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52 i li 3 4 I ,. .um WN ii ..- ff! V U E l E i 1 , I Q v x G 1 I , 5 E E N -r 52 ARSLEYAN PLAY 5 THE Tn-an I . KRW " 'fb 1 fa Lisiwed liyfhe k loss OPT953 Ard3sley'Hig 'hool wArdslgy, , York IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Frances C. Ferguson Faithful to Ardsley for twenty-eight years, Mrs. Ferguson upheld the highest traditions ofthe teaching profession and was known as one who always tried to do more than her share. Her quiet, unassuming, gentle manner coupled with unusual strength of character endeared her to all who knew her. The picture, "A Helping Hand", pre- sented in memory of Mrs. Ferguson will serve as an inspiration to all. DEDICATIGN Miss Helen G. Robbie For your helpfulness and sympa- thetic understanding, the class ot 1953 dedicates this ARDSLEYAN to you, Miss Robbie. Your spirit of co-operation and many services along with your inter- minable patience are examples ot the qualities which we admire in you. Long after graduation we will reminisce on the pleasant moments we spent to- gether. FOREWORD Our first job as the Board of Editors of the i952 ARDSLEYAN was to select a theme for it. We chose the play, "Life in Ardsley High". The school was the theater. The school years would be the acts of the play. Commencement was the final performance. ln order to carry our theme through- out the book we used appropriate play titles on the Senior pages and references to dramatics in many of the other sections. This year the staff introduced color on the cover. In order to make the advertisement sec- tion more pleasing to the eye, we arranged snapshots on them. The use of individual pictures of the Varsity basketball team is another novelty of which we are proud. A great deal of time and work was spent in planning this yearbook. Unique photography set- ups, balanced layout, and the carrying out of our theme have added to the task. The staff has learned much by publishing the ARDSLEYAN. We have mastered the terminology of the publisher. Also, we learned what, perhaps, is an important principle of human relations, the spirit of co-operation that is essential for progress. Because we feel that this unifying force has played an important role in successfully complet- ing our drama of life in Ardsley High, we have chosen "United we Jlamf: rlizirlerf we falf' as our prompter or motto. OUR THEATER Q.. ,. ' . r isfvft V ' MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN Supervising Principal M.A., Columbia University first Most of your success in life will depend on TO THE CLASS OF 1952: your ability to gain the confidence and co-opera- tion of others, in which the first step is to organize your own life for success. Make a Master Plan for your life, then break X it down into immediate goals. Constantly review 45 these goals, keep the nearest one always before Q your mind. Celebrate its attainment, then press Q right on to the next. lf you fall, pick yourself up T and go on, the same as you learned to skate. Y Remember the words of St. Matthew: "Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you." But note that these are words of positive action, not of wishful thinking. Eliminate detours, road-blocks and conflicts. Refuse to be detoured by non-essentials or blocked by conflicts within or without. "Tn flame 01012 .relf be true." lf conscience says it's wrong, leave it alone. For conflicts without, compromise if you can, battle if you must, but get it over with. Cry not over spilt milk or what might have been but devote all energy to your present goal. And finally, never forget that success is not for yourself alone. You are working also to justify the confidence of your family, friends and loved ones who will glow in the reflected light of your success. Arthur WX. Sillifmm CO-DIRECTORS MR. CHARLES W. HOREND Assistant Principal Science, Driver Education B.S., Cornell University MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS Department Head of Elementary School Grade Eight M.A., Columbia University I 6 ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS . SSSSS S . I.. MRS. RUTH B. ADAMS MISS NANCY BLOXSOM MR. KENNETH H. BROWN MISS CELIA P. CONKLIN MISS ELEANOR l. DAVIS Grade 2 A Kindergarten Director of School Nurse Ari and Ceramics B.E. B.S. PI'YSiCUI Education R.N. Potsdam Normal Brockport State Teachers' New Paltz State Teachers' M-A- Albany Hospital College College New York University MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM Grade 4 E Grade 2 F New Paltz Normal Plattsburgh Slate Teachers' College MR, CLARENCE E. FELTER MRS. ALICE C. FRISCHMANN MISS EVELYN HALLENBECK Social Studies Grade 5 F Music M,A. B.A. B.E. Bucknell University College of New Rochelle Potsdam State Teachers' College MR. HOWARD T. HARTMAN MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD MRS, EVELYN HEAGNEY MRS. RUTH H. HOWES MISS RUTH HURLBUT Indusirial Arts Grade l H Grade 3 He Home Economics Grade 3 Hu M.A. A.B. M.A. M.A. Potsdam State Normal Oswego State Teachers' University of California New YOFIK UNIVSVSIVY Coll-lmbla UHIVSVSIYY College WHO GUIDE THE PERFORMERS MR. FRANK KLUGE MRS. ELINOR B. KOENIG MR. PAUL J. KOORS Mathematics, French I, English IV, Dramatics, English III, Driver Education Library Guidance Counselor M.A. M.A., New York University M.A. Columbia University B.L.S., Columbia University Columbia University MISS CORNELIA PATTESON MISS DOROTHY M. PELDA Commercial English I and II M.A. M.A. Columbia University New York University VIRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER MISS HELEN G. ROBBIE MISS GRACE A. ROLL MRS. HELENA SNYDER MRS. LOUISE SQUERI Grade 4 R, Remedial Reading Latin, Spanish Physical Education Grade 6 Sn Kindergarten 'hiladelphia Normal School M.A. M.A. Oswego State Teachers' B.A. New York University Columbia University College Columbia University . ts MR. DONALD F. STANGER MISS HELEN A. TOOMEY MISS ETHEL MARY TRY Grade 6 C Grade 'I T Grade 5 T M.A. Potsdam State Teachers' Potsdam Normal Columbia University C0lle9e 1 ttsl .,.,. I ssss' ..,-'ii I it iiii I S it , ,. .i,' Q ON MR. MITCHELL C. VINCENT MISS MARGARET WESP Director of Music Grade 7 Ed. M. B. Pd. New York University New York Training School STAGE CREW E E MR. HARRY DENIKE MR. JOHN HOLSCHER AND School Guard MR. GEORGE VAN DUSEN Custodians Here are the people who care for our needs each day. Mr. Wilmoth drives us to school so that we may enjoy the meals prepared by Mrs. Yocis and Mrs. Murray. Mr. DeNike stands guard for us at the school crossing while Mr. VanDusen and Mr. Holscher keep our building in good working condition. Our show could not be properly staged without them. MRS. MARION MURRAY AND MR. THQMA5 J, WILMOTH MRS. ANN YOCIS BUS Drive,- Cooks fN""""""" Y wx .VK f +G . . -Sw ,f ., H, ,, 4: ' f , 3 9 Q E 2 3 2 2 3 a 5 ? S Z f E f ,L '55 V'. ,rl E., 1 'e 3. 'Y :fi ?f 3 'i It 5 Q 5 i E E 4 I r - p I 5 1 f ? g - E a P A i f 3 3 f 5 X ' iff ' ' 4 x '?"+1----... "i"ir-u-.,- ---...,, 1 f' 5 FEATURED PLAYERS MRS. ELINOR B. KOENIG ........... ..,4,............,........ S onior Adviser MRS. WILLIAM EMERICK ,. , .... ,.,. . , Class Mother MRS. MATTHEW FLANIGAN ,... , Assistant Class Mother ACT I ACT lll The curtain rose on the first act of our perform- ance as we entered high school in September of 1948. We were excited and bewildered Freshmen. However, guided and helped by our adviser, Mr. Felter, we gradually adiusted ourselves and became accustomed to this new phase in our education. Our' first attempt at a social activity was a party for the high school which was very appropriately called "Frosh Fun Nite". Then, as inexperienced salesmen, we put forth our best efforts to support the Senior Subscription Campaign. ACT ll As Sophomores, we found ourselves the pioneers of the triple-period classes. As a result of this success- ful experiment we were enabled to study biology in its truest sense by spending a week at Croton Point, under the guidance and supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Horend. This profitable camping experi- ence also taught us to work together and to accept responsibility as it came. With Mr. Kluge's help, we organized the Sophomore P. X., which sponsored the sale of candy at home basketball games. To supplement our Washington Trip Fund, we also held a food sale in the village square and profited by nearly fifty dollars. The efforts of our Junior year were directed pri- marily toward the publication of the yearbook, the ARDSLEYAN. Through the cooperation of the entire student body and faculty and the guidance and assistance of Miss Pelda, we successfully produced an outstanding ARDSLEYAN with many new features including a padded hard cover. ln the spring, under Miss Robbie's direction, we sponsored the annual Senior Prom, with a spring garden as our theme. ACT IV The Subscription Campaign was our first proiect as Seniors, and the hard-working salesmen were rewarded by an informal, fun-packed party at the close of the campaign. In March, we presented the annual Senior play, "A Date with Judy", directed by our Senior adviser, Mrs. Koenig. The proceeds from the production, combined with those of the maga- zine campaign, were added to our Washington Trip Fund. Our last performance was graduation, and thus the final curtain fell on our high school years. Senior Officers FRONT: Dorothy Young, Reporter, Annette Gimbel, Treasurer. MIDDLE: Patricia Frischmann, Presi- Vice-President. dent. BACK: Janet Robert '10 iw, ITS new tb THE STARS CAST: Acker, Kurkela, Cawley MARJORIE LOIS ACKER She Will "Light up the Sky" with Her Efficiency Honor Society 9 years7 Second Degree 3 years7 Third Degree 47 ARDSLEYAN Assistant Photogra- phy Editor 37 Salt and Pepper 3, Circulation Man- ager 37 Senior Chorus l7 Senior Mixed Chorus 27 State Music Festival 'l, 27 G. A. A. 'l, 2, 37 Pro- duction Committee 3, 47 Graduation Usher 37 Girl Scouts7 Sewing Club l. GAIL KU RKELA "The ifoimg and the Fair" Honor Society 6 years7 Salt and Pepper 'l, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 2, 3, Co-editor 47 Senior Chorus 'I7 Senior Mixed Chorus 27 G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 47 Intramurals: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Softball l, 2, 3, 47 Riding Club 3, 4, President 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 37 Program Production Committee 37 Graduation Usher 37 Girl Scouts7 "Mrs. Foster" of Senior Play. 4 .Vi B .XA D .gf JOHN CAWLEY Our Basketball Mau of the How Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 47 Junior Var sity Basketball I7 Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 lntra mural Softball 'l, 2, 3, 47 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. THE STARS CAST Bell, Pasquini, P. and J. Calace-Mottola ROBERT L. BELL "The Mailer Buildefi' Honor Society 7 years, Second Degree 1 year, ARDSLEYAN Photography Editor 3, "Rex O'Con- ner" of Senior Play. DONALD PASQUINI "Why W0rry.9" Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Intramural Softball T, 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. JANET CALACE-MOTTOLA "The S pirit I5 Willing" Vice-President l, President 'l, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, ARDSLEYAN Pub- licity Editor 3, Salt and Pepper l, 2, 3, 4, Editor 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, Senior Chorus 'l, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Baseball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Program Production Committee 3, Graduation Usher 3, 'lO0 Per Cent Club-Mathematics, Girl Scouts, Student Council 'l, "Mrs. Shlutzhammer" of Senior Play. PAULINE CALACE-MOTTOLA "The Importance of Being Eaffneft 11 President 2, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, ARDSLEYAN Advertising Editor 3, Salt and Pepper 'l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 'I, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. B. 2, Intramurals: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Program Production Committee 3, Graduation Usher 3, Stu- dent Council 2, Girl Scouts, Business Manager of Subscription Campaign 4, "Barbara Winsocket" of Senior Play. S' THE STARS CAST: Cimino, DeFeo, Curtin, Young SALVATORE CIMINO Here? Our "Vagabond King" Honor Society 4 years, Junior Varsity Basketball, Manager 2, Varsity Baseball, Manager 2, lntra- murals: Basketball l, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, "Randolph Foster" of Senior Play. GEORGE DEFEO He Rruiiatef "The joy of Living" Honor Society 2 years, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Junior Varsity Basketball l, Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, "Mr. Martindale" of Senior Play. THERESA CURTIN She If One of "The Gentle People" Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Salt and Pepper 'I, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Senior Chorus 1, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Reporter 4, Junior Red Cross l, 2, 3, Sewing Club l. DOROTHY A. YOUNG "The Fair C0-ed" Secretary l, Treasurer 2, Class Reporter 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Third Degree 4, Corresponding Sebretary 4, ARDSLEYAN Typing Editor 3, Salt and Pepper l, 2, 3, Business Manager, Senior Chorus 'I, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, G. A. B. 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club f 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Junior Red Cross 'l, Sewing Club T, "Mrs. Hotchkiss" of Senior Play. ii De Secretary 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 'l, Varsity Cheerleader 4, G. A. A. Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Sewing Club 'l. THE STARS Rocha, Ward, Emerick, Weaver JOSEPHINE DEROCHA "Let UJ Be Gay" 2, Honor Society 'I year, Salt and Pepper 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball 2, ALICE WARD "The Live Wire" Honor Society 4 years, Senior Chorus 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. B. 4, lntra- murals: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 4, Dramatic Club 'l, Junior Red Cross 1, Girl Scouts, Sewing Club 2, "Eloise Hotchkiss" of Senior Honor Society 8 years, Second Degree 2 years, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Baseball, Manager 2, 3, Intramurals: Bas- ketball 'l, 2, Softball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, "0ogie Pringle" of Senior Play. Play. ROBERT EMERICK He Hai "A Date with finaly" J. ROBERT WEAVER "If I Were King" Honor Society 5 years, ARDSLEYAN Art Editor 3, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3, lntramural'Basket- ball 'l, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Graduation Usher 3 Boy Scouts, "Mr. Foster" of Senior Play. ...H ,, . , RA. A ,. . - L71 ' , .1 l 5:12915-fw tk gl 'll'l,'r."' .Q . t .. r n g Q THE STARS CAST Flanigan, Finn, Elling, Kakerbeck ROBERT FINN "The Student Prince" Vice-President 4, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir 2, Regional Music Competition 2, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4, "Randolph Foster" of Senior Play. Wll.l.lAM FLANIGAN He Livef in "The Lam! of I-Iearff Defirev Treasurer 'l, Vice-President 2, Honor Society 5 years, Second Degree 2 years, Varsity Basketball 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Intramurals: Basket- ball 'l, 2, Softball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3. DOROTHY ANN ELLING "Going Plaeef' Vice President 'l, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, ARDSLEYAN Circulation Editor, Senior Chorus l, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Orchestra l, 2, Regional Music Competition 'l, 2, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 'l, "Mitzi Hoffman" of Senior Play. we BETH J. KAKERBECK 'li rr 1 Slae Keep! On the Sunny Side' of Life Salt and Pepper 2, 4, Art Editor 2, 4, Senior Chorus T, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. yur 1 swf -M I THE STARS CAST: Frischmann, Speicher, Fraietta, Yottes PATRICIA FRISCHMANN "Bury ar u Beaveru President 3, 4, Honor Society 8 years, Second Degree 'l year, Third Degree 3, 4, ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir 'l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 4, Regional Music Competition 3, 4, G. A. A. 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3, Graduation Usher 3, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Vice-President 3, "Hannah" ot Senior Play. CLAUDIA SPEICHER "The Darling of the Goofy" fRight Picturel Treasurer 3, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Third Degree 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 4, ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor 3, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 2, 3, 4, Regional Music Competition 2, Accompanist for Senior Elementary Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. B. 4, Sports Club 3, 4, President 4, Intramurals: Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3, Graduation Usher 3, T00 Pei' Cent Club'-Geometry, Student wrt' Council 2, Secretary 2. MARY FRAIETTA "Kimi Lady" fleft Picturel Honor Society 5 years, Salt and Pepper 3, 4, Senior Chorus l, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, G. A. A. l, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 'l, 3, Sewing Club 2. ANN YOTTES "Mlle. Mirchief' Honor Society 4 years, Salt and Pepper, Senior Chorus l, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, State Music Competi- tion l, 2, G. A. A. 'l, 2, 3, Intramurals: Basketball 'l, 2, Volleyball l, 2, Graduation Usher 3, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. , .a,:,1:s::1r,5g,r ' ' - qfggizfiaeibf , ... . 'E Q' V If I 'A ' , M Q, sl' i f " ms THE STARS CAST: Garnier, Nottelmann, Gimbel, Slaybaugh DOLORES GARNIER A Fellow? "Dream Girl" Honor Society 7 years, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Cheerleader l, 2, 3, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 'l, Girl Scouts, "Judy Foster" of Senior Play. A JANET NOTTELMANN "Life of the Party" Cleft Picturel Secretary 3, 4, Honor Society 2 years, Salt and Pepper 3, 4, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional Music Competition 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Secretary 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, "Mrs. Foster" of Senior Play. ANNETTE L. GIMBEL "A Young Marzir Fancy" iRight Picture, Class Reporter 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, ARDSLEYAN Busi- ness Manager 3, Salt and Pepper 1, 2, 3, Produc- tion Manager, Senior Chorus 'l, Senior Mixed 3 ' Chorus 2, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. B. 3, Sports Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4, Student Council 3, Junior Red Cross 1, Girl Scouts, Business Manager of the Subscription Campaign 4, Sewing Club 'l, "Susie O'Conner" of Senior Play. ELEANOR SLAYBAUGH She Ha: "Great Expectatiorzf' Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Third Degree 4, Reporter 4, ARDSLEYAN Editor-in- Chief '3, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Orchestra 'l, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional Music Competition l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader l, 2, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Grad- uation Usher 3, 100 Per Cent Club--General Sci- ence, Girl Scouts, "Judy Foster" of Senior Play. "AS YOU LIKE IT" ALL-AROUND FAVORITES In February the entire student body of the high school voted to determine the Senior all-around favorites. As a result, Dorothy Young and John Cawley were chosen, not only for their Congeniality but also for their participation and initia- tive. DOLORES GARNIER AND ROBERT FINN DOROTHY YOUNG AND JOHN CAWLEY FAVORITE SISTER AND BROTHER The entire high school also voted for the girl and boy they would want for sister and brother. Dolores Garnier and Robert Finn were chosen because of their friendly manner and pleasing personality which are characteristic of amenable brothers and sisters. FRONT ROW: Gerri McCormack, Barbara O'Leary, Patricia Nardecchia, Joy Larsen. SECOND ROW: Donald Raab, Jean Brennan, Anthony D'AngeIo, Patricia Gaarder, Robert Wilson, Maureen McHenry, Dominick Pasquale. THIRD ROW: Anne Huesgen, Ronald Berlind, Roberta McGregor, Charles Ricci, Barbara Rutiglan, Robert.Cook, Miss Helen Robbie. FOURTH ROW: Helga Nordin, Richard Arone, Mary Lou Cammisa, Frank Jazzo, Gail Karcher, John Koster. FIFTH ROW: Mary Murray, Kenneth Cauvet, Evelyn Schmidt, Barry Coggins. ABSENT: Shirlee Bernstein. Teacher MISS HELEN G. ROBBIE President FRANK JAZZO Vice-President ROBERTA MCGREGOR Treasurer DOMINICK PASQUALE Secretary BARBARA RUTIGLAN Class Mother MRS. COLUMBUS ARONE Assistant Class Mother MRS. IAN WILSON The Junior Class participated in various activities during the year Much effort and many hours of diligent work were put into the publication of the ARDSLEYAN Movies sponsored by the class pro vided some extra income to be used toward the Washington Trip. At Christmas the group was awarded first prize for their artistic decoration on the windows of the R. S. A. Corporation. In June, in honor of the 1952 graduating class, the Juniors took charge of all arrangements for the annual FN fw PRESENTING CLASS OF I953 I . . .... .. Senior Prom. 1 ff-s 4 All through September the prospect of visiting Teachef l l B' I c I' ht d th 1' fth s is MR' FRANK 'HUGE A io ogy amp en ig ene e ives o e op o- President 1X mores. The week at Croton Point proved both educa- RICHARD FRISCHMANN K tional and enjoyable. Getting back into the school Vise-President . GERTRUDE ROSLER routine, we sponsored a food sole for the benefit ot T reasurer L lkgl our Washington Trip Fund. With the winter months RICHARD BANCROFT , approaching, basketball took the spotlight, and the Secretory if-sy V U J XX class undertook the project of the P. X. as an addi- L3UlSEMQ:'ilST L, C155 O El' ff!! X N tional revenue. During these months our week-ends MRS- THOMAS D' SEE,-ER f were filled with parties, roller skating, and other Assistant Class Mother 'Nf'Nf"'f' ' ' MRS. JOHN HASHAGEN ,N,N,.x ,N fx activities. PRESENTING CLASS OF l95-4 FRONT ROW: Marianne Wertheim, Joseph DeNardo, Louise Quist, Robert Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Bartholomew DeRocha, Michael Grandolti, Ruby Moretti, Joseph Leach, Gerhard Karl. THIRD ROW: Richard Bancroft, Margaret Flanigan, Peter Connolly, Barbara Canning, Anthony DePaul, Dorothy McPhee. FOURTH ROW: Rosina Mobilia, David Fluskey, LaVerne Ward, Armand Fattori, Carol Hashagen, Mr. Frank Kluge. FIFTH ROW: William Finger, Gertrude Rosler, Richard Frischmann, Royce Paula Koors, Robert Wilmoth, Frances Murphy, SIXTH ROW: Ann Wilmoth, Douglas Boyd, Laura Pearce, Lawrence Raicht, Ruth Seeler, William Bell. O9 W Q . . . . it 1 1 -. - Q A , -1 . 4, V mg M V br 90 was C-v 11. ii FRONT ROW: Kenneth Acker, Loretta Arone, Margaret Ann Reuter, Rose Marie DePaul, John Young. SECOND ROW: Margaret Fitzgerald, Katherine Schoenstein, Evelyn Haller, Dorothy Jensen, Joyce Bloomfield, Caryl Huesgen, Barbara Nardecchia. THIRD ROW: Ronald Casey, Annette Scott, Stephen Bertman, Evelyn Staff, Michael Cawley, Barbara Berlind, Mr. Clarence Felter. FOURTH ROW: Judith Baker, Robert McKirgan, Dorene Suthergreen, Paul Larsen, Bette Steenwerth, Richard Hay, Helen Eisenhauer. FlFTH ROW: Franklin Schmidt, Elizabeth Flanigan, Reginald Hermans, Myrna Silk, William Mooney, Elizabeth Waldemar, Jerome Freed. ABSENT: Ellen Heintz, Angela Locuratolo, Neil Zarcone. Teacher MR. CLARENCE E. FELTER President REGINALD HERMANS Vice-President JEROME FREED Treasurer JOHN YOUNG Secretary ELIZABETH WALDEMAR Class Mother MRS. THOMAS FITZGERALD Assistant Class Mother MRS. IAN HAY PRESENTING CLASS OF i955 In September we became full-fledged Freshmen and began getting accustomed to high school life. Thereafter, we settled down to a year of hard work interspersed with many activities. In October we sponsored our tirst money-making proiect, a food sale. Our hay ride in November will always be re- membered. ln order to bring out the true Christmas spirit, we had a party and then sang Christmas carols throughout the village. Our movie in March proved to be an over-all success. as t '15, M, F0 , 1, 'MK6-up 31 7 1533 lla f' ef. I ,JH 21 J 21 iffmff CURTAIN TIME ,5 Y -willful... f 1" X f is 4"A' V D : .,,....,. n .I 1 I .i ff ..sN""A' my ACTIVITY TOP ROW: "Elmer cmd the Loveb' Ardsleyan '51 Picnic, Ardsleyan F' Sale. SECOND ROW: Subscription Dance, Belles of the Ball, Ardsleyan Editor: Columbia. THIRD ROW: George and the Var Battered Hubert, Informal Editorial M ing. BOTTOM ROW: The Managers, Varsit Bedford Hills. fm W. 1 ff, M l.. Wilma? 42 Aw M 2 A . 'N 5517-5 FQ v 2,,-'wane'-.ffvf f, f Q: 'Hz 5?-, 11264 f, 'v we - 2 . . . -' SNAPSHOTS P ROW: The Gang, Two Pals, Faculty d Alumni. COND ROW: Freshmen Rascals, Ards- Cheerleaders, Faculty Campers. IRD ROW: Whal's So Funny? Twor1g's Club, Happy-Go-Lucky. 'TTOM ROW: Croton Buddies, The meels. 'Va uv , fp , 2.3 an T ,i Q Q53 'B :xanga 7' n. if l Patricia Nardecchia, Ronald Berlind, Miss Cornelia Patteson, Barbara O'Leary, Frank Jazzo Dominick Pasquale, Miss Dorothy Pelda, Roberta McGregor, Mr. Howard Hartman, Jean Brennan, Richard Arone, Mr. Clarence Felter, Maureen McHenry. Aniftant Editor ROBERTA MCGREGOR Art Editor PATRICIA NARDECCHIA Bafineff Editor MAUREEN MCHENRY MISS ELEANOR DAVIS, Art Adoifer MR. HOWARD HARTMAN, Photography Adoixer THE PRODUCERS Editorrin-Chief DOMINICK PASQUALE Typing Editor BARBARA O'LEARY Advertifing Editor RONALD BERLIND MISS DOROTHY M. PELDA, Adwxer-in-Chief, Literary Adoifer MISS CORNEUA PATTESON, Bannefir Adviyer Affiftant Editor FRANK JAZZO Photography Editor JEAN BRENNAN Circulation Editor RICHARD ARONE MR. CLARENCE FELTER, Circulation ALl1f'i.f6f MR. PAUL KOORS, Budget Adoirer The Board of Editors of the 1952 ARDSLEYAN wishes to thank our faculty advisers, Miss Pelda, Mr. Hartman, Mr. Felter, Miss Patteson, Mr. Koors and Miss Davis, for their indispensable efforts in advice and 4-..-as. an ARDSLEYAN of which we can be proud. 1 will PHP? fa 4 ,,, ,fix R, F l . I 2 I ' " if ob 1 It t its Ak FRONT ROW: G. Renyhart, M. O'Leary, C. Rotiroti, F. Purcell, M. Tidgewell, M. Mondelli, Mr. Silliman, V. Rosler, D. Clarke, C. Freed, S. Sage, S. Stokes, R. Mooney. SECOND ROW: D. Clarke, R. Mooney, N. Cauvet, R. Hughes, C. Slaybaugh, R. Kertelits, J. Camhi. NIOR STUDENT COUNCIL THE THIRD DEGREE The Junior Student Council consists of the Presidents of Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. They meet at least once a month and consider all items related to the welfare of the school and the grade students and organize committees to execute the decisions reached. Twice a year, the members go on adventure-education trips to such places as Fahnestock Park, the Planetar- ium, or the zoo. Also, by means of a seed sale, they raise money to be used for special assemblies. Mr. Arthur W. Silliman, Principal, is adviser. Once again the Third Degree undertook the selling of tee-shirts and sweatshirts to provide returns for a free movie for First Degree mem- bers. lncluded among the group's various un- dertakings were the sponsoring of a Christmas Card Box and Valentine's Box, a Leap Year Party for the high school students, and a picnic held in Moy. Ofticers are J. Brennan, President, D. Pasquale, Vice-President, C. Speicher, Re- cording Secretary, D. Young, Corresponding Secretary, F. Jazzo, Treasurer, and Miss Helen G. Robbie, Adviser. Miss Helen Robbie, Eleanor Slaybaugh, Claudia Speicher, Roberta McGregor, Richard Arone, Richard Frischmann, Dorothy Young, Marjorie Acker, Frank Jazzo, Kenneth Cauvet, Dominick Jean Bren ' ' ' nan. ABSENT: Patricia Frischmann. :.,. ,,.... sb .4 A 4r.L::-Q5 Kenneth Acker, Stephen Bertman, Margaret Fitzgerald, Katherine Schoenstein, Caryl Huesgen, John Koster, Joseph Leach, Charles Ricci, Lawrence Raicht, Patricia Nardecchia, Anne Huesgen, Barbara Nardecchia, Joyce Bloomfield, Barbara Berlind, Mrs. Elinor Koenig, Evelyn Haller. DRAMATIC CLUB Under the guidance of Mrs. Elinor Koenig the Dramatic Club presented in a Christmas assembly the teenage comedy, "Elmer and the Lovebug". Also, learning about the many problems of putting on a play, such as use of stage make-up and the principles of stage production, was interesting and profitable. Patricia Nardecchia is President, Anne Hues- gen, Vice-President, and Evelyn Haller, Secre- tary-Treasurer. SPANISH CLUB To gain a keener insight into Spanish life and customs the second year section of the Spanish Club enioyed a visit to the Hispanic Museum. A travel talk on Mexico and singing of Spanish songs were other forms of enter- tainment. Senior group ofticers are R. Arone, President, and J. Brennan, Secretary. First year officers are R. Bancroft, President, and B. O'Leary, Secretary. Miss Helen Robbie is the adviser. SILHOUETTES: P. Nardecchia and D. Pasquale. FRONT ROW: B. O'Leary, E. Slaybaugh, G. McCor- mack, P. Connolly, M. L. Cammisa, P. Gaarder, J. Brennan. SECOND ROW: R. Bancroft, R. Finn, R. Frischmann, M. Grandolfi, A. D'Angelo. THIRD ROW: W. Finger, E. Kakerbeck, J. Leach, G. Kurkela, R. Berlind, Miss Robbie. FOURTH ROW: F. Jazzo, K. Cauvet, A. DePaul, D. Boyd, R. Arone, J. Koster. m E 21- A V- xi . AT Marianne Wertheim, President. FRONT ROW: Ruth Seeler, Stephen Bertman. SECOND ROW: Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, Katherine Schoenstein, THIRD ROW: William Mooney, Franklin Schmidt, Royce Paula Koors. CREATIVE WRITERS' CLUB YEARBOOK CLUB The Freshmen and Sophomores in the Cre- ative Writers' Club write short stories or essays and present them at weekly meetings. There the material is criticized by other members. Also, they read compositions by high school students outside of the community and articles on creative writing that Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, the adviser, recommends. Marianne Wertheim is President of the group and Kate Schoenstein, Secretary. The Yearbook Club is composed of 24 Soph- omores who study the terminology and the fundamental principles of yearbook produc- tion to enable them to edit the ARDSLEYAN in their iunior year. Under the guidance of Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, adviser, the members com- pared yearbooks on the basis of lay-out, pho- tography, and budget. Volunteers attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Con- ference. Joseph DeNardo is President and Louise Quist, Secretary. FRONT ROW: P. Connolly, R. Moretti, W. Finger, B. Canning, R. Bancroft, L. Quist, J. DeNardo, D McPhee. SECOND ROW: R. Seeler, A. DePaul, M. Flanigan, R. Frischmann, M. Wertheim, M. Grandolfi, R. P. Koors, R. Hamilton, Miss Pelda, THIRD ROW: L. Pearce, L. Raicht, C. Hashagen, D. Boyd, A. Wilmoth, D. Fluskey, G. Rosler, J. Leach. ABSENT: G. Karl. WMM, SEATED IN FRONT: Miss Patteson, Janet Nottelmann. STANDING: Dorothy Young, Annette Gimbel, Ann Yottes, Theresa Curtin, Mary Fraietta. TYPING: Roberta McGregor, Helga Nordin, Barbara Rutiglan, Patricia Gaarder, Barbara O'Leary, Dolores Garnier, Maureen McHenry, Josephine DeRocha. COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose of the Commercial Club, com- posed of Juniors and Seniors in the business department, has been both social and educa- tional. Various enrichment activities were en- joyed such as field trips to the A. B. Dick Mimeo- graph Company, the Agricultural Associates, the Business Show, and the First National Bank of Ardsley. As always, the annual Commercial Club picnic highlighted our season. Miss Cornelia Patteson is adviser. JOURNALISM CLUB Every six weeks the Journalism Club pro- duces the "Salt and Pepper".Our aim has been for correct and concise news with a light and humorous touch. We have improved our issues with the multi-colored ditto process, which has made possible illustrations and cartoons. Late in the year, the staff, under the guidance of our adviser, Mr. Koors, took a trip to one of New York's leading newspapers. SEATED FRONT: Pauline Calace-Mottola, Rose Marie DePaul. SEATED SECOND ROW: Kenneth Acker, Stephen Bertman, Gail Kurkela, Theresa Curtin, Josephine DeRocha, Judith Baker, Myrna Silk. STANDING: Elizabeth Kakerbeck, Joseph DeNardo, Janet Calace-Mottola, William Mooney, Ruth Seeler, Franklin Schmidt, Mr. Paul Koors. , sffleiazvmrelaimsnsfzz-:w,.fa2amK..,f-, 4, .. in g. V LE. Q' .J . it 1 f . . 1 Q' ? at if H L my , . . . . g V ? -in -. kihk . ,gg . rf Y., . aw. . 1 y ' 7 M .g .A A 1111: 1 I gs E L- 1? . -uf' SEATED: Louise Medovich, Greta Greiner, Vivian Ert, Jill Connolly. STANDING: Helen Hamilton, Barbara Lotus, Barbara Gardiner, Carole Dewar, Margaret Christiano, Jenny Barger, Marianna Karl, Gretel Mestern, Carol Lotus, Mrs. Howes. SEWING CLUB The Sewing Club is composed of twelve girls from the seventh and eighth grades. It meets every Wednesday after school, Through these extra hours the members have more time to work on their sewing and also to make their own school clothes. Mrs. Ruth Howes is adviser of the group. JUNIOR RED CROSS Our Junior Red Cross is carried on in both our class and our school. During the year, we have sent cards and gifts to two members ot our school who were in the hospital. Also if our classmates are very ill, we remember them similarly. In the grade classes we collected enrollment fees and gave out Red Cross but- tons. FRONT ROW: J. Kyfli, L. Nardecchia, A. Schafer, D. Clarke, S. Benning, P. Bridgman, R. Halvorsen, A. Cuozzo. SECOND ROW: Miss Tryon, Adviser, W. Boulton, C. D'Audrea, B. Lehman, V. Pellegrini, G. Davids, V. LeCount, P. Brandon, G. Osterberg, M. Murray, Assistant to Adviser. THIRD ROW: G. Whitney, W. Whelan, E. Locurotolo, J. Hines, P. Witham, E. Lutz, L. King, K. Waldemar. ABSENT: L. Mestern, F. Cecelen, R. Glinsman, J. Istvan, C. Istvan, J. Whitney, L. Quist. fa The gorgeous weather of the first week in October added con- siderably to the enioyment ot this year's biology encampment at the County Recreation Campsite on Croton Point. All the members of the Sophomore class partici- pated in the proiect, combining on-the-spot biology illustrations with out-of-door living experi- ence. They planned and cooked their own meals in addition to continuing their school work through organized study periods. This type of Outdoor Educa- tion, pioneered by Ardsley three years ago, trains for democracy in group decision and for mental hygiene in natural surroundings. Overheard from the Sophomores: "It was really wonderful!" "I sure hope we can do it again." "lt was swell!" BIOLOGY EXPLORING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL WITH THE Q tnfrlglcql In AMP AT CROTON POINT JTDOOR . ,Iii CLUB AND THE MOUNTAIN TOP CLUB Beginning with Grade 5, boys and girls interested in the outdoors are given opportunities for adventure and education through the Mountain Top Club in the grades and the Outdoor Club in the high school. Picture a cabin situated on a wooded hilltop, secluded, primitive, yet the smell of wood smoke from the fireplace, the mellow glow of oil lamps, and the cozy comfort of the old-fashioned kitchen range. There, members of the Mountain Top Club may live for a weekend like early settlers, cut their fuel with ax and bucksaw, get water from a well, trail deer and explore old woods roads and the site of the grist mill and the hermit's hide-out. comfortable, like our pioneer great-grandfathers might have known: Of particular interest to both clubs is the Appalachian Trail, 2300-mile wilderness foot path leading from Maine to Georgia over mountain tops and along scenic ridges. The Mountain Top Club and the Outdoor Club have enioyed many hikes along this picturesque trail. Historic sites such as Valley Forge, Washington's Crossing, and early colonial remains in our own Westchester County bring an understanding and appreciation of the effort and sacrifices that have made possible our way of life. The problems of conservation are illuminated by observation of water supply lakes and evergreen plantations, of contour plowing versus gullying, of blister rust control and Dutch elm disease. All groups practice conservation through carefulness with fire, cutting only dead trees, leaving a clean camp- site and considering the next camper. FRONT ROW: Richard Frischmann, Robert Wilson, Richard Bancroft, Ronald Berlind, Michael Cawley. BACK ROW: Michael Grandolfi, Manager, Gerhard Karl, Anthony DePaul, William Bell, Mr. Frank Kluge, Barry Coggins, Donald Raab, Ronald Casey, David Fluskey, Richard Arone, Manager. JUNIOR VARSITY The Ardsley High School Junior Varsity, although with the spirit of Ardsley in their hearts, had a difticult time getting started this year, but with their coach, Mr. Frank Kluge, never gave up. They had many close games and, despite their near-winless record in League competition, have gained valuable experience towards Varsity play next year. The boys will be out there trying for the Varsity team when the call comes in November. FRANK JAZZO JACK CAWLEY FRONT: Robert Finn, John Cawley, Dominick Pasquale, Anthony D'AngeIo, Manag- er. STANDING: Mr. Kenneth Brown, Coach, Frank Jazzo, Robert Emerick, Robert Wilmoth, Robert Weaver, Robert Cook. VARSITY Through very hard work and excellent team play, the Ardsley Varsity basketball team, coached by Mr. Kenneth Brown, finished the season with a record of 5 and 5 in League play and an overall showing of 7 wins and 8 losses. On his record of 322 points for the season, Captain John Cawley was inter- viewed on WFAS, received the Con-Edison Award, and played on the League all-star team with Frank Jazzo. TONY D'ANGELO, MIKE GRANDOLFI, DICK ARONE, MANAGERS BOB WILMOTH BOB COOK 5 BILL FLANIGAN BOB EMERICK MM FRONT: Claudia Speicher, Eleanor Slaybaugh, Dorothy Young, Roberta McGregor. SECOND: Evelyn Schmidt, Annette Gimbel, Miss Roll, Jean Brennan, Helga Nordin. SPORTS CLUB Members ofthe Sports Club refereed all Girls' Athletic Association games this year and spon- sored a successful playday for junior high stu- dents from five schools. The group enioyed attending an exciting field hockey game as well as the Hollywood lce Revue. Claudia Speicher is President and Annette Gimbel, Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Roll is the ad- viser. Margaret Fitzgerald, Barbara Rutiglan, LaVerne Ward, Janet Calace-Mottola, Josephine DeRocha, Patricia Gaarder, Barbara Canning, Barbara O'Leary. CHEERLEADERS Prior to the basketball season this year, the Cheerleaders sponsored a food sale which en- abled them to buy new uniforms. To spur the team on, they created new cheers and perfected the old ones. Under the supervision of Miss Hallenbeck, the adviser, the squad has had a very successful year. Janet Calace-Mottola is Captain. GIRLS' ATHLETIC BOARD U 'si The Girls' Athletic Board, advisory group to the Girls' Athletic Association, planned the schedule of sports activities for this year and also checked the point cards of all G. A. A. participants. The board is composed of representatives from G. A. A., from the Sports Club, and from each of the high school classes. Miss Roll is the adviser of the group. FRONT: Louise Quist, Dorothy Young. CENTER: Alice Ward, Miss Roll, Claudia Speicher. BACK: Evelyn Schmidt, Eliza- beth Flanigan. RIDING CLUB Concluding our second year of the Riding Club, members can look back over many happy experiences. Mounted on good horses, they undertook riding on beautiful trails in all kinds of weather. In completion of the year the Riding Club took part in a horse show in which the Ardsley horsewomen competed against other schools and made an excellent showing. FRONT: M. A. Reuter, C. McKeough, J. Goodwin, N. Solomon, C. Huesgen, Miss Roll. SECOND: G. Kurkela, A. Ward, R. Seeler. THIRD: M. Moore, K. Schoenstein. FOURTH: J. Bloomfield, P. Pagnoni, M. Wertheim, J. Seeler. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The main purpose of the Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation is to provide a chance for girls to partici- pate in after-school sports activities. At the first meeting in September the members elected Dorothy Young, President, and Anne Huesgen, Secretary. Volleyball was the first sport of the 1951-52 season and as the teams were almost equal in ability, the playing was keen. The Seniors tri- umphed in the interclass competition which fol- lowed. After a few weeks devoted to soccer, the basketball season began. In addition to the regu- lar team competition, there was an interclass contest which the Juniors won, upsetting the twice victorious Seniors by two points. At the end of the basketball season an honor team was chosen to play three neighboring schools, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, and Washington Irving High School. The competition was close, but Ardsley finished with three wins. The girls enjoyed badminton until the weather was suitable for softball. This was the concluding sport of the year in which several mixed teams took part. fl. BOY SCOUTS CUBS Under the guidance of a new Scout master, Mr.William Baxter, the Boy Scouts accomplished a great deal. During the year they went on two over-night hikes, sleeping at the Scout cabin. They held a father and son dinner at the Catholic church with an at- tendance of one hundred. Barry Coggins earned his Life Scout award and Reginald Her- mans his Star Scout. In April the group organized and presented a Scout Circus and in June, an exhibition of scouting equipment in the Ardsley Square. GIRL SCOUTS The Girls Scouts are an active group sponsored by the Lions Club. Their projects are based on service to the community and the development of good citizens for the future. To finance their activities, a Cookie Sale was held which was fittingly climaxed by the crown- ing of the Cookie Queens. To recognize achievement, an an- nual Court of Awards was held. A week-end camping trip was enioyed at Rock Hill, and an ex- cursion with a picnic and nature walk ended the year's activities. JUNIOR ELEMENTARY CHORUS The Junior Elementary Chorus is composed of students ofthe fifth and sixth grades who are chosen for their cooperation, superior musicianship, and scholarship. During the year, under the direction of Miss Hallenbeck, they took part in several assembly programs and entertained at the Christmas Concert and Spring Festival. The student officers are Pamela Hutchinson, President, and Diane Guckenbiehl, Secretary. BAND The band has been reorganized again after a three-year period of inactivity due to scheduling difficulties. The membership consists of students from the fifth grade through high school and gives every instrumental student the opportunity for participation. ln the future, perhaps a regular rehearsal time for all may be substi- tuted forthe current ensemble method of preparation. SENIOR ELEMENTARY CHCDRUS Members of the seventh and eighth grades who maintain high scho- lastic standards and have outstanding musicianship, good singing voices, a spirit of cooperation, and a satisfactory attitude are eligible to ioin the Senior Elementary Chorus. Miss Hallenbeck conducted the group in per- formances before student assemblies, in the Christmas Concert, and in the Spring Festival. Chorus officers are John Canning, President, and Barbara Gardiner, Secretary. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, which consists of 24 members, ranging from the fourth grade to the senior class, has entertained at high school and grade school assemblies, Parent-Teachers' Association meeting, and the Christmas pro- gram. During the past year they performed at the eighth grade and senior graduations. Several of them do solo and ensemble work also. Mr. Vincent has successfully combined the talents of the elementary and high school members into a pleasant musical group. Qat,mmtes.s,ee.:-ftgwvi --ff Q..-we-tt..:ff.:f1m.vme-wss1.m,..:ffmw.,t... . ,.., 1.-,....-.w.ff.ff--f'-- VARSITY CHOIR The Varsity Choir, under the direction of Mr. Vincent, performed in school assemblies, at the Christmas Pageant, and in other community pro- grams. In May they entertained for the Metropolitan Parent-Teachers' Association at the County Center and entered State Competition. In addi- tion to taking part in the Spring Festival, they sang at the Senior graduation exercises. The ofticers are: Eleanor Slaybaugh, President, Kenneth Cauvet, Vice- President, Patricia Frischmann, Secretary, and Maureen McHenry, Robe SENIOR ENSEMBLE The Senior Ensemble is composed of twelve girls selected for their outstanding musical ability and cooperation. Several of them have been members for three years. In T951-2 the Ensemble performed for the Parent-Teachers' Association, the Christmas Program, the Spring Festival, and the Easter Parade besides entering state competition. Miss Hallenbeck directs the group, and Claudia Speicher is the ac- companist. Mistress. FRONT ROW: Margaret Ann Reuter, Margaret Fitzgerald, Barbara Nardec- chia, Loretta Arone, Evelyn Haller, Barbara Berlind, Selina Annette Scott. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Waldemar, Evelyn Staff, Judith Baker, Miss Hallenbeck, Dorene Suthergreen, Elizabeth Flanigan, Ellen Heintz, alter- nate. .?. xl- Y 4 .ff .sl STARLETS ?u V 2 11 ' 91' 'ii if N v Z hw K -- 5 2, :fx '2.. - 41' ' auf. fi, I ' 4 Lf: V . at AWS, ,' " ' M A gs ii: fs nf IQ nf 9 ,, 5' i ll' "" ,ew lf' D X ,ar , wax? 'O' rf 'nv ,ww 3 . mu!! 5 k,.h, I ""' M 1 J1,9pnlP',-' A 65 0 X, 63 03? The month of May was a very active one for Grade 8. First, our class visited Valley Forge for one day. There we viewed famous sites of interest and in addi- tion had a wonderful time. The second trip we took during the month of May was a visit to the school camp at Croton Point. Combining regular assign- ments with experience in understanding how to co- operate with each other, we not only received a fine background in local history but also learned how to work together as a group. Teacher MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS President RAY C. HUGHES, JR. Vice-President NANCY CAUVET Treasurer MARGOT MOORE Secretary ANDREW KALMYKOW Class Mother MRS. JOHN CANNING, JR. Assistant Class Mother MRS. BRUCE CAUVET PRESENTING GRADE 8 FRONT ROW: W. Hoftmann, N. Solomon, C. Santore, P. Cimino. SECOND ROW: K. Kamens, G. Salerno, P. Pagnoni, J. Canning III, J. Raicht, G. Ragone, M. Hume. THIRD ROW: J. Cawley, M. Moore, A. Cascarano, A. Pasquini, A. Weiss, J. Goodwin, J. Manchester. FOURTH ROW: G. Barbieri, S. Scott, N. Cauvet, A. Kalmykow, D. Ankhelen, J. Osterberg, Mr. Harlan A. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: G. Fagan, B. Boyd, R. Bell, F. Cimino, K. Kluepfel, R. Hughes Jr., W. LeCount. SIXTH ROW: F. Cammisa, J. Seeler, C. Sprague, C. :McKeough, C. Rochon, J. Schmidt, D. Purdy. ABSENT: F. Arone, W. Townsend, F. Katcher. "uf 's' .'-I . ,tp C Q , IA, V FRONT ROW: M. Pascone, F. Pestone, V. Ert, P. Karcher, H. Kessler. SECOND ROW: R. Martini, H. Hamilton C. Copeland, M. O'Leary, D. Viola, L. Nevinger, E. Bramble. THIRD ROW: L. Medovich, C. Lindman, C. Lotus J. Berlind, B. Lotus, F. Schappach, G. Greiner. FOURTH ROW: A. DeRocha, J. Connolly, C. Slaybaugh, B Gardiner, J. Rooney, C. Morris, Miss Wesp. FIFTH ROW: G. Mestern, D. Mooney, R. Pearce, J. Perillo, M Christiano, G. Koors, B. Strachan. SIXTH ROW: E. Marron, J. Barger, W. Bell, C. Dewar, D. Marrus, M. Karl ABSENT: C. Proske, M. McDonough, R. Pellegrini. PRESENTING GRADE 7 Teacher M155 MARGARET A, wggp During October, some of our classmates partici- presidenf pated in a hiking trip to Mount Greylock. Thrilling 0 , MARIE O'LEARY vice-President CHESTER SLAYBAUGH Treasurer MICHAEL PASCONE Secretary MARGARET CHRISTIANO Class Mother MRS. ROBERT STRACHAN Assistant Class Mother MRS. JOHN MARRU5 tales were related, and songs were sung around the campfire. In a November assembly we gave a puppet show about "Tom Sawyer". Much as we enioyed it, our most exciting event was the assembly program we presented dramatizing Dickens's "A Christmas Carol". The Hartsdale students, who enjoyed our play, gave in exchange their presentation of "Ins and Outs". All in all, we have had a very wonderful year. 5! 139669 113. , 5 of' fg f 1 FRONT ROW: C. Streib, J. Tidgewell, T. Gannon. SECOND ROW: W. Meuser, E. Gentile, F. Stude- baker. THIRD ROW: P. Hunt, R. Mooney, W. Ashbee, M. Cascarano, M. Shultz. FOURTH ROW: J. Whelan, M. Scheller, R. Plechner, L. Schoenstein. FIFTH ROW: K. McComb, Mr. D. Stanger, R. Mooney. ABSENT: K. Moore. SPOTLIGHTING GRADE 6-C Occasionally this year we were able to visit the laboratory and see in action some of the things that , 0 , . 'I 4 'MIK ,1,',l our science book tells us about. It was fun keeping 1 ly ' I I x a temperature chart in our classroom and noting the It QQT big diFFerences in temperature readings from day to SQ TQ clay. Tk I Many of us took part in our class play which was adapted to use with marionettes. M Teacher MR. DONALD STANGER President RICHARD MOON EY Vice-President RUTH MOON EY Treasurer KENNETH MCCOMB Secretary JOHN TIDGEWELL Class Mother RS, MATTHEW M. GANNO Assistant Class Mother MRS. RALPH PLECHNER N Teacher MRS. ALICE C. FRISCHMANN Acting President ROBERT KERTELITS Treasurer JOHN EVANS Secretary KAREN KLUEPFEL Class Mother MRS. WILLIAM LEHMKUHL Assistant Class Mother MRS. ANN MOCCIA In our study much stress was placed on colonial ,X I life. We learned about the customs and hardships of Q that period. Proiects, especially our Hobby Show, provided us , with many entertaining hours. Diligent work made J' I , se I S 1 Q-Q ff? 5 I Q7 1 if , X our play, which we produced for a February assemb- ll ly, an over-all success. We also helped celebrate Z birthdays of class members with parties given by the parents. SPOTLIGHTING GRADE 5-F FRONT ROW: H. Ward, M. Moccia. SECOND ROW: J. Camhi, R. Sankey, J. Evans. THIRD ROW: C. Lehmkuhl, J. Kipp, C. Fon, Y. Tunnard. FOURTH ROW: K. Yocis, K. Kluepfel, R. Kertelits, Mrs. Frischmann. FIFTH ROW: A. Bliss, B. McKeough. o X ,L - fl if E3 During the past year, Grade 5T participated in many educational activities. Every Tuesday we had a class meeting where we discussed difficulties and gave reports. This year we enjoyed a wonderful Hal- loween party and a Christmas party with a gift ex- change. We worked on sandtable scenes portraying the Pilgrims and their New England colony and also de- picting the Nativity at Bethlehem. Every week, exhibits of interest were planned by our museum curator. The year speeded by quickly, and we enioyed every min- ute of it. ON STAGE GRADE 5-T Teacher MISS ETHEL M. TRYON President DUNCAN CLARKE Vice-President ELAINE LOCURATOLO Treasurer WAYNE BOULTON Secretary ROBERT GLINSMAN Class Mother MRS. MICHAEL D'ANDREA Assistant Class Mother MRS. WAYNE K. BOULTON FRONT ROW: R. Halvorsen, l.. Quist, A. Cuozzo, S. Benning, G. Davids, A. Schafer, W. Whelan. SECOND ROW: P. Bridgman, W. Boulton, C. lstvan, F. Cecelin, C. D'Andrea, L. Nardecchia. THIRD ROW: J. KyFf, S. Stokes, D. Clarke, L. Mestern, B. Lehman, V. LeCount. FOURTH ROW: E. Locuratolo, R. Glinsman, G. Osterberg, J. lstvan, G. Whitney, P. Brandon. FIFTH ROW: K. Waldemar, L. King, E. Lutz, J. Whitney, J. Hines, P. Witham. nu ' g FRONT ROW: E. Pease, D. Guckenbiehl, R. Fitzgerald, M. Mack, F. Childs. SECOND ROW: V. Duke, L. Morrison P. Weiss, P. Engelkirk, M. J. Flanigan, R. Clute. THIRD ROW: .M. Cassens, B. LeDuc, J. Medovich, P. Fattori C. Rotiroti, M. Baker, M. Larson. FOURTH ROW: R. Plechner, S. Kley, A. Pasquale, S. Sage, S. Nash, P. Hutch inson, Mrs. Snyder. FIFTH ROW: L. De Nardo, E. Calhoun, L. McDowell, F. Scheller, P. Robinson, E. Rooney, I Mureau. SIXTH ROW: J. Murray, J. Hashagen, R. Anthony, F. Sheldon, M. Stokes, T. Cappetta, W. Anderson Teacher MRS. HELENA SNYDER President PAMELA HUTCHINSON Vice-President SALLY SAGE Treasurer LOUISE DeNARDO Secretary EDSON PEASE Class Mother MRS. FLOYD McDOWELL Assistant Class Mother MRS. WILLIAM DUKE ON STAGE GRADE 6-SN The first event of Grade 6SN was our Thanks- giving assembly play, entitled "The First Year at Ply- mouth". Although we had to work hard in order to present the play, it was great fun portraying the important Pilgrims. At Halloween, we enjoyed a class party which was given at Merry Baker's house. Christ- mas was celebrated in the classroom with a wonder- ful party. In order to make our work more interesting, we constructed book covers to correspond with our dit- ferent subjects and drew maps of various countries. IIIIIIIII Uigiv FRONT ROW: A. LeDuc, E. Kley, R. Neubauer, M. A. Dewar, J. Waterbury. SECOND ROW: R. Ellis, J. Riccio, P. Gotti, P. Chalmers, T. Waldeier, C. Cassano, R. Raicht. THIRD ROW: S. Suthergreen, W. Shaughnessy, M. A. Russo, C. Ross, S. Walther, A. lzzolo. FOURTH ROW: D. Clarke, C. A. Gruessing, G. Ramin, V. Rosler, D. Tidaback, M. Fagan, Miss H. S. Edwards. FlFTH ROW: V. Rochon, J. Saunders, L. Hughes, B. Zinck, C. Stahl, E. Aim. SIXTH ROW: D. Nugent, B. Boyd, D. McComb, J. Kuhlmclnn, N. Hoy, G. Bechtold, C. O'Connor. ABSENT: G. Connolly. PRESENTING GRADE A-E Members of Grade 4E realized this year that we not only read for pleasure but also V to find out interesting things thot are happen- ,-,Q M ing all about us. Q ' 5 The class tried to be considerate of others cl! by sending get-well cards to sick classmates, K N by contributing to the Dobbs Ferry Hospital, the Morch of Dimes, and other drives. 1 Our trip to the zoo was most exciting, and - we enioyed our picnic held in June in Wood- lands Park. Teacher MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS President DONALD CLARKE Vice-President VIRGINIA ROSLER Treasurer BRUCE ZINCK Class Mother MRS. HOWARD KLEY Assistant Class Mother MRS. JACK SAUNDERS Teacher Through working very diligently doing our class- MISS RUTH HURLBUT work, many of the pupils of Grade 3HU earned President JUDITH STERNS Bronze Medals, which entitled them to their member- Vice-President ship in the Honor Society. At all of our holiday parties FRANK PURCELL d ' h b Treasurer uring t e year, we had a grand time. MARGARET STAHL To bring the year to a contented close, members S . . JOHSCSFISQHER of Grade 3HU visited the Bronx Zoo. There we saw Clos, Mother many interesting animals, some of which we studied - MRS. GEORGE L N . Dl LO about during the year. -J Assistant Class Mother MRS. ROBERT BRADY PRESENTING GRADE 3-HU FRONT ROW: W. Delagi, J. Cauvet, M. Stahl. SECOND ROW: W. Pease, R. Bell, S. Istvan, T. Gardiner. THIRD ROW: L. Grandolfi, S. Smith, J. Osterburg, N. Moore, A. de Tarnowsky, G. Rochon, E. Brady. FOURTH ROW: K. McGlynn, K. Moore, C. Gatti, K. Morrison, J. Purdy, D. Schaefer, R. Lindman, Miss Hurlbut. FIFTH ROW: B. Gerow, S. Witham, J. Dillon, R. Wedekind, J. Stagliano, F. Progner, V. Bechtold. SIXTH ROW: B. Davids J. Sterns, F. Purcell, R. Grell, J. Marsek, A. Sekaer, J. Speicher. ABSENT: M. Taylor, R. Neubauer, G. Lundberg 1 12.15 W- ai 4' GD ff! 15 h.' ' : ...alan 4 U sf' ' , ,gsl"'5?s ' ' 3 ..l'lQrt'w w9'r"'?'P V , 11", 'J' 4 ,ar i -fl -M Z aa ...Li'i.. , . T- V 'Q' li KX A ,. . . f N This year, after "learning to read" in our first three years, we have been "reading to learn" and have 49. discovered many things. We have read about the ,Q I as, people who lived long ago and about their influence on our living today. Traveling, also, to the four corners of the earth, we learned why people who inhabit different climates and environments are as they are. SPOTLIGHTINC5 GRADE 4-R Teacher MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER Acting President MICHAEL MONDELLI Vice-President THEODORE DI PADOVA Treasurer JACK CASADONE Secretary LINDA STANAWAY Class Mother MRS. PETER MULLER Assistant Class Mothers MRS. JOSEPH DI PADOVA MRS. MICHAEL MONDELLI FRONT ROW: C. Nash, J. Casaclone, R. L. Ennis. SECOND ROW: W. Papovitch, S. Nilson, P. Muller, L. Stanaway. THIRD ROW: S. DeRocha, M. Tidgewell, J. Winkler, T. Di Padova, Mrs. Reuter. FOURTH ROW: T. Fatigate, J. Engel, M. Monclelli, N. Hunt. FIFTH ROW: M. Hinnen, J. Anthony, K. Barger. FRONT ROW: E. Hanrahan, G. Renyhart. SECOND ROW: E. Brookings, N. Rotiroti, S. Ullman W Geer. THIRD ROW: E. Maher, W. Duke, C. Staft, R. Liposky, F. Bramble. FOURTH ROW: D. Hmes C. Freed, R. Kyff, C. Townsend, C. DeRosa, C. Haller, Mrs. E. Heagney. FIFTH ROW: J. Fon G Wehmeyer, C. Coggins, S. Pasquini, K. Kluepfel. SIXTH ROW: J. Montaruli, M. Krauss, F. ,Marron S. Parachini. ABSENT: E. McGovern, W. Lippmann. Teacher MRS. EVELYN HEAGNEY President GORDON RENYHART Vice-President CAROL FREED Secretary CHARLES De ROSA Class Mother MRS. PAUL JANTZEN Assistant Class Mother MRS, ALFRED HALLER SPOTLIGHTING GRADE 3-HE Our maior activity this year has been a study of people from other countries, placing particular emph- asis on clothing. We have aided our social develop- ment by learning manners for daily use. Many spell- ing bees have indelibly printed difficult words in our minds. Parties on Halloween, Christmas, and Valen- tine's Day helped us reach a happy medium of both work and play. 5 FRONT ROW: W. lzzolo, E. Brown, L. Larson, P. W. Koors, M. Schappach, H. Bridgeman, J. Morey. SECOND ROW: C. Salerno, M. Burns, R. Butler, P. Bell, R. Clute, D. Andrews, D. Rooney. THIRD ROW: J. Pascone, L. Britt, R. Cook, G. Crisi, P. Winkler, C. Weinberger, G. Hellthaler. FOURTH ROW: M. Lehmkuhl, L. Perrotta, L. Wirz, K. Cassens, J. Sankey, J. Perrotta, T. Lofgren, D. Bliss, Mrs. Adams. FIFTH ROW: A. Sheldon, K. Yocis, D. Murau, J. Dowe, W. Schleicher, S. Young, C. Gruessing. X S Ok O0 IX, A 4' I K ll. mf I 'VL IX, PRESENTING GRADE 2-A This year in Grade 2A we have completed many worthwhile projects including ones on health and safety. Also, we studied quite extensively about the American Indians - their homes and characteristics. At Thanksgiving we constructed small scenes which we were able to take home, while at Christmas we made a huge "Santa on the Rooftop" mural. Our largest proiect was one on the circus which we com- pleted in the spring. All in all, our year has been a busy and a happy one for all concerned. Teacher MRS. RUTH B. ADAMS President LINDA BRITT Vice-President JUDITH SANKEY Treasurer PAUL WILLIS KOORS Secretary DONALD ANDREWS Class Mother MRS. A. GRAHAM SHELDON Assistant Class Mother MRS. PAUL DOWE Teacher Grade 2F opened the year in September with more MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM President than forty pupils. We decided that even though we RICHARD REILLY MARION SPEICHER were a large class, we would keep our club program and take our trips after school. We have had a science Treasurer RICHARD BRANDON walk, a trip to a museum, cz hot-dog roast at Wood- ANN SONKIN . I Secremry lands, and a visit to the Bronx Zoo. Once Cl month FRANK KAPPLER VIRGINIA WALDEMAR Class Mother MRS. JOHN BROCK we have a club meeting after school. We have en- joyed this and have become better acquainted with each other through our club. ,dj l'iff Assistant Class Mother MRS. JACK SONKIN PRESENTING GRADE 2-F FRONT ROW: M. Brock, J. Smith, J. Brengel, K. Sullivan, S. Waterbury, G. lstvan, M. Hoy. SECOND ROW: T Witham, W. O'Leary, J. Cooney, R. Gannon, E. Schultz, R. Pestone, Mrs. Farnham. THIRD ROW: T. Waldeier F. Mestern, A. Katcher, H. Unger, A. Sonkin, R. Morris, J. Walther. FOURTH ROW: S. Werner, P. Gruber, W Sommer, J. Smyth, A. Breyer, A. Hellthaler, M. Speicher, D. Schafer. FIFTH ROW: W. Dornhoefer, C. LaMonte J. deCsaby, A. Inversin, V. Waldemar, R. Brandon, E. Anthony. SIXTH ROW: R. Andresen, J. Suthergreen F. Kappler, P. Osterberg, H. Ardanowski, C. Scheller, R. Reilly. ABSENT: N. Stien. 4 . .G O! X i L.. Along with our general work program Grade IH had experience in socializing. This came in the form of holiday parties. For Christmas we painted iars with enamel and gold for our mothers and made blotter calendars for our fathers. Last winter the girls presented a doll show while the boys brought in a favorite toy or toy pet. But in order to ease a long day, we had a supervised lunch period in a less crowded atmosphere, followed by a rest and play period. ON STAGE GRADE I-H Teacher MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD Class Mother MRS. MATTHEW J. FLANIGAN Assistant Class Mother MRS. FRANK VIOLA FRONT ROW: J. Feurer, J. E. Strand, P. Grandolti, M. Morano, N. Oliver, P. Johann, M. E. Halvorsen. SECOND ROW: D. Clarke, R. Shepard, D. lnversin, L. Russo, R. Watson, D. Paterson, E. Gardiner. THIRD ROW: M. Tidaback, L. Rosler, C. Kolb, S. Connolly, W. Moore, L. Hoffman, W. lstvan. FOURTH ROW: L. Viola, C. Kappler, D. Nardecchia, E. Glinsman, M. Graham, C. Meuser, Mrs. Hatfield. FIFTH ROW: E. Aluisio, S. Stokes, D. Ross, M. Watson, M. Flanigan, S. Whitney. SIXTH ROW: C. Sekaer, J. Nugent, N. McDowell, P. Dillon, A. Ardanowski ABSENT: J. King, S. Chalmers, J. Kane. :ff FRONT ROW: B. Duke, E. Copelancl, C. Fon. SECOND ROW: W. Laskaris, J. Glaberson, R. MacKenzie, C. Theil, J. Kipp. THIRD ROW: Miss Toomey, L. Freedman, D. Stott, E. McCormack, J. Gibson, E. Grandolfi, M. Kilstrom. FOURTH ROW: D. Gontar, E. Lettino, C. Hinnen, M. C. Bailey, J. Casadone, C. A. Geer, P. Marrus. FIFTH ROW: S. Anthony, C. Kalmykow, I. Bartlett, R. Denike, C. Andrews, K. Gentile, C. Moccia.-SIXTH ROW: D. Ashley, R. A. Bliss, N. Hay, A. Fatigate, P. Guckenbiehl, M. Hillebrand, J. Maher. ABSENT: S. Fenig, H. Marcus, P. Zarcone. Teacher MISS HELEN TOOMEY Class Mother MRS. CHARLES BLISS Assistant Class Mother MRS. MARTIN GLABERSON ON STAGE GRADE I-T Although this past year in Grade IT has been a busy one, it was enioyable as well. Besides the prim- ary objectives of reading, writing and arithmetic, much time was spent on extra-curricular activities. Parties at Halloween, Christmas, VaIentine's Day and Easter encouraged us to achieve better marks. A picnic and trip to the Bronx Zoo gave us a chance to become better acquainted and brought our school year to a happy ending. We are all looking forward to our work in Grade 2 next year. I9 IO s- fl f al FRONT ROW: Mrs. Squeri, J. Washburn, M. Donahue, R. Cabot, S. DeNicola, S. Williamson, M. Weggenman, Miss Bloxsom. SECOND ROW: R. Dickerman, N. Jacobs, C. Smythe, W. Welden, K. Burns, R. Jacobi. THIRD ROW: K. deTarnowsky, J. Dewar, D. Solomon, E. Nilsen, R. Cooney. FOURTH ROW: T. Hume, N. Ferrier, T. Schneider, S. Engelkirk, C. Schafer, L. Fagan. FIFTH ROW: M. Choate, D. Benzenberg, R. Clarke, J. Purdy, R. Weiss, G. Kelley, D. Harris. SIXTH ROW: L. Zito, J. Waterbury, T. Marsek, J. Sarantis, R. Wedekind, J. Cleary. ABSENT: E. Grell, C. Cunningham, G. Progner. PRESENTING THE KINDERGARTEN During our early days of Kindergarten we enjoyed C 9, C E getting to know each other. Our days were spent in 21 I I X-1? playing games, singing new songs, listening to stories, using simple tools, and learning to read. We even visited a farm in Hastings and saw many animals which we had read about. A trip to the Bronx Zoo acquainted us with animals like birds and ele- phants. Numbers as well as words began to mean something to us as we counted stars, candy canes, Sf-Cp .....- and pencils. Teacher MISS NANCY BLOXSOM MRS. LOUISE SQUERI Class Mothers MRS. ELLIS GRELL MRS. ROBERT HUME Assistant Class Mothers MRS. MALCOLM KELLY MRS. HARRY JACOBS Teacher MISS NANCY BLOXSOM MRS. LOUISE SQUERI Class Mothers MRS. WILLIAM BRITT MRS. MATTHEW TANCREDI Assistant Class Mothers MRS. ALFRED THORPE MRS. HENRY BATES We enioyed Kindergarten and getting to know each other and our school. We learned many things: how to work with paints, crayons, and clay, using them in our room proiects: how to sing together and act out the rhythms of the workers and animals we knew, how to write our names and how to read, especially about the adventures of Dick and Jane. All of us are looking forward to continuing our work and fun in first grade. WSW' We ozilllltgll Serif ..44"N'y ilill Q., . f-,lj PRESENTING THE KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: K. Seus, 5. Groth, C. Bates, N. Galetta, M. Ellis, S. Burr, D. Renyhart, C. Crisi. SECOND ROW: C. Delmerico, E. Thorp, K. Olson, A. Munck, B. Guillan, R. Bailey, E. Trutt. THIRD ROW: S. Chase, K. Sage, B. Bertone, N. Leach, H. Whitney, M. Pestone, R. Shepard, Miss Bloxsom. FOURTH ROW: K. Pascone, W. Britt, S. Seitz, J. Tidgewell, B. Naviski, M. Sullivan, M. Kashchy, J. Moran. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Squeri, R. Aim, C. Crisi, R. Kessler, E. Cornish, P. Kuoni, D. Cook, R. Whelan, S. McMurtrie. ABSENT: A. Groth, W. Ullman, C. Wimazal, D. McGlynn, M. J. Tancredi. !"'9 BEST WISHES FROM HEATHERDELL FARMS ARDSLEY, NEW YORK Dobbs Ferry 3-4070 CASEY IN HIS GLORY GLAMOR GIRLS AT BIO CAMP I Huesgen ,,CGSey,, ,,Mike,, SMH Rose Mobilia, Maggie Flanigan, Dot Y I I McPhee, Frances Murphy BEST WISHES FROM HEATHERDELL MANGR HE-MEN AT BI TION DANCERS Dave, Joe, Gerhard, Joey, and Larry Joe Leach, Miss Pelda, Larry Raicht, and Bill Finger Compliments of STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY. INC. CHAUNCEY, NEW YORK THE GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK Incorporated 'I869 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. CHRISTMAS CLUB -:- SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Total Assets - S5,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG Alumni Jimmy and Gini at HOW DOES SHE RATE TWO? Miss Pelda with aIumni Roy and M I t 62 Senior Prom '51 Senior Prom '51 I THE METHODIST CHURCH A COMMUNITY CHURCH 0 0 0 Where a Friendly Welcome Awaits You Best Wishes of PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM, INC "AW, SHUCKS!" SITTING PRETTY D Raab and Dot Young - Helga, Gail Slaybaugh, "Sk Annette THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE C. Engelman, Ph.G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone D. F. 3-0512 or 3-0525 ASHFORD AVENUE and ELM STREET ARDSLEY, N. Y. ROSLYN CLEANERS A VERY SATISFACTORY VALET SERVICE AII Cleaning Done On Ihe Premises Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-2958 DE LUCA'S GROCERY Open Seven Days a Week Delicatessen Frozen Foods CORNER OF PARKWAY and ASHFORD AVENUE Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0228 BEST WISHES FROM HASTINGS RECORD SHOP TELEVISION - RADIO SERVICE 'I2 SPRING STREET HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N. Y. Telephone Hastings 5-6085 FRANK L. Ml' CE PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING 22 RIVERVIEW AVENUE Dobbs Ferry 3-0081-W BEST WISHES FROM A F R I E N D YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, JOHN" BLUEBEARD AND FRIEND Miss Roll, Miss Patfeson, Mr. Koors in "Skip" Slaybaugh and Bob Weaver in the faculty skit. senior skit. X. BEST WISHES FROM KIPP BROTHERS TWG Lyman E. Kipp - Douglas W. Kipp CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-2200 ARDSLEY, N. Y. FRANK and JOE'S RESTAURANT SPAGHETTI -:- HOT PIES SOFT DRINKS Telephone Yonkers 5-9310 202 ASHBURTON AVENUE YONKERS, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or THEODORA'S BEAUTY SALON 470112 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. Cl Tel. Dobbs Ferry 3-0293 WILLIAM HENNESSY PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR Oil Burner Installation 2 BONAVENTURE AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. BESSON 8. COMPANY COAL - LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIAL Telephones Dobbs Ferry 3-0026 - 3-0027 - 3-0032 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Tel. White Plains 9-6246 MIDTOWN LIVE POULTRY MARKET QUALITY LIVE POULTRY STRICTLY FRESH FARM EGGS Jerry Scarano, Jr. Proprietor 461 TARRYTOWN ROAD WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. "O.K. THE JlG'S UP, MEN" OVER THE BREAKFAST ? TABLE E "Mico", Charles, Jack, and five delin- John Young, Peggy Fitzgerald and their quents in the junior skit. children in the freshman skit. COMPLETE OIL HEATING SERVICE FUEL OILS - Oil Burner Sales and Service Heat Loss Surveys and Engineering Advice Repairs and Replacements of Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Tanks. Etc. SALES AND SERVICE DEPARTMENT - HARTSDALE AVENUE, HARTSDALE FUEL OIL PLANT - HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON E. ROBISON, INC. "The House That Service Built" "LET'S CHECK IT AGAIN, TONY" "ARE YOU TIRED, CASEY?" Chet Slaybaugh, Tony, John Young, "Doc" Mickey Cawley, Gerhard Karl, and "Casey THRIFT ACCOUNTS SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS CLUBS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARDSLEY Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-4900 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK - LOAN SERVICE - Home Appliance Loans Personal Loans Small Business Loans Automobile Loans Property Improvement Loans - Member of - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System WHAT IS IT? THE HAPPY FAMILY , ' C " K . , k f 1 I f K 1 Ken Cauvet, "Chuck" Horend, "lt", and "Pottsey", "Oswald", and Barbara Carol Hashagen DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING in ALL its BRANCHES Letterheads - Envelopes - Business Cards - Shipping Tags - Chance Books Reports - Bills - Tickets - Postals - Circulars - Wedding Invitations Reception Cards - Birth Announcements - Advertising Journals Programs - Announcements - Posters - Christmas Cards Booklets - Menus - Enclosures Before You Contract for Your Next Printing Order let Us Submit o Bid on the Cost of the Work. GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP -:- PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-0124 T01 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Compliments of CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY, New YORK SUSPENSE! A NIGHT AT THE BALLET Barry Coggins, Tony DePaul, and "Zippy" "Twong" Wilmoth and Frank Jazzo Wilson THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA, INC. Extends Its Best Wishes for Future Success to the ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF T952 We Serve Carpenter's Ice Cream Exclusively LOUIS MARKET s ' L j W ON THE SQUARE .....-.....1. LOUIS CORATO, PROP. Best Quality Meats at Lowest Prices FuII Line of Frozen Foods FREE DELIVERY DOBBS FERRY 3-1120 - 3-1121 470 Ashford Avenue Ardsley, New York "WATCH 1458, DON" "DID IT GO IN?" Don Raab, Barry Coggins, Tony DePaul "Twong" Wilmoth and "Mico" Pasquale and "Headless" Bobby Wilson at Elmsford BROWN'S PARKSIDE RESTAURANT W. Brown, Prop. Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-4034 SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY CHAUNCEY, N. Y OF BEST WISHES A F R I E N D mom SCHERI SHOP, INC. 17 CEDAR smear noses FERRY, N. Y. ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION Tom Williams, Prop. COMPLIMENTS Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-5390 OF SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and RIDGE ROAD ARDSlEYf N- Y- ARDSLEY ACRES SAW MILL RIVER ROAD and PARKWAY COMPLIMENTS ARDSLEY' N' Y' Dobbs Ferry 3-5051 OF ALL MODERN FACILITIES HAROLD J. ENGLISH IS SHE MIXING A LOVE POTION? PICTURE OF AMBITION Jock Cowley, Rose Marie DePaul, "Sally" George DeFeo, Bob Bell Cimino, Annette Gimbel RICCIO'S MARKET Emporium of America's Finest CQMPLIMENTS FRUITS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES 457 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. OF ARDSLEY CHESS CLUB THE FRESHMEN CHESS GAMES EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT MUNICIPAL BUILDING ' NO CHARGES HEATHER DELL FLORIST John Canning, Jr., Owner - WHOLESALE GROWER - Specializing in Seczsoncble Plants Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0144 ARDSLEY, N. Y. "Say II With Flowers" ROBERT M. JOHNSON FLORIST and GROWER Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0311 225 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y coMPuMENTs or DR. ALBERT BASSELL FACULTY SKIT PAUL BUNYAN "Chief" Vincent and Miss "Pop" Brown BEST WISH ES FROM THE R. S. A. CORPORATION MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS ARDSLEY, NEW YORK I THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY iw K ..:, ' - A A E Ii 5 Don Raab SUBSCRIPTION KING Ronny Berlind, Pauline Calace-Mottola BEST WISHES FROM THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Oscar E. Acker, President Paul E. Baker, Trustee Carmen I. Brennan, Trustee Norman Davids, Trustee Charles Hinnen, Trustee Arthur W. Silliman, Supervising Principal Anne Huesgen, Clerk Edward E. Aim, Treasurer and Counsel SUBSCRIPTION QUEEN WHEN DO WE EAT? . f I . , ia, , 4 l A r Pauline Calace-Mottola, Peggy Ann Reuter Gerhard Karl, Joe Leach, Frank Jazzo Don Raab, "Mica" Pasquale JOHN WAWAK 101 CLARENDON Avenue YONKERS, N. Y. FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES and STRICTLY FRESH EGGS Door io Door Service I coMPuMENTs or MARSHALL COOKE I - nowsns - BEST WISHES FROM MRS. VICTORIA CAMHY BEST WISHES FROM I. BURACK, INC. FOX HILL FARMS Honsss Fon HIRE and BOARUED PLEAsAN1vlu.s, N. Y. FRED'S AUTO WRECKING F. Lichfenberg 8 Son CARS BOUGHT and SOLD Dobbs Ferry 3-4686 GOOD USED CAR PARTS 555 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY N Y THE GONG AT BIOLOGY CAMP Sophomores, Inc. "THERE WAS A GOAT . . .' Mr. Felter, Pete, Richy at Croton I THE HONOR SOCIETY BEST wlsHEs FROM THE . E. BRENNAN CORPORATION aao LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW Yomc, N. Y. WHITE CLOVER DAIRY Walter G. Warman, Prop. 3 WASHINGTON AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0202 CONGRATULATIONS FROM PULVER BROTHERS FLORIST J. Mungavin, Mgr. "FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION" JACKSON AVENUE HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON 6, NEW YORK Hastings 5-'I079 BEST WISHES FROM ED LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION JEROME R. JEROME suNoco GAS TARRYTOWN RoAn and SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY ELMSFORD, N. Y. D. P.'s AT COLUMBIA MAY WE LISTEN? M.. , 4 1" Rlchy Joey, Bobby and "The ArcIsleycn" Jock, "PoHsey", Tony, Ronny, Dom DeLuca SU DIL , SUNOCO SERVICE STATION I CORNER CENTRQILHZSSE 362238. ARDSLEY RD. A,,,2--" W A A M- ROAD SERVICE CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED AND? MASTER AIN'T LOVE GR . S AT WORK Billy Bell, Barbara Canning, Ann Wil- Sal Cimino, Mr. Hartman, George DeFeo moth, Tony DePaul Dobbs Ferry 3-1954 "ROAD SERVICE" Dc1yondNight WESTCHESTER GARAGE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE - COLl.lSlON SPECIALISTS Repairing and Overhouling I H ll 4311111 Awfcehilgifiijfab Eiiib M. Ncinnoriello ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY, N. Y. DON'T SCRATCH THE FURNITURE WHEN YOU'RE SMILING . .1 'Z Y. in -Y John Cowley, Sol Cimino, Don Pcnsquini, Judy Boker, Myrna Silk, Rose Bill Flanigcn DePaul Best of Luck to THE CLASS OF T953 from THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 Compliments of HASTINGS - on - HUDSON SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 560 WARBURTON AVENUE HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N. Y. Hastings 5-0555 THE JUNIOR PHILHARMONIC LOOK, MA, I'M DANCING Music Students Frank Jqzzo Best Wishes from THE PARENT - TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Best Wishes from AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY POST, NO. 458 ARDSLEY, NEW YORK ONE ARE BETTER THAN WAITING FOR THE erin , Dic rone rc: e tu V PLUMBING HEATING GAS and OIL BURNERS APPLIANCES Dobbs Ferry 3-0565 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY UNIT NO. 458 ARDSLEY, NEW Yokx COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY ARDANOWSKI Pouunv FARM SPRAIN ROAD Anosmr, NEW vomc JOHN J. LIPTAK WHOLESALE MEATS 81 PROVISIONS 19 VAN BUREN STREET YONKERS, NEW YORK Telephone: Yonkers 5-'I380 ARDSLEY HARDWARE COMPANY - Home Service - HARDWARE, GAS RANGES, REFRIGERATORS BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS Telephones: Dobbs Ferry 3-4010 Residence: Hastings 5-4421 ADDYMAN SQUARE ARDSLEY, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS or THE SOPHOMORE CLASS SWING HIGH, SWING LOW TASTES GOOD? Marianne Wertheim, Ruth Seeler, Carol Hcishcxgen, Ruby Moretti Mr. Felter and Croton Campers NORMAN PAINT and WALLPAPER and ARTIST MATERIALS IO CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK Dobbs Ferry 3-5020 JIMMIE'S BAR and GRILL SPAGHETTI AND STEAK I I I I I I ouk SPECIALTY CORRESPONDENCE COURSE, se MAIN smear nosss FERRY, New vomc INC- Dobbs Ferry 3-4047 INTERIOR DECORATION NEW YORK I6, NEW YORK DOBBS FERRY BANK BEST WISHES nouns FERRY, New Yonx FROM COMPLIMENTS or GLOBE-UNION INC ROSEDALE NURSERIES, INC. SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY EASTVIEW, NEW YORK BOSOM BUDDIES HERE, BIRDIE I I 'P 1 A xx A, K' Tony DePaul, Dick Bancroft Roberta McGregor, Joey DeNardo, Dorn Pasquale, Frank Jazzo Best Wishes I from I THE RHODE ISLAND HOSPITAL TRUST CO. R. E. Te CARR SPORTING GOODS I 285 NORTH BROADWAY I NORTH TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK Tarrytown 4-3741 I WHAT'S THE JOKE? THE HOT POTATO zzo, Ann Wilmoth, Don Raab Ardsley-Dobbs Ferry Basketball Game I Complimenfs of THE ROTARY CLUB HASTINGS - ARDSLEY - Dosas FERRY F. J. MCCORMACK INSURANCE I 5 JUDSON AVENUE 50 EAST 42nd STREET ARDSLEY, NEW YORK NEW YORK I7, N. Y. Phone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0433 Phone: Murray Hill 2-661 I I I- u-un THE ELMER-BUG IN A RUG CAMERA HOGS I Joe Leach, Larry Raicbt Tuckahoe Basketball G e BEST WISHES FROM THE VILLAGE TAVERN AIzDsLEY, NEW vonx COMPLIMENTS OF MARDI GRAS ICE CREAM Sold at DEl.UCA'S DELICATESSEN 413 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK JACK THE HAIRDRESSER PERMANENT WAVING HAIR COLORING INDIVIDUAL I-IAIR CUTTING LYCEUNI BUILDING TARRYTOWN NEW YORK Telephone: Tarrytown 4-1120 BEST WISHES FROM THE ARDSLEY PLAYERS X! F A R I 1 'S H A , 85 MAMARONECK AVENUE 'WI-IITE PLAINS, N.Y, Where Fabrics Make Fashions Telephone: While Plains 9-4969 Telephones: Hastings 5-5550-1-2 I A. TARRIcoNE ff,,,m,,,.Q Q COAL - FUEL OIL HEATING INSTALLATIONS 1337 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD YONKERS 2, N. Y. CROTON TH ESPIANS U UUU I SOAP-BOX HOT-RODS Richie Frischmann, Joe Leach Joe Leach, Dave Fluskey, Pete Connolly BEST WISHES FROM GENERAL VACUUM TUBE CORPORATION GENERALQELECTRIC APPLIANCES JOHN A. QUERKER 39 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0511 Res. Phone: Yonkers 3-9821 Phone: Yonkers 3-4026 GOLDEN RULE MARKET Stephen Olyha MEATS, POULTRY, SEA FOOD and LIVE CATTLE 'I27 NEPPERHAN AVENUE YONKERS, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION DeSoto Plymouih COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD KISSLING MOTOR COMPANY soo NORTH sRoAowAY NORTH rARnYrowN, N. Y. Telephone: Tarrytown 4-4040 and Tarrytown 4-1900 H 8. H BODY SHOP Henry See, Prop. DUCO PAINTING and WELDING RADIO REPAIRING BODY and FENDER STRAIGHTENING WHEEL ALIGNMENT FRAME STRAIGHTENING - 24 Hour Towing Service - Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-4016 706 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, NEW YORK ON PARADISE ISLAND GET A HORSE Ann Wilmoth, Joey DeNardo, Laura Pearce Nancy Leach, Joe Leach, Gerhard Karl BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND TONY POTTSEY BOBBSIE BOBBIE JOY BEST WISHES FROM THE BOSCOES TOMMY CThe Originoll DOC RONNY MORTY LOU ANNE MIKE MICO BERT PATTY HELGA COMPLIMENTS OF LEWIS 8. McDOWELL, Inc. CONTRACTORS 285 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK V. 8. W. RIDING ACADEMY RIDING INSTRUCTION Special Instruction Groups oncl Children SPRAIN ROAD SCARSDALE, N. MIGHTY "MAX" PUSH A LITTLE HARDER "Twong" Wilmoth Crofon Biology Comp COMPLIMENTS OF IAN S. WILSON WHOLESALE FLORIST ARDSLEY, NEW YORK ABBIE F. CRISI DANCE GROUP Classes in TAP - TOE - BALLET and MODERN Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0371 COMPLIMENTS OF ARDSLEY CIVIC ASSOCIATION TO DATE IO4 Aclulls 48 Teenagers T52 Individuals Have Learned the Fundamentals GOOD DRIVING of Through The Co-Operation of: BLASBERG MOTORS STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION ARDSLEY SCHOOL BOARD WASH IT GOOD Driving Class and Cat OLIVIA G. SEELER Real Estate - Insurance 501 Ashford Avenue Ardsley Dobbs Ferry 3-4685 When a HOUSE becomes YOUR PROBLEM - let me help you solve it - buy it - sell it - rent it - insure it - or manage if! "BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE" HW illflllillll Ilill.I.i'.'Y LUKE!! 8 SUPPLY CORP. 434 uAnvn.l.l: nous. rL:AsAu1'vsu.z. n. v. ELMSFORD YARD Pl.EASANTVll.l.E YARD Off N. Saw Mill River Road 434 Manville Road Elmsford 6-1846 - 6-1847 Pleasantville 2-2650 - 2-2651 V I S I T The Yards of Friendly Service -ir COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENT BODY THE HUNTLEY ESTATES AT ARDSLEY, INC. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 FROM JAMES MCCARTNEY 8g SON, INC. "Serving Lower Westchester for More than 40 Years" REAL ESTATE Sales Appraisals Rentals Management Town and Village Owned Properties INSURANCE Fire Bonds Automobile Life Home and Commercial Surveys Visit Our New Offices at 477 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY Telephones: Dobbs Ferry 3-0331 - 3-2040 ---r SCHMIDT'S FARM RESTAURANT Dancing Friday and Saturday FORT HILL ROAD and JACKSON AVENUE West of Scarsdale, N. Y. Telephone: Scarsdale 3-1204 ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE BREYERS ICE CREAM HALLMARK CARDS Large Assortment of Toys Dobbs Ferry 3-0298 ST. BARNABAS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Holy Communion Every Sunday a17:3O A.M. First Sunday at 11:30 A.M. Morning Prayer. Other Sundays at 11:00 A.M. Church School at 9:30 A.M. HEATHERDELL and SAW MILL RIVER ROADS ARDSLEY, N. Y. FOR FUEL OILS CALL WILMOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY Dobbs Ferry 3-0181 730' c Telephone: Elmsford 6-H23-4 ELMSFORD LUMBER STORES, Inc 5 NEPPERHAN AVENUE euvisroko, New Yomc THE ARDSLEY RECREATION CLUB RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR ALL -if COMPLIMENTS OF "Your Next Blind Date" T O M A N S O N VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. Dobbs Ferry 3-1193 COMPLIMENTS OF LOU-ENA HAND LAUNDRY DOBBS FERRY NEW YORK COM PLIMENTS OF WESTCHESTER GOLF RANGE 701 DOBBS FERRY ROAD WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. TELEVISION SERVICE CENTER Television and Radio Sales and Service ARDSLEY GIRL SCOUT COURT OF AWARDS Woodlands Park - June 14th at 4:00 P.M. Followed by a Family Cook-Out See School News for Details THE NAME ' ' B A L F O U R ' ' STANDS FOR THE FINEST IN Class Rings, Commencement Announcements, Club Pins, Diplomas, Medals and Trophies L. G. BALFOUR Company 521 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N. Y. THE LEATHER DEN AND GIFT SHOP G. H. HAHN, Prop. Complete Line of Luggage and Gifts in Leather Laslo Tori Specializing in Leather Repair Work Manager Old Books Rebound Luggage and Trunk Hardware Replaced Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-4667 All Work Done on Premises 63 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Dobbs Ferry 3-1108 23 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y ly :- BEST WISHES T ? I c Hx, :L li ii! T1 XX -E X 'E 4' A' ' TITTETII T X f T UU 'T'f'f'T',.T X ' 1:QBQ T...Q'T4!5 fry, ig --T I' , ' TEST 'Q " ,il -f"" f T1 1 i' + Elwxg M, A X aw .. ., . ,, :asa E'- A T' 'W Your Friendly CARVEL DARI-FREEZE STORE 95 SOUTH CENTRAL AVENUE HARTSDALE, N. Y. --Mil . T 'H' LIBERTY + INTELLIGENCE + C ILILJ IB L Qun + Nxruong + SAFETV r MICHAEL GRANDOLFI IM" fo BU ILDER - CONTRACTOR ALTERATIONS - REMO 12 PARK AVENUE Dobbs Ferry l-r DELING 3-531 I R! ARDSLEY, N. Y W B. BRADBURY COMPANY Ci'-p J Yearbook Division 222 East 46th Street, New York 'I7, N. Y. --r 27 W 4 i GUS OHS STUDIO - GREENWICH OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits Groups Weddings Candids Direct Color ONS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers For the T952 ARDSLEYAN Longest Established Studio in Greenwich I9 WEST PUTNAM AVENUE ELIZABETH RUSH BARRY fPost Roady Greenwich 8-2230 ..., COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. VIRGIL P. TAMPONE BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Telephone: Elmsforcl 6-1886 - 6-1983-W 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD, NEW YORK ---r COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. RGBERT A. GREEN VILLHBE of HBDSLEY WESTCHESTER COUNTY NEW YORK Incorporated 1896 ROBERT E. L. BUNCH Mayor EMERSON VIRDEN CHARLES VAN BRUNT, JR. Trustees B. WILBUR MCDOWELL GEORGE DILLON Police Justice Counsel HELEN M. CHANDLER SYLVIA L. GAGNON Treasurer Clerk ARTHUR NOONE GEORGE R. SANKEY Trustees --r Bertman Maintenance Service J. Bergen B. Pobiner A Friend Lou Reader Mary Ann and Dan Ronald Berlind Adler's Hardware Myrna 8. Barry Mr. and Mrs. W. Foxwell Mr. and Mrs. C. DeLuca Col. and Mrs. A. Crisi Mr. and Mrs. W. Emerick Mr. and Mrs. C. Fisher Rosewood Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Weaver Dobbs Ferry Pastry Shop Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Lou's Shoe Service Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Guillan Mr. and Mrs. B. McKeough Mr. and Mrs. W. Baulieu Mr. and Mrs. R. Deter Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Arone Mrs. Helen Jazzo Richard's Hairdresser Harry Reider Dept. Store Kydes Shoe Repair Mrs. Mae J. Hallahan Mrs. R. S. Hallahan H. B. Williams, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS Frank Cammisa Norman Davids Dominick Pasquale Mr. and Mrs. Roberl McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Krauss William Baxter Joseph E. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. G. Kleinknecht Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Naviski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Price Charles Stahl William Thomas Henry D. Elling Melvin Redmond Claude Speicher George Gunther William .McHenry, Sr. Kurt von Brand Paul Jantzen Francis J. Purcell Dorothy M. Pelda Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. E. Virden Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cassens Robert and Edward Aim Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Fluskey Colony Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. D. DeNardo The Edwin Stone Family Mr. and Mrs. Papovitch Mr. and Mrs. R. Thackaberry Jack Koster Richard Amanna Jack D. Marrus Jean McGregor The Quist Family The Bennings Eileen McHenry Emma 8. Bud Raab Mr. Marius Kramer Leonard Gaarder Frank Jazzo, Sr. Rene, Dobbs Ferry Roberta McGregor Eve Gunther C. Grande Mrs. P. Muller Mrs. Eva Barrett Richard Arone Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Huesgen Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Leone Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Leary Thomas Sullivan Antonio D'Angelo Bert Riedel Auto Service Willoughby's Food Market Un'ted Cleaners 8- Dyers I Mr. 'and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wuestner J. Frischmann T. Steenwerth, Jr. Thomas Christiano Thomas H. Tunnard Oliver Brinkerhotli Larry Nardecchia Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E. Acker Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Coggins W. R. Robinson John R. Bernard Harry Gimbel A Friend Dom Pasquale A Friend A Friend Mr. C. Turene The Mesterns A Friend Mr. and Mrs. H. Bertman Mrs. B. F. Warden Mrs. Catherine Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Max Karl Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Arone Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . Henry A. Foxwell Mr. and Mrs. Gene Downey Helen G. Robbie Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Traber B. Wilbur McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Erik Strand Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sage Constance E. Parsons Tel. White Plains 9-1204 ARDSLEY DECORATORS SLIPCOVERS - DRAPERIES UPHOLSTERING Free Estimates DONALD F. ROONEY, Prop. 32 GROVE STREET WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK Telephone: Scarsdale 3-0631 PETER A. SHELLY FLORISTS and NURSERYMEN GREENHOUSES and NURSERIES ARDSLEY ROAD SCARSDALE, N. Y. Tel.: Dobbs Ferry 3-5372 O T T O ' S RESTAURANT and BAR Famous for Choice Foods Steaks a Specialty Accommodations for Parties 660 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF UNION SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS CO. M. F. KARL 17 TAFT LANE ARDSLEY, N. Y. 4316 LIBERTY AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. FINALE - X ff I I ':9"N S ,M V ' A. 14" ' U . W U 4 V, ., , .,-..,, I W W: gm-if , .nw . N.-Slf'1"W"lf - 1 f.

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