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,S .Mw 4' Q- T ,iii Q 1 --Q 'QJ 4' Q 1 Qi " ..., i "Air-. . wr 3 .iw-1 -gk-'T v ' . '- ty ' 2 :V X 'fx X ' .1 ,l'?3H""" xg ' 'int- N Q . if . 1 'xx Q, , . rw Y ,. , v V - 1 - 2 1-,af fm f 1, Q-"ff:-Qs? iw K -W Q5 ' -'f 1 "W "" " -'Y -f ' ""7 5 f' "-nf' ' -.3 gf 4 1 V-- ,. . V ' - 7 Qglffybayiffffl TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS . 1 f . j HXAS 74491-made MEANQZETTER YEA o s i A Plrofograffnc Daary offfre Eff 5, Heat Days of Our Lives fd: 1 75 f s. Tl W1A 'h- 411' .3 'VIII " 1: " rlhllz flfllll ir' MW' 7277 IIIIM WI A 'fig K llll WZ 7g Jill Q 52 - fm! fl lf!! JZ IWW WW if., VIZ f Mlm q ll lla' 1 MIL 'ZZ' 4 ,? MZQ, M5 , 1 s X -s W sl ir ,fl A ws s 4ll- ay , --'c -' - I: 5 - A ' ee- -1-A QA 63:3 ' Q' 7 Air' so 1 IW TEWIWW Drlrgent work lun goy loughter ond o few teors hove preceded the flnol hugh moments ol our sen or yeor Tgers bottlrng for vrctory our blond lootboll stars ond lost stepprng boslcetboll team strrr ng pep ossembl es swell ng pr de os the bond ployed Onword Ardmore frlendly ontogonusm rn electon compo gns tense moments before queens coronotons western regollo on Frontrer Doys stogefrlght ond dromotuc glory an ploys tnvolved drscuss ons rn the oudt tor um these huve gven us unforgettoble hours rn the best doys of our IVQS Only now rn groduotron do we reolrze how truly good these doys hove been After twelve yeors of close ossocrotron we leove these holls to go our seporote woys To record these octrvrtres ond to brrng bock memor es an future yeors ol the mony people who meon so much to us ond the mony events thot hove mode us so hoppy we here present o photogroph c drory of these the best doys of our lrves :,..:...- 1 E Gi: . 'nn THE CRITERION I95I 52 Annual Publication ol the ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL ARDMORE OKLAHOMA GWYN HANN Editor-in-Chief AL RINGER Business Manager TANIA COLBERT, Art Editor 5 4- . ,fy qi xx ' ll - I ,: W W . 4 t Q ""' ' ' 1 ' s ' r, ' YI F -Q A Q 5 ' 's ..- Wt' r- v A 1-1 . 'I V js' "' ' ' " if ' --""1i2"1 . -..- " ,Piggy tif' ' , fl Y r ll A I I1 Y F..- WI . Y 4 ," ' I Vi V.- f u , 7 A t - . r V I! - h r 1 4 1 r , ' ' - V ' Y W- l i , a r Y Z " ' ' ' l l I X I f I ' a , ' Q , J, V X, g i . , I A I i . A- I V X r of X V' -N X . . . 7 I V X - . . I y so f i , ,Z 2 . , . " ' ' '- flfi sf f 2 V 1 E rf- , q Y L 1 W X Y W A f t N H V I K' v 1 'X I. I A X Q31 I .3 ei ,g..'i'le-sji-, 5:5 I dt." - -315-:-3' if-:TQ Q ri'-3.2. as ' qi g I I' Q I I 1. Cf, 5 ' lo - OOTEIITS OF UIAIIV PREFACE .. .. . CONTENTS DEDICATION . ..., , ADMINISTRATION . SEPTEMBER A , , Office Sfaff School News Good Ciflzen Pep Club Foofball OCTOBER , , ,....,A..,,,, I I School Phofographers Rofary and Ryonis Good Cifizen Band Direcfors Sophomore Sidelighfs Sophomore Officers Foofball Foofball ueen NOVEMBER Red Feafher Frolncs Junuor Officers Choral Reading Group Debafers Sfudenf Council All School Play Honor Sfudenfs Foofball DECEMBER Home Ec NROTC Sfudenf Councnl Chorus Ryoms and Rofary JANUARY Rofary and Ryonus Service Cup Lafln Club Foofball Holiday Baslcefball Baskefball Sweefhearf Good Cmzen FACU LTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES 5 FEBRUARY ,I Baslmefball Fronfier Day Rofa ry and Ryonis Valenfines MARCH I ...... I ..,.. .. Criferion Sfaff Indusfrial Arfs Rofary and Ryonis Commerce Mafhemafics Driver's Educafion APRIL Phys Ed Clrcus One Acf Plays Rofary and Ryonls Biology Chemlsfry Llbrary Vnsual Educaflon Tenms Afhlefzc Awards MAY Senxor Officers AHS Band Band Oueen Nafuonal Honor Soc Junuor Senior Prom Rofary and Ryonus Farewell Assembly Q ' . I ,,., P .,..,,,.I, r44,, I 7 ' , ' 4. ,,., .,..,Ir..,. , .. 3I CLASSES "". I 'If4. I f'fffffffffffffffff'ffffffffffffffffffffQfffffff'ffffffffff DEDRCHTIUH D' ORGE D HANN Sppermlendenl ARDMORE CllY SCHOOLS The besl days ol our lnves ID lhese hugh school years have mol come aboul wnlhoul The VISION of a leader and lhe work ol a gurde Nor d d Jrhey come aboul wulhoujr a pervadmg almosphere ol good will and honesly ur every classroom and on every alhlehc held These condrhons lor good llvmg and lme learmng llovv down from lhe admrmslrahom and louch all sluderrls m Ardmore l-hgh School A+ lhe lcey spol m all mallers of educahomal consequence m our com mumly Mr George D l-lanrm serves wusely and well For ham we fell deep respecl and personal admrrahon To hlm we proudly dedwcale 'rhe Crllerron lor mneleen hundred fully lwo 3' s f 3 1 ' - ef' , . x If . I - 1 F. 'A ' E' 1 Q ," I N,...' 'Q ,av fi' ra 1. f - A , I ' -"H ' 5, 'F . K ' K 'c 1 ' S 8 . Q.,-.' , , 2. f - ,s 1 Q - 5 . . .," ,g . ' Q 2 , ,. .V if 'Gu' A fr x ' ,e . s , . " Y '. I . rn, 'riff' ' . ,, " iff' ,,,.5E:"ia- , he ' 5 : 1 " Q'4l-V". L". ' Q - , .VN L 'JL a' -- , A' . ' wt. ." 1 , ' x,Jng ',- iw, .- ' . ' Je tt -'- 'I 94 - Ha.. x s, .-X. ' ' --el .lx aw Al IV ' ll ' ' ' . i I Q , . - . Q-5 I Dr. J. Hoyle Carlock The governing board of lhe Ardmore Cily Schools consisls of five men, all wilh one purpose in mind: lo do whar is besl for lhe yourh of 'rhis communily. lvlr. Chesrer A. Franklin President Mr. Guy Givens, Vice President Dr. J. l-loyle Carlock, Mr. John Hendricks, and Mr. Paul Sperry, members, expend lheir lime and energy wifhoul pay 'lo make our school sysrem one of fhe besi. Currenl proof of lheir conlinued defer- minalion 'ro provide ihe besr facililies for fhe youfh of lhis communily is evidenl in 'rhe complefion of a new separale school building lhis year. ln lhe immediale iulure an audiforium and a shop for separafe school, and a new elemenlary school in norlhwesl Ardmore are planned. Our Board of Educafion members are proud of The Ardmore Ciry Schools. Their faculfies and sludenlsz we are proud of our Board of Educa+ion. Mr. Paul Sperry, Mr. Chesler A. Franklin, Mr. Guy Givens Mr. John Hendricks C .W 1 Eleven years ol smiicpfafiem orcuglwl us lo llie rdimexiriq days of our senior ferm. Forly lcuqli Tigers made llie work and sweal el We previous summer weelqs pay clf as llwey and flieir deiermined Ccaiclw Jeicocsori burif info football limeliglil. While lhe Seplember mercury llirled willi ilwe lOO degree merlc, flwe Mile ci el. ac' liyilies immediefely capfured Our scarce lime. Tlie irwfcx- icalrinq lasle of leadership, resporsidlily, and newly acquired soplmigflcaligm awfileced fm 1.1 feelmq oi lrieadiness. We wondered aboul our iirial year of SCl'WCOl wlwiclri was a quesliori marlc To be erased in May. fx , 41 n ,ff J :Silks rv '1 Tuesday, Seprember 4, markeo our firsi school day and praciiceiiy closed enroiimeni. AT fhar iime, office qiris Isabel, Irma, Rena Fay, Parsy, and Eiolse received a fore-rosie of Their oufies. Qhiere, Mrs. Goins ano Mr. Price warch as Mary Buiard enroiis for her senior year., Several days larer class officers were eiecfed aifrer much good-neiured campaigning, Our siaif phorographer cauqhf Charles Pifer making his Big Decision. The Sfudenr Councii cordiaily welcomed ali new siudenis and reach- ers wI+h a coke parfy in Jrhe Sruoenr Acrivify Room where newcomers made friends in AHS. '5- '33 " l i v l Q ni.. 'IEW WT. Your News of 'rhe Air, a weelcly summary of AHS evenis over The PA syslem, was excellenlly ediled rhis year by l.yn Pebbles. Doris Ward covered AHS news for The Ardmoreile. ll'-lere, They are cauqhl in Typical broadcasl ol lhe News ol fhe Airl. Eddie While was Sepiembens Junior Rolarian, while Joe Gilliam was lhe year's firsl Good Cilizen. ll'lere, Eddie presenls Joe wilh his award, a bronze cup inscribed wilh The school emblem and The words "Good Cilizendl. Miss Joy Childers, English and Phys, Ed. inslruclor, was snapped in aclion This rnonlh. Allhouqh a newcomer ro These halls in '5l, Miss Childers, our younqesr lacully member, quickly made a place lor herself lhrouqh her warm personalily and devoiion lo her duly. y Wu' 'NGCRETTES wa' 4 frm ,o-. 4, 1 .5 4' I 1 ' 1 "We're going To B-E-A-T beaT'em!" The enThusiasTic yells oT The TigereTTes cheered The TooTball Team To vicTory. The Pep Club oT I95I-52 seT many precedenTs-a mem- bership oT l25 girls, megaphone leTTers idenTiTying The club. and charTered buses To every ouT-oT-Town game. When school spiriT Tell, The Rah Rah girls bolsTered iT wiTh enTer- Taining pep assembles beTore each game. Especially new were The TormaTions on The Tield, cheering The Team inTo The game. ATTendance aT games was excellenT. Even during Treezing weaTher, The Pep Club, in red and whiTe, came To back The Team. To culminaTe The brillianT TooTball season, The TigereTTes gave a dinner dance aT The CounTry Club Tor members oT The Tiger squad. Leading The club To Tame were Doris Ward, presidenT, who ob- Tained The leTTers Tor The club: CaTherine Biddiclc, Treasurer, who diligenTly collecTed dues and bus Taresg Sandra Sparks, vice-presidenT, who was responsible Tor decoraTing The goal posTsg and Carol BrisTow, secreTary, who lcepT accuraTe records OT The meeTings and The members. "" 9 w-if, wr WX- ' rs' ' '?3If'5LE' S QDUI '2i?l21'L2L l r P. . . ,,.. 1 4 x, -4 a f. 'T T f '.'.'! ' 1 v. W , A. . ,, k, ... , , , . '-y.A-- Il- -ya, ' f - . - .sz 3 ,-. Q .D -f ' ' s s.' -'D ' fn .4 4 ...ziA, v rv. lv- . -, A A. Eh C.. gi K. .1 Q ,bmi A ll , 3, A'-. .Q '.'. 1 1 , . ,. . A l l 1 , I , Q- s S.. . - '11, Q , 'S-. ' '.5 'V 4' -Q -T ir 5' . M 1 .:'.TQ'ji, "3 ... ,'!A,D'.' 1 ,fy . -I -- 3 ., -..7 ,M-4"'f'fJ.: ., "sig -3: rv ,A I f . .'?1.',p'n . 1 .X " 14-fix! fb 1 Ln Q. ' - '. '.-"-Q' " 2"s's'.ffw. -will-' T" '- F- "a N 'sr 5 Ei' vas f '-1. A Q. 1 .. ,4,.m.fu3 .-44,3-i51,4A.3,.QC '.j,.,3gs.. .pN4.,x. A sg, .,, .. . . . , .- nf . fs, . - fn z ' 'fvtf -913' '---745 '- 'f 4-' .Pr-S'4i',,,"i . -4,-. . 1-...-.5 - is-.., . The people ol Ardmore were well pleased This aulumn when a group of inexperienced boys marched proudly inlo lhe quar- lerlinals ol lhe slale playolls. As lhe lownspeople accredil lhe success ol lhe +eam +o 'rhe leam ilsell, lhe boys on lhe learn accredil il +o lhe coach. C. E..Jacobson came lo Ardmore from l-lobarl in Seplem- loer ol 'Sl lo lake charge ol lhe school s alhlelic program. l-le is a graduale ol Cenlral Slale College al Edmond where he was All-Slale in loolball and baslcelball and Lillle All-American loolball. l'le was also named 'Oulslanding Alhlele' al Cen- lral. He received a lvlaslens Degree al Olclahorna AEM be- lore enlering The navy. l-le served lour years in lhe naval lraining program wilh Gene Tunney. The condilion of his leam, noled by all ol lhe Tigers' followers, is explained by his excellenl Training in lhe navy. When Mr. Jacobson came lo Ardmore, he was no+ well lanown in This parl ol lhe slale and his lalenls were unrecog- nized. l-lis enlhusiasm and lhe lailh which he had in his charges quiclcly caughl lhe eye ol lhe lownspeople. l-lis success wi+h lhe '5l leam proved his abilily. So fhis Year, lhe Ardmore Tigers dedicale lhe sporls seclion ol 'rhis Crilerion 'ro lheir coach, C. E. "Tip" Jacobson. . 11 S 1, YJ' 5: 'Qi 4 bv -yy E RONALD HORNE Ehd N ...- o . -A -4i T-TORACE BAILEY Tackle DON BAT-TNER Cerner All-DISTRICT TIGERS Ronald, anoTher Three-year leTTerman, Teamed wiTh Horace as Tiger CapTain. Ronald pulled several games ouT oT The Tire wiTh long punT reTurns and sTerling caTches, The only reTurning regular Trom lasT year's Team, he was one oT The leaders. Play- ing deTensive halTback, he used speed and rough Tackling To sTop several hard drives. Donald, Tiger back, proved his worTh in scoring several Touchdowns and picking up valuable yard- age. A IOO-yard dash Trackman, he oTTen ran The opponenT's ends and broke way Tor long gains. DespiTe his size, he was one oT The Top deTensive hands and was praised Tor his iolTing Tackles. Horace was one oT The Tigers Tough sTalwarTs. His savage deTensive play always kepT The coaches smiling, and in The opponenT's line. ATTer leTTering Tor Three years, he became a leader oT The Team and was capTain oT several games in The 'Sl season. Judge is a Three-year leTTerman aT guarTerback. T-Tis excellenT Tield generalship pulled Ardmore Thru several TighT squeezes This year. T-Te is an adepT Taker and he Teamed wiTh Ronald as a Tine pass combinaTion. T-Te could also be called on Tor punT- ing and deTensive work when necessary. Judge conTribuTed Tine Team spiriT and husTle. Bud, who played 48 minuTes in mosT oT The games, was noT praised much Tor his oTTensive work, be- cause iT was overshadowed by his deTense play. Many Times This season he has come up Trom his linebacking posiTion To seT back The opponenTs. Much oT This was done by his Terocious Tackling. His speed was an asseT To The Team all year as he pulled down several players Trom behind. Coach Elmer BuTler did much in making The Tiger Torwards inTo The Tine line iT was. AlThough he was shorT on maTerial and his boys were lighT, Mr. BuTler Trained These boys inTo excepTionally Tierce line- men. No oTher coach in The sTaTe could geT The TooTball knowledge inTo The boys as TasT as Coach BuTler, who by acTual demonsTraTion showed Them how To geT The job done. Our haTs are OTT To Mr. BuTler Tor his Tine iob. Q 4- '--4 ,O Ull- .,i, DONALD HGRNE Halfback -Ag , ". T JUDGE WILLIAMS QuarTerback ELMER BUTLER Line Coach .163-Q A i " "ho I Qkwr As Gays fumed coder amd ieeves Tumec briqhfer, AHS spofhghf cemkereo oh splriied em"a-Quffkumar achvihes. AT each of our home games, zeai of zwdehw sedhg concessions rivaied 'haf of cw Fighflpq FO'fy , Iw The fremzled rush, paper cups, bofheb, carey, and money flew from hand fo hand buyiresa reaches iw CMVYWGZK af half-Mme, lm +hose QOAGCYT Qifobef days, fhe band brouqhf back a frophy 'from a mafihmq cofwiegf 'rw Mjfffi and parhctpafed In 0.U.!s homecoming feshvlhes. A+ our own homecommq, 'Qdobefg bv-iqhf blue weefher oe' some of Hs maqkai hue, out a qawa array cf can mo high sfeppmg sfudehfs brlghiehecg The muwy effefeectw. Many faces, phofographers included, were recorded on film as rhe camera snapped nearly seven hundred Criferion picfures on Ocrober 2. Gradualion gowns, olien Comi- Cally filled, were worn proudly lor a momenf by every senior who preened hasfily before lhe mirror, Then smugly paraded info lhe im- provised srudio for his flash of lriumph- phorographic proof of seniorily. Also rrium- phanf was fhe raising of our Senior sign, lhe Trophy for which we had waired fhree long years. The Good Cilizen Award This monfh wenr +o Tania Colberf Ocrober s orher Three honor sfudenfs Ryonis and Rorary members were Gwyn l-lann Doris Ward and Al Ringer MORGAN MCCU LLAR Sfaff Phofographer 0? ff? KENNETH JONES ss sfanf Phofoqrapher 939m E H!! UE 18" 7 A DRUM MAJOR Jack Locke rind BAND QUEEN Loraine Yeomans Wirh 'rhe srirring roii of cirumf, rhe "Pride of AHS" srepped inio a iuii season. Mr. Gabe bard spenf hours oi hard work and fhouqhf i'n capabiy direcrinq 'rhe bono which won a 'rrophy af Madili and marched in fhe qianf homecoming parade ar 0. U. Jack, our hand' fome drum maior, and Loraine, our iovely queen, led ihe band ar public appearances. ix 4 ,.f Z' . -.--fx' EN' Y .-f--" N", .gg J -W 13 x 4 f ., .XSL R .3 hx ,,.,-lv' fs-v I sp, i i It --4 .-L. ,..a' 8 O 1 i i ,,.,,,N BAND DIRECTOR Mr. R. Gabbard MAJORETTES Caroiyn Conweil Lyn Pebbles Ah-Mays rhev were cioseiy ioiiowed by our pranciriq maiorefres, Carolyn and Lyn. Led by ihese carabie sfudenis. rhe AHS band performed coun?'ess ciriiis during ihe half- fimes af ioo+ba'l games and helped boosf our Eighrinrg Eorfyw rhrough a fhriiiing sea- son. The band aiso cooperafed wirh orher de- parfmenfs fo produce more cc'orfui and ef- fecrive programs. Truly, ihe band is one of our essenrial exrra-curricuiar aciivifies. The Sophomore class enlered lhe halls of AHS led by Ed Parry, Harry Todd, and Donna Johnnigan. They losl no Time in learning lo make lhe "Song of Ardmore" vibrale fhrough lhe air and in learn- ing +ha+ lhey could lead in lhe number of sludenls malcing The honor roll and "S'rraighr A's." A num- ber of lhem 'fools parf in foolball, baslcefball, rraclc, band, debale, speech and The all-school play. Miss Gail McWilliams, 'rheir well-loved English feacher and sponsor, did an excellenf iob of orienling 'rhe class of '54 info high school life. Wilh her help, lhe fufure upperclassme if AHS d ning. n o ma e a fine begin- ' Y ' if f . 'A-' U-an si. : ' Q 6 1 fe Q 'refi 1. KA ,-.s A . 6.1 KENNETH BEARD-End BTLL HARRIS-eTack5e GEORGE DAYW-Fullback Fine deTensive end, runs BesT husTier on Team, Tikes iT Very good passer and run- hard, good husTTer, Tine pass rough: sTrong confedg-r,3+e, ner, big and TasT, one QT Top receiver, biocks welT. Tearns TasT. Scorers. good coTiege pi-05. '11 In SepTember our mighTy Tigers began The TooT- bai' season by Tying Ciassen 6 To 6. NexT The Tigers Toppied The Frederick Bombers by The score OT 35-O. On SepTember 28, Hoihs marched Trom The shorT grass counTry To Try To mar The Tigers' record buT were Turned back 26-6. STarTing slow in The TirsT OcTober game, The Ardmore eieyen warmed up To sTomp HeaidTon 35-O. In one oT The mosT exciTing games oT The year The home Town crew losT a hearT- breaker To Ada 20-I8. On OcT. I9 The Tigers in Their TirsT disTricT game edged The pride oT Pauis Valiey 7-6. Fohowing Thaf The Tigers were hosT To Duncan, The Top Team in The sTaTe, and when The smoke oT The baTTie cieared, They had been edged in a hardToughT score oT 20-IZ, AT The Duncan game haTTTime The TooTbaTT queen oT AT-TS was crowned. Georgiene PuTnam, Marian CoTTey, and Doris Ward waged a vigorous campaign in which Doris was vicTorious. She was crowned by robusT Bob BeTTes, Tiger guard. BOB BETTES-Tackfe Big and sTror'g, Tai-mer wresT!er, noT easy To mcye, Tries hard. ' ff RGNALD 6lLLlAMvEnd DALE BRANUM-Giard Good pass receiver, blocks U ' LH"efod ii' qcarleibagk las' well, fine pass defense, slwows ff' M , year, iasi, shows much prom. promise, flue wil of flie leam. ise, sfill improving. -K f ' A A " C' 'i 5, A i -Q 97N '4X A, DICK BALKE-Guard New in Ardrfcre, qcid Aus'- ler, l'gH' but rougln, good de- fensively and rard fo block. v JACK ROBERTS-Hallbaclc Firsf year ou'r For lioolball, lash runs well, learned much, one of leading scorers A permanenr bi dislricf loolball Jrrophy for AHS is received by Council Presidenf Eddie While from All-Siafe Tiger Ronald Horne. -i gpqwg-vgkw , w. ' r 'N BILL GIBSON-Tackle DENNY MITCHELL--End Firsl wear oul for f:o'bal' qood in lirsl year, be++er de fensively, fall, worlced llard. --I 5 iv Big, Vafd 'o bicck, wcrlrs Lard greaf od defense, payed ev ery posirion in 'rlwe line, ,qw PS ' 1 U J i ,N 4 5 BEN MOXLEY-Guard Fi's+ year ca' for "oo+ball. learned iasi very good de- Ier-give 'wary proved leelpiul. I6 .1 J. W. WlLSONhErid l'lx,w'lf'-", dn'50"S'xo l'5l'bQ:L, waves las' lileza lu p'.sx, Q,-sd PVOSIVH '. ix X SSM .ix 5 s 'ff ' 1 EW 4 li ,R vtx 5 . - , .3 'A : S 2451 1 f ah' f- E fx r - . ' , " L. ,. 3. s S Zi' 'X 1- Lg an , i 1 . ' f' ,f,T,,L'.' 1' g"' Q 5 . , Q, K' f ' -ga - ' 5 if ' :N f ' V - 5, ' - - ' . . " , f 4 1 Y ff-A 'L f A , 1 . vi. L , H Jr. ' ., Q-1.-. In. K l X I A guy- ' Q. '2- '- ' -.1 P " K A' ' "' ' a 1 XX f-'fll ' ' Q , ' mr I f K -5 'AK 'Ft' 1 1 . Q . ' , wt? fa 'J' 4' , "" 5 vw-... 3 ' xx ,V f- ,. - 1Fa,. ,+ Q 4"..j ,, It J, ? 045, ,fsizg Q: , 4 q Q .3 F 1 'USE' - Qi, iii-,"'v'NN5,f., L jr. t if fiflaifigf ,Lf ' V 1 W ' N, .: ki' X' 'K' . 1 ,A lg Q 16' 'Z ' ' N' 5 S. 'F 2" "gm 'Y I .ix ,A I O Z' -. M ,f'f 'e ,Q 7 ffl A Y? . 1.:'.'.l .V-i, .. -fare. 'Film we - in frm. .fr -'4 :DP '- ,.- I - . 'I fn A -,i , ,.:1s, ,ip ,-4 , xy - -f .-ima .V :- TANIA COLBERT BILL CHAPMAN EDDIE WHITE PATSY TIPPS JO EVE'-YN MICHAEL A "? MCE BARTEE f NINA OLIVER-Sponsor A' ,,, . a The Sludenl' Council swung inlo a lull schedule beginning early in Sepfernber and lasling lhroughoul The year. Mrs. Nina Oliver, ma+herna+ics inslruclor, drarnalic coach, and 'E Sludenl Council experf, sponsored lhe council and ils nu- merous acfivifies. She was aided by Miss Gail McWilliams. y The councils busy schedule included plays, concessions, con- K7 lesls, Good Cilizens, assemblies, and olher lradilional high- , lighls. DARWIN CAULFIELD GWYN HANN JAN LOVELL -4 . I VlRGlNlA GILBERT RONNIEWOERZ i 1? ' 3' f-if ,J x Li:A ' L or I --9 DO R I S WA R D .1 I Q41 401 - A, ix 4 l.'i"-A DONALD HORNE MAYRE BOB DODSON 0? Iii V' 9 4 -JE 'X "No Moon Tonight" ALL SCHOOL PLAY Direcfed by NINA OLIVER November 29 and 30 Mr: Terry Mrs. Terry .. Susan , ., Ellen Bill Jim Russell Barney Holmes Mr. Sanders Mrs. Winkle . Mrs. Bracken Mr. Duncan ,cn .D 1 .I 'ff I V I 'y' CAST . BILL CREECY . . DORIS WARD . MARILYN BURTON EDDI RUE MCCLANAHAN .. . , MIKE THOMPSON JERRY BROWN BILL CHAPMAN DAVID WARD . JOAN ROBERSON LYNN PEBBLES . . VERNON ELMORE w. ' TN 1 ru c' 4 3 . .ll ...x - :U 'Nl 5 ' x r Q s 5 Msg 1. l 4 's n .fl 1' 'SF - 1. A ARDIVIQRE TIGERS WGN-7 IIED-2 LOST-3 Fa Ardmore 6 Classen 6 N? v, D ,qs Ardmore 33 Frederick . O A Ardmore 26 I-Ioilis 5 1,5 Ardmore , 35 lolealdron O f-,., Ardmore , I8 Ada , 20 Ardmore 7 Pauls Valley 6 Ardmore I2 Duncan 20 Ardmore I2 Duranl I2 ll.ed lirsl downsl Ardmore 40 Hugo I2 Ardmore I6 Sulphur I3 Illisrriofl Ardmore 33 Idabel I3 LOUIS MiL.LEReeusfd rB,,D,S,,,C,, BILL AISI-IMAN-FuI'l:ack Former halfback, works hard, Ardmore I3 Ada I4 Good blocker, hus'les rou nor loo big, mood defensive rQUar+erglnalSj I delensve linebacker, me man, hustler. H 25' .22 Zucker, shows Pfornrse. I rs- ir- ' . if .., A -at JOE GILLIAM-Back ROYCE MCQUEEN-Ouarlerback BILL KNIGHT-Tackle Firsf year QL? lor Ioofball, Fine DUUIEF, shows much promise, Big, las? lor size, worked har fries hard. passes well, ball likes Io play, passes well, eager, plays some offensive hallback handling is improving. smoolh ball handler. firsf full season. 'ba' 9 Q Q -r-- ,- 'F rrx if f' Is. --ui sl 'T RONNY PARKER End MELVIN NEZLSQN Guard KENNETH I-IENSLEY Bak Fine blocker char es hard on de 'Y IGSI Smal Played defens ve hallbnck und Q en. H6145 from placemenqf lense, wanls Io play, shows mueh Spaflled 'le B leam well' I 1-, ,dl promise. small buf rugged. 90m95- pays ca ,1 MK If I Riga X' ' r. , Q , I 1 I' 5, I 51 f 43: 'I ff ff I' ' ' ,I 't A ' I sl ' ,J Q .4 BILL LOUGHRIDGE DON LANGLEY so PARRY GLEN SELVIDQE .W t 4- 1. A , 1-'F' E, . " 4, n 1 . " f A Q In " 3 ,- EI -1' as Q O I, r 1 A -,Q B . X K 1- ...nn If I 15 4-v , .A BILL BAIRD JOHN WILLIAMS FRANK BALKE WILBURN ANDERSON I fig' lgxvr i l I r M? ff" . 'sa fx' I , 4, I 'X I " A I A fvx 'Y BOB AUSTIN MICKEY CALLAHAN JERRY HARRIS KIRBY LUTON BEN TOM GILL BENNY HENRY WARNER BAXTER HOMER MOYERS A ,J -f I I If I ' 5 ' . . vi Q , ug ,gf .4 Clear cobalf skies, cold frosfy mornings, and counf- less sfars af niglff filled llie merry Clnrisfmas weeks. To busy sfudenfs Clwrisfmas came ioyously in, lner- alded by caroling, gay decorafions, wlwispered planning, and lasf-minufe giflfbuying. Enficing aromas from flwe l-lome Ec lab filled flue lialls wifli fragrances of balcing meafs, spice cakes, and fasfy candies. Qur four lwonor sfudenfs: Ruby Jo Mclvlur- ray and Jena Vayve Tuclc, Ryonis membersg David Dickerson, Rofarian: and l-larry Todd, Good Cifi- zen, were cauglwl admiring a well decorafed free. llwen, wifli flue holidays af liand, we leff sclwool in flue prayerful lnope of "Peace on earflw, good will for men." I 1 I H I Y f 1 - n O I Nl 5 3 . , X Q ,'?,i,.f , , K K 1 l 1 ,- I K Y 5 3 X C 5 '- 51 , x P .g?...f.fQ'- -.- . ' if fx ss., , K"x 'xv 1 v. 43 ' l 'f I.. M Q A . 4 ,S F v 1 's.r.i xg! 5 X has L. ary n Decembflr M Buc s me EC fwse gave WN OU BW 1 fY7C'N We Qaw Ei 5 I L. N9 varwo w WD frm nv' L FS WD-C err' Q 1 a Mmoer foes and fn ool dolrhes The 3 ray was bofb color , 'an .1 VNC, und We gurls w g. veful mode . 217' Q. 1 dx- X , go'x 'fin I vi 'Q 'vu 1' G14 X . ,Him Mal, .,-'yv L . .!gi,'s"' K 1 4.-fav '-1' Qi . -.'f-'N' , . V 'Xb-Ln' 3, xifl, . -" AY fi" ' Beginning in Seplember, seniors Johnny Day, Bill Bogarl, Al Ringer, John Cald- well, and Charles Finney crammed for N.l2.0,T.C. fesls which lhey roolc in Norman on December 8. Mrs. Arnold, inslruclor in English lll and in Journals ism, worlced enlhusiaslically wilh lhe boys on exrensiye vocabulary drills as lhey prepared lor lhe big day. Allhough fhe lesls were rugged, lhe hard worlc paid off. and lhe boys made a line showing. All live of 'rhem qualified scho- laslically, and The highesl four were eligible for inrerviews and physicals. They were Bill Bogart John Caldwell, Charles Finney, and Al Ringer. H !. J 4 .., 'SQ , ing af gr . Evelyn OI' er 'f Pea wllhe ,M4 q- , Anolher Sludenf Council Convenlion was The slale meef Sfillwaler on December 6, 7, 8, arfended by Jo Michael, Tania Colbert Gwyn l-lann, Mrs. Nina lSponsorl, Bill Chapman, Jan Lovell and Eddie "' . There Ardmore was elecfed Sfale Presidenf lor A K . ,, , I952-53. Wayne Walson John Caldwell B. Wesfheimer lrma Garnand Darla Moore Isabel Greenberg Jaclc Locke 4 . 4 , .x ff?-2 'V' Q? .QW ' 55 , P J' 'X ' -. . f . 4 -f " 1 H A , .,,, , -- fhfffsxy 41.19 M .. ,, Ed Parry Royce McQueen Donna Johnigan Max Summers Joe Gullram 5 .. t . I ,nn ?'sv 'elf YS.. As srrong winds cur Through ice-shffened Trees, srudenis burned midnighf oli in an efforf fo become Wbrlillanr in Mme for semesfer exams. There were franfic efforrs To submir belafed book reporfs and To repeaf memory work, long over-due. Fading hopes of making fhe Nafional Honor Socrefy were To be fukfilled or dashed ro birs, and finaf grades had fo be made. Perhaps such 'inconse- guenhal' Hems as 'rhese were rhe cause of preoccupied iooks, furrowed brows, heavy eyehds, and chronic pencil chewing. IT is weli Thar 'hnak exams come onky once a semesrerl T' MISS MUNCY RECE4Senior Sponsor 9, X! 5. i4. A . 1 I X , i lx VIRGINIA GJLBERT ,N i More 4 . R X F 551, X - ,,--d C. se- A H2 qi' sql xl.. hrsf' 5 NK The seniors came 'rhrough wifh flying colors fheir lasl year ol high school. A+ lhe conclusion ol fhe 'iirsf semesler Council Presidenl Eddie While pre- senled Mary Bulard who represenled The senior class wifh The service cup. A greaf number of slu- denfs wilh cowbells allended lhe usually viclorious baslmelball games in which seniors were high scorers. Seniors Tania, Mary, and Donald were January's honor sludenls. 11 El E Ili 3 QET3 45 "To The sTars Through diTTiculTy" is The LaTin Club's moTTo which was selecTed by This year's LaTin l sTu- denTs and shows The spiriT wiTh which members worlc. The club has parTicipaTed in various acTiviTies ThroughouT The school year, buT The principal proiecT was a Roman banqueT, based on The banqueTs oT Nero's Time. An odd assemblage oT Roman gods, goddesses, paTricians, lcnighTs, and slaves gaThered aT The girls' gym Tor The TesTive evenT. Some oT The cleverly planned cosTumes can be seen in This pic- Ture. As parT of Their iniTiaTion, LaTin l sTudenTs TranslaTed "Dixie" inTo LaTin and sang iT To The amusemenT oT all. Mrs. Sparger's ingenious mind concocTed This idea, promoTed The LaTin Club pic- nic. and such games as "CaTus Miserusm aT The regu- lar meeTings which are presided over by Bill Chapman. Mike Brown served as The club's Vice President and, oT course, Jo Evelyn Michael made an excellenT secreTary Tor The LaTin Club members. va if -' , HAZ A iii? I 5 RONALD HORNE BFN MOXLEY JACK RCBPRTS ,W VY!-J C7351 is 3 'Qin- -.f 15 J .n ' ,Film . N . gi - SL DON RUSSELL RONALD GILLIAM JACK LOCKE Fme ba' L"il"C'57' bei Fa.-Jn, Phe P-4,.sf'or, !f"s wel, faly We-S Good jump shof, lc's of Hua 40 play. Q7 i C wr . Of Jamafy I5 W our gy' Q' be "FM: 5' 'Le P-'tiff-we-DLra'f game. one af We Hgh momenfs of We seasfm Nas reeded 'r' 'nc frcffrlfzg ci 'fe Bf1sVf:+bfzf1 Swscfiffzfmff, June Neo Cm. Two ' '1'- oflhor r3fL'5CfL'lfI' s'ND'c"'2'f:5 C915 Q L4U',l"I"7 and Uafha Monro Lad mario 'FQ mae lnffrmsflnq. Abswe 'Vey rc s'i'.'Qd 11" ' 'Z 5 f4fx"3: Bib Dcfwf. and S'fm3f:y Graves. ei- .,.- xr W I . if- ,hu ,,sn"f ,, 7 N QM' NN, Qga' 5 QV' 5 I Q11 0 h i I . ,fa ' A Inu' .2 r .-1. .. . .4 N- 3 ,xv i ip Q, HQONTIER DAY Fr'id.m, Februar I, mmkefi eu" , Y Y , V . , awwam Hemxer Dey whwgh ences AHS -' March of Dimes Campqlgfw. SM-Mona, bcofs, and gum were mmpenf as all sfudenfs and facuHy memberb loimed in Wwe fun. Ali briwy beards were ef Hweir belt buf none Couid beat Bob Beffes sfurdy grcwib, Mich Mary Frances afd Cecfe were cfmqhr edmirlrwg. Our phofogrepher cauqhf Hue se- locm scene wifh Hs MU sfaqe and colorful assorfmenf of cghamcfers. 44 'D' The assembly deliglriled all willi llwe rough and ready cowpolses and slunning cliorus girls. Lyn, Marian, Doiis, and Jo Belle made lovely slwow girls. Every cowboys life includes singing and Janel and Les gave AHS sludenls, including besl-dressed Kennellfi Beard and Carol Meacham, a good idea of iusl lwow cowboy songs are sung. Fe-bruary'5 lionor sludenls, Don, Marian, and Eddi Rue, were Cauglwf clwuclcling over some of llwe slcils 'ro be used on Fronlier Day. Tlwey were chosen as lliis monll1's Ryonis and Rolary members, as all llwree are good sludenls wifh lik- able personalilies. .Q :fl I hi- Can we ever forge? lhe involved discussions and idle chals in fhe audilorium before school and af noon? ln some cases converselion was unnecessary as eyes are some +. , . :mes more eloquenf 'rhan words. In AHS, VALENTINE S DAY IS no? necessaril lhe Y lime for 'the young mans fancy +o 'rurn lighrly +o 'rhoughfs of love. Throu ho 'r Th g u e school ferm, a generous sprinlcllng of couples over lhe audilorium was sulficienf proof fhaf Spring is ever-presenf. 1, f ,lvwjd .-sf' ,YQ ff 'f'sfvAL "-Z .ix G March marked 'rlne "beginning ol llwe end" for llie busy Crilerion slall. From Torrid Seplember lo windy lvlarclw, llne slall worked lrenziedly lo gel copy and paymenls in on lime. Piclures, inkinq pens, lypewriler keys, money, and ideas llew as lwenly-seven ingenious sludenls worked in scrambled co-operalion 'ro edil llwe I952 yearbook. Concenlraling groups huddled in all corners ol the Jour- nalism room as work reached ils climax before deadlines. Also lervenlly working Toward an exciling finale were sludenls who enler llie Oralorical Conlesls. As March ended, everyone breallned a sigh ol reliel and'relaxed- winler work was praclically Combleled. THE Sponsor Ediror-in-Chief B-siness Manager Assisranr Manager Arr Ediior Feafure Edirors Sports Ediror Liferary Edirors . Copy Editors Make-up Editor D-eoar"nen'aI Picrorial Edifors Senior Ediiors , Senior Sales Managers Edifor SaIes Manager Junior Junior Sophomore Edifor Sophomore SaIes Manager News of I'I1e Air Edifor Ardmoreife Reporfer . Sfaff Phoroqrapher . , AssisTanI Sraff Phomgraplner CRITERION STAEE ALINE ARNOLD GWYN HANN AL RINGER CAROL ANN BRISTOW TANIA COLBERT MARY BULARD MARIAN COFFEY JUDGE WILLIAMS DOLLY SUE BRANSEORD JOHN CALDWELL JUDY HEAD MARY BULARD PATSY TIPPS MARY BULARD ALICE BARTEE CHARLES PINNEY JENA VAYVE TUCK JUDY HEAD LYN PEBBLES JO BETTE BONNEAU ALICE BARTEE EDDI RUE MCCLANAHAN JOHNNY DAY BILL BOGART PATSY TIPPS WILLIAM CHAPMAN VIRGINIA GILBERT . MIKE BROWN ' LYN PEBBLES DORIS WARD MORGAN MQCULLAR . KENNETH JONES 8, uw- ..,... I X 1. ' ..-..-sq F.. 4 i-61... ! . Q 1 Mr. Allom and his indusfrial arf sfudenls have had a busy lerm, making baskefball goals, wall lamps, fables, and olher oblecfs requiring Skilled workmanship. 'lhelr large-sf projecl was fha+ of bulld- inq e-'edric molors. Boys look lhe fools needed and made lhelr own eleclrlc molors-an exaclinq bil ol work. lhlere Johnny Brooks and Jack Cavlns are hard al work on lheir molors, Bill l-larrlf. is spraying pain? on a newly complefcd lablel. The boys, capably dire-clcd by Mr. Alfom, have compleled numerous projecls. VG l ,,f,g,i X , March came To AHS in ifs lradifional windy man- ner. The honor sfudenls lor lhe monlh, Lyn, Isabel, and Ronald, look advanfaqe of The wind's velocify wilh a kile, a relic of 'rheir younger days. Caughl in fhis gay mood by our pholographer, lhey seem To be enjoying lhemselves immensely, while Mr. Wea- ver's shorfhand sludenls are hard al work. Kafherine and Belly Sue were snapped in one of 'rheir busier momenls as Mr. Weaver looked on. l-le Teaches, besides shorfhand, sfenography and bookkeeping. X rl"" The Solid Geomelry class wilh +he assislance of rhe Algebra ll and Triqonomeiry classes exhibiled some handmade laboralory devices in a down-'rown win' dow during American Educalion Week. These classes malce models +o illuslrale fheorems, formulas, and laws. Shown here are: comparison of lhe volume of a cylinder and a cone: lhe inlensiry of liqhf lawg lhe parabolic curve apparafus, +he Plalonic and Archimedean Solids. elc. These and olher apparalus show lhe ulilizalion in olher fields of knowledge. Johnny Day and Wayne Walson are shown admiring a model. The inset is Mrs. Oliver, leacher ol lhese classes. Mr. Winslon Everelr is also an insirucior in Maihe- malics and Plane Geomelry. Grdinarily, he leaches Physics as a par? of his daily rouline. buf fhis year fhere were so few who wimnfed The course fha? if was nor included in The schedule. Mr. Evereli, who has been hefe lhrCC years, Tnuqhl .xl O. U. prior fo his coming lo AHS. of-Q lr1fNp'1lcfafYw fa VC'C?:',QfV'L'H'1 w.r V-r' fdfHrurvwv,U1C QW' WW , fu, hpw hwufzfv fQf1b"y 1" 1 '1 Mm 'Eff' inf' mm! 'Nerf rfvg QT",Lg4 AxQii'y f m' :yd Qwg NC 'gf -he-r' wfv.lvmf'3"f.' 'f WVW, 'N1 'f,'F'w if 'cuff :fwwg-f WUC f:Lr,-mef' if iF' 'Uv' 1 "" Ri, BVQM 1? '?,'1'V2"I cQ,'wvv rl, 1' M r'wa'Q-fc WAN fgwcf Q03 rgMTe'5Nfcg WV 't xg' ,'1C"X" vfife eff: y feeihq. Each lfUfJG'xf -,ccwecl +'wH1w:THefQc'Pq We' April is enchanfmeni, formed Of sly and cloud and wind- A s+a+e of mind, a mood, a song, All quife undisciplined! Q 'ffiiis Bravo. The Ladies' wilh Cecille l-looven, Kay Fowllres, Marilyn Burlon, and Janalee Miller was a deliqhllul panlomime of 'rhe courage of ladies and lheir lriqhl al' a mouse. "ln Daze ol Old" wus a ludicrous porfrayal ol 'rhe courl mannerisms and speech in King Ar+hur's day wilh characlers Rosa Lee Johnson, Carolyn Poe, Jaclc Smilh, Vernon Elmore, and Burl' Thompson. All four slcelches were well presenled. Miss Fry's speech classes enacled four plays on assembly. Hlerbaccy Road wilh Deloursu slarred Bill Knighl as 'lPaw" and Norma Wil- liams Newsome, Lowal McLaughlin, and Sue Rowe as his family. "The Lighfhouse Keepers Daughleru was a clever panlomime wilh Ecldi Rue McClanahan, James Oxford, Jeannine Cox, and Jerry Dean Brown. April's showers didn'T boTher honor sTudenTs Mary Ann, Jan, and Sandra who were amply proTecTed by a huge umbrella. Nor did showers inTerrupT The planning Tor Mr. PanlcraTz' beauTiTully produced EasTer music assembly. AnoTher arTisTic eTTecT was creaTed by Mrs. Busch wiTh her spring sTyle show. Mrs. Busch, Home Ec. insTrucTor, is also Junior Spon- sor and oversaw mosT oT The planning Tor The Juniors Senior prom. f'XnoTher reminder oT spring was The array oT picTures displayed by Mrs. E. J. Johnson, Junior High arT insTrucTor, who Teaches a class oT Senior High arT sTudenTs. AlThough many plans were in progress in April, perhaps The mosT imporTanT ones To seniors were Those Tor The beginning oT graduaTion-The climax oT Their Twelve years oT school. 59. 1 X ' r l ., fx 5,1 s X U fr , V ,N Ev, ' x NY ----., I ' Q 5 xx! .1 if QF .4 ug. L.. . - -0- .-.,,,, ,fi'Y' W SPORTS AWARD WINNERS I95 I -I 952 The Tigers enioyed a greaT year in The sporTs Tield. The TooTbaIIers rolled Through The season wiTh a Tine record and marched clear To The quarTerTinals oT The sTaTe play- oTTs. Two Tigers, George Day and Jaclc RoberTs, have been honored by The coach Tor sporTsmanship and im- provemenT. ln his TirsT year oT TooTball Jaclc worked hard. became a sTarTer, and was one oT The leading scorers OT The game. George also was a leading scorer and was noTed Tor his piledriving ThrusTs inTo The line. His Tine sporTsmanship was noTic:ed by all specTaTors and players. The Tiger roundballers were highly sucCessTul on The maples This year. CenTer Denny IvIiTchell, who was The leading scorer oT The Team showed greaT improvemenT and by The end oT The season he was consisTenTIy scoring TwenTy poinTs a game. AI, by his aggressive deTensive work and Tine ball handling, showed The Tiger Tollowers and opponenTs The power oT a liTTle man. His Touling was never excessive and his good, hard, clean play has earned him The honor oT being The besT basIceTball sporT. AL RINGER DENNY MITCHELL Beg SPOTTSITIGTT MOST Improved BaslceTbaII Baskefbau Above are pcTured The five : ': " I--'S we 'ave fn-:in'ai'ed an acvife I TT' l" schoo. Lei' 'Q "Q" "ey re: Zz' Mfew Jo E1-ery' Michaey Ma 1 Bun d Son ra A+ Trrff HE May. The cork I. our and ar? borfred feefngs of C1 lfgng, Qeld wfrrer bubbe zuer 'rt rzdmy surirlrte. I r Exdrememr E3 ramperf. lrw Were rim' weeks, Hwere are many honors +0 be given, mudr fun 'O be Had. The band prepares To crewn Ere Dercmmlry Nurdous queen. Rorary and Ryomrs Yundweorws fere 'Wwe C1555 of 52. Par- Hes, prom-dares, and Calebraficns for Seriors come ihick and 'esi Fwwafly, rm cap ard gcwry are vxafh Ci pkrvmir rn hand, we Senrcri mark We Wes QF Qraduafrcrm-5 mile- srone in rho besr days of our livesf' an-1 4-Q ',Q id 4, X "9 Hy, TQINICBR 1 lA'.', Olllfirifw IU.-K .bmw Hem:-lhifnallx' .af H-wir drplomnz- Loft fn riq!w'g F'vogi.1e'-1, Www W4 q.,.1r H ,.A,,-LVN ,lu Ur-"v lr '- mm' VUL' r'v:'s1J0"' MN. Bxzrxui. s lv 42. W O THQ IIWMIIQPICHJIIH -fp, '. .- N 5-q,.,,, ' ,hi wa- fi Qu rw 651671059 01' 52 'K 1' 'll , uh, XL '4 'W' HF lg RUBY JO MCMURRY TANIA COLBERT EDDI MQCLANAHAN GWYN HANN JAN LOVELL JENA VAYVE TUCK as - :- A - r ALICE BARTEE President 5 Pi P A1 .. qi A-A DAVID DICKERSON Secretory Vice President . ,gs Z DORIS WARD fl .E , LILLIAN SCHENK Sponsor THE NATIONAL MAN COW HONOR SOCIETY f'x TK ' ' :'f JO ANN WARNER LYN PEBBLES PATSY DRUMMOND KATHRYN MILLER ALICE WELLS EDDIE WHITE -8-"lla 58 DOLL ann., 4 ,L ' Y BRANSFORD MARY BUI-ARD ISABEL GREENBERG AL RINGER I .J 11.4 mf XS.. 1, 'IQ Q ' 4 4 1 'B f 5 C wor n Tor Your and ore half yedm ad Mor Du nc rTdse ye w Q wg rn v ' ence an T Hu e QT TGSTTX L, we C o e mc ou' we hwo or he Jwn 0 ' m rhah' n Oedhn wi 05 Mr P ce aso has had exfreme-Ty cap e IS To +5 The feachmg sfaff ss year his D oved exceTTen+ Those of our T1Cu'fy who are ComparahyeTy new have eHTed rnfc The AHS rouhne and are one 'nng beher eachers as +he hme qoe by 2' ..- "Riffs N 'tg MURL H. PRICE Principe! , . Efuucahon. T E GARRISON Vxfifh an Ardmore schooT sysfem of ap- proximmely 3000 sfudenlfs, a grea+ deal of money T5 involved In Hs operafion fhrouqhouf +he year. The currency of +he whoTe sysfem is c:ompe+en+Ty han- d'ed by Mr, T. E. Garrison, derlq for +he Bde'-4 OT Educahon, The c:ompTe+e ad- mmisfrahon has helped us +o make 'rhe mob? of our Golden Oppor+unE+y- 015 GAIL MCVWLLIAMS h 0-,. 'ki 'Q DENON T OOODIN m 5 V QMWQ W -43 ,n J QAYNAOND GABB-'XRD N .J oil, "X JULIA K QPARGER Lofm Enfxlush IV 5 f . 1 'dr' ALINE ARNOLD UVDCINSVT' EWQINSPI I 'YY ELBEQT DANKQATZ 'W. 1"f JOY CHILDERS ' E J 1 'L ' 1 'ff,H . ' f ff' "H vww vw' 4'1 fy 555 V, Phys J. f, .I , 4 f' NANQYJ FRY H' fr' Lf' ,rx g A 'G' CAD1 V WMVEQ 19' QMMEFV IU J' qv YU Jn? V' UN FVEPETT I " r vu H YO sl IN 'C Y I f 63 'T' IRENE PATE MCGOODWIN Coordrnotor of Vusuoi Educcmon lbw WINIFRED D BROWN At endcmce Supervisor 'x 'Qi' 14's C3 MAURKCE ALTOM Industr cl Aris g,N.l1UU.Fy E an JACOBSON Coach JESS ALFORD MRS R E GOINS Nnghv Watchman Assustcmf to the Prmcupo 64 ELIZABETH SHILLING Lnbrmnon LUCILLE SANDERS Secretory To Supermfend ent BRUCE BAHNER I Cusioduon 4 'L ' ' q ' K rr ' N ' . J ' J' 1 L fc? 'wffg E N 5 L-r, Xt 'Y' ff , g 394' - Q Q'- ' A 1 122' ,J , - I Q , J' I ' 5 4- . B 4 4' if 3 X . Z3 i C. . f ' . ' fav 2 ,+ - ,, - , 1 'i .. ' -F . E - -x ' fr ,E . x 'Q B 'E E Y! 3 - X .'u ! x 1 x U' v' V .q-in -4, ,,, 4 ,,.,.k, A K1 ixwzfm r 'U'U-UE Cl-959295 4 wa.- f-dS p.r ..,,,d,.w, -,J-., ..-.-F' ,I -. u . ...., y Q 1-z'Qg,." , ,ix 1-'-sv 'zv-nv -' S FW-x 1 'rib ..f-41,,.- Fw if .ff ,- ' 'Ja' mr.,-. It , ,' 1 -Fwd ,.'- q'-f '?'- Y .. ' . ' . , 4 - f. , ' , . - " , Y , , , ,. -Hxzlvq , 1 f,4 f1Z,a -'ky -,1 i:,,,, i,L , -' iz t A jf 1 , My if ,fn L, my V C Q. q .ini-65 V1 N. 'EL .ai "e,.i13pfa1. V 'Q-if ,,94.Q1a.-we 'f'9Ss'P L- . 'Fa V5 Z '1 'if-4-if- Wm. V A ff?-?"::"L' I . 'f ' A M . A ' 'I "" L . 'X - ' Nr' 'nw I- - R' 5- V., H ,V , kgfks, ,.v'.a,,4 " Wye" "1,f..sN ,rL, - ,y lr -4 .l X v 3 - , V . Q: ..,1 .f . T5 t 35:51. fll-V if .'!"-1-.' ' A S-xg Q is A 'M 4--'Ltr ,. ag 3, Nil I gl Q X , 65 -.-.-q vs -5 JW' DORIS WARD Most Outstanding x-N..sf EDDIE WHITE MOST Omsfcmding C'-3 RONALD HORNE Swellesf hi JUDY HEAD Sweetest -BV" .. 2,1 n 5 i 4 K 3 s 'r ,x v 1 'f 3 3' Q l .po-f' ff' 4 1 35, ,-Ji 'vla- U1 5.1 finn- 1 ,l 917 .A ",- - . I 4 A 1 I ! 1 I 100 I .f-0"' 0 I 1 , r 4 l , .,.. .. -9 5 -'Y J , Dru ,,,,.N- -...-J HGOTIE WATSON VVIYYIGSY fl LYN PEBE-LES Wuttuest 0.83 MAP!! N FOFFEY 'rf DONALD HORNE Hrmd Omc S1 ..d.. 'X 44.- ,vas .I ,f A Nr' in egg wi-Lx ,--1. ,,. Hoofie, Hue seniors Cnorce For w?f+ies+ bo , ranks rlcln arnon Hs C!6ffFYX5f65 for V . . . Y 4. rg. y' r frnendhness and clever sayungs. Lyn, who rs endowed wnn e derqrxwl eerse of humor, is known for her casua'ness and good cheer. Maron, a conwbineilon of beamy and brains, is a nafural choice for flrwe pre'TKes+ senior because of ner rovely feeiures ard gracious smile. Donard, a teadinq qricfron Tlqer, represent fne nanosonee' se'3fr boy wifh his dark brown eyes and wir-ring manner. A JOHN and JO BETTE Most Loyal to A, H. S. EDDI RUE and JAN Most Likely To Succeed BOB and THEANA Best Nafured HAROLD and JENA VAYVE Most Poised TANIA and JOHNNY Most Scholarly CAROL ANN and BILL Nearest AUCE and JIMMY Mos! Talented JUDGE and SANDRA Mosf Athletic AL and GWYN Mos? Dependable MARY and KENNETH Friendliesf SSEUUHIDJIIRS 5 I5 EUZAB TH IQVLEN CPARLES BANHEAMER JCM: n ,,,-7 4,-4 L4 Cab DON AWTREY "' AUQE BARTEE S'0'bOU Tfdk 0 7 A Sm en? Councu NFL a Horor Socne La+m ED Debafe C euov Acccrvoams Good ers J Ryoms e Cub ,J Dom BAHNER TOMMY BATSON Fcofba' Baskefbaif Baskefba fi? I' HORACE BAILEY KENNETH BEARD Trafk Manager Lahn u Foofball Baskefball Track Baskefbafl FoofbaNl l .Qi A RICHARD BALKE HAROLD BERRY Foo?baW B Hd O C esfra Jr Rofaruan Tuger Reds .4 1 A" 0 I E . A I pCf , Smdcr' CC. CU, ' If ' F-',,wd,,p Culp, .' C b, X X - I SQ, - . Ba ., Q , B nd. , I d AQ, V Na. ' mn: E A wy, 9 'I' Cv , fa. f A saw, -h -' y Svco' -N ' f, " ' Clfiz , r, f ', P p Y . E X 1 ' A K1 4 x . -4 .- f E V E E , 0 . . ,. 1 I X 'jgu ,E E ' Cl E, Q ix '3,. V ,iff , . . ' 7 la - S N5 X X . W k 9 E? i 24 k ' 4 u f: 5 N M " -8 G 'N 'P - - A. :fl .V ' i 4' , ' ' , .. ..:,:.5,,., Y "- - ,, - Y. '3-' x'f f?5faQ.?'?H f . , .1 1 A Boa Bsrres Foofball, Wresfiing, Baseball Traclc. BILL Boenr Sfudenf Council, Lafin Club Criterion Sfaff, Traclr. Good Cifizen, Tiger Reds. Jo Barre BONNEAU Criferion Sfaff, Class f Pep Club. Sue Boucrisn Sfudenf Council, Class Offi- cer, Pep Club. DOLLY Sus BRANSFORD Criferion Sfaff, Jr. Ryonis Peo Club, Band. SIUUUIIDUIZS 52. fg 4? 1 'Z pn. 3, l 1. .r kip, f'fY Q4 CAROL ANN BRLSTOW Criferion Sfaff, Pep Club, Chorus, JOHNNY Brzooxs Baslcefball, Baseba l. Bosnia BROWN Home EC, Sfyle Show. MARY BULARD Criferion Sfaff. Jr. Ryonis. Class Officer, Pep Club, Tennis. JOHN CALDWELL Criterion Sloff, NFL, Debafe, Sfudenl Council, Foolball Manager, Wresflinq, Tiger Reds, Orchezfra, Boy's Sfafe. PANSY CARSON Pep Cub, JACK CAVINS Slmawik King. Baslrefbali. Tennis. THEANA CHISENHALL Pep CWub, Fronfier Frofic, Al Sched Way. CHERRY COCHRAN Pep Ciub, 4-H CWub. JOY Cosa PERRYMAN All School Play, Band Twirler. Pep Club. SEIIIIMDURQ 512 I . - 4 " 'av A - is , 4 ,- X I f rf , 45 I V ,mi y Q. . 1 ,., fi QL Q.. ,'A ,,. A-I 1 i I auf' -J 1 'fn fV1ARiAN COFFEY Baskefball Sweeweari CYa5s Favorite, Pep CWub, Crf'erion S'a:f, Jr, Rycrwls, TANIA COLBERT Deba'e Stdervf Councii Na- TQOFG' Hznor Scciefy, Peo CJub, La+in C1ub, Good CF'- izen, Cri'erion Sfaff Jr. Ryoris. CHARLES Comms Debafe, Basebail. INITA COPELAND Home EC. S+yle Show. LETA PAYE DANIEL Pep Cfxb. DAVID DAVIS Orclwesfra. JOHNNY DAY Cfferiori Slalf, Orclvesfra, Band. Sludenl Council, Tiger Reds. DAVID DICKERSON Junior Rofarian, Lafin Club, Tiger Reds. Traclr. ARLENE DIcIcsON Pep Cub. PATSY DRUMMOND SSEIIUIJGDLEZQ U52 7 1 Pl A ,fr ,N o LA PON DUNFORD Wresllinq, Baseball. Q 1 if Il I A! K J . CHARLES PINNEY A, . Criferion Sfaff, Tiger Reds A 1 Track, Wresfing, Boys Sfafe I' ff if - JVKX I I f ' pl l ' , NORMAN FLOWERS C 'ily-x y Z 'I I I. ' .. 951- 5,- .J my xv? fr N K . Several Me-fals, JAMES FLOYD Wreslling, Traclc Manager. I F ij, CAROL FOLSOM Shden? Council, Pep Cub, .A ' ,Q Chorus, Pep Club. CHorus. Junior Ryonis. Class by A Officer. Girl Scoufs. ' 7 ' 51:3 .V,,. Y 4 x K Wooosus FORD Baseball. KAYE FOWLKES Chorus, Pep Club, Roundhup Club. LESLIE GILLIAM Proleclionlsf. lSABEL GREENBERG Sluclenl Council, Jr. Ryonis. Pep Club. GWYN HANN Sfudenl Councll, NFL, Nail. Honor Sociefy, Lenin Club. Crilerion Slalf, Jr. Ryonis, Pep Club. All Sclwool Play, DAR Award. SEUUUGJM, 5 DONALD HORNE L. er' C ax u ra B vs Sfa e C ass a s F vo 3 I RONALD HORNE nf unc I La nr- u Ofba Trac Boy 5 Share abs avor ve Rofarnaw Baskerbfdl B1LL HORTON L. TL er eds 'R MERL NE HORTON C ARK Ba d YN 'Nr WASK ACK fl '15 T 4? LEOUITA JAMES Sexfe+re C Orus Pep Club FLOYD JON ES BaslrefbaH Basebahl GLENDA JOY Band JACKLC KEETON Bard ROY KEETON 4 4HCub 9520110 S 5 Q P' CLYDE KEMP ' el ,, gf: JANET MCGALLLARD Baseball. L 'oh Clweer Leader, Pep Cub. '7 FREDDIE KITCH 4-H Club. NORMA JEAN LANE Pep Club. JAN LOVELL Sludenf Council, Latin Club, Tiger Reds, NFL, Glee Club. Nail Honor Sociefy, Boy's Sfare, Jr. Rorarian. EDDI RUE MCCLANAHAN Pep Club, Oralorical Confesf. All School Play, Lafin Club, Siudenr Council, Nafl Honor Sociely, Crilerion Sfaff, Cho- rus. Jr. Ryonis. - fix N , I, . Qi 4 , 4 L , ,aa Q cbt I xg .. .fl .ws F A 'Q --1 X L- I x L, ,s r'x fr - A-'f A ' r'- - J If rfvrlyr. X r RUBY Jo MCMURRY Neff Honor Sociefy, Pep Club Debare, NFL Good Ciflzen Jr, Rycns, KATHRYN MILLER Gocd Cl'izen, Jr. Ryonls, Pep Club. Cborus DENNY LVUTCHELL Boys Slafe, Baslrefball. Focr- ball, Baseball, Golf. MARY LOUISE MOORE Sludenf Council, Glrl's Sims-, Pep Club. 9528110038125 5 .0 gl? V' ' MARY MORGAN Jr. Rysvls, Pep C ub, Twlrfer. fz' BEN MOXLEY "' VN L 'Q Boyls Sfafe, Baskefbail. Base- A . A baV, Foo+ba?i. '-4 f r I Homin Movsns ff 3 -A TIqer Reds, Gee Cfub Pooh ' 7 baW, Wrevilrq, 4-H Cub, f 1 Nt ,X 1 r JV- -1 ,' 'xxx 5 2. :S See 3 A - - f 43h ,, AA! A 1 1? I Q ,, -.vs -'Ui NORMA JEAN Newsom Pep Club, Chorus. MALNLANE PADGETT Pep Club, Chews, Dmolse PATRXCK DL'ys':aN Educaion, Circus. DON BOB PEARSON Pf:'e:'Ecf'e'. Lf-4 Pseues F fvcz P41 Pep Cu Mfwxf Q in Pfcrwc Cwa ,- , , J 4 ff: 15'-'Q C' 'Q' fm f" fffanl. af' J nb SEUDIIIDJURQ 52 BETTY PELTON COYCE POLLARD Home EC. Sfyle Show. Bandl .Q .Ox .5 ff. BETTY SUE PHILLIPS Cheer Leader, Pep Club, GEORGEINE PUTMAN Chorus' Pep Club. CHARLES PIPER li FN 3 F CORLISS RADER H, ,-p., Tiger Reds, 'J Pep Club. f 'L I 'FJ K I fi' A I I 'ww SYDNEY PIPPEN ' JACKIE REDMAN Band. CP'orus. 4 Physics. OLEN PITTMAN I , - A ff- JIMMY RENFRO ProIeCIIf,ni5t, ' 6 Tiqer Reds. ,pi -If SQUUU M '5 f .. f R' Q ' 2 'ft 'J' SHIRLEY RICHERSON ' , GARY RUDD pep Club' Band. 'N -H r Round-up Club. .N , 7 J I lr AL RlNGER ,, ELOUISE SHOEMAKER Jr. Rofarian, Criferion Sfaff, Pep Club. Chorus- Boy's Slade, Lafin Club. Bas- ' V kefball. 1 fe X ' I .I fx T6 ill JACK RosERTs Foolball, Baslcelball, Track. THELMA ROBINSON 4-H Club. MARGARET ROGERS Pep Club. 4-H Club, Chorus. Q. Q-W" 1' '7 .44 4'-3' YQ MARILYN SHORES Pep Club, Triple Trio, Chorus SANDRA SPARKS Sinawilc Queen, Pep Club Tennis, Band. lVlARGARlETTE SPURGEON Pep Club. NADINE Snswle Plwyseccl Educahon Circus JAMES STINSON Round up C ub DOYLE TACKETT Pr e lon 5+ Glee u AUDREY TAYLOR Pep Club. '-v fn 'U 'N f . 10 . 'ff' H. UQ BARBARA THOMASON 4 H Club TRAVIS TRENT Elecfrlcafy General Mefcl NMA TRUITT Pep Club Chorus JENA VAYYE Tucx Crilerion Sfaff, NFL, Debefe. All School Play Oraforical COn+es+, Jr. Ryonis Pep Club. N 'I Honor Sociefy, 6'rl's Sfafe. BOBBY TAYLOR , - Nl HERMAN VANBEBBER Glee Club. ' f R ' f Baslxefball. 92011110025 as 1: 3 . .l, I fw , A u I .r ' ll' . 5. i -'A l Rf 1' Q 6- ' , only cub. .A :'. no , Y, ' f' I 3 r :T ' B, I j I Y X 8I MARLAND VANCE Baseball. NANCY VEAL Home EC. Sfyle Show, BETTY WALKER Pep Club, Home EC. Sfyle Show. DORIS WARD Na'f'l Honor Sociely, Debafe, NFL, Pep Club, All School Play, Oraloricul Confesf, Jr. Ryonis. Criferion Sfafl, Fool- ball Queen, Girls Sfale, Class Favorile, JO ANN WARNER Home EC. Slyle Slwcw, PM- sical Educafion, Circus. Xa "'l"L Lf , . 'ft 1' SSEUIJU URQ 52 9 1 I! I 5 ' -9 at 515 ' fr .LQ-s X WAYN E WATSON Sludenf Council, Class OHI- Cer, Class Favorife. FRANCES WEBB Pep Club. ALICE WELLS Pep Club, Girl Scoufs. DELORIS WEST Chorus, 4-H Club. EDDIE WHITE Crow Famrim, Sludenl Coun- f l Bazlfdhfall, Bufs Slale, Jr Pufcvmn. GLENDA WHITE Crrferuon Sfaff Pep Club JUDGE WrLLlAMs FI ernon S1 ff Jr Rofarw n oo+bail Bas efbali Track Basebd Lafm Clbb JOHN WOLAVER er Reds Track 4H ' SEUMURS 52 T fvffrs i"x' , LANELL Wooo Pep C ub Rum WORLEY Peo Cl b LORAINE YEOMANS Gr s S a+e Ba ci ueer' Pep Club Chorus ' , .X . , -' Q , .9 ' 'Qin C If A 6 , . .5 , j 'Q A L. 'T Y L . F , lc , , J . ,J YZ? 'A ' 5 . gr Tig , , - CMJ. I if f , rv Q , W- X , I l ,yn- sggi RONNlE WOERZ JO EVELYN MICHAEL Most Valuable Most Voluoble 46' BARBARA CUDE RONALD GILLIAM Most Entertaining Most Entertaining Ili, Vw. NNNWL xl' v,:- Q -I 1 I ls' : ' 'H 1, up x "" tx ., 'K gl' ,NN GA 'J X Q M . r" 1 ,z , , V, ,, . fn- 'vit .Am,, Q vu Qqy.-n-J-. f-v-p-q-n-.s- A E I ,L a I X ,E 3 1:5 1 7. f 1 AI n"'i5 4 If f, .1,:.,:,-, f- 2: mr "Gm aw-A A .,. , K M-5!'n 1 1.1, 'A ,,'LW,?2' , L,+, 'Y i , , ' w' I v MW Jw livvlvm and Rormlv IFC' lmfy mosl' valuable lc We im"' r A , RCWIVUG lem c,l.1,Q,.1u.a Ulfmlwlvfire'-mlflrwl, wlwllm? JO lvclym I an ,rwwpgvvl mf MQMQ rw frm worl wr ilw Slmlp-f' Cwum ll, Rwxxlxlls qvwd nalure wlllw an mwicblo Cl'-rf'+l1?f ngievd We :ilu bnlfmw ul lm. pvrsmmllly, omllllnq lmm fo brv Cliffscn haf, mv l Or'?c"lLalml'wn, Vfvm'5:L,a Blmrlmyq ff-vuul-, .m vulvrlalmlrwru mlmmer llwrouqlm lwcr Ulof Q1 1? lmlrwm N aml lmvr K x 1,8- "-Q "E f 7' M. .4-,,,, ., wsvv. Juniors have helped lo rnalce lhe winler ol '52 lhe besl year ol our lives. Bill Aishman, Wilburn, Dale, and Billy Baird on lhe Tiger eleven, Woody in lhe band. Belly, Marianna, Calherine, Mary Jo, Don, Carolyn, Gwen, Lou Ann, Vadare, Shirley, and Darwin in lhe pep clubs-all helped lo carry lhe red and while banner valianlly lo a glorious grid- Class V55 iron season lor AHS. Orville and Claudene reign- if ed over lhe l-lallowe'en Sinawilc as Prince and Princess. Shirley, our rodeo queen, capably repre- -5' , 3 senled us in Madison Square Garden, New York J ' r ' Cily. if 41 ' Aishman, Bill Z ' Alcers, Dorolhalea , Anderson, Wilburn i Anderson, Woody Q, ,.. In ,A Allcinson, Palsy ' L 4 ' ' Baird, Billy - 1 V' "g A C Q Balcer, Donald i 4 iz Ball, Belly , f r - , ll r l lull l ll! Barlley, Pongelina Bechlel, Marianna Biddiclc, Calherine Bowman, Mary Jo Boyer, Clela n ,IW f ll Asuli j' with , 1 11? 4 3 " Cr Y? .... 5 nr, v K'- Al ,. J ' J s 7 ' 4' i .1 5 v 7 xr' nA :Elin N ll ,l A 9 Bradley. Carolyn Branum, Dale Bray, Gwen Brown, Jerry Carl Brown, Rulh Ann Buck, Grville Bunch, Carl Burlon, l-larold Burlon, Peggy Bush, Claudene Bulcher, Donald Buller, Lee Ann Campbell, Vadare Calhey, Shirley Caulfield, Darwin ,.. F .-f During 'rhe foolball season AHS sfudenfs saw much of Carolyn, our prancing maiorelle. Barbara kepf school spirii al an all Time high wifh her excelleni cheer leading. This could noi have been lhe case excepf for lhe avid and dependable Faneila and Mayre Bob in 'rhe "Pride of Ardmore." All cor- onafions were aided by Joe, Ronald, and Bill Chap- Class of '55 man of The Sfudeni Council, who also were valuable f Hsparkplugsm on The blond Tiger squad. Chapman 1 worked hard in dramafics and Creecy in debale. , 4 0 Jimmy hunfed Soufh Dakola game in early aulumn. R' d Day was our 'rop Tiger. 49 f- Chadwell, Faneila ,P Chapman, William Conwell, Carolyn 3 Cook, Ancel i- 4 A ' Cook, Richard -L 3' "' W M " wil' Copeland, Ronnie ' V l"2 i -- A Craddock, Margaref W " ' Creecy, Bill 'i if Cude, Barbara Day, George Dobson, Mayre Bob Douglas, Sieve Doyle, J. W. 'sl l gl .l '33 'v I Fx , . . -I . . R T 1 -1 f, . X15 A . Wi: 7' ' 'U- , ol J . , 7 -.- .ft My xii. 1 mi J f fl Edwards. Don Elmore, Vernon Fairbanks, Vonda Fraley, Orvella France, Rifa Fraser, Virginia Garnand, lrma Lee Garrefl, Jerry Gaslon, Jimmy Gibson, Bill Gill, Ben Tom Gillenwaler, Louanne Gilliam, Joe Gilliam, Ronald Gilmore, Rebecca ,ffl As The school season moved, so did The Tiger Team, band and pep clubs. Bill Harris, a sTalwarT TacTor on The gridiron, came Through splendidly on every assignmenl' and will long be remembered Tor his baTTleAcry i0n To l.exingTon"-llaTer amen- ded To 'On To ATlanTa.ll The band Took on a pro- Tessional air, Thanks To Jim and Freddy. Twirlers Ann and Mary Frances added color To Mr, Gab- bards perTormers. The pep clubs, more acTive Than in years, were aided by Rachel, Lyndene, Ken- neTh, Marlane, and Bill Kincannon. Givens, Shirley Goins, Ann Gordon, Fred gf Hagen, Lucy . Hammer, Jowan HammeTT, Rachel , Hamner, Mary Frances Harris, Bill ' 1-vs ' -A gc-c 55 1,1 - -Q ,- .1 Henry, Benny I A ef. HaTTensTy, Joyce , , ,,, HerberT, Hugh .. A wg, y Herrin, Shirley Holloway. Clark A pf! -rf, Q. ,y lllllasa all I5 56 ,XZX i .1 YK .. l -7 7' Qwiiyl . I I, il X , 1 I, 5 1 - 1 --1 4 o ,QS ' f" 1 - , .N If A IA Q V 0 'OL A' ...L P 4 . I -i 4 ,ez V5 -T li " Q . l 'll 'F if AQ Hopson, Lyndene -6 'U 1 ga ,7 41 In Howell, Jimmy Dale James, Jim Jones, KenneTh Jones, MargareTTe Jones, Marlane Kearnes, Susanne Kelly, Roxie Kincannon, Bill Lamb. Frances l.aTimer, David Lewis, BeTTy l.iqhTsey, Barbara Lindsey, Joan Lindsey, Judy 1: gg k As Old Man WinTer puT in a November appear- ance, Miller and Loughridge lcepT The Tans warm enough wiTh Thrills on The gridiron. Then wiTh baslceTball weaTher Loclce and LuTon did well on The maples. Nancy, Don, Lowal, Max and Marc cheered Them on. Jo Evelyn and Morgan conTinued To be oT inesTimable aid To The junior class boTh in STudenT Council and pep clubs. Jo Evelyn was in NFL while Morgan made pracTically every acTion shoT in This book as sTaTT phoTographer Tor The CriTerion. Blalcey, Norma Loclce, Jack Long, Albei-T Loughridge, Bill Love, Mary Jo Love, Wadis Lowrance, Marc Lowery, Jane Ann LuTon, Kirby LyTle, Joan McClaine, Sam McCullar, Morgan McDonald, Joyce Class all '51 ., ls A 4 ,W 8 U, ' sq J xx Ll -j X x, TT' 313' i I iff ' ,K , , .X , fl S al! McGuire, Don N. McLoughlin, Lowal Mackey, Don Malin, Charles MarTin, Charles i l'f il -vi' laijx f ful l . , ox v-n -sur L l f V , , Meacham, Bill Means Shirle i Y ,412 Michael, Jo Evelyn Miller, Louis MonTgomery, Max Mooneyham, Jaclc Nash, Joe .x Newman, Jack Ne-wTon, Nancy O'Dell, Anna This group of iuniors boasls varying lalenls. Juan- ila is our housewife, while Peggy is a line musician. David is our scholar, Shirley, our cheerleader: Parrlow, rhe class wirg Phillip, anolher pholograe pherp Berh, an auburn haired beauly. Jimmy and lhe rwo Phyllises are inleresfed in ranching, rid- ing and rodeos, while L. A. has a nice wesfern voice. Berr is our Romeo: and Joyce is a smoolh dancer. Melva is friendly and personable. Don, a lasf srepping baslcefballerg Rena, a peppy pep clubber: l-lelen, an energelic worker-all helped 'rhe class of '53. Owens, Viclor Ownsbey, Juanila Palmer, Joyce Parlcer, L. A. Parflow, Shirley Palfillo, Melva Payne. John Perry, June l- gp -5 Pickeff, Doris Piflman, Peggy Porler, Helen Posey, Befh Powers, Berf llllasss Gil '55 'x v .Q " I, o yu .. -A r , A , ' T' '. f 4, , 3 V- i 1 , .I , J- JX J- ' XL ,lc ., , I ,T ff L "' ' 91 av -'fi hxl . 'fy l .' n .N I .t- A6 ld fx! Ti., r - 4 5 v. LM A 1 x" :dy -,-exif I' .9 R 4 Q-sl ,-Q.. .,. ...,,. is , 'P f ' f Priddy. Phyllis Ragland. Jimmy Reavis, David Rice, George Risner, Mary Ann Roberrson, Rena Faye Rudd, Phyllis Russell, Armine Russell, Donald Scarbrough, Phillip Scarbrough, Shirley Schuerholf, William Seay, Pranlclin Shorres, Jimi Spurloclc, Alice .lik .I J As The l95l-52 Term came io a close more juniors were acfive in school affairs. J. W. fool: parl in alhlerics, and class presidenl Ronnie and Maclc enjoyed fhe Sludenr Council. Palsy Tipps was acfive in The Council, pep club and Crilerion. Our class welcomed Max l-lanus, a German Schoolboy, who quickly adjusfed himself +o The American school plan and enjoyed learning To speak English. The year broughl' io every junior a greal deal of Tun and cerlainly some of The 'ibesl days of our lives." Slallcup, Yvonne Slephenson, Mary Ann Summers, Mack Sulile. Bill i Taylor, Bobby ff Thomas, Par ,A Timmons, Joanne J Class ol' '55 1 Tipps, Palsy Mi i, ., X s ll i ,f :Ln if. Towry, Mary ' 4' Turnbow, Sherry Vaughn, Wayne Wages, Jean - Wall, Jerry I lf' x j Q .AE 6 '-'I 5 j V5-' li' f' - ,I ,, P lfli fell A 4 Q 1 . ' S' 4 Si i" 4 - i . 1, .1 1 A7 ff , J . 1 i In irxfwr ' A ,lx l ax Wallace, Grace Wallace, Shirley Warren, Jim Wesl, Karhryn Whirralcer, Esielle Williams, Palsy Williams, Virginia Wilson, J. W. WEH, Nova June Wi++, Rosa Lee Woerz, Ronnie Young, Sammie Hanus, Max Busch, M. sponsor Arnold, A. sponsor 4 J 3' , cg. Na ED PARRY ldeol JUNE ALEE COX Most Spirited CECILLE HOOVEN Ideal ' . ROYCE MCQUEEN Mos! Spirited Ei :ii YA V: wg V1 k V, Av! V. ax. DRINK is" -s-4 ' I a I . Q, V, , i 'l f X qi, Q .QW 6241-2 - gf 55. ' xl, 51' .1 . '--. 1,gZ'5,3f"' ' nw. ?' 7- ' 'Viv - 73-Re . U flnhzw H" 2 .pg . J . ,, if . if A .- mx: . fl,-.4 ."' s Elk I. .,.3U . 3, -if sz, 5:21 'i:42'g.-1? A . :M ."y,5 if ' Y 'K P-'h 2 , i g N2 if 1? 2 : vi , H Mg: -. 5,3 KA! ,,. , L... 'V . 34. -M . x 5' Mr? ' 1 , ,gA..,., ' -, ,, , - Sify' 5 i, Hu S' af' -hh, 1, ,JF x, mwfv f ff f-F9 1-5, "aw I 1 .u I . 'sv li '93 af? I l- iii Blalock, James Boucher, Ruth Briggs, Frances Brown, Jerre Brown, Jerry Brown, Michae Burch, Wenona Burke, Bob Bur+on, Marillyn Callahan, Mickey Callahan, Shirley Carrel, Laquela Carrol, Jimmy Cliff, Jackie Cochran, Helen Q, Ll l , AJ Hem, xi x l '4 1 , l l Q4 A Y 1. .' 0' -K X 3 N . ' ' GQ 3 ol" b ' X - sxfii I um., 595 J!! !!!! I -al ', C -1 : i ,A 9 ,, ,,, y . Al Allen, l-laryey Aaron, James Afkinson, Carolyn Auslin, Ann Auslin, Bob Baird, Michael Balke, Franklin Balrhrop, Anira Sue Baxler, Warner Baxfer, Ruby Beardon, Dorene Bearon, Bill Berry, Erle Berryhill, lvlallie Black, Gene 5 - ...Q J frlx 'x ,a"' -I' ,, f ,: f' 9 . ' is -'N ol . 5 I , I ual 3' 1 'K ,rg fr rs '-N x P 5 " .., I. i, f M K. FQ' 15? 3 -4. ...- S " "I i l l F Dill, Don Diflo, Naomi Dragg, David Dry, Kaflileen Duncan, Glen Dunning, Dale Fssary, Frances Finney, Jack Fosfer, Howard Fraser, Lou Ann Freeman. Jan Freeman, Nan Fuller, Sybil Qilberl, Jnrqiriia r ynrflori, llfin 'N .QJ A A 2,5 , f Coe, Bellw Coe, Don Collier, Fllen Collins, Cary Conway, Fred Cox, Frieda Cox, Jeanine Cox, June Alee Craddoclf, l-laagie Craddocl, Sonny M .. Craven, Wanda Cross, Jaclcie Cyperr, Jack Day, Barbara De l-larl, Jolwnny J 3 s .. 'X 'I' ,Q ra 4 fo. IZ QQ ,A H -A v y, A y pl ... I ,, n ' 5? 3.8 N' J I' l lrlflo V l ' 3 F A .fl , .D f "il ri Lum I I l-lobson, Gayle Price l-lo brooks, Kay Holder, Carline Holland, Flora Mae l-lo lowaYi Jolwn l-looven, Cecille l'lun+, George l-lunfer, Joe Jaclcson, Lamar Jones, Emily Jolwnigan, Donna Jolvnson, Rosa Lee Kerley. Frances Key, James King, Sfeven J .1 , 0+ If ' i-5 fl' J T 'x Gordon, lvlarilyn Graves, Slaney Qrealliouse, Earl n Gregory, Joyce l-lacller, Gere Harlow, Anre l-larris, Jerry Harris, Mavis l-larris, Palsy l-lelm, Dorofliy l-lensley, Kennelln l'-liclcman, Earline Hill, Daisy l-lill, Kallierine Hill, Nancy 71 Z, LN- fl-4' .4 eww! f . x , -Q. ff' ,.,,A JC 4 f"' raw- E' ' x 4' i' Vp, -ai ' , McNeil, Ronald McQueen, Royce Mapp, Sue Massad, Barbara Mauldin, Palsy Mayfield, Irma Meacham, Carolyn Miller, Jana Lee Moore, Darla Moore, Rosa Mae Munday, Bobby Nelson, Melvin Niclwelson, Grady Norlon, Pauline Qxlord, James Lyely, Nha Ji, Kniqlwl, Bil Laobafr, Nicle- Langley, Donald Larue, Cari Lewk, Jarnei Lewip, Roy Linder, l-lerberl Lindley, Lfllie B. Loyo, Bil Lowe, Joan Lowery, Emi U Lulce, Ed Lyday, Mary Joyce McCabe, Rua P' 'ZW .I 'N A ,F- IX - . .14 flbi fl N . A . or rf li M . I A 3 A 'f ' " 'g R f 14 QM, l'i ta 6 i s 517 , i ,, , ,, , , f 'x s - 0 -g 1 'I' 0 si - .1 Q . i gm .Q icq ' v ,fir 33? like : W ', .' ' " I . ., .V , 5.5! V 3' 1:-1-. ' , ,,'.-.. 1+ . . r., , .1 ir- . - c 'S XX Rainboll, Ted Rappolee, Mary Jo Reavis, Bob Rlnyne. Charles Roberson, Jo Ann Rooer+s, Belly Robinson, Joyce Rogers, Glenna Rowe, Sue Russell, Emma Lou Rulledge, Charles Sadler, Al Schwab. Diana Scof+, Mary Lou Scrivner, Mary E. fx Q , .. I , . 45 ,Q za ru if fl rs Q ,. , -- mf, Qzmenl, Max Parlcer, Ronnie Parker, Virginia Parry, Ed Pasclwall, Sylvia Pallerson, Sadie Pallon, Dallas Pallon, Marion Payne, Lela Jo Poe, Carolyn Pollard, Dale Posey, Mickey Price, Palsy Price, Ywachela Pruill, Juddy . ,Q It ,: f 'A f- -f , ' r ,Q Q. wk fx X ' .1 I I xt f 054151 3 4 km A1 T ' ,' - . 14 . .v x 5 1 Tn? . ,1- -.1 ' , A ,Q xi Tale, Slanley Taylor, Barney Taylor, Bobby Taylor, Louise Tliompson, Berl Thompson, Juanila Tlnompson, Mike Tillman, Fred Tiplon, Leonard l'larry Underwood. Belly Underwood, Rosie Vanbebber, James Vance, Donnie Valley, lvlariorie 1 'J I 17 . nl Y l lb, . l T, I in L PX ,, 41:4- ,.x f.. I 1 ,L ig K rx Sealy, Lowiela Selvidge, Glen Servis, Connie Sue Slialwan, Peggy Simmons, George Singlelary, Jo C. Skaggs, Charles Smiili, Jack Spivia, Belva Jo Slallcup, Lawrence Slevens. James Slewarl, Harold Sloliby, Billy Srrauglin, Nancy Slrollwer, Dale 'K x X " .f .Q ,gp . I 1 , '. all , 1 ' -Ar . 2 ' 1-" 3. 1 k "1 if fl Y- 'A e U 3-S 4 x ' , 1 Q 1 ' Vaughn, Billie Veal, Palsy Viclc, James 1 4' 'ix Vaughn. Bena Walker, James . Ward, David "P T' 7: in Ward, Oby Ward, Roberr Walkiris, Tressie Wesl, June .lr ,,,, Weslheimer, Beverly While, Sally Wilhile, Donie Jo - s Williams, Johnny f Williams, Nalalie s Willingham, Janell 'rv for ,, ,fi 1' fn Wilson, Olefa H 'J Wilson, Shirley 1, at Young, Dale '4 Zorn, Kay ri3im1a3'HZwg'f 1 l QQIUEUEIWEIL'-Jr.lh 1 1 Wirh The conclusion of lhe Sophomore class. and ol our l952 Crirerion, we also con- clude our high school days. ln fhis boolc, we have alrempled lo caplure lhe highesr momenrs of rhese days and fo preserve lhem, rhrough piclures and words, lor every member of AHS. We have fried lo cafch lhe lun, laughler, worlc, and rears ol: our senior year--lhe climax of lhe besr days of our lives . ll, in lafer years, lhis boolc provokes a nosralgic smile or +ear, rhen our purpose shall be accomplished. We shall have designed well rhis phorographic diary ol rhe besl days ol our lives". I00 - . ' -1 -, ,: , -...- ' -r , ., ' ' - -4 ' . - 1, I. Y-.,. -...4 , ' I , A A, ,. x Sr, 3-A Q: gg iv? rg- gf' . hr: . f , 4,4 '41 w 3- f '- , W , - . -A , x .1 -f E 4 b ., . J- J- 1 , Q-if -' .. -- 1 sg.-' 'J ' ' 5'5" 51' A: w WSH. ,fl iff 4. g., j.: Nj." 2' 1,1 V--55 ,- D, -ugh.. J r sr, 1 . 5 2, af J 5 17? ,141 ra 1 ,ff YW. avr 52 .21 . if. F , 52 -a ,T . H5 4 ,- .. ,ww .4 ,,,L f. . ! ,,, P, -'Y I . RE. r-an 'fi bf nf I 5A . ,CF -?' W, .?' 62" 2+-3. 'P M, , , ., ,i 1111, Q-6 1, K :,-xi, '-14, P95 . 51 F- v. r . Y' I fi N ,E 'V Q -, EN: gui LQ' E l"'iw., ,, T- .al V wg Ag '54 Qs ' .Rf .m, vu '3 4 LA -f 'S r -J S ' .wwf Q . t- s W- fi 'X-sf '51 .C 1 . ,e 1 4' Y - M . 15 114 V' . . 1, . 4T'Y'--" - ,- - ,f -A - - Y , '

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