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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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I949 ARDSLEYAN Published by Class of 1950 Ardsley High School Ardsley, New York I THIS! if L 'If aim fn-nvu-v"'1"1'T" easy f X fi! ,J f f L l l l THIS? BCARD OF EDITORS AJ5iJtanI Edilor CLAIRE BVCKES Adrertimzg Manager SUZANNE RECCA Typing Editor FRANCES PANNICK MR. PAUL Koons Miss E. DAVIS Edilor-in-Chief BEVERLY CHRISTIANO Pbofograpby Editor HENRY WOESSNER Cirrulazion Eafimr JOAN LUTZ Art Editor DOROTHY HOTALING Faculty Advisor! MISS H. ROBBIE MR. H. HARTMAN AJ11JlanlEdilor BETTY ANN STONE Bufineff Manager ROBERT WOOD Publicity Chairman NORMA PERILLO Miss C. PATTESON Miss D. PELDA ADMINISTRATIDN EL? FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS 1 ru. --1: 4. - FRONT ROW - Miss Evelyn Hallenbeclc Miss Cornelia Patteson Miss Grace Roll Miss Florence Egbertson Miss joan Lynch Miss Eleanor Davis Miss Shirley Harcourt Miss Anna Mae Hrubes Miss Nancy Bloxsom SECOND ROW - Mrs. Elinor B. Koenig Miss Dorothy M. Pelda Miss Celia P.'Conklin Miss Helen G. Robbie Miss Ruth Hurlbut Mrs. Frances C. Ferguson Miss Margaret W'esp Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Mrs. Ruth H. Howes Mrs. Emily A. Ehler Mrs. Louise K. Hatfield Mrs. Marion Brown THIRD ROV' - Mr. Frank Kluge Mr. Harlan A. Thomas Mr. Mitchell C. Vincent Mr. Paul j. Koors Mr. Arthur W. Silliman Mr. Kenneth Brown Mr. Clarence E. Felter Mr. Charles XV. Horend Mr. Howard T. Hartman ABSENT - Miss Ethel Tryon Miss Harriet Edwards FACULTY B.E., Potsdam State Teachers College B.S., Keuka Collegeg M.A., Columbia Univ. M.A., Columbia University New Paltz Normal Potsdam Normal B.S., State Teachers College, New Paltz BLS., Columbia Univ.g M.A., New York U. BA., M.A., New York University R.N., Albany Hospital M.A., New York University Potsdam Normal B.S., New York University B.Pd., New York Training School Plattsburg Normal M.A., University of Marylandg Columbia U. BS., New York University B.A., University of California B.A.. N.Y. State College for Teachers, Albany BS., New York University M.Ed., Temple University M.A., Columbia University M.A., Columbia University M.A., New York University MS., Bucknell University BS., Cornell University M.A., New York University Potsdam Normal New Paltz Normal Music Commercial Physical Education Grade 6 Cadet from New Paltz Drawing Cadet from New Paltz Cadet from Potsdam Beginners English. Library English. Health S.N.T. Latin, Spanish Grade 3 Grade l Grade 7 Grade 2 Home Economics Grade 5 Grade 1 Secretary Mathematics Grade 8 Music Guidance. English Principal Physical Education History Science Industrial Arts Grade 5 Grade 4 7--QA., 'Q I' w Q Nl, lr -.J '27 ,f MICHAEL WILMOTH "An Irirhman with a big future" Class Vice-President 4, Honor Society 6 years, Torch 1, Senior Chorus 1, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Captain 4, j.V. Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Baseball Manager 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, Pub- licity Manager 2, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3f 4, Basketball Stage Crew 3, 4, Student Council, Treasurer 4. CYNTHIA SPITZ "She har left .ro much to remember hef bg" Class Reporter 1, Class President 2, Class President 4, Honor Society 4 years, Second Degree 2, Third Degree 3, 4, President 4, ARDSLEYAN Edi- tor-in-Chief 3, Torch 1, Senior Chorus 4 years, 1.V. Cheerleader 1, 2, G.A.A, 4 years, Sports Club 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council Z, 4, Dra- matic Club 4, Spanish Club 3. MARGARET YOUNG "Often Je-en, but Jeldom heard" Class President 1, Class Reporter 3, Class Secretary 4, Honor Society 10 years, Second Degree 4 years, Third Degree, Corresponding Secretary 4, Senior Chorus 1, G.A.A. 4 years: Sports Club 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commercial Club 4, Student Council 1, Salt 8: Pepper 4, Fashion Show 3. WILLIAM A. COOK "Always happy, always gay, never angry-that'J hir way" Honor Society 6 years, Torch 1, Salt 8: Pepper 3, 4, Varsity Choir 3, Regional Music Festival 3, Varsity Basketball 4, J.V. Basketball 3, Var- sity Baseball Assistant Manager 2, 1.V. Cheerleader 1, Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, Dramatic Club Treasurer 3, Eagle Scouts 5 years, U. S, Naval Reserve. CHARLES MUZZEY 'The playa the thing" Honor Society 3 years, Salt 8: Pepper 2, Varsity Choii 3, 4, President 4, Band 2, Music Festival, state, regional, county, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club, President 4, Graduation Usher 3, Student Council 4, junior Red Cross 5 years, Boy Scouts, First class, Clef Club 4, Boys" Chorus 1. MARY MCGREGOR "A highland larrie" Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 3. 4, Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, ARDSLEYAN Circulation Manager 3, Salt 8: Pepper 4, Senior Chorus 1, G.A.A. 4 years, Intramural Volley- ball 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Gradu- ation Usher 3, Commercial Club 4, Girl Scouts 1, 2, Senior Service, Sub- scription Manager 4. 10 Y ' " in. V5.5 in 'QD JS 1 ,F-1,- if ' -. if l Q' ,Q . 1-2-h 454515 lf 'se "7 BARBARA SLAYBAUGI-I "Here ir a keen mind, bent on rumen" Honor Society 10 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Recording Secretary, ARDSLEYAN Adveristing Manager 3, Torch 1, Salt 8: Pepper 3, Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4, Regional Music Festival 3, 4, G.A.A. 4 years, Secretary 2, Sports Club, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, Graduation Usher 3, Girl Scouts 6 years, ROBERT ULLRICI-I "Kn0u'led e comer, but wirdom g . hngerru Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, ARDS- LEYAN Photography Editor, Salt Br Pepper 3, Make-up Editor, Music Festival, All County Chorus 3, Span- ish Club 3, Camera Club President 3, Graduation Usher 3, IOOWQ Club Geometry, junior Red Cross 4 years, Boy Scouts 3 years, star. WILLIAM WILSON "Ar nice ar he ir well-dre.rred" Honor Society 6 years, Varsity Bas- ketball 4, J.V. Basketball 2, 3, j.V. Cheerleader 1, Intramural Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boy Scouts 4 years, Regulars. DOROTHY JEAN DENARI "AJ merry ar ihe day ir long" Honor Society 10 years, Second De- gree 3 years, Third Degree 1 year, Salt 8: Pepper 3, 4, Business Manager 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Senior Chorus 4 years, Orchestra 5 years, Music Fes- tival, international 3, G.A.A. 4 years, Dramatic Club 4, Camera Club 33 Girl Scouts 7 years, Graduation Usher 3, Chairman of Student Foreign Ex- change 3, 4, Band 1 year, Fashion Show 3. ll Washnn fon EXPR -.v I Ce?- ANNA SIGNORETTA "A never-failing .rource of ready humor and friendly belpfulnerf' Class Secretary 2, Honor Society 10 years, Second Degree 3 years, Third Degree 4, Torch 1, Salt 8: Pepper 3: Senior Chorus 1, 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Commer- cial Club, President 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Junior Red Cross 4 years, Chairman 1 year, ARDSLEYAN Typing Editor, G.A.A. 4 years. 1-st IQ ,Q , VITO PASQUALE "A linle mischief by tbe way if fun ro rpice the parting day' Class President 1, Class Treasurer 2, Class President 4, Intramural Sports Basketball, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3: Student Council 1, 3. Washan fon EXPR 1' I 6'7- VICTOR ARONE "A fellow neither glum nor merry" Honor Society 9 years5 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 45 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Club 45 Intramural Basketball 15 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. MF' i-.- 'Sv ' K 1,5 BESSIE PANNICK "To know her ir to like her" Class Treasurer 15 Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, Honor Society 10 years5 Sec- ond Degree 3 years5 Third Degree 45 ARDSLEYAN Publicity Manager 35 Salt 8: Pepper 25 Senior Chorus 1, 25 Varsity Cheerleader 25 Co-Capt. 35 Capt. 45 j.V. Cheerleader 15 G.A.A. 4 years President 45 Sports Club 3 45 Dramatic Club 45 Graduation Usher 35 Commercial Club 45 Student Coun- gil 35 Vice-President 45 Fashion Show DONALD STRUCKMAN "We know 4 ine fellow when u-e .ree one" Honor Society 6 years5 Senior Chorus 15 Orchestra 15 Intramural Baseball 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 3, 45 Outdoor Club 3, 45 Senior Scouts 15 Drum Bugle Corps. NANCY JANE SCHULTZ "Her voice is ivory and :oft velvet" Honor Society 10 years5 Second Degree 4 years5 Third Degree 45 Reporter5 ARDSLEYAN Business Manager 35 Senior Chorus 1, 25 Var- sity Choir 3, 45 Vice-President 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 3 yearsg Dramatic Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Spanish Club 4, Secretary5 Graduation Usher 35 10093 Club-Geometryg Student Council 4, Secretary5 Girl Scouts 6 years5 Var- sity Clef Club 4. GERALDINE PRUETI' "We like her better every day" Class Reporter 45 Honor Society 8 years5 Second Degree 2 years5 Third Degree 45 ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor 35 Torch 15 Salt 8: Pepper 3, 45 Senior Chorus 1, 25 Varsity Choir 3, 4, President 45 Music Council 35 Regional Music Festival 3, 45 G.A.A. 4 years5 Secretary 45 Dramatic Club 45 Vice-President 45 Spanish Club 35 Student Council 45 Graduation Usher 35 Varsity Clef Club President 4. HENRY COCKEFUR "I hear and my not much, but think more" Honor Society 1 year5 Intramural Sports, Basketball 3, 45 Softball 4. 12 5 rn xifzp QD :EQ Xi? ,io ' i i B., X 1 i s 5 1 tci, f 3 1' l A 43 CHARLES W. BUCKES, JR. "Self-conhdence ir a great duet" Varsity Choir 35 Varsity Baseball 45 Intramural l, 2, 3, 45 Eagle Scouts. LILLIAN PAPOVITCH "One of the bert liked by the res!" Honor Society l year5 Senior Chorus I5 Varsity Choir 2, 3, 45 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Captain 35 J.V. Cheerleader 1, Captain5 G.A.A. 4 years5 Sports Club 2 years5 Dramatic Club 45 Spanish Club 3. GRACE BEHLEN "An artirt in the making" Honor Society 2 years5 ARDSLEYAN Art Editor 335 Salt 8: Pepper 3, Art Editor5 Senior Chorus 2, 35 Twirlers5 G.A.A. 4 years5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Junior Red Cross5 Girl Scouts 9 years. BARTLEY C. REUTER "A good worker-bound to Jucceed" Honor Society 3 years5 Camera Club 35 Stage Crew, Electrician5 Gradua- tion Usher 35 Student Council 3, 4. 13 Wash v ngfon EXPR '. ' C 5 PATSY DENARDO "I hurry not-neither do I worry" Varsity Basketball 45 J.V. Basketball 2, 35 Intramural Softball 4 yearsg Bas- ketball 2, 3. .ph--1. inf tu: , . K. . .1 I 2. ' , .-RA . 5 rf, X f . ANGELA RUTIGLAN "A uinrzing :mile and 4 helping band, 4 real good Jport-we think Jbe'r grand" Honor Society 7 years5 Second Degree 2 yearsg Senior Chorus l, 25 J. V. Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Captain 35 G.A.A. 4 years5 Sports Club 3, President 45 Dramatic Club 3, Treasurer 45 Grad- uation Usher 35 Commercial Club 45 Student Council 4. Washingfon EXVRESS I C ' 9 - PATRICIA HOTALING "The blurhing lneanlj of a motlert maid" Honor Society 2 yearsg Salt 8: Pepper. Secretary 43 Senior Chorus I, 2g IV. Cheerleader 2, 3: Co-Captain 31 G.A.A. 4 yearsg Dramatic Club 3, 4. Secretary 3, Junior Red Cross 4 years, Girl Scouts 8 years, President 3. ROBERT PAUL MORTLOCK "A man of rilerzce ir u man of rwm Salt 81 Pepper, Reporterg Graduation Usher 3. JEAN THOMAS "A rlurlenr and a rmile are a ,Efffftf fomlvirzatiorf' Honor Society I0 yearsg Third Degree 2, 41 ARDSLEYAN Assistant Editor 3g Senior Chorus I, 23 Varsity Choir 3, -Ig Secretary Varsity Choir fig Var- sity Clef Club, Secretary 41 Music Iiestival, International, sectional: G.A.A 4 yearsg Dramatic Club 3. 43 Graduation Usher 33 Girl Scouts 5 years. DONALD BRENNAN "The Lind one aluagr uzzntr io meer" Honor Society 5 yearsg Varsity Choir 3. 4g Music Festival 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 41 Boys' Chorus lg Varsity Clef Club. Vice-President 4, DOINIINIGK FATONE "A quiet fellow, liked by all" Honor Society 1 yearg Intramural Softball 4 years, Basektball 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2. JEAN DEMURO "She erilerr into all thingr 14 ills zeal and zen" Senior Chorus I, 2g G.A.A. 4 yearsg Sports Club 3, 4, President 43 Intra- mural Volleyball 3, 43 Basketball 1. 2, 3g Dramatic Club 31 Student Coun- cil 3. I4 Y N, i f 1 Qi' i ff' 'K Cv., WT-7' Q- ' JACQUELINE ROONEY "Neat, precise, always nice" Honor Society 3 years, G.A.A. 3 years, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3. LEONORE KENNY "A winsome countenance and a winning way" Honor Society I year, Salt 8: Pepper 3, 4, Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, Music Festival 3, Varsity Cheerleader 4, j.V. Cheerleader 3, G.A.A. 4 years, Dra- matic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club, Presi- dent 2, 3, 4, junior Red Cross 7 years, Girl Scouts 6 years. JAMES HOREND "He may not be the fellou' of kings, but he is a king of fellows" Honor Society 6 years, Varsity Choir 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Regional Music Festival 3, Varsity Basketball 4, IV. Basketball I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Explorer Scouts: Regulars. JOANN HEPPNER "A penny for your thoughts" Salt 8: Pepper 3, Spanish Club 3. I5 C5 I JOANNE LORRAINE GROTH "So fbere are some girls who :an keep quiet" Honor Society 9 years, Second Degree 4 years, Salt 8: Pepper 3, Senior Chorus 1, G.A.A. 4 years, Dramatic Club 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. sl l , v , vi -K 5 ti- . V : , ' ,ri - VIRGINIA GRANDOLPHI Hsllfllj speaks and sweetly smiles" Honor Society 2 years, Senior Chorus 5 years, Commercial Club 4, Girl Scouts 4 years, Music Festival 4, Fashion Show 3. Masr parm L " " Chl.4CK'1'C Y 'Ac 011- vffo., ,gf 'Qcvb I ""9'Y'1-e L+. 3 All It awe ot af' L00 4 ,IDQLL AW" Y' as B 56 L00 Iowa 1 'C 3511. We Jil, I X 'Ou Y Qec ts FM' if 8 X- f aff? 14W4a co ,EL B' 4,V1yo :Lk W C4 31-st M afwvz. I-1.4 MARJ9 4' BILL Q96 p J DFISS Pita cza V XQU5, .L . QQS 4 E,LL M. ' Qfy, -Q: SENIOR SPGTLIGHT In th1s age of atomlc energy and the atomnc bomb thrngs are happenrng fast We realrze only too well the truth of rhls fact for as we stand at the thresh hold of a new world for us we look back and realrze how many th1ngs have been crowded mto our four years of hlgh school Besides studles classes basket ball G A A and other events we have managed to be faxrly actrve as a class Let us look back to some of the memorres of our days xn hrgh school After we as Freshmen had become acquamted wrth the routxne of the hrgh school we dec1ded to start our Washmgton Trrp Fund We sponsored a canteen party whlch was a huge success even though we were only Freshmen A food sale and a PX at the basketball games arded rn augmentxng our treasury as Sophomores Durxng our flrst years of hxgh school we had looked forward to our publrsh mg of the ARDSLEYAN As Junrors we real1zed th1s amb1t1on Through the capablllty of the staff and adv1sers the yearbook was an excellent one recenvrng a C rat1ng from the Columbla Scholastrc Press Assocratxon Whxle awamng the prrntrng of the ARDSLEYAN the world hrstory classes gave a fashlon show that featured costumes from 1800 to the present In june we sponsored the Sen1or Prom for the Class of 19-48 at which the great turnout enjoyed themselves lmmensely The subscrnptron campargn started the Sen1or year prosperously for us Over 31800 was ralsed through the cooperatron of the entrre school and the com munrty We are anxrously wa1t1ng for the two mam events of the Sen1or year the Sen1or Play and that ever enjoyable tr1p to Washnngton As we near the chmax of our hrgh school career we wrsh to express our srncerest appreclanon to all of the faculty who helped us to make our dream of graduatron a realrty We especnally wrsh to thank Mrs Koenxg whose patxence understandlng and helpfulness have made our last year a pleasant one We pass on our memorres to future Senrors rn the hope that they too wlll have as happy a trme as we the Class of 1949 have experlenced 18 1 1 , ' 7 ' 1 1 ' , ..., , . ! ! , . , . , - 1 1 ,,,, . . . .. . .. 1 1 - - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 - L l .xx W , J ' ' ' k. .. ., . -W s nf I . ,L It 4 A g - " J g . Q YM' ,. " f M Q, 1 . - 9 ' f 1 I . . wt V? if fy? fig ff f I i f,! A1 ,1 S- ff ,lu-. -" 'R V I. if A J ill' , 1 E771 3 A 2 if .' F -xg. VV PQ! 1-xx-N X 'N' -S? 3. xf R . . P OD P X is , , Teacher, Miss Helen G. Robble j Q G Clan Preridenz Clan Vzce Prendem Beverly Christiano Edgar Walton F C lan' Trearurer C lan S ecfetaryk Henry Woessner Frances Pannrc X' 'ig C lan Mother Auirtant C lan M other Mrs. E. Stone Mrs C Buckes CLASS OF I95O FRONT ROW-Claire Buckes, Dorothy Hotaling, Gloria Petruzzi, Marie Ragone, Fran- ces Pannick, Norma Perillo. SECOND ROW-Rose Spano, Beverly Christiano, Betty Ann Stone, Suzanne Recca, joan Lutz, Patricia Cleary. THIRD ROW, CStandingh-Richard Ward, Donald Paterson. Cln Frontb-Edgar Walton, Leonard Gaarder, Fred Maihofer, Henry Woessner, Vito De Nardo, Frank Fraietta, Rudolf Rosler, Charles De Guisto, Robert Wood. Q Standing J -George Bagge. lvl' 'A' .fr v - f 'x-u-sfrxw, -.- .1,gf':"r' - 2- ' L.. ,Q " vw K .0'p..,- . , I git.. ,.:, U, ,,. ...i .. -A f .. ,- Teacberf, Miss Dorothy M. Pelda, Mr. Frank Kluge Clan President Barbara Edelman Clan Treamrer Robert Kamke C lan Mother Mrs. H. Kamke FRONT ROW-Barbara Wuestner, Barbara Edelman, Ellen McPhee, joan Stohr, Mar- garet Avery, joan Karcher, joan Koster, Elaine Eaton. SECOND ROW-Gregcbry Scallero, Patrick Cristello, john Yottes, Robert Kamke, Royle Kipp, William Woessner, Daniel Gorman, Alan Walker. THIRD ROW-Mary Costantini, Eleanor Wahlquist, Virginia Brennan, Eileen McHenry, joan Garnier, Lois Carson, Jacqueline Blasberg, Geraldine Cart- wright. FOURTH ROW-Wztlter Schmidt, Melvin Redmond, james juillerat, Gerald Perillo, John Jones, Henry Greiner. George Schappach. Fred Ernst. james Welsford. CLASS OF I9 I Clan Vice-Pretidenz Melvin Redmond Clan Secretary joan Garnier Ayfittmzt Clair Mother Mrs. C. Wfuestner 21 Teacher. Mr. Clarence E. Felter Claw Prefidenz C lan Vice-Preridenz David Skinner janet Calace-Mottola C larr Trearurer C lan Secretary William Flanigan Dorothy Young Clan Mozbefs Mrs. Walter Kurkela Mrs. Henry Maurer Mrs. Watson Bell CLASS OF I952 FRONT ROW-Claudia Speicher, Patricia Frischmann, Patricia Cheslack, Dorothy Young, Annette Gimbel. SECOND ROW-Mary Fraietta, Pauline Calace-Mottola, Josephine De Rocha, Theresa Curtin, Julia Montaruli, jean Cole, Dolores Garnier. THIRD ROW- Gail Kurkela, Marjorie Acker, Alice Ward, Dorothy Elling, Barbara Maurer, Beth Kaker- beck, janet Calace-Mottola, Eleanor Slaybaugh. FOURTH ROW-Robert Weaver, Robert Emerick, Edward Miller, David Skinner. George De Feo, Robert Bell. FIFTH ROW- Salvatore Cimino, William Flanigan, Donald Pasquini, Robert Rell, Jack Cawley. 1 sooo . Aim xx is J PORTS A SPORTS CLUB At the first mass meeting in September G A A had its biggest boost ever-63 members came out This was the largest enrollment which G A A has ever had Bessie Pannick was elected president and Geraldme Pruett became secretary Because of the large turnout seven volleyball teams had to be chosen after a close neck and neck season Angela Rutrglan s team came out on top after havmg been tied for first place by Lillian Papovrtch The soccer season came out with something original in the way of team names the Prps Paps Peps and Pops Bessie Pannrck s Prps and Geraldme Pruett s Peps tied for first place with a score of two wins and no losses each Then came the basketball season which is still in progress with 54 girls in attendance Out of s1x teams Cynthia Spitz s team IS leading in first place with Mar garet Young s team close behind The G A A basket ball games will be shortened in antrcnpation of 1nter class baseketball and Sports days Since its first GA A season proved a great success last year badminton will be another sport in the organization this year Hopes are high for the softball season and everyone hopes to make this year the greatest and best year ever for G A A BOYS ATH LETICS BASKETBALL On November 1 1948 twenty five boys respor ded to the call for basketball candidates For the first time in many years graduation took a heavy toll in varsity players Mike Wilmoth was the only veteran from last years team After four weeks of practice a new team was molded together under Coach Ken Brown with eleven boys making up the Junior Varsity under Mr Frank Kluge To date the boys have been unable to win in league competition but have held their own against other schools of the county Early in September the members of the Sports Club made plans for a varied and successful year Electrons were first on the agenda and Angela Rutrglan took over the president s duties while the role of secre tary went to Barbara Slaybaugh The members referee C' AA games and sponsor playdays and sportsdays plus participating in various outside act1v1t1e The sponsoring ofa mov1e1n October netted enough to enable the members to purchase dark green corduroy Jackets and emblems as symbols of Sports Club Attending the annual Rodeo at Madison Square Garden and a roller skating party early in February were the beginning of our planned activities The girls are now looking forward to a playday and a week end camping trip In February the group was very happy to welcome Dorothy Denarr and Anna Signoretta into Sports Club Sports Club could not have been as 1nterest1ng and successful without the assistance of our adviser Miss Roll For this we should all like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation BOYS ATH LETICS PHYSICAL EDUCATION A new feature was added to the physical education program this year with the formation of Blue Gold teams in all gym classes Each boy was assrgned to a permanent team with captains changing every sport season Points were given for all games and contests and a record kept in each class Interest has remained high during the entlre year Instruction and competl tion contmue to be conducted by the department with suitable awards to outstanding champions in Softball Volleyball Baseball Touch Football Basketball Ping Pong Shuflleboard Badminton Foul Shooting and Physical Fitness G . . A . , . . . , , 1. . . 1 ' ' 9 . , , . . . . F -3. - 1' A 1. Q- U u n ' 1 x 3 ' vw n - - v -f - rv - ' ' v -1 rv - - ' ' 5 . , ' - . . , . . . . , , . . . - s . . . - y , . Q f 9 , , , A . . . - ' 9 ' s , . 1 1 5 s 1 a 7 VARSITY 9'-w ,641 ""w is 1' FRONT ROW Thomas Marzella Vrctor Arone Henry Woessner Manager james Horend Henry Grexner M1chaeIXV1Imorh Caprarn Wrllram Cook Mr Kenneth Broun Coach Vito De Nardo Wfrlham Wrlson Edgar Walrcnn JUNIOR VARSITY M 'T 92 FRONT ROXX' Robert Kamke Parrrck Cnste-Ilo Gerald Perrllo john Yozres XX'1II1am Woessner bECOIND ROXX' Nir Frank Ixluaze Coaah Melxrn Redmond Vs alter Schmndt George DeFeo John Caxxlex Danrel Gorman Roxle Ixrpp Aasrstant Manager , ' -ii' 11:7 , ha" ": . U" ,J . ' ' ' V rf. f 'gf' , 0, ,, - " 4 'Q ' ,O ' an ,, ' 1 H Q,,,...,, W 3, 4 V f .5 A 'Wig-J: ' .V Q w w: . V 4, faifw gr . I . ,-" rr, ' ,, 'V- G T i . Mm ,Y I , ,Ma ir . 39' , 5 W ' .- - w- 1 , , , f 'fb X f. A ,A . - ,, . ,ra T I y 1 . - . , Y , I I - V yf . I .. . v I-w , CHEERLEADERS if ff? f-If Y' FRONT ROW Bessm Panmck Capram SECOND ROW Lois Carson Leonore Kenny Ellen McPhee josephme Palermo THIRD ROW' Peggy Axery Frances Panmnk Lxllxan Papovltch Dolores Garmer Fleanor Slaxbaugh Subsutute Dorothy Hotalmg Assxsrant Captam TEAM' A 3 if asiiaf 0:53 fn .-5, K Efrafet Y in and Q inn, VV Q"""3 was Sk FIRST ROW Barbara Edelman Elarne Eaton Mary McGregor josephrne Palermo Norma Pernllo Geraldrne Pruett Ellen McPhee Peggy Avery Joan Karcher Joan Stohr Ann Yottes SECOND ROW Margaret Young Dorothy Denarn Jean Thomas Mary Fraretta jean Cole Dorothy Hotalrng joan Koster Barbara Wuestner Vnrgnnra Brennan Clarre Buckes Dolores Garnrer THIRD ROW Anna Sxgnoretta Glorla Petruzzr Frances Pannlck Bessxe Pannrck Lrllran Papovltch julxa Montarulr Alrce Ward Theresa Curtm Jacquelrne Blasberg Parrrcra Hotalrng FOURTH ROW Mary Costan tml Annette Grmbel Enleen McHenry Eleanor Slaybaugh janet Calace Mottola Jean DeMuro Claudna Spercher Nancy Schultz Barbara Maurer Patrlcra Cheslack FIFTH ROW Dorothy Young Lors Carson Patr1c1a Cleary jacquelme Rooney Dorothy Elllng Barbara Slaybaugh Marjorle Aclcer Garl Kurl-cela Angela Rutnglan joan Lutz SIXTH ROW Geraldme Cartwright joan Garnier Grace Behlen Beth Kakerback Cynthna Spztz Joanne Groth Mnss Grace Roll Suzanne Recca Betty Ann Stone Beverly Chrnstnano Leonore Kenny Eleanor Wahlqurst SPORTS CLUB 7, 1 w .fame 4,7429 kd 41 95, My gwlfi' sf sm Z. WY 'f I ae fx, FIRST ROW Cynthna Sprtz, Angela Rutlrgan, Barbara Slaybaugh, Margaret Young SECOND ROW Bessre Pannrck, Lrllran Papovxtch, jean DeMuro, joan Lutz, THIRD ROW M155 Grace Roll glue 3 may 27 G. . A. ' 2, if G' i?'l"9f' - ' 49 ' at ' I .7 ,DV ?"": - . A 'F 6 4 V 1 ' - -I it . 2,257 r . ., 9 . . ,tw fzf, f - . , ff ,L ygvgef, 4 , - fi' at aa I f of ,, fa Q, ,J f fy a., yylwr. L ,, f . zz., . t 1 F fr M A f,-if-., 4271, Z wfmw W f ,.' , ,Q '21, Z 1 f. r- I A- . V .X A if .. I F H -K J I . Q1 ir W 77, I . , at , ef' I J I ' " as g , , . he H I yy -' . LSA , . 3, S ia Ax? 'bL2q,',yr,64'? I -- I 2 1 ' 'lf-.-. NSS' . r I iff' I' A W W: " 1 ,SM . , I . L Ag! f 4 1 U- c Q in ' A- 'g jlf2?'51'-5'Q,i,gL,k. I - f ' uv 1- 'I I fy W I Z' ' , r P, g V V, ,tr Tdgfuj , J q .2 . . 32-t,fyf .,,.r 1 I , . at 93, 9 L Q 4. - a - I? fl Nl Q ,xg P V J , ,Z ,L . y A an , A . H y 4. X ,L I I all at , We we I -. , 3 L 1' 'V f , A M! , gg S , ,uf ' A 1 in 5 ' .2 , I W I V I ' f He- - I' 2, If ' ' 3, 'fig' I fr L I f' i,"" .5 'V f V , , g A , 'f 1 Q If ,QV I 1 'f 5' J I dx, f f M' as , I W I 1 -. ,Ln I Q NNN N, ,X x M. , 1 P 1-iff V , 4 A A . . N. . wc in A '-ke r r It ' W Y - Y Y I Y A Y , . 4 , , - , - . .T Y I 4 , 7 I Y Y I 3 Y . ' . '. . ' , . ' , . , ' . 'T . , . I , I . . . I I I . . ' , . ' ' ' 1 - Y U V Y I V I I 1 - 3 1 . I. . I . I . - W . . , . I .I I . 4 . I . I 3 Y ' 'W' V Y v Y I 1 Y Y 7 , - r W A M I. Is , r '1' 2 -Qf , -'X ' , , I ,Y . C V . -1: ,x , Af Q , Q: . ,, Ni: Q - , , - L , f Ax A ,I 1 xfn - I .Q JOURNALISM CLUB In September the journalism Club again got under way by appointing a new staff of editors as follows: Editor-in-Chief, Dorothy Denarig Proof Reader, Elaine Eaton, Make-up Editor, Bartley Reuterg Business Manager, Claire Buckesg Club Secretary, Pat Hotalingg Sports Editor, Robert Mortlock, Art Editor, Dot Hotalingg Adviser, Mr. Paul Koors. Included in our paper this year of special interest are interviews of our new teachers and brief sketches of the Seniors. Some of our members have also undertaken the job of reporting for the Sun Spot our column in the Ardsley Sun. Special recommendation goes to Bob Mortlock for his excellent coverage of all the basketball games for this column. Through this organization we hope to attain a better understanding of the work that goes into issuing a good newspaper EL CIRCULO ESPANOL The aims of the Spanish Club are to provide a source of recreation in a Spanish atmosphere and to obtain a keener insight into Spanish life and customs Meetings are held tvs ice a month At these meetings talks films singing and other forms of entertain ment are presented The group hopes to visit the Hispanic Museum in New York before the school year is over The club consists of two sections The officers of the Senior group are Leonore Kenny President and Nancy ane Schultz Secretary The first year students chose Charles Muzzey President and Geraldine Cartwright Secretary Miss Helen Robbie is the adviser COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club was organized this year under the direction of Miss Patteson Members are lunror and senior commercial students Offices are held by Anna Signoretta President Frances Pannrck Vice President Gloria Petruzzi Secretary Marie Ragone Treasurer and Norma Perillo Reporter The purposes of the club are to dex elop competent superior business leadership to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations and to learn more about the requirements and standards of the business world During the year we drevx up a Constitution and we carried out several projects of interest to the group Among our activities was included a trip to Packard Business School in New York to the READERS DIGEST Sonotone and The First National Bank of Ardsley Also we rented several moues having to do with office work and we were fortunate in hearing suggestions directly from some of the local businessmen V U - - s 5 a - v . W Y h , . J , . , 1 a - ' ' v . . l . ' ' ,. ' . x a 1 u r 1 ' r y s ' 1 v . Y 7 . . . 1 v 1 a 5 a v 1' ' ' V ' s Lconore kenny Geraldine Prucrt Eleanor Wahlqum Bartley Reurer Dorothy Houllng, Dorothy Dcnarx Clurc Bunlku Nlr Pull lxoore Pgxtrlua Horalxnae lrlccn Nlrlnlenry Robert Xlortlmly Flame Faron SEATED Nlrgnnm Brennan loan Garnler lanquelme Blaslwcra, Charles Muzzey Leonore Kenny NJULX Nrhulrz Barlura l lelman Barlura XX ueirner fllcn NlQPhLe STANDING Nlelwn Redmond Wood oann C roth Bdflhlfl Slaxluugh Suunm Rana james luxllerat l.1mes Welsford joan lxostcr Beverly Lhrnstxano lred lfrmr NDINL HX na XILUKIFCIIJ B s re P.1nn1 rx l n P rx un Lutz N urgxnu C ran 0 rgarcr H munr Xl rx Xl L nc 11 L un N -X Q .1 R tlglan G orxa Petruux 'Normx PLr1ll 1 . yt as J 5 1 Ag K 5 T ., D Q ws M , k Y y . 7? 4 t I , ly . . ' Aj .2 V' ' va 1' ,' '. , ' ' ,R , J' ' , , ,Q ,Y . ' I' Q ', ' . fr ' , ' A ' 'l . , 1 ' . 1 .' r N-r " . llleanor NV.1hlqu15r, l.1lli,1n Papovirqh, Grace Bchlen, M159 Helen Rolwlwie. Xwxlliam X'7C'ocssner, Rolwert .- .1 y uf 1 , ,N j Y T STA.' .' lf. n . Q A' . es C. Tm rcs .mm Ll-4. xl- . ' j Q d ln. Ma Y A X . .1 A . rllregor, MN Cor l. Pdrrwr fl-ATED-A ng'l Ll K' . l A A . . n ' K STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED janet Calace Mottola Charles Muzzey Donald Brennen Michael Wilmoth Edgar Walton President Nancy Jane Schultz Mr Clarence Felter Bessie Pannick Fred Ernst Beverly Christiano STANDING LEFT Virginia Brennan David Skinner Angela Rutiglan RIGHT Cynthia Spitz Melvin Redmond Barbara Edelman STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council which con sists of two representatives from each class and organization has tried this year to organize various outside activities for the students One of the main proiects for the year was the selling of the student identifica tion tickets for reduced rates to bas ketball games and the movies A large percentage of the profit was given to the Athletic Association for new equipment Several times we have aided the PTA in plan ning parties for the student body We of the Student Council wish to thank Mr Felter our adviser for his assistance and advice during the ear JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL exif SEATED-Michael Pascone, Marilyn Wetzel, Richard Mooney, Royce Paula Koors, Betsy Waldemar, Nancy Cauvet, Kenneth Cauvet, Michael Grandoln, jean Brennan, Deri Meier, Edson Pease, Joyce 30 Hashagen, Andrew Kalmykow, Catherine Rotiroti, Mr. Arthur W. Silliman, Adviserg fstandingj. THE ARDSLEY OUTDOOR CLUB The Ardsley Outdoor Club has been reactrvated for the past two years after being dormant for the duratton of the war because of shortage of gasoltne The orrgrnal Outdoor Club organized tn 1956 specralnzed rn automobrle camp mg trrps from the Whrte Moun tarns to the Adrrondacks to the Blue Rrdge Mountaxns and west ward to Ohro The present club consnsts of several members mter ested tn the educatronal oppor tumtres as well as the fun and relaxatron of camping No formal meettngs are held but all work together toward a common goal Mr Srllrman ts our advrser and ll rs hrs wrllrngness to share hrs tnterest and knowledge that makes possrble the prrvrlege of member shrp whrch ns hxghly apprecrated Mr Arthur Srllrman Donald Struckman Robert Wood Wallace Hennessy George Bagge Henry The Dramatrc Club began ts second year wtth seventeen mem bers At the first meetnng the club chose rts ofhcers Donald Bren nen Presrdent Geraldme Pruett Vrce Presndent Angela Ruttglan Treasurer and Leonore Kenny Secretary Mrs Koenrg rs agarn the advtser wrth Mass Pelda as her assrstant Among the actrvmes of the nrst term the club held tmtta trons for nts new members attend ed a performance of The Barretts of Wrmpole Street grven by the Westchester Dramatrc Assocratxon and held tryouts for a play Be cause of the many nnterfermg ac trvmes durmg Chnstmas tnme the club was drsbanded but was agarn reorgamzed rn january The play Whats tn a Name contlnued rehearsal for presentatton rn as sembly Mans rnteresttng topncs have been planned for the new term Among them are drscussrons on make up lnghtrng effects set trngs and preparatrons for plays DRAMATIC CLUB 1,41 FROINT ROW Donald Brennen Presrdent Geraldtne Pruett Mrss Pelda Assrstant Dtrector Mrs Koenrg Dxrector Leonore Kenny Secretary Angela Ruttglan SECOND ROW Elarne Eaton jean Thomas Alrce Ward Barbara Slaybaugh Ann Yottes Bessre Panmck Anna Srgnoretta Llllran Papoutch THIRD ROW' joan Koster Robert Rell Nancy J Schultz Barbara Wuestner Ellen McPhee Barbara Edelman Whllxam Flanrgan Charles Muzzex 3' W ' . ' r N is , , Q I ' ' 2+ ' aff ' . . . J, . , , , , , . . hx x - ' i . 4 Y ' Z . ' tv . . " 4 . V , . y r r V 'Q y v ' 1 H : '+V . v ' ' V . , . Y A . 1 ', - '- . . S, v 1 ' - . . . . , - . . ,, ,. - - , . Y , v . . v' V V - - . . - , , . , , ,- VARSITY CLEF CLUB This year ambitious students holding the Varsity emblem formed the Varsity Clef Club in order to strmulate Interest in the music department to raise the standards of the various music organizations and to reward music students for their diligent work in music during the year The officers elected to head this organizatlon are President Geraldine Pruett Vice President Virginia Brennan and Secretary jean Thomas They have throughout the course of the year made much progress toward their goal First they stimulated an interest in music by the promise of awards which will consist of large blue and gold emblems for the boys and small gold G clef pins for the girls Secondly they set up the requirements for ellgibillty rn the Clef Club Other drscussions were also held in regard to varlous improvements which mlght be made in the music organizations The desire of all the members is that in the future the Clef Club act as the governrng body of the entire music department and that through wise and careful gurdance by the students they will bulld a better organized music department SENIOR CHORUS VARSITY CHOIR Evelyn Hallenbeck Ardsley High School is aiming for a bigger and better Senior Chorus At one of the first meetings Peggy Avery was elected president and Jose phine Palermo was chosen secretary At Chrrstmas time we took part in the Christmas program given at the assembly and P TA We also hope to take part in the Spring Festival The chorus has strived for a better appreciatron of mustc and has earned the admiration and respect of all The Varsity Choir was reorganized this year with Charles Muzzey Pres1dent Nancy J Schultz Vice President ean Thomas Secretry and Robert Kamke Treasurer Duplicating our program of last year we have made many successful appearances Besides performing for school assemblies we sang at the Masonic Temple and offered our services at the Armistice Day pro gram Our plans for the future include exchange programs with other schools assemblies and the State Competl tion Each performance that we give enriches our con fidence and ability Since we lost too many members last year almost half of the choir are new Using the same singing tech niques we are accomplishing a great deal this year One of the enjoyable events this year was the Varsity Choir party There was never a dull moment and a wonderful tlme was had by all We are proud of our organization and hope to build it up so that the vw hole school may also be proud of it , . 2 ' , I Q I ' i l I I I Q 1 - - , ' 1 This year under the willing assistance of Miss ' ' . ' A . ' , ' .J . 7 7 7 7 Y , 1 1 . . . , 7 . . . - . Y .- . . I . , . V 32 SENIOR CHORUS n Qty D r nn fi ,1- FIRST ROW Dorothy Young Mary COSIHDUHI Annette Glmbel Claudra Spelcher janet Calace Mottola Theresa Curtin Dolores Garnler Loxs Carson Gall Karcher Barbara Wuestner Eileen McHenry Mnss Evelyn Hallenbeck SECOND ROW jean Brennan Maryorle Acker Beth Kaker back Geraldme Cartwright Gall Kurl-:ela Barbara Slaybaugh Dorothy Ellmg Cynthia Spitz Evelyn Sahmldt Alice Ward Paulme Calace Mottola joan Karther THIRD ROW Mary' Fraretta Anne Huesgen Ann Yottcs josephme Palermo Margaret Avery Patruua lrnschmann joan Srohr VIIBIHIH Grandoltl Dorothy Denarr JUNIOR CHORUS D' Sant ...-1 FRONT ROW john Young Bette McCracken Peter Connolly Peggy Ann Reuter Kenneth Aclcer Gretchen Niessermh Heather Nierryman Dorene Sutherzreen SECOND ROXX Carolyn Dayres Caryl Hueszan Peggy Frtzaerald Elrzabeth Hanson Barbara 'Xardecthla Secretary Rlcharcl Hay Barbara Berlrnd Heldr Meler Carol Rlorlan Rrchard Frrschrnan Stephen Bertman Nlargaret Spmdler THIRD ROXX Ratherme Nlantredl Tommy Taaffe Annette Scott Alberta Denarl Presldenr Royce Paula lxoors Rosrna Niobrlra Vyalter Elelman La Xerne Vyard Bob Splndler Gertru le Rosler Ruby Morertr Niargaret lrlanman FOLRTH ROXX Ruth Neeler Dorothy Nif.Phee Barbara Cannrna, Carol Hasharan Nlarranne XX erthelm Lourse Qulst loey DeXardo Ann XX nmoth -Xnnette Boylan Laura Pe-arte Berry Flanrgan lll'TH ROYX Loretta -Krone Betsy Vyaldemar Nirss Hallenbetly Drrettor Judy Balmer Rate Schoenstern 1 I VARSITY CHOIR V ' L , f ' L Q L SEATED beraldrm Pructt IROINT ROW josephrnn Palcrmo Illcn McPhee jean Thomas Barbara Edelman Nanu Schultz Nlr M1trl1elC Vxment Drrertor Ntrgrnra Brennan Lors Carson latquclrne Blasbcrg, nan lxostu llunor blaxlwaugh Prgp Avcrx SECOND ROW jack Koster Robert lxamlxe George Smappath Chtrlrs Nluzzex Donald Paterson Donald Struckman George Bu,g,e Donald Brrnncn ORCHESTRA li'Wl LI lT TO RK HT rllrst Rr K K Lrtru lr R1 slcr Flrulvcth Hmwn larqunllnc Blaslmrg. Wa er flnlman Davld Nlunncr lout lx :star Kliulxa Nlurhtr Donall Hlxrnmr ludx Coodurn Amx Mcs snrrrh 'Nlarrannc XX Lrrlrum Carol Rrrnrclan NI C OND RONX Nano Srlrultz C Lral lrne Pruett Drrmthx Ylllngr Barlurr l lrlmin Xrrpxnra Brennan Carol HJil1df.,LIl lamps lurllcrar Nirlchcl C X maint Drrutor Rlrltlrl Arom Pattrrlx frlstrllo Dorothx Dcnarr STRING ENSEMBLE IFIT TO RICHT Mr Mltnhcl C Vlnrent Conductor Louise Merlovlrh V1rg.1n1a Dulce Suzanne Maurer lWlLl'l'ldH1 Bilxcr frctal Mmrern lnhn Whelan Judy Rlorllan Illzaberh Hanson Regunald Hu wscp n Iran Scalar CLEF CLUB 'T' I FRONT ROXX Robert lxamlre XIIEIDIEI Brennan Ellen NIcPhee loan lxoster Barbara Edelman Charles Nluzzex NECOND ROXX lean Thomas Geralnlne Pruerr Nana bchulrz Donald Brennen ...S 5442 HW xl ,, 'Ex :xr":' GIRL SCOLITS sf Q41 Mila eats! QSM ' A FRONT ROW Margot Moore Judy Rrordan Nancy Solomon Dolores Ankhelen Nancy Cauvet Carol McKeough Angela Pasqumr Jane Shurtleff Grace Barbrerr Jean Seeler Carolyn Davres Betty De Nardo Judy Goodwm Amy Messerrch Catherme Santore SECOND ROW Kate Schoenstem Barbara Berlmd Judy Baker Betty McCracken Katherme Manfredr Dorene Suthergreen Heather Merryman Peggy Frtzgerald Elrzabeth Hanson Annette Scott Betsy Waldemar Caryl Huesgan Peggy Ann Reuter THIRD ROW Anne Huesgan Barbara Wetzel Loretta Arone Rosma Mobrlra La Verne Ward Mary Murray Carol Rrordan Dorothy McPhee Ruth Seeler Alberta Denarr Barbara Cannmg Mananne Wertherm Royce Paula Koors Herdr Merer Gretchen Messerrch Carol Hashagen Ann Wrlmoth Laura Pearce Annette Boylan FOURTH ROW Janet Calace Mottola Alrce Ward Paulrne Calace Mottola Joan Garmer Geraldme Carrwrrght Marpone Acker Gall Kurkela Barbara Maurer Ann Yottes Clanre Buckes Dorothy Hotalmg Patncra Hotalmg Barbara Wuestner Barbara Edelman Joan Koster Jacquelme Blasberg BROWN I ES 94 N. , I I it as v , r v .---a-.f I I I I I ' far n I K V ' A I ' 's - , ' , ' , -' x - , A .' ,J 3 A7' 'A Q fl: It A f I 4 . t I if ' , ' I , , , , A ' rv I I fi I 5 L - '-r ' r - . u T I -' " - I X rw I a .4 , A . a . . 'Mr A I t ' -I , ',. F I ' I A 5' 'nw' , I r' M f A ,, ' f J ' -' S- - -g...,-1 'AQ 1 Y , , X 1 1 ' . . we I E , . ,,t,V,f., X W M us ,..'f,,,,,? H -. M ,C W A L 0 I ' ' C ,. 3 K rn - '-vi, 'QA ,K , suing .- . h , - . , , , i- -3 I l I 3 l . 1 , h , w , I y , , I 1 w ! ' ' V W 1 Y . , I , , , , y , , , A . . Y ' 1- I 3 H 3 D 7 . , V , , . I D , , I 1 g, . , , , . I V . . I -l n i I ' ' v , - I V Y ' Il' ! 1 , , , , . , , . . J Q . - Q. 5 . ., Q , x, f 3, I' . A Q . s f 5 f - i - x, ' sr, I V ,A A I Q . I 1 . r .rf K f yn ., - at - . . ff . 7 f x . r ' , 5 " ',- . I B - ,X - ' - : l '-J T 1 S ' ' . . ' ' I uf: .1 F ' - , us. ' 5 I ' V A I r ' , ' I.: ffl' .:""' FRONT ROXY!wRohert Wilson, Barry Coggins. Robert Wcvotl. SECOND ROW!-Ralph Dahm. Dominick De Luca, Gerhard Karl, jack Koster, Ronald Berlind. THIRD ROW!-Charles Ricci, Paul Rolverts, Rohert Cook. ,lack Connelly. Anthony De Angelo, Richard VC'ood, Douglas Boyd. The Ardsley Boy Scouts of Troop 5 have organized new patrols. Patrol Leader for the Indians is Donald Sequin. The Assistant Patrol Leader is Richard XX'ood. The Pine Tree Patrol Leader is Ronald lierlind, and the Assistant Patrol Leader is Robert Cook. Our Scout Master is Elias Salerno. Others helping include: junior Assistant Scout Master Robert XX'ood, Senior Patrol Leader. Barry Cogginsg Scribe. Bobby XVilson. High spots of the year up to date are: swimming at the Tarrytown Y.M.C.A. four times and the annual Father-and-Son Dinner held at the Methodist Church. Our honored guest. Judge lNIcDowell. gave a very interesting talk of the days when he was a Scout. XY"e have also planned an over night hike. BOY SCCUTS THIRD DEGREE SEATED--Dorothy Denarr Mary McGregor Vxrgmra Brennan Nancy Schultz Margaret Young james jurllerat Cynthra Spxzz Fred Ernst Barbara Slaybaugh Robert Ullnch Bessre Pannnck Geraldme Pruett Jean Thomas STANDING-Mxss Helen Robbre Anna Sngnoretta Betty Ann Stone Thrs year the Thrrd Degree whnch rs the governrng body of the Honor Socrety has had a very actrve year Our first actrvnty was the rnmatxon of forty three students mto the Frrst Degree of the organxzatron Durxng the first term we completed the revrsron of the hrgh school crtrzenshrp cards emphasxzmg servrce to the school as an rmportant factor rn retamxng or securrng membershrp rn the society At Chrrstmas trme we sponsored a contest for the best decorated home room Thrs contest created so much rnterest and enthusrasm and so beautrful were the rooms that a pr1ze was awarded to each student These prrzes were presented at a specral Chrrstmas assembly planned by the Thrrd Degree For the novel rdea of a Chrrstmas card post office we won hrgh pranse Durmg the year several free movres were presented for honor socrety members tn grammar school A clrmax to the basketball season was a dance for hxgh school students rn March The Thrrd Degree was also busy plannrng and carryxng out the Second and Th1rd Degree xmtratlons nn May and june respectrvely An rmportant prolect thxs year was the takrng of the census and the mapprng of the Ardsley school d1str1ct We have had a full year servmg the school and the commumty We take thrs oppor tunxty to thank Mrss Robble who has always cheerfully and wrllmgly advrsed us on our work 38 4' I 4 ' 5 ,J .S , x , I QS ,V Z 1 n Q- xy' x -us ,, Rf ,fix S u N ,7 Wx X.. 'Y 's v an 'jg 9- ' af gg -M LA L, if ,fn F 4 N ' "' ,N ,. , .. , fd., W W 1' f- 'VW ' .via W' '- fo-rhv4"o?,,, 'f I Q I "" 4.5 I ' H -.w,4vZ M '-ff' A, . Kr, , A A , -f'-lfffs-wa-"Q fv .Af ' xt " 'M'-,fl A,,iY,fQ y 1 i at :V K , 'V h 525, Vrlgivf' I w. We was I iq g 1 3 g f s! 2 1 - S 5 . g 1 I 1 r 1 'i Q lik 4 , g '. s. e 5 1 -av- I ll El K, rl 4 ffl ,x ax ,W vi 41", Q, 2 , J! Y' ,xi Q c 1 A .V H I Q 1 :A . - 1 -L tsl! is 1f,,""" ev' ' 'iv in, vw '-"M -R , wi5+ -F- .Ha n ., l K Q K V Qlr -Nc.-i'I R tv' 'U' 5 ,q1.W ' . N .I -Q "fx 'Tw ., 14- V Q. v..,.,- M- uni l 1, .Lay A -. .., 1 v ng ,- 9 'S Q 1 ,-. wr.- I il ? ui I A I S I In sa M Kind' AE Hi 'B A'31fFL f I Lg gf .i A ' fl' .. .. , ,g -'-M- vx '.:. , 2 2 A., ,, 'I T "ii fl Ag T ' M JA" sn, .W ag-5 .Q - L, if H ,. N '3 rank-,..-,, J im, as xr , 4 'I 5 ' I . Q .B .... ---... . L ' Y, -.+ Y N5 Nik P5 dd. i -4- 'S N x. Tearher, Mr. Harlan A. Thomas C lan Prefident C lan Vice-Prerident Kenneth Cauver jean Brennan C lan Treafurer C lan Secretary Ronald Berlind Gail Karcher Clan Mother Auixianl C lar: M olber Mrs. S. Berlind Mrs. J. Manchester ,J GRADE FRONT ROW-Barbara Rutiglan, Anna Marie Gorman, Evelyn Schmidt, Patricia Nar- decchia, Roberta McGregor, Barbara O'Leary. SECOND ROW-Mary Murray, Carol Manchester, Patricia Gaarder, Anne Huesgen, Mary Lou Cammisa, jean Brennan, Helga Nordin, Gail Karcher. THIRD ROW-Larry Lasko, Anthony D'Angelo, Robert Cook, Dominick Pasquale, Frank jazzo, Richard Arone, Kenneth Cauvet, Robert Schleipman, Donald Raab. FOURTH ROW-John Koster, Ralph Dahm, Barry Coggins, Dominick De Luca, Richard Wood, Ronald Berlind, Paul Roberts, Robert Wilson, Charles Ricci, ABSENT-Barbara Wetzel. FRONT ROXW-Royce Paula Koors, Margaret Flanigan, Barbara Canning, Gertrude Rosler, Ruth Seeler. SECOND ROW-Louise Quist, Carol Hashagen, Carol Riordan, Helen Eisen- hauer, Dorothy McPhee, La Verne Ward, Heidi Meier, Gretchen Messerich. THIRD ROW -Marianne Wertheim, Alice Cartwright. Annette Boylan, Laura Pearce. Rosina Mobilio, Alberta Denari, Ruby Moretti, Ann Wilmcmth. FOURTH ROW-Wzilter Edelman, Michael Gtandolfi, Richard Eaton, David Flusky, joseph De Nardo, Duncan Wilstnn, Robert Spind- ler, Robert Bell, Donald Peterson, Douglas Boyd. FIFTH ROW-Peter Connolly, Robert Hamilton, joseph Leach, Armand Fattori, Richard Frischmann. William Finger, Barty De Roche, john Rell, Gerhard Karl. Michael Cawley. GRADE Teacher, Miss Margaret A. Wesp Clary Prerzdenz Clan Vice-Prerident Michael Grandolri Royce Paula Koors C lan Trearurer Clair Secretary Richard Frischmann Louise Quist Clary Mother Arrirttznt Clary Mother Mrs E Pearce Mrs. YW. Bell 43 I Teacher, Miss Florence Egbertson C lan Preridem Clan Vice Prerzdenz 0 Deri Meier Betsy Waldemar 1 ' eff, Clair Treamrer C lair Secretary 'H John Young Elizabeth Hanson X Clan Mozber Afrirzanl Clan Mother u Mrs. I. Hay Mrs. H Waldemar ' Q GRADE 6 FRONT ROW-Barbara Nardecchia, Peggy Ann Reuter, Margaret Spindler, Carolyn Davies, Bette McCracken, Dorene Suthergreen, Caryl Huesgen, Kate Schoenstein. SECOND ROW-Betsy Waldemar, Barbara Berlind, Katherine Manfredi, Elizabeth Hanson, Annette Scott, Joyce Bloomfield, Loretta Arone. Bette Steenwerth. THIRD ROW-Reginald Her- mans, Stephen Bertman, William Mooney, Thomas Ward, Judith Baker, Heather Merry- man, Margaret Fitzgerald, Betty Flanigan. FOURTH ROW-Kenneth Acker, Defi Meier, Franklin Schmidt, Gordon Young, Thomas Taafle, Richard Hay, john Young, Ronald Casey, Thomas Elling. ABSENT-Robert McKirgan. FRONT ROW-Catherine Santore, Nancy Solomon, Judith Goodwin, Grace Barbieri, Amy Messerich, Carol McKeough, Margot Moore, Dolores Ankhelen, Nancy Cauvet, Betty DeNardo, Judith Riordan. SECOND ROW-jane Shurtlelf, Allen Weiss, William Le Count, Charles Sprague, Fred Arone, Frank Cammisa, Franklin Cimino, Donald Skinner, David Purdy, jean Seeler. THIRD ROW-Bruce Boyd, john Canning, George Salerno. Gary Fagan, Warren Townsend, Peter Ledwith, Richard Bell, Philip Cimino, Andrew Kalmykow, Sam Scott, Edward Bramble. FOURTH ROW-joseph Cawley, jack Man- chester, William Hoffmann, Garry Ragone. ABSENT-Angela Pasquini. GR DE Teafbef. Miss Ethel M. Tryon Clan Prerident Clary Vice-Prefidenl 0- I Andrew Ka1mYkow Nancy Cauvet fi' :,g.1A. 1 ' C larr Trearzzrer C ltzrr Secreltzr-1 X 7 'I ' Grace Barbieri jane Shurtleif 5 Clarr Mother Arrirtmzt Clair Molber Mrs. E. Goodwin Mrs. S. Shurtleff 3 45 GRADE 4 FRONT ROW'-Marilyn Wetzel, Barbara Gardiner, Marianna Karl, Margaret Christiano, Bernadette Strachan, Carol Morris. SECOND ROW-Mitzi O'Leary, Diane Bunn, Helen Hamilton, Priscilla Young, Lynne Nevinger, Greta Greiner, Louise Medovich, Gretel Mestern. THIRD ROW-Doris Pearce, Suzanne Maurer, Barbara Curran, Robin Wilson. Margo Roberts, Jennie Barger, Jill Connolly, Carol Dewar. FOURTH ROW-David Marrus, Francis Schappach, King Cheslack, Watson Bell, Anthony De Rocha, David Mooney, Chester Slaybaugh, joseph Rooney. FIFTH ROW-Harold Kessler, Peter Karcher. Peter Schleipman, Michael Pascone, Jeffrey Berlind, Glenn Koors, Tearber, Miss Harriett S. Edwards Clan Prcridcrzl Clan Vzce Pferzdefzz Marilyn Wetzel Michael Pascone C lan Trearlrfcr C1455 Sefrefgq Marianna Karl Davld Mooney Clan Mother Arriflanl Clan Mother Mrs. P. Mestern Mfg, C Slaybaugh FRONT ROW-Lelann Schoenstein, Linda McDowell, Joyce Medovich, Mary jane Flanigan, Virginia Duke, Patricia Robinson, Sally Sage, Catherine Heckler. SECOND ROW-Gertrude Taaffe, Soren Larsen, Robert Conviser, Lewis Morrison, john Whelan, john Manfredi, Edson Pease, Mark Schultz, Paul Engelkirk, Richard Mooney, Joseph Murray, Merriam Baker. FOURTH ROW-Richard Fitzgerald, William Quadt, Thomas Goodwin, Warren Peterson, Peter Ingram, Gordon Cudney. Teacher, Miss Ruth Hurlbut G R D E 3 Teacher, Mrs. Emily A Ehler C lair Prerident C lan Vice Prerident Catherine Romotl Joyce Hashagan Clan' Prefident Clair Vzce Pferzdent Clary Mother Amman! Clary Mother Edson Pease Richard Mooney Mrs Jack Weiss Mrs George Childs Clan' Mother Arrzrlant Clan Mother Clary Reporter Phyllis Fattori Mrs' Wm' Duke, IH Mrs Wm Mooney i -P 9+ YW., x idk' "7 4' in f . .3 wc- -U Y R' s' in, X FRONT ROW-Joyce Hashagen, Catherine Rotiroti. Elneta Calhoun, Theresa Cappetta. SECOND FOW-Marie Mack, Phyllis Fattori, Phyllis Weiss, Diane Guckenbiehl. Pamela Hutchinson, Louise DeNardo. THIRD ROW-Donald Shurrlell Flo Sheldon, Ralph Plechner, Betty Rooney, Alfred Pasquale. FOURTH ROW-Robert Clute, Robert Anthony, Frank Childs, james Silleck, Donald Stammer, Robert Plechner, Billy McCracken. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Thelma Stevenson, Judy Pfau, Sally Benning Yvonne Tunnard, Corinne D'Andrea, Claudia Istvan. SECOND ROW-Lorraine Quist, Betsy Smith, Marta Lou McMurtrie, Virginia Le Count, Lynn Mestern, Ann Schaefer. THIRD ROW-Edward Lutz, Hans Lar- sen, Charles Lehmkuhl, Robert Glinsman, jeffrey Camhi, john Istvan, Michael Moccia, Bruce Lehman, Barclay McKeough, Kenneth Yocis, Carl Fon, Richard Halvorsen. FOURTH ROW-Alfred Cuozzo, Frank Cecelin, Walter Brigadier, Wayne Boulton, Harold Ward, William Whelan, John Kyff, Larry Nardecchia, Kenneth Waldemar, Richard Hanson, Duncan Clarke, Buster Davids. Teacher, Mrs. Ethel J. Farnham Clan Prefident of Boy: C lax: President of Girlf Wayne Boulton Lynn Mestern C lan M alher Arfirtant C lan Mother Mrs. john KyfT Mrs. George Sankey GR DE 48 4:6 ,aw 4'3" 'I 3 " 'Au.,."isf TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Donald Conviser, Michael Mondelli, Teddy Di Podova, Thomas Fatigate, Walter Papovitch. SECOND RCJW-Charles Messerich, jack Casadone, jan Anthony, Norman LeFutgy, Edward Strazzini, Nicholas Tino. FIRST ROV!-Joanne Barone, Gale Bechtold, Sharon Nilson, Margaret Hinnen, Rose Lorraine Ennis, Elaine Welzel, Marcia Ann DiMichele, Santa DeRocha. GR DEI wa . - 3.x 1 ,, I. FIRST ROW-joane Riccio, Gay Connolly, Elizabeth Motoasca, Betty Ann Fiore, Mary Ann Dewar, Pamela Chalmers, Ann Ledwith, Noreen Ashley, SECOND ROW'-David Nugent, Bonnie Anne Boyd, Mildred Fagan, Carol Ann Stahl. Susan Xlfalther. Catherine Cassano, Susan Suthergreen, Rohert Rankin, THIRD ROXX'-Anthony Vfaldeier, john NX'aterhury, Bruce Zinclt. David Tidaback, Gay Mayer, Nelson Hoy, joseph Powell, Donald Clarke, Edward Aim, Peter Muller. ABSENT-Virginia Rosler, Mary Ann Russo. FRONT RKJXXI-Allgflllfl M4Crallxen, Karen Morrison, Anne Sekaer, Vrrgrnra Beehrold, Eleanor Brnnkrngi, jurlxrh Drllon, bludrrh Stern. Lynn Brarly. SECOND RONX"iRnlwerr Davnli, Karen Moore. Kurhlecn Dunahue, Nldrgrlrer Stahl. -l.1HQ Ellen Cauvet, Xweira Ann Dcldlgi. Ruth Cirell. joseph Marsek. THIRD RUXX'-lllmunri Mnnre. Xxllllldm O'Leary. Robert S. Bell. Srephen Smith, Russell Werlekinrl, Funds PnrLell,,lor1.1rlmn Purdy, john Speirher. Xwilliam Pease, Thunms Gardiner, Steven lstun, Al55l1N'l'fwlei'lry Cule, Dunne Shafer NAM fTl!f2? 3 QQ mf-12.3 Wil Rb J! ,J J Q 3521 W fe 7A2eY i GY my X9 X 'nk y x H X V! . ,lpf iq 5 , 9 g ,ff j f 5 Q QQ v E DQR MU . 35 , Q' , gp bw 5 bmlsif V 3' Q Q. Q - 1 x ug, .., ' K X S ag? gigs? Q - JK 32" A' vw M K Q53 2 T f i Q V " H W Q. A v A E l ' 3 3' 4 t ' 1-f-r 5 0 +G' W ' w. 5, QL Esl w""g Q 1- im EQ 5 ' all xi .QQ Q I' QQ n 'Vp ' 'fig X gb ix tg W Q 'I Q3-qw E S M29 Q 5 '75 6 A N , I XX ff! YJ? Q lb- X X 0 "MQW 5 we xg A U X 2 wk '32, G33 - F ...J COMPLIMENTS OP S T H ll F I-' E R CHEMICAL COMPANY. INC. CHAUNCEY, N. Y. Compliments of ARDSLEY POST No. 458 AMERICAN LEGION ARDSLEY. N. Y. Meets first Mondays at the Municipal Buildinq. Honorably discharged veterans of World War Il are eligible for membership and are cordially invited to join us "F OR GOD AND COUNTRY" IAMES MCCARTNEY 61 SON Real Estate and Insurance C MCCARTNEY BUILDING ARDSLEY. N. Y. Telephones: Dobbs Ferry 3-0331 - 2040 53 ,, f .J New Cdl' .mocejmo E. Robison, Inc. "THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT" FUEL OIL - OIL BURNER SERVICE Main Office: HARTSDALE.-NEW YORK Oil Storage Plant: HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON. N I 5 COMPLIMENTS OF R. S. A. CORPORATION Manufacturing Chemists O ARDSLEY, NEW YORK 55 COMPLIMENTS OF P' The Parent -Teachers Association STUDY AT PACE DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS MEN AND WOMEN Authorized by the Regents oi the University oi the State of New York to con- fer the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration lB.B.A.l in conformity with the rules of the Regents of the University and regulations of the Com- missioner af Education for the registration of institutions of higher education. ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE QC.P.A.J Approved courses for professional acccuntancylC.P.A.l.lN.Y., NJ., Conn.l ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Preparation for beginning and executive accounting positions. MARKETING, ADVERTISING, AND SELLING Preparation for beginning positions in advertising, selling, sales management, and sales analysis, marketing and research. EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAI.-STENOGRAPI-IIC Executive secretarial training and related positions, intensive study program in stenography and typewriting. BULLETIN ON REQUEST Write or Telephone for Interview BArcIay 7-8200 or Visit PACE COLLEGE lromemv PACE msmurel 225 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK 56 Dobbs Ferry Register IOI MAIN STREET DOBBS FERRY N Y Telephone DObbs Ferry 3 0124 LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES BUSINESS CARDS SHIPPING TAGS CHANCE BOOKS REPORTS BILLS TICKETS POSTALS CIRCULARS WEDDING INVITATIONS RECEPTION CARDS BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS ADVERTISING IOURNALS PROGRAMS ANNOUNCEMENTS POSTERS XMAS CARDS BOOKLETS MENUS ENCLOSURES Before you contract for your next pnntmq order let us submlt a bxd on the cost of the work Guaranteed Workmanshlp Prompt Dellvery 57 I PRINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES IOSEPH COGGINS' DAIRY FOR ALL YOUR DAIRY FOODS MILK CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK VITAMIN D MILK COTTAGE CHEESE BUTTERMILK EGGS In Rain or Shine, Hail or Sleet You see our Trucks on the Street. PHONE: DOBBS FERRY 3-0188 357 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry. THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA Extends its best wishes br future success to the ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS 1948 WE SERVE CARPENTER'S ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY sa F. J. MCCORMACK I N S U R A N C E 5 Iudson Avenue 50 East 42nd Street Ardsley New York 17. N. Y. Phone: D0bbs Ferry 3-0433 Phone: MUrrcry Hill 2-6611 COMPLIMENTS or THE SENIOR CLASS Renato Crisi CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 99 HUDSON STREET NEW YORK C T BEN COHEN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Telephone Elmsford 6-1886 NORTH STONE AVENUE ELMSFORD, N. Y. ACK D. MARRUS I N S U RA N C E Broker -- Advixor - C omultant hone PEnnsylvania 6-3638- 6-3682 C Sums 13045 225 WEST 34TH STREET NEW YORK 1, N. Y. CHARLES S. HOY, Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING GAS APPLIANCES Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0565 Licensed in Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry and Town of Greenburgh lCCIO'S MARKET Emporium of RICA'S FINEST FRUITS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES 457 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. C ompliment: Of PETRONE'S CIGAR STORE BREYER'S ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY ARDSLEY, N. Y. 6l THE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHOPPE C. ENGELMAN, Pb. G. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0512 - 525 Ashford Ave. and Elm Street, Ardsley, N. Y. C omplimenzr of J. E. BRENNAN CORP. 420 Lexington Avenue New York, N. Y. ROSLYN CLEANERS ERY SATISFACTORY VALET SERVICE All Cleaning Done on Premixef Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-4756-J "Say it wilh Flowerf' ROBERT M. JOHNSTON FLORIST and GROWER Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-0311 225 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Chauncey N Y 62 1 E Skin INCORPORATED MANUFACTURERS OF TELEVISION AND F M KITS SETS AND COMPONENTS 63 9 1 4 ' New ROCHELLE, N. Y. NEW RocHELLe6.6ooo The Ardsley Barber Shop V I AMATTINA Prop Speczal Altentzon Gzzen to Ladzer a Chzldrerz r Hazrbobbzng ARDSLEY SQUARE ol I L Complzmenlr o the Dobbs Ferry Woman s Club ARE YOU A MEMBER? WESTERN WESTCHESTER HUMANE SOCIETY Inc For Your Ammalr Problem! Phones Dobbs Ferry 30141 or 3 4039 Shelter Elmsford 6 1840 or 6 4534 Complzmentr ARTHUR T NOONE CLEANART Inc LAUNDERING DRY CLEANING RUG SHAMPOOING CLEANARTIC FUR STORAGE Phone Hastrngs 5 4444 GRAND UNION AMERICA S SECOND OLDEST FOOD CHAIN Servrng drscrxmmatxng homemakers wrth quahty food products for over three quarters of a cennrry SLPER MARKETS Foon STORES H and H BODY SHOP Duco Pazrmng and Weldzng Body and Fender Stmrgblenrrzg Radmtor Repazrzng Phone Dobbs Ferry 34016 706 Saw Mxll Rwer Road, Ardsley, N Y ARDSLEY HARDWARE CO. HOME SERVICE I-Iarduare Benj Moore Pawn Ga: Ranger Refrzgenzzorr Phone Dobbs Ferry 4010 Res Phone Hastrngs 4421 Addyman Square Ardsley, N Y ,,q, 'EP Xt 14 I A , . ,J'Ll.f4'd-'21 l!""'E: 3 'wi' r . . .V . , nd 'jx X JR, mfr X . ,K . . 'X filo ' f I . V , . I O 6 Ardsley Lions Club Ardsley. New York f' 'X 5, .13 12' ' x Incorporated 1869 The Greenburgh Savings Bank DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. cams-mAs cum san: nnposrr noxzs Total Assets 34,000,000 e Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 65 ST. BARNABAS Protestant Episcopal Church Saw Mill River Road and Heather Dell Road REV. SIDNEY C. NEWHOUSE, Vicar Schedule of Sunday Services: Holy Communion .............. 8:00 A.M. Morning Prayer and Sermon ........................... 11:00 A.M. Clixcepr First Sunday of Monrhj Holy Communion and Sermon ........................... 11:00 A.M. CFirst Sunday of Monthb Chi1dren's Service and School ............................. 9: 30 A.M. C ompliment: of THE ARDSLEY CIVIC ASSOCIATION Phone Dobbs Ferry 5-0144 Beit Wifbef from HEATHER DELL FARM JOHN CANNING, JR. WHOLESALE FLORISTS ARDSLEY, N. Y. C omplimentf of ARDSLEY GIRL SCOUT ASSOCIATION "EVERY GIRL A GIRL SCOUT CHECKING ACCOUNTS THRIFT ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES 'lhe Flrt atlonal Bank of Ard Icy ARDSLEY NEW YORK Tel Dobbs Ferry 3 4900 SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS and Gold Stamped on a free wallet LOAN SERVICE Property Improvement Loans Home Appliance Loans Small Business Loans Personal Loans Member of Federal Deposut Insurance Corporatlon Federal Reserve System 67 W o o I ' ' O Come in and ask about our Personalized checks with your name printed on each check O Dobbs Ferry 3 1954 Westchester Garage LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE TOWING SERVICE J- Automotwe Serwce Collzszon Speczalzsts Repazrmg and Overhaulmg M Nannarlello ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY N Y 68 7 ---52.773753 ,I LA , L fy- W' , . 11" YV' ' ' ff:- ' 1 .- Y Y f '14 az f 1 r 5 x f W sq. A .1 Q3 I1 F, sl: fl K I Q in 1. . is 3 .LY pp Cd Lf-.. 1 . ""' 1, if ? .I ,.,, . 5 ?- .M7'fn. ,Rf 3' -uc ' 125'-'H , f Lf: fx. . .vm f. K -' ig ,.a, .4 Q fs' . i :m"" , 1: J. mm .buy I 4 f H, S . I . 'M I 5 - X or 'R 4' , - -Q Q - Q4 - -f ' R 'x fl I ' 5 few' f -.g..',1'4.2j Fjf in 9.764 'AQ ' ' iltg 4 ' "' I xv- ,,- .'. , . , x. .s xl,-,..m W-Jw 'A ' E- "T 13 -gg , , Y r .1 x A. , F --.' .. gk, -f J Ll? 1 N. W. 1913 2 Q. v xiy . "L, rf 1 in 5 AQ :Q f iQ S.-an ,I fl..Ta.,f?lf' X C an L h ai-dw a douwcjjgm X . Dobbs Ferry 3-1807 W. Brown, Mgr. Tel. Dobbs Ferry 3-403 IAN S. WILSON Brown's Parkside Restaura G Grill Wholesale F10I'iS'f SAW MILL RIVER PARKWAY CHAUNCEY, N. Y. HEATHER DELL ROAD ARDSLEY. N. Y. Lions Club Telephone Dobbs Ferry 50005 BENJAMIN H ADLER Hfrrdware Prunts House Furmshrngs Goods Tools Garden Supplres Contractors Supplres I77 Marn Street Dobbs Ferry N Telephone Dobbs Ferry 3 7670 CENTRAL LUNCH 8. RESTAURANT HOME COOKED F0005 WM PANNICK Prop 436 Ashford Ax enue Ardsley N Complrments of BLASBERG MOTORS 40 Cedxr Street Dobbs Ferry N Phone Dobbs Ferry 7: 5040 Y FOR SERVICE Telephone Dobbs Ferry 5 0026 or 3 0032 BESSON 81 COMPANY ORANGE DISC COAL BUILDING MATERIALS and FUEL OIL DOBBS FERRY N Y Foot of Dock Brrck Mouldrngs Pipe lnsulfttxng W1llboards S1nd Cement Lrme Plaster Complrments of WOODLAND REST SAW MIIL RIVER ROAD Complrments of DR ALBERT BASSELL Complxments HONOR SOCIETY Dobbs Ferry 1 0071 Free Delnery RAVEKES Esr 1861 DRY CLEAINIING TAILORIING O - ' , . Y. ' ' , .Y. I 1 , . . Coal . . . Coke . . . Cord Wfood . . . Lumber O f T Y -i Y 71 THE ARDSLEY METHODIST CHURCH As rt wrll look vuhen alreranons and addmons have been completed to meet the needs of a gromng communlty The Methodrsr Church havrng served Ardsley srnce 1852 looks forvr ard to rrs second century mth deep apprecxanon noble endeavor and hrgh anucrpatxon You are cordmlly rnvrted to attend any or all SCFVICCS LEWIS 8. McDOWELL Inc CONTRACTORS 785 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK N Y 72 A .sf . 3 gl l as All 1 , . O BERMWLE WHITE PLAINS NEW YORK 80 Grand Street Compliments of whim Plains 9 s-154 THE FRESHMEN New York I7 420 Lexmgton Ave , gl, Q East Orange Nl 22 Prosneet St 'Tr-ya"o Prepare now for preferred secretarlal posltlon Berkeley tramed secretarles are assoclated wxth a wlde varxety of busmess orgam zatlons Courses for hxgh school graduates and col lege women Dlstmgulshed faculty Effectxve place ment servlce Catalogue Wrmte Assxstant Dzrector Terms Feb , July, Sept Comphmenrs of ANACONDA u HASTINGS, N Y EVERY GIRL A GIRL SCOUT WIRE 8. CABLE CO. STUDENT COUNCIL ON WIT!-I MUSIC COMP MENTS wg Rum ERNST N SPIANIST ,lx TEAC:-H212 Cpl f Cpl f ARDSLEY HOSE CO NO 'I BOY SCOUTS ALL FIRES ARE DANGEROUS BE CAREFUL ww mxxxwmw mmi m x NW X C f . . . has Q S fi x f " 'Y' S 'Q HE? X Q f ' 0 X - A In lq A X . LI Q 17' 5 Z OF S " 5 ' Q x XX AND J . X xg 5 -R SPECIAL ATTENTION Q 1 GIVEN TO CHILDREN Q e,....x i. xxmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8 I O Board of Education COLUMBUS F. ARONE, President ERNEST E. I-IELLER, Trustee FRED S. SUTHERGREEN, Trustee CARMEN I. BRENNAN, Trustee OSCAR E. ACKER, Trustee PAUL E. BAKER, Clerk EDWARD E. AIM, Treasurer 75 'fboqci Make if-I. 4 5 4 1-- 411 if n.v'nJ,fgc. lCx',Q,T,Q,,t fwletss Bert Wirber CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP C omplimemf Of MH. AND MRS. MEYER CAMHI C omplimentr of KIPP BROTHERS MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT CO. LYMAN E. KIPP - DOUGLAS W. KIPP "CONTRACTORS" and "ENGINEERS" Phone Dobbs Ferry 3-2200 ARDSLEY, N. Y. LOUIS'S MARKET ON THE SQUARE LOUIS CORATO, Prop. BEST QUALITY MEATS AT LOWEST PRICES Full Line of Frozen Food: On the Air-8:20 A.M, Monday and Friday - FREE DELIVERY - Phones: Dobbs Ferry 3-1121-3-1122 470 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY, N. Y. ILLAGE of ARDSLEY Westchester County ROBERTE L BUNCH B WILBUR McDOWELL POLICE JUSTICE New York INCORPORATED 1896 MAYOR ALBERT E DENARI TRUSTEES JOHNJ GERAGHTY OLIVE G SEELER COUNSEL CLERK TREASURER 77 . . HENRY D. ELLING WILLIAM EMERICK Comphmen s of Mr 6. Mrs Tony Casale T OTOO E 55 SONS INCORPORATED LITHOCRAPHY 33604 PRINTING 3I JEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD CQNIEECTICUT TELEPHONE A 9226 MASTERS o 'rr-as RAPHIC ARTS 78 ' i I O ' LJ ' DIRECT NEW YORK WIRE-MELROSE 5-4ll2 F G SENIOR ALITGGRAPHS Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mrs. Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGregor Robert Paul Mortlock Mrs. Rose Pruett and Geraldine Mrs. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Raab Helen G. Robbie Mrs. Reuter Grace Roll Rosewood Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Schultz Ralph Scaperrotta Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Silliman Dr. and Mrs. Paul Seirz Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Schultz David Tidaback Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Taffe john H. Wertheim and Family E. N. Waldemar Rev. and Mrs. Clifford M. Wittstruck Mrs. Ruth M. Young Mrs. Harry Young Dr. Ralph Zolan Mr. and Mrs. N. Signoretta Mrfiand Mrs. Christiano The Cecelins john A. Querker B0 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Arone Mary Addorisio DeMeo and Louis Addorisio Marjorie Acker Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E. Acker Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ashe Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bertman and A Friend Nancy Bloxsom Ken Brown Mr. and Mrs. Blaise Recca Curtin Family Mr. and Mrs. George R. Colhoun Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Coggins Mr. H. DeNike Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Dillon E. A. Ehler H. S. Edwards Florence Egbertson Frances C. Ferguson Ethel J. Farnham Mr. and Mrs. J. Frischmann Mrs. Anna Frischmann A Friend Grade Six Mr. and Mrs. T. Hotaling Charles H. Huesgen Miss Evelyn Hallenbeck Mary 1. Hallahan Mr. and Mrs. Huesgen Glenn and Royce Pauls Koors Beatrice Camhi

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