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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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TABLE OF CON 1 ENJTS Decllcatlon Board of Editors Faculty Student Councxl Honor Socxety Orchestra Boy Scouts Ctrl Scouts Vtctory Ball Lntertamment League Speakmg Contest Board of Educatlon Attendance Champs Grrls Basketball Boys Basketball Baseball A Student s Drary Srx Years Progress Grade Notes Grade Department Hrgh School Department Senrer Plav Washrngton Trrp Student Leader Members of the Alumnr okes Advertlsements and jokes 22 25 34 39 47 68 . . - - 1 - A - F ' - 1 - I . - - - 1 E I - - ,V 1 2 - - - - - - - - - - 3 ' --------' - 4-5 ' ----v 4 ----- 6-7 - - - - - - - - - - 8-9 I ---------- 9 ' ---- A ------ I0 ' ' --------- ll Y: ' --------- I2 ' ---V - - '- I3 ' ' -------- I4 - - - - - - -' - I4 junior Chorus -A ------.. I4 I ' '-------- I4-I5 I "------- I6-I7 ' ' ' - - - - - - - I7 ' l - - E -'----- I8-I9 I' ""'---- Z0 ' ' ' - - - - - - ZI I . """'- - 40 ' ' """-- - 4I-43 5 """" ' 44 I ""'-- 45 J ---------- 46 1928 ARDSIFYAN To ARTHUR W SILLIMAN An Honored Pnnclpal A Wnse Counselor A Sympathetxc Friend ln Appreclatlon of hxs Helpfulness WE DEDICATE. Thus l928 ARDSLEYAN 1 A J L Phwtu hy XYhite's Studio . .. .. I 2 X nfl WW IhtI N BOARD OF EDITORS Edltor ln Chlef IVIat1Ida I'Iun1nIc ASSlSt3nt Edxtor Ethel Zotz Adviser Elmor C Buell ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT Advertlsmg Manager Frank Cogglns Asslstant Advertlsmg IVIanager, Vito Barbieri ART DEPARTMENT Art Edrtor, Domlmc Paoluccl Assistant Art Editor, Robert Berthelson CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Manager, Edmund GlCICZyHSkl Secretary, Dorothy Lackman 1928 A RDSLEYAN Mr Arthur NX' Sllliman Mr Charles W Horend Mrs Grace C Kmdervatter Mlss 'Vlarjorre L Wrlloughby Mrss Cella P Conklrn Mass Elinor C Buell Mass Dorothy M Baxter Mnss Helen C Greene Mlss LOUISE M Covey Mr DonaldC Bryant Mr Harlan A Thomas Mrs Mary E ulmby Mrs Anna Flint Mass Ethel M Tryon Miss Goldre E Turner Mrs E.m1lyA Ehler Mrs Mabel M Clayton Mrs Frances Ferguson Mrs Ethelj F rnham Mlss Lois Ruclxslll Miss Aclellne Russell Mrs Helen M Sxllrman Mr Nrcolas Koenig Mr Clarence TTBVIS FACULTY Prlncxpal Assftant Prmclpal Coach Sclence Commercxa Physlcal Trammg School Nurse Englxsh Commercial Languages History Mathematics Erghth Rrade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Frfth Grade Fourth Grade Thlrd Grade Second Grade Fnrst Grade First Grade Kmdergarten Music Secretary Orchestra Director Englneer X t Ardsley N Y 433 Ashford Ave Dobbs Ferry N Y Ardsley N Y 105 Prospect Ave Gloversvxlle N Y l25 S Lexmgton Ave Whxte Plams N Y Middletown N Y R F D No l Watertown N Y 55 Rathbun Ave White Plalns N Y Katonah N Y l Ross Street Whlte Plams N Y Ardsley N Ardsley N Ardsley N Helena N Bombay Ardsley Ardsley Ardsley Scarboro N Y 528 Aiken Ave Rock Hrll S C 316 W State Street Johnstown N Y Ardsley N Y Dobbs Ferry N Y Ardsley N Y l 7 Phutu hy Yhi Us Studio I. 1 1 ' ' . Drawing Sterling Avenue . . ' , . Y. ' . ' , . Y. ' ' . , N. Y. . ' . ' , N. Y. . . , N. Y. . ' , N. Y. . . a ' , . . 1 Q I Grade Thrrd Fourth F rfth Srxth Seventh Erghth Freshmen A Freshmen B Sophomore LlIllOl' Senror STUDENT COUNCIL Flrst Term Gladys Canning Ruth Lawrence Allen McCartney Lrly Storm Vlurrel Berrhelson ohn Zotz Raymond Neary Elrzaberh Oakes Donnnrek Santore Frank Coggms Matrlda Hunrnk OFFICERS Second Term Gladys Canning Albert Munek Vlarrha F rrsehmann ames Abram Vlurrel Berthelson ohn Zotz Raymond Neary Elrzaberh Oakes Dornrnrek Santore Frank Coggrns Vlaulda Hunrnk President Frank Coggms Secretary Gertrude Brown Treasurer Vito Barbxerl Adviser Mr Charles W Horend Ex 0fflCl0 Mr Arthur W Sllllman 4 I .I .- N --l If I S I, If Y -Al .V o 1 ? . -rf, 5 I , , , S, Phut-1 by VS'l1itc's Studio . l . I . 1 . ' J I I . . I . . . . 1 . . I J THE ST L DEWT COUNCIL Another vear has rolled around avaln and wxth lt the Student COUDCIT successful as ey er At our hrst meetrnff the followmv offxcers were elected Presxdent Matrlda Hunrnk Vree fresrelent Frank Coggrns Sec etary , Gertrude Brown Treasurer Vrto Brown C nune rl -Xdyrsor M Horend Ex offrere Mr Srllrmrn One of the first questrons drscussed at a Student Councrl meetm was Has the Student COUHCIT anythrng to do wrth the congestlon of the halls5 We drscussed this a great deal and Hnally adopted the followlncf resolutlon Resolved that the students be requested to walk through the corrldors at all tnmes and to use cautlon at the corners Thxs has proyen to be qurte suc cessful The flrst blg ey ent glven under the ausplces of our Councll was the Freshman Receptlon Thrs affalr was held rn our hlgh school aud1torxum October l l and It proved to be very successful ln the month of October Matilda Hunmk was elected captam of the Crxrls Basketball team so she had to resign the POSITION as president of the COUHCIT Frank Cogglns was elected presldent and Dornlnrck Santore yrce president lt has been the custom for years to haye the Honor Assemblles under the drrectron ofthe Student Councrl but thrs year we decrded that that rs the work or the Honor Socnety A motron was made and passed that the Honor As emblles be turned oy er to the Honor Socrety Our school flag needed to be cleaned so under the Student COUDCIT xt was sent to the Ardslev Taxlor Mr Arone who very kmdly cleaned lt free of charge At the be 1nn1n of the new year l928 our brg step was towards mak mo' the llbrary a more home llke room A commlttee was chosen to buy curtalns They were bou ht stenclled mamly by Ethel Zotz and now they are rn the lrbrary Next we bou ht three easy chalrs whrch also helped add a more homelrke appearance to the lrbrary A rug has stlll to be consldered but thrs wrll probably be attended to by next year s COUDCII The offrcers were re elected 1n the mld term On March 30 l928 the Student Council gaye a Vrctory Ball ln honor of the Boys Basketball Team It was one of the most successful partles of the year We hope next year s Student Councrl wlll be as effrcrent and successful as thls year s has been I J .Q S --l If D S I. If Y .1 X 5 ' 7 L .T I J V 5. .. . . . ' . r . D D : . 'J 1 1 - . , Y ,,.. 1 . 7. - - - rl . , . . g , . . Q . D . , ' i . . , , . . . A i ' . . , . . , g. . g Y y . 4 o r ' - - ' 2 v r . . r . . I C7 . . A 3 . v . ' 9 Y V Y Y. T . . Y - . . . . A . . V 1929 ARDSIDIAZV Frfth Year Conchetta DeRosa Gwyneth Wlllxams Edmund Cxerczynskr Vlto Barblerl Wrlllam Brlnkerhoff Lawrence Agnano Allen McCartney Vera Braem ohn Crandolfi Violet Guclen eanne Qulmby Albert Munck enme DeRosa Cecelia Paoluccl Ruth Lawrence Dorothy Groth Edward Cudney Tony Moccla Grace DeM1chele Bertram Knapp Fourth Year Helen Glerczynskl Munel Berthelson Pearl Wllson Alfred Cannmg ames Mantello Helen Berthelson Edwln Braem Alvrne Knell Thomas Moccra Mary Geraghty Second Year Edna Knell Anthony Mannuccxa Dorothy Canavotto Angelma DeMuro Ellzabeth Secor Charles A nano Flrst Year Mxchael Funllo George Slocum Mary Gaspennl Leo Grerczynskl Harold Greenberg Helen Praetorlus Macgregor Krlpatrxck Martha Geraghty Anna Delmerlco Mary Savmo N Thlrd Year Helen Stratton May Berthelson Ellzabeth Oakes Angeloj DeRosa Matilda Hunmk Marjorre Longmulr Ruth Mathews Raffaele DeTerl1zz1 Mrchael Paoluccl Ronald Townsend Charles Cudney Ethel Zotz Robert Berthelson Clalre Swanston Carmlne DeM1chele Chrlstran Frrschmann ohn Llndauer Angela Spano Millard Mxdomck Edwin Bruce Barbara Frlschmann Domlmc Paoluccl Amalra Cudney 6 t J ' ' ' A Photo by Yl't 'S Studio HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS 1 1 , ' ' . In ' ' e YPN l HONOQ SOCIETY NEWS The Honor Society of Ardsley Hxvh School was organxzed m September l923 wrth a membershlp of twenty s1x each of whom had earned an honor medal the preuous y ar The outstancun rowth of the socxety rn the past SIX years IS shown by the fact that h re are now sxxty mne members rn the society All of these members have met the followmv requlrements ,NIUE months perfect attendance Nxne month of hugh scholarshlp Proficren y ID athletlcs oervrc to the school Bevmnmv Sept mfr 1977 It was decrded by a general vote to elect an executlve commlttee o be compo ed of P!'lDClP3l Sllllman Nlrss Buell the Soclety AdVlSCf Pr sxclent yltO Barblerl VICE Presxdent Helen Berthelson Secretary lVlarjor1e Longmurr Treasurer Robert Berthelson and a member from the fifth fourth thrrd and second years The executrve commxttee held lts meetlngs ln the Llbrary One of thelr most important actlons was the malc IH ofthe Honor SOCICYY Code Honor Society Code As a member of the Ardsley Hugh School Honor Soclety l pledge myself to do all ln my power to and my school partlcularly ln Attendance Scholarship Servlce Conduct Welcomlng strangers The fourth annual banquet of the Honor Soclety was held on anuary I4 l928 Over one hundred people lncludmg the guests of honor Mr W G Seely Board of Education Mr and Mrs Rlchter Mrss Edwards Mnss Palmer the faculty and representatlves from the schools of Hastrngs lrvlngton Dobbs Ferry and Greenburvh were present to enjoy the bounteous repast whlch was prepared by the Hlgh School members of the Soclety The lunch room was effectlvely decorated ln blue and gold The xnltlatxon of the f-lYSt year members took place wrth a solemn and IIHDICSSINC ceremony When the lrghts went out the rllummated word Honor and a tall gold candle revealed the first year members llned up with the school and Amerlcan flags at thexr heads The cllmax of the ew enlnv was the surprlse presentatlon of an en raved old honor medal to Mxss Conklin school nurse for serx 1ce above and beyond the lme of duty for a perlod of more than sew en years Helen Berthelson IJ .- A P ll S I. If T gl N 7 ll A gl . .D . . y Y I - 1 7 5 CY C7 V ' T3 3 . 7 . v t i . 1 . . .- ' 1 -1. -S . . Z 1 . f . . . , . - , ,-. . , ,e . ,, ' , Q , - I ' , ' ' I , s , , , li 1 , - , , , . U n . g . , : l. 3 2. ' 3 3. ' 5 4. 3 5. ' . J . . . ' , . . . 5' I 9 ' ' I 1 Y U V Y V I v 3. 5 . . . .Y ' .B , . . y , ' O - I . . V . C. . . g S Y . ' 1928 A R 11 S L lx' YA X t t THE ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Mr Nlcolas Koenig Dlrector ohn Teller Edward Alm DOIHIDIC Paoluccl Bessle Robertson Milburn Fountam R1 lv fl Bullock C' wanston Allen Townsend james Abram Thomas Moccxa Ronald Townsend Faluch Penllo Nuzlanto Leo Clare Bohllg OFFICERS Dommlc Paoluccx John Teller Edward Aim Pxanlst First Violin First Vlolm Second Vlolm Second VIOIID Second Vlolln Second Vlolln Saxophone Cornet Cornet Cornet Cornet Clarinet Drums Presndent Secretary Treasurer Pho 0 hy VVhite's S ' , Jeanne Quimby - - Second Violin .P P - - . . ORQHESTR X 'NOTLb Perhaps no other school or anlzatlon has shown more provress than the Ardsley Hx h School Orchestra vvhlch hai enjoy ed a most successful and pro htable year with hfteen memberm under the dlrectxon of Wlr N Koen: Qn February tenth the orcheetra ue 1 concert whlch about four hun rlred people attended The courteoub ccnduct of the many chlldren con cerned ae well as the cheerful coopelatlon of the members of the faculty mad this event a high Spot long, to be remembered The unlor chorus conslatlng, of about one hundred grade pupils contrlbuted greatly to the success of the concert while ames Abrams Cornet sololat and Fdward Aim Vlolln soloist pleased all Art one of the numerous meetm 5 held durm the year the followln HICS S were elected President DOUIIHIC Paoluccl be retary ohn Teller lqreasurcr Ldward XIIH Every Weclnesdxy ind lrxday at orchutrx practice ohn Teller Secre tary takes the roll On March twenty ninth the orchestra went to Dobbs Ferry Hrgh School where they entertalned the mornmf assembly ln accompllshmt, so much durln the ye lr the orchestra has set 1 new record and a hx h stand 1rd worthy of 'X ll S Besble Robertson BOY SCOLTN lrvmg, Webtlake bcout Master Stuart lxamlce Xsslstant Scout Vlaster Robert Bertheleon unxor Asslbtant Scout Master Raymond Wlllsea Senior Patrol Le Beayer Patrol Qrcw Patrol Dtanley Trane Patrol Leader Ronald You nsend Patrol Leader Robert Mathews Xsslstant Leader VU esley Brown -Xss1stant Leader Paul Waddell Xvxlllam C-oehren Robert Vvm ate Rlchard Bullock Donald McPhee Edward Storms Iames x1CWhlTtCT Chrlstopher ChadW1Ck Lawrence Chadwxck LeRoy Fountaln Stanley TFBYIS lil fN ,l l3l1Nl,l-,'l'.1,Y U . I A 5 X V, ' ' V V 15 A 3 ' N V V ' A M ' V - ' ' t 1 . . . V . K gi V 4 E V ' , - V Q , V J V ' - x 1 -f D V F. . . , ., 'K ' - Ar . J ' , 'x I 7 , . v ' ., ' l Cf' . C7 . KY A ' 57 T1 V 51 o 1' : . C - - I K lv y - 1 Y' .V A ' J 2 ' z ' ' 1 ' 2 ' , J , . - , ' . I - . K ' 1 3 . 'S ' L, A. ' V .Z . -. V L V ' ' 'gg ' ' 2 ' f . '. . . Y N N i . , A . 1 , . A - y J ' f 'N I V x. ' h '. . V . ,V . v . U . f, 7 x GIRL SCOUT ACTIVITIES The G1rI Scouts of Troop I h0Id thelr meetlngs every Thursday after noon ln the Iunchroom of the hugh school Troop OEICCTS are elected every three months On September I5 the troop took part ln the supper hxke glven by Mrs Walter ln honor of Gertrude who was Ieavmg for coIIege the next day On October I3 we went on another hlke On November IZ we gave a Father Mother Dinner WhlCh was well at tended After the bount1fuI supper in charge of Helen BertheIson the Scouts put on a pageant called the Spxrlt of the G1rI Scout Laws The G1rI Scouts made approximately S25 on the Kater Duo Entertalnment of Novem We had a Chrlstmas Party at Captaln S1II1rnan s house on December 21 where we exchanged smaII glftS and had a rousmg good tlme The Parent Teachers Assoclatlon asked us to put on the pageant before thelr meetmg on January I6 Many people do not know about our Ardsley Troops and the idea was to show them what Scouting means to us On February 22 cltlzens of LXrdsIey who were lnterested ln the Scout movement took us ln cars to Washmgton s Headquarters ln Whlte Plams After a tour of mspectxon they brought us back to Spram Road where we cooked our lunch and passed tests on Woodcraft When school opens ln the faII we shall be glad to welcome any g1rI of ten years of age who wishes to Jom our troop The members of the troop at present arc as follows I'IeIen BertheIson Patrol Leader May Berthelson Patrol Leader Ixathryn IeweII Corporal Dorothy Canavotto CorporaI CIa1re Swanston Ehzabeth Secor Margaret Mcwhlrter Pearl WITSOH Edith Waldemar Margaret Scott Grace Woodruff Edith Morse Ruth Mathews Patrol Leader Gene Scott CorporaI Ahce Woodruff Florence Stymus Vlolet Guden Helen PT3CtOIlUS Mrs Helen S1II1man Captam Mxss Elmor C Buell I7xrstI..1eutenant Gertrude Walter Honorary Scout Ruth Mathews 10 1!I.,N .fl PHS 1, lfY-1 N ber 22, the profits of which were shared by the Boy and Girl Scout Troops. 1999 4PDSLLl AV THE VICTORY BALL The thlrd annual Vlctory Ball was held on Friday evening March 30 1928 ln the old audltorxum The program was started wlth a foul shootmg contest ln the gymnaslum The contestants were the members of the Glrls and Boys teams Marjor e Longmulr proved to be the Girls champion with a total of twenty baskets out of forty elght shots Ruth Mathews captured second place wlth nineteen ack Teller captaln of the Boys team was the boys champlon wrth a total of thlrty five baskets Domlnlck De Nardo came rn second with thlrty two baskets When the contest was over all went to the old audltorlum Mr and Mrs Sllllman led the grand march and thls was followed by the Nantucket The Club Royal Orchestra promlsed to the school by Mr Horend was unable to come due to the ram but a combmatxon of the best talented muslcrans m the school took thelr places and provlded music for danclng At ten o clock refreshments were served m the lunchroom Whlle the Introduced the speakers of the evenlng Captams Matilda Hunmk and Jack Teller gave very lmpresslve speeches MISS Wllloughby the girls coach told the assemblage of the wonderful Splflt of the girls and expressed the deslre that they should have the same splrlt through all their llves Mr l-lorend the boys coach related the accompllshments of hls boys and said that they would contlnue to do thelr best Followlng the speeches athletic letters and monograms were awarded to the members of both teams ln addltlon to last year s track contestants The permanent basketball cup was awarded at this time by Mr Horend Several surprlse awards were also made Mlss Willoughby and Mr Slllrman presented Matllda Hunlnk Gertrude Brown Marjorie Longmurr and Dorothy Lackman wlth sllver basketball pms ln return MISS Wllloughby was grven a slmllar gold basketball pm by members of the Girls team After a few more songs and cheers the teams and their guests returned to the audltorlum While the upper classmen danced the Freshmen boys slt tlng on the sldes and armed wrth elastlcs and plns proceeded to shoot the balloons down that decorated the room Mr Bryant came to the rescue however when he told them that they could have the balloons at l l 30 lf they stopped shooting them Everyone agreed that lt was the best Vxctory Ball we ever had Robert Berthelson . N1 - L , Al 'Y T - room still resounded with the school songs that we had sung, Mr. Silliman K THE VENETIKN GLASS BLOWERS Frxday ex emng September 23 1977 there came to the Ardsley Hugh School a Reo speed wagon bearm two men who were Icnown as the Venetlan Glass Blowers Mr Burke and Mr Cross presented an enjoyable entertalnment Whrle Mr Burke lectured Mr Cross produced some very beautlful artlcles from glass A few pupils were called upon to asslst on sex eral occasions Barbara Frlschmann THE SUNSHINE GIRLS On Saturday evenmg October I 1927 the Sunshine Glrls made up of Miss Marjory acques reader and Impersonator Mlss Alxce Seamans VlOlll'1lSf and accompanist and Miss Marlon Watson a concert artlst with a clear rlng mg soprano volce and also leader of the group entertamed our school There was a small audxence so small that the Glrls Basketball Team under whose ausplces lt was glven rncurred a small hnanclal loss Perhaps the reason for thus was because Saturday IS an lnconvement nlght Alvme Knell THE JAMES KATER COMPANY The james Kater Company otherwxse Mr and Mrs gave a varled and amusing program m the new audltorlum on November Z2 I927 Mr Kater mystxhed many by slelght of hand tr1cI-is and Mrs Kater sang and played the plano and accordlon Both are artists of note and the rumor of thls speclal attractlons ln Ardsley brought out a very large audlence They were not dlsappomted ln thelr expectatlons and all went home happy DADDY LONG LEGS An auclrence of three hundred greeted the Chicago Players ln Daddy Legs a comedy success m four acts on Monday ex enmg December I2 I927 rn the new I-Ilgh School Audxtorlum Thxs play was sponsored by the Senlor Class of 28 1n an endeavor to ralse money for thelr trip to Washlngton All who attended the play agreed lt was a great success Lrllxan Walker ROBERT PARKER MILES On March 7 1928 Robert Parker IVIlIes famous lecturer and edxtor came to Ardsley to give hls very lnterestmg lecture Tallow Dlps Mr M1les gave hls personal experlences wlth Roosevelt Blsmarck Glad stone Klng Edward and many other notable men m a very mterestlng and pleasmg manner When those who had not been present at the lecture heard the wonderful reports of lt they wlshed that they had been there to meet Mr Miles per sonally 12 I!! ,JN A I' Il S L If IQ13' I - l g . , . . . I . ' 1 1 1 I A 1 1 1 ' ' L 1 1 1 - l 1 1 I I 1 , . 1 - -s . 1 - . . , . . . . 7 . 1 - - . U 11 . . 1 1 I 1 . . 1 . 1 1 I 1 ' , - - - - 11 . 11 1 . . , . . . 1 , , - , 1 1 1 . . - I 9 N j LEAGUE SPEAKING CONTEST The Greenburgh League lnterscholastrc Pnze Speaking Contest was held ln the audltorxum of the Dobbs Ferry Hugh School on May 2 l928 at 8 I5 o clock The Ardsley group It seemed was grven the place of honor as they were asslgned to the middle rows of seats dlrectly m front of the stave Before the contest opened the Dobbs Ferry Orchestra played some se lectxons After Mr MCGIHHCSS had corrected some embarrassing mistakes ln the spelling of some names on the program the contest began Marjorle Longmulr our candldate was the Hr t speaker The qualxty tone and ferver of her volce 1n deln ermg Klpllng s poem Boots astonished her audlence After she had finlshed she was applauded heartlly Each contestant then came to the platform without any announcement and gave his or her piece The majorlty of the selections were ln prose or play form As an lntermxsslon IH the middle of the program the Dobbs Ferry Or chestra agam played After the second half of the program had be un a slight uneasmess was shown by the audlence at txmes A motion was made by many that Dobbs Ferry approprlate money to cushlon the chalr seats Mlllard Mldonlck was the last speaker on the program ln delxvermg his selectlon The Pamter of Seville he showed hrs ablllty to gain the attentlon of hrs audlence by hls oratory and not his acting As he left the stage he too was applauded reatly rlhen the nerve strammg tlme came durlng whlch the Dobbs Ferry Or chestra trled somewhat hopelessly to keep everyones attentnon away from thmkmg what the Judges declsrons would be lVl1nute after mmute tlcked away The Judges were stlll deadlocked It must surely be close' At last Mr lVlcG1nness and one of the judges Mr MOIYISOH came to the platform As usual the Judge kept everybody an suspension so long that they were almost frantlc At last after glvmg the audience the process by whlch the judges had reached their decisions he declared that on the first ballot Marjorie Longmulr and Catherine Porter had been tled However on later ballots the Jud es gave the Hrst place to Catherine Porter of Dobbs Ferry and a very very close second to Marjorie Longmulr But he then declared they had no dlfflculty IH choosmg Mlllard Mxdo nick as wmner of the boy s cup Wlth true Ardsley Splflt the Ardsley group gave thelr school cheer led by Clare Bohllg Much credit IS due to both Marjorne and Mlllard for thelr untlrmg efforts ln preparlng the selections for the League event and also to lNf1ISS Elinor Buell who coached them on toward vlctory 1,l,, .' A If I S L L' Y A X 13 'r A . . . - , : . 1 , . Y . . . D l . ra a ' . . . v . , S I . , . . . . . . , .. H . 7 A V 7 . , . , - g y . . 1 A4 I - lv - . . . . . y v , - y - 1 g . , - . . . . , . , . - y . . . ' . . . - v , g 1 1 f y Q Y Y - . . . Y Y I y THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The puplls of Ardsley Hlgh School wrsh to thank the Board of Education for all the favors that they have bestowed upon them the past year We thank them especrally for the wonderful school f3CIlItlCS These have enabled us to reach the hexght at whlch we are now ATTENDANCE CHAMPIONS At the tlme the ARDSLEYAN goes to press the Semor Class has com pleted thlrty weeks of perfect attendance The seventh grade has had nlneteen weeks of perfect attendance and the flfth grade IS creepmg up on their trall vslth seventeen weeks We hope such good attendance wlll contmue the rest of the year THE JUNIOR CHORUS One of the newest school orgamzatlons IS the umor Chorus made up of about flfty members selected from the slxth seventh and elghth grades Re qulrements for membershlp are the possesslon of a good volce and a record of satlsfactory scholarshrp The chorus adds much to the soclal Slde of school llfe On Parents Day lt made ltS hrst public appearance and was much enjoyed At a Chrlstmas Assembly lt sang ln costume from behxnd a chancel rall wlth lovely effect Its good work IS a credlt to lts dlrector lVI1ss Adellne Russell lVIus1c Supervnsor GIRLS BASKETB XI L NOTES Thxs year s team drd better than that of any other year by tymg with Irvmgton for first place m the League The tle off was played at I-lastmgs March 6 but Irvmgton proved to be the better team glvmg us second place ln the Creenburgh League We played seven League games and won flve Of the slxteen games played durmg the season we won twelve and we nearly always competed agaxnst larger schools and players Although the team loses four of lts best players three forwards and a guard this year a great many new candidates are expected to fill their places next year and we wlsh them the greatest of success throughout the season Never gxve up tryxng but succeed Kathryn Brooks Manager 14 IUJN -4 HIJSLIJYA 3' 1928 ARDSLEYAX I5 T ly Wlutcs Stu lc GIRLS BASKETBALL The team this year consisted of Mlss M Wllloughby our patxent and encouragmg coach who wlth undy mg efforts brought the team to thelr hngh rank m the League Ruth Lawrence has been Mascot for two years leadmg the gurls out on the floor and conducting the final cheer after each game Matilda l-lumnk Babj captam forward and guard fought her own way and helped the other team members to do their best toward vlctory Dorothy Lackman fTeddy was the star forward and center thus year Marjorie Longmulr fRedJ was an alert forward whose quick playing helped the team to vrctory Gertrude Brown erry star guard was always alert to get the ball lf It came wxthm ten feet of her Elizabeth Oaks Lxb was a sxlent guard always on the Job Not many balls got past Lrb Mary McConnell fscotty our only Eighth Grade player presents excel lent trmber for future teams Keep up the good playmg Scotty Beatrxce Bell fBettyJ was a substltute guard who dld her best when she got a chance Ruth Mathews was a substltute forward who will probably work up to full membershlp next year Alvme Knell was a substltute forward always ready and wlllmg to step ln and do her best Kathryn Brooks manager deserves much credlt for the wonderful way m which she performed her duties smce thxs was her first year as our manager Plump r' Y 1 ,A :l': l ' , scoring almost double the points of any other player. u u 9 y, ' ' . -J n u . Q - 1996 '1RDSIluY1Y tIyX BOYS ATHLETICS Games Fleld Fouls Fouls Total Name Played Goals Taken Made Score Personals F Coggms D DeNardo A Santore Barblen Santore Berthelson GleTCZyHSkl Barnett DeTerlxzz1 Neary ARDSLEY BOYS LEAGUE GAME SCORES I-Iome Games Foreign Courts Ardsley 30 Dobbs Ferry 2 0 Ardsley I I Dobbs Ferry Ardsley 34 Greenburgh Ardsley 4 I Greenburgh Ardsley 2 7 Irvmgton 2 2 Ardsley 44 Irvmgton I6 N I A 1' 1 ' - L Phuo I vhnes 5 frlr 110 . ' 5 I4 9 2 30 9 . 6 I3 9 I 27 8 . 5 I4 5 5 33 2 j. Teller 6 26 I2 5 57 I I V. ' ' 6 I4 9 2 30 I3 D. 4 0 6 I I 8 R. 4 0 2 I I 0 E. ' ' Z I 2 2 4 I R. 2 Z 0 0 4 I R. ' ' I 0 0 0 0 I R. I 0 I 0 0 I I5 8 I0 ' ' 35 I 'I 9 9 BOYS BAQKFT BALL The boy s varslty basketball team started the 1928 season as a wlnnmg team The Hrst lea ue game was played on December I8 l927 avalnst lrvmgton on lrvmgton s court For the flrst txme ln the history of the Green burgh League Ardsley won on the lrvlngton court Barblerr starred wlth the hlgh score of slxteen pomts while the wonderful passwork of the forwards helped push up the score and D Santore also starred wlth some of the best guarding of the year The next game was at Ardsley a amst Dobbs Ferry A Santore ln thls game showed hls sklll ln shootlng by scormg thirteen pomts At Creenburgh agalnst Greenburgh DeNardo played a good all round game with superb shootlng and excellent passwork The vxctorrous Ardsley team met defeat at Dobbs Ferry on February 3 scormg eleven of the fifteen pomts The home team worked poorly together ln thls game Ardsley was agaln vlctorxous at Ardsley when they defeated lrvmgton wlth Cog ms scormg eleven points whale D Santore avam played a good guard game Then as the last League game of the season A H S beat Greenburgh at Ardsley wxth the score of forty one to ten with Berthelson playlng a wonder ful guard game and the forwards passmg the ball rarely allowing Green burgh to get possession of lt ThlS game once more brought Ardsley the cup The boys then traveled to Yonkers where they played off the sectional meet wlth Washlngton lrvmg of Tarrytown The boys though they played hard and rn a sportsmanlxke fashion were agamst a better team and lost one of the hardest cleanest games of the season wlth the score of thirty slx to Hfteen Capt Jack Teller BASEBALL Under the splendld coaching of lVlr Horend and under the leadership of Captain Barblerl and Manager Raymond Wlllsea the baseball season pro mlses to be very successful The practlces were supported by a good many energetic recruits From thelr number players have been developed to take the places of the three veterans we lost last year We hope that they will be as successful ln baseball as they were ln basketball and agaln make Ardsley Victorious Manager Raymond Wnllsea L 411' .-1131! S L If Y rl Y 17 l928, when VanRiper of Dobbs Ferry won the game almost single handed: Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec ec Dec Jan 125 X A STUDENT S DIARY IVIachlnery of the students mlnds are agaln olled and put mto motlon after a summer s rest Durlng the boys mltxatlon the upper classmen get a wagon rlcle at the expense of the Freshmen The Freshmen glrls think the season IS bemg rushed when they are ordered to wear green dresses thelr noses resemble head lxghts after they have been pamted red Class officers are elected Eats supplied by the Freshmen at a double ll'lltlatlOI1 party are greatly enjoyed by upper classmen Glass pens are seen all over the school after the entertamment of the Venetxan Glass Blowers Chemistry class takes a trxp to the Chemistry EXhlbltlOH m New York Clty where IVIr I-Iorend because of hrs youthful appear ance has to produce evldence that he rsn t a puprl Honor Soclety meets and elects OHICCTS Pupils go home weeping when told there would be no school thts day because of the Teachers Conference The new audltorlum brlghtens vrsxbly when the Sunshme Girls give an entertamment I-hgh School students recelve free lessons ln advertlsmg when the annual subscrlptlon campaign begins The Student Councll orgamzes Student Councll gnves the first party of the year welcommg the new teachers and the Freshmen Puprls get a hollday Wish there were more dlscoverers to honor Scouts take a hlke Nme future buslness women and men VlSlt the BUSIHCSS Show ln New York All report havmg had a wonderful tlme Why drd they mlss the I0 I0 tram3 Pleasantvllle Band resplendent ln blue uniforms glves a con cert rn the school Mlss WlllShlTC keeps the students entertained ln assembly Seniors change the assembly hall mto a corn held and puplls frollc ln fancy dress Parents Day brings parents out to find all the Good and bad thmgs about thelr chxldren m school ames Kater 6: Company grve a pleasmg entertamment All the chlldren declde to be maglclans IVI1ss Parsons grves an mterestmg talk to the hlffh school assembly on all the advantages of nurslng Daddy Long Legs strrdes mto town for the benefit of the Seniors IVIr Bryant and a group of CIVICS students and a few of the Senior girls take an afternoon off to Inspect the Telephone Com pany at Whlte Plains Glrls declde not to be operators Ardsley Varslty teams make Irvmgton take notxce when the boys defeat them on thelr own court and glrls play a hard game Pupxls are sent home a week before Chrlstmas to wrlte letters to Santa Claus All return comparmv notes on what Santa Claus gave them Many new clothes jewelry etc are seen 13 1J.-f' .ll'llSL1JY.4N Q IZ' . .... . . . I4. ' ' ' ' . I6. ' . . 23. ' . I 28. 1 . - . - I I - . 29. ' ' . I . 30. ' ' . I. . - - 1 1 . 1 . I4 n v V1 . 5. ' ' . Oct. 7. Teachers make merry at the P. T. A. reception. . I I. ' ' , ' . IZ. ' ' . ' I ' s 28- . I Y . . . y . - . 4. Q A A Q , - . I I. I ' ' .I D O . 22. J 1 ' l ' ' . l 9. . . . . k . .b , . IZ. " 1 " ' ' 1 .D . I4. .n I' ' ' , . I6. ' I ' ' I . 3. , g . Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr Apr Apr May May 9 2 7X 4131181 Ardsley Varslty trumps Dobbs Ferry at a double header on our court The Cup IS comlng mto vxew Pianos have a nervous breakdown because of rough usage and are forced to be tuned An lmpresslve and joyous Honor Soclety Banquet IS enjoyed by the members of the socxety and thelr guests The all champxon Ardsley Faculty team recelve a trouncmg at lrvlngton TIS whispered there was foul play' Both teams beat Greenburgh How nice' Teachers are all glven a free meal by the Ladles Ald Season s coughs and colds pay thelr annual VlSlt A group of glrls lnspect Grasslands to see lf all I9 as good as lVl1ss Parsons sald lt was a very wlth a T L Kay Chief lndustrlal Engmeer glVCS the assembly mterestmv talk on electrlc and gas Frank lDlt13tCS hum long drmk ackle Coogan comes to town to glve the llttle boys lessons on how to become Peck s Bad Boy The Semor boys give us a taste of army llfe and serve us Army Stew After attendm the very successful Orchestra Concert ln Ardsley the SCDIOTS rush for the lrvmgton Dance PUDIIS glad there was Llncoln when the Soldler Poet Robert Hllton speaks rn the assembly Sylvesta otherwise known as DOITIIHIC Paoluccl wms the Lm coln essay contest medal Both teams show lrvlngton that Ardsley IS on the way when they beat them on our court The Science Class B entertalned assembly wlth an Egyptian playlet The blg brawny man from the west Ranger Paul Kelleter glves a descriptive talk m assembly Ardsley teams march on to Vlctory when the boys team wms the League Champlonshlp and the girls tle with lrvmgton Glrls play tle off Wlth lrvlngton Ardsley gurls seem to be ln a trance As a result came ln second place ln the League The people of Ardsley are given a very Interesting and amusing lecture by Robert Parker Miles The Student Council lmproves and beautrhes the Library l-he Semor Play IS presented to a very amused and pleased audlence Our Orchestra travels to Dobbs Ferry to show what an or chestra IS Freshmen get target practlce shootmg at the balloons that deco rate the assembly hall for the N lctory Ball The Senlors gayly start out to Washington brlght and early Students return after the Easter vacation wlth rolled sleeves tc dlg for Regents Clear the way for the Ardsleyan Trees are planted as part of the Arbor Day program by grade puplls The Orchestra provlded muslc to make the ceremony more lmpressrve One tree IS named Lindy Sprung trammg for the Track Meet begins All voyage to Dobbs Ferry to the Speakrng Contest to see Millard wm first prlze for the boys and Marjorre come xn a close second 19.-g' - .',L'Y.-IN 19 ,Ian . 6. ' ' . ' A jan. 9. ' 1 , 1 D jan. 25. - ' .' . - ' ' Jan. 26. I . ' . ' jan. 27. ' u Q t ' ' .r . ' jan. 27. . ..., ' A A: ' , ' . U G U . ' . I. J ' U H ' ' l H . . D . ' .. . 10. U ' ' g Q ' , . I3. ' ' . D Feb. I4. The is transported to the scenes oflthe World War . 24. U u , , ' G 7. ' Q. . . I . S . I6. ' ' ' ' ' . . 23. ' - ' ' - . 2 . 'U . - . 30. U ' In ' - . 31. ' ' G ' . .. . IO. . ' ' 5 . 15. ' . 20. G D I It . . . . . SIX YEARS OF PROGRESS IN ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Measured results of the progress of 'Xrdsley Hrgh School durmg the past slx years are shown by the tables below Attendance 1922 I 92 7 Average dally attendance 94 0 97 8 Legal Absence Illegal absence Average weekly tardmess Pupils wlth perfect attendance SCHOLARSHIP Note the relatlon to lmproved attendance In une 1922 slightly more than half the Regents exammatlon papers were accepted In 1927 over four fxfths of the papers were accepted There IS no comparative record of grade standards for l922 but ln une I927 the per cent passmg the Second Supervlsory Dlstrlct Grade Exam xnatlons Other schools SERVICE Honor Soclety Unorgamzed ln l922 the Honor Society has slxty nme members In I928 pledged to uphold the ldeals of the school Each one has done from two to fifty hours of servlce for the school Student Council The ten Class Preslclents form the Student Council to dlrect student aCtlVltlCS and share ln formlng school POIICICS Hugh School Orchestra The fifteen members of the orchestra are burld mg school splrlt by glvlng their servlces for school aCtlVltlCS Board of Education The members of the Board work harmoniously and unselflshly to make thrs school one of the best ln the State FACILITIES NEW SINCE 1922 I An adequate Library beautlfred by the Student Councll the reposx tory of valued glfts from frlends who bore the torch of Servnce home of the Honor Study Hall the heart of the school 2 A well equlpped Clmlc headquarters of the School Nurse Ardsley clarms the best health servrce of any slmllar school ln the State A beautxful Sewmg Room transformed from a dmgy basement room an object lesson ln home economies A Carpenter Shop where the older boys learn to use tools New Gymnasium one of the flnest IH the County with shower baths and locker rooms Used as an auditorium for speclal events thls room will seat over six hundred people Teachers Room tastefully furmshed to allow a tlred teacher a few minutes of relaxation when necessary 7 New Lunchroom brlght and sunny where hot foods are served m the wmter 8 Eight new classrooms for the Hlgh School Department 9 Steam heat replacmg the worn out furnaces ln the old bullcllng I0 Instruction ln drawlng music orchestra sewing and manual tram Ing 20 151.28 ,fl R II S L H Y gl X - - - - 4:57 2:15 - - - - I.5'? .l 'T ' - - l7. 2. ' ' - 7. l04. J , . . . J I , ' - 1 I o , - - - - - - - - 855 Ardsley -------- 94? 3. . . V . 4. . 5. . ' I . ' . 6. . 7 . . 'M 11 GRADE NOTES Grade I Grades I have had the best attendance of any grades I be fore One grade has had five weeks of perfect attendance and the other three Grade 2 A high average ln scholarship has been attained by the second grade this year as a result of their good attendance Ten children have had perfect attendance up to May Ist There has been but one tardmess in the grade during the year Grade 3 The third grade earned the attendance cup in December and had a party to celebrate the event Three times this year they have enJoyed geography slides loaned by the State This grade has held the Primary Health Banner all the year with the exception of three weeks Those earning First Year Medals up to date are Gladys Canning Anna Santore ennle Bennet David Longmulr Winfred Lefurgy Constance Hay Laura Brown Mary Grandolfl Louis Delmerlco Everard Marsek Margaret Nelson Gertrude Koenig Vincent Agnano Fred Spencer Clara Filomena osephme Averso Rose Friedman Grade 4 The fourth grade had perfect attendance during the month of October Miss Dubreull rewarded the class by taking seventeen of them to the Museum of Natural History in New York City They have a complete Model Store in their room Grade 5 Our Effort Club has paved the way for future lubs of the like in Ardsley School It was the outgrowth of a series of lessons last September on Good verted into the present Effort Club The pupils framed a code containing twenty rules or resolutions which they considered essential to a good citizen of Ardsley School The club elected Lawrence Agnano President Vivian Midonick Treas urer and Katie Tischendorf Secretary ln anuary Anna ones was elected the new President Meetings of the Effort Club are held each month We feel that our Effort Club has been instrumental in developing a spirit of co operation among the pupils of the class Our aim is three fold an honest effort to be useful citizens of our village our school and our grade Projects We have worked out some interesting projects in our grade this year Among them was one on the American Indian and another on New England Our most extensive project is one on Ships which we have been studyln throu hout the vear Notes ln attendance we have broken pre nous records of Grade 5 with a total to date of I7 weeks perfect attendance We held the attendance cup for October and November Parents Day was a success in Grade D Over 73 per cent of us brought our mother or father to school that aft rnoon Our grade was represented in Oral English We wer proud of our record in the anuary examinations There was not a fallln mark in our Grade Thirteen pupils of this grade expect to earn honor medals ln June We had a successful basketball team during the wmter and our young athletes are now enjoying a s ason of bas ball 1 J .- 1' xl It I S L If Y -fl X 21, , ,I i , ' 1 ' , i. , , Citizenship." A suggestion of Anna Howell and Vivian Midonick was con- : .' ' . . J . J s 1 e n . J I I . 1998 ARDSLLY iN 22 N Q, A l 'V 1 - 1 , 4. 2 , f fx Photo by VVhite's Studio 1 1 Y Mary Addorlsno Phyllls Campbell Ruth Cudney Fannie De Angelo Helen De Muro Agnes De Nardo Ruth De Feo Molly Casperml Fellmma Lancelotte Mana Marzella KINDERGARTEN Mxss Lots Rudlsxll Teacher George Bennett Reuel Dankner Edward Demke oseph Delmerlco Louxs Fllomena ohn Frxschmann Thomas Ceraghty Harry Kmes Nxcky Macrl Nicky Mantello CLASS YELL Tutti fruttl punch and Judy Kindergarten wlll do their duty Don t you worry don t you fret Kmdergarten wlll get there yet Kindergarten Kindergarten Rah' Rah' Rah' Robert Pearce ames Petrola Domenico Spano Robert Sextz Herbert Travis Charles Swanston Wllllam Waddell Spaldmg Warren Walter Wlmllahl John Renda 1x1RDSII Mrs Farnham Rose De Astls Mary FIOTC Clara Macn Antomette Mantello Katle Savmo lsabel Ward Vlola Wllbur Patsey Agnano Gilbert Buck joseph De Nardo Charles Duda Donald Greenberg ohn Croth ames Knoesel Walter Lefurgy Chester Novlello Frank Pascone Frank Petrolo Everett Spencer Bradford Stevens Ralph Santore Nick Macrma FIRST GRADE Teachers t 3 Nh! Mrs Ferguson Blanche Allen Mary Averso Glorna Cannmg Catherine Caslclonte Angelina De Michele Vlola De Muro Ednth Fnschmann Abble Fntche Chnstma Grandolfi une Guden Hllda Knapp Rosma Paoluccl Gladys Slocum Fhyllxs Stevenson Vnvran Waldemar Freda Wrlle Ralph Denxke Pnerre Fountain john Kakerbeck Howard McCartney Lawrence Moccla Francis Morse Robert Morse Frank bavmo Donald Zellff 19Q.f' .P H , JY.-IN 22 V f . Q J" - Z. t 9 - Phoo b' X' ie's Studio J J J . will osephlne Allen Glona Bogle Domenxca Gagllardx Eleanor Geraghty Eleanor Doyle Mildred Koenig- Lllllan Lefurgv Helen Lrndauer Eleanor Maxhofer Anme Mocc1a Florence urclc Aleta Reid Marlon Seltz Elizabeth Savmo Joseph Addorlslo Lloyd Amslre john Aszmus SECOND GRADE Teacher Mrs Clayton CLASS YELL H1 Yr Ylddy YI Ylddy Yr Ylp Second Grade, Second Grade Rnp Rnp Rip Kena Kan Wah Wah Kana Kana Wah Second Grade, Second Grade Rah' Rah' Rah' Earle Belsher Albert Canavotto Alfred CIISI Rodney Ferguson Antonlo Fllomena David Geraghty Frank GleYCZyDSkl Lochman Hauser Edward KHCIS Carmelro Mannucc ames Moccra Yngve Nelson Rlchard Quimby Raymond Schuck Paul Sertz Paul Storm Lewls Travls I8 24 1!I.2N A If ll S L If Y -fl N A iK'5irN?.l1 ' n , V 'tu-15 . 'diff-.-fb 5 -gf, ,.f"t'VJ e"' . Q ., I, -2 2 .. Q3 .- 1' - J I' . 1 gl' - 2 A Nw. 1-, V i ' Photo by XYhi!c's Studi-1 I I THIRD GRADE Teacher Mrs Emily A Ehler Gladys Canning Presldent osephlne Averso enme Benett Ruth Blohme Laura Brown Josephme Brlatnco Rose DelVlura Clara Fllomena Rose Friedman Mary Grandolfl Etna Groth Constance Hay Gertrude Koenig Vera Mathews Margaret Nelson CLASS Y ELL One a zlp a Two a ZIP a Three a zip zam Third Grade Third Grade Catch us lf you can' ARDSLEY Ardsley Ardsley Ardsley Hugh! Anna Santore oan Wxckham Vlncent Agnano Angelo Delmerlco Lours Delmenco Carmine De Rosa Robert Doyle Patsey Funllo Daniel Gers David Longmulr Wlnfred Lefurgy Edward Nlarsek Gordon Shultz joseph Spano Fred Spencer Wxlllam Fountain If1e-N .l If lJ.N'1',lfl'.l .Y 71 1 I . l I XX ' A ijt If . Xxx Q I I lg XVI 'nfs Stwliu n ' . ' v ' D ' U Y 1 Louisa Aversa Grace DelVl1chele enme DeRosa Angeline Gasperlnl Dorothy Groth Ruth Lawrence Helen Nlorse eanne uimby My rtle Travis Romaine Warren Madeline Wilson Anita Wilbur Cecelia Paolucci Gifford Acker Alvin Brown ohn Chadwick Edward Cudney FOURTH GRADE Teacher Miss Turner CLASS YELI.. Boom a-lak- Boom a-lak- Bow Wow, Wow! Chick a-lak- Chick a-lak-a Chow, Chow, Chow! Boom a-lak-a Chick a-lak-a Who are we? Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Yes, Sir-eel Matthew Daley joseph DeLuca Walter Ebersole ohn Edwards William Fountain Michael Funllo Tony Gasperini Bertram Knapp Tony Moccia Albert Munck, President Tony Perillo William Slocum Paul Stohr Walter Streyckmans Frederick Fowler ohn Cunningham 26 1928 ARDSLEYAN Plmtu by XYl1itc's Studio 5 ' , . l J '- - s .l Q J J a a l a 1999 ARDSLFI iN Vera Braem Ruth Coggms Martha Frlschmann Elvlra Gaspennl Mary Gaspermx Anna Howell Helen Lazmsk Alma McK1rgan Vlvran Mrdonlck Katie Tlschendorf Ruth Trautman Florence Wllbur Anna jones Lawrence Agnano Wxlllam Brlnkerhoff FIFTH GRADE Teacher Mlss Tryon Presldent CLASS YELL All here Monday All here Tuesday All here Wednesday now All here Thursday All here Frrday All here each day Wow' Ardsley Flfth Grade Ardsley Flfth Grade Ardsley Fufth Grade Rah! Rah! Rah' Douglas Brown Leonard DeN1cola Frank Fllomena Milburn Fountam Victor Gagllardn ohn Mattarazzo Allen McCartney Richard McCartney Nlcholos Moccxa Leonard Morey NlCh0l8S Pascone George Slocum Donald Vredenburgh Charles Wharmby .M - ' , I J 27 Y l T y ,. A ,, lht lyXVl't':St l' ! 7 , . EISIC Brendel Lllllan DCIIHCTICO Lucy DelVl1chele Nettle DeN1cola Lucy DeRosa ane Edmund Dorothea Frleclman Marlan Gaglxardl Vlolet Guden Vlvlan Heldnch Cecella Leo Helen Praetorlus lna Robertson Lily Storm Helen Stratton Gertrude Wlmllal A1106 Woodruff ean Scott Offrce Presldent Secretary Cheer Leader Presldent Secretary Cheer Team SIXIH CRAD1: Teache lVlrs l'lmt CLASS OFFICERS Alxce lqa ana ames Abram Edgar Bell Dommlck Fllomena Patsy Fllomena LeRoy Fountaln Leo GlCYCZynSkl ohn Grandolfi Eric Knles ames Macwhlrter Lawrence Mason Mlchael Mattarazzo Gllbert McConnell ose Novxello Tony PHOIUCCI Leo Spano Robert Walker Name Term Llly Storm John Grandolfi Mlchael Mattarazzo James Abram Helen Praetorxus Lily Storm James Mcwhlrter Ist lst lst 2nd 2nd Znd QS 19.28 .Il3lJNl,lz'l'.lX T715 Ilia i 1 gig Y , fx! to ' t if Ei ll A. ly we 5114. . . A. 1 J S J , S . ' . ' ' ' J . . - - - . J ' . J ' I J Xlllb D161 ' x Xl lflp rtec ucv 1 X o Co rr f xc 1 N o S 1 1 S 111 1 I1 fl C 1te 1 11 r ff. -- 1 N1 1 me r r 111 1 1 c Il 11 1 1 o c x tot e c re e rsa 1111111 mer-.n e ox ertercc 1r1'f 1 nrc one gon est e Ilrs It 1 1 xrr t Ro ert X 1' er or a ue nrt or IC er ll e 1 c ronr pfllf to Jonunre lllornena 'or C1 rn 1rt1n ot ee ur l I'KSlClfI'lt es Nbr 1111 tw ffettlni er cet 11 ln Spe 1nf lKll"I1lIIdtlOT1b became elrvllnle as an cntrant 1nto tht btrte one ontewt 15 eonteet IS e d at t e tate l'a1r Nxracusc III f u 11s c yr rr hut 1 candrdatee haxe to quallfv hx sc r1es cf trx outs he orr Mme flff 1x now wor 1nv rn a penrnxns xp eontest vw nh w1l n I ve eornplcted tlllt f end r t e serr wo prlus rrc 1rcrr onr o the most lrnprox emi nt shown 1n penm xnshxp Clllflllf tht fourth quarter xncl another for the best wrltlnv judffed accordml to th Ayer s be xl To 'Vliy hrst hfteen puplls have had perfect attendance for the wear They are Lawrence Mason lna Robertson Maman Cavl1ard1 Leo Sprno Tons PHOlL1CCl Lrlllan Delmerleo ames 'VlacVVh'rter llelen P1'16tOI'lL15 Flsre Hrendcl l dffar Bell Gertrude Xvrmazal Cecelm Leo Leo C116-rczwnelcl Doro thea lrledm 1n l TIC lxmee The followrnv have bronze medals Robert W alker Leo Spano anus Mac Vvhlrter Gertrude Wlmazal Dorothea lqrledrnan L Roy Fountaln The followmv hare s1lw er medals lna Roherteon Helen Praetorxub Leo Cuerczy nskr lllffhest honors vo to Leo Lnerczynslu who IS hnlihmff hr fourth Near of perfect 'attendance CL ASS Y LLL Boom a lack ' Boom a lacka Boom a lacka Bah' -Xrdsley H1011 School' Rah' Rah' Rah' Get tovether' Suck together' Yell to a man' Smth Grade' Smth Grade' Beat u:.1f you can' lf'!X ,l lflI1S'f.f'.'l'.l,Y 215' SLQF ' 'R.'Xl Q fflt'-.rrllh "KT hu "f Iiiifl-j"E .l S 1 ewrulli' in f1:K'e1'c1l ich ol , ntflsts ,l rriny the jv XY" V11 lxlfft hon in our eftc rtx tn get out the largcrxt lII1lM'T of -:nr 1- on "l'z11f-112s Us yd' ln the 'Cli: shlling for wt for the l.1l'J1'z1ry 1 1 l P11 'l"NlI'2l l'c'n1-l1t wr-wr r1x-Confl plm-1-:1r1fi rem-11'-fl 2: lmr -r in sclnpol f'f1l111'f. VH- tif-l the SPX' fnth Llrucle ' tl if tifl-lit Yi'lllI1! rto11te-Nt lor the 911 1 r ljlaxy za11'l VVPYI' ine ' o lv' h , l ss reh'L1.." l. l'he lurrior Audubon Society we-s fornrerl again this year with lllll per rg1nt.' f lffip. Th ru'1l'.11zl'lh LQ ' ti. Ih '.:t pri .- wa Q 11 va 1111 o lo ,. Ve .li t 1 bl .-l' l fl' lc. ho 4- 2 n l -e' 1' l ' "lc ' . ' 2 ' h if . O J - , Jam 1 l 2 , 'JV' ,, ' g El p- le' mi re A the ,lkl!,!12'If, .' ll' ,g :La ' ' ' ' fa' Q 2 ' ' X 'Q . -' -"in: C' 'I'h'.- ' ' h,l h S - i" , :Q ' t QT ' X gg :t at this '12 , ' ell A . ' 4- v' a it ' 1 'A -'- If Athie lhe gs lf ' lc' ,, 3 ' r 2 sh' ' 3 'hli "l 11 l f ' 2. ' h: mf hrjz. Fl ":.'z:tolJez1wzlvl. -fr ' 2 5 ,,' D 1 ' if fa e. 1 1 v K, ' ' , i, I , V' . ' I ,. 4.5 5 .. , V . .x . 5 .S -V 1 . 'a. l A ' 'D .... D . 1938 ARDSLLYA N Dons Addyman Muriel Berthelson Lllllan Codlup Phxlomen Gasperml Martha Geraghty Helen Gxerczynskl May Howell Edna Knell Edlth Morse Fannle Perlllo Margaret Sanger Catherine Santore Lucnlle Santore LOUISE Savmo Florence Stymus Maybelle Welch Hazel Wilson Pearl Wilson Grace Woodruff SEVENTH GRADE Teacher Mrs Qulmby 1' ohn Arone Macgregor Kllpatrlcl-I Anthony Mannuccla Donald McPhee Tony Moccxa Wlllxam Richardson oseph Russo Dommrck Savenno William Savmo Harry Secor Louls Furlllo ohn Cagllardl Harold Greenberg Hector Streyckmans Howard Streyclcmans Norman Townsend Aylette Utz Lloyd Westlake Robert Wingate 30 fl ' l'hntn by XYhitc's Studio 1998 ARDSLEYAN FRANK COGGINS Frank has been on the Basketball team for four years and the Baseball and Track squads for three years Fat has been president of the Student Coun cll for two terms and class presndent a half term ln 27 and a vear ln 28 ln Z6 he was captain of the Boys Basketball team He was ASSlStant Advertls mg Manager of the Ardsleyan ln 27 and Advertising Manager ln 28 He certalnly knows how to play the part of a bally Engllshman as demonstrated by the Semor play He has been a member of the hxgh school mlnstrels DOROTHY LACKMAN Dot llkes sports also and she has been a member ofthe Glrls Basketball teams rn 26 27 28 a cl track ln 76 21 a member of the Clef Club ln 26 27 She was secretary of the Ardsleyan ln 28 Dorothy showed dramatic talent ln the Semor play ln actmg the part of Mrs Stead She gamed slx HARVFY BULLOCK Harvey Jomed our class as a unlor ln Z7 Smce then he has been very actxve and popular He was Boys Basketball Manager during 27 28 and treasurer of the Senior class Harvey has always been wlllmg to glVC a hand m makmg the weekly lunches run smoothly Hrs acting m the Senlor play was pralsed by many for xts naturalness MATILDA HUNINK Matxlcla has always been a very active and popu lar Senior She has been Presldent of her class smce her Sophomore year Bab has also been on the track and basketball teams for four years captain of the basketball team ln 28 and half year m 27 She was a member of the Honor Socxety three years secretary of the Student Councnl m 26 Matilda was a fllghty young glrl m the Senior play Adver tlsmg Manager of the Ardsleyan ln 27 ancl Eclltor ln chlef ln 28 ln 26 Bab was a specialty dancer ln the mmstrel show .Q 39 , 1 . . . . y . Y . 5 n . ,M Y . -Z . . , months business experience in Mr. Silliman's office. a Q . . . f . , . 1 . . . . : - 3 - I .LLLJ ast E A rn D Paoluccx C1 own H Bullo K R I3 rtnel on Wlllsea K Brooks D Lackman F Co gns lVlr D C Bryant Drector Frlschmann M Hunmk E Bruce After long weeks of hard work and practlce under the careful guxdance of Mr Bryant and lVlxss Buell the Senior play The Prxvate Secertary was presented the evenmg of March 73 l928 ln the new audltorxum The curtam rlses on a young man s room ln a boardlng house where Douglas Cattermole its sole occupant slts ruelng the fact that he cannot create a deslre to sow his wlld oats HIS eccentrlc uncle Mr Cattermole deems thls necessary to a youth s development and has long smce resolved not to endow hlm with money untll he shall undergo thls stave lt IS mto thls scene that Mrs Stead the landlady Harry Marsland a frlend Mr Sydney Gibson a tallor and Rev Robert Spaldlng enter Spalding IS the real secretary who IS hired to render has servlces to Harry Marsland s uncle but he IS substltuted by Douglas Cattermole and left alone ln the apartment A dramatlc plot evolves rtself around these characters and rs brought to a chmax ln the second and thrrcl scenes which occur ln Mr Marsland s country home ln these two scenes Mr Cattermole Mr Marsland MISS Ash ford Edlth Nlarsland Eva Webster Knox and jane take lmportant roles rn solvmg the lntrncate mystenes whlch arnse Of course romance IS not entlrely left out of the story and before the play IS ended Ednth Marsland becomes engaged to Douglas Cattermole and Eva Webster to Harry Marsland and Mlss Ashford a devout spmtuallst finds ln Robert Spaldmg the son of her best friend Although the plot was excellent the actmg and characterization were equally well executed and the apparent Innocence and qunet downtrodden manner of Robert Spalding as contrasted to the voclferous rrascabnlxty of Mr Cattermole kept the audience m stltches most of the tlme Amalla Cudney -ll? I.l.fN .l l1llNl,lp'l',lX V ' L - L l vb v. ,Z f- -' l Y 1 A" y ' at ' r it srry t , i b 'eng I Ii.: Q 4 ,Q xr-' -- THE SENZQR l'Jl-A.Y C -L.. -2 . . ' ", '. Sr ' , . 'l c', . e l s , R. ' , . .. . , . g i , . . . ' , E , B. , . , . . - , . . ... , . , . , . . . , . , ' f 1 Y . 7 ' . ! , . . , . . , . , , - I - Y 1 1 . I Y Y , . 7 . . . Y , Y s 0 lb I U' 9 I F1-H0 6 Saturday mornln March nl Qfi' t I 79 ere en members of the Senlor Class and 'Vlnss Wllloughby boarded the tram at Dobbs Ferry for Grand Central btatron We arrived the e at 8 I3 when lVl1ss Green jolned us and buses took us to the Pennsylvanxa Statlon where there were two speclal coaches ready for our tnp At 9 30 we left Pennsylvania Statron ln the coaches and after flve hours of travel made cheery by colored balloons getting acquamted and eats we arrived at our destmatlon Washington D C ln order to lose no trme we took buses to the Old National Museum and then left our baggage ln the buses to be taken to the hotel whlle we vrsxted the museum Here we saw the orlgmal Star Spangled Banner Sherman s horse dresses of the different Presidents wives the Washington and Grant relics hlstorlcal maps coins etc From here we went to the Llncoln museum where many relics of Llncoln are on display We were then glad to go to the Portland Hotel as we were very tired and anxnous to see our temporary home At 7 00 P M we went to the Congres sxonal Lxbrary lts exqursxte archltecture was far beyond all expectatnons Thls bulldmg completed rn IS97 IS three stories hugh contains 2 000 wm dows and covers nearly 31 acres of ground Thxs IS the best hghted lnbrary m the world The ground floor contams a readmg room for the blmd and the copynght OEICC On the Grst floor are the reading room llbrarlans rooms perxodlcal readmv room map room and Senate and Representatrves readmg room The gallerles of the second floor are devoted to exhlbxts of engravings rare books portraits etc lfffN .INIIS l,l','l'.l,Y Il i fini' 7774-44774-AW' Virnngbgflvii-,wLi4iVg 1-Y' l 1, to 1 , .. aj 'S , 1 4 ' K' Q A 'v ' 'avg g ' Q ' s' Iv' K , lx N lA...". . K X A -. I ' X Mk . . 3, Av M: fn . ,frqgeipz-nz, 'Q ,t Q Q l . ,, Tl Eli XlL'.X5.llXL1'l'CJ5Q liilij . ' g, ' ' A , l , Q , ax -1- , V V . . Y : , . . . ' . . . D ' , . . . JN At 8 30 Sunday mornmg we started from the hotel on a slghtseemg tour of Washington We stopped at the Lxncoln Memorlal where a group picture of the entlre party was taken This structure of beautiful whlte marble xs dxrectly between the Capltol and the Washlngton Mfnument It rs a flttlng trlbute to one whose memory we all revere PGSSIDQ through the double row of columns of the entrance a marble statue of Lmcoln may be seen Above thls statute IS engraved ln thls Temole as ln the Hearts of the People for whom he saw ed the Umon the Memory of Abraham Lincoln IS enshrined for ever We returned ln t1m for church and some of went to the Conf regatlonal Church and saw Presldent Qoolldge ln the afternoon we nsnted the Cor coran Gallery of Art and the Franclscan Molxastery The Urottos and cotta combs of the monastery were very mtcrestmf., and the Grounds were beautiful ln the evemn the Ardsley group gathered around the plano rn the Monday mornmv we vtsrted the Central Market where every thmg from llve poultry to funeral wreaths was on sale From here we went to the New Natlonal Museum and then to the Treasury Bulldlng where some of us changed old bllls and coms for new ones We VlSltCd the White House next After lunch we went to the Bureau of Prlntmg and Engravxng The work gomg on IH thls bulldxng was verv lnterestlng and we wlshed we could have hngered longer The Washlngton Monument then clalmed ou attention Some members of the party cllmbed the 9OI stalrs while others went to the top m the elevator At the helght of 504 feet the walls are plerced wxth elght wmdows whlch afford extenslve vxews on each sxde The wlncllng course of the Potomac may be followed for mxles and the Whlte House the Capltol the beautiful gardenmg of the Mall the parks the Naval Observatory and many other bulldlngs may all be seen from these wmdows We then vxslted the Pan Amerlcan Bulldlng the Patio of which won our lnstant admiration The beautlful Hall of Ambassadors and the Aztec C-ar den added greatly to the lnterest of the bulldlng The Red Cross Buxldlng whlch we vlsxted next furnlshed us wlth a better knowledge of the accom pllshments of the Red Cross Soclety Tuesday at 8 30 A M we VlSltCd the Capitol The Capltol IS cllsm gulshed for tts commanding station and majestic proportlons It IS ranked as one of the noblest architectural structures of the world The rotunda canopy the Statuary Hall the Hall of Representatlves the Supreme Court Room Senate Chamber and the President s room were all of great Interest to us We cllmbed to the dome and had another vlew of the city We then slowly de scended by means of the clrcular stanrway of narrow xron steps whlch made us feel very dizzy We also had a rude on the mono rall to the Senate Office bulldlng 42 1 Il .- fl xl If U S I. If Y 41 N hotel and gave the rest of the party a treat by Uairingn our school songs. J 1 ln the afternoon we went to Nnnaoolls rn specral cars Here we saw the Naval Academy the Navy drrll and the Crypt of Paul ones Around thxs crypt rs a solld Gold rope We also saw Colonlal homes the Old State House Qapltol of Maryland St Anne s Church Chesapeake Bay S yern Rn er and many other lnterestlnf sites Wednesclay at I 30 X Nl we went to Arllnf ton where we saw the lxst restlnf place of our hfrocs of rn xny wars The tomb of the Unknown Solcller was a yery sxmple and beautiful rerrunder of the braxe men who fouvht for thelr country and paxd the supreme SBCTIHCC for her honor 'lhere are no words whrcn can adequately express our feelrnffs as we stood on that conse crated vround 'X special tram took us to 'Xlexandrla and Fort Meyer We reached 'Vlount N ernon at I l 00 X lVl and XlSlf6Cl Washlngton s home After golnv through the house we separated and wandered at lersure through the Spaclous Grounds and took a stroll alonof the beach of the Potomac We saw the former and present tombs of the beloy ed Father of Gul' Country We eft Vlcunt V rnon xt I7 30 md after 1 loyely sixteen mule rlde up to vo to Plalladelphla We xrrryecl ln Phlladelphxa at 8 00 P lvl and buses took us to the St ames llotel It certalnly was a beautlful bulldlnf and we took advantage of lt by staymff indoors ID the evenlnf and enjoylng the com fortable chairs and beds lhursday mornln we toured Phrladelphrx md later YlSltCd th c.,llI'tlS Publxshlng House X vulde took us throuffh the burldlnv and showed us the clerncal department the rest rooms and the lunch rooms On the walls were framed exhxblts of lllustratlons which 'lt some tlme or other had appeared on the cover of one of the Quftlb Publxshmf Qompany mafazlnes We mgfg taken through the prlntlm rooms where sam 'he mai azlnes bemf prlnted sembled and the completed product pxled onto huf e wafons to be shrp ed away The afternoon was free for shoppmf and every one took wdvantafe of the opportunity to procure SOLIXCHIIS Xt 5 00 lj lVl we started on the last lap of our journey vwhrch ww rs punctuated vwlth farewells and arrry ed at Dobbs Ferry at II 2-1 3 Thus the trrp whrch we had so lonv antlclpated with excltement came to a close wnth ex ery one reluctant to return home and xowmv to return to Washlnvton as soon as opportumty should beckon Marjorle Longmulr IfI.-N .l1'1lSI,lfYrl,Y lil 1 l v tl ' I' ' t D 5 . l , Q N . . P V . I , - , a . M . c . t q D ., . ' ' ' 'z . M. ' , ' .5 f ' ' ' 2. . ' ,g- : 2: Q if '.' 2 ' ' Q. V v y - r A A ' 1 r v 5 . ' 1 f ' v v t A hx A , V 5 - I A ' . .H Al' I . . , . . . , r - ' : .L . . f nf . , ' A, , K. , . 'K , . T7 . ' D . f . D ' . Q - ' it C 'si' U , l 1 , ,, . . , , , . V ,' ' ' 1 A I x, I A4 1 I C n 4 f the Potomac we reached Wzxshirrgton again. At 4:UU we left Vlfashington D .' 2 ' ' ' ' . " : . '. C J .' V AY . X K . 5 . . A X . ri Y . . k - V 1 ' ' ' D L! ' . ' li 2 1 x " ' e N . . X . I H . D . . 5 V V! v ' 1 ' Y x . .w . . A t V T: . ' , 7 ' A ,Z . . ' . ' g' ' ' rg ' , as- v C rg . p '. C it 4 5 ' . , , K ' s ' ' . .1 . : . . ' , A ' vv V ' ,Z 8. , Y' ,' ' , K ' : ' f . lw. ' ' v V , ' D , rv ' Y - 4 STLDENJT LEADFRS OF ARDSLEY HIC-H resldent Honor bOClCty Presldent Student Council Secretary Student Qouncll Treasurer Student Councrl Presldent Erghth Grade l resrdent Senlor Class Captain Boys Basketball Team Qaptam Boys Baseball Team Captarn Grrls Basketball Team n.d1tor of Ardsleyan Busmess Manager of Ardsleyan Presrdent Honor SOCICKY Secretary Student Council Treasurer Student Council Presldent Senlor Class Presldent Erghth Grade Captaln Boys Basketball Team Qaptam Boys Baseball Team Captam Clrls Basketball Team Edltor of Ardsleyan Busmess Manager of Ardsleyan Presldent Honor SOCICty President Student COUHCII Secretary Student Council Treasurer Student Councll President Elghth Grade President Senlor Class Captaln Boys Basketball Team Captaln Boys Baseball Team Captaln Glrls Basketball Team Edltor of Ardsleyan Business Manager of Arclsleyan 1927 23 Columbus Arone Carmlne Pascone Carmlne Pascone Lllllan ulmby lrxlng Vlfestlake Lrllran uxmby 1924 75 Raymond Barnett Edward Arm Raymond Barnett Raymond Barnett Domlnlck Santore Kenneth Brown Kenneth Brown Ruth Brown Constance Clayton E. Arm T Hallahan l926 27 F Welch S Clayton Rrchard Speed Gertrude Brown Vrto Barblerl Ronald Townsend Ruth Brown John Geraghty ohn Geraghty R Brown M Hunmk 1973 74 Raymond Barnett Theodora Brown ohn bantore Thelma Hallahan ohn Santore ml heodora Brown Stuart lxamke lxenneth Brown Y era WltkOV Raymond Barnett Gardner Welch 197526 Ruth Brown Matrlda Hunlnk G Eaton V Barblerr G Eaton A Mussa F Welch E. Grerczynskl Frank Coggms Vlto Barblerl Mary Cudney Alec Mussa Thelma Hallahan l927 Z8 Vlto Barblerl Frank COgglHS Gertrude Brown Vlto Barbrerr ohn Zotz Matilda Hunlnk ohn Teller VltO Bafblefl Matllda Hunrnk Stafford Clayton Matrlda Hunmk Matllda Humnk Frank COgglDS 41 IUQN -ll3I1,N'l,ly'Y,IX T l A .. 4 P . s . Y - - - H- Y H -- x , . H - J w . . - - - J J , . - - - - V if . . v . . Q - K 7 . YT ' A , ,,,, : . President Student Council - - Ruth Brown V.Barbieri, A.Mussa ' i ' . - - r 1 3 1 J - J - . - nll. THE ALLNIXI GP ARDSLFY asof Nlr X NlcQa tnex Xrthur NlcQartnex Vlr'-. l OUISC Hat eld Rich xc-l B xrron W llll3 n Q Lmerxck 155 of I9 Wllllam Se N r K L nn Class fI9l9 Dorothv C-oerz Nlatllcla Frlscldrnann a ofl7 Nlrb Ruth Ward Roland E Brooks Floyd Stymus asa of 97l Elsie Coerz a s o Dorothy Lnderlull Beatrice Goehren Mrs osephlne Arone a of 97 An u NlcPhee Columbus -Xrone Prebndent Carmme Paacone Sam Reynolda ITXIH Westlake Helen Zunser Llllxan Qlllfllby HIGH SCHOOL Qlass of 1974 Xnna Bros e Ihr odora Brown l reslclent qtu xrt lxamke A her Robert X erx xVltkOX Qlass of l97D Rasrnond Barnett Pre:-rdent llllxan Bernat lxennetl1l'l Brown Kenneth McPhee lqlwomas Roberts Amelxa Sclmroff amee Taylor X lola Xvllle Charle Xvll n C, ass of 1976 Alexander Musbw lresxdent Thelma Hallahan Gladys Eaton Constance Claw ton Mary Ludnew Grace anz Llabb of 197 7 Ruth Brown Presldent Hxlda Cannm Qertrude Walter Qharles Zunser Ana tasla Nan Burlcalow lrene bta Rlcharcl bpeecl Ruth Roberts Wxllnam lnnes l lorence Zunser Elrzabeth X an Burkalow olxn Cera hty Nlarlan Wllllama Florence W heeler Stafford Claxton lfffwl ,l l.'l1Sl,l'.' l'.l ,Y 41 C1 53 l9l6 i . .. Si S, V- .A A i I' vi' :hw E, 7 g Y ' J ' l . fl . .. z ' 2. nz . z A 1-a : 5 Cla I8 l ' -F . .V gm I ' w. 115, L. y :' " W o , Y Sophiefljrisclxmann Q ' s 'so Cl' ss 9-0 K ' 'l' .. . U i nc' 3 . Cl' l .. W "W ,' Cl sr f l922 , A Cl ss l -3 S G ' - A . ,. . y 1 ff ,M ISU IQ, QE? ,L-ff' si I 5 P G Frank thlnks that he the whole ocean IVI How s that3 Because he has waves ln hrs halr Agent Dont you want the school furnlshlngs msured against thefrl Mr S Yes all but the clocks Everybody watches them Mr B IH I-Ilstory C Class Well why dont you say some th1ng3 I-I B Im waltmg for hlstory to repeat ltself M C Can a person be pun lshed for what he hasn t done5 Miss Covey Certamly not M11 on IVI C We I han ent my French D I.. How dnd you become such a wonderful orator3 IVI IVI I began by addressmg envelopes MISS Baxter why do you blte the end of that penc1I3 MISS B Because I am nervous Dommrck D P And are you nervous cause Ive been killing sprders wlth the PCHCIID What can I do to brmg down my we1ght3 Mass Conklin Step on a banana pee A When I was a llttle boy your age I didn t tell Iles R NI I-low old were you when you started3 D D You shouldn t smlle so much It IS dangerous R Dangerous3 D Yes when a smile lights up your face xt mxght set off the powder Nlrs Q at dlnner Charles I wlsh you d stop reachlng for things Haven t you a tongue3 Q Sure Mom but my arm IS longer Hlstory has never told us what happened to Lmcoln when he hlt the third rall The pastor who was fond of fl gures of speech was makmg a fun eral oratxon I-Ie began hls address, UFIICHCIS, we have here only the shell of the man, the nut IS gone H Ili l!I.3N .-I 1' II S I. If l'.l N I - Q 1 I I I Q A TT 1 ".e I-199' I g my I ' is V f 1 I L ' iff '1 V .V . . if "iff-14, V 'flfgfi C , . - H ply ll - J fi' g Y' -L V fix 5. L .B.: U ' is .D. P.: M ' ,' H . L.: " - ' . H ' .3 " . y .: H . E' LJ .. I Tl I." I ,H ' - E. .: ' ' . U ll, f ' ' ' I l C. H , I, I I O UR THAN S 111 1 111 1 1 1 11 FOUNTAIN AND TABLE SERVICE OF A TASTY LUNCHEONETTE HHNII1 Nlilll- NXNINXH HPS I-RPNHI1 liUxlND I II-N XNlD1Xlxl-S H I 4NlD1UlIl IDRIN x5 ANI-IEUSER BUSCH ICE CREAM 1111 1 1 1 1 11 1 LI 1 C01 111 IE 111 11113 Npe ll 1 1 111111 The Ardsley Chocolaterla MICHELE PASCONE. Telephone Dobbs Ferry 1167 PARK 51 T1LFoRD s 1v1A1LLARD s HUYLER s Ch0C0lElt6S SCHRAFFT s l'111'111n11 H111 111111111111 l.l,N gl l3llSl,lf1'.1 X 41 T11 1111 S111111f111f 111111 F111-11l7y1111z111,X1'11-1111111211 ff' 101 1111' 1211-11' 1111111 1111t1111111:1f 1,1 11115 1111-11' f:11111111 1111-1-1f11L: 111111-14. C1 ' 111'1'111'1f '1111'11 111.-1-11. 11111 .11'.1'.1ys 11111 111-, 111 '111-11111 111 111-- f1'1'V1l'1' 111' 1111 111' 51111 111111 1111- Q111111 f11i11gs y 111 11111: 111 l'211 111 f111'1'11111111111us w1111'11 11'l' 1-1111.u11111111. 111 11115 WP 11'11s1 we: 11i1Yf' 11111 1'1'11e11. U" 1 .' ' 1 is f111'v1.111 W1111 1111 H11 11111' 111J1' -' 1115 51111115 1111 S1111 111115. W1 11v1.1 11. t1111. 1111:k11 111 S11111I211'.' 11l'1E'1'S 1111 ' 11115' 111 1111114 1 1116. O1 11111'11C111111' 1101h111kl1'11j' is I' YPVQI 1311 I,11x1- 1,Lf'1'ifI11.'XV f111v111's Pil.'11 wewk 111 1'2lI'E ' - 1111111111111 0 y 7 y 9 .,N .Ill 'l.l',Y.l,X' COMPLIMENTS of TI-IE VILLAC' E BOARD ARDSLEY NEW YORK .1 of 9 - 1 2 ,1 - I!?2N .ll3llNl,lp3.l.X 49 BOOST YOUR TOWN AND SE OUR SAND U -. 952949 CEMENT MASONS' 5 BRICK ' A LIME MATERIALS AGRICULTURAL FERTILIZERS GRASS SEED PLASTER METAL AND WOOD LATH Roden Fuel and Supply Corp Use Rodens Coal It Satlsfles Place Your Order Now KEEP Before the KEEP THE HQME Summer Advance ln PYICC THE, HOME YVARM Vi ARM Telephone Dobbs Ferry 48 I if nz U11 f Y O , . . , . ,,..ll-- l1...1... 'v ru 'Il' 1' ,l11l'11'ffsrl'.g .. . 'l, Q Compliments Stauffer Chemlcal Co , Incorporated l , , 1, Y . .. ..,' .X A11 .. - zgqzf ROBERT M JOHNSTON FLORIST AWD GROWER 225 Ashford Avenue Dobbs Ferry N Telephone 31 I T 'x h Izzy' What s p up JOHN G S SWANSTON Incorporated REAL ESTATE AND BUILDERS Telephone Dobbs Ferry 403 Ardsley N Y Cn the Parkw ays Developers of -Xrdsley -Xcres eXppra1saIs Mort a es I lI'NIlllVlII1X xl 39 R 7 , .Y. eco er: U '. i a a er?" Izzy: 'AA guy vot married rnomrnerf' , . . nl A A . U G I 3 D 'flfrfmitf Ulll' .Ifl1'1 1'f1'.wI1's 9 1 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ARDSLEY N Y CHECKING ACCOUNTS INTEREST ACCOUNTS 4 L XI XII-XI X! X XX'I IN X RED R XI XIJIJ DIRECTORS c R111 IT 1 -X 1 III N C 111tIe A111110 e 1 1111 111e NIQC 11111e III I I IOIII1 111 X 1Ie11 Ifllllx 1 1 1 1 0 1111 C W I have some of Caesar s coms Thats nothmg I have some of Adam s chewmg gum LIND BROTHERS GARAGE INC CHRYSLER SALES AND SERVICE A Car Four Great 1 Lmes Your From Pocketbook S670 to S3400 DRIVE A CHRYSLER TO PROVE A CHRYSLER Ardsley Square Ardsley, N Y Telephone Dobbs Ferry 246 l'ut1on1.L' Ulll Ariz fl fzsfm 1' 19- N A 1' ll S I. If YA X , . . , , I'1'+'fi1I1'111 Vive-I'1'1-si1I1111s VH. ILICS A. Y. ,I."'INI'I U .111H.' 1. S. S V, .'s'11N f'11sI111-1' .IUI I S. ' ENHI' GH I-'RAHC H. .1 YAIAN I'e11"y Ie HIIQI F. G1'11I1z1111 F1'1111k H. . diy 2111 CIliII'Ifc'S BI. .Io1'se Robert H. Neville Albert XVQIIIEI' XY. 'I11 1' 1 ' 1:1 George W. Ho '1 . .I1'. .I11 s . 'z ' 5' JOI I. S. SXVZIIISIOII D11 George Q.. sl CI1111'Ies A. '1 ' IIII11 : ' Opm Daily, 9 to 8 S: lu 'da y, 9 I 12 11. 111. l'Il'IIIilj' I'1'lIll , 7 to 9 R. B.: " ' ' . ' ' 1 , . To F1 ' 7 N SERVICE QUALITY Awous IVICP1-IEE PLU VI B I NG and HEATING CONTRACTOR ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY N Y or Relzabzlziy Call Dobbs Ferry h WORTHINGTON FARMS DAIRY oseph Co gms Prop GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM From Regularly Inspected DGITISS CALL DOBBS FERRY 188-FOR SERVICE I ltl IISIIIS I 9 - N .I lf ll E' f, If I' ,I IV I EI I I ' I I I I , . . I I f -- I94 I AIvine: MSay do you beIieVe tI1ere's a cIeviI." I Ray: "No it'S Iike Santa Claus. It's your fat er." I Q ' , I I 'I 'mzicc' Our .-lrlzwr ', IS Telephone Dobbs Ferry 336 ROBERT WINGATE DOORS SASH FRAMES AND TRIM MILL AND CABINET WORK WINDOVV SCREENS Saw Mull Rlver Road P O Box 527 Ardsley N Y D Y N XXII -XCTI RER Agency EIQCDCDKS lil BROOKS HOWARD G BROOKS ARDSLEY PHARMACY P O Ardsley N Y Home Remedles Wh1tman s Chocolates Flavormg Extracts Eastman Kodaks For Your Drug Store Needs Try the Ardsley Pharmacy Plrst Readmore Llbrary DCVOC S Paints Put om e Our icheftzsc 5 If I fl 2 N .1 If I If L If I' .fl X IJ1-:uh-r and NIiIllllfill'IlIl'1'l' of . . , . . . B.: "If you try to kiss me, l'lI call for help." Si: "Never mind, I cIon't need an help." , I1 .I IF. ' I E OF CMH + HIII IIIIII . R Ducrs xm1.r.g. rn. I rn. , o s li, 'cv . h . ,. '.,i-. '95 JSII ITED TATE Sec:retar1aI School Twenty seventh Year 527 Flfth Avenue at 44th Street I X lik N An excIus1ve schooI devoted to SECRETARIAL AND BUSINESS TRAINING ENROLL NOW FOR TI-IE SUMMER TERM X o IH! Pt c xTx Irvlng Edgar Chase Dlrector Vanderbllt 2474 W On th I v I w ll thxs fhvv r ru 3 On the IeveI n t so go CI but y u ught to se xt c st I-IEATHERDELL FARM Wholesale Florist Phone Dobbs Ferry I4-I ARDSLEY N Y ohn Cannmg Manager I'11f1111111 Olll 111111115118 1J.,f' .RIRIJI , JY.-1 N 5m O 1 XIII ' fi I ', Q. Y. Two Short Blocks from Granrl Central Limited to those with the Dl'0DQ1'CI1IIII1'2lI IJZlCIKgl'0I1l1iIfD2lj' and Evening Classes CALL, VRITE Ii ' JNE ' DR 'Tr I LOG 1 I... .zu eee, i ' ' e n." P. A.: U , o o , o o ' oa I I , . J , Comphments Comphmentg FRESHMEN A FRESHMEN B Mr B m Adv Al Pat solve that equatlon' Pat dryly Say' Who do you thmk I am HOUd1Dl3 Compllments Compllments SOPHOMORES JUNIORS Iliff' 11 Clflv P' lfl3N .l l3ll.S'I,lfY.1X of 1 Of l 3 E 5 . .C gl " ' ' i 5 of of ' 'misc' Our - Ir" ns Compllments COH1p1lIHPI1tS BELLEMORIANS SENIORS Novelty Orchestra 1X C 'Ht N I O J COIHpllIHGDfS Cgnqplline-ntx WESTCHESTER DINER B L OSTERGAARD Xnvfelo Dexlllo Prop Groceries I 1 lflfx ,ll.','3fl X' H of of Mr. Il.: "CR-ntrzxl Lf" 1 - 2232 flainf' cqvlffilll Nimmo, tcm, to , too?" 1 1 Mr. ll.: "Y:-S, lu! VH play irzxin with you lute-r." of of 1- :N , . . . . . 'rzf 'flllflf 'fill' .lf7f'frfi.vff2v IN 111.219 .lc If ll 15' L If I' A X Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 516 Tele11l1o11e: Dobbs Ferry 331-D ARDSLEY LUMBER CO , JAS McCARTNEY 8: SON Lumber and Masons Real Estate Materlals Insurance 1n All lts Branches ADDX NIXX P1e 1 151 Saw lVl1ll Rlver Road Ardsley Square Ardsley N Y Ardsley' N Y MISS Conklm l am so WOfTlCd sometlung IS preylng on acl: s mmd Domlnlclc S Never mmd lt w1ll d1e of starvatlon xx ATLR fl All s su sn up -I DANKNER WIUIH IUIPS General Merchandlse Ardsley N Y CHARLES GROFFMAN HARIHX 4111- PAIN rs un c 1 ass hun kuttu Pools Houw l111111sh111g.,s Electrlcal Contractor Ro0t111g,, WI 11111 11 Dry Goods, Shoes, I-loslery llll' T11 us 15,1 nl Imu lhos P llllN A 1111141 KOI D SEAL CONFOI ELNI HOI SE REFRH FR-XTORQ R d E 7l Could Avenue a 10 qmpment Dobbs Ferry' N Y PIIIOIIIIG XO111 L0c1l Nle1cl1'1nt 10111 IIIIGIQSIQ Me PIOIQCIQCI. Telephone Dobb F Tixllllllfllli' D0bbs I-mn ol Patzonz G Our Adcertzsefs HX 'J ' 1 , I A F. H. . '. 's. 51111 3 f". . . 1 I I l 1 , . . 9 ' ' : .. . 5 . . . J . . .. 1 . ,A -ft. L, :A 4 , , . . f' 'I ' '.' ' ".' ' 1' 3 152 livel-yrl' ,5 111 Elem- "1-nl Salt' . 1" , 1 " 2' IJ 1 p1l'1 --s u V v v . . . , . 1 . . I, . 1 . . 11 K , 'Z ' , I A . L i-4 1 91'l'y 167 A 1 : J ' - 7 , JOHN M FELLERS ce and Coal Ardsley rx Y JOSEPH DE NARDO General Contractor Fleld Ax enue Dobbs Ferry at I ot DO ln an llitelll ence test Berme That mal-,es you a half wut LOU GREENBERG Breyer s Ice Cream THE ARDSLEY MARKET First Class Meat Poultry and Cigars, Statxonery P rovlslons Sportmg Goods Nc xx p mpc 1 N11 umm C 11X lution: c 0111 1!l3N .I If lol S L If Y .1 ,Y B!! I - N Iran. I N 'l'4-I4-phum-: Ilnhh- l"1'!'I'j H2 L V Q . t HIiSIIlliNl'Ii: 'l'.A1tA,rm11': lmmc I1'v:'15' so-' r ' f , A 1 L 1 1 l'!1t111,-1 Zim liulmlmf t'1r'I'I'X X 1 + Q E liHNl'1S'l' 'uwm-lm, 1'1-Hp. ' y t .5 3 ,S and A :gl 'lklepimlm I Imimhf Fef' 453 E ' -' '.: A ' A1Iz'u'2'i.sr1's Cifw is lf QSTUDLO PHOTOGRAPHERS 220 West 42nd Street New York Photographers for the PEOPLES MARKET Dobbs Ferry N Y Meat and Grocerles Branch Store Ardsley I yu3 rn t RALPH LAWRENCE General Contractor Ardsley, N Y U TOHP OI' I1 Comphments THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 12111110111 c Our 4171 mths' WU I!I!N .I l1'lINl,lp'Y,l ,Y , 5 TO A fif "!ACfl:fiffS ' .1 X ff r XL' VL-QQAWJ D 1 I928 Ardsleyan '1' I--1 1: IJ 11. 11,14 I E. Z.: "How many ribs have o L. W.: "Oh. my dear, I' too ticklish to coun them." l F T i of T1'l .C.e-:A y - .,:.f . - i-V x I ,C ,us l!I.2N ,I ln' I , . Y ISLILI IX 11 THE LITTLE ART SHOPPE Glftware Fdwm E VI Iute Mana er Ardslev N Y Comphmerxts of CHARLES M MORSE Compllments of THOMAS EATON Compliments of WILLIAM NEWKIRK Comphments f LEONARDO TRENTO Comphments f VITO LEO Shoe Repalrmg Xvork Done by Electrlclty Comphments f HARRY SECOR Dealer m Hygela Ice Illflllll A Y. . , . U W 3 D I 1 , . . ' 0 1' 4 I'f.".:.QN ' o ' I ' 0 ' DUISISS FICIUIY, N. Y. I 1 1 A LL4 ' 'I ':r Our ,lJz'11'2'isu'.s J NICHOLAS KOENIG VIOIIH and Saxaphone Instructlon ONS ARDSLEY TAILOR HA III xm F Cleaning Pressmg Repalrmg XX XII I RHI-Ii RUXIJ -I lSII'1 N X Compllmerxts of GLADYS EATON WESTCHESTER GARAGE Repalrmg and Towmg nu on xlc H1 Ardsley N Y Xg,I WILLIAM LEFURGY Lxght Truckmg S-IH Nllll RHI-R R0-XII XI DSIP! N H Compllment., of FRED ARONE Compllments of VICTOR ARONE Compllments of JOE NANNARIELLO Compllments of MAT FARRELL Compllments of HAZEL FELLERS Comphments of BEATRICE CANNING Compllments of THOMAS DE NICOLA Ir1t1m11-f 0141 If IIIIIISYIS I 1 U N S .AI If D S L L' I' .Il X I I xl. x.xNN.x1zIm,1.o. lu-up. I IlIV.X'l'I-I LESS ' 'IU-IvgIl1cr11v. Huy fn' fi' I1 'I'-I11I IIJIIrI'1"','L.fVI DNS1, ..4.l',j4 . L' A JN . 7 I Dany rn' IY4'0k Ilyvinu, Freucl Dry IIIEHIIIIISI. Etc. 3I".1I.'II"I:l'. . HCI ' Y. Y , I 'I , -RI-' Y j T111 ,:IJII,-F"yLg'F I , I I . 1 , Q l!I2.N' .1 lf IIS Llflf-I .Y I Compliments of DONALD MACKENZIE Compliments of LELAND L. SILLIMAN Compliments of R. D. PERKINS Compliments of OTIS H. GRAY Compliments of A. REID f. llllltlvl' fm' ill! Q-1"s Compliments of WALTER B MAIHOFER Compliments f OTHO WHITE Compliments of CARL H MUNCK Compliments of JAMES McCARTNEY Compliments of JOHN SANTORE Compliments of BEN BROWN Compliments of GEORGE MacDIARMlD Compliments JAMES BROWN JR Compliments of W C LAWRENCE Compliments MRS E J MESICK Compliments of LILLIAN MUNCK lllll I XI 1 1 1 ' ' o ! ' ,JR. J . of . , . . . . of . l'1t'f ict Our .eldz"'1'fiscr.s I Compllments of GARDNER WELCH Compllments f MARGARET PASCONE Compllments of CHARLES LACKMAN Compllments f HAROLD WILSON ALEX G CUDNEY JR Frank Calace Mottola 2nd Compllments f HECTOR CAMPBELL Compllments f DOMINICK BARBIERI Compllments f WILLIAM KILPATRICK Compllments f BEN Compllments f MICHAEL PERILLO Compllments f KENNETH BROWN C Compllments f APT GEORGE BUTLER Compllments f SARAH PASCONE Compllments f RAYMOND E BARNETT Compllments f KENNETH MCPHEE Pfztmm r Um lflzrflzsrfs 434 151.28 4 If II S L E Y .1 3' i . . O 1 Y rl 5 . r f . . O 5 1 W Compliments of Compliments of 1 . . , , - , i I i 3 . ' 0 o l X f I Q Y . O - O B ! n N m o o ' o ' o . O , O 1.994 JPDQIFY-IN' 4 .-f, - l,l 4 4 - . Compliments of JOHN GERAGHTY l Compliments of COLUMBUS ARONE Compliments of t MARY CUDNEY Compliments of Ex-Graduate AL MUSSA Compliments of GERTRUDE WALTER N Compliments of WILLIAM INNES Compliments of THELMA HALLAHAN Compliments f HILDA CANNING Compliments of DOROTHY M UNDERHILL Compliments f SEVENTH GRADE Compliments of FLOYD STYMUS Compliments f STUART KAMKE Compliments f IRVING WESTLAKE Compllments of EIGHTH GRADE Compliments MRS LYDIAM REYNOLDS Compliments of Frank Calace Mottola . . O n l O A O I of . O . l - Pufrmzicf Our A lIl'l'l'fl'Sf :Hs I fl .2N Al 1312 S L If Y -1 3' Compliments of KINDERGARTEN A Compliments of A LOIS RUDISILL Compllments of FIRST GRADE A Compllments of FRANCES L FERGUSON Compllments of FIRST GRADE B Compllments of ETHEL FARNHAM Compllments of SECOND GRADE Compllments THIRD GRADE Compllments of MABEL M CLAYTON Comphments of EMILY A EHLER Compllments of FOURTH GRADE Comphments of GOLDIE TURNER Compllments of Compllments of Compllments SIXTH GRADE Comphments f ANNA J FLINT l 111 1 c m ' of ' Z . 1 m . m , N I I m 4 E FIFTH GRADE ETHEL TRYON l ' of A ' 0 I 'f 'onic' Our .-1 dz' 'rtiycms 1.9.25 .elRDSLlu'l-lAX 4 Compliments of HELEN M. SILLIMAN Compliments of C. W. HOREND, JR. Compllments of DOROTHY BAXTER Compllments of DONALD C BRYANT Compllments of GRACEC KINDERVATTER Compllments of HARLAN A THOMAS Compllments f MARJORIE WILLOUGHBY Compllments f MRS MARY QUIMBY Compllments f ADELINE RUSSELL Compllments of ELINOR C BUELL Compllments LOUISE M COVEY Compllments f ARTHUR W SILLIMAN Compllments of MARY T GOEHREN Compliments of ASHER EDELMAN Compllments CELIA CONKLIN Compllments of DR G Q JOHNSON Pit: 1111 f Ou 1 Lclfrsc .5 N , l p . . l ll . . -ess'-A "RM ' ' o l ' 0 . O . O l l l . . l -mt?t.-t-W tteettee dp. R k.tsllWW l ' of ' i 1 Q l l , . . . I I l l V ': ', I. A - w . "1 wi. I X ll.'lINl,!f5 IN A uiographg

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