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fff . . Q.. . ' ,, 'ff' 'ff " , f Q N ' IJ," 3 ,',w,,,' ' X , ,vm , , ,V ""rB -r fs A x.2 1, N ' Class of 'I952 Y , 5 K ,ig f.q, Ardsley, New York lk ,M ,cl 1 I f X7 .gvxf-J X., Kfg,-,XJ-x, Y-54 W., .,..-- ...-- 1- FOREWQRD Our theme thIs year The SpIrIt of Ardsley Hugh was chosen Inasmuch as It symbollzes the feelIng InstIlled In the students here that Ideal of good sportsmanshIp and cooperatIon lt IS the spIrIt and frIend llness of our school wIth whIch VISITOVS are most Impressed Throughout the book thIs Splfll IS found In CCTIVITIES hIgh school and grades Many new features hIghlIght our 1951 Ardsleyan Use of Informal IndIvIdual photographs of the faculty IS a comparatIvely new Idea we hope you wIll enloy In order to enlIven the advertIsements and to make them more a part of the book we arranged snapshots of students and the faculty at the bottom of the pages and In orIgInatIng unusual shapes and desIgns for tne PICTUFBS Another achIevement of whIch we are very proud IS an addItIonal eIght pages over last years book WIth careful plannIng and hard work these extra pages have been used to further emphasIze the tremendous Interest taken by the students In extra currIcular UClIVIlleS For the second consecutIve year at Ardsley the staff has succeeded In publIshIng a book Wllh a hard cover We feel thIs IS an unusually fine accomplIshment tn such a comparatIvely small school and vnllage The successful completlon of the Ardsleyan requured that everyone connected wIth that prolect work together cooperatIvely and lIsten wIth an open mInd to all new thoughts and Ideas WIth thIs spIrIt ever present we belIeve that all who assIsted In makmg thIs yearbook pos sIble now feel that the aIms and Ideals of the Board of Edltors have been fulfilled 2 A great deal of time was spent in planning unique photography DEDICATICDN Your smcerlty and frlendlmess to everyone and your lmmlt personality For that reason as well as un recognition of your greatly appreclated capable assnstance on the yearbook we dedlcate this 1951 ARDSLEYAN to you Mr Clarence Felter 3 47 N-Q X. xr ff If Us i. . V ' iffy l. ft K. 1 .Q lm' XX u - X xy M l clflil l ll sl A , I 1 1 I I v f I 11 able way of enlivening high school life have made you a favorite C.S.P.A. CONFERENCE Eleanor Slaybaugh, Patricia Frischmann and Annette Gimbel. d'tor Art EVLIEAVER Editor RQBER-I YQUN ROTHY DO I agel' AdveniS"'SLlgA:-liAottoLA MISS DOROTHY M. PELDA English I and Il Adviser-ln-Chief of ARDSLEYAN Yearbook Club Adviser Creative Writers' Club Adviser Editor-in-Chief C.S.P.A. CONFERENCE Miss Dorothy Peldo, Eleanor Slaybaugh Clfcuyof ' DOR O T H Qogffmor 80507 ANN WWC E no-gef- P GIMBEL JANE UMW TCA Yfqwor I. ELEANOR SLAYBAUGH LA PAUUNE CA CE'MOrrozA Assistant Editor Assistant Editor PATRICIA FRISCHMANN CLAUDIA SPEICHER Photography Editor Ass't to Photography Editor ROBERT BELL MARJORIE ACKER MISS DOROTHY PELDA, Adviser-in-Chief, Literary Adviser MISS ELEANOR DAVIS, Art Adviser MR. CLARENCE FELTER, Circulation Adviser MR. HOWARD HARTMAN, Photography Adviser MR. PAUL KOORS, Budget Adviser MISS CORNELIA PATTESON, Business Adviser BOARD OF EDITORS FRONT-D. Young, J. Calace-Mottola, P. Frischmann, E, Slaybaugh, C. Speicher, A. Gimbel, P. Calace-Mottola, D. Elling. BACK-Miss C. Patteson, Mr. H. Hartman, Miss D. Pelda, R. Bell, R. Weaver, Miss E. Davis, Mr. P. Koors, Mr. C. Felter. .,..,.y eii. The staff of the 1951 ARDSLEYAN wishes to thank all those who in any way assisted in making possible the publication of this book. To the many advertis- ers who contributed so generously, goes special appreciation, for it is they who finance a mai- or part of the yearbook. We extend, too, our gratitude to the patrons and subscribers who Ioyally supported our proiect. We are also grateful not only for the advice and help given us by our faculty advisers but also for the fine cooperation of the teachers while the pictures were being tak- en. ADMINISTRATION MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN Supervising Principal Outdoor Club Mountamtop Club Junior Student Council Grade Color Guards :DQ r lil g u g, ""4ae fi MRS MARION B BROWN Secretary to the Principal WI? SPECIAL TEACHERS MISS CELIA P. CONKLIN School Nurse-Teacher Home Nursing-Girl Scouts Attendance Supervisor School Census Enumerator Health Teaching 'vqvra MM N4-Q ig MISS ELEANOR I. DAVIS MR. HOWARD T. HARTMAN Industrial Arts Cabinet Making Mechanical Drawing Gefieffll Mefal Art Adviser of ARDSLEYAN Phorosfophv Advise' Of ARDSLEYAN Beginning Art Advanced Design STAFF MRS BLANCHE M SHEA MRS MARY HOWELL MR JOHN HOLSCHER MR GEORGE VAN DUSEN AX ru "W ...., HARRY DE NIKE MR THOMAS J WILMOTH f-1. -HGH SCI-JCDQL fqjfgg- 5 A , 1 Mg, ,715 31 11 , tx if" 'g,- SENIOR SNAPSHOTS A2.- SENIOR PLAY Us TOP Koster. TOP RIGHT-J. Blasberg, V. Brennan, F. Ernst, M. Redmond, W. Woessner. CENTER LEFT-Joan Stohr, Walter Schmidt. CENTER RIGHT-V. Brennan, B. Edelman, E. McHenry, L. Carson, G. Schappach, BOTTOM LEFT-Final Curtain. BOTTOM RIGHT-E. McHenry, J. Juillerot, G. Schappach, V. Brennan. SENICDR SPCDTLICEHT We the members of the Class of 1951 from the start of our hugh school career have trued to add to the spurut of the school and suncerely hope that our memory wull be preserved un the hearts of the remaunung students and faculty What we have achueved un the four years we have spent un hugh school should contrubute to the spurut of good sportsmanshup perseverance and co operatuon that us Ardsley s As Freshmen wuth Mr Felter s help we quuckly adlusted ourselves to the dauly routune and soon were takung part un actuvutues and becomung better acquaunted wuth the upper classmen Our first prolect for the year was a very successful barn dance complete wuth colorful costumes and a caller Then we loyally supported the Senuor Subscruptuon Campaugn and through hard steady work won the first pruze Recognutuon was also guven to three students un the class who became members of the Thurd Degree as Freshmen The followung year wuth Muss Pelda and Mr Kluge as advusers we organuzed the Sophomore P X and sponsored the sale of candy at home basketball games We also enloyed puttung on a Sadue Hawkuns Dance for all four classes and had a hularuous auctuon as an added attractuon The prumary prouect as Junuors consusted un the publucatuon of the yearbook the ARDSLEYAN Through the efforts of Muss Pelda our advuser combuned wuth those of the staff the enture student body and the communuty the first hard cover un the ARDS LEYANS hustory was achueved Our yearbook receuved a first place un the Columbua Scholastuc Press Assocuatuon Contest In the sprung wuth Muss Robbues help we sponsored the annual festuve affaur the Senuor prom settung the scene on the deck of a luxury luner where young and old danced to the enchantung strauns of soft musuc At last as proud Senuors ut was our year for the Subscruptuon Campaugn Wuth the cooperatuon and combuned efforts of the enture student body Ardsley Hugh was awarded a plaque from the Curtus Publushung Company un recognutuon of an outstandung record un money brought un Meet Me In St Louus was the annual productuon of the class wuth each Senuor takung an actuve part both un front of and behund the scenes Through the unturung efforts of our advuser Mrs Koenug the play was a great success and the proceeds were added to our ever uncreasung Washungton Trup Fund Specual awards were also presented to two outstandung students Lous Carson who placed first un the costume desugnung contest sponsored by the Metropolutan Opera Guuld and to Fred Ernst who was awarded a scholarshup from the Westunghouse Scuence Contest for wunnung second pruze out of T3 OOO students un a natuon wude talent search Ardsley has every reason to be proud of both of them Graduatuon was the final step up the staurs of our accomplushments un hugh school and only then dud we actually realuze that the door of one small part of our luves was closung but a new and greater portuon was stull to come Another mulestone of lufe has passed but un whatever us to come we wull clung to the spurut that us Ardsley s and take our responsubulutues seruously whule makung the most of all that us ahead of us 9 I I I I . . , . , . . . . I ' I - I , . I ' I . . H . . H . . I II ll - - ' - ' ' I I . . . H I I ' , H . . . . . . . . . . . . , - I I I I I I ' I . . ,, . H . . I ' I I I I I I I ' - I 1 . I I . . . 1 . . . . . . . . PRESIDENT SENIOR OFFICERS VIRGINIA BRENNAN "She's willing to help you She never oltencls, And what's best of all, She's truest of friends."' Vice-President 3, President 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Third De- gree 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4, ARDSLEYAN Advertising Managery Mixed Chorus 3, Varsity Choir 'I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4: Clef Club 2, 3, 4, Regional, State, Con- tinental Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 3, 4, Girl Scouts: "Mrs. Smith" of Senior Play. WALTER SCHMIDT The man who can fight to Heaven s own height ls the man who can fight when he s losing Vlce President 4 Varsity Basketball 4 .lun lor Varsity Basketball 2 3 Varsity Base ball 2 3 4 Intra murals Softballl 2 3 4 Basketball 'I Stage Crew I 2 3 4 Man ager Graduation Usher 3 Student Council FREDERICK J. ERNST "Doing easily what others find dit- ficult is talent, doing what is im- possible for talent is genius." Treasurer 45 Honor Society 9 yearsp Second Degree 2 yearsp Third Degree 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: 'I00 Per Cent Club, President-in arithmetic, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, general science, Spanish I, chemistry, trig- onometryg Student Council 2, 3, Boy Scouts: "Mr. Dodge" of Senior Play. - Q. Iwi - 57 E TREASURER REPORTER VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY 4 Grandpa of Senior Play MARY COSTANTINI A never failing source t fri nclly helpfulness Class Reporter 3 Secretary 4 Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 5 years ARDSLEYAN Business Manager Salt and Pepper Produc tlon Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 'I 2 3 Varsity C our 3 GAA I 2 3 4 Gradua n Usher 3 Commercial Club 3 4 Business Manager of Subscription Campaign When Irish eyes are smiling Class Reporter 4 Honor Society 3 years Third Degree 4 Corresponding Secretary 4 ARDSLEYAN Typing Editor Salt and Pep per Production Staff 'I 3 4 Mixed Chorus I 2 GAA I 2 3 4 Graduation Usher3 Commercial Club 3 4 President 4 Student Council 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 Agnes of Senior Play 1 ll I 1 I ' ll . . . I . I h 1 1 1 -- 1 1 1 1 , 1 ' 1 ' ,11 11 - , . ll - -- 0 'e Il I 1 1 ' - V . 7 I EILEEN MCHENRY , F . ' 1 ' 1 1 I I ll - -- II I1 ' 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 'IO A ' 1 ' 1 1 . P I F . . . U , i . . i - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' , 11 n 1 1 MARGARET AVERY "And her sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden fleece." Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 5 years, Salt and Pepper Production Staff 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, State Music Festival 2, 3, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Assistant Captain 4, G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Student Council 2, Girl Scouts 'l, 2, "Tootie" of Senior Play. JACQUELINE BLASBERG sm: e, Her glory innumerable friends, Her personal self the best of good sports In taking whatever life sends Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 4 years ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor Salt and Pepper 'I Secretary 'I Mixed Chorus 2 3 Varsity Choir 2 3 Orchestra 1 2 Regional Music Festival 2 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 Graduation Usher 3 100 Per Cent Club Intermediate algebra Girl Scouts Mrs Waughop of Senior Play SENIORS LOIS CARSON "lt is not necessary to light a candle to the sun." Honor Society 8 years, Second Degree 2 years, Co-artist on ARDSLEYAN Art Staff, Mixed Chorus 3, Varsity Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 'l, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional, State, Continental Music Festival l, 2, 3, Varsity Cheerleader 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 4, Girl Scouts, "Rose" of Senior Play. GERALDINE CARTWRIGHT Laughter ripples from her eyes And lollity which loves surprise Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 5 years Mixed Chorus 'I 2 3 State Music Festival 2 3 GAA 'I 2 4 lntra murals Basketball 2 4 Volleyball 2 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 Spanish Club Secretory 2 Girl Scouts Katie of Senior Play BARBARA LOU EDELMAN Music is well said to be he speech of angels President 2 Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 2 years Third Degree 3 4 Record ing Secretary 4 ARDSLEYAN Editor in Chief Salt and Pepper 'I 2 Mixed Chorus 3 Varsity Choir l 2 3 4 President 4 Or 3 4 Regional State Continental Music Festival l 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 4 Junior Metropolitan Opera Guild 2 3 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 Sports Club 3 4 Dramatic Club 1 4 President 4 Spanish Club 2 3 Gradu ation Usher 3 Student Council 2 Grl Scouts Esther of Senior Play ll if so ,, . are 1 . . . . ,, ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 ' ,lu I ' 11 - I 1 . . if ,, . . . C f ' f ll at V . I . I L 1 ' 1 1 - . I . '. - . I 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - "Her dufy ,n l,fe-fo malnfaln G chestra 1, Girls Ensemble 3, Clef Club 'l, 2, -I , 1 .1 1 I .1 I . U . . 1 1 1 1 1 '- 1 1 1 - - - " 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - - ' ll ' 5 I 5 l ' . u 11 - . ' ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' I' , u - 11 ' I , . . SENIORS JOAN GARNIER She wallcs rn beauty like the nrght Class Reporter 3 Honor Socrety 9 years Second Degree 4 years Mlxed Chorus 'I 2 3 GAA l 2 3 4 Blue Team Captam 4 Sports Club Secretary 4 Dramatic Club Sec retary l Spamsh Club 2 3 Secretary 3 Graduation Usher 3 Glrl Scouts da of Senior Play DANIEL GORMAN Tho l am not reckless and rash Yet l have rn me something dan gerous Varsity Basketball 3 4 Jumor Varslty Bas ketball 2 Varsity Baseball 3 4 lntra murals Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Stage Crew HENRY E GREINER "A llon among women and a man among men " Mixed Chorus 3, Varsrty Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Jumor Varsaty Basketball I, Var slty Baseball 2, lntra mural Baseball 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 3, 4 c 'I2 JOHN E JONES A sincere fellow we wish hrm well Intramurals Basketball 1 2 3 4 Softball I2 3 4 StageCrewl 2 3 4 JAMES JUILLERAT "Ay, every Inch a kmg " President l, 3, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 2 years, Thurd Degree 2, 3, 4, Treas urer 2, 3, Vlce Presrdent 4, ARDSLEYAN Art Editor, Orchestra I, 2, Regional Band Fes tlval, Spanish Club l, Graduation Usher 3, Student Councrl 1, 3, Camera Club Vrce Presudent 1, "Mr Dodge" of Sensor Play ll ' I 1 - - ll ' ' ' ll - . . . H . ' . 1 - 1 1 p ' , , ' 2 I 1 I t 1...,,,, 'y 1117 111- , . 7 I 1 F , , I . i ' 1 "I " A ' A . gyg. ., . ll I I II . 1 P ' P 1 I ' 5 1 1 1 F I, 2, 3, 4. - ,., tx wwf ROBERT S KAMKE I am the master of my fate I am the captam of my soul Treasurer 'l 2 Honor Socuety 5 years ARDSLEYAN Photography Edltor Varslty Choir l 2 3 Clef Club 2 3 Treasurer 2 Varsuty Baskektball 3 4 Junior Varslty Bos ketball I 2 Varsity Baseball 3 4 lntra mural Softball 1 2 3 Fred Gregory l Senior Play sn., JOAN KARCHER A quiet and demure mrss Honor Soclety 4 years ARDSLEYAN Publlcuty Edltor Salt and Pepper Productuon Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 1 2 Varslty Choir 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Graduatuon Usher 3 Commercual Club3 4 Secretary4 Glrl Scouts lucllle of Senior Play SENIORS ROYLE KIPP The man for the moment " Varsuty Chour 2 3 Regional Musuc Festlval 2 Varsnty Basketball Asslstant Manager 'l Manager 2 Varsity Baseball Assnstant Man ager I Manager 2 lntra murals Basketball 1 2 3 4 Softball 3 Spanish Club4 Con ductor of Senior Play JOAN KOSTER ln youth and beau y wisdom IS but rare Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 4 years Thlrd Degree ARDSLEYAN Clrcula tlon Manager Mixed Cl1orus3 Varslty Choir 1 2 3 4 Orchestral 2 Gurls Ensemble 3 4 Clef Club 2 3 4 State Reglonal Musac F lval1234GAA1234G B 4 Sports Club3 4 President 4 Rldlng Club 4 Spanish Club 2 3 President 3 Gradu ation Usher 3 Gurl Scouts Ida of Sensor Pay THOMAS MARZELLA JR For when the One Great Scorer comes to wrlte against your name He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game Honor Society 3 years Second Degree 2 years Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 Juno Varsity Basketball 1 Varsity Baseball 2 3 4 Intramural Softballl 2 3 4 Stage Crawl 2 3 4 'I3 3 SENIORS ELLEN GRAY McPHEE "She avoids the extremes of torwardness and reserve." Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 5 years, ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Varsity Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, Clel Club 2, 3, 4, Regional, State and Continental Music Fes- tival l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, G.A.A, l, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 'l, 2, Spanish Club 2, 31 Graduation Usher 3, Girl Scouts, "Lucille" of Senior Play. JOSEPHINE PALERMO Small rn size but oh my' Honor Society 4 years Mixed Chorus l 2 3 Secretary Varsity Cholrl 2 3 4 Girls Ensemble 3 4 State Music Festival 2 3 Varsity Cheerleader 'l 2 3 4 Captain 3 4 GAA 'l 2 3 4 Presldent4 GAB 3 4 Sports Club 4 Commercial Club 3 4 Student Council 2 4 Journalism Club Pro duction Staff 4 Agnes of Senior Play MELVIN W REDMOND JR A heart to resolve and a hand to execute Vice President 2 Treasurer 3 Honor Society 5 years Mixed Chorus 3 Varsity Basketball 4 Junior Varsity Basketball 2 3 Varsity Baseball 2 3 4 Intramurals Softball l 2 3 4 Basketballl Spanish Club 2 Stage Crew Electrician 2 3 Student Council 4 Boy Scouts Lon of Senior Play 'I4 GEORGE J. SC HAPPACH "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Honor Society 3 years, Second Degree i year, Third Degree 3, 4, Treasurer, Varsity Choir 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Clef Club 3, 4, Regional Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 3, lntra-mural Basketball 2, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Student Council President 4, Boy Scouts, "Mr. Smith" of Senior Play. Full ot fun ancl mischief oo Eyes of brown and tive foot two Honor Society 3 years Mixed Chorus 'l 2 Varsity Choir 3 4 Girls Ensemble 3 4 State Music Festival 3 4 Varsity Cheer er 3 4 GAA l 4 GA Commercial Club 3 4 Journalism Produc tion Stott 4 Tootle ot Senior Play ll ' ' .- Il ' 1 ' 1 1 I . . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' , ll rr - , . . , . L I V . ll ll if ' ' - Q 1 1, ' JOAN sToHR 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ff ' ' If I 1 1 7 ' 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 ' " 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll ll ' P ' . ' I s 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - lead , , . . . , 2, 3, , . .B. 4, ' 1 1 ' ' - , 11 - 11 - , . ELEANOR WAHLQUIST Oh the strange sweet del1ght of the valley of dreams Honor Soclet 9 years Second Degree 3 Y years Salt and Pepper l 2 Mlxed Chorus 3 GAA I 2 3 4 Spanlsh Club2 3 Gcrl Scouts ALAN WALKER S1Ience rs a true fnend who never betrays Varslty Cholr 3 Intra mural Basketball 1 3 SENIORS JAMES WELSFORD A trifle qulet perhaps but a comfortable person o have for a fnend Secretary 3 Honor Soclety 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Varsuty Chonr 'I 4 Reglonal Mussc Fes tnval I Intra mural Basketball l 2 Dramahc Clubl 2 3 4 Spanish Club 2 Boy Scouts I 2 Photography Club 3 John of Sen lor Play WILLIAM WOESSNER Persuasion tips his tongue where eer he talks Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 2 years Varsity Basketball 3 4 Manager Junior Varsity Basketball Manager 2 Var slty Baseball Manager 3 lntra murals as ketballl 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Spanish Club 2 Boy Scouts Lon of Senior Play JOHN YOTTES Leave srlence to the saints I am but human Salt and Pepper 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Junior Varsuty Basketball 1 2 Varsity Baseball 'I 3 4 Intramurals Softball 'l 2 3 Basketball! 2 3 4 Boy Scouts Duffy of Semor Play 15 ll ' I I 11 ,, . . ' 1 I I 1 1 y ' I" I - - -' 1 1 1 I 1 I , , I I I 1 I ' I ' 1 I 1 1 1 F I ,VX , , 11 11 ,fs 1 1 1 ' 1. 1 ' H . . . 4-. 1 ll I I 1 1 I 7 . 5 - :B - 'f' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , .11 11 - 1 1 - l 11 - - I I ll ,, . . . l I ' I 1 I 1 ll . 21 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 41 , , 11 11 ' ' . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , SENIOR FAVORITES CLASS TEASES ALL AROUND FAVORITES GLAMOUR GIRL AND PLAYBOY Z GEORGE SCHAPPACH VIRGINIA BRENNAN LOIS CARSON JOHN YOTTES HEARTBREAKERS FRIENDLIEST MELVIN REDMOND JOAN GARNIER JAMES JUILLERAT VIRGINIA BRENNAN MOST COURTEOUS MOST ATHLETIC l......--1'5" W Emi L. 4 -1 VIRGINIA BRENNAN, FRED ERNST THOMAS MARZELLA, JOSEPHINE PALERMO V w U V gf I 1.4-J , x I 3 - 1 . ' ' J - I la i. . I ,..: f If n I , .,' ' A 1 D Y I I ,C gh I I I Class Presldent Class Vrce President PATRICIA FRISCHMANN ROBERT BELL Class Treasurer Class Secretary CLAUDIA SPEICHER JANET NOTTELMANN Class Mother Assistant Class Mother MRS HENRY ELLING MRS CLIFFORD WEAVER MISS HELEN G ROBBIE Latln Spanish Spanlsh Club Honor Society CLASS OF 1952 FRONT ROW Mary Frauetta SECOND ROW Ann Yottes Dorothy Young THIRD ROW Theresa Curtin Claudia Spelcher Eleanor Slaybaugh FOURTH ROW Mlss Helen Robbie Josephane DeRocha Janet Calace Mottola Dolores Garnier Janet Nottelmann FIFTH ROW Patrlcla Frnschmann Annette Glmbel Marlorle Acker Alice Ward Pauline Calace Mottola SIXTH ROW Salvatore Cumlno Gall Kurkela Dorothy Ellmg Beth Kakerback John Cawley SEVENTH ROW Robert Emeruck Wnllnam Flanagan Robert Flnn George DeFeo EIGHTH ROW Robert Bell Robert Weaver ABSENT Donald Pasquunl QSOQJL 18 -gf ivan sift" FRONT ROW Anne Huesgen Ralph Dahm Jean Brennan Anthony D Angelo Gerrl Mc Cormack Rnchard Arone SECOND ROW Donald Raab Carol Manchester Dommuck DeLuca Barbara Rutlglan Lester Rlordan Barry Cogglns Evelyn Schmidt BarbaraOl.eary THlRD ROW Ronald Berllnd Gall Karcher Dominick Pasquale PCTFICIO Gaarder Richard Wood Patrlcla Nardecchla Kenneth Cauvet Mary Murray FOURTH ROW John Koster Helga Nordun Roberta McGregor Charles Rlccl Maureen McHenry Frank Jazzo Mary Lou Cammusa Robert Cook Robert Wulson Mr Frank Kluge MR FRANK KLUGE Mathematncs JV Basketball Coach JV Baseball Coach Student Councnl Adviser Sophomore Advlser CLASS OF1953 Class Presrdent Class V1cePres1dent ROBERTA MCGREGOR FRANK JAZZO Class Treasurer Class Secretary DOMlNlCK PASQUALE GERRI MCCORMACK Class Mother Assistant Class Mother MRS BRUCE CAUVET MRS JOSEPH E BRENNAN i.:k. , 4 ' I 4 . , . ,,,,..- ' ' 1- , ,J .. 4' A . ' -. JI "" O ' ' . t, 'is J ' . A PJ 4 , 1, lv is vf r My A , ,W .i 4. k N 'lA'j - ,, 'Q H .A 'nth "', . , Q 1 9 , .w v , f' "Q--1 vf' J a " ' t ,. . . v X , . -' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - " 1 I . . . . , I I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I 7 I I 1 1 1 - - Class President RICHARD FRISCHMANN Class Treasurer RICHARD BANCROFT Class Mother MRS. PAUL KOORS MR. CLARENCE E. FELTER Social Studies Histor Feshma CI ss Ad e Class Vice-President ALBERTA DENARI Class Secretary LOUISE QUIST Assistant Class Mother MRS. MAX KARL C I- A S S Q If 'IQ 5 4 LEFT ROW-Lawrence Raicht, Royce Paula Koors, William Bell, Ruth Seeler, Robert Wilmoth, Frances Murphy, Peter Connolly, Bartholomew DeRocha, Barbara Canning. SECOND ROW-Carol Hashagen, Douglas Boyd, Ann Wilmoth, Richard Bancroft, Laura Pearce, David Fluskey, Alberta Denari, Duncan Wilson, Anthony DePaul. THIRD ROW-Armand Fattori, Mr. Clarence E. Felter, Richard Frischmann, Rosina Mobilia, Robert Hamilton, Gertrude Rosler, Joseph DeNardo, Dorothy McPhee, Michael Grandolfi, Carol Riordan. RIGHT ROW-Ruby Morehi, Gerhard Karl, Margaret Flanigan, William Finger, LaVerne Ward, Marianne Wertheim, Louise Quist, Joseph Leach, Walter Edelman. HIGH SCHOOL SNAPSHOTS TOP LEFT W Woessner J Horend G Karcher J OLeary CENTER RIGHT W Edelman J DeNardo end J Brennan J Blasberg CENTER LEFT STAND McPnee G Rosler BOTTOM LEFT H Gremer W ING D DeLuca R Bancroft D Pasquale K Cauvef Flanxgan J Jullleraf S Clmlno BOTTOM RIGHT D W Bell A DePaul D Boyd SITTlNG H Nordun B Wilson G Schappach B Ruhglan 20 L ' K 3 TY L' Brennan, G. McCormack, Ward. TOF RIGHT-J. Hari J. Leach? R. Frischmann, M. Grandolfi, DeRocha, D Q' 4 ' My u . f yu , v ,. 4 gs' J .3.,yw, A f K ,. J, "L ,, Wiz? 1'1-445 ' V. .V ' 1. -w. v 4 J. I X m , if z 1 V' 1, ,uiwid . Q 3, ELSE, 1 5 A 1 al 'Z 1 f 'V . . W. ,., 1 1 uni AV b-X 'S 1 , gn ' f ' ! ,. 4, 1 1 , if, if X -ar fy f,,4,n'?,-' , mfg T' X n f'?2f.3' A .Q 12 , i, A Q gaix in , 5. 11 s ' Q 8 y 9 , 1 i 1' F Q Q H11 6, Q. K 'hy H In L3-A N .I Jigga. ,fi X 1- . " ' ax 212 . . f . N . gg' 'L-- "' Q 1 " .Q . , , ,V V. . , ,, 1, . 1. , 's , 1 THIRD DEGREE The Third Degree, the exec- utive group of the Honor Soci- ety, undertook the revision and simplification of the citiz- enship cards. To Fred Ernst, who did much of the prelim- inary planning, goes our ap- preciation. Desirous of having the cards printed, the students sold Tee-shirts in order to fin- ance this activity. At the Twenty-eighth Annu- al lnitiation, forty new mem- bers were inducted. The Third Degree has been ably headed by the following officers: V. Brennan, President, J. Juillerat, Vice-President, B. Edelman, Recording Secre- tary, E. McHenry, Correspond- ing Secretary, and G. Schap- pach, Treasurer. Miss Helen Robbie is adviser. SEATED-Eileen McHenry Barbara Edelman George Schappach Joan Koster Dominick Pasquale. STANDING James Juillerat Virginia Brennan Richard Arone Frank Jazzo Fred Ernst Claudia Spelcher Patncla Fnschmann Miss Helen Robbie .M PROGRAM PRODUCTION COMMITTEE Mr M C Vincent Marlone Acker Gail Kurkela Joseph leach Janet Calace Mottola aL Mrs E B Koenig Pauline Calace Mottola Jean Brennan Kenneth Cauvet Laura Pearce This year the newly formed Program Production Committee ably advised by Mr Mitchell C Vincent Chairman and Mrs Elinor B Koenig brought forth many hours of entertainment for the high school people Its main purpose was the planning of assembly events was a success 22 .uw E I Q I . . hi I .-X I - A .X . wg programs for the entire year. Everyone agrees that its first year's selection of assembly STUDENT COUNCIL R President GEORGE SCHAPPACH Secretary Treasurer EILEEN MCHENRY Vrce President PATRICIA FRISCHMANN Adviser MR FRANK KLUGE SEATED Jean Brennan Annette Gnmbel Enleen McHenry Vsrguma Brennan Roberto McGregor Royce Paula Kaors STANDING Mr Frank Kluge George Schappach Frank Jazzo PCITICIU Frlschmann Josephine Palermo Walter Schmidt Melvln Redmond Richard Bancroft Richard Frlschmonn JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL The Junior Student Councnl consists ofthe class presidents t o'n the thnrd grade through the enghth grade Those who have served durmg the pres Mondellu and C Stahl of Grade 3 K Yocus and G Dav :ds of Grade 4 S Sage Grade 5T E Kantor and R Mooney of Grade 5F C Slay baugh and M Karl of Grade 6 A Kalmykow of Grade 7 and D Meter of Grade 8 They meet with Prlnclpal Ar thurW Slllrman to discuss pol :cues and furnish leadership for student actnvltles m the ele mentary school and twlce a year go on an Adventure Edu cation trlp FRONT ROW Der: Meuer Ruth Mooney Andrew Kalmylrow Daved Purdy Eluzobeth Waldemar Sally Sage Erlc Kantor Prlscllla Young Frank Childs SECOND ROW Joanne RICCIO Carol Stahl Karen Kluepfel Kenneth Yocns Chester Slaybaugh Gordon Davnds Muchael Mondelll Janet Rubm Charles Messeruch Mr Slllnman . . 5 .1 ' I 4 I . ' r I ' ' 6 Q Ll I ' ' " H 1 2 ent school year Include M. I B 4. ', . " . 1 V + - , . . - -1 . .I k' I , . of , . . . I Q - , . I . ' ' ' 23 a 75 -an 'ic- X me 1 ff MR. CHARLES W. HOREND Assistant Principal Science Adult Driver Education School Camps SEATED-Patricia Frischmann, Eileen McHenry, John Jones. STANDING--Mr. Charles Horend, Beth Kok- erbeck, Mary Costantini, Pauline Calace-Mottola, Josephine Palermo, Janet Calace-Mottola, Joan Karcher, Cin carl Alice Ward, John Cowley, George DeFeo, Salvatore Cimino, William Flanigan, Robert Bell, Robert Weaver, Alan Walker, Donald Pas- quini. This year for the first time a drivers' education course was installed in Ardsley High. Under the supervision of Mr. Horend, we learned the sports- manlike principles of driving and the basic man- euvers practiced on the road. After successfully completing the course, the deserving students were granted drivers' licenses along with the school's blue card certifying that they had been taught how to be sound, efficient and courteous motorists. BIOLOGY CAMP The second Ardsley High School Biology Camp was held at Croton Point early in October. The entire class was at camp for a whole week. Biology was the maior topic, but other school subiects were kept up in study halls. Valu- able lessons were learned in the field of group living, re- sponsibility and cooperative accomplishment. Many officials, from the State Education Department and various Boards of Educa- tion, visited this pioneer pro- iect and are making plans to expand the activity to other school systems. Mr. Charles Horend is adviser. DRIVING CLASS SPANISH CLUB Through Informative talks and colorful films the Spanish Club broadens the students knowledge of the Spanish language and ac qualnts the members with the land and customs of Spam Mexico and South America One activity was a trip through the Hispanic Museum, followed by lunch In a Mexican restaurant The officers of the Senior group are Claudia Spelcher, President, and Gall Kurkela Secretary The first year students chose Dominick Pasquale President and Frank Jazzo Secretary Miss Helen Robbie is the adviser MRS ELINOR B KOENIG Library English IV Senior Adviser Dramatic Coach Senior Play Dramatic Club Adviser DRAMATIC CLUB SEATED Walter Edelman Loss Car son George Schappach STANDING Barbara Edelman Mrs Koenig James Welsford Patricia Nardecchla Koster The purpose of this active organization is to become ac quamted with the mam prln ciples of acting and stage production During the year the primary dramatic accomp lzshment was the presentation In assembly of an old fash toned melodrama, but the organization also participated In many other profitable ac TIVITIES Barbara Edelman IS President with James Wels ford, Vice President and Pat ncaa Nardecchla Secretary Treasurer Mrs Elinor B Koenig IS adviser 25 I , . I I , . I I I ' , 1 I - . ' ' ,. 7941, T I ' I I . . I I ' , A Duncan Wilson, Anne Huesgen, John . V N - I - I . I . Through films, speakers, and demonstrations, the Commercial Club has ac- quired knowledge of the business world. This year the twelve members visited the offices of the "Reader's Digest", Packard Business College, the Latin Amer- ican Institute, and other educational places. Presi- dent of the club is Eileen McHenry, Vice-President, Annette Gimbel, Secretary, Joan Karcher, Treasurer, Dorothy Young, Reporter, Janet Nottelmann, and ad- viser Miss Cornelia Patte- son COMMERCIAL CLUB Josephine Palermo MISS CORNELIA PATTESON Shorthand Typewritmg Secretarial Practice Commercial Club Business Adviser of ARDSLEYAN JOURNALISM CLUB sv 6' FRONT ROW Mr Paul Koors Ann Yottes Gail Kurkela Janet Calace Mottola Marlorie Acker Ruth Seeler SECOND ROW Josephine DeRocha Marianne Wer theim Dorothy Young Walter Edelman Pauline Calace Mottola Eileen McHenry THIRD ROW Alice Ward Annette Glmbel Theresa Curtin Royce Paula Koors Mary Fraietta Duncan Wilson SITTING Annette Gimbel Ann Yottes Mary Costantim Eileen McHenry Janet Nottel mann Josephine DeRocha Alice Ward Dolores Garnier STANDING Miss Patteson Theresa Curtin Dorothy Young Mary Fraietta Peggy Avery Joan Stohr Joan Karcher MR PAUL J KOORS Eng ish III Guidance Counselor Journalism Club Budget Adviser of ARDSLEYAN An active organization in Ardsley High School is the Journalism Club now boasting fifteen members Many fundamentals of lournalism have been learned by publishing our school paper the Salt and Pepper Edltorm Chief is Janet Calace Mot tola with Gail Kurkela as assistant Mr Paul Koors as adviser and Miss Cor nella Patteson head of production I 1' ' ::. 7 -4 "' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 l I I I I I I ,Si ' . . A Q gr I. t . 'J , yi . k A . H ls , - I ." - I I ' 1 'f .- 9' . . . 3 nw q 4, , , , 1 ' "2 . as s ' s . .f L ff 1' l 1 1 so . 1 ww , - -if L 1, , i . lr I 11 - - - - 1 1 1 ' 1 . . . - . . - I , , - 1 . . I I I - I ' n . . . I " 1 1 1 I . , . CREATIVE WRITERS The Creatuve Wrnters The Yearbook Club was orgamzed thus year by Mlss Dorothy M Pelda ARDSLEYAN advnser to en able seventeen Interested sophomores to learn the fundamentals of yearbook production Dommlck Pas quale President and Frank Jazzo Vuce Presndent have conducted meetmgs on photography layout ad vertrslng and pruntlng ter mmology Keepmg nn mmd the dos and don t's of good yearbook productuon the group cooperated nn setting up a general plan for each page un an :mag mary ARDSLEYAN Bar bara Rutnglan IS Secretary Club IS composed of those who enloy orlglnatlng sto nes and essays Meetmg wrth Mlss DorothyM Pelda thenr advnser the members read aloud their own work takmg turns crltlcnzmg one anothers maternal When time permits Gerrl M Cormack Presldent and Marlanne Werthelm Vlce President conduct the group an discussions of the essentlals of good wntmg and read selectnons from famous authors and crltlcs Laura Pearce I5 Secretary TOP TO BOTTOM EXCLAMA TION POINT Anthony D Angelo Ruth Seeler Walter Edelman Gerrl McCormack SEMI COLON Mxss Dorothy Pelda QUESTION MARK Ann Wllmoth Barbara Cannlng Marianne Werthelm Duncan Wllson Laura Pearce YEARBOOK CLUB FRONT ROW Barbara O Leary Barbara Rutlglan Mlss Dorothy Pelda Domlnlck Pasquale Frank .lazzo SECOND ROW Anne Huesgen Mary Murray Evelyn Schmldt Maureen McHenry Helga Nordm Jean Brennan Gerrl McCormack Patrlcla Nardecchla Ronald Berllncl THIRD ROW Richard Arone Kenneth Cauvet John Koster Patrlc1aGaarder Roberta McGregor Ralph Dahm Mary Lou Cammrsa Charles Rrccl CLEF CLUB FRONT-Ellen McPhee, Barbara Edelman, Lois Carson. BACK-George Schappach, Virginia Brennan, Joan Koster, Claudia Speicher, Mr. M. Vincent. VARSITY CHOIR The Varsity Choir is the senior perform- ing group of the Music department. The members of this organization have earned an enviable reputation for themselves by their artistic singing. They have appeared in several school programs, presented concerts before the P.T.A. and other local groups, entered into competition and had members who participated in both county and state choral organizations. FRONT-M. McHenry, B. Edelman, J. Brennan, R, Bancroft, Mr. M. C. Vincent, W. Edelman, V. Bren- nan, E. Slaybaugh, P. Frischmann. SECOND-J. Palermo, I.. Ward, R. Hamilton, G, Schappach, R. Berlind, P. Connolly, D. McPhee, M. Wertheim. THIRD-B. Canning, R. P. Koors, J. Nottelmann, J. Koster, R. Emerick, K. Cauvet, J. Welsford, J. Koster, M. Avery, L. Quist. If ,G I, VIOLIN-V. Dulce, M, Baker, A. Messerich, C. Dewar, M. Wertheim, J. Goodwin. VIOLA-R. Koors. FLUTE- V. Brennan, C. Hashagen. CLARINET-J. Baker, N. Solomon. CELLO-E. Waldemar, C. Speicher. TROM- BONE-G. Schappach. FRENCH HORN-R. Frisch- mann, TRUMPET-F. Jazzo, R. Arone, R. Bancroft PIANO-R. Dahm, N. Cauvet. CONDUCTOR-Mr. Vincent. ORCHESTRA The orchestra consists of students from grade five through senior year in high school. It has finally reached a point of accomplishment which permits it to accept invitations for outside performances. Three members were chosen to represent the school in the sectional All-State Music Festival at the County Center and from this trio, one was chosen to play in the All-County High School Symphony Or- chestra which consists of seventy-five players. MR. MITCHELL C. VINCENT Director of Music Varsity Choir, Orchestra Girls' Chorus Chairman of Assembly Programs SENIOR ELEMENTARY CHORUS The Senior Elementary Chorus includes 44 outstanding music students in the seventh and eighth grades. They are sel- ected for their ability, cooperation and dependability. This chorus has performed under the direction of Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck at various programs held at school. They ap- peared at the State Music Festival at New Rochelle and received a very favorable re- port. They also have presented worth- while programs for the Ardsley Spring Concert, Armistice Day, Christmas, and American Education Week programs. Claudia Speicher is accompanist. MISS EVELYN HALLENBECK Music Sr. Elementary Chorus Jr. Elementary Chorus Junior Ensemble The Junior Ensemble is composed of twelve eighth grade girls demonstrating exceptional ability in the field of choral music. This group, under the direction of Miss Hallenbeck, not only has performed at many school programs, but also has pre- sented outstanding programs for groups in the community. JUNIOR ENSEMBLE f i , tum ' i' ev. 'Q ,fir 1., V this L. to R. TOP-Loretta Arone, Evelyn Haller. SECOND-Margaret Ann Reuter, Angela Locuratolo, Barbara Berlind. THIRD-Margaret Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Flanigan. FOURTH-Elizabeth Woldemar, Barbara Nardecchia, Dorene Suthergreen. BOTTOM-Judith Baker, Annette Scott. JUNIOR ELEMENTARY CHORUS Organized in 1948, the Junior Elemen- tary Chorus comprised of seventy-four outstanding students of the fifth and sixth grades has since become an active part of the Music Department. Its purpose is to give a background in choral music to students in these grades to prepare them for future work in the music field. Officers for 1950-51 were President Margaret Christiana, Secretary Virginia Duke. Miss Hallenbeck conducts and ac- companies the group. Q96 SEWING CLUB STANDING Kate Schoensteun Carol McKeough Angela Locuratolo Judy Goodwun Margot Moore Annette Scott Angela Pasquunu SEATED Betsy Waldemar Joyce Bloomfield Judy Baker Jean Seeler Grace Barbueru Katherune Santore Dolores Ankhelen The Amerucan Junuor Red Cross Club us composed of students from the Hfth, suxth, and seventh grades Each group meets once a week and carrues on a varuety of actuvutues The boys' sectuon has repaured and paunted old toys The gurls made stuffed anumals, knutted squares for an af ghan, and assembled nut cups for the hosputals Mrs Ruth Howes us the advuser MRS RUTH H HOWES Home Econom cs Sewung Club Junuor Red Cross JUNIOR RED CROSS The Sewung Cl b un cludes gurls from the sev enth and eughth grades as well as the hugh school classes They meet at least once a week or oftener uf they so desure The gurls en 'oy duscussung current styles sewung They have had the pleasure of creatung and makung new addutuons to theur wardrobes Mrs Ruth Howes us the advuser . , l U ' - A -,il - - , , 5 ' - .. 1 if . I . V , , - . . . ' ' . 9 , ni ' . A A l . . ' ' g and learnung new trucks un 'Ai -V mn, ' ,Q Q . x h, . ' s t . 1 I I I I I ' T I I I I I .I I , . NK N a 'tt . ,AX The hugh school Out door Club founded 1936 has been relatnvely lnactnve thus year In years past lt ranged from e Whlte Mountains to the Blue Ridge and from e Adurondacks to the ancient lndlan Mounds of Ohio but currently nts lumor branch the Mountaun Top Club which operates with ln a more llmlted radlus has been especlally actlve Prmclpal Arthur W Sllll man as adviser for both groups LEFT TO RIGHT Barry Cogglns Kenneth Cauvet Prmcnpal Arthur W Sllllman Robert Wilson Richard Wood THE OUTDOOR CLUB THE MOUNTAIN TOP CLUB ND!! The Mountaln Top Club provides education adven tures for mterested boys and gurls from Grades 5 through 8 A favornte trnp us to Fahnestock Park less than 40 mules away and yet with an elevatlon over 1000 feet and almost a mountain type cllmate Towermg evergreens beaver pond the remains of a CCC Camp a cave and a ska run add to the mterest At Fahnestock Park members are thrllled to take short traps on the Appalachlan Tranl extend mg from Marne to Georgia over mountalns and ridges the longest footpath In the world comparable to the ancient caravan routes On adventure educatnon trlps the young people explore relucs of the colomal Iron lndustry vusnt a colomal grust mall stnll In operataon and climb Mount Rlga, even spending three days on Mount Greylock , In , , th F I I - I - 1 I . . , , ' 11 gl- ,-- fffe'-LT" 'q A, -', 'J-, ""' 5' s ""' , .L 5 -V ' ' .fe-ff"'fu N . , I I , a I I I - I I I I BOY SCOUTS CUBS Ardsley Scout Troop No. 3 and Cub Scout Pack No. 3 are sponsored by the Ardsley Post, American Legion. The local troop has received charters from the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, for 30 consecutive years. Three decades of continuous Scouting is an achievement of which our community may boast, for few local Scouting organizations have a comparable record of continuous service to its boys. The Troop and Pack meet in our school building, but many of the activities occur at Camp Woebuck, a wooded spot in the outskirts of our town on which is located a cabin donated by the Lions Club. 32 GIRL SCOUTS BROWNIES The 125 Ardsley Girl Scouts attending the Court of Awards received 253 proficiency badges Their fund raising prolect a cookie sale was a grand success with 3 708 boxes sold. Mrs. Robert Morris, chairman ofthe Ardsley Girl Scouts Association, announced plans which included sending school kit bags to European children, enioying a weekend camp- ing trip, joining in a father-daughter dinner, with a day's outing plus a bus trip for all Scouts. 33 X SPORTS CLUB FRONT-Joan Koster. SECOND ROW-Annette Gimbel, Joan Garnier, Claudia Speicher, Dorothy Young. THIRD ROW-Barbara Edelman, Miss Grace Roll, Josephine Palermo. MISS GRACE ROLL Girls' Athletics . S t Cl b, G.A.A. Every girl's highest aim is to become a member of the Sports Club, the highest por S U girls' sports organization. Its members referree all G.A.A. games. Our first project was a cartoon movie which netted en Riding Club, G.A.B. ough for each member to purchase a green and white sweater. Early in December we went to the Ice Vogues and in February, roller skating. Thanks to the assistance of Miss Grace Roll, our adviser, the Sports Club has had a very successful year Joan Koster is President and Joan Garnier, Secretary GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Girls Athletic Association is year volleyball, soccer basketball badminton and softball are played At the end of the year a picnic is held when awards are presented to the girls who have fulfilled the requirements The girls appreciate the time and effort given by Miss Grace A Roll ticlpate in team and Individual sports Each girl is eligible to make honor teams and to compete against other schools In sports programs During the school I F . , . . . . . to give every high school girl an opportunity to par- . , ' ' GIRLS ATHLETIC BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT Joan Koster Alberta Denarl Annette Glmbel Miss Grace Rall Roberta McGregor Joan Stohr Josephine Palermo ARDSLEY DUEBS FERRY EASKETBAII RIDING CLUB FRONT Margaret Ann Reuter Marlanne Wertheum REAR Katherme Schaenstenn Mlss Grace Ro Gaul Kurlnela Ruth Seeler Joan Koster Joyce Bloomfield Caryl Huesgen The Gnrls Athletnc Board IS an advnsory group to the Girls Athletlc Assoclatnon lt consists of a representatuve from each hugh school class and Includes the president of GAA and the presndent of Sports Club Together they plan a schedule of all G A A actnvltles for the year, such as volleyball basketball, bad mlnton and softball The Board also helps ln organlzmg the final GAA pncnlc Mass Roll IS advlser Since early October, the members of the newly organ lzed Rldung Club have been rldlng every Wednesday af ternoon Durmg the autumn we went through the extensive trasls of Rockefellers estate but when wmter arrived, we were confined to the lnslde rung There we learned the techniques of rung rldmg preparatuon for the sprung horse show nn whuch we com peted against other schools Mnss Grace Roll IS advuser I T I .I I ll 1 1 , . V5 ,, ., . . 4 ., . .. I . ' x A N ' ... ll , . - , - -. - ' ll, I I I I I ' 6 u l - . , I . , I I ,ln The Junior Varslty team, coached by Mr Frank Kluge, once agaln developed into an outstanding lunlor qulntet In mud season, star forward Frank Jazzo, was moved to the Varslty Despite thus, the teams league record was 6 vlctorles and 4 defeats, they finished In third place Con stant drnll and practice with experlence ln games has de veloped many boys In their group for a Varsuty berth next year ARDSLEY N Y S D GAME Photo Courtesy of White Plalns Reporter Dlspatch Ardsley Varsity Henry Grelner John Cawley George DeFeo JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT Frank Jazzo Robert Wnlson Dominick Pasquale Robert Fmn Ronald Berllnd Robert Cook SECOND ROW Donald Raab Robert Emeruck Robert Weaver BACK Anthony DAngelo Manager Ruchard Bancroft Robert Wllmoth Wllllam Flanagan Coach Frank Kluge Wllllam Bell Douglas Boyd Barry Coggms Anthony DePaul Richard Arone Assistant Manager CHEERLEADERS Cheer for the team has been the motto of eight spmted gurls who were chosen to represent Ardsleys cheerleading squad early an October Following many vlgorous weeks of practice, under the guidance of Mass Evelyn Hallenbeck, the squad helped to usher In the T950 51 basketball season The appearance of the squad at the All Star game and the county tour nament cllmaxed thus truly excmng season FRONT Josephine Palermo Margaret Avery LaVerne Ward Dolores Garnier BACK Joan Stohr .Ianet Calace Mottola Alice Ward Pauline Calace Mottola ' I I 1 r I I I I ' W . - , . J II ll ' l . . . , fi . . . 'M - - . Z I , . 5. S - , I 1 - - 1 ' I 1 ' - VARSITY BASKETBALL George DeFeo wmner West ern Westchester League foul shooting champlonshlp FRONT Walter Schmudt Coach Kenneth Brown Damel Gorman Thomas Marzella John Cawley BACK Robert Kamlze Melvm Redmond George DeFeo Henry Gremer Wnl Ardsley Varsuty tued for sec ond place an Western West chester League MR KENNETH BROWN Boys Athletlcs Varslty Basketball Varsity Baseball lntra murals """' W""""' M"""9" VARSITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE GAMES VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT Melvm Redmond Edgar Walton George DeFeo Henry Woessner Thomas Mar lella John Cowley SECOND ROW Robert Emerlck Rlchard Ward Walter Schmidt Robert Komke Frank Novlello Frank Jauo John Yottes Gerald Penllo Wnllnam Woess ner BACK Danlel Gorman Coach Kenneth Brown 37 Ardsley Opponent Dobbs Ferry Won Irvington ost Croton ost Won Won OST Hendrick Hudson Dobbs Ferry Irvmgton Won Won Won Croton Alexander Hamulton Hendnck Hudson VARSITY TEAM V . 46 43 50 ' 51 L 40 53 L 56 Alexander Hamilton 45 Won 57 ' 54 49 47 K 40 ' 51 L M W A ,. it 53 50 45 ' 31 77 ' 62 L l ACTIVITY SNAPSHOTS TOP LEFT-Walter Schmidf, Roy Kipp, Billy Woessner. TOP RIGHT-George Schappcch and Jimmy Juillerai. CENTER LEFT-Bob Finn, Frank Jazzo, Bob Cook, Bob Emerick, Bob Weaver. CENTER RIGHT-Danny Gorman, Melvin Redmond, John Cowley. LOWER LEFT-Billy Woessner, Roy Kipp, Joan Koster, Ginny Brennan, Joan Garnier, Mel Redmond. LOWER RIGHT-LaVerne Ward, Dick Arone, Tony D'Angelo, Dolores Garnier. --n Q 'cu juli' ,gul- ii QI nv Ill' .f"' 0? nv 60 1 Nj ,- 'Y IZ - ""i"' , 'Q " . " .- J, '. ' , Q aQ,,- f - , . -. xr V' 'Tw "v . ,fe A in . . , . A , , , an-gi Q P , - . I sv' - 4 . Q Z ' -Qs-1:--I ff" -9 , x ' ' . ,.- ' 'Q xg ,cv - . '- . .1 . ,.Z!l.,,.:.., K .4 1 . is ss U, .-,. I- Qs' -ar", Ng, GRADE SNAPS -4' ii SJ-4 TOP LEFT George Salerno TOP RIGHT Charles Salerno CENTER LEFT John Cannmg CENTER RIGHT Bruce Boyd BOTTOM LEFT Josephine Engel Marsha Ann DeMuchele Santa DeRocha BOTTOM RIGHT The Huddle 40 Class President Deri Meier Class Treasurer John Young ClassMother Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald Class Vice-President Betsy Waldemar Class Secretary Barbara Nardecchia Assistant Class Mother Mrs, Larry Nardecchia The goal for our members this year is our graduation and our prom in June. ln May we made a "Pilgrimage to Vall F " ey orge and learned much of our American history. MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS SEATED-Caryl Huesgen Peggy Ann Reuter FRONT R OW Richard Hay Deri Meier Kenneth Acker John Young SECOND ROW Peggy Fitzgerald Loretta Arone Barbara Nardecchla Barbara B l d erm Evelyn Haller Angela Locuratolo THIRD R S h d OW Franklin c mi t William Mooney Stephen Bertman Mickey Cowley Reginald Hermans Robert McKirgan Thomas Elling Ronald Casey Gordon Young FOURTH ROW Joyce Bloomfield Judith Baker Annette Scott Kate Schoensteun Dorene Suthergreen Mr Thom R Mar DePa l B as ose y u ette Steenwerth Elizabeth Flanagan Betsy Waldemar Helen Eisenhauer Q31 X FRONT ROW-George Salerno, Gary Ragone, Joseph Cawley, Catherine Santore, Nancy Solomon, Joyce Raicht, Judith Riordan, William Hoffman, Andrew Kalmykow. SECOND ROW-Anthony Cascarano, John Canning, Bruce Boyd, Warren Townsend, Philip Cimino, Allen Weiss, Gary Fagan, Jack Manchester, Jean Seeler. THIRD ROW-Judith Goodwin, Margot Moore, Amy Messerich, Dolores Ankhelen, Nancy Cauvet, Grace Barbieri, Angela Pasquini, Carol McKeough, Richard Bell, Miss Wesp. FOURTH ROW-Sam Scott, Kenneth Kluepfel, Fred Arone, Franklin Cimino, William LeCount, Charles Sprague, Frank Cammisa, David Purdy, Thomas Ward. ABSENT-Ray Hughes. Class President Andrew Kalmykow Class Treasurer Nancy Cauvet Class Mother Mrs. Harold Moore To celebrate the fifth birthday of the United Nations, everyone of us selected a country belonging to the U.N. and found information pertaining to it. We also drew flags, mounting them in our class room. GRADE 7 Class Vice-President David Purdy Class Secretary George Salerno Assistant Class Mother Mrs. William LeCount Class President Class Vice-President Chester Slaybaugh Priscilla Young Class Treasurer Class Secretary Peter Karcher Robin Wilson Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Robert Morris Mrs.Thomas Christiano This year we traced our ancestry to many different coun- tries. By learning to live, work and play together, we pre- sented a model for the future world to follow. When we have differences of opinion, we try to "talk it out" rather than "fight it out". GRADE 6 FRONT ROW-Peter Karcher, Stuart Nash, Harold Kessler, David Marrus, Francis Schappach. SECOND ROW-Mitzi O'Leary, Diane Bunn, Helen Hamilton, Lynne Nevinger, Greta Greiner, Louise Medovich, Priscilla Young. THIRD ROW-Anthony DeRocha, Michael Cascarano, Michael Pascone, Michael Kantor, Charles Copeland, Jeftrey Berlind, Edward Bramble, Glen Koors, Danny Viola. FOURTH ROW-Jennie Barger, Margaret Christiano, Jill Connolly, Barbara Gardiner, Gretel Mestern, Carol Ann Morris, Bernadette Strachan, Ruthann Pearce, Robin Wilson, Marianna Karl, Barbara Curran, Cynthia Proske. FIFTH ROW-Mrs. Flint, Edward Marron, David Mooney, Watson Bell, Carl Lindman, Chester Slaybaugh, Joseph Rooney. ABSENT-Carole Dewar. MRS. ANNA J. FLINT , I Class President Class Vice-President Eric Kantor Ruth Mooney Class Treasurer Class Secretary Richard Mooney Mark Schultz Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. William Mooney Mrs. Emil Schoenstein Because our class is small this year, we have tried to do our best in every activity which has been assigned to us. Understanding and helping each other in work and play has been our most important aim. GRADE 5F FRONT ROW-Mrs. Frischmann, Lelann Schoenstein, Marion Scheller, Carolann Streib, Patricia Hulbert, Ruth Mooney. SECOND ROW-John Tidgewell, Page Hunt, Eric Kantor, Richard Mooney, Mark Schultz, John Whelan, Kenneth McComb. ABSENT-Edward Gentile, Therese Gannon, John Ladd. f--L FRONT ROW-Alfred Pasquale, Paul Engelkirk, Edson Pease, Robert Plechner, Ralph Plechner, Richard Fitzgerald, Robert Clute, Robert Anthony. SECOND ROW-Mary Jane Flanigan, Joyce Medovich, Muriel Cassens, Sally Sage, Pamela Hutchinson, Marie Mack, Merriam Baker, Phyllis Weiss, Phyllis Fattori, Catherine Rotiroti, Diane Guckenbiehl, Virginia Duke, Catherine Heckler. THIRD ROW-Lewis Morrison, Joyce Hashagen, Elizabeth Rooney, Theresa Cappetta, Florence Scheller, Patricia Robinson, Elneta Calhoun, Louise DeNardo, Linda McDowell, Flo Sheldon, Joseph Murray, Miss Tryon. GRADE ST Class President Class Vice-President Sally Sage Frank Childs Class Treasurer Class Secretary Louise DeNardo Catherine Rotiroti Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Frederick Cassens Mrs. Dominick DeNardo Our activity this year has been a comparison of early days in America with present times. We have stressed the convenience of modern inventions as against the difficulties encountered by early settlers in America. Edson Pease has been our recording secretary this year. FRONT ROW-Frank Cecelin, Lorraine Quist, Richard Halvorsen. SECOND ROWfPatricia Bridgeman, Betsy Smith, Sarah Benning, Claudia lstvan. THIRD ROW-Robert Glinsman, Alfred Cuozzo, Larry Nardecchia, Bruce Lehman, John Istvan. FOURTH ROW-Elaine Locuratolo, Gloria Whitney, Wayne Boulton, William Whelan, Anne Schafer, Virginia LeCount. FIFTH ROW-Joyce Whitney, Edward Lutz, Kenneth Waldemar, Miss Edwards, Joseph Hines, Gordon Davids, Duncan Clarke, Lynn Mestern. ABSENT-Corinne D'Andrea. GRADE 4E Class President Class Vice-President Gordon Davids Betsy Smith Class Treasurer Class Secretary Duncan Clarke Duncan Clarke Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Samuel Benning Mrs. Harry Waldemar Cooperation and regard for the other person in work and play has been our aim for the year. We eagerly looked forward to visiting the All-day Program of Museum Education. MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER Class President Class Vice-President Kenneth Yocis Karen Kluepfel Class Treasurer Class Secretary Jean Kipp Jeffrey Camhi Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Meyer Camhi Mrs. Edward Kluepfel People of other lands, their background, and the in- fluence of their environment on them has been our study topic for this year. Geography, history, and reading are all subiects which helped us to understand people better. GRADE 4l2 FRONT ROW-Thelma Stevenson, Karen Kluepfel, Yvonne Tunnard, Anita Bliss, Jean Kipp Judith Pfau SECOND ROW-John Kyff Michael Moccia Charles Lehmkuhl Robert Sankey Harold Ward THIRD ROW Kenneth Yocss Carl Fon Jeffrey Camhi John Evans FOURTH ROW Barclay McKeough Mrs Reuter Robert Kertelits Class President Class Vice-President Janet Rubin Mark Tidgewell Class Treasurer Class Secretary Nicholas Tino Josephine Engel Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Russell Ennis Mrs. Thomas Fatigate Class 3HE has tried to learn how to respect the opinions of others and to appreciate the successes of our classmates. As we engaged in our daily activities, we have aimed at getting along well together. MRS. EVELYN HEAGNEY GRADE 3HE FRONT ROW-Josephine Engel, Joan Winkler, Nancy Ann Hunt, Linda Stanaway, Sharon Nilson, Janet Rubin, Rose Lorraine Ennis, Carolyn Nash, Santa DeRocha. SECOND ROW- Mrs. Heagney, Charles Messerich, Theodore DePadova, Jan Anthony, Walter Papovitch, Mark Tidgewell, Frederick Marron, Jack Casadone, Stephen Zanarini, Nicholas Tino, Michael Mondelli, Thomas Fatigate. ABSENT-Gale Bechtold, Margaret Hinnen. FRONT ROW-Pamela Chalmers, Susan Suthergreen, Mary Ann Dewar, Elizabeth Moto- asca, Joanne Riccio, Virginia Rosler, Carol Stahl, Betty Ann Fiore, Susan Walther. SECOND ROW-Donald Clarke, David Tidaback, Edward Aim, Bruce Zinck, George Ramin, Dennis McComb, Peter Muller, Nelson Hoy, David Nugent, Miss Hurlbut. THIRD ROW-Catherine Cassano, Mary Ann Russo, Gay Connolly, John Waterbury, Anthony Waldeier, Robert Raicht, Jane Kuhlmann, Bonnie Boyd, Mildred Fagan. GRADE 3Hu Class President Class Vice-President Carol Stahl Joanne Riccio Class Treasurer Class Secretary Virginia Rosler Elizabeth Motoasca Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. John Connolly Mrs. Anthony Waldeier This year we have tried to learn to work together. We X have a monitor system which aided us a great deal to co- operate in considering other people's rights. Mk' 5, +,,,, ,K . 'A Qs' ' , 49 FRONT ROW-Susan Ullman, Bunny Hanrahan, Gordon Renyhart, Nicholas Rotiroti, Richard Rempfer, Lee McGovern, Christine Haller. SECOND ROW-Billy Geer, Charles DeRosa, Donald Ward, Robert Kyff, Steven Pasquini, Donald Hines, Joseph Montaruli. THIRD ROW-Carolyn Townsend, Florence Bramble, Kathryn Kluepfel, Jean Fon, Connie Coggins, Marilyn Kraus, Mrs. Adams. ABSENT-Freddie Marron, Gary Wehmeyer. GRADE QA Class President Class Vice-President Kathryn Kluepfel Gordon Renyhart Class Treasurer Class Secretary Robert Kyft Richard Rempfer Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. William Geer Mrs. John Kyff Our major projects this year have been a unit on Indians and another on Holland. While doing this work, we tried to correlate our other subiect matter and thus make it all more meaningful and enioyable. Boys' Club President Girls' Club President William Pease Margaret Stahl Boys' Secretary Girls' Secretary Robert Davids Westa Delagi Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Frederick Progner Mrs. Edward Delagi Our goal has been to work and play happily together. Besides learning the three R's, we painted and hammered. Our plans included a visit to a museum, several "cook- outs", and a trip to the Bronx Zoo. MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM GRADE QF FRONT ROW-Evelyn Brady, Westa Delagi, Lynn Grandolfi, Althea deTarnowsky, Karen Moore. SECOND ROW-Judith Stern, Ruth Grell, Judith Dillon, Karen Morrison, Jane-Ellen Cauvet, Margaret Stahl. THIRD ROW-William Pease, Robert Lindman, Virginia Bechtold, Stephen Smith, Anne Sekaer, Thomas Gardiner, Michael Smith, Stephen lstvan. FOURTH ROW-Mrs. Farnham, Diana Schaefer, Fred Progner, Robert Davids, Russell Wedekind, Joseph Marsek, John Speicher, Frank Purcell, Jonathan Purdy, Jane Stagliano. ABSENT- Edmund Moore, Kevin McGlynn, Robert Bell. 1 Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Alfred Crisi Mrs. William Schleicher Under Mrs. Seberg's guidance, we made a large mural, depicting Thanksgiving scenes. Mrs. Ferguson returned in time to help us enjoy a variety of Christmas activities, including the making of presents for our parents. In addition to taking part in holiday parties, assembly programs, etc., we had fun while learning the three R's. MRS. FRANCES C. FERGUSON GRADE tr FRONT ROW-Donna Bliss, Terry Lofgren, Leona Wirz, Judith Sankey, Margaret Schappach, Jean Rempfer, Carole Weinberger, Gayle Crisi, Marion Lehmkuhl, Susan Young. SECOND ROW-Harry Bridgeman, Peter Winkler, William Duke, Mary Curran, Karen Yocis, Judith Young, Richard Cook, John Pascone, Donald Rooney. THIRD ROW- Kenwood Cassens, Gary Helltholer, Robert Butler, Paul Koors, Charles Salerno, Edward Brown, Alexander Sheldon, Peter Bell, Stephen Wilson, William Schleicher, Mrs. Seberg lsubstitutei. ABSENT-Donald Andrews, Richard Clute, Jacqueline Dowe, Robert Ladd. FRONT ROW-Daniel Schafer, Elizabeth Anthony, Richard Reilly, Susan Waterbury, Richard Morris, Margaret Brock, Fritzy Mestern, Ann Sonkin, George lstvan. SECOND ROW-Toni Waldeier, Evan Schultz, Virginia Waldemar, Arthur Hellthaler, Marion Speicher, Charles Scheller, Joan Brengel, William O'Leary. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Hatfield, Henry Ardanowski, Angele Breyer, Kathleen Sullivan, John Riedel, Joan Walther, Judith de Csaby, John Suthergreen, Penelope Gruber, Marilyn Hoy, John Smyth. GRADE 1H Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Robert Anthony Mrs. Robert Reilly Along with our regular work reading about Dick and Jane, learning numbers and a little about science, we en- joyed many other happy times. Our class mothers gave us a Hallowe'en party and one for Christmas. At Christmas time we enioyecl making wooden letter tiles and plastic boxes for our fathers and mothers. FRONT ROW-Ernest Glinsman, Jacqueline Feurer, Eileen McCormack, Michael Morano, Peter Dillon, John Nugent, Chris Hinnen, Stephanie Anthony. SECOND ROW-Nancy McDowell, Lorraine Russo, Judith Brand, Michael Tidaback, Doris Patterson, Edward Gardiner, Matthew Flanigan, David Gontar, Linda Viola, Dell Clark, Christina Sekaer. THIRD ROW-Miss Bloxsom, Wilbert Moore, Ricky Aluisio, Michael Halvarsen, Susan Whitney, Jon Eric Strand, Pamela Grandolfi, Mrs. Squeri. FOURTH ROW-Sharon Chalmers, Renee Shepard, Linda Rosler, Linda Hoffman, Williqm lstvan, Arlene Ardanowski. ABSENT-Philip Johann, Irene Bartlett, Sheila Connolly, Margaret Graham, Dianne I NDERGARTEN Nardecchia. Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Lawrence Graham Mrs. Charles Hinnen In the beginning of our first year in school, we spent most of our day playing, getting used to school routine. Later, we learned many craft skills, and we made all our own party baskets, place mats, and room decorations. By doing these things, we learned to count, to compare sizes, and to recognize a few words. Class Mother Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Leon Theill Mrs. Edwin Guckenbiehl Starting in February, we began to prepare for reading. By the end of the school year we had learned to recognize twenty words and had a good understanding ofthe reading processes. Parties for all holidays, field trips, a visit to the Bronx Zoo, and our picnic at Woodlands were some of the highlights of our year. MRS. LOUISE SQUERI KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW-Elaine Grandolfi, Ralph Denike, Laurie Freedman, Elinor Copeland, Peter Marrus, Mary Chris Bailey, Donald Ashley, Philip Guckenbiehl. SECOND ROW-Joseph Casadone, Elsie Lettino, Ruth Ann Bliss, Carol Theill, Annette Fatigate, Christine Fon, Margaret Hillebrand, Maureen Kilstrom. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Squeri, John Kipp, Carol Ann Geer, Norman Hay, Barbara Duke, Joan Glaberson, Miss Bloxsom. FOURTH ROW-Claire Moccia, Charles Kalmykow, Robert MacKenzie. ABSENT-Thomas Bradley, William Las- karis, Carol Andrews, Janice Gibson, William Ladd. Best Wishes R. S. A. CORPORATION MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS ARDSLEY NEW YORK WHERE AR O MUSCLE Best Wishes to the Seniors NORTHERN CHEVROLET Inc PETER J FRISCHMANN PRESIDENT LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT MEN OF DISTINCTION Jlmmy Junllerot Oswald George DeFeo Donald Raob SclClmlno Bob Wnlmoth 57 , o I , 7' 9 . v ' 'f'f" .if . . . ,, ,, . . . I I I I DE LUCA'S GROCERY -DELICATESSEN- FROZEN FOODS MILTON STUCKLEN TILE CONTRACTOR Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-2 560 Home Phone: Lorraine 2-8719 630-632 Saw Mill River Road Ardsley, N. Y. CHAT and CHEW RESTAURANT ITALIAN CUISINE-PIZZA CHICKEN IN A BASKET Phone Dobbs Ferry 341 642 Saw Mill River Road Ardsley, N. Y. TOMANSON VENETIAN BLIND MANUFACTURING CO. WINDOW SHADES STORM WINDOWS PORCH SHADES CUSTOM CORNICES Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 1193 CHARLES S. HOY, Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING GAS APPLIANCES Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 0565 LICENSED IN ARDSLEY DOBBS FERRY HASTINGS 146 Main Street Dobbs Ferr N Y IRVINGTON AND TOWN OF GREENBURG SUBSCRIPTION PARTY HOLD IT' F Wllllams M Acker R Bell E Slaybaugh R Berllnd Barbara Ruhglan George Schappach Jack Koster H Nordrn M Werthelm Carol Manchester O Q I I 1 s 1 y,.. ' 1' 1- 1- 1' 1 1 I . ,. Ben lViJbe: From ARDSLEY SERVICE STATION TOM WILLIAMS, Prop. Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-5390 Saw Mill River Road and Ridge Road Ardsley, N. Y. General Vacuum Tube Corp. C. Best Wixhes From F. ARONE Beft Wzxbef From THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ARDSLEY Complzment: o the CIVIC ASSOCIATION TAKE ONE' HALLOWE EN SKIT Carol Hcshogen Hank Grelner Sophomore Class THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA Extend! Itf Beit Wzxbex or Future Succesx to the ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1951 WE SERVE CARPENTER s ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY BEN COHEN Telephone Elmsford 6 1886 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD N Y RESULTS OF GENIUS KINDERGARTEN CHRISTMAS Frank Jazzo Charles RICCI Mass Bloxsom Santa Susan Whitney , I n c . ' f -ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT- Bef! Wifhef From THE PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION uk COGGINS DAIRY FOR ALL YOUR DAIRY FOODS MILK CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK VITAMIN D MILK COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTERMILK EGGS In Ram Or Shme Hall or Sleet You See Our Trucks on the Street ASHFORD AVENUE Phone 3 0188 DOBBS FERRY N Y HOLIDAY FUN OH HOW WE DANCED Jlmmy 'IuIIIemI GIn?L:rE2r':'kIL Gem Mccormack Jimmy Junllerct Bob Kcmke Gem McCormack RICCIO S MARKET Emporzum of Amefzca 1 Fzneff FRLITS VEGETABLES and CROCFRIES 457 Ashford Avenue Ardsley N C omplzmentr PETRONE S CIGAR STORE BREYERS ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY ARDSLEY N Y .I E BRENNAN 480 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK N Y Bert Wzrher from KIPP BROTHERS Inc LYMAN E KIPP DOUGLAS W KIPP CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 2200 ARDSLEY N Y NU WAY CLEANERS Inc SANITONE DRY CLEANING SHIRT LAUNDERINC SHOE REPAIRINC FREE 4 DAY PICK UP AND DELIVERY Phone Whrte Plams 9 23713 THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE C ENGPLMAN Ph G PRESCRIPY ION SPFCIALISTS Phone Dobbs Ferry 5 0512 Ashford Avenue and Elm Street Ardsley N SITTING PRETTY YOUR LEGS HMM'?9 J Ncmelmonn A Gmbel D Gam'er Duck Arone Charles Rnccr Ronny Berlmd and Legs G McCormack E Slaybaugh I . . , . 0 I 7 I ' 1 . f r, . Y. l I I of I , , . . , . . . I , . 4 . 1 l Y - I ' . ' J . 90 Mam Street Whrte Plams, N. Y. . , . , ', . Y. , . . , U ' . I . ' , , I I . . . . , I I I . , . MADER PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTORS Be-ft ulfu-1995 Metered Delu erzer of FASOLINE MOTOR OILS and CREASES F,-Om Phone Yonkers 8 8660 THE FRESHMEN 47 Truman Avenue Yonkers 2 N Y ROSLYN CLEANERS A VERY SATISFACTORY VALET SERVICE ALL CLEANING DONE ON THE PREMISES Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 2958 ARDSLEY HARDWARE CO HOME SERVICE Hardware Benyamm Moore Pawn Gax Ranger Refrzgeralorx Phones Dobbs Ferry 4010 Res Hasnngs 4421 Addyman Square Ardsley N Y Say zt Wah Flower: ROBERT M JOHNSTON FLORIST and GROWER Phone Dobbs Ferry 5 0311 225 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry N Y LOUIS MARKET ON THE SQUARE Louis Corwro Prop BROWNS PARKSIDE RESTAURANT Best Qualrty Mears ar Lowest W BROWN Pmp Prrces FREE DELIVERY Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 4054 Dobbs Ferry 5 1120 1121 Saw M111 Rrver Parkway Chaunrey N 470 Ashford Avenue Ardsley N Y SLUMBER PARTY? WANT A PUSH? Cloudlc Speucher Annette Gnmbel Gull Kurkela Patty Frlschmann Morgue Acker Ann Wrlmoth Laura Pearce . -, - I l Y I I Q ' 1 Vi ' 1 g, - . , . PQ' f - " ' Full Line of Frozen Food: ' 0 'L , , ' ' - - , .Y ff' , 1, , . ' I . I ' I . I Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1951 From FRIEND THE STARS STUDENT FACULTY GAME .l George DeFeo Mel Redmond Hank Grenner Mr Koors Mr Kluge Bllly Woessner Walter Schmndt I I I ,, g . II Il ' . I I - 1 ' I SANTINI BROTHERS, Inc. "THE SEVEN BROTHERS" MOVING-STORAGE-PACKING-SHIPPING 1407 JEROME AVENUE BRONX 52 N Y Wzrb Bef! Wzxbes to the FUTURE SENIORS CLASS OF 1951 SCHOOLS OUT' 430 TIME OUT Domlmck Deluca Ronny Berlmd Tony D Angelo Duck Arone Pop Brown Tony D Angelo Tuckchoe Scorer If , . . I gf I , Q - - - 1 - u II I r 1 1 1 ARDSLEY SQUARE RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOR CHOICE FOODS STEAKS A SPECIALTY Accommodalionx for Partiex Orro ROSLER, Prop. Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-5372 660 Saw Mill River Road Ardsley, N. Y. ARDSLEY TAXI SERVICE FRANK PASCONE Prop Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3 4979 IAN S. WILSON - WHOLESALE FLORIST- Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-1807 Heather Dell Road Ardsley N Y JEROME R JEROME SUNOCO GAS Tarrytown Road and Saw M111 Rrver Parkway Elmsford N Y BENJAMIN H ADLER HARDWARE HOUSEFURNISHINGS PAINTS GARDEN AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES TOOLS Lockx Repaued K ey: Made Telephones Dobbs Ferry 3 5600 or 3 5601 Mann Street Dobbs Ferry N H 8. H BODY SHOP HENRY SEE Prop Dum Paznlzng and Welding Radio Reprurmg Body and Fender S lrazgbtemng Wheel Alignment Frame S trazghtenang 24 Hour Towmg Servrce Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3 4016 706 Saw Mxll Rxver Road Ardsley N Y Pure Bliss muff' We Donald Pasqulnu George DeFeo Solvotore Clmnno John Cowley Three Men on o Totem Pole Joan Garmer .lnmmy Welsford George Schoppoch Bob Komke Gmny Brennan , . . - T 0 L 127 ' , .Y. C7 Y ' ' 1 I - -1 I I , . . W . , ,, 'Z .Q E I - .,.-.. H ' A M... A 11 I . .I I . . I - I - ' I . 1 ' H. BECKLEY 81 SONS SINCE 1917 LA lVN MOWERS TRACTORS LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT Telephone Elmsford 6-7050 258 East Main Street Elmsford, N. Y, BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. CARS - PARTS - SERVICE Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-5040 40 Cedar Street Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. COlVlPLllVlQlxlTf RUTH QRNST TEACHER WOODLANDS SUPPLY "PAPov1TcH" - GENERAL CONTRACTORS- Excavazing, Equipment Rentals, Blarting, Landrcaping, Heavy Hauling, Materialr, Utilitief, Road! Tel. Dobbs Ferry 5-0162-J Wood Avenue Ardsley, N. Y. HENRY ARDANOWSKI and JOE SOLICK - POULTRY FARM - FRANK and .IOE'S RESTAURANT SPAGHETTI HOT PIES SOFT DRINKS Telephone Yonkers 5-9310 202 Ashburton Avenue Yonkers, N. Y. The Girls C?l at Subscription Dance "Uh-oh, English I Composition" 2 4-' Fred Williams, Bob Bell, Dun-ron Wilson, Ronnie Gertrude Rosler, Louise Quist, Armand Fcmori, Mike 67 Berlind, Walter Edelman. Grandolfi, Billy Bell, Joey DeNardo. DOBBS FERRY REGISTER PRINTING in ALL ITS BRANCHES Letlefbeadr - Evzreloper - Bminerr Cardr -- Shipping Tagr - Chance Booky - Reponr Bill! - Ticket! - Portalr - Circularr - Wedding lnvizaliom - Reception Cardr Binh Announcementr - Adzfertiring jourmzlr - Pfogramr - Announcementr Porters - Chrirtmar Card! - Booklezr - Menur - Enclorurer Before You Contract for Your Next Printing Order Let Us Submit a Bid on the Cost of the Work. GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-0124 101 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. JAMES MCCARTNEY 8. SON, Inc. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Telephones Dobbs Ferry 3 0331 2040 MCCARTNEY BUILDING ARDSLEY N Y Barber Shop Quartet Girls' Girls' Girls' Bluglo DeAshs Vic Arone Tommy Marzellc Jacky Blasberg Joan Karcher Eileen McHenry Frank Fraiefta , . . re., ., f, ia 'V , -r . A, 9 C , I 1 I I Zlqadetl 2444 away . . . PHOTOGRAPHY . . . 0056011 Photographer for the 1951 ARDSLEYAN Duplicates of Photographs May be Obtained by Calling Tarrytown 4-3419 TARRYTOWN, N. Y. Bert Wzsloer PARAMOUNT AQUARIUM Inc Freshman Cheerlng Sechon Ho hum m m FRONT M Werthenm L Quust C Hashagen BACK W Finger D Boyd J DeNcrdo M Grondolfi R Fnschmann FRONT Bob Wnlmofh Jimmy Juullerof Joan Garnier BACK Mrs Emenck Mr Emenck Jerome Freed Bobby McKlrgan Of I 0 , , R , -I ,, v ' . 5 I A . 4 ' i 1, sr . n , A 1 N ' 4 w 1 B s lt . 1 '- .' jf , X X - . 1 - I ' ' 1 - I 1 ' . ' , . , . 1 - I "' - 1 - 1 1 BESSON 8: COMPANY COAL-LUMBER-BUILDING MATERIAL Telephones Dobbs Ferry 26, 27 or 32 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. DOBBS FERRY BANK DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. THE HONOR SOCIETY CENTRAL LUNCH Under New Management Nessus GRIERSON MARY LANG GOOD HOME COOKING Weekly 6 OO AM 7 OO PM Xf 5 ilu N 4 FABRICSHOP B5 MAMARONECK AVENUE WHITE PLAINS NY Bert Wube: ARDSLEY CIGAR STORE THE BEST SODAS AND SUNDAES IN TOWN ARDSLEY N Y The Kluges Dream House Mr Kluge s Castle Summer Relaxahon Mel Redmond Mr Howard Hartman Mr Frank Kluge A lil K -, I 1 1 O I 1 ' ur .,' V I "L V " ' Y .. 'M - 31 ' "- all 1, 1 .. ..?.-H I ARDSLEY FRUIT and VEGETABLE MARKET FROZEN FOODS GROCERIES TH FREE DELIVERY T I h Y k 5 8734 ARDSLEY RECREATION CLUB up one on Us ll Tompknns Avenue Yonkers N Y WILMOTH FUEI. OIL SUPPLY ECONOMY QUALITY RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES fw ALL SERWCE UNEXCELLED Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 0181 JOHN I-I WIlI"IEI.M, Il1C B I EMERICK Ardsley Reprerentatwe RICH FURS REPAIRING REMODELING STORAGE E V E R Y G I R I- I. G IALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts A G I R I. S C 0 U T CLASS RINGS and PINS Commencement Imzslatsonr Dzplomas Personal Card: Memomzl Plaques Tropbzer Club Irmgma O K We re Ready Subscruphon Campaugn Assembly III George DeFeo Danny Gorman John Jones Mlss Janet Nohelmann Barry Cogglns Joey DeNardo 7, Pelda Walter Schmndt Hank Gramer David Fluskey Joe Leach E - - 0 - - 1 1 I O I I 521 Fifth Avenue New York 17, N. Y. ll I II U U 0 . ., I I I ' I . I I ' Il ll ' ' 1 1 . , . THRIFT ACCOUNTS SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS CLUBS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK 0F AIIIISLEY Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-4900 ARDSLEY, N. Y. -LOAN SERVICE- Home Appliance Loans Personal Loans Small Business Loans Automobile Loans Property Improvement Loans Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Federal Reserve System Jump' N 00 " ." "Oh, o oo!" Bob Cook, Frank Jazzo, Bob Emerick. Billy Flanigan, Bob Emerick. J. A. WILSON METAL PRCDDLICTS COMPANY 350 M2d1SOH Avenue New York 17 N Y REPRESENFING WATERBURY ROLLING MILLS Inc Waterbury Conn SOMERS BRASS CO Inc Waterbury Conn HARVEY HUBBELL Inc Bridgeport Conn BbF B C Bbw BEST WISHES FROM HE THERDELL MA OR Tha? S C1 Q0Od One' Joyous Threesome Mr Frank Kluge Mary Franetia Josephme DeRochu Pauline Colace Mottola I I I I ll I ....-f 1 ' IRM: w ' . D . 1 . I . Best Wishes From AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY POST No 458 ARDSLEY N Y THE METHODIST CHURCH A COMMUNITY CHURCH WHERE A FRIENDLY WELCOME AWAITS You What Il you have? One Sunday Afternoon Good Humor Man Dot Young Mnss Dorothy Pelda COMPLETE OIL HEATING SERVICE -FUEL OILS- O11 Burner Sales and Servlce Heat Loss Surveys and Englneermg Adfuce Repalrs and Replacements of Bollers, Hot Water Heaters, Tanks, Etc Sales and Serwce Department - Hartsdale Avenue Hartsdale Fuel Oz! Plant-Hastmgs-on-Hudson E ROBISGN Inc Hank Geiner John Cowley Joh Cowley 3 I ' I f f f f "Is if gQQd?" HMGIKC I'I'1CI' basket!" " .r , . I1 - BOARD OF EDUCATION ni---05.1-10 L I f.s2n,' LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Hmnen Mrs Brennan Mr Alm Mrs Huesgen Mr Acker Mr Davids Mr Baker Mr Sllllman Oscar E Acker President Paul E Baker Trustee Carmen I Brennan, Trustee Norman Davlds Trustee Charles Hrnnen Trustee Arthur W Sllllman Supervising Prmclpal Anne Huesgen Clerk Edward E Alm Treasurer and Counsel George DeFeo John Cawley MCIVIU Redmond ' I . , . . I . I ' I , - , , lr 11 "Get ut, George!" Fosleff Mel pw , , 'I Z . 1 . I , I - ' Ben Wifhex From A FRIEND FOX HILL FARMS HORSES FOR HIRE and BOARDED PLEASANTVILLE, N. Y. ORTHOPEDIC SHOECRAFT FOR MEN WOMEN and CHILDREN MCPHEE and SONS Complzmenuof NEW YORK CITY WESTCHESTER REALTY AGENCY Compliments of A MARSHALL COOKE FLOWERS ARDSLEY N Y Sophomore Money Maker Roberta McGregor Mary Lou Cammnsa We Wall Cheer for Our Team LaVerne Ward Janet Calace Mohola Josephine Palemo Paulme Calace Mottola 0 , A. ' , . . 1 . 1 ' 1 . I - I - . HEATHER DELL FLORIST JOHN CANNING JR Owner Wbolerale Grower SPECIALIZING m SEASONABLE PLANTS ARDSLEY N Y ST BARNABAS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Holy Commumon Every Sunday at 8 00 A M Frrsr Sunday ar 11 O0 A M Mornmg Prayer Other Sundays at ll 00 A M Church School at 9 30 A M Heatherdell and Saw Mull Rlver Roads Ardsley N C L A M B I A 5 E Televmon Radzo Electrical Appliance: SALES SERVICE 7 Cedar Street Dobbs Ferry N Bert Wzrhes From THE BEACON HILL ASSOCIATION Bert Wubef From JIM and LETITIA Swung High Swnng Low l Jacquelme Blasberg, Janet Noftelmann, Lois Carson. Sensor Shop Class Walter Schmidt, "Hank" Gremer and John Jones ' - ' ' , , .Y. Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0144 - ' - ' - A ' , l Q , . Y. -..,q58g4...- THE GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK INCORPORATED 1869 DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. CHRISTMAS CLUB SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TOTAL ASSETS- 34500000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION C omplimentx and Bef! Wixbef to the S T U D E N T B O D Y FROM THE HUNTLEY ESTATES AT ARDSLEY, Inc Mr DuFfy and M Dodge Toohe and Grandpa 1 John Yoties and .Ilmmy Julllerat Peggy Avery Walter Schmldt Ben Wishes From THE ARDSLEY PLAYERS -...,g.Hg..,.- C omplimenty W CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP ARDSLEY N Y t d g Bb HI sbx MH W Dobbs Ferry 3 1954 ROAD SERVICE DAY and NIGHT Westchester Garage AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE COLLISION SPECIALISTS Repa1r1ng and Overhauhng M Nannarlello ARDSLEY SQUARE Mr Smith and the Conductor 5 Sm th and ARDSLEY N Y s Waughop George Schappoch, Royle Kipp, and "The Dummy." Vnrgmna Brennan, Jackie Blasberg Q! 3, 1 fl V X- -XV I .f:si'.'iC5 1' '.':f"' ,"' '4-1-1' ,,, I 1 , ,- A A fy ' 1- . . . . . , . . " . ' " " " "ML a " "Mr, T I P xi 1- ,S 7'- W .., MICHAEL GRANDOLFI N BUILDER CONTRACTOR ALTERATIONS REMODELING Dobbs Ferry 5 5311 12 Park Avenue Ardsley N Y Dey Mo John Yoites, Jimmy Juillerat. Barbara Edelman, Joan Sta F. J. MCCORMACK INSURANCE 5 juDsoN AVENUE 50 EAST 42ND STREET ARDSLEY N Y Nwc YORK 17 N Y Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 0433 Phone Murray H111 2 6611 GEN! LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE flx INTERNATIONAL XT' C JLILIIB X' -Q Q myff Gun llATuoNs SAFETY i' 1' .E I Q T, hd AME? u E ' . p f . ' 'I -Y sfo RXLAW , -T v TOITL RAJAH FABRICS CORPORATION Elmsford New York Showroom 151 West 40th St New York N Y Producer o Amerlca s Flrst Shantung 0 0 I 0 1 . , X K R x ,N K 1 he 'O eo A' N' X r O , W ' N ' l"a 'J U? NWA "fy 'Wx S -N d N 1 . Kr Q " 1 . A ' ' 4 1-A'xlx'N X tx ' J . v Ar 1 ' ' 0 1 : ., , . . Q If . , . -5 IILLIIBF 0 fl:1D5Lr.l VVESTCHESTER COUNTY New YORK INCORPORATED 1896 ROBERT E L BUNCH Mayor CHARLES VAN BRUNT J Trustees WILBUR MCDOWELL Polzce justzce OLIVIA G SEELER GEORGE DILLON Clerk Treasurer Counsel ARTHUR NOON E GEORGE R SANKEY Trustees I' I 3 PY i t EMERSON VIRDEN , r. B. -9 WE GRATEFULLY Mr and Mrs Wrlfred Horne Arthur W Srllrman V l. Muller George and Jo The Glrnsman Family Grey s Tots to Teens Mrs Schumacher Mr and Mrs Navrskx Mr and Mrs Carl Stohr A Frnend Camera Craft Inc Mrs Maej Hallahan Dr Ral h Zolan Mr ancFMrs Joseph Yottes LourseS Edwards Mrs Anna Fnschrnann A Prrend Myles P Ferns Jr McCartneys 8: Thorpes Rat? s Garage Raven Rock Nurserxes Mrs A Guglnelmo Mr and Mrs O DcFeo A Frrend Pleasant Servrce Garage Constance E Parsons Robert Weaver Marlorre Acker Mrs R McComb The Cecellns The Flanrgans ACKNOWLEDGE THE LOYALTY P ATRONS Century Musxcal Instrument Co Mr and Mrs C Qurst and Famxly Mr and Mrs PaulL Schwarz Mr and Mrs Henry D Ellmg Mr and Mrs Frank J Coggrns Lawson s Servxce Srauon Mrs M Ca1aceMottoIa Fra Dr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs nces and and Mrs E I Elemounge Claude Spercher C L Weaver Edward Sage Francis Purcell W C Emertck Edson M Pease HugoW Wahlqunst C P Schappach D D McGlynn M Redmond Norman Davnds Mnchael D Andrea Robert McGregor Bartley C Reuter Jr Harlan Thomas Harry DeN1ke Robert Rexlly Walter Kurkcla Oscar E Acker Manton C Martin Thomas Sullivan Ben Ferguson Edward F Delagr OUR PATRONS Mr and Mrs T Avery Mtke Nannanello Mrs HenryA Bates Jr Mrs Herbert Proske Catherrne Mestern Jack O Marrus Mr and Mrs M F Karl Mass Evelyn Hallenbeck Abbie J Crrsr The Carsons Lourse K Hatfneld Helen G Robbne Dorothy M Pelda Marion and Ken Brown Rev Arnold Olson Mrs Estelle Fagan Spratn Brook Florist Lou s Shoe Service Shop Barbara and Ralph Mr and Mrs H E Grmbel Don s Beauty Studro Harold J Englrsh and Mrs Meyer Camhx and Mrs John Koster and Mrs R Cohn and Mrs Allegreru and Mrs Arthur J Gagnon and Mrs M J Engel and Mrs Charles Damm A Frxend Atlantic Parcel Servrce C omplzments 0 STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY, Inc CHAUNCEY N Y 9 . . ' ' Mr. . . . ' h . . Mr. . ' ' . ' ' Mr. . . . , . Mr. . ' . . . Mr. , ' . ' . Mr. . . . ' . . . Mr. . . ' ' , Mr. . . ' . . ' Mr. . . . . Rene' Hairstyles Mr. and Mrs. J. Frischmann Agnes Baviello ' r. . . . . ' , . Mr. . . - ' ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' ' . . . .. ' Mr. . ' I . . ' Mr. . . , , , . . , Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . , Mr. . Mr, . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . . Dr. . ' Mr. A . I , . . Ei? K .VX . xx Q-'Qi 1.52 Lf ,.,-f :T', -2 Aan- Play the game, the world needs courage Like a sportsman, lose or win Play the game, there is no failure While that spirit glows within Pg?- 'Q -vuuwf f i 1- aw nw vu'--vQno111 'awe -'nun vw an W W k. s r l , , : 1 .K f ff X 3Z,ifz'L1i'i?ZT:i'5T5'-5" ' W' '. J' ' ' 1' 'f' ' sr "'twf:""w ' 'zuwfv'-f""'1Hfy,',. 'fffif 'fl

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