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"i sf r ,i'4,Q' ir 5 ' "fig . in ,, .. A 1 V M -uh Y W 5 7 in -W f Aw 'G w1-x , W' , in M W W ' 5 E' Q 2' "ax 5, 5 4 Q 1-,gm 'B ml 4 , it 3 , 4.9- . xv V gp ,. Wu... M' V B ' is its S i Wm. 4 , 4. ' , .M'5WE'WSff ' ' '1 , Q 1 5 jr in Q . gil S at ,K H M, ,+ Ah' 'sk-M ix 11, fu V H ? Mu W A X m'WW!w,.. 1'1m11'1LiN1Mf" ' 'N W WW K x T E C TE N ARDMOREH 4 SCHOOL 60 1961 VOLUME 54 Ed1tor Dlann Thompson Busmess x anager Carol Daube Art Ed1to Sally Morgan H ' F O Ardmor , O homa ! ! ! Crllerl The 1961 CRITERION is dedicated to a woman who plays a major role 1n our t teacher, school, Mrs. Myna Johnson, ar has given freely of her time and energy f an ears. Through guidance and in- or m y y dividual aid she has helped her students grasp and utilize the fundamentals of art. In all her contacts with the students she is known for her thoughtfulness, personal interest, and readiness to help, To you, Mrs. John dedicates this CRITERION. son, the yearbook staff proudly Mrs. Nlyna Johnson Contents ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS FAVORITES ATHLETICS EDUCATION CLASSES HONORS ACTIVITIES A Song Ol A song of Ardmore and her love so true Comes Waiting over the air And thrills us through and through, While the bells of victory do ring We'll answer back by rising to sing- Hail, Old Ardmore, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Our alma mater, thou art loyal, brave, and true. Her spirit guiding as we journey on, We'll always wear the red and white for old Ardmore. You may talk about your colleges, fair Harvard and old Yale. And all the universities whose banners brave the gale. The azure flag of Cambridge, and old Oxford noble blue That fly in far-off England o'er hearts so brave and true. Ardmore From the sunny shores of Frisco to the distant Portland, Maine, Away off to the Philippines and away back home again, No college, university, or school can ever show So brave, so true, so great a crew as students that we know. C horus For we are jolly students ofthe Ardmore, Oklahoma schools, Our colors are red and white. We wear the emblem of our alma mater true-- We're the kind that dare and do. fRepeat5 in Nw is M102 Administration Mr. E. L. Massad President Board of Education The Board of Education, our governing body, is responsible for the planning and formulation of school policies, the selection of the administrative staff, and the approval of the curriculiun, textbooks, and all activities and programs. We are fortunate to have these capable men who give so freely of their time and energy toward the expansion and improvement of our system. Mr. Richard Colvert Vice-President Mr, Roy Worley Mr. Ben Brooks Mr. Guy Givens Member Member Member MR. GEORGE D. HANN Superintendent Oklahoma Baptist U. - B.A. U. of Oklahoma - M. Ed. Superintendent To the Students of Ardmore High School: I am proud of you. In many respects I believe this is perhaps one of the best years in the history of your high school. Your desire to achieve excellence in cit- izenship, in character, in cooperative per- formance, and, above all else, in scholastic endeavor marks this student body one of the best. I should like also to express my appreciation to your principal and the faculty for fine leadership and excellent instruction. Geo. D. Hann Tips from the Top Checking a busy schedule ssistant Superintendent and Assistants MRS. IRENE MCGOODWIN Audio-Visual Co-ordinator Southeastern - B.A. U. of Oklahoma - M. Ed. MR. JAMES W. BRUCE Assistant Superintendent East Central - B.S. Oklahoma State U. - M.S. MRS. WINIFRED BROWN Attendance Supervisor U. of Missouri - B.S. MRS. FRANCES ESSARY MR. C. A. BAKER MRS- ELIZABETH MINZES Secretary to the City School Engineer S9CI'ef23-I'y to Mr. Bruce Superintendent Texas Woman's U. - B.S. Principal During his four years as principal of Ardmore High School, Mr. Roy Troutt has proved both an able and understanding administrator. In addition to maintaining a high standard of excellence in education, Mr. Troutt constantly remains active in school, community, and church affairs. The entire student body will long feel in- debted to Mr, Troutt for his Lmerring guid- ance and support of school functions. MR. ROY TROUTT Principal Southeastern - B,A, U. of Oklahoma - M. Ed, Educator-Administrator-Friend Bells are ringing Secretary Mrs. Anne Middleton, secretary, has numerous and difficult responsibilities at Ardmore High School, which she carries out efficiently and with understanding. Her cheerfulness and Willingness to be of assistance have earned her the warm regards of the student body and faculty. MRS. ANNE MIDDLETON Secretary Mary Hardin Baylor - B.S. Better watch those fingers, Mrs. M. Who's it for, Diann? - Ellen Williams, Ruth Ann Hicks Lois Stallcup, Middleton, Suzy Russell, Ann Waters, or DeAnn England E 1 3 MRS, LUULSE AKERS MRS. MARY E. BUSCH Commerce Home Economics Central - B.S. Southeastern - B.S. U. of Oklahoma - M.Ed. U, of Oklahoma - M. Ed. Facully MRS. VIRGINIA P. COLLINS Latin Knox College - B.A. U. of Wisconsin - M.A. MR. J. C. DUNN MISS KAYLIN DUPREE Physical Education English Athletics Southeastern - B.A. Southeastern - B.S. MR. DAN DAVIS Vocal Music Social Studies U. of Oklahoma Mus. Ed. MR. HARRY DODD Industrial Arts Athletics Southeastern - B.S. MR. ALBERT FITZGERREL Instrumental Music Olivet College - B.A. Ohio University - B.S. U, of Michigan - M,Mus. Tt95fLif?f5zz5i-.,I P1'55il:lj ' Y-'ff' Tvfifl 'ii i ' if , 3 , ' 145' fffl C S EN., I 933 '2 "-'Ffh :L QQ 1 l MR. ROBERT E. GOINS Natural Science Southeastern -B.A,B.S. U, of Oklahoma -M. Ed. Faculty MRS, OLIVE HLBBARD MRS. JEWEL HOOPER Spanish English IV, Business Oklahoma State U.-B.S. English M.A. Northeastern B.A. Oklahoma State U. - M.A. 2 F MR. C. E. JACOBSON MRS. FRANCES MRS. MYNAJOHNSON Physical Education J ACOBSON Art Athletics Girls' Physical Southeastern - B.A. Central - B.S. Education Oklahoma State U. - M.S. Mathematics Central - B.A. Miss GAIL MQWILLIAM MRS. MARIE MORSE MRS, ANITA RITCHEY MRS: JULIA K. SPARGER American History English, Psychology Mathematics Eflghsh, G1l1d2LHC6 U. of Arkansas - B.A. Southwestern - B.A. Southeastern - B.A. U- of Oklahoma " B-A-, U. of Wyoming - M.A. U, of Oklahoma -M,Ed. M-A- Faculty MRS. BLANCHE SPARKS MR. GORDON STURDEVANT Librarian Industrial Arts Southeastern - B.A., Adult Education M.T. Southeastern - B.S. U. of Oklahoma - M. Indus. Ed. auf' MR.. WES SULLIVAN MR, EUGENE A. TODD MRS. KATHLEEN WADE PhySiCa1 Science Driver's Education English Bethany Pefliel College World History Journalism B.A. Southeastern - B.A. Southeastern - B.A. Oklahoma State U. - U. of Oklahoma - M. Ed. M.S. MRS. ESTALINE WATERS MR. BOB WILLIAMS MR. JERRY YOUNG MR- BRUCE BAHNER Mathematics Commerce SDGGC11 Custodian East Central - B,A, Athletics English Southwestern- B.S. Oklahvma Baptist U- ' B.A. 4 W I w 1 4 I 4 V x Journalism The Journalism Department, under the direction of Mrs. Kathleen Wade, is one of the most responsible and rewarding courses Ardmore High School offers. Students gain an appreciation of publications which is ac- quired only through experience. In addition to publishing their two prin- ciple projects, The Tiger Topics and the CRITERION, journalism students furnish The Daily Ardmoreite with stories and pictures publicizing school functions. What do you mean "Meet that deadline"? Fresh off the press! Pictures are his pride English The junior boys go for English! English courses prove among the most beneficial throughout life. Constructive habits of both thinking and writing are stressed in all English classes. English ll students divide their time equally between literature and grammar. Mr. Young, Miss Dupree, and Mrs. Morse are their instructors. A better under- standing of our American heritage is impressed through the study of American literature in English III by Mrs. Wade, Miss Dupree, and Mrs. Morse. During the senior year Mrs. Sparger and Mrs. Hooper emphasize college preparatory work and English literature. Seniors seek knowledge from the blackboard, Girls, the teacher is the other way, Speech Under the direction of Mr, Jerry Young, speech students are taught to think construc- tively and critically, to develop speaking skills, and to express themselves through actions. These skills are put into actual practice through debate, public speaking, and participation in various dramatic productions. Through the language laboratory, which was added this year, students receive individual attention to help correct enunciation and improve vocal quality, Budding Thespians Live! That's the message! And now for the commercia1.' Ardmore High Schoo1's superior one-act play awards Physical Science In a world in which increasing emphasis is being placed on science, Ardmore High is keeping in step with its modern physical science laboratory and classroom. The students, under the direction of Mr. Wes Sullivan, learn the scientific principles necessary for advancement in today's age of the atom and satellite. "But ld0n't see a bass!" "What have I done now?" Anyone for chess? Does it tickle, Jim? Natural Science Through ins ect and plant collections , dissections, and microscopic observa- tions which bring the printed page to life, biology students,with the aid of Mr. R. B. Goins, gain an understanding of the various Iorms of life. Other varied activities are provided in the well- balanced program which each day bring new discoveries and interests into the classroom. Oooh--take it away! But, Mother, he's too thin! Blowfish and friends MafhefflaliCS Plane geometry used to be plain. Yes, Oras, yours works just like Suzy's. Mrs. Anita Ritchey and Mrs. Estaiine Waters emphasize the importance of mathematical ability as they present to their students advanced mathematical courses. This year for the second year Mrs. Waters is teaching an S,M,S.G, Plane Geometry course and for the first time Mrs. Ritchey is teaching an S,M.S.G. Algebra II course. Thesetwoteachers also teach trigonometry and solid geometry to seniors. This is Trig. and Mrs. Ritchey is at the front of the room! Social Studies And here is--- To learn about a greater understanding and appreciation ofthe heritage of our world, our nation a.nd our state is the objective of the history classes of Ardmore High. World history is taught by Mr, Eugene Todd, American history by Miss Gail McWilliams and Oklahoma history and Civics by Mr. Dan Davis. C oncentrate! A11 three courses train our leaders of tomorrow in historical and governmental affairs F . fl sf ,.o,i I ' M 7' a,i- i 3 l i a y - tnni A- Looks like it is unanimous. Languages To acquaint young people with the language, history, and traditions of other nations is the primary aim of the foreign languages, lt is hoped that a deeper understanding will be gained of foreign cultures. which in turn, will decrease tension in a world of many complexities. In the new language laboratory Mrs. Olive I-Iibbard teaches Spanish I and Spanish IL Mrs. Virginia P, Collins is the teacher of Latin I and Latin IL "Why doesn't she come help me ?" Control tower A.H.S.--Come in tigers." Ad ininitum - and so is the test. Varnos a escribir espaliol Business Education The Business Education Department offers courses which will prepare stu- dents for vocations in the business world, After taking shorthand, bookkeeping, typ- ing, stenography, transcription, andbus- iness English, students are able to secure positions with good pay. Typing is taught by Mr, Wiliiamsg Mrs, Akers instructs students in stenog- raphy, bookkeeping, and transcription. Business English is taught by Mrs. Hooper. Let's get it right this time, Martha. Work, work, work, Business English is fun! Onward, typistsl Up, up and away! Ml.lSiC An appreciation for music as well as training in this field for the individuals are the goals ofthe Ardmore High School Music Department. Under the direction of Mr, Dan Davis, the chorus has earned top honors in both district and state contests. Various groups from the music department have provided excellent entertainment for our school and our com- munity throughout the year. Enthusiastic musicians A one, and a two, and........ "Art is everywhere," may very well be the theme of our A,H,S, artists. Under the direction of Mrs, Myna Johnson, the art department is guided in the individual expression of styles and ideas. Using the five essential elements - line, form, space, color, and center of interest, a student can create an inspiration of artistic beauty, Unusual and colorful posters in the halls and down- town can also be attributed to these talented and in- dustrious students. Is the picture really that bad, Sally? wi H imma. :ag " Fi,zif,, sag, Ea"4l.q1- . Mrs. Johnson is proud of this one. Active artists hard at work. Industrial Arts The satisfaction of creating objects with the hands and, at the same time, learning a skill or trade are two of the primary ob- jectives of the Industrial Arts Department. Mechanical drawing, woodworking, and general metals afford students opportunities for prep- aration for future vocations. Under the super- vision of Mr. Gordon Sturdevant and Mr. Harry Dodd, many useful projects are carried out in these classes. Rub -a-dub -dub. Ronald, watch your fingers. Chuck, is it to take home? Home Economics Under the supervision of Mrs. Mary E. Busch, girls in Home Economics I, Home Economics II, and Home Nursing study the Varied phases of homemaking. Child care, first aid, and personal living are taught to those taking Home Nursing. These girls become better prepared to cope with the problems confronting them when they have their ovsm families, Sewing, cooking, household manage- ment, etiquette, and personal grooming are taught to the girls enrolled in Home Economics I and II. i WafCh that Pin! She should get well with so much help See the ball, Ann? Girls' Physical Education Posture and poise--enjoyment of sports--good sportsmanship -these are the- main objectives of the physical education classes under the direction of Mrs. Fran Jacobson. Through participation in the Various sport ac- tivities, the girls have learned it is not necessary to be an expert to enjoy physical education. Basket- ball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer are played dur- ing the year with the winning teams gaining points toward athletic awards. Dancing and exercises also play an important role in achieving physical fitness. Everybody's here and dressed. This is the "A" team? Boys' Physical Education Under the direction of Mr, C, E, Jacobson and Mr, Harry Dodd, the boys receive a thorough training in various sports. In addition, they are molded into manhood by ideas of sportsmanship, fair play, and honesty, Through this education they learn to be alert, think quickly, and act accordingly. To train and mold these young men is the duty of our capable coaches. Keeping trim. Over the Mountain ...... But-you're squeezing the ball! us., Guidance Students who need help with college preparation can obtain information from testing personnel throughout the year. Mrs. Julia Sparger, testing supervisor and guidance counselor, is on hand three hours every day to direct students toward Various careers and vocations. Did you pass, Carol Jean? Q 'r ' was 1 1 . fr-pi ggy 6 5 . . 1 Q Was it a funny question, Kit? Extra, extra, read all about it! Library The doors of knowledge are opened to students through the Wide selection of books on hand in the library, Books are available on virtually every subject - science, history, art, philosophy, music, psychology, journalism, and other related subjects. Several sets of reference books afford students more explicit and technical information, Students find Mrs. Blanche Sparks, li- brarian, a willing helper and an invaluable aid in locating material. 1 National Smile Week Intellectual moment Cramming for semester examsl P"' Audio-Visual Ardmore schools have an extensive audio-visual department under the compete-nt supervision of Mrs. Irene McGoodwin, audio-visual co-ordinator, She is assisted by a senior high projectionist and an office girl each hour. The audio-visual department shows educational films, helps students in the use of the tape recorders, and performs other valuable aids which further our Do I learn now or later? Driver Education t Surveys show a definite decrease in the accident rate among students who have had Driver Education as compared with those who have been haphazardly trained by parents or friends. With this in mind Mr, Eugene Todd instructs his students regarding the parts of the automobile, safe and courteous driving habits, and knowledge of traffic regulations. Fasten your safety belts. education. Somebody turn out the lights. Don't let the motor fall out. sam? .Ar 8-Q n we 2, . Q W ,S 1 Q rf I ' .,mf'-'mf5- Im gg 'CMH' , Qf A . was ,. MM V l l Q, i . I x Aw,gm': '. , ' xg .1 - wp " In 5 S+ - f 4? .1-vim L V iwgxf? :Wm ' E . -M J, ,lv-. -M, ,M Qwiv Y? am 132 ORGANIZATIONS S 3 J 2 2 E 2 Q 3 2 Z 4 1 7 S 1 11 1 '4 3 ,. 1 hz Q Q -5 .L 6 Ardmore High School Band MR. ALBERT FITZGERREL MR- RAYMOND GABBARD Directgr Instrumental Assistant Ready now ..... Onward, Ardmore The Pride 98 Qizxe X3 90 AHS Cf W Wo !"1,,JJ1jl7 1- QL 6 JIMMY DOWNEY Drum Major YN O vow 55756 V59 f ,We LEW O 1 YXG 1' fs Wx 1? 3 Jimmy Downey Dixie Lewis Linda Miller Doris Homer Martha Tudor Mike Ellis Drum Major Twirler Twirler Twirler Twirler Captain l gg J . vat.- Q " ft wolf Q 1 D fri '- , Q l ni Terry Alkire Rogers Beard John Boryk Jeannie Brooks Donald Brown Kay Cast 'l'i J t 2, lo" - ..,f..- 9 W 'C D 'A Megan Clements Margaret Coffman Earl Davis Sharon Dudley Mike Eason Doug Fitzgerrel , ,, ' . , 'S' I .A M. X, A K+- I my 3 . ,, 7 7 3 . 3 f I ' 2-an 1 359 N, 4 X K n - Q . .i.i- 6 H kk + my x x we 1 ' Wm it Jay Gabbard Daniel Gandy Charles Garrison Robert Gates Linda Grider Kent Harrell wg C M . fam. k Larry Higdon Royce I-lignight Charles Hogan Wilson Hulme David Hopper Carolyn Hunt Jarvis Hunt Willene Jaggers Perrin Jarrett Kenneth Kecton Carolyn Kinkade Richard Knapp M 5 k is -3. it gli! , Wikis, V WQEM ,. ., -33'-is M f 2 , f q Gary Adams Ronnie Fitzgerrel Robert Askew Jimmy George Ruth Ann Hicks Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Corporal Librarian Donna White Librarian .. ,. 91 e if: P ary Helen Knight Peggy Lamer Mary Mike Landrurr Jimmy McDermitt Bennett Mannahan John Earl Maxwell its ilk ' 2 X 1 0 i iait E J Wayne Miller Dan Nisley James Norris Mark Palmer Jadean Paschal - ,f- ff -sm, b - .eq .-: 'K A laggglmgfg? , xiii-sa1i , a'a,5f iagakghagfef ' - 31:5-mime ,L Mti,,ifii-ga V , , , .,L, , We ra, , Y .a on K , , f- f- H,iizgS,g:sgi G 'ii' ' ' fi 14" Heil X -N 1 la t 4 will , . fi 'gi 'Q L if 41.5 hr . I 5 , VL, Vi , im 7' " ' " Q , t 'MW' fs., A - 5 9,1 rf X ' ,. 3 ,viii Donna Powers Deanna Proctor Lonnie Serugham Mark Selvidge Robert Shelton F 4',':'..-1 1. il 7 Laura Jean Thomison Judy Varnell Stephen White Charles Smith Tommie Lee Smith ' ' .. H aw rf , ' :Lg ., 1, i H-ikllafflz -"'f." , .Ev 7 ' V 5: .' : .v:.,. wggiq' Q, 4 l J Freddie Martha Jane Larry Wilkes Sally Williams Dean Williamson Whitehurst Whitehurst Darrell Pittman is ,N X glass QPSK 3 ,.. at-5 lui'-1 1.1523-,L if it 3 'ig , U 41 6 i K .4 Gary Sims Billy Whitehurst '-E3 0 Q ,.- .iff-1 1 Johala Woodrow VOCaI - K fig, i if oilo W .- L,,. 1 , ..,-'L 5,1 1 . fiv,1:.-5:7 f 1 'T Y 3 ' K9:,fff.ii555 1 I .,,A E Y E - AAVA l111"!' Vlfiif. :Z 'W QI? Khkh ,ig 5 5' f K , i' 21:45 ji22i'35BEi Boys' Quartet: Bill Ellis, Quentin Thomas, Jim Farmer, John White GAYLA OWEN, Pianist Girls' Trio: Beverly Hitt, Linda Wiman, Gayla Owen ANN ROGERS, Pianist Music Girls' Glee Club Mixed Chorus Student vin LENA BETH MURPHY BEVERLY EDWARDS DIANN THOMPSON MARILYN QLAY Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Correspfmdlng S9CI'ef3I'Y N P '-Q STAN MORAN President Council I' . , ,A ww fir 3. . N l f , , www -ii' g MALCOLM HORNE ROBBY BARRETT CAROL LEE DAUBE MR. GORDON STURDEVANT Sergeant-at-Arms Chaplain Historian Sponsor Future Teachers oi America F,T,A, Officers, Judy Ravan, Kathy Smith, Joyce Young, Mary Helen Knight, Jane Hammers, Linda Lanphere, Rex Morrell, and Sponsor, Miss Kaylin Dupree. F,T,A, , sponsored by Miss Kaylin Dupree, gives each member an insight into the vast respon- sibility required of the modern educator through the practical experience of teaching, In carrying out their theme, "Better Education Through Better Teaching," and to become better acquainted with teachers andtheir responsibilities, the F,T,A, edits the ACTAvator, the faculty news- paper, Teachers of tomorrow I-ea'Il9fS Leaflet Study Club, an honorary organi- zation based on scholastic achievement and leadership, is sponsored by the Ladies of the Leaf, a literary group. The number of new members each year corresponds with the number of graduating senior members the previous year, In their monthly meetings this year the girls studied the works of Pulitzer Prize winning authors. In the programs, in which reviews and cuttings were given by the mem- bers, each girl gained a greater comprehension of various phases of literature, The officers of Leaflet Study Club are: LEFT TO RIGHT Phyllis Hamilton, reporter, Mary Beth Osborn, historian Bonnie Yordi, parlialnentariang Diann Thompson, secretary Beverly Edwards, treasurer: Suzy Russell, president, Leaflet Study Club 1960-1961 S C . rlgerio n OXP, Sdknot ken-wx Samet "1l 'V 'i L.L. in fi' 3001 W9 PMS Dev-atuoeox Sdwor B95 As Nejvista m nts an ar . Ann6 L. wilnda Ilia Pr. m lck s,an3tlfg.Sa11 eekyxywgvglliam dru S ff ' Bar . bar a OSSX9 fl O E' e -aux! e Qdixot -Avi YSXSG gk-ave faq Sciwot Q, paul 90?-6 W9 Mx Ybxxof C 5609 X299 9 we-as wkaofafaef Bos NX N20 owk me 66' 1 OS XJ Qvoxogt 'NQYX Spot ew Q we-9 B974 'mot SQA Yfbxxot Q10 Tiger -rv-ar is Sophomore and junior assistants, STANDING: Jeep Pylant, ' ' ' H dlund Kenny Stockdale, and Gary Adams. SEATED. KTISYIH e , Carolyn Carter, Sharon Wadlow, and Ann McCoy. Topics . ff' 101 Edilzlctif HA M 111 5 RS m '-5 3 5 If 5 E -f fi 5 s Ly tab W dl. A 01' DS B A by W 'Q f' N fw 47 xo f11,fgIL .P R digoiv CLA y I fait? JOB N IV , 'P'-5 Copy E, OR Q dizorylf """1,, To . Oil- NI O owe AIN bbc DA ily s V1 Shag 001,580 WH! 91- bdito TE 1- 'D Q- A W L1 A Fi V A s NDA A 8119! LA N V ,A ant 1we RE fl 'Ire , ,. VV Q xi Edit 47,4 . ff O . 1? D012 ' 1521 031- T11 So T 3,011 OS 1' 91- N W 408 Mu Alpha Theta ll..i OFFICERS Steve Thompson ........., Vice-President Ann Waters .............. Secretary Philip Kell , , , . , . President Mu Alpha Theta, the mathematics club, stimulates each of its members to further study in various fields of mathematics through the discussion of various mathematical meth- ods. Only those students who have a "B" average or higher in previous math courses are selected for membership, This club is affiliated with Mu Alpha Theta, a national high school andjunior college mathematics organization. 1 Mu Alpha Theta Science Club The Science Club helps to illustrate to students the importance of science in the World of today. Members gain a better under- standing oi' scientific goals and broaden their knowledge concerning the achievements of the past. At the monthly meetings the members are encouraged to delve into the mysteries of the atom, to learn more about the space age, and to discover other facets of science, Officers are STANDING: Max Roberson, vice- presidentg Phillip Marzolino, sergeant-at-armsg SEATED: Suzy Russell, secretaryg DeAnn England, treasurerg and Ruth Ann Hicks, president. Science Club members at a recent meeting. Cheerleaders 'WW JANE ROBBINS ANN ROGERS LYNNEA KEY BECKY DOBBINS QQWWQF' LYNN PASC HALL ANN MCCOY Ann, Becky, Lynn. Jane. Lynnea, and Ann Ann Waters-Tiger Mascot ""'x ibm '-,i TANYA JACKSON President Pep Club MRS. FRAN JACOBSON Sponsor BONNIE YORDI Vice-President CAROL LEE DAUBE IVIIDGE HENDERSON Secrptary Financial Chairman Art Club Officers are: Jane Ann Couch, secretary- treasurerg Bonnie Yordi, presidentg andSa11y Morgan, vice-president. ' an 1 M embers hurcl at work Spanish Club Spanish Club members f 1-,, rv gi A. nw . gf. . Q , 1 'mf gi, ., iii, , Y V V N a .wx , ' "f,'3sv'- - ,Y Lita' ,QF .Y ' ' f ff in 75" V ,w uf 7' Vx ' 'W 'pf A A 1 .,. jf ' , ..L. 4 74' L A , H .M f W . , S, ' K' Q f 1 ,r . .. 1,4 ' , ,N , 4 falf"'W , gg new : ' A K -1 'NA E , Y , 2 g me L, , sgzbxifma-una,-W , 1 'Vx, .' ., , L. W.. M J K K '1' -n .. ' Ip Q ' 1 r ' 4 Q- ' ' .iii X" V ,G k.w F WH N .W Ffljz W Q ,, A 'V f"W2,if?2"'i L: gy 'sb 'f' YQ. f f X 7,-, , - ,yn f f nk H - ,Q ,, .A., 1 , , Q.. 1 f ,AU fm, ' 1 L, ,V- L11 - 4 -.e W--1, uf- ,J-, ' M, ,, K, ': '.., . ,W ,si .'i1'2w1r'1 , f , .,-. 4. Ji V ., A z"',4 4 ,,f, pf, A .. . . . Q, ' , A3 4 ,KJV Y' lx... W. L--. ,SHN ATHLETICS 1 4 , . , Vi .V. V ,W x- Vw VV- , Sw we I w' n bask NL 1 .W .,,.. V, V, H,,2 .,....V:x, Hmm in V fl V Viff illlmm fr? VQQ' , C' If. Mig v ,ZQLKX 1:53 51 RV,-1 V K QNVV V1 VV av 7 M A 4. it fmu' SYYSNSW WWF Y5 W 'm'Z'C'bS'm S Altimmffi 2?imL?'f7ff'V' VQQF Q .3 +'?JM,Gi'f Zi-fp as " ,xXE'XxwWMxV A i:x'WWjlw, , V' 'SK,VxaV9R Uffx WV w Ymuihful Squad, 5,1g,ig1,f1 L1 in H39 an izpvpfw 3 JF? fggi I XY? Vxxxsx Qxzix ,YR aff Q' yd X t X Ku. 56,32 ,Vg in iz, Q r. YW . k b V. . ,V Q , Y V V ',., K 1 Vx Mays if 3 QV ,4 , V VLV V A V, Boomer, hzxwmii GK3fLUfWi 'Mfh im rs am.,f, iWWf'V1 'K' 5,-W Qqsw Nmmf' V ,Vw 7x,yfVY1iw KL' vt iWpy'Qssivv 1.111 wire naw' iii RDUO. HH I ' "LL L di! ffm? V 'V My ,N,12L'A?g, Ffikajn VN' Xgvif,M,VwV' R, aim X ATHWUIT Em X hw! so Rav Um and I KF! 1 .V 5 ai Lt In A fda x " 143 QKKVVVK QQAVAVL Liqv .1 1 X V Tn nw X , , V V -V A hw 11,4 , L ,,,.V- 'W ,Vw AM . My ' X-,x I QA up . 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Ui-'??rwV XM Fw-VV ,Ui-'VV V L 0 59 CHARLES ALTOM Junior Tackle RAY LOARD Sophomore Guard RANDY SMITH Junior End WILL JOHNSTON Junior Center RONNIE NICGUIRE Senior Fullback HARRY DAVIS Sophomore Center JEFF VILLINES Junior Wingback JOHN BURTON Senior Halfback JIM MY FORBES Junior Haifback STAN MORAN Senior Quarterback DUB CARTER Junior End KENNY STOCKDALE Sophomore Quarterback JOE SHINN Senior Guard TERRY BARRETT Sophomore TackIe MIKE FHAZIER Junior End DOYLE WILLIAMS Senior Guard MIKE MIL Sophomore Halfback LER EWING STROMAN Junior Tackle LEON SAMPLES Sophomore Tackle BILL BY RD Junior Fullback BITCH MCC I,L'RE Junior Tackle A LAN PRIMROSE Senior Wingback NIC KY MCGALLIA RD Junior End JAY CARTER Sophomore Halfback DANNY BERGMAN ROGER PEDDY Sophomore S0Dh0m0Te Guard Guard BILLY RAY COLEMAN Junior Manager GARY BOB Junior Manager BARNETT Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Putnam City Lawton Capitol Hill Duncan Ada Pauls Valley Chiokasha Durant Norman El Reno ,...,13v,.m fgmzaabsagm P QQ' JL l A f 1 -'i. . -.1 i .QQ sr-L. . fn L.: ui .W W- f 3 wil! .ai"Y""lf f f DOYLE WILLIAMS ALAN PRIMROSE All Boomer Conference Guard Honorable Mention High School A11-American Grid Team Boomer Conference Back Of The Year A11 State Second Team LEE LEMMONS . .. A M, ,.fwff,:f, -,11-5-aww . 559292, 1-wt .1 -af K W ' " W 'SW l lifigfi -fx. 'Q1.QiAi 5fl:fQ7.QIf'5'25 ,f- :-f:.'E- . ff f-'1 f, . - f gi 7395 .1 , i . ' A ' .. 252222 wg,,w,,,gL2gzs1mM- X . - -"1,1fa1 ' P- A ' A T yn' 5 . Q ' si., - - an - .QB I U JAMES LQFLORE P .fmgj-is M521 N. ,fri :f , Q - 'T AAA A 5 -- 5' 'Xl' xg X591 f F . it-4 . K. -5 f-r ...nn-. S x EW aa 'JOHN DAVIS BILL CARPENTER B Team ,,:f,.1-f My .J 1462!-Tiff, in., MM, 5 K x S? M21 SS , fiffiii? shi- Zh. 914 W 5529 5 ff gggwyhx L . rw fm MPX X gjggfi Zh gm ,Q s ggi, E R l SKIP GRAHAM MAC CASSITY 5 Mt 1 , 134' Q ga A x QL, 'J Y, f 5 M, 351 ' sh V .. .,,-U1 2 12 , A ls tr .f ' Q K- M 2 , '- I f gg- '5Eii1g1skS2Q,MggREfref1A'vgS-:gf 2 . A , L,T., M MM L,,. ,M f1i?sigef2:Qif? Q,ffse?2f:isf f1V5?P1ilT'l' '1fEvifTQi'.?Q' fix. QTL' ' 37 N7 . . . .W , - .Ira 15 A M 2 fLi,222s::5f1ei2iigssz'.:f A ME' -1ff1111Qawzg:m: A 5 V3 Q 4, M' , 4. 1 gi P A K 4 , K ws S 1 K 1 X 35 ? , M L ,W 2 X s , X Q , K 4 1 Q t fi 'f -1 Sw v' 1, ' K K. , J, , "" fy - - f Ms Q, k . QE: , 3, , ig xy E gk E .. 5? 1g.w , .. V H V 5 A M . A k I FK 5 Q :N ffl! M if 2 K v W E' ma! A A TOMMY GARNER JOHN MARK CONNELY GARY TRENT BOB PIERCE 'V I , ,',' 5 ff' , ugw,1:1:ffSsg1 , ,J , ,WM mga ,- ,f 2' 'm" W , Wifi 'mhk ii! I ,A fig -I V. JI' . , as k U 711: 'fb I -"h ' S- I ' 3 . I 'V' I M A gf- .. , I I - , '-'Q . 1 I A ' wus' rf ' :Q 4' 1- 2: 1 ,Q L' -fi uf f .af , sl :QM . . I .ww ' MLM I J we : Q ,N ,V up 9? :fi-fin, '- ' ' ' A -. 'V' 'M ' - A gif , Q ff, L 3,5 Q ' .., ' -- :, W , i ' :3-3w5f'5e-f" - ' SX .- V H, 1 f --. -. Q 3' ' . ai, - HILTON WHITFIELD RONALD WATKINS CHARLES WILLIAMS JAMES TURNER - Igzgl' gf ' A l .. 3' ' R ' "1-if , 4 :ik - ' I .--',,. ,-,A - I , ' j BILL DAVIS , , M F AW' K f iv! , S X . H : - ' 6 I' I I I I K ':" . "isa-iffy.. ,-.wwf I DANNY DISS , j i' ff .W .... H H A ' .. ai My 1 p ' Izetb ' ' M' I K. 1- 'fuz . I , .,,1, . BILLY JOBE RANDY CRADDOCK JAMES SPEARMAN HARRY DAVIS is iii ' A A Team MEMBERS OF THE A TEAM ARE: De Lawler, Kenny Jeurld Price, Put Kennedy, Charles Fraley, Jeff Stockdale, David White, Leon Samples, Ray Phillippe, Villines, and Alan Primrose Knot picturedi, Varsity JEARLD PRICE ALAN PRIMROSE Semor i Senior. r RAY PHILLIPPE CHARLES FRALEY Junior Junior KENNY STOCKDALE Sophomore Varsity TERRY BARRETT JEFF VILLINES Sophomore Junior DE LAWLER DAVID WHITE Junior Senior LEON SAMPLES Sophomore Tiger Bees FRONT ROW: Creigh Chadwell, Jeff Villines, Charles Davis, Terry Barrett, Richard Jackson, Pat Kennedy Fraley, Gary Jackson. BACK ROW: De Lawler, Bill Kenny Stockdale, Butch Newcomb, TOURNAMENT SCORES Ardmore 37 U.S. Grant Ardmore 38 Classen Ardmore 54 Star Spencer Ardmore 62 Elk City Ardmore 47 Pauls Valley GAME SCORES Ardmore Pauls Valley 53 Ardmore Duncan Ardmore Gainesville 61 Ardmore Durant Ardmore Gainesville 32 Ardmore Norman Ardmore Pauls Valley 55 Ardmore El Reno Ardmore Lawton 46 Ardmore Durant Ardmore Ada 69 Ardmore Duncan Ardmore Chickasha 42 Ardmore Lawton Ardmore Norman 64 Ardmore Chickasha Ardmore El Reno 59 Ardmore Ada 72 I , FRONT ROW: Left to Right, Roger Peddy, Lonnie Oras Rainer, Howard Woodruff, Danny Bergman, Scrugham, Bill Steele, Jimmy Forbes, Creigh Richard Jackson, Jimmy Downey, Gary Sims, Jay Chadwell, Lee Lemrnons, Jack Barrettg BACK ROW: Carter, Charles Altom, Nicky McGa11iard,Dub Carter, Phil Burgess, Darrell Hunkapillar, Mike Frazier, Terry Barrett. l'llC 5 f Bruce Wilkinson, Lynn Watkins, Will Johnston, Billy Morris, and De Lawler practice on the green. FFDUJMUJDUJ FRONT ROW: Kenny Stockdale, Charlie Williams, David Ralston, David White, Ray Phillippe, Jerald Mac Cassity, Butch Rose, Jim Fishback, Charles Price, Gary Trent, Butch Newcomb, Mike Sullivan, Fraley, Gary Jackson, Billy Coleman, BACK ROW: Bill Davis, F i 'Y 'LY in 4' 452 f FAVORITES V 'S ,M . from Cqupfe i M LINDA MILLER A A ' ' MALCOLM HORNE Criferion ueen SUZY RUSSELL JANE T AKE RS JUDY COLC LASURE BECKY WOODRUFF jim 1961 61-iferion rince5:ie5 in iniafure TRUDIE MCC RE IGHT E LLEN SULLIVAN 79 ' ' R . jdofga Quan Q LYNDAQ JONES .Alien Jam JANE ROBBINS SUZY RUSSELL f - f 1 A 5 i K 1 5 I 4 I . 1. i, , Q . CONNIE PARSONS ,4ff.mJanf4 CAROL LEE DAUBE ANN WATERS Lefgalf ea ril , q 4 KATUHY MORTERA J A Jffendanfj CATHLEEN YORDI MARY ANN WALLACE seniors select ANN WATERS STAN MORAN mod Qufzifancling seniors select JANE ROBBINS ALAN PRIMROSE sydeaf seniors select BONNIE YORDI JIM PORTER t l2l00nJa6fe seniors select SALLY MORGAN DAVID WHITE 'lfifzmegf W er 'ff . . xx Q, Af ff A . ,, Q f" 3 E fSA f ,fff -,fu if s 43? q ix N RK ix gy be i fx fi, M iw - z, - if K' ff W -lf gl LENA BETH MURP juniors Select HY MIKE FRAZIER Wadi 'l!JuaLfe LYNNEA juniors select KEY JEEP PYLANT 7Wo5f jgfnica M., Lev. 4 x Q Q as navel a .4.wau'G"gH.Zw:s"sn 0' Wg" V fx A . Q 0 5 if ,auf,w 1f,,NQv,v-5 Jw vfagy aff' -I5 - ,,x,+i!,0i'. 'K 98' S 'K J-Vvww'a'Nf W' 11 H Q Q an Q .,a,, A ga so 1 Q 4 '. .. xlgfewja. ,bad jg-3 jigs: s 524 ,S 9 -- 5f"'Nf9e'?Wvib' :'b9'1fiJ" 35 ap vi ' 9 '?',"!v9efaxF"'x's'i1'b"' 'Give ,, fffawxv 99153-1 11- Mba 9 . ff w Qapvf Vweatzsg, .i,1.,,s9.,,c9,Qt 1,9 ,,,g'1w WM 1 'Y 5 "' "' , e " 'W ns ef uv 3 A 5 'Q i :- K v",'E'?1iv"5'R' ' Q ' ' 4' a ' ' W v V SW, v or 1 " ' 125' - qw 5' 'Q ' I -' 1- 4 M , 2- 5 : xx R km. 'I , a as 1 K J. 8, x ' .. ,Y " ' :Wi A-A- K ,. 3 7 as . Q .. ' gf' ,. , ,. Q I .1 .a , . , 0 ' -:sa 4 fr "" Q lg ,V ..., :J Q Q D . gk , K In ' ' 5 K --:U 3 2: - ' " -5- 1 N25 ' fy AW A m g .,,..,..,: :,f , In fel C.-XTHLEEN YORDI , X, 'X ,... Q sophomores select odf endafi e KE NNY ST DC KDA LE sophomores s elect ANN MCCOY TERRY BARRETT C" . , Jrzen Ledf 94 3 W 33: 52 :nf fi W ,Q ii 4 I Wafiona onor ociefy JUNIOR MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Ruth Ann Hicks, Sharon Wadlow, Terry Gray.SECOND ROW: Kathryn Hardcastle, Lena Beth Murphy, Elizabeth Woods. BACK ROW: Mike Frazier, De Lawler, SECOND YEAR MEMBERS: FRONT R0WrDiaHI1 Martin Cassity, Wi11JohnSt0n. Thompson, Ann Waters, Suzy Russell. SECOND ROW: Cloma Couch, Bonnie Yordi, THIRD ROW: Philip Kell, Steve Thompson, Stan Moran, 1 OFFICERS Diann Thompson .... . . . Vice-President Clorna Couch . . .... Secretary Ann Waters ............. President NEW SENIOR MEMBERS ARE: FRONT ROW: Mary Beth Osborn, Ann Williams, DeAnn England, Beverly Edwards, Juanita Jeffus. SECOND ROW: Judy Means, Janet Akers, Linda Lanphere, Becky Woodruff, Phyllis Hamilton, Cherry Jeffrey, THIRD ROW: Jim Porter, Doyle Williams, Malcolm Horne, John Boryk. 97 ,Ua eolicforian ANN WATERS IO0 Jim Porter YEAR Kathryn Hardcastie John Boryk FIRST SIX WEEKS gifizena ip 'S."" Mg.. Sue Thomas Terry Gutshall Maita Ruth Paynter Terry Barrett SECOND SIX WEEKS THIRD SIX WEEKS Q fs. 1 94' Q ,Nw- + if iivfffzw :W-nf ,,z5,,, ,ww me Q, , ' .Q W 54' ' ,, 'v . v' M.-f':':.x M4 f W W f55?i'Eif 2 '5- M.M.wM....-.,-N.-.,M M-My Kuqijg-3 ff, -f. M-,NA.A.,N 4752, ,. ,Mg Y KW A-,K J If m x an 2, I risks.. 9 ww me Q...-..,,,, ., . ,,. , - RWM-ey L , . ,,MmkwLP3,g-I k I2 U wifi' 61554 1 ' Qfiw' I ' f f :a - Q 41, ' ' .wi f f I rf V S V JQEEEQEIFH f'f.f!5 5:5 ab . if ...-in Q fl H H A, gy , Q, W' 35, :Img 3"'IA'v' . A .,-f. ' '--f ' ,h , f fffiirfafilf Iiylff- VL .1 I, f .e-4' 1 I if ,gfszzgz- 11352,-:I 5, . , 1 A fy 5 ' . W. M Q ulal' N WMWWW ,, I .dvi-, an I 5 ..w..,,:: Qwzzgnfiffm Q, Lb: , .. Janet Akers YEAR 6 Nancy Hiegle Martin Cassity FOURTH SIX WEEKS ? lf, . -.Q Phyllis Hamilton Ray phiuippe Becky Woodruff David Hopper FIFTH SIX WEEKS SIXTH SIX WEEKS 101 SEPTEMBER Stan Moran Darryl Hunkapillar 102 OCTOBER Steve Thompson Malcolm Horne Ann Waters Suzy Russell 0ll0l' 5tuJent5 NOVEMBER Philip Kell Doyle Williams Connie Parsons Bonnie Yordi gr ff' J R 0ll0l' Sfudmfi DECEMBER Jim Porter Alan Primrose DeAnn England Diann Thompson JANUARY Cloma Couch Linda Lanphere Terry Gutshall Bob Williams FEBRUARY I Doyle Armstrong Davld Whlte Carol Lee Daube Judy Means IO3 in W, 5' . 'E We MARCH Thomas Brandt John Boryk Phyllis Hamilton Janet Akers APRIL Howard Woodruff Ronnie McGuire Cherry Jeffrey Jane Robbins 104 OIIOI' .S7fuJ.mf4 vw ff AJIE, Wfff rmA 4 ,. fwfr R if - x MAY Zoltan Paal Joe Shinn Tanya Jackson Mary Beth Osborn girfd 7 Sfafe - oya , Sfafe "Q f-1 Ardmore's Girls' State 1960 citizens were Mary Beth Osborn, Judy Means, Donna White, and Marilyn Clay. Our citizens of Boys' State were Alun Primrose,Stan Moran, Philip Kell, Kenneth James, Bob Williams and fseatedj Steve Thompson. 105 106 .gfraiglzf .24 .szfuclenfzl Straight A students for the first semester are David Hopper, Terry Gray, Robert Askew, and Cherry Jeffrey, rincipafg onor lgoff il v-N, bs. -Q MMM Mkt 3.5 STUDENTS FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER ARE: FRONT Yordi, Jane Hammers, Suzy Russell, Diann Thompson, Phyllis ROW: Philip Kell, Lynne Holley, Doyle Williams, De Lawler, Hamilton, Sharon Wadlow, Kathy Hardcastle, Ruth Ann Hicks, Ronald Yordi, Chuck Hogan. BACK ROW: June Stoddard, Bonnie Mary Helen Knight. ,,,,:Q,.,k -. , at V-vi -V A A--7+-VH, 6 . 13. HBH. M , 5. LL,, 21- ity? W. ,V ,.'-' M , , V fb 4, ,,,' Niffafg - X . M1 , ,.,,,k, ,A A h - , . , - f . , ,gL , aw R -A 7. W lffe, 7 I Q, 55553339 5,m5z:S-:K W, . . V 53 . f wmv . .A . N f ' -Q A 1 ww f '-,f , -S ,-,, - ' W KKK' 1' A i 151 bf .i . QL Q kk'k ' lf' if gf if ' ' W f f .A 4 xi, J z w K K N I fi sy AY! K W Q W ' , 5 - if L-if . L L 2 f' v . vw. , , d m. ,M z-if N- fy , wf 12:4 n- , - . f . 4. . M3 , -- ,, - - ,. .Q ..... his M rs :V .sw . A , .,-V 5- aw-Fiji! vr . cl: my - I ffm . .,.-1 ' afw Y ' Q ' ' " 1- 5. , , ,A . K f,m.- .,,,,M Ay . i F ' A A , A ' 5 I , .. . y J I , ,, ,. . , . , I , k Qi-, Wm ' W 5 , I A ,.,, ' f -QQ f, v , , ne w ' A CLASSES .ay 7 4-0' MRS. BLANCHE SPARKS Sponsor MRS. ESTALINE WATERS Sponsor As we, the senior class of 1961, leave A,H,S, with feelings of both happiness and regret, the memories of our last year will remain with us. Memories of , , , . . .working together as a whole led by our outstanding officers, Steve Thompson, Linda Lanphere, and DeAnn England . . . . . .raising our senior sign and feeling that sense of finality as it was lowered , , , . . .working on our float and being rewarded by placing first . . . ...practicing constantly for our final production of the senior play . . . . . .our team being led on by our enthusiastic cheerleaders Jane Robbins and Lynn Paschall , , , . . .Alan Primrose and Doyle Williams making All-Conference . . . . . .Jim Downey leading "The Pride of A.H,S," . . . , . , Lynda Jones being crowned football queen and Connie Parsons band queen . . . . . .our entire class participating in Student Council activities with Stan Moran as president and Cloma Couch, Ellen Sullivan, Bonnie Yordi, Linda Briscoe, Terry Gutshall, Jimmy Porter, Steve Thompson, David White, Bob Williams, and Doyle Williams as our repre- sentatives . , . , , and our National Honor Society members bringing recognition to our school, In every phase of school life the Seniors were to be found, both leading and following. As a class We stood united, as individuals we will face the future. Our class officers Linda Lanphere, vice-presidentg Steve Thompson, presidentg and DeAnn England, secretary 109 KAREN ADAMS - Redheaded senior beauty DOYLE ARMSTRONG - A penny for your thoughts JANET AKERS - A welcome newcomer, sincere and effi- cient , . . Er"I:5-iii:-E53 wit.Qi'Vi5E'E?:55...-5'55a'.'-a.f 1 ---- -1 3 .,: .fE.H.f: ' Zia 2, . S2455 - 11253 Bsgxiilissff - a s fufzwzfi " --" 42, A 'C ,H 7 wsrtsllwfggigsg Q - 5 'IO ARTHUR BEAUFORD - Con- cealed intellect just biding his time JOHN BORYK - Loyal, de- pendable an energetic worker JANICE BARNES - Full of vim, vigor and vitality CAROL BARTSCH - Happiness is made to be shared JACK BARRETT - "Get serious"... and have fun doing it THOMAS BERRYHILL - Man about town in everything MIKE BOATMAN - An unusual lad ' E HARROLL BOWMAN - Quietly conspicuous PAT BOYD - Friend to all , who know her 1 W K Eli, ,:1, sr -t ,g . it X -if KENNETH BRADSHAW - Men of iew words are the best men THOMAS BRANDT Fun lovin' fellow LINDA BRISCOE -Versatility her outstanding trait CHARLOTTE BROWN - An air of contentment DENNIS BRITTAIN - Height his goal DONALD BROWN - Loyal to I his convictions W JOHNNY BURTON -Our mus- cle man ambitious and modest CAROL JEAN Peppy blonde .. TONI CAIN - A certain blend of integrity and personality ,ff-if DALE WADE CATER - His pride is in that "Chevy" MARILYN CLAY double her size FREIDA CLAY - A golden smile and a quiet Way CARLOCK - , full of fun - Her talents JUDY COLC LASURE - A model of poise ways earn her friends HARVEY COLLEY - He's got the bull by the horns CLOMA COUCH - An intelli- gent lass GEORGE DONOVAN nates the fair sex CAROL LEE DAUBE - Cute and spicy ...she's everybody's friend ANNA SUE DVORAK - Quiet in her ways JIMMIE DOWNEY -The music man he leads our band SUE EARHART - Good times are her best times MICHEAL ELLIS - Leisurely strolling through life BEVERLY SUE EDWARDS - Gentlemen prefer blondes LARRY ELMORE - Livelylad I I2 LINDA COLLINS - Her quiet Fasci- nl LQNONA ESTES - Sincerity and good times DeANN ENGLAND -Sugar and spice and everything nice JIM FARMER - Mischievous eyes and a priceless sense 01 humor KATHLEEN GILL - That devilish twinkle in her eye SHIRLEY GAITHER - Sweet- ness her password CHARLENE GOSS - Happy is the homemaker N GARY GRIDER - Leaves 'ern laughing as a kitten TERRY GUTSHALL - Skill to do comes from doing PHYLLIS HAMILTON - Merits uncounted KARE N HASTON lucky JANE HAMMERS -Knowledge with a sharp edge and a dash oi' impulse SHARON HALSTEAD - Playful Happy-g0- 113 CLEOLA HAUN - Hard work is the key to success MIDGE HENDERSON - Live- liness, pep these are her weapons DANNY HEARTSILL - Good natured with a friendly laugh PHYLLIS HIGNIGHT - Her ways are those of pleasantness PATSY HOLT - Sparkles in her eyes and on her hand f CARL HOLLIDAY - shy, hand- some, and unaifected CONSTANCE HOWARD - Connie . . . Never underesti- mate the power of a woman MALCOLM HORNE - All- around guy an outstanding senior MIKE HOWIE - At the most unexpected times . , , DARRYL HUNKAPILLAR - Nothing is impossible for a willing mind LLOYD HUDSON - Pleasure before study TANYA JACKSON - Dynamite comes in small packages 1 114 tif M851 we X - CHERRY JEFFREY -Success has no limits KENNETH JAMES - Yarn Spinner JUANITA JEFFUS - Blessed ' " - es. ,,1,,f:-.,L1f1 evgsfgqgii " - - fav -1 f'HQiwfswi.2?: 2 wt, lsigiwiztt. U N . , are the pure in heart LYNDA JONES - C harming and beautiful our football queen KAY JOHNSON - Hardworking gal likes a good time PHILIP KE LL - Dignified con- noisseur of knowledge I MELINDA KING - Kit .. energetic and lively SHARON KING - Ambition with initiative MARY MIKE LANDRUM - Abundant Ability SHIIR LEY LEWIS live wire LINDA LANPHERE - It ' s worth your time to know her CAROLYN KINKADE - Amid a multitude of projects Fun-lovin' 115 116 BARBARA LIGHTSEY - Capa- city for contentment DOROTHY MCBRIDE - Mis- chievous redhead CAROLYN LONG - Carefree composure TRUDIE ANN MCCREIGHT -' Laughter, loyalty, love EDDIE MCPHERSON - Quiet and good-natured RONALD MCGUIRE - Our handsome, rugged footballer JUDY MEANS - Courteous, capable, congenial CAROL SCHOLZ MILLER - Her future looks sunny CAROL MILLER - Persever- ance wins the prize .4 MARY SUE MILLER - Sweet the smile, sweeter the girl SALLY MORGAN - Devil or angel? a favorite funmaker STAN MORAN - He leads us all around the Campus KAY MORTON - Typical blonde bombshell BUDDY MORTON - Just livin' for fun BARBARA NEWMAN - Her Smile r1gm'f he bpqt JUDITH NUTT - No time for worry BILLY NORMAN - Seldom Serious, rarely provoked MARY BETH OSBORN - Kind- ness is the sunshine in which virtue glows ZOLTAN PAAL - An asset to our school JOE PAP - Boys will be boys LINDA PAINTER - Industri- ous, intelligent, interesting CONNIE PARSONS - Capable, reliable, and respected WANDA PAYNE - Lifefor her is happy and carefree LYNN PASCHALL - A happy smile . . . a yell forthe Tigers 117 l DEAN PELTON - Sailor boy to the last laugh JESSIE PELTON - Attractive and pleasing in ii JIMMY PORTER - Carefree, competent, collegiate ww ww JEARLD PRIC E athlete E 1 gi : I iiigaggege s. - , ,. 11.-Wvlfww -Ammo .. 2 Q ,. 'iefifg-f?lf5ffgii'g2!3fm 337'Slliififgziiiiieiibiis ,f sag' -I'"'-'Ff:.::".5:f5,fe.H.J-f:. 3517352-.sQi.52igf3'5j Eigliiisai r n-f,:.' " H Q 5:.segsq2b:Qi'.sa':Qf. ifiuie x A31 psi iQifSse2Ws1siifg, Qgssssifit :fig -,' :'..:f:' -fa,,.- :az 3 ,rg-P1ls2T:Q2':fn saw-gf.egsQifff255:wg - 1-g--,g,: : .f,k5q-sw .sf?L592ii2s27e1it-i1?Lfzisai5Q51,,. -1-i.jggg5Eii'f-1 zu- . - zz ,I-1 :f -11,1---fi -If-sziifefff-1r""if-gk -1,--iii' ,- LINDA PRESLEY - Nice to know ei,l mit' i ALAN PRIMROSE - Famed in football, fun and friendship LINDA PRICKETT - Lovely to look at exciting to know JAN PRUITT - Silence is a Virtue ORAS RAINER - A little bit independent SHIRLEAN PELTON - Good Unassuming NANCY PUCKETT - Finds life interesting RANDY RAMSEY - A likeable fellow l 118 JESSE REED - Friendliness makes friends JUDY RAVAN - With 21 song on her lips and faith in her heart CHARLES RICE - Chuck If laughter were golden, he'd be a millionaire JANE ROBBINS - A wink, a smile, and a friendly "Hi!" KENT RICHARDSON - A little nonsense ... now and then MAX ROBERSON - Brown- eyed handsome man JOHNNY ROBINSON - Care- free fellow PAUL ROE - Industrious YIDOCIY SUZANNE RUSSELL - Suzy who says beauty and brains dOn't mix? ROY JOE SHINN fascinates us JAMIE RUTLEDGE - Never mischievous unless alone or with someone DOROTHY ROYALL - Our life is what our thoughts make it Joe , f 1 V, gy ., ' fx ,, 'fi .rv 119 KENNETH SIMMONS - Wis- dom and wit never toobusy to smile 'Qs HARVEY SMITH with the plan GARY SIMS - A true artist says it with music PAUL SPEAKE - Butch Master in the art of living JOHN STROMAN likes to relax WAYNE STRADER - Always smiling, singing, and strum- - ming BRENDA SWATZELL - Some things are worth waiting for ELLEN SULLIVAN -Sunbeam on a cloudy day ability unlimited JAMES TEMPERO - Genius in disguise DIANN THOMPSON - A fav- orite in many ways BILLY EARL THOMAS - Just for laughs STEVE THOMPSON - None speak but to praise him 120 - The man Easy going fgr- .F jwva A gi- I Q' w K - ml 0: ai sf , i his HARRY WALDON - Man ofthe world JUNE VACKER - Always going never a quiet moment gefff BILLY WALLIS - Quiet and reserved ANN WATERS - Personalityj popularity, and promise MARY WALTERS - A Song in her heart, a song for her friends SUSAN WEYMOUTH - Galaxy of surprises , always having fun DAVID WHITE - The clown Wit with many potentials HILTON WHITFIELD - Judge me not by my quiet ways DONNA WHITE - Sweet sincerity SANDRA WIELAND Good natured and unassuming ANN WILLIAMS - She compli- ments her merits with modesty SHARON WIGGINS - Her friends best know her true worth 121 122 mx in aww., - wfesfiim. I E S9558 'M'-12fi?eE?ift-','.- win I ' I H,-wsfieaefgg , ,, H , , .-15-f3z.fL,:-ff A .. - ' fig -:gif ' - ' if -sig. -. MARVIN WITT - Adventurous and aloof HOWARD WOODRUFF - Ac- tions speak louder than Words REBECCA WOODR UFF - Becky a quiet beauty with many talents BONNIE YOR DI - Hard working and dependable atrue friend JEFFIE YOUNG - Good humor makes all things tolerable I ' BOB WILLIAMS - An ivy- leaguer in every way DOYLE WILLIAMS - T0 know him is to like him SALLY WILLIAMS - Darling devil SAM WILLIAMS - Next week I've got to get organized. g vggywgb . f""" fw- 5 , fi , gag, 1 Hff+nFVig ,!f?fhQL QA gxtw iq 131 .ff 41 32 'gym lg 2 51 v"".,f'. f " fe! 4.12715 1 - liz".-,4.,f '5 Q I. Q55 4, , -n 59 3, :sv nf fi ' MISS GAIL MCWILLIAMS Sponsor MRS. LOUISE AKERS Sponsor Juniors We, the juniors of 1961, upon completing the second step in our climb toward graduation think back over the year and remember , , , , , .Mike Frazier, Mac Cassity, and Carole Rickets providing the ability and hard work needed in shaping a successful year , ,, . . . Linda and Dixie with their batons marching in front of the band . . . , , ,Lena Beth accepting the Vice-presidency in student council , . , , . ,Our active council members, Theresa Busch, Nancy Cain, Cheryl King, Linda Love, Elizabeth Woods, Ruth Ann Hicks, Pat Kennedy, Don Lewis, Jeep Pylant, Phillip Marzolino, and Bill Stringer working diligently on numerous projects . . . . ..Charles Altom, Bill Byrd. Dub Carter, Jimmy Forbes, Mike Frazier, Will Johnston, De Lawler, Butch McClure, Nicky McGalliard, Ray Phillippe, Randy Smith, Scooter Stroman, Jeff Villines, and Bruce Wilkinson excelling in sports . . . . . ,Gary Bob Barnett, Billy Ray Coleman, and John Davis managing the football team , , , . . .Juniors building the junior float . . . . . . Congregating at the Super Dog for a coke , , , , , ,And, of course, the never-to-be forgotten Junior-Senior Prom , , , This year has prepared us to go on with resolution and confidence to next year, when we shall assume the honor and responsibility of senior leadership, Junior class officers, Martin Cassity, vice-president, Mike Frazier, presidentg and Carole Riokets, secretary, 123 124 'GN CAROL JEAN BLOUNT SUE BROOKS DOYLE BRUCE BILL BURCHFIELD SUE ANN BURDICK SANDRA KAY BURK STANLEY BURNAM GERALDINE BURPO THERESA BUSCH JANET KAY BUTTS BILL BYRD NANCY CAIN BILL CARPENTER DUB CARTER MARTIN CASSITY IW' Jw 'fx A-,gtg fv- frv' DONNA ADAIR GARY ADAMS C HARLES ALTOKI ERVIN AMOS CAROLYN ANDERSON ELANE ANDERTON CHARLOTTE ANTHONY KAY ARGO BRYAN BAIRD KATHERINE BAKER' DEWARD BANNISTER GARY BOB BARNETT ROGERS BEARD MARTHA BELCH BECKY BLALOCK 'Me -1' X. Y f in " xii AE " A , S I , -f KAY CAST CREIGH CHADWELL MARY ELIZABETH CLARK SUSAN COHENOUR WANDA COLE BILLY RAY COLEMAN JERRY COLLEY JANIE COUCH DONNA COOK JOHN DAVIS CARROLL DECK CHARLES DENNISON BECKY DOBBINS JOE DOWLEARN JANET DRENNAN . .Q . . ,,, x - IQ ,Aan 3 1 -.av -13 Q' . ' f ga .. " 5 . A iv Jo 5 .fl J 1 I . ' Q H -, M K ja! .. yr ZS - '. 'Q iq M5 ' .5 '- f X an 'F' 2' 'Uv ,Q-1, IQ I If A Vi, - , - 2 ,f SHARON DUDLEY MIKE EASON CAROLYN ECKENROD LINDA ELLES MIKE ELLIOTT BILL ELLIS NIINNIE FERRIS JIMMY FISHBACK RONNIE FITZGERREL JIMMY FORBES CHARLES FRALEY MIKE FRAZIER GLENDA GILL ANN GIRARD ELAINE GIVENS 125 126 'Q ,gm -,J LQ, ,, ff-5. t. -44- , if CHARLOTTE HILL BEVERLY HITT CARI. HOWIE JARVIS HUNT RICHARD JACKSON WILLENE JAGGERS SCOTT -IARED KENNETH JENSEN FRANCES JOHNSON GARY JONES WILL JOHNSTON EDDIE KEETON KENNETH KEETON BARBARA KENNEDY PAT KENNEDY . MARIE GIVENS CAROLYN GRAY TERRY GRAY LARRY DALE GRIDER WENDYL IIAMBRICK KATHRYN HARDCASTLE KENT HARRELL IVIARCIA HARRELL JOYCE HARRIS NIARY KAY HARRIS JAE HAWKINS KRISTIN HEDLUND SHERRY HENDERSON RUTH ANN HICKS NANCY HIEGLE C 1 113 1 .: 7 .,. 3 :iff ' . 12:11 V, BILLIE KEY LYNNEA KEY CHI-IRYI. KING PAULA KLOEPPEL SANDRA KAY KYLE STELLENE LAMBERT DEE LAWLER BARRY LAWRENCE JAMES LGFLORE SHARON LEMASTER DE LAWLER BARRY LAWRENCE JAMES LeFL.ORE SHARON LEMASTER ? fx -6' -Q., 'L-, . X- M., C' J "IVE ,iwffpw f W kV.k ,I . ,R 53 fer' wfq., 61 1- ff' , ' , 1 YYYY 'W ff' f ' :ew-si'5':i51f uf' 'Ts:'5:'? ' 'I ,555-. " ' ' LINDA LOVE NANCY LUIVIPKIN TERRY MCCLESKY BOWEN IVICCLURE SUSAN MCCUEN NICK MCGALLIARD DONALD MCGEHEE BETH LYN MCGLOTHLIN ROY MCMILLIAN SANDRA MCMULLIN DANNY IVIANNING CREE-CREE IVIARCHESANI DUANE NIARLER PEGGIE NIARR TOIVIMIE MARTIN 128 BUTCH NEWCOMB JAMES MIKE NIX JAMES NORRIS GA YLA OWEN RAY PHILLIPPE KENT PULLIAM JEEP PYLANT CAROLE RICKETS PATRICIA ANN RILEY MADONNA RIOTTE CAROLYN ROE LARRY ROUSE ELLEN RUSSELL VIRGINIA RUSSELL JOHN SANDERS PHILLIP MARZOLINO SHARON MASSEY HAROLD MASON JUDITH NIATHESON EARL MAXWELL LINDA MILLER LINDA MINZES DIANA MONTGOMERY SHAARON MOON REX MORRELL BILLY MORRIS WILLIE MORRIS GLORIA JEAN MURPHEY LENA BETH MURPHY LOE NANCE 'if' 'Nr AY! APU' ,W WINSTON SCOTT ANDREA KAY SELVIDGE ROBERT SHELTON DIANE SHORT CHERYL RAE SHURLEY JERRY SIMMONS GLEN DALE SLIGER MINNIE FAE SMITH RANDY SMITH DALE SMITHERS RICHARD SPARGER BILL STEELE BARBARA KAY STINNE'TT WILLIAM STRINGER EWING STROMAN many YU' IQ4 fem DEANNA TALIAFERRO EVELYN TETER DELORIS THOMAS QUENTIN THOMAS THURMAN THOIVIASON GERALD THORNTON BILLY JOE VANTINE BETTY VAUGHN SALLIE VAUGHN JEFF VILLINES SHARON WADLOW LINDA SUE WALLACE BOBBY LYNN WALLIS RICHARD WALNER LYNN WATKINS 129 130 DEAN WILLIAMSON GARY WILLIAMSON LINDA WIMAN LENORA WINFIE LD OLLENE WOODLEY ELIZABETH WOODS BILL WORLEY RONALD YORDI JOYCE YOUNG RONALD WATKINS PEA RLY WELCH JOHN C. WHITAKER JOHN HOWARD WHITE BRUCE WILKINSON JIMMY WILLIAMS SHARON WILLIAMS TANNER WILLIAMS WANDA WILLIAMS 1 M '--'A - T 4 A V:1- P ti. 'K I , ' if Kiif.,f'1i ,QE . ,Qt 43-ff 3 uw ,fit gif," Y., A25 Qi MRS. MARY E. BUSCH Sponsor wa MR. R. E. GOINS Sponsor Sophomores We, the sophomore class, began our first year in senior high with enthusiasm led by our capable, hard-Working class officers, Cathleen Yordi, Barbara Hulme, and Leslie Boggs, The upperclassmen soon took notice of our immediate participation in the activities of the school, Kenny Stockdale, Terry Barrett, Leon Samples, Billy Jobe, and Jay Carter excelled in athletics our spirits boosted by the sophomore pep club members and cheerleaders, Ann Rogers and Ann McCoy our top scholastic standing achieved by our honor rollers and straight-A students Ronnie Nance, one of our class's greatest assets -- a fine example of ability plus ambition the excellent job our student council members, Nancy Liles, Cathleen Yordi, Kathy Morter, Sandra Williams, Judy Yandell, Carol Jean Mayo, Lois Stallcup, Terry Barrett, Kenny Stockdale, Robby Barrett, Billy and Fred Whitehurst, Tom Carlock, and Sam Veazey did through- out the entire year , , , After looking back on our first year in A,H,S,, we turn to look forward to the years lying ahead, in which We shall strive for even higher achievement in all phases of high school life, Of'-Q.. frza E L- gg, Q Sophomore class officers are Barbara Hulme, vice-presidentg Cathleen Yordi, presidentg and Leslie Boggs, secretary-treasurer. 131 132 H.. :milf SANDRA BIRDSONG LESLIE BOGGS PAMELA BOYD CARROLL BOWMAN DOUGLAS BRADY CHARLES BROOKS JEANNE BROOKS PHIL BURGESS BOBBY BUST RONALD BUTLER THOMAS R. CARLOCK BOBBIE JEAN CARTER CAROLYN CARTER JAY CARTER SHIRLEY CARTER in .N 'W xr ww HARVEY ADAMS TERRY ALKIRE MARILYN LOU ANDERSON ROBERT ASKEW JUDITH ATKINSON JOE BAKER LINDA BARKER ROBBY BARRETT TERRY BARRETT HERBERT BARRINGER ARLIE BARTHEL JEANNE BATES JEANNIE BEATTIE DANNY BERGMAN BEVERLY BEVINS ,nn .QE 'Q 'M za, CLEVE CHAPMAN GWEN ANN CHESTER PATRICIA JEAN CHINN LINDA CLAY GENE RAY CLINE DAVID W. COCI-IRAN JOHN MARK CONNELY FRANCES CONROY NELDA COPELAND RANDALL CRADDOCK GLENNA CRAEGLE FRANK CROSBY SUZANNE CUNNINGHAM BILLY MICHAEL DAVIS HARRY DAVIS i ,av 'Y' E 1?- ix .Z f-cn. W ...,.,... A . I 1. N ji, "" n ,N s sg W-ff ' K rv ,X F 1, 4 .. , ,ff 2, I-was YL, . ' V .W . GY ,E ,,,, " r W -,JH 1 M wx, ,Qs gi X, 'Q 2135? '52 M if I i gx 1? ' W 4:1 .P 7 9 I 'W Zy- L 1 f G' LY f we 'I' Y 1? T 2 F2 A , Ma . V if CHARLOTTE DAY CORTEZ QCORKYJ DAY MARSHA DQBOCK TRUDY DGBOCK WAYNE E. DENHAM DORA DESKINS DAN DISS LINDA DIXON WESLEY DOBBINS FRANCES DOLLAR KAY DORR LORETTA DUKE JANET ECKENROD MICHAEL EDDINGTON NIARY LOUISE ELLIOTT 133 '23 ' Q YEYM I w , im. ,f Y, 'I' Y xg A i is 1 :I 2 wig? 5 ,-'F?gffg',:. 5Q,z:..:f'Li , S A-sq. 'M-I 134 RANDALL HARRISON JOHNNIE HERDT LINDA LUE HERRING JAMES HICKMAN LARRY JAMES HIGDON ROYCE DAVID HIGNIGHT BILLIE JO HOBBS CHARLES WAYNE HOGAN LYNNE HOLLEY CHARLES HOLYBEE DORIS HOM ER DAVID HOPPER BARBARA ANN HULME JOY LYNN HUNT GLENDA HUSKEY LINDA SUE ELIVIORE PATRICIA ELMORE JAY ESSARY DANIEL GANDY JUDY ANN GARDNER TOMMY GARNER CHARLES GARRISON DIERDRE GARRISON ROBERT GATES SANDRA KAY GOODSON LEON GOSS WILLIAM GRAHAM ROGER KEITH GRAVES CLAUDIA MARIE GRIFFIN SANDRA R. HALL WR zo- FF' 'VY' CONNIE INSELMAN GARY JACKSON GILBERT JAMES PERRIN JARRETT OWANA JEFFREYS BILLY JOBE DAVID KEEL LENA BETH KELTNER JUDITH ANN KENDALL DIANE SUE KERNEY BILLY KINKADE RICHARD KNAPP MARY HELEN KNIGHT JOAN LaFONTAIN JOHN LAMBERT 'OSX --as ml ,Q V , ,J A Q 4 ff n 1 A CAROL LANDGRAF DONNA J. LAYTON VANCE LENZ NANCY LILES SANDRA LINDECKER LONNIE RAY LOARD JERRY LONG ANN MCCOY LAURA MCDONALD ANGELA MCGINNESS SHARON MCGINNIS MICKEY MCKEE RICHARD MCNELLIS BENNETT IVIANNAHAN CAROL JEAN MAYO 136 .Y-ti' 4,2-nm .. -I: .zz SHARON KAY PATTON JIMMY ELLEN PAYNE 'VIAI'IA RUTH PAYNTER ROGER PEDDY BOB PIERCE DERYL PITTMAN HERBERT POE PHYLLIS POE DEANNA KAY PROCTOR GRETA PRUITT W Q2 .3 ,LI 953 J 'F ' if 'ff as if V , fy? L rs DENNIS MEDRICK GARY MILLER MICHAEL MILLER WAYNE MILLER DARWIN MITCHELL CAROL ANN MIZE ELLEN GRACIE MOORE TERRY LEE MOORE PATRICIA ANN MORRIS KATHRYN MORTER RONNIE NANCE DAVIE MAY NEASBITT DANIEL T. NISLEY MAELYNN OZMENT SANDRA PARKER CAROLYN KAY RALLS A, A ff JAMES RALLS RICE REAVIS HOWARD RICHARDSON SAM RIGGS JAY WILLIAM ROBERTS ANN ROGERS GRAY ROGERS DONALD ROSE KAY ROSS SHARON ROUNSAVILLE LINDA RUDD DAVID LEO RUTLEDGE REX RUTLEDGE MARILYN KAY ST. JOHN LEON SAMPLES RAY LEON SCRUGHAM SHARON SHAW LYNNE SHELTON ANSON SHUMAN Ii . ' ,E .NQ2 .',- ' ,Q If SEQ-P in ,gf av 3? l A ,, J .eg I " 0 an .UF V BUNNYE SMITH CHARLES SMITH KATHY LEE SMITH LARRY DON SMITH TOMMIE SMITH ZACK R. SMITH BARBARA SOWDER JAMES SPEARMAN LOIS FAY STALLCUP LINDA STEWART DENNY STOCKDALE JUNE ANN STODDARD PEGGY ANN STUDEMAN SUE THOMAS KATHERN THOMPSON -I-A151 I Siam Ji, DENNIS WELLS STEPHEN WHITE BILL WHITEHURST FRED WHITEHURST MARTHA JANE WHITEHURST CHARLES WILLIAMS ELLEN WILLIAMS SANDRA WILLIAMS ANNE WILLIAMSON BARBARA WILLINGHAM DAVID WILSON DORMA WILSON CAROL JEAN WOOD JUDITH ANN YANDELL CATHLEEN YORDI 138 ..E..r-f' M .,-was 'HP A 3 E 5 fn 'Q VICKI THOMPSON BETTY TOWNS GARY TRENT JAMES PATRICK TRENT MARTHA ANN TUDOR JAMES TURNER ELLEN VANCE CLOYE VANBEBBER SAM VEAZEY CAROLE ADKINS MARY ANN WALLACE CLE LAN WALLIS MARILYN KAY WALLIS ROY WEATHERLY -ff , ,Ag E, ur- E ,I 2 ,mil I I dvi' if W I ,,I: :M-fwffi , v. . X If S jr .W . kk ww 'f 1 1, :sv X3 Jffsafsswwwzfwfuv' ve-+wm:wHmW'W'zw'w' f , , .. " f ' ' I , W ' ' , 1,,M - Qfwil w m -. ,WM W.-,w,,.,Wnf,-M-my-fmf1i K ,W q,,y., . f f . ., ,wp ,.-,nw-W,-., , , .,- , , .- ,. W Q' U S X 5 H xl 5 S fri 5 ACTIVITIIS Hjen cfifffe .9nJian:i H Senior Play oi 1961 By Agatha Christie Watch my new rope trick, Connie! u...M..M..A,aW.,,......,,, ..4.,....,...................t I Most people WALK up stairs, Jimmy! Miss Claythorne . Lombard . . . Blore . . . Wargrave . Mackenzie . . Miss Brent CAST Connie Parsons . . Philip Kell Steve Thompson Malcolm Horne Randy Ramsey , Ann Waters Armstrong . Marston . . . Mrs. Rogers , Mr, Rogers . Narracott , , , Student Director Director . . . . John Boryk . Jim Porter , , Mary Beth Osborn , , Dale Cater , , GarySims , Bonnie Yordi , Jerry Young One down, nine to go 141 V351 Basketball sweetheart Kathy, with attendants, Mary Ann and Cath1eengmascots,Tony Wade and Carol Lukehart, oronafiorw Senior royaltyg Jane, Lynda, and Suzy H, f Y V -Q-, The Pride of A,H,S, and its queen Connie, with Carol Lee and Ann as attendants. Our queen, Lynda. Yjicforyf Moulin Rouge was never like this! In the - - - still - - - of the night Rival school swipes victory flag! 'KJ si 1.41. W, A K . . . , , lag, t ff' 1.. ' .gggqiv . " ' V 'V ,af ' ' f I I4 A . . ev L+' W i'-L: 1 ivfwwbf-mix' 5 Do they really make cokes that large, Carolyn? eniors -First Place M, 'Mm , I omecoming J W, .A Sophomores -Second Place Juniors-Third Place .Q-fem . W- fy f' W 'K f 2 rv' Abstract sculpture? Sophs at work. No Comment 1 A 4.. "This train is bound for glory." Sandra, let him climb up if he wants to! The pause that refreshes! P U "The Silver Whistle" gets under way, E "The Break " 1 n . I . jd!! ,4mn The dinosaur put up a big fight inthe dentist chair, but finally ------ FITUNIST .N :NRM me Veto! But Mrs. Wade, Carol Lee's neck is tired! "Well ---- you can't have everything," W - A "O,K, - I finally caught 'ya - come on outi' V 4 mai, V' .A W 5 ,?WiWN, sfiy W GE. ensues: MQ 55, -W iii . gffisw -fvf jim ga mlm l 51 f--- f-+i,'1 as-if lssi li'ii5?f . iss s Q ,-,H ...V wi its Mfwhsfhsw " ' . . E' "I'm waiting ---- SMILE!" K 3 Q 1 1 4 I But, girls, it's only 2:30!i Where the boys are? Why, where the girls arc, ofcourse! l47 148 Samoa Nm WALSWORTH

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