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Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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as 1.. s u v- N .1 f , , 5 ' Q 4, I 951 1 if .75 .TQ ' 1. Lv .14 Q1 H '60 1: 746 245461 55 'Unlunw 'U1 JJL5-etched 5-y, .5 wmmeeeaagnswwe dwnzudle Jlhrww 1 7 O . Fha Seniwn Cfafw, 0. wife School Ya Lvl' -...wg-.1 -f-qw" hi' L- w.S-'suffix' bmw Wa' E ww 93116, Q Roy Corcoran, Adam Beers, W111ard Peck, and Charles Grant I , V 1 1 ' Ya. ' ":"' . Q . A V T ' , in ,, '- - - Q., , 1, . I 'Yer' 5 'nn V , - A s faftfwn' Q 5, x .1 ik.. 'mba -,. . . -. 3- , A 5.3,-. 1 . , NM. I K" "' Xa , N K ' '. .- A A -vu . , ,Q Y N 1 D . V E 'l 4 , . .4 . K .. ,.... . ,V -4 , , V n i f 1 X fa' A ' , ,I . ,113 all N A , A ' 1 I I M,.L ig --A ff - -' . K , . ' , f J ,- H 1 5 . wg Ng' Rx -'W I -s We senlors of 1953 wrsh to dedlcate thrs annual to Mr Homer H Dahman M Dahman was our class adv1sor when we ftrst entered A H S and we feel he helped get us off to a flymg start Mr Dahman was born rn Arenzvrlle I1l1no1s on May 31 1903 He graduated from Illrnoxs Colle eand Lmcoln Law School rn Spnnglfreld He taught at Guard T H S before commg to Arenzvllle 1n 19 8 as pnncrpal and teacher of ma emaucs Marrred rn 1929 to Helan A Schmtker of Arenzvrlle Mr Dahman has two chtldren Marc and Janet He res1des ln Arenzvtlle and takes acuve part rn both professtonal and commuruty lrfe Pup1ls of Mr Dahman w1ll all agree that they have gamed much from lus xnstrucuon Many have laughed at hrs droll humor and been grateful for h1s smcere mterest 1n each one 'at- 1 ln I ' ' ' . . . Y. .ww smpp 9"--1 w--:L 'Tvs IO 1 J Dv Bob Ham Iamtor -ofa' HE IIRSI NATION I2 I3 I4 I8 I9 20 2I 22 2 25 26 2728 29 34 Mrs Dahman Mrs Noble Mrs N1eman Cooks x I K f I , , A' r ' 'N'-'W 3 5 1 fififviisi fg ,Q Ma' I I xiii ' WV Bxxmg.. R I 0 I .I 4 an . 4 5 6 7 a -J 'TI 'NMNR-hh I Q' ,f 'J , 3 U .L I I ' g N o -, 6 an I' ' . i . L . I YI M I "-' 4:53 I an 4 f' Ar X, 'Nair X x A 1, fag? Q ' I 1 EXW if E . I - f , . gf . b m I wa I Q T ' 'I ' I 1 .,,.,.,.f F A QL ,I-1 . I . ,L ,V any b .umw of 'P . 1 ,I or I ' ff A I 4' I - , Y, 5 K , , "f I ik H, wi I 'J W I.: IX if., 2' ix, 13,13 'No lung... G West B A M Supermtendent of Umt D1str1ct No .'73oaxdo,C N43 W1 Yf'-e Left to rrght Alvm Weber Martm Burrus Ernest Strrckler Edwm Dertrrck M G West Alvrn LaKamp Edwm Omen Not rn prcture Edward Roegge W ! I 'N A ' . an A M. . : .O .', ..A'. , -27 f I ' we f,! , Q 1, V A W rn X Y N V, , Sf' I N A W XV Yi, A I , J ,Z LII Marvtn Sowers B E Western State College M A Colorado State College Prmctpal Aflberta Murphy B M Ill Wesleyan Unrv Graduate Study Ill State Normal MacMurray Amer Cons of Musrc Unrv of Colo Vocal Muslc A11ce Lou Schnake B A Un1v of Ill Graduate study Unrv of Ill Enghsh x-' JarnesT Smlth B S Umv 0 1 Graduate Study Unrv of Ill Voc Agrxcultrue Madelrne E Blau B S Western State College P E Hxs ry ,pls Q 5 ' if. A l . E ,i Y W 4,-'LA 'l . ilk f nf ' Q ,JY 'A . lf!" 11, O 1 ,C WA ' 1 . I' . to I h . . ' if , , fu. M Ek Qm Verdle Aluzer Marguente Campbell P E Coach Sc1ence B A MacMurray College B S Culver Stockton College Commerc1alStud1es Ckaduate work Colorado State College A A McCarty B M Ill Cons of Music Ill Wesleyan University of Mxch M Mus Educ Iames Millilan University Band Instructor ,fx Homer Dahman B Eh Illinoxs College A Ma emancs Cmzenslup digit. Mary J Srruth B S MacMu.rray College Home Econorrucs -TI X, Maxme Schone fSchonej FH I 4 ec Class Play 4 C orus I 2 3 Queen s Court 4 Karla Hart QKakaj P 2 Pres 3 Tr Stu Coun Pres 4 FHA I 4 I-hstorran 3 Band 1 4 Chorusr 4 I 3 A R Stattsncxan 3 4 Queen s Court 3 4 'if fi Qs!!-s ,lx Q wil Barbara Parkerson fShortyy Sec 8rTreas 3 Presrdent 4 Stu Coun Sec 4 FH I 4 Chorus! 4 Play 3 Queen s Court 4 Maxme Stnckler fStnckj FHA I 4 News Ed 3 Sectron 7 Pub Chm 3 Teas 1 Pres 2 c Playl 3 4- Chorus I 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Lrbranan 3 QueensCourt 3 4 sf Ki 1' if Riagg My Vlrgmra Klernschmldt fGmnyj CC V Pr Stu Coun Treas I 4 Sec V Pres 4 Play 3 Chorusl 2 L1brar1an 3 Stat1st1c1an 4 Pro1ect1onC1ub 4 Queen s Court 4 W Wi Max Beard Uerryj 5-vw X NM We V' I: XX Xxx are -ox R Don Nickel QN icky Stu Coun Pes I4 RCP Basketball I 4 Football I 4 Track 2 Baseball 2 orus I 2 C ass Play I 3 4 F I 4 Melba Schlueter fFunnybonesJ FH I4 C orusl 2 3 I Basketball I 2 4 Football I 2 Track I 4 Donna Lou McLain cG1gg16S, FH I 4 Chorus I 4 Queens Court 4 Office Staff 4 A I if X H Elta Mullens QEppiej FHA I-4' News Ed. 4 Pla 3- Chorus 1 2 Cheerleader I 3 4 Librarian I 2 3 Projection Club 4 Queen's Court 3 4 John Crawford fCrawfj u Coun I 4 Pre 3 Tr a I Ban ootball I 2 Basketball I 4 Tack 2 3 Baseball 2 ,f IB. U W Althea Frrcke fS1SJ res Stu Coun Stu Coun Prs 3 I 4 s 4 B nd Play 3 4 Lxbrarran 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Queens Court 3 4 Everett Allen fTarzanj Coun 2 F A Watchdog I Rep 2 res Sec Basketballciz Track I 4 Baseball I 4 Football 2 3 4 Play 3 4 Llbrarran 2 G- Maxrne I-luppe fl-lupj reas Pla FHA I 4 Degrees 2 Pr Chm 3 egrees 4 Band I 4 Chorus 2 Llbrarran 2 3 Cheerleader 4 Queens Court 3 4 Davrd Carls QChubj Treas 3 Stu Coun FFA 1 4 Rep 3 Pres 4 Play 3 4 Basketball 1 4 Baseball 1 4 Football 82 Track 1 4 as XM.. 4is,,,,x 7611 sf Carlos Spicer fSpidery FFA I-4 Footba1l4 Basketball 1 ,M . lt my Rosemary Anderson fLuckyj 2 Class Play 4 Choms I 2 YU! lv Mar1lyn Mullens flop FH I4 Student Coun Chorus 2 3 Ltbranan 4 Helen Canada QCupcakej Chorus 2 L1brar1an Off1ce Sta f 4 jf 7?- Larry Janssen fLu1g1j Student Councrl 3 Basketball I 4 Football Baseball 2 4 Track I 4 L1 rartanl 2 3 Class Play I 3 KAW' I1 John Letschner QYohany F 4 Pres Semcvn .7610 Twenty two freshmen inthe year N40 entered the halls of Arenzvrlle High School slightly bewrldered by the sudden chance of it all Before the year had a Uood start Marilyn Mullens from Vxrqmra joined our class The class chose the followinq officers President, Althea Frrcke Vice presrdent Marshall Manker Secretary Virginia Klernschmrdt Treasurer, Maxine Strrckler Student Council Representative Altnea Fricke O rr advisor was Mrs Norvm Foster The highlights of our freshmen year were the rnttra tion party and the return party which we gave to the sophomores and a one act play entitled Finder s Keepers September of 1930 found us accustomed to the rtgors of high school life We welcomed twenty two new freshmen with a rousrnft initiation party Officers chosen for the year were President Maxine Strrckler Vice president Karla Hart Secretary V1rg1n1aKle1nschm1dt Treasurer Maxine Huppe Stu dent Council Representatives, John Crawford and Marilyn Mullens Mr Dahman was our advisor Minus one classmate Imogene Lovekamp who went to Bluffs we elected the followmg officers for our junior year President Karla Hart Vice president Dav1dCarls Secretary Treasurer Barbara Parkerson Student Council Representatives Everett Allen Larry Janssen and Althea Frrcke Our ad Our junior play Comm Around the Mountarn was presented in April It was a hill billy comedy and was very successful Our Junior Senior Banquet was held at Rushvrlle on May 10 In our last and f1nal year as seniors, we were minus another classmate, Marshall Manker, who moved to jacksonville Officers for our f1nal year were President Barbara Parkerson Vice President Vrrgrnra Klemschmidt Secretary Maxine Strrckler Treasurer Karla Hart Student Council Representatives permanent members lxarla Hart Virffinra lxlernschmrdt and Barbara Parkerson Revolving members Max Beard John Crawford Maxine Strrckler and David Carls Mrs Schnake was our class advisor Our senior play Grandad Steps Out was given on November r and was very successful The annual Senior Carnival was given on Vale mne s Da february 14 with hearts as our theme for decoration and it too, x as a succ s We are lOOh1lll7 forward to our Chicago trip tne Junior Senior Banqtet and of course tl e 'reatest ex ent of them all Graduation Day D I - l , V 3 . ' D ' . .y. . ' . . U V. N . I . . 2 . - . , 5 , . . . . , 2 . . 9 . . ' . Q . - . .. . , , . . . , - ' 2 ' '. ' . 2 , ' f ' ' ' : . ' 2 ' 1 ' I ' ' ' : ' , : ' - ' , ' 9 ' . 2 ' A . '. . ' - ' visor was Mrs. Moon. ln February, we received our class rings and most of us are proudly wearing one. ' ' 9 , 1' ' : , 2 ' ' , , ' . ' rr. ' ' ' ' . 3 ' . l 1 7 . A . , ' v " " ' - N . v "' . I V LV ' - 1 ' ' ' , i' . 4. t A ' ' , -. es . ' " ,, ' ,' K ' , ' ' - ' i- , L i , A- tw r V 1 ' ,- We the Senlors of 1953 of the Cttv of Arenzv111e County of Cass State of Ilhnols berno, sound ln body and mtnd do hereby make and publrsh thrs as our last wrll and testament hereby revokrng all for mer wrlls and bequests made bv us Everett 'Allen do wrll and bequeath my basketball abtlrty to Charles Hrerman Rosemary Anderson do wrll and bequeath my famous grggle to Helene Hendrrcker Max Beard do wrll and bequeath my abtltty to tmrtate Jerry Lew1s to Betty Roegge Helen Canada do w1ll and bequeath my dramond collectton to Beverly Beets Davtd Carls do wrll and bequeath my swtftness to Donna Schone John Crawford do wlll and bequeath my shm ftgure to Wayne Strubbe Althea Frtcke do w1ll and bequeath my sewtng abrhty to Herman Roegge Karla Hart do w1ll and bequeath my musrcal abthty to Norman Dufelmerer Maxtne Huppe do wtll and bequeath my purple shoes to Eddte Peck Larry Janssen do wtll and bequeath my hetght to Mr Sowers Vtrgrnra Klernschm1dt do wtll and bequeath my frnger natl bttrng to Carrol Lovekamp John Lerschner do wrll and bequeath my Enghsh abrhty to Mrs Schnake Donna Lou McLa1n do w111 and bequeath my ab11.tty to blush to Joy Roegge Elta Mullens do w111 and bequeath my rnterest tn Culver Stockton College to Jean Lutkehus Marrlyn Mullens do w11l and bequeath my red hatr to Kane N1esu'adt Don Ntckel do w1l1 and bequeath my Mercury to Ahce Canada Barbara Parkerson do wtll and bequeath my hrgh heels to Ronme Kletnschmtdt Melba Schlueter do wrll and bequeath my Job as a telephone operator to Gordon Lovekamp Maxme Schone do wrll and bequeath my bashfulness to Elmer Ntckel Carlos Spxcer do w111 and bequeath my future mtlhons to Shtrley Klernschmtdt I Maxtne Strrckler do w111 and bequeath my shoe skates to Don I-lobrock Drawn up and wttnessed thereof on the TWENTY SIXTH of FEBRUARY tn the year of our Lord one sand mne hundred ftfty three Wrtnessed by Drawn up by ELTA MULLENS Vtrgxnta Klernschmrdt Karla Hart thou U , 'Ill I, n . . . . I' , 1 , . h I, t . . . . I, . 1 . . I 1, , ' ' . . I, y . . . - I I, . , . . ' 1, , ' ' , I' . , . . . Semen A Jfurphecg, Last nrnht when I came home from work I picked up the newspaper and as my eyes scanned the front page I saw man familiar names Everett Allen just rented a farm after many years of workrnv as a hired hand Rosemary Anderson attracted 2 000 people at the opening day of Barnum Barley Bros Crrcus wrth her great show of tight rope walking She rs one of the best rn the business Max Beard a stand rn for Jerry Lewis just frnrshed hrs most recent picture I Act Like I Don t Lrlfe Girls Helen Canada recently moved to Bluffs where she wrll become an assistant farmer Mr SLMIS David Carlsfthe former Althea Frrckejjust bought another 100 acres to add to their farm where they Grow lrttle allrgators They IIVC rn Florida John Crawford rs farming on hrs 500 acre farm south of Arenzvrlle and trying many new farm methods Karla Hart who specralrzes rn wrrtrng stories for a sports magazine has just received another promotion sne rs now edrtor rn chref Maxrne Huppe just got ararse to 3510 O00 per year from her boss John D Rockefeller XV for her splendid work as a prrvate secretary Vrrgrnra for John H Lerschner rs opening up a new establishment as the town s frrendly undertaker Yesterday Donna Lou McLain became the world s frrst lady auctroneer Auction prrces have climbed raprdly Elta Mullens went to the WEST and thinks rt s the best drrectron of all Bell Telephone employees wrll be under a new boss because Melba Schlueter Just got promoted to head operator Maxine Schone rs a nurse ata solrders hosprtal and a lot of the bro touvh Marines have suddenly become srck Readrnff on lrttle farther I saw that Carlos Sprcer has become Professor of Chemistry at the University of lllrnors Maxine Strrckler another old classmate also has a Job as Home Economics teacher at Arerrzvrlle High besides uornfr a few darly chores out south of town Getting tired of readrng I turned my TV set on for a last look and to my surprrse there was Larry Janssen as Lurgr starrrnfr rn the Lrfe wrth Lurtzr turned the dral again and to my Greater surprrse there were Marrlrn Mullens and Barbara Parkerson the two new red head hrts of Broadway I swrtche' on to another channel and saw Don Nrclfel starrmrz, as a prrvate eye rn a crrme story Seernfr all of these former classmates brouffht back many fond memories of our days at Arenzvrlle High ' fl 1 Kleinschmidt is working in the U. S. Mint, making NICKELS. New York City is going to get a new treat, . , . .C O . . . . D a JJ The Class of 53 No method or reason rs gurdrng thrs pen The thoughts Just collect revolve and then Slrde down the pen and onto the paper As I thrnk how each Senror drd prance and caper Romance has been busy and cuprd has too And from thrs year s class has collected hrs due So frrst of these duos I would prattle and prate And of therr affarrs I would lrke to relate Maxrne Strrckler John Crawford could srng a duet We ve watched and we ve watched but just as yet Not a thrng has happened to mar the bhss Of that tall dark lad and hrs w1nsome mrss Queen Althea Frrcke and consort Dave Carls Can untangle the worst of those royal snarls In the lrttle green Ford they pass gayly by They re atop the whole world rn the wrnk of an eye Don Nrckel s black Mercury wrll whrz up the street Stop at Vrrgrnra Klernschmrdt s house and go tweet tweet Out comes Vrrgrnra her face full of smrles Gosh hope those trres are good for several thousand mrles Sharp shootrng' Everett Allen must have a peppy mate Whenever he starts out on a dreamy swoony date Our Maxrne Huppe frlls the brll she surts hrm to a T She s Just the srze she s got those eyes I thrnk and so does Our Hello grrl rs Mrss Melba Schlueter' On the telephone no vorce sounds sweeter Than Melba sayrng Your number please? She sounds so pleasant so full of ease Next Rosemary Anderson has a cute lrttle grggle That makes your toes turn up and wrggle If Rosemary keeps rt for all of her lrfe She ll make some fellow a Jolly wrfe Helen Canada doesn t care for Sadre Hawkrns Day Cause she s already roped her man and that arn t ray And so she ll remarn so cool and nrce Keeps her left thrrc. frnger under rce Some day on televrsron Informatron Please There ll be a gal who answers wrth ease Who s the mrss to take that part? None other than Mrss Karla Hart Boomalacka clungalacka bow wow wow That s Elta Mullens brother and how For Elta the advrce that s best Is thrs Young gal go West Then there s Max Beard of the freckled face And deep delrghtful thrrlhng bass He s never mean and never srnnrn Gosh but he s God s grft to women Barbara Parkerson s a trny mrss demure and so petrte But she s packed full of musrc from head down to her eet Hrgh notes low notes quarter notes and thrrlls She srngs them hot or srngs them sweet or srngs them full of fr1lls For a happy sweet and drmpled lass we ve Donna Lou McL Who s always just as welcome as a rarncoat rn the ram She cooks and sews and then keeps house Just to keep rn trarnrng for a future spouse Sideburns grve Carlos Sprcer a most romantrc arr And when he goes along the street the grrls all stop and star They grve hrm srdelong glances from the corner of each eye Marrlyn Mullens so slender and tall Is the dressmakers dreamrest dream of all Cause rn surts or rn ruffles and furbelows She 11 be an eyeful for all the beaus Now Larry Janssen hasn t fallen for any of the grrls Cause to hrm the females Just cause those drzzy whrrls And he s afrard that when hrs brarn has been so awfully rattl That he ll wake up and frnd hrmself roped tred and saddle Round Maxrne Schone wrth those brg dark eyes Her classmates flock lrke summer fhes She s charmrng she s wrtty she has lots of class In any group she s a strrkrng lass john Lerschner s name rs the frnal one But don t forget he had lots of fun Cause when the krds rn study hall drd up and grggle That was Lerschner showrng hrs latest wrggle So that s the class of frfty three 4 All wrapped and sealed as rt seems to me No hurt was planned no harm rntended And now at last thrs doggerel s ended , - ' - . ' , . f ' Does that enthrall our Carlos? Ha. He just passes by. he. l I ' . I I J ' I I ' , l I ""'-"5 It 'I wif Seated Maxme Huppe John Crawford Maxme Srnckler Davrd Carls Althea Fncke Barbara Parkerson, Karla Hart Donna Lou McLa1n Vrrgrnra Klemschmrdt Max1ne Schone Elta Mullens Standrn Carlos Sprcer Everett Allen Melba Schlueter Larry Janssen Manlyn Mullens Max Beard Don N1c el Mrs Schnake Helen Canada Not rn prcture Rosemary Anderson John Lerschner Edltor Co Edrtor Sports Edltors Adverusrng Managers PICIUIE Edrtors Bus1neSs Managers Llterary Edrtors Grade School Edrtors Acuvrty Ed1tors Calendar Edxtors Kar la Hart Althea Fncke Max Beard Don N1ckel Larry Janssen Davrd Carls Everett Allen John Crawford Maxme Huppe Elta Mullens Maxme Stnckler Vuguua Klexnschnudt Barbara Parkerson Rosemary Anderson Maxme Schone Me lba Schlueter Carlos Spxcer John lerschner Donna Lou McLa1n Helen Canada Maulyn Mullens Ji 1 .1 i - L, H ,f ' 5 ' 1 n -- f' B Beers N Dufe1me1er H Hendncker 'E S. Kleinschmidt C Lovekamp Q... X C Niestradt E Peck Q- isa D. Schone Arr C Hlerman G Lovekamp R egge 5 0 A Canada D Holbrook R K1e1nschm1dt fb Z9 I Lutkehus E Nickel H Roegge I Roegge W. Strubbe 4.7614 IUNIOR CLASS HISTORY September 5 1950 was an excrtrng day for twenty two freshmen At our frrst class meetrng elected the offrcers as follows Presrdent Don Hobrock Vrce presrdent Ioy Roegge Secretary Elmer Nrckel Treasurer Wayne Strubbe Student Councrl Helen Hendrrcker Herman Roegge We were sorry to lose two of our class members Irm Orr1s and Betty Soloman The outstandlng event of thrs year was the freshmen sophomore 1n1t1at1on party on September 22 Some of the tlungs we had to do were embarrassrng but we all had fun On September 4 1951 there were twenty of us to retum to A H S and one new member Flo yd Monroe Offrcers were Presxdent Floyd Monroe Vrce presrdent Ioy Roegge Secretary Treasurer Iean Lutkehus Student Councrl Beverly Beets Don Hobrock Our class advrsor was Mrs Al1ce1.ouSchnake We lost two members Jack Coats and Floyd Monroe We rnrtrated the freshmen at the annual freshmen sophomore par y September 1952 found twenty ambrtrous Junrors enteru 5 the doors of Arenzvrlle Hrgh School We elected the followmg offrcers Presrdent Ioy Roegge VICC presrdent Eddie Peck Secretary Wayne Strubbe Treasurer Beverly Beets Student Councrl Wayne Strubbe Shrrley Klernschmrdt Don Hobrock Katre Nrestradt The hrgh lrghts of thrs year were the Junror senror banquet held at the Dunlap Hotel and the class play The Darlrng Brats Our advrsor for thls year was Mrs Warren Smrth U U , - . ,we - loo I ooo: - . V . . 1 1 - -' s . : - sons- an an no . . , . A - tt - as :ann annals - I H I lr ' ' ' M -1 5,17 13- I , 2 f, ,fx f 'ft' My , Q5 - ig -' 41. C Bottens D ox S I-herman L Noble l ,xg .443 wot'-0 .nd U- nfk I Carls S Gram 1 A l G Mulle Cue Roe g ge 'x X ,f- fl 5 Eiga. in Q'-v 'Q R A len E BI'aS611 i D Canada A hs. xxx N art M Lovekamp D Coats 'T i.. 'Y G Hierman ,gl Tl I-I Mason by Q 2 1 4195 I . W. Ommen .1 We Dahman 1 if H Kolberer Ci- I McCloud N, Dyer L Gmder Q C Leischner D Lippert 3 'I B. McLain I Nickel 22" ' I. Parkerson xx .3 S A. In p ,, 6 W Parlier C Roegge J Rohn K Ruppel R Schnitker iQ Qs W'- ik. G Schone S Shannon Y Stock M Tegeder K Wessler On September 2 1952 thrrty one freshmen entered Arenzville H1 h School assembly Of the thirty one ei ht had graduated from Trinity Lutheran School and twenty t ee from Arenzville Junior High At the irst of October Jackie Rohn came from Beardstown During our school term Dean Neuendorf Eugene Nrcol and Chantal Newberry moved away leaving twenty nine freshmen At our first class meenng the following officers were elected president Marc Dahman vice president Billy McLain secretary treasurer Dick Lippert student council representatives Eileen Brasell Marc Dahman Lucrle Ginder Neil Hart and Kathleen Ruppel MJ Alnzer is our class advisor In September 1951, agroup of freshmen entered Arenzville High School. and were promptly initiated by the sophomores. Officers elected for the year were: president, Marshall Meyerg vice- president, Gayle Mullensg secretary-treasurer, Joan Carlsg and student council members, Alice Peck and Anna Jones. As sophomores, our first duty was to see that the new freshmen were properly initiated. We.g13d1Y carried out this task. Officers chosen this year were: president, Sally Hiermang vice-president, Marshall Meyerg secretary-treasurer, Joan Carlsg and student council members, Anna Jones. Gayle Mullens, and Alvin Dufelmeier. ffutww ah ROW ONE Dorothy Coats Barbara Parkerson Jams Parkerson Yvonne Stock ROW TWO Joan Carls Sh1rleyKle1nschm1dt Elta Mullens Maxme Schone Althea Frrcke Vrrguua Klernschmldt Beverly Beers Karla Hart Joy Roegge Maxrne Huppe ROW THREE Lucrlle Grnder Kane Nresnadt Erleen Brasell Donna Lou McLa1n htrley Crawford Irene McCloud Kay Wessler Donna Schone Maulyn Tegeder Marrlyn Mullens Sally Hrerman Wrlma Ommen Carol Reogge Mrs Smrth Lee Etta Splcer ROW FOUR Melba Schlueter Susan Shannon Marvel Lovekamp Alrce Peck Helen Kolberer Sara Grant Delorrs Cox Anna Mane Jones Marlon Ore Jean Lutkehus Maxrne Strrckler The Arenzvrlle Chapter of Future Homemakers of Amerrca has progressed tlus year under the leadershrp of Althea Frrcke presrdent and our new advrsor Mrs Smrth Other offrcers were Vllglflla Klemschmrdt vrce presrdent Maxme Schone secretary Beverly Beers ueasurer Karla Hart hrstonan Joan Carls parhamenranan Elta Mullens publrcrty charrman Maxrne Huppe charrman of degrees Slnrley Klemschmmt charrman of projects Joy Roegge song leader Mrs Arthur Klernschmrdt club mother The sprrng style show clrmaxed our actrvmes for the year At tlus event F H A members demonstrated harr styhng and modeled sprrng outfrts from Myers Brothers as well as garments whrch they had made rn class .. K . . 1 ' j Offs . ' ,A ' ' ' 2 P 4 0 1 I Vrqldug-. .,... l Q .X ing? f RIC 5 0 vvh, ' 4 .' 'A '- I I. 1 . 1 . 1 f 0 D I 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 I 1 ' I I 1 1 A 1 ' 1 h .1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 E l 1 . 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 n D 1 a . 1 ' ' . , l , ' I . ' ' . .I 1 1 1 1 1 i I 1' 1 I 1 I a ' a 1 ' 1 : . . : , 1 I F 1 1 1 1 0 I . . . . . I . ' . 0 . 1 utwze.f F566 ROW ONE Mr Smrth Max Beard Don Nrckel Everett Allen Dav1dCarls John Crawford Don Hobrock Eddre Peck Wayne Strubbe ROW TWO- Wrlham McLa1n W1lburParl1er Howard Mason, Delbert Plunkett Carlos Sprcer Gordon Lovekamp Elmer Nrckel Ronnre Klernschnudt Herman Roe ge Ronald Schone George Klernschmxdt Freddre Crawford Bob Allen ROW THREE D1ckL1ppert Gary Sc one, Joh1Le1schner Norman Dufelmerer George Roegge Marshall Meyer AlvLnDufelme1er Gayle Mullens Alfred Dyer Cl1ffordBottens James Nrckel Me vm Roegge Charles Lerschner The oficers for this year are as follows Presrdent Davrd Carls V1ce presrdent Don Hobrock Secretary Everett Allen Treasurer John Crawford Reporter Don Nrckel Senunel Herman Roegge The outstandrng acluevements of the Arenzvrlle F F A Chapter are Frve vocauonal agnculture students from Arenzvrlle Wayne Strubbe Eddre Peck John Crawford Davrd Carls and Herman Roegge won the sorl Judgrng plaque October 29 This was the frrst sotl Judgrng contest spon sored by Secnon 15 Future Farmers of Amenca John Crawford was awarded the State Farmer degree and also recerved a plaque for the best beef proJect rn Secuon 15 Davrd Carls won champronshrp honors at the state gram Judgmg contest at Champargn The annual F F A tr1p rn the sprrng of the year was a tour to St hours The boys always enjoy thrs out of school acnvrty. n J , I "1 aa X "ts E "sf L. 4 -ff X .. I W 4 . In," ' 1 5, C, K Q ,MW .,, V I : ' - f I . ' ' ' U , . I l , . . I ' 0 . - U . ' I I . ' , . - ' . f g ' . ' I U ' I : Q I ' U ' l - I . U U ' l , I l ' ' Z ' 1. . . 3 I ' I I I 0 S ' 3 ' 3 I ' ' l . . 1 . . . ' . I .4 1 n , 0 I . l ' . - , . I I I ' ' 0 I I . I . I 21? V Z4 S! on-Q Seated Barbara Parkerson Karla Hart Vrrgrrua Klernschmrdt Maxrne Strrckler John Crawford Max Beard Neal Hart Mr Sowers Dav1d Carls Don l-lobrock Kane Nrestradt Kathleen Ruppel Lucrlle Herman Roegge Wayne Strubbe Gayle Mullens 4 Qyi Seated Marron Ore Delorrs Cox Vxrgrma Klernschmrdt Elma Mullens Larry Noble Mr Sowers Marvel Lovekamp and Sara Grant Standmg Wrlbur Parlrer Dean Neundorf Delbert Plunkett Irene McCloud and Neal Hart I ll V "W""W'F"fL ril, W fi. s r l ' ' ix , I , ' it -, f , " Q' 1 P r V ' ' x in D 5 Iv ' ygyazgi Mfr W X X A' n- ,,f l 3 A e a it A Ginder, Eileen Brasell: Standing: Anna Ioneg, Shirley Kleirlschmidt, Marc liahman, Alvin Dufelmeier, 0 av u l fy. 4 f' a A , . W 1- , ' N am X Q -N 1,5 A m Q .I . ' - ' 5. . .k ' 4 5 gs ' . 5 , r. ,fx ' , if . 4 N , 4. - , , ' f U U I .1 S , . ,. C . , -, 4 ,, I B! las ' '11 f 1 Seated Donna Schone Ahce Canada Ahce Peck and Mar1lyn Mullens Standmg Jean Lutkehus Helene Hendncker Mrs Schnake Kane N1est:radt Sally Hlerman and Helen Canada I9 fuse Staff 1 i ,...4 Seated JoanCar1s Mr Sowers and Karla Hart Standmg Donna Lou McLa1n Helen Canada Anna Ioneb and Delor1s Cox l l l Z , l - ' v ' - A I . I I I I I I U I A , A A 6. 1 , ,X 'bs A L - 4 Us ' x r . " .' ini .mai ' I J, A 3 , , , . l 1 I 1 v .I 0 .73and ROWl Robbre Wessler Stanley Hertbrrck Anna Mane Jones Sara Grant Susan Shannon Charlene Hobrock Marrlyn Clark Margaret Hrerman Jerry Lovekamp Jrmrny Shannon ROW 2 Larry Noble Shrrley Klernschmrdt Althea Frrcke Maxrne Huppe Don Hobrock Kay Wessler Erleen Brasell Helen Kolberel' Kathleen Ruppel Ronald Schnrtker ROW 3 Neal Hart Betty Roegge Drck Lrppert Ronald Klernschrnrdt Karla Hart Delbert Plunkett Beverly Bees Carrol Lovekamp Wayne Strubbe Sally Hrerrnan Garry Hrerman Helene Hendrrcker Not rn prcture A A McCarty band rnstructor "N CJ xg liz Larry Noble Eddre Peck Max Beard Wayne Strubbe Marshall Meyer Neal Hart I . 1 , ?9"? ROWI BarbaraParkerson Kane Nrestradt Helene Hendrrcker Marvel Lovekamp Lucrlle Gmder Sasan Shannon Kathleen Ruppel Jams Parkerson Maxme Strrckler Yvonne Stock ROW 2. Delons Cox Donna Lou McLa1n Carol Roe e Karla Hart Kay Wessler Joy Roegge Manlyn Tegeder Beverly Beers Irene McCloud Erleen Brasel Sara Grant Helen Kolberer fxwwx ,J ROW L Barbara Parkerson, Marvel Lovekamp Ahce Peck Susan Shannon, Kathleen Ruppel Maxme Smckler Yvonne Stock ROW 2 Delorrs Cox Donna LOUMC'31H Carol Roegge Karla Hart Kay Wessler Beverly Beets E1leenBrasell Sara Grant Helen Kolberer ROW3 Larry Noble Eddle Peck Max Beard Wayne Strubbe Marshall Meyer Neal Hart Szniwn ' Lk UINA Mrs Avalee Schrutker McA1l1ster Stanley Lovekar rp Mrs Rosahe Wessler Schone Leroy Lovekamp Vera Hendrrcker Don Kolberer Althea Frrcke Earlrne Schone Ray Schmtker Ehzabeth Paul Jack Hansmerer Marrlyn Burrus Me1v1n Wessler FLOWER GIRLS Ruth Carls Ernrly Brasell TRAIN BEAR ERS Drew Clark Roger Allen -ST, -'S--s-f1..... MIX KKK Nmxm Larry Janssen Maxrne Schone Max Beard Joy Roegge Gordon Lovekamp Donna Lou McLa1n Carrol Lovekamp Maxrne Huppe Don Hobrock Maxlne Snrrckler Althea Frrcke Davrd Carls Barbara Park erson Everett Allen Karla Hart Don Nrckel Elta Mullens Norman Dufelmerer Vrrgrma Klernschmrdt John Crawford FLOWER GIRLS Ruth Carls Erruly Brasell TRAIN BEARER Drew Clark Roger Allen Mrss Althea Frrcke Queen of 1953 One of the brg pro1ects of the Senror Class was the Seventh Annual Carnrval held on Satur day February 14 1953 The mothers served a tasty supper of soup sandwlches and pre Wrth a full stomach everyone was anxrous to go to the gym and take part rn the festrvrtres of the evenrng The gym was garly decorated wrth a valenune theme rn purple and whrte The mam event of the evemng was the crownrng of Mrss Althea Frrcke Queen of 1953 At the request of the Senror Class all the former queens returned to partrcrpate rn thrs ceremony Each queen stood under a purple heart on whrch was wrrtten rn whrte the year ofher coronatron Behrnd the throne stood a huge heart made of purp'le and wlute crepe paper The stands were also decor ated rn purple and whrte The Master of Ceremon1es Mr James Srnrth rntroduced the program of free entertaxnment grven by Wayne Strubbe Wrlma MCGIHHIS and Mrs Ruth MCGIHDIS Wayne Strubbe and Max Beard, the Alexander chrldren Karen Beard and the Chorus Cutres The hard work was rewarded by the fun we had and by the money we made for our educa tronal trrp to Chrcago I 1 1 f 1 1 ' 1 , - , . 0 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' Sefuwn A J On November '7 Grandad stepped out Mrs Morton thrnkrng grandad to be serrously 111 never let hrm out of the house but when Brg Jrm Mahoney came back from Arrzona nothrng could keep hrm from leavrng By brrbrng the mard Trlly they managed to get Krp s SLl1t and sneak away A nosey old mard across the street telephoned Mrs Morton and told her that Gran dad had Just left the house w1th another man Payrng httle attentron to her Mrs Morton went about her busrness but when Krp mrssed hrs surt and they drscovered Grandad was gone they were sure a burglar had stolen the su1t and ktdnapped Grandad Whrle they were after the po l1ce and on a mad chase to frnd Grandad he and Jrrn slrpped rn the house and went to bed rn order to recuperate from the serrous hangover When the fannly returned home to frnd the two old cromes sleeprng soundly they decrded there was noth1ng they could do to keep Grandad from stepprng out The characters were Mrs Laura Morton AltheaFr1cke Grandad Max Beard Trlly Karla Hart Betty Shadduck V1tg1n1a Klernschmrdt Krp Shadduck Everett Allen 'Irudre Norwood Maxrne Strrckler Judy Norwood Maxrne Huppe Ludre Norwood Maxrne Schone Jack Norwood Dav1d Carls Jrm Mahoney John Crawford Mrss Abbey H1gg1ns Rosemary Anderson Mrs Jobe Feeney Barbara Parkerson A detecuve Don Mrckel Mrs James Blau was the drrector 'lf 3 re' In our play The Darhng Brats Cynthla Darlrng who supported her young orphaned sts ters and brother became greatly drsturbed by Aunt Agatha a young wtdow who lavrshed ex pensrve gtfts upon them Cynth1a was determrned to get Agatha s rnfluence away from the Dar lrng chrldren Qwho were far from darlrng they were perfect lrttle helhonsj by marryrng Agatha to her boss Appleton Crabb and trascrble old bachelor Agatha was rnterested rn a childhood sweetheart who was a rancher rn Arrzona Tess seventeen years old was determrned that her aunt should marry the wealthy Crabb but young Hank and Babs were equally determrned to have her marry the cowboy so they could lrve on the ranch The tucks these two brats played to make Crabb and Agatha hate one another kept the play rn real suspense The cast rncluded Juneburg Johnson Wayne Strubbe Cynthra Darhng Beverly Beets Jack Henry Herman Roegge Babs Darhng Jean Lutkehus Hank Darlrng Don Hobrock Tess Darlrng Al1ce Canada Agatha Brrshoe Joy Roegge Rod Vxnton Elmer Nrckel Sprke Sterhng Ronme Kletnschmrdt Appleton Crabb Eddre Peck Mrs Vrnton Kane Nrestradt Drrectors were Mrs Mary Smrth and Mrs Ruth l-lrerman Joy Roegge Althea Fncke Maxrne Strxckler Martha Roegge Joan Carls Maxme Huppe Elta Mullens Arenzvrlle Arenzvllle Arenzvllle Arenzv1lle Arenzvrlle Arenzville Arenzvllle RECORD OF GAMES FOOTBALL Chapm Meredosxa Bluffs Frankhn Chandlervrlle Routt V1rg1n1a Wrnchester Tournament Arenzvllle Mt Sterhng Arenzvrlle Wmchester M C Tournament Arenzvllle Chapm Arenzv1lle S Arenzvrlle Routt In our return to the P M B C Tournament we fought hard to w1n second place also t1ed for frrst place ID the 3 C conference ' 19 ' 60 ' 58 ' ' 19 ' 12 ' 49 ' ' 39 32 . ' 65 ' 28 ' 27 ' 50 ' 13 ' 50 ' 72 ' 27 39 ' 80 ' 50 ' ' ' 19 ' 64 ' ' 63 ' 40 , . 71 . Arenzville 54 Routt ' 63 . ' 59 ' 68 ' ' ' 51 ' 52 ' 53 . ' . 66 . ' 48 P. . B. . ' 67 ' '75 I. . D. ' 64 ' 51 ' '77 ' ' ' ' 57 l. . D. 56 ' '76 ' 38 41 ' '74 ' Arenzvrlle Arenzvllle Arenzvrlle Arenzvtlle Arenzvrlle Arenzvxlle Arenzvrlle Arenzvxlle Arenzv1lle Arenzv1lle Arenzvllle Arenzvrlle Arenzv1lle Arenzvrlle Arenzvllle Arenzvllle Arenzvrlle Arenzvrlle Arenzvllle BASKETBALL Chandlervllle Chapm Roodhouse Perry Pleasant H111 Bluffs Chapm C arrolton Perry Meredosxa Gnggsvrlle Mt Sterhng Frankhn Ashland Waverly S Vxrgrma Petersburg Whlte Hall -1-1-gre fi o'- lofi' DQ QQ wa-X if J .r A Y 4? ,B SEATED Dav1d Carls Carrol Lovekamp Marshall Meyer Wayne Strubbe Max Beard Everett Allen, Don Hobrock STANDING Marc Dahman RontneKle1nschm1dt Carlos Sprcer Larry Janssen Coach Alttzer Eddre Peck Alfred Dy er Bob Allen Ronnxe Schmtker 1181 JN- '6 4- ,cr ,Qi-'it' ,ak 1 Qi' -'46 up 454 Everett Allen Made all conference halfback thrs year and was probably the best back rn the conference He scored seven touchdowns agarnst V1rg1n1a rn the last game of the season - s it I 9. Max Beard Played a good defensrve end and had a lot of sp1r1t We re gorng to mrss Max and hrs scrap next year ,ff 42' -F 4 1 4.12 31fl5'f" Dawrd Carls Made all conference nalfback rn 51 and would have made II agarn thrs vearrfrt had 1 t been for the rn Jury he recerved rn the Franklln game Dave was the fastest back 1n the conference no ' " L 'T 0 Q' ,D .2 s I I . - , 5 V I . ,- Y, .- -r ' X- 4 ll . n ' ' ' . ' ' ' . I , y 1 9 9 ' 1 . I n I I S s 1 I I I ' .- , ' x gf - 2 , A , KW . f , V v ' Q wr, ' I t 1. 9 .A 1 Q I am, wa A 4. ' his 4- M, ', 1 1'. 1 ' 2 . . 5 , .- ' A -, H H.- f the A V- ' -new M' A - Y Q. 'ff WM x ,F " on rf l M ' .mmf "-Q' M' ' . 1 .fm Q, K . . ,1 ' M 5157? . , V . H ' - I . ,' .40 A , 1 " '- ' -455' 4 4 . ' 'fF"'f,lr' . ' 1-3 A tra . 3. ., gi. rf, K v, , 5. - f -' '14 .--:--- 1, ., . ' was ,,H- fl . : .Af V' M W? ' fi . 'i ' 7 xl xfffr- Q , 14 , ,. '1 lf 15" 4. l a -v. ',, '- Q' ' Aa' .-0,1 , 1' 'av' ", ' Q 4 ' e A L .-V I., f, ' , .Q-' ...' L.. 'g 11 ,. '. 7 ' 417 lvl , f"Q.'J.J,f 5 , f' -J' -' ' '- , ' f- Y' - A ' . .". - -. ,-L f V...-P f., bfi' .-' Q . .-Y.. , . . , A . , . . ' 1 A - l Wd' me i pf' F"-4' we neg pf . 14- W 8 3 . 4 Q ug' ,: P-lc , H ' Q x l Y i ,gi gr at . - 'N 3'-1-ff Ai 1 thrsyear and drd a good Job at both Bluffs. This was the mam reason year and then when Dave was tn ffl Qilfizlfr Carlos Spicer Thiswas Carlos sfrrst year for foot Played CCUICI for L15 this year and ball and he rmproved wrth every Wasagood boy to stop the opponents game from runnmg through the nuddle of Larry Janssen Don Hobrock g1ZryZdLg1::k:1ii1pquaIterback for us Played by far hls best game agarnst Started at quarterback for us tfus places we defeated them Jured he moved to halfback and .73 ri GA An - - for Coach Altizer Larry Janssen Jolm Crawford Max Beard Don Nrckel Carrol Lovekamp Gordon Lovekamp Don Hobrock Davrd Carls Everett Allen n mnnn ....m....Jl...v 4 5 ROW L Bob Allen Neal Hart Freddie Crawford Gayle Mullens Marshall Meyer Norman Dufelmerer D1ckLippert Ronald Kleinschmrdt GeorgeRoegge Eddie Peck Melvin Roegge ROW 2. Waynestrubbe David Carls Don Hobrock Gordon Lovekamp John Crawford Larry Janssen Max Beard Don Nxckel Carrol Lovekamp Everett Allen James Nrckel ROW 3 W1lliamMcLam Gary Schone Garry Hrerman Alfred Dyer Ronald Schone Alvin Dufelmerer Howard Mason George Klernschmrdt W1lburParl1er Ronald Schrutker Coach Altizer 2 Larry Janssen Probably one of the best rebounders tn thls sectlon of the state and al ways played good ball tn the tough games Everett Allen Only 5 5 1X2 tall but ts our lead tng scorer havmg scored over four hundred DOIDIS for the season Ever ett made the all P M B C team When he went up for a Jump shot you could almost count on two poxnts -Q--Q f 1 2 i John Crawford Although he had a knee rnlury early 1n the season and rnlssed three Games John came back and played some good ball We re gomg m1ss hrs f1ne reboundrng next year Don Nlckel Carrol Lovekamp Davld C3115 OHS Of the belief Sh0IS 011 the team Best set shot we had on the team One of the fastest boys on the team and H good DCFSOH I0 have OH IC and also one of the best defensrve ar1d also a good scorer SCFVC men we had . My A , - tiff t U Q5 fn . 5 1' ' , X 'f , X ll V A 6' Z so 4 , ' M 47 K V . 471 I K . A L' , :V V ,V Aly. Ml' I . , n - D , f U - . . .. . . , ' IO L Xt A A ' :, :TA-ffl' ' 'Q 'St Lew V, , . we 'FQ A-...K 19 Gordon Lovekamp Played hrs outstandrng game ofthe r at I S D xn the P M tournament Gordon should be a brg help to us next year S Max Beard Started our slowly but at the end of the season was plaung mce ball Showed frne sprrrt X Don Hobrock Don also got off to a slow start tlus season but developed a left handed Jump shot and turned out to be one of our hrgh scorers -fx -7 fl' Z1 'wfffi ax 4 hs: I Auf! 1-ii I 'S+ I ,' fi gs?- f""'i-'td'-"g's""x IIA Q dab-1,11 .V Q i KJ m adv' an-"""" f Q jul' l?W it "' "'A"L, 4 T' ll"1iIlv , 47 or 'x's' 4..egN 4 XVI. Q' A ,MN , M - , .M f . A I' O' ' j Y if-4 'T' 15 9,1 B.. H 'SFR R 3 4 I 7- 1 ,Af aj? lv' 559 :cf K'--Q :ffm-qs.. 'S Md? Q-I i, ,- mga 'C Al' all H' wiv iw fiifw ROW l Mary Sm1th Marsha Floyd Drew Clark Karmy Schone Phrlhp Stock Ruth Brooks Ruth Carls Jenny Lou Peck Gary Blum Larry Blum Harry Coats ROW 2 Robert Bottens Bobby Alexander Karan Beard Vrcky Manker Ro er Gmder Mary Dav1s Kathy Davrs Becky Burrus Jamce Mornson Tern Lovekamp Not D1CIL1l'Cd B1 ly Anderson Second 11.5 ROW l. Roger Allen Enuly Brasell Karen Busen Manlyn Meyer Slurlee Dyer Beverly Burrus Norma Jean Stxnson Franlue Dober ROW 2. Terry Bauser Billy McLin Cecrl Emerick Stevxe Saylor Mrs Bfrlaliell Edward Schroeder Freddre Klemschmrdt Charles Lovekamp Chris Clark Not prctured Gary te fund .fauvzth H+ I ri R"7 T ROWI E Lawrence B Beets D Alexander A Dober J Abernathy K Talkemeyer J Coats C Dav1s P Wessler ROW2 B McL1n R Stock D Emer1ck I Nelson B Talkemeyer R Davxs D Schone I Frshel I Taylor ROW3 F Ater R Lawson T Noble D Clark Mrs Hobrock L Woods B Manker E Hackman C Mullens M Paul Not D1CIUICd E Anderson D Anderson S Brooks Jnwath .ufth f D. X' 'lin 'Munn 11.4.3 lm fw ROWI E Carls A Emer1ck R E'ner1ck J Kneeland D Cox B Burrus E Brasell M Abernathy P Robrnson ROW2 J Hackman D Canada W Mason K Hansmerer A Alexander M Beers G Hansmerer, J. Lawrence, B. Montgomery. ROW 3 M Lovekamp, R. Kershaw, C. Ater Ill. B. Clark, Mrs. Aufdenkamp, T Huey, C. Musch, R. Klernschmrdt, J. Dahman. Not prctured, S. Hansmeler u f fi ..5 - 3- ' sb v' TA .. ' ,' ' Q, 'S' :ss ki? A Q ,, A 4: A 'M H ..M .V . fy . , av: Q' Q A , x J A , f W- 1 ' 'V V' I J Y H ' , f'W'XT 1. I , V . I ' I I F PM -C Y ' l R -1 , QR x- , 14, s, r -ix ,k - .-. - ,Q ' n '. - v 1 1 - n ' I ' ' 1' ' . I ' '. : Z r' 4-- 1 . Ai ng ' I Q- .ff 3 I Q Q .. . , 1 X 4' 1 ' .. .. ,H 1 .I vr , J r . vo "', f I ' 'Q X A . . ' 5 A . , l . . y V -F K V U I A K ji. 341, U ' l f f I tqgg - A 5 A + A , A-in 2 '50 G44 Q6 I", LK brawl Q I ROW1 S Hertbnnk M Parher R Hrerman M Grnder E Lawrence B Txeman M Clark S Lovekamp M Hrerman C Hobrock R Emenck D Emenck ROW2. J Sunson C Hertbnnk B Alexander R Burrus W Bottens A Beard R Jones R Coats G Carls I Shannon G Nelson R Sprcer ROW3 Mr Hextbnnk I Beard R Wessler M Schnrtker L Clark R Bottens M Abernathy E Cox I Lovekamp C Ruppel R Anderson Mrs Hrerman ROW4 I Saylor P Dyer B Taylor B Schnrtker I Woods B Sunson E Dober N Zulauf S Grant S Hobrock P4 ROW L M. Hrerman, S. Hobrock, B. Schnrtker. ROW 2. M. Abemarhy, S. Hertbnnk J. Lovekamp E. Dober, B. Sunson, I. Woods. I. Beard, G. Nelson, Mr. Hertbrrnk. ROW 3 R. Coats, A. Beard, D Emenck, B. Alexander, J. Sunson, C. Hertbnnk, J. Shannon, R. Jones. I c . A T -. '- ' , , N , N - A ' x ' Q ' ' T B ' A fa n ' S P' .. f Q My ,L -. ' 4-Z' A ii V X 7'n.-n':'t.. , A I . r , s ' 4-' 'J I' A . r L, ,M sa ' If ' -' .3 ,,,:- N I 7 'A v- Y ' fr 5-mtftzfl. ig T : . ' i' , . ' , . ' 3 . ' , . , . . ' , .I L , . , a , . , 9 g a 1 ' . , Q g u . 1 1 1 . 1 1 I ' I ' 1 1 ' 1 v l v I ' H 2 ' v ' 1 ' 0 ' 1 ' n 1 s 0 2 . ,U . , . ' , . , . . Q . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . - V 4. -V, y :rx 1, WESSLER BRO GARAGE CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICES TIRES OIL TUBES GREASE We repair all makes of cars and trucks Phone 9 9 Are nzville Illinois COMPLIME NTS OF GROCERIES and MEATS COMPLETE LINE OF FROZEN FOODS COMPLETE LOCKER SERVICE I n c 1 u d 1 n g CURING OF MEATS Phone 3 9 Are nzvllle I111no1s ZULA F and ' 0 ARE ZVILLE HAGE ER FARMER GRA! C0 Dealer in GRAIN--SOYBEANS--COAL MASTER MIX FEEDS SL CONCENTRATES CUSTOM GRINDING and MIXING Elevators at Arenzville 81 Hagener Phone 79 Arenzvllle 6726 Hagener H L Meyer Manager FOR PROTECTION TODAY FOR PROGRESS TOMORROW PLANT BURRU BRO an SSUCIATED GRUWER 1 C . -- u 0 3 . . . I ff A I g H525 STANDARD 4 V! 1- W lIIM PECKS STA DARD ERVICE ATLAS TIRES TUBES BATTERIES MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM CANDY POP TOBACCO Phone 45 Arenzvllle I111no1s COM PLIME NTS OF ONKEN BRO' and MEYER GE NERAL ME RCHANDISE Phone 96 Arenzville I11ino1s , gtrtb . qw I Q xx l W 1? pq . 14-J KI' i5.Y2.V" I VQFQX' X, f Xhfff 0 A FRIENDLY BANK IN A FRIENDLY TOWN THE FIRST NATIO AL BA K ARENZVILLE ILLINOIS GEORGE R MORRISON Investors D1vers1f1ed Servlces Inc ZONE MANAGER Underwrlter and D1str1butor for ARENZVILLE ILL Investors Synd1cate of Arnerlca Inc PHONE 119 Investors Selectwe Fund Inc Investors Stock Fund Inc Investors Mutual Inc To You the 1953 Graduate THECCTNIITTTUQIIIT ETA!! 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Arenzville Illinois SCHNITKER TRUCK LINES Service Station Phone 94 Arenzville Illinois Distr of Thriftane Bottled Gas Norge Sr Detroit Jewel Ranges General Electric Appliances Gas 81 O11 Heating Equipment G E 81 Zenith Radios BARTELHIEM GAS SERVICE Phone 9 Arenzville Illinois NATION WIDE CHAS JULIA :St BILLY MCLAIN Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables Frozen Foods ALVIN GROUPE M D Arenzville Illinois 0 I D Arenzville, Illinois Z., Compliments of ffz, C1- E C., R, CBUTCHD RATCLIFFE Q ...U s - Sq: ffz- jf 4 ' if . tw 4-We Representative of 30th Dist. Beardstown Illinois Compliments of Home Telephone Co G C Decker Compliments of Lovekarnp' s Cafe C ompliment s OI J F THYEN Jewelry and Drug Sundries Phone 69 Presldent Arenzville Illinois A H Kleinschmidt Everything for Farm and Home Phone 35 Arenzville 111111015 JUNE S BEAUTY SHOP For the Woman Who Cares Machine Kooler Wave and Cold Wave Permanents Hair Styling Cosmetics Phone 123 Arenzville IUIHOIS Compliments Mr and Mrs Harold Nobis RZ? 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' - 15. . . . ' 16. ' ' ' . . 19. ' - 24. . . . ' 26. - A 3, . . . , 3. ' - 7. ' ' 7. . . . 9. ' - 10. End of first six weeks 16. ' 16. . . . ' 17. - 20. . . . 22. . . . ' 24. ' ' ' - 29. 29. ' ' . . 3. ' ' 7. ' 11. ' ' 12. . . . ' ' 17. . . . ' 19. . . . ' 21. ' - S"""f,,, WESSLER ELECTRIC SHOP Nov Dec 23 Jan e 31' May 29 Thanksgrvrng Vacatron Chaprn basketball there Schnake gave us a harr rarsmg test Roodhouse basketball there Perry basketball there Hrgh School Chrrstmas Party F F A Councrl Meetmg Pleasant H111 basketball here F H A Meetrng Bluffs basketball here Chaptn basketball here Free for all snow ball frght Chnstmas Vacatron Carrollton basketball there F F A Meetrng Perry basketball here Meredos1a basketball here Routt basketball here End of f1rst semester Wrnchester Tournament P T A Meetmg Grrggsvrlle basketball here Mt Sterlrng basketball there P M B C Tournament Davtd Carls got a new car Gord, Frankl1n basketball here Semor Carmval I S D basketball there Vrrgrrua basketball here Petersburg basketball there F H A Ch1l1 Supper for Mothers End of fourth stx weeks Whrte Hall basketball here F F A Meettng P T A Meetmg Morgan County Teacher s Instttute Easter Vacatton F F A Meetlng End of frfth srx weeks P T A Meetrng P M B C Track Meet F F A Meetlng Senror Class trrp to Clucago P T A Meetrng Grade School Commencement Hrgh School Commencement . 27-28. ' ' ' 28. ' - 29. ' - ' ' . 2. - 5. - 9. ' ' 11. . . . ' ' 12. ' - 15. . . . ' 16. - 19. ' - 20. - - ' - . 5. ' ' 6. - 8. . . . ' 9. - 13. ' - 16. - 16. ' 20-24. ' 28. . . . ' 30. ' ' - 31. . ' - F b. 3-6. . . . . 10. Ashland basketball - there 10. ' 12. ' - 14. ' ' 19. . . . ' 20. ' ' ' - 24. - 26. . . . ' ' 27. ' 27. ' - M . 12. . . . ' 25. . . . ' 26-27. ' ' Apr. 3-6. ' 9. . . . ' 10. ' ' 22. . . . ' 1. . . . . 14. . . . ' 14-17. ' ' ' 21. . . . ' 28. '- ' 'sf mg Z' af 1 1 Q, 1 J ....Qn..., . . ..., , .W , . . -, f . , , , .,...,.A..-..- . 4.f...,, .- 4-gf...-u-.4-W., K. ,.,,.,V -:mania-.. ' ' ,...-. , WT..

Suggestions in the Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) collection:

Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arenzville High School - Raider Yearbook (Arenzville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 19

1953, pg 19

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