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 - Class of 1948

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R r., 4 14 , ,4,,..,,' r un- x..,g X , ,... ff N M f""' -QSQQ. 1' ,if -'A 1? r 5 'ef' Zsss.::mg fr 5, he vs 4 gh-1, H 1 siazaaszg, gfgqfiggg ' t sn ii fain QH , ,cf Q ig 1 if-f' -Q xc 6 1532355 "r I Jr-J fs. -x 1. .Hs 53 '-X Q S ESQNQM l A1 gn guiig 'if 'Yu I 'vs Yin -4..- 1 X v-J.-J ff' ,. ...4. ' Ax ,. ,A .. - -V - -. '-f-1 , . ,, A fMf..:Q,-fr.w.fw.- . f H -, ..., H 'if' 'ET-ff1?1m- if -'HV f Af - Lum-.12 .J ' A f 'fit '1.-J'- 'fx -H r 1. Y-'w -'.'..A' fy V V. 4 L 1. t.. k ,- . ?,,,,.i U, - -,iq-'-K .-..c f.1..f, fu --frlf' - Y- , -. ' -f- . H. .11 iwlvg I - . A . - -.A-W., ,.-4' va 'Q . X ' '5.g"Q' ff.,'- V, L X . J " ... 9 . ' 5 "ff'f'f2. - N ' ' My - ' 1. . ' 5-- . , '- 1' Q. Lvx 'H ,"'i AN, 5.4, . -. -,. . m. Q . ' .3 ' .-.x .. ,V , .,-. . , it , . X 5241 W' , A . , . ,M . . 14--L 7.1.-1'-' A. . N . ., 4.:Ai,wb :Q-,W ,L fer" if 13511 .Rh .,,,,x. 'wg gr 15,4 ' V H ,- Whig . ' N " U ?,"""' - ' 'MQ - 1--, 5: ,va f x'g1,.L,dak "- . .. 'Q' 'Q P ' V +' . 9 A-H:-:'h,Z Q-I . ,. if-1: 4.-.-. .,,.., 4,-ww .3 ,nf -' .' yin' .' -1-'J' " 1 " .yr-I A . .QQ , f ,gif Q 4 '- ' ,.-- V - - --, 11. -,. .:-7,5 N5 5, -+1sg,,+g, , W5 - -- f:'t"k '.i ff' I 'TA' "' f 9' 'LH' fri!-'l 1' gm- - -- x -y4:N,U f ..,.,,., . , N 7- -r- . , .:. 4 h 54,-my-4. x Jmtbg ,A ,i'L.t,1 , L ,I -. .J , , , ag, n A , ,A V - - YM ", ,-"i n. OL -4 .- , - - f -. ---.mfg 'V .,.1A1 H- . 'I"',.' ' . -r . 1, . f "." ' 0 1' . ' 1, M J 1 fu. A 'H' I aW'Lf,I'u A51 i- Y x Y- 1 af- 4 ,A fu 1 .-1-Q, .1-2' ' f - . , fi -Y ' 5- . 211:55 -'A y Q ' ,. ' 1-' -5. ' ,figrfr-L' f: il .. Q ' N I if ,- x A- -,175 1 , .ng if, -V . ' V U -f A H .-- ., '--1.1- wg ... ' . 5 ' , Y V' l ' .- :,t1.3?,' A' -,. 7 L , 85 F , I Jw. 5 '- f' K-1 ' ' 1.1 aw-if 'H . ' 1 . Q jf A - . - U: 'L . J..- 'IJ .-L, .54 X ' , .. . ' , f'TJ.'1' ' ' ' v ' ' 7 ' N ' - - ,- . . ,.' 2- 1 ',.'. 1 AJ ' ' ff-.. .,- -- ..:-' ff 1.7 1 f - - '--.' ,N .-..u,.. 4 ,, ,A A , ' Q , . 'A' ve 13,2 , I -- -- -- - , 1 ,g,.,,,g,, ' - V 1 .' s., .. ,FQ ' ' "-' -. f ...:.., -.. gy! ,, n 4 . A. .... . :f,,:',hLA'.?'.,:.,. . . ...,3...gIM :I J...-Z... J V, . , . - A .. .f Auf.. -F 1.11 f --A--.--V. -.. ,.....-,4f.-.f 1' .4 - 4 . - I .1 .4 .p - A' ' ---N A--.-. .. ,.... - . ... ' , . . ' D! -.7 .I ,, ' I . If" 1 '. ' , ' " V14-e:'. -mlm' 5--fa, . . - A , I?.K,.?""'35f'f"9f9!' ' ' A ', . ...V 1. A . 9 M' S ,....., X. - - s f' I 'I N :H '1 Y. 3 ' . ,QQ r . ,. ' V A , ,l .', ' . Q - -L r Y ' '. ' g ' .. 1,4-. 1. , - ' - v v 1 4 ' ' . , - - UZ' f . . ' I I . I. fe' .5 ' . up l K I . A Q 5 J bl' - . f Q , , . I ' ' . O 5 ' . i, I w--N, The Cute:-non 1947 48 Theme, Democracy m Actxon. Background Muszc ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL Ardmore, Oklahoma SHIRLEY Gzulucmx Edxtor m-Chxel Rommfr CORNELL Busmess Manager O U 44?!?0f-Q -2 '- . Pre e We the semor class of 1948 wlth smcere happmess m our Ardmore Hxgh School graduatron and wlth lncreasmg prlde rn our American cltxzenshrp open thxs book with a hope a hope that all students followmg m our footsteps may profit from nur mrstakes may gam that knowledge vxhlch we let slxp by un notrced may be aware of the democratxc spxrxt whlch permeates thxs school and may be encouraged to hold more firmly than ever to therr Amerrcan heritage of democratlc xdealxsm Smce thls heritage IS ours only be cause other Amerxcans have contrlbuted therr thoughts the1r actlons and the1r l1ves to xt we l1kew1se shall try to help bulld a more stable world a world where the sun w1ll shed 1ts hght on toler ance where men shall jealously guard thelr freedoms and where the 1ron curtam of mlsunderstandmg between people and natxons can be ra1sed so that all may see the value of learnmg and the brllllance of peace We therefore m edxtmg thxs 1948 Crlterlon pledge ourselves to the fur therance of the democratlc sp1r1t we have found m all act1v1t1es m all classrooms and on every playmg court or athletlc held of Ardmore Hlgh School and we earnestly hope that all future graduates wlll fmd democracy m contmuous actxon here m heart and ln every mmd , MY . . U, ' '4 . . a 1 9 N I . . . I u . , . x 1 -. 1 x . 1 v . I' . H. 7 . ,, . . 3 Y ' y - ' 1 ! v u . , , '., - s ,.4,-, .,g- g I , '- X ...I .Q ' "" - rg-gg., ,,.:..rl' ' , fi.- lt-ful" ' 1 ji," 3' l.:f' 1,-,, .il V A h i , ld . :V " V' V .f fa, .ff XS 'Ak QM9 uf sea, 1' 4 L V v , .' 4' cm , ' V x Y 4 .Vi 3. f ,V if : Hg 3 " ' 7A.ff'l ,5 -2 'r . -Y. .- T 1' .' f ' - 7 J ., . i '14 f Q . 1 fl? . ' -, X f' QL ' -9 - A 5' 1 ' -if ,, - As America opens her door to strangers from many lands, so the American public school welcomes all the children of all the people. As democracy depends upon ed- ucation, so freedom requires a sense of obligation and liberty im- poses a sense of responsibility. If ,, -J Y rv L Wy. L , ff' l 46 We the Semors of Ardmore Hlgh Schoo Crxterron to you Mr Hall because your glft of diplomacy your natural use of frlendlmess and your very faxr judgment are the qualxtres of your character whmch have so endeared you to the whole school Dedication l 1948 dedxcate thxs We shall never forget you for many of us have known you smce our first school days and we hope you wxll remember us Good luck and good health for the future' 11311111 1115311 4 girl l""""""' '- 4 0 at and MN tr brol- +4 mm 395' r..f+""'l"' ,Q rdff' of' 15 9 cad' m, off? .. . .-'?ig' 'Q O :I -, Ll . r Q i, A . ,Wm Tl L. l f Z , - . l A -.'."T"'Ty:AL ,V N --A179-fi' ,1 " l . - l , N 'Ii ll.: I W A ,. ,J ,f I VN' V U I i ' . . . 9 -7 . . ,u .Q , Q s , T 7 5 . Q V f 3 I' ' ' 'n I Q. l s Q l Q QE: ffl: -an-nag gl. 'Tl -IS 5 -tix-, School Board from left to right: Chester Franklin, George D. I-Iann, Edgar Garrison, Ray Colvert, Guy Givens, John Hendricks, and Ralph Sullivan. Lower Right: T. E. Garrison, Business Manager: Edith H. Lawrence, Attendance Supervisor, Irene Pate McGoodwin Co-Ordinator. W? a aj 0. 6 xi Me Board of fdacaffon S Over three hundred years ago the iirst law in our country was passed establishing the great free public-school system which perhaps forms Americas greatest contribution to the field of education. Oi i xhla, mal 5Ci'0f-ii ousc , f X ' fx 0 This fine tradition, acknowledged as necessary to a democratic nation, continues to grow in strength and influence. Today unselfish groups of men and women throughout America give their time, energy, and thought to the advance- ment of the free school enterprise. In our city this responsibility has been accepted by the group of men pictured above, the Board of Education of the Ardmore City Schools. This small group, though known by only a few students in our school, is largely responsible for the smoothness with which our school has been' man- aged this past year. They have wisely selected our instructors, and they have efficiently handled the difiicult task of allotting the finance with which our school is pro- vided. This distribution of funds includes a generous gift to the Criterion Staff, which eliminates advertising that would otherwise appear in the yearbook. Because we realize that school provides the Ez. basis and shapes the ideals for our future lives, we ' J 4 "f'f! wish to offer our sincere gratitude to the members of our board for their unceasing efforts to improve our school and consequently to provide a broader i' -2 education for the youth of Ardmore I Q I4 ggi - iii A l .W s , n .- .,- ,.. .4- l ...L- ,, gs ff..-I 1' "' is! . ,. .,, ,. HM I dim.. LL iii IF ,Rik nuuuuauur Y Q 1? V-, Mr George D Hann-our school superintendent. What a lot of meaning that title carries, and what ' b ' kl to a lot of little familiar .memories the words "our superintendent" bring up, like Mr. Hann's walking ris y l ' h h' ' clas d hard between his teeth with his hands thrust deep into his pockets, and with that schoo wit is pipe pe , friendly nod to every student, or strolling casually down the corridors, picking up waste paper, or unexpectedly . . . . . . . h. I h. kin roaming into classrooms to bring us a tricky math problem or a bit of philosop ica t in g. Of urse eve one understands why the hall is conspicuously cleared of wandering students about one co , ry or two mornings a week--Mr. Hann is in the building! But seriously, Mr. Hann, we admire you for your fine disciplinary action, for we know it concerns our welfare. p And don't think we didn't appreciate those peppy talks during football season when you made our low spirits rise hopefully again for our Tigers. If everyone of us had the ardent enthusiasm you have for A. H. S., then our school spirit would know no bounds. The school, the staff, and especially the Seniors of '48 will remember you affectionately for a long time to come. Keep up the good work! Do you want to know who really does the work over in Mr. Hann's office? Why, who else but Miss Ruth Harris, secretary. Having served four years in this capacity, Miss Harris is well equipped to handle all the intricate little details of her type of job. Her work includes problems of finance, correspondence Cincoming and outgoing mailb, stencil cutting, mimeographing, and a thousand other necessary tasks. Even with all these many duties cramming her dayy Miss Harris is never baffled, but goes about her work coolly and efficiently, making speed. Although she usually does not have much contact with the students, they remember her for her wide, friendly smile. The mem- bers of the staff especially are her friends, because she, herself, edited the Criterion in 1939. To our friend, Mr. Murl H. Price, goes our thanks for stepping into the principalship of our high school ' at mid-term and filling it efficiently. By his ready f'u . attention to all details and his business-like approach to all problems he has demonstrated real merit During the few short months that he has been with us he has added to his increasing popularity by the splendid school spirit and enthusiasm he has shown Has co-operative attitude toward athletics probably developed from his fine athletic record on the track team in his college days With his adequate experience Mr Price is well equipped to handle the intricate work of managing Ardmore High School His cheerful personality and natural dignity influence his entire office staff Mrs Jones his secretary has been quoted as saying Hes firm but not the kind that makes a big noise ll Mrs E C jones that model of efficiency about whom the office machinery revolves faithfully serves as our school secretary She fills this capacity well with a competence that would be hard to surpass Her master mind can remember all the voluminous details of the at tendance records and can handle all the complicated matters of finance of our school Many long hours of tedious work make up her six day week We students know her as the agreeable lady behind the desk to whom we address our worried queries about unexcused tardies an nouncements over the speaker and the time of the next assembly The only grievance that anyone could ever hold against her is to be found in her calm disregard of the things that go through her mime ograph machine shell run those horrible tests iust as cheerfuly as the play programs la ,172 an, Q.. "" W nf T " Hap ff Q ,- . A., I ag sv Q. . MZjY A 3.5 A . H " - 1 . 2. E HOLLOWAY J. W. WYLIE. B. s Qi im'-. xiowin ciAisiaAieo. is. s EUGENE A. Toon, B, A S" M A Soutliezistz-rn T4-:iulivis College .1. li-limi A wil V S-iixtln-:ish-rri Stem- Cnllpg, 5"mh""Xt"In mm Physical Eduwition "--N i-lg: .f Nl-lr, Wiiilil Hitting Oklziliiimfi University Ailili-tin' liliivctui' fi ' Q Q . - T-+ a. i T-J 1' 'M fi ,f ' ' A. A W li x .x ,, '. I BEN BEAMFS, B. A. A. G. STURDEVANT, B. S. MAURICE M. ALTOM, B. S., M. S. .IENNIE M. SMITH, B. Central State College Sgutheastern Oklahoma A. and M,, and Southeastern O. U.: Applied Art Sclu Math and Geometry industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Chl,-ago Art During our three years of study in this institution of higher learning we have cultivated the qualities which seem so essential to those who would face the world bravely. For our consciousness of increasing maturity we thank the teachers of Ardmore High. As our school career comes to a close, we realize. at long last, that we, the students, have erred, and that these mortals, our teachers, are human. We are even somewhat remorseful as the time arrives to say goodbye to them. The fears and dread of some classes are gone from our minds, and in their stead respect and fond mem- ories are, present. The class of l48, as a whole and individually, wishes to express gratitude to each member of the faculty. To you we say "Thanks for the memories." L 'V .glee E. BAKER Engineer As a message of friendly farewell or as a parting gift, the following words of good wishes and thoughtful phrases, so characteristic of each individual teacher, are expressed by the faculty to the seniors of '48: Mr. Holloway "Good luck and happiness, always." Mr. Wylie "The road to success includes both work and play!" Mr. Gabbard "Be sharpg never be flat." Mr. Todd "A grand senior class-Good luck!" Mr. Beams "A word to the 'wise' is sufficient." Mr. Sturdevant "If you want to kill time, try working it to death." Mr. Altoin "I have nothing to say." Miss Smith "So long. Seniors, Successful Sailing!" Mr. Baker "Why, it's 70 !" Bruce Miss Rece Mrs. Oliver Mr. Goins Mrs. Wolfe Mr. Council Mrs. Schenk Mrs. Arnold Miss McClure Miss Bow Miss Fry Mrs. Madden Mrs. Busch BRUCE BAHNER Custodian ,,. "Good riddance 'Tm expecting big things of you in the future." "Alwa s b' " y . "Congratulations and Best Wishes, Seniors!" "Pax vobiscumf' "You have passed the acid test." "Be good and let who will be clever." "Remember that faith overcomes fear." "Remember-it is the empty wagon that rattles the loudest." "If you can't read, spell." "Listen, read, and think." "Do noble deeds, not dream them all day long." "If a thing is worth doing, do it well." Miss McWilliams "Live to the. fullest!" Mrs. Rawlins "Keep music in your life." .A uf v sv- - I : .fae1,.ag-,K-My-.tgp . - .1- ,.A, .. n . MUNCY RECE. M. A. University of Chicago Aint-ricun History new-au. fx l Umn ROBERT E. GOINS. B. A.. B. S., M.Ed. University of Oklahoma 1 NINA OLIVER. B. S. -53, . Central State College Geometry and Algebra II if.. 'Q Biology , MABLE G. WOLFE. B. S.. M.Ed. LILLIAN .G' SCHENIX' At B" B' S' University of Oklahoma University of Missouri Lrmn Spanish. English III 5, 55' I If ff . D1 1 ff' A I '.E"f I 'Ffh ' ' " 11 , ,-.-. ,ff ifjrr. in ROBERT R. COUNCIL, B. S., M.Ed. Oklahoma University Physics, Chemistry, Drivers' Education ALINE ARNOLD, B.- S. Texas State College for Women journalism and American Literature ta fit' Es 3 if 3 . BR 15 t fifvfifhnxxghf f ,."f52.:',,,fss.,1 S525 . 101' fa S.. serif it l 'Emi' 'Q Seated, from left to right: Betty Sue Cude, Lorenz Boyd. Mona Rabun, Louise Hunter, Margaret Sullivan, Nelda Barnett, jack Geure kink, Billie Loughridge, Elizabeth Dyer, Stella Brooks, Mary Fraley Standing, from left to right: Scotta Sparks, Harold Butler, jo Clough, Joyce Hill, john Hollarlay, Dick Howie, Kathryn Clifton Shirley Geurkink, Robert Cornell, Wayland jackson, Dotty Cude, Fritzi Horn, Carolyn Whitt, Barbara Patterson, Katherine New- ton, Joan Walker, Camille Anderson The Criterion is edited to serve as a practical project in creative work on the part of the Journalism class, and to serve also as a memory book which will depict some part of every activity in Ardmore High School. It presents a portion of the work as well as the recreation of students, and records in pictures a complete story of our high school community. Staff Editor-in-Chief . . Shirley Geurkink Ass't Pictorial Editors . . Louise Hunter, Kathryn Senior Editors. . . . . Mickey Clark, Mona Rabun Clifton, Billie Loughridge, junior Editor ...., . . jo Clough Scotta Sparks Sophomore Editor ,... . . Mary Alice Fraley Make-Up Editor , . . . Kathryn Clifton Business Manager A A V Robeft Comell Ass't Make-Up Editors ..... Camille Anderson, Nelda Ass't Business Manager . Wayland jackson Barnett Senior Sales Manager. . . . Elizabeth Dyer Feature Editor ,,,,,- E , , Fritzi Horn junior Sales Manager ,.,.. Harold Butler , - - Sophomore Sales Manager. .Jack Geurkink Feature Edltors "4i" Dotty Cude' Joyce HIM . An Editors HVAIVVV Q IAHI Katherine Newton, Barbara iterary Editors .... . . . Stellaxgrooks, Carolyn Whitt Patterson S Ed. Hauser Copy Editors . . . . Dorothy Moss, Betty Sue ports 'tor' ' ' A ' 'C owle Cude Ass't Sports Editor. . . . , John Holladay Pictorial Editor. , . . . . Margaret Sullivan Music Editor ..... . . Lorenz Boyd Q9- 9' 'Z2' Q-. SHIRLEY GEURKINK MRS. J. J. ARNOLD ROBERT CORNELL Editor Sponsor Business Manager 1 an sv L -x uss Muncy Recs sponsor m lm, ,TR '5-x You From left to rught Dotty Cude Vuce Presudent Ray Davudson Presudent Ruby Day Secretary fiqgfwgbfs of 0ar ffgfzscbool Career lhe class ot 19425 EHIEYEG hugh school on September 1 1945 Our furst vuvud umpressuon was that of the upper class men un our furst assembly lustenung for a faunt tune-our noble efforts un A Song of Ardmore However our attempts were soon more admurable and before long we took the lead Mr Crocketts splendud vocabulary and unspurung teachung had marked effect too We soon found ourselves engrossed un Les Miserables We were never quute able to determune whether ut was a French or Englush course un whuch we had enrolled A very memorable occasuon was the nught of February 13 1945 Our valuant gurls un whute devoted the remaunder of the week of the junuor Senuor prom found many of our sophomore gurls peerung through the wundows of the Leguon Hut thunkung My wull our day ever come? And too we couldnt help swellung our chests wuth prude when Muckey Clark carrued off top honors un the Oratorucal Contest guvung us the dustunctuon of beung one of the two soph classes ever to have thus gloruous experuence Our herouc efforts un shorthand when we became junuors Cwhat a beautuful word'J were frequently munumuzed by Muss Bows constant declaratuon Aunt no such anumal' One day some of us were un great anxuety as to the cause of that buzzung un the hall Delvxng unto the matter we found Cto our delughtj that the manshortage had been allevuated somewhat by the arruval of one Harry Brown That was the year un whuch we concluded that Mr Hann and Mr Hall should express theur enthusrasm and loyalty to the Tugers more notuceably so we presented each of them with a brught red tue People were really aware of the Junuors whereabouts when Dottue Cude had an explosuon un the chemustry lab Our fondest dreams came true un that year Margaret Sullu van was vuctoruous wuth her sturrung oratuon People began to wonder what else thus class was capable of accomplushung what wuth beung the only class un the hustory of the school ever to wun two years consecutuvely Certaunly everyone remembers that sprung day when we met an attractuve brunette un the hall-doubtless new to A H S After an about face we dus- covered ut was none other but our own Sherma wuth carbon on her golden locks. establlshung somethung of a precedent, as she celebrated her furst annuversary by repeatung ut on March 12 1948 Our qualms about that Saturday date were greatly relueved when we found that many of the older women flast years senuor gurlsj had packed theur bags and gone away to the noble unstututuons of hugher leamung, thus leavung a few more stags Our senuor class guves to posteruty such cosmopolutes as Ora Bell who unhaled the pleasmg aroma of japanese lotus blos soms and uncense whrle dwellung un the Oruent Robert Cavuns and Robert Cornell who saw Gay Paree and Belguum on a Scout pulgnmage Of course the porthole gave uts burdseye vuew of Parusuan gauety after sundown Then too Dorothy Moss saw many beautuful golden Calufornua sunsets fWe must respect the Calufornua Chambers of Commerce and not men tuon the fogj Shall we ever forget such uncudents as Phulup Brodues callung Mrs Madden Mrs Chaucer the mussung Buuck rungs and the sudden unterest un jewelry bracelets un particular or john Holladays Sux Lessons From Madame Mozunga and hus en suung romantuc unterests9 We shall always smule to recall our Fred Astaures who made such a remarkable showung un the Fall Frolucs Howie male assembly whuch quute properly umpressed us Dont thunk that the gurls were to be outshone however just look at the lust of those whose present unclunatuons lean toward matru mony Louuse Hunter Norma Balthrop Nelda Barnett, Pat Greuder Ellen Smuth, Hazel Mauldun Mona Rabun, and Ro- berta Cox Console yourselves, gurls, there us stull half a leap year left' We recall wuth smules the mad scramble for seats on chartered buses to the out of town football games The senuors contru buted greatly to the all school play Its All ln Your Head Our talent turnout un thus productuon uncluded Sherma Lorenz Margaret Mance Carolyn and Bob Beane The one act play Whurlwund was consudered worthy of a trek to Durant, where ut was guven an excellent ratung It was then taken to the state tournament un Norman un Aprul wunnung excellent. The new look was untroduced to our stately halls by Muckey Clark jo Pat Graham Frutzu Hom and Pat McCarty The Natuonal Echo day un the uournalusm class was one of much hulanty when we read the creatuve efforts of other hugh schoolers throughout Ameruca Other joyous days fat least for those goungj were those of such educatuonal student councul tnps to Corpus Chrustu and Ponca Cuty The students of AHS presented Mr Hall wuth a watch on Fnday February 20 1948 as an expressuon of our devotuon and apprecuutuon of hus fauthful servuce As much as we re- gretted hus leavung, we were happy and fortunate to have as our new pnncxpal Mr Pruce a fnend of long standung, whose excellent guudance and assustance we remembered from our junuor hugh school days It was thus same day that our class dud the unprecedented we gave forth our thurd gold medal orator-e feat never before accomplushed wuthun the 44 years of the annual presentatuon of thus contest We were thrulled to see Shurley Geurkunk handed thus medal As we leave these famuluar halls and rooms, we hope we have set somethung of a standard for succeedung classes We realuze that our departure us a commencement upon lufe and we are grateful for that phase whuch was our hugh school career Q Q V 1 ' I 5 J : ' .. " 1' V I e . Q mls. X ' , I 4 I 3 as y Q ' H ',V L s A ' ' g -1 I L, -. Q- , - . 1 ' 4 . 'R A M ' f - - 3 5 4 ss ,W ' Y H t 1' Z 3. ' .n ' , KN ,, , , f H A 2 ' - . z . v 1 '. ' . . o , to the tornado stricken people of this city. The Spfini night Cavuns, Cornell, Boyd. and the Boys' Chorus presented an all: , ' b . 1 I 1 V A 4 . , . Q h . - 1 u ' 444 hkmLhmbr6h! 22.353255 bg.,,1r-+S',1g "1C,..OOu:m O.Q.---5'--5 UD Bmximiag oz-W :sggj fb-1g:.q.2'O'Q1L4Q mmmbgmgg i5'uQ5g'Drog,3 gg-'Nm 3.934 ..... Q, Q.,-MCL D53 SD f-+ fD:ww3"'m Q-mgnggg "1fD:r,-.,.... D' m'O55 2gU',.,....5:gl+ mn-E+fUmj"E 'Og3"" wrccg 0 nmrpn :TQ- "1'-1 mm O Qsfigs' ea.omQ2 1 52:-f H192 0334 o-O7'foo.vr9g Sm'-1"" Wm O532o'5'm?i nA. PU,-I 5523225 7QC'Di"UQ-1!"k4 4.44 L4 Y. 'T' 1 Ei XX M , I I hWmLhmmrBm1 We predict for "Our Idealfl jim Clowe, a fine, promising future. This outstanding senior's character and leadership make Ard- more High extremely proud of him. We cannot forget his refreshing smile and agree- able personality. He is well respected for unerring sportsmanship, and he is often eyed with envy because of his unequaled scholar- ship. v rv r BOBBIE ALEXANDER mmue Persondhty BILLIE DEAN ALKIRE petxte Lacly of Spam 11' CAMILLE ANDERSON resourceful You Do ,Q 1 dl? FANNA LOU ATKINSON NORMA BALTHROP loqu xuuus Take It Eisx MARY SUE. AIKINbON ltll 1 JIL Cmkt nls fox Two U '90s 'Z-U' ff WAYNE BAILLY thoughtful BOB BEA 11155151115 IW mt fu BQ Lox ul f Afm A Zak I +A I " 15,5-f-Q ?+f5:"'T NLJXLX My Silent T M, NELDA BARNETT affable Take Me Out to the Ball Came ,Q 4 4 2 JJ' JW, X RAYMON BLOUN'1l lx 13 'f Q effu-'cnt Co-Operatlve Tm for TWO All The Things You Are -f T f "" I f-eff l A ,i nf is k 3-T f . X ? -I fy . . , J ' ki i ax . 1 'A - rl ' I n V 1 -" A . -. ,, " " lg' -ff V I .V E' f Ll fg -E: I gf X 3 bf ' 1 A A 5 A l ,E 3 , I . Z . . ,J , K ll 7 J E li' . I f , l fl f 1 1 Aj 1 fl .W .. V .QI 'I K 'IW 111 X 4 "' ' fl L , :X. ' , . W - 1 l . ,f ,4 N L, V1 rin .M l IW! r VL E .. mg ET -I A Aw A 1 l N' CI L r ' Y PW' ix,.vl , 'Ag 6 Ni Lixxlll ll fi ll ' 'Ax I ' 5 .X X-'-1 W D -1, .V 1 0 I . f A N f' " A-' H , N . "" 1 L 4" Jz ' T ,igiffx 1' FTTY LOIS BROWN enuxne hilpful blst 1 An l Alwms K frollcsome Min Who Punts the Rxmbovxs My X ta FELLA BROOKS dxplomatu Stella Bv Stnllght g N anualmle I NK,.,,q '-xrx i ef' f aw .sf 'Q loyal 0- Gxve Me Fxve Mmutes Mo IL B RTA LOU BROW frlendly Exactly Llke You DAVID BROOKS Clever Theres No You fascmatmg talented The Man Wlth The Hom A Lxttle But Independent ' Q v , , ff' I ' ' J' , a. i My , T V , , A'My Q' f 1-- A V I ' x. ' I V I ,U Q ll f - M K I 'l ' gl V N - 4 k X A 'I , l 'O 1 ' f' l " , ..' ? " ' ' f' - . if ' A A ' . J Y 5 lf l ..f O A -1 O A1 lf'--l f X X 1 - - - . 1 ACN - , l ' 11 HQ lll 'f 'al 1 -F 'I uv" pf " V l f If 3 V A - V I, i X -' L ' - w '91 ,E 'I 38. f 1- E 2 . " I l Q N xl J' X 7 ,Y ' -Q ll I ,il '-ru Get By' ' l l V - 5 ll 'll llx' 1 4 I , lWll'?xW A , X ' h nl ll ywf Z I 1 tl I, , .1 yi N fl -I 5 ' I lx X 'ff ai, l All X l' lv l V ' A al l X5 4 uf I lull K E if 4' A A I ff x ' ' 3 Wh .. - .. , , - Q -5 ' .a - , O ev ,- u v -v wh I H I U u ' ' ' .gl '1 I DERL BURRIS remarkable Marzxe ARTICE BURROWS captlvatmg Star Eyes ,7 1115 -v-'Q' i 'A L.. Q gag ROBERT BUTCHER dependable Steakhouse Blues x 'Z DON MAX BUTLER dutlful ,Vi 3+ Nm ,.. Wk EARL BUTLER lxkeable A Door Wxll Open ,Z ROBERT CAVINS zealous Over There HERSHEL CHADWELL bashful Along the Navaho Traxl 'W KATHRYN CLIFTON capable I Dream Of You -,,..1.--v- V... :""""' fl 'I wg-I L 'E' 1 X -3 I 33 --Q A-xv fi MICKEY CLARK enchantmg It Had To Be You ln. -Q unique J , -7 1. C Q , 'x f , 4' Q b , -5 , H M ' A' we A '.-" ,. . X if 2' V H 'W M- f A A A ,F . -ei3fii1gi'ig'giT""A'' gf ff if ' "EQOA" 'i eQf.-..M , 1 .Q Y , I xi Q X it f 7 ,- 'T " lQf,5 ! lag, 1 -li 1 ,i xr nd. I is Al W: vi?" 5 6 'S il mg! R A l l 7 - 's - f ' lm , ff 'I 1 'hx it E -A ' " 5 0, j 13 ls wal x N f . K Fil ll 1ll1Q"L ' ' if ,K 3: , . 2 R Fl J, , lllll l A H . ffff I' . '3 lg!! 1 ' A l . yy, J If V ju I ff? Q. all - L ' ,-.,1::--3:3 giiflzgjf- ' ., I M I' 'u I 3 . - l l .5 ' ., ' ' The Very Thought Of You Guilty ,A ROBERT CORNELL dlstlngulshed Mamselle Z X71 w W if fnfflf eff 3 ROBERTA COX unaffected "He's My Guy" DORO'I HY CUDE lovable Dont Ever Change 'T ALINE CU LLUM studious Cant Get Off My Horse' nm- mm A . . LOUIE CUMMINGS Senslbla Red River Valley Qffn RAY DAVIDSON casual Edgy To Love RUBY DAY xmagmatxve Day By Day . , X.-Q f lil'-iff I 4. '23 - Q fs,-1 I may 9' at vig . 3, xx S' R 1 vi- ay' 22,352 . i v1 - - - :fr X' if Rf -,- MANCE DRUMMOND incomparable "Deep Purple" 'Q JOHN DUBIEL enjoyable At Last mtellectual I Know rf JESSE ELLIOT faithful That Chlcks Too Young To 1 gl vs BILL FIELDS mterestmg Seems Luke Old Times Fry 'R SHIRLEY GEURKINK democl mc JOE PAT GRAHAM vxsxon xry III See You In My Dreams Arent You Glad Youre You --Ml.. BOBBY FRANKLIN ' 'M pleasant Two Cngarettes -Ax IV +?4,, ZS. Ks I D X- Y QQXESX RSX PEGGY GALLOWAY unmhlbxted Peg O My Heart MINA GILSTRAP attentxve Speak Low cb N5 PATRICIA GRIEDER cheerful Do You Love Me ,fn 19' Ohll Lornn ll Dunl-my buen nle A' f K' SQL!! 'N- fl 41- HILL important Dearly Belov ed ll :tural Pxstul Pankm Mmm 'T alert Under The Double Eagle I gr YZ?-1. athletxc If I Had You Egg ? ' . 1EF?"'F':5 Lvrzmsr refmed Ill Be Seemg You X JD HO T handsome There Are Such Things pleasant Indxan Love Call JUDITH HAYNES conslderate Those Endearmg Young Charms chxc Just My B111 . T, ' ' 1 M T s U - x V 1 nu I' , 44 ,1 ' ' fm - I , , H I l . E 1 n ,451 . , -fix 1+ f' X 1 2' J 3 .5 if? 4 l .1 J 3 ' ' :.,'74 L 3, rl, - 5gfj?.J ips Q an 'Yi-1...-L. T' '55 - , lil 1 f 2 ,af I M! lx L L V ff: iw f .. , -v Al , NZ, f . 1 in , V. ns Hur A A I A . i X -LU I . Qlllwejl L ,W l A -2... ff' ,fill 6. W: K Y H 'Q , .X f A ' ' ff xx ,, 'Z . :, I ' 4' ' Q ji Y - .X ,Q I s ' 4 "nk, ,,., P ,f ,H . , niggas, ,, X ll , , L 1 , K 1 , 3 V W L V KR .X E g,5,-g32?'-- K . X. . ., Q V.. .. . v , L 1' 7 Q ,fi K ,R '-- T7 -5 SHERMA HORTON energetlc Wonder Whos Krssmg Her Now X DICK HOWIE mdustrxous My Ideal NANCY HUEBEL competent Good Good Good ff- I ELVIE HUNT agreeable "California, Here I Come rv .YDS- 'LV EVELYN HUNT obhglng Ill Be Wxth You GX.: TOM ED HUNT practical After You 14? LOUISE HUNTER LORRAINE JOHNSON musxcal Sweet Lorrame Q Coy Red Sxlk Sox and Green Perfume ,J ,. we efficient "Take It jackson" wi ' ' s Stu, XE: W gl X6 Xfakvl '27 Efgilil im 1 I Jlglgghnlul 'I g ,, ,I 'f-,255 E 1? I 1 ,f X 'A,.,b DOROTHY KIRKPATRICK pert "Feudin' and Fightin' " , an ff' - 6 F2 .3 ' KENNETH KIRKPATRICK nimble "Free For All" 'Till' fiillll ' I. ' . . . Vj X l ii JI' 2.341 iii ' ef- nd-ddfagnw t,1iLLXf-IIN 1 '.agg..1r.'5-as 'I it lm NORSP X X5 gt wx X 5 BILLIE LOUGHRIDGE versatile "That's My Desire" RICHARD MCCORMICK original "Oklahoma Hills" PAT MCCARTY influential "Scatterbrain" ,,,+ J' Q - T i GENE RAY MCFALL agile "O Buttermilk Sky" "I'ni In Love With Someone' HAZEL MAULDIN observant ff' fl neat "How Cute Can You Be" JAMES MEANS mechanical "My Merry Oldsmobile" 41 KATHERINE NEWTON HENRY KLEIN v creative idealistic "She's My Buddy's Chick" "N ear You" lf I I S MAX OAKMAN flashy Fun and Fancy Free fir Q "W H 1 DON MURPHEY JENELLE PARLIER romantic robust Lover Papa, Don't Preach To Me -Q11-... 3 Tx BARBARA PATTERSON AFIISIIF All The Thmgi You Are XJ X X f S l0llf I ll ff fff 01' REX ANN PIERCE kind Sleepy Timv. Gil MN 'H GORDON RICE su ive Dark Eyu ,x' MONA RABUN , rcfieshing jqck Jack jack JAMES RILEY informal Rum and Coca Cola 4? SAMI PITTMAN BOB READ cunning The Man I Love ANNA ROBERTSON congenial Civilization attractive Hubba Hubba Hubba HAROLD PIERCE JAMES ROBINSON opinionated wistful "Love Me" "Mary's A Grand Old Name 1Flu ROY pahent Walt For Me Mary 'T- ul" GENE SIGMAN confldent My Future just Passed ARTHUR SALYER affable MV Buddy at :CK CECFLIA SEWELL vxvamous Sweet Llttle Headache LEON SIMONS ambxtlous Sllver Dollar ARB! BILL SHANER puzzlmg My Mommy Told Me ELLEN SMITH class1cal Two In Love rf JOE SMITH roguxsh Heaven Can Waxt CHARLES SNODGRASS emgmahc Heartache .AR il QM x K g I 42' fxaffrffgfg 54' Xl iii SCOTTA SPARKS surprlsmg Whlsperxng 'U I Q? H V - H 1 1.2 I, Q . . . I ia J. X., .. .. -e I s in - K . . A' ea ' 1 1 H N Wil, If!fI"5ffLdK"2'fW' J WUI ' 25' Q ' -A XVIII! 5 I I ' U ,hu 1 ' f' no 'K5 i 5 4 ,MV Yiimfl I iw .1 g , 5 . 4 rx 5 I ',I.kL,f pI ' If IETF?" fr A J X I ' N H ,, in fQyf!f M I f smuw , 'J , ' N : J fgj Il A. L il L X . . ly' fn I I 51 faq' w ff j Q ff xi . 1 ' X 1 ' - - 'X , , ea Q ,Mx i .1 K " N My I 2,. yay x X A , Ax , 7' .. I ,, 3 K , I ' W1 'dfr J A , 1' 1 ' C S If 'flfi I '. Y exif , IVM I 4,5 . , A ,Q I' FRANKIE STEVENS 1 1 as mova Hot L1p5 MARGARET SULLIVAN I X, I fx x NN Mfg persevermg Embraceable You pug ff JACK THOMPSON hospltable Careless NED TURNER mwentlve Your Feets Too B1g DORIS VANN graclous How Sweet You Are UWVW S: ka' fiifi DOUGLAS VERNON nonchalant Smoke Smoke Smoke A!! f"'P WARREN SULLIVAN ld83IlSIlC Ive Been A Good Boy BOB TODD noncommlttal Tall Skmny Papa JOAN WALKER BARBARA STONER gay emotxonal Johe Blond Laughing On The Outside K -5 .I L! ," V1 ,P x A ' . H -' N A tk .3 f -- fv A I " Jr U I 1 M, Nm glk I 4' WK fix J if :ll f f J my ,Xe f I ff- ,,fXk x L X 9 LN I V X xxx 5 fy if Uef ,Q W 'f ,fl X, ff' X 'Q I f f fe fd 2 Q-M W I I+ :X M, N 1 ea W' - xiii rf , , 'f " - ' " 4, A A Il K5 H , X I N ke J' I 'A ILLIZABETH WALKER drnudhk You Are My Sunshme :VR 4 BETTY WALLACE Consclentlous Be Sweet To Me Kxd CAROLYN WHITT lmpressxvc Out Of Nowhere .qu ERNEST WICKER unaffected Dom' What Comes Natur'ly" 'V WANDA WILBURN graueful A Lllllo Blt of HL :van , al- JERRY WILLIAMS conslclemtc 'Oh Amt We C1azy" ff -1 A, ARVILLF WOODS m lLlS1l wus H mme OI1TllL Rang A DAN NFWSOM xuttv Y1T1T1YzT1 T1 l FH JERRY YOUNG mtelllgent "Ya Don't Learn That 'n School" 1: . U .QA -Q . 4 . v ,. , A ' x '.' Q . ., , L. -A , , , if any . , I :J , 4 Q ef 'X 9 ' I x W ' L 4- ' ' V . " 1 I 5 Q so 4 A I 1 -fm .7-r - I -,..,,,,,,,z' N A A ? Q x A , A 5 'M Natrona! Honor Society .... it 14 Qff' Seated, left to right: Ellen Smith, Camille Anderson, Betty Sue Cude, Shirley Geurkink, Ann Noble, Karleen Moore, ton, Fritzi Horn, Margaret Sullivan, Elizabeth Dyer. Standing, left to right: Mance Drummond, Ned Turner, Jim Clowe, Barbara Patterson, Richard McCormick, Way' Robert Cornell, Katherine Newton. Inset: Mrs. Lillian Schenk, sponsor Contrary to populan definition, a member of the National Honor Society isn't necessarily brain" Calthough that straight "F" average won't get you far eitherj. Indeed, intellect alone isn't qualify one to the exalted position. Next on the list after scholarship come leadership, character, ani ideals toward which each member strives, and these are the qualities on which prospective members Students chosen from the upper 59? of their class in their junior year were: Camille Anderson, , Robert Cornell, Elizabeth Dyer, Shirley Geurkink, Fritzi Horn, Karleen Moore, Katherine Ann Nev I Seniors chosen this year from the upper 1022i of the class included: Millicent Clark, Betty Mance Drummond, Sherma Horton, Wayland jackson, Richard McCormick, Barbara Patterson, 1 Ellen Smith, Margaret Sullivan, Ned Turner. Oliicers for this year are: President, Shirley Geurkinkg Vice-President, Elizabeth Dyer, Treasurer, Camille Anderson, Reporter, Fritzi Horn. Members of the local chapter of the National Honor Society should certainly be able to principles of such a position, since their sponsor, Mrs. Lillian G. Schenk, is almost a personihcation o of that organization. Certainly the time she has spent at the head of the Ardmore group is indicative leadership she has exhibited in serving in that capacity, and her scholastic prowess is bespoken by hi ship in Phi Beta Kappa. of' loflti NMFS, M55 xx G C' vt' MRS. JOE BUSCH Sponsor junior Class Left to Right: jim Biddick. President: Floydc-na Loughridge, Secretary-Treasurer: Bob Michael, Vice-President, Junior Victory Af Hand! . It is a well known fact that the Juniors of Ardmore High School are engaged in a great struggle withltheir deadly enemy, ignorance. Our powerful division of '49 easily rolled to the strategic point of Freshman Hill. Aided by the capture of the American Legion Awards by jo Clough and Harold Butler, we conquered it with few losses and forged the broad river dividing the battlefield of High School. Here under the command of General Biddick and his aide-de-camp, Col. Murphcy, we entered Sophomore Valley. There we met two 'competing divisions, older and more expe- rienced, who were amazed by our number, skill, and enthusiasm. Latin and Spanish pill boxes, biology barracks, and smoke screens in Home Ec. proved fatal to many of our well loved comrades. May they rest in peace. However, Milly Wilson. Mickey Burrell, Ethel Tyler, Merrel Bedford, and jerry Bridges moved in to reinforce our troops. Garland Pool was wounded by a sniper lurking in a Planegeome Tree. However, plasma was administered by Nurses 'fstraight A" Hefley. Nutting. and Fraley, and Pockets managed to survive. The battle was renewed in the second semester with mount- ing spirit. A commando raid led by Babette Temerlin won for the division of '49 il major foothold when she emerged among the winners of the oratorical contest. Many of our men were lost in the black mire of the battle of examinations. Nevertheless we managed to hold our band together and found ourselves at the foot of junior Ridge. Here General Biddick aided by his staff Col. Michael and Lt. Loughridge planned our new fall offensive. New troops moved up: among these were Nancy Hart, Kathryn Kilgore. Marie Calvery. Wilbur Adams. J. W. Burrows. Gary Nance, and Bill Swatzell. Early in the campaign Paschall. Gordon, Wag- oner. Hunt. Coulter, Ernst. Hunnicut, Worley. and Rich were given the Distinguished Service Cross for valiant action on the gridiron. Bob Milam was awarded the Purple Heart for the heroic sacrifice of his two front teeth while in action with the Capitol Hill Redskins. Pat Whitfield's morale was lifted highly and he was persuaded to keep on in the fight by Margaret Parker. We suffered from the loss of Lea Burrus, when she moved to Altus and sustained further loss when Marjorie Grider and Quata Pickens deserted us to move on to a sterner field of matrimony. A great advancement was made when the division of '49 was led to victory in the Battle of the All School Play Tickets by Virginia Gazaway. Gayle Miller also won a foothold by playing her part successfully in the All School Play. All the while joella Williamson and Dolores Gilliam lifted our spirits by their cheers and never failing pep. We are proud of our exploits on the high school battle field and thanks to the splendid guidance of our Commander- in-Chief Mrs. Busch, we have reached the summit of Junior Ridge. We know that the samedetermination and enthusiasm which won for us previous battles will carry us on with flying colors to capture Senior City. A3 Ideal Junior Boy Rehunl ln Illlllft Don the stnns Il r Q tu llth nf ,lun rr I x I1 A fru lnllw 1 nope l'rlllXQ ll lllllt A I lu 1 Ill ll I 4NllQlll n IIN 1 .I mute- I ow e 1 X grin uul lu- gum ure n nc 1 Ill l I t n ll po FNUIII th 'V' Ideal Junior Girl l'rom ,lc-.mnme -s bug blue, sparkling un. whnh wha cheerfully flashes there nt rudutul the per-mnahtv of an all .around gurl She pnsfwswes the quahhes Illlllllllllfll bv her clans. ln choosing an ulml perm 1 those of fnendhness, sportsmanship chgmtv, character and charm Not tnulmg Ill scholarship, she lmnnlalm n rf-cord uf which anv one might lu lNlNIldllV proud 'gs 'aw ' H .0-rm L Eff 2-f1f51Qgrafi:wgN,a A , ?'7igf5' '9,. ?gxz' , xii fr ty A-' ripwdfw - vu-4 E, -1 .gr Qlwiw:-,..X J L - ,Sfjg xr' . :s , f 1 'f 2 I I, . A - , 2 .1 K N -,l .,:. . g K X M DON BULARD MICKEY BURRELL j. VV. BURROWS Rualm lliilll T1'iplL-tm: Boys' Glce Clulu , :Q as N . S ' ,g alil ,S 4 22 sf f 1 HAROLD BUTLER HELEN BUTLER OWANA BYRD EXlJliJl'i'I' scout Drusclcn cloll Luvcs parties LEA BURRUS Swell gall if' BETTY CARPENTER Ccmsirlcrzltc -fr. . 'V' ' - 'nur A WJ 1 fi , X X , ,il GENE BUTLER AI'lli1lOI'Ulli' boy :V -'V' z .' 'Y 04 . ., ARLIS CHAMBERS Thrlfty JO CLOUGH Criterion stuff 11" ff BETTY CROWE All school pl xy 1' fries M-an NORMA COADY Sksltmg spuvlulxsi 'WY LAVINA CUMMINGS Loves to skate af? PATSY COLE Saxon coloring 'lv fl J' x A 1 ' ,L 1 ' I W V, A 3 , "9 - .1'2 I 651.4 1f?f?? .g., X DAN COULTER NORIVIA COX Football lettcrmzm Offu-Q girl ff . ,fr . I cv ww. ,Quik ,Q M37 1M A ,.,, GWYN DANIEL BOB DAVIS JOHNNY ELMQRE Painstaking Arclmorciic boy Boys' Glcc Club .ff if h. - J' 19' VERA ENGLEHARDT DON ERNST RUTH EVANS Maisie All-district lmvk Home-EQ skills ,ia VIRGINIA FRALEY Fine Scholarship PAULINE GOODNIGHT Promising secretary 'V VIRGINIA GAZAWAY Very friendly If - A , M, , Q' - Y jg J"--. " . K, 1 "fa f A .1. BOB GORDON Football Letterman L C GENTRY Football B .qs a A , 1 J 1. .F + fr, JOE GORDON Loves to hunt Y 4? nf DOROTHY FINTON WANDA FORD Expressive L-yes Loves vwliivr' rozisw N. 1 VIV- i i Q - 7:1 ' ::, V: QV Y , X BOB GILLEY Long on effort DOLORES GILLIAM Cheer leader f! --.1 Y, SPENCER GRIFFIN RICHARD HACKER Model air-planes Nice curly hair ff' - 3 an 3 mi,- 4-7 NANCY AHART AMBERT HATTENSTY MARY HAWLEY MARY LOU HEARON JAMIE HEFLEY VlVaG10'-15 Football end Very nice Nice dimples HOIIOF R011 'Q K. A fr BOB HENSLEY Runs pncturc IllilCllll1t' LAVEEN HERON Skatxng stylist B.:-' "1 'PQ ,IOANN HOFFMAN Twinkling eyes BRYCE HOLLOWAY Photographer ,Q-F BILL HIGNIGHT Ouwt. hut steady 1, 7 ,Cs ,Jo Mi MAJORIE ORIDER HIGNIGHT Clever 3-if uv PEGGY HILL Wontlt-rful gal ..,. ANNALICIA HQQKS BILL HOUSLEY KENNETH HUNNICUT "Curse-nie" Photographer Football Star J' . P? Ar l 4- 1' MARGARET HUNT BOBBY HUNT KATHERINE HUNTER CHARLES IVEY Bitty Football star Honor Roll True Chxvalry 'U' LQ. a fx DONALD JACKSON Personahle gli YT EDWIN JOHNSON MILTON JONES KATHRYN KILGORE WANDA KING BOB LATHROP Librarrgm Band jazz singer Plcasing manner A character M3 RICHARD LAWSON Tcnms CHARLOTTE LYNCH Band mm 1 BOB MILAM Football star 'U CHARLENE NALL Honor Roll ,fer PEGGY LEGATE ELMA LIGH I SI X Buommg, Cllkllllb Bums 05 HARBON Mc INTIRE B incl :CN GAYLE MILLER All school pl ay .mol f 1 4-' X ffl V 1 X 2 Q I GARY NANCE Broad shoulders Q51 Q0 EILEEN MAHER 4 H Expert W if PAUL MILLER Boys Glu Club 1O"" ' MARIE CALVERY Reserv cd I' LOYDFNA LOLGHRIDC C iss S4 ntl ffm 255, ,wa JAMES MAULDIN Boys Glu, Club . -f 'Y' GENE MORTER A musrcul Emcu. JOYCE NUTTING Student Councxl SAMI LOVE 11 l xorlxu ,av BOB MICHAEL Cl Iss Vue PrLs1dLnt PAT MURPHEY Football boy 1 4-OE PAULA OLIVER Gnlx Gloc Club 2' L' J Q W.. W f ' ,G - Ar 5 --9 Q.: f ' if h .., 'rl A A X I . .- x I f , j , 3 9, I 1 ' ' " ' i ' ' - ' sa . ,N ' Y , ' I A. A li b. ,V ,HX H4 , ., .. 2- ' ' ',14Qs?.'WZa7W?fiV :swf Y .' - I ,V . I- 3 . 5517 E if ' I 49' 'A .f - if V fo . ,gf 'H' 'QU' .V--:fu x yn .-my ,I h . V' , V ,ff f . . - - fs. W' V . , . if h.xk:1Y1,4:5l If if 'Refi I X 2 132, 5, I 'tilvffx It gm-W I .. Ig.. ,U Q, V 'ntl I 2 E- fir" 15 'Q 4 T- .V . -- W' v 2- I '59 " . - . , A AA' M S . A - 4 x Y' Q , Y I ' X S . 4 A 'I' 'x v i ,. , I- f X' ,mf I ' I 1 , . 2 I , , . . , -' , I ' 1 1 - 1 . I , f , . ,,,,, 4 g I ' ,Q Q ' 'Q F 5 . , . ' A W I ,,,.. . .,... xx ff' 'T MARGARET PARKER Personality plus ,-.Q A I V x Q E: I . ,i f li VICTOR PEDEN Miss Races pet Z' W 1 A V-al i J r EVELYN REED Splendid student f""' . nr -v' ' 4. 2 1 .1 I RONALD PASCI IALL Football stair Tj? QUATA PICKENS Old married woman 'P' 'V Hi? B!! F' - V-4.1 W ,I MARGARET RENICK Honor Roll rm 14" vi' --Y ' 'fiisig ii I 'A' sm Dix G " 4' JUANITA PATRICK JOHN PA'1"VERSUN IAHPS to Illt'IDOl'lZC Bzincl sa-rgf.-mit T? 295 X, QQ . Q, HR tl ,Q 4 , ., DOROTHY PAYNE Big hlue eyes GARLAND POOL Football manager "-31 IIE X 4' fe.. 1 Q, .,'1.Q.:", . 4 . .' ' f.,' LEONARD RICH Football Whiz ,X 5 ' 1 41' J PN l CHARLES POWERS Loves to hunt PEGGY RIDDLE Sings 4 ...3 ...if- 5,3-lima 'effsvf ' NADINE PRICE Beautiful smile fr-. J '-v BOB ROGERS Muscles qs, fi- ' 03 FAYE SAUNDERS ARTHUR ROLLER LINELLE RUBLE CAROL RUTLEDGE TOMMY SADLER 4-H Prizes Industrious Loves parties Horse bark rider Honor R011 3 3 W3 XA! L 3 'Z 'tw ARBARA SCI-IUERHOFF GENE SKINNER ANN SMITH JEANNINE SMITH Band Football B Beautiful voiu- TCHINS N-v BERNICE SPURGEON Candy Maker Q1 GLORIA TALKINGTON Triple Trio Q- .71 1: ,fx 6' X! JAMES WAGONER All district gridder Ag' 2 JERRY SPURLOCK Honor Roll ' arxwnq BABETTE TEMERLIN Dramatically talented I 52:2 .-K4 Q I fi- .fx ' ' N ' ' A 'i-. BILL WALKER Student Council 40" ,ag IQ , 57 'W ANITA SPRUILL Band Mzijorette CURTIS STAMPS Chemistry Star LEAMON SUTTLE Nice curly hair 5 ANN THOMPSON Student Council 4? DORIS WALKER Honor Roll WANDA THRELKELD Girls' Glee Club , QI? f""'5 ' N ATA WALKER Serene beauty BILL SWATZELL Fine student ETHEL TYLER Triple Trio 'SR MARILYN WATTS Beautiful red hair 2? "' i' ff" I f',.f"! i- Z, - Lv aff 17' 1 W ,, .. SONDRA WESTER PAT WHITFIELD I-IERSCI-IELL WHITLEY IMOGENE WILLIAMS LOIS WILLIAMS Girls' Glee Club Parkers partner Band Glen' Club Skater K v U an I ' ., K ni 1 4 A -5 iw . LOUISE WILLIAMS SAM WILLIAMS ,IOELLA WILLIAMSON MILLY WILSON ANITA WOERZ Expert pianist Explorer Scout Cheer Leader Creative Promise I-Iumorist I xxx fs fe .5 J . -4' ,J ff 13 s - 5 ERNEST WAYNE WOOD Loves to sail Me Staff m Acffbn Converting seventy-two blank pages into a finished, attractive yearbook was the task that confronted us on September 1. However, we appointed small groups, each of which had charge of some section of the book, and dug right in. This finished product, now neatly bound, which serves you as a picture album, related history of the high school, and autograph book, was the result of democratic action which we thoroughly enjoyed. n 5 1 g X 1 l ROY WORLEY Football boy 4 Y VJ 1 1 L ? R 1" f ,V- A ?:0 . a 4. Q ,,. . 41- ' ,Z 1: -?' 'Jw ,I 'ge , J 11 -WHY -.-...-.....v,..Q .... X I E X rf . ,--1 H, -4- ' f, . ., V -, ,ze-r'fA ' V ,, .4 mqzu 1x.,'g -1 gi it :,1 "if f 1 5-.0 BABETTE TEMERLIN SHIRLEY GEURKINK HAROLD BUTLER PIIUE lb 7raa'1Ylbn "Shirley. Nelda are their names!"-"When you're up against the juniors, you're upside down!"-"Sophomores, sophomores, are we in it?" Thus. the 44th Annual Oratorical Contest began. The colorful decorations-the red and white polka-dots of the seniors. the blue and white fringe of the juniors, the numerous green and white streamers of the sophomores-created an intense feeling of anticipation in all who entered the high school auditorium on the night of February 20, 1948. After the chant- ing, yelling, and cheering of the separate classes, the actual contest was formally presented. The senior class was victorious again for the third Con- secutive time as Shirley Geurkink won the gold medal with the oration. "An Educated Person." "Thats America to Me" won the silver medal for Babette Temerlin of the junior class. The juniors received honors again when the bronze medal was given to Harold Butler for his deliverance of the "Communism and America." The other contestants in the final contest were Nelda Bar- nett, a senior, Patsy Brown and Lawrence Staples, both sopho- mores. The alternates for the speakers were: seniors, Louise Hunter and Betty Lois Brown: juniors, Gayle Miller and Jo Clough, sophomores, La Juana West and David Poe. 5, ? I . e Xl -'uni , ', ' , " 4' 9' -""' A ' 4' 'Q ' Y .ff K 0' 3 A f A 2 -. :ff , ,rr R ui, QW Smog' to right: Patsy Brown, Underwood, President, Bill Martin, Vice-Pres- Sophomore Sampling: idents In order to begin our quest for knowledge we started off for grammar school one bright day in Sept- ember, 1938. Three of our group, Bill Martin, Ida Sutton, and Nancy Underwood, went to school early Cifl for only one nightj when they served as mascots of the senior, junior and sophomore classes respectively for the 1937 oratorical contest. We struggled through our A, B, C's and numbers, taking each higher grade in our stride, until at last we reached the zenith, our sixth year. How proud we were! As we ascended the broad steps of junior High for the first time, we prided ourselves on our intelligence, however, it didn't take the mighty freshmen long to deflate our ego. A few of us were rather disappointed when we realized that the assembly tickets which we had bought early to avoid the rush were unnecessary. To console ourselves we looked forward to the day when we too would reign supreme as ninth graders. During 1945-46 we struggled through the eighth grade. It was this year that we met Miss Warriner fWarJ and learned all about historyC?j. After a year that appeared never to end, we said goodbye to the eighth grade and hello to our freshman year. How could we forget this momentous year? The boys were always eager to taste the fine cooking- samples which the girls concocted in the home econ- omics departmentg however, Miss Carlock didn't regard our 'culinary-ability very hghly when she discovered that there was Bab-O in the flour. The Bab-O mixture 'which the boys consumed didn't appear to affect their athletic prowess because, paced by set-shot artist Carl Atkinson, they had one of the best basketball teams in Junior High history. 1946-47 seemed to drift by like aspring breeze and, before we knew it, Mary Fraley and Jack Geurkink had been presented the American Legion awards while Glenna Montgomery walked away with the first prize in the composition contest. After Sam Blackburn's graduation address, May 29, 1947, we jammed into the Y.W.C.A., where we danced and selected Hiram Walker and Betty Webb ma- new gb Inset: MISS f x, po Q50 1' is vu.,- as the popular boy and girl of our class. many of the boys got the family car for the first and we raced madly about town until the unthinkably late hour of 11:00. It wasn't too long before we were climbing the long flights of stairs into a new and different world. Turning the tables on the juniors and seniors, we startled everyone Ceven ourselvesj by our smooth rendition of the school song at the first assembly. Not only do we have quantity, but our quality is unsurpassed. Our organization showed up well the night that we took over the concession stands at the Ardmore-Ada football game. Although Bill Martin, Lawrence Staples, Buddy Riesen, Jack Spratt, and James Baxter nearly burst their lungs trying to per- suade people to buy their wares, the effort was not without reward because the sophomore sales exceeded those of the other two classes. Four Sophs, Nancy Underwood, Patsy Brown, Gene Morrell, and Bob Dennis acted in the all-school play, while Joe McBryde worked on the sound effects and Anne Labbait assisted with the scenery. Our peppy cheer leaders, Glenna Montgomery and Cathryn Bass, are always on the spot and ready to yell at the slightest opportunity. In the Home Economics Day program Mary Fraley was awarded first prize for outstanding work. Rex Sparger and Clyde Shaw made the football squad and jack Geurkink edged onto the basketball quintet. Wade Henry and his bugle call us to attention each morning preceding the flag salute. Pacing a class that has con- sistently had the greatest number on the honor roll are two straight-A students, Mary Fraley and Lawrence Staples. Two fine faculty names which will always stand out in the history of the 1947-48 sophomores are Miss Ethel McClure and Miss Gail McWilliams, who have worked together and with our class officers to make this the best class in school-a co-operative task in which they have admirably succeeded. If Q Idea! Sophomore Boy .lgwk lwnrkillk. ll -pirilwl UNUIIIIH. i- Illllr me-rjlhing illlll i- rc-vnugxlilml .l- al rvxll "gn-gvllvru. XX hall lla- manila. ln- gvls hy ll!'l'B1'X1'l'ZlIN'l'. 'Hn' -nllllulllunrw vlm-r ,llN'k as lllvir illvall vlu--llmlr ln-1':lll-v uf llix -pnrl-:nun-hip. -1-llulurxllip. mul warm frin-lullille'--. X Ideal Sophomore Gfrl IN ill' I x 1 fnor :ml In r UIUWIIIW n nr bl l-x -1 I lll 4 I I0l'l I u me ll-x lirnw: -. II r lure lhla- lulln 1 rulllle Ill: w Arn nm r K uunlnn all ur r r u 'lr In Il -0 X fs.-' " A , Q :M ' A ,Q , ,-5 19' A Q Q " 35" - elm T . 3 a-' aw V , A. gs jf' ', ' vf ss, ' H, -1 Tai N .. ,A-f 1? HOWARD ALLNUT CHARLES ARGO CARL ATKINSON WENDELL ATKINSON MARYANN AUSTIN RAMON AWT V- J :'1ffw9f.'Ui A xmgfff . ' f ' 'u5rf,:m, "" , ,Q ,, ,fm ,417 1 ' , 'M 1 Q3 , 1 V- ia it J .. it x JO ANN BAHNER BRUCE BAKER KENNETH BALL GLENNA SUE BANKS JAMES BARRETT JAMES nr 1 H ....-E, CATHRYN BASS EMMA JANE BEARD RUDDIE BELL EULA MAE BERRY FRANCES BETH?-A LAURA BOW If 1: 41' A'- A2 BOB BOYKIN VERN BRINDLEY BRISTOW MARY 1 'I 'I I' ax.. is ' I ws fr! 4 --9 ... - .L lk PATSY BROWN RQSS BURNETT DONALD BUTLER HENRY CARTER BOB CATHEY JANE CA X -,xw I Ex BOYD HQWIHLLL JACKCON PATRICIA IACKSON KENNETH JOHNSON ELIZABETH IONES MODINE JONES .IANICE 4' ROBERTA KING ZARA KINIPYADII ANNE LABBAIT MARTHA LACY JANET LANE SULLIVA 1' 11" - .. .- 1' .s VIRGINIA LONG JACK LONRJINO EARL LUCKEY OE MCBRYDE ARLES MCCOLLUM ANE ll' AYNE MCPHERSON SALLY MAGERKURTH SHIRLEY MANNING BILL MARTIN SYDNEY MATTHEWS w A MAULI A Q Ps ,I if ., fs Y 'WE I GENE SORRELLS REX SPARGER SHARLENE SPEER JACK SPRATT LAWRENCE STAPLES SUE STEWART fix pg 'U' ,,, . cfvx l Q SUGGS IDA SUTTON BRUCE THOMPSON RANDALL TOWRY NANCY UNDERWOOD NINA VAUGHAN ,fa- ff 00'- ,. -, ---mimi' 3 T WALDEN HIRAM WALKER RALPH WALL SHIRLEY WALTERS BOBBY GENE WARNER B511 Y WEBB GROVER WELLS CHARLES WEST LHJUANA WEST PATRICIA WEST if va- 1? f"' RITA WHITTAKER MONA ,Q If . E I EE ef' if M ..f-11 -,-,- 1-.',',--':, .-.' 3347 x A ALMA WILLIAMS DOLORES WILLIAMS JERRY SHELLEY CLYDE WOODLEY fp' ' sr. 1355 QQ? 1. Qld' in S i B Q l. -E, b gp., Warm. eekff "',f Diann Buchanan. A pre-Christmas affair we like to remember was Wed- nesday, December 10. a big' day for the Home Economics department. On this date the department threw open its doors to declare "Open House" and to inaugurate the first Home Economics Day in Ardmore High School history. High school personnel, students, parents, and other interested persons were invited to view the.displays made by the Home Economics II, III, and Home Nursing classes. The entire plan was a cooperative one with all of the girls in Home Economics participating under the direc-tion of Mrs. Joe Busch, instructor. The displays carried out very well the department's motto, to teach practical Home Economics rather than frills. Guests were guided through the rooms which were dec- orated with flowers, candles, Santa Clause, a Christmas tree, and numerous other Christmas scenes. Christmas carols were played as the visitors viewed the displays. On exhibit were: a food value chart, a display of medical supplies needed in every home, and a chart of three breakfasts using various patients' diets by the Home Nursing class. The Home Ec. II girls were exhibiting infant's garments made during the second six weeks period. On display by the second year girls were dresses, skirts, blouses, and clothing for night wear. ar" ' Left' to Right: Elive Hunt, Rex Ann Pierce, Roberta Cox Louise Hunter fnot picturedj, Ruth Evans, Mona Rabu n, Spiced tea and cookies were served in the living room, a project by the Home Ec. III class. The Home Ec. III girls worked diligently the first six weeks to turn the small room between the sewing room and the kitchen into a living room. They put draperies on the windows. bought a rug, made a white shaggy throw-rug, refinished a divan, two chairs, and numerous small tables. To add to the attractiveness of the room, lamps were remodeled and placed at effective spots. The department also held its annual Christmas tea on December 19 in this room. After refreshments. guests were shown the new automatic washer and the new cooking stove in the kitchen. As a climax to end the Open House festival, a blue gabar- dine sports shirt made by the entire department was presented to Mr. Hall in appreciation for all he had done to make the day a success. The shirt was presented by three outstanding Home Economic students, Mary Fraley, Ann Smith, and Barbara Stoner. These girls in turn were presented awards for having outstanding work displayed. It is hoped that Home Economics "Open House" will be- come an annual event and eventually become a tradition to be enjoyed by students who shall follow after us. Raburn, Ruth Evans Diann Buchanan, Pat McCarty, Berta Lou Brown. Dorothy Kirkpatrick Johnson, Bettiv Lois . I V! 'Wt The Student Council is the most active organ- ization within the school. Although the purpose of the council may not be clear to some students, its elfect on the school is more than generally known. The Student Council is composed of a representa- tive body of students chosen on the basis of a boy and a girl for each 25 students enrolled. They are elected to that oflice by their respective classes to serve as the link between the student body and the administration. Also the presidents of the three respective classes automatically become members of the council. As the link between the various elements in the school, the council has many duties. Its members con- duct all elections and are in charge of the coronation of the football queen and basketball sweetheart. A few projects to which this year's council points with pride are the new Student Directory, the production of the all-school play, "It's All in Your Head," and being the host to the district convention here in Ardmore. The student council member, as a representative of his class, has a personal duty of seeking better rela- tionship between the students and of being a champion of the rights of the students. The very capable president of this year's student council is Mickey Clark. Faced with the problems that go with the attendance of two conventions out of town, and conducting of the district convention in Ardmore, 1 il Mickey proved herself a real leader, and was an inspir- ation to every member in the completion of the various tasks accompanying these events. To Mrs. Nina Oliver, the sponsor of the student council, goes the real credit for much of the work done this year. It is clear that without her supervision, the council could not have functioned as it has. Here's to Mrs. Oliver, the largest contributor to the greatest year of the student council in A. H. S. Attention, girls! Victory again! For the first time in its history the Federation of Oklahoma High School Student Councils has had a feminine president! Natur- ally, it was an Ardmore girl--Shirley Geurkink. Her gavel bearing the colors of all schools that are mem- bers of the Federation has been on display on the bulletin board in the main hall. In preparation for the job, she presided last year at the Southeastern District Student Council Congress which was held in McAles- ter. As usual, Shirley polished off both tasks in the best A. H. S. traditions. The juniors scored a hit when a member of their class, Ann Thompson, represented Ardmore High School as the Secretary-Treasurer for the S.E.D.S.C.C. held here March 11, 12, and 13. She has attended many student council conferences and last year served as recording secretary for the local council. as fa ent oancf Away from Home Marking an all time high in student in- terest and enthusiasm, the Southern Associa- tion of Student Government convention in Corpus Christi, November 13, 14, 15, gave us much to be cherished and remembered. jerry Bridges and "Digger" Baxter did right well with the "Injun" talk, "Findum squaws in Corpus." The boys were quite sensational with their ten-gallon hats and cigars, too. The Belles of the Mexican Brew- Those boys wasted no time when they met Pat McCarty and Gayle Miller! Results: their first or- chids for the dinner-dance. Much to the Ardmore delegates delight and surprise, Bill Shaner was defi- nitely the dashing man-of-the-hour at the formal din- ner-dance on Friday night. Mrs. Oliver was perfectly exotic the night of that formal affair. Shirley Geurkink said she was glad to get home, but she seemed to fare very well with that gallant Virginian! Lawrence Staples came home a bigger flirt than ever, for he had lots of practice flirting with a cute little Corpus girl. Mr. Hall said he couldn't get off without his wife! He didn't fool us, thou h and now E 9 , Mrs. Hall, we know you are the source of his sunny disposition. The group could never forget Mrs. Clough's good humor throughout the entire trip. Jo Clough was the only one who came back all-wet, for it seems that she liked Corpus Bay so well she decided to stay in it. Weldon Saylor slept during the trip to Corpus, how- ever he was very much awake at the convention! Gene Paul Morrell was found to be Ardmore High School's Al jolson. Since we left Corpus at 6 A. M. on Sunday for our return trip and wanted to get home early, we didn't The Ardmore Student Council sent nineteen delegates as its representatives to the annual conven- tion of the Federation of Oklahdma High School Stu- dent Council which was held in Ponci City Dec. 11-12- 13. Shirley Geurkink presided as the state president. Robert Cornell gave the response to the welcome at the first general assembly of the convention. During the meeting the colors of schools represented were tied on the president's gavel, which has been on dis- play here in A. H. S. The theme of the convention, "Democracy or Prejudice," was studied by the delegates in discussior groups. The discussion entitled "What are the results of prejudice?" was led by Babette Temerlin of Ard- ery were Ida Sutton, Mary Beth Brown, and Martha Lacy! Were those little bottles of perfume you brought home? Peggy Raum, Babette Temer- lin, Mary Fraley, and Ann Thompson smuggled flowers across the border. David Poe and Jack Geurkink for- feited the trip to Mexico for an excit- ing "game" on Saturday. Ann Noble and Mickey Clark gave Lichenstein's big business. stop for church services-but young people really are reverent, and an inspiring devotional was led by Mick- ey Clark. The entire group participated in prayer and hymns. Our theme song coming back was "Memories, Memories," which we sang heartilyi Despite contrary propaganda, we were convinced that LSXMF T does not stand for "Lord, Save Me' F rom Texas," for we enjoyed every moment in that great state. An inter-state communications club gave the Post Office Department a thriving business for months after our return. Charter members were: Mance Drummond, Harold Butler, Joyce Hill, Elizabeth Dyer and Nancy Underwood. We'll never forget how excellently organized the city was, how diverse the discussions were, how busi- ness'-like the students were, and most of all, how bene- ficial it was to meet and exchan e ideas with g high school students from twelve southern states. Every student present truly saw Democracy at work amon 8 all the students from each of the schools. Many of the delegates met for the first time their Latin-Ameri- can friendsg and many had never come into direct con- tact with Chinese until they met and exchanged ideas with a number of them in discussion groups, and at the social functions. more. ln these groups the opinions of all schools were presented and discussed. Entertainment was available to all delegates, recreation was excellently provided with such facili- ties as an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. The music department of the Ponca City High School presented splendid numbers for the enjoy- ment ,of the visitors. Other entertainment such as plays and specialty acts were also appreciated. The business of the convention was concluded Saturday morning when the officers for the new year were elected. Mrs. Nina Oliver was chosen state sponsor and will accompany an Ardmore delegate and other Oklahoma students to the National Convention in Washington in June. l 1 5- -,-.-, -111 '-'A'-1' 1 I df' Cast of 'Irs All In Your Hen Q Seated, left to right: Carolyn Whitt, Betty Crowe, Ethel Tyler. Louise Hunter, Margaret Sullivan. Mance Drummond, Bob Dennis, Bob Beane. ' Standing, left to right: Mrs. Nina Oliver, Babette Temerlin, Mickey Burrell, Lorenz Boyd. .Sherma Horton. Kenneth Kirkpat- rick, Patsy Brown, Nancy Underwood, Gene Paul Morrell, Bob Milam, Gayle Miller. joe McBride. Student C'ounc17 Af Home "Better Schools-Better Activities-Better Citizens" was the theme of the twelfth annual Southeastern District Student Council Congress held here in Ard- more March 11, 12 and 13. The congress was at- tended by 119 student council representatives, 77 of which were from out of town. Mr. C. R. Van Nice, editor of the "School Acti- vities" magazine, Topeka, Kansas, was the principal speaker of the convention. He spoke at the first gen- eral assembly, which all of the students in Ardmore High School were privileged to attend, and held an open discussion for the council members in the after- noon. The Ardmore Council certainly showed their guests a good time. A dance, a banquet and a theater matinee were among the items planned for the dele- gates. Transportation and housing were provided by the citizens of Ardmore which the Ardmore Council greatly appreciated. ' S Ardmore held the position of Secretary-Treasurer for the district and was represented in that capacity by Ann Thompson, junior. Members of the Student Council for 1947-48 are: Senior: Berta Brown, Mickey Clark, Robert Cornell, Jim Clowe, Dotty Cude, Ray Davidson, Mance Drummond, Elizabeth Dyer, Shirley Geurkink, Joyce Hill, Dick Howie, Pat McCarty, Ann Noble, and Bill Shaner. Juniors: Jim Biddick, jerry Bridges, Harold Butler, Jo Clough, Donald Ernst, Jamie Hefley, Bob Milam, Gayle Miller, Milly Wilson, Joyce Nutting, Ronald Pashcall, Babette Temerlin, Ann Thompson, and Bob Michael. Sophomoresx James Baxter, Mary Beth Brown, Mary Fraley, Jack Geurkink, Martha Henry, Martha Lacy, Gene Morrell, David Poe, Peggy Raum, Weldon Saylor, Lawrence Staples, Ida Sutton, and Nancy Underwood. , 3. ,,,. . .tl 'W 7 r'- f , ...A , freaflve Conmbar1ons--- Durmg the past few years IH whxch the fleld of Journahsm has grown ln popularlty ln schools and colleges Ardmore Hxgh School has encouraged newspaper wntmg m a Journalism class of semor students Much of the hlgh schools news ln The Dazly Ardmorezte is gathered and wrltten by students of that class On the followmg page appear newspaper headlines touchmg the mam stones 1n our school lnstory of 1947 48 many of which were reported by students Also ln the journallsm class and IH all Enghsh classes purely creatlve wrltmg IS encouraged Below follow examples of such effort ln the fleld of poetry and the mformal essay JUST LOOK AROUND I thmk that lf wed look around Wherever we may be Wed fmd that God IS there wxth Protectmg you and me Hes rn the sky hes m the trees Hls spxrlts here besxde us Hes ln the store and on the street Hes here to help and gulde us So 1f some day xt seems to you That God IS far away Remember that he cares for you Throughout the mght and day And lf xt seems to you that God Has lost you ln the strxfe Walks wlth you throughout llfe Patsy Brown MADNESS IN MY METHOD You re yust an ordmary guy There xsnt any reason why A girl should thmk of you at all Youre only moderately tall You re not suffxclently aggresslve Your bank account IS unxmpresslve Your wrt will never brmg you fame Your temper rs a howlmg shame You dont know how to treat a woman You re cold and selfish and lnhuman And smce I know past any doubt Your love for me has flrckered out I can reclte the many flaws That make you as you are because In domg so I may convmce myself That I am lucky Since the pleasure of abusmg you Offsets the pam of losmg you Unless I make you out a heel I cannot stand the way I feel Pat Graham THE VICIOUS CIRCLE The sophomore gxrl tho quamt and meek Is madly ln love wxth the Jumor shelk The jumor shexk tho the sophomores pal Is madly ln love wxth the semor gal But the semor gal m her blg sedan Is madly ln love wxth the college man Whxle the college man h1s head m a whlrl Is madly In love with the sophomore glrl' Kathryn Kxlgore THE FATES ARE AGAINST US We are certam all of you at some tlme or other have seen a blurred object whlz by you After you wlped the d1rt from your eyes you probably wondered lf xt was Superman Frankly It was not Superman It was an auto and the person responslble for xt all was the drlver Now we have a conscrentxous school board so thly mltlated a course of Safety Drlvers Traxnmg th1s year to turn out a few more good OJ drivers Thxs class began wlth no equipment whatsoever but one mstructor Mr Councll who was well worn at the end of the fxrst semester However lt eventually obtamed a car with dual controls a devlce for judgxng dlstance lnstru ments for measuring steadmess and reactxon tlme several sets of books eye charts and other equxpmenl The alert young students who enrolled m thxs class soon learned that drxvmg IS an art m the true sense of the word For mstance they found that there were a few technlcahtles mlnd you of no Slgf'llflC3nC6 really but which were somewhere and somehow stuck ln to throw you First of these llttle trxppers IS the lgmtlon swltch Why they ever dreamed this one up we cant lmagme Its sxmply a poor waste of valuable txme The next thxng to confuse you IS switching gears We QYIVC smoothly along and suddenly we put m the clutch all ready to change Now let me thxnk' Ah yes neutral' We dxscover how ever that thxs partlcular car IS sxmply reluctant to run ln neutral We should have had a Ford' OUCH' Who the heck slapped my hand? We fmd that theres one thmg ln particular that is frowned on by socxety that of takmg the street marker wlth you as you turn a corner But then you just wxll fmd souvenir hunters stlll exnstmg We were told that we should cllmb mto the car not from the drivers sxde whlle parked also that we should look and srgnal before startmg Dxd that apply to everyone Mr COUHCIID We study drllgently try to drlve carefully and then comes the day of reckonmg we are to take a drlvlng test We take the controls chauffeur the ommous lookmg patrolman around for a whrle and then we flex our hngers to put our John Henry on that offxcual document But NO' We fmd that fate has shuffled us out completely we missed two STOP sxgns As we stated before these are mere techmcalxtxes nothmg m the world but stumblmg blocks to what would otherwnse be a very enjoyable occupatxon We can only recommend one manner m which to elude the whole thing walk Dorothy Moss and Robert Cornell o c o , , . , . ' . , . I A Y 1 - ' - 7 ' ' ' Y Q ' . . Y . Y . . . . , . Y , , . , . , , . . , , , , . . . us, Y Y ' V A . . . , , . 1 . , ' . ' . - Z , . . y l . , . . . , , . , . . 1 - , . , , l l 1 l A v ' ' ' 1 I . , just look around. You'll see that God ' ' ' .. Y . V - y - . , . . , . ' , . , . , I ' . , . . - 1 - 1 1 - 1 ' . . Q ' Y . . . 7 , . . . . ! - . . . , I ' ' ' ' , . . , . . . . . 1 i V . , y . 7 . . , . . - . , . . 1 . . , I Q a , , - Y I Y I . - Y I ' A . y - , u , , . . . n- . l Twoleac ers Heat Forces Cnty Hmumed Mercury Drops Schools to Go on Qgsiilwwexs Schools Resume Half Day Basrs X399 9 Regular Session ac o Slols Are -go wb, y G Slranglh of 41 I .X Olwqysswgi I Ed: Ch Ardmore Lune X059 O f C r exqKS0fS H 0 5 ,Y lf Q OO of D nalng e G WW, s 0 O e C ue K5 9 650 SHOW nge Owfved 0 C X Q30 6 CVS 05 e 6 1 Q0 x 6 9 W' na X e ex' om Nr lllwgfrafe M000 066 Q Balm Q X' 'f jS'OSf8Z'7U.f' S 0 f orrlllurs He'-1 W' 22.,1rr:1Ea:':, T IF Dralors f lg rs Down Demo s 45 38 I Wmdup x,.,r3"f33 warm 651106 4 f 0 ce lor N":gx'?0o9lZtsOZ:x9qSxt 066 0 I J. C' cr 92 wll Il Game ore govx' , ff 0,96 '46, M0 Four Siudenls P53 BN Ko Y "llc 030 ZZQZQQQ 000' 6' 0 Millwall d 12 Ardmore Sensors 033716 4904. , 1 New befsfew To Play Frnal Game 'lo '11, 'g Mem elmon f ,of Arilec Against Pauls Valleyofe 'Pos -8,4 .9 ThreeArdmore Players Named 0 4'o' " , . . . 0 '11 Cn All-DlS'l'l'lC'l' Gl'lCl Team Tigers lm,adec00 ofg Q-lcilladczly Bwcgoneir andfESrrst Afdllmle Bind Wilson for Tilt JE, . f 1 gee-e .. o c es- Places Second , ith Eq leg 94- ' o I Y Q O " s 'I' Sh Id B k ' S , - ' Cooler Wind Bing , Tellrpercllturlezcallr, t S X Shlrle. lferknlk Hopes of Sl10WLfS I I germ, win Resumg xfo ' 0 Sf hl 0""f" 'mf Purched Population Reaul S h dule Q 'Q ,I e rt erton ' our ern kluhoma Ha M . K lf' 1 A F Okeegdlgglbfy M Cqxolzyck ls Lone K' 00521 0, P A 7' fb 'fri more .W 1' 8 f Q 'rg Fogle gnc-up K 9 Ven ' er 0 'rf' 're l X U 15 B ee ' 0 C 'l X S A X Q fo' NI PJ O QQ JE foo X Q01 bil ' gse . 94 0Q,JJ.7x 600 'S ,329 J' 0:9 H Q 0 ff , e X K S1 0 D I Q oo' 0? 42:-4,Zoc'4 l Of-Q W l 'O vo:-U 010041 eo' Us 0' 0, I 0 obo, Q. 0 n , Yocg5 Sfllxw ck pb-be 1 I t F60 . no 'g 'X S lo hrofflote X QQ 0 -71,ii:'94: if 0,5 I O 40 ,lb Q of f Of 01- -if ' 4 0 0 'fn' 40 fo - S' 1' 4 ' . 6 o Q, so ,W I of W 7' Hom2C"'."9 0 ' 0 BCS et Cy uptqln , 4 QU ' l fl r A ?xC0""ld' at Ho 6 a y y . . . , Qlb . ' o 1, 3 - , I' IX , . PM 8 fu 3 K T Y'- Z Lorenz Boyd The Captain of the band E the officer of highest pnk. He should be versa- ile for he works with all the iffiu-rs on all their duties. Lorenz has tried to build ibetter band by setting the ixample rather than discip- lning. if suv- g-.hp-ur ff . -r 1-.., Cf' ,, . ,,, L 0 Q xox! ,gif s x Je., ' F 1 V . iii pw., ., Lieutenant Bill Shaner The Lieutenant acts corresponding secretary and is responsible for the ar- rangements for all out-of- town trips during the foot- ball season. Bill carried his duties a little further and met all visiting bands and extended them a hearty welcome. 1 7 l I 4 . qv rw. l i l l i iergeant John Patterson iThe Sergeant has the task . keeping the records of the merit system. To be en- ely fair and just to each ember these records must kept accurately. John s put in much time and rk to keep these records aight. E A awp fi .,, 'ti arporal Donald Jackson Donald has been fair in l his dealings with the embers of the organization id has received their full 0-operation when commit- ees were needed to prepare 'or performances. 4'1" . I . ,- fx i. .' ' K ' 7 . .. I B-1 1 V . f if ,- - I I f Qt in xy? 5 ..-.,,.,-I 'Q The Drum Major symbolizes the true spirit of the marching band. He plans all half-time activities during football season. Bob has fronted the organization for two years now and has commanded the attention of all the spectators with his excellent appearance. He has led the band in two "O.U. Band Days" winning 2nd prizes at both events. The members are agreed that as far as interest, ability, and appearance are concerned our own Bob Beane is tops. The officers of the band represent true democracy in band work. They are elected by the members during the last six weeks period of the preceeding year. They work with and are counseled by the director. The Captain, the Lieutenant, the Sergeant, the Corporals, the Librarian, and the Drum Major compose the seven members of the officers staff. The Drum Major is appointed by the director but he is voted on by the members of the band and must be accepted by 7570 majority. The basis of government is a Band Constitution which was drawn up by the officers of '41 and '42. Naturally some provisions have been changed and amended but, for the most part, the constitution has remained the same and has been frequently consulted. Corporal Gordon Rice The duties of the two C porals are to assist the brarian in passing music performances and to see the stage is in order. f don was out during foot- season but he has given time since to the best his ability.J Librarian Ellen Smith The librarian is resp sible for checking out 1 music for practice as wel keeping all the music fi and in order. She is resp sible for all music at formances. Ellen has librarian for two years which is a record that spe for itself. I bf ll N..- L-lx l Q ? M4 or Q'-x I First Row, left to right: T 'N R X.,-J -UQ Q l, 97 CC: 6 C1 JG JS 34. 65 Mance Drummond, Kenneth Taylor, Barry Galt. Ellen Smith, Charlotte Lynch. Ted Berryhill. Lorenz Boyd, Jack Geurkink, Janice Kincannon, Mary Ann Austin. Roy Simmons. Mary Bulard o rig erschell Whitley. Bob Gordon, Peggy Leis, Robert Gooch, Sandra Sparks Fourth Row, left to right: Bill Spearman, Nathan Geurlcink, Glenda White, Randall Towry. Josh Renfro Fifth Row, left to right: John Patterson, Harold Butler, Henry Klein. Harbon Mclntire, Wayne Watson Sixth Row, left to right: Bob Beane, Dorothy Cude, Virginia Long, Anita Spruill, Jane Cathey Second Row, left to right: Third Row, left t ' ht: H CLARINETS John Patterson Eugene Morter Harold Butler Henry Klein Bob Cathey Harbon Mclntire Donald Jackson Donald Bulard Milton Jones Patricia Hardy Glenda White Wayne Watson Randall Towry Ramon Awtry Jack Locke Dolly Sue Bransford Gloria Keeton Josh Renfro Bobby Dobson ALTO CLARINETS Mary Ann Austin Peggy Leis BASS. CLARINETS Gordon Rice Arthur Salyer CORNETS Herschell Whitley Jack Longino Bob Gordon Wade Henry Sam Williams Howard Allnutt Ramona Varney Wayne Michael Robert Gooch Joe Allen Davis TROMBONES Kenneth Taylor Mansford Drummond, Barry Galt Jerry Wesner BARITONES Bill Shaner Herb Huffman Joe Gordon SAXOPHONES Lorenz Boyd Jack Geurkink Roy Simmons Gerald Cobb Janice Kincannon HORNS Edwin johnson Edwin Zellner Jerry Porterfield BASSES Billy Tom Nash Ted Berryhill Jim Tindle BELL LYRE Charlotte Lee Lynch DRUM MAJOR Bob Beane BAND QUEEN Dorothy Cude MAJORETTES tk TWIRLERS Anita Spruill Betty Hann Virginia Long Jane Cathey Pat Phillips Pat Brooks DIRECTOR J. Raymond Gabba rd FLUTES Jimmy Bob James Patricia Wiley OBOES Nathan Geurkink Bill Spearman DRUMS Bob Beane Ellen Smith Dick Miley Sandra Sparks Mary Bulard Anita Woerz Bill McCarthy .vn- 49 F First Row, left to right: Bi Second Row. left to right: T bird Row. left to right: UIIUIW 4 s . ff 'is 'K-fi 4, Ars' Y Q. .-JL ' A Q- si 1 I QU sq, 4, gli: lf" lly Tom Nash. Dick Nliley, Herb Huffman. Bill Shaner. joe Gordon Anita Woerz, Edwin johnson. Edwin Zellner. Jerry Porterfield. Ramon Awtrey jerry Wesner. Sam Williams. Ramona Varney. Howard Alnutt. Jack Longino. Wade Henry ourth Row. left to right: Gloria Keeton. Dolly Sue Bransford. Jack Locke. Barbara Schuerhoff . Arthur Salyer. Gordon Rice Fifth Row. left to right: Patricia Wiley. jimmy james. Gene Morter. Donald Bulard, Donald jackson, Bob Cathey ixth Row left to right Pat Phillips Betty Hann Pat Brooks, Qdirectory J. Raymond Gabbard O n Defir Mr. Gabbard. It's too hard to capture all our feelings in ., words so we won't attempt but a few to express of 'Att ,,g""' ,,,,.,-aus: nf tb-""' You've stuck by us when we Couldn't under- stand why, you've given us an appreciation for really fine music. you've directed us. you've fished -with us. you've been more than a directore-you've been a friend. You've never been too busy to encourage us with that personal touch that means so much: never too busy to deal fairly and make just decisions. No wcnder we'll never forget you. You're a part of us now and we'll never forget the friendship. advice. and encouragement that you've given us. 630 Sincerely. The Graduating Bandsmen X ,,.c.4t-7'ola , my h 1 .sn Y - ' ' I L 3.1461-4-Ai' our appreciation to you. . I , V 5 . ' ah .5 W D 'f ly . ' 'X' . 9 ,K - '7 ' 's Diann Buchanan, Karleen Moore. Janet Lane, Elaine Hulse, Sally Magerkurth. Patsy Brown. Gloria Tallrington. Ethel T Delores Murphy, Cecelia Sewell, Glenna Montgomery. Mickey Burrell. Sherma Horton. Front Row, left to right: Madra Cowan. Wanda Wilburn, Joan Walker. Joyce Meek. La Verne Goins. Mary Frances Baker, Martha Lacy. Doris Walker. Paula Oliver, Mary Atkinson. Lorraine Johnson, Wanda Threlkeld, Imogene Williams. La Juana West. Vocal Music The Girls Chorus is a symbol of the musical perfection that Mrs. Meredith Rawlins strives to attain. The chorus, vested in their robes, presents annually the Christmas program of beautiful choruses and carols. The personnel consists of Shirley Man- ning, Karleen Moore, Mona Rabun, Joan Walker, Wanda Wilburn, Mary Frances Baker, Diann Buchanan, Madra Cowan, La Verne Goins, Elizabeth Jones, Joyce Meek, Sondra Wester, lst sopranosg Ethel Tyler, Patsy Brown, Janet Lane, Martha Lacy, Sally Magerkurth, Paula Oliver, Gloria Talkington, Doris Walker, Elaine Hulse, Billy Dean Alkire, 2nd sopranos, Laureen Burrell, Mary Atkins, Marie Calvery, Sherma Horton, Lorraine Johnson, Delores Murphey, Cecelia Sewell, Glenda Montgomery, La Juana West, Wanda Threlkeld, Imogene Williams, Altos. These young women have more than practice and ability to be proud of, they have interest. Certainly, this combination spells perfection. Proving that high school boys are extremely useful in other fields besides sports, the masculine marvels pictured on the follow- ing page have definitely established the Boys' Glee Club. They have worked hard and consistently to form this glee club. All of their practice has been done after school on regular meeting days, Tuesday and Thursday. They have willingly sacrificed their time to attend these practices. The personnel con- sists of J. W. Burrows, Bill Shaner, Wayland Jackson, tenors, Mance Drummond, Johnny Elmore, Jerry Young, Jimmy Mauldin, baritonesg Paul Miller, Joe McBryde, Bob Dennis, basses. Attempting to keep J. W. Burrows' mighty tenor down enough to hear the rest of the glee club, the boys had to start a "This isn't a solo" project. Jimmy Mavldin couldn't decide whether he was a bass or a tenor so a compromise was suggested. Meet Jimmy Mauldin - Baritone. Although this is the first year for this vocal unit, these young men have established it so well that it is sure to be demanded next year, and accepted as a regular part of the vocal department. It is said that "Music hath charm" and the Triple Trio verifies that well known statement. These nine young women have combined natural charm with hard work and practice to form one of the most celebrated vocal groups in our school. Ardmore High School students were first introduced to their artistry when they opened a senior assembly with the well known and beloved strains of "America the Beautiful" which they sang a capella. Words can not explain the pride that each student feels for this organization. Nor have they limited their talents to the school. They have appeared on programs for Kiwanis, Sr. Philharmonic, Jr. Phil- harmonic, Ryfmlsi and I-i0n'S Clubs, the Y- W- C- A-, the Methodist and Presbyterian churches, Washington School, Carter County's Teachers' Meeting, youth night at the First Christian Church, and The Student Council Convention. The group consists of Mary Frances Baker, Diann Buchanan, Karleen Moore, sopranos, Ethel Tyler, Gloria Talkington, Lorraine Johnson, second sopranosg Sherma Horton, Laureen Burrell, Cecelia Sewell, altos. We can not stress too strongly what these voices have come to mean to us for they have reached the heart of each student. Perfectly blended in close harmony, their voices have cheered us at some times, inspired us at others. Truly, the excellency of this organization will make these nine girls long remembered and appreciated by all who have had the pleasure of hearing them sing. Along with her various other duties as a civic leader, Mrs. Meredith Rawlins has managed to take on the supervision of vocal music in our high school, and has worked it into a group of very fine musicians, vocally and culturally. Because of her pleasant personality and natural afficiency Mrs. Rawlins has guided the music department through one of its most successful years. -Qt... z Q Qi? R 6 x 3225? WM QD V QE kk! umbq 55, X Q 5 N X' N Q i'Mq L5 2 Pfiyflfdl fDIl647l0N .....,.,-2 ffl, " . f. -'rs ,i 'f' ' J lla. , ...l ' All ' dgvajjid ' , Coach Holloway Coach Wylie ' Coach Troutt The Bram: Back of the Brawn OW left! Michael and P001 Below right: Morrell and Murphey Head Coach George Holloway in completing his first year The coac-hing staff of any high school is one of the most with the school has done well taking young, inexperienced boys important parts of the administration of a well-rounded pro- Q gram. The Ardmore coaches rank among the best in the state. Under the guidance of these men the youth of Ardmore is molded into manhood and instilled with the ideals of sports- manship fair play, and honesty. They have dedicated themselves to a noble profession that indirectly influences the world by teaching the men of tomorrow to be alert, to think quickly, and to act accordingly. Theirs is the duty to train and mold novices into experts, individuals into a team, and boys into men. Ardmore High School is justly proud of its staff because of the capability, friendliness, and good nature displayed by the and training them into cool, alert athletes of fine caliber. His trademark is an easy, unassuming smile and a natural, pleasing personality. 'Track Coach J. W. Wylie, one of the most colorful persons around the school, has consistenly given Ardmore excellent track team with a good assortment of thinclad reserves. Wylie also coaches the football "B" team. Roy Troutt, football line coach and assistant to Coach Holloway, has also just completed his first year with Ardmore. The valuable groundwork, given by him to the Tigers. showed coaches. up well on the gridiron. He also coached the basketball "B" team. u "2 - xl' 1' flisy, ,. if if - an ef--N-fe Ar .pfv- B ev , ' 5 . 'f A -H' 4ourl'L"7lOW'7 ----. lk I f jf 60+ G D9 ff v-ll' W n 1,4 basketball. A vital member of any team is the manager, an unsung hero of any game. He is the one who keeps track of all equipment, car- ries the first-aid kit with its handy bottle of merthiolate that. all athletes love so well, and he is the general overseer of the little things: he sees that nothing is forgotten or left behind. Better managers haven't worried the girls or slept in Miss Mads study hall in a long time than Gene Paul Morrell. footballg Joyce Michael, football, Garland Pool, footballl and Pat Mufpheyi -i I-'007'Bi4ZZ HEAD COACH The friendly easy-going Tiger ,WJ strategist gave the team full bene- Y ai I fit of his wide experience. GEORGE HOLLOWAY if". i L DAN COULTER LEONARD RICH 4 1 'vii .S . ' of gf ,C .ei .0 BOB MILAM -5 . 32-S x sim' 4' ' . 'Q A Q5 in ft'-, fi 3 if ff? Q ., 4 i- f? N JIM WAGONER JERRY NA NCE .-.Q- .Q , If . Iv f . 5 A BOB HUNT W X RAY DAVIDSON Q pf AMBERT HATTENST Boa READ With a new coach and seven returning lettermen, only two of whom were from last year's first team. the Tigers opened the 1947 season. Out of this material a fast, hard-hitting team was molded, and though small the Tigers packed a wallop that earned the respect of some of the best teams in the state. The well- trained Tigers survived a tough eight game schedule with four wins and four losses. .The backs who sparked'the Tiger attack were: JIM WAGONER, an All District who knows all the Tricksg JERRY NANCE, pro from the Green Bay Packers outstanding in ground gainingg LEONARD RICH, a half pint broken field specialist: BOB MILAM, hard to see if the grass was high but more than held his own against the best: BOB READ, a quar- terback, famous for a spectacular three yard touchdown rung BOB HUNT, an apt guard who played wingback most of the time: KEN HUN- NICUTT, a pass throwing fullback who always managed to keep his hair combedg and PAT MURPHEY, couldn't keep away from football, continued as manager after a bad injury. The centers were: BO BURRIS, on the ball almost all the time, naturallyg and DAN COULTER, who showed the most improvement during the season, never missed a trick. Those gamboling guards were: RAY DA- VIDSON, the pride of the senior class who com- bines football with politics Cclass presidentjg CHICK ELLIOTT. a hustling guard who is the V 4- ROBERT HENRY 1, A Q ' A, ,qu JESSE ELLIOTT Y XE DAN NEWSOM X ,, C0-CAPTAIN ROY WORLEY Three year-letterman-back elected by team Al'dm0fe Murray "B" , . , . . 0 13 Capitol Hill ...... 26 13 Wilson . , . 6 31 Ada . . , 20 0 as 'O' r? HA L RONNIE PASC L DERL BURRIS Rock ot Grbraltar type hard to move HARRY BROWN allas Courtln Harry so tough hut oh so gentle feh gxrls9j BOB GORDON the duhlous dlstmctxon of bemg the smallest Txger was no consolatnon to the heftys he took out and RONALD PASCHALL a wavy halred guard who was one of the outstandmg members of the team The boys wlth the extra tonnage the tackles were JOHN HOLLADAY an hon orable mentlon All State All Dxstrrct footballer who w1ll some day we hope learn to hold a cuestxck correctly GORDON RICE who dxd a mce Job of bench warmmg but when m actlon galloped all over the fleld JIM CLOWE started a llttle late but m tlme to see plenty of ac lon JACK THOMPSON affectlonately known as Buzzard he was capable of tacklmg anythmg that came hrs way The energetic ends were AMBERT HAT TENSTY a mamstay who really collected scalps thrs season JOE SMITH a mule hugh fellow that was a ground gobbllng gemus when he snagged a pass ROBERT HENRY a pa hent player who came out every season for three vears and wouldnt let even a broken leg stop hlm DON ERNST made All Dlstrlct back by playmg end all season DAN NEWSOM a fleet end who saved many a dllemma w1th hrs ex pert pass snaggmg and end arounds and last but not least ROY WORLEY a lean lanky grldder who made a tour' mdown rn the fnrst mm ute of the flrst game he ever played m Bl -ff IC' JACK THOMPSON BOB GORDON rdmnre Duncan Durant 1947 48 LINE COACH Preclsxon blockmg and tacklmg resulted from h1s vxork xuth the Tigers OE SMITH sf- LJ HARRY BROWN KEN HUNNICUTT ROY TROUTT DON ERNST 'iw CLYDE SHAW PAT M URPH EY CO CAPTAIN Two year letterman ta kle chosen by teammates ORDON RICE JIM CLOWE Madm JOHN HOLLADAY 2 25 Pauls Valley r I I p I I ' l mas. A r fr- -ii 9 'Ii 17 RICHARD MCCORMICK KENNETH HUNNICUTT JOE SMITH A hustling forward with a cool, High Scofing guard ,who is 8 Tallest Tiger who played a deliberate style fast break speclahst. bangqlp game at Center- Kenneth Hunmcutt brmgs the ball on a fast break Robert Cornell and Rxchard McCormIck follow a long as Duncan goes down 45 33 shot In a hotly contested game wnth Ada Score Ada P' aff? JIM WAGONER ROBERT CORNELL A hard passing guard who A south paw forward whose never OJ muses 3 bucket favonte IS a hook shot 34 Ardmore 32 Frederlck Madxll O C Central Madlll Norman Purcell Ada Duncan Rattan Calera Wxlson Ardmore 30 C J l R . I Ze' A 7 4 ' . .,31 '21 - . ' ' ., 32 42 Q I .. 37 19 "7-at ' ...27 26 M Durant ., .25 23 .. M22 21 r.,.,,,32 33 S1 28 ...,33 38 -. r.,... 15 27 ,....I27 17 I ' I ,..,r... . 37 f1,,,37 DON ERNST A tall center who moves pretty fast for his size. 1947-'48 rf DAN NEWSOM A forward who, even though he sleeps in class. is wide awake on a court. FRANK STEVENS A forward who bothers his teachers in class almost as much as his man in a game. Ardmore 33 'mfr Don Ernst scrambles for the ball as Ken Hunnicutt Joe Smith and Dan Newsom prepare to follow in and Richard McCormick look on the Ada game as Robert Cornell fires a hot one Central Purcell Marietta Marietta Wilson Duncan Pauls Valley Norman Ada Pauls Valley Durant Duncan ,no 'N-1 BOB HUNT JACK GEURKINK A guard whose set shot is a A guard the only soph ha deadly thin 7Qw'FWWms iwwmfwwwwwf ' i ee t . X ,3 -x 1 X ' - I ' 3 ... . '33 , f A - Ye' . B5 1-W - ' V U5 ' Aga! K4 . f"" H 6' 4 30' 1 f" -5 1 - . - ,- 15 rg it his 3: t, A 3 Y at tw a,w- fzw M f wh' 'V' . 1 f , . .1 I , , ' ' 'X -a ' 4 N.. .aug .4 3 f007BAll First Row, left to right: jack Longino, jack Spratt, Richard Lawson, Wade Henry, Louis Munday, Gerald Cobb Second Row: Kenneth Ball, Bob Michael, Gene Skinner, L. C. Gentry, Harry Dodd, Leamon Suttle Third Row: Gerald Orr, Rex Sparger, Ramon Awtrey, Ruddie Bell, Wayne Wood, Vern Brindley Fourth Row: John Cornell. Wendell Atkinson ootball "B" Team Coach B. W. WYLIE B45Kf7BAll Louis Munday, Gerald Orr, Ramon Awtrey. Weldon Saylor, Gene Sorrclls, Howard Allnut. Billy Martin. jack Spratt, Coach Troutt. Second Row: Wendell Atkinson, Harry Dodd, Clyde Shaw, Kenneth Johnson, Carl Atkinson, Sullivan Lavers 1. . N I Y I fic' f"""'l. Q? ' f fi' at F- ' A Basketball "B" Team Coac ROY TROUTT -if """':': gif.:-.u'?rr' ..:-.:. A 'Y up an fhd, sl-4 in ,R f 4,5 in' sw 'Q Z' 4 uw ,it fe? N Stormy Wearfrer COACH DUB WILEY Due to continued cold and bad weather track was delayed in Ardmore high School this year At the time this book went to press the workouts had just started Several experienced men from last years squad who reported again this year were Robert Henry Robert Butcher and Robert Cavins milers john Holt pole Reporting for the first time we e Bob Michael jack Spratt Wade Henry Joe Smith Don Butler Elma Lightsey Ken Hunnicutt jim Biddick Bill Chandler Harry Dodd Clyde Shaw Gene Sorrells Bob Milam Leonard Rich jack Guerkmk Paul Miller james Housley Lawrence Staple We don Saylor and jerry Bridges Coach Wylie who always turns out a track team anticipated a good season as he had so much material with which to work Competition among his thin clads is stiff and only the best make the team The events covered by the team are 50 yard dash 100 yard dash 220 yard dash 440 yard dash 880 yard run mile run 880 yard relay mile relay high jump high and low hurdles pole vault shot put broad Jump and discus throw 0ur Morale Boosters af All 6ames Congratulations to our fme cheer leaders You served our school and your fellow students with your time and wholehearted efforts It is you who were always on hand at a footb ll game on the st ge at our pep assemblies at the oratorical contest or any other school event demonstrating your pep school spirit nd loyalty all of which added em phasis to the occasion XC! Q of' QQKAOQX at SN OOO v Glenna Montgomery Standing, Jenelle Parlier A E . v ' .1 . 5 ' ,L ' 'W Q r ' - lx '.. 2 N ' X at . y n xk f :V M r 0 900 f 9 l vaultg Gordon Rice and john Holladay, shot put and discusg and Frank Stevens and jerry Nance, dash men. ' , ' . ' , , V S, iv 1 ' - ' ' Y 21 , 8 l v ' Q get I Left to right: Cathryn Bass Delores Gilliam .Cecelia Sewell. joella Williamson. 2 0R '40 D MN6' .SZVNE jerry Nance reluctantly bequeaths the Meason Cashman Read Nance swagger to smrlrng, youthful Leonard Rrch Lor rame johnson leaves her promrsrng abrlrty to wrrte torch songs for each of her college boy frrends to Jeannrne Smrth Davrd Brooks and Harold Mayo remmd Bobby Mrchael that Napo- leon was short too Mrckey Clark whose pleasrng manner wrll often be remembered by underclassmen leaves her frrendly hellos to Kathryr Krlgore Bo Burrrs leaves-to go wrth Ray as per usual Senror men of towerrng herght Ned Turner and Wayland Jackson legally wrll therr atlas course to Lawrence Staples of strarght A and oratorrcal fame Nelda Barnett transfers her vrtal rnterest rn red heads to Weldon Saylor Pat Nance Qwho frnally made the honor rollQ wrlls her thrrst for knowledge to Jamre Hefley and Joyce Nuttrng Loure Crlm mrngs contemplates the advantages rn leavrng yet fmds rt hard to depart from these old famrlrar halls Pat McCarty rnsrsts on sayrng farewell rn her Grbson grrl manner long black skrrt and strrped taffeta blouse Buz zard Thompson shares hrs over abundance of rhythm wrth retr cent Rex Sparger whrle demure Ce Ce Sewell bestows her shy unassumrng manner on Oleta Arnold Bob Todd Scotta Sparks and Judrth Haynes leave all that they have left unsard to any one who wants to say rt Doug Vernon rnsrsts that hrs com mendable school record be emulated by Dan Coulter Dotty Cude carefully consrgns Brddrck to anyone who wants hrm wrth all her sympathy Artrce Burrows and Ruby Day suggest that therr habrt of rnseparable frrendshrp be practrced by Pat Phrllrps and jane Cathey Srx volumes on How to be Sought by Beau trful Women are bequeathed to Rrchard Lawson by Frank fCasanovaj Stevens fFrank1e gave up'j Marge Sullrvan leaves a record of her scream rn the all school play and a prc ture of herself at a football game on a rarny nrght Phrllrp Brodre and Roberta Cox leave fat the door of Room 204D therr ardor for the loftmess of the plays of Shakespeare Sally Noble wrlls her technrque rn French to Mrllre Wrlson Tall dark and handsome Gordon Rrce and dashrng jack Grrffrn leave therr rntrrcate dance steps whrch no one can fol low to Drgger Baxter Courtm Harry Brown generously grves hrs neckmg trps to Harry Dodd and Gene Paul Morrell The Brown Twms leave arm rn arm Barbara Patterson lrsts her fattening drets for Jo Clough Arvrlle Wood and James Rrley leave therr hrstory desks to Brll Chandler and Gerald Cobb for future carving Anna Robertson and Samr Prttman leave AH S and chances to goon on prlgrrmages Barbara Stoner Cwhose good nature rs always welcome everywherej wrlls her character rstrc grggle to Mary Hawley Herschell Chadwell and Brll Brumley grve therr cherrshed place rn the smoker to jack Lon grno Kathryn Clrfton and Wrllre Mae Hart transfer to Shrrley Walters and Imogene Wrllrams therr Jobs as McGoodwrns fem mrne, frlm projector operators Norma Balthrop and Pat Grreder to Srdney Matthews therr rtch to get hrtched Ken Krrkpatrrck wrestler and lrghtrng effects man leaves that just out of a band box look to james Wagoner jrm Clowe hrs narvete to Garland Pool james Means hrs slrghtly used but effrcrent can opener to Vrc Peden johnrkrns Holt leaves hrs trtle to Donrkrns Ernst John Holladay wrlls hrs very slrghtly used razor to Buddy Rresen just rn case Buddy Robert Cor nell and Bob Cavrns burld up therr nostalgrc memorres of Gay Paree to Bob Lathrop and Ronny Paschall Don Murphy jesse Ellrott and Bob Franklrn forget therr wrsh for twenty mmutes between classes and a smokrng lounge Joyce Hrll leaves her brarded harr styles to Ann Thompson Rex Ann Prerce her perfect attendance records to her lrttle srs Lulabee, Ellen Smrth her neatness to Nadrne Prrce Charles Snodgrass leaves Merlame but Lorenz defrnrtely doesnt leave Shrrley Betty Sue Cude and Brllre Loughrrdge bequeath therr clothes manras to Floy :lena Loughrrdge and Kathryn Hunter Carolyn Whrtt leaves her habrt of askrng porntless questrons to Glorra Talkrngton jo Pat Graham s poetry rs left on page S2 Mance Drummonds Sherma Horton and Harold Prerce leave therr cradle snatchrng tactrcs to the future senrors that are as desperate Robert Henry hrs abrlrty to eat corn on the cob to Bob Dennrs Tom Ed Hunt hrs unused marrrage lrcense to Bobby Hunt Mary Agnes Roy leaves her Englrsh themes to Erleen Maher Lourse Hunter her study of sersmographrng to Cathryn Bass The Atkmson and Hunt twrns leave therr cunnrng for confusmg Mrs Busch to the Morgan twrns Drann Buchanan grves thrs brt of phrlosophy to Marty Henry and Dottre Dooley Hugh school days have therr delrghts but cant compare wrth hrgh school nrghts' Bobble Alexander leaves her frgure fskatrngj to Lavrna Cummrngs Elrzabeth Dyer emphasrzes her wrsh for an ex tensron of the speaker system to the coffee shop for future offrce grrls Drck Howre leaves many people who admrre hrm tremen dously Henry Klern allows that he cant take Ann Smrth with hrm to college so Harold Butler thrs rs your go ahead signal Brll Shaner wrlls hrs dog eared Latrn pony to Skrpper Wall who can use rt Joe Moocher Smrth packs up for debtors prrson joan Walker leaves her blond hmmmmm harr to Betty Argo Bobby Read leaves readmg autographs rn hrs Crrterron Ernest Wrcker bequeaths hrs orrgrnal geometry theorems to future geometry vrctrms Bobby Beane grves hrs skrll rn paradrng to anyone as good as he Gene Ray McFall and Bonnre Crarghead mdrcate therr rnterest rn the Golden Gloves to Buddy Smrth jerry Young grves hrs warblmg falsetto to johnny Elmore Leon Srmon hrs way wrth the women to Gene Morter Robert Butch er hrs darly trrps to the lrbrary to Bob Mrlam Camrlle An derson wrlls her boy crazrness to Mrckey Burrell Don Max Butler hrs drlaprdated motor scooter to Ross Burnett Stella Brooks her curly bangs to Goldy Long Mrna Canybody got a bobby prnaj Grlstrap Trvolr trcket taker leayes for Hollywood lured by the glamour of the movres Jack Hensley crtes hrs record for one solrd and four gym classes to Bobby Gordon Lynn Grrst leaves everyone starrng at hrm rn that statron wagon Hazel Mauldrn departs' Happy Honeymoon' All Katherrne New ton had to leave has been borrowed 1 D North and James Robrnson leave strarght As-on the offrce attendance records jenelle Parlrer and Raymon Blount disappear together Brll Mote transfers hrs record for the shortest stay rn Latrn I to Charlotte Lynch Mary Elrzabeth Walker wrlls her congenral at trtude to Patty Huston Dorrs Vann and Nancy Heubel therr chatterboxrng to Eloise Bragg and Mary Fraley Rrchard McCormrck bequeaths a strnky parr of basketball shoes to anyone who can frll them next year, Frltzr Horn 8 large srze jar unopened-of freckle cream to Peggy Hrll and Lrnelle Ruble Dorothy Moss a worn out camera to next years Crrterron Staff Karleen Moore grves her musrcal talent to be remembered Shrrley Geurkrnk her estrmated 180 thoughts for the day to some junror grrl Mona Rabun substrtutes her dreams of week ends at OU for the real thrng Warren Barry more Sullrvan leaves dramatrcs' Gene Srgman takes hrs end less supply of whrte shrrts wrth hrm Wanda Wrlburn suggests a wrsh for shorter skrrts rememberrng the clrmb to thrrd Brll Frelds wrlls hrs rmpertrnent remarks to Jack Geurkrnk Earl Butler leaves hrs last name to Donald but hes takrng Swrnvrn Grant wrth hrm Betty Wallace leaves Mrss Bow wrth full rnformatron on dates etc Jerry Wrllrams wrlls a typewrrter full of erasure dust to Wade Henry A general hrnt to all students rn future drrvrng classes left by Tomasrne Boone Blrndrng love rs ever a handrcap to one takrng a drrvers test Cstop srgns' Remember9Q Alrne Cullum trred to leave school a year early but went trrpprng over Mrs Madden s foot Dorothy Krrkpatrrck leaves an ash tray rn the Englrsh room to Glenna Montgomery Arthur Salyer wrlls a crop of curly harr to Mrlton Jones Peggy Galloway leaves wrth a wrde eyed expressron Am I really gorng to graduate? To all the classes we leave Ardmore Hrgh School and all rt contarns knowrng that rt wrll look better after three months V8C8tl0l'l ' . - 3 X 1 1 . 7 ' 1 . , 1 ' 1 ' A ' ' ' r . ' 1 - . . ' ' . rr ' . , ' . I . . , . . , 1 . U H . . ,, . . . . . . 3 rr " 11 . , . 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 , - , ' ra 11 A 1 ' 1 , . ' 1 1 i , , , 3 . . . ' 1 A . - . . , , , 4 , - ' rt , -- . ' - 1, . g . , I , - . , . '- . . . . , ' , 1 1 1 . , - t . , 1 ' - 1 - , . . 3 , . 4 , , an ' - 11 - . 1 - , 1 . . . . ' , , ' . - - rr . . , . . , , , 11 ' ' ' ' 9 1 I rr ' ' rr' ' 11 ' ' ' ' . H I . . . - , y , . . ' ra- 11 I - , . I, . . 1 , . 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' . 1 ' rr ' ' 1 . 11 ' ' ' ' 1 - ' , , ' 1 ' ' I ' Y . . 1 1 ' - ' ' ' ' . . - u ' ' ' ' ' - . 11 ' . , . . . 1 1 - , 1 , 1 . scout medals go to Edwrn Johnson mf . I ' 5fi:5-Stal p , 5 I J! 4- -an 4... 7 ,. yur I 7 K wwf kggvzfl 55-551 ,Q r WC!" 1 Q L V f"" """"' new Q nh., 2 . 1 , 1 V Q f 'oh IL' ' ,H I if.-ff, , ' 3 Y if 1 S23 A .V f ' V ' .' . 1 ' , 1 ' , x 4- ,ew ' - ., .Y - , X- ,fi fig, 1. 4' , 4- , ' 1 4 X-J-1. f .4 1 ' ' Y ' ' ' ut 1" -gnu' - ..A , In Q 1 Y-A .5 6 I 4 'rl-1 a ,M .. . I. -.f , . 151 iv.- 45 gl: , :J " fl' Y ' -"- 1'L'R,'ifI.:'.U-. .,. ,,,,, ' -' 5' 3, nl, ' 4 'A 94 ' t lr Q". E' i A , ,,,.xi , A AJ' 1, " X., Q f m 13: v, L fp -. i -1----' ' ' 1 ' ' I .. 1 R .51 I H , p 1, g ,' ' J . A . : 5 , Q ,f JV X f . - ,UQ 2 5 '-if-Vx-Of ' - , N ,' ' 't ' ' " s xc f lb H al n 4, V. E ,:,,......M - - , 1.1 : Q 3... 0 ww--,.. 1, - W ' qu V l' V-ne, , ,A M5--V ff'-A A .WN f S .fnfli W , 4 KAL ,,...---- 4... .zrmw .n,..u-"AVS w",2...---1'-"""""'d"' I 4- rgmrrn- .-av"As4o 'Yin H'-'H hshed Ellllilll CIIPIII II Ill onnuoumv onnon 'ff '35 u-UMW .........-. VM' if 7531! Q: nah- " 11 i, 10 f U 1 JY N ,S HNF., his-,- vv C ,.-....7. ,,, V'-Fa I n x 1 ,nal I 3-n-1-if -41 'Nha '54 1,3 1 fc -4 -git! IFN an gmgil 1 M t Y btw l nn? .nn 7 rm ,f-" v vw 1' nr- rev- ..-.- ,Tae ,?Sm'f"'x1"" ,.-nr -:Tl .z vm' I V - h . 7 1 F 1 .. V V VV E u,..,, V I QV k E , ,, J' , . . Q - , 'V J Q . 5 J., ' Q 5 : -Aj-rg,'5Gu51,qV I . I Q 2 i E WITTJUH V r - : ' A " I '5 V1 1 '. 5 ' . 1 . V. Q ,,..-.- ' gi? V ' --... ,V V- QI " -V V 1 ' n --V."'ifa.1l ' ' QV A , LAM n .. . Qi, . , A Q, -V .1 n3.V' V .. ,- V Y , '! V 4 ' 17 ffm j ,3 N- ' - 5 it -slr' . N V '--1 - 2 NV 1 Vi V , . .ITV .f,4?i" V i . -V p V1 Vs . ' V - .V Ki ' , iffg VV :V 1 a - '2-' . Z - 1: . .Iwi A' .13 'VV ,E . ', 1 1 -n E' at - ' ' - Q1 K A gag ' . "' -V A V, Q. , L 2.1 MRM' -' '- ' 4 Adv' 4.5, x-pa.. . - V 1 r :1 "nf, ' -,E , -. V' fl-1,3""" -' ' '-11 ' K .5 ' 1 , ',-- --, .Vw ,' ,.,. , - V V. Y. H75 V V 'f-J " " i f 'V t tu, 4 .' 5 V ffm' 1 f 7 , V V, -5 T' I .' .K , , - . 5,3 - V- +' ' 91' V L H.-' Q A Q ixfgx W - u' ,F ,V 4- ' '. " 7 V ...,..,.,,.wV,VV , V VV ,5 V V, E I 1 VV V V V-in V ' P 4-' " ' " 4 ,WV .. ' 9' V.- . - , V T.,, Q, Y :L ,. , H g. v.Dv..:?-'Y-""', , ' " ".. if: 5f' 'Z 1 , . -.wa-P. -1 ,'1.1 'V f ' 'X V V -.1 ., -QQW Vt ,- V-13' 1 -:E'gT1'V 1 , Vg. -A .en s - - . ' , , ...3'h V:"x -1235 nf' L' .-'P' 1 E' V:- ' - . -f ' . -:V V h -V ' ff' , . 5 iff- f 1' ' ' 'L J T5 . VP'-:""" X- ,u gg- X' , f'-I :pf-'. A 2, . J'V.-1' !- 'r ' ,' ,Q su 1 ,. ,f: Q A.: ... 1 if Tig . V, V A-3 .NZ V I V .L ,L ,li QV. an V A s V A ., ,, V. -as-. arp.-1, '.. ,-,MLM I ,. 6. '. QV' ,. N-at ' ,Jiffy . -' --'Zu 4. , -' ' H ,4+:.:L"Fi.1, U--fps. 1, 'V Zi Ve ew- , ., - 4 f ' ' V VV '---, 'V : I-.Lei ' . 4 , 4 - --.1 .K s - . . .Z NV-V , . V V ..- , - li, . 5 .G ,-3 L 4 - A V . V , , 'N' sy" .. 'V' v--V -w ' ,. V 1-. , ', ' 1 '- .V V . -mi..-............,, ,....,.. . ' - . 3 'V 2 . 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