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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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1 rf- J M? ff .ia Q5 fm ax, X 4 . ., Lf , 'J ff ,. A sm, ,,A,,A, A 15' g L. LL,, . Wai -A63 f W JW mg Q! 4 .A I 'fini ff 4117. f 4 ff' X x IW 31 15' f4Q59 f,55Y 3535? ,fa- ff' V ,W ' ' '59 A , WI nl' Af ff fff' fx 6 fl 45 2 X Af ? X X Qf, ,J fa lj f 'AQ if R P ff?-QQ' +R I ff f 6' gi, , fill: 1 Q1 f f f Z ,ff 1- Zfffff' 4134 N.. -f, ' 271112-7: 1 I-7 lf - V xiii! L 03 ' N 41734 1 KX X945 . , , , ,,, f 9 X i ffeilxg 11, N r f fZT'w"9fj'.7," .- -' f X f ff?" ' lg J I l'f2?4Qf' 14' - 1 10'.'.0 fi Q fa"v"4' 42 Li -. -y':r' n . ' . ' XX 1 lysv 6 yd . ,'-,W-, , 1 H f X G.-Q 'f Y: 'WAH- I' 4 I X " fflf 5 I 'V .WJX 45 , , Q, ' ,1, A, , Q , . , ,X .Q , r ,,' ,ff , V, gl, A X Ay l ,L 1 ,f,f" sf H, Y ,pff 1 X , 7- f1,4 V I, N f7. U ,Y.,, 1 1 1 1-'Q : j " f 1 - Af , X '..ia!2:! Z., 5- K ff' .K 1 , I ff ff I f " . 1: 'juw2R' jrf-sq R 4- - ' W ff 1 f Q1 " Z X X 1- 1. x Q , ff ' 'Q ,L ' ,f ' ' f'jY,vf' 14 fx X . I gi ,f X 'fl 1 My if X Y 4 ef xv fp. Y ff' ' ' vi N' , - if 9 W 'y! 1 f fffzf' , X, . A V I X A Hi, , , J oh, ' x 1 fx' .1 ,f, f-Jdiff 4 V i - f ff ,z f -K f , N Q xl y ,ix-' , Kgj f-ffq N f , , ,, .- A ' K I -"' X ' fl ' 1' 1 , I 1 X I ""'::'::l f f 1 'fl X' I 'II' It - , nf f,,f L- , 1 f ' ' f . ' iff' i 7 " . Af f' ' ' ,f - , f 4 ff f,L , '. -X 'M 13 31, ,J ,,44- +Nx A ' ,-' 424 'A ,f I V ,fl YW YV ML'X'--- 1 ' L' Q:-. 4 - 9 if ,ALF , 71 '17 ' "A-1+ 1950 ARD S LEYAN f7W M V! Q I! - ,wif SH M x M ff ,. 2' 2 X N , 'C All Published by the Class of 1951 Ardsley Hugh School Ardsley New York ' ' H xr ' 1 N ir l f ' i -Ip rl? Us ge l y 0 F l i -e ll' ll! 'I IM I M f f F .ll ' 'fl ' - ' F I Q fw X , f f' ' x f f M ' 1 1 1 4 A ,uv 11 f ' f' I ! 5 ,I f 'l il ,ll 'Il' ' Z K l l ' 1: we :. f I 1 l f N Isp f W' elf A x - ' Y ' 1 1 fiyllfil f 1' 1 - 1 Q ,4 H, 9253... l J 1 'gif' ' f , 2591155 'Vg 42: -,L Z ,ff 1" X ' 2 X 1 r y pit' ,f, ' s ' 'I' lo N.: if fa lllyzgzf' ffl N g 'Z' Jil!! I' ll? L - hx lyk 3 'Q X f A .1 I X. -' X i rl' f 1 --' if I sry' X 1, f :Ii ' I 1 I ' 1" ' 1' 1 I .xx X IZ, 4 lf ' ' War .: ' I i 'PB - O tl f 'H a 1 Q? kg ' , X f , ll I jg ' I v bg ' 1 I iln fllllrmnrmm Barbara Wuestner Short curly blond hair sparkling blue eyes and a pert nose describe a pal of ours She was lust an ordinary American teen ager with all of their vlvaclous fun loving mannensms yet our friendship although carefree on the surface was cherished deeply within our hearts She possessed a keen Intelligent mind and all the fine qualities of a good charac ter She also displayed a talent for music A sweeter or more understanding person was nowhere to be found All through school she shared with us our successes and fallures our loys and sorrows Our pal is no longer with us but her memory we hold nn tender and sacred reve rence for her friendship can never die Ih our hearts and we know we shall meet again someday lights on to sung then leaves unbent So IS our memory thrilled and stirred We only know she came and went" -' 0 I I . I . I . . ' , ' I I I l . ' I . . l . - I I "As a twig trembles, which a bird . . I I . . . F. BOARD OF EDITORS Editor-in-Chief BARBARA EDELMAN Assistant Editor Assistant Editor JACQUELINE BLASBERG ELLEN MCPHEE Circulation Editor JOAN KOSTER Advertising Manager Art Editor VIRGINIA BRENNAN JAMES JUll.l.ERAT Photography Editor ROBERT KAMKE Typing Editor Business Manager Publicity Chairman EILEEN McHENRY MARY COSTANTINI JOAN KARCHER Miss Dorothy Pelda - Adviser-in-Chief, Literary Adviser Mr. Paul Koors - Budget Adviser Miss Cornelia Patteson - Business Adviser Mr. Howard Hartman - Photography Adviser Miss Eleanor Davis - Art Adviser Mr. Clarence Felter - Circulation Adviser "Whistle While You Work" has been the motto of the 1950 yearbook staff who undertook the man-sized iob of creating a new type of yearbook for Ardsley High School. The Junior Class staff had to learn the meaning of the printer's technical terms, but with perseverance they forged ahead, mastering the terminology and striving to Droduce an enriched book containing such new features as grade write-ups, individual faculty pictures, illustrated division pages, and a hard cover. All of the changes in content did not just come about. In solving such problems as layout, budget, and copy, much time and thought have been spent. The 1950 Ardsleyan was our baby, and as we watched it grow from infancy to its final stage, we felt sure that every bit of concern, enthusiasm, and effort, which had played so important a role in its development, had been richly rewarded. J. Koster, J. Juillerat, J. Karcher, Mr. P. Koors, J. Blasberg, E. McHenry, Miss D. Pelda, B. Edelman, E. McPhee, Mr. H. Hartman, Miss C. Patteson, R. Kamke, Mr. C. Felter, V. Brennan. DEDICATION TO THE PAST The past of any school us the story of uts students progress and achuevements such us the hustory of Ardsley Hugh The furst Ardsley School was a luttle one room buuldung un a small farm communuty but through the years the vullage has developed and so gradually has the school for today s buuldung us quute dufferent from that of fufty years ago The small school had no large Honor Socuety organuzatuon 5 nor any of the many extra currucular actuvutues we have un the present day school but the past students had theur own achuevements Our trophy case us fulled wuth cups that were won by the past members of our school Some are for honors un sports and others for oratorucal honors Yes we have but to look about the school and we shall fund remunders of past teachers and pupuls Each year our Honor Socuety pays trubute to those members who have passed away pays trub ute to theur large or small contrubutuons to the progress of the school Our past may not have been gloruous but ut us stull aluve be cause of the people who shared un ut TO THE PRESENT Our present day Ardsley Hugh us undeed spacuous un comparuson to that of the past Here un the present we have students and teachers workung together un order to achueve success for the benefut of our school Although people consuder us a small school we always manage to hold our own wuth the larger communutues Our basketball squad us not spectacular but the members of the team possess a fughtung spurut whuch many tumes won them a game The present day Honor Socuety organuzatuon has a wude mem bershup and students consuder ut an honor to be permutted to loun ut and share un uts development The Honor Socuety us headed by members of the Thurd Degree who propose the rules of the organuzatuon and try to promote worth whule prolects un the school for the benefut of future generatuons Many teachers guve up theur own tume for clubs whuch are socual as well as educatuonal There are the Spanush Club the Varsuty Chour and Ensemble the G A A the Sports Club the orchestra and numerous others All of these actuvutues of today brung about achuevements to be equalled by future students Yes we students and teachers of the present are helpung to change the hustory of our school each un hus own way TO THE FUTURE Our communuty us growung wuth leaps and bounds and people are lookung unto the future when the present school buuldung wull not be adequate for the demands made upon ut Maybe the future means another step un the growth of the Ardsley Hugh School lt may brung a bugger and better school buuldung wuth newer equupment or ut may mean an enlargement of the present buuldung but whatever the out come you may be sure that the future students wull be there to keep aluve the spurut and tradutuon of the past We of the present wull help to mold the happenungs of the future but only those of the future can buuld on our foundatuons We are all unterdependent on one another Therefore the class of 1951 wuth the able assustance of Father Tume fsymboluc of the pastl and Luttle New Year Qsymboluc of the futurel does hereby deducate the 1950 ARDSLEYAN to the past the present and the future members of Ardsley Hugh School I 4 X 5 'i me X I O . . , l . 2 . . . i . Cz: 4 I 'ij H xx , . . . . . ' ' . ' 9 , 1 um V. A a n 1 u - . . l I W V ' . . - lax ' X u l ' . . . ' .1 ' l . y, f yu . , ' fu X A l Mfqwll I l . . I . . . . - Y 4 vigil i I I - I 1 s if 1 ' I ' e . . . . F!-:ch . . f- - 'Q . . . . . ' . avagxu' -x A . . . . . . K4 , , gf . . ' . X x,,v MR. ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN Supervising Principal Outdoor Club Mouniainfop Club Junior Sfudenf Council Grade Color Guards FACULTY INFORMALS MISS DOROTHY PELDA MR. HUGH TEMPLETON, MR. FRANK MR. KENNETH BROWN KLUGE, MRS. CHARLES HOREND ',,g,s?Sy'X-fxfr ff! ----4 X '-??'4 X X fff Y N FACULTY INFORMALS Miss Conklin Bully Woessner Mrs Hqtfleldg 151 Grade S Q-.. Mr Hartman at Work Mrs Howes Fresh Class Muss Roll Coachmg Mlss Hallenbeclr s Easier Parade 7 ill ,l 19' ' . I ff .. x . "fn s A r a ,Y Q . ' A 1 was A' f I ., 'fr . X. -fl I 1- as f H ,, , , u , ' Y , I X FACU LTY INFORMALS 1 Mass Bloxsoms Knndergorten Assnstance by Mrs Reufer ft' W5 Y Grades Faculty Party S T A F F Mrs Reufer Santo Miss Bloxsom Mrs Shea Prepcnng Lunch 8 Repcnrs by Mr VonDusen 15 3 R ' -vl .- A ff MISS NANCY L. BLOXSOM Kindergarten MR. KENNETH H. BROWN Physical Education Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Boys' Intramural Director 'lg' MISS HARRIETT S. EDWARDS MISS F. EGBERTSON Grade 4E Grade 6 fc? v ,- . idlig' ll, MRS. FRANCES FERGUSON MISS EVELYN HALLENBECK Grade IF Music Junior and Senior Chorus FACULTY ss 'Q I I ,, , f v, ' "Vg x I, ggi MRS. MARION B. BROWN Secretary to the Principal Be I v 'X' I -sin- , MRS. EMILY A. EHLER Grade 3 -'x "Us MISS CELIA P. CONKLIN School Nurse - Teacher Home Nursing - Girl Scouts First Aid for Health Class School Census Enumerator 2-xt iQ , . MISS ELEANOR I. DAVIS Art, Ceramics Ceramics Art Adviser of the Ardsleyan MRS. ETHEL J. FARNHAM MR. CLARENCE E. FELTER Grade 2F Social Studies, History Freshman Adviser Circulation Adviser - Ardsleyan School Coordinator for P. T. A. High School Activities 'hr' h X v 4.-r ,id - , 5 g 1 i L' MISS SHIRLEY L. HARCOURT MR. HOWARD T. HARTMAN MRS. LOUISE K. HATFIELD Grade 2H Industrial Arts Grade IH 9 Mechanical Drawing Photography Club Photography Adviser of the Ardsleyan Primary Library I. FACULTY MR. CHARLES W. HOREND MRS. RUTH H. HOWES Assistant Principal Home Economics science Junior Red Cross Sewing Club O All wr . 1 1. I 9 MISS RUTH HURLBUT Grade 4H - . 3 +....,3 1 .gig Iwi? MR. FRANK KLUGE Mathematics, Health Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Sophomore Adviser Intramural Softball Lv we 'A 'ni' . z . -, -.f .f i 7 5 - .- ' f-mg ' -'QW' fitwiff 5 ..1f'::,'-A if. N1 3 6 exft H 1. 0 , L li. 'Q 2, 29' ' . I mf "vu, . 1 ..fw.fx.. Q3 "A, f I IMQ 1 i I -Q MRS. ELINOR B. KOENIG Library, English IV, Speech Dromatics Senior Play Magazine Campaign Senior Adviser wx K , 1 I V MR. PAUL J. KOORS MISS CORNELIA PATTESON MISS DOROTHY M. PELDA MRS. MARGARET Y. REUTER MISS HELEN G ROBBIE English Ill Shorthand, Typewriting English I and ll Remedial Reading Latin, Spanish Guidance Counselor Bookkeeping Advi5er,in,Chgef and Honor Society Salt 8- Pepper Commercial Club Literary Adviser of the EI circulo espanol Budget Adviser of Business Adviser of the Ardsleyan Junior Adviser Ardsleyan Ardsleyan Junior Adviser an -,X pq' H4 MISS GRACE A. ROLL MR. HARLAN A. THOMAS MISS ETHEL M. TRYON MR. MITCHELL C. VINCENT MISS MARGARET A Physical Education Grade 8 I Grade 5 Supervisor of Music Grade 7 - English G. A. A. Sofia' 57Udle5 ' Grade 7 Grade 5 Clubs Director of School Assemby Sports Club Programs Athletic Board Cheerleaders I0 HIGH SCHOCL Il E xx ......... 0 1 H Q fr , X l I , 2 s 0 H HU If ' sv Y I H A 1 fit. Q xx, fi- I HIGH SCHOOL In-4 .X Barbara Edelman Joan Sfghr Jasephnne Palermo IQ! 141' 1' '1 Joan Kosfer Jack Kosfer and Cousm Suzanne Reoca Il HIGH SCHOOL Outdoor Club 54-'W' 1-QRKHU1 saga- is SHO' 4 rims 'if -I 'Qg' iz I of H Wav D0"0'hY H0'Ul"'9 Clmfe Bvfkes Dorothy Hofalung Joan Garnier 'Xf- rv---.,. "W--. w-. H--...,,,, 5-'H-Q., Bev Chnshono Wally Hennessy Sensor Gym Class 12 SENIOR SPOTLIGHT As we walked up the front steps of Ardsley Hugh un September 1946 luttle dud we realuze the many actuvutues we would engage un durung our four years un hugh school Our furst bug problem true of all Freshmen was adaptung ourselves to the new phase of lufe whuch we had lust entered We had to prove to the rest of the hugh school that we were worthy of beung part of theur organuzatuon and so we vowed to partake un as many events as possuble Our furst bug affaur was sponsorung for the enture hugh school an old fashuoned barn dance wuth all the trummungs Mr Thomas called all of the best square dances and the enture assemblage let theur haur down to allow the Frosh to guve them one of the best tumes theyd ever had To supplement our Washungton Trup Fund we also held an auctuon at the barn dance durung whuch everyone had a wonderful tume bud dung for the lunk from many attucs We now had proven ourselves and were ready to take an actuve part un hugh school As we became Sophomores our maun oblectuve was to accumulate money for our Washungton Trup Fund To start our money rausung druve we held a food sale for the vullage Everyone un the class prepared hus own specualty and thereby made our furst sale a wonderful success Our other money rausung prolect that year was the Sopho 'nore P X At each home basketball game we sold candy bars somethung all the teenagers readuly consumed As Junuors one of our buggest and most umportant prolects came unto beung We became the class whuch publushes the school yearbook the ARDSLEYAN We as do all classes decuded to have the best book possuble so we began to aum toward our goal at the very begunnung of the school year Members of the ARDSLEYAN staff at tended a forum held at Columbua Unuversuty to educate students as to how to publush a better yearbook Wuth all of these suggestuons behund us we started on the actual task of producung a yearbook After months of hard work and after havung overcome many obstacles we funally had the great satusfactuon of dustrubutung our book Also on the agenda for the year was the sponsorung of the Senuor prom We strove to have a large attendance and to guve the Senuors a memorable send off Doung our best to publucuze the Stardust Boll we encouraged many of the oldtumers as well as the hugh school students to attend ut A specual attractuon was the choosung of the Stardust Queen who was then crowned and led to her throne Funally we became Senuors the leadung class un the enture school Now our most demandung work was to take place We had to make our greatest druve for money for our Washungton Trup Fund Our furst bug prolect was the subscruptuon campaugn un whuch all the hugh school helped We held a pep assembly at the begunnung of the year and opened the campaugn wuth a bang So early un the school term everyone had a lot of stored up energy to be used thus the results were more than satusfactory At last our class was guven the opportunuty to show everyone our dramatuc abuluty On two nights we pre sented the Broadway hut January Thaw for the enture vullage to see Although most of us had stage frught we gauned assurance and amused both of our auduences wuth the funny characteruzatuons and scenes Now that we had our subscruptuon campaugn and play behund us our greatest ambutuon came true We were ready to go to Washungton D C durung Easter vacatuon For weeks all the Senuors had been duscussung the trup and now we were funally on our way Our many dreams were realuzed as we went on tours around our natuons caputal For a long tume we had wushed to see Congress and our government un actuon so we mught get a clearer conceptuon of thus umportant sectuon of our country We also enloyed seeung Mt Vernon and the many monuments and museums about whuch we had heard so much After our wonderful week un Washungton we all came home re grettung that the tume had passed so quuckly but overpoyed that we had been able to go Now we all looked forward to graduatuon the culmunatuon of our hugh school career As we walk down the front steps of Ardsley Hugh School un June 1950 we look back upon our short stay wuth the fondest memorues We realuze the many events whuch we helped to operate and the countless actuvutues we took part un We made our way through hugh school steaduly umprovung and helpung others Now we have another greater task ahead of us We no longer shall have the teachers to help us wuth our bug decusuons but have to go unto the world usung our own ludgments We are sure that through hugh school we became better prepared to meet the 'ob ahead of us and wull always look upon hugh school as our pruncupal start un lufe 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . , . . . 1 1 - ' I - - 1 1 , . 1 - 1 1 - 1 , . ' - 11 11 - 1 , . . , ' I - 1 - 11 11 - - 1 1 - 1 1 . . ., . 1 . . , . , - . . -o . . - 1 1 1 , . 1 DOROTHY HOTALING "She profits most who serves best." Treasurer 45 Honor Society I0 years5 Second Degree 4 years5 Salt 8- Pepper 35 Senior Chorus 3, 45 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Assistant Captain 35 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Graduation Usher 35 Girl Scouts I, 2, 3, 4. TREASURER REPORTER NORMA PERILLO Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm Reporter 4 Honor Society 2 years Second Degree I year Third Degree 4 Corres pondlng Secretary 4 ARDSLEYAN Pub llclty Chairman 3 Salt 8- Pepper Typist 4 AA 4GAB4Sports 4 Intramural Sports Volleyball Basket ball Softball 4 Graduation Usher 3 Com merclal Club Reporter 3 Secretary 4 SENIOR OFFICERS HENRY woEssNER "A little nonsense now and then ls relished by the wisest men." President 2, 4, Treasurer 35 Honor Society 7 years5 Second Degree 2 years5 ARDS- LEYAN Photography Editor 35 Salt B. Pepper 45 Varsity Basketball Manager 35 Junior Varsity Basketball Manager 1, 25 Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Intramural Sports, Softball, Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Student Council President 2, 45 Junior Red Cross I, 2, 3, 45 Outdoor Club I, 25 Boy Scouts I, 2, 4. ELIZABETH ANN STONE Words cannot express her infinite sweetness Secretary 2 Vice President4 Honor Society IO years Second Degree 4 years Third Degree 4 President 4 ARDSLEYAN Assist an Editor 3 at Pe er AA 234Secrety4 Secretary 4 Sports Club 4 Dramatic Club 3 Intramural Sports Basketball Volleyball 'l 2 3 4 Spanish Club Secretary 2 Grad uation Usher 3 Student Council Vice Pres: dent 4 Girl Scouts I Queen of Stardust Ball 3 CLAIRE BUCKES A little tiny witty, charming, darling she Secretary 4 Honor Society 9 years Second Degree 4 years Third Degree 4 ARDS LEYAN Assistant Editor 3 Senior Chorus A I 2 3 4 Dramatic 2 Girl Scouts 'I 2 Salt 8- Pepper Bus: ness Manager 3 I4 . Q ..i9g,igi,fM.,. ,.- - PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY ,, . . . 4 ll ' I . - . I . , : : ' , 1 ' - t ' 5 Sl 81 pp 3, 45 G. . . I, , , , ar 5 G. A. B. : 1 ' 1 , , , , , : : - . : . . - .h . J : ' : - 'I , , 'Silt 5 I P - . 3 ,, . . . . ,, . . 1 1 ' ll . . ,, . 5 : ' 1 1 : , - . . . ' ' . ' , U g 2 D - 1, 2, G. A. . , , , 5 ' Club 5 2 . - . -- , , , , G...2,3,5...5 Club 1 , , - If ' N. I I I I ' 'ff . I ' 1, .. '5 SENIORS GEORGE BAGGE A true frlend rs forever a frrend arsnty Cholr I 2 3 4 Clef Club Music Festlval regional 3 4 state 3 So t 'I 3 4 Out oar Club I 2 BEVERLY A CHRISTIANO Sophrsfrcatron plus Vuce President 2 President 3 Honor Soclety 9 years Second Degree 3 years Third Degree 4 ARDSLEYAN Edltor nn Chief 3 motlc Club 2 Intramural Badminton Bas ketball Volleyball I 2 3 4 Graduatlon Usher 3 Student Councll 2 3 Spanlsh Clu 2 3 PATRICIA CLEARY She took her fun where she found at G A A 2 3 4 Girls Athletnc Board 4 Sports Club 4 Intramural Softball Basket ball Volleyball I 2 3 4 Badminton 3 I5 VITO DeNARDO A tower of strength Varsity Basketball 3 4 Junior Varsuty Baslletball 2 Intramural Sports Baseball Baslletball 'I 2 3 4 Stage Crew 3 4 Interclass 'I FRANK FRAIETTA Laugh and the world laughs wrth you .lunnor Varsuty Basketball 1 Varsrty Base ball 2 Intramural Sports Softball Basket I 2 3 4 lnterclass 'I 3 4 Sta Crew 3 4 ll ' ' ' Il ' ll Il V ' ' , . , 1 4: . . ' I . , , : f- ' 7 ball , 2, , 5 d , , 3, 4. F f 1 1 f , : . : ll u . . ll . . . I . 7 . 7 : ' : - - ' : Salt 8- Pepper 2, 37 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Dra- ' z ' , - , , , . : ' 1 ' , : ' ll , . ll Il . Il . , . . , . - - , , : f ' ' ' , , . bull , . , : , , : ge , . . . : ' . I - L WALLACE HENNESSY Persistence conquers all things Outdoor Club I 2 3 4 'il JOAN Lurz "Speech is silver5 silence is golden." Honor Society 8 years5 Second Degree 4 years5 ARDSLEYAN Circulation Manager 35 Salt BI Pepper Typist 45 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Girls' Athletic Board 45 Sports Club 3, 4, President 45 Intramural Sports, Basketball, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Magazine Cam- paign Business Manager 45 Graduation Usher 3. SENIORS FREDERICK MAIHOFER He makes the most of all th t comes and the least of all that goes n ramural Sports Baseball I 2 3 lnterclass Basketball I 2 3 4 Varsl y Basketball Manager 3 Junior Varsity Basketball Manager 2 JANE McDONALD Her eyes as stars of twilight fair Like twilight too her dusky hair G A A 4 Intramural Sports Basketball Volleyball 4 Mixed Chorus 4 FRANCIS PANNICK "Quiet and unassuming Neat appearing in her grooming." Secretary 35 Honor Society 9 years5 Second Degree 4 years5 ARDSLEYAN Typing Editor 35 Senior Chorus I5 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 35 Junior Varsity Cheerleader I5 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports, Basketball, Volleyball 3, 45 Graduation Usher 35 Com- mercial Club Vice-President 35 Treasurer 4. I6 356' N-....,f XV' Yr' -.-. - 'M . l SENIORS 'Q' DONALD PATERSON Men of few words are the best men Varsity Choir 3 4 Student Council 4 -slim GERALD PERILLO ,QQ--Firm xv' L A No short, not tall, but how he wields a basketball' Varsity Basketball 4 Junior Varsity Basket ball 2 3 Varsity Baseball 4 GLORIA PETRUZZI Shes nice and swe t The kind one likes to meet. Honor Society 10 years- Second Degree 5 years- Salt and Pepper Typist 4- Senior orus 1 2- G. . . 4- Inro- mural Sports Volleyball Basketball 3 4- Graduation Usher 3- Commercial Club Secretary 3 President 4. MARIEJ RAGONE Good things come in small pa k ages Honor Society 2 years Varsity Cheerleader G A A 'I 2 3 4 Commercial Treasurer 3 Vice President 4 Senior Chorus '73 T SUZANNE RECCA Ambition has no rest. Cas Vice-President 1- Honor Society 9 years- Second Degree 3 years- Third De- gree 4- ARDSLEYAN Advertising Manager 3- Senior Chorus l 2 3 4- Varsity Choir 3 4- Orchestra 'I- Music Festival sectional tinental 'l- G. . . - Dramatic Club lg Intramural Sports Bas- ketball Volleyball Badminton l 2 3 4- Spanish Club 3- Graduation Usher 3- Student Council Vice-President l. RUDOLF ROSLER A WIHSOTTTE countenance Uftd WHT mng way Varsuty Chour 3 4 Varsuty Basketball 4 Jumor Varsnty Basketball 3 lntramuwl Sports Softball l 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 'Wm ROSE SPANO The quiet mmd rs ncher than a crown A A SENIORS EDGAR WALTON The first In glory as the frrst rn place Class Vnce President 3 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Junior Varslty Basketball l 2 Varsnty Baseball 3 lntramural Sports Softball l 'T 3 4 Student Council President 3 RICHARD WARD A little mrschref by the way Is fun to spice the passmg day Jumor Varsity Basketball Manager l 2 Varslty Baseball 3 4 Intramural Sports Basketball Sottballl 2 3 4 Stage Crew ROBERT WOOD Grab your partners Class Treasurer 2 Honor Socrety 7 years ARDSLEYAN Business Manager 3 Spamsh Club 2 3 Graduation Usher 3 Outdoor u l 2 Secretary 4 Boy Scouts l 2 3 4 Subscrlptaon Campalgn Business Manager 4 18 II 1 - . - ll 11 - ' - ' ' Il . - s i . - , : , : ' ' I 5 ' 5 7 I V ' ' I -1 f I V ' ,, . . . ' ' 11 ' ' , : 1 I 1 I I 1 I I 2, 3, 4. ll ' ' ' ' ll ll II , - : : G. . .2, 4. I I , : 1 CI b , , 3, 4, , , SENIOR FAVORITES BETTY ANN STONE AND EDGAR WALTON Thus year electrons were held to select the best all round gurl and boy of the Senror Class The wrnners Betty Ann Stone and Edgar Walton were chosen by the followlng last of quallfrcatlons personality sportsmanship leadershrp all round partrcrpatlon rmtlatrve and class cntlzenshlp Ardsley Hugh School takes thus opportunrty to congratulate these two deservlng students for the honor bestowed on them by theur fellow class mates 'I9 . . - I 1 5 1 I . .. . ... . .. . I ' I I ' . . . . . rf- m Q 6 4 if " ,' , , . QA We 53 L12 f ff Q, 2 ' Q if , - .4 ag li ff V " ,A 'a Q' is X ,x , el ., xi is .E "" ia 'MT -9.-Y 'W , ' . Qi' ,A Q, 'F' P- 1 '. ,- 3513. L ' 1 5.4 VG' I ' r 'ff' '1 f V A 34 x fi. gps I HE-xv Uri, . v YM- M k i 55,4 Q My ' ' ,- F' if ' 3 . W' Q YQ! ,Q 1 ' lv' F 1. f J ' 'Q mi' X Af' 'A""Yfffw fs ij. N ,EQR VNV 'fx brj. A ' 3 ' H 'Wg W " ,f . ! 2 A i I 1 A PHT! r-'12, ' . F -. 'px I A 1 ff:- -. Y-!,x A ',. ,,,, "we 1 1 Q sn? 'f , i f gf 4 A - VA f f 15 h 7 I f 1 In . -wi 4 ' 1,3 A f hvgtf .- UQ- - ' z K P I LQ V ' I K Q ' K' , 5 111- ff 5 , Y ,A L' ' A xi 4 M . uf, ,N , 2 2? Q A Q L ' 5 'ws S Q f. W J, w , f , Q A x .Sv 7 9 W1 W? A 'V ' .,.:1?' s geigii g tg 51519 'fl ' 25 , A i utr? . fr Q ,ff .. .. . L if 'F ' :ggi rx A , Q " , , Lf, . A " .., , , Q - , K V" .w , , ., V "4,j"k', 1 . .. f- - W' '-- - 7553. f :mg q Q "f.T- ,7'::: , ,A .Ml , M, - gg gi . v.. N .v-Mi. 'ma , , .Aw-w f f A QQ' V. X , -4 .-ggi.-.f ' f ' ws" 1- ' ""'. Q. ,Av- ,K 4., ,. A ' , .., . It 5 nl Tffz Q 4 .r r qq. - ' gr Vg . .J W if 13' my -, " wa- Q ,- I., Q L... ,, ' 1 1 Y' M .-11.9, - .f - Q-' N ' .N 'ff Y kqgwfz F, LW. M,f?e"A.L Y A N. fx , t ,gs '34 ,ai . L f x' samba -. W...4,' ,..- fe aff-A 1 Y A s. - V , Q AQ f -.fffuw Q .- ', 6, ,, - K ., gfggg, , 1 ffvg,53i,.A ww ,Q Y , n'qg,,,, b Xi-X WW 4 f ff X N A x QW ' f 9 fiffg ,W 4 vi I Qi 24 1791 I ff CT 2 ACTIVITIES , If . TI x f rL , ' gig I 'Q if I Qff I f ' f If ff II I :- ffff X I RI Af' I X vff ff , fq I G AA ik ,1 ,, J Nr ,,', 3 ffg if fl X NX , Q In . I, ! 'I , ,, if I , K' I I pf! 'Aff . N:-' ' X 1 -I JW I 11 I I , I W I 5 Y .Ie I n, r ' QS I I if ' H 1' X' y I xM1IlHII E4" m1,ul HI I ,k " " ' Y 1r'1:?5?:5,AIiNM N 1' 57' 5? I " A ' H , , I .' ? K' , . 'if . 5 , 5 I H - 1- LI. .4 0 if H L I3 ,EY f' ,, -h . N f If xg' -- Af ,. 5:4 ' '. " Q 71 Q JQ' f - " I- I ' ' !,rf"'f I '- 'xc ' 'ug-1 4' 1 S In fx! - 'It' ' T -, 2 SENIOR WASHINGTON TRIP .41 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier nf: Seniors at Railroad Sfaflon Suzanne Norma and Driver Vufo Denardo Edgar Walton 23 Cherry Blossoms nn Bloom Juniors and Seniors ACTIVITIES Freshman Gym Class J. V. Basketball Robert Finn, James Juilleraf 6 J. V. Jump Ball 549114 1 The "Skamps" 24 Ouidoor Club - Repairs THIRD DEGREE The Thrrd Degree consnstmg of twelve members constututes the executlve body of the Honor Socaety Wuth theur adviser these students chosen for leadership and character take charge of the varnous actrvrtues connected wuth the orgamzatron At the Flrst Degree lmtlatlon In November forty three pupils ranging from the fourth grade through hugh school became members The Honorable Walter G Seely addressed the group for the twenty seventh consecutnve year During the Chrlstmas season the members of the Third Degree entered enthusuas tlcally Into the happy task of decorating the hugh school halls For the second year a mall box faculltated the exchange of holrday greetnngs The spmt of Chrnstmas spread quuckly untul all the rooms were transformed Into wnnter wonder lands The officers are Betty Ann Stone President Fred Ernst Vlce-president Vnrgmla Brennan Recording Secretary Norma Perlllo Corresponding Secretary James Julllerat Treasurer Miss Helen Robble IS the adviser l r at .ft ll 1' 'll N ll..'h FRONT ROW Fred Ernst Vlrglma Brennan Beverly Chrustlano Richard Arone Frank Jazzo Claudnu Spelcher Miss Helen G Robbie SECOND ROW Claire Bucltes Barbara Edelman James Julllerat Suzanne Recca Norma Perlllo ABSENT Betty Ann Stone Robun Wulson Davud Purdy Barbara Nardecchua Rnchard Fruschmann Mr Arthur W Srlluman Principal Richard Mooney John Trdgewell Duncan Clarke 1 1 ' I I , . I - I , . . 3 1 I 1 I 1 I I I 1 5 5 is - , ' 1 1 Q J-.. 2 f . . r 1 , . , F4 . 1 I . ug" . f .B - I ? -. W , t ...A ' x :tin 1 1 7 -Vw K ' A Y' l V A 1 l' ' I ' rf 4' , N ,l - I . . . , . . ' . I , . I r ' T I I I , . - . ' 1 1 sg , -A A a . 1 f ,z qc' ' A 4- , i A . A U V I . l I . I U I I A 1 - I I . I A l I I I I ' msn, sovs ATHLETICS The long awauted day November Ist arruved wuth 32 hopefuls reportung to the gymnasuum for basketball practuce After careful screenung Coach Kenneth Brown molded a Varsuty team around four returnung veterans by addung two Senuors and two Sophomores Hopes were hugh for thus team labeled un a fall assembly by Coach Brown The Team of Destuny Openung the League season un January the team wuth two vuctorues and one defeat went unto the furst game wuth great confudence for a successful season Hendruck Hudson the furst to feel theur power dropped by the waysude as dud Elmsford but the Elmsford vuctory was a costly one as Edgar Walton outstandung Senuor player suffered a broken arm un the closung moments and was lost for the season The loss of Edgar left a great gap un team morale and abuluty and although the other boys dud theur best three games were dropped before they found theur strude agaun Playung 500 ball agaunst such teams as Bronxvulle Mt Kusco Bruarcluff and largeu League schools the team ended theur season wuth 8 vuctorues and 9 defeats wuth Capt Vuto DeNardo leadung hus team un scorung For outstandung abuluty un theur own class the Ardsley Varsuty team was unvuted to partucupate un the State Tournament and play a game wuth Rhunebeck at Hyde Park JUNIOR VARSITY The .lunuor Varsuty under Mr Frank Kluge seasoned unto a fune team after fuve weeks of drull Theur record of fuve straught wuns before two boys Robert Kamke and Danuel Gorman were moved to the Varsuty spoke of theur possubulutues However the shuftung of the two Junuor boys to the Varsu ty put too much burden on unexperuenced players and the team never dud regaun theur form Cons tant drull by Mr Kluge has guven many hugh hopes of attaunung cu posutuon on the Varsuty when the season opens next year BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Once agaun the formatuon of the Blue Gold teams for competutuve work un classes proved a stum ulant for unterest and abuluty Each boy was assugned un the fall to euther a Blue or Gold team un hus class A record was kept of all contests and pounts awarded and scored Competutuon was held between these teams un such events as the followung softball touch football basketball one mule run crucket baseball foul shootung kuck ball shuffleboard Pung pong rope clumbung dodge ball relay races and other actuvutues Condutuonung exercuses dustant runs physucal achuevement tests skull tests horuzontal and sude horse exercuses agaun proved popular wuth the boys Thus year Thomas Marzella won the Ardsley Hugh School Foul Shootung Champuonshup for the second season JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW Salvatore Cumuno, Manager, Domunuck Pasquale, Barry Cogguns, Robert Emeruck, Donald Raab, Frank Jazzo, Lester Ruordan, Anthony D'AngeIo, Manager SECOND ROW Mr Frank Kluge, Cough, Rgbert Fmn, George Schappach, Walter Schmudt, Melvun Redmond, Robert Weaver, Robert Cook, Robert Wulson, Ronald Berlund 1 1 ' 1 - 1 ' 11 - 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . - 1 - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 . , ' 1 - ' - 1 I : 1 1 1 r 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - I I I I 4 Q ga' Q A 4' , Pg 24? 1 Q 1 tl gd N, fr X ui g"5n sr.. ', , Q 5,13 A I o q?k5O . ,A .A f - f? . " N' H, . x 'W , - A N 'W , . 5 g Af '15 . , X 1 l vi 4 '5' ? sq' 5 Q 5 Q - 4 -o - yi - ls. I , lx T 9 Q 'Q U K, J , N 1.3 , 7 1 A ,V A ' wry 3' , 1' T, ' x " 7 '15 A ' ly f. jig' ,W - - . ... ', R 4, K-AJ, ., .W- GIRLS' G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association started off with a bang this year by having sixty out of sixty-four girls in the entire high school attend the opening mass meeting. After a very close election Joan Lutz rose victorious to become President and Betty Ann Stone, Secretary. The first main event was a double round-robin tournament in volleyball from which the deserving "Seals", led by Claudia Speicher, emerged the victors. The first Sports Day was played with our traditional rival, Dobbs Ferry High School, a cone quest we can most certainly gloat over. This year instead of soccer, the girls decided to have inter- class volleyball, From the resulting eye-opening bat- tle with the Juniors, the Sophomores were proclaimed champions. The popular basketball season rolled around giving Dolores Garnier's team the victor's ban- ner. Next, came everyone's favorite, badminton, with a ladder type of tournament. We wound up the year with a smashing season of softball. Everyone feels that this has been the greatest year ever for G.A.A. SPORTS CLUB The most cherished honor for any girl in G.A.A. is to become a member of the Sports S PORTS Club, the group of leaders in sports activities. The members officiate at all G.A.A. games and sponsor playdays and sport days. The first thing on the agenda was the election of club president with Joan Lutz capping that honor. Next, grade school children supported the showing of a cartoon movie, a project which netted enough money to buy each member of the Sports Club a green and white sweater as a symbol of the organi- zation, In January the group welcomed two new members into their fold. On the whole, the Sports Club has had a very successful year and is looking forward to many more. G.A,B. V Something new has been added to girls' sports organizations this year. lt is called the Girls' Athletic Board and consists of one representative from each class plus the G.A.A. officers and a mem- ber of the Sports Club. The purpose of the board is to plan the girls' sports program after school and to schedule playdays with other schools. The G.A.B. has performed a wonderful iob this year, and here's wishing them luck in the future. .A. . G Top of G R. McGregor, H. Nordin, G. McCormack, J. McDonald, J. Koster, D. Hotaling, B. Edelman, D. Young, P. Nardecchia, T. Curtin, C. Buckes, M. Avery, J. Karcher, F. Panniclc, N. Perillo, G. Petruzzi, M. Ragone, A. Yottes, A. Gorman, J. Palermo, J. Stohr, M. Fraietta. A Lower left of A f L. Carson, M. Cammisa, A. Huesgen, B. Rutiglan, E. Wahlquist, J. Blasberg, J. Lutz, M. Murray, C. Speicher, E. Slaybaugh, E. McPhee, E. McHenry, J. DeRocha, A. Gimbel, P. Gaarder. Cross bar of A A G. Karcher, D. Garnier, J. Brennan. A - Lower left of A - C. Manchester, R. Spano, P. Cleary, J. Calace-Mottola, G. Cartwright, B. Kakerbeck, G. Kurkela, D. Elling, E. Schmidt, V. Brennan, J. Nottelmann, S. Recca, A. Ward, J. Garnier, B. O'Leary. Cross Bar of A - E. McHenry, M. Aclcer, P. Calace-Mottola. CHEERLEADERS TOP Left to Right Josephine Palermo Margaret Avery Joan Stohr Janet CalaceMottola Corol Manchester Gerrl McCormack Eleanor Slaybaugh Dolores Garnier Dorothy Hotalung Pauline ColaceMottola Ellen McPhee CENTER Peter Karcher mascot 4 FRONT Barbara Edelman Norma Perullo Patricia Cleary Jaan Lutz SECOND Betty Ann Stone Joan Koster Miss Grace Roll FRONT - Pauline Calace-Mottola, Helga Nordin, Joan Lutz, Patricia Cleary. SECOND - Norma Perillo, Josephine Palermo, Miss Grace Roll, Betty Ann Stone. DRAMATICS CLASS In September, 1949, as students arranged their schedules for the new term, about fourteen chose Dramatics, a half-year course taught by Mrs. Elinor Koenig. lt was some- thing new and proved very interesting as time went on. The class was divided in half, while the first group worked on a play, the other half gathered informative material on acting, directing, lighting, prompting and make-up. About -the middle of November, the second half put on a play as the others learned more concerning the stimulating topics that were contained in this Dramatics course. Excellent directing and prompting proved successful as the actors of both plays gave fine performances at two assemblies for the high school audience. LEFT TO RIGHT - Donald Paterson, Suzanne Recca, Lois Carson, James Juillerat, Beverly Christiano, Betty Ann Stone, Claire Buckes, ABSENT - Mrs. Elinor Koenig, Adviser, James Welsford, Marie Ragone, William Filomena, Geraldine Cartwright, Robert Kamke, George Schappach. COMMERCIAL so FRONT ROW William Fllomeno Norma Pernllo Josephine Palermo SECOND ROW Miss Cornelia Patteson Adviser Joan Lutz Frances Panmck Marie Ragone Gloria Petruzzl Joan Stohr Joan Karcher Margaret Avery Eileen McHenry ABSENT Mary Costantml For the Commercial Club the year was an interesting one At one meeting Miss Twinkle Randall a cousin of Miss Patteson came to give us a very informative talk on her duties as secretary In the American Embassy in Egypt At another gathering Miss Anita Chandler a representative from Packard Secretarial College spoke to us about the essential qualities needed for a successful secretary As a group the Commercial Club visited Agricultural Associates Inc in Ardsley and also the Sonotone plant in Elmsford Though the year is nearly over we feel that we have accomplished something worth while to look back upon and know that the information and suggestions given us this year will help us tremendously in the future CLUB t i l - f 1 - '- f 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , . - . 1 I I I 1 ' I I EL CIRCULO In September the two sections of the Spanish Club resumed activities under the guidance of Miss Helen Robbie. The officers of the Senior group are Joan Koster, President, and Joan Garnier, Secretary. The first year students chose Patricia Frisch- mann, President, and Gail Kurkela, Secretary. The purposes of the club are to provide ci source of recreation and to acquaint the students more fully with the language and people of Spain, Mexico and South America. A study of the cultures and history of the Latin American countries and the formation of a sympathetic attitude toward their points of view are encouraged. FRONT ROW - Robert Finn, Fred Ernst, Robert Emerick, Robert Weaver. SECOND ROW - Miss Helen G. Robbie, Eleanor Wahlquist, Eleanor Slaybaugh, Patricia Cheslack, Elizabeth Kalcerbeck, Claudia Speicher, Patricia Friscltmann, Janet Calace-Mottola, Joan Koster, Jacqueline Blasberg, Barbara Edelman. THIRD ROW - Pauline Calace-Mottola, Ellen McPhee, Dorothy Elling, Janet Nottelmann, Virginia Bren- nan, Gail Kurkela, Joan Garnier. fri ESPANOL SEATED Patricia Frlschmann Gall Kurlxela Claudia Speicher William Fllomena Pauline Calace Mot tola Janet CalaceMottola Marlorie Acker STANDING Mr Paul Koors Adviser ABSENT Annette .IOURNALISM CLUB A well established organization consisting at present of only ten members is the Gimbel Journalism Club Besides engaging in the production of our school paper the mem bers also become familiar with the use of the mimeograph the art of stenciling and the qualities of a good reporter Each month the club publishes the Salt and Pepper a paper dealing chiefly with current events humor and school news With the profit received from sale of the paper the group buys material necessary for the next publication This year the Jour nalism Club took a trip to the News Building to view the advanced arts of publishing a paper 31 t " 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 - - - 1 - - ' 1 I . , ' 1 - 11 11 ' ' 1 , . I - ' Annette Gnmbel Jasephlne DeRocha Dorothy Young Theresa Curhn Marlorle Acker Mary Fraletta ABSENT Mrs Ruth Howes Adviser FRONT ROW Richard Hay Kenneth Acker Davnd Mooney Davld Purdy Watson Bell Glenn Koors John Young SECOND ROW Phllllp Clmlno Wllllam LeCount Ellzabeth Waldemar Katherine Schoen stem MITZI Oleary lynn Nevlnger Louise Medovlch Margaret Fitzgerald Rose Marne DePaul Annette Scott, Angela locuratolo, Judith Baker STANDING Mary Franetta, Kung Cheslack, Edward Bramble Josephine DeRocha, Andrew Kalmykow, Der: Meier ABSENT Mrs Ruth Howes, Adviser I L FRONT Paulme Calace Mottola, Wullnam Flanagan, Claudna Speucher, Betty Ann Stone, Henry Woessner, Vlrgmna Brennan, Donald Paterson, Patrucla Nardecchla, James Jurllerat SECOND Ruchard Arone, Fred Ernst ABSENT Vuto DeNardo 'I 5 E C Q J M 5 I C S U R E D C ' R 'L 0 S S C 0 U N C THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT Under the supervusuon and durectuon of Muss Evelyn Hallenbeck and Mr Mutchell Vuncent the musuc department has developed unto one of the most actuve functuons un Ardsley Hugh School At any tume of the day musuc may be heard resoundung unto the wee corners of the hallways fullung the school wuth uts melody Two afternoons a week the audutoruum holds un uts throng the Senuor Elementary Chorus composed of seventh and eughth graders The chorus under the supervusuon of Muss Hallenbeck holds us under uts spell as they sung the everyday favorutes so many enloy These youngsters have entertauned un numerous school musucal programs and also have entered unto competutuon Newly organuzed thus year us the .lunuor Chorus un whuch the fufth and suxth grades partucupate Some of theur excellent work has been heard un many school assembly pro grams A group of eughteen selected from these two organuzatuons had the honor of tcukung part un a raduo broadcast over WFAS last March Two mornungs before school the orchestra under Mr Vuncent practuces un the audu toruum doung theur best to become one of the funest orchestras Ardsley has ever had Basucally the orchestra us composed of younger students who un most cases wull have four years of experuence un thus fueld before they graduate from hugh school Three members of the orchestra partucupated un the Sectuonal All State Musuc Festuval un Whute Plauns gaunung consuderable experuence un playung wuth hundreds of other students from the area One member Vurgunua Brennan also played un the All State Symphony whuch performed at the New York State School Muslc Assocuatuon Conference at Saratoga The hugh school began the year by havung a muxed chorus compulsory for all It has now developed unto a body of unterested sungers The Muxed Chorus was not organ uzed for performances but to further group spurut uncrease natural vocal abulutues and to help students to gaun experuence un sungung wuth others Two mornungs each week the school us entranced by the pleasant sounds ussuung forth from the musuc room These melodues come from the Varsuty Chour whuch has a larger membershup thus year The chour works to gaun even balance and to attaun greater musucal abuluty Several of the members of thus group performed un the Sectuonal All State Chorus un Whute Plauns and the complete chorus entered all state competutuon A new development thus year us the Varsuty Ensemble composed of twelve gurls from the Varsuty Chour After many days of hard work they gauned recognutuon by preparung a program sung over the raduo and thereby enthralled a large gatherlng un New York Cuty From all of these musucol organuzatuons has developed the Clef Club whuch us the advusory board of the musuc department Everyone us eluguble for membershup who has earned a varstty musuc letter or has shown suffucuent effort and unterest un the fueld of musuc The purpose of the Clef Club us to make rules of conduct and effort for each musuc organuzatuon to award letters to any deservung person and to duscuss matters whuch aruse durung the year The club makes ut possuble for the students themselves to form their own decusuons and rules by whuch they must abude In addutuon to the many organuzatuons of the school musuc us also taught as a part of the regular grade program Development of vocal and unstrumental work has been stressed un order to buuld a foundatuon for future growth un musuc Musucal aptutude tests are guven to all grade pupuls un order to fund out each students abuluty Musucal Instrument lessons are provuded for those who show suffucuent abuluty and unterest Also as a part of the program each class learns the fundamentals of musuc uncreosung theur own knowledge as they go through school Each chuld us exposed to as much musuc as possuble and us encouraged to develop hus own abuluty The musuc department has not stopped growung as yet Each year new addutuons and changes are made Nearly every student un school us un some way unvolved n the musuc department and the whole school takes prude un the work that has been done 33 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' I ' 1 ' I 1 ' 1 1 - 1 . I . ' - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . , . . . - 1 1 1 . I , . SENIOR MIXED CHORUS FRONT A P. Calace-Mottola, J. Stohr, J. Palermo, D. Paterson, G. Schappach, W. Flanigan, E. Slaybaugh D. Hotaling, J. Garnier, M. Fraietta. SECOND - Mr. Mitchell Vincent, G. McCormack, C. Manchester, P Gaarder, R. Dahm, R. Arane, R. Wilson, A. D'AngeIo, D. DeLuca, E. Wahlquist, B. Rutiglan, D. Young P. Frisclwmann. THIRD: M. Ragone, A. Gimbel, P. Narclecchio, R. Finn, F. Jazzo, J. Yottes, G. Bagge, C Ricci, K. Cauvet, M. Avery, J. Karcher, E. McPhee. FOURTH - M. Murray, A. Huesgen, M. Aclcer, W Filomena, R. Cook, J. Koster, R. Berlind, D. Pasquale, l.. Riardon, C. Speicher, H. Nordin, M, McHenry FIFTH - B. Coggins, R. Emerick, H. Greiner, M. Redmond, W. Woessner, R. Weaver, R. Rosler, D. Elling G. Kurkela. SIXTH - A. Gorman, J. McDonald, L. Carson, J. Koster, V. Brennan, M. Cammisa, S. Recca, R Spono, E. Schmidt, E. Kalcerbeclv., J. Colace-Mottola, J. Noftelmonn, G. Cartwright, J. Blasberg, G. Karcher CLEF CLUB FRONT George Schappach Joan Koster Georqe Bagge Virginia Brennan Robert Kamke SECOND Claudia Speicher Ellen McPhee Lois Carson ABSENT Barbara Edelman 34 , , . . . 1 . 'Q an 'ff f V , I., g if A , 4 if W Wfffafb? , zr, :rgi' ' 1? .. 43? 1 ' V I ' Aw fm J 'M ' ' -N 7 f L ' m 1 . A , ' I 4 it Q 5. A 53 .,f, gg' ,af ,, 4 1 2 wr? f 'Vw' f .Q it qi? X if if n ' N' ' ff V xg , We , 35?- ' 5 'W 441 f Y gh M 3 Yi 'Q 4 3 ai ,L QQ355, -5 A , bQ , g 9, , 1? S1 if fi fs me 223 al .pr WA' ' ff-. I I K -,,, N M' .I , ft . Q V x 3 .I Q M I W an if fm V frm. , -K Q' A 'gf 'vp wg., , 4 wg, ' 13,25 4, , ,Af 4 .,.. ' x V I 1 X K", 1 ,, f 1, X . , I . ffm ,,w!'?'f'? 1-7 .-S' 'ffm 5 8 f ' W ji' r, za:-K ' ,ul 1e V 1- dalpryfx-wfZ.,g': 7 ww gang, .,..,, -,, , ,. 1 I MA wa wxiwf I Q . H i A 'mi INYA Y H D ' gm 4" 'T 4 A dxf na 1 1 i I 1 ... . , 3 i A K. 0 -?4,,f"'y wx s ,X 2 -,. 58 E ,N F ' Q Q Q K' A, N . J 2' r L , 4- Q 'AM . 65-Q ' K 'A L, QV ' Ha' 4 4 ' D. ' , - Q W: , ' i , ff- If 'A ,mar 'X I. X K Q, G' ff . 19 1, f N - b t 5 2' fhgl' 4 , f 'Q A , S. W ' S ' 3 3 M X a , ' fr ai! '5 . .N 0- 449 44 , 'V M in-ag' '44 19" 1 .na v ,. 4 , .AN If 'D qx ev g-'WW ww! 'W Q 'X if "Will xQtV, '1 5 449 mfwwnwxl , iymrhwg gixw--,J fig? 'NK 9' A-ny ' s AM!! xx .mm un x mmm!! lllll +4 OT f WT No at +5 UT wry 3-Hr 7 5' +62 fl? "' 0 as T I0 ., 9 GRADES j' oTff1c 7 1 N V ,Luv 5 ? 3 ,7 N N 4' :7 7+3-120 NTCEL: 914 1 - 2- Z8 ! VI slvo fx 5+ Q cl I S is '! Al I 9 3 -'f Q J ' w -Q,,,l.EQ1 GRADES Kmdergoriens Merry Christmas Cunmbcl Kettle +-4? Nav Dorene Suihergreen Rosmo Mobuluo Judnh Rlorddn 39 Mountum Top Club Mr Snllrman GRADES l Furs? Grade Kmdergarten Easier Party K ndergarlen Chnsfmas Party Egger Pgrqde 3 r- X cl. , -+ s.'E'k ' l fi. Jilrf , Elaine Grandolfi, Philip Cimino Walter Edelman Tom Elling Ask any eighth grader what is the most important event connected with this year, without question, his answer will beigraduation. All the "little girl and boy" years are over, and we are standing in the doorway of a new life, high school. Therefore, we anticipate the great night when we are marching slowly toward the lighted stage, toward the goal of eight years of schoolwork. All of us friends will share together another memorable achievement. Look out, Ardsley High School! Here we come! Teacher, Mr. Class President Richard Frischmann Class Treasurer Richard Bancroft Class Mother Mrs. Albert Denari GRADE 8 FRONT ROW - Carol Riordan, David Fluskey, Margaret Flanigan Harlan A. Thomas Class Vice-President Alberta Denari Class Secretary Louise Quist Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Dominick DeNardo , William Finger, Heidi Meier, Joseph Leach, Barbara Canning, Richard Frischmann, Rosina Mobilia, Alberta Denari. SECOND ROW - Dorothy McPhee, Peter Connolly, Carol Hashagen, Michael Grandolfi, Ruby Moretti, Gerhard Karl, Louise Quist, Douglas Boyd, Laura Pearce, Robert Hamilton, Mr. Harlan A. Thomas. THIRD ROW - Barty DeRoche, Ann Wilmoth, Duncan Wilson, Royce Paula Koors, Anthony DePaul, Laverne Ward, Joseph DeNardo, Annette Boylan, Walter Edelman, Marianne Wertheim. FOURTH ROW - Frank Noviello, Gertrude Rosler, Richard Bancroft, Ruth Seeler, Armand Fattori, Alicia Melnik, William Bell, Helen Eisenhauer. ABSENT - Gretchen Messerich. N 1 H1 Q . is W4 n . G ,HK 6:3-,L asv , h yi 5 1 gr QW Wg: " I 4 ' ' ' A ' 1 L n 'l.3,1Hg, fe A. 4' Qu- JW.-' 1 , L V! , 4 y M . I , f ' ' -.Q 5' - ' A q V ,Al g Ov 'H-1 1 "' ' I , J Lf H il, ... "heh w f .. by A 'J One of our pleasantest social events this year was a Halloween party. It was capably planned and carried out by a special student committee with the help of our grade mothers, thus making our first party outside of school a brilliant success. Some extra privileges we enjoyed this year are: being allowed to use the high school library, having Miss Robbie teach us some Spanish, and having Mr. Horend show us scientific experiments in the laboratory. Combining pleasure with our work, we are making the most of our youthful days. Teacher, Miss Florence Egbertson Class President David Purdy Class Treasurer Jane Shurtleff Class Mother Mrs. Andrew Kalmykow Class Vice-President Grace Barbieri Class Secretary Andrew Kalmykow Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Ferdinand Arone GRADE 6 FRONT ROW - Frank Cammisa, John Canning, Catherine Santore, Amy Messerich, William Hoffman, Carol McKeough, Gary Fagan, Angela Pasquini, Garry Ragone, Nancy Cauvet, Nancy Solomon, Joseph Cawley, Fred Arone. SECOND ROW - Bruce Boyd, Andrew Kalmykow, George Salerno, Margot Moore, Allen Weiss, Grace Barbieri, William LeCount, Dolores Ankelen, Warren Townsend, Judith Goodwin, Sam Scott, Miss Florence Egbertson. THIRD ROW - Christie Bradley, Philip Cimino, Jean Seeler, David Purdy, Jane Shurtleff, Richard Bell, Judith Riordan, Edward Bramble, Charles Sprague, Franklin Cimino. ABSENT - John Manchester. Shortly before the Christmas holidays, Miss Tryon asked, "Does anyone have an idea of how we can review geography in connection with Christmas?" After discussion, the class decided to cut a Christmas tree out of green paper. Next, we decorated it with pictures of gifts and attached gift tags to them. ln- stead of labeling a tag "to Mother from Bill", we substituted for the name of the giver, the name of the place where the product was made. Eventually, we pasted the finished tree on our bulletin board, where it received many compliments from other grades. Teacher, Miss Ethel M. Tryon Class President Robin Wilson Class Treasurer Peter Karcher Class Mother Mrs. Frederick Gardiner Class Vice-President Chester Slaybaugh Class Secretary Priscilla Young Assistant Class Mother Mrs. Max Karl GRADE 5 FRONT ROW - Anthony DeRocha, David Mooney, Chester Slaybaugh, Francis Schappach, Jeffrey Berlind, King Cheslack. SECOND ROW - Robin Wilson, Lynne Nevinger, Margaret Christiano, Margaret Mestern, Diane Bunn, Jennie Barger, Carol Morris, Ruth Ann Pearce, Carole Dewar, Barbara Curran. THIRD ROW - Cynthia Proske, Peter Karcher, Joseph Rooney, Harold Kessler, Watson Bell, David Marrus, Glenn Koors, Michael Kantor, Michael Pascone, Marianna Karl. FOURTH ROW - Helen Hamilton, Greta Greiner, Priscilla Young, Barbara Gardiner, Bernadette Strachan, Louise Medovich, Florence Scheller, Jill Connolly, Marie O'Leary, Miss Ethel M. Tryon. iii ,h QW' A ef" i . 19 I f , Args E 4525 . yi ,, 'gt x -X 5 11 'K' 4 ,: K " , A f if Q Msg iw Ji W ., r N ' -. 1 , xi A v vw' 44 I 5 f 7 4 r 'Rip' I x 51 x' ' V ' w it 5' Q 4 n Y X-fiffibf. 5 c V- . , 1 , A 'fro' 'V J , if-Qgv?S?+:Q?Q:w ,azgsxiesfwxf " 55, fa. EF1HE3ILEN'-IH' ' 'U' na. 4? FA I3 up wx D .1 Vi , 3 y 'Q' lf-if if ' - -1 ' -, . 119 Q RQ- P Qs. if? ' iw? ' , 1,5 fu. R'- 'Qv , 'A 'Y J -:Wy W ' 0 P x j-Q' 'ly '21 Zn. Vi I 9 'ff' "is . it , ,ft fx ' b Kp f , ii' A 1 h fi A 1 W gg .J h '1 , Q. w p f ,, IQ r ' H 4 "' sy,-, ,g ,gp ' yy A , 11- -, . 'A' jf '15 w ,- Y ' - . K , E1 1 -., , , 13+ viii Y: '-f 5 .., M . 3 A . 11,1 Y ' AY' A:9ffE'f4 K' ,f 1 5 -. - s t 4 ' fffngi, .9 fe 1 , . Q . .. 5 , X Q j: 3 ff W f ,V ,Mg Jiigfg H Z x ,, S , ' ,, ET ., V.. , , i , gf: f 7 .f ' X., E , 1 QQ- A - En QQ W Ama' 'vi - 'eff A-431' 11, Mfgegitj 3 Q amz ? 1. I 3? I fi' ,',. . 5 x -L2 1. . 5 l . A w m , V , if 4 Y , . wi. - ' . ' vw? , 045' . l .5 W I kilt.: X fi I QA gangs K f .fdf ieh 4 1 I ax Q ugkiyg .' H M3 " . A f f ff ' 3 34 I Sus ' . A4 4 'iv. A A I g , 21 31 I xfa 1' 'Y' ..H'Xf ' . 1 ' ag A 5. - , r i I E I Q. Ii 1 ,gs ir !,, M 2 , gl' N .Vg . ' , if A J x , -' K Q f- 1 ag, 5. K J v- wv' - 4 Lg- ' Q Q " Fivfq "gf, if , X X , h v t R 1 Q, c ,,-.H A P QXNRN ,A ' L- ' 'I 0 . Z -4 94 Grade 2F has been placing special emphasis this year on becoming aware of the world in which we live and aware of the people around us. To this end we have taken many trips together. First we had a "hot-dog" roast at Woodlands just to get acquainted. To note the effects of the change of seasons, we took walks in the woods. We saw science slides of ancient times. We hope that in addition to the three "R's" Grade 2 has a better idea of what has gone on before and of what is now going on about us. Teacher, Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham President of Girls' Club President of Boys' Club Virginia Rosler Secretary of Girls' Carol Stahl Class Mother Mrs. Charles Stahl GRADE 2F Don Clarke Club Secretary of Boys' Club David Nugent Assistant Class Mother Mrs. George Motoasca FRONT ROW f Noreen Ashley, Virginia Rosler, David Tidaback, Betty Fiore, Edward Aim, Carol Stahl, Gay Connolly. SECOND ROW - Catherine Cassano, Nelson Hoy, Elizabeth Motoasca, Anthony Waldeier, Mary Ann Dewar, Don Clarke, Mary Ann Russo, Peter Muller, Mildred Fagan. THIRD ROW - Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham, Bonnie Boyd, Bruce Zinck, Susan Walther, Gay Mayer, Pamela Chalmers, George Ramin, Susan Suthergreen, David Nugent, Joanne Riccio. ABSENT - John Waterbury, Robert Raicht. s ff' v ',u ,K A If :NL H4 Img. s t gig I 0- I K x .1 Q ll I X W' I I 1 Q Q Q . L vb K-rd ,, K. 4 I Q V K VL A 5.1 s -Q ft' gap W-'E -if M . ' us V 5 -... , A if 'Q' r f za uw 11. 4 5 -l X w WV. W, , . ff' wwf ' . -f 'I ' MJ, x Q . ' 55 654-f N 'Y 3 -gg .4 ,v.f 1-, 75 '?57'f M4 1 nu in fr" FRONT ROW ephen Istvan Michael Smith William Pease Thomas Gardiner Stephen Sm th John Speicher Henry William OLeary Edmund Moore SECOND ROW Robert Davids Ruth Grell Mignon McCracken Jane Ellen Cauvet Karen Moore Virginia Becktold Diana Schaefer Anne Sekaer Judith Dillon Judith Stern Jonathan Purdy THIRD ROW Francis Purcell Evelyn Brady Joseph Marsek Margaret Stahl Frederick Progner Ill Jane Stagluano Robert Bell Jr Karen Morrison Russell Wedeklnd Westa Delagi REAR Mrs Frances C Ferguson ABSENT Althea deTarnowsky Eleanor Brookings Lynn Grandolfi GRADE 'IF Realizing the importance of helping others, Grade IF was the first to get 10006 Junior Red Cross mem- Teacher, Mrs. Frances C. Ferguson bershlp- Then at Christmas we turned our efforts to en- Class Molherf Mrs- Robert Bell tertaining the Primary Assembly with a singing play, "When Santa Comes". All of us took part in the production in such roles as spinning tops, bouncing balls, toy soldiers, teddy bears and parts of a toy train. This play and our masquerade Halloween party were two of the principal highlights of the year. Assistant Class Mother, Mrs. Norman Davids 4 f fi .ff , 3:11 M. M' - H 7, . . r p 5 ' Q 1 W -rw- X y -J 19 L I' I n . F . 4 , Q A M, V N K 93 . 25" AA, 'ix ,QL I , 4 I 'V by A siw' 'T " ' df 6 ' .QL , ,f an , , A ,wi , , ww Q, 'H "ff .in M W. , 5 F 1" 1 ' 'Q' 'V' 'il ' ft 5 v i .. -ol 'Y NK -wwf rf WJ ., . A I ,QI W , 4. P, ' A , V JC 3, A o 5, ..,., M.,-.W 5 . sv 5 L -'HQ' , 4. """'4x, , . V-K, .43 qiwipkjm, . ' r 1'5- yyif' Y 's Q ,. y. -I 1 Q-4 i W2 - , - H 4 Q fl-edit, Ax , 5 ' Y .- 1 ,A,, f 'SPI' A Q' 3 9 1 A. "Q, A 5 V. 'N' . A '3 Q R.. 1 ' 'x ' 'fe Y QR, Q ' mn, . X 'YK N ,X 1 .1 .4 ' if is Y 7 2 if 1 f' 4 N? l Ae . W D ., ', x ., tgsf Q 'fwifv 1 Z f I- fs ff 5253 H15 ' Fi 35 1 Q I f Q Q' ff- . , 1 Vg? E Qi Nb S. 3' n lm 0 ,' S , 5 I Q l , . P' , is 1' .fp R33 B W. x 3 5 - . Q, I it, f X 4. 'f 'f Sf ' 'Q .ll if! A! Q 'A Q 1 5 : W Y , 'N , Us ' 3 X 1 K my V 'fm " F 93 nf 9 5. X 153 v ' -x ' ' z ,Q " " xr : 557 1 w Q - l Q 'A i . X, 1 f Q ' ' . ww M' 1 P "4 ,..f , 5 ,fx fl . ' 5 X Q xi 554: -2. 41 IQHA lifwlfi 5' X, 5 l N "'f2-gr-wil' I in , .V ' ar,-M ' A- .,'.':' ' Q ' 'fvfkfx FRONT ROW - Alexander Sheldon, Stephen Wilson, Paul Koors, Charles Salerno, Peter Bell, Donald Rooney, Richard Clute, Richard Cook, William Duke. SECOND ROW - Stephen Zatt, Karen Stammer, Gayle Crisi, Judith Young, Judith Sankey, Mary Curran, Donna Bliss, Jean Rempfer, Raymond Manchester, John Pascone. THIRD ROW - Miss Nancy Bloxsom, William Schleicher, Susan Young, Leona Wirz, Margaret Schappach, Robert Butler. FOURTH ROW - Jacqueline Dowe, Edward Brown, Donald Andrews. ABSENT - Marion Lehmkuhl, Sharon Louft, Karen Yocis. KINDERGARTEN P.M. To fill our room with Christmas spirit we dreamt of iust what Christmas meant to us. Then in each of our lockers we proceeded to create scenes of our . homes surrounded by snow mountains and Christmas Teacher, Miss Nancy Bloxsom frees. Class Mother, Mrs, Roben Morris Upon our bookcase we could observe a lovely scene of the birth of Jesus. Assistant Class Mother, Mrs. Francis Andrews The last and greatest pleasure was to find our large Christmas tree gayly decorated beside our fire- place. For several days we enioyed caroling around it just before we left for home. Compliments of R. S. A. CORPORATION Manufacturing Chemists ARDSLEY, NEW YORK PICTURE IDENTIFICATION TOP Mlss Annette Dorf Davnd Purdy SECOND Seventh Peruod Study Halllnbrary THIRD Ceramics Muss Davis Pot Cleary Rudy Rosler Rose Spono Sue Recca George Schuppoch Betty Ann Stone BOTTOM Hank Greuner Melvnn Redmond : , . : - . 1 I I 1 f 1 1 - 2 u H - - , . VILLAGE of ARDSLEY Westchester County New York INCORPORATED 1896 M A Y O R ALBERT E. DENARI T R U S T E E S ROBERT E. L. BUNCH HENRY D. ELLING WILLIAM EMERICK EMERSON VIRDEN B. WILBUR McDOWELL OLIVIA G. SEELER POLICE Jusrlcs CLERK-TREASURER JOHN J. GERAGHTY couNseL OPEN WIDE! SILENCE IS GOLDEN MESSY, ISN'T IT? PLAY BALL Board of Education COLUMBUS F ARONE Presrdenf PAUL E BAKER Trustee FRED S SUTHERGREEN Trusfee CARMENI BRENNAN Trusfee OSCAR E ACKER Trustee LEAH B SLAYBAUGH Clerk EDWARD E AIM Treasurer PICTURE IDENTIFICATION John Y Hes Bc bo a Edelman BOTTOM .Imm Welsfo d .loo Sfohr Joan Karcher Bobby Komke ' I ' I TOP: Tommy Marzellc, Dick Ward. SECOND: "Pop" Brown. THIRD: Jackie Blasberg Mel Redmond o , r r . : i ie r , n , , , E' IIWHATICHA DOINV? "THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT" Fuel Oil - Oil Burner Service as IT A HOMER? Main Office: HARTSDALE, NEW YORK Oil Storage Plant: HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N. Y. AREN'T THEY sum TAKING LIFE EASY WILLIAM B. BRENNAN PICTURE IDENTIFICATION BOTTOM Claudio Spencher Wally Hennessy George Bagge of TOP: Biology Comp, Croion. SECOND: Billy Flanigun, Bob Finn, Bob Weaver. THIRD Biology Camp of THE PARENT - TEACHERS ASSOCIATICN of AMERICAN LEGION Complimenfs of J. E. BRENNAN CORP. 480 Lexington Avenue New York, N Y Compllmenfs of A FRIEND PICTURE IDENTIFICATION Komke Pafrnck Crusfello George Schappach Vito Pasquale TOP: Billy Cook, Jean Thomas. SECOND: Seventh Grade Girls. THIRD: Varsity Drag. BOTTOM: Bobby Compliments of JAMES McCARTNEY 8. SON Real Estate and Insurance McCartney Building Ardsley, N. Y Telephones: Dobbs Ferry 3 0331 2040 Compliments of lEWIS 8. Mc DOWEll, Inc. Contractors 285 Madison Avenue New York, N. Y. I BERALILE I Complimenfs WHITE PIAINS NEW YOIK ll Sine! of V - Yo x 17. 42 L nn Q. . ,- P epare now for apre- A fe edsecretarlalpo ition. Berkeley-t alned secre- A F R I E N D ta 'es are associated with w'e aiety ofb' - gan' ations. Courses f r hlgh- ! hool 1 aduates and college w men. Di.t'ng i.hed faculty. Effecti e pla eme t e I e. Cat- Alozuo. Write Assistant Director. hrllm hh.. July, lop I I ' I U0 Gran I wma. rm-.1 9-usa V v 1 New r 0 Le I on Av 'I nv East Dunn. Nl. 22 Prosnee! St. 0 1' Q "' 'Qr S r ri I. Ld v r usxness or iz o c r o Q L u Q v c n s rv c . CHARLES S HOY, Inc Dobbs Ferry 3 I807 PLUMBING and HEATING GAS APPLIANCES I A N S W I L S O N Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 0565 WHQLESALE FLORIS1' Licensed In Ardsley Dobbs Ferry Hastings Irvington and HEATHER DELL ROAD ARDSLEY N Y Town of Greenburgh TOP Hank Gre ner Edgar Walton Vlc Arone PICTURE IDENTIFICATION M SECOND Tommy Marzello THIRD Conky Novnello Chaco Froleha BOTTO O I I I I I , . . , If H ' , , II If - II - II - . L . . . . , . , . THE METHODIST CHURCH o community church Where a friendly welcome awaits you. Compliments of THE ARDSLEY CIVIC ASSOCIATION Lym E K pp - Douglas W. Kipp Complimenfs of KIPP BROTHERS Confracfors and Engineers Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-2200 Ardsley, N. Y. Compliments of BENJAMINH ADLER Hardware Housefurnnshrngs Paints Locks Repalred Keys Made Garden and Contractors Supplies Tools Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 OOO5 127 Mann Street Dobbs Ferry N Y Say It wlth Flowers ROBERT M JOHNSTON Homsr and GROWER Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 0311 225 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry N Compliments Dobbs Ferry N Y BESSON 8: COMPANY Establ1shed1839 Dock Street Dobbs Ferry N Y Tel Dobbs Ferry 26 27 or 32 D Complfments of OBBS FERRY BANK Dobbs Ferry N Y LAUNDROMAT Prck Up and Delivery s 75c 18 Ibs O Fluff Dry 24 hour service Dobbs Ferry 3 5698 s 5Oc 18 lbs 100 Wet Wash Compliments Saw Mull Rnver Parkway Eastvlew N Y Rvnufo Cris: CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 99 HUDSON STREET NEW YORK CIT PICTURE IDENTIFICATION TOP Frances Ponmck Glorc Pet Ulll I.lIIlon Papo tch SECOND The Ardsleyettes THIRD Gerrl McCormack Skippy Sloybough Jean Brennan BOTTOM Sophomore 49 Food Sale , 9lb. - .S1.5 I -Y- 9Ib. - .s. Of of TRANS,I-Ux THEATER ROSEDALE NURSERIES BLASBERG MOTORS, INC. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. CARS - PARTS - SERVICE 40 Cedar Street Dob Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-5040 bs Ferry TOMANSON VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. o shades o storm soshes o porch shades - Phone - Dobbs Ferry 3-1193 146 Main Street B E N C O H E N ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Telephone Elmsford 6-1886 2 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD, N. Y. RICClO'S MARKET Emporium of BOBBY-SOXERS "MY ROMANCE AMEmcA's FINEST FRUITS, VEGETABLES STYUSHI AREWT WE, and GROCERIES 457 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. ALL GONE! THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE C. ENGELMAN, Ph.G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0512 - 525 ASHFORD AVENUE 8 ELM STREET ARDSLEY N. Y. ARDSLEY HARDWARE CO HOME SERVICE Hardware - Benj. Moore Paints Gas Ranges - Refrigerators Westinghouse Appliances 8- Television Phone Dobbs Ferry 4010 Res. Phone Hastings 4421 Addyman Square Ardsley N. Compliments of DR ALBERT BASSEL GRAND UNION AMERICA S SECOND OLDEST FOOD CHAIN Serving discriminating homemakers with quality food products for over three quarters of a century SUPER MARKETS FOOD STORES CHAT AND CHEW RESTAURANT Phone Dobbs Ferry 341 ITALIAN CUISINE PIZZA CHICKEN IN A BASKET 64 Saw Mill River Rd Ardsley N Compliments HEATHER DELL FARM WHOLESALE FLORISTS ARDSLEY N Y ROSLYN CLEANERS A Very Satisfactory Valet Service All Cleaning Done on the Premises Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 4756.1 LOUIS S MARKET ON THE SQUARE Louis Corato Prop AT LOWEST PRICES Full Line of Frozen Foods Free Delivery Phones D F 31121 3 470 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY N Y PICTURE IDENTIFICATION TOP Jane MacDonald SECOND Mr Acker Mrs Thomas THIRD Henry Woessner Tony DAngelo BOTTOM Gerrie Cartwright . L ' ' 2 ' ' . , . Y. I I of ' , . BEST QUALITY MEATS I . . - - -1122 DObbs Ferry 3-1954 "ROAD SERVICE" DAY - und - NIGHT WESTCHESTER GARAGE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE - COLLISION SPECIALISTS REPAIRING and OVERHAULING M. NANNARIELLO ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY, N. Y. WHERE'S VITO, JANE? TALL AND SHORT OF IT! SERVICE TRUCKS A4,fr'w'.2 'x. "STRUCK OUT!" I ! H -I A2 STATELY AND SERENE T. OTTOO E 8 SONS, INCORPORATED LITHOCRAPHY 06120 PRINTING 31 IEFFERSON STREET - STAMFORDC NN CTICUT ' TELEPHONE 4-9226 R C T W M E L R O S E MASTERS OF THE GRAPHIC ARTS PICTURE IDENTIFICATION Marne Ragone PatNardeccI1ua THIRD Dramahcs Class Geraldine Cartwright George Schappach Roberf Kcmke William Fnlomena Beverly Chrisfiano BOTTOM Claudio Speicher Doroihy Eiling Robert Weaver DI E NEW YORK IRE' 5-4lI2 TOP: Sixth Period Gym Class. SECOND: Honor Society: Richard Arone, Beffy Ann Sione, Virginia Brennan, Complimenfs of THE CLASS OF 1950 ' R '9 ,P 4 S '55 , . z.-sd ' v' G, ,' CLUB A ukQ? Qin"' I ARDSLEY, NEW YORK 69 "TWENTY UP!" FIRST DEGREE INITIATION SUSPENSE! FUTURE BACTERIOLOGISTS Complimenis :W I of illlffllj. . H ,. E ummm 155 LOUIS DE LucA ,Q "N- hy J 'f IHPYBW I GROCERY AND DELICATESSEN I 'Isl 'U I! I II d4'ucuvItmnibIadIIm ARTHUR PATERSON Co,,,p,,,,,e,,,S GENERAL INSURANCE 135 WILLIAM STREET NEWYORK7NY Phone Beekman 3 3551 3 3586 HONOR SOCIETY ResIdence 24 TAFT LANE ARDSLEY Phone D F 31118 PICTURE IDENTIFICATION TOP Hone Economlcs J SIo"Ir E McHenry .I McDonald M Costan? HI J Palermo M Avery J Karcher ECOND Vto De Nordo DIck Ward Jerry Per llo THIRD A Gmbel T Curhn A Yohes D Young D Garner M Fra efia A Ward M Acker BOTTOM Poulme Caloce Mohola ond Bully Flanlgan : I 1 . . , . , . , . I , . , . , . . e . I , , I . . . I , . , . , . , . I , . I , . , . . : - . DRINK MORE MILK! Tel. D. F. 3-4016 24 Hr. Towing Service H 81 H BODY SHOP Duco Painting 8- Welding Radio Repairing Body 81 Fender Straightening Wheel Alignment Frame Straightening 706 SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, NEW YORK Compliments of CUSHMAN 81 WAKEFIELD, INC. REAL ESTATE 281 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N. Y. "EVERY GIRL A GIRL SCOUT" Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3-2670 CENTRAL LUNCH 84 RESTAURANT HOME COOKED FOODS Wm. Panniclc, Prop. 456 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. Compliments of PETRONE'S CIGAR STORE snfvfnfs :cf CREAM ExcLuslvELv ARDSLEY, N. Y. 71 CLOTHES MAKE THE WOMAN KEEP AT IT, BOYS! "TOO MANY COOKS . . ." SEE ANYTHING? CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS CLUBS THRIFT ACCOUNTS SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ARDSLEY, NEW YORK TEL. DOBBS FERRY 3-4900 LOAN SERVICE PROPERTY IMPROVEMENT LOANS HOME APPLIANCE LOANS SMALL BUSINESS LOANS PERSONAL LOANS AUTOMOBILE LOANS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM PICTURE IDENTIFICATION VI o ff sEcoN Iq I Hmm Ch II so om .I N III D TOP: io e Nardo, Frank Fraie a. D: Eleanor Wah uis. T : arles Muzzey, Claudia Speic er, Jacqueline Blasberg, Joan Kosfer. TT : une? o emann and olores Garnier. F. I. Mc CORIIIIACK INSURANCE 5 JUDSON AVENUE 50 EAST 42nd STREET ARDSLEY NEW YORK 17, N. Y. Phone: DObbs Ferry 3-0433 Phone: MUrroy Hill 2-6611 DOBBS FERRY REGISTER 101 MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 3-0124 PRINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES BUSINESS CARDS SHIPPING TAGS CHANCE BOOKS REPORTS BILLS TICKETS POSTALS CIRCULARS WEDDING INVITATIONS RECEPTION CARDS BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS ADVERTISING JOURNALS PROGRAMS ANNOUNCEMENTS POSTERS XMAS CARDS BOOKLETS MENUS ENCLOSURES BEFORE YOU CONTRACT FOR YOUR NEXT PRINTING ORDER LET US SUBMIT A BID ON THE COST OF THE WORK GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP PROMPT DELIVERY 73 335 . ALWAYS BUDDIES BEEN WAITING LONG? WHA' HAPPENED, JOAN? CHUMMY, AREN"T WE? IUSEPH COGGINS' DAIRY FOR ALL YOUR DAIRY FOODS MILK - CREAM - CHOCOLATE MILK - VITAMIN D MILK COTTAGE CHEESE - BUTTERMILK - EGGS IN RAIN OR SHINE, HAIL OR SLEET YOU SEE OUR TRUCKS ON THE STREET Phone Dobbs Ferry 3 OI88 357 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS 'I950 WE SERVE CARPENTERS ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY PICTURE IDENTIFICATION I TOP: D IhyY g. SECOND: G g D f . THIRD:J B n,G 'IK her. BOTTOM: LaVerne Wa snowws PARKSIIJE nss1AunAN'r VISIT OUR NEW MODERN LOUNGE SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY CHAUNCEY, N. Y. Tel. Dobbs Ferry 3-4034 Complimenfs of THE FRESHIAEN Complimenls of THE SOPHOMORES Complimenfs of THE ARDSLEY RECREATION CLUB 75 Zaameae Cultural and practlcal educatlon for busmess careers courses of fered as llsted provlde for a wlde varlety m the field of bubmess Accountancy Practnce IC P A I Degree Course Accountancy and Busmess Admmlstrataon Degree Course Marketnng Advertusmg and Sellmg Degree Course Secretarial Practuce Certlficate Program COEDUCATIONAL LLETNO REQUE W :te teleph BA cl y 7 8200 PACE COLLEGE fOpposrto City Hall Park, Compliments of SPRAIN BROOK FLORIST ST BARNABAS CHURCH HEATHERDELL 81 SAW MILL RIVER ROADS ARDSLEY N Y THE REV SYDNEY C NEWHOUSE Vlcar Holy Communlon Every Sunday at 8 AM First Sunday at II AM Morning Prayer Other Sundays at II AM CHURCH SCHOOL AT 930 AM Tel Dobbs Ferry 3 4135 FREDDIE KEBBLER THE OLD MILL DELICIOUS DINNERS DANCING ON WEEKENDS SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY Complaments of A McPHEE AND SONS New YORK CITY PICTURE IDENTIFICATION TOP Geometry Christmas Tree SECOND Edgar Walton Henry Gremer THIRD Joanne Groth BOTTOM Chemnstry Christmas Tree I I I , S , . . I f O BU I N ST r' , one r a - or viii! 22 BR , NE YOR 7, RK O , . . . . , U ,N.Y. Compliments of STAUFFER CHEMICAL comrimv, mc. CHAUNCEY, N. Y. Incorporated 1869 THE GREENBURGH SAVINGS BANK DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. CHRISTMAS CLUB SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TOTAL ASSETS S4,500,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 77 PATRCNS Donald Fatone Florence Whute Mr and Mrs Frank Kluge Dorothy M Pelda Mr and Mrs C Schappach Constance E Parsons Bobble Edelman Don s Beauty Studuo Mr and Mrs Allan Florence Egbertson Emlly A Ehler The Ben Fergusons Shurley L Harcourt Louuse K Hatfleld Evelyn Hallenbeck L Townsend Marnan and Ken Brown John H Werthelm and Family Mr and Mrs C Felter S O S Shoe Servlce and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Walterl Edelman Phlllp Lutz Jr Frank Scallero Wnllnam Blasberg Wnllnam McHenry Arthur W Snlllman Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Grace A Rol and Mrs Mr and Mrs The Carsons A Karcher T Avery Paul Koors C L Weaver Paul H Dowe Wllbur McDowell and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs The Cecelms and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John E Teller T D Chrustnano FrankJ Coggnns John Grandolfu Harlan Thomas J Frlschmann Max Karl S Mobllla Mr and Mrs Blaise Recca Jack D Marrus and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Paul Mestern Edward Sage Robert McGregor Chester Slaybaugh O E Acker David Tldabeck Wulllam Curtun John Koster Charles Huesgen Phullp Merryman Harry DeNlke Mrs Estelle Rosenhouse and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Roy Fagan Thomas Sullivan A Kalmykow Lee A Junllerat Manton C Martin Melvin Redmond The Purdy Family Mrs John Muller and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John J Curtis S Schultz Cyril Solomon R Feurer Huram Ashe The Rnordan Famuly Cornelia Patteson Helen G Robbse EthelJ Farnham Mr and Mrs Mitchell Vincent Harriet S Edwards Mr and Mrs W H Brown Mr and Mrs Anton Snetz Mr and Mrs Cyrul R Jones A Friend Mrs H A Thomas Mr and Mrs Charles Damm The Zlto Family A Friend Mr and Mrs Eddie Brown Geraldnne and Mrs Pruett Mrs Mesuck Mr and Mrs Guckenblehl Duncan Robln and Stephen Wnlson Ravekes Taylor Stop Leather Den and Gift Shop Compliments of a Frlencl The Model Klddle and Model Shoe Shop John A Querker Nlsco Cleaners Reader s Variety Store Paul Laspma Tarncone Fuel Service Jean s Beauty Shop Treasure House L Zumkm Inc Dry Goods and Shoes Louus Reich Mr and Mrs H Gremer The Cosentmo Famuly Mrs Carpenter Duck Margot and Ned Moore Mr and Mrs Charles Culver Mr Nehmll Arthur T Noone Mrs R Rellly Elizabeth McCartney Mr and Mrs Carl Qulst Annette Glmbel and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs The Henmngs McDowell Francus J Purcell Ellnott J Elemonge Carl Egloff Frank Cammlsa Carl C Stohr George Motoasca Bersonnet Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' , . . Mr. . . - ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' - Mr. . " . . . . . l . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. ' ' - Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' , ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' ' ' . . ' A Friend Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' , ., Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . . . ' Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' , Mr. . ' ' . . Mr. ' . ' Mr. . . . ' Dr. . ' ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' . . Mr. . Dr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Dr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' 78 "'x. YWVA r' Nfl 7 f Z ff fffff . 'Ulf-mf jf'IMM.Z ,L Ne., wg f f f Ii n.f-Ffh ,, 1 1 .- Welcome ever mzzlef And farewell goes out .vzcgbznfg l 1 1 1 QL l 1 ffl ! , ! ifg ' Tfiu' i Iqlgl ' Y I 1 3 f 'kg ,Q NN l 1 XX fd Et' 1 I e e e l .X ll e l l u, ti xf lu 1 V1 I If W 1 " 5 f ,I 'mi : , Wi. ,M ' HX L Y 1 lil' -57 'X X f 1 X 5 X K x ' N ' ,f w . X . x, ' , 3 1' 5 ' ' , , Jr q H E ' X X1 , X V li fl ll 5,47 E -fy ff X I ' -4 X fi 1 f , f 1 Ziff H+ fl' f e e 1 ef ,ee e 5 f E i ,W i t 'r !?, ,e X 5 if !,1, f Zffff , 1 l e X e WI f ff fl f f 1 e , . . 25:59 WJ ' :FM 2 " E1 'ff -Eiiimliii ALE... ' ' if' ' '4 . 'H' ?fI .zgggsgus- ll. AL Aa: ,fl . 73.1, I. ax 'I L Y fl , IL Y 1 5 , f f fjafn lv ' av, i Il. ? ..-- ' If A ' .ax is-.i.5 'a ,vi 4 ji W ,Ili ' l 1 ' ff'e ' '-ffl A J? f l l Qxaiwiwg-ggfjd' Y 11 l ' N, xx 1 ff, N , f , ' I egffggrdn- 1151- gm I .T f ,lw Liiii , fe e .f. ' ' f l . SX-, I 'l g X Q. . , X f -,, s X 5' ' W.- X ff f- X '5' ., f ' ' , U 1 rf gr x Jil ' " KL lf! 0 I l ' e4 t 2' X ff ,gl . A A10 In a valley rich in Mem'ries By a trail the Indians made, Ivy-covered walls rise proudly, From a slope of richest jade. Sunshine lingers on its beauty Loyal hearts pay homage due To our own clear Alma Mater And the Orange and the Blue I I

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