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1 .M 4Q,.4f.f, , My , if ,. M14 Y ,'Im,,u aj . 'WA' 'fif 1 77, ' . QW if dffi? ,qi Ayg, JJ V f If 3 ,- gf' I :','f"6V- ,'g"'V ' V 4 ' f ' L, 7 V, .. lv X L 4 O' if mm, wmv B E5 'Nw gi 5,5 af 1 wfmwkk X Q ,Kai QSM ,W W plfjyijbjj Vwgky NFS' YQ ipfffyw by wwg ww? wif! sp ik Nsfiw ,W HMM fgfiim D2 W, v X SV N IND Q ,X 'Q Q X 'NCD NN mix Jw lx I V 'Q x A' I t J Q' ,', ' V 'VA-.J ,q ., bk ny E I My is X f -V . 1 - FX: , J , 1 bi - V 5 K N 21 x ,Q X nf WAV' QW X51 RW KN ' ,QQ ND if , Q 1 Xl Cl Q - ggi 4 N 'f v V4 740 N ,p f v Qf"'o1 ' C Q X GK V . Q I ' V , Z-TN tx' iw Off f IRD! 65 ' f VIN 1 X X f ,L QP' Z ppl " X fi W L ,Ni X3 If Q Mlqjfblw V V Vs. 1 Q gx Y. Q, K r ' 3 -1 J -S J, ff 9 f I , , , W 1 4 K 'E l ,Xa v, ff xl X EQ '94 -S' faq' fi H Q 1 X 7 Yr- ' xg Nl X 42 ' m, Q 1 Q G3 wa N ' L ff- , ff Q 1 W A J F ' ' X ix QC Yi - ' 1 X O x A GQ! fe VD' fb K0 'Xxx -1 N Lg, -. .. I XXV M K., 43: J 59+ ,Q ff' M ff" Sc J pf 'SAX H Q w W L A L A ,Q ff lbffs -1' 4 4 .I 0 NL o JW A mt?-, Q9 5 S A? fy WMM WZWWJU Dime my 6, N JOAN C 1 J1iTf'5 W N I' Myri- if EM . .1 - vp A -I I 'A'- ,M W V , f , VV- ' all f' 1' ,qi-X . ' ,f I U U ll 1 QJ' J . 4-fy n yu L11 4 I f X .fu ' ff". ll? 'W Q 1 ,I Q ,X Ak ' 5, ' A J x, M ,i ' lk A i V I Y Cx I ' I A Lb V x 7, -S . xx Missa. f X bfqf V I 5 :xx , 'Xi ig 5 1 xxx. J jgllhb 14 , ' ff ,Fl bu x ,duff .N t Y, 1' I if C X f 'F ., K Qt lf' I X Q V , . lj ff 'S 1 .F ! ,X x Z9 I fy X 71' ,, V, I P-L .C ' ,I, -1' ,URL' X' T N ' U ' gf - N ., . X - fs ca, 'Q ' Xxx 'O f ' I 7 - if 3- Q' 15? MM r ' V, 4 4' ' lsffx A 'rv Ag . Ur ' ' xv' ' 1 lip! LV is-A' , X IP ' ' I '-'. M ,- iQ ' . . W I t ' rf if A Q' "3 fm mY ' nf '+ f MF Xxqprf I 1 J , AI !., W ff wa f bf mf . - if , pf " k f Y W ji A Q - JJP' x, ' Av f , XJJK I X A rr J? M lx, N 2 . 0, 1' ' , . X " 'f" J ' V I f . Q -Q J . 12- ' xi ij 'H ,ff 'RK fx N -JR Q, X I 1' ' ., N -1 ' ' Qwgff X x , f Ai ,mf fwxwi Q f ,M-Qxt ' 'V fg,1fffDJ ,7 ff' X Sl QQ B 1 4 I f X 6 I fm 1,,1f y, W Q , xl ' If L, sr 1, L In ' L 5 Jyfff W ,X X X ,ff ZQQVJ J P .I . lt 1' AA!! 'q'xA' f V , x ,fyf'N'1., 1 mf H V17 ' I KA?- , ,K 1 K x ,J ,RI H1011 The staff of the 1950 Criterion takes pride in ded icating this book to the members of the senior class because they, in their twelve years together, have at- tempted to manifest a true spirit of modern chivalry honesty courtesy and true sportsmanship It is our hope that chivalry as it is portrayed in this book and as it is practiced although sometlmes imperfectly by the members of this class may stimulate in all stu dents a desire to develop their own integrity gallantry and nobility of purpose THE CRITERION 1949 50 Annual Publication of the ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL Ardmore Oklahoma fr A Q BILL MARTIN d GENE PAUL MORRELL J WWQ M80 RALPH WALL A t Ed I v s , .. 9 A f ,Z ' MAUDELLEN NEWMAN, Editor-in-Chief I ' t A-vu' My g xx , 5 A V. ,',- kxX 'n 'c 4' lf 1' , if f TX Business ann rs 3 l X XX l X X Xx ! lfffpf 431252, ffl ifi If X xxx K ff X X f X A- X gn l ll 4-1..el ..f- "- YQ' ....,,,,-5 F' Y kin ':i'L -.., 1 , .- George D. Hahn, Superintendent To the Seniors of 1950: This class has always been particularly interesting to me-something special, so to speak. You and I both came into the Ardmore Schools at the same time, September 1938. Certainly I must accept great responsibility then for your educational progress. This I am happy to do. There will be other classes with their own distinctive appeals, but none will ever replace you. May you every one live long and prosper. Sincerely, 4 I GEORGE D. ANN 2' ' ,,Tf:t.151Z.4Ti -' . ,m,, V 4 4.. ',,. 221-iff' I Q77 KVM, , f' ' ' gi .i rf ' . , ""',E,'X 'A jr? i 5 I "1 - 32.5 ' TXTQ T J- Ai I 5 I Q I I-'I-I' 4 ' MURL H. PRICE, Principal To the Seniors of 1950: It is a distinct joy and privilege to be associated with the fine student body and faculty of Ardmore High School. I appreciate the friendly spirit of understanding and cooperation which is demonstrated every day. May I urge each of you to meet your problems with the confidence and ability that is yours. I sincerely wish for each student and faculty member the best of everything in life. Sincerely, 7?-Jyfffaiit. URL H. PRICE BOEIRD GE GDUGHCIOD ii' Left to right George D Hann T E Garnson Dr I Hoyle Carlock Ralph Sullivan Guy Grvms john Hendricks Chester Franklin For concrete results of careful plannmg as well as the less vxsxble accomphshments of bemg well read on what the modern hugh school should be luke employmg only the best of teachers and trymg to see that stu dents receive the latest mformatxon avaxlable on the subgects they are studymg the Ardmore Board of Edu catlon deserves our thanks and deep respect Dr J Hoyle Carlock Ralph Sulhvan Guy Gxvens john Hendncks and Chester Franklm have worked txrelessly and unobtruslvely at a task which carries no remuneratnon m a monetary way but only satis factxon m seemg the products of a well run school system find their place xn the cxty and state The most outstanding recent accomplxshments of the school board mclude the renovatxon of the hxgh school buxldmg and the addxtxon of a heanng and speech chmc Wxthm the last few years the audxo vxsual education program has been rapndly advanced In the future the board plans the renovatmg of the Jumor hxgh school buxldmg the constructxon of ,a new Douglas hugh school new audxtonums for Lmcoln and Franklm grade schools and two new elementary schools Sometxme ln the future they plan to add a guidance depaliment to the school system and always they are looking for new and better ways to xmprove the education of the young Ardmorexte 6 1 ' if ' A, M- lf! Q 1 S- t 'W v Iglrlf . g Z9 L r I .Q ' U f K W I -' ' 1 - - ' p ' - 1 A 1 h D 1 A 1 . ' . , . . . . - . . , . ' . - I s n 1 e 1 y l - 1 I , . ' . ' . . . . . . . . , . - . . . . . . . . . . ' . - . . , . . . . , . . . . , BUSID GSS' CHEF E z B M Mc O usmess anagef Assxstant to the Prmclpal Secretary G0 DWIN and Clerk A-1, WINIFRED D BROWN RSEOEQZN CHARLES E BAKER BRUCE BAHNER JESS ALFORD Attendance Supervxsor Coordinator Engmeer Custodlan Night Watchman T E Garnson busmess manager has been workmg at that posntxon for l-1 years He IS admlred by students and teachers ahke for his quret efflclency Mrs R E Goms Secretary to the prxncnpal has been here only a few months but xs provmg herself to be an effxcxent worker well as a cheerful frxend Mnss Ruth Harrls has been secretary to Mr Hann for seven years Durmg that txme she has capably taken care of much of the work that goes on behmd the scenes of operatmg the cnty schools Mrs lrene McGoodw1n Co ordmator of Elementary and Audxo Vxsual Educatxon has been m the Ardmore School System for hve years Thxs sprmg she attended the Convention of the Natxonal Assocratlon for Supervrsxon and Curriculum Development ln Denver She trams the projectlonxsts who show all the films durlng the school year Mrs Wmxfred Brown IS nmshmg her first year as Attendance Supervmsor for the Ardmore Clty Schools Mrs Brown keeps a record of the absences and tardxes of each student enrolled m the entxre school System The newest department m school Specnal Educatnon xs headed by Mrs Rose Solomon The most xmportant phase of this work xs the Speech and Hearmg Clmnc Mrs Solomon has worked m thxs department for one year and next year hopes to enlarge It Charles Baker hmshmg hrs tenth year wxth the school IS the heatlng engmeer but hxs work mcludes general mamtenance and onl mg all the squeaks m the mechanism of the school system Bruce Bahner custodxan has been m the school for e1ghteen years He keeps the buxldmg shmmg from cellar to fire escape and one example of the work he does xs sweepmg the steps he sweeps one hundred and thxrty one steps every day besxdes the floors Bruce wxll always be remembered IH the posxtlon we have seen h1m so many tlmes wavmg one hand whxle he wxelds the broom wxtl' the other JSI 9 N ll Know ye that on thrs seventh dav of February the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty Mary Gordon jones has been awarded our Drstmguzshed Servrce Cross rn honor of menronous service above and beyond the call of duty MRS E C IONES Former Assxstant to the Prmclpal 7 j ' V . ' . ' I . v T S t E I ' A . ' . .1 . , I ,nmur "N - . yujvlhf ' 'Q . 'A A- NA s: if lc, A- "fr" 'I ich . . ' . N r . V 'r Q14 F Q, , 'I , .l-N-' ' - -thanx'-. Q--lv ex 1 3 , xxx wr' X h W N . . T'S......r.. , ' 1 A . ' l . W l I' A - . . V, '53 ,l -fl GAIL MCWILLIAMS ALINE ARNOLD RAMONA B MADDEN Enghsh Il journahsm and Enghsh III Englxsh IV and Englxsh V :W Q33 1 LEIGHTON PEDDY Chemxstry and Physical Educatxon cxazc f Vw N 3 "9"X -11? BERN I CE BOW Commz rce JOE WINSTON EVERETT Mathlmatxcs and Physlcs ff-'Ill MABEL G WOLFE Latm LILLIAN G SCHENK Spanxsh and Englxsh III NANCY FRY Typxng and Speech -If M M ALTOM Shop IQ' EUGENE A TODD World Hlstory and Drnver s Educatxon 1:55 MARY BUSCH Home Economlcs GEORGE HOLLOWAY Athletxc Dxrec' fi SUSAN SCALLON f NINA OLIVER Mathematxcs Vocal Musxc and Physxcal Educatnon MUNCY RECE ETHEL MCCLURE Amerxcan History Lxbrary L j RAYMOND GABBARD Instrumental MUSIC 1,4-if R E GOIN S Bnology 9 we -,I A A , Ay W .5 K x , I f x 1 , ii ,, 1 2 ' ' A ,-.................. f , M .2 'A .L V . . S k . ' ' or E , '9 Y ' 4 A ' llxlmg ,Q X ' ,. V . l Q Q3 A I 0 "1 1 A I x .l A 0 1 X' ff. . .0 r, EIDIDG HORD5 STUDENT COUNCIL IUNIORS CRITERION BAND NATIONAL HONOR SOPHOMORES ORCHESTRA IO v jf! , ,nf .. N ,sf ' R -'r,i,, 'bl Q . Q i :T 3' ' , f ll , 3 ,J f T ,f 5 2 WX? DD ED ' WRESTLING FOOTBALL FOOTBALL NEWS OF THE AIR DRAMATICS SENIORS CHORUS 3ASKETBALL PEP CLUB l v A T q K 1 P A,,.T Wi 4 m XX 1 , J'-V, ' . V A l g' TT v A CRITERION STAFF 1950 Edltor ln Chlef Busmess Manager Asslstant Busmess Manager Semor Edxtor jumor Edltor Sophomore Edltor Semor Sales Manager jumor Sales Manager Sophomore Sales Manager Llterary Edltor Art hdltor Features Copy Edxtors Make up Editors Pxctorxal Edxtors Sports Edltor Departmental Edxtor Maudellen Newman B111 Martm Gene Paul Morrell Patncxa West Ehzabeth Dolman Mary Loulse Moore Bobby France Barry Galt Eddne Whlte Elaxne Hulse Ralph Wall Ida Sutton and Sue Stewart LeVerne Golns and Bob Boykm Manlyn Cohenour and Zara Kmkade Phyllxs Swartz and Delores Murph y Louis Munday LeVerne Goms SCRIBES OF THE REALM Maudellen Newman Gene Paul Morrell Blll Martm and Ralph Wall Three major pxeces of work are accompllshed each year by the journalism class In addxtlon to full txme classwork the members ednt the News of the Axr write school stones for the Ardmorexte and produce the Cnterxon The News of the Axr lS perhaps the only feature of IIS kmd m the state Phyllns Swartz edxtor has sought dxllgently for news and encouraged the procrastmators to meet the deadlme In arrangmg and edxtmg the news she has done a splendxd Job Gene Paul Morrell has wrxtten the edxtorxals whlch have apparently been effectxve Louxs Munda Bob Boykm and Gene Paul have wrxtten all sports stones and Lo rs gamed valuable expermence ln covermg for the Ardmorexte and The Daxly Oklahoman the basketball toumaments whlch were held thxs year m Ardmore Qglgges MLQQ1-gy has wrxtten the Per sonallty Column and the news from the musxc department The Ardmorexte has co operated excellently wxth the class by prmtmg all school stories submxtted Elame Hulse has wntten a major portxon of such news and has edxted Teen Talk a Sunday column of news and vxews of Southem Oklahoma teen agers The Cntenon staff has worked mdustnously to gxve students of Ardmore Hxgh School a txmely coverage of the news and a yearbook whxch wmll reflect school lxfe accurately In addxtxon to the names appearmg on the Crxterxon staff the name of Barbara Entrxken de serves especual mentxon It was Barbara who consxstently aided the work of the staff by makxng the numerous posters whlch appeared throughout the halls promotmg the actual progress of the book The staff smcerely hopes thxs book w1ll meet wrth the approval of the student body and that they w1ll enjoy xt for years to come as a por trayal of perhaps thenr happxest days-.hose spent m hxgh school Mrs. J. j. Arnold Sponsor . ,,,.w 4,419 , W f Back row, left to right: Glenna Montgomery. jack Geurkink, Bob Cathey, Weldon Savlor. Ramon Awtry, Maudellen Newman, Charles McCollum, Bill Martin, Elaine Hulse, and Gene Paul Morrell. Front row, left to right: LaVerne Goins, Ida Sutton, Marilyn Cohenour, Betty Webb, Jane Cathey, Phyllis Swartz, Eloize Bragg, and Mary Fraley. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Nation wide recognition is given to the National Honor Society and for this reason it is, in- deed, a great honor to belong to so worthy an organization. Not only scholarship, but also leads ership, character, and service are the qualifications influencing eligibility. Those who have merit- ed election to membership are Ida Sutton, LaVerne Goins, Mary Fraley, Bill Martin, Weldon Saylor, Elaine Hulse, Marilyn Cohenour, Maudellen Newman, elected in their junior year: Phyllis Swartz, Charles McCollum, Eloize Bragg, Glenna Montgomery, Bob Cathey, jack Geurkink, Ramon Awtrey, jane Cathey, Gene Paul Morrell, and Betty Webb, elected in their Senior year. Mrs. Lillian Schenk has competently led the National Honor Society since its organization in 1926. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Lambda Theta, and Phi Alpha Theta of the University of Missouri are the scholastic honors which show her exceptional qualification for leading these honor stu- dents. All students and faculty members admire her for her tireless efforts and wise guidance in making the Ardmore chapter of the National Honor society mean what it does to those who are chosen for it. Faculty and students elected Betty Webb for the D. A. R. Citizenship Award. This award is based on the characteristics of dependability, service, leadership, and above all patriotism. Betty has a fine school record and demonstrates a real enthusiasm not only in scholarship but also in many worthy organizations. jack Geurkink and LaVerne Goins were chosen by the faculty to have the honor of attending the Career Conference at Norman in early March. They heard helpful lectures from people who are outstanding in various fields and are experts in setting forth the demands of their careers. jack and LaVerne were feted and entertained along with other highschool students from over the state. LILLIAN G. SCHENK Sponsor BETTY WEBB D. A. R. Honoree JACK GEURKINK Career Conference fl LAVERNE GOINS Career Conference 13 Representative 1 vw WS 7 Mx ,z...b. f. Jbg a 1' 3 B, 1 M4 ,z IX '1 AA. X 065515115 W1 6 lf L seq-,FQ t if GEEIUGKRS MRS NINA OLIVER IDA SUTTON NATHAN GEURKINK MARDY STEELE Council Sponsor Presldent Vxce presxdent Recordxng Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Councrl one of the school s most xmportant organxzatxons IS usually taken too much for granted Some marked recogmtxon should be gxven to thls group of students who work wlllmgly to make school lxfe more mterestmg and pleasant A varled program of actmvxtres ms carried out by the councll 1ncludmg assemblles electlons partxes coronatlons and the All School Play Nancy Underwood chaxrman of the Assembly Commxttee arranged all the entertamment features for the stu dent body Assxstmg her were Barry Galt Betsy Klem Patsy Drummond LaVerne Goms and Al1ce Bartee An unusual project fat least for Ardmore I-Irghj was the edrtlng of the Student Dxrectory and Handbook Man Iyn Cohenour directed thus work wlth an effxclent hand Betty Dolman Mardy Steele Eddle Whlte Tema Colbert and Betsy Klem also served on the commxttee Marllyn also was hnstorlan and kept a councll scrapbook Ballotmg for the Student Councll electrons class electlons and queens of varxous OI'g8l'llZ3t1ODS IS orgamzed by the Councll and thxs year lt was carrmed on quletly and efflclently as before Several all school partxes were gxven by the counc1l mcludxng the party at the Y after the Idabel game and the party at Whxttmgton Park celebratmg our wmnmg all dxstrlct football champxonshrp Especxally enjoyable were the unxque races and contests at th1s event Parades and coronatlons observmg speclal events of the year were planned and executed by the members of the I6 Q C Y' " 7 V Y Y Y Y 7 - ' . . - . . . - . . ' 7 Y I 7 . . , . , Wx: . Npunn Hrs ,-Q It 41 'lf Q -rf LAVERNE GOINS AUBREY CULLINS JACK GEURKINK BETSY KLEIN Corresponding Secretary Sergeant-at-arms District President State Vice-president Council. For a queen to reign regally on a throne for only a few breath-taking moments involved many hours of work by members of the council who made the thrones and planned all the ceremonies. The all-school play, sponsored annually by the Student Council, was especially pleasing this year: "Fresh Air" with its all-star cast included not only members of the council, but students from all three classes in the school. The Student Activity room was completely re-decorated by the Council: and it was refurnished by members of the faculty and by members of the organization, and promises to have many uses for the school in the years to come. Proof of the Council's benevolence is offered in the form of checks it gave to the Pep club, in a typewriter for the Activity room, in its pleas at Christmas for toys for underprivileged children, and in its benefit talent show to raise funds for the March of Dimes. Betsy Klein was vice-president of Oklahoma State Student Councils this year, and presided at the convention at Madill in December. jack Geurkink was president of District Councils and presided at the ldabel meeting in March. Don Oxford and Barry Galt attended the Southern Association of Student Government at Charleston. West Virginia. Weldon Saylor was a representative to the National Council Meeting last june in Denver, Colorado. This year the Student Council has been thoroughly active and serviceable. Its persistent and efficient leader, Ida Sutton, has done her job conscientiously and commendably. The members of the council extend to Mrs. Oliver thanks for assisting them in every way possible and always working with the interest of the Council at heart. ll x ,gr , , it 3 -A- " 4 A'A' 1, N43 ,Sv 'khx 1 79:2 , f , ,rr ' FRESH AIR CAST.: Standing left to right: Elaine Hulse, Gene Morrell, Bob Dennis, Doris Ward, jan Lovell. joy Cobb, Ida Sutton, Flavil Yeakley, David Poe, Mrs. Nina Oliver, Nancy Underwood, Dick Miley. Bill Martin, Tom Singletary, and Ralph Wall. Seated: Eddi Rue McClanahan, Patsy Brown, Bobbye Bowers, and Maudellen Newman, , v if wif? .r' X X -Vf' I I f , ,MY ' Q5 l X F i vt ORATORS OF A. I-I. S. Left to right: Eddi Rue McClanahan-'gold med- al winner: Doris Ward-silver medal winner: LaVerne Goins-bronze medal winner. Center left: Betsy Klein-1949 gold medal winner. Lower left: Bob Dennis, Carole White, and Barry Galt--finalists. EU? 12 7 ,wwlurlmums-5 I ll hi lf' Y xN 1 Eddi Rue McClanahan, sophomore, won top honors at the forty-sixth annual oratorical contest, with Doris Ward sophomore, winning the silver medal. Senior LaVerne Goins placed third to win the bronze medal. Eddi Rue's oration was "The Promise of America," while the other winners spoke on "Golden Windows" and "For the Bell Tolls." Other finalists in the contest were Bob Dennis, senior, and Barry Galt and Carol White, juniors. This year's contest was one of the best in that all classes exhibited sportsmanship in their class demonstrations, and the spirit of rivalry did not surpass the feeling of friendliness. ix Y -I 1 , ,,' W-v YK X., 4' ' 1 2 rp... Ofg f f wwf Left to right Alxce Bartee Dorxs Ward Flavll Yeakley and jan Lovell SPEECH DEPARTMENT MAKES STEADY PROGRESS A comparatlvely new addxtlon to Ardmore hxgh school IS the Speech Department dlrected by Nancy Fry Somc of thc act1v1t1es partlclpated 1n by the speech students are Presentatxon of humorous and dramatlc llterature oral xnterpretatron of poetry panel dxscusslon antlnpubllc address Varrous hopefuls entered tournaments at Durant and Ada and some came home bearlng the laurels of vxctory A total of seven assemblles were presented by th1s department throughout the year mcludmg one act plays demonstratron debates and mmstrel shows Resolved That the Pres1dent of the United States be elected by the dlrect vote of the people Thls statement the debate questlon of the year was carefully studxed sweated over and struggled with by the eleven members of the debate class Desplte the fact that the green sophomores are ribbed and bellttled by the upper classmen these students have d1st1ngu1shed themselves by representlng the entrre student body ln the art of refutatlon To begm the 1949 1950 season these up and commg debaters encountered Sulphur m slx practxce tourneys Debates were glven before the Junror hrgh Enghsh classes for practlce and also to attract future debaters Feelmg that obsewatron of other debaters at work would be beneflcral the group went to Denton to llsten to debates held at North Texas State Teachers College Fmally after much blood sweat and tears thls ambltxous group ventured forth mto the tournaments held at Durant Shawnee and Acla They emerged vlctorlous at trmes and at others somewhat daunted but each person felt he had beneflted from every contest These debaters who have cred1tablyrepresentedA H S are jan Lovell Flavll Yeakley Alxc Bartee Gwynn Hann Dons Ward Tanya Colbert Jena Vayve Tuck Tom Smgletary Jlmmy Renfro Charles Collms and john Caldwell I f A ,241 44 Left to nght Gerald Glazener, Sydney McNabb, and Lajuana West F9 if 1. fra 0 full. xxx N X '. l xX Z X Z 9 f A 271' 1 1,1 N ,fm N 20 X S Left to nght Allce Bartee Nan Smmth Bobbxe Bowers Delores Murphey The Gxrl s Trxo a new addltuon to the muslc department thls year has been one of the busmest OI'gEiI'llZ3tlOIlS IH school The glrls sang at the State Student Councxl Conventlon ln Ma dlll ln autumn and attended the choral contest at Durant ln Aprll also they have sung for numerous assemblxes for the oratorlcal contest and have been the guests of churches and CIVIC groups ln Ardmore UU' 1?g Off f Standmg left to nght Marmlyn Shores Laquxta James Anne Labbalt Nan Smlth Bobbye Bowers janet Lane Betty Dolman Peggy W1lson Dorotha Evans Betty Hendricks Delores Murphey and Nancy Underwood Seated Alxce Bartee Strams of llltmg musmc have often wafted through the halls of A H S as the mne mem bers of the Trlple Trxo and themr alternates have practlced for thexr concert m May Thls tal ented group has had no regular class penod but has met every day after school They have sung for varlous c1v1c clubs churches school assemblles and furmshed the music for the coro natlon of the Smawxk queen My --- g --. h Ei E rf , . :S i lil A .L 3 , y xl jo T J , . . K N 7 - . ...Q . . v -r . . ' I N. . ,l A . 3 ,gif L g we A , .-crm X, . 2 4 , , in ' - F -S it X . K , . .- V B 1 O 1 s - V Q I In f l Q l 7' QQ 'hs Mauzdqx L.,' l m lf .iff S7 ., lx We xkvl . . I h Q t U lg U Flrst row left to rxght Scallon Meek Trurtt Hensley Brxstow Edens jones Allen P1erce Folsom Second row Phxlllps Shores Lane Champmon Harvey Drummond Wxlllams and Boyer Thnrd row Nance Black Phelps Fowlkes Rxcketts Bowers Horstman Padgett Creecy james Evans and Hendricks Fourth row Smnth Brooks Yeakley Mc Bryde Carter and Suggs Thxrty nme muslcally mclmed boys and gurls enrolled at the begmnmg of the school year to blend thelr vorces and muslcal efforts rn the mlxed chorus These students under the dx rectlon of Mlss Susan Scallon gave an mspxrmg and xmpressxve Chrxstmas tableau Scenes from the Chrxstmas story were portrayed on the stage wxth musxc formmg the background Outstandmg voxces were Barbara Bowers Bob Denms and Nan Smlth I-zrst row left to nght Dons Ward Marjorxe Murray Frances Essary jean Mooneyham Second Row Phylhs Swartz james Hamxlton Glen Reagor Cletus Brewer Thzrd Row james Lane Davld Dragg Rae Whxte Harold Berry Edwxn Zellner Fourth Row Charles Combs john Holloway Dlck Mlley Ardmore Hlgh s orchestra rs part of the schools well rounded muslc department Al though It IS relatnvely small wrth 16 members lt does much to provlde the muslc student wlth a chance to acquamt hrmself wlth the classlcs and other orchestral materxal Under the dlrectlon of Raymond Gabbard the orchestra has had a busy and extremely enjoyable year In january the organlzatlon provlded an assembly for jumor hlghSChO0l Or chestra s presldent IS Cletus Brewer 1 qu 2 A 6 , .- ' 6 " ' ' s - 4 , X L - - - 7 5 5 , Q sb A f 111. . A L34 if . 5 E . - , Jw I K 1 1' . . i, , N , 6 6 A . . 5 Q0 5 X42 Presxdcnt of Student Councll and a feature cdr tor of thc Crxtfrron lcia Sutton was thc Choxcc of the SCUIOYS for Outstandmng rl That she rs we rounded IS shown by her scholastxc abnlnty as wfll as her SOC1dl leadershnp Loglcal cholcc of has classmates for Outstandmg Boy was Weldon Saylor A presxdent of hrs class member of the football team student councxl and Natlonal Honor Socxcty he always worked with the lnterest of hxs classmate IH mmd ff Q! lNIona Wlckcr s pcrt saymgs havf will van her the tltle of WlttlCSt g Chosen by he-r classmates she IS tht senlors cheerful Cherub Who else could be wrttzcst boy but Happy jack Longmo' Hrs clever say mgs and carcfrfe manner never fall to delxght hrs classmates and assocxatcs 22 Q40' gr 3 Wt 'EVO , s ,Q Y A X y ,Of Q, ff , az f I - f. , ki ,,,, xy . M L of ",2 ' Friendly, warm, jok- ! If gfsalilfiffliiiyfhii is a favorite, not only with his classmates, but also with all others who know him. Nancy, who has a kind word for all, was selected as sweetest girl by her associates. She is gracious and friendly to casual acquaintances as well as to her personal friends. . . duff 04'-I my ., K .AAJ-U-.1 to 3294.3-f Qu-4-sd!-Z .J ' ,Q Afvfuifviv-'-i fo! yl Poise, lovely features, and beauti- ful blonde hair sum up a good defi- nition for Patsy, selected by her class as the prettiest girl. Friendliness, a keen sense of humor, and vivacious- by ness add to her beauty. X Sparkling brown-eyed, black-haired jerry Coleman was selected by the ' seniors as handsomest boy. This newcomer is the football glamour boy of Ardmore High. 23 RDIG3 HDD EEIR JAMES BAXTER WELDON SAYLOR MARTHA HENRY Vrce presrdent Presrdent Secretary Suggestrons for the copy on thrs semor page mvolved dozens of rdeas whrch were submrtted thought over and drscussed by members of the Crrterron staff Ambrtrous rdeas from a few students were labeled stuprd corny or srlly by others and were eventually drscarded After edrtors had done more thrnkrng and more scratchrng of therr offrcral heads rn vam search for new and dxfferent vrewpornts most of the orrgrnal suggestrons were retrreved from the waste basket the labels gently bmshed off and more debatrng started And rn the end the Who s Who rdea was thought to be pleasmgly preferable In the Kmg s Royal Band Bob Cathey has wrelded the baton as drum major for two years whrle Phylhs Swartz and Randall Towry play oboe and clarmet respectrvely Phylhs has the drstmctron of berng the only grrl rn the Communrty Band besrdes berng band lrbrarran Workmg alongside the school band as heralds rn the march are four hrgh stepprng twrrlers jane Cathey Elorze Bragg Pat Brooks and Patsy Heed In vocal musrc Bob Denms 'QQ-lgges Mur hy and Nancy Underwood are outstandmg The offrcers of the Grrls Chorus Janet Lane Delores Wrllrams an ckery are members of the semor class For promrse rn art the class honors Ralph Wall Bob France Jane McLean and Pat Prerce Of these France and Wall mrght also be noted for cartoomng especrally at campargn trme and Wall drd all the rllustratmg rn thrs Crrtenon Wrts who would do well at any Krngs court as Jesters are numerous but especrally notable are Delores Mur he Merlame Brrstow Mona Wrcker Jack Guerkmk Buddy Rresen Jerry Coleman Jackre Longrno affix' BoyEm Our engagmg actors gentlemen and ladres of the stage rnclude Nancy Underwood Bob Denms Pat West Ida Sutton Gene Morrell and Patsy Brown Nancy Bob Gene and Patsy have wowed audrences rn three all school plays and Ida s performances as fussy club woman wrn her the admrratron and the laughter of all who see her per form Elame Hulse and Pat West are also popular for therr drrectmg and are presrdent and vrce presrdent respec Lawrence Staples left us rn September to take hrs semor year nn The Thomas Jefferson School rn St Lours but he along wrth Weldon Saylor Ida Sutton Betty Webb LaVerne Goms and Elarne Hulse should be remembered for therr fme leadershxp They have repeatedly crusaded on unselfrsh mrssrons for the glory of Ardmore Hrgh School Frrendlmess the essence of courtesy rs abundant rn the class but several grrls-Betty Webb Nancy Underwood Pat Brown Ida Sutton and Wrlda Gentry are among the frrendlrest Bruce Thompson Bob Warner Earl Luckey Lours Munday Bud Rersen Wade Henry Gene Morrell and Bob Denms rate as perhaps the frrendlrest boys rn the class of S0 Enthusnastrc senrors who carry the emblazoned banner for Ardmores red and whrte and support the school rn all rts projects are a fine addrtxon to the group James Baxter Nancy Underwood Betty Webb Jane Cathey Maud ellen Newman Gene Morrell Bob France Wade Henry and Jack Longmo are our pepprest heralds of the class The Prrnce Charrmngs rn the class rnclude Harry Dodd Bud Rresen Jack Spratt Weldon Saylor Gene Mor rell Jack Geurkxnk Ralph Wall Jerry Coleman Lours Munday Kenneth Johnston and Clyde Wayman Woodley Farr ladres who lend beauty to the general scene are numerous but gallant observers especrally note Shrrley Mannrng Zara Kmkade Marrlyn Cohenour Pat Brooks and Elorze Bragg In the freld of home makmg our marrred semor Jo Ann Bahner Cranford tops the lrst Close behmd her strll workmg to perfect therr skrll are Pat Brown La Juana West and the Morgan twms Martha and Montra who are rrvals rn every sense of the word Perhaps the most rmportant phase of school actrvltres rs scholarshlp smce leammg rs the prmcrpal prrvrlege of each student Headmg the class as our brams are Mary Fraley Phylhs Swartz LaVerne Goms Ida Sutton and Maudellen Newman Doubtless a few names have been overlooked whrch should occur on thrs page but these outstandmg senrors have been named rn our Who s Who because of therr frne contrrbutrons to the class These are the ones who have consrstently led the class rn nts many fme accomplrshments the true knrghts and ladres of l950' MISS MUNCY RECE Sponsor nh 3 , ' ' ' ' ' M ' H ll lf . ' ' ll D Il ' a . . . , . . . ' ' . . ' . , U , . . - . . C . ' . , . . v l - - vt . I ' trvely, of the Dramatic Club. , U I I . . ' 1 D 1 v - V 1 v 1 ' . - v Y v ' Q I Q' f r .I 1 I 'a M "3 HOWARD ALLNUTT WENDELL ATKINSON MARY ANN AUSTIN RAMON AWTREY Eat Gxrls Steppmg hugh Queens Zack-'32 P KENNETH BALL f Z GLENNA SUE BANKS Sleeping Lnstemng to the raduo xxx Lx f.! A , if LZ53 P'wi'U'W 1, R f 1' 'QR JAMES BARRETT Ag CATHRYN BASS Snooker Wrestling Jays 7-UVG Partymg fab JAMES BAXTER EMMA JANE BEARD EULA MAE BERRY OLEN BOUTWELL Rae Rader Wrxtmg letters Arr Force Bowling " A 'Q - J I 1 D - , iirrz , , ' fe , ,,, R K S r. ' f 9 vu . v", .5:Q'-iii I Q ,- P an fx' -'AV.'V' A. .D '17-zrz., l ' E v?:0:.:,H','- - Asgu I 562' ' L . l "' I I -' 432.34301 '-53. ., U - 'I 1. -. . ' V X I .- . n 531' 'P 4 ' ' S ' 4 FTW --:--.:o ff'-" 3 ' . 1 ' Q ' 411. ' " ' - 'K I. ,211 , A Q ul., . , ' 1 Jw 9 A117 .-11. ' fu 0 A ff U .ff ' . - ' T., " '. Ti- ' W if 1' il L- T.. I - f:f3::'Q- ' X , ,A 1 f 'f V I 5:12 'lt' A ' flfli' X - L' 1 ,.---fig? YP 472: X - "- Q --'ff-feiig-15. 4 -V M- gfgir' ' Q , 1. ' gg-fig Mvkx - f 741' A , XXX? ffgi-1" A - A V 3 P ' ,fr f f t.: -if 531' K, ' N, fav' 4' 'ffl ,V - ' I f X f X W ,fit X 1 X f" N f N ,Ax K . , ,A A I--E A , X N y ' . I .. K X B 1 f 4 X! f WM , X, Xxx K an . A. I M. - 'ff ' - i' " f 'K M "' Q ' ' ' N .D ' rr I 'I 4 4 Xl 2 A ,L ' r 1 , ,S f l T 9 1? 'fe QQ LAURA BOW BOB BOYKIN ELOIZE BRAGG Church Wxre recordmgs Twxrler Sv PAT BROOKS Wade Y? PATSY BROWN Play pro football DONALD BUTLER MARIE CALVARY HENRY CARTER MERLAINE BRISTOW Partymg MARY BETH BROWN Mall from Calxforma 4 A ROSS BURNETT Wrestlxng Pi BOB CATHFY Baseball johnny Plano Spccchcs - 11' JANE CATHEY GERALD COBB MARILYN COHENOUR JERRY COLEMAN Go jerry ads molscllc F1F1 od Time Blondes 1 01 -5 LAWRENCE CONWAY Cvaeolmc Boy ff EUGENE COOK Sophomores ,,.f' ,IOHN CORNELL Good scholarshmp Vf6!L CLARKE COULTER Wresthng I? fin MADRA COWAN WANDA DAY BOB DENNIS HAROLD DILLARD Bxll Pete Vxrgnma Explore or tmker ,.0"lq-Q ,f-QQ if PAT DOCKERY HARRY DODD DOROTHY DOOLEY MELBA DRY Dancxng wlth Bxll Monroe Q ELVA FOSTER Volleyball 19' BOBBY Loafmg ef ,em fi '15 2 Readmg MARY FRALEY BY WILDA GENTRY Bob 28 JACK GEURKINK GERALD GLAZENER LAVERNE GOINS JUNE HARVEY Long Trlps Money and Automobiles Gettmg letters P001 Shark 5 nfs T 4? JIMMIE JOY HILL PATSY HEED MARTHA HENRY WADE HENRY Dancmg Datmg Track Y MARY LOUISE HOLDER Skatmg ELAINE HULSE Wntmg JOE HUTCHINS Wrestling OUART Carl ,ur K' BOYD HOWELL Baseba PATRICIA HUSTON Males 'U PAT JACKSON KENNETH JOHNSTON JANICE KINCANNON Travellng Basketball Charles , C 7' V Q r ' ' f ' 'I I K' f, , V Q '. . I A fc. I ,A S . A O A -- f Ox 'X v '. I Z.. X ,' ' ' ll . . Z , 4 V , I - I f nh 1 ' 'U K . -' i I Ov AI X X X, u. A I 'if 1 ' . . f 1 1, O I J . 4 Ji A ' 30 vs I-Tp " C 5 Z fs ?i i gu1 ZARA KINKADE ANNE LABBAIT MARTHA LACY JANET M Y F Pres Mi Eatmg Bx -Q E W1 X X X fx x U x rf X Suk '9'-ku 4- ff! SULLIVAN LAVERS JACK LONGINO Pool K' Xl Q Football and Pool l 74 f lflllff- f2L.l f I l ff ff E ff l F 'WX f f7WZ4Z'5fW M 14? A If .Q my I X ftp ls f I lf ff! , 1 W v fy If "X :isfZ74f?5'4?C 'f0Zf f lu ,fy ,Mfr 1' f 1 f ff if 1-:ARL LUCKEY 1 ,N X, JOE MCBRYDE Baseball TE? xg -3 ff Plunkxn and slngm CHARLES McCOLLUM JANE MCLEAN WAYNE MCPHERSON SHIRLEY MANNING Makmg radxos Boys and baseball Football Wendall ' , ,u V , k Q' f W A Q' 1- I -A . it A l y P ,QM Y " ,I - - . . . . ' 'll 7f1jff'f' as L? ' " 7, y ' sa ff A L sal rqax I 'Q . ' U . 4 .4 X X YV .AA .at-. h , H. 1' ilaf, Q ssl N4 sa ffffs Ws+.-xs,l . rfffiigifli 1" 1 ' n f ' A lg ' , J ., 'V L 'f M' QM - P- 4 Ml '. . . .1 ,. .. f , V, ,A ,kj ,WH Q fx gg 7: A' ,fp-f 4 X lf, I I , ,. I , J, ,A f, . i ' 4 , ,jg .4 --2 .iw 'ff QM? f Z . : ff!" ' all Q Z' 'N 4,0 W vga- 1 g I lf' ,f 1 99 r,. "" ,fi , -9" I I . 1 ' . . ff' new 1 Zia ., lf 5, J' all gzwff fy ff A- - - i-V" .5 ,'.71f2,f"1f X . ,- , 55 ' f f !'f' lf! S K gf. - . 5 J .1 ,K 5 , U f I ' f J blyl. fi- V, fff,,T'f' f' zfffiyfafifdif f '1 awww 236 ff, ? -Q '07 , ,f- ., 1' X' ,f H 4 ' wig' wa'--' 3 I 241' 'f' X V J i". .. gi' f ,X 4'--Y K fyf , fvffW'4l ,fi 6' W Qfiih iPSl+ ig J . 5 ' 1 W' " 4 ' K " 1. , f" f 'I H ff X122-3" ' p LP a s 1-,V 5 ff ff , ' .- ffl 1 , , 9 ' fx as 121 A f , S74 .2 1 ,ff Q, r f J E , 'A -, -' A ,17 fs ' mf .Lfff ' .- f Nfl A "f ff if ' ff' ..-- -' f 1 f ' w . A . ,V 'f ' ff L' 271 F "V l f A fl 'L J x 0 f 4' 4541, fl by V, X C 5 f J ' .- -2:43 fb X f f 1 f X af' M 1 ..-fmqals: f K , X" ,J ' 1, W , asf: if V4fW?MQ?'- E,f- fr -E, 'fy 'Z ' ff, " fgjh f -1'A"7'lE.IIl7fZf I-' L ff - J " L . r V K V- .1 4. I ,, V5.1 , ggilggx z .. , I it 5 ,. A L' ,- if .K-I., -. . K fL ,, 'ff , ,,. fri? , j4:r:- ii f -1.11 taht? , J - 5' fy ,f X . I . , f ,Er ia' tg, 5x5-, V-Hi H ,, - X L, - . fi J. if I Zv- BILL MARTIN W, A. MAULDIN GENE MORRELL JOYCE MEEK Criterion Business Mgr. ""' 'J' " " ' ' ' Chorus nr f-mn., GLENNA MONTGOMERY MARTHA MORGAN Males Fishing I? MONTRA MORGAN LOUIS MUNDAY Fishing Hunting and football DOLORES MURPHEY MAUDELLEN NEWMAN DAN NEWSON GERALD ORR Chasing Weldon Dlfitmg Poker Snooker ., XA 4 A.. ,f ' L J '15, R X , , I , 4 G J , , Z r , U R 'IO' t ., i . , 'U' .K F i " , I .. -... 'L' , V: dv 'Z Q if f gg, " ' . la ' ,Y Wx , 'V 1 ' y. ,j e -'K 3' fr .L . 4.4 'FG L-1' . DORICE PALMER BETTY PARKER VICTOR PEDEN Art comment Fishing ,xx SX i I I li 41 XXQX KI I X X X h , vi! LULABEE PIERCE PAT PIERCE Navy Ardmore High --i1 Mx F"- xgxi. " f DAVID POE Pingpong l 40' KENNETH QUAID PEGGY RAUM BUDDY RIESEN WELDON SAYLOR Whistling Richard Girls and basketball Hunting I , ff' tix ,-L VIRGINIA SCARBORO CLYDE SHAW JERRY SHELLEY GENE SORRELLS judge cattle Courtm Audio Vision Fan Poolhall 1 4 'T' SHARLENE SPEER JACK SPRATT oe The fair scx ff SUE STEWART IDA SUTTON Richard Far away places " f If PHYLLIS SWARTZ BRUCE THOMPSON RANDALL TOWRY NANCY UNDERWOOD News of the Air See good movies Hunting Buzzards Roost is REBECCA WAI-DEN RALPH WALL SHIRLEY WALTERS Fmhmg for straws X Wm ,Q ,g ,df BOBBY WARNER Loaf mg NN- X Z- X Z WEBB X '07 56 X ,Y XR LA JUANA WEST Gradudtmg fab CN -4' RITA WI-IITTAKER MONA WICKER ALMA WILLIAMS Swlmmmg Socxals Skarmg GROVER WELLS I-Iuntmg 34' 1 PATRICIA WEST Cookmg for Kell If' W DOLORES WILLIAM jack - Q H-cv 5, I ' - ' If , , fig I Q 55 1' ' I , XX . f 'Lil ff 'K oi' 'R ix. - '- - fl , f if . XX' K r ifLLl, , , ,fg N"---V I W I V V K if Y . -f J . W . xl Y. , I M ix Q if - ' X, If outdoors f N W' g 1 - Q - ' f 'X xx I f- ,, ,, X f 5 Q ,i . ' K V ' ,, , f ff' I V' Y I A I if J! V ,fff A , X ' , , - I - . I 2 U , ' I,I- b it I A,.,. r . YP g Wh A-41.12 A. if Q i U 'Kim XXX jp I V L- X X j ' ' Yi ,. I 4' Q , - H - ' . .He A A 34 . . . . f sa c v K ' 'Q . .A F CLYDE WOODLEY PEGGY GEE JOAN BAHNER To pass English W. A. Mauldin CRANFORD Getting Married in 9 lffl .QS One of the colorful events of the autumn parade The three con vertrbles of the candrdates who were jxmmxe joy Patsy and Queen Delores were decked gaxly ln red and whxte The band and the hugh steppmg twmrlers preceded all the cars ln the pre game festxvxtxes In the center of the page IS a typxcal actxon hot of one of the most generally loved characters m our class Lawrence served as class presxdent mn our Jumor year but chose to take hrs senxor year ln the Thomas jefferson School ln St' Louis where he has maxntaxned hns usual hxgh scholastic standards "' un . xx J J E V nl K 1 ' A Q Q 5' , 1,1 xx. ' xl 1 F 5 , ' np, y . L ltr . ,L ' L s I H. 4 4' K 1 l. , E 0-.. 1 ' ' I-K., l l ' " s 1 . , -A is 3 , I s 1 , ff ' g 1, fy . F y g so K , i 'U I In Q. ' J ,, v L fl x 18 A leader rn her class and wmner of last years oratorlcal contest Presldent of hrs class an actxve member of the football team Betsy Klexn was selected Ideal Gnrl She ms frxendly considerate and an honor student make the cholce of Bxll Read by h1s classmates mtcllngcnt and always wxllmg to help whenever needed as Ideal Boy an excellent one He ns well mannered and has a most pleasmg f Naturally the Jumors' choxce for jollxest Boy was Nathan Hrs A cheerful 'and gay Sherry was the choxce of the Jumors as good humored nature and corny Jokes are always welcome xn any jollxest Glrl She always wears a smxle and brmgs smlles to her rou g p frnends as well 36 V Xxx ,. W ' r 5 at 'ff I :VV ' A b Z ,. -v K . X mv. li ' i omiz A off Q NATHAN GEURKINK MRS JOE BUSCH Vxce preszdent Class sponsor SHERRY GRIFFIN BILL READ Secretary President Hall ye kmghts and ladxes' Welcome to the Halls of the jumor Class' We have been antxclpatmg your vlslt so we have prepared a processnon of our most talented vahant and noble examples of junxor knlghthood If the reader will reserve judgment and take h1s place ln the revxewxng stand the class hlghlxghts w1ll parade before hxm Here come the Heralds' They are the best m the busmess Under the able dnrectxon of Sxr Gabbard these hkely youths have proved thexr worth Lxsten' They re trumpetmg the arrwal of the mxnstrels These lads and damsels are wxdely celebrated for thexr charm and song and are well establxshed m the Court of Musxc But what s thxs comxng behmd the m1nstrels9 It s the members of the Royal Order of the Plgskm' The Order s most lllustrlous members are S1r Dlck Lxddell Slr Kenneth Taylor Snr Thad Day Sxr Robert Scott Snr B111 Read and Snr Carl Atkmson These kmghts have rndden vxctorlously home from battle and have been placed hxgh ln the Halls of the Jumor Class just behmd the Order of the Plgskm comes the trxumphant Royal Order of Muscle Men These mxghty wrestlers have come to gxve us an example of thelr prowess Snr Nathan Geurkmk Sxr Blll Cypert and the Kmghts Hudson and Houston Boydston have bested the most agile of challengers and have mamtamed a reputatxon that makes the1r competltors quake nn thenr royal armor Of course the next m our processxon are the Kmghts of the Basketball These kmghts have proven to the jumor Court and the rest of the Kxngdom the great skxll and abxlmty wnth whxch they carry on thenr joustxng games These knights who grace the royal play mg floor are Sur Carl Atkinson Snr Dlck Lxddell and Snr Kenneth Taylor As these shxnxng examples of kmghthood pass from vxew the Heralds come forth agaxn and blow a blast for the scrlbes and councxlors They come xn wlth slow and measured tread but don t let that fool you These Juniors are as llvely as the jesters ln the Royal Court' Some of these are the noted Ladies of Beauty and Brains Lady Peggy Wxlson Lady Betsy Klem Lady Mardy Steele Lady Maxme Black and Lady juanxta Roblnette And now wnth much ado and great flounsh have arrlved the Jumor Players with a play for the entertainment of all' These actors have made the Court sparkle wrth laughter as they have enacted thelr amusmg skxts throughout the year Lady Betsy Klem Snr Nathan Geurkmk and Lady Mardy Steele now take thexr places of honor among the rulers of the Kang dom Lady Betsy xs vlce pres1dent of the State s Councll and Sxr Nathan and Lady Mardy are vice presxdent and secretary of the local Councxl respectxvely Lxsten to that fanfare' Here comes the Ruler of the Halls of Jumor Class' None other than the xllustnous Snr Bull Read' He as accompamed by h1s advlsors Lady Sherry Gr1ff1n and Sn' Nathan Geurkmk the scnbe and vxce Councilor Snr Bill advances to the Banquet Hall where he IS Jomed by hxs sage and fnend Lady Mary Etholyn Busch' It xs saxd that she xs responslble for keepmg these great halls runnmg so perfectly And now last but not by any means least come the pert jumor cheerleaders Lady Peggy Glover and Lady Betty Read to lead us ln a great rousmg yell for the Halls of jumor Class' 37 , . . , - v - , . . . A , . . , . . . , . . . . , . . , . . 1 - v 1 - - . 1 v , . 1 - ' v v - 1 . . . . . , r - 1 , . n s - n v ' n 1 ' ' , . v 1 n n l vi!!! If 1V,,1,,4. 5 v lr . if C -1' 5 Q SQ " .1 Y A S 3 Bill Cypert Gary Davidson Elfrcda Day Thad Day 90 x ,f ' H . Elizabeth Dolman May Ellen Dooly Nancy Dulaney Billie Marie Edens N 4 as f r Y b " ff -1? 'Q f G V ' i .. -253 - f: 5 3:3 as in A-all Barry Galt Barbara Gill Nathan Geurkinl-c Jodie Gilstrap 401 Kirk Gray Sherry Griffin Hal Hall Patricia Hardy ,fag ff' Fifi 3 'I ' kk.-9. Billie Rose Hensley Gay Herron Orlcna Hillsberry Dan Holder L . - 1 , All f '1 Louise Denison David Dickinson C K V a., 'fn X ' X 'f 'T ' v Barbara Entriken Dorotha Evans r 1547 ' Q Monte Givens Peggy Glover Ortrey Hawley Roy Hearon Patsy Ruth Howie Herb Huffman 39 3? -we F1 :iii 7' . 4? V f , QQ-lv .V y ,N K X , Vw, . n V,-.-1 ,p, P3fSY Hunter AIO Ann Jones Le-atrice jonf-s Sam Jonss Dale King ,fx Pfiggy Leis Lajuana Lrwls ,L ,L-an Q 1' A, 51" I . 1 Allen MCBCC Bill McCarthy ,,,,-Q. -vs ,4 .Q 2 i , - ' ,--q. fr, X -3 l V 'H v Dunk Lidclz-ll Bvtly Ann M3hf'f 'T . Q K w U ' 1 A 2 Mafglfl Mfcflfd Bob McLa1rcl 4-4 Glvfiaflrlf' MCG8lllHffl Virgil McMillan Sydnc-y McNabb Joyce Mmhgfl it A 'T .1-v A1 M ' if? Q Z j, r Bob Motley Nancy Nance- 40 WF? 'A a 2 l M Billy Nash Mary Ann Brown .aa Irmadenr Mapp 'Q ow? if nu., Lf roy McDonald fy, B ' Q r "N 1 "l nb 7 1 Dick Milf-y ' Q Donald North fl an il' . ..x4l:-,, , , .1 s' 'D -- Betsy Klein 'Y jimmy Marines ,-,,Q Af' '-sv Bxlly MCGaha Bob M011 ,f 5.1!- Patsy O'Dell 'fi jafqucllne Spxvry Marcla Spurlock za Nona Ruth Tannz D llc Tat! ,-ffft Garland Tol and ....,,. Mardy Steele Betty Stmson fain Blllye Stram fl I? I' I Kmnmllx Taylor Ch lrlcs Terry Q- 'V' 43' If' Archxe Summers K +R' Harry Tlpps Arland Toland Vlda Sue Thomwon Luonnn Thompson Gene Vance james Vme-yard Don Wallace ,211 J 113 4,40-..Y Shxrlzy Wallarc Anna Wallxng Rolx rt Ward P'1ul Warden Dorothy Warren MaeBell Werlme 464 rg ,Q ZW ,em aro Whxtc Mary jo Whltc Earlene Whxtliy Peggy Wxlson Rutha Lee Young Edwm Zellner A2 HIDC5 is Miss Ethel McClure Class Sponsor AN OPEN LETTER TO THE JUNIORS AND SENIORS DEAR UPPERCLASSMEN Doubtless you regarded us as a strange species during our six year reign at ward school But after coming into the 7th grade in September 46 and during .41 our years in the 8th and 9th grades we looked forward to this day when we would reach a high point in our school c re-er the privilege of becoming Sopho mores You may scoff at our labeling it a privilege but we are endowed with a fiery school spirit and a determination that carries us nowhere but to the top You may as well stop kidding us about our motto Green but growing b cause in senior high we re coming right on up the ladder much faster perhaps than you think Football was the game of the year and we know Ardmore High will long remember Sophomores judge Williams Gene Williams Ronald Horne Horace Bailey and others who have already performed with credit on the gridiron Denny Mitchell Sue Boucher Vice President Mary Bulard Secretary Donald Horne President and Al Ringer And in the manly art of wrestling that do or die spirit of Bob Bettes wins him admiration not only of his team mates but of the entire student body joy Cobb Doris Ward jan Lovell and Flavil Yeakley seem to be coming right on up in their acting and speaking of interest in drama Barbara Lou Thomason showed what a sophomore can do when she topped the entire school in ticket selling for the all school play Our two pcppy cheerleaders joy Cobb and Kenna Hudson did a fine job of keeping up the morale of the athletes while our class officers ktpt the executive side of the class popping Donald Horne makes a capable president and his assistants vice president Sue Boucher and secretary Mary Bulard gather up loose ends for him In the BIG sophomore event of the year the crowning of Marian Coffey as Miss Basketball of 1950 good sportsmanship and graciousness were displayed by all three lovely sophs Marian joy and Carol Ann Miss Ethel McClure our sponsor who has helped to indoctrinate us into the mysteries and Joys of highschool deserves our thank for a Job quite well done So jaunty Juniors and Digmfied Seniors you see by now tnat sophomores may have the last laugh and remember H laughs best who laughs last' Signed Mary Louise oore Sophomore Editor IN MEMORIAM The members of the sophomore class affectronately devote their portion of this Crrterron to the memory of their classmate whom they enjoyed, admrred, and loved TED COADY May 19 1934-November 19 1949 43 lk . l V 1 ' 1 if 1 ' - ' is sure to reach the heights in basketball in more ways than one. Close behind him, crowding in for recognition, are johnny Brooks S . . V . 1 . ' ' ' ' , ' : , " C , I lg ,. R! x 'i M 040 Z xt Sophomore cdxtor of the Student Counrml and a wxllmg Crxterxon an actxvf member of the worker IS Marv Loumsc Moore Soph a swf et personallty BGL Frrcndly and popular wxth all h1s classmates Donald was well Chosen by hls frlends as ldeal Boy He not only leads hls class as Pert bouncmg joy Cobb was the so homores h S HCUVIUCS p c oxce as nap Hootxe selected by hls classmates as Snappxest Boy s actlve prest Grrl Her appearance and personahty were de-hghtfully dram m Band Student Councxl and ln performmg any job that needs a atxzed IH the All School play hand Hrs care frfc manner casual appearance and numerous other good tralts seem to make hum quxte a ladres man Q xx Q L Q? -ff, , os? Q K f Q Cx ,Lk r k K., H I 1 omores' choice for Ideal Girl. She is friendlyl. co-operative and has president, but is active in sportsl Student Council, and various QI- 'S , If 'X 5 . i Dorothalxa Akers P--V Rrrhard B nlny 7 '3' Bob Bc In 5 . Carol Ann Brrstow -N ,- Elrzabeth Allen ,av Charles Barkhn rms r 'i jo Bette Bonmau 'Z LH, 'vi .. 'K - ,,,, Y rd Donald Bahnrsr Horace Barley Inez Argq Donald Awtrcy 'N 6' Q ,.-as. rf' 1--Q L 1 H lrold Bfrry Alrfz Burk: Kennzth B1 ard Bltty Bc hrc ns 1119 if X Clara Boutwl-ll Sun Boucher Br uly Dolly Sue Bransford "" -9 1.1 ..- Harold Burton johnny Brooks Bobby Brown Alrcc Broylcs Mary Bulard ,4-is my 'N rf 1,17 .gl -Q 'T? john Caldwzll Pansy Carson jack Cavrns Carol Chrldrmss Theana Chrsenhall Ch:-rryll Cochran Marran Coffey Tama Colbert joy Cobb 4- ov' f l Charlns Collms Charles Combs In a Faye Copeland M, Yi I ff . - T x in 7 : ,Q , I ' . - 'f ' . T7 - - A r 'r ' . Q ' - D ' A xl ' Xa ' i-Lf. '?'5 M 1 1 . VL , . 'Af 4 ' . - .. . ' ,Ir I r h' ' ll 1 V A s r 9 A V' 'f if, A X ,, , bro' 'L '-g . L8 , 1 'D In ,, iii 'g ' ' . 2 Q P ' H J' , 355: U . ' ' 5 'Q' lx Q is C 5 1 l D 1 . . C O . pg l W V 9 ,af 1 -J l.aa C- ' fp 4 a A r " C l -- 4 fr ff' D if , 4, ff- Q 'A4,' , -V 'L 3 or D rf, D Z J , ' . X - 'Q ' 1 r D Q X l QL 3 r V ' .fl 1 Q rjxrr A ' H' f " A 1 - - ju.-k 1 . 5 V X x l l f ,, an W V C fl ! A Q 1 ' 1 ' . ' 1- 1. , ,C . ..Q 1 I ' . C . . , 1 -- l 2, W :, ' I X A Y ' L N K tl ng, k fy. 1 A V V I I G .i X , ' ,A L " D I W J 7 ' 4' ',-I ? 4' I, , 7 ,Y L R 1 ., - X ,,f A ' a' Q 1,6 :Q A M , N K I ,K f- A ff X - , L4 or 2 V ' v ' fir Y J f ' , . I kk g ,A , , 55 1, eg- 2. 1 , X, f" fi- 4 'fg yd Bobhxz Crnccv B111 Cuclf an 4-""f ...Q Pakx Drummnnd rm jamci Floxfl s as 'ff ,WA Thcrfsa Gardner W alldu Lmlm , ul Lucy Hagen Gwyn Hann fQ 'Q . 41 Lft'1 F31 Damfl 'V La I-on Dunfurd Mary Jn Du Fuur Norman F1nvurS C xml Fulmm 1 , 'Y johnny Day V., fl, l - 7 . ' QQ 'Y Davxd Duckcrson Arlene Dlckson nlti Frlvx arf S "Tl Wuullxxz Ford M ,' aw Bo Jlvlf Ellw Ch nh: Fmncy 4--bl nf as 1' Douglas Fmtmr KM Fowlkm "A ft T Don 1111 G urn hun Bull Cnnlx 3. V xftur Cn 111 11111 Grclnbc rg 'S' 06 ,.-as :- juris Hrdcl VV C Hadron Harold H1 plz .1 Eddxe Hoffman Donald Harm Ronald Horn: B111 Horton Merlz-nn r rton 46 'T H1115 Hz nclnfks Qi Sud Howard 17 4: K1 nna Hudson Hagktn jack ,- lu. Tom K cl blorla Kuton I? Frm dcilf Kxtrh Lzquxta jamie 35 'O' Roy Kc don "7 Norma jean Lane Ruth Ann Lu wx tv gm -' 47 blunt Mfhalha ri 4,19 1,--v N131 re-n Marsh Ruhv jo McMurr5 T Harm t johnson --9 Mary Beth K6 lth an Lovzll 'SNR , .1 K: nm th M ihry 'V Floyd jones 1514 al Llydc Kamp Q- ff? A Glrnda oy Dale Kmg fx :mf Eddr Rue McClanahan Duane MCC1cndon Aos 'T l Dana Ray Mayh All Joyce Mays .Q 1 --. 4,o. Katlnyn Mxllcr Dnnny Mrt hfh Mary Loulsz Moore Mary Morgan Homer Moyers Y P? 41 M3fj0flC Munay if -v id Ben Moxlmy Donald Murs Wnlnm Nalzr Wxldr Nunn Vxctor Owens Madxlane Padgett 4? u HEX . it 3 Don Bob Pearson Deloxse Patrxck oy Patton .. 'M fn - 2 Mr ati' Mary K Phelps Betty Sue Phlllxps Charles Pxfer rug ITS IP Lutrrtua Pylan Corlxss Rader Vxrgcl McMillan 'fl Tlulma Rolunson Margarzt Rogers buy Rudd un. fl' -.f Vxda jo Smith Dugan Smrthc-rs Sandra Sparks 9 Lyn Pebbles Betty Felton ff T 'T Olen Pmttman Barbara Pxcrce Slurlry Rmrhcrson Al Rxngzr x ,-, 'S f, Sandra Penuel Coyce Pollard S., jack Roberts at ,al W-4. M mlyn Shorts Nona Vu Short Tom Sxngletary Marg lruttz Spurgc on f 'T Nadine Stlcwxg james Stlnson lvl, A Y 5, 40 vwq . W 'S' , 6 N f x mi X Doylf Tackrtt Audrey Taslor Tommy Lou Taylor Barbara Lou Thomason Laqulta Thompson Travns Trent 48 Y... , ' , ' l ly H X ' f g -J ,K F ' J f 1 X, P ' J ' , X. " . . K P . :- -4-. 1 V5 .L Q N' 'vv' ,,:1,l6 "t?'i L' K 'L ,sv f CX ., N K K L A.. m V ' 'La' fyfdif' , X ' ' J rf" , , ' . , , ' 1 .... gi - . ' ' f f xifjfg, , . J ,Q ' A K T ! J I K A I V 7 ' ' N f , l L ' 49' , X , 4 . :iff-, l P . M 91? I lrrr lv G' ,V I Z , I h F . - f , aff- - ' - ' .4 V . rj, X I ,V L .tk ,ery I . N Q H . V .sy f ' -. X A 'Q t f ' 1 - , ' ,Q V fl' Af' - , . V y 1 V, t ,ig -,Q Q P V . M' X 'T A 1 0 ,3 , ' ' P ' . - rl ' LL M y 4 , Q A . . t WA . P 1 it 7 ,A P f , ,, ' mfg , ffl ' , X ' Q, , an 4, ,., bv 'E - f A W 1 1 P M .A P Nr 7 x V ., X 1 xl .Vp ' V. tl X 4 , A A I 13- ' ' - . Q 'v"' Q 41? lv 6 N. l A M f 1 rv -7 Nlta Trurti Jena Vayve Tuck Sv Bflll Walkzr Cmrcion Hwrrns Herman Vanbebber 'Wx vc- "4 Dons VV.-1rd P7 Alles Wells Dalorns West Amta Whrte :Q- 'OL A -'sun Czaylcm Walklf Gene Wrllxams jmrry Wrllrams 'UW -4 'f ,X 57 -gs rhn Wolaver La Ncll Wood Ruta Worley Contxnurng a fairly new class tradrtron Marxan Coffey was crowned basketball sweet heart for 1950 Keen competmon was offered by two other beautxes rn the class joy Cobb and Carol Ann Brnstow The gurls fought heart lly for the honor and at the corcnauon all three demonstrated true sportsmanshrp They are to he complrmented for the way they waged the battle for thls coveted honor whxch ls avaxlable only to a sophomore grrl QRcad1ng left to rrght are Carol Ann Brls tow Marran CofTey and joy Cobbj fv- Marland Vance Nancy Carol Veal Peggy Walden V7 Ann W.-rrmr Wayne Watson Fr.-mms We hh .Wye 'ff ff 1 ,, was Eddie White L Eddre Whrte Glenda White -1- ,,. .-A judge Wllhamg Norma jean Wrllrams Clyde WXISOH ff Flavxl a Mae Horstman Sponso, K ' ' 1 ' 1 '7-1753. " ' 1 - 1714 ' I f fav- - ' 'JJ 41. h 4 If lil y ' 1 'L V ., V A .I V, A . 1 , V' ' ,, l 3 " -. 4 wr ,K . 'Q b I ' . 'r' T : I f 'L , Q 9 " l--, QM . - f f ,z - . sl y A 1 ' , r"' l y 5 12 -r. 1 , X L Q i 1 QS A D tl A , , . - L k Q. , -In , , , k . ,y . - r - "P -' ' 'TLS' - - , 5 ' 1 - 55 , lt. 1 A , :lu K x I . .. 3, . , PJ 'V A - 3 V 'LI , -H .. 45 ' t of - . 3 at Lk? o'f' , 1 wi' , ' , e 'J as 2 A . I , 'QE 5' WV "' W r 1.9. ki , A ,A , pl A K 'tj 'f-7 , , 'X f , ' JJ ' ' ' A " A ld , . . . . 'Q ' - Q? . T1 u' wr' if Q ar, - - 4 ,p ww M ' LL 7?-E C V an Jig' X 4,15 If ash R oi 2' .A -1.1 Pi 91,- I -'semi ' ARDMORE OFFERS EXTENSIVE SHOP COURSE For the first time in the history of its public schools, Ardmore has been able to offer to its junior and senior high students a complete curriculum of applied shop courses. Each spring every boy considering a shop course for the following year is offered a list of 11 prospective courses to choose from. These courses include: mechanical drawing, electricity, pattern making, foun- dry, hand woodworking, machine wood- working, machine shop, sheet metal, arc welding, acetylene welding and general metal. I , , ' 5 Y , t is to be understood that these courses 1, Q are not offered to prepare a student for an I.. ' occupation but are designed to acquaint the ' student with this field of training. The only required shop course is offered in the 8th grade: for it is deemed advisable that every student have at least one year of general shop. This eighth grade shop course ac- quaints the student with six of the above mentioned. If the student desires to continue with a curriculum of shop courses he takes mechanical drawing in the ninth grade. S-f Having a background of general shop and mechanical drawing, the student is then able to choose his last three years of study. -, S .ad The Ardmore school system has shown its interest in this sort of training by investing 5150.000 in a new Vocational Shop building and in machinery, High school students are not the only persons who benefit from the shop program. Five adult classes number- ing 105, one in cabinet-making of 20, and two Southeastern State Extension courses of 65 are also taught in the new shop building: adding these adult classes to 150 junior high students and 120 senior high students, who also take advantage of the shop, we find that a grand total of 460 persons individually use the shop building each week. Instructors Maurice Altom, Arthur Sturdevant, Wayne Byrd. Charles Ham, Harold Speer and William C. Stamper jr., are to be complimented for their untiring work in this department. 51 BEDD Raymond Gabbard Bob Cathey Dlrector Drum Major if Duck M1ley Herb Huffman Captam Lieutenant The Prxde of Ardmore Hxgh' The Ardmore band has done much to deserve that txtle durmg a long and busy school term Under the dxrect1on of Raymond Gabbard the band has had an actxve and eventful year wlth trxps to contests football games and many hard practlce sessions Leadmg the band as they marched down the fleld at football games to the famxlxar strams of Salutatlon were Drum Major Bob Cathey and Band Queen Mary Ann Austm Twlrlers Patsy Heed Pat Brooks Eloxze Bragg and jane Cathey and majorettes Lyn Pebbles and Carolyn Conwell provxded extra eye lnterest to the Red and Whlte A H S Band had many chances to show off xts marchmg and playmg ablllty thxs year Band members went to football games at Pauls Valley and Durant Band Day at Dallas and Norman and contest at Durant Ardmore was represented m the fxrst Oklahoma All State Band by Phylhs Swartz and rn the Stlllwater Band Clxmc by Edwm Zellner Jack Locke and Dxck Mxley Many highschool band members also play m Ardmores Community Band These members are Harold Dlllard jack Locke David Ward Herb Huffman Ted Berryhxll Bllly Tom Nash Dick Mxley Edwm Zellner Phyllxs Swartz, john Holloway, uletus Brewer, and Bobby Brown These sessxons gxve hlghschool players many chances to benefxt by playmg wuth the more ex perxenced musxcuans The band has accomplmshed much thxs year but much of thus was due to the patlence and understandmg of a fme dxrector, Mr Gabbard 52 .49 ,Q 1 V, 'CM H! N ,fs Q an igflall If If A 48,-D'-5 W Barry Galt Phyllls Swartz Sergeant Lrbrarzan Edwm Zellner jack Locke Corporal Corporal N - , db 4 -'I-4 e g - c --4 , f E A Y g - ' L :rf A Ag, g ., 1 ' 0, ,i A TW-:I " 6:5 'Af 5 'iii "E Q iv: ' .. , .1 4. 1 :.,2,.,'. 1 " V Q K 5 A u fl fb. jr,-'.flf,5,:.ffQ'x I, . L I -.I 1 .-,-1114, ff 'Q , Z gk. ei: .6 l- ,X .M if , , J ,x sg? , -tasks, l rv , 'Q q, .,..4W' fl.:-1 3.3 A! ".af.',..1:, vs 1: ' N A Y fl' ff, . I ,A -' A-TV Y Tr 1'l 7 11: L ,gf :g.'.f:a2' ,ff f ' 'F 7 uw f iff: F girl- '!L5'.':-r 1' ' r - f ef: rf rr Q I .:. Kfiv, 3 A gal X-we ' Z' . ' , .' 1, , , . , ..'. H 5 Fly, I fi. f Y , .l 4:gQ7', j ff 'I I . 5.2, A 5 -'iffy r i ',4 ., az- -- 3. 1 .34. ,A-,,gj,'ff,, 4, -- -152 , , ' .15-A- .:"b 1ff ,f,E:,, ' , A d - ,al t Y . , H Y f I ,I 47 A He . X , . . . 2 ' , , ' , ,, J' M: , 'K W' sl it PRI fx at Q RAVMIINI C AIIIIARII BIIIY AIsIIMAN DIre1ctor Bans Drum Wwmm Am III' RSUN Cl.fIrInct ,Q ,'. w- BOBBY BROWN Jsmzv Bszoww PIII- Bvkn FANLILA CIIAIIIAIII Tl'0mb0l'lf Tenor Saxophone Clarmm! Snart Drum 'Q 1-Q ,pn Q' fsyat .q Of.-.., Dom Avxwrv Du K BAIIPY MARV ANI. AIIQIIN Bass C.lfIrInct Trumpet Band Quun HARI I- s COM Bi Cornet , ,I MARYF BOB Dfmsww HARREL Don HTY Clarme! .qs JOHN HOLIDWAY MI-:RLENI-: HORTON HLRB HUFFMAN JIM JAMES CAROLYN CUINWI-,LL ELQIZL BRAGC, Trombone Cornet Bantone Flute Majorelte TwIrler tv JACK LOCK! EDDIE LUKE DICK Mluav MAX MONTGOMERY JEAN MOONEYHAM DONNELY MURRAY Clannet Cornet Snare Drum Bass Clarxnrt Flute Clarmet Bass aw 4 GLENIIA Jov Clarmei BILLY TOM NASH Bass GLEN REAGOR SHIRLEY RICHERSON WILLIAM SCHUERHOI-'F PHYLLIS SwARI'z RANIIALL Townv 54 Clarmet Bantone Bass Oboe Clarmet PATSY HI-:I-:D Twxrler , I f lb I .Hz 11: ' . , A It 4- V , ,Q K, A K 5 av , ' 1 I A Li - I ,A , I 4 2 '-' ' . ' . I ff A I T7 A ie I - K . A AM I - Q 1 ml I ' ' . 1 ' C ,f . . , Fi , 4' A K' 1 E 4 av- "' A , , j I . 1,39 1 I-. . J 1 A 2 Ny' ,fZ1"' l - , an B , 5 JA 4,-Q -'YI 111 'Q Q lf' fm rs Boa Cnnrv Clarinet .pf ,aa f DICK Dr mv A110 Saxophone 'Q Gr r RIA Ku mx Cldrlml HAROI lm BERRY French Horn FRANCE s Essuw JANE CATH? Y cs ' E' fav Tru BERHYM114. Bass ""Q Flute S595 as 13? rg? .m3',"W" W" gg rf' x iv LVN PEI-ml is 1 rler Mdlon tie 1,115 'U' rv pa -on .,! Ann-X Ouum Cornet .4- PAT Bruxncs BFNA -q, JAC K BRADY Trombone DOLLY SUE BRANQFORD Clarnnct ,s V CLET Us BRE WER Alto Saxophone mix Bucky GM r DONNIE GORDON PATSY Hmmm JoYcE HATTEWSTY Trombone Cornet Clarmet French Horn Trumpet ,-Q Dum LAME JAMES LANE PEGGY L Trombone Cornet Alto Clarme Clsnnct 11'- TAARION PATION Cover Pm 1 A JERRY PORTERFIEIU MIFKEY POWEY Barxtone Cornet French Horn Cornet 55:35 N We-r 315, f V 5 3 AX 1- J! fb l' E s HERBERT LINDER 'aw BERT POWERS JIMMY RAGLAND Comet Clannet w-,PA- VAUFHN Dum Wum WAYNE Wnsow J W WILSON Evwm ZEu.NEn Twxrler ute Cornet Clarmet Trombone French Hom 4 55 7 ' f 3 ' 'A , f ' ' -, ' ff J ef- A , E e - WJ ., 4 - , ,J , ,. 'f j' E EEJJ . K' - 'EEE 'E E , fe fu' J zfgjm, 13 J A ' ' S' . W 'f f"', f A J in . . 1 - 4 I rd . I 1 I . 5 1' , 0 1' , 4 . -A 'W' I ,Y 'Q il . W A fs J, V' ' 'W ' i V 'rf A 'f 'E A ' ' Q: I ' 3 ' V. 1 "ff fa? M? 4 ' 'f ish A Q. A' I J N . A Y sf? 2 , 1 'io 1 " X A A - ' 1 ,. A .2 I A ,Tu I , , 1 4 ,,, I- , t 4 . L JIJV. , I in A ,Ev y ,Q i gl V . Q 4, K- ii . A , 'fm f P: 4 'U "' I x 2 , , A - :Z I -' . Q 1 f - ' - V- E ' Y -E .. R f ' " A 41" A Y A J . 1 A .' 3 . . RID - , . . A - -, f K J. .f , A- ht . , , aKN K" H 5 ' NX '.f.:f: W 4, A Y , A 'X Ny. 53' Y ' . , , - ' 1 f . xv-1-1:-:', 'A 1 Qr1.,?f J ' 5 AA V- Y . yy V . E A 1 xf f v ' ' Fl A V Y ' ' ' BEE BEE GIBI1 HSM 1 ? ?!?l 'VFQBPFT 'qu-uu-pg. ""r f FT The Pep Club orgamzed last year has loyally supported the Txgers xn all l-unds of sports events thxs year These g1rls made pom poms for every football game and decorated the goal posts at Walker stadmum for each home game They also spelled out T I G E R S on the fence on the west sxde of the field On Color Day the Pep Club presented Mr Prlce w1th a brlght red t1e whxch he wore to every game thxs year At the football queen s coronatlon ceremony the gxrls formed a heart ln the center of the fxeld around the throne where the queen was crowned At the end of the football season the team was gwen a ban quet by the Pep Club Durlng the basketball season the grrls sold concesslons at the home games and other tournaments whlch were held here Wxth the money whlch was made the club gave a prlvate Pep Club party and an all school party Mxss Susan Scallon IS sponsor of the club and Betty Webb IS the presxdent Cheerleaders as pxctured above are joy Cobb Peggy Glover Jimmy joy Hill Betty Read Cathryn and Kenna Hudson ' ' "" -wfresria j so , .l-,C ' Q, , .. , C A A f 1 xx 4. Y k , C ' qs A Wa X R PP , H f Af lk ' A . 'WI K .J an 'fx N . ' . , . . . , ' Y , . . . . . ' . . h , .... , a y ' ' 3 . . Q , . . . ' . 1 I Y I 1 ' . 3 4 4 ELMER BUTLER Assxstant Coach LEIGHTON PEDDY Assxstant Coach as x aw An. NN' GEORGE HOLLOWAY Ht ad Coach Undcr thx able coachmg of George Holloway Leughton Peddy and Flmer Butler our red shlrted Tlgers were able once more to capture the tutlc of Dxstrxct 4 A Champs These three coaches who bzllzvx m coaching a boy Instead of drxv :ng h1m rccuved more co operation than was thought pos sxhlc The splrlt of the Bengals was doubled and thclr playm was mar faultless thanks to these thru web...- Supcrb Coachmg xs a term seldom uscd nowadays but for Ardmore s trlo than I9 no finer description MANAGERS Three boys who thxs year have controlled the expenses as well as the officxal team management and overseeing of the equxpment for all the players on the field are Joyce Mnchael Gene Cook and Clyde Shaw No finer managers have stepped m that musty old cage for many years GENE COOK JOYCE MICHAEL CLYDE SHAW 58 fi .,, 'V ., A NJ: " ., . . Z! j 'Wai ,. ' f .L Q ' 1.2 "9 A , , . A N Y if Y ,mx - I , w 8, a-"'! i if f . T- A y .A l at 'i ' , Q b V ,I A K . I v ' ' , 'E , ff ' ' iv WA ,Mx , rf' 2 ,O . S ' , adv., ,,,, , di 1 Q .A :ape . W . I Dj . , V - . V - VV V x , ' 1 ' A I qw. fm Q l can . .l 5. ,X , I .fiff 'W' ,J Q71 - ,T ,,,. 5' iw, an ' .fi V V ' ' ' 1 2 3 4 5 1 "A-l ' A . f . - , l A 'A I we WELDON SAYLOR- Charges hard and con- nects with good blocks. "Pooch." BOB MOTELY-Low driving powerhouse, and plenty rough. "Bulldog." LOUIS MUNDAY-Glue- fingered end, loves to play, hits hard and low. "Courter." CARL ATKINSON- Tricky running half- back, standout on de- fense. "Agatha-ad." ,V . -w ,Inn BILL READ-Expert defensive linebacker, tackles low and hard. "Readem." .. A 'O ' JAMES VINEYARD- I , 1 I f . . X Q ,Q .,.', I. . ., , .. f I I C' . , , . C 'and fast. jim. A ' 2 ,fy C475 Plays and charges hard , .. ,. , ' I , f X ' A f 4.51 C If is. f 4 , Q '07 f f Wg' , ' X X It A 1 ' I I :W 7 I Q W f Z! If All . ,0 7 l 0 . Q A ' . X K . - X A' ii ' Ni' I ' ...-il Q I DICK LIDDELL-Can thread a needle with his passes, specialist on 1,,,, , 1 nn 1, ..- BOYD HOWELL-Little but rough, sturdy and hustling. "Mighty Mite." U If I.- NATHAN GEURKINK -Extra tonnage, moves like a tank, hard and fast. "Nate" 1? -X. -1' M. HAL HALL-Rangy wing- man, magnetic attrac- tion for balls, "Star," JOHN CORNELL-Hus tlmg guard works hard practxce plays harder m games Gargantua rd RONALD HORNE Good offensxvc end blocks hard and holds fs..-f GERALD ORR Drlves low and huts hard used hxs head nn a game Turtle X 4 '1 HAROLD HIEPLE- Largest man on the team moves extra fast for sxze Shm X ff ff I 1 x 'V JIM CARTER Always there fxrstest wxth the mostest mjured before end of season Lassme offgj 400 I HAROLD BENSON Bug rough and lots of power moved before end of season Benme Mmavbnem, A HORACE BAILEY Good defenslve end lots of Dower Stud passes R GENE E WILLIAMS W A MAULDIN Extra Runs low and hard pro fast open fxeld runner muses to be a star ncxt Dub Year Rocky JUDGE WILLIAMS Crack shot passing good ball handlmg judgn Wendall Atkinson squeezes through the Duncan lme for a long gem Coleman leads Interference while Tlpps looks on bl x K ' l ' . 'v,y ' fn." .1 X A - 3 . V 7 'X 7 ' . ' sa ' - if P I -, r , j nf M-F f Y ' K A If ' 'I ' " 1 A f H 'x . ' 1 I 45 ' , - f U if A - r ff fm A .1 I ' fd! , gk ' X ,A 1 , QQ - I . ' V-4 ,A A f gpwffiallqw' A 4- X : 'l A .N ' , . H .H ' i ' K I ' .I - - 141 JM a wi Y wif' I, l . ' 1 L ul DON WALLACE-Low E and fast good o d l fense Snooky BILL HORTON Good blocker charges hard Wxllxe GERALD COBB-Hu tlmg center good lme backer Blue .Fi- KENNETH BEARD Short broad and fu ol action Hmky BOB BETTES Three V man vlm vxgor and vx tahty Bxg Bob Coleman skirts Duncans end for a TD Day and Taylor are coming up to down the efens baakheld BOB MOTE-Pass FECEIV mg man good judgment of the ball Stlcky l GENE VANCE-Lanky K6 21 end throws good body blocks Shorty AC' HOMER MOYERS Moral bunlder of the team hustler Kcn tucky GENE SORRELLS heads up ball Bmgo lil l DONALD HORNE-Lxt tle but rugged espe cially xn has tackles Dxzzy 5. . V . A , l R . , n... o e A , n e- , , ll ' v - . I V I . 4' .. A - H . 1, , ,, -.W -1. W 1 4 - " NPN r"'QfQ' .S.-lg-fy f " X -. - ,V . , A 1,5 . H- -- ' X- W ' nl ' lv ll ' ll Good on defense, plays A w '.. I .fktil 'ff f , 9- - ' 14 , 5 P' , Y' , 73 m L A ' l , , . e . .L . ' A gl l so of eman R 26 of Sa aces 6 5 Y -so . A6 . T O Score W . ards ll? I H? I 4,0 I Inn, D To 56 T ,, 0 S00 pn '3 7 Build 9 Ar S Ver ac S O 9 B aku dx S R 0 emi UCAJOUDC S w do X A 0 e-595' Xb re Seeks Sew mnst Us be OSOQVKCXO w Ag - xkef Sto um SKOCYN kn W G Q f' Mp Q 'o A :Amore Men of Q rs 'fr Tak: Ove, mb B In State I S44 0 0 ,O 0 oo +5 Yoowfx tefx etYXo1e 5 a Yxoie eev 0050-Xexsk Ce 6 W O em W I7 Q fa n 6 49 fs 5 I .v I ' gi-W QL-f :Jw . ng? P X V X I Q Q . - 7 'J Q s - . fs W N O X o 'Q x I Q 1' 6,4 4 i QNX, +I gxxq u mana! gaming we 'o1ew.9, ee m Yoekow, we oqlof p 595 QIYSXNSI 'oXoe1s, xo 004: new om! -me Magnon 'ixgzcs to: eng S 11,4110 axmxem A+ commence axe. sk Yeoh 'slaves xodqm. iw. 'ixges exam wwe -one we vp vim! Ao we 'Looe vdwximg, ' fwmviev- Benq Coxqwm, vivo me yybcn 00,52 we me uxkemxgb ,nu sm me 'sqm dfxs ,e,,0o,ws,,w" ko em nav. Q-me 1 xwawg, 'tam we ww she- S 651 was Asc 'Udo Ko 'SRG we ppc uoobw. . Esunioq, Comes 6:61 6- bdivscv- hex- Ukximo, sob Baci I , 90'J6Y3ovleXX Xsvleblewqibftkbbtv by wlxxxx xnwsimox mx wig' zu, Qvifysvscv gas 'tx 4 Xen t .. ' r I S I 1 X 'HGTV Mabry Kmcannon and Floyd look on as Houston Boydston In a heavywerght battle Ramon Awtrey trles a cross face go demonstrates a gulllotme hold on james Barrett behmd on Nate Geurkmk Bob Bc ttcs seems to be thinking hard on thc subject of how to break Coulter s arm hook and leg rude Bob xjettes IS not trymg to get jerry Wxlhams rn shape for bxcycle rxdmg he rs only demonstratlng a cradle pm hold 64 Xxxk f .. OUR ROYAL MAT MEN Evxdently fed up with being the soft touch on the Oklahoma wrestlmg scene Coach Lexghton Peddys lmxment addxcts ln the sprmg of 50 showed a remarkable xmprovement ln both sk1ll and spmt over last year s squad The Txger mat men gave all their opponents a rrp roarmg bat tle wh1le gammg three vrctorxes and droppmg slx contests Showmg up very well ln Coach Peddys book was hlgh pomt man Clarke Pancho Coulter who lost only one match durxng the entxre season Second m the hxgh poxnt fxeld came Bob B O Bettes who lost one match and had two draws Others who tumed ln a banner year were Ramon Romeo Awtrey Nathan Ferdl nand Geurkmk Houston Guxllotme Boydston Hudson Back yard Boydston joe Hutchins Bill Cypert Homer Moyers and Kenneth Mabry Wxth apologles to hls many loyal fans and all those who crave actxon and he man wrestlmg we were about to omrt a very 1m portant lmk m Coach Peddy s well precxsuoned cham Bclwar Bar rett two fisted bone butcher from the Caddo Brush country Here rs the roster of the Ardmore Hxgh wrestlmg squad of 50 103 lbs Lafon Dunford 112 lbs Bull Cypert 120 lbs Homer Moyers 127 lbs -Gary Rudd Shendan Kmkade Kenneth Mabry 133 lbs Clarke Coulter 138 lbs Houston Boydston 145 lbs Bob Bettes 154 lbs Hudson Boydston james Barrett 165 lbs joe Hutchms and Heavyweight Ramon Awtry and Nathan Cveurkmk NIARI Basketball Sweerluwzrr 4-v AN COFFEY vs S KENNETH TAYLO A d r more A typxcal Taylor shot Almost al ways good for two pomts 10 SCORES Sulphur Healdton Purcell Ada Durant Duncan Chxckasha Pauls Valley Duncan V. N -Q O I CARL ATKINSON Thls speedy two hand set shot artxst kept the opponents ln shapc chasxng hxm' 'uf 'vga-If al' JACK GEURKINK BILL READ Our rebound man Plenty of k f Jac xs preparmg or a bounce pass height Good on defense and a quxck set up HARRY TIPPS Harry IS rausmg the ball for hxs noted overhead shot SNA 66 3' ...i-4' gf i s 539' ff V V Q S N , T ,A , I r, ,l ii' ' - , - 39 37 ' ,. - 38 21 ' 24 32 40 47 'F 3 , M 25 20 'a 1 " . A 27 49 A T , 27 ' 44 ' ., r Bf ' 1 44 47 ' if 46 21 '35 ' BB ' -av 1 Q, . . 6 X ' S L K ' 1 , ., Y , 2' A :XX Q' V J .xx TAS L3 Qlfvnwlk ., , "' K X ' . . 0 S 'L ,F sly ww DICK LIDDELL- Hxgh pomter of the year Dead eye one hand set shot artlst I as BUDDY REISEN Good offensxve man especxally on fakmg and pivot shots Ardmore Pauls Valley Madxll Caddo 3 Healdton Durant Chxckasha Ada xv HOWARD ALLNUTT Good post man Fake and plvot shot specxalnst Fast breakmg guard good on set ups JERRY COLEMAN J SPRATT Rubberllke center Txp ln expert and jump shot man 67 , so , 9 . E , , . . 35- - 1 ll N , 'A ,N fi I V. Y J I - 3 5 5 , ff I ' f .1 al 3 4 V ' ' ' ' 42 - 43 42 ' 29 45 ss , F 29 30 4 4'-' 38 S7 D53 . 32 Ada 43 1 fs, 24 ' 44 f . 2 33 43 Q ' 33 3 w ' 'QX s I J 4,1424 1,5 4: 1 W fsfwx f A. I L , f W , ' Q Q I tr- X . A ' on ff? L , xg 3 if A 1 ,,,..,-J' - p - 1 'L DAY-TO-DAY LIVING STRESSED IN HOME ECONOMICS Home Making as applied to Ardmore High School home economics classes is an overall study to help the girls train themselves to become better homemakers for the future. This year the schedule included two classes in Home Economics I, two Home Economics II classes, one Home Economics III class, and one Home Nurs- ing class, or an enrollment of 97 girls. The course of study in all classes is similar except that each year the work is more advanced and in greater detail. Clothing, from the most simple garment'to the most advanced tailoring, is prepared for the Fashion Show held in the spring. Other outstanding features of this year were the Christmas teas, planned and presented by each class, luncheon, planned, prepared and served by each class at the close of the foods work: and co-operating with the Salvation Army by making clothes for 87 dolls the army gave to underprivileged children at Christ- mas. Prizes for the best-dressed dolls were given to joyce Meek, Orlena Hillsberry and Pat Parmley. Girls taking Home Economics III voted Home Planning and Family Relationships most interesting projects, while the Home Economics I and II chose clothing as their favorite. One of the most popular classes in High School is always the Home Nursing class. It was smaller this year but by no means less interesting. Outsiders helped make it so interesting and educational. Mrs. W. C. Sain, a registered nurse, sponsored by Red Cross, and Miss Susan Scallon, the physical educa- tion instructor of high school, devoted time to the class. Mrs. Sain gave a three week's review by dem- onstration in home nursing, while Miss Scallon gave instructions in life saving. in .JI Vx ff' ,1-f if CHEE F7 vw I L :OK fvj 'Q 7 X , 41 . Ajf . ' :J P' l X' , 164 I . Nl .. 'I Xu, v A1 1 X X K I I I 4 5 fs ,R , , , .5 A x Q7 I N I 1 31 I . .Z xx. Z ff ' ,Xi ' V , A , I ' fl!! , 4 A' " W i X , X wt X x 'Q fi ' 1 h QA , . - -v ' , lf XNN' ' X fair I A Z! J ,Qi Y L 7 Zh , , fi , nl 3 ' A ' XM. ff I 6 1 l . Y. f lx ' A I ' 1 1. Mm I ' -iq' 7 , f X TO LEAVE OR NOT TO LEAVE Srnce rn the days of chrvalry wrlls were hrghly rmportant and were werghted wrth long and profound words the Crr terron hereupon sets a properly drgnrfied wrll to convey to the lower classmen what rs bequeathed to them by the graduatrng senrors Srnce the members of the staff are doubtful however as to therr berng sound of mrnd and body they hereby lrst only those hrgh school fads manners and customs whrch they no longer need and whrch they hope the recervers wrll ap precrate and cherrsh Ramon Awtrey leaves hrs dexterrty rn football wrestlrng and track to hrs lrttle brother Don and Bob Boykrn bequeaths to Krrk Grey a well thumbed booklet on The Art of Defendrng Yourself Ann Labbart Dee Dee Wrllrams Peggy Raum and Janet Lane sug gest that Mane Edens Bobbye Bowers and Jo Ann Jones contrnue therr nrghtly drag of Marn Street Kenneth Taylor takes from How ard Allnutt the fanatrc desrre to perfect long basketball shots A com fortable and handy parr of elevator shoes rs left to Mrss Rece by Bobby France Boyd Howell grves to Brll Cypert hrs abrlrty to keep the grrls lway and a narve manner rs grven by Eugene Cook to any one who can possrbly look that rnnocent Instead of grvrng rt away Gerald Glazener sheeprshly hrdes the overflowrng ash tray rn Mrs Maddens Englrsh room LeVerne Gorns grves the abrlrty to wrrte love letters to La Juana Lewrs To James Vrneyard goes James Bar retts womout cue strck Lours Munday unhapprly bestor s hrs art of courtrng rn a parked car to Bob Motley Mona Wrcker and Dorrce Palmer leave to the Senrors of 51 the back seats of Mrs Madden s Englrsh room wrth the chewrng gum mtact Carol Whrte rs the proud recerver of an evaporated bottle of peroxrde and Nancy Underwood s harr style Pat West grves advrce to Dottre Cox Rutha Lee Young and Lorna Runyon on how to get your man and keep hrm A frne example of frrendshrp between Bobby Wamer and Grover Wells rs grven to Roy Srmmons and Thad Day and Ralph Wall confers hrs dazzlrng speed on the track to Lerghton eddy One rneffectrve Jar of freckle cream rs grven Marre Edens by Kenneth Ball Wrlda Gentry and Madra Cowan Glenna Banks and Elva Foster are so quret that they are not even seen leavrng The ambrtron to be a dentrst rs grven to Barry Galt and Don Oxford by hopes her dancrng style can be rmrtated by Joy Cobb and Emma Jane Beard rs wrllrng to grve her fountarn pen to anybody who would lrke to wrrte letters to Colorado Eula Mae Berry leaves her lrttle brother Harold to the mercres of A H S Laura Bow takes leave of her good frrend Clara Boutwell whrle Olen Boutwell and Kenneth Quard just hope to leave forever Elorze Bragg leaves her flarr for wearrng long harr to Kenna Hud son and Pat Brooks her technrque of Hutterrng eyelashes to Mary Lourse Moore Ross Burnett confers the motorcycle bug to Gene Coxsey Jlmmy Josh Renfro recerves from Henry Carter a bunch of well wom prano books whrle Peggy Lers gets from Marre Calvery pornters on a pretty smrle Bob Cathey leaves hrs remarkable speechmakrng abrlrty to Alan Brown Wendall and Shrrley donate therr romantrc tactrcs to Davrd Drckrnson and Carol Brrstow Jane Cathev presents a wonderful magrc lasso to Peggy Glover Two warm spots on the football bench are left for Kenneth Beard and Bob Mote by Gerald Cobb and W A Mauldrn Anyone who has many actrvrtres may have from Marrlyn Cohenour her abrlrty to study out of study hall Jerry Coleman leaves hrs lust for prn ball maehrnes to Horace Barley Lawrence Conway hrs nonchalant manner to Bob McLarrd John Cornell and Davrd Poe approach wrth currosrty the lurrng lrfe of the Navy Hrs wrestlrng prestrge rs conferred upon Bob Bettes by Clarke Coulter and a well worn seat at the Trvolr rs left Cherryl Cochran by Wanda Day Shrrley Walters and Patsy Heed The two remarnrng members of the Carter County Cut Ups are left by therr maestro Bob Dennrs Harald Drllard donates to Glen Reagor hrs abrlrty to reparr musrcal rnstruments and Pat Dockery begrns to explore the freld o hrstory teachrng Harry Dodd sadly says Good bye to hrs one and only La Juana Mary Fraley leaves her abrlrty to make strarght A to Peggy 72 Wrlson Jack Geurkrnk bestows upon lrttle brother Nate hrs 4 H honors and hrs Jokes Rebecca Walden and Elarne Hulse leave to therr srster and brother Peggy Walden and Edwrn Hulse frne school records and hope that they wrll carry on the drgnrty of the famrly names June Harvey thrnks her hrgh prtched grggle can now be softened and Zara Krnkade hopes her lrttle brother Sherrdan can learn her khack of gettrng along wrth the teachers Jrmmre Joy Hrll presents to Cherryl Cochran her cowboy hat and chaps and all her excuses for berng late to band are grven to Drck Mrley by Phyllrs Swartz Wade Henry consrgns to Charles Combs hrs bugle slrghtly the worse for wear durrng the two years that he has played the bugle call Patrrcra Huston rmparts to Mary Brddrck her secret of keeprng thrn and a worn out car rs grven by Janrce Krncannon to her brother A stack of unused drets rs wrlled to Nancy Dulaney by Martha Lacy and Jack Longrno grves hrs halfback slot to Gene Earl Wrllrams The art of adjustrng the speaker just rrght rs left by Charles Mc Collum to the audro boys of next year Glenna Montgomery shows Barbara Entrrken the art of talkrng wrth her hands whrle the art of talkrng wrth the eyes rs grven by Gene Morrell to Judy Head Joyce Meek and La Juana West both leave for Abrlene Chrrstran college where they wrll pursue therr careers Martha and Montra Morgan leave therr example of an rnseparable companronshrp to the Horne twrns Brll Martrn leaves the posrtron of Cnterron busrness manager to some asprnng junror whrle Delores Murphey confers the honor of wrrtrng the Personalrty Column to any senror joumalrst who can meet Mrs Arnold s deadlrne Gerald Orr grves hrs boxrng gloves to Gene Wrllrams whrle Vrc tor Peden just leaves agarn Lrnda Phelps leaves her unused hrstory reference books to next year s hopefuls Patrrcra Prerce leaves A H S rn peace and preces Charles Powers bequeaths the benefrt of hrs drrv rng experrence to the drrvrng class and Weldon Saylor relrnqurshes hrs class prexy trtle to Brll Read Vrrgrnra Scarboro whrspers to Brllre Rose Hensley pornters on gorng steady Sue Stewarts prowess rn shootrng her bow and arrow goes to some gym grrl of next year Ida Sutton leaves the underclassmen of the student councrl to the mercy of Mrs Olrver Betty Webb hopes to leave all school prcnrcs forever Well equrpped wrth a rollrng prn Joan Bahner Cranford leaves for a happy marrred lrfe Dorothy Dooley and Martha Henry would lrke to bequeath therr farthful old cars to some Junror but they may need them rn the future Kenneth Johnston bestows hrs mohawk harr style to any sopho more or yunror boy who would lrke to be drfferent Rrta Whrttaker jorns the Army Sullrvan Lavers grves hrs abrlrty to dead pan to Joyce Mrchael Mary Ann Austrn hopes her Band Queen unrform goes to a figure well deservrng Mary Beth Brown shows Dana Cham pron her secret of flrrtrng and Monty Grvens takes the trtle of Daddy Long Legs relrnqurshed by Joe Boone McBryde and anyone who can qualrfy may have Merlarne Brrstows trtle of loudest grrl rn the class The trtle of Pretty Boy rs conferred upon Brll Cude by Bud Rersen Peggy Gee grves some trps to any newcomer rn our farr school on how to get along rn A H S Clyde Woodley leaves for a promrsrng future Elarne Hulse leaves Teen Talk to any Junror who thrnks she can be everywhere at once and cover all the school news and Phyllrs Swartz leaves the News of the Arr to any junror who has the patr ence to hound students for stones The entrre senror class leaves to next years senrors for careful treatment and consrderatron one Mr Rex Sparger And frnally aud ellen Newman leaves the Cnterron rn hopes that all the studen enjoy rt from cover to cover , s . . Y A ' ' Q tl a s ,y I ' I i Y F I I ' .- . . ' ' ' 1 1 1 - I U ' . . . .1 . 1 - - - - - - I , ' ' 7 I ' . . . - - . 1 I l r I n - ' I James Baxter, who leaves to make the dream a reality. Cathryn Bass . . . ' - V 5 Q . . . f . - ' g ' . . , . . Y . ' I . l A.. u ,, - . . . . , ll ll - s 1 . I ' Ll - I ' ' ' 71 ' ' - D Q 3 - .r .. - r . , , ' il - II ' ' A I - . . . . . 5 I ' ' . u - rr ' ' '- - , i ' 5 ' ' ll H ' I . ' . . ' 1 . . . gr.- J,u,vw-U' Mfp Qfiff Afjf JJ ifyqydyjkuqfgw ful! vffhlg, ,Q ,UL-CZ! HW wc! A 27-U WW M M W' ,ijjlf f7Ufff9'0' J W 2111 Jaw yy J my Vvfymyyw M143 - ,N , , U-fra, QSKVMJV A ? ' . Q f lfv IU, A h Vx 5 if LU! xx J L1'l, I X' V J' Xb 0' . A My f' -4 If ' I . , 1.0! 0AZ, f,V-XZ gf ,, 7'-f 7 WW W M ' lowfffdf M 1 fyipvyl ' Aff N ' ' 5 fi, 5 A X . W if yy' ' J M yy . . Y' X ,. ,QM f I fir QV

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