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, X 4 'A -x W' 4 I I ' 1 lffx Cakg Salq - - Q A. 'I , 1 1 1 a . 'Q lv .fy -V nl E- .'-LU' Wf'f'F" x ,. ,Q'-il' 'x A 'FU I Rf. X uA'w,,z by 1.5.-,f 'A LV? A K ,. , ,, 1. .' All -... ,- ug. r ' 1' Esfriifm. 1 'X , 1 .. X J Y r ' F ' 3 if 'fi f 1 K 4 X ,f N ljj X ,r , 'G 1: k 4, Q ON THE AIR STATION WAHI-T V 'B-ms 7, ' .C 1 my-" 'QF 3 'fb .adm Mmm 4025 pu- 'x .W f s 'W a .t tw, ' +9 --- - V --Y 1 ,C Umf T V Guide Top 10 in Ardrley SPECIAL FEATURE PROGRAM Our Theme . Locale . A . Dedication , Administratio Seniors ..,. High School Activities . , . Crades .... Pictorial Ads Conclusion . ,.,a-""' ' . , ..... 364,000 Question . .,...Commercial .....,...,TheBigSurprise .. Faculty ,... Our Cuiding Lights Shower of Stars . . . . . ,,,,, This 1s Your Life . ..,..Omnihus . . . . .Iunior Frolics.. 1 . . ..... Commercials . . . Climax! 4 l l 47 lf S 5 .X J PAGE 5 ,-J 6 8 """+ 10 14 .5 29 33 ,Q 55 80 104 Q 'X ....-f"E fx-4' -F 64 000 uestion, The Theme Before you on the screen of this television set is our video rehearsal stage, Ardsley High School. Through the pro- grams of Station WAH S you will laecome acquainted with the perpetual huzz of activities in which the students participate as they attempt to "Beat the Clock." "The Shower of Stars" illustrates the primary roles played hy the Seniors, presiding at cluh meetings and organizing the Suhscription Campaign. Our principals produced and the teachers directed the different shows-from the drama at the issuing of report cards to the thrills of haskethall games. Our show reached its "Climaxl" with the viewing of the two Seniors graduating--on our concluding page. The ARDSLEYAN thanks our sponsors, the advisers, and the patrons, who made it possihle for us to televise our school. "Here's Looking at Us!" 3 Ll ax X j ff A X si -- l if n JPIW' v . 5 Ki :O Q? 1 gf! 5' y :.,.2jnl , F .8 A I X J . , v . A is vw? 2 -1 his 1 M Q KZ, W TQ W , 2- 1:2 K f ' , . Q 1 1 K 1 z m s xv E If 2 ' f 1 ww A 4 , "iv . as :JI ,Q Af M Y x .5 K' - Ai: 0- is gs '3 n O,giO 1, A fl, 1 Q 7 'Fsifln 1, YT :- g fj I 5 sf A m Besf Wishes from NATIONAL WIRE PRODUCTS COMPANY 885 E. l40 S+.. Bronx 9"""' ,Nab A 1. ,V . 4 'K 'f' 'T . inf? 'ya'-eff-J ' . X -wif, gf A f' I 5, ', - Lk' 7 'A Time Out for a Commercial ...- X 3 .. K aa. T be Bzg .fuvprise--The clam of 1957 dedicate! Mr. Michael Iackman . this Ardsleyan to M11 facleman. To you, Mr. Jackman, our coach and real friend, we the Junior class dedicate the 1956 ARDSLEYAN. This familiar Hgure, dressed in T-shirt and blue slacks, could usually be found helping a group of boys in basketball techniques or observing a tense ping-pong game. Through his tireless efforts and high spirits, he coached the Varsity Basketball team to its victorious standing of second place in the Western Westchester League, and thus they qualified for the Class C Tournament. During the Warm, spring days of the baseball season, "Coach," a powerful lefty himself, used his previous experience to further the ability of the team. To show our appreciation for the outstanding way in which you have inspired us, we the class of 1957 dedicate this yearbook to you. AK 'Il lj i n f t Kg, , ral ,F I ff ,Q .1 5 I Q! I E Producers' Showcase THE BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. EDWARD E. AIM, President . Trustees MRS. VINTON H. CLARKE MR. JOHN il. CALVIN MR. DONALD R. HASSELL MR. ANTHQNY WALDEIER MRS. EMILY A. EHLER, Treasurer Mns. ANNE L. HUESGEN, Clerk MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN Supervising Principal Outdoor Education jr. Student Council Adviser M.A. Columbia University MR. KENNETH H. BROWN Principal of the Elementary School M.A. New York University T be Guiding Lights ,qw Q, . is if Mr. Charles W. Horend 1 i Assistant Principal Science, Driver Education Cornell University :Q s sffth- , Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of the Upper Grades Grade 8 M.A. Columbia University - fgzgff M f -- Q ,, Ei-I ' e - Y , : I i. 'WS 'fi ' , - :Qs ' H ,ln , V .'f s f-QQ J T- . , wwf mi - W A . tk .envy A . K. 'E . , - 1 " V , 1 1' ' Wi 1 Ji: , . ' e'-a refs X .. 'ii b if -if 'Q s .. "1-. irss pe no 1 pai, is 4 i.,. l is Mrs. Marion Brown Mrs. Virginia Cucldeback Miss Theresa DeNardo Mrs. Margaret Harten Mrs. Marie Neubauer Secretary to Mr. Silliman Assistant Secretary Monitor Board Operator Assistant Secretary Office Secretary Elementary School Elementary School Miss Eleanor I. Davis Art Potsdam State Teachers' College The Directors. . Mrs. H. Bartholomew School Psychologist Mrs. Carmen Brennan School Nurse, R.Nt Miss Celia P. Conklin School Nurse, R.N. Shared Service New York Post Graduate Albany Hospital M.A. Hospital Columbia Teachers' College Mrs. Eva S. Ellis French M.A. Brussels' University New York University QQQMW L qi- i if qllgggsm ' ' Hill q . . . L55 if 2 'fy s .iii irsi it iisii ai "ilii ' i'i' Mrs. Ursula Gusse Cafeteria Manager Mr. Clarence E. Felter History Social Studies M.A. Bucknell University Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck Mr. Howard T. Hartman Music-Elementary School Industrial Arts B.E. M.A. Potsdam State Teachers' New York University College wg 23.15 'iii' " 5 ' W1 5 . 7 S l if Q 1 N .ck t '51 an 1 s V Mr. Leslie M. Gibian Physics, Chemistry Science, Health M.A. Columbia University Miss Arlene Haymond Music B.S. Potsdam State Teachers' College Miss Dorothy Gier Librarian Reading M.A. University of Michigan Miss Meredith Home Home Economics Shared Service B.S. Plattsburgh State Teachers' College Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Home Economics M.A. Columbia University Mr. Paul I. Koors English Ill Guidance Counselor M.A. Columbia University Miss Helen G. Robbie Latin, Spanish M.A. New York University . . Who Head Operation .fuccerr Mrs. Phyllis Hutton s Music Shared Service B.E. Potsdam State Teachers' College Mrs. Ella LeCount Physical Education B. S. New York University .zfE:"' 'Pni5iYa: .. 7 ,.,,t':?v ,T jf,"-ug ,:. f4:'f.,A vw'-25 rx.-' ' 2- r. f E Wfiaiaar .:.'. 1 ,EA ,Freq 3:4 ' 5 i- -ii, . fl xxx to -N., , .Q :Q zu' lm 1' W-W ' 4 '-fig x 5.23323 - f' Q, as ' fr zf Mr. Michael Jackman Physical Education M.A. New York University Mr. Theodore H. Martland Fine Arts M .A. Columbia University Of' 'Lf' Miss Grace A. Roll Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent Physical Education Director of Music M.A. Ed.M. Columbia University Temple University Mr. Frank Kluge Mathematics Driver Education M.A. Columbia University 3 Miss Cornelia Patteson Commercial Subjects M.A. Columbia University fa-is Mr. Robert Williams lndustrial Arts Shared Service B.S. KVM 'GCT Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig English IV, Dramatics, Library, Speech M.A. New York University B.L.S. Columbia University Miss Dorothy M. Pelda English I and ll M.A. New York University Mr. William Wolter Special Physical Education Teacher M.A. Oswego State Teachers' Columbia University College .5 f Ql. jj , , M 6, ,J 4' -. 'a Q "': by ,isiw nj , , I , I 5 E Y A 5 Q - '- 'H , H, A , 45' f it 2' 7 if Mg. , fig ' i f" X 3' Q ! N! ,, yf Y 4 Q ' R .. A WA,L M -ww X rs h rx N Q I' 9' 'NR S Iflf a Great Lqfe. . Channel 1 If we were to turn the dial of our television set to Channel l, we would view a program with enthusiastic performers. The script concerns the class of '56 as Freshmen, entering Ardsley High School for the First time. We would laugh with them as they were thrown under the showers in G. A. A. and he frightened with them as they entered the assembly hall to he peered at by the rest of the high school. Channel 2 As we switch from Channel l to Channel 2, we view the same class as Sophomores. They are no longer timid and shy but eager and energetic as they await their trip to Biology Camp at Croton, where they lived together, cooked together, and took long hikes together. After returning home, the Sophomores husied them- selves selling candy at the basketball games in order to earn money for their Washington trip. Carol Judy :een E W Yla- E J 'glfhiilfff xt sg . is -2,5 5 fm - A i gil' - , K 5' X .A lyp p ' oai , , E'I A f ..,, .,.. , .. .... .- .ia . Y W M Nancy, Joyce, Jayne, Anne nj X' ilk Fon ,v gm ,Q to F ,L . . Tlair Senior Year Channel 3 As Juniors, the class of '56 dedicated most of their spare time to creating the 1955 ARDSLEYAN, which received a first rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The television viewer is ahle to watch the editors painstakingly planning original layouts, writing sprightly copy, selling more ads and yearbooks than ever, and discussing their symbolic endsheet and their unique plaid talfeta cover. Channel 4 This is the Hnal and longaawaited program for the class of '56. We see them conducting a subscription campaign, giving the senior play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf, going to Washing- ton, D. C., for a joyous and exciting week, and finally marching down the aisle to receive their diplomas. Thus they ended their high school career, but a new, exciting program was expected in the future. Jay, Bob tlllirn 3 mls , sm e.Ezi l 11" Oar Heart: Were Young and Gay Mrs. Skinner ...... .... I ayne Schmidt Emily Kimbrough Dick Winters . . Otis Skinner . . . Madame Elise . Parser . .... .... Barbara Somsky Katherine Kamens Claire Meyer ...........RayI-Iughes Warren Townsend . . . . . Iudith Goodwin Eileen Mulvey William LeCount Steward ........ ..... . . .... Andrew Kalmykow Harriet St. john ..... ........ N ancy Cauvet Cornelia Skinner Therese ....... Leo McEvoy . . . De LaCroix . . . Stewardess ..... Admiral ....... Winifred Blaagh Inspector ...... Window Cleaner . . . ...... Patricia Pagnoni Nancy Solomon .. Grace Barbieri Catherine Santore . . ...... David Purdy . . . . Caleb Davis .Carol McKeough . George Salerno . . . . Joyce Raicht Ruthanne Miller ................PhilipCimino The picture on our 1956 television set would never be com- plete without "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay," starring two light-hearted characters, Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kim- brough, -who dominated the SENIOR PLAY, presented on March 23 and 24. The Roaring Twenties had its most hilarious moments as the girls, determined to be mature and sophisticated on their Hrst trip to Europe, turned the ship into a two-ring circus. At one time, Emily, fearful of a shipwreck, placed cookies in two of the lifeboats because she didn't know which one would be hers. Just before the boat landed, Cornelia felt sick, the medical students' verdict was measles. But by applying makeup skillfully and putting on an uproarious act during medical inspection, she managed to get through. We leave Emily and Cornelia in Paris, as they try to con- vince a French actor that he should give 'Cornelia acting lessons. FRED N. ARONE Variety's the Very Spice of Life Varsity Basketball 4, Manager 3, Ir. Varsity Basketball Manager 2, Varsity Baseball, Manager 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Intra- murals: Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, Football 3, 4, Track Team 3, Yearbook Club 2, Outdoor Club 4, President 4, Chef Club 3, Electricians' Club 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts l, Stage Crew 3, 4, Typing Club 2. GRACE M. BARBIERI Nothing Succeeds like Success Secretary 2, Treasurer 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2, Third Degree 3, 4, Reporter 3, Corresponding Secretary 4, Ardsleyan Assistant Editor, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Regional 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, C. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Blue Captain 4, Sports Club 3, 4, President 4, Inter-class: Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Secretary 2, Col- lege Club 4, Therese of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cayf, DOLORES ANKHELEN Enthusiasm Excels All Honor Society 5 years, Salt n' Pepper 1, 2, Band l, 4, Varsity Choir l, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, State Competition 1, 2, 3, 4, Regional 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Blue Co-Captain 4, Inter-class: Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, President 3, College Club 4. Camlcaal , '21 ,., X f xi A N 95 r f 3 X l S4 4 if x 1' X - 5 fjs -fi, C Xwzf xg f JOHN CANNING III Handsome ls as Handsome Does Arolsleyan Advertising Committee, Salt n Pepper 1, 2, 3, Copy Editor 3, Intra-murals: Basketball 2, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Electri- cians' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts 4 years, Explorer 4. Honor Society 5 years, Second Degree 2' r v NANCY CAUVET Once a Friend, Always a Friend President I3 Honor Society 9 years3 Second Degree 23 Third Degree 3, 4, President 43 Ardsleyan Photography Editorg Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 3, President 43 Clef Club 3, 43 Regional 2, 3, 43 C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Captain 43 Sports Club 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 43 Inter-class: Basketball, Vol- leyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, President 23 Craduation Usher 33 Yearbook Club 23 College Club 43 Harriet of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." of .ftarr Su.bSc ri'p'I'ion Camfaqn, . O ' X 7 V -03-.1-'--T I 3 11- X t...- CALEB DAVIS Few Things Are Impossible to Diligence . and Skill Transfer from El Camino High School, Sac- ramento, California, Dramatic Club 45 M. De La Croix of HOur Hearts Were Young and Cay." IOSEPH M. CAWLEY Silence Is One Great Art of Conversation Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Jr. Varsity Basketball 23 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 43 Ir. Varsity Baseball 13 Varsity Club 3, 43 Intra-murals: Football 3, 4, Captain 43 Baseball l, 2, 4, Basketball lg Stage Crew 3, 43 Typing Club 23 Creative Writers' Club 1. PHILIP JOHN CIMINO Good Humor Makes All Things Possible Varsity Choir 1, 2, 33 Varsity Basketball 43 jr. Varsity Basketball 33 Varsity Baseball 33 jr. Varsity Baseball I, 23 Varsity Club 43 Intra-murals: Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 23 Football 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Typing Club 23 Window Washer of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cayf' GARY LEE FACAN Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Wrath Ardsleyan Advertising Committeeg Ir. Varsity Basketball 25 Varsity Baseball 33 Ir. Varsity Baseball 1, 23 Intramurals: Softball 1, 29 Spanish Club 2g Stage Crew 4g Creative Writers' Club 25 Yearbook Club 29 Varsity Club 3, 4. IUDITH GOODWIN A Good Laugh ls Sunshine in a House Varsity Choir lg Orchestra lg Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 3, 43 Riding Club lg Dramatic Club 43 College Club 4, Madame Elise of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." ANNE DE SOLA Sweetness in Life Is Bliss Transfer from Erasmus High Schoolg Honor Society 1 year, Ardsleyan Circulation Com- mittee, G. A. A. 3, 4, Interclass: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Graduation Usher 3, College Club 4. Senior Q lie N I if N?" at ' JOHN I. HAHN Sports on Parade Transfer from Manhattan Prep., Varsity Bas ketball 4, Varsity Club 49 Intramurals: Foot ball, Softball 45 College Club 4g Monitor 4 WILLIAM A. HOFFMANN Generally Electric Ardsleyan Co-Advertising Editor, Salt n' Pep- per l, 2, 3, Editor 3, Varsity Baseball 3, Ir. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Projection Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Electricians' Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Frolzks 'sjffe 3 117111, 1 M, 4 ,1 Wfylf Aw fa, ll KATHERINE D. KAMENS Style ls the Dress of Thoughts Reporter 3, 4, Honor Society 5 years, Ardsley- an Assistant Editor, Salt n' Pepper 1, Clef Club 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Regional 3, 4, State Competition 3, All-State Choir 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter- class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Secretary 2, Graduation Usher 3, College Club 4, Yearbook Club 2, Emily Kimbrough of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." RAY C. HUGHES, IR. The Object of Speech ls Persuasion Honor Society 3 years, Ardsleyan Business Manager 3, Salt n' Pepper 3, Track 3, Varsity Club 4, Dramatic Club 1, 4, Treasurer 4: Graduation Usher 3, Creative Writers' Club 1, Yearbook Club 2, Outdoor Club 4, Ex- plorer Scouts, Monitor 4, Dick Winters of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." ANDREW KALMYKOVV III Reason and ,ludgment Are Qualities of a Leader Vice-President 2, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Ardsleyan Co-Advertising Editor, Salt n' Pep- per 1, Art Editor 1, jr. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, jr. Varsity Baseball 1, Varsity Club 4, Intra-murals: Softball 1, 2, Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Year- book Club 2, Varsity Track 3, Boy Scouts Assistant Scoutmaster, Purser of "Our Hearts VVere Young and Cay." ROBERT DANIEL LANTRY Confidence Is the Conqueror of Men Transfer from Archbishop Stepinac High School, Varsity Basketball 4, Ir. Varsity Bas- ketball 3g Intra-murals: Basketball, Softball, Football 3, 43 Stage Crew 49 College Club 4. WILLIAM LECOUNT . . . and the Band Played on Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 5 years, Ardsleyan Circulation and Advertising Committee, Band l, 2, 3, 4, President 49 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional 3, 49 Varsity Basketball, Manager 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Club 3, 43 Intra-murals: Softball 1, 2, Basketball 3g Spanish Club 2, 39 Yearbook Club 2, College Club 43 Steward of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." SHEILA JANET KNAPP The Helping Hand Salt n' Pepper 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball I, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4, College Club 4. Dance 5 al k ' Q I If X K I ' if CAROL MCKEOUGH Personality Plus Aralsleyan Circulation Committeeg Salt n' Pepper 1, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4g G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club Ig Commercial Club 3, 4, President 43 College Club 4, Vice-President 4, Stewardess of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." CLAIRE MEYER Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things Transfer from Franklin Township High School, Murrysville, Pennsylvania5 Varsity Choir 45 C. A. A. 45 Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 45 Dramatic Club 4, Vice-President 45 College Club 45 Emily Kimbrough of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." Time f JON H. OSTERBERG Speech Is Great, but Silence Greater Ardsleyan Photography Committeeg Varsity Basketball 45 Ir. Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 35 Intra-murals: Basketball 1, Football 3, 4, Softball l, 2, 45 Spanish Club 25 Stage Crew 45 Creative VVriters' Club I5 Yearbook Club 25 Out- door Club 4, Secretary 45 Chef Club 35 Art Club 35 Jewelry Club 35 College Club 4. RUTHANNE MILLER Many a True Word Spoken in ,lest Transfer from Middletown High School5 G. A. A. 45 Inter-class: Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball 45 Commercial Club 45 College Club 45 Health Inspector of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." EILEEN PATRICIA ANN MULVEY A Thing of Beauty Is a Ioy Forever Salt n' Pepper 1, 25 Cheerleader 3, 4, Cap- tain 45 C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Commercial Club 3, 4, Reporter 35 College Club 45 Madame Elise of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." , m " PATRICIA PAGNONI 9. .. My Kingdom for a Horse! Q? ii, "His ' ' i WW - " .. ,,,.. .. - ' W L ,V 2. -' ' 9 . ,-,' . ,,1 ::,1 i ,,L,, . , I . .. ytei titrir fm H 1,5 t,.-,E ,- rrrr z, . .mi a f. ,qi - A :, , la ia. Ma -fa, ,,. , ,..,, ,Ja ,, f ' .4 E ti WL .sag if i 551' -- ff ANGELA M. PASQUIN1 Little Deeds of Kindness Secretary 3, 49 Honor Society 6 yearsg Ards- leyan Typing Editorg Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 49 State Choir 2, Regional 29 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gold Co-Captain, Secretary 4g Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Commercial Club 3, 4, Secretary 49 Girls' Choirg Sports Club 4. DAVID A. PURDY A Man of Courage and Faith and Ambition Vice-President 2, 49 Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 1 yr.9 Third Degree 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 49 Ardsleyan Editor- in-Chief9 Salt n' Pepper 1, Sports Editor 19 Band 3, 49 Varsity Choir 1, 2, 39 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 49 Clef Club 3, 49 Regional 1, 2, 3, 49 All-State Chorus 1, 3, 49 Ir. Varsity Basketball 39 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 39 lntra-murals: Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Spanish Club 2, 39 Graduation Usher 39 1007, Club, Geometry9 Yearbook Club 2, Pres. 29 Outdoor Club 19 College Club 49 Leo McEvoy of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." vm , ig-e ,sis f, i : , V E .f3.ef':1' :.. A452951 fi , ,naw .nqprf 4, Secretary 19 President 29 Honor Society 4 years9 Ardsleyan Art, Circulation, Advertis- ing Committeesg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Inter- class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 29 Graduation Usher 39 Yearbook Club 29 Jewelry Club 39 Art Clubs 49 Comelia Skin- ner of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." For All. . XX X C fx X X .I i L . xg ' X JOYCE RAICHT Her Spirit Is High Honor Society 3 years9 Aralsleyan Advertis- ing Committee9 Salt n' Pepper 1, 3, Treas- urer 39 Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 49 Regional 3, 49 State Competition 2, 49 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 49 Yearbook Club 29 College Club 4, President 49 Girls' Chorus9 Wini- fred Blaugh of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." GEORGE PAUL SALERNO Happy as the Day ls Long Honor Society 5 years5 Ardsleyan Photog- rapher, Advertising Committee5 Salt n' Pepper 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 45 jr. Varsity Basketball 35 Ir, Varsity Baseball 1, 35 Intra-muralsg Football 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Yearbook Club 25 Col- lege Club 45 Senior Student Council Rep- resentative5 Stage Crew 45 Monitor 45 Admiral of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." T be B131 Payo - X 3 , 5 5 4f,,i' D , ' Y li "bw 'I I Y . il 1 K X WILLIAM S. SCOTT A Merry Heart Lasts Forever Aralsleyan Advertising and Circulation Committees5 Varsity Baseball 35 Ir. Varsity Baseball 1, 25 Intra-murals: Basketball 2, 35 Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Club 25 Outdoor Club 45 Chef Club 35 Electricians' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. CATHERINE L. SANTORE In a Twinkling of an Eye Honor Society 6 years5 Second Degree l yearg Ardsleyan Typing Committee5 Salt n' Pepper 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Choir 15 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Inter- class: Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 4, Vice-President 45 College Club 45 Therese of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." JAYNE E. SCHMIDT Politeness Goes Far Yet Costs Nothing Treasurer 25 President 3, 45 Honor Society 4 years5 Second Degree 35 Third Degree 45 Ardsleyan Art Editor5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club l, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, President 25 10072, Club, Trigonometry, Geometry5 Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President 35 Yearbook Club 25 Jewelry Club 3, President 35 College Club 45 Mrs. Skinner of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." BARBARA ANN SOMSKY For Smiles from Reason Glow Transfer from Sewanhaka High Schoolg Aralsleyan Circulation Committee9 Salt n' Pepper 3, 4, Editor 49 G. A. A. 3, 49 Inter- classz Basketball 4, Volleyball 3, 49 Dramatic Club 49 Commercial Club 49 College Club 4, Secretary 49 Mrs. Skinner of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." WARREN R. TOWNSEND Contentment Has Great Delight and Little Trouble Salt n' Pepper 1, 29 Band 3, Vice-President 39 Varsity Choir 1, 29 Regional 1, 2, 3, 49 Ir. Varsity Basketball Manager 39 Ir. Varsity Baseball 19 Varsity Club 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 49 Intra-murals: Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 49 Track Team 39 Boy Scouts 1, 29 Explorer Scout9 Monitor 49 Mr. Otis Skinner of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." NANCY DEBORAH SOLOMON In the Spotlight Honor Society 7 years9 Second Degree 2 years9 Aralsleyan Circulation, Advertising, and Art Committees9 Varsity Choir 49 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Riding Club 19 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, President 2, 49 Graduation Usher 39 Creative Writers' Club 19 Yearbook Club 29 jewelry Club 39 Art Clubs 49 College Club 49 Cornelia Skinner of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." Graduation ! 4 kjb 1 'L N, K -. - 1' Kg, . Y . 5 T1- Nv' 9 7 ANN WICKERSHAM Out of the Strain of the Doing, into the Peace of the Dane Honor Society 4 years9 Arolsleyan Circula- tion Editor9 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 49 Dramatic Club 1, 49 Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary 2, President 39 Graduation Usher 39 Creative Writers' Club 19 Yearbook Club 29 Jewelry Club 39 College Club 49 As- sistant Director of "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay." 4 4 Q Seated: B. Pellegrini, L. Nevinger, M. Christiano, C. Proske. Standing: F. Schappach, M. Mestern, D. Mooney, I. McPartland, Miss D. M. Pelda, L. Medovich, B. Murau. Absent: I. Rooney. "I got it! A Whole page ad! S5Ol,' a jubl lant JUNIOR cried as he ran into room 211 Similar outbursts of enthusiasm were common as the ABDSLEYAN slowly took shape. But a hushed atmosphere existed at the Friday meet ings as the layout and theme were discussed Finally, that day in Iune arrived when 'the class distributed the books. JUNIOR CLASS ADVISERS Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Mr. Paul Koors President, David Mooney Vice-President, Chester Slaybaugh Secretary, Boberta Pellegrini Treasurer, john McPa1'tland Bury Days Busy Days . ,AV l 6 C md' +V r q",' SX -iw + fi P Q. ll . 1 N Seated: Mr. P. Koors, N. Noschese. Standing. H. Hamilton, D. DeSimone, W. Bell, B. Gardiner, G. Fraguela, L. Egy, P. Karcher, D. Anglin, L. Kreymborg, I. Berlind. Mr. P. Koors, C. Koors, B. Lotus, B. Bell, P. Cat lyle, E. Bramble, C. Copeland, L. DeSola, W Klores, A. Harais. Absent: A. DeBocha. Seated: C. Morris, D. Viola, B. Pearce. Stand- ing: B. Smith, C. Slaybaugh, Miss D. Pelda, E. Marron, C. Lotus, L. Pollock, G. Ragone. "Can you solve this problem in intermedi- ate algebra?" I-low often is this question asked by a puzzled SOPHOMORE! But this and other scholastic dilemmas were forgotten at their P.X., which supplied the famished rooters at basket- ball games with various kinds of candy. Biology Camp, of course, was the highlight of this won- derful year. SOPHOMORE CLASS ADVISERS Miss Helen Robbie Mr. Frank Kluge President, Richard Mooney Vice-President, Mary Jane Flanigan Secretary, Kenneth McComb Treasurer, Elneta Calhoun Adventureland 3 Crafon l l J N 212 Z Seated: K. Moore, E. Rooney, F. Sheldon, K. Mil- ton. Standing: F. Scheller, M. Scheller, A. Pasquale, I. Whelan, S. Sage, J. Westervelt, W. Meuser, S. Ward, Mr. F. Kluge. Seated: P. Robinson, R. Mooney, S. Ozern. Stand- ing: N. Reynaud, R. Mooney, P. Weiss, A. San- severino, F. Pestone, E. Zegray, Mr. F. Kluge, I. Schwartz, M. Schultz, H. Weinman, S. Nash, L. Schoenstein, I. Murau. Seated: M. Cassens, T. Gannon, P. Engelkirk, M. Baker. Standing: R. Hughes, D. Maxwell, K. Mc- Comb, Miss H. Robbie, B. LeDuc, G. Greiner, I. Medovich, T. Cappetta, A. Hamilton, I. Hashagen, I. Carlson. Absent: L. Beall. 4' , 5192252 A fi T., wl 4 f f. . . ,,:V H y . .T i Seated: L. DeNardo, S. Hassell, D. Guckenbiehl Standing: V. Duke, E. Calhoun, M. letter, D. Klein W. Anderson, M. Larsen, M. I. Flanigan, R Freundel, R. Clute, Miss H. Robbie. " , ""' " ' S' g. ' ,V " . ,H LVk..Z.,.....+ . I 5 ,V f -f :fy 11 -r .S 'V ' 1+ .... . , f:ff..:.:fn...s.. -- ' ,:n:,g. - F- 1 - 1 L L . so L ' ' ' , A ff' .. of ' X '14 N 1 'K L' L 1.1i1f.....i i 1. ' ,UA jfigg if fr '- Nfl- li ' ' ' 1 'il' K' 2.161 Hhaiupf' M -: . -1 2:21255 +1.'l'EEY ii-iii: - ' - 'fi11z1f:f 1 , fi ' if ff . ' iv5i.i , QS: . . ,' , " 9 V 1 mul- A fi n 1 i31'2ifj4Bi:K"?1QL'.'l23 'fAi".'i'i1'ffigg '15 U 5 V C' ' f ' 'mn C' . s 1 W S- s 1 '- anffi- an 101 , .. - , L 3, 35 5- F, 14 .. ,..,,. K 1 V - R lm' rr ,HY I. . . . . . K ' 1 L ' ' l -V s f ' j . . b...."fj 7' -of ,.,,,.W ...zzbiffagezgg il 'f QJ ' V g ' . '-1 ,.,, ri-M, b As we Walked down the hall that first day in high school, we felt so mature. But this sensa- tion vanished when we FBESHMEN, marching into assembly, were accompanied by the laughter and clapping of the upperclassmen. Soon we were accepted as we began our studies in science, English, and social studies. FBESHMAN CLASS ADVISEBS Mr. Clarence Felter so 33? Mr- Leslie Gibian f' .. ,,,. .. v tt E 4 J .. Vtce-Preszolent, P. Witham V A. ...1 Pmidem' L' Nafdecchia V -"- '--" '5' ':'W yy 17:f ,.l 516 '. ' ' ' r,-1' ist? E','fa:1 .iafetziiailiuf'f:--'EEiSiEZ.":5- ' , 'if5-Q.:f.rgggg,,g,5,,,,55g355:ry..-, 51,3 f3.,gf:y,5g.,,i.1:15, 52,71 Yip., : i I ...f 1f.....W. ....1..s.i..,,gg.,,y.,, y, if,,.,...,,.g..,.gffg-,g - ..,..,f....s,.,.wlm...-fy f,1,1f.,,y,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,, ,V W, , 32 Seated: W. Whelan, E. Locuratolo, L. Quist, G. Osterberg, C. Mestern, L. Nardecchia. Standing: J. Nolander, H. Ward, Y. Tunnard, "Zippy," G. Whitney, B. lVlcKeough, J. Whitney, K. Waldemar, Mr. L. Cibian. Secretary, P. Reynaud Treasurer, W. Bolten Food for Tlaou lat ,Ctrl--T xx 'Said-D B t ,fi l d i': Ff'M-fr," 'Yi W- ..- .KY Nw Front: V. Lapiana, N. Fasenfeld, "Zippy,l' M. Blatz, S. Benning, V. LeCount. Back: Mr. C. Fel- ter, A. Cuozzo, B. A. Hamilton, T. Goodwin, C. Fon, A. Bliss, C. Boccumini, I. Evans. Front: C. Istvan, J. Kipp, J. Adams, L. Brooks, A. Damore. Back: Mr. C. Felter, I. Istvan, I. Beninati, D. Clarke, C. D'Andrea, W. Boulton, I. Hines, P. Brandon, F. Cecelin. Front: P. Wickersham, K. Yocis, R. Wallitt, T. Ozern, A. Schafer, P. Beynaud. Back: U. Negri, Mr. L. Cibian, B. Sankey, J. Munsell, M. Scola, V. Pellegrini, P. Witham, C. Lehmkuhl. ,,, V A M E BHTAJ , ' a fx . f A , 5 u , , 2 1, ,, ,N Rx .. ,,,, .r 2 . 22? 523 62 f Li 3 z g:?fif :Q 7x M 5, X5-RSP' I Yin I TQULME. fnxf i gd 1,5 wzj- - :-" -- gig! .zu E1 Suddenly it was there, our junior year, and the responsibilities and thrills of editing the ARDSLEYAN were upon us. What would We have done without Miss Pelda, our wonderful adviser, who was a continual source of inspiration. We had such fun at the Friday meetings with Cretel, Margaret, and Louise pouring over the layout and Eddie and Dave puzzling over budget and cir- culation. Frank was out getting pictorial ads, while Lynne busily typed in the "inner sanctumf' and Citta tried to locate stray pictures. Suddenly in the midst of copy, Cindy screamed, "My clarinet-it's locked in the music closet." All the while Roberta was patiently waiting for a deci- sion on the theme so she might begin her art, and lack dashed here and there where- ever needed. Despite the fear of a tissue paper cover, our masterpiece, hard cover, special features, artistic endsheet and all, finally went to press. Looking over the Artwork Roberta and Mr. Martland r...,,,s..f.,'v-fr' 1. r Laying out Doulalespreaols ARDSLEYAN BOARD OF EDITORS--F. Schappach, Miss D. Pelda, E. Bramble, B. Murau, L. Medovich, L. Nevinger. Meet the Prefs. . Miss Dorothy M. Pclda Adviser-in-Clzief, Literary and Ad Adviser Edward Bramble Margaret Christiano Business Editor Assistant Editor Mr. Clarence Felter Mr. Howard llartman Circulation Adviser Photography Adviser Mr. Paul Koors Mr. Theodore hlartland Budget Adviser Art Adviser Miss Cornelia Patteson Business Adviser Balancing the Accounts M MI P ld C' d Gr tl Miss Patteson, Lynne, Eddie, Mr. Koors argaret, iss e a, in y, ee I3 '19 lift' ff ARDSLEYAN BOARD OF EDITORS-M. Mestern, D. hlooney, C. Proske, Miss D. Pelda, J. McPartland, M. Christiano. . Ardsleyan Editor? Iohn McPartland Promotion Editor David Mooney Circulation Editor Lynne Nevinger Typing Editor Cynthia Proske Copy Editor hiargaret lhlcstcrn Louise Meclovich Co-Advertising Editor Brigitta Murau Photography Editor Roberta Pellegrini Art Editor Frank Schappach Co-Advertising Editor Everyone was working silently when suddenly the door of room 211 burst open, and Charles Copeland, our ARDS- LEYAN special photographer, strode in exclaiming, "Where's Frank? I need more Film." Charlieys Wonderful pictures illus- trated our commercials. Glenn Koors and jeffrey Berlind were often found giving an overwhelming sales talk to some perspective patron. Lynne's private secretary, Evelyn Kreyrnhorg, beat out a continuous staccato of copy on her -typewriter. Chester Slay- loaugh provided a welcome means of trans- portation at times when our editors were not available. We thank each one of these people for their support, and we especially thank our parents and Miss Pelda, Mr. Felter, Mr. Koors, Mr. Hartman, and Miss Patteson, who played such important parts in making this book successful. Totaling Circulation Sales Mr. Felter and Dave Checking Ad Quota Comparing Group Pictures l3Cky Frank. Louise. MiSS Pelda Mr. Hartman, Citta, Charlie .M 4 'Q Q ,jh i . lc Ad Cc: ur fy 'Flaw ,- .44 THIRD DEGREE-Seated: M. Baker, S. Sage, M. Mestern, N. Cauvet, A. Kalmylcow, M. Christiano, D. Purdy. Standing: B. Gardiner, C. Proslce, Miss H. Robbie, G. Bar- bieri, D. lVlooney, Schmidt. Youth Wants to Know The ideal organization for learning the hows, whos, wheres, and whats of college and university life is 'the COLLEGE CLUB. At the meetings, which were held every two weeks in some member's home, alumni from different campuses told about location, tuition-costs, and courses of their alma- maters. This was followed by inquiries and a dis- cussion. President Raicht, Vice-President C. lX'lcKeough, Secretary-Treasurer B. Somslcy, and Mr. P. Koors, adviser. COLLEGE CLUB-Seated: I. Schmidt, I. Raicht, B. Somsky, N. Solomon, K. Kamens. Standing: N. 'Cau- vet, S. Knapp, D. Purdy, A. DeSola, C. Davis, Can- ning, Mr. P. Koors, P. Pagnoni, W. LeCount, A. Wick- ersham, G. Barbieri. i'Honor'l is the watchword of the thirteen students who comprise the THIRD DEGREE, the executive body ofmthe Honor Society. To keep alive the memory of Robert Arone, this group added two books about medicine to the library. In remem- brance of lack Hackett, an aluminum-etched plaque was dedicated in the Memorial Park. Because of changes in school scheduling, the Honor Society requirements were revised. President N. Cauvet, Vice-President D. Clarke, Secretary M. Mestern, Treasurer D. Purdy, Corresponding Sec- retary G. Barbieri, and Miss H. Robbie, adviser. COLLEGE CLUB-Seated: C. Meyer, E. Mulvey, C. McKeough, D. Ankhelen, J. Goodwin. Standing: Mr. P. Koors, I. Hahn, R. Hughes, R. Lantry, W. Town- send, W. Hotlfmann, A. Kalmykow, C. Santore, G Salerno, I. Osterberg. YEARBOOK CLUB-Front Row: J. Schwartz, S. Ward, D. Cuckenbiehl, F. Sheldon, E. Zegray. Second Row: H. Weinman, I. Medovich, M. I. Flanigan, M. Cassens, S. Ozern. Standing: D. Maxwell, M. Schultz, Miss D. Pelda, R. Mooney, K. McComb, M. Larsen, K. Nlilton, I. Murau, A. Sanseverino. People? Cbozke After several weekly sessions in YEAR- BOOK CLUB a Sophomore becomes acquainted with double-spread layouts, bleeds, montages, glossies, and budget. Exchanging the Ardsleyan with other schools not only makes possible compari- son of our yearbook with schools of similar size but sometimes inspires new ideas. The group also learns the qualifications of the Ardsleyan Board of Editors in the Iunior year. M. Cassens is presi- dent, M. Baker, secretary, and Miss D. Pelda, adviser. YEARBOOK CLUB-Front Row: S. Sage, P. Weiss, R. Mooney, P. Robinson. Second Row: S. Hassell, L. Schoenstein, J. Hashagen, I. Carlson. Standing: Miss D. Pelda, M. Baker, V. Duke, A. Hamilton, T. Gan- non, N. Reynaud, B. LeDuc, K. Moore. How wonderful the high school halls seemed without the congestion at the change of classes! Thanks to the STUDENT COUNCIL a solution was found by supplying monitors. On the school bulletin board one could follow the progress of the "Twirp" dance, basketball canteens, and, of course, the Senior prom, and other Student Council-sponsored activities. A. Kalmykow is presi- dent, M. Christiano, vice-president, P. Carlyle, secretary, D. Mooney, treasurer, and Mr. F. Kluge, adviser. STUDENT COUNCIL-Seated: I. Munsell, L. Nardecchia, I. Schmidt, P. Carlyle, A. Kalmykow, D. Mooney, G. Salerno, M. Christiano, W. Meuser, R. Mooney. Stand- ing: Mr. F. Kluge. ' ,.,, , ,Q p. .-., 'YIM lm lol mls P I 55-N K, 1. i .sd 4, . .f--A., i DBAMATIC CLUB-Seated: I. Adams, C. Mey- er, S. Ozern, Nl. Blarz. Standing: Raicht, N. Solomon, A. Bliss, J. Schmidt, B. Hughes. DBAHIATIC CLUB-Seated: L. DeSOla, G. Osterberg, B. Freundel, P. Witham. Standing: D. Negri, L. Schoenstein, P. Reynaud, A. Wick- ersham, B. Somsky, A. DeSola, P. Pagnoni, D. Klein, C. Davis, C. Boceumini, Mrs. E. Koenig, L. Brooks. SPANISH CLUB-Miss H. Bobbie, C. Morris, L. Egy, C. Copeland, B. Gardiner, C. Proske, C. Lotus, L. Medovich, B. Lotus, M. Mestern, M. Christiano. HgHabla usted espanol?,' was the key to enter SPANISH CLUB, which brought into Ardsley the mysterious and haunting atmosphere of Spain and that of the gay Latin American countries. A trip to the Hispanic Society gave them the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with Spanish artists. At the Mexican restaurant many burned tongues made the experience of hot tobasco sauce memorable. L. Egy is presi- dent, B. Gardiner, secretary, and Miss H. Bobbie, adviser. 38 --.a-" T V Playhouse A silence of anticipation enveloped the audience in assembly as the curtain rose to reveal the DRAMATIC CLUB production of two one-act plays. A new constitution was adopted during one meeting, and in May a dance and entertainment were given for the enjoyment of the entire high school. N. Solomon is president, C. Meyer, vice- president, Raicht, secretary, B. Hughes, treasurer, and Mrs. E. Koenig, adviser. if Perfon to Person A strange silence prevailed as the high school students, leaning against their lockers, were en- grossed in a colorful publication called the "Salt 'n' Pepper." This extraordinary interest was proof of the constant toil of the members of the JOURNAL- ISlVl CLUB who, assisted by Mr. P. Koors, publish the periodical. Honorary President B. Somsky, President and Editor N. Noschese, Assistant Editors M. Flanigan and E. Calhoun, Secretary M. letter, and Treasurer W. Klores. Q SALT 2. 'N 'PEPVER fs' " an i2 ,SW va l", -T ,, Q 73' "lg -.-...r -s!::.B JOURNALISM CLUB-Seated: E. Calhoun, N Noschese, L. DeNardo, M. I. Flanigan, M Larsen, S. Ward. Standing: B. Somsky, A. Bliss Mr. P. Koors, T. Cappetta, R. Pearce, M. Jetter A. Schafer, M. Scheller, C. Santore. JOURNALISNT CLUB-Seated: G. Fraguela, C Greiner, B. Lotus, J. Adams, B. Gardiner. Stand- ing: J. Schwartz, I. Medovich, C. Lotus, L Kreymborg, D. Anglin, R. Hamilton, R. Wallitt, Y. Tunnard. COMMERCIAL CLUB-Seated: C. McKeough Standing: Miss C. Patteson, S. Knapp, L. Nevin ger, D. DeSimone, D. Anglin, G. Fraguela, B Somsky, D. Ankhelen, R. Miller, C. Santore A. Pasquini, L. Kreymborg. SAK-T . PEPYER - sf r Leroy Anderson's "Typewriter" would be a very appropriate theme song for the future secretaries of Ardsley High, who meet twice a month in COMMER- CIAL CLUB. To extend their knowledge of up-tO date office procedures, they visited several business concerns, including the "Reader's Digest," and invited guest speakers and Ardsley alumnae to their meetings. C. McKeough is president, C. Santore, vice-president, D. Anglin, secre- tary, B. Somsky, treasurer, E. Kreymborg, reporter, and Miss C. Patteson, adviser. 39 1 J GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB-Seated: S. Benning, P. Pag- noni, J. Kipp, R. Hughes, J. Munsell, C. Istvan, L. Nardecchia, T. Ozern. Standing: N. Solomon, G. Creiner, K. Yocis, J. Evans, R. Sankey. CERAMICS CLUB-Seated: W. Whelan, I. Beninati, H. Ward, P. Wickersham, L. Quist, C. Morris. Stand- ing: C. Lehmkuhl, K. Waldemar, G. Osterberg, C. Mestern. The shelves of temperas and inks made an appropriate background for the future Cezannes and Picassos of the ART CLUB. A lump of cold dank clay thrown on a table soon became a grace- fully-curved vase or a crouching cat. A striking abstraction or the peaceful blue of a languid pond were revealed by skillful free brush strokes over the whiteness of the paper. R. Pellegrini is cxecu- tive secretary, and Mr. T. Martland, adviser. M11 Wizard Beneath festive decorations couples slowly danced while spotlights cast a soft glow across the entire room. This unique effect was created by the hard-working ELECTRICIANS' CLUB who also operated the projectors, public address system, stage lighting, and other electrical equipment. C. Slaybaugh is president, S. Scott, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. H. Hartman, adviser. ELECTRICIANS' CLUB-Front: C. Slaybaugh, S. Scott, J. Canning, J. McPartland, Mr. H. Hartman, R. Mooney. Back: D. Mooney, F. Arone, A. Harais, D. Viola, K. Mc- Comb, E. Marron, W. Hoffmann. The goal of all Ardsley High School musi- cians is to become a member of the CLEF CLUB. As the governing organization of the music depart- ment, it plans the concerts and music policies. Mr. Vincent is adviser. The seven members of the IUNIOR CLEF CLUB form a committee which schedules programs for the grade assembly and plans the activities of the band and chorus. Miss A. Haymond is the sponsor. Narrze T bat T une "Haven't you finished eating yet?" was the usual, joking comment as VARSITY CHOIR members trooped up from the lunchroom for their noonetime meeting. The senior choral group of the school is a challenge even to those gifted with excellent voices. The choir performs for the Spring Concert. Officers are President N. Cauvet, Vice- President M. Christiano, and Secretary4Treasurer C. Proske. Mr. Vincent is adviser. VARSITY CHOIR JUNIOR CLEF CLUB-A. Ridings, D. Kight, S. Has sell, M. Speicher, G. Ramin, W. LeCount, P. Sara sohn, Miss A. Haymond. ' CLEF CLUB-Seated: N. Cauvet, K. Kamens, M Christiane, C. Proslce. Standing: Mr. M. C. Vincent D. Purdy, M. Mestern, W. LeCount. 42 E 3 J i 3 Sta etflaow... All attention was focused on the BAND as its members, clad in gleaming new uniforms, proudly marched in review. Even Sousa would have been astonished at the skill by which his com- positions Were interpreted. The March 4 concert with sele ,::'J:.L, s from "Carmen" further illustrated the r ,r,,: band. In state com etition up ..., .,,,, I I. " P ' they rating in Grade 3. W. Le sldentg asse ecretary, and Miss Hay i advis V. ii L I :laik 'sa N ,gi ', 2 l? 5 ' ,,.i:t" L H . -"' ,mi A sb. uan? .f'-..,,wx At noon hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays such gay rhythms as "Begin the Beguinen and "Parade of the Wooden Soldiersl' resounded through the halls of Ardsley High. A stranger might have asked, "When are those professionals?" but we all know that it was 'the All-State and All-County advanced players. Us M 7' N. Cauvet is vice-president, and Mr. yy, rrryy,y and Teen Banclftand 5 On a warm September day when the leaves began to show their bril- liance, a giggling wet Freshman, closely resembling someone who had been caught in a heavy fall downpour, emerged from schoolg she was fol- lowed by others of similar description. But fthis strange sight is only G. A. A. initiation. As the volleyball season Finished in November, new shouts of "Make that basket!" echoed in the gym. Through the Winter, members of the Girls' Athletic Association ex- changed anticipatory cries as the ball was passed quickly from hand to hand until the points were made. When spring melted away the snows, the "swoosh" of badminton rackets re- placed basketball. May and June wit- nessed the homeruns and strike-outs of the baseball games. Miss G. Roll is adviser. .fportscope SPORTS CLUB-Miss G. Roll, A. Pasquini C Lotus B Murau G. Barbieri, N. Noschese, N. Cauvet, M Christiano M Mestem Absent: B. Gardiner and LI Medovich GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-BLUE TEAM l 44 Any noontime before a basket- ball game one could find members of VARSITY CLUB soliciting funds to support the basketball programs. The Intramural All-Star Faculty game which they sponsored on March 22 left everyone breathless and amused. Ofhcers are President C. Slaybaugh and Vice-President W. Townsend. Coach Jackman is adviser. A smart green sweater, accented with white trim and bearing the nick- name of the owner, designates a member of SPORTS CLUB, the exec- utive body of the Girls' Athletic Association. To stimulate better games they sold candy and soda to the girls participating in the sports. In the winter they helped the boys in issuing basketball programs. The president is Grace Barbieri and secretary, Nancy Cauvet. GOLD TEAM 45 1 wg L Fr, ' 1 8 J r 1 ..,,,,,, in , .. , E , . 51 gs-:Q Q s , , I , fi . 1 -. gf Y' , , y f "1v L' 3 if sw 3 ,Pfv YK, ' A. 'ig r 1 Wi J , , sl A I ,,VVL p KKZA I 3 Q so K fl ff' Q l Q mn ly fp! X Q Q Q an l l l 1 3 gl Q33 i 3 l i Ly i rsrse :fl s srurs Q r ,Y,. il I x s We 'Q l ., 4 Q r, f 4 , A K1 '-M-up Spotlight on Cbampiom- The 1956 VARSITY BASKETBALL team earned one of the finest records of any in Ardsley's history. Placing second in the Western Westchester League, they achieved fourteen wins and only two losses. Ken McComb was chosen the most valuable player and an All-Star member, David Mooney as the most improved player, and Chet Slaybaugh as an All-Star team contestant. Mr. M. Iackman is coach. X-Z 'qw ., .. .4 Q13 7 X I M 4 V, fs wi A' .... M M e ' ox. A E ' , ",. 5 1 b '57 A335 M Navi w S , K A n M Wxqyw 5 Q K , ' "7' , f A a -.... M f A A L X A, 3 1 2' rj , Bmketball Featzane VARSITY BASKETBALL- Front: I. Cawley, G. Salemo, G. Koors, Manager, Coach M. Jackman. W. LeCount, Manager, Hahn, D. Mooney, P. Cimino. Back: C. Slaybaugh, McPartland, K. McComb, R. Lantry, J. Osterberg, F. Arone. 71 ff? X I mb! "'- .g '- i . X 5 A f, SSQLEV Sf- A lx S 1? Y X o..n 9 4' fx' xxx ' . X Xrfx x y X ,, W K R n A Q11 Si x , I'-.iff Q fx j I y' Jfif N' ' Cgfbf ARDSLEY Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. Ian. Ian. lan. Ian. "T-E-A-M ray team! Team! Team! Team! " This was only one of the lively cheers of this ener- getic group that comprised the CHEERLEADERS. In victory or defeat the squad kept the morale of the team and their supporters high as the Cheerleaders, dressed in gold blouses, Haunted their buoyant blue skirts-a colorful per- formance at any game. Captain is E. Mulvey and Co-Captain, C. McKeough. Sandra Ward, Dolores Ankhelen,' Carol McKeough, Nancy Noschese, Gloria Fraguela. Headline .Ytmy HIGH SCHOOL 9 Tuckahoe '67-36 13 Hastings 16 Briarcliff 3 Mount Kisco 6 Elmsford 13 Croton 17 Tuckahoe 20 Hendrick 27 Irvington 69-5 1 77-46 66-61 81-38 5 1-39 60-44 63-32 74-36 Hudson jan 'Score-Ardsley Versus Opponent .X X V A L 4 A y Catherine Santore, Dorothy Anglin, Eileen Mulvey, Iudy Goodwin, Bar- bara Gardiner. F K' ff'- xx 4 ...B Q .fportmmma BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Ian. 31 Hastings 74-56 Feb. 3 Dobbs Ferry 45-68 Feb. 7 Elmsford 75-49 Feb. 10 Croton 48-46 Feb. 17 Hendrick Hudson 67-48 Feb. 21 Irvington 62-37 Feb. 24 Dobbs Ferry 50-60 Mar. 6 Pine Plains 51-50 Mar. 9 Red Hook 59-63 s'1 15 e:- iw 5 sm., -1 l NI...-Q JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front: W. Boulton, A. DeRocha, ' Mr. E. Einhorn, Coach, I. Berlind, P. Karcher. Back: B. Smith, Manager, J. Hines, K. Waldemar, K. Yocis, A. Pasquale, W. Klores, A. Sansever- ino, R. Mooney, L. Egy, Captain. .Sports Prewew Hail to the champions of the Junior League in basket- Cood team spirit and the expert guidance of Mr. Felter ball, who made the magnificent record of fourteen Wins were the sparks that ignited the successful IUNIOR and onl two losses! With the hel of Mr. Einhorn, the VARSITY BASEBALL team. Almost ever clear, spring Y P Y coach, the JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL team afternoon the team would practice at Woodlands Park, Worked toward the goal of gaining experience and Where they gained the skills of "America's favorite sport." training necessary for members of the Varsity team. L. Mr. C. Felter is coach, and Wayne Bolten is captain. Egy is captain, C. Koors and B. Smith are managers. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-Front: I. Westervelt, H. Weinman, J. Beninati, I. Evans, R. Sankey, G. Whaley. Back: Mr. C. Felter, coach K K. Yocis, W. Whelan, W. Anderson, J. Munsell, D. Clarke, W. Boulton, '34 Hines. . .... gr , . g. . LLP kgryk .V , .lk .,,,' I i.. fa.. .V . i-r.. .alit , 3 'Hr ,W . ..are 'stem W .Yr Q Q.... . A . . ' .1 Pi S ts. at XV if r 1 USL elta f - .I ' l I r wa. .... ff-.Q-X1-fr tfar + . T' B 5 RQ f t -.' iiil rle' ' ',.. . Ax. I VAK K A V,.kkkk vrrk 5. VV 9 ' . f itlgliwgff 1 at . . f . . t L if . i ,j ....., 4 6... -fA, N ,fx 5 z f -V 1 - i -in .iv . ' aase iiii Q' . , '53 will '--' ---. 1 I I ' is i,iil ., U, ,,.. . .... ..,,,k - , pl I .. . pppp V .... S . rra f tw.. I ' it I Y . t . 'f 2. . ii .J . V . . ,,,..i.?3v" V -XL, ' ' Qi' Ji' .. f ., . , 3 2844251 "--'r' ' Baseball Show of Shows A cry of victory resounded across the Held as a member of Ardsley's VARSITY BASEBALL team, dressed in one of the, striking new uniforms, slammed a homerun. On April 20 a thrilling game at Childrenls Village began the 1956 season. Although a suitable Held wasn't available for practice, high spirit and good sportsmanship pre- vailed at all times. Mr. Jackman is coach. D. McComb, bat-boy, Coach M. Jackman, F. Arone G. Koors, C. Slaybaugh, P. Karcher x X N D. Mooney, K. McComb, R. Mooney T mek Featumma Members of the TRACK team, dressed in their new, blue and gold uniforms, are proud to represent their school. During their six meets with other schools, they competed in the shot put, dash, and other Held events. Mr. T. Figlia is coach. TRACK-Top: G. Whaley, C. Lehmkuhl, Mr. T. Figlia, coach, K. Waldemar, Mr. Hesse, A. Izzola, C. Fon. Center: A. Kalmy- kow, L. Egy, B. Smith, W. Townsend, W. Klores, I. Galligan, I. Berlind, B. McKeough. Bottom: A. Harais, M. Schultz, R. Lantry, I. McPartland. Let? take 61 tmp. . . At almost any time of the school day, as well as after school and on week-ends, some group in the Ardsley Public School System is being introduced to OUTDOOR EDUCATION ACTIVITIES AND SCHOOL CAMPING. Under the direction of the su- pervising principal, Mr. Arthur W. Silliman, a pioneer in this field, "life in the rough" is experienced as a co- curricular activity. The primary step is the nature walk in kinder- garten. The energetic seventh graders conquer Mt. Grey- lock, while historically-minded eighth graders make their annual pilgrimage to Valley Forge. The Outdoor JN Club, founded in 1936, prevails from that time on. High school students go on long journeys to the Blue Ridge and the Catskill Mountains. Trips to Virginia always include a visit to the Hope- vifell Village and Washington's Crossing. Ardsley stu- dents are welcome to spend the night in the hand-hewn peg-framed barn at the Old Tall Gate Farm owned by Mr. john Teller, an alumnus. Education with an adventure challenge does much more than train students in good camping skills. It pro- vides experience in human relations and adjustment to group decisions and cooperative living. :If it ,,.f KRJ A WA! is Under the eternal surveillance of the bordering mountains, a narrow peninsula, called Croton Point, projects into the Hudson River. Through the coopera- tion of the Westchester County Recreation Commission, Ardsley biology students annually trek to Camp Sena- squa on this site, and there they anticipate the adventure of the snipe hunt and the appearance of the Croton creeper from behind their piles of sleeping bags and text-books. Supervised by Assistant Principal Charles W. Hor- end, a program of studies in botany and geology has more meaning and is better implemented here than in .. ,ef-r' a classroom with books. To many, the new experience of living in cabins, while they participate in food prep- aration and house-keeping duties, is combined with the well-practiced art of slapping mosquitoes and the hilar- ity of being initiated into the White Elephant Club. Originally a demonstration project in the Second Supervisory District, BIOLOGY CAMP, with the full support of the office of the district superintendent and the heads of appropriate bureaus of the State Education Department, has proved to be a sound educational pro- cedure. The 1955-56 program was the sixth year of high school camp projects in Ardsley. I 'ini 15" MOUNTAINTOP CLUB Uunior Outdoor ClubD--Principal A. W. Silliman, adviser, C. Ramin, E. Aim, R. Ellis, K. Hassell, B. Cook, B. Zenck, D. Clarke, A. Izzola, P. Gatti, I. Anthony, N. Hoy, L. Hall. aah 1' H f with the Uutdoor Adventure Club Cifliw . I I 1 :V-. ' .5- 15 , , 1' :'3'u' il ,':"' ew' 3 4 1 ' gl' fl 1" 5 .. .1 W .,. L U' num K .- v 1" ' W M 35 W4 NGA!!-r The crackle of the Hre slowly dwindled, a bobcat screeched, and the stars tvvinkled in a darkened sky as sleepy members of the OUT- DOOR CLUB dreamed about the day's adven- tures. During their trips to the Blue Ridge Moun- tains, Valley Forge, and the Catskill State Park, they learned about outdoor education by planning the routes, building camp sites, and sharing work details and meals. President is F. Aroneg vice-presi- dent, C. Koorsg secretary-treasurer, B. Smith. Prin- cipal A. W. Silliman and Mr. T. Figlia are advisers. W OUTDOOR CLUB-Left: F. Arone, D. Mooney, I. Osterberg, G. Koors. Right: I. Berlind, A. Harais, J. McParr1and, B. Smith, L. Egy, Mr. T. Figlia, adviser. v X , . , ,VX far' JUNIVI FI OLICS Mr. Everett Einhorn Grade 8 M.A. w Columbia University This is the scrzpt Seated: G. Whaley. Front: N. Coldner, I. Riccio, C. Nash, 1. Liverani, I. Freeman, D. Scola. Back: R. Matthews, D. Riva, R. Zegray, D. McDonough, A. Izzolo, Mr. E. Einhorn. Front: DeRocha, A. LeDuc, C. Cuddeback, M. Hinnen. Back: Mr. E. Einhorn, C. Hughes, T. Fatigate, S. Klores, L. Dombek, A. Liverzani, N. Marshall, N. Hunt. Front: L. Stanaway, G. Norton, A. Kovacik, R. Raicht, I. Tino, S. VanLeer, M. Mondelli. Back: C. Gruessing, S. Pardy, W. Wetterauer, Mr. E. Einhorn, P. Grutzner, L. Sturm. Mn. Evlsmsrr EINHORN, Teacher-While walking down the aisle on graduation night, we thought of this wonderful year. To GRADE SE, October meant one thing-our educational adventure at Croton Camp. Weekly class meetings taught us the value of organization, and roller skating parties provided us with an enjoyable social activity. Class officers are Pres. Riccii, Vice-Pres. A. Izzulo, Sec. M. Mondelli, Treas. N. Hunt. Class mothers are Mrs. VanLeer and Mrs. Mondelli. ,XY xx g 11, XXX . 'II K za x Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of the Upper Grades Grade 8 M.A. Columbia University 0 our daily lqfe. . MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS, Teacher-"Albany! The state Capitol! We were there!" Anyone in GRADE 8T could boast about the privilege. While there, we visited the legislature as it was in session and the famous state museum. Of course, that event plus our square dances were only two of the activities that preceded the climax of our grade school ex- perience-graduation. Class officers are Pres. P. McDonough, Vice-Pres. K. Hassell, Sec. D. Mc- Comb, Treas. C. Wolk. Class mothers are Mrs. C. Nugent and Mrs. C. Wolk. ' - .'..'41 SSS Seated: S. Kreymborg, K. Hassell, N. Hoy, C. O'Connor. Standing: R. Massaro, Mr. H. Thomas, L. Kane, I. Kuhlmann, S. Patton, C. Ramin, P. Jaeger, L. Hughes, P. Rose. Seated: E. Aim, L. Hall, C. Calgay. Standing: B. Cook, D. Clarke, R. Ellis, Anthony, L. Drucker, M. Fagan, R. Harten, P. Catti, J. Goldman, D. Ewald. Seated: I. Saunders, S. Walther, P. McDonough Standing: B. Meade, S. Suthergreen, Mr. H Thomas, C. Wolk, D. Nugent, V. Rosler, D. Mc- Comb, B. Zinck, W. Stillman, W. Shaughnessy Absent: P. Chalmers. ' i.t.e o .,i. . . . which featuref MR. THOMAS FIGLIA, Teacher-In connection with our studies of New York, GRADE 7F fashioned relief maps of papier mache. We became acquainted with the celebrities of this great state by Writing and illustrating their biographies. For a science project we con- structed a volcano which actually erupted. Our trips to Valley Forge and Mt. Creylock gave us the privilege of experiencing the won- ders of outdoor life. Class mothers are Mrs. M. Bitting and Mrs. M. Muller. +'.?1" Mr. Thomas I. Figlia Grade 7 B.S. Cortland State Teachers' College Front: M. Stahl, W. Geer, P. Carlson, F. Purcell, R. Colten. Second Row: Mr. Figlia, E. Brady, C. Harkewitz, C. Bitting, C. DeRosa, J. Purdy. Seated: Mr. T. Figlia. Standing: W. Dulce, P Muller, K. Morrison, C. Cogins, R. Liverzani, A deTarnovvsky, D. Hines, R. Bell, K. McGlynn Absent: R. Wedekind. Front: R. Massaro, E. Moore, T. Gardiner, R. Li- posky, D. Schaefer. Second Row: L. Vieiro, K Moore, E. Brookings, Mullahy, I. Casadone. .. .a z , . 1., vig. : A , . . A, .,,,, '- 5 5'-?Eg ' tiii rlst --,1 A A Mrs. Barbara lean lunge Grade 7 B.A. Barnard College Front: l. Osterberg, l. Galgay, K. Eckelman. Second Row: C. Baldauf, G. Lundberg, W. Papovitch, D. Kight, M. Krauss, Mrs. B. lunge, P. Waite, D. Serrano. Seated: l. Harten, G. Redmond, Mrs. B. lunge. Standing: A. lacob, W. Delagi, l. Stern, B. Edel- stein, G. lenter, Prestholdt, G. Hurst. Absent: S. Smith, N. Wild. Seated: C. Murtough, S. Geyer, l. Esposito. Stand- ing: H. Bernstein, G. Townsend, Adams, T. Miller, G. Nolander, Mrs. B. lunge, l. Cauvet, B. Neubauer, G. Winston. . . . our adventures. . . MRs. BARBARA lUNGE, Teacher-GRADE 7lls New York State travel agency display illustrated our instruction in social studies. The colorful "Santa's Workshop" was our next project. Staging A'Which Witch ls Which" and "Inside a Kid's Headl' revealed that we were a dramatically-minded group. In arithmetic We enjoyed plotting our progress in spelling by means of line graphs. Our trip with Mr. Silliman to Albany, New York, was the highlight of our wonderful year. Class officers are Pres. Stern, Vice-Pres. W. Papo- vitch, Sec. Osterberg, Treas. Prestholdt. Class mothers are Mrs. Esposito and Mrs. H. Kight. -4-if S., fr . 'K ffvll 'V 'Aw . Miss Margaret Wesp Grade 7 B. Pd. New York Training School . . . at Croton Camjg Miss MAIKGARET A. WESP, Teacher-A roller skat- ing party at Mt. Vernon started CBADE 7W OE actively. A trip to Albany illustrated the importance of the Empire State. While studying New York, We painted a mural of f'Rip Van Winkle.'N Our Hallow- c'en skit, "Three Good Chostsf, earned first prize in the contest. Class officers are Pres. Montaruli, Vice-Pres. Stagliano, Sec.-Treas. Speicher. Class mothers are Mrs. Beynaud and Mrs. McGov- ern. Seated: Miss M. A. Wesp. Standing: B. Guck, C. Smith, S. Smiton, J. DeSimone, A. Brumberg, D. Kolster, E. Haraismowich, S. Parachini, D. Tida- back, A. Paino, I. Olbert. Front: J. Stagliano, N. Lapitino, S. Istvan, C. Gatti, J. Montaruli. Second Row: Miss M. A. Wesp, S. Pasquini, A. Monaro, J. Speicher, I. Fon. Front: F. Bramble, R. Bennett. Second Row: E. Hanrahan, E. McGovern, Miss M. A. Wesp, S. Ullman, I. Reynaud, V. Bechtolcl, G. Wehmeyer, C. Freed, M. Scheinman, M. Ozern. , , r J s - f 'B ff . I V V ,'. .- rl ,L.. V V!-EC - , x Y , , ,- R ' L' 5 Vi r, ., F. 5- -7, it , ., wi ,fx 'Me I - , . "' L ' --tx ' " ' - -- A.. f'-5-4:31, t cf: , ,., s.Lj"' . 3,35 an 'Nt sl et. i t Q ta if 'A gg K ll H111 swim if 5 ' A , A .rf , . f .- ' Trevi as A A - 'fi rg' . ' , , .V.,, ,. ' ,Ali -Q33-1 R' ., . .. ..r ,,.f s I if In -- "I - ' ' " . . -'N wt, . ' A s W' S .Qf'T"' a . . if : Y, is?" F ,V , V K A h , JH-,gf ,Ie iv. r - es.. ... fl if 5, 'S e S? A f .,. ii, . I 5, N x is , , ,Q ..- - tt :M E Seated: 1. Beckman, R. Brandon, A. Ridings. Stand- ing: P. Sanseverino, L. Adams, D. Knapp, N. Stien, Mr. E. Parlo, D. Mackenzie, B. Anthony, T. Wit- ham, S. Witham, E. Korbin. Absent: Mrs. Duke. the production 0 Mas. ALICE FRISCHMANN and MRS. RUTH DUKE, Teachers- Every morning GRADE 6F began the day with a silent prayer and a salute to the flag. For excellent conduct, we were rewarded by a trip with Mr. Silliman. In March we formed a color guard. Pres. S. Marlin, Vice-Pres. D. Horbal, Sec. C. Crisi, Treas. F. Holser, Class mothers' are Mrs. W. Wallitt and Mrs. W. Weinberger. Our thrilling adventures in geography and history took GRADE 6D through the continents and Africa. Class spirit was high in the tween gym classes. Our officers are Pres. .T. . . ' ' Mrs. Ruth Duke Pres Pancoast, Sec A Ridmgs, Treas Grade 6 Oswego Normal School Front: M. Hoy, A. Bennett, L. Britt. Second Row: F. Dombek, S. Martin, D.'Andrews, Mrs. Frisch- mann, G. Hellthaler, I. Dowe, L. Larsen, T. Lof- gren. mothers are Mrs. M. Knapp and Mrs. A.. mama-ag..-. ,Tha --mf". : It Tu Hia?" Idfqgil R1 ' Seated: Mr. E. Parlo. Front: G. Laudato, R. Cook Back: P. Osterberg, W. Love, K. Cassens, S. Wit ham, A. Inversin, D. Goodman, J. Smith, C. Jenter M. Bums. Absent: B. Insky, T. Pancoast, Mrs Duke. of Europe, Asia, competitions be- R. Cook, Vice- L. Adams. Class Laudato. Grade 6 B.A. College of New Rochelle Front: F. Holser, C. Wallitt, D. Schafer. Standing: A. Ciafalo, R. Clute, D. Rooney, G. Crisi, K. Yocis, S. Young, J. Sankey, W. Izzolo. Absent? D. Horbal, C. Weinberger, A. Sheldon. km. Mrs. Alice Frischmann Mrs. Kathryn C. Reed Grade 6 B.S. Good Counsel ..HMSPinaore MRS. KATHRYN C. REED, Teacher-Our weekly cur- rent event sessions in GRADE 6R kept us in con- tact with the changing times. At our Christmas party we followed the actions of the Magi hy ex- changing gifts. Our trip to New York City was a huge success. The main project this year was the construction of an immense mural, picturing life in Africa. Officers are Pres. R. Reilly, Vice-Pres. Brengel, Sec. P. Koors, Treas. L. Wirz. Class mothers are Mrs. E. Brown and Mrs. R. Burke. Seated: F. Marron, M. Lehmkuhl. Standing: C. Gruessing, I. Tino, C. Nanna, R. Reilly, Mrs. Reed, A. Hellthaler, E. Brown, C. Salerno. Seated: H. Unger, Mrs. Reed. Standing: P. Koors, T. Burke, P. Schappach, M. Speicher, V. Walde- mar, J. Brengel, M. Scaperotta. T. Waldeier, P. Kazan, Mrs. Reed, I. Pascone, L. Wirz, G. Taranto, P. Bell, M. Norton. Absent: R. Gannon, L. Perrotta, J. Perrotta. :FK -aff., V Qi, , f-1 L. l -' - ,. 'ag A C .." Yr . l . y NSW J . vga . -9.5 . 3. 2' , i .... -, ,... Sa i V- W' 'P ,v., ,.fvY"1 f - . ia- vf jf -1 -. ,wg Wai...-'!, 'g A f . kg . gg - 1 , -..... . ga-4 ,fw..5.A..f Q5 -f f 1 K , at 1, , r "' fi I L1 rc -' mbsf Fla., ,. . is W... ..., . -I . eW3ftxx+- 5" . . i. is! it . ,. f xy N- yrrg, t "' QW ,g .W .,,,ewf+:a,m,,,,.,. ... f Mrs. Helena Snyder Grade 6 Oswego State Teachers' College and ytudzkr 0 . MRS. HELENA SNYDER, Teacher-In tracing the "cradles of civilization," individuals made research reports in GRADE 6S while picturesque stories, maps, and paintings illustrated the work. In the study of ancient Creece and then Asia, group pic- tures showed the occupations and cities of that era. In june we completed our year with a memorable trip to New York City. Class ofhcers are Pres. R. Morris, Vice-Pres. M. Whaley, Sec.-Treas. R. Cal- gay. Class mothers are Mrs. R. Morris and Mrs. S. Schultz. Seated: R. Patton, P. Mestern. Standing: P. Burger, R. Nichols, M. Whaley, E. Shultz, Mrs. Snyder, I. Fraguela, R. Pestone, S. Shiller, C. Redmond. Seated: P. Sarasohn, R. Stroh, I. Jenkins. Second Row: L. Marpet, A. Terrington, R. Calgay, A. Marks, R. Morris, Mrs. Snyder, N. Milton, P. Anthony. Seated: S. Mattson. Second Row: I. Walther, K. Sullivan, D. Egy, C. VanDorn, S. Iohnson, N. OlLeary, H. Ardanowski. Third Row: Mrs. Snyder, G. Seberg, I. Suthergreen. o I smpauamawc rf-xipgf S it fail: 5 a Efirfffiwl A 1 Y 'TJ ii .,.- " 'W 3 f l K- R s Zg xaq H 5 4' axugii I ia , . li .r P s Y F? Seated: R. Watson, I. Strand, L. Sterner, C. Rayburn, I. Dunn, S. Whitney. Standing: L. Riva, I. Nugent, Mr. A. Dycke, C. Meuser, M. Flanigan, F. Cartwright. Front: H. Mathews, W. Moore, M. Tidaback, L. Hoff- Mrs. Catherine Felter man, D. Clarke. Second Row: A. Sanseverino, W. Grade 5 Sommer, Mr. A. Dycke, R. Cook, L. Viola, B. Bellin, M.A. A. Mayersohn. Bucknell University Mr. Arthur E. Dycke Miss Ethel M. Tryon Grade S Gfade 5 BA, Potsdam State Hunter Cgllege Teachers' College . . the wide World Mn. ARTHUR DYCKE, MRS. CATHERINE FELTER and MISS ETHEL TRYON, Teachers:-Because GRADE SD won the P.T.A. class count award twice, we were able to stock our aquarium. After school we had instrumental lessons. Pres. D. Clarke, Vice- Pres. A. Sanseverino, Sec. W. Moore, Treas. L. Hoffman. Class mothers: Mrs. H. Mathews and Mrs. Watson. GRADE ST in their colonial unit made candles, drew stockades, and visited the Museum Village at Monroe. Pres. C. Andrews, Vice-Pres. I Casadone, Sec. E. Crandolfi, Treas. C. Kalmykow. Class mothers: Mrs. L. Freedman and Mrs. F. An drews. Bottom Left-Seated: E. McCormack, D. Lapitino, E. Grandolii, G. A. Paino. Second Row: P. Gucken- biehl, I. Casadone, D. Murau, C. Andrews, W. Doughty, C. Kalmykow, A. Fatigate, M. Creagan, B. Duke, Mrs. Felter. Absent: Miss Tryon. Bottom Right-Seuted: D. Bliss, S. Rinaldi. Second Row: L. Freedman, S. Brinson, P. Guck, M. Bailey, B. Atalese, M. Kilstrom, E. Copeland, R. Mackenzie, C. Hinnen. Third Row: Mrs. Felter, C. Geer, R. Denike, I. Glaberson. Absent:Miss Tryon. , fu wr f' 'ff it rg. ite, an mrgjdfgaffgf i par eamjg, ,g,,f'gfrf.5 . . Xa :fl ,i E ss A lit . "dm H57 1 J Jr i di , ar er, ,aw Q " Q Q 'e Mrs. Ruth H. Wessels Miss Ellen Whitman Gfade 5 Grade 5 B.A. B.A. University Of Wheaton College Mississippi Uur scientnfzk. . . MRS. RUTH WESSELS and Miss ELLEN WHITMAN, Teachers-At the planetarium, GRADE SWE learned about the formations of stars. ln our cos- tumed play, "A Guide for George Washington," we danced the minuet. Pres. Hicky, Vice-Pres. D. Inversin, Sec. H. Marcus. Class mothers are Mrs. Marcus and Mrs. Edelstein. In our GRADE SWH science class we made carbon dioxide and studied praying mantises and a milk snake. Pres. M. Schwartz, Vice-Pres. C. Kazan, Sec. D. Nardecchia. Class mothers are Mrs. Ar- danowski and Mrs. Geyer. Bottom Left-Front: L. Rosler, B. Bowman, G. Green, E. Leach, C. A. Kent, C. Kazan. Second Row: G. Istvan, I. Feurer, D. Nardecchia, L. Robin- son, D. Decker, B. McDonough, A. Ardanowski, Miss Whitman. Bottom Right-Front: R. deVreis, M. Slack, Kane. Second Row: E. Mayersohn, P. Stein, D. Geyer, W. Istvan, Miss Whitman, M. Schwartz, E. Gardiner. Absent: M. Watson. Seated: I. Marshall, P. Johann, Esposito, S. Anthony I. Hicky, K. Beall. Standing: C. Edgar, D. Inversin, R Prestholdt, L. MacLoon, Mrs. Wessels, M. Graham Absent: N. Oliver, H. Marcus. Seated: C. Bernstein, R. Carlyle, J. Edelstein, L. Hud- son, Kipp, S. Einhom. Standing: S. Chalmers, M. E. Saunders, C. Kolb, Mrs. Wessels, A. Meislin, I. Lieber- 111811. . ' - V N x' '-in . . L+: ' fwfr 5.15- 1 livi v 5 Et- . I 1' Q Miss Harriett S. Edwards Mrs. Vivian L. Hill 5 s Grade 4 Grade 4 2 New Paltz State B.A. if Teachers' College Hunter College Front: R. Cabot, G. Murrow, K. Burns, M. Pappas, A. Ianson, L. Goldman, B. Munkelt. Second Row: R. Casey, I. Wasburn, K. Doscher, D. Dyer, E. Nilson, J. Wolk, S. Daschinger, Miss H. S. Ed- wards, K. Begelman. Front: D. Solomon, A. Groth, R. Moriarity, I. McCauley, A. Johnson. Second Row: B. Guillan, R. Wild, J. Pardy, A. Tennenbaum, A. Tallcott, Mrs. Hill, A. Levy, S. McMurtrie, E. Sonnenberg, P. Kuoni. Front: C. L. Hazelton, C. Hurst, M. Weggenman, N. Jacobs, D. Saitta, S. Kenner. Second Row: R. Clarke, Miss H. S. Edwards, N. Ferrier, R. Weiss, N. Nusbaum, E. Ozern, D. Ciofalo, D. Hanis, R. Scotti. Absent: R. Dickerman. . . exploration! Mrss HARRIETT S. EDWARDS and MRS. VIVIAN L. HILL, Teachers-GRADE 4E proved its motto, "Helpfulness to others," by folding napkins in the lunchroom. In assembly we gave the operetta, "Peer Cyntf' Pres. R. Dickerman, Vice-Pres. E. Nilsen, Attendance Chief R. Casey, Treas. N. Iacobs. Class mothers: Mrs. W. Ferrier and Mrs. W. Nusbaum. To clarify study of the United States GRADE 4H compiled scrapbooks of the states. In science we learned classifications in nature. Pres. R. Moriarity, Vice-Pres. E. Sonnenburg, Sec. C. Dwor- kind. .Class mothers: Mrs. C. Soloman and Mrs. W. Purdey. K. Pascone, R. Wedekind, C. Schafer, A. Kanning, C. Fernandez, R. Bailey, A. Abramowitz, Mrs. Hill, G. Purdey, J. Mache, C. Boardman, M. Pachter, G. Dworkind, N. Roberts, M. Wetterauer. Absent: D. Glassman, M. Morano, P. Riegert. uaa1mmrmas -fsvw: .wh afwwmnfrm-irfz. - .vu..:...,f.,--Awfmzstex , Seated: S. Engelkirk, C. A. Bates, N. Galetta, R. Levy, A. Munck, E. Thorpe. Standing: M. Tan- credi, M. Kashcky, Mrs. M. Reuter, I. Purdy, C. Fon, B. Mathieson, C. Crisi, A. Goldfeder, A. Olbert. and news rcoops. . Mus. MARGARET Y. REUTER and Mrss LORETTA VTORRIERI, Teachers-The English project in CRADE 4R was a newspaper which we edited and published. While investigating foreign customs, We learned how others live. Pres. B. Mathieson, Vice- Pres. A. Olbert, Sec. N. Caletta, Treas. D. Benzen- berg. Class mothers: Mrs. A. Muller, Mrs. R. Leach. Various hobbies were displayed in a corner of CRADE 4T reserved for this purpose. For Christmas gifts we made coasters from gay con- fetti paper. Pres. D. Olden, Vice-Pres. A. Ewald, Sec. R. VanLeer, Treas. D. McClynn. Class mothers are Mrs. B. Harris and Mrs. C. Kafalas. Front: T. Hall, D. Mulholland, R. VanLeer, J. Burger, D. Olden, M. Pestone, E. Naviski, L. Simmons. Second Row: E. Singer, R. Donoghue, A. Mattson, A. Ewald, F. Lipton, M. Ellis, Miss L. Torrieri, E. Marks, D. McClynn. Mrs. Margaret Y. Reuter lvliss Loretta Torrieri Grade 4 Grade 4 Philadelphia Normal B.A. School New Paltz State New York University Teachers' College Seated: W. Ullman, A. Muller, E. Trutt, K. Olson, S. DeNicola, L. Zito. Standing: I. Tortora, W. Britt, Mrs. M. Reuter, D. Benzenberg, N. Leach, D. Patterson, C. Roberts. Absent: S. Seitz, S Chase. Front: C. King, C. Kafalas, K. Sage, L. Harris, H Whitney, C. Hirschber. Second Row: S. Diamond Miss L. Torrieri, B. letter, T. D'Auria, C. VVimazal D. Cook, F. White, M. Sullivan. Absent. M. Bitting R. Cockburn, M. Riviezzo, L. Frowd, Mrs. Alshin, Front: B. Mestern, K. DeTarnowsky, I. Schwarz, D. Henwood, P. Purcell, C. Utts, R. Whelan, R. R. Walther, V. Gedris. Second Row: E. Anthony, Fraguela, Tortora, M. Vieiro. Absent: K. Hendee. C. Mackenzie, K. Davis, A. Park, J. Cerrone, K. - ---- , ff? . A r r- .,, 1 ' 225 X1 , 1 . Mrs. Dorothy Alshin Grade 3 M.A. Columbia University Front: R. Morrison, R. Evans, P. Felter, H. Archi- tetto. Second Row: S. Kappy, W. Wallitt, K. Olson, Mrs. Moran, B. DeFeo, R. Henderson, A. Morano, F. Gardiner. Absent: R. Fisher. Worden, Mrs. Alshin, T. Sullivan, M. Rubin. . .PVQHTB MJ' MRS. DOROTHY ALSHIN and MRS. BARBARA MORAN, Teach- ers-In GRADE 3A we studied soil conservation and its formations. We also enjoyed our library work. Officers are Pres. K. Hendee, Vice-Pres. M. Rubin, Sec. C. Mackenzie. Class mothers are Mrs. T. Sullivan, Mrs. P. Schwartz. In our study of the community, GRADE SM made models of a "Little Town," and for current events we re- ported on the news. Officers are Pres. Chase, Vice-Pres. S. Rabinowitz, Sec. Johnson. Class mothers are Mrs. L. Mor- rison, Mrs. R. Lotus. Mrs. Barbara Moran Grade 3 B.S. Potsdam State Teachers' College Front: T. Seitz, M. Bailey, M. Hines, I. Stanaway, S. Whitehead, P. Kuoni. Second Row: Mrs. Moran, I. Chase, C. Calhoun, V. Roberts, M. Kanning, T. Dourmashkin, D. Lotus, S. Rabinowitz, L. Freeman.,,lg,,..t.,.gg,-g, .qgqQQ5.wa 4fmy3rM. .Q5il'i5lgwigil "'k in " ' H Miss Ruth Hurlbut ,.- ,,..., .s .... ,,... ,..,,..., ,,... n.,...,,, .fr wf,.-J... .Z,.f..---:,f3,.f,5...1,,, M I L iifiiwli, 'f"::f5'-1195121 sv. Eikiiifllsifx Lfv.Qf,x:f "-- 511522-i'2fifQ '1,1 ":i.Lg3f:i1: .-" iii? '- .yr at M rset rrrerrr ' kxr' , , . ,V 7 V,mmL,,,.L !mmm., m:,, . m,11 , ,VLV . Y 'gil i , :', 4 i f Q 1 yyrrr J r A ' "LL" e ' fi'-'Pnl -"' L " H 3 , 'ALL I ' li. , V ' A " f - r N - . . , . K .ygj t if t 1 A r "L r ,. : ,Nina f:-- -, -P l Wh. 'ar -': 1 "1 K' :ll H -' , ' .ft i - f 'pf . A it it tsrr f 1 'ZLL ' : 1 ,I L .f --" i?.,fffg,f' ,L . . gi i ,,kL -5 I stt L r , - y rryy ' , W" Z L. 5 A ' L - ' . :z': 4 , N .... im I, 1 7 is ...,.-i:f5gff?rI,,. V A 1: Front: McClement, L. Vincent, R. Kuhlmann, T. Front: W. Sassano, I. Berland, A. M. Kenney, T. Bersonnet H. acobs III, R. Batten, E. Dela i. Rose. Second Row: J. Potter, W. Bell, J. McQueen, , g 4 I Back: L, Fagan, M, Kohler, E, Togcani, R, Lind- S. Ramm, Miss R. Hurlbut, M. Perfield, S. Yarmov- heck K. Cinter P. Fitz erald, Miss R. Hurlhut, sky, P. Saunders, C. Codoy. Back: S. Bellm, I. , . g 1 L. Boyle. Field- for tomorrow and . . Miss RUTH HURLBUT and Miss HELEN A. TOOMEY, Teachers-Last spring GRADE SH enjoyed a tulip garden which we planted outside the windows. In geography we studied a farm and displayed it on the sand table. Pres. R. Kuhlmann, Vice-Pres. P. Saunders, Sec. E. Toscani, Treas. S. Yarmovski. Class mothers: Mrs. R. Bell and Mrs. W. Sassano. This year the class ofhcers in GRADE BT had the privilege of visiting the United Nations Building. Our pets, a parakeet named "Pretty Bird" and two gold Hsh, fascinated us. Pres. L. Hill, Sec. R. Tangney, Treas. Leeper. Class Grade 3 mothers: Mrs. Decker and Mrs. Berkowitz. Potsdam State Teachers' College Front: E. Barkan, M. Ridings, D. Waite, C. Manning, D. Decker. Second Row: C. Anderson, A. Sharpe, M. Adams, M. Negri, R. Tangney, S. Lindbeck, S. Hesse, Miss H. Toomey, T. Love. Absent: J. Doscher, I. Berkowitz. Miss Helen A. Toomey Grade 3 Potsdam State Teachers' College Front: K. Torkelsen, W. Haimsohn. Seated: Miss H. Toomey, R. Laudato, C. Grell, I. Thomas, I. Maxwell, T. Connick. Standing: I. Leeper, S. Loren, S. Turner, P. Moriarity, I. Kerbel, L. Hill. Front: N. Mitsos, G. Ehrens, A. Hughes, S. Agnano, E. Kirkpatrick, S. Washko. Second Row: A. Stag,- liano, R. Denike, M. Riccio, Mrs. Ruotolo, A. Doughty, Scallero. Absent: F. Morano. Front: M. Philips, D. Kurtz, L. Stroh, C. Galay. Second Row: B. Grutzner, Mrs. Speilberger, A. Schlitt, R. Carucci, S. McDonough, I. Warawashon, I. Culver. Absent: A. Newman. Front: Istvan, S. Fatigate, C. Spano. Second Row D. Niciu, R. McCauley, L. Boccumini, M. Muir. Third Row: Mrs. Ruotolo, N. Decker, D. Mondelli, B. Delmerico, J.. Krauss, D. Harman. Absent: D Holscher, R. Johnson. Seated: Weissenberger, C. Williams, D. Mellon, L. Liman, L. Cassano, R. Liu. Standing: B. Mc- Ginnes, D. Hassell, R. Wehe, Liposky, R. Cole- man, C. Walker, Mrs. Speilberger. . . . careers ahead Mas. JANICE RUOTOLO and MRS. FAY SPEILBERGER, Teachers-Because GRADE SR is very fond of ani- mals and birds, Richard McCauley made a bird feeder which We placed outside the Window. Every- one had a class duty to keep the room in order. Pres. E. Ehrens and R. Iohnson, Vice-Pres. S. Fatigate and M. Muir, Sec. S. Agnano and N. Decker. Class mothers: Mrs. Niciu and Mrs. Denike. The science corner in GRADE 3S contained a beehive, a bird's nest, and other unique objects. In February our much-admired bulletin board dec- orated the ball. Pres. M. Philips, Vice-Pres. M. A. Bassett, Sec. C. Calgay. Class mothers: Mrs. Schlitt and Mrs. Weissenberger. E, ' 4? Y . . REQ L "' , ' 'F . - .- . 1,5 W gy 1-1:55, buf: .jg rm sq avg, ww 53? JQ? Magi. me Mrs. Fay Speilberger Mrs. Janice Ruotolo Grade 3 Grade 3 B.A. B.A. Hunter College Hunter College Q... if R. Aim, S. Rubicco, B. Collins, Miss R. Klein, B. Iohnsbury, A. Tino, M. A. Emerson, Absent: G. DePaolo, I. R. Holmes. J. Clarke, Mrs. E. Farnham, M. L. Rusoif, G. Stein, D. Gedris, P. Godoy, E. Buergers, M. Wer- ner, K. LaMarsh. Absent: T. Vincent, L. Quinlan. Rain or shine. . Miss ROSALYN KLEIN and MRS. ETHEL FARN' HAM, Teachers-In CORE this year we studied about food, clothing, shelter, recreation, health and the community helpers who protect us. Correlated with our social studies program were our basic skills of reading and arithmetic. What a busy year this has been with our GRADE 2F clubs, our play, "Santa Visits Mother Goosef' and our visits to the Yonkers Museum, Woodlands Park, and the Bronx Zoo. Class mothers are Mrs. B. Stein and Mrs. N. Felton. A 45' 'I -D . L, 41 in 2 K . f ' A - Miss Rosalyn Klein Mrs. Ethel I. Farnham Core Grade 2 B.S. Plattsburgh State Buffalo State Teachers' College Teachers' College LEE '3 it-I E. Miller, L. Stien, C. Beckman, C. Gawman, J. Leach, P. Taxter, S. Orvis, Felton, Mrs. E. Farnham. 'bps Front: E. Donoghue, R. Kent, P. Krauss, H. Mar- cus, Mrs. E. Farnham. Second Row: S. Squires, G. Green, L. Kluge, P. Kramer. , , is if .. .,-- fm is i -- 'gL' Mrs. Ruth B. Adams Mrs. Myra Klahr Grade 2 Grade 2 B.E. B.A. Brockport State Oueens College Teachers' College Front: I. A. Hutchinson, Gross, B. Mullahy, K. Weiner. Second Row: C. Hickey, Mrs. Adams, R. Nusbaum, G. Ehmann, D. Einstein, V. Matthews, M. Jaffe, R. Harris, I. Dachinger. Front: A. Winslow, A. Johnson, I. Johnson, K. Tino, I. McGovern. Second Row: I. Zach, R. Hunt, K. Lofgren, C. Kamens, A. Ginsbern, K. Hunt, Mrs. Myra Klahr if :fi K Seated: N. Connick, A. Meislin, K. Reynolds, S. Ross, S. McLean, R. Kaufman, B. Rayburn, R. Ienter, Dyer, P. Janson. Standing: M. Luther, W. Keating, L. Zimkin, Mrs. Adams, S. Rohrauer. . . ill? time for fun MRS. RUTH ADAMS and Mas. MYRA KLAHR, Teach- ers-In connection with our study of Indians GRADE ZA built a large teepee, which was used in the presentation of our play, "Columbus at the Court." Later, we painted a mural of "The Littlest Snofwman's Christmas Gift." OH-icers are Pres. R. Nusbaum, Vice-Pres. W. Keating, Sec. R. Kauf- man, Treas. D. Einstein. Class mothers are Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Hutchinson. One morning while studying nutrition, GRADE 2K cooked breakfast in school. At Christ- 'mas we painted and shellacked papier mache vases and stenciled unbleached muslin scarves. Class mothers are Mrs. H. Burpee and Mrs. W. Wein- berger. R. Raicht, M. Regina, R. Gannon, M. Pascone, Mrs. M. Klahr, V. Brown, L. Munck, K. Foss, H. Bass, A. Edgar. Al1sent:A. Thorpe, K. Burpee, L. Wein- berger. 31- C. Glassman, J. Browning, C. Martin, B. Bringman, S. Gerstman, I. Slack, E. Bitting, P. Allen, S. Flanders, P. Lingg, Mrs. Paccone, R. Monaro, A. FitzGerald. Absent: G. Hurlbut. with Disneyland MRS. JOAN PACCONE and MRS. MARGARET PURDY, Teachers-In October GRADE ZPA had speech lessons on the subject of Columbus. Then we pro- duced the play, i'Snowman Gets a Valentine." In our study of Eskimos we built igloos from marsh- mallows. Class mothers are Mrs. Browning and Mrs. S. Glassman. GRADE ZPU celebrated Thanksgiving by decorating the windows with scenes of the Pilgrims in church. In February we produced a play narrat- ing the birth of George Washington. Class officers are Pres. E. Robin, Vice-Pres. V. Quattrocchi, Sec. S. Mullen, Treas. K. Holloway. Class mothers are Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. F. Geiffert. Front: T. Galetta, C. Wilson, G. Feurer, R. Mai- orana, P. Scheller, S. O'Dowd. Second Row: L. Guckenbiehl, K. Holloway, A. Nanna, J. A. Jayne, C. Curtis, V. Quattrocchi, Mrs. Purdy, J. DePaolo. Z, iii? . . Q. ., at if il u la if , t , I as ,Y EK, 4- 1 . . 651 4122 5. S ' ' ' 4 ' f'?w .5 A. 9 .3 ha' M H Rl' Mrs. Joan Paccone Grade 2 B.A. Hunter College M. ,--f . . . V7 . - t ...lg . W M ff- 4. 1 .1 fy rf K1 A ' 5 F w 5 fm- wr . ASG. . 2 Ot S 4, A ., 14 5 .1 3b 't i 3 ' sl I 1 Mrs. Margaret Purdy Grade 2 B.A. Hunter College -MY141-il Front: I. Blumenfeld, P. Rossi, C. Utts, W. Pagani, F. Suthergreen, I. Sommer, C. Moriarty. Second Row: F. johnson, P. Frank, L. S. Shelton, P. Kuhl- mann, C. Ramin, Mrs. Paccone, C. Beilharz. Front: S. Mullen, J. Trohman, D. Greagan, E. Robin, A. M. Dombek, A. Forbes. Second Row: Mrs. Purdy, D. Filomena, M. Zuckerman, I. Dolan, P. Petretti, L. Liverani, I. A. Giroux. 355.35 Seated: C. McQueen, M. Iosephy, W. Flatley, I. Kanning, S. Wilensky, L. Pachter. Standing: Mrs. B. Coat, R. Sinzheimer, E. Trow, S. Stockton, D. Slote, I. MacWhirter, M. Winslow, L. Lapiana, Gardner, B. Marks. Seated: M. Brady, R. Kafalas, K. Hirschberg, A Davidoff, I. Sarasohn. Standing: T. Foss, G. Sim- mons, L. Glaser, K. Arezzo, D. Goldner, D. Horo- witz, G. Smiton, J. Mitchell, Mrs. B. Coat. Absent. I. Anglin, M. Pierce. if Swag, Y ' ' -. :J ,tt On the carousel . . . MRS. BARBARA COAT and MRS. RUTH WILBER, Teachers- Our literary work in GRADE 1C was enlivened by poetry reading and story telling. The village of Ardsley was our next project, and we constructed a model of it out of card- board. Pres. S. Stockton, Vice-Pres. S. Wilensky. Class mothers: Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Simmons. A GRADE IW read many stories, which we later illus- i Presy. P. Frank, Sec. C. Benzenberg, Treas. C. Muir., Class Oswego State Teachers' College Front: P. Frank, S. Phillips, W. Miller, K. Allen Second Row: D. Scaperrotta, B. Wild, I. Kashchy, V. Dcsanti, B. Worden. Third Row: Mrs. R. Wil ber, C. Benzenberg, R. Squires, V. Taxter, G. Hen dee, S. Blunda, W. Leo. N P ' .... fsff9.i.l7,f Y"f P1 sm f'F rn 9-' U3 ra .... ru 5 0 rn 1 V1 O L. rn ru f'f U7 .- rn D- C lfl F9 O C 5 D-A an "1 ll! f'V' as C5 E? C5 UQ .... C5 5 rn na PP F' rn "'l Z no 2. R ip 5 .y in R 9. ' f. ... w O "if, o D1 1. C r-1 E Q. 5. f'f va :J-' E1 3 2 S. .. fi O 2 S 5 P1 G :1 S ' FD Di Q. on fb 5- 3 E' 3. E E 5 E- 3 :- SE i4 3- UO pr' fl? E' E. Q, ... 77' Z to E 55 R 'D ' vw 2. w H Ed C? fn 5' ? im . 5 Q 'U 5 S 'P 9' Qs: FU 3 E Piss' F f'D ,, 22gsw.LL H lkltlmwa. mmf Hartwick College Front: M. McGlynn, S. Bates, C. Muir, M. Washko J. King, K. Mattson. Second Row: B. Pasquini, I Dunn, S. Malamud, Mrs. R. Wilber, S. Boniello, T Sullivan, B. Rubin, T. Rohan. Absent: W. Nan- nariello. t -E, l !:i -' I Mrs. Louise K. Hatfield Grade 1 B.A. University of California Q C Mr' Front: B. Dourmashkin, M. Freed, P. Baker. Second Row: J. Mullen, E. Wedekind, P. Mache, M. Roddy, M. Chase, Mrs. L. Hatfield. Absent: I. Tall- cott, M. Delmerico, A. Forrest, I. Geraghty, T. Tit- comb. R. Holser, W. Weiss, S. Dualsky, P. McGrath, A. Roberts, L. Beeson, J. McMurtrie, R. Grant, B. Macri, G. Plemmons, D. McCartney. Front: E. Hovey, F. Krauss, S. Weinberger. Second Row: G. Filomena, D. Hulseaple, F. Corbin, C. Mellon, C. Michaelides, I. Caporale, Mrs. L. K. Hatfield. . . . ofprogmms. . . Mus. LOUISE K. I-IATFIELD, Teacher-Instead of class officers for GRADE IH, we found it better to have a new leader chosen alphabetically every day, the leader then selected a helper. In our play, "Thanksgiving Night," we related how unwise it is to eat too much turkey dinner. At I-Iallowe'en we had a costume party at which some of us were so well disguised that no one recognized us. Class mothers are Mrs. Tallcott and Mrs. R. Dualsky. l Front: I. Nomer, E. Casey, R. Fenton, I. Reynolds. Front: D. Hickey, R. Korbin, W. O'Neill, H. Smith, Standing: B. Evans, R. Miller, T. Kohler, D. Snyder, I. Hutchinson, Ir. Second Row: Mrs. Seberg, W. G. Goodman, S. McEvoy, Mrs. Seberg, P. Gould, Murtough, McClement, M. Gould, F. Weggen- K. Berland. . . . we complete our .tempt MRS. MYRTLE SEBERG and Miss FLORENCE STASIAK, Teachers-We created our own poems about the scene out- side GRADE ISE. While learning the names of various trees, we collected leaves and Waxed them. We closed the year with a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Class mothers are Mrs. S. Gross and Mrs. G. Santini. While we in GRADE IST had fun becoming ac- quainted through class parties and presenting an assembly, we worked to learn to tell time, to print, and to do numbers 1-50. By June we had read more than eight books. Class 'f M. B pgs-ff. 19" 1+ . K 1 E, ........ E EEEE, lp :q E , rr. esrt iff' mothers are Mrs. Mascari and Mrs. Kestenbaum. Mrs. Myrtle Seberg Grade 1 M.A. Columbia University Front: S. Roberts, E. Mascari, R. Loren, M. Harten, I. Jayne, M. Costa. Second Row: Miss F. Stasiak, L. Warshavsky, K. Lutz, M. Morris, R. Frie, W Prankard, I. Essenfeld, D. Mullahy. Miss Florence Stasiak Grade 1 B.S. Oswego State Teachers' College Front: F. Paino, M. Goldberg, A. Doyle. Second Row: R. Leddy, W. Long, M. Macko, D. Kesten- baum, E. Esposito, Miss F. Stasiak, P. Tampone, C. Stevens, D. Potter, T. Coleman, M. Hutchinson. Absent: D. Goldman, A. Edwards. ' F 1 P .... .... J K ' H, .. ' f with A ' fl 'K ittei essrr l s ttt ' - , - .F 'f S tt . 32. A . , rr M .. ,h1 ' . V I. .5 nf' .iii A H '34 A ti bia- V '1 .J-1 . , ' H L, any ,.k, va '... Fr-, , l V - . , H , " :iff af X... V'1?f.f.lE.f . gt, 1 L-,k 3 W,,, :Q "' ff, .. , . . . jf 'rf Q' ' if V . : - ., K in A 4. f " I ' l J 5 : J . ,reef 573 1 'K ' 4 . I: M K A ttt - ,,,. M, ,Vkk ziw .M-,,...,,,,, kki, , ,,:: w,,,1: , 1, ,,,:.: ,:-- H ,,,:ff i --" ,:-" w ,,, H 5 -'kk Seated: C. Burge, G. Noviella, I. Weiss, S. Haupt- man, S. Martin, G. Stevens, M. Mazzarella, P. Curtis, C. DePavlo, B. Lenenbaun. Standing: T. Gay, C. Mitsoo, S. Rieff, U. DeSimone, Mrs. E. Allison, E. Boccumini, C. Caporale, N. De Nardo, P. Rinaldi, W. Mackay, C. Hauptman, A. Reid. Mrs. Esther Allison gert. with the Children? Corner. . MRS. ESTHER ALLISON and MRS. Lois L. HOY, Teachers- The many new toys, farm animals, rhythms, and singing games made the time in KINDERGARTEN-A so pleasant. Another great attraction was the easel where We painted pictures. The class mothers are Mrs. A. Reid, Mrs. L. Ten- enbaum, Mrs. M. Riegert, and Mrs. E. Singer. Our sand table in KINDERGARTEN-H has por- trayed an Indian village, a snow scene, and a farm. In the spring we went on nature walks and even visited the Hre- house and police station. Class mothers are Mrs. R. loose and Mrs. H. Hazen. Front: E. VValker, L. Powers, E. Ziserman, T. Green, F. Stapleton, R. Greene, N. Geyer. Second Row: N. Nichols, C. LaMarsh. Third Row: P. Singer, B. Muth, P. Hassell, S. Schlitt, B. Jacob, C. Liman, D. Kane, D. Krisky, R. Wilson, Ir., M. Shiller. Back: Mrs. E. Allison. Absent: J. Lipton, E. Rei- Mrs. Lois L. Hoy Kindergarten Kindergarten Fredonia State Teachers' B.S. College Columbia University Front: C. Noe, S. Seitz. Second Row: I. Hovey, K. Murray, Vincent Moccia, Mrs. M. Reilly, D. Front: D. Hunt, R. Parachini, L. Burpee, S. Groth. Thorpe, B. Hazen, C. Scallero. Absent: Mrs. Hoy, Second Row: L. Hines, C. Iosse, Mrs. M. Reilly, E. R. Carlo, J. Geraghty. Rome, C. Thorp, A. McGovern. Front: M. Holser, M. Fitch. Second Row: M. Schafer, R. Atlass. Third Row: K. Blasco, K. Boyle, S. Lawrence, Miss N. Bloxsom, B. Torkelson, D. Anderson, D. Schaffer. l Front: L. Noschese, J. Pancoast, C. McLean, R. Maxwell, S. Munkelt, R. Kerbel. Second Row: Miss N. Bloxsom, S. Meltzer, S. Engleman, Prankard, S. Sharpe, C. Yeager, D. Long, P. Calvin, B. Crell. 1 it Miss Nancy Bloxsom Kindergarten B.S. New Paltz State Teachers' College . . and ity .rongg .rtorieig Miss NANCY BLOXSOM, Teacher-KINDERCAPv TEN-B gained an appreciation of books and of music by learning to read, dramatizing stories, lis- tening to records, and memorizing simple songs. We displayed our artistic ability by decorating the bulletin board. While studying about transporta- tion, we made scrapbooks, illustrating different types of planes and trains, we also constructed models of them. Class mothers are Mrs. R. Mathie- son, Mrs. F. Ramin, Mrs. P. Burke, and Mrs. G. Kerbel. Seated: W. Weissner, B. Young, L. Beall, D. Done- gan, A. Cavolo, R. Burke. Standing: A. Brill, M. Einstein, B.4 Blake, Miss Bloxsom, C. Connick, G. Colden. Front: A. Rabinowitz, D. Wreford, J. M. Edgar, B. I. Bell, M. Ierritts. Second Bow: B. Scotti, B. Mathieson, Miss N. Bloxsom, T. Mann, N. Gar- diner, I. Palinkas, M. W. Ramin. Alasentz' M. Con- nelly, D. Newman. ,1s:nnusau:. . --W r 4 f - I - - W Y . mums f i ...ima ,n.sxrf.uwen- - ..zsxxrurxAnnn....n-v.xy-.. ts, 1,1 .,,4,i,-1f5,,5,..w,1-,gg ..,,'. :ff , L,yW . . I K xg .. I 1 "' A h , Al V' 3 sl: Mrs. Marjorie Ridings "lil like Kindergarten A ' 5 fy. M.A. ' r- ' ,wr ! Columbia University gg . 2 r- '-:Q - numbers animals MRS. MARJORIE RIDINGS, Teacher-KINDERGAR TEN-R learned to work and to play agreeably with each other in organized groups. Our gold fish, tur- tle, and guinea pig, named Cecil, taught us the love and care of animals. The scientists in our class showed us their collections of shells and rocks. By june we had learned to print and write many num- bers. Class mothers are Mrs. R. Merrington, Mrs. G. Green, Mrs. R. Turner, Mrs. W. Wittens. R. Haimsohn, A. Lyman, M. Rogers, R. Ross, T. Pappas, D. Snyder, Mrs. R. Turner, L. Harris, F. Kaplan, G. Keating, I. Murrow, D. Coleman. Absent: Mrs. Ridings, W. Ferrier, W. Primolf. Front: I. Berkowitz, E. Tampone, P. Batten, P. Turner. Second Row: E. Barkan, S. Wittens, D. Washburn. Third Row: C. Titcomb, G. Hope, W. MacLoon, Mrs. R. Turner, R. Meislin. Absent: Mrs. Ridings. -v A 9 ' 5' s .sis 'X f 41' - f f .s.... -V-f er. . .pf 5 QF fi' A is ' tee s : if 'P R ei... . F r In -Misr a , "' r aazgagg.. r' - - f-psf! n :Q?43'z:s" "Q Qs H ' if e ..:j'M . , z s H , 'iibliifrg-..f-s.!Fig3'f.:1f1 : a. ' it -V , 4, . 5 H.. -. :+n's.f'::...-s.1: . ' ' ' . ...:f i i 'S p ,,.,, , .... ,V . ,, , Seated: R. Merrington, R. Jacobs. Second Raw: Cowen, R. Ehmann, Mrs. R. Turner, T. Kane, R. Wiwdman, A. Monaro, J. Baldauf, B. Wuttke, J. Mentha, R. Bielenson. Absent: Mrs. Ridings, L. Flatley, P. Galgay. Seated: C. Cerrone, S. Fitzgerald, G. Lehning, D. Schwarz, N. Benedict, K. VVordcn. Standing: T. Green, L. Levine, E. Berletic, Mrs. R. Turner, C. Nichols, D. Tornello, L. Carson, K. Pooton. Absent: Blrs. Ridings. 1 I N ff " x Q E-Ji ii' ' f . EL, WE '-- HM' ' Ein W, , ,, E lu Swag,-EEE f V . ., "L:-VM,g X WORT 'Wifi A -iii-1--2' -u M' 'Gag I ll ' ff i ff, P' Ulf 38. lil Besf Washes from i? THE ROTARY CLUB HEATHER DELL ELORIST ToTs AND TEENS W 7' I6 I -W JI?" FU S FN Compllmenis of THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE DO 3-05I2 2 Qi I Aszxvxgiuffvv V "--I... I ki. r,,:, i .,,,, .....,, A,,..,..: we K gr """""""""""" M ,,mmm,,, my I IJ, I , O fb , Qvzivxs W. . ' ' 'Q 1,322,111 5 K 'I - , Q 9' I A. I , . 'If 'T 4 R 'vi' My P I ., - ' 1 -" ' I " I . ,ml . f ' f, ' .1 ,' . , r ' ' k 5 I K? ' I I' . IW I W , 1 E M , - M zu- - 'A f VK: x V LL ' K I : +15 Y -1 4 I 2 ki , 'X ' V ..,, A 1 5419+-', : 11537 0 I , Q . I I ,B , V ,I Ktry V 2. Ei . Q K I : WI W S' E M ' -15,8 4 ..., I f I 1 - ' l - I ,," -Y Wi ' NX., 1.5 ,,,, . , ,+,.N. ,,,., Bes+ Wishes from JAMES McCARTNEY 8: SON, INC. AMERICAN LEGION, POST 458 PARENT TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION fi 7' 4' On Sunday visit the ARDSLEY METHOD- IST CHURCH, Ashford Avenue, Ardsley. At 9:45 there is church school for ages four years and older. The morning worship and junior church are held at 11:00 while there is a church school nursery and play activity group. Senior Youth Fellowship 7:00. "Be preparedln This is a very appropriate motto for such a wonderful organization as the GIRL SCOUTS. Open-air camping and cooking, as these girls are doing, teach the skills of self- reliance and outdoor living. Being a Girl Scout is well worthwhile. As you drivc along the Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley, you will pass flwcstchesterls most gracious supper clubf' THE WATER WHEEL INN. In the large dining-hall, luncheon, dinner, and supper are scrvcd, with nightly dancing, an added attraction. For reservations for your private partics call DO 3-4135. X. 7r3e1n'f'n. f Having a party? Visit RICCIO'S MARKET for the finest in fresh or frozen foods, as you see Charlie doing. One can always be sure of friendly and courteous service at 474 Ashford Avenue. DO 3-0365. Try one of Ricciois tasty Wedges. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon's ride at the V8rW RIDING ACADEMY, Sprain Road, 'Scars- dale. For the inexperienced horseman, such as the youngsters riding the ponies, expert instruction may be obtained for a nominal fee. Riding is a pleasure for all ages on such gentle but spirited horses. . :xx A, lif t ' ef y f sing Eddie is trying to help Linda decide among the many delicious brands of ice cream, only one of the variety of excellent foods, meats, and groceries which are sold at LOUIS, SUPER MARKET. Why dont you plan to do your shopping at 7ll Saw lNlill River Road in Ardsley. Call DO 3-1120 or 3-ll2l. Use thefree parking area or have your groceries delivered. ' 'ra v z M Whether you're interested in purchasing a basketball such as Frank is displaying or win- ning a trophy like the one lack is holding, PQ E. TQCARR, located at 285 North Broad- way, North Tarrytown, N. Y., will supply you with all sports equipment including badmin- ton sets and golf clubs. ME 1-3741. 'f""lw-I 'He tg, riL1L'1y-5 Over the County Trust Bank in Ardsley one may End a complete assortment of fine jewelry at the ARDSLEY IEWELER. If one's watch is broken, it will soon be skillfully repaired and electronically checked by this reliable store. A visit here will prove worthwhile. Frank will learn much from the library of the R. S. A. CORPORA- TION as he and Mr. Anthony pour over the books located there. These excellent research laboratories are located at 690 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley, New York. DO 3-1818, 3-2493. 'ligii' 'Known wherever 'there are schools and col- A refreshing soda or sundae is a treat at the leges," the L. C. BALFOUR COMPANY ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA, INC., as carries an excellent supply of class rings, such you can gee by the cheerful smiles of Grace, as the seniors are wearing in the picture, com- Angela, jay, and Judy. The juke hox provides mencement invitations, and Club inSigni21S- entertainment with the latest hit tunes. Why Also for a wide choice of medals and trophies not sample some delicious Reid's ice cream. contact them at 521 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. C. As Chet and Nancy are rapidly discovering, a great variety of well- built and inexpensive shoes may he found at the ARDSLEY BOOT- ERY, INC., situated in the Village Creen Center, Ardsley. This complete assortment includes Dr. Posncrls scientific shoes. DO 3-4770. DO 3-1954 is the lucky number that can pull you out of a snow bank or fix a Hat tire. WESTCHESTER GARAGE in Ardsley Square supplies long distance and local towing. Mr. Nannariello and his competent stall: also do automotive service and collision Work. After a date at the movies or a drive through the hills of scenic Westchester, stop for a de- licious hamburger and malted milk at the C1-IARCOAL SNACK BAR, conveniently lo- cated on Central Avenue, Scarsdale, N. Y. Dave, Jef-P, Linda, Gitta, and Frank are enjoy- ing the cheerful atmosphere there. Why not have your car Washed where everyone does at THE SAW MILL AUTO LAUNDRY on Saw Mill River Road. For a dazzling simon- iz or a periodic Washing, call DO 3-7783. Your car is sure to look like new. Wouldn't a colorful dogvvood or fragrant mag- nolia Hll that vacant place in your garden? THE AMBROSIO NURSERIES, at 611 West Hartsdale Avenue, White Plains, N. Y., has available varieties of shrubs and Hovvers that would Hatter any garden as jeff and Barbara have discovered. W1-1 9-1177. On the corner of Wildey and Gortlandt When you are thinking of selling your present Streets in Tarrytown is GARTOONIS EUR- home and buying a new home of distinction, NITURE STORE, a firm that has 'Furniture contact OLIVIA G. SEELER, located at 501 that pleases" as Pat, lack, and Nancy are Ashford Avenue in Ardsley. Frank is learning finding out. Another branch of this reliable that this fully-staffed oflice specializes in ARD- and efficient business is located at 25 Spring SLEY - FOR - BETTER - LIVING INSUR- Street, Ossining. ANCE AND REAL ESTATE. Gall DO 3- 3600. T973 ABTTIEI ll ill i 'nlil ' 1 had F ptty tp ',p, , , ' s ' .... . For shopping convenience in a suburban atmosphere, try dealing at the ARDSLEY VILLAGE GREEN CENTER for a variety of vvomen,s and menls apparel stores, shoe stores, and children's stores. A large parking area is located in the rear of the Green. 1 " ' it " 'T' grill! 5 I i . I T The SENIORS were in the midst of planning the final details of the Washington trip when this group picture was taken in the library. layne Schmidt is president of the class, Dave Purdy, vice-presidentg Angela Pasquini, secre- tary, Grace Barbieri, treasurer, and Kathy Ka- mens, class reporter. For a quiet and comfortable place where your visiting friends and relatives can spend the night or even a week, try the ARDSLEY ACRES MOTEL COURT. These modern ac- commodations are located on the Saw Mill River Road and Parkway in Ardsley, only 28 minutes from Times Square. DO 3-2700. T is ri Q 5 Are you, like Pat, looking for a special variety of shrubbery, flowers, plants, or holiday wreaths and trees? Among their wide selection, PUL- VER BROTHERS will probably have what you are looking for. If you are in Hastings, a visit to the greenhouse will be worthwhile. Otherwise call HA 5-1079. For the best in local and long distance moving facilities available, call DO 3-1166. Located at 124 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., the F. CALDARA MOVERS, agents for the Greyvan Lines, nation-wide movers, will transport your possessions quickly and safely. Daveuand Nancy aren't really bank robbers, they're just trying to get a peek at the savings of the many people who deal at the HAST- INGS-ON-HUDSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. It is centrally located at 560 Warburton Avenue, Hastings- on-Hudson, N. Y. Soon the CREENBURCH SAVINGS BANK in Dobbs Ferry will open for the day, and Charlie can add to his savings account or even rent a safe deposit box. This bank belongs to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with total assets of fB6,000,000. For December's busy shopping days, a Christmas Club account is perfect. 3 .L .--u , , gy.-. . ., 4 W .y,,i . - -QQ I For all your drug needs why not try the new LICCETT REXALL dealer at 717 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, N. Y. Mr. I-I. Altman, B. S., and Mr. T. Levine, B. S., will be glad to serve you or give you prompt, free delivery. DO 3-2003. Ieff and Barbara are admiring the fine points of the Lincoln and Mercury automobiles in the showroom of ROLLY MOTORS, Ardsley Road and Central Avenue, Scarsdale, New York. E. ROBISON, INC., has a complete oil heat- ing service for your home. Oil burners, boilers, hot water heaters, and tanks are sold and in- stalled. The contracts include service and parts and 24 hour service on any make burner. Au- tomatic fuel oil deliveries are an added con- vcnience. , 1, an P 'Q rre 'r ' W . H ...., - 1 or if " vi.-f -- ', ,-Iw o :yy-2 --'fp S sa X A ff 4, ,t as ab S 1 X is ,ma ,Nw- 'Wife W- -W t i L..-,fa ' ' , ,MH si, f ,fc gt, K 90 The sales and service store is located in Harts- dale and the fuel oil storage plant at Hastings- on-Hudson. E. Robison, Inc., prides itself on its dependability as exemplified in the motto, "The house that service built." VILLAGE IFARDS INCORPORATED 1896 HELEN M. CHANDLER A. J. SCHRAUTH F. J. MCCORMACK Clerk-Treasurer Manager Police Jusfice H. C. RAAB HELEN C. TOWNSEND Ponce Chief ROBERT P. sHElLs Depuiy Clerk-Treasurer Acfing Police Justice VILLAGE BOARD WILLIAM DUKE, III, Mayor GEORGE R. SANKEY, JOSEPH E. MARTINI, EDWIN A. PANCOAST, JR., CHARLES S. HOY Trusiees ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS PLANNING BOARD John Saunders, Charles Hinnen, Harold A- Moore, Chairman, Edwin E. Pancoast, Jr., William C. Emerick, Chairman, Arthur J Thomas CITFISIIUHO, Richard A. Cimioiti Kenney, Willis C. Anderson, George R. Sankey fabsenfl NIBING BOARD BOARD OF Ass PLU ,W Essoks -1 2+ m Il K I 2 if i . A I 4 . fn h irmcn, Fred W' Samuel Freundel x X la A neSSYr C a E"'9fick ' John Re WiIIiam Hen ynaudf Chdirmqn . Cherie. s. Hoy, f William C. Rcmin KJ BEST WISHES FROM SALT 'N PEPPER BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. 414 BROADWAY Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. HARWOOD SHOE REPAIR Dobbs Ferry 3-5040 L. VACCARO, Manager REPAIRING WHILE U WAIT Haf Cleaning - Luggage Repairs - Dog Supplies 11 BONIFACE CIRCLE SCarsdaIe 3-9766 Scarsdale, N. Y Besf Wishes from SPORTCENTER COMPLIMENTS GARTH ROAD, SCARSDALE - gf - S T A U F F E R FRED'S AUTO WRECKING CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. F. LICHTENBERG 81 SON CARS soucur and sow CHAUNCEY, N- Y- Good Used Car Paris 555 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. Phone: D0bbs Ferry 3-4686 AND SO-GOOD-NIGHT PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! Miss Haymond Jon, George, Hastings boys, Jack I I I I I COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS . gf . I THE HONOR SOCIETY ' of' THE CHARLES N. MEAD CO. A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT S BERTNIAN MAINTENANCE SERVICE I CHASE ROAD TORE AUTOMATIC wAsHERs and DRYERS Scafsdde REPAIRS - SERVICE - PARTS scqrsdqle 3-4700 1 BENDIX - WHIRLPOOL - NORCE - HAMILTON I ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs Ferry 3-5881 I I Compliments of YORK GOLF BALI. CO. COMPLIMENTS Dosss FERRY, N. Y. . of . THE YONKERS SAVINGS AND - LOAN ASSOCIATION QUERKER'S ELECTRIC SALES 81 SERVICE MANOR HOUSE SQUARE GENERAL ELECTRIC and ERICIDAIRE APPLIANCES Yo kers N Y Headquariers for R.C.A. COLOR TELEVISION n ' ' ' 39 CEDAR STREET I DObbs Ferry 3-05II Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! A TIGHT SQUEEZE I, it ag' 513' Jack, Kenny, Jay Eddie Marron WILLIAM SWAIN Licensed ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR COMPUMENTS DObbs Ferry 3-4625 P. o. sox 611 ARDSLEY, N. Y. ' of ' IAN S. WILSON, FLORIST PETER A SHELLY Dellwood Lone, Ardsley FLORISTS and NURSERYMEN GREENHOUSES and NURSERIES ARDSLEY ROAD SCarsdale 3-0631 Scarsdale, N. Y. ARDSLEY RADIO 8. TELEVISION SERVICE ALL MAKES of RADIOS and TELEVISIONS REPAIRED HEATHERDELL OPENALLYEAR DAVID JOYE ROBERT STRONG HEALTH and VACATION RESORT ADDYMAN SQUARE ARDSLEY, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-9770 DObbs Ferry 3-3499 Ardsley, N. Y. Since 1835-BESSON MIDTOWN LIVE POULTRY MARKET COAL - LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS - FUEL OILS QUALITY LIVE POULTRY - FRESH FARM EGGS BESSON 8: CO.-BESSON OIL, INC. JERRY SCARANO, JR., Prop. Dobbs Ferry 3-0026-32 461 TARRYTOWN ROAD Emergency, DO 3.5670 WHite Plains 9-6246 White Plains, N. Y. THE THINKER WHITE ELEPHANT CLUB INITIATES Glenn Koors Sophomore girls COMPLIMENTS - of - JAMES MacWHIRTER and SON DERA DECORATORS CREATIVE INTERIORS By KENNETH DERA 708 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD DObbs Ferry 3-3619 Ardsley, N. Y. L INTER-COUNTY TITLE GUARANTY AND MORTGAGE CO. 199 MAIN STREET White Plains, N. Y. WHiIe Plains 8-4041 DObbs Fe LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION MARFAK LUBRICATION SERVICE Brake and Clulch Adjusfing, Molor Tune Up rry 3-9703 ARDSLEY, N. Y. HASTINGS FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS J. M. YEDOWITZ 549 WARBURTON AVENUE Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. HAsIings 5-1916 HARTSDALE PRODUCE MARKET T GROCERIES - FRUITS - VEGETABLES Prompt Delivery Service 8-I0 CENTRAL AVENUE WH 9-0828-1472 Hurisdale, N. Y. HARDWOOD FLOORING, INC. DO-IT-YOURSELF ITEMS DOORS - PLYWOOD - TRIM - TILE Lumber und Flooring 41-45 S. SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Elmsforcl, N. Y. "CALL SAM" LYric 2-7900 I SHUTTER-BUGS I A-Ali. X I ' Q 1 'Er mf- I DIDN'T DO IT! , 1 ,.... :'."..""'.-J ""' .Q--an "" ...---an .8 Q l4 ' ,. --1 was .4-p...... -in-I ..--n-an X. LX Bari I .A Glenn, Fred, Charlie Mr. Krauss, Rich Mooney .-.--n ARDSLEY CARPET CO. K. K. HAGOPIAN, Proprietor RUGS and CARPETS Rugs Cleaned and Repaired by Native Experts 780 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-3619 MARSHALL T. COOKE FLOWERS, INC. SECOR ROAD DObbs Ferry 3-3590 KENNY'S CUTRATE FLOOR COVERING - CARPETS RUGS - BROADLOOM - TILES LINOLEUM - WALL COVERINGS 101 CENTRAL AVENUE COMPLIMENTS . gf - ROSLYN CLEANERS DObbs Ferry 3 Complimenfs of HENRY ARDANOWSKI Poumev FARM and secs SPRAIN ROAD -4611 Ardsley, N. Y BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE Elmsford, New York Phone: LYric 2-8484 WHi1e Plains 6-1020-1021-1022 Harisdole, N. Y. LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING "DUNGAREE DOLL" Carol McKeough, Bob Lontry Eloise COMPLIMENTS ..,f. F. J. McCORMACK A F R I E N D INSURANCE 5 JUDSON AVENUE Ardsley, N. Y. DO 3-0433 DE LUCA'S GROCERY 50 EAST 42nd STREET FROZEN rooos - COLD sEvERAcEs New Yofk 171 New York CORNER of PARKWAY and ASHFORD AvENuE Murray H'll 2-6611 DObbs Ferry 3-0228 HOWARD EDMAN, REAL ESTATE JOHN P- STREB 4 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE REAL ESTATE ' 'NSURANCE Hartsdcle WH 9-5434 6 CEDAR STREET "A PHONE CALL WILL BRING SERVICE" Dobbs EE"Y' N' Y' oo 3-0444-oo9o Res. HA 5-4460 l DAVIS SERVICE STATION B O V A ' S SINCLAIR PRODUCTS I. rRIsCHMANN.F. zIMsARoI NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES . STATIONERY - TOYS POPHAM and OVERHILL ROADS sCHooL SUPPLIES . LENDING LIBRARY "In the Heart of Scarsdole" Scarsdale, N. Y. FOUNTAIN SERVICE ' HOT DISHES DAILY MoToR ovERHAuLINc . LUBRICATION . WASHING 723 sAw MILL RIVER ROAD Scandals 3.9842 I DObbs Ferry 3-9702 Ardsley, N. Y. RHYTHM PLUS "MA'S" HAPPY FAMILY F I Q Ex XX s . lr Loretto, John, Barclay, Yvonne The editors BEST WISHES from ADLER'S HARDWARE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-5600 Compliments of SHOE KING SAM'S DRIVE - IN FACTORY SHOE OUTLETS Iso sourH CENTRAL AVENUE Complimenis of GEORGE L. PALMER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 346 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Compliments of EMMADINE FARMS, INC. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS II ICE CREAM ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE opposne COUNTY TRUST BANK COMPLETE LINE or HOBBIES SPORTING ooons - rovs - STATIONERY NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES DO 3-9798-9710 COMPLIMENTS . of . HARRY V. FRANKLIN OIL BURNER SERVICE a INSTALLATION DObbs Ferry 3-4069 - DEerIieId 7-1234 Come and Shop ai THE SCHERI SHOP I9 CEDAR STREET Dobbs Ferry 3-oo7o DRESSES . sRoRrswEAR - ACCESSORIES ARDSLEY TAXI 24 HOUR SERVICE FRANK MULDOON - RICK MAXWELL DObbs Ferry 3-4979 "OH, HAPPY DAYS" QUEEN FOR A NIGHT I QA. Nu Nancy, Jerry, Peggy, Joey, "Date," Befiy, Casey, Royce Loretta Arone, John Young, Connie Bert COMPLIMENTS . OF . A FRIEND Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-9790 ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION TOM WILLIAMS, Propriefor BEST w1sHEs FROM RIVIERA PASTRY SHOP VILLAGE GREEN, ARDSLEY SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. KNOLLWOOD PARK SERVICE STATION CENTURY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. 153 EAST MAIN STREET "EVERYT""NG MU5'CAL" Elmsfordl N. Y. 144 MAMARONECK AVENUE mic 2-9810 AFTER JULY 1 - 17a MAMARONECK AVENUE White Plains WH 9-8448 COOL HEP-CATS STARRY-EYED Sandy Ward, Jay Hahn, Eileen Mulvey Page Hunt, Frank, Peter Murcu, Louise DOBBS FERRY REGISTER Letterheads - Business Cards - Chance Books - Bills Circulars - Wedding Invitations - Advertising Journals Programs - Christmas Cards - Menus Before You Contract for Your Next, Printing Order Let Us Submit a Bid on the Cost of the Work GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-0124 101 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. BEST WISHES BEST WISHES from the from ARDSLEY VILLAGE TAVERN, INC. THE STUDENT COUNCIL ARDSLEY, N. Y. GET UP THERE, BIG "GOOSE" "AND DO YOU KNOW THAT..." M A Ken MCCOFUIJ, Chet Slaybaugh Lynne M., Valerie, Roberta W. BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS from of THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THE CARLYLES HAWKE NEWSPAPERS The Hurfsdale Times The Edgemont Echo The Elmsford Herald The Ardsley Sun-Leader "THE QUALITY PAPER IN EACH coMMuNI1Y'f PHTSBURGH PANTS ' WALLPAPER ARTHUR R- HAWKE, Publisher ART MATERIALS - PICTURE FRAMING 15 WILSON STREET HARTSDALE, N. Y. WHite Plains 9-0058 ORA, if , :VII 5 ,WE Q XC' , I-Iseavv Q ENTELLIGENCEW E C LU B E Gun + NATlONSio guru-Y ' A ' . Wg - "I . ' ARDSLEY, N. Y. I wouLDN'T IF I WERE You! UP IN ARMS l John Canning, Dove Purdy Jack, Dave, Ken, Chef BEST WISHES from THE BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS - of - Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT A. GREEN PATTERSON BROTHERS I5 PARK ROW New York 38, New York SCHOOL SHOP SUPPLIES LYric 2-6553 IMPROVE YOUR GAME NEIGHBORHOOD WESTCHESTER GOLF RANGE 701 DOBBS FERRY ROAD Opp. Elmwood Country Club White Plains, N. Y. Movers of Distinction Since 1905! Local and Long-Disionce Moving Packing - Siorage - Shipping THE SEVEN SIINTINI BROTHERS NEW YORK CITY - WESTCHESTER LONG ISLAND - MIAMI Call for Service That Rings the Bell: WHite Plains 8-8200 YOnkers 3-0779 COMPLIMENTS - of . PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC. COMPLIMENTS - of - CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, N. Y. Mr. Dr. 81 Mrs. Paul A. Seitz Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Feldmuller PATRONS 81 Mrs. George Furilla J. J. Bergen Mr. 81 Mrs. Ernest E. Heller Mr. 81 Mrs. Bates A Friend Mr. St Mrs. William W. Shields Mr. 8. Mrs. Baulieu Biagio De Astis Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles P. Schappach Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard H. Wilson . 81 Mrs. Donald Hossell Mr. 81 Mrs. O. H. Word, Jr. The Kempels The Whites The Miltons Mr. 8. Mrs. Vinton H. Clarke The MacWhirters The Cecelins Mr. 81 Mrs. Ives B. Nathan Mr. 81 Mrs. Wm. F. Schropp Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Frey Mr. 81 Mrs. E. M. Cappucci Constance Zito Mr. 8. Mrs. Christopher De Luca The De Solos Grace Ann Mackey Mr. 81 Mrs. H. E. Hagen Mr. 81 Mrs. George McRae Mr. 8. Mrs. Orrin Kilbourne J. Scola Mr. 8. Mrs. R. McComb Mr. 8. Mrs. Anthony Damore Mr. 8- Mrs. Albert E. Reed Dr. 81 Mrs. C. W. Frank Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Rauch Mr. 8. Mrs. Ginter The Stien Tribe Mr. 8- Mrs. Theohurids Mr. 81 Mrs. Wittig Mr. Edward P. Leone Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry V. Franklin Mrs. Franklin P. Acker Mr. 81 Mrs. Stephen Munsell Mr. 8. Mrs. William R. Nevinger Mr. 81 Mrs. Al Zimkin 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. .Joseph Brennan Mr. 81 Mrs. John Lockwood The Spades Julie Anne Felton Mr. 81 Mrs. James Vincent Mr. 81 Mrs. Gordon Nugent Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Jacobs Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Jacob, Sr. The Krausses The Locuratolos The Goulds The Boultons The Mayers Mr. 8. Mrs. T. D. Christiano Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Seitz Frank Mace Mr. 8- Mrs. Emerick Mr. 81 Mrs. W. B. Douglass Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Platenyk Mr. 81 Mrs. Lipton Mr. 8K Mrs. I. Schlitt Mr. 8- Mrs. R. J. Kent Mr. 81 Mrs. Harris R. J. Sweeny Mr. 8. Mrs. Lawrence Noel Mr. 81 Mrs. Frowd Mr. 8- Mrs. W. Reinhardt Miss Dorothy Pelda Mr. 8- Mrs. F. Cassens John Anderson Mr. 81 Mrs. Blaise Recca Mr. 81 Mrs. John Rumpler Mr. 8. Mrs. C. E. Foster Mr. 81 Mrs. John C. Hotell Louis F. Guy Mr. 81 Mrs. Sipp, Jr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . 8. Mrs. B. Macdonald . 81 Mrs. David E. Whitehead . 81 Mrs. Rocco Santore . John Reynaud s. T. Valouch Joseph McCormack Mr. B. Mrs. Stonaway Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Olson Mr . 8. Mrs. C. D. Morrissey Mr. 8m Mrs. Jack Weiss Mr. 8m Mrs. Milton Knapp Mr. 81 Mrs. Falk Richard Morris A Friend Mr. 81 Mrs. R. E. Morris Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Schafer Mr. 8. Mrs. J. C. Horch Mr. Bt Mrs. A. Sarosohn Mr s. Schiller Jay Miller Patty Miller Mr Mr. 81 Mrs. Laurel Smith Mr. 8- Mrs. Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. John D. Morris Rheba Recnick Mr. 81 Mrs. Leslie M. Slote The La Rosa Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Arnold Windman Mr. 8. Mrs. De Vries 81 Family Dr. 8: Mrs. Alex Weinberg Mary Jo Blatz John Mentha Mr. 81 Mrs. John Bostonian, Jr. Mr. St Mrs. Donald Booth Mr. 81 Mrs. Solarz Mr. 81 Mrs. John Busharis Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Cherr Mr. 81 Mrs. McEvoy Mr. 81 Mrs. R. S. Merrington Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Burger Mr. 8. Mrs. F. M. Sc Laible Mr. 8- Mrs. C. Pellegrini Thomas Holden Haner Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Bechtolt Mr. 81 Mrs. Ewald Mr. 81 Mrs. J. W. Parson Mr. B- Mrs. L. Bersonnet Mr. 81 Mrs The Quist Mrs. J. A. . A. Bailenson Family Hancock Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Proske Cavanaugh Builders Mrs. Joseph Daley Mr. G Mrs. H. M. Chenoweth Mr. The The Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Purdy Kantors Le Count Family 81 Mrs. Arthur F. Hagy Mrs. Cosentino Mr. Mr. Lou Mr. 81 Mrs. E. H. Virden Denike -Ena Hand Laundry 81 Mrs. Samuel Berlind - Norman Paint Shop The "Ardsleyan" Board of Editors wishes to thank our photographer and our publisher Mr. George Davis, Davis Studio, 326 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y., and Mr. Charles Clegg, The Comet Press, Inc., 200 Vorick St., New York 14, N. Y. FOR FUEL OILS CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY DObbs Ferry 3-0181 LISTE ER' . . . an amazing new electronic development-the result of 25 years' experience-lets you hear through regular eyeglasses OTARION, INC. 185 ASHFORD AVENUE Best Wishes from CHARLES S. HOY PLUMBING HEATING GAS 8. OIL BURNERS APPLIANCES DObbs Ferry 3-0565 ARDSLEY HARDWARE COMPANY ADDYMAN SQUARE GAS RANGES - REFRIGERATORS HARDWARE - PAINTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Dobbs Ferry DObbs Ferry 3-4010 THE COMET PRESS, INC NEW YORK 14 IM XA' rl rOR xac I 'romxoaaow ' Q l J ! ' XX X 9 X Director , X X

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