, 1, Treasurer, 3, 4, G. A. A., 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, 4. RAYMOND CONLEY Art Club, 1, "A" Club, 2, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 3, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, Leadership Club, 4, Class Officer, Treasurer, 2. KENNETH COONS EMORY COOPER Football, 1, 2, 3, Mustang Club, 3, 4, Tennis, 3, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Debate Squad, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Class Officer, Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society. gjvl. ROSE CORBETT Art Club, 2, Basket Ball, 1, Argentian Staff, 2 3, Typing Squad, 3, ader:sl1ip-Club 4. ff' C X. MILDRED CORMAN L ke? A X Art Club, l, 2, 4, Basket Ball, 1gf3, Leadership Club, 4, Class Officer, Vice-President, 4, National Honor Society. HAZEL CROCKETT Operetta, 4, Glee Club, 4, Typing Squad, 3, Senior Play, 4. CAROL CROMWELL Mustang Club, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Student Council, 1, Debate Squad, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Secretary, 4. DONALD CROSSLEY Central lunior High School: Tennis, 1, Gym Team, 1, Argentine High School: Tennis, 2. DOROTHY CROSSLEY Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4, Glee Club, , Student Council, 1, G. A. A., 1, Ar ian , 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Li- MAB L IEL r r an, 4, adership Club, 4. -'O V, T' fflfs . f 5 N XKLTJQN -lo ,?.e.wc."l i Qin! v A I Y A ' Page TW -One I XSS XS' X J 3 4 . if My lt, NS'vf'? i lr W Q it X 1 . 74' iff' X. 'Tie M' JT lllv "3 QV f dl aff 3' 1 ,, 7 l , V X fyllfb . rx K fr X' ,ff lj!!! IJ N, '--X X X ' 1 I' xr j C L A S S O F 1 9 3 7 WAL'TER!DERRINGTONiQ?' A X. . ALPHA DUNCAN WAYNE FLEETWOOD Art Club, l, Orchestra, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES FLEMING Basket Ball, l, Operetta, l, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4. JACK FOX A Typing Squad, 3, Orchestra, 4, Band, 1, Z, 3 Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, 4. HARVEY FRANK Typing Squad, 3, 4. ROSALIE FRY Basket Ball, l, Operetta, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3 4, Girl Reserves, l, 2, Orchestra, l, 2, 3. Page Twenty Two IOHN FULTZ Mustang Club, 3, 4, Iunior Play, 3, Student Coun- cil, 3, Cheer Leader, 3, 4. HAROLD GENTRY Basket Ball, l, Glee Club, 2, Orchestra, 3, Band, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Gym Team, l. WARREN GIBBS Annual Staff, 4, Iunior Play, 3, Argentian Staff, 2 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 3, Leadership Club, 4, Senior Play, 4. MYRA GOOLD Art Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4. DAVID GORDON Mustang Club, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Editor, 4, Iunior Play, 3, Press Club, 4, Quill and Scroll Club, 4, Tennis, 3, 4, Argentian Staff, 3, 4, Business Man- ager, 4, Student Council, l, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, Leadership Club, 4, President, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, 4. EILEEN GREGORY Basket Ball, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, 1, 2 3, 4. EARL GRIFFITH Gym Team, l. EDWARD HALE Football, 2, 3, 4. BETTY HARRISON Basket Ball, l, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, Glec Club, 2, 3, Student Council, l, Girl Re, serves, 2, Leadership Club, 4. MARGUERITE HAYS Glee Club, l, 2, Orchestra, 3, BanH, 4, Gym Team, l. RUTH HECKMAN Art Club, 2, lunior Play, 3, Basket Ball, l, Oper! etta, 2, 4, Glee Club, 2, 4, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. BETTY IESSEE Dropped out of School. I-IIRAM IOHNSON Band, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY KENNEDY Mustang Club, 4, Basket Ball, l, 2, 3, Tennis, 3, Op- eretta, 3, Glee Club, 3, Gyrn Team, Z, 3. III if 1 r, ,,f4,+fC C. 'ck 'x. . I CLIFFORD KEYES Basket Ball, l, Operetta, 2, 4, Glee Club, 2, 4, Gym Team, 2, 3. 7 VIRGINIA LEAVY RICHARD LEE Track, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4. IE f TON lg f Mpsmng Club, 2,,?L4, gmftgiystgff, 2, 3, Tennis , 2, Press CME, , 3, , Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4 , ditor, 4, Qfill nd Scroll, 3, 4, Operetta, 3, 4, De- bate Squad, 1,2 Leadership Club, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. Y SYLVESTER LITTLEFIELD Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. CALVIN LOVING Glee Club, 4, Leadership Club, 4. I RALPH LYNCH J Operetta, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, Y .4 , gf f Q Ji ' I 7 z 1 f My gfbwfrf- . . 1 rdf' kiwi, Page Twenty-Three 'V MARY MCGIVERN W . X 7 ,, W. ug Y Z T- 'if . veg QMND MCDONALD Fo otbal, l, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 3, 4, Basket Ball, l, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Gym Team. PRISCILLA METZ Loaders' Club, l, G. A. A., 1. l, 2, 3. DOROTHY MILLER Basket Ball, l, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Gperetta, 4, Glee Club, 4, Student Council, 2, Leadership Club, 4, f' Argentian Statf, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4. -ffb Migzzgn' f r - , A. 4 gii E' 'biTf5,3B3q'Q5Ci5 2 ' -hi, in-gssfetisqi, fem, i,,1weWmCMf2, 3, ClassfQtticer,.Ti?easurer,Ll. :L 5 I .1 tx PAUL MADDEN - ' QLW- . G. A. A., Z, 3. MARIBELL MINICH Spring Hill High School: Glee Club, l, 2, Band, l, 2, Orchestra, 2, Olathe High School: Girl Reserves, 3, Argentine High School: Glee Club, 4, Girl Be- serves, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Typing Squad, 4. Mustang Club, 3, ,T , , , , ,W Gym Team, 2, 3, Le 'ers' Club, 2, 3, Class Gificgr, Vice-President, 3, "A" Club, 4. BETTY LUE MADISON "A" Club, 4, Mustang Club, 3, 4, Basket Ball, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Argentian Stall, 2, 3, 4, Girl Be- serves, 3, 4, Numeral Club, 3, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4. IOHN MAXIM Football, 3, Basket Ball, l, Operetta, 4, Glee Club 4, Track, l, 3, Golf, 3, 4, Gym Team, l, 2, 3. DONALD MESSINGER Art Club, 2, Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE MOBEHLY Basket Ball, l, 2, 3, Tennis, 3, G. A. A., 1. RICHARD MONTGOMERY Basket Ball, 3, Golf, 1, Typing Squad, 3, 4. DONALD MOSTAFFA Glee Club, 4, Operetta, 4. IOHN MUNOZ Football, 3, 4, "A" Club, 4, Basket Ball, 3, Glee Club, 3, 4, Operetta, 3, Track, 3, Leadership Club, 4, Loader Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. Page Twenty-Four BETTY PHILLIPS Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 3, Operotta 3, Glee Club, 3, 4 LILLIAN PIERCE Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, National llonor Society. EVELYN PLUNK Art Club, 1, 2, UA" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 4, lunior Play, 3, Basket Ball, l, 2, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Press Club, 3, 4, Argentian Stall, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, Typing Squad, 3, Numeral Club, 2, 3, 4, Leader- ship Club, 4, Leaders' Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A., 1 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, 4. SUE PRESLEY Basket Ball, 1, 3, Operetta, 2, Glee Club, 2, Li- brarian, 2, 3, 4, Band, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. CORA PRESTON Tennis, 1, Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Nurneral Club, 4, Leaders' Club, 1, G, A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. GLEN PRICE Typing Squad, 3, 4, RUTH PRUITT Argentian Statt, 2, Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, tra, 3, G. . ., ,, . BESSIE PURINTON Girl llofnorvrlrs, 3, 4, G. A. A., 3. lOHN PURVIS Tennis, 3 4, Gpcgrott 3, Glee Club, 3. A QSZW ' ff Eat A IITGS " Lf A t gf if enia SM3 4 Ying! C1C,. M ,, Ubi 4. 1 J- I 2 I . 6LQe 9 ship C1LfQfa2i, Agmisfgiyijefior SO- 1 ' t ' t ix i it l WAYNE REESE 1' I I V I MARY ROBERTSON Central lunior High Schooli Girl Reserves, 1, Stu- dent Council, 1, G. A. A., 1, Argentine High School: Basket Ball, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, Z, G. A. A., 2. FAIRELL RUSH Operetta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2 3, 4, President, 4, Leadership Club, 4. y, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, Typing Squad, 3, 4, Orches- X APA BET-'LEsSCOTT A A Q 3 My i Q 3 ,fly A si, I Q . -'Pdge Twenty-Five T i . A l ,w .HK I I .Xt ,4NH ARLOE SNODGRASS Art Club, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4. IIM SOUTH Football, 1, 2, 3, Basket Ball, 1, 2, Tracglytii f MAXINE STICE 5001 ,Q X 0 , , V ,V gg , , ,EE5x5gn SZ, Girl Ee- r es, 3o,yl,224'2pin ug-bd, G, Numeral Club, 3, 4, L ' Club,f1l, l . A'LAL"'2, 3, 4. ERNEST STON National Honor Society, 4. MELVIN SUDDUTH Football, 4, Tennis, 3, 4, Argentian Stall, 3, 4, Student Council, 4, Leadership Club, 4, "A" Club, 4, EDNA SUMNERIV-A Argentian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Typing Squad, 3, 4, FQJQeadershi,p'i'Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4. :YU , 61, JI EU "A" Club, l, 2, 4, Mustang . , - lunior Play, 3, Basket Ball , 2, 3, Te ' , 2, 3, rl Re ser es, 2, 3, pi 9,-,vsfi ' ' Nu , fy 7 on f club, 2, 3, ,I '- . 4. Sf ' ' wif' GEORGE TH It AS 1 .7 4 Club, 3, 4, BaAslfElyl3a'llTix3, Track, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Cluky4f'Gym Tlefam, 1, 2, 3. OLIN TIPPETT Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club, 3, 4, Mustang Club, 4, Basket Ball, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Glee Club, 2, Track, 2, 3, 4, Golf, 2, 3, 4, Gym Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. WILMA TOWNS FAUSTER VAUGHN ANNA WALKER Argentian Stat , , Qer, 4: Mustang , , ' , , Student Council, t , ebate quad, 3, Leadership Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Senior Play, 4, An- nual Stall, 4, Advertising Manager, 4. EDMUND WEBER Track, 2, Golf, 1, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4. SENIORS WITH NO PICTURES VERDA BELL Clinton, Missouri, High School: Operetta, 1, Glee Club, 1, Pleasanton, Kansas, High School: Class Officer, Secretary, l, Argentine High School: Op- eretta, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club, 4, Gym Team, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 4. IACK CAMPBELL Argentian Staff, 2, 3. MARIORIE CLOON ., Atchison High School: Operetta, 2, Glee Club, 1, 2, Argentine High School: Leadership Club, 4. HAROLD DAVIDSON A IAMES FERNANDEZ FLOYD HARRIS Operetta, 2, Glee Club, 2. FRANK HEENANDEZ IOVITA HEENANDEZ , 4 , 1 ff 4 l DENZELL HOGAN DO-6+ ' LEONARD MANION BETTY MARSHALL Central Iunior High School: Gym Team, 1, 2. MERLIN MILLHOUSE WILLIAM RUSH MELVIN SCHLEICHER Gym Team, 2. MARVIN TAYLOR Track, 3, Gym Team, 1, 2. Page Twenty-Six ,sq 51 P' . I!! Lids U ' 5 , ,'1..4fL ' I '4 ffl 1, I .. . ..... ....... ..... .. '.::::,:.:::ggI:i::::::::g6::..::::::::: 7' :::::: I M - H' J ' I 4 I X V I I, 4 1 . , 1 IJEANNE WOOLARD Mustang Club, 4, Basket Ball, l, Cperotta, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 1, 2, Glee Club, 3, 4. PATRICIA WORRALL L Mustang Club, 2, 3, 4, luriior Play, 3, Argeritiari Staff, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, President, 4, Stu- dent Council, l, Leadership Club, 4, Leaders' -A Club, 4, Class Officer, Secretary, 4, G. A. A., 3, Vice-President, 3, National Honor Society, 4. S S WILFORD ELKINS IACK FRANCIS O Operetta, 1, Glee Club, l. F THERMA HICKOK Basket Ball, I, Operetta, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, Girl " Reserves, 2, Leadership Club, 4. 1 9 RUEIONES f,,,,,,I36121- Football, 2, 3, - ' ' asketyli ll, 2, Track, 3 2, Leadership lub, 4. f 'X ' Q' , R 7 BETTY KELLOGG vb A Operetta, l, Glee l. J -lie PagefTwenty-Seven ....aJf,C',L, The junior class was second in size with an enrollment ot 2l6 students. The class presented a ploty "A Good Egg." These people were in the play: Carol Craw- ford, Pauline Kotllards, Clotrice Woolery, Dorothy Beton, Margaret l-larrnon, Treasure Lloyd, loirnes Hammer, Billy Duggins, Laur- ence Moore, I. D. Thornas, Ddyton lenkins, Wayne Arnold, dnd Bill Wilhm. N. P. Shell was the sponsor. The officers were: President, Dotyton lenkins, vice-president, lewell l-lutt, secretary, Potuline Kdllaras, treasurer, Vercella l-lardison. Page Twenty-Eight 1, T ,LV First Row-McCarty, Hardison, Green wood, Larson, Hodges, Monteil, Hicks Henny, Hutchison, Haney, Martinez. Second Row-Moss, McDaniel, McDou gall, Gilyeat, Hahner, Ienkins, Hoover Lynch, North, Harris. Third Row-Neher, Lernberger, Mastele letto, Hammer, Gould, Miller, Moore. Fourth Row-Lloyd, Madl, Oehlert Markula, King, Leep, Horton, Lavin Fuller. Fifth Row-Miller, Oropeza, Lee, Kal- laras, Hull. Sixth Row-Ietfries, Geiger, Gross Harmon, Folsom, Moore, Mayo, Herring Seventh Row-Hroncs, Miller, Lopez Reed, Small, Laverack, Gomez, Liebig Horst, jameson. Eighth Row-Norwood, Miller, Lake Hogan, Keith, Green, McCauley, Mc Millan. First Row-Wickersham, Simons, Pook- er, Vergot, Worthington, Scott, Small Sillrnan, Strickland, Second Howe-Smith, Pollock, Richey Woodheaol, Harris, Schmeck, Timmins Wvarren. Third Row--Wilson, Saunders, Thomas Wilhm, Taber, Segura, Brown, Snod- grass. Fourth Row-C. Spencer, Vernon, Strut zel, Woolery, Rose, Perkins, Taylor Stumpf, Smith, Stephenson, Wing Worthington. Fifth Row--Smith, Simpson, Smith, Raw- lings, Smith, Roberts, North, Martinez Stanley, Sarras, Schooling, Spaulding Sandels, Sixth Rowe-Sodders, Tanner, Webster l. Spencer, Miller, Perry, Smith, Pidcock Thornhill, Knowles, Lovin, Watkins. First Row-Botturn, Bruner, Davis, Card Barnett, Crawford, Easley, Bristow Burch, Broomfield. Second Row'-Denys, Doolittle, Barton Canterbery, Boice, Brunner, Dickerson Third Row-Burns, Craig, Cowperth wait, Anderson, Aderholt, Buckley Beton, Duggins. Fourth Row--Bradbury, Bruce, Eppert Beadle, Brink, Boris, Bertina, Antos. Fifth Row-Easter, Drake, Blaschke Beairol, Pickle, Badeker, Brown. Sixth Row-Davidson, Moore, Bastel Butler, Carpenter, Davis, Bender. Seventh RowAArnold, Davidson, An derton, Ashlock, Brown, Favrow, Cleav er, Barclay, Bruns. Eighth Row-Cooper, Dark, Atkinson Duthoo, Bales, Dyerson, Bicknell, B Eock, Blythe, Doze, Frctss, Ander am. 0 . ff T ff 2 ' li . 'ji I bzf , 4 j M, P 'ftl CL S - 1 if. K, 1, ., 38A,ff,,,. f , 'yin :ff I ,, jpfi , FN X Ugg: Ji .1 , 1 A ' 'V ,fx L x..j4 I 4 f I V . P l ltiiti , .S ..... 1 555555551 L it 'A I f ' The sophomore class was the largest inthe 1 ' school, having an enrollment of 270. if Social functions were limited to a party, and ,. ft' 'dance at the Parish House in the fall and a , picnic in the spring. ' 1 t ' A A CLASS OF 1939 V I . , ,- M-, ff T First Row-Schmitt, Roman, Velasquez, Simpson, Paine, Presley, Wilkes, Reed, Stumpf. Second Row-Phillips, Schiebel, Winter steen, Terry, Ninemire, Ritter, Wright Savage, McGraw. Third How-Paine, Potzold, Posten Simpson, Showalter, Teegarden, Reyn olds, Thoman, Reagan. Fourth Row-Mooley, Pollock, Petrick Smith, Nelson, Metz, Wentling, Sellers Miller. Fifth Row-Southerland, Vanderwell Partonnar, Strong. Sixth Row-Smith, Richey, Morris, Price Weber, Rice. Seventh Row-Smith, McHenry, Morri son, Meyer, Reagan, McGivern, Tush. Eighth Row-McKittrick, Rock, Meeker F. Mock, Phillips, Meade, Tush. First Row-Scovill, Reynolds, Overly Stigall, Stevenson, Prather, Sauer, Sim mons, Sebo. Second Row-Markiewicz, Schroeder Parsons, Wendt, Small, Wiseman Waters, Roberts, Westfall, Sparks. Third Row-Price, Tipton, Rock, School ing, Schiebel, McDonald, Summers Reynolds, McMahon, Sewell, Wire. Fourth Row-Spears, Maxim, Lawson Staff, Mills, Sutton, Scott. One member of the class, lohn Thorp, played on the senior high school basket ball team and Went to the regional tournament. C. E. Swender, sponsor of the class, coached a group in organizing a basket ball team to play With the junior high team and also to play in a tournament with the seniors and juniors. The officers of the class were: President, Rich- ard Manking vice-president, Betty Westfall, ' secretary, Mary lane Cartmill, treasurer, Pearl Reagan. K T TT TTT awww Page Twenty-Nine Richard Mankin has been president ot this class through the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Mary l-leckman won the annual Kid Day con- test, dressed in an old-fashioned play suit. The sophomores took charge ot the fifteenth issue ot l"l'he Argentianf' with Walter Brink as editor. Paul Gilles and Richard Burge represented the class in the Student Council. Several sophomore girls were among the First Row-Gibbs, Follina, Woods, Ed- wards, Carlson, Cartmill, Alumbaugh Riojas, Reed, Bodam. Second Row-Bradbury, Coons, Fogle son, Crossley, Bauelt, Carr, Engles Flynn, Allison, Bailey, Chambers. Third Row-Hicks, Bass, Fields, Collins Coleman, Burr. Fourth Row-Caster, Brewer, Evans Corbett, Bender, Ellerman, Cowperth- 't Co eland B' k wat , p , rin . Fifth Row-Eshnaur, DeLeon, Cansler Adkins, F. Allison, V. Allison, DeSeure Blasche. Sixth Row-Burke, Clappin, Barnes Baker, Barnes, Albertson, B, Barnes Egar. Seventh Row-Easley, Burge, Cornel- ius, Crew. First Row-Gatzoulis, Hoke, Woods Madl, Lamb, McCurdy, Simpson, M Goodrick Maxwell, Locke. Second Row-C. Goodrick, Hontz, Heck man, Harclison, Foster, Lundbach, K Marsh, Ladenburger, McGrew. Third Row-McCauley, Freclericks Hageman, Lentz, Matthews, Gruber Mankin, Leep. Fourth Row-McMillan, Myer, Kent Lovell, Martin, Iantzen, Gilles, Lund b e g. Fiilh Row4Layman, Littlefield, Haber man, Hughes, Kellogg, McKitrick, Gar tt. Sixth Row-Lawson, Manthei, Long Maybell, Hultz, Hickman, Geiger, Hen slee. Seventh RowfLandie, Gibbs, Foster Gower, lameson, Maxim, Lemburger. A CLASS CF 1939 group which represented Argentine in the an- v nual Play Day at Lawrence, Kansas. ' Mary lane Coleman had a lead in the play 'Thank You, Doctor," which was presented at the Northeast Kansas League Fine Arts Fes- tival, at Leavenworth. g 3::as2asasssssaaaszsaaazsssm: 55555 l Page Thirty , YW. A CLASS OF 1940 V First Row--Bonnett, Erter, Alumbaugh, Baker, DeLeersnyder, Dickerson, Dillon, Cromwell, Babcock, Elliott, Second Row-Carpenter, Evans, Cas sidy, Buckman, B. Duggins, Fike, Cross, Curran, Adamson. Third Row-Casey, Guttieriez, Griffith, Berry, Vernon, Cook, Atkinson, Airman, Duncan. Fourth Row-Allen, Denys, Fiscus, Dar- nell, Arnold, N. Duggins, Cook, I-'er riera, Weber. Fifth Row-DeSmedt, Fisher, Fudge, Collins, Ellsworth, Erie, Forrester, Arm stron Brown Q, . Sixth RowADare, Alvarez, Cook, Davis, Atchley, Harris, Copeland, Becker. Seventh RowfBell, Bogue, Childs, Cook, Hernandez, Coons, Benlon, Fish er, Fuller, Guttierez, Erter. First Row-Tisdell, Smith, Winningham Toeneboehn, Reed Stubbs, Radiganf Tush, Wade, Wendt, Todd. Second Row-Sudduth, Stevens, Stud- dard, Rice, Simons, Williams, Smith Swinehart, Smith. Third Row-Perkins, Shutt, VanDriesch Puckett, Vist, Warner, South, Robinson Fourth Row-Farrell, Slaughter, Wilson Brfernon, Smith, Whitely, Paxton, Spears aber. Fifth How-Vargas, Rangel, Penny Spears, Ramsey, Shartran, Saunders Swervos. Sixth Row-Rice, Roller, Waters, Taber er, Dewiss, Smith, Servos. First Row-Normile, Nash, Hickman Iones, Hull, Petzold, Lovelace, Larson Lee, Haney, Holthouse, Hills. Second Row-Martin, Harrity, Hicks Kelley, Hayes, Mock, Long, Mack, Mc- Millan, Mairs. Third Row-McClanahan, Vargas, Hare ris, Ellerman, lngwerson, Hogan, Mad dox, Lundberg, McKissick, Ketchum. Fourth Row-McGhan, Martinez, Iohn- son, Long, McGivern, McLeoad, Griffith Morris. Fifth Row-Iayrne, Harris, Southerland lones, Long, Iefferies, Larson, Robinson Sixth Row-Parcell, Kain, Harkness Harris, Renegar, Liebig, McHenry, Rob- inson. Seventh RowiGuttierrez, Smith, Her- nandez, Liston, Miller, McCurdy. I iiiii Eiiiiii- . The ninth grade had a total enrollment of l89 at the end of the first semester. Edward Dare, a member of the class, was moved from the junior high school basket ball team to the senior high team and for most of the year after the Christmas holidays, played forward and started a good percentage of the games. Abdon Gutierrez was promoted to the first team from the junior high squad. Page Thirty-One The eighth grade was under the sponsorship oi Miss Lillian lessup. ln the course oi the year, two parties were held by the members oi the class, one in the tall and one on March 25. A program was presented in assembly by the eighth grade, March l5. Doris Green represented the class in the Stu- dent Council. Lee Berns was mascot to the football, track, and basket ball teams of the First Row-Whitely, McCrary, Turner Moore, Rice, Stumpf, Vaughn, Single: ton,, Woolard, Perkins, Moore, Second Row-Stoker, Summers, Macl- dox, D. Shupp, Vaughn, Schierbaurn Moreland, Pruitt, Maybell, Parsons Turner, Third Row-VanBuskirk, L. Shupp Smeltzer, Simons, Puckett, Wentling Messinger, Purinton, Saler. Fourth Row-Terry, McDonald, Magne- nat, Smith, Reed, Smith, Littlefield W'lk Mor an. 1 es, g Fifth Row-Olson, Rendlernan, Spenge ler, Trowbridge, Rice, Lunay, Teegar- den, Stephenson, Wade, Mahr. Sixth Bow-Schroeder, Stanley, Myers Sanders, Mankin, Swift, Petrick, More- land, Lightyle. Seventh Row-Samuels, Payne, Turner Stevenson, Politis, Wildman, Purinton P G ll M't h ll usse , i c e . Eighth Row-Smith, McCrary, Strong Manion. First Row-Fields, Iohnson, Favors P l G B rns Brazier Cowperth- rung e, . e , , wait, L. Berns, Couch, Goss, Aiman Garrett. Second Row-Green, Gregory, Bird Baker, Beaumont, Dickinson, Hage- rnann, Brown, Brady, Bouse, Barrett. Third Row-Kitterman, Barnett, Browne Cobble, Forrester, Card, Duncan, Hop- kins, Howell, Greenwood. F th R Barnes Keith, Hall Hoov- Olll' OVW' , , er, Jenkins, Breese, Lambee, Cartmill Devolder, Clevenger. Fifth RoweBeach, Kent, Coates, Cot trell, Grim, Layman, Eversole, Condron Cartmill. Sixth Row-Harris, Koup, Iohnson Adams, Hontz, Cleaver, Holland, Gib son, Corbett, Seventh Row-Haag, Hahner, Brink Freeland, Day, Kelso, Barr. Eighth Row-Landrey, Hodges, Hughes Iahnson, Erauner, Green. A CLASS OF 1941 senior high school and was permitted to ac- v company the teams on their trips, Billy Brazier, Shirley Aiman and Dan Shupp won a iirst, and two third places at the tri-state music contest on the cornet, flute, and French horn, respectively. l :useassissas5azzsaassesssaasasssssasm: 5555 I Page Thirty-Two 1 1 1 L. CLASS OF 1942 V First Row-Williams, Timmerman, Shoot Spears, Schroeder Terry, Wintersteen Ulm, Warrington, Sellers, Stott, School mg. Second Huw4Rogers, Weaver, Schmidt Wiseman, Townsend, Tilden, Schwitze gebel, Rogers, Studdard, Southerland, Shupp, Shankland, Third How-VanLaningharn, Schultz ThSh'blWl thSodass us, C ie e, oo Wor , n gr , Wickersham, Warren, Lehman, Simpson. Fourth Row-Wright, VanLaningham, Stumpt, Overly, Winsky, Odom, Robin son, Rutledge, Warner, Teegarden Rodelander, Rasmussen, Shrader. First Row-Barr, Hale, Anderson, Hanes, Fisher, Cromwell, Cwardner, Beton, Brewer, Ackors, Fisher, Bradbury, Ash lock. S d R -R. B H k' B econ ow rown, op ins, eau mont, Eppert, Crockett, Crane, Brink Aldridge, Atkinson, Dickerson, Briggs. Third Row-Crossley, Casey, Coons Decker, Daniels, E. Brown, Buckleyl Caudron, Cunningham. Fourth Row-Becker, Clay, Beth, Brom ley, Albertson, Castlernan, Favrow Blasche. Fifth Row-Ferguson, L. Billups, Chase Curnutti, Adamson, Chambers, W. Bill ups, Allison. Sixth Row-Hutchinson, Dodds, De board, Becker, Penske, C. Chase Fisher, Duggins. First Row-Moore, Pooker, Ludwig Gerhard, Moore, Caroll, Alumbaughl King, Ingram, Rice, Dotson. Second Row-Fredricks, johns, Stott Peterson, H. Hoover, Mock, Lasiter Newport, Gibbs, R. Hoover. Third Row-Lewis, Harris, Odom, Madi son, lohnson, Hayes, Landis, Rasmus sen, Evans. Fourth Row-Lewis, Meeker, North genes, Haag, Rutledge, Hall, Follett ' d row er. Fifth Row-Martinez, Lemberger, McM1l lan, McLeod, Henslee, Rodelander, l Paine, Peterson, Carter. Sixth Row-Lovelace, Miller, Manthei Purinton, Pierce, Hall, Bruns, Overly. The seventh grade lost only ten members from the beginning oi school until the end of the tirst semester. One hundred and seventy-six students enrolled in this class in September. Several semester courses are provided for members ot the seventh grade. Among these are clothing, art, physical education, and woodwork. The seventh grade boys were particularly outstanding in the Woodworking department. Seventh grade girls and boys took part in the junior high school operetta, presented this year for the first time since 1932. Page Thirty-Three J 0 , E -ff 51 ,f 'E' W! '5 f "f"?2' M , J X, I 2 ff' :IQZQ ' . , - 5 f' 'A 7- " Q-ffl 1"","'.'-' ,. J KLA," 444, P 'Qjfff 'qajffff 5 , ,, mfr, ,- ',f, 17 V fq , ,, ,. ,4 . 5 1 1 X . ',.,' .7 ff- k z, ,- .ffy .--4 . A .l!f' WW. ,f ff nk,- ff 1 0 -sf' ,, Q Ld1fZ 5,0 Z 'ydftf 1 "l, ,Y ff? yyfff ,, I ,Q yarn! g ,I !,f.' ,231 Vqff- X V AAL' -Q4 4f'fx ... J 4,4541 -ydaw if 42+ fm ' 'z f 'XXL U - X441 c, M 41151, fb f ff M J! ff' If 6 5 ac? .A v ., 7f,fa-. 4 pf' if f Z V f J lLC., ,,,Q5g,2q4 ,ff , 5 Zig L-4275! 47,6 C ' VJQ J , Lfffz V vvf 44 X , ,f ,L .f f . , ' ' Xdffx ,qirfjf ft X U , , ' 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555 saasszssasssasssessss' 5555555555- Pclge Thirty-Four -'A-1324.0-:Zu -fan-4. iaahuij ,bl-A afZa..4,.Z'7v"" 104,144-fffw-M" ,224 WA Z "M", A J fc' c MA, 'f?'-ALQVLQ f lZ,Q,-Eljckd C9 53226 LQ JW. fmgifggiii' D9 21 . A4 . Mfg? ZAM J6LQ'1 , aw My . MUWJWV I A H Q , A ,VL N X584 09 fix!!! 7 F9 ,,,ff-ffnfff M if W4 Vg JTAQ9 Q9 .44. WZ M112 '-'FS QM P' J' BOWL? Tfffai-F WQ'v-Q 3oL,-.'C'05r..L1, oq..r-'JL0QJECJv".t'g aj-hc'- l'vxc.5f-fyrii' cfyawwakxt-190. Jl4U,,,,,.,Q,,..,,,A,f.4-.l7f26.f,- WOODWORK MRS. I. F. PHILLIPS WW Mrs. I. F. Phillips Was president of the Parent-Teacher Association of l935-37. The organization Worked most of this year on a program of organized recre- ational activities to occupy some of the abundant leisure time of high school students. An adult education group which met once each month was in- augurated this year. As before the association carried on Welfare Work in furnishing books, clothes and other necessities to those students who needed help. A PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION MM ' Three boys assisted Mr. C. L. Richards, Woodwork instructor, with the seventh grade classes. They are: Phillip Simpson, William Smith, and Melvin Schleicher. Well-made pieces are the occasional table by Walter Derrington, coffee table by Walter Brink, and the chest of drawers by lames North. Eleven good Walnut chests Were finished. Each boy in the woodworking classes was represented by at least one piece of furniture in the annual exhibit, May 13. Schleicher, Brink, Smith, Simpson. A V 1 Page Thirty-Six A IUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY LEADERSHIP CLUB V IUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY First How-Green, Alumbaugh, Aiman, Larson, Shupp, Petzold, Perkins, Schier- baum, Paine, Wilkes, Van Buskirk. Second Row-Eider, Dickerson, Coates, Lambie, Vaughn, Hake, McMillan, Cas- sidy, Wendt, Chambers. Third Row A Vanderwell, Spenaler, Tabberer, Lovelace, Smith, Cook, Hake, McGivern, Arnold, Bellman. Fourth Row-Southerland, Todd, Lovell, M, Ayrault, Heckman, Reynolds, Cart mill, Allen, Westiall, Perkins, Gilles. Fifth Row-Reagan, Vargas, Geiger, S. Ayrault, Haberman, Bailey, Cope- land, Wright, Stanley. Sixth RowAParcell, Thoman, Hultz, Smith, Corbett, Morlan, Copeland, Gar- CIG. Seventh Row-Scott, Layman, Sparks, Speaks, Mankin. LEADERSHIP CLUB First Row-Smith, O. Liston, Cromwell, Gardner, Berns, Shupp, Anders, Gilles, Hoover, Parsons. Second Row-Wintersteen, Burch, Plunk, Easley, Crawford, Walker, Rutledge, Carman, Cromwell. Third Row-Arnold, Huff, Buckman, Chase, Stephenson, lenkins, Hickok, Teufler. Fourth Row-Presley, Bell, Worrall, Wolf, Minich, Sumner, Cloon, Coats. Fifth Row-Hultz, Sellers, Hodges, Westfall, Heckaman, Corbett, Rawlings, Pierce. Sixth Row-Fox, Weber, Gordon, Har- rison, Hardison, Posten, Thoman, Cole, Andrews. Seventh Row-Conley, Liston, lenkins, Thomas, Broomfield, Ramsey, Munoz. Eighth RowfBuckrnan, Stone, McDon- ald, Gentry, Bordner, Loving, Thomas, Hush, Ninth Row-Blaschke, lanes, Snodarass, Cooper, Sudduth, lamesan, Gibbs, Pidf cock, Lee. The lunior High Honor Society is composed oi seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students who possess the qualities of leadership and ability, and who rank in the upper twenty- iive per cent oi their class in grades. Each student in the society receives a letter the first year and a chevron each succeeding year. GNQWD The Leadership Club oi this year Was formerly the Student Council. It was made up ot horne- room chairmen, class presidents, presidents ot organizations, and the upper twenty-tive per cent ot the senior class. The officers of the club were: President, David Gordon, vice-president, Evelyn Plunk, secre- tary, Carol Cromwell. I. C. Harmon was the sponsor. Page Thirty-Seven This year's Student Council was a new organ- ization made up of nine members, two from each of the senior high school classes and one from each junior high class. The council took up many problems vital to school activities among which were, as- semblies and traffic in the halls. GWWVD Argentine won the Kansas typing event for the eighth year, winning first place in three divisions. Rose Corbett won first in amateur speed, Glen Price, first in amateur accuracy, and Lillian Beadle, first in novice accuracy. Pauline Kallaras won second in novice speed. Argentine also won the regionalfof the Kan- sas State contest, held at Ottawa. Three cups were offered this year: one to the school winning the highest total of points in the amateur division, one to the school with the highest total in the novice division, and one to the winner of the state. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-Smith, Green, P o o lc e r Burge, King. Second Row-Bordner, Kallaras, I. C Harmon, sponsor, Sudduth, Gilles. TYPING TEAM First Row-Monteil, Walker, Anders Buffington, Crawford, Cole. Second Row-Beadle, Badeker, Beaird Wolf, Teufler, Minich. Third Row-Eppert, Rawlings, Pooker Booher, Harmon. Fourth Row-Corbett, Presley, Kallclr- as, Sumner, Price. Fifth Row-Wilhm, Arnold, G. C. Brink instructorg Brink. STUDENT COUNCIL TYPING TEAM T' Page Thirty-Eight 1 I .zazsszr . smassszszsgssssssgzmits l M109-V p ' 1 Tl A spee is year specialized in ex- fb Q. ,Vx t - par eous lks. This helped the students r. fi 5 o ,hi lc on ir feet. Several members of the 5 f V 1 f MX, . s ' ch cla s entered. the Fine Arts Festival at av ivyiigh. Members also took part in a J l e t debate at Atchison. I - GMWD ,' l 27" Including both junior and senior high classes, MIP ' the art department enrolled ninety-nine , f h ' students. I ll This year the intimate connections between k art and lite Were stressed in the Work. 1 , An exhibit near the close ot the year gave a F , ' y retrifpective view ot the Work of the depart- 1 I , ' R V 7.1 . ' - h 1 v V 1- ment. ltlincluded drawings by the senior high -stujulent on regional art, depicting lite in the ings on child activities. Dm V M t. 1 F lx , l l VM 1 f 'S fri f . . . . . J - Lv' " - Rf ,QF gl 4.-' Q I-commun y. The tumor high exhibited mural J. J . . .. i , if t' 'rx , , f X ,f -. 'Q A . 'T X lp,-.-A xl X: SPEECH CLASS ." lr First Row-Ashlock, Easley, Cromwell, Bruner, Buckley, Hardison. , Second Row-King, lessee, Gregory, Burns, Markula, Perkins. Third HowfWoodward, Elkins, Ieitar- ies, Broomfield, Miller, Kennedy. Fourth RowgPidcock, Liebig, Davidson. Munoz, Fultz. Fifth Row-Duncan, Brunk, Cooper, I. C. Shankland, instructor. ART CLASS First Row-Freeland, Favours, Hoover, Stoker, Sumner, Magnenat, Layman, Vaughn, Baker, Cobble, Dickinson, Mc- Crary, Whitely, Shupp. Second Row-Terry, Turner, Coats, Smeltzer, Pruitt, Moreland, Puckett, Schierbcium, Hoke, Adams, Sanders, Babcock. Third Bow-Hull, Ienkins, Smith, Leniz, Davis, Wentling, McMillen, Pierce, Cor- man, Easter. Fourth Row-Doolittle, Shutt, Doolittle, Forrester, Winningham, Gould, Taber, Harris, Rawlings, Petzold. Fifth Row-Brown, Buifington, Smith, Poletis, Brunk, Iones, Purinton. Sixth Row-Samuels, Price, Phillips Smith, Foster, Barnes, Larson, Guteirrez. Seventh Row-Locke, Purinton, Erter, Snodgrass, Albertson, B. Turner, F. Turner. Page Thirty-Nine The band and orchestra, under the direction of l-l. I. Mould, presented two programs during the year to help defray expenses of sheet music and to help the school buy new instru- ments. The stunt night proceeds were also used to buy new instruments. BAND-Piccolo: Iohn Fuller, Flute: Lela Cook, Clarinet, Charles Stanley, Max Dupuy, Lona Mae Hodges, Leroy Bruns, Bernard Little, Zaira Follina, Eugene Parcell, Iack Sauer, Iack Ramsey, Iunior Schooling, Sanford Iantzen, Gail Tanner, Russell Stephenson, Iean Schiebel, Bert Saunders, Iames Spears, Elmer Crossley, Roy Wire, Saxophone: Mary Iane Card, Crystal Waters, Marguerite Hayes, Lewis Caster, Kenneth Prather, Iack Cerovich, Cornet: Billy Duggins, I. D. Tlhprnas, Morton Reynolds, Alfred Leslie, Eugene Copeland, Iiram Iohnson, Harold Gentry, Leroy Simmons, Iohn Risner, Paul Hills, Earl Wickersham, Horn: Herman Fleetwood, Leslie Wing, Leroy Chambers, Wade Fike, Trombone: Max Bickmell, Iack Fox, Iimmie Hammer, Bob Woolard, Iack Bouse, Ross Rasmussen, Bill Presley, Charles Barr, Harold McHenry, Baritone: Price Stephenson, Ioe Swinehart, Euphonium' Frances Allison, Bass: Wayne Fleetwood, Earl Stanley, Snare, Drum and Traps: Dale Sparks, Cymbal: Sue Presley, Bass Drum: Bert McHenry, Drum Major: Lona Mae Hodges, Student Director: I. D. Thomas, Wayne Fleetwood, Max Bicknell, Lona Mae Hodges, Librarian: Iack Sauer, Iunior Schooling, Conductor: Harold I. Mould. ORCHESTRA-eViolin: Lillian Pierce, concert master, Iane Lemberger, Harold Cottrell, Iack Schooling, Frances Bass, Ioe Marron, Fern Woodhead, Mary Neher, Iack Bellman, Raymond Reed, Sylvester Littlefield, Lloyd Gibbs, Cello: Geraldine Hoke, Florine Craig, Bass, C, Iay Brown, Flute: Shirley Aiman, Lois Burns, Clarinet: Max Dupuy, Leroy Bruns, Geraldine Layman, Loretta Eppert, Dwayne Garrett, Alto Saxophone: Bill Sandels, Delbert Whistler, Tenor Saxophone: Bill Wilhm, Trumpet: Lawrence Moore, Paul Madden, Altred Leslie, Gene Campbell, Bob Savage, French Horn: Dan Schupp, Herman Fleetwood, Trombone: Iimmy Hammer, David Gordon, Lester Childers, Iack Fox, Iames Bordner, Tuba: Wayne Fleetwood, Per- cussion: Dale Sparks, Librarian: Iack Bellman, Accompanist: Ioe Whitely, Conductor: Harold I. Mould. Page Forty BAND First Row-Left to Right-Hodges, Du puy, Bruns, Fuller, Cook, H. I. Mould director, Stanley, Saunders, Schiebel Schooling, Ramsey. Second Row-Little, Follian, Parcell Sauer, Prather, Cerovich, H. Fleetwood Wing, Chambers, Wire, Crossley Spears, Stephenson, Tanner, Iantzen. Third Row-Card, Waters, Hayes, Reyn- olds, Duggins, Leslie, Copeland, Iohn- son, Gentry, Simmons, Risner, Gibbs Wickersham, Barr, Presley, Woolard Bicknell, Swinehart, Stevenson, Allison Fourth Row-Stanley, W. Fleetwood Brown, McHenry, Presley, Sparks. ORCHESTRA First Row-Left to Right-Pierce, Lern- berger, Burns, Craig, Hoke, Neher, Whitely. Second RowfE. Brown, Cottrell, Aiman Bruns, Layman, Eppert, Garrett, Savl age, Campbell, Madden, Leslie, Moore, Reed, Bellman. Third Row-Schooling, Whistler, Dupuy, Wilhm, C. Brown, Fleetwood, Sparks, Bordner, Fox, Childers, Gordon, Ham- mer, Gibbs, Littletield. A. BAND CRCHESTRA V A GLEE CLUBS V GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First RowfMadl, Vergot, Worthington, Gould, Woolery, Berns, Miller, Bell Ilimpson, Davis, Easter. Second Row'-Harris, Cromwell, Blas- chlce, Greenwood, Hutchison, Henny, Miss Mona Walter, director, Pooker, Huff, Woolard, Strutzol, Gress, Cowper thwart, Taylor. Third Row-Crockett, Bruce, Minich M G G ld O hl 1 Phil r C ivern, oo. , Q er , 1 ips, Hoover, Aderholt, Smith, Crawford, Fry, Denys. BOYS' GLEE CLUB First HowfVernon, Seckinger, Munoz Watkins, Bradbury, Roberts, accompan ist, Cleaver, Rush, Blythe, Snodgrass Brunk. Second Row-Messenger, White, Con ley, Mostalta, Lopez, Miss Mona Walter director, Schmeck, Fleming, Cooper: Butler, Horton, Young. Third FloWfWinchell, McMillen, School Jia, Maxizn, Bosse, Loving, Cain, Nor wood, Greenwood, Lynch. Approximately seventy-five students were en- rolled in the combined Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs. ln order to help defray the expenses of the music department the glee clubs presented a two-act operetta 'Blow Me Down", on March 4 and 5. The students with leads in the produc- tion Were: Emory Cooper, Donald Messenger, Verda Bell, Marianna Berns, Frank Bosse, George Schmeck, Ervel Cleaver, Robert Blythe, Ruth Bruce and Mary Smith. The officers of the clubs Were: Girls-Presi- dent, Carol Cromwell, secretary, Alma Madl, treasurer, lewell Huff. Boys-President, Fairell Bush and Raymond Conley, vice-president, Clifford Keyes, secre- tary, Donald Messenger, treasurer, l. D. Thomas. Page Forty-One A total of one hundred were enrolled in the three journalism classes. Twenty-two of these were seniors, thirty-nine juniors and thirty- nine sophomores. Under the double staff plan of The Argentian, Evelyn Plunk and jerry Liston were editorsg Anna Walker and Elsie Wolf, advertising managersg and David Gordon was business manager. Y . The paper received a Medalist ranking in the national contest conducted by Columbia Uni- versity and an All-American rating in the Na- tional Scholastic Press Association contest. The following placed in Quill and Scroll group contests: jerry Liston, Leslie Wing, David Gordon, Earl Stanley, Anna Walker, Betty Barton and LaVerne Rawlings. Lona Mae Hodges won first place in a state contest and john Broomfield and jewel l-luff placed in the Scholastic Awards contest. To have the first issue of the paper ready for distribution the opening day of school, twenty members of the journalism classes worked at the building for more than a week before the opening. or ner, Gibbs, n, rosse , res ilkes, McG1vern. econd Row-Wintersteen, Sudduth, aker or et Listen Wof umner GQEWVTJLZQ pf.,-A.aJo0-O ? B 6 - ' ,,,,,,!:,J,j 25? WW 1? ff,-afovlcff AIMAAE Zi f xl THIRD YE IOURNALISIVKL,-Q6 Page Forty-Two 4 .WC l L WM -'-Ni .2-,eu OL.5o4..4-41.0. .DI '3? To the person who has borne the brunt of all the time and labor that has gone into the production of this book, who has given encouragement to the student helpers to do their best at all times, who has always concerned herseli with the welfare of Argentine High School, we dedicate this page to show our genuine appreciation: MISS FRANCES TAYLOR The Anchor Building, Savings and Loan Association 731 Minnesota Avenue By CLARENCE T. RICE, President Page Forty-Three HEALEY MGTCRS LINCOLN-FORD-LINCGLN ZEPHYR SALES AND SERVICE 4th AND MINNESOTA KANSAS CITY. KANSAS DREXEL 1916 SALINA, KANSAS LINDSBORG, KANSAS BEST WISHES 0 0 I2 0 77231 T0 THE I" GRADUATES .food Jiore OF ARGENTINE When In Argentine Iust Call Arg. 02,8 SCHOOL t O "S H O P T H E ECONOMY WAY" We Dame, MORNING STAR 2 IERSEY FARM 3 3412 STRONG MILK I ED. FELLOWS, Prop. Cleo Beery Geo. A. Nickum y1,-..-..-...................................L - P g F ty-F l el CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1936-37 V September 7-First copy of school paper ready for printer. September 14-School opened. First paper dis- tributed. September 26-Football gameg Argentine vs. Manualg here. October 2-Football gameg Argentine vs. Osa- Watornieg there. October IO-Football gameg Argentine vs. Rose- daleg there. October 11-Football gameg Argentine vs. Leav- enworthg here. October Z4-Football gameg Argentine vs. Olatheg here, October 29-Staples, Magician, assemblyg 11:15 o'clock. October 29-Annual Argentine Activities Asso- ciation parade and pep rally. October 30-Football gameg Argentine vs. Wy- anclottey there. November 5 - Football gameg Argentine vs. Shawnee Missiong there. November I0-P.-T. A. Fathers' night in audi- torium. November ll-Armistice day speaker, Mr. Kirk- patrickg 10100 o'clock. Schlatter -Thomas gene Coast to Coast Insurance Service Argentine 0240 3014 Strong Ave. W Insist on DeCoursey's "A Home Product" ICE 1 DeCOURSEY CREAMERY COMPANY Kansas City, Kansas GREENE MANUFACTURING IEWELERS SINCE 1885 V Quality and Economy on Iewelry Repairing Watch Repairing Club Pins Society Pins Special Designs Business Stationery Steel Die Engraving Greeting Cards Diplomas v OFFICIAL MANUFACTURERS ARGENTINE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS IEWELRY Sold Through Mace-Reynolds 1016 WALNUT KANSAS CITY, MO. Page Forty-Five 4 ffvmu -xv 5'-a,Q '25 .X I --FLEMING -- Davidson Brothers Motor Co mpany PRESCRIPTIONS F I L L E D Dealers in HFRESH HOME MADE Dodge cmd Plymouth ICE CREAM" Cars and Dodge Trucks Q Y Ph A g 1' 0242 d 0243 USED CAR DEPARTMENT 211 an byA K cry K 7o3N tl 7th si Dre 13370 D he Argentine High School may always expect the aid of the Argentine Activities Association. Cooperation and hard Work Will accomplish almost any objective. MMM Argentine Activities Association S. A. BOTTOMLEY, President H A SMITH, Vice-P d A L BLASCHE S T Pg F -S' CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1936-37 V November 14-Football gameg Argentine vs. At- chisong there. November 25-Mustang dance, Lapham's Hall. December l-P.-T. A. meetingg 2:30 dclock. December 2-Boys' "A" Club assembly. December 9-Girls' Reserve assembly. December 10-Seventh Grade assembly at 2:30 o'CloCk. December ll-Basket ball gameg Argentine vs. Turnerg here. December 10-Junior Class assembly. December 17-18-Iunior Class Play. December 18-Basket ball gameg Argentine vs Southwestg there. December 23-Christmas program, December 23-Basket ball gameg Argentine vs. 'Washington Ruralg there. December 23-Christmas vacation begins. Ianuary 4-School reopens. Ianuary 5-P.-T. A. meeting. Ianuary 8ABasket ball gameg Argentine vs, Wy- andotteg there. lanuary 15--Basket ball gameg Argentine vs. Rosedaleg there. lanuary l9-Stunt assembly in auditorium. HUNDREDS OF GRADUATES NOW EMPLOYED SECRETARIAL GREGG SHORTHAND TOUCH TYPEWRITINC PRACTICAL BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTANCY AUDITING COMMERCIAL LAW C. P. A. TRAINING ADVERTISING SALESMANSHIP BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE PUBLIC SPEAKING COMMERCIAL ART LETTERING FASHION DRAWING ADVERTISING DESIGN Large, illustrated "Silver Anniversary" Catalog gives Iull details. Free on request. Qiiieee ee QMME-RCE College of Commerce Building ELEVENTH STREET AT OAK VICTOR 1349 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1937 Graduating Class A-5 Cleaners 3109 Strong Ave. Argentine 0834 HAND ENGRAVED COMMEN CEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, PERSONAL CARDS SOCIAL STATIONERY executed by vxpert craflsmnn in our own shop. V IACCARD IEVVELRY CO. 1017 Walnut St. Kansas City, Mo. 1' l - 3 1 1 77 i In - I Page Forty-Seven CONSISTENT GROWTH ' . A I Is the Best Evidence of pg ' .1 5 GOOD SERVICE .sl l .FI lx Q X, ,,.QXi X bs ' llll rf-A -A Y qi TVYAENQ 1 1 593 A 'QVANQ IA IRST STATE BANK X ' ff .':X"::1, fs, 641 KANSAS AVENUE MONEY TO LOAN For New Building, Purchasing and for Improving Your Home t-fx-X I A I A A X I KZXX fvixxf I A N lx , TEA fi:':1i'i'.m..l THE fQff'QQE- YOUR HAPPY o W N HOME IS ?? H o M E THE ARGENTINE BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 2301 Metropolitan Ave., Kansas City, K WHEN IN NEED OF INSURANCE WHETHER IT BE FIRE WIND T H E F T AUTOMOBILE PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY OR EXPLOSION Leave It to FRANK S. POWELL 2301 Metropolitan Ave., Kansas City, Kan. PgF ty E ght - .2441 O CALENDEEBZE EVENTS ZUL MMM F jig!! ? E , 7522 liflliifi iiiliiiiifiggiiyr P Zig-ASW iqnugggoriiggzret bun game, Argentine vs. At- gf 4 , lanuary 23-Basket ball gameg Argentine Shawnee Missiong here. lanuary 29eBasket ball gameg Argentine Leavenworthg there. Ianuary 30-Basket ball gameg Argentine Olatheg here. February Z-P.-T. A. meeting. February 5-Basket ball gameg Argentine .Vtfyandotteg here. February 9eWhiStling Ranger Assembly. February 12-Basket ball game Rosedaleg there. February 13-Basket ball gameg Hiawathag here. February l9iBaSket ball game Atchisong here. February 20-Basket ball Shawnee Missiong there. game February 20-Basket ball gameg Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine Argentine 1 . ' VS . . LU VS rj! 7 1 ' - ., MM 1 K' VS If 4977 yi , " V Ag! 'F If I vs ' 7'UTL, f f 17 eff ff VS ., 4.10 s VS vs ll. vs Leavenworth: here. VS i Argentine 0080 3416 Strong Ave. Picture Frames Made to Order .... STATIONERY . . . BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES LLOYD E. HOKE HARRY A. SMITH RELIABLE INSURANCE I AUTO--LIFE PROPERTY l v TELEPHONE: DREXEL 0155 604 MINNESOTA AVE. 81 KANSAS CITY, KANSAS W 3504 Strong Ave. Argentine 0100 I . -F - F. t... ...ei -- -n Page Forty-Nine I J O2f.f-Lfiitfiaie, A "'-'F WWC Www ' so ' ' siigglilegkv s.A.Bo EY xx f A I.iV Tf ff E iwwzt W f fff' LV ft ' M ,Wt ,MMJQQLKBQQ A T ' XTT EY R S. Af Y ,E pf.-Af V 655,53 ,4,y.f-f-fel-B' 6t.fL'0'1,lf w Q- fast :rags jfzE2f,sLi.,,afiHtsMf-V6 fww, Ge , 4445 -X! UMM! fgLAVE1f f V, PAVLK 11ff5'0i'03'4ta stncgvyvfswus fu , X . fx M Ldp6, m fl-Q iff' 'Civ Fix A ' -E, .E , Paltz: M' PM 'LA' MX I ., , - n ffi K. ',f'T" I Industrial State Bank "A STRONG BANK ON STRONG AVE. AT 32nd ST." A Depository for United States Postal Savings Funds We Will Be Pleased to Serve You in Every Way Consistent With Good Banking "MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION" Pg Pity . 3 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1936-37 v February 27-Basket ball gameg Argentine vs. Turnerg there. March 2-P.-T. A. meeting, March 2-Night Operetta rehearsal. March 4-5-Operetta. March 6-Basket ball gameg Olatheg there. March 9-Argentine Activities Association ban- quet. March 16-Boys' "A" Club show in gymnasium. March 19-Band and Orchestra program. March l9-Family night, March 25-Eighth grade party. March 26fGood Friday holiday. March 29-April 3-Music week, April l-Kid and Hobo day, April 6-P.-T. A. meetingy 2:30 o'clock, April 9-Physical education exhibitiong gym- nasiumg 8300 o'clock, April 21-Pittsburg Music contest. April 23-Mustang Carnival. April 24-Northeast League Festival at Leaven- worth. April 29-30-Senior Play. May 4-P.-T, A. meeting. May 24-28-Senior Week. ARGENTINE COAL COMPANY WM. STIRLING, Prop. COAL - FEED V Phone: ARgentine 0600 2013 Metropolitan Ave. Stirling illintnr Gln. Sales and Service V QUICK SERVICE ON ALL MAKE CARS V 2500 Strong Ave. Argentine 0090-01 'i 1 ZZ? ,. rv BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1937 V G. W. SIMMONS AND SON Funeral Directors Y I " .... , "mn 'T' I Page Fifty-One I 4 -W W-. L-, ,Wm , ,, M W., I .E Real Service to Your Door MOIIEIIIZIII 8K Grimm PHONE: ARGENTINE 0031 Anchor Hardware McGe0r e's HARDWARE - PAINTS gc OILS-GLASS-GARDEN P ll El I' Ill 21 C y SEEDS - BLUE GRASS CLOVER A Full Line of School Supplies Sheet Metal Work V F. I. STRUTZEL PLUMBING 22nd and Metropolitan Ave. 3416 STRONG AVENUE 1516 SOUTH 21st ST. Kansas City, Kansas PHONE ARGENTINE 0527 Compliments of Mack GREGORY T Lumber Company LAUlN DRY SEWALL'S PAINTS ARGENTINE INSTITUTION WHICH USES PURE, SOFT WATER OLD AMERICAN ASPHALT ROOFING V WALLPAPER AND HARDWARE N - ARGENTINE, KANSAS I I . W 2501 Metropolitan Ave. Argentme 0075 I I - -I "WW" l 1 Ayr , L! ' ,' ' , ,, ',, A ,Q -1 fi ,JA 4 F Q 3 Q '9 'V 1 1,5 rl u V' , ik U , J? H' f H " 0 , 1, V 33' I 5, tif' ' , 1. ,1 f,- , LQ , ,7, Vf 1 . 1 I I -,J J ,Z ' '1 Pri11fiHS?a'id:i3. M 5 Publishihgxl 1,5 , 4 . ,J 1 I , -,. -2.-' " ', A r., I , . - 1 f -u N- Af., , ,I , ggi. f-',. I . E. W. WTELES, f 3115 STRONG AVENUE A l'.f"ARG,EN1'DlE uma- ' A " "1 ft: 4 -Van f 4 I . f'- C! , ,. . r yi .... v , A 5 . JI' , 4' , 4 frk w f' ' ' 1, .S4'.4 g - 1. ' Fw' Iii , 4 Q Com liments of ' f t AVA, Ri-F W ' r 1, Z . -. ' A P f .0 4 a Complimeqts of ,1- , VY ,A A ' : 1 a f f- 1' "fi S.1 'EdW2ii'dS ,-.Q Candy CQ .. DiShfibutors 0 Qi I' W- 1 fx r I' -v. 4 S f., SQHB3.F.ETi-S , CANDIES Ve, f . ' 'SW Minnesota Avenue f M I C A I O s . A V, ,rf 1. ',., f, 2 1 1 4 4 4 Th6'P7fErEb to G61 Your ' Argentine 5Hu1?gitiirr ' J , , ,x Q V- , Serv1c,e on Ycu1'.ACcxr ' 1 Ji -I IS' ,., ' ' ,, yW1lhelm-Servlcgfq , "We Give the Mosfof the ' -, I f . Best fof'the Least" ' " "4 L'-'kia . V fs , Pl S ,, - t . " - 4,9 X H A 1 In 1. Q A 3 MAHR f-P? A -V"""' " , ' DISTRIIBUTOR OF i I I hplppv - , 4 ' ' fu ' ' ' . ' .SINCLAIR PRODUCTS '- . ,. 4 - 6 , ' If 6 , . ,Z : 5, 5, y , 4 OPENJEVENINGS S . ff vf ' ' ' 'S N ' BY AIiPOINel'MENT ' 5 - 3009-11 ,Strong AVS- Argentine 1162 ' - 'SUUU Str46ng'Ave. Phbfme: Afgentine ,.-- U 'ji ff ,uw :gy ' JY I 5 Q I 'W l L I . uf. Pqgefiity-Three: Q ' I 3 A if - I. u V 5 'Q ' A95 461, 5 C1 CIIISCIS HELZBERG'S DIAMOND SHOP 612 MINNESOTA AVENUE The Place to Buy Your BENRUS WRIST WATCH Shockproof Movement We Carry a Complete Line of All Nationally Advertised Watches OPEN AN ACCOUNT NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGE FIVE STORES nsas City. Kansas Topeka. Kansas City, Missouri Wichita, Kansas Des Moines, Iowa The Dougherty Stationery Co. BOOKS. STATIONERY. OFFICE SUPPLIES, FILES AND FILING 54444- W QWM- or JMWW lheagerm ersayfewcaml Z KA HOME CJZNH PHILLIPS 1 v ALSO FIRESTONE TIRES, TUBES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES V STATIONS LOCATED AT No. I, ,,,, , ., ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 21st and Kansa No. Z ,,,,t,,,,,, ,,...,.,..,.et. 5 th and Quindar No. 3 ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 5 44 Armstrong No. 4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A 3 5th and Leavenworth No. 6 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 1 8th and Parallel No. 7, ,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,r,, S eventh and Osag No. 8 ,, ,t,,..,, ,,2Uth and Metropolita I I I Compliments ol The Kansas City S Structural Steel SUPPLIES, , , Company . , scHoo1. BOOKS AND W NEEDS W '- f 2 Pictures and Picture O fl Framing I I LL I f . ' I DREXEL 0161 W I K Seventh and Armstrong Avenue A I :lu f l - Page Fifty-Four G TINE MEAT COMPANY gf J CHAS. E. SMITH .. rf' Z 'lj' 'VL l LV. ff" 'Nl Qt, ROCERIES AND 51, , jjf, ,g, N j if Vw , , WW j" 'lQ'f'Q J3W.f2'V'N-.rf JP A my -ff HA3Nf'5,.1e . .4 f, .QA ,L f Q, 7 GENTmE uses AND'0896l".fs Nf' ' ' X -J J". foil?" WW V T has been a pleasure to make the ' photographs for this Publication, and We Wish to express our grateful- ness to the Faculty and Seniors for their splendid cooperation. 'HEBREW HODGES' STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 748-50 OSAGE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS W S, no S ,ms mn I l l P g Pity-F' Sth d CQNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO THE I 6. SENIQRS OF 1937 I if I . X K I ,Q , 'K I-J I ' Nsmcaw I' If . - , my 'ff ukxw ,Y I In A XXX M ,I fi may ,rib ," x I yi: 'I 'Q 11 A MACE-REYNOLDS N I , If , Iewelry, Radios and Refrigeratorspfh ,Qi ff!! Boys' and Men'S Clothing fs Ne 3010 STRONG AVENUE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS E CQ ,g ,WZ ,4,1'f,f""7 . AQ? WMA s.ff-r-D-17 Minnesota Avenu of-Wf'f-42: . kj'-9? '2f'9'9-'fy Glnngratulatinnn TO THEGRADUATING SENIORS OF AEGENTINE HIGH SCHOOL. EACH OF You IS CoRDIAI.I.Y INVITED TO USE THIS BANK IN YoUR SAVINGS PROGRAM Fon COLLEGE AND Fon FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. U I FI ID1 I C1 Pg Ffys xxx I x YJ,,,,,lg.r.,3 W 2 .' ' Y ' . I W XML-,ns N XM x f UU . , Q , , X . ' -1 'X . ,UQ 1 ,xl w J ' KL' Q., I 'A I: ' f- "1 ' ' -b r-' 5. 9 J xx K2 , L. V, ' ' . , . - ,il ' X L J' v f H LNQ. V if Rf L " ' f Q We L N! ,,., 4 if 1 J wg X K X Q is St"W"' XA' ' 9' 'ef A Vkri 1 X! .Q f 1 'C I LPJVQ vr - F J T Ei -lil' kwlxuxv, fl .5-1 F Y"ff1f- Aiplq lllliavfv 1x!l.7l9'f.f' ANA. , . x ng Q 1, .. V1.1 ,LGE-I1 P X Dal E' UQ LD GJ ,ly I X: 11 r, 'i -Q j 1 V - . Ll L3 L, 1-a Ng, A Y'-- k 'A QT.,av4 Xu Yoon 955 00,0041 0 6 X .fwqwwgjffgfxiw GLM? MMM MMIZMMWMW' MffQffL154,ffj,,7i4i2W Wifi-,M +fL'1"b MJMWMWLFMAUJ ' Jw. fwuwwwfwjgpiwwww WMM ,afkfvwmfwadlwfwf fd' QM , ,ffwwy M WWW ,Q ., WQJJW WJAHWWWW .fy ,wwww l . ,dwiwfafw 660,41 ,QU ARMA www . M, W? Tiffdwwfg MMM

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