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, 5 4 5 eng, l..1r5r-L13 J ,X I 1 X k A jvfajj if 2' Wm, rite 1 --Sifhfwzv iui V15 3 4" A ' ,wifsnzmfnrvl 'rr P if f 25 .45" A K V Ziffifi :V Living and dwldilgil A from ploneer Criterion .X with the spirit of the West. M i This spirit, from a heritage of stout char- ii acter nature, tempered by a 5.-fi is a precedent for all free of the West, we so :ge that we have attempted to d preserve it here in this adventures and of our high school days. cglze Griterion 1950-51, A- Annual Publication of the ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL Ardmore, Oklahoma ELIZABETH DOLMAN, Editor-in-Chief BARRY GALT and HERBERT HUFFMAN Business Managers BARBARA ENTRIKEN, Art Editor Qbecfica tion To Murl H. Price, our principal and friend, the l95l edition ofthe Ardmore High School Criterion is dedicated. We feel that he particularly belongs to us since he has competently guided the "Class of 51" through the trials of Junior High and has brought us to graduation after three years of High School. In these six years, his wise iudgment and capable leadership have won the respect and admiration of the entire student body. A ,v 5-vlbb . . , J. "it fYlF5'4,'.3 ,319 'K ' - eb jlltf yu.. 35 ,gf ,.-13, P 1 x 45 ' 'J 'Af-v. E212 V' I 1n17", "5- 34: I cf bf rfq? "I xo '- so.'f :nf v ff rf' 45" V 9.5, if ...V 5, 7 1, DR. J. HOYLE CHESTER FRANKLIN GUY GIVENS , RALPH SULLIVAN BOARD OF EDUCATION The direction of our Ardmore school system by Superintendent George D. Hann is noteworthy for its fairness and far-sightedness. He, together with the Board of Education, has established a policy for discipline which is effective yet not harsh. The Board of Education consists of Dr. J. Hoyle Carlock, Ralph Sullivan, Guy Givens, John Hen- dricks, and Chester Franklin. In their attempt to provide every child in the community with an education that will equip him for a happy, useful life, the board has recently coped with renovating the Junior High, Lincoln and Franklin schools. At thfe same time two grade L...i.1. school auditoriums and a new Negro high school are under construction. In the near future they plan to completesthe present work and to rebuild the Dunbar school completely, meanwhile continuing the Life Adjust- ment Education, a system to keep education on a level with modern progress. Painting Junior and Senior High Schools, repairing Waehington and Jefferson grade schools, and erecting a new grade school in the northwest are also included in their future plans. ' Considering this record, it is easy to see why we consider ourselves fortunate in being guided by such a splendid group of experienced leaders. JOHN HENDRICK' MR. GARRISON As clerk for the Board of Edu- cation, T. E. Garrison has compe- tently handled the buying and maintenance for the Ardmore school system since 1936. Until that time, the board had em- ployed no ofticial business man- ager. However, it is quite evident that, due to the expansion in the educational facilities, Mr. Garri- son has become an essential part of the administration, and he ad- mirably performs the innumerable duties of his position. MR. HANN Our industrious superintendent, George D. Hann, has capably governed our schools for thirteen years. During this period he has constantly improved the educa- tional facilities to keep pace with progressive learning. As a result of his untiring diligence, the Ard- more school system is distin- guished as one of the best edu- cational organizations in Okla- homa. That Mr. Hann is in love with his work is apparent to all who come in contact with him. S U ,J 5 , - t' ff .. -ax - , Q - - of ' I? . 1 5, Og -A Z! 4 -Q l 1 4 ' '.' il, W I ,f fr- ' 7 ni rv ?7"',: X xg, ll N ' : f 1 Va' if 4' f im. f I f , ,,-vs? Q' X" if 5' f F' ' my G 4 .f f Qi ff- 1 y kg 6 i QQ!! Q "a.-5J' F I O fl , ' - 7 :ji if ' 'I ,A I s 4, A, 3- 4 oilfei' ' DELTON T. GOODIN Chemistry and Physical Education NANCY FRY Typing and Speech A,5. .- 'mf SUSAN SCALLON Vocal Music and Physical Education .5 1 5 I if M. M. ALTOM industrial Arts L F A W XXI -an fxyff' x -xr, 1 IRENE PATE 1 H' ffpifvqx , X - I i 1 f yy xx X jx? 7,15 . -Q MCGOQDWIN GX I M J t iv fix A , 1 his Coordinator of Q, qc at 2 "TTI ,4 1 Audio-visual " I ' 6 Education JOE WINSTON EVERETT Mathematics and Physics MUNCY RECE American History 'JB 477 , -W 'x, If-ff, A 5 I. if A ' Xt V, , ,af .3 A if , , f P lf wgfinggg tg' 6' ' C' if :bf u I0 al 'V -04 all R. if , if 4971" J! A ' I J , 'f 0 'P 4 ?p4 pl 1 , I I I 2 A 5-,,.,v.? w- ?' if fn - ' - f 5 ' 'Q f' I ' 31' 3' ,N,,7'. gt fb of" 'N.,...1" ,gf 1, 4", 41" C79 'ff If f f .f ' K2 ' 1 -sn. ALINE ARNOLD Journalism and English Ill J. RAYMOND GABBARD Instrumental Music f 5 ' K, uw Q 'iw 'tnt 1 A ,?,,,.-Q. fa f --QS? ls . f 5 E Nvxe tl- Jw H . ,.:, . s , La' LUCILLE SANDERS Secretary to Superintendent Q X fm Y 2 , , tk 1, ,- 9' H K- gs, A :fmt I A WINIFRED D. BROWN Attendance Supervisor I f 1 1 YQ 4' ex, A , . ' -W if THOMAS LA COSTE Applied Psychology and English lll 8. V MRS. R. E. GOINS Assistant to The Principal ff? sl Q, , ' V I' f "i . 4 .r' I1 f Jaffa 6? 12' qv. I 'Z fc' T My Q1 4 'I f 3 54,2 7 149 'if fd y f ,541 f J fy 44,3 r ,4 iffy., 7 A V a' , F' 4 Q1 1 , P.Q' ,If J A 'Q f- .af 1 S ,rx 7 I I 1 I 4-5" "' 17 c j 4' Mu' 3 1. -7 W 0 J ' 579 Sfhufn J uf! l' r- .-I' ' ' l Q V71 'TQ ff! il! 2 f i ' r f 4 I fur 1,52 If . 1 X I ,G ,A I I Q, , - MARY E. BUSCH Home Economics GEORGE HOLLOWAY Afhlefic Direcfor i. if Engineer r 4' , CHARLES E. JENNIE M. Qfibi A ITH 2 ,- BAlCER sm A, I X .x X, M . EUGENE A. TODD World History and Drivers' Educafion wr M ,Q 3 " 4' may , ' ',' 2, 1"-. Aol? , ' 51, I if -ga P f ,fi Q, , N ,ff ab Q v If ,v" I 5 pq 'Q I I I it f 9 , g r?'f7 . A 1 tl a 'TJ I 4' . I aj! ff' 7 .yr ' ' if 2 ff! ' an 1. . V f I l 4103209 "- 'f -iff", v ' eff' 4' 1313 i 'aj -my? ' .f , N' I fl .9 c-4 I ,af ETHEL MCCLURE Library Sv GAH. MCWILLIAMS English ll JULIA K. SPARGER English IV and Lafin D A ilfx X BRUCE JESS , b 1 ,D .1 ' K BAHNER ALFORD -- ',-7 5 Custodian Nighf Watchman ' 5 D 4 -'fe Q? . f gn 5 it 1 X ikliig. Q ' rl' , I F E I iff' ,r ,,5, x -f l fl Q - CARL E. W EAVER Commerce P11 U ii fig ,Riff , 4' " 'K ay . 7 0710! gf' nj' 4'n Q' 5 I af fr! 9 ,Kr gr if ff m 4,15 'le"p g 1 , Riff' Q is U I I. I 5'9 'a ,V .JI .4 41650 - A -Qu PIP' '+.,.,,:ff' ,a ,v 47 337 1 is ? .V 4' N .f A97 f Q' LILLIAN G. SCHENK Spanish and English Ill NINA OLIVER Mathematics R. E. GOINS Biology - "WC 1 0- ,,:, , . ROSE KAHN SOLOMON Vue! 1 ..?..i,+ , 7 , , Speech and Hearing q. xpvpnivv v.g,az-CQ,-,hy V V- gy 1- ,...., v - - v .Y This year marks the 25th birthday of the AHS Student Council. From its very beginning the council has been a dominating factor in school life. Not only does it serve the entire student body but for its members it provides training in student govern- ment, democratic living, and future leadership. So important has the council become that it would be hard to imagine this high school without the driving force of that industrious student organization. Direction of the governing body in 1950-51 has been under the outstanding leadership of president Betsy Klein, aided by vice-president Don Horne, secretary Eddi Rue McClanahan, corresponding secretary Mardy Steele, parliamentarian Barry Galt, ser- geant-at-arms Nathan Geurkink, historian Mary Jo White, reporter Billie Rose Hensley, and budget chairman Betty Ann Maher. These officers pictured above, with Nina Oliver, sponsor, compose the executive committee. This year's council continued many of the activities and projects which had been originated in former years. Among these are the conducting of all school elections, the arranging for all queens coronations, and the awarding of the service cup at the end of each semester. Council proiects particularly enioyed by the student body are: the annual all-school picnic, the noon movies, the hcmecoming football parade, and the all-school play. The 1950-51 council has been responsible for the instigation of such proiects as: Frontier Day, which was a full day devoted to western fun and frolic accompanied by a splendid student assembly and topped oft by an all-school party at the "Y." This council also started a proiect of more democratic student elections by allowing candidates for the various student governmental posts an opportunity to give short campaign speeches. A courteous aid to new students is the council-sponsored reception com- mittee which greets all new arrivals, introduces them to their teachers, and generally makes them feel at home in AHS. All council members greatly anticipate attending the various student council conventions that occur during the year. Not only do these meetings prove to be educational but they provide fun and give the delegates an opportunity to meet boys and girls from all over the district, state and nation. One of the highest honors that a member of our council can receive is to be selected as a delegate to one of these conventions. Mardy Steele was Ardmore's capable representative at the 1950 National Convention at Denver, Colorado. Southern Association delegates at Oklahoma City were Betty Dolman, Morgan McCullar, Mayre Bob Dobson, Charles Combs, Betty Ann Maher, Eddi Rue McClanahan, Mardy Steele and Betsy Klein. The council also sent representatives to the state and district conventions. No "Council Story" is completely told without mention of the gracious and assuring leadership of Nina Oliver, sponsor. Not only is she loved and respected by her local group but she has distinguished herself as an outstanding leader in district and state student council work. 4 2 ""7 fa .L. 'VH A ' ' "' ' fe " 1 ua' ' ""' 34" I- ,Q s an ",j7i'f"'T T- 5.1! Lsn fi Wi vs C1 'f tl! 'I' QQ' f H, fx, ",.af - rl 4' I I- , . .9 -'.- , ill ,KV rg, 'I iii, ,t Q wi!! ij' 5, i r if .I ng: , ni ft! fi 7 G :Zo ,I I sl 'O' 3 Q i -. A, 00715, Lv! f .X-f' w The Student Council could easily be called the hardest working organization in Ardmore High School. A hundred ond one iobs around school are handled quickly and efficiently by the members of this group. Often they re- ceive little recognition for their work, but still the Council goes on rendering service to the entire student body. Pictured here are some of the various com- mittees and proiects of the Student Council. ln the picture at the upper left are seen the members of the election board conducting one of the numerous school elections. The members ore: Mardy Steele, chairman, Dale Bronum, Jan Lovell, Mayre Bob Dobson, and Isobel Greenberg. In the middle left is Nathan Geurkink, president of the senior class, receiving the Service Cup from Donald Horne, vice presi- dent of the Student Council. Looking on is Shirley Patterson, chairman of the assembly committee. In the lower left picture a group of new students are being greeted by Betty Dolman, chairman of the reception committee. The new students are: .lerry Porterfield, Willie Mae McGehee, David Davis, Winston Edding- ton, Elouise Shoemaker, Darwin Caulfield, Warner Mobley. At the lower right is a view of the western mural in the new student activity room. En- ioying the picture are the artist, Barbara Entriken, and Mrs. Oliver, Mardy Steele, Betsy Klein, Betty Dolman, and Mary .lo White. .M 'Q-agus V, SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION P Q U? Jgsen High3 ober I9 0! .9 3: I5 PM , S' STUDENT c0UNcLs LL! O0 eb I 5 .9 O G - uf Ss I GS' 63 sb ' OX J' sigh Z5 5026 QQ' 0 QQZQPQ7 QQ Q- O I 'oo Q gif? fi 47064, I 4' I Qgj Ki? -'oo 76' "' I S' ,+G-4? '0 'ff "N 9' Bi SASC Poo 'fa' 0 Cow Program -1: gk NCQ 'Ja' PFW, ,I 9: co for ,OA Planned if O' IIOI bbw 7.04. -J: G04-J, I State Presiden ,I .-, , , , - X . , . I I?pI',fm I ml' In Il : 'J H Lfdgnf .m, L. L- LJ . v -1 ' w...- af WV9 'l'IVS.LOO:I S .xaqopo -L 3' C -1 um Q. D '4 m3 lsifi-A ' . . . 'kv , V' -,iilii ir . ' I ff'fia?'f1Q 5, JACK H " J JAN Loc KE ef f A LOVELL GWYN HANN BETSY KLEIN 54. V 75 Q R 4-If L9 "Q'75',,' Q - ,,,, 1:5 I N i , V Q-af' 'mlffwf' W' ig,,,,,,3, Iyx V, I ' " '27 -,iv I , 2f:s?sfwili - , ,g 4, - ,LI mg gr ,, gli' 'F ' fgfiwrgsfifu V .ru- ,I V ,ggff 1 S i 1-' 'W 1: 'W l-ffxsf-3 ,V wxr if ' 1 rj ' 4 IIIILW f I, f 5? XM gr 6 UI Ez Z -4 DONALD HORNE JO EVELYN MICHAEL NINA OLIVER Presidenl' Sponsor V EDDI RUE CHARLES MCCLANAHAN COMBS in Picfured above are: Barry Galt, Eddie White, Ann Goins, Morgan McCullar, Bill Horton, Don Oxford, Nathan Geurkink, Shirley Bob Dobson, Tania Colbert. Dole Branum Isabel Greenberg, Pat Tipps and Wayne Watson. Cathey, Flavil Yeakley, Jim James, Charles Terry, Claudene Bush, Bill Aishmon, Bill Chapman, Bert Powers, Sue Boucher, Mayre 'J I i, ' rL A fs I , 1 . CAROLE COTTLE ELIZABETH DOLMAN PAT HARDY I 155, 3- , ' . . ' Q I . M351 , . 2 To JOYCE MICHAEL SHIRLEY PATTERSON MARDY STEELE BILLIE ROSE HENSLEY BETTY ANN MAHER , ,Q V. k I L qy in To KENNETH TAYLOR MARY JO WHITE il. .4 I 4' JR ,Q , ox ' 1 'wig f ' X gK'.x':vf1,n gypsy.. 23 gi 4324, 'ww '-.W 32 S' 'Q' ' "VL Maj , 1 if E I .QM 541,11 -,gel gs, 'isgei 50996 x O ew sy? QQ 95? y5y'ow-05,965-og ,560 965504950 4965 U aj? - -g oqggweooay I et, ' 5. 9z4-,fb ,eco N954 so ox,OMW'1b 9 QQQQQY: '5gfv9fus'0J'v 'sawevk ,ba .X .gfrlvw hr! va 'x 'Jin-5 : ,X yr S3 "4" , 3 xl . Kb! I .ee S Q as "' sQb+5f'ff Rn csc, ' 2' if Q39 yb,34'6-Qw xo -R911 Qc? 64:-Q 4,0455 OK, Q ,Q Egqaviaitfgi ewffw S4535-'75 Q95 QQOQGVX xx 90109 so wyo-5.960 'Ste Q9 Q,m.q'00QLu 4 aa-o?3"15N rp M5065 ww' ' wwe Q? ya 'QQQY5 gba? 1955 A ,fyeaw QSSSS ,Q x sig 56995 QS ggzfse 405 sag hge 6' -Qs? 15 o E 0 Q Z 0 vo G I o : L cu '4 Q U 3. sr E QT Z4 'Bunn 'Pl UI :WS 51 'uvwdvlo ma N99 A uuy 'aaqow H JO q BUH I A66ad 5l!M nd 'uo Nag 's ddu Au QA 'unlulo 98 Wq 9 'CIO uAM ax 'uunH 'JolAn1 qga 98 ggunnf 'ugam Aq QOH along 'auaug 04 gal 'Bu gp um q6y fl PP! 'SWIM uo5.low 3W UIIUD 'J any 'Japng .low 'alaagg Ap JUS axlguug moq Auaqg 'u bd "-'UM-'9 I DH Amw 'ApJ of '9l!'IM -'98 glu .Ho .-, fe 18332117 ' 'six 1 .lx lv' K N- ,n w rs Rik X, P x 5- .YL , fQ'1J :ig G: 1 VL '- X x. x 'ai'-im L I X x i R W r i ' H 0 L L Q 1 I , i i I7 5 K -I.. .4 9 'ww 'fa , fl 1 ' 17 rg Q eifi Q: 5 I 4 A A ' Pl, 4 l f I .- I if Om . 'af ,fx Q, Ag jpg: Q! 'S' 4,4 I ,4 fi ,I. ' , X: iv 'si 'I 0, i Ab' Q ,iq 1.9 4' K- Ax, 'ggi 9 fy, gal 'A 3 , :af J' -J if ' Q' "fe i -Aw,-' 4'- I :'g uf' 3 1 U 9.5 B 'J' ' 1 , G fx Q 'J L' Q-.91 ,pn l J' P I' 1 I I , , Q o 1 wg! , 1 my 4 Q A ' ,ri V , 1' ? I pf 2211: Q 4. 0' ' A I I ig ' O ELIZABETH DOLMAN MARGARET STEELE MRS. LILLIAN SCHENK BARRY GALT BETTY KLEIN President Sponsor Vice-President ,.,5., ,iw BILLIE CRAIGHEAD NATHAN GEURKINK JUANITA ROBINETTE MARGARET WILSON ROBERT MOTE CAROLE COTTLE SHARON GRIFFIN W!" Secretary 'I 1--, 1 f- I' iv 0 1 , Z K 0 -4 1 2- !,I .rf "'- ""'3 "' ""' 1 Il -1.-fr ,g ff: 7 dt W il 2:13 j,.,1,1I lb'-gn! IRQ tg LQ LAL, Q! 3-J: ,.i,f.,,:iI2'I,,- v,.,.' Shades of Plato and Aristotle! Look at the scholarly proces- sion approaching us. Who are these people with the solemn, dignified manner and erudite appearance? Perhaps it is a group of professors from OU or Harvard, or maybe a delegation from the UN. But wait-under that air of intelligence some of the people look familiar . . . Why, of course! lt's Betty Dolman, Barry Galt, Nathan Geurkink, Betsy Klein, Juanita Robinette, Mardy Steele, and Peggy Wilson, who were elected to the Na- tional Honor Society in their junior year. The others must be Carole Cottle, Billie Craighead, Barbara Entriken, Sherry Griffin, Billie Rose Hensley, Betty Maher, Dick Miley, Bob Mote, Shirley Patterson, Bill Read, and Lanora Rogers who were chosen dur- ing their senior year. AHS is indeed proud of these seniors and with good reason, for membership in this society is based not only on scholarship, but also on service, character, and leadership. A perfect example of what every member of the National Honor Society should be is Mrs. Lillian Schenk, sponsor, who graduated from the University of Missouri with the honor of Phi Beta Kappa. SHIRLEY PATTERSON BILL READ an ,J 'Q 1 i iiii BILLIE ROSE HENSLEY BETTY ANN MAHER BARBARA ENTRIKEN RICHARD MILEY LANORA ROGERS I l ,.f, . , I5 C el U fi A I ' Q 40 j A. -' , ' ht, J ' "Q, ,vlgg .gg s 1 2 I A li " .f5AI"7?'f2," J ,-", i 1' xi? L! -' ' I - Q- i '- mr 1-.vw -pf., ...e ,K K peg K It:- -1 - - ,raw : ,rw ' ,i H st gi? I C f... ' in L f i,,, A r - iz 2 " 'fWf2'I51?' ' " 0 '2 - .i f W ,' . I- ..-' f ' ' , . I T" 'T ', "' ' - , uf' ' f st 'i ' ' ri. A I X .2 '1 I ,J L,."lfi, , - up X . .1 5 .. -4 -.p . fl I 1 I V f.f, 1. Z ,.: , f' ip J up Q j 'IZQQQQTEH "'2'3"' ' f M s ' ',:.smV-Qi,1f:,i"f I 1 J ' A - ' 'hifsiiifsfiffivss '1 ii-ir ' 5, v 5,-sg, lg if ' ' ff-he ,K'- We-, mi as i BOB MOTE BETTY ANN MAHER TED PYLANT BILL READ Two young men in AHS claim the honor of having been present at school on time every day since 1939. These two seniors holding twelve-year perfect attendance records are Bill Read and Ted Pylant. Betty Ann Maher and Bob Mote represented the Ardmore seniors of '51 at the Oklahoma University Career Conference. They were selected by the faculty on the basis of their citizenship and their potential interest in future CGl'eeI'5. Twelve junior boys and four iunior girls have been selected by Ardmore civic clubs to attend the 1951 session of Oklahoma Boys' and Girls' State - two programs designed to acquaint high school students with the fundamental principles of state government. The entire program which includes seven days of intensive study in administrative affairs is directed by the American Legion and Auxiliary. Possibly one of these fortunate students will be selected to represent Oklahoma in Boys' or Girls' Nation, as have three citizens of AHS in the last few years. 4, if ,g is , " Mm, V. V r :W ,4 f C ,, ,, . .L ,V E f Q, - if ,E . V M, f,,,,1 , r , I -- -my f..: 1 .. , - . MARY LOUISE MOORE Lions Club DORIS WARD American Legion Auxiliary AL RINGER Kiwanis Club CHARLES FINNEY Kiwanis Club ,,, , . "1"' 5 Iit A . ,iii I A. "'i vita ff 'I ii 1:52, ,:f92,,ni,,f,'iZ ,. i' ' 'i . -I 'I , As., 1, ff' is s4', ir , . , fi EDDIE WHITE DENNY MITCHELL Lions Club Rotary Club 22 ! 9 ,, , ,gl L33 4 ,Q ,Wi , f,'f,'7 -.4 1' f'-en if ' ...Z 1' 'si Q ' is 'fs BEN MOXLEY American Legion . M 2 .. is Q i W iw if' A 9154, 4438 'V -at ef?" 5,9516 .V 'Hoff' . 4 , ,-im r f a s S, 9 is ' W S Q I +1 4' ' . W. sf. A We I f , A E f Q, C 1 -t DONALD HORNE Chamber of Commerce BILL CUDE American Legion ' -- , :Qt , I by fi, W Q if 25,55 ' M531 ,, g .. , RONALD HORNE Chamber of Commerce JENA VAYVE TUCK Kiwanis Club I 5 5 .fig ' ,fr ,, V X 1 E: ii I ' Limf i- 1:75. 1: at Lgicifwi iss ' fig I esss HAROLD HEIPLE Optimist Club 'W , N . f I 1 2 5 3 'Wt 3' 'I nf x if t is er 1 ,.,, I JOHN CALDWELL Junior Chamber of Commerce is s Q .- ,g , 1 . LORRAINE YOEMANS Altrusa Club I s i 1 'ii f JUDGE WILLIAMS Rotary Club JIM RENFRO Veterans of Foreign Wars S45 ff 021 A 1' X" ' ' 0 Q' xxx Q X A - XPS M . N. ,- XX ' t aj . x X I , X A 0 - Kfg y I XV . -t 5 V 1 1 - f 25 L V f M4 'gf ,',': I Gif m 5' , 53- W' "' ' 09441 'J' 1 ' ' ,,'f WM , Q? ' ' V f ' Q ,' K , N lx! it K kk V V A V, , V ,Z wiv ,XA Ki kk 4 xg ' 'X L. JACK LOCKE RAYMOND GABBARD HERB HUFFMAN Drum Major Direcfor Caplain K wtf? If ' A 1 43' ,, ,n ' 1 y, '2 1 4' I A . fm , - me A ' D' V 'F' v 'ity 3 it ri I J JIM JAMES J, BERT POWERS Lieuienanl Sergeanf MAX MONTGOMERY DAVID WARD MAYRE BOB DOBSON Corporal Corporal Librarian QA, J, it if? 3 ef E -is f-557 VV Q , ,.L., V.,. 1 A A - 35 Wx, I ,...O A I CAROLYN CONWELL LAJUANA DODD LYN PEBBLES Maforette Band Queen Maiorette tw i g , , , . i " " ' 1' ' , , 1 . W, g in :V ,l k , 5 Vfi.. 2.97 ti,, Z i , ., ,S ,,, g V ' 3,4 5 " ' " ' C27 r "' Q 'P A-'5-im 25 , pf' 0, QPX ao bm: ,f"""p " QQ tt 29 JOY COBB KENNA HUDSON MARY FRANCES HAMNER MARY MORGAN Twirler Twirler Twirler Twirler A busy schedule kept the Ardmore High School band hopping in 1950 and '51, Starting in September, band members practiced every morning at eight o'clock for formations to be used during the half-times of the five home football games at Walker Stadium. The band welcomed the chance to break the usual school routine by accepting an invitation of the offi- cials of the State Fair of Texas to attend the fair in Dallas on October 14. Another memorable trip of the year was made when the band iourneyed to Nor- man to participate in Band Day on October 21. In February the band began intensive practices for the I -w. X 7 T . Q 'tt ,EM district music contest which is held in Durant every April. Perhaps the most important undertaking of the year was the annual May band concert in the Civic Auditorium. Members of the band are grateful to their experienced director, J. Raymond Gabbard, for helping them to meet every date in their calendar successfully. Al- though exacting in his demands on the young mu- sicians, he is always warmhearted and congenial. Above all, he exercises remarkable patience in dealing with every student. ill ,,,, A st,tf I f ff . iff 1 1 X I 25 , .J 4'1" an New -an -IU' ,fe BILLY AISHMAN Bass Drum WOODY ANDERSON Oboe DON AWTREY Bass Clarinet DICK BAILEY Trumpet HAROLD BERRY French Horn DOLLY SUE BRANSFORD Clarinet JERRY BROWN ' I Tenor Saxophone PETE BYRD Clarinet FANEILA CHADWELL Snare Drum I CHARLES COMBS Cornet I I I I MARYE BOB DOBSON I Clarinet HARREL DOUGHTY Bass DICK DUNN I Alto Saxophone I CAROLYN ESSARY French Horn FRANCES ESSARY Flute DONNIE GORDON Cornet JAMES HAMILTON Clarinet PATSY HARRIS Clarinel JOYCE HATTENSTY French Horn JOHN HOLLOWAY Trombone EWING HOOPER Bass MERLENE HORTON Trumpet HERBERT HUFFMAN I Baritone I EDGAR HULSE I Tympani 4 JOYCE HULSE Clarinel I JIM JAMES Flute KENNETH JONES Alto Saxophone GLENDA JOY Clarinet NORMA JOY Flute I GLORIA KEETON Clarinet I WI DAVID LAMB Trombone JAMES LAN DRUM Cornef JAMES LANE Corn ef DAVID LATTIMER Bass HERB LINDER Oboe JACK LOCKE Clurinel EDDIE LUKE Cornet DOROTHY MARSH Alto Clarinet DICK MILEY Snare Drum BARBARA MITCHELL Flute MAX MONTGOMERY Bass Clarinet BILLY TOM NASH Bass GRADY NICHOLSON French Horn KAY OS BO RN Snare Drum JAMES OXFORD Camel' MARION PATTEN Baritone MICKEY POSEY Corner BERT POWERS Cornel HUBERT POWER Trombone SUE PYLANT Clarinet GLEN REAGOR Clarinel LLIAM SCHUERHOFF Bass JACK SMITH Alto Saxophone DEE TIPPS Trumpet BENA VAUGHN Flufe DAVID WARD C ornef RAY WH IT E Trumpet BENNY YEAKLEY Snare Drum FLAVII. YEAKLEY Siring Bass EDWIN ZELLNER French Horn f-un .WE vm 093' ef? I I ,f"'.fn. ll '4 1 ' ' i in D ,Ti ' 1 , I t 4 'J , 4 ' ' ff . , ,' Q, - s,f ..,,-1, v- . .,,,,' l 4 Though small, the girls' chorus makes up for its size in quality. They have made notable appearances in the Christmas operetta and Easter program. A new type of singing group at AHS is the girls' sextet which was organized this year. The girls are also members of the chorus. They sing o wide variety of songs and are popular entertainers at local events. Miss Susan Scallon is their capable, young director. Top picture: Louvis Eichholz, Lequita James, Nan Smith, Elizabeth Dolman, Peggy Wilson, Dorotha Evans and Alice Bartee. Not pictured is Eddi Rue McClanahan. Lower picture: lfirst rowl Louvis Eichholz, Billie Rose Hensley, Carol Folsom, Sammie Young, Rachel Hammett, Dorotha Evans, Beth Posey, Marie Boyer. lSecond rowl Miss Scallon, Eloise Shoemaker, Mary Jo Bowman, Edna Frances Lamb, Betty Hendricks, Barbara Cude, Wanda Emberlin. lThird rowl Alice Bartee, accompanist, Lequita James, Patsy Tipps, Elizabeth Dolman, Nan Smith, Peggy Wilson, Betty Sue Phillips. Not pictured are Jerry Garrett, Eddi Rue McClanahan and Joanne Timmons. A i Although there are many iunior high members in the Ardmore High School Orchestra, senior high is well represented. High school members pictured above are: Woody Anderson, Doris Ward, Glen Reagor, Marjorie Murray, Dick Miley, Charles Combs, Kenneth Jones, Edgar Hulse. A versatile musical ensemble plays, according to its moods, anything from "Tennessee Waltz" to "Twelfth Street Rag." Members are: John Holloway, Bill Bogart, Glen Reagor, David Ward, Jack Locke, Charles Combs. Standing: Flavil Yeakley, Jan Lovell. mawwdnwbwa Above, in a hoeclown mood, several Ardmore High schoolers are participating in a lively Teen Town square dance. Below, Rubinoff charms the entire student body. Note: Alan Brown seems to be Trying fo read The price tag on The famous Slradivcurius violin. fn. N 1 V fynn 0 ,I O rv' I . 'fi J 5rf".'R " 1 7 4 j , ' lf' L:'1" "L L63 2 ZWIVYG YOH3 L, fwsua .nl 'Z Q ,Q Q6 .T X ,N jf 1 f I 'A ' I 1 2 ' ,Pa Y 'J ' 4, 5,1 ' A' gc , , 1' -3 ' 'X Q '2 1 J 9 U -f'T.!f.-' 5' X! M W1 1 ii ti J J . 1 1 ' ' l 1 N 1 I p I 0 'P' 5 1 " " ' 5, . w 5 I y 6 5,1 IIMAJ Aff? A 5' ,, ,I r I uq, - .IL ax W ' ,xg 1 X ,W , -.ff 'Ql- fm? I ' SJQSJ5! fig xii., Q1 MSSQL f t Q' X UQ, RK., , we , M, .l V Qrmrmasvz . .. X , I, gi ! .., 31 ' Yf , if ' -UW, 59 , fs 'er' v"'f"'----gl! g,,r ugh lg: L, Appearing al Ihe lap of lhe page is Qhe errllre aael ol lhe All School Play -'cheaper ay the naeervu Bill Lyn Pebbles, clark rlallaway, laaara lzadgerr, Jaay Head, Juanita nahlrrene, Bill Laaahriage, Gwyn l-larrrr, Marlarre Jeaae, Par Nelrarr, Fluvil Yeukley, Mrs. Nina ollyer, Jah layell, Charles carhlar, laaah Burch, Marie Eaerre, Dick Maley, nares Word, aaa Wayne walaaa. Abare is a scene lrarh lhe play wllhr charles Combs, Bill laaghrlage, Marlaae Jahee, Laaah Burch, clark Holloway, Par Nelearr, Bill Chapman, Judy l-lead, Doris waral, and Flarll Yealrley. selaw is !he lielel Sales eerrlrrllllee for the playr Carole callle, Jo Evelyn Michael, Eddie whlle, and Maray sleele. Al lhe right looking al lhe araaee which were awarded la lhe alaelerrle selling lhe rrrarl lickelx la the play are: Mary Jo While arra Jay cena. all 565001. Tw lhfslrzlz Bl me from DEC, I ' S0021 11-M ,lmffollwllf 32 Pictured above in a scene from the Christmas operetta are Nancy Du- laney, Barry Galt, Bill Read, Eddi Rue McClanahan, Logan Burch, Na- than Geurkink, Alice Bartee, Flavil Yeakley, Dana Champion, and Nan Smith. Center: Members of the choral read- ing group as they appeared in spe- cial assemblies during National Bro- therhood Week and at Easter time. Bottom row: Lee Ann Butler, Peggy ?urton, Marlane Jones, Barbara Lou Thomason, Nancy Nance, Charles Lee, Bill Creecy. Center: Nita Truitt, Helen Porter, Mary Frances Hamner, Shirley Brown, Joyce MacDonald, Bill Gibson. Top: Nancy Newton, Margaret Crad- dock, Jane Ann Lowrey, Shirley Part- low, Woody Anderson. Pictured in a scene from the one-act play, "Does Mr. Jones Live Here?" are Marlane Jones, Bill Creecy, Charles Lee, and Woody Anderson. 33 1 ,ali f ,. fq , , S' Ju' fr- , 1 . , -' QZMZALLP' 'Qi 54nl'.an9, km' 5'5""' 4 J "Sit down and shut up, Mardyl Put down that algebra, Klein! Miss Ward! Find a Congressional record and get to work! And if William will quit playing with the eraser string, we'll start our debate today." Such phrases of Coach Nancy Fry would greet any visitor who looks in on second hour debate class, however, despite the informality of the class it is still one of the hardest working in the entire school. Months of prepara- tion lay behind each of Miss Fry's debaters who enter a tournament, for debate is not iust an oral discussion as many may think but involves much reading research and much practice before one becomes adept in this difficult art. Among the most anticipated events of the year for our AHS debaters is attendance at the various tournaments in the state. Above appear some of our local Henry Clays on their way to the Durant meet: Charles Combs, Jan Lovell, Flavil Yeakley, William Chapman, Ruby Jo McMurray, Jo Evelyn Michael, Norma Blakey, Doris Ward, Jena Vayve Tuck, Alice Bartee, Mardy Steele, Betsy Klein, Coach Fry. Our fondest recollections of these contests are those easily digested cheese sandwiches, and Miss Fry's cheery pep talks which always inflated our ego suHiciently for us to meet any situation on the debate tioor. Miss Fry's phil- asophy of hard work and self-confidence brought results as one can witness in the picture at the left of Jena Vayve Tuck and Doris Ward with their first trophy of the year. I .. ... . A ,,., ., ' 5' " New 7,i ggf Q2 I -fwzrfftf X QQWKMIM-g sm I fi: ' Q I N ' fiiilligtiil M I I. if -- , isis- --W v -I - - - Us . ,.,, .V ,,... . E. . ,. , 5, H I DORIS WARD WILLIAM CHAPMAN X I I I I I I I I I MAR DY STEELE BARRY GALT 15,3 wa., JO EVELYN MICHAEL JENA VAYVE TUCK , First prize in the Forty-seventh Annual Oratorical Contest was captured by junior I Doris Ward in her speech "Youth Aflame." Second and third prizes were awarded - to sophomore Bill Chapman and senior Mardy Steele, respectively. The other contest- ants were Barry Galt, Jena Vayve Tuck, and Jo Evelyn Michael. l The budding young orator and debater, Miss Tuck, walked away with this year's local and county American Legion oratorical awards. This iunior's splendid delivery of her original speech, "The Constitution, Temple of Liberty," displayed promising tal- ents. Ilncidentally, Jena Vayve is pictured beside the new speaker's stand which was constructed this year by Maurice Altom and donated by him and by the class of 1950 to the Ardmore High School.I I 35 I I l I l I I I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I I l l l l I , 1 fp ii., Q x'p1IV'54 J 5' 5' 'I' 5 ,JN 1 Two of lhe mos! popular clubs in A.H.S. are the Lolin Club ltopi, Gnd the Nalional Forensic League. Sfanding: Jan Lovell, Judge Williams, Ronald Horne, Horace Bailey, Donald Horne, Mrs. G. W. Sparger. Sealed: Catherine Biddick, Tania Colbert, Norma Blakey, Alice Borlee, Dana Mayhall, Pal Tipps, Beverly Westheimer, Gwyn Hann, David Dickerson, Shirley Pallerson, Bill Bogart, Jo Evelyn Michael, Al Ringer, Eddi Rue McClanahan, Kenna Hudson, Bill Loughridge, Marjorie Murray, Jerry Pierce, Joe Gilliam, Dale Branum. Row 7-Alice Barlee, Betsy Klein. Row 2-John Caldwell, Doris Ward, Gwyn Hann, .lo Evelyn Michael, Norma Blakey. Standing-Flavil Yeakley, Ruby Jo McMurray, Jena Vayve Tuck, Dick Miley, Mardy Sleele. F' -"fa 4 ,J ,h--,O .I U? - ,xifzlfy ,fl 2-' mi' ' IE fi ff--1' I 'b A , ff' n'jx W, Bi nnm X!-' ov- 14 f .3 ,N ag . 1 ,ly 'bln 3, it 'Q' Qglluf 0 2 " ' 1:7 I P -,, vol ,, .X 19' . I 1 ff' 5 f , Pictured above in wood working class are: Wayne Vaughn, W. C. Heron, Louis Nesbitt, Billy Suttle, Coyce Pollard, Doyle Tackett, Robert Jones, Charles Martin, Paul Warden, Norman Flowers, James Stinson, Sheridan Kinkade, Don Edwards, Clyde Kemp, Richard Cook, Floyd Jones, and Joe Nash. Seen below is the new lndustrial Arts building. f ., G , K V rf :' - ,5-' ,ff , ' 'Q . f , - ,,- . ,1 , , ,. ,V - - I., I 7 Q ,li V, X . ' Q - ' yi Ji -, ,3, I ' ' 519 f, . A. .T . , I, ..,,. V . ,.,.. ,' ., L .f wg- , .1 'I , 0 .!' -, , ,. l ,I I nf , 4, .-.f 2 I, -1 ,f ' f ', ff-in i, ,, i .. ll v A - f, f -9 - ' flGl" s,1:57 .fra -If .24 -1' sw -' ,-eq--w At work in mechanical drawing class are: Dale Branum, Max Montgomery, Kenneth Jones, Dick Liddell, Bill Plume, Duane McClendon, Bill Spearman, Archie Summers, Dan Holder, Don Wallace, Mr. Altom, Roy Hearon, Bill Nash, and Armine Russell. By far the most progressive branch of the Ardmore edu- cation system, the Industrial Arts program boasts 540,000 worth of power tools and two experienced instructors. M. M. Altom, B.S. from Oklahoma A. and M., and A. G. Sturdevant, B.S. and M.S. from O.U., expertly supervise the 400 adults and boys who are enrolled in the varied shop courses. Their policy is to help the student as much as possible but to avoid unnecessary bossing. Altom bases his philosophy of education on his statement: "l believe that every boy has 'a definite contribution to make to society." The extensive courses offer: woodworking, welding, lelectric and acetylenel, machine shop, mechanical draw- ing, sheet metal, electricity, pattern making, foundry, bench metal, and farm shop. What is more, they have plenty of the safest and best machines for these crafts. Every eighth grade student is required to enroll for six weeks in each of six of the above courses. This require- ment makes it possible for a pupil to obtain a generalized view of the vocational subiects, and to pursue the ones to his liking. Adults are offered access to the well-supervised and fully equipped workshop for the astoundingly low cost of 37 cents an hour. Many students, after graduating, continue to increase their skill in day or night courses. 39 l 1 l Li. Boys WHO Love Tr-tem. Woma At right: Wilburn Anderson, Monte Wright Below: Eugene McClellin, Wilburn Anderson :-- '..' I J , f- ,e ,-', : , 'i 'ii Nt ,Q Ardmore's Audio-Visual center, which serves all schools in the city system, is one ofthe best equipped in the state. Each school is equipped with one l6-mm proiector, one filmstrip pro- jector, one opaque proiector and a record player. Most schools also have radios and wire or tape recorders. Deposited at the Audio-Visual center are over 500 film strips and 52 motion pictures, which are owned by the Ardmore city schools and are used by teachers in their classrooms. Usually each of the twelve grades sees at least one film every week. These films are se- cured from IO to 20 different outside sources. Student proiectionists in iunior and senior high school learn how to operate proiectors and to splice and repair film. They meet once a week to study materials and problems of projection. Monte Wright, Fred Gordon, Wayne Vaughn, Aubrey Cullins,Leslie Gilliam, Tom Singletary. Dale King, Dan Holder, Wilburn Anderson, Ronnie Copeland, Ancel Cook, Philip Scarbrough, Gene McClellin, Edgar Hulse. .Ze cl r K,,,,o-n fr, fn ,fig 'H 5 A 5' 1,1 'KE' .l "Quickl Take the biscuits out! We left out the baking powder!" "Gad! I sewed up the neck opening!" Year round in the Home Economics Department, remarks like these are made. However, what novice in domestic arts doesn't make a few mis- takes? Despite a few minor burns, needle pricks and the like, the girls, under the able leadership of Mrs. Joe Busch, advance considerably as the year progresses. Young men of romantic tendency have o chance to acquire from the department future wives well- trained in the arts of sewing and cooking. The sewing section includes selection of materials and color, construction, budgeting, and personality de- velopment. lPictured above are Priscilla Stark, Dorotha Evans, Nona Ruth Tanner, and Nona Vee Shortl. The foods section deals not only with the planning and preparing of meals but also with marketing and budgeting. lncidentally too, the Home Ec. girls learn how to prepare party and holiday foods and each class holds its own tea at Christmas time. tPictured at left are: Mary Louise Moore, Kathryn Miller, Dorotha Evans, and Nancy Nancel. If the ardent young Romeos condescend to wait until the "obiects of their affection" complete their third year in Home Ec., then the girls shall have covered 'furniture renovation, house planning, a study of family life and child care. fP.S. We heard during the year that some senior boys .got so enthusiastic about cake baking they claimed they should be included on this page. So here's to the prize cake bakers of A.H.S., Kenneth Taylor, Nathan Geurkink, and Joyce Michaell. st , - 1 5 ll Q 6 w we -, 1- 1 3 . ,Y , , 'f 'iin' xiii? vial! new ' 1.ff1f'f. -f . F. .. I' J I 4l5'Q ,, 'T' fu -.A if , 0 . fp: - ,-'s fn- .W ff: vw t,L,fi,7 -11653 am? f. 2.1Q'i,1,,f",.i3f.-'f,,f',,, One of the newest departments to be added to Ardmore's public school system is the department of Special Education. Designed to give personalized education to those students who have speech and hearing difticulties, it is rapidly progressing under the efficient leadership of Rose Kahn Solomon. By skillful use of equipment which is now available, Mrs. Solomon proceeds on the belief that "speech is not only communication, it is the most useful instrument lor getting along with people. It involves personality growth and development. These social- izing etiects made possible by speech are basic." In the picture above, Mrs, Solomon and Rae Rader demon- strate a hearing test. As another example of individualized instruction, the Home Nursing class taught by Mrs. Busch is becoming more and more popular. Practical and helpful, the course is divided into .wo parts, Home Nursing and First Aid. The Home Nursing division is sponsored by the Ardmore chapter of the Red Cross and the girls who pass are qualified to receive a Red Cross Home Nursing certihcate. Of the seventeen girls enrolled in 1950-51, tour are considering nurs- ing as their life work. Some weeks before Christmas the Home Nursing class dressed twenty-five dolls for the Salvation Army to give to needy families. The bandage-swathed girls to the right are not really mum- mies, they are members of the Home Nursing class practicing bandaging. From left to right they are: Billie Ann Strain, Glorianne McGalliard, Jackie Spivey, Dorothy Cox, Elouise Shoemaker, and Bobbie Creecy. -if li.-Q ft -PW ' 5 'D lm ' f 0, 1-1 3 '. X., R,.,r Pictured above in typing class are: Kenna Hudson, Barbara Lou Thomason, Dana Champion, Pat Nelson, Mary Biddick, Norman Flowers, Herman Van Bebber, Lyn Pebbles, Betty Walker, Marilyn Shores, Roy Keeton, Jo Ann Jones, Robert Scott, and Nadine Stiewig with their instructor Miss Fry. Pictured on the opposite page in shorthand class are: Betty Edwards, Wanda Emberlin, Judy Head, Arlene Dickson, leta Foe Daniels, Katherine Brock, Betty Hendricks, Betty Read, and Mary Bulard with their instructor Mr. Weaver. Also seen on the opposite page in bookkeeping class are: Ann Coe and Wanda Nelson. , Q , I s lv - , -xe 3- s s 'Y fl 'i fd '9 -if ' 'nf' ' Pig' ,,"' Wh nf' ' "' .5 ' ' s"7,f"i 23.5. " -J!! 'D Here in Ardmore high school we have long been fortunate in maintaining an outstanding ,.,. , 4 Q Iy' L in Tal: 0 If I "I I ,,,,.,9'.- commerce department which provides a student not only with training in handling personal xrr".f,x Ll "nf 'ne business affairs but also with practice in beginning a foundation for a possible profession along that line in later life. To obtain the fullest advantage from this type of education it is necessary for a student to take four commerce courses: shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, and a combination of stenography and transcription. The typing class under the direction of Miss Nancy Fry, who has been a member of the Ardmore faculty for four years, is an excellent beginning on the road of commercial education. Students progress rapidly under her guidance, and by the end of the year have gained an ability which will serve them well through their whole lite. The remaining three courses are taught by Carl Weaver, a newcomer to the Ardmore high school faculty.' The first year of short- hand lays the ground work for either an advanced commercial course or for use in taking notes in college. The bookkeeping course offered in A.H.S. prepares one for budgeting his own business in later life or for further study in ac- counting. No matter what profession a person enters, a knowledge of bookkeeping will always be to his advantage. Stenography, a two hour course, includes typing, shorthand, and filing. To take stenography a student must have completed one year of shorthand and one year of typing. The entire department is popular with students, and congratulations are due the instructors of these courses for the fine iob being done in aiding their high-schoolers to acquire such useful skills. 9: Z L, 7' f I' if A ,L. "4-.av ,J-L..-.fc -. cf..!'Q 1" 11.1, r"-. gk U 1 4 , , . , , . gals rn A 'os' pg ,T .Q I1 ,arg if T. 4 ,fig 'Il 1? 'K .5 449.1 -., '-5 tio: SN tn A, 6:4 5. -V f . 5 1 1 ',a,' 1 A ", ,' 1 u ' .7 1' 71' 1 7 '71 Q 1' tl, 1 "ff I I 3 I I '. 0 ' f tg ,I '1, 1' r -v ,',,.' fn 'lr 4 p l-,O 71. f :I 4 9 4' v.,.f v' f' ' 5.4 H-' 1 17, V " ' f S... 1 -an 1' n 1, .1 ff 'f-' S., f J so V11-a.W 'Tf zs99":4'o:y's"l 4 y Q af X x . . Sd' ' 1 ' 1 O S859 gi.. 1 4 Ek.. In the past tive years the Driver's Educa- tion Class has molded more than 300 students into experienced car operators. Mr. Eugene Todd, aided by such helpful equipment as the reactometer, vision-depth perceptor, and a common milk bottle, is doing an admirable iob as instructor. Although tive pupils have discontinued Aeronautics, Mr. Goins has been diligently laboring to give the seven remaining students a background in the theory of flight, flight technique, meteorology, air navigation, and the rubs and regulations required by the Civil Aeronautics Authority. This class, rumored to be the roughest in school, also boasts a Link trainer. Aeronautics aptly demonstrates the expanding curriculum of A.H.S. In the upper picture Mr. Todd is demon- strating to Bill Horton and Eddie White the use of the reactometer. Below, the members of the aeronautics class: Betty Read, Monty Givens, Dick Liddell, Gene Vance, Ann Coe, Rutha Lee Young, and Mr. Goins, instructor, are inspecting the Link trainer. l i l 0 o U U 4. C I ei jf? ll 1 0 S I? 0,191 ,D ,og ',. aunosivv 1' 9 .J 1' W ' fl! ff? fav- Us , f-.-4 .. L.,,,,- v,.,,,v 4 i, '....v' uf M Q-.,f-m',,.,,' ,lx Several physics students labovel intently observe a demonstration of a device for developing static electricity: Hal Hall, Barry Galt, Monte Givens, Jim Carter, Nathan Geurkink, and Peggy Wilson. Who can predict the outcome of the busy experimenting by these chemistry students pictured be- low: Bill Gentry, Marland Vance, Jodie Gilstrap, Tom Singletary, instructor Delton Goodin, Bill Read, and Charles Terry. , ll l : o J - o . L, , , , K 2. 1 K J! . I rn ,, " ' 1 - it mf l 9 I of .fl X ' ' rw if tl- if l Wg,-,,,"i . ef--4,4 v qggy ,f 1 5 ul .I-,J LA, Q '-, L, ,,. Ivy. , 1,1 fz CQ' QQ' 9' Q Pictured above are the office assistants, Doyle Tackett, Juanita Robinette, Lyn Pebbles, Isabel Greenberg, Vida Sue Thomason, and Lanora Rogers. The office girl an- swers requests for aspirin, band-aids, Scotch tape, pen- cils, string, scissors, ink, rubber bands, paper clips, absentee pads, envelalpes, and use of the telephone. She explains that she can not give excuses, that she can change neither schedules nor ten dollar bills, and that the office doesn't keep pins, alka-seltzer, or extra copies of six-weeks' tests. Believe it or not, the office assistants have other duties besides answering questions. They spend a great deal of time and many steps in running errands-the boy to the bank, post office, or drugstore, and the girls all over the school building, from gym to chemistry lab. lThank heaven AHS has only three floorsll The girls' chief duty, of course, is to keep a record of each day's absentees, but they also struggle with the tempera- mental mimeograph machine, answer the telephone, try to keep all office supplies neatly in their respective places, and bring the mail from Mr. Hann's office. Selected chiefly on the basis of dependability, the office assistants also have to have a reasonably high grade average. lt takes brains to climb all those stairs! Pictured here are David Ward, freshman, and Charles Combs, iunior, the buglers who every morning fill the halls of AHS with the martial strains of "To The Colors." 9 s K P w N , fQ N P , 'iff' V11 'af 'rj' sf' I 3110? "1" 5.x Y I 'ui -'A im' 'J H Y Lf iff ,e"fQ'9 of' ' Fig 'll huwhkb- F 7 ' I 7,1 Q . ., I.,Q2?f,,' L-. ,I F' " 50 NATHAN GEURKINK BETSY KLEIN Most Versatile Mosf Versatile SHERRY GRIFFIN KENNETH TAYLOR Mosf Typical Most Typical s TV 4 n ,1 , W.. .. ., ,, 6 fk,,,-.'. ' K-S If 1' , 5 , . AL ,,, ,,:k,, 4 .Y f . x Q 5 "R I de" ' ' Mm 5f,,M,, ,igyf,v4,,g. ,,, Q 1. Mn, , SENIORS Whether for transporiciion or recreuiknn-siudenis' cars ure o vilcl port of Ioday's leen-age ndivities. Senior favorites Slieiry, Keriiaeih, Befsy, und Nathan seem fo be using iheirs strictly for pleasure. - w , : - N W7 A 'if' :Zi F " I , -- I "V" Lf ' ,rf f .1 L 1 ' 'S H " ' ' ff 4- ,Q Gi"--'J i.: Q? J I7 Q. ' W---ff 4- JL- sf" S' ' BARRY GALT PEGGY WILSON Mosf Poised Most Poised f Q BILL READ CAROL WHITE Besf Personalify Best Personality 52 1 A SENlORS A A more typical phase of A.H.S. life could nol be found than dancing, the popular lpaslime here enioyed by A senior fc- voriles Peggy, Barry, cmlg and sin. e f s 1 ., fi- i ll 241,19 IV fi fl! f , 'fgfig w . fain. 1 iff -'v 5' Q ' f ' f l ' e li", -1 511' I Dv" i 1 I av',1v"! ,.1x1t'f -nov,-,ij All: F HAROLD HEIPLE Mosf Valuable JOY COBB Most Spirited EDDI RUE MCCLANNAHAN Most Valuable DONALD HORN Mosf Spirited ,miami M I . so " nf-wwf , 'wfffi ii ml . 1:19 au . 4. V W ggd mf WM ' ,A f V, A i f Qi' L u,.. A , -Y 'g f 4 ' an ' K A , .,,,, Q - 1- if fs " in sp? .W- 1' ,S f,-nf iv JUNIORS Everyone enioys the noon hour relaxation in the auditorium and these iunior favorites are no excep- tion. Joy, Donald, and Eddi Rue display their vocal talents os Harold makes accompanying seem easy. ff' 'V l L. kfl, z 172- ,' --g3:"f, ,qw-.Q--,. A, ' 21" gf :.g,x-f Q Q, ,5 S, Q .1 4 f "Qi 'fr ff ., sizffl r' Q JO EVELYN MICHAEL Most Promising JACK LOC KE Most Promising RONALD GILLIAM Most Friendly ANN GOINS Mos? Friendly pk som-somonss o ll "Um-m-m-m Good" are the words of soph favorites Jo Evelyn, Jack, Ann, und Ronald as they leave the "Y" cofelerio, a popular A.HgS. eoling spot. sax ox, "CA ln a spirited campaign determining the queen who would grace the throne of the powerful Tigers, Carol White was the choice of the student body. Her friendly personality, casual manner, and radiant smile have won for Carol the title of Football Queen. ' Pictured at left are Louvis Eichholz and Betty Read, the other two popular candidates for the coveted honor of Ardmore High School's Football Queen. ,, 'I ,rn ' 411 , H ' fri' f 5441 5 I . A I X ,gif f ff? ff? A Rl-1', '-1 Svrff :tu Q-14' W4 2:7 if Leading the Pride of A. H. S., Ardmore High's Band, is lovely La Juana Lewis Dodd. Her success in at- taining the title of band queen can be attributed to her sprightly step, her winning smile, and the charming manner with which she has captured the hearts of A. H. S. Pictured at left are Peggy Glover and Dana Champion, the two other attractive candidates who were runners-up for band queen. R Long before her corohation the students of A. H. S. were singing the strains of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to vivacious Ann Goins. Then one night the phrases of this familiar song became a reality to Ann when she was crowned Basketball Sweetheart of Ardmore High School. Her attendants, Shirley Cathey and Shirley Scar- brough are the two captivating A. H. S. co-eds pictured at left. NW 'Q W. . V 'dai mfg' qv.-...Q I 'Gil 5 J. .ff ' "'f+'4ifi-?:. 1 f.l 2245 : R, " gan' .- I - ul. ' Y V , 7, ' 5 4 4 Y 1 Y 'a..., ,flfA,Yf. , 'V A 1 A-. gs 4" , '1 1 'fnpifyvgf' -, .1 rv' ,er f .lf Y ' :Q K1 . , . ,p J 0 , 4 ,9 5 19, "J, 440 ' ,f ' G f Q ' 1 1 i ' 1 1 1 U 31 Q' It 99 '19 fl, Q7 ii, ,fx 1 I .4 74' xl I K Q vawbmsg V .. ..,, , ,. , M g AFV . , , A M 3' 2 f N I' H W 2 ge' 1 3? QA 3- 1 5 4,- ws ff 61 f l ,ff x 'ww First Row of Pep Club, left to right: Helen Porter, Marlane Jones, Mary Frances Hamner, Lou Ann Fraser, Mary Jo Bowman, Jo Bette Bonneau, Barbara Entriken, Peggy Burton, Patsy Howie, Orvella Fraley, Melva Pattillo, Jo Evelyn Michael Second Row, left to right: Gwyn Hann, Eddi Rue McClan- ahan, Doris Ward, Nancy Newton, Mary Bulard, Sandra Sparks, Katherine Brock, Elizabeth Dolman, Judy Head, Mary Louise Moore, Lee Ann Butler Third Row, left to right: Joanne Timmons, Edna Frances Lamb, Billie Rose Hensley, Dana Champion, Phyllis Priddy, Ann Goins, Carolyn Conwell, Marianna Bechtel, Rena Faye Robertson, Sammy Young, Rachel Hammet, Lyndene Hopson Fourth Row, left to right: Sherry Griffin, Pat Hardy, Mary .lo White, Carole Cottle, Shirley Patterson, Betty Ann Klein, Elizabeth Nelson, Janet McGalliard, Pat Nelson Fifth Row, left to right: Miss Scallon, Nita Truitt, Maeellen Dooley, Rae Rader, Diana Ormsby, Dolly Sue Bransford, Patsy Drummond, Mardy Steele, Frances Webb, Lequita James Ann Ricketts, Kay Fowlkes Cheer leaders, left to right: Shirley Cathey, Peggy Glover, Carol White, Betty Sue Phillips, and Shirley Scarbrough Af Left: Bill McCarthy being being tackled after making a big gain in the Durant game. At Right: Ken- neth Taylor going over for a touch- down against Pauls Valley. 'rv i ARDMORE ARDMORE ARDMORE ARDMORE ARDMORE CLASSEN 7 ARDMORE FREDERICK O ARDMORE HOLDENVILLE O ARDMORE ADA 35 ARDMORE 40 PAULS VALLEY 7 ARDMORE 61 Lower Left: Bill McCarthy scoring on a long run against Durant. Lower Right: Carl Atkin- son and Bill Read bringing down a Durant back with a bone-crushing tackle. 63 DUNCAN 26 DURANT 7 HUGO 12 ATOKA o IDABEL 6 IQMA . DONALD HORNE THAD DAY-Co-Captain DICK LIDDELL Tough on etrenre . , , rougher on All-Dixtricr quarterback . . . broken detenrn tield runner . . , outstanding passer. JIMMY CARTER KENNETH TAYLOR All-District guard . . . :mall but All-District end . . . kicks ot? . . . mighty . . . great team player. point otter touchdown mon. Q'-E4 f ekf, JUDGE WILLIAMS Tricky ball handler . . . punt: I I and run: well. , .l. U Rangy and who blocks well . . . injured part of xearon ' HAL HALL blozker and tuckler. " - ' wr .l-ne. , ..,, - .r ee ,A .e , 2 X we -Q M ree. re 2 9 e . r if ualzlii ' mfr. - if f 51 .. . ,, , wr-e n . H wp: . I 2- irw -' . l -N 4' 5 , fr rr V 'let 1, . fra.. -- z .. ' 2 el 1 ' he ' I wr..-r1,,,:le, Isiiigllfifvg n 5 - en fe r 'eegrvy Q ' - 'ww ' E gg' I - I it fe2gf,irn'Qfe1zgg C- - eww ' fl fr. ' A JV M I - r - Al rewerlnl guard . . . tackle: welt ROBERT SCOTT JIMMY SPALDING Hard running halfbock . . . hard letr of tlgtrt. hitting line lsrrelrer. 7 ant f,j ' Ang. 25, Fr'.-The 1950 Ardmore 'ligerr began their seasan's practice today with a tour hour morning workout. The heavy equipment and hot sun combined to give little encouragement to our players but as the workouts progressed they overcome this dirddvdntnge. sept. 5, Tues.-The rigerr went through their nnel xcrimmage teddy in preparation tor the first game ot the season with Ciassen High School ot Oklahoma city here Friday night. sept. B, Fri.-A display of excellent sportsmanship and die-herd spirit was seen at Walker Stadium os Ardmore went dawn to o heart breaking defeat 7-0 to the Classen Comets. sept. 15, Fri,-Our Tlgerr dvenged their leer at leer Friday night by defeating the Frederick Bombers 35-0. sept. 22, Fr:-rriddy night found the Tigers suhduing the Mel- denville Wolverines 35-0 in a one-sided victory, ot. 5, Fra.-An inspired Ada eleven wtrtetr Ioter participated in the ndte pioyois deledted the nerd-flglrtlng Ardmore rlgnrr 35-I2. Oct. I3, Fri,-The revitalized Tigers outclassed by 49-7 the Fouls Valley Panthers wha traveled to Ardmore for the tilt. A 4 Q ,J I 55: I 1 N' I, 3 no s' K l I' Y , , I I 4 1' , ' la ' 1' l ' , f F' ' 1 f I , l l fs! I I r f r If r rl e ., ew- Sw wttxli IL, 5132731 on Q r f2 v It R ,ei 7 re e 9 ' I 2 , ,,,.... e we A 'fssxlfifff -'fzlwf "'7' -.Exim l 7 fr el M . san xx r n- if . I ' r I I' ff ., gg i wi , TED PYLANT BI LL READ-Co-Captain All-District tackle . . . slashing Stalwart center . . , line backer deluxe. CARL ATKINSON Great othnxive and delonlive hallback . . . superb blocker. Q 'I "MI Y .tri ,Y rw , , L,,'e:::f, ,n nerr, ei' I lgjrg?rga1l - , ., nfslelg, ret K .ef :W 1 if f . , e n-M Q, I 1. - n '- Big BILL MCCARTHY and fast . , . fullback :tandaut in first year football. Fast and shitty back . . . broken Only junior on lint team . . . pau neld artixt. receiving spccialin. rri. ' 'I I:," J 'III I I' . I - ...I I. 5 I ' , 'III. ., -f': " r ,,,r 5' 'tl .I ,,,, 'e f GENE VANCE BOB MOTLEY NATHAN GEURKINK KENNETH ALDRIDGE Tall and lvrritis or-d . - - excellent Usulldeg . . . play: if mush nlg teelrle , . . always mg haltback . . . dangerous wt defense- and to-tsh. lnlrtllng, ball eerrter. HUDSON BOYDSTON Big, rough, and aggressive tackle. BENNY HENRY W-er, N v. IO, Fi,-Our Tigers overpowered the Aloka Wampuscals I x grlilll f? 1. bf f ,r 2 we af? .a-an i' ,V .J 7 I my - , A . ' " I r HORACE BAILEY Ace defensive tackle . . lol.: ol aelion, . raw ,lr w J r 1 A i L- A I GENE WILLIAMS Sfandoul baclr who can run lhe ben ol lhem. with erfsemeff r ' ff: If 4735? - -l ,yr any fs V A- . . Y ,will S r K - x -1 Viwgiqi a ? .Ar I .. .,e,Hi y. nm , 1 ..,. ., 1 -WfQ1z" 'J I-me 2-.xref gf, . " , -Qi, 3' 'U' ij Q Q 1 -:Tv . A e eggagza 1-r 1 1 -X '.'f1Wff,L" 'f - mafia, lilfij z' , Ml ,g . . fi. 'f W L I DAY Pane: well . . . superb in sophomore GEORGE YIUY. RONALD GILLIAM r . .V - Y , Q -I wr: r - r 7: , W if :ri ' ' 'I "I- w r AZ, e r ,f ,,,, , 2 y ., " 'P f " lei' ' 4 , 1' e , . fgeagw 1 I ffm ,R :re vjwznr M. V -I A J eri? HAROLD HEIFLE Ace linebacker who hir: hard, as 7 , V, M - Llglil , ' .,:f",:e-r... -A Liafvii . , 2 e,egf,r, ,wr we eqrrmrf JZ I nn , me 5, L V4 ' 3:Le3'?1E'i - rival -r,E.:r,E ' me - r I 'S R r r jan sr SY' A S' 4 Gil? r Jr 2 n .QMSIEY Q' 2 e I -as, I 3 ' e ne Y F I I fu? Mm D 5 2 F Q' mg r BILL HARRIS Slandoul end . . , give: Huxlling sophomore who love: hi: teeth to play. the game. X. A 2 e fl f X 'if' 2 I r. I, X +2 LOUIS MILLER Prarnirlng nallbaelr . . I alwayr give: his best. :mn A ' fl , X.a,e.e -'f:vfsi2'?? mils? .MIN I glial a 5- 5 , 5 DALE BRANUM Smar? quarlerhack . . . keep: apponenlx conluxed. Sflryr,-rrzv .. G "'Ig,j' eau 2 9 '7 J r -L--1L- , A Vw: , 2 11525 Duncan Demons, fell aparl in me lourlh qaarler lo a naming nrrnran eleven zu. oer. 27, Fr'.-The neranl lions raarea anna Ararnare Friday nighl and upset our Tigers 7-o in a well-played aarne. Nov. 3, Fri.-The llaaa selvalaer irnnpea lo a lwelve poinl lead aguinsl the Yigers. nre lwelve ealnl dehcil and lhe cold driving wind were loo rneelr lar our Tigers lo cope wmr ax they wenl down in aeleal 1246. 40-0 PGP Nov. lheir Volk Wednesday morning., in a brilllanlly played game Ilhonks Io Mr. Hann's inspiring 77, Fri.-The i950 Ardmore Tigers found lhemselves playing nnal aarne ol Ihe year. The Tigers lraveled lo ldobel and overwhelmed lhe Idabel Warriors 61-7, inishing llle season in Nne spiril. . .-A .soo average is nol had in any raarl xeaxon. Every Ard- more of lhe I95D Ardmore loolball leom, for lhe Tigers no! only loughl hard in every ganre of the season bul lhey alea played wilh a clean and sporlsmonlike ollilude. A filling phrase lo remember lhe I950 Tigers by would be, "I!'s nol who won lhe game bvl haw lhe garne was played." High School sludenl and Tiger supporler should feel proud ,WEE 'Er I U flew y x rr ,, . ef ,113 , . iiflfwiiviii. .A , i, 1? aw,.ir.n,f Y A ,W X ., 3,.w,t,f. 3,1 ,hi e gj i. if '?lf13Ii5IifI'L M WW W - 312 55 lx' ES E ' 'sejige' BOB BETIES Rough and xloul . . charging lineman. . hard 5' "-QQ jkflga' fa e- 5,r.zr,,- .ef 152 L a-y e 5151335 J: N7 I Cf?" - fx' 'Sl ,yi 4 .K r.YlLi , E, fr 'Q K, 4532 yflliliu f BILL GIBSON ala man on ln. squad . . . tackles yell. IR . ,,' .. mme I f 1 I, I I 1 X X N mx xi Q- F W K l 's rg! N , LHR j , , Il' , X A ' r UQ W f 4 oar. zo, Fri.-The Ararnare rlaerr, holding a 7-a edge over me 1, .I ll r r I w ,X e r l ll N in X 1 r I e in , 'fill Ii 'Q L I ra H I rs N , r I ' 1 fl !5f2?n'5flfiIIR??Tk?I7'!'i5T'il 'J eff "1 ' Z'3Je2W1' ??f5t'r gif- 'lSL54.f5 VI' ' QSUJ -'W - 0 V 11,1 we I iii' 4 - - re r in rp , , r i .Ee if H ra,,.- I DON MACKEY lmle in .rize but big in spirit. WILBURN ANDERSON A lnrnllna player une hater ro be len behind, MONTE WRIGHT rrlelry lralllrarlr. XXX' ., .5 J. W. WILSON Defensive end I ' Ziff 135 ,. r, I ra 97 K L11 L ee -Ui in X sn , xi" 'ff' A KENNETH BEARD Excelleni pan receiver . . standout defensive, DONALD BAHNER flaming linebacker, 52455. N asraerzz-.Q gilslgfrf ---If -'augur 'WE , gone I , I I .Viflfir f zzwflgqrg XA f 9 5 F' err .--rr - , eiimrsg I an era- . - as . I-l reef, rs rr .r il f 3 35 g':y:.,'rfi, f ., , N i , -FZ ,Q , ,,s,,,rr,:.re5rr5,,X ee. A A 2. r xi f Fine defensive end. I eirjflgefi , I f ' 3511? " ' E A 'W "' ,g,flgvgigg wi . r ww F 41' gferg " "iff .IA e r f es'-1? 1 A -I ' L, ' r -2 " rx , 4 X xr 2325? ,nel L W . - 5 mg Ig an A I' X ig A r . I ' sll.l. AISHMAN I Shihy runner . . . one of nerr yearr hopefulx. . . erfymfg 'r. su n- gr rg yay I U H ' " fi '. -:S 1 U'5I'31r'.. 'A 3? Nw r f if 'L n g wQ v E al ' I A .e A I , er r Q, Iyggflg I , , 511, " , I " , iii? 3. Ll . ,, giiiilii A DELTON GOODIN Scout. 65 s" 'Q ff-"ii 7 - f W: :' . 1 ,QL .-5 ' . K.. J 4 ,m 'l pw 4"r r . -- J, 1,1 , 1 .f,....1 1 ff of fn 1 .f 1 f fla' 'f 5 2. m- fl f.ff'Ln-f 39 1,5 env C, 1 -',.'g.,,x .nv A ' ,,,fl.,,,'L ul, ,,' 9 Lv ,gif eqmt, J Tv ,-I L Q94 5.4, 540' ,Q- - s. Front row: Dick Liddell, Carl Atkinson, Jimmy Spaulding, Jimmy Carter, Robert Scoll. Back raw: Gene Vance, Kennelh Aldridge, Ted Pylant, Bill Read, Thad Day, Nathan Guerkink, Bill McCarthy, Hal Hall, Kennelh Taylor, Hudson Baydston, Inset: ltap lefll George Holloway, Head coach. Inset: llop righll Elmer Butler, Line coach. Inset: llower leftl Barry Galt, Manager. Inset: llower rightl Joyce Michael, Manager. Russell, Dale Young, George Simmons, Charles Hignight, Jimmy Richardson, Mike Baird, Robert Cox, Jimmy Front row: Wayne Taylor, Lee Coffey, Cary Leverett, Eddie Dodd. Second row: Jimmy Carroll, John Williams, Warner Baxter, Mickey Callahan, Jae Hunter, John Sullle, Glenn Selvidge, Gary Clark, Melvin Nelson, Kenneth Hensley, B. W. Scott. Third row, lstandingl: Ralph Cornelius, Coach, Oby Ward, Manager, Dan Coe, Kenneth Miller, Bob Austin, Brad leggilt, Charles Rutledge, Stanley Graves, Royce McQueen, Ronnie Parker, Steve Jennings, Don Langley, Rodney Walker, Mike Brown, Manager, Roy Traull, Head coach, 'Q , J- r YC... ,f-.I 72 Z3 I 1" Q, 'L rx ,,-9 "fi !' I ,4 'f 2. if wi ki? KENNETH TAYLOR DENNY MITCHELL' Team's top scorer , , I Hook sho! arlisf . . . perfected one-handed 9005 feb'-Wvndef - - - set shof . . . fhree year leam's fall boy. lelferman. I 3 X' f RONALD HORNE HORACE BAILEY Jump shot specialisf . . . Seldom misses set shof plays if rough. . . . ferrif7c on bcckboards AL RINGER E"'M' DICK unoeu Syandouy on defense JOHNNY BROOKS Consisfenf scorer , . . I I I fine ,ef ,hog I I I Never misses :ef shof bull hawk I I I lean, passe, weNI . . . jump sho! demon. player' 'X w 2 EDDIE WHITE Dead-eye set shot . . . speedy in fast break. ff" ,f' ww BEN MOXLEY Great in flrst year varsity . . . steady point maker. 'F L "" "DI 'e...g?J,,"' fy 1 ff " f' 4- ,W 0 Wt 5"7 ' " 1 . ,I 4 ii t.v'!.'j' " Lv: grit' l' V ,Q 1 .ez -2 T sf' f I 1, 1 ...em 512. . 1 5 2. QM, Q. BB Vqqq I 2 IAV L If I ffl. to I l 5 3 y y . ei ' DON AWTREY GORDON HARRIS Excellent in junior Tall center . . . rebounds year . . . next year's well. hopeful. ARDMORE MADILL ARDMORE MADILL ARDMORE DAVIS ARDMORE SULPHUR ARDMORE GAINESVILLE ARDMORE ADA ARDMORE DURANT ARDMORE DAVIS ARDMORE PAULS VALLEY ARDMORE SULPHUR ARDMORE DUNCAN ARDMORE CALERA ARDMORE WILSON ARDMORE DURANT ARDMORE ADA ARDMORE PAULS VALLEY ARDMORE WILSON ARDMORE DUNCAN I 3:- JUDGE WILLIAMS Hustler . . . loves to mix it up on the court. fi? I K 1 .. ... , ix 353.1 ' ,Q , , ,A .5 .. .E ,... .bi x ,ff I af QM A4 'I ie .L 5. ? 9 A MW? r JACK ROBERTS Fine ball handler . . . good two-handed set shot. 69 l fb T7 ,V f ,. ,.. ,N " fifliifif if The high school B Team, composed of sophomores, is pictured at right. Front row kneeling: George Day, Joe Gilliam, Louis Miller, Don Russell. Back row standing: Kirby Luton, Jack Locke, Ronald Gilliam, Bill Gibson, and coach George Holloway. ls 1f.. . . . ,M ,,,, if f -V-Q fr T , I' ff ff M, ,,,,, fill- ' , ,, 19 1 9' YlIii"f 'iv' , . .f. ,, i P V7 gf? J. nfl x v g , ff M., ,- ' ,v . -14' LM ., ,M , fi fr 4,67 il' "sir 5 iT":os"1'-P , 2' WP, " ,.- -.v "Q -' 1 5 ' ,. y ff is ef' I An autumn day to remember is al- ways the big day of the football homecoming parade when students deck their hot-rods in fitting fash- ion and enter into the festivities. Among high schoolers pictured here are Bill Kincannon, Peggy Burton and Doris Pickett. The first snow of winter brought much fun and frolic to Ardmore High School. At right Dick Liddell, Horace Bailey, and Ronald Horne are shown reluctantly cutting class- es to shovel snow from the front steps. 70 .:..aP't'sf::'i if? in fG" l 'A ft 51' " ...M ft, '-:J -0 - , ,r 4 , . ,.- f ,g ' ,- ,gl Y ,,.---' Above: Good weather and beautiful Dornick Hills provide the Ard- 5 97 Q -" 'J' " "-' ' 3' "A "3 more High School golf team with the environment needed to play championship golf. Ardmore students enioying a day at the course are Don Wallace, Gene Vance, David Dickinson, and Dick Liddell. Below: Ardmore students who represent the high school in tennis competition around the state are pictured together at the local courts: Betsy Klein, Kenneth Taylor, Kenna Hudson, .lack Cavins, Sandra Sparks and Don Myers. Last year the team attended the 1950 district tournament at Durant and carried home six trophies. cG.-.,,, s -- 5, e Phys. Ed. is required in iunior high school but is an elective in senior high. The girls' Physical Edu- cation department which has grown steadily since its beginning now has an enrollment exceeding 350 girls. Junior high girls are coached by Miss Doris Duston and senior high students by Miss Susan Scallon. The gym program includes team sports such as volley ball and soft ball,exercises, and folk dancing. The high point of the year which is anticipated by students and adults alike is the "Spring Circus" composed and presented entirely by Physical Education students. Miss Duston says that the basic aim in her department is to improve the posture and poise of the high school girl. 7 12' li " l , I if n L-kung F ,J "l 'l iff! I . ' I , 1. a"'L,i ft gf' Lff' ,Ubi , vlf... 73 f if ag -,E 'l W Q nffme I was I K' . I b 2' , ' , s 49' , f 0' lg a vi "'gr',"1 ,f-1 , Q!! iff' K -f.-J ' 2,15 ' I l 'l 0 ' f""a - .1 ,f , f ,jf Qf5,,Qf33,1 W! Q gf, f 3 A lava. , " 'H ' . .6 ,i ss2SeT'?:3ls L . E : ,wi -'f,f' X 7 :- k ix: ff Q W x H, ,M H We is 551' v 5, Q Q '21 if 1 it we L , 3 ,QF 15 A S N If ' if Q tif K5 :bd an ry, g g . sg 115250 ', B K y . 1, . in Fa. Y .H 2 ae, ff gm 3 We Y TV 22. QQ Q? gin, 1 Y, ex 1, 2 S Y :SX sf 2 :rf 'Qt ,K 1 S3 3,1 Q2 1 if iq- W' 1 Ah ut s A Agia Q 15 Q R gsm N L ' v M if -W, i sg, ,gsingri if H1 M 54mg Q f B T , u if -1 me we X .4 F . , ,S CARL ATKINSON Football, Basketball DEE BARTGIS Baseball, Basketball DELOIS BARTGIS Dramatics, Pep Club, Tennis, Basketball MARY BIDDICK Pep Club, Student Council, Jr. Ryonis MAXINE BLACK Chorus, Dramatics HUDSON BOYDSTON Basketball, Football, Wrestling MARIE BOYER Chorus CLETUS BREWER Band, Orchestra, Football KATHRYN BROCK Basketball, Pep Club 74 if -, f - T , l,,, , -..:,,,, - 5 'Y sw- f 1 as We if Fi' ' 122 Y SR PA l wk Mr K , , . f ' , A " " '. X f--ff 'A A., :Q ,Q '35 an A Q W.: t 29' 5 ,, .aj,Q,f7f1wEii!l 54, KENNETH ALDRIDGE Football VIVIAN ANDERSON Pep Club JO ANNE ARCHERD Pep Club, Chorus itss stiiel,i 2 . ,,Ci ,,-' H f fl f' ALAN BROWN Sophomore Play WILDA CAMPBELL GENTRY Pep Club MARGARET CARPENTER Pep Club l'q , 0 x f :ff . 5 5 v I , ,' . v N I W fa: f ' . ,I 'ii' I ,I .AL-.v F I :'z ,'1Q x fi K -'4 0 ,oy . NI 1, WI' PATSY CARSON . JIMMY CARTER Football, Baskefball, Baseball DANA CHAMPION Pep Club, Chorus, Opereifa 7 - L 'Il 1 .W 's 'Q X jvfi,', V ' L S If" f I Cz T - 11 ELFREDA DAY THAD DAY Fooiball, Baseball, Opereifa DAVID DICKINSON Basketball, Golf use -KW MARY ANNE CLIFTON Dromafics, Pep Club ANN COE Dramalics, Pep Club, Chorus CAROLE COTTLE Criierion, Sfudenf Council, Jr. Ryonis, Pep Club DOROTHY COX Pep Club, Chorus BILLIE CRAIGHEAD Pep Club, Girls' Slate BOBBIE CREECY Chorus AUBREY CULLINS Sfudeni Council BILL CYPERT Wresiling, Baseball GARY DAVIDSON 4-H Club Wen S? f xi wxgkiltf ,Ns ,, ,M 1-1,1 gg reef V255 'T' x 2 fi Va' MARIE EDENS Pep Club, All-school Play, Music BETTY EDWARDS Pep Club LU EICHHOLZ Pep Club, Sextette WANDA EMBERLIN Chorus BARBARA ENTRIKEN Criterion, Pep Club, .Ir. Ryonis DOROTHA EVANS Chorus, Triple Trio, Sextette BETTY FORD Pep Club BARRY GALT Criterion, Jr. Rotarion, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Na1'l Honor Society, Bond, Oratorical Contest, Vice President of Senior Class. BARBARA GILL .-.N 'X E55 1 iiwfwki no 35? . W - f f . A, pfw,w,1 P -. ' X' " up yi231549'Ei-'Ei?J2L.5i:',T'1i 11 ,,f M, f ffi aff, ,fl ' -ff: is -s-'Q-iz, sv , L' Qi, .. -f ,.,. f- ?Qe3mq::e.'e.:-uf V-f 5. : ., f1" . zwiiiffgxfvnf L . ggggis aff:,,, ,"gwf:fvewav g f: 1: 'S' " A fi' ff, . Qi 2: me , 76 ,- of - 1-E. f I 22 N . 4p,,nl,, 1 l".4-:rv I' xl ' . T-, ' ,Y ,QQ ji? 216- ,flu 4 1 Q -42: . L .: QJ " -- ELIZABETH DOLMAN Music, Student Council, Criterion Not'l Honor Society, Girls' State MAELLEN DOOLEY Pep Club, Dramatic: NANCY DULANEY Pep Club, Cheer Leader, Music, Speech, Operetto , ,. 'sa ,,.. , .MMS My .,g1f55L25,1g.f.g2fkn:gtg S 31, 1 f' 'M ' H . L Mt, 5 J? T' 1 f W fi:-if-:Q to 2 1 -- I ,L??Vf9:i?5g,A,gSvfss'X f 'fi' -' A -fm , ' , Tip I .T s-Sc! A ,eff W: an . , gil V. K 4 . - fi S 5 g,i , 3,,,z in JODIE GILSTRAP MONTE GIVENS Track, Wrestling PEGGY GLOVER Pep Club, Cheer Leader f'5 n - I7 JN li J, :Gift ij.f'Qi KIRK GRAY Student Council, Criterion SHERRY GRIFFIN Jr. Ryonis, Pep Club, Secretary of Senior Class NATHAN GEURKINK Band, Football, Wrestling, Student Council, Jr. Rotarian, Nat'l Honor Society. Senior Class President -' ' sifiyffivisf ' Y x V . i . ,, 'A A S , - , .y . f ' zggggift ,- 5 ' ., rfggg , ,, ., N' . V K K I-Q 1 Tf, 3 . wififr ' ' ,irr TL V - . '.kr .. . - ,.., V ,, ,,.,,, i 52, ..,, ii V gf k -V V Z, , .. . . S 57 'fi 'L , I or , , T ..., , . ., , T sw , su .. ' 1Lxf s. E"s: ' ff . ff, ,, , . Ywhi .1--' -vnrinitaz. .ffli ? CQ' A - ' i f 7 t,t. f ffm . cb , .14 , fjfg if A :Q A A f 32 PATSY HUNTER Student Council, Pep Club JO ANN JONES Pep Club SAM JONES HAI. HALL Jr. Rotarian, Football, Student Council, Basketball PAT HARDY Jr. Ryonis, Student Council, Pep Club, Criterion ORTREY HAWLEY Band ROY HEARON BILLIE ROSE HENSLEY AllASchool Play, Student Council, Pep Club, Chorus, Criterion, Basketball Sweetheart '49. ORLENA HILLSBERRY DAN HOLDER Audio-vision PATSY HOWIE Pep Club HERB HUFFMAN Band, Boys' State, Criterion A :get ,nw as Q- I DICK LIDDELL Football, Basketball, Track, Boys' State ALLEN McBEE Track, Football BILL McCARTHY Baseball, Football, Band BILL McGAHA Football, Track, Baseball GLORIANNE McGALLIARD Pep Club BETTY ANN MAHER Student Council, Pep Club, Jr. Ryonis, Criterion IRMADENE MAPP JOYCE MICHAEL Football, Track, Basketball DICK MILEY Band, Jr. Rotarian, All-School Play, Dramatic Club, National Forensic League, Orchestra, Criterion. in S ., 1 lv I his s Q w ,WW 1' ff x if w MZ? .-tw.. ,. EX k .. 'fiflfw ' . 'ffizf-Jn.. T A 'KA , , . , 1' .- fr ,, ,l ,, .,,,,.. fxgefwi fff' wfrem 'V' I' 1 ,, 4 f, H T K I ,,,,gjffE.,,,, I , Q . X Q X 'i' ,z ' NE? is 'C-fa ff ' msszf W. ,wc . I ,,,. ..c,,,i r Bi' Y x AWE S, 1 L g WX 31 ,rf if Ii 5 ' 'L 3 + f f I 2 X 'ff' I ff " i 2, , X 'gssiyfjggiff 'fi .- .af ' f uj fs ' 6, K F 1 , ,. 'K fi f Qin' -- -A :fi , ? , 2 ' + . - J . 1 .I t:"',,f' Q 1' Q ai' BETSY KLEIN Pep Club, Student Council, Tennis, Debate, Nat'l Honor Society, Oratorical Contest, Sophomore President, Criterion, Girls' State, Girls' Nation, Jr. Ryonis. PEGGY LEIS Band, Pep Club LA JUANA LEWIS DODD Band Queen, Pep Club .. - - .. ' ' fl,1ij,I,,j,,:L,,!:Ys5,'EF , . V ii . . . Vvlk I ,,,,, , ,,., ,. if A ' 'I 1 , Z. V ' JP :. K 2+ f .. ,gfgjl K K K f' -L . gr A ww - ,. - 5 1,1 iii? -- f ,afigf 2.3 - ' . 1 11- Lili wxgli if-H - I ' '-Qi, yi-fic? - - 1 Q ,Z ,Lg rw . kblk ,QA flax fi' 1 'f 1 . -eff NIQSVL- 'g l 'S V srl? - '1"5f5li?5: :M -i om: 1 1 ' W ,elif c5f.,,.,ee'?e4' ,,.1, 3: ggiklzg 2,5 f 'jug we wzae,,---w"L,f-- f'Yw.L4,f'--L f,. , ' f , we-wc, I .'., islk Q -,., , ,,c.,.m:c f, ZL: ,, .V ,--f , A, ef .gp , l R A H .lf ef- iq. 1, ,lim ,. .iv f.,-iiifsifiif LQ L.. 4 fi 21'fQ'jgQi,,ff N-WPI H . 1: - 'L' M .,,, , , . . M,-5 l ".- +3 L , .5 ,N 1 ,... . JIMMY MOORE Band BOB MOTE Jr. Rotarian, Track, All-School Play, Student Council, Criterion. BOB MOT L EY Football, Baseball 2-c if. 'ef-I lf l 2425 1? pq, r" , ' 1. ' ' r' f -f'-Q4 ,9 ac.. 1 0 " f NANCY NANCE Chorus, Speech BILL NASH Band WANDA NELSON Pep Club 1' f' gina? .: I: if X,,-..1 ,1,,,.., -LL. .Q1. t , .1E+:f+ ,- 'za:l,asfQ:BwlS' W-2.7555 W 5 ilvf 'offs ' N36 1kigNIfi -1,1 Av 'F in 'QV :tiff ' 4 E I xiffii a , ,lgggiig ff-Wx E, 1. , if ni A f,,, ,--, I L,,,L , , 1,1 1 ge- at sf-Q -- I JOYE PLANK QUAID 4'H Club CHARLES PRU ETT TED PYLANT Football, Jr. Rotary V K we K 'W , I ' LXR , sf 5 2 ,mm .,,, , ,W ,. 5, '42feY52Q?,2:iYg!fy:Qg vw iw ' 1 A , 11: - f ,meets W. ,,,,,,, lv -fm Z -, QQ-yi , ,,,,o,k 3 'an 1 we -, 4, ..,k QL we ik., .NIL If 1 , ,Q , X , . 1 ,ogg :. ,, ,a'z12..fe.Gf:-HQ ,Law . ,J 1 N., gn., ,. C , on L: mpg iugwk, sw ,. - f .A X Q A eff A A if Nigga? If w ,pe I ,L fiat 5 14 1, 5 Y nv .K 3 IE, Q Q, Y E xf Y W W WET 'E Q X 'WJ' , I 1 DONALD NORTH PATSY Pep DIANA Pep O'DElL Club ORMSBY Club DON OXFORD Student Council, Boys' State PAT PA RML EY Pep Club DOYLE PATRICK SHIRLEY PATTERSON Jr. Ryonis, Student Council, Pep Club, Latin Club MARTHA PAYNE JERRY PIERCE Latin Club I JK, V . 7 3237 my A , ,mg 9 5 A we Q It ,6 11 BETTY READ Cheer Leader, Pep Club BILL READ Football, Basketball, Student Council, Jr. Class President, Sophomore Play, Operetta, Jr. Rotaricn. GLEN REAGOR Band ANN RICKETTS Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics JUANITA ROBINETTE Jr. R onis Criterion All- h Y I , Sc col Play, Nat'l Honor Society. LANORA ROGERS Jr, Ryonis, All-School Play, Sophomore Play LORNA RUNYAN Pep Club ROBERT SCOTT Football ROY SIMMONS Basketball, Baseball I ,va 3' 'iw 4 fi' 'LX 5 1 1 fl e: 7 Q , ' 'I V ' I 1 ' J' PT I 5 ' 4' 'Z R ' .1 ,l v1.4 HU ,M fm, ,Q ., fy .f , A 4 ' 1 9' v if v 'gf' RAE RADER Pep Club, Criterion, Jr. Ryonis ELLA MAE RAINBOLT Pep Club, Chorus CHARLENE RAINWATER Pep Club XI. L f ,.., L 1, Z , ' I3 ,L 5 ' H 5 , 3,i'::f . , '- ff ff i ' 1 .. I ,B 1 . R A ' A , X I W3 1 H, , g .. -, J, 1 . g 'n cj - Q H II ' -f - Ifilii , 5 1 ag LLOYD SMITH NAN SMITH Operetta, Triple Trio, Trio, Sextette, Pep Club GENE SOUTH fi A - fl - I 1 Iv ,Q 1 I . , , , f N' iv7f,"v'u 'f wp -'T - J 0, ..-. H , ,., C ,,,,,. - G-f .,,1 .. 1 I .1 .--'Q JIMMIE SPALDING Football, Vice-Pres., Track, Tennis, Baseball BILL SPEARMAN Football EVELYN SPEER Pep Club ,WSF airri I 1215. ?Wfii.i15f'5tL ' ' ' . ,. .C .' :. . :'-. .'.Jff' 5- - 1' .f':aX'T''. V M. In I ,:-, sg. T, . -I .. ., : ,- 1 V :.- 2? 5-fe1f'f: 1vWf?I Y' fm-.-.. : .- -r ""' eff 1 'ii 1 Raw 25 ,,, .-1, 'hifi' FZ- - 11 Q-.2:. L. - 111' 1 Q. I I A EMM .Jax 5 .REIT W if .cf S, 2' X f K -+5 5 In ,,,,,Y,, .iv .W mt, V - X 5, KM, I K M New E2 g is-,ef if tug, .aw Uv' I , 5 L EQ LII' I we :gf fs" My Ku ss 4 f fi' In K , I fm api .Q ff this, 2 W I P 4 fe, ag 2, , 2 N f is I lr 3 Ei 2 X X I 2 ff. QSM . ki 2 1 ,L e .Q f Q U , 3, 1 1. Q 3, ,M Y 6 ,MLW - "2Q- 1 1- A . 'mf z-sv: CHARLES TERRY Football, Track, Student Council, Boys' State VIDA SUE THOMASON Dramatics GARLAND TOLAND I 1: + w JACKIE SPIVEY Jr. Ryonis, Pep Club MARCIA SPURLOCK MARDY STEELE .lr. Ryonis, Debate, Pep Club, Criterion, Student Counril, Nat'l'Honor Society, Ed. News of the Air. BETTY STINSON BILLYE ANN STRAIN Pep Club CHARLES SUGGS Chorus ARCHIE SUMMERS Track DALE TATE KENNETH TAYLOR Football, Jr. Rotarian, Bancl, Criterion, Basketball, Tennis 5? mb P35 w WM. as Y cj, I H1915 IL, 'ifgi-vz . I ' " ,, ,. . iff e. .gre kt,-g. f .:y'vfe1,w,, ' I . -ffm' . L . . .. ' use -- I QW I2-H1 :NW s Q 5H,.'i,,TLf.ff.4i5'?92lfi5Di1fFTii 'v1i,l. ffl lr "-411s- 3.154321 A315 1223 J 5k,,W,, 1 , ,,,'. 5, -' A i-12-Two , Nw A win 1vi,1f:2Qi?3-. ff1.e.zLi?'5"i fm ,,. ff. ..,,, A ' " lx-1123 gr- 545131 1 .wi-f - ,., 'K'--'fjffqf X, -R , "" ' - ' ief r . gr: I :wa 3' n fb", ' 'T Miz. 1 Q . ffm -, ,H Y MW, ,pl . .J - , ,M.w .. -., .4 81 DON WALLACE Golf, Football PAUL WARDEN DORTHY WARREN Pep Club, Dramatic: CAROL WHITE Cheerleader, Debate, Oratorical Contest, Football Queen MARY JO WHITE Criterion, Jr. Ryonis Pep Club, Student Council BEVERLY WILLIAMS Pep Club JERRY WILLIAMS Wrestling, Baseball PEGGY WILSON Criterion, Jr. Ryonis, Student Council Trio, Sextette, Triple Trio, Chorus, Nat'l Honor Society. RUTHA LEE YOUNG Pep Club -I fuvgfx' - Au M. v f. -w'2JM,, ,, Q . r"' , N- ICQ, ' - 2 F F r ft :fQxgi' ?'QH2igg, K , - f -1 1 f 1 L2 , - 2 f 1 ,fwi f' bfi 21, " r. 'i T h F1 :wfl'ff3 viiif K, A If if - refine., -545151 .M 5'4??!a5.?--fe I jf 1:11 ' Q , 1: :fwwf in , me-Ei, ,W -A 'Uk-. , ,I..,, X,l,. I ,gh ,wggjg .1 'I' . ew ' ui Z5 , QQEIQQ' ,iii liver, lttt , ,,, v I V 5,112 AP Y yd? gk 'Y W R L ,iw H.: r If ,F 'Ira .I , 1. ' s . I J EDWIN ZELLNER a"b 47, 1'-4',',q fm Ei f ,B I I fm 1.2! NORMA TORK GENE VANCE Football, Golf, Basketball JAMES VINEYARD Football Band, Track, Orch esfra MISS MUNCY RECE Sponsor 1 I t , QT? R - gag.. ,, My I 1,Lx,, 'L ' If? ,Q mit: i 'I ,A it c c , ..,JA si. A gif . , V in R A l fwfr: J , , J , M . L3 . 5 . I 'M 5 5' " 'i B' L I U A Y A - - J B .. 'fm V" HL, iff' MSFT V 12-Cf?-fiv 'WT 5 Q2 . N " -'L - , "S V fi " , ,if f:f:w:7'l.'luziii' ' K z , C J J . pew-f+-Li'-1 tf.::f?:K,:" t . ,V : - . A - 5?-i72fE24i5?,s, K :1 ' " , CTS: , .- V , gr: ,ig Ng 7 i sf I I .1 Q , , +-, sity, ,Q f fr ? k gs, 1 4- - , " ,P ' 'H 5 X , iaiigilie ' K Row one: Elizabeth Allen, Don - K Awtrey, Don Bahner, Horace Bai- AM, ley, Dick Bailey, Charles Bark- "' heimer. if ,,A Row two: Alice Bartee, Kenneth Beard, Harold Berry, Betty Behrens, Bob Bettes A f Row three: Bill Bogart, Jo Bette A Bonneau, Sue Boucher, Dolly Sue ?"5iff - Bransford ff , wif ' Q, -E . , saw is ,ia at Q f"'i f , Q3l ., Row four: Carol Ann Bristow, Johnny Brooks, Shirley Brown, Alice Broyles Row five: Mary Bulard, John Cald- well, Pansy Carson Row six: Jack Cavins, Theana Chisenhall, Jack Clifton "Make way for the iuniors." We've got the smart- est, peppiest, and best all-around students ever to hit senior high. We've got brawn, brain, and beauty. To mention a few in the brawn department, how about Horace, Don Bahner, Don Awtry, Hinky, Bob, Johnny and Jack Cavins? Our football and basketball would be at a loss without these seven. Dick Bailey, Bill Bogart, Sue, Jo Bette, and Dolly Sue are a few of our "brains.7' Theana and Harold excel in the dramatics field. Our loyalty and class spirit are greatly aided by the examples of Carol Ann and Mary. And what would our school be like without Alice,-one of the most co-operative, talented students in the whole junior class? vi T' e el to fm slllll yyccc , Y to .,,, t - X V ,ex-:Q , V F- ' J ,ycbyt , A y y 9 I f feel -fi all ls, f ssttc .tcc f JBI, C ,,cc, cct v -J We ll K if .gf '1 re f "" 21.1 7 V of j www? , , t Tfiif ' W :ts ,,,., , 4 V K 1 if fiinxft w .. 15 ' w ie teiwff on .2 .L , :St 83 7,525 git? ff ,J I . rx-2.1. xlr , 1 'Q - ' '55T'9:iE5?:.. . ' - '1- . A A , 15' 553 547 ' 2 f . f, . if 'f 'N Q L wtf K 3 A we H-gk s 8 K any Q, ,Q .r pf? gf gash i Q? '-A viii 2 gf F' ri haf? Ee l ,. L ' . WLM, L, ,- 'Hw- ' I ,,,' LVK, 4 ii ' 4 -il ft' i In 'i ,- ' -'.- ' 2 7 55123 'V '-.,.- ,N ' - J ' " ,f , s . ' - "' s ,,l1t1'i:',,f",,:f', . -f f, . .. wa- ,. l K V 4 F ' L 'sf' -A J ' if 'ffl gt AKh 1 L F f 4, , , 'A :fy 'I , for f - V '-,. j . -If S H A", i wi- " K , 'L 5 ' ia 'r , 1 A f f- a v J -- ' l' X f i ' ,Sl v . W i ,mh' r I ,K . i F 'L F J- 1 h-k' 'K' nz L f I F :Q K V. U wif, ,f . HIM . jg." f ' 7 0 84 -U is W N A 9' it ,yay A M ' g f Row one: Joy Cobb, Cherryl Coch- . ran, Marian Coffey, Tania Colbert, Charles Collins, Charles Combs V Row two: lnita Copeland, Gene A Johnnie Day ,law -: , Row three: David Dickerson, Ar- ,. Coxey, Bill Cude, Leta Fae Daniel, I lene Dickson, Patsy Drummond, La Fon Dunford 5 K Row four: Bobbie Ellis, Woodsie Ford, Charles Finney, Norman 'L X Flowers Q, Row five: James Floyd, Carol Fol- i"i Q som, Kaye Fowlkes 'S' 1'-' Q Row six: Bill Gentry, Leslie Gil- . J liam, Victor Graham S ,. s...,, lv if Joy, one of our high-stepping twirlers, and Cherryl, a champion roller skater, add spirit to the class of '52. Tania, Johnnie, David, and Patsy make excellent grades. Marian was our basketball sweetheart and is noted for her congenial personality. LaFon is skilled in the manly art of wrestling. Woodsie Ford, caught in a rare moment of concentration, is the charmer on page 18. Norman has some splendid ship models, while Leslie is a visual aid enthusiast. Charles Finney, who works at the Safeway, has a pleasing personality. Of course, none of us can forget Charlie Combs and his stirring "Dixie." Row one: Isabel Greenberg, Gwyn Hann, Gordon Harris, Brad Hays, Judy Head, W. C. Hearon Row two: Harold Heiple, Betty Hendricks, Donald Horne, Ronald Horne, Bill Horton Row three: Merlene Horton, Muriel Housley, Dorothy Howard, Sid Howard Row four: Kenna Hudson, Haskell H Jack, Laquita James, Floyd Jones Row five: Glenda Joy, Clyde Kemp, Gloria Keeton Row six: Roy Keeton, Freddie W Kitch, Norma Jean Lane 'F V yes, . .. ,, ,MT4 35 S Y J in Glenda Joy and Jackie Keeton are two of our talented musicians in the AHS band. Isabel, Betty, and Floyd have high scores scholastically. Gordon, Ronald, Harold and Donald rate high in sports. The Horne twins are among our most popular iuniors, and Donald is vice-president of our class. Harold is a straight "A" student. Turning to the feminine charm- ers on the page-umm-Laquita has a beautiful voice. Judy does nice dramatic parts and Kenna is a splendid dancer. Broad shouldered Bill Horton was a dashing Westerner on Frontier Day, arrayed in a green Stetson hat, corduroys, boots, and six-shooters. Sid has a nice smile and, in this picture, a trained curl. I .dl v, W , ..., ...,, A . Vf,,, ,L J . i s- Y X Q .Qs A as 1 4 , S, ,, ,,, 5- .f,fi7,, ., , U" ,f if -LU. .wif-1 s. ,..,. ,ZS y ttei t y F en . f ., swf . ..,, V, A, ,. .rolex S Q? A W M X it f .Q s J .1 L , ,f , ,. L V, my V15 3 X use iw W t . -K X ,Mit Q T 5 NY pi X f ' ' 'L . 'Q k am ., i 4, 3 lihilf L ,f'- - ",h.. f K .. , 221 is . " s L , Q 5 X, wwf ' Q Q i . . .sms V53 MQ'- J f 'K at-tl it W f X at ads' , Q at .ntfwlhks vvx sw, em M .JW X f , -ILI K , ,. . 1, , 3 Q I QQ' 15 Row one: Ruth Ann Lee, Jan Lovell, Dano Batson, Eddi Rue McClana- han, Duane McClendon, Janet Mc- Galliard Row two: Virgil McMillan, Ruby Jo McMurray, Kathryn Miller, Den- ny Mitchell, Mary Louise Moore 'MZF' Row three: Mary Morgan, Ben Moxley, Homer Moyers, Marjorie Murray , fx Row four: Don Myers, Wilma Na- , 'li lor, Elizabeth Nelson, Pat Nelson L Row five: Victor Owens, Madilane Padgett, Deloise Patrick W H ,... Row six: Joy Patton, Don Bob .., M ,,V, Pearson, Lyn Pebbles Mary Louise, Janet, Kathryn, and lbby Ann are active juniors in the pep club. Lyn and Mary Morgan comprise a pair of flashy twirlers-valuable addi- tions to our band. Denny, jump center and tallest player, is an essential factor of our basketball team. Also playing, is Ben'Moxley, a southern boy from Alabama. Pot competently portrayed the part of the eldest daughter in our all-school play, "Cheaper by the Dozen." Jan, Marjorie, and Ruby Jo are among our smartest juniors. Eddi Rue excels in dancing and takes port in sextet and Student Council, while Don Bob is a visual aid enthusiast. . .y U.. 6 x , Row one: Betty Pelton, Betty Sue Phillips, Barbara Pierce, Charles Pifer, Olen Pittman, Corliss Rader Row two: Jimmy Renfro, Shirley Richerson, Al Ringer, .lack Roberts, Thelma Robinson Row three: Margaret Rodgers, Clarence Rose, Franklin Seay, Marilyn Shores Row four: Tom Singletary, Sandra Sparks, Margariette Spurgeon, Priscilla Stark Row five: Nadine Stiewig, Doyle Tackett, Nona Ruth Tanner Row six: Audrey Taylor, Barbara Thomason, Travis Trent Sandy is vice-president of the pep club. Barbara, active in dramatics, takes part in plays put on by the speech department. Charles Pifer, an ardent scout, iourneyed to Valley Forge during 1950. Many o'F us are already preparing ourselves for careers. Shirley is in nurses' training at the hospital. Jimmie Josh is keenly interested in science and mechanics,while Tom is involved in the intricacies of flying. Al and Jackie are both basketball sharks. Betty Sue, a vivacious cheerleader, adds pep to our junior class. Doyle is a student assistant in the principal's office. Marilyn has a beautiful soprano voice. Q. , .4 .ll I K-mb, K ai f . N wr' 'Qi ef, t K ,gf J' 3' K1 s . il ll ..., --... .. ' - f -. ' -. " ' Mm-c. 6,449 Q . ,... K K K 1 55553 ,, , Q ff i Fi' ' s 1 . .. 'V fs- fy. mf' 2 Q we -, . , - t . . 'H , , . 3. .K inf' " . Ae' fy . K.KKKK .K 4 . , HKKK K KK 12-1 xi. 3 5' F . .fD.g.. . 4. sf! , 4 . we. . .. Q f.. fn 5.1 - . N. . , , I 5555" . 4 , , 5 ' A Kg K f i fj,S 'f'g,y -,.K..W.K -s, el-,F,..f,f 4, Q I , effffs. Mzfisxf .3 wi 1' ft , 'if 1 r 1. . ...req ,..2,3ziif-sem i Via. 1 Rises- , 11 ei Y Kc .Wg ee .K , ' M, gg V .. it C i-" .,,,. .pre T in 5 Q . as ,. ,W K..,F wrykk, K ,,...k,, E A K. 51, . . '. v,.v:.1.':.mi ,,. . ..,, t -- .',, , .f A '--' 2. KK . ,,,..., K K lla f 1 K1 K , s f - L iff..-' .fi '4r"'ffi' V - A "f-f.,fT' ,, Q I , 'ge 1 , .,,. wg H is . - , . . Y I K 5: r. V 1 -. xi? , A, M ll EXE ft-A -J i Q f-sw. 4 41- f .,1 - Q r,A!'.,4'i"3x 0 Q Nl 1 S l I I kv V 162, il gif Row one: Nita Truitt, Jena Vayve Tuck, Herman Vanbebber, Mar- land Vance, Nancy Veal, Betty Walker Row two: Doris Ward, Jo Ann Warner, Wayne Watson, Frances Webb, Alice Wells Row three: Deloris West, Eddie White, Glenda White, Virginia Willeford Row four: Gene Williams, Judge Williams, John Wolaver, La Nell Wood Row five: Rita Worley, Flavil Yeak- ley, Loraine Yeomans Row six: Mrs. Busch, sponsor Doris and Jena Vayve, our star debaters, are the pride of Ardmore at the tournaments. Francis and Nita work diligently in the pep club. Glenda, who helped in the all-school play, is a Home Ec. enthusiast. Eddie has worked two years on the Criterion staFl and is an accomplished basketball player. Hootie, an out- standing member of our class, is our competent presi- dent. Judge is an all-around sportsman, excelling in football, basketball, and baseball. John Wolaver is also a good baseball player. Betty and Alice are ex- ceptional students. Virginia works in Mrs. McGood- win's department, and JoAnn is an accomplished baby sitter. Flavil excels in both music and dramotics. sta. - -1 -5 I .L wr gg 2 W Nw 5 '22 s X f A 'li ,ze at K . ,ff rm ' - If 1 ---' . ,sf Dorthalee Akers l -,.'.': 2 A i S, 1 1 - M W C A Bill Aishman ' kgs.,-'is' r. -.,.'-' , L- r,-if' ,uw fy I6 'y I ,L-J iv, yu W ,,, JU: t- f 15, r, ' A , .vii X , I .fi fx Wilburn Anderson v , L V teswv, ew f - A :r,,,,., it , f Q . ,. X V ef C C f at f:f'-Ag A , Q-.aiie ""' , -A 'Q V W4 M 'gf .qi 1 Q - . ,. -ivfiffrq 5 ax Q E 23' Y , ,A ztsss . " - - sigh , ,w .. ii- ii wfi 1. . - 'V fini fi ' -. - s ,- f 5' i C A I gem- A r, ,-, 1 Woody Anderson Patsy Atkinson Billy Baird K , . ,k,, K: , i i .. S -lfltfi' Z K , N , it if' " . - fvf v If It it if ' 2 KL ff' i .V A A A - it A at oll ' 1 f rllos B o ab r B at f u , t 1 Betty Ball Pongelina Bartley Ruby Baxter Marianna Bechtel Rose Benson Catherine Biddick wa --'Qi 5: , K su. 1 Sue Black Norma Blakey Carolyn Bradley Dale Brannum Mary Jo Bowman Oleta Boyer ,wx Gwen Bray - I . , . - E - ' C get 2 755514: ' , 4 'Mme ' ,, t,,., if Carl Bunch Bobby Brown . 4, A, .. K is yes 2 ' it . fre' Lee Ann Butler .L 1 ig . Logan Burch A gt -ak 45 y 'fir Ai in , ,V : A B Shirley Cathey Doris Brown Jerry Brown Ruth Ann Brown Orville Buck -Y A ' -'.-,', ' ' rsgi. X - i . f we ' Q' '-it A ff" , C t-,Lr-' -ff A '- .QA ks H A eff s"L g- ' . A 1, A' I My .Q 1'- Harold Burton Peggy Burton Clqudene Bush Don Butcher 5 3,-izhrylui Vyrk I ,kg:,,A:,,i. .K - . ,. . ,. it ... K ' , ' ik i 1, , . V ' To ...W W it, IT tt', f X r,,,' rf it A -5 ii tii' All B A,7',5,Afp21 A 2 A A A A ' A1giA 'Qi-1 i'A, ' ffA,, 5 , , ,aw 5,9-fsy9::'i , B .,,,!135,,, ,MQ K. Faneila Chadwell Bill Chapman Carolyn Conwell Ancel Cook 89 s .W ez, -,f.. fwim, 1: ff5.ff,Q-se Y ' , ' 1 -, ,N V f L29-'f.fQj,Q 'Kim .- . ' u -' ,. . , .- 'fe -if., s 4 we f W f K Y ei 7, ,A 1 X5 J ,ff 1 Q A , me ,Q N 4 Richard Cook 'il f gi . y sri? f .f.' " ' 5' '-, .1 , 7 Q, --L' 32 3' , Vi f,,J,f' Charlie DeHart 4 w - 'f u':.,,,: s 25 MW. ,. '35, iragvrf QLH 361-31 -1 ,iii-' ip V' un ff',fffl '77 ,'W"Tf,' K. if vi' K vm.. , . ,L,, - . K V 5. f ,, A ':"i' ,111 K Mi ii i ? it A l Q 1 fr li, i W Vmzh 3 V , 1 L ge , , . ,fit Ronnie Copeland Margaret Craddoclc Bill Creecy I ' ' f i I -ll-1, 1 , . I H H I 'W it R ,B r M, lv V I -,'- ' " gl H 1. ,, , ' e m y ., 1 - is R :y"2Tg- Mayre Bob Dobson Y iiii V ,fl D ii K if Vonda Fairbanxs fi v' X 1 , X .ff X Irma Lee Garnand Q . XF Z' ,nw M e Y Rebecca Gilmore ,Iowan Hammer 90 I Jack Dodd -K . F :mV . 52 QW f + r mf ir' ' J , ff g i A,,: X A 1 rf' swf A i ig A f Howard Foster Orvella Fraley ,lg S gg ,-25 f- Gai ,sf e if r fe . 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' i qs. -s Q -' srrs J T S Q -,,i I V' x ' ll "s, . . J . tsl, . , -,,L Q . . vrk,k I J Patsy Williams ,sm X ,r f Q 4 ft' 3. Sammie Young Virginia Williams Floy Willingham Cross J. W. Wilson Gail McWilliams Ethel McClure-Sponsor We f. : it "'- an ,: D . In ' V l 1' if-'rifp ' ' i V l I L .ffl "1 f me lAbovei Seniors Nathan Geurklnk President Barry -v v E6 2-we ,, - .- , V i f W L fri 4 e :v'uL!f l , al,-1, ,, , J ., . 1, , x" lg f.:-.1 if 1, x ,biriiifz b fu-,J Z4-5 vu? y' Galt, Vice-presidentp Sherry Grifiin, Secretary. ' lCenterl Sophomores: .lack Locke, President: dene Bush, Secretaryg Bill Loughridge, Vice dent. !Belowl Juniors: Wayne Watson, Presidentg Drummond, Secretaryg Donald Horne, Vice dent Clau- -presi- Patsy -presi- ,f 1,1110 7 . iiinl .' - ,. 't i f 't , , . - 3, Y he rig: ,... X 55: il 155' 'E fl nf 'f " W5 J .,VVAA A . milf, Lff' 'fn Sf , , l-.J un' v""-D I Q ,I , .i.," x I N' I, may iyj ' , D 'S v r f f ., ' n . - ,f--,sq ,I f .. - J--,543 ." -.5 1' If v 91 Lf,-S . l'i,,:'1-1, L',q,,r9,iw 1.4 . fx N I T' ' X. x.N . 58 . 1. 1 N. :e 1. n ELIZABETH DOLMAN ..,...... BA R RY GALT .................... . HERB HUFFMAN ......................,... BARBARA ENTRIKEN .,..... SHERRY GRIFFIN BETSY KLEIN ......... KENNETH TAYLOR .....,..... BOB MOTE .........Y........,,,.,....A........................... CAROLE COTTLE ,,..,.,.,,,., MARY JO WHITE BILLIE 'ii'o'sE"iiErIiis'LEiiQfQfQf DICK MILEY ..,...,................,........,,,......,............ RAE RADER PAT HARDY ...., ..,................. Y .. JUANITA ROBINETTE ...,.. BETTY ANN MAHER ......., GWYN HANN .......,.,.. EDDIE WHITE ..,.,,,..... PATSY TIPPS ....,.,.......... WILLIAM CHAPMAN ,,.,.,. MARDY STEELE ..,......,... PEGGY WILSON ,..,..,,,,,,. MORGAN MCCULLAR ...,... ,iq - . 1 ' V5 Preface ........ Dedication .....,......... The Powers That Be ...... Administration ....... Faculty ........,........ Student Council ....... The Printed Page, ..,.. . Criterion Staff ...... News of the Air ...... Library ...,.,.....,. Top Performers ...,..,............ National Honor Society ...,...... 3 .......4-5 .......6-10 1-14 15 16 17 18 19 20 i. .Q . .Nut ,...,...r........Editor-in-Chief .......,..Business Manager .,........Assistant Manager Art Editor ........,Feature Editors Sports Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,.Literary Editor Editor ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,Make-up Editors .,...,,,,.Departmental Editor ,....,.,.......Pictorial Editors Senior Editor .......,,,Senior Sales Manager ..,...,...,...,...,....Junior Editor ..........,Junior Sales Manager Sophomore Editor Sophomore Sales Manager ,,,,,,r,,,,ANews of the Air Editor Ardmoreite Reporter .,.......,..,......Photographer 5 . ' .- Learning the Ropes ....... ....,.. Industrial Arts ......... Visual Education ....... Home Economics .....,. Commerce ....................... Aeronautics and Driving ...... . Science .................................... , Office Assistants and Buglers ...... , Our Favorite People ,....,.....,... .... Senior Favorites ....... Junior Favorites A......,.,., ....,. Sophomore Favorites Junior Ryonis and Rotarians ...... Boy's and Girl's State and Career Conference .......,..... Music Hath Charms ..... ,...,. Band ........,.........,,,... Chorus and Sextet ........ 21 22 23 .....24-27 Sports ....... Pep Club ...v. Football .c.. 28 Basketball ...., Queens .........,......,., Other Sports ,c......,.....,... 38-39 40-41 42-43 ..,..,44-45 46 47 48 49 50-53 54-55 56-57 58-60 61 62 63-66 67-70 70-71 x 1 X ' 6 f g , In.-2 , as , A Y: f , ,, , 15 P" ui I Agar' Lil, - 4 sf I L',,,fj s I Jw 1 l ' 'N if X f , 199 . L rn! fi ZA E ini. C 'f-ek X 5, 4: Ari, 1 37 2 Orchestra .....,..... .. Musical Moments .,.....,............ Friends, Romans, Cowpokes ...... All-School Play ...........,.......,.,.....,. Choral Reading and Operetta ....... Debate .,.................................. Oratorical Contests ...... Clubs .................... 29 - - Girl's Physical Education ..,........................ . 30 The Tophand, The Tenderfoot, The Dude ....... 31 Senior Class ,...... 32 Junior Class .......... 33 Sophomore Class ..... 34 Class Officers .................... 35 36 Shades of Annie Oakley ....... . 72 73 74-82 83-88 89-93 94 95 I 1 'W 1 1 1 I 4 1 1 E 4 li 1 I 3 1 i 1 , ,W MA x 1.-. 1 1 - 'Wir .. . ...

Suggestions in the Ardmore High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Ardmore, OK) collection:

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