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, wi.-'Q 1 Y . ii N.. mi , :J I ..-...env- 1 'D Far iliefisa muff 'wi m be EGQXGH from this room iTlTlI5 fQfiUQiTU ,,...-f - A -f?.4g'Qi-iw L4 .'.-W1 L- tr! '- ' 'Wi' 'WM H ,..-a-1' f r if ug mE':Sf , Q . '-,, :K-f xv- . ' ' , ffl' 1? i ,,,,,,di0' - .sag-2. i- If-A Patricia Floodferlimr cw W THIS CRl'l'FRl0N Al'1lIN0l'f' High Svlnml Al'll!N0l't'. Uklzllmnm 1953 - 1956 volume' 49 UW! Carol Wlllte jmck Rldcllc R111 Duman managzng ulzlnr Don X91 cr lnuwnese nmnatur O O A . 3? L ' assislnnt erlitors , t g x u I u x r I Student Life ln APCUYNOPG Hiqn School Now for a year we have been together. YVe have studied and played- YVe have cried and cheered- XVc have struggled and succeeded. In years after May we rememher each other and what we did together! Contents Administration Time for Fun Knowledge for Life The Sports Story Our Calendar Queens Favorites Classes He led-We followed I N. f' 'S 4' f O . Q-: - 'x .,f 5, x S x ,'s V 0 0 -5 1, f . i' on - ' DEDICATION To you, Our PARENTS, We offer this dedication ff x 'if 'af With pride and siilcerity x This Cfemm.ouf R1TER1oN .. Q Q fgeyiv in 5 'Q . x ' . I 1 ,K . ' I 'v Q ' 'is Q 'N C' . H 4, -11 V 0 x . . f xx 4 Jil r 'Wt' 2' rclmore Board of Education Guy Givens Paul Sperry .AQ At a monthly meeting the Board confers with llarold Flood, architect, and Rhys Evans, attorney. To maintain the high standards and ideals of the system and carry out the extensive programs ol .-Xtdmoi'e's millionrdollar school year are the responsibilities of the lloard of Education. Despite the numerous ohstacles and perennial shortages, the lloard continues to work with coordinated endeavor. The recently completed Calveteriarl lome llc. huilding is a line example ol' their careful and detailed planning. They are already investigating possihle sites lor the new senior high auditorium and several grade schools. President is Cluy Givens and vice-president is Paul Sperry. Sam Noble, lloyle Carloeli and E. l.. hlassad are nicmhers. JI. Iloyle Carloek E. L. Massad Sam Noble ., f 52 .fmlmb 1 .1 iv ...B 1. Administration Student Life in Ardmore lligh school . .i.. - could not have heen as complete without the steady eompanionship of our superintendent. George ll. llann. in the classroom. on the athletic field. and in all extra-eurrieular ac- 3 s' tivities he has guided our steps toward higher W levels of good living and fine learning. Mr. llann's edueational prestige in state and national organizations prevails here at home. llis own personal high standards of living and his positive assuranee of our in- estimahle alwilities have inspired us. as stu- dents. to utilize our advantages for higher knowledge. and to mold our lives spiritually as worth-while citizens. .lames W. Bruce is Administrative Assistant to the superintendent. Une of his difficulttasks this year has heen managing the new cafeteria. Mr. T. E. Garrison. clerk of the Board of lfdueation. has served in this capacity for many years. lle takes care of payrolls and all related details. Mrs. Irene M. Goodwin is Audio-Visual Co-ordinator for the entire sehool system. She orders and issues all films. and manages the projectors used hy the Ardmore City Schools. This department also conducts the health programs for checking vision and hearing.and handles all duplicating work. Attendance Supervisor. Mrs. Wiiiifred Brown. keeps the attendance records and does the school visiting. Mrs. Frances Essary. secretary to Mr. Hann. hesides doing all of the administrative eorrespondenee. records the minutes and husiness trans- actions of the School Board. T. E. Garrison Irene McGoodwin Winifred Brown 5 1:1 James W. Br UCC Frances Essary 1 ' is WQ9 elministrcation Mr. hlurl ll. Price is one of the most distinctive figures in educational associations throughout the southwest. llc is now vice-president of the Okla- homa Education Association and attended thc na- tional meeting in Atlantic City last year. Ile takes an active part in the Lions Cluh, having recently held the ollice of District-Ciovernor. To round out his husy life as an educator and civic leader, he is considered indispensahle in his church. ln school, with the students,hlr. Pricc's infallihle policy ol' impartiality, lair play, and sound judgment has gained him deep respect. Through his un! ceasing efforts and determination, our school has won a notahle reputation throughout the state. produces his greatest reward. ,J Airs. Rohert Coins, secretary of AI iS, is assisted hy Peggy Smithwicli, Karen Kincheloe, Nancy XVhite, Karen Scovill, Barbara Short, and julia Lang. The girls are office reeeptionists, boolv keepers, and errand girls all in one. Although the work is time-consuming and hard, it is a rewarding as well as a worthwhile job. YL! llowever, these achievements are liar outweighed, according to parents, who consider the ch n ictu hc Don Yeager Student Bodq O f f I c e P 5 A I . '29 lx .lim Dolman gif 2 'flax S ,' 56 O Attendance at the State Student Council Convention in Tulsa lvy the officers of the Student Governing Rody liegan tht- activities for the 1955-56 school ycar. Throughout the school year. lim Dolman. Student Body presi- dent. along with vicc-president. Don Yeager. led this governing hody in many fund-raising projects hy selling Student Directories. presenting the All-School Play. having concessions at a foothall game. and promoting the daily sale of school supplies. Queen coro- nations and the Homecoming Parade were also council sponsored activities. Good citizenship in our democratic government is the important aim and objective stressed constantly hy the Student Council. The Student Council is a luncheon organization that meets each Tuesday with Mrs. Joe Busch and R. E. Goins as sponsors. x- Paula Allen Christie Sullivan Nancy White George Collier ,lan Goins Mickey Andrade . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer P0fll.0II16Hf0fI.GlI H islorian Sergeant-at-arms Shelia Brown Nancy Clement Cary Dotson Billy Guy Givens David Ilorn Dale Iohnson johnny Levine John Pearson Betty Coomhs Tommy Cox Barhara Dixon Charles llays Peggy llolder Tom Ed James Lorclca jenkins Frank Landrum Student Councu Max Brnmley Roseinary Comhs PLlII'iCl.l lilood Cary lleartsill john Paul johnson Tom Loelte l.1nda Xlilgnn Sandy Peterson Keith Read laelt Riddle l.arry Smith Peggy Smitliwielt Ruth Ann Steele lon Stroinherg Dee vliipps Roh Luke Carolyn Massy Judy MCGalliard Sherrian Robinson jerry Royal David Rylier -lack Shakely Penny Phipps Karen Seovill Barhara Short Janie Simth Bill ie Rae Strong Charles Tate Kent XVilliams Notionol Honor Societu The highest honor oiliered in Ard- more liigh School was hestowed on l-l seniors and 10 juniors who became memhers ol' the National lionor Society this year. Nine senior memhers were initiated last year. In order to qualify for this honor, only those who rank in the upper one-third of their class are eligihle for considera- tion. Then, only ten percent of the seniors and eight percent oi the juniors are admitted. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the personal traits that de- termine election to memhership in this national honor organization by the faculty. Juniors include Mary Lou Means, Io Ann Ilunt, Charlotte Pretty, Judy Adams, Kent VVilliams, George Collier, Cary Dotson, Billy Guy Givens, David liorn, and Melinda iNlcClanahan. Mrs. Lillian G. Schenk is the sponsor of this organization. President of the society is Gene Cunningham. Christie Sullivan and Norma Joy are vice- president and secretary. Other members are Susie Forhes. Louise Gill. Darla Todd, Carolyn Essary. Patricia Flood, Carol Clemons. Karen Kincheloe. Daphne Clifton. Marion Hanson. Bill Duncan, ,lim Bruce, Max Brumley, Josh Stroman, David Scovill. John Paul Johnson. ,Ion Strom- lierg, Tom Locke, Keith Read, .lim Dolman, and Ruth Ann Steele. 'Q G .,wf R3 FL1n ---- M 1-X111cr14'11, 1 Cwklll S4'1'1'4- 11'11Q t114' 111111111 111111 0nc11 111' t11c 1'Ulll' girls 111111 11114-11414'41 Clirls St11t4' 111 111110 1111 t11c OCXV 4'11111p11s Il'1L'l1 to 11111111 4111111115 1114-ir wcc14's st11y. 1Xtt4'1141111g t114' 1114'1't111g, w1114'11 5114155041 t11c 1111p111't:1114'1' of st11tc g411'4'r111114'11t of cJ1i1Al1lOlI1fi, were 1.11u1s4' C111, 17111111 A1111 St4'4'14', CLlI'l71y'll Iissury, 111141 17z1tr1C111 F1414141. P111t11 IXITII Stcc1c 1'4'4'1'11'4'41 t11c 111111111 of 11011115 11110 of tw4'11'c 1m11tst111141111g citizens of C1118 State. Senior boys 1'l'tJIT1 O11111114111111 111411 11151 su1111114-r 4111 U. U. 41111111115 for Boys' State 11111411 was sp1111so1'4111 111' 11141 rX1114'1'14'1111 1.4'g11111. T11'4'11'c of 1Xr4111111r4 s most 1111tst111141i11g 111115 11tt4'1141c41. C11VC1'11111' Cary 111111 1.1c11tc111111t C41vCr110r 1171111111115 1141111111 I1IllL' 111 511411111 to t11c stu41c11t C1L'1L'gL1l1tJll 111111111 with Sup1'4'111c Court 1L141gc Pmvcll 111141 Ol11L'I' O11111111111111 g111'1'1'111114'11t 111'1'11'i111s. P14't111'4'11 111 t114' frmzt 111111 111'4' 11111 131'11414', Bill 1311114'1111, x1LlX 11r1111111'y, 111141 132111 D4111s4111g 501301111 l'0ll', 1111111 1111111s1111, 11lL'1i 1114141142 K1'it11 RC1141, 111141 131-1111 1'114'1111r41s1111: 1111111 1'n11', Cone Cu1111111g1111111, 1.11rry SI111l11, 411111 D4111111111 111141 D011 Yeager. oqs' State :Qin 1--- 1 JF1LA111.'Mi HUF. 1 Latino ,lunior Classical League. or Latin Club. has attained high honors this year. thus living up to its motto 'cad astra per asperai'-A to the stars through difficulties. 'Flu-sc honors include the largest membership in the state of Oklahoma and fourth largest in the na- tion. Patricia Flood serves as Oklahoma vice-president. Attending the National Convention held in Cellar Falls. Iowa. last summer were Patricia Flood and Ruth Ann Steele. who brought hack many valu- able ideas for the cluh. Highlighting the cluhis year of activities were the rough and formal initiations of the first year students. the State Convention at Norman and the annual spring picnic. The sponsor this year was Teresa Henderson. with Jack Riddle as president. Larry Smith as vice-president. Karen Scovill as secre- tary. and Judy Adams as treasurer. 444-A 4. os Amigos Popular among stuclents in .Xrclinore Iligh School is the Spanish Cluh, sponsored hy Mrs. l-illian Sehenls. Although newly organized this year, the L-lab has forty meinhers. Uncler the eapahle leadership oi' Karen Kineheloe, prvsialvlltg Sue Carol Austin, first 'l'iCL I7fCSiL1L'I1fQ Don Yeager, seeoml l'iL'L j7I'L'Si41t'llfQ Carol lilye, SCCfl'il'l7'j ffl,'l7S1lTUV: anal Pat hlitehell, reporter: the Spanish Cluh has had a most aetiye year. Programs were presentetl eaeh month hy Sue Carol and other memhers. Soeial events were plannecl hy Don and his committees. Pan-Ameriean Day was greatly puhlieizecl on April 14, through efforts of the Spanish Cluh. The main ohjeetiye of the group is to further interest in our neighhors to the South. Through programs, emphasis is put on the languages. Customs, people, history and geography of countries in Central and South .Xmeriea ancl Mexico. Officers Lillian G. Schenk 4-H Club v 1 I K x N Bill Duncan The 44II Cluhs of America stress the equal training of the Ileacl, Heart, llancls, and llealth of every memher. Each 4-ll'er tries his best to live up to the motto, To Make the Best Better. The .-XIIS 4-II Cluh is relatively small hut takes an active part in local and county activities. It has heen active in the Share-of-the-Fun contest and has represented Carter County at the clis- trict contest for two consecutive years. ln 1954 Kay Butler and ,lucly Borick representecl the southwest clistrict at the state contest with an Egyptian Dance. Bohhy Roherts, Clint Stampcr, and Bill Duncan have taken top honors in the Carter County ancl Southern Oklahoma Livestock Show the past few years. I I Officers of the Ardmore High School 4-H cluh are Bill Dun- can, presidentg Aileen Young. sw're1ary': .lucly Roriek. view prvsirferilg Dale Rorick, song leader: and Kay Butler. rw- porter. Four-H members practice for the Share-the-Fun contest which they won first in the county. a n cl represented Carter County at the district contest. Ntuncy Rece lfncouragrne-nt of intellectual. social and moral development is the main purpose of the Leaflet Study Club. a literary organi- zation for high school girls. To obtain meinlwrship a girl must have at least a B average. Members are chosen eat-h year by the faculty and limited to the corresponding number of graduating seniors in the club. Leaflets was organized in 1933 by Ladies-of-the-Leaf. an adult literary club of Ardmorea Sponsors for the 1055-56 school year were Mrs. J. L. Dolman. Mrs. T.G. Johnson. Mrs. McMillan Lambert. and faculty sponsor, Miss Muncy Rece. Leaflets 'hr' Offirers nf the club are: Ruth Ann Steele, .rPporl1'r: Peggy S m i t h w i C k. virevpresidentg Adolphine Luton, treasurer: Patricia Flood, president fstand- inglg Norma Joy, serretaryg Kay Butler, historian: Louise Gill, parliamentarian. Georgia Beth Marion pre- sents the program at the monthly Leaflet meeting. Pep Club Y i' The success of the Pep Club is attributed to Coaeh Roh Williams. ' and its officers Gwen Tate. ,ludy Taylor. Billie liar- Strong and ,, Judy' Lewis. 7 i ' z. af .sl-1 as Lf L I Coach- Bob W'illiams 4 WF' School spirit, personified hy' the Pep Clulv. generated the enthusiasm that helped win the third straight Boomer Conferenee championship. Tllese one hundred and twenty'-six girls were very' mueh in evidence at all the homo games lmeeuuse they' formed the heart of the cheering section. Glamorous as they appeared in their red and white uniforms. there was more than glamor in their aetiyities. lleeorating goal posts with sehool colors he-fore each home game and selling red and white lvooster rilrlmons played a large part in hoosting the moral of the entire sehool. o I w 'Y' to .. I 4 N. ll 2 'Y 1 WLM -am ' . 44 1 'MTW f X - W' '-2f :.34' 1.5 ' :7 'U ,tax ,irwfkar x A at . S :X Af Ms I 4- A 6 an ' WX fix I , img 0 'Q A A 4 me 2 Us, S Editor ,...........,.,,.,..,,, Assistant Editors 77,7.,,, Managing Editor ......,. Business Manager ,. ., Art Editor ,,,,,,..,., .,,. Sports Editor ,,,,,, Assistants . A . Make-up-Editor .,,.,,i Assistans .....,. . ...... .. Departmental Editor , , Assistants , .,,,., .,,, , L 'AQGR' fl, ......,Patricia Flood .......Carol White Jack Riddle .........Bill Duncan Don Yeager Darla Todd lim Harrell ,Joe Foster Eddie Smith ...,,,Ruth Ann Steele ...,,,,Ptosemary Combs Gene Burchfield Carolyn Essary . ..,,,, Adolphine Luton josh Stroman in ii Pictoral Editor ,,,,. Literary Editor Assistants , News Editor , Assistants Senior Editor... Assistants Typist , , Linda Milam ,.,.Marion Hanson . Louise Gill Kay Butler . Carol Clemons .. jo lynn Stanley Ann Myers ,Peggy Smithwick Sue Carol Austin Sandy Peterson Karen Kincheloe The Journalism Class has a three-fold pur- pose-thc first. and most important, is com- piling and editing the yearbook, The Cri- terion. Work on the Criterion begins the first day of school, and it is produced com- pletely by the efforts of the journalism staff, class photographers and sponsor. BILL DUNCAN. managing editor. assumed the responsibility for all pictures in this Criterion. His photographs, used extensively by the city paper, won state and national recognition. One football pic- ture. featuring a halfback running minus one shoe. was used by the Associated Press. K ,nu - t inter-etmmmm news lmrozmcleusts repltmee tlme usual selmool news- paper in AHS. By using tlmis lmmetlmml ul' releasing news, stuclents lmmx' zilmcmut clamily lmatppemmings als well as special events. lizmelm weelx tlme Nemx'stml tlme-Air LIIIIIULIHCCS tlme A'Persoimamlity-1mfrtlme-Vveelsf' ll stuclent nmentionecl heeamuse ul' lmis or her' value to tlme selmcmol. Coverage efmimtgiins nzmtioimtil ztncl staite news ol' interest to tlme stuclemmt lwtly, as well :is itenms featuring time lighter sicle ol' sehocml life. News-of-tlme Air eclitcmr is Carol Clenmons. Selmoul pulmlieity for tlme city paper, 'lilme Daily Arai-- nmoreite is written entirely on tlme iimitintive of tlme journzmlf isnm stamfl' with Camrolyim llsstmry :ts eclitor. 'lilme stuclents not only report znmcl write news stories, hut write am weekly ecmlunmn - l liglmselmool lliglmliglmtsn - speeifieamlly to infornm pamrents :tml tlme pulmlie ul' stucleimt life :tml school tmetixities. sr' at PATRICIA FLOOD, eflitfmr. very eapahly di' reetell the puhlieation of this Criterion. She won many honors and hall a straight average. 'J Pronmoting the sale of Criterions and managing the finaneial affairs of tlme stuff were the responsi- hilities of business manager. DON YEACER. Stepping in as Criterion spmmsor this year. NIR5. MARIE MORSE was tlme inspiration fur this truly representatime Criterion. Darlene Adams Bob Ambrose Martha Arnoll Sue Carol Austin Bill Bailey Roger Blount Bill Brown Levoice Buckholtz ,lay Cannon John Carlock Peggy Cast Kenneth Chaffin Bill Cheatham Cay Chinn David Clemens Georffe Ann Connely U Mike Cook Marilyn Craddock Janie Davis Judy Davis Carolyn Essary Jimmy Gabbard l I Music Pride of A. David Garrison Carol Gordon Richard Griffith Marion Hanson Scott Henley Norma J oy Delois Klein Jimmy Lewis Tom Locke Gene Loughridge Rob Luke Larry Luton John Mays Sandra Michael Tommy Miller Ann Myers Jerry Moon Patsy Odom Lynn Pendergrass Charlotte Pretty .lerry Robinson .ludy Rorick H ,.,J, Dale Rorick Jerry Ptoyall James Sanders Butch Sanford .lack Shakely ,lohn Simpler Billie Fred Smith Hayes Smith Larry Smith Priscilla Smith Billie Rae Strong .lanice Thomas Jerry Thomason Warren Vann Bill Wallace Ramona West Paul White Hubert Williams Mary Lou Wilson .loc Woolery Linda Wright Laale Young 1 1 11111 111 1 1 11 A f AHS. 1 X61 1 1 an 1 1111 1 'a11 s 1is f'l'ZlI'. 11 11111 11011. 111111110 1 1 N 111 1 1 111 Qta1111S1 H111 111 111 1 1 1 IIIN DI 11111 1 111- :11111 play- 11Q 1 1111 1 11 1 1 lllll 11111Q 1111 .bn instru- 11IQ 111 111 111 S H1 QI 11 11 3111 111 If pa1':1111'S. 11 1 . 1 1- 1 Il 1 - If 121111 11111 1111111115: If 11' t 111 la 1111111 X1 Fl Ill ll 11J1Q 1 1 fl N 11 and 1-11- T1 1l1 Q NK 111 1 a 11 1 Q1 1111 1 11111 1s111t11 111111 1 11 program 111 It 1 01 1 . N Ill 11 f1-z1tu1'1- If 1 1 11at11111 11 t11 Q77 11111 lllltfll N11111.1 111 dllfillgl the 1 111.11 'Wax 1 Ilffl ll 1 111 1 N11111x ll 111111 1111111111al1l1-1 year lhltvh 9a11f11r1l S1'f'L'l'!1llf Jerry H111111 lfnrpnral I,ZlN'i1! Carris1111 Librarian Nlnmm lox Billie Rae Strung 3111111 fpllllll H1'r111' Tu'1'rl1fr , 2 5 i n ai R L E R The vivaeious majorettes. Sue Carol Austin. Billie- Rae Strong. Ann Myers. and Judy Roriek. never lacked in new ideas. They originated the Hawaiian Twirl and a fire-haton act. In the Christmas parade they led the hand in eolorful eostumes representing the season. Not only were they haukr-fl hy the entire student hody. hut nature contrived to add to their glory as shown in the pictures on this page. Y Q. 1 xl 54. ' . i' 9 ' l A I .I 'f ,- 'f-.1 gufsda. 'I Long liours of practice were l1CL'L'SSill'y lmcforc any cnscmlulc ol' ilu- vocal IUlISiL' clcpzirlmcnt coulcl appear pulmliuly. ililic Ciirls' Qualrlct is coinposccl ol' Clcorgizi llctli hlllfitlll, I.o1lisc Gill, Donna Rcnlvro, and Carol Bcarclon. rlilic Nixcal Uctct luis I,inclai llcnclriclas, Ciwcn Tate, juan lurnugc, lim Brrlcv. Ir., Kcnnctli Ioncs, Ronnie Floyd, aincl jim Dolmzin. llugcnizi Sullivan also sings with this group. Anne Rolmcrts is accompanist. i I l .Rn 1 SSYVYQ, E Z1 ' Special Spccigii L'IlSCllli5lL'S 111-11' Ll distinct 111111 til' tht' Itlllxik' LiL'I5LlI'lIl1L'l1l. 1111cl1-1' 1111- 'L'CIitlllUi'1i. Xi. P.lI1ixI'QlIl 1111511-111-. S11111t'11l' .X1'tl111111'cR must tgllcittvci xuuilistx 11 uit' mctlihcrs oi' thc high sthiiiml Slut-t'i.1l Xlixctl cvl1ltl'LlS. IIQIICNC attttlcnts mct t'.1ch 111111'11i11g hctuix' 501111111 111 uuici' tu l5l'L'IXll't' IILIIHIWUIAS hir tht' t'x1'1'pti1111.1l l5I'U5,1IllI1lN thvx' l3I'C5L'Illl'li. Xlthuugh rht- Mixed Ch11r11s is 1111 L'XIl'llClll'I'ik'lliLlI' 111'ti1it1, ,Xl IS has 1'1'u-ixui 11111t'l1 ,., ,.,, . A .. .1 . 1' ui this llllhllllltilltgi Llllllllt, N 'I'l1 ' 0 iirst c1ilI'lSll11LlS c,l'.lll7l'iUu to ht' sung hx' .1 high suiiriwl L'iltllAllS 11.1s 111.1ci1' hx' this , gmtlp Cihristinals whom it pt'1'ii111'111ccl fm' tht' st11dt'11t lumix .tml ttlw -1t 1 xpcci il I4L'L'il'li M'.PnnkmtZ in Ql local L'h111'ch. 1X1111th1'1' rcligitmtis 111113111111 11.1x 1l11- 11-ptxit l3L'lkI-UI'IN.lllL'L' ul' thc Dzrectur .. , . .. - 4 . . . . . . C11'11c1i1X11111 att I',llSlL'l'. Uthcr 11t't111t1cs 111t'l111lt'1l 5t.1tt' .111cl chstrtct u111tt'wtw, tl 11111x111 i,C5liY1ll, Ct1ITll11k'lIL'CINL'IlI, llllli IIIUH' 'Il1l1ll'll SIWIIN' L'UI1L'L'l'l 1 1 . 5 , Mixed Chorus - 1 ,lim l1l'llk'L' 'lorry Vlqlwiims ilu ici R5-Lui' iicnnclii Ylimcs iiiii Baliicy llusscll ciLil'l112lL'ii Unix iiutici' l larry rliipps Xliixc Cliimmn Cimwiuii Pallincl -I im Dolinun Runnic iiluyci Slainicy Ucglrmi Cin' Chin n iivlly C'mnnius Doris Pilfiliblllll Nancy Gill Cami BL'Lll'Ci0I1 'Inna' iDcXVmiciy Donna Rciiivni Clcnrgigi Kizirion l'risciilnSinixl1 iinniaiiiCmii'ici1s linda Lznnin Kin' R0iJCl'lSul1 imlisc Gill Clailc Murchison iiugvnin Sullivan -In-gin Vi-lll'l11lgC xiLll'lill1,Xl'l11lii .luciy Ott iinclgi Xx7iliIL'illIl'Sl -v 'sw .4- WI '38 ,W 'Q 'B W? 49 All stars arenit in heaven!-not since the cast of Seventeenth Summeru presented such a superh performance last November. The play is a lively family story centering around a seventeen-year old girl and her first love. The drama hegins when two of Angies friends engineer a misunderstanding between Angie and her steady. The laughs are prompted hy the father and his impish ten-year-old daughter. Kitty. Lor- raine. Angies older sister. fell for the man-about town and. of course. there was the inevitahle wolf. who continually made plays for Angie. Q, . All School Dloq 'Seventeenth Summer' A n gie Margaret Lorraine Kiny .lIr. Morrow Mrs. Morrou' f ack A rt Martin lane Tony Margie Fitz Melinda Mt-Clanahan Judy MacCalliard Carol White . Sandy Peterson Richard Griffith Lou Yvilliams Phil Brown Jack Riddle Charles Tate Barhara Dixon Don Dobson Katy Leach Jerry Akers Student Council ticket committee chair- man. Linda Milam. presents a gift to di- rector. Mrs. Dorothy Oshorn. Melinda McClanal1ane--tlie star of the play. The family lSandy Peterson. Lou Williams. Carol Wlhite. and Richard Grif- fithh meets Martin. fliharles Tate.l Krioxmlecjqea Flor L:fez--- EnqHshIV,V Developing habits of good thinking. learning the mechanics of formal writing for college use. and studying the masterpieces of English Literature form the pattern of English IV. Throughout the year Mrs. Julia K. Sparger. senior English teacher. stresses college preparatory work. Constructive habits of thinking are taught throughout the entire course. Students do either a research theme of 2,000 words or a project of in- terviewing old-timers concerning their memories of early Oklahoma statehood. For their Shakespear- ian study in English Literature. Macbeth was chosen. English V, also taught by Mrs. Sparger, is designed for students not planning to attend col- lege. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary building, improvement of reading. and oral communication. Standardized tests are given at the first and close of the year to determine if the student has im- proved in the course. In all her classes Mrs. Sparger tries to impress the importance of definite skills in any field which they might enter upon graduation. .La A EnqHshlLIH A better understanding and appreciation of America through the study of American literature from its colonial beginnings to the present day is impressed upon English III students by instructors. Mrs. Dorothy Osborn and Mrs. Lillian Schenk. To further the study of American forms of writing. each student writes for his creative project a short story. Fromujulius Caesari' to Silas Marnern. from noun and verb forms to uldylls of the King . Soph- omore English students have emphasis divided evenly on literature and language. Simple com- position and construction of short paragraphs are all part of the grammar which is stressed by Eng- lish II teachers. Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Lawrence. This type of flfrure results when the midpoints of the. sides of a quadrilateral are joined in order. Detailed explanation of the application of theorems to geometrical problems gets the interest in this math class. Still life-exemplification of solid ge- ometryl ' e . ite, . ' ' - 5- 'lS'P K'f:1i'ai7'5-':'ffyQ5. Mathematics lNat1onal recognition has been men to mathematlcs teacher Mrs Nina O Biumfn ld Magazine write ups haxe descrllmed the 'eo metrical ClCSlf I1i and flffures wlmh decorate her room 'is most Ullfflllal 'ind eye appeal lnfv However 1t IQ not hard to understand that it took plenty of hard work 'md creative skill to construct these fine works of art But just to what decree 'ue the angles of mathematics covered 1n Ardmore H1 h School? Mr Delton T Coodm keeps his geometry classes husy learnlnff new theorems working proofs and explalnlnff illustrated problems while Mrs Brumflelds students work hard on their originals and geometry projects Mrs Marie R Morse teaches lllnh school arithmetic which applles math to everyday problems Of special interest to students throughout the department was the1r pre paratlon of authentic income tax returns Advanced mathematics lncludlnff Alfve bra II Solid Geometry and Trlfvonometrv is also taught by Mrs Brumfleld In these courses practical application of subject matter IS stressed as well as regular class work Science s Where lnltrosmopts enhance an under world and stalpfls rueal the mechamsm of ammal hfc where reasons wshw are wewh ed and fm ts are exposcd IH test tuhes here ln these lalmoratolles SCIPIICC students UflXCll '1 lnore tllll httncd tomorrow At the hefrlnnlnf of the 55 56 school xear Qtlt'llllfll research was eased and made more enjoxahlc hy the dlldltlOI'l of a reference llbrars to the suente department Wlth thls ard more extensne studs IQ avaxlahle to the puplls mshm f to adx ance ln the scrence fleld The perfectmf of lY1CllXldLl8l and 'TFOUP projects kept sclente students husw workmfr hard to 1tt'nn honors at the Natlonal gflfilttt falr that was held IH Oklahoma Cm The projects m the earth hlologlcal and physlcal sclences entered ln the local tex hxbltt won hr h pralse from XISIUIIU scren tlStS who judfred the dlSpl3yS These en trles meluded a model dalrx plant an operat mg oll derrrck a scale model of the atomlc submarme lN'1ut1lus and entomologlcal dr plays Teachers m thrs d partment are R P Golns Bloloffx teacher and D T Coodm Chemistry and Physics Instructor 'W'-w 55 Whlle WISIUII f thc Noble lqoundatron the Ph, SICS class studles the effect of radlo 3CllVlty on plants Mr Goms explams the dtlxcatc parts of the ear usmfr a lfufe chma reproductlon as a model Students carefulls measure the lngrc dlents before proceedlnff mth the evcperr ment -. +Hstorq Marco Polo would find the AHS history department an ideal place to learn all about his travels. With Miss Muncy Rece teaching American History. and Mr. Eugene Todd ex- pounding his knowledge of World History, students did not lack for historical informa- tion. Besides regular textbook assignments, keeping informed on current events through films, special reports. and reference reading are essential. Emphasis is placed upon the individual contributions of men and women in the development and growth of the world. The D.A.R. awards, given for the past thirty years by the Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution, are presented to the two out- standing American History students whose work merits them special recognition. Win- ners are selected by competitive examinations and their names are inscribed on a plaque in the main hall. Language New doors of learning opened to many students as they ventured into the studies of Latin and Spanish this year. Realizing the values gained from foreign languages, a large percentage of AHS students are enrolled in these courses. Latin. the so-called dead language, is anything but dead in Miss Teresa Hender- sonis classes. After learning the fundamen- tals, stories about Julius Caesar and the con- quests of Gaul were translated. Students with Mrs. Lillian Schenk, found that Spanish classes could be fun as well as informative. The Latin and Spanish medals are given to the outstanding students in each course, at the annual award assembly in the spring. There is much competition among students for these coveted awards. Librcurq The entrance to a world of much knowl- edge and enjoyment lies through an ordinary brown door marked Mrs, Sparks-Library. ln these rooms are found a wealth of books on science, poetry. drama, history. literature. fine arts. religion. philosophy, and other re- lated subjects. Mrs. Blanche Sparks. librarian. is always ready to help a student find material for a report, locate a certain book for reference. or find one entirely for enjoyment. Sopho- mores are taught the principles of the card index system and how to use reference books. Magazines are available for student interest in current events. Study periods are conducted in the li- brary throughout the day and also for the hour preceding first period. The students of AHS are fortunate in having a complete and well maintained library within our walls. -.Hi Enix' ai 'HL-., H its Pt Activities in the art department range from painting a backdrop for the All-School Play and designing posters for class and spe- cial display. to printing greeting cards and entering state and local contests. In addition to learning the principals of drawing and painting. Mrs. Myna Johnson. instructor. urges students to offer their talents to help other departments. These activities give the two art classes opportunities to ac- complish their main objective-creative ex- pression. Art students entered the following con- tests this year: A.A.I'.W.. 'Scholastic Maga- zine. and the local Johnny Dixon contest. which is sponsored bv the local Arno Art Club. Home Economics II girls prepare muffins in a new gas range. a feature of their new kitchen. Mrs. Busch demonstrates the new automatic sewing machine to a group of girls. Doris Pitchford shows her class- mates how to treat a head injury in home nursing. 'ome Economics Occupying their new modern building ere one hundred and twenty girls enrolled i Horne lfconomics and First Aid. T 611 ,rw ultramodern kitchens are fully equipped ith the newest appliances made. The students gained first hand CXPGII ice in cooking hy using a variety of ICH lnges of hoth electric and gas types hich they learned to prepare balanced and itractive meals for all occasions. Furnishings and equipment in the new sewing room are also new and modern. With the help of their new sewing machines the students learn to design and make garments for sports, casual and formal wear. Be sides acquiring knowledge and skill these students also learn style and good taste. This department is directed by Mrs. Joe Busch and is highlighted each year by its annual spring stvle show. -u--5 ...QM- 9: C 5571+ f' I x X, , W 4 2 111 0 Y ' T Ai' . , ,Q ,MQ QFWQQQLQ' Q ' X , V. 0 - f-504 , A, 5 Sava . , L- 5 .R PW ., f .x 1. 1 . t 1'-0 ,. 1, .-as 'ESX 2, W 134 gm Q . ,Ei gas KM A 1353 If 'gm' 45 3, , Lil ' 5 5 Vffw 3 L 6 lwm - sz 4, .3 C3 AQ -., V O va. xxx 6 afel2f ? in V 5' V jx as - 5 .-8.6, 4 .fm , A W ,.......,.- fs- if ... ' 1 'iq' K ' -Q . I ... fax Ni' . EL., ' y 3 'N , gf Commerce The commerce department continues to be one of the most important of our curriculum. Com- merce students are instructed in office skill to pre- pare them for positions after graduation. Subjects taught in this department include typing. short- hand. bookkeeping. stcnography. and transcription. Speed and accuracy is the goal of every typist. Time tests and problems are given each day to aid in self-improvement. Students find that regular practice is the only way to typing perfection. To understand the modern economic system. a knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting is es- sential. This course is designed to give the neces- sary skill and details of bookkeeping that any per- son who operates a business will need. To get and hold a stenographic position. there is no substitute for shorthand skill. The steno- graphy class concentrates on this and strives to take dictation correctly and transcribe rapidly as to form. division of words. spelling. punctuation, and capitalization. A new feature of the commercial classes this year is the Business Girl of the Monthf, One girl. outstanding in the field of commerce, is chosen each month by the Business and Professional Wo- menis Club of Ardmore for this honor. Coach Williams explains the electri- cal keyboard to typing students. Keith Read and Gwen Tate. Bookkeeping students listen intently to Mrs. Akers' instruction on entries in the journal. and posting to the spe- cial ledgers. Letter writing. number practice. and speed tests get the supervision of Mrs. Marie Morse and Miss Nancy Fry. typ- ing instructors. Speech Not Tonight. Pajama Parts am P night Guestl' were three one-act comedies in assembly by Miss Nancy Fry s drama Acting in plays is one requirement of all to overcome their difficulties of stage fri consciousness. and nervousness. l is l tial that every student learn how to apply for both straight and character parts practice in using the voice for specific ch extensive work in reading monologues logues is done. Speaking before a class was a horril perience for first-year speech students bl semester came to an end. they were cc proficient in the art. Subjects ranging thropology to hot rods. and from redwc to rodeos were topics used for informatne Also given a thorough study wer phases of public speaking. parliamentary ure, speech construction. interviewing sel program planning. To think for one's self. to forcibl convincing argument. and to receive speaking skills require hours of practice aration for the numerous debate tournamei the Ardmore teams attend. each dehater n oughly learn the affirmative and nevat ments on the particular subject he will be then the only other requirements are an a and a quick tongue. Students who attain a certain profl debate and speech. may become membe National Forensic League. Katy Leach dent of the organization this year. In a debate assembly jim Bruce presents the affirmative case to the second speaker, Gene Cunningham. Promoting debating, oratory, speak- ing, dramaties, and radio announcing is the purpose of the N.l7.L. Sleepwalkers in Not Tonight interrupt the daughter's marriage proposal. WA K FACING Drivers' Education lin nit lu- ll futulity in ltlIllIHiI'1lNAF ru-xssl This slogan luis lu'f'n tzllwn to lu-nrt tliis xi-au' ln llI2 stiulx-nts isluw llIltlt'I' tlu' rlilxwlimi ul lfugviu- Tmlil lnnv lu-vniiw safe' znul K'lll'Cl-lll ilrivc-rs In Vluss niuw il ne-vli. Slllllt'lllS am- lilllglltl ilu' lniulainwntals uf szlfc- mlrixing. slumn salt-ty lilms. :mil gixvn 4-ye' anul rr'zu'tion tt-sts. Tlwse' ure' cle-sigiuwl In aiil llu'n1 uluin tlu-5 ure- at thc- wheel. l'rm'ing Nlllll tlu-y luivf- leariu-il in class znul putting it into przu'tiu' is tlu- llllI'lHDSt' ul un tlu- ruafl ll'illIllIlQ1.u lfzwli Stuilvnt clriws in tlu- iluul 1-nntrul 1-an' muw- a in-elk. liulvr tlu- ste-auly lnnul znul quit-k cyl- nl Nlr. 'l'mltl. eau-li mu- snnn lie' 1-tunes a Sill-PI' mul nuirv Zll'l'UIllllllSlll'll ilriwr. Skills zu'quire-fl in tlns 4' nursc- will lu- usulilv llirnugluiut il lifetinuz is f-ssvntiul in maintaining ll sails- var. signs stuclvnts of Dlivfrrs' lf1lur'atinn art- rv iff fll1il'f'fl lu iw-ugriizv instantly. lianclling ul ai lwumpefr jzu'k is nf'c'f-ssary wlurtlu-r tlu- :lf-viz-cl is ai llillltl javk ul' a ln' clruulif: By 1-lu-vlxing tlu- nil gage' lu'lm'1' lilklllg. the tlriu-r's 1-ar on its run. Nlr. Tmlcl nlulu-s tlu- tlriu-rs 1-nnsc-umus ul llu- 1-nnstant care- tluit This liiglnvay sign is just one of many 'lb 1-liangv a tire c-lliciviitly. f'nrrvf't Dhqsiccil Education Mrs. l'iranr'es ,lacolwson is senior high physical emlucation tlirector for girls aml Miss Jeanne Barr flirerts the junior high girls. although lioth work with ear-h group. lVlrs. Jacoli- son and Miss Barr are new in the Arclniore school system. having re- placefl physical eilucation teachers. Miss Doris Duston anrl Mrs. HP. Mitchell. You clon't have to he an expert to have fun. lligh school girls stress this point while participating in physical education events. such as basketball. volley- hall, soccer, tennis. hasehall. ancl talilc tennis. During the year tournaments were helfl in most of these sports with the winning team gaining points toward an athletic letter. To improve the girls' poise and posture -'to learn how to enjoy sports in later life-to encourage good sportsmanship in all phases of school lifesall of these are objectives in physical education. Storq The Ardmore High School Sports .Xrcl inn ire .Xrclinr irc .Xl'CllI10l'C qlrclmorc .Xrchnc ire .xl'Cll1101'C .Xrtlinore Classcn-27 l.awton-7 Sul ph u rY0 Duncan- I 4 Arla- l -l Footboull Pauls Valley-6 Chicltasha-6 ,Xr1lmorc- l 9 .Xl'ClI110l'L' 26 .Xl'lll'l10l'C 14 i'Xl'Cll'l1OI'C 38 .'Xl'ClITlUI'L' 21 ,Xulinorc A rcl more -H 12 Durant- 7 Norman-6 lil Reno-13 Seminole-27 llllts City-6 Midwest City-26 .Kala-13 First flow: Don Yeager, Ronnie liluycl, jun Strornherg, jimmy Ilarrell, Keith Read, Dean llicharclson, John Paul Inlmnson, Bill Short, Furl Mann. Svwml Ilow: Lowell Thomas, Bill Givens, larry Balmer, Ylinuny McNutl, llucltly Russell, jerry llracllcy, llunaltl Smith, less Dunning, Gene Cr-ntrv. Tliiril Ilmr: Conair XVilliams, .lanws XVilliams, lluhln' lytlu. 'llunmy Cox, Bill Cashman, Terry Brown, Clilifurtl Cunm-ly, john Pearson, Dean Plank, Corral: lacobsrm. Fourth Row: Coach limlcl. Vliiblllllly Kyle. Uieltic Patton. Charles llayes, Cup' 'l'. lulhettvr, Bill IJCIIICIY, Bobby Xvells, Ylacltiv: Drennan, l.c'nurcl Leal. Fiftlz How: jimnn' Baxter, ,lack llicltlle, Charles Bailey, Bob Butler, Dale johnson, Otis Rogers, anal lluvid Horn. 1, ,.,.. A-.- A Y .. .N . i S l gi z . Q i i y. . l . ...Ag ug.Lgxi.:.a.:uu1f Best Sportsman Earl Mann Cl X - 5, . , ,, , . S ,. f V 'I :c Q, If in E ,A ' 11 'pli- Q 9 b , be , V Q if S11 1 4, Q 6' '7-27 x- 2 si , , Y 1: i xx 'lf' Rated as All-Conference were Jimmy llurrell, Keith llencl, jim llulmxin, Bill Short, Dean llieliairrlsun, Furl Munn, ,lun Strmixherg, and john l'.iul j in 519' ix ,,,. ., Inga, ,.-- ,nn N . 15 Couch C. E. Tip Jacob- srm, Ardmore Athletic Dircef tor, has been recognized fur the fine frxrllmll teams he has proclueecl in the lust few years. This year Coach Jacobson took his Tiger Eleven to the state finals where ai powerful Ada team overpowered :lic Tigers I8-I2 at Norman. 543.7 ,A , ,-.Y x lwwng-gqesk YA.,-Q. ...1 4 . + S -. if N...T-x-- j .ish 'TA Wi-Am ' ,. X 4 :fs , Q xii? N 1-i ' ., ,,, Q -N-qv ulmsrwn. 8 Most Improrml Dean Richardson E S. if ii 4' v' Boomer ,lon SlI'0IlllH'l'g1 Charles Bailey Bill Short Dean Kivhzmlwn u 39 Keith Rcafl .lim Hurre-II lillfl xlilllll Ruddy Ruwell 1, 1,-ar 1 gif . , 'sg 'i 1, Ci - Q yt f '?'!2'-- . 'Q - '1-' as f - 7, W , V n1Fi 0. 1 19 . l X. Champs Larry Ihhmr , mwcl T llblll' jimmy NlvNutI Don Yea er ,-cu, Ronald Smith fene fentry Bill fivcn. Runnie Flnyfl O k . I4 l l A- 1 , , . H gi -ax jg 53351 A ,ggrfls v 4 K 1 . 42 A of ..,' ' ,. ,Q is .A '. . .. Q5 1 :S 111, I X R , 1 4 wi 1 ,Q if 1' Q fa .. ' I is 4 X fn , A '-ff. ' - .X ' 1 , 1 ,- V 1 , Q r W Eff nf , B, ! W. V as U a, . W5 'Q ' ,N 5 . ,L K X , . Q . ,V ,A . 'K QM- , - ' Eg' ' 1 3- X, H W ,ty VL VX , f - fm? R si 1 .mf .. W , : uf .wX ,, .'H, Q f X , . . -' f x A .Q x H' .rv 2-3 F xxugfi if J 'f5,W f -Mffi RJ? ' jg I, ' W 'Q X ,KJ ' L fi' tix 51:1 - ' ' , ' J ' W, A Q' all , , . K ., I W QW K X s if Q , I Q u 'MA Q .fjgv 4 ,,K,yA fx It V, .A Vimwig V vii 5 W V X -'Q KM 'K ..., f-:E mrgg s z..,k N 'Q A:',.4y-4375 Hx. ' W WCM- W X' gif' 'Q 'ir ' ' 5 ' r 3, , 1 K ,A Wu x X ,K , ,M A , 2 - M AA V 3-if N MV- f E, Sain ,. W, I ' 5: , , ', 'W ffm .Lk-v'? m,'V K' fx W ,y 5 33 V? v-.. WW' ,gym A mi 'Jw ay in 4 vs.. ,K fa. if .gk-77 - g Q, fa ,V QQ Kg? 4' Q X 4 A we gf Q 2-. SH.. 35: Qu: 5-'Q ' ' - ,. ,wif Wi si if QS 3 RB' ugf Basketball Scores ,-X1'drnorc-55 Tulsa Xvcbstcr-60 ,'Xrdmm'c-28 Tulsa Rogers-62 Ardmore-58 .lulm Marshall-55 IxI'ClI'IlOI'C-46 Nurtlrcust-77 Arclmorc-45 'llxlsn Rogers-53 Ardlnorc-59 Pauls Valley-39 Ardxnorc-?a9 lnl l1cnoH53 fXrdn1cmrc-67 ,-Xdn-74 Ardmore-51 Du ra1ntF66 Ardmore-48 l.L1XVIOl1'37 1Xl'dfH0l'CA64 Clmickzrslm-42 .Xl'ClIT1Ol'C-SS Nurmxm-66 .'XI'dIT1UTL'-47 I Dlllllllf-54 r-X1'd1n0rc-45 lbllllfllll-41 Ardmore 53 Bennington-43 iXl'dl'l'lOI'C--63 Uurzmt-66 Ardmorc+'52 Suwncc-67 Ardmore 38 Nurmzm-72 ,-X1'clm0rL-69 ,Mlm-91 Archnorc 53 Clmicknslm-67 Ardmore 44 Duncan-52 Ardmore 62 Lawton-66 Ardmore-49 SIILIXVDCC-52 Best Sportsman Most Improved Larry Bahncr VVallace jones 7 5 B Harry Dodd coached the B team. On the team were Charles Hays, Kenneth Anderson Guy Ledbetter, Harold Hendricks, Tom Goss, Jimmie Baxter, Lynn Pendergrass, John Johnson and Tom Ed James. A Club The A Club, composed of winners of the varsity athletic A, is one of the youngest student organizations in the school. Purposes of the club are the promotion of fellowship and a feel- ing of goodwill, as well as the supporting of all activities for the betterment of AHS. Concessions at the home basket- ball games and track meets fur- nished the money for all their activities including mixers and the annual fishing trip held at the end of school. Earl Mann is president with John Paul Johnson, Dean Richard- son and the entire staff assisting him. March March March March N larch A lareli Track Durant Dual, A and B April 7-Southern Invitational 17-Ft. YVortli Invitational April I4-Central State Duncan Dual, A and B April 21-Boomer Conference Meet Southeastern Invitational April 28-Regional Meet Arla Dual May 5-State Meet Murray Invitational May 12-Aggie Relays Bill Givens-440 yard dash James Williams 880 fun Golf ,Xrclmore lligh School golf team coached hy Tip lacohson took part in several meets over the state this season. David Ilorn and Ierry VVest- heimer, two returning lettermen, leucl the team in the matches. H Y 4? Tennis Members of the tennis team, Linda Milam, Gwen Tate, Sue Huston, Thomas Epler, Phil Brown, Kenny Chaffin, Kenneth Jones, Jerry Moon, and Jerry VVilliams practice daily. Jerry Moon, team ace, practices service. . V . :fe T? k A . L L, , z'QE2?1i'X , Fir i 5'-ref .' i vi' K egg Ilcacling thc 1955-56 honor students were jim Dolman and Gene Cunningham. Their selection to rcprcscnt Ardmore High School at the Rotary and Kiwanis Club lunchcons was based on lcucicr- ship, scholarship, citizenship, and character. 3 W ist? i 28 29 in N fe' . 5 Vw. 'Em YS, f 4 K ,. I its,-at ff .,. , 'WJ 4, 'Y' H143 ., 1 -cnt. 'vf., Qutstanding lxonor students of October were Don Yeager and lack Riddle, Kiwanians and Rotarians, accompanied by Ruth Ann Stcclc and Patricia Flood as Ryonis. Tlrcy wcrc sch-cred by popular vote ol' thc faculty. Q 0 N x i .X ,- s.. we 53 9 4 ks 33 gx Wfvlua. Attending eivie elub lunelieons were Peggy Smitliwiek and Christie Sullivan, guests of Ryonis, and Bill Duncan and John Paul lolinson as Kiwanis and Rotary guests. Students must be seniors to be lionor students. N vu yi QR 6 X IK? Norma joy with Carolyn Essary, and Jim Bruce, Ir. with Bob Butler attcnclccl Civic lunchcons clur- ing thc holiclzly scuson. DMN? i gg 3148: 8 Seniors ixlllfiilll I lanson, Karen Kineheloe, David Seovill, and Max Brumley, were voted honor stu- dents for Ja1nLlx1ry. As the new year begun seniors, ns well as under elussmcn, begun erzlmming for their lust semester. MW ,'jf'm 4, -fi X4 Z 5 W CHEW: N rgmr omfns mom fx' wwf , ?',-3, ' 'Q llolcling the title of Felmru1n'y lionor students were Pat Mitchell, Paula Fleming, Tom Locke, xincl Earl Mann. P1'olmilmle lionor students for next year begun the extensive testing progruni oliferecl. by the guidance department. N520 W If I5 A IEE wp W NYS' Prominent seniors were the March representatives to club lunelmeons. Carol Clemons, Kay Butler, Gordon Palmer, and David Garrison won the hon- ors for March. Otlmeroutstancling seniors gave their annual play, Cinderella Cottage. ,4i ff' ,-K 3 ? Chosen as club clclcgutcs for April were Rosemary Combs, Louise Gill, Keith Road, and Larry Smith. Scniors cmitrnctcd spring lover in Al big way- liluwcrs aiml movies Ccvcn air sclioulj wcrc rcminclcrs of lt's about over. f Z , S ii A1 M63 1,1 lf- ',1.? J 1 fvltt f A, . Av 1 :Y - 5 v 5' A , lx: K ,n ,P fZf'.'I f ' .Q T43 ,gg A uf WW A 1,1 'R !' C V , . ' .w-Q, . hflklf J , gig- f ,Y 5' H23 f 25 ' llf f 5 J? L ili' ' ff EF35' A-' J ig at, ,. ., , if fu ,.-' -f. H Q- Q, 5 ,, J' I . iff-Qfg-cl I . I - 'ft . ' lx . Qiswx , . ww .f u ,w vt, , V A islam L, B 75 1 if T U If A Aw w 3 ' .J Ta' ,,, f Evra g -w - E A hi f, gf 14 Delightful luncheon meetings were zlttenclecl in May by Nancy llrucly, Nancy Gill, 'lon Stromlxerg, :incl Iosli Stromun. Senior lXUfll1ll joy reignerl as lmncl queen ut tlie annual spring concert. Sharing social honors were Superintendent and Mrs. George D. llzinn, who welcomed guests ut tlie opening of tlie new cafeteria. A lil li- F an 5 X9 Q jfnuthall Qaueen Que Qlarnl Qustin ZBEIIIU Hunan jaurma Zlnp Ezvakethall QIIPPII Hilary Jane Blair 12 x ff WW' ' 'I a 1 3 9. i Q S 3 . , s.1..4fs,,-1-.hi f ' .1 3' J . . X, , .in 1 ,r 0 ,lr 'YE ' E13 5 ..ff,14 P ' NM, . FQ S -1 -:.3.,- 3. . :W . fm- - Es M.: 1 wr 15? Ts , 1 .P-. - gf 3 Q fn Q Sue Huston Carol Whlte Nancy Hardy Sandy Peterson Judy Lewls Sharon Mann A T T E N a., D y r A A y y N y W T W? o S , Szniurs Qllbuse iBatri:ia jflunh an ilim Eulman Must Qutstanhin U 'hw 4093 V Smitbtnink anim Beith Beau Must Qllrgrnunh Virginia QEpIep unh Elnbn Raul Zlubnsun mm X, -ev Q Am Brettnest, Ziaanhsum f -A ,W Jiflltcbell ants Bun Beager iBm:-funalntp .IWW ,. 5 'x '17 ln. Qt- W sw, Kgs ,Q '31 Muse Suhp Bahia anh ' ' Gum GED Blames Ziheal M-1-' jllilcbalharh ant: Sup UI. 'ilehhetter illilnst promising S I L s' R ,, 1 Q -.' . Sk, N , EY 1X 'U ,P 'ui 4-..--.-...... f- .s M. , 1 ,,,,x,?, 3 .ik ' L '55 fs f . f 4 gi? fy! W ,xy Y 'A , . , 1 45 , ig, R ...S- I r x Seniors Globe trotters and award winners are titles well de- served by the 1956 seniors. These class members ob- tained eminence by adding a cosmopolitan flavor through world-wide travel this summer. Gene Cunningham went to Washington D. C., Larry Smith flew to Paris, France, Peggy Smithwick visited the United Nations and Wash- ington D. C.g ,lim Dolman toured the Southern Missions, Pat Flood and Ruth Ann Steele were delegates to the Junior Classical League convention in lowag and Gary Heartsill toured ltaly as an exchange student of the Civil Air Patrol. Members of the class distinguished themselves in scholarship, service, and athletics. Repeatedly appearing on the honor roll were twenty-eight students, with Pat Flood topping the roll with straight A's', for the semes- ter and each six weeks. Gene Cunningham, while at- tending Boys' State, was elected to represent Oklahoma at Boys' nation. ,lohn Paul Johnson, left half-back of the football team, was chosen as a member of the All- State Eleven and won honorable mention in the high school All-American. Their admirable record was completed when the class won the Service Cup-leading with four-hundred and forty points-the first semester for outstanding par- ticipation in school activities. At the close of school, awards were given to seniors high in scholastic and athletic ability, the American Legion award, highest offered to seniors, the Love award, presented to both a prominent senior boy and girl, and the 3500 Journalism Scholarship awarded to the most outstanding journalism student. Officers of the senior class were Keith Read, presi- dent, Pat Mitchell, vice-president, and Nancy Hardy, secretary, Mrs. ,lulia K. Sparger and Miss Teresa Hen- derson, who supervised all senior activities. proved to be capable sponsors. li . 343,-3' Seniors . , Q so i i A, N 3 'L' wg Y -N I I .A ilx 'T' ' 0 I Carol Bark:-r Carol Bvardrm Kats' Bettvs Carolyn Binion Shirley Blavklwurn Roger Blount ng. f 'fi I ID I 3 ,Q ,..-as , ,Q gm . Q 0'1- ,sts ,A 'X Z 1956 l.llYt'Il Agun Yvally Anderson Sue Carol Austin Kenny Bacon Charle-s Baile-3 Hem ard Baird 41: ,nk 1' r 5 i -.-1 ff ., 5 if w. Donald Boyer Sandra Brodiv jimmy Br mrfr ks Judy Brown Suv Carol Brown Jim Bru crzf. jr. 11- ,ig ga, we .J , - , 4 if I fi .-1 A9 Q 'J 2:1- Qff- f, 'atc i gg -i 1 I 51 'wg wr I Max Brumlc-y lxvoi r'm- Buvkholtz Ge-nv Burr-hfie-ld Bob Butlvr Kay Butlf-r Carol Carmun 'F av' IC T .aux 'E J 4 '1- .-'iQT' , fo A- 5 3 Rosemary Combs Ronald Couch Ruth Ann Cox Billy Cullf-y Gene Cunningham Mae Davenport I . ?f', 1 'Q 1 i Q0-Y X, A 14? 1 QQ Senior 1956 Wayne Clmmlwrs Carol Clemona Gary Clif! lYapl1m- Clifton Julian Colle-noul llonna Collins ap 'Q S ,M Ag ...Q 5 ,Q ,lerry llix mrru Dan llolwson Lava Joy llodg ,lim llolman Le-ta llotson Bill llunuan Ull l f 1 -41 l Q fc- 1 lr - 'FS Q . in -is '97 4 ax Z3 , -cv .' .E lk gi' 5 I .L If up to P Gerald Fllis Virginia Fplf-5 Carolyn Essary Paula Fleming Patricia Flood Ronald Floyd --9+ 'A 4' 'YS EA D .,g - r. X Marla Cilstrup Bill Clow-r Yum rlq- C 1nrfr lin Ri:-liarrl Griffith Mari fnrl Hanson Ya rlf' N llarnlx -1' l. 4 . X Y 3 Seniors 1956 Susiv lfurlws ,Inv Flush-r Elaine- Fullvr David Carris amii l,uuiSf- Gill Nanvy Gill A 'C iq?- - WA 1 9 lim Harrell David Harris Cary Heartsill Eddie Henry Dale Hoffner Ernie Hoskins U in J' l , ew i Q -an ?L ' zz? vs ,A - Q .dai 51 4, I .ix ,W Af, AF ff-'ng W q,.,.,.f,., .,.,.. ,, , JL s ,ui ab ARK' 'rw ,. 4-x fav Carlton Howard Shirley Huckalwy Sue Huston Jerry Jackson .lohn Paul Johnson lo Lynne Jones Tom hwkf- Mary Lummus .Mlnlphilw I.ut1m Betty Manley Earl Mann Norma Mcflahey Q 0? nl --9 .4- 4 R al!! Seniors 1956 Nm-H111 juy Br-tty Kvmlull Kar:-n Kim-he x1'I'Ill Lusle-5 De-nnis Law-r Ste-wart Lillin 24 lm- QISIUI ii K. Nfff ---n...1' ,517 X Shvrry M1-Mullin Linda Milam Pat Mitr-he-ll Bobbie I, fxr' M cwfm r Bobby M aram rc- Yvorme Murris .3 fi Yg- 11? ff Ann Myers Larry Myers Martha Neely W. A. Newman Travis Odom David Oxlc-y .75 .fi 1 1 ' is. dn Lillie Reclclf-n Jimmie Redman Glynn Rvinlmrt Donna R c-r1 fro Dean Rivharclsun .lark Riflrllf- N fv- -5 .Q .J JD- ! -44, 3 X , 4 F? IS, 1-1 I 141, 11? Z J I X - rl on 9 1? H s 4 .4-,Q - Seniors 1956 Gurdon Palnu-r Nlilfyilllllt' Parkvr John Patterson Suncly Pete-rson Doris Pitvllfnrcl K1-ith Read , ' .Ja 4 , ' if it 1 ...i 7: r iT 1 r ana, 'Y I I' Ny lx ia liulwrsurn Ax: Xmw 'I1SlIQ'IiHIH'I'1Y K V ' gulvlmy Rnlwrls Iuhn lfnrl Hubs-rlwn Kay' Hulse-rtsmm Larry Rwlwrtsmn - 3 A 'V 'Vs w It 1 .rw M' K f J ' X- -' N ' ,al N2 ': j 1 , X , vw f lt: Q if 5 Wfv? it .fs Q ,A-. xx ll ' ' . rg- . , ff' 5 3 w Judy Rorivk Sandra Sf-hull David S r'rmx 'ill Yuvonda Fvrih Gary Shipman Cary Shipp IN .1-'W 'iv 'E 79 .Q- Pi? 49 iff ,A , Eddie Smith Larry Smith Martha Smith Peggy Smithwick Ruth Ann Steele Jnsh Stroman i a 2 O-Q. 115 ' Wa' fri , .-Q , I 1. T' Seniors I956 Bill Short Dianne Showers Rhonnie Sills Laura Carol Simmons John Simple-r Larry Skaggs Y , ,jf - .riff 'iv mi w Jon Stromberg Christie Sullivan Marilyn Talbert Gwen Tate Judy Taylor Nancy Taylor i 'f +f 'v br ... .ny I of -qu-qu VS -r , 3 P Q7 ' T 4 'V L. F E , ,agp . gf , l , 3' , .r'8f L Ollie Taylor lma ,lean Tl Dee Tipps Darla Tudd --5 if N mmpson ,lean Turnagr Julia Ward Sensor 1956 Cliff YXH-her John Wheat Carol White Sam Whin- Cecil Yvilliam ,Iames WilIUfJlll Juniors Determined to uphold and cherish sacred school traditions and their este:-:ned reputation. the junior class entered the school year with renewed effort to keep the highest school award offered. the Service Cup! This they won for the last semester of 1954-55 and tied for the first semester with the 1955 seniors. To this industrious class belong many varied per- sonalities. Buddy Russell. Butch,' Bahner. and James Williams. all around athletes. are outstanding in football. basketball. and track: cheering them on to victory with spirited enthusiasm were cheer-leaders Pat Williams and .lo Ann Hunt. Excelling also in the All-School Play useventeenth Summerf, the junior class produced the leading actress. Melinda McClanahan. and actor, Phil Brown. Latin scholars. mathematical whizzes. promis- ing young chemists. and journalistic enthusiasts keep their class high in mental ability and honor awards. Showboat of the 1920's. featuring class talent. entertained the student body with all the liveliness. wit- tiness, and glamour of the l7lapper Age. Captain of the Showboat. Mickey Andrade. assured this success by his perfect confidence and quick retorts. Al Jolson. .ina .V Hrs. Louise Akers Mrs. Blanche Sparks portrayed to perfection by Larry Powers. dancing sail- ors. short-skirted singers. a trumpet trio. and Charleston dancers provided further enjoyment as part of the junior assembly. Energetic officers leading the class to gain more honors were Bill Givens. presirlent: Mary Lynn Clark. vice-presirleni: and Judy Adams. secretary. Sponsors. Mrs. Louise Akers and Mrs. Blanche Sparks. offered ad- vice and encouragement. which enabled the juniors to attain their envied position. ii? . .322 3 Cllun .XLl.lll' c,ll.ll'lL'S .Xilanix -lllklf' .lnlains l.gmit.1 .Xgan lorry .Xlwrs Paula ,Xllcu Lll1Lll'lCS .Xllisou Clcrgilnl .Xmlcrsou Xliclgcv .Xmlraiclc llillic iluin ilmliony Klaicclcll .Xml xlllflllll .Xrngill ixllllll N law A rnolcl Klairy qlston Larry Bzilinci' llill llziircl Nliirilyn llcrryliill iliommic Hlngg Hairy Aim lllount Nlairy Suc Bowling Jerry llraicllcy john BI'LlCllCy Kcnnctli Brcclit lion Briclgiuan Kzitliic Brooks A-Xrtliur Brown Pliillip Brown Sliclizi Brown 'liuiix' llmwii Pliillip Cililwi-ll w 1 Ciimly ii Ciirr liciiiiy Q:llLll'l'ill Cliy Cliiim Xlziry I.ymi Cliiili Siinimic Clciiiciis Nancy Clciiivnt Ciccmrgv Cnlliur Clililioitl Coiiiicly Hunt Crain .limiu Davis Lilliim Dcclgci' XVilmii lluiii Duniscm Ciziry Dutscm .loss Dunning Clcrgllcl Lclnliiiggtmi ililmiiiiis llpplcr Joyce liislici' Ciiml lilyc Pete l'imi'lx's Bill li1'CCI'I'lllI1 Cicnc Ccntry CEL-iuililiiw Cicurin Miko Gibson l,incl1i Cillwrt Billy Guy Cliwns II fo' s We 'E 1 , 7 fl.. Cami C Jordon lflaiinu Clrccii Dun Hgirris luininx' llzirris Klux Ilclilin Pglrliciai lIL'l'lCiCl'SOI1 Ruby lligginlxitliiiin joscpliinc liigniglit .Xibcrt Ilill Pusty Ilockcrsniith Earl llullowin' Dale Holt David Ilorn Lcnoru Iluglmcs Icuncttc llumplircy Jo .-Xnn Hunt Pam Jennings Uailc Julinsmm Bob Johnston Kcnncllm Jones Virginia Jones VViillucc jones Ronnie Kelly Roscoe Kcnclaill Lincizl Kerr Janie Hitch VFIIUXHLIS Lzikcy Lloyd Imnbcrt cTI1.lI'lL'5 l-LlIH15llL'1'C -I11l1.1 I llllgl l1o1111i1- l.LlSilCI' R111 11' l,CLlL'l1 lloluurt I.c1111111o11t 111111011 LQQHJQIIQ1' iltlllll l,c1'i11c llohlmy 1,1105 XVLIIICI' Li11cIL'1' Cum' I.ULlgIlIAiKlQC 'l'l1111'1111111 I,o11ggl11'1clgC Uolulmy Lytlc c1COl'gill DCYII Xlurion My-li11cl11 KIcClz11111l1z111 IiIlIiI1C 1XIL'ClL'l1I1f' Cc11c1'11 AICKLIB' I.11l1o111:1 KIcI-1111gl1li11 Uillic McKIL1Hi11 .lorry NICNCCI1' IE1111111' XIQNUH 'ILIIICI Xlcxvcthy M1111 Lou Klcuns Tony Klcchick Uow4lc11 Miller Keith NIo11tgo111c1'y 'lorry Aloon ,ILIIUCS Moore Uillx' Alhfgllll I 1 -cg -,, , y 1? 13 1' I ii ui 'QV joan Moxley fhle Mureiiison llxirdy Nlurplmey Newt Negisivitt Ruth Neely iiAll'iXll'il Nelson Put Newinnn iiLlI4i7L1I'l1 Norwood Don Nutt Ifciclie Osmou Monte Ptiseiitill Holm Pzltiiio Robert Patton .lolm Pearson Carol Peiton ixim Penciertgrziss Penny Phipps Danny Pifer Sherrod Pittman Dean Plank Carnes Porter Larry Powers Charlotte Pretty Louise Priee 'Iirumzm Price Ilonulcl Prickly Dorothy Roberts Royce Roberts 1Qcil11 11u11c1'm11 c11L'I1L1L1 11c111il1s1111 51L'l'l'f' 111111111w11 X1111'1' 11110 Olis lkwgi-rs l3L1c1c1y Husscll 11411'11i11':1 511111 13Ll1L'1l 54111111111 IQLIIACII Swvill 13011 S11c1c1Qcy 130110 S11oc1Qcy 13111'11g11x1 811011 Jamie Smith Pzltriciu Smith Prisci11g1 S111i111 110I12l1C1 Smith 10111111ic A1110 Spence 7141111111111 Spciiy ,'X1'1c11c Sl3l'llL111llg 111101 51411101111 Mary Lynn Stcclc KL'l1l1L'l1l Sticwig K1i1c1rcc1 Stinson jimmy St. 101111 l3i11ic lqlll' Strong Cluirlcs Swindcll C11111'1cs Tate 131111 PI1CI1lPCl'0 Us f'5 LS ,S ez 5 1 . ,Q ,. 1 fr gi. , S. T W' WD Q' f' , A 'Y 5 A ff ,nn 'M-Br I .Q x l IOIHIN Iamm-ll rl hornas lic l'lI'Ll lhon ' s oanna rlbhomason Phil rlqhomison Ilarry Tipps Billy Tyler Mary jane Underwood Peggy Vaughn Ramona Volino Carolyn XValkcr Donald NValkcr Susan Wcsncr Edgar West Jerry Wllitc Nancy Wluitc Thomas XVhitmorc Marcella Wlhitson jarncs Xllilliams jerry Don XVilliams Kent XVilliams Lou Xvilliams Mclba X'Villiams Pat XVilliams V.7..l X, lfglllll 'Killiams Ann XVils0n Richard Yvilson Pat VVo0d Sophomores Constantly aware of the high standards that must he attained in the next two years. the sophomore class. led hy President Tom Ed james. lmegan their first year in A.H.S. hy winning the grand prize for a heautiful and original float in the l'lomecoming Parade. For the first semester Service Cup presented each semester to the class showing outstanding work and par- ticipation in school activities. the sophomores placed second. On the first period honor roll were twenty-two students. with ,Iudy fVlac's straight A,s leading the list. February 14. denoted another important event? Coronation of haslcethall Sweetheart. Candidates were Mary ,lane Blair. ,ludy Lewis. and Sharon Mann. A teen-age hangout. which happens to he a record shop. reflected the air of the sophomore assemhly. Bopsters. holmliy-soxers. jitter-hugs. and slumlmer party addicts drifted lazily in and out of the shop dancing. pantomiming. and singing. Mvvhatever Lola Wants. Lola Gets was confirmed hy Judy de Lee Taylor in her pantomime. The McGuire Sisters. Linda Lamh. Betty Coombs, and 'Judy Ott. graced the gang with their pre- sence and songs. Mrs. Nina llrumfield Eugene Todd Prominent in the field of athletics were Guy T. Ledhetter. Bohlmy Wcrlls. Jackie llrennen. Charles Hays. Tom Ed james. Tommy Cox. Bill Demory. and Bill Cashman. Boosting their Uheroesi' to victory and cheer- ing during crucial moments were vihrant yell leaders. Amanda Hardy and Mary Jane Blair. They were sup- ported hy the loyal sophs who composed the majority of the pep club. Advising and supporting the class. Mrs. Nina Bruin- field and Eugene Todd. proved to ln- efficient. Others responsilile for the success of the sophomore class were Leonard Leal. rice-pres1'1lent. and Judy Lewis. secretary. i ? xx. Z ff I lclvn .Xlllmi C-a'HI'gC 'Xllcn 131113 ,Xrrrlmmsc RUIIIIUIII .Xmlcrsorl l.clwcr'r .krrrhurw llvlty .Xston flaw .kytrs lliulrrrd Ikuvcrllrl llill Unilcy xlllfy' .Xml Ihrnu .limmy Baxter Smnlcy llcglrcl .Xrclin Boll Put Ucrrylrill , . Nlllfy -'LINC lrkur John Howl Doris Briggs Hobby Bwxrnt llctty Blrckwnllcr Hill I3LlCIiXYLl1ICI' U4rr'lx1r'z1 Uurpo Hobby Burris Lonnie Burton Lyllilll Uyrcl Russell QfLlI'IN11Ck Xlzrric Cnrtcc Hurry Carter llill CiLlSI1IIlilI1 Jim Clark Charles Clcmcnt Don Colvin John Combs Uzrrlxrrzr Cook Ccruld Cook Mike Cook D' 'iii -iff ll-1 1, .- , . . ,.i l si 'F iff ' ph- Av . . Q . Kb 1 v M Qt .3 Q V0 . K ,x w I F7 9 'Q A x E, ff, A -Q f o 1 . Bcity Ccximlms llllflxy Cln'lx'll l.41i'ry Cox bliuiiiiny Cox Dim Cmiic L. R. Cullum ixllfllllll Curry ,lucly lhvis Ronnie Dui' D.1l'lJL1l'Ll Dal lalrt llill Dcinoij' 'lame IDL-Windy liL1l'lJLlI'Ll Dixon Xvlclal Donlcl lucly Douglas lzicli Drcimm loc Ellis NL'Lll lirccmziii limmy Czilulxircl llolnlny Cingu- Viclxic Garner Hlilcln Ccntry Hairy Gill Sliirlcy Gilliam Kiairilyn Givens Jim Tom Goss JLlIHlL' Crailinm Irv Ann Grnvus llolm Ciuonlvi' Ixlllllllilil llzircly larncs Harmon I,iml4i llnrrcll Bruce llairris Clmrlcs lluys Stewart llziys II.1whl I Icmlm-LQ l,1ml.1 llu1ul1'lcLs gum llcnluy ,IL-rry 1 lil-LL-y IDUIIHIS Hill XILIVIIIJ IIOHVIIIJII I,.lI'l.l lluldcr ljfvvxv I IUICICIA ,-w Uomllu' -Iuln Ilmllcx' ' L. llosluns Louise Ilwwgml IJUZIII IILIIIICI' Xlury Vlglcksnm Inn 'I.lL'Ol3SOI1 lwm Incl -Iguncs I,OI'ClCil .Icnkins floyd ,Ivnnings Donna llwhnsun Limln -Iulmnscm Nancy .Iolmson Sf'l1I1L'YLl JOIIIISOII Clmrlcs -Icmcs Guild.: Xlku' 'Ioncs Ioycc Kclmrmccly Xlilw Koficwiw Tmnmy Kyle hlflhlillf' Igxircl I.iIllI.l IJIITIID Frank Igmdrum U'ylc1u' f.zmcIrum R. lf. func Clinton Lung Lcnurcl Lcnl Guy T. I.ccH1cttcr Carolyn LCC ,1'fg,.iQ' X ' Q' Q-3 , D if fn .gg 1,1 't ,I L K K ' I EM 7 ' -'fl A A f f 5 4 I - ,,5,, ai 01 , gk? w 'X if ,yi I ,,K,,- . ..,W ,lcxly Lcljlmcw Vlimmic Lewis hlunly lrwis llctlic Dlwyu' limlsq limmv l,m'c lolmny Lively llolm l.ucz1s llnlm l.ul4c llill l.umpl4in Larry l-ut0n lolm l-yllCll Margaret Ann NlClTll xg lucly' NlcC1lllia11'nl l-cx'i Nlclllotllin Durill McGuire Niko lXlcKvcr Sll2lI'0ll Nlzmn Carolyn Massey Cay Ann Maxwell Suv Merrill Szmclm Michael Xlnriulcllm Hiller 'l'ummy Nlillcr Paul -lzuncs Nlillncr lllnal Nloclcstzl Jayco Kloincttc lynn Nlycrs Put Myers Frank Ncnslvitt l7rccl Nolcn Tummy Odom ,lucly On Nnlmcy lllgc Dicliic Palttun XKYHYDC Pittman Ylaclxic l70XYL'l'5 -locl ljriu' Sharon Proctor lftlitha llaiiici' Mila- llanicv Rita Rapp -lutly llcctl llolm llcitl 'lolm llicluilwi' lllIgjk'IlL' lliottt' lloycl llohcrts U'ai'nc llolucrts Slicrrian llolminson Dale lloriclt .lorry lloyall Davicl Rylacr 'lim Sanclcrs Klary SLlI1liOl'Ll .lack Sliala-ly Pat SllILlgllICI' Klitvic Slinlaarcl ,luanita Sloan llilly Frccl Smith Him-stinc Smith llays Smith liunny Smith Samlra Smith lam' .XHII Solwloslxx Clint Stampcr Xlary Noll Stomlclarcl Raymoncl Strothvr ljugcnia Sullivan lucly Taylor Charlus Iicagut james 'lilvnnas SQ EH3 'lolcgln 'liunncll .Indy LIIHIJL'l'SOIl , . XX 1lI'l't'll Xamn Paul XX'41lclm1 Marilyn XKILIIIJCL' jcssic XVl1lliil1S Bonny XVL-lls llwlalny Clone XVQIIS ,Xnilgl XVCSI ,Iurry xvL'SIl1L'iI1lCf linda Xwmitchurst Robert xKYlliIllkCI' Viola Xvhitficld Jzlcqllital Xvilkcs llcrbcrt XVilliLlIDS Arthur XVi1linghum Surah xvilillillgllillll Don Yamdcll I3x'c'nd41 Yczltls Ruth Young wh 4 I I if 96. asf ,gif . .fi W 4,1-.4 - ang: ,v1,.z-W-'gms .sf ..,. -- - -- - g ' kb fag uw A' M.-.. W, -3 3.2, 'A5,'f.-3 ,V . . ww-Q' .M.h?,.. 1 - ,,. ,U d f 'H- 2' :Q-M,f-awM1w'Q?mm.w. M KJ, - W- ' , 'WW' g . ... -,,,,,.M ' y f-J,-A , - 4 S5'1,1Q91,5,:hgX5g,,1 - 5 N . , f Q .7 ,, aw ,QQ-N. .,,Ax4f..wWQ,.a,,M,,,.,,,i.M.,.p.g,.'.,,,,,,3MaMiNN.Y,- if Mil 4 ,. X 1 :1,,,f.L:f iff. X .W- , xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty Pubwhrrx Cover Mnuufucvurerx Bnok81udQ-rm FAETORY HOME UHIH M. . 'nw f 4,7 , -F , Q, nr J 3, , ,. 'ff -. , I-ml-ff' fl 'A . , f1:,x--Mi'-Fw. rv uv ,f .ff -1' fx' We x' 1, 'N ' I v Q ' 1. V ,- Yr , ri ' . .tn K . .-1 3. L' fr. f aM., H ',,'1,.,r'f 'pigs ' ' wan 4, Af . Q-'1 ' J' ' '1 ig ,1-N wig: wi:tTA,.g ' If gf, 4' 'K x M' v'5 3- , , 'S44 3 Sf' 5- -.a u Q.. , . 5,11 ,g , H- . 34+ '1 . . 4 5 g H s P 'Q ,Q ,at '--2 . .44-1 ' ,,, 1 .. , N . rj, Q. - ,, , . - fam, . ,IL ,,f ' 3 as 4.4, f-Ji, K Q TM, 241gs'iQ'L'4jiFg4:g ' ,A-. J ,e - , M, ' -1 is if ffff i' ' I 'LV 1. 1 ' 4 -ov-........ M-,,,,,.......v . J mr H -N-'-w----w--.--. 1 Hhs- SEV!

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