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lWJT27HA2YZlEYI'NI DICIJIl'.X'I'lilD 'HH T110 lgf7tl7'lf nf lfrlffrulirm In ZIIJPFCCEZIYEOII of :fl that they lmvc dum- tw S1Tll1'O for us :um zlclrlitiu 5Chfl0l huilcliug MTEMIZICRS OI" 'l'IlIC IHJXKI7 UI-' liIDl'Q'.X'I'lf1X Mary 'If 1imI11'vu, lYl'C,4iflL'l3l Ruth VI. STOCIIIU Xxviuilllll S. Xcwkirk Frank Czxlace-Moitolzl 'l'l1o1n:xs Iiillflll XYiHiz1m C. I-z1w1'enCf:. Clccrk Chzxrleg ,l. Nlullcr. 'l41'LXZLi11l'C1' Arlhux' XY. Sillimzm, Principal .If lm ,X. XYiclql'z1fu. Lluxxzscl 2 IARE13 2ziYAN I The 1927 ARDSLEYAN Year Book of the Ardsley High School BOARD OF EDITORS Stafford Clayton, Editor-in-chief Gertrude Walter, Associate Editor Elinor C. Buell, Adviser ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT Matilda Hunink, Advertising Manager Frank Coggins, Assistant Advertising Manager ART DEPARTMENT Richard Speed, Art Editor Dominick Paolucci, Assistant Art Editor Charles Zunser, Assistant Art Editor CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Edmund Gierczynski, Manager The following students have also greatly contributed to the success of this year book by writing essays and assisting the members of the staff. Marian Williams Edwin Bruce Harvey Bullock Ethel Zotz Gertrude Brown Florence Zunser Ruth Brown John Teller Marjorie Longmuir Florence VVheeler Edwin Braem Ruth Roberts Violet Codlup Mary De Rosa Mary Delmerico Florence Brown Elizabeth Van Burkalow Beatrice Bell Anastasia V an Burkalow ICIMQVZVW Top Row- FACULTY Mr. Charles XV. l'IOl'ClNl+SClSl'1CCZlllll Matliemitit Mr. Arthur VV. Sillinian-Principal Mr. George C. Richter-Hislorv Mr. Harlan A. 'l'l1omas--liiglii firzirlc Middle Row- Mrs. Emily A. Fhler-Tlwircl Grzulc Mrs. Mary E. Quimby-Seventh Grzirlv Mrs. Grace C. Kinclervatter--Commercial Miss Marjorie I.. lVilloughby--Physical Trunm Miss Celia P. Conklin--Nurse Mrs. Mabel M. Clayton-Second Gracle Bottom Row- Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Elizabeth C. l'J'ubrCuilwl"mirtli lirzule Dorothy M. llaxter-lbinwiiig' Gladys A. Palmer-l.angnzigcs Frances C. lferguson-lfirst Cirzula- Elinor C, lluellw-linglish Sarah li.. liclwards-Kiiiclvrgzirten Anna J. lflvine--Sixth firzule Not Pictured- Miss Miss lithel M. 'l'ryon--lfifth Grade Marian L. Munson--Music Mrs. Helen M. Sillliman-Secretary Mr. Clarence Travis-Engineer 4 i Top Row- Allan Townsend John Zotz Miss Elinor Buell Mzxtilda Hunink STUDENT COVNCII. Mr. Arthur Sillimu n Frank Coggins Yito Barberi Ruth Brown Gertrude Brown Bottom Row- .-Xlfred Canning John Grandolfi Yera Braem Ronald Townsend Ol"lilCl2RS Ruth Brown. President Gertrude Brown, Secretary Vito llarl Miss Elinor C. Buell, Adviser Mr. Arthur XV. Silliman, Ex-officio The first team numbers were as follows: mieri Treasurer Vera Braem Charles Agnano Gertrude Brown Edgar Bell Ronald Townsend Matilda Hunink Alfred Canning Robert Barnett Richard Speed ' Aims 45 21 :frm 5 Tllli STVDICXT t'ttl'Xt ll. The Student Council of ,Xrdsley lligh School is an organization consisting of the Presidents of all classes. from the fourth grade through to the Senior L lass. In this council we have ditiferent otticers. who for the tirst semester were as tollows: President ---- Richard Speed s Secretary tiertrude llrown Treasurer Vito ltarbieri Adviser Klr, Richter lfx-Officio - Xlr, Silliman In january another election for otiicers was held. and there were two changes. Ruth llrown was elected president. and Kliss Iiuell. our adviser. This council holds a business meeting every month. at which the activities of the school are discussed. Anyone who has any ideas as to the bettering ot con- ditions in or around the school may express them. An important undertaking of the Student Council every year, is the publish- ing of the "Ardsleyan." This requires a great amount ot' work on the part ot the students who aid in publishing it. and we are sure every one of them, and also the officers of the year book, deserve great credit. .Xt one ot' our meettinfrs, durinff the mast vear. we were discussing what a great . . . w . 2- 1 - . . N .H . honor it 15 to be vazledtctorian ot the class. and vet nothing much is made of it. Ni . . 1 ' as . the council made a motion. and it was passed. that every year we would give a ten dollar gold piece to the valedictorian of the Senior Class and a hve dollar gold piece to the VZ1TCKTlCtOI'i2ll'l of the lfighth Grade. These are to be awarded at the graduation exercises. For one of our Honor Assemblies. which are held once a month, Kliss lfsther XVilshire came to entertain us by giving a iew monologues. poems. and stories. It las through the Student Council that Bliss XYilshire came to Ardsley. and ne feel sure everyone enjoyed her program. lfach pupil was taxed the small fee of five Cents. The Student Council took charge ot the movies in lfebruary. and at this movie we cleared approximately thirty dollars. This was voted to be given toward the library fund. The money went toward installing a magazine rack in the library and changing the lighting system. which was not very good. As a whole. we think the Student louncil has been a great help to the school this past year. and we hope that next year it will be even better. Later on inthe year. we gave a lligh School picnicc at "vlaeob's i.adder." This was the closing party for the year, On .-Xpril I7 we gave the rknnual llaskelball llanquet, liach person was charged one dollar for their "eats" and dancing. The llellemorians played for dancing after the banquet. We also hired linippenberg' to furnish the "eats," This was a help to all. for no preparing and cleaning up had to be done. The evening went very quickly. and we all had a wonderful time, 6 THE HONCNR SOCIETY Top Row- Edwin Hering Michael Paolucci Lawrence Chadwick Robert Berthelson Vito Barbieri Dominick Santore Second Row- Charles Agnano Mr. Charles W. Horend Third Row- Fourth Fifth Charles Quimby XVilliam Gierczynski Ralph DeTerlizzi VVilliam Lawrence Alvrine Knell Row- Marjorie Longmuir Olive W'hite Dorothy Canavotto Gweyneth VVillianis Row- Pearl W'ilson Margaret Sanger Edna Knell Helen Stratton Bottom Row- Allan McCartney Charles VVharmby Joseph Russo Edward Aim Angelo DeRosa Edwin Braem -Ellery Kamke Ruth Mathews Matilda Hunink Stafford Clayton Edmund Gierczynski Dominick Dc Nardo Helen Berthelson Thomas Moccia jimmy Mantello Nickey Petrolo Yera Braem Conchetta DeRosa Ronald Townsend Nunzianto Leo Alfred Canning May llerthelson Helen Gie Lawrence Ruth Trautman Martha Frischmann Ruth Coggins William Brinkerhoff rczynski Norman Townsend George Munck Frank Filomena Agnano 5 s' min:-gyzwmnt. 7 THE ARDSLEY HIGH SCIIUOI. HONOR SC'5t'lli'l'Y Since the organization of the llonor Society. in 1923. its mem-bership has steadily increased until now there about sixty-tive members. lt was organized with the purpose of making the .-Xrdsley School one where the pupils are vitally interested in school activities. Some of the work which the students perform is keeping the school grounds orderly and caring for the general welfare of the school. The members also set higher ideals for the rest of the students. To become a member of the Ilonor Society. a pupil must have perfect attend- ance for at least nine months. some athletic ability. an average ot SJ per cent or better in all school work, and he must also have done some service tor the school. The fololwinv are the officers for the year of 1026-27: PI . lfirst llalf Second llalf President - lf. XYelch S. Clayton Secretary - - li, liraem li. Rraein Faculty Adviser - - Mr. C. XY. llorend The third annual banquet of the llonor Society was held the latter part of December. The guests of honor were: Mr. XY. Cl. Seeley. his friend, Klr. C. Jones. the mem-bers of the lloard of liducation. and the school faculty. Each mem- ber of the society was allowed to invite one guest. Over one hundred people were there to enjoy the party so successfully planned by the various committees. The lunchroom and auditorium were effectively decorated with red and green crepe paper. Before the arrival of Mr. Seeley. who was unavoidably delayed. the other guests and students sang some school songs in the old auditorium. After .Xlr. Seeley's arrival the group went to the lunchroom where the banquet was served by a capable committee of the Ilonor Society. .Xfter the banquet Klr. llorend called on the various grades for their contribution of either a yell. song. or recita- tion. Finally, Mr. Seeley was callediin for his words of wisdom. Ile made many humorous remarks about the speakers. Then he held everybody in suspense with his speech. "Aint" The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing and play- ing games. As a result of the banquet there were a few bills unpaid. lt was decided to take charge of one of the monthly movie programs. To arouse more interest and enthusiasm a ticket-selling campaign was organized. Two teams. "The Comet" nd 'AThe Skyrocketf' were formed. with lidmund tlicrczynski nd Tommy Moccia as leaders. The contest was a trip to the moon. This proved, as other contests, the fine spirit of cooperation which .Xrdsley students have. The last social affair of the year. sponsored by the llonor Society. was the annual picnic held in May. The Comets had thc pleasure of doing the "kitchen police ' duty. S THE ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Marion XVilliams-Pianist f .-Xllan Townsend--Saxophonc Bessie Robertson-lfirst Yiolin Claire Swanston- " Richarcl llullock- 'A Dominick lleNarclo-N Dominick Vaolucci- " joseph Yenuli- " Ronald Tofnsencl-Cornet lfeluch Perillom " Thoinns Mocc-ia-, " 1 Dominick Santore4llass Horn Nuzianto Leo-Clarinet Norman Townsend-French llorn . Anthony Santore-Trombone John Teller- Drums OFFICERS Marian XVilliams-President Dominick Santore-Secretary Ronald Townsend-Treasure Mr. Arthur lj'Z1I1.lClS-l,.k'illl6I' IARQRQEEEIW 'l' 'I'lll?I .XIQTS .NND l'R.Xl7'l'?4 t'l.l'l1 Marjorie Longmnir lithel lolz Mary De Rosa Magclalun l'reclm-l Milfy G6F21ght5' lillian liolmt-rtsoii EllZ2ll7Cfl1 L00 llilrla fanning lilorenve fnnser. l'resiclenI hliss l7orothy liaxter. .Xrlviser Xlihen the .Xrls ancl Crafts Clnh was organixefl. in Sepleinlmer. nncler the clirees tion of Miss Dorothy llaxter. il consistecl of lwaeticallv all the girls in the three Y upper high school classes. liesicles carrying on ils rt-gnlar work, the clnh has clone several things which have heen of great assistance to the school, 'llhe girls niacle over the old lahoratory into a neat anrl eheerinl sewing-rooan. They also cliil a great cleal of work in helping with the vostnines for the l lperetta, The arts and Crafts Lllnh was in charge of the llallowe'en l'arly given for the High School, in Uetoher. Tllli C'l,lCl7 t'l.l'l1 Ililcla Canning linnna Sanger Nlarian Xlilliains Lillian Rohertson Ruth Xlalhews llarhara l'l'lSClllllZlllll Olive White liclith Vnclney liertrncle XYalter Lillian XYallcer lfrierla Welcli Louise Sieiliano Ethel Zotz lletty llell Dorothy l.acltnian Mary Geraghty .Xlrinv linell liathryn llrooks Bertha Norris .Xlaffclalen l'reClilel llelen llerthelson in-mil xxx-ich. l'resirlt'nl lfihel Zolz, 'lireasnrer Bertha Norris. Secretary Hlive Wliite. X'ice-l'i-esiclent lfthel Zotz, Secretary .Xlary fieraglny. YieeAl'resicleiil I.illian llolnemsoii. l'ianist One ol the attractions at the lligh School L'oininenceinein was the Clef Clnh chorus, which sang several songs. 'lihe lilnh was organizerl nncler the leaclership of the music teacher, Kliss Xlnnson. two years ago. ll was niacle np of girls in High School who harl a flesire to learn ninsir. lt niet every week to holrl a hnsi- ness meeting. The girls showerl a rlecirlecl iinprowinein when they enlertainerl the anclienee in assemblies with some ol their songs. Tliere are other aclvantages in helonging to the clnh, for the girls have hafl goorl times in going to picnics. ancl nieeling together. 10 Cnflieizifil-serial MOVING PICTURES v The people of Ardsley saw many of the movie programs, which were excep- tionally good thls year, being clean, sparkling, laughable, and instructive. The programs improved greatly as new ones were given. Some of the feature pictures held in the school were "Douglas McLean,p in "Introduce Me," "The Cannon Ball Expressf "The VVorld W'ar,,' "Rex" in "King of Wild ,Horsesfi and "The Flami ff T il.' B A ' 1 comedies and educational pictures. ng ra esidcs these features there were These entertainments gave ideas and many laughs for the spectators. The school organizations which had charge of the movie programs were the Student Council, Hon r S i G' l - t - ' V 0 ociety, ir Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Orchestra. These or- ganizations, therefore, made money to pay their debts. U VVe thank the people for their support of the Ardsley High School Organi- zations. TAYLOR AND KEYLOIR The program of Messrs. Taylor and Keclor was given on Saturday evening, October 23, 1926, in the Ardsley High School Auditorium. Mr. Herbert A. Taylor was the magician, the juggler, and the ventriloquist, and was capable of giving a full evening's program alone in any of these three branches. He also did the comedy clown characterizations, the paper tearing, and the rag pictures. Mr. W. C. Keylor was the tenor soloist, and gave several seleltions, which consisted of his imitation of musical instruments, pianologues, and included char- acter songs n Scotch, Irish and Negro dialect. CMr. VV. C. Keylor, a hrst-class pianist, was almost as good as Paderewskil CM1-. Herbert A. Taylor. the regular comedian, provoked the laughter of the evening. He performed many tricks which were a mystery to the audience? THE AMERICAN GLEE CLUB The American Glee Club presented the highest grade of talent we ever had in Ardsley, on Friday, March 4, 1927, at 8:15 P. M. The program was held in the new Ardsley High School Auditorium and was under the auspices of the Ardsley Hgh School Orchestra. The program consisted of vocal solos, quartets in close harmony, instru- mental music, and musical novelties. There was a truck load of sage setting and paraphernalia glorifying the new stage. The program was enjoyed by the audi- ence because of its novelty. The entertainers were said to b eone of the most popular American quartets, and we were fortunate in securing them, The fact that the Albert VVicker's Plat- form Service were trying to secure our business for next year alone was respon- sible for their detour to the village of Ardsley. 'lhey were the same management which presented the Taylor and lleylor Ll1iCl'lZ1ilIlTlCYlt, "Kings of l7unland,'l which made such a hit here. 1ARn1PE1qz:i1H!AN 1 1 A, 11, 5, 1I.X51i1i'1'1LX1,1. 11.'XNQ1'1i'1' Ardsley High 501111111 116111 its 11111111111 1111s1f111111111 1111111111111 111 ZlIJ1Jl'k'C1I1'11Oll 111 1111 work 110110 by 1116 111115. 111111 girls' 113111115 111' 111111-1027. 111111' 51111111111 11111111 x1'11N Served by El 131111115 11Sl'1'y 1111111611 was 1f1'L'Il11j' 111111111111 111' 11vc1'111111. X111 1111111111 who proved E1 511161111111 t1111s111111s1c1'. 11111'1111111'1111 11111 11:111111111s 111111 111112lQL'1'S 111. 1111111 teams, who gave 21 111'1c1 11111111111 111 11111 1712lf'C1'5' 1111111111111151111111111f. AS the C11lll161' 111111 5111111111115 11111111 111 1111 L'1lf1. 11111 Q11L'S1S we111 1111s11111's 111 1111 O1C1 11111111111'111111, w111'1'e f1Zll1L'1l1g XYZLS 11113151111 Ill 11111 111111-1111 1'11y111111 111 111c 1111111 111111'1z111s. O11 11125 CVC'11111Q' KYL' 11111111111 S1111l,'111111Q' 1lL'X'l'l' wun 11111116 111511113 11111 Q111 111111 gates 111 A1'11s10y 111g11: 1'11'L'S11l11C11 1x'111'11 21611111111 1111 11111 1111111' C1?l11C111g. Every11o11y 111111 I1 11111Q1 1:11-1115'111111- 111111: 211111 1111 11L'k'1 11111111111 111111 11cx1 y11111 VV1t11 111 1C11s1 111112 1'11111111111111e11i11 111111, 11111 11111111 11111 1111 K'111111l51511CZl11f 11111111111111 111 almost the entire High SC1111111. 61-1 111. 5111 11115 11111111 111. S11111112l11, 111111111111 1 11111'11'111111 X1.'11.1111'. 51111111111 1.i11111Q1111111 1'1111'111 1 111111311 1i111'111111s1111, 1111111111 1.111111C1' 11111111 X1111111111s, 1111111111111 1i111111'y11 111111111 111111111 5111111111111 1f111111 XY1111111111111' 1 111v11 1'111'111'111111x 1'1111'111 2 11C1l1'l'1CL' 111111. 111111111 1.Q1111111' 1J111'11111y Q'11111111x'111111, f111'11111'111 K1111' 1i111'111c1s1111 1111211110111 51111111 11Q1'g111111 XY1111111111111' 11XYj'l1f'111 1111111111114 1I11Y 511110115 1l'V111Q XYcs11111111, 5111111 x121511'1' 51111111 1iZ1l111iC. .XS51S12l11T 51111111 XIZISTUI' 51111111111 L'111y11111. DI11111111' .Xss1s111111 :X111111 '1'11w11f111111, 511111111 11ZL11'I11 1.111111c1' 111111111 1'n11'111 1211111111 11c1'111111s1111, 1,2111'111 110111161- 11111111111 '1'111x'11f111111. .XsF1s111111 1l1111il1C1' 1211111111111 11111111111 111x XX'11s1Qy 1i1'11w11 11115110 111111111 11111113 1i1111111e. 1'1111'111 1.111111111' 1'iC1XY111 111'11c111. 1Xss1s111111 1Q11y111111111 XX'11s1'11 5111111111 '111'2lX'1S 1321111 1111111111111 13 l "T 7 V li . of f TE Jig x , 0 . . i xi an . I x jigs- w'l'l,.:iL- ,Y 1' T 5 A ,tl W F Y K 5. MS' 4 . wg!-TE' ,f Tsai - A. H. S. MINSTRELS For four years the Ardsley High School Klinstrels. under the capable direction of Mr. Reichter, has delighted and entertained a large audience in the school build- ing: but the performance given this year. on the evening of Friday, December 10, l926. at 8:15 o'clock, far surpassed any of the preceeding ones. The very atmos- phere of the Southern Negroes' jolly, carefree life was brought :into the midst of the largest audience yet assembeld in the spacious new auditorium of which we are so proud. There are many who deserve particular praise for their excellent work. The end men especially should have special mention. They were Mr. Horeurl as "Bones," -lohn Teller as "Tambo." Frank Coggins as Hljollweevilf' john Geraghty as "Asbestos.l' Stafford Clayton as "Muresco." and Charles Zunser as "Alabastine." Yito Barbieri deserves much credit for the manner in which he car- ried out his part as interlocutor. Their amusing conversation, queer costumes and funny stunts had the audience laughing from beginning to end. Mr. Horend as "Bones" was the life of the program. He talked freely and bumorously. sang, and played on the banjo. He was about as slippery as an eel, and skillfully evaded the "wfife." three times his size, with the ease of a lively rubber ball. Alex. Klussa played the wife with accuracy and spirit. Certainly the special numbers deserve praise: Edward Aim. who gave a vio- lin solo: Matilda liunink and Edwin Bruce. who gave an exceedingly clever ex- hibition of Chal-leston dancing: Allan Townsend and Ellery Kamke. who gave some musical selections: Milard Midonick. our rising young politician. who pre- sented a campaign address: Edwin Bruce. Stafford Clayton. Ray Neary and Chsrles Zunser. known as the Hawaiian Lfkelelc Quartet, who gave a series of popular songs: The Broadway lfickers. Robert llarnett, blames Travis and Bernard Young, who offered a screamingly funny parody of chorus girls: Rosalyn, Alvin and Miles Suchin in a "Trepac" a very quaint and charming Russian dance. and Mr. Leslie Cooley. who presented a couple of pretty Southern songs. All of these greatly helped in "putting the show across." . Perhaps the most important single factor in the success of the entertainment was the chorus. composed of practically every boy in the High School. and we. on behalf of the school. wish to thank them for theil- efforts. Ann: -gV23iiiYIU 1 A ARIJSLIQY llllill SCHUC Bl, t7l"l2Rl2'l'T.'X Cast of lliaractcrs Frederick Qa little hoyl ---- - Thomas Moccia The little green elf man of thc treetops Macgregor Kilpatrick Sunshine - - - - - Mildred Quick Shadow - - Humming Bird Paul Storm Rodney Ferguson John Chadwick Elizabeth Mac Kenzie Yera Braem Cecilia Paolucci Cecilia Leo Jeonne Quimby Edna Knell Lily Storm Martha Geraghty Pearl Wlilson Martha Frischmann Helen Praetorius Gwyneth Wfilliams Kathryn Jewell Alvinc Kncll - - Daniel De Slepheno - - - - - .lane lidnuinds Grasslioppers lfarl llclshcr Lewis Travis lfairics john G1-andolli 'lames Mac XYliirter llutterflies Ruth Lawrence lilorence XYillxur Anita XYilhur Susie Slllllllilllll -lcnnie lk' Rosa liairics Marian fiagliardi lna llolxcrtson l,uCy Dc Rosa Vivian Klidoniclq Yiolcts Yiolct Gnd:-n Ruth Coggins Roses .Mina licliiicrico ficrtrudc XX innzahl Nessie Robertson Dorothy llroxvn fonclietta De Rosa Xlay llerllielwon Under the direction of Kliss Marjorie XX'illoiiglilmy and Bliss Marian Xlunson. 14 WlW l THE GREENBURGH LEAGUE SPEAKING CONTEST The Second Annual Greenburgh League Interscholastic speaking contest was held in our new auditorium, Friday, March 25. The doors opened at 7:45 and supporters of the various schools poured into the sections assigned to them. Ardsley, as was expected, had the largest group of supporters, although Irvington. Dobbs Ferry, Grecnburgh, and Hastngs were well represented. I The Ardsley High School Orchestra showed their musical ability by render- ing some very delightful selections. Nr. Daniels conducted them, and they were assisted by the 'tBellemorians." Before the opening of the contest, it was explained that in previous years debating contests had been held. These proved unsuccessful, and the schools of the league therefore decided to have a formal speaking contest. The first one in 1926 having proven so successful, it has now become an annual event. Each winner received a silver cup on which his name was engraved, and this was given to the school he represented. The three judges were Miss Heed of Pleasantville, Mr. XVillia1ns of Harts- dale, and Mr. Benedict of North Tarrytown. The audience was very much surprised at the great display of talent shown by the speakers. The winning smiles of our girl contestant, Marjorie Longmuir, won her great applause. She delivered "Hellgate of Soissons" with a fervor that stirred her audience. Millard Midonick gave "The Ballad of Splendid Silence" with the talent only he can show. However, owing to the unique selections of the winners, Ardsley had to be content with two close second places. The winners were Dwight Holbert of Hastings, who gave a throbbing jungle poem, which described three phases of Congo and Helen Carlson from Greenburgh, who attracted attention by her dramatic ability in telling one of Poe's tales. W'hile the judges were deliberating, the "Belmo1'ians', gave a few selections which helped to relieve the suspense. - Ardsley High School has, perhaps, the best outlook for winning first places next year. No doubt, the two speakers, Marjorie Longmuir and Millard Midonick will again try for the contest. If so, they have a very good opportunity to prac- tice in our new high school auditorium. They also 'have the beneht of being under the excellent supervision of Miss Elinor Buell, head of the English De- partment. The school greatly appreciated the efforts of all the pupils who tried for this contest although they were not fortunate enough to represent us. Ardsley will bring home the cups next year! lXRI73L5,2i1+l1feEYAN - tQlRl.'S ltiXSlili'l'l1rXl.l, Top Row-Dorothv l.iZlL'iilllZ'lll. Ruth llrown. Klztrian XYilli:1ms. lflorenee Zun- ser, Miss Marjorie XYillouglihy. Bottom Row-Klzxrjorie Longmuire, liertrucle llrown. Klzttilclzt lluninlc. lilo- rence llrown, Elizabeth Oakes. Ruth Laxrrenee. mascot. The month of liehruzirx' elosecl the most successful hzislietlmll season for the girls' team that Ardsley lligh School has witnesserl since l'Jl2. The well-worn adage, "Slow but Sure," expresses the course tztlcen hy our girls :luring this past season. In the beginning of the season. prospects clicl not seem so hright. hut through the careful coaching of .lliss Willouglihy zuicl the eo-operation :intl hzirfl team work of the girls. they hnztlli won the honor of seeontl plztee in the Green- hurgh Interseliolustic League. .Xltogether they played eleven games. winning seven. lYe regret to say that we have the misfortune of losing' our star forward. Ruth llrown. She hzts plztyerl since she entererl lligh School :incl has :ilxmys shown willingness to worla :incl goorl sportsnizuiship. Next yeztr's prospects seein promising' :ts there :ire signs of goorl iuztteriztl in the lireshmzui tezim, :tml we have this yeztr's tezun to rely upon for 'hringiug home the liturclsf' Here-'s for ll more successful seat-on in F7283 The following are the nitnilmers of the tezun: Kliss Xlillottglihy-tVizieh. Xlziriztn XYillizuns--Xlzuiztger, Ruth llrown- l'iUl'KYZll'1l. llorothy l.ZlClilll2lll+l'l11l'XY1ll'fl Lltunpingu. Margie l.ongnuiirvlfoi'wzu'cl. Klzttilrlzt I luninlt--1 iuztrcl llilllllllltl l. lilorenee lll'UXYll--lill2ll'1l. Ciertrucle lli'mx'ii--littzml. lflorenee Zunsen- -Suhstitute. lflizztheth flztlces- Fuhstitute. Ruth l.ztwrence---Klzxseot. ---. I: EDYQ BOYS' ATHLETICS Years in Vvars in Top Row: bfzwlzall Im.-:kc'fImt'! Dominick Us Xardo ,... 1 ,. xyiuiillll Innes ........ 1 2 Anthony Santore . . . 2 1 Robert Harnet . . . 1 . . Middle Row: Robert llerthelson ........ l I Slmmncr Zunser, l11flI1ZlgCl' .... 2 Nr. Chafes XY. llorend ..... . Harvey Rullovk, manager .... . 1 Uottoin Ixow I Fclwurd Aim ............ 2 . Ifclnlnnd Gicrczfynski . . . 1 3 Staiford Clayton . . . 2 2 Vito llarhieri ., 3 2 .lohn Tiller .... 2 Z john fiC1'ag'hty . . . 3 2 Frank Loggins ..... 2 5 Uoiniiiick Santoro ............ ..... 2 Z li. VY. Horencl+CoaCl1. iiilrifiilllil--Jflllll Gerzlghty. Captain: C'1nrlQQ Zunscr, Manager. T321-nkctball-Alcfhn Geragllty. Captain: Harvxy liuilocli. Manager. llmkeflmall of 1928-john Tciler, Kfzxptuiii-ilect. ARD:-g1p5':It5YKrT 17 BOYS' BASKETBALL The team of 1926-1927 has had a very competitive and interesting season. We had some very good material, and the boys worked hard to make this year a successful one. We all feel that if the basketball season had lasted a little while longer we would have had a very good chance of obtaining tirst place in the League, for when the season ended. our team was playing at its best. ,Xs it was. we were able to take third place in the League. The League games resulted as follows: Team .S'rore Ttltllll .blt'I?I't' f,lt!vV4'll of Irvington 26 Xrdsley l 'J Ardsley Dobbs Ferry 33 .Xrdsley 23 Dobbs Ferry Creenburgh 117 Xrdsley 23 Clreenburgh Hastings 2-1 Xrdsley 18 .-Xrdsley Irvington 26 Xrdsley 20 Irvington Dobbs Ferry 14 Xrdsley 17 qlvrdsley Greenburgh 17 Xrdsley .34 .Nrdsley Hastings .23 Xrdsley 26 llastings I' R .XC li Last year our track team made a good record on the cinders considering the fact that we had little practice. "Lib" Oakes brought in a tirst place in the base- ball throw, and Ed llruce tied for tirst place in the seventyelive yard dash for the junior class. Several other members received rewards of second and third places. The Juniors funder one hundred and fifteen ponndsl, both boys and girls, showed up welll and we feel that in another year they will be bringing in their share of points for Ardsley. lYe are greatly handicapped by having no place for running or jumping, but we hope by another year to have a space in the park. BtJYS'll1XSlil1A1,l. The baseball season of 1927 seems to be a little tnore promising last years lVe have a group of veterans. a reliable battery, a collection of promising recruits, and the spirit needed for victory. .Xt the time this 1XRDsi.1f:vAN goes to press. we have played tive games: Children's tillage at lfhauneey. llastings at Ardsley. Uobbs Ferry at fXrdsley. lireenburgli at flreenburgh, and llastings at llastings, 18 THE DEDICATION The new -addition was started about July, 1925. In October, a collection.of future memories was taken from each class to be put into the cornerstone, which ws laid with simple ceremony on October 22, at 3 P. M. The building was ready for occupancy at the beginning of the new school term, September, 1926, but was not officially Finished until later in the Fall. With an interesting and impressive program, this new addition was dedicated N oyember 11, 1926. There were over six hundred people at the dedication, which, we believe, is more than have ever been in the school at one time before. The program was as follows: Music-Ardsley High School Orchestra. Welcome Song-First Grade Group. Invocation-Rev. J. T. Van Burkalow. The Star Spangled Banner-Sung by Audience. Greetings-Mrs. Mary T. Goehren, President, Board of Education. Your New School-Mr, Charles H. Cheney, Dist. Superintendent of Schools. Solo: "The Wind's in the South"-Miss Marion Munson, Director of Music, Ardsley. Dedication Address-Hon. VVilliam F. Bleakley, judge of the County Court. Benediction-Rev. P. F. Lombardo. Inspection of new building. Dancing in the old auditorium---music by Uelmorians. Ushering by the Senior Class. The spell-bound audience listened to the addresses and music. Miss Munson held the rapt attention of all with her singing, and graciously tendered as an en- core. the song, "I Love You Truly." Inspection of the building followed this. Some of the visitors then left. but the others went into the old auditorium and enjoyed a social hour of dancing to the music of the Bellemorian Orchestra. The pupils appreciate the forethought of the people of the village in giving us such a splendid building and will strive to be worthy of this great opportunity. Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. hlan. jan. Feb. lfeb. lieb. Feb. Mar. Har. Mar. ,-Xpr. .-Xpr. Apr. Apr. .N pr. Apr. Nay May Hay illllf' WEQJZEYAT 1-1 QX YIQXR XX'l'llll Ol'llSlfl.X'liS 6-Faculty zirrive to take up their strenuous. impossible duties. S-Students creep unwillingly to school. lfreshnien Wunder about like lords of creation. 14-lfreshnien boys get dizzy pztrading the circle in the village square dur- ing initiation. Ice-eold slioyyers at school relieve theni. 16-lfreshnizin girls go buck to lqindergzirten dziys with hzxir ribbons. two- toned socks. and blissful ignorance. 20-Several uliznini and .Xlex Klusszi. ex-grzuluztte. shzilie the dust of .Xrds- ley from their feet and depart to institutions of higher learning. 21-Gertrude Xlvzilter exits for Cizilifornizx. l-Pupils heyrziil filet that teachers' conference couipels :1 holidzly. Tezicliers rejoice. 12-Pupils glad Columbus diseoyercd .Xniericzr 23-'l'aylor and licylor entertain .Xrdsley by their :lets of niztgic. 29-liirst party of the yezir givin by .Xrts :ind tirzifts liluh entertains pupils. pupils. witches and goblins frighten some of the lfreslnnen. ll-Dedication of new building. lflvxluniors publish lliglz Srliool ,X'rryx. 10-:XlalJa1n11 Klinstrels. llones zind 'llnnlro give the audience zihernzitc thrills, horrors. false expectations. :ind aching sides with their hziir-raising episodes. 15-'Honor Society liznioutt, Klr. Seeley discloses niziny of Klr. Slllll'llZ1ll.S Secrets. Mrs, lfhler :ind Klrs. lloehren :ire honored yyilh niednls. 17-Santa Lflzuis visits school :ind orders it to be closed until ,l21l1l1?l1'Y -ilfl' 13iHigh School girls :ire well fed zu the lYestchester Lighting C'oinp:iny's "School on XYhc-els," which :inehored on Orlando fxveiuie. 21-The digniried Seniors jolt the high school into ll pziriy. l8--,-Xll aboard for the lfllf ,'XRlisi,iiyHxxi Willing support gives the editors some needed eueourztgement. 20-The Sophomore--lunior pzirty puts .lznuiziry Zl in the dust. 23-The hcilllllflllllflll lfxpressu :irrives carrying with it the entertziinineni. "Mary, Queen of Tots." 28-The girls have Il bzislcetbzill party. -l-The .'X11lCI'lCZll1 tilee tilub niesnierizes :1 lzirge nuniber of .Xrdslt-yites. who were wise enough to attend. 15-Gilbert Klefonnell and Llzunes Nlelyliirter in their ltilts nizilse the high school girls envious. 25-Speaking Contest. Nlztrviorie zind Nlillzird plezise the ziuditnce. 2-lfirst varsity bzisebzill ganie with llfistings. lloys cziteh l'1llll'4ll'O'lJf and drop tly bulls. S5Xiiz1stz1sia Yan lhii'ltziioyr represents us in .Yeti York' 'liilzuiv tiontest. 9-Seniors' CUlll'lZ1Q1'ZllltYll. 'AlYix'es to Ilurnf' lrziyrs it large audience. 14-lizzsketbzil lbzinfguet. Xleuibers of both iezuns :ire :nnply fed, Speakers especially enjoy occasion. V 21--Seniors leziye for lxiildillllgltlll. ,Xrdsley sqiiare zirouscd :tt f'1:l5. 29 to May 6-lloys' lleelq, .Rtl':1,irs of the Yillzige go on snioothly under boys' inzuizigenient, l'rineip:tl -lziels 'lieller is reslrziined from grzuiling it half holiday: -Two Seniors do the flip Yarn Xlifnliie stunt. 5-:Xrdsley wins fr. in llehlus lierry in ninth inning. 6-"The lfziiry Rose" leads zuidience into fziirylzind for an hour. 13-lfreshnien l.uelc l'zirty tzilies curse froni lfridziy, the 13th. 20 THE H1sToRY or ARDSLEY HIGH scnooi. In olden times the Sawmill River was forded near an ash tree. A little set- tlement grew up around this ford and eventually became a village known as Ash- ford. Like all good villagers, the people of Ashford provided a school for their children. VVe have no record of their hrst attempts in this line. Our earliest records go as far back as 1846. The school tax list for that year is still extant and is a most interesting document. The trustees, John Lefurgy, Charles Lister, and Anthony Storm, wished to raise seventy-three dollars and seventy-five cents for the maintenance of the school for a year. During the winter of 1844-45, they spent ten dollars for wood to heat the school. Some of the other items of ex- pense were: an axe and helve, 31.445 a stove door, 30.37, a broom, 30.21. VVe do not know the location of this building. The next school was situated on the land now owned by Mr. Vlfilliam Proud- foot, and was first used sometime during the sixties. This building had two rooms, both on the same Hoor, one of which was used as a cloak room.. The school district at that time extended as far as Broadway, Dobbs Ferry. The first teacher was a Mr. Rope. Then followed Mr. G. A. Buck and Mr. VVi11iam E. Slocum, both well-known to the people of Ardsley. The land for this school was given to the town by Mr. Stores, to be held by it only as long as it was used for a school. VVhen the site was changed in 1880, this land accordingly reverted to the original owner. Mr. Daniel Lawrence bought the old building and moved it down by Campbells garage, where it was used as a livery stable. The new school erected in 1880 was our present Municipal Building. On the first fioor there were two rooms, separated by a glass partition. The first and second grades met in the back, the third and fourth in the front. The other four grades met in the two rooms on the second floor. Mr. Xllilliam Slocum was the principal. It was three years after this that the name of the village was changed. The people of Ashford desired a Post Office. As there was already an Ashford in the State. it was necessary to change the name. A Mr, Cyrus W. Field prom- ised to help them with their petition if they would change it to "Ardsley,', after the home of his ancestors in England. The first Ardsley school grew slowly but surely. By 1903. there were four teachers, and by 1910, live. ln 1913, the older part of our present building was erected at a cost of 5S90,000. At this time, there were six teachers and about 125 pupils. In june, 1913. nine pupils took high school examinations. In June, 1927, ninety pupils will take these examinations. Although high school work was carred on, we did not receive our charter until 1918. The kindergarten was added in 1918. Our high school department has grown so rapidly recently that in 1925 the corner-stone fora large addition was laid, with llrs. Ruth Slocum, l"resident of the lloard of Education. presiding. The dedication of this building was held in tlte new audi- torium, November 11, 1926. Mrs. Mary Goehren, Prcsdent of the lloard of lfducation. presided. In our ample quarters, we have now nineteen teachers and a school nurse. Ardsley High School ranks high among the schools in our src- tion of the country and is steadily bettering its positior mzn1s a52'+:.srxNl ll FIVE YEARS OF PROGRESS IN ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Tin" B1zfI11'1'1f-y-lDuring thc past live ynzxw. Il lll1lCf1'4'fJl1l :xclflitlmm fm' lllu lliglx School has been comllztccl :mcl mlm fxzllfaxxhw' :lm-Qfzxl mi-mx llzrsc lxevn an ill well: I - D U .W I . n y lzbrary, Cllmc, SCX'-flllg mmm, CZll'1JlllllLI' slump, lunch lilfllll :mel 1U'lCllC1'S wvxu, l ll- Jils and teachers arc su zmucl lvl their sclv ol mlzml llmi Lllcx' s wnrl much Mme :mfl mcncv to liCHl171fV 11. Ille lunch mfmm, clmw. rcwuw' mvm :mcl fCZlCllLx1'x- mmm V I 1 ' V N TH X . have lmeu lurlglmteuccl wnlx l'1ll'l1l1E7'l ln' utlmcr lirfulaxxl. l':1cl1 Claw: has lmugglu plc- tures for thc new mfm 1. ilmflcl 7 lmw rviwi elwrl alll Ilwlr rlcslq wps. Till? Pzfjvil,v4235 out ul thy 37l pupllk: 1'c'gi:11c-tx-fl llll'4 Sc-plvwlma-1' lmcl pot'- fecl attemlzmce up to l4l1l'l4IlllZl4, Zlffillllxll 6-l Ilvv yazuw ngu. .Xwrzlgu tzmrclmcss has been refluctcl ll'lJlll lvca' lf Il x'-fcvlx :xpju to low: llmzm two :L xwcls tlus yczui Average Z1ffC1lll2111L'C llufl f'L'Tl1' lrzw 2lXCl'g1L'Kl llfl pzr vom. i'1'r1m Frplelulmvm' tu ,lliljl wlth lesf llrm Ol pw' crm. ill1'gj:w.l :'l'sf0z1fc. flrfwl- bl 3, 6. 7 ml Vluuiurs lmw zlll beaten the 1'e:'o:'fl ul lil pg-Nucl XYilL'li5 uf zx1iqml:11u'L- fm' llw clzxs-4, Three uwils were U'r:1clu:1lccl fvmu ilu- ll?-'ll Fclwrml in 1022, l7il'tc1-11 will lux- .L , A , . . 0'radu.z1ted tlfus une. lwxc vcars :ww m .llzug 42 l1lJllS xwrcw1111wfmll1--'ll a, . . 5 , l l N r. School. Now illrrw are 'PU lligh School pupils fm' the llrxt Liam' lllis ywur l1'1x'f' plzmncrl zmrl s1u'u'ss- fully exccutcrl nm their 1JXR'll iuilizllllc z1l1.1111lvliu-. pzxmiw :xml picnics. Szuuplv activities cf the Siuclem Cf+mmfil :mf ills Ulxl4UlAlllfQ ul prius fm' lllx v1LluliC14H'l1111S, placing Z11NE1g8.ZlllC rzzck in the lllIl'7ll'5'. mul 'lllTl'l'?l'lZl1lQf 11u111m'lzxl plzucs fm' llnlw clepartccl who had srrvecl the scluml welll. The moutllly llfmm' .'X'?4ClllllllL'l run by tlw stuclml Ill-llL'Cl'S have zxttluctn-rl nmny Yisiimu frrmu mlm' fifllflflli, The l'L'il7'!llbL' uf tlw pupils to :my appeal fm' the llonol' of the :aclwsml l-14 lllflflllll :mel llllilllllllflllx. llu- ,Xlumui ,XSrlrL'lZlllllll has lxeu revivccl with C'olumlms .Xruiw 11:1 l!l'L'f4l!lClll, :mel lmfs rzlwivcl wut Z1 pmgrtumm lm' thc year io Qml with Il x'cfv3v1irn1 111 the in-11iw1'w llu- l:u'gv1' gfmluzltimmg clzxsfu will speedily incrczlzc llw zmmmlm-1'+l11p ul- llu- Mmmmi. Till' T4'Uc'11P1'.'--- llnll ul llm' fzwulljx lwvr' lan-vu live f'C?ll'i cn' lmmgm' in Illi- AN1'clslc'y systim. in UbllT1'Z1Sl fu ilu- l-f'1'1Ni'l' t1'4'uu'wlm1-4 I11l'Il47XCl'. 'l'l1iN wlllllllllf' of Qoocl tcacllcrrs lun: lucn il gjrcfli llvlp in zlcwlfqnizxg ilu' lzulnms .Xrflslvy f-'3pi1'il. lllen on thz- fzlcully lrzwc i114'1'c1:z,s1.fl hlmwwm iww lu luuex T110 C0111111111117Y-f.X1'cl4lcy iw lmclq ul lllc wlvul. llL'Z'l'l :-ml wul. l'upils. tzachirs, llozml ol lfrlu':u1ru11 :wrl Ulllllllllilllf' :uw all 1111111-fl lwy zv, migglmty pvhlv in ll'l6ll'81Cl'lOUl. Long !'.lf1X' il wlmllwlu- l.'l1'1,lii'llrmDn1' uf llm: lilm' :mul 4 ilrlfl nf Akrrlslc-x llighf V 1 i 27 I ' KINDERGARTEN Miss Sarah Edwards, Teacher. Top Row: Nicky Mantello, Charles Duda, Bradford Stevens, Robert Morse Francis Morse, VValter Lefurgy, Joseph De Nardo, Patsy .-Xgnano, lack Kaker- beck. Second Row: Isabel XVard, Hilda Knapp, Agnes De Nardo, Freda XVille Angelena De Michele, Gloria Canning, Catherine lfasidonti, june Guden. An- toinette Mantello. Third Row: Abbie lifretche, Yiola Savino, Rosina Paolucci, Christina Gran- dolfe, Phyllis Stevenson, lllanche Allen, Edith lirischman, Clare Klacri. Bottom Row: Nicky Macri, .lohn Croth, james linoescl, -laines Mackenzie blames lletrola. Class Yell: Ililly-killoo-kiloo-kilick-kiilack! Chick-a-lack a check Can we yell? lYcll. you shall sec. XN'ell, I guess! Kindergarten, liindergzirtcnl Yes, Yes, Yes! Tnzy5 zf"'f1zYAnj 23 FIRST GRADE Mrs. l'il'Zll1L'Ci lfergnsnn. Teaclier. Top Row: Rodney Ferguson, lncliinon llanser. Everett Spencer. John Aszmus, Frank Clierczynski, l-aii'rcm'e llnccia. Robert liarlc llelsher. l'anl bc-itz, David Geraghty, Albert Canavotto. Second Row: lfleanor Geraglitv. Constance Ilay. lflcanor llaihofer. llclcn ' ' ' N Linflancr, Mildred Koenig, Florence Quick. William Xlcllenry. Carmelm -lan- HIICIEJ., Paul Storm. Lenis Travis, Richard Quimby. Third Row: Lillian Lefnrgy, Yiola De Klum, Mary lfiorc. Mary Averso. Domenico Gagliardi. Annie Murcia, .Xleta Reid. Marion Seitz, 'loscplxine Allen. liottom Row: Frank Savino. Donald fireenlaerg. llmrard llcfartney, joseph I Addorisio. Alfred Crisi, Antmiiu lfilmnena. l-'rank Vascnna. lfranl: I etrola, Class Yell: Illly-lcilloo-kiliclc-lqilackF l lilly-killoo-lcilicli-liilavli l I lon-rali 5 l lou-rall l lloo-ralll Riggeclfly- Riggeddyw- lNilSllA'lilbllIll--liillll First liradel lfirsl llradcf Ralil lilllll Rallf 24 SECOND GRADE Mrs. Mabel M. Clayton, Teacher, Top Row: Patsey Fnrillo, David Longmuir, Carmine De Stefano, Joseph Spano, Carmine De Rosa, Lloyd Ainslie, blames Moccia, Angelo Delmerico. Second Row: Ruth Blohine, Gertrude Koenig, Josephine Rriatico, joan Wickham, Clara Filomena, Gladys Canning, Elizabeth Savino, Edgar Perretz, Daniel Geis, Raymond Schuck. Third Row: Anna Santore, Catherine Mackenzie, Erna Groth, Mary Gran- dolfi, Elsie Coito, Vera Methews, Olive Mackay, Margaret Nelson, Aneita VVilbur. Buttom Row: Gordon Schultz, Louis Delmerico, Yincent Agnano, Edward Kneis, VVinfred Lefurgy. Class Yell: Hi Yi, Yiddy Yi! Yiddy, Yi Yip! Second Grade! Second Grade! Rip! Rip! Rip! Kana. Kana, Ylfah. lVali! Hana, Kama. XVah! Sc-cond Grade! Second Grade! Rall! Rah! Rah! mug Q .z'ib:YA1l 25 'l'llIRl7t1R.XlDIi Kllw. limily .X, lfhlcr. Vll6'Zlk'l1Cl'. lop Row: 'l'r'uny Kluccizl, lfflw:11'cl L'11cl11cy, XYz1l1cr lflmersulc, Ilert1':m1 linaplu Tony l'e1'lllU. Secoful Pow: -lulm Clmzulwiclc. Alolm lirlwarclw, .Xllmert Nlunclc. Gifforcl .Xckcr -l0SCl3ll De l.u:':L. .XllL'l1flCl lfurillu. .Xlvin ll1'uxx'u, llrucc lk' Klicllelc. llnmtlxy lim ll. .lOSlAIJlllllC .Xvc1'so. 'l'l1i1'fl Row: lemme fllIlll1l!Y, ltllllllt' llc' Nusa. Susie Sc uillzmtv, Ruth l.z1w- rence. Angeline Gaspc1'i11liKly1:tluY'l'1':u'is. Klnclelim- XYilsul1. Vccelizl l'mvl11cci Elizabeth Mackenzie. Class Yell: Riggzx-jig-liigga-blipY IK1 mmm, lxwllzx. llzmlxf Xrrlsley lligh Sclmoll Null! Rall! Rall! .Xre wc in il? XYell. l guussf 'l'l1i1'rl llrzlclcl 'l lmirsl firzulcf Ycrsl Ycsl Yns! 26 Fianna-szmliw FOURTH GRADE Miss Elizabeth C. Dubreuil, Teacher. .Top Row: Richard McCartney, Nicholas Moccia, Paul Stohr, Tony Gas- perini. Second Row: Leonard De Nicola, Charles Xhiharinby, Allen McCartney. Nicholas Pascone, Frank l:llO111Cl1Zl. Third Row: Ruth Trautniann. Mary Gasperini, Ruth Coggins, Victoria Gagllardi, George Slocum. Lawrence Agnano, john Matlarazzo, hvlllllllll Slo- cum, XVilliam Brinkerhoff. Bottom Row: Martha Frischmann, Alma Mcliirgan, Elvira Gasperini, Anna Howell, Yera Hraem, Florence VVilhur, Vivian Midonick. Louisa Avcrsa, Grace De Slephano. Class Yell: lina, Mena, Nina. Mo! Viiho Arc Wie? Don't You Know? Ardsley lligh School! lfourth Grade! Rah! Rah! Rah! Class President Qhrst and second lCl'!11'Sl--'YLITI llratm. 'L L ARDS IAS 21 2 7 lfl l"Tll lilikllli Kliss l'.1lic'l lrymi. lc:u'lu'1'. Top Row: liclgzn' llell, llolmvrl XYz1llcv1'. Spawn, Tom Spuillzmlc, Tong l':1olucci, lfrzml: Lewis. llomiiiiclq lfilmiicnzi. Nlrs, llcrriiig. Scconrl Row: loscpli Xovicllo, llzlrolcl fii'cciiliurg, llilliert NlL'fOllllL'll. llcleii X llraelorius. Mafizm-1izlglizmli, llcluii Slrullmi, limviiflci Wimizzil. lilsie lircmlel Nettie lie Nicola. rllllffl Row: lim liolzertson. Yivizui llciclriclc, Lucy De Rosa. lbrclizi l.c-ri l.c'o, Violet Ciuclcii, Ulzuic lirlmumls, l.ily Storm, Lucy llc Kliclielc. lloltom Row: l.eoliiv1'czy11l4L'. .lolin lirzmclolli, lfric liiiius. l':1tQy lfilomenn Michael Klatterazzo. l.:1wrem'c Klzmsfm. james NlcXYlii1'1cr. Class Vresirlcnt lliisl lcrinl-liclgzu' llcll. Class l,l'CSlIl0lll l5L'l'Ullll tcmi lfblolm firniiclolli. fll2lSS Yull: lloonin. L'l1icl4:1. llvoiiil . . , Ilooniu. l lllCli2l. lwmif llooma fliiclcu lloomf Rip! Rzllil licsl Rip! lizllil Ros! Kiwlslcy lfillli lirzlclc-l Ycsf Yes! Yvsl . 28 FlLi5 l SIXTH GRADE Mrs. Anna Al. Flint. Teacher. Top Row: January Matterazzo, Louis Furillo, Aylette L'tz, Frank Noviello. Second Row: May Howell, XVilliam Richardson, Edith Morse, Macgregor. Kilpatrick, Harry Secor, Maybelle XN'elch. Tony Moccia, Alfred Canninff Llovd X-Vestlake. 1 by M Third Row: Fannie Perillo,' Edna Knell, Muriel Bethelson Pearl VVils0n Margaret Sanger, Helen G-ierczynski, Doris Addyman, Louise Savino, Hazel lVilson. Fourth Row: Philomen Gasperini, Martha Geraghty, Lillian Delmerico, Nancy Squillante, Lillian Codlup, Florence Stymus, Lucille Mildred Quick. Bottom Row: Robert Wfingate, joseph Russo, John Gagliardi, Wlilliam Sa- vino, Daniel De Stephano, Norman Townsend. Anthony Manmiccia. Class Yell: Acka-lacka-ching! .-Xcka-lacca-chow ! Acka-lacka-ching-ching! ffhow! Chow! Chow! Rah! Rah! Rah! A. H. S! Ardsley Sixth Grade! Yes! Yes! Yes! lMmARD3,'!y2i-hlf2EYAN, 29 Tllll SIXTH llllkllli QLXZICTTIC Orgallisclfiml---'lilie Sixth iirade hegan the year's wurl: with an enrollment of thirty-eight. Two members left during the year: Tiley lYard and joseph Tino. There have been two additions. llilliani Richardson and Rrmlmert lYingate. .Xlfretl Canning has been president and lfranlt Norielln "cheer leader" for the year, :THf'7IdlIllt'l'1'lillQ of attendance tu Klay lst: Twelve successive weeks of perfect attendance The iuonthly attendance eup three successive niontlis. The attendance hanner twenty weeks. Twenty-three pupils with perfect attendance tu date. N0 tardiness during the entire year ainuug the girls, fpfllfi' High Lijflzix-'lille grade paelted ten Lihristnias lmxes fm' the ,luuior Red Cross. They made toys and dressed drills at tihristlnas time for the Blyth- dale Home for Cripples at Yalhalla. They joined with the lfourth Grade in send- ing flowers to the Lfhildren's XYard, Grasslands Ilospital at lfaster. Under the National Safety tanipaign, the grade had lflll per eent. signatures to the pledge of Carefulness. They have bought two thousand nine hundred and ninety-three enpies uf the Ardxlvy High .Sklinnl ,Ye-a'.v to Xlay lst. fimioa' Azrdulmzz Club--lO0 per eeut. ineinlmersliip lltlieers for the year of l027: President. Norman Townsend: Secretary and Treasurer, l'earl XYils4mn. The object of this elulm is the study and proteetimi of our eoiniuou hirds. Kluntlily meetings and field excursions are an inipnrtant part of this aetivity. 30 E A SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Mary E. M. Quimby, Teacher. Top Row: J0h1f!A?5ii6QfsMi5ha31:De Rosa, Carmine De Michele Wrs M E M. Quimby, Dominick 'SafverihbfiiRocco'QSavinog-+lg,oujsl'f2Pa'scoiie, XfVilliam Goeliren, James Mantello, John Zotz. Q Second Row: Christian Frischiiiaiiiii, Charles Agnano, Elizabeth Secor, May Berthelson, Dorothy Canavotto, Mary De Nicola, Olive Perdreaux. Third Row: Anna Delmerico, Angelina De Muro, Kathryn Jewell Claire Swanston, Mary McConnell, Mary Savino, 'Catherine Santore, Margaret Mac- VVhirter. Bottom Row: Richard Bullock, john Linclauer, Christopher Chadwick, Ecl- win Storms, Nicky Petrolo, Christmas Furillo. Class Motto-"Only the best is good enough." Class President ffirst terml--Charles Agnano. Class President Csecond term fl-John Zotz. Yice-President fhrst terml-john Zotz. Vice-President fseconcl terml-james Mantello, Business Manager-Carmine De Michele. Room Docor-Rocco Savino. Room Nurse-May Rerthelson. Class Yell: Get together! All together! Stick together! Now! Seventh Grade! Seventh Grade! XVOW! XYOW! XYOW! . Iiv'ry time you get a chance. put it over high! lleat 'em to it, Seventh Graclce! 'llhats our cry! tinnsisyzfin 31 THE SEVENTH GRADE CHRONICLE Ntiws ,xxn tiouxticw To date twenty-one out of our thirty memhers hold a perfect attendance record. The pennant awarded hy the Student touncil to the champion ticlcet-sellers adorns our wall. Vie have alreacly had the .Xttendauce llaimer twenty-tive times and the silver Attendance Lup tive times this year-every time with 100 per cent. As we go to press, we qualilv for a third rear .Xttendance Chatnpiouship of A. lil. S. ' ' I Last liall we tried to repay a little of Bliss C'onlqlin's patient care with white paint service in her clinic. Wie packed twelve Red Cross lloxes for kiddies across the sea, lior our own little cripples at lllythdale llome, Valhalla, we made jointed cardihoard Santas nd dolls. YVe are represented in hoth Senior and -lunior Orchestra. As a special service to our school, we have applied our tnauual training to a real purpose. XYhcn we leave for Grade 3. every desk top in our room will have been scraped. stained. and varnished hy our own hands. In Sewing Class our girls have made aprons. laundry hags and slips. and are now working on dresses. In the Manual Training Class. our hoys have made hroom holders, candle sticks, book-racks. neclitie-racks. hoats. hird-houses. and four new tahles tor the lunch room. Soctxt. livlcxrs On December 3. 1026. in the new ltmch room we held a most successful hanpttet to celehrate the completion of three months of lO0 per cent. attendance. hive opened our "Old lfamily .Xlhutn" at .Xssemhly one morning' to explain to the school our inheritance oi' superior ahility. This explains why a visiting principal called us "the most interesting' class in the school," SPHRTS .XXII Nl VSICNIIQNTS Together with the lfighth tirade. we formed a hlttnior .Xuduhon fltth. XYe have also a llasltethal and Ilasehall Team. 32 EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Harlan A. Thomas. Teacher. Top Row: NVesley lflrown, lsiclo-re Verch. -lohn Canning, Dominick De Nardo, Artlmr Kaercher, Mr. Thomas, XVillia.m Gierczynski, lirank De Stephane, Raffale De Terlizzi, Charles Quimby. Michael Paohicci. Lawrence Chadwick. llennet lVhite, Edward Herring. ' Third Row: Bessie Robertson, Mary Pascone, janet Hofm-an, Angela Spano. Gwyneth VVilliams, Bottom Row : Townsend. Class Class Class Class Elizabeth Oakes, Josephine De Mura, Couchetta De Rosa. lfaluch Perillo, Robert Mathews, Ronald Mackenzie, Ronald rv Motto-"Success is our aim. Flower--Crimson Rose. Colors-Red and Gold. Yell: Skidoo! Skidool You're all in the way. For who do you think ls leading the way? Ardsley Eighth Grade! Rah! Rah! Rah! LARD5iE'iI.EYA!U 33 EIGHTH GRADE PAT ll Fl ND R R ORGANtz.x'rIoN-Tlie lfighth Grade at its tirst class meeting in September elected Ronald Townsend, president. and Wesley llrown, treasurer. Ronald 'l'ownsend was re-elected the second term, and lsidore Yerch was chosen treas- urer. Our president has taken l1is duties seriously and worked faithfully. Law- rence Chadwick was chosen che er leader. and Conchetta lle Rosa wrote the class yell. Olnly two pupils left the class during the year. 'l'hey were Raymond Strat- ton and Rosina tiasperine. llc have had three pupils come from other schools. they are janet llofntan. Raymond Neary and Rocco De Angelis. KXTTIZXDXNt'I2kDlll'lllg the month ol September both the Seventh nd Eighth grades had 100 per cent. attendance and shared the attendance cup. XX e have not had an illegal absence during the year. Sixteen pupils have been at school every dav. ENTER'l'.XlN3IEN'l'S+.'Xf one of their meetings the llonor Society decided to ask each grade to put on a "stunt." The liightli tirade gave the "Romance of Annabelle." We also gave in assemlfy a dramatization. "The Training of the Rugglesesf' Much credit was due to .Xngela Spano, who worked hard and played the part of Mrs. Ruggles very realistically. The lligh School asked tts to give this pfaylct in their assembly whch we did. l.arry Ruggles. played by Ronald Qllackenzie, certainly added real life to the play. SCIIOLXRSIIll'+fll1I' class has tour boys who skipped the liifth and Seventh Grades. It is gratifying to know that these boys lived up to the confidence placed in them by their teachers and parents and showed the same high type of work in the Eighth tirade as in previous years. These boys are lidward llering. Charles Quimby, lYilliam Lawrence, and Robert Mathews. In the regents' examinations in january, two boys. Michael l'aolueci and Ronald Townsend, each received l00 per cent. in arithmetic. SPORTS-lJO1llllllCli De Nardo was the captain of both our baseball and bas- ketball teams. Dominick also is a member of the varsity baseball team. lxliza- beth Oakes played on the lligh School basketball team. flRC'llES'I'RA-l:lVC of our members belong to the Orchestra. They are Nuzi- anto Leo, Ronald 'l'ownsend, lialuch I'erillo. Dominick lie Xardo, and llcssie Robertson. 34 FR ESH MA N CLASS Q Top Row: Allan Townsend, Anthony Santore, Herman Stymus, Edmund Gxerczynski, Alexander Mackenzie, james Travis, Augustus Reynolds, Patrick Eollins, Joseph V enuti, Charles Cudney, Bernard Young, Arnold Brown, Robert larnett. Second Row: Benjamin Carlsen, Edwin Braem, Vincent Russo, Frieda lVelch, Ruth Mathews, Lillian Robertson, Bertha Norris, Beatrice Bell. Third Row: Emma Sanger, Louise Siciliano, Alvine Knell, Edith Cudney. Mary Moccia, Susan De Luca, Conchetta De Rosa, Helen Berthelson. Bottom Row: Gordon Calkins, Thomas Moccia, Paul XVaddell, Millard Midonick, lillery Kamke, George Munck, joseph Leone. Class Adviser-Miss Elinor C. Buell. Class President Hirst terml-Robert Barnett. Class President Csecond termj-Allan Townsend. Class Secretary tfirst termj-Frieda VVelch. Class Secretary fsecond terml-Bertha Norris. Class Treasurer Qfirst terml-Allan Townsend. Class Treasurer tsecond terml-l'arick Collins. Class Colors-Rose and Silver. The Freshman boys and girls both organized basketball teams. These gave us an opportunity of learning what true sportsmanship is. ln Nlay, we decided to have a party. VVe secured the Bellemorians for the evening and this proved a great attraction for the upper classmen. Everyone declared the party one of the most successful given at Ardsley High, and we feel that this was due largely to the united efforts and co-operation of the whole class. LARD2 -QSVZTLEY' AN 3 s SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row-4Yito llzlrhieri, Klr. llorend. .lohn Teller. lfrank Coggins, .lohn Schroff. Second Row-Robert llerthelson, Maurice liznnke. Edwin llrnce, l-Zenjamin Brown. Elizabeth Leo, Milton Ctron. Angelo bl. lie Rosa. Paul Agnano. Dominick Santore. Bottom Rows-Yiolct Codlup, .Xlagdelen lflrechtcl, Dorothv Iackmnn, lilo- ll rence urown, Ethel Zotz, Olive White. l.illizn1 Wallccr, Mary Dei Rosa. Class Advisers-Miss Gladys Palmer and Klr. C. XY. llorend. Class President tfirst term 14-Gertrude llrown. Class President tsccond terml-lfranlc Loggins. Class Secretary llmoth terms lwlidwin Ilruce. Members of the Sophomore Class taking part in different school activities: Baseball-V. llarlmieri. R. llerthelson, lf. Loggins. ll. Santore, bl, Teller. F lioys' llasketlmll-Y. llarlmicri. R llerthelson lf Loo'-fiiis, ll. SZIIHOTC, 'l. Y - ' - - ' nm Tel er. Girls' llzlsliethall--I". l'lrown, fi. llrown. ll. l.:1ckmz1n. The Sophomore Class held the cheer champ lmll L-very month but three. Three of the boys from the class represented .Xrdslcy in Hoy Week. A very successful party was given h' tl S l ' ' " " ' - ' ' " " ' the school term. Our C and white. 5 ie opiomoie Lltiss .ind thc .lnnioi Ll.1ss during lass Motto is: "l'erfcction to the finish." and our Colors are light blue 36 l l JUNICIR CLASS Top Row-Angelo P. De Rosa, Harvey llullock, Edward Aim. Dominick Paolucci, Raymond W'ilsea. Bottom Row-Gertrude Brown. Kathryn llrooks, Marjorie Longmuir, Ma- tilda Hunink, lleatrice Canning. llarbara Frisehmann, Amelia Cudney, Mary Del- merico. Class Adviser-lllrs. Grace Kindervatter. Class President Cboth termsj-Matilda llunink. Secretary'-'Marjorie Longmuir. Treasurer-Harvey Bullock. Sergeant-at-Arms-Tieatrice Canning. Connselor-at-Law-Edward Aim. Class Colors--Black and Gold. Class Motto-Par epreuves a triomphe 1Through Trials to Triumph il. The juniors have had a very successful year, The present junior Cfass was the Eighth Grade of 1924. which established a record of l9 weeks ol pe'levt attendnee, which we have broken this year. The ,luniior Play, which was pe- sented in Assembly. was unanimously voted one of the most succesgful evez' gfscn. November l7 was chosen as junior Class Day. Class Colors were worn. and a junior Day Program was presented in Assembly. This ws the initiation of Class Day into the school. Although we are the SlllZlllC:lt class, thirteen in number, we are well represented in athletics, the orchestra. Honor Society. and other activities. The following members are on the basketball and baseball teams: Matilda Hun- ink. Gertrude Brown, Marjorie Longmuir. Iiclward Aim, 'Harvey llullock, Boys' Basketball Manager. The junior and Sophomores also gave a party to the rest of the High School on lfebruary 2l. f-ilQ5ENl0Rszf W' ily., 1 t 14,1 4 'lie ' 1 in 9 Q 4 iss ts f b P , ll M ZL , l i , C y . if at ' N,,, gap? f'QWf5g ...XY Q iii X ir, , ire. iiiii A ii hz. . y. . . .- t -- pf CQ lfff2Q'Q5rAL1t10RA - gpmxntus ..xnn:QgqgTrAj 37 RCTII HRC JXYN Ruth was president of the class of '27 for three years, of the Student Council for one term. and of the Honor Society for one year. "llrownie" was the star forward of the basketball team of which she was a member for four years and captain in '24 and '26. She showed her dramatic talent in her acting of "Cleft" in the Senior l'lay. "XX ives To llurnf' llll.l3.X CAXNIXCL llilda has been in the Senior l'lay for the past two years and has taken an active part in the club work being carried on in Ardsley lligh. She is a charter member of both the Clef and ,Xrts and Crafts Clubs. She has been active in the work of the Senior Class throughout the year. and her work as chairman of the luncheon com- mittee was a great assistance. Cl l.'XRl.liS ZCNSITR Charles has been manager of the lloys' liaseball team and a member ot' the track team for two years. ln his -lunior and Senior years he took an active part in the Senior l'lays and Xlnstrel Shows. llis weekly contribu- tions to the "l'athetic News" and his position as a mem- ber ot' the .Xrdsleyan .-Xrt Statl. prove his talent in CHI'- toonmg. .XN.XS'l'.XSl.X VAN llL'RK.Xl.l JXY .Xnastasia represented .Xrdsley lligh in the New York Times Uratorical Contest on "The Constitution." Though she did not win the prize. it was thought by all who heard her speech that she did admirably well, She has also ranked tirst in the Senior Class many times since she first came In .Xrdsley lligh School. IRIZNIQ S'l'.XGC1 lrene has attended .-Xrdsley lligh School since her Sophomore year. She was a charter member of the Clel- Club and as she has been a member tor two years, she must have developed her voice admirably. During her Senior year, she helped with the luncheons and accom- panied the class when they went to XYashington during' the lfaster vacation, RICHARD SPEED Richard was president of the Senior 'Class and Student Council for one term, and was the "Sherlock Holmes" of the Senior Play. He has been a member of the Ards- leyan Art Staff for two years and his willingness to make use of his artistic ability for hte good of the school has proved invaluable throughout his high school career. GERTRUDE XVALTER Gertrude was associate editor of the Ardsleyan, secre- tary of the Senior Class, Second Lieutenant of the Girl Scouts, and chairman of the luncheon committee. She was a charter member of tlg Clef and Arts and Crafts Clubs and for two years has taken part in the Senior l'lay. She graduated as the Yaledictorian of the largest Senior Class Ardsley High has ever had. RUTH Ri DRERTS Ruth has spent all four years of her high school course in Ardsley High. She has taken most oi her work in the commercial department and is planning to become a business woman. She belonged to the Honor Society in 1923-Z4 and also belonged to the Arts and Crafts Club during the first term of her Senior year. lYILI.I.-XM IX X ES lVilliam has been a member of the Track Team for two years. and he has also played on the basketball and baseball teams. "Hill" has taken a part in the Senior plays for the last two years and has had a part in the Minstrel Show each year of his high school career. FLC DRENCE ZFQXSER Florence starred in the Senior Play, "lNives To Burn," with her interpretation of Mayme Clifford, a cafeteria cashier. She was of great assistance in starting the Senior Luncheons, 'ilflossien went out for sports, being a member of both the track and basketball teams. tAR'v":"-isfmr-AIU lTl-lZ.XlllT'l'll XXX lZLfRli,Xl-tlXX' lilizabrth has :tt I-l ti 1 encu Ve h7g'h schools in ditterent parts of the country but says she likes Ardsley the best. The last part of her Senior year she came back from New York to graduate with the Class of '27. She was a mem- ber of the Arts and lirafts Club for one term and was Y always willing to help out any of her classmates. .lt JI I N tilfllklll l'l'Y .Iohn was eapiain of both the baseball and baslcetball teams in 1027. and he has played on both teams for three years. lleing treasurer of the Senior Class, he had a part ol' the work ol collecting money forthe XYHSIIINQIUII trip. lla has taken an aetiye part in the Senior l'Iay for two years and the Xlinstrel Show for four years. MXRI,-XX XYll.l.l.XKlS Xlarian has been president ol the orchestra for two years and has done :1 great deal in developing the orches- tra to its present high standard. She was manager of the C1ir's' llaslcetball team last year, and has had a part in the Senior l'lay lor two years. Klarian has also been a member ol' the Clel Club for one j'6I1l'. lfl.f JR ICNCIT XVI I lilfl.l2R lflorenee and her "Hiryer" were a familiar sight to us all. She has attended .-Xrclsley High School since the primary grades and. although she liyecl outside of town, she has never been late for school. In her lfreshman year she was a member of the Honor Society. and during her Senior year she has been coming to school on part time and working the rest ol' the clay. ST.-X lfl-'I PRD Cla-XY'l'l BN Statlord has been the editor-in-chief of the .XrdsIeyan, president of the llonor Society. ,lunior ,Xssistant in the lloy Seoutl. and Senior Treasurer for the last term. Ile has also played on both the baseball and basketball teams and has taken part in the Senior l'lays and Minstrel Shows for two years. Ile graduated as the Salutatorian of his class. ull 40 in -sniff WAHI! ' Tllli XXIXSI llXi ITOX Tllll' liarly Saturday morning, April 16, 1927, nine members of the Senior Class of Ardsley High School and six teachers set off for a trip to the City of Washington, our nation's capitol. This trip had been eagerly looked forward to from the beginning of the school term, and now tihat it was time to start, every one was greatly excited, to say the least. We left llolmhs lferry station at 6:-l7 A. Bl. and arrived at Grand Central Terminal at 7:15. lfrom there we rode to jersey City in Baltimore 8: Ohio .Xlotor Coaches arriving at 7:50. ,-Xt 8:27, we left ,Iersey City on the llaltimore 81 Ohio Railroad. XYe were now on the train hound for Nliashington. The ride was rather tedious as New jersey and Pennsylvania were not very pleasant to view, and we were also quite anxious to reach our destination. Finally we arrived after tive hours of weary riding. The "l'ortland" was the hotel at which we stayed while in lNashington. Xlie were scheduled to go directly to this hotel, hut as our train was delayed cn route. we were taken directly to the Old Xational Museum. This was Ulll' first View of lVashington, and 1 will adniit, we were not greatly impressed by it: for after our long ride on the dusty train, we were hot and tired, and we did not feel much like looking over old relies. llut, nevertheless, we did derive something from the museum, for it had some interesting things in it. Among them were: The tirst airplane, Hags of all the different nation, the dresses worn hy the wives of the Presidents during their adniini--tratons, and also the horse which Sherman rode on his march to the sea. lfrom the museum we went to the old lford Theatre and then to the house in which Abraham Lincoln died. This house now contains nuinherless collections of pictures and writings of Lincoln. We then went to our hotel where we felt tARDS,g IQEYAN 41 greatly refreshed after . .l L 't siort rest so that at 7 l'. Xl. we were readv to visit the Congressional Library. This is a beautiful building, lt was completed in 1897, and eonsists of three stories and a dome. There are nearlv 2.000 windows in it ml t ' ' 1 t 1 is considered the best lighted library in the world., Un the ground floor are the Copyright ofhees and the reading room for the blind. The tirst tloor contains the regular reading room. librarian's room, periodical reading room. map room, and Senators' and Representatives' reading room. On this lloor are exhl - ' ' ' ' tilts of engiavmgs and other eolleetions meludmg rare books. The most im- pressive room here is the rottinda or reading room which is in the center of the mam building. lt eert'1inlv is a wonderful room to gaze upon. To realize the , . grandeur of it, you must see it yourself, 1 Easter Sunday at 8:30 .-X. Nl. we toured the City of Washington. Un this trip we saw many of the noted buildings of the eity and also many of the statues of .famous men. XYhile on this tour we saw the house where the l'resident now resides as the Xkihite llouse is now being renovated. ln the afternoon we visited the Corcoran Art fialler' the only monastery in eastern L'nit -l S combs. v and fi'oin here we went to the lfraneisean Klonastery, . tc lates. where we saw the grottos and cata- Un Faster Monday we visited the Central Market. This was quite a large place and was very interesting to look at. .Xll kinds of plants and flowers eould The bought here. also fruits. vtgt-tab'es and n'any other catables. From here we went to the New National Museum and then to the Treasury lluilding. llere we saw several bills which were too old to be used. Some of tis exchanged our worn bills for new ones at this time. l.ater we went to the White illouse l.awn and saw the egg rolling. This was something that we had looked forward to seeing sinee the beginning of otn' trip for we had heard so mueh about it. lt really was a very pretty sight with all the children playing about. lfaeh had a basket of colored lfaster eggs and also many balloons which added to the beauty of the scene. AX fountain could be seen on the lawn which added to the oeeasion as well as the children playing about. Our next trip was to the XYasbington Xlonument. This is one of the great features of the trip that stands out in most of our minds. lt is made of white marble and is seen towering against the sky long before one reaches the City of Xyashington. and its height eonfronts one at every turn. lfrom the avenues and the parks. from the Capitol. the Xthite llouse, the heights of .Xrlington and far down the llotomae on the way to Mt. Yernon. go where you will, an ever promi- nent fcaiure of the landseape is the great Nlonuinent. In stormy weather it sug- gests a mountain peak standing imn'ovable with the mists drifting hy. lt is shaped like an obelisk and is 555 ft, 516 in, high. XYe climbed to the top of this by means of an elevator. but we walked flown to make it more impressive. lt surely is one wonderful pieee of masonry. being the highest in the world. Another thing that stands out in our minds in connection with the XYashing- ton Monument is the l.ineoln Memorial. .-Xfter waiting many years to pay a tribute to Lincoln. the nation finally ereeted this immense building. lt is of imposing size and exquisite beauty, Simpfe in plan and of direet appeal. it draws many people to it. llere they come to pay tribute of reverenee to the 42 great man loved by all. The Union is expressed in the colonnade surrounding the hall. There are thirty-sis columns, one for each State in existence at the time of Lincoln's death, and on the walls about the colonnade are inscribed the names of the forty-eight States which now make the Union and cherish Lincoln's fame. In the central hall is a marble statue by Daniel Chester Chase. A figure seated in a chair faces the entrance, looking out to the Vlfashington Monument and the Capitol. It is Lincoln of Gettysburg whom we all adimire and love. This great Memorial is one which we shall never forget! On Tuesday, we vistted the Capitol and tunneled to the Senate Gffice Build- ing. lNe also saw the House and the Supreme Court, although the latter was not in session. VVe climbed to the dome of the Capitol' Building, and from the top saw many interesting views of the City of Washington. In the afternoon we went to Annapolis and saw the naval drill and academy: also the crypt of Paul Jones An interesting feature there was the solid gold rope which was around the tomb. No one was permitted to touch this rope in any way. VVe were to leave VVashington the next day, but before we went we saw one of the most beautiful places of our whole trip. This was the Arlington Cemetery. which surpassed the beauty of any thing that we had previously seen. At the cemetery everythng was in bloom. and the sight could not have been prettier. Here were the graves of our world war heroes. and standing out among them was the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At the tomb we reverently stood for a few min- utes realizing what this really meant to us. and to the nation. It left us with a feeling that we shall not soon forget. Next we went to Philadelphia, and while we were here we stayed at the St. james Hotel. This is a beautiful building, and our only regret while there was that we could not have stayed at it longer because we were scheduled to stay but one night. W'e arrived in this city at 8 P. M. lfVednesday night, and the fol- lowing days we toured the city, visiting many well known buildings. One of these was the Curtis Publishing House, which we inspected and where we saw some of the magazines being made. The little bit that we saw was very interest- ing for we did not see much of the manufacturing in detail. Next we' proceeded to the Christ Church and from this place to the grave of Benjamin Franklin. Shortly after, we visited Independence Hall, where we saw the old Liberty Bell. which we all had so wanted to see, and in XVanamaker's Store we heard the famous organ. The guide whom we had on this tour of Philadelphia was very interesting to listen to. VVhile telling us of the history of the different buildngs. he would often put n a joke or two which added to the story a great deal. He also stopped several times to tell us in detail the history of some more important places. One very interesting place which had a unique history was Girard Co'lege. All too soon we had to leave for home. VVe left Philadelphia at 8 o'clock and arrived home at l A. M. Friday morning. Wie all had had the most wonderful time of our High School career. and we leave school with this picture of the beautiful City of Wiashington and the pleasant trip, that we had so enjoyed, fresh in our memories. and we know that we shall never forget it. Ann: - 43 Tllli SIQXH JR l'l..XY K Sitiillgi-,lfillll fieragltty, Marian lxillllilllli Statlorcl Clayton. Ruth lirown. Gertrude XYalter, lidward fxllll, Staiiding'-Slionier Zunser. Qllr. George ll, Richter, Yito llarhieri, Richard Speed. Hilda CZllll'li1'lf2', lflorenee Zunser, William Innes. It was half past eight. Zllltl the play had not yet hegun. l'eople were still pouring into the well-tilled auditoritnn. Suddenly the lights we11t out. and only the dark blue velvet of the curtain was visible in the glare of the foot-lights. Then there was a stir and the Curtains parted. showing a complete room i11 the hoardingrliouse of Miss llingle. more faniiliarly known as tlunt llet, The audenee was visilfy impressed, Ut course there had been rumors of the new scenery made hy Hr. Travis and the Senior Class. hut no o11e had ex- pected such a professional pieee ol worlt as this. lfroin the white hanister that ran along the carpeted staircase to the woodwork tht edged the doors, the rooni was Complete. The furniture was attractive and its dark lmrown wood showed up to advantage against the tan walls. Too much cannot he said in praise of the players thentselves. 'llhe play- we admit-was funny and the situations tinlmrrasrzingz hut of what use would either of these things have heen if the lines were niuinhled or the actors stiff? "The Ardsleyan" pays its eoinpliinents to the Senior Class of ll?27, who set a new standard for others to follow in the presenting of a professionally given play, and helieves that those classes which eonie later will have a l1ard task to reach the heights of play-tnaleing that this class has gained. 44 1916-QALUMXI-1926 CLASS UF 1926 Gladys Eaton has now joined the ranks of Ardsley commuters. She has been attending Eastman Gaines Business School in New York. Grace janz is striving to fulfill her ambition of becoming a teacher. At present she is studying at New .Paltz Normal School. Thelma Hallahan s busily typing away in the office of McCartney K Son in Ardsley. VVe are all very glad to sce her at our school activities. Mary Cudney is frequently seen around town, She is at present working as a stenographer in The Lawyers' Title S: Trust Company in Wlliite Plains. Constance Clayton is now studying at State College at Albany. She comes to Ardsley every vacation and then "drops in" at school. Alex Mussa is commuting to Cooper Cnion. Wie hear that he expects to enter Columbia University next February. Vllhat will he do next? CLASS Oli' 1925 Raymond Barnett is still living in Elmsford and is now working as a stenog- rapher in O'Neill's in XVhite Plains. Lillian Bernat has not been seen very much lately. She is now working for the Wfestchester Lighting Company in White Plains. Kenneth Brown is studying at Savage in New York City. lie coached the Mens Club team and has also helped out around school in athletics. Kenneth Mel'hee is living on Orlando .Xvenue and is in the plumb-ing busi- ness with hs father. Thomas Roberts is at present employed by ll. G. Haphan 8 Company, a bro- kerage house in New York. mlilitlcllyl' is ,better known as the ,Xrdsley "sl1eik," -h111-llE't Schroff is in the printing oltice of the TltI1'l'VX'10ZU'll l'i't'x.v Kvcortl. She has often been encountered in 'White l'lains lately. .lames Taylor, the cartoonist of this class, is now working at the Telephone tsonipany. Viola 1Vi11e is, as she puts it, trying to do stenographic work in an office in New York City. Charles Wilson is a reporter in XY1iite Plains. lle claims he has just been offered another raise. Good work, lien, CLASS Ulf 1924 Anna lirosge is still living in Ardsley and is working with the .Ninercan Tele- phone 81 Telegraph Company in the city. Theodora lirown is often seen on the "llut.i' We hear that she is alto eni- ployed in New York. Stuart liamke is now with the Studebaker Company and. according to the papers. is going to be married some time soon. Asher Roberts was with the Cot'on Commission, llrokers. lzui' has now re- tired and is living on his ineonie. Vera XN'itkow is workine' in XYhite l'iains. She visits Ardsley less than ever so we have only indirect inforniation concerning her. CLJXSS Ulf 1923 Columbus Krone is a flrti1'gi'irt in Yooliors. where he is living with his wife. Josephine Nannarlelio .' tone, of th: Class of 1922. lYe wish them both a very prosperous future. Ann: 'EEK-IYKIU is Angus lucky smile is often st QNlCl'hCQ is in thc pltinihing lnnsincss with his father. llis ltrtppy-go 'en in fxrtlslcv zt slit- is still living at his olcl honie. Carmine Vztscone is presirling 'over the .Xrclsley fil1OCOlIltC1'1Z1 with greztt flig- nity :incl taknff n zt show at flztv. 'l'h' t" th- llc tu " ' 2, 1 tt s t ltttcl,1io1n, Sant Reynolds. our clear oltl lriencl, is helping tlztcl :incl heenniing zt proles sional farmer. lle sont its his little hrolher this veztr. too. Irving XYCstlake is xv0rl'in0 1 g' with NY. tl fiztv X Cmnpztny, lle is now the Ardsley SC0l11l11?15lG1' :incl is certainly XX'fl1'li111Q hztiwl leltn lunsti is trtqiitiitiy sccn at sclttml activities :tnrl hopes tri gn to linluni- hizt this sumnier, ive hear, I.illiz1n Qtiiinlmy is holding finite :tn iniprirtzint position in Il Y. XY, Ci, .Y in New York, wc nnclerstztncl. t1..X5,s til' 11122 liezttrice fiitieliren is now zt settleint-nt xvm'kcr. Sho is living in .Xrclslev 1 , tncl is it connnnter on the l,l1111Zl111. llorotlty l'nclerhill is often in .Xrclslcy in her little coupe. XYQ hear that she is the Physical 'lrainiiig tcztclicr in :t Klt. Ycriiriii sclinril. Ruth Linclerhill XYztrrl is eiiiiilovetl in Xcxv York :incl is nmv living in the neighlitiring village ut' XYhitc lllztins. tfl.1XSS Ulf 1021 lilsie Grit-rz is living in licxv Ciztrclt-ns. lmng lslztnrl. :incl is 11 lilmrztrirtn n tht' Rivington Street llr:tnCh nf the New York l,il1r:try. CLASS Ol' 11720 Roland llmtmlvis is hnltling clmrn at inztn-fsizcrl juli in zt lztrrvtmvii tlrttg-store. Keep up thc gtiocl wot-14, liulzmrl. lilovtl Stymtis is tiinplfiverl :tt lirztnc' 1'cntr'tl llc is often set-n 'ts he still lives in .-Xrclslev. . 1. , .f, , Cl..X5h tll' 1019 Dorothy fiocrz is 21 lcctttrct' in the 1'hilrh'cn's Nltisctnn in the city. She is Cngagefl to lx' niztrrictl this blunt-. litiml luck. lltit. Sophie liriscliinztnn is living in ,Xrtlslcy :incl is also :tniwng the ,-Xrclsley Cmn- mutcrs. She ivnrlqs in New York City. filattltlu l'il'1SCl1I111l1111 is still living in ,Xrflslcy :incl is :tt present helping :tt lirrintx L'l..XSS Ulf' 1lll8 C1l1'Ul111L' lirecvc Lynn is liztppilv inztrrit-cl :incl is :tt prvsciit living in Nui' York. XYiilizt1n Scgcr is living in lrenttmn. New A crst vCry liappilv nizuiiccl. l '31 :intl fruiii ztll we have ht-ztrcl, 1'l..X5S til" 1016 Louise l5inclervzttter llzttticlfl is living in Xlulitrztii l':trk. in llohhs licrrv. lilachcl llztrrrni is :t lihrztriztn in New Ytirk :intl living in Clizttiiiccy. :Xtthiir Nlctiztrtnev is in th: rcztl cstztte linsincss. stipptirtiiig El lztinily :incl work- lor the goncl of his .Xlnizt Xlutcr, Xlztv he :intl his xvilc. Uirzt tilnvcr Xlctlztrtiivy. continue to lic our stztnnch stippm'tc1's. Xx1l.1ZlI11 L. lziiit-ricic is lmppily inztrriccl ztnrl living in .Xrtlslev 46 . . y V lil l lllll E. A.: "And so they put bridges on violins so that the music could get across." R. B.: "This has been a trying week." R. S.: "Yeh? NVhat have you been doing F" R. B.: f'Trying to pass examsfl Mr. Richter says that one of the things that gave Louis the Sixteenth a pain in the neck was the guillotine. Mr. H. Centering lalxj: "XVell, where are the rest of the fools?" F. C.: "I don't know. are the only ones here." Accident-A condition which presence of mind absence of body is better. lt seems we of aiifairs in is good, but S. Z. Cat moviesj : "Can you see all fight?" li. Z.: "lust fine." S. Z.: "Is there a draught on you?" lf. Z.: "No" S. Z.: "ls your seat comfortable ?" li. Z.: 'lYes." S. Z.: 'fXVell, will you move over and give me that seat Mr. Mottola: 'Tm offering a prize for the laziest boy in A. ll. S., and I have chosen you." Si: 'Z-Xwright: roll me over and put it in my back pocket." llr. R.: K'Some burglars got in the house last night, bound me to a chair and gagged me." Mrs. R.: "Then what did you do ?" Mr. R. : f'XVhy, I sat around all night and chewed the rag." Has anyone seen Pete? Pete who? Petroleum. Kerosene him yesterday benzine since. and ain't ll. N.: i'XYhat kind of a dog is yours?" l.. R.: "Police dog." B. N.: "Aw go onl" l.. R.: "Yeah, secret police. lle's in disguise." Illr. S.: "What's the most common impediment in the speech of American people ?" KV. l.: "Chewing-gum." I. G.: "I hung up my stocky last Xmas." ll. ll.: 'fXnd what did you find in it in the morning?" gl. G.: HA summons from ihe lioard ol llealthf' K. ll.: "Do you know Matilda wou'd make a wonderful fireman." M. l.,: "Wl1y?" li. R.: "Lots of eicperience rolling hose." mzifqfmarm BOOST YOUR TOWN AND fe , H SAND USE QUR EW!-'97 ClflNIEY'1' MASONS' A BRICK 'ilfylrmf -FTP MAT14:m,,x1gS Helm'-3'52'!f' U L-IME Agricultural Fertilizers Plaster Metal and Gross Seed Wood Lath RODEN FUEL AND SUPPLY CORPORATION AXRUSLIQY, N. Y. Use Roden's Coal-It Satisfies 1 KEEIA7 TIIIE N Place Your Order Now Before the IQEEIH TUE 1 l HOME V Summer .NClVI1IlCC in Prices HOME VVARM I Telephone 48 Dobbs Ferry Q XVARM f,f1l'I'0II ice Om' f111'wz'l1'.w1'.v l 48 STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO., Inc. Main Office: San Francisco, C-al. Boric Acid Borax Bluestone Sublimed Sulphur Rolled Sulphur Powdered Sulphur Sal Soda Paris Whitie Whiting Venetian Red Manufacturers pperas Sulphuric Acid Muriatic Acid Nitric Acid Carbon Bisulphide Cream Tartar Tartaric Acid Rochelle Salts Glaubersalts Sulphate of Soda Patronize Our Advertisers Eastern Office: New York, N Nitrate of Soda Nitrate of Potash Superphosphate Calcium Chloride Carbon Tetrachloride Titanium Tetrachloride Sulphur Chloride Caustic Soda Bleaching Powder Uxide of Iron Lum: -3 I'I1rme: Lehiglt 6320 Dobbs I"et'1'y 445-XX ANGUS McPHEE PL! MBING and HEATING Contractor 172 Ifztst I0-Itlt Street IICTWCQII 3I'fI :tml Ifxiugtuu Aves. XICXY YORK CITY 4 Jrlzmrlo .Xvenuc ' 'Y Y X IXRIISII. . .. Ifottml on Alvitle IiueII's 1'cgisl1':ttimt Card: Question: liixe yuut' pztrettts' names, .Xttswetz XIZIIIIIIIZI 1 tml l'z1p:t. TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Ulf IXIXIJHIIQY. Y Y Checking Accounts Presiclem CII,-XS. IX. YALIQNTINIS Cashier IUIIN S. YRICIDICXIIYRIQII I Percy linden I7r:utk II. .Xcldymzut Robert II. Neville XY. LAIIIIIIIICI' fhlmttclclc- Iztmes .Xlefartney Dr. fieor. -10111151111 I'I 'IR Interest Accounts, 470 Yice-l"t'esidents VR..-XXK Il. AIDIDYKIXN .It JIIN IQ. S. SXY,'XNS'I'1JX 5 Hugh I7. tirnlmtu fhzts. KI. Morse ,Xlbert Walter Cleo. XY. I'I0l'fOlI -Iohtt ti. S. Swamtrnt KSIIZIS, .Y XIZIICIIIIIIC Bank Open Daily, 9-3 Szttttrclay, 9-I2 .X. KI. Frirlzty Iivenittgs f Pgff'0111',:'r Our Ad-z'H'li.wz'.9 i 50 ' 5 q Milk and Cream O-. Delivered Tp Q V V q I' lf ln Time for j B1'calif'ast. iq ,, Couric-ous 'l'reahncnt 2"fJ , P3144 E VVORTIIINGTON " FARMS ' DAIRY FUlRlEy 3 V QQ . I I 1 J fi ,, "" W V gl-'LW'-'xg i f I 4' JOSEPH CUGGINS, Prop 2 F EQ a q NX i N I Tcl. Dobbs l'lL?l'l'y 188 lid.: 'Tm going to kiss you every time you stop talking." Gert.: "You impuclent thing! l'll never speak to you again." Mgmufagfurel- liastman Karlaks Of W'hitman's Chocolates an on-cs' HOWARD G. 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GREENBERG lIo1'ton's Ice Cream Cigars, Stationery Sporting Goods NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 516 ARDSLEY LUMBER CO. QInc.l Building' Dlaterials F. H. ADDYMAN, Pres. and Mgr. Saw Mill River Road, ARDSLEY, N. Y. Patronize Our Adzfertisers YARQTQVZFJEYXNU l Compliments uf' Cmnplilnvnts ol' FRESHMEN SOPHOIVIORES -A-.Y--Y-.gWY,Y WWW hllve llacl my now lwmkml 111 two places, Xllmt slmll 1 'clo Fl' KS. Clayton 1. Answer: "Yun 511011141 have written fm' :ulvlcc before you went into tlwsc places." -7 --fn -1- --V 1 l l l l Complllnents ul' ' .IUNIORS clOIlllJ1llllC'lllS 01' SENIORS Pgfrofzisc O II 1' A CZ'UI77'f1..S'e"1'.Y 56 'IARDSQ zfirxmfl Telephone: Dobbs Ferry 331-D JAS. McCARTNEY 8: SON Real Estate Insurance in all its Branches ARDSLEY SQUARE ARDSLEY, NEW YORK I Compliments of B. L. OSTERGAARD Groceries Bandit: "Put 'em up, buddy, and if you move you're dead." 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Arrlsley Manor Realty Corporation THE ARDSLEY CI-IOCOLATERIA WISHICS to acknowledge its rlcep uppreciaton of the patronage re- ceived from the students, as well as tho faculty ofthe Ardsley High School Mll'HELE PASVUNIC Mr. Ricliteri "Xt the c-ncl ol the I1SSl'llllllY the illcf Cllulr will give ri special selection, after which the aurlito- rium will he closed Im' :1 xnrrnth tm' rcp:urs.'l Compliments ol' DR. C. A. H. SMITH Complinwnts of BELLEMORIANS Novelty Orchestra Pairfmise Our Adzfer!isv1's ss Tel. Dobbs Ferry 341 P. O. Box 529 LEONARD De NICOLA General Conrtactor Saw Mill River Road Ardsley, N. Y. Compliments of MR. AND MRS. E. PERDREAUX Compliments of CHESTER A. SLO CUNI Collector: "W ill you help the Poor Vlforking Girls' Home?" I. Teller: "Sure, where are they Pl' Night Call-Dobbs Ferry 195 MIKE NANNARIELLO Towing' and Expert Repairs Night?-SERVICE-DAY I Compliments of B. VVILBUR M CDOVVFI I l C I- E Compliments of Compliments of VITO LEO CHARLES M. 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K IU LIOIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of GA RDNICII VVICI ,C I I CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of COI,I'BIl3I'S ARONIC 1 I Cmnplimcnts of MARGARPYI' PASCONIC Cmnplimcnts of DURUTIIY VNIJERIIIIQI4 I CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS oi' VIULA XVILLIC CUIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of MR. III'IRI3I'IH'l' TRAVIS Auto Repairs Pgfrmziie Our f1dwrfi.w'1'x AUTOGRAPHS

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Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Ardsley High School - Ardsleyan Yearbook (Ardsley, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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