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Gilda.. Arcly is thelspirif that drives our high school fhroughg Ardsley is The high school that wel ore loyol fo. Ardsley, like cm auto, stands for unity. So, Ardy plus A. H. S. equols victory. -ig 4' ' QI, . ! i 1 312, 'E fail mi ' ,A J 53.2, ii? . 5.4, - .' 'H 'E -Y irmf' 5 Lg L 1 ,I 1. wi" 4 . ri -- - . f I f., ,il .1 A U4 ' -J Q34 A-V 1,1 ,, - ,J- . M1 .2 ag lj, 'F -. . .1 mn-.1 in- -mn-nz4u7n1azp1 .unc n-umm - ww r- 1953 ARDSLEYAN the race is on! published by the class of 1954 ardsley high school arclsley, new yerk .uq',. Li. -I 1 1 'si TJ k .HF --.M ,X -E xif 51 rf 322 U ' 1 v . .Bi n IMI vr Fir! Q . N filuida j 1 H 1.- 541 ? 'Hifi in 1 ,wqewqflf Q3 -P 1 22 14! iff' 'E T B. f pi fre it - 'I -. U-, ,. Wg: 5 as M51 'S' mir n i ' 1 E1 1 if 32 SQ' 1 -z K 1 1 I T,w '...' - , F4 mil, Jil .c- 11 -nu .ml the order of events The Theme . . 2 In Memoriam . . 3 Dedication . 4 Administration 1 .,.,. . 6 Faculty i,.. ,.,.... . 8 Senior Officers , , .. , 12 Seniors 1 ,. , 14 Senior Favorites . , 20 High School Classes . . ..,r 21 Snapshots . 1. 24-25 Activities 26 Senior Play .... .1 , 42 Grade Snapshots , 43 Grades . . r,r. ,. . 44 ,V . the theme You have opened the ARDSLEYAN, model 1953! Please step in and take a swift ride through Ardsley High. You will take part in a winning race. Your driver will be a kind and resourceful spirit, and his name, "Ardy," stands for Ardsley High. Throughout the ride you will pass grandstands of iudges, promoters, and coaches who have staged the race. Take time to look for your old and new friends of all ages among the group you will pass in the grandstands. They have sup- ported Ardy throughout the entire year and will cheer when you speed with him over the finish line to win the Grand Prize, your enioyment and happiness! We, as the Board of Editors of the 1953 ARDSLEYAN, decided to choose the theme of the Race through our school years. As the vehicle for our efforts we designed a car driven by the friendly, cheerful, eager spirit which prevails among all who are part of our school. The entire high school participated in choosing a symbol which could combine all these precious qualities, and a vote among the pupils gave this spirit the appearance of a panda called "Ardy." The faculty and all the students helped us to realize our dream of a good yearbook, and we are grateful to them. We enjoyed working together on a proiect which involved wider re- sponsibilities than we ever had before. We con- sidered this work an honor and a privilege. in memorlam Mrs. Anna Flint for more than twenty-five years encouraged, inspired, and loved sixth graders in the Ardsley School, and all who passed through her grade felt the great strength of character and kindness of heart that was hers. For many years she served as adviser to the Honor Society, and here too she exerted a strong influence on the students who served with her. "Nobility ls Responsibility," the Third Degree motto, was personified by Mrs. Flint. Her com- plete fairness, her kind personality, and her keen sense of humor were but a few of the many fine qualities that endeared her to us. It was always a pleasure to hear a speech by Mrs. Flint, for she spoke from the heart with a sincerity that uplifted all who heard. Mrs. Flint set her own standards high and expected the same of her pupils. She never com- promised with what she considered right, and she never spared her strength to serve devotedly the work she. loved. Many a child has "hitched his wagon to a star" in Mrs. Flint's Sixth Grade and gone on to reach his goal. We shall all miss her, but her spirit will live on to inspire us to better deeds and higher ideals. we, the class of 1954, dedicate this arclsleyan mr. frank kluge to mr. frank kluge We dedicate this yearbook to a teacher whose sincere and humorous understanding of his pupils has made him our beloved and respected friend-Mr. Frank Kluge. Because of his clear logic and quick thinking, mathematics has become a living experience for us, and thanks to his ready help, it has become easier for many. For years he has given much of his time to train- ing the Junior Varsity basketball team, and his coaching has prepared many star players for our Varsity. His personal interest in his driving classes will help to make the high- ways of the future safer. With gratitude and appreciation we dedi- cate this 1953 ARDSLEYAN to you, Mr. Kluge, and we hope that for many years the students of Ardsley High School will continue to learn under your inspiring influence. geometry class in chemistry laboratory the executives of the race is Miss Celia P. Conklin School Nurse, R.N. Albany Hospital TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953: You will become the kind of a person you want to become! The world will ultimately accept you at the value set by your own efforts and ideals. By the time you are thirty, what you are will show even in your face. To a large degree your career success will de- pend upon your ability to gain the confidence and co-operation of your associates and superiors. Never be satisfied with your second best, no matter how unimportant the occasion. You never know when your measure is being taken by others, but you can be always ready when your own self-respect stands con- stant guard. When in doubt, select the wisest, kindliest, most successful person you know of, go to him for advice, and then follow that advice. Do not be afraid to approach a great man or woman. If properly ap- proached, a truly great person is always willing to extend a helping hand. And finally, always be encouraged by these true words of Booker T. Washington, who rose from slavery to a college presidency: "I believe that any man's life will be filled with constant and unexpected en- couragements if he but make up his mind to do his level best each day." Arthur W. Silliman Supervising Principal M.A., Columbia University M., k , , .. , K .mg Miss Annette L. Gimbel Secretary to the Principal Absent: Mrs. Marion Brown give arcly the chance to compete Mr. Charles W. Horend Assistant Principal Science, Driver Education B.S., Cornell University Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Department Head of Elementary School Grade Eight M.A., Columbia University Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig English IV, Dramatic: Library, Speech M.A., New York University B.L.S., Columbia University with other schools for it We .f T J, .f 1 ,E 4 'N Mrs. Ruth B. Adams Grade 2A B.E. Brockport State Teachers' College A s rea f Miss Harriett S. Edwards Grade 4E New Paltz Normal Mr. Howard T. Hartman Industrial Arts M.A. Oswego State Teachers' College .fs -:P , Aiwa Miss Gloria Beale Primary Grades Cortland State Teachers' College Mrs. Eva S. Ellis French M.A. Brussels' University New York University t-e"4Ar'h., Miss Nancy Bloxsom Kindergarten B.S. New Paltz State Teachers' College a trophy Mr. Kenneth H. Brown Director of Physical Education M.A. New York University Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Grade 2F Plattsburgh State Teachers' College Mr. Clarence E. Felter Social Studies M.A. Bucknell University Mrs. Louise K. Hatfield Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Miss Ruth Hurlbut Grade 'IH Home Economics Grade 3Hu A.B. M.A. Potsdam State Normal University of California Columbia University Miss Eleanor l. Davis Art and Ceramics Potsdam Normal Mrs. Alice C. Frischmann Grade 5F B.A. College of New Rochelle Mr. Frank Kluge Mathematics Driver Education M.A. Columbia University ol sportsmanship and lair play Mr. Paul J. Koors English Ill Guidance Counselor M.A. Columbia University Miss Grace A. Roll Physical Education M.A. Columbia University Miss Helen A. Toomey Grade 3T Potsdam State Teachers' College Miss Cornelia Patteson Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Mrs. Margaret Y. Reuter Commercial English I and II Grade 4R M.A. M.A. Philadelphia Normal School Columbia University New York University ...f'z'fw L.. A as -Q, - ,, . ., , - . ,,,, - ,eg Mrs. Myrtle Seberg Mrs. Helena Snyder Mrs. Louise Squeri Grade IS Grade 6 Kindergarten M.A. Oswego State Teachers' B.A. Columbia University College Brooklyn College Miss Ethel Mary Tryon Grade 5T Potsdam Normal Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent Miss Margaret Wesp Director of Music Grade 7 Ed.M. B.Pd. New York University New York Training School Miss Helen G. Robbie Latin, Spanish M.A. New York University J. 'E x may is 5 r K .A . its A N ,gi W3-3 it ,, , ,F Q risk Miss Gloria L. Stacco Music Department B.S.-Music Education Potsdam State Teachers' College ,... V W As L .,I: KA, . ' ,i rzrs g ,.L, 'i. ' LL 7' T . 45 i 'list Mr. William W. Wolter Grade 7 B.A. Cornell College while experts maintain him and the car. Mr. George Van Dusen Cusfodian Mrs. Marion Murray and Mrs. Blanche Shea Cooks Mr. John Hoischer Custodian Mr. Harry DeNike School Guard me finish line S Pg gi , Y .V ,, 1 lu Li. ' i UQ EQ ? 5' P .A Q :Q 5 La U i ,. K ' A ., ,V Lf . L , H 1 F 5 . IJ' ,, ! L WL i I . l .V I i U' X H' 5 L 5 I , it I as . J Sie 5 ss- an I ..r, 1 I' E 'A u 1' H1 U '51 mn. n un sz-w-:nz ..um1,u .ima w..wpll11muzsw'1Fl v xl:z::u11-n1111lnz3xn zz-zumuma j the program of the race D. Pasquale, President, R. McGregor, Vice-President, B. O'Lecry, Secretary, A. Huesgen, Class Reporter, F. Jazzo, Treasurer. LAP I As the gun was fired signifying the first lap of the race, our Freshman year in high school, Ardy shifted into low and, with the patient aid of Mr. Felter, spurred us on to the accomplishment of our initial activity, a successful food sale. After loyally support- ing the Seniors' Subscription Campaign, we presented a movie for the grade school, which was equally as profitable. At the conclusion of an active year, the class immensely enjoyed a trip by day liner to Bear Mountain Park. LAP Il As we gained momentum and began the second lap, we learned to know each other better and to co-operate with one another by spending a week at Biology Camp on Croton Point under the guidance and supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Horend. This experi- ence will always be a treasured memory in our hearts. With Mr. Kluge's help we embarked on our second venture as Sophomqres, the organization of the Soph- omore P. X., our candy-selling project, the proceeds of which added considerably to our Washington trip fund. With the spirit of Ardy to encourage us, we sponsored another profitable food sale, and in May the class journeyed again to Bear Mountain to spend an enjoyable day. LAP Ill We rounded the curve into the third lap of the race as we zealously undertook the publication of the 1952 "Ardsleyan." Through the enthusiasm and co- operation of the staff, the Junior class and our advis- ers, and throlfgh the patience and expert guidance of Miss Pelda, we were able to produce a distinctive yearbook which merited us a :,4i2 rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Again, in order to add to our ever increasing Washington trip fund, we presented a movie, and in June Miss Robbie and Mrs. Adams helped us to sponsor 'the annual Senior Prom. The use of "A Starry Night" as our theme with its unique and attractive decorations helped us to promote a successful dance. LAP IV We advanced to the fourth lap, our final year in high school. We strove diligently during the Senior Subscription Campaign and through the assistance of the high school, the proceeds were considerable. In January tryouts began for our next undertaking, the Senior Play, and in March under the direction of Mrs. Koenig we presented "The Man Who Came to Din- ner." The highlight of our Senior year was our trip to Washington, D. C., at Easter time, an experience to which we had looked forward for many years. ln June, Ardy, after shifting into overdrive, sped us over the finish line to graduation. we seniors M' 'H' if f w e ,i i ff? I . V ' ..,.. g 'fr ,W-nr f ,Q iz ifgg 'iw vf, If ,isrgz-'gggs .N ,k.. ,, j g. 13.3, W jj! ROBERTA MCGREGOR Her Acbievementx Will Be Manifold Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, ARDSLEYAN Ass't. Editor 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, G.A,B. 2, 4, Sports Club BARsARf2J'Qx1iil JJ A Lively Little All-Ro port, -J years, Third Degree 4, Corres nd' g S Sec. 4, Honor Society 9 Years, S ee 3 I 4, ARDSLEYAN Typing Editor 3, Che l e 3, 4, Cap't. 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, S ts ub lj 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 4, lntromurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volle 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1 2, 3, 4, Graduation 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Badi on Aff! Usher 3, Commercial lo , Stddent Counc'l 1 J, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Sec. 3, Gro -A I, , 2, Yearb 'Club H et" Senior P . ' lon Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, Year J' Y!! ' W lub 2, Manager of Magazine Campaign 3, - yj' If - "Miss Preen" of Senior Play. Lt' , ' Q N . . - ll! ,1 'K gf!! . L- - el 12 ffQff'r1?f 'ff 1 f""""i"" AN N E HUESGEN Complete Efficiency Class Reporter 4, Honor Society 9 years, Sec- ond Degree 4 years, Varsity Choir 3, 4, l.i- brarian 3, Mixed Chorus 1, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Intramurals: Softball 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton I, 2, 3, 4, All Sports Playday 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Gradua- tion Usher 3, 100 Per Cent Club - 8th Grade Math., Yearbook Club 2, Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4, "Mrs, Stanley" of Senior Play. f Teacher MRS. ELINOR B. KOENIG Vice-President ROBERTA McGREGOR Secretary BARBARA O'LEARY Class Reporter ANNE HUESGEN W' 'ww' .L ' SM' HMM Vwhzyyrjwg 6 ., 1. mal are all set, - M W, .ff W , ,ig h, gg g gyii y Q ,,: ' Ml Ar. as it a"'-? ' 9 ffl., , zllz it fs 2 Q , Vx ikfk A V..V 3 , I, , -"Y President DOMINICK PASQUALE Treasurer FRANK JAZZO Class Mother MRS. DOMINICK RUTIGLAN- Assistant Class Mother MRS. HENRY O'LEARY DOMINICK PASQUALE Will Race to Sure-Fire Succeu Treas. 2, 3, Pres. 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree l year, Third Degree 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, ARDSLEYAN Editor-in- Chief 3, Mixed Chorus I, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 'l, 2, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Sec. 4, Intramurals: Basketball 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club President 2, "John" of Senior Play. FRANK JAZZO Super DeLuxe Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree l year, Third Degree 'l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4, ARDSLEY-AN Ass't. Editor 3, Band 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, J. V. Basketball I, 2, Var- sity Basebail I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Intramurals: Basketball 'I, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish, Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treas. 3, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 2, Yearbook Club 2, Vice-Pres. 2, American legion Boys' State, 2, "Mr. Stanley" of Senior Play. T ,wif 'TW fwggggnfpiiit l w...,..f..w ' 25,1 - jj, N r I e 0 ace er n r Soc' , year con ee 3 years, hir D ree 3, 4, Pr . 3, R ter 4, ARDS- Photography Editor Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Girls' nsemble 1, Clef Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Regional Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, State Chorus 2, 4, State Competition 1, 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.B. 3, 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Program Production Committee 'l, 2, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 2, Yearbook Club 2, "Maggie Cutler" of Senior Play. f P Z M y ,.7k A A R .Q fn? .L M u Ugfwfm W' lewd ,MJ- .df .WILL an o 'dj 4. ,f 3 I mu .ABT -iifivh JM jN5 ' ,,, , . ,.,. 313' QM' -jg f f- -- - , K .gm Zi: In , - JA, 9213 1. . , 1 4 L' . . F ' . I- xiii ,, rr , , E. . l i .ii 1:7 .. Qt, V ,K ,fs ' .k'- f 1. - - - . '1 7 225' H A ' 1' , i::,-- -.":. :. ' I iii! A , 3 1 'or . . J' r " - A 1 gk Vhbh VV V' Q 5 I x Tllffii- Il . : ' . ' 'riffvvfm . en , new I A XJYSUY1- - xiii. I ' ,fl . I . I 37 iz I Q ' 1 . il ' 'l.iiI'5'g.:x, - 5, Lil, ' " ilk, ,-Q?'lQj'.i'S:,2w- ,, -f"'515 9f,.55Zf.5'f'iAll53' , ,rf-z,.,ff . ' 'S I-3:1211 .nwfiiz-.1'.f 1 H lxif, ., .fl2iZf.1':.n.,i.: .ga . fr RICHARD L. ARONE H e'll Always Be in the Winnefk Circle Pres. 1, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 1 year, Third Degree 1, 2, 3, 4, ARDSLEYAN Circulation Editor 3, Band 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Varsity Basketball Manager 4, J. V. Basketball Manager 2, 3, J. V. Baseball Manager 2, Vars- ity Club 4, Treas. 4, Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, softball 1, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Student Council 1, Yearbook Club 2, American Legion Boys' State 3, Manager of Magazine Campaign 3, 4, "Dr. Bradley" of Senior Pla . no ' ,. f"' " 41140 lp ' i Ol- m"v'C6Il' Iii-rj., TAA? 247, ANTHONY P. D'ANGELO Riding on Top of the World Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Band 3, Varsity Choir 1, Varsity Basketball Manager 3, J. V. Basketball Manager 1, 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, J. V. Baseball 1, 2, Var- sity Club 4, Intramurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, 100 Per Cent Club - 8th Grade Math., Creative Writers' Club 2, Boy Scouts, First Class 1, 2, "Sheridan Whiteside" of Senior Play. Ll W1 A QLQUAQ' .xo 04' !!"o""C 14 MARY MURRAY SHIRLEE BERNSTEIN Smooth Running Defigner J Delight Honor Society 2 years, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- Transfer from Madison High School Brooklyn murals: Softball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, GAA 3 Lorraine Sheldon of Senior Play Basketball 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, Year- book Club 2. has given us MQW! V. PATRICIA GAARDER Pure Fun from Bumper to Bumper Honor Society 7 years, Varsity Choir 'I, Senior Chorus I, Cheerleader 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Year- book Club 2, "Mrs. Dexter" of Senior Play. - fr fl afff: . f- ,AQ 1 gn . fhl- L 4 gu, J MARY LOU CAMMISA High Performance Honor Society 5 years, Mixed Chorus 'I, G.A.A. 'I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.B. 4, Sports Club 4, Intra- murals: Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, AII Sports Playday 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, "Mrs. McCutcheon" of Senior Play. JJ w O t- , ffifrt' WQJWQMQEQ,-'4 WV? 1 f Qt in , ,. ,, --4 i t " RONALD H. BERLIND Quick-Starting and Long-Letting Honor Societ 6 ears ARDSLEYAN Advertis Y Y I ' ing Editor 3, Varsity Choir 'l, 2, 3, Regional Chorus 2, Varsity Basketball 4, J. V. Basket- ball I, 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, J. V. Baseball I, Varsity Club 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball I, Softball 'I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Boy Scout, First Class I, Photography Club 'I, 2, American Legion Oratorical Contest 4, Hearst American History Contest 4, P.T.A. Student Panel I, 3, "Bert Jefferson" of Senior Play. ROBERT WILSON Daredevil on Wheel: Honor Society 3 years, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball 'I, Intramural Softball I, 2, Stage Crew 3, Outdoor Club 'I, 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts, First Class 'I. GAIL ANN KARCHER Claffy C banif Honor Society 5 years, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Badminton I, 2, 3, 4, Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, "June Stanley" of Senior Play. 'ii' ,i,,y its M. GERRI MCCORMACK Compact Model Sec. I, 2, Honor Society I Year, Salt and Pepper I, Mixed Chorus I, Cheerleader 1, G.A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Intramurals: Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, All Sports Playday 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Creative Writers' Club 2, Pres. 2, Yearbook Club 2, ".lune Stanley" of Senior Play. sl TLQM' W B I6f F. BARRY COGGINS I-lor-Shox Mixed Chorus I, Junior Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball I, 2, Intra- murals: Softball 'I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Outdoor Club I, 2, 3, 4, Boy Scout, Life I, 2, 3, 4, "Mr. Westcott" of Senior Play. the push ' sit 4 . : ' ,,, fieiia, ' . LV ima M ' , . , ii. Q' fr , 3.1.9 . s, , , , , .,,,,,, in ,, .. P7 ttr' .1314 '1' 15 1-g51ifg5wE+.:':E-'xi :-2,.'I5i5I1?:2.5,E52't'i E: 'Z f xl: EM., 'Fs7"V": RICHARD WOOD Freyb Air Slyle Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Intramural Basketball I, 2, Spanish Club 2, 100 Per Cent Club - 8th Grade Math., Out- door Club I, 2, 4, Boy Scout, First Class l, 2, Photography Club 'I, 2. we needed, is f Lv ,A 5 ,, KENNETH CAUVET Power Plant Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 3, 4, Band 3, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Regional Chorus 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, J. V. Baseball 2, Varsity Club 4, Intramurals: Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Span- ish Club 2, 3, Program Production Committee 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, Outdoor Club I, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 'I, "Richard" of Senior Play. V e,:.,,s V -. . f ,rf-W,fr1'5 1 .se ,,,,, Y 'iQ'3vK:Z's: . H .,.. N. fl , . . ,,., , . I ,. , I , , -,., , ,:., f.'.,,,:- . El C Mm ' 31 ., I H 2 M Q 5, , 2. 1 Q wx' 2 sr, 2 I r 5 Ali .3 rs .A .4 is 3 E A51 X ., . ,gg V , 2. rv Ls I 3 A sw , . . X2 4 7 if ligswllls 3 r Lf? L? ,px s 'W Z, ,gy JOHN J. KOSTER In Hot Rod Heaven Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Band 3, Varsity Choir 'l, 3, Regional Chorus l, 3, Varsity Baseball Manager 4, J. V. Base- ball 2, Manager 3, Intramurals: Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 'I, - ramatic Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, ook C ub 2, "Sandy" of Sen- ior PMQ ' W Wglwiwigrwvy ,iff er JOY LARSEN Super Sport Transfer from Boy Ridge High, Brooklyn, Class Reporter 3, Band 3, Varsity Choir 3, Orchestra 3, Cheerleader 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Badminton 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, "Lorraine Sheldon" of Senior Play. We MAUREEN ANN MCHENRY She'll Go All the Way in High Honor Society 3 years, ARDSLEYAN Business Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 4, Varsity Choir I, 2, 3, Robe Mistress 3, Senior Ersemble I, Senior Chorus 1, Regional Chorus 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball I, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, "Miss Plgeen" of Senior Play. WW M 1,349 T7 ROBERT C. COOK Rzmabout Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Junior Varsity Basket- ball I, 2, Varsity Club 4, "Metz" of Senior Play. DONALD RAAB Power and Speed Honor Society I year, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Softball I, 2, "Bonio" of Senior Play. 'swab W 59 . all PATRICIA NARDECCHIA Get a H one, Patty and its spirit '.,7,-1-vu-9 iii, f5,.,+ JA. ., y 75, 1 rggtri i EVELYN SCHMIDT A Lifetime of Service Vice-Pres. I, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 5 years, ARDSLEYAN Art Editor 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Pres. 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, "Harriet" of Senior Play. Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Third Degree 4, Mixed Chorus i, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.B. 3, 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Intramurals: Softball 'I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, Badminton I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Pres. 4, Graduation Usher 3, Yearbook Club 2, "Mrs. Stanley" of Senior Play. no D . . ,W ,lf My ,MM drives us M ,yy, WWW r 3, 4, C Club 3, 4, Intramurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball minton V 416- f, A ef . ,na ig BARBARA RUTIGLAN A Spark Plug 1, Sec. 3, Honor Society 9 years, Second Treas. Degree 5 years, Mixed Chorus 1, Cheerleader o-captain 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bad- 1, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Com- mercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, Sec. 2, "Sarah" of Senior Play. LAWRENCE R. RAICHT Unique in Every Way Honor Society 2 years, Varsity Choir 2, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Softball 1, 2, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Yearbook Club 2, "Beverly Carlton" of Senior P a . OMS' -6 ,UQ . .. HELGA NORDIN Supercharged Honor Society 3 years, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.B. 1, Sports Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treas. 4, Intramurals: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Yearbook Club 2, "Mrs. Dexter" of Senior Play. 'TMAAAJ 'p,4,Ld..a,, -'wm.2.o-u,l'vwf .Ts-1-Lf, 0 C ARDY Sporting Spirit Honorary Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 9 years, Fourth Degree 2 years, ARDSLEYAN Publicity Manager, Varsity Choir Music Col- lector 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Bat-Boy I, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, 100 Per Cent C ub hyalty, Prompter of Senior Play. elif xl... MM JCL.. l 2.34. W JS, i . UDACAK W,,N,i,w'l,J54",M ID-Aw. ALL-AROUND through the race of lile. -,t.t..- if pf, ig Jean Brennan and Dominick Pasquale CLASS FLIRTS BEST-LOOKING M545 FAVORITES Barry Coggins and Shirlee Bernstein Barbara O'Leary and CLASS WITS Ronald Berlind One afternoon in January all the high school students, pencils in hand, sat down at their homeroom desks and thought. They considered all the seniors they knew and tried to make up their minds which names to write on the ballots before them. It is their choice of the best-liked person- alities which is shown on this page, and they are confident that all these favorites will continue through life with the same success and popularity that was theirs in high school. ST ATHLETIC Richard Arone and Helga Nordin Frank Jazzo and Helga Nordin 1 3 FRONT ROW: Michael Grandolfi, Margaret Flanigan, Rosina Mobilia, Barty DeRocha Marianne Werthelm Louise Quist, Richard Frischmann, Ruby Moretti, Lucy DiModugno, Miss Helen G. Robbie. SECOND ROW Joseph DeNardo Carol Hashagen, David Fluskey, Gertrude Rosler, William Finger, Dorothy McPhee, Richard Bancroft Barbara Can ning, Robert Hamilton. THIRD ROW: William Bell, Royce Paula Koors, Joseph Leach, Laura Pearce Anthony DePaul Ruth Seeler, Robert Wilmoth, Ann Wilmoth. ABSENT: Frances Murphy, Laverne Ward Charles Ricci as we look at the ardsleyan, our program Teacher MISS HELEN G. ROBBIE President RICHARD BANCROFT Vice-President LOUISE QUIST Treasurer WILLIAM FINGER Secretary CAROL HASHAGEN Class Mother MRS. RAY LEACH Assistant Class Mother MRS. ROGER BANCROFT CLASS OF 1954-We began this busy year by sponsoring a movie. Later with Miss Pelda's help, most of the class worked hard writing and organiz- ing the ARDSLEYAN, trying to make it a yearbook of which the seniors will be proud. We celebrated the arrival ot the book with a picnic. With Miss Rob- bie's aid, we had a great deal of fun, too, carrying out the program for the June prom. .lust think, only one more year left. 1 ff will 'fvra E we it rt 1, ,, Wx H , - , f ,M Q A Wfjjil, l Ct.ASSAlQl?i,Q5QiaEl tall,4w'e sophofnor xiyerefg x I, A l 4 oupediffiio two hgmerooms and then ghift lgg MR,,:5liQ,QQKipqrQC,Etpg nh ord,eiF'i'tdiXenQ?0ge in our mattxagyiwiejz .5 QSKQR yr," lfurftrglp to Crofbn camo? lrolleyslcating pxarty, paihtlftf Fx F l a jet-tiropellpfd' I itch at Halloween, Vftiil'lI'1Q,.f3Lx ENfJQ.YNiHALE,5R it! storle?,d!n'El ddhoratini ouiix rooms,l?poitEor-ggi'xilrvx itglxwl , ,M thre4gP. Xf5lW?47,?LFFElE!ll0Ud95 xof8E1z4'h,gW'ir'tiit'l1ef iz ll ghfvglill-mQ?t'.!rll1CYne?1g,,i5l'jl7tlllQ P. A. schola4Qhi6.fFifiEd lwith I ffgfgg. 5Tli3l7l1lfQxQERT'55ll Il' lfgjillr Bigdvflinrfer lzooth at the fair and toy having QXRSSSQQA H V I-,gl rj . t V. X , ,V X A Y . iff twenty-gix members of our close help outs! If W jfQAsS,,E5,,,, 562,55 Mather f ' ' f .1 ,X 5- g'XMR?9,RALQH ARONE F, X X -QS- 0 - 1 it brings to mind our acti iti s together 4 . fi F' f ,, fa!! 'rg i ,Q I., 1- , . , Q . , , 1 1, It , 1 1 FRONT ROW: Miss'Doro1hy M. Pelda, Loretta Arone, Michael Hesse, Kose Marie DePaul, Conrad Hade, Margaret Fitzgerald, Angela Locuratolo, John Young, Evelyn Haller, Ken-nefk Aclxer,' Margaret Ann Reuter, Mr. Frank Kluge. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Jensen, Stephen Bertman,,BaYrbara hieifdecchia, Michael Cawley, Katherine Schoenstein, Richard Jaejger, ,Joyce Bloomtiefd., Robert1McKirgan, Barbara Berlindf THIRD ROW: 'Ellen Heintz, Franklin Schmidt, Betteiteenwerth, Paul llafsen, Annette Scott, Richard Hay, Judith Baker, Reginald Hermans, Caryl Huesgen, Raymond Carlson. FO'iJRTH ROWQ Evelyn Staff, Ronald Casef Doregfilher ree Robert ansonuiizabeth Waldemar, Jer- ome Freed, Elizabeth Flaniggn, William Mooney, Helen Eis BSgWEl Q' . ' I , F W y y 555-r AAHE, -5""GZ4,l? A F FRONT ROW: K. Kluepfel, W. Scott, P. Cimino, N. Solomon, R. Yule, C. Santore, J. Canning, K. Kamens, J. Cawley, A. Cascorano, A. Weiss, Mr. C. Felter. SECOND ROW: W. Hoffman, J. Manchester, F. Katcher, R. Hughes, J. Raicht, l in J. Osterberg, G. Salerno, V. Merna, A. Kalmykow, A. Wickersham, W. Townsend. THIRD ROW: M. Hume, G. FaganS5Qj P. Pagnoni, F. Cimino, J. Goodwin, G. Barbieri, C. Sprague, S. Knapp, W. LeCaunt, D. Ankhelen. FOURTH ROW: J.4 Tv fs -,a Seeler,VAC. Rochon, J. Schmidt, D. Purdy, C. McKeough, F.Cammisa, N. Cauvet, F. Arone, A. Pasquini, T. Wc-adage 9 -if . 1 I P A J I Q- .gr 11' ?i1,.r6 . V ' , .Y 1 I X1 h A .rpg -" . lu' ip f F . . . 5 37 ,F v 'K TY. Z and our lun since the beginning. . sf.. up . .V t :ff LV 5 s- Q l J A ,V - . A -4, tt, 'ir Teacher CLA -4 1 MR. CLARENCE FELTER SS OF 1956 Wehove really started off our ' President high school years inihigh gear. In September we put NANCY CA'-NET , ourlsglesmgpshifplo work and brought in the great- ANDNg3QPE2rlcx13kgSg'5-f irbfzi-I ciirnoney and the highest percentage of , Vs s'?for'4'he'4Q'Ubscription Campaign. Then in Octo- FRANCES KATCH f ,errauvlhedglless horseman on the bank window won S f we i. . f . - , PATRICT2rePKgr!9mff-dbx 4,firstl'p1gze ,fgr us in the Halloween window-decorating Class Muiherrgsfh 'P' -1o'litel1ffSWi!h Mr. Felter's help, we made a fascinat- MRS. ROCCO SAN 'RE . - I Y' f' I mg studyflof careers. The Christmas party and roller Assistant Class Mother I MRS. IRVINE KAMENS A skating trips completed our activities. J 'sf ' -cl -I S l lf 4,4 p23 r, AEM - 5, N LT 3 Eg 24 5,443 B 45 5 . V x,, by . ,, i fix W , -P' n 31, , ,F 3 S 1. f .wx-if, ,W t. 1 Q ,LJ M 1-aAii38:,f3,:,wi,Fal b Bi r wal 35' " .V , " ag ,E l'1'i:?Q'5. 45 , 9 ? h J 'Q' K ,sg ::'2QiM'k1,yIfX 'A . 12 ' wi : -ww" -12:-,VA 5 1 fi!" f 5 .,,i,,:35i,'E ,'t,5-13+ 1 . - 14, , "I- ,. gy ikiffj , , f :J',i"gv32 21 23 4, 4117.55 ' . 'nf g 'Eff 1 -e z. 41f1"? f l J i? E... ai fk A ' P , fi Q 1 , K vi? ' 'gk wav? 4 f ' f iii? SW . - V f .. 'H XZ " 1' A"', , ffl ' A 1 Y 3555 ' ' T ' V .. K , futq K ,:,' N s W .-1' ,,,,KE 2- .. 2 W? P the will to win v fig X Mfr C9 G'ilf f C rr! vw aa- rw- '.f fn. .. Q naw" Xl ..:9f,z.., N , ,fu 3-T. 5 Q ', fra 'IH1-9.QJf , :WF ,.w . . lvfgkk, 5-3 'c V-:I hp- ' - w W, , .ff3::r,, -. -N 2.519 H ' ' if ' '-, V- 'eq-, 1 - - . ,af--LQ fw- ,:,5- , 41' 1 MQ iff? ' f 'eww H -' V I . ' .1 Y as ' 1 ir' "' 1 'Iv-B. - gruz' -"nr . -J : - -n ' ' UE , ,,- 1. 1-3 5. ' LSA 5 5 3 .I, 1 f I l 1 .fl no: in Wi n J i 'G 2' rm W W b A m,,, ,A . h 2 3 "5 U M gi 'ug:x1'wr-- A- A,,.Wex .WTJM ,...,,,. , . q u 1 . 1' ,. uf 'W Qxyoslff GQ' Away " " ' X 565576 X J x4 67 - , Q QSSLLQ Al " biisfff, Af p-U ff hQSSfff,,h S 2 U ' 's,...,lil-t4Wpx'g A 44 5 . E 5 V -'-- K2 25 Laura and Miss Davis ,gfe- Mr. Felter, Billy, and Ruth Royce Paula, Mr. Hartman, and Bob ,Qfaw 'fs'-r if ,rolls '34-0 UI-"'e0'44-v-' lusts W A fe c-,UK H V4 25 ,ci X KHLA 5 FRONT: Ruth Seeler, Marianne Wertheim, Louise Quist. BACK: Joseph Dehlardo, Michael Grandolti, Richard Frischmcnn, Bob Hamilton. LATE, :H-Riff If I jj," ' i' 'Oli' I ' " YN., 0 - 1, ,fy Y Y- 1 J Ls: ?ffi',,0 if the race ISV, to be 5 Quftfesse, 1, , , fu ,fp I , ev- -2 R . ci' Richard Frischmann -Tu Editor-in-Chief -v c, E - ,-xv. 4 Richard Bancroft P Nloseph Leach +92 Assistant Editor laura Pearce Art Editor ' Ruth Seoler Publicity Editor. Mr. Paul Koors Budget Adviser never tire." Assistant Editor ' Joseph DeNardo Business Manager Robert Hamilton Snapshot Editor Miss Cornelia Patteson Business Adviser In September the first decision made by the BOARD OF EDITORS of the 1953 ARDSLEYAN was to try to make our yearbook "the best' ever." Through- out the year the -staff has worked together toward this goal using as a motto to go with our theme: "We'II In order to carry out our theme more thoroughly, we have introduced an original, cover and individual K, AQ, Ai 1 .V ' ' S Q5 i,'ff XJN-Dqcfs - f 1 f.. M. L V if, gr Afx K 3,:N"g Blix 'wi W J X 5-fMN f- ' ef? W-' L V gi Joey and Mr. Koors v V I . . , :lf 5 FRONT: Mis? Peldo,'Lcuwk4ecrce,bJosoQL-lggzch. BACK:'Ey5fE'e Paula Koors, Richpgljfiicr illiqiylfingqy If ff if ff , ,V ..f '5 - W ,, ,B f ' W yl F' Xen' pw 40 '9' W K A N pi.. Lf sf' tc, X' J , 4? Afvxf' . 4: My ,f prqmptgpg MITPEISL wo? dj' " W' 4' 'Cf f V 1 .Jpm aj' . . . A. - lj if J XJ, 22- ' A Louise, Make, and Muss Paffeson JPG foal. jf I Miss Do?nhy rgffifai M FL ,fx 'ff' if Y , ' f Advi r-in-Chff, 'f r r F 9 fr L j A my I U S? F'ysa,D'L'!fi', V y Muflanne Werthelm Qgjkxf ,f flifrjrublmjfu qlfi 0' gp Assis ni diiorf, ,JK VI '7 f1'A?0erIG7'gAg' r X 7'v5'1K'W'w f 5 i i FW , af' 41,9 ' Matin. iulgifx f,rs'11" frcul BH J 0928159 rn , 0 lselfml fb "fQ'fMi5f'fle1f r I pi H4245 " V, f' f fl' Mi! Afpiidvisyi 'Q 7 M we f,.fff"'1m? W" 4' Miwyi Q5 ",.Q. 'L f s . nce ,fu I ' L ow n 'V Qggc-ir, g'QiWAdf1ifei 'fl y ,fffHofQgldfJhfI?dvifer"x vff, I ' ' , fr J. A5 A ' " 4,1 A-'. I, M fl ,Zap f If -iff" 3,4 J, ff' !er1i:i?iH4e3?l Wezuavb ,cEd'flried16 gixefci largfi' cover- f'7V,4gS oflbfoygyil ts q mise 'mprdpnfgfndgguposes in 'X il Bf Vh' il 'I A!! I, ark oqr o '54 1 wtf 1 ' ,V hz., Hoyfg?Tf5:?if6upA5Juld nqdelf P1566 fplfillad io If nyqrfy gif sf gcan Q5Z:ml:ffiJns vyftffbut thi yiritiring, bb! of'0iu1iQfcg:yffy odyifiers, Misg Eelda, Mr. Vi Fewer, Hayfmdn, ,Kf7N!?HIf:son, Mr. Koors, and if I Miss Dcuvfsfy ,' J ff" A , , , .V ng , , Joe, Rach, Duck, Miss Peldc, Marianne 27 FRONT: L. Quist, Miss H. Robbie, D. Pasquale, R. McGregor, F. Jazzo. BACK: K. Cauvet, B. O'Leary, E. Schmidt, R. Frischmann, M. Grandolfi, J. Brennan, W. Finger, R. Arone. the judges have to be lair, PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY Dominick Pasquale Roberta McGregor Louise Quist CORRESPONDING SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISER Barbara O'Leary Frank Jazzo Miss Helen G. Robbie The THIRD DEGREE is the executive group of the Honor Society composed of the twelve most outstand- ing high school students in the organization. In the fall the group organized a student guard to help protect the younger children from accidents on the playground. The thirtieth annual First Degree initi- ation was a memorable one for seventy-three students, THIRD DEGREE VALENTINE BOX Louise Quist, Jean Brennan, Frank Jazlo. the largest number ever to be inducted. Throughout the year the THIRD DEGREE has spon- sored a Christmas card and Valentine mail box, a free movie for the grade children, and a spring party for the high school, as well as planning a school memorial park in memory of the Ardsley boys who lost their lives in World War II. FIRST DEGREE INITIATION Barbara O'Leary, Jonathan Purdy, Judy Stern, Roberta McGregor, Margaret Stahl, Dominick Pasquale. 4 K. Moore, G. Lundberg, D. Clarke, D. Clarke, M. Cassens, D. Mooney, T. Di Padova, W. Duke, W. Dornhoefer, W. lzzolo. and leaders must set up the rules. Each year the presidents of grades 3 through 8 ioin together and form the JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL. With the help of Mr. Arthur W. Silliman, Principal, they furnish leadership for activities in the elementary school and sponsor a seed sale to raise money for special assemblies, prizes, and a trip for the Honor Color Guard. The VARSITY CLUB is composed of boys who have earned a Varsity letter in baseball or basketball. This leadership group sponsored a sale of Ardsley buttons and organized a trip to West Point. The President is R. Wilmoth: Vice-President, F. Jazzo, Secretary, D. Pasquale, Treasurer, R. Arone. FRONT: F. Jazzo, R. Wilmoth, D. Pasquale, R. Arone, A. D'Angelo, A. DePaul. BACK: R. Cook, K. Cauvet, R. Berlind, Mr. K. Brown, R. Bancroft, M. Cawley. 3 , ,- f, The GIRLS' ATHLETIC BOARD is the advisory group of the Girls' Athletic Association, and its mem- bers represent each high school class. Besides making up the schedules for G. A. A. activities, they check the point cards of all participants and help organize a June picnic. FRONT: Grace Barbieri, Mary Lou Cammisa. Back: Miss Grace Roll, Adviser, Loretta Arone, Jean Brennan, Evelyn Schmidt, Louise Quist, Roberta McGregor. 2 I I I 2 i E E qvxh SEATED: Nanc olpmon, President, Kate Schoenstein, Ruth Seeler, Ray Hughes. STANDING: Jerome Freed, Ann Wickersham, Secre- ,X . . WN if .SKB V tary, Miss Dor M. Pelda, Adviser. U Wu 'W 'x ,XX R9 t 1 A Q ' A ry' ,pi AOL lx . I wi., Ng young writers, z Nix X' JSM xl The freshmen and sophomores who belong to the CREATIVE WRITERS' CLUB are all eager to improve their style of writing. Their activities included com- posing sentences, writing stories, and developing plots as a group. Together with Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, their adviser, the club members attended the spring play festival at the County Center. a spanish team, THE SPANISH CLUB learned about Mexico through the description by Miss Robbie, the adviser, of her trip to Mexico and through lunching at a Mex- i ican restaurant. The Spanish I group gave a Christ- mas party. E. Schmidt and A. DePaul are co-chairmen of the Spanish I group, B. Nardecchia is Secretary. R. Frischmann is President and R. Bancroft, Secretary, of the second year section. FRONT ROW: E. Haller, J. Bloomfield, Miss H. Robbie, E. Staff, B. O'Leary. SECOND ROW: K. Acller, A. Scott, J. Baker, M. L. Cam- misa, J. Brennan, M. A. Reuter, B. Nardecchia, E. Waldemar, M. Grandolfi, P. Gaarder, R. Bancroft. BACK ROW: J. Freed, D. Pasquale, A. DePaul, F. Jauo, P. Nardecchia, R. Seeler, R. McKirgan, R. Arone, J. Leach, E. Heintz, E. Schmidt, R. Hermans, R. Frischmann, W. Finger. wlr. A-1 1in m wt ROW: D. Guckenbiehl, S. Kley, K. Moore. SECOND ROW: M. Scheller, T. Gannon, M. J. Flanigan, S. Sage, M. Cassens, P. F. Sheldon, J. Barger, B. Lotus, H. Hamilton, V. Duke, C. Lotus, B. Gardiner, B. Strachan. THIRD ROW: J. Hashagan, T. F. Scheller, E. Rooney, Mrs. R. Howes, M. Baker, R. Pellegrhini, I. Carlson, L. Schoenstein, P. Weiss, M. Mack, P. 0 V ff You! INN . ,I . I, ,V 4 . f at , , I, I I I X' ,K , , seamstressesit next ear s anners fl I . '- 1 ta, , I . , I f I - I La s N ,AJ A . V, . . s- YV i, V xy.. ,tp J I , N ' I' K V A i.. ,, -I 44 yi In,thd fall twenty4two girls from' the fseventh and YEARBOOK CLUB is a group of sopljoin-ores ' I px- eighth gnadesuwho wanted to lleain morlelabout sew- who, -under the guidance ot Miss Dorothy M. Pekin, ing their ovagn ilolthesf lciined together anldiformed the learn the principlesjlof yqziiibookt.-'lproductiqn and y nj SEWING 'CLLIB.'.Each Thursday afternoon they met terminology suchgds' "layout " "golley1pr66l','f llj,,.Y'.f3 wilh,fMrs. Ruth Howes in the home economics room to "dummy-" My SIVQDQ Pdlemsl nd iii'-Im of Yeefbboks 'J .V-f work attractive oufts for school only to discuss are analyzed, ahdbideas qlfg, stored. for L56 in J xii latejfjstylqs 'and sewing techniques. v . yy in nexjfyear' IKRDSLEYAN. Qf'V.Beij,n1ci'n is President andxx V fi ff ' VM-Miki ' ' K 17 ,M , 'A J' B. Narcl chio,7Secrttdry, f,-4' ! ' , L ' '. 61 K' ? i' I I x ' , 4 ,A A A' ' . 0 F , . Q' fl ' I ' - ' . ?" J ,XJ"' .J I if -J' K1,,,- J,.,N'! 'X ,.f'fL'.,.15i f - I' l ilqf' 1, fb It ' ','A ff 'FQ an 'I ' , K, I ,I , . . ' ,wt ' 5 -'A . ,,- ,Z . j .. ,' t' ROW NEAR CAMERA: B. Steenwerth, H. Eisenhauer, L. Arone, E. Heintz, B. Berlind, C. Huesgen, R. Hay, E. Staff. SECOND M MA " K. Acker, J. Young, K. Schoenstein, D. Suthergreen, E. Haller, A. Locuratolo, J. Baker, M. Silk. THIRD ROW: W. Mooney, F. Schmidt, Ili ll- if ll P. Larsen,.R. Johnson, J. Freed, M. Reuter, E. Flanigan, R. DePaul, D. Jensen, A. Scott. STANDING: Miss D. Pelda, B. Nardecchia, M. X Q' f 1' tx I Fitzgerald, J. Bloomfield, R. Carlson, E. Waldemar, S. Bertman. 55. -V91 sfrex " im.32. S1 Qqt. ,XIX H Bi 'Ei Pl P4 El R16 Q 'f X 'W Sw FRONT ROW: W. Hoffmann, J. Canning, K. McKeough, G. Barbieri, R. DePaul. THIRD ROW: S. ING: W. Townsend, D. Purdy, C. Rochon, C. Hashagen, Mr. C. Santore, D. Anlchelen, F. Katcher, C. R. Mobilia, A. Kalmykow. STAND- !! I f-'J 19,9 64 Ii? f'l - . d JI d b .i. ' owentertainers an re or ers stan . 'y f' rl l ff! " -' I A , THE JOURNALISM CLUB publishes the high The main proiect of the DRAMATIC CLUB was ff . f school a er, the "Salt 'n Pe er." This ear we have to resent at a high school assembl a one-act f P P PP Y P Y f ' ' increased the circulation 2506 and almost doubled the m ster lay entitled "The Dill Dehounting Agenc ." ,. I Y Y P Y Y s number of pages. Our editor, J. DeNardo, and Secre- tary, J. Baker, were invited to attend a press confer- ence on television early in February. Mr. Koors is adviser. The members learned how to improve their acting by practicing pantomimes. P. Nardecchia is President, N. Solomon, Vice-President: E. Haller, Secretary: A. Huesgen, Treasurer: and Mrs. E. Koenig, Adviser. STANDING: Mrs. E. Koenig, P. Nordecchia, B. Berlind, M. Fitzgerald, J. Schmidt. SECOND ROW: A. Huesgen, R. Yule, J. Bloom- field, D. Jensen. BACK ROW: F. Schmidt, W. Mooney, K. Acker, I.. Raicht, S. Bertman, A. Wickersham, E. Haller, N. Solomon, J. Raicht. Ken Cauvet and Dick Bancroft FRONT: Mr. Kenneth Brown, Coach, Ronald Berlind, Ronald Casey, Anthony DePaul, Michael Cawley, Anthony Cascarano. BACK: John Koster, Anthony D'Angelo, Richard Bancroft, Frank Jazzo, Kenneth Cauvet, Dominick Pasquale. ABSENT: John Young and Jerome Freed. L Tonv DePaul and Mickey Cawley Mico Pasqw and Frank zz M. the racers ass our atlili s ms. p M1 At the first sign of spring, over thirty-five candidates report? fo3T?iEBAll practic . With nine veterans returning from last year's team and en W was a fine season for Ardsley both at bat and in the field. For many years Ardsley has wanted TRACK in its spiqdso able to have it because of t-he insufficient number of boywgr, e school the larger classes could make this team possible inthe ne utur . - 1 ,12Z'. Ronny Berlind and Tony D'Angelo Tony Cascarano and Ron Casey gy '.' ' " 8 I A A KK, k.., 2 , . MW, PEW , , x 'X ,R 1-'wg 3 ,wi 'J A 'gigfj J ff' Wm "' - 2 x ' ' 'ix . 5 , Al I, B A iw 1 ' ki Y , L Z M 5 fa ff-4 , L,.A, ' , . Y v, ,. 2, .K wwf-Q my frm: In , up MM' 2 Q Q W f s Q 1'1" P 1 X Y Q 4 , 1. sg, 5 I, N Yi 'l If If ff M f' 1 va- X 'L vm, 'T ir kV V . - f A I HM ,I 1 .4 L x NK, .V 5 Q4 I A X br FRONT: Mr. Kenneth Brown, Coach, Robert Wilson, Richard Bancroft, Robert Cook, Ronald Berlind. BACK: Dominick Pasquale, Ronald Casey, Anthony DePaul, Donald Raab, Frank Jazzo, Richard Arone. ABSENT: Robert Wilmoth. Don Raab Bob Cook on the basketball court. The outstanding feature of the T953 VARSITY BASKETBALL team, coached by Mr. Kenneth Brown, was its strong spirit of co-operation. At the end of the season, Ardsley stood third in the league with five wins and five losses. The school is proud ot D. Pasquale who won the championship in the Western Westchester League foul-shooting contest and of R. Wilmoth and R. Berlind who played on the All-Star team. Bob Wilson Frank Jazzo Ronny Berlind here is a cheer from the girls in sports Every high school girl who is interested in after- school sports can ioin the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCI- ATION. At its first meeting in September the G. A. A. elected Roberta McGregor, President, and Ruth Seeler, Secretary. Plans for the entire year were or- ganized. The initial activity was interclass softball, and the iuniors won the championship after a close game with the seniors. Volleyball was the next sport, and the competition among the six teams was keen. The seniors were triumphant in volleyball interclass and basketball as well. Members of the SPORTS CLUB refereed all Girls' Athletic Association games this year and sponsored a successful playday for the iunior high students from five schools. The group enioyed a week-end camping trip at Hamanaset Beach, Connecticut, in June. This year B. O'Leary and M. L. Cammisa were admitted to the club. Evelyn Schmidt is Pres- ident, Helga Nordin, Secretary-Treasurer, and Miss Grace Roll is adviser. FRONT ROW: Jean Brennan, Louise Quist, Barbara Rutiglan, Barbara Canning. BACK ROW: Ruth Seeler, Roberta McGregor, Helga Nordin, Evelyn Schmidt, Miss Grace Roll. and the cheerleaders themselves! At the conclusion of the G. A. A. basketball sea- son, honor teams were chosen to play the neighboring schools of Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Washington Irving, and Hastings. The competition was close, but Ardsley remained undefeated for its third consecutive season. wil In October eight regulars and two sub stitutes were selected for the CHEERLEAD- ING SQUAD, and these ten girls rooted for the Ardsley teams at all of the basketball games. New blue and gold uniforms were purchased in the fall, and a movie was pre- sented to help pay for them. With the aid of Miss Gloria Beale, their adviser, the squad invented many new cheers and improved the old ones. They presented their best cheers at the culminating event of the season, the All-Star game. CENTER: Barbara O'Leary. Loretta Arone, Rose Marie DePaul, Joy Larsen, Barbara Canning, Barbara Ber- lind, Barbara Rutiglan, Judith Goodwin, Patricia Gaarder, Margaret Fitzgerald. Throughout the year, all the girls were divided into two teams, BLUE AND GOLD, competing in each sport. Then at the final picnic in June after the supper and the entertainment, a cup was presented to the captain of the team YW-the atcsznumber of pains. B-if "'A A . A A .,l On a lovely day early in October, the sophomore biology class arrived at Croton Point with Mr. and Mrs. Horend and Mr. Koors. They stayed at BIOLOGY CAMP for a week studying the subject at its source by means of hikes and discussions with Mr. Horend. On one of the paths they saw the rare gingko tree with its strange tan-shaped leaves, and they walked around the tip of the Point to study the change of rock and clay formations. Every afternoon was spent re- laxing, playing baseball or horse- shoes, or swimming. Many sopho- mores went exploring on their own, and they wandered about in the gloomy depths of the ancient wine cellars. everyone is there from campers After dinner and 'dishes were fin- ished each evening, a roaring fire was built in the tireplace, and all gathered around to talk. Often they sang together for an hour, and one evening they produced a variety show for their visitors. ' Since this class of thirty-eight was the largest BIOLOGY CAMP ever organized, the different iobs could be divided better and there was more extra time for everyone. The first BIOLOGY CAMP three years ago was an experiment, at every step there was a new problem. Now, due to its success each year, the proiect has become a tradition to which each sophomore class can look forward with confidence. W ww. vulr and rugged outdoorsmen P M 'V The air was cold and brisk, and the hikers were tired and hungry as they stopped for lunch after walking all morning along the Appalachian Trail, the picturesque footpath leading 2,300 miles from Maine to Georgia. Pictured are the pupils of the two seventh grades who went on the Mount Greylock trip last May with their MOUNTAIN TOP CLUB leader, Principal Arthur W. Silliman. This was only one of the many trips taken by the MOUNTAIN TOP CLUB. The group might also have been found exploring Bear Mountain or Fahnestock Park,fvisiting Valley Forge, or seeing historic spots in our own county. Some trips took only an afternoon and evening while others were for overnight, for a week-end, or for several days during a vacation period. Wherever they went, they lived simply like true campers, preparing their meals over the open fire, sleeping under the stars, and always re- membering the responsibility toward one another and to the safety of the fields and woods where they stayed. All trips were run on a camping basis at a minimum cost. To be eligible for these trips, the boys and girls had to be members of grades five through eight and must have gone on at least three or more Education-Adventure trips with Mr. Silliman. KNOX ,fl XX to all the musicians: singers, Seventh and eighth graders pos- sessing musical ability and a willing- ness to co-operate are eligible for the SENIOR ELEMENTARY CHOR- US. The most memorable experience was presenting the Halloween op- eretta "Junior Holiday" written by Miss Gloria Stocco. The chorus also performed at all the school music programs. Ofticers of the organ- ization are Barbara Gardiner, Pres- identg Chester Slaybaugh, Vice- President, Margaret Christiano, Sec- pa nist. With Miss Gloria Stocco helping, Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent was able to make this a year of real improvement for the ORCHESTRA. Besides playing for the Spring Festival and senior graduation, the group had a recital of its own in February. Richard Bancroft, Royce Paula Koors, and Marianne Wertheim were chosen to represent the school in the sectional All-State Festival at the County Center, and Marianne Wertheim played in the Buffalo All-State orchestra. retary, and Cynthia Proske Accom- instrumentalists, their leaders, THE JUNIOR ELEMENTARY CHORUS offers a wonderful begin- ning in group singing for talented members of the fifth and sixth grades. During this year under the direction of Miss Gloria Stocco, the chorus participated in assembly pro- grams, the Christmas Concert, and the annual Spring Festival. Duncan Clarke is President, Wayne Boulton, Vice-President, Rosemary Harten, Secretary, John Evans, Librarian. THE VARSITY CHOIR, led by Mr. Vincent, has been the pride of Ardsley for many years. The present choir sang not only at all school functions but also in Leighton's at Christmas. Several members performed with the Sectional State Chorus this year, and in February two were accepted for the All-State group in Buffalo. The officers are: Jean Brennan, President, Kenneth Cauvet, Vice-President, and Richard Bancroft, Secretary. FRONT: Ruby Moretti, Rose Marie DePaul, Louise Quist, Jean Brennan, Royce Paula Koors, Marianne Wertheim, Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent. BACK: Kenneth Cauvet, Anthony DePaul, Richard Bancroft. On January 'l4th Mr. Vincent called together the nine members of the CLEF CLUB for the election of new members. This group is the advisory board of the Music Department, and its purpose is to make rules of conduct and effort for each music organization and to discuss important matters which arise. J. Brennan is President, K. Cauvet, Vice-President, and R. Moretti, Secretary. ancl uthe man who came to dinner!" BELOW: Berta and Barbara. CEN- TER: "Doc," Marty, Tony, and Frank. BELOW: Ronny as "Bert," Jean as "Maggie," and Mico as "John," H ,X the cheering section 9,9 X! Nw xW f X W7 J 'W-4 -5 if Y Y"Q V'1l" L. .. A if im- 1 Jul. J fl' . -. +4 .iz I. I 'x A I. I 'P' I I I-II .wNw' ,I-N 2 'rf 'I. . II 1 ':.1.'i!i5 ' . II -:II E.: IA wgmfi lf-.. 'If-7' 1 ' 4.-.f.:'fI ' -.Mg 321 I 55534 ff. .E Hwwwy ' F 1 I '. H r nv " uf . ''-Llim ' 1 ' '..-.. 'EA Ffa' I I ' c. :. ' "' 3 'TII LI rramflv I EH?s - ,W .I""' 5 ":",zI2" "7 I 5'2" ' ? .1535 Nfl i 1 - . ' I ". If I.- 1-. I . 'Ir' -. I.-I- v -- .1 --. . 1... IIII...-I. . -- ,N .f. . ' M. w 'III I . "Iran -I - l.. .I 'iff . I' E. Ip. . .v -- ..... I .I-,'4IiII:5 'I -' ' -H. ' 'hi ' . ' I ' ':I' I I' xi .' L 1 .'- .1' . Lv.: 1.. I .I- - .uv f .I .. , . . .I. v I 1 KI. - .- -fm' 1' . IR . .. ll. I X . . . . 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L5 III, ,Inf ju- -QI-I -lf. .5 3 may m y-. --'...:...I.-- .-is M Ji -in .LM I I 4 ' igfni 1 1 FIR w i , I - 1-I M-3Q':II'-MII' ," '-I6 'EEN JP' rg, H fa ' fl., J. '44 ' U .f Ml' 5 Ki 1' U' b 'Mil ' t is 35. ?4f'wix': ' fba."w -117' JL 2.-" H "': UQQE' '-4' I' 7 I.. , 2. I f 1, .1' 1 pu 'F 'fig If F.. I-" 9 .. . Q 'gif gi. 'IQ Ig. I. . ' . 1 . ' : "1 P' . ' k .1 .' .4 vw. In' .. L -'aw - .1 I I I S I ?n I J QI -. II ..I I .I .I .I .In nr QI .-.J :I .III ,ik -III' .KQV-If.: 1351- .I!Ig.5,?II .II 1.. I...I VI 1 f' 1 5 ' ' , A . 4 :I ' 'f -- . -. '11-'Qi 1'-ef .A 1-2' - .f . ' 1 ' ' f 1 Mfg nt. 'T ' 53 V ar ' 'I Fi i N ' T ' -Fkem. QV?" """ - "f"9"g.: f"iI " ff! Q-1' : 'A + IL I III" 'Ie JI .T ,. - I 5 a 5+ WI. W I I.1:II ... If" 5.Q,iI :gjLMI ' 1,5 I W, L . .Q If. J .14 f ' . ..w,.2?i 1 1. ' E ...Q . . . 1 " ' 5- - IH I -I -' ' zgg... -:M . :ag .Ug g II-E..-H . If I5 I. -G. .. I I- I. 'Q Q it z 4' 4 A42 Intl WI , .I 'I 'I II' 'Lfgf.i" ! -I l I ':.I.. IIII 1 P "I v1 Q L- N " 3 r . 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I WEN ,. , ,. .. .I . ,,.I,II .g . ITN, ' 1 ' 'E' ' 'f' ' " J. H" . 51 sQII'Eg if .Ii 2' 'M ' ' . W II' 1: 1 .H M". Im F. Wa' 1-'1' - ii ' A ' ' 11 ' 'H fl' "' 'fe-- f-'r"sf"N 1 gm E' " " ' . s ' " 'iw i V ' ll :Lf.gI1 . .wir-L-s Y QIQMA . I. ' 1"l- ' .sr II .. we fmfi. n 1 - a ' -Q gf ' . ji ' Ea I IL ' m r- f'.",". I 2, bylfil!-' f -"I.'4 'Q '-DZ. .:f"...:'1'.. L . ? ' ' 4 W ,' 1' F W I 1 Iii 441 git,-15' I-r J- IQYQJI E I "Ig 7. L ir-L .im 5, ' 58.1, I X 1 It' I I 1I. I sa!! II 4 x 11, ., "- -I -. ,- f II .I I IIIE' I 1 . g 4 Ji . ' 34 11? !' f:gI'Y .'.'..'Ii-.ia-TB . u.. ' 5 I . ml: h I ' II l" " 351 I. - '. 1: If -IF' I-f4 'f ..i?5g-j Q" "5 II' E' - ' df " 'QL 1 gg " 'I' .1 Ia -' .'-up 5 ' ,ff 7 IIII I- ' II . -F4 aw 1' . M ' I L r . I' , I Ee., " '1 .in . .. 1 1 II, .51 ,V I I IR I.. 1.8 I J . I lr 1 I an . . .. Q . A Iii. Q . ,I 'I Pg 'jr' 4... u. I ' 'I I if II4Ih. ... i1 w as V. If, 'JI HI ,JII 'Q I I' . I ,III 'lg h .A 1: Lgxi H ml-Q ..' E I tim: . .gf fl 5' T W L Wk bk 53 " w ' K . I I ' 'If' 1 I.: WGVQ .,fqvfffwww-.i. "... . ." ' H. H " II I - .pil . 1 - . -1 J . ff .ns . Q! ff- .' ' 2 ' f' if ' 'J " 4 . "" ' xl-'-727, ' f. 1 I' '.g::' F' ' CIJISIG. I SI! III I. .Ig JQET IITIIIII III : HPV'-.'m'iiii V ."i.'."! ' E:1lY"'..f" . F! ' ' -4 -ff' 1' 3 ' I. .II . . ,I .n . 3 55 'ill +1 . S' Y. 532 L 5 gi! - Q Q 3' -iw .., 4 -1- g, " . uf-b .. I . -.. . ', 12. r' fzf' I " 7 viii? '. .e- .. rf- ' 3 " " ' .' 'fu' ef- ' 5 3 .,. fa... 5. ' .I 1" :I-I I g ... HL.. I.IIII.I5II .-..'.I..,I'Iy I. I 1-'1 .III I, .1-Ii . III III If II...IIIIIfI. JFL,.IIIQi. 'I ILA-.I .e. I . I I IAIII II I. ,fb .. '-QL' 'L 1 ..5'M'1f' .-'..':?f':1uJl' ' ' i1fI.Is.I '.8...f g:' yy' . Q-II -I .e. 'I I. Ill.-Uh. "I .g'j5'a'f-f"'3lIgI . -I I -' .I 1-.-I J f' .PI I -,- I frihg. . '11 'WI gf.-QI ..f ' QE..-.-rg:-... - I .. -.I -. -my ' QI. '41 1- A5 ...fu . 'II 2 ' .. I fr, .I .x. V. f - ' ' 3:51 I 'zifixu I I'L1Ifg-' 15' '-r- ' 5 -z '. 5 5 ' -.. -IIA. .4I.. v I Ik- ng ,I I ...,I. ..., ... grade snapshots Tommy and Eddie Gardiner Mrs. Adams's Second Grade Mrs. Squeri's Kindergarten ready for "Ardsleyan" pictures at ,tap f Walter Meuser Watson Bell and Glenn Koors Patricia Witham and Anita Bliss W GRADE 8-During this, our graduation year, the Teacher fx MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS eighth grade has participated in many activities. We Presidem were proud to take part in raising money for the DAVID MOONEY Vice-President P. T. A. Scholarship Fund by running the Hobby BARBARA LOTUS I M Booth at the village fair. Of course, the most thrilling RoBg5a1'R':'gTlNI fl events were the prom' and graduation, both of which Secretary ROBERTA PELLEGRINI -. u- we have looked forward to for so long. The entire Class Mower ' class is happy to say that this has been the best MRS' PAUL MESTERN Assistant Class Mother ' I year yet! MRS. JosEPH MARTINI our cheers for ardy are strong, FRONT ROW: Mr. H. Thomas, G. Ragone, C. A. Morris, J. Berlind, P. Young, nM. Pascone, H. Hamilton, F. Pestone L. Nevinger, C. Copeland, M. O'Leary, H. Kessler. SECOND ROW: R. Pellegrini, E. Bramble, B. Gardiner, J. Rooney B. Lotus, R. Martini, L Medovich, M. McDonough, G. Greiner, P. Karcher. THIRD ROW: D. Mooney, R. Pearce, G Koors, B. Strachan, D. Viola, F. Schappach, C. Lotus, C. Slaybaugh, N. Noschese, A. De Rocha. FOURTH ROW W. Bell, J. Barger, R. Bell, C. Proske, E. Marron, P. Carlyle, J. Perillo, M. Christiano, D. Marrus, G. Mestern. 1 FRONT ROW: M. Mack, S. Nash, T. Gannon, L. Beall, M. Scheller, R. Fitzgerald, C. Streib, V. Duke, D. Gucken biehl, Miss M. Wesp. SECOND ROW: P. Weiss, L. Morrison, B. LeDuc, P. Hunt, M. J. Flanigan, P. Engelkirk, J. Med ovich, A. Pasquale, I. Mureau. THIRD ROW: W. Ashbee, M. Baker, R. Anthony, M. Cassens, C. Lindman, S. Sage R Clute, P. Hutchinson, M. Cascarano. FOURTH ROW: F. Sheldon, J. Westervelt, R. Mooney, K. McComb, I. CarIson,lW Anderson, P. Robinson, R. Plechner. ABSENT: N. Reynaud. he is everything we love in our school. Teacher G D - ' MISS MARGARET A. WESP RA E 7 WE As our year in the seventh grade President comes to a close, we look back on many pleasant MURIEL CASSENS vgwpresqdeny memories: workin on the Kea Sho e and the hot 9 PP INGRID MURAU Treasurer dog stand at the P. T. A. Fair, using our artistic talent KENNETH M COMB S t C and experience with ghosts and witches to win third .I-' effe Clfy RALPH PIECHNER prize in the Halloween window decorating contest, I Class Mother ' MRS- HOWARD NASH and, of course, having the wonderful parties and F Assistant Class Mother :L i MRS. DOMINICK PASQUALE roller-skating trips. We've really had fun. fuu.m4.nuuu:u1 FRONT ROW: Mr. William Wolter, Martha Larsen, Robert Plechner, Kendree Moore, Lalann Schoenstein, Frank Childs, Betty Rooney, Joseph Murray. SECOND ROW: Susan Kley, Robert Freundel, Louise DeNardo, Walter Meuser, Flor- ence Scheller, John Whelan. THIRD ROW: Joyce Hashagen, Mark Schultz, Theresa Cappetta, Richard Mooney, Elneta Calhoun. we are proud to stand up GRADE 7WO-Our first year of junior high with Mr. Wolter has been full of new experiences and good times. In November we ioined the other seventh grade in serving refreshments at the P. T. A. Fair, and at Christmas we all enjoyed the big party at Mark SchuItz's house. Our class also participated in several field trips in science. Ushering at the eighth grade graduation has made us feel very close to high school. Teacher MR. WILLIAM WOLTER President KENDREE MOORE Vice-President ROBERT FREUNDEL Treasurer SUSAN KLEY Secretary WALTER MEUSER Class Mother MRS. BEATRICE CALHOUN Assistant Class Mother MRS. CLAIRE FREUNDEL Teacher MRS. ALICE C. FRISCHMANN President TEDDY DlPADOVA Vice-President NANCY HUNT Treasurer LINDA STANAWAY Secretary JACK CASADONE Class Mother MRS. CHARLES HINNEN Assistant Class Mother MRS. PAGE HUNT GRADE 5F-This year we have tried to make reading a hobby. Each person read a book or two a month and then made a report with a cover illus- trating the story. Last year Grade 5F was appointed official color guard and we have worked hard this year to try to win the honor again We are also very proud of our four weeks perfect attendance record In October f Q I A - . and wave our banners for ardsley' FRONT ROW: Thomas Fatigate, Rose Lorraine Ennis, Jack Casadone, Carolyn Nash, Peter Gaeger Mrs Alice Frisch mann. SECOND ROW: Dennis McDonough, Sharon Nilson, Teddy DiPadova, Santa DeRocha, Linda Stanaway Michael Mondelli. THIRD ROW: Karl Soderstrom, Nancy Hunt, Margaret Hinnen, Kay Barger, Gale Bechtold Walter Papovltch GRADE 6-After we learned about Europe this Teacher 'N MRS. HELENA SNYDER F year, we all made pictures and booklets concerning Presidem ' X different countries. While studying Asia, we worked DUNCAN CLARKE . D Vice-President I- in groups on colorful murals depicting the life and WAYNE BOULTON K l Treasurer X people 'here' PATRICIA wm-IAM L' V - Secretary 4? X COE Last year, our color guard won the annual con LARRY NARDECCHIA , , ..,, ,,.. test, and the group was rewarded this fall by a trip Class Mother 8 'h lu. I I d ' MRS. STEPHEN WITHAM 0 wit Mr. Sl iman. The whole cass enloye going Assistant Class Mother roller skating and having a picnic in June. MRS' JOHN OSTERBERG sometimes, as we watch the race, FRONT ROW: W. Boulton, V. Pellegrino, A. Cuzzo, J. Kipp, P. Wickersham, C. Istvan, J. Kyft, H. Ward, L. Quist, F. Cecelin, R. Sankey. SECOND ROW: Mrs. H. Snyder, L. Nardecchia, V. LeCount, B. Lehman, Y. Tunnard, J. Evans, C. D'Andrea, M. Moccia, H. Guller, R. Halvorsen, A. Schafer, D. Clarke. THIRD ROW: R. Glinsman, G. Osterberg, P. Grutzner, E. Locuratolo, G. Davids, K. Kluepful, C. Lehmkuhl, N. Fasenfeld, P. Brandon, G. Whitney, C. Fon. FOURTH ROW: K. Waldemar, L. King, J. Istvan, A. Bliss, J. Hines, P. Witham, B. McKeough, J. Whitney, K. Yocis, C. Mestern, W. Whalen. ABSENT: S. Benning, P. Reynaud. n...x.m.-nf ff my-..u..f' If f. . 4 V if Mw-:-- . T .Q rs- ... fa..mmfnmwf..s:v-wwwma .fsmm....1sf- w.1...wmnm.a.u.' s-'uw FRONT ROW: W. Shaughnessy, G. Ramin, N. Hoy, P. Chalmers, R. Raicht, B. Cook, E. Kley, J. Saunders, A. Le Duc Miss E. Tryon. SECOND ROW: P. Gatti, J. Riccio, R. Ellis, S. Walther, D. McComb, C. O'Connor, J. Goldman, D. Clarke S. Suthergreen, P. Muller. THIRD ROW: M. Fagan, E. Aim, C. Gruessing, A. lzzolo, V. Rochon, A. Waldeier, L. Kane D. Tidaback, C. Cassano. FOURTH ROW: V. Rosler, J. Waterbury, R. Harten, E. Lutz, J. Kuhlmann, D. Nugent, C Stahl, J. Anthony, C. Wolk, B. Zinck. ABSENT: L. Hughes. our car seems to Ialter a little, Teacher GRADE 5T-Our year in the fifth grade has been MISS FTHEI' TRYON very busy and enioyable partly because of our many y DONIXETEBRKE clubs. Also, we had 'I0O'X: enrollment in the Junior A I Vice.P,-esidenf Red Cross whose activities included helping Grass- LINDA KANE . . . lands Hospital and sending cards or baskets of fruit Treasurer I JOANNE RICCIO to sick classmates and teachers. Secretary ROSEMARY HARTEN Class Mother MRS. GORDON NUGENT Assistant Class Mother MRS. EDWARD AIM Studying about the colonies in New England, we built a scene of Manhattan Island on our sand-table and showed democracy in that time by inserting meeting houses and various churches. MQQZ n llllllll I - . ,af FRONT ROW: J. Esposito, W. Delagi, S. Istvan, K. Eckleman, R. Bennett, K. Morrison, R. Bell, A. deTarnowsky, N Moore. SECOND ROW: K. Moore, R. Lindman, J. Osterbecg, S. Smith, D. Schaefer, T. Gardiner, M. Stahl, G. Rochon L. Grandolfi, Miss Edwards. THIRD ROW: J. Mullahy, E. Brady, K. McGlynn, J. E. Cauvet, J. Purdy, A. Bennett, F Progner, J. Stagliano. FOURTH ROW: M. Krauss, R. Davids, A. Sekaer, J. Marsek, B. Gerow, F. Purcell, J. Stern, R Newbauer, R. Grell, J. Speicher. ABSENT: G. Lundberg, G. Jenter, J. Adams. but the problems are soon solved. GRADE 4E-All year our aim has been to learn to get along with others, to respect the rights of classmates and teachers, and to try to be helpful whenever and wherever we could. In this spirit we made contributions to the Red Cross drive and gave canned goods and boxes of food to the Dobbs Ferry hospital at Thanksgiving time. We learned much by going on trips to the Muse- um of Natural History. The year ended with a won- derful class picnic. Teacher MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS President GUY LUNDBERG Vice-President JANE ELLEN CAUVET Treasurer JOSEPH MARSEK Class Mother MRS. H. E. SPARKS Assistant Class Mother MRS. PENDER STERN Teacher MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER President WILLIAM DUKE Vice-President JOSEPH MONTARULI Treasurer ROBERT KYFF Secretary CAROL FREED CONSTANCE COGGINS Class Mother MRS. JOHN EDELSTEIN Assistant Class Mother MRS. OGDEN PRESTHOLDT GRADE 4R-This year our class has studied about people of many lands and climates. We have taken a trip-in our imagination-around the world and have enjoyed making new friends in strange countries and learning their habits and customs. In addition to studying about people in today's world, we have read about early people through legends and stories and have realized how "history repeats itself." To provide us with relaxation, our class mothers gave us lovely parties at Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. we are good friends with our neighbors FRONT ROW: Mrs. Reuter, C. Freed, H. Bernstein, V. Becktold, W. Lippmann, C. Townsend J Prestholdt F Bramble J. Harten, C. Staft. SECOND ROW: D. Hines, P. Waite, R. Liposky, S. Ullman, W. Duke E Hanrahan R Kitt E Brookings, A. Jacob. THIRD ROW: J. Montaruli, C. De Rosa, E. Maher, P. Carlson L McGovern B Edelsteln C Haller, W. Geer. FOURTH ROW: J. Fon, G. Wehmeyer, S. Parachini, R. Wedekind, K Kluepfel F Marron C Cog gins, C. Gotti. GRADE 3TfThis year to help us learn our spell- ing better, we made a spelling booklet each month for our tests. We kept the booklets from month to month so that we had a collection of them at the end of the year. At Christmas we had an exchange of gifts and made our own tree decorations and gifts for our 'i parents. After the vacation we all brought in our is aim'- favorite toys and had a toy show. in spite ol competition, Teacher MISS HELEN TOOMEY President WINIFRED IZZOLO Vice-President PAUL KOORS Treasurer ELLEN KORBIN Secretary EDWARD BROWN Class Mother MRS. FREDERICK CASSENS Assistant Class Mother MRS. DONALD BURNS FRONT ROW: J. Pascone, E. Korbin, T. Pancoast, L. Britt, E. Brown, L. Larsen, D. Knapp, G. Crisi, F. Holser, Miss H Toomey. SECOND ROW: J. Sankey, D. Goodman, J. Morey, M. Burns, M. Schappach, P. Koors, A. Ridings, R. Cook, J. Beckman, D. Andrews. THIRD ROW: G. Hellthaler, L. Wirz, D. Rooney, C. Weinberger, J. Perrotta, L. Perrotta, W. Izzolo, P. Bell, M. Lehmkuhl, R. Clute, C. Salerno. FOURTH ROW: A. Sheldon, J. Dowe, S. Witham, S. Young, D. Murau, K. Cassens, T. Lofgren, C. Gruessing, K. Yocis, W. Love. ABSENT: G. Seberg. yr-we-wr vw. .. g , 4 , I.. .ll . ws. .I " I " V A 1 ' - I sings! n 4.5. f 5 I FRONT ROW: Miss Hurlbut, J. Suthergreen, H. Unger, A. Katcher, J. Smith, E. Schultz, J. Brengel W O Leary T Waldeier, J. Cooney, J. Smyth. SECOND ROW: H. Ardanowski, J. deCsaby, S. Werner, N. Stien, P. Mestern C Jenter J. Walther, A. Inverson, K. Sullivan, R. Morris. THIRD ROW: P. Osterberg, R. Gannon, M. Speicher D Schafer T Witham, C. Sekaer, R. Pestone, P. Gruber, A. Hellthaler. FOURTH ROW: R. Andreson, V. Waldemar F Kappler S. Waterbury, C. LaMonte, R. Brandon, E. Anthony, R. Reilly, M. Hoy. Teacher MISS RUTH HURLBUT President WINIFRED DORNHOEFER Vice-President RICHARD REILLY Treasurer KATHERINE SULLIVAN BETTY ANTHONY Secretary MARION SPEICHER Class Mother MRS. ANTHONY WALDEIER Assistant Class Mother MRS. ABRAHAM KATCHER but we're not too modest GRADE 3H-The bronze medal for the Honor So- ciety was our aim this year, and we have worked hard on our new subtraction and multiplication tables to help earn it. In November, we did our part for the village fair by making little Iollipop dolls. Many times we had exciting spelling bees with Miss Toomey's grade which helped us to learn our hard words, and in June we all went on a trip to the Bronx Zoo. mwl FRONT ROW: E. Glinsman, C. Fon, J. King, J. A. Esposito, S. Einhorn, J. Lieberman, J. Casadone, J. Hickey, J. Kane, M. Graham, H. Marcus, M. E. Saunders. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Farnham, C. Moccia, J. Maher, D. Bliss, R. Denike, S. Chandler, J. Kipp, N. Oliver, A. Meislin, M. .KiIstrom, R. Prestholdt, J. Luvisa, M. Halvorsen, Mrs. Adams. THIRD ROW: D. Inversin, R. Carlyle, R. Dritz, A. Fatigate, P. Johann, J. Edelstein, C. Rayburn, S. Chalmers, P. Guckenbiehl, R. Gorton, W. Istvan, C. Bernstein. FOURTH ROW: M. Hillebrand, N. Hay, K. Beall, J. Nugent, S. Anthony, C. Kappler, L. Hudson, G. Istvan, M. Watson, C. Kolb, P. Johnston, R. Watson. ABSENT: E. Copeland. about our record Ior victories! GRADE 2-Besides our regular classwork in the three R's, we looked forward every week to lessons in drawing and games in gym class. With our boys' and girls' clubs after school, we went on trips to the Yonkers museum and Woodlands as well as on many il science trips where we learned fascinating new things. A. M. Teachers MRS. RUTH ADAMS MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM President ANNETTE FATIGATE ROBERT DRITZ Vice-President JUDITH LUVISO SHARON CHALMERS Class Mothers MRS. JAMES KING MRS. FRANK KAPPLER Assistant Class Mothers MRS. EVERETT EINHORN MRS. JOHN KIPP Treasurers JANET HICKEY HOWARD MARCUS Secretaries ROBIN GORTON NANCY OLIVER P. M. Teachers MRS. RUTH B. ADAMS MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM President DELL CLARKE CAROL ANNE GEER Vice-President LINDA VIOLA CHARLES KALMYKOW Class Mothers MRS. ALBERT MEUSER MRS. JACK MARRUS GRADE 2-We had a very busy year because of the need to complete our required work in half the usual time. Besides learning more about reading and arithmetic, we have had daily visits from Miss Beale who read to us and taught us science, gym, and health. Miss Stocco and Miss Davis helped us with our music and art. Assistant Class Mothers MRS. HOWARD WHITNEY MRS. WILLIAM DUKE III Treasurers ' LINDA HOFFMAN PETER MARRUS Secretaries PAMELA GRANDOLFI MARY CHRIS BAILEY we know that il we all stay together , I-2121 FRONT ROW: D. Staff, R. Shepard, C. Kalmykow, B. Atalese, M. C. Bailey, D. McKean, L. Freedman, B. Duke, D Gontar, J. Gibson, E. Grandolfi. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Farnham, C. Theil, D. Ashley, I. Bartlett, W. Sommer, C. And rews, P. Marrus, C. A. Geer, R. Mackenzie, J. Glaberson, C. Hinnen, E. McCormack, Mrs. Adams. THIRD ROW: J Strand, R. A. Bliss, J. Feurer, D. Clarke, L. Rosler, D. Paterson, M. Tidaback, L. Hoffman, P. Grandolti, M. Morano FOURTH ROW: M. Flanigan, S. Whitney, C. Meuser, A. Ardanowski, R. Cook, L. Viola, W. Moore, Y. Yuskin, E Gardiner, D. Nardecchia. ABSENT: R. Kreiter. GRADE 1-This year our grade was divided into two sections, morning and afternoon, so that we went to school for only half a day. In this way the classes were made smaller so that each of us could get more individual help with our new problems in reading and doing arithmetic. Our time was short, but we were able to keep up our activities after school hours, and our class mothers helped us to have many parties. A. M. Teachers MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD MRS. MYRTLE J. SEBERG Class Mothers MRS. GEORGE WOLK MRS. HENRY JANSON Assistant Class Mothers MRS. ROY FAGAN MRS. ROBERT WEISS and listen carefully to our coaches, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hatfield, G. Progner, E. Nilsen, M. Weggenman, R. Cooney, R. Jacobi, R. Hume, N. Jacobs, B. Munkelt, W. Welden, R. Dickerman, M. Anger, D. Harris. SECOND ROW: L. Goldman, J. Washburn, A. Janson, S. Nusbaum, R. Weiss, N. Ferrier, T. Schneider, M. Pappas, R. Clarke, G. Murrow, R. Cabot, Mrs. Seberg. THIRD ROW: E. Lamont, L. Fagan, E. Trutt, S. DeNicola, C. A. Bates, C. Delmerico, M. J. Tancredi, N. Galetta, S. Groth, G. Kelley, S. Dachinger, C. Smyth. FOURTH ROW: K. Pascone, L. Zito, J. L. Crisi, L. Guller, A. Millow, J. Wolk, R. Casey, K. Doscher, B. Sheftield, R. Kessler, M. Kashchy, A. Groth, ABSENT: J. Sarantis. .545 wi FRONT ROW: Mrs. L. Hatfield, B. Guillon, R. Bailey, S. Engelkirk, A. Munck, M. Ellis, C. Crisi, K. de Tarnowske, W Ullman, G. Purdey, T. Marsek, Mrs. Seberg. SECOND ROW: A. Tallcott, K. Seus, S. Seitz, C. Roberts, N. Leach, P Kuoni, E. Grell, C. Schafer, J. Purdy, E. Thorpe, K. Olson. THIRD ROW: H. Whitney, C. Wimazal, T. D'Auria, M Pestone, S. Chase, K. Sage, R. Wedekind, S. A. McMurtrie, W. Britt, J. Waterbury. FOURTH ROW: M. Sullivan, D Benzenberg, D. McGlynn, E. Naviski, R. Whelan, J. Cleary, R. Shepard, D. Cook, B. Bertone, E. Cornish. ABSENT S. Burr. we can clear all the curves easily, GRADE l-Throughout the past year, we have P' M' read again about Dick and Jane and have also made Teachers MRS- LOUISE K- HATFIELD many new reading friends. At Christmas, we painted MRS. MYRTLE J. SEBERG iars in blue and gold to take home to our parents. Class Mothers . MRS. ALFRED THORPE Then, when the weather grew warm again, we all MRS. ALFRED BENZENBER . . . G went on a picnic and later, on a bus ride to the zoo Assistant Class Mothers MRS. WERNER KUONI MRS. CYRIL SOLOMON thing to which we are looking forward. Going to the beautiful new school next year is some FRONT ROW: Mrs. Squeri, R. Batten, K. Ginter, P. Myrer, D. Decker, D. Waite, G. DePaoIa, L. Vincent, S. Yarmovsky, J. Kerbel, T. Jacobs, J. Berland. SECOND ROW: J. Schneider, S. Kenner, M. Perfield, A. Sharpe, C. Grell, R. Tang- ney, C. Manning, I, Berkowitz, A. M. Kenney, T. Connick, E. DeLagi, J. Lamont, Miss Bloxsom. THIRD ROW: M. Ridings, C. Anderson, W. Sassano, J. Scallero, S. Agnano, D. Niciu, C. Spano, L. Lippmann, J. Istvan, S. Turner, J. Leeper, FOURTH ROW: S. King, M. Kohler, R. Johnson, D. Harmon, T. Love, P. Saunders, S. Fatigate, A. Stagliano, R. Denike, E. Sherwood, L. Groth, S. Loren. ABSENT: E. Ehrens, D. Holscher, L. Lackman, J. Thomas, E. Barkan, J. Doscher, S. Hesse, C. Hickey, W. Haimsohn. and ardy will be the Iirst KINDERGARTEN-When we first came to school in I September, we felt a little strange, but we soon saw f I that it was going to be wonderful. We learned to cut, paste, color, write our names, and read by tell- ing stories from pictures and recognizing words. We were soon able to take care of our clothing and school supplies all by ourselves. Of course, we had parties at Halloween and Christmas, and in June we 9 ,. WND' 1 I xl I +R - I had a real graduation. A. M. Teachers MISS NANCY BLOXSOM MRS. LOUISE SQUERI Class Mothers MRS. NATHAN EHRENS MRS. EDWARD DELAGI Assistant Class Mothers MRS. RALPH DENIKE MRS. ARTHUR KENNEY P. M. Teachers MISS NANCY BLOXSOM MRS. LOUISE SQUERI Class Mothers MRS. LAFAYETTE BERSONNET MRS. SAUL FISHER Assistant Class Mothers MRS. CHARLES ROBERTS MRS. JOHN EVANS KINDERGARTEN-Our Kindergarten year was a time for work through play. With paint, clay, and blocks, we told stories of our homes, tire engines, cars, and airplanes. We went on trips to see how a railroad station is run and how all the animals live I on a farm. Soon we learned to write our names, found out about numbers, and even learned to read. Most of all, though, we learned better how to listen, share, and get alonq with everyone. to cross the finish line! FRONT ROW: P. Fitzgerald, V. Roberts, T. Sullivan, J. Schwarz, L. Cassano, R. Evans, D. Henwood, J. Thomas, J Gontar, S. Ramin, P. Purcell, J. Stanaway, A. Park, C. Calhoun. SECOND ROW: Miss Bloxsom, J. Grandolfi, K. Nil son, S. Kyff, E. Grutzner, R. Kuhlmann, L. Frowd, J. Culver, D. P. Mellon, J. Liposky, F. Morano, T. Bersonnet, A Morano, B. Mestern, Mrs. Squeri. THIRD ROW: F. Gardner, D. Mondelli, R. Walther, K. Olson, R. Fisher, W. S. Bell A. Dimondstein, M. Riccio, M. Baer, M. Gaffney, J. Chase, J. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: D. L. Lotus, F. Bock, J. Krauss J. Warawoshin, K. Carlo, E. A. DeFeo, M. Hines, P. Felter B. Delmerico, J. Gibson, M. Bailey. ABSENT: R. Hender son, P. Kuoni, A. Newman, A. Winslow, R. Aim, R. Morrison. F. J. MCCORMACK -I N S U R A N C E - 5 Judson Avenue 50 East 42nd Street Ardsley, New York New York 17, New York Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0433 Murray Hill 2-6611 THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA, INC. Extends Its Best Wishes for Future Success to the ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1953 We Serve Reid's Ice Cream Exclusively LOVE INTERRUPTED-SENIOR PLAY THE STARS of "A DATE WITH JUDY Sal Cimino, Annette Gimbel, Patty Dolores Garnier, Bob Emerick, Bob Wea Frischmann BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Phone Elmsford 6-8484 - 6-6971 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD, NEW YORK THE GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK INCORPORATED 1869 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. CHRISTMAS CLUB-SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Total Assets - S5,000,000.00 'Q' QB ' T 1' T' , Y "M .1 I w - . .hp 1. T f N I N DUNGAREEHS , SOPHS SELLING SUCCESSFULLY Member Fecleral Deposit Insurance Corporation ALESMEN AT FATR Nl 3 Bill Mooney, Ray Carlson, Johnny Young Mrs. Christiano, Angela Locuratolo, Joh y Young, Bill Mooney lAt P.T.A. Fairl BESSON 8 CO. BUILDING MATERIALS - COAL - FUEL OIL Phono Dobbs Ferry 3-0026-2742 DOIBS FERRY, N. Y. comrumenrs or THE BOSCOES ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL V. 8. W. RIDING ACADEMY RIDING INSTRUCTION Special Instruction Groups and Children SPRAIN ROAD SCARSDALE V PLUMBING HEATING GAS and OIL BURNERS APPLIANCES Dobbs Ferry 3-0565 coMPuMENTs or DR. ALBERT BASSELL HASTINGS RECORD SHOP Phone Hastings 5-6085 ALMOST SOLD OUT? FULL HOUSE Miss Pelda, Morfy McHenry, Frank Jazzo Morty, Pottsey, Bobbie, Ronny, Jack HEATHER DELL FLORIST John Canning, Jr. - WHOLESALE GROWER - Specializing in Seasonable Pianfs I Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0144 ARDSLEY, N. Y. sesr wisuss mom I. BURACK, INC. I EL FRANCE DRESS CO. New York, N. Y. ROSLYN CLEANERS A VERY SATISFACTORY VALET SERVICE All Cleaning Done On Ihe Premises Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-2958 RICCIO'S MARKET Emporium of America's Fines! FRUITS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES SCHMlDT'S FARM RESTAURANT DANCING FRIDAY and SATURDAY Fort Hill Road and Jackson Avenue WEST OF SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Telephone Scarsdale 3-1204 PENTHOUSE PARTY STARRY-EYED A Bert, Ronny, Deri, Bobbie, Caryl, Patty, Pottsey, Kenny Bill, Barb, Dick, Denny, Walter, "Mike," Marianne, Carol, Gerhard, Royce F THRIFT ACCOUNTS SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS CLUBS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARDSLEY Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-4900 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK - LOAN SERVICE - Home Appliance Loans Personal Loans Small Business Loans Automobile Loans Property Improvement Loans - Member ot - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System THE JlG's UP THE PETUNIA KID I ii 5 Joe Leach, Larry Raicht, Peggy Fitzgerald Stephen Bertman, Peggy Fitzgerald, Barbara Berlind F BEST WISHES from UHEATHERDELU' OPEN ALL YEAR "The Smarf Woman's Healfh Resorf" COME FOR THE DAY Half Hour Swedish Massage 52.50 - Hour 34.50 INCLUDES: Cabinet, Lamps and Stay to Relax for Hours Call D. O. 3-9770 MHEATHERDELU' ARDSLEY, NEW YORK ANYONE FOR PING PONG? ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY af - n Billy Bell, Barbara Canning, Don Raab, FRONT-Ellen, Dot, Sheila Maggie Flanigan BACK-Jerry, "Ma" Pelda, Bob, "Bosco coMPuMEN'rs or THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FOR FUEL OILS CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY nouns FERRY 3-om coMPuMENTs or BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION ARDSLEY HARDWARE COMPANY - Home Service - HARDWARE, GAS RANGES, REFRIGERATORS BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS Telephones: Dobbs Ferry 3-4010 Residence: Hastings 5-4421 ADDYMAN SQUARE ARDSLEY, NEW YORK coMPuMENrs or FOXHILL FARMS moms scnool nsAsAmvlu.s Visit Our Basement Toyland for the most Complete Assortment of Small and Large Hallmark Greeting Cards Breyer's Ice Cream Newspapers and Magazines ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE 472 ASHFORD AVENUE Dobbs' Ferry 3-9710 - 9798 Sam Freed, Prop. Toys - TWO POINTS? Bob Johnson-Tuckahoe Game LOOKS GOOD FROM HERE Ronnie Casey-Tuckahoe Game CUDNEY'S SPECIALTY SHOP sos sAw MILL luvsa noAn ARDSLEY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-2386 CLOTHING AND NOTIONS OPEN THURS., FRI., SAT., UNTIL 10:00 THE BEST WISHES FROM Sem' SHO' 'NC' ARDSLEY Gnu scour ASSOC 17 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Tel' Dobbs Ferry 3,9772 Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-1837 O T T O , S LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION and 730 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD Famous for Choice Foods Steaks a Specialty Accommodations for Parties DOBBS FERRY BANK 660 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK BATHING BEAUTIES MUSCLES? Betsy Waldemor, Annette Scott Ken Cquvet ARDSLEY ACRES HOTEL COURT ARDSLEY, NEW YORK Our Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Members of THE ROTARY CLU B HASTINGS - Dosss FERRY - ARDSLEY ROBERTA INCOGNITO SIZE 'l5V2? x J 'ffm ara Rutiglan, "Oswald," Roberta Ronny Berlind, "Joey," Frank Jazzo,,Jac McGregor Koster 'Q Best of Luck to The Class of 1954 from THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Compliments I of CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, New YORK TCH-TCH WHAT'S UP, DICK? PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER Dick Bancroft, Carol Hcshugen Mrs. Hermcms, Joe Lecc h Selling ARDSLEYAN Pictur 69 JOSEPH FRISCHMANN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Dobbs Ferry 3-0042 CONGRATULATIONS FROM PULVER BROTHERS FLORIST J. Mungavin, Mgr. "FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION" JACKSON AVENUE HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON 6, NEW YORK Hastings 5-1079 nsmuckis Gnocsnv Open Seven Days a Week Delicatessen Frozen Foods CORNER OF PARKWAY and ASHFORD AVENUE Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0228 BEST WISHES FROM THE VILLAGE TAVERN Anoslsv, New Yank COMPLIMENTS OF CATHERINE and JOE CASEY THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE C. Engelman, PIl.G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone D. F. 3-0512 or 3-97I2 479 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. FREED, KUKLA, AND OLLIE WHO LET HIM OUT? Jerry Freed, "Casey," Johnny Young Bob Hamilton 555 SAW Tel. Hastings 5-1916 HASTINGS FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 549 WARBURTON AVE. J. M. YEDOWITZ HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON N. Y. ,J-5 'Qld FRED'S Auro wnecignys F. Lichtenborg E. Sony CARS soucm and sbio V v Dobbs Ferry 3-4686 , soon usen CAR PARTS if 1, RAFF'S GARAGE 8. SERVICE STATION, INC. COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS AUTO SUPPLIES Phone D .O. 3-II05 59-60 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. I I 1' BROWN'S PARKSIDE RESTAURANT W. Brownigifrop.. I, Phone Dobbs Fewy 3-405,440 SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY CIYLAUNCEY, N. Y IJ Jkir NEWS IN HAIRDOS "Be Your Better Self" Come In For Free Consultation On Your Beauty Needs and Hair Care Call Nancy D. O. 3-3445 ABBIE F. CRISI DANCE GROUP Classes' in TAP - TOE - BALLET and MODERN Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-0371 COME ON -A MY HOUSE HAPPY HALLOWEENERS Jim Juillerat Carol Hashagen, Dick Bancroft, "Mice" Pasquale, Berta McGregor BEST WISHES of PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC. DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING in ALL ITS BRANCHES Letterheads - Envelopes - Business Cards - Shipping Tags - Chance Books Reports - Bills - Tickets - Postals - Circulars - Wedding Invitations Reception Cards - Birth Announcements - Advertising Journals Programs - Announcements - Posters - Christmas Cords Booklets - Menus - Enclosures Before You Contract for Your Next Printing Order Let Us Submit a Bid on the Cost of the Work. Guaranteed Workmanship -:- Prompt Delivery Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-0124 101 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. HOBOES' CONVENTION l PERTY GAMBLERS so fe: I III, ' 'l Royce Paula Koors, Billy Finger, Joey Evelyn Holler, CU"Yl l'lUe59en, BGTSY, DeNardo, Marianne Wertheim Wdldemdr flx IP' INTERNATIONAL C .-.III Iv' I MD Llesnw INTELLIGENCE CLUB Gun Nxraous IAF:-rv Q C9 riimbx mf I I I Q .II O I QI In .xnT.L .:.,'u... V 9 Q. ? E 4' 7+ 'O ' .Iys lr4. ' H I OLIVIA C-. SEELER R EA LT O R 501 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY Next to Municipal Bldg. D. O. 3-3600 A Good Insurance Program ls of Vital Interest to IIPROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE" An Evening Spent Discussing Your Own Special Requirements Involves No Obligation and May Save You Years of Regret MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS POKER FACES Peggy Ann Reuter, Myrna Silk Jerry Freed, Casey, Connie Hode, Paul La rsen 73 BEST WISHES FROM Charles H. Hinnen, Presidenf Norman Davids, Trusfee A. Graham Sheldon, Trusfee Carmen I. Brennan, Trusfee Oscar E. Acker, Trusfee Arthur W. Silliman, Supervising Principal Anne Huesgen, Clerk Virgil P. Tampone, Treasurer 81 Counsel THE BOARD OF EDUCATION SUNNY BOY CAMERA HOGS David Purdy Front: Ruth, Royce Paula, Gert, Dot a Billy, Mike, Joe, Evely COMPLETE on HEATING sslzvlce - FU EL OILS - Oil Burner Sales ancl Service Heat Loss Surveys and Engineering Advice Repairs and Replacements of Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Tanks, etc. SALES AND SERVICE DEPARTMENT Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsclale FUEL OIL PLANT- Hastings-on-Hudson E. ROBISON, INC. "The House That Service Built" '52 ARDSLEYAN STAFF 8. DOM BARBER SHOP HEPTETTE Dominick, Pottsey, Ronny, Barbara, Oswald, Bob, Casey, Paul, Jerry Johnny Duck B II 1 Berta 1337 SAW Telephone: Hastings 5-5550-'I -2 A. TARRICONE con - run on. HEATING INSTALLATIONS MILL mvsn nn. You KERS 2, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or MARSHALL COOKE - rlowsns - IAN S. WILSON Dobbs Ferry 3-'I807 WHOLESALE FLORIST HEATHERDELL RD. ARDSLEY COMPLIMENTS OF THE FRESHMEN Telephone: Tarrytown 4-4040 HOWARD KISSLING Moron COMPANY 300 NORTH BROADWAY NORTH TARRYTOWN, N. Y. Desoto - Plymouth COMPLIMENTS OF SUNDIAL SUNOCO HARTSDALE, N. Y. WHOSE ARM? IT'S A SELLOUT M rrol Barbara Nardecchia Casey, Morty, Mico, Jack at Ardsleyan food sale BEST WISHES FROM GLOBE-UNION, INC. Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-3619 DERA' DECORATORS Created Imeriors 708 SAW MILI. RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, NEW YORK Telephone: elmsfora 6-7330 ELMSFORD LUMBER STORES, INC. 5 NePPeRHAN AVENUE euvaseonn, NEW Yomc coMPuMeNTs oe MR. and MRS. JOHN H. WERTHEIM BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. Dobbs Ferry 3-5040 414 BROADWAY COMPLIMENTS OF noses eeknv NEW Yomc I CATHERINE and Joe FRISCHMANN ou1 oe GAS? Driving Class R. E . T e C A R R SPORTING Goons 285 NORTH BROADWAY NORTH TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK I BENDIX - WHIRLPOOL - NORGE - HAMILTON I AUTOMATIC WASHERS and DRYERS Parts - Installation - Repair Service I Tarrytown 4-3741 Special Department Parts Available Rebuilding and Exchange For All Makes Motors - Transmissions - Pumps Washers and Dryers PROMPT EFFICIENT QUALIFIED SERVICE All Work Fully Guaranteed I B ERTMAN MAINTENANCE S ERVICE AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT I 396 ASHFORD AVE., DOBBS FERRY, D. O. 3-5881 Oldest Established Exclusively Automatic Home Laundry Service in Westchester County SALESMEN SUPREME HALLOWEEN PARTY .loe Leach and Miss Pelda selling "ArdsIeyan" Gerhard, Charles, Ken, Tony, Barty, Dave, pictures Mickey COMPLIMENTS OF STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. c1-1AuNcEY, New YORK LOUIS' SUPER MARKET BEST QUALITY MEAT AT LOW PRICES Frozen Foods - Fresh Eggs - Canned Goods open Friday Till 9 P.M. - FREE PARKING 7'I 'I SAW MILL RIVER RD. ARDSLEY Dobbs Ferry 3-1 102-I SWING CAMPERS THE SCHOLARS Paul Larsen and Joyce Bloomfield Bob, George, Donald, Billy, Jack, Sal H k BEST WISHES FROM R. S. A. CORPORATION MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS ARDSLEY, NEW YORK AKE IT GOOD, RICH THE LIPSTICK Rich Frischmann Lclly Quisf Dobbs Ferry 3-I 954 "ROAD SERVICE" DAY and NIGHT WESTCHESTER GARAGE AUTOMOTTVE SERVICE - COLLISION SPECIALISTS Repairing and Overhauling ' INV HM H me arfrui-WEE Elma 'Maxi 36-is M. NANNARIELLO ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY, N. Y. BUDDIES WATCH THAT MAN Joe Leach, Dick Bancroft, Rich Frischmonn, Ronny Berlind, Bob Wilmofh, Frank Juzzo Larry Ruicht COMPLIMENTS OF LOU-ENA HAND LAUNDRY DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK coMPuMENrs or AGRRIULTURAL ASSOCIATES, INC. 25 ELM smear Annslsv, New YORK H. 8. H. BODY SHOP Henry See, Prop. Duco Painting and Welding Radio Repairing Body and Fender Straightening I Wheel Alignment Frame Straightening - 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE - Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-4016 I 706 SAW MILL RIVER RD. ARDSLEY BEST WISHES FROM KIPP BROTHERS, INC. Lyman E. Kipp - Douglas W. Kipp CONTRACTORS 81 ENGINEERS Phone: Dobbs Ferry 3-2200 ARDSLEY, N. Y. O THE HONOR SOCIETY A LITTLE HIGHER, DON RING AROUND THE ROSIES Frank Jazzo, Don Raab, Bob Cook Front: Franklin Schmidt. Bock: Connie Hade 82 Ron Casey, Joey DeNardo K. K. HAGOPIAN Russ and cAnPE1s Rugs Cleaned and Repaired by Native Experts Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-3619 708 SAW MILL RIVER RD. ARDSLEY, N. Y. coMPuMENTs or A FRIEND BEST WISHE5 FROM GENERAL VACUUM TUBE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY ARDANOWSKI Poultry Farm and Eggs SPRAIN ROAD, ARDSLEY Phone: Dobbs Ferry 3-4611 NATIONAL SCREEN CO. Custom Built Screens Porch Enclosures Combination Doors and Storm Sashes Deal Directly with the Mfg. Phone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0440 91 ASHFORD AVE. HEAVENLY QUARTETTE IT'S IN GOOD HANDS Mary Lou Cammisc, "Mice" Pasquale, Helga r Pottsey Jazzo and Bob Wilmoth Nordin, Barry Coggins BEST WISHES FROM THE PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION BEST WISH ES FROM AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY POST, NO. 458 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK J. V. STARS JUNGLE QUEE Reg Hermcns, Rich Frischmann, Tommy Ward Betsy Wald THE METHODIST CHURCH A COMMUNITY CHURCH WHERE A FRIENDLY WELCOME AWAITS You COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENT BODY THE HUNTLEY ESTATES AT ARDSLEY, INC. DAYDREAMING HOLDING DOWN THE LOG, GIRLS? Jean Brennan Betsy Waldemar and Joyce Bloomfield COMPLIMENTS OF LEWIS 8m McDOWELL, INC CONTRACTORS 285 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK '?'-I COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHERN CHEVROLET, INC FOREST HILLS AND JACKSON HEIGHTS NEW YORK THE FRISCHMANNS THEODORA'S BEAUTY SALON Across From First National Bank Under Management of RUDY 8. BETTY WERTH D.O. 3-4680 THE NAME "BALFOUR" STANDS FOR THE FINEST IN CLASS RINGS, COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, CLUB PINS, DIPLOMAS, MEDALS AND TROPHIES L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 521 FIFTH AVE. NEW YORK 17, N. Y. BLACK TOP, INC. ROADS DRIVEWAYS PARKING 'LOTS GAS STATIONS RESURFACING-ALL CALL SPencer 9-5070 33 FORT HILL RD. YONKERS, N. Y. TYPES BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM aunt T BEST wlsuss FROM 0 a ALDEN PAGNONI Shoppe, Inc. RAYCO AUTO SEAT COVERS COMPLIMENTS Op Cusfom FiHed To Your Car I 49 TARRYTOWN ROAD A F R I E N D WHITE PLAINS, N. Y, BERT F. BUSER, INC. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE MANAGEMENT 2 SOUTH CENTRAL AVENUE HARTSDALE, N. Y. White Plains 8-0500 A. McPHEE 8. SONS NEW Yom! cm INTER-COUNTY TITLE COMPANY 199 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY UNIT NO. 458 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK "Say If Wilh Flowers" ROBERT M. JOHNSON Florist and Grower Phone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0311 225 ASHFORD AVE. DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or JOHN SEXTON 8. CO. Manufaduring Wholesale Grocers P. 0. sox 423, G. P. o. NEW Yonx 1, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF THE "SALT 'N PEPPER" A. M. HUNTER 81 SON, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Established Since T 865 IRVINGTON-ON-HUDSON NEW YORK SUPPLY CURPCIRATICIN P UTIlPlIIlVyi1!.!. av 6. ,gl T W 6 . 434 MANVILLE ROAD, PLEASANTVILLE I PLeasantville 2-2650 -f75ZQ 2-zssl 2-2070 7 . Q .A 'am ' ., D It 9 Mg. 41 mom Z1 2 f.mwe.w , f -1222 ff, Q 1 y 1 ,f BVS, ig? 499 f. +1 If f' R+ 1 5 LAO' A ' W in TMS X tg, 5 3 I x MU Q . f 1 -M-'Q g :M Ta TET. XA ff af ' H9 I N F rE6'M'i- L'-V Z T X93 Wiggins +3 ,A X Q Whxte Plcins Z if . 5 D if nan nouns X bg 45: r LCN 4 We kdws: 8 A.M. -12 Noon Q - 0 'f'fGf 12-sopm-4-aopm 4 J at Sqrb k' , N . . . . . . f ,f 1 5' . "Ni san a y.: aA.M. -. 11:30 A.M. 4 Q me - J Aw BEST WISHES I N IIIIIEQVLME Q59 ff A , , Q Q' , 7 ' It I ' IIIIIIWIILLWEI E I f-f -Af ii7rE "' I - '.f'..A - . Ja -'- 'ii' " 'P 77','f" -' - '-sg via-'!,'3 . 'yGiZ..-sang , f- - - -, ' " . iagsivilr-:':if.g5?-fjf?'Z'jE.4:,a.:-5.-gc331, fggp .f Your Friendly CARVEL DARI-FREEZE STORE 95 SOUTH CENTRAL AVENUE HARTSDALE, N. Y. DAVIS SERVICE STATION slNcLAm PRODUCTS "ln The Heart Of Scarsdale" COMPLETE MOTOR OVERHAULING AND REPAIRING Lubrication 0 Washing 0 Simonizing Tires 8. Batteries Sales 8. Service J. FRISCHMANN F. ZIMBARDI POPHAM 8. OVERHILL ROADS SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Telephone Scarsdale 3-9842 MICHAEL GRANDGLFI BUILDER - CONTRACTOR ALTERATIONS - REMODELING Dobbs Ferry 3-531 I 12 PARK AVENUE ARDSLEY, N euslone STUDIO ' IGRE ENWICH Photography For All Occasions Portraits Groups Weddings Candids Direct Color Oils Commercial Photography OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1953 ARDSLEYAN Longest Established Studio in Greenwich 19 WEST PUTNAM AVENUE Elizabeth Rush Barry QPOST ROADQ Greenwich 8-2230 Dobbs Ferry 3-1108 THE LEATHER DEN and GIFT SHOP I G. H. Hahn, Prop. Compleie Line of Luggage and Gifts in Lealher Specializing in Leafher Repairs Luggage Hardware Replaced ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES 23 CEDAR STREET DOBB5 FERRY Telephone: Scarsdole 3-0631 PETER A. SHELLY FLORISTS a. NURSERYMEN GREENHOUSES 6. Nuksslufs ARDSLEY RD., SCARSDALE, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. VIRGIL P. TAMPONE ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION Tom Williams, Prop. Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-5390 SAW MILL RIVER RD. and RIDGE ROAD ARDSLEY NEW YORK ST. BARNABAS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Holy Communion Every Sunday at 7:30 A.M First Sunday at 11:30 A.M. Morning Prayer Oiher Sundays ol 11:00 A.M. Church School al 9:30 A.M. HEATHERDELL and SAW MILL RIVER RD. ARDSLEY, N. Y. MOBIL PRODUCTS Dobbs Ferry 3-9705 ASHFORD SERVICE STATION Bill Hegney ASHFORD AVE. and BROADWAY DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. CAMHY Dobbs Ferry 3-4047 JIMMIE'S BAR and GRILL SPAGHETTI and STEAK Our Specialty 56 MAIN ST., DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Elmsford 6-7333 CHARLES A. YAEGER REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 27 MAIN STREET ELMSFORD, NEW YORK Dobbs Ferry 3-5597 EISENHAUER GREENHOUSES Floral Designs - Wedding Bouquets of Distinction Corsagos FLORISTS I- GROWERS Growers of Quality Blooming, Foliage - Bedding Plants Cut Flowers NURSERIES HILLCREST AVE. ARDSLEY, N. Y WILSON 8. SON JEWELERS G SILVERSMITHS Scarsdolo 3-0327 6 CHASE RD., SCARSDALE ARTS 8. DECORATION HOME STUDY COURSE IN INTERIOR oscolumou 200 EAST 37th ST. N. Y. 'I6, N, Y. BASIC PRINCIPLES Background - Color - Harmony Fabrics - Lighting - Arrangement of if Furnishings, etc. Report work receives personal supervision. Booklet on Request. A-2, N. Y. 'I6 Dorothea Bloomfield, Director Licensed Trade School Teacher University State of New York BEST WISHES ARDSLEY HILLS CONTEMPORARY RANCH HOMES BY CAVANAGH BUILDERS, INC. JAMES MCCARTNEY 8K SON, INC. Serving Ardsley and Vicinify for More Than 40 Years R E A L E S T A T E Appraisals Management Auronms or INSURANCE WITHOUT COST, LET US SURVEY YOUR POLICIES FOR PROPER AND COMPLETE COVERAGE We invife you fo visif our new and expanded omces af 477 ASHFORD AVE. ARDSLEY, N.Y. Tel. Dobbs Ferry 3-3500 CQMPLIMENTS or MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. GREEN Every faculty member knows the importance of a close Teacher-Student relationship in developing stud- ent character and potential. As yearbook specialists, we know the importance of a close Printer-School relationship in making your Year- book a faithful graphic reproduction of life at your School. W. B. BRADBLIRY CCMPANY Yearbook Division New York, New York VILLHBE of IIBDSLEY ' WESTCHESTER COUNTY NEW YORK Incorporated 1896 Mayor WILLIAM DUKE III Trustees Trustees CHARLES BLISS JOSEPH E. MARTINI GEORGE SANKEY FRANCIS B. ANDREWS Counsel ANDREW KALMYKOW 'Police Justice Engineer B. WILBUR McDOWELL HAROLD R. BECKER Clerk SYLVIA L. GAGNON Treasurer HELEN M. CHANDLER Building Inspector Plumbing Inspector ALFRED J. BLOUIN WILLIAM HENNESSY Mr. and Mrs. Reuter Park Garage Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Carelli Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moretti The Flanigans The Slaybaughs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs A Friend Annette Scott Mr. and Mrs. L. Graham W. J. Sassana William Baxter E. Delagi E. V. Downs Allan Townsend J. Locuratolo Henry Foxwell J. E. Brennan Cauvet Fred Cassens Norman Felton The R. Pape Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Mr. and Mrs. Dominick DeNardo Mr. and Mrs. K. Nordin Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. N. Trusler Mr. and Mrs. H. Wahlquist Miss Helen G. Robbie Mrs. A. Cornish Jean and Mary McGregor The Quist Family Bessie Fesco Blanche Shea The Stohr Family Frank and Marion Zimbardi Mr. E. Homen Robert and Edward Aim Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Elemounge The Sage Family Mr. and Mrs. F. Cammisa Miss Mary Cudney Leon S. Theil Mr. William Quist Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Gimbel Dorothy M. Pelda PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stone Mr. and Mrs. T. Christiana Golden Rule Spar Sweate John Gates Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Market r Shop Paul E. Baker . W. F. Fogg Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Meuser Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Denike M. Wilber Dyer Lloyd Beall Herbert M. Goldberg Pepsi Keiling Laura Pearce Hanna D. A. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. A Paterson A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Lee C. Hickey Frank J. Purcell A. Ragone Walter Lofgren Hanson Mr. and Mrs. John Golden Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Hagy Mr. and Mrs. S. Prankard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The McPhees Mr. and Mrs. Dave Purdy Mr. and Mrs. John Guillan Martin Grell Sheldon Cyril R. Jones J. Hofer J. DiPadova Mr. and Mrs. S. Sarcia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huesgen William Finger Judith Sonkey Mr. and Mrs. Baldini Ralph Pearce Mr. and Mrs. E. Pearce Mr. and Mrs. A Friend John L. Kyft George D. Collins lrene Beasley Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The Sankeys Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Einhorn William Schropp William Emerick Gilbert Kerbel Ben Wickersham W. P. love Michael Costa J. Meislin Paul Frey E. E. Lewis J. D'Andrea R. G. Pearce The Koors Family Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cristello Mike Jackman and Nick DeNardo Mrs. John L. Blake A. L. McKean Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. Whitney F. J. Coggins Arthur Thomas Noone Isabel J. McCartney Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Greene Bill and Joe Mr. and Mrs. Ray Leach Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bernard J. Hines B. Wilbur McDowell Mr. and Mrs. William Hennessy The Larson Family Mrs. Stanley L. Benedict The C. C. C. LeCount Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whalen Mr. and Mrs. C. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Henry Greiner Mr. William F. Sommer Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. George Ehmann Albert Harris Philip Johann Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. lrving Weiner F. X. Beckman Frank Kluge Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Washburn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macko The Andersons A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Turner Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Korbin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. Reynolds Winifred Dornhoefer Joseph E. Martini Mr. and Mrs. Lions Mr. and Mrs. E. Warnecke Mr. and Mrs. Achtellik Mr, and Mrs. The Contant Mr. and Mrs. Manton C. Marti Family W. E. Bowne J. Storm Mr. and Mrs. J. Norton Atlass Myrna Silk Mr. and Mrs A Friend . Harold Kitch Fred S. Suthergreen Mr. and Mrs. J. DePaul A Friend Louis Rinto Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Burns Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Welden Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger lille and John Canning Mr. and Mrs. John'0sterberg Mr. W. Reinhardt Joyce and Louise Medovich Mr. and Mrs. Gould Mesterns Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moss Edgar Bell R. Hamilton Harry Schmidt Essenfeld R. MacDonald M. E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Guckenbiehl Robert Sonkey Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Lewis C. F. Arone 100 U I1 the final push Q9 5' 1ffZ166'j,,J ,WW MMW W 'WW R QD M WM WMM? -D gif? ww wwf Qfjfw HQ, 9 W 4, UMW ' MW M 0z,.fWW"f5f MWip,MMxyW '7QfZZ177QM M43 KW uw 3 5 WNW zff 'iivzz' Q3 W 9 1 Q Z2 O, Qfiiwkzfj Qgfgjcf Q-SN 5-YM! ew O af ' Nfixd?QW WL fi ,QQ ' w QQ:vQif:,f MQW My Oiy Q,w",y'f'x QDKPQHWN ,Jw S'-V . -. -Q, 'V fy Zgfyffjp :V X X wig? H Q moYyig nv Ccgfcfo O9 5 QD 0' - do O'--QQ 5 Jgiww Qwwm W gg alxcfyh 'Q mmf. ,UML dw Kiigkx M mmifli M Hifi W Qkg?"3 ffhiifi , 15? fuk 'zaWw'9f'p5'W all . WMA b!7i in. I VJ Egggginf ff XQLQQ A ' , QQJSZTQ Dwi? We' WAN irc, wAq'b6U,VD X MW W www Qf1?3fWf i 2 gwwqipasglwiixfawiw WfLf2g,"fJ Vvwwwwwrrf M 5 iff W M 'D -Th' rx X , O Q X' X ' 1 M Jig, Lv, li, f-Nm le - -l. '- lC -1.-f Ardy is the spirit that drives our high school throughg Ardsley is the high school thot we cure loyal To. Q Ardsley, like on outo, sfonds for unity. So, Ardy plus A. H. S. equals victory.

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