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Ming bf..--.f --and s-up Lg' " 'A S ! .v M .Mak i Hz' 'M w 'LN -www 5 7" "fi gf iw . L L-"1 A 2 .Qi , I in ,gg .., fp--f --9 "' 'Jing -fm I ,R , 5 4 4 , "' ' 4- A I ' '," - . ' 6 ' :Q-TE WJW W-720 'Qfuj f'7L"'2""J"'yf72if:g5L,d. md s ,A H E g E ! w l 1 Wwbfifiyfvywfffg www ve' 1P' WV2f H MQ JQTMMV' M ' egjfwiryrfvcp W Nigga w KQQJ MM , N , qvgfyv 2? 3552 52223232 Knewlleadlge hegiins in the hands ef men Experimentation hollcdls their future. 1 -E ...., y Q M 1' 2 5 Ji f,., ilsillilllhh 3 Published hy the Class of l9f6l Ardsley High School Ardsley, New Yorls HEX 5 4: g ,f N 1 ' t 11- , . -aw f1.,:, Z 3 2 E 5. I 1 ? E is , . ,556 ,, 2+ l-L ' ' K w 5 , Q ki ff m f iff! f if ra D .g f if FM' yt I, six V X, 3 ii i a A 'u 'N-Q 1 -Q . W, 4 """' fb. ' .ff With pride, We, the class of 1961 MRS. CATHERINE FELTER 7 make this dedication. We, the class of 1961, dedicate this Ardsleyan to you, Mrs. Felter, our class adviser and true friend. For the students in Ardsley, you have been a never-ending source of guidance and cheerful assistance. We have always felt secure in knowing that we could come to you with any problem that troubled us and find true concern and the best aid you could offer. Your understanding nature is evident because you have stayed close to the students and to the things we consider important. Because we realize and appreciate the sincerity of your interest and concern for the students of Ardsley and the activities of our class, we are proud to dedicate the 1960 yearbook to you, Mrs. Felter, an outstanding influence on out lives. Tribute to Departed Friends IN MEMORIAM-BRUCE COOK As one who always gave fervently of his whole self to all things in which he endeavored, the memory of BRUCE COOK will remain ever-present with us. Quiet and reserved as only poise and self-conlidence can make a person, he was outstanclingly well-manneredg he always thought first to show consideration for others. His intelligence was exemplified by his longstanding membership in the Honor Society and by his acceptance at Purdue University. As a member of the football team, he acted primarily for the team as an entity rather than to gain personal recognition. Endowed with an amiable sense of humor, his easy laughter warmed the hearts of those around him. Because he participated with his whole self in all things, Bruce has left with us not only an indelible memory but has perpetuated hisenthusiasm and considerate manner spiritually as part of us -and that cannot be erased from our hearts. Although we were unable to obtain a suitable picture of MR. CARMINE PASCONE for pub- lication, we know that his memory is instilled deeply in all those who knew him. Especially we, the teenagers, who laughed and talked almost daily with him and were greatly benefited by the acts of kindness he did for us, will carry forever the memory of his engaging personality. We are comforted by knowing that one who lived so good a life as he did must have achieved reward greater than any obtainable on earth. Expert chemists direct and conduct our experiment DR. BURT P. JOHNSON Supervising Principal Ed.D. Columbia University I Mrs. Martha Ciofalo Secretary to Guidance Department Mrs. Juanita W. Bergen Secretary to Dr. Burl johnson MR. CHARLES W. HOREND Asxistant Supervising Principal B.S. Cornell University this, the science of education DR. JAMES S. CARNRITE High School Principal Ed.D. Columbia University To the Class of 1960: It has been a great personal and professional pleasure for me to be associated with the class of 1960. Perhaps the many changes you have experienced will serve to provide you with the adaptability demanded by a changing society. I sincerely hope that as you leave Ardsley High the multitude of problems in this anxious world will appear as endless possibilities of exciting challenges. As you meet and contribute to the solution of some of these problems, I wish you a successful, purposeful and happy life. JAMES CARNRITE Principal dealing With the minds of Outh.. Mrs. Jane Arnold Secretary to Dr. James Carnrite Mrs. Jeannette Kight Clerk MR. FRANK KLUGE Assistant Principal of the High School M-A l ' Miss Theresa DeNardo C0h1mbl3 Un1Vel'51fY Publications Office i ,,,... V. 5 .,,. , is i Seated: Mr. Kenneth Brown, Dr. Burt P. Johnson, Dr. James S. Carnrite, Mr. Charles Horend, Dr. William F. O'Connor. and having the supervision of others prominent in this field MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Trustees: Mr. Robert Lundberg, President Mr. jackson Browning, Vice-President Mr. Ogden Prestholdt Mrs. Evelyn Sullivan Mr. Anthony Waldeier Mrs. Anne L. Huesgen, Clerk of the Board Mrs. Helen Morrison, Treasurer Mr. Edward E. Aim, Counselor Dr. Burt P. johnson, Supervising Principal Front: Mr. A. Waldeier, Mr. R. Lundberg, Mrs. E. Sullivan. Back: Mrs. A. Huesgen, Mr. J. Browning, Dr. B. P. Johnson, Mr. O. Prestholdt. A driving incentive to oung minds, .. Mr. Edgar D. Allen Mr. Richard C. Baldwin Miss Barbara Beyer Mrs. Carmen Brennan Miss Lillian M. Caprice Grade 7 and 8 Dramatics, Speech Grade 7, English School Nurse, R.N. English I and II Mathematicx Grades 7-8 Art B.A. New York Post Graduate M.A. M.A. Mechanical Drawing St. Lawrence University Hospital Fordham University N. Y. S. C. T., Albany B.A. Syracuse University fav-'W' Mr. Stanley H. Cramer Mr. Bradford S. Doane Mr. Arthur E. Dycke Mr, Everett Einhom Mrs, Eva S, Ellis English II and IV School Pxychologist Grade 8, World History H,S, Mathematics French M.A. M.A. M.A. M.A. M.A. Albany State Teachers' City College of Hunter College Columbia University Brussels University College New York New York University Miss Joan T. England Mrs. Patricia A. Ernst VN. Mr. Robert M. Falvo Mrs. Catherine Felter Mr. Clarence E. Felter Social Studies' Grade 7 arid 8 Grade 7 American Hixtory History World Hiflvry H vmemakmg M.A. World History M.A. M-A. B-A- Columbia University M.A. Bucknell University Mansfield State University Hunter College Bucknell University .. these are the catalysts Mr. Thomas J. Figlia Mr. William J. Graney Mr. Joseph Greco Mr. Howard T. Hartman Mr, Robert L, Hesse Grade 7 Physical Education Musical Education Industrial Arts Gmde 7 4nd 8 B.S. M.A. B.S. M.A. M.A. Cortland State Teachers' Columbia University Potsdam State Teachers New York University Columbia University College College Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Mr. Michael Jackman Mr. Paul J. Koors Mr, Stewart D. Kranz Mrs, Audrey E, Landau Home Economics Physical Education Guidance Counselor Art Grade 7 gnd 3 M.A. M.A. M.A. M.A. French Columbia University New York University Columbia University Columbia University' B.A. Cornell University Mr- Joseph I-if0WifZ Mr. John H. McCarty Mr. Leonard T. Neil Mr. John Ouligian Mrs. Elisa Palacios Plffyiif-V, General Science Science Grades 7-9 Guidance Counselor Mathematics Spanish M.A. Biology M. Ed. M.A. M.A. New College M. Ed. Springfield College Columbia Hunter College C01l1I11bi2 UI1iVe1'SifY Springfield College Teachers' College 'An agent used in chemistry to speed up a reaction. which stimulate the reaction. Y Mr. Alvin YA. Parker Mr. John W. Patterson Miss Cornelia Patteson Miss Dorothy M. Pelda MN- Edith C- Reckard Chemistry Grade 7, 8, and 9 Business Subjects English 1 and I1 librarian General Science Mathematics M.A. M,A, M.L.S. M.S. B.A. Columbia University New York University Syracuse University Albany State College University of North Carolina 1-I. it K - . , me . ,, was Bibi' :Z if lf as x Miss Helen G. Robbie Miss Grace A. Roll Miss jean C. Smith Miss Augusta J. Sveen Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Latin, Spanish Physical Education English Il and III Business Education Grade 8 M.A. M.A. B.F.A. B.A. M.A. New York University Columbia University Drake University Univ. of Washington Columbia University Mrs. Adelyne Urtnowski Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent Miss Margaret Wesp Mr. Robert Williams Miss A. Jenele Wride Grade 7, General Science Director of Music Grade 7 Industrial Arts Guidance Counselor Biology Ed. M. B. Pd. Driver Education M.A. M.A. Temple University New York Training B,S, Columbia University Columbia University School Oswego Stare New York University Teachers' College t V 'av' '55-1.4 K Y- X' fs "I wx: ' iff 5, ff ' AQ! A Rf K1 , , 1 : gN: .., QA. fx: if. A if ,V x , .X V . mfg E ,. . fi . ' 'G G Ng Nw' 1 ' ' ,i 'gi Nb .223 ' A Q-., .V 4. N 7. . L , . , Q I fxfl -Q -. S ' 'M' 2 s' '4 , 'Q' , ,ar ' K K Hn .4154 K , ' ' -I W X E H3 ,, ,H ' V Q, ' s'-qqy j rrl .x E ' ' -I Q 1' 'Q Y ,sg ggi' m I, , v ' ' v I , 5 J ""?'fi' . ' A' f ' -, ' 'J' S' . i.!M- A pr ,kzgig A 1 ff z' , , ,k - Sr: .V 1' E f , IL.. L G, , .X sz, ix, ,M A . . It WKXK4 . ,.M ,,. .9 W Q N , A 1 1 " A N I-'Q ??fQf'l 1 ' , 4-. 'F V 1 ' 4 xy-,Tw ,S 6 A V A A fifvxx 1 VM' , , h I , - ' 3 6 g i2' 'if ' 'Q 5 'lx I i s y , - M in V7 .. , . x " A '-- A idfwl iff Q .sf H up fig , ,A Exif -.4 " va R S LLHZATM FK QWUEUGJE 3 14+ " Wi. :ram t ' x 4 'L f .qw ww Q 0'7- J ff3'l5eiJ',wlg'H 6 Q ' F13 4' ' 3? E .f K 'i ,V Wa. 1269? Q K f Q 5 4' ,4?4".' v vffpfjiq A I G QW' ,X w .?jf..4 Q sy Q ,W S f . 'Q N' Q ak f as wb L, 'ff' ' . I' it A on ,- if 1 it 1 a , Q' ! I 1 5 Q is qv ft, . 5 L fe ' fm X " Q' ' rrrr IN rr r I ff : f"tff , Q ,, "' .6 ,. HG: u."Q-- -1 ! W W grow in uri U.S. Army lab comprehension grows in l mind. x Sue, Kcihy, Nancy, Donna ur forerunners of success- SENIORS at last, we look hack over the fruitful years of our high school career. We remember the excitement of entering high school and our untold enthusiasm in that all- important magazine campaign which we, mere lower class- men, won! In our Sophomore year we tasted of Ardsley's renowned outdoor education program. Will any of us ever forget that wonderful week at Biology Camp? Oh, yes, we all worked so hard on the Sophomore PX and came our with a fantastic profit of over 515000. Senior Class Ojicers President Michael Mondelli Vice-President Joanne Riccio Secretary Catherine Cassano Treasurer George Norton 'XXII Crcug, George, Dove, Bull Bob Dems Gary Julie the Seniors in daily activities. Enthusiasm carried us right into our junior year. Here we pooled our resources and put out a Medalist Ardsleyan yearbook. It was in this year that we moved to our new school, and amidst these new and not yet ivy-covered walls we carried on the tradition of a class which was to make its mark. And in this, our last year, so many wonderful events will always remain in our memories: our new Senior Room, our great Senior Play C"Girl Crazy"-the first musical ever to be produced in Ardsleyj, the birth of a football team in Ardsley, that fabulous Washington trip and as a fitting end to four memorable years-graduation ceremonies. Senior Class Advisers Mr. Stanley Cramer Mr. Clarence Felter Mr. john Ouligian Linda Judy, Sue, Pat pf Judy, Ro Qs Dennis, Gar, Dennls 42' ,JR J, L.. Nelson, Mlke, Jay, Penny, Nancy, Carol or wi fiiii, 1- .r n. V' Jim WI 5:5 M .fa" .gf -3 S i - -.1 ,ig Frank and -I Y - lyfiixaagf' Anna, Joanne, C ynthia, Lynne , I I M 'xv , if Barbara, Linda Joe Bob Ted Tony John 1 1 1 1 ' Wk, A ,, 3, 1 if , EDWARD M. AIM He Started to Sing as He Tackled the Thing That Couldn't Be Done and He Did It Honor Society 9 yearsg Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 2, 3, 45 Ardsleyan Photography Committee, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 4, Regional Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 All State Orchestra 1, 3, 49 Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Captain lg Jr. Varsity Baseball lg Track 3, 4, Spanish Club 3g Yearbook Club 23 Ushers' Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Danny and in Orchestra of "Girl Crazy." The Senior class is... was . Q-X3 sux Hd, 'uxfsiisr QL, Ft! 'X ' x 'Vu B3 J C,-N. ef. X- L-Q. IR 4,4 1 ,. N Y- X ae 1 I JOSEPH E. BENINATI Honest Labor Bears a Handsome Face Panther Speaks Printing Editor 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 25 Jr. Varsity Baseball lg Varsity Wrestling 3g Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 3g Technicians' Club 1, 23 Art Club 3: Senior Anthology Printing Editorg Gieber of "Girl Crazy," Chairman of Ticket and Sales Committees. 'g' I C J-:AJ ML ' 7M gow euOcJj figs PETER BENSON Here ls a True and Industrious Friend - KJ Honor Society 1 year, Varsity Baseball 2, 1165 H12 G 41015 -5, 4g Jr. Varsity Baseball 2, Captain 2, Varsity Football 4, Intra-Scholastic Foot- ball 3g Varsity Wrestling 3g Intra-Murals: JYO Basketball 2, 4, Football 25 Math Club President 4, Chorus member and dancer My I in "Girl Crazy." , V 3- ,fu DL' yy f, ,, IT 1 'L ,f fb of , me ,L ff W' pl Vjjafppf MQ, Jw f' WILLIAM BOGER A Little Nonsense Now and Then Is Relished by the Best of Men Vice-President 25 Varsity Baseball 3g Intra- Scholastic Football 3, Intra-Murals 45 Technicians' Club 39 Chefs' Club 3, Science Club 25 Student Court 45 Hall Monitor 45 Wrestling 35 Gieber of "Girl Crazy." -f J 3 k.Q" lx 97 .s ,gdb V, ,Q vm C 'ik'-,M iwigukjlv-ill: 3. T ,, fp.. K... X fig'-V-.. fy 5'-'ll X' 'gl 'Sf' 1--L5.tS-Q sf 6 QM- ll thi use ts 0 ee-'Miki le llleSo4ll 'IDOQ J 0 21 Q L, "KE D Llc ' il ' DQ adn it vlflsl tif fywbkx ella ,Nl B 'QA og, , V 21 ROGER V. CAGLE Silence 1: Valuable and Admirahle Honor Society 3 years5 Second Degree 1 year5 Ardsleyan Circulation Committeeg Track 1, 25 Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 35 History Club 45 Science Club 1, 2, Treasurer 25 Chemistry Club, President 45 Math Club 45 Theater Group 45 "Girl Crazy" Stage Crew. R w 9f'w,-f 453 DONALD R. CLARKE I Am the Captain of My Fate and the Master of My Soul President 15 Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 1 year5 Third Degree 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Ardsleyan Pro- motion Editorg Panther Speaks 4, Sports Editor 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Regional Band 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Regional Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4, Captain 45 Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Captain 25 Varsity Baseball 2, 35 Jr. Varsity Baseball 15 Varsity Football 3, 45 Student Council 15 Orchestra, "Girl Crazy." 1 :fs .r N ff .2 CATHERINE LUCILLE CASSANO The Only Way to Have a Friend Is to Be One Secretary 45 Honor Society 5 yearsg Second Degree 2 years5 Ardsleyan Typing Editor5 Panther Speaks Typing Committee 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Leaders' Club, President 45 Graduation Usher 35 Business Club 35 Mimeographers' Club, Typing Committee 35 journalism Club 15 Inter-Scholastic Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bad- minton 1 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey 45 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." .. the successful end 5 Jw 5 .5 ig, . 5 5 eeii -Q Q sasy 1 f V " 6 5 as ieee 5 iyeaee K "ff 1 1 lese 5. ,,,, 13515 L 1 .sac 5. . A,,f ' ssse y 1 4 A A 4 5 , 'i ' GARY CUDDEBACK A Silent, Peace-Loving Young Man Honor Society 5 years5 Second Degree 1 year5 Ardsleyan Art Committee5 Varsity Football 45 Intra-Scholastic Football 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Base- ball 15 Technicians' Club 3 45 French Club 2, 35 Dramatics Club 35 journalism Club 15 Chefs' Club 35 Clerk and in Chorus and Quartette of "Girl Crazy." LINDALEE DE BACKER She Was Born with the Gift of Laughter and a Flair for Art Ardsleyan Art Committeeg G. A. A. 1, 2, 39 Art Club 1, 2, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Sewing Club 15 Chairman of the Design Committee of "Girl Crazy." product of our project. SANTA DE ROCHA Cheerfnlness and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Panther . Speaks Typing Committee 45 Sewing Club , X ,lsr tt ' --A. 65. 15 , '.-' 1 t-,:VW-. ., 1- 5 15,1 5 frkr ga K in ' 5 5,5 iss 'iii NANCY ELLEN DONGARRA il ,kisfamf S ophistication Plus -V ,, .,. w4f,La' Transfer from Kingsbridge High School5 ii 'M My Honor Society Z yearsg Ardsleyan Photog- ji f raphy Committee5 Varsity Cheerleader 3, llli 5. ' 1 45 G, A. A. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Inter Scholastic: Volleyball 2, 3, Basketball 2, get -':. 5, Field Hockey 45 Hall Monitor 35 Twirl ing 25 French Club 25 Dramatics Club 4 Patsy of "Girl Crazy." g g . A 5 is 5 , .,.. 5 LYNNE D. DRUCKER Virtue ls the Truest Nohility Honor Society 7 yearsg Second Degree 1 yearg Ardsleyan Ad Committee5 Ardsleyan Art Committeeg Panther Speaks 55 Chorus 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 45 Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 35 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Club 45 Spanish Club 4, Vice-President 45 Yearbook Club 25 History Club 45 Dra- matics Club 45 Senior Anthology Book Review and Character Sketch Editorg journalism Club 15 Tess of "Girl Crazy" and Chairman of Costume Committee. Q was H442 MhMt+'fil .M M' iffilizhfii WW JUDITH MARION ERICSON There Is No Cosmetic for Beauty like Happiness Transfer from Christopher Columbus High Schoolg Panther Speaks Typing Committee 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Art Club 33 dancer of "Girl Crazy." We recall their private domain, DIANE EWALD Quiet at First, but Look Again! Honor Society 2 years, Ardsleyan Art Committee, G. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Spanish Club 2, Art Club 1, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Journalism Club lg "Girl Crazy" Prop Committee. JULIEN DOUGLAS FREEMAN lfiilit all Few Things Are Impossible to Diligence and Skill Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree 3 yearsg Ardsleyan Advertising Editor 33 Senior Anthology Editor-in-Chiefg Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Librarian 35 All State Band 15 Regional Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band lg Dance Sextet 2, Varsity Baseball Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra-Murals, Gradua- tion Usher 3g Yearbook Club 23 Ushers' Club 35 French Club 2, 3g History Club 43 Math Club 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Librarian 2g National Honor Society 43 Slick and in Orchestra of "Girl WM ,W naw. CORINNE MARIE GALGAY A Soft Answer Turns Away Wmth Honor Society 3 years, Ardsleyan Photog- raphy Committee, Ardsleyan Ad Commit- teeg jr. Varsity Cheerleader 39 Varsity Cheerleader ,3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 49 Yearbook Club 23 Journalism Club lg Kate of "Girl Crazy." PETER GATTI Carefree and Fun-loving, That's His Way Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2g Intra-Scholastic Football 35 Varsity Football 4, Captain 4, Intra-Murals: Foot- ball l, 2, Basketball l, 2g Technicians' Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 25 Honorable Mention Western Westchester League Football All-Stars 4, Stage Manager of "Girl Crazy" and Chairman of Technical Committee. the Senior Room, . 00m CAROL GOULD Music Is Well Said to Be the Speech of Angels Transfer from Lincoln High School, Ards- leyan Business Editorg Band 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 2, Librarian 33 Regional Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4g Ushers' Club 2, 33 Dramatics Club 2, French Club 2, 3, President 2, 3g Senior Anthology Assistant Editor 43 Clef Club 45 Accompanist and Orchestra member of "Girl Crazy." JUDITH ANN GOLDMAN Art Is a Veritahle Fountain of Youth Honor Society 7 yearsg Second Degree 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Art Editorg Panther Speaks Art Committee 4, Feature Commit- tee 45 Chorus 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 43 Yearbook Club 29 Art Club Secretary-Reporter lg Dramatics Club 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Secretary 33 History Club 3, 4g Senior Anthology Art Editor, Poetry Editorg journalism Club lg Chorus mem- ber of "Girl Crazy." NANCY GOLDNER I Shall Go Softly All My Years Honor Society 5 yearsg Second Degree 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Copy Editor's Assistantg Chorus 1, 2, 3g Clef Club 3, 45 Regional Chorus 35 Graduation Usher 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 French Club 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent 2, Treasurer 35 History Club 43 Jour- nalism Club lg Flora and Prima Danceuse of "Girl Crazy." I 4 72. QQ 37-s,1iQY6 Qfjljflrllfifraff ROBERT KIPP HASSELL Confidence Is the Conqueror of Men Vice-President lg Honor Society 4 yearsg Ardsleyan Photography Committeeg Ards- leyan Ad Committee, Panther Speaks As- sistant Editor 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Librarian 3G Jazz Sextet 23 Westchester Pops Band 43 Varsity Basketball 4g jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Baseball 33 jr. Varsity Baseball 13 Intra-Murals: Basketball 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2g Student Court 4, Art Club l, 25 Hall Monitor 4g Orchestra member of "Girl Crazy." C. NELSON HOY But the Man Worthwhile Is the One Who Will Smile When Everything Goes Dead Wrong Honor Society 9 yearsg Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 4, Treasurer 49 Ards- leyan Circulation Editorg Panther Speaks Assistant Editor 45 Cross Country 3, 4, Captain 45 Track 25 Science Club 2, Vice- President 2g Croton Biology Camp Coun- selorg Danny of "Girl Crazy" and Business Manager. wr? Wwe rwffrw CAROL GRUESSING Silence ls More Eloquent Than Words Honor Society 1 yeatg Ardsleyan Typing Committeeg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Business Club 3, 43 Mimeographers' Club 33 Sewing Club Zg "Girl Crazy" Prop Committee the fabulous Beatmk CAROL ANN HUGHES The Quietness with a Purpose Ardsleyan Typing Committee, G. A. A. 1, 2, Sewing Club lg Guidance Oflice As- sistant 43 "Girl Crazy" Prop Committee. LAURA J. HUGHES What Wisdom Can You Find That Is Greater Than Kindness Honor Society 8 years5 Second Degree 3 years5 Ardsleyan Technical Copy Editor5 Chorus 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 45 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 45 Yearbook Club 25 Art Club 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 45 Iphegenia Greek Chorus 35 Journalism Club 15 Chorus member and dancer of "Girl Crazy." Dance, and the Work, 5! 1 DAVID KAVOVIT Always Smilingg A Friend to All Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 25 Intra-Scholastic Football 35 Varsity Football 45 Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Honorable Mention Western Westchester League Football All- Stars 45 Pete of "Girl Crazy." ALFRED W. IZZOLO A Cheerful Disposition Wins Popularity Transfer from Cardinal Hayes High School5 Vice-President 35 Honor Society 4 years5 Ardsleyan Photography Commit- tee5 Band 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 35 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Jr. Varsity Bas- ketball 25 Varsity Football 45 Intra- Murals: Football 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Student Council 45 Hall Monitor 45 Student Court 45 Pete of "Girl Crazy." PETER C. JAEGER A Wise Man Never Loses Anything If He Has Himself Honor Society 4 years5 Second Degree 1 year5 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Chefs' Club 3, 45 History Club 45 Dramatics Club 15 Science Club 1, 25 Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 35 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." J ey, f . ably' CQCOSQK' GH it E . Maisie fs K 5 gifhix H2193 Q. .wi saw sf? F so- X c ,A ff ,B ffl? Nw Q' ,D an 'QV J f 27 SETH KLORES The World Is His Stage Panther Speaks 3g Band 1, 2, Art Club lg French Club 2g History Club 43 Science Club 2, 4, Key Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1, 25 Intra-Murals 1, 2, 5, 4, journalism Club lg Theater Group 4, Varsity Track 1, 29 Clerk and in Chorus of "Girl Crazy." ANNA B. KOVACIK Gentleness More Powerful Than Hercules! Honor Society 6 years, Second Degree 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Ad Committee, Ardsi leyan Circulation Committeeg Ardsleyan Photography Committee, Chorus 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Leaders Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Secretary 4, Graduation Usher 3g Yearbook Club Secretary 2, Sewing Club 3, Ushers Club 25 Dramatics Club 43 Journalism Club lg Theater Group 45 Na- tional Honor Society 4g Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." ROSEMARY ANNE KERR Wisdom and Goodness Are Twin-born Honor Society 4 years, Second Degree l year, Ardsleyan Circulation Committee, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, All County Choir 3, 4g Clef Club 3, 43 Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Captain 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Yearbook Club 25 Sew- ing Club 3, Dramatics Club 43 History Club 4, Journalism Club lg Hall Monitor 45 Student Court 45 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." hard but rewarding SUSANNE DOROTHY KREYMBORG Sing Away Sorrowg Cast Away Care Ardsleyan Typing Committee, Panther Speaks 3, 4, Typing Committee 4, Chorus 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, Business Club 3g Mime- ographers' Club 39 Sewing Club lg Dra- matics Club.4g Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." JANE LUCILLE KUHLMANN The Young and the Fair Honor Society 7 yearsg Second Degree 2 yearsg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 35 Art Club lg "Girl Crazy" Design Com- mittee. :Jn the Senior thesis. JOSEPH LIVERANI N A Nature "Girl Crazy," Stage Crew. A Gentle Humor and 4 Peace-loving Varsity Baseball 5, 4g Jr. Varsity Baseball A 1, 25 Varsity Football 4g Intra-Murals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Zg Chefs' ' Club 55 Chorus member and dancer of , ANNETTE ANGELA LIVERZANI , ,.. " Humor Is the Harmony of the Heart Ardsleyan Typing Committeeg Panther Speaks Typing Committee 3, 43 Chorus 4g p Sewing Club 15 Business Club 33 Mime- ,i:1'g, K i ographers' Club 33 Guidance Oliice As- sistant 45 "Girl Crazy" Prop Committee. JAMES MARTEN LOCKER So Much Is a Man Worth as He Esteemx Himself Ardsleyan Circulation Committee, Varsity Football 45 Intra-Murals 1, 35 French Club 2, 3g History Club 43 Science Club 2g Math Club 4, Eagle Rock of "Girl Crazy." 41, '17 AMA! A - 1 29 BARBARA MAYNARD As Merry as the Day Is Long Transfer from Burlingame High School, Burlingame, Californiag Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." KATHLEEN MARY MALLEY Mlle. Mischief Honor Society 1 year, Ardsleyan Ad Com- mittee, Ardsleyan Circulation Committeeg Panther Speaks 3, 4g Chorus 4, Secretary 4g G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Leaders Club 3, 4g History Club 35 Journalism Club 1, Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." We remember the DENNIS MCCOMB O, It Is Excellent to Have a Gianfs Strength Varsity Basketball 3, 4g Jr. Varsity Basket- ball 1, 25 Inter-Scholastic Football 3, Var- sity Football 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Dramatics Club 4, Lank of "Girl Crazy," Stage Crew. 3' ww N, TED MCCRACKEN The Winner Is He Who Gives Himself to His Work, Body and Soul Transfer from Roosevelt High School, Track Zg Wrestling 3g Business Club 45 Messenger in Iphegenia 35 Chorus mem- ber of "Girl Crazy." DENNIS JOSEPH MCDONOUGH A Little Nonsense Adds Spice to Life Transfer from Iona Preparatory School3 Varsity Football 4g Jake and Dancer in "Girl Crazy." First musical Pla , . .. MICHAEL MONDELLI He That ls Slow to Anger ls Better Than the Mighty Transfer from Cardinal Hayes High Schoolg Treasurer 2, 3g President 43 Honor Society 8 yearsg Second Degree 3 yearsg Ardsleyan Assistant Editorg Pan- ther Speaks Circulation Editor 43 Intra- Scholastic Football 33 Varsity Football 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Intra-Murals: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Football 23 Spanish Club Secretary-Treasurer 39 Student Council 3, 43 Student Court 4g Hall Monitorg Chorus member and dancer of "Girl Crazy." M mlfvw' ci fry Ay 4,4 Cf? fff Fl rl L ff' i,,f"iCPV0!9flJjL !bW M awp! -0 Vi' J ,o , my W if ' ,911 , UP pi CHQ, L a ' A A P W' flat ' wb W PATRICIA ANN MCDONOUGH ,OI A Merry Heart Makes a Cheerful Countenance Treasurer 13 Secretary 33 Honor Society 5 years3 Arzlsleyan Feature Copy Editorg Panther Speaks Editor-in-Chief 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4, President 43 Regional Chorus 3, 43 G. A. A. 1, 2, 33 Yearbook Club 2g Ushers Club 3, 4, Secretary 3g Hall Monitor 33 Twirler 1, 23 Journalism Club lg Chorus member and dancer of "Girl Crazy," Co- Chairman of Program Committee. BARBARA JEAN MEAD Laughter Ripples from Her Eyes Ardsleyan Typing Committee3 Ardsleyan Photography Comrnitteeg Panther Speaks Recording Secretary 43 Chorus 4g G. A. A. 43 Yearbook Club 2g Dramatics Club 43 Hall Monitor 33 Journalism Club 13 Tess of "Girl Crazy," Chairman of Props Com- mittee. vme. Fsetazq IAQ AMA,M,,7 Jfygwjqbx My 1540 iii cldep f-C4-Q ffkt..-,Zh MMA Jig '25 gan cet MM WW! JMMN WN MMI., 14,33 'HMM MM 0 fi 15 ck J ywwe "'QfA- fS-e'-MCI. .9 A 4vi?drlMM,,,.T4f-fwa Mex fi"',-cs-vw-at Ia.. at i ' 4'--J D 1 ROBERT DANIEL MULVEY A Blue Eye ls a True Eye Panther Speaks 33 Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Co-Captain 4g Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2g Varsity Baseball 4g Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2g Varsity Football 45 Hall Monitor 4g Student Court 4g Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, 33 Police Sergeant and dancer and in Chorus of "Girl Crazy." ADELE ANNE MURPHY Lovely to Look Atg Delightful to Know Transfer from Forest Hills High Schoolg Panther Speaks Typing Committee 4g Chorus 3, 4g Varsity Cheerleader 3, 49 G. A. A. 2, 5, 4, Hall Monitor 3g Inter-Schol- astic Volleyball 3, Patsy of "Girl Crazy." V157 RUSSELL J. MUCKLE, JR. Good Humor Makes All Things Tolerahle Jr. Varsity Baseball Manager lg Intra- Scholastic Football 35 Varsity Football 49 Technicians' Club 4g Yearbook Club 2g Chefs' Club 35 Dramatics Club 4, Varsity Wrestling 3g Intra-Murals: Football 1, 2, Basketball 1 2 3 Sam of Girl Crazy." ,,,fy'fW S Wwfwllll ilidigwlpf iw V M My mf AMW My Mi e "b lplvye ha WW Alix' OQV U 3 UV' -K Vw JXWIVQVAP 0' spiffy L..l.i'z. 51221. YZW Band 1, 2, rer 23 3lh , 4i5V!t0 Regional r 1, 2' , ' ll-S e orus 3 4 rchest 1 I Vicelgr Ch , g A ' si- dent 3g Jazz S ' Va ty,B e l Manager 3, 43 J . ar 'ty as al 5 ager 2g Jr. Varsity a al , T a g J Ushers' Club 3, 4g d ou 3 Monitor 4g Quartette arid Orc tra me ber of "Girl Crazy." ' DAVID NUGENT Tall in Stature, Tall in Ideas Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Ardsleyan Ad Committeeg Ardsleyan Circulation Com- mitteeg Men's Quartet 3g Jr. Varsity Bas- ketball 2g Track 3g Spanish Club 49 Grad- uation Usher 3g Chefs' Club 25 Dramatics Club 4, Treasurer 45 jake and in Quar tte of "Girl azy ,!9 ',',6,Io9Jl 1 ,, qs. .. ,f J ,Airy ,UL iS " at ashmgton D.C. ... CRAIG UCONNOR Where the W'illingness Is Great, the l l 1 DiHiaulties Cannot Be Great 1 111 'y L Honor Society 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Adver- E S gs rising Editorg Track 3, 4: Technicians' . l b 29 Yearbook Club 23 Hall Monitor gg is , 5 5 nt Court 45 Intra-Murals: Baseball y:'z VLWI ,V Wa ' irs Cowboy and Student Director of aea cccaf . ' ' my-" ili y.. -,i" lll 4 ill- -... fl' fhr S A '4" . 'aee' f , ' "ii " ilee JOY SUSAN PARDY 2 ' Enthusiasm Excels All Q li: S of Society S years Ardsley-n Ad l, mmirree: Panther Speaks Typing Cum- li' ' ittee 4g Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4g G. A. ' A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Leaders' Club 3, 4, Secretary. ll --f t 'Treasurer 4, Yearbook Club 2g Mimeog- 'idi - faphers' Club 3: Journalism Club, Vice- Q -,., V K 0.1 President lg "Girl Crazy" Co-Chairman of S t e Program Committee. uui's W f'fi.:l 1,11 ri,, G ' to 577' 'ul' Vlnl i lul A H I illf A ' i .S S GMS ROBERT F RAICHT Mm Nothin Great Was Ever Achieved K Wzthout Enthuszasm Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 yearsg Third Degree 4g Ardsleyan Editor- in-Chiefg Panther Speaks Assistant Editor 43 Jr. Varsity Basketball 23 Intra-Scholastic Football 3g Varsity Football 4g Spanish Club, Vice-President 3, Yearbook Club Zg journalism Club lg Intra-Murals: Base- ball' 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 3, 45 Student Council 43 Graduation Usher 35 American Legion Representative to Boys' Stateg National Honor Society 4g Sam of "Girl Crazy." a-'ffl' leo - VM uf. fart-t,ga2 awe Kar-J , 4' are it .ww-Ju WM' ,..,,-qA,,,,,t.,.fbw.4-ww-'H 005'-yo and 95'-CL-vsfl almasf cam pn' Lidvlfew 00- Auf I J'al.u..,.., ... vvftfw ala-1 W q1Z,,f-q.V, Q-rwlillbl-YA Ull- q0u1ltf A 'T Gticllo' N, n ' SIL '4 kwa! .zQ-i'L4, ' lleli lf. im FRANK RAND A Good .Laugh Enriclaes the Soul Transfer from Forest Hills High School, Intra-Scholastic Football 5, Varsity Foot- ball 4g Varsity Baseball 4, "Girl Crazy" Stage Crew. JOANNE RICCIO Her Wfayx Are Ways of Pleasantness and All Her Paths Are Peace Vice-President 4, Honor Society 9 yearsg Second Degree 2 yearsg Third Degree 5, 4, Recording Secretary 4, Ardsleyan As- sistant Editorg Varsity Choir 1, 2g G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 43 Graduation Usher 53 Yearbook Club 23 Ushers Club 2g Dramatics Club Secretary 4, Journalism Club Secretary 15 Senior Anthology Non-Fiction Editorg National Honor Society 4g Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." Qqgxi R .W GEORGE T. RAMIN The Ever-reigning King of Wit Honor Society 5 yearsg Ardsleyan Special Photographerg Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 29 Intra-Murals: Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 4, Electrician of "Girl Crazy." .. the gaiety of DENIS P. RIVA Reason and judgment Are Qualities of zz Leader President 3, Honor Society 4 yearsg Ardx- leyan Photography Editorg Intra-Scho1as- tic Football 3, Varsity Football Captain 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Wrestling 33 Graduation Usher 35 IOOM: Club: World History, Student Council 3, 4, President 45 Art Club 25 Senior Anthology Poetry Editorg Electrician of "Girl Crazy." PENNY ROSE Conscientious, Capable, and Full of Fun Honor Society 6 yearsg Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 5, 49 Ardsleyan As- sistant Editorg Chorus 1, 23 Orchestra 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders' Club 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3: Yearbook Club 2g National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, Ushers Club 1, 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 4, French Club 1, 23 History Club 4, Senior Anthology Poetry Editor, Journalism Club lg Molly of "Girl Crazy." the Senior Prom, .. l W ...,, .... . 2,1 1 . ieii ' a.Ar E. 4 ee 1 - . ,, If -'::' , - , S S 4 ' . fi Jffff ' 'Ff?T'fggiggj2e?,f':e,L 'S ' .,, rig,,, ., 1. rf A . .. . . ,,,. ,,,, . ,,-. , 5 I . 1 -, - :1 '. - ll,e . -' .2fiw 'f":Q .fb-Q21 . 7. wif? '-ee ,fam i f 5, 14-,,1f'1 K'-f" --"' " jf. .,..-, Ae-- I ,", 1 . i ' ifQ9f::5,.J in if M4155 .l.:.,,: ,-L, .,,, wizififi ""' 'E ! fr RICHARD J. SCHLAUCH Silence ls One of the Great Arts of Conversation Ardxleyan Typing Committee, Business Club 15 Science Club lg "Girl Crazy" Stage Crew. rn-L, VIRGINIA ROSLER A Thing of Beauty Is a joy Forever President 25 Honor Society 9 years, Sec- ond Degree 2 yearsg Third Degree 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4g Ardsleyan Ad Com- mitteeg Ardxleyan Circulation Committee, Panther Speaks Magazine Committee 4, Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Spanish Club 33 Student Council 2, 3, Treasurer 33 Student Government Trustee 29 journalism Club 2g dancer of "Girl Crazy." JOHN SAUNDERS An Easy-going Fellow Honor Society 4 years, Intra-Scholastic Football 3, Varsity Football Captain 4, Track 2, 4, Wrestling 3, Intra-Murals: Baseball 1, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 45 Future Teachers of America 35 "Girl Crazy" Stage Crew. W-K.-C' CLO-fruf Nlffrn.. Z2 fruiw we-in 'pci' '04 J-0--1.4. ""W1 J fftfqefueiaz 55 NANCY SHANNON Live Wire, Full of Fun, Well-liked hy Everyone Transfer from Weston High School, West- on, Massachusettsg Chorus 4, Secretary 4g G. A. A. 4g Dramatics Club Vice-President 43 Molly of "Girl Crazy." ALAN SHUART The Unspok ord Never Does Harm French Club 3 Histor Clu 3, 45 Math DONNA MARIA SCOLA She W' ill Light Up the Sky with Her Ejiciency Ardsleyan Ad Committee, Panther Speaks 3, 4, Typing Editor 3, 4, Varsity Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, Captain 4g G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club, 3, 4, Secretary 35 Yearbook Club 25 Mimeog- raphers' Club 35 Salt 'n' Pepper 1, 25 Twirling 1, 2, 43 Senior Anthology Typ- ing Editor, Journalism Club lg Theater Group 45 Delilah and in Chorus of "Girl Crazy." .. the nostalgia of Club OqQ'5f er6M:ifzg irl C 515-liiwtfiffff WMWMM' wb MQWM LOIS SQUILLANTE A Good Laugh Is Sunshine in a House Transfer from Saint Jean Baptiste High School, Panther Speaks 45 G. A. A. 2, 4g f . Art Club 3g Drarpatics,Club ,3, 45 French fm... Club 34 Science'Club'f2gL Aunt Hattie of ' I ' "Girl Crazyff " N741 ' " f -lf rf '-f l " ,L ' 5 4'-' T ' - f' i M ff' P' - ' y W 2 , .L g I 44' ' X , - I I fr fc l V 7, 4 rl., .Lf "L . is , 7.1: . '.--5" " 1- " H lv. ' . X' f H I , Q If if I' ' I ,.. ' J f i A -V ' ' 1 f ,yr My 4, l 1' M, I I lv ,, , 0' I 9 1-HQ. ' , -.L 1- f L -. , I , L 1, V fr . .,. , " 3. 5' ' . f- in 1 L . I, M N Af sf K. ,I I l ' , rj 4, If ft- K' V, .blk I- -I 5 , V U LINDA C. STANAWAY The Mildest Manner and the Gentlest Heart Honor Society 5 yearsg Second Degree 1 yearg Band 4g Chorus 1, 25 Special Girls' Choir 33 G. A. A. 1, 2, Yearbook Club 2g Journalism Club lg Ushers' Club 3, 4, Vice-President 33 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." Graduation Da ,.. WILLIAM STILLMAN LINDA THOMPSON In the Twinkling of an Eye Honor Society 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Circula- tion Committeeg Ardsleyan Photography Committee, Panther Speaks Magazine Edi- tor 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Spanish Club President 33 Yearbook Club 2, Twirling 1 2, journalism Club lg Kate and dance of "Girl Crazy." Wfhat Should a Man Do but Be Merry Ardxleyan Circulation Committeeg Intra- Murals: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Lank of "Girl Crazy." SUSAN SUTHERGREEN Humor Is a Virtue Well Worth Attaining Honor Society 5 years, Second Degree 1 year, Panther Speak: Typing Committee 45 Chorus 1, 23 journalism Club 13 G. A. A. 1, 2, 45 Business Club 3, 45 Yearbook Club 25 Hall Monitor 3g Dramatics Club 4g Twirling 1g Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." W I GV .W W STEVEN VAN LEER No Mun Is Happy Who Does Not Think JOAN TINO Her Hair Was Longg Her Foot Was Light Ardsleyan Typing Cornmitteeg Panther Speaks Typing Committee 3, 43 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Business Club President 43 Mimeographers' Club 3, 43 Sewing Club 13 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." and our plans as We Himself So Band 13 Chefs' Club 33 Art Club lg Science Club 23 Shop Club 43 Key Club 2g jour- nalism Club lg Chorus member of "Girl Crazy," Chairman of Publicity and Ad- vertising Committees. ANTHONY WALDEIER A Time to Keep Silence, 4 Time to Speak Honor Society 1 yearg Ardsleyan Ad Com- mitteeg Band 23 Chorus member of "Girl Crazy." SUSAN JANE WALTHER Her Merry Laughter Is Contagious Honor Society 7 yearsg Ardsleyan Ad Committeeg Journalism Club 13 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Business Club 3, 43 Mimeog- raphers' Club 33 Chorus member and dancer of "Girl Crazy." GARWOOD PAUL WHALEY The Great Hope of Society Is Individual Character Ardsleyan Ad Committeeg Panther Speaks 39 Band 3, 4g Orchestra 35 Varsity Football 4, Track 1, 2, 45 Intra-Murals: Basketball 1, 25 Student Court 43 Hall Monitor 43 Slick and dancer and in Orchestra of "Girl Crazy." faced the future. ROBERT ZEGRAY He Is the Mildert-mannered Man Chefs' Club 4g "Girl Crazy" Stage Crew member, Intra-Murals: Baseball 1, Basket- ball 1. JOHN R. WIGGINS Humor and Helpfulness Are Qualities of the True Friend Transferred from Perkiomen Preparatory School for Boys, Glee Club 4: Varsity Football 4, Varsity Club 4g Inrra-Mural Sports 45 Chemistry Club, Chorus mem- ber, dancer, and Quartette member of "Girl Crazy." CYNTHIA RUTH WOLK The Reward of a Thing Well-done, ls to Have Done It Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree 3 yearsg Ardsleyan Assistant Editor, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, President 45 Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 1, 25 Yearbook Club President 2, Dramatics Club President 45 History Club 45 Senior Anthology Non-Fiction Editorg Journal- ism Club lg National Honor Society 4g Chorus member and dancer of "Girl Crazy," Make-up Committee, 1 39 Danny Gieber C lerk Patsy Tess .......Edward Aim Nelson Hoy .Joseph Beninati William Boger Gary Cuddeback Seth Klores Nancy Dongarra Adele Murphy ...Lynne Drucker Barbara Mead Slick Kate Flora Pete Eagle Lank Smash, Senior Success and ...Julien Freeman Gar Whaley ...Corinne Galgay Linda Thompson .......Nancy Goldner ...........Alfred Izzolo Rock David Kavovit .......james Locker .Dennis McComb William Stillman jake ....... .......... D ennis McDonough Sam ....... .......... Police Sergeant Fuxvt Cowboy ........... M o lly ........... Delilah ............ David Nugent .Russell Muckle Robert Raicht .Robert Mulvey Alan Shuart .Craig O'Connor .........Penelope Rose Nancy Shannon .........Donna Scola Aunt Hattze ................ Lois Squillante Barbara Corinne Gor Julien Penny Nelson Outstanding First--"Girl Crazy" This year's SENIOR PLAY was the first in Ardsley's history to fea- ture a musical comedy. "Girl Crazy" was the unanimous choice of the Seniors because it was in keeping with their desire for something new and exciting. On April 8 and 9 such familiar melodies as "I've Got Rhythm" and "Embraceable You" came to life on our own stage. They were days alive with the music and gaiety of a Western Dude Ranch. Danny Churchill, exiled New York playboy, was responsible for bringing Br0adway's bright lights to Custerville, Arizona. This little "one horse" Western town hadn't seen a woman in years, that is, aside from Molly Gray, the postmistress. Danny promptly fell in love with her upon his arrival in a New York taxicab. Gieber Gephar, his driver, 'Nu Indo Donna NICkIe Ed Lois was soon accused of shooting the sheriff, and Danny intervened just in time to save Gieber's neck. The town experienced more rootin', tootin', and shootin' than it had known in many years when Danny and his friends took over. We look back on "Girl Crazyn and recall the enthusiasm and hard work that went into making this production a success. RJEIFIINJED MATERIALS The pouring of refined sugar, as pictured, signifies the culture de- veloped in senior high school stu- dents. Front: A. Brumberg, H. Baum, F. Bramble, Miss Smith, Back: R. Brooks, E. Brady, H. Bernstein Absent: C. Bitting, J. Costigan. Seated: Miss Smith. Standing: S. Corbino, E. Coven, C. Coggins, J. E. Cauvet, L. DeMetrio, P. Carlson. Front: Miss Smith, A. deTarnowsky, D. Dezort, K. Eckelman, W. Duke, J. Esposito, W. Delagi. Back C, De-Rosa, B. Edelstein, J. DeSimone. fis. N caring the final stage, IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Gardiner President Althea de Tarnowsky Vice-President Valerie Mulvey Secretary john Speicher Treasurer 4 ,.f 1. V x the Iuniors leave their mark. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Westa Delagi Carole Freed Marc Scheinman Virginia Thompson . 7 1 p 1 1 """"i fx . 'I ,551 W 'N X' K' If fe I . 01 yawn i 0K Qguas Q9 Slzuzding: G. Lundberg, A. Haehn, N. Lapitino, M Krauss, Miss Patteson, S. Kichler, D. Kight, A. Jacob Absent: W. Geer, R. M. Massaro, A. Immediate. S'tamz'i1zg: C. Freed, J. Galgay, J. Fon, D. Johnson R. Forman, B. Guck, T. Gardiner. Standing: R. Huehner, E. Haraismowich, G. Hurst, S. Istvan, E. Howard, E. Hausman, S. Geyer, C. Harkewitz. The Rc-:ju M 'Fw My W, w Miss Pelda, Rich Brooks, Guy Lundberg arranging ad pictures for the Ardxleyan. Sealed: Mrs. Felter. Front: D. Miller, V. Mulvey, C. Murtough, C. Norlander, K. Morrison. Back: P. Muller, J. Mullahy, R. Neubauer, J. Olbcrt, M. Ozern. 0,1 on of the Ardsleyan, unior Da , Mrs. Felter, Mr. Parker, Miss Patteson, and Miss Smith, Grade 11 Homeroom Teachers-JUNIORS and ARDSLEYAN have always been synonymous at Ardsley High, and this past year we came to the full realization as to why. Persistence in ad, patron, and yearbook cam- paigns, spending many hours "overtime," and the tenacity of a group that wants success-all under Miss Pe1da's motherly guidance-have pulled us through. We did it and we're proud. Seated: M. Semegran, D. Schaefer. Center: J. Ro- manaccee, B. Seeger. Back: M. Scheinman, Mrs. Felter, R. Parrish, A. Paino, S. Pasquini, J. Prestholdt. Absent: K. Moore, G. Schlauch, J. Rand. the sponsoring of the Prom--these were their "f1rsts.', "Oh, no! Lab notebooks are due in tomorrow?" Many a JUNIOR could have been heard moaning this phrase after leaving that abode of mysterious dashes of light and of odd odors-the chemistry room. However, the JUNIORS enjoyed many a pleasant moment as some of the class learned the techniques of dramatics under Mr. Baldwin's tutelege. Seated: J. Speicher, N. Wild, L. Vieiro. Second: V. Thompson, S. Ullman, B. West, C. Townsend, P. Waite. Back: S. Smith, G. Wehmeyer, R. Wedekind, L. Weinman, Mr. Parker, G. Winston. Roger Huehner, Larry Weinman, Caroline Murtough, Westa Delagi campaigning for student government elections. Front: S. Smyth, J. Stern, R. Shore, J. Stagliano. Back: D. Serrano, R. Stempel, D. Stanton, Mr. Parker. Absent: C. Smith, J. Van Vliet. jd MS, 3 Lf 303' Xp J. J ,Mil N tyre r, mv it .ff ale . me RWM W Happiness filled all their moments. .5 ,,, . 1 ....,,4L.4.. Mr. Baldwin, Mr. McCarty, Miss Sveen, and Mrs. Urtnowski, Grade 10 Homeroom Teachers- lf you had peeked into the Panther's Den some eighth period, your attention would have been drawn immediately to a group with noticeably more "bounce to the ounce." They were this year's SOPHOMORES who were outstandingly gay and carefree. Parties, dances, and fun-these were their bywords during extra-curricular time. 48 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Ann Ridings Vice-President james Fraguela Secretary 4 Richard Reilly fs Treasurer Winifred lzzolo Standing: E. Brown, A. Bennett, L. Britt, P. Anthony, H. Ardanowski, J. Beckman, C. Alutto, P. Bell, R Brandon. Absent: 'K. Cassens, B. Curran. Front: R. Cook, C. Castaneda, R. Campbell, A Ciofalo, T. Burke. Back: P. Burger, Mr. Baldwin, T. Cleary, R. Clute. Sealed: V. Galano. D. Egy, M. Ericson, J. Fraguela, L. Costigan, E. Dieda, R. Galgay. Standing: Mr. Baldwin. The essence of the Sophomores Was... STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Edward Brown Paul Koors Richard Miller Susan Shiller Front: R. Bennett, W. Izzolo, P. Koors, R. Hirschfeld, A. Hellthaler, D. Goodman, A. Inversin. Seated: S. Johnson. Standing: B. Insky, T. Iaquinto, P. Hirsch. Back: C. Gruessing, Mrs. Urtnowski, F. Holser. Abxent: A. Gross, M.'Hoy, M. Lehmkuhl. Seated: G. Laudato, P. Kazan. Standing: H. Gould, M. Gottlieb, L. Larsen, D. Graves, W. Love, E. Korbin. Abxent: C. Gatti, S. Hockman, D. Knapp. "Remember the fun we had at Croton when .... " Sentences like this can still be heard whenever SOPHOMORES converge. The time spent at Biology Camp with its challenge to adjust to field trips, work crews, sleeping bags, and the responsibility of completing week-long assignments will never be forgot. The traditional SOPH PX, operated at basketball games, will also be one of our treasured memories. 49 ajoie de Vivre," and this they , . ..- K, T Y .. . 0. ,, 1 ,. . . ...wr r.. , , ff-fx f f3eRVi 5 ul I fl'-efloillli' 14:1 1 gi M,..:f1.1" A Wi lxx lxS'f'l'4', 4 . liar if .ff N, YiQn!xZ2,!J:Jf,y1! ll rf ilnillifgr 1 'Gai' if I' 1 A f ig I X I ', 1 I il 'I K N-P f -' U Front: Mr. McCarty, P. Osterburg, M. Norton, R. Patton. S. Portman. Back: J. Purdy, R. Reilly, R. Pestone. Absent: D. Moreland, C. Schulze, D. Schafer, D. Rooney. --...,,-K , Cyl I ,IJ 0 Qwlcl Willow X 3' V K , ,M ,,., Front: A. Marks, R. Miller, C. Nanna, R. Morris C. Mintz. Back: F. Marron, P. Mestern, M. Muckle. Seated: J. Sankey, A. Ridings. Standing: E. Schultz W. Morrison, M. Schappach, M. Scapperrotta, C Salerno. added to lighten our days. Seated : C. Weinberger, A. Terrington. Standing: V. Waldemar, C. Wallitt, J. Suthergreen, N. Stein, T. Waldeier, J. Walther, Miss Sveen, H. Unger, J. Sweet. Seated: J. Smith, M. Speicher. Center: R. Spencer, S. Shiller. Back: S. Silverman, Miss Sveen, A. Shel- don, S. Smithline, G. Seberg. Front: M. Wymbs, C Weiss A Young T Witham Back: S. Witham, K Yocis Absent M Whaley A. Wiggins. if fi JO FN eg we wi F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representatives Joann Esposito Elaine Grandolfi Easily inaugurated into fthe gay whirl cf' f' Gregory Edward Gardiner Margaret Schwartz Linda Hoffmann Kenneth Rand Margaret Schwartz rig! 4 52 JL' .mi , I K1 weft ,, ff! Ca, Ifront: J. Glaberson, E. Glover, C. Geer, Miss Caprice D. Geyer J. Girard. Second: E. Gardiner M. Flani Standing: R. Carlyle, B. Bellin, D. Decker, C. Bern stein, Miss Caprice, A. Ardanowski, K. Beall, B. Bow man, P. DeMichele. Absent: M. Graham, S. Brinson Front: B. Duke, Miss Caprice, J. Esposito, J. Dunn J. Edelstein, A. Fatigate. Second: S. Einhorn, W. Doughty, J. Feurer, B. Dezort. Absent: R, Denike C. Derr. 9 3 s and hard Work of high school life, .. Front: L. Rosler, M. McDonough, S. Ross. Back: J. Martin, H. Matthews, C. Meuser, H. Marcus, Mr. Litowirz. Front: P. Patterson, G. Rinciari, L. Riva, W. Moore. Back: K. Rand, R. Prestholdt, N. Milton, C. Ray burn. Absent: D. Nardecchia, J. Nugent, S. Neilson. Seated: N. Oliver. Standing: R. Sahl, M. E. Saunders, L. Robinson, G. Paino, S. Rinaldi. Absent: S. Neilson. Miss Caprice, Miss England, Mr. Litowitz, and Miss Pelda, Grade 9 Homeroom Teachers- Easily inaugurated into the gay whirl and hard work of high school were this year's FRESH- MEN. Well-represented in all phases of high school life-Student Council, sports, dances, and clubs, to mention a few-they have proven them- selves to be a vital part of Ardsley High and to show great promise for the future. ,127 xx in Kalb N Ik Xxx 1, "x I X- NQXNS R '- C ' 2 53 ...the Freshmen have proven themselves .4 qyfl Standing: J. Green, G. Istvan, P. Guck, P. Gucken- biehl, O. Haehn, D. Inversin, B. Howard, E. :lolfi L Hoffmann W Ist an G. Hell ha er. O 'fs Q5 JM Q K Aw ff' jf.. L. Ji JL uf? . 01 54 I .xi 141195 lv v li-. Wil. bl N dr! ink.. 3 . i I2.1f1rUl X 'fu .I ,lui VI X--,iwgrfx 4 ' lglvpilfn ,' x I "gig J , X grunt' Y Huh-, ww K L ' 'f LY'uni'r 'l 1151101 if all ' X If ' Y . l u X Q Q X - ' X 1 f - ' - .101 0 ' 5 K Cl: X Q +uH"?f5.'?-1' X Standing: D. Lapitino, L. MacLoon, Miss England E. Karcich, C. Kazan, -I. Korn, E. Leach, M. Kilstrom S. Kaiser, K. Korn. Back: C. Kalmykow. Absent: J. Lieberman. Freshmen and partners dancing in the Panther's Den. MMS l and show promise iordyiqfggemaining years. if Q S l " ' fl Ki Seated: Miss Pelda. Standing: N. Tyrell, L. Viola, G. Zimmer, Y. Yuskin, G. Taranto, S. Whitney, M. Tidaback, J. Tino. Ahxent: P. Wasserman, T. Wood- worth. Bill S mmer, on Strand, and Arlene Ardanowsk discussin e ec ions in hallway near freshman J g l t rooms. Seated: E. Schlauch, M. Slack, J. Strand. Standing: Miss Pelda, W. Sommer, M. Schwartz, R. Steinberg, P. Stein, R. Stroh, R. Sherman. f' 5 rffiijefffle sf iJi35Q9'i.C Y51 "4'f Q. sa? Weenie? jfijff if 50555 if easifseffafie 55 PATH OIF IENIEIRG Light movement, photographed dn time exposure, represents the path of energy expended by Ardsley students in activities. I Miss.Dorothy M.rPe1da A Adviser-in-Chief, Literary and Ad Adviser Natalie Lapitino Assistant Editor Richard Brooks a Photography Editor Althea de Tarnowsky Art Editor Mrs. Catherine Felter Circulation Adviser Mr. Stewart Kranz Art Adviser john Speicher Assistant Editor Westa Delagi Circulation Editor Richard Forman Business Editor Mr. Howard Hartman Photography Adviser Miss Cornelia Patteson Business Adviser 1 .' 13 'V I 'l 'f' ,.!4,xR,osLtYAN BOARD or EDITORS-Seated: C. Mur- M i . - tough, A,,fi2leTa.showsky, R. Forman, W. Delagi. Standing: vE.'s"Hara,lSHtQ,Wich, R. Parrish, C. Harkewitz, Miss Pelda. 1 ' i 's 1' ffl' 5'2" . V .fl f e -- i . . lx' 1 iv' I YJ V, 0 i 5Top,+ energies channeled A ,Lynn If. fl ' 1,1 U J: ll I .ri A l, ' U7 . r", ," 1'- 1 l 'J l,J ' I On looking back over the past year, THE HOARD OF EDITORS will always hold fond memories of putting out the 1960 ARDSLEYAN. iFriday meetings gave the outward appearance of pandemonium, but were, in reality, sessions of productivity. Guy working on lay-out with Nancy's help, John and Rich Brooks cropping picturesg and Judy and Natalie proofreading were all familiar activities. While Westa franti-X cally counted money and Althea sketched, sbiql-rf' Fornian sent out bills. Carol typedpKin,'-seplusiongr K Rog, Larry, and Brian were outgchasing ads, and s .Richie Parrish balanced .the 'ad dummy as Lyn! N 'Y and Caroline created ,teams of copy. -"" ' . Despite, our fears, we -excelled and became .e the first ,group to exceedmfS25OD in' ad money alidf ' ' lsuiicesslfullylproduced a fnjtt-class book. It was all 'dueto theiszspiration, perspiration, inspiration, and intestinal, fortitude of the Editors and to Missy ,LA Peldawvllofhas not usx witltgpur ,Xj.j.,, luoolf but, evwenvmnre important, has subtly culti- E' vated our virtuesvand. has tried to correctaout faults to prepare us..for' even grearerchalleilges. l 5 '7From the hottojiinof quirfhearts yve thank herfifop L M this especially. ' ya, X.. Sealed: N.iWild,,J. Speicher, J. St,1el'tiL.Standing: Mig Peltla, N. Lapitino, G. Lundberg. V. i ' . Y A V . Afeatedgqr. R. ForniarL,S't+anding: R.tfBrodk5,l Mtg Hartman,gR. Parrish, Miss'Patteson. ' 3 s 'Y.f u , Y, 1' s 1 .5 M5 s ARDSLEYAN BOARD OF EDITORS-Seated: N. Lapi tino, G. Lundberg, J. Stern. Standing: N. Wild, R. Brooks L. Weinman, J. Speicher, B. Guck, Miss Pelda. to create the unique, Our deepest gratitude is extended to others who have helped us. Evelyn Brady, Connie Cog- gins, and Tom Gardiner, as irreplaceable assist- ants to our Ad Editors, spent many Saturdays and hours after school tracking down advertisers. Ex- amples of Marilyn Krauss' exceptional artistic abilities can be found throughout the book. jack Galgay and Dot Miller did more than their share in promoting sales during the circulation cam- paign. The Editors have dubbed Mitchell Ozern "boy wonder" as a result f his outstanding pic- ture-taking, developing, and inti talents which he employed in th enivfirnd nfs ctions. jean F0n's typing abilgg W v ry, I ful too. We would als ' el t Elxgess r sincere thanks to Mrs F51 hj4?lqgn out with Circu- lationg Missg t e , ou u s adviserg Mr. Kranz, f V t a f' e a dup t graphic artg Mr. r ad e on eng! ortraits, and to ke h s 55215 speqial help de- velop go them . x M li ii M rrjlprll Xl 'M Klip WiyjwQANWy. s U X ' fl ' ' l lf' , f, J ' BJ ,f K W frat! .I fed HaraiS. sfanfzlnggwiiielre My i wlli Q. J' s -LM Q, L Standing: L. Weinman, B. Guc .fspeighfi Mgssfilklda Wt gl I . gwl pl OW X lfnjfnowl' i,, Il L Ardsley is proud that in its second year out branch of the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY has thirteen members. They were chosen on the basis of character, leadership, service, and mainte- nance of a scholastic average of over ninety per cent. The names of the new members were kept secret until the day of the "tapping" in assembly when each initiate was presented with a key serv- ing as a symbol of excellence. Members are from the junior and senior classes with three proba- tionary members. Officers are President M. Schein- man and Secretary J. Stern. Miss Helen Robbie is adviser. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front: Stern, P. Rose, A. Kovacik, C. Wolk, J. Riccio, N. Wild, N. Goldner. Standing: J. Freeman, M. Scheinman, R. Raicht, L. Weinman, R. Forman, J. Olbert. to excel scholasticall , Those who are interested in learning and familiarizing themselves with the details and "ins and outs" of the publication of a yearbook are members of this year's YEARBOOK CLUB. It is the school's organization which also prepares, educates, and even singles out prospective editors and committee members for the ARDSLEYAN of the following year. They are under the leader- ship of Miss Dorothy M. Pelda who conducts the club on a semi-lecture basis and who is also the chief adviser of our school's annual yearbook publication. YEARBOOK CLUB-Seated: L. Britt, V. Waldemar, P. Mestern, T. Waldeier, M. Hoy. Standing: Miss Pelda, C. Alutto, R. Bennett, J. Purdy, D. Graves, R. Cook, H. Ardanowski. The members received an introduction to the vocabulary of yearbook creation and publication by keeping a record of the meaning of various technical terms and their use in journalism. Com- parison of many school and college yearbooks to denote differences in paper texture, print, pho- tography, art and general quality along with examples of numerous cover techniques is an- other informative facit of the YEARBOOK CLUB. Holding office are President Paul Koors, Secretary Ellen Korbin. YEARBOOK CLUB-Seated: E. Korbin, J. Beckman. Standing: Miss Pelda, N. Stien, A. Ciofalo, G. Seberg, M. Norton, B. Curran. to prepare, and to inform. New frontiers were opened this year by the PANTHER SPEAKS NEWSPAPER. The staff added many features to their publication such as the 'iClod Award" or the "Bulb Award," which gives humorous recognition to the Ardsley stu- dent who has unintentionally committed the "blooper" of the month. Other specials featured in the magazine section are the "Teacher Fea- ture," which is a short sketch about a faculty member, and "The Tattler," which is the local social news. Printed also are previews of coming events, a report on club activities, and occasion- ally direct news from the administration. THE PANTHER SPEAKS-Sealed: D. Nardecchia, B. Dezort, B. Seeger, E. Cowen, D. Johnson, H. Coven. Standing: S. Smith, M. Whaley, A. Young, A. Jansen, J. Goldman, S. Shiller, J. Beckman, P. Hirsch, S. Brinson. The PANTHER SPEAKS became the first Ardsley High School paper to have a profession- ally-printed edition with pictures. A new col- umn, "Guess Who," is a write-up about an unnamed faculty member who is pictured in an early photograph taken during his younger years. The staff this year also tried to increase school spirit. Top editors participated in journalistic seminars to acquaint themselves with new ideas of other schools. Editor-in-Chief is Pat McDon- oughg Assistant Editors are Kipp Hassell and Bob Raicht, Circulation Editor Nelson Hoy and Typing Editor Joan Tino. Their adviser is Miss Lillian Caprice. THE PANTHER SPEAKS-Sealed: R. Shore, B. Mead, P. McDonough, A. Ardanowski, Miss Caprice. Standing: J. Tino, S. Kreymborg, K. Malley, K. Hassell, L. Thomp- son, G. Norton, M. Ozern, D. Clarke, J. Freeman, R. Raicht, N. Hoy, S. Suthergreen. The THIRD DEGREE, consisting of thir- teen students, is the governing body of the Ards- ley High Honor Society. These members are chosen by their fellow students and the faculty on the basis of leadership, character. and service to the school. Their duties are to take charge of the Honor Society initiations and to handle other matters concerned with the organization. Miss Helen G. Robbie is adviser. Officers are President Donald Clarke, Vice-President Virginia Rosler, Recording Secretary Joanne Riccio, Correspond- ing Secretary Judy Stern and Treasurer Nelson Hoy. THE THIRD DEGREE-Seated: N. Hoy, J. Stern, D Clarke, Miss Robbie, J. Riccio, V. Rosler. Strmffingz G Lundberg, J. E. Cauvet, M. Speicher, P. Rose, C. Coggins D. Nugent, E. Aim, R. Raicht. it Vffgff Tfffffff Vp This year's CHORUS was one of the best in Ardsley's history. Chosen to participate in the All- County Chorus were Virginia Waldemar, Carolyn Townsend, Lois Larsen, Connie Coggins, jane-Ellen Cauvet, Pat McDonough, Rosemary Kerr, Craig Smith, Jon Purdy, john Galgay, George Norton and Robin Shore. Those particularly outstanding in chorus activities are G. Lundberg, R. Forman, G. Norton, C. Smith, j. Galgay, J. Cauvet, N. Shannon, A. de Tarnowsky, and V. Waldemar who went to Atlantic City as members of the All-Eastern Na- tional High School Choir. Mr. Vincent is adviser. Strains of "Girl in Satin" or "The Waltzing Cat" could be heard from the music room on any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Ardsley's High School ORCHESTRA was having a rehearsal. Their programs have been enjoyed at many of the func- tions of our school this year. Edward Aim was se- lected for the All-Eastern National High School Or- chestra at Atlantic City, and Guy Lundberg, Glenn Seberg, and Pamela Hirsch for the All-County Orchestra. Officers are President Donald Clarke and Secretary Carolyn Townsend. Mr. Vincent is adviser. 1 3 a 5 5 2 Vfrfflffpliffp Vfliltp 5 This year's BAND organization has seen a re- markable increase in its size. Expanding in number to almost fifty playing members, the band has an almost professional quality in its music. Members entertained at the Christmas Music Program as well as at the school's Annual Spring Concert. A'summa- tion of their hard work and efforts was presented at the Band Concert which they themselves spon- sored. All was accomplished under their zealous director, Mr. joseph Greco. The CLEF CLUB is the governing body of the Orchestra and Chorus. Every member joins both of these organizations with the knowledge that en- thusiastic performance may earn him membership in the CLEF CLUB. It is the job of its members to see that the rules governing Ardsley High's musical organizations are upheld and that suitable programs are set up. The vital functions of this club are in the hands of the juniors and Seniors who form its nucleus. The club is under the guidance of Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent. CLEF CLUB-Standing: Mr. Vincent, D. Clarke, R. Kerr, N. Goldner, J. E. Cauvet, E. Aim, C. Coggins. z i ! One of the objectives of the RADIO CLUB is to prepare the members who are de- sirous of obtaining a Novice License for "ham" radio operation. Mr. Litowitz assisted them in learning the required code and in meeting other qualifications. After discussing types of circuits and radios, the members col- lected old radios and dissembled them. The parts were used to make kits which were avail- able to members who wished to assemble a radio on their own. The club looks forward to a possible project next year of constructing a ham radio set. RADIO CLUB-Standing: J. Girard, B. Guck, A. Inversin, J. Prestholdt, P. Burger, C. Salerno, G. Hurst, R. Parrish, Mr. Litowitz. Energy The SCIENCE PROJECT CLUB, under the guidance of Mrs. Urtnowski, has made available to high school students, endeavoring in the field of science, the laboratory equipment and academic fa- cilities of both the biology and general science class- rooms. Members assembled to work on their re- quired or extracurricular projects or laboratory experiments. Basic materials, apparatus, reference sources, and helpful advice needed for their indi- vidual projects were always available. SCIENCE PROJECT CLUB-Standing: Mrs. Urtnowski, H. Gould, P. Kazan, D. Graves, S. Shiller, E. Brown, R. Galgay. of thought that delves A project or undreamed magnitude was actu- ally carried out by the ASTRONOMY CLUB as a result of the combined efforts of the members this year. They constructed an observatory on the high school roof. It consists of a telescope on a platform and a protective dome on tracks that may be rolled away when the telescope is in use. Many weekends were spent hauling lumber for their project with the help of Mr. Hartman and Mr. Litowitz. But now they feel their work was well rewarded as large groups are able to see many wonders of the sky. ASTRONOMY CLUB-Front: H. Unger, A. Inversin. Back: E. Hausman, Mr. Litowitz, C. Salerno, J. Girard, R. Parrish, J. Olbert, R. Brooks. This year members of the MATHEMATICS CLUB endeavored to widen their knowledge in the field of higher math and its specialties. This learn- ing was accomplished by student presentation of re- ports on various areas of mathematics such as calcu- lus, probability, measurement, infinity, and prime numbers. At times, students presented formulas or theories they themselves had originated. President is Peter Benson and Secretary is Evelyn Haraismowich. Mr. John Ouligian is club adviser. MATH CLUB-Seated: P. Benson. Standing: J. Olbert, Mr. Ouligian, D. Serrano, E. Haraismowich, J. Freeman, J. Smith, A. Shuart, A. Murphy, J. Locker, G. Winston. into the known and the unknown, .. With the direction of Mr. A. Parker, the CHEMISTRY CLUB employed the facilities of the chemistry laboratory to learn first-hand how a lab is run and to see the results of various chemical ex- periments. Individual and group projects were re- ported upon. Students did work supplementary to their laboratory experiments in class. Members who took chemistry acted partially as instructors to the younger students. A co-curricular function of the club was having chemistry students prepare demon- strations which they did for class. President is Roger Cagle, Vice-President Marc Scheinman, and Secre- tary-Treasurer Betsy West. CHEMISTRY CLUB-Front: B. West, M. Semegran. Back: M. Ozern, R. Prestholdt, H. Marcus, J. Rand, Mr. Parker, D. Serrano, A. Inversin, G. Winston, R. Cagle, M. Scheinman, A. Brumberg, D. Knapp, C. Salerno, S. Klores. This year's PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB delved into aspects and methods of the world of professional photography. Members had the use of the school's dark room where equip- ment, such as the enlarger and developing ap- paratus, was available. Learning from actual experience, they engaged in various activities such as printing, enlarging, and picture crop- ping. Snapshots were taken by the members and later displayed. President is William Mor- rison, Vice-President Mitchell Ozern, and Secretary-Treasurer Donald Graves. Mr. Alvin A. Parker is adviser. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-Front: M. Ozern, A. Marks, P. Kazan. Back: W. Morrison, J. Mullahy, R. Brooks, D. Graves, Mr. Parker, T. Witham, R. Prest- holdt, S. Witham. l ,Y W , ,W , , , The purpose of the AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB of this year was to train its members to operate the equipment of the audio-visual aids department. They learned to use certain appa- ratus such as the film strip projector, the opaque projector and the tape recorder. An informative assembly, sponsored by the group, presented two films which explained how sound was produced. Members demonstrated sound on various musical instruments. Their program was concluded by playing a tape of student-teacher interviews on the subject of homework. Mr. Patterson is their adviser. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB-Front: Mr. Patterson, R. Wild, K. Bagelman, A. Kanning, M. Ozern. Back: S. Rinaldi, J. Martin, S. Klores, J. Nugent. The SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB, under the direction of Mr. Richard C. Baldwin, derived both fun and satisfaction from writing, direct- ing, producing, and staging for the seventh and eighth grade assembly their own play called "Around the World of Ardsley in Forty Min- utes.', They also presented short skits for the benefit of the club. As a result they learned about costuming, stage make-up, and voice projection. The club's officers were President Cynthia Wolk, Vice-President Nancy Shannon, Secretary Joanne Riccio, and Treasurer David Nugent. 66 yt ..mental energy that converts The freshman and sophomore branch of the Dramatics Club called themselves the A. A. A., that is ARDSLEY ACTORS ANONYMOUS. Their ultimate purpose was to learn the art of dramatics. They did this by channelling the activities of the entire year into one production. This was "The Hitchhiker," a one-act play which they staged for the entire student body. They handled all phases of the production, with the exception of the actual writing. President is Mi- chael Muckle, Vice-President Clem Alutto, Sec- retary Rachel Patton, Treasurer john Nugent. Mr. Richard C. Baldwin is their director. DRAMATICS CLUB--Front: C. Alutto, D. Schafer, E. Korbin, J. Edelstein, J. Lieberman, M. Slack, R. Sahl. Back: A. Ciafalo. Y. Yuskin, G. Laudato, J. Purdy, Mr. Baldwin, J. Nugent, L. Freedman, R. Patton, A. Marks, S. Brinson. DRAMATICS CLUB-Standing: C. Wolk, S. Kreym- borg, L. Drucker, P. Rose, B. Mead, R. Kerr. to produce sell-expression, .. Under the guidance of Miss Patteson the members of the BUSINESS CLUB have met with the purpose of Widening their knowledge of the business world. Demonstrations of several ma- chines such as the mimeograph, bookkeeping ma- chines, and foreign typewriters were a regular part of their activities. During some of the meet- ings, past graduates told of their experiences in the business world and in specialized schools. A club picnic celebration was held in June. The officers are President Joan Tino, Secretary-Treas- urer Ethel Howard. BUSINESS CLUB-Sealed: J. Tino, M. Wymbs, J. Sankey, E. Howard, E. Leach. Standing: Miss Patteson, T. McCracken, E. Schlauch, L. Viola, Y. Yuskin, B. McDonough, N. Tyrell, B. Howard, J. Fon, V. Galano, R. Massaro, M. Kilstrom, M. Saunders, M. Slack. ART CLUB-Standing: Mr. Kranz, C. Norlander, A Ardanowski, W. Love, F. Bramble, J. Muckle, J. Edel stein, H. Unger, S. Geyer. Playing a vital, yet unglorified part in al- most every performance presented in the audi- torium this year, the members of the TECHNI- CIANS' CLUB could be found behind the scenes expertly handling the technical end of the pro- duction. Although they themselves go unnoticed, the product of their efforts is indispensable. Un- der Mr. Baldwin's guidance, they were trained in the techniques of lighting and audio engineering. The ofiicers are President Charles DeRosa, Vice- President John Speicher, Secretary Brian Guck, and Treasurer Jerry Green. TECHNICIANS' CLUB-Front: W. Doughty, G. Green. Back: B. Guck, J. Speicher, C. DeRosa, J. Purdy, R. Bennett, J. Suthergreen, P. Anthony, P. Burger, R. Campbell. The ART CLUB of this year had forty-eight members. They met twice a week and worked on projects from their art classes or painted for pleasure. Some activities were drawing in crayon, with pen and ink, and with pencil. Paintings were made in water color and also by using the tempera technique. Members created posters for basketball and football games, school dances, and election and sales campaigns. Another function of the club was to decorate the Christmas tree erected in the front hall during the holiday sea- son. The adviser is Mr. Kranz. 67 A main function of the STUDENT COUN- CIL this year was to further student self-govern- ment. This was exemplified by the opening of lunch periods, student organization of assembly seating and programs, and student monitors at basketball games. It has drawn up a constitution which was ratified by the student body. The Council Executive Committee is the nucleus of the organization and also acts as a liaison to the Board of Education for the students. Officers are President Denis Riva, Vice-President Craig Smith, Secretary Marion Speicher, and Treasurer Ann Ridings. STUDENT COUNCIL-Seated: M. Schwartz, C. Freed, J. Esposito, E. Grandolfi. Back: S. Shiller, M. Schein- man, Mr. Figlia, V. Thompson, K. Rand, W. Delagi, S. Nusbaum, E. Alter, M. Kohler, R. Raicht, T. Dour- maskin, C. Galgay, V. Gedris, A. Izzolo, D. Benzenberg. This year's STUDENT COUNCIL, with the guidance of Mr. Thomas Figlia, has organized Pep Rallies for football and basketball games and planned and controlled the activities of Student Week. They were the main sponsors also of the Sock Hops held after the games and organized the campaigning and elections for Student Gov- ernment Week. Ardsley school jackets were also attained through their efforts. STUDENT COUNCIL-Seated: M. Speicher, D. Riva, A. Young. Standing: G. Zimmer, M. Mondelli, C. Smith, T. Gardiner. . .leadership qualities, The USHERS' CLUB is composed of students from the various sections of the music department. Mr. Vincent has instructed these members in the art of ushering, and many community plays and meet- ings have benefited through their services. They also usher at high school assemblies, Band and Or- chestra concerts, and at the Senior Play. There are no officers. USHERS CLUB-Standing: L. Stanaway, G. Norton, C. Townsend, E. Aim, D. Clarke, P. McDonough, J. E. Cauvet, Mr. Vincent. The newly organized STUDENT COURT acts as a committee to aid in preventing hall dis- turbances. The confusion of student passing to and from classes, littering, and movement block- age are kept at a minimum by the hall monitors. Offenders are "tried" before a group of seniors and detentions are given as a penalty. Court is held once a week after school in the faculty lunchroom. A different presiding officer is chosen each week. Miss J. Wride is adviser. STUDENT COURT-Seated: N. Hoy, M. Mondelli, K. Hassell, B. Cook, C. O'Connor, R. Kerr, A. Izzolo, G. Whaley. Standing: G. Norton, Miss Wride, R. Mulvey, W. Boger. opening of new horizons, .. THE CRITERION is an anthology of the origi- nal literary creativeness of students who have a talent for writing. Promoting an appreciation for good literature along with giving one who has writ- ten something well the satisfaction of seeing it in print are its purposes. Professionally-printed and featuring cartoon illustrations, the Criterion con- tains twenty-live articles including essays, character sketches, poetry, and short stories. Editor-in-Chief is Julien Freeman and adviser is Mr. Stanley Cramer. SENIOR ANTHOLOGY-Seated: Mr. Cramer. Standing: P. Rose, D. Riva, J. Riccio, J. Freeman, N. Goldner, J. Goldman, C. Wolk, D. Nugent, L. Drucker, C. Gould. New to Ardsley and unique in its way, the S. F. O. is a social, service, and leadership club. Its purpose is to promote better school-commu- nity and intra-school relations. This year's club sponsored the Snow Ball, a semi-formal dance which will become an annual event at Ardsley. The members secured club sweaters for them- selves. They presented a fashion show to raise funds for their week-end trip. President is Ann Ridings, Vice-President Meridith Whaley, and Secretary-Treasurer Susan Shiller. Their origina- tor and adviser is Miss Jenele Wride. S.F.O.-Front: B. McDonough, V. Duke, E. Leach, E. Korbin, M. Whaley, J. Walther, R. Shore. Back: Miss Wride, P. Stein, T. Waldeier, S. Shiller, A. Ridings, D. Johnson, S. Geyer, J. VanVliet, C. Freed. "Today we will have a report on old politi- cal muckraking tactics." Anyone passing room 203 on a Tuesday afternoon might have heard such a statement. HISTORY CLUB was holding a meeting. Here every member was free to in- vestigate and report on an historical topic which interested him. The range of subjects was end- less and exciting. The members decided against a governing body in order to give everyone a chance to contribute unusual information to the group. Mr. Felter is the adviser. HISTORY CLUB-Seated: E. Coven, D. Johnson, J. Goldman, R. Shore. Standing: C. Wolk, J. Locker, A. Shuart, K. Eckelman, N. Goldner, L. Drucker, S. Smith, R. Kerr, J. Freeman, J. Olbert, P. Rose, R. Cagle, A. Brumberg, R. Parrish, D. Serrano, C. Murtough, T. Gardiner, R. Brooks, K. Moore, C. Harkewitz, M. Ozern, W. Duke, G. Winston. '-in-M-.,Ql ..and understanding of other peoples. The FRENCH CLUB has gained an insight into French culture. With Mrs. Ellis the members enjoyed language and music records, talks on famous Frenchmen, and visits by native speakers. A trip to Broadway to hear the songs of Yves Montand, viewing French art at the Metropoli- tan Museum, a visit to a French restaurant, and serving a gouter of mousse au cbocolat to the faculty were activities of the club. Its officers are Presidente Cherie Kichler, Vice-Presidente Elise Coven, and Secretare Sallie Smyth. FRENCH CLUB-Seated: Mrs. Ellis. Standing: P. Hirsch, E. Coven, J. Van Vliet, E. Brady, D. Stanton, S. Kichler, C. Harkewitz, C. Mintz, R. Clute, J. Roman- acee, S. Smyth. 70 . i f I 5 ,wff ' . gf -L5'j'z.'o'5li xi. r' .mv VP! Y FFA' V . H " "N WEQKZ' WM? ziisviiifl ' ' ' z-1115-A .i?.Pg1v'121' The members of this year's SPANISH CLUB, La tertulifz espmiola, worked hard on the publi- cation of a Spanish newspaper, Lapiz en Mano. In it were articles written by members of the Spanish class. They also saw and enjoyed Roberto Inglesias' "Ballet Espanol" and dined in a Span- ish restaurant to top off the year's activities. Sefiom Palacios is their adviser. The oflicers are President Cynthia Wolk, Vice-President Lynne Drucker. Secretary Anna Kovacik and Treasurer Rosemary Kerr. SPANISH CLUB-Standing: P. Jaeger, C. Wolk, D. Nugent, R. Kerr, J. Riccio, L. Drucker, A. Kovacik, Mrs. Palacios. M vin. ,,, W .. L s A 3 3 '. , V 1. 1 .gg .ff . Q., Af -Yi 2? K K MA, L, . f . f ,- J - ,5 i L v 1 1, .. 1 ,. sb ,.., . AK E s i my hw , Joy and Gmny if W1 if 3,4 - 3 w'.Q.f ' w, .fem 1 -M, ,X lv .LQ 5 T45 wg wx .WM f fgfqi ' if 5, "-, K , , ' -Q... 53' E wary' 3? 4:11 P 33 1 yy --'Q' ,Q 2 Y wr V ,,.. 11, WMM , , 1,1 N, Af , - -f ww M1 e '- - :W-aa" 1 ' k -lELT.'f:f'I 'I' ' . ,MJ '-1, E.: A ..,,A , ,J . , 1, , , ,164 J N - , N , w5'i:,,! 'gf M, gg - ,N :nw w -, 1 I V , ' f 1 , 1 1 -11. . :,g41:'.',IM 4 . ,, ' f vw 1? ,W ' . ' ' 1 I ' - I ' J my Y, l,L-.51 , .. 74,1 ,LA ,Sq - N ' ' '. ' HV? f,19'g,.f. , 1. X - '. - . , , , , 1 M, 1 1. Q :.J. ,. 440 ' , I, 1 - 4 i u S T a F 2 X E I z 5 Action of zinc and sulphur is likened to the fervor of fair play ancl the tenacity to win of Ardsley sports participants. ml L :'V',, I Fa-fmt: W. Delagi, D. Kight, C. Cassano. Center: J. Riccio, j Pardy, K. Malley, A. Kovacik. Burk: C. Coggins, K. Morrison, L. Drucker, P. Rose. Sealed: J. Esposito, M. Norton, L. Vieiro, C. Bitting, S. Geyer, B. Seeger, V. Thompson. Standing: C. Nanna, M. Whaley, K. Mor- rison, J. Walther, W. Izzolo, R. Shore. Front: E. Esposito. Center: A Murphy, L. Drucker, R. Kerr, D Kight, W. Delagi. Back: C. Gal- gay, J. Pardy, A. deTarnowsky V. Mulvey, D. Scola, N. Don: garra, C. Freed, V. Rosler. 74 The LEADERS' CLUB is an exclusive organ- ization of only eleven members. Requirements for joining are to have earned at least 800 points in G. A. A., to have been on three honor teams in one year, to have passed a written entrance test, and to have been accepted by those who are already members. Also one must possess leader- ship qualities, sportsmanship, and athletic abil- ity. The club's main function is ofliciating at G. A. A. and play days, and the planning of the annual G. A. A. picnic. As a source of income members sold Leaders' Club bookcovers and Ards- ley decals to the students. President is Cathy Cas- sano, Secretary-Treasurer Joy Pardy, and Adviser Miss Grace Roll. In inspiring our boys to victory and in The JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS consisted of twelve girls who performed well at the County Center cheerleading competition although they just lacked one point to win a trophy. Captain is C. Bitting, Co-captain M. Whaley, and Mrs. Landau is their adviser. For the first time this year, the VAR- SITY CHEERLEADERS cheered at both football and basketball games. Dressed in new uniforms, their spirit inspired the spectators with a yearning for Ards1ey's victory. Proof of their high qualities was shown when they won a trophy at the County Center Competition early in the year. Captain is Donna Scola, Co-captain Rosemary Kerr, and Mrs. Landau is their adviser. Another activity that was newly inaugurated this year at Ardsley High School was our squad of MAJORETTES. It is a group of eleven girls consisting mainly of underclassmen: sophomores, freshmen, and eighth graders, with a few juniors and one senior. They were chosen early in the year by a faculty panel from a large group of hopefuls who tried out. The squad had to start from "scratch" because most of the girls had little or no experience. Mainly they were taught stage routines and got the feeling of working to- gether in preparation for next year. Head ma- jorette is Betsy West, and Miss Wride is the ad- viser of the group. making wins themselves-our girls excel. A traditional organization joined annually by most Ardsley girls is the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, a sports program that is held bi-weekly after school. The girls participated in team competitions ,in field hockey, volley- ball, basketball, softball, archery, and badminton. All members exclaim that they will never forget the great fun they had at the annual picnic held at the year's end. President is Virginia Rosler, Vice-Presi- dent Cathy Cassano, and Miss Roll is adviser. The Honor Teams for hockey, vol- leyball, and basketball played intra- scholastically and won frequently over other schools. Front: B. West. Center: F. Mil sop, M. Riccio, D. Niciu, J Krauss, A. Ardanowski. Back: J Edelstein, G. Paino, N. Wild, R Patton. Seated: K. Malley, J. Riccio, C. Cassano, V. Rosler, L. Rosler, D. Kight. Standing: N. Dongarra, J. Pardy, J. Stern, D. Scola, D. Mil- ler, K. Morrison. C. Cassano, A. Kovacik, D. Kight, D. Scola, C. Murtough, N. Shan- non, N. Dongarra, K. Malley, A. deTarnowsky, D. Miller, K. Mor- rison, J. Van Vliet. 75 if W in :M-" 'gf if 3,5 Qlhhn, ggg 58!4Q Mi?? Q3Ex 2 fb wxa. , r Q . 5 S? ii 2? gig W x 1 ., Q, i 76 . Jw . Ja: xw9,wfwm Yfwwmkkkm W M: .Q V, , i groundwork for recognition .. Although Coach Falvo's CROSS COUN- TRY squad was small and lacking in depth, they still managed to come out on top in most of their meets, These boys are little noticed for their hard work because they usually run dur- ing the halftime of football games, but they are worthy of strong praise. We were both proud and fortunate to have Sophomore Steve Witham on the team, for he was named the best runner in the county. With this in mind and the fact that there is a strong J. V. interest, next year's Cross Country should go far! Steve Witham Front: N. Hoy, J. Smith, R. Clute, E. Brown, C Kalmykow, P. Gucken- biehl, T. Wirham, S Witham, R. Neubauer Back: Coach Falvo, W Morrison. , E 3 W? as ' U A 5 ,Q HSN! Ed " if fl if X Even though this year's win- loss record could have been bet- ter, the VARSITY FOOTBALL team did a fine job on the grid- iron this year. The boys all played to their potential and showed definite improvement with every game. Every player possessed great team spirit and enthusiasm which are musts for a good team. Credit is due to their coaches, Mr. Figlia and Mr. McCarty, who have high hopes for a successful season next year. Captains were Peter Gatti, Denis Riva, and jay Saunders. VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front: F. Anteles. Center: B. Cook, S. Pasquini, P. Gatti, J. Saunders, G. Whaley, F. Rand, D. Kavovit. Back: Coach Mc- Carty, R. Mulvey, D. Riva, D. Mc- Donough, A. Izzolo, G. Cuddeback, M. Mondelli, R. Muckle, R. Raicht, R. Reilly, D. McComb, J. Liverani, J. Galgay, Coach Graney, P. Benson, Coach Figlia. W? . . and victories in Two dozen hard-working tigers made up the JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL team. Every day after school and on Saturdays these boys practiced their passing, tackling, foot- work, and formations until they developed into a smoothly-oper- ating squad. All of these prac- tices paid off in the long run for the team won one game and tied two. Coaches McCarty and Figlia are proud of their boys and feel they should excel on the Varsity next year. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL- Front: F. Anteles. Center: S. Silver- man, P. Koors, D. Graves, J. Locker P. Mestern. Back: E. Brown, R Miller, W. Duke, J. Esposito, G Taranto, P. DeMichele, H. Baum, R Pestone, D. Serrano, R. Morris, T Cleary, M. Muckle, T. Gardiner Coach Graney. intra-scholastic sports 1 II J . .fffyf W W WW Rxch Dec. 8 Dec. 11 Dec. 15 Dec. 18 jan. 5 Jan. 8 jan. 15 Jan. 26 Clarkstown Hendrick Hudson Hastings Edgernont Dobbs Ferry Edgemont Croton Irvington Tom 36- 156- 59- '57- +56- '47- 14481 Don Kipp Steve Rich Bi jan. 29 Elmsford Feb. 2 Hendrick Hudson Feb. 5 Dobbs Ferry Feb. 9 Hastings Feb. 11 Croton Feb. 16 Irvington , 367 "'54 'FSO 50 '470 X35 Feb. 19 Elmsford 39 "'Ardsley Versus Opponent-League Games Nw "'47 Bob Larry Paul H., ,. A- V, ,K g 5 W". . in , mi s 2 Q 4 222i 332 Hassell. I 5... Beat 'em, Boys, Beat 'eml Pound for pound and inch for inch this year s VARSITY BASKETBALL team was about the best Ardsley has seen in several years. The boys played together as a single unit with no individ ual stars, and their spirit and morale were par alleled by none. Everyone was proud of their fine record and the capturing of second place in the Western Westchester League. Thanks to the coaching of Mr. Jackman, this year's team was able to carry on Ardsley's honor-winning tradi tion in basketball. VARSITYBASKETBALL Front R. Mulvey, A. Izzolo, P. Koors T Gardiner, W. Duke. Back: Coach Jackman, L. Weinman, R. Brooks S. Witham, D. Clarke, E. Aim K JUNIOR VARSITY BASKET BALL-Front: K. Rand, P. De Michele, R. Galgay, E. Gardiner, D. Egy, G. Istvan, J. Fraguela, G. Zimmer. Back: Coach Einhorn, T. Witham, C. Alutto, S. Smithlinc, M. Flanigan, D. Graves, G. Tar anto, T, Cleary, W. Istvan, H Ardanowski. Ardsley Panthers Fighting for Fame The crowds at the games this year cheered just as hard for the JUNIOR VARSITY BAS- KETBALL team as they usually do for the Var- sity. The team which inspired this was one of such drive and determination to win that even when the chances of winning were slim they fought until they did or came close to it, Coach Einhorn's boys will surely be a team in the next couple of years. VARSITY BASEBALL-J. Esposito, G. Wehmeyer, R. Brooks, L. Weinman. V . 4 . VARSITY BASEBALL-A. Paino, P. Koors, D. Schaefer, E. Brown, M. Ozern. VARSITY BASEBALL - D. Kavovit, D. McDonough, Coach Graney, P. Benson, J. Liverani, J. Wiggins. Hard hits and last runners IL i 1 In spite of the snow-covered diamond, which im- peded the pre-season practices, the VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM has had a very successful season. Many returning lettermen plus the graduates from last year's Junior Var- sity have made this year's record one of the best Ardsley has seen. At every game the boys played with tremendous vitality and spirit and usually came out on top. With a host of experienced veterans from last year, the JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL team had a fine season of ball playing. A full schedule kept them on their toes in addition to Mr. Hesse's coaching. As with all sports in Ardsley the boys played with the will to win and usually did just that! JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-Front: G. Istvan, S. Hockman, H. Gould, P. DeMichele, R. Galgay. Back: C. Schultz, R. Clute, S. Silverman, D. Graves, C. Alutto, Coach Hesse. t A Qslf Asif. yt 3 if E5 l 'fa fr' TRACK--R. Parrish, B. Edelstein, R. Brandon, C. Kalmy- TRACK-T. Witham, R. Miller, R. Reilly, G. Norton, -kow, D. Knapp. J. Saunders. make these teams Winners. V The 1960 VARSITY TRACK team was made up of several component parts, all working together for their ultimate goal-victory! Our runners were mostly Fresh- men with Philip Guckenbiehl and Charlie Kalmykow showing the most potential. Dennis McComb, the main i weight man, was especially strong in the shot put and discus. These factors plus the advantage of a strong Senior nucleus has made this one of the best track seasons in the school's history. ! TRACK-George Norton and Al Izzolo. The co-captains of TRACK were Dennis McComb and Denis Riva, who last year was the lirst hurdler in Ardsley to win the Class C sectional championship in this field. Coach Falvo deserves the credit for making this com- paratively new sport such a success in Ardsley. TRACK-Fqronl: D. Knapp, M. Semegran, R. Parrish, P. Wasserman, R. Cook, R. Miller, T. Witham, R. Neubauer. Back: W. Morrison, Manager, J. Saunders, J. Locker, A. Izzolo, C. Kalmykow, P. Carlson, R. Prestholdt, G. Norton, S. Witham, J. Prestholdt, B. Edelstein, R. Reilly, R. Brandon, P. Guckenbiehl, D. Riva, Captain, Coach Falvo. Absent: N. Hoy, D. McComb. BASIC MATERIALS , "1 -1-QP The grade students are the basis for experimentation, the elemental beginning of the development of the mind. The graduates remember the days SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President Richard Morrison Vice-President Ronald Lindbeck Secretary Susan Ramin Grade 7-1 Miss Margaret Wesp Seated: P. Hyman, S. Loren. Standing: J. Johnson M. Muir, B. Kirkpatrick, M. Kohler, L. Mendell Miss Wasp. Standing: R. Fisher, T. Bersonnet, D. Holscher, N. Decker, L. Hill, B. Burrows, I. Berkowitz. Standing: S. Russell, T. Rose, M. Shore, T, Seitz, J Schwartz, L. Vincent, R. Sherr. 88 1,1 fs When they too were members.. 1 I V, S jan? "x. ZW 1'Z' i Pix flsf-.Jr 9 '4- '. 1' X If -,.' l,fN 5 'L 'Zi will fx I' . x.. ,f , Xi.: Q v fi X Mr. Edgar Allen, Grade 7-2 Homeroom Teacher-In keeping with the times, Mr. Allen's seventh grade math classes have followed a pro- gram of intense acceleration. They covered both seventh and eighth grade math and some ele- mentary geometry just this year. Standing: D. Waite, K. Ginter, S. Weckliffe, S. Rabin- owitz, E. Weiss, W. Wallitt, A. Schlitt, Mr. Allen. Standing: K. Hendee, E. Barkan, M. Gross, E. An- thony, L. Frowd, T. Dourmashkin, R. Evans. Absent: J. A. Stegman. Standing: R. Morrison, T. Love, H. Lewis, K. Olsen, B. Hirschfeld, S. Lindbeck, D. Marvin. 89 Seated: Miss Lyons. Standing: J. Bolger, J. Hogan J. Doughty, S. George, B. DeFeo, M. Roden, L. Boylei Seated: R. Lui, B. Mestern. Standing: M. Ridings, S. Westlake S Yarmovsk Lee er E. Toscani, R. 5 ' Y? J' P 9 Tangney, N. Mitsos, Miss Lyons. Seated: M. Kanning, L. Gomberg. Standing: D. Har- man, J. McClement, Miss Lyons, T. Jacobs, S. Hesse, B. Johnson. ...of the younger set. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Elaine Alter Joyce Culver Victor Gedris Angela Morano Grade 7-3 John Bolger Thomas Dourmashkin Aleta Hughes Marlene Nabas Miss Carole H. Lyons sfo, '5. The fun We had... Mrs. Elisa Palacios, Grade 7-4 Homeroom Teacher-This is one of the homerooms chosen to take French on an experimental basis. Taught by Miss Portegal, the French they learned was used in conversation by the class. They also did reports on famous scenic places in France. ni A ,,,,,-:ff fi? Wll Q01 lst! fxssi' E132 "SES W e l il' il 'ffl' Seated: Mrs. Palacios. Standing: V. Roberts, M. Riccio, B. Wanamaker, P. Saunders, S. Ramin, A. Thomas, W. Sassano. Absent: J. Patter. Front: J. Gottlieb, M. Nahas, P. Felter, R. Hender son, R. Johnson, D. Henwood, J. Kerbel. Back W. Bell. Seated: J. Krauss, J. Busch. Standing: S. Hamman D. Niciu, P. Perlield, S. Agnano, E. Ehrens. 9 J E Mr. Harlan Thomas, Grade 7-5 Homeroom Teacher-An intensive study of New York State -the workings of the government, its geog- raphy, and the Mohawk Valley especially--was undertaken this year by Mr. Thomas' seventh grade social studies classes. I E 2 Q 9? S Standing: R. Carucci, Mr. Thomas, C. Galgay, P Fitzgerald, J. Alexandrolf, J. Beland, J. Doscher, W Haimsohn, J. Cerrone. Standing: G. Earnest, V. Gedris, L. Freeman, K Kagle, S. Fatigate, C. Manning. Front: M. Riviezzo, J. Wooley. Second: A. Sharpe, T Sullivan, S. Turner. J. McQueen, H. Whymbs, B Semegran. Absent: R. Denike. 92 We all shared 9 5 V. f'Xx QL,qg' ASH Z'-' xx ':?:t""S5!0uuloqg,,..: ' 1:-T L., 1 11? 1.- lag Mr. Robert Falvo, Grade 7-6 Homeroom Teacher-The tape recorder afforded Mr. Falvo's seventh graders rewarding experiences as they recorded each other's voices, recited poetry, limericks, and choral poems en masse. Seated: L. Boccumini, S. Bellin. Standing: M. Bailey, J. Brooks, C. Fagin, J. Culver, R. Batten, C. Grell, Mr. Falvo. Absent: A. Hughes, R. Schulze, W. Fearon. Seated: E. Shuart, K. Seeger. Standing: B. Walther, B. Wehe, J. Warawoshin, C. Utts, C. Walker, K. Worden, Mr. Falvo. Front: J. Richardson, S. Kappy, A. Park, J. Maxwell. Back: D. Mellon, M. Rogers, D. Hassell, Mr. Falvo, A. Kirstein. m,,m Wm, W nv-7. - .Krsn- Sealed: D. Lotus, R. Lindbeck. Standing: L. Liman, W. Santini, A. Newman, F. McDonough. Ifrmzl: J. Istvan, E. Alter, Miss Beyer, R. K. de Tarnowsky, B. Delmerico. Second: mann, C. Godoy. Sealed: J. Tortora. Standing: J. Stanaway, sen, S. Washko, J. Thomas, M. Vieiro, R. M. Rubin, Milsop, S. Cockburn, R. Kuhl K. Torkel- Steinberg our studies and Miss Barbara Beyer, Grade 7-7 Homeroom Teacher-An enlightening part of the English course given to the seventh graders this year by Miss Beyer was the showing of educational films. They learned the mechanics of using the library properly. ?'Sx , ,fee X an 77 EW 3 -9 f f ' 'If 5 1 flMWf.'1l ln l ' wvllr- .1 W-f'i2w1l3femesssi ' ,.illQ9'i?Eiwl.ra1V" wi!IKylg.6O' V,2,vf ffl X I 1 at our class parties. Mr. Thomas Figlia, Grade 7-8 Homeroom Teacher-In December, Mr. Figlia's homeroom celebrated the approaching holiday season with a gay Christmas party. They have found that co- ordinating English and social studies can be fun. This is accomplished by submitting written material on historical topics. The year's activities were climaxed by a cook-out. will Sealed: J. Weisenberger, J. Washburn. Standing: J Scallero, R. Whalen, C. Williams, L. Stroh, C. Spano. Front: L. Cassano, F. Antellis, A. Corrieri, H. Ar chitteto, M. Deida, D. Gick. Second: R. Fraguela, R DeFranza, Mr. Figlia. Seated: R. Portman, D. Mondelli. Standing: R. McCauley, A. Morano, F. Morano, R. Laudato, D. Saz aw I I 6 I 4, f , X7 . l '2 1 , -" U W X " 2 C21-9 ' 1 R'-'R Q S 3 Standing: K. Begelman, D. Benzenberg, L. Burns, A. Ewald, J. Burger, M. Ellis, N. Jacobs, Mr. Kranz, M. Rosenblatt, R. Hausman. Standing: F. White, Mr. Kranz, R. Weiss, J. McCau ley, N. Leach, E. Singer, S. Nusbaum, W. Simmons, A. Olbert. Absent: L. Cagle. Seated: F. Lipton, L. Kahn, S. Kenner. Standing: B Naviski, G. Murrow, A. Tennanbaum, E. Nilsen, Mr Kranz, R. Brodsky. oid of great obhgations, EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS President Vice-President Lynne Woodrow Secretary Grade 8-1 flflv 1, I -x F 'if ,l We enjoyed carefree days. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Diane Benzenberg john Crysler Charles Fernandez Susan McKenna Patricia Lamour Alice Tallcott Grade 8-2 Mr. Arthur Dycke 25 T Front: Mr. Dycke, A. Muller. Second: R. Levy, N Galetta, E. Marks, J. Morrison. Back: A. Mattson, A Johnson, C. Hurst, S. McKenna. Front: J. Forbes, R. Dickerman. Center: A. Abromo- witz, K. Clune, S. Belove. Back: S. Dachinger, D Ciofalo, K. Doscher. Absent: R. Klein, C. Boardman Standing: P. Riegert, Mr. Dycke, M. Pestone, E. Son nenberg, N. Roberts, G. Purdy, 1. Redbord, E. Rosen thal, L. Woodrow. Mr. Robert Hesse, Grade 8-5 Homeroom Teacher-This past year the eighth grade English and social studies classes of Mr. Hesse were clev- erly combined. With scripts written by them- selves in English class they then did dramatiza- tions of such historical events as Lincolnls Gettysburg Address and Clinton opening the Erie Canal. The thrill of Student Week ' ifi vrfiu 0 :1 X, A K,:r1,.i ,. j ., .1 Seated: C. Roberts, J. Rand. Standing: A. Munck, B. Mathieson, R. Mainelli, F. Stien, C. Hellinger, S. Seitz, Mr. Hesse, M. Pachter. Front: C. A. Bates. Back: R. Bailey, S. Hasiwar, B. Jetter, A. Levy, J. Dowdell, Mr. Hesse, P. Lamour, E. Foster. Absent: E. Thorp. Front: L. Zito, R. Wild, M. J. Tancredi, R. Wede- kind, J. Waxenfeld, J. Trombetta, W. Ullman, D. Woodrow. Back: Mr. Hesse. 98 ..+....... K.-f,.,..,. mmwnw I 'Www W.V. 5... -MW... -....,. F t. :...,,.M, -J M'N""""wv-M-.,.., ..,x ww- ,V .L Kas, . , ,W 'fit- , . , ,J VOTE VOTE JUNIQR SENIOR V0 TQ N . , VOTE U S A j Vccfko Q9 'P O f S355 I Jill - - ' 4.24 Y lr f ...M t..,,,,,h- M ,H u : - mtl. mm, . ., .-W. H-...N K . . -..,,hj-'1:w.,cr fl fl ll i . f-'I W and the jo of roller skating gf ,K . V N scum--+ .M- Mr. Everett Einhorn, Grade 8-4 Homeroom Teacher-Together with Mr. Patterson, their mathematics teacher, the pupils of 8-4 planned a complete trip to California. They figured out the mileage to be covered each day. Travel expenses entered the picture, and they solved the problem of lodging and meal fees. This project was one which the students found practical and enjoyable at the same time. Standing: D. Mulholland, K. Olson, C. King, C. Hirschberg, D. McGlynn, S. McMurtrie, D. Paterson, A. Kanning. Standing: J. Chernet, A. Colucci, A. Groth, L. Harris, S. Diamond, R. Donoghue, G. Dworkind, S. Engle- kirk, J. Crysler. Back: W. Britt. Front: C. Schafer, J. Purdy, Mi. Rosow, G. Hollis. Back: D. Solomon, J. Vicari, L. Simmons, K. Sage, M. Sullivan. Standing: E. Ozern, Mrs. Howes, G. Huebner, D. Glassman, A. Janson, A. Masters, D. Harris. Standing: D. Saitta, R. Van Leer, H. Whitney, M. Pappas, J. Pardy, Mrs. Howes, R. Scotti. Seated: H. Coven. Standing: N. Bohn, N. Ferrier, W. Galligan, VMrs. Howes, J. Americo, R. Clarke, R. Cabot, C. Fernandez. Absent: L. Lombardi, J. Wolk. . .Frida nights together Mrs. Ruth Howes, Grade 8-5 Homeroom Teacher-The girls of this eighth grade learned the fundamentals of homemaking: preparing luncheon foods, making a basic skirt, and acquir- ing the rules of personal grooming. Meanwhile, the boys learned the crafts of woodworking, sheet metal, and art metal in shop this year. We fall with all of our friends. Mrs. Eva Ellis, Grade 8-6 Homeroom Teacher Grade 8-6 was one of the homerooms which was active in the program of roller skating at the Ashford Avenue gym. One night a week, while accompanied by recorded organ music, the eighth graders skated as couples, singly, or in a speed contest on indoor clamp skates. They greatly enjoyed this recreational activity. ..x '-'-- M L14 -,cw . fl .fl-'S' ' - 'il ,. si fi? :R -ft, . ,1 Seated: J. Tortora. Standing: B. Sasko, C. Wimazal, Mrs. Ellis, K. Pascone, L. Pracilio. Standing: P. Massaro, R. Mackenzie, D. Bliss, C. Fon, M. Bitting. Absent: M. Morano. Seated: R. Watson. Standing: G. McCracken, A. Goldfeder, S. DeNico1a, M. Kashchy, F. Cartwright. From the bottom of our hearts, We bestow this honor M'--4 - . j MR. FRANK PASCON E We, the Ardsley juniors, out of fondness for you and gratitude for all you have done for the teenagers of the village, take great pride in dedicating this section of our yearbook to you, FRANK PASCONE. As a person with a genuine interest in community affairs, you are admired and respected by those who know you. Speaking for all of the students of Ardsley, we would like to express our thanks to you for all the things you have done for us over the years. You have not only provided enjoyment and recreation but you have helped keep us out of trouble and given us someone to look up to. The juniors feel that your sincerity, kindness, and unselfish attitude deserve recognition. That is why we have taken this opportunity to say publicly, "Thank you, Frank. To us you are the 'greatest'." IIN IUSTIRY SPONSORS RESEARCH BEST WISHES FROM NATIONAL WIRE PRODUCTS COMPANY LIGGETT REXALL DRUG STORE SCARSDALE BUS CORPORATION I Af 5' ,X 'bf , ki .K A 5 . . fp tiff Q-I m M gig? Q1 I A gr. X Il "Westchester's most gracious supper club," THE WATER WHEEL INN, is situated along the Saw Mill River in Ardsley. In the spacious dining-room, luncheon, dinner, and supper are served, with music and dancing nightly. Call OWens 3-5522 or OWens 3-9797 for reservations. MMM, "Everything Musical" is a very apt descrip- tion for the CENTURY MUSICAL INSTRU- MENT COMPANY. Among the quality instruments sold here are Lowrey organs, Kranich and Bach pianos and Conn saxo- phones. Do as Marilyn and Betsy are and visit them at 178 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, or call George V. Euley at White Plains 9-8448. It looks as though Dot is enjoying some of the friendly service offered at TRACY'S SHOE SHOPPE in the Village Green. Drop in sometime and see their wide selection of family shoes including jumping jacks and Fleet Air for children, Penobscot Trampeze for women, and Edgerton-Nunn Bush for men. They also carry a complete line of U. S. Keds and American Flyers. OWens 3-5459. For a quiet and comfortable place where your friends and rela- tives can spend the night or even a week, try the ARDSLEY ACRES MOTEL COURT. Efficiency apartments are also available. These modern accommodations are located on the Saw Mill River Road and Parkway in Ardsley, only twenty-eight minutes from Times Square. Call us at OWens 3-2700. + b.t.Nu.i..smal -in . is -Ima ., . Let OLIVIA G. SEELER, INC., The Realtor of Ardsley, help you when a house becomes your problem. Let her aid you in buying a home, selling it, renting it, managing it, or insuring it. For all types of real estate and insurance, contact her at 501 Ashford Ave- nue, Ardsley, or phone OWens 3-3600. Barbara and Corinne seem to be quite inter- ested in what they are reading at CAR- TOON'S FURNITURE STORE, located on the corner of Wildey and Cortlandt Streets in Tarrytown. This reliable firm, which fea- tures "furniture that pleases," also has a branch at 25 Spring Street, Ossining, and has just opened a new store in Nanuet, New York. W . .,,. For plumbing, heating, maintenance for the home, call CHARLES S. HOY, INC., at OWens 3-0565. We will also completely serv- ice your gas and oil burners, as we are licensed in Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington, Tarrytown, and Greenburgh. .Ui Hg, In talking with "Doc," Guy learned that good health has been the goal of THE ARDS- LEY CHEMIST SHOPPE for the past 28 years. Any time that you are in need of drugs or pharmacy supplies, you will find a friendly spirit of helpfulness and the best possible values at this pharmacy at 479 Ashford Ave- nue, Ardsley. 1. ettt X Moving out of town, out of state, or to a different section of the country? For efficient service, call the F. J. CALDERA MOVERS at OWens 3-1166. Agents for the GREYVAN LINES, cross-country movers, we are located at 104 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. De- pend on us for safe transportation of all your possessions. Are you planning an extensive trip? THE ARDSLEY TRAVEL BUREAU will be glad to assist you by making all of your arrange- ments including hotel reservations and pas- sage by air or steamship. Follow Guy, Rich- ard, and Nancy's example and stop in at 467 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, or call OWens 3-0461 for additional information. 1 .w:g,,, As Judy is finding out, our shop specializes in quality merchandise at popular prices for juniorsy, misses', and women's wardrobes. Won't you visit us in the Village Green or call OWens 3-1030? And remember, "To be in fashion and thrifty too, THE ARDSLEY APPAREL SHOP is for you!" AUTO LAUNDRY SAVV IVXILL. r , 4 ,QL'Z,ff'f3M , , Why not have your car washed where every- one does at THE SAW MILL AUTO LAUN- DRY at 639 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley. For a dazzling simonizing or a periodic washing, call OWens 3-9779. The car wash is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. -'If jqlf Looking for a birthday gift? The ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE has a complete line of hob- bies and sporting goods for you to choose from. For a large selection of toys and greet- ing cards as well as newspapers, magazines, and candy, do as Monsignor Green and pay a visit to the Freeds' store at 472 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley or call OWens 3-9798. "Flowers for all occasions" is the motto of PULVER BROTHERS, FLORISTS, which Richard and Dick are just entering. Possibly they will purchase some shrubs as a bit of extra landscaping for their homes. Follow their example and stop in at jackson Avenue, Hastings, or call GR 8-1079. MQ lllwyp ly 5,1 1 108 Lyn tures she 15 to be had at at 242 Main Street, White Plains, for the Golfer," this new in-town golf of clubs, balls, and accessories and fea- for the experienced golfer and used for the line of golfing Nw your golfing gear to the Golf Center for expert They also sponsor a golf school featuring a P. T. A. Call WHite Plains 6-3448. Located in the Village Green, TOTS AND TEENS features a complete line of infant's and children's wear, as well as the latest styles for teen-agers. You'll find Mrs. Fagan willing to help you anytime. Tots and Teens also wishes to extend its best wishes to the Senior Class of 1960. stration. 'viii Dotty is inspecting a new 1960 Corvair while Ginger, Westa, and Tommy look on at BLASBERG MOTORS, INC., 414 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, New York. As well as a full line of Chevrolet cars, they also give expert service. Call OWens 3-5040 for a demon- 'LA 35 H' tl ' o ,ua 9 4 It looks like Kathy is getting plenty of assistance from Mr. Muldoon and Billy as she does her shopping at LOUIS' SUPER MARKET, located in the heart of the thriving village of Ardsley at 711 Saw Mill River Road. Louis' offers free parking and cheer- ful service, as well as a great selection of the best in foods. Be sure to call OWens 3-1120 or 3-1121 for free and speedy delivery at any time. Are you planning to remodel your home or finish your basement? If so, do as Herby and Al are and pay a visit to HARDWOOD FLOORING CO., INC., at 41-45 South Saw Mill River Road in Elmsford. They feature the finest in lumber and building supplies such as plywood, doors, trim, paneling, and tile. Call LYric 2-7900. The CHARCOAL SNACK BAR at its con- venient location at 632 Central Avenue, Scarsdale, is the place to stop for lunch,'a hamburger after a show, or just a refreshing coke. Drop in and see for yourself as Al, Betsy, and Marilyn did. If you're particular about your appearance, try QUICK AS A WINK'S SANITONE dry cleaning. One trial will convince you that ours is a superior dry-cleaning service. Located at 721 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, we feature 3-hour dry cleaning and same-day shirt laundering. These hands belong to two of our seniors, who are proudly displaying their new class rings which came from the L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY at 521 Fifth Ave., New York 17, N. Y. The name "Balfour" stands for the finest in commencement announcements, medals, and trophies. It looks as if Carolyn is checking some of Mrs. Townsend's work at 686 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley. If you are in need of her expert SECRETARIAL SERVICES, visit HELEN C. TOWNSEND at the above ad- dress or call OWens 3-5777. She specializes in stenography, typing, mimeographing, ad- dressing, and mailing, and she is a notary public. if Q-f . N- Ma- 1 5, , 1 ' Having served Lower Westchester for more than 40 years, JAMES MCCARTNEY and SON, INC., will fill all of your needs con- cerning insurance and real estate. Visit them at 477 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, or call OWens 5-5500. If you are shopping for a house and are in need of a real estate agent, visit ELSIE Mc- DONOUGH at 585 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York. She and her efhcient staff will be pleased to help you select a home any type insurance. Call OWens 5-5724-5. Ol' If your T. V. or radio is in need of repair, THE ARDSLEY RADIO AND TELEVI- SION SERVICE will fix it with friendly and dependable service. Stop in at 653 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, or call OWens 5-3499. t This Sunday pay a visit to the ARDSLEY METHODIST CHURCH, Ashford Avenue, Ardsley. Our Morning Worship is held at both 9:30 and 11:00, the same hours as the Sunday Church School, in order that both parents and children will have their services simultaneously. Our Youth Fellowships are held every Sunday evening at 7:50. A service and a welcome for all. N X The ARDSLEY CARPET COMPANY, INC., specializes in the expert cleaning and repair- ing of all your carpets and rugs. They also carry a wide selection of new rugs and carpets to it every budget. Stop in and see for your- self at 708 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, or call OWens 3-5619. i A5 ' ,X ., . . - ,au-1-T ':"' ' "M m B U M I There's no substitute for experience, and DOBBS FERRY MOTORS at 397 Broadway in Dobbs Ferry has been in business thirty-five years. They carry a complete line of Ford cars and trucks, as well as a wide selection of A-1 used cars. Call OWens 3-0362 for your friendly and efficient authorized Ford sales and service dealer. These girls, if asked, would all agree that the GIRL SCOUTS is the organization to join. The scouting program is available to all girls from 8-18. The Ardsley troops also wish to express their appreciation to the Ardsley Schools for the use of the buildings for their meetings. The WESTCHESTER GARAGE, located in Addyman Square, Ardsley, is the place to go if your car needs servicing. Expert collision work is done by Mr. Nannariello and his staff. For emergency road service call OWens 3-1954. auto IN ors Are you planning a trip this summer? Travel in style with new seat covers, an auto top, a complete set of car accessories, and AUTO INTERIORS, INC., located at 154 So. Central Park Ave- nue, Hartsdale, will be pleased to equip your car as Jack and Danny have just found out. Phone WHite Plains 6-1711. For the largest selection in lumber and build- ing supplies, do as Brian and Roger and visit ELMSFORD BUILDING MATERIAL CORP. Located at 5 Nepperhan Avenue, Elmsford, they feature do-it-yourself supplies such as tile, screens, and trims as well as fiber-glass and insulation. For free delivery call LYric 2-7200 or 2-7201. Al is looking over some of the trophies at R. E. TeCARR, 285 North Broadway, the Tarrytowns, New York. Follow his example for the best in basketballs, golf clubs, bad- minton sets, and all types of sports equip- ment. Call Mlidford 1-5741. SEMMES MOTORS, "Westchester's Largest Dealer," features the widest selection in the county of Ford automobiles, including Thunderbird and Falcon. Also for the finest quality used cars visit Semmes at the corner of Central Avenue and Ardsley Road, Scarsdale, or call SCarsdale 5-6600. X The ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL, which has worked diligently for the past two years for the benefit of the stu- dents, wishes to extend its best wishes to the 1960 ARDSLEYAN and its staff. I'm sure Brian, "Murty," and Roger are going to find just what they are looking for in the line of plants. Follow their example and take advantage of TACOMA NURSER- IESl experts who specialize in landscaping architecture and planting design. Stop in soon at Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, or call LYric 2-6686. KIPP BROTHERS, INC., experts in the fields of contracting and engineering, will be glad to serve your needs in either or both of these fields. See them at 15 Center Street, Ardsley, or call OWens 3-2200. It's a switch to see father waiting on daugh- ter, but it looks like joanne's dad is helping her at RICCIO'S DELICATESSEN at 474 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley. For choice gro- ceries, fresh fruit, and vegetables and for quick delivery and friendly service, call OWens 3-0365. T. V. trouble? Call Laslo Tari at OWens 3-4667 and the TELEVISION SERVICE CENTER will solve your problems with hon- est and dependable service. They also service phonographs and car radios and carry a complete line of Zenith products at 103 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry. Grand Union Part-Time Help: jane-ellen Cauvet, Susan Walther, Craig O'Connor, john Hogan at check-out counter. S M I L E ! Grand Union The PACEMAKER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY situated on Heatherdell Road in Ardsley, New York, is the place to go with any and all of your building problems. You can be sure of cour- teous and efhcient attention. ..,.r, E. ROBISON, INC., has a complete oil heating service for your home. Hot water heaters, oil burners, boilers, and tanks are sold and installed. Parts and twenty-four hour home service on any make burners, are included in the contracts. Our automatic fuel oil deliveries are an added convenience. The sales and service store is located in Hartsdale, and the fuel oil storage plant at Hastings-on-Hudson. E. ROBISON, INC., prides itself on its dependability as exemplified in the motto, "The house that service built." 94, 35185 H "2 :ef Village ai? Ar elle John H. Van Vliet, Jr., Manager-Clerk V. William Montuori, Treasurer Barry Golomb, Corporation Counsel Mary Kamens, Deputy Clerk, Deputy Treasurer Teresa Conover, Deputy Treasurer Henry C. Raab, Police Chief Eugene Downey, Chief, Fire Department Arthur Hellthaler, Captain, Auxiliary Police Francis J. McCormack, Police Justice Robert P. Sheils, Acting Police Justice VILLAGE BOARD Y DANIEL J. REIDY, Mayor Front: Helen C. Townsend, Daniel J. Reidy, Arthur J. Kenney. Back: William J. Britt, Charles Hinnen Trustees PLANNING BOARD Charles D. Morrissey, Chairman Bernard Kaplan, Gabriel Senor, John C. Nelson, John M. Cooney wwf. A SPELL-BOUND AUDIENCE i' U7 COOKE'S F WERS, INC 295 KNoLLwooD ROAD COMPLIMENTS . gf . CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP J. V. CI1e6l'IeCldBl'S ARDSLEYI N- Y. HODIE MIHI, CRAS TIBI BEST WISHES I. C. C. YOU MAY BE NEXT COMPLIMENTS . of . Hastings-on-Hudson Federal Savings and Loan Association HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N. Y. 560 Wurburfon Ave. GR 8-3232 Varsity bench WHife Plains 9-5020 Whife LET'S GO, 'ITCHYBOO'I BEST WISHES from Pa rent Teachers' Association Bob Mulvey fakes a iumpball at the Edgemont game BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS from the . gf . ARDSLEY VILLAGE TAVERN, INC. ALAN NOTARPOLE OWens 3-9707 Ardsley, N. Y. BENJAM'N H' ADLER ARDSLEY ssnvlce STATION HARDWARE TOM WILLIAMS, Propriefor Painis - Hardwares - Tools - Garden Supplies ConIracIor's Supplies - Keys Made SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD T27 MAIN STREET Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. OWens 3-9790 Ardsley, N. Y. OWens 3-5600 LARRY FOR TWO COMPLIMENTS . of . Ian S. Wilson, Inc. WHOLESALE FLORIST ROBERT WILSON, Manager A tense moment as Larry Weinman prepares to take a ARDSLEY' N' Y' Owens 34807 shot at the Hendrick Hudson game 120 SINK IT, DO SINK IT N, I BEST WISHES from Mike Cavanagh , Don CIurke shoots at the Edgemont game COMPLIMENTS BEST WBHES from - gf - RIVIERA PASTRY SHOP THE HONOR SOCIETY VILLAGE GREEN Ardsley, N. Y. OWens 3-9758 DE LUCAI5 GRQCERY HENRY'S HAIRDRESSERS CREATIVE STYLING DELICATESSEN - FROZEN rooos - cow sEvERAcEs Permanent Waving 8. Hair Coloring comer of PARKWAY and ASHFORD AVENUE Ample P""'i"9 222 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. owen: 3-0228 owen, 3-0320 KEEP 'EM OUT - COMPLIMENTS - gf . Sfernberg-Greene Agency, Inc. INSURANCE SPECIALISTS 'IO EDGEWOOD ROAD Coach Einhorn and J. v. "5" Hdrfsddle, N- Y- Owens 3-2122 CRACKER-BARREL PHILOSOPHER COMPLIMENTS I- of - A Friend our Whaley interpreting poetry at the Beqmik Dance DOBBS FERRY coMPuMeNTs MUSIC 81 PIANO CENTER -of' 63-65 MAIN STREET Dobbs OWens 3-4677 Ferry, N. Y. THE YONKERS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 'I MANOR HOUSE SQUARE Yonk YOnI1.ers 8-4500 ers 2, N. Y. ROSLYN CLEANERS EMMADINE FARMS WHiIe Plains 9-88I0 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. nowens by I Qnhnahmn Hdlldill Lientm, FLORIST 84 GROWER GREENHOUSES - NURSERY 217 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs OWens 3-4200 91m Ferry, N. Y. STILLWELL STAIRBUILDERS Cusiom 8. Producfion Sfairs 55 SAW MILL RIVER RD. Elmsford, N. Y. TIME OUT TO SMILE LYric 2-8135 Daniel Capula Adele. Denis, and Valerie 122 fi YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK COMPLIMENTS . of - Maurice Lubin Russ, Frank, Denis, and Bill at the Choc INTER-COUNTY TITLE GUARANTY AND MORTGAGE CO. COMPLIMENTS .of. 199 MAIN STREET White Plains, N. Y ALLEN SCHOOL FURNITURE WHite Plains 8-4041 NEIGHBORHOOD MARGEE CORP. WESTCHESTER GOLF RANGE Stationery - Luncheonett 701 DOBBS FERRY ROAD White Plains, N. Y ARDSLEY, N. Y. uric 2-6553 LYric 2-8211 S. Marinelli, B. Sc. Ph. EENIE' MEENIE, MINIEI MOE 0 4 I VILLAGE PHARMACY For Prompf Drug Store Service I7A MAIN STREET Elmsford, N. Y. ARDSLEY DELICATESSEN Imported B- Domestic Specialties l 694 SAW MILL RIVER RD., ARDSLEY OWens 3-4918 A, SQenzeI J. 5a,,,,de,, Rich Brooks in on election voting booth TOP BRASS COMPLIMENTS ' . of . ATLANTIC AIR FREIGHT, INC. SAW MILL RIVER ROAD OWens 3-5000 Ardsley, N. Y. J. LINGG AQUATIC GARDENS, INC. TROPICAL FISH - GOLDFISH AQUATIC PLANTS - AQUARIUM SUPPLIES CROSS ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Owens 3-0219 Guy, Nancy, Natalie, Judy, and Clem at Columbia Year- book Conference ARDSLEY ART 8. PAINT CENTER coMPuMeNTs Paini, Wallpaper, Ari Moferlals . of . OWens 3-2525 A FRIEND 719 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. PETER PACE ARTHUR J. sTucKLEN, INC. Hairsiylisf yndgviduaf gfylm Wafer Proofing - Exferior Coafings Permunenf Waves - Advance Coloring ia CEDAR smear Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. own' M560 Owens 3-2760 630 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y NOW TO TALK THIS OVER SENSIBLY . . . F. J. McCormack Insurance Broker OWens 3-0433 50 EAST 42nd STREET New York 17, New York Bob, Kathy, Bill, Allie, Clem, Wesra, and Roger on assembly panel MUrr0y Hill 2-6611 124 5 JUDSON AVENUE Ardsley, N. Y. AND WHEN WE'RE ELECTED . . Don George, and Billy at Viceroy Senior party rally COMPUMENTS OLSON 8. GORDON STATIONERS INC Everyihing For Ihe Home 81 Office WHi1e Plains 6-3232 44 CHURCH STREET Wh: e Plains N JOHN P STREB DOBBS FERRY AGENCY H. 8: H. BODY SHOP DUCO PAINTING G WELDING REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Body and Fender Sfraighfening Wheel Alignmenf and Frame Siraighienmg 706 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley N Y OWens 3-4016 Dick's Cabin Famous For Steaks TREET Dobb OWens 3-9729 EXCELLENT FOOD RELAXING ATMOSPHERE Over IO0,000 Have Been Served DROP THAT DESKI COMPLIMENTS . of - I I I ' Sco a E ectrlc Scene from Dramatics Class assembly skit COMPLIMENTS LAWSONIS SERVICE STATION - of ' no sAw MILL Rivera Row OWens 3-9703 Ardsley, N. Y BEST WISHES from Athletic Equipment SCOTTY'S DINER-RESTAURANT 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE 685 CENTRAL AVENUE Scarsdale, N. Y. LYric 2-8484 Elmsford, N. Y. SCorsdaIe 3-7547 OWens 3-9813 COLD WAR TENSIONS FRED'S AMOCO SERVICE Tires - Tubes - Accessories AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SERVICES 555 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Fred and Floyd Lichtenberg KRUGER'S TOY SHOP "Famous For Toys In Westchester" 107 MAMARONECK AVE. WH 9-9085 White Plains, N. Y. Visit Our New Hobby Shop V N H Krugsr's Hobby Shop 179 MARTINE AVE' WMI' Plains N' Y- Senior candidates for Student Government Day-Bruce, wi-4 9.1491 Allie, Linda, Bob 126 DON'T WORRYp WE'LL WIN COMPLIMENTS The Sophomore Class Hall scene outside gymnasium J. E. BRENNAN CORPORATION ARDSI-EY UTTI-E LEAGUE 477 Asnrono AVENUE, ARDSLEY and Manufacturers Agent Export, Import wn.LouoHsY's Foon MARKET . Co"""Mf"'s "We Deliver" - of - HENRY ARDANOWSKI MAIN STREET Poultry Farm and Eggs SPRAIN ROAD Ardsley, N. Y OWens 3-0500 Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Owens 3-4611 WHIIQ Plains 83900 "l AlN'T GONNA READ NO POEM" RODIER-ROONEY MOTORS, INC Plymouth, DeSoto, Valiant Authorized Dealer 76 S. LEXINGTON AVE. White Plains, N. Y. SPRAINBROOK FLORIST Nursery - Green House - Garden Center Years of Experience 8. Modern Growing Methods Assure You Quality Merchandise UNDERHILL ROAD SCUYUIUIQI N' Y- Seth, Barbara, Anneliese, Nancy, Carolann, Denis in scarsdqle 3-2382 scene from Dramatics Class Assembly ARDSLEY JEWELER COMPLIMENTS FINE JEWELRY - SILVERWARE WATCH REPAIRING . gf . Over the Counfy Trus! Bank DR. ALBERT BASSELL, D.D.S. TURCUS BAKERY Anosusv HARDWARE COMPANY French, Sicilian and Home-ma ADDYMAN SQUARE de Bread Gus Ranges - Rsfrigerafors - Hardware - Painls 68 MAIN STREET Eleclricul Appliances Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. OWens 3-4010 OWens 3-9845 OWens 3-5098 COMPLIMENTS - of - A F R I E N D WATERBURY, CONNECTCUT AMERICAN LEGION COMPUMENTS Ardsley Post No. 458 ' of - Exfencls Best Wishes To The Senior Class of 1960 , WHITE PLAINS CONSERVATORY JIMMIE S RESTAURANT OF MUSIC FINE FOODS Insirucfion on All lnsfrumenf "Relax in Pleasant Surroundings" 177 MARTINE AVENUE MAIN STREET, DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Frank Turso, Musical Direcior 0Wens 3-9747 WHiie Plains 9-1144 WHi1e Plains 9-1151 coMPuMENTs - of - THE ARDSLEY SUN-LEADER and THE MASTERSON PRESS COMPLIMENTS . gf . BEST WISHES YORK GOLF BALL CO Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. from - - C U R T O ' S The Trl-Village Appliances - TV - Houseware Sales 8 Service 48 PALISADE AVE. YOnkers 5-6800 Kurt J. Vollweiler UNIVERSAL METAL 8. ORE CO., INC. 10 HARTFORD AVENUE MOunf Vernon 4-0200 Mount Vernon, N. Y COMPLIMENTS . of . STAUFFER cHlsMlcAL co., mc. James Mc'cWh"'Ie" 8' Son CHAUNCEY' N' Y' Carpenters 81 Building Contracfors Alferafions 81 Additions KNOLLWOOD PARK SHELL STATION 37 Forest Blvd' Ardsley, N. Y Knollwood 8. Easf Main Slreef Elmsford, New York OWens 3-5567 lYric 2-9810 BEST WISHES FROM J. A. WILSON METAL PRODUCTS CO., INC. New YORK, New YORK Porfraif . . n ' NA ' - by .-:'7'+.,f- sv E-liz: - 1 gems, MICHAEL GRANDOLFI , 13 I-Z: fQf7'5'-IRL , y 4, -- L LI-,, I -I 1 A -Q.. .I 4: , -- , g . 1--S3 LUMIIER and MILL WORK -7- - ff' ' ,' 1 -' .. - IFE?" I .E 'V ' .1 hd.: I. :.'. . jf I' ggff. "' DOCK STREET :QT L-f Owen, 3-0055 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y ' 'TIL ,. .- 7 7 1 ' WHITE PLAINS INTERCOUNTY PAVING CO. THE 'Mme' gui' COMPANY ADVERTISING SALES FOR PUBLISHERS BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS - PATIOS - SIDEWALKS IGA GROCERGRAM - DISPLAY WORLD HOME IMPROVEMENT TOPICS - THE RANGEFINDER ESTIMATES GIVEN AMERICAN ROSE MAGAZINE Owens 3-3431 GReenIeuf 8-3787 EASTERN MOTOR TRUCK NEWS PROFESSIONAL FLORIsT M. SPANO - G. SPANO 156 FIFTH AVENUE I3 WESTERN DRIVE ARDSLEY, N. Y. CHeIsecI 2-3714 New York 10, N. Y. THEODORA HAIRDRESSERS S C H E R I S H O P , I N C . ARTIsrIc HAIR COLORING DONNA BONNER PERMANENTS THAT SATISFY wOMEN's WEAR a. ACCESSORIES 470 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. RUDY WORTH Owens 3-4680 19 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y, M R S . H . G 0 L D B E R G SCAPPY'S HARMONY INN, INC. FINE ITALIAN DINNERS and PIzzERIA OUR SPECIALTY Air Conditioned WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA SCAPPY'S BOWLING CENTER and CHILDCRAFT REPRESENTATIVE Bowling Night and Day - Aufomalir: Pinsefiers Free Parking Fcciliiies "Be Smurf" "DP Well uf School" 207 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY OW 3-9759 For Reservations Call OW 3-4196 OWens 3-0715 evenings -x ' INTERNATIO AL 'Q 5 1 . vt A - Lucca-rv 'NTELLIGINCEY CLUB r' W if 4' E1 'Q A . 'Q I ? Dun ONATIOQS 0 Arrrv 4 'K qw ,gin J' ' ARDSLEY, NEW YORK ff""'-X WQXWA Nfxrxk 1 1 x l x S- J N793 -EW XX "'NA1XOf'! xx. ff ..,,,fl COMPLIMENTS - of - THE ARDSLEY KIWANIS CLUB Presidenf-JOSEPH C. SOLARZ OFT 2nd Vice-Presidenf-THOMAS H. TUNNARD :gfvice-Pfesidenffnocen BANCR Treasurer-MANUEL MELTZER Secretary-LARRY NARDECCHIA lmmediafe Pasi Presidenf-HAROLD J. SAZ Co mp lim e n ty Of The Tradition-making SENIOR CLASS GF 1960 Chester F. Collier S. O. S. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Zuckerman A Friend Mr. lntrator H. and J. Dubreil Mrs. Mary Curtin Jamie Militana Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romash Mr. and Mrs. Richard Staples Richard, Ellen, Joe and Bette Nisi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hyland, Jr. Mindy and Dave Waite Normie, Claire and Robbie Varney Jo-Ann and J. J. Hutchinson Theodore Spinelli Mr. and Mrs. John Pavese F. Deli Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schaefer The DeSola Family Mr. and Mrs. Howard Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scala Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Spink Mr. and Mrs. William Sommer Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kothe Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Henwood Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. D'Auria Mr. and Mrs. Buser Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. George Spruck Mr. and Mrs. Paul Taxter The DeSolas Mr. and Mrs. Ericson Mr. and Mrs. LaMance Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Arbuthnatt Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Hallock Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. D. McGlynn Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vieiro Mr. F. A. Witkov Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William Molnowski Lyn Brady Mr. and Mrs. Clarke 0tero's Diner Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Jacobi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Greco The Ken-Brook Shop David E. Whitehead Rabinovitz Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Heller Mr. and Mrs. J. Solarz The Saunders Family Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoy Mr. Firor Patrons Louise Theberge Roger Gofton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn C. King Townes J. O'Hara George Platenyk Samuel Morton Galano and Daughter Mulholland Massaro and Daughter Glenn Kenneth Lundberg Guy Lundberg Giles Stuart Lundberg Sue Ullman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 'L. Murtough Caroline Murtough Mr. and Mrs. James Raff Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spagnolo Mr. and Mrs. Resino Mr. William MacDougall Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harkewitz Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Booth Mr. and Mrs. Irving Schlitt Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Muckle A. R. Cerrone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dosin Norman J. Livergood Jon Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mead Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Parrish Judy Osterberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tashiian Mr. and Mrs. Harley Kight Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hendee Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Stanton Mrs. Mae J. Hallahan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muste Judy Stern Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Grifo Mr. and Mrs. Albert Izzolo Mr. and Mrs. James P. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boulton Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Speicher Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Goldman Mrs. Wheeler Mrs. Wittens Natalie and Diane Lapitino Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Lapitino The Weinsteins Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boyle Mr. andAMrs. John Hustwitt Pete Annacharico Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Feit Mr. and Mrs. Culver The Manners Mr. and Mrs. Murray O. Smyth Joe K. Levickas Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Delagi Cecelin Family Marilyn Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Lehning Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Goldner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hoy Mr. and Mrs . John Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dot Stanton The de T's Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Edward Wild Felter G. Coven Charles Flaunders L. Duncan MacPherson H. Carlson Mitchell C. Vincent R. D. Stanton A. J. Kohlhepp The Comrades Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Johnson Dorothy M. Pelda Mr. and Mrs. H. Kovacik Dave Nugent Miss Cornelia Patteson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs John Galgay T. J. Eckelman John Norlander J. R. Snow John E. Hoefer John McAulay, Jr. Al Silverman Eduardo Juliet Charles Macko Louis Pinto G. Ehmann Irving Weiner Peter Blasco King Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Beaman The Terringtons Mr. and Mrs. Blatz Mortelliti Roofing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Morris Mr. and Mrs. T. Figlia Lillian Caprice Denis Riva Mrs. V. Riva Robin Shore Mr. and Mrs. Willis Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds The Prestholdts Augusta J. Sveen J. C Miss Miss . S. Marty Mignogna Beverly Ralis Mr. and Mrs. D'Andrea Corinne D'Andrea Mr. and Mrs. F. Coggins Cpl. and Mrs. F. B. Coggins Connie Coggins Hartsdale Nurseries Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Berger Mr. and Mrs. Justin Karp Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Neil Dr. and Mrs. James Carnrite Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koors Beverly Seeger Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Engel Miss Jean C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. G. Senor Miss Ann Gray Miss Nancy Rowell Miss April Auer Miss Karen Johnson Miss Cathy Hartz Mr. and Mrs. Osmund W. LeViness John C. Speicher Rick Neubauer DeBackers Suburban Music Studios Helen G. Robbie The DeMetrio Family The Ozerns Michael Rosow Mr. and Mrs. Trow and Family Mr. and Mrs. Pender Stern Mrs. Arthur J. Gagnon Carolyn Townsend A Buddy The Muffin Man Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dezort John Ouligian Hubert Kight Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Abramson Webster Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pavlick Mr. and Mrs. Loudato Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coghlan The Fon Family A Friend Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nolan Bradford Doane Miss Joan England Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Carroll V. Howes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Greco Mr. Charles C. Clegg Mr. and Mrs. John Bochnak Nick Harkewitz Mr. and Mrs. Roy McComb Jackie Van Vliet Dr. Friedman Andrea Brumberg Mr. and Mrs. Boardman Mr. Forest Mr. and Mrs. Von Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Bringman Dr. and Mrs. Frank Nancy Wild The DeSolas The "Ardsleyan" Board of Editors wishes to thank our photographer and our publisher: Mr. George Davis, Davis Studio, 329 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y., and Mr. Charles Clegg, The Comet Press, Inc., 200 Varick St., New York 14, N. Y. Our thanks especially to Mitchell Ozern, our student photographer of 'I2 Revere Rd., Ardsley, who took all of the pictures in the ad section, the photographic art in the senior section and some tandids. We acknowledge use of picture ideas in Scientific Picture Parade by Watson Davis-published by Duell, Sloan, 8. Pearce, Inc. T E COMET PRESS NC NEW YORK I4 Conclusion of Experimentati on--Success 'This palm contains a chemist's structural representation of a mole- cule--here abstractly a molecule of success. ,Vw . V V, V,.ViiiVVV VVafV gl -S ,,, 2: if 'fl' A 1. 1 , K i ,gm V,.t1 ..vk .V V All V 'V , 'V V V V' V - . . V V jj V 5 V V ' V. V A v...... ' 1,01 Ma .Qi .1 , e - ' " 'Z V. ' QQ! ' A - - s K 'VCV VV V , K V ' f V 0 ii f' 1 K1 9549 , X . -"V V V I V sf. Ri . , f . Q- ' ' , V ' t 4 ' , ' GM ' Q MV - A ' '.,g,f.f , . T22 g.VV ' V ,A.4 an A. LV-V+, V' . 'A j 'VVVVVZ' M -, 7 L+ ,l1"' xf ' 1.1:-f, .1614 . If .9 4 . , , is ,1 , .I F VK 'ir ik- N . .' V v "I: 513.3134 XV. ui, ,gg , A xg- , .- 5 " ' 'F-,li-' ,fra ' .ff ' '. ' L.. .YL 1 fr-51. 1' 'R 5 VV- Vg- Sw V V V,,A., ,V ., V .. H .2Y,,VV-JV , ff z .1 wg, - , 4 ff- . qt. Q. H - f . . 1. 'r- ' . 1---af! I 7 , T y .. ,. , Vg,-1 f.V .,g, gp V4 .V ' 1 , . f ,, ' , ..,,f'4-, j5"'f51x' L 'AT 2, ' bf V , -,,+-.1 , 5 ,., -. ,.g, : 1 A .. -h -iw?--'Q.p , 1..5f',.,ff1 risiaga. .f'f' X 'qgfm T! -' i1:fa .,a., ,ra- "x'3. I a X' K .VV W. ,V 1, gf: -,. 1 J 92' ,.' ,H I tl V., ,,,,, .A. K k u fu fwf I . V. ,15.,5Mf , -- 5 .,,,,,4 5 Q ww... .,,,., ,,...,+,,., , A k , uf In ig ii ,N fit ' 4.2 i L QI., E uf ,Qf 1, . . '6- A ,gs 5 X 1 vm an 1 QV., 5 21 4 ,eg is Q inn' :X 5 Qs N. . 1 Nmg 1 'x N44 K s 'W V32 ,s .L Q 1

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