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THE CRITERION 1954-55 VOLUME 48 Annual Publication of the ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL Ardmore, Oklahoma MARILYN BALDWIN ANNE JOHNSON CARY LEVERETT C0-Editor-in-Chief Business Manager FOREWORD ' . As we enier info a new life of realiiy, we realize a new era has begun for us. The fissue of vague dreams musf now become more fransparen+..Going 'forlh wi'I'h eyes foward l'he fuiure, we lxnow fhal' ihe golden gales of our 'childhood' have closed behind, leaving us longer bridges fo cross and higher ladders fo climb. Our desiiny. lhen. is al' presen-I' hidden. and we musi' wail' for il fo reveal ifself lilre fhe course of anunmapped river: we only lmow rhaf the river is full and rapid, andl+l1a+ for all rivers fhere is 'l'he same final home. Finall advancing Through 'ihe fhreshold fo ihe fufure awaifing our arrival, we realize fha? lor us. fhese are fhe green years. And ihey have iusf begun . . . ln fhis I955 Criferion are the years of memories we shall never forget This bool: represenfs ihe culminafion of our efforfs over 'ihe 'eniire school year. If was ours for almost a year. And now, wiih pride. we give ii' fo you. , MRS G W SPARGER DEDICATION The 1955 Crlterlon 1S dedlcated to the lady Wllll the sm1le on her face and sunshme 1n her heart Mrs G W Sparger Through the years llllS good Samarltan has symbollzed the key to the doorway of the future for numerous high school students Her unceaslng efforts and wllllngness to help ale contrlbutlng factors to the success of many Senlors Interest and devotlon are 1nst1nct1ve ln her Because of her perpetual patlence deep 1nte1est 1n the younger gen eratlon we of Ardmore Hlgh School can contlnue knowmg that she wlll do everythlng posslble to help us succeed To you Mrs Sparger we dedlcate thlS Crlterxon as a token of our appreclatlon gratltude devotlon and love BOARD OF EDUCATION T' "Y 01? NIR ill L IVILNN Ireszdent MR PAUL H QPERRY l we Preszdent l Thr Board ln a regular monlhlw mcetlng. Wlth '1 wwe and exer obaerx 'mt exe to the future the Pfl-lClCIlt and faet thlnklng Board of Educatlon gave another year of falthful Qeruce Be cauae of Ardmore s lncreaslng populatlon many plane muat be made and much work done to accommodate our faet growmg commumty Theae men are aware of the problems not only of the preeent but also thoee ahead and ther Qtrne and Succeed 1n maklng the beat 'ind most econonucal plans An mcreaeed facults new cafeterla addltxonal Qpace and audxtorlums for the grade Qchools are now thmgs of the preaent By the fall of 1950 there ulll be a completelx new Cafeterla and home CCOIIOHIICQ bulldlng for junlor and Qenlor hlgh school uae Later an audltorlum wlll be built north of the hlgh Gchool We are Indeed fortunate and grateful to have fue such experxenced and devoted men at the head of our educatlonal dew elopment ln Ardmore DR, J, HOYLE CARLOCK MR. SAM NOBLE MR. E. L. MASSAD ADMIN ISTR ATION in NIR CILORCP D HKNN Sup: nntr nf fur Our Quperlntenclent Nlr ltor e D Hunn exempllfxes the flneqt ldealc of CdLlC3tlOIl3l leaclerihlp What X ll 5 Qtuflent can forget hlS claisroom uQ1tQ and prn ate COI1Ql1lt'll10l1Q ' He IQ 1 former pn lfltlll of the Oltlqlunna Edueatmn XQQOCIHUOII and the Gklahoma School xtlIlllIllNlI'3t0I'Q XQQOQIHUOII In 3dCllt10I'l 'VIr Hann ha Qerx efl HQ a lNCllll3PI' of the Ntfite Boqrcl of l'IlUC3tl0Il and the Olxllholna Text book COIUIHIQQIOII Awlitlng mth the rexmon of the X'ltl0Il3l lxducdtxon 'XQSOCIHIIOII Code of ElIlllCQ ha been one of hw mot nnportant contr1but1onQ ln the natlonal educatlonal flelcl A ChI'lQt13ll gentleman eclumtlonal IJUQIIICQ and CHIC leader Mr Hann trulx moldi 'xI'ClITl0I'6Q future XIRQ IRENE NICLOODW l'N Coordznalor NIRQ J C EQSARX Serrelarv Sf- WIR JINI BRI CE flllllllllilflllllf' 4591520111 -.fri NIR T E CARRIQON Huwness 'llnna er llerl. ol the Board 35 -Q NIRN VINIFRED D BROWN Attendance Super: lsor , 'T' ' E A 4. - , , L fin- . ' 1 9 N - P , ff 9. "Q - U h . 1 ffl A ' - -'L , ' . , ' Q - ' A ' 1 "'-aigftt-af. - e fy W z f ' - I e 1 . .. ' , f 1 i.-l?Q' 'W , "'ff21'2:- v .'.--:M " 'ft-: 4 . .. ,. ' - ff - -44-v. 5.1-MQ. ' Y: :Q .' '- -Nu. .. ' 1 v.a....-., . K, . S. I .Nth Y ' 1 ii .,-. 4 ' t ' "he-' ffjgjf' f' ' ' 1-I-1' X '2"":f'.H "' '1.',. ,,,. A as-v ,". - J' H' ' , , X Q., . . -.4 H FTS, f m' , ,ffQQ.ff': H. aA .1 1 Q . .:,- iY'l'l5F" '-, ' - 2--c 1-19.1 A ' " .-wi' .-.N 1-'L M . . f ig? . ' A F' I-'f" ., " 7 -. Q. .- . . 3 .V 1 I . .A t-.i..-..,. . ' , ' , 1, . i . . . . . . L . I ' Q . t . .' f , , L 1 l k 4' Q . 4 - - .. V.-. . ' . c . . , I I I ,A L X' . . . - . - . .lt U e . -S - '. .f .. V l . " . .- : - y ,. ' . . l . s ' . ' . . . . , ' 'z .' - L- . U ' x . K r , - . K S .5 S . X . . L . . , - . lc . - -S ' . 1 . q , y oUR PRINCIPAL l AND HIS STAFF Essential to a smooth running school is a capable and friendly leader in whom the stu- dent body and faculty may place their trust. Mr. Murl H. Price. our principal, is an ex- cellent example of leadership, as shown by his dealings with A.H.S. students. He works freely with each individual showing patience and understanding. He maintains and pro- motes fairness and good will among both stu- dents and faculty. For this service we are grateful to you, Mr. Price. The office staff, expertly directed by Mrs. Robert E. Goins, handles all office business and records. Despite the rush of her work, Mrs. Coins radiates sincerity and gracious- ness. MR. MURL H. PRICE Principal Girls who assist with the countless office duties are Darla Todd, Martha Srnith, .Io Lynn JOIICS, Ann Myers, Katherine Shoemaker, Christie Sullivan and Mrs. Robert E. Goins, SCCYHHTY- ' FACULTY lBi ,.,,..--v-1 i gn-1 Who IS the lucky student who will receive thls dish? Whats par on thas typxng golf course? NIR NIAURICE ALTOM B S Southea tern 'Vl S Oklahoma ASM lndustrlal Arts MRS LOUISE AKERS BS Central 'VI Ed U of Okla Commerce MRS NINA BRUMFIELD The science faculty IS preparing a shockmg experiment B Q Cf-nu-al 'NI A U of Wyoming Nlathematxcs ,ni-f if x MRS JOE BUSCH MISS DORIS DUSTON MISS NANCY FRY NIR ALBERT B S , Southeastern B S , Southeastern B S Y EHS! CQHUBI FITZGERREL Home Economlcg Physlcal Educatlon M R E , S W Th Sem A B , Olivet College Typ . SPPCCYI, Debate Mus Ed , U of Mtch Instrumental Musxc ' . l , ' I- pri.. 14' A wwe' 5 . .S., ' I '. . '. ZA :Q r -1 i A ,, '--has l . I . Q - . 1 - . ,V . K, Y. V, , I. , --I S ' 's Q . . ., . . , kr ., 6. I c. v ' ' ll ' 9? . . ., , I NIR R E COINS B S B X N0l1lllt'd tern 'NI Ed l. of Okla Bxolovv MRS R E COINS Secretary MR D T GOODIN BS Southeastern Scrence Nlathematxcs Are you happy about the semester math grades? The English teachers get together to plan thelr ob stacle course all Hlstory maps prove Interesting FACULTY N-Q Mrs Brumfleld takes tlme to explaln the irregularity of thls octahedron MRS ANITA HECKNIAN MR LYNDOL IRBY MR C E JACOBSON B A U of Kan as B S Southeastern B S Central Mathematxcs Commerce M A Okla A8:M Ar Athletlc Director MRS E J JOHNSON BS Southeastern .Q R , . . . U E- .I . Q . Q I QA N: 5 ' ' " W S EEF., ' T , Q . . . ' 1 X A . " R r r r . 1 Q 1 - . 1 u 1 . ., .e s . ., . ., . .4 ' f. ., . t FACULTY Announcxng news of the day 'VIISS MUNCY RECE PhB WIA U of hlc Ame-rlcan HISIOTY ll I I I I I fg 4 nun t 4 'VIISR CMI Nic-Vi II I I XNIS Dld you fmd the rxght card? f Mkangas L of Visomln Engl: h Iournall m '21 NIR9 DOROTHY OQIZORN B Q Okla ASJI These shop fellows complacently sn and watch the En ll ll H and HI kids go by lf? E 'NI PANKRATZ BA Bethel College 'SI 'llu U of Wxchlta Dont dxsturb hor She looks so relaxed Effect f Yocal Nlu XC reading no doubt NIRS LILLIAN SCHENK 'VIRQ G W SPARGER 'SIRC BLAINCHE BA BS U oflllo NIA U of SPARKS Spanxsh Engllsh III Latln English IV BA Southeastern L1 branan 1 -. A 1'-N J, 4 ' IIA.. IF. 0 I ' s 3 BLA.. I. 'g , 'S . 's . v JA L 5 A J H in A , -. v , . . . it 4 ss - u I H L g '5 I Q ' A 5 . 'Qi' ' - ' 12 rn s - 4 .3 . 1532 - , , f , 3 ,1 , I A-I . , 4'--1 , I . A MR. . . . L .. S.. . 'l ' ' '. . I - . s o I . s' , . I 1 I . A ... . . . .,. . ., , . ., . C ' . . ., . ., . I' . B.A., ., . Okla. , . .. , , . . ., . ' .. , . 4 1 . MR. A. G. STURDEVANT BS.. Southeastern MS., U. Of Okla. Industrial Arts AVF? MR EUGENE TODD B A Qoutlua tern 'NI A U of Ceo Hrst Drrw-rm Educallon is MRS CAROLYN VOEHL B A U of Hawau MA U of N Mexico Engllsh II Gulclance I 0 g A? x Q n A FACULTY Art work IS very fa cmatlng the e day Mr Homer Wllson nlght watchman check just to he sure The music men talk thmgs over MR BOB WILLIAMS MR BRUCE BAHNER MR CHARLES A BS qoulhweglern CllSl0dl8n Phy Ed Typing Heatmg Engineer I if 4 ' S ' ' s 's. . ' , , s, ' . .. .. . - s 1 . .. . ' . . . ' , g., ., . T . I -3 I . , w v .. iiwv Y 1 7 A ' .I ' , u . as - . ., . . ' . . I N . 5 I . V V ef, f ,Z 34 :j1j3.:v,1:5Egi'.2-5 ' xg F f, -A -12,-fffirireig " Aff, if ,. . .3, , ' 5 K v- :V '25, 1,5 5 flxfh 1 4 3 1 QV: ,X . 4 1 ,i - "' V . I . ' . ., ., ' . .. . . . ., ' -55: x If . N , s" ul' i' ijt, fv- + A ORGANIZATIONS KN IURNIHII lrmnlent NIRN JUI- Bl Nl Il gpon wr STUDENT C OUNCIL Mr' di' rlun ln cooperatlon ulth t- Qmonwrs faeultx the Student Councrl goxerne and dlrette the Stu dent bodx AQ Qec retars of the Noutheaitern Dletrlct Ntudent Coun ul Congre-Q Xrdmore plaxed hoQt to IIC annufll conun tlon 1n the sprlng of 1955 Tranunv the Qtudent body a ssorthwhlle 'mdults of the future IQ one of the Counul Q umm rceponellnhtles Bs conductlng elect1onQ the qtudent Counml Gtrewee the dunes of 1 soter and by presentmg good cltlzemhlp awardf. each Q11 weeks It emphaelzee the xmportance of good cltlzenehlp ln our democratlc government fue lresulerzl 'NIR ROBERT E GOINN .Sponsor OPFILLRS Left to rx ht James Lane vice PTPSIKIQIII laula 'xllen recordlng, :Cretan Rae Whltc parllamcntarxan Xnne ,Iohn on corrf pondm secretary Don Yfdgff trfaurer Wan Bxllxn Qley hlstornan Mlckew Andrade Qergeavt at armQ Ann Turnbull presxdent X1 J .L if . if- YJYJTJL1 . '- 'Ii .f ' f ' J .'N H . f 7 ,, it I D ,Q gi f ,IANIHS LANE W-U " gl ' ' ' " i C .I : 5 and the -' - . - ' ' x - A use A N x K - ' ' C, - ' S ' ' ' , . V , R , 1 ' . K. x. - - 1 4 v x s . V 3 x fp 1 x . I' f- ' 'g 1 4 , 'H - g 7 f , ' ' f sv jg 7 . I' . I I 1 I, S Q H ug - g if 1 - A : V nl jx ' u 1 Z A 1 1 ..gk ' .J . guy. .M V: , 1. . 'VT fi I. 4? Paula Anne Don Rae Mary C. Mickey Allen Johnson Yeager White- Billingsley .-'xnrlrade -: -1' e.--2 ':- iT'-' ga 'B !" y .1 ' TJ' "1 ga Robert Pete Cary Deanna Barbara Tommy Brown Byrd Imvc-ret! Mayfield Nlilchell Patterson Jimmy Mary Carol ,lim Taylor Winchell Clemons Dolman is 1,5 ' -W' Keith Jack Larry Read Riddle Smith , , , 4 Q Darla Judy Philip Todd Adams Brown 'WY .-ug.. as JA ',. , ,'vr 1 Peggy Smithwick f f 6 Sheila Brown 52277 :rigs - 4 5-Qs' I .lan johnny Melinda Nancy Goins Levine McClanahan White Nancy Hardy r , ' ' A: Ruth Ann Steele , 5 . ,J George Collier fi? 14 1' D .1 nh Kent Williams Tom Locke T? Christie Sullivan E1fe?::-.,.,i,,.Q.,L .gf ?."171F"a'7'i. ia., - 4 :"11,'ff, ' 1? . ' :I '35 Q? Gary Dotson f STUDENT COUUH I It NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY X I X X f X l C2 ly X V C , x Top row: Darryl Burton. Alan Bostwiek. Wayne Knight and Tom Carson. Second row: Shirley Rosser, Charlsie Key. Eflwina Gregory ami Elaine Marines. Thircl row: Jim Dolman, Virginia Peterson anrl Marilyn Baldwin. Fourth row: Patricia Flood. Christie Sullivan. L0uiseAGill and Gene Cunningham. Bottom row: Darla Totltl. Carolyn Essary, Norma Joy and Max Brum- ley. Not pictured: Hal Reed. Mary Winchell, Secretary-Treasurer: and Ann Turnbull. Second row MRS. LILLIAN G- SCHENK Cary Leverett. Rella Faye Merrill. Susan Wheat and Sharon Lee Smith Sponsor Not pictured: James Lane. First row: Robert Brown. Presidentg Anne Johnson, Vice Presidentg J.C.L. 55 A lia ? NS? The Ardmore Chapter of the Junior Classi- cal League, sponsored by Mrs. Julia K. Spar- ger, is an active organization of the Lan- guage Department. The Latin Club has been in existence four years, but this is the first year as a J.C.L. chapter, which is affiliated with the American Classical League. Under the capable leadership of Cary Lev- erett, president, Hal Reed, vice president, Ann Turnbull, secretary and Patricia Flood, treas- urer, several events took place this year. They included an assembly, the pledging and rough initiation fstunt nightfi in January of the Lat- in I students, a formal Roman banquet, the spring picnic and a trip to the State J.C.L. Convention. The membership of over one hundred is limited to Latin I and Il students, plus stu- dents who have already completed two years of Latin. Mrs. Sparger, Ann, Cary. Hal and Patricia are j.C.L. officials. I0 Saturnalia provided some unusual entertainment for assembly. Latin Club meeting certainly seems to he interesting. The brains spearheading the chief booster of school spirit, the Pep Club. are Sally Stewart, Jan Coins. Carol Jackson and Mary Winchell. PEP CLUB MRS. ANITA HECKMAN Sponsor . x !V as .5 X f 'K ,F ' Under the capable leadership of their officers and sponsor, Mrs. Heckman, the Pep Club completed a very successful year. The spirit- ed girls were largely responsible for helping win the Boomer Con- ference Championship. Highlighting 1954-55 was the selection of nine energetic and de- serving girls for Tigerettes of the Month. Qualifications for this hon- or are service, dependability, co- operation and enthusiasm. The uniformed force behind the victorious Boomer Champs. ' C-'iff ,Fifi f if Pat William portrays Charle a nfH1lJ1 jungle Bonflre boo tem burQt thelr lunge before the I Capable apprentice fll ln at a pep a emblw be gm CHEERLEADERS The vlvacloua enthu xashc exponenta of AH9 Qchool pmt Pat Wllllamc Janice Wllhami Jo Ann Hunt Theresa Lyday Dee Txpps and que Hueton V 3 ,H ?:..,.P., , .. , ' sus! lr 5 A nk x ,wi ' 1 'bm """'-""lrLxQ1.... ' cha-Ls: x All'S r 1' ' . . ,.,...... . . A ge N . ' s i ' ' ' . ss ' s . . ' - ..N, S. .V 5 lm.- S... ,.. H . N, v 1 y I K M ' X STAFF 3 Y' 0 Frlltnr mfhuf Xnnf hn nn anrl Nlart yn a t mn Bu une an QNQ rn tt r Etlltur Nltlw Falun Larul Wlutflrld and Rube rt rt-wn Nport autor Tommy Patter nn ant mum Taylor lwature Etlxtnr E nl lum: Llt erary Ftlxtor Nhamn Nlllllll Rxrhard Tmclall and nn furnbull fupv Ftlttsr Ch r 1 Kev an Jane Ncarboru Nlalu up Fflltnr- Donalrl ,luhnmn Ku pert and Nlarw lawlt BllllI1gQlf'X Depart mental Falxtork Uarrsl Burton and Wawm Knight Ne'-nlor Editor Clorla Kltth and Wlrgxnla Peter 0 Nemor Nale Nlanaler Hal Refwl Junior Editor Patrxua l'luml jumor Nalf-Q Nlanage-rQ Larrw Nmxth and Don Y0a1 er Nnphonmrf Pflllfll' Xlcllmla Nlcflanahan n vnt '-pnnmr M122 Nlrvll lmm i Sportc Genmr lm-ran and art eclxtors wxth the buunvw managen clwcugs lay out: -W?-rH"' fo Fclltor Annt John on and Xl8l'llVI'l Baltlwln rleclde Crltcrmn -vunq .5 2 ' fpfliif? ., xiii? - f ,if -T ' L 4 ,..t . t I ' ' wa f, C-.l S-' 'Ju S ,"l' l , : i Hll": 9 -as Nla'f'.lI -' gplt f,' B ' z f - El' S. ' 's l X ' l' j j 1 - ' . n' ': '- ' A ' 1 I 1 . ' vw, 'I la ls't- -I ' fl Q! 1 . ' , ' . F V V anfl Kathvrinv Shuf-ntake-r: Pivtorial Editors, Kaye- . 32 L' ' A ' 3 1' ' . 1' " ' , lmusi e-ss " h 2 S . . . ' "l 1 S. Sn: f ' N 'gm 2 ' , j f ' ' ,:- : .' , - f ' . I 3 ' x 1 1 ' V, i- " f M- . 3 I V AA ff' 5 f V, t ' 4 .-. t - .1 .I X G l f'f" , f , . .. 1 '- ' r "U n . f""'x ' ' ' ' H111 Uunman B111 Huw and Hodnu Couch 1 111: 111 nager Illl 1 t 4dX d 1px I .1 111 1 1 H '1"'Wm Nl' 'mu' r I N 4 1 1 ' 4lurt Bmwn Carol XYh11f11l1l and Nhke Eakxn art IX l'111t1,g,rap1fr lhll Duman R0 1111 mhtm umh 1 on VN the 'ur Ipuur pwyuwlr'1 rx Vt 1111 he ll ml 41 11 N1 mor 1 savers lt Q ll r Junmr V 5 tw 1 e 1r morn rx ru enwns a ,......-1 l 7 H1 U JIUIIIUI1 VN ll' 1 mm r 1 har 11 1 tty and Pat XX 11 18111 1 1 1 111111 N11111 r New: of the a1r edltorw Carol and Wfary lnatrurt the claw ed1t0rQ The departmental feature make up p1ctor1al and copx PCIIIOTQ work wxth thexr co echtora 1n chlef on the 55 ed1t1on rf? ,i.,Y :A LV , , V 1 5 V,' . I: fr . I U14 --s a ' 'S Ia late- tht- 11'11fiN fur tht' I' r ' 5 ff' ' , 't 1 i:l',?1-:'- 1 "H'1 ju mlraf s fin'l ' py +14-1-1. Wk. - .Y, 1 gl 1 5111, 111 Ph'l'1 111.111 1111 Ri , , . ,. , . . Bill l14'Q'IlSZ I 1' I - s. ' " . d - Q . A A ' Cn ' and l!'ll B 'Q Ne Q-of- 'i't s. "W Vi: W. N 11 ' 'Nia' ' - 1 1 lfur I ,luvks 11: ' N-ww -vial .. ' f' of-tl --.Mr H111 rt:-r. Virginia Petr' sun: I ,Q,Jlg5-i'-- N- 's- .f-th -A' Rel f ,, Ca I ffl' .1 nd 4"""'m'fTl A li1ll'- LW' Nl urvg Soil " Ne- 's-nf-tht'-A' " ' Y X R11 ls. I l tt- Pre' -' ' 1' s: ff . - Q , L 11185 Ca'I 11-111112 S. Q, f 1 IX f 7 1 'A ff' - - , I 1 1, V W . . ' V v 1 . jj lx 1 1 1 . .6 .1 ' 5- J , ., a.,1. ' X WMM iIL li Q -multi!! Q I-, ' I 4-H OFFICERS-Left to right: Kay Butler. secretary: Dale Rorick, reporter: Peggy Roriclc, song leader, Bill Duncan, vice presidentg and Judy Rorick, president. LEAFLETS The Leaflet Study Club was organized in 1933 and is sponsored by the Ladies of the Leaf, an adult literary club. The object of Leaflet's is to recognize the girls with the highest scholastic averages and to increase intellectual, social and moral de- velopment. New members are announced in award as- sembly and are girls from the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes who have at- tained the highest scholastic averages. The new membership is determined by the num- ber of Seniors leaving the club. 9 The Department of Agriculture and the Land Grant Colleges sponsor the 4-H Clubs. Ardmore is one of the 28 4-H Clubs in Carter County. ln these groups young people learn the new- est methods in farming and homemaking. Their motto is, 'LTO make the best better," and they emphasize equal training of the head, heart, hands and health of every member. Some of the activities in which members participate are State 4-H Club Round-up at Stillwater, State Fair trip each fall, entries in county fairs and attendance at the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago by a few top members. They are sponsored by Mr. Harley Duncan and Mrs. Irene Woods. LEAFLET OFFICERS-Left to right: Sara Suggs, secretary, Charlsie Key, re porterg Anne Johnson, presidentg Hella Faye Merrill, treasurerg Mary Winchell parliamentariang Maclelon Byrd, vice president, and Virginia Peterson, historian WJ D ACTIVITIES Jxmmy Wamab Taylor arranges the cans under the Council tree Carol .lack on ancl Hal Reed reuned the good cmzen award for fxr t IX week from Nlr Spark, r Qtudent Council ponxors Mr Corn and Nlrs Buch wnlh pruudent Ann Turnbull ohicrw the 8lllWlllQS of the urlfntatlon mixer of f fi 'ai l tx I 0 W J Nita W The Tug of War lo raise money for the new Kiwanis swimming pool furmshes plenty of excitement S T U 'D E N 'Nluku Mulrdde and fary Lewrett sharf lu nors nn behalf of thmr r I e lrxt Q1 me su r eruu- cup prufntul bv 'N arv I4g.g,y Nrnlthvuvk cunmllttrff head for tudent clmctors dmplaw po ter adwr X nchell Il mg. thu project -Xftvr Wir Irlm efxtvnded a cordlal me-lmnw to new Qtudf nt each recened a -tude nt mlm 1 turw ,Q-I an Mrs Busch and memberq Lane Dolman Andrade and Niayfleld Journey to Qtatf- convention at Duncan hlass:-Q fn h f' .i .- - s- ,, - 'V ,I , s ' ' f' '- S ' - vi'-. ' . J J .... r . . I ,.J..4- ,--..1 U . r. ' 1 I Q 7 , 5. I, " T , I .. ' 5 '-J . xi M 1 ,Ji , V '- N A - . X NIRQ DOROTHY OSBORW Director The Reverend Edwm Porter -S I Ihaven I done anythmg candalou Hom I lOh havent NIU 'Nl lmda D ALL SCHOOL PLAY The All Qchool Play entltled Papa Was a Preacher by John McGreevy and adapted from Alyene Porters book of the same tltle was dlrected bv Mrs Dorothy O born ln the hlgh school audltorlum November 23 1904 Thls comedy featurmg the problems of a small town Methodxst mlmster and hls famlly mcluded Rlchard Grxfflth as Edwm Porter the papa Karen Kmcheloe as Pearl Porter Charles Tate as Cecll Porter Ralph Plerce as Raybon Porter Peggy Rorxck as Janette Porter and Dan Dobson as Edd Porter Also Mellnda McClanahan as Alyene Porter Darlene Golden as Helen Ludlow Marlon Hanson as Lucy Smlth Gwen Tate as Jenny Smlth MlCkBy Andrade as Jeffrey Cole Marllyn Baldwln as Mlss Jonas Shlrley Rosser as the bride and Johnny Roberts as the groom Hxghhghtmg the performance was the attendance of the real papa the Reverend Edwm Porter Petrolxa Texas and hls son Raybon Porter Wlchlta Falls The productlon sponsored by the Student Councll added S413 86 to the Councll s treasury By popular vote of the audlence Mellnda McClanahan and Ralph Plerce were selected the Best Actor and Ac tress CLASS ASSEMBLIES Marilyn Baldwin and Dick Dunn perform a clever Cuban dance in the Senior assembly. Billie Rae Strong and her capable partners entertain the upperclassmen with a New York cat dance "Little" Jimmy Dolman serenades his classmates. HONOR STUDENTS xm LEYWE Q R FEBRU ARY ymuas KEY ELLA MERNLL EA XXAPJNE' ELAK L ' ROBERT BRO T01 MARC HELI CARSON H H H. BARBARA 113505555 RAE MAY SH WHITE AROIN SMITH VIRGIN LEE COFFEQ' X. ll. S. cl:-lr-gate-x inc'lntl1'cl lfmlxsiriu Ur:-gory. Rt-lla Faye Nlf-rrill. tllnirlfie Km anll Xnnn- john-on. BUYS' AND GIRLS' STATE The lfI5'1- session of Boys' uncl Girls' State was helfl ,lunv T through l2. The hops inet at the O. lv. lfxtension Study Center whilt- the girls vonxenefl on the U. C. W. vannpus. Cliivkzisliu. Sponsoring the groups were the .Mnerivan Legion .ful tht- .'xHll'I'll'iIlt Legion Auxiliary. The organiza- '-on antl fum-tion of vity. t-ounty. and state govern- ments were przwtivt-fl at the conventions. Some of the highlights of the week at Girls' State were ll x isit lay flow-rnor and Mrs. Johnston Murray' on Wlfclnestlay night and a trip to Norman lfritlay night for tht- Boys' State-Cirls' State danve. Aetivi- ties rlnring tht- week at Boys' State were volleyhall. lmasketlvull and haselmll tournaments. plus Several assemblies hy' the wounselors. ! .' H P. -if 'A 1i,..'.m..+4-, A ,: ' X , 1 X? - AV ' I Q' 4 :I rn' , .5 Y ,-31 - f ' U - ft -an , .1 :J-X QQLAFN ML M LA ' 3 'Q N, . i f . i ,I K 52 lk, .A ' ' --3 ' Qu jg ? Tiif. , 'ff LJ 3 ' , i . E, 1, - ALF'-5 1 1 , ff' 'D UMA ff .Uri QKLAHUHA Q- ,ff ' t Jimmie Cas-kin-. N. Boys' State IJPIPQHYPS were-. front row: Stanton Jones. james Lane. Pr-te Byrd. Darryl Burton and Robert Brown. Bank row: Janie- Aye-rs. I.:-e Coffey. Hal Ref-cl. Clary I.:-verett. Tommy Patterson anrl H354 2,1- X- -Y DEPARTMENTS C01 1n 1 fun for Vanu 'lnna Nell Ylarw nn Nlar1lsn and llllxan Nlrs Busch 1s an able speaker and teacher -r""' Barbara and Donna car: for I xx lxnn HOME ECGNOMIC S Nllnetx sw students are enrolled 111 Home l'l"0Il0lIl1LQ and 19 are ln Home Nursmg and Flfgl Xml uncler 'Nlr Joe Busch The hlghll ht of the wear 1 the bpflllf' stxle shows 111 nhxch the glrls model the f1I11SllCd garments they ham made n Home EC home of the cllfferent projects thex uldertake besules fo md for all OCCHQIOIIS ancl lI1dlY lflual clothmg are Chllcl care table SCIVICC and d6ilgIllIlg 'Vlany vocatlons clexelop from HOIHK EC trammg sueh a teachlng flemonstratmg I116I'C.llZ1IlLllqlllg llllCI'l0I' ClCCOI"'ll1IlE radlo newspaper and televlslon work Bw nevit wear a new Home he bllllillllg wlth ultra moclern equlpment vslll be IH use fx mlb X-'K The Home EC ll class IS lntent on answermg quesuons R v If . 1 . . NWA!! It E v 1. I N i N - , - A 1' 5 . ' 2, . ,V . . Lv K. .L A S. S . A ' . .g vi .S V- . P K -v N ' . v . . . b 1 . . 1 ' N i 1 H ' ' H I' r Q 1 f h 1 ' ' ' 1 " , - ' S. . Q . F .N. I . . L. Y- , - . Q . , 5 X I f l 'fb N? lk a111'1 tulrnt takm 1 111 1 11111r11 of '111 111 GUIDANC E The 111111111111 C16IJ'll'1lIllll1 I11r1111g111ut 1111 1ear 1112 111-1 0te11 '1 of 1tQ f.11111t1eQ t1111ar11s 1111 111terpret'1t11111 of t11e Qtucente 11r111uQ S111 T111 111part111e11t IN 1 tu11111t '11t111t1 a1111 111a111 111 the teQt- '1r1 g11111 111 1Q51Qta11l'- X few of the CX3l1l1l1d11OllG 1111 lude I lute 11111011 111112 1111 ed the 1111 for 11111111 eullege Q111o1arQ111pQ 1111at111111l Zlp1.11UC10 leelq 11111011 r11eal true 11111-re-Qt and perQ1111al1t1 tegti that c11Qc'111Qe 11111er tr'11tQ Theee XHTIOUQ e11111Q 11111 1111 1 111 1111 Htu11e11tQ 111 t1111r 111g11 QC1111111 11fe ul a1Q11 QPTXG 32 a C110r11111at111g agent 11et11ee11 The puplle and teachers Other 21111111113-Q 11111u11e the 1areer 111111ere11Ce aduee 011 10116-ge preference 11111 the C11r1QtmaQ 1'111p1111111ent Age11c1 Xcel tame larry 11 S r 11 1 7111 111 Qcholar hxp 11u11e11n "' 'L'1:'9 W .... QNX i ,.....--F 'lf r nel 11a11 111 Coun 11 and a1111Ce C3 S FITQY row left to Tl ht Nlarllxn Loughrxdgr- Nancw Tawlnr Norma loy Nlartha Qmlth Yvonne Fnodln Donna Collln and Eldlnm Puller Sumnd row Kate Brite 'xudru qharp Yvonne Tram HW lov qtroman Jerrw Dmkon am ml-. Cordon T urn row 'Nlr Fugmne Todd Fame Nlarlne Cen? Hale Bonnxe Flu Dale Hoffner Darla Fudd and Jon Town Qtandlng flarolsn llnnmn Kdolplnne luton Nldrnon Han on Rowv How ll DaVlll Handley Cars Qlupman Ruth Ann Sllpflf' Ro vmarw fomh and Dxrlcnr lrlclzn 'Not pwture d wr: Howard lhurd 'Nlarla Cxldrap Llllle Ruldcn and 'Nanu Taxlor """" fllfrvun nv: A wr EDUCATION ,JI nnnuvvunnum.. nu-om.-gm. 4 s to n az u 14 as . 11 vs I9 zo 21 22 T 26 27 28 29 44- za Mr, Todd points out the anticipated end for Carelesgnegg, Jon Towry looks on while Mr. Todd explains automatic reaction-time detonator. lpper lm fr ln trurtur Qturdfwant and Kltom hold mn f1 H1100 pur Tlplll Ollu 'laxlor ,IIIIIIIH Rvclman anrl W Nfuman arv gvttm h che vull on the may to cum plftmn fentfr ,laclue XlCCvHl1f 1 fene Burmhfleld and ,l1mmx Cum work at tha athe ll ttom left 'N wt Nt hxtt ,lohnm lumff fan Qhlp 1 llllf mp on and Cecll Wllham work on muhamifal dramngz uh 1 ha I4 of all hop wr liottum Tlglll Bowden Nllller and Izarl Hollouax f1n1 h a l!ldUllfLIl wffvv table INDUSTRIAL ARTS .5- it r - ,.,. Q s :B VOCA First row: Effie Kinkade, Mary Ann Blount, Bonnie Welaer, Josephine Hignight, Jan Cumbie, Gwen Tate. ,Ianice Williams. Second row: Julia W'ard, Sue Carol Brown, Mary Ann Aston, Betty Doughty, Bill Bow, Dean Plank, Bill Wallace, Josh Stroman. Third row: Kenneth Jones, Jim Bruce, Ted Jones, Fred Tillman, Gordon Palmer, Bowden Miller, Jim Dolman. First row: ,lean Turnage, Ruth Neeley, Theresa Lyday, Mildred .Stin- son, Doris Pitchford, Lanita Agan, Marcella Whitson. Second row: Arthur Brown, Mike Gibson, Pete Byrd, Gale Murchison, Georgia Beth Marion, Sylvia Roberson, Patricia Stracner. Third row: Jerry Jackson, Cecil Willianis, Hershel McBride, Tony Medrich, R. C. Frensley, Warner Baxter, Lloyd Lambert. at GIRLS GLILL LLUB MR. E. Nl. PANKRATZ llireftor font row L1 nora fro Blllu Jcan Nnthnnv 'Nlarv lummu Karol Flyf larolwn jo Carr lulla Ward Nharon I 1 Nlllllh Second row Kaye Ku pert udw Xdam llonme Hu Xltlmda NIJ lanahan Nlary lou Nlfan Nanev I Ill umm Hwllantl haronl Smith hm raw Karol llcurden Pffn Km fl nle Smith ,lofphlne H1 nl ht ary rams B fr Cwen lat: u Q CN ean Tuma e o plc uru I gg Ror The total IIIUQIL department 1 an Ofgalllldllllll open I ll students who want the experlenee of group slnvmg The 'Vllxed Chorus Cnrls Clee Club md fue ensembles hate performed for numerous 0I'g.,3HlZdl1l0IlQ ln addltlon to hlgh school programs the thorus and ensembles hate appeared for YHTIOUC commumtw Lluhs 1nd elementarx schools A speual group took 'ln actlxe part Ill the Music Festlxal at Durant Noxemhcr 8 and 9 An Faster program was presented by thls group on Good Frldax Aprll 8 Seven students Effle Kmlcade Kawe Ixlespert Gwen Tate Jean Turnage Jlm Dolman Dlek Norton and llm Bruce were chosen for the All State Chorus January 20 21 and 22 The last appearance of the Chorus IQ thelr IIIIIJTPQSIWE' slngmg at thxs sears Senlor Seruee May 22 ENSEMBLES 15 3 'Y 4L 1' T? Top row 'NI ARY FR XNFES B-XKER f'1rlQ Trlo and Scxtet KAYE KIESPERT Girls Quartet and Bc-xtct EFFIF KINK-KDF flrls Trm Sextet and NTIXQIT Octet NIELINDA 'NICCLANAH-UN blrl Quartft Bottom row QXLNIX ROBFRSON NIIXPII Ottft SHARON SNIITH Earls Quartet and Sextet FW EN TXTE C lrl Quartet Sextct and Nhxed Octet JEAN TURIN SCE Ctrl Tru: Qextft and Nllxetl Octet ar.: -1- l' K Q 153 'Top row JIM BRUCE NIlX6d Octet and Bow Octet BILL BOW Bows Octet JINI DOLNIAN Mlxed Octet and Boys Octet KENNETH JONE9 Boy Octet Bottom row TED JONEQ 'Vlxxed Octet and Boys Octet DICK NORTON 'Nllxed Ottet and Boyz Ottet FRED TILLNI AN Bows Octet CLIFF WEBER Boys Octet 2 :za AM 1- A 1 I ' 3' f' 2 f- .-, ' A I I -Mtv - Q I ' ,J 'E ' , t 4' M - ' ' 4 '9 3 . " , - . I .4 V f f i X B N K ' 5 ' A ': ., ' A , I .,' ' 1 . , ' ' f - 1 A 1' . ., I ' , f A ' 1 1 , ' A , A ', .. N. , v , . h . . . . , 5 ' . ': . 1 , . . . , - g , . 1 . A , , .T 1,1v.' q , 1' S' .E ' .' 5 ' Y. , 's' ', ,JJ - -gg, . " ei ' . - :EQ .Egfr Q - 3 WT ' 4 4 Qs' 1'-1-. t V ' 5 t We 7 Fw ' Iftlfj. ' X , wifi" I... ,, .V,,, - Q X , x -2 Ev- ' 3 ' f V 1 - A L ' li I t F , 1 ' L Q - ,' Q Z 1 - a - , . Q, , - , , .,. . . . L, . v . I W, , . x K U , A A A, , . , , , . . THE PRIDE OF A.H.S. H Y NIR. FITZCERREL L' JUDY RORICK SUE CAROL AUSTIN 'N MYERS J BAND OFFICERS fr.: "" "' Q' .Q JXXH-'S L XNE Pl-,TF HX RD D XRRY L BL RTOV TONINIY I AMES fllpitllll 1101119110711 Sefgggnl forporaf ' JW' ai 'Y TONI LOCKE MR FITYCERREL CHARLSIE KEY llajgr Director ueen JERRY 'NIOON 'NORNIN JON ANN M31-IRQ BII I IP RAE STRONC Corporal Lzbrarzan Llbrarzan faptazn Tuzrler I ll P , - I A -QQ 'G I' C 7 . , ' f-- f ff -A ,sri U .. E'-xx 1 , 5 ,K K A A R. M - - 'Rx K. U n X gj , 1 I ,, . X W ff N 1 N G A I ,QA BX, Q? A7 Q . ' .5 Q L .At--, X . i, ,. .,-,,--,- First row. left to right: Pete Byrd. Ann Myers. David Horn, Billie Rae Strong, Steve Cowden, Patsy Odom, Carol Gordon, Barbara Mitchell, Norma Joy and Bella Faye Merrill. Second row: Judy Davis, Kay Butler, Sandra Michael, Jack Shakely, Bill Brown, Larry Luton, John Simpler, Walter Linder, Carolyn Essary, Judy Rorick, Bettie Odom and Jerry Williams. Third row: Dan Dobson, Bill Cheatham, Dick Smith, Charles Hays, Jerry Akers, Jerry Moon, Bill Smith, Sue Carol Austin, Rob Luke, Jan Morgan. Dale Rorick. Hays Smith, Tom Locke, Gene Loughridge, Richard Griffith, Joe Woolery, Kenny Chaffin, Bill Wallace, Jimmy Cabbard, Paul Gerlach, Larry Humphrey, Jerry Robinson and James Lane. Fourth row: Mike Cook, Charlotte Pretty, Tommy James, Jimmie Lewis, Mr. Fitzgerrel, Warren Vann, Hilton Smith, Jim Sanders, Jerry Royall, Tommy Miller, Butch Sanford, Levoicc Buckholtz, Bill Bailey, Jerry Thomison, John Tillison, Scott Henley, Jim Bruce, Marion Hanson and Darryl Burton. Not pictured: Katy Smith and Roger Blount. t 3 f 1 Sixty-five members of the A.H.S. hand received not only flashing new uniforms to open the 1954-55 season, but also a new director, Mr. Albert Fitzgerrel. who was previously the assistant director of the Oklahoma University Band. Under his baton and marching techniques the "Pride of A.H.S.', took laurels at various marching contests last fall. ln the marching contest at Madill, October 16, the band won first in the BB division. The organization displayed innumerable talents at football games, marching con- tests, Christmas and Rodeo parades. The band began an added attraction in the form of a pre-game football ceremony. The member,s expectations are high concerning the spring concert, in which many of them will play ensembles and solos. Another event which the band and student body will be looking forward to is the coronation of the ,55-56 band queen, late in May. Mrs. McGoodwin jectionists and eight office girls. The excellent service of the Audio-Visual department is appreciated by both faculty and student body. Q77 , . I . L ff Z, Z' 5 gl' t Q 'W f 3 Sl 1-.1 Projectionists tseatedl: Dexter Boyd, Dean Atkinson. Don Walker. Bill Giles, Bill Givens. tgtandingb: Jimmie- Haskins. Billy Tylt-r and Nliekcy .-Kmlrade. studying the tape recorder and the slide projector. The .-Xudio-Visual department. directed by Nlrs. lrene lVleCoodwin. provides the teachers with needed assistance hy handling filmstrip and 16 millimeter projectors, record players and tape recorders. An audiometer for checking the ears and two telehinoculars for examining the eyes are also included in this office's equipment. A film library. which includes seventy-five films and eight hundred seventy-five filmstrips. is one of the outstanding features of the department. AUDIO Smiling and efficient secretaries, Katy Leach, Shirley Strain. Marilyn Berryhill, Carol Clemons, Geraldine Geurin and Mary Ann Andrade. help Mrs. McGoodwin in many tasks. directs twenty-four high school pro- V I S U A L COMMERCE 018 an UN? gr 13 0 Av. x.'50x K xo W 'Sir Akerc and Miss Fry inspect a typewrlter Elalne Niarlne Check her figure Dictation requires concentration. Typists tap the keys. li' -5' SPEECH AND DEBATE NFL member makr tournament plan Ardmore Hlgh School IS an actlve part1c1pant 1n the Natxonal Forenslc League whose purpose rs to promote the mterests of mterscholastlc debate oratory and pub llc speakxng by encouraomg a splrlt of fellowshlp and by conferrmo upon deservmg candldates a worthy badge of drstlnctlon A H S has held the POQIIIOH slnce May 1949 Durrng the 1904105 year an addltronal honor was the electlon of the sponsor MISS Nancy Fry to the OfflCC of DlStI1Ct N F L chaxrman The speech department presents many one act plays throughout the year whlle the debate students engage 1n numerous debate tournaments The Intact, that was held here on January 29 the N F L and the state tourna ment were some of the year s act1v1t1es And furthermore Are you boys really Ctrl Shy' Q12-.3 PERSGNALITIES ff J ir 2 The Seniors voted as zh lzkelwf to Succeerl XINVE JOHNSON ROBERT BROWN t'l if 1' V f 95. -1' 1 Tlzf' Svniars lmnorml as tlwir best all round classmates ANN TI'RNBlTl.I. CARY LEYERETT F ,lg -?"'l"snyw- The Senzors selected as thezr prettzest and most handsome classmates VIRGINIA PETERSOW STEVE JENWIVC5 At 1, ,Q A eif if' .IPI 'Q The Senzorw elected as thezr most sparlxlmg personalztzes FINCER JONES TOMNIX PATTERSON fl xv U I, Y v1 Q The funzors voted as thezr outsmndzng Students P XTRICI A FI OOD KEITH READ gg jr: . Q! E most auf YJ? M5 'Q Ear The funzors elecLed as thezr frzendlzest classmates JUDY RORICK DON YEAGER ,z Q ,ff -I A. L O The Sophomores chose as their O wittiest classmates PAT WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS The Sophomores selected as their most promising students MELINDA McCLANAHAN BILL GIVENS B SND UEEN ASSY! C9 MKLSXYJ YLYX 'SOS NK?-YK, PXXYIY SOXXS G MMR any fin BASKETBALL SWEETHEART 'f-3-3 is FOOTBALL QUEEN ,f u x B We PNXC I X awp' SQXYHS , 09 s H96 X . QP-RO N u cn Janne Wllllalll Qurux ur u mjut as atlmnddntk Car I Jackwn vu! f cort Sine cnmn, I ft ami Nhxru Nlfdlfl with e url Rfbf rt lux loo nn HOMECOMING Radlant queen Janxce dliplay Gary Clark A H 9 tmrler lead tha coronauon pro cf- non qi a smxle with escort Homecommg queen canrhdates Larol Jackeon ,Iamce Wlllxams and Shlrley Qtram pose wlth Kenneth Nlxller Qe' N' Sf 'jsl' sl"'s 5 - ' 5 Q 0 5 XF' " "'F.1'. .i -12.1 " " -sw 1' YI. k . 1 fr Q7 ,. 5 2 f .Q E 1 if Y' M Tip. 4 A c Ep - I V f R .I 1.7 f e if-P 2 A K V' ' ' I ' ' ' . ' .M S L , , . . . 5 q . I . . gin! CUBONAlTONb ldfll 1 1 h r court attendee as Charl xr Ku awalt her coronatun an the arm of Bob Nlundaw BAND Pam Jvnnmgx-, haf-kf-lball -ww-thvart, vnten thf coronatwn Pscortfd bv TIQPI' guard B W gout! 36 if am Km ha k mall aptam h nj troupe mllmg a hr' pose with the f' wnarl u ba Ptball fanilldtr an fum Pam If-nnlng and f'f-raldlnv f urm BASKETBALL - I K B w 2 , ? ' ' E 1 ' Y L ' Q .wrt , I A A Xi ftt Ut ' ' V - f A. f , 5 , J xg 'F I , - Z v . . 7 . D , tflf Jr- Kr-v. hand qtm-rm. fitx gundi thv fplvnnlur uf 1- ' Nlargarv-t llammill anti .Xrmv Jvhrw-rl. , T Q L 5. I ' X" H V 5 rj V 9 v Q . . ' I.. , if 5 s A -JY I J el RPI c '. a- 1 HfS " S , thrr fo '- gk 5 I 'f' f-.J Q ' S. . ' lv- ' . 1' l:'p 11 SPORTS MR. BOB WILLIAMS Backfielzl Coarh First row. le-ft to right: Key, Nlann. Ross, Short, Baxter, Dodd, Richardson, Strombf-rg, Johnson Second row: Nlgr. Lanphe-rc-. Ce-tirin. Taylor. Ayers, Scott, Jennings. Miller, Clark, Dolman, Read Durzvan. Cox. Third row: Mgr. Smith, Bailey, Dunning, Pearson, Patterson. Bahnf-r, Floyd, Harrell Givens. 3IcNutt. Brown. Shipman. Coach Dodd. Coach Williams. Fourth row: Coach Jacobson Williams. Plank. Ya-agvr. Thomas. Russell, Wrbbor, Cile-S, johnston, Nutt, Jones, Morgan, Connelyz BOOMER CONFERENCE CHAMPS MR. HARRY DODD Line Coach MR. C. E. JACOBSON Athletic Director , 'W Q, U J 'Brit Xi! ty en.. we IQ 1 'f?5 f , ' 11,5 j KK K .imp f ,' .t 4 ..1. .4 'SW1' - ." '-, .X V " X.: ily, f. T I Q1 'V """ Z' I-n -,I . , -.n4...J. N-' , ' - T' :fl - ... I. - ' . ,APY-.. . . ,f1"-'x . ' .- . .- J '.. , . ..g - 'mv -sq, 'K 45" H ...X ,h 5 . ,,,. -.A U-Y.g:VQ,4,,., fgnn .1 A y K vi' f f Q01 mg f Q-J V- a ' 0 Q 1 . 55 f A r' 'A 1 x--A54 G ,l 'g,1M - , ,ruff , , - . V :x ,Q qegt- nfs f""" ' ' 1 1 ' 40, Q- ' A ' ' ' A 2. '1 ' - 4'f' f'Qf., 52. . ' , I 1 '1 V 1 -I fa-j ' - 1 U f 1 ii Q22 S. 5 L, . . Y 3-.-5 if ,, -A in , ., , , X t if 1 . 9 , af - .u ,. ,QQ " rms :A W 1-K . J k ' f-Q .- ,Ln ',A- A-V' . ax,--,-Agri jill. . ."n , . ,.w'. . - . ,-. ' , .Q gy, . I V., I-fszffig ' J w A 1 ' ..4 , , ..- X... . - 1'."""--1 S! , , 1 . x W, !' , KL: iw? l ,. ,,,, .K 4 l V+ 93,5 -l.r.1.A W'5'+.1xs49' . '. x 1-1 :" 1: '. "JA .':"" .1 . H,-.-,x '-'ff - " .-' - 'fs- Q-'n .?h2'i.T--.'.4f5' ' "!.f"fJ' xo JY-:'!m1'i" " -I. 9 . 1-1 ff?-' .'-L, '-'15 '. Scott picks up yardage on a keeper. Johnson goes all the way behind precision blockin PIGSKIN REVIEW ARDMORE 32 CLASSEN 6 September 10 Ardmore upset favored Classen in the first game of the season for both teams. B. W. Scott led the attack by scoring three touchdowns and passing for another. ARDMORE 39 LAWTON 7 September 17 With the Tigers playing the role of underdog, they romped to their first Boomer Conference vic- tory of the year. Ardmore's aerial attack proved too much for the Wolverines. ARDMORE 25 SULPHUR 12 September 24- Ardmore had its hands full in beating the fighting Sulphur Bulldogs. Two touchdowns within,29 sec- onds by the Tigers broke the scoreless duel in the second quarter. ARDMORE 26 DUNCAN 12 October 1 Duncanis spirit was in effect early in the game but was somewhat dampened as Ardmore dunked the Demons. It was Ardmore's fourth straight vic- tory. ARDMORE 7 ADA 20 October 8 A powerful Cougar team and an injury jinx worked hand in hand to push Ardmore out of the ARDMORE 53 PAULS VALLEY 19 October 15 The Pauls Valley Panthers will not forget the pounding handed them by Ardmore. The Tigers scored early on TD's by B. W. Scott, Earl Mann, Steve Jennings, Bill Short and James Key. ARDMORE 39 CHICKASHA 13 October 22 Ardmore moved one step closer to the Boomer Conference Crown by mauling Chickasha. The Tig- ers attack struck early and completely dominated the game. ARDMORE 48 DURANT 13 October 28 The stubborn Durant Lions put up a good fight before bowing out. Ardmore hit paydirt first when Cox came up with the ball and raced 90 yards for a TD. ARDMORE 26 MADILL 6 November 5 Johnson led Ardmore to a victory over the keyed- up Madill Wildcats. Madill was the only team to score first against Ardmore all season. ARDMORE 21 EL RENO 6 November 1 1 The Tigers took their second Boomer Conference crown in tow years by dumping El Reno. It was Ardmore's ninth victory of the season. ranks of the undefeated. ARDMORE 27 SEMINOLE 7 November 19 An aerial attack paced Ardmore over Seminole. Scott's passes to ends, Jennings and Dolman, were too much for the Chieftains. Battle- uf the Bulge" A tynical Tiger victory Six A.H.S. Tigers were honored by being selected for the All Boomer Conference Team. These boys helped spark the Tigers to one of their most successful football seasons. They are, left to right: Steve Jennings, Eddie Dodd, Warner Baxter, Robert Cox, B. W. Scott and Kenneth Miller. JIMMY TAYLOR JAMES KEY M ost Improved Best Sportsman W. A. NEWMAN LARRY BAHNER JAMES WILLIAMS WALLACE JONES DEAN PLANK 'Pal BILL DUNCAN MR. HARRY DODD DEAN RICHARDSON BUDDY RUSSELL DONALD NUTT BILL GILES JOHN PEARSON LOWELL THOMAS DON YEAGER CHARLES BAILEY CLIFF WEBBER BILL CIVENS GARY SHIPMAN ci' 'fm 1-F! Visitor Ardmore Ringling ,77.I,,. 7 0 Healdton 20 6 RODNEY COUCH Duncan .,,,I, D I9 26 Norman. .,,V7. 0 6 Durant .,,.,... . 12 2 Norman .,..,,,, 6 12 OSD ..r,. ,,,, I 3 31 n I RONNIE FLOYD JESS DUNNING JIMMY M:-NlI'l"I' TERRY BROWN BOB JOHNSTON CLIF!-'ORD CONN!-Ili -. fr M- - , ' AA , - if , SCOTT STEVE JENNINGS Quarferbaclc End 55 'QTL iv A i 1 2 ,- 1,1 . F' , 5 'xx-NlN,.lf' A -L -'- - T1 lf.. 'A W- f 1- ' Q ? -P l I -. : J EE .5 xx --- - , , f ' XfE5l.?3?.r TL: ., -,B -I-"f1'f3gf3-122 " In f'Z1f.L-.'i" ' l ' Q li' 'A' Seq-+3 K Ml, . .. ,. :Sf K ' x,f-"' ' lg :..l . H . ,.'x?v2:f'f"f'1' -L+-wi -3523. ' 5A:.4i' 5? " BOB COOK ' 440 Jia. ,, . , ,ff 'rj :gf .3 be - f-' ' "A. if - '. J ' ' - - qi .1 L" 1, 1 'A L ' 'w- 243005 av -H . Mmm 1 , . . ".g,,?,,. L' , H v pf --" -1f1'zf-- -. :LET gl wr: S 5 if il. f 5,-3 7.15-:V . ' HQ lskafgisav ' :.' :'1aM'iffg, -11' -.rf - 739 1 '-2 W , .V weft: ' 1 ' f ' gf jQE .5E if- 5.1 , g if:-4111 STEVE JENNUYCS 'L 1-5 Coach Williams and field event men. TIGER CAGERS 3? . .-z:-' 5 ,Il Front row: B. W. Scott. Wallace Jones, Earl Mann, Jimmy Taylor, Max Heflin and James Key. Back row: Coach Bob Williams. Jimmy Richardson, Buddy Russell, Sherod Pittman, Jimmy Dolman. Larry Bahner and Coach C. E. Jacobson. tbl 'HJIIRIJ ia 'S' Coaches C. E. Jacobson and Bob Wllllams burn mxdnxght oll rn preparation for the next game. CHARLES TATE Manager Ti gcrs T. ligvrs W.-1-, ligvrs 'M ligvrs i lgvrs ilgvrs I lgvrs Tigers Tig:-rs igvrs Tigers Tigsfrs V.. I igf-rs Tigers Tig:-rs Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers IO5-L-14155 Sflillxlllil I' -My 35 KO .ll 30 Iii -I-I UH -I-lv ST JH ol Hi IH -ll! 2-l 51 -il -li lil 59 Viizuirikzi Nwniuim TTPIITTQII Sulphur Puulis V lfl lim-my .Mhz lluruut Lam hm Sulphur fillivkusl mu Sham uw' ullvy i Tivllu lhim-un Kiugslmi llurum Shziwiivf :Xrlzi Lhu-kusi Dllllfllll Lam tim lil 1 -1-.3 -16 59 33 352 525 022, ,151 57 35 I if! 00 50 52 TO 44 02 05 60 01 -1.5 1.2-i-5-1 I2-O-5-I I2-ll!-5-1 12- I .4-5-1 IZ-1 i-5-1 I--1-55 -F- T-i-DD -J l-I l-55 l- l -1--55 1- l 21-55 l-21-55 I-2-1-55 I-22-S-55 2 1-55 2--L-55 2-23-55 ..-11-55 2-I5-55 2-18-55 2. 2 22-55 -25-55 Nh-w jwnniug- WUI jump- w-utvr against an Iii Rvnu fm. UB" team playvrs. lvft to right: Keith Rvall. ROUGH Smith. Bill Baxter,-,Iimmv Redman. Jess Dunning, John Bradley and Thomas Eppler Tigers Tigers Tigers .7,... ....s,7 Tigers .,.,.., .....,. Classen Madlll Idabell Aa ...v., sssi. Richardson gm-s in for a lay-up in the Ardmore' Waurika game. '3 4 .35 3 1055 'S-11-So 3-12-55 BEST TSMAN f 6 M5512 at 35 QQ ,x5,Ev-942. Y G77 Ly -J fr? ' 1 1,1 MUST I PR S ? Y: 5 WH Q 1 55 K -Xa YZ gy- --L GD 1.. GIRLS PHX SIL AL EDUCATION as I nl 3 MIHQ DORIS DLRTOW -Xctmn packzd volleyball Instructor Peggy Ronck Joan Moxley Bllhe 'Wc'Wullxn Judy Ronck Penny Phlpps and June Curry ' v V Q" N l I 1 0 ' It , . V - - . - V .ae is , . ,' Vx 4 h X521 lp CLASSES SE IUR "1 NIRS. CKROLYN YOEHI. gps. 'i . ' Cal' 11119. ' - Q.,-5 jim . n are Fe-nw' 'MW D U . radualll' An!1UY'almg g The hands of the clock are rapidly sweeping away the few remaining hours of our high school years. As the time fades. we remember the many hours we spent here. We recall the halls which echo with ageless memories, the windows as they return our last gaze. the pictures we seldom noticed-hut shall never forget and the steps we mounted countless times. The auditorium harboring memories of assemblies, class songs and school spirit. Our proud Senior sign. soon to he a memory also. But as we pass once again from the front steps into the bright sunlight of the future. we realize that we shall look back upon these memories. May we remember our high school days as the best years of our lives. v amd Sara' NIRS. C. W. SPARCER 'Q ALAN Bos'rw :CK A gentle caress of a keyboard . . . an fntranccd and u.tatn, musical clnam lVlARY ANNE ANDRADE Tinkling laughter joyous as a maypole . . . snowflakes on sunlit hilltops BILL Bow The flight of a jet airliner . . . flap- jacks at Cirrfs . . . youth in the ski.-s DEAN ATKINSON The stately slimness of the lone pine . . . the calmness of the windswept desert CHRISTENE Bnooxs Candied apples and boots at the rodeo . . . pixie smile and twinkling eyes J AMES AYERS Logs in a fieldstone fireplace . . . the lion in the lamb . . . cactus blowing at night ROBERT BROWN DasVinci at his drawing board . . . wit wrapped in a cloak of innocence MARILYN BALDWIN Fireworks in the Garden of Eden . . . spice in ballet shoes . . . talent cloaked in ambition JERRY BURGESS Huckleberry Finn in levis . . . cor- diality in the prime of its youth MARY GAYLE BILLINCSLEY The rippling waters of a mountain lake and mood music . . . a dainty elf 11' - z AL I DARRYL BURTON Thr gold band that ties success . trombone "Rhapsody in Blue" . father's day at the zoo GARY CLARK L2 V4 YK l . The mountain of will power and capa- bility . . . the majestic Rock of Gibraltar we ,us - . l, '53 Af IN-f "tr NIADELON BYRD Nightingale at a jam session . . . pro- longed lingering of a love song deep in your heart PETE BYRD Sports model roadster at the country club front 'way back LEE COEEEY The glint of the sun on shiny golf clubs . . . the bright and lustrous halo of success jam session ladies man Boa Coox Whirlwind on the loose . . . hi h school heartthrob with a friendly face 5 A s 'Q' If mls r LESLIE CAMPBELL The glow of a friendly face . . . the hush of the jungle preceding the prey- ing leopard ROBERT Cox Tom Sawyer in a tuxedo . . . the ro- mantic interest in a mystery story Ton CARSON The deep tones of a cello . . , untamed frontiers . . . a bonfire with a bright glow HENRY Cnosxr-:LL An exciting mrnanv: with a raincheck . . . soft suede against a rugged saddle J W DENISON Ihe silt-nu of age-old sand dunes . . . a mightw hantam with dancing eyes RODNFY LOLCII The urprx Ing nap of shutter and hur t I fla I crackling logs flowm warmth DAVID DODD Logging boots on a dance floor . . . sporting trophies against a background of pinups JUNE CURRY The haunting beauty of gypsy music around a campfire . . . a gingham girl in a Paris gown EDDIE Donn Hot chocolate by a log fireplace and glowing hearth . . . mistletoe and pine cones BOB DAVIS Portrait of a teen-age Will Rogers . . . Thanksgiving dinner trimmed with a smile BETTY DOUGHTY White violets In an earthenware Jar . . . the happiness which comes from triumphant years STANTON DAVIS Red apples in a silver bowl . . . cov- ered wagons In the sunset . . . the heart of a Christian DICK DUNN Blue jeans and dancing shoes . . . a red plush carpet on concrete . . . a life of dexterity INA lJEMoItY The true and sternly kind . . . glory ol friendship . . . engagement to happiness rv! E MIKE ILA!-:IN A portrait signifying deep sincerity . . . Michaelangelo of the twentieth century DARLENE GOLDEN Footlights and greasepaint . . . .the rising ovation of success . . . the poise of a ballerina MARGARET GAMMILL Hearthside pinup girl . . . angel cake with pink frosting . . . rainbow in the canyon DANNA SUE GOODE Community dancing On a city block . . . Summer time in childhood . . . hilarious good times JIMMIE GASKINS Young man with a zest for life . . . the drone of a sweet-running engine JACK GORDON The treasure and value of golden sil- ence . . . steadfast loyalty in full bloom PAUL GERLACH Jazz at the Metropolitan . . . restless feet on a polished floor . . . humor without barbs DENNY GREENE The excitement of Saturday night in a mining town . . . ringside at a wrest- ling match BILLY JOE CEURIN Friendly faces- in a strange town . . home town boy with a party line . . winter sunset EDWINA GREGORY Sunlight contrasted on a hlack lining of clouds . . . contagious gaiety A . L '46 JIMMY QL t-:ss LoRET1A HILL The happy laughter of a rippling brook . . . sprinkle of freckles on a smiling face lg Thr serenity of swan on tht lake . . . friendship enhanced by unending smiles JLSTIIN HALL ARM HOLSLEY A shy, winning smile in a stiangr town . . . the accented sweetness of a lily The spicy tang of pine forests . . . s- ' ciplined dynamo . . . sagebrush sensa- llOn JAR HARRIS sense of humor CLARE HERBERT gardenia ARNOLD HOUSLEY The value of good will and ambition . . . willingness exemplified by honesty Suawe, smooth, a daring cavalier . . . a teen-age Johnny Appleseed with a ROYCE HOWELL Stephen Fosters music on a Juke box . . . murmuring winds sweeping over the countryside Ebony shadowing the softness of ivory . . . the lingering sweetness of a blue ,D K nA Hn tool flowus bnmuav Huw The neat work of a professional seam- stress . . . the beat of the waves on the sandy shore l.ovc' in bloom . . . Springtime in tlnr llovkies . . . radiant raindrops hiding in lun . 1 o owin llox tl n Jouwox tru of rainbow tra firt 1 ra u Jldlll 1 I wi lu 4 li rr .1 5 ll t imc rope sublime G1NCER Jorxlzb ink lemonade and cotton randy . . . - warmth and friendlinc-rg f a 'oun- I try fair tI,xRo1. JAc:usoN Morning glories de-vkf-ml with diamond de-w-drops . . . ing:-nuity with a touch of humor STANTON JONES jack Horner with dancing eyes . . . LAL YL Y. a varefree stroll through memories S'1'Hvr:Jr:NN1Nos :X young Adonis in battrrvd slenims . . . liagwoml samlwichr-s at a mle'l1utante's dance- d Tw ,lows at Kr-Q-psakes in a safvtywlc-posit llox . . . " atrong individualint . . . the- vonque-st of Mt. Evrrrnt ANNIE ,IouNsoN Sunrise- on tht' hilltop-1 of tha- lulun' u prim-la-M pn-ull in u mounting ol ambition I'1vA Lola Alotumw nltutvn . . . thu- nwlnh oi Hlltulllllll lu llu- fllUllH'llU1ll' 'Hu' rlir-k und llunli ol lmlllu-ating i 'Q Vt nm lxrxn III lht- lastmg glow that t'0lllt'h frum mp M CllAKLbIl-. hm .,. .Q Lountry lmttu m tl blltll' thfh . . . t.. Y f autumn leavt-5 falling tu tht- rhythm uf hvlmp 5 2- F , r ,lftmm LAN!-. llynumlte- Ill 4lllll1lLtI'l'4" , . . llltIllIlI'I follow:-tl hy rh-ur hluw -kim . . . H5181- JAMHS KEY The gleam of football vlvuts un a rolling turf . . . the faith that can num mnun- tains Q C1:n'r1s l.ANtNunAM A knight tn shining: armor . . . aulwn- turf on A tramp .teamlr . . . ttinynn depths KAYE KIESPERT Thv lush song of a mghtmgalv . . . ""' the :fprmklc of happiness, on the mzk of ambition 495 N0ltl'l"l'A l,1QlmE'1'1'rin Ame-rxcan Beauty roses hlghhghtlng an antique vax . . . a prm-lr-, trtmn gold GLORIA kt 11,14 Vvnus in u vlaafmunu . . . youth und:-r a vrrmczf-:lt moon . . . soft win:--tintml llllblb LAR! l .ICV lililf I I An 1-nglv III flight . . , tht' th-rp pulpit' of u auulftl-It n-lip:-un , . n ,htltlvtl ,many Apnlln Lntm krvnha th. umttlnntur :mth .tt lldflvllln u ltlr nt tn-ntrmlmn .Itplh and human quuluy EMU. LEHNE The smile that lightens and brightens the world . . . the simplicity of friend- ship ELAINE MARINES The sincerity of a cl1ild's prayer . . . a heart with all evil shed away DONNA LICGEI r The beauty of the rolling heatht and moors . . . friendship's cheerful greeting GARY NTAY Consideration mixed with dignity . . . a cheerful hello in the early morning BARBARA LONG Confidence wrapped in chrysanthemums . . . Snow White reflected in calm WHICTS 1' DEANNA JUNE MAYFIELD Bright lights of Broadway in a small Oklahoma town . . . gayer than spring- time MARILYN LOUGIIRIDGE Long-stemmed roses and baby's breath the gracious lending of a helping hand DEAN MCDONALD The sun glistening on mountain peaks a new rifle in the hands of a happy hunter THERESA LYDAY A glistening wind-swept beach . . . the incandescent glow of personality JACKIE MCGAHEY The roar of the press as the papers roll off . . . the depth and stillness of the canyon JOY JANE MII RPHEY Sunlight on the Mediterranean . . . friendliness with an air of solemnity RRLLA FAYE MERRILL Brahms and lmeliop . . . the emerald depths of a mountain lake . . . integrity and intelligence "1 DICK NORTON A deep, mellow voice enriched by hap- piness . . . sagebrush sensation at the rodeo KENNETII MILLER ,A Don .luan in a football helmet . . . a diamond in the rough . . . Rolling gl ' clouds, autumn leaves BETTIE ODOM A rambling rose from Texas . . . the quiet depths of the cool dark forest BARBARA MITCHELL - provocation with a touch of technicolor E Purple shadows on a green lawn . . . ' if KAY OSBORN Silver shining in the moon's eclipse . . . pot of gold at the end of the rain- bow CLARA Lou MOEFITT The friendliness that rules the world . . . the warmth that brings understand- ing LARRY PAINTER Stately pine trees surveying the country- side . . . fishing pole, line, bass, filled streams DICKIE MULLINS Brown eyes reflecting merry laughter . . . good will bestowed by a smile ToMMY PATTERSON A fresh breeze on a sunascorched desert . . . hep and handsome . . . teen-age In- dustrialist EDDIE Lou POWELL A tender love song . . . rays of the 3 sun gliding over the waters of a pic- turesque lake lNlARl0N PATTEN The brooding silence of a desert night . . . excitement at the World Series HAZEL PRUITT A blonde bombshell loaded with laughs . . . thunder and lightening dancing through the sky EDWINA PERCIFUL A nymph, dancing to a street organ . . . the first robin . . . Paris in the spring GLADA MAE REDDEN The calm serene quietness of a meadow brook . . . sleigh bells on a frosty night VIRGINIA PETERSON Mona Lisa in her teens . . . white violets on a golden cushion . . . im- pertinent angel HAL REED Redwood trees dwarfing the countryside . . . an industrious hitchhicker to the moon RALPH PIERCE The drowsy beckoning of an afternoon siesta . . . teen-age rail splitter JAMES RICHARDSON The soft whisper of a summer breeze . . . hope, filled with undying courage I 1-1 fs 'Q B. W. SCOTT Hurricane in harness . . . football hero at a victory dance . . . hometown Loch- invar JOIINNY ROBERTS A clashing young Rhett Butler . . . ' fiery rivets clashing against steel girders .fx A KATHERINE SHOEMAKER The tinkling laughter of icicles in the wintry wind . . . a sincere heart of gold GENE Ross Boxing gloves lying on a velvet cloak . . . high school family man HELEN SMITH Dependability in mink and erinine . . . a frolicking pixie with hypnotic eyes SHIRLEY ROSSER 3 Love on a ferris wheel . . . a sparkling 'fir coin in a moonlit fountain . . . good f-51,1 - nature itself i' h .I SHARON SMITH Youth climbing a golden stairway to success . . . classical music on a juke box JANE Scutsono Snowflakes tiptoeing through frosty air . . . an orchid preserved by the warmth ' of a smile CONNIE SOUTHERN The mystic scene of apple blossoms . . . strawberry shortcake topped with whip- ped cream BEN Sco'I'r Silk shirts and riding boots . . . a panther basking in the sun . . . motor- boats racing at dawn jan 'Q GILBERT STAGNER A serious cavalier . . . footprints in the dew . . . the first glimpse of dawn BARBARA STONIIM The sparkling laughter of a rushing H 3 brook . . . an impish quality for en- Z' lu! joyinent WALTER STALLCUP A Lamplights reflected on wet city streets . . . ambition on a rocket ship to the moon PATRICIA STRACNER I t S1 Cornflakes on a black lace handker- - chief . . . a walk in the rain . . . voices fu in laughter SALLY STEWART The sway of palm trees on a tropical night . . . loud peals of girlish laughter SHIRLEY STRAIN . A , -- -12 Pinpoint of light in a total eclipse . . . 5 sun-tan lotion on beauty at the beach X. E GENEVA STIEWIG Becky in Tom Savq'er's escapades . . rf V the daintiness of a China doll HERSIHIAL STRAWN Refugee from the routine . . . beefsteak and lemon meringue pie . . . blue mas- sing clouds 3 i ANN STONUM White sails drifting on a turquoise sea . . . a leopardess on a golden chain SARA Succs 'A The rainbow wrapping Itself around a dying storm . . . saltwater taffy and candy hearts .J Determination tloalwcl in ulxrt domesticated Peter Pan package of g,ooclvs1ll Winrlin quiet trtatnr, along green pas- ture is its toutl sprinkle-rl in Nostalgit' singing of eowhox uncltr prairie moon a ynial gent T 0 rug.,cdnc of a mountain elimlwr the frlencllmew with a tleep felt Angora kittens plaung on a patchwork quilt . . . the happy fndmg of a fain tale Freeh Qnow on a ski trail . . jokes on a hay ride light Qhming out of The sparkle chief . . . d1Qtant hill on the :ue horizon heart . St8I'S . The glory of roughmg lt out o oore . . . a leisure wallt through life Smcerits with an ll'lfCCtl0UQ grin . 3 SUSAN WHEAT Good-humor at its best . . . moonlight on a restless sea RAE WIIITE Alllllilltlll with its lighter side . . . rua mance in the bleachers . . . St'l'Ylt'l' with a smile KEMVEL WII.LI,uIs Honesty portrayerl iII a smiling face . . . a stroll through the lIly4lt'l'lt's of ll forest CAROL XVHITFIELD Rich treasures glowing in a clark can' . . . the magic of the artist's touch NIARY WINCHELL An enchanted evening in Paris . . . a voice obeying deep emotions . sophisticated imp xl '5 JANICE WILLIABIS Vibrant sunshine on a glowing personal- ity . . . loud voices boosting the team to victory MARY ELLEN WORLEY True loyalty which captures the heart . . . the breeze on a stifling summer day Senior "Sack Lunch Day," Thursday, September 23. 1 31 .1 1 K L X1 Axial Theresa tells of life in "Hobo Jungle" during a pep assembly. V :T Q .,,1.,,,Q,,,mmE.. . .V 5 -- ":f"":' "Q ' .,,,.,.z,-LJ. . - -'rw fr . . ' -iw- , f. 1:-i',T': :iii 'gg' I" xv "-'nf '-V ff ffzzr :. 'Tn ' Fw-.Emi IQIEL- W .....,,. p- 1: , ,::::r f- -:zu-iff,-,Z--vrrw I V5 f iq'-,:Q,g,,--...Qs 4 7 - 1 n -E2- -'1i:d 4f' 'ff' ., Q'f"', if 1 '-5l2?i3."E"'Q:v""!'l'P'E ffZ'Q?-iF1?:7i3-. N 11- "' .51-1Q'f.:'g'7"f?'7' 5 14 f," n X g-P:-Kwan:-,wg::d:L..s.:::g:.1g.g,:..:Q1qLexm :za L - -u13x-f5::'f- -: - ,, ., , F 9511, 1 1,-1 , V eff . .. ,,gf2f, ' ' .,.,W- L. 7 X, Mm .,:", q -" Q ' ,, .-:' ,j ':Gz'4ax?fw2.feg,,:9gzf,':fFEf :fha .4 - I,-VY, '1+EL:5,,. gL:.,.g47,: fpzqgmk 5.g1Qy,,- -f 4--- - V . ,, --. -L'A't'.i1'Z,f' I ,yr .,..g ' -.......1: M-1,4 " E 5 a an SENIOR PROM w -L. I JUNIOR1 H -so NIRN Bl XM HL NPXRKS 1 K1111111 C111 t1 '1l1rf-a 11 IX llIll0T 1'1l1r lxe1tl1 li1'11l 1 XPtE'I'dI1 1l1QQ leader be111111' th1Q xe'1rQ prewdent of the ,lumor 1 ww X1111111p1111111ff llllll VII l11 lfllll' 11f duts 1re Judx Horlclx uce pres11le11t a111 Cirol flo1111111s Q11 rotary Nlr lil 1111 l11 Wlnrk- and Vlr Lx nd11l lrbs Qp1111QorQ 1s11rk1ng entl1uQ1aQt1callw durlng tic L11st1111 '11111' 1 1111 Il11 u11111rQ wld 1111111QQ1o11N The claw IQ proud 0 r lrhw Q '11l1 11111-11111111 to ihv f11'l1l of school 'lfllllllllqtffillllll but ulll 1111QQ hw 111tereQt 111 X ll S 1ff11rx ll1pl'11111f llllll 1saQ 'Nlr l11111Qc Akerg who 1apabls Qtepped Ill to help Qupcrxl 11 our '11t111t11'H xfnt 1 mayor 1111p11rtanL1 I thc' u11111rQ YN Q md 11l1ll1 '1111l th1 11111'Lut1x1 1111111111tt11 1111 1 1 llll I If 111 F11 11 lllf 9 XS Hill!! 1 I' wif llllbl' NINS lllfl NWS hlul' IIN S 1 1111l ry 111 1 1 Y11 Nlkw lUllNl' XKHCS Xlll llxllllll l .l111lj. 11' l . l fa '1l 11111-. lx fr111 l11s,',l ' l'.1 - ship. 1 A 1 , V , . . . . . ,iji H . z ' ' '1.. . 1. . 1' 1 '. . 'l1i,. .1 " 1 C ' 1 'S l' 1 U' ' ', " ' . l Q ,' . , . -- 1 L- In n n 1 ' . . S. 1 ' 1 .l 1 5 1 . D' . ., , ' Q - 1' D W l 1 ' g1 vl 1 1 J ' . , ' 'nf .- 1 f M. ,i gi '71 1 -1 - ' : . ' '. ' . " 1- Q ' 1 - " ' ' 1 1" lg ' 31 S. 1 .. ' ' '- ' --Yiiflii - 1 's A '- -Q L Q ' ' All 1' r 1 f ' ' '1 11 ,I ' . 'a. the sf-l1-1'ti1111 nl vlziss rings. Mary ll11r1lwi1'l1. ll111111i1' FI W . ,lz11'lc ll' ' 1 1 A - ' '1 ' ' 1 - 1 1l0 ll w11111l1-rful 1-l111i1-1- whi 'l1 11- l111p1- will l11'1t111111' il 11l1-l for l f f'lZlSSf'S 111 r 11111. Q . ' Cid l fil1'111 ns 11111l ll11ll 1 l.1f1' MlIf.llC.'Ilf'y' '1'r1' l rvsl ,'l1l - f11 the '--kly 'ZI11' 1 - 1 VW ,lu ' 'llllrlff of thf- lfritf:ri1 ll staff i111'l111l1- l'11tri1'iz1 Flf . l.z1r I' 5 ill, Zlllfl IJ111 i'2gf?f. . , . . . I .f Q , . . . '1 , RISY l,eadmg the hand to win the Llass BB dis- trict marching trophy last tall was Tom Locke. This is his second year as drmn major. Nlaioretles you saw strutting down the foothall field lwetween halves include juniors Sue Carol .-Xustin. .-Xnn Myers and ,ludy ltoriek. Norma ,loy and .Min serve as lihrarians for the hand. llurray for the Boomer Conlcrem'e Champions! Vliithout those tough and speedy Juniors the team would not haye licen victorious. Running with that hall were john Paul johnson. Bill Short. Keith ltead and lfarl Mann. jim llolman made a great pass snatcher while Jon Ftromherg adeptly played guard. Their manager was Larry Smith. Part of their success was due to the cheerleading effort of llee Tipps and Sue Huston. This was llee's second year. Both attended a cheerleading clinic at Xkiehita Falls last summer in preparation for the school year. The all school play, "Papa was a Preacher." was staged in November. Richard Griffith played "Papa" with Karen Kincheloe as his wife. Other Juniors in the cast were Gwen Tate. Marion Hanson. and Dan Dohson. ,lunior student council memhers are Nancy Hardy, Ruth Ann Steele. Christi Sullivan. Peggy' Smithwick. Carol Clemons. Darla Todd. Jim Dol- man, Don Yeager. Larry Smith. ,lack Riddle. Keith Read and Tom Locke. Christi and Don were repre- sentatives to the Southern Association of Student Councils. Jackson. Mississippi. in November. Don. treasurer of the council. was also chairman of the ticket committee for the all school play. Peggy served as chairman of the committee which planned the student directories. The Juniors have had a wonderful year. full of school spirit and enthusiasm. ln 1955-56 they will be ready to carry on school traditions with all the exuberance needed to keep Ardmore High School progressing. f K- ff x . ,..f A.---. 5 K' . t,lynn H4-inliart sf-tu-fl the student hotly well. manipulating -ounvl equipment for school functions. ef--qs af K . w . by Q 'l'ht X.lI.5. litget. pottlaued ln fntol l'lt-mons. made its inttitl't- this unit. 3 lid' -I Donald Boyer Kenneth Brecht Sandra Brodie Jimmy Brooks Sue Carol Brown J im Bruce Max Brumley Levoice Buckholtz Gene Burchfield Everett Butler Kay Butler Carol Carmon Wayne Chambers Carol Clemons Gary Clift Daphne Clifton Julian Cohenour Donna Collins Rosemary Combs Ronald Couch Q-4 LaVen Again Gerald Anderson Yvally :Xnzlerson Sue Carol Austin Kenneth Bacon Charles Bailey Carol Barker Bill Baxter Yvarner Baxter Curlene Beard Carol Bearden llea Belknap Kate Bettes Carolyn Binion Roger Blount Steve Coxsdun liutli Ann Cox Gene Cunningliam Mae Davenport Jerry Dixon Dan Dobson Le-va joy llodgion jim Dollnan Lela Joyce Dotson Bill Duncan Gerald Ellis Virginia Epley Carolyn Hssary Paula Fleming Patricia Flood Ii A Q 7 V? Ronald Floyd Bonnie Flye J oe Foster Elaine Fuller Louise Gill Nancy Gill Marla Gene Gilstrap Bill Glover Yvonne Goodin Richard Griffith James D. Guess Gene Hale David Handley Marion Hanson Mary Hardwick Nancy Hardy Jimmy Harrell David Harris Gary Heartsill Eddie Henry lsaac LaRue Verla Lasley Don Latimer Dennis Lavers Tom Locke Mary Lummus Aclolphine Luton Earl Mann Ann Matheson Bobbie Lee McChesney Norma McGahey Jimmie McGinnis LaFreda McKenzie Sherry McMullin Linda Milam Larry Mitchell Pat Mitchell Bobbie Moore Ann Myers W. A. Newman Dale lloffnvr Ernie' Hoskins Carlton llmszml Shirley lluclialwy Sue lluston jerry Jackson john Paul johnson Beverly Jones ,lo Ly nne Jones NOFIIIEI Joy Betty Kendall Linfla Cilstrup Kerr Karen Kincheloe Effie Kinkade Beverly Lane Merle Owens Gordon Palmer Nlziryanm- Parker john Patterson lfrnest Perry Sandy Peterson Laura Pipkin lloris Pitcliforcl iz Kc-itll Read Lillie Rcdden Jimmie Redman Glynn Reinhart Dean Richardson Jack Riddle Mar arel L. Pollard fx I '47 Rex Riner Sylvia Roberson Bobby Roberts John Earl Robertson Judy Rorick Sandra Scholl Marilyn Scott David Scovill Yuvonda Scribner Laura Scrivner Helen Sealy Audrey Sharp Gary Ship Gary Shipman Bill Short Dianne Showers Rhonnie Sills John Simpler Larry Skaggs Larry Smith "-5' Marquetta Walker Julia Ward Cliff Weber Carol White Sara White Cecil Ray Williams James Wilmoth Jerry Wilson Don Yeager Aileen Young Martha Smith Peggy SllllIllWiCk Ruth Ann Steele Shirley Stephens Josh Stroman Jon Stromlxerg Christie Sullivan Gwen Tale ,lmlyTa1ylor Nancy Taylor Ollie Taylor Ima Jean Thompson Dee Tipps llarry Tipps Darla Todd Yvonne Trammell ,lean Turnage STAIRWAX 'IU LIERNI IY Do not weep 111 de pan nn 1111911415 Not a tear on her rave hould xou shed Because she s clnnlnn 1 olden talrwav Where only the angels tread She walks on through clouds through wlnd and storm With the dlgnlty and grace of a queen Hel real life unfolds now before her Because her soul whlle on earth was kept clean No fears or worrles has she No more toll and strlfe for her vouthful soul Llves on past eternlty Rxchard Tlndall ,gem LOLISE BALL March 1 1938 Januarv 0 19.3.3 IN MEMORIAM MR. RALPH I. HALL January 20, 1905 March 22, 1954 THE GUIDING LIGHT In llfe he served as a gllldlflg light Bflllglflg comfort to those whom he met And that llght stlll shlnes guldlng us on through the dark Wlth a glow we shall never forget We wonder 1f he gazlng down on the earth Can see hrs hght glowmg below Leadmg us over mountalns through hllzzards and storms Lest we smk deep ln the snow. At mght he's the moon, shinlng bright and sereneg Hls smlle forms the Heavenly sun, Even up there he's a guxding llght. Weep not, for hls battle IS won. Richard Tmdall ' ,' Y '1fY YW A . .g. , 5 1, M 7 m X. v 1- -. ' A 0- 2 gy x Q ' ' K ' T' F' ' J . , C, , . . I r. . , .7 . ' , .U . c 1 - . I H , She is nearing the top of the stairway. . 9 7 , . Q 7 7 ' 7 , ,M flglllli . K Lk. I 1-3 1 Fopl1o111o1'1- flux- 111111-111- 1 . 1 I Nllvliv-y X111l1'a11l1-. l'l1'x141f1'1:I PFIIIU' lllxipp-. l Ive l'rv,xi1l1'r1t 1 1 1 1 P11111 .l1'1111i11gx. New rf-!11r1 Bfll YY ' l N 1 hom r 1 1 PHI! I KX 111111111 1 ..,...1.. ...S-. NIRN NINX RRIXIHI-II1 XIR Fl C I-'NF TODD ,l11mp1n jne Nlan al11e Nophomore Cla of 5 ll wa l1e1rd TIIIUIIIO' tl1rou0l1 the lu 1 hallc of X H N whe11 that lfcl Nophomore cla meetmv wa held after the capable claw offlcere Nllckes -Xndrlde Pennx Plnpp and Pam Jenmnge had been elected Fleet B1llGlXCI1 Larrx lncle-Waldo Bahner Jame Raetua W1ll1amG Lowell C XP Thoma and Je Dunnmg were amonv the Nophomore football plaxer boo tmv the Twerx toward the Boomer Conference Cham P1011 h1p Rah But how could thex hase es er made It WSlthOl1t the1r rlght arm the cheer leader ' Noph Pat W1ll1a1n and ,lo Xnn Hunt hawe been dsnamoa behmd the team cheermv them on and peppmff up the ent1re Qchool and a l1ttle b1rd t ld 1ne that IH the pep aa embl1e2 xou could hear the Sophomore Cla bla t1nU awax from that balcons oxer the upperclaaamen Hmmo Xl o puahmg the Twer on wae the X H N band Vllh Blllle Rae qtrong a 'oph twxrler truttmv 1n the lead 1 , , 'llll' SIIllllUIIl4lI'l' -poxmxorx to XNllHlIl wr. ,L the f ll 111- flax-. w'i4l to "Xl1'I1l 11111 ' wal 'NI Ilallllb for lllt' 111.1111 -1'1x11'1'e A !l1-- haw N11 willingly pf-1'fo1'1111'1l for !l11- f -' 16 pr' '111 lllltl N1'll,ill" of our vlghf. ' , ' o , A, 2 1 , l , 1 1 l 'L' 1 ., . - -. . , - V , W in ----- Igzfz e ,Ha . . .. . -: D. 4 e M-V --.1 . . . . . ' 1 Tl s ' S a b C C J sl' - .,. ' f . ?lg:t"" , . " " .: w -Q - V Q ' Q I ' Y VQi5": ' P ' . ' A L E3 C. P H, -1 . 1 ' " S. ' Y " . S " - -N 7' ' -. 152213 ' A ' " . . s. ss ' ' C Q EL, ' ' A .l S S C C 'K ' .13L!g.-1 ' , - v v : - : . . Eifffl 'H - - - - ' -' ' ' 1 . 'i1f"',. ' 'hx . A T A V sf f S " ' S : ' ' , ' . C C - . 1 . O . 'S . W 1 K Qi Q . v - ' Q My , , Mk' ' k C' . . . 5 - ' 'C S ' - .- . .f. , " ' ' M . .. ' . S U . ll e 1 1 rxtarmf l l ho, 1 . tx sl! x am: ,, H Ot 4 xx ur rl ms Pl l dm di ,HL l bat Xi ll lam ll: ldlll OPHO ORE Ox er N160 uae Cleared on that hlu terx Cold night of Oetoher ld ss hen the Noph sol comm QIOIIQ at the Paula Yallex foothall grunt Coffee and pt mute wrt ie mg lllte mad '1 Ramona Nelson Imtx L1 azh Pete l'orheQ Ronme lxellx and Jeanette Humphrex mll te-Qtlfx Btmu-e of lllllf Sophomore Qponeor 'Vlr Brumfleld uae unahle to ht lp but 'Nlr Blll Nlcflrmahan enervctlcallx frlled m and managed the west Slllltl Tlank 'Vlanx thmlt the hard work on the Sophomore homecommff float ua m sam Gmce Gax the flmihed product nas a thmg of heautx Studded sslth thouiande of fll8ITl0Ild9 tdlamond napluni that Nj and north all the trouhlm Hate off to George Colller and 'Newt 'Neaihlttl Older and meer Qtudenti of X H N haxe told the Sopha that the cla plcturei of thr tear are the heat o far Hou ahout lt Ccraldlne Teeth Ceurmr' Glad xou re Q0 happx Barbara Qhort' and Bxll Gllei' Xt Ju t WHAT are xou lookmg9 Eau non' Xou almoat hate llllll Ohh there' lent he a heaut' For almoet a month theae and more exclamatrona could be heard frcm the luologx Qtudente aa thes dxllgentlx Qearched for meect- The COllf'Ctl0IlQ were made mth Qurprlilnglw few caQu1lt1eQ although 'Nlarx Lx nn flver Clark nearlx broke a fmger gfalllllllg a butterflx Ye ue re a Qplrlted cll Q hut xsexe honor Qtudenta too' 'Nlarx Xnn 'VIC Xmnch and Nlelmda NleClanahan are Qtralght A xeterana from wax lack XII m all me re proud of our 200 memhera We re a largf aggregatlon hut exerx Qmgle one IS worth bemg a part of the Soph Claes of 51' x . 3. N 1 5 x lr xl xi I 'llllv Soglf wel" llubfllllgl cor 'wal tl f at tht' Paul- .1 V 4 X ' V" Yulllj ftltllball g' '. I .. I' hr ph U . 1 N ,. 41. M V. 1 " X I .- '1. ' -1' ' - S W' ' ' f ' , S d ' . . , 7 " . -. A -a 5 '- A . ll' ' ' . s Q . ' .3 . ' f - . O ., ' " ' I . A s. ' 4 , . 1, I " u' ' ' 1 ' .T 5 a . l ' sl a eloudhurst Cancelled the parade. hut just ask any one of the thirty workers! He'll 'Q - - A- . ..f. ' .' - ss ' - 's I' . t , s . ' ' . - ' " " ' . . . V . ' 1 X 7 . ' a L ' , . . u' V' ul -C .7 ' " , ' V I f A Y s . I7 v , 1 ' l , I . k' I I A typical picture of an attentive Sophomore . . . a certain Billie Jean MCMUHIH 15 class but on the other side of the mom . . . engaged in twirling a ruler on a pencil 'K' - x 1 -lr '1 I ff. ? Bill Baird Mary Frances Baker Marilyn Berryhill Tommie Blagg Mary Ann Blount Mary Sue Bowling Dexter Boyd Kathie Brooks Arthur Brown Philip Brown Sheila Brown Terry Lee Brown Phillip Calclwell Carolyn ,lo Carr Kenneth Chaffin Mary Lynn Clark Nancy Clement George Collier Clifford Connely Carol Cox Q91 '11, DD Q : Q 'I Glen Aclair ,lufly .Mlmns Lanita Again jerry :Xkers Paula Allen Charles :Xllison fllim-key' :Xnclrafle Billie jean Anthony Muemlell :Xml Sue Argo Zelma Armstrong Anna Mae Arnold Mary Ann Aston Paul Atkinson Larry Balmer "4 L1-noru Gross ,lun Clllllllif' Kenny Uziggett l'-itw' lim' 4. 5 A Lillian Decker xvlllllll ,I 1-un Denison Gary llntson Jesse Dunning Gerald lfflrlington Tlmnlus lfppler Joy ee Fisber Carol lflye Pete Forbes Walrrelx Foster Geraldine Geurin l l r 1 ,, f Lnlla all .IQ 1 Carolyn Ford Mike Gibson Linda Gilbert Bill Giles Bill Givens ,lan Goins Carol Gordon Elaine Greene John Harlow Dan Harris Tommy Harris Max Heflin Pat Henderson Ruby Higginbotbam Josephine Hignight Patsy Hockersmitb Bobbie Holland Earl Holloway Dale Holt David Horn Lynn Hughes -4 Katy Leach Robert Leaumont Robert Ledbetter Johnny Levine Wlalter Linder Gene Lou Uhrid e g Thurman ioughridge Billy Lynn Bobby Lytle Georgia Marion Mary Ann McAninch Hershel McBride Melinda McClanahan Jerry McDonald Vennie McGuire Geneva McKay Shannon McKee Lahoma McLaughlin Billie Jean McMullin Jimmy McNutt 'Q Jeanette Humphrey Jo Ann Hunt Pam Jennings Frances Jolie Holm Johnston. Jr. Kenneth Jone: Virginia Jones Wallace Jones Ronnie Kelley Host-oe Kendall Emma Jane Kitch Lloyd Lambert Julia Lang Charles Lanphere Ronnie Lasiter planet Nlc'Vl"etl1N Mary l,ol1 Yleans Rowrlvn Nliller Keitli Nlontgronierv Jerry Nloon i James Moore lfflclit' Morton ,loan Huxley Gale fllurvliison llarcly Nlurplley Newt Neaslmitt Rutli Neeley Rarlrara Nelson Ramona Nelson Eva Marie Newman "a 'O-if L. 'S f-Q EAA 'S' Q - Don Nutt Monte Paschall Bob Patillo John Pearson Carol Pelton Connie Perrez Penny Phipps Danny Pifer Sherrod Pittman Dean Plank Carns Porter Charlotte Pretty Louise Price Truman Price Ronalcl Pricicly Don Reed Sandra Riggs Keith Roberson Dorothy Roberts Royce Roberts , 51. .fo Sharon Smith Johnnie Mae Spence Truman Sperry Arlene Spraclling Ethel Stallcup Mary Lynn Steele Kenneth Stiewig Mildred Stinson Jimmy bt. John Billie Rae Strong Charles Swindell Charles Tate Bob Tempero Lowell Thomas Joanna Thomason Phil Thomison Billy Tyler Mary jane Underwood Peggy Vaughn Carolyn Walker .-.. 'Q I. 4 gh' J Pete Robertson Glemlu llohinson jerry Holminson Mary lim- Peggy liorick Joy Rushing Buclmly llussell Barlwara Sain Karen Fcfovill Bol15lmlfer Bob Shockey Barham Short Janie Smith Jucly Smith Pat Smith llunalcl Wqalkcr Susan Xvesncr 1' " 1- P, lfdgzir Yves! 3 'L Jerry Vfhitv I, Nancy Wvhitv h F-511, - - 33' .14 11 , Thonias Wliitlilrmre ' Marcella Wfhitson ,Ianies XViiii8ll1S . Jerry Yvilliams Kc-nt Wvilliams x A fu. I 3 7 1 ' v i id Melba W'illiams V Pat Wyilliams rl " ' " Virginia Williaiiis - Y f' 1 , A Ann Wilsoli Richardwilson I U I I I ' 'X IMI4- lulmwn iff' ' - WJ I Q I Vully Vifwnni xv 1. Four old wrnbe-lumf: dl'iZ4llHlf'li Ihr mp of lin' folfuiul 'wphfmifm il il in nu-nimy UI llu im: train: the Tiger: had dvffulrd. in the' lJ'IIll'I wa: a in-fh yum' vmli Uleffi Ufiloiwr 22,7 in 8lHi"illiiliUIl vi Ihr 'lvigll-' si-I-ny 11-.-1 Ili' 'hifi-K lin lil 'ix If I I' flnlriwnrim 4 ,,, 5 -1 li - I ' F f'Lives of-' grecrf men all remand us XX XX I X We can maKe our five5 Subfime X A of, oleparfmg, leave behmd us F'oo'f'pvm+s on 'Hue Sands of Time Henry W Lo gfeilow gif.. ,Y bONIEO'Vh ADNIIRES ,Q 1 le D dd 1 om on lillllt 1 r n l ll t Bull C funn md W alter Nt alla up Q 1 1 s Q z x im lx: nm 'Nlllln r on ald Iolm un 1 hun 0 x 7111 xlx 1 l,.llIIl ,. sprlntmg of Bob Cook 11, un 1 in 1 0111 1 n Q ln an Nutt ,mul nilu e u 1 0 mmux dfx Il x Hlrlurx Nlonum xc Nm r N Il u Nl lr 1 ten I u for lxxm 1 uno qul mn t umm 0 n rt and D1 Rue N111 IH Q nplcte 1011 Q n nn nt 'Il HI nun um Q ruggc-dm mf Henrx L ro In-ll md D nm l rune or rtta e N xrx 1 ex x X 1 ru 1 1 x R 1 Tlnddll drx xslt 1 n W ut: mm Pru 11l n 1 Q t m xliilllllll now ll xx at l 1 I Nt H 4 1 Itflll' of Nallx 'tus lrt e Ol N in W 1 mrltti ledbcttnr IN ml r le dtlllll .xlnlltx of Ralph I nru :tu mm lax u ge 1 1 m W irx Wm with Danna Q ood: bllthr- om: pmt ot There 1 In xx Nonuonv idnnrr 1 utilltx ot Nhlrlex Str blond mharmer Wlar iret C llllllllu me on Tmsrx and Unk D1 m cur mm uw p dung. of I ml l rrli 1 md I xrrx Humphru Q H1 htm .llc xouv ot Nladelon x fl tm: in 1 UYIIN urxt in Kun nlrn rm n Holm Dau am Ie he Ldrnpbell pvr uname In rlendlx 1 mg lllllill up ot Nl1lI'lt'X Hum .am ,I tm Hall dt polun lui In Xtlun mn llll Rltlllfd on ll ll punt ba R611 ruord mx hm I xr soma xr .1 1 wi Dulx Nor 0 H1161 Iflllfl dulll ll nmnner 1 ter tour .intu wt mlm Nutt Q um lar on tre-nrt 1 1 mlmraatzr x ll n lll :mr x lv u un, an mania llltx .1 e wr and lm Niurphx Bettie Odom eremtw na Ur-uwrx deep uuthern .aunt ffltlldh IIIIIIDN l ue 1 .1 Hnll eneru ltx lfU uttxr' mi cnt f wax 19 artn tu talent ot Nhke Falun Ted june the Laretree yrouner the tar .was thought of Ixax O born lx lledrtm .1 l on un gem iw l lnrm km 1 lm u U'l0lI Xnna Hou lex the del1,htful urtue vt Katherine Nhoenmaker Nomeone admxre the quxet entertaxnlne qualms ot XY asne Ixmvht Ldmma Percxful integrin Eidle Lou I-me-ll peaahe and Cream Complexlon lllxeablf? Larrw Pamter energetn Rodnex Couch Lonnie Nnuthern un hme enthu I8 m the lxght hearted Clara lou Niwmtt the utalm t Donna Llggett and Barbara Long the careiree atutude ot Nantnn lone th tat runnmg leg of Ixemuel Wllham the de'-out humxlm U1 'tant-Jn an mxmxtable Jan Harrl wa Jordan mcerxtx ptm w I W Dffm on thoughtrul Rmce Howell 'ara Nugg und personalxtw irxcfxdlw P -r atm 31 t Lorfftta 1 crvatxw ldeas of Cums Lanmngham krndi H I w QP :"- PFYJJHBPJIC and talf-ntf-d -Klan Bo tmck WFP! 'orgr-mg Wlarxl'-n Lmxgnrdep thf jxttf-:bugging I-ull of Cars Clark perenmal xasonte Jam' Yarboro XY 1 J n ' s XXX . X X n n -1 L Yx, - Mxxf' s 4 - .-- H' z 1 ' QQ, t' A 1. . 4 A 5 5 Fld' 0 's 2: 1 I fks . . . dylg " Livting of Du lun- 11 l len . . . tha' Class spiri of ' 1' ' a Y' fa ' . . . th - ll istv-cycd lu wk ln-tvr--11 Alun ' CurrA 4 1 b ' 'th . ' - . . . D L , s 's sense' mf 1 r . . . BQ-ttj I 1 gl -'s lui: '... the PF' in-f Q ' ' , '... ,lvssc Ya -'lufs L 1 UR NI-D glfs sim"r' 1 fptll . . . B- Q' 's ff a r' . . . lim ' "Pu 1" R ss' 4 al '.'tc"t,' . . . the' natural pvrsonulity of 1 1 1 .' . . , pix" charm of QQCIIKWLI Q "wig . . . Hn- shall ft '1YS!1.S 4 ui . 1 im Pat 'swf "'g...tln'lo 2 1l"'soA,ll jRlx sa 'c' , ll's... thx cm ' ' ' th I - of Putrivia f '1 'wr . . . llladn Rvii- 's nn l'sty . . . Ill' -ss1 I' f s' 1 e ' 1 H ...unf gl' Llml .Ia -' layle Billingsl U' . . . the- lo-'ul C0lllIl1lHi0HSIliP of 'l'ln-lllm Valium 1... th' da 'il gr nl1il'I' of ivl ard ' ' . . . the j " 1f Do 'l' - 4 1 ' 'i "I mx . . . the ms'-petal lips 0' .X 1 .' . . . the R '- o ' 1 ' Gill cr f ngnvr uni Alllfkil' Nlvllg In-5 . . . flu! f ' rr t'Yl'ILlFllCS f' j Q ' 'a ,. . th- p 'se of fusa 'l vat . . . Nm ' Q . - -'s sum U s 'l - . . . tl "' g' "j L v 'V ' '... atl1l"',I' my sl r . . . an ' -li '. dvli 'L ' , Ia j U 'ley " 4' L 'l '... ' s 's" ' sa f ' 1 'S...Illt'SLlll'X' din... " ga la ' . . . thc' !Ui5t'llit'Y0llS uf ,I ' Q' Q II . . . thx- ' f -l " ' I rn l' Y H lf acl 1 .L ,' . . . th' 'g ' g' ' " ' A - x Bjrd . . . Ch 's' 'I mks'fu1-I ' g sg' ' ... NL j f .X i 4 iv's wa s xilc . . . ' 's' ' 1 f' 's ' l'f' jwv H' sl' V' i us' a ...sfs '- la : "sv ...,l' "4 s 'sl'g 1' 's' lall " .. .1 l's i gc-11.111 3' May A... "l g4'nn'sti's1' f I n . . . L. ' A's ' ' ' "sn',lw Q l'...'I' Ts 'ss vlnf ' ' " ' .. . Phjl 's Hustn 's mt' lj I sl' -' . . . tha- 1-1 I mlm' 'V of JA m's Al' s '- fl ss...H'ld' "sg s ...C. IW-l"'l'sg' l' ",'s..,tl s s ' ij-vkli ...1rs' Q '- "'l...'is- Q - Q ' , , , U - 5 , - R A - . . . Q ' '. A' "C "s' 'U '.,. L' 7"s . . . ' ' ' Q , s . . . 6 ' 5 ' S " 's s' 'I A... 5' kj . '. , 's. ' 1' ' ...f Q 'S 1 1' ,-.-nys '4xl's. . H'll... , ., ' ' .,.. '- ous ejl fi 'll' '... . i . . . " 7 01 nad: vnu "'. "ww -.S

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