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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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, ' fw- W' f-lui ' -- 9 ,I . ' b' ki fix wig M In I In L, Wi I Q: . H, ,mfhmq I hz: ,' ,ff V - ' 1 f '32 1 W5 if ' X , W ,wifi Y "n ge ,,,, in f V Z, f ,V Q, , fs 4 A 3 , Maya-, JE, , Z, 9 e 4. . .V 4,3 1 , I ,Q ,. 2 H , 1 F L , ,,, hir! Mix-i.3,,u,,f.: hi A Q 4? -2' ' 5 f i ff fi '? , wwf 4- ' ,'u,, , + 'QI .,i ,. - ma. 1 I 432, - H ,, , ., A , , V ,q . I . A ,z-5,.jE 'A ,',,,J31-my-'52, -K6 ' ff gg. , V ' -Q I , 4. x , ,,. , .Q . 1 , H , .4 in , . A U X' A 1 ' U 77 3 ' xi 9 vi-fb-.2-,7'4 7 1 f Q, gy: f QW f 9, 5 f . fjff'.5'.Wf , "HM-uni-.wff""' Q' A 9. 33 ' y 59' 1 '9 2 Y 35' Qs 1- .fi W , - Y, Y V i 5 L, 4 ,A , - If , , , , A -'21 'i , .fwigfk ,- ji 7 , . , . 'fs' 4 1 ' fi' " - T L 2 7 i 5 Q P ,jd AM 'fn 5 an Q " , ' Q gif 5 ig' .f' "wx , ' "" -V A 4 ' ff , 'I f 5' L 4- A W-J, , .g .X WM: . 3 Y I -. , . -X - 1 Qing x ' , - , , .r Q , ,, - -,gn - ,MV .W Q, .AM 43.3 ,, W g 1 ' - v 'ig' T Q-,Lf , Mn., .. I 1. - , .8 i .7 Aw, .fry Qrgtlxgpiy X wg , ' Y. , , 'ff' ' '52, e .A in 'KM vs f I . 1 K lgilrigqa ggi, , f ' 1- gg mff . ., . , 5 , f-Q. +A' -.... 1 qw -1" L- -'wg ig 5, f ,-- .riff . W H - af aff' A .K .... .4 V - ,V ., , :S fm 5 ' af, 1 2-W. . k , , , . 2 -1- ff I '71 fi v .- . - - ff 1 . . 4 V. W A , 3 ,sv Q Q I, 'j ' ', ,-fel-MM X ' 2? 'ff . . 'Q ff bf fx 1. if X 4 55, 3. 2 W f 2 ' - - s. . 1 M- A-M-M 5 g fn ,QA gin.: -iii" ' y ':' gf . ' 'J 1 ' I '. . Z " ' 17 ' ' ...wr 1 134. K .. 'A f , - "' .. 9" , , X Q S. X - 3? Ei W, -,K lk. ? 5 fl 4- -M -. Q1 Y' -'wwmnvur g,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,. I Q 3: 41 ' . 'br '-ma. A . .-5 3' ' 4 gh. , N M -f 1 .....,. , . , f , 'SEQ K X VF' 42" , ., ' Lin ,, L..-, - ,eg I. ,A . , 5-M 'k Q , ,. .Nu if .gsm ' 5 ii Yin .A : . ., i Q ,,. gene Q' ""fi'.A'?'Y1 .-sa. FCREWORD Since the beginning of time, men have always been looking forward to the future. We, not being different, are looking forward to a free and properous world. Articles, such as, "A Plane in Every Garage," and "New Homes for Everyone" have been written on this subject. The barns for the horses of yesterday were changed to garages for the cars of today. Similarly, things in the world of today will be changed to make room for the improvements of tomorrow. Even today men are planning rooftops that can be used for helicopter traffic. Since we shall be the citizens of the future world, we, natural- ly, are very interested in any and all new developments that may affect us. Developments, such as jet-propelled airships, heli- copters, new style abodes, and visual education will- change our way of living. Please journey through this yearbook with us as we show you our ideas of this future world and how we, through education, are preparing for it. BOARD OF EDITORS EDITOR IN CHIEF Elizabeth Ann Hatfield ASSISTANT EDITORS Florence Contant john Hackett William Blasberg jr CIRCULATION MANAGER TYPING EDITOR ART EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Jean McGregor Beatrice Caporale Warren Baulueu Richard Dunbar BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER puguclfy MANAGER Frances Erickson Frank Young Esther D9Nafd0 ADVISERS Miss Helen G Robbie Lltefafb' Miss Eleanor Davis Aft Mr William Duke III Technical To Miss Robbie Mrs Parsons Mlss Davis Mr Duke typlsts and others who so willingly gave of their time and efforts to make this Ardsleyan a success we of the junior Class extend our sincere appreciation Q ' 'A ev tri A 7 f ' . 'I 2' l ff , . - - ' ' , ' Mrs. Constance E. Parsons ,...,..,,... , .................. .... ............ . . General i i v ' s U I 1 ' 1 ' y D . . , , fJ66C24'Ca ?1'0f?v Anna .I Flmt To you we dedicate thus ARDSLEYAN of 'I944 Your 1nterest and understandmg whxch surrounded us whlle we were school and whxch we know w1ll extend even as xt has extended to our Ardsley boys on the battlefields of today we slncerely appreclate Your hxgh ldeals that you hved as well as taught to others we greatly admxre Your behef 1n the dxgmty of farth and the power of good we heartlly cstcem As you retne from the professlon of teachmg to whnch you have gnven so much of yourself and as you leave the halls of Ardsley Hlgh School we wxsh the best of luck and happmess for the years to come under your instruction, which has followed us through our years of high , . . . . . . y . . . . . , . 7 Mlss Mrs Mlss M1ss Mlss Mlss M1ss Rosa M Peters Frances C Ferguson Eleanor Davls Margaret Wesp Emlly E DeMeo Gertrude Lauterwasser Grace Roll Mrs Louxse K Hatfield Mrs Ethel J Farnham Miss Harrlett Edwards Mrs Emlly E Ehler Mrs Anna J Fl1nt Mrs Constance E Parsons Mxss Cel1a P Conklm Mlss Ethel Tryon Mrs Jeannette Campbell Mlss Murlel E Jones Mxss Helen G Robble Mxss El1nor C Buell Mr W1ll1am Duke III Mxss Helen E Berthelson Wlllard H Mann Jr Charles W Horend Arthur W S1ll1man Mr Harlan A. Thomas Mxss Florence Egbertson . I . g A 1 v 1. ' A g if X . . A A l ' I A D . . .M. A., Columbia University ...... Commerce ' ' . .t...A.,,. M. A., ' ' . . . . , . ' . ' ...,..., M. A., ' ' ...... ' , ' ' ' . ..,......, M. A., ' ' .,.... ' , ' ' , " ,..... .S., ' ' ' Mr. ' . , . ....,. M. A., ' ' ' ,.,.,.. ' , ' ' Mr. . ...,.... B. S., ' ' ...... . . , ' Mr. . ' ' . T ...... . ., ' ' ' . . . . . ' ' . .,...... . S., ' ' .... . . FACULTY Ed M Harvard Un1vers1ty B S New York Un1vers1ty Potsdam Normal B Pd New York Trammg School M A Columb1a Umversxty B S New York Un1vers1ty M A Columbia Un1vers1ty B A Un1vers1ty of Callforma Plattsburgh Normal New Paltz Normal B S New York Un1vers1ty B S New York Un1vers1ty R N Albany Hospltal Potsdam Normal B A Beaver College New York Un1vers1ty New York Un1vers1ty New York Un1vers1ty B New York Un1vers1ty Columb1a Un1vers1ty Cornell Un1vers1ty M A Columbxa Un1vers1ty B New York Un1vers1ty Mathematlcs Grade 1 Drawmg Grade 7W Household Arts Muslc Physxcal Educatxon Elementary Sclence Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 6 Nurse Grade 5 Begmners Fxrst Modern Languages Latm Engllsh Englxsh Llbrarxan Industrlal Arts Secretary Guxdance Soclal Sc1ence Sc1ence Prmclpal Grade 8 New Paltz Normal Grade 7E . 2 ?? EDITORIAL We are tomorrow s generatron The future IS ours What then could posslbly be more f1tt1ng than to choose as our theme The Peace to Come and The World of Tomorrow When the llghts go on agamn when nylon stockmgs rubber txres gasolrne and all those pleasantrles of the prewar Amerlcan Way agam become part of our dallx Ines we shall be the guardlans of thc new peace Hehcopters and jet planes w1ll wh1r through lear blue skxes conquermg dlstance and unvexhng mysterxes of the un1 verse hxtherto revealed only to Flash Gordon and Co Pl3St1CS plywood soxbean products synthetxcs of all tvpes magneslum and alummum rexolutlonxry medlcme and facxlxtxes ummagmable w1ll take shape rn a world rn whrch the progress of scrence lb dedxcated only to the betterment of humamtv Dlsease and pam wlll jom the 11st of forgotten words fear doubt and msecurltv wlll become mem or1es of a world of long ago Our world decimated to the proposltlon that all men are created equal wxll be based upon the four freedoms freedom of speech and cxpressron where free men enjov free enterprxse ruled by a govern ment of the people bv the people and for the people freedom of rcllgxon the rxght to belxexe as we choose and to loxe hxgh xdeals freedom from want and freedom from fear ln a world for lxttle chlldren When the horrors of war fade mto obl1v1on shall we wm The Peace We Seek 9 WE MUST" For lf we allow mans Greed to overcome h1s loxe of human kxndness the forces of eul wlll ox ercome the powers of good and another greater holocaust w1l1 result to wxpe cxuhzatron from the surface of the earth So that those who gaxe the last full measuu of dexotxon shall not xe dntl v xam we wlll not x Wxth ffnth mn the forward progress of humamtx and IH the assurance th t optlmrsm 1 yustxhcd we tomor row s ge-nerat1on confident of a just pe ice wrll preserxe that peace for all tomorrows 1-xl X NN E-2 in X - 'T ffl' -s. i X- . a t an V f A V I . - N J I fl., 4 1 I, I. -V h . V A . Vi. . I' . l Y, V. C I ,. I H7 I .hkl A-- y'r .Y 1' .Q g I -p Q - Q 'D ,V . , U , l'l'lx1l Q . ' ' ' 5 ' .. , C, . B I Q ha' -' ' fa'l. S Q . -f 601063 IGHIM IN MEMORIAM MAY A HALSTED "I have everythmg to llve for, I love my work, the people I work wlth, my home and my frxends " Thxs was one of the last expressxons of our teacher and colleague, May A Halsted. It 1nd1cates xn some degree her zest for lxfe and the phxlosophy that prompted the many servxces she rendered She strove to wlden her socxal relatxonshlps and enjoyed the fellowshlp of her frlends and assocnates Because of her fondness for young people, she was mterested IH trymg to help them solve thelr problems, through frxendly dlscusslon or advlce. It was lxke her to surround herself w1th beauty llttle things to brlghten a dark corner, to cheer a dreary day Thls search for and appreclatlon of lovehness and gracxousness was an attltude she endeavored to develop and mstlll ln her puplls The memory of a hfe filled wxth the urge to lxve can never dxe J , h g,f,s,w . 5 -1 V l , ppl ,. '. M even, M452 , Mfg' 414:29 f . rf , V' . C .JNTCQ 5 B lllQ4 4 f' Xi., Ugg? wt' 'We X 1 Mmwonl M xl N .IX 5 'L' 1 E. g EGM I MEMORIAM LEONARD ENGLEMAN An earnest thoughtful young man Leonard Engelman AHS 36 l1ved a full hfe wmthm the span of a few years Servlce to others was ever a guldmg prmcxple 1n hls hfe At the Albany College of Pharmacy from whxch he was gradu ated ln 1941 as well as at Ardsley Hxgh School Lenny s frrendshlp was cherished by faculty and students ahke H1s passmg on August 21 1943 was a commumty bereavement As one of hls classmates sald To me Lenny has always represented a way of hfe honest mdustrlous and unselfish cheerful frxendly and thoughtful He was always a comfortmgly capable person to have around, a ray of sunshme xn any s1tuat1on." it HELENE FLUCK Wherever she was there was ease and warmth A party a basketball game, the Semor prom because she enjoyed all these so much they gamed new sparkle for those about her Whatever she d1d was done w1th a certam orxglnallty all her own that brlghtened each accomplxshment Whomever Froshne knew felt the glowmg frlendlmess of her every word, her sm1le that cheered the dreary days and made the hours Hy Because we knew her for a day theres a new fullness 1n our souls, the memory of a young and vxbrant heart Y- 'V gl- l I '-' M " A 'A J' '---I , sbt 'F' .4 .3 ' 4', ,' gi G- f, 'f X , A i 1' ', Ay '44 rw' ff L :- x . 32:2 'f X ' " 0. , . . -,-f, - ,. X, X V' ix xg N AY'--' , 'fxbx - 4 " ' - .- f "f..?.x'..-2 .. f,v . wi 5, I x l My E 1 l ,- fl ' 9 0 -N ' A . r f Y l I , y ' . -sf X v A ' A X r , K . . . . Q' 1 r G ig '. six ' . I x VP" as - 17 - J, 7 .: mi I n ,' . . . . - ' " 1 - r K ' r Q i ' r , A K QW.-,. -.g,.,. .-.-.--.- .IQ47-. 123' X X .jk v',,ii:? ' X :. .t X X . I x - ,x . , " fxf X ' 1 A ws as l S. mix ,X xx X - h , , , I QQ-fix ' ,,,-m.1..,1.,s ..,s.,.s,. , ,. . ,..., .M M. -.c,.,w " gtg 7 Y . 5? . ti , - 1 I Q , 5 Q Y l , . . . I l . . . , 5' ' l' . 1 - 1 1- . ,, U ' 5512.1 - , R . a y , . . l v 1 a 9 ,, 1 V . . ' -Y. .-.-,V.V. . .u I v'5.".l Q GEORGE H HAUPTMAN JR HOWARD RUSSELL SECOR DANIEL R GEIS DANIEL R GE1s CLASS OF 1937 fwfx Staff Sergeant Fleld Artlllery kxlled m act1on on the Itallan Front De cember 21 1943 after partlclpatmg 1n the first four major campaigns of the AEF North Afrlca TUDISIS S1c1ly and Italy Stalwart lovable Danny' He never shlrked a duty or failed a frlend Snowbound 1n January 1936 m the Flshklll Mountains wlth the Outdoor Club he X olunteered to accompany the leader down the mountam and back through a ragmg blxzzard to find a telephone to reassure the parents back home That same Splflt of unselfish devotlon to duty endured until he gave the last full measure to h1s country wh1ch means to you and to me' GEORGEH HAUPTMAN JR CLASS OF 41 George H Hauptman Jr Class of of 1941 Pnvate US Army dled of menmgltls on November 12 1943 at Camp Cook Cahforma where he had been stat1oned for nearly a year George attended Ardsley Hzgh School unt1l june 1940 and had left school for employment wxth the North Amerxcan Ph1l11ps Company Qulet and s1ncere George had many frlends among the teachers and the servlce of h1s country and made the supreme sacr1flce far from h1s loved home ARDSLEYS FIRST GOLD STAR HOWARD RUSSELL SECOR CLASS OF 41 Howard Russell Secor 2nd Class Radxoman Submarme Servlce Mlssmg june 12 1943 He lost hxs lxfe 1n the servxce of h1s country m the performance of hrs duty He llVeS OII III Olll' l'IleI'I'l0I'leS Hls soft brown eyes a sunny dxsposmon h1s shy smlle a certaln bash fulness h1s modesty h1s sense of falrness an unruly lock of halr a shirt tall forever out a l1ttle black and whlte dog at h1s masters heels a path over Sugar Loaf worn down by hxs footsteps h1s musxc h1s love of scxence radlo and photography hxs passlon for Kenneth Roberts books h1s dry humor hxs am b1t1on to be a Navy man like his father h1s characterlstlc Hx Mom his courage and sto1c1sm m the face of stark tragedy these sxmple things shall l1ve forever m the hearts of those who knew and loved him 1 l , . 1 1. 1 , 1. . . 1 D 1 , - ' T . . . . . . ., , , . . ' f . .1 H . . I l ' ! Y , . 1 , 1 'Q , 1 1 1 . , 0, , 1. 1, . l , . ' Y 9 7 ' l ! . ' 1 . . , . D Q students of Ardsley High School. Essentially a home boy, he wlllingly entered I l f- Z . . .l 3. . Q 5 A i - , , . . I , t. . . , . . A, , . . .- 1 s 1 1 ' . . . , , , 1 1 1 , 1 1 Y 7 7 I . . , . . - ! Y ! . . . . . . . H . ,, . 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 v M QD SENIOR I-111 e1eht TFXIIIQN xt rs the Class of 1944 had ul x 111t1c1p 1t1on to x 111 floor o t1e H1 1 11111 tl 111to th1s str mga Il xx 4 1111 111 an e11t1rely nexx Xll 111111en1 1 Xkllllwlll much 1l1ff1eu came fully 111111 1111t1cl xx1tl1 the Ill x hfe 1 1111111eel1ately set out to 1111111 sue cess ll F11 Slllll 111rl Sop 1711011 xc 1rs p 1ss th Ll e1lxe s1les 1 111m 1 ntlueu cl 111 o1rler to e11l1rge our Wash 111 111 ll Y11p Fund Oell jun1or xear xxas 1 busy one Bes1des the 111 111111011 of 1 t1llx1c INON16 the Class of 44 unfltrtoolx the puh'1e H1011 of the ARDS LEYAN Xklllell proxecl successful clue to tl1e ll efforts of lVI1s PITSODS and ot GT 1111 1 l TN of the f1cultx wx ho Qaxe so QGHGYOUSW f tl ll 11me to llllS lWl0lCCt The profits from tht ARDSLEYANJ mlcled 1 good ele1l to our WlSlllllglOIl Till? Fund wh1ch xxe 1nx1ously xx lllllhil ,e,roxx LlLlllIlf,.I those three years IH llliill sehool The Sen1or yca1 began prosperously for the Cl1ss of 19-44 'Wllll 1n e14eept1onally successful REPORT bL1lJ5Cl'llJllOI'l campn ll l311use of the1r x ent cooper1t1o11 tl1 ll l1 sehoo xxa xx arclecl xuth 1 B 1111 D mee g1xen by the Sen1ors The Xkllllllllt tl 1ss 11111 sturlents xxere presented xx tl1 1IlCllXlClLlil 1711168 Tl1us we saw our b1e, clre 1m WiNlllYlL1ltJIl eo111111g, closer each day Alter Ll1r1st1nas xacat1on our attent1on xfxas Play Plans were made for our t11p to Washmgton beglnmng on Apr1l 7 and extendmg to the 12th After eagerly xx f11t111g for th1s tr1p we are cer tam that xxe yx1ll haxe a xxonclerful t1me Altogether our Sen1or year has been a most successful one md we extend our most hearty apprec1at1on and thanks to our adv1ser Mlss Buell for her understanchng aclx1ce throughout th1s year As xxe approath Gracluat1o11 D 1x xxe eannot help but look back upon our fou1 yC8lS 1n h1gl'1 school xx1th many mernor1es that xx1ll l1ve long 1n our hearts Dorothea Fmsehmann 4 ' X 5' ' l F' '11 '. ' 1 ' ' ' Q Q I yy 5-1 ' ey- look - Torx 'arrl XK'llll 1-y:1Qv1' 1 ' ' 1 the QCII X - g ' l 1- 1 Q 5- - 1 - S fc- clay' they' xxoultl L'l'llk'lA l - f l " Teh " ' 2 1 ' 2 'X 1 1 ' -y S'l rf' All' Slr'IJIHlllLL S L 1 Q ' 1 " J, ' : g 1 1 1 plum-. xx- 1111 l OlllNt'lX't'N V 2 - V -' f fi V A g 'Q -1 -f '1 e111 ' 1 1 . l ut ' ' lty. we 2 " z , ' " - ' 1 - 1 I be e H' 2 1 z 1 ' ' 2 end ' '. Vw J 1 J I Z V L - sk-5-. , - ' J , . ., F ' V C ' , drawn to the big event of the year. the Senior O1 A ' 1' fall 1 l c 1 N' -2 i zffetl hy' I'Qllllt'l 111111'l4ly' XK'llll Q suzil 'Q ' ' Q: H' and ll'8 '11 ' ' I ' ' 1' 2 - . .' ' ' L 1 ' ' . ' ' ' ' J . . . Q V i l ' I .4 lf 4 -Q l ' ' , . V , . ' - 1-se' 2 A 1 1 'ff 'T 1 l l V ' 3 'T if l - ' V, , . . , , . . 4 Q A. Z A Lllll lllg - Q 2 . ll A - , - A 7 A: h Wa. W 2 H . X. v V y U 1 7 , O lt ' I X f T , ' ' , , , , sf X 1 L L F 1 ei' ' ' 2-' . ,,, ,, ' ,. W- 1 RHQDA BUSER ROSINA MANTELLO She str1ves for learnmg and wrsdom s lore We wzsh her these and a great deal more BMW? WARREN BROWN Shes Wzllmg to help you she never olfends And whats best of all shes truest of frrends QW PAULINE LUTZ Her dzsposrtzons sunny She s everybodys frzend Nothzng IS rmpossrble to a Her faults are mzghty lzmzted Wzllzng heart Her vzrtues have no end 18 rx ibn Q MARION CIMINO Shes neither shy nor IS she bold Shes just a gzrl as good as gold M DOROTHEA FRISCHMANN EARL JOHNSON I hurry not ne1ther do 1 worry Le ROY AITKEN A wmnmg smzle and a help- Sometzmes serlous som e 1ng hand tzmes gay A real good sport we thmk In a dzfferent mood every she s grand day W Ever qwet but always there A sweet attractzve kmd of 632-9"' DORIS MUNCK Small m szze but-oh my' L-an grace Pi' 'WTR GERALDINE GORMAN Well timed s1lence hath more eloquence than speech II , 3' - I , 551 M ,. N . . u - an ' n . V T, l, fa Z7 ,,, 5 . . W, .1 L1 W l c .. 'k5f,,.!'T' .1 H "' .. Iii? U' M U V n,.,I , I ' Ai ?- L: A ,I I fs I ,ff l 5'-f-v 1 1 Vi-I - Aj' if - ' - 4: - - sr U 1 ' ' . 4 N 4 L , V 'G-Q . 41. 'ps 6,4 ,ek 4 BEATRICE SCHMIDT MARTIN ENGLEMAN Laughter tzpples from her A quxet fellow lxked by all eyes And Jollzty whzch loves sur przse 0 GEORGE FURILLA Plays basketball just lzke a mafof MARY D ANGELO Hell make the Garden we can Wage, Hall to thee blzthe spmt 45 4. K ' ff ' ' H 1 I . , I . n -M! K K . . ' 1 7 y . - ' ' U n H , . , Us if ' r, ' l'6 . c', ' v .'.'C-, , ' 'liln n K aff! if With geflefo'-15 good nat'-U9 Much ado about nothing blest f Always wzllmg to help the res LEWIS WADDELL GEORGE SPANO Men of few words are the best men CHARLES VAN BRUNT The kmd of man the world A fellow Who Will some day wants" achieve his a1m" N' ms JI 6, Q 5 -. 1 'Y '71 Uk' 3'0- Q ,en s v .2 ' ffiywv., , "Q ,. , eff? fr-55? f ' Q 5 , V 'jg at V' .x , , 1' H ' il ' U I KA' ' ' r t I? If WWW ,, ff - ff ' SENIOR ACTIVITIES RHODA BUSER Honor Soclety 7 years Thlrd Degree 43 44 Class Presldent 43 44 Secretary of Student Councll 43 Edmtor 1943 ARDSLEYAN GAA 43 44 French Club ,member 42 43 Vxce presldent 43 WARREN BROWN Honor SOC1Cty 4 years Thlrd Degree 43 Presldent of Freshman Class Vxce presldent Junlor Class Advertxsmg Man ager of 1943 ARDSLEYAN V1ce presxdent of Semor Class Asslstant Busmess Manager 1942 Busmess Manager 1943 Semor Subscrlptlon Campalgn Rallroad Club 43 Engllsh II Radlo Play Cast 42 Txcket Commlttee Subscrtptlon Party 43 Student Councrl 40 42 43 Assem bly Programs 43 Usher Graduatlon Exercxses DOROTHEA FRISCHMANN Class Secretary 4 years Honor Soctety 10 years Thlrd Degree 2 years Secretary Thlrd Degree 44 Typmg Edltor of 1943 ARDSLEYAN Semor Chorus 3 years Band 2 years Orchestra 5 years Glrl Scouts 2 years State Plano Competxtlon 2 years Orchestra Competltlon 2 years Usher for Gladuatlon 43 PAULINE LUTZ Honor Socxety 10 years Class Treasurer 41 42 43 ARDSLEYAN Busmess Manager 43 Subscrlptlon Manager 44 Thtrd Degree 44 GAA Presxdent 43 GAA 42 43 44 Sports Club 42 43 44 Thlrd Degree Treasurer 43 44 Sen1or Chorus 41 42 ROSINA MANTELLO Secretary Student Counul 41 42 Senior Choxus 40 41 42 President Freshman Class Pres1dent Sophomore Class Honor Soclety Presxdent 42 43 44 Class Reporter 43 44 ARDSLEYAN Assxst ant Edltor 43 Thxrd Degree 41 42 43 44 Dramat1c Club 41 42 Honor Soclety 10 years LEROY AITKEN J V Basketball 2 years Varslty Basketball 1 year Orchestra 1 year Decoratlon and Cleanup Commlttee for senxor Subscrlptlon Party Soclal Club Intramural Soft Ball Interclass Basketball 1 year DORIS MUNCK Honor Soclety 9 years Semor Chorus 3 years Orchestra 1 year Com pet1t1on 3 years Class reporter 43 MARION CIMINO Honor Soclety 10 years Second Degree 5 years Semor Chorus 2 years ARDSLEYAN Advertlsmg Commlttee 43 Re freshment Commxttee Subscrlptxon Party 43 Outdoor Club 43 GAA 2 years MARY DANGELO Orchestra 41 42 43 44 Semor Chorus 40 41 42 43 Ball an for Amerl t ms 41 42 Honor Souety mnc xc ns Vnsuty Cheerleader 41 42 43 44 GAA 41 42 43 44 Vice presldent 41 Strmg Trxo 43 Second Degree 42 43 44 State Orchestra Chorus Competltlon 40 41 Natxonal Orchestra Com pet1t1on 41 EARL JOHNSON Honor SOC1ety 10 years Thxrd Degree 3 years Vlce presldent Honor Soclety 44 VICE presldent Sophomore Class Varslty Basketball 44 Assistant Manager Bas ketball 43 J V Basketball 42 Boy Scouts 7 years Band4years Orchestra3 years Outdoor Club 3 years Boys Chorus 42 French Club 42 Mus1cCompet1t1on 41 42 VICTORIA DENARDO Candy S lltsm an Bas ketball games 41 42 Refreshment Cha1rman Halloween Subscr1pt1on Party 43 Foul Shoot mg Champlon 43 MADELINE DEROSA Commnttee for Sub Society 42 MARTIN ENGLEMAN Photography Club 41 Outdoor Club 42 43 44 J V Basketball 42 43 Varslty Basketball 44 Boy Scouts 5 years Publxclty chalrman of 1943 ARDS LEYAN GEORGE FURILLA J V Basketball 40 41 Varslty Basketball 41 42 43 44 Boys Chorus 42 GERALDINE GORMAN Semor Chorus 2 years Typmg Commxttee of ARDSLEYAN 43 Intra mural Hockey 1 year Intra mural Basket ball 3 years Intra mural Baseball 3 years BEATRICE SCHMIDT Honor Soclety 10 years Art Edltor of ARDSLEYAN 43 GAA 42 43 44 Sports Club 43 44 Semor Chorus 2 years LEWIS WADDELL Boys Chorus 41 42 43 44 Presldent of Freshman Photo Club 41 Baseball Club Cnrculatxon Manager of 1943 ARDSLEYAN DONALD THOMAS Honor Socxety 8 years Second Degree 2 years Boy Scouts 5 years Out door Club 3 years Vnce presxdent Outdoor Club 43 Ballad for Amerlcans 2 years French Club 2 years Boys Chorus 3 years Photography Edxtor of 1943 ARDSLEYAN I I I . . . I . , , . . , , . , . . . , . . I I . - , 1 1 1 . . . . . 4 g 'Q 5 . : ' 1 f 1 if H' I . . ' , . . . - . . . V . , , . , . . . , . . . . . . 1 1 A 1 1 1 . ' ' ' . ' ' ' . , , - , , - . . 1 1 1 , , 1 1 . . . . , . . . - 1 1 1 ' ' V . ' . ' ' 1 1 1 1 - 5 - 7 - . . ' . ' ' ' 1 1 I . A 1 1 ' 1 Y ' ' . G . , . . . - 1 ' - 7 Q I , I . . . . 1 , 1 , , , . . , 1 . 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' , U . . I 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 43. , , . Y 1 if 1 If - , , . I . 1 '. c ' . ' . ' I 7 - ' 1 1 1 Y . ' 1 . 1 1 ' ' ' - - 1 1 Y . l , . . , , . 1 1 1 . 3 3 : - ' 1 1 l 1 . . . 1 1 ' Nat1onal Chorus Competltlon 3 years, Nat1onal gcrlpuon Campalgn Halloween Party 43, Honor 1 ' ' . - 1 1 1 . -, . ' ' ' I 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . ' Y . 1 1 i - - 1 1 1 , V Q . . . - V . ' 1 . ' 1 , Y 1 , . . . , 5 7 5 . 1 1 1 , ' . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 . . . . . ? ' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 C ' ' ' . ' - . ' ' 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 . . . , . ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 ' 7 1 1 1 I Q 1 1 , - - 1 - - 1 1 1 ' ' ' Y . ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 - . Y 1 1 1 1 7 ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 . . . . Q 1 , . . . ' , ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 3 . l l I u 1 . . . 1 7 ' 3 1 . 1 ' . ' ' Q 1 - 1 ' ' . 1 1 . . ' 1 ' ' I , . . - . g . . . ' ' ' 1 . 1 ' ' ' ' V 1 , ' 1 , 1 . 1 , ' , 1 , . . . . . Uqh Q 33' Ihfilos X 4 X Q. ,VS 5 a"eN' '19 m y ui i m 114 rgavm A fgrmk' U, .X b f XX 3 HJ QQ ULUUU 5? ww WE: fi yXX Q' V I I ei . 1:4 f qskll X Y l ,ly Qt ff . " ' Q' Q ' 'mg M x A ,V I 1 T1 r ,Q N .Ex ks! k,v"'fl' H! ' "AQ 1-N --- Y 'f - X M' 5 " X ' - - --L H ,S if f ,, 35-Q' ' E ' 4' IW X "' . X5 f DQ ' - ! -. ' ' -n 1 Q X 6 7-Sa -1 xk' ' W u 1 " ' ' v .i Q.. . 3 , ui X ' '- .M,I 4, 21 N , ff- ' if :Lg N O A , W ft if 1-' E Q-54: . 1' .cfm- ip fl . v-.,,,'--4 4.4, 'E J':!r1 xii. in r , P gun' ' g' Top Row: john Baverslofk. Gustav Groth. Richard Allen. Christopher DeFeo, VVarrvn Baulieu, Sec- ond Row: Dorothy Smythe. janet Riurdan. Laurel Struckman, Ruth Virden. Doris Park. Third Row: Marion Wright, Edith Aitken. Claire Speicher. Louise Behlen, Mary Lou Wilmoth. Rose Perillo. Dorothy JUNIOR P Rooney. Virginia Secor. SOPHOMORE Top Row:Robert Cammack, Richard Fuchs. Chris Muller, joseph Palermo. William King. Second Roux George Keehan, George DeGuisto, Louis Eisenhauer. Alfred Palermo, Robert Arone, Richard Heller. Third Row: Katherine Zangari, Stella Signoretta. Grace Mannuccia, Allison Reid, Doris Pearce, Dorothy Mul- K. Q . if I ler. Katherine Derhoff, Marie Baverstock. Bottom Row: joan Rooney, joann McHenry. joseph Calace- Muttola. Vice-president: Barbara Horend, Secretary, Edith Gimbel. Domenica DeNardo, Josephine O'Le-ary, Absent: Helene Fluck. President, Agnes Aroiie. Treasurer: Olga Raab. john Papovitch. VVheeler. Front Row: Nettie Cimino. joseph Frisch mann. Treasurer: john Hackett. President Barbara Boice. Secretary: Mary Lou Neylan. Vice president Marie DeLuca. Absent: VVilliam Bagge Beatrice Caporale, Frances Erickson, Anthony Moretti Patricia 'N EL -'Lx -, 1 'vo-1' 'L JUNIOR R Top Row: Harold Carpenter. Frank Conover. Stanley Benedict, Treasurer: joseph Cleary. Dick Dunbar, Geoffrey Pollock. Robert Edmunds, Vice-president: William Blasberg. jr. Second Row: Francis Young, Virginia Brown, Ruth Agnano. Jean Garthwaite. june Brinkerlioff, Carol Meyer. Third Row: VVilliam Bor- chers, Edith Holscher, Anna Fatone, Florence Con- tant, Jean McGregor, Bernice Crowley, Mary Ann Cimino, Ethel Yottes,' Eugene Grandolfi. Bottom Row: Patricia Launer, Betty Hatfield. Secretary: Lila MacLeod, Presidentg Virgina Lynn, Esther DeNardo. FRESHMEN if Top Row: john Crisi, john Cimino. William Keehan, Ernest johnson. George McCormack, Edgar Bunch, Richard Walker, William Lefurgy. Second Row: Theodore Schmidt, john Hogan, Presidentq William Hauptman, Basil Spano. Peter Emerick, William Brennen. Louis Pascone, Biagio De Astis, Robert White. Third Row: Robert Carpenter, john De Rocha, Evelyn Meenen. Mayo French. Edwin Stone, Gerald Maloney, Carl Montaruli, Robert Fuchs, Jo- seph Petruzzi. Fourth Row: Joyce Petrone, Elinor Speicher, Vice-president. Front Row: Constance Cal- tabellotta Carolyn Stohr Frances Nannariello Marie Raab Lester MacLeod Treasurer Carmine Mobilxa, Reporter Albert Garthwaite Barbara Cleary, Sec retary, Margaret Williamson, Bernice Boice 9 JUNIOR P From perhaps the very first day of school this year we all seemed a little older more qui t and resolute for we at last realized the gr ve seriousness of this terrible war we are fighting But in spite of war school has not really changed much except that we do miss the familiar faces of so many of our friends now hghting in all the far corners of the earth for what we believe is right America, returning it to its pre-war peace and security wresting it from the difficulties which war has brought upon our fair land And it will be we of this younger generation who will have the major part in the forging of this new Ameri ca for out of this dreadful war will come the hopes the plans and the ideals for an utterly new country Yes we are growing up now perhaps a little faster than we might have in peace times but we are learning fast and well and will be able to take our share of work and responsibility in the mighty job ahead of us Lets all hope that a glorious Victory will come soon so that we may get started We here at school are doing our very best to help in our countrys war effort We are taking all kinds of special courses such as Aeronautics Home Nursing Induction Physics First Aid Physical Fitness and many others to help us to do our part on the home front and to prepare us for the mighty job of rebuilding Mary Lou Neylan JUNIOR R Another year has sped by in modern tempo ARDSLEYAN the years project appropriately We of Junior R while enjoying another year choosing as the theme the topic uppermost in with Miss Robbie went all out for victory We were proud but secretly sorry when Raymond Pearce left us for the Navy Several members of the class worked on farms during the sum mer and as a whole we retain 100 member ship in the Victory Corps and wholeheartedly support the war stamp booth on Wednesdays with members of the class occasionally taking charge In September we commenced work on the all our minds The Peace to Come and the World of Tomorrow A large percentage of the class took part in musical organizations scouts clubs and sport activities with six of our boys on the Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball teams Another successful year has passed but unlike last year one filled with renewed hope Betty Hatfield SOPHOMORE Our class is a group of average American boys and girls This is a brief outline of what we are doing in school so that we may help to build a better America Most of us attend classes in some branch of stitnce utxj d ay Here wc arc acquaintmg our selves with many new discoveries We study and discuss matters relating to aviation radio and electricity Some pupils enjoy mastering Latin Spanish or mathematics Others go rn for typing short hand and bookkeeping or operating machines such as the lathe Participating in sport activities helps to de vclop leadership and fair play In our school we are taught to play fair and always do our best at all times We are working and preparing so that when the day of peace dawns we shall be ready to help in the reorganization of a new world where peace will be everlasting Robert Cammack FRESHMAN In September forty eager anxious Freshmen entered the confines of Ardsley I-Ilgh School Early in the year we welcomed Evelyn Meenen to our class Although busj with school work we have found time to win five dollars in the subscrlp tion camp ugn haxe a boys intercl ass basketball team and have seven representatives playing Junior Varsity basketball At the start of our high school careers we herein resolve to make the most of the oppor tumties offered to us and hope its benefits will lead to a full and useful life ahead Carmine Mobilia 9 7 1 e , . 8 . . . . . ' y . . - 7 ' 7 O Y 4 1 - 7 . 5 V I Q I y ' A Y . 1 y , , . . . . . . , . , h V , - . '7 . , - . U l 7 V f . , . . . - s ' ' . , . ' and dreams of a brighter future to come. ' , , . . ..', - ty,-f Lv' sv ,f f' ' , -- . , I 7 Y . . N . , , v v' N. C - ' ' . . , - n 4 Y . , 1 v' v v . A CTIVITIE E I I Q. qv 'Trtf W A M NO L cn 6,91- H: ' bv f'l'S4ZY1ROX"5 SAVOYYN ,M -Fpril I6 ' ITCYYN ww NNE XQXu5Nf1krwqTOfm Nugq -Hrdde He- ,Z e CM' Cosudiles swzwi --Ni.-Q Ma w+w'xw Cgglhgn of V06 owwdru - 3kfMJd Huw ' X pvQ1l5O :TbP SWxk3 YQYQYK fr3w,bwwTH, MEQQ5 OX flak nv: ' f fN1v67rwgfgN mwporjfigg gov Qvcberxfcxjfyovw Oxh XKH'V'1XMxxx o Wwe QL or PMIQ. f'clwoXc1r5XfwQ'VurwA. -QNX Ywqes werz muff S UI' YN sq 1 V Q VI , W fzvwwcfvw PW-Own Xeaues 'ow kff45 f-- lv' TZ 1, K few' 'C "'UW5xf5'A T0 'ETC mov'-1, C1113 '15 given 1255K wrSX'1a5 os CN img Siva CNN Wocw VUQ 2l:krK5rnQkwnaM5mni5fHem ogYVM6miDegwYmwfE inmuok aonggrf unaer HW6 bolfon og Flxclbkjfr-o 'HOr'rww'E1-,,vor-if igouw og Wwe Unkfccg Ncllfions Seoxurega-u ' .KUNG 4 ' WCHA Y'6fNOuJY141Cx CLAS LIPCUS '15 VV-c'5vCxwt'1cx iw Congineg ox Mme Cigxrvx, 'iw' S0001 XNOMUZ XQYMXXS og Hwe exoficxiyzvfovmerg Lmfiew jf 5, Kms cf X CXvZ05ureP cnc! Cubnuwier UWmviDuke. 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C12 Q Y' gg -6 C., CLC die. ixm vY7ZY'?C,ix5S AWOX H VISR-Ox DZSAEE - NNT cjczxffar-Encrfgzn,-J cur-'xwoww XVN 0v3iJfOv'ww- gxvxkx fxxkjvggi Cixfokllkuac ko MKSS DCMIVS ODA MV. Duklz wxrwoircxovay so x,u1HN11CxXkX OS UWWKNP JUYY14 KXINKK Q DM Qfifoiih 3Cm?Q,1+Vck1Tf,l Q. was W- JOQ 'XXX Fxxajzm EZ2QQmJi'l9 XXX Yon 2 ' Szrwxovi Y'UCD-A XCUN5 owes xMfvXC SOVWGVA We amz zveniwq QS Vgokrcjfx '24 XMXNZW Uwfkx xQ,,1XX1x CXJYYNOVN-5'X'v'n'X,e liwziv' Ax-ogwcfkuc obkxjfxi Rn-.N . wfh q Nxt Hvwnuox ffngxo XO - "7 f xv-" v'vv,,,rwX.D Urs UNI' gtugztwxt CEUWCA FX-OUFVXZ Ogqngug 'kg rx own' O1 A ougx xudcx B iOf'CunZ D41 EPQKOZ Donvfv 7 W Nm xy W C vvxzrfn LPS PC' xx R3 QXJ. Y' X55 XYN Z O O 5 To PFZSS ew . CZYWXXWLVSWCX vw . xc we ERN? Rq,.A"x,Xm.gmbZf5k, kb A A ,g ' Cx YN O KYN O. Sord wk u Lu -Xfgxpbk-xjurwe X' L --9 -4 VO' T2 SLEYQN q 6 "' Q51-p,cAQ'f5f' Y 0 f' X J X, V Ii! 51 pu-yrufv-UL ' 4 - " ' 1 -VL ' M21 , - s -gn-gxA - cf? U 'Lo X 0 Eh N X x D X eq i LXXJ7 1 N LX 'Xu' C,QXxfP fx fi MSA xga X, . ,W G X Fx 1 N, 92 Ax K A M1 i JUNIOR VARSITY Top Row Robert Carpenter Jack Hackett Robert Fuchs Rlchard Dunbar Blaglo De Astxs Wrllnam Keehan Second Row john Delmerlco Basil Spano Robert Cammack John Crmmo Carmine Mobrlla john Hogan Alfred Palermo Bottom Row Eugene Grandolfi joe Frrschmann Chrlstopher De Feo Joseph Calace Mottola Stanley Benedict BOYS ATHLETICS In September, Coach Ken Brown organized a softball league ln the h1gh school The boys were dlvlded mto four teams Companies A B and C and Company D being represented by the erghth grade The fmal league standings found Company C and Company B locked in a tie Thus a playoff between the two teams was necessary Company B came out on top by trouncmg the C boys, 7 3 Mr Brown left Ardsley m November to Jom the Navy Mr Horend who capably coached Ardsleys basketball teams a number of years ago, generously consented to take the team over thrs year Practice began m the latter part of November wlth about thrrty tive boys turnmg out for the first pract1ce The squad was cut to twenty five boys, fifteen on the JV and ten on the varsity Early season games included v1ctor1es by the varsrty over Bronxv1lle Elms ford and Briarcliff and vxctorres over Elmsford and Brrarclxff by the J V NIr Horend also orgamzed an mterclass basketball league for the hrgh school and e1ghth grade boys In the first few games the Fresh men beat the eighth grade but lost to the Sopho mores, while the JUHIOTS took the Sophomores over Bob Edmunds All AHS CHEERLEADERS Top Row Rose Perrllo Betty Hatfield Bernice Boxce Doris Park Third Row june Brmkerhoff Louisa Behlen Second Row Barbara Bolce Claire Spexcher J V Captain VlTg1T113 Lynn Bottom Row Mary DAngelo Varsity Captain Bermce Crowley GQAQAO The second week of September found the girls' intramural program under way. This athletic board has been confronted with many problems regarding points to be given for different sports. They considered all problems carefully and gave the full measure of credit where it was due. Volleyball was the first headliner in sports with forty-three participants ready to go to meet their foes. Bitter battles raged with five teams competing and fighting until the finish with such spectacular technique that there was a play-off at the end with Lila MacLeod's team capturing the crown. The girls started out with hockey, later changed to speed- ball, a combination of soccer and basketball, because it proved to be the more popular of the two. After some fine competi- tion, Beatrice Schmidt's team were declared the victors. The long-awaited season of basketball arrived with five teams also in competition and forty-one girls eager to get into tip-top shape to display their ability in future games. Proposed plans are to have two playdays-one with Ossining and the other with Elmsford. This will aliord us opportunities to display our excellent teamwork and cooperation. Besides competing with other schools in this vicinity, we are to have interclass meets which will, no doubt, prove exciting. The main thing accomplished this year, in addition to keep- ing the G.A.A. cards straight and settling various problems, was the establishment of a Girls' Association Constitution by Miss Roll with the assistance of the G.A.A. Board. We hope all the girl athletes will observe the rules laid down in the Constitution as well as in the individual sports in order to be better players and leaders. X l' If 7 Esther DeNardo Top Row: William Blasberg, Jr., Vice-president, Warren Bau- lieu, Robert Edmunds. Second Row: Edith Aitken, Carol Meyer. Virginia Lynn. Edith Gimbel. Domenica DeNardo, Miss Jones. Bottom Row: Mary Lou Neylan, President, Patricia Launer, Agnes Arone, Josephine O'Leary, Dorothy Muller, Secretary. das G.A.A. Top Row: Lila Mac Leod, President, Ruth Virden, Claire Speicher. Secretary and Treasurer, Marie Raab, Rhoda Buser, Joyce Petrone. Mary Ann Cimino, Janet Riordan. Second Row: Betty Hatfield, Edith Aitken, Pauline Lutz, Virginia Lynn, Laurel Struckman, Rose Perillo, June Brinkerhoff, Jean McGregor, Louise Behlen, Miss Roll. Bottom Row: Esther De Nardo, Vice-president, Doris Pearce, Joann McHenry, Katherine Zangari, Nettie Cimino, Patricia Launer, Elinor Speicher, Mary D'Angelo. Sports Club Miss Roll, Adviser. Starting from the rear: Ruthven Virden, Claire Speicher, Secretary and Treasurer, Pau- line Lutz, Lila MacLeod, President, Beatrice Schmidt, Louisa Behlen, Marie DeLuca, Esther DeNardo, Vice- president. At the election meeting held last June the Sports Club welcomed Ruth Virden, Claire Speicher, Louise Behlen and Beatrice Schmidt as new members. Good sportmanship, 'interest and participation in sports are the basis on which these girls were admitted. The members are given the special privilege of officiat- ing at games and of assisting Miss Roll in her classes. Thus the qualities of leadership are stressed and re- warded by advancement in the high school Victory Corps. During the year the girls attended the Rodeo in Madi- son Square Garden. Horseback riding was an added attraction. Additional events are planned with the ad- vent of warm weather. El Circulo Espanol In order to make Spanish more interesting we organ- ized El Circulo Espanol at our first meeting on November 19, 1943: At that meeting we planned several prdjects, most of which have been carried out at subsequent meet- ings. We have played games, sung songs and put on skits all in Spanish. At Christmas time we enjoyed a Christmas party. We all hope to learn many interesting facts about Spain and our South American neighbors during club meetings. "Adios". Dorothy Muller ORCHESTRA Top Row: William Keehan, Frank Con- over, Ronald Paulson, Louise Behlen, Joseph Palermo, Miss Lauterwasser, Trumpet George Bagge Richard Dunbar Crane Hackett Ernest Johnson Clarinet William Bagge Billy Cook Charles DeGuisto Joseph Murray William Keehan Trombone john Hackett Lester MacLeod joseph Frischmann, john Hackett, Er- nest Johnson. Second Row: Dorothy Wheeler, Donald Struckman, George De Guisto, John Crisi, Claire Speicher, Ruth Virden, Charles De Guisto, Joseph Mur- ray. Front Row: William Blasberg, Betty Hatfield, George Keehan, Mary D'Angelo. tl BAND French Horn Joe Frischmann Saxophone Frank Conover George Keehan Flute Claire Speicher Percussion Louisa Behlen joseph Palermo Ronald Paulson K 1 . Lf rum, ORCHESTRA Many obstacles hindered the progress of the orchestra at the beginning of the year, but through earnest practice we overcame them. During the past term, the din-vtorship has changed hands three times. Neveriht-less, we have performed for P.T.A., assemblies, and the annual Spring Concert. All during the year we have been playing the music of China, Mexico, and South America. Playing this music has helped us to understand more thoroughly the culture of other countries with which we shall be more closely connected after the war. The personnel includes: Piano - Dorothea Frischmann, Flutes - Ruth Virden, Claire Speicher, Violins - Betty Hatfield, John Crisi, William Blasberg, jr., Donald Struckman, Dorothy Wheeler, George DeGuisto, Cello - Mary D'Angelo, Clarinets - William Bagge, George Keehan, Robert Ullrich, joseph Murray, Charles DeGuisto, Saxophones - William Kee- han, Frank Conover, Horn - Joseph Frisch- mann, Trombone - John Hackett, Trumpets - Ernest johnson, George Bagge, Drums - Louisa Behlen, joseph Palermo, Ronald Paulson. Qlyglilvll Q f Sv BAND The band organized as usual in September Instrumentation is as f under the direction of Mr. Harry Taylor. We Trumpet found that last june's graduation had taken more than its usual heavy toll of experienced players. Early in the term, Mr. Taylor, who had been our director for two years, accepted another position in the South. The directorship was then assumed by Mr. Arthur Murphy, who in January went to California. Miss Gertrude Lauterwasser now has charge. New music has been added to our repertoire, junior members have been added, and we are looking forward to bigger and better things to come. CHORUS George Bagge Richard Dunbar Crane Hackett Ernest Johnson Clarinet William Bagge Billy Cook Charles DeGuisto Joseph Murray William Keehan Trombone John Hackett Lester MacLeod ollows: French Horn Joe Frischmann Saxophone Frank Conover George Keehan Flute Claire Speicher Percussion Louisa Behlen Joseph Palermo Ronald Paulson Top Row: Joseph Cleary, Eugene Grandolfi, Marion Wright, Mary Ann Cimino, Lewis Waddell, Robert Arone. Second Row: Betty Hatfield, Mary D'Angelo, jeanfGarthwaite. Third Row: Frank Conover, Nettie Cimino, Grace Mannuccia, Miss Lauterwasser, Katherine Derhoff, Joe Palermo. Bottom Row: Dorothy Smythe, Dorothy Muller. AJP 'lx f P if ,F .Q ' ' -iii fl' I L Back: joseph Calace-Mottola, Barbara Cleary, jack Hackett, Mary Lou Neylan, Warren Brown. Front: Rhoda Buser, Lila MacLeod, Miss Buell, Robert Edmunds. HONOR SOCIETY The Third Degree consists of ten members who in the opin- ion of the faculty and Honor Society members are capable of leading the organization. At our First Degree Initiation held on December 3, thirty new members were received. At that time, the Honorable Walter G. Seely gave his customary address to the candidates. In addition, the Second Degree Initiation was held in the spring, and the Third Degree Initiation in june at which time new members were elected to take the place of those who had graduated. The Third Degree has assisted Mr. Silliman in his work with the Service News Supplement by obtaining pictures of the Alumni in the service, and by addressing envelopes. Today, the characteristics that the Honor Society strives to instill in us-leadership, good conduct, and service--are of more importance than ever before. The key word of this organization, cooperation, is helping those former members, now in the armed forces, to fight more earnestly for ultimate victory and a lasting peace which we know shall be ours. In the World of Tomorrow, it is such qualities that will determine the kind of world we shall live in. To accomplish all this and to stir up that vital spirit of unity in us, there could be no better organization than our own Honor Society. To our adviser, Miss Robbie, we should like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation for her unceasing efforts and kind assistance. 1,1 .4 Og STUDENT COUNCIL a high privilege. With the aid of student volunteers paigning for "A jeep by June.'l a program of moving pictures and have aided the P.T.A Lila MacLeod, President, and Robert Edmunds, Vice president. 1 Rhoda Buser, Secretary THIRD DEGREE Back: Warren Brown, Pauline Lutz, Treasurer: Rhoda Buser, Miss Robbie, Adviser: Lila MacLeod, Robert Alone. Front: Dorothea Frischmann, Secretary: Rosina Mantello, President: Betty Hatfield, Jean McGregor. Absent: Earl johnson. Vice-president. The Ardsley High School "roRcH" D Sponsored by the Honor Society and published for the students of Ardsley High School. STAFF Editor ..,... . . . . .Bob Edmunds Assistant Editor . ...,.. . Bill Blasberg Ma tetial Production J. Garthwaite M. Neylan C. Speicher C. Meyer R Agnano J. Brinkerhoff H. Fluck F. Young R. Virden The continuance of the sale of War Stamps and Bonds this year by the Student Council has met with whole- hearted support by the student body, and the members of the council have regarded their turn at the booth as an amount of S297 has been sold, and we are now cam- We have also instituted with their high school dances. A collection of costume jewelry has been startedg the trinkets gained are to be N sent to the Army to be used for trading with the natives of the South Pacific islands. All this work, contributing quite definitely to a better world of the future, has been done under the leadership of Miss Buell, our adviser Top Row: john Yottes, William Flanigan, Donald Raab, Thomas Marzella, Ronald Barrett. Second Row: Mr. Duke, Henry Greiner, Dan Gorman, James Lawler, Harold Carpenter. Third Row: George DeFeo, Richard Moore, John Cowley, Lester Riordan, Donald Pasquini, Robert Kamke, Edwin Gawer. Bottom Row: Salvatore Cimino, Jack Olt, William Woessner, Melvin Redmond, Top Row: Ruloff Muller, Richard Nolan, Patrol Leader John Crisig Patrol Leader George McCormack3 David Brendel. Second Row: Patrol Leader Edwin Stone, Herbert Karl, Robert Burksg Scoutmaster Charles Buckes, Skipper White, Charles Buckes, Jr., Bob White. Front Row: Senior Patrol Leader Q21 Robert Cammackg Rob- ert Patterson, Wallace Hennessy, Theodore Steenwerthg Senior Patrol Leader C15 Geoffrey Pollock. 1 I in Joe McCormack. BOY SCOUTS Ardsley Troop No. 3 under the leadership of Scout- master Charles Buckes organized September 30, with an enrollment of twenty-two scouts, many of whom are new members. Mr. Arthur W. Silliman was appointed Chairman of the Troop Committee. The American Legion sponsored the troop. Scout oflicers were appointed as follows: Senior Patrol Leaders-Geoffrey Pollock and Robert Cammack. Pa- trol leaders-George McCormack-John Crisi-Edwin Stone. Parents' Night was held December 8. At this time new tenderfoot scouts were welcomed into the troop. In place of the annual scout circus this year, a radio program arranged by Mr. R. White was presented for the benefit of the scout troop. The Father and Son Dinner this year' was held Feb-- ruary 12 at the Roman Catholic Church. This year more than ever we hope to do bigger and better things. Geoffrey Pollock GIRL SCOUTS Standing before you me the future Americans of to- morrow. They are the Girl Scouts of America-ten to sixteen years of age. Bound together by experiences, companionship, work, and play, they will look back, in future years, to the many happy and worthwhile hours spent together. The "Little Scouts" or Bluebird Troop are rhade stronger in body by swimming and hiking, made stronger in spirit and mind by work on merit badges, songs, and games that are a help to them in everyday life. The Senior Scouts or "Quimby Memorial Troop" have been busy girls. They collected jokes, puzzles and stories to be bound into scrapbooks and re- paired toys at Christmas for those less fortunate. The Senior Scouts have looked into the future by taking up a new phase of Scouting called "Wing Scouting." This deals with airplanes and the part they will play in the World of Tomorrow. No doubt many of us will own planes of our own and will use them much as we use cars today. Every Girl Scout proudly wears her Girl Scout pin and is faithfully doing her "duty to God and Country"-- Leaders: Mrs. Wm. Eansor, Miss G. Lauterwasser. As- sistants: Mrs. W. C. Emerick, Jr., Miss Rosa Peters, Miss Dorothea Edwards. Scribes: Dorothy Denari, Jean McGregor. Top Row: joan DeGuisto, Doris Pearce, Betty Hatfield, Mayo French, jean McGregor, Mary Lou Neylan, Barbara Horend, Carol Meyer, Virginia Lynn, Louisa Behlen. Second Row: Bar- bara Woessner, Leonore Kenny, Kathleen Strachan, Nancy jane Shultz, Suzanne Recca, jose- phine Caltabellotta, Patricia Hotaling. Third Row: Barbara Slaybaugh, Jacqueline Blasberg, Mary McGregor, Gloria Petruzzi, Claire Buckes, Nino jo Miller, Joan Garnier, Dorothy Denari. Bottom Row: Lillian Papovitch, Joan Meyers, Miss Rosa Peters, Assistant Leaderg Miss Gertrude Lauterwasser, Leader, Grace Behlen, Jean Thomas. BABE D - i f ""'5 Top Row: Caleb Ward, George Papovitch, Donald Fatone, Steven Pannick, Alexander Reid. Second Row: John Cimino, Umberto Paolucci, Henry Groth, Alfred Costantini, joseph Murray. Third Row: Arthur Egloff, Robert Van Dusen, Herbert Karl, Willard Benedict, Nlyles Ferris, Donald Wahlquist. Fourth Row: Jean De Muro, Florence De Feo, Vir- ginia Macdonnald, Diane Horend, Ann Borchers, Jean De Luca, Frances Mannuccia. Fifth Row: Louis Ad- dorisio, joan Carson, Jean Van Brunt, Ellen Mc- Cormick, Marion Barkis, Edelgard jantzen, Rosina Lancellotti, Mary Mantello, Roy Nannariello. Front Row: Evelyn Kamke, Marianne Meier, Secretary- Treasurerg Crane Hackett, President, Jennie Renda, Vice-presidentg Patricia Lawlor, Joan Emerick. GRADE 8 Our class started this year with forty-three pupils. Marion Barkis and Miles Ferris joined the group. This year we have taken part in many school activities and organizations. We have nineteen members in the Honor Society. Two of our girls, Florence DeFeo and Joan Carson, are in the Junior Chorus. Two boys, Crane Hackett and Joseph Murray, are in the band. Crane is also a member of the orchestra. We have nine girls who are members of the Girl Scouts. Sev- eral pupils participate in the Junior Red Cross projects. We had a girls' Color Guard this year in which Evelyn Kamke, Marianne Meier, Edelgard jantzen, Virginia MacDonald and Jennie Renda took part. We had a combined Parents' Meeting with the Seventh Grades, which sixteen of our par- ents attended. We enjoyed a skating party, a picnic, and a Christmas party so far this year and are looking forward to many more good times together. All of these activities combined equal a suc- cessful year from both an educational and a social standpoint. Joan Carson J lil! :Isuzu iwmweg in use: BT34152552 f, .. 9, iff 1 f 3 rs Guisto, Michael Wilmoth Brendel, Ronald Paulsen, Henry Cockefur, Second Row: Dorothy Denari, Bar- bara Slaybaugh, Marie Moretti, Joan Myers, Lillian Papovitch. Third Row: Leonore Kenny, Geraldine Top Row: Charles De Martin Erickson, David tor Arone, President, Margaret Young, Secretary Jean Thomas. GRADE 7E We started the school year with an enroll- ment of twenty-one pupils. We welcomed a new pupil, Eleanor Weiner. Many members of our class belong to different organizations. There are nine Girl Scouts, two Boy Scouts, eleven Honor Society members, thirteen Junior Cho- rus members, two Senior Band members, and 10022 membership in the Junior Red Cross. We won two P.T.A. prizes this year, we gave our first two dollars to the National War Fund. The class entered the paper drive under the leadership of Dorothy Denari. The amount our Victory Club brought in, from September to january, was S361.45. Members of the club were responsible for a stamp booth in the hall each Wednesday. We completed successfully several Red Cross projects this year. We sent twenty-five gifts to Kentucky, collected eighteen items of food for the Dobbs Ferry Hospital, and made fifteen large colored posters for other hospitals. We have a boys' Color Guard consisting of Michael Wilmoth, Skipper White, Victor Arone, Martin Erickson, and Charles DeGuisto and a girls' Color Guard consisting of Leonore Kenny, Mary McGregor, Virginia Grandolfi, Margaret Young, and Lillian Papovitch. Through our foreign correspondence with boys and girls in England, we have become bet- ter acquainted with one of our allies in this war. We feel that this new understanding of foreign people will be of great importance in the "World of Tomorrow." Margaret Young , Pruett, Virginia Grandolfl, Nancy Schultz, Eleanor Weiner. Front Row: Mary McGregor, Angela Ruti glan, Vice-presidentg Skipper White, Treasurer, Vic Top Row: William Wilson, james Horend, Dominick Fatone, Robert Burks, Wallace Hennessy. Second Row: Raymond Jaeger, George Bagge, Donald Struckman, William Cook, Frank Eisenhauer, Robert Ullrich, Roul Muller, James Wright. Third Raw: Charles Buckes, Marie Ragone, Joanne Groth, Jacqueline Rooney, Grace Cartwright, Harold Cun- noff. Front Row: Grace Behlen, Bessie Pannick, Donald Brennen, Secretaryg Patsy DeNardo, Treas- urerg Vito Pasquale, President, Patricia Hotaling, Vice-presidentg Anna Signoretta. GRADE 7W This year our grade has participated in many activities. We had a very enjoyable Hallowe'en party, including games, prizes and refreshments. At Christmas time we had our usual gift ex- change, and everyone seemed very happy with his present. We were fortunate in being able to make some pottery out of clay under Miss Davis, direction. Everyone of the twenty-five pieces fired at the County Center kiln turned out well. We were pleased with the fine glaze and pretty colors of our ornaments, ash trays and small vases. All this cost each of us only ten cents. Our plaster of Paris wall plaques and hot plates painted with water colors and then varnished were both useful and ornamental. These made appropriate gifts for our mothers. We are all members of the Junior Red Cross, and in that connection sent gifts to the Kentucky mountain children at Caney Creek. So far this year our War Saving total is S168.50, and we continue to help the war effort by buying stamps and bonds. During the Paper Salvage Cam- paign our boys and girls took an active part, bringing in about seven hundred pounds. The girls have been making luncheon sets and pajamas in Home Economics, and the boys, who have done some metal work and woodwork- ing, are now intensely interested in the loom and weaving. Our Color Guards are: Color Sergeants-- Marie Ragone and Frank Eisenhauer and Hag bearers-B. Pannick, P. Hotaling, J. Groth, G. Cartwright, P. DeNardo, J. Horend, B. Wilson and W. Hennessy. Many of us are still corresponding with the boys in the service that we chose last year in the A.E.S.S.S. Top Row: Lawrence Willard, Frank Fraietta, Vito De Nardo, Second Row: Charles Dahl, Arthur Jackson, Henry Woessner, Vice-president, Rudolf Rosler, Thomas Marzella, Warren Maloney, Richard Bren- nen, Richard Ward. Third Row: Joe McCormack, Attendance Chairman, Charles Dupras, Patricia Cleary, Rose Spano, Rose Ann Berryman, Treasurer of War Savings Club, Suzanne Recca, Health Chair- mang Kathleen Strachan, Leonard Gaarder, Teddy Steenwerth, President of War Savings Club. Fourth Row: Edwin Gawer, Marilyn Schneider, Secretary of War Savings Clubg Alvera Mannuccia, Betty Ann Stone, Secretary, Dorothy Hotaling, Patricia Cris- tello. Front Row: Claire Buckes, Joan Lutz, Donald Paterson, Gerald Bostock, Treasurerg Frances Pan- nick, Room Chairmang Gloria Petruzzi, Nina Jo Miller, Presidentg Josephine Caltabellotta, Librarian. Absent: Beverly Cristiano. GRADE 6 "We want a lasting peace in our World of Tomorrow where all peoples and nations shall be assured freedom of thought, freedom of wor- ship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. It must be founded upon the Golden Rule- 'Do ye unto others as ye would have them do unto you."' Gerald Bostock "The girls and boys of today will be the wo- men and men of tomorrow. It will be their re- sponsibility to see that America accepts her r6le and does her part." Rose Ann Berryman "We should be preparing today for the World of Tomorrow. First we must do our part to help win the war. We must save our money for stamps and bonds, take care of our clothes and school supplies, be careful of food. Let us also help in the collection of scrap paper and fat." Arthur Jackson "We can keep healthy by learning to eat, rest, and exercise properly. Learn and practice rules for safety. If we do these things, we shall not worry our parents or take the time of busy doctors and nurses." Suzanne Recca "Give all we can to the Red Cross and the U.S.O. Write cheerful, newsy letters to our boys in the service. Do not believe or pass on to others war secrets or gossip." Kathleen Strachan "The Golden Rule means better living. Learn to treat each other with respect and considera- tion. Be patient, thoughtful, kind and fair toward all. Be loyal, honest and reliable, - above all develop good sportsmanship." Alvera Mannuccia "Scouting and Honor Society encourage good living and provide training in leadership besides giving an opportunity for service. The World of Tomorrow will need wise leaders and the un- selfish service of those who follow." Frances Pannick "We should get the best education possible. The knowledge of geography helps us to under- stand the people of the world, history tells us the story of the struggle of mankindg science ex- plains the wonders and workings of nature, while music, art and the love of good reading give the deeper satisfaction of living. Educated citizens are intelligent citizens." Henry Woessner Top Row: Daniel Gorman, Richard Moore, Treas- urer, Henry Greiner, John Jones, Russell Brown, james Lawlor, Gregory Scallero. Second Row: james Welsford, James juillerat, Patrick Cristello, Melville Redmond, Robert Kamke, Alan Walker, Fred Ernst, Harold Kamke. Third Row: Helen jack- son, Carole Buese, Mary Costantini, Geraldine Cart wright, Barbara Wuestner, Eleanor Wahlquist, jose- phine DeRocha, Joan Stohr. Bottom Row: Ann Marie Sullivan, Jacqueline Blasberg, Lois Carson, Betty Willard, Anita Burks, Vice-president: Trudy Seeger, Barbara Edelman. Absent: Ellen McPhee, Joan Koster, Walter Schmidt, john Yottes, President, Ralph Hallin, Margaret Avery, Virginia Brennan, Vice-president, Julia Montaruli, Josephine Palermo, Joan Garnier. GRADE 5 Even in the fifth grade pupils can prepare now to make better citizens in the post-war world. This year, for the first time, we have learned to accept responsibility through the handling of money in ticket sales and during the School News and ARDSLEYAN campaigns. We sold one hundred twenty-three copies of the Ardsley High School News this year, setting a new goal for next year's class. Among the several class organizations which further leadership, one of the most important is our class organization in which we hold dis- cussions and set forth our opinions on various matters. In the Honor Society, good class citizenship is stressed. Each pupil has the opportunity to earn awards for scholarship, effort and conduct. During the year we have spent many enjoy- able hours in club periods. The War Savings Club and Junior Red Cross are probably the most timely and worthwhile of these. We have 100fQ membership in the latter club, and for a class project have contributed to the welfare of poor families in the Kentucky mountains. In all of our class activities, we are developing leadership and character and being trained for the day when we shall take our places in the "World of Tomorrow.." J . Top Row: George Defeo, Frank Noviello, Donald Raab, William Flanigan, Robert Bell, Ronald Barrett. Second Row: Lester Riordan, Edward Miller, Prest- bury Hackett, Robert Cook, Jack Olt, Donald Pas- quini, john Cawley, Salvatore Cimino. Third Row: Barbara Brennen, Concetta Staglian, Marjorie Acker, Marguarite Ryan, Dorothy Elling, Theresa Curtin, GRADE 4 Carol Lawlor, Mary Fraitta. Fourth Row: Barbara Dupras, Patricia Cheslack, Eleanor Slaybaugh, Lillian Jackson, Bernadette Kinney, Dolores Garnier, Ann Yottes, janet Calace-Mottola. Front Row: Annette Gimbel, Kathleen Gauthier, Patricia A Frischmann, Claudia Speicher, Presidentg Pauline Calace-Mottola, Lois Nannariello, Dorothy Young. On the first day of school Miss Edwards welcomed thirty-eight boys and girls eager to start their fourth year at Ardsley High School. In September we concluded a successful vic- tory campaign and started collecting waste paper to aid the war effort. During the Christ- mas season we sent toys to Kentucky mountain children as a Red Cross project, contributed foodstuffs to the Dobbs Ferry Hospital and made bell and basket table decorations for boys in the service of our country. In such activities we are learning the importance of service to others. When our turn came to take charge of the school grounds, we did our best to improve the general appearance of the campus. Twenty-four members of our class became proud and enthusiastic members of the Honor Society. Thus we have concluded another successful year, another step in our education along the road to the future. Top Row: Allen Hallett, Barty DeRocha, Barry Coggins, Dominick Pasquale, Paul Roberts, Robert Wilson, Frank jazzo, Richard Dupras, Dominick DeLuca. Second Row: Larry Lasko, Kenneth Cauvet, Roberta McGregor, Evelyn Schmidt, Anne Huesgen, Patricia Nardecchia, Robert Schleipman, David Pollock. Third Row: Barbara Rutiglan, Helga Nordin, Mary Murray, Helene Ryan, Patricia Gaarder, Patricia Gauthier, Jean Brennan. Bottom Row: Pauline Lawlor, Carol Manchester, Betty Ann Brennen, Anna Gorman, Margaret Flanigan, LaVerne Ward, Barbara O'Leary. Absent: John Koster, Richard Arone, Anthony D'Angelo, Rosina Mobilia, Dolores Stohr. GRADE 3 The Third Grade is still doing business in the same room. This year the class consists of thirty-six children. The president is Jean Bren- nan and the Vice-president, Kenneth Cauvet. Mrs. Frank Coggins is our class mother and Mrs. Robert McGregor, our assistant mother. Most of our time is spent in drilling on read- ing, 'riting, and 'rithrnetic. Other subjects studied are spelling, drawing, music, science, and geog- raphy. The Third Grade has done its part in the Red Cross Drive and Hospital Collection. We also filled a Christmas box for the Red Cross, made decorations for soldiers' camps, helped to keep the school grounds clean and bought War Stamps. This Third Grade is really doing its best to carry on in "The World of Today" and will so continue in '6The World of Tomorrow." Top Row: Michael Cawley, Peter Connolly, Richard Frischmann, Robert Paquette, David Woodbury, Francis Yozzo, William Bell, joseph Leach, Michael Grandolfi, Walter Edelman. Second Row: Louise Quist, Dorothy McPhee, Armand Faltori, Matthew Strachan, Douglas Boyd, Robert French, Duncan Wil- son, Ann Wilmoth, Judith Jackson. Third Row: GRADE 2 Florence Jackson, Alberta Denari, Alice Cartwnight, Gertrude Rosler, Ruth Seeler, Peggy Jaeger, Carol Riordan. Front Row: Heidi Meier, Enid Gensler, Beverly Graziani, Ruby Moretti, Nancy Dunbar, Maureen Gauthier, Marion Eisenhauer, Mildred Eisenhauer. The children in Grade Two, today, Will be the people in "Tomorrow's World." Their task will be to carry on When the flags of peace are unfurled. To be ready for this place in the sun They must learn the Golden Rule, To treat others as they wish to be treated And they must do it, now, in school. That others must be considered And a tolerance of race and creed That no happiness can be found in a life If it's founded on lies or greed. So along with Reading and Writing, Science, Arithmetic and Music, it's clear That the Second Grade must work at these things, To be ready when "The World of Tomorrow" is here. 2221 Top Row: Fred Lawlor, Tommy Elling, Jay Mayer, Franklin Cimino, Robert McKirgan, Evan White, Kenneth Acker, john Miller, Robert Brennen. Sec- ond Row: Hope Machina, Ann Barber, Thomas Taaffe, Jr., Franklin Schmidt, joseph Perillo, Dar- win Brown, Dorene Suthergreen, Elizabeth Flanigan. Third Row: Lynn Olt, Judy Baker, Annette Scott, Jeannette Burks, Karen Bell, Joyce Bloomfield, Ann Dahlgard. Front Row: Barbara Nardecchia, Lor- raine Paquette, Margaret Fitzgerald, Frances Brown, Caryl Huesgen, Katherine Schoenstein, Carol Bostock. GRADE 1 We want to be good American citizens. Being good classroom citizens is one step in the right direction. The following rules of conduct and desirable work habits help us along the way: Share responsi- 6. Think clearly bility. about what we Consider rights of are going to do. others. . Practice self-con- 7' Begin Work trol' promptly. Be courteous, 8. Work thoughtfully cheerful and and neatly- agreeable' 9. Finish work. 5. Do not disturb others. 10. Waste no materials. We buy War Saving Stamps and Bonds. We contribute to almost all of the drives for fundsg such as, the March of Dimes, Junior Red Cross, etc. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic keep us busy. We dramatize, illustrate or reproduce stories we read in various ways. We enjoy Science, Music and Drawing with the special teachers. We shall continue to work, play and do our small share in making this world a better place in which to live. I st- ' l UIQ' ..,..,. a A 1' Top Row: Joseph Murray, James Sellick, Joseph beth Waldemar, Rachel Mainelli. Margaret Spork Cawley, Frederick Arone, Richard Bell. Second man, Barbara Thomson. Bottorn Row: Peter Row: Dolores Ankhelen, Margery McConnell, Eliza- Schleipman, john Lawlor, Peter Ledwith, Edward Bramble, Philip Cimino. loseph Rooney. Beginners' First In the "World of Tomorrow" we may End material changes in the school realm of the five year old, but the five year old himself will remain very much the same. School equip- ment may be different. New educational toys may appear and books may be improved, but the child himself will, no doubt, feel and act the same as he did on the first day of school this September. At Thanksgiving we started our first lessons in history with stories of the Pilgrims and In- dians. This year we drew some turkeys, fierce Indians and dignified Pilgrims to illustrate our learnings. Santa, I believe, will always appear in the Beginners' Class as he did this year, after our annual show. Catherine Santore, leader of the band, opened the performance with a few words of welcome. Then we sang "Christmas Is Here." Next the "Rhythm Band" played such selections as: Our Band, The Busy Clock, March of the Toys, and Away in a Manger. We then presented a Musical Play entitled f'Colonial Christmas." Jane Shurtliff portrayed a little colonial girl and Andrew Kalmykow, the boy. A chorus of girls sang appropriate words set to Beethoven's "Minuet in G." The colonial boy and girl then danced the minuet just as they did long ago. Words of farewell were spoken to parents and friends by Peter Ledwith. Since school began, we have been carrying on pre-reading activities, and very soon now we shall be ready to begin actual reading in our first Pre-Primer. Every year we are striving to bring reading down to the level of the five and six year old, and so we hope the young child may be even happier in his learning in the "World of Tomorrow." Top Row: David Purdy, Samuel Scott. Bruce Boyd, Santore, Judith Riordan, Cristie Bradley, Angela Ellen Donohue, jean Seeler, William Lecount. Bruce Pasquini, Margot Moore. Judith Goodwin. Bottom Burgess, Andrew Kelmykaw. Second Row' Catherine Row: john Canning. VVilliam Hoffman, john Man chester, Garry Ragone, Warren Townsend. '..'!5 - . ' V l J 7 U Q lk . E H Q 5 I ,M N fl, ' - V 15r, 3"f 'W i?1, I" M121 vu , 1 .J , N, rj- s "f A -1 5' X' 'T Fifi 41 -1- N, A 1 Sy? Ms. ? 5 -"lf Wkfffwr ' ' U' nk ,. .. .,v,A,. . .131 46 5. rp? a can X Y' E! 1 -I W aww! 'z,lf"L"'-'ont 04. ,D W 'EKG , Q5 Q,9,fl11u4'f43f iz ybq ,Q L 9 01 Her Lag? CM ,zo fgcz L,-:MTM .X 2, 5.345 -1.1:-.. y 'R f Mask ,M j Nqidjnfy if 4 Q 4,9-1'-' 5,2155-xii-3Sc'c.fL1i.r.-A iw LfL,G4, Mldpqiyd 86441 Wu rlrr' I1 5 ff X kN .fig V xl 19,1 2: ,Dk 4 -5 ASQ S L52 g MW Ep 3r"'J9','19f"" 2545.797 4' kf uw L ,YH +IKQ m-.emi- .4-.1 ...M IW X5 Off' 5- P DQ? Aiudmnslifyjf L 'L QI? QQ Q2 , lll Qyr 'flwf NZCQZJ' W any LAM -+ JKIQQ D.: 1.,.4A,,,, ,, QQ Ru-RMA 49,021 ,QQ ,ffm ! 77 Mug, wLU.Q,,,Q1.m hmm? WW Awww ww., Cl ,GOTLN C,YhI"'md I' K flag? um TA ..,.,.,x"'i,-T7' if I AM J P ,H A I I " MAA ., f . , ---v Y ' J x " . 1 ',, 'I Y ,fo Ax . " .' 'Q ' -f ., - 3 4 - ., '-' , J :Q ,, 0 ' X 1' ' if ,, Y 1 ., YA-15 , , gli 1.'q 9 ,, H4 . " .Q 'fx 1 . h 1 .N x ,. , - . V 0' N 3, 'W-5. Q x E ,lx fa f , 5" - pagina! ' . ' V R45 7 - v - nf 'W c . K, ft f K' -li" , -K x-N Ng' F. q H 'If L-- ,, , T' ' '- Al' . "3--'..,-'-" A' ' ' - " x 'K V , ' K!! L,-K --.:-T yi' ., . f .1 ' , X' ,V Ui' 21412 , G '-, f ' - ji 1 ffmug X gg t -- uf' -4 ,A 4 .R y , - ,,,,, 4 , 3, I r f- -V ff-- A fw... Y 'f fa " , n L E J I AMW W v, -Al I - 4 'M i F: My fi . 1 ' T14 ' ff qv " 'M' 5' - sf f . f W , ' ,, ,SXSW ' L, 4-If , af. - J , Y xp ' 7 ,HA G' ' ' 'SW' ' l,"lv' X- pu '-fn" . .- ,. V Ax 5 J .- 1 I fi .J x 6 u Q X Q ' "' xx . ' . N Q 1 'Nw ' ' XX ' ' . X ar 1 ' Q If 5 ,JW L , f Q' 4 f 'IA - 4 BSU' , if 2 " "' OOC " ibm? ' fi' Y 4 " r" " .PQ 4 A . 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I If VY ' L J Q - - -N 1 -1 . ,4 4 - I ..' - . ,. 4' . 44 -w '- ' 1 4 -6,4 . . 4 441 A 4 A I, - . .N , - , 7 ' 7 . . .,, , 4 4 - -,. - 4- - ,V 4 4 , . 4 4 ,, J4- 4. 4 - J. A 1- 4 I :L J A a 4 f ' f ' - rv -w - 4 4 . ' . 4 , - . . .- J- -. 4 ,l - . . 7 I IX UIIPU I N INK ' II X'l'l4ll XIII Xl I UI X I' Il S I I Y 'rrl'I Xl ml "I 'I3I'I'f Il rzulww: IIHIIIQICVI XX, r'I'HX11II KN II NIIMIIXIAIII XX. XXIIAXIHIII 1, XXIIAIIIXNI IiHI'I1fIII I1 l'lIXN1II',I, U1-tflhli fffrllrzwfz XN4LIfI,H If. fIN4 NIH? lIHlI4f',lll ff Il. XI II Isl I NI IHIXXI I I ffl? 1l1'I,l,1Iff N TS of TA F F ER LIILIIIIL ll Company, Inc QIHALNIIEY, N. Y. IPI LS PIII XULR NEXI' ORDFR P 0 llpp N um will inwt III frf Ill 14 :rd to IIICYN p.1Jfr tllcr 1 0IItI'0I'dllIll"lIYI' Ittu etlmitvon wollr XI nm Q r NININS I XHIJN IIRIII RN NII NIS INXIIUPES IUIJI I NUTIIIHH IIIIIDRLLIS PIIUI II HIS III IxIN FS BII I HEADS III NININN IUHNIN IJHHII-RN IIRI I LXR II1ffhHH IIIXNI I BIN Ixw I V IUNI HIS PUHFXLC-XHDS I lompt Dc lnuw 5llflSfllCf0l'W Work DUBBS I' I4 RRI RP I ISTFR WI- arf- aI1I7t s Ii' t' " I 2 I' I ' lg 1 1 W 2 I 'S 'I V' - ull - I - it Ire- a snaII 'I' ' I 2 t'l un. A S' z Y' 4 'I' fur III .' QI, .' ' II I QA Q' ' . f I 'f III'l'I"I'IfIIIIINLXIIS ' INXIITATIONS ' 5'INATIfMEN'I'5 I ,- I ,If I ' 'I ' I, .I ' ' - , .I J . , - . , . . ' ' . . I l I I .' I I I I 1 .iw I IUI MAIN STREI-fl' IJOBBS IJERRY I2-I T QTQGLE 86 SCDNS Inc mth the fl!! fooperalzofz 0 If 6 Tear Qoolg Staff STAVIFORD CONNECTICUT r O' y v 17113 book was IDVI-flfffll by ffm ofjfvef jvrofm v' , ' f I L L X NIH! S 1 XR II Illllllll bl IHPHI IIHHY IWH1 W lf,"' l lC.f'l1'lil' U, XCR l11l1111111I1'1'1- Nflql 1" l,'11H1's1'1111 5,111-1'11l1Sl.N lfwl ll,I4flI',,' llllll Un" 1 I4 Q B., fi ,H'.l.l.U XHIHIAIN HI Xlxl If XHI , II11 Pnst NIIIUIIII BlllIx of Xnlblu N 1 CIIH IxINl if I UI TN nk Upf ll N xlurd IN 9 to I7 X 'NI XIFIIIIPCI' of I cder 11 De-po 1t In urmce COI'p0I'3I1OIl C0 TIPLIIIF N Ts Of X FRIEIN D 'dxf Vx III' 1.- II 'N .I IN'IIIiHI:lS'I' I-XCCOI'N'IIS SAFE IIICPOSIT BOXES IIA ' I Daily. 9 to 2:30 fa af L 1 .- . Tl? A 8. P S POINT FREE FOODS ARE REAL NIOINEY QAW ERS' VC 1th o mueh emphabl on ratloned food we may for tt that there are plentw of fl0llI'1 hm non ratloned food and th It mam are real monex .ner too' You ll find a fine elettlon of the Q l.llI'lflW ration free fooda at your A 81 P Duper Glam of them are both made and sold h X 81 P o thu Come to wou lt fwtrl .um 'J You ll flnd IlCllfl0ll smooth textured inn Pa e Macaronl and Spa hettl top qualltw foods made from Fancy Semollna flaworful Ann Page E Noodle thoae homemade ta tmg noodle that are made with real e yolk bunnw field Pancake Flour for ll ht golden melt ln wour mouth pancakeb and many other thrlfty foods' Ci A St P FOOD STORES Compliments KIPP BROTHERS NIATERIAI Q AND EQUIPMENT Co CONTR 4CTORS QR XRDSLEX, A. x PITTSBLRGH PA 9 T ' Y - - , - . t 0 5 4 N S , S. Y , . iv g . . , " S g, - ' . . . . 2 ' r' ' ' --S, vt Sq . 1 A S . ' S 1 ' -- 1 - .." -9 k A u .. , I I tl y A ' , 'v' , ,, 1' 2 ,. Z ' ' F, . -1 . . - f U . 0- - . v A ' C C 9 . ' f r ' . . . ' ' f gg Q S. 4 .1 ' 1 QQ 99 ' , ' N ' . N - ' :ru ' - 3 D UC 3 . . . 4 'o' -' . 1 . ' D , , 1 . . . , f . , KR' fx if N T Of J L, l A Ag 1 A 4 ' 6. , N . ..- , 1 . , A, Rl N XTO f RISI I III 1 11111111 hfllllllfllllf X no HI INA NIHPPT Nui XORR 13 N X THE ARDSLEY LHOLOL ATERIA cs H1 h N1 mol C of ' 1 O Yi IL 5hRX I1 CARPLN1 LR H ICP L RP ANI ILXC LI 51X P LX 1 ' 1 1 tl I A A fr' ' 'ff' ' fr' p " L , f 11 fr' ' V .,1'.' '1 N1 l'lXf.t'IlllF its lu-ft wifllcf for future mc-cc-fs to the Ardslj' 'g Q 'I Iluss 1245 "A jfw 'I l QA- 'f EI r pXSSX Ill X wl I X XMDHIIX Nm xc l+lNll', Y M lf, IJHHH5 f"IfHHY. N. 'I . nw nf U f'Nfv"lll'Nfl'l..S l"1'r1f'-I ll: :fl Xlillf , fr LIUNS till! Incorporated 1869 The Greenburgh Savings Bank DUBBb ILRRY N Y Total A eta 92 000 000 Chrl tml Club bafe Depoalt Boxes Vfmzber Fulcrul Depoalt Inaurance Con Ldcratlon COUPLITIENTS OF AHICFICHII Leglon Post No 118 ARDSLILY 'N X IC pre cnt ws r L 4 or11111111fr ll 1 1 1 mrmlmlls 111111411 to 10111 u lm Gall mul Country ' , 1 . . ' - ss ' J' .' . 's as 7 " . . . lv , . 5 4 . - Hosta Hrs! BIUIIWILIYH at the xlllllilillill Huilflillg. IIUIIOFRIIPIF' 4liF1'llilI'g4'll Vf'lPl'I'lIl,' of tl -v 'al ur' cligiblvf 1 I f rl 'I illll ur' x It ull' I mu RUISIM Ii I NI IUIINS I UN url tfnul I I 1 I HSN IRIN NIXX U I IUIIS XIII XRINI I A SUN l 1 1 NIXX Us IIlI111 II III Inu m I Hill "Sn" 4 " ll 71 "rs" III fs Q 'ill 'wr "MKII XXICNI li INDI f Iff Y. VI V' Y bIIIx IIIIHIIVI IMIII IU-rrp ISII HMI lfsfrllw mul I11.w11rrn11'4' XII XI1lNIpH IRI Il.llIX1Q XIII rI.IiY. I I I fxfxi II 1.5: III F 4-XII' ' I COMPLIMENTS of The Parent-Teachers' Association Day Camp and School For Boys, 7 to 18 JULY 3 to AUGUST 26 For the second summer, Hackley will conduct an 8 weeks day camp and a summer school, utilizing all the winter school facilities. The camp program includes all athletics, nature study, gardening, over- night camping. The equipment includes an excel- lent swimming pool, gymnasium, 6 tennis courts, football and baseball fields, and 6 shops for art, printing, photography, woodworking, and science projects. The summer school offers accelerated, full year's courses in most high school subjects. A special bus is operated by Hackley, through Ardsley. For information, contact Mr. Duke, or telephone Tarrytown 129. HACKLEY SCHOOL TARRYTOVVN, NEXV YORK fllitchell Gratwick, ,1I.D., Headfrzaster fmllllul RIN 4 S n 1 ss I SI Il INIII w l hunch of fill! I ulx mpc tu ll llf I , A. of 'l'll - ff- in ' Cluix Hi, ,, A 1 " ' ,z of I, - ' r 1 -I 1 lf ROBIQON UNC hr lluuu That Slfllll zur e H11 Burner QCIWIIP Hflllx NXUUI INN IH Hun Ht rt1 mlm Nmw Xu 1 I Hu o I nmplznunts o WURTHIINGTON FARMS DAIRY II r muh ilu Lu and lovin 11 tlu door ind Blush: rg, 'llotors urn! n to uur Hut ll lun nur vnuntrx has uon this rm 1 nu to Sf um ll ru u I I1 :ro f BL ASBERG WIOTORS, IN o Ncrxuc Telvphouf Dobb Fvrrw Z6 BESSON 81 COMPANY Orany Duc' Coal Hullrllng 'Han rmlb and Fur'lO1l DUBBb FPRRX 'NLW XORK I o 11 Lolu l orrl V ood Lumber Nlouldm Bruk Plpc In ulatlng NW all Board Sand Ccmvnt Lune Pla ter IJUUBS In I' RRI F001 of Dork 1 v. 5 - , , f JI K 9 4. "T - B 'I " Fu-I Hil f ' 1 . l l l ' ' , I ' I ' ' A HUNIIC "ION l l l 'fy ,z' UIIH: Ha slz ', vrk Hil Flomu- llglllfl Ha1stil1gs-or1- :Is n. N. Y. JOQEPH COGMNS Prop. Fr,Wf'-- 3 s or 32 IIH1'14"1IfwI 'lf .' 'ily' f - I 0' 14. ,, -. l l l A ' gs- 1 ' - S ' ' ' Q 's . ' I I I - - I C. RH Xl NUl'HUHUlxl I I hl NIINI I 7 Illll ill flllllllHlY'IlfN nf fffff1l'f':mfr,1x will -X If fx I .' ' ff? flflllfll rzf nn nf NH1lflU'S lHfl,llf.'X'l'lfS5 I 1' fx ul HI H 1lwlx'l11v1'ly I'f'r'illu'w If ' HN NN III I I' H1 PFI' ffl bl PU PHUUI4 I ' 41 v- 4-xl f,!lIlIl1JlTll1l'IIf.N nf BOY Qf Ol TS LLBb l nmpllmf nts 0 ARDSLEY HOSL F0 NJ 1 N mv Hun x If I 1 1141 1 1 1 C1 zrnplinzvnrs nf ALPHA MND BETX CHAPTERS SIGNI X DEI TA RHO SORORITY U har: Tour Palronagv IS Aipprvczatffd ARDQLEY LHENIIST SHOPPE IJVLSFTIIJIIUII bp! 111111315 C ILNLLHIM Phb XNIIPUHIJ UFNIP 8 IINI QTRHT 'IIE N Ill sl RI 1' BUKUI N S111 6RFHI ou mu It s ur: I of YE V V V Plmnvs: Dobbs Fe-rrp' 5112-523 VXI.I. Fllilif VXRIC P 'QI 1 , v Y AHIL . . . X. 9 0 0 V v V Y Kr A 1' f 1' ' .' ' v F I ININURII Ix X ,I I BRILNN UN IORP XXI: I Hx N N I BLN IUHLN XIIIILIII I UUDS I BI I LBIRD TROOP I IIARX I' NI QI INIBX NIILNIURI XI TRUOI II XRD I ,. . 'I IAC' f.'n1npf1'l11vr1ts nf llzwzlruru-1' 3 ,ll USUN XXIQ ll IQXFI 121111 SI. XIlIDFl.IiX XIII WDIIIX 4ll'I'Y 134, ll:X1X1"l'UN 'INIYI7 I'lnm.-3 I'I1u11v: NFVV ,UI W - Y IJUIIII- I'."I'I'f 15525 Nll I'l'ilf' Hill 2-Mull 4. V , 4. - f.'lllI1IIlIIIll'llfS of IL .IIIU. lllzlrtiw 7'1'Ill71.N f'Il fitfvrf 1 I . 5 , , 1 H'l'Il FIHNIZ XXI... I',I.NI5I"HIHJ. N. I. I'l1f+n+': Ifllll-I'm':I H980 X 74 ,If I. Y. Y. Conzplinwnts of C0l7l1P1I'lH"NfS Of J. N. RASBACH PHOTO SERVICE TOWINIY .md THE BUS Complzments 0 H HELHT K SON Inc HEATHER DELL PARNI I1iRDIl mr nr 4LFRb ll IIUII 5 llb PIORl5lS I HN Q xxx xc IIIIX N ' f . X v L 7 ' 4 Y i .,l 3 :l 1 N Q Vlmm- 557 , V ll South lmxington gxYl'Illl' .Xl'1lfl4'y. Na-w Xurk Q W' NX Ill' ' L 'E INE ,u. l, . , 1.4. JR. READER? VARIETY STORE llrzrflzlilrv. Toys. Paints Elw'trir'ul Suppliffs mul lfurnplvtr' Iluusv urnishings limits- II RI I H. B. VVILLIANIS., INC. It CHIJ,-XR STREET. DOBRS FERRY, N. Y 1 um SIP 9I'O an mm rrw IXN OR! N HARRISON If WOOD llllltl I 1 If Ixl N NIxI'IxN 1 nu n er IIl1 1 I Hlllillllllllf IHE OLD IIIIII f 017111111711 nt flllI1l11IIllllfS 1 IIILTHODIST f HURIIH l QENIRXI IINIHKRILSI KIRXNI llll 1 I f U Xu Ixxxlfh Irv 1:6 VIII-Uhll MINI XRIJSIII INIIW II I'IXliII' NI XR ltulmn Inurrran f rmaru Q LOL IS 5 II ARRLT I Iuulztx Ilcat I1lll1Ll!lll tlrlu one D Il' 1 NIIIORD UINII' XRDNIIX N I f Q' 3. m.zr - ' Rus 133 NI.-IIN S'I'III'lIf'I' ,' 'VIII I If-If-pI1 me- 121' 'IIf'I1'lI mv: II1IIs Fc- 1' II30 I' . ,VU L.-If AV A L J' I fr ' f s of Tr' - "nf 11 s" 'I I"IIIN I ,IR .XXl'1Nl'I'I V' J A 1 IU :'.'f.N.I. 'IR-ll I mv: YU Ig- s II-3652 'I' 'I IRI l'IiIJ-UL PGY f A - s of ,I r I ' Q ff GWIQN AND WY.-XLTER REINHARDT w 'I'4'Il'l!I1lllf': IIoIbIla I'Ie'l'l'y' 20711 A. A I FI X HG I I A I "ll, 1' lf rr Ifv1 F mfs" 'AA ' Bras Q 'k.Y , S ,S J '.,S N. . I. .. "f1- I'I1 ': , F. LII-II2I .7 ' ' f this 1 W If I f '3?'l A- ' Mlss jones CIn Engl1sh Classj Order Order' D Fuchs Egg sandwlch please ATTENTION FACULTY We have Just learned of a teacher who started out poor twenty years ago and retlred w1th a comfortable sum of S50 O00 Thls was acquxred through mdustry economy effort perseverance and the death of an uncle who left her an estate valued at S48 99901 Compllments 0 R S A CORPORATION Compliments 0 STUDENT COUNCIL BACK SEAT DRIVER There was a terrxble crash as the train struck the car A few seconds later Mr and Mrs Parsons crawled out of the wreckage Mrs Parsons opened her mouth to say somethxng but her husband stopped her Dont say a word he sald I got my end of the car across You were dr1v1ng the back seat and lf you let xt get hrt It s no fault of m1ne NO FUN AT ALL Street Car Conductor Pardon me madam are all those your ch1ldren or 1S It a p1cn1c9 Mrs Brennen They re all m1ne and I ll have you know It s no p1cn1c INSLRANCE BLT WHFN YOL THINK OF IWSLRANCE SEE NIE .I L ISRAEL CEDAR AT Bnomun DOBBS FERRY 444 THE ARDSLEY BARBER SHOP ARDSLEY SQUARE Special fittentlon Glten to Ladies and Chzldren s Hazrbobbzng D L-KNIATTIN5 Prop COIIIIJIIIIICIILS of the DOBBB I-LRRY BANK of DOBBS funn N 1 LLL AN AR 1 Laundering Dry Lleamng COLD FLR STORAGE hub Shampoomg Cobblmg . : l ' , . , U ' f u f ' , WHEN YOU SEE ME DON'T THINK OF 'W WHLDIOTH FUEL OIL SUPPLY Compliments of ECONOJIY QUALITY SERVICE LNEXCELLED Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 181 Y Comlfllmems 0 Compliments 0 ROSEW 009 BARBER SHUI' ANIERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Spcmal Chair or Babws 4.39 X hford -'henue ARDSLBY POST 408 Compliments 0 Dr Ralph Zolan 7 Dobb Ferry ELWIVC OOD COUNTRY CLUB FEELING FINE G Groth Dldnt you say that 1f I got sort of SOC1abl6 to the judge that hed fix matters up for me9 W Groth Sure how d1d he react9 G Groth Yea he reacted all rlght I sa1d Good mornmg Judge?hows the old boy today? W Groth Dxdnt he take k1ndly to thata G Groth Why the old codger sa1d F1ne ten dollars' New I ork A STUDENT INDEED H Carpenter I want to be procastmated at the next corner Bus drlver You want to be what? Carpenter Dont lose your temper I had to look 1n the dlctlonary before I found out that procrastmate means put off BUT WOULD IT GO AROUND IF EATEN9 M1ss Roll I want to rent a horse Lxvery Stable Proprletor How long? Nfrss Roll Longest you have F1ve of us are gomg y . v , , L 1 . . f . 1 - .1 " . , ' 9 4 B - . X f . S V 1 . - . , . . . , . ' 9 . . , s . ' ' , tt ' vs as ay I. - . v f7 u ' , it ' . . ' ' 1 ' 1 f . 1: I A ' A' ' I A . CONIPLIMENTS OF Helen E Berthelson Jeannette Campbell Eleanor Davls Wxlham Duke III Florence Egbertson Ethel J Farnham Anna J Fl1nt Murxel E Jones Rosa Peters Grace Roll Harlan Thomas Margaret A Wesp Benlamm H Adler Mr and Mrs R Arone Mr and Mrs Harry J Barbett Theodora Brown Joan Carson Mr and Mrs Bruce Cauvet Mr and Mrs J J Connolly Mxss F C DAngelo Harry DeN1ke Don s Beauty Studxo J Egloff Mr and Mrs Edwm Erlckson M Frasca Jamce B Frrtche W1ll1am Groth Charlle Huesgen Mr and Mrs Earl Johnson TESSIE Macr1 Mr and Mrs Frank Mxtchell A P Moccxa Alexander Mussa Mr and Mrs Wllham Neylan Everett A Parsons Ravekes Tallor Shop Bert Rledels Auto Repaxrs Grade 7E Jack Your Roslyn Taxlor El1nor C Buell Cel1a Conklm Ernlly DeMeo Harriett Edwards Emlly Ehler Frances C Ferguson Loulse K Hatfield Constance E Parsons Helen G Robble Arthur W Sxlhman Ethel Tryon Helen Sxlllrnan Mr and Mrs G L Aitken A Frlend Edwm Braem Prwate Ned Bo1ce Mr and Mrs H J Corey Frank Coggms Mr and Mrs Arthur J Contant L F Delmerlco Dobbs Ferry Llbrary Mr and Mrs John M Dunbar Mrs William Emerlck Jr A Frrend Mr and Mrs Joseph Frlschmann Mr and Mrs A K Gelsel Mr and Mrs Edward Hermg Eleanor Immedlato Lamberts Cleaners Mr and Mrs Walter Mxller B Wllbur McDowell Mr J Murray Mr L Nelson Nancy s Beauty Salon Mr and Mrs Arthur Paterson Rlchards Beauty Salon Lt Annette B Rosenstlel Grade 6F Nancy and Gordon Schultz Mrs C A Slocum R Ullr1ch We1ner Harry F Young J P Muller Wxllxard H Mann Harry F Taylor Major and Mrs E H Vlrden The Wardens Mr Joseph Contant Gordon Kreutz Jr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs The pxctures 1n this 1944 ARDSLEYAN w1th the exceptlon of the semor portramts were taken by Mr Duke To h1m the ARDSLEYAN staff extends xts deep and slncere gratxtude for h1s generous contr1but1on of tlme and labor The Senlor prctures were taken by the J N Rasbach Photo Servlce of Ogdensburg New York whose advert1sement you w1ll find 1n these pages To all advertlsers whether new or of long standmg the ARDSLEYAN says Thank You Agam and urges 1ts readers to patromze these loyal frxends. . , . , . , . , . 5 .. , . . , 9 Mr. . ' Mr. . . . . , . 1 7 7 ' H ' 7? ' ' '

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