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cg, 5 6242, V Q L55 rf' "M QW 1 X I X X sb fx K9 x gf f I NW, I H A M Mmm Q1 if :-..-!. f x .fx 945 X GQQQ 10 0 O fi? mf 111- f 1 0 ,c0 Mt ,is Z I NM N' 8 C098 N XM Xiv -NUM ' y j W :NRA ws- 'M F fl L20av.W'531 'XX' x , qv 1, ix V f N A 3.Qg,ZbTx N K W NN dk 4 f ' 95, X ,f 5 , . ,. ff if X ' Q 1 A f":""""" XA W F! if X ' mf. '49 Xx Toum Ardsley H zlgla 5'7AR ,DSLEYAN Published oy tloe Class of 1958 Ardsley H zlglo .fcloool Arelsky New York Your Gu iolelaoole to uertm Pam Objects of Interest Nuestra Pais, Our Country ,,........44,. Citizen of the Years ,.... ..,. . The Roll of Honor ,o.,.4.,. ,...,.. Executive Officers High Society .o,.,.. Proletariat ...,. Big Business National Pastimes Future Citizens r,.r.,. ,rr,.r. Today,s Youth .r..... ir...., Natural Resources . Subject Theme ......r , Dedication ..., in Memoriam i..r.r,, Administration, Seniors .r.,. High School ,.r. Activities .,., Sports .. Grades 6-8 ,i..., Elementary .r.. Advertisements Faculty .......r.... Page 5 6 8 10 16 32 38 49 61 73 82 uertm air the Theme You are now about to take a most unusual excursion through Nuestra Pais, our country, better known in other circles as Ardsley High School. During this tour we will give you a chance to become familiar with all the aspects of our make-believe nation. After being introduced to our "High Society" for the Seniorsj and our "Proletariat', fthe under- classmenb, you might like to see what our "Big Business" in- cludes besides attending concerts performed by our first-rate musicians or perhaps observing our youth in action. You will be ushered into breathtaking sports events, which are our "National Pastimesug then be sure to inspect our "Natural Resources" before you leave our realm. Whatever your particular interests may be, you are as- sured of having a gay time with pleasant weather and friendly companions. We greatly appreciate the marvelous aid that our advisers, sponsors, and patrons have given us in order to have the pleasure and honor of entertaining you. Have a Ufantabu- lous" trip! T be claw of 1958 elect! -Qm 3 Miss CORNE P the citizen of the yew: The Junior class is pleased to dedicate this 1957 Ardsleyan to Miss Cornelia Patteson, an admired and respected business teacher and a friend to all. The students in the commercial department appreciate the personal interest Miss Patteson takes in each of them. The members of the Commercial Club are extremely grateful to her, as their adviser, for helping to extend their knowledge of up-to-date office procedures and equipment in order that they may become "tops" as our secretaries of the future. As a homeroom teacher of the seniors, Miss Patteson is a guiding light to them in their final year of high school. To show our gratitude for the many hours you have devoted to us in the commercial subjects as well as being Business Adviser of the Ardsleyan, we, the class of '58, dedicate this yearbook to you, Miss Patteson. T be Roll of DELL CLARKE Ever-smiling, jubilant, and friendly, Dell was a happy-go-lucky boy. A born leader, being president of his class was just one of his countless accomplishments. Included in his treasure chest of favorite things were all kinds of sports. His eager participation on the Little League baseball team and his delight in early morning fishing trips portrayed him as the average American youth he was. The building of complicated boat models, one of his greatest joys, helped to fill many happy moments. Noted for his spontaneous friendliness, Dell Clarke will hold an honored spot in our hearts forever. A Those in Memoriam BARBARA O'LEARY A loyal friend, honest, sincere, and just in her ways, Barbara O'Leary was a person who could be depended upon. She was always there when one needed her-willing to help in any way. She was very cheerful herself and enjoyed being with people. Barbara also showed extraordinary enthusiasm in all her undertakings. She was good in her studies and excelled as typing editor of the Ardsleyan and as a member of the Third Degree of the Honor Society. Barbara dearly loved all kinds of sports. She participated in the Girls' Athletic Association and belonged to the Sports Club. For two years she was on the cheerleading squad, and even after graduating she skied, swam, and played tennis. All those who knew her loved her very much, and therefore she has won a cherished place in their hearts forever. Executive Eff... Mr. Arthur W. Silliman District Supervising Principal Outdoor Education Jr. Student Council Adviser M.A. Columbia University As representatives of the student body and the faculty, the editors of the Ardsleyan wish to honor our District Principal who has for thirty-live years pro- moted the best interests of the students and the teachers of the Ardsley schools. We personally express our sincere apprecia- tion for his patient and unfailing under- standing and guidance which have enabled us to benefit so much from our experience in school. To know Mr. Silliman is to admire and respect him. Mrs Marion Brown Mrs Martha Ciofalo Mrs. Virginia Cuddeback Miss Theresa DeNardo Secretary A ssistant Assistant Monitor Board to Mr Stlltman Secretary Secretary Operator VVb0 Have Won Our Admimtion Mr. Charles W. Horend Principal of the High School B.S. Cornell University Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of the Upper Gradbs Grade 8 M.A. Columbia University T be Cabinet... THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Anthony Waldeier, President Trustees Mrs. Vinton H. Clarke Mr. Milton H. Doyle Mr. Donald R. Hassell Mr. William Weinberger Mrs. Frederick H. Cassens, Treasurer Mrs. Anne L. Huesgen, Clerk Mrs. A. Huesgen, Mr. A. W. Silliman, Mr. W. Weinberger, Mr A. Waldeier, Mr. D. Hassell, Mrs. V. Clarke, Mr. M. Doyle Which Aids Our Foremost Leaders Mr. Kenneth H. Brown Principal of the Elementary School M.A. New York University Left-Miss Harriett S. Edwards Grade 4 New Paltz State Teachers' College Right-Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Grade 2 Plattsburgh State Teachers' College Mrs. Marie Neubauer Office Secretary Elementary School Intellectual! in the Guielemee 0 ' gr T ' si Mrs. H. Bartholomew Mrs. Emily W. Bartlett Mrs. Barbara S. Bell School Psychologist English 1 Algebra Shared Service M.A. Biology, Health M.A. Columbia University M.A. Columbia Teachers' Columbia University College it Mrs. Carmen Brennan MF- Ralph Chestnut MTS- Eleanor Coyne Mrs. Eva S. Ellis Mrs. Catherine Felter School Nurse, R.N. AV! LW1Chf00N1 MKUIUEHV French Social Studies 9 New York Post Graduate BA- M.A. M.A. Hospital Hunter College Brussels University Bucknell Universitv Cornell University New York University Mr. Clarence E- Felief Mr. Leslie M. Gibian Mr. Howard T. Hartman Miss Arlene Haymond Mrs. Ruth H. Howes History Physics, Chemistry Industrial Arts Music Home Economics Social Studies Science M.A. B.S. M.A. M.A. M.A. New York University Potsdam State Columbia University Bucknell University Columbia University Teachers' College .. the Abilities of Our Youth Mr. Michael Jackman Mr, Frank Kluge Physical Education Mathematics M.A. M.A. New York Ul1iVCrSiiy Columbia University Mrs- EUHOF B- K0Cl'1i8 Mr. Paul J. Koors Miss Margaret McGuire Miss Cornelia Patteson Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Dramatics, Speech English III Music Commercial Subjects English ll and IV Library Guidance Counselor Shared Service M.A. M,A, M.A. M,Ai B.S. Columbia University New York University New YOFK UUiVCfSifY Columbia University Hunter College B.I..S. Columbia University Miss Helen G. Robbie Miss Grace A. Roll Mrs. Alba Vanoli Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent MF- Robert Williams Latin, spanish Physical Education Home Economics Director of Music lildlwtfilll Arts M-A. U ' M.A. Shared Service . Ed- M. Driver Education New York UnlVCrSlIy Columbia University B.S. Temple University Shared Service Pratt Institute B.S. Oswego State Teachers' College 'M , M 15'-f i' C f 1' - High Society wk. .,,x, :.'i ,.,-- Q .A ,L wwf Q :N W . '-'..N, -.ind-.3 .. , lem, f - Q. V "Q th . , ,:,.,,fiY',-. 2 f f 'YQSQ5 .1 .f -F '-K., 1 iw 'M .. i ', 1 my 3,1351 ' V ' ' KN du, q. A Q ,xt , 2- .-w..:'m, N -A - .-j,. f f ,Y -QA ..,,.t, 'Q- .' 4 wx' 4 ,ik 8-1. ... A.-- ,fy :Ar "' .7.,x:,,. ,'..,. x' ,, v . ., -' N 1, 'LS' .lf 17 K M M .1-b N. :x 'N 4, ga. Mm., ,4 H. .3 x zzfgx, -V K ' 'L-, 'M f-UQ.-s . A 2' M,"'f 2.-.rg,'L' ltiwd' x M Q1 -'-'fri ,W J if , -pta ., . Q. x I-cm ,XZ,k,., .f L. ' N .... ., , ' ..' -1 W 44 wwe. W. x M -9- -, N , . .. - , V fi . gs -4 ble Pete. Chet, Jack ...0 Our Elite Jet TOUR 3 In our Junior year we stopped to publish the Ardsleyan, the yearbook of our high school. The many side trips included the excitement of Columbia Scholastic Press Association meetings, the anxiety of approaching prospective advertisers, and the map- ping-out of routes for book sales. The crowning glory of this adventure was the sight of our finished masterpiece with its im- pressive white and black cover. TOUR 4 As souvenirs for our last long mile, we bought our senior rings. Yet this part of the journey passed all too quickly, as we rehearsed for our play, "Onions in the Stew," we realized the pro- ceeds would be used on our pleasure jaunt to Washington. Our destination was not far away now, for Regents time approached, and finally dressed in our caps and gowns, we took the last steps of our tour. Mrs. E. Koenig and Miss C. Patteson are our advisers, and Mrs. Anglin, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Carlyle, and Mrs. Gardiner are the class mothers. Bob, Fred. Dick, Bud Brent. Jeff 7 lynn Pat. Nancy. Dot, Gloria Lynn, Diana, Bert, Helen I7 da, Barbara. Gretel. lylurgznrc J 3 . . 4, -. Lv.-A Q Rx W., .X X 1 XX 4' D. Anglin, W. Klores, I. Berlind, G. Fraguela, F. Schappach, M. Christiano, N. Noschese, D. Viola Producers 0 Betty. ,Lynn Nevinger, Nancy Noschese Anne .... Linda DeSola, Gloria Fraguela Roger ,,.................,..,..... Walter Klores Claire .,,..,.. ..,......,.. B rigitte Murau Margo ..,.... ......... L ynn Kreymborg Harry ......... ....... C hester Slaybaugh Bee Gee ....... ........ P atricia Carlyle Kitsie ............ ,.... G retel Mestern Mr. Curtis .....,. ......,. E dward Marron Delia ........,... ..,........... C arol Lotus Jim ,...,.,.... ........ J ohn McPartland Joey ,......,....,. .,.....,.., B rent Smith Old Buddy ...,.,. ........ , Watson Bell Don .....,...,,,.,...,,....... Frank Schappach Howard ........,.........,...,. Jeffrey Berlind Joan ..., Dorothy Anglin, Carol Morris Claud .,.....,....,................. Daniel Viola Lesley Arnold ....,. Margaret Christiano Miss Garvey ...,..........,, Cynthia Proske Marvin ....,.,.......,.,.........., Glenn Koors Salsie .,.,...... .....,.,, B arbara Gardiner Lyda ,...,......,.......... . ,,.., Barbara Lotus Mrs. Curtis ...,..........,. Diane DeSimone Dotty .... Dorothy Anglin, Carol Morris Phil .........,...,........,.,.... Robert Martini Grover ,....,.......,.., ,....... R ichard Bell Director .,.......... Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig Lynn Nevinger and Chester Slaybaugh Linda DeSola, Carol Morris, Lynn Nevmger Danny Viola and Carol Morris P' Carlyle' D' Anslin. B. Gardmer N Noschese .. Oniom in the Stew No great country, including Nuestra Pais, would ever be complete without its theaters, actors, and actresses. The electricians, make-up artists, scene painters, prompters, and stage crew, play an equally important part, although they are seldom glamorized. Without the latter, everything would lack depth and reality, so necessary for enjoyment. Therefore, on your trip through our country, include as a part of your itinerary some of the scenes and scenery of this year's SENIOR PLAY, "Onions in the Stew," which is a delightfully different three-act comedy, exhibiting the problems of a couple moving to an old house on a rather un-populated island and portraying the hardships which ensue for their two teenage daughters as a result of their being shut off from "society," Of course, various other complications arise such as dinner guests who are often still with them days later. In the midst of the humorous difficulties and despair, the family finds a special value in the life they are creating-one they wouldn't trade for anything in the world. ' Curtain call of "Onions in the Stew" RICHARD BELL Gentle in Manner, Zealous in Perform- ance Junior Varsity Basketball 15 member of Stage Crew of Senior Playg accepted at Westchester Community College, Grover of "Onions in the Stew." WATSON E. BELL, JR. Tall in Stature, Tall in Ideas Stage Crew 49 Outdoor Club 39 accepted at the Long Island Agricultural and Techni- cal Institute for courses in horticultureg Old Buddy of "Onions in the Stew." DOROTHY CAROLE ANGLIN A Smile, a Ray of Sunlit Laughter Tumbling Through Transfer from Hamden High School, Ham- den, Connecticut: Ardsleyan Typing Com- mittee, Salt 'n' Pepper 2,3,4g Cheerleader 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4p Commercial Club 2,3,4g Secretary 3,43 Spanish Club 25 College Club 4g Dotty and Joan of "Onions in the Stew." The time Q JEFFREY BERLIND Variety Is the Spice of Life and I Thrive on It Ardsleyan Advertising Committeeg Salt 'n' Pepper 43 Varsity Choir 1,2,3g Regional 25 Page in "Amahl and the Night Visitors" 45 Varsity Basketball 4g Jr. Varsity Basketball 2,3, Manager lg Varsity Club 2,3,4g Intra- Murals: Basketball l, Baseball l,2,3, Foot- ball l,2,3,4g Dramatics Club 23 Student Council 4, Treasurer 43 Student Govem- ment Town Lawyer 3, Justice of the Peace 4g Outdoor Club 3,45 Chefs' Club 25 Col- lege Club 4, President 4g Varsity Track 2,3,4g Hall Monitor 3,43 Howard of "Onions in the Stew." EDWARD BRAMBLE Conscientious, Capable, and Full of Fun Treasurer 43 Ardsleyan Business Managerg Salt 'n' Pepper 2,43 Varsity Baseball 33 Ir. Varsity Baseball 1,23 Varsity Club 43 Intra- Murals: Baseball, Basketball, Football l,2,33 Electricians' Club 1,23 Student Gov- ernment Village Lawyer 43 College Club 4, Vice-President 4. has come. .. Q ' ' ' Q 5 CHARLES COPELAND Always Happy, Always Gay, Never Angry-That's His Way Honor Society 2 years3 Ardsleyan Special Photographerg Varsity Basketball 43 Var- sity Club 3g Varsity Track 23 Intra-Murals: Basketball 2,3, Football, Baseball 2,3,43 Dramatic Club 1,23 Spanish Club 23 Year- book Club 23 Chefs' Club 2g College Club 43 Assistant Stage Manager 4. PATRICIA ELAINE CARLYLE Always Laughing, Always Gay,' May She Ever Stay That Way Treasurer 23 Honor Society 2 years3 Ards- leyan Circulation and Advertising Com- mitteesg Varsity Choir l,2,33 Cheerleader 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Inter-Class: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball l,2,3,43 Student Coun- cil 3, Secretary 33 Yearbook Club 2, Sec- retary 23 College Club 43 Bee Gee of "Onions in the Stew." MARGARET NANCY CHRISTIANO Never Laughed a Girl More Often: Never Sparkled Eyes More Brown Secretary 2g Honor Society 9 years3 Sec- ond Degree 2 yearsg Third Degree 2,3,43 Ardsleyan Assistant Editor3 Varsity Choir l,2,3,43 Vice-President 33 Regional 3,43 Orchestra l,2,3,43 Clef Club 3,43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Sports Club 3,4, President 43 In- ter-Class: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,3, Secretary 23 Stu- dent Council 3, Vice-President 33 Yearbook Club 23 Graduation Usher 33 Lesley of "Onions in the Stew." DIANA DE SIMONE A Good Laugh Is Sunshine in a House Honor Society 2 yearsg Ardsleyan Typing Committee3 G.A.A. 2,33 Commercial Club 3,43 Mrs. Curtis of "Onions in the Stew." LINDA B. DE SOLA Joy with Reason and Knowledge with Mirth Transfer from Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyng Honor Society 1 yearg Ardsleyan Photography, Advertising and Circulation Committeesg Salt 'n' Pepper 4, Associate Editor 43 Varsity Choir 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Dramatic Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 43 Graduation Usher 33 Anne of "Onions in the Stew." ANTHONY DE ROCHA Honor Lies in Honest T oil Varsity Basketball 43 Ir. Varsity Basket- ball 1,2,33 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1,23 Intra- Murals: Football 23 Stage Crew 1,2,3,4, Manager 4. .. or our counttyfr li A img?-if 33 51, 'WI' Hllllllll.IrffWIll,ll4l:l LYNN E. EGY The Ever-reigning King of Wit Transfer from Wakefield High School, Wakefield, Massachusetts3 Salt 'n' Pepper 4, Columnist 43 Varsity Choir 43 Regional 43 King Melchoir in "Amahl and the Night Visitors" 43 Varsity Basketball 43 Jr. Var- sity Basketball 3, Captain 33 Varsity Club 43 Intra-Murals: Baseball, Football 3,43 Spanish Club 3, President 33 Student Council 4, President 43 Graduation Usher 33 100'Z: Club, Plane Geometry3 Student Government 3,43 Mayor 43 Outdoor Club 3,43 Varsity Track 33 College Club 43 Em- pire Boys' State 3g Hall Monitor 4. GLORIA FRAGUELA Her Good Humor Makes All Things Tolerable Ardsleyan Typing Committeeg Salt 'n' Pep- per 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3g Varsity Choir lg Cheerleader 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Commer- cial Club 2,3,4g Yearbook Club 23 Sewing Club lg College Club 4g Anne of "Onions in the Stew." oun socialites. .. .V 3 I4- S ut? ra at ANTHONY HARAISMOWICH His Skills Far Outnumber His Years Varsity Track 2, Varsity Club 35 Intra- Murals: Football 2, Baseball 1,2,3,4g Out- door Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 Chefs' Club 25 Electricians' Club 2: College Club 4. BARBARA A. GARDINER Always Active, Always Gay! Little Wonder So Much Comes Her Way Secretary lg Honor Society 9 yearsg Sec- ond Degree 2 yearsg Third Degree 3,4, President 43 Ardsleyan Advertising Com- mitteeg Salt 'n' Pepper 33 Varsity Choir 1,2,4g Cheerleader 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sports Club 3,4g Inter- Class: Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, l,2, 3,45 Spanish Club 2,3, Secretary 3g Gradu- ation Usher 33 Student Government Exec- utive Committee 3, Trustee 4g Yearbook Club 2g Salsie of "Onions in the Stew." HELEN HAMILTON The Mildest Manner and the Gentlest Heart Varsity Choir l,2,3g G.A.A. l,2g Commer- cial Club 3,43 Sewing Club 1. WALTER KLORES Knowledge Comes But Wisdom Lingers Transfer from Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyng Honor Society 1 y-:arg Ardsleyan Photography Committeeg Salt 'n' Pepper 3,4, Treasurer 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 Varsity Bas- ketball 43 Jr. Varsity Basketball 33 Intra- Murals: Baseball, Football 3,43 Dramatic Club lj Graduation Usher 33 Student Coun- cil 4, Vice-President 43 Student Govem- ment Chairman of Zoning Board 43 Var- sity Track 33 Roger of "Onions in the Stew." GLENN J. F. KOORS His Truth Is Strong and Will Always Prevail Ardsleyan Advertising Committeeg Band 1,23 Varsity Basketball Manager 3,43 Ir. Varsity Basketball Manager 23 Varsity Baseball 33 Ir. Varsity Baseball 1,2Q Var- sity Club 43 Intra-Murals: Baseball, Foot- ball 1,2,33 Outdoor Club 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 43 Marvin of "Onions in the Stew." A. PETER KARCHER, JR. Small But Dynamic Treasurer 13 Honor Society 5 years3 Second Degree l year3 Varsity Basketball 43 Jr. Varsity Basketball 2,33 Varsity Baseball 3,43 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1,23 Varsity Club 43 Intra-Murals: Football, Baseball 2,3,43 College Club 43 Chefs' Club 2. . . to V67'lf1fl1"6 LYNN KREYMBORG Attractive for Her Simplicity, Likable for Her Sincerity Reporter 43 Honor Society 2 years3 Ards- leyan Typing Committee3 Salt 'n' Pepper 1,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Commercial Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3, President 43 Student Gov- ernment Executive Committee 33 Margo of "Onions in the Stew." BARBARA LOTUS It Is a Friendly Heart That Has Many Friends Honor Society 5 yearsg Ardsleyan Adver- tising Committeeg Salt 'n' Pepper 2,3g Var- sity Choir 2,3,4g Regional 4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sports Club 43 Dramatics Club lg Spanish Club 2,3 g Year- book Club 2g College Club 43 Lyda of "Onions in the Stew." into the world. .. :a"'-, -F L vw S' .6 yfffm' J, :,. -P ROBERT MARTINI Politeness Goes Far. Yet Costs Nothing Transfer from Stepinac High School, Civil Air Patrol, Rank Corporal: Stage Crew 43 Phil of "Onions in the Stew." CAROLYN LOTUS Lovely to Look At, Delightful to Know Honor Society 5 yearsg Ardsleyan Adver- tising Committeeg Salt 'n' Pepper 2, Re- porter 2g Varsity Choir 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Sports Club 3,43 Dramatics Club lg Spanish Club 2,3g Yearbook Club 2g Delia of "Onions in the Stew." EDWARD P. MARRON We Know a Fine Fellow When We See One Ardsleyan Advertising Committeeg Intra- Muralsg Basketball, Football, Baseball 1 2,35 Chefs' Club: Electricians' Club 1,2,3 Mr. Curtis of "Onions in the Stew." A if " ,1,3,g3l N .. M.-'flliw-. , ,...:," 1, LOUISE V. MEDOVICH Wisdom and Goodness Are T win-born Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 3 years5 Third Degree 45 Ardsleyan Co-Ad- vertising Editor5 Varsity Choir 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Sports Club 3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Graduation Usher 35 1001: Club, Inter- mediate Algebra, Plane Geometry, Presi- dent 3,45 Student Government Co-Head 35 Yearbook Club 25 Hall Monitor 45 College Club 4. MARGARET MESTERN Whatever Is Worth Doing at All, Is Worth Doing Well Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 2 years5 Third Degree 2,3,45 Secretary 3,45 Ardsleyan Editor-in-Chief5 Varsity Choir l,2,3,4, President 45 Regional 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Clef Club 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Sports Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Inter-Class: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,3, President 25 Graduation Usher 35 Student Council 4, Publicity Chairman 45 Yearbook Club 25 College Club 45 Salt 'n' Pepper 45 Kitsie of "Onions in the Stew." JOHN F. MCPARTLAND A Prince among Men Treasurer 35 Ardsleyan Promotion Editor5 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Jr. Varsity Basket- ball 25 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1,25 Varsity Club 45 Intra-Murals: Basketball 15 Elec- tricians' Club 1,2,35 Outdoor Club 3,45 Stage Crew 45 Chefs' Club 35 Varsity Track 3,45 lim of "Onions in the Stew." ...some perhaps DAVID B. MOONEY Every Inch a King! Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 3 years5 Third Degree 3,45 President 2,35 Ardsleyan Circulation Editor 35 Varsity Basketball 3,4, Co-Captain 45 Jr. Varsity Basketball 25 Varsity Club 4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Intra-Murals: Basketball 1, Base- ball, Football 3,45 Electricians' Club 1,2,35 Student Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Stu- dent Government 3,4, Police Justice 35 Yearbook Club 25 Outdoor Club 3,45 Salt 'n' Pepper 4, Sports Editor 45 Chefs' Club 25 College Club 45 Hall Monitor 3,4, CAROL ANN MORRIS How Far That Little Candle Throws Its Beams Honor Society 6 yearsg Second Degree 1 yearg Ardsleyan Art, Advertising and Cir- culation Committeesg Salt 'n' Pepper 1,45 Art Editor 45 Varsity Choir l,2,3,45 Or- chestra l,2,3,4, Librarian 35 Regional 3,45 Cheerleader 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Dramatics Club 1,45 Spanish Club 2,39 Student Gov- ernment Campaign Committee 3,45 Year- book Club 25 Art Club 2,3g Dotty and Joan of "Onions in the Stew." to become amom. .. XQ-rx "ff -1- 'K' ra :QR IL" in Art? ,Tin ,j, - 'AY ff- n ' M' Q 1 I I NANCY J. NOSCHESE Full of Fun, Full of Pep Ardsleyan Circulation Committee5 Salt 'n' Pepper 1,2,3, President and Editor 35 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, President 4, Blue Captaing Sports Club 3,41 Yearbook Club 25 College Club 45 Betty of "Onions in the Stew." BRIGITTE A. MURAU Her Ways Are Ways of Pleasantness and All Her Paths Are Peace Honor Society 3 yearsg Ardsleyan Photog- raphy Editorg Varsity Choir 1,2,35 Regional 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Blue Co-Captain 45 Sports Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Graduation Usher 35 Yearbook Club 25 Claire of "Onions in the Stew." LYNNE MARJORIE NEVINGER Intelligence, Poise, and Charm Vice-President 45 Honor Society 9 yearsg Ardsleyan Typing Editorg Salt 'n' Pepper 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Commercial Club 2,3,45 Betty of "Onions in the Stew." ROBERTA A. PELLEGRINI Born with a Gift for Laughter and a Flair for Art Secretary 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 5 years3 Ardsleyan Art Editor3 Salt 'n' Pepper 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 100W Club, Typing3 Com- mercial Club 43 Yearbook Club 23 Art Club 1,2,3. FRED PESTONE My Words Are Few but Spoken with Sense Intra-Murals: Basketball 23 Stage Crew 43 Publicity Committee 4. RUTHANN PEARCE Good Nature Is the Beauty of the Mind Honor Society 7 years3 Second Degree 3 yearsg Ardsleyan Art Committeeg Salt 'n' Pepper l,3Q G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Inter-Class: Volleyball, Softball 1,2,3,43 Yearbook Club. ..otl9er.r to achieve CYNTHIA A. PROSKE Music Is Well Said to Be the Speech of Angels Honor Society 9 years3 Second Degree 1 year3 Third Degree 2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 43 Ardsleyan Copy Editor3 Salt 'n' Pepper 1,4, Art Editor 1, Reporter 43 Varsity Choir 1,2,3,4, Secretary 33 Orches- tra 1,2,3,43 Band 23 Regional 1,2,3,43 All- State 4g All-Eastem 43 Clef Club 3,43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 33 Gradua- tion Usher 33 Student Government Cam- paign Publicity Manager 33 Miss Garvey of "Onions in the Stew." LINDA R. POLLOCK Dark Hair, Shining Eyes, Quiet Humor Transfer from Christopher Columbus High Schoolg Ardsleyan Circulation Committee3 Salt 'n' Pepper 33 College Club 4. GARY JULES RAGONE Silence Is More Eloquent Than Words Transferred in senior year to Carlmont Campus, San Carlos, California. tt personal goal DANIEL F. VIOLA Always Seen Smiling, a Friend to All Salt 'n' Pepper 2,45 Intra-Murals: Football 45 Electricians' Club 1,2,35 Outdoor Club 45 Chefs' Club 25 Rille Club 25 Claud of "Onions in the Stew." BRENT R. SMITH Subtle Humor and Calmness, More Powerful Than Hercules Transfer from East High School, Denver, Colorado5 President 45 Ardsleyan Adver- tising and Circulation Committees5 Varsity Basketball Manager 45 Jr. Varsity Basket- ball Manager 35 Varsity Club 45 Intra- Murals: Baseball, Football, Basketball 3,45 Graduation Usher 35 Student Council 45 Student Govemment Trustee 45 Outdoor Club 3,4, Secretary 3,45 Varsity Track 3,45 Hall Monitor 45 College Club 45 Joey of "Onions in the Stew." 'Huw "VT1:':"' FRANK ANTON SCHAPPACH Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved without Enthusiasm Honor Society 7 yearsg Second Degree 1 yearg Third Degree 45 Ardsleyan Co-Ad- vertising Editor5 Varsity Choir 1,45 Region- al 2,3,45 King Balthazar in "Amah1 and the Night Visitors"5 Dramatics Club l,2, 3,4, President 45 Graduation Usher 35 Year- book Club 25 Chefs' Club lg College Club 45 Don of "Onions in the Stew." CHESTER C. SLAYBAUGH, JR. Such Popularity Must Be Deserved Vice-President 3,45 Ardsleyan Advertising Committee5 Varsity Choir l,2,3,45 Regional 1,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 35 Jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club l,2,3,4, President 3,45 Intra-Murals: Football, Baseball l,2,3,45 Electricians' Club l,2,3,4, President 45 Stage Crew l,2,3,4, Electrician 45 Student Council 25 Student Government Trustee 3,45 Yearbook Club 2, President 25 Chefs' Club 25 Boy Scouts l,2, Star Scout5 Harry of "Onions in the Stew." Gio' "lit 4 l i 1 Z E 'F 5 .. , : 5 f , ' Y , ' 3 ' 2 , Q "I, -. . W 3 S f i A, V ,mA' Q -EQPW . - 6-'.. 1 3 4 li wg: vgxglg N 5 E-U?-Ziegffk 5 'fa 1 7562, "QM ' ' Qxgyi ffyf,,Lf" . N M. if ,. qv-:F K-F f-W, EM, M '- - an M M, , N... af I , lang", - ' 1 K fl' ' .1 9' A. -. N , 4 FQ 11 Sq? 3 MQW? 0: 18255. 7 -1314-5,4 W 2 5 I ig ga .I - Q x ,V H -171,151 x . ag! gf is xl T '15 ' 13,345 ' , . 1.54 I L-jpg, ., ,.Q,5w,:4 Willy? ITZEXQ ' my ,.. 'i lx-Yfsiulx ' -V Q ,. J , b A 5 It M '- 'fr 3 gg Q, f, 5fK5',pif,1-ifiv 14, 11 ' ' 3513 A' 'I - f f'E9i5S3.Tf3' W ' K X 2 - :iii i ' T' f mf ,, le fgbinf F 2 ' j '55, f' ff ' sp -X, , , x """"--s..,. Seated: W. Anderson, M. Jetter, W. Meuser, T. Gannon, S. Hassell, M. Cassens, J. Hashagen Standing: R. Freundel, R. Clute, P. Engelkirk, Miss D. Pelda, M. Baker, L. Beall, K. Milton. Seated: J. Westervelt, N. Reynaud, M. Scheller, F. Sheldon, L. Schoenstein, M. Schultz, M. Larsen Standing: R. Mooney, R. Sherman, S. Sage, J. Whelan, Miss D. Pelda, H. Weinman, K. Moore, S. Ozern, P. Weiss. Front Row: V. Duke. Second Row: D. Gucken- biehl, T. Cappetta, E. Calhoun. Third Row: K. MCComb, R. Hughes, L. DeNardo, D. Klein. Back Row: J. Alutto, I. Carlson, A. Hamilton, J. Galligan, Mrs. C. Felter, M. J. Flanigan. Seated: S. Ward, J. Schwartz, P. Robinson, R. Mooney. Standing: J. Medovich, A. Pasquale, I. Murau, Mrs. C. Felter, S. Nash, E.. Rooney, E. Zegray. T be working class... Mrs. Catherine Felter and Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, Teachers-"Bring the camera!" "Think of a theme!" "Get that ad!" These were very familiar words to the members of the Board of Editors of the Ardsleyan and to the JUNIOR CLASS as a whole. All year long, the group faithfully dedi- cated themselves to what they hoped would be the best yearbook ever. Our oflicers are Pres. Flo Sheldon, Vice-Pres. Herb Weinman, Sec. Diane Guckenbiehl, and Treas. Willis Anderson. Class mothers are Mrs. C. Klein, Mrs. D. Pasquale, Mrs. F. Cassens and Mrs. E. Ozern. l ....e" l l if the backbone. .. Mrs. Robert Bell and Mr. Leslie Gibian, Teachers-With a reluctant sigh, the SOPHOMORES sadly left Biology Camp at Croton Point. The walks to the clay pits, seeing the famous Charter Oak, and the remembrance of the last campfire out on the point are fond memories. Our P.X. at basketball games was another memor- Seated: H. Ward, K. Waldemar, P. Wickersham, T Ozern. Standing: P. Witha.m, G. Osterberg, V. Pel- legrini, M. Scola, P. Reynaud, R. Wallitt, A Schafer, W. Whelan, K. Yocis, Mrs. Bell. Seated: P. Brandon, B. McKeough, L. Mestern, V. LeCount. R. Capra. Standing: J. Munsell, E. Bohn, Mrs. Bell, J. KiPP, M. J. Blatz, N. Fasenfeld, C. Boccumini, P. Burrows, C. Fon. able event. Class officers are Pres. Patricia Witham, Vice-Pres. Wayne Boulton, Treas. Paul Brandon, and Sec. Patricia Reynaud. The class mothers are Mrs. W. Boulton, Mrs. F. Cecelin, Mrs. R. Bur- rows, and Mrs. J. Reynaud. YJ lil? 'IAA Front Ron F Cecelm A Bliss C DAndrea Mr L Gibran S Benning R Hamilton A Damore Badt Ron J Hines D Clarke W Boulton M Dubenchiek T Goodwin J Evans Front Row V Lapmna E Locuratolo L Quist Second Ron R Sankey L Nardecchm Mr L Gibran C lstvin G Mackey Y Tunmrd J Whitney. Back Ron: P. Lombardi C. Lehmkuhl G. Whitney J. Nol'1nder. 35 Mr. Clarence Felter and Mr. Frank Kluge, Teachers-Oh! Woe be it to the FRESH- MEN. Their strongest desire is for time to fly until they become upperclassmen also. The initial hurdle they have to pass is entering the auditorium bravely amid the cheering for them at their first assem- bly. After this initiation into high school, they find it's a good feeling getting used to being on their own. .. the bulwark Front Row: R. Mulvey, L. Stanaway, K. Malloy L. De Backer. Second Row: R. Mucxle. W. Wette: rauer, J. Beninati, T. Waldeier, W. Shaughncssy S. Van Leer, D. Riva, G. Whaley, A. Shuart. Seated-Left: J. Kuhlman, K. Hassell, G. Norton Seated-Right: J. Riccio, F. Nilsen, R. M. Karr Standing: L. Hughes, D. McComb, P. Grutzner N. Hoy, J. Liverani, A. Kovacik. Seated: Mr. Felter, C. Galgay. Standing: D. Ewald J. Freeman, L. Drucker, P. Gatti, G. Cuddeback D. Clarke, E. Aim, B. Cook, T. Fatigate, N. Gold ner, J. Goldman. 9 of an nation. Seated: C. O'Connor. Second Row: V. Rosler, G. Ramin, G. McLoughlin, C. Nash, J. Pardy, B. Mead, P. Rose, S. Klores, D. Nugent, R. Raicht, S. Patton. Front R0w.' L. Hall, D. Kavovit. Second Row: A Liverzani, C. Cassano, S. Kreymborg. Back Row P. McDonough, R. Massaro, C. Hughes, P. Jaeger J. Locker, C. Gruessing, Mr. .F. Kluge. Front Row: J. Tino, C. Wolk, B. Zinck, W. Still man. Sewnd Row: S. Suthergreen, S. Walther, L. Thompson, Mr. F. Kluge, D. Scola, R. Zegray, J. Saunders. FRESHMAN ofhcers are President Don Clark, Vice-President Kipp Hassell, Treas- urer Pat McDonough, Secretary Virginia Rosler and Student Council Represent- atives Bruce Cook and Cynthia Wolk. Our class mothers are Mrs. S. Goldner, Mrs. S. Klores, Mrs. W. Stillman and Mrsf G. Wolk. YO N Q' 4 lg 225 L f W ff Big Business Y, 3 45-H fi. bs vf 1. 1 S' 'Hen Wg, -. is Q 1. 'Q 5, N5 'E 4' l' 1 - 1 if Q J 5 F , .sm fm 1 'ip .1 Q' wg QQ. iffvf K i f,,, " zxwl',4T'f 'xii 1 t if sz 1- in .ji f '6!i V 2.6, , A Poqnourri 0 .. Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Adviser-in-Chief, Literary and Ad Adviser Willis Anderson Lloyd Beall Co-Advertising Editor Co-Advertising Editor Theresa Cappetta Mary Jane Flanigan Business Manager Typing Editor Mr. Ralph Chestnut Mr. Clarence Felter Art Adviser Circulation Adviser Laying Out Doublespreads Mr. HOWal'd Hartman Mr. Paul Koors Miss Pelday MeffYf Sherry Photography Adviser Budget Adviser From the first mad rush of the ad-campaign which kept Willis and Lloyd constantly on the run, hoping and towards the end, praying that more people might realize what excellent adver- tising the ARDSLEYAN gives, or maybe even take an ad out of good-will, or just so we would stop annoying them, all the way up till the final book was sent to press, the twelve members of the BOARD OF EDITORS of the 1957 ARDSLEY- AN were grateful for being chosen to represent Ardsley High School and realized what a privilege it was to be able to widen their horizons in such a project as this. Many were the moans which came from Merry, Muriel, and Sherry as they pondered over the layout and made measurements exact to l,fl6 of an inch. There were few nights when Mary Jane wasn't pounding away on her typewriter and when Flo wasn't up sketching and resketching the art work. Herb must have done quite a lot of smooth talking to accomplish what he did during the circulation campaign. Rich cheerfully dashed around'doing the ad dummy, stray layout and cropping pictures while Kendree tried frantically to scrounge around for a few scraps of pertinent Miss Cornelia Patteson Business Adviser BOARD OF EDITORS-M. J. Flanigan, T. Cappetta, R. Mooney, K. Moore, Miss D. Pelda, D. Guckenbiehl, H. Weinman. Comparing Group Pictures Diane and Mr. Hartman Checking Patron Ads Mr. Felter and Herb .f"' em Excellent Blend Muriel Cassens Assistant Editor Diane Guckenbiehl Photography Adviser Kendree Moore Copy Editor Merriam Baker Editor-in-Chief Herb Weinman C ireulation Editor 1' 5 '-' I, g' 6 if Sherry Hassell Assistant Editor Richard Mooney Budget Adviser Flo Sheldon Art Editor W Lf-sf ,, . , ,2 ..,fs,:5-N t., 5 .t ffelsi 2 '-f '1'Z,, .sei il gin 1 , in t a --. gn-,f 'L 4 ' fs 4' - , . -K ts. ,Q W ' BOARD OF EDITORS-M. Baker, M. Cassens, L. Beall, Miss D. Pelda, W. Anderson, S. Hassell. Absent: F. Sheldon. 5 N Preparing the Ad Section Rich, Miss Pelda, Lloyd, Willis information or perhaps to do a forgotten inter- view. Theresa had quite a task herself balancing such big accounts and likewise did Diane, check- ing pictures for all grades and activities. The editors would like to thank all the ambi- tious students who weren't on the Board and yet were always around to help whenever something was needed. When the call went out for trans- portation to get ads, John Whelan, without hesi- tation, would whisk his car down to the school for our use. Suzie Ozern also aided in this way, as well as by being a one-girl committee for filling our "Natural Resources" section. Another helping hand, Joyce Hasliagen, labored over some linger- ing layout and actually seemed to enjoy the work. There were two members of the typing commit- tee, who we feel did such a nice job that it would have been unfair to flip a coin to choose between them. Therefore, the honors go to both Ratricia Robinson and Joyce Medovich. We wish to thank Miss Pelda, our adviserg Mr. Chestnut, Mr. Felter, Mr. Koors, Mr. Hart- man, and Miss Patteson, for giving so unselfishly of their time and efforts to aid in making our book a success. Creating Copy Miss Pelda and Kendree Balancing the Accounts Miss Patteson, Mary Jane, Terry, Mr. Koors 42 THIRD DEGREE-Seated: D. Mooney, M. Mestern, Miss H. Robbie, B. Gardiner, C. Proske. Slanding: M. Cassens. M. Baker, D. Clarke, S. Sage, L. Medovich, D. Clarke, L. Nardecchia, M. Christiano. Absent: Frank Schappach. Expemknced leaders. .. The THIRD DEGREE is officially the executive body of the Honor Society. Com- posed of thirteen students, the THIRD DE- GREE plays an integral part in Ardsley's tradition. It is responsible for the initiation of members into the first, second, and third degree. This Christmas, festive decorations were arranged in the high school halls in a successful attempt to spread Yuletide cheer. The Memorial Park was further completed by the THIRD DEGREE with the adding of concrete and with the placing of John Hackett's plaque. President is Barbara Gar- diner, vice-president, Duncan Clarke, sec- retary, Margaret Mesterng and treasurer, Dave Mooney. Miss H. Robbie is adviser. Weekly meetings of the COLLEGE CLUB were held at the homes of the various seniors in order to explore the advantages and disadvantages of many different colleges and universities. Ards- ley High School alumni, who are now enrolled COLLEGE CLUB-Seated: D. Anglin. Stand- ing: Mr. P. Koors, J. Berlind, E. Bramble, D. Mooney. G. Koors, G. Fraguela, E. Marron. COLLEGE CLUB-Seated: P. Carlyle, N. Nos- chese. Strzmling: B. Smith, C. Slaybaugh, W Klores, J. McPartland, A. Haraismowich Mr. P. Koors. at college, provided first-hand information to the group. Tests were taken to help the club members see what their interests were and what careers might result. President is Jeffrey Berlindg vice- prcsident, Edward Bramble, and secretary, Carol Lotus. Mr. Koors is adviser. Q. Z3 . The STUDENT COUNCIL takes quite a prominent place in the career of our school. The monitor system, which was begun by the council last year in order to limit hall congestion, was continued this year and proved itself very effective even though the number of students increased greatly. Stu- dent electionsg the Merry Munch, a girl-ask- boy dance, holiday socials and then the big event of the year, the Senior Prom, were some of the various programs offered. Presi- dent is Lynn Egys vice-president, Walter Kloresg treasurer, Jeffrey Berlind and sec- retary, Ruth Mooney. The adviser is Mr. Frank Kluge. Twice a month the members of the YEAR- Eli 'ITN STUDENT COUNCIL-Seated: C. Wolk, W. Klores, D. Mooney, L. Egy, J. Berlind, S. Sage. D. Clarke, B. Smith. Standing: P. Witham, E. Bohn, Mr. F. Kluge, B. Cook. Absent: R. Mooney. ... guick' the mower BOOK CLUB, who may be Arclsleyan editors and committee members in their junior year, meet to learn terms such as "bleed" and "montage" used in the printing and photographic fields. They also learn how to prepare and lay-out the dummy on graph paper, how to crop pictures proportion- ately, how to use the printer's slide-rule, and how to finance their yearbook. The club consists of sophomores who are interested in comparing yearbooks from various schools for novel ideas, sometimes the Ardsleyan is exchanged for year- books from neighboring schools. President is Patricia Withamg secretary, Patricia Reynaud, and Miss Dorothy Pelda, adviser. , .lx -I YEARBOOK CLUB-Seated: E. Locuratolo, L. Quist. Standing: C. D'Andrea, S. Benning, C. Boccumini, M. Scola. E. Bohn, Y. Tunnard, M. J. Blatz, P. Wickersham, Miss D. Pelda Absent: J. Kipp, N. Fasenfeld, R. Wallitt. YEARBOOK CLUB-Seated: T. Ozern. G. Mackey, A. Schafer, G. Whitney. Standing: V. LeCount, G. Osterberg, L. Mestern, P. Witham. R. Hamilton, P. Reynaud, V. Pellegrini. H Ward, Miss D. Pelda. 43 ORCHESTRA The ORCHESTRA members, composed of some of Ardsley's most elite musicians, are offered valuable opportunities to gain experi- ence by their performances for the Parent- Teachers' Association, assembly programs, the Spring Concert, and senior graduation. Ad- vanced players are rewarded for continued regular practice by being chosen for participa- tion in either the All-State or All-County Or- chestra or both. Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent is the director. Musik nmftemt .. With Miss Haymond as adviser, the BAND became a gala and integral part of the Ardsley community this year. Performing for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new school and for the two outdoor memorial services, as well as at the annual Memorial Day parade, was among the highlights of the music year. The officers are President Edward Aim, Vice- President Kipp Hassell, Secretary Sherry Has- sell, Treasurer George Norton, Librarian Bruce Cook, and Reporters Dottie Kight and Judy Osterberg. THE BAND CLEF CLUB-Seated: Mr. M. Vincent. Standing: T. Cappetta, S. Hassell, C. Proske, M. Cassens, M. Christiano, M. Baker, M. Mestern. Absent: C. Morris. , make mer melodzleut To the music student who has been ac- cepted in the CLEF CLUB, there is formed a rewarding memory, coveted forever. Its mem- bers create the rules of conduct and marking for each musical organization as well as the planning of the concerts. Mr. Vincent is the adviser. VARSITY CHOIR In the first semester the VARSITY CHOIR was a mixed group, boys and girls. The delightful opera, 'LAmahl and the Night Visitorsf' was put on by this group with tre- mendous success. In the second semester, it was changed to a girls' chorus which helped present the Spring Concert and various other musical programs. Our oflicers are President Margaret Mestern, Vice-President Merry Baker, Secretary Sherry Hassell, and Mr. Vinl cent is adviser. Y K Great literature. .. The SALT 'Ni PEPPER CLUB is com- posed of a group of students, each having his own special job. About every six weeks they edit a publication containing editorials, sports columns, jokes, interviews, and gen- eral town talk. This periodical is known to everyone as the SALT 'N' PEPPER, whose name is, of course, derived from the club. Editor-in-Chief is Waher Klores, typing editor, Marjorie Jetter, art editor, Joyce Medovich. Mr. Koors is adviser. -my mi W we M ffwf ,. The thirty-five members of the JOUR- NALISM CLUB, composed of freshmen, meet once a week for instruction on forms for sentences, headlines, and columns. They learn the proper way to go about getting an interview and how to make the most of the information which they gather. Adviser of the JOURNALISM CLUB is Mr. Koors. The officers are President Virginia Rosler and Vice-President Jo Anne Riccio. F' J mqlwt JOURNALISM CLUB-Seated: C. Wolk, V. Rosler, S. Walther, L. Thompson, P. Rose. Standing: D. Ewald, J. Pardy, R. Massaro, L. Drucker, G. Cudde- back, S. Klores, S. VanLeer, W. Shaughnessy, L. Stanaway, P. McDonough, Mr. Koors. JOURNALISM CLUB-Seated: C. Galgay, S. Suther- green, G. Norton, N. Hoy. Standing: K. Malley, A Kovacik, R. Kerr, J. Goldman, C. Cassano, J. Riccio L. Hughes, A. Liverzani, B. Mead, R. Raicht, S Kreymborg, N. Goldner. SALT 'N' PEPPER-Seated: E. Calhoun, D. Anglin, R. Sherman. L. Kreymborg, G. Proske, M. Scheller, D. Mooney, R. Pellegrini, J. Medovich. Standing: W. Klores, M. J. Flanigan, J. Berlind, E. Bramble. M. Jetter, S. Ozern. Absent: C. Morris. With the aid of Mr. Chestnut, the ad- viser, the ART CLUB became an active or- ganization, developing culture and style as well as the creative talents of its members. The lower hall bulletin board was decorated with fine examples of all types of projects and drawings. 'fWould you believe it? I made this all by myself." These words refiected the satisfaction of the participants of the SEW- ING CLUB, sponsored by Mrs. Howes. With a few yards of material, many different patterns, and sewing machines, this club finished many lovely articles in a profes- sional style. 7 . . Q 9 Lf- " :aaa '- ART CLUB-Seared: S. Klores, L. Hughes, J. Gold- man, S. Van Leer. Standing: Mr. R. Chestnut, W. Wetterauer, T. Gannon, N. Hoy. Absent: J. Kipp. SEWING CLUB-Seated: V. Lapiana, E. Bohn, M. I Blatz. Standing: C. lstvan, J. Riccio, S. Benning, G Osterber P. Witham V. LeCount C. Boccumini gi , v P. Reynaud, R. A. Hamilton, C. ,Gruessing, Mrs. Howes, J. Tino. SPANISH CLUB-Seated: L. Beall. S. Hassell, R. Clute. Standing: R. Mooney, M. Baker, Miss H Robbie, M. Cassens, L. Schoenstein, H. Weinman l. Murau, M. Schultz. widens our' horizons. .. The main objective of the 1957 SPAN- ISH CLUB is to give its members a chance to become more familiar with the Spanish language and customs. Much of the meeting time was spent in conversation as the stu- dents practiced typical phrases, idioms and sentences. Then, of course, there was the traditional Christmas party, when the "pina- ta" was finally broken after many unsuccess- ful attempts. The officers are President Sherry Hassell and Secretary Herb Weinman. Sefrorita Robbie is adviser. iii 1 ir? X .42 ,FZ COMMERCIAL CLUB-M. Jetter, T. Cappetta, M. Larsen, J. Medovich, M. J. Flanigan. W t -H' x 2 ' 5 5 wt W at COMMERCIAL CLUB-Seated: M. Scheller, D. DeSimone, R. Pellegrini, L. Kreymborg, P. Robin- son, L. Nevinger. Standing: D. Anglin, Miss C. Patteson. G. Fraguela, E. Calhoun, H. Hamilton. The COMMERCIAL CLUB is composed of twenty students interested in secretarial work. Our oflicers are: President Evelyn Kreymborgg Vice- President Marjorie Jetterg Secretary Dorothy Anglin and Treasurer Elneta Calhoun. School news reporter is Mary Jane Flanigan. Louise DeNardo takes care of the refreshment commit- tee. The year started oil? with an exciting trip to New York to the National Business Show, which was held in the new Coliseum. We also visited Sonotone, Geigy, and Reader's Digest during the year, and we had a picnic to wind up our activities. and breed! Cultura The Masque and Triangle dramaucs group was organized in September. THE DRAMATICS CLUB visited New York and saw "No Time for Sergeantsf' an hilarious Broadway comedy. In spite of our diihculty in finding a time and an opportunity to meet, by having occasional eve- ning rehearsals the group managed to put on "No! No! No!" a skit much enjoyed in January by the high school assembly. Frank Schappach is presi- dentg Linda DeSola, vice-presidentg Susan Ozern, secretaryg Penny Rose, treasurer, and Mrs. E. Koenig, adviser. DRAMATICS CLUB-Seated: L. Hughes, R. Freundel. Standing: Mrs. E. Koenig, M. J. Blatz, P. Rose, L. DeSoIa, S. Ozern, P. Brandon, D. Klein. Absentr C. Morris, F. Schappach. U -,M-1" 'Cul' g 'fag ' 'r ,,' . M! 20125 lkllzii 5V'w'ffp5f'TA Anmricvf? Us ' " Jaurnfl' "W S Ardsley L57 30:36 4 vTO ClaS , gg w.fff"" m OJ J," 3 - filw-v f NW FE..-1.5 V 5L N 8115011113111 Pastimes 49 Planning all G.A.A. activities, enforc- ing rules, scheduling when the teams are to play, and ofliciating at all games, are just a few of the jobs bestowed on a member of SPORTS CLUB. This year sweatshirts, whose emblem was designed by Ingrid Carl- son, a club member, were sold to raise money. Also, the sale of soda and candy at G.A.A. games paid for a trip in early June. The officers are Pres. M. Christiano, Sec. B. Murau, and Treas. M. Mestern. Miss G. Roll is adviser. vich, B. Murau, M. Christiano, B Sporty activities. .. Although the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is a completely voluntary organization, G.A.A. captures a higher per- centage of girls than any other club. Through the year, it seems that as soon as a member is becoming skillful at a particular sport, such as volleyball, basketball, badminton or softball, she is ready to try a new one. SPORTS CLUB- -Front: L. Medo- Gardiner. Center: G. Mestern, N. Noschese, M. Cassens. Back: I. Carl- son, S. Hassell, S. Sage, Miss Roll. 50 S. Suthergreen, E. Bohn, B. Mead, I, Carlson, M. Scola, R. Sherman, R. A. Hamilton, P. Reynaud, V. Rosler, R. Kerr. J. Hashagen and G. Osterberg VARSITY CLUB-Front: C. Slay- baugh, L. Egy, B. Smith, P. Karcher, I. McPartland, Coach M. Jackman. Back: E. Bramble, I. Berlind, D. Mooney, G. Koors, K. McComb, R. Mooney. 5. 0.1 ...aim need law-makers The Girls' Athletic Association has proven to be excellent training, as it gives everyone a chance to develop a more versa- tile character through team-play and good- sportsmanship. This year the president is Nancy Noschese and secretary, Mary Jane Flanigan. Miss Grace Roll is the adviser. The members of the VARSITY CLUB ofliciate at inter-class and intra-mural com- petition. Meetings are held once a month by Coach Jackman, adviser. Their main responsibility includes setting leadership in all interscholastic activities and promoting interest in them. Each year they sponsor an amusing basketball game between the Intra- mural All-Stars and the faculty. Olhcers are Pres. Chet Slaybaugh, Vice-Pres. Dave Mooney, and Sec.-Treas. Rich Mooney. M. Mestern. N. Reynaud L Mestern B. Gardiner M Christnno L. Mcdovich N Noschese PM ' - U - ,!Wl. .,.. Rich Mooney Lynn Egy Dave Mooney Pete Karcher oc" Delloeha I Walt Klores Chet Slaybaugh Jeff Berlind Charlie Copeland Ken Mccomb Jack McPartland ?HT5ii?i2i'i f eg- K, , sf , , ,,,.,, IE Q 51255 'I Q Q 3 Q " , , Wx .M H Q .gg 4 QW' if - 6 XQPQQ I' my 6 Q4 . pgskgji' yr I 52 ga 0 thin gm JC--x ? is , , , -,fggg . ini N' ig is VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front: C. Slaybaugh, D. Mooney, K. McComb, J. McPartland, R. Mooney. Back: Mr. M. Jackman, coach, J. Berlind, W. Klores A. DeRocha, C. Copeland, L. Egy, P. Karcher, Koors, B. Smith. This year the CHEERLEADERS really had somet-hing to crow about. All decked out in new blue jumpers and gold-striped blouses, our girls expertly exhibited the school colors at all sports games which warranted their presence. CHEERLEADERS-D. Guckenbiehl, D. Anglin, D. Scola, P. Carlyle, B. Gardiner. Absent: A. Bliss, V. Rosler. ...cmd emerged vzkt0rz'ou.r. The 1957 VARSITY BASKETBALL team deserves a plaque of solid gold for the sportsman- ship and playing ability which they displayed this season. After having achieved the title of co- champions in the Western Westchester League, with an unsurpassable record of I9 wins and only one loss, the team, coached by Mr. Michael Jackman, went all the way to capture the coveted Class "C" Championship. Ken McComb was chosen the most valuable player as well as having the honor of being on the All-County New York team and the Westchester Macy Team. Jack McPartland and Dave Mooney each won awards as the most improved players, and Chet Slaybaugh won the Con-Edison award in December. Dave Mooney and Ken McComb are co-captains, Glenn Koors and Brent Smith, co-managers. The JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL team rightly merited the unotlicial title of champions of the Junior League with an insuperable record of ten wins and no losses. These boys displayed the ad mirable qualities of co-operativeness, unselfishness and willingness which inevitably were the reasons for their success. A delectable victory supper was en joyed by all at Coach Einhorn's house at the season s end. Kenneth Waldemar and Wayne Boulton are co-captains, and Lee Hall and Herb Weinman are co-managers. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front: E. Aim, K. Hassell, W. Boulton, H. Weinman, D. McComb, Mr. E. Einhorn, R. Mulvey. Back: L. Beall, J. Hines, K. Yocis, K. Waldemar, P. Lombardi, D. Clarke, J. Evans, D. Clarke. Absent: R. Sankey. ... above all competition. Anticipation filled the heart of each VAR- SITY BASEBALL player during the tense mo- ments towards the end of a game. The spectators sat ramrod straight in their seats. The opposing batter was hot and over-anxious, prepared either to bathe in glory or to squirm in the dust as it was now the ninth inning with two out and he was at the plate with two strikes on him. STR-R-R- l-K-E THREE! Ardsley wins one to nothing! The crowd has now begun to swarm around the jubi- lant coach of the Varsity team, Mr. M. Jackman. This year we were proud to be able to say, "This was our biggest seasonf' A total of eight games, a record-breaking number, was played against four of our rival schools. Nine new players had the honor of being chosen for the JUNIOR VARSITY BASE- BALL team. With the aid of Mr. Hesse and the coaching of Mr. Felter, all the players gained valu- able techniques. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-Front: H. Wein man K Hassell J Liverani D Kavovit R Mulve ' ' : - 9 - , . y, P. Gatti. Back: Coach C. Felter, J. Beninati, R. Muckle, J. Westervelt, J. Munsell, E. Aim, D. Clarke K. Yocis, K. Waldemar, D. Clarke, P. Lombardi W. Whelan, G. Norton. VARSITY BASEBALL-Front: W. Boulton, G. Koors, R. Sankey, J. Evans, P. Karcher. Back: Coach M. Jackman, D. Mooney, R. Mooney, K. McComb, C. Slaybaugh, I. Young. Absent: W. Anderson, J. Alutto. Proof of the ability of the CHEER- LEADERS is on display in the trophy case, it is an award won for novel cheers, coordination. clear voices, and in general, characteristics ot an A-1 squad. The captain is Nancy Noschese and co-captain is Barbara Gardiner. Mrs. Le Count is adviser. CHEERLEADERS-S. Sage, R. Kerr, N. Noschese, G. Fraguela, S. Ward. Cloezllenges and adventure or all... TRACK-G. Whaley, G. Cuddeback, B. Cook, T. Goodwin, W. Wetterauer, D. Riva Brent Smith and Jeffrey Berlind Carl Fon, Coach T. Figlia, Larry Nardecchia Coached by Mr. T. Figlia, the members of the TRACK team may someday be able to capture a title at the Olympics or perhaps win the decath- lon. In any case, the boys surely exhibit good sportsmanship and display to advantage the school colors of blue and gold in their track uniforms. TRACK B McKeough R Capra J Berlmd B Smith D McComb Coach T Figlia D Klein old and young. .. As is customary, the BIOLOGY CAMP was again held at Croton Point this year. Because of the large biology enrollment, it was divided into two sec- tions of two-and-a-half days each. Although students had their customary good time, the teachers felt that time pressed unusually to accomplish all of the biology desirable. Mr. Roth and Mr. Horend, Build- ing Principal, conducted the classes with Mrs. Ho- rend as camp mother, in charge of housekeeping and commissary. The health class also enjoyed a three-day camp in the spring. This year's freshmen are eagerly look- ing forward to a camp experience next fall. As well as the desire for a fresh-air, right-on-the-spot educa- tion, there is always the hope that the weather might make possible an exhilarating dip in either the Croton or the Hudson River. There are also the evenings which are packed with planned or student do-it-yourself activities, which always add to the overall enjoyment of these excursions. OUTDOOR EDUCATION is an adventure ap- proach to leaming and to the practice of good citizen- ship traits. It has been developed in Ardsley under the leadership of District Principal Arthur W. Silliman, High School Principal Mr. Horend, Dept. Head Mr. Thomas, and interested faculty members to a position of leadership in New York State's edu- cational advancement. Youth craves adventure, new places, new mean- ings, new friendships, new opportunities. Undirected, this drive can easily lead away from school and even to acts of delinquency. The adventure approach to learning through Outdoor Education projects can channel this tremendous drive into powerful motiva- tion for better citizenship, not only in more efficient subject matter learning, but in the more important fields of group living, co-operation, conservation, patriotism, reverence, individual responsibility and strength of character. "Pupils learn by reacting, not by being passive targets for printed or spoken words," finds Professor Donald H. Ross in summarizing recent educational research. Outdoor Education projects provide an adven- ture environment stimulating fo young people and confirm the conclusion of Dr. L. B. Sharp of Life Camps that the more direct the instruction, the easier the learning, the longer remembered and the more apt to lead on to further investigation, making school books more meaningful. The Ardsley program of Outdoor Education in- cludes such a variety of experiences as extended field trips to Albany, the White Mountains, Valley Forge, and Washington, D. C. A week of school camping for Grade 8 is held at Croton Point using the facilities of county-owned Camp Senasqua. Here they visit the Treaty Oak where the land was purchased from the Indians, the site of an old brick yard and early buildings reminis- cent of the plantation system of the South. They study tides, stars, and trees, and take their share of cooking, clean-up, and other responsibilities. The high school department sponsors specialized camps for science and for public health at tenth grade level. OUTDOOR CLUB-Mr. T. Figlia, B. Smith, L. Egy, D. Viola, J. Berlind -X OUTDOOR CLUB-R. Mooney, D. Mooney K McComb, G. Koors, A. Harais in outdoor education activitzer Two clubs are associated with the Outdoor Education program. THE MOUNTAINTOP CLUB consists of grade pupils, who have gone on three or more field trips into or towards the mountains. Membership is open to any interested pupil in the upper grades and usually a whole class or a half class will go at a time. MOUNTAINTOP CLUB THE OUTDOOR CLUB is a smaller group of high school boys interested in ruggedlcamping. They select their own membership and plan their expeditions depending on advice from members of the faculty interested in camping. They enjoy breaking the ice in the water bucket on a cold morning in the Blue Ridge or building an igloo to supplement their camp site in the Catskills. At long loft Mr. Everett E. Einhom, Teacher-"Always busy" seems to be the motto of GRADE 8E. In shop the boys made bead frames which have aided them in math. For art we exhibited projects on the walls. We put on an assembly television program skit in March. The year was climaxed with the wonderful eighth grade Prom. Our officers are Pres. C. Smith, Vice- Pres. B. Guck, Corres. Sec. V. Thompson, Rec. Sec. J. Stagliano, Treas. J. Speicher, and Reporter N. Lapitino. Class mothers are Mrs. M. Ullman and Mrs. H. Hausman. Mr. Everett Einhorn Grade 8 M.A. Columbia University Seated: Mr. E. Einhorn. Front Row: E. Hausman M. Ozern, J. Reynaud, B. Seeger, V. Thompson A. Brumberg. Second Row: J. Olbert, V. Bechtold F. Bramble, J. Stagliano, S. Smiton, M. Schein man. Left Row: A. Paino, E. McGovern, C. Gatti, N Lapitino. Right Row: G. Wehmeyer, J. Fon S lstvan, Mr. Einhorn, S. Ullman, S. Pasquini E Haraismowich. Absent: J. Montaruli. Front Row: S. Thomas, S. Parachini, C. Freed Second Row: B. Guck, D. Tidaback, J. Speicher R. Bennett, J. De Simone, C. Smith, Mr. E. Em horn. the age has come... Mr. Charles Roth, Teacher-In GRADE 8R we set up our class as a science room in which constellations were displayed. With the aid of our science club pets, we soon had a regular menagerie composed of hamsters, turtles, alli- gators, tropical fish, and an opossum. In the spring along with the other eighth grades, we had a very successful conservation project. Our class oflicers are Pres. William Duke, Vice-Pres. Connie Coggins, Sec. Edmund Moore, and Treas. Lawrence Weinman. Our class mothers are Mrs. Liverzani and Mrs. Morrison. Seated: Mr. Roth. Front Row: J. Purdy, E. Brady E. Brookings, W. Duke, R. Liposky. Back Row H. Baker, P. Carlson, C. Bitting, A. de Tarnowsky K. Morrison. Seated: L. Weinman. C. Harkewitz. Standing: K. Moore, Mr. Roth. D. Hines, C. Coggins, P. Muller. R. Colten, K. McGlynn, E. Moore, C. DeRosa. Seated: T. Gardiner. Standing: Mr. Roth, W. Geer, L. Vieiro, R. Wedekind, R. Liverzani, J. Casadone J. Mullahy. Alv.ren1.' R. Massaro, D. Schaefer, E Coven. Mr. Charles E. Roth Grade 8 B.A. University of Connecticut ... when the world Mr. Harlan A. Thomas, T eacher-As a high spot on our program, GRADE 8T made our yearly trip to Croton Point to learn history and science. In December we had a party and dance at Ardsley High School. We made a pilgrimage to Valley Forge early in May. This historic shrine helped us to understand better the strug- gle our early country endured. We are proud to be a part of the largest eighth grade graduating class in the history of Ardsley. Our officers are Pres. Dorothy Kight, Vice-Pres. Guy Lundberg, Sec. Robin Shore, and Treas. Judy Osterberg. Class mothers are Mrs. Edward Delagi and Mrs. Charles Geyer. Seatea: K. Eckelman, G. Jenter. Standing: R. Brooks, W. Papovitch, A. Jacob, C. Murtough, D. Kight, W, Delagi, G. Winston, D. Serrano. Seated: J. Prestholdt, J. Galgay. Standing: J. E. Cauvet. G. Hurst, N. Wild, H. Bernstein, S. Geyer, G. Lundberg. R. Shore. Absent: B. Edelstein. M. Krauss, C. Townsend. Seated: J. Esposito, R. Neubauer. Standing: P Waite, J. Beeh. C. Nolander. J. Stern, S. Smith, C. Baldauf, J. Osterberg, R. Parrish, Mr. H. A Thomas. 64 Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head ofthe Upper Grades Grade 8 M.A. Columbia University and all its cballen er... Mr. Thomas T. Figlia, Teacher-Besides en- joying several social events during the year, GRADE 7F made excursions to Mt. Riga and Valley Forge in Octoberaand to Albany in Feb- ruary. These trips were valuable in our study of New York State history and geography. Also we looked into the procedures of county and vil- lage administrations so that we will be well ex- perienced for our Student Govemment Day when we are in the upper grades. Our classes were held in the new wing of the Methodist church. Our class oflicers change every month. Class mothers are Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Sil- verman. Mr. Thomas J. Figlia Grade 7 B.S. Cortland State Teachers' College Front Row: D. Horbal, A. Bennett, W. lzzolo Second Row: M. Elliott, D. Clute, D. Andrews, D Rooney, Mr. Figlia, L. Britt. Seated: C. Weinberger. Standing: C. Wallitt. T Lofgren, A. Sheldon, S. Martin, M. Hoy. K. Yocis F. Holser, S. Young, Mr. T. Figlia. Absent: G Crisi. Seated: Mr. Figlia. Standing: T. Waldeier, L. Lar- sen, J. Dowe, G. Hellthaler, J. Sankey, S. Silver- man, D. Schafer. 65 Front Row: D. KnaPP, J. Beckman, J. Smith. Second Row: R. Brandon, P. Hirsch, P. Osterberg, Mr. Hesse, N. Stien, W. Love, S. Portman. Mr. Robert L. Hesse Grade 7 M.A. Columbia University .. unfold bjore ui: Mr. Robert L. Hesse, Teacher-In October GRADE 7H took a trip to Museum Village, where old shops were displayed in miniature. Later, we made an extensive study of the Hun- garian situation and discussed the problem. Our class collected money and sent it to the Inter- national Rescue Committee in an effort to help in the crisis. Our officers are Pres. Thomas Pan- coast, Vice-Pres. Carl Jenter, Sec. Ann Ridings, Treas. Thomas Witham, and Class Reporter Richard Brandon. Class mothers are Mrs. J. Ciofalo and Mrs. E. Pancoast. Front Row: Mr. Hesse, D. Goodman. Second Row: A. Ridings, ff. Witham, K. Cassens, A. lnversin, R. Cook, A. Ciofalo, B. Insky, S. Witham. Left Row: S. Hockman. Center Row: E. Korbin, G. Laudato, R. Hirschfeld, T. Pancoast. Right Row: Mr. Hesse, D. MacKenzie, S. Werner, M. Burns, C. Jenter. 66 . Mrs. Barbara Jean Junge Grade 7 B.A. Barnard College We are becoming. .. Mrs. Barbara J. Junge, Teacher-During the past year, GRADE 7J focused its attention on current events. On our five bulletin boards, we tacked pictures, cartoons, and articles having to do with subjects such as sports, segregation, and the Suez Canal. We kept a chart which re- corded our score for good citizenship. The re- ward for a high score was a class party. Our officers changed, so that more people would have a chance to be executives. Our class mothers are Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Reilly. Front Row: M. Scaperrotta, M. Schappach. J. Per- rotta. Second Row: M. Muckle, P. Bell. P. Kazan. J. Pascone, Mrs. B. J. Junge. M. Lehmkuhl. L. Wirz. Front Row: E. Hanrahan, V. Waldemar, E. Brown. C: Gruessing. Svcond Row: E. Bosch. F. Marron. A. Hellthaler, P. Koors, G. Taranto. Mrs. B. J. Junge. 67 ...sqmmte individualg Miss Margaret Wesp, Teacher--Last fall GRADE 7W visited Mt. Riga in Connecticut and later on the capitol at Albany, covered in our social studies book. Our Teen Age Book Club, the "Reader's Digest," and extensive reading of narrative poetry further enriched our literary knowledge. To become better ac- quainted with students from another area, we exchanged letters with pen pals in the West. Our officers are Pres. Meredith Whaley, Vice- Pres. Cornelius O'Leary, and Sec.-Treas. Joan Walther. Class mothers are Mrs. Donald John- son and Mrs. Digby Whitman. Miss Margaret Wesp Grade 7 B. Pd. New York Training School New York University Front Row: R. Patton, S. Shiller, P. Anthony. Second Row: C. O'Leary, J. Jenkins, P. Sarasohn, G. Seberg, A. Terrington, S. Mfattson, P. Burger, J. Walther, Miss Wesp. Front Row: J. Suthergreen, N. Milton, S. Neilson, V. Galano, H. Ardanowski. Second Row: E. Schultz, M. Whaley, R. Nicholas, P. Mestern, T. Iaguinto. Back Row: Miss Wesp, K. Sullivan. Seated: Miss Wesp. Standing: S. Johnson, R. Mor- ris, J. Fraguela, R. Galgay, D. Egy, C. VanDorn, L. Marpet, M. Militscher, R. Pestone, A. Marks. makin a place. .. Mrs. Esther Allison, Teacher-GRADE 6A has enjoyed participating in the sixth grade chorus. In art class for the first time we were allowed to use the high school art room. Another project which we shared in was a terrarium. We put a caterpillar in it and watched it build a cocoon. Our class oflicers are Pres. Philip Guck, Vice-Pres. Michael Creagan, Treas. Philip Guckenbiehl, and Sec. Mary Chris Bailey. Our class mothers are Mrs. A. Kalmykow and Mrs. R. Denike. Front Row: E. McCormack, K. Crysler, G. A. Paino, B. Duke. Second Row: A. Fatigate, M. Kil- strom, B. Atalese, E. Grandolfi, P. Guckenbiehl, C. Kalmykow. Absent: M. C. Bailey. Left Row: C. Hinnen, E. Copeland, L. Freedman. Center Row.'. W. Doughty, J. Glaberson, J. Casa- done. Right Row: C. Geer, M. Greagan, S. Brin- SOH. Seated: Mrs. Allison. Standing: C. Andrews, R. MacKenzie, S. Rinaldi, J. Martin, D. Lapitino, D. Muraug P. Guck, S. Neilsen, R. Denike, D. Bliss. ,. ,on N -r Mrs. Esther Allison Grade 6 Fredonia State Teachers' College University of Buffalo O11 'rn X535-'S MY' A . Mrs. Ruth Duke, Teacher-In GRADE 6D our project on the Near East inspired our paintings. We also made an extensive study of Europe and various parts of the world. Under Miss Haymond's direction we put on a very successful operetta this spring. Mr. Chestnut also aided us toward better self-expression by starting an art club. Our class officers are Pres. Diana Nardecchia, Vice-Pres. Gerald Green, Sec. Arlene Ardanowski, and Treas. George Istvan. The class mothers are Mrs. G. M. Green and Mrs. W. Decker. or ourselves Left Row: D. Geyer, E. Gardiner, Mrs. Duke, D. Nardecchia, E. Mayersohn, D. Decker. Center Row: G. Green, C. Edgar, L. Rosler, J. Feurer, C. Kazan. Right Row: M. Watson, C. Kent, S. Ross, R. DeVries, W. Istvan. Front Row: E. Leach, P. Wasserman, Mrs. Duke, M. Slack. Second Row: S. Kaiser, B. McDonough, M. Schwartz, A. Ardanowski, G. Istvan. L. Robin- pn. J. Tino, P. Stein. 70 Mrs. Ruth Duke Grade 6 Oswego State Teachers' College as uprzlgbt citizens Mrs. Alice C. Frischmann, Teacher-Every morning we in GRADE 6F saluted the Hag and said a silent prayer before class started. Letters were exchanged with Paulette Agnano, a former sixth grader now in Egypt. Ai trip to Museum Village was one of our rewards for co-operation in holding our classes in the Methodist Church. The many parties given by the class mothers, Mrs. M. Graham and Mrs. G. Esposito, helped round out a wonderful year. Our officers changed to give more stu- dents an opportunity to participate in class affairs. Mrs. Alice Frischmann Grade 6 College of New Rochelle Front Row: J. Kipp. Second Row: G. Rinciari, I Edelstein. Third Row: L. MacLoon, R. Prestholdt Mrs. Frischmann. Fourth Row: S. Chalmers, R Carlyle. Last Row: K. Beall, L. Hudson. Seated: M. E. Saunders, J. A. Esposito. Standing: S. Einhorn, C. Bernstein, D. lnversin. H. Marcus, A. Meislin, R. Stroh, Mrs. Frischmann. M. Gra- ham. Ab.ren1:J. Lieberman, N. Oliver. 71 Mrs. Helena Snyder, Teacher-GRADE 6S did group research on the early civilizations and later concentrated on Asia. Here the class divided itself into small gatherings for projects, drawings, and booklets. In accordance with Clean-Up Week, we drew colorful posters and presented a delightful play. Also we will long remember our trip to the Museum of Natural History. Our oiiicers are Pres. W. Sommers, Vice-Pres. L. Viola, Sec. B. Bellin, Treas. J. Dunn, and Librarian S. Whitney. Class mothers are Mrs. G. Nugent and Mrs. W. Sommer. in tomorrowfr world Seated: L. Hoffman, R. Cook, S. Whitney. Stand- ing: Mrs. Snyder, J. Strand, M. Flanigan, C. Ray- burn, J. Nugent, A. Mayersohn, R. Watson, J. Dunne. Front Row: L. Sterner, L. Beeh, F. Cartwright, M. Tidaback, W. Moore, L. Riva. Second Row: B. Bellin, L. Viola, B. Bowman, C. Meuser, Mrs. Snyder. Absent: H. Matthews, W. Sommer, E. Sherman. 72 Mrs. Helena Snyder Grade 6 Oswego State Teachers' College Greatly increased enrollment in the elementary grades this year has made it necessary to include in this section, only a roster of names for each grade in Kindergarten through Grade 5 as well as candid pictures which will illustrate the various activities of the students in these groups. To aygs Y itlhi N314 ing ,, U .- lg 1 V. 'H H. ADMINISTRATION AND SPECIAL TEACHERS Mr Kenneth H. Brown Mrs Nora Lombardi Mrs Marie Neubauer Miss Harriett Edwards Dept Head Miss Ethel J Farnham Dept Head Mrs Helen Bartholomew Psychologist Miss Celia Conklin Mrs Eleanor Coyne Lunchroom Manager Miss Eleanor Davis Miss Gloria Fava Shared Art Mrs Ruth Flikkema Mrs Lesia Haines Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck Mrs Ella Le Count Physical Education Miss Margaret McGuire Instrumental Music Mrs Patricia McLean Mr Wiliam Wolter Physical Education GRADE 5 Miss Margaret Cole Bitting, Marilyn Burger, Jane S. Chernet, Jane Couen, Hermine Crysler, John G. D'Auria, Thomas W. Diamond, Sharon Donoghue, Richard Ellis, Myriam G. Ewald, Alan A. Hall, Terry Harris, Lee Hirschberg, Carol J etter, Barbara King, Charles Lamour, Patricia A. Lipton, Francie Marks, Eugene Masters, Alicia Mattson, Alan McGlynn, Denis Mulholland, Daniel I. Naviski, Elizabeth Pestone, Marion Rosow, Michael Sage, Karen Simmons, Leslie Singer, Eric Sullivan, Michael VanLeer, Rona Waxenfeld, Joy A. White, Frank A. Whitney, Howard Wimazal, Christine The children of GRADE 5 Mr. Arthur E. Dycke Bates, Carol Ann' Benzenberg, Diane Britt, William J., Jr. Chase, Stanley G. Crisi, Charles F. DeNicola, Sheila Ducharme, Denis Engelkirk, Susan Fon, Christina Galetta, Nici Goldfeder, Allen Hasiwar, Susan G. Kahn, Lynn S. Kashchy, Marilyn Leach, Nancy Levy, Ruth Mathieson, Brian Miller, Michael Muller, Arthur R. Munch, Albert R., Jr. Olbert, Arthur Olson, Karin E. Paterson, Doris J. Purdy, Janet Roberts, Chris Seitz, Sally L. Tancredi, Mary Jo Thorp, Eric C. Tortora, Jon A. Trombetta, James Ullman, William today .GRADE 5 Miss Ethel M. Tryon Begelman, Kenneth M Bohn, Nancy M. Burns, Kevin Burns, Lawrence H. Cabot, Richard M. Casey, Robert G. Ciofalo, Diane Clarke, Richard F. Cook, Donna J. Dachinger, Sharon P. Dickerman, Richard Doscher, Karen Dyer, David W. Galligan, William D. Gardiner, Pamela J. Harris, Douglas Hausman, Richard Hazelton, Cora-Lee Hurst, Carole L. Jacobs, Nancy P. Janson, Andrew Kenner, Sharon C. Lehman, Danna Murrow, Gene Nilsen, Ellen M. Nusbaum, Susan M. Ozern, Enid R. Pappas, Michele Saitta, Drew Scotti, Ronald Washburn, Jeffrey W. Weggenman, Margaret CONCENTRATION ff' Woodrow, Donald Zito, Louis C. A HELPING HAND Weiss, Robert B. Wolk, Jane .ftand wkoll united . .. .GRADE 5 Miss Ellen Whitman Abramowitz, Alan Bailey, Richard J. Benner, Rodney S. Boardman, Constance Mary Dworkind, Gail Susan Fernandez, Charles Brooks Glassman, Donald Goldstein, Barbara I. Groth, Andrew Johnson, Arm Kanning, Arthur William Levy, Allan Lombardi, Lorraine Mache, Jacquelyn McCauley, Jane M. McMurtrie, Sally Ann Morano, Michael Moriarity, Richard Alden Nilsen, Ruth E. Pachter, Michele Pardy, John Pascone, Kathleen A. Purdy, Gale Ardith Riegert, Peter Roberts, Nancy Jane Schafer, Charles P. Solomon, Daniel M. Sonnenberg, Eric Tallcott, Alice L. Tenenbaum, Alan Stuart Wedekind, Ronald George Wetterauer, Michael J . .GRADE 4 Miss Drucille Cochran Agnano, Susan E. Boccumini, Lyn E. Brooks, Jerri Burrows, Barbara Ann Decker, Nancy E. DeFranza, Rosemary Delmerico, Barbara A. Denike, Richard A. Doughty, Jo Anne S. Ehrens, Gene G. Fatigate, Sal Harman, Diane Holscher, Donna Hughes, Aleta Istvan, Joseph Johnson, Randy A. Kirkpatrick, Betty Ann Krauss, Joan Mitsos, Nicky Mondelli, Diane M. Morano, Felicia Muir, Margaret Niciu, Debbie Riccio, Marie J. Scallero, Jennifer A. Spano, Carole A. Stagliano, Ann Thomas, Alexandra Washko, Susan C. GRADE 4 Miss Harriett Edwards Alexandroff, John R. Batten, Richard W. Bell, Walter S. Bellin, Sandra Berland, Jane Bersonnet, Thomas A. Boyle, Leslie B. Delagi, Edwina Fitzgerald, Peter J. Ginter, Kathleen A. Jacobs, Harry A. Kenney, Ann Marie Kohler, Martha L. Kuhlmann, Richard Lindbeck, Ronald E. McClement, John H., Jr. McQueen, Janet L. Nahas, Marlene L. Perfield, Peggy Potter, Jack Ramin, Susan Rose, Tina Sassano, Walter R. Saunders, Patricia Seeger, Kenneth Toscani, F. Eugene Vincent, Linda S. Yarmovsky, Sheldon .GRADE 4 Mr. Cyril Koch Alter, Elaine Bassett, Mary Ann Carucci, Robert Cassano, Linda Culver, Joyce Fordsman, Ed Galgay, Carol Gomberg, Lisa Grutzner, Betty Hassell, Donald Hirschfeld, Barbara Kirstein, Allan Liman, Lisa Liposky, Joanne Liu, Rosemarie McDonough, Steven Mellon, Don Mendell, Laura Newman, Andrew Portman, Russell Schlitt, Ann Stroh, Linda Toedtemeier, Linda J Walker, Charles Warowoshin, Joy Wehe, Robert -Weissenberger, Joy Williams, Charles Wild, Roger Woodrow, Lynn CLASS MASCOT TINKERING AROUND GRADE 4 Miss Aldene Pearsall Antelis, Frank L. Architello, Helen C. Bailey, Mark J. Calhoun, Cynthia E. Chase, John E. DeFeo, Elizabeth A. Dourmashkin, Thomas Evans, Robert Felter, Paul Fisher, Rachel A. Freeman, Laurie Gardner, Frances Henderson, Robert Hines, Margo E. Johnson, Jamie Kanning, Margaret S. Kappy, Stephen C. Lotus, Donna L. Morano, Angela Morrison, Richard Olson, Kirstin Rabinowitz, Susan Roberts, Victoria N. Seitz, R. Edwards Shuart, Ethel S. Stanaway, John L. Wallitt, Wendy Whitehead, Sharon Wooley, Joseph GRADE 4 Mrs. Margaret Y. Reuter Anderson, Carol L. Barkan, Eric Berkowitz, Ira Connick, Thomas Decker, Diane L. Doscher, John R., Jr. Grell, Cheryl J. Haimsohn, Wendy L. Hesse, Susanne Hill, Larry H. Kerbel, Judith Laudato, Raymond Leeper, Julia M. Lindbeck, Susan Loren, Susan Love, Tom Manning, Chantal Maxwell, John W. McCauley, Richard T. Mestem, Betsy J. Moriarty, Peter J. Ridings, Mary Scofield, Judith Sharpe, Ann M. Tangney, Robert Thomas, John H., Jr. Torkelsen, Kristine Turner, Sally L. Waite, W. Donald ... thanks to freedom, GRADE 4 Miss Edna Williamson Anthony, Ellen Cerrone, Jeffrey Y. Cockburn, Ronald R. Corrieri, Anthony Davis, Keith deTarnowsky, Kristin Fraguela, Bobby Frowd, Linda A. Gedris, Victor Gick, Dorothy Hendee, Kristin Henwood, Deborah A. MacKenzie, Carol Park, Anna Radomski, Cecelia Roden, Meredith E. Riviezzo, Margaret E. Rubin, Michael Saz, David Schwarz, Judith Shore, Marguerite Sullivan, Thomas Tortora, Jill R. Utts, Christine Vieiro, Marguerite Walther, Robert F. Whelan, Robert Worden, G. Kent GRADE 3 Miss Ruth Hurlbut Chemet, Jo Ann Connick, Nancy Dougherty, William D. Dutton, Ann Dyer, J eifrey S. Ehman, George Gross, John H. Harris, Robert Hromy, Donald Hutchinson, Jo Ann J affe, Mark H. Jenter, Robert C. Kaufman, Ralph Keating, Wenona M. Luther, Melissa McLean, Scott McMahon, Elizabeth A Meislin, Arleen B. Mullahy, Brian Nusbaum, Richard L. Raybum, Bruce Rohrauer, Susan Rosenberg, Michele Ross, Sandra S. Schacter, Margaret A. Ukrain, Louise Weiner, Karen J. Zimkin, Larry INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER 76 GRADE 3 PLAYHOUSE V,.-an lava relzlgion, . .. GRADE 3 Mrs. Janice Ruotolo Accarino, Joan Cregan, Daniel Curtis, Cathy DeBacker, Georgene DePaolo, Joanne Dolan, James A. Feurer, Gerard R. Filomena, Dianne Forbes, Annabelle Galetta, Tina Giroux, June A. Guckenbiehl, Leslie Holloway, Kenneth Jayne, JoAnn Klein, Lauren M. Knoesel, Kathleen A. Kravitz, Amold Liverani, Linda Maiorana, Richard Myrbostad, Ronnie Nanna, Angelo Petretti, Paul J. Quattrocchi, Violetta Scheller, Philip K: Trohman, Janet M. Wilkinson, Coleman C. Zuckerman, Mark GRADE 3 Mrs. Fay Speilberger Allen, Patricia Beilharz, Catherine Blumenfeld, Ilene Bringman, Bonnie Browning, Jackson B., Dunn, Nancy Fitzgerald, Alan C. Flanders, Shelly J. Frank, Patricia A. Gerstman, Susan Glassman, Craig Hurlbut, Gail E. Johnson, Fred W. Kuhlmann, Peter Lano, Anita Lingg, Pamela Martin, Carol Moriarty, Cheryl Pagani, Wendy Ramin, Carolyn Rosaler, Jean A. Rossi, Patricia M. Rubin, Babette Shelton, Linda S. Shulman, Jane Slack, Jane Sommer, John G. Suthergreen, Frederick Utts, Carolyn GRADE 3 Miss Helen A. Toomey Beckman, Celia Buergers, Eric Clarke, John Dachinger, James J. Deneen, William DiCairano, Michael Donoghue, Elaine Felton, Julie A. Gawman, Christine J. Gedris, David Kent, Robert Kluge, Lynn B. Kramer, Peter D. Krauss, Patricia LaMarsh, Kenneth J. Landsman, Karen Leach, Jeffrey Marcus, Harriet B. Orvis, Steven W. Quinlan, Larry Roddy, Michael Rusoff, Mara-Lee Squires, Susan E. Stein, Gail R. Stien, Laura Sullivan, Tessa Taxter, Paul A. Vincent, Tommy Wemer, Marilyn GRADE 3 Mrs. Vivian Yettru Baas, Harold F., Jr. Brown, Virginia Burpee, Kathy Ann Cappetta, Joseph Dunkelman, Lawrence Edgar, Alexander L. Foss, Kathleen Ginsbern, Abby G. Hunt, Kimball R. Hunt, Roseann Janson, Peter Johnson, Allan W. Johnson, Jessie Kamens, Constance Kirkpatrick, Treacy A. Learner, Marilyn S. Lofgren, Kristina McGovern, Jane Munck, Linda A. Pascone, Mary L. Raicht, Raymond Regina, Maria Swanson, Kathleen M. Thorpe, Andrea Tino, Kathleen G. Weinberger, Linda S. Weinman, Helen Zach, Jonathon THE READING CORNER WHO'S GOT THE BALL? GRADE 2 Mrs. Ruth B. Adams Allen, Kathleen Benzenberg, Claudia Berland, Kenneth Boniello, Sandra Cabot, Susan L. Casey, Ellen Dunn, Janis W. Einhorn, David W. Fenton, Richard D. Goodman, Gary Gross, Robert Hart, Charles R. Hickey, Deborah Holmes, Douglas R. Hromy, Ann Hutchinson, John, Jr. King, Judy McClement, Joanne M. McEvoy, Susan Murtough, William J. Nomer, Joanna C. O'Neill, William J. Peper, Roger S. Santini, Freddy Sassano, Gary Smith, Harlan Snyder, Donald Tampone, Peter Weggenman, Florence GRADE 2 Mrs. Dorothy Alshin Caporale, Janet Chase, Marilyn G. Conrad, David Corbin, Charles F., Jr. Delmerico, Marianne Dourmashkin, Barbara Dualsky, Susan Filomena, Gail E. Freed, Martin Geraghty, Janie P. Grant, Robert J., Jr. Hovey, Edwin Hulseaple, Donna Locker, George S. Macri, Barbara McCartney, Dale E. McGrath, Patricia J. McMurtie, Jessie C. Mellon, Craig F. Plemmons, Gaylord Roberts, Alexandra Tallcott, John F., Jr. Titcomb, Thayer Ann Weinberger, Steven I. Weiss, Wendy Hand education, GRADE 2 Miss Mary Overly Bates, Shirley Baulieu, Bobby Blunda, Stephen DeSanti, Valerie Evans, Bruce W. Frank, Pamela J. Hendee, Gregory Hirsch, Bruce Kahn, Lawrence J. Kashchy, John P. Kohler, Thomas R., Jr. Korbin, Richard Leo, William M. Malamud, Steven Mattson, Karen McGlynn, Martin Miller, Roger T. Miller, William P. Muir, Catherine Pasquini, Brenda J. Saz, Michael Scaperrotta, Donna Squires, Robert P. Taxter, Virginia E. Trifero, Angela L. Washko, Michele J. Wild, Bonnie Worden, Bonnie L. GRADE 2 Mrs. Doris E. Bunker Bassett, Walter M. Bosch, Kathleen M. Burns, Deborah A. Doyle, Andrea Edwards, Alison O. Esposito, Ellen Essenfeld, J effrey Frie, Roger Galuska, Geraldine Goldberg, Maxwell S. Jayne, John W. Kestenbaum, David GRADE 2 Mrs. Margaret Purdy Anglin, Irene Arezzo, Karen Bitting, Edwin Davidoff, Andrea Platley, Wendy Gardner, Jane Goldner, David Hirschberg, Kenneth l-Iorowitz, David S. Josephy, Marilyn Kafalas, Ruth M. Lapiana, Lucille Lehman, Angela MacWhirter, James Marks, Barri McQueen, Carole L, Mitchell, Janet Muckle, Jeffrey J. Pachter, Linda Raff, Beverly Sarasohn, Judy C. Simmons, Gail Sinzheimer, Ronald Slote, David M. Smiton, Glenn Stockton, Simon H. Trow, Elaine Wilensky, Sharon Leddy, Robert T. Loren, Rochelle Lutz, Kenneth A. Macko, Michael B. Mascari, Edward P. Morris, Mark Mullahy, David Paino, Frank Potter, Diane Prankard, William Roberts, Susan L. Shaughnessy, Josephine I Warshansky, Lettice MASS PRODUCTION 78 so important to ur all... GRADE 1 Mrs. Barbara Coat Apsis, Alexander Brown. Bruce Conman, Joanne Geyer, Nancy Greene, Robert J. Hassell, Peter Hockman, Gail A. Jacob, Barbara L. Kane, Douglas M. Kirstein, Dale Krisky, Daniel B. LaMarsh, Catherine F. Liman, Christine C. Lipton, James Loefller, David A. Marasco, William Miller, Richard Moore, Stephen C. Muth, Arthur E., Jr. Nichols, Nancy Powers, Lois L. Riegert, Eleanor Schlitt, Stuart Shiller, Peggy Singer, Paul Stapleton, Francis J. Walker, Ellen Wilson, Richard H. Woodrow, Sue Ziserman, Emily Jo GRADE l Miss Harriet Gardiner Anderson, David C. Atlass, Robert Bruce Blasco, Keith Boyle, Kathryn H. Burpee, Laurie Jane Cappetta, Susan Carlo, Robert L. Fitch, Michael John Gardiner, Nancy Joan Hazen, Bruce B. Holser, Marianne Hunt, Deborah Charles Joose, R. Carter Kavovit, Steven Lawrence, Steven P. Mann, Thomas Mathison, Bruce McGovern, Ann McKenna, Rita Anne Murray, Kathy Ann Newman, Daniel Noerr, Mary M. Palinkas, Jesse Charles Rabinovitz, Abby Ramin, Mary Woodson Ross, Jeifrey Schafer, Mary Schaffer, Dale Scofield, Lou,is Scotti, Barbara L. Torkelsen, Barbara Andrea Wreford, Douglas GRADE 1 Mrs. Lucy Gyves Accarino, Gregory Boccumini, Elaine Burge, Conrad M. Caporale, Charles M. Corrieri, Joan Curtis, Pam DeNardo, Nicholas DePaolo, Charlene DeSimone, Ursula Gay, Thomas J. Geraghty, James P. Groth, Susan Hauptman, Sharon L. Horbal, Cheryl Karcich, Kenneth J. Mackay, Wayne C. Martin, Stephen Mazzarella, Marie McMahon, Valerie A. Mitsos, Cary Moccia, Vincent Noe, Charles Oliva, Lawrence Reid, Alexander, Jr. Reiff, Shirley Rinaldi, Philip Rome, Betty Ann Stevens, Grant Tenenbaum, Bruce M. Wasserman, Vicki Weiss, Joseph P. GRADE 2 Miss Dorothea Mazzocco Baker, Paul Barish, David I. Beeson, Lydia A. Benner, Roslyn W. Forrest, April Foss, Thomas Goldstein, Richard M. Holser, Raymond Hutchinson, Mary Jane Kaiser, Robert Kanning, Jean M. D111 YXJTX DIN' TKJTX 'DfXI' TKTTX Lamour, Carole M. Mache, Paul McKenna, Michael Michaelides, Cleoniki Nannariello, William M. Richardson, Douglas Rohan, Thomas Shub, Judith Silverman, Gary Stevens, Cynthia A. Toedtemeier, Clinton J. Wedekind, Eileen J. Winslow, Marilyn GRADE 1 Mrs. Louise K. Hatfield Barken, Edward Batten, Priscilla A. Bell, Lawrence Berkowitz, Ilene Galgay, Peter Haimsohn, Robert Harris, Lauretta Kaplan, Fred Keating, Gail A. Kraetzer, Christine D. Krauss, Frank P. Levine, Linda Loefller, Michael G. Lyman, Arthur E., Jr. MacLoon, William Meislin, Robert M. Murrow, Jessica Pagh, Barbara L. Pappas, Theodore Primoif, Walter Radomski, John Roden, Nancy C. Rogers, W. Marshall Ross, Richard Schacter, Wendy J. Snyder, Douglas Tampone, Beth Turner, Peter J. Warnecke, Teresa Washburn, Douglas W. Wittens, Susan THE CREATIVE URGE .'2i'5S96-W' , ...., , GRADE 1 Mrs. Marie Henzel Arnold, Karen J. Beilenson, Ronnie L. Benedict, Noel H. Berletic, Edward Burgess, Margaret A. Carson, Linda Cerrone, Christal Cowen, Janet Ehmann, Robert B. FitzGerald, Scott Flatley, Lawrence Gerstman, Julie Green, Todd C. Jacob, Robert Kane, Todd Lehning, Gary Mabe, Christopher K. MacHenry, David L. Mendell, Henry R. Mentha, John Merrington, Roberta Nichols, Christopher W. Pooton, Keith G. Schwarz, Doris E. Squitieri, Nancy Titcomb, Claire Tornello, Danielle Windman, Richard Wooley, Robert Worden, Kerry G. Wuttke, Barbara J. GRADE 1 Mrs. Myrtle Seberg Beall, Leslie D. Blake, Barbara S. Brill, Amy Burke, Robert M. Candela, Stephen Connick, Charles Donegan, Daniel A. Edgar, Joan M. Engleman, Scott B. Galvin, Patricia G. Golden, Gail A. Grell, Russell Hines, Larry J. Hovey, John Kerbel, Richard Maxwell, Roy L. McLean, Craig Meltzer, Suzanne Noschese, Louis Pancoast, Jane M. Parachini, Robert Prankard, Janice Scallero, Cynthia Seitz, Sarah Sharpe, Steven M. Tangney, Ann Thorp, Constance E. Thorpe, Dou las S Weissner, Wendy L. Yeager, Carolyn C. Young, Barbara .. in our school KINDERGARTEN Miss Nancy Bloxsom Alifanz, Jeffrey Appleyard, Carol E. Bennie, Robert J. Berry, Timothy Boccumini, Elizabeth Collins, Francis Cook, Kenneth Curto, Diane Forger, James Ginter, Donal Graveson, Deborah Hart, Clinton Hickey, Kathleen Kluge, Steven Kolb, Kenneth Love, Amelia Mascari, Charles McEvoy, Carolyn Miller, Keith Moore, Douglas Morris, Deborah Moss, Donald Nichols, Jennifer E. Peper, Christopher Quinlan, Robert Schwartzberg, Sydney Scott, Sherry Stien, Robert Yarmovsky, Linda work KINDERGARTEN Miss Nancy Bloxsom Adler, Lenore Albrecht, William Alter, Robert Booth, Deborah Chaves, Noah Clarke, Jacqueline DeNoon, Daniel J. Donoghue, Kathleen Goldblatt, Barbara Gordon, Ellen Hirsh, Jetfrey Horowitz, Diane R. J acquiery, Monique Josephy, Allan Lindenbaum, Robin Marpet, William Marshall, Marilyn Matthews, Joan Mayersohn, Robin Miller, Jay Mitchell, Stephen Morris, Katharine Newman, Jay Perry, Jordie Politis, Michael Robinson, Judith Ann JOURNALISTICALLY SPEAKING . . . 80 KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Lois L. Hoy Bailey, Carolyn Blockley, Lynn Davis, Sylvia Filomena, Louis Glassmarf. Sheila I-Iinnen, Mark Hulseapple, Lillian Kantor, Janet Krauss, Marjorie Kuhlmann, Robert Lancellotti, Eileen Lancellotti, Michael Lockwood, Nancy Lofgren, Eric Macri, Lois McCartney, Jill Morano, Michael Olson, Douglas Olson, Eric Rabinowitz, Kenneth Roddy, Mark Scott, Virginia Thrope, Cynthia A STEADY HAND, A WINNING SMILE KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Marjorie Ridings Birgy, Eugene Bloomfield, Lila DeRosa, Diane Fields, Lyle Greenberg, Laurie Jones, David A. Kaiser, Steven King, Richard Kirkpatrick, Timothy Lano, Patti Liu, Pamela Petrie, Daniel Pollock, Arlene Reynolds, Karen Schreiber, Melissa A. Silverman, Marshall Smith, Cory Spielberg, Sarina Sterner, Roger Trifero, John Walker, Mary Louise Waxenfeld, Warren Wilensky, Laura Wilson, Virginia and daibf lqfa KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Marjorie Ridings Bible, Susan Dunn, Randolph Fenton, Cathy Galvin, John, Jr. Golomb, Wesley A. Goodfarb, Marsha Gould, Nancy Kaufman, Nancy Kelly, Sharon Kenner, Brian Lewis, Barbara Lieberman, Robert M. Macko, Nancy Mannino, Kenneth Nisi, Ellen Pinto, Bruce Pugsley, Pamela Richards, Regina Rosenthal, Kippe Rutter, Dawson, J Scholl, Katherine Semke, Walter Spetka, Lawrence Stinson, Kathlecn Thomas, Susan Titcomb, Stephen Varney, Norman Weiner, Beth M. Yowell, Linda I'- KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Ruth Wilber Canzoniero, Dale Caporale, Patrick Dunkelman, Shari Lyn Gillette, Linda Holloway, Doreen Hurlbut, David Kashchy, Rosalyn Larkin, D. Ellen Lewis, Kathryn Lipperman, Helen Liverani, Gerard Marchiony, Stephen Marxmeyer, Maureen Mazzotta, Mark McLean, Robert Meltzer, Margo Nanna, Terry Pearce, David Pichurski, Christine Popoli, Eugene, Jr. Spano, Michael Trapani, Paul Travers, Barbara Unger, Nancy Wehe, Barbara KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Ruth Wilber Andrews, Patricia Antelis, Lauren Arnold, Donna Bitting, Dennis Carlson, Kenneth Cassano, Rita Convery, M. Scott Dualsky, Martha Dunn, Michael Ewald, Barbara Falvey, Richard Fitzgerald, Randall Gardner, Douglas Gianakos, Nicholas Giroux, Donna Harrison, Daniel Lawlor, Regina Mache, Eric MacWhirter, Dianne Magee, John Mark, Laura Mattson, Elisa Noerr, Albert Prezzano, C. Randolph Rosaler, Kenneth Rosow, Joel Rossi, Kenneth Shub, Robert Waldemar, Ralph Walker, Kirby KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Lois L. Hoy Agano, Mary Aitken, Annette Baulieu, Pamela Burrows, Betty-Jean Chase, Bonnie Cherico, Stephen Decker, Wayne Feit, Richard Fernandez, Douglas Geer, Peter Goldfeder, Madelon Hutchinson, Peter Kazan, Starr Kear, Kenneth Levine, Matthew McMurtrie, Jamie Mitchelle, Terry Morris, Victoria Pizzuro, Joseph Rohan, Christine Stagliano, Linda Tandlick, Gary Trutt, Gorden Tulipan, Noel Ullman, Lucy Young, David JUNGLE JANES TENSE MOMENT ZHIUUIIFHI Best Wishes from ARDSLEY GIRL SCOUTS PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION THE ROTARY CLUB Agia I T I ws! sg Q 4 'ax K L .,j-.,1-f- I Y 2741 , x I wx" V -. -4- L"-7'1" ' NI 2 ,3 Q. - . 1 K ' ' lx i,MM.,,?, MMM. vs.-,gg L Q L ! I.. The CHARCOAL SNACK BAR, conven- iently located at 632 Central Avenue, Scars- dale, N. Y., is the spot to stop for a tasty hamburger after a show. Take a hint from Dot, Ken, Rich, and Nancy who are quench- ing their thirst with refreshing cokes. Riding is an ideal recreation for everyone, young and old alike. Who wouldn't relish a breath-taking gallop against the wind and then a slow trot back to the stable? There are lovable ponies for the youngsters, as well as both gentle and spirited horses for adults at V 84 W RIDING ACADEMY, Sprain Road, Scarsdale. L'Westchester's most gracious supper club," THE WATER WHEEL INN, is situated along the Saw Mill River in Ardsley. In the spacious dining-hall, luncheon, dinner, and supper are served, with nightly dancing an added attraction. Call DO 3-4135 for reserva- tions for your private parties. "Flowers for all occasions" is the motto for PULVER BROTHERS, FLORISTS. Wouldn't a new shrub or perhaps some gay flowers greatly enhance the appearance of your home? Follow the example of Nancy and Dot and visit us at Jackson Avenue, Hastings, or call HA 5-1079. To be in "fashion and thrifty too, the ARDS- LEY APPAREL SHOP is the place for you!" Gini is displaying some of the Junior and Misses sizes with matching accessories that are available. Located in the Village Green, Ardsley, New York, we are conven- ient for everyone. Call DO 3-6408. 1 m0TEL 'J V Cfbnum M, HRDSLEH' HCR55. For a quiet and comfortable place where your visiting friends and relatives can spend the night or even a week, try the ARDSLEY ACRES MOTEL COURT. Efficiency apartments are also avail- able. These modem accommodations are located on the Saw Mill River Road and Parkway in Ardsley, only twenty-eight minutes from Times Square. Call us at DO 3-2700. Are you a do-it-yourselfer like Linda? If you need Pittsburgh or Kemtone paints, wall-pa- per, picture framing equipment, or even mod- eling clay, come to the ARDSLEY ART CENTER for superior quality in art mate- rials. Located across from the Ardsley Vil- lage Green, we are convenient to all. From this new modem office, JAMES Mc- CARTNEY 8: SON, INC., can give you the service you might need in reference to real estate and insurance. This advice comes from years of experience. Take advantage of Mc- Cartney's convenient location in Ardsley to stop in and discuss problems you might have, or else call DO 3-3500. Willis has just run down to LOUIS' SUPER MARKET -to get a package of string beans from Eddie. Save time and do all your food shopping here, at 711 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, New York. For the best and greatest variety in groceries, cheerful, friendly, service, and free parking, Louis' is the store to visit. For free delivery any time call either DO 3-1120 or DO 3-1121. A a I H This Sunday pay a visit to the ARDSLEY METHODIST CHURCH, Ashford Avenue, Ardsley. Our moming worship is held at both 9:30 and 11:00, the same hours as the Sunday School, in order that both the par- ents and children will have their services si- multaneously. Our Youth Fellowship is held every Sunday evening at 7 100. A cordial wel- come awaits you here. ' -1-.Q For choice groceries, fresh fruit and vege- tables, follow Violetta's example and come to RICCIO'S DELICATESSEN in Ardsley today. The finest in frozen foods is also avail- able here at 474 Ashford Avenue, opposite the County Trust. For speedy free delivery call us at DO 3-0365. The ARDSLEY BOOTERY, INC., in the Village Green Center, ll is an authorized dealer for Dr. Posner's corrective footwear for or. Posnzn children from one to twenty-one years. Doctors' prescriptions are was our specialty. WITH BUILT-IN HEUCE Nx Having a complete line of Ford cars and trucks, DOBBS FERRY MOTORS at 397 Broadway in Dobbs Ferry, is the place to go when looking for a new or A-1 used car. For your friendly, authorized Ford sales and serv- ice dealer, call DO 3-0362 or visit him as Ken, Dot, Rich, and Nancy are doing. Are you planning a trip this summer? Travel in style with new seat covers, an auto top, a complete set of car accessories, and AUTO INTERIORS, INC., located at 154 So. Cen- tral Park Avenue, Hartsdale, New York, will be pleased to equip your car as Ken, Dave, and Jeff are finding out. WH 6-1711. The GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK of Dobbs Ferry was organized in 1869 for the purpose of encouraging thrift and the habit of saving. It is operated solely for the beneit of its depositors. A member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the bank has total assets of 56,500,000 Open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Wednesday evenings from 3 to 8 p.m. . 4.1. . Stop in at the ARDSLEY JEWELER'S over The County Trust Bank or call us at DO 3- 7445 for the most exclusive lines of jewelry and silverware. We also do the highest quality clock and watch repairing possible. Come in and consult us for the finest in gift selections for all occasions. THE BEACON HILL COUNTRY CLUB in Dobbs Ferry is the place where activities are planned for the entire family. For a fun-filled day of swimming, tennis, badminton, or just relaxing in the sun, join the Beacon Hill Coun- try Club. Limited memberships are available. Call DO 3-9722. Pull into the WESTCHESTER GARAGE in Addyman Square, Ardsley, New York, for a complete servicing of your automobile. Colli- sion work is done by Mr. Nannariello and his eiiicient staif. For quick, dependable local and long distance towing, call Dobbs Ferry 3-1954. Delicious sodas and sundaes just devoured, are reflected in the cheerful faces of Sally, Lynn, and Jack, as you can plainly see. The juke box at the ARDSLEY CHOCOLAT ER- IA, INC., provides the best of entertainment with the newest hit tunes. Dorothy A. and Nancy N. are planning to look ahead by starting their Christmas club ac- counts now at the HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSO- CIATION. Visit 560 Warburton Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, if you would like to start a regular savings account or to rent a safe deposit box. For plumbing, heating, and appliance mainte- nance for the home, call CHARLES S. HOY, INC., at DO 3-0565. We also will completely service your gas and oil burners, as we are licensed in Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington, and the Town of Greenburgh. "Known wherever there are schools and col- leges," the L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY carries an excellent supply of class rings, such as the seniors are wearing in the picture, com- mencement invitations, and club insignia. Also for a wide choice of medals and trophies contact them at 521 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. C. Follow the example of Lynn and Sally and go to R. E. TeCARR for all your sports equip- ment. Located at 285 North Broadway, The Tarrytowns, New York, they will supply you with basketballs, badminton sets, golf clubs, trophies, and football outfits. Their phone number is ME l-3741. Moving out of town, out of state, or to a dif- ferent section of the country? For eilicient service, call the F. J. CALDARA MOVERS at DO 3-1166. Agents for the Greyvan Lines, cross-country movers, we are located at 124 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Depend on us for safe transportation of all your posses- sions. The Cassens have found the CALICO CAT in Chatham, Massachusetts, is a favorite haunt for all gift-conscious tourists to Cape Cod. Our selections are spiced with that quaint New England charm. On your next vacation to the Cape, come in and browse. We're located on Main Street, near the Chatham Light. Let OLIVIA G. SEELER, INC., The Realtor of Ardsley, help you when a house becomes your problem. Let her aid you in buying a home, selling it, renting it, managing it, or in- suring it. For all types of real estate and insur- ance, contact her at 501 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, or phone DO 3-3600. Pat, Jack, and Nancy are experiencing the ex- ceptional comfort of just one of the numerous fine sofas in CARTOON'S FURNITURE STORE, located on the corner of Wildey and Cortlandt Streets in Tarrytown. Another branch of this reliable firm, featuring "fumi- ture that pleases," is situated at 25 Spring Street, Ossining. ...S- 1 V 'Q illlllqt-y I l For doctors' prescriptions and all your phar- maceutical needs, call the modern LIGGETT REXALL dealer at DO 3-2003. Mr. T. Le- vine, B.S., and Mr. H. Altman, B.S., will be happy to be of service or to provide prompt, free delivery. Located at 717 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, New York. E. ROBISON, INC., has a complete oil heating service for your home. Hot water heaters, oil burners, boilers, and tanks are sold and installed. Parts and twenty-four hour service on any make burner, are included in the contracts. Our automatic fuel oil de- liveries are an added convenience. The sales and service store is located in Hartsdale, and the fuel oil storage plant at Hastings-on- Hudson. E. Robison, Inc., prides itself on its dependability as exemplified in the motto, 'KThe house that service built." illllal Q 0 Ardsley INCORPORATED I 896 Helen M. Chandler Roy G. A. Petterson Francis J. McCormack C Ierk-Treasurer Manager Henry C. Raab Police Chief VILLAGE BOARD Police .Iusiice Virgil Tampone Acting Police .Iusfice LOUIS J. ZITO. Mayor BERNARD FORREST, WILLIAM H. WATSON, ARTHUR J. KENNEY, EDWARD T. SCHNEIDER Trusiees ZONING COMMISSION FRED M. GINSBERN, chairman Charles Hinnen, Austin K. Bennefi, Bernard Kaplan, Salvatore DeSimone, Warren Wiilens RECREATION COMMITTEE EDWARD PANCOAST, Chairman Fred Gardiner Sylvia Wallin AND FURTHERMORE . . . Bill S., John W., John E., Lloyd COMPLIMENTS . of - CARVEL Featuring a complete assorfmenl of ice cream desserts SAW MILL RIVER ROAD-AT THE CIRCLE DE LUCA'S GROCERY Frozen Foods - Cold Beverages CORNER OF PARKWAY AND ASHFORD AVENUE "Open Seven Days a Week" DObbs Ferry 3-0228 DObbs Ferry 3-4667 TELEVISION SERVICE CENTER Laslo Tari, Prop. Television and Radio Sales and Service 103 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N LUMBER 8. HARDWOOD FLOORING, INC. 41-45 SOUTH SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ELMSFORD, NEW YORK "Call Sam" LYric 2-7900 Building and Do-If-Yourself Malerials O ' 5 I Lclm. abm, FAMOUS STEAK PLATE " 52.50 CENTER RESTAURANT 538 WARBURTON AVENUE Hastings-on-Hudson HAMBURG DEN IN WHITE PLAINS 0 105 MAMARONECK AVE. 0 221 MAIN ST. 0 0 I9 QUARROPAS ST. ICommissary 8: Relail Shopj 0 IN STAMFORD, CONN. 0 CORNER OF SPRING 8. SUMMER 0 O TOWN 8 COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER on Summer 0 VENI, VIDI, VICI Dave, Ken, Rich, Jack. Chef COMPLIMENTS . of - THE CHARLES N. MEAD CO. A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE 'I CHASE ROAD, SCARSDALE SCarsdale 3-4700 KRUGER'S TOY SHOP "Famous for toys in Westchester" LAZY BONESES I 1 fx Sally, Jean, Grace-Ann, Roberta JOHN P. STREB Real Estate - Insurance 179 MARTINE AVENUE wHlTE PLAINS, N. Y. 14 CEDAR STREET DORRE EERRY N- Y WHite Plains 9-9085 D0bbs Ferry 3-0444-0090 WESTLAB ELECTRONICS, INC. 2475 CENTRAL AVENUE SPencer 9-6400 Yonkers, N. Y. MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS Nancy, Jack, Carol, Bob L. ARDSLEY RADIO 8. TELEVISION SERVICE ALL MAKES of RADIOS and TELEVISIONS REPAIRED DAVID JOYE ROBERT STRONG ADDYMAN SQUARE DObbs Ferry 3-3499 Ardsley, N. Y ARDSLEY DELICATESSEN 694 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, New York AT HUNT'S NEW STORE ' Piano Tuning and Repairing ' 1000 Titles of Sheet Music ' Musical Instruments ' Phonagraphs and Radios ' Rental Plan ' Three Listening Booths ' Self Service ' All Speeds of Records Over 70 Years in White Plains HUNT'S MUSIC HOUSE 7 Mamaroneck Avenue WHite Plains 9-0503 PARTY DOLL COMPLIMENTS . of - JAMES MACWHIRTER and SON Jeff Berlind, Marilyn Scolc, Sum Scott since 1835-aEssoN HEATHERDELL FLORIST COAL - LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS - FUEL OILS ssoN s. co.--Besson on, mc. WHOUSALE GROW' Specializing in Seasonable Planfs DObbs Ferry 3-0026-32 Emergency: DO 3-5670 DObbs Ferry 3-0144 Ardsley, N. Y Complimenis of C0M"L""EN'S HENRY ARoANowsKl POULTRY FARM and EGGS .of. ROSLYN CLEANERS SPRAIN ROAD DObbs Ferry 3-4611 Ardsley, N. Y DObbs 555 SA LAwsoN's senvlce STATION WEL' NOW- MARFAK LUBRICATION SERVICE Brake and Clulch Adjusfing Mofor Tune Up Ferry 3-9703 ARDSLEY, N. Y. FRED'S AUTO PARTS 8. SERVICE STATION F. LICHTENBERG 81 SON Cars Bough! and Sold Good Used Car Paris W MILL RIVER ROAD Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4686 A AMOCO GASOLINE ARDSLEY, N. Y. Mrs. LeCount and Mr. Wolter COMPLIMENTS . gf . S T A U F F E R CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. CHAUNCEY, N. Y. BERTMAN MAINTENANCE SERVICE Aurommc wAsHsRs and onvsns Remus - sekvncs . PARTS ssnmx . wHmLPooL - Nokce - HAMu.roN 396 ASHFORD AVENUE DObbs Ferry 3-5881 Compliments of STERNBERG-GREENE AGENCY, INC. Insurance Specialists I0 EDGEWOOD ROAD HARTSDALE, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-6583 DOOTI Brent, Rich, Ken, Chet AIRBORNEI Rich H., Mr. Gibian, Diane, Mr. Roth, Mr. Wolfer at Croton Airplane Ride CENTURY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. "EveryIhing Musical" I78 MAMARONECK AVENUE While Plains WH 9-8448 BEST WISHES - from - THE SOPHOMORE CLASS PETER A. SHELLY FLORISTS and NURSERYMEN GREENHOUSES and NURSERIES SCarsdale 3-0631 ARDSLEY ROAD SCARSDALE, N. Y. NEIGHBORHOOD WESTCHESTER GOLF RANGE IMPROVE YOUR GAME 701 DOBBS FERRY ROAD OPP. ELMWOOD COUNTRY CLUB LYric 2-6553 White Plains, N. Y. AND AWAY WE GO Dave, Rich, Jack, Ken at Tuckahoe game COMPLIMENTS . gf . THE HONOR SOCIETY FOR FUEL OILS CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY DObbs Ferry 3-0181 WELTMAN'S JEWELRY 84 GIFT SHOP JEWELS BY TRIFARI - CORO - ETC. HAMILTON - LONGINES - ELGIN - BENRUS Giffs from All Parfs of the World GUARANTEED WATCH 8. JEWELRY REPAIRING ENGRAVING and GOLD STAMPING WHILE YOU WAIT 696 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. BEST WISHES from the ARDSLEY VILLAGE TAVERN, INC. ARDSLEY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS . gf . PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC. DERA DECORATORS CREATIVE INTERIORS By KENNETH DERA 708 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD DObbs Ferry 3-3619 Ardsley, N. Y THE ANSWER IS NOI I Frank, Suzie, Bob, Paul in Dramatic Club play COMPLIMENTS . gf . IAN S. WILSON, FLORIST DELLWOOD LANE, ARDSLEY DO 3-1807 COMPLIMENTS . gf . ARDSLEY COMMUNITY NURSERY SCHOOL QUICK AS A WINK 3 Hour 5 Hour Drycleaning Shir! Laun 721 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Next Io DAITCH-SHOPWELL CAN ITI Suzie, Paul, Bob, Laura H. BEST WISHES ' FROM SALT 'N' PEPPER Compliments of YORK GOLF BALL CO oosss FERRY, N. Y. WHO'S WHO?? Ken, Jack, Dave at Tuckahoe game F. J. McCORMACK lNsuRANcE 5 JUDSON AVENUE Ardsley, N. Y. DO 3-0433 50 EAST 42nd STREET New York 17, New York MUrray Hill 2-6611 HOW ABOUT A CUPCAKE, RICH? Rich Mooney, Marilyn Scola, Mark Schultz BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE 414 BROADWAY DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-5040 MARSHALL COOKE FLOWERS, INC. BEST wlsHEs SHOPS AT SECOR ROAD, HARTSDALE KNOLLWOOD ROAD, WHITE PLAINS BEST WISHES from ADLER'S HARDWARE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-5600 ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE Opposife COUNTY TRUST BANK COMPLETE LINE or HOBBIES sronrmc coops - rovs - STATIONERY NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES DO 3-9798-9710 HASTINGS FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS J. M. YEDOWITZ 549 WARBURTON AVENUE Hasllngs-on-Hudson, N. Y. HAs?ings 5-1916 from THE STUDENT COUNCIL COMPLIMENTS 1 -of- INTER-COUNTY TITLE GUARANTY AND MORTGAGE CO. 199 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS, N. Y WHite Plains 8-4041 ZEKE IS BACK Frank and Danny at Subscription dance B E N C O H E N ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD, N. Y. LYric 2-8484 THE BIG SURPRISE "Red" and Barbara Gardiner BEST W'5Hf5 COUNTY BOYS' AND MEN'S SHOP, INC. from 27 SPENCER PLACE SCARSDALE, N. Y. THE BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION SCarscIaIe 3-1040 COMPLIMENTS - gf . THE YONKERS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MANOR HOUSE SQUARE Yonkers, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS . of . HARRY V. FRANKLIN OIL BURNER SERVICE Q INSTALLATION DObbs Ferry 3-4069 - DEerf1eId 7-1234 YOU'RE THE APPLE IN MY EYE WHite KENN?'s CUTRATE FLOOR COVERING - CARPETS RUGS - BROADLOOM - TILES LINOLEUM - WALL COVERINGS 101 CENTRAL AVENUE ains 6-1020-1021-1022 Hartsdale, N. Y WILMER T. BARNES CABINET MAKING - REFINISHING UPHOLSTERING - SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES Keeping Wesichesier Homes In Repair Since 1931 Jack McP""""'d and Ginny M""'eY 32 cron smear oosas rsnnv N. Y DO 3-2651 TAKE 5 SONLARK CONSTRUCTION CORP. CONTRACTOR 8. BUILDER 87 CLIFF STREET Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. A. CARLSON, PRES. I-lAstings 5-4828 Brent Smith, Ken McComb, Rich Mooney COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHE5 - of - from A. J. STUCKLEN, INC. RIVIERA PASTRY SHOP 630 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD VILLAGE GREEN, ARDSLEY STEPHEN L. ANGELL 8. CO. MIDTOWN LIVE POULTRY MARKET REALTORS--APPRAISERS QUALITY LIVE POULTRY-FRESH FARM EGGS I5 POPHAM ROAD SCARSDALE, N. Y. 461 TARRYTOWN ROAD JERRY SCARANO, JR., PROP SCqr5dqIe 3-0300 WHi1e Plains 9-6246 While Plains, N. Y SO-O-O BIG REAL ESTATE OFFICE ' . of . HOWARD EDMAN 4 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE CCOR. HARTSDALE AVEJ WH 9-5434 Hartsdule, N. Y. HAWKE NEWSPAPERS The Harisdale Times The Edgemoni Echo The Elmsford Herald The Ardsley Sun-Leader "THE QUALITY PAPER IN EACH COMMUNlTY" ARTHUR R. HAWKE, Publisher HD H d K t rm U 15 WILSON STREET HARTSDALE, N. Y. oc an en " wa P WHiIe Plains 9-0058 AMERICAN LEGION BUILDING ARDSLEY POST :li 458 AMERICAN LEGION Extends Best Wishes To the Senior Class of I957 At the right is the architect's sketch of the new Memorial Building now under construction on American Legion Drive lFormerIy Aqueduct Streetj Memorial Building under construction DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING IN ALL ITS sIzANcI-Iss Letterheads - Business Cards - Chance Books - Bills Circulars - Wedding Invitations - Advertising Journals Programs - Christmas Cards - Menus Before You Contract for Your Next Printing Order Let Us Submit a Bid on the Cost ofthe Work GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-0124 'IOI MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. K-9 APPEAL , ASHGROVE SERVICENTER GAS - OIL - LUBRICATION - REPAIRS Buick Specialists BROADWAY 81 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. DON PIKE DO 3-9793 Floweks by cgnlumivnfs, ymzm gmfm, gm. FLORIST 8 GROWER GREENHOUSE5 - NURSERY 217 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Diane Guckenbiehl and friend Dobbs Fe"'Y 3-6500 TOTS AND TEENS Village Green in Ardsley Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS ot 1957 from TOTS and TEENS ARDSLEY, New YORK MOVERS OF DISTINCTION SINCE 19051 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING PACKING - STORAGE - SHIPPING THE SEVEN SANTINI BROTHERS NEW YORK CITY - WESTCHESTER LONG ISLAND - MIAMI Call for Service That Rings the Bell: WHite Plains 8-8200 YOnkers 3-0779 COMPLIMENTS . gf . MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. GREEN Compliments of CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, N. Y. SCAPPY'S HARMONY INN, INC. FINE ITALIAN DINNERS and PIZZERIA OUR SPECIALTY Air Conditioned HARMONY BOWL-WAYS Bowling Ni ht and Day - Automatic Pinsetters Free Parking Facilities 207 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY DO 3-9759 For Reservations Call DO 3-4196 BATTLE OF THE AGES Va rsity-Faculty basketball game Mr. 8- Mrs. A. Jacob Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Brennan Mr. 8- Mrs. William Krauss F. X. Coghlan Mr. 8- Mrs. Mr. 8- Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Mr. 8- Mrs. B F. Cassens R. C. Hughes Norman Felton Frank Kluge T. Paddock C. Reuter aufirw S Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Emerick Allan Dale Kirstein Dr. 81 Mrs. Alex Weinburg Marilyn Learner Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald Kroner Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Harris The Daniel Kaufmans Mr. 8. Mrs. Clarence Felter Mr. Bi Mrs. G. M. Perry Robert J. Sweeney Mr. 8- Mrs. Anthony J. DeRosa Rene Hair Style Eileen McCormack Phyllis Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Morrissey Mr. 8- Mrs. Leslie M. Gibian Miss Helen G. Robbie Dorothy M. Pelda Pat Robinson Mr. 8- Mrs. Lloyd Beall Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Nugent Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Proske B. Sanio Mr. 8- Mrs. William Van Dorn Mrs. Hatfield Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Hines Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Walker Martin Yellman Mr. 81 Mrs. Irving Zuckerman Mr. 8- Mrs. William Duke The Ken-Brook Shop The Saxon Fabric Shop Mr. Bi Mrs. J. Reynaud Mr. 81 Mrs. Love A Friend Mr. Bi Mrs. Pinto Harry E. DeNike Mr. 8.'Mrs. O. E. Acker Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Langenegger Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur Patteson Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8- Mrs. Christopher Deluca R. Holcomb Arthur T. Noone Mr. Bi Mrs. W. Thorpe F. A. Baulieu, Jr. Mr. 8- Mrs. H. Kovacik Mr. 8. Mrs. J. A. Crysler Lee Hall Lee Greene Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Ruscher Mr. Gi Mrs. H. J. Lipton Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Chaves Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Kreymborg Mr. 8. Mrs. Bernard Stein Mr, 8- Mrs. Harley Kight Mr. 81 Mrs. Donald Hassell Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Van Leer Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Glaser Mr. 81 Mrs. W. A. Roberts Mr. Raymond Quigg, Jr. Peter and Judy Sarasohn Mr. 8. Mrs. E. J. Farnham Miss Mary Cudney Miss Edith Cudney Mr. 81 Mrs. H. E. Gimbel A Friend Mrs. Flikkemer Mr. M. Wi lbur Dyer Lou-Ena Hand Laundry Mr. 81 Mrs. Sheils Mr. 81 Mrs. Toscani Mr. 81 Mrs. Scotti A Friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Freundel Mr. 81 Mrs. McAulay Mr. 8. Mrs. E. T. Schneider Mr. 81 Mrs. M. J. Boucher Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank Holser Mr. 81 Mrs. Sidney Yarmovsky Mr. B- Mrs. Edward Ozern Mr. 8- Mrs. John Hashagen Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Schaefer Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Architetto Richard Mark Smiley Mr. 8. Mrs. Richards Mr. 81 Mrs. Park Mr. 8- Mrs. B. MacDonald Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Benedix Mr. 8. Mrs. A. P. Loudato Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Meuser Peper Family Mr. 8- Mrs. P. Cimino Mr. 81 Mrs. Al Zimkin Mr. 8- Mrs. Bert Riedel George W. A Friend Mr. 8. Mrs. A Friend Mr. Bi Mrs. A Friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. A Friend Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8- Mrs. A Friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8- Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. George W. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 51 Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Louis Pascone Auto Repairs Strayline Willis Anderson Reidy W. M. Rogers L. J. Hickey Whitmore R. Washburn Bertram Primoff Robert Casey John Rinciari Donald Moss George Collins James Esposito Valentine J. Locuratolo James Vincent Thomas Christiana The "Ardsleyan" Board of Editors wishes to thank our photographer and our publisher: Mr. George Davis, Davis Studio, 326 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y., and Mr. Charles Clegg, The Comet Press, Inc., 200 Varick St., New York 14, N. Y. KQWANFX flff!"1 l l N l- -il RQ. " QNATX 1' SPR l E""'f1lllf! COMPLIMENTS -gf- THE ARDSLEY KIWANIS CLUB Sponsors of THE KEY CLUB LUBIN 8. ST INER ARCHITECTS 8m ENGINEERS ADDYMAN SQUARE ARDSLEY, N. Y. LEATHER GOODS THE LEATHER DEN-GIFT SHOP 23 CEDAR STREET The only shop of its kind in the counfy GIFTS IN LEATHER FOR ALL OCCASIONS LEATHER GOODS REPAIR SERVICE Specializing in Leafher Goods Repair Service Resfitching - Relining - Zippers Repaired Replaced on AII Ifems DO 3-1108 DObbs Ferry 3-9790 Tom Williams, Proprietor ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION SAW MI'LL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-9747 Air Conditioned JIMMIE'S RESTAURANT "ReIax in pleasanf surroundings" FINE FOOD ITALIAN AMERICAN FOOD MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. 48 G SCarsdaIe 3-1224 GARTH RADIO, INC. RADIOS - RECORDS - TELEVISION HI-FI EQUIPMENT ARTH ROAD SCARSDALE, N Y ARDSLEY HARDWARE COMPANY ADDYMAN SQUARE GAS RANGES - REFRIGERATORS HARDWARE - PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES DObbs Ferry 3-4010 ARDSLEY CARPET CO. RUGS and CARPETS RUGS CLEANED and REPAIRED 780 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-3619 MORGAN LINEN SERVICE, INC. 4750 BRONX BOULEVARD BRONX FAirbOnks 4-4672 DObbs Ferry 3-9772 COMPLIMENTS O T T O ' s R E s T A u R A .N T ' of ' FAMOUS FOR CHOICE FOODS srFARs A SPECIALTY A F R I E N D ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PARTIES ooo SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. ,, 41? Q 4451 A Xvf Env- , I Lusen-rv + ENTELLIGENCEW C Ll-J B F Oun 0 IIA1-uonsf luv:-rv ' I ' . wg .-1 "1 . ' 7 7 ARDSLEY, N. Y. 'Q 5' --""""-' lim HAM lk, YOU MU- NUW L PNKNG lSTRh P515 ' w 3 if w lg an N0 ova cousw. , , , 1' , it l ,iy X NX X g Q, 5 A Q, '-'....-3 A kg A , I 0 I i Q' , m. ' , .,y' -, 5, J., 2 f ' , 5 ' 2 I .1 ' " -I 4" f ,f 1 Q xx X w Vf, KQV? Q 5 X 4 :Zee ig' ' an W af. f 3. X J 5 l Q atm f I5 6

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