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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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Poremfrrd I f rr mf n H mrd cf c u nder 1 Gr tale C rxde Gr rdf- Grade Grade Grade Grade C r :de C mth f rc- hmc ru Sophornurz ummx Nc mor Student rc er Student imzatr n Xthletlc Liter lrx Uclpartmvnt 'X-.dx PTUSIII Xuto rfxphs FXBLE OP QONIENT5 1 1 tml - ., 4A-,,--, 5 Je I'-Q ' 1-,--- - - - 7 f- t I-Q iitors f-4-f- . H I-'av lty f-V-. . . - - O Ki fgrrrt -rr ,,-,,f A Ill ' 1 , IA .G...,.. ll ls A Hi -....... ll ' 1 2 -b---, - I3 ' ' G 3.-X --,.... . I4 ' ' f SB ,,--... - 15 G' ' G 4 ---.... . I6 ' . 5 ----.... I7 Gracie tp ----f..- I8 12 I 7 G....,. wa L - - H f.....,. 213 4' S - f----f . - ZI Q 1. ---,---.- ll J t GG...... . za .H ' S -.......- Z4-28 Q . lt-Q 1 5 -.--..- Z' Orme 't 'cs 5 - - - . . - - 30-5-1 .A A S -....G,. 3567 ' 2 ,- G t ....... 58.45 A- -, ',t' M ..G....- 44.14, FOREWARD TO CRYSTALLILE THE BONDS OF FELLOWSHIP TO PLACE PERMANENTLY ON THE PAGES OF HISTORY MEMORIES OF PLEASURES AND INTIMATE FRIENDSHIPS OF OUR DAYS AT ARDSLEY TO PER PETUATE AND HALLOW OUR LOVE FOR ALMA MATER WITH THIS AIM HAS THIS VOLUME BEEN PRODUCED IN THE AFTER DAYS WHEN THE SHADOWS OF LIFE S EVENING BEGIN TO LENGHTHEN MAY THESE PAGES BRING BACK TENDER REMINIS CENSES OF LIFE AT ARDSLEY HIGH The Editor 19.33 II If U S L lu' Y .-I .Y m To CELIA P CONKLIN A sympathetic confidant of our dark secrets restful haven m tlme mental storms an tireless guardian f our health the Ardsleyan of l392 s smcerely dedicated J BOARD OF EDITORS Ist Row Dorothy Canavotto Advertising Manager Miss EImor C Buell Adviser May Berthelson Editor ln Chief nd Row Wllllam GlCfCZyDSkl Clrculatxon Manager ohn Zotz Art Editor Absent Edward I-Iermg Alumnl Editor ASSISTANT EDITORS Murlel Berthelson and Isabelle Benme ASSISTANT ART EDITORS oe Russo Gertrude Wlmazal Gllbert IVIcConneII ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGERS Howard juxllerat Patsey Fxlomena Helen Grerczynskl ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS Lxllxan Codlup L1IIle Storm Wlllxam Rlchardson Donald Vredenburgh Luc1IIe Santore Q 193k A RIISLIf1'AX J , . J , . Y . I 9 .32 -rl If Il S I, lu' Y el X Q 1 ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY lst Row Miss Mlss Miss Mxss Miss Miss Miss Elinor C Buell Mxldred C Cook Gladys Hapgood Madallne Harmer Ethel M Tryon Adelme Russell essxe Arnngton 2nd Row Miss Miss Miss Mxss Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mlss Florence Bennett Helen G Robbie Eleanor Davis Helen Berthelson Harnett Edwards Emily A Ehler Ethel J Farnham Mary F. Quxmb Anna Fllnt Grace Klndervatte Celxa P Conklm 3rd Row Wlllard Mann Nxcholas Koenxg Kenneth Brown I' Arthur W Sllllman Harlan Thomas Charles W Horend Absent Mrs Frances Ferguson Mrs Mable K Gray Mr Cl T F. arence ravls nglneer Mr James Brown Asst Engineer English Dom Science French Math Second Grade Frfth Grade Music Thlrd Grade Kindergarten Latln English Drawmg Secretary Fourth Grade Third Grade First Grade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Commercxal School Nurse History Arlth Orchestra Director Physical Tramlng Prmclpal Elghth Grade Asst Prmcxpal Fxrst Grade Commerclal A B New York State B S New York State A B Univ Vermont New Paltz Potsdam Potsdam New Paltz New Paltz A B Barnard Potsdam New Paltz Cortland Plattsburg Rome T T S Potsdam Plattsburg R N Albany Hospxtal Cornell Savage M A Columbia Potsdam Cornell Yonkers T T S B S New York State . J . . . I l- A ' y ,... ' J- s I 1 Mr. ' . ' , ' , Mr. ' ' ' Mr. ' ' ' Mr. . . . . . . U . Mr. ' ' ,. Mr. . , ' ' L .2 .-1 R JSLIJY- Q KINDERGARTEN Teacher Miss Florence Bennett lst Row oseph Savmo Lorenzo TIDO Augustme Fxlomena ames Deshel Wllllam Groth Bruce Fountaln 2nd Row Marian CIIHIHO Doris Munch Alleson Reid ROSIHH Mantello Vlfglnla Collard Dorothea Frlschmann Mary DAngelo Kathryn Zangare 3rd Row Alexander Reid John Wright ohn Caporale Robert Bloum Anne McCormack Renee Ranlere Edward Page William Borchers Lawrence Kakerbeck Walter Egloff George Spano Absent Rnchard Allen Glorxa Delmenco Robert Ferns Gordon Kreutz Norma Meler Anna Montarull Angelo Stafferxo Donald Thomas Albert Yerlces Ellswarth Blackburn Daniel Blackburn Robert Cudney William Kung On Halloween day the Kindergarten room was all decorated with black cats and Jack o lanterns and lnttle people were all dressed up m funny costumes for we had a party At Chrlstmas time we had an entertamment for our Mothers and even Santa Claus came and gave us presents We also made real gingerbread boys with raxsm eyes and buttons and at other tnmes we dressed lolly pops made popcorn and had a balloon party We have made all kmds of mterestmg thmgs and learned stones and songs and have had a very happy year wxth each other 10 10,3 I iN X lj .v ., . . ,J y 1 .9 3 2 A R Il S L L' Y .el AY 11 GRADE IA Teacher Mrs Frances Ferguson lst Row Warren Beckert Ned BOICC Charles VanBrunt Gaetano DeMuro George Brmlcerhoff 2nd Row Florence DeAstls Antolnette Mantello Lily C-ubler Domenlca Arone Margaret Contant Mary Mccormlck Hope Fountain 3rd Row Lucille Bell Evelyn Brown Dorothy Qulck Helen Kelly Helen OGrady Emma GCIS Dma ClCClOll3 Mary DeFeo 4th Row Francxs Scallero Wnllram Kllpatrlclc ohn Ferns Arthur Mc Cartney Robert Langenbaclcer Charles deProsse Edgar Bloem Michele Anselmo . Absent Edgar Ackerman Merle Kreutz Edna Wheeler Emerson Vlrclen Our grade has been very thrifty thls year We have won a bank banner twenty tlmes so far Mr TYBVIS made us a doll house and we constructed furmture for lt We also selected dollhouse furniture for our two Parent Teacher Assoclatlon prlzes , . . , 1 v r - v - v v s n 1 ' . 1 v v u n . . . . 1 v v - . , , J , - v v u , 1 - v u v - 2 GRADE IB Teacher Mrs Ethel Farnham lst Row Gerard Travis Patsy Savmo Francis Muldoon Howard Salvln Peter Frlschmann Michele Noviello Marlon Phillips Mildred Delmerlco Victoria Ferranto 3rd Row Ottavo Agnano Arthur Hackett George Furxllo Mary Paolucci Rocco Ferranto Augustine Zangare Adolph Groth Charles Yerkes 4th Row William Nemeck Dominick Lancelotti Thomas Pasquale Frank Yozzo Daniel Fileomena oseph Zangare Robert Anderson Gregory Hagopian The boys and girls of Grade IB ust stagng on the way Are doing what small children can Little by little each day They come They bank They work They play It is their great ambition To do the very best they can And uphold their school s tradition llf 1 9 -3 .- .l If D S L If l' gl N l I , . 2nd Row. Janice Fritche, Victoria DeNardo, Clara Tino, Madeline DeRosa, , . . ' J 1 , J " , 1.932 ARDSLEYA X 1 GRADE 2 Teacher Miss Madalme Harmer lst Row ohn Holscher ohn Palermo Theodore Knoesel Charles Bene dlct Carmine Pascone oseph Dunbar Davld Montarull 2nd Row Anna Staffero Rose Grandolfi Dons Duda Frances Renda Peggy Collard ean Kalcerbeck Mary DeNardo Betty Morettl Eleanor lmmecllato 3rd Row Vxctor deProsse George Knexs Alvan Danlcner Molly DeFeo Meta Scharf Tessre Marcl Munel Bruckel Loren Auld Howard Eaton Mlchael Moccxa ames Fiore Melvln Yerlces Theodore Marquis Edgar ewell Absent' jean VanDusen The Second Grade consists of thlrty five pupils All these pupxls entered ln September except one There were three eventful trlps enjoyed by the class thus year Durmg the early part of the year the pupils went ln a body to the Ardsley Post Office where each pupnl bought a stamp and mailed a letter to his parents Later m December we took the school bus to the Bronx Zoo Thus was a day of pleasure excitement and adventure Early In March an lndnan Project was started Mr Benedict of Wood lands very kmdly allowed ten puplls to vlsxt his Private Museum Enght of the ten pupils were on the honor roll and two others were chosen for effort There were many lndlan relics for the children to see .- 1 , t J - . t . - l yu -I , V ' , ll rl: 4th Row. Kenneth Burns, james McCinn, Robert Page, Dominick Furillo, I1 193.2 AIfIJSI,EYAfY GRADE 3A Teacher Mrs Emlly Ehler lst Row Charles Aszmus Douglas French Arthur Stevenson LEWIS CHSI Chester Novxello Graham Bell Edward Denlke Herbert Travls Robert Julllerat Nicholas Scallero 2nd Row Mxrlam Knapp Dorothea Edwards Angellna Paoluccx Ruta Rae Poad Laurette lVlcGmn Vlola DelVluro Catherlne Kelly Alfreda Groth Anna Anselmo Gertrude Kane Evelyn Eaton Dons Bachant Anna Brlnkerhoff 4th Row Howard Secor Forrest Baulleu Wxlllam Cassaclonte Nllchele Spano Douglas lVlcKlrgan Oliver Brmkerhoff Louls Caporale Vincent Mantello We are very proud of the fact that we have had no tardlness thls year This IS very unusual for a thlrd grade We had 10007 ln banking this year Our attendance has been excellent We have had Just one half day s Illegal absence We are workmg hard wlth the hope of every child passmg mto the fourth grade next year , . ' I Y I . . .Y , , , . 7 l V . V . U , . 3rd Row. Frances Savino, Sarah Pascone, Carmella Cicciolla, Anna Agnano, . , . - - , . , , . . . t 9 .4RDlSlfY.4X ' GRADE 3B Teacher MISS essle Arrington lst Row essre Marzello Margaret Ramen Frances Lefurgy Fllomena Lancellottr Bessie Novrello Teresa DeNardo Mary Marzello Helen DelVluro 2nd Row Garmme Palermo Charles Egloff Edrth Goode Angelma De Astrs George Hauftman Frederlck Wrlbur Wallace Sabm 3rd Row Walter Vernon Thomas Geraghty Andrew Rend Dommxck Spano Andrew Ferranto joseph Pavone Lours Frlomena Almost every bnght afternoon after school five or srx of us crowd rn the car and slxp away You ve probably seen us and wondered where we were gorng We may have been on our way to the George Washington Bridge the Armonk Arr Port the Grand Central or Pennsylvania Rallroad Station the Emprre State Bulldmg or the Whlte Plams Library Last fall we all went to the Bronx Zoo m the school bus We have tned to txe our school work with actual experiences We wlsh you could have tasted the maple syrup and sugar we made ZUJN ',I 1-J , J . . .1 . I 1 Y Y ' 1 Y 1 I , . . . , 1, ' 116 19.3.2 A RDS 1,151 Al GRADE 4 Teacher Miss Harriett Edwards lst Row Wllllam Tucker ohn Groth ames Knoesel ames Petrolo Harry KRICS Nlcky Mantello oseph Delmerxco 2nd Row Connle MacD1arm1d Marv Add0flSl0 Marlon Porgle Ruth De Feo Esmee Clark l-lelen Bloem Mary Anna Frlschmann Fannie DeAngelo 3rd Row Ruth Gubler Ruth Cudney Antxonette Mantello Carol Taylor Florence Beckwlth Mary Fxvre Shlrley Conover Agnes DeNardo Gladys McCartney 4th Row Pierre Fountain Bully Waddell Robert Kakerbeck Charles Swanston Spaldlng Warren Nicky Macrl Robert SCIIZ Frank Savmo Sth Row Ralph Denlke ohn Renda Phillip Scudern Reuel Dankner Walter Wlmlzal Wllllam Phlllxps Carl Scharf Walter Lefurgy Grade Four has forty classmates Five of these are xn the Bugle and Drum Corps one ln the orchestra and we are well represented ln the Honor Socrety The class was glven a set of encyclopeclra We have gnven two plays ln assembly Seven glrls won ribbons ln the track meet Pnzes were given to three members of the class for the best scrap books of our tnp across the Umted States We have started collectlng stamps and flags of the countries we have studned have -made George Washlngtons Mount Vernon home have wrltten essays on ashmgton have made paraffm animals and health posters Our Honor S has taken complete charge of the room this year The class arm was if and be more thoughtful of others 1 . , J , J , J , , , J . ' Y , I 7 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . J , . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . 1 7 'J' I 1 1 ll 'VH 11 12932 .4HDSLIz'YA.Y 17 GRADE 5 Teacher Miss Ethel Tryon lst Row Katle Savlno Clara Marci Blanche Allen Ednth Frlschmann Mary Kelly une Guden Chrlstma Grandolfl Vl0la Wllbur Phyllls Campbell 2nd Row lVlarJor1e Conover Catherlne Cassadonte Conchetta Blele Freda Wllle MOITH Keane Isabel Ward Elizabeth Savlno Anna Mary Hagoplan Rose DeAst1s Angellne DelVl1chele Glorxa Cannmg Abble Frltche 3rd Row Charle Duda oseph DeNardo ack Kakerbeck ohn FTlSCh mann Frank Morse ames MOCCIH Lawrence Moccla Bradford Stevens Howard Connors Frank Pascone Edward KHICS PCtI'0lO Our Flfth Grade orgamzed m September wlth Phyllls Campbell Presldent Howard Connors Vxce Presldent Glorla Canmng Treasurer and Frank Morse Secretary We chose the key word Usefulness Our School News subscrlptlon campaign netted us 22 yearly subscribers Fnfth Grade orgamzatlons mclude our Flfth Grade Honor Society umor Red Cross Whlttner Club Robert Burns Club and Outdoor Club Each orgamzatxon has trled to serve both mslde the grade and ln real service to the school and commumty At the Grade Track Meet elght of our group won rlbbons Our grade has taken charge of two assemblxes and ns preparing for a thlrd Each pup1l belongs to one or more of these orgamzatnons and we have tried to accompllsh our motto Usefulness , J , ' ' , ' ' , ' - 3 , J - , ,l , ' - , , ,l , . . 1 4th Row. Howard McCartney, Warren Nemecek, joseph Addorisio, Frank . . . . . as 1939 ARDlSLL'YAV GRADE 6 Teacher Mrs Anna Fllnt lst Row Lillian Lefurgy Gladys Slocum Edna Miller Florence ulck Anna Moccla Domemca Gagllardl Mildred Koenig Aleta Reld Rosma Paoluccl Znd Row Marlan Seltz l-lllda Knapp Eleanor Malhofer Eleanor French Helen Lmdauer Gloria Bogle Eleanor Geraghty Elizabeth Goode osephme Allen Phyllis Stevenson 3rd Row Frank Glerczynslu Thomas Mack Carlo Mannuccla Richard ulmby Wllllam ohnstone Paul Seltz George Nelson Dav1d Geraghty Kenneth Fitch 4th Row Tony Fllomena Paul Storm LEWIS TIBVIS Gilbert Buck Donald Zellff The Snxth Grade are thlrty eight strong Four boys were promoted to Grade Seven during the year and a boy and gurl were promoted to our group from Grade FIVE We have thirteen puplls nn the Honor Soclety nme Gxrl Scouts eight ln the Drum and Bugle Corps two ln the orchestra and twenty four nn the JUHIOI' Chorus Our grade won second place ln the Fall Athletlc Meet and carrled home thirty one rlbbons A most enjoyable feature of our year s work ln l-llstory was our trlp to the Van Cortlanclt Nlanslon House where we saw a splenclxd collectlon of colomal furniture and lutchen equipment We have made a collection of pictures of colomal costumes and furniture 18 V ' ' t , . J. ' . ' ' I Y Q . 1 y - ' Y U Q I 4 , 1 ' 1 - ' . ' ' Q .1 ' I 1 -I . , , ,n , , ' 1 193.2 ARDSLEYAX 19 GRADE 1 Teacher Mrs Mary E ulmby lst Row Erna Groth Anna Santore Clara Fllomena Rosa DelVluro Anna Kane Mary Grandolfi Vera Mathews Wnllnam Connors Znd Row Wllllam Fountain Wlnfred Lefurgy Rodney Ferguson Amy Welsford Gertrude Koemg Ruth Blohme Laura Brown Margaret Nelson Louls Delmerrco Alfred Crlsx 3rd Row Fred Spencer ohn Chadwxck Howard Auld Vincent Agnano Patsey Furlllo oseph Spano oseph Del..uca Earle B lsher Henry ClCCl0llO Daniel Gels Absent Robert Beclcert Attendance'+Second year of perfect punctuallty I6 weeks of perfect class attendance to date II pupils with perfect attendance record for the year mulr E Marsek completed Grade 7 at mud year R Beckert H Cxc clollo W Connors R Ferguson accelerated to Grade 7 from Grade 6 for outstandmg scholarship Entertainment Nov 24 Shadow pictures lllustratmg scenes from Mules Standlsh posed by the class Feb 9 Theme Our Crvrl War Presx dent Scouts Fountain and Gels and Buglers Ferguson and Connors asslsted Apr I2 Valley Forge Scenery costumes and cast b class contlnuxty by Alfred Cnsl Sports-W Connors presented sllver medal by Yonkers Herald Statesman marble champxon for second year Equipment Sneaker rack and filmg rack for brief cases Crlsr Auld Con nors Spencer Gels . . y v 1 J .A ' J ' S ' Scholarshlp-li. Bachant, :V. Carelll, D. .Cicciolltr, L. .Delrr-rerico, bong: 20 193.2 A If II S I, Ia' Y A IV GRADE 8 Teacher Mr Harlan Thomas lst Row Anlta Wllbur Grace DelVllchele Marlon Davls eanne Qulmby Cecella Paoluccl ennle ClCClOlO ennle DeRosa 2nd Row Ruth Lawrence Margaret MacDlarmld Helen Morse Gladys Cannlng Dorothy Luft Carollne Warren Myrtle TYHVIS Dorothy Groth Betty Keane Leona Beckwlth 3rd Row Tony Perlllo Albert Munck ack Edwards Glfford Acker Douglas Brown Edward Cudney Edward Marsek Davld Longmulr Kenneth Bachant 4th Row ames OGrady Vlncent Corelll Bertram Knapp Domlnlck ClCCl0ll0 Wllllam Taylor Edgar Perretz Mlchael Furllla To date the Elghth Grade has had 9807 ln attendance no lllegal ab sence no taTdlnCSS and flfteen puplls Wlth 10007 attendance ThlS IS one of the best records ever made by an El hth Grade Another record set IS l00 ln banklng all year Thelr scholarshlp record IS also hlgh ln the anuary regents 32 puplls passed out of 34 ln the January examlnatlons the class was slx months ahead of the dlstrlct ln Engllsh and nlne months ahead ln hlstory Scholarshlp and attendance are not the only alms thlS years Elghth Grade has had They have also two basketball teams glrls and boys of whlch Betty Keane IS captaln of the glrls and Mlchael Furlllo the boys The Elghth Grade of thls year has had a very actlve and successful term and they wlsh to thank everyone who has helped them to make lt so Grace Woodruff , . U . . , . ' . .yj . , . .'J . . ,J . ' V ' .Y 9 . 7 7 V ! , , - . , , . I. 1 o -- .J . . . .. ' .. ' , . .. . C. ' . - , . . . ft ' .. 'g . ' '72 ' I . Y , . . 1 9 3 2 A R D S L la' Y A X 21 FRESH MEN AdVlSCY Mr Charles Horend lst Row Marlon lmmedlato Murxel Hadden Anna Howell Martha Frlschmann Vlrglma ulllerat Alma lVlcKlrgan Rowena Beckwith Amta Wxlbur 2nd Row Nlcholas Moccla Leonard DeNlcola Patsey Stafferlo Ruth Trautman Effle Bell Lucy DelVllchele Ruth Cogglns Alvin Brown Eric Knles Vlto Cagllardx 3rd Row Richard McCartney Allen McCartney Nicholas Pascone james Bennie Frank Fllomena Lawrence Agnano Milburn Fountain ln September the enrollment of the Freshmen Class was twenty four members Since then xt has been xncreased by a new pupll Eric Kmes The attendance cup was gamed twnce thus year but we have had the weekly attendance banner often Looking forward to our Washington trlp we started to save money by collecting dues from each member of the class We appre crate the efforts which Mr Horend has put forth to glve our class a successful start for our Hugh School career Nlcholas Moccna , 'l , '1 , . , - 1 1 o . J , , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . , . 1 - 1 22 I9.32ARDSL1fYA.Nl SOPHOMORE CLASS Advisers Mlss G Hapgood and M1 W Mann Floor Dons Addyman Katre Tlschendorf lst Row Vlvxan l-lledrlck Llllle Storm Emma Westerfleld Marlon Gag l1ard1 Florence Stymus Vera Braem Alnce Woodruff Vlolet Guden Cecella Leo lna Robertson 2nd Row Anna ones Fanme Perlllo Helen Praetorlus Gertrude Wxmazal Edlth Morse lsabel Benme Anna Zabrowsky Lounse Savxno Helen Stratton Wxlllam Savmo Mlchael Nlattarozzo 3rd Row oseph Russo George Slocum Donald McPhee Rob rt Wmgate Vredenburgh Allen Brown Charles Wharmby 4th Row Wllllam Brmkerhoff Tony Moccla Gllbert McConnell Tony Paoluccn Thomas OGrady Attentlonl Sophomore classes now passxng ln revnew Sophomore A has had the attendance cup for one month Sophomore B had the dlStlI1CtlOI'l of having seventeen weeks perfect attendance The mspectlon placque was won by Sophomore B four times Sophomore A gained lt three trmes ln succession We were alded ln a clean up campax n by Mr TYBVIS who varnxshed all our desk tops none of whnch have been marred yet Slnce Sophomore A was the only class formmg a gurls team there were no girls mter class basketball games Our boys were much more succ ssful and wlth a first rate team took second place m the mter class league lsabel Bennie v. J ' . 1 . ,, . 1 1 . I , - ,l I , , , ' ' . Robert Walker, John Grandolfl, John Olson, Patsy Filomena, Donald 195.2 .el If 11 S L El .el .N 23 .IUNIORS Adviser Mrs Mabel K Gray Bottom Row Muriel Berthelson Llllxan Cocllup Lucrlle Santore Margaret Sanger Maybelle Welch Helen Clerczynslu Anne Delmerrco 2nd Row Eddle Storms Leo Glerczynskx Norman Townsend ohn Gaghardr Katherine ewell Berglthe Waldemar MBYIOH Bell Lloyd Westlake Macgregor KllP3tYlCk Anthony MGDHUCCIB 3rd Row William Richardson Watson Bell Louis Furlllo Howard ulllerat Mrs Gray sock certamly has been swelled by the profits of our many enterprlses On Parents Day we sold home made candy and ln March we served a dinner to Cheney s men February I lth5 Come to thmlc of xt that was the mght of ganety the nlght that the -lunlors put over that most successful umor Hop Have you noticed any umors scurrylng through the halls selling candy3 lf you have patronlzed them we wlsh to thank you for the candy sales have certamly helped to fill up that old sock for our Washlngton trxp Hm' Hm' Wednesday Can t you just smell the most dellcnous aromas of the umor lunches3 These lunches have shown the students and teachers what delnghtful meals we wxll serve next year and Just look at our Wash mgton Trip fund swell' Does that sound as lf the depression hxt the Jumor Class' Not one but! Murxel Berthelson . 1 o ' A Y . 1 .y s , J Depression? Say-there's no depression in the junior Class! Our old .I Q ' . n n zbg 'Hi 9 1 If D 9' I I 1 WESLEY BROWN Wes A good laugh IS sunshme Semetalx 30 T1eas111e1 9 Manager of Baseball Team 31 ASS1Nt2ll1t Nlanage-1 and Ma11age1 ot Basket ball Team 30 31 Local Sreakmg Contest 30 Gleellblllgll League Speaklug Contest 32 Pre-s1de11t ot Student Cou11c1l 32 PlE'9ld91lt of Class 31 32 Se111o1 Pax 3 CLAIRE SWANSTON Clara Honor to those whose words or deeds Thus help us IH our dally needs 01101 Souetx 9 second De ree 3 O 1 1est1a 29 39 Student Counul '20 32 D1 xmat 0 S nlets 31 32 Qemm Pl 1 32 Plopelty Manaprel tol 9911101 P111 JOHN CANNING Father Love IS the greatest thmg 1r1 llfe Fl9b1lIl1'll1 Plax 9 'NIll1St161 30 Asslstant Tleas u1e1 31 SSIIIOI Plax DOROTHY CANAVOTTO Dot Amb1t1on IS the road to success 01101 SOCIGIY 9 Seeond Degl ee 31 3 T1 easure1 Sen1o1 Class 32 VICE P1es1dent of Honol Sometx 32 Adx e1t1s1ng N1a11a2e1 of A1 dsleyan 31 3 ASSISIH It 'Nlanagel ot GIIIS Basketball Team 31 SGIIIOI Plax NICHOLAS PETROLA Nlcky Small ln SIZE but oh my! F1esl1manP1as 29 TIQBSUISI 29 Basketball 31 32 'VI1nst1el 32 , Y - I 9 J N 2 f lt 1 1 A 3, . A 4 , . X K 1 !s 1 y ,Q 3 35. A . . - ' 1 . ' . 1 HJ- . ' 1 , ' , 1 , 1 1 , , ul. 3 ,. , .., . 1 1 . , . . . , , . . . , , -. L , , l ', ' 2. 2 1 f .1 N e . , 1 . y . 1 I , 1 H ' ' '2 , '321 ' ' g , '31, 2,21 1"l . "," ,'L3 , ','. ,'...g 'z '1 07 j, '. , '. 3. ' aj, '. .5 ' ' 1 ' ., ' ' '32. I , 4 , , 1 E , f .iz , 3' - , .. . . . . .. 4 ' " . t I - . N L Dv' 12 Z A A. . v 1' 1 K, , . - ' - . . 1- . ' V ' , 1 , ., 32- 1. -- 1 K . , ,- , , , .. 1 . 1 , , 1 H ., 2 , 32, , , 2, Q . . . SQ, 3 - . . 1 ' v 1 . , . ' ' . . 1 1 9. 1 .3 1 A ' A .1 I Y 'I ..'. , 1 . ' '. .1 , 1 . . - . . , , . ,, 32. J 1 , 1 v -' ' .' '- Q ' L ' '. y- I . H . ' . ' 1 1 ! Y. , 1 1 , . i,i. T. I DSI I I JOHN ZOTZ Nrxon He may not be the fellow of lungs But he IS a lung of fellows Plrletlr News ' 1l1est11 tm ot A11 ran Ol S 1 + 1 efon 91,11 llSllEl J FREDERICK CRANE. Freddle He IS a boy of the fnendly sort Wlth a cheertul grzn and a ready retort llfllllll 5011611 H1 c 1 D11n11t1r Souetx Ol ' MAY BERTHELSON Mazy lve made a rule to w1n success Ill try to keep It 1n my heart ust fimsh everythlng you start H1 ll0I ocletx J SQllEtZllV of Hllllfll S0116 w 50 Seuetirw ot Student Conn 1l '31 Vue P1es1de11t ot lllfll ass 31 PIPN :lent ot Ho11o1 O01 ty -XSSl"tllll NIan1,fIt1 ot Cnls Bflsketball Team '30 Man lgl-ll ol ll s Te-1n1 3 ASSISIWIII Fd1to1 ot A1 s ewan 1 UI 111 1111 o Axcis cw 111 Second eL1e-P e ' 11 ALFRED CANNINC Ch1ck l thlnk lll learn to avlate There s so much trafhc everywhere lll s1mply let xt have the earth And as for me Ill take the a1r LOUIS PASCONE Lou Blushlng IS the colour of vlrtue 1e hmen Plax aselmll ket ' Nlmst 30 1 -'xssrstant TFQHSUIGI 'lJ.2 .-1 fl ' , f 113' 25 'l'1'z1c-lc, '29, Til: lluskvtlmall, '29, '32, 1 ,1 .'f 'LSL 'MHZ 01" 1, '20, '221 Art Ecli ' ' 'Isley , '30, '321 Iflfjll ' .'o'i-If, '29, '22, SJ d IJ,"1Q, '31, 'ZZZZ Mi .7 'X , '29, 'fI13. '1' ft , 'iili illl. 'CI I 'Z 1 't 1' " '31, 'f!21 Se-ni ' llny, '32, lt's something anyone can do: a ' S f' ', '2', '323 1' -' - ' f' tj, .111 ' 'Cl 1: : - ' -S fe '. '31, 132, 2 'G"l:' 2 ,'31, 'Z 21 1 1 . 'l ' 'l 1 'd.- l,," . '3lC Ed'I '-' -f'l.',f f . ' .'l.,'z , '321 ll . '31, '32: S Illill' lla '32. F' 5 '29Z BH' 1 , '29, '321 Bas ball, '50, .3122 , ' rel, '. , '3 3 - 1' -' ' '. '32. 7 4 R D S I I I DOROTHY BROWN Dot Imagmatlon bu1Ids the worId T ack 30 31 Secletarx ofJuu1o1 Class 31 local Speaklngz Contest 9 31 3 Greenburgh League Speakmg Contest 32 New York TIIIIQS OFHIOTICHI Con test 32 Dramat1cSoc1ets 32 Semor Plan 32 JAMES IVIANTELLO jimmy Never hurry never worry Live wlth Ielsure grace and care For nts plam that constant rushmg Never gets you anywhere lhfklld 9 7 01101 ocle-tx WILLIAM GIERCZYNSKI W1IIy Hut the Ime hard don t foul and dont shlrk but hlt the Ime hard afaketball Baseball 29 32 Track 8 32 Captaln Golf Team 31 32 Honor Socxetw 29 31 Clrculatlon Manager of Ardslexan 31 32 Busx ness Manager of NIIHSTTGI Shovs 31 32 Tlcket Manager of Semor Play 32 CHARLES ACNANO Charlxe Flrst Im bad and then Im good I thus reI1eve the tedlum And rf I add my two extremes I strike a happy medium. Treasurer 29. 31: Baseball 29, 32' Basketball 30 ' Minstrel 30' Track 29 31' Stage Manager Senior Play 3... FALUCH PERILLO Bok esters do often prove prophets. rchestra 28 3..' and , 3..' Minstre ' Senior Play 3-. 5 1939 IRDSLFI IN EDITH WALDEMAR Ma The least llttle thlng makes me happy today ln my mood of unreasonmg glee- Oh my but lm glad that lm nobody else Because lt s such fun to be me udent 101111111 If l9Ntll 2 Il Yue P1es1de11t '10 lClasn or '21 local Speakl tontest 9 '51 Dram'1t1c SOKIPIS 21 '39 Semor ay 7 sue! CHRISTMAS FURILLO Gebo lm talcmg up the game of golf I use my mashle Wlth such force I heard a jealous person say lm also takmg up the course mstxel 30 5 IHCR 3 Baske ball aulgel Golt Team 1 ANGELINA DEIVIURO Ange cheerful d1spos1t1on w1ll make beauty attractnve knowledge dellghtful and w1t good natured 01101 Souetx 9 0 Im 11 Spillklllg Con 9 N s CHRISTIAN FRISCHMANN Frxsh Though my acts at tlmes look wlcked I am sure that ld seem good If my underlymg motlves Were completely understood Pxeshman Play fl HOHOlSOL19ty 30 7 Hawke Ja ' 7 Nlms re 9 'U SPIIIOI' law EVELYN OATIS Evy I want to tell the world Whenever I am glad For happmess unshared Becomes a lxttle sad Cheex Leader 31 Dramatlc Qoueu 1 ' Nlmstre Show 30 SENIOR AVTIVITIES On September fourteenth the SCHIOYS returned once more to the folds of Ardsley I-llgh School ln a Jovlal mood lt seemed good to be back among old frlends agam But this year meant work wlth a capltal W and we all reallzed lt Our first undertaking to swell our bank account was the subscrlptron campalgn for whlch on October 29 the SCDIOIS gave a hrgh school party In the meantlme we had continued servmg our Senior lunches each week On November I I we held our first Food Sale ln the vrllage whlch proved to be very successful On December I6 we served a greatly appreclated dlnner to about slxty of Superintendent Cheneys men Our success ln thrs undertakmg was due to the untlrlng efforts of lVI1ss Buell and Miss Cook During February our second Food Sale was held a very encouraging One Rehearsal for the Semor Play Skldcllng was started ln February Because of confllctmg dates the presentation was postponed untll after the Washlngton Trap On Saturday March 26 most of the Seniors left Ardsley for Wash lngton On Sunday the Senlors who played on our Champronshrp Team sauntered mto the Cllnlflg room of the Burllngton Hotel A happy and all too short week was enjoyed by the class at our Natlon s Caprtol The following Fnday Aprll 9 after our arrival from Washington Sklddmg a story of a typical family Irfe portrayed by the Hardy family was presented It was agreed by everyone that the play was the best one ever presented by the Seniors Mrss successfully was apprecrasted by every The months are slipping silently now diverted toward Commencement shelter of Ardsley Hrgh s frlendlrness WASHINGTON Wesley Brown oe s Place Claire Swanston We s wicked Fred Crane Burlesque Crane Edlth Waldemar Won t that phone ever nng'-' Faluch Penllo 6 clgar Bok Dorothy Brown Hot Cha' ohn Zotz Oh' Cookrel May Berthelson I-low ye hon3 Alfred Cannmg Do ya love me D00 Dot Canavotto Here we are bag and baggage Buells work lh putting on the play member of the cast but rapidly on and our thoughts are when we shall be Ioath to leave the Dorothy Brown 32 EXPRESSIONS Chrrstlan Frrschmann Bed Snatcher ohn Canning Mamapalavee 8th 6: Vme Evelyn Oatls Is the sun sh1n1ng3 Charlles Agnano Tuckahoe Charlle Angelina DelVIuro Eastchester Red Christmas Furlllo Red Shellalee Gebo Nrcky Petrolo Deposit Nrck Wrlllam Crerczynskr Kearny Wllly LOUIS Pascone-Toronto Louie ames Nlantello 2 Drop Jrmmle 28 19.52 .1 IG IJ S L lu' I' .-I N . -il ' I 1 . . . Wg -. J - -,, t J W- . ' ' . . W 1 I .I i . . 19.32 AR1J,SI,EY.e1,Y 29 STUDENT LEADERS OF ARDSLEY HIGH Seated Muriel Berthelson Second Degree Dorothy Canavotto Second Degree Treasurer Student Councxl Helen Gxerczynskn Second Degree Lucllle Santore-Second Degree Helen Morse-President of Grade Honor Soclety Ruth LBWYCHCCLVICC President of Grade Honor Society Mary Grandolfi-Secretary of Grade Honor Society Standmg Allen McCartney Second Degree Ralph DITCTIIZZI-4CCOhd Degree Clalre Swanston Second Degree Student Council May Berthelson Second Degree President Honor Soclety John Zotz-Second Degree Wesley Brown Presrdent of Student Councll Absent Edward Henng-Second Degree Secretary Honor Soclety The Second Degree of the Honor Socnety was organxzed last year Memhershxp ns bestowed upon pupils for outstandmg achlevement ID char acter leadershxp and service The Student Council IS compnsed of the presxdent and vlce presldent of each class ln hugh school and each year takes complete charge of student actlvxtles I Marion Bell-Secretary of Sstudent Council 3 l If II 9 I l N STUDENT COUINCIL NOTES The Student Councxl consnstmg of the presidents and vnce presxdents of each hugh school class was orgamzed September wlth the followmg members as officers Wesley Brown Presxdent Clalre Swanston Vlce Presl dent MBIIOD Bell Secretary Dorothy Canavotto Treasurer and Mr Charles Horend as Advnser Ar one of our Honor Assemblxes lna Robertson was taken by surprise when she was presented wxth a pen and pencil set by the Student Council and the Boys Basketball Team for her kmd servlces She was well applauded by the audience for her graclous extemporary speech of acceptance Apprecxatlon for the prxvnleges of the lxbrary has not been shown by the puplls The Student Councll endeavored to check these dxsturbances nn the most satlsfactory manner by opening the lxbrary only under the super vlslon of a teacher A students actlvlty room was provided for where pupils might converse wxthout disturbing others However the requirements are 75'7? m scholarship and 80? ln conduct The Council sponsored the annual Vlctory Ball Aprll 30 ln honor of the Boys Basketball Team The Student Councxl has done nts best xn working out school problems for the benefit of all the hxgh school pupils HONOR SOCIETY NOTES The nmth year of the Honor Society IS drawing to a close The officers for l932 have been May Berthelson President Dorothy Canavotto Vxce President Edward Hermg Secretary and Mrs Annaj Fllht Advlse The Honor Society held Its annual banquet and ll'lltl3tlOI1 of the candl dates December 9th l93l lt was qunte a success We were fortunate ln having Mass Chen a Chinese Professor of English who IS studying Honor Systems during her stay ln America present as well as Honorable W G Seely the members of the Board of Educatnon and other school repre sentatlves One of the mam actlvltles of the Second Degree was the dlvlslon of the Honor Society lt was decxded that the group was too large to handle satls factorlly After much thoughtful consideration the dlvlslon was made on the followmg pomts To glve an opportumty to develop leadership ln the Grades To allow for varlatlon of mterest ln Hugh School and ln the Grades To have a better representation of grade pupils ln the work of the Executive Comm The grade dlvlslon of the Honor Society held lts annual prcmc ln Woodlands Park durmg May Each member of the Socxety endeavors to lxve up to the Honor Socnety Code which embraces scholarship service to the school attendance conduct and welcoming strangers May Berthelson 30 19- .2 .- ULF '- -' T . ' . . . . I . ' , in ' : , ' I . - - I f I I - . - , Marion Bell. ' : , ' : - ' Q - I - - , r. , 1. . u . , ' - Z I I I . . Chnstmas Funllo Wllllam Glerczynslcx Chrlstlan Frlschmann ohn Zotz Clalre Swanston Nicky Petrolo Dorothy Canavotto Angelina DeMuro May Berthelson Catherlne Santore Louls Furlllo Anne Delmerxco Lnlllan Codlup ohn Gagllardl Macgregor Kllpatrlclc Murlel Berthelson Helen Glerczynskr oe Russo Vera Braem Patsey Fllomena lna Robertson Emma Westerfield Katie Tlschendorf Fannie Perlllo Mlchael Mattarazzo LeRoy Fountam Cecelia Leo Oscar Nelson Donald Vredenburgh Helen Praetonus ohn Grandolfl Lille Storm George Slocum Vnrgmla julllerat Alma lVlcKxrgan 9 RDS'Il HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Florence Wxlbur Martha Frrschmann Ruth Trautman Allen McCartney Glfford Aclcer enme ClCCl0ll0 Dorothea Luft Edgar Perretz Elxzabeth Keane Anthony Moccxa Myrtle TYHVIS Amta Wilbur Cecella Paoluccl Fannie DeAngelo ohn Renda Robert Kakerbeclc Charles Swanston Helen Morse Bertram Knapp Gladys Canning Ruth Lawrence Albert Munclc eanne ulmb Ruth Blohme Anna Keane Amy Welsford Howard Auld Earle Belscher Domlnlck Clcclollo Daniel Gels LOUIS Delmerlco Vera Mathews Anna Santore Mary Granclolfl Laura Brown Everard Marselc Alfred CYISI Margaret Nelson Davxd Longmulr Robert Beckert Henry Cocclollo Douglas Cooper Wllllam Connors Gladys Slocum Phyllis Stevenson Paul Storm Thomas Mack Lewrs Travis Rodney Ferguson Donald Yelxff Richard ulmby Mlldred Koemg Gloria Bogle Edith Frlschmann Chrlstma Granclolfl Rosma Paoluccl Freda Wllle Clara Macrl Abby Fntche Robert Morse Phyllls Campbell Conchetta Blele Ruth Cudney Ruth DeFeo Plerre l'ountam William Waddell Ruth Gubler Robert Seltz Mary AddOTlSlO 1 9 3 Q.. A A 1 u' Y A N 31 J . . Grace Woodruff .leflnie DCROSEI Hilda Knapp . a J 4 ' I . 1 l Q . J . ' ' J Q ' y - J ' ' . . !.,.2 AIGU.SLI,1 A3 02 15' THE BUGLE AND DRUM CORPS ORCHESTRA Gifford Acker Vera Braem oseph DeLuca Mllburn Fountam Plere Fountain ohn Grandolfl Vl0lCt Guden ames Mantello Faluch Perlllo Helen Praetorlus eanne Qulmby George Slocum Edwm Storms Claire Swanston Katle Tlschendorf Norman Townsend Lewls Travls Donald Vredenburgh Edlth Waldemar Gertrude Wlmazal C-race Woodruff Donald Zellff john Zotz DRUM CORPS Cllbert Buck LOUIS Caporale Howard Connors Wllllam Connors Reuel Danliner Edward DeN1ke Ralph DeNrke Howard Eaton Rodney Ferguson Plerre Fountam ohn Granclolfi Gertrude Koemg Teddy Marquls Frank Morse George Nelson Faluch Perlllo eanne ulmby Cordon Schultz Paul Sextz Robert Seltz uladys Slocum Phylhs Stevenson Norman Townsend Lewxs Travrs Wnlllam Tucker J . . . . J h I ' 5 . J ' J lna Robertson .l0hn Kakefbeclf ' ' J Q ' 19.3.2 .-I If Il .S I, lu' I' .I .Y . GIRL SCOUT TROOP I ARDSLEY Mnss Helen Berthelson Lieutenant A C Mlss Florence Bennett Flrst Lleutenant osephme Allen GIor1a Bogle Gladys Cannlng Glorxa Cannmg Eleanor French une Guden Vlolet Guden Vlrgmla ,Iu1IIerat Anna Mary I-Iagoplan I-Illda Knapp Gertrude Koenig Mlldred Koenlg Ruth Lawrence Margaret MacD1arm1d Halen Morse Patrol Leader Helen Praetorlus Patrol Leader eanne ulmby Aleta Reld Gladys Slocum Florence Stymus Patrol Leader Isabel Ward Amta Wilbur Florence Wilbur Freda Wllle Alxce Woodruff TROOP COMMITTEE Mrs Arthur W S1II1man Chanrman Mrs IrvmgW Ingalls Mrs Blanse Recca Mrs Chester Slocum The Girl Scouts would Irke to express thelr smcere appreciation to their parents teachers and the Troop Commrttee for the hearty cooperatxon received thls year 1' 1 J Q a ' J 1 ' ' ' ' ' Phyllis Stevenson 34 19.1.2 .4RI.lSLIilAN BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA TROOP 3 TROOP LEADERS TROOP COMMITTEE Mr Thomas Scoutmaster Mr W Bell Mr Mann Asst Scoutmaster Mr W Kllpatrlck W Brown r Asst Scoutmaster H ulllerat Sr Patrol Leader WOLF PATROL LION PATROL Kllpatrlck Fountam Storms Slocum Longmuxr Aclcer W Fountain W F W Townsend Be Mannuccxa Marsek Slocum Spenser Taylor Mr L ulllerat Mr Caglxardl BEAVER PATROL McPhee Nelson Edwards McCartney Fountam Gagllardl Brown The troop has advanced a great deal Every Scout has a full umform and has advanced at least one rank dunng the year The troop won the mspectlon at the October and December Courts of Honor Every Scout par txclpatecl nn the April Circus wh1ch was a great success M. ' ' N. D. L. ' E. ll O. J. Gagliardi D. Geis R. Wingate ' E. A. ' C. E. R. D. ' . M. ' G. . V. ' ' , ' . D. Z xvga fi , N 4 QQ 5 Ag, W iz 2.HJrSIl' ff GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Mr Kenneth Brown lst Row Rowena Beckwlth Guard E616 Bell Forward Anna Delmerlco Forward Assistant Manager Helen Glerczynslu Forward 3nd Row May Berthelson Manager Lxlllan Codlup Guard Marlon Bell Forward Lucy DelVlrchele Forward Lucllle Santore Guard and Co Captam Mr Brown Coach Absent Cathenne Santore Guard The gurls basketball playmg offered most of the excntement this year during the league games The team started off wlth a bang showmg plenty of pep and vlm and good playmg IH most of thelr games They entered the League with slx won out of seven non league games By wmmng the first two games from lrvmgton and Greenburgh they gamed first place After Chrlstmas the team dropped one to Dobbs Ferry but won the next from lrvmgton only to lose the followmg two games and a cup by one game Mrs Brown scored hlgh fln coolungl when Mr and Mrs Brown topped off the season wnth a dinner ln the honor of the team The success of the team was due mostly to the encouragement and good coachmg of Mr Brown The cooperatlon of their manager May Berthelson was also an asset to the team fill 193, 4 I 'rfl-IN l Guard and Co-Captaing Edith Morse, Forwardg ,Ruth Coggins: 1 94RDSII14N BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Mr Charles W I-lorend Slttlng Allen Brown Manager Louis Pascone Forward William Glerczyn Skl Guard ohn Zotz Center and Captain Wlllxam Richardson Forward Chrlstnan Frlschmann Guard Coach Horend Furrllo Center Wxllxam Goehren Guard ohn Gagllardr Forward The Boys Basketball Team of 1931 32 has set a new record thus year whlch far surpasses any previous records The splendid cooperation they gave therr well llked coach Mr l-lorencl showed m their sportsmanllke VICIOTICS and losses Our boys won the Greenburgh League champxonshlp agam thus year by wmmng all the games played They were also very successful by defeatlng Katonah at Whnte Plams Hugh for the Westchester Class B Champlonshlp As champlons of Westchester County they met Mrllbroolc champions f Dutchess County and defeated them with a safe margm Ardsley came out on top nn the game wnth Cornwall last year s Class B State Champions The game played with East lsllp ln the quarter fmals for State Cham pnonshlp at Manhattan College ellmlnated Ardsley as far as the State Champlonshlp was concerned but left the boys wlth hlghest honors m sports manshnp cooperatlon among themselves and wrth the coach love of the game and unity as a team Howard -Iuxllerat Asst Manager 9 J c r - V A ' J f ' - - v 37 -1 :fy ' . ' 'f' 1 :K ., :J , . 5 . . . , Standing-Nicky Petrola, Forward: Macgregor Kilpatrick, Guard: Christmas . ' Z . . ' Z J . ., n q ' U 0. 1992 ARDSIFY,-I V NEW 1939 LIRDSLEI 1X A DOGS LIFE By Pete a whute haured terruer lf Patrucua Wulde hadn t been so furuously angry whule druvung un a small vullage of Connectucut or perhaps uf I hadn t been chasung that cute luttle kutten across the road a few catastrophes and a fatal step would never have happened But ut happened on a brught sunny day un uly that I was lazuly wautung for my master Rex Kung that I saw Tobby the butcher s cat jump from her stool and dash across the road Of course I not Iukung kuttens dashed madly after her I was just un the muddle of the road when a huge black and red monster bore down upon me The yelp that followed brought Rex runnung from the shop and a few pedestruans around I looked up pathetucally unto the face of a pretty gurl who had dark curls around her rosy cheeks and as she tenderly pucked me up I heard Rex exclaum Hey leave that puppy here lll take care of hum Where are you goung3 I was goung to fund a doctor answered the gurl quuetly Im the doctor snapped Rex I mught explaun that Rex was a tall handsome boy of twenty four sum mers who had just graduated from a school for doctors and who was takung hus uncle s place un Greenvulle Center Connectucut Oh are you3 asked the gurl If youll get un Ill druve you to your office Rught o replued Rex as he held me gently on hus lap Poor luttle PUPPY My foot pauned terrufucally but I dudnt mmd lf mother hadnt unsusted upon my seeung Bert Ludell I should never have been druvung so carelessly I m sorry I really am she added sumply I understand saud Rex Here us the house Come un wont you3 I certaunly wull replued the gurl brughtly l must help you Hx Pete added Rex Pete s leg contunued Patrucua My name us Patrucua Wulde and I luve un Dartmouth New York I am Rex Kung saud my master Im a doctor here and I can set Pete s leg un a hurry Why Im so glad sughed Pat sluppung off her coat Wuth the help of the two I was soon made comfortable on a pullow and I lay there quute the mam attractuon as Rex served tea How perfectly lovely exclaumed Pat You have a lovely home I would have uf I dudn t have to luve alone replued Rex sadly You see Mother and Dad dued when I was a luttle tot and my uncle and aunt took care of me My aunt dued several years ago and Uncle jack followed her last week He spoke soft and low Pat reached out and caressed me and as I looked unto her dark eyes I thought I saw tears Im sure I dud' 1. 1 1- - 39 1 . . . 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1 . 11 11 . 11 . 1 , 1 11 1 11 , 1 ' - - 1 1 1 1 1 , . 11 11 . 11 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1 11 . . 1 1 1 , . 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 11 1 1 1 , 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 , 1 1 , 1 11 1 . 11 . 1 1 11 11 , 1 l 11 11 , . 11 1 11 . . 1 11 1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 11 , . 11 1 11 . 11 1 , 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 1 11 11 , 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 , 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 19391RDSII'l -IN A llttle later after the dlshes had been carefully washed and put away Pat left I heard Rex slgh as he saw her car drlve out of sight He came over and petted me Good little puppy Every nlght after he had bandaged my leg Rex would stare sllently out of the wmdow where he had seen her roadster dlsappear I knew he talked wlth her on the phone qulte often and once I had to bark so she d know I was gettlng well lt was several evenlngs later when as the fadmg sun was castmg beautlful shadows ln the porch where Rex was slttmg her car drove up before the door She came walking up slowly a quxet figure ln pale blue I tned to meet her but my leg was stlll stlff She came toward Rex holdlng out her hand whlch he took I felt de serted for hadnt she came to see me3 I thought she had' But she turned and plcked me up and klSSCd me rlffht on the head' Rex sand somethmg ln a low volce which made her laugh and blush Somethmg about wastmg klsses I hope he didn t thlnk that one was for I was quxte elated over It After I had been made a fuss over and given some candy I went ln back of the house to dlg for a bone I had been thlnkmg about A short time later I returned and not seeing anyone I ran excltedly about smfflng the alr They had pulled the settee so that lt faced the mellow moon and he was holdmg her hand She laughed and drew away but he put hls arm around her walst I thought I heard a cat meow m the backyard I went around to see' SLEEPING3 Most people have thelr own ways of sleepmg a favored few to the accompaniment of snores motions and expostulatlons I have a younger brother who can miraculously perform the above mentloned feats to the extent of dellvermg an oratorlcal address and flourlshmg hrs hands around Thls IS followed by a serles of loud snores which I believe he means for applause On enterlng hrs room perhaps you wlll fmd him curled up ln a knot with his blankets wrapped around his neck If not that way he wlll be nearly ready to fall off hls bed wlth one arm hanging over the slde In the first case lts too many ghost stones and ln the last case hes cllmblng mountalns on the moon No matter which way he IS sltuated he snores beautifully and loudly On the lntake the snore IS a rlch mellow barltone whlle on the ex haust the tempo changes to a thrilling soprano rlch ln all the bad notes around the scale I have trled remedies to sxlence this baby foghorn to the extent of gag glng hum and holdlng hls nose shut but to no good For ln the case of gagging htm he wakes up and calls for Mama whlle ln the other as soon as I take my hand off his nose the concert begms anew to the strain of the Anvil Chorus During this process which he calls sleepmg hls face remalns serene and contented dreamlng of the impossible of which we hear the next mornlng Howard junllerat 33 40 ' .- .A - , L '. -v , . , , , , . 1 ' - , I . . D . o 1 I s ' I 1 . , . , . , . I 1 - , Dorothy Brown, '32, I , . . . - . - , . . . . . f . . ' . , - , - n v ' , n ll , ll 1 - I . . , .. , . , . 7 9111 VAGABONJD S ROAD At mght as l he by the flre Blllldlfl my castle of dreams lnhe xagabonds road rs before me How wud and real It seems l see all the shlps from the tropncs Wlth nory and gold below And the barren wastes of the Northland Wrth thelr harshness all covered wlth snow The prrceless treasures of Dream land Are the thlngs to whxch l HSPIIC As l he spread out on the hearth rug ln the llght of the glowxng fire Macgregor Kllpatrlclc 3 3 OUR GARDEN BY MOOVLIGHT The sun IS gone And ln the deep blue sky A sxlxer moon 15 rlslng YlSlng hrgh The garden once radlantly brlght Turns now to SllWCf 1n the nl ht The poppxes bow thenr drowsy heads And all the greens and blues and reds Turn as sllver as the xce On a moonlxght night nn Paradlse l-low fantastlc and dalnty our garden seems All the flowers transformed by these srlvery beams Now the moon goes behmd the wxspy dark clouds Whxle our garden wxthdraws behmd fanciful shrouds Grace K Woodruff SCHOOLBOY WISDOM An mvorce IS another name for consclence A grass widow IS the wlfe of a vegetarlan The Bxble IS agamst blgamy when xt says that no man can serve two masters Algebra was the wxfe of Euclrd A metaphor ns a suppressed smlle Polomus was a mythrcal sausage The Esqunmaux are God s frozen people All Baba means bemg away when the crxme was commrtted Please l besexge you leave me alone We went to the mn for a nxght s lognc You have Insulated me and l demand satisfaction A court IS a place where they dispense wxth just ce A buttercup rs a receptacle for butter Sparta IS the name of a goddess TAKE DETOUR There IS an Easy Street The optlmlst declares But he explains right now It s undergom repalrs 1 .9 .3 .- .-l If D Aj , 1' ' .el X 41 A ' . l - . ' ' 1- 7 . Y' V' ' Y v v R v V Y I g . . - A , t 3 K ' I , - Y ' D 1 I Y D Y An . S V l . . v1 . . . . S , O D 1 . ! ' :TDQLII Ambltlous Roamer Devlllsh Scholarly Loveslck Energetxc Youngster Helpful Generous Handsome Smcere Classy Happy go lucky Onward Obedlent Loyal Smlles Planlst Essaylst Rellable Sllent Orlgmal Nolsy Athletlc Lovable Impnsh Talkatlve Inqulsltlve Efflclent Sympathetic DOROTHY CANAVOT I'O WILLIAM GOEHREN NICKY PETROLA LOUIS FURILLO WATSON BELL JOHN ZOTZ ALFRED CAINNING MR HOREND MRS FARNHAM JOHN CANNINC- MAY BERTHELSON WESLEY BROWN WILLIAM RICHARDSON EDWARD HERING LOUISE SAVINO LUCILLE SANTORE LOUIS PASCONE INA ROBERTSON GRACE WOODRUFF MR SILLIMAN TONY PAOLUCCI ANTHONY MANNUCCIA MAC KILPATRICK WILLIAM GIERCZYNSKI LILLE STORM EVELYN OATIS CHRISTIAN FRISCHMANN PATSY FILOMENA HELEN BERTHELSON MISS CONKLIN Dorothy Brown 32 The list aboxe rs but a part Of all the frlends who alm By Iclndly deeds both large and small To help us play the game Grace K Woodruff 33 4' JJ-5.24-11, L' L' 'AX Interesting DONALD VREDENBURG 1 941217 FIIN A H S SONG ALBUM My Baby just Cares for Me Wesley Brown Paradise American History Class My Extraordinary Man Lille Storm It Must Be Love Watson Bell Whos Your Little Whosls Nrcky Petrolo One Hour with You after school Robert Walker A Kiss ln the Dark Anna Howell Would You Luke To Take a Walk3 C lqrlschmann WHAT WOULD THE WORLD DO IF A H S dxdnt have a Champxonshxp Basketball Team Bob Walker stopped walkmg around durmg study per1od3 lNlcky Petrolo stopped chatterln m Buslness Engl1sh3 The Senxors grew up5 Dot Canavotto stopped studv1ng3 Mr Sllllmans hair grew3 Mrs Gray stopped talklng about Albany3 Mlss Buell stopped sputterln ln 4th perlod study hall3 SURE SIGN OF AN EARTHQUAKE Tony PGOTUCCI had a date Wlth a gurl Donald Vredenburg dldnt ar ue rn English Class Kathryn ewell didn t attend the baseball games lna Robertson dldn t play the plano Bob Mathews was seen wlthout hrs car Mr Mann grew sux feet tall LOST PLE ASE RETURN Keys Two Giggles Black Beard Post Graduate Black and Whlte Sport Shoes OUR IDEAL TEACHER HAS Efflclency of Mlss Buell Patxence of Mr Mann Gentleness of Mlss Robbie Dlgmty of Mr Sllllman Comraderle of Mr Horend Courtesy of Mlss Cook Happy dlSpOSltlOn of Miss Hapgood Sportsmanshlp of Mr Brown Loquaclty of Mrs Kmdervatter Helpfulness of Mrs Gray Art ablllty of Miss Davis Mlss Buell Clalre Swanston Weenle Rxchardson Grace Woodruff Frank Fllomena BUG HOUSE FABLES Edward Herlng flunked a regents George Slocum rs sophlstlcated Lloyd Westlake has grown up ohn Zotz takes toe danclng lessons Wllly Glerczynskl dldnt make the basketball team Tony Paoluccl gave an oratlon Bob Wlngate forgot to wave hrs hair Bull Goehren IS dymg of overwork All the Seniors agree on Commence ment plans 9 3 N - S L L V .- T' 43 1 u ' C E F- . E - I1 1 U 1 4 1 I . If ' ' ' . If ' ' g ' ' . If ,I ' ' W . If ' ' ' . If ' ' . If . ' . - . TO . . 1 ' . T I . -I 1 a . 1 I . l 14 19.72 .1 I3 IIN l, If lfl X THE ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA extends its sincere thanks to the splendid continued patronage of the Student- of the Ardsley High School throughout the past year. It IS our earnest deslre to keep up our reputatlon for hlgh standard of quallty low prxce effluent SCYVICC and lt IS mamly wlth the ald of CARPENTER S DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY that we shall clo our best Slncerely MICHELE PASCONE Q , S 7 Y 7 9 1'IIfl'lHliIf' Um' -lrlvz-rlrtixrr.s 19.7.3,ll3liSl.l',lrlrX 11 Compliments Tl-IE BOARD QF EDUCATION Ruth j Slocum Presrdent Francesj McCormack Truetee Wm C Lawrence Clerk oseph Coggme Trustee Charles Muller Treas ohn Holecher Trustee oseph L Glover Counsel I llfllllll of J l l C ' I l- V - J ' v ' l . - Marie B. Kreutz, Trustee ' ' 'tr Hur rlf11'r1'f1'.sw'.s -Ib 19.5.3 .I If II S I, lu' I' .-I ,Y WESTCI-IESTER SERVICE lg COAL FUEL OIL HAY and GRAIN AGRICO FERTILIZER BUILDERS SUPPLIES CHE 9 3521. A FUE L Ol L BUILDERS SUPPLIES SERVICE TELEPHONE DOBBS FERRY 48 I II 9 fi S mi: Ardsley Division I. . ,- Al I l LIL' Yfl X 47 Everything for Schools MILTON BRADLEY C0 New York Clty Compllments S E NIO R C L A S S of 4 I!l.i,!.ll3llNllI IX Worthington I7 arms Dairy Joseph Coggins, Prop. GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM You Can Whlp Our Cream But You Can t Beat Qur Mllk CALL DOBBS FERRY 188 FOR SERVICE 40: JOHN G S SWANSTON nc REALTORS and BUILDERS INSURANCE Ardsley N Y ZIMKIN S DEPARTMENT STORE 694 Saw M111 Rlver Road Ardsley N Y 511 A Compllments A FRIEND 1111 nz U ll 7 'l'r-I. lbohhs I-'vrry : , . . of 7 , . . fl ws Vlotlling and I'!lll'llISIlIllQ'S I':Yl'l'j'II' gr ' VVv:11'i11g . pl' ' 1 ' V0 '21 1' .'l1lrr1'fi.w1's l.l..-.IlllYl,l'3,lAX 43 HEATHER DELL FARM WHOLESALE FLORIST Phone: Dobbs Ferry 144 ARDSLEY, N. Y ohn Carmm Manager Compllments DRISCQLL Cgl WILMOTH School Bus Operators J ' g, of K I If"fIIf.'f U11".lIrrr1i."'x 10 19.1.2 .-I ln' ll S L ln' Y .'l ,Y Telephone 87 METAL CEILINGS ELLIOTT BRAY Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Works ROOFING REPAIRING SKYLIGHTS Range and Furnace Work DOBBS FERRY N Y 225 Ashford gzylludlx foweri Robert M Johnston FLORIST AND GROWER Avenue Dobbs Ferry N Y I 1111111 Ulu ldzufnsms 9 , . . 4, Q u 'Q gg ini- i o , 0 J' .1 '51, . Ab . , . ' , ., 19,32 .ll5I1N l,Iu'1'.1,Y The FIRST ATIO AL BA K of ARDSLFY Checklng Accounts Interest Accounts 4 per cent Safe Deposit Boxes Bank Open Dally 9 to 3 Saturday, 9 to 12 a Frlday Evening, 7 to 9 We Can tram you for a RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS POSITION' 11111 s 51 1141411 of Iil1s1114 ss 4 s I 11 I1llNll11 s 111111 I1l1111Il41 511 1 4 1 1111, . 1 1 4 4 . s 1 1111 . 1411 s11444ss 4 Nllll ss 4 4111 4 s KN 1. 1 1111111 Il s N4 14141 441111 Nl s 4 411111 s 1111111 . 1X 1111 114 I11lsl114ss NI 14141 s T114 Se4r411111I 11141 B11s111e s -X411111n1 111111111 11141g,ran1s 1r14111de 11es1d4-1 the SIx1II su 13441 s11411 '1 S11411t1111141 F1114 11111111g et4 111s11114114111111 I+441114111114s App1e Ps14h411411,1 I:.'4D411111e QIIIIIIIQS IIIWGHIIIIPIIIN and S1145-s111111s11111 The-se ue I'll1,L.I1I 111 111111915111 1114119 s411s 11141 IJIINIIIPNS e-xpelts S114111 1111411s11e l41l11sQs 1141 411191441 a1s41 Advanced s1and1ng 1s granted to commercnal stu New students are admnted any Monday Day derts Prevxous commerclal 1ra1n1ng how and evenmg SESSIONS Free pIacemen1 serv ever ns not requnred me for graduates REGISTERED BY THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK G A I N E S Ole Bl SINPSN -KDWIININTR-KTIUN -KNIT S114 R.lf,T-IRI-KI PR..-ll TIC I' 111119 IOI C 1111og11e OI phone P1az1 3 66841 101 NIXDISUN XX l'Nl I fr'n4l S11 NPR IORK LIT1 1411141111 4 Olll 41f1s - 4 . 4 -' -J , u o I O I 1 .ITL A U IIIC111' 111' 111141 I41z14I4'1's Ill I - A1I1 ' 'S 'z ' 'IMI "'l"i'll" 111141 II112l111'.il ' 1'I4I. i'1I I'1"14'1i4'4- I1'lS -1 1'i4-I1 I11SI111'j' 41f it , V I I I. s4-1'-1111-1w'41 'Y1"1I'.' 411' 11' ing "l 'I' 'l ' ' lm' mm, .md wmmm ' . h. .....,fu1 111141 4441-4111111111141 1114- 41ss4-1111-11 I.1'21' Ibll-'I 'ilI'1't'I'S. M-1 ,' 11 its 1111' 411'1114-4-411111114114-"ll 11' ' Q1 Q1'2l1I1IilI1'S I1 21 V 4- 2111111114541 41111- gIVl'1l 111 14-114111115 1111i1'4-1'si1i41s 111141 .'1-1 1' 11 111-411111114-1144 -1s '.'l'I'lI- 1"'1 - .-'I lu, ' ' 'TI ' -IIIV ' ' -.'l'l'S Establlshed 896 Phone Dobbs Ferry I83 I J juz 1 1 111111 Sf ARDSLEY PHARMACY HOWARD G BROOKS BROOKS DRUG STORE The email. .flare 11111 qu lllfy 459 Ashford Avenue Cor Nepperhan Street ARDSLEY N Compllments JOIN THE LADIES GYM CLASS AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY FOR Ardsley Post 458 HEALTH NI1 1 1 ll x AND RECREATION AIOIIIII 111110111 6 0111 41I1111t1sCrs 1 151,22 .I 1311 S L lu' I' A ,Y ' I : F1111 i ln 11111 111111111 11f111I11r I ' ll.' 1 , . Ol' -111111 il sl11n1lsf1n' II11' 11i11l11'sf fypr of Ilfllfl ss1'1n111I IIIIII lIll'I'l'lllUl1lISIIIIf x1'r1 111' 1. 1 ' Q . ' I of 1 7 1 7 - - s 'l'I1i1'1I 'l'I11 'sduy of IC 'orv 1 I . 'N . . . ' . 1 3 g PEOPLES MARKET Dobbs Ferry N Y Ch0lCC Meat Poultry, Provlslons, Grocerles and Vegetables Branch Market Ardsley I'l-I lf PIIONPS Dnhlv- I- 111 811111 Dobbs P1111 183' Dobbs l'lllY 281 Xldslu 811111 Dobbs P1111 1144 I111111 Dau Dobbs l'1llN 1014 lhons Nlght Dobbs I-1118 ,WM NI NANN-XRILI I O Repamng and Towmg Oll 1 ts lND1Rl' Sl- i R0111lS11u11 for Knx l-me rgc 1111 Anwxhere Pldlix or T1n11 K DNLI X X 1111 ns E113 111 ARDSLEY LUMBER CO K -X Lumber and Masons Materxals XIGORU 1 11 s llmls 11111 'lu Saw lVl1ll RIVCT Road Ardsley N Y I xush to 111.11111 11111 Ja trous who h.111 lltll so lIllIllhlllIN 211111 b11s1111ss Illtll 11l111t1s1n1f 111 Olll X1 ll Book 11111 Ill thou wwl111s1 1 ffmtr- haw 1111111 IIN 111 111.1k111,, 1111 111s .111 s11111ss11 ll ll Sl Ill 11111 111111111 .1t11m H1 1111111111111l 1111 NX1l111t1s11s 11111 11.111 s -XIDYHKIININQ NI xx Xl 1-11 Putronz 6 O lll 411161115618 I 915g .'1RIJ.,'I,Iz'Y Al X .53 7 T1-1111 mv: Dol I .' F ' ' F1 ' . UN 'J F. 11. A IJDYMAN. 1'1'11s. . . . , fo' L1 vnr, 'z .' z ' - -es I- 'p . ..- i' .1-1 D ' , .542-l' -s- .4 '1..'- , - - ll , 1-: B. W 1 ...- ' f 1 , " ,. 5. ' . LL C - ' ' 1 1- - A" ' - ' 1 1 1 A WESTCHESTER GARAGE 1 151-111-1-1111s in their 1'11sp011s0g the 2 . , . 'k.' P ' . ' ,Z 1 v, 1' 2 L11 ' K' 1 1 f 1 "1 ' .' 1 , A. ' . Y' ,,. , A ,Ln M 1115" il .' "'.'.'f l 2 111 "pre- ,, 1.-.31 1 :Ari v X 1 L I A ' A ' .l1!1l1 .3 . . 111 ' l-1'.'. A 'l ' A' I I I X - x rx 1 - 1 v 1 s 4 4 A - l . J A 4 I 1 AI I .' C ', Y. 14 19.3.2 A R SLEYI-IX I Compliments HE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION AFTER GRADUATION Why NOT make recreation your vocation enjoy your work and give pleasure to others be healthy and happy and teach others ao be the same, Such is the life of a teacher of physical education SAVAGE SCHOOL Poi Plnsu il l'IIllI2lll0ll ESTABLISHED 1890 men and women to become teachers directors and supervisors of health and physical educa tion n schools colleges playgrounds clubs pri vate institutions and industrial organizations The Curriculum of the three year course in cludes practical instruction in all forms of ath leucs gymnastics games dancing swimming dramatics and the like also the essential courses in education psychology anatomy physiology hygiene and others thoroughly covering the theory and practice of health and physical education in I'Xl9lDIl0llHIIX Strong Ifaculh CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST Increasing demand for teachers Salaries higher than for grade teaching Employment bureau for students and graduates REGISTER NOW FOR CLASS ENTERING SEPTEMBER 19th 1932 S-lt if I' Sl H001 308 WEST FIFTY NINTH STREET NEW YORK CITY Compliments THE AMERICAN LEGION Ardsley Post, 458 QTS I s Nlonth All Graduates of tlus school are eligible for admission to Pace Institute a nationally known and distinctive professional school of technical training in Business Administration Secretarial Practise Classes for beginners at Pace Institute prepare high school graduates for imme diate eammgs Many Pace graduates are now treasurers and controllers of large corporations others are in successful accountancy practise Field tnps to the offices and plants of the largest organizations in New York City are conducted especially for day students m the Accountancy School and for day students in the Secretarial School Students and Parents are invited to confer with the Registrar Day School Evening School Pace Institute 225 Broadway New York Puhom C Our f.lfIlCIfl8Cl6 i 1 of of I K - ' Mc' - .' 'irst 'l'l1m-.wlzly of Iiwl-y l 1 l l 1 E l - - . l 4 - 1 Q Q 0 . - - i 1 . . 1 . . . ' l A Teacher Training School which prepares Agcountancy . . ' V . , - . I. X I - l ' '-. ' I . ' . r ' . v F . I . . I . .. ' . ' L W . .Y . l T . . , ' I - . . ,. ., ' 5 o n A s I A L I , ' - f l l 19 .13 -1 I5 Il S I, If Y .1 X ' Compliments of JUNIOR CLASS Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry lllllllllll ll!'1'Ill1'llI Allll4rIlm'1-llwllls :md Ilnvilantimxs -I 'wvlvl' tu thv Sl' ' ' l'l'.'.' of .hwlsle-y High Sc-hunl L G BALFOUR CO Mfg Jewelers and Statloners Attleboro Mass Compliments Compllments SOPHOMORE A AND B FRESHMAN CLASSES Cl-A55 I uf 9 of of ' mnigr' Our --11Irf1'tixf1'.5 I Compllments JOE DANKNER lnc Ardsley N Y Compllmenls WILLIAM ETTUS Ardsley N Y Compliments Rosewood Barber Shop ohn Dallsera JSI l X Compllments DR C R MARSHALL Dental Surgeon Compllments A FRIEND Compllments VITO LEO Shoe Repalrlng K VADAY BAKERY Bread Rolls Ples and Cakes Hastings-on Hudson N 4 1 l N 4 4040 Compllments of PASCONE SISTERS C I uhonz Om Azlzclfasus ml IHJ2 .l I3 IS Llflfl ,Y of ' ' ' of , . . lllllblll' llnlmlrs l"l'I'l'.Y Qiil of of , ' ' XVm'k Dum- by lilv-tl'i1'iI'y of ' ' Plmnv I244 601 XYzn-lmrtun Ave. lgl'2llI1'll Ut nw-: Arls 1-5' flqllillw Alfl fl A Q ', N. Y. Phone ,L ,e,, - ,, 1 ,,mo,,,,,, S WH ,W A of The Faculty Is Back of the Ardsleyan 1 007 Strong C P CONKLIN MILDRED COOK MABEL K GRAY GRACE KINDERVATTER ELINOR C BUELL MARYE M QUIMBY ANNA J FLINT HELEN E BERTHELSON HARRIETT S EDWARDS ADELINE R RUSSELL ETHEL J FARNHAM ARTHUR W SILLIMAN FRANCES C FERGUSON KENNETH BROWN EMILY A EHLER ETHEL M TRYON JESSIE ARRINGTON CHARLESW HOREND JR FLORENCE BENNETT HELEN G ROBBIE GLADYS E HAPGOOD HARLAN A THOMAS MADALINE G HARMER ELEANOR M DAVIS WILLARD H MANN JR Intron: Our hlzutzsms 1 9 3 5? .-1 lf' D S L If Y A X an , O O O A 0 , . , . J . 'tr . I . , . '. . ' H J Complzmenls of lhe Alumnz ALEX MUSSA VIOLET CODLUP PAUL WADDELL EDWIN BRAEM THLMA HALLAHAN COLUMBUS F ARONE MARGE LONGMUIR JOSEPHINE N ARONE DOROTHY LACKMAN R C BARR MILLARD MIDONICK GERTRUDE F WALTER THOMAS MOCCIA H CODDINGTON A STAFFORD CLAYTON ROBERT BERTHELSON CONSTANCE CLAYTON CHARLES CUDNEY PAUL AGNANO READERS VARIETY STORE Ernest Trocco Prop M HHN STR!! wr FIRST CLASS Dobbs Ferry N Y MEAT POULTRY and PROVISIONS TIDIII' 45 THE ARDSLEY MARKET HU! NI I I RXISIIIV N nm m SIOORI' s 1 uvrs lutmnz C Ou Arhcztzscms 33 A AI' S L If Y A N Y , , n ,L,,O,,,7-?L,- ,Lf L T 1 A, I Y? T T 4 . ni, L ,,,,, ,, . L N T 9 , . v , L . - , 0 I Y ' 1 41 .W V ' Q ' 1 1 L A A L A ll Light IIill'1lNVilI'4' a l 'l' js . ons 'erry 5 N , ' ' ' 'If r ' " 9 IRD Stop at THE SWEET SHOPPE for a GOOD Soda Dobbs Ferry XX 0 I I Compllments ARDSLEY TAILOR I 1 Xuoxr Ardsley N Y iff? 5 Qfficxal Photographers for Semor Class SPRAIN VALLEY FARM Fresh Eggs at All Seasons IX I 1 I Spram Road South of Ardsley Road NICOLAS KOENIG MUSIC Studlos N N THE ARDSLEY CI-IEMIST SHOPPE Ashford Ave and Elm St JNIIX Compllments of HARRY E DENIKE Compllments of HELEN M SILLIMAN Compllments of DAN CREEDON Compliments of Frank Calace Mottola Compllments of EDGAR ALLAN PERRETZ utfonz 1 I1 1 l9.3.- .- -,S l.lfI',eI,Y f Instruction f ' All IllSll'l ' tp I,' Mr. Koenig and g I- -I ' Studios I, Ht I 't T' 'I'ylllXVl1, Plv' t"Il . Or." ' g., Y , Y XX ' fl' ll l'I"l . 'l'.-XRliY'l'0X 4"! of I'rm-sf-1-iptiml Spec-iallists V. H. I-ING!-ZIAIAN, l'h. G. RA . 'II , .' 1 l . I'hone-sz Dobbs Ferry 512-525 ' ' ' ARI .' ,C '. X. Y. L7 ' H Commander f Q17 FFFDFE Tl! .Im fII1l.s'1I-11: I I' ' 'Q' I 1 1' --Iflrrrlix 'rs IDSIII Compllments of GRADE ONE A Complxments of GRADE SEVEN Compllments of GRADE ONE B Comphments of GRADE TWO Compllments of GRADE THREE A Compllments of GRADE EIGHT Comphments f DR C A H SMITH Compllments f DR GEORGE Q JOHNSON Compllments of GRADE THREE B Compllments of GRADE FOUR Compllments of GRADE FIVE Compliments f A FRIEND Compllments f RENATO CRISI Compllmcnts of Compllments of GRADE SIX A FRIEND Iahonr 0 Om 4dzC1f190rs 00 I if fi .2 .-l 5 A' J L' ' A .Y 3 . R . i w I I . u O , Q - W , . , u 0 1 . '.7 X. A . . " .U 5 I er, Y All! 1942 .A1l3IlS I. ln' Y Al X bl fffilggiy ti ' . Q2 ' lj Q X A H- M A , i2?E?Qf3zi?j2H Y Y Press Dobbs Ferry Register

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