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V7'04f L4 0 Q 74, 5 QQ, fb-'E ,Y 1 9 T' T.., A ,I x A 14111 Q f U' C, up Oqxd ob 'C QPPXX, 'lf S NADH-L M UM NA + M 004Aly7x 5 ' A! F 4 , K 4 .N Q S S As .- -Q! X X 'Xxx ? Y X ,Jews Weerzze and Royre bave opened every day o our bz b 1:11001 mreer wztb a tr xdztzonal call to the rolorx thus t e herald the opening o our 1947 C rzterzon SPECIAL FEATURES EDITION THE CRITERION 1946 47 1946 47 Annual Publzranon of the DON ATKINS Busmess Manager ARDMORE OKLAHOMA I f ,e 5 0 0 ef, Mi, I IS WI 1 IWW 1 L N R IIII K LU INK LL H N N I L LIII N N L X I flu un x I INN LI 'L xv L ILIIIIIIN I TIIS LI I 'id IQIJIIIQ .Ir III-wg,ImiwuyM111-fA1'c-cI1m1rwrI1.IrsIHI-QIIW Sv mpinIIx' and ww, .I1'Q :w11c fum-wry XYVII .xlxmy :1-mu INH1' IM: H340 mxzslxxm- wruxlryg rI1mu.,1I1 du' Izmm VVIIII vm. the 1m'.:IH'uI yI 'ww 'I .MII IWIw.w1m1x4g I'UIlI.IEhL'S III the .zuII1- I1'I'IIiIII :w'::III11II- I1 4 111.1II smxlu .If Ima! -'II-QI. mlm! Iv.1xw-Imwlkl IHIIIIII my Pty' .IIIII srIII. XY1- QILIII ncuw' I-lrgvr ww L1I:wmur1gw v.IIII MV, I'I.1Il. IIIN INV LCYIH .md Kmzfazxhg -vw IIIJQIL' .1 flu-11.I MII .IIv,.u.w IL'IIIL'I xlwf. I-XII ICI 2 Iwuf, I "'I2.Ip wmv -It' III. v.I-'II :mv wu1"I411gL-uwIXsIfIm g Im' Kaprwy .It dw I71'1LI.Iy IIIKQIII tUIrIw.1II KQJIIILW mud uhm- r1v1.gI1115j IIMII XXIIIIII V-.IVIIILII Um' IIC.II'Fs .Im rI1cIw.ImI Imrwr mn, 'WUI IIIxI fI11I111mL'." Our' Iwpc is rI1.1r xw Imxc Lnpz rc-II wxm- UI rlwis SVIVII IW lu-fuI111l:' IIL'."IIIL'fIIiIIl1QS un- Imxc KIIIIIC .LIILI ilu' xx III Ic1'I'uI umm xxx .Ill IIIII rwyurlu-1 x' . -I ' ' Q dcdiurc this C rite-lion db 1 token of our appre union ro Miss lilliin Bmhop who rhrougli irmny hours of paucme and devotion rnnveyrd ro us, the seniors of 1917 the impoir mic of C lirisrian ideals for living which underlie .ind nuke possible the success of our later lives. 'iw- '96' ix, Y' Q Syniixor Mu I, vl, Arnold lwlilor in fliicl, Senior lllitor .lunior l'.illlUI' boplioiiiuri' lpilitor lliiwim-M Nl.lI1.lxQL'F Awixniiit liiixiiuwx'r , Xilcx M.ui.igcr Aluniur Sales Nl.lI1.l'QL'I' Snplioinurc SAIL-N Art lfilitor , Copy lfditor, , . , llulnrml liditor.. , , ANNlNl.lHl l' lidiior iXI.lliL"llI' liditor - l:Q.'.llL1l'L' lfilitor , A ,, :Muxt.iiit lk-.iturr liilitors l.itur.iry ltdiror, , ,H Awxlwklllf l,ircr.iry liditor Sportx lx-litor , , Axxixniiit S5-ortx lfditor Nluxii lidilor 1 i .llclcn llcrlwr , Y jimi! SLO!! ,M.irg.1rct Sullimn ,, 'lo Clnugli . , , , Don Atkina ,' lflcmlrirlu ,,'lim lNllMurry Sliirluy licurlunk , -ll.1rold Butler .Pcyxgy linnnu-.ui Billy Rutli l.L'.uli , ,l1.uripi.i Byrd liliz.ilx-tli G.iylor ,Donim l5L'Ll'IlL'l , ,Elinor Miller , , -C olcnc Sliinn lkggy l..1ndcrs , , . , Bill Grimm Bath Ann Pound ,Kcnnctli Bounds , , , Nad Turiicr , , .I imy limdy l'.litor-in Cliict' llulcn llurlu-r liiiwincx- ixlillhllbf Don Atlxiiix 4:4 f ulfifif Qflillll IU! Ff.ii,' liilli Rutli l,K.'.llll. lktggx luziitiix, -lu.ui llklltlflklxx. Ciilriii- blunn, lflinnr Milli-r, l'.il llyril, Foggy lionmxxu, H.1rold liutlcr, Nun All-uiix, ll.Ulnjl7l.q fvffm Ziff ff' fry!! M.xrlu.irut SLllllX.lIl,KL'!1lV'fll Prim iiil lim Nlinlurrx. Null, vliin llill. ,lo Cniitull. llulcn llcrlwcr. john W'hitt.ilcL'r, liill fuw, Doiiiu licilitsl, Kun llondx,Sl1irlu Kwiirluiili, lriylnr, 'Iiiny l5r.idy. Nail 'liiriiir, liutli Ann Pound. Hlrlcrlwy, isflrixdlclil-l1.Hlnl imigcf' "Cid to xxork, Hill Y" "W'liL'rL-'S the glue, liiigw 'iffomv on Siott, 'I'liinkf" "Elinor, lc.1vc thc boys in the lull .ilonc." "l'vc loxt four bucks sonwcwlicrc-f' "Did you find that picture, PAK!" No, the inquircr ixn't coinplctcly lost. Hc's just .i normal Q U sniff mcmbcr. Between mad clashes to the pliotograplicr, and vixits to thc postotlice, wc found time to drop in at the lxikcry .md thc Tiger Shop bidding :1 few grey lmirx flor Mrs, Arnold and unncicssnry pounds for oursc-lvcs.j But with glue in our hair and ink on our hands, we Gnally dusted the cobwcbs from our gray matter .md made the deadline-whew! 2 5 1 . ai' S, - Fai " " 11 L D RUTH HARRIS X N, Sf'l'VffI1Vj in Slzjzemlfewzrlwll School Board from left to right: Chester Franklin, George D. Hann, Edgar Garrison, Ray Colvcrt, Guy Givens, john Hendricks, Ralph Sullivan , .I I ... :A , xif I The Criterion Staff and the entire student body wish to payfspe- cial tribute to the Administration and the Board of Education. Mr. Hann and the board members face every problem fairly, keep- ing in mind always the best interest ofthe student. The citizens of Ardmore can indeed be proud of the splendid work done by the Board of Education. Mr. Colvert, Mr. Sullivan, Mr, Givens, Mr. Hendricks, and Mr. Franklin, giving freely of their time and energy, have completed sev- eral valuable projects this year, including the building of the new practice held for the Physical Education Department and the estab- lishment and directing of the G. l. Night School for adult education. Our board members have supported us in every way possible in all our activities, We also wish to express our appreciation for their hnancial aid which has made this book possible. lf our hgh school reached the standard set by its Board of Education, we should have the finest school in Oklahoma. T it 6 l ' i 'ft , IRENE PATE Mt-GOODWIN T- E- GARRISQN C,,.,,,-,jj,,,,,,,,- Bll.FlI1t'.f,f Mrumgef 5 . Q . gg, ip- 3 X 1 1 Vx g - MRS. E. c. JONES Serrelizfy In Principal ? Ii 14: Y' ' .f' EDITH H. LAWRENCE Altendanre Superzfixor lea me GEORGE D. HANN. B.A,, MA. ,S'11f1w'if1lemfeul O. B. U, and Oklahoma University Mr. Hann. amiable superintendent of the Ardmore City Schools, is able to keep his eye on the activities of the entire sys- tem without losing personal interest in the individual. ik-fe 44? . , ' L. fp- E4. WAYNE BYRD, B.S. Chemistry and Physics Southeastern State College English IV, English V University of Oklahoma Vtyy 'Za 4? Atl fb- , 16 .AW Q A, 4 W- df I it W5' l a .. - an V, . PAUL W, YOUNG, B.s. Physical Education Coach NINA OLIVER, 5.5. Genmetry and Algebra University of Oklahoma Cfnffal CUllC'Rf RAMONA B. MADDEN, B.A., M.A. A senior climbed the steps of A. ll. S, for the time as a student of its capable professors, lt seemed strange that he'd noi be hearing Mrs, Black say, "It you can't act like the rest ot' the students' Miss Macs well-do veloped "Sh-h-h-h" was becoming, too. Miss Bow wall-:ed the aisles as usual and Miss Rece was still telling him that "the seats are made to sit in." The senior gave his farewell address in Mrs, lluschs speech class and recited the last bit ot' Chauter for Mrs. M.idden. Since his sophomore year, a senior 'had come to realize the real friendship found in every te.icl1er's companion- ship and he knows now how much they had truly counted in his life. He was leaving the old building as Mr. Young talled out "Take it easy, you Agate- headfu A couple of tears sprang up from somewhere. A junior sat in Mr. Byrd's class Ending it hard to believe that she had adequately comprehended enough of the subject matter in "Chemistry for Elementary Schools" to have completed the course. And Latin---woe! Only one more day with Mrs. Woll't- and Hamo, amas, amat" or Mrs. Schenk's non- chalant "Cierran los Libros." That American literature from Mrs. Arnold had been an interesting course was proved by the way our junior had so thor- oughly enjoyed "Seventeen," "Vogue," and "Movie Story," hidden under her notebook in Mrs. Lawrenees chorus. Biology with Mr. Goins fall about hex- apods and atmospheric pressurej would be over too. Mrs. Oliver wouldnt be burdened next year with this junior whose Algebra II grades were up to par. Gollyf just think'-soon a senior. gp. . QQ . 157.5 'Uh -,g?Q"Fbv. YTNW' ALINE S. ARNOLD, Hs MARY E. BUSCH, B.S. glournalism and American Literature HUITIC ECUHUIUICS. HUYYW Texas State College for Wfonien Slwefh shrc, Q M g ....":w. 3. ,F we-A M ' x t 5, RUTH LAWRENCE, B,F.A. Vocal Music University of Oklahoma j, RAYMOND GABBARD, 8.5 Instrumental Music Oklahoma A. 8: M. REA -M f'!'Tf""' MARY ANN BLACK' 5.5. ROBERT E. COINS, B.A., l.S., Typing , Biology Texas State College for Women UWVUSIYY Of Oklahoma A 5111-l111111or1-, l.1tu lrom Mr. fr.Ll7l7.lI'kl.N 111111 oklock bind 1l.1u, xtr11gA11lul w1tl1 .1 xr11l1l1u111 lo1l.u1 111 ,111 .1111-111111 to gct her Humrx' lwmlx for Mr, Xlfyllck 1l.1w ur w.1s 15 Mr. 5l'01l1l'w Llgss? bln- u'.1x11l 1111111- -.urn-. 'lllk' 1l1w11l1'1l QW l1.1llw wrrc l1r1gl1l1-111-1l ,1x Mr, ll.1ll 1.llNk' r11.1111111g .1lo11g .goml Il.lllHL'kll5 '." "lic-ttcr liklffl' to cl.1w " "Ym, wr, lWl1l 111y lock IN st111lx." 'XX1-Il run 1-11 .1111l l'll ll.lYC lirmc wc About 1t," l1c LlY.lWN'lL'Ll. 'lhp xHlWll0IU0l'L' 1l.1xl1c1l w1l1lly into .1 1l.1sx .1111l rc.1l1zul too l.1t1.- ll1.1l 11 w.1x thu wrong r11o111, Sl11.- w.1x .1l11111! to ll1l'i1 to hurry 1 V out mln-11 xlw l1c.1r1l Mrs. Slumx 1.112 "You positxvcly 1.111 not lcxvu ll11s r1x1111 lor .1111'tl1i11g." XYllh'I'L'llI'OI1 wl1c x.1I 1low11 muukly 111 the IlC.lfL'Nl s1'.1l, VC'l1cn tl1L- lu-ll l111.1lly 1.11114 xl1c 1111111w1l 1111. VNlllNlQk'll Okll ilu' 1lr10r, took four Nrulw .11 11111- lL-.111 .lllkl 1.1ru1m1l .1ro11111'l .1 norncr Ylljjlll 111111 .1 l.11l1l1'r 1111 top 111 VVlllil'I Mr. l5.1l1cr um In-r1l011mly P1-r1l1ul, Puor Mr. ll,llxL'I 1l11l11'l I1.1x'c .1 1l1.11111' hm 110 lwoncx wcrc' lvrolxcn. llllla' x11pl1o111orc '-tcuppul tu help l1lITl 11164 1111 hix 101 Q, .1111l l'lTL1l'I1lL1fll1'Q vmcrn .1 111lug1cs, l'llNllL'kl 011 ' mfwei 1' 'NC X RIC Armru m Hmm rw mlxll UN 111 l111 1 1x1.1ir'1 If HERNICE BOVU M A F1HEl MLQLL RE Buuneu 1 r1r11n ln11Lr1,m lf Ukhhnm, buutlurn Mcthm 1st L nncruts 91, E5 .l W WYLIE as EUGENE A TODD BA Soual STICHCC Physngl Ed Mnh World History Suulheasxern Teachers C0111-gg Suuthcastcrn State College 1 L E lf. QL' ff ,, JL A Q -1 4. 3 , 'X Gi-.vw-- P111 HA11 1 l1n11N I f11or1,L Pc 1b01l1 College Eli our Pfllklpll md good lrnml c s xx I1 our trod cms x11tl1 1 Wllltlkk 1111l 5,001l humor 11x luxe rv D7 sf' 4 MX R'III Y SHFLTS ru MAHYI CJ XXOlF.E,BS MFd Fn1.,1sl1 II IEmC1n1r1l5r111 L 11,1 WN! BRUCE BAHNER Cusmdmn I 1 n ln 11 111 111 Oklahoma 4' 'Wh- CHARLES E BAKER Engmeer Ll l QQ! " 'E 4. K- 1 A N 4 L-, - 1' A , 5 'f V' N RAI. , . ., .1.A. T J ' . , . I i 4. , 1 . 1" 4' 1 1 Q' 1 A 'YA 'A ' Jil .f,"'7 . ,I A M H . . d I 5 P, I '-ga 1 1 r. . , . . ' ' , '.1.' H-.1,f'5Xf f. .x, .,, A,,,. . .IL , .1 , MVA- , 1 5 vlrh M A, LIIVIYIAN L, 5H.1,:xK-M, ,Hn tl1.1l 111.1l4u .1ll of "l11m. r , 1 - Sp. . , i 'llili lll l'11 11111 111 CE 41:1 llrl ' -11 M1 1'11r1 -lv - .id fx ' P . f -- 1 3. H fu' L JP" - x 4. . Jw' fv 4 'pil .,.,': I7 4 ' "' I Du. 1' , f .. " ' ,AB..1s. ' 1 " . . 111. . Q . 'lr .11 ,l ' ' 1 1 , l ' ' lb ' "' ' A J 1 .1 ' 'ull " '1 'rs I' ' 1 . . I? 4 ee 1 - A 1 1. - 51 1 . A 1 K 1 : , , . A, J : xg f 5-1 1 1 , ,4 . KX 1 L L 2-.,f.,g 1 .111 " .. 1 ,rf-ai 1 L. A 2 - 1 Q . af ghifirg A at MAVRICQIE AIIIUM, tus.. iss. Supt-rxisor, of Atlult lfi.luc.ition Ukl.oliom.r ARM., Soiitlitnistcrri MRS. RALPH l5Ol'CH IZR Secret-t.iry ygqm. ah. . MAX BlfA5l.l2Y, Hs. Instructor of Votarional Agritulture Texas A, R INI, HAROI D NPI-FR is s lflwkruchvr il Vw. ltinnil Agriculture 0 .ilxonia A. K M. Ardmore supplied about two thousand young men and women to the armed services during World Vifar II. Many of these people went into service as boys and girls and came out mature men and women. The prob- lem of readjustment to civilian life was tremendous, and the Veterans Ad- ministration realizing this, secured the help ofthe public schools throughout the country to assist in training veterans in the various trades and pro- fessions The Ardmore Veterans On-the-job Training Program began formally in March, 1946, classroom instruction began and by january 1, 1947, more than 500 students had taken courses of trainingtrelated to their respective occupations. Each person enrolled in the program is required to attend related classroom instruction for at least 150 hours a year in order to remain eligible for benefits under the G. I. Bill of Rights. During the period of training the veteran must maintain a satisfactory standard both on the job as well as in the classroom. As his skills on the job are developed, his salary or wages are increased by his employer, while at the same time the subsistence allowance from the Veterans Administration is reduced. Wlien the training is completed, the employer pays the full pay of a skilled employee and the obligation of the Veterans Administration is over, Classroom instruction has been given in the following subjects: Ac- counting, Agriculture, Auto Mechanics, Bookkeeping, Business Administra- tion, Business Law, Business Mathematics, Cabinet Making, Commercial Art, General Insurance, Mechanical Drawing, Salesmanship and Typing. Forty-eight men are enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. These men represent a cross-section of farmers from the east half of Carter county. Such varied phases of Agriculture as Livestock Production, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetables, Field Crops, Feed Crops, Soil Conservation and Ranch Management are emphasized during the four-year course. ,f 'wr -,, 'pl' -ggmakw I1 -yrf. - . is 4 .34 "" Q ' ij xx ,lv V ' I Q5 , if ., - , R f T Q ' : XX V , 1 X - 1 - .- l . .. I I I , f, . X 7 I I Zigi, 'lixxk 1 . ' -I.. . , , I V Q . 4 Z. ,f 1 -X 1' , .. Q 'Q , E - f ' gf f . . ' 'nuff is.. ff if D YJ W? , Q ' KI I' Q 1 3 Q s J..-V.. X .i Left In right. lop rout Memory Smith, Gene Ledbetter, jack Hammett. jim McMurry, Kenneth Prowant, jim Hill, Don Atkins. Lefl to rilgfir, rernnil mir: Georgia Boyer, Elizabeth Gaylor, Betty jo Renitk, joanne Sullivan, Melba Phipps, Hellen Cleek, Lolene Shinn, Margaret Maher, Lejl lu rfgbf. .nnzledz Helen Herber, Peggy Bonneau, Evelyn Halpin, Pat Byrd, loan Scott Weds Am- DA-ind. THE ATIUNAL HONOR SOCIETY These students have attained one of the highest honors in Ardmore High School, that of being named to the National Honor Society which includes the upper ten percent of the Senior Class. Seven of these were select- ed at the end of their junior year. At the first meeting of the year, it was decided that in the spring when the other seniors and the top five percent of the junior Class become members, the society will honor the boy and girl of the Sophomore Class having the highest scholastic rating. The officers of the year were: President, Helen Herberg Vice-President. Don Atkinsg Secretary, jim Mc- Murry. Others honored in their junior year were: Peggy Bonneau, Kenneth Prowant, Betty jo Renick, and joanne Sullivan. Those elected in their senior year were: Georgia Boyer, Elizabeth Ciaylor, Beth Ann Pound, Melba Phipps, Hellen Cleelt, Colene Shinn, Margaret Maher, Evelyn Halpin, Par Byrd, joan Scott, Memory Smith, Gene Ledbetter, jack Hammett and jim Hill. XY"hen Ardmore's chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1926, Mrs. Lillian Schenk was selected as sponsor. For the past twenty- one years she has faithfully held and expertly filled the duties of this posi- tion. Her qualifications to lead these honor students are apparent in the fact that she received the following scholastic honors while attending the llniversity of Missouri: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Lambda Theta. and Phi Alpha Theta. l Besides sponsoring this group, Mrs. Schenk teaches Spanish and Ameri- can Literature. To prepare herself more adequately she spent the summer of 1946 studying in Mexico. She would be an asset to any faculty and every x 1 f member of the National Honor Society appreciates her tireless leadership. if' 05 5 I NQX A J 42 Seated Ie I In right 0 Westmoreland Vcra Englchardt B111 Shancr lim Mtlvlurri Elizabeth M1llcr oycc Nurting Ann Thompson Elizabeth Dyer Ylandnzg le I lo ugh! I'r1tz1 Horn amie Hcfky Ronald Paschal 1m B1dd1ck Jxm H111 Ray Davidson Sh1rley Ceurlunk Billy Walker Txclyn Halpin Colcne Shmn Adtlc Rite Pcggy Bonncau Ann Smith sponsor Mrs Nina Olncr THE STUDENT LOUNLIL Did you eser wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of 201 every 'Iuesday at sixth hour9 Headed by the President jim McMurry w1th V1cePres1dentI.l1zabeth Miller Secretary Elizabeth Dyer and Parlnamentarxan Bill Shaner the Ardmore Student Council has taken care of all the details connected with electing and balloting of class officers and the football and band queens Different commrttees on the Council made all the arrangements for the flowers and other decoranons for the band and football beauties as well as those for the oratorical contest No the Student Council has not been 1dle Perhaps the achievement to which the Council points with greatest pr1de was the all school play Love ls Too Much Trouble also a poster contest adxernsing the play was successfully sponsored Every one of IIS twenty three members has worked diligently Those members be sides the officers previously mentioned include Bill Walker Ann Smith Mazie Englehart Joyce Nuttmg Ronny Paschall Jam1e Hefley Adele Rice Colene Shinn Evelyn Halp1n Peggy Bonneau o Westmoreland Fr1tz1Horn Joyce H111 not pxctured and Sh1rleyGuerk1nk The Council has continued having a luncheon every six weeks with the junior High Student Council Alter nately each Council took care of the decorations and the other of the program The 1dea of the noonday programs ln the aud1tor1um every Wednesday originated one Tuesday afternoon in room 201 From the proceeds of the all school play the Counc1l took a l1ttle tr1p to Shawnee last December 12 13 and 14th for the Federatron of Oklahoma Hrgh School Student Council convent1on Seventeen Ardmore Student Coun cil members attended this convention but here s the real scoop our Counc1l was elected Prestdent of the Federation for 1947 The convention w1ll be held at Ponca City next year and all members who attended the 1946 conven IIOD are looking forward to that convent1on Also a generous gift was given to the Cnterxon from the proceeds of the all school play All of our 46 and 47 achievements would never have been possible if we had not had the continual push and drive of Mrs. Nina Oliver our sponsor. Where does she get all of that energy? From Wheaties or vita- mins ?Q She was the one who directed the all-school play which we can truly say was a success and helped to make possible our trip to Shawnee. As Student Council members we can t imagine what we would do without her! She is definitely the indispensable woman! g , N s R, ,M 4 N oi ' XXV f ' Afro., ,f . Q 'Q ea ,, , Fifi e K 1 +V' Seated from left to rigblz 'loan Scott, Pat Byrd, Colene Shin n, Peggy Bonneau, Donna Bechtel, joan Hendricks, Betty Renick, Cerisa Alderson, Hellen Ckek, Elizabeth Gaylor, Margaret Maher, Georgia Boyer. Slarzdirzg. left lo riglvl: jim Hill, jack Hammett, jim McMurry, Helen Herber, Winston Ruble, Gene Ledbetter, Kenneth Prowant, Don Atkins. Melba Phipps, Gene Read, Bob Grissom. JUNIOR RYONlS AND ROTARlANS An unusual record of high scholarship, leadership, and service is required of those senior students who are selected to be junior Ryonis and Rotarians. The faculty selects those students who are not only outstanding scholastically but also tal-te a leading part in extra-curricular activities. Each month these two civic clubs of Ardmore honor different students. To be selected is considered one of the most distinguished honors in high school. The ones chosen this year have been active in the following fields: Cerisa Alderson-All-School Play, Secretary of Senior Class. Donna Bechtel-Picture Staff of Criterion, office assistant. Peggy Bonneau-National Honor Society, Art Editor of Criterion. Georgia Boyer-Straight "A's", National Honor Society. Pat Byrd-Picture Editor of Criterion, National Honor Society. Hellen Cleek- National Honor Society, Football Queen '45. Elizabeth Gaylor-National Honor Society, Picture Staff of Criterion. joan Hendricks-All-School Play, Assistant Business Manager of Criterion. Helen Herber-National Honor Soci- ety, Editor-in-Chief of Criterion. Margaret Maher-4H honor student, National Honor Society. Melba Phipps- National Honor Society, 4-H honor student. Betty Renick-National Honor Society, office assistant. joan Scott -All-School Play, Senior Editor of Criterion. Colene Shinn--Student Council, National Honor Society. Don At- kins--Business Manager of Criterion, National Honor Society. Frank Cornell-Football game-captain Basketball. Bob Grissom-Football, Track. jack Hammett-National Honor Society, Band. jim Hill-President of Senior Class, National Honor Society. Gene Ledbetter-National Honor Society, Active in Scout Work. jim McMurry -President of Student Council, National Honor Society. Kenneth Prowant-National Honor Society, Basketball. Gene Read-Football "All-Starer," Stage Manager for All-School Play. Winston Ruble-Band Captain, Baritone in Boys' Quartet. The D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award was presented to Georgia Boyer, straight A senior. The award is based upon four character-building qualifications: dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Georgia was chosen by the vote of the senior class and the high school faculty. THE NNUAL OITATORICAL C0 TEST i 4. I 1' Carrier: Margaret Sullivan, First Leff: Helen Herher, Second 1 Rfgflil: liabette Temerlin, Third The orarion "The XVill to Peace" won for Margaret Sullivan of the Alunior Class the gold medal in the fortyathird annual oratorical contest. Helen Herber, senior, with the oration. "l Am lnnocent of His Blood," and sophomore Babette Tenierlin, with "The Unfinished TX'ork." placed second and third respectively. Also participat- ing in this contest were senior lieth Ann Pound, junior jo Pat Graham, and sophomore Harold Butler. Alternates were senior jim McMurry, junior Nelda Barnett and sophomore jo Clough. Class spirit reached its peak with each class enthusiastically supporting its representatives with colorful signs, pompoms and rousing yells. The three young mascots, Phillip lf. Riesen jr., joey Pruitt. and Dickie Kob- dish, had no trouble in kissing the representatives but slight trouble in carrying the tall baskets of Howers to them. ln these contests each participant is, in a sense, a winner. Only one gold medal is awarded. but each orator wins not only recognition by his audience but he also gains self-confidence and poise. This event originated in 1905 when students, parents and friends witnessed the lirst oratorical contest to be held in the auditorium of Ardmore High School. Gathering interest and prestige through the years, this event is truly the scliool's oldest and best-known tradition, ' The wish of the school is that throughout the coming years each contest will be as beneficial and successful as the past forty-th ree have been. "N es E --N -' 'T ,Kg A 5 T , . 35 f Beth Ann 'lo Pat Graham Harold Butler l ig,,Zu,fL 111,411 Snag, Y 1 T' K1 f JJ! H -4 VT?" . '. I T'--up F-1 -n .-.- Z --i...--1 ,fx 'I .1 41 351 L N , 4 - 4 .41 A1 - - A Y ,L -L Q ,cd 7fW,!V it Fig PLEASE S2 t .s XY-'e didn'r really believe "Love ls Too Much Trouble" fdid we, Bud ?jg and even Fritzi wholeheartedly entered into the spirit of the play. W'ith Pete's steady support, Mac's good humor, and 'Henry's broken bones, we proudly produced a masterpiece of perfectionf ?j under the super direction of Mrs. Nina Oliver. Between pages H45 to 59" the various members of the cast beat a well-trodden path to the Tiger Shop, hoping that Gayle and Elinor would make it back to the auditorium in time for their cues. C. Cfs mis-quotations, Dottie's southern accent, jim's booming voice, Don's fur coat, Shirley's witty cyni- cism, Babettes phobia for "atmosphere," and Scotts "How-do-you-do's" to unconscious women-all added up to a lot of fun and what we thought was really a grand play. x 2 V lg- . if -3 Ml: -V--. , 'll ix W-t'-f , - ii ' A, 1 'ii PLEASE itil 5, 4 fi e Pai, X , ELIZABETH CHEUVRONT Proud of ber poxilian as Queen of our Band, Jbe gfc1ff0ll.flQ' ful filled every experta- lion of ber rl.zfJmale.f. A .vzappy liltle Jenior. Jbe i5 genuinely .'za'mir'e1l and loved, and will be remembered for ber' bdppy, lilting flfdflff. ,, ,V :gt ,,,.-..- 3 l x t --.i" 5..- ,.- -Q-5 . 1 l cf fl W Q Row I, left to right: Director Raymond Gabbard, Frances Clemens, jimy Brady, john Patterson, Donald jackson, Henry Klein, David Poe, Dick Miley, Hudie Watson. Row II, leftla right: Yvonne Cobb, Gene Morter, Milton jones, Harbon Mclntire, Patricia Hardy, Bill Rmd, Row III. left to right: Herschell Whitley, jim Whitheld, Bill Mote, Bob Gorden, Sam Williams, Donald McGuire. Row IV, left In fight: janice Kincannon, jack Geurkink, Roy Simmons. Row V, left to right: Bill Thomas, Bryce Holloway, jack Hammett, Mac Thompson, Burton Simpson, Billy Tom Nash. CLARINETS Memory Smith Bill Wallis Henry Klein Gene Morter Donald Bulard Virginia Fraley Donald jackson Milton jones Harbon Mclntire john Patterson Barbara Schuerhoff Bob Cathey David Poe Patricia Hardy Hudie Watson Raymond Autry Peggy Leis TROM BONES ance Drummond, Bryce Holloway Kenneth Taylor Bill Thomas Barry Galt jr. FLUTES joanne Scrugham Lemons Charlene Rainwater BASSUON Patricia Pierce Maryella Moorhead BA D R0 TER CORN ETS Royce Branum Winston Ruble Bill Mote Bob Gordon jim Whitneld Herschell Whitley Sam Williams Wade Henry jack Lnngino 555555 Gene Riggs, MIC Thompson Donald McGuire Pere Stevens Donald Warren SAXOPHONES Billy Tom Nash , Burton Simpson Twiauzxs AND MA Joararras Anita Spruill Yvonne Cobb Frances Clemens Pat Brooks Nancy-Nolen jimy Brady janice Kincannon Roy Simmons Gerald Cobb FRENCH HORNS BARITONES Gene Sigman Edwin johnson joe Davis Edwin Zellner jerry Porterfield Sam Hunt Bill Shaner joe Gordon BASS CLARI NET Gordon Rice B O OE Bill Read Nathan Geurkinlr WY 5Pe"""" Ano CLARINET BELL LYRE Arthur Salyer Charlotte Lynch DRUMS BAND QUEEN jaclr Hammett Elizabeth Cheuvront 33:1 Dottie Cude DRUM MAJOR Ruby Rainwater Bob gems Dick Miley .I S 5 H'o0'. . C0 C9 ii 1 I M' iw." Row 1, left In riglifz Charlene Rainwater, Nathan Geurkink, Don Bulard, Elizabeth Cheuvront, Memory Smith, Bill Wal- lis, Pat Brooks. Nancy Nolcn, Bob Beane, Row II, leff In l'lfQl7lI Arthur Salyer, Patricia Hardy, Barbra Schuerhoff, Bob Cathey, Gordonl Rice, Anita Spruill. Rau' III, lefl In right: Maryella Moore-head, Charlotte Lynch, Pat Pierce, Joanne Scrugham, Royce Branum. Rauf IV, left In right: 'lack Longino, Wade Henry, Winston Rublc. Row V, left 10 right: Edwin Zelner, joe Davis, jerry Porterheld, Edwin johnson, Gene Sigman. Rau' VI, left to rigbl: Ruby Rainwater, Dottie Cude, Ellen Smith, Sam Hunt. Row VII, left to riglzlz Don Warren, Pete Stevens, Bill Shaner, joe Gordon. BAND At football games we have a great exhibition of the strange, strong force found in music. Yet, intensely engrossed in the game before us, we are often unaware of this exciting impulse. The band is a faithful and de- pendable part of every game. It is there each time and only its absence impresses us with its importance. There is a drive and incentive in the stirring notes that reach the ears of the team out on the field. There is a lift and thrill in the hearts of those watching the game. lmpulses such as these are of keen significance in the effort of players to outpoinr the competitors, both play major roles in the drama of our team's winning or losing. The band's faithful members rehearse long hours and walk weary miles learning the intricate formations which lend color at the half-time. Our band plays for all the functions of the school where music is an important item. It helps the town time after time and no assembly would be complete without the band to play out old faith- ful, "Onward Ardmore." Filling the position of director and conductor is our efficient, well trained and beloved Mr. Raymond Gab- bard, who has lent his talents untiringly and has inspired the band to its present high standing among similar musical organizations. 5,r.. - -.-., - 'Nj-'xt ' .xv 2 .-is -553, , ,j .g,,K... ,-.-X., .. X,--1:.1". . ' "' " A-.c ,l' ' .e.k'.' ' qt J 4?-.-.. x Y xi.. I , xr-pf, xv:,mi3 Xi' V . 'qi l. IX k M X' IX In .,.f'X if-4 all link muy left In rikgfir Raymond Gabbard, Winston Ruble, Mac Thompson. Royce Branum, Bob Beane, 'lack Hammett. Ffflllf nur, lg!! In nglil: Memory Smith. Billy Whtllis, Lorenz Boyd, Manco Drummond, Bill Thomas. THE SWING BAND 'linger Awhilen for a "Sentimental journey" and while we're "Waiting for the Train to Come In" we'lI - watch "The Old Ltunplighterf' "XVe Strolled The Lane Together" as "Sweethearts" with "Stardust" in our eyes "Night and Day" for "This Is Always" and "It I-lad to Be You." "I Don't Know Why" "It's Been a Long, Long Time" "Since You Went Away" "Because" "There's No One But You." "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons" and "I'll See You in My Dreams" "Till The End of Time." "That Old Black Magic" really has you when the band begins to swing as they so often do at assemblies, noon programs, school functions, class elections QScott won. tool, and for the town in general. They have been a very important part of schoo'l activity and social life. The swing band under the direction of Mr, Raymond Gabbard was organized to give training and oppor- tunities to those students who are interested in enlarging their musical abilities. BOYS OUARTET Can you imagine the tiniest boy in the group to have the biggest wallop? Well, he does, when he comes out with that deep bass. Why, of course, i it is the "ALWAYS SMILINGH Doug Vernon. Incidentally that high soprano, which is really tenor and tirst tenor at that, is none other than Bud Miller. It is said that redheads have quite a temper but our second tenor has been known to practice long hours fon "Sweetheart", without a whimper. He's our "NEVER BLUSHINGU Don Anderson. The tall lanky fellow with the burr haircut and with the heart that is really in his singing fex- cept the part that's in basketballj is baritone Win- ston Ruble. The quartet has had a very active year. They sang at the district teacher's meeting in Durant and have been the guests of the churches and Left la righl: Bud Miller, Don Anderson, Winston Ruble, Doug Vernon. Civic Clubs in the city. r-v'-9---ij' Y 'S' .4-af Top row le t lo right Evalyn Reed Charlotte Lynch Mora Wrllxams Sandra Westner Norma Balthrop Sherma Horton getty Longmo Dolores Gnllxam Eleanor Wllkes Stella Brooks Ruby Day Jo Westmoreland Jean Kahl Peggy Dyerly xonne Cobb Middle mu le I to ugh! Dottne C ude :my Brady Llrzabtth Chem ront Cecelna bewtll Joanne Walker Pat Grreder Mar garet Sullivan Mary Lou Halley Drane Buchanan Margaret Remck Mary Bodkm Mxckey Clark Frances Clemens Censa Alderson Hellen Cleek Bottom row Ia t to right Karleen Moore oella Wllll1m9OU Margle Gneder Mona Rabun Joanne Alshman Miriam Herr Peggy Rrddle Elnzabeth Muller Alnce Brrnnan Imelle Ruble Joyce Nluttmg Marilyn MtCullom Betty Clendemn Muna Ruth Gllstrap Myrtle Glllxam GIRLS CHORAL CLUB The members of the femmrne aggregatron rn the vocal department made qurte new and startlrng sounds They weren t tnventmg a new lan guage It wasnt that at all' The grrls were merely gettmg therr voxces rn shape for the Musrc Festxval and contest whrch they attended rn Aprrl at Durant The Choral Club was one of the buslest organrzatnons m school wrth assemblres broadcasts over KVSO and therr crowmng event of the year the annual Chrnstmas program It was apprecranvely recerved by the parents and townspeople along wxth the student body Partrcularly beautrful were the strams of Musrc therr stgnarure Cherubrm Excelsrs Glorra and many other lovely and msprrmg melodies of the Chrrstmas season The drrector rs Mrs Gene Lawrence who gracxously and untrrtngly has brought the personnel of the group to :ts present hugh standard of vocal musrc MRS EUGENE LAWRENCE Drredor of Vonzl Munr r u - gf eff. -.' K Y--- ,, .,.:,.,..,..,...,.,-- -74 I . . .X -5 , '- Q , ff i 5 J J 3 ,I . - 1 1 . . 4 . . 5 a - ,, 4 ' ' A - .- ' . - a . ' A ' ' . I' 0 f. ' .. - , ., r X . - "' l - C 3 L J '- e V '9 J ' ,1 , 5 , sl- , ., , ,?. gt, . .. .Hg . - - x FX: I I Lv V - A . 7- 5 . ' ' ' . . A , , 1 g. A . .,,7,,2, .T aah vwfvjq . in' . ,,,.y3,., ,mg 1 L 6, H - ' 'Z-fx' ia, ' , 7 -, 5' ' -1' H ' ' , r y a r y ' . ', , , , 1 I 1 y Va A ' l s , , ' , . t f f , J - t , , . , ' ' 1 1 1 v 5 1 - 1 ' 1 7- ' L s A v , . v v 1 . . . - .. - U C . , J .. . ,. .. Y N - - ., s v l ,,,..-fvf .pr-sr Y"".F'5 telic il- 'lhe lnely h att ure oxen 1 4 ' tacular twxrls and men 11 vmrlt tre fer! ook N Jllx tr and Nancy Nolen "' uf...- "' Q1 -in "i4... hu- Le I lo ngbt C C Sewell .mcllc Parher o 'Ihruher TL tt them t I 1 mx ulfu Hull me How wel we remember those Stramed routes mtl stuff yomts tfter each football txme when we trrul to dame at the Y and the heawy hearts we sometnmes nrrlul home after we hxl lost 1 Lum Remember our pep 1SSClTlbllLN thxt nc had before exery home football game We would yell ourielxes hoarse before thc gum than 'Lo to Wtlkcr bluluum xml whnek some more vondermg later why we had bass xoxces tht nut dn Remember thc. mmy friends vw. mule at the games through the yell leaders of the other anhools Remember the thamretl buses to out of tovux ganms the home battles-ones we won those we lost and the ones we tml how can we forget f 'T 3' I1 , 'J-5 . X Q: is A ir: xl 'xg ' sf l 1 xl A ig .IAC K liRliXX 5il'l'.R lill.l. llOXX'llf RAY DAVIDSON Gll1Cfli1AEC1'L'nl ixiw oitiliur, All-Stun' lionomhlu mm' llruk wall on lincg l7lfXliN. foolul ilu: knkiiig, liong aggrcssiw llHL'IN.lIl, ilu iwunlx, ufluitx inniw t.u'l-clvsg l1l'4iVlCif Tl,il4'V- onc ol' in-xl yv.1rSlliopclLili. . ,y s- ,0,,,,,,, .. ,EQ Q- be Qs Q- Wg y., Q' i g . FRANK CORNELL Field g e n e r a lg exccllent snaphaiksg superb defcnsivc playing, All-State honorable mention. .taxi 1+-1 ?"'s DALE PRA l lfll DAN JONES -lUl'lN cn0I,VERT JERRY NANCE Acc- h.ill pllyur. i-Milli-iii Tough .as a bootg nharges HIilLlL'-l0l1l1H- ye,-Y diffifult lfirst-nlass defense: blocks ion, lmril Luklcr on ilu' lmrd and fastg blofks with to trninplg-. big boy' with the best rum hard, oft- prccinion. en siugging passes, ff l A.. rv N vw I in ' s ' 4, 1 if . v llliRSl+lAI.l.GIl.l.lAN1 GENE READ BOB GRISSOM 'Cmllopiiig Ciliowiu, xpv.-all All'5l.i1c lulllmukg A-l in Three-year startcrg plum excellent though Nhon- lnxwiig. line plunginggdcfcn- callcrg broken held runner, mul QLll'L'L'f1 hiiril to mitch, mm xt.ilw.irtg dropfkick spa- safety nmng All-St.1tehonor- -' 3 lmnlur io xlop. iiilixi. iiyoir lem-rman. able mention. , lm l. l rf-I H J" til' Al GENE HIU. BILL STRINCJER DONN YOUNG jIM Hlflll Dt-fcnsivc iucg him I-l.1yur, Titanic though tiny lusslcrg Beautiful running btanfcg Excellenf in,41?f, year c though injured mobt of thu apt guard, Hcet-footcdg ground gaining llff' aeasong first your at end. runs. fjg' - n 'R-+L ,...., -. ... . .. -, If .. ,gs 'H N H , 'g 3 -H - . Q .,, it C. W. CLOVER LLOYD I-URBES DIOHN GREENE BOB MILAM Peppy and versatile. Paw catching .ind blorking Rough and tumble guard. Snqall but mighty. , specialist. 15"- -X 'S Qs is , tr f 9' if 3... Bai, LEONARD RICH BO BURRIS JOHN HOLLADAY AMBERT HATTENSTY- Fast and shitty. Sturdy and hustling. "Ruff" and rugged. Hard lighting wingrmfl- Not pictured: -HM XVAGONER Shifty ball handler. pl fs - ffm... ...,,,.,m: ' A 4L-J-.':L1ff--?'-f1h-f'w+---.,..,-'2'vTf-'fM-vff-v'-'i 4 lllil Hlllll 'll Tllli TEMI 3 , A . . , . i l XY'olverines, teams of pretision and drive, This is shown by the lIlllt'l'lI.l!lLL' til the 'Tiiiv Tiuer 3 , , nickname. 1 4 , oath Paul Young in LQ? Q. 41 'Ubi 5 -elif:-'Y C K ,Dv I R5 hsv......- Team Managers LQ!! In wlqftli ,hm liidditk, Ned Turner, l joyte Micheal The Ardmore track team under the well-trained eye of Coach XX. flDubj Xlviley entered their second year of track competition. Coach XY"iley was assisted by Clyde Heron who managed the team, This year XX'iley had only four of his last year's team back with him but several of the boys have had previous tratk experience. Boys who carried the Flying A for Ardmore's relay team this year were: john Head, llharlie XX'hite, Bob Grissom and Donn Young. The men who did a lot of fast running in the 100, 220, and -4 i0 yard dashes were: Mac Thompson, john Head, Sam Hunt, Bill Case, lrrank Stevens and Blaine fiunningham. The boys who did the running on the half- mile are: Sam Hunt, Eugene johnson, and Robert Henry, jr. The boys with the extra stamina who ran the mile are: Robert Henry, Ir., and Bob Cavins, The boys with the muscle who worked on the discus and shot put were: Bill Howie, Curwood Stewart, and Gordon Rice. The boy with the ambi- tion to get up in the world fvia pole vaultingj is john Holt. The high jumping was done by john Dubielg while the broad jumping was taken care of by Donn Young and Robert Henry. The hurdles were given a going over by Donn Young, Curwood Stewart and Bill Case FOOTBALL MEN I love a football lad, His smile gives me a buzz! 7 I love a football boy, But a lot of good it does! A-A, On the field he is a whiz ---As fast as he tan be! But when it comes to social things He's awfully slow with me. Many times l've let him know I'm interested in his kindg He doesn't seem to understand What I have in mind. To him, I'm just another Football crazy fan. But still I End- I love a football man! ,CAN SCOTT Coath 1. W. Wiley x The tall, deep-Yoitetl coath of the .'Xtdinoi'c Tigers is rated .is one ol the best in , the state. ln lean years as well as good ve.ti's, no opposing eleven, :'eu.ii'dless ol powt . or standing, has gone to ineet Youngs boys without .1 twinlee ul fear that they tnav he I toppled from their ranlt by the wellatrained and tinpi'editt.ible Tigers. C,oatli'Youings I driving spirit has led Ardmore through some wl tht t-:tn4lit'sttg.1fiies on retord against suth liigli-ratilcitig teams as the inighty Capitol Hill Redskiiis .ind the state t'unnei'up, l..twtoi Young has an inexhaustible tapatity for w eliliiikt' sinall and inexperiented boys into 1' IA L2 W'1NS'1'ON RL,?151.12 '1'c.1m's t.xl1 boy, l1C1.L'11NlX'L' BA KETB LL QUAD 7 J f, P 1 3- DAL1: 1'RA11:R DON A'1K1NS B411 handlar pnrtuto, .ln 13L.u1 my nt-almot, part t1mL other wt-shot xlmrk, huh- c.lP1.1lI1, lXNOfyL'.lf lvt1crm.m. 11140 dufcmv. hut .uni x11i1'ty - N1 I il X 1. N 5E ,A X, -,L . X I Q 1 Q S K1lNN1i'I'H BONDS Sat-up wiz.m1, scores be-st un Rayman, demon at one-11.1m1 A ff dL,1.PrCS5urL.' shot, ' 2 ' 1 .Yi Q , x V X . "" L v 1.1 ' .- 1 'Y . . RX 51.1 , " -A 4 , . J 1 X f xl 1 5 X 1x1NN1 111 PROXY ANI C1 RXXCJU17 SIYXX ART L11 ur M mmuum 4 den L u x xwrar l1L1ONL ru LL 1W1'L 111s .ZFX 1"- Av. lf -.s Q o'j?s A. lu XJ .7 . R x ,-, l 4 I . 5 4 fix V-J , fx . L, 1 f.,,l " ' gl' l L' f' U Q Y R' ,UM VVAGONER RICHARD MtC,ORMlC,K BOB READ I-'RANKIE Sl HVENS Excellent hall lundlcr, tool lfreehrhrow kii1,ig.oi1eof'i1ext Good on wt shotx. extelf imnd lWQNsll5ll1f1L'x UNL-f',1,hi when gune is hot. yeark hopefnlx, lent defense, inmlmpv R 5 ROHIZRT C URNlil.I. ctmc H Yfjl-JNG Never-tniw "erin" Qhotx. out Alugiyx the Tiger, but mlm p.irt ol xenon with broken the1t'.iinkin.nn xiim-Orig, wingg in.nn xtring lor next Year. ll.'XSKlf'lll3fX LL SCORES . Zi Ardmore , , , A , Pnrtull 57 . -ii " ,,,. ,,.,, A ,, XY'ilxon In .. , 9 23 ' , lirederitk Z7 V M ll , llurtell 55 . 29 , . Acld Nl 2,4 Murmy MB" Il . , iv Zi 2' i , 51 . Nornmn Sl Q I ,in e ,Ada an , R '- 29 Dunant -43 ,l f 36 ,P.llllN Vdlley 22 V i' - .. 28 ,M.triett.1 I I7 I l ff I 28 58 il ki T ,Nornmn 2-4 I ' ,Pauls V.illey 2-9 ..- , ll ,, M.1dill 26 --- is Y The "B" tetiin hnys who tire often referred to as the round hall htindlers are coached by XY. fDnbj Vifiley. Cnticli XX'iley's lmpefuls for next yettr fire: Jim Clowe, Don llrnst, Hershel Clnidwc-ll, joe Smith, Bob Hunt, Tom Ed Hunt. Leonard Rich, Gordon Rice, N and Robert Henry jr. -air: 5? .Q-d' W I 'fr' 'Shag vi" . n- M 'J -' Y 5 vi ef-Q,.' 'ff v Q i 5151? vw U S' Q xg . ,,g 5 ' xr W1 m I i 1, ' , F Y 0 I fi wg, .- xy5"'.. X 1 4 1 4 'iii' 1 's X .I F341 fl is A '? is nf we fu Q ' .S-X 5 ' 8 f 5 EMA' R 9. B .fd.1'i- Erlang.-.. A K, , Timm. Left lo right: Helen Herber, jim Hill, President, Cerisa Alderson, Secretary-Treasurer. MISS MUNCY RECE Sponsor We of 1947 have come to the end of our checkered career. After tormenting grade school principals, we hnally came together as one adolescent congregation in the seventh grade. Ard- more junior High held onto its plaster, strengthened its girders, and prepared to endure us for three long years. We made new friends like Ruth Ann Hagen, johnny Head, and jim McMurry, we laughed at john Whittaker and counted Speck's freckles in awe. Gene Hill joined us that year, and .the contingent of female students found new hope. We took over the south end of the 3rd floor in the 8th grade, gained new students, namely Leach and Foy, met Miss Wariner Qwhom we've never forgotten, incidentallyj, wrote enough notes to account for the paper shortage, and struggled on to our Freshman year. flt was really just the 9th grade but Freshman sounded much betterji Then we abandoned our childish ways, stuck our bubble gum under the seats, and became be- wildered Sophomores in a new, breath-taking realm. Senior High heaved a great sigh as we roceeded to do the things customary for Sophomores. We didn't stand with our mouths open long, but elected a Football Queen the tiiist thing! We'll never forget watching Scrugham come down the aisle first! The kids in the gallery went wild! Before long our fellows could beat the biggest boys playing pool. Prater and Brewster got to be sharks and the upper-classmen knew there was competition! P. S. That was also the year -that Miller found Herber. As the mighty middle class our prestige increased. Cleek reigned as Football Queen and our own Helen Richerson was selected by Earl Carrol as beauty queen of Ardmore High. We boosted Adele and Mike into the Oratorical Contest and almost car- ried the auditorium home when Mike placed second. And the junior-Senior Prom! C. C. looked so adorable. Ken Bonds and Melba Phipps became active members of our class, Elinor collected men, Pistol, Frank, and Floyd spent their time duck hunting, Means and Grimm spent their time getting back into Miss Rece's class, and Bennie Kerr spent her time being agreeable. Miss Bishop guided us through junior English and shared her Christian ideals. At last we reached the zenith of our course. To Jim Hill we entrusted the presidency of our great class and the Seniors of 1947 stepped up to assume their dignities. Setting an unprecedented record, we elected Scott the third Football Queen from our class an our hearts pranced every step with "Chev" as Band Queen. Mike, Yvonne, Chev, and Patty rivaled the sunbeams with their "blond" locks. Our football boys proved their mettle on gridirons all over the state with our nine senior starters spark-plugging the Tigers to the quarter-finals of the state play-off. Read made all-state with Grissom, Howie, and Cornell as alternates. An out- standing record, brought to an abrupt' end by his 21st birthday, was made by Hershal fthe ladies call me "Killer"j Gilliam. "Peggy Do" Landers gained recognition as the best football congratulator of the year-Eh Prater? jo led our yells for the third year ably supported by Bill fm-o, m-o,-m-o-r-ej Case. Rosie Clover came home from the Marines to sit with Eleanor in the Auditorium. So we leave history to turn to the future, and, frankly, we don't know whether to laugh or cry. lt's the friends we'll miss most, the real genuine people like Evalyn Halpin, Ralph Parlier, Peg Dyerly, Wilcey Yates, and all the rest of the wonderful bunch of them. We're leaving in body, but the ole' spirit of '47 will hang around for posterity's perfect example. ,-3 A1711 1, 741,04 : BILL HOWIE Au x, 1' CERISA ALDERSON GENE ALEYANDER DON ANDERSON! EUNICE ARNOLD J' L WS 'EN DON ATKINS TX-v. ' DONNA LOU BECHTEL ' ,Q J, ., Q ROYCE BRANUM viii 'ws ,..,.. JACK BUTCHER 'Q DOROTHY CHANDLER Z ni! is l we M- if JACK EEEWEIER PATRICIA BYRD A ELIZABETH CHEUVRONT M 75 3 CA'I HERINE BUCHER HUB BURKETT in 3..- 4,---1 -S BILL CASE JAMES CASON i HELLEN CLEEK CLOVER KS ie 4, Wi, I HELEN DOWDY IOHN DUEIEL I . 1, L ' H I A' I if 9, -s Al LA- Mk' ' , 5-X , - , v . I-IA . I I P' , H , 'ffl - .1 X- 5 3 I . 'Nw X K I K- 1,, Y X 7 E S 14 I II Q Ll I- I I "' 1, 'L' Lv G f- ,WV 'A . ' HH. I f I I 0 X A ' . .. XX kk' gf., 1 I I I I 1 ,. -I V V' v .N - L., A f- . I ,. 1 A f x ff 1 ' . If . I I . .L x f .l I 1 I ' C. W. , X , x 1. x - TX Q C . . I I lx - fC 5 A I V + I x-Lg - A 'W' NON N IJ -U ii PICCX DYIRIY ,IANICE COOK l x Xxlz IRNNCISCIINICJNN Lf I VONNJI C OBB 15- ew- I RANK CORNI II BETTE I LOYD F X1 IIX CIINIDI af" JY! i IICJIIN CCJI VI RI C I AXTON CONVULII ILL COX PATTY C UDE -Y-Z, Q- - 6- 'Q 'fx CC Q an I' I H . ' 5 1 1' . Z. 'IIiI3 C.I.Ii. IfN'I UIQ' ' Qif SNIN i' .1 I '39 ' I ' Q g- Q ti xg' I ' I I ygfff '-F ' X If I 5 1 lb K a ' J W f' .if +L I Is ' - iii 5 221' 2,' ' .if t lf, 'V f x H 5- M - in ' -W I E 4, if 3 It 1 Lys I 1 fx X r 1 1 Zi j I ,L Y I ' - - JOE DANIEL Egg! 5: 5? X IIOHD IORBLS ,lUNI: IORD 1:1 I7ABl IH C ANIOR NIRCINIA C INTRX 9' ang .org C 14 xx WAYLAND GEORGE CAROL GIBSON HERSHAL CILLIAM ROBERT GORDON ,av-L is JAMES GRAHAM JOHN GREEN BILL GRIMM BOB GRISSOM V T' Yea' K llenff i gT...... ELAINE GUGLER RUTH ANN HAGEN ' 'R-7' 5 A i I , ' Qi 6. ,iqgg fn 1 E5 q 4'X h QEE, ' .ff V 1 ' X 5' .-J N.. 5, A NaN , Efx R, A a E N Av. . ' bf I 3 y ,V 5 VILL- ' ' sg K JJ W A.,', ' g A . V ., X Q, -Q, . A I XA ,L Li Z ,V is A , A 1 f v , Q. 734' -, E ' -,gs Vi- -8- 5 ' . 1 . Q I . ' r , .s. . W BN EVELYN HALPIN jAC.Ix HANINIETI " x MARTHA ANN HENDON ,IOAN HENDRICKS Xfff CLYDILIERON CORDY HERON Q5 VANCE HEAD IOUISI: HEARON Qs T' HELEN HERBER BILI IE JEAN HERON f' T" MIRIAM HERR GENE HILL 1: I F A I - A A . X 9 , up -N , Q 'K E' VA HQ I N, X . Q NR I if 3: 6 n 5 . 3, 4 9 QA A A I E X . .A I v gi. NX K' 1 f7 q I 'M' I K I Z X ,. 7' I J!!! xl : j B ,A L I Q I f ' 4 3. h I . 1 B jIM HILL MILDRED HOLBROOK I ,N ,gli C75 BILL I-IOXWIE IACKIE HLT 'I' I5 TOY IAC KSON XIUADENI' IOBI BETTY KEEL VIRGINIA KEITH lgx W 1 SAM HUNT IOANNE IOHINQON XYIANDA HLTNT ,- 7 IEANNE KAHL WMV IW ffw BENNIE LOUISE KERR BILLY RUTH LEACH ZS, as-sq PEGGY LANDERS Q53 GENE LEDBETTER L , f. sf I 'M f 1 A A L- 1 ll, 1 5 L .l - . , 4 j , 5 f an 95 ' ks , 4. . .LI RQ' V5 lr 4 I . K 4, I .f ' Qing f A L , N 5 , . ' ' I X ' ,lL Al Q- 1- -IOYCQE I.IVl5I.Y KX. LOIS McLAUGHI.IN in PHYLLIS MALET - r I marry LQNGINQ ag . 1. M N jIM MCMURRY ""x Ps Q BILLIE MAXINE MAULDIN avi' fm N 1 Rfk iw 5 BETTY LOXVERY MARILYN McCOLLUM A .V ,QLXQ I GENEVA MQNEELY NORA RGARET K s , 1 BARBARA MILNER FELECIA MAYBERRY W Rl. BILL MEANS MEANS SR- vs.. 'W MARX I ILA MOORHILAD f-Tw - RALPH PARLIER pw Svyfr 15 '59 in S-1 "V NANC X NUI I N D NORTH i? Jig Nh- ,,,, 'B' 3' I RANICFS OWENIS ,al C'- DON PATTON MI:LBA LOUISE PHIPPS BILL PICKENS x Q I5 ' BETH ANN POUND DALE PRATER . I 7 fy ' ,Qf , y, .l L , .N . ' ' X 'gs N I " X A A -. ep- X Q ' x . X . . I -.xg I " . I i' . .,.L ,"1,3...' 4 BUD MII.I.IiR IQLINOR MIIIIQR IiI.IXAIiI2'I'II MIIIIZR MIA! K INIUORHIQAD -I ' Q' 5 I . 'N -tv I "' p - 1 'X A'-2 I 2 ,. , - -xi . .. ' xl 4 -' 'xx N ' I Q' . I sv r . tl - . I I if 'I Qs ,E f" I" 3 5f9ai2'3'f"f' U pf lisa. va ADELE RICE 3 RUBY ROGERS fi EDITH SCHIFF 9' Q " Low., 3-. T4 RENNET H PROXWANT 9' HELEN RICHERSON JEAN ROWLAND SCOTT 9"x GENE READ .., IV! BETTY RIESEN WE W NsTo RU LE E BET 1 x jo RENIC K gil 'J H AZEL ROEPER MARGARET RUTLEDGE -rf. Fl. nav- 50-f tn' jOANNh SC RUC HAM gn-5 in- 1- MILMORY SMVI H ,IOANNE SULLIVAN RB. 'ST ll! lf! ' 4 CIN DL Sl IIIH Avis- ly LLJRVUOUD S'I I WART fm ig-- THELMA STUFFLEBEAN I Q51 COI YNJI' SHINN1 as LILLIAN ST OUT ,R 'in 'YW' FERN TATE ',, an-Af Q 'Us ' 1 if Q vf- ,. W ki if MAC THOMPSON gf HIJPIC 'if' 'flu BILI ST RINCER BILL THOMAS EVA jO THRASHER kj.- 'K ,X ffxx r-Q, IOHN I ODD L CHARLES WHI'I E Q' GLADYS WILKINS Y' PATSY RUTH WOODARD :ng Q' BETTY IRECO fu? IOHN WHITTAKER if 95 3 MORA WILLIAMS 4-L , an 0 . Q' WILCEY YATE5 I AVERNI: WAC Lb Eg LILA WHIT'I AKER E' HAZEL WILSON L71 lui: :pg BII L WALLIb A V fx, 'sl X I J ELEANOR WILKES L BILL WILSON --."Eunie' t I 1 'Nu 'tt 0' . , fs- "' 2 7 ' 53 Z3 4- x L ' - 1 Q- I' A ,xv g , I 'lx ' X st X F ' , arf 1 r, 1 Ui,-I I , 5 Ji 'J 3 1 4 DONN YOUNG XVALTER REED RAYMOND POTTS JACK BARNES NAMES Eunice Arnold ..... Don Atkins ....... Don Anderson ..... Cerisa Alderson .... jack Barnes ...... Kenneth Bonds .... Bob Burkett ..... jack Brewster .... Patricia Byr'd ...... Donna Bechtel ..... .... . Peggy Bonneau .... jack Butcher ..... Georgia Boyer--- Bill Beard -----.- Alice Brannon --.-. Catherine Bucher .--. ....- Royce Brannum --.. Cecil Bailey--- - jimy Brady ....-. Betty Clendenin -.-. -..- Frances Clemens -.-.. -..-. Ted Clement -...-. Janice Cook ...-----. -... . Dorothy Chandler-- Patti Cude ....-... C, W, Clover ...- Bill Case ---...--- john Colvert ......-- -..-- KW ,X 6. f u LAXWRENCE Hl,'NT j. C. WELDON DARREL MCMILLAN DON PATTON JOE BEN PONDER MONDELL DILLARD HERE VUE ARE FAVORITE PASTIME GRADUATING VETERANS QNOT PlCTUREDj umm' HENRY EIDWARD HOVUELL DEWEY BRADY THOMAS BROWN BOBBY LEE CUDE jAC,K RAINBOLT AMl4l'l'll JN Eating ---.-------.- --.-- Goin' with college girls--- Readm ------------,-- Ru' jack ---------.-- Courtinf --- -- - Chasscr les hlles, - Eatin' and sleepiri'-- Arguing with teachers- Listening to radion- Laughing ----- - -- Writin' letters-- --- Singing ..---. ------- Music---.--.. ----- ----- Sinking boats on a lake--- Going places --------.- jitter at the Glitter--- Dorothy ----------- --- Fishin' ------..----------- Writin' letters and dancing-- Day-dreammg ..-....-...-- Doug! --...--....-. --- Snoo er ------ Pete--. 'Andy"--- -C. C. -Jn.. "Ken"--- 'Newt"--- 'RooStC"-- 'Pat"--- DL'l14"' - - "Peg"--U jack ------ "Doogie"- - f - - Clem" -------- . "Gi1lIopin' Gracie 'Katliic-" ------ 'Rosief .- Skating ..-.. -- .-......-. --- jim - ----- l5ootli"--- Clem"-W lioncs"--- Cookie"-- Dutl'--- Boys ...........-.....--.--.. -- Gettin' "male" from NTSTC ..--- --:'l'.1t" ----. ----- Eleanor- ---- ---------- .... --- --- Horizontal engineering ------- --. Playing olf at night ---- Elizabeth Cheuvront .... ----- L etters fiom Stillwater-- Hellen Cleek ------ james Cason ----.-- ---- Frank Cornell --.- Bill COX ....------ Charles Creecy .-..-- ---. Clayton Conwell --... -.--- Yvonne Cobb -.-.-- joe Daniels --..-. Helen Dowdy .-.. Nona Day ---.--. Peggy Dyerly ...- john Dubiel --.-- Floyd Forbes --.- june Ford -...- Bette Floyd ---. john Green -...-- Virginia Gentry --.- --.- Hershel Gilliam --.- -.-- Elaine Gugler ...- james Graham ..--. --.. . Bob Grissom -------.,,-,-----,----- Bill Grimm ..-.---,- .,.,-,,,,,-,--- Eating -.-....-.-----...- Sittin' on a windy corner--- Fishin' ----------------- Taming women -..--.-. Loafing ----...---.-- Hunting-anything-U Dancing .-.--....--.- Talking to Weedie--- Tennis ......--...--. Skating and dancing ...- Cub -----...-.---------. Smooching -...-...-.--.-.. Rowing the Rubber Dolly--- Rosie ---------- - 'Soutin' W'iIum" ---- ---- - "Big john" ------- ---U Chevu ,------- - Cac .---- Pistol" .-.- - 5sIv22Z'6c7iii T y -- Sprocketu -..-- - CIayt" --.-.. - Mattie"- --- Hershey"--- Flirtmg ------------------- - ---- . Thinking of Tyrone Power ---- ---- Hunting --....--.----.-.-. Dancing .--.....---...-.-- Doin' what comes "nacherl " Hank"--- Peg D"---- H5515 7-ff Bugsu- - - - ."Texas" -..-- Grcenie"--- Generic"-- Wimmin .....-..-...-...--- ---L."Killer"--- Laine"--- jake"--- Y Readin' -------.-------------- ---- ' ' Flirtin' with Sophs ----..-... -.-. ' ' Women --.-----...-..-.-..... - .... . Robin"- jose" -----.--. - -..-..- ...--.....- --.--.. - - - - - - To grailuatc lint- mail to tountry club To pass physical lbluu: to Arla W'li1itc-ver I he. be a good one Own Morgan Str-cl Co. EEEEEGU In Hul'lil's hc'.u't'n --- --Haw credit .it Sports Club To grow up -----To he .1 shoe woman -----Get .in M RS degree Tn graduate To traxcl lie .1 spec maker Be .i good liousex-rife uilur of Cixl1l'1'5 haif To graduate - - - - -To make money Bt- .1 versatile person -----Be 92'Q years old Be a great twirler To graduate lie a beauty operator Be J housewife Use a full bottle of peroxide Make the ball team Make school easier Be 6 feet tall Be 5'7 and ll0 pounds Live on Rubber Dolly lic Buster Ford ll Be a Navy Hier To he a hobo Marry for love and money W'in an argument Be a private "sec" Go to Virginia Sing with Glc-nda's hand To be a man Do anything l want to To travel Bc a steno ,lournev to Ovcrbroolc To get married Be in love-not in vain Be a flier Marry a rich blonde Be a playboy NAMES Robert Gordon Ehzabeth Gaylor Wayland George Carol Grbson Mrldred Halbrook Joan Hendricks Eugene Hull Brll Howxe Jack Hammett Jackre Baker Hunt Martha Hendon Menam Herr ohn Head rm Hrll Evalyn Halpm Brlhe Heron Cordy Heron Helen Herber Ruth Hagen Sam Hunt Louxse Hearon Clyde Heron Joyce Ann Johnson Foy Jackson Wadene Jobe Vrrgrnra Kerth Benny Kerr Betty Keel Jeanne Kahl Betty Lowery Jovcc Lrvel Peggy Lan ers Gene Ledbetter Betty Longmo Phylhs Malet Brlhe Ruth Leach Nora Margaret Maher Ehzabeth Mrller Fellcra Mayberry Loss McLaughhn Maryella Moorhead Jrm McMurry Geneva McNeeley Jack Moorhead Brll Means Elrnor Mrller Barbara Mxlner Marrlyn McCollum Maxrne Mauldm Bud Mrller J D North Raymond Potts Melba Phrpps Nancy Nolen Frances Owens Kenneth Prowant Beth Ann Pound Brll Prckens Ralph Parlrer Dale Prater BIII Prrddv Gene Read Betty Jo Remck Margaret Rutledge Betty Rresen Adele Rrce Helen Rrcherson Jean Rowland Ruby Rodgers Hazel Roeper Wrnston Ruble Joan Scott Joanne Scrugham Cl de Shelley rth Schrff Colene Shmn Burton Srmpson Memory Smrth Lrlhan Stout Brll Strmger Curwood Stewart Jo Ann Sulhvan Fern Tate Wanda Taylor Hunt Ball Thomas Mac Thompson Eva Jo Thrasher John Todd Brll Wallis Betty Trego John Whrttaker Lula Whittaker Charles Whxte Gladys Wrlkrns Mora Wrlhams Lavern Wages Eleanor Wrllres Brll Wrlson Hazel Wrlson Patsy Woodard Wrlcey Yates Don Young HERE WE ARE QConrmued FAVORITE PANTI MES Talkmg to Ellen Dancmg wrth Wume Flyrng Models Eatrng Skatmg Letters from O L Hellcn Making mud pres Burning toothpxcks Chubby Lrstenmg to Hot Lrps Dancmg Eatxn Dancmg Just hun Gom to the a e Wol rn Looking for Bud Stompm at the Taxern Chasmg women Dancmg Huntmg traveling and Felrcxa Just lookxn Sm mg Ba mmton Talkmg Fhrtm Collectmg stamps Eatmg Skahng Tenms Gomg to Wynnewood Tennrs Rrdmg Chasmg Brll 4 H Records Gomg to the show Skating and Clyde Day dreammg Loafrn Talkmg Dancmg Spanrsh fwomenj Playmg checkers wxth firemen Collectrng thmgs Skatmg Lrstemng to radro Basketball Dates wrth Herby Camping Femma Talkrng on the phone Sleepmg rn class Day dreammg Qof Genej Lookrng tor women Week ends Loahng Chasmg Beetles Huntmg skunlrs Whxsthng at women Runnmg from gurls Practicing Skating and swrmmmg Bummxng Saturdays Skanng Lrstemng to good musrc Dancmg Sketchmg Dancmg Runnmg around rn crrcles Kenneth Coon huntmg Rrdmg around Wrxtm West Shootrng pool Musxc Actron' Chasmg a woman Runnmg around Tenms Pxckm at the prano Lrstenmg to soft musrc Snooker Wolting Bummrng around Grnger Radio Slratmg Doodhng Swnmmmg Sports Tenms Hearmg from O U Arrplane rrdes Bemg wrth Rosle Stompm at the Tavern Slratmg Runnmg around Slratmg Dom what comes naturally NICKNAME Bo Bug ll Hcnrx Gent Brrcl. Dammit Cooney Marty Sandstorm Johnny Hook Ha I Herby IN mme Speedy Pug Atlas Jo Ann Shorty Shorty Gmger Hon Jeannre Bets Peg Do Leadhead Clem 1 Leach Maher Lrbby F ea Tubby Im Jeanme Stud F rreboy Ne Barbo Sugar I Pottsy Tops Speed Frannxe Ixen Mike I Falstaff Beck Br Bulletman B Joes Gabby Weeson I Blondxe Jeanne Bunme I-lazre Weenre Slreets Scrug Eddme rm Smrtty I Strrng Curley S rm Ferme Wander Tommy Mac an n Wally Betsy Honest ohn Ruthre Charhe Grnger Charhe Pete Pa Wag Speck AMBITION Be an Inventor To hook a man Models lkrncl wrthout wxngsj He a hug grrl now I'o get marrrcd lnxcnt a shortcr shorthand To graduate Be assrstant pencrl Sharpener Play chopstxcks perfectl To finrsh school lment bananas to refrigerate To graduate Install plush rall at Gnssom To hve longer Bc- a bookkeeper Be a bug shot Get my man fguess who graduate the Greatest an arrhne hostess a sportswrrter Perform successful experrments Be a great artrst Are you krddrn P Be a good sec a secretary rry a he man graduate a secretary a psychratrrst an M D graduate earn to fly tch Bull 4 H demonstrator trave mayor rn Musnc graduate travel Make up a nrckname a Cover Grrl To graduate Be a Ere chref Get that specral thmg To get married Be secretary to lawyer Be a secretary Herby an engmeer a D A a school secretary graduate Cham store manager Get :1 swrmmmg medal Be a booltkeeper Have an olhce rob Be an undertaker Pres of Guzzlers Club Be a bachelor Play m Carnegre Hall Be a man hunter Get a convertrble Place m Oratoncal Contest Master jrtterbuggrng We ll Be a steno Smg grand opera Play a shoe horn lnvent lummous golfballs Kenneth Draw old age pensron To grow up Invent round rce cubes Be Brll Means Assrstant Have a homeworkless mght Pass Spanrsh Stay m AHS next year Be a happy mt wrt It s rn Colorado Marry Van Johnson Guessn None- Wnte musrc mmus sharps and travel an engmeer I FIUISC a hobo You d be surpnsed Be a rancher Be a good secretary Ride wrth C V T HM m m :nv Bc a good yrtterbug Go to Texas A and M Kress stockman Do what I want to . ---------.--f-------- I y -e-1 A eee--e----- ii hi -------------------- --,----- I -,-- - ' - ""::1::1:11:11:1i::1' c '31jijjjjjijjijjjjjjjjjjjjji.fri'fiiiijiiiij:::ii:::::::ii:3:ii333::::1' . - ' --------------------- A - V- ---.--K----------- if j 5" ------------..-. ........ - -. ........ 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" " .,.....,.................. , ....... -To ----------------- '----------------------------"Me"-------------------------------------To ' -------- - ------------- 1 ------------- -------------- 3 fl' ---------------------------------- 1 ------------------. J ---------------------------n H '-------------------------.--------Be ' e"IZi::332:::3::::::::::L ' - ........... 1 11111i1i-- 1-----3ij:23331:jjjjjjjijijjjjjjjjijjjjj ' ' J ---iZ1Z3ZZ2:ZZ2ZZ1Z:i J ....... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'-'Blr-5.1111':j.1':.111'.'5:.'.'.1'.1'.'5.113:1131: ------------------------. J ----------------,-,"A. J."--4---------------,,-------.-,------ - - --....-... ............. . .......... ....... ......... , ' ' J. D." ......................,.... , ........ Beamillionaire J ..................... ' ........... - .............,.. " " ................,,.....,,.,.,.,. ---Be ' ---------------------- ' --------------,," "------,-------------,------,--------Be . . ----------------,-----, ' ' --,-,-,,---nu-----" ",,,,,--,un-,-,---un---,,,,,-,--Be --------------------- -J J' ------,,,,,-," ' J - V J .... :::::::::i:::::::::3 J'---231211:111:31:11:11333:1:--Ball-,jg:i::::i::i::::::::::ii::Q3333:13 J - - 5:33:55:::::::::::::::g - - ""::i::i::i::i:::3-411I-3111111111:1111111111:11111i3:3331 , - 1 -5:55:55:::::::::::::::. J :::::::::::::::j:j:::::j::gm-'-T--ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii11312113: V J --IIIIIZIIIIIZIIZZI1I:- J''''"'"""'-'::::::::::::1-- -J---:jjj::5:::j::j:::::::::::gIIII322: H.. ----::::::::::::::::i:::: 3 """'f"f"":i:::::"'::33 4""f"":"":"::::::5:jg:::j:::: -' EJ J ---:::::3:::::::::::::l JJ ''f'':Z::::::::::::::::::::Jed'-,Jgi33::j:::::::::3::::::5:33.21:31:32 . - 5 '--iZZZZZZ1ZZ11Z111Z111i .11121'.1'.1111111'.11111i--C0-V--5:5555:55::::::.'::.'.'::::::.i::i::::i - J . ----------------- . ---------------- ------ 3 15' -------.------------------ - -------- ' ' . J- J --2:12111112:1::1111i:1' -J',11111111111111111111111113Jug--711:::1:1:111:111:111:11111:33233:3 J ' ' .2111111111111111211 1 ........ ::::::i::::::::j:::j--1' ----1111:111111111111111111111'12:13:2 1 - ' ':::::::::::::::::::: J -""'"'::3:::::::j::::::::-'10-'-5.111111111111111111111111113:jjjjjr., . . --------- --------------- - ----------------- --.-.--.--. ' ' J ------.------------.- ...--- . --------------- - -r --------------- -- ----L-----------..-------. -----------------,,,,,,----W" "----------U---,----,,,,,-,-,------Be J ........... ............ - ' ..............., .......--,. - " " ..................... ....., . ....... - Be . . ------------- ------- . . , ---------------- ---------- ' ' J " ----------------------------- Be , J '1::::112111:1:::11:1i J- ''''''''.'::::.'::::::::::::5-- ,---1111::1111111111::1:11111111'22:33:11 . . ff L dna-1. ff. . ,ff-Ol. 1. ,C Left to right: Dottie Cude, Vice-President, Ruby Day, Secretary-Treasurer, Ray David- son, President. Our junior class is the smallest in number, but due to our accomplishments this fact is forgotten. We have to thank each member of our class as an individual for making our class what it is! Our members have done much to make this class outstanding, but had it not been for the reliable, never-failing leadership of our sponsor, Mr. Wayne Byrd, we could have never accomplished so much. We are very grateful to you, Mr. Byrd, for the class spirit, constant help, and good fun you have given us, your junior class of '47. We are truly thankful for your help, and shall never forget you. QOf course, having had chemistry from you, some of us can never forget or forgive youlj The story below is to represent an average member of our class. The characteristics of this boy we have depicted are typical ones of this junior Class of 1947: August 10, 1930, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. D'More announce the birth of their son, A. R. junior. junior, as we shall call him, begins the process of growing up full of life, eager and open-minded. During grammar school junior has as his best friend, a blonde, curly haired boy tstraight A, tooj, by the name of Doug Vernon. Then when junior goes to junior High he meets more people, new friends. He works hard in junior High for the American Legion Award, but Mance Drummond and Margaret Sullivan obtain this award. In Senior High, junior goes out for football but Ray, Nance, Hattensty, and Burris are the ones who place. Alas! junior is left out! But with hope still in his spirit he again tries his luck in a school event, race for class president. But Ray once again beats him. Poor junior! !! Now junior has fallen for a certain redhead in his class, Fritzi, who in '46 was his class representative for football queen as well as band queen. junior realizes his chances are fruitless for Fritzi has eyes for but one. fNeed we mention names?j junior later tries for the oratorical contest. fjunior is very determined at least!j But alas, alack! He doesn't even place in the preliminaries. He does, however, have a first place winner from his class. Hurrah for Mickey!!! Now junior has come in contact with two very ruthless characters who persuade him to skip 6th hour. These two could only be jackie Thompson and Bill Lathrop, but along the way to the Sports Club fwhere so many girls are parked that the entrance is completely blockedj he is overtaken by Ned Turner, our good Samaritan, who brings junior back to Miss Mac's study. May 1946, junior is promoted. Oh happy day! Now if I have led you to believe junior is an average student I regret it very much, for he is far above the average, for he is a member of the junior Class of 1946 and '47. Lucky boy! Next fall when junior starts to school he is very saddened over the fact that three of his previous teachers-Mr. Crockett, Mr. Montgomery, and Miss Bishop--had sought new surroundings. But he is comforted with the acquiring of two new professors, Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Busch. He nds, also, that the pretty Miss Chathn has married. He has some new classmates this year too-Mary Bodkin, Harry Brown, Pat Nance, C. C. Sewell, Betty Patterson, Karlene Moore, and jo Westmoreland. This year junior again runs for class president. He campaigns, announces programs over the speaker, and all is in order, but Davidson wins again. Will that boy, Ray, never give up? One night at the first of the year, junior decides to go riding in Dic Howie's car with a few friends-Lathrop, Bo, Ray, Gingy, and Dick, of course-and well.-need we say more, boys? junior now has a crush on another girl, Sherma, who is representative from his class for football queen, but Sherma, too, has eyes for only one, and this is not junior. just as junior is about to forget girls, he meets Ora. But as soon as he gets ready to ask Ora for a date-she sails for japan! So junior decides "Love Is Too Much Trouble" CPlug for Mrs. Oliver, starring Fritzi, Don Murphey, Dotty, and Shirley.j So we leave junior. His heart is filled with optimism, characteristic of his class. He has one consolation-his junior class of '47, is the best there is!!!! if .- I Zigi .f I i if-'.f""'1.,lX',x ff'-":f:3g??f14 W Anil' , . , . Q.-:.1fTf1EfEQ'Q' ! 2 swf 5 Li'-w-"'ff " Eg., 's.kx4 nxxAf M 'Riff N x ,N n 'Q M 4 1 I ao..,,.x-1A -, .,,.' 1 n--ag V 5--15-gg.-sf 1 'LX' V12 ' 1 XXSWQN xv, 'f 'ffaai - 2,1 3 ,I A 2'1f1-H 1 W-- - fa Q' 'nn lckbxtfxfg-.,f if -.Inf X ,jf mmf sxfyff x l,., - 'ts F2."SZfr'sf,: ,lb- PATRICIA VICLARTY it-f I ,I lr yyiff B . , ? ,g 9- .11 15 il I f' 5 wr- Q. X T' ' -Q - '45 3- . ig- L1 , Y I 2 if , I A f ' Y f' K' 'Ns .' Q X I I N fx 1 '. I i Q. xv l of Q - f an fn x 1 "" ig- ' R- Q I inf' 1' , 'T' - il X V 1 ' 1 X Z4 J - fa. 'ft ' v---. "' ROW I, left to right: Bobbie jean Alexander, Camille Anderson, Mary Louise Asbury, Fanna Lou Atkinson, Norma Balthrop. ROW II, left to rigblz Nelda Barnett, Bobby Beane, Tina Mae Beard, Ora Bell, Ray- mond Blount. ROW III, left to rigbl: Mary Bodkin, Thomasine Boone, Lorenz Boyd, Philip Brodie, David Brooks ROW IV, left lo right: Stella Brooks, Berta Brown, Betty Brown, Harry Brown, Bill Brumley. 'Ps fb. fv- r Q11 Q f' -4 ,xi 5 1 It X ,QI . xxx I I X 1 O Tx es 6. is , C, A - .t., i 16. l , ' H r . if ROW ROW ROW ROW f xjfl l, lef! 10 rigfil: Diane Buchanan, Dcrl Burris, Robert Huttlicr, Don Max Butler, Earl Butler. ll, lejl fo rigblx Robert Cavins, Hcrslmll Chadwcll, Mickey Clark, Katliryii Clit,- ton, jim Clowc. Ill, left In riglilz Patsy Cole, Robert Cornell, Roberta Cox, Bonnie Craiglicml, Betty Sue Cude. IV, left to riglvl: Dorothy Cutie, Louie Cummings, Ray Davitlwon, Bobbie Sue Davis, Ruby Day. GQ1, Qs:- A K- gxzi' I 'Wa lm., i 1 . 1-r 22 1 Ky X x , 6 i - 9? fs ze. riff an Y ll. f f f Y-wg Y K . 3 'f f QR ' H ,A .LL sf. M-3 .-.Q 'X , ' 3' 4 -Z. , ,s 2. - - ' 34 Q-I-9 ps fl i N U ROW I, lefl to right: Dorothy Dickson, Mance Drummond, Elizabeth Dyer, Bobby Lee Franklin, Claude L. Frensley. ROW II, lefr I0 right: Peggy Galloway, Shirley Geurkink, Helen Marie Gibson, Bobby Gilley, Mina Ruth Gilstrap. ROW III, lefl to rigbrz jo Pat Graham, Patricia Griedcr, jack Grifhn, Spencer Griffin, Virgil Harris. ROW IV, lefl lo figbr: Willie Mae Hart, Ambert Hattensty, Robert Henry, jack Hensley, joyce Hill. 8 - . 'C' 'f i S -if I fl x XX V' 5- Q '37, 33 1 d ea: 1. '3' i yo.. Ra "- :hi 1352, v ' Y,-'B ,ilk- if ve- Ilw i fxQx,J x ,O " . Q 5 ua - b f - V be . 'UK A E I 'Q :- I 4- ' - i ' - , iz- Y ' 'Q'-H ir I 3- . . -- an . ,V 3 X , i'291.:,, A- , mir. ,,.. 'Q' 'I fx- xx ROW l, left In rigfrfz john Holladay, john Holt, Dolores Hood. lfritzi Horn, Sharma Horton. ROW ll, lefl In Viglvli Dick Howie. Nanfy Lee Huebel, Elvie Hunt. Evelyn Hunt, Tom Ed Hunt. ROW lll, leff to riglrl: Louise Hunter. Wlayland jagkson, Lorraine johnson, Dan jones, Kenneth Kirkpatrick. ROW IV, lefl In riglvlz Henry Klein, Billie 'lean Loughriclge, Riclmrnl McCormick, Gene Ray Mclfall, Patrifia McCarty. -fx 0' E' X i get :.. we Av? X 1, if , ,.., - 5 I' 1' E , , g. ,H W 1 - Y . - .53 6. 1 N 2 r M t 7' 1- fi- ' ,V 'W 3. Fi'-an E Q' g I v Y yi X , f ,I , I V! '- . Z.- I ll , f 3? K, qx if 6 1 V - NN:-I iw in.. Yip -x if Y vw 'E' ff' ROW I, left In rigbl: Hazel Mauldin, Harold Mayo, james Means, jerry Montgomery, I Karlene Moore. ROW II, left to right: Dorothy Moss, Bill Mote, Don Murphey, jerry Nance, Patsy Nance. ROW III, left lo rightx Ann Noble, Max Oakman, Jeanette Palmer, Janelle Parlier, Martha Ann Pate. ROW IV, left to right: Barbara Patterson, Betty Patterson, Harold Pierce, Rex Ann Pierce, Sami Pittman. Q. ,- I m fi Cf' ,- 'US B A I N 1 5 V Q li f X f. X 'S N. Q- l . 3 18 xx 'H il fb- J? JF- N fx Qt' ? ,. f ,Q-. 4... g Q 1 1 i sg 1 Q- , 1:- 1 v " Q K an K' if f 'I' .1 y f X rfiiix. WX R ' Xxnl zlq X 4 5 . S g . - 7 x 9 x ROW I, left to right: M. C. Price, Mona Ruth Rabun, Ruby Rainwater, Gordon Rice, james Riley. ROW II, left to right: Anna Lee Robertson, james Robinson, Bob Rogers, Mary Agnes Roy, Arthur Salyer. ROW III, left to right: Ce Ce Sewell, Bill Shaner, Gene Sigman, Leon Simons, Buddy Smith. ROW IV, left to rigbt: joe Smith, Scotts Sparks, Frankie Stevens, Barbara Stoner, Mar- garet Sullivan. TM D -sr. Q., A.. 7 "':.':' ca a.e K .a Q .4 - -- , -A x s ,xv T 3 5-5 5 A QM if-Z if Ani. L! -nf.. "Q J 'CP . - I , "" 4. . 1'7" 1-:V 5, 3. V ROW I, lefl 10 right: Warren Sullivan, Bobby Taylor, Bob Todd, Ned Turner, Doris Vann. ROW Il, left to right: Douglas Vernon, joan Walker, Mary Elizabeth Walker, Betty Wallace, Gloria Wallace. ROW III, left to fight: Betty Wleaver, Joyce Westmoreland, Carolyn Whitt, Ernest Wicker, Wanda Wilburn. ROW IV, left to figbl: jerry Williams, Barbara Winston, Orville Wood, Jerry Young, Mollyanna Pruitt. Q 9' S - -. -e 4155, Lefl to right: jim Biddick, President, Kathryn Hunter, Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Mur- phey, Vice-President. 0Pll0 ORE 1936-1957 Dear Diary: We first explored the immense halls of grammar school! XVe were sad when our mommies tearfully kissed us goodbye that first day and left us to the gentle mercies of the alphabet and the primer. 1957-42 Our tender hearts were captivated by Donald jackson, the wolf QQ, Victor Peden, that dashing halfback, and we swooned to the tune of "A Tisket A Tasket" crooned by Bobby Gordon. 1943-1944 Wide-eyed we stumbled up the steps of junior High and assembled for the first time as the class of '49, 1944-1945 In the 8th grade we limped home from "Teen Town" with our toes aching after trying to learn the basic jitterbug steps. We were so proud at the first big dance when we gallantly, if not gracefully, romped through the dances, bumping and jostling older couples, fully earning their looks of disgust, but we paid them back for those looks when our class won the Bond Queen Contest, and crowned Ann Thompson queen. Their expression quickly changed from disgust to distress as they realized how unqualified they were in comparison to this mighty class. 1945-1946 Dear Diary: This is a big year in our lives for, as our parents smiled approvingly, we crept across the stage and grad- uated from junior High. Only a few days before jo Clough and Harold Butler had been awarded the American Legion award and Gayle Miller, Virginia Gazaway and Della Ruth Alexander walked off with the literary compo- sition award, winning lst, 2nd, 3rd places respectively. We said goodbye to Mr. Price and all our junior High teachers. This was the year boys began to get their cars for the hrst time, and we dashed about at the wild speed of 15 miles an hour,-the emergency brake on the whole time. QXVeren't we dating?j 1946-1947 At last our class reached Senior High, but this time there was no stumbling up the steps nor any fear on our part, and the Seniors and juniors were paralyzed with terror, for they fully realized that nothing could de- feat these Sophs, the largest class in school. Our football queen candidate was Babette Temetlin. The Sophomore class includes those well known students of great scholarship, Joyce Nutting and jamie Hefley. We had two Sophs in the cast ofthe all-school play, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Babette Temerlin and Gayle Miller. We had three Soph boys on the Tiger football squad, Leonard Rich, jim Wagoner, and Bob Milam, "': have two cheer leaders, Joella Williamson and Quata Pickens. - None of these accomplishments could have been attained without the leadership of our class sponsors, Mrs. Sheets and Miss McClure who, with the aid of the class officers, have helped us to become the best class in school- A x X- i ,f Q I . L fa 'fbi I s iff' .X u. 'fl .4 1242 A,QQ ,7-. -' 4, ff. -.- v, ,A 5.99: 51 IV 'Z' '- ' . ,f ii J . 4 .Ax . x , ., ".-f'.541-,UN fiifw Q -T51 2-114 1: fri?-. f ,--f . ph ,' Y, .5 ',-fu.,A,.- ., , V r., ,,,y.5 lx.. ,xi . ,..,5,i, MVN, ,--A , i X Q ps ,.- 4v'15'K7,. ,Q , . I, Z.:'f:'1 -N: ,2g,". 4' an k ,L.5'.fQ,,2Z: , ' Ar ,V - .-in ,', - X33 , X. f. ,sniff ,x ff . a A q-- Q-',.,' ,y',,4 lf" Z. . .,f R. '4 .l,'. . - ,- x-V 'J:f,QXv hjffr. sf' Xa V f-,j3'mx 1.8 M. V . 'gf , 1 , in , ' A X.K , PATSY GAYLE MILLER K5- 'VS b- iiiugn 95 lo Anne Atlclns Normi Ahiton 0 Ann 'Mwhrnrn Dcllr Ruth Alucrmltr Betty Argo Oletl Arnold Marv lrances Atltrnson -' 'vo C335 Mary Sue Atkrnion '95 Ann R'- Atnrp Mxry Tmnces Baker Prt Beard rxatherrne Besaw avg., -ni--.Q CN 0' 'S Bulduk Net: Brrchncld Crrrre Sue Blanltenshrp Olcn Boumcll Velma Boylee :mette Bradley Bettv can Brewer FN Sm I 1 Hxrold Butler B W Brow Domld Bullard Lea Burns Ccnc Butler 1 PN .GQ Y X. Helen IYCUC' Butler Betty Carpenter Ar rs Chambers Jo Clough Norma. Coady Dan Coulter l 4 A 'I f , Ann Cox Norma Cox Gwyn Daniel Bobby Davie Margarct Dc Hart Mary I.ou Dickson Merle Donaldson X - J it xx if Y ,i r iff 'S' i' :flu Kenneth Elliott johnny Elmore qw--x, U vi. lic-tty Cfrowc Alina' Cullum l.J1VlI1fl Cummings Blaine ,,. if , ...H ibn 'vhs vi i hgh v.,-. i f Q 'Y S .T it p., Chick Elliott 'f QL QQ' l. , 1 .cl V I Masic Englclmrdt Don Ernst Dorotliy liinton Xwanda Ford Q" S:-M... Charles Foster Virginia liralcy Virginia Gasaway L. C. Gentry Dolores Gilliam Mildred Gilliam ' 24' W S- . 1 i ' V ,ff 15 - f ,fr , Iwi. Myrtle Gilliam Pauline Goodnight Bobby Gordon 'lo Gordon Marjorie Ann Gricdcr Mary lou Hawley ff 6 1 RK Q 4 Zz, , . X lf X v 'N W I Amin I ' if -Q I rm Louglmritlgc S.lf'Hl Low flmrlottu l.ymlx K 'iw v 17 ll ' Xi - it S. wr' - vg .' Ao aw X f Harold McMillan Exlccn Mnlwr Idmce Mtmldin -L A . x- A, V ., , ' 9' N XL ' ' , ll 4k s, f I Don Moinette Betty jo Parker 'tx N . Q gi YH' L t : Pat Murpllcy Clmrlcnc Nall r F . :fi V w Q- - . f" I X r Ru- l1.1rtl Mt l'.lll C.It-1.11.1 Mtflclxt-Q - at ' Q- I ' QI. :' 'W f- liolw Milam Hobby Miclmcl iv I f l 3 A I Hgrlvon Mtlntlrc 9, -6- 4 'tx 1 Nl 2 . Gayle Miller mi- 1. ls i Dm Newsom Yloytc Nutting 954: W' 'K x Margarct Ann l,.ll'lCCl' 4-., Yr i ,. I l li -- ' Ronaltl 'll1.1llll.l Patrick -lulm P.1ttcrs0n K 'Dx Q- Nclcla Rae Oxford Q.. 5 ' , rf l 'J AT' Mary Ann Patterson 7- IU" f 'xx vu., 1' Ngulinc Pritc Bula Rt-,til lfxulyii llqttl Nl.i:' lifiiitlx I.L-oimrtl Rith ltiggy Ritltllg pf' '-, Av. R an I ' wr- Q'- Linelle Rublc Clirol Rutlctlgc lliyc Siuiitlcrs li.irli,ir.i Stlitiurliotti lflorcncc Short Gum- Skinner ix gm. is '55 Ann Smith lillcn Smith jcxiniiiiic Smith joytc Smith Anim Spriiill jerry Spurlock ,Q .' .lg 'wx fx Fw f X Curtis Ray Stamps Lciimon Suttlc Gloria 'llilkington Bqbcttu Tcmcrlin Ann Thompson lark Thompson ...X 2'- 1 W 5 S ' fm f f 7 1. Z2-. ' .48-S 2 -' '- - ' I - i f ge C 1: ri A no immy Pat Wliithelil llcrslml XY'hitley Imogene xX!llll.llTlN Lois Louise XX"illi.1ms Sam VC'illinm is -. ' is ?' ev- 5 it ' X X 3 Williamson Wilson Anita Woerz Doris jean Wood Ernest Way'ne Wood Roy Worley TOUCHDOWN SONG Yea team! Whose team? Our team! We want a touchdowng hear 'em sing we want a touchdown That's the thing-just let some great big bruiser, husky and tall--carry the ball in no time at all-we'll have a touchdown. When it's over let us hear you make some noise- A-R-D-M-O-R-E Let's have a touchdown boys. -Fight, Fight-Fight, Fight-Fight, Fight -Fight, Fight-Fight, Fight-Fight, Fight --Fight, Fight ONWARD ARDMORE Onward Ardmore! Onward Ardmore! Plunge right through that line, Run the ball around old ........ Touchdown sure this time RAH-RAH-RAH Onward Ardmore! Onward Ardmore! Fight on for your fame- Fight, fellows! Fight! And we will win this game. CREATIVE 0lVIE T Belou OIIOIL the buzzer nf our zllemptr ufprerynzg our llmugbtr nz 111 gm zeal Hemi IORC EISIINC I shut I lose within my heirt And sheltered It with t Ire Tod Iy I peered within to find It w 18 no longer there III selfishness I closed It III le Irrng to open the door Izxen to teed It with a smile An I so II Ines no more RFNII-MBERINC My name IS youth freely I lose And I am los ed lI'l turn By all the world who tenderly cares And binds my wounds IS I learn It w Itthes me stumble but stand again XX Ith the toleranee of a friend lor It knows tull well that soon I too Must reach the destined end SINC ll'I'ILE MILI STREAM Sing little mill stream IrIll I llllln song llnnk ot yoyous nonsense As you tlow Ilong Wliteh the twinkling sunshine Hold It In your Irms As you y Iss the meadow C10 trry y Ing by the frrms I ISILII In the noon day Io the me Idow lark Skiy besi le the willows Pause beneath the are OI oxerhangiug branches Ilere H1 Nature s park 'Ihcn ltueh with the redwing Dlmple II the sun lor rixer bird and sunshine Witli the day are one JOAN Seora EIINUR MILLER LEST WE FORGET The photograph of the Hag raising on Mt Suribachi IS the greatest action picture to emerge from the second World War This famous picture was snapped by yloe Rosenthal who was a war photographer during a battle engagement on a PBCIIIC Isle against apanese Installations This hIstorIe picture depicting a gallant group of Marines raIsIng Old Glory on the crest of Mt Suribachi was taken on the now Infamous Island of Iwo Ima The statuesque quality of the scene IS amazing and marselous To see those cool etticient Marines raising our NatIonal Emblem over that enemy Island IS Inspiring and stimulating 'lhis picture IS so remark and those unsung Marines did not hase the remotest Idea that they were being lfI1Pl'If1It.LI Into a permanent plaee In history It would not be presumptuous to state that this picture aboxe all others that were taken during, the great eonflagration recently concluded will continue to be famous and will be left to posterIty as one of the more pleasing momentoes of the second World War joHN Hoi I Aon And lfere J ll but happened u ben u e lei our dllflej' take ight CEOMETRY I think that I shall newer see A course as dry as geometry Angles triangles squares and curses Reettngles polygons Oh my nerves' NWHO WANTS A STEADY7 Some gals I know are lucky 'I hey always can depend Propositxons and theorems and postulates All these terms add to my hates Mrs Olner thinks and says to me You re lost without geometry You need to know angles to Ioole at the sky You gotta know circles to wase good bye You can draw a square circle but It has to be proved And also show that a lIne can be moved A square IS a square and that s no lie Unless of course you can t prove why The ulay of this 'Ind the why of that Upon a special fellow Or on a steady friend My life IS Ipprehensise I Ike an Atom bomb 'Ihrough anxious hours I wonder where My next date s coming from But I like life excttxng And dating 15 a tack Me? I won t go steady Unless of course they IS ' By JOAN Seoii and ELINOR MILLFR Excuse me pleez but where am I at? I m lost as you can planly see And I ve no use for geometry' jo,sN Scorr PREVUES OI- COMING ATT RACTIONS Since the early twenties when Edison s talkies first came Into popular use mos IC goers have been plagued by a great fan fare and an exciting werbal build up of a movie soon to be shown Always there IS the same song and dance Let me give an example quote Abominable Pictures IS proud to announce the coming of Boredom starring Greta Grabdough and Swoon goon Vance von Flynnburg to this theatre next week Sensational Stupendous' Thrilling' New York critics have acclaimed It the greatest spine ehrller since Searfaee ' Dont dare mIss Boredom starting Sunday at the Flophouse Anytowns finest theater Unquote So of course the house IS packed on Sunday night and only a few brave souls defy the harbingers warning by staying at home Sometxmes the moxie Ierifies all expectations but this IS qu Ite as rare as the proverbial blue moon Now my Idea IS to pass d U d th Grimm Act an average prevue would sound something like this a law requiring absolute honesty In mosie a sertising n er e for example Repulsive Pictures IS ashamed to present Its most unentertaming production since Mr Drip Revolting Nauseatmg' Lousy' That s what Los Angeles critics are saying about Tull the Laundry Comes Home featuring Pierre Yeaboy and peroxIde queen Yvonne de Cobboe Yes folks, It s terrible but If you havent anything to do next Sunday, please come and help us break even As an added attraction, all loud dialogue and back ground music has been deleted so as not to annoy sleeping patrons And now, with due apology for thIs rude Interruptxon, we continue with the main feature Thank you Confronted with such a stnkmg diversion from the ordinary thousand of curious citizens would pack the Flophouse for the full four days and It IS my guess that Anytown would demand a holdover or a re run Thxs would be a rather radical change, but as the Republicans said In the last election, Things couldnt be worse BILL GRIMM ,f . -1 V ,- f I Q" ' I . , . I I , ,, si I, 4 - . . g- I . ' I' 'I .I k.. Y' . I . 1. U ' t , . . y ,, . A , . g K- ,L .' ' ' .' ' i I , g , .I K , I. ' , . . . V A 4. F ' . 4 - . . . K y ' ' lv I R I Y I ' a , . .. i 1 ' I , ' ,, . , K2 W .NA . . I' ,-i I . . , , . ' . . fi V ,g- vy' Q ' ' A . . , , . A ' '- , ., K- ' '- . g . I A. ' V ,K h . . . . I , ' , , , ' ' , . .. . , , , . . , , able that it is hard to believe the photograph was not especially posed, but in reality it was taken In the height of a furious confIict, I g- . , I ' ..- ' I V. .,- ' . I .' ' ' I ' I f s ' ' ' 4 4' ' ' f 'r I 4 yn y I I - I y x I s- A . - I K r I I 4 I . I ' , Y 4 - I A y. .i V. ' ' . s 'I ' -'I i 'fs ' -1 . . . "L Y 2, Y , . ' ' A' I -is ' ia i ' , I ' i 7 I I J , ' , , ' 7 I G . I - ' ' G A ' . I , , .1 . . . Y .' V 7 A ' '. U i ' . ', .,, ' , Lili. I , - , - . y : .. . Y D , . h , 7 y A , Q -A - 5 - Y ' ' . , . . I I -I I I 'i 4 i I A I ' ' ' 1 Y ' ' ' . . , 5 --Q,-' r- as Dram Dram: Sept. -6. We struggle from our surniner setlusion .ind drag up the front steps to spend ii pertettly good lialt day hetoniing .utliinatetl 1 'J The rate is on! Sept. 9. The first grueling day, as teatliers begin tortures. joe Smith already has Miss lsete iumping off her high chair. l sold JU .issemlvly st-.its to Sophs. Sept. 10. We discovered ' llershm Qiilliain. Slept. l-4. .lust one week of sthool .ind nlartkie Baker is .ilrc-.idy Mrs. llerinan Hunt. Stpt. 20. Big pep assembly this afternoon tor our first game. lo, Bill, Ce C.e, lenelle, Quata and 'loell-a were eletted cheer leaders. The Tigers try out new claws on Murray Aggies tor the hrst seasonal tlash. Our xittory 2970. Sept. 24. Chemistry profs, 'lihraslier .ind Cude tDottiej inxent the "up and atom bomb." Sept. 26. Politics! liiddiik, Ray. and lim out talk eierybody else and .ire eletted tlass presidents. Sept. 27. Capitol Hill game tonight. NX'e were so proud of our fellas. Redskins' game 1511 but they sure had to strap for it. Sept. 50. lfirst experiments in fhernistry lab. More than one potential "stientist" tonnecl. the llunsen burner to the water tautet. lih, Bot Ott. 4. Anybody wanna go to Wfilsonf XVe're going to run over and beat 'em 27-O. NX"e did too! The tirst bus trip of the season. Ott. 9. Teen Town hatkward dante. llill Ciriinin shoots Rom.1n-candles to celebrate his getting .1 date. Ott. 9. ' .lim MtMurry is this year's very tapable president. Oct. 10. Rumors get around and bus Hll1.1flL'l"L'I'5H do .1 land ofhte business for Ada trip tonight. Tigers tie Cougars 6-6 tbut me distinttly sau their hatktield in rnotion'j. VC'ith long fates and shined shoes. the Student Countil is formally installed. Ott. ll. Hurray! Teachers meeting! Oct. Ii. Nominations for football queen today -loella, Babette, Sherma, jo, Henry and Scott. Ott. 17. Posters and tampaign managers swarming .ill over ex erybody. Final balloting? Ott 'N ssenbly in which the "toy kids" lun H .ill over the stage and we get IH Pei .1 i ii the spirit. Lawton 7-Ardmore o. Stott kissed and crowned by Gene tRUSTICj Read at the half. tWonder if Elinor was for Lawton or Ardmore?j Open house at the "Y" after the grime. All had mustard on fate and onions on breath. More fun - -'more pop bottles broken ! Ott. 20. Dozed thru assembly srd hour. No retlettion on the program V-I just worked late at the Hotline" tstill't beat Buddy Smithy. Oct. 21. Second six weeks start and we are already sagging at our hinges. Oct. 22. Bo, Ray, Gingy, Lathrop .uid Dick Howie try to tlimh the standpipe in Howie's car. Ott. 23. Reckoning day. lfate slaps our faces with report cards. Ou. Zi. Tied Duncan Demons l2fI2. Bonneau holds up bus waiting on O.U. Do the football fellas know what they miss on those bus trips? Oct. 28. Final cast-outs for the .ill-sthool try er No! lfinal try-outs for all school fast. Oct. 29 Pistol goes duck-hunting. Nov. 1. Tigers chew Durant Lions for 'si-20 viitory. Bud and Herby celebrate 2nd anniversary of "goin'Asteady." Nov. B. Same old story, Madill 13 Tigers 34. Ho-hum. Nov. ll. Faithful promises to "the chief' that we would attend armistice services at the Civic Auditorium-ff-we did, too. Nov. 15. New couple noticed in the auditorium. Felecia 2 -how'd ya' do it? Wish I had a steady! Nov. li. Pauls Valley Panthers walk into Tiger cage, 32-6. Teen Town open after the game. Gala! Nov. 20. Today Vic Peden laughed- ---right out loud!!! Pistol went duck-hunting. Nov. 22. Hugo Buffaloes buffaloed, 53-7! fl.ove those bus trips! lj Nov. 25. We chose our class favorites4Big secret of the year. Nov. 27. We are thankful for pilgrims and-2 holidays. Nov. 29. Quarterfinals . . . 19 to 6 with Capitol Hill. Heartbreaker! Dec. 5 and 6. For two nights the allrschool cast tried to convince us that "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Well, -they tried. Dec. 10. Rainy Monday! Dec. ll. Student Council packs its toothbrush and leaves for Shawnee. Dec. 13. Friday l3th! David Brooks is seen under lockers in North Hall. Hmsm-m-m? Dec. l7. First Cager game of season. Dec. 20. We yodeled through the Christmas assembly straining to see Mrs. Lawrence over the piano top. HeyRschool's out for vacation! Teen Town Christmas formal tonight. All the girls were trip ing around in their long dresses and the boys choking in their collars. Later we pulled, off our shoes, relaxed, and had a wonderful dance. Dec. 25. Guess what? Decf 31. Football fellows journey to Dallas for Bowl game, wliile anxious girls wait in consternation. Hellen and Gene start going steady. lan. 6. The gray day tl.iwns .ind we lind ourselves hatk in A. ll. S. -lan. 8. "There ain't nobody here hut us chickens." jan. 20. Henry and johnny going steady again. jan. 21. Henry and johnny not going steady any more. jan. 2-1. All term papers go in and slaves take term exams t"devil's device for de- fenseless studentsfj lan. 27. ln which we have assembly and Pete and "Weenie" get the ole' l-2. jan. 28. The big secret is out! Adele was crowned Basketball Sweetheart in the hrst ceremony of its kind in the school's history. Pete "Dribble" Atkins did the honors tin grade A fashionj, and the Tigers whipped out ii -10-39 winner over Ada. jan. 29. Cfolc-ne gets another note from Don Ernst -hmmm? jan. 50. Tragedy! Pool Hall closes to all under IH-V-that's us! Feb. 2. Speck Young seen peering over transom into Mrs. Blacks fourth hour- Is Chev in there? Feb. 5. We start measuring for caps and gowns. Feb. 4. "james Rex" may go to XX'est Pointfour Senior Class President, too! Feb. S. Miss Rece reqiic-sts that Ray Blount refrain from crawling along the tops of 5rd floor lockers. Feb. ll. Preliminaries of Oratorical contest- You'd think this was an asylum for Napoleons. Everybody wants to make a speech! Feb. 18-19-20. Excitement plus! Babette, Margaret, jo Pat, Herby and Mike are the contestants. There are all sorts of bets going on-but nobody knows. Feb. 21. The big day is here! Classes are deserted and the auditorium gets a new face e-looks grand! Bo, Read and ,lack Moorehead teeter on ladders while Pat Byrd, Marty and all the gals cut fancy paper strips tmost unusualj Colvert lets go of a big red balloon and is promptly mobbed by the Seniors. It floats gracefully with its nose pushed against the ceiling until some sharp-shootiri' Soph fjim B., we thinkj brings it down with Floydenas bobbyfpin. At 7:30 the halls are a mad dash of red, blue and green sweaters-The contestants stand in the doorway wringing their hands and receiving hurried, good-luck kisses from anxious classmates. Promptly at 8 the Seniors storm through with their clever U1 signs, followed by the jrs., then the Sophs. fWe knew Pistol and Floyd went duck-hunting but weren't aware they had all the accessoriesj Then the "stoodunts" restrained their bubbling spirits for one tense hour. It was the best contest in all the 45 years-nobody forgot a line and every contestant was calm and cool. fYeah, like a train wrecklj Mr. Hann steps forward--talks for an agonizing IO minutesg then Mr. Sullivan takes over-awards Babette third place-Herby second place-and Oh, please hurry! we can't stand this! Margaret-hrst! Then those pent-up spirits break loose and Oh brother! Will Bruce have some cleaning up to do! The all-school dance is at the Y-and we find that Miss Rece is a laep rat! March 4. Sherma wows 'em. For a day her blond tresses are as black as Poe's raven! March 7. Six weeks ends. The dawn of Wednesday and afraid to go home. April 18. Fifth six weeks ends. I'm beginning to see the light. April 23-24. Senior play, "Three Blind Dates." April 25. Ardmore Invitation Track Meet. We knew the Seniors were fast-but my! what we've been missing! May 14. National Honor Assembly in which we look intelligent. May 16. Church banquets for the Seniors -C. C. and Pete Atkins make every church. May 23. Award assembly-Mr. Hall distributes suspense. Senior banquet and prom, annual formal scramble. Seniors begin to realize they're really leaving-Many laughs and a few tears. May 25. Rev. Carter delivers Baccalaureate Sermon. For once we listen. May 26 and 30. Senior week of holidays which we spend wandering aimlessly about the halls of A, H. S. Cherished last moments. May 29. Senior picnic-the lump in my throat was so big I couldn't eat fimagine that!j May 30. Farewell assembly. Memories shining thru tears. Look out, world, here we come ! ! Tonight-Commencement. f'T"Y r : E i 6'-it Y R. an 41 OUR FINAL FLING The MeasonCrshman Read Syyagger rs wrlled to jerry Ntnce I e I to t erry and pass rt on' Those oser stuffed male boxes labeled Colene Shrnn and Cerrsa Alderson are left te Brbctte 'Icmerlrn and Gayle Mrller Ceorgra Boyer leaves her strarght As to amre Hefley Helen Herber and Bud Mrller lea c I rl rn h d Peggy Bonneau leases her krnllrng abrlrty to keep the home frres burnrng to lrrtzr Horn vrhen Brll Strrnger rs gone lrmy Brady bccyuerths 1 drlaprdated parr of xocal chords and a trred arm to Ann Smrth Pat Byrd leayes her Pop to Atomrc Posterrty H yonne Cobb Beth Ann Pound Elrzabeth Cheu yront oanne lemons and Patty Cude leue therr tradrtronal peroxrde yobs to lorn VC'rlleer Mrrthr Ann Prte rnd any other future blondes The well earned trtle of Iootball Congratulator coyeted by Peggy Lrnders go s to Mrrgrrct Sullrr rn Marrlyn McCollum and Ex rlyn Halprn leuc therr flare tor werrrng clothes to loclla XY rllr mson and Nlarsrc lnglehrrlt Adele Rrce and Peggy Dyerlv lend therr lore cm and lease em tretrcs to Dotty Cude and lourse Hunter on Scott return 1 rchrng brck to the Beard fam rly yra Pat 'lo Vrctor Peden goes Bob Grrssom s rndrfferent attrtucle toward yyomen The nrtty lance slel s executed by ohnny Head and oan Hendrrclcs are left to rm Clovye and 0 Clough Brll Grrmm leaxes hrs one man rdorrtron socretv for Hellen Cleck to Bob Mrlam for Lea Burrus Royce Brannum lrrnccs C lcmens and can Rowland begrudgrngly lcrxe Dorothy Ienton Doug Vernon and Drclc Howre respectrxely Gene Hrll s way wrth the women goes to Drck Hovrrc C lryton Conyyell and Brll Prrddy lease therr lumberyack skrll to elerate the status of those pecan prckers Dm Coulter md Harry Brovrn Elarne Gugler and Carol Crbson leaxc therr artrstrc abrlrty to Barbara Patterson and Patsy Grredcr rck Barnes decrdccl not to leaxe t ll next yerr Atmosphere? Brll Howre and Cecrl Barley le ne therr gloyyrng blushes to rm Wagorrer Don Frnst and Leonard Rrch lohn Colyert leayes hrs mrghtv muscles to ohn Hollrlay W rnston Ruble lerxcs hrs mornrng buglc play to Bob Gordon Wanda Taylor md rlrclcre Baker submrt the trtle of Mrs to 'lom I I Ilunt for future consrderatron Kenneth Bonds and nrs shoes slrghtly fragrant to Bo Burrrs and Harold Prcrce Although he has been persuaded to keep hrs share of leadershrp gool looks and personalrty 'lrm Hrll endoyys Ray Dayrdson and rm Brddr lc wrth .1 substantral amount of all Elrzabeth Caylor and Mclba Phrpps leave therr admrratron for the basketball team to Mary Bodkrn and encllc Parlrer Memory Smrth Brll Wallrs Wrnston Ruble ack Hammett and Mac Thompson leare the Swrng Band to the tender mercres of next year s young prayertuls Nancy Nolen Mar garet Rutledge ,lanrce Cook and Barbara Mrlner leaye therr secrets tc a man s heart fun cookrng that rs to oyec Hrll and Elrzabeth Dyer Hershal Krller Grllram leases the grrls srgh' Donn Bechtel and Bennre Kerr surrender therr bubblrng chuckles to Sberma Horton and Barbara Stoner Martha Ann Hendon rclrnqurshe her Southern accent rn fax or of Dotty Cude To Kathryn Hunter and eannrne Smrth goes a footloose hcirt from Elrnor Mrller The oy boys Prstol Cason lranlc Cornell lloyd lorbes and jrm Hrll woefully abandon the Rubber Dolly sard craft may be approprrated by Harold Prerce Bo Burrrs and Drck Howre Betty Renrclc leaves her eloquent accordron all lessons rncluded to Sally Noble and the unused portron of her mrdnrght orl to Mrckey Clark john Todd and Vrrgrnra Kerth offer therr seats rn the audrtorrum to Ronnre Paschall and Joyce Nuttrng 'lo Thrasher and Betty Rresen grant therr nrghtly Marn Street drag to Ce Ce Sewell and Pat Nance Brlly Ruth Leach leaycs her abrlrty to catch a man and keep O hrm to Lorrarne ohnson joyce Lrvely Betty Longrno Helen Dowdy and loan Sullrvan leave therr Iastrng frrendshrp and ready laughs to Mrllre Wrlson 'lo Clough and Lrnelle Ruble Hellen Cleelc happrly surrenders her multrtudrnous drets to those less experr enced yunrors Pat McCarty and Ora Bell Brll Beard and Bob Burkett leaye therr well used Howdre to Dan Coulter and Don Murphey Casanora arrs so character rstrc of Pete Atkrns are left to Pat Murphey Or can he bear the added burden 7 To Bob Mrchzel and Davrd Brooks goes Brll Strrng ers one half can of Gro pup to splrt between them P S It doesnt work Maryella Moorehead Foy aclcson Betty Clendenrn and Eleanor Wrlkes leave therr ever present good humor to Dolores Grllram Vrrgrnra Gazaway and Lourse Wrllrams Helen Rrch erson and Lourse Hearon leave therr delrghtful smrles to Ellen Smrth and Pat McCarty Ruth Ann Hagen leaves her neat appear ance and the drstrnctron of berng the best cook rn hrgh school to Nelda Barnett Brllre jean Heron joe Danrels ames Graham and Vrrgrl Harrrs leave therr free admrssron to all movres to Dranne Buchanan and Martha Ann Pate Betty Keel and Fern Tate leave therr rrlence to Dorothy Moss and Glorra Talkrngton Mac Thompson leaves hrs mossy beard glassless spectacles and out srzed tux to next years all school play cast Oratorrcal power that won Beth Ann Pound Drstrrct Frrst rs left to Shrrley Geurkrnk and o Pat Graham Brll Prrddy and Wrlcey Yates leave therr well thumbed address books of grrlrsh names to Harry Brown and Bob Mrchael Eleanor Wrlkes and Rosy Clover and Clyde Heron and l'elecra Mayberry leave therr allectronate hand holdrng rn the audrtorrum to Bob Gordon nd Laureen Burrell Mora Wrllrams and anet Means l are therr burstrng lockers to any poor sophomore who wants to clean them out jrm McMurry leaves hrs offrce on Student Councrl and hrs frrendly attrtude to next year s presrdent Brll Case bequeaths hrs thrrllrng sports Stories to next years Crrterron sports wrrter Who can do as well as Brll? Elrzabeth Mrller passes her exerted breathless arr to Floydena Loughrrdge eannrne Smrth and Norma Coady Dale Prater that basketball demon leaves part of hrs speed to Don Ernst and jrm Wagoner john Dubrel and Charlre Whrte wrll therr beautrful curly locks to Bob Qneecls emj Hunt and Leonard Rrch Betty Longrno gladly shares her wonderful personalrty wrth Margaret Renrck ean Kahl Hazel Wrlson and Nona Day wrll therr lovely drsposrtrons to Betty Cude and Nelda Bamett Wayland George leaves hrs twelfth year of perfect attendance rn school to anyone who thrnks he can stand rt Cordy Heron and Brll Prckens leave those deep resonant vorces to Brll Shaner and Robert Cornell Joanne johnson and Mrrram Herr bestow therr smgmg talents upon Ruby Day and Dranne Buchanan Lors McLaughlrn and Betty Lowery suggest therr slogan Marrrage Before Grad uatron for use by any who are so ambrtrous Eunrce Arnold wrshes to leave Mrss Mac bewrldered and perplexed, to her srster Oleta Arnold Phrllrs Malet's horseback rrdrng craze goes to Scotta Sparks john Whrttaker leaves hrs endless "doodlrng' to that expert yunror, Bud Smrth Edrth Schrtf leaves the yunror class to graduate wrth the better class of 1947 Ruby Rogers' and Betty Trego's stenographrc perfectron rs left to next year's hopefuls Nora Margaret Mayer's 4 H propensrtres go to her lrttle srster, Erleen, to carry' on Frances Owens leaves her admrratron for a fighter to next year's patrons of boxrng matches Curwood Stewart, jack Moorehead, Brll Means, and Ralph Parlrer leave therr darly excursrons between classes to Prrddy s to the boys of all three classes next year Gene Ledbetter leaves hrs fascrnatron for arrplanes to Henry Klern Clyde Shelley leaves hrs expressrve glances to Harold Butler Cath errne Bucher leaves a one way path to the Trger Shop to Dranne Buchanan and Pat Grreder Gladys Wrlkrns and LaVerne Wages leave therr skrll rn clothes desrgnrng to the Brown Twrns Robert Gordon leaves Mr Byrd s chemrstry apron to someone next year who can't take the trme to buy hrs own Lrla Whrttaker leaves her sweet, wrnnrng smrle to Mary Frances Baker Dorothy Chandler leaves her prowess as an athlete to jenelle Parlrer Vrrgmra Gentry leaves her orrgrnalrty rn hart styles to Mary Bodkrn who needs rt' . 5 - lf - ' " '. ' ' 1' . -. .rv uw I, , ' ' ' , r . . ' ' A - '. A' ' ' '- marc' an, 'rj' -'L' V H . , , ' "1 I " - . , - .,,.: ..,L.'. ln. h n .a l - -' ' . A ltr - s.n"r 4' . - . ., f' .. ,A .V . s ',.. ,L-. . I -I . V I ,, . 4.. . ",tL4., ix' I ,J Y A ' , U vr, j. ,I a, ,' ,. .:. , , , Y ' - -' K- K ,- 1 4 f tv ' . ,,, l, 1' .. Don Anderson leave their harmony to Doug Vernon and Pat Murpheyt Sam Hunt and Kenneth Prowant donate their one pair of ten- - 3 A Y K 7 7 'C K V. . A' S . :A a I . 'A 'cl I A , K . " A ' " ' ' ' ' J Y' I .... ' 1 . 1 " A f - W - : ' V ' 1 ' " s y - I S - 1 ' , . . Q .. v ,, . U A I . Q I , J 7 . Y . , . . . . 4 Y 4 Q . l X . 11 ' a . ' ' I e " ' ' . . , J . . v U y , ' . ' ' ' ' . ,I ' , U , df' 0124.4 By JOAN SCOTT ln grantude I praxse Those much belaborecl ones Whthout whose selfless sacnfice Thus volume had never been clone They hounded me for money They got my two and a half But m thankful acknowledgement I aHix myjxt graph 66 X u ro 79 fiifwe lil A f

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