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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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7ARDSlEYANX F For your sympathet For For your UDt1T1H or your quiet h 1 e pfulness ic understanding your falthful work g efforts slncerely dedicate this Ardsleyan to you , Iiss Constance E XI936, Clayton FT IKTIDSLEYANX R, L.....L? hug ig Ll l-1. I-.L 2 2 2 JTXRDSLEYANX R D D Y Nineteen Iuvared Tblrtf ulX H I IQWRATICN C CCXDARY DVPARHW FT GENLFAL SChOCT ACTTVILIES SPCRTS IVSIDE FAC1S Alv RTTQ'V'WmS Published by The Jurior I Class of Arusle, T1 P Cckool XI936, 4 1 T H E A . A L E A N Q v - . C, . A . 1 . A 3 - I P 'XT C' A -A 1. 4 ' UE I - ' ABQ ZL:.MdNTAHY DEPARTMENT w 1 nw A .J .L T fn .x 'V'-T' C',. D ... J. pu J-. .L . Y Y- Y 1 S. X7 .1 glxi Q A - - 7mSlEYAN Editor in Chief Alfred R Crisi Associate Editor Margaret Nilsson Alumni Editor Nay Berthelson Advertising Manager hargaret Heller Business Manager Anna Santore Art Editor Rodney Ferguson Publicity Manager R Earle Belsher Circulation Manager Gifford Acker Advisers Miss C E Clayton Miss E. Davis Miss E. C. Buell Mr. W. Duke -5- I ' L ,, X nl '5.'9'A7L5M'!Ti A 'MQW Q 1 ,, A A. 2 f . vs v lf, , -J' , . " ' ML' I , A , 1 , Q31-" -.. - - --..-.-- . --- L ----.--.. A I -- A -- . -- 0 o W 'WITLEYANX R F I E. N95 xx AHDSL Y HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Miss Gladys Hapgood Miss Constance E Clayton Mrs Frances Ferguson Miss Florence Egbertson Mr Arthur X Silliman Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs Mrs Miss Miss Mrs Miss Miss l Grace Carroll Jeanette Helen G Elinor C Ethell Celia P Ravekes Robbie Buell Tryon Conklin Adeline Russell Beatrice Bell Emily A Ehler Ethel J Farnham Harriett Edwards Margaret Wasp Louise I Hatfield May A Helen Harlan Armand Willard Kenneth William Charles Halsted Berthelson A Thomas Donaruma H Lann, Jr Brown Duke, III W Horend Mrs Madeline Behringer Mrs. Anna J. Flint Miss Eleanor Davis French, Math Commercial Grade 2 Grade l Principal Grade SC Primary Latin, English English, Librarian Grade ST Nurse Music Intermediate Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Secretary Columbia University N Y State College New York University New Paltz Normal Columbia University New Paltz Normal B A , Beaver College A , Barnard College New York University Potsdam Normal N , Albany Hospital Potsdam Normal New Paltz Normal New York University Plattsburg Normal New Paltz Normal B Pd , N Y Teacher Training School B A,, University of California Home Economics B S , Columbia University Grade 9 Potsdam Normal Italian Ph D , Univer ity of Naples Social Science Physical Education Industrial Prts Math , Science Shorthand Grade 6 Drawing J936, B S , Cornell University Savage Oswego Normal B S , Cornell University Plattsburg Normal B S , New York University Potsdam Normal -5- ' AJ- 'L ,syn 7,1 If, .LI EL A X 'ig . 3 f , bf , 5 , R I ,gm ,Lt A 'g5,,j fs, ' ' f f MXH or-titre 9 . M.A. , 0 B.A. , vc O . BOSI , 0 li: o M :AO , . ' ,, B. '. . Mhfx. , , R0 Yo . . SE B.S., I ' 1 4 7 Q o o 0 . 1. 3H - ' MT. . Dre ' ' ' S Mro Q 0 H ' ' MT. NT. 1 Mro 0 0 ' ' 'HIDSLEYANX ' -4 " -- -,,.s-- jf Z 1. UQ 4-3 I 3 ww Him ,7 T 5CncO2"5 ,...-X"7f'! Cfjm Jvhlorgsv-D5 X FX S412 Q TQQHCCV X x jk f JW X f?-ef X HU game? 1-:sf -v- S? 'WQVQS 4.41 was, 7 f H 1 ' X f X h flu -, 4 ,!' K .-Y F I H . .. f' -7 X X ' 1 :U I ' ' X? ' 1 ' I ' X f ' K K J ' 7 X P- In 4. f ay ff ' wx "'- ' W + '- if 4 ' ' ' f 'I I ' by 'I A I f, ' X f I I Qgk A 3 N I-,QQ K W :JS xi, X- I 'ff 5 .f -. -. I Y! ' . Sf-ff 1"+,j4 of -'v-v , he J' " 4 E06 C . f gf -X X 4 ' f X A 1 f,,V X A l 11' xi -hh- Q. -" - , f - - - 'Mx 7 ' Y , x 2 ,, fy no V ,figs M 1 g K' X qc K 9 I 1 Q ' X V! , X , f Z ' ' QQ ,- a. W , s If ' N w 'D ' A Q ,J - Q, ff,,k f'! ,fl O b fy 0 ' KV? ,NRI ' 50 f 20 -X : Xf ' N 'L .CQ X C 1 1 ' X f P x 1 n g " f ' F J f f f 70 .sh Y. -5 al X '-w his U "' ' " - 1722451 5 ' ' i ff' F WVZ7 fmm ffiwywe MMQM mvdfvmfuf -1 IARUSLEYANK N O 7,.LaMWL MWALWW www' WWW-YMW MW Xj,,,,,Mo Xwse, 8 ' I S R S " ' ' 'X Y -- Y , H W' ' '- 69 mb X .a -9 Z 5 0, Q47 M 0? ' s, , . I J . 4 5 6 A-. 5,0 e -9 OGG X SQ' a .5 ' SV lf! , C29 474 i . 6' Q, 1 , 45, oo," A ,Q , . l J A X C2 'f K' X - gf. 42900 s E X 1 R s 162j,4,4rff WM? MMM! fvf-M C322-1-vfI7?wf'wfvEJ J-DDL!! 'Za gt NIO NIC 4WaA,4,0-142 Adam 6--4,15a.f'Q4.L.!-4.44, Q.ef6?f6Zea,n,V 0"'ZeA'W77mffc,f,lQ, J' ' 8415441 ,x . Q -9- r 'IARUSLEYANX S E f R S I I f A ' ' fgff , , 6 . x I 5 Q 4-nf: 00, N 6 2 1 I u .. Q6 L 0 f 'X I 'N I Q, .. I ,. 65,1 5 i 6 fee ff 5 I U I . ,, Q50 46 4-,, I ' G I y' U' gklvvmgz Q' q I 3 QQ S E R S 'ARllSlEYANK C'-f:,Z,4, 673 Jdaaq, Uwiwxm, 6411.4 BIOGRAPHY CF CLASS OF 1936 Four years of VOTk1HQ together on every hlgh school act1v1ty, four years of sharing the same pleasures and hard work, and four years of striving all for the same alm, the good of Ardsley Hlgh School, has woven thls year's Senior Class lnto a frlendshlp and 1nt1macy whlch they will long remember Upon entering the hlgh school 1n 1953, the class of '36 found them selves caught 1H a Wh1TlV1Dd of act1v1ty and work, a vorld dlfferent from any other they had ever known, whlch after the newness had worn off, they managed to f1t 1nto, and make themselves perfectly at hcmeln The Freshman year Qu1Ckly passed wlthout a great deal of actlvlty, ln our strlde, and before the end of the year, we lntroduced a new feature, NThe Omnibus,H a printed magazine As a Cl1m8X to a successful year, the Sophomore glrls showed thelr 8thlGt1C abillty by capturlng the Inter class Basketball Banner, which they kept throughout the Junior and Senlor years, the class making a double conquest 1n the last year, as the boys also came out on top The JUHIOT year, one of our most prosperous, included ln the way of events the usual cake sales and movles the Junior musical comedy, The Rainbow of the Rio Grande, the sale of felt 'Ardsleyn penants, an a unique amateur show, with a dance following In this year the class of '36 undertook a new prciect, the publication of the 'Ardsleyan, Wh1Ch required much initiative and t ct However, our work was rewarded, when, besides a tidy proflt, pralses for our endeavor began pouring in The annual SUbSCT1DtiOU campaign, thls year one of the most success ful, opened the Senlor year with a fine start Another high spot in the year occurred when the eve of L1ncoln's birthday found the Senior Prom under way with a blaze of light and melody of music With the coming of harch, the Seniors began to get serlously to vork on the annual Senior play, this year a mlrthful farce, The Adventures of Grandpa,n which we are sure you enjoyed lmmensely After the event of the play, the Senlors Joyously turn thelr mlnds toward plans for the Vashlngton trip, looked forward to s1nce we were small grade puplls When the day of graduatlon davns, it w1ll find the class of 1936 looking expectantly into the future but not forgetting the happy days they have left behlnd 1n Ardsley High School Helen Morse XI936, -10 W ' i 2 I l 1 1 ll N 'V ' , b I, . fl 'f ca f 5 ' . A.T V C - K - J 4 - n I ' J . . . . , I T Q O and the class found themselves Sophcmores. A few food sales were taken I Q ' . H ' 1 0 ll Y Q d . V N 1 ' ' v 8 . A v X . . . O Z ' I A ' N Q f I . ' . . 1 ' 0 I ' . . . , D X 1 VWSLEYAN ' I EDGAR PERRETZ Senior Play '56 Junior Play '55 Class President '54, '55, President Student Council Editor-in-Chief Ardsleyan Second Degree '55, '56 Honor Society 7 years Student Council '54, '55, Editor Omnibus '54 Inter-Scholastic Debate '56 Minstrel '55 American Legion Essay Award '55 Pace Institute Essay Award '55 Originator Inter-Club Council '56 Current Events Club '56 '36 '36 '35 '36 H LEN MORSE Senior Play '56 Ardsleyan '55 Honor Society 9 years Second Degree '55 4 '55 President Honor Society '55 Vice President Honor Society Student Council '54, '55, '56 Secretary Student Council '56 Vice President Class '54, '55 '56 Minstrel '55, '55, '56 Omnibus '54 MYRTLE TRAVIS Senior Play '56 Omnibus '54 Honor Society 7 years Second Degree '5 Basketball Team '55, '54 Junior Play '5 '55 Minstrel '55, Ardsleyan '55 '55, ' 5 Cheer leader '56 Senior Play Honor Society 8 years Second Team Basketball '55 First Team '54, '55, '56 Junior Play '54, '5 Minstrel '52, '55 ' Secretary Athletic Club '56 ANITA WILBUR JAMES O'GRADY Senior Play '56 Junior Play '54, '5 1 I 5 l 3 J V Basketball Cheer leader '55 Minstrel 52, '55 ' 5 JESSIE PIERCE Honor Basketball Team '56 From Rockwood, Tennessee '55 Senior Play Properties '56 CECELIA PAOLUCCI Minstrel '54 Social Club '56 Honor Society 9 years Second Degree '55, '56 Junior Play '54, '55 Basketball '55, '54, '55, '56 Typist Ardsleyan '55 Senior Play Publicity '56 Reporter High School News '56 MARION DAVIS Junior Play '55 Music Concert '52 Honor Society 4 years Ardsleyan '55 Secretary Dramatic Club '56 ALBERT MUNCK Track Team '54 Baseball '55, '56 Secretary Sophomore B '55 Properties Junior Play '54, '55 Treasurer Student Council '54 '56 Second Degree '55, '5 , '55 '5 Buslness Manager Ardsleyan '55 Stage Manager Senior Play '56 Member Honor Society lO years Business Manager, Subscription Campaign '56 RUTP LAYRENCE Senior Play '56 Omnibus '54 Basketball Team '55 Honor Society lO years Second Degree '56 Assistant Editor Ardsleyan '55 Class Treasurer '56 Junior Play '54, '55 AFTHONY MOCCIA Ticket Manager, Senior Play '56 Student Council '55 Vice President Class '55 Class Treasurer '54 Honor Society 4 years Golf Team '55, '56 J V Basketball '55, '56 GRACE DE HICHZLE Minstrel '34 Honor Society 4 years Junior Play '54, '55 Basketball '55, Ardsleyan typlst '55 JAIES BENNIE Track ' ' Social Club '56 Electrician Junior Play '54 '55 Varsity Basketball '55, '56 'U - U '55 4 , 5 5 4, 5 '55 ' 5 , 55 ' Baseball '55, '55 A A Social Club '55 5 . . 34 5 '55 '54, '55 1 , .5 , ,z ,. I 54, 55 V l -11- 'ARllSlEYANX SENIOR ACTIVITIES LEONARD FNGLEMAN Junior Play '54 Senior Play '56 Reporter keyhole '55 Assistant Editor Ieyhole '55, ' 4 School News Reporter '55, , ' Reporter Inter Club Council Member Track Tear '54, '55 Mlnstrel '55, '55 Treasurer Junior A Class '55 Ardsleyan '55 Member Lonor Society '55 '54 LOUIS DELMERICO Omnibus '54 Junior Play '55 Business Manager Minstrel '56 Circulation lanager Ardsleyan '55 J V Basketball '55, '56 Member Honor Society 6 years laster Ceremonies Amateur Night '55 Golf Team '55, '56 JVNNIL DE ROSA Basketball '55 Social Club '56 Honor Society 9 ye rs Junlor Play '54, '55 Typlst Ardsleyan '55 Senior Play Publicity '56 MARGARET MICDIARNID Minstrel '55 Omnibus '54 Basketball '55, '54, '55, ' 6 V106 resldent Class '55 GLADVS LANNING Minstrel '55 Basketball '55 Omnibus '54 Advert1s1ng Manager Ardsleyan '55 Class Treasurer '55 Junior Play '54, '55 Class Secretary '56 Honor Society Secretary '56 Senior Play '56 Second Degree '52, '55, '54, '55 Honor Society 10 years EDWARD CUDNEY Track Team '55 Senior Play '56 First Team Basketball '56 Junior Play Speaking Contest '55 '56 Ardsleyan '55 Senior Prom '56 Minstrel '55, '55 JOHN PDWARDS Omnibus '54 Minstrel '55, '55 Jun1or Play '54, '55 Senior Play Settlng Manager '56 Basketball '55, '56 Class Treasurer '55 B TTY KEANE Minstrel '55, '54 Junior Play '54 Honor Society '55, '54 Basketball Second Team '55, '54 Secretary of class '54 Omn1bus '54 Student Council '55 Junlor Play '54, '55 VINCEIT CARELLI Track Team '55, '54, '55 Honor Society '55, '5 , '55, ' 6 Art Editor Ieyhole '55 Art Rditor Ardsleyan '55 Cartoon1st Hlgh School News '56 Pathetic News Editor '56 Senior Play Settings '56 Before the Senlors leave us,we must especlally com end Louis BSlm8T1CO, Cecelia Paoluccl, and Grace DeMichele for falthfully typing the final copies of the Ardsleyan They worked unselfishly for the common EOOQ of the school Therefore, let them contlnue to persevere for success an appiness The Junlors d h Xl 936, 12 ' 0 T 5 ' ' . '54 55 - '56 1 L. A , IZ '34 I I , 1 ' 4 Minstrel '55, '54 Stage Manager Junior Play '54, '55 ' J. v. I ' 5 4 5 IKTIIISLEYANX mn JUNIOR A Front Row Alfred CTlSi, President, Erna Groth, Reporter, Anna Santore, Treasurer Amv Welsford, Margaret Heller, Vice Rresident, Vera Iathews, Secretary, Mary Grandolfi, Edna Arndt, Margaret Nilsson, Howard Auld, Reporter Standing Joseph Dowling, Reporter, Rodney Ferguson, Gifford Acker, R Earle Belsher, Angelo Delmerico, Daniel Geis, Robert Beckert Our special aim th1s year was to work earnestly towards the success of our trip to Vashington We presented early 1n November the NJunior Revue, probably the most complete production of various features ever held in the school, after which there was dancing After our special budget committee had been established, we held a cake sale which fell below our expectatlons Our scholarship and attendance thus far have been quite tolerable We are also proud that we are represented well in every student and social organization here, the Juniors are good live wires' Of course, by looking at this ARDSLEYAN, you cannot doubt but that we were the class who published it In the back section may be found a complete explanation about this book, which we hope is a credit Ardsley Alfred Crisi XI936, -13- Q , ' X: " E' ' i I I ' - ' . Y. xt -K V 4, 'rl NL x R I ' I 0 . U v I X 1 O 9 . - 1- JI ' I . 1 . I I , . I 0 N O O 0 . 0 I to o Q . 7 ARDSLEYANX JUNIOR B First Row Winfred Lefurgy, Rosina Paolucci, Nildred Koenig, Gladys Slocum, Helen Tiefenback, Laura Brown, Gertrude Koenig, Marion Seltz, Catherine MacKenzie, Lewis Travis Standing Kenneth Fitch Tony Perillo, Vincent Agnano, Patsey Furilla, Douglas Brown, Paul Seitz, Nicholas Pascone, William Connors George Youmans, Paul Storm, William Fountain The officers of the Junior B class for the term of 1956 are President, Douglas Brown, Vice President, Laura Brown, Secretary, Helen Tiefenback, and Treasurer, William Fountain Many of the Junior B girls are on the first team in basketball this four games so far in the lnter class series games year The girls have won and the boys have won three class are in the Honor Society, and from all be members in June number of the many more will A large appearances, the Seniors' subscription campaign, the Junior B's held in runnlng for the prize During second place Although our class is comparatively small, we are not letting the other classes get ahead of us. The class as a whole, keeping in mind the Washington trip, has been endeavoring to earn money by undertaking such projects as sponsoring movies and selling candy at games. Helen Tiefenback i xl936, -14- 1 1 K V Yifji -----ffvi L 'f .rx . ,A 5 if M U . ' 4 . , 1 . L ,J . 'I' 1 V, f cs ,ig 'Q . 1 , r' . . A 11. .1.. - V1 o 4 ' 9 I o . . . - Q . . o A x 0 ' Q - o 1 - o a 2 ITIUSUYAN Pi SOPHCMORL First Row Paul Lingg, Jack Aszmus, Wallace Perrin, Domenica Gagliardi, Helen Lindauer, Eleanor French, Josephine Allen, Eleanor Geraghty, Gordon Schultz, Carlo MBHHUCCIB Second Row Frank Gierczynski, Tony Filomena, Lillian Lefurgy, Florence Quick, Aleta Reld, A1108 Beckwlth, Anna Noccia, George Nilsson, Thomas Mack Under the able guldance of the class adviser, Mr Horend, the Sophomore Class is advanclng in both scholastlc and social activity David Geraghty is leadlng the class successfully and has as his assistants, Eleanor Geraghty, Vice President, Anna moccia, Secretary and Domenica Gagllardi, Treasurer. The openlng event on our soclal calendar was the 1H1ti8tiOD of the Freshmen into the hlgh school by several entertalning stunts. We gave the Freshmen the Wwine of Wisdomn of wh1ch the Sophomores always have ample supply. Ever dreaming of the Wwashington Trip,N we settled down to the business of ralsing the necessary funds. Our first venture of the year was a cake sale. Th1s was such a splendld f1nancial success that the class was prompted to still further our 1nterest with the presentation of a moving picture program. Needless to say, this is also among our remunerat1ve successes. We hope that the spirit of COOpSTHt1OH wh1ch has prevailed among our classmates ln the past will continue throughout the future. XI936, -15- l " I X 1 4 Hx ' t f46QE. ,gif . f ' J, 71 . . 1 , . ' . . 1 0 . . V k I I I . , Y IWWEYAN FRESHMEN Flrst Row Viola Vilbur, Rose DeAst1s, Catherine Casadonte, Phyllis Campbell, Narjor1e Conover, Freda Ville, Isabel Ward, Moira Keane, Conchetta Biele, Howard NcCartney, Bradford Stevens, Abbie Fritchie, Edlth Frischmann, Blanche Allen, Clara Maori, Nicky Mantello Second Row Gloria Canning, Ann Daley, Anna Mary Hagopian, June Agnano, Frank Pascone, Howard Connors, Joseph DeNardo Third Row Angelina DeMichele, Christina Grandolfi, James MacKenzie, John Renda, Ralph Santore, Warren Nemecek, John Frischmann, Charles Swanston, Charles Duda We, as the Freshman Class in Ardsley High School, are going to top the records with our enterprises both scholastic and otherwise Our records thus far prove this Attendance So far this year the Freshmen have had no illegal absences or tardinesses Twenty two of our pupils have had no absences to date Scholarship The Freshmen upon entering high school found that although the work was more difficult, it was much more interesting Nineteen members of our class are in the Honor Society Activlties The Freshman Class went one hundred per cent for the club ldea Just introduced to the high school We have organized boys' and girls' lnter class teams Although we are not at the top of the league we are doing our best We have eight Girl Scouts and seven orchestra members Enterprises The Freshmen have given two successful cake sales and are planning a movie We brought in more subscriptions than any other class in the subscription campaign R0b91't Morse XI936, 16 1 X I A Guden, Frank Morse, Robert Morse, Alvin Manchester, Edward Knies, Patsey 7 0 - 1 IARDSLEYANX - ELEMENTARY DE PAR'I'MENT -ri B' X 936 17 F p fKR'UslfvANX ' F GRPDL 8 Standlng VETIS Downey, Mary Addorislo, Joseph Delmerlco, Nlcholas Lancelottl, Robert S61tZ, Treasurer, 2nd term, William Waddell, hary Anna Frischmann, Presldent, lst term, Vlce President, 2nd term Fannie D'Angelo First Row Florence Beckwlth, Esmee Clark, Ruth Cudney, Gladys McCartney, Ralph DeNike Second Row John Groth, Ruth Gubler, Secretary Agnes DeNardo, Ruth DeFeo, Nicholas Juback Third Row Howard Frischmann, Wllliam Tucker, Antolnette Mantello, Harry Knles, Constance N8CD18Tm1d, Walter Lefurgy Fourth Row Frank Petrola, James Petrola, William Phlllips, Vice Presldent, lst term, Presldent, End term, Nicky Nacri, Shirley Conover, Donald Youmans Manltta FIGHTH GRADE MLUO Scholarshlp honor Awards, 21 puplls, Honor Society, 16 members, Arlthmetlc Regents, 25 puDl1S wlth 902 Spelling Regents, 25 pupils with 9O?Z, Reading Regents, 6 puplls w1th QOZ Attendance No tard1ness so far this year, silver cup three months, percentage of attendance, 99 12 Sports Boys' Basketball Team has played Freshmen, Scouts, Purchase, and Intermediate Class, winning three games The team conslsts of 7 members, Captaln, Nick Maori, and Manager, Joe Delmerico The elghth grade won second place 1D the Track Lest Dramat1cs Our class presented NThe Horror Walks,W to the assembly durlng the first semester This term we gave our annual minstrel, in wh1ch practlcally all of our members took part J936, n . .xl ' D A .J 1 I . . - 3 ..........Q7 S Fifth Row: Spalding Warren, Wayman Davis, Walter Wimizal, Josephine . if'-'-'i-' L.. .i 7? I -18- ' ' -7'-ARDSLEYANK '- GRAD 7 Standlng Vincent Mantello, Laurette McGinn, Secretary, Herbert Travis, Edward DeN1ke, Charles Aszmus, Robert Julllerat, Treasurer, Oliver Brinkerhoff, James Manitta, Wllliam Casadonte First Row Kathryn Baker, Anna Agnano, Dorothea Edwards, Edwin Wheeler, Louls Caporale, Douglas FcKirgan Second Row Alfreda Groth, Louls Filomena, Richard Pearce, Anna Br1nkerhoff, Angellna Paoluccl, V106 President, Douglas French, Graham Bell, Presldent, lst term Thlrd Row June Eisenhauer Forrest Baulleu, Yallace Sabin, Sarah Pascone, Anna Anselmo, Iickel Spano, Paul Nelson, Presldent, 2nd term Fourth Row Livio CTIS1, James Knoesel, Joseph Belarge, George Duryea, Chester Novlello The class gave a very 1HtGTGSt1DE play durlng the year called WThe Knave of Hearts W It was engoyeo by all who saw lt presented One very entertalnlng party was held duT1HQ the year The glrls 1U Home Economics turned out flne speclmens of thelr work 1n cooking and sewlng, while the class as a whole made very beautlful paper plates in drawlng The Seventh Grade has proven an all athletic class To start the season off, we won the annual track meet The girls played and won several basketball games Some of our boys belong to the Eighth Grade Team on which they did fine playing Although the class has been so actlve, we have succeeded splendldly ln our schoolwork General Sclence was taken the last term and was found very interesting Scrap books were made to create a greater interest in geography History was taught by Mr Thomas We owe much of our success to Miss Wesp, our faithful teacher, who so patlently has gulded us in our class and extra class activities angellna Paoluccl NI936, ' : , ' I Fifth Row: Marie Belarge, Evelyn Eaton, Howard Seoor. -19- ' ARDSlEYAN m UU UO BD INTERMEDIATV GRADL Standing Joseph Pavone, Domlnick Spano, Fllomena Lancelloti First Row Theresa Dehardo, Carmlne Palermo, Frances Lefurgy, Alice Lutz Second Row Helen DeMuro, Jessle larzella, Andrew Ferranto, Frederlck Wilbur Third Row Frederick Graf, George Hauptmann, Mary Marzella Fourth Row Thomas Geraghty, Bessie Noviello New subJects for varlance at the first of th1s year were shop for girls and cooklng for boys Everyone seems to engoy thoroughly this arrangement Our middle name seems to be 'Sports, for we did well in the track meet 1n the fall and won many inter class basketball games Two interesting picture studies were given at our parents' meeting One was NThe Song of the Lark', the other was The Angelus W As a whole our Parents' Day Meeting was considered to be very lnterestlng. Another subject has been added to our list and with this we hope to improve our diets. This add1tional class is the study of foods, which, under the able directlon of Mr. Horend, we thoroughly enjoyed. In drawing a new interest has arisen especially since we made unusually pleas1ng and attractive gifts for Christmas by twisting crepe paper and binding it around jars. Keeping in mlnd the most important a1m, scholarship, many of our classmates have been permitted to join the regents geography class. we have met wlth great success in attendance also. Seventy-five per cent of our class have rece1ved punctuality buttons for having records of five perfect years without tardlness. Thomas Geraghty XI936, -20- -Qlfi-f'7 no T 'NO' LQ' x tv I t 5 , 5 K, A' Jr 'f 7'l U , . . . ' o . Y - n Q 9 I . V' id IA 0 f o V g . u Q . . . . o YV N U N ' 0 -, A so a H f I C C C C q fKR'lmEYANX - GRADE 6 Standing George lnies, Flre Chief let term, Josephine Willt, hary DeNardo, Rosetta Grandolfi, Betty Moretti, Irwin Engleman, Vice President 2nd term, Llbrarian lst term, Robert Johnson, Joseph Dunbar, Banker 2nd term, John Venners Flrst Row Howard Eaton, Fire Chief 2nd term, Anna Staffiero, Meta Scharf, Treasurer 2nd term, Edgar Jewell Second Row Kenneth Burns, hichael Moccia, Room Chairman lst term, Jean VanDusen, Treasurer lst term, Room Chairman 2nd term, Molly Defeo Third Row Frances Renda, Loren Auld, David Montaruli, Stephen Juback, Health Chief lst term, Tessie Vacri Fourth Row Theodore Knoesel, Carmine Pascone, Viola DeNuro, Richard Roth, Banker lst term, Largaret Santore, Angelina DeAst1s Fifth Row Doris Duda Secretary 2nd term, Charles Benedict, Presldent lst term, John Holscher Absent Eleanor Immediate, President 2nd term, James VCGIHD, Health Chief 2nd term Anlta Heller V1ce Pre loent lst term Theodore harouis, Llbrarian 2nd term Fourteen of our group are members of the Honor Society fifteen have had perfect attendance for the year, and twenty elght have recelved 5 year punctuality awards We have three pupils in the school orchestra We won first place in the subscription contest for the Ardsley High School News Ne had lOOZ membership 1n the Junior Red Cross, filled Christmas Boxes, made scrap books for Nshut 1ns,N and donated fruit and canned goods to the Dobbs Ferry Hospital le also organlzed a Junior Audubon Club with lOOZ attendance For one day whlle our teacher was at a conference, we taught ourselves An outstandlng p16CS of work was our unit on Colonial Life centerlng around Westchester County The boys made contour maps of the village, and the g1TlS furnlshed a colonlal cottage XI936, 21 I , . . , . . , L - . . . V O . 4 ' n . . I I 1-113-lui : L . .l . J C . . . . L IL Q . . . T-.1 -1. . V 4 I I N' 0 .i-.... .T' 3 A ' ll . I O . . . . . . - DP. . . , n L 9 'J 1 1 . O I L . 3 . - . . - , 4 o ff If 4 . v . 17 ' x 0 i I 5 I i o . . . 1 1 1 1 ifmSLEYANX - 1 GRADE FIV C Standlng George Brinkerhoff, Edna Wheeler, Antoinette 'ante11o, Mary McCormack, Frank Scallero Flrst Row Margaret Contant, Ned Boice, Michele Anselmo, Presldent, Warren Beckert, Arthur NcCartney Second Row Charles Fgloff, L11y Gubler, John Ferris, Secretary Treasurer, lst term, Mary DeFeo, Reporter, lst term, Dominick Furilla Charles VanBrunt Third Row Lucille Bell, Vlce Presldent, lst term, Elinor MacLeod Secretary Treasurer, 2nd term, Emma Geis, Evelyn Brown, Emerson Vlrden Vice President, 2nd term Fourth Row Roger Youmans, Hope Fountaln, Thomas DeMuro, Florence DeAstis, Dorothy Graf Flfth Row Y11l1am Kilpatrick, Reporter, 2nd term, Dorothy Quick Helen O'Grady September 4, 1935 First regular class meetlng We elected OfflC8TS September 16, 1935 Plans for our class library were made October 18, 1935 We had entrants ln the track meet Our bothers tea was also held January 9, 1936 We began work on our wall pictures February 21, 1936 Boys played thelr first outside basketball game Thomas Devuro swab, 22 l l "U 11. ' a F 9 .LJ LL L ' I 1 . u ' ' . - ..... ... J, Q , . 0 .LJ i . . ' 1 I I ' 1 ' O ........' s , . a - C , . . ...... ..- U . . ,. . , .........: ' A . 1 I . . O I O . 5 , I C A O I l O . B - - ' A F l IKRUSLEYANX - 7 GRAD? FIVE Standing Dan1el Filomena, FTSHCIS MUlGOOD, Madellne DeRosa, Willlam Nemecek First Row lancy Wilbur, John Palermo, Janice DTltChl6, Peter '7 Frischmann, Angelo Costantinl, VlCtOTi8 DeNardo, Joseph angari Second Row Martin Engleman, Dorothy Hadad, Dominick Lancellottl, Annabelle Hogan, Arthur Hackett, Howard Sabin, Edgar Ackerman Thlrd Row Otto Agnano, Michele Novlello, Adolph Groth, Anne McCormack, Gregory Hagopian, Thomas Pasquale Fourth Row Marion Phlllips, Frank Yozzo, Robert Anderson, Ida DeAStis September Ve have thirty seven subscrlbers to the NSchool hews Five T Honor Society has thirteen members We are OTg8D1Z1ng called Uncle Sam's Boys and Girls Ae have a Poetry Club in our e a club grade In September we organlzed the Junlor Red Cross We collected donatlons for the Dobbs Ferry Hospltal ln November We packed Christmas boxes and sent them to the Far East For our February assembly program we gave a play called WThe American Boy N e held our Parents' Day ieeting on February twenty eighth, nineteen hundred thirty slx We won the Junior track meet XI936, 23 There are thirty pupils in our grade. Ida DeAstis joined us in Q -T' " ' Y 0 H - . W I I IWDSJLEYAJNX - GRADE FOUR Standlng ndgar Ackerman, James Deshel, Philip Lutz, Andrew Noe, Margaret Ranlerl, Mary DeAngelo, Wllllam Groth F1TSt Row Bruce Fountaln, Beatrlce Schmidt John Wright, Dildred Delmerlco, George Spano Second Row Robert Cudney, Warren Brown, Mary Paolucci, Earl Johnson, Roslna hantello, Domlnlck DeAstis Third Row Dorothea Frischmann, Joan Scudder, Robert Blouin, Paullne Lutz, Donald Thomas, Gordon Kreutz Fourth Row Doris Munck, Augustine Zangare, George Furilla, Richard Allen, Raymond Pearce Fifth Row LeRoy Altken, Marion Cimino, Robert Ferris, John Caporale when the Fourth Grade Doors opened for us 1D September, we numbered thlrty three, that is stlll our number The class presldent 1S James Deshel, vice president, Dorothea Frischmann, and the class mother 1S Mrs Aitken The boys have had eight had fourteen, fifteen class has been no illegal absence to the flve year punctuality weeks of perfect attendance, and the girls members have had perfect attendance There 1n the grade Three of the four entitled pin have received their pins We have twenty members in the Honor Society We hope our class history has Just begun XI936, 24 - , -r-v Q , .P . . ,. . U C . . . . 5 ....i... ' 7 " o s H 1 lil ...,. . , . . 1 0 . . 0 Q f o . . I A 0 . . . ' 0 . . . - . . Q 1 ' 0 Q . - . 0 0 - n IKRDSLEYANX GRADA THREE W Standing Gustav Groth, Victorla Ferranto, Joseph Palermo, Marllyn Baker, DHTIOH Wrlght, Vlrpinla Secor, Rocco Ferranto Flrst Row Frank Clark, Anthony MOCC18, Thomas Wharmby, Thomas Dowllng, Gerard Travls, Jack Hackett Second Row fl11SOH Reld, Walter Wgloff, Narren Baulleu Joseph Frischmann, Ralph Pearce, Lhrlstopher DeFeo Thlrd Row Rose Perlllo, Dor1s Park, N1COl6tt8 Cimrno Dorothy Wheeler, Beatrlce Caoorale, Laurel Struckman, Cla1re Speicher. Fourth Row: Betty Hatfield, Barbara Boice, Ruth Virden, Marie Mangels, Louise Behlen, George QUICK. Flfth Row: Kary Lou Wilmoth, Barbara Horend, Edith Aitken. In September, twenty-nine pUD11S were enrolled. Betty Hatfleld was elected presldent and Dorls Park v1ce presldent. After the January exams, seven puplls were promoted from the second grade, increaslng our enrollment to th1rty-slx puplls. We have enJoyed belng able to attend assembly this year. Our play, uSchoolroom Pals,N seemed to be appreclated by the higher grades. There has been no tardlness ln our grade this year, we are very proud of thls. Only two pUDllS have been illegally absent. At Honor ASSemb118S twenty slx emblems and twenty one service awards have been earned. XI936, 25- 1 ' , 2 , ' ,Q U , 1 5 ' - waaasf-ta,l,, V o f H via f .V , ,, W , if ' 'fi , ' I A K 4 Q, fr ' . ,M O T1 , . . ' 1. , . , . . . . , . ' v . 5 ' 7 . O , . . , , . o L 4.4 , ...... ... N , C . ,, , . . . ...-.... -..' D v F F 7 ARDSLEYANX ' ' F GRADL THREE H Standing Willlam Blasberg, Reporter, Katherlne nangari, Frank Conover, Jacquellne DeAstis First Row Anna Montaruli, Charles Duryea, Willlam Borchers, Renee Ranieri Second Row Eugene Grandolfi, Augustlne Filomena, William King, Inga Belsher Third Row Mary Anne Cim1no Stanley Benedict, Richard Dunbar, Lillian Hadad, Anna Fatone Fourth Row Priscllla Howe Edith Holscher, Esther DeNardo, June Brinkerhoff, Jean LcGregor Fifth Row Stephen Gemlin, Florence Content, Reporter Ruth Agnano, In the fall the class took several nature walks to collect seeds One walk ended happily at Lila MacLeod's where her mother served refreshments Churning butter for a geography lesson was almost a party In November we presented a play, NBooks on Strlke, and a reading from WPinocchio W Our Parents' Tea was made a success bv our mothers, Mrs Howe, Mrs Fatone, and their committee We won the attendance cup for the month of January We are working for SIX polnt health p1ns This term we are very much interested in having Mr Horend for a fifteen minute science perlod For our doll house made of egg crates, we have deslpned vall papeff made furnlture, woven rugs, and made lamps of clay, reed, and paper Ve are mak1ng a collectlon of poems and plctures w1th their storles for our language work Xmas, 26 T-li.: . 9 , z . , . Vice-President, Lila MacLeod, President. , n . H' 0 e J J 'IKWSLEYANX - GRADE TWO First Row John Papovitch, John Delmer1co, lenneth Fauptmann, Biogio DeAstis, Olga Raab, Francis Young, George delmann, Sarah Marzella, Alexander Reid, Richard Smith, Harold Carpenter Second Row Norman Hadad, Alfreo Palermo, Jean VanBrunt, FTBHCIS McCormack, Louis nisenhauer, James Fountain, Gloria Delmerico, Angelo Stafflero, Dominick Belarge Third Row Doris Pearce, Richard Fuchs, Prudence Watson, Charles DeMilo, P8tT1C18 Townsend, Grace Mannuccla, Lorra1ne Wilbur Fourth Row William Bogge, John Ferguson, dlth Gimbel Nllliam Roth Absent George Yeehan The membership of our class has changed considerably Oeveral of those who were 1n the flTSt grade wlth us have moved away and six others Joined us In February seven were promoted the third grade Our president, Barbara Boice, was in this group e elected Olga Raab to take her place George Wdelmann is v1ce presldent W won two T A prizes whlch we used to finance a CHP1Stm8S Reading Party for our parents At the close of the program we gave them the glfts we had made Our guests partlcularly enjoyed the stuffed dates we had prepared We represented China in hiss Russell's Armistlce Day program We constructed a post Off1C6 1n our room A few boys visited 'r Benec1ct's museum 'XH93fhf 27 1 ' ' c L A TT' .u 1 . - . 'o 1-1 J 0 1 . Q Q, . , . I ,g L , . .l - Q : X- Q .T--1. - c IJ . ' to V7 0 9 1 0 P M - 0 . w - le Pu o o 0 .1 ' - 0 , . s - 0 i o , .. ul g .. u up - '7KRDSlEYANX5 ' J GRADE ONE Standlng N1ll1am Lefurgy, Robert Fuchs, Richard Heller, Joseph Calace Nottola, Robert Arone, Robert Carpenter, George McCormack, Edwln Stone, John C1m1no, Carmlne Vobilia, Teddy Schmidt, Wllllam Hauptmann, Rlchard Chlla F1TSt Row Basil Spano, Agnes frone, Rhoda Damm, Peter Emerlck, Caroline Stohr, Bernlce Bolce second Row Robert Hadad, larle loretti, Dorothy Venners, Joseph Petruzz1, Jean DeNuro, V1to Ferranto Third Row Robert Immedleto, larie Raab, El1DOT Stevens, John Philip C1m1no, Ruth Damn, W11l18m Ieehan Iontarull, Frances lannariello, Jullo Sousa Flfth Row Louis Pascone, Wdelgard Jantzen, John DeRocha, Robert Duryea, Constance Smlth, Anlta otafsholdt Ab ent George Papovitch Grade One lives at the end of the hall, In a room qulte flooded wlth sun Vhere we learn to respect each other's rlghts And get the three R's done Our commlttees have arranged several parties Whlch ve thought lots of fun And you'll flnd us oalntlng or hammering then our daily work 1S done so come to our room at the end of the hall, A welcoming hand lS tne rule From the boys and glrls on the first step up The ladder of life, 1n our school E J F 'XV?3fLf 28 . , ,. . 0 ' X - . V ' ,Y n ,L Lu '14 L : ' I ' o 1417" . '11 I . . p I L 9 Fourth Row: John Crisi, Gerald Maloney, James Scudder, Carl ' : n , ' i-' - 31- 1 n CQ . s : . I ' J b, . VY L ' I 0 C' lf ' ' O O O 'TXRDSUYANX 'R' QPF' PRIMARY CLASQ Back Rows Catherine Quick, James Wharmby, Ellen McCormack Robert VanDusen, John Pogan, Virglnla Macdonald, Grace Behlen, Stephen Pannlck, Virglnla Lytle, Joan EmGTlCK, Iary hantello, Ann Borchers, Iarianne Meier, Willard Benedict, Henry Groth, Ddgar Bunch, Roy Nannar'ello, James Wright Left Table Alfred COHSt8Ht1HS, Jean DeLuca, Fvelyn Kamke, Dauline DeAstis, Frances Mannuccia, Crane Hackett, David Knies, Louis Addorisio, Florence DeFeo, Diane Uorend Right Table Lester McLeod, Elinor Speicher, Rosina Lancellottl, Jennie Renda, Donald Fatone, Umberto Paolucci, David Brendel, Chrls Beringer, AlVlU Lutz, Nicholas Belarge, Elizabeth Nelson. Lctlvities of the Prlmary Class Boats, tralns, aeroplanes, cars, and trucks were among the flTSt things we learned about and made. As a result we gave for our Christmas show, 'The Llttle Engine That Could.n We made clay pin trays for our mothers' Christmas presents and napkln TlHgS for Daddy. Some of us went to a Puppet Show and wanted to do somethlng llke that ourselves, so we made a mlnlature mOV1Hg picture of nLltt1G Black Sambo.u Each one of us made DICYHTSS of different scenes 1n the story. We pasted these on a long str1p of paper, which we rollec on two rollers flxed ln a box. The boys painted the 'box mOVl6n apparatus, and the girls made the curtaln. In the sprlng we v1s1ted the Flre House to see the flre englne, and we also went to see the horses at the Ridlng Academy. Primary Class of 1955 56 XIQ36, -29- Y f -. Y " f' '94 1. , . , ' . ' A ' 51a51'wg.,, A ff .5317 5 VH l i, 'fn-. I V .,. if f " V 2' fgffjffyf' f- 1 at . lb 7 ,f I ffffy fl! I, ' x nik , C" . X , xr -.-1-i 1-11. 1 A 1 '- ' ' ' I ' 1 -1. J , K.. ' - L - . I o . . . ...A 4. A , LL . 0 . . 'ARUSEYANX ' 4... NI936, 50 .ARAL SCHOOL ACTIVI MS -. rvbxwhz 1 . 1 Z A T B , V Y l,f' 1 B , Y N ' I V Q G 'RQ A . 'SAA H Y 'I' '? IARDSLEYAGNX -G G G STUDV'T LTIDWRS First Row William Nemecek, President Grade ST, Helen Lindauer, Lanager Girls' Basketball Team Eleanor Geraphty, Vice Presldent Sophomores, Anita Wilbur, Domenica Gagllardi, Cheer Leaders Peggy Feller, Vice President Junior A, Howard Auld, hanager Boys' Basketball Team, James MacKenzie, President Freshmen, Wllllam Phllllps, Presldent Grade S, Paul Nelson, President Grade 7, Mlchele Anselmo, Presldent Grade 5 Second Row ChT1St1H8 Grandolfi, V1ce Presldent Freshmen James Deshel, Presldent Grade 4 Olga Raab, Presldent Grade 2 Lila MacLeod, Brown, President Junlor B Bessle hovlello, Presldent Intermedlate Grade Third Row Ruth Lavrence, Gladys C8HH1Dg, secretary Ponor Society Laura Brown, Presldent Honor society and Vice Presldent Junior B Iary Grandolfi, Helen horse, Secretary Student COUHC11 and Vlce Presldent Senior Class, Myrtle Travis Albert Nunck, Treasurer Student LOUDC11, Cecelia Paolucci, Edgar Perretz, President of S8H1OT Class and of StUGSDt COUHC1l Alfred Crlsi, Presldent Junlor A All those ln the last row are members of the Second Degree of the Honor Society NIQ36, 51 -J at n If --1-l. , - ' v x u 9 ' . n g 3 A .. - E - ' ' ' C. i""-"Ti: ' l .-A . 3 3 N 3 A President Grade 3Hg Irwin Engleman, Vice-President Grade 6, Douglas 3 . , . ., . . : : ' ' S I 3 ----- . O - . , , Y . , - . , .H o 5 A W ' o . 5 . . . ,O . IARDSLEYANX ee S CFPONCLCGY CF 1955-1936 SEPTEMBER 4: Today the student body returned full of enthusiasm and energy to begin a new year of scholastic and social activity. The school has undergone a number of interesting changes. The larger portion of the boys' basement has been converted into a shop room by Kr. William Duke, the latest addition to our faculty. The gym floor has been refinished as well as almost all the desk tops The pupils to be seated in the back rows of the laboratory are out for a clear View from now on T'NBVR 16 The Seniors start their annual magazine WSubscript1on Campaign' with many enthusiastic supporters behind them 'Uncle Charlien Nilson of Ch1ldren's Village will be present at the wget acquainted meeting of the P T A tonight INBAR 26 The Senior HSubscr1ption Campaign ended today with the Seniors selling the largest number and the Junior A class coming close behind The Seniors did not compete for the five pound box of candy which was the prize, it was therefore presented to the Junior A class S RT"B R 27 The M R M Quimby Nemorial Troop hold a Salanagundi Party for the benefit of their Veterans' Velfare Fund Wdgar Perretz v s elected president of the Student Council CCTOBBR ll The eleventh annual Nvinstrel Shown directed by Mr Charles Horend, for the benefit of the athletic fund, will be presented this evening CCTOBER 17 The Alumni plans to have a very busy year Their first venture of the year is the VDancing Classn to be directed by an instructor from the famous Arthur Murrav Studio New York The first lesson will be this evening Laura Brown was elected president of the Honor Society FCVEMB R ll Thomas F T Connolly, prominent iort Chester attorney, will deliver the Armistice Day address at the school tonight and over one hundred pupils will take part in a musical and dramatic program Nev VB R l4 Grade Athletic Banquet held this afternoon learly l5O The Junior Championship banner was awarded to Grade 5T and the Senior Championship banner to Grade 7 'CVT B R ld Tonight at 8 30 everyone will be 'Tuning Inn on the VJunior A Revue' with the Townsonian Orchestra, and dance specialties from the Dorothy lolbe School of Dancing of Port Chester A two act play, 'Uer Radio Romeo,' wlll also be presented under the QlTSCt1OD of Niss Buell VCV BLR 18 'Believe It or lotn Robert L Ripley is coming to town this evening to the P l A meeting Come to see and hear the unbelievable NCJTVBLR 2? Fight bushels of groceries, repre enting 2 2 articles, were sent to the Dobbs Ferrv nospital hanksgiving gift P ofessor ilbur 'czee of len York University spome at the High School assembly today Past and presert members of the Second Degree were the 3 , I SE? mi A : C ' ' . ' ' , . . A l , . ,. . . ' sv ' ' J Q N, O 1 9 0 SEPT' Y ': ' ' ' H ' 'E- gm! E 2 .n. . i . , . .. - . . . J 0 A H Ja . VN T41 : 1- I . . 1' ' ' I . , in . T '-T - ' 'D lu ..1 . .ug , . . g A 7 , . , . , ..M. ..4 s Q 1 students attended. Physical Director, Ken Brown, presided. L' JL 3' cz '- : v ' ' Y ' , . . A x . 1 . 1 - Y vu ' 1 ' L " ' . E. C. . t . 'Jr' - A. v ' r , - ' -A4'.4.1 'O '1 I I . I M . - I 0 O 0 1 f"Ln,'- ,: , ,A I 4 A s ' Z v N A' as a Tn , . r C W', A I I v ' S ', T ' -f ' X ' . A 1 Q , ' O - 2- U IKITUSLEYANX '- guests of the adviser, Mrs. Anna J. Flint, Saturday night. The new members, Ruth Lawrence, Myrtle Travis, and Alfred Crisi, were initiated Varsity organized and ready to meet the Alumni this evening. DECEMBER 14 At the Twelfth Annual Honor Society Banquet thirty five new candidates became members The Honorable Walter G Seely of Port Chester presided as toastmaster It was acclaimed the largest banquet ever held in the Hlgh School DECEMBER 20 This afternoon the faculty entertained the high school students at a Christmas Social Everyone spent an enjoyable afternoon exchanglng gifts, dancing, playing games, and gossiping School dismissed for the Christmas vacation JANUARY 6 Everyone returns after a long holiday full of resolutions for the New Year JANUARY 10 First League Game at Ardsley The Varsity, as well as the Junior Varsity, is all set to meet the Hendrick Hudson High School boys here ton1ght New Club Program starts today under the super vision of the Student Council and the Faculty Inter class Basketball season had its opening games between the Junior A and the Junior B classes JANUARY 17 Junior A class decides to sponsor the publication of the 1956 Ardsleyan with the assistance of the rest of the high school JANUARY 20 The lively Outdoor Club is reported snow bound with Nr Silliman, Principal, at h1s cabin JANUARY 30 Inter Club Council held a novel social this afternoon and evening from four o'clock until eight thirty It consisted of a light supper, dancing to the music of the Club Ashford Orchestra, and entertainment by the Dramatic Club JANUARY 31 Alfred R Crisi selected as Editor in Chief of the 1936 be completed FEBRUARY 11 The annual Senior Prom this evening proved to be a great social and financial success A large crowd appeared, which amply repaid the Seniors for their hard work in preparing for this event The Collegians supplied the muslc Refreshments were served MARCH 27 The Senior Class will present their annual play this evenlng It is to be 'The Adventures of Grandpa,H under the direction of Liss E C Buell Dancing will follow to the music f the 'Club Ashford orchestra APRIL 9 Easter vacation starts today APRIL The Seniors leave for their annual Washington Trlp APRIL The Seniors return tired but happy APRIL The Ardsleyan goes to press Margaret Nilsson XI936, 53 0 Ardsleyan. Plans for the new improved yearbook are soon to 1 '. . . 0 U! . ll: - ' . 15: . 25: . if 'ARDSHYANX HONOR SOCIETY The twelfth year of the Honor Society is drawing to a close with a total of more than one hundred twenty five members At the first 1955 meeting an executive committee was elected consisting of Principal Silliman, Mrs Flint, the Society Adviser Laura Brown, President, Helen Morse, Vice President, Gladys Canning, Secretary The Honor Society held its annual banquet and initiation of the candidates December 14, 1955 Over two hundred people, includinf the guests of honor, Honor b e A G Seelf the merbers of the Board of Pducation, and other school repre entatives were present to enjoy the bounteous repast which was prepared by the mothers of the candidates The gymnasium was effectively decorated n blue and gold Mr Seely, the toastmaster, was his usual cheery self He gave a very effective speech upon the importance of the individual We also stressed the fact that the constitution is the greatest safeguard of the people, and that the United States is the only country of the vorld where an ordinary person can still call his soul his own Silliman said that the membership is not so much to honor the individual as to give the individual an opportunity to work with an organized group for the honor of the school The climax of the evening was the surprise presentation of gold torches to Liss Helen G Robbie and hrs Oliver R rreutz for service above and beyond the line of duty for a period of more than five years Each member of the Society endeavors to live up to the Honor Society Code which embraces scholarship, service to the school, attendance, conduct and welcoming strangers Gladys Canning To the folloving pupils we are indebted in various ways for their excellent cooperation in publishing this book Junior Typists Anna Santore, Vera lathews, Peggy Heller, Amy Yelsford, and Edna Arndt Advertising Peggy Heller, Vera Nathews, Mary Grandolfi, Kenneth Fitch, Joseph Dowling, Daniel Geis, Edna Arndt, Robert Beckert, Leonard Engleman Circulation Gifford Acker, Mary Grandolfi, and Nargaret Nilsson Ar Podney Ferguson, Howard Auld, Erna Groth, and Amy Welsford Vincent Carelli and Edgar Perretz, Seniors, should be mentioned for general assistance, and all others in the high school and grades, esp clally members of Grade 6 who have helped us make this publication what it is XI936, -54- . . ' . T . t . . g u A .- I ' . ' 1 ' . . E: A a l , V Q 0 E , AL D ' s ' , A - A F n Q sJ I Q . ' n ' ' ' ' n . . . . ln explaining the solemn initiation of the candidates, Principal 7 0 . F O ' D 'L . a . . O 0 I . ly l-tx Q 2 R, ' 1 0 t 1 g 9 Q ' ' 1 ' sl 1 n A , o s T TITDSLEYANX T A Year Aith The Student Council On October 24, 1955, the followlng offlcers were elected by the Student Councll to explore the unknown paths ahead President, Edgar Perretz Vice Dresiaent, Laura Brown, Secretary, Helen Norse, and Treasurer, Albert Vunck Mr Charles W Horend was selected as adviser Davld Geraghty was chosen to succeed the present Treasurer and to act as an under study durlng the vear 194K 36 Standlng committees included Assembly Commlttee, Helen Iorse, Albert Vunck, and Laura Brown Insurance Fund Commlttee, Edgar Perretz and Alfred Crisi To pave the way for a common desire for extra class objective work and creatlve enterprise, the President early in November outlined a plan to the Councll whereby a system of clubs would be established fthe number and k1nd to be optional! under a specially created council to include all members of the Student Councll, together with a Chairman and Secretary elected quarterly from each club The plan called for the rotation of officers throughout the year in order that all enterprlsing students mlght have the opportunlty to part1c1pate in extra class work, to create a better spirlt of cooperatlon among them, to afford them opportunities to pursue Obj8Ct1V6 work 1n chosen llnes, and to integrate these efforts into one common purpose Then, after a consensus of opinion had been secured as to the deslrability of the system and the establlshment of indlvidual clubs Dramatic, Outdoor Athletlc, Social, Rlding, Current Events, Knltting, and Shop Cfor Q1TlS clubs came lnto exlstence As to the progress of these clubs, two or three are preeminently successful, whereas two or three others have lagged bSblHd from all manifest 1nd1cat1ons, however, the length of thelr duration will better indlcate just how successful they shall have proven Several socials durlng the year arranged by the Inter Club Counc1l Cconslsting of the several clubsl were enthusiastlcally received by the student body The in1t1al attempt was lauded by both faculty and students for its repleteness, slnce lt evinced the alm of the Councll to present everything posslble in the way of entertalnment and food at a very mlnlmhm cost to the indivldual student It was an afternoon, early evenlng affair, featuring a Pathetlc Iews, some tableaux and pantomlme skit by the Dramatic Club, danclng to the music of the local Club Ashford Orchestra, and a delectable dlnner served on the balcony of the gymnaslum to nearly a hundred club members by a commlttee of 21TlS from the Inter Club Councll The Student Councll nas and shall endeavor to malntaln the Accldent Fund wlth the 1dea of compensating those who sustaln ingurles ln the school and who ln all other respects are eligible for protectlon, as long as lt 1S at all feaslble to perpetuate the fund The Councll contemplates some adaptable program for later in the semester to lncrease the fund Throughout the year actlon was taken on d1SC1Dlln8ry measures, plans for betterment ln school curricula, but lt appears that ll a Student Councll were to ece1ve more Student reactlon and cooperatlon its undertaklngs that ltS task would be more readily and effectlvely accompllshed Therefore, lt wlll be the task of next year's Councll to take up the loose ends and take off the Jagged edges may our best wlshes be wlth them dgar Perretz XI936, Y 3 -A R ' L. ' ' . rl: I. L , Q , . , S . , ' . Student Council together with the chairmen and secretaries from the . I' . 'Z' . in . HD n S , . . -35- 5-r JHIDSHYANX DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club was organized at a meetlng 1936 at one o'clock on Friday, January 10, to teach members the to write, direct, and the technlque of play up, etc The purposes of this club are threefold principles Of amateur acting, to show them how to acquaint them with li htlng, setting, make produce short plays and production including stage which are held every other Friday, ve are now two of whlch we are plannlng to present t At the club meetings, rehearsing short plays, neighboring schools Our object in the future W1ll be to produce better and longer plays, glving everyone an opportunity to take part be are plannlng to go down to New York to see a good professional play on Broadway, late in the sprlng Thus the desire to promote dramatics as a school project has been started We have a membership of fifteen and our future is almost Peggy Heller SOCIAL CLUB The attempt to promote good iellowship and to create a closer relationship among the student body of our school has been very wisely suggested This club has afforded us the opportunity of achieving this aim Our meetings are strlctly social At these meet1ngs the students can enjoy a period of recreatlon in dancing to the tunes of the music dialed on the new rad1o Our membershlp has been steadily increasing and we believe the future of our club looks very bright Marion Seitz CURRENT VV N CLLB Under the very able dlrectlon of Nr Mann, wlth Miss Clayton asslstant, the Current Events Club has had an active, engoyable program durlng its SXISYBDCS The club vislted historlcal exhlbltions, radio broadcasts, and reviewed current events At the time of this writing the club 1 working on a play which 1S to be presented at the Dobbs Terry High School For the flrst semester the club officers were James O'Grady, presldent, and Albert Nunck, secretary Leonard Engleman close, -56- , Q I i Y x . 3 . ' ' , Q ' - N - J . 3 T v ' A xa ' ' J A a certain to be successful for nBig Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.n 7 es , . V . 1 X . I 1 I . .J .IL l S Y T ' ' . . " as . s I A 0 IKRDSLEYANX ATHLWTIC CLUB The Athletic Club called its initlal meetlng to order Friday, January lO, at one o'clock Slnce then 1ts membershlp has grown to twenty eight, of whlch seven are glrls The club now meets every other Fr1day, but we expect to hold meetings at night, combining the business with the social sloe of the club A short meeting is held durlng the Nclub period,W after which groups form and e1ther shoot fouls or play badmlnton With the good weather we intend to widen the scope of athletlcs now covered by the club, and w1th each season, speclalize 1D one snort The obgect of the club 1S to develop athletlcs in school, f1nd out what is wrong with them, and remedy these ills Under the able guidance of lr Yenneth Brown, our advlser, and Richard McCartney, our president, we are sure to prosper We hereby extend a most cordlal 1HVitBtiOD to all who w1sh to Join Wlth us ln the engoyment of good sports Anita Wilbur KNITTING CLUB A few years ago, a woman would not thlnk of knlttlng her own sweater She probably thought she had more worthy thlngs to do and didn't take the tlme to sew by hand Today man busy housevlves are knitting constantly sweaters or scarfs for themselves or arments for the children could have a dlversion from school vork None, however, knew how knit, but through the patient guidance of Niss Davis we endeavored knit sweaters and scarfs The enthusiasm for knittlng increased, and four more girls jolned Ve are now continuing our rapid progress making short and long sleeved sweaters We know that the knowledge we have galned 1U the club will not be forgotten 1n the later years of our llve , when ve shall be doing the same stitches we have learned ln the knitting Club, but in a finer quality of garments Vera Vathevs GIRL SUCP CLUB Considerable interest in shop vork has been shovn by the glrls this year Flfteen have elected the shop club as ar actlvlty of the I C C These girls are maklng progects of wood and copper The teacher finds much talent and craftsmanship among the glrls 'XH?3fLf 57 Five girls in high school wished to begin a knitting club so we ' 1 . ' ' to L to ' , . J . b , in ov X V IKRDSHYANX - RIDING CLUB Although the riding club has not as yet been able to do much riding llargely because of the weather! we hope soon to resume the sport V68DWh1lG, the social club lS supplylng us wlth a means of enjoyment and recreatlon, and we are very grateful to them T follow the actlvity in our llne, we are endeavorlng to improve our knowledge about horses by relatlng some of our experlences concernlng them, as well as gaining lnformatlon from books We are contlnually maklng plans for the future, therefore remember that our doors are always open for new comers who would llke the enjoyment of r1d1ng with us Paul Seltz OUTDOOR CLLB When this club was flrst formed, we had 17 members, now we have about lu members To start, we took a tr1p to Mr Silliman's cabin in the Flshkill Fountains The trip was to last only Saturday and Sunday, but because of a heavy snowfall Saturday night and Sunday, we were snowed 1U and unable to use the cars The plowed state highway was about five miles away Instead of returning home Sunday we arrived in Ardsley at 3 15 on Tuesday Other trips have been made to the cabln slnce then, and these were more successful Now the members of the club are obtaining some good advlce and practice in outdoor camping from lr Sllllm3H Wlnfred B Lefurgy Photos of Mr Sill1man's Cabin ff K Q A group of boys out 1de The inteyigr swab, 58 I r 1 , u a r Q , XJ. V ' ' . o ' n - A u 4 . I L 4 V' . x . . . . T u Q . o ' ' A . I Y l . . . . . 0 , ' 1 -4- L - r .2 A ' ' -A O . I X c Xl q f' , f Q-,Q fx A' ' -QX ' . h t - ,, -N f f f, A r v i. X. K, U, . 1 Hy f 'l.2 - ' ' as D r . ,if . X A Q . ' , --N , .F Qu 5 Q rl! A, :,r-'rhsu rf, 1 1's'-.4- 1 V wi tri ' ,Li L ,J L - V-Rfk 'A 1 Q ' H4314 "' , A f . 1 , 1 r ' Q., ,A , " .S -. o,.,,4l --- 5 l ,A '-- S . VKTQDSRLEYARNX' ' 5 ORCHESTRA seated Dorothy Hadad, Angellna Paoluccl, Glfford fcker Donald Zellff, Robert Seltz, Theodore Marquls, Irwin ngleman, Rlohardfearce, Erna Groth, Isabel Ward, Freda Wllle Standlng R Earle Belsher, Robert Norse, Lewls Trav1s, Wllliam Fountaln, Howard Connors, Gordon Schultz, Robert Anderson, Paul SSIYZ, P1erre Fountaln, Rodney Ferguson, Louls Canorale, Frank Morse, L1v1o Crisi, Alfred Crlsi, Abbie Fritcn1e,Lnna Daley, Nargaret Heller, Nicholas Koenig The tedlous years of 1935 1936 have shovn marked lmprovement and emphaslzed progress 1n the School Orchestra, whlch is now composed of twenty slx earnest yet inexperienced members Under the careful super VISION of Ir Yoenlg, who has taught many of the members as students have added two V1OliHlStS, one able Cl8T1UGt player, and expect to strengthen the orchestra stlll further with the adcltlon of other muslcians our and are the New marches, overtures, and waltzes have crowned the diligence of ambltlous mUS1Ci8HS Once the necessary technloue has beer mastered improved at practices on Wednesdays and Frldays, these new selectlons presented at Honor Assemblies and Vlgh School fssemblies in lleu of old worn out selections we have long overused Soon the TUS1C8l Concert vlll be here, a d th t 15 tie t1 e th these statements will be Verlfled We lntend to add amateul S1Dg1HP and danclng to our program Erna Groth NI936, 59 C' O , . . . ll-11: . Y' k . . . . , , L . , H O . , . . H . . . . ,. , A A VL O - 'V ' , A t , - , - ' ' A . X ' ' we ., 1 . . Y . O , A A A . - -- 4 . l ' '- 0 r ' ' . ' 1 ' Q . . n a . N at . . . . . F 1 . . - 0 4 5 O 1 I ' ARDSLEYANX - I Sept Oct Nov Jan Feb GIRL SCOUT DIARY Both troops reorganized Troop II Salamagundi Party benefit Velfare Fund Visited Scout Shop spent weekend at Camp Croton Corn Feed at Boy Scout Cabin Courtesy of Mr Bell Boy and Girl Scout Masquerade Served at Needlework Guild Tea Visited Veterans Hospital in the Bronx Mr Nann started Nature Course for Troop II Nrs Edelmann named capta1n of Troop I Court of Honor attended Guy Lombardo's broadcast Scout Valentine Card Party postponed to the 19th Members of Troop I attended moving pictures at Embassy Lieut Alice Woodruff started 'Chlld Nurse course XI936, 40 . 17-18 27 -- J .5 - ' 12 - . . . 2 14 17 U Dec. 22 Took Sunshine Bags to the Veterans . 7 . . 1 15 M . I ' . 3 14 22 25 . " " e IKRIISYLEYANX 1 BOY SCOUTS Ardsley this year has had its most successful season of Scouting i the records Uarly in March the troop got off to a good start by winning the lnspection flag from the rest of the troops in the Hendrick Hudson Councll In April, the Annual Scout Circus was held in the WGym' with much success The camp season saw an increased enrollment of sos of Ardsley Scouts attendlng camp at Wiccoppee Several new members from the Cubs took places in the troop In an lnter patrol advancement contest, the Explorers nosed out the Flying nagles who were a little ahead of the Ravens lThe Explorers are a group of advanced Scouts J We are sorry to lose Mr Thomas, our Scoutmaster, who has been called to continue his work 1D a wider field as District Commissioner Mr Mack was elected as Scoutmaster by the Troop Com ittee to fill the vacancy mr Mack served in the Navy for several years, has taken courses in first a1d, and is well equipped ln all ways to fill this position of respons1b1lity we welcome h1s leadership, and are sure that the Scout work wlll continue to progress under h1s guidance The Cubs helped the Scouts 1n their projects this year besides carrying out some of the1r own They took active parts 1n the Circus as clowns, tumblers, and what not In the fall they sold stickers dlsplay ing the Scout emblem Nr Duke, an able and willing assistant to the Cubs, helped the boys to make lnterestlng and useful progects in shop, such as door stops and novel candle holders made of tin cans Rodney Ferguson 4936, -41 1 0 LJ O o KA 0 . - +- . 1 o o 0 0 , . I 1 0 o . . L 0 0 I . 1 o o no 9 n IKRDSLEYANX 11 Zh lhHn'E qv: HONE ECONOMICS DWPARTMENT Home Economics 18 a subject which is available to every girl at one tlme or another during the period of educational training 1n her life, and the knowledge of which w1ll be valuable to her throughout her entire life In our school, sew1ng is available to those 1n the flfth grade, foods and clothlng 1n the slxth, seventh, and elghth grades In hlgh school, Home Economics is an electlve subject and lncludes the study of economies of foods and clothlng, as well as cnlld care, lnterlor decorat1on, etiquette and groomlng These classes, under the direction of N135 Halsted, do many intrigulng thlngs They prepare appet1z1ng dlshes Wh1Ch are most edlble and nutritious With mature soclal grace, they entertaln at tea The glrls are as proud of the clothes they make and the outfits they assemble as 1f these had come from Parls, the f8ShlOD center of the world Margaret Nllsson XI936, -42.. t - - ii AQ ' . Ok H F I ' . ' ,. 1 ' W 'A ' fi O 3 'K . . J r .2 K VA LJ I . . . . . . . . . J . . . . . . V . . I . . I . . . ' I. 7 RDSlEYAN THE NEW INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE When are we going to be able to take shopo Why can't we oftenero Those are two questions that the shop teacher has had over and over this year They are asked by those boys whose not yet permlt them to take shop and by those who have only perlod a week Thls IS a good example of the deslre most boys have to have shop to answer grades do one short work wlth tools and to rake thlngs with thelr own hands How unfortunate lt is that time and eoulpnent do not permit all tre boys of the grade school the benef1t of this tralnlng Ardsley Hlgh School has expanded 1ts lndustrial arts this year by enlarglng the shop and equipplng lt with many new tools and machlnes fine l1ne of bench power tools makes possible a study of many lnterest lng types of work such as cablnet maklng and wood turning In addition to wood working the classes study electricity, art metal, wrought iron, and leather work Beautiful projects have been made by the boys in all these types of work heaving, photography, and model maklng are taught as added attractlons It might be well to point out that the shop course does not aim to teach a trade or develop expert craftsmen Its chief alm is to pupil find out where his lnterests l1e It brlefly brings the contact wlth as many 1HdUStT1SS as poss1ble to broaden his knowledge Often the shop work 1ntroduces a boy to a hobby in vlll later spend many happy leisure hours help the boy into general which he Those successfully completlng the high school course w1ll receive regents credlt in what is known as Industrial Arts I So as you see, those boys who must now content themselves by watching thelr older brothers through the shop WIHGOWS, will in time also be receivlng the benefits of the shop We feel sure that shop work has now become a permanent part of Ardsley'S curriculum and that each year w1ll see more improvements and additions to the equipment XI936, -43 A , , X ' . , Z, f ' - W. A .ll ' , A --I K :I In rt ' .F , . . ' X I N I A. A x . v . . A V . x. ' u 'I . . . O - - A, . A . . - w I . YYY ' O I , A I S l A 0 f O . ll' A Q f T , 0 1 N . . . I . - Nay 14 June 21 Sept 17 Oct Oct Oct Dec 13 Dec 27 QTIDSLEYANX - A 1935 THE ALUMNI CALENDAR 1936 Election of Off1C6TS Presldent Ronald Townsend Vice Pres1dent Robert Mathews Treasurer James Mantello Secretary May Berthelson A big nlght for the Sen1ors' The Senlor Reception, one of the maln events of the year, was a picturesque affair the girls in their fluffy dresses, and the boys in white flannels And good mus1c enjoyed thanks to the Townsend Band For the first time 1n the hlstory of the Alumni, the Seniors were formally inducted 1ntc the assoc1at1on by President Townsend and presented with membership cards The appointment of an Executive Committee composed of the offlcers, Edward Hering, Richard Barr, John Geraghty, and Miss Buell, as adv1ser, was responsible for formulating plans for the assoclatlon The Arthur Murray dancing class had a big turn out' It was held on Tuesday nlghts durlng October and November At the October first meetlng lt was decided t serve refreshments after the buslness meetlngs The class of 1935 started the Ncoffee pot The athletlc club proved to be an attractlon to the boys During the season they played basketball wlth the local teams and have the 1Ht6Ht1OH of formlng a badminton team after the basketball season, including both the g1TlS and boys play commlttee under the dlT8Ct1OH of Miss Buell at the November sixth meetlng was a howllng success The members enjoyed the v1lla1n w1th h1s Ncoisesn and Nfoiled againn and the ardent hero and bashful herolne The aud1ence didn't forget to hiss the Vlllaln when he attempted to steal an inventlon from llttle hell In the cast were Alex Mussa, Helen Gross, John Geraghty, Helen Berthelson, Thomas Roberts, Frances LaZink, and Grace Woodruff The Gay N1HGt18S Ball the vlllage was ransacked for clothes of the gay HlH6t18S era The annual banquet held at Schmldts Farm was a grand get to gether Nany of the members who were home from college attended and all agreed that they had a good time The following are t8Ht8tlV6 plans for the rema1nder of the school year Aprll Informal dance for members and guests at Schmldts Farm June Senior R6C6Dt1OH Much credit should be glven to the Presldent and those who cooperated with him ln maklng thls an exceptlonally 8Ct1V6 year May Berthelson -44- 0 1 ' 0 . 1 ' ' o .M . . 1 ' ' . Nov. 6 'He Ain't Done Right by Nelln--a melodrama presented by the 1, 5911353 .2 5 ig fKRDSlEYA NX XIQ36, L,,.. .1 .QV 1 + I refs. MN ff fs sv in ,ky .V ii 9 :LL . ,. f v 'I ,. 3 L- 3-. 'gl D 1: 1 :.,- N . - . , Y J.: . I , ' t 1 ! 'Q ' was x - N . . , Q, iygfv 'YF-w 1, Q1 c. ' - . .45- IHZDSLEYANX BASYElBALL TEAM Howard Auld, Edward Cudney, Frank Pascone, Lawrence Agnano, Vincent Agnano, Douglas Brown, James Bennle, Coach Horend Although the team did not win the league championship this year, it was successful from the standpoint of spirit and cooperation The team started 1ts league season by an overwhelming defeat of Hendrick Hudson, led by the speed of Doug Brown and Larry Agnano A week later, an invincible zone defense lost by a margin of two points in one of the hardest games Ardsley played thls season However, the team's spirit was not broken, undefeated Irvington fell, 29 25 Sad losses to Greenburgh and Dobbs Ferry followed respectively, and the team wound up its first half in a bad way The second half, Ardsley won four successive games Under Vincent Agnano's bombardment of field goals, Elmsford fell 26 22 Hendrick Hudson and Irvington were the next victlms Greenburgh T6V1S1t8d Ardsley w1th blood ln their eyes and tried to beat us by ruining the boys with an onslaught of fouls The team could not be stopped by nasty play and came through with everyone scoring Our most begrudged loss came on Friday the thirteenth when the boys v1sited Dobbs Ferry and lost 24 22 in an overtime period. We feel that with Doug Brown's one hand tosses, Vince Agnano's long shots, Richard McCartney's lay ups, Larry Agnano's left corner shots, J1m Benn1e's timely points and Frank Pascone's last minute fight, we had a great team. Although the boys were not champs, they had the spirit which is necessary for a good team. Howard Auld XI936, -46- nr 1 - V . 5 A 'Li F H 9 1" x - D . 2 .L-el!! . - , 'N 4 , ,ff 4 - ' ' F1 X - l O I O U ' - I I v 0 " 0 Y . . I I O IKRDSLEYANX CIRLS' BASYLTEALL Front Row Cecelia PEOIUCCI, Anita Wilbur, Margaret NacDiarm1d, Eleanor French Laura Brown, Domenica Gagliardl, Catherine MacKenzie, Peggy Heller Second Row Viola Vilbur, Clara Nacri, Moira Ieane, Angellna DeMichele, Gladys Slocum, br Brown, Jessie Pierce, Edith Frischmann, Mildred Koenig, Phyllis Campbell Starting in November, inter squad basketball began after school hours. All girls interested in playing basketball were asslgned to a team. Fundamentals were taught during Ngymu periods and during these practices after school until February, when two honor teams were chosen, a flrst and a second team. These teams represented Ardsley ln playing teams from neighboring schools. The girls' basketball fortune hit a new hlgh this year when the first team went through the season undefeated, scorlng lo? polnts to the opponents' 41. Leadership, cooperatlon, and excellent playlng abllity were responsible for th1s record. The second honor team won three games and lost one for the 1956 season. Xmas, -47- ' ' 1 , ZW., riffykfyzk ,,,V,,:g Ng. A , V, 1 V' Z, 1? ' - . .- . rTlMW ' . ,i . , . 1 f . 3 . . . 1 J x t . . . - . Q 0 4 V ' ' . 1 A ' . x i- 1 I 0 o A IKTZDSLEYANX BOYS' ATPLLTICS The Physlcal Educat1on program is set up for the boy in Ardsley Flgh School 1n the TS8l1ZBt1OH that a certaln amount of physical exerclse and supervised play are important in the building of character through leadershlp The chance for the development of health habits and good sportsmanship is within the grasp of all boys through the following program In the fall, playground baseball, volley ball, badm1nton and touch football are played after school hours Basketball occupies most of the wlrter months There are two phases of basketball varsity and inter class Fundamentals are taught in physlcal training classes and pract1ce is held for the varslty team after school hours PTGCGQIHQ varslty pract1ce, a schedule of inter class games is held The inter class games are limlteo to all boys not making the varsity team This puts the lnter class teams in reach of all boys The season of 1936 found the Senior Class completlng the season undefeated The spring season finds baseball the major sport A varsity team is formed to compete against other schools in the Greenburgh League Play include volley ball, badminton, ping pong, tennis, and varsity and field events Wach year the Greenburgh League sponsors a Track and Field Meet Ardsley has been constantly 1n the background, mostly because of the lack of a track and a field on which to practice for these meets A foul shooting contest is held annually to determine the best shooter at the l5 foot distance All in all, lt is the op1n1on of those in charge that athletics const1tute an lmportant part in the boy's life at h1gh school and every thing 1S done to give him the best GIRLS' ATHLETICS The following activlties are offered by the Physical Education Department for the development of a sound body, coupled with a sound mind, while the glrl 1S attending school Fall activities include field hockey, volley ball, badminton, and baseball These sports are played by glrls after school hours, the fundamentals are taught in regular ngym' class,and the games played after school The wlnter season flnds basketball playec by a great number f girls This year the Senior Class f1n1shed their schecule undefeated ln the lnter class games whlch are played twlce a week In the sprlng baseball is played also volley ball, ping pong, badm1nton, shuffleboard, and tennis This program gives a wide selectlon for the girls to pick from, and most of the girls are active throughout the school term in some sport -48- ground baseball is played during the spring months. Other activities . . . -Q 0 I I IKRDSLEYANX Inv F T if fl..- XIQB6, -49- ersatile stentatious rooner mbitious empermental mpatient bed1ent onchalant ffectionate onesome leeper alkative nderstandlng rum er mpish conomlcal tudlous bliging rank riginal nt1r1ng esourceful SPPY omantic ophlstlcated utstanding onsensical thletlc aconlc nspiring empestuous HgeH1OUS nrapturing portsmanl1ke IWSLEYANX PERSONALITITS hargaret Heller Angelo Delmerico Bill Connors Edgar Perretz Edna Arndt Gertrude Koenlg Aleta Reid James Bennie Vera Mathews Mary Grandolfi Rodney Ferguson Tony Filomena miss Robble Howard Connors James l8CKGDZ18 ifford Acker Erna Groth Louis Delmerico Alfred CT1Si Margaret Nllsson Anlta Wllbur Vincent Carelli Domenica Gagliardi Richard McCartney Dorothy Luft Leonard Engleman Howard Auld Douglas Brown Caroline warren Nr Horend h1SS Buell Miss Hapgood M8TlOH Seitz Larry Agnano Traveler Pro-Golfer Bank Leader Veterinarian Private Secretary Beautic1an Tynist Bank President Singer Dietltian Pro Football Player Crator Teachero Song Writer Sailor Dentlst Teacher Secretary Electrlcal Engineer Personal Buyer Gym Teacher Radio Engineering Gym Teacher Street Cleaner Dress Deslgner Pharmacist Salesman Gym Teacher Nurse Teacher? Teachero Teacher? Lady of Leisure Basketball Off1cial Earle Belsher '37 XI936, F A ' ' . n . U nergetic Laura Brown Gym Teacher A F R. -50- IARDSLEYANX e an WHAT WOLLD LAPPEN B111 Connors d1dn't have grease on hls halr Anita Wilbur had stralght ha1r mr Mann corrected hls history papers on time Gloria Canning didn't have a manly gait Larry Agnano arrlved in the classroom before 1 minute of 9 Lewls Travis didn't pass notes in Latin I class G rtrude Koenig stopped Nglggling ' Wlnfred Lefurgy stopned t8lk1DF Edgar Perretz lost h1s books Duke Auld d1dn't sneeze in Assembly THEY? SONFS CF OUR STUDENW o ney Ferguson I Dream Too Iuchn Diok McCartney 'You Wit the Spot Jimmie Bennle If I Should Lose Youu A1108 oodruff 'With a Song In If heart' Doug Brown nI'm Shooting High Arna Nary Hagopian I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze' Laura Brown nVhen the Moon Comes Over the hOUHt81Hn Dan Geis and Albert Lunok 'I o 't Dancen arle Belsher Rhythm Is ly Business Anna Santore nI'm Livln' 1U a Great Blg ay' Y ' v ' 1 If . , p . . ' N ' ' . n I Q A , o 11 . ll ' N ' . rv e A ' 1 . 1 " I . ' I 'Y N . I U1 ' ' . . 1- S NI I .IS R d - H J J AQ " 41 H Miss Hapgood - HTake Me Back to my Boots and Saddlen ' - n ' V: - ' ' , A ' ' 1 AA '1 A ,A A N I - J I I f ' E - ' W n E - vv 'Z rv - . . . W -51- 1 dd fKTZDSlEYANX - T 1936 HOW WE DID IT In publishing this yearbook, first a board of editors had to be elected to assume the major burdens of the task. The board, as shown at the beginning of the book, was selected by the teachers, who acted as advisers. The literary editors secured, arranged, and proof read all the writing with much tearing of hair, yes this, and no'that. The art staff, spilling half of the school's India ink supply ito say nothing of all the ruined shirts and dresses mothers scolded aboutl, struggled with the cover, division pages, borders, and cartoons The advertising committee, after having walked through rain, heat, cold, snow Cwhich was so rare in these partsl, and even Whostilen Dobbs Ferry, obtained many advertise ments, which determine the financial success or failure of the publication I shall pass over the fact that the business and circulation departments, which 'burnt much wood' figurirg our great amount of money, handled the distribution and selling of the book very well The magor part of the book was planographed, a process which enabled us to produce such a fine publication After all material literary work, art drawings, photographs, and advertisements were obtained, typing was started M VarDusen actually had a sore arm from constantly emptying baskets full of bad copies' And those grade children to spell some of their names vas vorse than to spell some of ndgar Perretz's pet words' Finally ve perfected the typing, figured reductions on the pictures, and then we numbered each photograph indicating the correct page Do you know that each copy of the 1936 Ardsleyan cost us exactly pl O5 The difference between cost and selling price of 407 had to be produced by advertisements Therefore, after we have grown gray hairs, after we have been forced by this vork to give up home work Qmuch to our regret! we hope this yearbook will be a credit to the community, the school, and the Juniors Next year we hope that you will continue to support the annual, which will be prepared bv our successors The nditor lwho gets it in the neckj 'F I 'u. Xl936, 52 O . . ' ' v 1 L . . . 11 V O A can 4 . I' . i , X . . O ' -- .' J -1 , . 1 1 . 1 U 2. L., . 1? 1 0 .1 1 ' ' , . O . . . ,., . ff I ,D sg, 1 3 , L 'f- - . i 1 , HA f kai, . I f' A N ff! , LQ 31-'r ft? bf ,,f' F' -.TJ ,X "-,X 1 .- - I XARUSLEYANX L n dd Rodney Ferguson NDo you th nk lt un uck, to marry on Fridaycn Phyllls Campbell HCerta1nly fhy sho ld Friday be an excert1on9H Gifford Acker NDo you like batrlng girlso Earle Belsher I dor't know I never tried bathing one Jack dwards I kissed her on the forehead last Hlght Albert Xunck ' h t did she say Jack Q e called me cxn H yrtle UGWQTO myrtle Edna late 1lSS Buell Duke Auld Mrs tann Travis 'Let s go for a Valk todlgbt Cudney uvalk what for vher I've eot mf car out in frortou I s doctor s orders Pe told me to exercise vlth a dumb bell' rndt NUa3 I olease see the C8WtElHO' of Dayline UNo, ua'am, the canteln 15 for'ar WPeople who live in glass houses shculd refraln fron th ow lng stones N ' eonle who live 1U stone houses should refrain from throw lng glasses H N orace' brat does tdis blond halr or your coat meer ' N Ianr HTrouble I suooose U8VlC Lonvmdlr Ncaw Eorerc J re ' J er a 1 Mr Horend ' n account of a broker neck Dave NEut, e t got one" r forend NThat s gust I don't vert ore XIQ36, 53 HERE NE LRE! : 1 ' l v X ' ' : ' . V u ' b,' . lk lk lk lk lk : .' N I H I . .H lk X X Ik lk E : H ' A YV J : 'W 3 A '?U ' uhh he d 2 . lk lk Pk lk 4 NT . I V v ' H AKA 1 ! I L -.A 0 E . ' : I ? Y. --s, I Q ' . I . '1 ,: H t' ' . . 5 , 1' - . lk lk It lk Ik A I 'vi ' A 4. . L ' . ' A ' : . . . c fd- ' d.H Edna: HOh, that's all right--this is a pleasure trio, anywey.N PY lr It li lk H' : , . I ' ' I r : 'P , ' lk FF 4 It lk . . Y : H . 'H 1 . ' I ' r?' xr, fi . L: "' A A u H X X HK IF lk ' " ' ' : .. 1, Mr. I Q, vfe n t 1 cu ev plot?" rw' Q 2 'C ' A an : E you hav n' Q .' M . A : ' " it. ' I A 1 -' QTZDSLEYANX - Miss Buell: NKenneth Fitch, give me a sentence with 'gruesome' in it.u Kenneth: 'Paul Seitz stopped shaving and grew some whiskers.N Gene Downey Aren t sheep dumb anlmalson Peggy Heller NYes my lamb ' Lewls Travis NHave you seen M1ldred's new evening gownou Al Crlsi UNO what does it look likeou Lew Hwell, 1D mo places it looks quite a bit like hildred W Wdgar Perretz NHs is a foolish man who teaches his fiancee to shoot revolver N CA b1t of phllosophyl N155 Robbie WJ1mmy, write a three page theme y tomorrow telling me why you came into my English class James Laclenzie iThe paper he handed in! Dear Niss Robbie, I will give you ten dollars if you will tell me why ' NShoemak1ng 1S a good trade because every shoe is sold before it is Mr Yann 'If you subtract 14 from 116, what's the differenceo' Vlncent Agnano WYeah, I think it's a lot of foolishness, too ' FROV THE CPENISTRY CLASS Nr Horend UVhat acid would vou use ln this case, Dougqn Doug Brown NI think hydrochlorlc 8015 CHCLD is best ' Mr Horend Nwhat is the formula for that Doug NOh you know, H2504 llncidentally that is sulphuric acid J Mr Horend Hwillie, name a conductor of electricity Will1e Fountain Wwhy er Why er' Mr Horend NFor once, Willie, that is right ' XI936, 54 lk 4 Ik 101 Ill 2 tv 1 ' I , f X X IK lk X I , . : ' ' st 1 . lk 4 IF 4 Y A.: I 8 lk 42 lk lk lk 1 ' I - b . n ,I .1 . N A C if ill JK lk JF ' ' X ' I 0 finished.W if WI X X li . 1 Ll' O 'li I 0 1 . . l . as al 0 Z Q' U ' ' : . . . , 1 'P H U O ' : , . 11 . lk lk lk lk lk o 2 iv ' H . I ' IARDSIEYANX e I Jimmy O'Grady Hvhile father talks about the hands he's held at bridge, son talks about the hands he's held in his car ' Helen Tiefenback L'hear Jimmie didn't make the team on account of his eyes Iarlon Seltz NCh, but I think his eyes are wonderful ' Why is a barbed w1re fence llke a g1rl's bathing suitq' NBecause it protects the property, but doesn't obstruct the view W James O'Grady 'Thinklng of m ,deareston Gladys C8HDlHF 'Was I laughing I m so sorry Josebhine Allen 'Your boy frlend talks too much Fe rattles on like flivver I'm afraid he's a flat tire leanor French 'I knov, Jo, but his clutch is grand W Gladys Slocum Cv1thout enthusiasm! NYeah, I know George is home from college Giff NHow dld you knowo' Gladys 'ly bank won t r ttle any more Il WAShINGTC1N' Ruth Lawrence Did that good looklng fellow from Vount Yisco treat you to an ice cream soda last evenlng after the danceo I saw y u two go into the drugstore N Gladys CBDHIDQ Nlce cream sodas don't agree with me, so I took some corn plasters instead N We wonder vh Anlta Wllbur and Iarion Davls almost mlssed the traln comlng hone fom Washlngton Could it have been two Bedford Hills fellowso If Jack dwards seems dreamy hereafter ve can blame lt on the Sussex Oaks glrl he met at the Lotus Club in Washlngton XI936, 55- 1 I l X lk lk lk 4 L : H . H A ' ' : .' IK lk 4 4 li H w . . . x x 4 1 x : ' ' e . . ' 2 I' 5 f? 1 . N lk lk lk lk Ik A : ' ' . I a l I E : ' J . lk lk Ik lk It Gifford Acker: HGladys, I have some good news for you.n' : J' . 0 Il p ' V I . 1 Y: Y 8 . VI VI 1: ' I T V ' ' H - ' A . o . O 1 x x 4 x .' y ' ' .I ' ' ' lk lk lk lk lk . 3 ' ' ,f ' . I . if IWTSLEYANX Aan, CHERRY BLOBSOM TIME HON!! N Xl-RN X J f' A 1 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS "5 ug" H Y J mm uinlf' ' .rg-v-r-'-""' lv-'7 ' ' 'Uw- . - 56 JARDSLEYANX WA W '72 W 0 31, w ffff f MA aww Jw HL! If ffrb ik K 510621 N YN X1 ww 'LQMWGZ Www l936! f If x ' J ' A, A-7 Lf W Q f A D f Q . A I N , f L4 51 .C M My W If I f1 I ,f Q ' 'L 'CQQF Xf 'V V Z' 1. Lv V f , f D if , V 1 Z A K mf 'Q If c, Q ' X od fri 35 7,1 X iq WW 5 X L7 fn A , I j 3 Q I ,A N J 1 X J fy 1 l yfhgft ff WM iw W 7 X ,. m X L71 ll ,y,1,g' 1 I , g ' ,, x ' Y . X X A V I X3 .W I ' V 5 Q X X!! lf"IV v X fa f f I l 1 fl .f lf? .1 NI W , x ,-7 if' S MP3 ' J 1 S I U Wx pw Cx? AQVM 'P J if X9 Q., ' ' M cg. we D, 4 1 1 A V Q'-, 'D bb 4 C XO 0 , 9 , X 'ARDS lEY ANV fx xf ,XXOQ fi W' Kg, C, .f 65 fs , 'CN X Qfk ,UAE 60 if gg XO G5 XI936, 58 'ARnsLfYA NmLf f 0, fi f,L1i 59 1 A, f IARUSTLEYANX I I AXY LCVSTR'LTIVE CPITICISN ABOUT THE BY THE EDITOR Ik ORDER THAT NEXT YEAR WE MAY PUBLISH BETTER BOOK FOR OUR SUBSCRIBERS TTS ditor Xwse, 60- ARDSLEYAN WILL BE KINDLY ACCEPTED R A L 1 Y , 1 if -M-ees-we-ee-fe-eefARnSLEYANMA - A ef-- Compliments ofthe BOARD CF EDUCATIGN ' f COLUMBUS ARGNE President FRANCES MORSE Trustee JOHN HOLSCHER Trustee JOSEPH COGGINS Trustee ERNEST E HELLER Trustee Xl936, WILLIAM C. LAWRENCE, Clerk CHARLES J. MULLER, Treasurer E E EE EE EE JARDSLEYANVrrrfwrrrrrrrrr--W Compllments VILLAGE BOARD AUGUST SEPT-Z Mayor TRUSTEES ROBERT W STRACHAN Jr FLORENCE M VREDENBURGH Clerk EMERSON H VIRDEN CHESTER A SLOCUM Counsel CHESTER C SLAYBAUGH XI936, Of ' T MICHAEL W. WILMOTH GERTRUDE C. FRITCHIE, Treasurer IARDSLEYANX Where Your Patronage I s A ppreczated T HE ARDSLEY CHEMIST SHUPPE Prescnptzon S peczalzsts C ENGLFMAN Ph F Ph s Dobb Ferry 512 525 Ard I y N Y We Serve BORDEN S ICE CREAM You Know Its Pure Xmas, ASHFORD AVENUE AND ELM STREET one s - s e , . fARI1SLEYANX Comphments STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY INC O Of CHAUNCEY, N. Y. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH AFFLECK :Sf WOODRUFF INC Sales and Service Sawmill River Road Ardsley New York Phone Dobbs Ferry 246 IOSEPH COGGINS' DAIRY Milk from Westchester County Farms, Pasturized and Bottled in Our Own Plant Grade A Milk Guernsey Milk Cream Grade B Milk Chocolate Milk Cottage Cheese Vitamin D Milk Certiiied Milk Buttermilk 391 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry. N. Y. Phone: Dobbs Ferry 188 swab, A A-JARUSLEYANYAA A A A A A P+ 690 ' ' . QM-vm-EQfARnsLfvANX FOR RELIABLE SERVICE HADAD S MGT OR SERVICE ' ' R' R d ARDSLEY N.Y DOBBS FERRY 1804 Ehmarhn lmunvral Bump Efiiczent Courteous Prompt 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE DOBBS FERRY NEW YORK XIQ36, f 5 wmlll wer , T I phone DOBBS FERRY 2271 or 175 r I IARUSLEYANX ph METAL CEILINGS ELLIGTT BRAY Tm, Copper and Sheet Iron Works ROOFING REPAIRING SKYLIGI-ITS Range and Furnace Work DOBBS FERRY N Y 2261+ N gm WESTCHESTER GARAGE REPAIRING AND OVER!-IAU LING M. NANNARIELLO Prop A1'dS1eY N Y XI936, Tl 87 I , . . Tlph :DobbFfyl95u-Dy E 'ARDSLEYANX A DISTINCTIVE FUNERAL SERVICE od . 8 ADDYMAN 81. MA1-IEE FUNERAL HoME DONALD Ano AN MICHAE MAH Funeral Dsrectors and E mbalmers 601 ASHFORD AVENUE ARDSLEY N Y DOBBS FERRY 324 Say at wztlz mowers Robert M Johnston FLORIST AND GROWER 225 ASHFORD AVENUE DOBBS FERRY rx Y was, Our m em facilities and responsible direction enable us to render a friendly, helpful service in time of sorrow. There is no char e for the use of our funeral home. YM L BR Plume 0 Y JARDSLEYANX' THE FIRST NATIGNAL BANK OF ARDSLEY N Y D O Compliments SENICR CLASS XIQ36, , C O Checking Accounts I t tA t S f p 'tB . B k D 'l 9 3 S d 9 12 . . F 'd E ' g 7 9 01' JARDSIEYANX Jnnn 5 SIQJIFT C0 u?jdmc?1fidp efii OPERATING PLANTS IN NEW YORK CHICAGO ST LOUIS INDIANAPOLIS whzlc we lay ctazrn to whatever rnerzt our part zn the makmg of thzs book Cl1flflC.S uv we nevertheless recognzzc that our clazrn 15 second ary to that of the Student staff whzch planned and executed zt TL 'I n I1 5 41122111111 f5t11i11n Compluments 36 C N Y WESTCI-IESTER LIGHTING CO DEVINE S GARAGE The Best In Motor Servace HASTINGS N Y t g 866 XI936, . ., - .. - ' 2 J " ' J V ' . . . x J . I Y f - K 1 J J ' ' 2 ' ' - . . ff Q ,i if , K ,,,, 21, ,K V an :PMSA S-A-SSS SSS Q em IlPlILPII1NI'ID'll5IlRAIPIII-I- S L 1 l 2 .mn -D0 1 ..:'.'::.. li ..z:::.., if Ggily., A 1 S, 4 , Q C 'rv I DIVIDUAL STYLE AND SERVICE 1-:DAR ST T Do F , , of 7 , . . Phone: I-Ias in s f X T :sph noses FERRY 2742 Complzments BUS AND TAXI SERVICE SGPHOMORE CLASS . J wr :ey N Y ANGELO CAPUTO RENATO CRISI DOBBS FE RRY 2069 The Ardsley Hardware Hwy Heights Ice Corporatron Moore s Pamt Housewares Hardware Glass 168th STREET a JUMEL PLACE U" MOON Pant NEW YORK CITY -eraser, ARD - YAN e one: Of Thom s . imoth Ards , . . - - - President Treat. 6- Sec. 2 - 0 - 6 - 9 an PACE INSTITUTE C 1 111 1f1ntrf1s11.f- 11'1r'11t1r pri-111111 V11'14 115 1 11111111 I1 1n 1111 1111 s 1 t111 1111 1 1 11rt1111111r111 1 1r11111111r111 1111 1 1 .uc b 1, 1 1 1 111111 1.1111 11111111 1'1 1111 l111L 111111. 1111111 c1.1b:,1w 11111 1.11111 1n111111ct11e f0llo1s1111,, Accountancy for C PA PTHCYICC Summary QC P A J Accountancy Accountancy and Busmess Adm1n1strat1on Secretarxal Practlce Shorthand Reportmg Shorthand Speed Classes Adverhsmg and Marketmg Sellmg and Marketmg Cred1t Scxence 1-111111 1111 11111 r1S1111g w1cat1r1r1'1I1'111r11110tQ C1 ex L1 111s 1 1119 st 1. c R1g,1st1 II l I I PACE INSTITUTE E231 ?E5RTid:4aYv f S EYANL Complzments THE STUDENT COUNCIL Complzments 0 a FRIEND HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION 0 SXXAK 1' 511111111 111n11111ts 111 111 111 1 11 1 1 11111 1 Q 111 1 1 HT1lI1IIL1151IIf1l1LI 1 III 11r1Q1t111nsaN XL1111 rx1s111 r11t1 11 1 1111 11 ers 111 001 11,1 1111 WI Tl 1 11 1 commumty 11111113 1111K 11rp,"1n1l 1t10ns Catalog Upon Requext I' mploy ment Bureau for 11r1du'1te-1 Reglster now for class 1-nt1r1ng on September 21 T93I1 C1rad11atoQ ot"1111 three war 1-our 111 1X 11111111 It 111 Bac-11c111r11f qC1Q1'lLt Ikgrce r111u11'1n11111s 1110118 11101 1101131 5111 xt certaln re-cogn11111 co111g.1s SAW H11 SCIIOOI 308 111151 19 sT1111T NEW XORK, x 11 11936, '1Q1-sl' -."',f'.1:-, .Ita- f0r:'1-.1-c z'1s 1-.5:1111 fr 1' 2 I f'-N511 115 111 E1 '11 111111111-'y 111 sh : -111111115 1 "1 I 11111 '1 ' 11:1-1 111 211151 C111'1:rz11 sn 1 -j1-1 ' ' '1'1'.1 1, z1t1':u-11N11t11cI11' - ' 1' ' .- 11i 1' 1-z1-'1- -- 1.11 . , ' ,. f . K ' 1 35- ' , 1 ' K . 211111 .1 ' 1 2111: av:111:111u 1 I1 11' 11111-. . 11111111r-11f111'- -'Q ': 11V 111-1 111n111 c:111, 11y 1,-111-1-, 111' 11' 11-1311111111-, 11Ar1-1ny 1 51200. 'X-'1s1t11rS are wc1u111111- T11. .X 7 1 If ' , ' ' .': 111-1'1'1-11111-111-1 1's1 111 t - 1111-11ry 211111 gr:--111--11f111-111111 :1111111111's11-111 1- 1114 1-111' g11r1-par-. 1 -1 111111151 - if 1 -1111111111-N , tl fA .' ' Q 3 .' - 2,111 3' 11's, t1-1 'I1'1's, 2 11:11 - J ' 11 f -S, sch 1. , 11111145 1111111s, r1-1-11 -1 1111 211111 r A -- -J, Car 1-11111s, 211111 1Il11Ur1I'12lI I ' ' 1 1 . ' . 1 .. , ' . , . ' . 'S fl' Se: zu' - 11- - 1 1 3 K 1- u 1 1 x l I X 1 -' A I-Y ' 116-2 ' '11, rrmlh 1 y 1 P 1 I 4 1 2 A 1 1 - 1- 1 1 K l A J ' 1'. '. BILSSON C? LOMI ANX KOXI IUPI AND IINIBIR D DOBB5 I IZRRX 'N DOBBS IIRRX 26 Complzments BLUEBIRD TROOP I d IARDSLEYANX ARDSLILY CHOCOLATILRIA BILS 1 WISHILS J UN IOR CLASS C om plzments THE MARY E M QUIMBY PARENT TEACHERS MEMORIAL TROOP II ARDSLEY, N Y. NI936, ASSOCIATION 1 Y A 1 ,V f "Qualify Sinfe 1835" 5 4 A 4, 4 A S V. 4 'X YV Y W 1 C."iL.'-11B'.."M'i i ,othe- foul I k S . ' 9 ' ', ', Y, 1' 1 pl .' fi ' of of an XARDSLEYANX Emhanng Efhwter DOBBS FERRY "For Those Wllo Appreciate the Better Cinemap Compliments NANNARIELLO S BASKETBALI TEAM Complzments of ARDSLEY BARBER SHOP ARIJSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY N Y X REID Del mtessen ARDSLEX N X Xl936, Compliments AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Ardsley Post 458 Compliments of CENTRAL LUNCH RESTAURANT Real Fst I nd Insurance PHONE DOBBS FERRY 331 ARDSLEX NEW YORK of of LIBERTY F0011 s'r0RF5 JAMES MCCARTNEY S' SON f I I A ISEX DUNROBIN KENNELS A I y NY Compliments DOBBS FERRY BANK THOMAS DE NICOLA GENERAL CONTRACTOR ARDSLEY N Y PHONE DOBBS FERRY 4I2 Martha s Luncheonette CIGARS STATIONARY ICE CREAM l+72AhFdA AdIyNY Compluments THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK as In s-on Hudson, N.Y Brown s Parkside Grl C cey N Y RENATO CRISI CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 99 Hudson Street, New York Cnty Compliments of JUNIOR B XI936, I ARD - IAN TT"f ' fdl G Q of Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. rdse , . . l 3 s or ve. r se , . . of ' ' haun , . . H t' g - . ISEX Compliments Dr John W Rldenour, J PHONE DOBBS FERRY 5II J A QUERKER JOHN A QUERKER INC ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RADIOS REFIGERATORS WASI-IERS VACUUM CLEANERS 30 CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY NY TEL DOBBS FERRY l+I35 RALPH JENSEN TI-IE OLD MILL Se IAtI:eto to a M e o AdIyNY Louis sl-IERRY :CE CREAM KNIPPENBERG S RUSSELL SECOR ICE 6- COAL PROMPT DELIVERIES PHONE DOBBS FERRY 224 WOODLAND REST SAW MILL RIVER ROAD WOODLANDS O N ace REINHARDT AND THOMEN 430 D bb F b I90O Ideal Market E DE LUCA PROP GROCERIES DELICATESSEN AND BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS ALL KINDS BEVERAGES FREE DELIVERY 6I MAIN ST DOBBS FERRY NY XI936, Compliments M W WILMOTH ICE AND COAL ' I President of . , . . . ' r. at Lunches - - - Dinners , p cia n i n P rties DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. Saw iIIRivrRacI rse, .. Visit ur ew PI Tel: o 5 erry Esta lished I f I of . , . . 'ARDSLEYANX COMPLIMENTS Ethel J Farnham Kenneth Brown Ethel M Tryon Glady s E Hapgood Helen G Robble Harlan A Thomas Margaret Wesp C P Conkhn Loulse Hatfleld Helen E Berthelson Florence Egbertson Boy Scouts Troop III May A Halsted Edwln and Vera Braem Theodora Brown Faluch Perlllo A Stafford Clayton Ruth B Roblnson Mr and Vlrs Allen Townsend Mr and Mrs Emerson H Vlrden XIQB6, Wxllard H Mann Jr Adehne R Russell Arthur W Sllllman Dr Armand Donaruma Beatrlce Bell Constance E Clayton Harr1ett S Edwards Emllx A Ehler Anna J Fllnt Grace R Carroll Jeanette Ravekes El1norC Buell Norman Townsend Frank and Thelma Coggms Edward Herlng Glady s Eaton Vlto Barblerl Ronald Townsend Dr George Q Johnson Mary Cudney Of , . , . , ' ' I , Frances C. Ferguson Eleanor Davis 9 l '- v ,f , I 7 . ' ' ', Jr. fARllSlEYAN COMPLIMENTS Dr K Frasca o lAe D F W1ll1am Hennessy Ralph Lawrence Mrs ErnestE Heller Angelo Caputo Westchester Llghtlng Co Balfour Co W H Brown Jr Benjamln H Adler Mr and Mrs Davld Henschel Vxto Leo Wllbur McDovx ell O Leary Bros Dr A Reuther Mrs ChesterA Slocum A Frlend Woodland Rest Serwce Statlon a 1 La lx Grade One Grade Fne G Grade Elght Poger D Fhnt I Pug nee A De Mllo Dr C A H Smlth Frank Calace Mottola Fred Baker Gordon and Eugene Dow ney James H Brown C F Arone Rlchard A Abraltgs Mr and Mrs Stuart Ixamke Le Roy and Mllburn Fountaln People s Market Dr Marshall Rosen ood Bal ber Relder s Vfulety Store Nlrs Helen Sllllman Lauterback Studlo 'l d Glade Thlee H Grade Flve T Grade Su dose, X Of . . t . l Ashf rr v ., obbs erry Civi I i - r and Surveyor . . C L . I . . , . . . . . . 1 . C . . A Friend Mrs. O. Kreutz . . . ' 4 . c L . 7 V ' 1 2 7 ' a C 1 . , Y 1. . . C N Y. C . 7 , Ch 1' 95 C' 'mall PWD- Ag. es B' viello Mrs Martha Ettus Mrs C Engleman , or IARDSLEYFANX Dorff Watch the FORDS go by - - - Come in and Buy one 6 at VARLEY AUTOMOBILE CORPORATION BROADWAY and CEDAR STREET DOBBS FERRY, N. Y. ARDSLEY MARKET JOSEPH ZITO Flrst Quallty Meats and Poultry Reasonable Prices Dellvery Phone DOBBS PERRY 1935 THE BOOK 81 GIFT SHOP 85 MAIN STREET Complzments Dobbs Ferry N Y Phone Dobbs Ferry 2022 F BOOSTERS Evelyn Eaton Mrs J A Morrlson Edlth Holscher Dorothy S Lackman Peter J Carpenter Mrs James Daley Mlchael Nannarlello Joseph Nannarlello Joe Zlto Sel Rlte Dept Store Lou1s Tlorettl Mrs Joe E Brennan Harry De Nlke Blg Ben A Nash Joe Relch Mrs Chave Tremame Harrlett S Edwards John Holscher Jr Mr J Dunbar Mrs Henry R Ilsley Eleanor Immedlato Frank Levls Mr F Ravekes Jeanette Ravekes Mrs Truun A Frlend Joe Dunbar Mr Chrlsty Damel Reeves Rosewood Meat Market Robert Mathews Of . ' Amy P. Dodge Shop

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