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-I' -vw' a M. -. 4,.',1q.,g rf' ',1u,f' 4 1c7?l'.4f K U 23,12 Q 1 9 "' Mjlllif. ,..M, 3 Eau?-S iii 114 I.Jsl437- L--f ,g X ,, . ,.., .Ni-T .W .Jw af' "Mi W,-, , ,X.,..x:? 'Y ,,,,., ,:. . ..,., I' 1 1-551 , Nl L f A 2' W? F1 ., i ' -I -- Hb K:-'Q' ' A -v Q- K, I Y 41' , . W ,, . - k , as J fgs ' 4 tb ,p w-v. , I .. ' A . - 3 P Jjfd, r . Md: . . ' W' F x W av' N - . ' JK +V - Jr Q- 5 -iff: 'H-4: ...W 'W Gig? Q Jr"jL.,'?a, . 354' wr 51' .5 4 I 4 GQ , 4' Im, a"a' . X. -R-,. , -gr. 'o 1 N wi 's Q ' X K r-'F -, , ! 3 W, 'f gg . , 55 4-25.5. if A 1 - s-'59-3" 1-Q. Q- N ff , , A f 1 1" 1 - 3' ga -'r 'RK' af 72" ., vb' .Ml-" L. 1 L, .. , , ff' NZ'-ffe -fS'Sfx,s xf - fhqfafml-x 'Q .ARL Ardmore High School Ardmore, Oklahoma 1956-1957 50th Anniversary Issue of the ri erion Melinda McCIcmuhan Editor S 2 kv' -sq Proudly we glve you this book conceived written edlted and dedicated In the splrlt of even higher achlevements and Ideals for the future I O . . . . I Y 7 , . . . Contents Administration ........ "They Guide Us" Departments ................. "The Educational Side" Classes ......................... "We Will Remember" Organizations ............... "To These We Belong" Sports ...................... "The Sports Story" Personalities .......... "These We Favor" Activities ...................... "Very Speciai Ti mes" Autographs .................. "For Graphomaniansn 9 23 49 89 109 I29 155 172 V 1 -.... They Guide Us George D. Ha nn - "'l'f?wx Wa fi.-,iigiflf 35457 X Q uperintendent Ardmore City Schools Backed by years of experience plus a first-hand contact with present day educa- tional procedures, Mr. George D. Hann, Superintendent of Ardmore City Schools, has continued in his efforts to provide us with the best educational advantages possible. Self-confidence is his secret weapon. His casual philosophy in .the classroom instills higher ideals in every student. His relentless urging reminds us ot our duties in lite, and inspires all of us to greater ambitions. Mrs. Frances Essary Secretary to Superintendent 444 Mrs. Wihifred D. Brown Attendance Supervisor Ardmore Board of Education si, X Versatility certainly marks every member of the Ardmore Board of Education. In their varied professions, they bdng a vnde knowdedge and a skilled efficiency to place the Ardmore Chy Schools on a level surpassed by none i' i' ir E. L. "Mike" Massad, realtor and lease broken contdbutes hh vdde ath- letic knowledge for the direct benefit of every chdd in schook Paul Sperry, vice-president of the board, has served ehven years As owner and operator of a city food market, Mr. Sperry offers sound advice on discrhninate p u rc h a si n g for the schooL For ten years Dr. J. Hoyle Carlock, has been one of the factors that has inode our Board effkienf VVHh hh medkal background,the Board makes wdse dechions concerning the heahh of aH students Preddent of the ldobk Foundanon which his father founded, Samuel R. Noble, has been with the Board four years and advises on technical as well as Hnandalinahem. 'k ir 'k Guy Givens, salesman for a city wholesale company, has worked with the Board for sixteen years and is now in hh second tenn as preddent '43 7 l N . . ,MA A J.,v4'f M. ,tu .-.....,, fi? 'EQ CIS" 'ff ff' 01 V ff NDA , lil 11,111 HH ..- James W. Bruce Administrative Assistant In his capacity as Administrative Assis- tant, Mr. James Bruce sees that all school policies are observed. As clerk of the Board of Education, he is respon- sible for all monies expended through- out the school system. Under his super- vision, the Junior-Senior High School Cafeteria provides attractive and appe- tizing meals as well as serving as a center for extra-curricular recreation. Mr. Bruce, who is also purchasing agent for the schools, ingeniously makes the dollar purchase twice its value. In all these capacities he serves the Ardmore High School system faithfully and well. C. A. Baker City School Engineer iii' Mrs. Elizabeth Minzes Secretary to Mr. Bruce Audio-Visual Education A vital part of Ardmore High School is the audio-visual department. Mrs. Irene McGoodwin, audio-visual co-ordinator, ad- vises teachers in the selection of materials such as books, films and filmstrips for classroom use. She trains students to operate the equipment for the teachers, for civic clubs and other organizations out- side of the school. ln doing this, Mrs. McGoodwin performs a great service for the classroom teacher and above all, for the individual student. Operating the tape recorder are Jerry Robinson, Pat Slaughter and C h a r l e s Teague. Learning the technicalities of film projection are John Bowman, Bruce Loard. Gary Stoner and Katy Leach. Thomas Vw'hit- more, Judy Taylor and Bob Reid check the film strip equipment. Mrs. Irene McGoodwin ip Y .si 4. I 3 I ' l XX i Q ski ill, K me Murl H. Price Ardmore High School Principal ln our midst stands a great man. With a friendly smile he points to a brighter future for all of us. As we listen to his words encouraging us to even greater achievements, we realize the truth of his speaking. We are grate- ful for this unerring guidance. His understanding and tolerance to- ward each individual make for an ideal student-principal relationship. A symbol of the highest fundamentals of living, our principal, Mr. Murl H. Price, will ever remain a valued in- fluence in our lives. Hi h School Secretary The enduring patience of Mrs. Robert Goins, our school secretary, contributes much to the high morale of all students. Her insight of student problems is amaz- ing. She skillfully handles the tedious and tremendous task of keeping all school records. But, with all her responsi- bilities, she remains calm, efficient and ever-helpful. Morning Office Assistants Mrs. Robert Goins Afternoon Office Assistants Julia Johnson, Linda Lamb and Barbara Short Marilyn Berryhill, Judy Ott and Karen Scovill -.-.wr DSM, 1,1 X .-WW Billy Guy Givens Senior Members Student As Student Body President, Bill Giv- ens has faithfully upheld the responsi- bilities of his executive office. In grasp- ing every available opportunity for school advancement, he has had the earnest support of the entire student body. Striving for higher goals, he has promoted Christian ideals in Ardmore High School. Standing are Ethel Stallcup, Mary Lou Means, Mickey Jvhivr Membefs Andrade, David Horn and Phillip Brown. Seated are Judy Davis, Bill Smith, Peggy Holder, David Ryker Janie Davis, Julia Lang, Sheila Brown and Jan Goins. Pat Berryhill, Bobby Bryon, Carolyn Massey, Cleo Ayers Other members are Kent Williams, John Pearson and Rob Luke, Bill Lumpkin. Tom Ed James, Leonard Leal Lowell Thomas. Betty Coombs and Judy Lewis. 1 mx' .1 fs... C,-M , Yv- XJ f .,.' O C o u n c I I Mr. Robert E. Goins Sponsor Mrs. Mary E. Busch Sponsor 'R Judy McGalliard Secretary Paula Allen Vice-President Sophomore Members Fran Terry, LaDale Young, Diane Chinn, Charles Wil: Other Off'-:ers son, Glen Walker, Katie Smith, Ronnie Brown, Julia Barbara Dixon, Treasurer: Jerry Royal, Sergeant-av Johnson, Bill Wallace, Judy Bennett, Johnny Carlock, Arms, George Collier, Parliamentarian, Nancy White, Vetress Troutt, Don Wells, Bill Bechtel and Carolyn Corresponding Secretary, Charles Tate, Chaplain, and Jones. Karen Scovill, Historian. "" iii Q. xv! F Q Miss Mu ncy Rece American History University of Chicago-B.S., M.A. ,rig E Mrs. Julia K. Sparger Teaching Chairman Assembly Committee Both educational and delightful, the assemblies are a true example of the wit and ability of our American history teacher, Miss Muncy Rece. Keeping step with this year's idea of higher achieve- ment, Miss Rece endorses only the pro- grams that provide top student ap- peal. English Mrs. Lillian G. Schenk Oklahoma University--A.B., M.A. University of Missouri Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa Mortarboard Phi Alpha Theta Pi Lambda Theta Mrs. Lillian Schenk, young in heart and youthful in appearance, has been through the years an embodiment of the highest of ideals which she daily imparted merely by her presence. Although retired, her charming personality, wisdom and vital- ity will always remain in the halls of Ardmore High School. yy espn .I Ks' X. f -007 K. Albert H. Fitzgerrel Instrumental Music University of Michigan-M.M. Kappa Kappa Si .4 Staff Mrs. Marie R. Morse Journalism, Humanities Southwestern, Okla.-B.S. Phi Beta Sigma Pi Gamma Mu AAA Bob Williams Athletics, Commerce Southwestern, Okla.-B.S. AAA Maurice M. Altom Industrial Arts Southeastern, Okla.-B.S, Oklahoma A 8. M-M.S. Iota Lambda Sigma AAA Mrs. Estaline Waters English, Mathematics East Central, Okla.-B.A. Pi Kappa Delta AAA Miss Consuelo Fernandez Spanish, Commerce 0.C.W.-B.S. A A A Eugene A. Todd Driver's Education Southeastern, Olcla.-B.A. University of Oklahoma-M.A. AAA Elbert M. Pankratz Vocal Music, History Bethel College-B.A. University of Wichita-M.M. AAA Mrs. Louise Akers Commerce Central State, Olcla.-B.S. Delta Pi Epsilon 4' at. ,rw va Y' ' , Q: 'am f , rl 'I 1-.-rf A f 1 1 . ,gc ,C ss. s t N X :aff tw-I .rgaif 3 'R . If ..Qlf!'fr :fins ar Mrs. Blanche Sparks Librarian Southeastern, Okla.-A.B., M.T. X 'vm Mrs. Mary E. Busch 47 3 . J Home Economics Southeastern, Okla.-B.S. Robert E. Goins Biology Southeastern, Okla.-A.B., B.S. Oklahoma University-M. Ed. O Teach I n Unending patience and consta nt striving for the best are ideals Mrs. Blanche Sparks practices and demands daily as librarian and study hall super- visor. Mrs. Sparks, an English major plus a library expert, is able to help every student as she serves the entire student body. Mrs. Nina Oliver Brumfleld Mathematics Central State, Okla.-8.5. University of Wyoming-M.A. Psi Chi Kappa Delta Pi Mrs. Nina Brumtield stands high on the ladder of success. Dedicated to her pro fession and to high standards, Mrs Brum field is now serving her second year as President of the Oklahoma Classroom Teachers Association, QM Staff Mrs. Shirley Clement English, Speech Oklahoma A L M-B.A. Pi Kappa Delta AAA Delton T. Goodin Physical Science, Mathematics Southeastern, Okla.-B.S., M. Ed. A A A Harry Dodd General Metals, Athletics Southeastern, Okla.-B.S. AAA Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence English O.C.W.-B.S. AAA Miss Teresa M. Henderson Guidance, latin O.C.W.-B.S. University of Oklahoma-M.S. Psi Chi Sigma Alpha Iota Eta Sigma Phi A A A Mrs. Myna Johnson Art K Southeastern, Okla.-B.A. A A A Mrs. Frances Jacobson Girls' Physical Ed., Mathematics Central State, Okla.-B.S. A A A C. E. "Tip" Jacobson Athletics Central State, Okla.-B.S. Oklahoma A 5 M-M.S. f '15-1 'W . 'Q' w 22 The Educational Side Mathematics Stimulating our mental abilities as well as our interest are the various mathematical courses offered in our high school. Angles, polygons and circles dance in our heads as Mrs. Nina Brum- field, Mr. D. T. Goodin, and Mrs. Estaline Waters familiarize us with the principles of Plane Geom- etry. Mrs. Brumfield also teaches Solid Geometry, Trigonometry and Algebra, which are the more advanced mathematical courses. For those with a commercial future in mind Business Mathematics is taught by Mrs. Francis Jacobson. An open house for the parents each s'pring brings exclamations of wonder at the mosaic- like windows and electrically lighted chandeliers constructed from brilliantly colored cellophane and cardboard. With a great splurge of energy and hard work, students transform room 201 from an ordinary classroom into a delightful display showing the unique application of the principles of lines, angles and forms. The mathematics fair, in its eleventh consecutive year, has gained national recognition for its extraordinary con- structions and designs. The entire student body and community take deep pride in Mrs. Nina Brumfield's unusual ex- hibition of geometrical creations. Charles seems to be holding every one's attention except Mrs. Waters'. 'kit Really, Mr. Goodin, Lynn and Glen- da's problem can't be that amusing. 'k i' i' 1 Can it be that Derril is so engrossed in his math that he failed to hear Guy T.'s latest remark? X ffl NNI , Biology students agree that the model heart Mr. Goins is discussing looks a great deal more complex than the Val- entine type. 'k 'A' 'k Donna and Robert have found some- thing amusing inside their fish. 'kit One member of the class seems to have come upon a problem in his dissecting process. 1 e,...,....Q...,,..... c , Biological cience The world around us is infinitely more fascinating than we have ever guessed, The miracle of a raindrop and the beautiful sym' metry of a butterfly's wings are displayed before our wondering eyes in the study of Biology. We become better acquainted with the study of nature by making collections of insects and wild flowers. We are aided in learning about the in- tricate parts of the human body by plaster- of-paris models and lifesize diagrams and drawings. Each day brings new discoveries and inter- ests to the classroom. Lively discussions and debates on every imaginable phase ot life can be found in Biology class. Mr. Robert Goins helps us in discovering these wonders of nature. Ph sical Science Initiation into laboratory work begins the day we strike a match to a Bunsen Burner. From basic formulae to the atomic theory, we investigate the realms of Chemistry. Mr. Goodin also has 35 boys in a physics class. Study of man's first invention of the wheel to present day theories of flying saucers is fascinating and up-to-date. As spring rolls around, we complete our exhibitions and enter the annual science fair-the big event of the year. . ' , -mv v vmaasqsdbil ,. . . . . .Alia sz I +8 ' V 9 "Wg- ri, 'T N Mm ,' . ev- Y- - - -. qv ' y -me . 48, 'Qi'---..- Li... .ng ,- in ,j H Y After hearing Jim's explanation of the elements chart, Ronnie, Carol and Chiquita agree that he might make a good Chemistry professor. 'I' i' 'k ls the chart really funny or is Mr. Goodin laughing at his own iokes again? it uk Willing hands reach for the crank as the Physics students "eat" their way through another experiment. H'st We are always kept well-informed on past and current events and find that in American History there isn't a dull moment. Man's achievements through the ages are exactly what we learn in Mr. Pankratz's world history class. The study begins with the dawn of civilization and continues through modern society. The leading history scholars have their names in- scribed on the D.A.R. plaque in the hall. Last year's winners of this award were Mary Lou Means and David Horn, pictured at the left. U 1, Q 1'., Eff?-rem .3 g 'Qtr 7 Can this be a map of railroads in the U. S. Jan is pointing to? Yes, in 1850 not 1957. 'kit What historical event in the film is holding the attention of the class so closely? Retha, put up your shorthand! ttf This part of World History is rather amusing to Mr. Pankratz, or perhaps it has something to do with the snow- man on the board. Librar For knowledge alone students do not attend study halls in Ardmore High School. For personal help with subiect matter, for individual tutoring in ex- tremely difficult subjects, and for personal guidance in the use of library materials-these are the privi- leges for every student every hour. Mrs. Blanche Sparks is not alone in this study- supervision program as each teacher has one hour each day for supervised study, therefore the know- ledge of twenty-two instructors is available. E 3 Bob checks with Mrs. Sparks to be sure there is no "over-due" charge. iii' Mary Lynn, George and James put our card catalogue and pamphlet file to use. 'kt-k Mrs. Sparks stamps the date due for David, while Lou and Richard wait in line to check out books. 'kiri' -+A-2 H' s.-ft The library affords Patti, James and Kent with a good opportunity to catch up with their studies. .nl ifulff, Vx, V .Q T'J0ff1j, ,'ii,f 'faq' ""Q 1-VJ Q I If . .NM flu Uni ,fx fs.. ,f ' f L ' n J WML Wmvi fYz1,1y x. v 1-'MA GM JAY A' f L x Xmmf ., E . -....n.w-gk,-, fchzafrf wp 'E , . ,.'. if yy. ' N. 9? Rm ,R Uwf ?3M WJ A L Lu fn . 4, ,As 'Y . ,. . in ' M MM. .fn Q55 I : YV r . " ' I I 15 1, I, s 12- N fl -,, x ' ' I 0 K' xi 'X 'xxx' is J' 4 4-N, -Q H.. A , W Xi -' Q, , 1 xt, ,fx E I I I --.4..., If 5 new f.. 6, ". -'-.L. J his ' im ..m A. 'Q' ai? - .M-'-L, -,1, f ax, '1 its 1 N' . ltly XX 5 a Qs ,Q 'kv ' in Y Q 9373? W , W, -:-I-Aff' 1' If-.. " ai -v--Q-gb , s... Wi-.. ,xxx to .Q4 0 'K. J! From Silas Marner to noun and verb forms, sophomore English students have an equally divided course of literature and language. Simple composition is a part of the grammar emphasized by English ll teachers, Mrs. Eliza- beth Lawrence and Mrs. Estaline Waters. To better understand and appreciate our America is the purpose of studying American literature from the colonial Washington Irving to the present day O'Henry. Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Sparger and Mrs. Shirley Clement stress creative projects to further the study of American writing in English lll. English In the classroom of Mrs. Sparger such master- pieces as "Macbeth" are thoroughly studied by English lV students. College-bound seniors learn the fundamentals of formal writing by the re- quired 2,000 word research theme. Developing and building habits of good thinking and study- ing are taught throughout the entire course. The English V classes taught by Mrs. Marie Morse are primarily for students who wish a detailed study in grammar and spelling. Empha- sis is placed on improvement of individual outside reading, vocabulary building and both creative and oral expression. Our English teacher from Aggieland, Mrs. Clement, confers with an up and coming student. tit Oh, the suspense and terror of it all-oral book reports in Mrs. Waters' English ll classes are due. tit Heads bend and brows wrinkle over those necessary evils-diagrammed sen- tences! Dale Johnson's pantomime b r i n g s laughs from his classmates. 'ktir Patti, Marilyn, Catherine and Pris- cilla rehearse before giving their scene in a play. 'k'k'k Members of the N.F.L. are Dale Rorick, Georgia Marion, Kent Williams, Katy Leach, Jim Lewis, Stanley Beard, Tommy Miller, Mickey Andrade and Gary Dot- son. h First-year students are "speechless" as they perform before the class for the first time, but are considered experts when the semes- ter ends. Topics for informative orations range from hot rods to theaters. Pantomimes, public speaking, interview- ing and dramatics describe the program of study outlined by Mrs. Shirley Clement, speech teacher. Phases of parliamentary procedure, speech construction, selling and program plan- ning are also given a thorough study. Throughout the year students journey to various clinics to present dramas, original orations and poetry in competition with other schools. Promoting debating, oratory, speaking, dramatics and radio announcing are the purposes of the National Forensic League. Hours of practice are required to think for one's self, to forcibly present a convincing argument and to receive advanced speaking skills. Students who attain a certain profici- ency in debate and speech may become members of the National Forensic League. J Journali Any subject from any source at any- time is covered in Journalism, so broad is the scope of news writing. We gain valuable experience in gathering, or- ganizing and presenting news stories by writing for our News-of-the-air, the Daily Ardmoreite and High School High- lights column. Newswriting has its own unique terminology, known only to us, the editors, reporters and printers of to- morrow. Common everyday words such as grapevine, flag and morgue come to have entirely new and sometimes humorous meanings in regard to news- writing. We find that Journalism demands thought, time and energy. There are rich rewards for those pursuing this profitable profession. The John F. Easley 5500.00 scholarship is given to the most outstanding Journalism student. f?ar E15-M i""4 WM, - - ab Q iQ Bob is pasting Criterion pictures with- out a word. Did you ever see such concentration? 'kit Charles peeks slyly o v e r Prissy's shoulder while the rest of us study copy sheets and mounting boards. iii' We've torn our hair, wrung our hands -now all we can do is grin and bear it! L--ll 42 23 0 I Spanish has fresh appeal this year as we welcome Miss Consuelo Fernandez, a Monterrey import. In a true Latin4American atmosphere we learn of the customs, dances and songs of this colorful land. Spanish grammar and pronunciation hold a new interest for us, while our language has its peculiar angles tor her. Learning together we receive a better understanding of the people ot both lands. 'A' i 'k Spanish I students are deep in thought as Miss Fernandez goes over the day's lesson. 'kirir A comfortable position, a sharp pencil-and Spanish II students tackle another test. .-QP' chology class. -ve- sycholog Gambling class? No, Charles IS on demonstrating mental telepathy in Ps 0 Many aspiring Latin scholars find this classic language very fascinating as well as useful and informative. We study grammar and also learn many vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions. We delve into the mysteries of lnterlingua, a language composed of many languages, one of which is Latin. Miss Teresa Henderson teaches both Latin I and Il. iii' Sometimes Latin becomes so complicated that assignments require more than one head to work them out. 'kit' Stories of Ulysses and his travels prove interesting to all Latin I students, that is, except one! 'kit They say that studying Latin requires a lot of concentration, but according to these expressions, we wonder! S u p e r m a n in Psychology class? Charles won't be far behind him after these four hypnotize him into forgetting his weight so that he too will sail around in space. Ubi rf' "h,,.A .QA Our future secretaries concentrate on taking faster and more accurate dic- tation. iii' Judy receives final directions from Mr. Bob Williams before typing her letter. ir i' ir Before setting the time clock for a five minute speed test, Miss Fernandez gives typists last-minute instructions. ugh. Q 5 5. ' . , 'TEEN TSE-P552-t in-.525 k-S Commercial Arts Expert stenographers, secretaries, bookkeepers, and typists of the near future are found in abundance in the Commercial Arts department of Ardmore High School. These industrious stu- dents spend long hours practicing Shorthand and Typing, then further their skills in Stenography and Transcription when they are upperclassmen. From telephone courtesy and business behav- ior to personal attractiveness and being indis- pensable to their future boss-all are stressed. No detail that may profit a commercial career is excluded from the course. Work-sheets, debits and credits, and balancing column after column of figures is only a very small part of the Bookkeeping course taught by Mrs. Louise Akers who is also the Stenography and Transcription and Shorthand instructor. Improving our knowledge of Business Mathe- matics is Mrs. Francis Jacobson. This course re- views and reminds us of the fundamentals of mathematics from the everyday use to the more professional application. Each month the Ardmore Business and Pro- fessional Women's Club, with the advice of Mrs. Akers, selects from the Commercial Arts classes an outstanding girl to be honored as Business- Woman-of-the-Month. First semester Business Women-of-the- Month are Ethel, Janice, Mary Lynn, and Pat, who are well on their way to high paid secretarial professions. 'kit Elected by the Business and Profes- sional Women's Club for second semester honors are Janie, Nancy, B a r b a r a, Lillian, and Joyce. 'kit ls Mary Lynn the only girl in class with more than Stenography on her mind? ,ML--e"ascqQ pg, ' t s .....xg.4.w -vw l 6 -vw.-AWH1-:sg-,w-irxll. ' H ., :mint-V. -Ji 0 A Q :.',illiFl:'ww1-.11 stmwi., , :Vid 1' E giiilitif GLY? ?SI!ll'!l'X1l 1 -1-' 5ft'1k'ti-hlmviqtxlratm-c-xgznrtgx F b - u 'I X NRM, 3-ist' ' n . ,S - 5 . ,jig . xg. il. V, Mrs. Johnson's smile s h o w s how proud we all were of the Christmas art work. ir 'A' 'k With brushes in hand, Earl, Pete, Louise and Nancy add the finishing touches to their latest masterpieces. kit Busy with modeling clay, these art students make ceramics to be 'fired in their new kiln. v . I ,- rm . J Elillll lv , 1 Q 1. Art Painting back-drops for school plays, de- signing special class and display posters as well as printing greeting cards and decorat- ing windows during the holiday season are among the many and varied activities of the art students. Mrs. Myna Johnson, instructor, urges her class to help other departments by offering their time and talents. After learning the principles of drawing and painting, the students enter their work in various local and state contests. E 5 W . xc ,X , T' 1 xt 'nf' if ff f ,gi Music Theor To understand and enjoy the music of the old world masters as well as modern com- posers is the aim of students in the Music Theory department. Through the use of records and tape record- ings we study a series of composers and analyze their varied works, both classical and semi-classical. Also at varied intervals the students receive valuable instruction from Mr. Pankratz concerning harmony and fundamen- tals of music. Though Music Theory was of- fered in Ardmore High School for the first time this year, its success insures it of a per- manent place in the school curricula. sm , '40 000' vi. 1" 71 Harmony proves interesting to the open ears of Lynn, Jimmy, Martha and Jerry, with Mr. Elbert Pankratz playing their original compositions. ir t ir Capable critics, Mary Lou, Lin d a, Lynn and Suzanne, enioy the recordings of modern masters. 'A' 'k ir Eager to cultivate their appreciation ot the finer side of music, the entire class listens attentively to Beethoven, Brahms, and others. -muh-.fp-4. sL..W.smAv 5 Y' if Q4 ,X Home Economics With Mrs. Busch giving us supervision and moral support, we Home Economic students mix, bake and eat the various foods we prepare in our modern kitchens. Our cooking is supplemented with theory on menu planning, nutrition and marketing. The opportunity to study fabrics, clothing styles, color composition and sewing techniques helps us when the clothing proiects are begun. In the annual style show we wear the clothes that we make in class. Mrs. Busch has Home Nursing and First Aid classes also. xx to Mrs. Mary Busch. let s keep our fingers crossed notebooks' 'lr Careful, Ann, make sure your seams are straight. The helping hand belongs Too many cooks may spoil the broth No were not making doll clothes were working on our Home Economics Breaking arms is a laughing matter when Glenda and Ethel have their arms wrapped during a first-aid class Driver's Education "Depress the clutch, shift into low, signal . . ." This became automatic with us as we progressed in Driver's Education. With the instruction and super- vision of Mr. Eugene Todd, we learned the "how to" of driving safety. By seeing instructive and enter- taining films as added attractions to the course, safety was constantly stressed. Sixty students passed driving tests to become mem- bers of the Safe Driver's League first semester and seventy-five the second semester. 'f . lf api' J I 1 st... x ' ' - X . , ii -Xjfim, 'iff T S 'W'-.. fri ,if wa! Look it over carefully, Richard and Dale. These are your signs to safety. 'Ir i' t Finally caught up with you didn't they, Red? No, it's all ci part of Driver's Education. 'k 'A' ir What is that strange apparatus on the wall? Just be patient and Mr. Todd will explain. 'kit Carol and Martha test to see how fast their reflexes are. A few seconds on the brake make a big difference. 'te , -Y Mr. Alfom, shop inshuctor, :nukes certain Earl knows how lo usa: the POWCT SGW. Wigs ' ' 4' A 'X V.. MQ. N." V' -L H, a. 1 11995 UAL! luny luke tum llU"tl11II1"llHY'HAIll Inu lnnlml Ill Cwm sul Mvlnnlu 1 may nut W'llIl llllll1l"n ilu I ',, Ana fi tum us Hu-I Q I Q 0 Imly HIM' lhlly un' mvulvml wlth hml ' h wus- I'I4'l'Ill Illllltll wmk, Rullqjll1xlq4".1ll1 'nlll4llD"H'4I 'fP'IllIl1 ' myu fllll'.lll1'lI1ll :lu I unrl ullurl IIHIIVIIIIHII 'nn'ml'. Ill Wmn1n4INnll1 ing ll. , I nv.. - M, , -vw ,.,-f L 2 ,914 f'-"K lllu Ill lll1lll'.llllll All' . UIVIYH In vwfry lm! ull willful lndu trial Art llfnlav ll....1-'pun lu'.lanl1lI'fnfvl lflvnvrslfv f ll Ill lumlly ln amulmw luulmwl -,bella null: urwoluff' mul lmlflfm 'vlvufll 'ml Iwlfm an In, ml, ulnlllylm w ullxlllll ln! IIIUII'-lllll ulllnl svnlllllll1'.'. lllll'.'.4'.lH1llIlH full! ul lvlllllllll ull Ill. pg., lump-., .Ullfm 'v lulrlv. uml lmlan flu-'.l'. :nu ull nl ulflllw Imaam-fl In Wnmlffmlwlnmj l llll'-'-l'H llllllllll '.a-nwuul fn ill 'vllHllI"- llw '-lllllllllli annllum In upplf llww -.lfvlln In amulwmg nuns: lllllu ull 'mu 1-'. ln llmlvullf 4lll'-'- vo Hun-ll lu.-lfflffflllu ul Ulhfllllllf uulmllmg llw llullrllnq ul vlrflru ululn, lwpflllllllj ul vapynllvllulwx ulul Iumlflv-lr wlwlllllll' all lamina ., I. qrnlur-vl lf! llmnr' lvlllluq llllf. llllH'rl' ul lllllll'-llllll fulu 7 Q 1 ur. mzll fr. llu' lll1ll'IlIll lull -lnl IIN' ll Iflm ':llIll'. flllvl 1nlll'1l1llvyll ml Ilyal lull 1 nun llllv lllrff. nlllf 'nlllulll-rl lvl! vnulllfvlngl full :I Wllllll'-lIll'll llluvlllf Ill fum-u-ul IA' l ll'v'.l"l'llIll nl llllllf Inlllrl llu lm! ll :IVV lla lllflllillli flmlf valffllq ffllll ...l.vll,uln1u- fl, vnu 'null flfrlflvnu, 1-Ifllml lllllvl ,,,.p,l lffllmlu f 'lull lfrllllllll Inllrmufl Ill: l. 1 I l H. l ,,, ,I flywulwl livllf 'nfl I :ull ff lla llrllfvfvfl' fllnllr lllr lllrr luyll I Hap, llfil In lr I' f f' f l,f,l,l,f null lvruf l fl v fn lull, flllvl lflllllr flruwm lvfnlv Ill llfl llllllll-. Ill lfKl'llll" I' I' 5 llwlvwllffv llflfrf ll ll 'lf' 5 Iv lcv l,ylI1lnll1:lIrM4'l ruflll lull: I lf full, fllnl lwn, I S , if 'S 3 i 1' e FAQ ' 5 3 W 2' V 5 b '3' A nf NN S. an fll F fl I' All mx I if 1 .Ty I 1 I iq ,-,. -1 J . ' Q ,. ..,-Q. , - , na Q . NJ uxfxgx ' Q s X y . f Q A M , -51 5 BJ A . A 1 . . W E as A 4. , .. as ,V . gf .r, I - :4 or U- . n 1. K- Y A ,1- A ma M123- b 1 , Q , in Xi Guidance Through the Vocational Guidance Department, test- ing for scholarships and college entrance as well as a program for testing intellectual and mechanical ability is available to iuniors and seniors. These tests suggest where each of us is best suited to live happily and successfully. Students receive the benefits of in- dividual consultation and professional guidance from Miss Teresa Henderson, director. Our lui College Data Tips for college Latest advice School bulletins . . Guidance pamphlets . These CFB G service to SeI'1IOI'S Snack Bar Acup of coffee . . lcy cokes . . Pick up after tests . Refresher at mixers . . These are the snacks . . . we snitch. Cafeteria The answer to every teen-ager's prayer is a recreational place like our cafeteria. For mixers after basketball games the cafeteria provides students with a party room where refreshments can easily be served and music enjoyed. Many dinners and banquets are held in the spa- cious room of our cafeteria. The main purpose of the cafeteria, which is under the management of Miss Maurine Coleman, is to serve lunch to junior and senior high students daily. f,. Our -A. Pi VF c.. , ci, 48 'iii A Xu. ' , . -' J 411-z! v:'E .., v . , 5 4 779.7-V2.3-' " '-255118, Af 13251 -f W1 21 mgzv 1' -- N.-an if ' - Ag, .Q ,ws .1-if . Q We Will Remember 8l1IOI'S Paula Allen Mickey Andrade Martha Lee Arnall Anna Mae Arnold Glen Adair Charles Adams Judy Adams Lanita Agan Jerry Akers I .1 ll fv- l. Mary Aston Larry Balmer Bill Baird Mary Sue Barnett Barbara Bassett xf253ie'i.fwlQ-ails - , nv., M , Marilyn Berryhill Tomtnie Blagg Jerry Bradley John Bradley 'S .b 'F' Billy Burke Phillip Caldwell Kenneth Chaffin Mary Lynn Clark Janice Clemens Sammie Clemens X ., 1 8 Don Bridgman Kathie Brooks Philip Brown Sheila Brown Terry Brown if ji 41' Ar Sen 1 ! Z' fl' 9jK4? 5- 'II'- Nancy Clement George Collier Clifford Connely Janie Davis Chiquita Deason 'i QTUP Lillian Decker Wilma Denison Carolyn Dixon Lindo Dodd Gary Dotson Jesse Dunning fan xv' 'hu 'S ' QW. 1 its Ruth Gardner Gene Gentry Geraldine Geurin Billy Guy Givens Gerald Eddingfon Thomas Eppler Joyce Fisher Pete Forbes Bill Freeman ptr .lan Goins Carol Gordon Wallace Jones Tom Kaufman Roscoe Kendall Janie Kitch Julia Lang Charles Lanphere Sally Johns Dale Johnson Bob Johnston Kenneth Jones Virginia Jones Sen Ronnie Lositer Katy Leach Robert Leoumom Robert Ledbetter Johnny Levine Jerry Moon David Moore Bill Morgan Ralph Morrison Joan Moxley -3 fd 5 4 Il 1 1 Gale Murchison Hardy Murphy Barbara Nelson Eva Newman Maedell Ard Newman Barbara Norwood bgjl, John Pearson Carol Pelton Lynn Pendergross Penny Phipps Donny Pifer Sherrod Pittman Don Nutt Armeldcu Cox Eddie Osmon Monte Poschcnll Bob Pottillo S. Q' 1 I0l'S Carnes Porter Larry Powers Charlotte Pretty Louise Price Truman Price Ronnie Priddy Royce Roberts Keith Roberson Glenda Robinson Jerry Robinson Mary Roe P Q 'n QA Ref: 's ,cd Barbara Short Janie Smith Pat Smith Priscilla Smith Ronnie Smith Ed Sperry Otis Rogers Buddy Russell Butch Sanford Helen San Miguel Karen Scovill "T I Sen Xe R . 4 , Q In ,? ,,, K 'N . S, ,Nr "' UIQ yovxwa 415 93 M IOl'S fl "F" 5 '99 ,N fm? Arlene Spradling Ethel Stallcup Mary Lynn Steele Jimmy St. John Kenneth Stiewig X . Billie Rae Strong Charles Swindell Charles Tate Bob Tempero Jerry Thomas Lowell Thomas ...- ug., if ii fill fly , U QV l iek, X ga 2? .1 l lil l A 159, Q 9 f Ai .A ' T l if N y Richard Thomas Joanna Thomason Phil Thomison Bill Tyler Mary Jane Underwood A , it Sen Peggy Vaughn Don Walker Susan Wesner Jerry White Nancy White Thomas Whitmore 'FS--. 6 5 T Q'-1' in CWA .X IOI' ef s ,, 9' 'VJ- J? or if Ls, Q 1 James Williams Jerry Williams Kent Williams Lou Williams 3 'L a' o 5 ET 2 mn K 'sf ,.i.+..,...,. Jv Q kv Q' f ,gif gli. if 'mg-ian.- si Pat Williams Virginia Williams Ann Wilson Patti Wood Miss Theresa Henderson Sponsor Mrs. Julia K. Sparger, Sponsor U 1' A v figv Betty Aston Cleo Ayers Mary Frances Baker Mary Ann Barnes Richard Bawcom Stanley Beard Pat Berryhill Mary Jane Blair Dorothy Bridwell Helen Alford George Allen Bob Ambrose Frank Anderton Lebert Anthony U nior Qs 1 fu -'63 QL' -Q Q O if l957 Doris Briggs Bobby Bryant Betty Buckwalter Bill Buckwalter Martha Burke If 59 ml! -,X X F Q -av 1' S 359 ,X Q7 Barbara Burpo Bobby Burris Lonnie Burton Russell Carmack Harry Carter Bill Cashman Jim Clark Charles Clement Lonnie Clevenger We X Q- -B T551 6 i. fl I X is -N P "1l.'.k J? is Barbara DeHart Bill Demory Betty DeVilliers Jane DeWoody Barbara Dixon Nelda Dodd Judy Douglas Jackie Drennan Neal Freeman J 'JW X--sf fini- John Combs Gerald Cook Betty Coombs Larry Cox Tommy Cox Judy Davis Ronnie Day 'rx C ge? A 1' Us 1, x Qs 'YL- 3' N 7 Jun ,4' .. S .R 55 Y i ,JN 2 x P Nr iv X ,N 5 John Hohenshelt Peggy Holder Dorothy Holly E. J. Hoskins Louise Howard Robert Howell Carl Hunt Dean Hunter Mary Jackson Harold Hendricks Linda Hendricks Scott Henley Jerry Hickey Ronnie Hicks Dorcas Hill Martha Hoffman ls. 7 4, ls I0l'S , 3 , or .f 1 '- I Jan Jacobson fm Tom Ed James 29 V0 Lorelea Jenkins 1' Donna Johnson A Linda Johnson Katherine Johnston Nancy Johnson Synneva Johnson Charles Jones Guilda Jones Mike Koziewicz Tommy Kyle Johnny Laird Tommy Lakey Linda Lamb Wylene Landrum 7'l Judy Lewis Betty Lindsey John Lively Retha Lively Barbara Long Bob Lucas Rob Luke Bill Lumpkin Larry Luton Y R. E. Lane Clifton Lang Bob Lantrip Leonard Leal Guy T. Ledbetter Carolyn Lee Jimmy Lewis N ef ff E I0l'S ski, 99 tr- jl 1 1 Mary Elizabeth McClure dz Margaret Ann McFarlane Judy McGalliard Levi McGlothlin Darrell McGuire Sharon Mann Carolyn Massey J PM y A l . , A l l- J .lk- c i J! 1 1 -1 1 Gay Ann Maxwell Sue Merrill Sandra Michael Marideth Miller Tommy Miller James Millner Edna Modesto Joyce Moinette Pat Myers div 'Z' .2 1 1 if ' 4 x N wax S.: fs 'ZW N 1 Q , l ' . , ., , . Q-,K Q! at li an 33 ls, 1 Judy Reed Bob Reid John Richuber Eugene Riotte Jerry Rippee Clinton Risner Thomas Risner Boyd Roberts Wayne Roberts Tommy Odom Judy Ott Dickie Patton Wayne Pittman Phillip Price Sharon Proctor Editha Rainer :all 1 5 .N .Q N52 .lun ibj Q' Q' Sherrian Robinson Dale Rorick Jerry Royall David Ryker Charles Samples Jim Sanders Mary Sanford 1 Pat Slaughter Mitzi Slinkard Juanita Sloan 1' Bill Smallwood Billy Fred Smith Hays Smith Kenneth Smith Clint Stamper Raymond Strother I 7' N4, 1,1 3 in 8 if 'Y , Jesse Watkins Wayne Watson Bobby Wells Anita West Eugenia Sullivan Judy Taylor Jimmy Thomas Jo Jean Tunnell Judy Umberson Warren Vann Marilyn Wallace ' fi 3-'fgf,v, Robert Whitaker Viola Whitfield Linda Whitehurst Sarah Winningham Don Yandell ,Q 'gym wi ,'.. G if X x rdmore Hugh School Class Officers for l956 57 Presidents Lowell Thomas Sensor Bull Lumpkm Junlor Glenn Walker Sophomore Secreta ry-Treasu rers Judy Adams ................................ Senior Eugenia Sullivan . ........................... Junior Suzanne Harder .................... Sophomore Vlce Presidents Senior Mary Lynn Clark Jumor Lorelea Jenknns Sophomore Linda Earhart Q5 Sharon Barker Bob Bashe Margaret Beard William Bechtel Judy Bennett David Bergman Ann Berryhill Sara Bettes Bruce Binion Carol Bledsoe John Bowman Mary Boyd Aline Briggs Q N Lt lf lu v r 'J 5 -Q 5 Robert Adair Charlette Anthon Y Cynt via Auten Otis Guy Bacon Glenda Bannister Kenneth Barnes Peggy Jean Barnes Sandra Barnett ....l957 Bill Tom Brown Ronnie Brown Johnney Burchfield John Wayne Burk Pat Burkett Mary Burnett Evelyn Calhoun Nedra Campbell 0'- John Carlock Martha Carmack Sherryl Carr Lucy Carter Linda Chase Billy Cheatham Cathy Childre Diane Chinn Bob Clark David Clemens David Clevenger Allie Collier George Ann Connely if B as in 'Yi 6. it i Q A is ffm Q35 'a""""" Charlie Davenport Clifford Davis Geary Davis Jerry Day David Dayton Stanley Deason Edith Decker LaQuita Denison Kenneth Dicken Ronnie Dotson Phyllis Duncan Lynda Earhart 'D '55, 91-L. Q 'N og will l V 'N X it , of P Ronald Cook Phillip Couch Lawrence Courtney Carl Cox Doris Cox Elizabeth Cox Wilene Cox Carolyn Craddock Marilyn Craddock Martha Crowe Ba rba ra Crownover Charles Davenport 'x r GQQ: A. I A-p 4 Nm 'PN if-is OTE 1 -5-I .5 R ,rl 5 ta 5 ,I+- Q ' Q .aw- , Mildred Eason Donna Ellis Madonna Eskew Carol Faulkner LaMonte Ford Mary Frederick Jane Galloway Jean Galloway Stewart Garrison Sharon Gifford Delbert Gillum Dale Givens 8 1 4 be Q. l '15 ,gf sk. N , A Jeffie Golden Bill Goodin Franklin Guess Suzanne Harden Jerry Harris Linda Heartsill Pat Heartsill Gordon Hendricks Joyce Herring Paula Herwick Ed na Higgenbotha m JoAnn Hignight in I. 3 Ek Q""N ,, - Julia Johnson Carolyn Jones Johnny Sue Jones William Jones Melba Jordan David Keith Toby Kell Carlene Keltner Melvin Knight Ronnie Kyle Jack Kyle Douglas LaFontain fi' v-We , X - pfifx 'wg . I Q 'S l A fs. Y I fy Tommy Hill Ann Hoffman Krin Hollingsworth John Horelick Ellen Hughes Elizabeth Hunt Glenda Hunt Sandra James Mary Jeffus Jerry Johns Becky Johnson Joella Johnson -aw f , 4 fi ' , 'P is y ..: ' of an W k - new ll""' i A. as-K' af? lx 'Sw Sopho N s - s ? 4 6 5, A v 5' l110I' 3. XA I n 83.5, 4, 1 iq 'R y I 'N ut-'f ..s, fsck? 3 Mary Laird Robert Lambert David Landers Burlene Lang Virginia Leonard Bruce Loard Robert Long Coweta Love Carol Lynch Carol Lytle Mickey McCombs Jerry Magar ,Ss 5 A i 1 an sp- .' : . J , sylpp-G5-figxgffacwv ff' John Marion Norma Martin Cecelia Mason Dave Mauldin Marilyn May Glenda Miller Michelle Mitchell Jan Morgan P :ggi-iv ' 0 Pat Morrison Elva Mulkey Christine Mullins. Alfred Nance ix 9 3 H. x. ,ai 1 Ek x SF .fr h f3."'V l ,4 -' C V-if Bobby Riddle .lanice Roberts Linda Ross Mary Ross Robert Ross Elise Rouse Margaret Rouse Edelle Rowell Shirley Russell Bill Rutledge Donald Rutledge Burel Sadler Un' "QP" sy ., if i s K 1,4 Charles Nance Ray Nelson Yvonne Nelson George Odom Patsy Odom Sandra Painter Edith Parnell DeWayne Payne Tommy Powell Nolan Presley Kaye Pritchett Martha Proctor grin. Q? Wx 52 ,iq 1 , ff .ft Sopho , . 459' We-' N. David Walker Gerald Walker Glenn Walker Bill Wallace Eddie Walner Don Wells Pat Wells Carl Wessell Patricia West Ramona West Jorena Wicker Barbara Wiggins Q. i N 49V V, ii 4 Q Vi.. Sophc 5 X Helen Thompson Page Thompson Francis Tipps Jackie Trotter Vetress Troutt Glenda Turnage Tommy Turnbull Don Vanbebber Kenneth Vance Nora Beth Veal Sandra Villines Catherine Walker kiss x I 'f if is, -veg ,jk N , I W xx , . 2, .1 5- , ' Y-Sir mores 4 .ss David Wilkes Barbara Williams David Williams Johnny Williamson Charles Wilson Gary Wilson Mary Lou Wilson Connie Woodrow Joe Woolery Betsy Yell LaDale Young Reva Young V90 L 5 in 1: 4 . i f ,,. G 5 , an r. 5 r af ' , ,.Sg5:gZ.vLQf , gm Q he 0 4 xl . gift?-'i's5 wi Q df in , - . .... 4-V., A, al 3x if 88 To These We Belong OI1 First row Second row John Paula Sperry Bob Ambrose Bill Brown Kenny Chaffin George Ann Connely David Bergman Paul White Standing Not Pictured Bill Wallace Joe Woolery Jimmy Gabbard Hayes Smith Butch Sanford Woodwind First row Second row Bob Lanthrop Jerry Moon Mary Lou Wilson Johnny Williams Dale Rorick Standing: Phyllis Duncan Carol Gordon Martha Arnall Lynn Pendergrass George Davis Janie Davis Peggy Cast Lincla Wright John Carlock Not Picture 1 Chiquita Deason Jane Tarver Glenda Hunt Jim Lewis Thomas Risner Percussion Robert Adair Marolyn Craddock David Clemons Ronnie Miller Jerry Rippee Charlotte Pretty Bob Williams Ray Harris Stanley Deason Paula Herwick Gene Loughridge Fnrst row Donald Rutledge Caroll Evans LaDale Young Standing Warren Vann Jim Sanders Brass Second row David Spears Ronald Flye John Tllllson Jerry Thomason Joe Bill Arnall Not Pictured Clinton Rlsner Jerry Royall Tommy Miller and Woodwind First row Second row ill Eason Donna Lamb Billie Rae Strong Eva Lou Green Judy Davis Larry Smith Standing: Bill Cheatham Janice Thomas Mary Sanford Ramona West Lindell Ball Peggy Barnes Shirley Reed Marilyn Northcutt Floyd Davenport Not Pictured: Sandra Michael Patsy Odom All-State Band Jim Gabbard Bill Cheatham Lynn Pendergrass Jerry Royall 91 Janie Davis freeze ff KJ Xxx- is 'ba Drum Malor Band Queen Lynn Pendergrass Bullte Rae Strong Ban Largely responsnble for the spnrlt and co operation of students the band are the officers These seven officers together with Mr Fitz gerrel plan actlvutles perform various services and put Into effect many Ideas and suggestlons made by students for the betterment of the band Headed by Captain Butch Sanford the offscers are Jerry Moon Lieutenant Jerry Royal Sergeant Kenny Chaffln and Jerry Thomason Corporals and Carol Gordon and Mary Sanford Llbrarnans If-r wr, HS' T " Q f i. I L 5' K X ll J V l U X -Q ,f f 3 - I W v -, V L+? ,Q t Q F'-V I4 ' ' 5, szfa- . f. 1 -Sn 4-I.. ' , ' hr ' . sr ln.- ' ,B ' ,L ' .- ".f3c'.R-sf" " 1. mg flf!S"3'S' X.. SH" '-f d O f f O . . . 1 . in l I ' 1 , : ' , I I . . I f. L .L 4' ' , I " 1 - . - - ff , S I 1 X K' u Jcmle Dovts Charlotte Pretty W I Romono West Judy Dcvts f-3 4 is ,ws titer 51 x Wk 1 A i 1 5 Y 3 , 1 l SQ The Selected Chorus provides an opportunity for those with ability and interest in vocal music to gain experience and enjoyment from advanced choral singing. Under the capable direction of Mr. Pankratz and the accompani- ment of Melinda McClanahan, the chorus re- hearsed before school three mornings each week. From these rehearsals came the long remembered Christmas presentation of the St. Cecelia Mass and Brahms' Requiem at Easter- time. Spec: First row Linda Hendricks Soprano Linda Whitehurst Soprano Priscilla Smith Soprano Helen AlfordffSoprano Betty Coombs4Soprano Linda Lamb4AIto Judy Ott--Alto Bobbie Holland-Alto Anna Mae Arnold-Alto Sue Jones-Alto Melinda McClanahan-Accompanist 3 T 5+ S . x 'E' . l Q3 :- l N. i x- 'X horus Ensembles Girls' Octet A new addition to the ensemble group this year, the girls octet consists of Susan Wesner, Mary Frances Baker, Bobbie Holland, Anna Mae Arnold, Charlotte Pretty, Priscilla Smith, Carolyn Dixon and Jeanette Humphrey. ttf Mixed Octet A blend of selected talent, the mixed octet comprises one of the outstanding ensembles. Members are Linda Hendricks, Eugenia Sul- livan, Georgia Marion, Martha Lee Arnall, Jerry Thomas, Kenneth Jones, David Ryker and Charles Tate. tri' i' Boys' Quartet An ensemble popular for their spirited music, the Boys' Quartet received high rating in the lnterscholastic Music Contest. They are Jerry Thomas, Kenneth Jones, David Ryker and Charles Tate. iii' Mixed Quartet Every member of the mixed quartet was among those selected to represent Ardmore High School in the All-State Chorus. They are Georgia Marion, Kenneth Jones, Charles Tate and Linda Hendricks. iii' Girls' Trio This sparkling trio is well known for their many and varied public appearances. These young ladies are Judy Ott, Betty Coombs and Linda Lamb. 3 panish lub The English translation of Los Amigos is "friends" and that is iust what the members of the Spanish Club are, From the club's initiation at the beginning of the school year to the final meeting in May, members enjoy many unusual activities including Christmas dinner with Spanish games and dances adding to the Fun. Miss Consuelo Fernandez, sponsor, provides many original ideas for the monthly meetings and eagerly supports the Spanish Club in every endeavor. Officers pictured at the top are headed by Penny Phipps, president. -A' 1 -A' Latin lub Latin lives today! Through the Junior Clas- sical League or Latin Club, the traditions of the ancient Roman empire with its culture and power are presented to every Latin Club member. Making the members aware of the many ways in which Latin is used in our modern civilization is the principal aim of the Latin Club. Among the many activities of the seventy members in Latin Club are rough and formal initiation, the annual club picnic and the traditional Roman Banquet. Judy Davis, seated on the top row below is president of the Latin Club. 212. 1.29 QV National Honor Societ Scholarship, leadership and character are the coveted qualities of the students who were honored by the faculty with membership in the National Honor Society. 'A' 'A' 'A' Mr. Price congratulates second year members: Mary Lou Means, George Collier, Charlotte Pretty, Gary Dotson, Chiquita Deason, Melinda McClanahan, Bill Givens, Jo Ann Hunt, Judy Adams, Kent Williams and David Horn. Not pictured is Barbara Bassett. 'A' i' if Newly elected senior members Priscilla Smith, Otis Rogers, Janie Davis, Danny Pifer, Georgia Marion, Jerry McNeely, Karen Scovill, Lynn Pendergrass, Ethel Stallcup, Louise Price, Ann Wilson, Nancy Clement, John Pearson, Jan Goins and Mickey Andrade are meeting for the first time with Mrs. Estaline Waters, sponsor, All members rank high on the honor roll and are leaders in the classrooms as well as in extracurricular activities. 2 Juniors elected to the National Honor Society are: Peggy Holder, Judy McGalliard, Pat Berryhill, Lorelea Jenkins, Martha Hoffman, Jan Jacobson, Cleo Ayers, Leonard Leal and Rob Luke. ir 'Ir 'A' eaflets A higher intellectual, social and moral development is the main obiective of the Leaflet Study Club. This club recognizes high school girls with outstanding scholastic averages. Leadership, character, citizenship and service also are required for membership. Officers of the club are: Jan Goins, president, Judy Adams, vice-president, Sheila Brown, secretary, Mar Lou Means, treasurer, Geor ia Marion, historian, Ann Wilson, arliamentarian, and Charlotte Prett Y 9 P Y, reporter. 8 .1 X ig 3' 1' ' 'Q 33- Q- ,J- Sf if -V Q 1? 3511.5 ' Q If 1 if iii. V M? X " .J ,. x M Gcekmm A ., . " 1-'mn qf . gd 'Ei 7:22 . .me ' . U dl '--QU' vrfiwwififflw-'sa'-zvxwlfgbswmz. sms 1. Y 1 4,-ffffffff' ' f ,fe4,f,4,C 1 A f my I V4.1 M V1 8 ' ' 4 4 'f ,..L J M , 1. ., . fl' PM4-VjL.+ A!.l,.ew ff 'C -A - ' . -a. '- P 1 W 2 Q 1 ' ,Ah A ' s W 'UQ 1 ..--,,,.--v0 1- I ,4- ,..4-4' Atfa' ef J wffgl 'Xl' 4.1 e l u 1 Linda Harrell, Mascot Pep Club Officers: Geraldine Geurin, Diane Chinn, Eva Newman and Sue Merrill. tv-""Q ,fn 1" V Wm fm t ,,,..,?sy., Y.- 1- ., ,. Stag parties are popular when distribution of the new Melinda McClanahan, Editor With originality and ability our Editor has guided the Criterion staff in producing this 50th edition of the Criterion. As a senior Melinda has also received honors as a mem- ber of National Honor Society, class favorite and Valedictorian ofthe Senior class. C r OUI' POOF, 0VefW0l'l49Gl editor Blase' Charles and debonair Bob bright- en a night session at Mrs. Morse's with their clowning. even has to brush her teeth at some stolen minute. 5 ' 0-Q: iteri Criterion is under way. OI1 Charlotte is getting a big kick out of dampening Martha's spirits. J Qing B -!TfrpZ0' fa' fr Through a maze ot copy sheets, mounting boards, typewriters and other sundry journal- istic materials, we labored unceasingly for our ultimate goal-the presentation of the Criterion in May. At times we despaired of ever seeing our creation in print. Now we view with pride the 1957 Criterion. Make-up Editor, Louise Price STAFF Editor ............. ................... Assistants ...... Managing Editor ..... Business Manager ...... Assistants ............... Administrative Editor ..... Assistants .............. Pictorial Editor .... . Assistants . ....... Departmental Editor .... Assistants ........... Sports Editor ..... Assistants ...... Make-up Editor ..... Assistants ................. News-of-the-Air Editor Asslsta nts ...............,.... Ardmoreite Editor .... Assistants ............ Senior Class Editor ........ Junior Class Editor ........... Sophomore Ciass Editor Copy Editor .................. Re-write Editor .... Photographer ....... Assistant ....... Typists ..... Student Director .... Faculty Sponsor ............ Melinda McClanahan ...........Charlotte Pretty Sheila Brown ......Tom Kaufman ........Phil Brown ......Royce Roberts Pete Forbes ........Katy Leach ........Julia Lang Barbara Short ...........Georgia Marion ........Jeanette Humphrey Terry Brown ......Mary Lou Means .......Karen Scovill Carol Gordon .......Bob Johnston ..........Larry Bahner Charles Lanphere ............Louise Price .......Charles Swindell Jerry Moon .........Jan Goins ........Otis Rogers Paula Allen ......Janie Smith .......Buddy Russell Patti Wood .......Joan Moxley ........Janie Kitch Wilson .......Martha Lee Arnall ..........Penny Phipps ........Hardy Murphy ......LaMonte Ford ........Tommie Blagg Jo Ann Hunt Katherine Johnston ............Priscilla Smith ........................Marie R. Morse Cover Design by the Editor Student Director Thanks to Priscilla Smith, our first Student Director, this Criterion is now in your hands. Her spirit of enthusiasm and willingness to tackle any task set before her made Priscilla a lifesaver in every sense of the word. Her ceaseless devotion to the production of this yearbook inspired all of us to work harder to do our share in making this a good Criterion. Ardmoreite Staff The public is kept constantly aware of the events taking place in Ardmore High School by student-edited news stories appearing in The Daily Ardmoreite. Every news story submitted by student reporters is polished carefully before publication, so that it may have that professional touch. Of special interest is the "High School Highlights" column which is produced entirely on the Journalism pupils' initia- tive and originality. fic .4 1 J t.. TheStaff News-of-the-Air Staff One of the most anticipated events of every week is the Friday presentation of the News-of-the-Air covering news events spiced with feature stories that often leave the students holding their sides with laughter. An air of sus- pense is also found in the News-of-the-Air as each of us wonders who will be spotlighted as Personality-of-the- Week. I 'Z' fi Georgia Beth sees that Buddy gets individual tutoring Assisting in the production of the 1957 on his news stories. "Although the most important 'W' our two staff photographers, Hardy Murphy comes first in the story, be sure it also has 'wow' or reader Ford. During the process of taking pictures appeal." rushes to meet publication deadlines, the tWork Marie R. Morse Criterion Sponsor continually to capture our true school life in I-fx fan c J Criterion are and LaMonte and feverish boys wirked photographs. v :W- ilu, iw i 5 .x fx ff' ui A 5 fi 1 3 5 1 A 1 4 1 A '1 Z1 u 1 I . . 4 4 1 1 1 v s Q? ' "4 .1 j ,Q ., .A Ll l DI .H 1 The Sports Story Jimmy McNutt Tom Ed James Jr Best Sportsman Most Improved The Ardmore Hi h School Sports Stor F o o t b a I I THE ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS STORY Ardmore eleven, paced by scrappy all-staters Larry Bahner and Ronnie Smith, victoriously sailed to a three-way tie for Boomer Conference Champs after falling to two of the top teams in Class Double A. Fifty boys, mostly seniors, turned out for the team and twenty-six were awarded "A" letters. Receiving their third letters were Bahner, Givens and Dunning. Other honors bestowed upon several deserving Tigers were selection to all-southern and all-conference teams. ead Coach Newly elected Boomer Confer- ence Head Coach, C. E. "Tip" Jacobson, has produced winning teams for the six years he has been in our athletic department. Whenever you have a group of boys who have a sincere desire to work, combined with a coach whose leadership is such an inspir- ation as Coach Jacobson's, you will certainly have a successful team. This year the Tigers ended the season in a three-way tie for first' place in the Boomer Conference. l956 Boomer Conference Co Champs 3 - ,rv ,V E trawl? swf ti f C . I ,t I 1 1 - Q IZ x s i ,.. .M I i e r L Larry Bahner Glen Walker Jerry Bradley John Bradley Bill Demory Known several years ago as "Roughhouse" on the Tiger football team, Harry Dodd now serves the team as head line coach. Also fcoach of football and basketballj "B" teams, his interest and enthu- siasm prove to be outstanding fac- tors in the Tigers' victorious sea- sons. "Roughhouse" Dodd Team Talented, willing and capable. these three words describe Bob Williams, a teacher Ardmore High School is fortunate in having. His leadership and companionship make students want to work for him. His ability to produce close- working victorious teams is never failing. Coach Williams is basket- ball, track and assistant football coach. "Coach Bob" lp 'YFV' AE . -.. rm Bill Givens Ronald Smith Lowell Thomas Otis Rogers Gene Gentry 4 .Q ,,, s -lf cs-. - s Schedule Classen Lawton Sulphur Duncan Ada 6- 7 O-25 17-12 25-13 12- 7 One point gc a long wayl Say Tigers, speaking of monstersl Beginning to look like the Tigers nowl We're in the groove and on the ball! Ahl Sweet Revengel Charles Hays Jackie Drennan Dickie Patton Jesse Dunning Bobby Wells 956- uls Valley hickasha . urant orman .. I Reno .... 46-20 12- 0 7-26 33-13 20-12 57 .1 Light work- out! Bahner, Gen- try and Wells . . Casualties. lniuries cost a lotl Guess who for- got their shoulder padsl Desire and teamwork won the big onel ff ,r x QM I iv, 1+-sawgq. I.- . ' v-,4..5- i 3 7 Q 7' . . 1 L A W V F p 4 1 ' K! ., 5 - fs 4l,,,?giM ' A 1 1 if .N -if - 1- X' .- -. , ., .iz if ':. ' - ., R, , V.. . Qu. ag ,, n 3 ' ' ' V4 .r A w ,AF , up . . V. I. 3. ',. .7Qf:Q.g,,,. - '- -. V- '4 l ,- ' , .4I'-, Q 4 f .-:H-. ..,i. , Wx. .,,, 3 . " N sp-I.-"j Guy T. Ledbetter Kenneth Anderson James Stallcup James Williams Clifford Connelly Gur Team In ctlon Stretching with all his might, Otis Rogers is not able to intercept this Classen pass. 'kiir Our Tigers "stayed prepared" thanks to George Collier, Jerry McNeely and Scott Henley, our competent managers this year. These "water boys" were always on the sideline with the kicking tee, water bottles or even a clean iersey. Ill! f I 9 , ww., i fa I. 2- "Www, , mf m"""""f"f -as Q, ? 3 Qu ,-.-U..-"" -.G 'Eis- fuqt t it 1 an C 9. NX N -1 Q ti, 7:- I ,..v 5 -. Q in 3. , . ai 2 ' NW X 4.5, NJ? S. Yr -7X - 45' Nt ' -'-54, .,,NLN n """ M ,H . ---.. A ... ,mm ' nu... Q ' 'A " ,. f if t. .4.,- 7' 9 V 1 9 .H -v. A.. l 'L . tl, Schedule .Q 4x 3 if ' Dec. 4 Northeast ...... Gainesville .. gi ll Pauls Valley ..... ........ ll af Ada ............. Jan. 4 Ada ..... 15 Durant .... 18 Chickasha ..... 22 Norman . 25 El Reno ....... 29 Duncan .... Sherrod Pittman Charles Hays Best Sportsman M057 lmP"0Ved Tom Ed James Sherrod Pittman John Bradley the there .here tltei the .nm A Et'-'23 lfiwii' 3 ss. Wallace Jones Charles Hays Steve Love Our Cagers Producing c h a m p i o n basketball teams for Ardmore High School is the specialty of Coach Bob Williams. This year as the Tigers completed a win- ning season, much of their success is attributed to his coaching ability. Along with training the boys in the skills of handling a basketball, Coach Williams also stressed the qualities of sportsmanship, spirit and co-oper- ation. During his five years of coach- ing and teaching at Ardmore High School, Mr. Williams has become a favorite with team members and the student body. Q ,, S c h e d u I e Feb. 1 Southeastern State Tournament 5 Shawnee ......................... 8 Norman .. 12 EI Reno ..... ........ 'I4 Durant ..... ........ .here .here there there 15 Chickasha ...... ....... h ere N :Q 19 Duncan ........ there 22 Shawnee ..... ....... h ere 26 Lawton ..... ........ t here 28 Lawton .......................... there Mar. 7 Regional Tournament BUddY Russell Jesse Dunning LQ,-ry Bal-mer x I ft A - "Stray --Y--A-M-'-' 14' X' ' fs-r-wk-z. frm? an U :mr ' ,,. us, - - Fi? Kenneth Anderson Gene Gentry Ronnie Brown Our Defense The defensive spirit was truly 'fabu- lous in '57. Tiger players Larry Bahner, Gene Gentry, Charles Hays and Buddy Russell heavily guarded their opponent, who made an un- successful attempt to score. ARDMQQQ Q I W N GI"7g7.f 'llTkA ft H It sew. A -H Y ' e ' '- Dwi , -' IJ rf , 4 lXl . . ., Q, ., z v 9 Ls Fas ENGL 1 ll.. 4 Y Bill Givens, Buddy Russell, James Williams, Tom Ed James, Larry Bahner, Wallace Jones, Charles Jones, Charles Tate, Ronald Cook. T r a c k James Williams Wallace Jones EI1I'l John Carlock Jerry Moon Kenneth Jones Bill Baird Kenneth Chaffin Thomas Eppler O I S c PNN. ., if Our Best Jerry Moon and Thomas Eppler, crack doubles team, are preparing for their senior season of tennis matches. Jerry and Thomas are well known for their ability to "read each other's minds" on the tennis court. Both boys are also toptlight players in the singles division. - . :11-l G O I f David Horn, Jim Johnston, Tom Hill, Ronnie Brown. Buddy Russell All-State l957 Most valuable player in Boomer Conference Top scorer of the Tiger team and in the Lurry Buhner Boomer Conference Best All-Around Athlete of 1957 'NL 'Obit' 'CZI7 .. B Z 2 f Q9 I X : ,II gl ' xx N , ew' 'I ' 1279! The "A" Club is composed of 35 athletes who possess the coveted letter "A" award. President Ronnie Smith is assisted by John Bradley, secre tary-treasurer, and club sponsor, C. E. Jacobson Members are Bill Rutledge, Glen Walker, Clifford Davis, Ronnie Brown, James Stallcup, Geary Davis, Bill Baird, Robert Ledbetter Cmanageri Tommy Hill, Bill Demory, Tom Ed James, Bobby Wells, Charles Hays, Dickie Patton, Mike Ramey, Club Guy T Ledbetter Jackie Drennan Kenneth Chaf fin Kenneth Jones Thomas Eppler Gene Gentry Sherrod Pittman Phil Brown Jerry Moon Wal lace Jones John Bradley Clifford Connelly George Collier Cmanagerl, Jerry Bradley, Jimmy McNutt, James Williams, Jerry McNeeley, Buddy Russell, Larry Bahner, David Horn, Otis Rogers, Ronnie Smith, Jesse Dunning, Lowell Thomas and Billy Guy Givens. All-Conference Football Players Ronald Smith Jimmy McNutt Lowell Thomas Gene Gentry Larry Bahner QQ 'Pfa- ,.. 4, 11505: ,QQ A. ,.. .. bv 1 5l??f17? " 4.1 is 1 28 ,., These We Favor fm T' 'Wit ' 'fi 10 r Nd 'gr J' Football Quvvn Barbara Short Attendants J! J A X xx ,A X AA I X '-E '1 SWMFIEK Sd' 5 we Band Queen Billie Rae Strong ttendants Jo Ann Hunt C: 7? Q 'EQX fill 3 Q M 23 ibm 52? Paulo Allen 1 4 Basketball bzwvthvart Donna I' llw MMV' tug ou- iq i it ?,...,..f Attendants 5' if Carol Faulkner Wk 1. 5-Q45 'Nam if? Melinda McCIcmohc1n he Seniors Most Ambitious George Collier M S, wma...-.A 1 Am Uv: Vander World QF Mathematics Iect Most Dependable Billy Guy Givens ' - 4 Jud Adams , . . . W , 'A ' -.. :::,v,:-:, ,.-.16:::.,:.x, v ,X 1, y we W mm. K M A f,L,f-Q5 V ' ."nfs??'--1 ' 5?--W. 1- v wt 'hut - -8'5" 47N 'Qu x ,s vt 4 . Jcm Goins Seniors Best All-Around Lowell Thomas 'Ulu 'ull Select Favorite Personality Lorry Powers if ,Q '54-.rf 'm' 'K ' . K - JO Arm HUHY Q . -- -ig kiji' 184. 1.5-. ,....-11 .4 . 'b ' I. - 'e i i 1,6 X : A 5 1 . 'F-X, in , 1 - A - ' X - .. '--f in-W '4-4 . , M.. -U' it-1-1-4,1 Judy McGolliord f 4- P Juniors Most Outstanding Bill Lumpkin T5 ,,.1,..-- iw '23 'Q- ' x Jane Galloway Sophomores Most Versatile Glenn Walker i I ill 45 ,n-4"'. J' .l"" T Select Most Promising Toby KeH Judy Bennett 9'fl lf'-I 'Fl- 25 "' -wh Q 5 -'-11 wi- ,ur gg-5 , ... - . L H, , .kai x , 1 X' X sk .-f 4 '2,",! 'HQ' . no-l..':aln1 :Q 15:12. .A ' -2 G i 'gr :V 'lr Q 5 qigxigiffn Commencement Dance U 171' 'I ' 1,71 r A 'vc . if J. 1, -'ix n 'fwgyil fi ff 5 ' A ' . ,I J A - yr' ' 'xx' b 'vc , '. 44, rf I J si , , f 1 'A ' ' ' r A x f , 1, 1 ' 1 1 ,, W , ma IIIIIFSEBNQ . ss f tiwmgtmgtgfigfsllli mms , Girls and Boys num t ml 'FWWW Staffs ,ri , egg- W 2325 Eff.. ,l'j'e' .xt s ,- Q Q A State Ranking among the highest honors in Ardmore High School is representation to Oklahoma Girls' and Boys' State Students having the qualifications for this honor travel to Chickasha and Nor man where they take part in actual campaigns to elect representatives to serve in a junior government. Our delegates of i956 were Billy Guy Givens, John Pearson, Jerry McNeeley George Collier, Mary Lou Means and Jan Goins. Thomas Eppler, Kent Williams, Lowell Thomas, David Horn, Judy Adams, Ethel Stallcup, Kenny Chaffin, Bob Tempero Gary Dotson and Mickey Andrade were also '56 delegates. gkxnunnr E 'lf QKLAHUMA ggggrsnwrx ' ' 1 Senior Honors High honors are coming to us in cash for college use, tuition scholarships and honorary awards. The extent of our achievement in any field is limited only by time and ability VFW L T Love and the American Legion are three of the most sought after of the special awards These are the awards claiming the most prestige and honor A senior boy and girl is chosen for each The DAR award is given to twc high ranking pupils in American History by the Daughters of the American Revolution The winners names are Inscribed on the plaque In the hall Scholarships are given in fields of education and industry For art students the Johnny Dixon scholarship ns awarded to the best competitive portfolios The Writers Club awards for the best short story essay and poem may goto enthusiastic young writers The John F Easley S500 OO cash Journalism award goes to one person who plans to continue Journalism in college Aspiring teachers and nurses have opportunties for money from the P T A Teachers Association and the Southern Oklahoma Memorial scholarships respectively Musicians meeting the high qualifications are eligible for the Philharmonic scholarship of S150 O0 An outstanding girl may win the Panhellenlc award of S100 Those of us having hugh scholastic averages will belong to the Leaflet Study Club and the National Honor Society The two top students scholastlcally are named the Valedlctorlan a nd Salutatorian Boys and Girls State membership requires all the many qualities of leadership Those of us who are athletlcally inclined are eligible for a letter award most Improved best sportsman best all around athlete and All State Athletic associations of merit are the Letter A club and the girls G H A A The Naval Reserve Officers Training scholarship is one of the most valuable having an ultimate total of S5 OOO which insures four years of college with an officers rating upon graduation Miscellaneous scholarships and awards are the Readers Digest one year subscription for the one having the highest grade average and the two anonymous scholarships of S350 each Oklahoma College for Women Phillips University Oklahoma Baptist University Southeastern State College Murray college and Oklahoma A8tM some of the state s finest colleges offer a scholarship of one year s tuition Even the most humble scholar may win an award all his own merely by his presence for the perfect attendance award is within everyones reach Every department in Ardmore High School gives an annual competitive examination which determines the winner of that departments scholastic award ir 'A' Time Out For Ginger Members of the Senior play cast are Ralph Morrison George Collier Penny Phipps Barbara Bassett Nancy Clement Dale Johnson Melinda McClanahan Larry Powers Chlquita Deason Phil Brown 've' .. . ., . . ' I . . . . , . . . 1 I ' . .. . . , ' ' I . . . , . . . . ., , . I . , . . .. . L 1 ' f ' I - - . . . . . , . . . . , . . , . . . , . - . . , , . I I I I , . . , . . 1 I - . . . , I . , . tk 'k 'A' i' u ' ' " q . I ' I I I I I - I I , E li, Ill.- - , ,, K T . 'f 1 fi V LEA . A L Q, . 'stir K 1 63 ii' f ,L L 3 L 'E ' Q 4 A ? il - ' S 14 Q f A ' 5 ' 5 .' - 1 ' i Ls.: . , A . I X ,f 'f . 2 . g , 1 S h r ., 2 P K' ' l we 4 J A' L .Y m ' ,Z ' Q -L x 'L l S " I I 5' N 5 1 g 'A P, x 54 in K3 5 X s al 2 5 . ' B . , J P ... , .--.L........,..:. 'L 'retire' . t A, ..... . ii Ann Wilson - Pete Forbes 9 A class rises to its feet, applause echoes throughout the auditorium, a shining new trophy has a new owner- and two more "Good Citizens" are chosen. f5'f , Peggy Holder - Bill Lumpkin Cathy Childre - Bob Leaumont S 0 This award is presented to two out- tiz standing pupils from the sophomore, iunior or senior classes each six weeks. They are selected by a good citizenship commitee of Student Council members. 5 .J-.5 ' 43 x SD Butch Sanford - Priscilla Smith Janice Clemens - Bob Lantrip Kenneth Barnes - Judy Davis J 14 TPS: Wm -3 'Rf Uv 6- I X 1 I M le Honor Students High honors have been awarded these thirty- four seniors for their outstanding leadership, scholarship, character and participation in school activities. They are chosen by the faculty to represent Ardmore High School at the weekly meetings of the Ryonis, Kiwanis and Rotary Civic Clubs. Kun if fx E14 Y- XJ -Af" 'U 3 Hardy Murphy Georgia Marion Janie Davis George Collier if ar if Charles Tate Mary Lou Means Charlotte Pretty Kent Williams f . - l Jerry Akers Priscilla Smith Eva Newman John Pearson if if if Robert Leaumont Ethel Stallcup Ronald Smith Karen Scovill ...msn Danny Pifer Pat Williams Nancy Clement Otis Rogers Larry Bahner Jan Goins Susan Wesner Gary Dotson 1' if if Tom Kaufman Chiquita Deason Louise Price Billy Burke Salulafamzu Mary Lou Means Zfzzk dzcfarzau Melinda McClanahan Zfalvdirfnrizllz Ch iquito Deoson Safuhzfrfrzan Bcxrboro Bassett ig +1 ' gg, 1 'X . X is . 'I 1 0 H sh QL' 3.3, E SQ ' gi I.. S' . 'f Y . fx , ,Q Y 553 . I I , fjlgg 1' L' M 'win gm 'ASI ' x XX , - .N ,J 154 Very Special Times To start the morning bright and fair, The bugle echoes through the air. "With liberty and justice for all" Is heard every morning throughout the ha The flag goes byp the students stand We pledge allegiance to our land. Here's our chaplain deep in thought, A swell guy that we like a lot. , I x X - . , L., 1 -LA We join in the hymns in ci friendly way, And pause for thought at our noondoy. A 41 1 "Good morning! This is your thought forthe day Sending an inspiration to lighten your way. .lf A friendly handshake, a charming smile, The romance made progress- after a while. Memorizing the lines was quite a chore, In the all-star production of "Stage Door." "Mighty Mo" has had her way As student director of the all-school play 'H Y Marilyn and Katy watch Judy Mac But Phipps directs her gaze toward "WY Pepsi-Cola hits the spot, Two full pockets buy ci lo X.-K 'rf l Talking, laughing or cramming for a testg Stairs have many uses, these we find best Kgamg ,, vw-Q moo N-. i At the Student Council store - - - Pencils, pens and paper galore. A 5 '39, s Wouldnt it be wonderful if oll of us three I Could have o shore of the queen s victory These Christmas socks will not be shy Because of Major Key and Billy Guy Q, 595 as AK"5"6musn BEL Egg is Q K il 5 zo-an KA s f Quite c mess, I should soy! What ore they doing? Modeling clay! S- - 4 , 5'4' ' qi l 4 ., hy' R Q ' ' One little, two little, three little grins-A "" I Ju ' if qi The prize for cheerfulness this trio wins! an f 1 V L", A U 5 . s ' 1 - P Our lovely band queen is looking her best As she pauses c moment for cz well-deserved rest. I C, .. 9f'T"'o , ff! 'i li Seniors agree that themes require knowledge, Hey Ronnie, think that will help you in college? Between classes in the hall, Time to gab for one and all. Jingle that money, John! Dish out that candy! This loot foi' the Seniors will really be handy! 1 J' If XSQFW 51 war, - 59291: fx Us Q? Look at Butchie, as he beams, Wishing there could be three que Each new student was given a howdy card, Then distinguishing them wasn't hard. ens! 'L YP They have that far-away gaze Wonder what's on the stage. -N ls So n't Bruce a gentleman, looking this way Jane and her steady can have their say? l 6 '39 0 tra. ' Talk about characters. Our mixers have their share And Earl-that beret is lust about all we can bear. What did these kids have to eat To make this water such a treat? f-5 :vs ..,-g-.s. A, HQ i i Lf T' Q MW "S-- l Charles Swindell and Phillip Brown Try to imitate Elvis and his Hound. kllggp xi Six cute cheerleaders are on their way To the home-coming parade in ci new Chevrolet Family night at the mixer, seems to be Bolstered up by the faculty ? ? ? ? F wg:-ablaze ' 5-go-:si riv- Tesf Hlll'S ' , r , lil' l "ffm, ' ff .! .-. 4 A SIIIMIE ,yjsziri my CflLl'lOll 3. 4. , , ,,. .Q l g it ft Wow, says Jo Ann, what a physique! Huh, says Eva, that's nothing unique. .pg bf ' ,4,. .. R- ,ap 1 I 1155, f 1 ' 1' s .M .gl - ' . 4 . q Q A ' s .f , Q . ' I F? '1 The iuniors spent hours "napkin stuffing," But their motto paid off-"It's all . . . or nothing!" i D " . .nL.gi2,., 1 Why be so serious, kids? Have a little fun! The jitterbugging looks as if it's iust begun. '-LLM., l f'mA'Qg"1'?N'. . -- un 13. 92 Q QR? Yes, it's fun to beat this drum, But let me watch the ball game some. , it Look at that symmetry, beauty and grace! If CharIes's feet weren't such a fixture For Bob and Phil, this would be a better picture. 168 fI'm talking about the banister, not Walter's face! - 6 a s These two lovebirds don't seem to know Guess who's the tall, blond handsome dream Surrounded by the twirlers and band queen. Melinda Lou is in a stew After a round with the yearbook crew. The assembly was over an hour ago. RNS.: 3,6 at i YHSVQZ ,,,,.p- , gps? To get this tired, goggle-eyed look Just try working on the yearbook. 'Vin- To boost the spirit of our school. Get ca load of those muscles ond that manly form. This year that Lu Monte took high school by storm! Come on, Louisep no swimming today The picnic's over thiscway I Dig this couple-they must be bopping! CMc1ry ond her tiger reolly kept the mixer hoppinglj if For Graphomanians S ph iTrons o 'IP' I 4 l. 54- n ffnpgglnn 2 x H 'YAP 1r'QxA W mlm wvvcxyfm-wvv Almost a quarter of a century has passed smce USECO published nts first school annual As we revaew thoe pages of yesteryear a pleasant thought comes to mnnd on some to if 7 ? KK N L! ind! morrow thus the nineteen hundred and fifty X seven edmon wall take nts place ln your heart as ,1f, 1 XX a pactonal history of the good ole days Ml We know this book wull uncrease an value wlth X f f ll' the passing of each year and are honored to ff Illlilling J l have played a part sn recording nt ll Y alll ION!! QIRNNV I yy I W, Jpliwll 4 , .v,,f'lfhl5UlW ' A l a lllflawkvlwllglltl? f By Far the Greatest Name In Yearbooks 'W 1 nm ffpyjjyly ,Mr 'lv fl 1 N , H' Hill r l 6001 E Rosedale 0 Fort Worth Texas ll 5 Nl' . , 5 P '15 I i I .Q kg X Q-- if M .x f,.'..x. ,Y-.Nw , 'E N' 1 K 'iff K. '-1 'SSW' 5 .9 f.- s :Q 6 :, f -' ' f 'X 7 if -0 L., N 3-N 'P Q ve- , 5: 5, M , N 'nv -.. ' xlfiifi' ag? Wd. . I i?Q??f X 1 I "' - mill A .W Anmgy , .A 1 1 V 41wf.f, f V: i xfzifiwfi AL. arf ' fi x - m : Am . A-' ' Q 1 ' jg 'Q all M . , A , X . I an N 1 6-1 Q. .--.,..'?d 'qw ,, . N - N , 1 ' ' ., ' 2 ' 4 ' 1' fm. ff, H1 1 . 5 f 'f - ff sig' .LX Iv F ' 112- x 5, gc! x ' ' Q 3 'ipwf Q553 - 3-Q. . M, ,l..,, Q -I si? -4"'7Q--,ii 4' ' 'a5:"3Q,,5,' , +L "ii 7 ax . sy.' '. 'X ,, was Au . dawg J S P U1 f w A rin' Q ' .qv-' fx-' - - . , . ' 5 -' -5. F' ,Hn - - -, .. 4 Q 3 h 4 ,4:,w 2J3','fyff'-+ , b A , 1 ,, ff WZ ' " 55,22 "':"3'S"W 5- H' LW Q- -. '- 1+ 1 ' Pfww., ' .lt 1 , A -,, fy Z S-f f yalwtgu -, W ... -1 f 'xf zgfi' A ' , v'1if,i:J9l"f,.f- ' 'H'-5m1.'5'43f -Q, nf. - ' Y ,M 4,4 ,44 f. ff Q. " j w --1 11 'f .s,31."1: ,.,-.--s1'.vf', J' '- f ' M " ef.-A vs Q

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