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X 04,0 'Q 4' A 4' 43 X 1' 'Vg N 3' 'V 4, X X W 37 9 ' Z - ..... c X + f 4 f 'Q xv y 1 X Q 5 K 5 N N X 5' I Q9 X A .f ., X 0 4 J X 9 r W V - 4 4: I A J X ' x 'V 4 9 G 0 9 f x" Jef' X X xg X yy 4,0 N A X x 0 A I W iz A " 1 :X I 'Y 'P J 1 X U 4 s O C . 'b 1' 11 - .AQ X6 1' fxl o ! W UQ, -3 I 'M 32- ' ' irifx' I ' "' A --Q 4 i WEN vp, rv! X ' 5 Y 'XX' 7 z I 13 ,1 Q" 'Y 9 xl XX X 'V 1' g D 'V 'Y X 1-1 -9 ? X W QQ 140 -X ffyff iff 5513 X K J07aQ,,JgZ,,,,,,,2g,w Zig.. Z .' W yall! vwu 3 Z, ffvwfffhi mwffsfggggf MWG eww aaa! I958 THE CRITERION ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL ARDMORE, OKLAHGMA 1957-1958 VGLUME 51 I II MkK h h . . . .I've set back the clock To the first time you Entered AHS last fall: Here our record of events will begin: Memories for you, me, and all. -3 3 I'm the Tiger Spirit And I am here to serve As yearbook guide for you. Follow me crcross the pages And I will show you through... DEDIC ATI GN Because you, Mr. and Mrs. Goins, have ....been an inspiration to us . . . .faithfully guided us .shared sincere friendships with us . . . .used your talents for us, we, the students of Ardmore High Schoo1,respectful1y and proudly dedicate to you our 1958 Criterion. T7 CAMP S VIEWS Mj.3.w. x ,ja f . i ff,., L Lf' . mm-W A., A i f - .W . M s gf - kj may iuf g gjk . , .,,g,..4 , X,,. '-,- I .A E N - . lg-QfQ5" . g ' muff., 7 ' M 1: ua ,Aff , .W 5 gig :xx +1 M",j.L-- nw. ,L .3 Qi ww f- " r , v , an J FLT -1' ,. i.. I. ' .gf M x" -' -7 5 ', fmrm- -1. -1333 6,w5Z,Z LQ: Graf A--. Z A523313 DMINISTRATION X: i I x "Q ' , if -J, 'A I fb ' ' 1' 778. --.-J" WL ,fa XJ' '-'X Y' ,. 1. fw- e, S K is A 1, ... bf .f A J L? 5 f 5 Q 9 X wi X Q 1 is X 'SS Nxe '- :SA Wx X ! ' Q ss 'ix Q s , x if wr .vt BO ARD OF MR. E. L. MASSAD Member MR. PAUL SPERRY Vice-President Wt: 1.9 MR. GUY GIVENS President f in-A Perhaps the greatest service that any citizen can render to the community is to serve as a mem- ber of the Board of Education. The Board of Education is the governing board of our schools. It has the responsibility for planning and for formulating the policies of the entire system, and for selecting through its ad- ministrative staff and other employees. In addi- tion, the Board approves the curriculum, teach- ing materials, textbooks, and all schedules, ac- tivities and programs. The members of the Board act as a unit, not as individuals. They serve without pay. Their greatest interest is the welfare and educational growth of the community's youth. Their only com- pensation is in the achievement of these objec- tives. - EDUCATION MR. RICHARD COLVERT Member if fish F MR. SAM NOBLE Member TO THE STUDENTS OF ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL MR. GEORGE D. HANN Oklahoma Baptist U.--BA U. of Oklahoma--MEd. Greetings : It is indeed pleasing to me to have this opportunity of expressing my appreciation to you for your coopera- tion, your maturity, your good com- mon sense, your high honor, and your loyalty to the customs and traditions of this High School. Together with your fine principal and teachers, you are achieving a high standard of scholarship. Certain- ly, the requirements are rigid, the grading is exact, and there is truly no easy road to learning. But, in these times, with world conditions as they are, upon you must devolve the great responsibility for the best pre- paration possible for the preserva- tion of our way of life and our great country. "B1ess you," f X sfvffiiffi' c Mr. Hann finds time in his busy schedule to chat with students, Sharon Colclasure, Ben Davis, and Pat Bray. MR. IAMES BRUCE East Central-BS, Oklahoma State U.-MS ADMIN I STRATIVE STAFF Mr. James Bruce, who is in his fourth year as assistant superintendent and clerk of the School Board, is an indispensable figure to the Ardmore School System. His rare combination of intellect, educa- tional vision, and business ability is recognized by students and faculty alike. A dynamo of energy, Mr. Bruce is adept at accomplishing difficult tasks rapidly, efficient- ly, and diplomatically. MRS. IRENE MCGOODWIN Southeastern--BA U. of Oklahoma-MEd. Audio-Visual Co-ordinator MRS. FRANCES ESSARY MRS. WINIFRED BROWN Texas Women's U.-BS U. of Missouri--BA Secretary to the Superintendent Attendance Supervisor MRS. ELIZABETH MINZES Secretary to Mr. Bruce MR. C. A. BAKER City School Engineer ,QQ tw PRKN UP AL studen1'Pnnc1PG1 TO THE STUDENTS OF AHS: I am indeed privileged in having the opportunity of working with you and our fine faculty. A spirit of co- operation and unity has characterized this school year and has, I believe, been responsible for our many achieve- ments. Not only have you met the high standards which are associated with this school, but also you have made improvements that will guide and in- spire students of future years. I hope that you will develop a philosophy of life that will insure proper use of the knowledge you are gaining. This philosophy might include, among other things, a deep sense of honor and integrity, concern for the welfare of others and constant desire to apply your very best efforts in all your endeavors. Sincerely, . da mor 1-Yn Mr. TI0uu. cmd sucliscuss10n' ical Earhart 9nloY G WP MR ROY TROUTT B i Y Southeastern--BlA, U. of Oklahoma MEd AFTERNOON OFFICE ASSISTANTS Carolyn Iones, Fran Terry, and Kay Stamper SECRETARY Giving freely of her time to all who approach her, Mrs. Robert Goins, capable AHS secretary, has earned a vital position in the school life of all. Her day's activities include decisions on myriad details both in secretarial obligations and student relations. MORNING OFFICE ASSISTANTS Cleo Ayers, Nancy Coffman, and Iudy Bennett MRS. LOUISE AKERS Commerce Central--BS U. of Oklahoma-MEd FACULTY MRS. N INA OLIVER BRUMFIELD Mathematics Central--BS U. of Wyoming--MA MR. ALBERT H. FITZGERREL Instrumental Music Olivet College-BA U. of Michigan--MM MRS. MARY E. BUSCH Home Economics Southeastern--BS MRS. VIRGINIA COLLINS Latin Knox College-BA U. of Wisconsin-MA MR. HARRY DODD Industrial Arts, Athletics Southeastern--BS MISS CONSUELO FERNANDEZ Spanish, Commerce Oklahoma College for Women-BS MRS. MURLINE GATEWOOD English U. of Houston-BS MR. ROBERT E. GOINS Biology Southeastern-BA, BS U. of Oklahoma-MEd MRS. FRANCES IACOBSC Girls' Physical Ed. Mathematics Central--BS FACULTY MR. C. E. IACOBSON Athletics Central-BS Oklahoma State U. MS MRS. MYNA JOHNSON Southeastern BA MRS. MARIE R. MORSE English Southwestern--BS MISS GAIL MCWILLIAMS English, Iournalism, U. of Arkansas--BA U. of Wyoming--MA MR. ELMER MANTOOTH English, Speech Southeastern-BS North Texas-MS MR. ELBERT PANKRATZ Vocal Music, History Bethel College--BA U. of Wichita-MM MISS MUNCY RECE American History I. of Chicago--PhB, MA FACULTY MR. GLYN SHARPE Physics, Chemistry East Central--BA Oklahoma State U.-MS MRS. JULIA K. SPARGER English, Testing U. of Oklahoma--BA, MA MRS. BLANCHE SPARKS Librarian Southeastern-BA, MT it. GORDON STURDEVANT MR. BRUCE BAHNER MR. EUGENE A. TODD Industrial Arts Custodian Driver's Ed, Southeastern--BS American History of Oklahoma-MIndust. Ed Southeastern-BA IS. ESTALINE WATERS English, Mathematics East Central-BA U. of Oklahoma-MA MR. BOB WILLIAMS Commerce, Athletics Southwestern--BS DUCATION xl! Nz 43 Jk' 1 1 I ,,:A, Q -E - , ss if gi W fi 5 ,Q:.k WT E .,,, 3 !!"vms , Uffiili , f -,.Mm-nam U.,..,f.,.f , rw, ,....num- MM W . 9 i Aw ffwvv ' fy...w.,w4nQn?l1lu J' ' .J-.--M ""' ' "': . f f 4 l 1 sr WS 2 f Egg? ESS? ,Q I IQ I f' -5 4 ml ii-3 P 4 , ga 4 - , 'mmm 'Inn-.1 ...--aua-w f ,Yr v- vw ,fg uygfmr . , , A M ' Q lf V , 2 W3 Qzifm fswif fig f- A -7 + --X 1, .-f- Q- ft. . 11 5,Lp.1w.,, aQXQ QL --f . 1 -v X x ff X + Q A 'fm' 3 if '5 ' x K V -XR? f 4 - K I T o 1 K CAFE TERIA go Sl G' ff Lots ol talking and laughter make a good meal better. The Iunior and Senior High School cafeteria under the direction of Mrs. Thelma Groomer is re- sponsible for the feeding of 700 famished students daily. The hungry students find that here is a place to fill up with a well-balanced meal without empty- ing their pocketbooks. The average cafeteria luncheon costs 38 cents. At the snack bar, which serves such goodies as malts, rolls, cokes, and other small items, the average tab is 20 cents. Students use the building as a refuge from inclement weather and as a pleasant setting for their mixers following home basketball games. The building is maintained by the cafeteria custodian, Mr. Clyde Woodley. 181 Wait a minute, Gary, business before pleasure. What are you looking tor. Charles? She didn't miss anything. ENGLISH ,upper leftj Iohn Paula smiles as she 'eads the reminders for English III. Qupper rightj Do you need some extra ielp, lack? abovej Listen carefully, boys, Carla seems to know what she's talking about. 'rightj This is no gab session: it is a liscussion of English IV short stories. Emphasizing the importance of the ability to speak properly and write one's thoughts, the English II and III classes, under the direction of Mrs. Marie Morse. Mrs. Murline Gatewood, Miss Gail McWil- liams, and Mr. Elmer Mantooth, have com- posed diaries of fictional people, produced plays from texts, and learned the fine points of grammar. Mrs. Iulia K. Sparger's students have trudged through The Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, and their main project for the year, a research theme. Individuals taking English V, taught by Mrs. Marie Morse, studied vocabulary. advanced grammar, composition, and world literature. 1 MATHEMATICS Amusing? Chandeliers. Accuracy! X i . ' Ji Q fr Mrs. Estaline Waters and Mrs. Nina Oliver Brumfield keep their Plane Geometry classes busy learning new theorems, constructing geometric figures, and explaining illustrated problems. As extra projects the classes worked on original geometric designs and chandeliers. Mrs. Brumfield also teaches advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry. Mrs. Frances Iacobson has drilled her students persistently all year on the rudiments of general mathematics. Percentages, income tax problems, and various calculations are no longer bugaboos to those mastering her practical course, Math II. That's a fancy figure. Floyd! Mrs. Iacobson checks a Math II assignment. TE STIN G p time l ...M A r'-N., lb.-5. . -I Q 'G Students taking timed tests are closely watched by Mrs. Sparger. Mrs. Iulia K. Sparger has placed a new emphasis on the testing department this year by revising the old files and compiling complete folders containing general information and test scores, which are kept for each student in school. Included in the series is the Iowa Silent Beading Test, the California Mental Maturity Test, Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, and the College Board Exams. Available at all times in the testing room are data from numerous colleges and universities. Bulletins, catalogs, scholarship facts, and general information may be secured by any interested stu- dent throughout the school year. vhs, Spgfqer Und her Ggspgqqms, Lynda qnd Mgyidgth, Rob and Leeanne seek advice from Mrs. Spcxrger as they :atch up on endless compiling, recording, and filing, thumb through college bulletinS. LANGUAGE Nearly two hundred students wishing to become bilingual are enrolled in the foreign language department, which in- cludes Spanish I and II, taught by Miss Consuelo Fernandez, and Latin I and II, di- rected by Mrs. Virginia Collins. To acquaint young people with the language, history, and traditions of other nations is the primary aim of the four courses offered. It is hoped that a deeper understanding will be gained of foreign cul- tures, which in turn, will decrease tension in a world of many complexities during this mid-20th century period. Spanish students enjoyed celebrating Pan American Day in April, while those tak- ing Latin have made posters and have pried into the lives and works of Roman states- men and authors. u . .. Mg - 1.1. 'ld' Martha and Miss Fernandez share the same enthusiasm for Spanish. tu Brite, Nope, sighs the Latin Class. Ain't even et one yet. Wish the bell would ring. fam 'ki sl Les H OME ECONOMICS Upper leltj Deborah Kay seems f be getting all the attention a aby could want. Centerj A little bit and all the :st make a most delightful mess. Under the supervision of Mrs. Mary E. Busch, girls in Home Economics I, Home Economics II, and Home Nursing study the many varied phases of homemaking. Technical vocabulary is stressed in the Home Nursing course, and special emphasis is placed on child care, first aid, and per- sonal living. Included in both the Home Economics I and Home Economics II classes is the study of meal planning, the buying of groceries, the budgeting of household ex- penses, and the selecting of furniture. Also these classes are taught fashion design, color harmony, construction of gar- ments, etiquette, and personal grooming. .Q Q iii Snip, snap, and another paper pattern Qon a minia- ture scalej goes into a Home Economics notebook. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Dodd demonstrates the uses of the plane to his second hour woodwork class. Mr. Gordon Sturdevant and Mr. Harry Dodd had their hands full this year with 150 students enrolled in the Industrial Arts Department. Students working in General Metals, Electricity, Woodwork, and Mechanical Drawing have applied their knowledge in mak- ing such projects as chisels, electric buzzers, motors, hammers, and barbe- cue pits. Electricity students have special- ized in simple house wiring and repair- ing home appliances, while Wood- working students have turned out cof- fee tables, gun racks, bookcases, and many other useful articles. As a required course prior to actual shop work, Mr. Sturdevant has instilled a basic knowledge of lines, in- struments, and measurements into his Mechanical Drawing students. Mr. Dodd and Mr. Sturdevant try to give a boy the essentials for draw- ing, metals, electricity, and woodwork, so he can better choose a vocation or a hobby. Accurate to perfection SPEECH , ng the fantasy The Wonder Hat Dale tound an un Thcrlbert has to contend with Granny it he comes "sparkin"' rl use for a pin Vetyessl Sisters Mclntosh gave Dwayne quite a time! Under the direction of Mr. Elmer Mantooth, the Speech classes this year have done many things varying from a dramatic production "Our Town" to advocating super- stitious methods of easing an earache or a new way of stopping the hiccups. The Speech classes helped the Vocal Music depart- ment present the Christmas program this year. The tableaus were beautiful. During the first semester the department presented three one-act plays under the sponsorship of the Student Council.Oneof the plays,"The Wonder Hat," was taken to the speech tournament in Durant where it rated excellent. Attending the state tournament on the OU campus were Vicki Garner and George Allen. The all-school play, "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. was presented the second semester. This play was mod- ern drama at its peak and practically no props were used. A narrator managed to catch all loose ends and pull them together. The result was an entertaining two hours. BUSINESS EDUCATION gi . ft 4 No. not a spelling bee. but shorthand recitation. The Business Education Department strives to prepare young men and women for a useful life after they grad- uate from high school. As some students go directly from school into the business world, the Shorthand, Bookkeep- ing, Typing, Stenography and Transcription a student has learned in high school will enable him to go into a busi- ness office at good pay. Other students avail themselves of all business courses offered in high school as a background for a two year intensified course at an institution of higher learning. Bookkeeping is offered to Iunior and Senior students. The entire bookkeeping cycle is presented in a simplified form. Regardless of the size of a business, every employee prepares some records and reports daily. Mrs. Louise Akers, Mr. Bob Williams, and Miss Consuelo Fernandez instruct in commercial subjects. Mrs. Akers explains a bookkeeping problem to Sharon and Dor Sara carefully follows Mr. Williams' instructions si-111:-Q - - -4' . Pencils poised ....... "Ready! Dear Sir: .. mm GCIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION X Did she make it? For more informa- tion see next year's Criterion! Here's hoping, Nanelle. Developing poise, grace and a sense of good sportsmanship is the main objective of all activities in Mrs. Frances lacobson's Physical Education classes. Leading her classes with vigor and originality, she teaches the girls basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and to do folk dances to strains of music from all countries. Earning points for a letter, pin, or the highest award of a gold key is a major goal for girls of the Physical Education De- partment. Where are your shoes, Karen? if Bovs' PHYSICAL EDUCATION if ' Is this a hold-up? Physical Education is a vital part of every high school boy's school year. Under the direction of Coach C. E. "Tip' Iacobson and Coach Bob Williams, the boys participate in several sports, such as, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soc- cer, honor ball cmd touch football. Relays and tournaments within classes encourage the students to develop co-ordination, physical fitness, and good sportsmanship. Phew! One more time and I'll drop. -I fl- X c f If 1 ff' ' f f f , . if 4--X X Q 51' S Big basketball team---new rules, maybe? HISTORY ,f F, .V f .-... - -5 ,J is 3, f. rg V K ,kL, - 'Q,,Q.,, , Q, 2 4 if i,jg1?'jQ,,3QQw., fw- ls World History really this much fun? To bring about a greater under- standing and appreciation of the herit- age which has come down to us from the founders of our nation, is the ob- jective of the American History classes taught by Miss Muncy Rece and Mr. Eugene Todd. The reading of a biography each semester, seventy-five pages of re- ference each six weeks, and the study of current events are all included in this course which is required in the Iunior year. World History, under the direction of Mr. E. M. Pankratz, is the study of the development of people from the stone age to the modern civilization of today. Many projects, including detail- ed date charts, are required of each student. Both courses train our leaders of tomorrow in history and government- al affairs. ik American History students study the Current Events Chart. P SYC HOLOGY M., , -'C 4 Since Harold doesn't seem to be impressed, Fred, we're afraid your "psychology" isn't working. l Y Many of the secrets of per- sonality and character have been revealed to students in Mr. E. M. Pankratz' first semester Psychology class. Discussions were held in an informal manner, open to all, which enabled students to see the practical side of Psychology through every- day experiences. They studied such social problems as juvenile delin- quency, effect of movies on youth, and lack of proper recreational facilities, with each student freely voicing his opinion. During the second semes- ter Sociology course such problems as those above, and many more of great significance were enlarged upon and studied in detail. li rm fx Has Mr. Panlrratz found a new joke in that Astrology book, Suzanne, Iessie. and Freddie? 1-.1--1 -K MTS- MYHCI lohnson David, quit playing with your watercolors! The aim of the Ardmore High School Art Department is to give the students understanding of art as it is involved in painting, sculpture, architecture, commercial art, and crafts. By study of ap- preciation and actual production the students are able to serve in various departments of the school and community. 11-Xrt is not talent alone, it is a universal language and one of the best correlating subjects in the cur- r1cu um. The '58 art class, directed by Mrs. Myna Iohnson, may be credited with the attractive posters in the library, halls, and downtown stores. For the State Teachers' Meeting, the Ardmore Art Department designed and constructed the table decorations. The long suffering Art Department is constantly asked, "Can you have this work ready yester- day?" WWW li 'S X N Iudy, what are you doing? JOURNALISM fw- Saturday morning finds Iournalism students back at the old grind. This picture was posed?? X 0 L. Qs 4 f fm Qs! ,cis fy X 1-5223? U - K ,. -if f A .. ,.-s'aj5 ,,ez,,jS g Q Qtopj What is so astonishing, Charles? Lbottomj Are we studying Iournalism, girls, or is this just a hen party? Meet the deadline! Be efficient! Those are the most often heard phrases in Iournalism. This subject demands constant teamwork and a sense of responsibility on the part of the students. The main project of the Iournalism class is the high school annual, "The Criterion." Many hours are spent compiling this yearbook. To keep all students well informed on current school happenings, the class this year has issued a newspaper, "Tiger Topics." Miss Gail McWilliams teaches Iournalism and directs the annual, the newspaper, and high school publicity to "The Daily Ardmoreitef' DRIVEKS EDUC ATIO Playing cops and robbers? Sparking his classes with good humor, Mr. Eugene Todd makes his sub- ject interesting to even the least mechan- ical minded. Besides the important fundamentals of driving, he teaches how to cope with the emergencies of accidents, flat tires, engine failure, the confusion of insurance policies, and other problems that con- front the modern driver. "Driver of the Month" is a new pro- gram supported by the entire com- munity to encourage safety. The Kiwanis Club awards a gift to the winner and has the student as a guest at a luncheon. Reva is going to be another good woman driver. A student demonstration catches the spotlight AUDIO VISUAL EDUCATIGN Qbfi A 'X '7 Q 55 Qld? vit ling C227 ft? S It Audio-Visual Education, under the com- petent supervision of Mrs. Irene McGoodwin, is responsible for the showing of many educa- tional films each week in both the Iunior and Senior High School buildings. Mrs. McGoodwin has two Senior High pro- jectionists and one office girl each hour. The boys are trained in the proper classroom pro- cedure for operating machines like the projec- tors and tape recorders. The office girls are responsible for running the ditto machines and keeping records and film files correct. Mrs. McGoodwin is president of the State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. r , X , I LTLOVE 'he hlmstrips must be tiled carefully and accurately. find' if --...,,, Mrs. Irene McGoodwin demonstrates c tape recorder Larry supervises as Frank and Iim pack films. At morning meetings, the projectionists receive additional information. LIBRARY sei 1 1 s ooks like a test is comin 4 f 1- tg , 3 Could it be time for research g . 7 . :: f- Q L, lp next hour , . . :gi 5 V : - themes, seniors? 1 ' i' ' .1 - Z -Q . 1-Sa 5 f eva? fit is . . V 3 3 . i -i,t?r553,, t We , . . - r f ,sts 5 5 Y fl ' f"t n in K lg? .ff . big-Wig jk- it Q is W- il Y - w, , W g l A g , at .... , .. . i g ' ' Ag sgttg , N19-:. .qi 4 V f ,,,....., if ,f-:iw - .rf f r :. fm.. g. ., ,.,. ,,f: ,. ,, gs, 3 , f ., 27 ll 'r ' . - .z t ""'-.- s - - R-an . fir : Q 'F' ' . .X rf, .. .ZA , X . Q -Q 1' - 1 r , t --f i s - 1 A 1 ' ' W a a ' , as,afgifw7ffH.fs Vw - , :ii - : i 3,5s:'e3,rg-iff.r.frrj.v1,Mg,-41? - 4 -- Hat-,sm.1.s???5fQr I What would we do without Mrs. Sparks to help us find those books? Mrs. Blanche Sparks, high school librarian, has been a helpful guide to the students of Ardmore High School. Not only has she assisted in selections for book reports, themes, and projects, but also she has given instruction to English II and English III students in Library Science. This explanation has included the uses of special reference books, the card catalogue, the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, and the Dewey Decimal System. She also administered the Keystone Visual Survey Telebinocular to the entire student body. Mrs. Sparks conducts study periods in the library throughout the day. High School students are indeed fortunate in having a complete and well-maintained library in which books may be found on science, history. drama, poetry, literature, religion, philosophy, music, art, speech, psychology, and other related subjects. RGANIZATIONS N 1, gr 5 2 , A w 5 I Z 5 ' . i - 2 a , f 3 I ? ' gf 2 g 1 5 1 E 2 5' A I K: 13" f x ' Z' Q ' 5 I i' 3 7 q gg i i , - 2 i S . E 1 les... BELONG Qi! 3 ' , - - . ,W is , V gl 1? f 5 ' 1, v .I I mei 2. 2 ' w ' 4 2 3 5 P 3 3 1 - ' Q ? g i 4 r , E i 1-f QR L I 7 l"l .5 K t 1 THE PRIDE OF A. H. S. I X l V A.. .k. ' ' QW im, X Qs ,f f 'rt X I, E ers Mr. Albert Fitzgerrel Dale . B x YG! My n Director Drum onck Quee Major 4? qi 1 u Kay Pendergrass Iudy Davis Martha Jarrett Twirler Head Twirler Twirler V ' -'. jf! 5 A .1 m A , , k L . Y' i ,. Y K - E A 'il-uf 1 Ml . s s s si!!! ,, + fn - M fl., S1 M Thomas Risner Clinton Risner Bob Lantrip Floyd Davenport Robert Bob Captain Lieutenant Corporal Adair Ambrose V WiQ,.,u' as ig ,z kb iw? V -,Kg - ...S , kkrV-k ?,. gl! ,m i r ,.'V B f i Y 5 5 , n 51 B D l ,- ' -- f . - V ,W , . At ykr K -. si xg' I GR, K A ' Q if jx l l 'Q d X N geek ' -' "'-,' I v ' ,-f- l on ,.. ' ,,, r , . M45 - i rt s s. Lindell Sandra Don PGQQY Stanley Roger Ball Bennett Bruce Barnes Bartel Beard , D V .,t V A B to rif e rr' 'G' n p C - K 1 ff . 2 ,mfr , V V ,I I I Q C i A ,X ' , .X ff " 'F " H , f - .E , 5 b q O, ix. ,MEM ,M he -Nm. fr , . email as-X. Stl are -i s " mill David Bill John Peggy Iim Bill Bergman Brown Boryk Cast Chaffin Cheatham f B a n ,'t t ' B B r 'B y 'C trt B if re t . gtg ..t.a CI? A 4 1 ' Q-.Q ' D N this-Q.. 'li Q R. 9' M t K D512-s A M gag", sm 'I-sz i. Marolyn Charlie Iimmy Phyllis Bill Mike Craddock Davenport Downey Duncan Eason Ellis in r"'....-..g- ,4-P" 1, 9 X ..-s , ,..,v N, ' Jimmy Eva Lou Gary Ruth Bill Mickey Ralph Gabbard Green Herrman Hicks Hightower Kelly Knight w ,L Donna Iim George Davis Ierry Royal Mary Sanford George Ann Connely Lamb Lewis Corporal Corporal Librarian Librarian d , ' J nn' ' .L r J I n S, W ' X 'r A w ' Q' J!! it 1 . C5 by I -v s l n X0 ,, f.i.:.- 'J N LL. K ss ,e OS -Q. -'-:-- r --A ti ego. fe x- OS-s LA! Q, Sandra Tommy Sandra Thalbert Patsy Joseph Michael Miller McCuen McGinness Odom Pat He. , L oeaa L s . . W M-4 3 LZ V L' X 'Q 1 i if L. X L 5 " 1 tb N ' ' -N .. tx' Mx I wh, 'O K K' ' 1. an X' .M hx L Att .LL xA- is L N L fe 9 -ell Alan Shirley Ierry lim Donald Larry Primrose Reed Rippee Rueb Rutledge Smith . ' 3 lL ,L Q L "Rv 4. h V t 5 K ln 5 . - .t ' 0 A, . 'b 'Sr -. P, . .QT .N '-'rr xl' L! AL: 4- LL M Iohn Paula Jerry Bill Donna Paul Bob Sperry Thomison Wallace White White Williams LL .L L RW f 'Y' In ,,, ' A L L ' ' 'L ' 4- . W, .L,v ,X t hx Q N ' S X .S ' ' In W 2 - a s it ie ,L , L sr se:-M N, L 1 of-Q, At . -all of-Q. - L t Kay lohnnl' Mary Lou Ioe Linda Warren La Dale Williams Williamson Wilson Woolery Wright Vann Young MR. E. M. PANKRATZ Director VOCAL MUSIC Through the years Mr. E. M. Pankratz has introduced many students to the won- derful world of music. Students enter the Vocal Music Department with a vague pic- ture of music, but leave with a broad know- ledge and understanding of the field. He has dedicated his time and talents to the Vocal Department, and, as a result, the ensembles and glee clubs have been well represented at district and state con- tests. Through the instruction and devotion of the director, these groups have repeated- ly won superior and excellent ratings. "Anyone can sing" is Mr. Pankratz's motto. The bases of proper singing, mouth and lip position, and breathing have been stressed. Mr. Pankratz's major objective in teach- ing music is to give the students at least a rudimentary knowledge of the art to the extent that their appreciation of something beyond rock-and-roll will be enhanced. MARY ANN THACKER SHARON COLCLASURE LINDA WHITEHURST MARY HIBBARD U xi U gif GIRLS' SEXTET X! H EI GIRLS' TRIO 2. it I MIXED QUAR 'HIT sf .. ,: ,55k: S 'w S, . 4. I ? V Q K' Y 2' 5 ' ' 25 ., ,. ,,., ..,.: . .,. ,.:, K 4 , I 35+ H., , Q I .fm vw- E- Jgvxiu? ' iw, ef N '-f5, - A " 5 ' ' , " I ' 2 1 . V , ff N 3: il ,"' f "f' i Q- f -.'..' I A E r ? 5 b.-.L'- f f Q lf fM v?l s l 1: 'fm Q g l 2 A . STUDENT COUNCIL When speakng of the 1957-58 AHS Student Council, who can say enough? Basketball mixers, plays, the polio drive, howdy cards, service cup, coronations, elections for queens, citizenship awards, and the maintenance of the Student Store are a few of the council's projects. Officers include Iudy Davis, president, Iudy Lewis, vice-president: Lorelea Ienkins, recording secretaryg Peggy Holder, corresponding secretary, Pat Berryhill, parliarnentarian, Karen Smith, treasurer: Cleo Ayers, historian: La Dale Young, sergeant-at-arms: and Leonard Leal, chaplain. IUDY DAVIS President STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Committee Chairmen: Clront row, left to rightj Eugenia Sullivan, Peggy Holder, Karen Smith. Iudy Lewis, and Fran Terry. Qback rowD Rob Luke, Iudy McGalliard, and Ierry Royal. W' M . ,r . , W dgllllllw 1 -.V . I --,, S 1' H: - ffm X E5 F 2 W ,XR .L i 3 1,,,, ,,:a,, , ,,i: kitv K R X 5:33 , fi. 5-fy Xb' '21 'hm V 322235 my V , S 3 by gi-SLA 22 gg EE Q5 ?- f A. pl if Mfg? HQ Yi 331 wif M MRS. FRAN IACOBSON , Sponsor -I 3' :.n.s TIGERETTE Members TIGERETTES Officers of TIGERETTES include Synnevu Iohnson, president: Icm Iucobson, vice-president: Susie Cox, secretary: cmd Violci Whitfield, treasurer. SYNNEVA IOHNSON President UDY MCGALLIARD Editor-in-Chief BILL LUMPKIN CRITERION STAFF To the Students of AHS. This is your story! A history of our school and the many events which highlighted the 1957-58 season. This book contains countless hours of work recorded for your memory, a reminder that to each student, school has its own special meaning. There were tears and laughter, a different mood for every day: but whatever it has meant to each of you, the experiences gained at AHS will never be forgotten. For the rest of their lives students will feel its influence in molding their future. So, from every Iournalism student who has given unceasingly of his time and efforts to the yearbook, to every one of you who has helped make this school what it is, this year's CRITERION is proudly, hopefully, and sincerely presented. MISS GAIL MCWILLIAMS Sponsor PEGGY HOLDER lssistant Editor Assistant Editor 'OM ED IAMES JAN IACOBSON MIKE KOZIEWICZ CHARLES HAYS Sports Editor Art Editor Staff Photographer Business Manager STAFF MEMBERS STAFF MEMBERS TIGER TOPICS STAFF For the first time in approximately ten years AHS has had a school paper run on a definite schedule. TIGER TOPICS was popular with the faculty and students alike. Meeting deadlines, composing original copy, gather- ing information, and editing the finished articles required a great deal of work from the Iournalism students pub- lishing the paper. The main objective of TIGER TOPICS was to gather and present as accurately as possible all facts of AHS life. IUDY LEWIS Editor-in-Chief v Q... LNDA HARRELL and VICKI GARNER STAFF MEMBERS Assistant Editors CRITERION ASSISTANTS PHOTOGRAPHERS SOPHOMORE and IUNIOR ASSISTANTS Dale Rorick Eddie Walner La Monte Ford David Wilkes X .Z 5 , ,..A , , -5 an-:Aw ww: iw Z -+M- '15 -ef Q vi-- R 1' 4 2 f A K ff- Q52 'T 51 X554 14 f 4 it -MEJM: A,-,W ,T -fmwiffg Jgiiiiiig' ,....y v 4 gg .HQ Q if 5 we 25 Q0 w E s S-Q N3 1 55 f 1 ' gl KL.' ix.. - Q M' gg, .ig , .. Y iw 'L 'P' N S .Y Q' Y? Q W F if S5 3, we 2 my X ig gee ,f A Q 255' A W E 5,3 ,V rv ,I ,A X 3- F. :SQ ww 1 . HL ei, ii Miss coNsUELo FERNANDEZ VIOLA WHITFIELD OH, IAN IACOBSOIX sponsor CLINTON RISNER was MARIDETH MILLER SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club has been very active through its meetings, parties, and traditional Spanish Din- ner. An activity of particular interest was the game of piiata, which was played at the Spanish Dinner. The object of the game was for an in- dividual, while blindfolded, to break open the figure of cz donkey full of prizes. Spanish Club officers were Viola Whitfield, presidentg Clinton Risner, vice-president: Marideth Miller, secretary-treasurer: and Ian Iacobson, reporter. 1 The game ot pinata was played are Coach Iacobson and Viola. I 5 t Officers: Peggy Holder, parliamentariang Iudy McGa11iard, vice- president: Marideth Miller, Betty Coombs, historian, Ian Iacobson, treasurer: Judy Davis, reporter: and Synneva Iohnson, secretary. LEAFLET STUDY CLUB MARIDETH MILLER MRS. MCMILLAN LAMBERT Presldent Under its theme for 1957-58, "Modern MRS' T' G' IOHNSON' American Authors: Realistic and Romantic", MISS MUNCY RECE' the Leaflet Study Club has proved a stimulus SPOHSOTS in the appreciation of modern literature. Members of this honorary organization are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and service. Attentive members at a monthly meeting. Members look on as lim Sanders adjusts an oscilloscope. MU ALPHA THETA Mu Alpha Theta is a National High School and Iunior College Mathema- tics Club. The Ardmore Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta was organized in the fall of 1957. Mrs. Nina Oliver Brurnfield is the sponsor of the club, and the officers are Rob Luke, president: Iudy Bennett, vicepresident: and Iudy McGalliard, sec- retary. Members of the Mu Alpha Theta Club were presented certificates of mem- bership in an installation assembly on Ianuary 29, 1958. Mu Alpha Theta meetings are held twice a monthly business meeting and one "formal program" meeting. Mr. Troutt presents Iudy Bennett with a certificate of mem- Testing the oscilloscope are Rob Luke. Iudy Bennett, Mrs bership in the installation assembly. Brumfield, and Iudy McGalliard. Wi A xi' I is-fe? x ima:-5:-ssbfv Q ,K S wi V lgjfli' me , II, K id L :.: ,.:i: 5 1 3, i Y r 1, , N f 5 2 ff 5 Q. wx , WE X .w 1 A N R2 f S if x -3 S X W NP .1 fsshf. gigs was X QP '1 SNK if K5 mf S 1: I ,1-.:. 7 , .I Le QI. if as ww' ' i i 5 3 fi 3 flax 'a xx ww' 'gg - wg s I gnu: ww ivggfiyy fe- 4 K. N ,W 22 K Q:-rain Q . W ' 1' .Vi -W ' X in 5 f 53? , :H ' . AMF M Q 5 ..., e g .,. P - " ' +, f fs ':'!' 5 "' '-':- k . Q, -::..45- 5.5 g it 'K "" f I g W if f , fi W , , ,E , ,Wi .. - K ff .Q ,Si i X qw sz. sexy X rss N X xixgxx v Qs 3 Q fi f 154, Q , g4::i"NX.25.'S.N . f. if aim, F -qw.-N f ki.-Q EEE! mix 5 SF: Q, Q Q . 9 X X X x Q mv X X 4 'NX ix . . if . MN Swwfi A Nha..-.... S x Q wwe New .!' ! 6. ARDMORE MR. IAMES SANDERS. Sponsor of Senior Hi-Y BILL LUMPKIN. President Senior Hi-Y HIE? CLUBS Senior Hi-Y Club Lancer Hi-Y Club MR. HAROLD SOLLARS, Sponsor of Lancer Hi-Y KEN JORDAN. President of Lancer Hi-Y xl PO RTS 3? gg, 5 R1 Q 33 k x x 2 E A 1,553 mmmV:'I 'H xg I I 32,3 - X . V 'Rf' 1 T V A . 'S . x m V ia 3 ?C 'vltxf-aim. v 55 .M . . .yg js.fJ9,?t. -5 we . I, ' ESQ L ,, fl' 411 ' .,J ri..-03" 4' KW? ,K J' ddghov f 4 J V if h' W, M-' X ,,,,....-- . .1 lj R fx: ' - A - - . mf . P .... -""1., if 4,4 . 21111533-4 , ' 4sn '??1lff 'fQ , iw: S Q,f 5 SN f , J ,-ff' nu- ls 5 . 1: 3, 'Q f ..-. wif: Q., ' , , -- .1145 Q-gf-rg-h - k ' . 1 W 1 in I X . .F x . . D ms . , WMI. C. E. Icxcobson Mr.BobW1xhx1 Heu COC1ChA+..X'l Mr. H ' an .. Qffy D p,-5535! Assjs fan: Odd ,. , .ff 'lin -4.-v---uw - -414 . ix' 5 usa? lJliYgf.Q1g:, ' 5 w -, ,N -vp .... Wv-' g. ' ' ' UL .V--Huy x,X, mf ug kffff-24:35, -lim ,, ,...,--,...-.--....-. ..,, snag- -, .. WM, Q KA , ,V I 'ju W' i:wbvr""""'- f ' "' ---. - I Q K ..:...l....,... Ji, If A .- ,. W., -.......,.......,, ,M N -W , k 'f A ' ' X .Q ' s . ,' . .fr ., . ..,, . W .9 , ' ' . Lf! 1 .. 1 b 5' I ' 'DQQY-I -W' 'P' " . "" V5 "' g f. ' I-.JT 'Zu 'Law , . 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M . i Q41 , H L f . ,, bf ' . ,L,,. h WM SL x .'vX" X if X'x2LKfSHfffI, .e45!w mm'-Q? -n.,1f"" ,V ' ,. J 1 f rr' I ds, 5 -f - , " we "..+.' ,Q ,,,-...V-pf T1 - ' ' . xl , ' .ff -' WWI. . . . . I .. -Q I 1, W 1, ' ' Y fx. ,V " ' 5 , ,,' , Q fi' Ji rj ' t if-f.f!X.f',W,l .v.K5igL,ii1-Ejffgjitxa Y Q - imlx ig.. .B in in. Q yy X.. ixfifi A 1 M .9 ,, y Rank Q M .A f . ,U-2 ,bg 5. xg, N X .Q K 6 z K. in Nw .. .. N, . X W 5,3 , . ,A , w ,ff 'f M' 1 In ff Q -K Q f - Q A V A X A gn -X J? X... A .. " 'MIA A A rv, . I4 f Z - ,rf " , 1 9 . fd W 3 1 2 5,1 . . K. ' M K . K' aff? 3 hx x 1 XA V ,f K f :V , . -- K M 4' . va - .. , ' wtf Q. kk y , 59.1 -, nb, a. JM f. pf ' f'-f4i""- xfg.-Q . 'Y .S .. pf if 1, .ff 1 , ,, , - 4 gp - . W " .K ' I W k - -. - .gx 'L 'gf - v. ., ,.,. , fs fnw V UU ' -A41 .. ' xi' .aff-.jf in A - . .rf Q? .ft ' Qiw!..,f?Y:K fi Q - 23'-f F 'Xl J :W I ,Q - 17- ., 4 if x r 'X f ft! . ' .L-' ' ,. - A Nu, Q 'r'K',' h-1, I4 as 1.2 M 44 - BEST SPORT ' i11xAxf1x'2'.: pamffskiair Mi JST IMPRC DV ISD if 5' N, f X i n X ivf, , ,J fr' fn, 5. M s.4F M 'VIE wr , E fi ' ea? 'J E L5 1 X f Bruce Binion Charles Wilson Phillip Couch Iames Clark H TEAM Eddie Elles Steve Cook Don Cunningham Robert Ward Rusty Thornton Ray Harris 1 " SM ' so Q4 ' Allen Ruminer Iim Boos Frei lim Gilliam Arleigh Wallis - -W . 5'- lf' 19. 75 7- K l 35 5 s5Eefi1f,Y1f':1Ef1.I, B , . B' if? ffiiilfiillfffif'-A 1' Q K s , A - 1 ?fgiQQ5fIf,gQf'.i'i.i : .. ' K k - B T56 . 535233552 " Vs aff ' -3' E f 5 .- Q f l N . rum-. Cocxch Harry Dodd Dcxle Ott Stanley Selvidge Toby Kell M l ll Gerry Bennett Carl Wessel Iohn Marion Ronnie Kyle lim Ross Ben Iohnson Iczck Icxcobson Ioe Davis Bill Croom A. W. Marr 14 'P' 1 es Hay zfwfz. , .0 . ' .. fx W N 1 . I - 55 'T E- A ' I .... ,,, I- -:I I- gg IZ. 1 I 1 W E 11: 'T' 3 I . ' 1 Ed Rimes B11 iD6mgr E biy W TIGERS The TIGER CAGERS are Qiront rowl Steve Love, Charles Lynch, Kenneth Barnes, Iohn Marion, and Iohn Mayes, Qsecond rowi Charles Hays, Ronnie Brown, Kenneth Anderson, Tom Ed Iames, and Coach Williams. Coach Bob Williams Coach Bob Williams now in his third year as head basketball coach has continued to produce this season a team that has shown outstanding qualities of sports- manship, desire, and co-operation. Not only is he recognized for his coaching abilities, but he is also admired and respected by all who know him. A great all-around athlete while at Southwestern State College, he has instilled in the minds of all he has coached the intense desire to Win that he himself has always pos- sessed. Ardmore High School is proud to have as its head basketball coach, Bob Williams. B - TEAM The Ardmore Hiqh "B" Team includes Cfront rowl Ioe Davis, Ben Davis, Iohn Mayes, lim Iohnston, and Stanley Selvidqe, fsc-cond rowl Coach Dodd, Iohn Marion, Kenneth Barnes, Bill Croom, Raymond Rodgers, and Ken Iordan, AHDMORE OPPOSING TEAMS 61 Durant 56 44 Gainesville 33 60 Pauls Valley 36 64 Gainesville 28 48 Ada 42 46 Ada 41 38 Lawton 36 33 Chickasha 32 40 Norman 57 57 El Reno 65 47 Duncan 69 46 Madill 54 47 Shawnee 55 49 Norman 55 48 El Reno 52 55 Chickasha 57 50 Duncan 75 Managers Lonnie Burton and Carl Wessol 37 Lqwtgn 57 keep the Tigers' equipment in top shape. 59 Shawnee 60 64 Durant 38 Regional Tournament MUST 1 PROVED x Q 33 3 , "X ' -'Q 1511? A 1. Ri si' B! A ,MQ .Q wr, K x f 'f,... 'ff 40 ,x C5 .Q-1,2 qw ,rw -, L, ,W who 1., Q52 I I 5 N 64 1? 0 . w,,,'f-""""".ww M TIGERS IN ACTION as I Dale Givens goes in for a shot with his blinders on. Ronnie, did you make that basket? Steve, how you've grown! Iohn, may I have this dance? Tom Ed, were you fouled? 0 1 'Nw ,K 'T 'Cf' 5. X .ig 555 53 N, I . . W mh R . . X blwy , I if ,N Ju ,. 1 bg is b 'ix WS N 'ev 1 M A Q M Y A gf- 1 N 6 5 gm A wk 51 I F ' ' f ' J' ,Qs 1. W mums Mohan! 400 -M, . f f.w ,.E--nf Kg" ' ,214 Q Jigga ,?,f:Y,li'Q!s mf P X?'xX I ij" 6,1 L1 Q Q Q is h 5 f y ff. ,ff .4 H M -AW ', , I- ' ,,,,.,..M X BASEBALL 81 GOLF Iuniors, Ronnie Brown and Tommy Hill Sophomores, lack Icxcobson and Iim Johnston Baseball returns to Ardmore High, under the direction of Harry Dodd, coczch. L., Y Q5 ff fnfftk Q AVORITES gg. T55 in . i' N. V t , .Q W , -iff M y,K25f"i 1- A Y ,Q ,, . Nwfrf-' X E F OR 72,1 XM . Q- A fag' fi K Q QV . -- me ai' 1' rw' Q K FQX ' Q lwyi . 4 A ag A L X -- 9 sy- nn'-f 'N . JN 2 ,- qf' R , . 4 if ,, . . . f,-kgflkft, M. WML, ,m we ,pk , If A . X , Qi- me mx, ' A rg, , . f, , f, ,.: ew , ' V0 " H 'X V 435+ ' Q ' . if '-K ' - - ww., . , gl, aQg.,.?:,, ,y+..,4?M1,g ,QF V3 4.45 ,a .I gy . J f A- L A . , S-f 3 -, ,B W., .,i L. bw , K YL ' gk-1 ,Wig Swfg I.. iw TQ . , mg, . at -sis W , V jg, if yps, VA .L , . , , 2 . I. luv l:,.4qAi ry Q,':,1 J, Qi K 4 xx .mr ,fa-mvlf 4 '1 - ,wwf ,:-nl A , ,1 ., A M N ,. 4 m ' 1' ' ' K- ., . K 4 if 1, M f ' 'V F N ' . x- 1 , .P K., ,, , . 4- , ,- " M V ..gL .""yw'! ' - - "f' ., "". f ,M ,Q ,Q 'MQ W 7 ,yft ,walk A. v - N -' ,!fw- ,, -1, '74, 'fh A V 5 1 N ' uw K sN'Psg. "f . . rf , y x - w M- f a":s.,MM " , , . X ,f ' . - X ,, Q - Z3 'inf' Lf JUNIOR SEN IQRQQW QL DONNA ELLIS - BILL DEMORY 1. '..'-'Z-K" FOOTBALL QUEEN -Q., K . ' K Mifm., . OOTBAL TENDANT ',....aI01 iff' BQPARA DIXON Q IUDY REED CORONATIO N ..... NOVEMBER 8, 1957 BAND QUEEN ATTENDANTS JUDY DAVIS LINDA HARRELL CORONATION .... MAY 10, 1957 if wwf. 4 A J! Q 15 5 . 'va mul' SBAND QUEEN PAT MYERS W A ifx BMW, f lyk.-, - z - K xf Zi K ASKE TB ALL THEART ENDANTS ALL SWEETHEART ATT Q 5 FRIEND LIEST by the senior class VIOLA WHITFIELD and BILL SMITH were chosen IUDY DAVIS and CHARLES HAYS were chosen BEST ALL- ROUND by the senior class FAVORITE PERSONALI TY by the senior class ANDA HAR and I ACK DRENN A were chosen IUDY MCGALLIARD and BILL LUMPKIN were chosen A, ,sq f4""" MOS T VALUABLE by the senior class juniors honored JANE GALLOWAY and BRUCE BINION MO ST PGPULAR juniors honored JUDY BENNETT and TOBY KELL MOST OUTSTANDING ilk sophomores honored N ANELLE WALL cmd JIM GOINS WITTIEST sophomores honored TERI JENKINS and JOHN MAYES MO ST PROMISING X JT ' 3 I :K ,TQ M .J , wow ' 4- W A Zfnfifxf , A -. ,--gwgm, so 1 v.,yQ,,.A4:i ,. ,K'i, X ' 'S 4 'zxv-'fp '21, fww t'-fhtfvy P.Qz1r' M-7 a1,.,x-1-fs .M ,aff f ' ww ' 1 S as 4' fl 'AW' 452 - A -:MN , 153 'QQW-"if " fn-fu ' .U 5,31-fx t31fw?ff ' " , 8P?EL .:fL,:x:fsY Three lovely candidates selected for the honor of Band Queen were Pat Myers, Linda Harrell, and Iudy Davis. Barbara Dixon, Vicki Garner, and Iudy Reed were the three senior girls nominated for Football Queen candidates by the 1957-58 football team. Popular Teri Jenkins, pretty Mary Martha Smith, and petite Iohan- na Wilson were the sophomore candidates for Basketball Sweet- heart. ONORS '- .Mi 1 7 Mkxsgfgf ll' ?5f:f.f l" i We 's YA 13 ...,.. .lL 73153 S16 hi! Sli ur fn 2 was 4 K' V J 2 . X A .i ,A g x I H 1 Q Q MN r X r gk jar 1 ff v. , 1 i E HO OR I A 1 J.. V , , r 4' ' ti ' . 1 Q 1 .Q- ' "Nh-.av V .-f NQWM.. Q,-."eY"'.f 3. S 4 A 1 N,.,......- 5 N. rv' VALEDIC TORIAN IUDY MCGALLIARD SALU TA TGRIAN TIO AL HO OR SOCIETY Iudy McGalliard, vice-president: Mrs. Marie R, Morse, sponsor: Rob Luke, president: Eugenia Sullivan, secre- tary: and Iessie VVatkins, treasurer, discuss initiation of new members. Newly elected senior mambers are Qtirst rowl Linda Harrell, Iessie Watkins, Dorcas Hill, Betty DeVil1iers, Qsecond rowj Clinton Risner, Tom Ed Iames, Bill Lumpkin, Iohn Hohenshelt, Bob Bryant, Cback rowb Iudy Lewis, Marideth Miller, Eugenia Sullivan, Betty Coombs, Synneva Iohn- son, and Iudy Davis. CNot pictured Mike Koziewicz.j Second year members include Lorelea Ienkins. Ian Iacobson, Rob Luke, Iudy McGalliard, Pat Berryhill. Peggy Holder, Leonard Leal, and Cleo Ayers. Iuniors elected to the society are Cfirst rowj Suzanne Harder, Ian Morgan, Ronnie Dotson, Qsecond rowj Iudy Bennett, Toby Kell, Margaret Beard, Cback rowl Charles Nance, Karen Smith, and Bill Cheatham. eft to rightD 1 Lumpkin 1 Sanders Larles Hays ott Henley m Ed Iames int Stamper 1 Lewis bert Anihony onard Leal ssell Carmack Xb Luke 1 Berryhill C Left to rightj Betty Carol Coombs Linda Harrell Marideth Miller ,.. ' ' 'vue' -.Iii Y U- 1 'S S GIRLS' STATE - BOYS' STATE 4 v Citizenship Awccrd Winners First Semester t CITIZENSHIP E I MARGARET BEARD CHARLES HAYS SYNNEVA JOHNSON TOM TURNBULL IACK DRENNAN TERI IENKINS if -E ,., 1.53, ?E 2 il ,, ,VA in. UN, gif 4? zE2i3y Q 5 .ig 'f 1 xii F S 5. fs S as-.A N ws. ,, 5 is fm A RQ Q . ,. - ii. ug Yi Y - -5' X F Q-1? f X Q X A 4 +Yx 1? 'zzv in g 'K fx X A am K HONOR SEPTEMBER Tom Ed James Bill Lumpkin NOVEMBER Leonard Leal Betty Coombs Ian Iacobson Pat Berryhill OCTOBER Charles Hays Iudy 1VIcGa11iard Rob Luke Iudy Davis STUDENTS FEBRUARY Bob Bryant Marideth Miller Cleo Ayers Mike Koziewicz I AN UARY Clint Stamper Peggy Holder Linda Harrell Iirn Sanders DECEMBER Jimmy Gabbard Iudy Lewis Synneva Iohnson Frank Anderton HON OR STUDENTS MARCH Lebert Anthony Eugenia Sullivan Steve Love Amanda Hardy MAY George Allen Leanne Graves Linda Lamb Bob Reid APRIL Barbara Dixon Iohn Hohenshelt Dickie Patton Betty DeVi1liers c'rlvl1'l ES Y 5 4. if S5 Q rs , U Zi-i s 565 L ,M X.,,:4.,?.5.,,,W. ,.., 1 , i E CHERI H 1 w. . V 3 0 .ii , 3 Q 1 , xl".'Ffv'frqY .' . Q ' vi 'ff Ffllf. ,2.,g:-5.5-V .A Q25 V 44.4. 3' - ,wr J ' an-,ffv' ,jf- ,',', ff.5.5y.4fxff., , 375, I 245 ' 4 Sam- , 9 kai , ffmndl ' in 5 5 1 4 2 f 4 -am. ' 7- Q + , 'W its , , J ,A M 0 ,- .:. ' ,, - V ' 4 .yi -X N.-.Q X, xf1-ff'5f"- 'i ' ff Q x ?W 'W 95-Q is: Q r :khan ,. Mu:,?f5?g,g-:Aa-Egg: ay, :AG g,ggm.,5,ff, ,qgqgkgmwxmfrk -- MO - Lk X K . . Q qv me 1 - ,W Q1 . Ss -1, div' Qllllllllk QW? The doors of the future are slowly opening as those of the past close behind us. The memories of our high school days will linger with us always. The Senior class of '58 was led by its capable of- ficers, Bill Lumpkin, president: Charles Hays, vice- president: and Judy Reed, secretary-treasurer, helped by the understanding guidance of Mrs. Sparger and Mrs. Sparks, our sponsors. Our Senior boys sparked the football and basket- ball teams with their athletic ability. Our enthusiastic cheerleaders, Iudy Reed, Amanda Hardy, and Mary lane Blair kept school spirit within AHS at a high pace. Lovely Vicki Garnerwas crowned football queen and popular Pat Myers served as the royalty for "the Pride of AHS." The girls' trio, Betty Coombs, Linda Lamb, and Iudy Ott entertained at many assemblies. We also provided a capable student body president, Judy Davis. As our Senior sign is lowered, the doors of the future are opened to AHS's Seniors of 1958. nlivwf' BILL LUMPKIN Cleftj, IUDY REED, AND CHARLES HAYS ill? UQ MRS. BLANCHE SPARKS MRS. IULIA K. SPARGER GINGER ADAMS lovely to look at GEORGE DAVID ALLEN carefree but capable BOB AMBROSE never misses a trick LEBERT ANTHONY perfectionist with a palnt brush KENNETH ANDERSON "I-'eet"...ln pursuit of fun and female FRANK ANDEBTON Napoleon was small too LINDELL BALL as dream MARY FRANCES BAKER seldom serious: rarely provoked dignified musician with BETTY ASTON an abundance of words is not necessary CLEO IANE AYERS doin' what comes naturally NORWOOD BAINBRIDGE easy does lt RICHARD BAWCOM big ln size and hear! NANCY E. BRUGMAN blushing is the color of vlrtue BETTY BUCKWALTER unrutfled by the business of the world MARTHA BURKE laughter, loyalty, love BOBBY BURRIS the quiet man STANLEY BEARD of anything SANDRA BENNETT above all. . .faith IOHN PAT BERRYHILI. the job is ln capable hands he oan talk his way out IETTA BRADFORD easy to know DORIS BRIGGS her ways are those of pleasantness BOBBY IOE BRYANT the satisfaction ot work well done LONNIE BURTON faith endureth LYNDA BYRD no time for worry RUSSELL CARMACK carefree jester sincerity and good times BILL CASHMAN CHARLES CLEMENT cx little and then LONNY D. CLEVBNGER GERALD ROSS COOK :hievous eyes and price- sense of humor bashful intellect TO!-IN CODES quietly conspicuous LARRY COX cz wink, cx smile TOMMY COX just for laughs BETTY CAROL COOMBS queen of hearts NOVELLA CREED cz perfect lady IUDY DAVIS versatility personified RONNIE DAY judge me not by my quiet ways IACKIE DRENNAN famed in football. fun. and friendship IANE DEWOODY a constant stream of surprises BILL DEMORY I'm not in the roll of common men BETTY IEAN DEVILLIERS knowledge comes but wisdom lingers BARBARA DIXON I UDY DOUGLAS flitting llirtcxtions that devilish twinkle in her eye CAROLYN FOWLER a Southern belle IIMMY GABBARD young man with G hom VICKI GARNER darling devil MARY GILL sweet sincerity IIM GOSS take not the world too seriously WILDA SHARON GENTRY tiny bundle oi spirit IAMIE GRAHAM AMANDA HARDY never underestimate the power of a woman LINDA HARRELL "Little Jumbo". . , spontaneous combustion let things take their own course courteous and composed LEEANNE GRAVES witticisms revealed CAROLE HALL BRUCE HARRIS looking on the sunny side STEWART HAYES Tom Sawyer ol the 2 CHARLES HAYS a friend. a leader LOUISE HARRIS sparkles in her eyes and on her hand Oth century "Chili Bowl". . .a sport, HAROLD HENDRICKS still water runs deep LINDA SUE HENDRICKS little lady.. .lovely voice EDITHA HENDRIX wheels forever turning BILL HIGHTOWER say it with music SCOTT HENLEY "Dennis the Menace". .. JERRY HICKEY a laugh at a moment's notice DORCAS HILL scholarly grace IOHNNIE HOHENSHELT he speaks with his eyes PEGGY HOLDER your confidence in her merits understanding DOROTHY HOLLEY gives many her ea! few her voice CARL HUNT quiet unless there's something to say MARY IACKSON women are entitled to lite. liberty, and the pursuit of men TOM ED IAMES the casual approach LORELEA IENKINS sophisticated poise IAN IACOBSON "Iake". . .ability. . .her key to success hands, heart, and mind ready to serve blessed are the pure in heart GUILDA JONES meet her, like her DONNA IOHNSON amiability above all LINDA ANN JOHNSON grace in every movement. charm in every pose NANCY JOHNSON perseverance gains the prize SYNNEVA IOHNSON CHARLES JONES MIKE KOZIEWICZ a heavier task cannot THOMAS KYLE easy come, easy go IO IEAN KEITH natural beauty be imposed as IOHNNY LAIRD is there need for excitement THOMAS LAKEY capacity for contentment LINDA LAMB good times are the best times HM LEWIS for argument'l lake IOHN LEE LIVELY to know him is to like him HETHA LIVELY little but lively WYLENE LANDRUM quiet but fun loving R. E. LANE reckless wit BOB LANTRIP Captain Courageous LEONARD LEAL his iaith leads him GUY T. LEDBETTER "Limpy". . .Tigers' guitar-pickin' quarterback IUDY LEWIS "Magee", . .the sunshine that chases the rain STEVE LOVE prince of personality he laughs and the world laughs with him president with a purpose BOB LUKE BILL LUMPKIN :tsxxw Wm MARY ELIZABETH McCLURE age of innocence DERRILL MCGUIRE "Beck"...he'll try anything once CAROLYN MAssEY "Little Bitty Pretty one" IUDY MCGALLIARD "Mac". . .she compliments her merit with modesty LEVI McGLOTHLIN bongo drums. skiis, laughter 1 ...these are his weapons SUE MERRILL she came. she saw. she conquered IOYCE MOINETTE sweet the smile, but sweeter the girl PAT MYERS a dimple is the exclamation point to a smile kindness is her password SANDRA MICHAEL her heart is hall her weight MARIDETH MILLER sugar 'n' spice.. . everything nice TOMMY MILLER pleasant countenance ANNA NELSON DICKIE PATTON popular dancin' partner JUDY OTT a flame to warm your heart IAYNE PAGE little lump of sugar SHARON PHOCTOR galaxy ot surprises 1 DON REED two can live as cheaply as one happlness SARA REED is made to be shared skill to do comes of doing a penny for your thoughts JUDY REED "Booger". . .a favorite in every way WAYNE PITTMAN PHILLIP PRICE common sense is not eo common quiet persons are welcome everywhere BOB REID ROBERT RENFRO MIKE RAMEY "Frog"...master in the art of living IOHN RICHUBER I'll get by CLINTON RISNER possessing the mark of fun THOMAS RISNER happiness was born C1 twin his eye on the future EUGENE RIOTTE little but mighty IERRY RIPPEE I BOYD ROBERTS men of few words are the best men WAYNE ROBERTS cr fun-loving gentleman SHERRIAN ROBINSON a smile with intent to do mischief DALE RORICK the leader of the band IERRY ROYALL nothing is impossible to a willing heart CHARLES SAMPLES "Spudnut". . .lessons are the least of my worries IIM SANDERS you can prove anything with figures MARY ELIZABETH SANFORD good without effort PATRICIA SLAUGHTER loquacious Icxssle RAY STROTHER the man that invented sleep EUGENIA SULLIVAN duchess of dxgnity with cx song BARBARA SWINDELL her friends best know her true worth JUDY TAYLOR intelligence concealed with modesty ain't misbehavin' CHARLES TEAGUE IAMES THOMAS good to the last laugh IUDY UMBERSON kindness is the sunshine in which virtue glows WARREN VANN silence is priceless DEAN WADDLE at the most unexpected times MARYLYN WALLACE a perfect combination of beauty and personality IESSIE WATKINS makes friends easily. keeps them forever WAYNE WATSON never a dull moment BOBBY WELLS his pride is in his football ANITA WEST actions speak louder than words VIOLA WHITFIELD "V1"...l1fe for me lS happy and carefree ROBERT WHITAKER man with a plan... to get out of school LINDA WHITEHURST right hand of fellowship BARBARA BURPO WILLIAMS home is where the heart is DON YANDELI. one laugh is worth cx whole dc1y's effort MRS. LOUISE AKEBS MRS. NINA OLIVER BRUMFIELD Entering the halls of AHS for the second year came the Iuniors of '58 under the leadership of president Dick Smith assist- ed by Page Thompson, vice-president, with the feminine touch added by Ellen Hughes as secretary-treasurer. Counsel- ing with and advising our class were Mrs. Louise Akers and Mrs. Nina Brum- field. The capable Iunior class contributed both intellectually and athletically. Ian Morgan and Toby Kell led the list of brains, while Clifford Davis and Iames "Red" Stallcup added a spark to our mighty Tigers. We Iuniors also boasted of twin cheer- leaders, Iean and Iane Galloway. In the field of golf were Ronnie Brown and Tom- my Hill. Susie Cox served as Tigerette secretary, while Pat Morrison and Iudy Bennett were corresponding secretary and historian of FTA respectively. Prominent Student Council members were Karen Smith, treasurer, and La Dale Young, sergeant-at-arms. George Ann Connely was band li- brarian. Iunior participation ran high in the Mu Alpha Theta with Iudy Bennett elected as vice-president. The icing on tne cake was our winning first place in the homecoming float con- test November 8. I NIUIQ CCIQQQS An l Aung, - FBT, .Gi K. . A 1 K , Y.-1 17 ELLEN HUGHES AND PAGE THOMPSON QstandingD DICK SMITH Qkneelingj at Robert Charolett Guy Glenda Sharon Kenneth Adair Anthony Bacon Bannister Barker Barnes Peggy Sandra Margaret Bill Judy David Barnes Barnett Beard Bechtel Bennett Bergman Ann Sara Bruce Carol Johnnie Mary Berryhill Bettes Binion Bledsoe Bowman Boyd Aline Bill Ronnie Iohn Wayne Pat Mary Briggs Brown Brown Burk Burkett Burnett Evelyn Na-ara Martha Lucy Ann Bill Diane CG1hOUI1 Campbell Carmack Carter Cheatham Chinn as SSX ff, A M X, H W si Q gf' -Q H in Qi, fi 2 SS N 9 . xx -an X A Xxx? 1 9 .E If 1' ' Delbe Gxllu fi. . ,A N S M f ,QQ NQ if f . r nw' I S ,. QQ fe QQ fx fx xx . s is 'xlxi Q N V- . David Toby ' Richard Melvin Ronnie E. Ronnie I. Keith Kell King Knight Kyle Kyle Doug IGS? Mary David Iarnes Burlene Virginia LaFounta1n Laird Landers Lanterman Lang Leonard Bruce Robert Joyce Carol Carol Mickey Loard Long Luke Lynch Lytle McCombs leffY lOhT1 NOTIIICI Cecelia Alva Marilyn MCIQCII Marion Martin Mason Mauldin May Glenda Michelle Ian Pat Elva Christine Miller Mitchell Morgan Morrison Mulkey Mullins Janie Myers Alfred Charles Ray Wanda George Nance Nance Nelson Norton Odom Patsy Odom 352 1, ' I .F Tommy Powell wg ..., Ianice Sandra Painter Nolan Kaye Bobby udy Davxd Presley Pntchett Rrddle Roach Roberson Linda Mary Robert Ellse Margaret Roberts Ross Ross Ross Rouse Rouse v :ya-wr , I. - 0,3 . -r Q gf! 9.4: ,Q Edelle Rowell Iim Shlrley 1 Donal Burel Rueb Russell Rutledge Rutledge Sadler Wayne Chris Philip Phil Ronnie David Sain Scoville Selvidge Shield Simpler Simpson Gayle Dick Io Gail Kay Karen Darrell Slinkard Smith Smith Smith Smith Smithers I ohn Paula James Gary Kenneth Jane Steve Sperry Stallcup Stoner Tackett Tarver Taylor Fran Ierry Helen Page I im Vetress Terry Thomison Thompson Thompson Thrower Troutt Jackie Glenda Tom Sampson Donald Kenneth Trotter Turnage Turnbull Underwood Vanbebber Vance Nora Beth Sandra Catharine Bill Eddie Don Veal Villines Walker Wallace Walner Wells Patricia Carl Pat Ramona Iorena Barbara Wells Wessell West West Wicker Wiggins David David Johnny Charles Mary Lou Vance Wilkes Williams Williamson Wilson Wilson Winningham Ioe Gerald Betsy LaDale Reva Woolery Wright Yell Young Young LaMonte Ford pal Z L fir QOWUWOYQK CWS? "Make room for the Sophomores!" Tons oftalent--athletic ability, school spirit, and various others all shone forth to make this our best year yet! In the scholastic field Iohn Mayes, an outstanding athlete, proved that "brains and brawn" can go hand in hand by being the sole recipient of straight "A's" in the entire student body at the end of the first six week's period. Our representatives in the field of "cheering on old Ardmore" were two very vivacious and versatile lasses named Teri Ienkins and Liz Leverett. Our part in the continuous buzz of Council activity has been very capably handled by our members Nancy Patillo, Iohanna Wilson, Donna Steele, Nancy Coffman, Mina Lu Churchill, Laura Lee Paynter, Arthur Iones, Steve Cook, Coleman Robinson, Ioe Davis, Iohn Mayes, Ralph Knight, and Stanley Bartel. What is a class without excellent officers and sponsors? Our class is in no position to answer as we had the very best! Paul White, president, Nanelle Wall, secretary- treasurer, and Brenda Buchanan, vice-president, with Mrs. Estaline Waters and Mr. Robert Goins, our sponsors, do- ing their utmost to make this year a rewarding and en- joyable one. Sports as well as scholastic activities are a basic part of high school. Among the football players during the past season were Iohn Mayes, Iack Jacobson, Don Cun- ningham, Gary Bennett, Robert Ward, Charles Lynch, and Dale Ott. Put all these together and what do you have? "We're the best, man we're great, Sophomore class of '58!" MQSREJEQIQIXEOYQZTERS BRENDA BUCHANAN, PAUL WHITE, AND NANELLE WALL it Charles Anderson Claude Anderson Joann Anderson Barbara Anthony Iudy Arrington Tommy Barnes Stanley Bartel Sandy Bartlett Carol Keith Bartsch Barbara Belch Gary Bennett Ronnie Bennett Io Pat Bergman Connie Blagg Arlie Paul Blount 1-'Y 5, I . , ,ZQWLQ wg :wr 4. -9 K , 2 -ef ti. , 4? s "' x Jimmy Boos Leon Bow Willie Bowlin Iohnny Bowman Lela Ann Boyles Patricia Bray Kenneth Brock Elizabeth Brown Iudy Brown Don Bruce Ioann Bryant Brenda Buchanan Carla Burnett Loeta Camp Ierry Carmon William Croom Sandra Kay Crosby Doug Cude Don Cunningham Alma Daniel Floyd Davenport Benjamin Davis Kathy Davis George Davis Howard Davis Ioe Davis Alice Dickerson Shirley Ann Dollar Josephine DuBiel Ernest Dye Peggy Cast Iimmy Chaffin Tom Childress Billy Choate Rebecca Chrisman Mina Lu Churchill Iean Clark Virgil Cline Nancy Coffman Sharon Colclasure Roger Conway Gary Cook Steve Cook Felix Copeland Donald Creecy 'R' Cb' 'G Sharon Eakin Bill Eason Warren Edson Eddie Elles Leonard Emmons Donna Everett Iames Gordon Ferris Harry Freeman Dale Gant Frank Gatewood Charles Gill Iim Gilliam Iim Goins Linda Goodson Mary Ann Gould I Eva Lou Green Elvin Gum Marsha Hale David Tom Hamilton Dana Harris Iohn David Harris Ray Harris Lorraine Harris Iim Harwell Iudy Heartsill Norma Helms Mary Hibbard Pat Hickman Carole Hickey Nancy Hisey Eugene King Ralph Knight Annette Koons Jeannie Kramer Jennie Kramer Donna Lamb Betty Lamer Ursula Lange Sue Lasley Benny Lanterman Gary Lavers Sandra Lemons Liz Leverett Billy Loughridge Wanda Love Lloyd Holland Rita Holt Gail Horn Mary Ann Hoskins Jack Jacobson Martha Jarrett Teri Jenkins Janice Johnson Jimmy Johnston Arthur Jones Karen Jones Warren Jones Kenneth Jordan Deeanna Keeton Mickey Kelly fa he Iune Luttrell Charles Lynch Sharon McCoy Montie McClatchey Ioyce McClenny Wilma McDaniel Carl McG1nness Ruth Ann Mccouum V Sandra McCuen " 3' . . 1 I1 ' A .- Thalbert McGinness H L K Nina Lou McGoodwin Linda McMullin Larry McWethy Iimmy Mahan Terry Manton as ,Wy lr 3:4 . I f , . V9 , ,C-' ,- K' 4 'f.w-hr V fr F. Ei' , fa ,,.. ' 4 Qi 53 1 3532 - . X, rugs V R X S". , sam M' i :Sins . 1 Iohn Mayes Ronnie Miller Sandra Miller Christopher Moore Ioan Moser Roselle Norris Wanda Norton Dale Ott Ioyce Orr Bill Owen Gayle Owens Douglas Parris Martha Iane Patiersor Nancy Pattillo Laura Lee Paynter ,Q X14 ' ,B ak. . fi: - fy' , ,U 6155 5 S -- ' -if qw, Q ff? A--5 Q M f x K . . ff'Lff' as -wr ' , '55 'xiii x l 'X 2 QE . fi an . Z 15251. ' -1 , - ,. .. ei' ,.,, 6 Q. fxmmii i xx' 'X P 'E I gr Q ' W- as iz 4 -'m?.1f Q w W ff: 7- -.Q 2 f,,.Jh fy Q. :bfi Q , 5541! ' fgvi' 5 x. www: I S in it ,E fifw 1' 132 'af Neff? ic: K 5 1 J, , X EQ W 12 5, ' 5' ff-9-lffi fff. A9357 l11fgf'ieg,'wez " Xfiffl K N V, 2 -if '-awk, . 7 75 E141 . 1211 534 2 J-Sify sim A Sf 'grgksf . K X A 4 'H 5 N,-. .5 ffl , K 31 1 ff F mq:,g4.h 5 -fax gg, no 4 4 ,- 4 M , " ' ww ' af 4 1 u wk ' , 1 n k k , ,il 'W gg 139234 -95' Mi .xg , x . A X -xiii -QQ, . I , X f . Q 'xx X W e f v . 1 L 4 , ., f f , gi "RAL A gm, Q sm: 11' ' 5 . 'sv Ei! 5 YQ '69, 4- p 4 ga 'P' '99 'Ex , , Q fn 4 4 3 R 5, Q. r 5 iii, Y, i Kay Williams Walter Williams Iohanna Wilson Paula Wisdom Linda Wright Q wsu' OFF G U A R D Sing. 1-DOY. Sing- Look out below! SONG OF ARDMORE A song of Ardmore and her love so true comes waiting o'er the air and thrills us through cmd through. While the bells of victory do ring, we'll answer back by rising to sing--Hail! Old Ardmore, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Our alma mater, thou art loyal, brave, and true. Her spirit guiding as we journey on: we'll always wear the red and white for Old Ardmore. You may talk about your colleges, fair Harvard and old Yale, and all the universities whose banners brave the gale, the azure flag of Cambridge, and old Oxford's noble blue that fly in far-off England, o'er hearts so brave and true. From the sunny shores of Frisco to the distant Portland, Maine. Away off to the Philippines and way back home again--No college, university, or school can ever show, so brave, so true, so great a crew as students that we know. CCHORUSD For we are jolly students of the Ardmore, Oklahoma, schools. Our colors are red and white, we wear the emblem of our alma mater true--rah-rah-rah. We're the kind that dare and do. Mr. Goins, why didn't the Sophomore float win? At least the Seniors tried. 5- 1 ,Mix Q 5 ,M-1 -rss ff ww? F ' PM ,W f Q' : : wf"iW R' 3 W-2' ,,,. egg VAL ,wg " ,, ,ff 'S ' Ss, You e Y 1 , r ff' ff f A J, K 1 is .1 f-L. ij I' 11 , ,-15 : Q L+ fi C' WK Rx E ' . fi?i:f4,.fg2 'x,,,A-LX iam A ff, pw? ,R K, K . Fifi 'T' 'si 1, . X y 1 ,N . 1 359 , ,W .Mfg . ,,,,g,, ww WS. X.. T 5 1 'if' x Q26 'v wif QQ: K Y , V . ? f it ' Y Q, R wg 4 25 as iq! it iw. ,K W1 3: X ., K IH gXVg'5',,?VQ ,V ,fp fi . Q pkywfsgggig QHZHU W" my 1 i fs 'Q - .f A I I W J -has f l , ,, ,., g. ,,.... . HW,-,,, f """"""""f ww' B, M. my W QW k g W my 2 ?3 sifi3 Q' 1 ff- " K -A Q af W , , ,M 1 :M - Hwnwaffrfvwnwsi-,wwfwi ..--...W x : Mm wwfmwf 4+ Y M Mmm!" ' - M "1 " aunt.: -1 Qhwaswwfflmf wr 5 fs 411' H , ,.. ,...f., 5, . X 3 1 3 W 2 I . -r f ...,.. ? ,, , 56 If K 40 K I' i ? . Ax WM 1? ,fy pw" , . 1 ' A 5 Lg Kr , ,f . mmf' ' . fH""'..f 'Q A f-"fe "'-., ,ag - , .Q-Wigs? X Y ix x if im- W' L, .sfw. ?L.f'5 1 ' ' - A W i Am? :W 'A 5L':,Tlgq We x'Qge1-wfe-Q--w ,, ,W,,, .,,,. mf, f . ff , , ,nf w ' ' ' X kc ,rf If x ek . -,, X ' k - fi v Kg' L. . Y 1 a . l x ' -V 1xQ:x::11y,.A,x.. V NW x. - -.k,533.,--5 x 2 , , N 'ag' , Sf 9 4 WI - 1. e leaders xbute to Iecmne Eagles--No, they "I'm afraid to go to sleep now that Stan1ey's That's a mighty big valentine. awake". fell, what do you know, Leeanne's interested in Jmething. -5-1 Professor Davis prepares to dissect "Frog". Way to go, Seniors! Gangfight? Nope, a pep rally Is that any way to cxct?? "Darn Kids!" Yes, Iuniors, the prom is worth all that work. "Why should I? I don't like cheese! 'So this is ct typewriter: what do I do now?" The lineup. Mr. Fitzgerre1's kitty friend isn't impressed Should Icrn yell "Timber" or "Tiger"? with the "Pride of AHS". it 'gli filth 'O 'S 58 Drivers of the Month go for a spin. Here today, gone tomorrow. 60 Athletes' Feet. Zip! LEST WE FORGET MOST TYPICAL MOST LOYAL Sue Merrill Tommy Cox Dorcas Hill Bill Hightower BEST ATHLETES CONTRIBUTED MOST Sherrlan Robinson Charles Hays Judy Davis Hob Luke CUTEST MOST OUTSTANDING Judy Taylor Steve Love Judy McGaIliard Bill Lumpkin HAPPIEST PRETTIEST EYES Vlola Whitfield James Thomas Ginger Adams Jerry Hickey BEST DRESSED MOST UNDERSTANDING Sandra Smith Pat Berryhill Mary Baker Lonnie Burton NEATEST MOST SERIOUS Betty Coombs Wayne Roberts Mary Gill Charles Iones BEST DANCERS MOST INDUSTRIOUS Vicki Garner Dickie Patton Nancy Johnson Jerry Rippee MOST MISCHIEVOUS MOST SKILLFUL Martha Burke Derril McGuire Io Jean Keith lim Lewis BEST I. Q.'S DAINTIEST Peggy Holder Jim Sanders Doris Briggs SHYEST MOST AGREEABLE Dorothy Holley Bobby Bryant Dong Iohngon Wayne Wqggon QUIETEST MOST CONGENIAL Betty Aston Eugene mom Judy Umberson Bob Ambrose MOST OUTSPOKEN MOST CONSIDERATE lane D9W00dY DOH Yandell Carolyn Fowler Jerry Royal PEPPIEST MOST CAPABLE Am'-'mdd HGTCIY I-GUY CO! Barbara Swindell Lindell Ball WITTIEST LARGEST FEET Leeanne Graves George Allen Ke,-mem Andgygcn MOST TALKATIVE HAPPY.GO.LUCKY Pot Slaughter Hayes Smith Mm-y Mccluyg pred Nglqn BIGGEST FLIRTS MOST SINCERE IUCIY Dousldl Mike Koliewicl Sandra Michael Wayne Pittman MOST DEPENDABLE MOST LIKABLE Synneva Johnson Tom Ed James Indy Ogg MOST ARTISTIC MOST VIVACIOUS Ian lGCObl0n 1-Gb91'! Anthony Linda Harrell Charles Clement BEST SINGERS CLASS DOUBLE Eugenia Sullivan Stanley Beard Clinton and Thomas Risner CUTEST COUPLE BIGGEST WOLF Judy Reed Bill Demory Guy T. Ledbetter MOST PERFECT COUPLE SLEEPIEST EYES Linda Lamb Bill Smith Mary Sanford Dean Waddle SWEETEST, SWELLEST MOST ZIP Judy Lewis Mike Ramey Betty DeViIliers Thomas Kyle CUTEST DIMPLES NEATEST HAIR Pat Myers Leonard Leal Betty Buckwalter Kenny Smith PENNY PINCHER SHYEST SMILE Levi McGlothlin Anita West Johnny Laird BIGGEST EATERS MOST GRACIOUS Juanita Sloan Johnnie Hohenshelt Marideth Miller BEST FIGURE, BEST BUILD EASY GOING Jessie Watkins Bobby Wells Guilda Jones Scott Henley MOST ANXIOUS TO GRADUATE MOST DETERMINED Raymond Strother Jim Tom Goss Wilda Gentry Don Slinkard TINIEST, BIGGEST MOST SUBDUED Carolyn Massey Richard Bawcom Sharon Proctor Norwood Bainbridge CURLIEST HAIR PRETTIEST HAIR Retha Lively Stewart Hayes Marylyn Wallace Russell Carmack PRETTIEST SMILES BEST INSTRUMENTALIST Cleo Ayers Robert Whitaker Iimmy Gabbard MOST POLITE TIRELESS WORKERS Anna Nelson Bob Reid Nancy Brugman Clint Stomper BEST ACTRESS. ACTOR EASY TO KNOW Lynda Byrd Frank Anderton Jetta Bradford Bill Smallwood MOST RESPECTED BLUSH INDEED! Sandra Bennett Jackie Drennan Wylene Landrum Bill Cashman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DIGNIFIED Lorelea Jenkins Harold Hendricks Ioyce Moinette Warren Vann MOST TALENTED QUICK TO SPEAK Linda Johnson Dale Rorick Linda Whitehurst Gerald Cook MOST SPIRITED MOST EFFORT Barbara Dixon Bob Lantrip Tommy Miller Johnny Lively FAVORITE SLANG EXPRESSION "Wary 'bout it!" FAVORITE PARKING PLACE Lake Murray FAVORITE PICNIC PLACE Cisco Island. Lake Murray FAVORITE HANGOUTS Rick's Roost and Superdog FAVORITE SONG "In the Still ot the Night" FAVORITE MOVIE "Peyton Place" FAVORITE PASTIME Draggin' Main I SENIORS '58. . . .. .Now as you close your Criterion, You know that in your life You've closed another year. But the things you'11 always remember Are the ones recorded here. -Q- 3 My work as Tiger Spirit Has no end, but my job As yearbook guide is done. So, as I pause to catch some sleep I say "Good-bye" to everyone.. . ,Jw- .'f' -. 41-QA. 1 4 4 ,,- a i 1 JI ,, 1: . . :- n -u ' T-1 , ' , 'A .gi a' 1,1152 ' :' x 3-M. . iv. V ,V , ., ,, , . V f r 1 ,-.y 'li M , . ,,-5. , ,gr W 11.534 I '- : PF' "' . 'fl . .vr K.. A ,,, N -"Vin: . ' .X- .4 ef, I .1 ,E G A , .L 4 f' s .' ' f,-.K , r , V Q fo 5' :aa r' 2 , rw' Q S 2 K L S9 Q 75 vi ' X cup Q v. Q -,, V n' A .. ' N S4-,ao we 17 as 4, on 4 Db ,P . -1, Q vfokb ,yo 4 A 4 4 , 3 76 M IX 6' 9 - y A fr '41 ck K IL I Kors' 11,49 diss 'vivxgx P' Ri V6 ,Q X sf-,V I xi QW 0 , 4 f 4 ' ,W 14-A QVAS Q0 .S X i Je in Agx 1,J' Sen! Oh Strvicg ' XA C 15' YN Y S F' Q X 9 , 4 X A 1 f ' J Ns L ff' ,'!'3cx'J , 8 ' T ?r-oih 2 X V0.9 5' f , 1, ,L 5 lg 4, 4 A rG?""k' ' ,P x V- 'Y X0 9' 9-' 4 X K M 7 26 7- 1" A NX 'V Kc K X X af' S' f xox or "" 'ii mu- QQ .f 'U + w of Q4 ' '7'r,-5 - ,- -if--1--1,35--eLzm f - ""'-' -- ..-W ., -lg., .. I

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Ardmore High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Ardmore, OK) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Ardmore High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Ardmore, OK) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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