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? A ku ux MN 1 wr. , , ER ,W .H Q Wiwiwalfni, ing, . Ag L "M, 'H -gf ' C. Qu V 'wif we- 1! vi H fig , JJ. ,Qu ,, 5 N AX - r, ,I f 9 ri u gui ',,- 'gk , ,iw T 11' vii w 4' M :X ' f H I 1 ,, A 11 i , ,T A Y ' Q! J 'L' 1 V x. J " "HL " w I Q4 if W I tru' u,FL41f W y 1 ,A HW? ua f - X yt mf .N ' ,XML iw? ,X" M-"v a1m ,rf JM . kai 9 mv?-' , H " '..:'u'Q',x 3 ,N ENE? ' W E MM H W M A ny , E W, 'W W-1 'r u w . , , ,K .w ., , -f- .1 1 .L 1 This Is Cur School Remember Wheh 'I V-S ,534 x wid, xg v x 540'-n "'W'Hasm,.,.-.D-ff' .-.wwmmw H h V 44' " f- 4 , :"'hW" ' h f 1 , .4,444444,,44 ,,4,, . 4 , ,..f.4-4.4,.4f4,, 4 .1,., 44 , . I 1 xx 114 8 Y 2 U-tniiixff f M, , fn .L',, . ,- 44, 4,4 N.. . .4444 A 4 444 f .44 2 4 4 4 4, M., 4.,..444Q4 .,4k4-4,441,444 W, . .,.4 .4 i if M., N 4 H 4,4.m,. 446. ,, .4,,,4,4,4 4 +44 2 5 Q , .14 4,., . 2, .U 4,, if-1 4 34 M4 unity ,, 4, 4,.. 1 M, ,. m ,, 4,,44,g.fe 4 44 44, 4 '4' , Qi ,, 4x 4 -. 4 x 4 4, " 411,41 4.4 f xv yy. 4 , , 44 44 1 B H .4 . f , ,. 4:44 ,4 . 44.1 Sw V:-Su ,4 4 '- 511 sum: sf, N' 'U 1411152 :xnxx 4.4 vu ,ww ' ffm 4 we 1414 an ,U ,4., 4... 1. 4 1 'f ff if-:lm :mf A ,4.4,,m,4u+1w..4 1955 Ardsleyan This ls Our Story . Published by the Class of 1956 Ardsley High School Ardsley, New York Table of Contents The Theme of Our Story ........ ...., Dedication ..,,,.......,..,....,.... ..4., In Memoriam ..,..t.t.t........ .'--' Administration ...... ..... Faculty .,............. ....i Curricular .....rr. ,.,.. Maintenance ..,,.., ...,. Seniors .....,,,,.. ..... Senior Play ..,..r ,,... High School 4. Activities .r.,.,. ,.... Grades .r.r........ i,,.. Pictorial Ads ....... .r... Conclusion ..,.. ........ l 24 if W 6 Mm mx el ... K . ... 3 5 X 25 K ff' Ap e X :Z .. R J "'. I 3 I +5 f ,., '1' Mfgk. :Qs ww 5? . Q 5 n 'J ,J ax I - : QQ h Q ,,,W,.g , sa,.-z , , x -2fmx'??1.w.s -nw 2 YS-5 ig, Q ,I fm Q IMF 1 631 a H g ME 'Q Z , ,Q if is We, the class of 1956, dedicate this Ardsleyan Mr. Howard Hartman to Mr. Howard Hartman We, the Junior class, dedicate this l955 ARDSLEYAN to Mr. Howard Hartman, our industrial arts teacher and sincere friend. All of those boys who take shop know the intense interest Mr. Hartman has in their work and how glad he is to assist anyone who requires help. The members of the Electricians' Club are grateful to him, as their adviser, for his lucid in- struction in the use of the movie proiector and the various other types of electrical equipment. Every Senior appreciates the way Mr. Hartman and his Stage Crew have attended to the lighting and wiring essential for a successful production of the senior play. In order to extend our thanks for the many hours you have devoted to us, both in the shop, in our clubs, and as an adviser of the ARDSLEYAN,we, the class of '56, dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Hartman. 7 1? 5 sk gf., ,M L 2 2 A 5? 5 .ff I MW 7, M2 and to the memory of Robert A. Arone In Memoriam Robert A. Arone Member of the class of 1946, President of the Honor Society 1946, Vice-President of the Student Council 1945, Honor Graduate of Seton Hall University 1951, Student at the University of Rome Medical School. From him who was always serious-minded beyond his years, devoted to his family, unassuming, gentle, considerate, respected and admired by his fellow students, courageous and persevering in the face of difficulties, dedicated to the profession of medicine, his family and friends will forever draw inspiring memories. 8 MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN Supervising Principal Outdoor Education Jr. Student Council Adviser M. A. Columbia University .MW Q? 6. These are The principals MR. KENNETH H. BROWN Principal of the Elementary School M. A. New York University THE BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. EDWARD E. AIM, President Trustees MRS. VINTON H. CLARKE MR. JOHN J. GALVIN MR. DONALD R. HASSELL MR. ANTHONY WALDEIER MRS. EMILY A. EHLER, Treasurer MRS. ANNE L. HUESGEN, Clerk Mr. Chas. W. Horend Assistant Principal Science, Driver Education B. S. Cornell University Mrs. Marion Brqvyn Miss Annette L. Gimbel Secretary to Mr- Sllllmin Secretary to Mr. Silliman of our story who have aided us Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of the Upper Grades Grade 8 M. A. Columbia University llll Miss Helga Nordin Secretary to Mr. Brown Mrs. Ruth B. Adams Grade 2 B.E. Brockport State Teachers' College ,WMM Mrs. Dorothy Alshin MVS- H. Bartholomew Miss Patricia Birdsall Miss Nancy Bloxsom Grade 1 School Psychologist Grade 6 Kindergarten . M.A. M.A. B.S. B.S. Columbia University Columbia Teachers' Cortland State Teachers' New Paltz State College College Teachers' College 10 throughout our school career s 1 Mrs. Carmen Brennan Miss Celia P. Conklin Miss Eleanor I. Davis Miss Ha,-fiery 5, Edwards Mr. Everett Einhom School Nurse, R. N. School Nurse, R. N. Art and Ceramics Grade 4 Grade 8 New York Post Graduate Albany Hospital Potsdam Normal New Paltz Normal M.A, Columbia University - I f -f jak r eff-..- Mrs. Eva S. Ellis Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Mr. Clarence E. Felter MVS- R05ema"Y FOX MVS- Alice FflSCl'Imanr1 French Gnd, 2 Hisgoq Grade 2 Grade 5 NMA- Plattsburgh State Normal Social Studies B-A- BA- Brussels' University School MUA. Wheaton College College of New Rochelle New Yoflf l-l"llVel'5ll'Y Bucknell University Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck Mr. Howard T. Hartman MVS- Louise K- Hatfield Ml55 Arlene l'laYm0nf-l Mfs- Vlvlan l-- Hill Music Industrial Arts Grade I Music Grade 4 B.E. M.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. Potsdam State Teachers' Oswego State Teachers' U'1lV9fSllY of California P0lSd8fT1 Slafe Teachers' l'll-lnlel' College College College College ll and whose guidance and sincerity S Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Mrs. Lois L. Hoy MiSS RUTH Hurlbut MY- Mifhael Jadiman M"5- MY'a Klallf Home Economics Kindergarten Grade 3 Physical Education Grade 2 M.A. 5.5, Potsdam State Teachers' B-5- BA- Columbia University Columbia University College Arnold College Queens College Mr. Frank Kluge Mathematics Driver Education M.A. Columbia University Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig English IV, Dramatic: library, Speech M.A. New York University B.L.S. Columbia University X at Miss Virginia Maurer Miss Joan McLaughlin Science, Mathematics, Grade 2 Health B.A. M.A. Hunter College Albany State Teachers' College V ff A 5' ffli 'A sf fix' I if ' ..- Mr, Paul J, K0Qr5 Mrs. Ella LeCount Miss Ruth l-Ogafl English Ill Physical Education Special Teacher - Art Guidance Counselor B.S. B.A. M,A, New York University Buffalo State Teachers' Columbia University College Mrs. Barbara Moran Miss Cornelia Patteson Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Grade 3 Commercial Subiects English I and II B.S. M.A. M,A. Potsdam State Teachers' Columbia University New York University College 'I2 have encouraged us in our scholastic work A Mrs. Margaret Purdy - Mrs. Margaret Y. Reuter Mrs. Mariorie Ridings Miss Helen G- Robbie M555 Grace A- Roll Grade 6 Grade 4 Kinduganen Latin, Spanish Physical Education B,A, Philadelphia Normal M.A. M-A- M-A- Humer College School Columbia University New York University Columbia University fi. Mrs. Janice Ruotolo Mrs. Myrtle Seberg Mrs. Helena Snyder Miss Florence Stasiak Miss Helen A. Toomey Grade 3 Grade I Grade 6 Grade I Grade 3 B.A. M.A. Oswego State Teachers' B.S. Potsdam State Teachers' Hunter College Columbia University College Oswego State Teachers' College College Miss Ethel M. Tryon Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent ' Miss Margaret Wesp Mrs. Ruth H. Wessels Mr. William Wolter Grade 5 Director of Music Grade 7 Grade 5 Gnd, 7 Potsdam Normal Ed.M. B. Pd. B.A, B,A, New York University New York Training University of Mississippi Cornell College School 'I3 .bwm WBWM? 1 Eff, Q.-,uxmmzvf W ww-vfisvm f Wifi wywwwew ullt up our morale ,f'5Mf+fp- X T , A . ggjfiwf if i Mm' if ' N- 1 , N A X , fm """N., 'Wm R A A -r.eQV,,, .,g'4'!F',g'!'i'f 'vflv MTX? W M ofhinside the clasiroorh and outside of school. MR. JOHN HOLSCHER MR. GEORGE VANDUSEN Custodian Custodian , ,I . .gl MRS. BLANCHE SHEA Cook-M.anager MR. HARRY DENIKE MR. THOMAS WILMOTH School Guard Bus Driver 16 Yiiiiiif 5 in r .M S gg , 2 ii? -fwrxf-w - M Www U A- ,, ! gm. is " lm. X We S13 'Qu Y J J r res: 2 53 W. fix ,SE y pf K J Qyfvl z+"fWM' 7' i' QQ-Xggy WYVTC 1 fskgri, 'SW A Q M 1 U E Q - .,.,, 1 , , , ,. ,.., . f 1,1 ' Q W . M s 8 4 ,hn Z . K , . M Mun fin, ray as Q! E11 V, Rx ,,.:, , , gi .,..,.,.,. , .4 as ' fi 3 iw f 'j" 2 x iq' A Q P'OfQPlan,and Prospectorg Cur main plot is centered Chapter I Four years ago we entered high school with lots of enthusiasm. We were embarrassed when everyone clapped as we walked into our first assembly and when the girls were pushed under the showers at their first game in G. A. A., but we laughed with the rest because it's part of high school life. As "Frosh," we had a big hay ride, watched the stars, and forgot the problems which faced us in school. Then at Christmas time we went carolling. Frozen but happy, we came back and enioyed our hot chocolate. Our Freshman year opened the door for three more years of hard work and a lot of fun Chapter Il The entire Sophomore class went to Croton for Biology Camp. It was fun to live outdoors and strengthen the ties which bound us together as a class by swimming, daily baseball games, and even preparing the meals. On our last night in Croton the winds started to blow, and then there was a downpour. Our memories of that night include wading to the cabins, building a big fire in the mess hall to keep warm, and our regret in leaving Croton. Soon after we returned home, we were busy again selling candy at the basketball games to provide for our trip to Washing- ton in our Senior year. 3 Nunn -11 PACCV MW vw ROSE AND BETTY DORENE AND ANGELA , . KENNETH ROBERT ACKER Under all speech that is good there lies a silence that is better Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Treasurer 4, ARDSLEYAN Busi- ness Manager 3, Salt and Pepper l, Varsity Choir 3, 4, Regional 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, Out- door Club l, 2, 3, 4, American Legion Boys' State 3, College Club 4, Subscription Manager 4, Samuel of "Curious Savage." LORETTA ARONE As merry as the day js long Honor Society 6 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertis- ing, Typing Committee 3, Salt and Pepper 4, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 2 years, Clef Club 4, Secretary 4, State Competi- tion 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 3, Cap- tain 4, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Gold Captain 4, G. A. B. 2, Sports Club 3, 4, President 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, President 3, Reporter 4, Yearbook Club 2. tl' lf Q f ff if . f X. ly! ybryluul .1 fl' r 1' lfbv pf ifyljyiho, as they look back JUDITH G. BAKER little deeds of kindness Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, ARDSLEYAN Photography Editor, Salt and Pepper 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3, Varsity Choir i, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, lnter- class: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 9 years, Drawing Club 4, College Club 4, Subscription Co-Manager 4, Miss Willie of "Curious Savage." BARBARA J. BERLIND 'imagination rules the world Honor Society 4 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertis- ing Committee 3, Salt and Pepper 3, Varsity Choir l, 2, 4, Girls' Ensemble, All State Sec- tional Chorus 2, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, inter-class: Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Creative Writers' Club 1, Year- book Club 2, College Club 3, 4, Senior Prom Entertainment Chairman 3, Mrs. Savage of "Curious Savage." - wif if f 4 f.ff,.f if l' l 20 . ..v, wit.-.f V an ,uf av- sl . , ii SSS? STEPHEN S. BERTMAN The hand that follows intellect can achieve Reporter 1, 45 Secretary 25 Treasurer 35 Honor Society 9 yearsp Second Degree 3 years5 Third Degree 45 ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor 35 Salt and Pepper 1, 25 Dramatic Club l, 25 Gradua- tion Usher 35 IOOB6 Club Intermediate Alge- bra5 Creative Writers' Club I5 Yearbook Club 2, President 25 College Club 45 Titus of "Cur- ious Savage." JOYCE P. BL O F Stillness is mor I u ha rds ARDSLEYAN h a and Pepper G - ln class. Bas e I J remember the spirit that prevailed 21 RAY CARLSON I live en the sunny side of the street Jr. Varsity Baseball 35 Intra-murals: Basketball 3, Football 45 Electricians' Club 3, 45 Civil Air Patrol, Rank Sgt. RONALD CASEY Good will and the rigour of the game Jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 4 years5 lntra-mural Football 45 Electricians' Club 45 Jewelry Club 4. p y o ee S , . , f , f I, u Dr ic 5 ni Clu 2, 5Co merc C Ye bo o 8 rs5 e C 4. .fb f HARVEY R. COLTEN Gentle of speech, baneficent of mind Transfer from Forest Hills High School, New York City, Salt and Pepper 3, 4, Varsity Choir 4, Regional, Intra-murals: Baseball 3, Basket- ball 3, 4, Football 4, Dramatc Club 4, Spanish Club 3, Graduation Usher 3,,.1O0M Club, ln- ,, termediate Algebra, Jeffrey!-of "Curious 'Ze ROSE MARIE DePAUL The mildest manners and the gentlest heart Secretary 3, 4, Honor Society 5 years, ARD- SLEYAN Typing Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 1, 2, 4, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, President 4, White Plains Regional Choir 2, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, G, A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Gold Co-Captain 4, Sports Club W Qfll llllifif Gly l ftx - X., 1 ,s,, jf ,,, re r,,,, . , ,, 1 -f:,. ,::t P-, .,.sa ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,..,.,-, WV l ' 15 .ff1f" A TAWT ,-, -, : YlM 1 U at The basketball games, Savage." 5 X ' . 1 wg ..- 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Inter-class: Volleyball, l 'X Q - Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Q ' , '.- "' Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, l .f M . t' - Vice-President 4, Yearbook Club 2, College. " yl - ' Club 4, Florence of :'Curious Savage." f A- l - . - .. ' ' ' 'i - xf' 5 'J v y I ' i F ' ru, , ff , if . ' f - - - 'M , ll' l v I r' 1" ' X ' . I ' f N' l , 7 ,, i ' ' , , ' it x fr I- " fl-r 7 'J v 8 I ll ,"' lx A ' I J I I ' MARGARET FlTZGERAl.D With mlrth and laughter Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree 2 yeqrs, ARDSLEYAN Photography Committee 3, Band 1, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Regional 1, 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter-class: Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 8 years, Senior Scout 1, 2, Fairy May of "Curious Sav- age." ELIZABETH FLANLGAN Contentmant furnishes constant icy Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 5 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertising, Typing Com- mittees 3, Salt and Pepper Typing Staff 3, 4, Varsity Choir .1, 2, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. B. 1, Sports Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Year- book Club 2. 22 Ilusir iw-'yo L' " uf LJ W 'J L a we iw ffitff-cv JMMGW wi' ' JA 4 " J' wtf Da, fi, Wap' W ,ff iff' uf We M , uv' gl tb' VL l 4. -,r H15 ' ' I l , ui J f r ' ' J ' 5 P . f , ' - - Q ' - J' - 0 fi 4 . L I Q 0 ,N , - .f . , My ',5 fix.. .- 1 i x ' - 'Q' , s. 'X Q' . JEROME FREED Persuasion tips his tongue whene'er he talks Vice-President i, Honor Society 1 year, ARD- SLEYAN Advertising Editor 3, Salt and Pep- per 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, Varsity Choir l, 2, Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, Varsity Basket- ball 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Sec-Treas. 4, Intra- murals: Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Foot- ball 4, Dramatic Club 4, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, Creative Writers' Club 2, Yearbook Club 2, College Club 3, 4, Hannibal of "Cur- ious Savage." CONRAD HADE Good humor and wit good-natured ARDSLEYAN Advertising Committee 3, J Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4 Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basebal 3 Varsity Club 4, Chairman of Hallo Chr't as and al ntine ances Q tat at it , l Skwilis canfeens, dances, parties .M ' y xy 23 N REGINALD HERMANS In him alone was natural to please Honor Society 'll year, President 1, ARDSLEY- AN Publicity Editor, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball I, 2, Varsity Club 4, lntra-murals: Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Football 4, Spanish Club 1, Boy Scouts 'l, 2, Life Scout, Assistant Scout- master, Chefs' Club 4. ' MICHAEL P. HESSE Deep-sighted in intelligence, ideas, atoms, influences Transfer from Aberdeen High School, Aber- deen, Maryland, Varsity Choir 2, Electricians' Club 3, 4, Chefs' Club l. ,. Af' , 0 y, H5M w l W ' if ff' ' . . , , P9 ' l' . I K ' 7 CARYL HUESGEN RICHARD JAEGER A little wit now and than All passes. Art alone enduring stays to ue ls relished by the best of men Transfer from Christopher Columbus High Honor Society 5 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertis- School, New York City, Drawing Club 4. ing Committee 3, Salt and Pepper 4, Assign- E ', . mam Editor 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, spam y ylvgxlyg , , K -if 3 Club 3, 4: Riding Club l, 2: Dramatic Club 'ul g..e.b"- ' A x' C. lx' 'L' 1, Graduation Usher 3: Commercial Club 3: ,h il, '. , lv lj , kj Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, Draw- , L . X ' X 'W K 5 4. lox U ' " ,ing Club 4, College Club 3, 4, Lilly Belle of 1' f, Al, f ll, a NJ , 1. ,xx .I P "Curious Savage." 6 . Q hyb A fx ," . TJ kk yoj, 1 s ts,,,,,tilL T1NDl'xx..A .vu l,flXTl'c' l ' . SL-' llxpbllh- WL " .5 Le . - qt K K- of L , A ., , k s T Ak,'i,Lll X ' t sf... ' tv ' T ' T K -fi L 2, T, , llul-.L PJ j Ng MRM K ls' ' ww ' d th f rh f th .lDj'M urwalw-lcfw aww S wifi A3! JOHN KOVACIK And frame your mind to mirth and merriment Transfer from Brooklyn Technical High School, New York City, Honor Society i year, Salt and Pepper 3, 4, Copy Editor 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball 35 lntra-murals: Softball 3. Football 4, Basketball 3, 4, Captain 41 Dramatic Club 4, Graduation Usher 3: College Club 4, Pres- ident 45 Dr. Emmett of "Curious Savage." EVA FLORENCE LAMBERT There la always time enough for eeurteey Honor Society 1 year, Salt and Pepper Pro- duction Staff 4, G. A. A. 3, 47 Commercial , Club 3, 4, President 45 Mrs. Paddy of "Cur- ious Savage." 24 Jyjqfww ' l w ,, . , 1 4 Q M ..,,. M ...., . ,.,. it , . ,,,, ,,,, ,, , ,, , . ff em, ,amampwfxaeiafrz - X azfaaea. 35j414ji.SLJw,-f,25,1 4 t,g,12':3ag54wi,w fL:iQf6i7StI5f'eiff at-we fwimf er, 5 Wa! PAUL LARSEN An ounce of mirth, I pound of laughter Band I, Varsity Choir 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Var- sity Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball l, 2, Varsity Club 4, lntra-murals: Basketball l,Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, Football 4. ANGELA MARIE LOCURATOLO Music exalts each ioy Honor Society 3 years, ARDSLEYAN Circula- tion Editor 3, Salt and Pepper Production Staff 4, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' En- semble l, Clef Club 4, Vice-President 4, All- State 3, White Plains Regional 2, 4, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Inter-class: Softball l, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, Commercial Club 4, Treasurer 4, Yearbook Club 2, Sewing Club 1, State Competition 2, 3, Miss Willie of "Curious Savage." J J.,-M, far QW. fm 4, , f 4 have enloyed throughout of ff. 41, as M ,peas ' ,auug Lau fa, in 122 jliiT'j:,'l" ' 12,4 . .Q au-vi-ls ."'-A-Y ff mftienfcwvaonst-"'f7f ' AMA' Adv Higll' in stature, high in aim "xy: J' 1 tie Q41 l7rJJ"7f-- 019 cmwqwp ywagyn 25 Treasurer 2, President 3, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree nfl 4, ARDSLEYAN Advertising Co-Edtor, Saltfrmrx and Pepper 1, lntra-murals: Basketball 3, 4, 'qw Football 4, Dramatic Club 2, Electricians' Club'l",f'4 1 ,, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Sec-Treas. 4, Creativgir Writers' 1, Student Council 4, President 4, 5 C' Yearbook Clubghzyflub 4, Sec.-Treaf4. We uf ,iw Aww f 0'W"' wawfwaf LLL42 BARBARA NARDECCHIA Good humor only teaches charms to last Vice-President 3, Honor Society 9 years, Sec- ond Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Vice- President 4, ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor, Var- sity Choir 2, Cheerleader 3, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, lnter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Soft- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Drawing Club 4, College Club 3, 4. MARGARET REUTER A high spirit and the will to win Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree 3 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertising Committee 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1. 2, 3, Clef Club 4, Regional 2, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Inter-class: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2. KATHERINE SCHOENSTEIN An autheress, an actress, a student in one Reporter 1, Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree l year, ARDSLEYAN Art Editor, Salt and Pepper Art Editor 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 1, Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, Vice-President 4, Creative Writers' Club 1, 2, President 2, Yearbook Club 2, College Club 4, Fairy May of "Curious Savage." ANNETTE SCOTT Silence sweeter is than speech Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, ARDSLEYAN Photography Committee 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, Clef Club 4, Regional 2, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, lnter-class: Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Mrs. Paddy of "Curious Savaga." i 1 . +j, A Z 4 Q9 1 ,fn W, at ii' :Is il e ' '.'2S'..'!9:' , l ,,.,,,, . W, . . r . , ,W , ., it we ,ff ff' pl' f' 4 bl - fll a1:a ..f..f --'2--:'2"1-"-',--,.. 1 l x.. ,,,,, .,... . .W ,. ,.,. t ...,, , ,,., I ,f J' Z. y , t, t R .5 st. , . .Ma at . , - ,t , 4-. ' .. M, ,f N- . , U K, N ,wit -1.5 1, ff. f ...J jg, , V , it 9 tiffii if' if "" iiff tfltviil i 'K Y Y '2 f ui 43" l. ' . at at t I- 572 J' Ms' W. ,Ye 'i f Y gig? .1 lit - ff is is 5 i lls! ,,,, ' t fy, i f mg 654 ':l- . 'R igigsehfw Zi' , v. E, ggjfpgyr W Q -'-':' , ,f , iw Q at me , V , , ,fa , t .f . 5 .2 it? if. f ,',-' 1 1 wifi FRANKLIN SCHMIDT Sure in his purpose, strong in his strife ARDSLEYAN Photographer 3, Advertising Committee 3, Salt and Pepper 2, Reporter 2, Intra-murals: Football 4, Electricians' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2. their school car r a Ad ho fDecutYYl ' "Ride-, ,.WQJW M 'flhomlz l-601'-1 '69 ll cfo1ww91x lv' W vijfgflff BD" las S99 f , BVR, E, 26 BETTE ARDEN STEENWERTH A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance Honor Society 1 year, Salt and Pepper 1, 2, 3, 4, Production Staff, G. A. A.' 1, 2, Dramatic Club 1, Inter-murals: Softball, Basketball, Vol- leyball 1, 2. DORENE SUTHERGREEN Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm Honor Society 6 years, Salt and Pepper Pro- duction Staff 3, 4, Varsity Choir 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, inter- Class: Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Yearbook Club 2, Senior Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, Sewing Club 1, Lily Belle of "Curious Savage." lg! ,l - ,K I Wfj Ly dai iw Nfl ' ' , MW ' if s ' QP . UQ! can M9 L ,wth pride M., ,gas ,li j ' x 17' I W ff 'f, 1 A 'Dliyl WM 4' rw WfQ"'J c29"11 1, "Q, ,J ,l7f,,t4jiJ7l'u,'lf" fl I , S . EuzAaETH WALDEMAR :J I :W My. ' ' 9 'Virtue and the conscience of her worth all MW use-President 4, Honor Society 9 years, Sec- 1 1 27 ond Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Secretary 4, ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor, Salt and Pap- per 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Inter-class: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Grad- uation Usher 3, Student Council 4, Secretary 4, Yearbook Club 2, College Club 4, Florence of "Curious Savage." JOHN R. YOUNG Energy and persistence conquer all things Treasurer 1, 4, President 2, Honor Society 9 years: Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, ARDSLEYAN Editor-in5Chief 3, Band 1, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball I, Varsity Club 3, 4, President 4, intra-murals: Basket- ball 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Year- book Club 2, Samuel of "Curious Savage." fi QM 5 3 f MH., 44,-m..M,.,x 'W XM-Q MQ Q f M ,V AMX gf ss ff , gr :ilk 55 f 2 Sf, ' if SQ 2 1 if if H p g 'bar -:Q ,. '2'- 2 is ggi Arty' ' ef .2 Q ui , fi, wwf' SEATED: Mrs. E. Koenig, C. Huesgen, R. Carlson, S. Bertman. SEATED: J. Young, R. M. DePaul, R. Casey, E. Lambert, M. STANDING: R- JBSQCV, H- ElSeFtl1BU6I', B- Steenwerth, F- Cawley. STANDING: M. Fitzgerald, E. Flanigan, L. Arone, Schmidt, M. Hesse. ABSENT: J. Bloomfield. Mrs. E. Koenig. ABSENT: C. Hade, R. Hermans. and an unforgettable Washington trip. The anticipation of an exciting SENIOR year is always present in the thoughts of every Senior on the first day of school in September. Ringing doorbells-"Sir, are you interested in buying a magazine subscription?" Selling Senior play tickets-"Listen, John, you'd better buy six tickets instead of five." The night of the Senior play-"Oh, l'm so scared. Suppose l make a mistake! Mrs. Koenig, I forgot my lines!" All of these fond memories are present when one thinks back to his final year in Ardsley High School. But, boarding the train for Washington, D. C., and finally exploring SEATED: K. Schoenstein with Subscription Campaign mascot. STANDING: Mrs. E. Koenig, B. Nardecchia, H. Colten, J. Kovacik, B. Berlind, W. Mooney, P., Larsen. the famous Capitol with students from many schools is an experience that is never for- gotten. l-low many evenings did we sit up in our hotel rooms, reminiscing about our four years in high school from our first Freshman assembly to the night we would walk up to receive our diplomas. Yes, a student's Senior year is filled with lingering memories of exciting experiences and of fund-raising events. Mrs, Elinor Koenig-SENIOR Class Adviser Pres, W. Mooney Sec. R. DePaul Treas. J. Young Vice-Pres. E. Waldemar SEATED: J. Freed, M. Reuter. STANDING: J. Baker, K. Acker, A. Locuratolo, D. Suthergreen, Mrs. E. Koenig, E. Waldemar, A. Scott. 4 , . 5 - - Kimi. X Q . , As We lobkback, we can remember our high sdhool years S. Knapp, J. Schmidt, W. Townsend, A. Kalmykow, J. Can- ning, P. Pagnoni, A. Wickersham, N. Solomon. ABSENT: A. DeSola, B. Somsky. Miss D. Pelda, W. Hoffmann, C. Rochon, G. Barbieri, N. Cauvet, J. Raicht, D. Purdy, R. Hughes, K. Kamens. when we created a "first" yearbook, "P-ss-st! The Senior section of the dummy is finished and guess what? The pictures for the activity section came back." These are the whispered words of one ARDSLEYAN editor to another. If one should enter room 211 some Friday afternoon, he would see the harried editors in different stages of their respective iobs. "I've got it! I've got it! Everyone be quiet I iust got a stupendous inspiration for spectac- ular copy." From behind the filing cabinet the stooped figure of another JUNIOR may be seen deeply immersed in papers, papers, and more papers as he locates one special sheet of the dummy. SEATED: A. Pasquini, C. Santore. STANDING: J. Cawley, P. Cimino, D. Ankhelen, G. Fagan, F. Arone, C. Mclieough, R. Lantry, Miss D. Pelda. There, on the desk may be seen Miss Pelda's chocolate frosted, a symbol of each Friday afternoon meeting. All of a sudden, from the depths of the hall comes an ad committee member proclaim- ing, "I got an ad, I got an ad. A whole page!" Behind him another Junior is vigorously dis- playing the receipts for five ARDSLEYANS. And then finally the entire book has gone to press, and the ioy of those momentous Friday afternoons is ended. Miss Dorothy M. Pelda-JUNIOR Class Adviser Pres. J. Schmidt Sec. A. Pasquini Vice-Pres. A. Kalmykow Treas. C. Rochon SEATED: J. Goodwin, E. Mulvey, W. LeCount. STANDING: Miss D. Pelda, S. Scott, G. Salerno, J. Osterberg. . as. FRONT: C. Copeland, B. Murau, L. Kreymborg, L. Medovich N. Noschese, B. Lotus, P. Karcher, Mr. F. Kluge. BACK: C Slaybaugh, J. McPartland. ABSENT: D. Mooney. sponsored The buzz of a mosquito is heard. Slap! Next is the sound of a hand crushing the insect be- fore it bites. Who is its prey? A Sophomore, of course! lt is now October and the clanking of pans, cracking of a baseball bat, and the joy- ful singing of a group of girls remind us that we are at the Biology Camp at Croton. The SOPHOMORES with Mr. and Mrs. Horend spend one exciting week at camp where they study biology on-the-spot, share housekeeping duties, and cook their own meals. Evenings are spent singing songs or 'seeing movies. C. Proske, C. Lotus, E. Bramble, B. Gardiner, G. Ragone, P. Carlyle, J. Berlind, M. Mestern, M. Christiano, Mr. F. Kluge. SEATED: Mr. F. Kluge. STANDING: A. Harais, H. Hamilton G. Greiner, J. Rooney, G. Koors, A. DeRocha, G. Fraguela, D. Anglin, F. Pestone. ABSENT: L. DeSoIa. a profitable P. X., At every basketball game, the familiar P. X. stand operated by the Sophomores is a bless- ing to everyone attending the games. "lt's funny that most people don't realize how much they eat at a basketball game. Oh, well, I won't complain. We made money, didn't we?" Mr. Frank Kluge-SOPHOMORE Class Adviser Pres. D. Mooney Treas. P. Carlyle Vice-Pres. C. Slaybaugh Sec. M. Christiano FRONT: L. Nevinger, R. Pearce, C. Morris, R. Pellegrini, D. DeSimone, Mr. F. Kluge. BACK: R. Bell, D. Viola, F. Schap- pach, E. Marron, W. Bell. z 1l 1 SEATED: E. Rooney, S. Ward, M. Scheller, F. Scheller. STANDING: J. Whelan, A. Sanseverino, S. Nash, P. Robin- son, Miss V. Maurer, J. Medovich, J. Murray, R. Mooney. r as I 5 rl, 552. s SEATED: F. Sheldon, L. Schoenstein, M. Mack, L. Beall. STANDING: P. Weiss, A. Pasquale, J. Westervelt, R. Moon- ey, Mr. C. Felter, K. Moore, C. Streib, E. Zegray, K. Milton. ABSENT: J. Schwartz, R. Hughes. and organized many successful cake sales. "I must be calm. What is there to be afraid of?" These are the thoughts of the new student on his first day in high school. "If I stand with all of my friends, maybe I won't be so con- spicuous. But, why is everyone staring at me? Maybe my tie is crooked. Oh, well, I'd better go upstairs and find my homeroom." The student experiencing these thoughts is known to all his superiors as the "lowly FRESHMAN." After climbing the stairs, he finds himself with his trembling classmates, pre- paring to enter the auditorium door for the first assembly of the year. "l don't want to be the first in line," is whispered from one timid classmate to an- SEATED: D. Guckenbiehl, L. DeNardo, P. Engelkirk, R. Fre- undel. STANDING: T. Cappetta, E. Calhoun, K. McComb D. Maxwell, R. Clute, W. Meuser, B. LeDuc. ABSENT: J Hashagen, N. Reynaud, M. J. Flanigan. r other. "Oh, well, we may as well get it over with." Sheer numbness is the only thing the Freshman feels as he walks to his seat amidst the clapping of the "superior" student body, "Why must they clap so loudly? I can feel myself blushing." But twenty minutes later the ordeal is over, and the entire Freshman class will begin to prepare themselves for their first year in high school, a year full of cake sales, gym suits drenched by a G. A. A. shower, and many other unforgettable experiences. Mr. Clarence Felter-FRESHMAN Class Adviser Pres. R. Mooney Sec. D. Klein Vice-Pres. A. Sanseverino Treas. P. Engelkirk Miss Virginia Maurer-FRESHMAN Class Advise: SEATED: M. Cassens, I. Murau, W. Anderson, S. Sage, M. Larsen. STANDING: Mr. C. Felter, I. Carlson, D. Klein, M. Baker, M, Schultz, S. Hassell, V. Duke, T. Gannon. by W1 1 rf' 'W ai 3. U wi W5'5f'71 1 Y 1 X E I X , S 1 E 2 ? S 3 s f 5 Y K '- -tv ,JH I 1 if J' N Km M ga W - ,M 5 XZ? x w 'WMM 5 4 ,A .. was-3.9 W , mf M ,MMZ 7 W ,, , 43 . xv " .V Yr , ? -11 " Mkau A , ,li , W ' Z3'f"" .- A S+ M,-Q-fwf' ., H W r kt V A, V ,ww 3, -, F ..-- , M, f Mvawf-w' ..,,,f:, A,,., ,..-2 - f Incidents , I' 0' u - of LOW ' 0lA'X0!7 bind Miss Patteson, Miss Pelda, Bill Mr. Felter and Ann Qs 0? U ' by .X y, Recording Circulation Sales QV' ,cg Q' 396 .X SN lx Balaligfing .Ad ACCOUNTS 'l ' . if Miss Patteson, Angela, Ray, Mr. Koors Checking Business and Typing Records . .ff media. L. lc UWM hx kv lvxu A ifiirisy l"' atysilconsisted o 0 5,b,b,,lAgv,Q,u6, wxfldppikm- Wy X . N QQ hi D d P Qi W lvl xt- X, 'P wi .Ov 54531-qi,Lf:hiTsf Ne L0 l 0103, ty O O. O Max XV,-UGKBSC gg'rE!:f,5R,lQLb Katherine Kamens B 'oils ll5AsisSnhf iigtslll 69 QVJY Assistant Editor lltrxxyo QG'6,rXlcUef,9Fel1eSlfQ LU J9.jMr. Howard Hartman gftoybkxlo. ircftl new Qjivfisergsv 0' Photography Adviser lu WW 0 Mr ,'f' aul Koors X19 Qtyxw Uihkxaojy' Budget Adviser o lf L X'Li5hXx09veK Miss Cornelia Patteson Sfxrpxspai ll Business Adviser X J- .. 4 . fr. "1 A L , . lu . Us Lu l as ,. W. .N vw '-' . A ,, V' Q The ten memb rs of the ,BOARD .OF eoiroas of the 16955 ARDSLEQYAN and their adviser, Missilfelcla, have tried' to createxah informal yet entertaining yearbook, which would revive fond memories of school life. To do this, 'we clecicledxto increase the ihfprrnality of the 'i'T6T'fTQI'G6fQy picfuresi Nvby Ndividirig themfiup 'into very 'smallf congenial gngoubskahd to Take pictlgres qt classes while they were actuallytinisession. The additioniofl a' locale spread and an endsheet showing the symbols of our school life was toliihtroduce the sur- roundings that are so familiar to each student. N. Cauvet, Miss D. Pelda, A. Wicker sham, R. Hughes, J, Schmidt, A. Pas- quini rs Miss Pelda, Grace, Kathy, Dave Arranging Layout Miss Dorothy M, Pelda Adviser-in-Chief, Literary Adviser 3 aol E 3. 5 Els? it iany unforgettable activit at William Hoffmann Andrew Kalmykow Co-Advertising Editor Co-Advertising Editor Nancy Cauvet Ray Hughes Photography Editor Business Editor Angela Pasquini Jayne Schmidt Typing Editor Art Editor Ann Wickersham Dail!! GK Circulation Editor G-501' 5 Miss Pelda and Jayne Organizing the Artwork S I Gill ucllig l' ll p,:-'il ' l'Q W,! eorge Salerno, Nancy, Mr. Hartman The Board of E tors vv Ike to thank Georg R DSLE- YAN photographer, who aided us greatly by taking so many of the ad pictures, our endsheets, and various other candid pictures. Franklin Schmidt helped George by being responsible for some similar proiects and devel- oped many of the pictures taken. We extend our sincere thanks to him and to Catherine Santore, who spent many voluntary afternoons assisting our typ- ing editor. The editors received sincere and valuable advice from our faculty advisers, Miss Pelda, Mr. Felter, Mr. Hartman, Mr, Koors, and Miss Patte- son, who helped us create this book which we hope you will enioy. A. Kalmykow, W. Hoffmann, Miss D. Pelda, D. Purdy, G. Barbieri, K. Ka- mens Selecting the Homeroom Pictures X ii, "Let's see, '--aybe it needs a little more salt and pepper. Mr. Horend, how does it taste?" Yes, the clanking of pots and pans and the tantalizing aroma inform any onlooker that the CHEF CLUB, under Mr. Horend's lead- ership, is in action. Every Thursday afternoon this club, comprised of high school boys, meets to learn the techniques of outdoor cooking and the tricks of the culinary trade. Every Tuesday night they pre- pare coffee for the Adult Education members. Sec.-Treas.-W. Mooney SEATED: F. Schappach, F. Arone, J. Berlind, P. Karcher, J. McPartland, C. Slaybaugh, D. Viola. STANDING: S. Nash, C. Copeland, R. Hermans, J. Whelan, S. Scott, E. Marron, J. Osterberg, Mr. C. Horend. Assuming leadership and responsibility, Every member of THE THIRD DEGREE is able to look back with pride to the year that the plans for a Memorial Park came true. This project had been a dream for a long time but finally, on November ll, the dream became a reality. On this day, the Memorial Park was cornpletedfa wonderful tribute to the four- teen Ardsley boys who lost their lives while fighting for their country. Yes, this was a great accomplishment for the thirteen SEATED: C. Proske, B. Nardecchia, G. Barbieri, N. Cauvet, Robbie, M. Christiana, S. Bertman, K. Acker, J. Young. members of the Third Degree, which acts as the execu- tive body of the Honor Society and which initiated thirty-one students from the fifth grade up, into mem- bership in the First Degree. D. Purdy is president, B. Nardecchia, vice-president, E. Waldemar, recording secretary, J. Young, corre- sponding secretary, K. Acker, treasurer, and Miss Helen G. Robbie is adviser. E. Waldemar, STANDING: J. Baker, M. Mestern, D. Purdy, Miss H. Every Wednesday afternoon the en- tire high school can be found seated in the auditorium for an assembly program, which occasionally consists of movies. In the rear of the audito- rium one or two high school boys are running the proiector. They are mem- bers of the ELECTRICIANS' CLUB, in- structed by Mr. H. Hartman. New members are divided into groups so that the older ones can teach the Freshmen. Electronics and radio build- ing, besides the use of visual aid equipment, were explored this year. Pres. F. Schmidt Sec.-Treas.-W. Mooney FRONT: W. Hoffmann, F. Schmidt, S. Scott. STANDING: Mr. H. Hartman, P. Engelkirk, S. Nash, J. Whelan, C. Slaybaugh, J. McPartland, K. McComb, F. Arone, D. Viola, M. Hesse. handling pots, pans, and wires, As we retrace our school career, the organization of the STUDENT COUNCIL takes a prominent place. The president and vice-president of each high school class met together to form a governing body known as the Student Council, which sponsored the Hallo- ween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Spring dances, plus the Senior Prom. Mr. Frank Kluge is adviser. Pres.-W. Mooney Vice-Pres.-J. Schmidt Sec.-E. Waldemar Treas.-A. Kalmykow THE JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL, composed of the SEATED: J. Schmidt, A. Kalmykow, C. Slaybaugh, E. Waldemar, A. President. class presidents of the grades 4 through 8, organizes committees to keep the school grounds and nearby streets free from litter, they give prizes for the best color guard, finance an interesting moving picture for assemblies, and serve to bring the students' point of view to the administration. Their activities are financed by the profits of an annual seed sale. Principal A. W. Silliman is adviser. Officers are: Pres.-J. Munsell, Sec. -R. Harten, Treas.-D. Clarke. Sansevertno. STANDING: Mr. F. Kluge. ABSENT: W. Mooney, Our introduction to yearbook fundamentals was stressed when as members of THE YEAR- BOOK CLUB, we Sophomores studied year- books, in order to be able to produce our own when we became Juniors. Working in commit- tees to demonstrate yearbook offset, bleeds, dummy, giving criticisms of many yearbooks, and learning more about the do's and don'ts of production were a few of our activities. C. Slaybaugh is president and P. Carlyle, secre- tary. Miss Pelda is our adviser. No student's reminiscence would be com- plete unless he thought back to his member- ship in the COLLEGE CLUB during his Senior year. This club offers its members oppor- tunities to explore the advantages and disad- vantages of many different colleges through the first-hand experiences and opinions pro- vided by college students and alumni, who spoke in the home of one of the students. J. Kovacik is president, B. Nardecchia, vice-pres- ident, E. Waldemar, secretary, and Mr. Koors, adviser. writing away to colleg- LEFT-SEATED: N. Noschese. STANDING: P. Carlyle, C. Slaybaugh, C. Copeland, Miss D. Pelda, M. Mestern, M. Christiano, L. Medovich. BELOW-FRONT ROW: C. Lotus, B. Murau, R. Pellegrini. BACK ROW: C. Morris, B. Lotus, R. Pearce. STANDING: F. Schappach, Miss D. Pelda. I I i i ABOVE-SEATED: A. Scott, J. Bloomfield, Mr. P. Koors, J. Baker, E. Waldemar, C. Huesgen. STANDING: J. Kovacik, S. Bertman, K. Schoenstein, H. Colten, P. Larsen. LEFT-SEATED: B. Nardecchia, B. Berlind, K. Acker, R. Hermans. STANDING: Mr. P. Koors, M. Hesse, R. M. DePaul, J. Freed, C. Hade, M. Fitzgerald. 40 'af F A typical teenager, an hysterical woman, the eccentricities of a home filled with bats, and a picnic with some uninvited guests, ants fthese were iust a few of the many characters and incidents portrayed by members ot the DRAMATIC CLUB. We will never forget the production of our play, "Antic Spring." Learning the techniques of make-up and stage presence comprised our weekly meet- ings. Ofticers are: Pres. B. Berlind, Vice-Pres. K. Schoenstein, Sec. J. Raicht, Treas. J. Freed, and Mrs. Elinor Koenig is adviser. Crash! The sound of the pinata breaking and its contents tumbling to the floor is heard at every SPANISH CLUB Christmas party, where the Spanish I and II Clubs ioin together to celebrate the holiday. The Spanish I meet- ing enjoyed Cynthia Proske's slides of her European tour. Pres. G. Mestern, Sec. M. Christiano. The Spanish II Club studied painters and artists and visited the Hispanic Museum and a Spanish restaurant. Pres. A. Wickersham, Sec. G. Barbieri, and Miss Robbie, adviser. and studying other peoples LEFT-FRONT: D. Guckenbiehl, N. Solomon, R. Freundel, H. Colten, C. Streib. BACK: T. Cappe.ta, E. Rooney, J. Berlind, J. Kovacik, M. Fitzgerald, Mrs. E. Koenig, C. Copeland. BELOW: B. Berlind, J. Raicht, F. Schappach, D. Klein, J. Freed, K. Schoenstein. Wa. ...M W.. km we I QF , ABOVE-SEATED: B. Gardiner, B. Lotus, M. Mestern, C. Lotus. STANDING: Miss H. Robbie, L. Medovich, M. Christiano, C. Morris. - LEFT-SEATED: A. Wickersham, G. Barbieri, M. Reuter,,J. Schmidt. STANDING: D. Purdy, K. Acker, Miss H. Rob- bie, W. LeCount, G. Salerno, N. Cauvet, J. Baker. 41 The members of the COMMERCIAL CLUB have taken Trips to The "Reader's Digest" building, The American Tele- phone Company, and tothe National Bus- iness Show, In January The club was host To a representative ot The Dictaphone Company. Miss Patteson is The adviser, officers are Pres. L. Arone, Vice-Pres. R. M. DePaul, Sec. E. Flanigan, Treas. A. Locuratolo. RIGHT-FRONT: L Arone, J. Bloomfield, D. Suther- green, A. Locuratolo, E. Lambert. BACK: Miss C. Patteson, E. Flanigan, R. M. DePaul. RIGHT-FRQNT: Mr. H. Hartman, J. Hashagen, N. Sol' omon, A. Wickershafn, V. Duke. BACK: C. kocnon, J. Osterberg, F. Scheller, J. Schmidt, N. Reynaud, P. Weiss. "Hey! Look what I made-a pair of earrings." Under The direction of Mr. H. Hartman, The JEWELRY CLUB meets every week in The shop where They learn The use of many of The machines. The crea- tion of all Types of iewelry out of copper, silver and bronze proved to be an excit- ing experience. Before a member Tries to make a piece of iewelry, he studies designs from books so That he can adopt Them To his own proiect. Pres. J. Schmidt, Treas. P. Pagnoni. 3 .X 8 Y E 2 si ' ie LEFT-SEATED: J. Medovich, E. Zegray, E. Rooney, F. 'lift ,AA Scheller, D. Guckenbiehl, M. Scheller, T. Cappetta, M. J. Flanigan, K. Milton. STANDING: V. Duke, Mrs. R. Howes, P. Robinson. compose many of Take a few yards of material, a variety of patterns, pins, needles, a sewing ma- chine, and twelve eager seamstresses, and your result is the SEWING CLUB, sponsored by Mrs. Howes. The members of this club have succeeded in making miany articles of clothing. Other members combined their Talents, along with a few pounds of stufifing and animal patterns, To create a menagerie of stuffed Toys which range from Hi-Diddle-Diddle's cat To Mickey Mouse. One of the most vivid memories of high school was the frequent editions of the "Salt 'n Pepper," the high school newspaper. Responsibility for this goes to the JOURNALISM CLUB, sponsored by Mr. P. Koors. Any person entering the school can de- tect a sense of stillness which reigns throughout the building on the day the "Salt 'n Pepper" is sold. The intense stu- dent interest in the newspaper is evi- denced by the fact that there is never one left at the end of the day. This year, the emphasis was placed on trying to improve the contents and make the paper appear more professional. Officers are: Pres. W. Hoffmann, Sec. R. Hughes, and Treas. J. Raicht. FRONT: J., Bloomfield, L. Arone, A. Locuratolo, R. M. DePaul, R. Hughes. CENTER: E. Lambert, E. Flani- gan, D. Suthergreen, J. Canning. BACK: W. Hoff- mann, J. Raicht, H. Colten, C. Huesgen, J. Kovacik, G. Salerno, J. Freed. BOTTOM RIGHT-LEFT ROW: S. Hassell, J. Westervelt, S. Sage, S. Ward. RIGHT ROW: B. Sfeenwerth, L. DeNardo, R. Freundel, M. Cassens, F. Sheldon, I. Murau. BACK: L. Schoenstein, M. Mack, A. Pasquale, C. Santore, E. Calhoun, D. Klein, Mr. P. Koors. We can remember the enioyment we received on those days that the ART CLUB met. At the beginning of the year Miss Davis divided us into two groups, the first consisting of students who wanted to use water colors and draw and the second consisting of those who preferred to work on projects. Miss Davis intro- duced us to block printing, pottery mak- ing, and leather work. Although many of us were amateurs in the field of paint- ing, we had a great deal of fun. TOP-SEATED: L. Schoenstein, J. Murray, M. Mack, C. Rochon, K. Milton, C. Huesgen, B. Nardecchia. STANDING: Miss E. Davis, l. Murau, M. Baker. our ever-lasting memories LEFT-FRONT ROW: N. Reynaud, J. Osterberg. CEN- TER: P. Weiss, M. Larsen, M. Cassens, Miss E. Davis. BACK ROW: S. Sage, F. Sheldon, R. Jaeger. The opportunity of expressing The ORCHESTRA, conducted by Mr. M. C. Vincent, offers its members from Sixth grade through the Sen- ior year opportunities to gain experience by their per- formances for the Parent Teachers' Association, school assemblies, graduation, and the Spring Concert. Ad- vanced players are eligible to perform in the All- County high school orchestra and in the All-State symf phony orchestra. Officers are: Pres. N. Cauvet, Vice- Pres. S. Hassell, Sec. M. Mestern, Librarian -K. Walde- ITIBF. Clash, clash! The sound of cymbals resounds loudly as the Ardsley High School BAND performs for the school assembly. A triumphant march brings the pro- gram to a happy end, and the student' body, gaily keeping in step with the music, leaves the auditorium. The band performed well at the annual Spring Con- cert while a few members performed with the White Plains Regional Band. D. Clarke is pres., W. Townsend, vice-pres., S. Hassell, sec.-treas., and Miss Haymond, adviser. No musical student can help recalling his membership in the CLEF CLUB, the advisory board of the Music Department. Its members create the rules of conduct and marking for each musical oroaniza- tion. The year's officers are Pres. R. M. DePaul, Vice-Pres. A. Locuratolo, Sec.- Treas. L. Arone. Mr. Vincent is the ad- viser. The JUNIOR CLEF CLUB, sponsored by Miss A. Haymond, acts as the governing body to the Junior Chorus and Element- ary Chorus. ClEF CLUB-FRONT: L. Arone, N. Cauvet, R. M. De Paul, M. Reuter, A. Locuratolo, A. Scott. BACK: Mr. M. C. Vincent, W. LeCount, D. Purdy. i Q ., .. 1. - I "Stand up straight, lift your shoulders, open your mouths wide! To sing well you JR. CLEF CLUB-FRONT: Miss Haymond, B. Gerow, G. Redmond, P. Sarasohn, J. Esposito. BACK: J. Purdy, M. Cassens, M. Baker, N. Reynaud, V. Duke, P. Reynaud, D. Clarke. must breathe correctly. Now let me see you do it correctly." These words are familiar to every member of VARSITY CHOIR as Mr. Vincent, the director, uses them at 8:10 every other morning to arouse the members. The Varsity Choir is the senior choral group of the high school. Every year the group performs for the P. T. A. and in the annual Spring Concert. Various members are elected to perform with the White Plains Regional Chorus at the County Center. OFficers are Pres. L. Arone, Vice-Pres. N. Cauvet, Sec. A. Scott, and Treas. M. Christiano. ourselves musically as well as 5 Q, W mv 'ff iw -E S Qi rw? il X iz X H sg Q Q Q if H 'W 'Q' A Q 5 The green and white wool sweater and a whistle are the symbols of a SPORTS CLUB mem- ber. "Anybwdy want to buy candy?" was a familiar phrase heard at all G. A. A. games as the members of the Sports Club earned money to pay for their sweaters. Tweet-tweet! "Personal foul, obstruction!" How many times during a basketball game have we heard the blaring of the Sports Club girl's whistle as she officiated? Remember too the girl who kept the badminton scores? She was a Sports Club member, who, after learning the rules of every game at the meetings, made use of her knowledge at all girls' sports events. Pres. L. Arone, Miss G. Roll, adviser. A hoarse voice, a stiff knee, a Charlie horse-take your pick, but whichever you choose, the CHEERLEADERS have had them all. "Fight, team, fight!" This ta- miliar cheer has always encour- aged the players, who look for- ward to the cheers of the girls in the orange and blue uniforms. Before each practice gobbled lunches are typical of each cheer- leader. But the thrill of- cheering at each game always compen- sated for a shortenecl lunch hour. Officers are: Cap't. L. Arone, Co- Cap't. M. Fitzgerald, Manager C. Santore, and Miss Roll, adviser. FRONT: M. Fitzgerald, L. Arone. CENTER: S. Ward, J. Goodwin, C. Santore, Manager. BACK: C. McKeough, M. Larsen, D. Ank- helen, N. Noschese, G. Gardiner, E. Mulvey. STANDING: Miss G. Roll, C. Huesgen, G. Barbieri, M. Reuter, N. Cauvet. SEATED: R. M. Dr:-Paul, E. Flanigan, L. Arone. to participate in athletic competition 47 Y Y a A fl' .0 sf S ea If iq' K Y Www I 3 1 '95, W , X Q X .W Maui JM WY ZZ' 'A"f FREED Y 'X , L v' M' xx ' 5 ,gr Q Y ,gtk ' ,z an X . , I :E A pi if Q ,, , 'x ' 6 ,U 1 5 l N, M S. . ' .,.. I .H V -,151-"9 X f' , 1 Wav 1 N ' " -iq: Q MW? w . f i - '1Lm'f M: 215 K-, UW 1 Eawpifr wg , ' f 1 K M Hgffigws A iw ' ' PTY 'Ulf ' ,vgvlqfifw w ,V Q 1 if V f www M Qs if B-1 Uday ii, if .ff .commas bHADE W..,,.., ,.-V .,.z'z' R' Q , -43" CYRELQQ ROCHON Cx T? f Iz, ,,., sb XXX .,,,3 h,,V 1 I A, x,-ff ff' Q ...f 1 fiflif ' ' .,.,, ? , F TP p Y' I its SA 1 QE , ES if I x .3 ..,:. Uf a I ' fi 5 5 x f F ,sw 5 Q Swi W W ,, -'C A Q i f Lx 1 .-..,--' V' I W? W R 2' '55 V. .A:A,A j K ' WM Nw 1 I I B - ' 5 4 XR .Lf 4, wx .-1 1 , Y 'M egg..- T JY h ' f Y ,. f 1 X y 7 ,M aw if 'ei'C"Nf., 'il-L-I xx. z FRONT: W. Hoffmann, J. Young, C. Hade, P. Cimino, P. Koors, bat-boy, J. Freed, J. Kovacik. BACK: S. Scott, R. Casey, F. Arone, Manager, G. Fagan, R. Hermans, C. Slaybaugh, J. Cawley, P. Larsen, Coach M. Jackman. Precision ancl skill as well as Spring air, sunny days, and the BASEBALL team are all symbolic of the second high school semester. On April l8, twenty-eight boys, who were selected from a possible thirty-six, represented the Junior Var- sity and Varsity Teams at the opening game at Bronx- ville. This year, because of Ardsley's lack of a suitable baseball field, all home games will be played away. Even so, spirit and enthusiasm were prevalent at all games. Nine boys were returnees from last year's Varsity team, and the other five were chosen from the Junior Varsity. Good sportsmanship combined with the guidance of Coach Jackman gave the Ardsley Baseball team a won- derful incentive. FRONT: E. Bramble, R. Mooney, G. Salerno, G. Koors, A. Pasquale, J. Whelan, S. Nash, Manager, W. Duke, bat- boy. BACK: A. DeRocha, A. Kalmykow, D. Purdy, J. Osterberg, J. Murray, J. McPavtland, K. McComb, D. Mooney, Mr. C. Felter, coach. 911. atv' Sung 5:- 55 if digg ff? Fr m xi? prevailed on the track and FRONT: C. Copeland W. Townsend, J. Berlind. BACK: C. Rochon, F. Arone, A. Harais, R. Hughes. ABSENT: Coach W. Wolter. Take one sunny day, the back field of the school, and add ten eager boys, your result will be the TRACK team practice. Under the leadership of Mr. Wolter, a track team has been added to Ardsley High School's list of sports events. After sev- eral tune-up meets with neigh- boring schools, the team entered the Western Westchester League field meet, consisting of dash, distance, and certain field events. Cyril jumping over Ray Tony and Warren 54 Jeff, Fred, and Charlie on our many school excursions. The Ardsley School system, under Supervising Prin- cipal Arthur W. Silliman, has been a pioneer in this area in the "adventure approach" of OUTDOOR EDU- CATION ACTIVITIES AND SCHOOL CAMPING. Start- ing in 1936 with the Outdoor Club composed of high school boys, activities now permeate the school system from the nature walks of the Kindergarten to the long trip of the Senior class to Washington. High spots of this year's activities were taken by the 7th grade groups to Mt. White Mountains, the Berkshires, and the Under the direction of Assistant Principal Horend, Head of the Science Department at High School, the entire biology class spends Camp Senasqua at Croton Point, through tion of the Westchester County Recreation which operates these facilities as a summer Ardsley has been designated by the Curriculum De- velopment Department of the State Education Depart- ment as a pilot school to help develop the Outdoor Education Program. This year's camp was the sixth on the secondary school level. High school youth craves challenge, adventure, co- operation, planning, new places, new ideas, new ac- quaintances, live meanings to old ideas-all implicit in Westchester County, so rich in Indian and Revolution- -Winkle Country. Transportation was by automobile. Nights were spent at cabins or lean-tos. Meals were planned and prepared by the students. These proiects were preceded by a study of the history, geography, and industry of the area and of the problems of public water supply, conservation, and natural resources. Many shorter trips were taken along the Appalachian w3Trail at Fahnestock Park and into the northern part of ary lore and in the change-over from farming to manu- facturing to residential pursuits. CAMP. The students enioy a I on-the-spot outdoors study associated geology and 'first-hand of public health and conserva- girls live in a separate group of cabins of Mr. and Mrs. Horend and help cook meals for the group as well as take care of the cabins and ciean-up activities. The proiect has the encouragement of District Super- intendent Hollister and the heads of the appropriate bureaus of the State Education Department, as part of the Outdoor Education Program which the Second Supervisory District has been developing on a demon- stration basis for the benefit of the schools of the state. of biology under plan, ,,-""" f , H., f, A M Ii . - fail' 4 .,'m, sf I L, ,fwqs jg, X 4 H Q f-rw 1 ', JJ" 1 ' W' ,gg , wf5i5YkQ .5 cgigfgg 4 ' ' ,Q 1 o K , :N 2 H 5 I ,530 95 , 5 it v' ,f W W s 3 R Q35 S Q Xu 'Nia N 4 , , Y M Y ' X 'QW fl 1 N Q' W H' is ,W 2 S23 W 1 Q 1 4. + . 9 K H' 3 .' Y b Y ,4 A A K 2-.,v . 1 1 I X w mwv -ig Q -J, E-II:-5 :i:l"E2E:ElTf'k V 0 I ,. . Q I Q 'W' ' Y v wo, ia me ,www ,wwf wx . . V, .J K 3, 1 . . . ,W 25 ' X NY 1 ' wif - 4. ,s 5 . E, -, 3 I . 4 'X af. S 4 1 , , . !.x 1 . 5 N- , , ff fig' .f X M ya ,, W J , . x A 1 Fm.. ff g E. 5 A 3? ' 4 SL, .PX Q . I' 32 , i s-L Mswnellr SEATED: L. Brooks, J. Evans. STANDING: C Fon, C. Lehmkuhl, C. Boccumini.,A. Bliss, B. McKeough, J. Kyff, W. Boulton. SEATED: R. Wallitt. STANDING: Mr. H. Thomas, K. Yocis, R. Sankey, J. Munsell, L. Seberg, P. Wickersham, P. Rey- naud, H. Ward, Jr., Y. Tunnard, A. Schafer. Our plot now flashes back 'ro MR. EVERETT EINHORN, Teacher - Swim- ming, roller skating, ice skating and square dance parties were lust a few of the wonder- ful social activities that GRADE 8E partici- pated in this year. The class also organized a fall picnic and trips to Radio City and the United Nations. We performed two plays directed by Pat Witharn and Doris Negri. Winning the P. T. A. class award made us proud, but we experienced even more joy at our prom and graduation. Our class of- ficers are Pres. Duncan Clarke, Vice-Pres. Pat Witham, Sec. Larry Nardecchia and Treas. Sarah Benning. Class mothers are Mrs, L. Nardecchia and Mrs. J. Locurotolo. FRONT ROW: D. Clarke, L. Nardecchia, R. Halvorsen. SECOND ROW: L. King, V. LeCount, C. D'Andrea, J. Kipp, D. Negri, C. Mestern, A. Cuozzo, J. lstvan, P. Witham. BACK ROW: Mr. E. Einhorn. MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS, Teacher - Our graduation year has proved to be one of the most exciting in our school career. GRADE BT organized many skating, swim- ming, and holiday parties as well as memor- able experiences such as our spring trip to West Point and our June prom and gradua- tion. Although we had numerous so-cial af- fairs, our class enioyed making house plans and studying social studies and science. James Munsell is class president, with Ann Schafer as vice-president, Patricia Reynaud as secretary, and Roberta Wallitt as treasur- er. Class mothers are Mrs. J. Reynaud and Mrs, W. Wallitt. SEATED: E Locuratolo, G. Osterberg. STANDING: L. Quist, S. Benning, C. lstvan, V. Pellegrini, K. Waldernar, G. Whitney, J. Whitney, F. Cecelin, B. Whelan, A. Da- more, P. Brandon, Mr. E. Einhorn. I :as25i..2 .. ml: ... S MISS MARGARET A. WESP, Teacher- During the past year GRADE 7WE combined their artistic talents to construct Columbus and Rip Van Winkle scenes around the class- room. At Christmas-time the group made table settings which were sent to Montrose Hosoital. We also had a small party where we exchanged gifts among our classmates. To top oft our year, both seventh grades ioined together to plan exciting square dances. Our class officers are Pres. Jan Anthony, Vice-Pres. Dennis McDonough, Sec, Joanne Riccio and Treas. Michael Mon- delli. Class mothers are Mrs. A. Waldeier and Mrs. H. Freeman. our grade school clays 5 f T ' TOP-SEATED: S. DeRocha, Miss M. Wesp, J. Anthony, P. Grutzner. STANDING: R. Raicht, J. Freeman, L. Stanaway, L. Dombek, C. Gruessing, A. lzzola, T. Fatigate, G. Whaley, G. Norton. CENTER-FRONT ROW: C. Nash, J. Liverani, A. Waldeier. SECOND ROW: H. DeNardo, J. Casaclone, D. McDonough, R. Zegray, Miss M. Wesp, R. Ennis, J. Riccio, J. Smith, A. LeDuc. BOTTOM-SEATED: J. Tino, N. Hunt. STANDING: Miss M. Wesp, J. Parcly, D. Scola, A. Kovacik, M. Hinnen, C. Cassano, N. Marshall, S. VanLeer, C. Hughes, P. Gatti, K. Soderstrom. SEATED: V. Rosler, E. Aim. STANDING: L. Drucker, S. Walther, W. Shaugnessy, J. Saunders, J. Goldman, B. Zinck, Mr. Wolter.. SEATED: M. Fagan. S. Kreymborg, STANDING: D. Ewald C. Wolk, S. Patton, R. Ellis, P. Chalmers, R. Hasfell, L Hall, Mr. Wolter. when high spirits and close friendships were MR. WILLLAM WOLTER, IITEVBCIWGF - GRADE 7WO has had many thrilling experiences duringgthe year. We had two square dances, and the class took ra trip to Manhattan Island and the Museum of Natural History. ,Record- ing ourgplay the tape recorder was a new proiect for us, lout weialso got a great satisfactizggggifyrom Coi.lect.ir1g money for UNI' CEF and ilil Cfioss. f'3'::t,r1:Qi2y5aJ i.21,l'Si',.s1. W D. Clarke, N. Hoy, B. Cook, Mr. Wolter, D. McComb, P. Jaeger, R. Harten, L. Hughes, C. Stahl. We in Grade are proudfot ourycolor guard and of ourrflagfdgrive to raise money for our outdoor education trips. We visited Mount Greyloclgthe White Mountains., and the Hudson Valley. After we returneclhwe wrote a booklet' telling abouttour experi- ences. Our classyofficers are Roserftary Hartenl Vice-Presh Kiop Sec.n.L.jJ'1da Kane, and Treegilg .',i VitfgtigtfjgiiiaagjrgggsTerlqI'iClass mothers areiwirsit Mrs. Mc- SEATED: V. Rochon, P. McDonough, L. Kane, R. Massaro STANDING: Mr. Wolter, D. Nugent, S. Suthergreen, C O'Connor. SEATED: J. Montaruli, J. Stagliano, J. DeSimone. STAND- SEATED: Mrs. M. Purdy. SECOND ROW: J. Fon, F. Bram- ING: D. Tidaback, S. lstvan, 5. Pasquini, Mrs. M. Purdy, ble, R. Bennett, S. Ullman. J. Speicher, G- Welrwmeyer. E. D. Kolster, E. Harais, S. Parachini. McGovern, C. Freed, A. Paino. STANDING: E. Hanrahan. present at all of our skating parties, MISS PATRICIA BIRDSALL, Teacher - As well as making a thorough study of science, GRADE 68 took a trip to Fahnestock Park in January and an outdoor education trip in the spring. These experiences proved to be very enjoyable, but our class remembers very vividly their trip to view college wrest- lingrat Columbia University. Grade 6B is also very proud of their band which per- formed at several assembly programs. The fttlidwirtg Officers were chosen: Pres. Wil- liam Duke, Vice-Pres. Robert Kytf, Sec. Thomas Gardiner, Treas. Robert Bell. Class mothers are Mrs. J. Muller and Mrs. H. Moore. SEATED: R. Kyff, P. Muller, B. Geer, C. Coggins, N. Moore.STANDING: C. DeRosa, J. Mullahy, C, Gatti, J. Purdy, R. Wedekind, K. McGlynn, K. Moore, E. Brook- ings, Miss P. Birdsall, R. Bell. MRS. MARGARET J. PURDY, Teacher - GRADE 6P has had a very enioyable year. Having an exciting Christmas party and go- ing to the museum in the spring were just two of the events that provided the class with wonderful memories. We also 'were fortunate enough tofhave a real Christmas tree for which we made ornaments. The entire class joined together to 'make maps, illustrating lands around the vvorlcl, The class officers are.Pres. Jane S?agli,yanQiIVice- Pres. John Speicher, tsl. Treas. Steven Pasquini. Class l'itircithers::l'are Mrs. F. Kolster and Mrs. M. Ullman. SEATED: R. Liposky, F. Purcell, D. Schaefer. STANDING: R. Colten, G. Rochon, E. Brady, M. Stahl, K. Morrison, A. deTarnowsky, D. Hines, T. Gardiner, W. Duke. ns TOP: G. Lundberg, K. Eckelman, P. Waite, R. Neubauer, J. Osterberg, R. Massaro, W. Delagi, D. Serrano, H. Bernstein, J. Prestholdt, Mrs. H. Snyder, W. Lippmann. CENTER-FRONT ROW: B. Gerow, G. Redmond, A. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: J. Harten, J. Galgay, J. Adams, C. Mur- tough, S. Geyer, J. Cauvet, J. Esposito, S. Smith. BACK ROW: Mrs. H. Snyder. BOTTOM-FRONT ROW: G. Jenter, G. Hurst, C. Townsend, D. Kight, B. Edlestein, C. Harkewitz. SECOND ROW: W. Papovitch, M. Krauss, Mrs. H. Snyder, J. Stern, G. Win- ston, F. Progner. L-,gi-35 ee lf' Eg. ,, ,. we. MF' L, s - few M3 5 ,N 44 .. '.'- 11." . ,..v 5 YEA? Ui "-We 1' numerous square dance I Ji MRS. HELENA SNYDER, Teacher - We in GRADE 65 have made an imaginary trip down the Rhine River in connection with social studies. Later on we concentrated on Asia and collected large pictures of different countries, To promote our interest in reading we made original book covers, The class will have many happy memories of our Christmas play, "The King's Christmas Carol." And we will always remember the wonderful trip to the Museum of Natural History. Our class officers are Pres. Guy Lundberg, Vice-Pres. Judy Stern, Sec. Jane- Ellen Cauvet, Treas. Gary Redmond. Class mothers: Mrs. M. Jenter, Mrs. B. Cauvet. and class activities MRS. ALICE C, FRISCHMANN, Teacher - This year many students of GRADE 5F en- tered the Poster Contest sponsored by the American Legion, A variety of beautiful posters were entered. ln November our class was very happy to receive the P, T. A. award, and in December we had a lovely Christmas party where we exchanged gifts and cards and worked together to decorate our classroom. A IOOCXD contribution of can- ned goods to Dobbs Ferry Hospital was an- other highlight of the year. Our class officers are Pres. Jeffrey Smith, Vice-Pres. Stephen Witham, Sec. Ann Ridings, Treas. Jane Beck- man. Class mothers are Mrs. M, Knapp and Mrs. A. Laudato. TOP-FRONT ROW: E. Korbin, F. Dornbek, J. Fraguela, R. Cook. SECOND ROW: A, Ridings, R. Brandon, B. Insky, Mrs. A. Frischmann, H. Ardanowski, BACK ROW: W. Love, S. Witham. CENTER: J. Beckman, T. Pancoast, N. Stien, Mrs. A. Frischmann, G. Laudato, L. Adams, M. Burns, J. Smith, E. Schultz. BOTTOM-FRONT ROW: A. Inversin, A. Hellthaler, D Knapp, S. Werner, SECOND ROW: P. Bell, T. Burke, D Goodman, Mrs. A. Frischmann, P. Osterberg. ABSENT C. Jenter. K Mai". ,- 2.2553452111-1 if sf i MISS ETHEL TRYON, Teacher - One of the main proiects of GRADE 5T was to construct a Christmas village, consisting ot churches and synagogues ot different religions and homes and public buildings. Theclass stud- ied brotherhood in connection with this pro- iect. All of the students in our class are very pleased that SOQ of us belong to the Honor Society and that we had 100947 membership in the Junior Red Cross, Our class officers are Pres. Winifred lzzola, Vice-Pres. Edward Brown, Sec. Joan Brengel, Treas. Louis Per- rota. Class mothers are Mrs. W. Britt and Mrs. G. Sankey. As we reminisce, S? l J :z ,ssgggsgwgwr:s?1w:,EwgSc:Gfil 252'-at f' 5: :Mir-Sirsiiiisilei it ii? 'V M ' J . , , TOP-FRONT ROW: T. Lofgren, P. Sanseverino, E. Anthony. SECOND ROW: P. Koors, Miss E. Tryon, L. Britt, M.. Schappach, L. Larsen, G. Hellthaler, J. Pascone, E. Brown, M. Scaperotta. CENTER: G. Taranto, F. Marron, J. Tino, R. Reilly, C. Gruessing, K. Yocis, S. Young, J. Sankey, A. Sheldon, Miss Tryon. BOTTOM: H. Unger, C. Salerno, C. Weinberger, G. Crisi M. Lehmkuhl, W. lzzolo, D. Rooney, R. Gannon, J. Bren gel, Miss E. Tryon, M. Norton. 1 MRS. RUTH HAMILTON WESSELS, Teacher, - Publishing a weekly class paper and in June combining the articles into a book was one of the educational projects of the year for GRADE 5W. The pupils in our class will always remember the exciting Christmas and Valentine parties that provided us with so much holiday enjoyment and the satis- faction we got from painting cans to be used as flower vases for the Junior Red Cross. The class officers are Pres. Marion Speicher, Vice-Pres. Susan Nlartin, Sec. Peter Sarasohn, and Treas, Richard Morris. Class mothers are Mrs. A. Bennett and Mrs. P. Dowe. e recall our geography TOP-FRONT ROW: M. Speicher, J. Suthergreen. SECOND ROW: J. Dowe, T. Witham, P. Mestern, S. Martin, J. Walther, R. Nichols, G. Seberg.BACK ROW: Mrs. Wessels. CENTER: D. MacKenzie, R. Stroh, R. Clute, Mrs. Wessels, D. Schafer, S. Shiller, L. Marpet, A. Bennett, C. VanDorn, R. Patton, C. Wallitt, R. Morris, N. Milton. BOTTOM-FRONT ROW: K. Sullivan, C. Redmond. SECOND ROW: A. Marks, F. Holser. BACK ROW: R. Galgay, Mrs. Wessels, P. Sarasohn, P. Burger, V. Waldemar, M. Whaley, M. Hoy. FRONT ROW: R. Carlyle, F. Cartwright, C. Bernstein, S. Einhorn, L. MacLoon, R. Watson, J. Liberrnan BACK ROW: J. Nugent, Miss H. Edwards, D. Murau, S. Anthony, J. Marshall, C. Rayburn, L. Hudson, R. Prestholdt. FRONT ROW: A. Mayersohn, J. Hickey, J. Esposito, A Meislin. SECOND ROW: H. Marcus, D. lnversin, E. Mayer- sohn, Miss H. S. Edwards, R. Carlyle, M. Watson, H. Matthn vs, C. Kolb. N. Oliver, A. Meislin, C. Kolb, K. Beall, D. Geyer, H Matthews, Miss H. S. Edwards, J. Nugent, J. Edelsteiri S. Chalmers, P. Johann, M. Graham, J. Kane. . www . a DJ Q. 5 S0 DJ :J Q. l 5? l 5 '4 ii ll MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS, Teacher - Becoming acquainted with other lands through the exploration of geography proved to be a thrilling experience For GRADE AE. ln connection with our study,all of the students in our class made various maps and saw many exciting films. In December we participated in a Christmas program, and in February the class gave a Valentine's Day play, The class officers are Pres. Howard Marcus, Vice-Pres. Sharon Chalmers, and Treas. John Marshall. Class mothers are Mrs. R. Anthony and Mrs. M. Bernstein. SEATED: R. Shepard. D. DGCk9f, T. O'BYlEf1f L- ROSl8l'. C. FRONT: L. Viola, G. lstvan, R. Cook, D. Clarke. CENTER: A. Kent. STANDING: M, Flanigan, E. Gardiner, M. Halvor- L, Robinson, D, Nardecchga, B. Mcponoughl p, Stein' M sen, C. Meuser, Mrs. M. Reuter, M. Tidaback, W. Moore, Slack, J, Dunn. BACK: L- Hoffman, 5. Wi-mney, 5, Buck W. Sommer, J. King, J. Feurer, J. Strand, A. Sanseverino. A. Ardanowski, E. Leach, Mrs. Reuter. and how we learned MRS. VIVIAN L. HILL, Teacher - GRADE AH MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER, Teacher - The has had a very exciting and informative chief goal of GRADE AR this year was to year learning to work together and to im- make our reading more meaningful, for we prove our use of language by putting on a know that reading is the basis of all learn- play for our school-mates. We made three ing. Each month our class has a party to dimensional scenes and scrapbooks that celebrate all the birthdays occurring in that vividly showed what we saw and learned time. We had some wonderful holiday par- as we "visited" various countries. We had ties too, and in May we gave a play in as- many successful experiences working to- sembly. Our class officers for both terms gether and learning to be friends. Our class are: Pres. D. Nardecchia, A. Sanseverino, officers are Pres. Robin Gorton, Vice-Pres. VlC9'PVeS- S- WlTlmeYf G- lSTVBfWi Sec. L- Viola. Barbara Atalese,Sec. Mary Chris Bailey.Class l-- Hoffman: TFSGS- J. King, l.. Viola. Class mothers are Mrs. A. Kalmykow and Mrs. R. mothers are Mrs. J- King and Mrs. M. Flani- Bailey. gan. FRONT ROW: J. Martin, E. Grandolfi, C. A. Geer, J. SEATED: B. Atalese, L. Freedman, D. Bliss, C. Hinnen Gibson. SECOND ROW: M. Hillebrand, D. McKean, G. M. Bailey, Mrs. V. Hill. STANDING: P. Guckenbiehl, R Paino, J. Glaberson. BACK ROW. Mrs. V. Hill, R. Gorton, Denike., C. Andrews, B. Duke, A. Fatigate, E. Copeland S. Brenson, R. Mackenzie, C. Theil, W. Doughty. C. Kalmykow, J. Casadone. ABSENT: M. Kilstrom. km i l MM 502V z1wK2wsQ.'s. , ,4 I SEATED: A. Levy, K. Olson, S. Engelkirk, Mrs. J. Ruotolo, FIRST ROW: J. Purdy, E. Sonnenberg, C. Crisi, A. Muller, S. Seitz, A. Goldfeder, R. Levy, B. Britt. STANDING: S. N. Leach, B. Ullman, M. Morano, C. Roberts. SECOND Chase, B. Guillan, D. Benzenberg, E. Thorp, C. Schafer, ROW: M. Pachter, G. Dworkind, P. Kuoni, S. McMurtree, A. Kanning. ABSENT: D. Paterson, R. Bailey, J. Pardy. A. Tallcott, Mrs. J. Ruotolo, R. Wedekind, C. Fernandez, A. Munck. the value of good citizenship MRS. JANICE RUOTOLO, Teacher - Because the main project of GRADE 3R was to study our community and how we live and how others live, the students made a model of a big city and ot a small town, "All Aboard for Thanksgiving" was the delightful play that we took part in. At Easter time we all dyed eggs and made little people from them. We also had a lot of fun learning to write stories and making booklets to go with them. Class Mothers are Mrs. J. McMurtrie and Mrs. G. Sonnenberg. FRONT ROW: T. D'Auria, J. Burger, H. Whitney, M. Bit- ting, R. Shepard. SECOND ROW: F. Lipton, J. Tortora, R. VanLeer, C. Kafalas, M. Ellis, M. Pestone, R. Whelan. BACK ROW: C. Wimazal, E. Naviski, 5. Kenner, A. Ewald, D. McGlynn, L. Simmons, Miss Toomey, D. Cook. MISS HELEN TOOMEY, Teacher - Beginning each day with "Show and Tell" and caring for a parakeet, introduced GRADE 3T to many new things during the past year, We had parties tor Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Putting on "Hansel and Grete-I" in assembly proved to be a very exciting experience tor all ot us as we all had a part in it. In June, before the school year ended, the class took a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Class mothers are Mrs. L. Burger and Mrs. F. Van Leer. FRONT ROW: L. Harris, R. Fraguela, K. Sage, L. Pivowar BACK ROW: A. Mattson, M. Sullivan, E. Marks, D. Olden E. Singer, T. Hall, R. Donoglue. STANDING: Miss H Toomey, C. King. l 1' tx, yvq UIHUQIAIUUQI G. Purcly, A. Olbert, Mrs. B. Moran, J. Crisi, B. Trutt, M. Kashchy, K. Pascone, S. DeNicola, A. Groth. ABSENT: M. C' Fon' L' Fagan' C' Delmerlcof C' Balesf N' Galena' l- Tancredi. Zito, D. Solomon. and a happy communitygblife. MRS. BARBARA MORAN, Teacher - Food, clothing, and shelter were the main topics for GRADE 3C this year. For each subiect we learned about, we made tiny replicas of a scene. At Christmas-time we decorated our windowsill with a town and reindeer disFPlaYed the spirit of Christmas on n we '.,Lm1'vs2 st. V door and bulletin board. ln February we all participated in the play, "Hansel and 'Gretel," which we enjoyed very much. Class mothers are Mrs. W. Purdey and Mrs C. Solomon. SEATED: R. Jacobi, R. Clarke, R. Dickerman, M. Weggen- man, J. Progner, J. Washburn, G. Casey, P. Dachinger N. Jacobs, K. Doscher, K. Burns. STANDING: P. Riegert, C. Hazelton, Miss R. Hurlburt, L. Goldman. 1 Miss iiulri-it fauizusur, Teacher - ln Novem- "l" lllbiber 3H participated in the play ,'fSleepinQiiHeauty." However, studying the farm has been our main proiect this year. We decided to construct a model farm, and at Christmas-time all of us made a village scene. Our joyful year was concluded with a trip to the Bronx Zoo and with a wonder- ful party that we will always remember. Our class officers are Pres. Margaret Weg- genman, Vice-Pres. Carol Hurst, Sec. Donald Glassman. Class mothers are Mrs. G. Wolk and Mrs, M. Pappas. FRONT ROW: C. Hurst, W. Welden, R. Cabot, B. Mun- kelt, J. McCauley, N. Ferrier, E. Nilsen, M. Pappas, Miss R. Hurlbut. BACK ROW: J. Wolk, J. Washburn, A. Jan- son, D. Dyer, B. Weiss, D. Harris. TOP: Mrs. R. Adams, S. Rabinowitz, J. lsfvan, J. Krauss, R. Denike, L. Boccumini, D. Mondelli, E. Ehrens, H. Arch- itello, S. Washko, R. Morrison, A. Stagliano, S. Agnano, N. Decker. ABSENT: R. McCauley, J. Doughty, B. Kirlf- patrick. CENTER-SEATED: D. Holscher, D. Harman. STANDING: N. Mitsos, C. Spano, D. Niciu, A. Morano, S. Fatigate, M. Riccio, F. Morano, B. Delmerico, Mrs. R. Adams, L. Lackman, J. Scallero, A. Tino, S. King. ABSENT: M, Muir, R. Johnson. BOTTOM LEFT-FRONT ROW: T. Connick, C. Manning, S. Kenner, E. Barkan, J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: J. Kerbel W. Haimsohn, R. Tangney, C. Grell, S. Turner, M. Negri, Mrs. R. Fox, S. Loren, D. Decker, J. Maxwell. BOTTOM RIGHT-SEATED: J. Doscher, S. Lindbeck, P. Myrer, C. Anderson, M. Adams. STANDING: S. Hesse, L. Hill, J. Leeper, Mrs. R. Fox, 'I. Love, I. Berkowitz, M. Ridings. f News We will always remembe MRS. RUTH B, ADAMS and MRS. ROSEMARY KEATING FOX, Teachers - We the pupils of GRADE 2A and GRADE QKF have had a very profitable and busy year. Creating holiday 3-D murals was an exciting new ex- perience for us. In Grade 2 KF we learned about clothing and the community. We are proud of the play, called "Little February," that we put on for the school. None of us in Grade 2A will ever forget our study of food and especially our trip to the Dellwood Dairy. Class mothers are Mrs. N. Ehrens, Mrs. W, McCauley, Mrs. W. Anderson, Mrs. M. Adams. ""?f25?-',ll-1154. 5'-gg. A aim!" 'L vw www-.mwww our study of America MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM and MRS. MYRA KLAHR, Teachers - Our trip to Woodlands Park was one of the most enioyable ex- periences ofthe Girls' Club and Boys' Club of GRADE 2F although we will never forget our visit to the museum. Tina Rose and Terry Jacobs are the club presidents. Creating our own library was one of the highlights ofthe year for us in GRADE 2K. Besides our bulletin board committees and the play we put on, we are proud of Ronald Lindbeck for getting a student assistance award. Class mothers are Mrs. J, Perfield, Mrs. M. Godoy, Mrs. R. Cockburn, and Mrs. E. Lindbeck. TOP-FRONT ROW: C. Galgay, D. O'Brien, J. Weissen- berger, D. Henwood, J. Thomas, B. Mestern. SECOND ROW: J. Tortora, C. Williams, L. Gardner, Mrs. M. Klahr, P. Purcell, R. Cockburn, L. Frowd, K. DeTarnowsky, T. Bersonnet, L. Coppage. ABSENT: L. Stroh, D. Kurtz, R. Walther. CENTER-FRONT ROW: J. Schwartz, A. Park, K. Worden. SECOND ROW: D. Hassell, M. Riviezzo, A. Schlitt, S. McDonough, L. Liman. STANDING: R. Lindbeck, R, Harris, R. Wehe, Mrs. M. Klahr, J. Potter, T. Sullivan, J. Cerrone. BOTTOM LEFT-SEATED: Mrs. E. Farnham, T. Jacobs, L Lippmanr, W. Sassano. STANDING: J. Liposky, T. Rose J. Field, P. Saunders, C. Godoy, S, Yarmovsky, R. Kuhl mann, J. Culver, A. Kenney. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Farnham, T. Bersonnet, R. Batten, P. Fitzgerald, S. Ramin, L. Vincent, E. Toscani, W. Bell, E. Delagi, K. Ginter, J. Berland, D. Mellon, M. Kohler. ABSENT: M. Perfield, C. MacKenzie, J. McQueen. 1 ' 5 5 . 5 1. Q 5 2 W S i " zi ,MW xs'aaiwfa vc2t MISS JOAN MC LAUGHLIN, Teacher - This year GRADE 2M adopted a little girl in the hospital, and we have enjoyed writing let- ters to her and sending her a Turkey and Christmas presents. ln September we gave a play in assembly about lunchroom man- ners. We also made a post office in our classroom so that we could mail Christmas cards to one another, We enioyed construct- ing a dairy farm when we studied about the community helpers. Our class officers are Pres. Vickie Roberts, Vice-Pres. Paul Fel- ter, and Treas. Rachel Fisher. Class mothers are Mrs, J. Hines and Mrs. R. Lotus. in connection with 7 . 2 ,. 7' , s Y 9 s . x J 5 QW hi gf 2, i ' .. , , . L : ,, MM, y A., 3 4 1 an' .fr ,U . as 4,f4Q..,y . we my C9393 ,ws gg ? L 1' fa 625 L' rs. fsfv 7 'tt is .eieifs si 14 Y fi :., .,w ,N , .. gf. r . , Y ,Ars 2 H .. . J ze, A 5 E if L 7 gf 5 5 ' wwe Q ,r Q " xx,m wwf' F 2 is ...M I 2 x f Ei Cx 'cgrgs s E r ,- Eva sf? 5 'Kgs , X. . kwa My ,sq , . , if ls ' tm ? i TOP-KNEELING: F. Gardner, W. Wallitt, D. Marvin. STANDING: T. Dourmashkin, M. Kanning, R. Henderson, C. Calhoun, M. Hines, B. Smith, C. Walker. CENTER: D. Lotus, S. Kyff, P. Felter, J. Chase, J. Johnson, R. Liu, B. DeFeo, A. Newnan. BO'I'T0M5SEATED: J. Gibson, J. Stanaway, L. Freeman, B Grutzner, K. Olson, V. Roberts, J. Warawashin. STAND ING: Miss J. McLaughlin, L. Cassano, R. Evans. A FRONT ROW: M. Rusoff, J. Johnson, J. Theil, A. Thorpe, M. Winslow, L. Munck. SECOND ROW: K. LaMarsh, P. Taxter, R. Gannon, K. Lofgren. BACK ROW: R. Kent G. Stein, K. Burpee, J, Leach, A. Johnson, M. Pascone, Mrs. D. Alshin. I SEATED: C. Kamens, S. Streib, L. Weinberger, C. Gaw man. STANDING: R. Hunt, R. Raicht, K. Hunt, J. Mc Govern, H. Baas, P. Kramer, E. Donoghue, S. Orvis, M Rusoff, V. Brown. our early school experiences, MRS. DOROTHY ALSHIN, Teacher - GRADE TA has managed to accomplish much this year, in spite of our half-day schedule. We have enioyed the many hours we devoted to painting, clay modeling, singing, and playing games. None of us will ever forget the enioyment we experienced at our Hal- loween, Christmas, and Valentine parties and especially on our spring trip to the Bronx Zoo, Class Mothers are Mrs. N. Brown and Mrs. L. Thiel. FRONT ROW: S. Flanders, N. Suib, P. Kuhlman, T. Tit- comb, S. Jacobi, J. Browning, L. Quinlan, C. Glassman, R. Holser.BACK ROW: A. Winslow, T. Vincent, J. Clarke, P. Ling, Mrs. L. K, Hatfield. MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD, Teacher - In September GRADE lH was a little worried about adjusting to our half-day schedule with two classes in one room, but within a very short time we became used to it. Be- sides learning the fundamental subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, we managed to have some wonderful holiday parties and a delightful June picnic and class trip. Class mothers are Mrs. F. Ramin and Mrs. C. Flanders. SEATED: M. Werner, P. Godoy, L. Kluge, l. Blumenfeld, P. Krauss, S. Gerstman, STANDING: Mrs. L. Hatfield, L. Renner, L. Stien, J. Felton, C. Martin, E. Buergers, C. Ramin. ,R C1l f3 w,1 -rw n our introduction MRS. MYRTLE SEBERG and MISS FLORENCE STASIAK, Teachers, e Although we of GRADE ISE and GRADE lST will remember fondly our holiday parties and our June picnic, we have filled many other activities into a busy half-day schedule and have had fun doing it. Grade lSE has done hand- work as well as made surprises for Mother. Grade lST has had a study of safety, good food, and the calendar followed by a trip to the zoo in May. Class mothers are Mrs. L. Hickey, Mrs. l. Weiner, Mrs. E. Mullen, and Mrs. M, Giroux. TOP-FRONT ROW: S. Mullen, R. Montaruli, J. Amanna, F. Suthergreen, J. Giroux, A. Fitzgerald. BACK ROW: J. A. Jayne, P. Rossi, P. Allen, J. DePaolo, K. Soderstrom, L. Liverani, W. Pagani, W. Clark, Miss F. Stasiak. CENTER-FRONT ROW: P. Frank, V. Quattrocchi, J. Stae- deli, G. Coppage. SECOND ROW: P. Scheller, J. Del- merico, P. Petretti, C. Beilharz, E. Bitting, J. Spellerberg, L. B. Lou, Miss F. Stasiak. BACK ROW: G. Feurer, J. Sommer, K. Hagens, C. Curtis. BOTTOM LEFT-FRONT ROW: R. Jenter, R. Nusbaum, C. Hickey, D. Filomena. SECOND ROW: B. Mullahy, J. Dyer, A. M. Dombek, M. Grady. THIRD ROW: M. Jaffe, A. Meislin, W. Keating. FOURTH ROW: S. Ross, S. Rohrauer, J. Dachinger. ABSENT: Mrs. Seberg. BOTTOM RIGHT-FRONT ROW: S. McLean, B. Rayburn, M. Luther, R. Kaufman. SECOND ROW: J. Cuddihy, K. Weiner, D. Einstein, L. Zimkin, N.Connick. THIRD ROW: T. Galetta, J. Gross, P. Janson, Mrs. M. Seberg. ABSENT: G. Ehmann. A .yd .1 .. 5 . . , . K. we to reading and writing MRS. MARJORIE RIDINGS, Teacher -f All of us in KINDERGARTEN-R have learned lo be more ready to read. We had a wonderful time making presents for our parents as it was the first time We had done it. Taking care ot our pet guinea pig and our turtle was an unforgettable experience for all of us. Drawing, cutting, painting, and rhythm games were the other activities that gave us so much pleasure this year. Class mothers are Mrs. C. Frank, Mrs. C. King, Mrs, M. Warshavsky, and Mrs. H. Goldberg. TOP: M. Clark, J. Dunn, D. Scaperrotta, S, Bates, B. Worden. G, Hendee, B. Shepard, W. Leo, C. Muir, T. Rohan, V. Taxter. ABSENT: Mrs. M. Ridings. CENTER: P. Frank, T. Sullivan, J. Kashchy, S. Bluncla, W. Nannariello, J. King, S. Boniello, B. Pasquini, V. DeSan1i, M. Washko, K. Allen. ABSENT: Mrs. M. Ridings. BOTTOM LEFT-FRONT ROW: B. Cuddihy, E. Esposito. SECOND ROW: P. Tampone, M. Harten. BACK ROW: Mrs. M. Riclings, M. Goldberg, M. J. Hutchinson, E. Mul- holland, J. Jayne, W. Long, J. Essenfeld, M. Costa. BOTTOM RIGHT-FRONT ROW: W. Prankard, M. Macko D. Kestenbaum, D. Mullahy. SECOND HOW: R. Leddy, E. Mascari, S. Stetina, D. Goldman.THIRD ROW: L. War- shavsky, R. Loren, Mrs. M. Ridings, D. Potter. m FRONT ROW: C. Mellon, l. Anglin, J. Mitchell, S. Wilen- sky, S. Dualsky. SECOND ROW: J. Sarasohn, R. Sinz- heimer, J. Mullen, K. Arezzo, B. Baker, J. Kanning, Miss N. Bloxsom. ..1.,..- ' ' 1' A Y Miwwsmsy 4? .M1sQss'fi4s 4 in f .3 f it '?::Z ri?W Q .s:f5f3s3tI'5fSvZ"'52Wv w sw,'ggSs.,,1,7,33' www Dm vzfrrf in , sr was jg? X .- w . A 13257 ' .msg Sfifs Eiiz, I WJ MISS NANCY BLOXSOM, Teacher, - On the first day of school KINDERGARTEN B was pleasantly surprised with the addition into our classroom of an indoor merry-go-round. Throughout the year we have enjoyed many happy rides on trains, steamships, ponies, and jet planes. As days passed by, we learned to use crayons, scissors, paste, and paints. We also enioyed preparing ourselves to read about Dick and Jane, but the happy exciting day we received our diplomas from Mr. Brown was one we will never forget. Class mothers are Mrs, D. Gardner, Mrs. R. F. Mellon, Mrs. H. Goodman, and Mrs. W. Smith. and the excitement LEFT-FRONT ROW: R. Kafalas, K. Hirschberg, M. Josephy J. Gardner. BACK ROW: D. Slote, L. Glaser, L. Pachter, D Horowitz, Miss N. Bloxsom, J. MacWhirter, B. Marks J. Johnston, E. Wedekind, G. Simmons. M. Roddy, M. Delmerico, D. Hulseaple, R. Grant. BACK Mrs. L. Hoy. BELOW: M. Chase, S. Weinberger, P. McGrath, B. Macri, funn! :nun use num: af our first day at school RIGHT-FRONT ROW: B. Evans, S, MacEvoy, K. Berland, D. Snyder, F. Weggenman. SECOND ROW: T. Kohler, W. Murtough, D. Einhorn, P. Gould, Miss N. Bloxsom, G. Goodman. BELOW: W. Weiss, G. Filomena, G. Plemmons, M. Freed, A. Roberts, D. McCartney, J. Caporale, F. Krauss, B. Dourmasltkin. BACK: Mrs. L. Hoy. fefifffa -135444 FRONT ROW: E. Casey, B. Gould, R. Miller. SECOND ROW: R. Gross, Miss N. Bloxsoin, S. Cabot, W. O'Neill, R. Korbin, D. Hickey, C. Hart, H. Smith, S. Peper. . ' W- 1. t. I ...:1jiL5:::gg, V fiiggggfjg 4 A 45' MRS. LOIS HOY, Teacher - KINDER- GARTEN H has had a very happy time this year playing and working together. Our sand table has been the center of many projects such as our Indian village and our farm. During the year besides learning to read, to print, and to count, we had new songs and games, and we made colorful things with our crafts materials. We closed the year with a trip to a farm and a picnic. Class mothers are Mrs. J. McGrath and Mrs. J. Roddy. Q!! Ill Ig St. Barnabas Episcopal Church I , I I I f I I .lrfl.l 1 YVII' Yuri: IJOIIIIIIZ S. Gfr11sb!!, Vivnr 78 1 3 X fa V m x 'N YQ 4 . X R X . ..., :W .W K, , 3 ..,. . Y we 3 x '-9 I Z - .- -J " H- ...-,. , I ' 'N , mf?" ., v Q II: MM ww 'TVX if ,rl X V km' ez 'fl 'Z , Fi , ,gg QM ff' ai, M Before you give your walls a fresh coat of paint or apply an ordinary type of wall- paper, stop in and see Mr. Stelzer of the ARDSLEY ART CENTER. He will be glad to make any suggestions concerning your de- corating problems, as well as provide you with art materials and equipment, 11 Every teen-age boy or girl knows how much fun he can have at THE BEAUX ARTS DANCES, sponsored by THE GRANT STUDIOS, Hastings- on-Hudson,New York. Enjoy your- self atone of their evening social activities. l-lA 5-4433. VMWWMQWWMNM ki R I . -1 These are the officers of the FRESHMAN class. Paul Engelkirk is busy counting the class funds as he is the treasurer of the class. Richard Mooney, the Freshman president, is making an accurate record of their accounts, and Tony Sanseverino, vice-president, is helping him. Pffffffgn .5 5 Even if you aren't aan expert horseman, come to the V 84 W RIDING ACADEMY on Sprain Road in Scarsdale, where expert instruction for all ages is offered ata nominal fee. Peggy Ann and Barbara are trying out the fine riding horses before they go out on the trail. If you are in the vicinity of the Ardsley Vil- lage Green Center, stop in at the ARDSLEY A P PA R ELS H O P. There, you will find women's clothing and accessories at lower prices. Loretta and Peggy know that here they will receive sincere and friendly ser- vice. Chet, Sam, and John are at the ARDSLEY SHOE STORE at 463 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley where they know that they will re- ceive prsmpt and experienced service, whether they are buying shoes or having them repaired. This store is accepted by the National Registry of Orthopedics and cr-xnrialivnf in A.-+I'-,-.-af.,-JZ- ...A..l. wang s-W ., 1 .Nj 31142, args Ill M li Q v i I i l if -r--'lnl""" v""""""" 1.2 ,. 1 an ll nn--11? A ..., , .... .... - i ----' - 1 grg ji '.'. 1 . ii, '1 i .. 3 , gp i ,. gg A When you are in the mood for a tasty wedge or snack or just want a friendly, convenient place to purchase your groceries, follow Caryl's example and go to DELUCA"S GRO- CERY. This convenient delicatessen is located on the corner of the Parkway and Ashford Avenue, DO 3-0228. Both Peggy Ann and Margaret like listening to iecords and buying sheet music. There- fore, they always head for the CENTURY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY on I44 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. They know that here they will find any records or songs that they miglti want. WI-I 9-8448. Tasty sandwiches and sodas, cos- rnetics, gifts, medical supplies and prescriptionse-all of these are of- fered you at the ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE, 479 Ashford Avenue, where Mr. Engleman and his staff are glad to serve any of your im- mediate needs. For information or delivery call DO 3-O5I2 or 3-9712. Paul and Judy are visiting 459 Ashford Ave- nue where the ARDSLEY RADIO AND TELE- VISION SERVICE AND ARDSLEY WATCH- MAKER are located. Before you go elsewhere to have your radio or watch repaired, consult these experienced crafts- men. DO 3-31199. M THE JARMAN SHOE STORE on T58 Main Street in White Plains is a convenient store for purchasing men's shoes and shoe acces- sories. Here, friendly salesmen give you the individual advice and personal attention When you are planning a party, for better food, whether fresh or frozen, do your shopping at RlCCIO'S MARKET as Ray and Sam are doing, During your lunch hour drop in to Riccio's, 474 Ashford Avenue, and treat yourself to a tasty wedge. DO 3-0365. that you require. ..ik,c,c, . .. , GRl.EFll5lJRl1 posit boxes are also for rent It is wise to begin a regular savings account, as John is doing, at the GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK IH Dobbs Ferry. The bank belongs to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp oration with total assets of S6 OOO OOO. Come in and open up a Chr st mas Club account so that youll be prepared for December. Safe de Why buy a new dress or skirt when you can make it? Peggy Ann and Margaret are at the SAXON FABRIC SHOP at 83 Mamaro- neck Avenue in White Plains where they are looking at a wide variety of fabrics. Stop in at the store "Where Fabrics Make Fash- ions." WH 9-4969. -1- Q ,wth 4' Rf' Buddy is getting his haircut at RALPH'S BARBER SHOP, 218 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry. He knows that at this friendly store, trained barbers give individual attention. "It pays to look' well." Get your next hair- cut at Ralph's Barber Shop and be satisfied. Are you planning to have a de- licious ham or turkey or an old- fashioned barbeque? Then order the choice food needed from LOUIS' SUPER MARKET, 711 Saw Mill River Road, in Ardsley. If you can not shop in person and make use of Louis' free parking area, have your groceries delivered. DO 3-1120- 3-1121. .wx --...hi s R'-uv-.. ... ul J f Are you in heed of a new pair of skates, skiis, or sports apparel? If so, visit the SPORTSCENTER on Garth Road in Scarsdale, Joyce is admiring the great selection of sports equipment found there. Before you purchase your new riding habit, visit the Sportscenter. Etna in .fi Qfyglglh You don't have to go very far to find a suit- able place for your cleaning, pressing or repairing needs, Andy is at ANN'S CLEAN- ERS, 639 Saw Mill River Road, but if this isn't convenient, call DO 3-7783 for prompt pick- up and delivery service. If you desire a cooling soda, a tasty sandwich or just a friendly, com- fortable spot to chat and listen to the iuke box, do as Peggy, Barbara, and Cathee are doing and visit the ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA, INC. While you are there, why not sam- ple some delicious Reed's ice cream. Are you considering a new Hamilton or Bulova watch or is your present watch in need of cleaning or repair? Muriel has brought her watch to S. SMALHEISER, 577 Warburton Avenue, in Hastings, and now she is admiring the selections of iewelry and silverware. Call HA 5-286I. as 53.4.5-as V 'nf f llllllglll SW , lg . a Have you taken your younger children to the ARDSLEY BARBER SHOP yet? "Children are our specialty" is their slogan. There, you will be attended by courteous and efficient barbers, and you will receive san- itary, prompt service, as a barber is always in attendance, , Olivia G. Seeler's newly expanded office is located at 501 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley. If you are in the market for a new home or if you want to sell your present house, contact OLIVIA G. SEELER, who specializes in ARDSLEY-FOR-BETTER LIVING INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE. DO 3-3600. AL! TQ LJILU lil ll Lilfif '-mg, HI Llll ls your car in need of a sparkling simoniz or just a periodic washing? If so, why not drive down Saw Mill River Road and visit the SAW MILL AUTO LAUNDRY. Use Our club plan of nine washes for ten dollars, and your car will look like new. For in- formation call DO 3-7783. When you have a dry cleaning or pressing problem, take it to the ROSLYN CLEANERS, a very satisfactory valet service. All cleaning is done on the premises and the location is very convenient. Why not come in or call DO 3-2958. Stephen, Betsy, Bill, John and Rose are the SENIOR class officers Right now they are in the library looking at the various college catalogs and discussing their plans for the future These officers were elected by the class to represent them at the vari ous school activities. Before you buy your new home or purchase any insurance, discuss your plans with JOHN P. STREB, 6 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, At 'this Dobbs Ferry agency you will receive intelligent and friendly advice. Drop in or call DO 3-O444 or DO 3-OOQO. Res.: HA 5-4460. Do you intend to buy some clothes for a young child or does your teenager need some new belts or other accessories? Carol is purchasing a gift at TOTS AND TEENS, for she knows that there she will find the quality she is looking for. vxqf-YPBZG 'J 0 H N P S T R E B 9,4640 REAL FRTATE " lNSURANCE, 1 ' r l I 3 1 I C 5. xi' . yr s If you have an invitation to a dance or want to send someone a corsage or bouquet of flowers, order it from MARSHALL COOKE. George is admiring an arrangement of flowers and plants at Marshall Cooke's showroom on Secor Road. Call DO 3-3590 or WH 9-5020. "Furniture That Pleases." That is the slogan of CARTOON'S FURNITURE STORE where a saleman is talking to Andy. For all your furniture needs, go to CARTOON'S on the corner of Wildey and Cortlandt Streets in Tarrytown or 25 Spring Street, Ossining. Have you been anticipating a nevv hair style, coloring, permanent, or just a trim? For your individual needs follow Helga and Kate's advice and make an appointment at THEODORA'S, located at Aflclyman Square. Open Mondays by appointment. Call DO 3-4680. lf you've been Waiting several days for your clothes to return from the cleaners, go to ROSS CLEANERS at 28 Garth Road in Scarsdale. Here you ncedn't wait as there is same-day service. The next time you're in icarsdale come in or call SC 3-3355. fiumw X W ,weblink Don't carry heavy luggage with you! Instead notify ATLANTIC AIR FREIGHT, INC: pio- neer in air freight for Westchester and Con- necticut. It is located at 27 Cedar Street in Dobbs Ferry, Same day pick up and delivery to and from the airport. DO 3-5000. For purchases of cosmetics, notions, or pre- scriptions, rely -upon your Liggett Rexall drug store, the CEDAR HILL PHARMACY in Dobbs Ferry. Barbara and Betsy are buying some gifts there, and then they will step over to sample a tasty soda. Why don't you do the same? s.J'?.in-M. , ,. a 'K 1 is .. PULVER BROTHERS on Jackson Avenue in Hastings are happy to show you their wide selection of flowers, plants, shrubbery, and holiday wreaths and trees. A tour of the greenhouse will introduce you to a great variety of plants and pottings. Come in and look around. HA 5-1079. Remember the last time you were stuck in the snow or you had a flat tire? If this should happen to you again, iust call the WESTCHESTER GARAGE on Ardsley Square. Mr. Nannariello and his staff provide local and long distance towing as well as automotive service and collision work. DO 3-1954. Efif8kiIi'lffli1ie ss.. If you have numerous visiting rel- atives or friends who need a quiet, comfortable place to spend the night or even a week, make ar- rangements for them at the ARDS- LEY ACRES MOTEL COURT on the Saw Mill River Road and Parkway in Ardsley, located only 28 minutes from Times Square. DO 3-2700. "Swim and Play the Healthful Way." That is the slogan of the HEATHERDELL HEALTH FARM in Ardsley. A relaxing vacation here includes Swedish massage and use of the solarium and Olympic type pool. Why not call DO 3-9770 and make arrangements to spend a' week-end or even a week here? This is the ARDSLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Ardsley, New York, which was con- structed by A. M. HUNTER 8. SON, con- tractors and builders in Irvington-on-Hudson. lf you have a building problem, get in touch with A. M. Hunter, and you will receive ad- vice from experienced people. Youth Fellowship meets. The ARDSLEY METHODIST CHURCH is located on Ashford Avenue in Ardsley, Church School is held every Sunday at 9:45, and the Nur sery Hour is at ll:OO in the Parson age, Worship Services are held at ll:OO, and at 7:00 every Sunday John and Paul are enjoying a ride on a Tow- Truck in The building of The NATIONAL WIRE PRODUCTS COMPANY, 885 E. 140 STreeT in The Bronx. After They compleTe Their ride, John and Paul will look over The fine wrought iron proolucTs manufactured There. 92 Have you considered opening a checking account? Do you want a safe place to keep your savings? Get friendly and personal advice at the Ardsley office of the COUNTY TRUST COMPANY on Addyman Square. Don't take chances with your money. Open a savings account now as Dave is doing, 93 Kate and Barbara are visiting the WEST- CHESTER TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOPPE in Ardsley. The girls are browsing in this store because they know that for blouses, swea- ters, skirts, and all women's apparel, Town 84 Country will gladly serve their needs. REALEESTATE Q x :ED Q S T i I 45 HK E .ir at . . ist? Do you have a REAL ESTATE problem? If so, visit HOWARD EDMAN, 4 North Central Avenue in Hartsdale. This office serves the needs of Hartsdale, Ardsley, and Scarsdale. For efficient and courteous service, contact Howard Edman. "A phone call will bring service." WH 9-5434. l For the most complete assortment of toys for all children, you needn't look very far. Visit the ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE at 472 Ashford Ave- nue in Ardsley. This store not only has a selection of toys but a wide variety of Hallmark greeting cards, newspapers, and magazines as well as fountain service. lf you desire a cooling soda, made with Breyer's ice cream, drop in to the Ardsley Cigar Store, and Jerry will fix you one. Jeff is looking over the varietytof tools available at the ARDSLEY HARDWARE COMPANY on Addyman Square. For gas ranges, refrigerators, hardware, paints, or electrical appliances, you will find what you want at the Ardsley Hardware Company. DO 3-4010. A iaunty cap such as Gary is admiring, a gay vest, or just men's accessories-you'll find all of these and more at the Village Green Center TRADING POST, a convenient store for all discriminating young men. 1 l l I 'S "' DO 3-3500, From this new modern office JAMES MCCARTNEY 8. SON INC can give you the service and advice you might need in reference to real estate and insurance. This advice comes from years of experience Take advantage of McCartney s con venient location in Ardsley to stop in and discuss any real estate pro blems you might have, or else call Since the ARDSLEY BOOTERY, INC., moved to the Village Green Center, Ardsley now has a convenient, inexpensive place in which to purchase shoes and shoe acces- sories. If you happen to be in the vicinity, stop in and look around at the Dr. Posner's scientific shoes. DO 3-4770. 96 This is The ARDSLEY VILLAGE GREEN CEN- TER, a new shopping area consisting of a variety of women's and men's apparel stores, shoe stores, and chiIdren's shops. For the shoppers' convenience There is a large parking area in the rear of The Green. ' , SY' 97 Close personal contact with staff and advisor, careful judgment in processing of copy, and expert handling in production-to give you a truer graphic reproduction of life at your school. 2l9 EAST 44th STREET, NEW YORK I7, NEW YCRK BRANCH OFFICE, IZO MILK STREET, BDSTON, MASS 98 ,M ,-...kfwff Finn IXJT Q rc,-if Q I,Lw1w.Q.imf erirsrff, I MASTER PLAN VILLAGE OF ARDSLEY WESTCHESTER COUNTY - N. Y, STATE SCALE IINCH - zoo Fear MAYOR William Duke, III TRUSTEES Charles S. Hoy Joseph E. Martini Francis B. Andrews E. A. Pancoast, Jr. ..-u-sq ss. THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING THE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT New COMPLIMENTS -QF- Ardsley High School STUDENT COUNCIL DAVIS SERVICE STATION HASTINGS FLORIST Flowers for All Occaxiom SINCLAIR PRODUCTS J M Yedowitz "In the Heart of Scarxdalen J. Frischmann - F. Zimbardi 549 WARBURTON AVENUE POPHAM 8: OVERHILL RDS. Hastings-on-Hndson, N. Y. , Scarsdalel N' Y' Motor Overbauling - Lubrication - Waxbing Telephone: Hastings 5-1916 Phone: SCarsda1e 3-9842 AMATEUR ORNITHOLOGISTS BIRDCALLERS IN ACTION Sophomore Biology Class Biology class ot Croton 'IOO Fl 1 1 I 1 BEST WIS!-IES FROM I AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY POST, NO. 458 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK RAVEN ROCK NURSERIES Evergreen! - Treef Shrub! - Perennial! I Richard Langle Jr., Prop. I I SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Eastview, New York Phone: PL 2-1201 GREEN VALLEY NURSERY SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Hawthorne, N. Y. J, Kijak, Prop. Landxcaping - Perennialf - Treer Shrub! - Evergreen: BIOLOGICAL EXPERTS AT WORK NAILPOLISH DELIGHT Mr. Horend, Frank, Eddie, Nancy Danny Ron, Bert, Peggy Gretel, Margare' Barbara 101 BEST WISHES -from - ARDSLEY PARENT TEACHERS' ASSOC. coMPuMENTs - of - THE YONKERS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MANOR House SQUARE YoNKERs, N. Y. A PREPARING FOR INSPECTION FOOD FANCIERS E Y I Frank Schoppoch c1tCroton Sophomores, Miss Maurer, and Casey of Biology Camp 102 BEST WISHES - from - PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC. AUTOMATIC WASHERS 8. DRYERS REPAIRS - SERVICE - PARTS BENDIX - WHIRLPOOL - NORGE - HAMILTON BERTMAN MAINTENANCE SERVICE 396 ASHFORD AVENUE DObbs Ferry 3-5881 HORSESHOE HAVEN VIOLA AND HIS CHINESE MAMBO Don, Chet, Glenn, Dave, Roy, Casey at Croton Danny Viola 103 Telephone: LYric 2-7200 ELMSFORD LUMBER STORES, INC. 5 NEPPERHAN AVENUE Elmsford, N. Y. O T T O ' S RESTAURANT and BAR FAMOUS CHOICE FOODS STEAKS A Specialty Accommodarions for Parties 660 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, New York DObbs Ferry 3-9772 BEST WISHES FROM GLOBE-UNION, INC. JOHN KING PLUMBING - HEATING IO HICKORY STREET Harfsdale, N. Y. WHiIe Plains 9-4148 DObbs Ferry 3-5838 Complimenfs of LOOK MAGAZINE A BI-MONTHLY PUBLICATION HARWOOD SHOE REPAIR L. VACCARO, Manager REPAIRING WHILE U WAIT Hof Cleaning - Luggage Repairs - Dog Supplies II BONIFACE CIRCLE - SCARSDALE, N. Y. STARLIGHT, STARBRIGHT SENIORS' SEVENTH HEAVEN Laura, Billy, Barb, Ruth, Joe ai Senior Prom Dick, Carol, Ann, "Zippy" at Senior Prom BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. DObbs Ferry 3-5040 414 BROADWAY Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-9790 ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION TOM WILLIAMS, Proprietor SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. M I D T O W N LIVE POULTRY MARKET JERRY SCARANO, JR., Prop. QUALITY LIVE POULTRY - FRESH FARM EGGS 461 TA RRYTOWN ROAD White Plains, N. Y. WHite Plains 9-6246 Compliments of EMMADINE FARMS, INC. Quality Checked Dairy Products 8. Ice Cream SCARSDALE PRODUCE MARKET PRIME MEATS and POULTRY Fancy Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries FREE DELIVERY KARL GIDEON, Prop. 42 GARTIH ROAD - SCARSDALE, N. Y. Phones: SCarsdaIe 3-2435 - 3-3327 BEST WISHES FROM BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION HERNANDO'S HIDEAWAY ARDSLEYAN EDITORS AND MASCOTS Chet, Margaret, Bill, Pot, and Dave at Senior Prom AHQSIG, Dove, Grace, Bill, KQIIW, and Nancy BEST WISHES - from - . S. A. CURPURATIUN nEsEAncH LABORATURIES ARDSLEY, N. Y. AT GRADUATION-TIME CULINARY CAPERS Alumni, Tony 8- Dotfy Danny, Pete and Jack at Croton 106 BEST WISHES - from - MID-CUUNTY Ml-lSON 00. MASUN courniicrons 125 FOREST BLV'D. DO 3-6569 - HA 5-7583 ARDSLEY, N. Y. OSWALD" AND FAN CLUB MEDALIST HOPEFULS Smitty, Sam, Bill and Chet Bill, Chet, Dave, Nancy, Grace 81 Kathy at Columbia 107 COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, N. Y. PARDY BROS. FUEL OIL CO. D OIL BURNER SALES - INSTALLATIONS - SERVICE DOI::bs. Ferry 3-5670 LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION MARFAK LUBRICATION SERVICE Brake and Clufch Adfusfing, Maior Tune Up DObbs Ferry 3-9703 Ardsley, N. Y. Fon FUEL ons CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY Dobbs Ferry 3-0181 BEST WISHES from ADLER'S HARDWARE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. DOI.-abs Ferry 3-5600 ARDSLEY CARPET CO. K. K. HAGOPIAN, Propriefor ' Russ and CARPETS Rugs Cleaned and Repaired by Native Experts 780 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-3619 HALLOWEEN ROYALTY BOOBY-PRIZE FOR BALLOON DANCE Chet and Rose of Halloween Hop Connie, Jerry, Louise, Jimmy and Frlencls WILLIAM SWAIN Licensed ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR DObbs Ferry 3-4625 P O. BOX 611 ARDSLEY, BEST WISHES from HARRY FRANKLIN OIL BURNER SERVICE 6 INSTALLATION DObbs Ferry 3-4069 - DEerfieId 7-1234 COMPLIMENTS OF CHARCOAL SNACK BAR CENTRAL AVENUE Scarsclale, N. Y. F. J. CALDARA MOVERS FRANK J. CALDARA Local 8. Long Distance Moving Agents for GREYVAN LINES Nationwide Movers 124 MAIN STREET Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-1166 A 8. A ITALIAN BAKERY 66 MAIN STREET Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. DObbs 3-0465 UNIVERSAL MUSICAL INST. CO MUSIC - PIANOS - INSTRUMENTS 732 BROADWAY, N. Y. C. Algonquin 4-6917 MASQUERADE MANIA KINDERGARTEN GOBLINS Grade School at Halloween Masquerade Kindergarten at Lions Club Masquerade SERVICE PHOTO ENGRAVING C ORPORATION CHARLES A. CARLYLE, Vice-President 148 GREENE STREET NEW YORK 12, N, Y. WOrth 4-7839 - 40 - 41 F. J. McCORMACK 5 JUDSON AVENUE Ardsley, New York Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-0433 INSURANCE- 50 EAST 42nd STREET New York 17, New York MUrray Hill 2-6611 VARSITY ROOTERS J. V. Players, Dick, Jack, Ken, "Doc" and Pete HAPPY YULETIDE SPIRIT Angela, Grace, Bill, Dave, Kathy, Nancy celebrating Christmas 110 COMPLETE OIL HEATING SERVICE AUTOMATIC FUEL OIL DELIVERIES 24 HOUR SERVICE ON ANY MAKE BURNER CONTRACTS INCLUDING SERVICE and PARTS OIL BURNERS, BOILERS, HOT WATER HEATERS, TANKS, ETC. SOLD and INSTALLED SALES and SERVICE-HARTSDALE FUEL OIL STORAGE PLANT-HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON E. ROBISON, INC. "THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT" HOLD THAT POSE HOT ROD Hcnrv, Jerry, Paul, Connie, John George qnd Cqr III BEST WISHES FROM THE SOPHOMORE CLASS DERA oeconmons CREATIVE INTERIORS By KENNETH DERA 708 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-3619 COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. CHAUNCEY, N. Y. INTER-COUNTY TITLE GUARANTY AND MORTGAGE CO. SE' 199 MAIN STREET White Plains, N. Y. Telephone: WHite Plains 8-4041 Compliments of YORK GOLF BALL CO. Doses FERRY, N. Y. RAFF'S GARAGE 8. SERVICE STATION, INC. COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS AUTO SUPPLIES Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-1105 59-60 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y JUMP, BOYS, JUMP Jock McPartIond, Bob Lontry 81 Jon Osterberg ot Croton THE FIGHTING JACK Jock McPortIond 8. Dove Mooney at Croton HEATHER DELL FLORIST JOHN CANNING, JR. WHOLESALE GRQWER Specializing in Seasonable Planfs Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-0144 Complimenfs of LOU-ENA HAND LAUNDRY DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. FRED'S AUTO WRECKING F. LICHTENBERG 8- SON CARS BOUGHT and SOLD Good Used Car Paris 555 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4686 BEST WISHES FROM SALT 'N PEPPER WILLIAM HENNESSY PLUMBING and HEATING Oil Burner lnsfallaiion ARDSLEY, N. Y. Phone: D0bbs Ferry 3-0293 BEST WISHES from the ARDSLEY VILLAGE TAVERN, INC ARDSLEY, N. Y. WHERE IS IT? THREE'S A CROWD Cyril, Connie, Jerry and Paul at Croton Kenny McComb at Croton Game COMPLIMENTS OF THE HONOR SOCIETY COMPLIMENTS OF DR. ALBERT BASSELL RAIN OR SHINE WE DELIVER FREE Let us fake 'care of your parties with a full line of Cold cuts, Home-made Salads and Appetizers and your Favorite Beverages CALL FOR DELIVERY KNOLL'S DELICATESSEN DObbs Ferry 3-4918 on Ardsley Square 1 - DObb Compliments of FRANK L. MACE PIANO INSTRUCTION - PIANO TUNING 22 RIVERVIEW AVENUE s Ferry 3-6616 Ardsley, N- Y Compliments of HENRY ARDANOWSKI Poullry Farm and Eggs SPRAIN ROAD, Ardsley Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4611 BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE Elmsford, New York Phone: LYric 2-8484 - 2-6971 AMERICAN LEGIONNAIRES "lN MEMORIAM" Mr. McHenry, Mr. Denike, Mr. Wilmolh, Mr. Mac- Ardsley M9m0l'IUl Park Whirter Compliments of GEORGE L. PALMER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 346 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Compliments of SHOE KING SAM'S DRIVE . IN mcrouv SHOE ourLErs 150 souTH CENTRAL AVENUE R. E. TeCARR SPORTING Goons 285 NORTH BROADWAY North Tarrytown, N. Y. TArry1'own 4-3741 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND SCAPPY'S HARMONY INN Fine lfalian Dinners and Pizzeria We cater to weddings and all festive occasions all year round Air Conditioned HARMONY BOWL-WAYS BOWLING NIGHTLY - FREE PARKING 207 Ashford Avenue DObbs Ferry 3-9759 DEDICATION CEREMONY Officials at the Memorial Park Dedication THE UNVEILING l Grade School Color Guard ABBIE F. CRISI DANCE GROUP Classes in TAP - TOE - BALLET and BALLROOM Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-0371 Best Wishes from KENNY'S BARBER SHOP "I Need Your Head To Run My Business" 72 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-6498 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE SEVEN SANTINI BROTHERS DObbs Ferry 3-4979 ARDSLEY TAXI 24 HOUR senvlcf FRANK MULDOON RICK MAXWELL CAMERA CRAFT, INC. 37 MAMARONECK AVENUE White Plains, New York Phoiagraphic Cenfer For All Supplies AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL Best Wishes from CHARLES S. HOY PLUMBING HEATING GAS G OIL BURNERS APPLIANCES DObbs Ferry 3-0565 HALLOWEEN LIONITES Mr. Kluge, a Friend and Mr. Seitz PROUD PARADERS The Dukes, Kyffs and Friends lx 4 :NTERNATIONAL ill CLUB Gun NATIONS +lArrrv P El Q? cm S9 T95 P A A 1 Lua:-:avv A INTELLIGENCE" A A + . 'VT . ALDEN L. PAGNONI R E A L T o R PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 'That Cuts Costs 'lnsures Tenancy flmproves Collections flncreoses Income 88 HILLTOP ROAD 1910 WEBSTER AVENUE Ardsley, New York New York 57, New York DObbs Ferry 3-5677 TRemonf 8-4994 STORYBOOK CHARACTERS ON PARADE KING AND QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN Younger Set on Halloween Chef, SCGYGCVOW Und R059 'I 'l7 Compliments of . . . HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON S . . . IAN S. WILSON Federal avings 8: Loan Association Dobbs Ferry 3-1807 560 WARBURTON AVENUE Wholemle Floffff Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Dellwood Lane Ardsley Compliments of . . . WH 9-0503 Open Thursday Eves A FRIEND HUNT'S MUSIC HOUSE Over 70 Years of Satisfactory Service Recordf - Radio! - Plfzonograpbr KELLY CRAFT Sheet Mmic - Murical lmtrumenty Painterr and Decomton Telwmon , piano Tuning james A. Kelly - George I.. Craft 14 MAMARONECK AVENUE Dobbs Ferry 5-4980-J White Plains 8-5449 White Plains, N. Y. CORDIAL QUARTET CABIN CAMPERS Sophomore Girls Barbara, Pai, Beri, Nancy 'l'I8 F"""' ' ""'-'--' -- I.EIGHTON'S A ROSEDALE PLANTING LASTS LONGER YET IT COSTS NO MORE l Select Your Plants From Westchester's Widest Assortment of Etfergreenf - Rofef - Fruits Flowering Treer - Flowering Sbrnbr Shade Tree: ROSEDALE NURSERIES Established 1898 SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY PLe-asantville 2-1300 Eastview, N. Y. Compliments of . . . THE CHARLES N. MEAD' CO. A Complete Department Store 1 Chase Road Scarsdale Tel. Scars. 3-4700 QUERKER'S ELECTRIC SALES 8: SERVICE General Electric and Frigidaire Appliance! Headquarters for R.C.A, Color Televifion 39 Ceclar'Street Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 5-0511 TOO MANY COOKS Mrs. Horend, Carol, lotus, Carol Morris, Giflc MU- rau FOOD ANYONE ? Biology Comp COMPLIMENTS ..01:.. MR. and MRS. RGBERT A. GREEN TOWER HILL TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK l f JAMES HIJMEII 8 ASSUIIIATES Cpl f THE THI-VILLAGE HUTAHY CLUB A DS -- O S F - AST NGS DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Letterhead! - Envelope! - BHIIWGIJ Card! - Shipping Tag! - Chance BOOEJ' Report! - Bill! - Ti6k6!J - Po!tal! - Circular! - Wedding Invitation! Reception Card! - Birth Announcement! - Adverti!ing journal! Program! - Announcement! - Po!ter! - Chri!tma! Card! Booklet! - Menu! - Enclo!ure! BEFORE YOU CONTRACT FOR YOUR NEXT PRINTING ORDER LET US SUBMIT A BID ON THE COST OF THE WORK GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-0124 101 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. WILSON Gi SON PETER A. SHELLY jeweler! and Sil11er!mith! Flori!t! and Numerymen Greenhou!e! and Nu r!er i e! SCarscla1e 3-0327 Ardsley Road Scarsdale, N. Y 6 Chase Road Scarsclale, N. Y. Phone: Scarsdale 3-0631 LYric 2-6555 Since 1835 Improve Your Game B E S S O N NEIGHBORHOOD Coal - Lumber - Building Mdf6fidlJ WESTCHESTER GOLF RANGE Fuel Oil! 701 DOBBS FERRY ROAD BESSON 8: CO - BESSON OIL Inc Opp. Elmwood Country Club Route 100-B White Plains, N. Y. phone: Dobbs Ferry 5.002652 'I22 AEYISCIHV 'NHEIH9 HDVTIIA AIIDIVE VIIEIAIII WOHJ SHI-ISIA1 1,5519 Jf' '5u'guue3 'I' 'SJW wg 'JW JsuddsoH 'f 'pl 'JW Jsqsg '3 'SJW wg 'JW ozzgyl pJeMp3 'SJW wg 'JW Algwezl BJOQUJASJQI sql JPUJJLPS I!UJ3 'SJW 'Q 'JW PU9!J:! V PlJ9!J:! 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Suggestions in the Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) collection:

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