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THE ARDSLEYAN W 3 3 ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING l i 2 THE ARDSLEYAN THE 1924 ARDSLEYAN Yearbook of the Ardsley High School Published by the Student Council, June 1924 Price 25 Cents Raymond Barnett BOARD OF EDITORS DEPARTMENT EDITORS Stanley Travis Grade 4 Alvine Knell Grade 5 Vito Barbieri Grade 6 Lillian Robertson Grade 7 John Santore Grade 8 Gardner Welch Freshmen Thelma Hallahan Sophomores Gardner Welch, Business Manager Raymond Barnett Theodora Brown James Taylor Thomas Roberts Charles Wilson Stuart Kamke Kenneth Brown Thelma Hallahan Q TABLE OF CONTENTS Picture of School -M Editorial Section ..... Student Council Notes ---. Honor Society Notes .... Grade Section ...-.. - High School Section --- Alumni Notes ...a. Athletic Section -U Dramatic Section --- Advertisements .... Editor-in-Chief Juniors Seniors Dramatics Dramatics Dramatics Athletics Athletics Treasurer Pago' 1 2 5 7 - 10 - 18 , 24 - 27 - 32 37 THE ARDSLEYAN Mr. Arthur W. Silliman Mr. George C. Richter Miss Grace Cuddeback Miss Marjorie Willoughby Miss Gladys Palmer Miss E. Frances Reeks Mr. Otis Gray Miss Viola Van DeWerkcr Miss Myrtle Simmons lVlrs. Roger D. Flint Miss Leah Strong Miss Helen Smith Mrs. Harry Ehler Miss Anna Atwater Mrs. Benjamin Ferguson Miss Sarah Edwards Miss Celia Conklin Mrs. Arthur VV. Silliman ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Principal History-Biology Commerci.1l Physical Training Languages English Mathematics - Coach Eighth Grade Sz Libr Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade Kindergarten School Nurse Secretary 1'i an Ardsley, N, Y. Middletown, Ct. Geneva, N. Y. Gloversyille Port Jervis, N. Y Newburgh, N. Y Elliot, Md. Cherry Valley Hillsdale, N. Y. Ardsley, N. Y. Windham, N. Y Wappingers Falls Ardsley, N. Y. King Ferry, N. Y Ardsley, N. Y. Sayville, L. I. Pleasant Valley Ardsley, N. Y. D 4 THE ARDSLEYAN FOREWORD This is the Hrst Yearbook of the Ardsley High School, and the most ambitious publication ever assembled by the student body of this School. In 1923 we had a school paper called "The Ardsleyan" which was published four times during the year. On the whole, it was only the enthusiasm of the Editorial Board and the Faculty Advisers, and the munificence of the Student Council that kept it going. By the time the manuscript was trans- lated to the finished magazine, the news was stale. Although the student body from Grade 6 upward loyally supported the paper, there was usually a deficit for the Student Council Treasurer to efface. In September 1923 the problem of a school paper again came up to greet the Student Council. On the advice of Principal Silliman they decid- ed to publish a weekly newspaper of one or two sheets on the mimeograph, which would furnish fresh news and a small revenue which could be devot- ed to the publication of a School Annual at the end of the year. These plans proved more successful than our hopes. The "High School News" went to press every Friday noon and an hour later was in the hands of the readers What metropolitan daily can beat that record? Extras were published at critical times-as when the Mutts beat the .Ieifs in the Subscription Contest and when Brown and Underhill won both first prizes at the Greenburgh Speaking Contest. This Newspaper had a weekly cir- culation of 200 to 500 copies, and expenses being light, and the publisher generous, the Annual Fund reached EE70. by May 1st, 1924. In the pages that follow we shall attempt to publish the pictures and the news of the school year 1923-24 that are most worthy of permanent re- cord, and to impress upon the reader the wonderful school spirit that ex- ists in A. H. S. THE AR DSLEYAN THE STUDENT COUNCIL OF ARD SLEY HIGH SCHOOL This Council consists of presidents elected by each grade from the Fourth through the four years of High School, and a Council Advisor chos- en from the Faculty. The members are as follows : A. W. Silliman Ex-otlicio Viola Van DeWerker Faculty Adviser Theodora Brown Senior Class President and President of the Conucil Raymond Barnett President 3rd Year Thelma Hallahan President 2nd Year and Treasurer of the Council Gardner Welch President lst Year John Santore President 8th Grade and Secretary ofthe Council Lillian Robertson President 7th Grade Vito Barbieri President 6th Grade Alvine Knell President 5th Grade Stanley Travis President 4th Grade The object of the organization is to promote such activities as will be of best interest and benefit to our High School. The Council framed a Constitution and By-Laws which were unani- mously adopted by the School in general session. Each member of the Council is furnished with a copy of said Constitution and By-Laws. The Council has raised, through different means, a total of 326972, and has already expended 850. for Honor Awards and 824. for a cornet for the School Orchestra. This Council is the chief point of c t and the F on act between the Student Body aculty and Board of Education. The Council makes rules, sub- ject to the approval ofthe Principal, governing student action. The Coun- cil makes recommendations for improvements thiat seem to be needed. At the request of the Student Council, the Board of Education took up the matter of shower baths. They will probably be installed before fall. At the monthly meetings, each Class President makes a report of the condi- tions in his room, and any necessary im ' f considered b ' pros ements. The suggestions are 5 the members of the Council and the decisions reported to the Student Body at the Monthly Honor Assemblies. The Student Council, during this past school year, has made the High School News a success, supported the Honor System, acted as Editorial Board for the 1924 Ardsleyan, and cm'f1'ilntt'ed larf lv ' rise in school spirit. ge, .o the wonderful N THE ARDSLEYAN THE ARDSLEYAN 7 THE HONOR SYSTEM OF THE ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL To give public recognition to those pupils whose services bring honor to our School, and to enlist their active aid in the betterment thereof, the Student Council devised an Honor System which has functioned with in- creasing success for the past two years. Honors are based upon three-month units, and call for the development of all round proficiency in scholarship, attendance, athletic ability, and ser- vice. These requirements are within the reach of almost any pupil who will work. The first award is an emblem, representing three months perfect at- tendance, good scholarship, and athletic ability. The High School award is a monogram, and a service requirement replaces the athletic test. Six months of perfect attendance, good scholarship ,and a service to the school result in the award of a service ribbon. The High School award is a service bar. Having completed the service, they take an athletic test instead. The final award is a sterling silver Honor Medal, mounted on a ribbon bar pin for the girls, and a watch fob for the boys. This represents nine months of scholarship, attendance, school service, and athletic ability, and entitles the holder to membership for one year in the A. H. S. Honor Soci- ety, which will be described later. The second year awards are made on the same basis. In 1925, gold medals will be awarded to the pupils who have qualined for medals for three years. The Honor System is financed by the Student Council, which has de- voted to this purpose the proceeds of the annual Physical Training Exhibi- tion so successfully conducted each year by Miss Willoughby. The athletic requirement may be waived by the Council in case of physical disability. The Honor Awards are made by the representative of the Board of Education at the Honor Assemblies held in the Auditorium at nine o'clock on the first Friday of each month. Mrs. Goehren has been present at every Honor Assembly to make the awards. During the school year 1922-23, 127 emblems and monograms, 70 service awards, and 28 medals were earned. During the school year 1923- 24, 124 emblems and monograms, and 87 service awards had been earned up to May 15th, and at least 50 medals will be awarded this June. THE ARDSLEYAN ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY GRADE 4 Lily Berman Louis Pascone .Angeline DeMuro Gwyneth Williams GRADE 5 Alvine Knell Conchetta DeRosa GRADE 6 Gearge Munck Vito Barbieri Edmund Giersczynski GRADE 7 Mary DeRosa Paul Agnano Mary Geraghty Bennie Brown Dominick Santore GRADE 8 Edward Aim John Santore HIGH SCHOOL Ruth Brown Ruth Roberts Gardner Welch Gertrude Walter Raymond Barnett Beatrice Canning Florence Wheeler Stafford Clayton Constance Clayton THE ARDSLEYAN 9 ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society of Ardsley High School was organized in Septem ber 1922 ' h ' ' G 0 wit 26 members, each of whom had earned an Honor Medal the previous year. The meeting was called to order by Principal Silliman, and the following officers were chosen : President, Raymond Barnett, '25, Secretary, Gardner Welch, '27 . Faculty Adviser, Mrs. A. J. Flint. The purpose of this society is to provide for the general good of the School. Th ' ' 'Q ' e meetings are held at 2 .00 on the first Friday of each month, with the following procedure : Call to order by the President. Roll call and reading of minutes. Report of committees. Appointment of new committees. Discussion of business. Adjournment. Refreshments The Playground Committee looks after the school property and keeps it clear of papers and glass, and watches over conduct on the playground. The Washroom Committees keep these rooms clean and reprimand dis- orderly people. The Auditorium Committee makes ready for assemblies and takes care of the song books. The Refreshment Committee feeds the members, serving ice cream, cake, sandwiches, punch or cocoa. The members of this committee are very popular. 10 THE ARDSLEYAN WHY YOUR CHILD SHOULD GO TO KINDERGARTEN Every child should have the privilege of beginning school in a Kinder- garten. The Kindergarten is made for childreng it makes the step from the home to the school a naturaltransition from a more or less happy-go- lucky existence to the ordered life of the school community. No child can be educated alone. The social life of the Kindergarten is the very best way for a child to begin his school experience. In the Kindergarten the children learn the give-and-take of social life, also valuable habits of cooperation and self-control ,through their work and play. The Kindergarten saatis- fies a child's need for comanionship, directs his untrained will, and at the same time, respecting his developing personality, establishes right habits and attitudes in the most formative period of his development. Members of the Kindergarten Sarah L. Edwards, Teacher Josephine Averso Jennie DeRosa Angeline Gasperine Mary Longhi Helen Morse Florence Wilbur Gifford Acker Harold Blank Carmine DeRosa Howard Lawrence Tony Moccia Tony Perrillo Louisa Averso John Chadwick Joseph DeLuca Leonard DeNicola Michael Furillo Anna Howell James Moccia Susie Squillante Samuel Tino Charles Poliiis Ruth Blohrne Clara Filomena Gertrude Koenig Elizabeth Mackenzie Cecelia Paoluccia Madeline VVilson Vincent Agnano Alvin Brown Angelo Delmerico Windfred Lefurgy Lawrence Moccia George Slocum ,-l.... ...l- Vera Braem Marie Fiore Ruth Lawrence Bebe Moore Anna Santore Jeanne Quimby Llcyd Ainslie Domenico Cicciollo John Edwards David Longmuir Albert Munck Jerome Shapiro Members of the First Grade Mrs. Frances Ferguson, Teacher William Brinckerhoff Ruth Coggins Grace De Michele Grace DeStefano Victor Gagliardi Allen McCartney Nicholas Moecia John Swanston Katie Tiscnendorf Charles Wharmby Douglas Brown Louis Delmerico Rose DeMuro Martha Frischmann Violet Guden Nicholas Pascone Dominick Tino Richard McCartney Lloyd Westlake Nellie Zerola Lawrence Agnano Lucy DeMichele Patsy Filomena Tony Gasperini Muriel Hadden Edna Knell Lawrence Mason Jose Noviello Helen Praetorius William Slocum Robert Walker Doris Addyman Molly DeMichele Mary Gasperini Joseph Koeniig Frank Levis Edith Morse Donald McPhee Fannie Perillo Charles Quimby Harry Secor Joseph Tino THE ARDSLEYAN 11 Members of the Second Grade Anna L. Atwater, Teacher Edgar Bell Lucy DeRosa Mary Gagliardi Leo Gierczynski Vivian Heidrich Cecelia Leo Michael Mattarazzo Josephine Nickel Ina Robertson Thomas Squillanti Maybelle Welch Jennie Cicciolla Frank Filomena Elvira Gasperini John Grandolfi Macgregor Kilpatrick Jackamina Longhi Gilbert McConnell Tony Paolucci Margaret Sanger Helen Stratton Members of the Third Grade Mrs. Emily Ehler, Teacher Muriel Berthelson Louis Furillo Helen Gierczynski William Lawrence Angelo Longhi John Mattarazzo Tony Moccia Nicholas Petrolo Joseph Russo Nancy Squillante Hazel Wilson John Gagliardi Edward Hering William Savino Jimmie Mantello Robert Mathews Frank Noviello Mildred Quick Louise Savino ' Albert Stohr Pearl Wilson THE ARDSLEYAN Helen I. Smith, Te John Blank Michael DeRosa Pinkney Goehren John Lindauer Dominick Saverino Dominick Filomena Dorothy Canavotto Nettie De Nicola May Howell Sara Saltz Elizabeth Secor Alfred Canning Carrie Welch Leah Strong, Teacher Beatrice Bell Josephine DeMuro Gasperini Rosina Ruth Mathews Olive Perdreaux Anna Stines John Arone Carmine DeMichele Raffaelle DiTerlizzi Robert Levis Faluch Perillo Paul Waddell THE ARDSLEYAN 13 Members of the Fourth Grade acher Stanley Travis, Class President Emily Stines William Wharmby Christopher Chadwick Lawrence Chadwick Daniel De Stephano John Howell January Mattarazzo Edwin Storms Diana Ackerman Lillian Delmerico Filomena Gasperini Susan McConnell Catherine Santore Florence Stymus Gywneth Williams ' . Christmas Furillo William Koenig Louis Pascone Stanley Travis May Berthelson Angelina DeMuro it Martha Geraghty Ethel Saltz Lucille Santore Claire Swanston Frances Cicciollo Members of the Fifth Grade :iAlvine Knell, Class President Dorothy Brown Mary DeNicola Josephine Jozzo Mary McConnell Bessie Robertson Mary Tino Wesley Brown Frank DeStefano William Gierczynski Sebastian Longhi Rocco Savino Aylette Utz iiHonor Students Annie Delmerico :"Conchetta DeRosa Marie Kraft Elizabeth Oakes Mary Savino Charlesi'Agnano Charles Cudney Arthur Kaercher N uzianto Leo Michael Paolucci Tony Tino THE ARDSLEYAN THE ARDSLEYAN 15 Members of the Sixth Grade Anna J. Flint ,Teacher Vito Barbieri, Class President Donald Addyman Helen Berthelson Harry Delmerico Elizabeth Fiore Ellery Kamke George Munckt Emma Sanger Herman Stymus Frieda Welch Dominick Barbieri Edwin Braem Dominick DeNardo Kathryn Fiore Mary Moccia Nickey Paolucci Stella Saverino Margaret Squillante Vito Barbieri? John Canning Conchetta DeRosa Edmund Giercznskit Thomas Moccia Michael Perillo Raymond Stratton Vincent Russo Madeline VVharmby INTERESTING ITEMS OF YEAR The Sixth Grade was the first grade to secure 10022, attendance for a month and Was the first grade awarded the silver cup presented by Mr. Frank Addyman. The Sixth Grade has had a iine Junior Audubon Club this year to pro- mote the study and protection of birds. The following are the officers : President, Frieda Welchg Secy., Edwin Gierszynski. Not only have we had 100 72' class registration in the Club, but we have been honored by the mem- bership of Miss Edwards and Mr. Richter. The Sixth Grade has upheld the School Paper--buying far more than our weekly quota of 50 copies. It was one of the first Grades to pledge 1009? subscription for the 1924 Ardsleyan. Members of the Seventh Grade Myrtle D. Simmons, Teacher Lillian Robertson, Class President Mary DeRosaX Benjamin Brownt Robert Berthelson Marie Brown Angelo DeRosa Antoinette Lobascio Maurice Kamke Mary Pascone Anthony Santore Mary Geraghty Paul Agnanoii Alexander Mackenzie Christopher DeLuca Mary Furillo Nickey Filornena Louise Oakes Brandi Pasquini Dominick Santoreit '1'llono:' Students Milton Citron Arnold Brown Susan DeLuca Dan DeRosa Lucy Novielle Michael Nannariello Marjorie VVaddell Lillian Walker THE ARDSLEYAN EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATING CLASS President-John Santore Class Motto :-Watch Us Climb. Class Colors :-Gold and Black. Class Flower :-Black-eyed Susan. Class Yell :-Auguman, Durgamen, Rip - Ray - Rah Eighth Grade, Eighth Grade, Zip - Boom - Bah. 1924 Rah, Rah, Rah! THE ARDSLEYAN 17 Members of the Eighth Grade Graduating Class Viola Van DeWerker, Teacher John Santore, Class President Edward Aim Amalia Cudney Florence Brown Angelo DeRosa Helen Howell Dorothy Lackman Marion McPhee Magdalen Prechtel Tony Terico James Bennett Gertrude Brown Thomas DeNicola Alice Eder Matilda Hunick Elizabeth Leo Dominick Paolucci Alma Reid John Santore Kathryn Brooks Pompeii Cimino Mollie DeNicola Richard Geraghty Clara Jozzo Marjorie Longmuir Antoinette Pascone John Teller Raymond Willsea Interesting Items of Year The Class made and sent 200 booklets to the Grasslands Hospital for Christmas. During Education Week, in common with the other classes, we gave an exhibit of work done during the year. Many parents and friends came to admire the work. Our Honor Members are: Edward Aim, John Santore, and Tony Ter- ico. The following received honors during the year: First Year Emblem: Bennett, Cimino, Howell, Reid, Geraghty, Teller, Willsea, Llorence Brown, Pascone, Prechtel, McPhee. First Year Service Ribbon: Paolucci, Bennett, DeRosa, Reid, Cimino, DeNicola, Eder, Florence Brown, Prechtel, McPhee, Longmuir. Second Year Emblem: Terico, Santore, Aim, Paolucci, DeRosa, Mollie DeNicola, Jozzo, Cudney, Eder, Leo, Hunink, Lackman, Gertrude Brown, Longmuir, Brooks. Second Year Service Bar: Aim, Jozzo, Cudney, Leo, Brooks. Gertrude Brown, Lackman, Hunink, Santore, Terico. Those eligible up to May lst for a lst Year Medal: DeRosa, Paolucci, Bennett, Reid, Cimino, Jozzo, Mollie DeNicola, Cudney, Leo, Hunink, Prechtcl, Lackman, Gertrude Brown, Brooks. Second Year Medal: Edward Aim. Members of the Class who had a perfect attendance during this school year are the following: Ann, Bennett, Brooks, Florence Brown, Gertrude Brown, Cimino, Cudney. llellosa. Geraghty. H unink. Jozzo. Leo, McPhee. Pascone, Santore, Willssea. 18 THE ARDSLEYAN FRIVOLITIES FROM THE FRESHMEN There are 23 members in the 1924 class of Freshmen. At the open- ing of the school year the Class President was elected., After a close race between Hazel Fellers and Gardner Welch the latter was elected. Following are the names of the members of the Freshman Class : Ruth Brown Hilda Canning Alice Cooley Barbara Frischmann Donald Mackenzie Joseph Nannerillo Marian Williams Marie Canavotto Stafford Clayton Mary Delmerico William lnnes Anna Marafini Gertrude Walter Ruth Roberts Beatrice Canning Frank Coggins Hazel Fellers Bessie Levis Dempsey Moccia Florence Wheeler Muriel Wille THE ARDSLEYAN 19 SOBS FROM THE SOPHOMORES ,-ip-1 Class President, Thelma Hallahan Adviser, Miss E. F. Reeks Class Colors, Blue and Gold Class Motto, Labor Conquers All Oneita fNeets7 Jayne, the great anectdote queen, is famed for her hu- morous speeches which she tried to tell in chapel. Her success in making us laugh pleased her a great deal. Elsie fJackJ Waddell, the world-known singer and dramatist, sang and acted her best in chapel one morning. Since she never noticed her mis- takes, she felt vry proud when we applauded her greatly. . Alvina CMick7 McElroy is another great actress. She tries to be com- ical and is very successful in making us laugh. Well, we all say, "Keep it up, Mick. You'll be a great actress some day." Mary fBeansj Cudney, still another noted actress, tries to outdo Mick. Sometimes she succeeds and she is very proud. Constance CConnieh Clayton, the celebrated sober star, conducts chapel Well so far as it goes. She needs more practice, but she's all right. Sophronia fFronyJ Glover, the great traveler, took a little of our time to tell us where the HMysterious Hand" came from and where it disappear- ed. She also was very proud of her success as an orator and walked to her seat very bashfully. John fRedJ Geraghty, called Red from the his hair is a great rider. He related some of his hair-raising experiences out west on a horse. We all enjoyed his speech very much and applauded him greatly. Thelma fTubbyj Hallahan, the Sophomore President and Stephens Speed Demon, spends her spare time persuading business men to advertise in the Ardsleyan. They can't resist her. The other twelve members of the class are as follows: Real Name Nick name Favorite Expression Gladys Eaton Eadie Banana oil lrene Stagg Rene Holy Moses! Elsie ljlimpton Plimpy lt's tluky Grace .lanz Fido Darn it Lillian Munck Toogic How do you know '? Lydia Steffenhagen ln I hope to roast a peanut 20 THE ARDSLEYAN Real Name Nick name Favorite Expression Kathryn Blohme Kay Banana Oil Kathryn Oakes Katy Jimiiiy Wickets Marguerite Fellers Mugs B2.HaH3 Oil Frank Vogel Footsie For the l0Ve Of Mike Edward Leone Pope Leo For Crying Out 101141 Mary Jozzo Jozzo Darn it JOTS FROM THE JUNIORS Raymond Barnett, Class President Lillian Bernat Kenneth Brown Kenneth McPhee Thomas Roberts Charles Wilson Amelia Schroff James Taylor Alpheus Underhill Viola Wille The Junior Class of '24 boasts of being the best all-round class. They hold, with the exception of the grinding Freshies, the highest ranks in scholarship. Besides this, the Junior boys have a monopoly in athletics and dramatics. Here's hoping for as good a year in '25l f A ,C 4 4 ' 4 4 -X VCX U ?S-0?3,,XfW ET' -QSSSQS Fikxisi C5Xif5?fZ.O'5X'i'XXQ,6?j?XO Siyxc SlxQZUS'ggxQ Qulxhg 4554 ofxkq 955303 ?-YQQXWWN ?vv6z- Ynioeggc Qqigbwos Wwe efxwg NM . Cx-bs 4 :aw ?'w2X4XQ Nybcq -,Xxeyggx fikeokovm Qi oxixx 'YQMQ Qlxkwg mx xXxeYQjy QQQQ, Y-SQA 'A QSM? W xg :Y-x ikqxi Skdyik iypxbwz Exwxke 'Yqxixwg Rv, YXQg 55, OAXX P-QONWSSVQ gpm Qxpmf pm Qvbgxv-L xy-Zkexvgx kxfg QW-sxe QQ -9vf.+cNv9N mx Q Q95 NQKGNU4 Qi Qexixz Y,3Q1QxBw'QX bs -ixibv if-Q 'Axvgwgff X5 uqigxx CNN542- SXQWQ ',j6'OXfQQ-SEQ Sky QXBQQ Q06 Qi ie-92.050 QXz.CasYQxv1g',fioQ'511, QNWQ QSQQ-5'4XQvQEvQ, 'pxb QQXB A we Ciiixcew' ixxeoaoag-NK od xx ,Y iefixbcxf , af . x ?,Q0Qi Qgimike, rec. 59K Q X' M ' ,Q l':i'as,-,VZ , 2 3 51 ' ' ' ' A M 'G'1f'. ,Y 1 L 37' 0' ,, ' ' RC Y 1, w-,Mfg y whim, , W 'ss f 51 xg 4 , ??3,,A,51:53g-1- X , kg, vi Hp., V 'KM I , 2 f 3 I 5 Q'l 1gifTf'l13i -v 1 , jf," 5 .iwffzmkfw . 53 Sf ' W m f 5' ' Q ,M 1 MQ., We in f F ,Q LV jg f , A 'fr my 'sw fig " ffW:'g', ' gy If g . 1, f-,,, 11, ff! 'M ' f' f,g5' f 'm iF' L f , " ' X W f i g Aw X f 22 THE ARDSLEYAN SENIOR NOTES Anna Brosge is the only member of the class of '24 to have the honor of receiving her education entirely from this school. She began school at lgrdsley and has advanced from there to Ardsley's apex of education: A enior. Miss Brosge has taken an active part in all school activities. She has the honor of having been a member of the Girl's Basketball team for four years. She played guard, and because of her long and mighty passes, has gained the name of f'Rainbow" from the rooters. She is a popular member of the student body and, besides driving a f'flivver," has no known faults. She has taken the part of the "red lady in a young dress" CKittyJ in the Senior play called "The Arrival of Kitty." As a reward for her services to the school, Miss Brosge has been given a letter and her numerals. Theodora Brown, the President of our class, travels back and forth from East View every day on the good old "Put." Theodora's four years here have been active. Last year she was one of Ardsley's representatives in the Interscholastic Speaking Contest, and this year she carried oi the first prize for the girls in the competition at Dobbs Ferry. She is President of the Student Council. We all wish to congratulate "Teddy" on her interpretation of the part of "Aunt Jane" in our Senior play. Her many friends are sure to miss her after she leaves A. H. S. ' Vera Witkov entered this School in the second grade and has stayed with us. She is the only one of our class to receive a Commercial Diploma. Vera has always taken an active part in all the school activities. For the past four years she has taken part in the Physical Training Exhibitions, doing classical solo dancing. She has played on the Basketball Team for the past three years, being Captain this year. She has well earned her letter and numerals. Last year she took the part of the maid in the Faculty play, and this year the part of f'Jane" in the Senior play. We all know what a magnificent High School career Stuart Kamke has had. His part in the Ardsley Baseball Team for four years, the Bas- ketball Team for three years, with year '24 as Captain of the team, his won- derful showing in the Speaking Contest preliminaries of '24 and his part in the Senior play as old "Mr, Winkler," have touched our hearts deeply. But the fact that Mr. Kamke is to graduate this year does not mean that his splendid career is to be suddenly stopped because it is just about ty com- mence. Stuart's chief ambition is to become a private secretary. Two years from today Mr. Kamke will step into his first position of this kind to James P. Morgan, the great Ancerican financier. He will not keep this position very long, however, but will rise to a position far greater He will become private secretary to Secretary Smith and finally private secretary THE ARDSLEYAN 23 to the President of the United States. The only great hardship he will have to endure for the rest of his life will be his wife. Asher Roberts, better known among his High School friends as "Ash" is another member of our class. He is also known as one of the best sports in the school. They always tease Asher because he is small, but he doesnlt mind. He is one of our basketball stars and has won great praise for his "long shots." Asher plays baseball too. He is a member of our team this year. He was a member of the Minstrel cast. As one of the speakers in the preliminary Speaking Contest he did well and took the part of "Ting" very well in the Senior play. Welll miss Asher and his ftHey, Stewiel' when he leaves A. H. S. THE ARDSLEYAN ALUMNI NOTES Columbus Arone '23, President of last year's class, is still selling medicine and mixing sodas at Brook's Pharmacy, when not at Columbia University studying pharmacy. Angus McPhee '23 ,who formerly starred as bas- ketball guard and baseball center iielder, has now en- tered the business World. He is now engaged in the plumbing business with his father. Carmine Pascone, '23, who last year led the bas- ketball team and pitched for the baseball team, is now the proprietor of the handsome "Ardsley Chocolateriaf' He helps his Alma Mater by helping to coach candi- dates for basketball and baseball. Lillian Quimby '23, our star forward, now plays with equal success on the Girls Friendly Basketball Team. She commutes to New York to earn her bread and butter. Samuel Reynolds '23, has just finished the Short Agricultural Course at Cornell, Winning a prize for raising livestock. At present Sammie is back on the farm helping dad. THIS AIZDSLEYA N ' Irving Westlake '23, prominent last yeai ' ball and b ' . g 1 igently in a New York broker's ofiice. He is seen at all school games. 4' Helen Zunser '23 star orfttoi f , C 'o Ardsley, is now at- tending New York U ' ' ' ' 5 .. : nix ei sity. Helen' . th ' ' s school spirit is e kind that sticks Sh h . e as several plans to enlist N. ' t Y. U. talent to help our School. Dot Underhi l . cvage School of Physical Education. She plays forward on the Girl's Friendly Basketball Team. She has refereed a number of League Basketball games this year. l '22, attends the Sa Bea Goehren '22, still wears the White dress and apron of a nurse, and will soon receive her cap which means she has com Jl t d ' ' ' 1 e e hei course and is "ready." Ruth Underhill '22, the better half of the happy Ward family, looks after her little sister Dot by play- ing on the same basketball team. 'in basket- aseball is workin dl' THE ARDSLEYAN Billy Seger '18, who left Ardsley High six years ago has changed from a gay schoolboy to a hustling in- surance agent. Q Art McCartney '16, and his wife Cora Glover Mc- Cartney '16, are two members of our first High School Graduating Class. Art is now a successful realtor. Roland Brooks '20, following in the footsteps of his father, proprietor of the Ardsley Pharmacy, is now a licensed pharmacist. Josie Nannariello '22 ,still chums with many of the High School girls and is seen frequently at school affairs. She is now keeping house for her father. Floyd Stymus '20, rides free between Ardsley and New York, for he is working in the New York Central Oflices, striving toward the top of the ladder. THE Al1l7Sl , i5 Y AN 27 BASEBALL June 1923 ended the most successful baseball season that Ardsley High School ever witnessed. The team did not have 'ieasy sailing" with their schedule, as each game won was by the small margin ot one run. The game lost was also by one run. Every game was a thriller from beginning to end. There were times when victory seemed almost impossible, but Coach Gray and his Ardsley boys never gave up hope. it was at these times that the calm and consistent playing. cooperation and team work of each mem- lgjer of the team, brought to Ardsley, for the iirst time, the "Championship -up. ' Since the close of that victorious season, Ardsley has had the sad mis- fortune of parting with seven of the players of the 1923 team, including the pitcher and catcher. This indeed is a great handicap which would no doubt cause many small teams to give up in despair: but no, Ardsley is de- termined, more than ever, to keep possession of the Cup. The winning of the Cup last year, the addition of promising recruitsg the persistent and determined efforts of each member, serves to spur the team on to duplicate the victory of last year, and establish another "leg" on this coveted Cup. The following is an individual batting schedule of the Team of '2Zl. Player Position A. B. l H. Percent Pascone p 19 8 .421 McGah l. f. 18 7 .2388 Brown r. t. 18 7 -333 Blohme c 16 fi -3375 Westlake 2 b 17 6 .2352 Kamlie 1 b 15 rl -366 McPhee c. f 1b el .250 Fndney Z1 lx 16 l .250 Dehlardo s. s. 16 13 Total 151 -19 2324 Kenneth Bro wn '25 28 THE ARDSLEYAN BASKETBALL Another eventful season has closed without bringing any laurels to the boys. Although we have been none too successful, no one can say that the Blue and Gold gave up without a iight. Our games have been both close and exciting as anyone who witnessed them can tell you. The major- ity of our material was new, the class of '23 having taken three or four anchors. Then, too, our center, from whom we had expected much, inform- ed us that he was leaving his f'Alma Mater." Nevertheless, the new ma- terial proved itself sturdy and well seasoned. Each man gave his best and "played the game." The following is a brief survey of the team: R. fCutieJ Barnett, a guard who plays with a tenacity that is extreme- ly annoying to his opponents and extremely encouraging to his team. K. CSquirrelJ Brown, an impenetrable, impregnable guardg the fear of opposing coaches and teams. He was elected Captain of next season's team. S. QSoupJ Kamke, Captain and guard-forward, was the only "regular" from last year. He never lacked effort in trying to lead his team to victory. He is leaving us this year and we wish him success. Goodbye and good luck, "Soup." K. fRedJ McPhee, a hard working and hard fighting forward. In the game just look for the ball and you will ind "Red." A. fKid Speedy Roberts, a forward who earned his name on the floor because of the metoric pace he set while playing. During the Christmas holidays, while playing in a practice game, our star received a broken arm which forced him from the game almost the entire season. F. fFootsieJ Vogel, a regular grasshopper center, who outjumped most of his opponents and followed shots with an accuracy that has scored many points for old "Ardsley." E. fPopeJ Leone, a forward distinguished for his speed and lightning passes. He's no Pope on the floor. A. fBuffaloJ Underhill a guard conspicuous for his flying tactics. Al- though he animated his man considerably by his energetic and damaging methods, his work was both effective and well done. D Stick with them, Second team. You are Ardsley's future stars. Per- sistent effort will prove your worth, and win for you a place on the team. Bennett and Wilson loom up as promising material for next year's team. Stuart Kamke '24. THE ARDSLEY 30 THE ARDSLEYAN GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM The Ardsley Girls Basketball Team is slowly but surely climbing to the top. This is proven by the fact that they were tied with Dobbs Ferry for second place in the Greenburgh Interscholastic League. They fell back to third place, however, as the result of losing a hard fought game. The girls played several games with teams not in the League, making a total for the season of fifteen games. Of these fifteen, they won ten games. In every contest the girls showed their school spirit to a marked degree, as Well as splendid team work. The members of the team are: Vera Witkov, Captain Anna Brosge, Manager Lillian Munck Hazel Fellers Ruth Brown Mary Cudney Alvina McElroy Florence Brown Elsie Waddell '26. PHYSICAL TRAINING EXHIBITION The Ardsley High School Annual Physical Training Exhibition was held in the Auditorium on Friday evening, April 4, at 8:00 o'clock. Judging from the audience and their hearty applause, it was a great success. The proceeds, EE72., will be used to buy medals for the Honor Students. During the months of preparation for the Exhibition the pupils vied with each other to take part in it. The practice was very beneficial and everyone taking part did his very best. Miss Willoughby, our Physical Di- rector, worked exceptionally hard to make the affair a success. 1 The Exhibition was composed of drills and dances, each grade and High School classes having some part in it. THE ARDSLEYAN ' M555 - W,-, 3 -5 2f :a. ' 5 -ffa -- V' W W A-s .f lypikib , . 9, . , 1 3, gig., L-'Q , ,Sf-.iii ,A .5 h gy v We-'fy ., I, - Q :vial , Y ' " , Q.-Y 4 . ' f K V' Y L' ' f 2 afffi1x1?k "I q 1 1:5 1 Q' ? X924 PHX SIC L NL TRAI Y INR . F.XHlBlTIO'NT 32 THE ARDSLEYAN PROGRAM OF THE PHYSICAL TRAINING EXHIBITION Dumb-bell Drill --- Folk Dances ........... ..- Solo Dance-"La Mancha" -- Singing Gaines .......... Wand Drill ....... ---- Sixth Grade ---- Second Grade Vera Witkov Third Grade -----8th Grade and H. S. Boys Indian Club Drill ...................,......,........- Seventh Grade S010 D3UC9-"TWiI1kle, Twinkle, Little Star" ------Y,------ Edna Knell Upetel' Rabbitf' ......W..............T .,-Alvine Knell, Dorothy Brown Betty Bell, Raphael DeTerlizzi Paul Waddell, Wesley Brown S010 D2L1'1Ce - 'fGretchen" -U fm ---kK---- A- ---------- Qneita Jayne Free Hand Drill -----------...... M........ S th Grade and H. s. cms Miss Marjorie Willoughby- Physical Director XJR Tumbog' wa 'felt X " 9' was of Alarm ini X size. as Q I -' 1 get A ,Q - 3 . X5 ji ?:2Tiiii,:m A A SM The Show. S hoe S' , ' X E AAQ: ' I X l Q 6 Safely Rn. . Q 1 No. V15-...... Self- defenge I I I I nm... X iii Xl Sfxq in of ivsulzrarslhy, EA anvi i I ohcQ 115364 B91-,gg f ' THE ARDSLEYAN 3.1 THE MINSTREL SHOW At 8 230 P. M., December 20, 1923, over three hundred people waited eagerly for the curtain to be drawn, in order that they might see the pos- sessors of those grotesque feet which protruded from beneath the stage curtain. ' The opening chorus began and the curtain was slowly drawn, reveal- ing a Dixie Jubilee. As soon as the chorus had finished singing, lnterlocu- tor Wilson called out in a solemn voice, 'tGentlemen, be seatedf' The troupe then sat down, with the exception of "Tambo" Taylor. When asked why he did not sit down, Tambo replied, in a mournful tone, that he had a seat, but no place to put it. Then Tambo ordered t'Snowball" Geraghty to bring him a chai1'. The jokes between the end-men and the interlocutor were greeted with howls of laughter and thundering applause. During each bust of applause Tambo's gigantic diamond stickpin flashed and sparkled. Surely it was due to the presence of a bright audience! No, "Bones" Underhill never stood at the head of mule-raising. lf he had, he would never have had those hoof-prints on the seat of his t1'ousers. That was a magniticent medal Mr. "Cotton" Kamke had on hisrmanly chest. Yes, and he had some race to get it. The owner and six policemen were behind him! 'fBanjo" Roberts dreamed he died and was awakened by the heat. l wonder why? Poor Banjo, that enormous necktie nearly strangled him. When the pickaninnies started pulling each other's hair, Tambo got excited, and pulled out a mighty razor and proceeded to sharpen it. Evident- ly razors are used for other purposes than shaving. ln fact, a razor of such a size might easily be used asa battle-ax or for chopping wood. While the Chauncey Quartet was singing "Goodnight, My Sweetie," Tambo couldn't make his huge, black, shovel-like, bare feet behave. He was almost forced to use his razor on them. CAnother use for razorsj. Welch's striped stockings and loud vest attracted favorable attention from the "shrill sex." In other words the noisy gender like noisy clothes. Those who took part in this show are looking forward to the time when they can act natural again, and surely those who were in the audience must feel the same way about it! - Taylor '25, 34 THE ARDSLEYAN THE INTERSCHOLASTIC SPEAKING CONTEST This year the Greenburgh League held its lnterscholastic Speaking Contest in Dobbs Ferry High School, on the evening of March 16, the schools competing being Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Hastings, Croton, and Ardsley. This contest requires intensive research work on the part of the representatives of each school, for they do not know until one hour before the debate begins which of the five sub-topics of the question they will dis- cuss. On March 16, Ardsley High sent Theodora Brown and Alpheus Un- derhill as its contestants. Both spoke calmly and confidently on a phase of the question "Resolved, that the United States Government should em- body in its foreign policy the recommendations of' the Bok Peace Award Plan," and they were greeted with hearty applause. At the conclusion of the speech of the tenth speaker, the Chairman, Mr. Sheppard, Principal of Dobbs Ferry High School, announced the de- cision of the judges. The negative had won. He then pleased the audi- ence ,particularly the Ardsley rooters, by stating that Theodora had won first prize, a gold medal awarded for the best speaker among the girls. He next announced that Alpheus had earned the Hrst boy's prize, a similar gold medal. The astonished Ardsley delegation, in which there were about sixty friends, parents, and relatives of Ardsley's speakers, cheered till they were hoarse and soon dispersed to spread the news of the double victory. Ardsley, the smallest school in the League, had won both first prizes! This success had its inecption in the enthusiasm of' Helen Zunser '23, whose oratorical efforts were twice crowned with success. Last year Theo- dora entered the lists. Although she won no prize, her speech was very creditable. At that time she determined to try again this year. Her per- severance, coupled with her desire to help Ardsley High, brought her well- deserved success. Her fellow-representative, Alpheus, is new to the school this year, but it is known that he had always taken a part in public speak- ing when he attended high school in Buffalo. He, too, deserves praise for his ability to organize arguments and to present them clearly and emphati- cally The size, eagerness, and enthusiasm of the delegation from Ardsley prove that there is an ever-increasing schcol spirit, and that Ardsley is out to win! THE ARDSMEYAN 1 THE ARRIVAL OF KITTY Owing to the fact that this article is written before the first actual public performance, the author will merely comment on parts taken and the general criticism of the play. A brief summary of the rather complicat- ed plot will serve the purpose. William Winkler with his niece Jane and sister-in-law arrive at the Halycon House in the Catskill Mountains, where Jane is to be married to a man whom she has never seen. This wedding must take place before six o'clock or 510,000 will be given to charity instead of Winkler. He is also to receive an additional 310,000 for securing a husband for his old-maid sister-in-law whose name is also Jane. Bobbie Baxter, the ardent lover of the younger Jane, arrives on the scene. Winkler discovers him and threatens to have him forcibly removed until he finds out that Bob knows of his relations with a New York actress, Kitty Benders. Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore, the stipulated husband of young Jane, ar- rives. Ting, the mischievous bellhop, allows the impression to overcome Winkler that Moore is the man whom Winkler hired from the matrimonial agency for Aunt Jane. At his friend Ting's suggestion, Bobbie Baxter dis- guises as Kity. Moore mistakes him for Jane, and Bob leads him on and causes him to fall in love. Then Bobbie makes love to the bewildered Wink- ler, who fearing his sister-in-law's displeasure, emplores the false Kitty to hide or flee. At Winkler's suggestion, Jane is led to believe that Bob is a friend of Kitty, the actress, and while Bob is in disguise as Kitty she pours out her tale of love for himself. She discovers her mistake and is much enraged. Then the real Kitty Benders arrives and the mix-up becomes worse thru the constant appearance and reappearance of first Bob in disguise then Kitty. Finally the actress herself discovers the deception and by means of intriguing schemes on all sides, Moore marries Aunt Jane. Wink- ler, of course, marries Kitty, and Bob becomes the true companion of the lovelorn Jane. All thru the play, life and humor are added by Ting's clev- er suggestions to his friend Bob, and by the colored porter's search for the owner of an unidentified trunk. The parts were assigned and practice started about March 25. The actors have worked faithfully and have been kept right down to work by careful overseers. We have every reason to believe that it will be a tre- mendous success when it is presented on May 16th. 36 THE ARDSLEYAN The characters are as follows, with names of students taking each part : William Winkler, leading man --- --- Stuart Kamke Jane, the young girl ...................... ...... V era Witkov Benjamin Moore, the man from New York .... --- Alpheus Underhill Kitty Benders, leading lady ............... ...... A nna Brosge Aunt Jane, Winkler's sister-in-law --- .... Theodora Brown Tinglepaugh, the bellboy ......... --- Asher Roberts Suzzette, the French maid .... --- Lillian Bernat Sam, the colored porter --- .... James Taylor -----R---,--------- Charles Wilson Bobbie Baxter, the boy .......... We are very grateful to Mr. George Richter for his kind help and suggestions in coaching us for the play. He deserves great credit for the interest he took in directing us. ' Charles Wilson '25. 'PTUS AIIDSLICYAN 1 Co12zyJZz'911v12fs of :Nz W. G. EMERICK QQ C0'?'2Z.2lIl-iI2!JIlf.S' of ,- MARY T. GOEHREN C077?QlIZ'i72P72llS of RUTH C. J. SLOCUM I CO7l7jJli'H7I'7I?"S of W. C. LAWRENCE ljrllronizv Our ffrfnurliserw COIIZQIIIQHZIJIMN of THOS. EATON C0lHjlfl.HlC'lZfH of C. J. MULLEH C0mpIz'm012t.w of W. S. NEWKIRK CompIz'mmzf.f of C. A, SLOCITM 38 THE ARDSLEY HIGH-Let's make the Best School in Westchester ARTHUR W. SILLIMAN ARDSLEYAN it Compliments of GEORGE C. RICHTER Is Compliments of GLADYS PALMER z Compliments of MARJORIE WILLOUGHBY ..oo,.. Compliments of OTIS H. GRAY Compliments of GRACE H. CUDDEBACK V I Compliments of E. FRANCES REEKS N. ...... "" A ' AA""A'-"U"-"' Compliments of VIOLA VAN DE WERKER Palronize Our A doeriisers 41208 LE +41 77Yf?A1A'06Zf?I?1N P 11100 ksbffoog 0515151776175 N ff+zfJp151e19s CbffQl6kfff'ffffV of Semee QIYIILJ' 01. effcak' fP1e?L5'0 S4Wf0. X is' Sffzm Oz Of? 4' 151' J 671 CZf1w4Q1ffwffs' Qf' lfbff 1221 'ZBA' ff Off ,' , 61A-:A14 517'Wf41 712' 4. fx fzm' of fZf1g16Q1frwfx I N24 A 0619 lv UI!! M' .X I 057 ' , T I Wllfll 1 Compliments of C. F. ARONE THE ARDSLEYAN Compliments of SAMUEL REYNOLDS ::::::::: ::::::::::: Compliments of COW-plim6111fS of IRVING WESTLAKE LILLIAN QUIMBY Compliments of Compliments of F. A. ARONE MRS. R. S. HALLAHAN Compliments of G. Q. JOHNSON Compliments of MISS GRACE CHAVE 5,5 Palronizc Our Advertisers THE ARDSLEYAN A .l' .V Complimmzts of Compliments of A FRIEND ANTHONY NANNARIELLO .l. l C077l29I'f27l071,tS of ' l ' Complimvms of FRANK V. NEMECEK THE SENIORS JOSEPH DE NARDO . GENERAL CONTRACTOR Couzplznzwztw of Box 201 Ardsley, N. A FRIEND " Telephone Dobbs Ferry 442 Field Avenue Ardsley, N. lizmknerls Variety Store "'l'lill SHIRE ON THE 'SQUARE " We lflzxvf' now 21 full line of Lowe Brothers PHIIXTL? and Varnisllls. ull line o1'v'a1'fler11,o0ls and Cllicken Wire. lf vou mm ill need ol' an oil st-.1 xsk was almost the Cmnt Superf xx. Y A lJflfI'OHll'l' Um Xl rlzv1''rs 42 THE ARDSLEYAN Tel. 113-W Dobbs Ferry W. Y. BRINKERHOFF ICE CREAM - CONFECTIONERY Newsdealer ARDSLEY, N. Y. Purchase Your IC E C R E A M In an Ice Cream Store PRICE'S ARDSLEY MARKET Ernest Tucco, Prop. FIRST CLASS, MEAT, POULTRY and PROVISIONS Reasonable Prices Telephone 455 ARDSLEY, N. Y Telephone-Dobbs Ferry 1124 Frank Calace Mottola REAL ESTATE BROKER and NOTARY PUBLIC 439 Ashford Menue Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Palronize Our A dvertisers Tlllfl AlllY:3LEYAN J. A. Campbell THE ARDSLEY GARAGE TAXI SElf1VlCE--DAY AND NHLHT MEETS ALL TRAKNS -lil Ardsley, N. Y. Gasoline, Oils, Tires, and Accessories Storage Tel. Dobbs Ferry 386 and fill Railroad Ave., Opposite Station Tel. Dobbs Ferry 2443 Clean Airy Fireproof Building Storage and Dead Storage EINE BRGTEEBS GARAGE,hw. Agent for Stephens Car High Class Repairing ' " ' , , .' Q 't"n1 Welclingf Toyyin-I Ser rice. Au essoi ie. Oils and Gas, Blacksnn in g, . ,, y ' ' f' -' f A ieiica Ollicially Appointed Garage Automobile elim o n W ARDSLEY. N. Y, Tel. Elmsforcl 1857 HARRY KENNEDY Taxi Service White Plains - Tarrytown Trolley Main Street and Perkins Avenue "rwapf1m'.,no7 .lf . F.H.ADDYWAN f7uirw:iTr Um Jifill'I'fl 1 Day and Nigrlit Passes door ELMSFORD, N. Y 44 Phone Connection THE ARDSLEYAN H. Secor HYGEIA ICE DOBBS FERRY, N. Y ARDSLEY LUNCH and BAKERY TRY OUR HIGH GRADE PROVISIONS QUICK LUNCHES Compliments of Eighth Grade Graduating Class Complffments of Sixth Grade Faironize Our Advertisers THE ARDSLEYAN COH?lIIl.'Hll'lIfH of Freshmen CU7HIIll'Hll'NfN of Sophomores Pulrornzv Urn' xlxlnif- 46 THE ARDSLEYAN Your Community is Built Around a Drug Store It is said that every neighborhood is built up around a drug store and a grocery store. The drug store must come into importance as such. It is the drug store, neigh- borly in its aspect, convenient in its facilities, stocked with the needed health protectors, that give Hrst odtice and best service to the vicinity. Everybody should combine to pa- tronize their home town drug store, because of its value to the community, because it is the essential institution that makes the town progressive, best protected in health, and most capable of comfort and enjoyment. Consider the slogans broadcasted by John- son 8x Johnson, the surgical dressing manufacturers, that "Your Druggist is More Than a Merchant," and "Try the Drug Store First." Howard G. Brooks, Ardsley Pharmacy, Ardsley, N. Y. Compliments of R. H. LAWRENCE Paironize Our Advertisers THE All DSLEY AN PEDPLEZS MARKET CHUKCE maA'rs, vm1L'1'RY and vmwi ARDSLHY, N. Y. CODH1!HH1!'MfN of SIONS H. Wiihur McDowell Frm me Um .lirluzrns 0'- THE ARDSLEYAN Compliments of A Friend ARDSLEY CHOCOLATERIA Always ready to serve you the highest quality obtainable in CANDIES SODA CIGARS POLAR QUALITEED ICE CREAM Served at our fountain exclusively and in convenient boxes to carry homi Telephone-Dobbs Ferry 1167 Palronfze Our A dverlisers AIIDSLEYAN OfHce Forest Avenue Elm Place BILLINGIION - 'IAYLUR R E A L E S 'I' A 'I E Rye, N. Y. VViIIiam BiIIin,f1t0n Residence Phone 215 PHONE DOBBS FERRY :LN WILLIAM I. ODELL SL CO. Coal, Feed and Hardware ARIISLIIY. N. X. IJHIVOYIIZQ' Our A f1'uer!i.f:rs I9 Phones Rye 10945 Rve 191 M. II. TLIYIUI' Residence Phone 564 50 THE ARDSLEYAN TEL. DOBBS FERRY 403 .IUHN G. S. SWANSTON Building and Constructing Engineer ARDSLEY, N. Y. Dwellings for Sale at Ardsley Acre Colony TEL. DOBBS FERRY 341 LEONARD DENICOLA General Contractor SAW MILL RIVER ROAD ARDSLEY, N, Y, Palranize Om' Aduerlfscrs THE ARDSLEYAN Conzplimwnfx of STAUFFER CHEMICAL C0 A I .BERT W .-XL'l'1CH Superintmnlent flzlronize Our A duertiscrs 52 THE ARDSLEYAN TEL. DOBBS FERRY 188 JOSEPH COGGINS Pure Milk and Cream MILK DELIVERED IN TIME FOR BREAKFAST Palronize Our A duertisers

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