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---uw ' W f' - vw' - 1 .xi --Egg'-I' ""' ' 1 -4 "vig, "L ' 3" ,"5v+1 T 1 I . ' . , Y V' A YYY- V V Y ' Y , . 41 - l 1- p..- Q , 5 1: 11- -, J FW' ' :x..L.-. -. 5 1, - if V ir Y i T-J L F H,.M, r' ' ' ..a A 5 7 ..-1 f X Ilw, Qs- f?M?rMI5-halt 4 3 X ,, ! THE SPORTSMAN'S PRAYER Dear God, help me to be a good sport and a good loser in this game of life. I don't ask to be the pitcher or for any prominent place in the line-up, play me anywhere You need me. I only ask that you give me the patience, courage, and - stamina to give You the best l've got in every game. If all the hard drives seem to come my way, Lord, I thank You for the compliment. Help me always to remem- ber that You won't ever let anything come my way that I cannot handle, and help me to take the bad bounces as part of the game. Help me to under- stand that the game of life is full of hard knocks, bad hops, and foul tips, and make me thankful for them. Help me to get so that the harder they come, the better I will like it, and grant that I shall never sidestep one that is too hot to handle, nor alibi, whimper, or complain that I have had a raw deal or that the game was a frameup. Use me wherever You will to play the game in such a way that You will have no regrets for giving me the chancep and finally, when we 'reach the last inning and the evening shadows are gathering, grant that I may win Thy decision and be counted safe at Home. Author Unknown wx -A" ' 1'-' . .K ' --'H4 - "V fm'w,n , ' F?-N " "X 'vc ,, -' ,..v'1'-.. Q -4-' , w 1 1. .K .-,4 v . ,- e Hg " v . I, I I 2 .. .HI ,.."? A -"sh '-'N . 'ff 1 5 .1 .Agp .K J" " r" big: L' -,QQ 1 Q ' , Qc. -5 1. + W ft' x A-H .ft .5 Q , 1 1 ,61 1- .. '-1" ' ' V ' . . 1 .-WN':1"JC9'v" Y X 'L 'f" " w v 2' H .i'1g:'.g:fra 1, ' ' ' ggi 4. ivfif' Q' 1 f -If 111 N ..--,s Q .M .ahh . '. 'lk 32' v 4 ...n ' ng' K. . 'I 15. P . 1 A." 'k','Q:' A- ' ff? .ifQ,: AfK-.-A, if D 5 23 P' . 1-gg .iw f -' ".-ef ' J.. Li ., ,I r , if df 4 Ml 1. i. vga' y XTX , WN ,In ,vi Qin, 1 ,,, I l H .1 r f rg-nv ' f .Az .,, xx -. 2:- . ""'i.i5 4, Take me out tu theghall and see I mr. W. if .-4-S. .,' 5 Q '15, vs ff 'v 6 J! ,7 , x f" I ,,f , 1 'Q y 1 bfi f ' Q J- Published by the Class of 1955 Ardsley High School Ardsley, New Ynrk Schedule el Events The Theme .,4., Dedication ..,. Calendar .,.,...., Administration .. Faculty ..,... ., Maintenance , Seniors ,,....,.... Senior Play l,.ll,.lll.l High School Classes Activities .A ., 4, Snapshots ..,... Grades .,.,l,. . Pictorial Ads ,...,. Conclusion O ,. of r 4? l z 3 i ! 3 I .your ..., -. '. r '- "Wi ' S' .. The Theme Teamwork is necessary in almost every aspect of life and is especially important during our school days. Similarly, a winning baseball team requires the combined co-operation of all its players. In line with this comparison, our co-opera- tion in school is portrayed in this ARDSLEYAN by a winning baseball team. With the school as our stadium, the game within is um- pired by our administrators and coached untiringly by the faculty. Our seniors are the pros who help their new team- mates at practice. The freshmen, the rookies, start slugging and "beating out the hits" determined to push on to second. Backing up the veterans are the Little Leaguers, who begin in the Kindergarten to work themselves up to positions in the Big League. Last year, Ardsley's baseball team won the championship of the Western Westchester League. As the editors thought of the new cup in the trophy case, it seemed appropriate to use as our theme the teamwork necessary in baseball, team- work that applies equally as well to our experiences of co-operation in school. May we take you out to our ball game? Wo class of 1955, dediliate this Ardsleyan . -x 4? f 7 ,Q Q: 'N' fc, .vi 'U NA '. Ng . Mr. Paul HUUIS in Mr. Paul Hours k . We dedicate this 'I954 ARDSLEYAN to our English teacher and guidance counselor, Mr. Paul Koors, who always takes o sincere interest in our problems and our future. The members of the Journalism Club and College Club know the time he spends to make our high school years more worthwhile. The "Salt and Pepper," our school paper, is read by practically all of the students, but few realize the effort that is involved. Mr. Koors' guidance office is frequently visited by the iuniors and seniors who are seriously making decisions about college and by all who come for advice about scheduling and marks or iust need a little encouragement. With appreciation for all the help that you have given us scholastically and otherwise, we, the class of '55, dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Koors. mfg. 55? 3A?A.A1Ass 2 4 ,gawk N-we A N N MNH M W 4,.. C--vi if VA THE SPORTSCAST l Biology Camp Week of September 28 Subscription Dance November 6 Potsdam Symphonette Concert A November 'l9 P.T.A. Christmas Dance A December 19 Ardsleyan: First third of book A January 'l5 Basketball Season A A January 8-February 26 Ardsleyan: Second third of book A AA A A February 15 All-Star Game A A AA March 5 P.T.A. High School Hop March 26 Ardsleyan: Final third of book! March 26 Senior Play April 2, 3 Baseball Season April 9-May 27 Spring Concert April 20, 21 Washington Trip A A April 20-24 Senior Prom A A A June 'll Graduation A A June 26 K MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN has been the supervising principal of Ardsley High School for thirty years. Be- cause of his intense interest in teaching school groups leadership and responsibility through over-night camp- ing trips, Ardsley has become one of the pioneers in outdoor education. His sincere encouragement of both faculty and students spurs them on to greater achieve- ments. MR. KENNETH BROWN taught physical education and coached the Ardsley High School teams for many years before he became principal of the elementary school this year. He daily gains the respect of his students and teachers by filling in at all positions be- sides guiding his young student body in their many activities. Uur umpires are fair, Mr. Charles W. Horend Assistant Principal Science, Driver Education B.S., Cornell University Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of the Upper Grades Grade Eight M.A., Columbia University the managers keep 'fx Mrs. Ruth B. Adams MVS- D0I'0ll1Y Alihln Mrs. Irma Bell Miss Patricia Birdsall Grade 2A Grade lA Special Teacher-Music Grade 6B B.E. M.A. B.S. B.S, Brockport State Teachers' Columbia University Columbia University Cgrflqnd Sfgfe Teachers' College College urxs 4:7 Mrs. Marion Brown Miss Celia 'P. Conklin Miss Eleanor I. Davis Secretary to Mr. Sillimun School Nurse, R.N. Art and Ceramics Albany Hospital Miss Harriett S. Edwards Mr. Everett Einhorn Grade AE New Paltz Normal Grade 8E M.A. Columbia University Potsdam Normal A Mrs. Eva S. Ellis French M.A. Brussels' University New York University Mr. Alex Dicicco Commercial Subiects B.S.C. Albany State Teachers' College -sir Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Grade 2F Plattsburgh State Normal School gu- '!"' Miss Nancy Bloxsom Kindergarten B.S. New Paltz State Teachers College Mrs. Judith Drosness Special Teacher-Art M.S. Albany State Teachers' College Mr. Clarence E. Felter Social Studies M.A. Bucknell University our batting averages .. .QQ-Q .f . . kk 1.3 fi L L qi ii F L 9 . I.. , .X .T ..-ff A is 1 Mrs. Alice Frischmann Miss Annette L. Gimbel Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck Mr. Howard T. Hartman Mrs, Louise K, Hatfield Grade 5F Secretary to Mr. Silliman Music Industrial Arts Grade 1H B.A. B.E. M.A. B.A. College of New Rochelle Potsdam State Teachers' Oswego State Teachers' University of California College College 3. 'f . I 5 , i ' iss, L V .V .V xi , QQ?" 5 0 .Pg in xii . M:-4311 A V 0 f TI Q ' ' 'Ai .L+ Mrs. Vivian L. Hill Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Mrs. Lois L. Hoy Miss Ruth Hurlbut Mr. Michael Jackman Grade 4H Home Economics Kindergarten Grade 3Hu Physical Education B.A. M.A. B.S. Potsdam State Normal B.S. Hunter College Columbia University Columbia University Arnold College ... , ' . . . gl .0 'Q O'. 5" . o" s 1 . ,. ., , u 0, g.' -.I s t ".i 'O' 1 7 a 0' gnu g. -. is ' 1 .10 I 'u 1' V Miss Rosemary Keating Grade 2K B.A. Wheaton College Mr. Frank kluge Mathematics Driver Education M.A. Columbia University Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig English IV, Dramatics Library, Speech M.A., New York University B.L.S., Columbia University Mr. Paul J. Koors Miss Helga Nordin English Ill Secretary to Mr. Brown Guidance Counselor M.A. Columbia University and coach us untirinql . ff-I,i's 5 1- Q 'J 1 Q , ij I 5 ' .. Q. . f Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Mrs. Margaret Y. Reuter Miss Helen G. Robbie Miss Grace A. Roll Mrs. Janice Ruotolo English I and ll Grade 4R latin, Spanish Physical Education Grade 3R M.A. Philadelphia Normal School M.A. M.A. B.A. New York University New York University Columbia University Hunter College 5 Mrs. Myrtle Seberg Mrs. Helena Snyder Mrs. Louise Squeri Miss Florence Stasiak Miss Helen A. Toomey Grade 'IS Grade 6S Kindergarten Grade TS Grade 3T M.A. Oswego State Teachers' B.A. B.S. Potsdam State Teachers Columbia University College Brooklyn College Oswego State Teachers' College College 5 Miss Ethel M. Tryon Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent Grade 5T Director of Music Potsdam Normal Ed.M. New York University Miss Margaret Wesp Grade 7WE B.'Pd. New York Training School Mrs. Ruth H. Wessels Mr. William Wolter Grade 5W Grade 7WO B.A. B.A. University of Mississippi Cornell College QI' " VY f' a I N. Y If rio f-"f Miss Robbie and the Latin II class Mr. Dicicco ond bozrleping class The Quinn Cuulllnt qu un wiihuul thmn ID L . .3151 " i I ll! f: Q - Mr. Felter and the American history class Mrs. Howes and a sewing Ill., Miss Peldc and cn English II class Mr. Kluge and the geometry class class Mr. Horend ond the biology class 13152: bt nur Without the Work of the qrnundkeepers lanche Shea Mr. John Holscher and M Goo -Manager , g ,,, ff Q1 f fi Mr. Harry Denike School Guard .- '4 I 5 NNW Q, v , 1 I ,f " i"L- . tiff - , 1 E ' . , 2' mx' 4 ay- -A 4- 1-Q 5, -. W.. u bp., 1... 8 I -. " 4 .A ,fx v -Q Gmkwm- r A' K iv ' Q Y -w 'vpvv KY A L a . ,A 5 As we round the bases Q 7 319 . I FIRST BASE ln June, 1950, our class stood with bat in hand and in September, we reached first base, the freshman class. We felt like rookies and decisions were hard for us, but our adviser, Mr. Felter, coached us patiently and helped us to know when to stay on base and when to go ahead. We worked hard for the Subscription Campaign and then gave a movie to add to our own Washington fund. By June we really felt a part of high school, and we were ready to advance to the next base. SECOND BASE Our sophomore year was a memorable one, for we were intro- duced to the three-period classes and spent a week at Croton Point Biology Camp. There we not only studied conservation at its source, but we also studied each other and returned to Mr. Kluge's homeroom with firmer friendships and a better knowledge of the members of our class. During the winter we sold candy at the basketball games, and in the spring the class went roller skating. Again Time was at bot. Another year had passed, and we went on to third base. T' I 1 .xx x gt Ai. 19 ,iva- 463 we look back Un our Wins and losses. ' S 'nf- THIRD BASE Our biggest project while we were Juniors was the 1953 ARDS- LEYAN. All year we planned, sold ads, took pictures, and worked diligently with Miss Pelda. Finally in June, our book came out and was given a iil rating by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association! With Miss Robbie's help we presented the senior prom. For weeks we cut and painted in Mrs. Adams' room, and the result was a romantic tropical island, complete with jungle flowers, palm trees, parrots, and a grass hut. Now we were ready to leave third base for our last run home. HOME BASE Our first activity was the Subscription Campaign and the party we gave for all who had sold subscriptions. ln April it was time for the senior play, "Our Miss Brooks," with Mrs. Koenig coaching us. Soon afterwards, we took our long-awaited trip to Washington, D. C. Then it was June once again, our last .lune in Ardsley. As we stepped onto home plate to receive our diplomas, we couldn't help looking back fondly at the field over which we had just run and wondering what new games, what new victories or defeats lay in store for us in the future. 6 4' 1? L. ,Q Pg, -I Vi , s JK. Y kr, - 4 ss -v'f '.l 'Q B. RICHARD BANCROFT Dick is our southpaw favorite. Treas. I, 25 Pres. 35 Subscription Manager 45 Honor Society 5 years5 Second Degree 1 year5 Third Degree 45 ARDSLEYAN Ass't Editor 35 Band 2, Pres. 25 Varsity Choir 'I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 45 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 Clef Club 3, 45 Regional Band I, 2, 3, 45 Music Competition I, 25 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 45 Jr. Varsity Basketball I, 25 Varsity Baseball I, 2 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 4, Treas. 45 Intramurals: Softball I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, Pres. 2, Sec.- Treas. 35 Graduation Usher 35 Student Council lp Yearbook Club 25 Ted of "Our Miss Brooks." BARBARA G. CANNING Barbara is the box-office attraction. Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 5 years5 Varsity Choir I, 2, 45 County Chorus5 Cheerleader 2, 35 G.A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 45 Crea- tive Writers' Club I5 Yearbook Club 25 College Club 4, Vice Pres5 Miss Brooks of "Our Miss Brooks," Sports Club 3, 4. JOSEPH M. DENARDO Joey is our ace sports reporter. Honor Society 8 years5 Second Degree 4 years5 ARDSLEYAN Business Manager 35 Salt and Pepper l, 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 3, 45 Intramurals: Basketball I5 Yearbook Club 2, Pres. 25 Martin of "Our Miss Brooks." WlllIAM J. Bill Billy has unequalled fielding experience. Honor Society I year5 Junior Varsity Bas- ketball I, 25 Stage Crew 1. Here are the senmrs our pros ANTHONY DePAUl. A hustler all the way Honor Society 4 years, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional Choir 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball I, 2, Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Intra- murals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, Graduation Usher 3, Year- book Club 2, the Coach of "Our Miss Brooks." They have the sense of fair play BARTY DeROCHA Barty makes the long drives. Honor Society 4 years, Intramurals: Soft- ball 3, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4. LUCILLE A. DEMODUGNO Lucy's our peppy shortstop. Honor Society 2 years, Salt and Pepper 4, Treas. 4, Varsity Choir 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Intramurals: Volleyball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Elsle of "Our Miss Brooks." WILLIAM R. FINGER Billy is our topnotch score keeper. Treas. 3, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 3, 4, Treas. 4, ARDSLEYAN Circulation Editor 3, Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Intramurals: Softball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Mr. Wadsworth of "Our Miss Brooks." I MARGARET M. FLANIGAN Maggie has the driving spirit. Honor Society 3 years, Salt and Pepper 4, Varsity Choir 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals: Volleylzall 1, 2, S, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, Mrs. Allen of "Our Miss Brooks." RICHARD FRISCHMANN Rich is our league's most valuable player. Pres. 1, 2, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Sec- ond Degree 1 year, Third Degree 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, ARDSLEYAN Editor-in-Chief, Orchestra 1, Varsity Basketball 4, Jr. Var- sity Basketball 2, 3, Capt. 3, Intramurals: Baseball 1, 2 3, Basketball 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, 'Pres. 3, Graduation Usher 3, 100 Per Cent Club in Math, Student Coun- cil 1, Yearbook Club 2, American Legion Boys' State 2, Stanley of "Our Miss Brooks." J. MICHAEL GRANDOLFI A big hit with the team Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 3, 4, ARDSLEYAN Ad- vertising Editor 3, Manager Jr. Varsity Basketball 2, Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Intramurals: Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Stage Crew 2, Gradua- tion Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Stanley of "Our Miss Brooks." DAVID SFLUSKEY A good defensive player Honor Society 1 year, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Jr. Vor- slty Baseball 2, Intramurals: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Boy Scouts 1, 2. that the need tu Wm or lose ROBERT B. HAMILTON Bob sails around the bases. ARDSLEYAN Snapshot Editor 3, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Regional Choir 2, Intra- murals: 'Basketball l, 2, 3, Yearbook Club 2, College Club 4, Pres. 4, Electricians' Club 4. 111 a spurtsmanlil-ie Wa 1 , CAROL HASHAGEN Carol gets the base hits when they really count. Secretary 3, Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree l year, Third Degree 4, Salt and Pepper 3, 4, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 4, Intramurals: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Yearbook Club 2, Col- lege, Club 4, Miss Audubon ot "Our Miss Brooks." ELLEN HEINTZ Rookie of the year Honor Society 2 years, Varsity Choir 2, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, G.A.A. l, 2, 4, Span- ish Club 2, 4, Pres. 4, Yearbook Club-2, Doris of "Our Miss Brooks." ROYCE PAULA KOORS First string player Vice-Pres. l, Honor Society 9 years, Sec- ond Degree 4 years, Third Degree 4, ARDSLEYAN Photography Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 2, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional l, 2, 3, 4, State 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club, Vice-Pres. 4, Creative Writers' Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, College Club 4, Faith of "Our Miss Brooks." JOSEPH S. LEACH Joe is our loudest rooter. Honor Society 8 years, Second Degree 2 years, ARDSLEYAN Ass't Editor 3, Band 1, Manager Varsity Basketball 4, Jr. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 4, Softball 1, 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Program Production Committee 2, Yearbook Club 2, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, College Club 4, Ted of "Our Miss Brooks." ROSINA A. MOBILIA Rose is always working at her position. Honor Society 3 years, Salt and Pepper 3, Ass't Editor 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4. RUBY MORETTI Ruby is a good teammate. Vice-Pres. 4, Honor Society 6 years, Sec- ond Degree 1, Third Degree 4, Corres- ponding Secretary, Salt and Pepper 2, 3, 4, Typing Editor 4, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Clel Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, G,A.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, Elsie of "Our Miss Brooks." DOROTHY McPl'lEE Dot is a queen is every sport. Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 42, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Intramurals: Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, College Club 4, Marge of "Our Miss Brooks." as well as the EXDEIIEHEE Frmx Q-.i , . , - FRANCES LAURA PEARCE Toots is the backbone of our team. Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 1 year, Third Degree 4, ARDSLEYAN Art Editor 3, County Chorus 4, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Production Secretary 1, Committee 1, 2, Creative Writ- ers' Club 1, Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, College Club 4, Rhonda ol "Our Miss Brooks." whlch CE1II'1ES them through. LOUISE R. QUIST All-star material Secretary 1, 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Honor Soci- ety 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 3, 4, Recording Secretary 4, ARDS- LEYAN Typing Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 4, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Clet Club 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, G.A.B. 2, 3, Intramurals: Softball 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 'l, 2, 3, 4,. Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, Sports Club 3, 4, Elaine at "Our Miss Brooks." GERTRUDE ROSLER Gert is the fielders' choice. Vice-President 2, Honor Society 8 years, Second Degree 2 years, Salt and Pepper Typist 4, Varsity Choir 'l, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, Yearbook Club 2, Elaine of "Our Miss Brooks." RUTH A. SEELER Ruth loves the game above the sport. Honor Society 6 years, Second Degree 1 year, ARDSLEYAN Publicity Manager 3, Salt and Pepper 1, 2, Sports Editor 1, Circulation Editor 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, Sports Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Intramurals: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Riding Club 1, 2, Creative Writers' Club 1, 2, Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, Sylvia of "Our Miss Brooks." 9 X MARIANNE B. WERTHEIM Marianne has the best batting average. Reporter 3, 4, Honor Society 6 years, Sec- ond Degree 1 year, Third Degree 4, Vice- Pres. 4, ARDSLEYAN Ass't Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 1, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Vice- 'Pres. 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Orchestra-Regional 1, 2, 3, 4, State Orchestra 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Intramurals: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 1, 2, Graduation Usher 3, Creative Writers' Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 1, Pres. 2, Yearbook Club 2, College Club 4, .lane of "Our Miss Brooks." ROBERT WILMOTH Twong's the big man in the batting order. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4. ARDY Sporting Spirit Taking a post-graduate course. Honorary Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Fourth Degree 2 years, ARDSLEYAN Pub- licity Manager, Varsity Choir Music Col- lector 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Bat-Boy 1, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, 100 Per Cent Club-Loyalty, Prompter of Senior Play. ANN WILMOTH Ace of the diamond Honor Society 7 years, Salt and Pepper 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Creative Writers' Club 1, Yearbook Club 2, Miss Finch ot "Our Miss Brooks." The handle hard drives with ease . FRONT ROW: .l. DeNardo, R. Frischrnann. STANDING: D. STANDING: L. Quist R Moretti R Sealer Mrs E Koenig Fluslzey, Mrs. E. Koenig, R. Hamilton, A. DeRocha, M. A. Wilmoth, R. Mobilia L Dimodugno M Flanagan Grandolfi, R. Bancroft. and connect with all the pitches MRS. ELINOR B. KOENIG, Class adviser-THE SENIOR CLASS OF 'I954 began its lost year with the Subscription Campaign, the proceeds of which went toward our Washington trip fund. Immediately after mid-terms we chose "Our Miss Brooks" for our senior play. Later, we used the profit to visit Wash- ington, D. C. Our officers are Pres. Richard Frisch- mann, Vice-Pres. Ruby Moretti, Sec. Louise Quist, Treas. William Finger, and Reporter Marianne Wer- theim. Mrs. John Canning is class mother and Mrs Edward Pearce, her assistant. FRONT ROW: B. Canning, R. Wilmoth. SECOND ROW: D. FRONT ROW: G, Rosler C Hashagen E Hemtl SECOND McPhee, L. Pearce, A. DePaul. STANDING: Mrs. E. Koenig, ROW: W. Finger J Leach R P Koors M Wert erm W. Bell. STANDING: Mrs. E Koenig .1 lu Kits E I 'W'-'ir 'sr vt, ti .ka - 1 X 'Q 2 .AE-4. , . - , ' ,.,-, u -"f .. l Miss Brooks. Miss Finch Mr. Wadsworth... . Mrs. Allen .. Ted Wilder Sylvia. . Elaine. . . Faith Doris N- i Vai, Barbara Canning .......Ann Wilmoth ...William Finger Margaret Flanigan .. Richard Bancroft Joseph Leach ...Ruth Seeler ...Louise Quist Gertrude Rosler Royce Paula Koors .. .. Ellen Heintz l - even making the play, This year's main theatrical production was the SENIOR PLAY, "Our Miss Brooks," pre- sented on the evenings of April 2 and 3 under the direction of Mrs. Elinor Koenig. At long last, Miss Brooks, an over-worked English teacher, had escaped the responsibility of directing the senior play and was planning a Caribbean cruise. Her dreams touched on reality when Hugo Longacre, the handsome athletic coach, entered the scene. Suddenly HIT! fr- ...dh-J -AJ' 1" if Pye - .W I "Hur Miss lflruul-isfy a big hit. her dreams were shattered as she was once again burdened with the play. From then on, problems arose one after another. Ted Wilder, star of the senior play and also the star of the basketball team, was the cause of a disagreement between Miss Brooks and the coach. Broken Chinese vases, hidden bas- ketballs and band instruments added to her worries. But all was overcome in the end to bring the play to a happy conclusion. Hugo Longacre Miss Audubon . Rhonda Allen Jane Drew , Stanley. . Martin . . Elsie . .... . Marge . .. Anthony DePaul Carol Hashagen Laura Pearce Marianne Wertheim Richard Frischmann Michael Grandolfi Joseph DeNardo Lucy DiModugno Ruby Moretti Dorothy McPhee 'xx 27 w w .5 FRONT R Harman: M Cowley SEATED: Miss H. Robbie, FRONT: J. Baker L Arone E Flanigan J Bloomfield H R Casey STANDING C Hade R M DePaul, C. Huesgen, Eisenhauer. BACK ROW M Hesse R Carlson S Bertman M Fitzgerald B Berlvnd J Freed Miss H. Robbie, K Acker H Colten These are our pinch-hitters who MISS DOROTHY M. PELDA and MISS HELEN G. ROBBIE, Class advisers--With our adviser, Miss Pelda, we of the CLASS OF 1955 tried to create an ARDSLEYAN of which we could be proud. While we sold yearbook pictures at the village fair, Miss Robbie helped the ras! of the Juniors with the pantry shelf booth. Both homeroams cooperated on a Christ- mas skit for assembly and the June prom. Our class officers are: Pres. William Mooney, Vice-Pres. Bar- bara Nardecchia, Sec. Rose Marie DePaul, Treas. Stephen Bertman. Mrs. Matthew Flanigan is class mother, and Mrs. Charles Huesgen is her assistant. SEATED K Schoenstem B Nardecchia A. Locurafolo, E. 5EATEDr W. MOOHOY MISS D Peldo A SCON STANDING Lambert STANDING P Lu,-gen J Rudolph, R, Jaeger, R, D. Suthergreen, M Silk J Young E Waldemor R Johnson McKirgan J Kovacnk D Jensen Miss D Pelda. M. A. Router, B. Steenwerth F Schmidt NRI K FRONT ROW: J. Manchester, D. Ankhelen, E. Mulvey, F. FRONT ROW: P. 'Pognoni, N. Solomon. SECOND: J. Raicht, Cammisa. SECOND ROW: Mr. F. Kluge, F. Arona, J. Cowley, K. Kamens. THIRD: J. Schmidt, S. Knapp, W. Hoffmann. A. Cascarano. ABSENT: T. Ward. STANDING: W. LeCount, Mr. F. Kluge. help the suphs in avoid the jiux SEATED: A. Pasquini. STANDING: P. Clmino, C. Roclton, W. Townsend, G. Salerno, Mr. F. Kluge, J. Seeler, G. Barbieri, N. Cauvet, A. Wiclrersham. MR. FRANK KLUGE, Class adviser-As our main money-making project for the year, the CLASS OF T956 was in charge of the Sophomore P.X. We went on a biology camping trip to Croton Point and supplied the entertainment for the Subscription Party by putting on the skit, "Dragnet," The class officers are: Pres. Patricia Pagnoni, Vice-Pres. David Purdy, Sec. Grace Barbieri, Treas. Jayne Schmidt. Mrs. William LeCount is our class mother. F. Kluge, D. Purdy, F. Cimino. SEATED: C. McKeough, S. Scott, J. Canning. STANDING: A. Kalmylrow, R. Hughes, J. Osterberg, G. Fagan, Mr. Ju 1 Fi ,Z SEATED: M. O'Leary, P. Young, R. Pellegrini. STANDING: SEATED: Mr. C. Felter. STANDING: N. Noschese, M. Mes C. Proske, G. Ragone, D. Viola, C. Slaybaugh, D. Mooney, tern, C. Morris, B. Murau, F. Pestone, J. McPartland, D Mr. C. Felter, F. Schappach, R.A. Pearce. Murrus, J. Rooney, L. Nevinger, J. Perillo. ABSENT: P Mr. C. Felter, F. Schappach, R. A. Pearce. and the reelsiee ie learn ihe game. MR. CLARENCE FELTER, Class adviser-THE CLASS OF 1957 began high school with a busy year. Al- though we're just "Frosh," we won second prize in the Subscription Campaign. A successful food sale and a spring party concluded the year's activities. Our Pres. is Priscilla Young, Vice-Pres. Marie O'Leary, Sec. Barbara Gardiner, Treas. Roberta Pellegrini. The class mother is Mrs. Charles Schappach, and the assistant class mother is Mrs. William Nevinger. FRONT ROW: J. Barger, P. Carlyle, B. Gardiner, M. Chris- FRONT ROWS E- Bfamble, l-. Kl'9Yml-70Y9- SECOND ROW tiano. STANDING. H. Hamilton, A. Dekocha, W. Bell, R. Mr- C. Felfer, G- Koors, B. Lotus- THIRD ROW: E. Mdrron Bell, C. Copeland, Mr. C. Felter. L. Medovich, C. Lotus, J,BerIind. ABSENT: A. Hara-ismowich '10, Time Hut! Z.- M! fu SXLLY E rN'21. ..-qi", -5. -v x Qs ,NH 'Y ,Q '14 S... X., -vs I 32 We, the BOARD OF EDITORS of the 1954 ARDSLEYAN, have tried to give you a yearbook containing a more informal and extensive coverage of school lite and of extra-curricular activities. Each class was photograph- ed in at least two groups, resulting in a more recognizable picture of the individual. We attempted to show daily curricular activities through can- did shots of classes in session. More space was allotted to our only sports, baseball and basketball, while action photographs of some of the year's big games will help us relive the exciting sports seasons. Judy and Mr. Hartman FRONT: K. Schoenstein, R. M. DePaul. CENTER: A. Locuratolo, J. Baker. BACK: R. Hermans, K. Acker. These ediiers publish the reports John Young Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Waldemlr Assistant Editor Barbara Nardecchia Assistant Editor Stephen Bertman Assistant Editor Mr. Howard Hartman Photography Adviser Mr. Clarence Felter Circulation Adviser Mr. Alex Dicicco Typing Adviser Mr. Paul Koors Budget Adviser www' jill Q?- Ken, Mr. Koors, Mr. Dicicco, Ron Jerry, Miss Peldd, Bill FRONT E Waldemar, J. Freed. CENTER: J. Young, B. Nardecchia. BACK: W. Mooney Miss D. Pelda, S. Bertman. Wllliilil show the pia ers, l'EEUITlS. Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Adviser-in-Chief, Literary and Advertising Adviser Kenneth Acker Judith Baker Rose Marie DePaul Business Editor Photography Editor Typing Editor Jerome Freed Reginald Hermans Angela Locuratolo Co Advertising Editor Publicity Editor Circulation Editor William Mooney Katherine Sclloenstein Co Advertising Editor Art Editor When we, the 1954 editors, re- turned from the meeting of the Colum- bia Scholastic Press Association, an or- ganization devoted to aiding pupils publishing yearbooks, we brought back with us the gratifying news that last year's ARDSLEYAN had received a number one rating. Returning with many new ideas, we had high hopes for a medalist book in 1954. Quite a few of our ambitions have been ful- filled because of the invaluable help supplied by our faculty advisers, Miss Pelda, Mr. Felter, Mr. Hartman, Mr. Dicicco and Mr. Koors. We have seen the game through with this book hold- ing the records. May you find it to your liking. X X Kate and Min Pelda Mr, Fglter, Angela, Reg John, Barbara, Steve, Betsy and Miss Pelda u.?irinLm7 The THIRD DEGREE consisting of twelve metnbers, chosen for lead- ership and character, constitutes the executive body of the Honor Society. The most important part of their work has been that of training and initiating students to the higher ranks of the society. ln the fall seventy-four students, ranging from the fourth grade through high school, became mem- bers. It is hoped that the dream of a Memorial Park will soon become a reality. To increase the fund desig- nated for this worthy project, the members sold tee-shirts to the grades. Officers are: President R. Frisch- mann, Vice-President M. Wertheim, Treasurer W. Finger, Correspond- ing Secretary R. Moretti, Recording Secretary L. Quist. R. Frischmann, Miss H. Robbie, D. Purdy, L. Pearce, R. Moretti, R. Bancroft, J. Young, W. Finger, R. P. Koors, C. Has- hagen, M. Wertheim, M. Grandolfi, L. Quist. The officials who apply the rules of the game The JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL in the main building consists of the presidents of the various classes from the fifth through the eighth grade. The officers for 1954 include Willis Anderson of Grade 8, President, Pamela Hutchinson, Grade 8, Secretary, Donald Clarke, Grade 65, Treasurer. Prin- cipal Arthur W. Silliman is adviser. At their monthly meetings members dis- cuss all matters having to do with the wel- fare of the students and the honor of the school. The Junior Student Council inaugu- rated a clean-up campaign this year which included not only the school grounds but the streets leading from the school to the village. Through the profits of their annual seed sale, they financed some of the Moun- taintop Club and other activities that bene- fit grade pupils. LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Miles, J. Montaruli, R. Bell, D. Clarke, P. Koors, P. Hutchinson, W. Anderson, P. Witham, J. Adams, Mr. A. W. Silliman, M. Moccia. BffAO.BUR.Y- 7JM.6-ARU5'-GY 415- QALIL1 ill IIGN1' WAV VO WH r K-E, lr us X, ea pq,-F".h..42e gf I l. 'ld A lx The members of the COMMERCIAL CLUB meet every other week to give those persons interested, a chance to investigate the op- portunities that business offers and to fur- ther prepare themselves to meet commercial demands. This is accomplished by having quest speakers to tell of their personal ex- periences in the business world and to stress those work habits which they believe most desirable. A study is also conducted of those jobs available to business graduates while more experience on the various machines better equips the members to meet the needs of that field. Our president is Loretta Arone, vice-president, Royce Paula Koors, secretary, Rose Marie DePaul and treasurer, Elizabeth Flanigan. Mr. Alex Dicicco is ad- viser. SEATED: L. Arona. STANDING: Mr. A. Dicicco, R. Moretti, M. Fitzgerald, R. M. DePaul, E. Lambert, M. Silk, C. Huesgen, and the reperiers and secretaries from the press bex The JOURNALISM CLUB is the organization which publishes the "Salt 'n Pepper," the high school paper. Joey DeNardo, the editor- in-chief, has helped to improve the write-ups of news events and per- sonalities, this year. With the help of Mr. Koors, the adviser, Louise Quist, copy editor, and Ruby Mor- etti, typing editor, the "Salt 'n Pep- , per" has tried to hold the gossip to a minimum and emphasize in- stead originality on the cover and cartoon page. Cynthia Proske and Carol Morris, the art editors, have made these new ideas very enter- taining while Judy Baker, secre- tary, and Lucy DiModugno, treas- urer, have worked together to keep the records in order. FRONT ROW: M. Silk, R. Moretti, E. Wal- demor, J. Baker, N. Noschese, L. Quist. SECOND: J. Bloomfield, M. O'Leary, K. Schoenstein, B, Berlind, R. A. Pearce, C. Proske, D. Suthergreen, P. Young. STAND- ING: L. DiModugno, J. Canning, C. San- tore, W. Hoffmann, B. Steenwerth, J. De- nardo, J. Kovacik, S. Knapp, H. Colten, J. Freed, W. Townsend, Mr. Koors. The GIRLS' ENSEMBLE is composed of ten Junior girls demonstrating exceptional ability in the field of choral music. Under the direction of Miss Hallenbeck, this qroup has sung together at school assemblies and con- certs. At Christmas time, the Ensemble was privileged to sing carols in the halls of the Ardsley Elementary School for the enioy- ment of the grade pupils. Most of the girls in the ensemble have been members of this! group since it was first organized five years ago. A great deal of personal satisfaction has been gained by these girls in the enjoyment they receive singing together. B. Borlind, D. Suthergreen, E. Flanigan, E. Waldemar, J. Balmer, B. Nardecchia, A. Scott, M. A. Reuter, L. Arone. join with the team from south of the border The two sections of the SPANISH CLUB meet with Miss Robbie, their adviser, on alternate Mondays. The Spanish I Club entered into the spirit of Christ- mas with a gay fiesta. The members learned how to order a meal in Spanish and used this knowledge on a visit to a Mexican restaurant. Co-presidents are N. Cauvet and J. Schmidt. C. lochon is secretary. The Spanish ll -Club Qisited the Hispanic Museum in New York and later in the year learned some popular Spanish folk songs. We felt we had gained a better understanding of our neighbors south of the border. Ellen Heintz is presidlnt and Barbara Nar- decchia, secretary. gfiLElglNg' ,:f"bls'i'R':,'b.C"'g"h DH P"f'Y'C G' logos' SEATED: E. Waldemar, B. Nafdecchaa, M. A. Reutsr, E Salem W' nanny Ao vfk 'h of j""s H ,d':"'3"'Sg', - mann, A. scan, A. DePaul. STANDING: R. seem, J. Baker bug' ' ' ' ' 'C an am' ' C m' ' ' ser' K. Acker, Miss H. Robbie, H. Colten. LII? ' f I .J Under the guidance of Mr. Paul Koors, meetings of the COLLEGE CLUB are held every other week at one of the member's houses. Robert Hamilton, who took the ini- tiative in having the first meeting called at his house, was elected president, Barbara Canning, vice-president, and Marianne Wertheim, secretary. The purpose of the club is to give its members a better all- around knowledge of colleges. This was successfully accomplished by having guest speakers and question and answer periods at the meetings followed by going for "hat pie" before calling it an evening. Our acl- viser provided us with college announce- ments and information and the satisfaction of learning more about educational oppor- tunities. FRONT: C, Huesgen, M. Wertheim, C. Haxhagen, D. McPhee, J. Leach B, Canning, R. P. Koors, W. Finger, B. Nardecchia. BACK: A. Scott M. Silk, R. Bancroft, R. Hermans, A. DePaul, L. Pearce, R. Hamilton J Freed, Mr. P. Koors. in liheer and Support our pla ers. Learning the techniques involved in producing a yearbook, such as the use of the proportion rule and procedure in cropping pictures, is the concern of the eighteen sophomores who compose the YEARBOOK CLUB. Miss Dorothy Pelda, the adviser, explains such confusing technical terms as offset, dummy, and glossy as applied to many yearbooks. Then when the members have become critics, they organize themselves into groups, compare the good points and weaknesses of yearbooks, and present their findings to the members. All of this knowledge is preparatory to editing the ARDSLEYAN during their Junior year. David Purdy is president and Grace Barbieri, secre- tary. FRONT ROW K Kamens G Salerno SECOND ROW: W. LeCount J Raicht R Hughes Miss D Pelda, A. Kalmykow. FRONT: G' Barbieri, D' Purdy. BACK: S' Scan' G Fagan THIRD ROW J Schmidt P Pa noni N Solomon A. Wicker h 9 ' 0 N. Cauvet, J. Osterberg, C. Roclion, F. Arone, Miss D Pelda S afn ,ew' I -2 1 1 -V 9 9 1 Q A- :- f.F' ,rl E L The ELECTRICIANS' CLUB has been as- sisting the students and faculty with a visual aids program. Besides helping the teachers run any type of projector, the members of the club did the lighting for the senior play. Christmas program, spring concert, and senior prom. ln the spring, the organization gave an assembly program. Officers are President Franklin Schmidt, Vice-President William Hoffmann, Treasurer William Moon- ey, and Secretary Robert Johnson. Mr. Howard Hartman and Mr. Charles Horend electricians spark the The DRAMATICS CLUB under the able direction of Mrs. Koenig presented three plays and several assembly programs. The entire high school enioyed the performances of "Ladies of the Mop," Cpictured belowl "Thanks Awfully," and "Flittermouse." A certain part of each meeting was spent dis- cussing the mechanical skills used in drama- tics. Nancy Solomon is president, Barbara Berlind is vice-president, Pat Pagnoni, treas- urer, and Kate Schoenstein, secretary. FRONT: K. Schoenstein. BACK: C. Copeland, F. Schappach, Mrs. E. Koenig, B. 4. Lotus, J. Raicht, M. Fitzgerald, K. Kamons, B. Berlind. gg: .gg E are the advisers. FRONT: R. Johnson, D. Viola, G. Koors, E. Bramble. BACK: W, Mooney, D. Mooney, C. Slaybaugh, W. Hoffmann. team Lotus, N. Solomon, C. 1 On January 14, Mr. Vincent, the adviser of the CLEF CLUB, called the seven mem- bers together for one of their organiza- tional meetings. They are Juniors and Sen- iors who are active in music and show out- standing ability in the larger musical groups. Their primary purpose is to act as the advisory board of the Music Depart- ment and make rules of conduct and effort for each music organization. Marianne Wertheim is president, Royce Paula Koors, vice-president, and Rose Marie DePaul, sec- retary. SEATED: R. P. Koors, R. Moretti, R. M. DePaul, L. Quist, Mr. M. C. Vincent. STANDING: R. Bancroft, A. DePaul, M. Wertheim. 'iflifbino MQCZN3 We-Din and give a helping hand indoors nr uni For many years the OUTDOOR EDUCATION program and the MOUNTAINTOP CLUB have provided a royal road to learning. The groups from five to forty hike the Appalachian Trail, reverently tread the paths at Valley Forge, once red with blood, connect local histories with Revolutionary grave yards, and marvel at God's handy work from the top of Mount Greylock. They learn to work together and develop traits of leadership and concern for the common good. They learn how to plan and take responsibility and to meet and overcome hardships. The secrets of Nature are available to these students who study the stars and tides firsthand. Some of these trips occur during school time and others after school or during vacation periods. Late in September the annual biology field trip for the sopho- mores was held at Croton Camp Senasqua where the sixth and seventh grades also camped. Thirty-seven biology students spent a week learning some of the facts of botany and nature amidst surroundings ideally suited to the purpose instead of from books alone. They learned co-operative enterprise and individual responsibility by participating in cooking and housekeeping duties. Free time during the afternoon was spent relaxing, playing baseball or horseshoes, and swimming. After dinner and dishes were finished each evening, a roaring fire was built in the fireplace, and everybody gathered around to talk. All this made the week enioyable as well as profitable, and each sophomore class can look forward to this trip with anticipation. 2 . 5 5 3 fp i ' :- i I M, c ' The beat of the drum and lili of each sung give us spirit The GIRLS' CHOIR, the senior performing group of the music department, has earned an enviable repu- tation by appearing in several school programs and singing before community groups. Over half of the choir has been a part of the All-County Chorus, and Angela Locuratolo has been chosen through compet- itive examinations for membership in the All-State High School Choir. Mr. M. C. Vincent is adviser. The ORCHESTRA, consisting of students from the sixth grade through the senior class, prepares pro- grams for the student body, the P.T.A., graduation, and for its spring concert. lts advanced players gain experience through membership in the All-County high school orchestra and in the All-State symphony orchestra, which plays annually before the New York State School Music Association Conference. Mr. Vincent is adviser. S L H .. ., is gr:-. r , ,,,,, ,,, ,, ,. .4 , X v PAW-' 'WG' ' ist' " iv: z.. . s 'n , ., , ifii' .ly , 'Q' , - "di I ta l Q X Q . ,P his B A. , 'Sw-3: 'J 5, as X..W W t .05 '. ,-J-MQ "' T.i.f?'c1,f-5 i K0 H . M, . . a wg? A- 4-. swab-"1"n 1-mme!!! Dick Bancroft and Tony DePaul Bob Wilmoth and Ron Casey Reg Hermans and Bob Johnson Richie Mooney l u Nr. gl P a-J 1,,g"q,,, sw, has VW'-1 5- r L dum!! 33 1 I ba ?"'.94-1 f- V ,. if .1.... . fi' .. -W - ir .w i 1' '. 3,- Connie Hade and John Young pla mg. Thirty-eight candidates came out for Coach Jackrnan's first call for BASEBALL. Of these, twenty- seven were selected for the Jun- ior Varsity and Varsity teams, who were hoping that last year's pennant thrust would "rub off" on this year's squad and enable them to add another trophy to the case. The Varsity members selected Dick Bancroft, an able pitcher and firstbaseman, to be their captain. Besides Dick, returnees from last year's victorious team are: Ron Casey, Tony DePaul, John Young, Jerry Freed and Mickey Cawley. The opening game saw Ards- ley victorious, 9 to 7, over Chil- dren's Village. SEATED: R. Moonoy,BclI-boy. FIRST ROW: J. Freed, A. DeRocha, Manager, M. Caw- ley, J. Cowley, C. Hade, J. Young, Coach M. Jackman. SECOND ROW: F. Arone, Manager, R. Bancroft, R. Hermans, R. Casey, R. Wilmoth, A. DePaul, R. Johnson. Mickey Cawley and Jerry Freed l 4-- . .T 1 '1 l QNSL4-, v --if A 5 A 4 ... 3 . --V '. w . I Q 4 1 ' s . . ' 'fy' A TX su 54' L We y y y D.. , fy .. by hr - T, 'hy . . i S -Q ' .,- - x 4 . K I U. 1: , J ,rf K W, .VE yt., K4 . A A . uf ,, .,,l,,,,y. 44 in f :.ff..:,1? 135. 3:f'..fJfcxVg-:dl gg ' ' fre' .. .X l - 3. t . if - s 1 .. A .,,Q ..,, 5' :LW y .-vm? ..:-f fr n. .avr-J A-fy ' , . .529 A df 1 ,V Q Q. .. a. 'fl' '1 'A -m'iS".'wh' "' t xv' 1 'x v E 5? 39231 ff- -42, M, k,,.41,,.Qf f,.. , ,M .,,,,l, Q S -any .V ., ,L k' 1 l 'ire if x . W. Ni il!?,wv ,QQ il, I 'w-Q, ."" ' N if ' 7 4' f Ka 1 K 2 85, f ' Q, L. i' -M? ripe g , s I H4 ,Q 'ii 11314 . .14 ,V - . . . an KKK 1 N AQ 4 ,A I I 1 a If hw ,Xt It W, 3 fra -' f' W in ever game that we are in, Although the game-winning record of the VARSITY BASKETBAI-l 16001 was not high, the scores indicated that the squad was a good one-far better than its record. Seven games were lost by five points or less. Captain Tony DePaul received "the most valuable player" award as a result of his outstanding rebound work and consistently good performance. The "most improved" player was Dick Bancroft, the team's leading set-shot artist. Bob Wilmoth and Ron Casey were elected as our two representatives to the All-Star team. Mr. Michael Jackman is coach. I l Paul Larsen John Young FRONT: R. Bancroft, A. DePaul, R. Wilmoth, R. Casey, P. Larsen. BACK: J. Leach, Manager, M. Cowley, R. Frischmann, D. Fluskey, R. Hermans, J. Young, Mr. M. Jackman, Coach, W. LeCount, Manager. log Normans Rich Frischmann lon Casey P' E 64 J" r' H ff ,de 1 1 1 v xl, 7 vgnff X X, 2 w- I 1 f ,041 I 4-ig, V llii 1 -4 ff' X H' ' 'f A Q. GH ,f gx .QJ f A ' X? K 4 X i j 4' n Q15 91" Q- f , ,shi ff x . aw - -W Q wr . -l V Q v ,A if 5+ '15 fl 6111014 ff Y H. QF, 'Fl x . U V: 5 V fn, Q , V, an - I. ' 1 ' I fy -107 93, A fp 4 ' x ' 'P ll . E- . -- aff Y 'A 2 .V ,KJV h 'l' t i n. 10 I X! 'J -i ll nl ht A S 4 r A x X A'-ii N in I. . I ' i 1 A . K J . EH? ..,,--..- 'f -Y--1 . ?-M ,0f,f, ff? v." ' , xg 1 46+ 5 A 49' .A 1 x Q Y R00 dk, r Ffx 'Q ? -..... ...I the The purpose of the SPORTS CLUB is to provide leadership and to train officials who will conduct all Girls' Athletic Association and inter-class activities. Before the nine new members were accepted into the club, they had to pass a test and meet certain qualifications of leadership, sportsmanship, and initiative. During Easter vacation, all the members saw Radio City's Easter Show and in .lune went on the club'-s annual camping trip. Ruth Seeler is club president and Dorothy McPhee is secretary-treas- urer. FRONT: R. M. DePaul, M. Sillt. BACK: B. Canning, Miss G, Roll, E. Flonigan, M. A. Reuter, C. Hashogen, L. Arone, R. Seeler, M. Flanigan, C. Huesgen, D. Mc- Phee, L. Quist. All girls interested in after-school sports a round of inter class softball followed by can join the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA a long exciting volleyball season TION. At the first G.A.A. mass meeting Before we knew it D give us a sense nf victory. School spirit reached its peak this year through the efforts of the CHEERi.EADlNG SQUAD. These ten girls, led by Margaret Fitzger- ald, rooted the Ardsley basketball teams on to victory or made defeat easier to meet. With the aid of Miss Florence Stasiak, their adviser, the squad improved old cheers and invented new ones. Blue and gold outfits were purchased by the girls to correspond to the School colors. The best cheers were presented at the culminating event of the sea- son, the All-Star game. SEATED: M. Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: C. Morris, C. Santoro, B. Nardecchia, G. Barbieri, M. O'Leary. THIRD: L. Arone, R. M. DePaul, B. Berlind, C. McKeough. Basketball honor teams of the GIRLS all the 9l"l5 Were dhlded lM0 two teams, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION were chosen at Blue Gnd Gold- BON' SVWPS Compete in the conclusion of the basketball season to eVe"Y 5P0'lf and at 'lf' final PlCf1lC in JUU6, gf l x, Z 1 N 1 f-1, wp 1, K L K ' L . ' -X 1 ' ' ' i 1 - ,. X ,Q -ff' :ia -1 2 Y , f ' x , QA sn. K , s Dick Bell in shop Connie, Myrna, Frank, and Stephen 5 .h,,.,....-----r""""" Dolores, Angelo, Eileen, Jock and Carol Junior-Senior study hall Kale in "Ladies of the Mop '5' i-r Z XA' ,QA x ,f"' , ,---f' 'AY' Niuikniiiim- lk. . . A rw L., R if Y ,M V , 9 1 yi Jfiig K kglgfg' 1 Q4 AA 3 ' s s Q r L f Z ' f E5 E 5 ?Vi f iivd Joey lf e . Garry Rogone 51-sae is-f"a..,E59 ' DeNardo and 11 2 in shop Mike Grandolfi Eddie Bramble in shop '1 , I .Iran !7' Pi 49" 'Z' i Grace, Kathy, Fred and Andy before English Warren, NUHCY, DGVC, Roy and 50m 'F , W N . 'gn A nf XCN I 3' , 'J-:Ll N-J Y Y x . ng ,7 ,L so ,mmf-,W,1,,, 1 -Q If bs -Iifw The Little League ,-5 1, fa he " , f X X A, e' ' K 'iff f - 4-nf Q, . H 'S y m K , '- f j TOP-STANDING: M. Schultz, J. Whelan, J. Westervelt, L. Schoenstein, Mr. H. Thomas, S. Ward, L. Morrison, W. Meuser, K. Moore, M. Scheller. Here is the grade school, nv I 1 I 'I 'L il iii ,' if as if ,vii S: if Fila- W mt lit. .--Xvvs - imma M CENTER-SEATED: S. Sage, S. Hossell, M. Flanigan, J. Medovich, Mr. H. Thomas. SECOND ROW: P. Robinson, R. Plechner, B. LeDuc, R. Freundel, D. Maxwell, K. McComb. BOTTOM-SEATED. Mr. H. Thomas. STANDING: R. Fitze gerald, P. Engelkirk, L. DeNardo, M. Cassens, F. Carlson, R. Anthony, W. Anderson, M. Boker, G. Greiner, L. Beoll. MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS, Teacher-During this, our graduation year, GRADE 8T has partici- pated in our class parties at Mark Schultz's house, at the Mt. Vernon Skating Rink, and also the traditional eighth grade trip to Valley Forge. Most thrilling of all, however, was our prom and graduation. Our class officers are: Pres. Willis Anderson, Vice-Pres. Sally Sage, Sec. Paul Engel- kirk, and Treas. Louise DeNardo. Mrs. Paul Baker is class mother and Mrs. Samuel D. Schultz, assistant class mother. l' STANDING: R, Clute, R. Mooney, N. Reynaud, P. Hutchin- SEATED: Mr. E. Einhorn. STANDING: D. Guckonblehl P son T Cappetta D Klein I. Murau Mr. E. Einhorn. Hunt, F, Sheldon, .l. Murray, E. Calhoun, F Scheller M I l I I I I Mack. who ple in the little league. MR. EVERETT EINHORN, Teacher-GRADE 8E has participated in many social activities such as a picnic, a dance, skating parties and trips to nearby points of interest. We went over our quota on contributions to the Dobbs Ferry Hospi- tal and sponsored the Hobby Shop at the school fair. Our class officers are Pres. Pamela Hutchin- son, Vice-Pres. Diane Guckenbiehl, Sec. Richard Mooney, Treas. Ingrid Murau. Mrs. George Cal- houn is our class mother and Mrs. Dominick Pas- quale, her assistant. SEATED: V. Duke P- Weiss, F. Childs. STANDING: R, J. Hashagen, Mr. E. Einhorn, R. Plechner A Pasquale Mooney, J. Miles, T. Gannon, C. Streib, Mr. E. Einhorn. M. Larsen, S. Nash, E. Rooney. 5 X. ix K Q K2 fur ll. , . Q , 1 . I SEATED: P. Reynaud, W. Boulton, Y. Tunnard, A. Schafer, Mr. Wolter, J. Evans. STANDING: M. Moccia, K. Yocis, B. McKeough, J. Adams, A. Bliss. ii? ,lf ns The alwa 5 cheer for MR. WILLIAM WOLTER, Teacher-ln Septem- ber GRADE 7WO made a study of Indians and illustrated it with a display table. Our December FRONT: R. Sanlxey, Mr. Walter, B. Lehman, J. Kyff, BACK: C. Lehmlluhl, J. Hines, N. Fasenfeld, R. Wallitt, M. Smith, P. Wiclrersham, C. Fon, H. Ward. the veterans MISS MARGARET WESP, Teacher-Our year in GRADE 7WE has been very enjoyable partly be- cause of our many extra-curricular activities. The square dance 'and the ice sllating party in Feb- ruary proved to be very sudgessful. In March we published a class newspaperilind in May went on a field camping trip. The officers of the class are Pres. Michael Moccia, Vice-Pres. Ann Schafer, Sec. Peter Wickersham, Treas. Wayne Boulton. Our class mothers are Mrs. Harry Schafer and Mrs. John Reynaud. FRONT ROW: P. Witham, E. Locuratolo, I.. Quist. SECOND ROW: Miss M. Wesp, K. Waldemar, J. Istvan, D. Clarke, W. Whelan, P. Brandon, A. Cuouo, L. Nardecchia, F. Cecelin, R. Halvorsen. ev!!! skating parties and the square dance in Decem- ber proved to be a lot of fun. For Christmas we decorated our room to reflect the holiday spirit and then had a party. Officers are Pres. Patricia Witham, Vice-Pres. Larry Nardecchia, Sec. Elaine Locuratolo, and Treas. Lorraine Quist. Our class mother is Mrs. Joseph Locuratolo and assistant class mother, Mrs. Larry Nardecchia, FRONT ROW: S. Benning, C. Speicher, C. D'Andrea. SECOND ROW: Miss M. Wesp, V. LeCount, J. Kipp, G. Whitney, J. Whitney, L. King, D. Negri, G. Osterberg, L. Mestern, V. Pellegrini. l? QI!! sr. Z' FRONT ROW: B. Cook, V. Rosler, R. Ellis. SECOND ROW: S. Walther, G. Ramin, L. Drucker, D. Clarke, D. Ewald. THIRD ROW: R. Harten, C, Stahl, S. Suthergreen, J. Anthony, E. Lutz, M. Fagan, B. Zinck, C. Walk, D. McComb, Mrs. H. Snyder. ABSENT: L. Hughes, P. McDonough. but have their ewn MRS. HELENA SNYDER, Teacher - We were proud to have the president of GRADE 65, Don- ald Clarke, represent the school at the United Nations as the :guest of UNICEF. ln January we sponsored the assembly movie "Desert Herds- man" in accordance with our study of western Asia. We made a trip to the Museum of Natural History in May. The remaining class officers are Vice-Pres. Linda Kane, Sec. Rosemary Harten, Treas. Virginia Rosler. Mrs. John Harten is class mother with Mrs. Hal Cook as her assistant. SEATED: G. Miles, A. LeDuc, C. Nash, J. Liverani, K. Barger. SECOND ROW: C. Cassano, Miss P. Birdsall, J. Casadone, T. Fatigate, A. lzzolo, T. Waldeier, T. DiPadova, C. Grues- sing. P. Grutzner. ABSENT: S. VanLeer, G. Norton, S. De- Rocha. i '--' h Q., ,gn , rhlllmldl' if. eg, FRONT ROW: P. Chalmers, J. Saundln, W. Shaughnonly, A. Fournier, D. Nugent, SECOND ROW: Mrs. H. Snyder, P. Gotti, R. Hassell, J. Goldman, C. O'Connor, L. Kano, P. Jaeger, N. Hoy, V. Rochon, G. Becktold, J. Kuhlmann, E Aim. ABSENT: S. Kreymborg, D. McComb. game tee. MISS PATRICIA BIRDSALL, Teacher-ln October GRADE 6B went on an all-day camping trip to Croton Point, a new experience for most of us. We took up a science unit on learning common plants and trees. Then a contest was held in the class for the best insectlcollection. The following officers were chosen: Pres. George Miles, Vice- Pres. Michael Mondelli, Sec. Theodore DiPadova, Treas. Jack Casadone. Our class mothers are Mrs. Howard Nash and her assistant, Mrs. Michael Mondelli. SEATED: D. McDonough, S. Nilson, R. L. Ennis, J. Riccio, L. Dombek, R. Raicht, N. Hunt. SECOND ROW: M. Hinnen, K. Soderstrom, Miss P. Birdsall, M. Mondelli, L. Stanaway, P. Rose, J. Tino, J, Freeman, A. Kovacik. -in-I ru' '. l l STANDING: T. Gardiner, W. Gear, R. Bell, R. Kyff, E. SEATED: Miss E. Tryon: STANDING: K. Morrison, J. Purdy, Brookings, C. Bitting, A. Bennett, Miss E. Tryon. M. Stahl, K. MEGIynn, R. Grell, R. Wedekind, D. Hines, W. Duke. The learn in take the foul tips MISS ETHEL TRYON, TeacherfWe in GRADE 5T made a unit study on the Vikings. Later we set up a sand table with scenes from New Amsterdam. As our contribution to the Dobbs Ferry Hospital, we painted cans to be used as vases. The class officers are: Pres. Robert Bell, Vice-Pres. Margaret Stahl, Sec. Karen Moore, Treas. Peter Muller. Our class mother is Mrs. William Duke with Mrs. Lewis Morrison as her assistant. FRONT ROW: J. Harten, H. Bernstein, K. Eckelman, W. Delagi. SECOND ROW: Mrs. R. Wessels, G. Winston, A. Jacob, M. Krauss, W. Papovitch, R. Neubauer, J. Cauvet, G. Redmond, C. Murtough. ABSENT: S. Smith, J. Adams. MRS. RUTH HAMILTON WESSELS, Teacher- Our main project in GRADE 5W was learning to like to read, and so we made miniature libraries. We decorated our room with a large relief map of the United States made out of salt and flour. Also we welcomed a girl from Austria to our class. The class officers are Pres. James Adams, Vice-Pres. Richard Neubauer, Sec. Caroline Mur- tough, Treas. James Esposito. Mrs. W. J. Oster- berg was class mother, and Mrs. P. S. Stern and Mrs. Wallace H. Smith were her assistants. SEATED: J. Osterberg, J. Mullahy, B. Gerow, Mrs. R. Wessels. FIRST ROW STANDING: J. Stern, G. Jenter, C. Townsend, G. Lundberg, S. Geyer, W. Lippman, J. Prest- holdt. SECOND ROW STANDING: J. Esposito, F. Progner, B. Edelstein. ABSENT: P. Waite. FRONT: Miss E. Tryon, K. Moore, C. Coggins, P, Sanseverinc, L. Grandolfi. BACK: F. Purcell, 'P. Carlson, P. Muller. and the MRS. ALICE C. FRISCHMANN, Teacher - A salute to the flag followed by a silent prayer gets GRADE SF Off to a good start each morn- ing. Along with the 3 R's we pay special attention to the continents of North and South America. For Christmas we made .pot holders and puppets and drew winter scenes, The elected officers are Pres. Joseph Montdfuli, Vice-Pres. Charles De- Rosa, Sec. Susan Parachini, Treas. Carol Freed. Our class mothers are Mrs. A. Bennett with her assistants, Mrs. C. Staff and Mrs. M. Chenoweth. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Tino, Mrs. A. Frischmann, S. Chenoweth C. Freed, E. Hanrahan, S. Parachini, S. Ullman, J. Reynaud S, Istvan, G, Wehmeyer, E. McGovern, A. Paizo, D. Tida back. 1 n -c Q.. JF -'-S 6. F "' gg -?- L '- 1' 4 K , I .7 ' .. J , R .A SEATED: A. deTarnowsky, C. Gatti. STANDING: Miss E. Tryon, G. Rochon, R. Colten, E. Moore, E. Brady, D. Schaefer. ABSENT: W. Duke, R. Liposky. hard knocks in life MISS ETHEL M. TRYON, Teacher-GRADE 5T had 'IOOOA in the Junior Red Cross campaign and was in charge of enrolling all the grades. At Christmas-time we represented Mexico in a skit and even had a pinata on the stage. During the fall and spring we went on nature walks. The class is a very active one as all members have offices of various kinds even though the group is a large one. FRONT ROW: R. Bennett, J. Speicher, F. Bramble, C. DeRosa S. Pasquini, V. Bechtold. BACK ROW: .I. Montaruli, J. Stag- liano, J. Fon, Mrs. A. Frischmann. ABSENT: A. Sekaer, C. Staff, E. Harais. 1 SEATED: E. Anthony. STANDING: M. Burns, J. Smith, D. Goodman, J. Beckman, D. Knapp, B. Insky, Miss H. Edwards, A. Inversin, R. Cook, S. Witham, G. Laudato, W. Love. SEATED: T. Pancoast, R. Brandon, K. Cassens, A. Ridings, E. Korbin, C. Jenter. STANDING: I.. Adams, S. Werner, N. Stien, P. Osterberg, S. Witham, F. Kappler, F. Marron, Miss H. Edwards. besides the glut that comes along. MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS, Teacher-All of GRADE 4E participated in making scrapbooks on Switzerland in connection with our study of that country. Our two groups of color guards per- formed in assemblies during the year. We all enioyed our annual spring trip to New York City. Richard Cook is the class president and Elizabeth Anthony, treasurer, with Jane Beckman, librarian. Our class mother is Mrs. Harold Goodman, and the assistant class mother is Mrs. Milton Knapp. FRONT ROW: S. Martin, R. Morris, P. Gruber, Mrs. M. Reuter. SECOND ROW: S. Mattson, M. Hoy, F. Dombek, D. Andrews, R. Reilly, K. Sullivan, F. Holser. STANDING: W. O'Leary, J. Walther, D, Schafer, T. Burke. MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER, Teacher-GRADE 4R started the term in the old building but moved into our mo'dern school on October first. This year all of our work has been based on two themes, "Such Beautiful Things" and "Such In- teresting Things." Stories about these fascinating subiects were combined in a magazine. Our class officers are: Pres. Frank Holser, Vice-Pres. Randall Nichols, Sec. Marion Speicher, Treas. Richard Reilly, Mrs.. Lindley Nichols was class mother, and Mrs. ,Manton Martin is her assistant class mother. FRONT ROW: R. Nichols, V. Waldemar, P. Mestern, J. Dr.-we, Mrs. Reuter. SECOND ROW: J. Suthergreen, C. Wallitt, G. Seberg, J. Spellerberg, P. Burger, M. Speicher. THIRD ROW: J. Boody, C. Redmond, H. Ardanowski, E. Schultz. ABSENT: R. Pestono, R. Cluta. MRS. VIVIAN L. HILL, Teacher - This year GRADE 4H has tried to learn the value of ex- pressing good character. We formed the 4-H Friendship Club based on this idea. We found that to be thoughtful, understanding, and kind. to others helped us to improve and be happier ourselves. Elected class officers for this year are: Pres. Paul Koors, Vice-Pres, Edward Brown, Sec. Joan Brengel, Treas. Toni Waldeier. Our class mothers are Mrs. William Lemkuhl and her as- sistant, Mrs. Simon Yocis. What makes the game?- IP' , , as Y 1 A 9 9' I . 1 'in d"'N .sllllll Jw 9-su. Minh qu TOP-FRONT ROW: M. Scaperrotta, E. Brown. BACK ROW: T. Lofgren, C. Gruessing, M. Schappoch, Mrs. Hill, J. Per- rottu, C. Sekaer, G. Hellthaler, l. Perrotta. ABSENT: A. Sheldon, L. Britt, M, Lemkuhl, W. lzzolo, D. Murau. CENTER-FRONT ROW: H. Unger, C. Salerno, J. Brengel C. Weinberger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. V. Hill, P. Bell, A. Hellthaler, D. Rooney, R, Gannon, S. Young, L. Larsen. f BOTTOM--SEATEJ P. Agnano, M. Norton, Mrs. V, Hill, P. Koors, L. Wirz, K. Yocis. STANDING: T. Waldeier, G. Crisi, J. Pascone, J. Sankey, R. Andresen. .. Y- -v-1--Y-f.. --- - - 'ff m W sf .tx ' ' 4n ,-1.1 4-,.,,. ,-5.-v.. 36 5 51 x N .Oi Cn ' 'K " s , V ' , . ' , ga, E vs , N S -2 s"oX l .t1.T. . FRONT ROW: J, E. Slrdnd, M. Flflhigvn, M- l'lCllV0l'SGf1- LEFT TO RlGHT: Miss H. Toomey, A. Fatigate, P. Gucken- BACK ROW5 G- A' PULYYO, L- Viola, Cf MEUSBF, W- 50I'I1m9I', biehl, J. Martin, G. lstvan, J. Casaclone, E. McPartland, M. M. Hillebrand, Miss Toomey. ABSENT: J. King, Miles, K, Spellerberg, Good sports who accept decisions .eg . Miss HELEN rooms? Miss Run-i Hum- BUT, Teachers - We the pupils in GRADES at and 3H have enioyed our Christmas, Valentine, and Easter parties. We were in charge of the Party Shop at the village fair. We liked making monthly spelling books and keeping a chart with the names of all who had birthdays each month. Our class mother is Mrs. Ralph Denike and her assistant, Mrs., Thomas Fatigate. Mrs. George Oliver is class mlther 'bf Grade 3H and Mrs. Lee Hickey, assistant. " FRONT: R, Watson, D. Geyer, M. Watson, E. Mayershon, C. FRONT: N, Oliver, S. Anthony, R. Dritz, P. Johnston, J. Kane, Kolb, J. Lieberman. BACK: R. Prestholdt, D. Inversin, J. F. Cartwright. BACK: S. Einhorn, M. Graham, J. Hickey, Esposito, H. Marcus, P. Johann, J. Kipp, A. Mayershon, L. S. Chalmers, Miss R. Hurlbut, J. Edelstein, K. Beall, C. Kap- ' Hudson, Miss Hurlbut, M. Saunders, J. Nugent. pler, R. Carlyle, C. Rayburn, A. Meisslin. P . v 0- s. in. 'F- ,.. X' as-, - 0 t - ....-. L. FRONT ROW: R. Gorton, R, Denike, L. Hoffman. SECOND FRONT ROW: M. Kilstrom D Clarke S Whitney W Moore ROW: W. lstvan, J. Tortora, R. Cook, R. Shepard, Miss H. D. Bliss, M. Tidaback, E. Copeland SECOND ROW Miss H Toomey, C. Moccia. and routers who dont complain MRS. JANICE RUOTOLO, Teacher-The bronze medal for the Honor Society was GRADE 3R's aim this year, and we have worked hard on our new subtraction and multiplication tables to help earn it. Each month a new group of class officers, president, vice-president, and secretary, are elec- ted. ln this way many of us have had a chance to show our leadership through class adminis- tration. Our class mother is Mrs. Francis McCor- mack, and Mrs. Martin Glaberson is her assistant. FRONT ROW: M. Morano, M. C. Bailey, P. Marrus. SECOND ROW: J. Feurer, I. Bartlett, A. Ardanowski, L. Rosler, E. FRONT ROW: B. Atalese, D Staff P Grandolfi C Theil L McCormack, C. Andrews. THIRD ROW: Mrs. J. Ruotolo, R. Freedman, R. Krieter. SECOND ROW Mrs .l Ruotolo E A. Bliss, D. Ashley, E. Grandolfi, J. Gibson, C. A. Geer. Gardiner, B. Duke, C. Hnnnen D McKean D Nardecchla ABSENT: D. Gontar. B. Mackenzie, J, Glaberson ABSENT C Kalmykow O 1 gift.-f MRS. RUTH B. ADAMS, Teacher-In the fall GRADE 2A studied about the American Indians, made a huge teepee that we could get into, and concluded this unit by presenting an Indian as- sembly. Later on we studied about our commu- nity helpers. In connection with this project we made a large map showing where we live in Ardsley. Our year has been full of fun as well as work in our new school. The class officers are Pres. Christopher Roberts, Vice-Pres. Charles Fernandez, Sec. Gale Purdey, Treas. Daniel Sol- omon. Mrs. Brooks Roberts is class mother and Mrs. Montague Ullman, her assistant. Cooporatioo and training rw X J' tk S . N -no-Q - TOP-FRONT ROW: N. Leach, S. Seitz, E. Thorp, A. Gold- feder, K. Olson, W. Ullman. SECOND ROW: E. Grell, A. Tallcott, R. Levy, C. Fernandez, R. Bailey, Mrs. R. Adams. CENTER-FRONT ROW: D. Benzenberg, D. Paterson, S. Chase. SECOND ROW: Mrs. R. Adams, Britt, J. Purdy, C. Schafer, B. Guillan, C. Crisi, S. Burr, G. Purdey. BOTTOM-SEATED: K. Detarnowsky, K. Seus, P. Kuoni. STANDING: S. Engelkirk, S. McMurtrie, A. Levy, R. Wede- kind, Mrs. R. Adams, A. Munck, D. Solomon, C. Roberts. ABSENT: A. Muller. X FRONT ROW: K. Burns, 8. Munkelt, M. Weggenman, N. Jacobs, J. Washburn, R. Cabot. SECOND ROW: G. Murrow, J. Walk, W. Welden, E. Nilsen, S. Nusbaum, G. Casey, N. Ferrier, Mrs. E. Farnham, M. Anger. ABSENT: A. Tenen- buum, D. Glassman. lead our MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM, Teacher-GRADE 2F has had a happy, busy year. ln addition to our regular school work, we held club programs after school. In September we had a get- acquainted hot-dog roast at Woodlands Park and during December enjoyed having our mothers come to our Christmas club meeting. We also visited the Hudson River Museum in the spring. Mrs. George Wolk is class mother and Mrs. Lawrence Cabot, assistant class mother. FRONT ROW: S. DeNicola, M. Pestone, E. Nariski, A. Matt- son, A. Groth, C. Fon, C. Delmerico. SECOND ROW: R. Shepard, D. McGlynn, L. Zito, Miss R. Keating, L. Fagan, B. Bertone, C. Wimazal. ABSENT: M. Sullivan, R. Fraguela, E. Singer, J. Tortora. FRONT ROW: N. LaMont, K. Doscher, L. Goldman, J. Prog- ner. SECOND ROW: D. Harris, P. Dachinger, R. Weiss, Mrs. E. Farnham, R. Clarke, R. Lindbeck, S. Williamson, R. Dicker- man, M, Pappas. ABSENT: J. McCauley, E, Marks, R. Doneg- hue, R. Jacobi. team Un to victor MISS ROSEMARY KEATING, Teacher - We pupils of GRADE 2K enioyed having our class- room run like a village or school town with a mayor, two commissioners, and a secretary-re- porter elected every month so that the positions could be rotated. As a part of school work we studied the people, such as the firemen, who help us in our community. Our class mother is Mrs. Nicholas Galetta and Mrs. Livio Crisi, her assistant. SEATED: M, J, Tancredi, N. Galetta, R. Whelan, H. Whitney STANDING: M. Ellis, E. Trutt, M. Bitting, A. Ewald, J. Burger, K. Sage, M. Kashchy, T. D'Auria, D. Cook, K. Pascone, J Crisi, Miss R. Keating. ABSENT: C. A. Bates, C. Kafalas F. Lipton, R. Van Leer. ly! FRONT ROW: S. Hesse, C. Manning, J. Leeper, C. Anderson, S. Kenner, E. Jordan, SECOND ROW: T. Rose, J. Thomas, R. Wehe, M. Negri, A. Sharpe, Mrs. L. Hatfield, M. Adams, E. Barkan. ABSENT: S. Lindbeck, A. Tino, P. Murer, D. Waite. ' L ff, AN , "W---M .. l . w f has " ' l .L a -N.-' -..-. . 1 ' J Q19 , v. I -Z3 in ever game that MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD, Teacher-Although this past year in GRADE IH has been a busy one, it was enjoyable as well. Besides the primary obiectives of reading, writing, and arithmetic, much time was spent on extra-curricular activities such as the Christmas musical program. A June picnic brought our school year to a happy end- ing. Our class mother is Mrs. Gordon Riclings and our assistant class mother, Mrs. John H. Thomas, Jr. FRONT ROW: E. Defeo, J. Stanaway, V. Roberts, R. Fisher, T. Dourmashkin, L. Cassano, A, Newman, J, Gibson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. M. Seberg, J. Chase, M, Bailey, B. Grutzner, R. Henderson, J. Warawoshin, R, Evans. ABSENT: J. Johnson, J. McQueen, D, Mellon. i v', Q vs 1 y uusi- ' .-... 5 .... nl ,,.. 0 s ' I X .Y C ski FRONT ROW: J, Lamont, C, Hickey, K. Torkelsen, W. Haim- sohn, J. Kerbel, S. Loren. SECOND ROW: M, Ridings, J. Doscher, l. Berkowitz, R. Tangney, R, Laudato, Mrs. L. Hat- field, T. Connick, T. Lave, S. Turner. ABSENT: L. Liman, S. McDonough, D. Decker. C. Grell. they pla . MRS. MYRTLE SEBERG, Teacher-Throughout the past year we in GRADE TSE have read again about Dick and Jane and have made many new reading friends. We are very pleased to have a play period twice a week under the supervision of Mrs. LeCount and on art period once a week with Mrs. Drosness. Our Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine parties were a great deal of fun. Mrs. Clarence Felter is our class mother and Mrs. Richard Seitz, her assistant. FRONT ROW: D, Lotus, K. Nilsen, B. Smith, K. Carla. SECOND ROW: M, Hines, S. Kyff, W. Wallitt, P. Kuoni. STANDING: K, Olson, P. Felter, A. Winslow, E. Seitz, C. Calhoun, Mrs, M. Seberg, F, Gardner, L. Freeman. ABSENT: l. Harris, J. Gontar. FRONT ROW: L. Lippmann, W. Sassano, J. Thomas, J. Schwarz, P. Purcell, S, Yarmovsky, M, Riviezzo. SECOND ROW: H. Jacobs, D. Henwood, P. Saunders, R. Walther, T. Sullivan, C, Godoy, M. Perfield, M. Kohler, J. Tortorn, Miss F. Stasiak. ABSENT: A. Kenney. FRONT ROW: K, Ginter, J. Berland, R. Cockburn, A. Park, L. Vincent. SECOND ROW: B. Mestern, L, Frawd, R. Batten, D. Hassell, E. Delagi, D. Love, T. Bersonnet, Miss F. Stasiak. ABSENT: J. Field, R. Harris, R. McCauley, D. Kurtz, L. Coppage, G. Green. With all the practice the get, MISS FLORENCE STASIAK, Teacher-ln GRADE lST special emphasis was placed on reading this year. We made reading eight books fun by hav- ing the class divided into four reading groups called Chipmunks, Blueiays, Bluebirds, and Rob- ins. By steady working we learned to write let- ters to our friends who were out sick. Arithmetic is fun too. We not only counted and wrote num- bers up to 100 but added two numbers. Our class mother is Mrs. Harry Jacobs Jr. with Mrs. James Vincent assisting her. FRONT ROW: J. Grandolfi, M. Levin, S. Rabinowitz, D. Niciu, C. Spano, E. Sherwood, B, Delmerico, A. Morano. SECOND ROW: L. Lockman, S. Fatigate, Mrs. D. Alshin, G. Ehrens, J. Liposky, R. Denike, S. King, P. Taxter, R. Morrison. ABSENT: P. Fitzgerald, B. Kent. MRS. DOROTHY ALSHIN, Teacher-By working hard GRADE TA has accomplished much this year. We have a sight vocabulary of about 400 words. We learned science through our "Weekly Reader" and discussed such things as animals and weather. We expressed our own ideas and experiences through art work and a favorite game called "Show and Tell" in which we re- peated our favorite stories or dramatized them. Our class mother is Mrs. Marian Ehrens and as- sistant mother, Mrs. Marie Agnano. FRONT ROW: J. Krauss, D. Mondelli, J. lstvan, M. Riccio, G. DePaolo. SECOND ROW: R. Kuhlmann, J. Culver, D. Harman, D. Holscher, F. Morano, S. Ramin, J. Scallero. THIRD ROW: Mrs. D. Alshin, R. Johnson, F. Bock, A. Stagliano, W. Bell, S. Agnano. Y' I Q: if" 4 - IVE Q o r iw x H- ' 1 - 4 -- Q .2 .. J X .. -vv JL Nj .- 1 Q .Ui . 1 k OO OO O9 A-JPJW ni FRONT ROW: D, Filomeng, J, Dglmgrigg, P, Kuhlmqnn, A' FRONT ROW: R. Mbnldruli, K. Sodersfrom, L. Guckenblehl, Dombeli. SECOND ROW: S, Flanders, M, Grady, C, Muffin, J. Jdyne, JOHNSON, V. QUGfir0CCl1i. SECOND ROW: P. C, Rqmin, D, Grell, Miss N, Bloxggm, P. Lingg, ABSEN12 Petretti, R. Holsher, F. Paino, L. Liverani, Miss N. Bloxsom, J. Browning C. Glassman, S. Gerstman, P. Fields. A- F0l'beS, J- DePuolo, T- Gcletta. MISS NANCY BLOXSOM, Teacher-In Septem- MRS. LOUISE SQUERI, Teacher-ln the fall ber we felt a little strange but soon saw that KINDERGARTEN S visited the Dobbs Ferry station KINDERGARTEN B was going to be a lot of fun. and saw an express and local come through. Near the end of the year we took a trip to the Later on we built a train and ticket office in Bronx Zoo and then to the Andrus Farm in school. With pencils and crayons we worked in Hastings so that we could become better acquaint- our "Before We Read" picture books. Then we ed with the farm animals we read so much started to read about Dick and Jane. Our class about. Mrs. Paul Lingg and Mrs. Samuel Werner mothers are Mrs. Charles Frank and Mrs. Irving are class mothers, and their assistants are Mrs. Jaffe with their assistants, Mrs. William Sommer Charles Flanders and Mrs. Emanuel Marcus. and Mrs. Robert Rayburn. FRONT ROW: S. Rohrcwer, J. Hutchinson, A. Gunli. W- FRONT ROW: N. Connick, K. Weiner, M. Luther, S. John- Keating, A. Meislin, SECOND ROW: S. Mclean, M. Jaffe, gon, 5. Ross, G. Ehmann- SECOND ROW: R- Jemen 5. D- Elmielnf -l- Dccltlngeff R- KUUfmU'1f Mrs, L- squefl- Mullahy, J. Gross, W. Aqger, Mrs. L. Squeri, J. Cuddihy, R. ABSENTI P- JU-won. P- Rossi' Nusbaum, B. Rayburn. ABSENT: L. Zimkin. '7 'S . , . l Er? "" 2-f M dal N' LX as-,git c X as MRS. LOIS L. HOY, Teacher - We enjoyed KINDERGARTEN H and getting to know each other and our school. During the second half of the year we completed our program of reading readiness so that we might be prepared for first grade reading. For Christmas we macle gifts for our parents and then attended the Christmas assembly program in the elementary auditorium. Our class mother is Mrs. Frederick Ginsbern, and assistant class mother is Mrs. Roy Johnson. into the big leagues. Fffbvv U FRONT ROW: H. Marcus, S. Jacobi, L. Kluge, L. Stien, G. Feurer, J, Felton, B. McKeever. SECOND ROW: L. Quinlan, T. A, Titcomb, C. Curtis, T. Vincent, L. Renner, J. Clarke, P. Krauss. THIRD ROW: F. Santini, N. Suib, M. Werner, Miss N. Bloxsom, P. Godoy, E. Bucrger, C. Beckman. CENTER-SEATED: A. Ginsbern, .J Theil, B. Cascarano, R. Gannon, S. Streib, L. Munch, R. Hunt, K. Hunt, J. McGovern. STANDING: V. Brown, K. Lofgren, M. Winslow, C. Kumens, J. Bliss, A. Thorpe, H. Boas, Mrs. J, Purdy, K. Tino, M. Pascone, L. Weinberger, K. Burpee, J. Johnson. ABSENT: A. Johnson, R. Raicht, Mrs. L. Hoy. FRONT ROW: S. Mullen, J. Staedeli, C. Bertone. SECOND ROW: P. Frank, J. Hazelton, P. Allen, J. Giroux. STAND- ING: D. Kear, F. Suthergreen, S. Orvis, J. Amanna, J. Sommer, P. Scheller, G. Coppage, Mrs. L. Squeri, J. Spel- Ierberg, E. Bitting ABSENT: K. Hagens, P. Kramer, K. LaMarsh, E. Donaghue, E. Robin, C. Gawnon. so-M--W-A "icky" really fills his pockets when he's buying at the P. X. as Dave is quite a salesman with the help of Pat, Jayne, ancl Grace. Although they are only SOPHOMORES, their P. X. is a big step in achieving the unforgettable trip to Washington. The most important part in a young girl's train- ing is the preparation for future life. Like Royce and Judy, a girl has many opportunities to learn about arts and crafts, cooking, and other useful practices by joining the GIRL SCOUTS. If you are in need of prescriptions, medical supplies, or a refreshing soda, follow the example of Betty, Ellen, Mike, and Joey and visit "Doc" at the ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE, 479 Ashford Ave., and receive friend- ly courteous service by Mr. Engelman and his staff. Telephone DObbs Ferry 3-0512 or 3-9712. fx 6, gliitfz U Are you yearning for one of those fine Italian ham and cheese wedges that Joe and Jerry are eating? Head for DELUCA'S GROCERY on the corner of the Parkway and Ashford Avenue. Seven days a week you can get frozen foods at this delicatessen. DO 3-0228. if i Spend your leisure hours, as Peggy Ann and Connie do, in the real outdoors at the V. 8. W. RIDING ACADEMY on Sprain Road, Scarsdale, where you will find riding horses of the finest stock. There is instruction for all ages and fees are nominal. When it comes to choosing a cheerful spot for sodas and chatter, Laura, Billy, Barbara and their friends flock to the ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA, where there is fun and food served in the Ardsley manner. Drop in and try some delicious Reid's ice cream. .11- PUTNAM VALLEY Lunasn Ann suPPLY is V um! When you're in the mood for some delicious ice cream now that the warm weather is here, visit the cheerful Stop-n-Snack Bar of EMMADINE FARMS, Inc., 543 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, New York, where you'll find the best-Emmadine Farms ice cream. Call NN'-lite Plains 8-3461. Are you planning to build or remodel your home? Then visit the PUTNAM VALLEY LUMBER AND SUPPLY CORP. for building materials to fill your needs. Call PLeasantville 2-2650, 2- 2651, or 2-2070, or visit 434 Manville Road, Pleasantville, N. Y. Carol and Dick are looking ahead by starting their Christmas Club ac- counts at the GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK. Why don't you follow their example and start a regular savings account at this bank located in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Incorporated in 1869, it is a member of the Fed- eral Deposit Insurance Corporation with total assets of S6,000,000. Safe deposit boxes are also for rent. VST! , I LM -ff"""' These hands belong to two of our seniors, who are proudly displaying their new class rings which came from the L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY at 521 Fifth Ave., New York 17, N. Y. The name "Balfour" stands for the finest in commence- ment announcements, medals, and trophies. Caryl and Joyce have just left ST. BARNABAS EPISCOPAL CHURCH at Heatherdell and Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley. Holy communion is every Sunday at 7:30 A.M. and on the first Sun- day at 11:30. On other Sundays the morning prayer is at 11:00 A.M. after church school at 9:30 A.M. i gv now. These are the Senior Officers Rich Bill, Marianne, Ruby, and Louise who are thinking of the mam prolects of their last year. Thoughts of their Washington trip, Subscription Cam paign, and the play Our Miss Brooks," brought these smiles to their faces and will still do so years from Bob has helped Chickie with the packages he has just bought at LOUlS'S SUPER MARKET where they sell best quality meat at low prices. Call DObbs Ferry 3-1120-1 for free delivery of your frozen foods, fish, groceries, and vegetables. Visit this store at 711 Saw Mill River Road in Ardsley. This is the modern realty office of OLIVIA G. SEELER at 501 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley, New York, next to the Municipal Building. Protect what you have by spending an eve- ning discussing your own special in- surance or realty requirements. Call DO 3-3600. Even teachers like to relax after a hard day's work. Mr. Dicicco and Mr. Koors are enjoying "Furniture That Pleases" during a few minutes of rest in the teachers' room, furnished just this year by CARTOON'S FURNITURE STORE, corner of Wildey and Cortlandt Streets in Tarrytown, N. Y., and 25 Spring Street in Ossining. Q ln the summer, the Tri-Village ROTARY CLUB sponsors a base- ball league for the boys of Ards- ley, Dobbs Ferry, and Hastings. During the '51 and '52 seasons the Ardsley team came out victori- ous and was honored by the club at a dinner with many Maior League ball players as guests. ATLANTIC AIR FREIGHT, Inc A. B. wou-E and Co For the Besf in Oil Burner 81 Fuel Oil SCcrsdale 3-4800 COMPLIMENTS or CEDAR HILL PHARMACY THE LIGGETT REXALL DRUG STORE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE L. PALMER ELErrRrcAL coN1RAcroR AVENUE Dobbs r y N Y BUNNY HOPPERS GAY BLADES 1 v The Cheerleaders Ardsley Skaters ., INC Service BEST WISHES FROM ALDEN PAGNONI FOR FUEL OILS CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY DObbs Ferry 3-0181 WILLIAM SWAIN Licensed ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR DObbs Ferry 3-4625 P.O. BOX 611 ARDSLEY, N. Y. I Best Wishes To THE GRADUATING CLASS TOTS 8 TEENS ARDSLEY, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-1166 F. J. CALDARA MOVERS I M I D T Q W N Local and Long Distance Moving I uve POULTRY MARKET I Jerry Scorcno, Jr., Prop. ouAurv uve Poumzv - mes:-1 FARM zoos I 46LVEER:E:NN.R?fD Frank J. Caldara Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. AI wane Plains 9-6246 Q CHEERING SECTION AREN'T WE PHOTOGENIC? Freshman and sophomore rooters a --Lew Mickey, Reg, Paul, George, Dick, John, Bill, and "Poppy" BEST WISHES FROM PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC. HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON FEDERAL SAVINGS Gm LOAN ASSOCIATION 560 WARBURTON AVENUE Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. TIME OUT MAD SCRAMBLE Casey, "Twong," Paul, Dick, and Coach Joe Cawley, Cyril Rochon, Connie Hade at Jackman the Irvington game ' it 'A rfrw1g'71Ry1.' ARDSLEY ACRES HOTEL COURT ARDSLEY, NEW YORK BEST WISHES FROM OSCAR E. ACKER, President EDWARD E. AIM, Trustee JOSEPH J. GALVIN, Trustee CARMEN I. BRENNAN, Trustee A. GRAHAM SHELDON, Trustee ANNE L. HUESGEN, Clerk EMILY A. EHLER, Treasurer ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN, Supervising Principal THE BOARD OF EDUCATION GO GET IT, JOE UP, UP AND AWAY I Joe Cawley and Connie Hade Casey, Twong, Dick and Paul DOBBS FERRY BANK DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. A. M. HUNTER 8. SON, INC. Confracfors 8. Builders IRVINGTON-ON-HUDSON, N. Y. Best Wishes from ARDSLEY RADIO 8. TELEVISION SERVICE ADDYMAN SQUARE Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-3499 DAVID JOYE Complimenfs of HENRY ARDANOWSKI Poullry Farm and Eggs sPRAnN nom, Ardsley Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4611 M' Best Wishes from INSURANCE RAFF'S GARAGE 8. SERVICE STATION, INC. 9 RIVERVIEW AVE. Ardsley, N. Y. COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-5632 AUTO SUPPLIES 'Phonez DObbs Ferry 3-1105 59-60 MAIN STREET Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. AS I WAS SAYING . . . BETWEEN INNINGS F Jerry Freed and Miss Pelda Mickey Cowley and Jock Koster coMPuMENrs or CATHERINE and JOE FRISCI-IMANN LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION 730 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-'I837 BEST WISHES FROM GLOBE-UNION, INC. K. K. HAGOPIAN RUGS and CARPETS Rugs Cleaned and Repaired By Native Experts 708 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-3619 WILLIAM HENNESSY PLUMBING and HEATING Oil Burner lnsfallafion ARDSLEY, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-0293 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM IISTCIIISIII 0W"a 04" TONY AND TONY, INC. GETTING OSWALD DRESSED Tony DePaul and Tony D'Angelo Barbara Nardecchia, Rose DePaul, and "Oswald'f WY.--.,. BEST WISHES FROM . S. A. CURPURATIUN mnuumcrunms cusmlsrs ARDSLEY, N. Y. HOPALONG PURDY AND CALAMITY JANES THE WIZARDS OF ARDS AT COLUMBIA . ' 'V Nr' A Il. 1 f IVA xl -I . ' F bl mas- pf A ..,. J 2i5Q.g ,, 425. 'f A M- McHenry, D- Pvrdy. and P- NOYJOCCHO S. Denman, J. Young, Editor, D. Purdy B. Nardecchia, E. Waldemar COMPLIMENTS THE FIRST NATIDNAL BANK 0F ARDSLEY ,,.. Former editors Richie Frischmonn as Father Christmas 3 Compliments of ARDSLEY TAXI SERVICE DObbs Ferry 3-4979 THEODORA'S BEAUTY SALON Across lrom FIRST NATIONAL BANK Under Management of RUDY and BETTY WIRTH Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-4680 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HONOR SOCIETY INTER-COUNTY TITLE GUARANTY AND MORTGAGE CO. Fez? 'I99 MAIN STREET White Plains, N. Y. Telephone: WHite Plains 8-4041 ROSLYN CLEANERS A Very Salisfadory Valet Service ALL CLEANING DONE ON THE PREMISES Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-2958 B E S S O N SINCE 1835 Coal - Lumber - Building Materials Fuel Oils BESSON 8- CO. BESSON OIL, INC Phone: DObl::s Ferry 3-0026 COLLECTING SPLINTERS ARDSLEY DEBS M. Cowley, R. Frischmann, R. Hermans, J. Young Prom queen, Shirlee Bernstein, and her attendants Compliments of LOU-ENA HAND LAUNDRY COMPLIMENTS DOIIS film, N. Y. OF THE FRESHMEN ABBIE F. CRISI DANCE GROUP Clones in TAP - TOE - BALLET and MODERN Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-0371 BROWN'S PARKSIDE RESTAURANT W. BROWN, Propriefor D A N N Y ' S ARDSLEY FRUIT and VEGETABLE MARKET SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY Chauncey, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4034 Frozen Foods - Groceries . - FREE DELIVERY - FRED'S AUTO WRECKING F, LICHTENBERG 3. 50N 'll TOMPKINS AVE. Yonkers, N. Y CARS BOUGHT and SOLD 5004 Used CU' PWS Telephone: YOnkers 5-8734 555 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-4686 l l If lil-I WHERE'S THE FLOOR SHOW? HAMMING IT UP Juniors at the Paradise Ball Ardsley cheering section ot game w-.-v... .,.,. ,. .,..: . . T4 ,V v ,, BEST WISHES FROM AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY POST, No. 458 ARDSLEY, N. Y. AUTOMATIC WASHERS 84 DRYERS REPAIRS - SERVICE - PARTS BENDIX - WHIRLPOOL - NORGE - HAMILTON BERTMAN MAINTENANCE SERVICE 396 ASHFORD AVENUE DObbs Ferry 3-5381 NOTE THIS, MOZARTI MA AND PA KETTLE AT THE FAIR The faculty orchestra at the Subscription Judy Baker and John Young selling pictures Dance at the P.T.A. Fair FFT? W I "ii ' fl ' rr , T 34" 42" T. 4' fi ' Xvf X E, s w Lnscnfv + lwrenuozuce + ? dun + Nm-sons + Burn-v C LU B . COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER CHEMICAL CCMPANY, Inc. CHAUNCEY, N. Y. THINGS CAN'T BE THAT BAD CHEESECAKE? 1 - ' . A -9 53 fa T .S .5 1, ., N 751, I 4 Q. 4' .K -f Q, 5 I V T . 1:-5, ff V ' - ., ' t.,.f 3'--f' eff' ',' V K w. N fig -4, T VL Betsy Woldemor and Caryl Huesgon Juniors in '53 at their food solo JOHN KING PLUMBING - HEATING 10 HICKORY STREET Hartsdale, N. Y. WHite Plains 9-4148 DObbs Ferry 3-5838 BEST WISHES FROM THE COMMERCIAL CLUB DERA oecomrons CREATIVE INTERIORS By KENNETH DERA 708 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-3619 Compliments of VISIT OUR BASEMENT TOYLAND AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATES, INC. Fon THE Mosr 25 ELM STREET COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of SMALL and LARGE Tovs Ardsley, N. Y. HALLMARK GREETING CARDS BREYER'S ICE CREAM NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES Telephone: HAsYings 5-5550-1-2 A I T A R R I C O N E 472 ASHFORD AVENUE FUEL 011, DObbs Ferry 3-9710 - 9798 HEATING INSTALLATIONS Prop. 1337 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Yonkers 2, N. Y. THE 1954 OSWALD FAN CLUB I WON'T DANCE - DON'T MAKE ME The ARDSLEYAN Board of Editors and B. Sampogna, A. Locuraiolo, R. Hermans "Oswald" J. Baker, E. Waldemar, J. Leach BEST WISHES FROM "THE SALT 'N PEPPER" I HEATHER DELL FLORIST JOHN CANNING, JR. WHOLESALE GROWER - Specializing in Seasonable Plants BERT F. BUSER, INC. I Real Estate 0 Insurance 0 Management Ardsley N Y 2 S. CENTRAL AVENUE I Hfffhdf-'et N- Y- Dobbs Ferry 3-0144 WHite Plains 80500 - 8-5172 I BERT F. BUSER, President I Compliments of RICCIO S MARKET JOHN SEXTON 8. CO. I Features NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FOOD PRODUCTS Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables A Complete Line of DAIRY PRODUCTS A Delicatessen Dept. that can fill the bill from ta Snack to a Banquet 474 ASHFORD AVENUE Ardsley, N. Y. DObbs Ferry 3-0365 Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P.O. BOX 423, G.P.O. New York 1, N. Y. Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-9790 ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION TOM WILLIAMS, Proprietor SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD Ardsley, N. Y. 1 -1 l BIO CAMP K. P. li E'.."."" Y' ANCHORS AWAY 193343 .K L ?A Kathy Kamens, Nancy Solomon and Bill R. Bancroft, W. Bell, J. Rudolph, A. DePaul, LeCount at Croton R. Hamilton 1 wv -V YY.V ff,-v COMPLETE OIL HEATING SERVICE AUTOMATIC FUEL OIL DELIVERIES 24 HOUR SERVICE ON ANY MAKE BURNER CONTRACTS INCLUDING SERVICE and PARTS OIL BURNERS, BOILERS, HOT WATER HEATERS, TANKS, ETC. SOLD and INSTALLED SALES and SERVICE-HARTSDALE FUEL OIL STORAGE PLANT-HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON E. ROBISON, INC. "THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUlLT" GET TO WORK WE HAVE LOTS OF TIME I I J- Freed, J- YOUI19, S. Bertmcn and Miss R. Bell, F. Cimino and A. Kalmykow Pelda COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS OF FROM JOHN RYAN THE SEVEN SANTINI BROTHERS SOUND ASSOCIATES, INC. Distributors of ALTEC-LANSING "HOME MUSIC SYSTEMS" I Phone: PLaza 7-5679 - DObbs Ferry 3-4670 - 6264 "COPY" COUPLE SHARECROPPERS X4 1, X I John Young and Barbara Nardecchia Stephen Berfman, John Young and Miss Pelda , , was f.. 20? f1FC:i?." 54. tifsle--New -f fgiaiff- . a s COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE ARTS st nEcommoN fL'M""d CORRESPONDENCE CIIURSE, Inc ELMSFORD LUMBER STORES, INC. 200 EAST 37th STREET 5 NEPPERHAN AVENUE New York 16, Elmsford, N. Y. BEST WISHES FROM sesr wlsnes TO THE GRADUATES FROM u u HEATHERDFLL SIDNEY HSENBERG - HARRY STARR OPEN ALL YEAR TEDDY GOLDNER "THE SMART WOMAN'S HEALTH RESORT" Come for the Day Half Hour Swedish Massage 32.50 - Hour 54.50 Includes: Cabinet, Lamps und Stay to Relax for Hours co' Can: Dobbs Ferry 3-9770 Hardware, Gas Ranges, Refrigerators BENJAMIN MOORE and DUTCH BOY PAINTS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3.4010 ADDYMAN SQUARE Ardsley, N. Y Ardsley, N. Y. ARDSLEYAN ACES ROMEO AND CAROL TOO . Kenny Acker, John Young and Stephen Carol Hashagen and Dick Bancroft Bertman BEST WISHES FROM KIPP BROTHERS, I . LYMAN E. KIPP - DOUGLAS W. KIPP CONTRACTORS 8. ENGINEERS Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-2200 Ardsley, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or CHARLES S. HOY numsmo HEATING GAS G OIL BURNERS APPLIANCES nobr., Ferry ansas "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" ROBERT M. JOHNSTON FLORIST and GROWER 217-225 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Telephone: 3-0311 TRY THE NEW SHELL PREMIUM WITH T.C.P. AT BILL'S SERVICE STATION wM. auncoomfr a. soN 788 CENTRAL AVENUE SCarsdoIe 3-9819 1 Block North of Ardsley Road Servicing Cords in Scarsdule Since 1931 HASTINGS FLORIST nowsizs ron ALL OCCASIONS J. M. Ysoownz H. 8. H. BODY SHOP HENRY SEE, Prop. Duco Painting and Welding Radio Repairing Body and Fender Sfraighfening Wheel Alignmenf Frame Sfraighfening - 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE - Telephone: DObbs Ferry 3-4016 549 WARBURTON AVENUE Hmnngs-on'HUdson, N- Y. 706 SAW MILL RIVER RD. Ardsley N Y Telephone: Hastings 5-1916 THE BIG MOMENT DON'T SAY IT! K .- 1 rf: f H rv! x Barty, Reg, Joe, "Twong," Paul, Dick Frank Cammisa Jlq 5, 1 l l F. J. MCCORMACK -uNsuRANc:E- 5 JUDSON AVENUE 50 EAST 42nd STREET Ardsley, New York New York 17, New York Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-0433 MUrray Hill 2-6611 COMPLIMENTS OF ARDSLEY PARENT TEACHERS' ASSOC. WHAT A MESSI "JERRY, I LOVE YOU" 1 ' QQ A zfg t , ff' L13 T 5' ' jg , 11 a 3 'X 1 X if A ,L ' 1 L, ., ' - X 1 yy. Q 'i J 1 n T lf, XVEA li I il N Q -re , .. wr . -I -1 ' ' 'Qi' , aw P1 vfix S N ,Q 1. . X V A 1' ' X . 1 W 'N' ,Fi f X ' x I f 2 X Q. I . , x NX -mlflg. Big doings at the Subscription Party Jerry Freed enioying himself ,. .11 4 5 ' A l f S! Tv- ' 8 l . .., x xy fr i . BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Phone: ELmsford 6-8484 - 6-6971 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE Elmsford, New York THE METHODIST CHURCH A COMMUNITY CHURCH WHERE A FRIENDLY WELCOME AWAITS YOU STARS OF "OUR MISS BROOKS" DIG THEM MICROBES Dick Bancroft ond Marianne Wertheim Miss Peldo and Dave Purdy examining specimens at Croton BEST WISHES FROM MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. GREEN IN EDISON'S FOOTSTEPS GET WITH IT, GIRLS Rlfigj ff Bill Hoffmann in his workshop R. DePaul, E. Woldemor, J. Baker Schoenstein COMPLIMENTS OF l LEWIS Gu. McDOWELL, INC. CONTRACTORS 285 MADISON AVENUE New York, New York REALLY WANT MY PICTURE? FIXING THE BOOKS Joe, Paul, Casey, Mickey, Dick, Reg Fred Arone, Bill LeCounf, and Bill Hoffmann 0lSON 31 GORDON. STATIONERS, Inc. SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS CORP. 44 CHURCH STREET "The Gas Company Beyond The Gas Mains" whne Plains, N. Y. Mr. Klsco, N. Y. IRVING PINE Registered Tu ner BLACK TOP, Inc. Member National Association Piano Tuners COMPLETE MAINTENANCE SERVICE Prices On Examinafion Roads, Driveways, Parking Lots Pi"'oi Bo"9"" sou' R""'d Top Prices - lmmediale Removal 25 FILMORE PLACE WHITE PLAINS, N Gas Sfafions, Resurfacing - All Types WHi1e Plains 6-3788 CENTRAL FURNITURE CO. Phone: svencer 9-5070 """"""""""' QUALITY HOUSE FURNISHINGS 33 FORT HILL ROAD APPUANCES 55 ORCHARD STREET Y0nkef 51 N- Y- Tarryfown, N. Y. TArrytown 4-1400 SNAPSHOT SIREN CAMERA CRITIC VJ 1 ,.'- f. '34 .""11'- f - , .5 . '.' 5, .1 . - A ,,',.-,- 'N .".. ,v.9", v," . .'. .,.,-,..,- 4- . . . .. v - ' '. ' ' . I ' 's . A' . 'T . Ll- ,,... Y Y """lA Betsy Waldemar Franklin Schmidt f ' I Q...,1 W COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES op from the A FRIEND ARDSLEY VILLAGE TAVERN, INC ARDSLEY, N. Y. DAVIS SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. "ln the Hearf of Scarsdale" DObbs Ferry 3-5040 J. FRISCHMANN Pom-IAM s. ovsnnm Ros. F. ZIMBARDI SCARSDALE, N. Y. M4 BROADWAY Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Phone: SCarsdaIe 3-9842 Motor Overhauling - Lubrication - Washing osuci, use OCTOPUS "Twong" and Casey at Croton game Paul, Tony, "Twong," Reg at the Croton game VILLFIBE of EIIIDSLEY WILLIAM DUKE Ill, Mayor Trustees: GEORGE R. SANKEY JOSEPH E. MARTINI F. BURR ANDREWS EDWIN A. PANCOAST, Jr. Clerk Treasurer: MRS. HELEN M. CHANDLER Deputy Clerk Treasurer: MRS. HELEN C. TOWNSEND Counsel: ANDREW KALMYKOW Engineer: MAURICE LUBIN Police Justice: FRANCIS J. MCCORMACK Acting Police Justice: THEODORE E. APSTEIN Police Chief: HENRY C. RAAB Fire Chief: JOHN KYFF Building Inspector: ALFRED J. BLOUIN Plumbing Inspector: WILLIAM HENNESSY Fire Inspector: HARRY DENIKE Historian: B. WILBUR McDOWELL Registrar Vital Statistics: HELEN M. CHANDLER Local Director Civil Defense: WILLIAM BAXTER Chairman Planning Board: WILLIAM C. EMERICK Chairman Zoning Board of Appeals: HAROLD A. MOORE Chairman Technical Advisory Committee: CHARLES S. HOY Chairman Architectural Board of Review: F. M. GINSBERN Chairman Publicity Committee: LEON S. THEIL Chairman Plumbing Board: WILLIAM HENNESSY Chairman Recreation Committee: DR. RICHARD J. BAILEY Board of Trustees meets first Monday of each month, 8 P.M. Planning Board meets second Monday of each month, 8 P.M. Office Open 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday Thru Friday R. E. Te CARR SPORTING GOODS 285 NORTH BROADWAY North Tarrytown, N. Y. TArrytown 4-3741 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY UNIT No. 458 ARDSLEY, N. Y. Congrotulolions from PULVER BROTHERS FLORIST J. MUNGAVIN, Mgr. ffnowens ron evenv occAs:oN" JACKSON AVENUE Hastings-on-Hudson 6, N. Y. HAstings 5-1079 Improve Your Game Elmsford 6-6553 NEIGHBORHOOD COMPLIMENTS WESTCHESTER sou RANGE OF 70l DOBBS FERRY ROAD Opp. Elmwood Country Club ROUTE T00-B While Plains, N. Y. l.El.AlIll R0-SEMUND, PRES THE LEATHER DEN 8. GIFT SHOP G. H. HAHN, mp. Complete Line of Luggage and Gifh in Leofher Specializing in leafher Repairs Luggage Hardware Replaced All Work Done on 'Premises 23 CEDAR STREET Dobbs Ferry, Dobbs Ferry 3-1 we N.Y MICROTONE HEARING AIDS l85-7 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Close personal contact with staff and advrsor careful judgment rn processing of copy and expert handling In production to gwe you a truer graphlc reproduction of lrfe at your school 2l9 EAST 44th STREET NEW YORK I7 NEW YORK BRANLH OFFILE l2O MILK sTREET BOSTON 'MASS JAMES McCARTNEY Gm SON, Inc 477 ASHFORD AVENUE 'Ardsley N Y Telephone DObbs Ferry 3 3500 REAL ESTATE an INSURANCE SERVING LOWER WESTCHESTER FOR OVER 40 YEARS DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Letterheads Envelopes Business Cards Shipping Tags Chance Books Reception Cards Birth Announcements Advertising Journals Programs Announcements Posters Christmas Cards Booklets Menus Enclosures BEFORE YOU CONTRACT FOR YOUR NEXT PRINTING ORDER LET US SUBMIT A BID ON THE COST OF THE WORK GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone DObbs Ferry 3 0124 I0l MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY N d Reports - Bills - Tickets - Postals 4 Circulars - Wedding Invitations , . Y. COMPLIMENTS or MARSHALL COOKE nowsns WILSON 8. SON Jewelers 8. Silversmifhs SCursdaIe 3-0327 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTCHESTER GARAGE 6 CHASE ROAD Scarsdcle, N. Y. PETER A. SHELLY Florisfs and Nurserymen COMPLIMENTS Greenhouses and Nurser'es OF ARDSLEY ROAD Scarsdule, N. Y CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, N. Y. Phone: SCarsdaIe 3-0631 NANCY FOR INDIVIDUAL STYLING AND HAIR CARE Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-3445 Elise Porth "Rusty" Aitken Helen G. Robbie Violet L. Miller Dr. Ralph Zolen Tony and Cathee Mrs. 'Pauline Pape Edith M. Waldemor Dorothy M. Pelda The LeCount Family Charles H. Huesgen Mrs. Chester A. Slocum Ruth, Lally, Ellen and Marianne Mr and Mrs. M. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. J. DePaul Mr. and Mrs. F. Pooton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curtin Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Frank Young Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Emerick Mr. and Mrs. George Ehmann Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Hogy Mr. and Mrs. Harry Denike Mr. and Mrs. Allen Townsend Patrons P. F. Chave A Friend Karl Schmitt Mrs. A. Anselmo Nottelmann Family Mrs. A. Guglielmo Isabel J. McCartney Mrs. J. Hustwitt Philip W. Freidins James Thomas Noone Mary and Rocky Santore Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Godoy Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassens Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bell Mr. and Mrs. W. McQueen Marian and Edwin E. Storms Mr. and Mrs J. L. Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Norman Clifton Mr. and Mrs. Tito Liverani Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nardecchia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Christiana Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Santini Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kallabash A Friend Jones Insurance I. Burack, Inc. A Friend E. E. Lewis J. H. Thomas Mary Wheeler A Friend Mrs. J. Daly Mrs. Coghlan Robert Lantry Laurie Jane Horn Lora Mimi Kelberg Mr. Everett Lewis Lawrence Noel Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kenneth Acker Mr. and Mrs. Theil Clare G. Macri Mr. and Mrs. Raicht Bertha M. Brown Mr. and Mrs B. Recca Norman Paint Store Mr. and Mrs. Munsell Ernest W. Glinsman Dr. and Mrs. Goldring Lawrence J, Hickey Mr. Clncl Mrs. R. C. Pape The Pasquale Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Frey Edwards Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. H. Jaeger Miss Harriett Edwards Mr. and Mrs. 'Paul E. Baker Mr. and Mrs. E. Wornecke Catherine and Joe Frischmann Model Kiddie and Shoe Shop Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sassano Mr. and Mrs. Louis Perrotta Mr. and Mrs. B. l. Emerick Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Stetina Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Tenenboum Watson, Kathryn Bell and Boys Mr. and Mrs. Bartley C. Reuter Ma ry McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Arone and Family Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Zimkin and Family Thanks to Franklin Schmidt for taking the pictures used on the pictorial ads. JOHN P. STREB DOBBS FERRY AGENCY REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 6 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-0444 - 3-0090 Res.: HAstings 5-4460 4 COMPLIMENTS SCHMIDT'S FARM RESTAURANT DANCING FRIDAY and SATURDAY FORT HILL ROAD 8- JACKSON AVENUE West of Scarsdale New York OF I DONALD J. BURNS Tel.: SCorsdale 3-1204 103 I 1 -Y t 4. Q 3 J , 1 ' K X I Qu . 1 t 1, tt 4 5 X X 'R L' RL K , ,m,..,,4.,t.,,t . lg D, S. . Ns. Q a 5 3 faux A., N 'WV . , .A Hsu 551 f t N x I 11, my ' st Tift, i gk 1 Q' 'Q X fp-L 1 x X h ,fl 1 , V 1 rms ,Q JNW! .' -.Q 1 ,Z--Q, f , ' .lt ,I sl' ' gf ' - 'f ' f 'lt '."wr1.i't ?:"-s'i'-- .. :vit I k '. HK. ' h J V4 I ,,.p'7y'k" L ORM ,XA ,, ,-wht? 1, I 3 ,y-1151 J' ,.g,,,,Q-:g',-. '-,vc j.,,' ,!.' o , ,YA . tpms-wp. " '- 6 ',gft,4fga1 Q0-M I-., - Q1-' fx .. f 5' N, 4 1. , I' B .fr t Ax Q's'9'V1 fm at Nh, if A I-:mu 0!'?'iE3.AI:'l'?.'f'g':1f,1xlw .' ' 2'rIXfc1k'--'l'fs5' 444. 'lk'-1 I . .H " Wait 'til next year!" t f 9- . 7 nib: ' .' in " Q'6 . .kd "' A X 1 "Q, . Q .J A an 'f . rw- , 1 - 1 L - ' ,A .f "lg Ql- kfg 'JJM7 , 1: ,YI 4 "il ii- l Z . THE SPORTSMAN'Sc PRAYER hard knocks, had hops, and foul tips, and' make me thankful for them. Help me to get so that the harder they come, the better I will like it, and grant that I shall never sidestep one that is too hot to handle, nor alibi, whimper, or complain that I have had ,a raw deal or that the game was a frameup. Use me wherever You will to play the game in such a way that You will have no regrets for giving me the chance, and finally, when we reach the last inning and the evening shadows are gathering, grant that I may win Thy decision and be counted safe stand that the game of life is full of at Home. Dear God, help me to be a good sport and a good loser in this game of life. I don't ask to be the pitcher or for any prominent place in the lineeupg play me anywhere You need me. I only ask- that you give me the patience, courage, and ' stamina' to give You the best I've got in every game. If all the hard drives- seem to come my way, Lord, l thank You for the compliment. Help me always to remem- ber that You won't ever let anything come my way that I cannot handle, and help me to take the 'bad bounces as part of the game. Help me to under- Author Unknown '-"' TTEW- 5? ' F-, '-1 if

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