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FOREWORD This 1937 Ardsleyan is published to reflect the character of Ardsley High School and to acquaint you with the school organizations, the results of the past year, and the problems of the present and future. The pages that follow recount the activities and achievements established by the students of Ardsley High School. TEE EDITOR AIIDSLEVAN 'Jo man can reveal to you aught but that wh already lles half a leep in the da mlng of your knowled, e nThe teacher who walks in the shadow of e terfmle, among his followers, glves not of hls w1sdom but ratfxer of his falth and hls lovinoness "If he is lndeed wlse he does not bid you eu the house of " s wlsdo , but rather leads you to the eshold of your own rlnd ' nThe Prophetn nahlil Gibr ENTER TO LEARN GCD FORTH SERVE ff' l , I y I flli Ll, y 121 TO 1 , P1 i y li l N ' L I E 'Sf fig.. I '11 A ich ' A .l th ' 4 1 ' ' E . 1 ' ' ' . ter y hi ' Il ' X i mr ' .' --,. an 1 , KENNETH H. BRCDWN To Kr. Brown, who stands for all that is sportsmanlike, whose entire life has been an example of true sjortsnanship, and who has instlllod the ideals and love of fair in the rinds and hearts of Aresley pupils, tLis l937 Ardsleyan is most sincerely dedicated. 93 , A f AIIDSLEY "2 '54 vi? , ' Huw Lv -. QTL? g' " af, V., 3'2Q'y,,' ' wwcy,fM?Wfm ff my ', 'Lua ' ,p fa w'm fa ,x -'if ms, - ,giQ,Ff3' ,Q ' ,- -Q - - - R. xar,e pelsxer Class of 1957 WTO live in the hearts of those we leave behind 'WO OU. LI fi' 1'-Q?" f ,--I asf lazsev Fi rf-env ff lomena . O 1904 Mr Arthur S1 l man Miss Elinor C B e l Iiss Constarce A Clayton Mr Charles W Uorend Miss Helen G Robbie Mr Willard F lann Dr Armand Donartna Miss Gladys Hapgood Hr Harlan A Thonas Miss Miss Mrs Iiss Miss Niss Niss Mrs Mrs hrs Mrs Liss hrs Miss hiss Beatrice Bell Margaret e Anna J Fllnt Grace Carroll Ethel N Harriett Florence Emlly A hthel J TrJon Edwards Egbertson Ehler Farnhar Loulse 1 Iatfield Frances Ferguson Jeanette Raveyes Adellne Jewell Eleanor Davis May A Halsted hr Vlllian Duke, I Nr Kennett Brown Iiss Celia P Conalin Iiss Ielen nertlelson FACULTY Prlnclral E l s 1lC Conneroe atheratics Col4.b1a arl New or I A , Columti Science , Cornell Latin, En lls A , Ba Italian tr ez nlverlsty Lrlxe slty Lnlver ity ro Col ege Lnlversity Y t f Na les Ph D , Lnlversl y o n oOC18l CCICHCS Guldance S Cornell a L rench, Grade P Gr oe Gran Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade 4Ed 4Eg ard Prlnary huSlC Drawlng trenatics I A , Columbla UDlV6TSlt5 Potsdar Tormal cw altz lor al d , N Y Teacher Fralnlng Sckool B S , New York Unlversity New Paltz Normal Potsdam Normal New Paltz Normal New Paltz Normal S , New York Universlty Plattsburg Normal Universlty of Callfornia S , New York University B A , Beaver College Potsdam Normal Potsdam Normal Home Economics Industrial Arts Physlcal Education S , Columbia University Oswego Iorral savage Nurse R N , Albany rosy tal Secretary 1937 , , TI , ' l i.. ' " -I IQ . A . , Ut: C 'T .iv isity ' '. u l Df 1 h, U:'r 'an U. A., 1 ' Y k U ' ' uf L 'Q " ix rf. . 3 Y." I' I ' ' , ', A LP 1 , B. S. ' ' S , , ' 5 ' L B. . rna 1 l - ' . .. 6 , Jr. 0 ' J ' , ' B. ., " . " L . . . H' - f 7 DI r f J. . A W ' ' ' v , , A Q ..J l a ' 8 If ' F I m W sy 'lc 7 B. P . . . ' ' ' . J . . ' t 6F . . ' .1 ec ' L 'Av 1' 5 'L ' 1 :L . . .' . 5 B. . ' . 1 . -A 2 ' . G . ' X. I s 2 r l B. A., ' ' . l B. . E . '. . . I . . - , 5 . . V . . , .. A . I . ' . B. . ' I . J' . ' I I I A . . 4 ' N ' 'T J . ' . . ' T ni ' L I P 1 ' AIIDSLEY BOARD OF EDITORS hlluren hoenig Pditor Gladys Slocum Paul Se tz AS 1 tant Edltor ASS1StaHt Editor raul Llngg Buslness Ianager Laura Brown Adverulsing Ianager Eleanor rench Rosina Paoluccl ClFCu1atlOH Ianager Publlcity Manager LSWlS TT8VlS Art Edltor Aavlser 1 s C E Claw n General LltCT8Py ,rt iss 1 G Robble W lr a 1 Auv er L, slng .. . , , . ' i ' s's C ' ' L' 5 1 Ti' ' . , S !5's . . jto ' ' A Kiss E. C. Buell Kiss E. Davis LI ll. . ' III'. Thi. Dmpie 'I . ff. fi. II in . " Li ' ,Zi 1 Q 9 gas, c QL., mwah 617'f""'i WW SENIGRS We, the Class of 1957, first saw the light of Ardsley High School in September, in the year 1955. As we first walked down the corridor, we thought, Hwhat a long time stretches ahead--four yearslu However, we were soon to learn that four years was a very short time in which to prepare for graduation and the Washington trip. We confess that when we first entered high school, we were timid and shy, but after we became used to high school, we just drifted along until we suddenly realized that two years had passed. We hadn't accomplished anything, except a food sale in our sophonore year, which was very successful, Several of our class members had left our class, and several had become nlostt on the way, falling behind us in a lower class. When we were grown-up Juniors, we won the five-pound box of candy offered to the class who sold the greatest number of magazines in the subscription J3Lww1?fAaAAJ campaign. We also presented an enter- tainment called uThe Junior Revue,n which included a two-act play entitled Hher Radio Romeo,n directed by Miss Buell, also specialties and dancing, and a Junior Prom in June, both of which proved to be successful projects. Before we realized it, we had grown to be dignified C?1 Seniors. Je first undertook the subscription canpaign, one of the most important enterprises of the year. lt was most surprising and pleasing to find that, through the help of the other classes, our record surpassed the records of all other years in selling the most magazines. It is needless to say that our bank account leaped as a gratifying result. Cake sales and xovies were added to our list as the year rolled by, each presentation being a financial success. Early in February we made plans for a food sale and card party. Our fl 47-fry-1 -3 74f.,.,-My JWJKVM Aa., ad Q 4,1 mothers cooperated- with us on each event and we are grateful to them for their loyal work. We eagerly looked forward to our next big event--the Senior Play. After much deliberation and discussion, the play committee chose "Digging Up The Dirt," a farce in three acts. We found upon reading it over, that it suited our class perfectly: It might have been written for us. Practice bevan arl in Februar and the o 9 y . Y: finished performance was presented to an attentive audience on March 12. And then came our dream washington at iastl' On march ev, the Seniors, ready for their annual escapade, met in the village and Knot too silently! departed for Washington, while the residents of Ardsley still lay asleeping in their warm beds. In spite of the burning feet we had after each long day's tramp in the streets of Washington, we found the trip well OAAVEWW worth all our efforts. Yes, well worth it, for it was a glorious adventure that will forever be imprinted upon our memory and will be looked back upon in years to come with fond sighs and happy memories, When the night of graduation comes, and we walk, for the last time, down the aisle to the platform, the past will flicker before our eyes when we remember how young and inexperienced we were when we first entered high school, and how quickly we have changed. We are no longer children, we are young men and women, ready to leave the protection of Ardsley High School and face life for ourselves. The biography of the Class of 1957 is ended, nothing now is left but a lovely memory of friendship, inspiration, and accomplishment acquired in Ardsley High School that we shall cherish forever. Vera Mathews prism E J-NCQ QvnA+ Aqv AIIDSLEY SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALFRED CRISI Track Team '54, '55 Junlor Play '56 Assistant Manager Basketball '55, '56 hanager Basketball '57, J V Tear '57 Senior Play '57 Tln trel '56 Orchestra '55, '56, '57 Glee Club '57 Boy Scouts '54, '55 '56 Editor 1956 Arosleyan Treasurer '55 Class President '56, '57 Dramatic Club '56 Social Club '5 Honor Society B years Third Degree '56, '57 MARY GRANDOLFI Honor Soclety 9 years Thlrd Degree 4 years Presldent of Student Councll '57 Pre ident of Class '55 Vice President '57 Manager G1rls' Basketball Team '57 hlnstrel '54, '56 Junior Play '56 ANLA A'TOPE Third Degree '57 Honor Soc'ety 8 ye Class Treasurer '57 Busine s Manager 1956 Ardsleyan Junior Play '55, '54 Glrl Scouts 5 years Senlor Play '57 Treasurer Glrl Scouts 2 years Honor Society 6 years Thlrd Decree '57 Secretary of Class '56, '57 Glee Club '57 Presldent Girls' Outdoor Club '57 Ardsleyan Ty 1St '56 HOWARD AULD Minstrel '55, Senior Play '57 Junior Play '54, '55, '56 P esident Dra. tic Club '56, '57 Public Speakinb Contest 56, Varsity B sketoall, anaber, '5 J V Basketball '57 EDIA ARIDT Minstre 55, Senlor Play Junior Play '54, '55, '56 Girls' Basketball Team 5 years Secretary anera Club '57 MAPGARLT HELLER Senior Play Glee Cluo Class President '54, '55 Vice President '55 '56 Class Treasurer Minstrel '55, Junior Play '54, '56 Honor Soclety '54, , 56, '57 Student Council '54, '56, Secretary '55 Girl Scouts '54, '55 '56 ' 7 Cheer Leader '55, Orchestra '55, '56, '57 Second Honor Team '55 First Honor Basketball Tear '56, '57 Advertlsing Manager l956 Ardsleyan Dramatic Club '57 MARGARET NILSSOH Senior Play '57 Ninstrel '55, '54 Honor Society 7 years Girl Scouts 5 years Junlor Play '54, '55, '56 Dramatic Club 2 years Assistant Editor 1956 Ardsleyan Cheer Leader DANIEL GEIS Junior Play '55 Senlor Play '57 Varsity Basketball '56, '57 Baseball '56, '57 Camera Club '5 Honor Society 4 years Class News Reoorter 4 years Sophomore Play '54 Junlor Play '56 Orchestra 4 years Ara leyan Art Edltor '56 Inter class Basketball '55, '56, Glrls' Shop Club '56 Art Editor for News '57 ANY JELSFORD Minstrel '55 Honor Soclety 4 years Junior Play '55, '55 Senior Play '57 Tyflst for Ardsleyan '56 Knitting Club '56 Secretary Outdoor Club '57 WIDDIAI DIGHPS Transferred from Provincetown High School, Provincetown, massachusetts Orchestra '57 Senior Play '57 " ' T X T '57 n ' , ' 'sv uv ' I e 1 ' .. A " , . '55 .z' ,S '54 1 l55, ' '55 ' . V, I D 5 '57 7 M - ars ' ' VERA MATHEMS Minstrel '55, '54 ERNA GROTH Senior Play '57 . '7 . O -I . 7 .. 157 ' 'ss . AA I h ni Q 1 157 W' ' a ' ' IJ T 6 ' I 'I . l ' '54 ' " K 'S ' 1157 GIFFORD ACKER Class Treasurer '54 Junior Play '56 Circulation Manager 1956 Ardsleyan Business Manager of Subscription Campaign '57 Orchestra 7 years Honor Society '52, '56, '57 Athletic Club '56 '57 Minstrel '54, '55 DAVID LONGHUIR Baseball '55, Class President '52 President Outdoor Club '56 Staee Manager, Senior Play '57 RODNEY FERGUSON Honor Society 8 years Third Degree '57 Vice-President Honor Society '57 J. V. Basketball '57 Orchestra '54, '55, '56, ' Class Vice President '55 Junlor Play '55, '56 Minstrel '54, '56 Senior Play '57 Art Manager Ardsleya Dramatic Club '56, '57 Track Team '55 Glee Club '57 Boy Scouts '5 '55, LOOK WHO S HERE 57 19 AIIDSLEY JUNIORA Egg gow: Laura Brown, Gertrude Koenig, Eleanor French, Rosina Paolucci, George Youmans, Wallace Perrin, David Geraghty. Second Bow: Lillian Lefurgy, Josephine Allen, Mildred Koenig, Lewis Travis, Anna Koccia, Catherine Xackenzie. Third Row: Willian Connors, Douglas Brown, Jack Aszmus, Patsey Furilla, Paul Seitz, Vincgwft Agnano . Fourth Bow: Paul Lingg, Marion Beitz, Lleanor Geraghty, Paul Storm, Gladys Slocum, Eugene Downey. . When September cane around and we neared the beginning of the third lap in our high school career, we entered the Junior A homeroom with Miss Clayton as our advisen At an early meeting we elected our class officers. Douglas Brown was elected president, Laura Brown, vice-president, Mildred Koenig, secretaryg and Paul Storm, treasurer. In the annual magazine campaign our class worked as hard as ever. To prove our skill we won the M5 prize for having the highest percentage of sales. Shortly after this we held two movies. These projects were to increase the size of our treasury. Then at the hone basketball games we sold candy which some of our girls made. Our class was represented by several athletes, both boys and girls who played very well on the basketball teams. Our girls won the inter-class banner for this yeah We are also well represented in tie Honor Society and the various clubs. Josephine Allen JUNIOR B Too Row: Anna Mary Hagopian, John Frischmann, Freda Mille, Moira Keane, John Swanston, Anthony Filomena, John Renda. Second Row: Aleta Reid, Nicholas Mantello, Ralph Santoro, Christina Grandolfi, Alvin Manchester, George Nilsson, Frank Gierczynski, Howard McCartney. r'1 'N lhird Row: Blanche Allen, Florence quick, Abbie Fritche, Edith Frischmann, Helen Lindauer, Catherine Casadonte. Fourth Row: Marjorie Conover, Isabel Ward, Phyllis Canptell, Clara Iacri. On September 4, the Junior E Class came hack to school wit? the nerory of the good times they had in the summer as well as with a great ambition to make this a better year than last. First cane the annual subscription carpa gn in which our class worked very diligently. Other enterprises have been a ca e sale and a movie. At an assembly in November we held the Freshman initiation. This was accomplished with the help of the Sophono e Class. The Frcsiren took their "punishment" like good sports. Our class is represented in the Girl Eco ts, Boy Scouts, and the orchestra. We have two of our members on the Girls' First Tonor Tean and six on the Second Honor Team. We have organized boys' and girls' inter-class tears. There are ten merbers of our class in the Honor Society. We wish to extend our greatest compliment to our class adviser, lr. Iorend, who has so patiently helped us through our second year in higl school. The class officers for the year were: President, Clara Xacrig Vice-President, Alvin Manchester, Secretary, Iarjorie Conoverg Treasurer, John Frischmann. Freda Ville 1937 AIIDSLEYAN soPHoMoRE Top Row: Warren Nemecek, William McHenry, Frank Pascone, Charles Duda, Constance-Zito . Second Egg: Gloria Canning, Howard Connors, Joseph Addorisio, Frank Morse, Viola Wilbur, Eargaret McHenry, James Mackenzie. Third Bow: Robert Morse, Angelina DeMichele, Anna Daley, Joseph beiardo, Bradford Stevens, Rose DeAst1s, Conchetta Eiele. At our first class meeting we elected the following class officers: Anna Daley, president, Joseph Addorisio, vice-presidentg Gloria Canning, secretaryg and Howard Connors, treasurer. Beginning the second term as we changed most of them, our officers are as follows: Janes Mackenzie, presidentg Anna Laley, vice-president: hose Dehstis, secretary, and Howard Connors, treastrer. The end of the subscription campaign found the sophomores high on the list as to number of subscriptions and as to the amount of money collected. As it was against the rules to win both of the five-dollar prizes, we had to be contented with only one. Frank Horse establisked a school record by obtaining thirty-one subscriptions. The boys and girls of our class formed inter-class teams, and although we did not gain laurels, we were hard fighting contenders for the crowns. Frank Pascone has made the varsity for the second year and proved to be an asset to the team. The Sophomores, coxbined with Junior B, put on a comedy movie which proved a financial success. Robert Morse . FRESHMEN Top Row: Harry Knies, Ralph DeNike, Shirley Conover, James Petrola, Spalding Warren, Antoinette Mantello, William Waddell. Second Row: Howard Frischmann, Robert Seitz, Wayman Davis, Nicholas Lancellotti, Carl Scharf,'U5seph Delmerico, Nicholas Juback, Monte Banister. Third Row: Gladys McCartney, Constance MacDiarmid, Marie Downey, Rosemarie Beet, Agnes-DeNardo, William Phillips, Ruth Cudney, Marianna Frischmann, Walter Lefurgy. Fourth Row: Clark, Ruth 5eFeo, Our class, an new comers to our work was all very John Groth, Walter Wimazal, Nicholas Maori, Ruth Gubler, Esmee Frank Petrola, Mary Addorisio, Fannie D'Angelo. exceptionally large one, is composed of thirty-three members. Two class are Rosemarie Beet and Monte Banister. The first term's interesti to us and we found ourselves much more inde endent na 9 P than when we were in grammar school. Projects, which we undertook this semester, have given us interesting and valuable experience. They consisted of a food sale and a Umovie.n In inter-class basketball we have won success. The Freshman boys won the inter- class championship, going through battle after battle undefeated. Although the girls have not been so fortunate, they will not give up. We have fifteen students in the Honor Society and two members of our class are in the Third Degree. Almost everyone in our class has obtained his honor award. William Phillips, our president, Marianna Frischmann, vice-president, Ruth Gubler, secretary, and Esmee Clark, treasuren have served us well. Marianna Frischmann 1937 AIIDSLEY HONOR SOCIETY At the flr t lC56 7 meet no tke Arc lev Ilfr Scrool honor Society tle follow ng were elected as offlcer adra Brown, pre ldent Rodney Ferguson, vlce pre lh6Ht, Ruth Gubler secret ry, rarnrar, aQVlSCP ine remalrlng merber of the Third Degree are hary Grandolfl, Alfred CTlS1, Tloma Iac , Vera atlews, Rosina laolucci, Anna Santore, and larianna lrlschrann Buplls, who have been members of the honor organlzatlon from one to five years, are ln the First Degree Those, in the SOCl6t5 for a longer perlod, constltute a Second Degree, and executive committee of ten members, selected by the Second Decree and tre teacher , makes up a lnlrd Degree The general requlrements to become a member are scholarshlo or effort, good attendance, good conduct, service and leadership 1 prevlous year , the organlzatlon agaln spon ored a banquet for the purpose of initiating new members Thls year the program was omewhat revised, and in place of a large banquet, as had been the custom, cereronies, sont , peeches, and ervinb of libht refreshment xas adopted The affalr too place 1U the hlbh school on December 19 Honorable W F Seely, who ha always been our toa t master, agaln COHSGHDGU to act in that capacltm prov1d'ng us, as usual, with many laughs and also wlth a brlef lnteresb ing talx Over forty new members pledged t aid their school in schol rshlp service C253 attendance C41 conduct KSU and W61COm1Hg stranfers, at the solemn and impre sive ceremony Tre surprise awards, presented every year to the teachers exhlbiting outstanding helpfulne s throughout the year were awarded to h1SS Constance Clayton and I Adeline Jewell It is our sincere wish that in the years to coma the Ard leg Honor Society wlll remain as an emblem of tne loyalty and serv1ce, we owe to our school Ardsley high Ruth Gubler The Second Degree Iembers are Edith Frlschmann, Christlna Grandolfi, Agnes Dehardo, Fannle D'Angelo, Vary Addorisio, Phyllis Campbell, Cather1ne Casadonte, Graham Bell, William Phillips, Gladys McCartney, John Renda, Angelina Paoluecl, Freda Wllle, Oliver Br nkerhoff, Hebert Julllerat, Jill1am,Casadonte, Clara hacrl, Gladys Ruth Cudney, Josephine Allen, hO1Ta Keane, Blanche Allen, Esmee Clark, Erna Groth, Anna Agnano, Howard Secor, Ruth DeFeo, John Frischmann, Dorothea EdW8TOS STUDENT COUNCIL At the b6OlHD ng of tle year the Student Councll befar to lLHCtlOU with Douglas Brown the presldent however, when the basletball ea on came along, Doug could no lo er f1ll the positlon as re wa the Pres dent of the Junlor Cla s and the Fantaln of the Basketball Tear, and slnce a nunil is re tricted t holdlng two major offlces, the vlce president auto ratlcally became the pre ident The set up of offlcers ra ther presidert, Iarg Grardolfi, X106 presldent, Douglas Brown, secretar , Anna Dale , treasuren Phyllis Campbell The first orobler laclnp the council was tie arranglng of asserblies for the year A tentative cheddle was made out for at lea t one assembly program eacl weel This year we have been ver, ucce ful in obtalning from New York Unlver lty three spealers who are to dlscus problems which are DuZZllDE some of us we al o trled to do sometnlng to le sen the hall traffic during classes and study halls PT6VlOUSly, anyone could leave the room by putting hls lnitlals on the board, but it was Q6C1d6d that e ch must asl per 1 slor before leavlnb tle roox The teachers, moreover, were not to grart p6TYiSSlOD unles lt as qulte necessary Fowever little thls may rave seered, it ha helped to leep people in their cla es and study halls " ' s u -5 . i c of ' ' - ' 1 A ls U i',- - ' o "'l ' ' 1 .1 li N . . S: P . . . T fs- . C- ' ' . ' 1 JJ Q J ' . 4' f - A ' .- 3 ' 7 ' A Q , O T . .. Q - - f-1-1 . a v mrs. A A . ill a C21 ' '.' . 4 s p ' , , , . . . . 1- u V I T U s d k A' 1 ' ' s 1 . , , , V X M W . 1. , ' S r " ' V7 ' f ' ' . Hrs. . . , ' A 1 . Y . . ' an s ' A. . 8 ' 0 . .L Q r f"' ' I ' -an s . - T" . ' ' . , A -Q v . Vg I n A. . . . r ' , As n ' S . ' . . A . 6 , , , , U . , V 1, g l 1 .4 - . . s . A i ' . A V - H a program of movies, initiation Slocum, Robert Seitz, Mlldred Koenig, fa is s s W ' - ' ' c b. s v ' . ' Jr . ' fs 1 1 1 - 4 A I I C s v ' s . + ' . M N- 4 1 - . l - . s . ' f D " ' V W 1 ,' Q .L A - - - 0 ' as ' . v s ss ' ' . I ' 'l ' Q s s ' , ' s' 1 . , ' - J V ' s . ' A v 1 S - ' I . ' s , Q 1 . A ' ' A A 'W s A , " V s o " I s - - , N - . s . ' , ' : v s .: . ' ' ' J ' L' ' " - " ' ' a , C m s ' . 1 . v v. -' 1- 1 . rn .1 .J - --0 A 1 V 0 ' J' ' 1. 1. . S ' W ' r. A ,. A I 5 A ' l " - .A g , . .. s 1 . s . " v ss ' . QI STUDEN T LEADERS lop Roy: Alfred Crisl, Seller Class iresldert, Third lefreeg Xury Grand lfi, Vice-presidert of Senior Class, President of Student Council, Third Uefreeg Ruth Gubler, Secretart-Treasurer of Honor Society, Third Degree, Vera Katbews, Third Degree, Rosina Paolucci, Third Degree, Anna Santoro, Third Degree, Marianna Frisehmann, Vice-president of Freshrar Class, Third Degree, Rodney Ferguson, Vice- president of Honor Society, Third Lefreeg Anna Lalef, Vice-presideit of Sopromore Class, Secretary of Student Connelly Phyllis Cogftell, Qreasmrer of Ltuoert Council. Second Boy: Charles Benedict, President of Seventl Grade, Presioert of Junior Student Couneilg Laura Drown, Presidert of Honor Society, Viee-president of Junior I I T Class, Third Degree, Douglas Lrown, Student Council, Margaret Hellen Cheer Grandolfi, Cheer Leader, Catherine Vac Junior B, Alvin Manchester, Vice-presi Sophomore Class. Leader, Junior Class, Iice-president of Presloent of ,ache gllen, Cheer Leader, Ckristina kenzie, Cheer Leaderg Clara Maori, fresident of bent of Junior D5 Janes Mackenzie, Lresident of Third Rev: Williax Phillies, President of Ireshxan Classg Anjelina kaelucei, President offrade CT, Graliexi Fell, Vice-fresident of Grade TC, Fred '.'.'Ll'w,gr, Vice- president of Grace 83, Alice Lutz, President of Graue LL, Ruth Daley, Tice-jresident of Grade 73 Anne KcCornaek, Bresident of Grace CF, Iicbael Ioviello, Vice- president of Grade GF3 Lvelyn Brown, Presidert of Grade GC, Lil? Cutler, Yiee- president of Grade SC. Eeurtl 333: James Deslel, President ef Grade 53 Dorothea ?risei:a::,Vice- president of Grade Eg Priscilla Howe, ?res-lent of Grade 4253 Stojlon Gerlin, Vice-president of Grade 4255 John Hackett, President of Grade ejdg Zarlara Beice, Vice-president of Grade 4Edg Georfe Edelxanr, President of Grade 5, Joan Lillen, Vice-president of Grade 3. M 1937 Our membership includes graduates AIIDSLEVA ALUMNI To the magorlty of high school graduates, the high school alumni are a matter of small concern until about three or four years after graduation Durlng thls period the graduate is deeply involved in orienting himself to his new fields of endeavor But having set hls cour e, he looks back to note what others have been doing Longings for the old acquaintances of high school days are felt and often a desire to do sometrlng for the future graduates truly worthwhile alu ni association can greatly alleviate the difficulties facing future graduates by passing on to them their own experience Ardsley Alu nl Association of Ardsley High School who have gone out to achieve the goal of economic indepen dence From their experiences, those who follow can learn much about getting started Everyone of the members would gladly assist the graduate in this way Alumni members are well qualified to assist the graduate in solving these problems You know these people and their background and can compare your own qualifications with those of the person from whom you seek advice to estimate your own ability to follow his example Further, they have just accomplished that which the graduate of this year is about to undertake, namely, a start on the road to economic independence Colleges offer scholarships but it requires more than a bold request to obtain one Only those well advised know the steps to obtaln this assistance This is equally true in regard to assls tance in the professional post graduate or business school Ask some alumni member to give you accurate and complete lnforration The prospective high school graduate should plan as early aspossible the program he intends to follow upon graduatlon In making these plans, an experienced alumnus can spare the graduate endless searching and letter writing if he will but present his problem to him The Alumni Association has experienced healthy rebirth f enthusiastic support In the chronology to follow will be found some of tre high lights in the past year's act1v1ties May 12, 1956 John J Geraghty was elected presldent, Thomas Moccia, vice presldent, kay Berthelson, treasurer, an Westerfield, secretary Emma May 51, 1056 The members the association and congenial guests enjoyed a real old their group, numbering about 40 persons, played, sang and made merry with frequent pauses to enjoy the food supplied by the glrls and the 'Nectar of the Gods, supplied by the boys June 19, enjoyed by October 2, successful January 8, 1956 all 1956 party 1957 The successful senior reception was held and The fall season was opened by a moderately at the Rustic Lodge The Alumni banquet was held at the Farms Evening dress was displayed at its best Merriment and good fellowship marked the highly successful evening In addition to the above, the association engoyed Thursday evening athletic sessions with Mr Kenneth Brown as the guiding genius We now have under consideration for next year the reorganization of the dancing class, a fashion show and a college scholarship committee We believe that despite chronic relapses and suppressed groans, induced by growing pains, we are gradually coming of age and we are looking forward to a life of substantial service to our members and our successors John J Geraghty, President Emma F Westerfield, Secretary Grace K. Woodruif . . a O 1 il' , A . ' d A . V . of This goal we hope to achieve in the fashioned picnic at Morgan's Field. The f I - n . xQ:5 1937i AIIDSLEV GRADE EIGHT Tog How: Charles Wheeler, Kathryn Baker, Douglas French, Louis Filomena, Doris Bachant, Anna Agnano, Alfreda Groth, Anna Drinkerhoff, Herbert Travis, Thomas Geraghty, Edward DeNike. Qecond Row: Charles Aszmus, Laurette McGinn, secretary-treasurer, both terms, Paul Nelson, Evelyn Eaton, Robert Juillerat, Richard Hader, Angelina Paolucci, vice- president, lst term, president, 2nd term, Wallace Sabin, Dorothea Edwards, Joseph Pavone. . Third Row: William Casadonte, Forrest Daulieu, Oliver Brinkerhoff, Doris Ferguson, Anna Anselmo, Richard Pearce, Douglas Kchirgan, Louis Caporale, Livio Crist Graham Bell, president, lst term, vice-president, 2nd term. Fourth Row: Vincent Mantello, Nicholas Scallero, John Daran, Mike Spano, Howard Secor, Richard-Roth, George Hauptmann, Sarah Pascone, June Eisenhauer, Joe Belarge. Fifth gow: Chester Noviello, Fred Wilbur, George Duryea, Carmine Palermo, Bessie Noviello, James Knoesel, Marie Belarge, Alice Lutz, Dominick Spano. In September the Eighth Grade of l957, composed of about fifty pupils, eagerly started the year's work which would carry them to their goal. During the year we have discovered much talent among our pupils. Some, turning to music, joined the Junior Chorus and School Orchestra. Among our class activities were a play, entitled the "Ghost Hunters," a food sale, and a Parents' Day Program. Our class also boasts of Girl and Boy Scouts who dutifully do their daily good deed. The Winning of the grade track meet was another victory to be added to our list of accomplishments, and as a Baker, gave us a Christmas Last, but by no means success of the year tc his Weep, and Miss Bell who so pupil in the elementary sch reward for all our achievements, our class mother, Mrs. party which we enjoyed very much. least, each member of the Eighth Grade feels he owes the and inspiring teachers, Mr. Thomas, Miss him throughout the year to the day every faithful loyal 3 l J patiently guided ool has anticipated--Graduation Day. Angelina Paoluoci Q- A N ,J Rv GRADE SEVEN Too Row: Rose Grandolfi, Angelina DeAstis, Polly Ruprecht, Mary Dehardo, Robert-Tohhson, Frances Lefurjy, Josephine Uillt, Veronica Brown, Eleanor Immediate, Carmine Pascone, Martha Puig. Second Row: George Knies, Edgar Jewell, Anita Heller, Secretary-Treasurer lst termg Irwin ingleman, Theresa Dedardo, John Venners, Molly Deieo, Tessie Maori, Margaret Santore, Charles Benedict, Presidentg Theodore Marquis. Third Row: William Ueylan, Keta Scharf, Michael Moccia, Wallace Hay, Joseph Dunbar, Jahes McGinn, John Holscher, David Xontarali, Frances Renda, Andrew Ferranto, Loren Auld, Doris Duda, Secretary-Treasurer 2nd term. Fourth Row: Theodore Knoesel, Alfred Collier, Filonena Lancellotti, Viola Dehuro, 3ean-VanDusen, Betty Moretti, hathleen Gorman, Anna Staffiero, Ruth Daley, vice-presidentg Lois Eanister, Howard Eaton. Our class began the year with thirty-nine ounils It was later reinforced b . , A A- . - - cy eight new ones. We have had several class activities durinj the past year. Cne of the first things we did was to put on a play entitled Ufhe First Puritan Christmas.u After finishing the play, we held a Christmas party. In January we gave the play again in honor of Parents' Day. During the past year different groups have been visiting Charles Benedict's museum. The boys and girls of our class take great pleasure in sports. The track meet was held last October. Although we did not win, we came in second. We also had good fun in playing basketball the first half of the year. In sewing the girls have made pajamas and summer dresses. In shoe the bovs have made such articles as matchboxes, bookends, stools, ashtrays, and tables. Lois Ann Banister 1 Wi WN AIIDSLEV GRADE SIX F' ggp Row: Thomas Pasquale, Treasurer, Mary C'Erien, Xerle Kreutz, Frank Yozzo, Secre ary'lEt termg Daniel Filomena, Joseph Zangari, Madeline DeRosa. Second Row: Mike Noviello, Vice-President 2nd term, Gregory Hagopian, President lst term, IEWrence Brown, Martin Engleman, Francis Kuldoon, Secretary 2nd termg William Nemecek, Victoria DeNardo, Angelo Costantini, James Fiore. Third Row: Dorothy Hadad, Otto Agnano, Ida DeAstis, Adolph Groth, Peter FriscEEann,"Howard Sabin, Helen DeMuro, Janice Fritche, Marion Phillips, Vice- President lst term. Fourth Egg: John Palermo, Dominick Lancellotti, Robert Anderson, Arthur Hackett, Robert Leader, Andrew Reid, Anne McCormack, President 2nd term, Nancy Wilbun Annabelle Hogan. Activities Ardsley High,School News Campaign--ll5 paid yearly subscriptions and several weekly subscriptions. Red Cross--1003 enrollment in Junior Red Cross. Donations brought for Dobbs Ferry Hospital at Thanksgiving time, 34 pieces. Christmas work for Old People's Home at East View--40 scrap books--24 tray favors. Money collected for flood relief, 55.51. Programs Parents' Day in November--6G and 6F joined in program. Our part was a summary of our geography work on South America. Assembly Program and Parents' Day in April. Pageant--nParade of the Nationsn summarizing geography work on Europe and colonial possessions. Honors 15 members of Honor Society 87 earned honors on mid-year exams. 19 had perfect attendance to January first. GRADE SIX C To Row: John Ferris, William Kilpatrick, Domenica Arone, Evelyn Brown, Michele Anselmo, Dominick Furilla, Dorothy Quick. Second Row: Elinor MacLeod, James Rogers, Emerson Virden, Helen O'Grady, Margaret Contant, Emma Geis, Edna Wheeler, Arthur McCartney. Third Row: Charles Egloff, George Brinkerhoff, Mary McCormack, Jessie Xarzella, Mary DeFeo, Lucille Bell, Roger Youmans, Ned Boice, Joseph Yokelson. Fourth Row: Thomas Deluro, Mary Marzella, Lily Gubler, Charles VanBrunt, Irving McCartney, Florence Deastis, Antoinette Mantello, James Ferguson, Frank Scallero. Sept. 8 School opened and we made an eager start with our studies. Class officers elected and Class Council formed. Oct. 29 We held a Halloween Costume Party. Prizes were awarded to Mary McCormack for the prettiest costume and George Brinkerhoff for the funniest. Nov. 20 We joined 6F to give a Mothers' Tea and entertainment. Dec. 9 We made a trip to the Telephone Exchange in Dobbs Ferry to help us understand communication. Dec. 21 Second term officers elected. March 5 We gave a "Mexican Tea" for our liot' H GTS. 1937 AIIDSLEY GRADE FIVE Top 523: Mary D'Angelo, Richard Allen, Gordon Kreutz, Andrew Noe, Doris Munck, Marion Cimino, Warren Brown, Beatrice Schmidt. Second Row: George Furilla, Pauline Lutz, Evelyn Brown, Augustine Zangari, Robert Ferris,-James Deshel, Earl Johnson, Robert Blouin, Dominick DeAstis. Third Row: Mildred Delmerico, Dorothea Frischmann, Joan Scudder, Donald Thomas, John Wright,-Tillian Groth, LeRoy Aitken, Philip Lutz. Fourth Row: Rosina Mantello, Robert Cudney, Mary Paolucci, Mary Walsh, John Caporale, Pierre Youmans, Geraldine Gorman, George Spanc, Hargaret Ranieri. Our class has been doing some interesting work this year. When studying the Vikings, we made booklets about them. Our general topic in geography for the year is "The Six Needs of Elan." We're collecting pictures about them now. The farm the boys are making in stop is a year round project. In the Grade Track Meet for 1956-57 our grace won. ln October Kiss Tryon gave us a Halloween party. It was very nice. We also made some form books. They contained the old form and the new. William Groth brought a praying mantis cocoon to the classroom in the fall. It hatched in January. Each one in the class has made a map that has something to do with food. Since we are studying the Middle Ages in history we are building a castle. James Deshel is our class president. Dorothea Frisckmann is our vice-president. Joan Scudder, Class Secretary We made four Christmas scrap books to go to the children in the hospital. We saved tin foil to send to an organization which is saving it for a leper colony we are also saving stamps for the people in the hospitals. !We packed sixteen Christmas boxes to go to far away lands. And we helped collect tes which our school raised for the flood relief. Geraldine Gorman, Junior Red Cross Secretary cr! GRADE FOUR ED To Row: Joseph Palermo, Dorothy Wheeler, Barbara Eoice, Frank Clark, Laurel Struciman, Knthony Moretti, Beatrice Caporale, Jack Hackett. Second Row: Walter Egloff, Warren Baulieu, Gustav Groth, Frances Erickson, Joseph Frischmann, Ethel Yottes, Mary Lou Heylon, Marie Mangles. Third Row: Claire Speicher, Rose Perillo, Mary Lou Uilmoth, Victoria Ferranto, George QuicE, Ruthven Virden, Virginia Secor, Xarion Wright. Fourth Row: Allison Reid, Christopher DeFeo, Edith Aitken, Gerard Travis, Thomas Wharmby, Doris Park, Rocco Ferranto, Nettie Cimino, Ralph Pearce. .4 We are thirty-four in number. Class officers are Jack Hackett, president, Barbara Boice, vice-president. The class mother, Lrs. Herbert Travis, and her com ittee gave a tea in our classroom. Twenty-five parents were present. Dorothy Wheeler and Gerard Travis were our captains in the Junior Track Leet. We were glad we held second place. Joseph Frischmann led our yells and cheers. The American Legion gave us a flag for having the largest number of parents out at the Armistice Day Program. Eleven of our class have had perfect attendance so far this year, and the whole class is working together so we won't have a tardiness or an illegal absence. Frank Clark won a door prize at the Freshman Movies. It was a bowl of gold fish He gave it to our room. 1937. AIIDSLEYAN GRADE FOUR EG To Row: Mary Ann Cimino, Inga Belsher, Lillian Hadad, Stanley Benedict, Frank Spindler, Barbara Horend, Anna Fatone, Ruth Agnano. Second Row: Raymond Pearce, Priscilla Howe, Charles Duryea, William Walsh, Richard Dunbar. Third Row: Edith Holscher, William Blasberg, Frank Conover, Betty Hatfield, Esther DeHardo, Renee Ranieri, William Borchers, Jean McGregor, Eugene Grandolfi. Fourth Row: Florence Contant, Jacqueline DeAstis, Lila MacLeod, June Brinkerhoff, Anna Montaruli, Stephen Gemelin, Augustine Filomena, William King. Three new members have been welcomed to our class this year, making our enrollment swell to 50. We have had no illegal absences and several perfect attendances. Our play, "Polly Patchwork," was successfully given for Assembly and Mothers' Meeting in November. Under the leadership of our Grade Mother, Mrs. Wm. Blasberg, and her committee, a pleasant time was had at the Mothers' tea, and the grade Halloween party. We also enjoyed our Christmas and Valentine parties. We have taken an imaginary trip around the world, stopping at many places of interest, and have portrayed major ones in our sand table. We are grateful to the P. T. A. for our prize money from which have come a world H ll globe, a delightful book called "Gay Pippo," and an aquarium. One of our pop-eye fish has been nicknamed "Eddie Cantor." Z' , GRADE TH REE Too Row: Kenneth Hauptmann, George Edelmann, comix Lisenhuucr, Gloria pelmcrlco, Patricia Townsend, Richard Smltl, John Ferywgow. Second Row: Francie Ioung, Herrin Ladnf, Angelo Ltafjlvro, Mruce Mannuccla, John Delmerlco, Harold Carpenter, Geor5e Leekan, LaLherige ZanQari. Thiri Row: Sarah Narzella, Cllliag La- Q, -ori' Pearce, Qlgl Qaab, Q Lcd ilmbel, HieharQ juchs, lraneis Lclormaok, Jean TanLrunt, Charles -eXilo. Fourth How: Prudenec Uupgcn Jean Llllon Loninlck Eelnr e lClOH irown I I X, 1 I norraine Uilbwr, Christian Muller, John Eapovltch, Alexander Keio, Alfred Lnlermo. In the fall, thirty-four pupils entered our grace. The class officers are: president, George Ecelnunng vice-Uresident, Joan Llllong and class rother, Yrs. fuller. Je have had very QDDQ attencmnce thls year an, won tLe attendance cuj in December. He have won the .. Q. 1 prize twice ills yelrg tLe last :ine we were treeted to the I. N. A. tirtkiej cake Q41 cocoa, ln jeeQrapkj class we male Exeter ani enfojeg atln5 it on crackers. He look fcrwerQ tc sur science alas: with Kr. Orend each Friday. 93 AIIDSLEY GRADE Tvvo To Row: Peter Dneriok, Elinor Speicher, John Cimino, Joseph Petruzzi, George Papov teh, Caroline Stohr, George McCormack, Frances Hannariello, John Crisi, Bernice Boice, Robert Fuchs. Second Row: Teddy Ruprecht, Constance Smith, Iorotky Venners, Robert Arone, Teddy Schmidt, Josegh Calace-Iottola, Iartin Leader, Robert Hadad, diehard Heller, Eiagio LeAstis. Third How: Carl Kontaruli, Hilliai Hauptnann, James Seudder, Killian Keehan, William Lefurgy, Doris Yokelson, Edwin Leone, lasil Spano, Elinor Stevens. Fourth Row: Marie Eoretti, Robert Carpenter, Agnes Arone, Richard Chila, Howard Dixon, John Denocha, Gerald Maloney, Jean Deluro, Ldelgard Jantzen, Ruth Darin Fifth Row: John Philip Cimino, Car1ine Xotilia, Vito Ferranto, Robert Duryea, Louis Pascone, Rhoda Damm, Robert Immediate. Grade Two is filled to its very door With as lively and HlDGDA3f,'H a crew Cf wide awake boys and merry girls, As you and I, ever knew. They haven't won many banners or pups, But they're learning the lessons of living: That there is joy to be found, in doing what's right, And reward, in working and giving. all 5-'. Q GRADE ONE Too Row: Willard Benedict, Ellen McCormack, lan Lorimer, David Knies, John Hogan, Florence LeFeo, Catherine Quick, Elizabeth Nielsen Drendel, David , Ann Borchers. Second Row: Donald Fatone, Diane Horend, Joan Dmerick, Virginia Lytle, Mary Mantello, Christian Eeringer, James fright, Henry Groth, Geraldine Drown, Donald Brown. Third Row: Virginia Macdonald, Lester Macheod, Umberto Paoluoci, Steven Pannick, William Marquis, Jean DeLuca, Crane Hackett, Evelyn Kamke, Pauline DeAstis, Richard Nolan, Alfred Costantini. Fourth Row: James Rudolph, Nicholas Delarfe, Jennie Renda, Frances Mannuccia, Roy Iannariello, Arthur Egloff, Louis Addorisio, Alberta Holscher, Robert Vanbusen, Marianne Meier, Ldgar Bunch. Absent: Grace Dehlen. We played store. We had Halloween and Christmas parties. He made blotters for presents. Santa Claus did not forget us. Our Doll Show was successful. He made valentines to mail in our own Post Cffice. He have collected a number of things for our museum. Hr. Horend's turtle visited us. Before school closes we expect to have a Toy Pet Show and a play called, ,UThe Magic Flower.H Perhaps another party may come our way--we hope so anyway! x 1937 AIIDSLEV PRIMARY Top Row: Xartin Erickson, Priscilla Kaihofer, gorlxiok Fatzne, JoLn Jones, Tito Pasquale, Gerard Haiad, Lilly Cool, Jaan Ijrne. second Sow: Joan Lutz, Jane gcharf, Ihoras Liikvr, Laney Jane Lchultz, Lariara Slaybaugh, Robert itrachan, Lorraine Ijnon, iutl Ferris, Xargarei Ioaxj. Ihird How: Jean Thopas, Lillian zagovitch, Frank Liseikauer, Tictor Arone, ann Ferguson, Joanne Groth, Lossie Eannick, Thomas quicl, George EaQge, Fourti How: Virginia Grurdolfl, Ceral? Eerilic, Rtloif Iuller, Lonald Ltrucknan, Leo Waliace Hennessy, Lichacl Jilrcth, Ja G: Horend, Juliws aflojf. Houses, apartment: ana corzmrity life were our first interests of tye year. -0 bmilt a plaghouse that We Colle get into otrselves and witi snail blocks we made Ardsley Nillafe. 'Ne Lad a Halloween jarty. TQen,of course, we erQoyed a Christmas tree and a Christmas show after WLLCY santa care with his presents. All our 1:tQers caze to :ec the Little Elack Sarbo sLov but the tigers iii:'t really frigltsn tlex. Selections were also played bj our rljtlr lard an! sore of the nursery rgyres were sur, and drafatizef by different rt Bali of tLe class. Ne made silhouettes of ouyaclwns for .other ard Laidy for Christmas along with pin cuslions and telejEvno Fovk Oovwrf. Che silrouetves more fun to make ans really lookeo like us. Mow we are beginnini to read and most of us can Hrite our nares. Next we are going to learn to write our ruuioxs. AIIDSLEYAN GIRLS BASKETBALL Front Row: Moira Keane, Mildred Koenig, Catherine Kackenzie. Helen Lindauer, Laura Brown, Eleanor French, Margaret Hellel, Viola Wilbur. Second Row: Fannie D'Angelo, Connie MacDiarmid, Clara Maori, Christina Grandolfi, Angelina DeMichele, Isabel Ward, Edith. Frischmann, Margaret YcHenry, Phyllis Campbell, Mary Grandolfi, manager. Absent: First Honor Team, Gladys Slocum, Second Honor Team, Anna Mary Hagopian. The 1937 Basketball season closed another successful campaign for the girls of Ardsley High School. The First Honor Team won four games and lost one. The Second Honor Team established a record for themselves going through the season undefeated winning four straight games. The group of girls pictured above played inter-class and inter-squad games throughout the Winter months and were outstanding enough to represent Ardsley in inter-school competition. Cooperation, good sportsmanship, the desire to play clean and hard were the dominating factors which enabled this team to climax another successful basketball season. BASEBALL Spring practice began on March l6 after an organization meeting on March 15. Thirty-four candidates reported for the spring work-out in the Ngymu which included Frank Pascone, Douglas Brown, Patsey Agnano, Vincent Agnano, Nicky Mantello, Joe DeNardo, Patsey Furilla, David Longruir, Danny Geis, Charles Swanston, Willie Connors from last year's team. As this book goes to press, the spirit and enthusiasm are running high and all indications point towards a successful season. Here's good luck! BOYS BASKETBALL Front Bow: Patsey Furilla, Vincent Agnano, Douglas Brown, Frank Pascone, William Connors. Back Row: Manager Alfred Crisi, Daniel Gels, David Geraghty, Coach Horend. After a mild defeat at the hands of the alumni, Ardsley reversed the tables by beating Groton, a new team in the league. However, lacking Vince Agnano, a veteran guard, the team dropped the next two games with Irvington and Hendrick Hudson Dobbs Ferry, Greenburgh, and Elmsford were successfully defeated, at the half mark in the league Ardsley was tied for first place. The break came when Groton set us back 20 to l7. The next two games were thrilling, trailing 12-4 at the quarter and 16-15 at the half, Ardsley came through to win from Irvington 54-27 in a scrappy fight. The game at Hendrick Hudson was won by a shade of the timekeeper's watch, Ardsley's 17-7 lead at the half was sliced to one point as the final whistle blew amid wild cries and threats. Although we again beat Dobbs Ferry handily, our championship hopes were shattered by Greenburgh. In order to insure second placa we trim ed Elmsford and thus closed our 1957 Greenburgh League. In the league the team lost only four games, three games by 4 points and the other by 5 points. Leading Ardsley's offensive onslaught was Frank Pascone, who distinguished himself with various shots, by rolling up lOO points. Doug Brown, in his last league season, proved that one-handed tosses were good for 97 points, Bill Connors' consistent type of game netted him 55 points, while Vince Agnano's timely long shots figured well for his 44 points, and Pat Furilla, with his follow ups" and pivot shots, had 45 points. Moreover, the team was able to keep its opponents in close check by Lb. Horend's well-coordinated zone defense. The team entered the County Center Invitation Tournament but lost the first game to Horace Greely, after a brilliant display of ball playing. Alfred Crisi 1937 AIIDSLEV GIRLS lNTER'CLASS Front Row: Xildred Koenig, Josephine Allen, Eleanor French. Second Row: Rosina Paolucci, Laura Brown, Catherine Mackenzie. This group represents the Junior A Class Champions of the Girls' Inter-class League. They likewise established a record winning five games to go through the season undefeated High scorer for the season went to Laura Brown with 57 points and Viola Wilbur second with 56 points. With the Eighth Grade in the league this year the schedule was interesting all the way through and the games were attended by many students each afternoon. These girls have one more year of basketball competition and should do very well before they end their high school basketball career. Ken Brown, Coach FIIAL 5TajDlNG OF GIRLS' INTER-CLASS LEAGUE Class Games Won Lost Pero. Class Games Won Lost Pero. Junior A 5 5 0 l.000 Eighth Grade 5 l 4 4.200 Junior B 5 4 l .800 Seniors 5 l 4 4.200 Sophomore 5 5 2 .600 Freshmen 5 l 4 4.200 BOYS INTER-CLASS First Row: Hayman Davis, Janes Eetrola, Jillian Phillips. Second Row: Howard Frischmann, Iicholas Lancellotti, Ralph Delike, Nicholas Maori. Karch S, 1957. The Freshman Boys proclaimed Inter-class Champions. For the first time in the history of our inter-class league the Freshman Class won tfe inter-class banner. Their record was impressive, indeed, for they went throrgh the schedvle undefeated, winning five straight gates. High scorer for the season went to Rodney Ferguson, Senior Tear, with 44 points. Second place went to Nick Macri, Freshman, with S4 points. Vuch credit should go to this class for their fine record, for the competition was strong and keen, not alone from the upper c'asse:, but also fro: tie newly admitted eighth grade. Sincere hope is exjressed that they go far in tkeir uzsettall careers. F1154 Sf-Q4IYG t- -,glH-,last LLAZKL Class Games Won Lost Pero. Class Games Won Lost Pere. Freshmen 5 5 C l.CCC Junior A 5 2 S .400 Seniors 5 4 l .ICQ Sophomore 3 l 4 .ZCO Eighth Grade 5 S 2 .SOC Junior E 5 C S .CLC 1937 AIIDSLEYAN JULIOR CHORUS NOT S The Junior Chorus started the new year wlth Kiss Russell bacl agaln to carry on as our director The chorus, which cons sts of an unusually larbe gromp, has proved to be very talented Officers, who have carried on falthfully throughout the year are Laurette McGinn, president, Dorothea Edwards, Ruth Daley, llbrarians, and Angellna Paolucci, reporter Our first public appearance this year was at the Armistice Day Program, November 10 Later in the year we again entertained the people of Ardsley by singing at the annual spring concert Among the songs we have learned durlng the year are uDance Ye Gypsles my Johannes Brahms, 'Aloha by Ioane Kawel , "The N11 ee ' W E Nlles, "There are Fairies Dancing on the Lawnn by J S Zamecnik, nCradle Song by Johanne Brahms, Song of the Danube by Johann Strauss and Emblem of Liber y Fr von Suppe As we progress, we hope to study three part slnging to make our worl more interesting As the year draws to a close the Junlor Chorus feels it has had a successful year and that it has irproved greatly With sucn a patient and W1l11Hg teacher, as Miss Russell, it could not help but succeed Angelina Paolucci BOYS' OULDOOR CLUB The Outdoor Club was reoroanized for the 1956 and 1957 term on October 9, 1936 The same Olf1CGPS as those Ol last year were elected Eighteen members were present at this meeting Our first activlty was target shooting to determine our best snot The wlnner was lalter Wimazal On November ll, several boys spent the day at hr Qllliman's cabln Another trip up the Mohawk Trail is being planned This will be an overnight trip as we wish to go up through Vermont and New Hampshlre Winfred Lefurgy, Secretary CAAERA CLUB With good weather ahead, the camera club's activities are expected to expand We intend to exchange ideas and v1s1ts with the camera club of Dobbs Ferry High School Recently we took some portrait pictures of a few of our members Mr Duke explained that since an ordinary lens will not take such a close up picture, it is necessary to use a special lens that is made for such use We plan to do more of this type of work Thomas Mack , -Q X 1- A IL I' ' r . . i N x . : .I . . , . , . . . - - n- , 1 : I il ' , I ' O m 1 Wh 1 by '. . 1 , - . . ' s ll 11 T1 ll t by . . . , r . ' J I o rn' ' IT I . 0 - rw , , . . . Y' . A I 0 LJ . I ,M . . X- ' w A U . . O . . l . SOCIAL V'JB This year the social Club ad elg teen e ber The following offlcors were elected President, Abbie FTltCh6 and Secretary, Iarie Downey Mr Horend and Mr ann were adviser Durlng some meetlngs we danced, while at others ann read varlous rules of etiquette Ir Horerd tau rt some of the boys to play chess Just now we are making plan for a soclal whlch is to be held in April The whole school is invited to this affalr Abbie Fritche GIRLS' OU DOOR CLUB Elght girls under the direction of 'is Happood formed the Glrls' Outdoor Club Durlng the year ve have played tennls and olng pong, had a hot dog roast and enjoyed hlkes over the countryside In the new members In the qulte a few At the spring we are plannlng to take up hor eoack ridlng he will welcome any who would be irterested 1n such sport Amy Welsford SENIOR GLLL CLUB beginnln, of the year, when the varlou clubs were formed, there were who thougmt they would lile to form a Glee Club flrst meetlng in the a sembly, about twenty puplls were present As time went on, new members joined and now we have twenty four There are about fourteen sopranos, seven altos, and three bassos At flrst we san sonvs fro our c ool song bool When we became accustomed to the three part slnL'ng, we oota'ned our flr t real books we have made one ntolic appearance He also sang at an asse1bly in the earlier wart of the year Now ve are getting ready to slng at the Orchestra Concert in May e wlsn to emtemd our compliments to our leader, Miss Russell, who, with such patience, has helped us develop the first Senior Glee Club of Ardsley High School Freda Wille riser Nlss F C Rue DRA ATI? CLUB President Howard Auld A Vl er 1 s G Robble Secretary Margaret Heller The Dranatlc Club got olf to a flne start this year and im ediately after organizatlon con.onced rehcar al on short these productions dld not pre ent itself, at rehearsals The members ol the club H Girl and were greatly The club, nov the play for assembly or basketball season rade plays Although an opportunity to show a lot of engoyment was had by the members went as a group to see the play "Boy Meets amused a few play books, hopes to put on either a plays some night or both Although the meetings few and far between,the few that we did have, proved oroud possessor of a group of one act lntere ting with the able and wllling assistance of Miss Buell and Piss Robbie we hope to put somethlng on for your beneflt in the near future Howard Auld 9 ' J.: V' - ' ' ' ' - 1 ' 1 o H '71 . I1 If. S . - ' - 7 .. . ' 1 -A X 0 A - 0 ,. . . - I -V -1 L., S , , MI' . in - 1 ,,. 1 , . , , ,J l . . S ' . . . 1 FW' 4 l , , . . ' - n. S J c ' Y 1 ' . YT 1 ' 4 . . U . . U LJ I I ' , . S . f . 1 1 . . ., at . 6 -3 A A L7 ' . 1 - , JA . A a S . c ' s : A ,. ., 1 , ' . 41 L, M ul S AI I 4.5 . A ' 'fl " ' .L " S n U- , - 1. v. 5 . "' L M , 1 A 1 1 0 ' ' u v'r ' v . , ll I n A . ' ' o . .- Y Ad'-- r--- . -. J. , ll wh I -- . -, . vf : y d S --m S A. . -- . . .I ,, . L. 'TT S . . N . A .1 4- . . . . . . '. 1 V , - . rv A . L . - S 'T , A U ... 1' A .. . , n 1 AIIDSLEY BOY SCOUTS We, the Boy Scouts of Troop Three, have had a most successful and busy scouting. Several new members have joined our ranks and a new patrol has been June-July--Ten scouts attend Camp Wiccoppee. September--Mr. W. H. Mann is elected Scoutmaster. October--The Senior Patrol forms its own troop. First Court of Awards Hastings. November--Boy Scouts participate in Hendrick Hudson Council Circus held Peekskill Armory. year in formed. held at in the December--Boys of Troop Ill collect money, a Christmas Fund to be given to disabled veterans at the Kingsbridge Hospital. January--Scout Auxiliary Troop is formed. Boy Scouts hold Card and Game party. February--Ten scouts advance a rank after being examined by the Board of Boys attend Court of Awards at Dobbs Ferry. The annual Father and Son Dinner on Washington's Birthday at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. March--Assistant Scoutmaster Wesley Brown conducts a week-end camping Camp Siwanoy. April--We hold our yearly Scout Circus. We expect an unprecedented enrollment of scouts at camp this summer. Paul Review. is held trip to Seitz GIRL SCOUTS TRQCP I TRCOP II Miss Alice Woodruff Captain Mrs. Kenneth H. Brown Dorothea Edwards Kathryn Baker .Q 1 Eleanor irmnediatfi, Laureate Lzccinn Pttrol 16896105 Laura Brown Josephine Willt Secretary Margaret Nilsson Evelyn Brown Treasurer Marion Seitz HIGL SECIS OF Til YEAR Every three months Troop I goes to New York to visit the Scout Shop. A cookie sale has helped to increase the enthusiasm and funds of both troops. Many friends have offered to instruct the scouts in merit badge courses. The Troop Committee has offered a week at Girl Scout Camp Rockhill to the scout who makes the best record this year. The scouts will honor the aenorycf Hrs. Mary E. T. Quimby by placing a Girl Scout marker on her grave at Mt. Hope Cemetery on Mehorial Day. Dorothea Edwards In the early fall the troop enjoyed an evening supper-hike to the Boy Scout Cabin. Monthly socials are held at scouts' homes. Two girls act as hostesses each evening. Weekly lessons in swimming and life avi are iven at the White S P S Plains HYTQ On the Sunday before Christmas, the Scouts made their annual visit to cheer the disabled veterans at Hospital Sl and delivered the nSunshine Bagsn they had made for the "boys," Gloria Canning expects to qualify by fall for the Golden Eaglet badge, the highest Girl Scout honor, and the first to be earned in Ardsley. Margaret Nilsson, Secretary 137 ARDSLEV CH RONOLOGY September 8 Refreshed and vlgorous groups of students wend their way merrllv to school after havln had a summer of fun and Hbrain rustlng Excitement lurked everywhere,but at nine o'clock the corrldors were deserted and all pupils resigned themselves to a year of hard, successful labor September 19 Never was there such keen enthusiasm at the beglnning the SUbSCTipt1On campaign Students, delighted with the prizes, speed on to gather all the possible and perhaps some impossible subscriptions A large chart, with boys and girls drinking sodas representing each class, is put up on the bulletin board, and at each sale the soda in the straw rises October 2 Surprise' The sub scription campaign ends today with the highest amount ever acquired After holding out unt1l the very last day, the Junior A soda along wlth that of the Sophomore begins to overflow Both classes are awarded the money prizes October 9 The continuation of the clubs, begun last year, is resumed, with the addltion of several new clubs under consideration Announcement is made that last year's P T A sponsors a very punctuality record was 99 9990 October 12 e addressed by James L Killgalan, noted newspaper correspondent and father of Dorothy Klllgalan, who is a round the world traveler October October October with Grade October 29 All pupils sorrowfully rest for the day Track Meet Banquet 1 held today The senior grades' track meet takes place today Eight emerglng VlCtOTlOHS n . of . 1 . o a . o A ' ' A ' O . ' in . " . ' ' o U. 7. ' 'I 4 ' , of . . S. Th P. T. A. is - . - . . is 12 - - '- 25 s ' Q 7 Q , in 28 1. , V. . 5 . ' successful card party for N E M Quimby Temorial fund in the Assembly Hall More than the expected quota is raised November 5 Douglas Brown, president of the Junior A class, is also elected preswdent of the Student Councll at the organlzatlon meetlng Other offlcers are nary Grandolfi, vlce presldent, Anna Daley, secretary, Phyllis Campbell, treasurer, and Mr Horend, adviser November lO More than one hundred pupils participate 1 the musical program of the Armistice Exercises The newly formed Glee Club, appearing for the flrst time, sang selection enjoyed by all November 20 The seven vacancies left in the Third Degree by last year's graduation class were filled by new pup1ls chosen by the Honor Society and the teachers They are Rodney Ferguson, Vera Mathews, and Anna Santore, Seniors, Thomas Mack and Roslna Paolucci, Juniors, Marianna Frischmann and Ruth Gubler, Freshmen November 20 Alumnl games open the basketball season f 1956 l957 presenting the problem Age plus skill vs youth plus pen equals9 November 50 Laughter predomlnates among the spectators f the sensatlonal donkey basketball wnlch some of the prominent citlzens f Ardsley partlclpate agalnst the faculty the A H December 4 Contlnulng her outstand lng leadershlp, Laura Brown is re elected presldent of the Honor Society Rodney Ferguson honored with the offlce of v1ce president and Ruth Cubler becomes secretary December 4 Our school contrlbutes over eight bushels f food to Dobbs Ferrv Hospital appreciation of all the kindness shown to us throughout the year December 4 Eleven preliminary certlflcates with honor are presented to pupils of the Freshman Class for h8V1Dg passed more than half of their preliminary regents at 901 or better December 19 The annual Ponor Society 1 itiation held tonight During the evenlng forty nine candidates are welcomed into membersllp Judge Seely gives a very inspiring talk, and Ir Brown is leader of cheers and songs Although in other years a banquet was held, because he rapidly increaslng numbers, it was deemed better to hold an informal social, and to retain some of the best characterlstics of the banquet Piss Clayton and hrs Jewell were selected to receive the Torch tonight, whereby they become honorary members of he Honor Society January 8 Dobbs Ferry invades Ardsley for one of he leading games to date January 15 After carefully con sidering all angles, the Junior A class decides to undertake the publishing f the Ardsleyan Im ediate action is taken to start work appear and attack the pupils, leavlng them tense and worried January 22 After upsettlng Green burgh and then Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley is ready to entertain Elmsford or the Ardsley court tonight Januar, 29 The Boy Scouts hold a very successful card party for the beneflt of the Cubs and older Scouts February 5 lhe members f txe Ardsleyan staff are selected today Mildred Koenig 1 editor in chief, Gladys Slocum and Paul Seitz, assistant editors, Paul L1 g business manager, Laura Brown, advert s ing manager, Eleanor French, circulation manager, Miss Clayton, aeneral adviser, Viss Buell and Miss Robbie, literary advisers, Mr Duke and Miss Davis, art advisers, Mr Nann, advertising adviser February ll The Senior Class mothers sponsor a very success ful card and game party in the school auditorium for the Seniors' Washington lrio Fund February 12 Pupils sorrowfully bid farewell to school for a day February 22 Again the students are forced to stay home February 22 The Boy Scouts hold a very enjoyable Father and Son dinner D North, yearly visitor, entertains the students with an interestir program concerning his adventures in A rica February 24 Larch 12 Individual pictures of the entire student body are taken today for the Ardsleyan After weeks f hard practice and preparation, the Senlors are ready t present 'Digging Up the Dirt " the annual Sen or play, before a large audience March 12 March 25 The Junior Student pet show They have quite a fine variety of animals and fowls which have been collected March 26 Joyfully the pupils leave to enjoy a week of rest, the Easter vacation begins harch 27 The Seniors depart gleefully for Washington t spend a few days filled with new sights and new sounds April 15 The Thlrd Degree holds its annual initiation for the new life members at a social in school April 17 The Second and Third Degrees of the Honor Society prepare and engoy a banquet for themselves since they were unable to have one at the usual time April 22 After having put their best efforts and hardest work into making the Ardsleyan a much improved book, the members of the Junior A Class step aside exultingly as the Ardsleyan of '57 goes to press' 1937 . n A is . of t ' . U r. a . t if ' . t 1 . l o ' o I , 1 0 . . January 18 Mid-year exams suddenly Council holds an unusual 1 ' O 1 ' ' T . o 1 ' '. s . n? I AIIDSLEY ORCHESTRA First Row: Dorothy Hadad, Erwin Engleman, Ruth Daley, Richard Pearce, Erna Groth, Gifford Acker, Isabel Ward, Theodore Marquis, Robert Seitz, Richard Smith. Second Row: Domenica Arone, Robert Anderson, John Venners, Robert Morse, Rodney Ferguson, Paul-Seitz, Lewis Travis, Livio Crisi, Frank Morse, Alfred Crisi. Third Row: Mr. Nicholas Koenig, Joseph Addorisio, Louis Caporale, Margaret Heller, Ab'5iTe' Fritche, Charles Aszmus, Anna Daley, Freda Wille, Margaret McHenry. The Ardsley High School Orchestra, under the capable direction of Mr. Nicholas Koenig, has again this year won great respect from the student body of the school and the citizens of the village. On many occasions the orchestra has rendered its services in connection with various school activities, and also has played fon the majority of school assemblies. This year's selections of marches, overtures, and waltzes have been very interesting to practice and play and due to the more complete instrumentation, the orchestra has been able to render a high type of music. Honorable mention this year goes to Rodney Ferguson, the school's most talented pianist and accompanist, who is playing solo cornet, and also to Alfred Crisi, who not only plays the piano for the orchestra but who this year, after just a few lessons, has become an outstanding string bass player. The Orchestra this year will lose by graduation two of its best violinists, Erna Groth and Gifford Acker. We are grateful to Mr. Silliman, our principal, and Mr. Koenig, who arranged several special lunches this year. These lunches were held every three months and were given to the orchestra members as a reward for their good attendance at rehearsals and for their cooperation in playing for the various school activities. This year Mr. Koenig also arranged to have the orchestra members visit the National Broadcasting Company's studios in New York City to hear one of the Walter Damrosch Programs and to tour the studios and control rooms. This year indeed has been one of the most interesting for the Orchestra. Freda Wille, Secretary lk W ,UWM Y USDA, Q!! In, X ZJTTZJQQV 11 Q fm fw12.L' 1 '5'44lQMmhk X ff A 0 f S WWW' 4 H 41 w ww f r f yr Jw Q WW if MQQVM A xxx fyf 4 '0- 6ff?f 1!mw Xa HU ff! ll K W ,W WJ, ff 4 4 JW WW jr! V f 4 WW V i f 5 W y ff, ... 4 NW afffjlfgiinm ,R Mi X M Xie I 1 fx xg-' siZ -3-L K '+""- 1937 Zi! ? ' 4, I ,T 1 2 f ' M . V . I I I , H ,, I If I X Jffdf - ' If 1 3 1 ' 1 1 gf f 1 I If ,H V , -ni I A Y ,MAN LQ '-., 1 " '. 'I kky i y I ., . V X 'z ff ' X . ,f , ff lj ' f V nj W -I " ' J ' i 94 'N yy 1 ww ,, X 2 f ff Y MQ 62 ' . ' : ifa Mfff f . . ' lf .' f 5 ff -km "' ' v 5.. Y I I x X uMM4y iff! it 22.6147 5 , , rl::,:,QLi2fiZ1Z2 -y,,l 114. X- A I ' v 5 'i, 7 X H rfb 1e,f 1 K, U- 45, J, X' ' I , v , ' "' 'A I 'W f "' ' g ' f k i ,I . I, X I I I 1 I ' I fl Q ' , A f' I f l , f f! ,Z V. . 27 ,, ff My , ' V v... T f . 9 H ,' il 'n Ig if r' , f' f " f74.f?'1'4f ji, AJ, ',ff,',! K ,' ,f ' ' ww" ' "' X, : " 1 qv H 'lx W if ,"' 'V f""!f'f X 5 a , A D X 'ly 1 V I ff ff! ix' X! , , ' 1 N if-if f X f 1 , If , 'XM , , I I A ff ' I - I 'A ' ' f ' ' 4, -,' A' ' , fl l . f fry ff f f , 1, , , p 1 fl Ti y ' A ,' 113, 'Af ' Y ,f ,Q ,af . W A,- .V , ' f f I Q, h f fr, If Ing. ' 9' A xv H91 x V X' X X 'f ly fn Q V . X vi ' I ff f ,Hr 'fy If W I ' , . ' . - - WW ' 1 f .f f 9' ' 1' '. 6 f 4 M ' ', . X C ' 'f - 1319 5 , f .Lnxu'h X ' XX ' . , I I ' a 9,4 5. 1 1 W, . fb 'X ff' ' , ' . I 'Ny r ' 'L' Z! A XX Q Q 'N 7 'I fl wil A .N , A 1 I ,fn 1 g!,lM 5' .5 J 1 , .1 IQ: ,- . - , JN , ff fd.. . af 1 .1 74-,wb Q t K jj I- , A 1 L , .Eff y 144' s . 1 f -, ,ef x I 1 f ' B' -5 f '5i'3f'.7Q'?f' 1 , ' ,,,, - H I If 45 Vx ' 'Y ' N , '-ig: H' 'IQ' I 4 Miha 'T I 2 I.. ,fp . 9' -4 . , ,, ,Lf ww J Ilkgqp-2:g5,,A .,.. . - f 0 U ' A L-"'f1i'3 ' .ff JV A : , , g f ' X V W1 il -,,,, -1-1 if x ,-4, AIIDSLEY Breezy 1Tl1d Favorable Unsettled Threatening Agreeable Pleasant Thunder Lightning Fair Warm SHHPPY Hot Settled Cloudy F0887 Hurricane Changeable Sunny Cahm 'A Tale of Two Cities ' e Tempest HUp From Slavery Blazed Trail The Clan The Crisis 'Daddy Long Legs nAge of Innocence nAll Quiet on the V H azing Interlude 'Broad Highway nRomeo and Jul t eld of Honor 'To Have and to Ho d I ld Geese nL1ve Alone and Like Trail Makers So Big nAny Port In a Stormu I WEATHER RLPORT Edna Arndt Eleanor Geraghty Phyllis Campbell Bradford Stevens Miss Hapgood Ponte Banister Marianna Frischmann Paul Seitz Florence Quick Isabel Ward Marion Seitz Miss Conklin Lewis Travis Aleta Reid Thomas Nack Rodney Ferguson Gladys Slocum Josephine Allen Vera hathews Ralph Santoro HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Ardsley and Dobbs Ferry Report Card Day Alumni Corridor to Office Faculty Examination Day 652 on the Report Card Paul Seitz Freshman Year ern Frontn Miss Hapgooo's Study Hall Lunch Hour The Corridor Eleanor and Kenneth Any classroom during mid year exams Anna Your Diploma Freshmen Erna Groth Editing Board Lary Pagopian ... ..... .... 'IL' llllfl OOO! .... .... .... .... ... .... .... .... .......5 .... .. .... ........ ..... cancun u cons' ... ..... ... .. ...... .vu - ....-a A L ....... ..... I ...... .... I H ... . .... 'Th . n......... .. . .......... I' IOOOIIUUIOIIIOOOOI I H ll ll ll ....... . . ................. Il A fl . uThe Gross1ngH...... ... I lillilllil O ll ................ ............. lest ... ... ' Am . n............... ................ I ll ' ................. ...... ................. ie H... ................... nFi n...... .... - ' 1"... .......................... Hvi u........ .. ... ... . .......... tn... . ........ n "Illl1O!lll0 lllilll YI ll R Y lltllIlillllll'Ol lil I A- . ... .......?............ JOKES N STUFF r rorend Ulf ou turn your attention to tie lront board, l run through it for you C1PFOTd kclcr Cloolinb at a statue of Venus! nOne thing those Greeks had on us, when ther talked dlsarnanent they disarmed Everything Everytnlng cores to hlm who orders hash lony Perillo's shorthand lesson was about snlps He came to outline he could not transcribe nBarque, promoted Iiss Clayton Tony sniclered HBarque, exclalred Miss Clayton, stern y ony lobedientlyl 'Bow wow After the Easter Holidays Miss Clayton nwell, where did you go for your vacation Miss Buell HI went to a ho e for a c ange and res ' Niss a,ton 'And did you get 1t9n Miss Buell 'Yeh' the bell hops got tte chance and the hotel vo the re t U Peggy Heller Kafter accidentl 'Where am I, in Heaven9n Bill Connors UNO dear, 'm stil wit you Paul Story nDo you know 'arlon would make a wonderful fireman Wallace Perrin Why ' Paul Storm hots of exoerience rolling hose The Editor's hair grows gray, And her flngertios are sore, But some poor fish is sure to say, I've heard that joke ten tires before 19 1 IL . T : y 1 0' I'l I v . as as as as Je as as "-- X .:- : 1 H - 1 ' . 2 1 . .H , ,. . ' A4 A n as as as ae ee ee as m ' ' . . an ll r . 0 - IA 0 X. Q " '. 4 1 . T I, 1 - ,.n 42 as as as as as as : -1 fl . : t l h t.' h Cl W r ' ' ' . Y : ' . J A H O t s . Q 4 Q a Q 4 Q J : I x I ll : I l h . as as ee as as as as . . . yy M. N. . , n 1 91 . . YI - I1 .ul A - as as as as as ee as . - ll ll u . Compliments ofthe B01-XRD CDF EDUCATION rw CULT MBl S ARONE PrL51d nt XX IT LI 'XM FLCHQ Tru tu IOHIN HOLSLHIZR Trustee xx ILLIAX1 C LMX RIQNCE Cl rl- CHARLEQ I MLLLER Tr rurrr , ' ' .' , ' ' c ' - , ' A 5 'c h ' Q ' ' , JOSEPH COLQUINS, Trustcc TQRTXJIZST E. HELLER, Trustcc ' . ' , ' 1' , c ' f . . ' , czs N STAUFFER CHEMICAL CQMPANY INC CHAUNCEY N Y Compliments Of of mratrhmtvr Glnuntg Szunngu Bunk Tarrytown New York Compliments BPSSON bf? I ONII ANY IOXI ILFI AND ILNIBFR DOBBS PERRH N1 DOBBS FERRX 26 Complzments BLUEBI RD TROOP I .1 MARY E M QUIMBY MEMORIAL TROOP II ARDSLEY N Y ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA BEST WISHES JUNIOR CLASS C omplzments THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION N w 1 v A Y jr X .A I A A A X "Uual1tySl'nfr 1535" Q -1 A I W X Y C, . .L.. B .WM ' ' tothe I5 ID k S. ' ' ' '. . Y. T I pl : ' vf Of an , . . F OR RELIABLE SERVICE HADAD S MGTOR SERVICE R R ARDSLEY N Y T 4 r, METAL CEILINGS ELLIOTT BRAY Tm, Copper and Sheet Iron Works All Kmds Of Roorme REPAIRING SKYLIGHTS Range and Furnace Work DOBBS FERRY N Y 9 S wmill iyer oad , , , Telephone DOBBS FERRY 490 or 175 e ep one 87 1 , . . CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH AFFLECK 6. WOODRUFF, INC Sales and Serv1ce 690 Sawmrll Rlver Road Ardsley New York Phone Dobbs Ferry 246 IOSEPH CCGGINS DAIRY Mrlk from Westchester County Farms Pasturlzed and Bottled 1n Our Own Plant Grade B M1lk Chocolate M1lk Cottage Cheese V1tam1n D Mllk Certxhed Mxlk Butterrrulk 391 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry N Y Phone Dobbs Ferry 188 Grade A Milk Guemsey Milk Cream THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARDSLEY N Y C kgA DP O Comphments Of SENIOR CLASS 9 0 0 hec in ccounts I t tA S f tB B k D 'I 9 3 S d 9 12 . F 'd E 'g 7 9 Member of Federal De losit Insurance Corporation O CONIPLINIENTS JUNIOR B CLASS AND SOPI-IOMORE CLASS SHOP THE A8cP WAY ALWAYS The clever hostess reoognlzes the value of making meal time an epic event That is why she goes to the merchant who is be t prepared to serve her buying organization is able to obtain, from the world's leading food markets, a wide selectlon of famous foods Of guaranteed Quality as to Purity and Freshness, these wholesome foods are always available at A 8 P and at consistently low prices A8cP FOOD STORES EASTERN DIVISION A K P is qualified to do just this ----- for its vast CHEVROLET The Only Complete Low Prxced Car All Models Now On Dlsplay BLASBERG MCD-l-ORS INC Dobbs Ferry New York Phone Dobbs Ferry 401 402 COMPLIMENTS OF BEN COHEN ATHLETIC G-GODS CO also Used Cars Of Every Make A DISTINCTIVE FUNERAL SERVICE ADDYMAN 81. MAHER FUNERAL HOME DoNu.n ADDYMAN MICHAEL M Han Funeral Dsrectors and E mbalmers 601 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY N Y Pla DOBBS FERRY 324 Say at with Cgdlowers Robert M. Johnston PLORIST AND GROWER 225 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY N Y Phone Dobbs Ferry 311 Our m ern facilities and responsible direction enable us to render e friendly, helpful service in time of sorrow. There ns no char e for the use of our funeral home. A , . one 7 Telephone DOBBS FERRY 2742 R ber DOBBS FERRY 2069 Bus AND TAXI HW SERVICE Moore s Pamts Hardwares Housewares Fertxlxzers Seeds Glass Thomas J Wulmoth Ardsley, N Y Make' PACE INSTITUTE Cultural Uccupatlonal Courses The programs of day school and eve- mng school study include the followmg ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PIACTICI UV YadC.PA fnpcrunaonawd- ni bysmn than Dpnuub CREDIT SCIENCE ADVERTISING AND NARKITINO SILLING AND HARKITING SICIITAIIAL PIACTICI ADVANCED SHORTIIIAND SHOITHAND REPORTING A Junior or Semor lugh school ducknt may make tentauve reservanon of clan place to be avaliable after hugh school gndunuoa Cao ablnnnonl and be placed an mnilul lm! al Tll PAC: Srnnnr-odcnl mann.-me of Pace Irumute A copy of the General Bulletin and eocupeuonal booklets :dl be lent upon requut. PACE INSTITUTE Refngerators Radros Use Mggrg Pamt HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION The SAVAGE SCHOOL conducts an accredited course ln the theory and practlce of health and physical edu to flll posltlons as supervisors directors teachers and leaders ln colleges schools playgrounds recreatlon and community centers camps clubs and mdustrlal orgamzatlons Catalog Upon Request Employment Bureau for Graduates Graduates of thus three year course may complete the Bachelor of Sclence Degree requlrements m one addl txonal year at certaln recogmzed colleges SAVAGE SCHOOL sos WEST 59 STREET NEW YORK, N Y 2 - 0 - 6 - 9 Tl-IE ARDSLEY HARDWARE ACCOUNTANCY AND IUSINISS I cationg prepares men and yvomenul-Iigh School graduates ' .' . A I 'I l' 4 Compllments THE AMERICAN LEGION Ardsley Post 458 A N D N mth CUBS Complzments 0 a FRIEND BERKELEY LLEWELLYN School For Yeung Women Amun BekIySch 1 EMO geN One year mtensxve secre tanal course prepanng hxgh school graduates and college women exclusively for busmess. Indxvxdualxzed metruchon under dmtmguuhed um versity faculty Charmmgly appointed terrace-garden studios. Restricted enroll- ment. Placement service. For bulletin. address the Director GRAYBAR BUILDING 420 Lexington Ave New York. N Y M0hawk 4-1673 K CCM PLI M ENTS n OF' of 7 H1-1-Is I-'irst 'l'Ilvs1l:l.Y of l'x'41'y .lm .. lf. .' TZ M f . I I ', Compllments of HEATHER DELL FARMS WHOLESALE ELoR1sTs J O H N CA N N I N G Compllmentary Greetnng UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER CO y GEORGE BRINLEY Mgr 56 Mamaroneck Ave Ellyn QCPEEPI lghntn Gln 489 ATLANTIC AVENUE BROOKLYN N Y Compllments of Westchester Garage Ardsley New York Dependable Servnce smce 1928 Daly D F 1954 N1ghtD F 2264 T D I T pewriter Division . MGR. A White Plains, New York. , . . , as 0 - Phone .L Compllments I IBILRIX FOOD SFORES DOBBS FERRY BANK X REID D lca! ssen Dobbs Ferry N Y ARDSLEY N Y WOODLAND REST SAW MILL RIVER ROAD C"""""'e"" of WOODLANDS CENTRAL LUNCH Steamed Clams Steaks Chops Broilers RESTAURANT REINHARDT AND THOMEN J AMES MCCARTNEY 8' 50N R IES! te nd lnsu ance PHONE DOBBS FERRY 33l ARDSLEH NILW YORK L Donns Fr:RRY 341 2251 THOMAS H DeNICOLA General Contracfor T ctors Co c te M W te P mp xc a t Wo k Top S l P O Box 132 ARDSLEY N Y Complzments AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Ardsley Post 458 L C BALFOUR CO ATTLEBORO MASS Manufacturers of Fraternity Colle e and Class Jewelry Commencement Announcement., Invitations Diplon'-as. .le veler to the Semor Clan of Ardsley I-hgh School 1 .1-1.-1. , Q rs V 1 V , L Q , of ei e ' I', . '. , . . 1 ,1 . . . l , TE . A - ea a a r ' I Compressors, ra , n re ixcrs, a r u s, Trucks, E avation, Ro d Building, Grading, Concre e r , oi . . , . . I l- . . . , . 0 . f , g P 7 7 , . Y , . . 1-..1..l.. .4- C I t omp 'men S Compllments f o s e p I1 L 1 n g g TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK I-last ngs on Hudson N Y AQUATIC GARDENS INC TEL DOBBS FERRY M35 RALPH JENSEN CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT I-I d t A IyNY Id?cgElLUi:I!gQlggket 0 ICE CREAM GROCERIES DELICATESSEN AND BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS and Cgndy at ALL KINDS BEVERAGES FREE DELIVERY KNIPPENBER6 S MAIN ST DOBBS FERRY NY DOBBS FERRY NY Complzments Comphments f DI' John W R1d6HOUf, JI' 0 of I - - , . . ' ' 99 u gon Sfreefl Lunches - - - Dir1l'I9I'S Special At ention to Parties New York City Saw Mill River Road rds e , . 436 ,, ' 5 9 2? - f - Qi 1 V' .o oo 1 ' 1 - . 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