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 - Class of 1942

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Ardmore High School - Spectrum Yearbook (Ardmore, OK) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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s Q. 'V-1 31011 flliiltlilig The Staff of '42 Thanks , Lfnitctl VVC Stand Ht' Died Bourtl of Etlucatioii Atliiiinismition , ln The Ollicc liuculty Senior Ulliccrs of 11,42 Seniors '42 ,, Senior lwlcmurics , Senior Olliiccrs of 1943 Sc11iors'43 , , wyllhlll Our Walls , Senior Officers of 1944 Seniors '44 ,, ,, Student Life , Stud:-nt Council National Honor Society Iunior Ryonis , 13, 14,1-7. 16,17 1. 1.4. 29, 30 This ls The End 1 liinior RUl.ll lilllN 2 'l'1'.11li1io11 Gmc Us 3 lust .1 fvfclotly 4 Our Band in Action , 5 Vocal lvltnic , , 6 lfwr Since l51't 7 Our Coin 8 Rt-solvt-tl T-llili , io. ll lltlllK1I'lllg?Tl1L' B.111tl Qiicen I2 Thu lfootlmll Qiiccn , 18, ig B41111lQi1t-cn 1943 20. 21 ljiilllllldl' Scenes , zz Our Ciricliroii Greats 25, 26 011 Tht- Nldf 27 lfootlxill Scenes V 23 Tiger Cagers 31, 32 Our l,.lfI'UIl5 1, , 35 A licw Of Us 34, 35 lust A Miititlle 36, 37 Sccitcs from Hurt- :intl Tlicrc 38 Our Staff of '42 ,, , , , .. .-1 I W Ya ,, W... , . A110125 t Gif. ,i - ARD Nl 1 X' I .U . VOZUME 35 MAX 1942 PUBHSHED BV THE STUDHWS OF Nacimme AQDMOPE OIKZAHOMA 0 39 40, 4X 42 - 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Sl 7 52' 53 54 7 55 , , ,,,,,,. 56 53, 60, 62, 63, 64 2 so 61 65 , 66, 67 7f1el94.2 lIll'IhlHlH DONALD VVHITk D TOR IN Crm LADELLE TURP MUY GEF LXNIL LIVNNIE MAL HURST AN 'U TO CHARLES CUNNINCJHAM ULJSINLS5 MANJHLJL H ELMk H KLEIN ADVER Ibm: MANxc,rR F-HANK HYFHR V-1 I MARIE R MORSE FONSOR T 1 N W l I re V f 'ir l I JEH 1 '.Q fl 7 , ,E -K 1 ,xwwxsr wuz' rw I I I I W 1 5 , l I V7HUIQ7k1,fAV'-iii? l 51 Tllanles . . . To you, IWARIE R. MORSE, for Capzihly I and willihgly dircotinwg puhhcatxou of thlrtccn CYIICFXOHS among which were both state and national winners-we sincerely dedi- cate this book. ' w '-Q mtevl M Q Stand It IIMMY DLKE Pre rd: zz 42 n 'In' N n s ' x n s 's,ss,,. 'xI n,,.Q 5-'N Sig VP So thlt we mn lulp Amcuu to 1 complctg wctorx III thxi un thc clung Clissgs OfAfK1I1lOfC, H1 h Smhool hum umtcd m PIOdLlClIlU' this Cn taxon whxch wxll be rhg only one puhllbhccl for thc chxrmon VK Q hope th II the IHOIILX thuS Gund thlouvh rhg ncwt fpw vmu hx thls Qornhxnul effort wlll hc uscu for thc ckfcmc of Amcucn 01' MARY ENCJELHARDT Prmzdent 43 x :- ..' ,fn DOROTHA LONGINO Prexident '44 Page 4 He 1Bml...for T mericas FIIEEIHIM Y3' The first Ardmore High School gr.1du1rc to give his life in Woilni VVir II was PAUL DUNCAN A member of the Class of 1940 Paul s friendly I1 hr hearted man ner mined him the extreme popu Yang. that was his He wis a bas Lctball star tennis champion 'md 1 member of the Criterion staff He was killed in ictiori 111 the ,,, ' I ,alll- ' I 9 Q . Y A , - I .U -sl' V ' ' D ' ' . , I I l A - A l I . . G ' ' 1 , I 1 h , 1 K Philippines on Izmuary 23, 1942. E A Q VX 5 fx vu .L . 1 . 4.-fer 'Q XXXL' QXQAYYX x s I X , . vi 55 SLU' X? U QYN XA XJX xVXG ,XI fi? lr lllllill of fam NIR R C1 COLX i-RT lrunlczzz Enumlol The Bmrd of Educ mon ol thc Ardmou. CICV Schools h wc neu freclx of thcxr tune md SLFVICC to help thc lCllTlll'l1SU ltl0I1 md flklllll Yllldi, the schools through a xcrx Qucccssful xur Thu hue :wen 1 vrmc dnl of effort md rhouf ht IH Plmmng mel III securing thoec rhuws which 1rc for thc bcrtcrmcnr of the schoole Ther FLCCIVC no s1l1n Thur onlx COIHPCINIEIOIT li rlouw 1 scrwlcc for thc xouth of clue commumtx Thc prcscnt boml mcmbcrs lrc hir R G Colvcrr prcslclcnt Nlri ohul 'Xlurphcx xlcc rcsnlcnt lvlr Rllph Sulllxm 'VIr om Hcnclrxckr 1r1clMr Gm Gncm MRS IOHN L XIURPHFY Vice Prexxdent Giiouct D. HANN AU 7 Sz4peri1ztw1alc'nt 35 .5-fi, c E- 's all ,Q ,. DMI ll 'l'liA'l'l0l . . . Equal educational opportunities for every clulclu has been Superintenclent George D. Hannls policy in guiding tlie Ardmore scliool system tlirougli a most successful year. His untiring ef- forts and luis spontaneous interest have been largely responsible for the increase in efficiency of the entire system. ivlr, Hamm is serving liis fourtli year as superintendent of the city schools. . 6 bv-- Miss Ci..-nu BEHNKE Secretary to fllr. I-Iam: ,f V T. E. GARRISON Clerk-Business Manager to Board of Educa- tion. Mr. Garrison has served in this capac- ity for five years. .- 4 Ju -v.. x -Q -.4 .,. Vg. V iff. N hlthe FFlUEi11111 fXli'. Bc-n Ogtlcn, whose pleasing person- Qilicy .incl fricnclly smile litiw ht-tonic ti pcriilaxncnt lixturti, is cmnplcting his sixth snccicssfiil year as priiicipnl of the Arclinorc Senior l-hgh Sclmol. Ht' his hurl prcvious ulutnition cxpt-i'ic'i1tc in Duncan :intl Buff rlt-sxillt-, hlr. Ugtlvnis Polity of Ul:1tlllCLl- tion Pirslu lm givvii him tht- ivpilttltloxi of unc of tht- lincst stlinnl-incii in thc state. hir. Ogclcifs policy of iilqlllllilltltlll liirstn has given him tht- rcputution of ont' of thc finest school nic-n in tht- state. . , . Rim Irlmilntltli Vxmmdiwill rcccntlv rc' signed ilftvi' mlm-Q yours .is sccix-tni'y tn hir. Ugflcn, Kllss Graco Chipper nntl lvliss Fxlill'-X' ixlilflk' llaltcs lillccl in IClIlI,70I'LlI'lly until tht- ni-rival of Nliss Xvinifrccl lnglcr, Iwcsciit st'ci'ctz11'y :intl l'l'glSII'2ll'. hliss Ing- lt-r is :1 fornici' A!'llI1lOI'L' High Stlwol stu- clc-nt :intl was votccl thc most Ollffilllllillllg girl in her grzlcltiatioii class. lillicit-nt anal fi-it-mlly, shc is one of the nicest popular SCC!'ClLll'lL'S Cvcr tn hc in scnioi' high sclmol. 38 ffQfiV if lxflgg - ' A P117 ' ' 'ABL i , 111 l,lf'uq,,,RH4 lllxuu XIfI'nm11m fnlistcfl . . . fr Leaving the teaching force of Anlmorc' High School to join Uncle .S'am's armerl forces were Bob Council, who found lux place among the .flrmy flir Carlelx, aml Cru lfzligfr, who zum called to imtruct llne .vfzuy Grouml ,Yclmol Cnrlelf. l-Il,l,l-KN G. Scurfxn I. H'XXlII.lCJN Crum ' NILNQ' Riu Page 9 , Fe V .i, Roms: Cm N4 H. -rf Clxlmr .-X. ljlllblk IQTH111, XIcCL1'lu if 'T -n h, 1' l. G- W ,432 A2 rf, ,,.,,,c5-, 57 .A,'. In Lux Ii. l'mmun A .5 'V fad' ik' Pu L Yorxc, '-- 1 fs, -xx ff- 5 381, z gli' 4 'H - t A 1 , ' um! 2 --E?'.!. - A I A ' is ' i H N V : Nm ' S ,,,... VACAWON vue IN , . -.aww I, rv ,f -' - Qrf 5, 2 ll, 'gf 'wi iii? , Irxx I'1.l.xs C, XV. NICINIIRIQ ISIQRNIUV Bow HI'Cjll Lowrs 4Q Ffw ClOl'l,TER G fN.' XLXRII R. XIORSI NIIIDRIED GRIFFITH ,Ah JQ Qs I MRS. R.-XMONA B. Mmm-rx TVIRS.'1u RAWLINS MRS. A1.m.R1 C. EVANS L. . I r. ,N IQ. l'.u'1. IENIX qi. 5 r -'-WH, X -I A f vr ai? .fifn --1 f 1. ha' Iliff A VACINTKQN vavs . Dum CROCKETI aa-1-..f 'JL Et l0R of 194 Fi ,- IU' 'V' Q' MISS MUVCY RECI: .Sponsor e semoxs of 2 n c e t H1 lllSI0ly of Axtlmme Hugh Sehool nl mnly ellss exel to x the Stnelent LOlII1Cll Serxlee Cup foul eonseeutne semcstexs Amonv the ICUXIIICS thlr cemtnbuteel to WIIIINIIU thls coxeteel lssemhllcs for two vexrs When sophomoxes members of this cllss toole over the lculs nn the All school play mel electeel 1 member of then cllss Footbill uecn SCl1Ol'lSIlC'lllV the SEIIIOFS of 42 rmkcel fnst lm lVlI1g foul members who m nntsuneel 1 strnvht A ner we for the semester The SLIHOFQ won flrst 1nel thnel pllccs III this vcar s OIlfOllC1l Contest mel fnst wnel seeonel pllces lxst yexr ln the lthletlc fnelel thcre were folnteen bovs of thc elmss who lettcreel II1 footlmll sn: nn lmsketblll xnel four III wresthng Thus the semor cl1ss of I942 leel hy 1IHIT1y Dulce left orwtor smel ithlete wxth Pelwsnel Ernst vlee P1C'9lllLXlf scconel from rwht Chnlotte Tyer t1e1s1ner I'lUllt incl lklov Gee Lune sccrct'nv seconel from left won 1t one tlme or Ill other ull posslble honors offeleel xn Arelmore Hugh School E , A, - 9- 1 Q , I 3 ' ' I f ' ., 4 . x D .I - lp, 1 - 5:2451 A, - ,, s Xu H 4 I . ' ' , Th- ' ' '4 1 'e' th grxlte-s class thus fur ' the' V. 'f ' '- 'K -'mcr vin b .2 , 5 an A h . Q b ,. Class nwurel was thc IIllClI1U of first lncc Ill the- Com ctltxve' , rv P P 1 J -1 .. -uk, u w V. L 4 n H f .lk 21,4 .. . 1 . ,. .- VA . . . . U . .D A 1 I I l Y ' ' .' 4 A . 1. ,- xi u 4 -x ' -x -u ' rn g fakm J' Ac' 1 ' 2 h' X K.f 'X I , ' . -- - A , A . w,AxxNXIIIIIII I MARGARET GILREATH DONALD WHITE VIRGINIA LINDAHL LINNIE MAE HURST MOY GEE LANE BETTY WHITFIELD ex ' ' W A , Q S f IN, X 'T nk 1 Z S Wsg fi 2 Q DOU' S T MARIORIE KIQNI-SES DOUGLAS BELL ODESSA ARGO IO HITT HELEN FERN CALDWELL ' HALLIE MAE THOMAS 36 .O 'Lf . ..-f 563 1 Xu: qnsv'A Y? AF'- t-h Ig! ,I ,F '.3 an-K' H AH -35 'S ,f GLAUDIA STOUTT TIM BERRYI-IILL bs 1 23. MARY NELL MUSGROVE INA LEE MOORE B' -R M62 QHARLENE ROOT 'A 'uv WANDA SAVAGE 133' ,Z We' XXI III,-VM S Z ,Z NT , 4 I M C 7 s 0' BETTYE ARMSTRONG DOUGLAS DILLARD DORA GALLIS EDWARD ERNST KATHRYN BENNETT ELMER KLEIN RUTH HOLDER MARCUS LAMB MARGARET SPRADLIN IESSE LEE GANAEAX NADINE PHILLIPS KENNETH REEVES FLORENE KING I. I.. WALKER jr A 5 I' -rv T 5' f I eff- RAS- 1 LAWRENCE BURKETT ' 'T I-,gf ti-. ,e NADINE SIES SAM MOORE Hi ,Sh U LOIS EVELYN MAY 'F 'er N . , A Q13 GJ 'Z 9' 1 3 R' wb y ,-K Q I X 2 5 Ig -1 0- fb ff WY 'mf-rx ' :Q- .- . . 4 A Q! A QF .QL 'TR I ,. , I U - Q X X ' f '? A P I -.. wpf 1 , 'Gil , Xu rg TIF! I LADELLE TURNER RUSSELL 1.Av1sRs ' 3 .W 5 .' MARY GENE WILSON -5 I ll li RIQNNIITH 11ARR1s 1 V 1 L' 1 I' , W A BILLY BRADY FLORENCE FRANKLIN GEORGE GURLEY IANI2 CASHMAN PATTY DESKINS DOUGLAS VVALLACE RLIBY IEE LARRABIQF LYNN GILSTRAI' .' ffL,4,.,KS . -ffxi' ' ' .'. 2 xv' , KENNETH HUMPHREYS BILLIE MARIE PATTEN IIMNIIE DUKE ELIZABETH IONES MAXINE PINKARD IACK WILLIAMS BETTY I'RIE GLENN OWENS EDGAR POE DOROTHY IEAN MURPHEY STANLEY XVOODRUFF HELEN IO FLETCHER an 6- ' .X H . -ZA 13C 'R ,xr 1,1 'j -:W Ai, I I , X I xv vpn' I 5' 54 Q as cr., '33 c - E- . fflb id!! N , ,tn J. .wi xi .un X I. . VY OTHAR.-XY LONG IOHNIE WILBURN MARY ELLEN Mc-FALL QQMQ f 42 ,A BILL GILSTRAI' I QI f , ... Qi ,ee ii R GILDA KING Ji: ' 1 A ALFRED GARDNER NINA MARYEE BEANE IARROLD GREEN LILLIAN FISHER ' .5 TW. - . --- CHARLES BAKER -N Q55 i Q .1 51' , HELEN PRITCHARD ,..,,4n PAUL PASCHALL CHERRY CHISHOLM A 0. KENNETH LAMB A-:XV -Q LINDA COLBERT 3, CHARLES CUNNINGHAM , 3 2 Q 'r BENNIE MURIEL HIX ' ' ' I 41' DICK CI-IANEY if ' ' fax? i fbi I 1' ' '. , -' HEQR33 iq, A 'l. -fag I , . -4.-., ve. Y 'Q A asf: JN' lif' If 2 R 3l'Gl -cn' xl F- ,I -f-1 I WH 4- I n V 13 Q1 I 1-ox L' 19425 Ri g Q. 2-6 2 K . ffsl-an Q 'v i V -snr X i -fs. W 57 1 Fnfx s' X 'K lix X .. Nr CI.Il5'I'ON YATITS XIARGARITI' TYIZR IACK SMITH l3l3T'I'Y IDU PATTFRSUN 1a1sRN1ct12 c1l mDw1aL1. 1. '11 SALYIER MARY MEEK MAX PINKARD DON CUMMINGS CI IARl.O'I'TI3 TYIER BOBBY SCOTT JUNE mzooxs 41 5 1 45- if K' 'V' 5. I I gf' 25' 7 IANIIZ RUTH AIJSXANDISR 1012 FRANKLIN MARY IzVlil.YN RIiIzVIi5 CQOLLIiIiN MASSAD KVNNIQTH PAYNIE GIADYS MILLIER D. If. OVIERTIJRIT III,-XNNIE ORN WANDA me w1l.1.1AMs 11.01515 IONIES VIRGINIA IRIQDIQRICK meow scirufczmfm ,. lik? -9 .Q pp va- or 4' 4 'F -A -.. . Q. ? Q .T:-- Q' Y ts- t 'nf e I EL . lf if K. an 6' ,E li X 'Q .ap -131 If 1-4 '5 X 5 Q, lx A I If ,311 W' ' ' my XII THARON D1 II-XNRS IOE PATI PATRICIA I I IONIPSC NORMAN HARRIS OUIDA 'II NNE SON WM 17 -'- JI-5' ' GWENDOI H INI NIOYI RS RAYMOND I-ILLNI5 IR EUNA LII DAVIS ERANCES BINCHAM XVAYNE RABURN RUTH ISAUCOM CHARLES WELCH VIRGINIA PHILLIPS DIXIE HEELEY BOBBYIE BENNETT TOM IOHNSON MARION ROBINSON TRVMAIN RIC HARD Si. :un- .Q ? ty E9- -7. genes' j wrNx Q11 , Q ,. 4. A 0- -I - f 4 I' ,, . ,. r 7' A -1 K.q,.,. fb- W9 A .H V V . , 'Y 752, g 16515-, . ' ' - -43 +P' ff ' 3 'il 'ff 1 I. if fi 1 fn. I nu as 'B 6- I mb r' -1- p ' 's H 'gtk -iv ik JN vt- : X Nga' H' . ' 1 . fi fn . ,, 'f.zi5?'flx A W W' Alb' A j KARLENE TACKETT MAXINE ADAIR NORMA IACKSON FRANKIE LOIS NIAYO MARIORIE BUTCHER NORMA COLLINS KAY LIVELY STEPHEN GEORGE CHARLES BREWER . MARY BETH LYNCH BETTY RUTH PARISH WANDA DUBIEL 1 I -'an Gig' I .pq Y 7 gl I 'fix 53' '1- ' .1 MARY MERTIIZ MILLS LANIJON SON MARCARISI COWIQN IOHN SPEARS I'IIANClI.S XYIIIQIZS I5ILI.IIZ CRIIIDIIR CLARYCII COIDNER IEANNIZ LOXVENSTEI IACK IIOSTWICK CAROL SINIIIH WARREN XVOOD RUBY IxIAIi SHAW N 'Y I XL -ii' ABQ 'ag -V I 1 hi- il- 1. .1- I , p ,WHY Rf Q5-J Senior - i- - Huy hack in 'thirty in ,-lrdmorc city, A' class was hornq it was a pity. From thc north, the south, thc mst. and the west. To form this class they gathered tht' hast. Through twelve long 'yours of zvorh and strife, This wonderful class has fought for life. 'Tis true she was small. hut she was stout, As the strength the rmerlnl moved fn from without. ln Sffllftilllff of 'igo loohmg lunch cut' src. fin infant class that was you ann' mv. Om' olicnirzg yezzrs found HO0Uer',s hrzrltl Controlling thc works, and ruling the ltmd. But 'tu''t long 'till thirty-tawo. Brought if 17. R. and thc eagle hluc. His'tor'iui1.s say 'twas a your to zlclfy The hurying snmls. as time flies hy. But in that 'yarn' zu' were small and dumhg U'e thought of the jirescnt-not timrr to tome. xlt last 'thirtny-two LYINH' to tm ond, So to tht' third zu' dnl tzstcnzl, ln thru months of AI4?71?iH'f :vc grfu' fl tan. lint .3'.ff!1tcmht'r found its more mom: thtm man. xlnothci' rycrzr, and tmothw- gmzlt' hchmd, Our class was growing in riumhcrs and mind. Through tht fourth and into the summer, Uve la-r1rm'd to read, all hut the Clll7Hllt'?'. Tift- ncxt 'war' to zfft- fifth wc zutvtt. :ind there in our words we left quite a print. But .ZZUf1.YVlvl long tis the ytvzrs went hy, Thtit soon ZUL' found our class in IIIHIIIP' High, Ht1r':',s :willy the plan' :uhcrc our floss xmas hnozvrig HVIJK77 zur' first mot that .X'L'11tz'w7ho1' morn. lt was ti day we should have marked in ard, fls ive stood and gfzzvd .rt the 'years ahmfl. The end of tht- sc':,'t'n1h found us strong and gay, tvwer will we forgut thu! closing day. U'hen tht' only llzI27l!2L'7' to our' rising thrills. Uvas thc loss of our Ilflilllfhll, .1121 Srlls. Uh, how wt' longed that .Yl!Yl177lL'?'f7I Quant' lint ,S'C'l1fL 7ZbL'?' still mme with All its jiizzrl. There, in Ihr: eighth. :uc gI1lI7Ci'L'!lill7iif f.1ll. flrtd mul our new In-zncilml, ,Ury Hull. Ht' :ms If hrml man. :uc meal to mv. Hut ht' twilight ns to zvorl' as :t-all As to plttyq flml it z4'.zsf1'! long fmtil his glflllliig' html! I , 'vu .-M1 I'- llaeiiiories . . . Led us through the year into promised land, 1t's true our Eden was for only a year, Then tirne moved on and they shipped us here. From the top to the bottom, Oh, what a fate! Hlefll never forget that horrid date. In lunior High we were the tops, Now the juniors and seniors made us looh like flops. Still we lived that year, l know not how, For we finished each day with a fevered brow. Then our marvelous class, to start off right, Chose Peggy as queen in a long, hard fight. Another two of our Soph sensations Were Slack and Iachson with their orations. The juniors and seniors began to take fear, As our class grew stronger along with each year. Colleen Massad, our class president, then, Made us fight like the devil, though we didn't win. lvext we were juniors with lots more fung Oh, how we made those seniors rung VVe won everything there was to take, Gosh, how we made those sophomores achel Ive won the cup two times in one year, And we raised the roof with our victory cheer. Peggy and Iirnmy with their orations hold Brought home the medals, both silver ana' gold. ln the all-school play we made ugrand slamsf' Vile surely outshone those senior Hlrarnsf' But time passed on, as it always willg Then we were seniors, oh gosh, what a thrilll lvext Sefiternher came and we hreathed a sigh, For this was our last year in ,-Irdrnore Higly. Ive faced the future with no thought of fearg Ive chose lim rnie Duke to lead us that year. Uie had ruled the school as a junior feati Now it seemed again we had rhe high seat. On the oale, on the mat, and the football field, Our seniors fought, never willing to yield. Ive considered ourselves on every hand lfls the hest senior class throughout the land. Pessimists and sheptics have we none, Ive know how to worh along with our fun. Now, as the time draws near for our sad departing, Lots of us wish we were hach just starting. Though the years are many, they'll never sever The ties that hind this great class forever. ' DONALD XNHITIE. lm ..s4awi.f's it-1 R I 'T MISS ETHEL Mc CLURE Sponsor .A by Q, ' W Not only clltl tht junior class Wm 5Cl1Olll'SlllP md llttlltl inte awards this vcu, but fOl tht second UIIIL rn SUCLLSSIOII tht Band nun wis 1 member of thls Urwt umldlt cllss The yurnors toolt our 'lflllClf1C honors for tht school wlth slx wrestling lttttrmtn mal flVL footbxll lctttrmcu Lclmcl WClCl1bFOClI mtl Albtrt Stllllgll' took first mal thncl plmcs, resptctlvtlv 111 tht ruflonal wntstlmv tournzmtnts md LILIFLULL Dunllp wus Llcctul captun of thls 0I'UlIll7lUOI1 for tht commg yur Tht struors of 43 chose ws then ofhtcrs lNI.1ry LOIS Enfflt harclt pruldcnt left Conmd Cook uct president stcontl from ltfr 1hL Ritter stcretarx thlrcl from ltft lllll Betty Io Vaughm trmsurcx rlvht Tht clue wns 1blx sponsored bs Mxss Ethtl NIcClurc Page zz ISI I IY IQAY IIKIQIQIS i,UNIi.'XI5 C1 JIJIQ II ,NNI I :X IDIXHX III SII-,Ii I LDRIU NI bIlfXI:X IIIUI II CD XIQXINN XXQXNIDIX IIAN XVII I IAXIS IR.'XNC1I-.SI-XI IC1IQ I-III. 1 BOB VXIJIQIQXXUOI3 ISI III C1I,'RI IS CLI'IrXIiI,IiS XKIISUN CQIQXIDYS IIAIQRIS IM JIQUII IY II IUXIPSON 1fqG44s.1 . . V r -,gy I I Il A Qs. f Aff' Q' . ' fn A bl' 355 -40- iii! XI.'XIQC3AIlI,I ISIQLIXYN , 1 5 3 I.EI.,AXNI5 xx'Ii1ni1 1IaRw1u'r' A e f Isllm' Vx1,xx'5 P ISI 'Im' II-.-XX cgIxyAxxpaY , X E XIAIIIIJRII- ISR.-XXX'I.I-.Y I l M63 .69 IQXIXII-X ISIUOXII IEII5 -- I - Q91-.mi cum -S f I IIT IRIN? IQILIQL '1'1 1m1I-xx IsL'q1I1Ax.-xx K A 6 , fa. ik .a1.IaIfIz1' 5 Iuixcsrila ' f .,,, mums I'YI.AN'I' A IIA. LI11n1aE1'1'I11a A I E! -f 2 65 I II I f of U 19- uf hi' I Q- 6. , fy sr 1 ,ali 'Q' .38 1 .3 -..., 7 Q1-, 1 X v fsx ff' ,I .V X81 ,. 62' I x Jace. 'Il I I Q f ,Z vi: 4 I Sf -' I - -fr ' -4? A 13 0 :.,X ' x 0 .Y L I A if ,',1 X. 475 I Ar vida I .nf Z5 . .lo , 0 ,Q il , 2 o-ar' lx X111 I A'- -er 85 'f It V. A' f 'o ,A '6- Y I. .mi MARY IOIS IQNGIEIHARDT IAITRIZNCIE DI'NLAII, IR. QSWIQNDOLYN COX IiA'I'IAII.IiIIN HI7DDI.IiS'I'ON AIIISN SI-IIZI.I. 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X y xls LI,Y!4l1l'-D!IY!!7t?d77'1I71g Camera Jlry S sion 0 o I HIXNIILTOV GRY FN Sponsor The semor class of 44 enjoyed ln extremely successful yelr and contrxbuted greatly toward making thls one of the most outstanehng ye1rs m the hlstory of Ardmore Hugh School They placed second nn the serx ICC cup contest for the flrst semester wmnxnv many honors Anna Loulse Stringer, the sophomore candldate w IS elected footb1ll queen They also took second place ln the competxtlve 1ssembl1es AlIh0LIf7ll they were newcomers to the school many members of the class enthusnastlcally took part m vanous ac twxtxes They were represented on the football team by two lettermen hld one bwsketb 1ll letterman md one member of the wrestling team The cl1ss h ul 19 1ts sponsor Nlr I H Queen and elected as lts offxeers Tom NICISOII pzesxdc nt ecntel Rosemsuv Qvcr turft slcepusldent left Bxllle Lotusc Blvble secretlrv rxvht md lllx Denms txelsuzer not 111 PICUIFL Pace 28 ,QL fv- .QT-'RI 'L , , 1 -fn in H19 MA LIDIE ELLEN GOLDNER GLORIA STINSON BARBARA BOREN IIMMIE BRADY IULIA MAE CARTER CHARLENE IIZEITERS MARY ELIZABETH ROBINETTE BILLIE RUTH AIQIERS Fm 19' '36, , f, :lx 'i4 ev X A19 IZ I, D a-Q DIZNA MOXLLLE VVILLIAMS BIETTIE IO LOVE IOYCIQ ALEXANDER DELROY PATTEN IOHN GRAHAM IISSSICA BARNETT LRANCEL LISA DURHAM JIMMY SALYER 3 M 47 ' ,4--4 7 1,5 -inffh SQ 4171 1. 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Ai K In 'i Qf1 fiii1 12 at! 3 - ice -'11, X fi X fs: .35 3 41-na. 5: -43' gg' 'v. X K I x..f 'TL X qu ,LY IAMES GASAWAY LA NELLE TYNER MARY IO PUCKETT H, E. LEDBETTER DARRELL POE ELIZABETH FERGUSON PATSY OGBURN NADINE HUDSON X -.,., IENIOGKSNIC NIAYO T XV.-XYNIS EDWARD CIRl ECX l'.-YIQRICI.-X PRI FITT i X'ICI'OR OGDEN HERUY Mm DANIEL FRNIQSTINIZ HENDON DAN IOHNSON I I.OR.-Xl'mIEl.l,ki IOHNSON xr xm Qlsc 0 'P- I A 4 f RUTH I5l.OYD I 9 1 l IM-XL'L Llawls laomsfx Lcaulafxlxli ICI ISLTIJDY 1nx'1 1'i3RswN MARY IO BOYD miNN15T1 l DATE IJALF WHITE HIQUQN,-X IANIE ADCOQR B, C. MOORE BETTY IO BISHOP 11 e Sun ant 1 tn t 11111 J lll Wi W cu 111111 Ll ' Vx 1 1e nu 1 'cm ' I us ol t nt wsu t f le 1 1 fll es e 11e 1 1 ll tht ne 1 E YN. IIIUS Ulll Lim LIL 1 xtll tr K' k N Ill L lll YEL SIllLLl1If'flXI.l'IlI'l IR N ol 111 Ll LfllIlCl YL IIIX N IX rnet lllf 1 71 rf 111 ru! 111 11 H1111 HILQHI 111111111 11 M1 1111111 Flksl' Ruw: Kathryn Bennett, Nlelcenn Nfuorc, Shirley Li111l.1A1l, Nlnrgnret Tycr, Darlene Hunslcy, B1lIie l.o111se Blgl7Il', 7 SECOND Row: Elmer Klein, Colleen Nlnssanl, Helen Fletcher, Flizaln-tl1 Wilwn, Nlg1rg.1rec Gilre.1tl1, Louise S11lliv.111. lXl.ll'Lf.Il'K'I Brown, Ambrose Haggard, l.1mlz1 Cnthey, Gail LjIIVlIl90I1, Nlnry Loi: Engcllmrtltf K BACK Row: Domtlm Longino, fimmy Dulce, Kent Clement. Patricia BlllLllLl-Q, Kenneth HlIIIll7llFC5'S, Luke XVc1ml, Gene Cmn. Wg' 34 Page 35 M5551 . V N0 H1143 ,Fil 1' gl -.X 1 Cl JJDOQJO H511 7-ER Tm sumo: prniuicnt ww Hut m lxm uhux Axclmom Hxvh Sahool smrtul 1161 S30 ooo Wax Sump ClIllP.1lgIl HhlCh was mum ul bx Ilu Stuclunt Council This XX lr Sump booth a pcrmumnt pxrr of the offxcc dou 1 rlmrnxng, busmcss duly 0U UIL ,6- .1 3 .2- Q Q6 Jr A55 ru VX J E? S Y wa N Cl HXXVK ATN SN V Lows? Sk sule LYNDA C YY xwvga H Vue P16 Seffem PM-l1a1'f'en S lin fi -4- SHIRLEY LINDAHL Treasu fer NQKSSP-0 COUL N t Tl Comrripondl Q I' S AAU .V H, . .!l R rv , ' ' ' . ' 1 ' ' ', 1 Y L' Y 3 -- dl 'Q 2' .W A ,K . ' if , r K V . ., i 1 H X , fa- Y A :W xg ' 4- - 'W 1 .XIX 15 'fi f -' . - - -. -.ff 1-zz., f 4 - ' A 'lf if 5 X . A ,f A 'ai ,4 . 'T,,,y-A401-1- 1' W NA uf ' 91 V. V1 HR . 4, ' ff XC? . trifmn ' af geC18 5 i '-w... -.qgk 'Wim- Q' 1 ' 0. , 6 S X of ffl!! ' 1 , , ?-.A 2 lg 4 2'-: l' f lx. 127. fffx ,A l' . ,Zn 2-X 1 X. 1 J A x A' ,- x o Av bztioz Ill, Honor ffcazmc of Ibcir ontshzmlirzg .fcbol.1r5l11l1, lcnzzfcrsbilf, Jcruicc, mul L'ff1ZC'7Z5!lIIJ. tlwsc A'fIlIIL'?1f5 bow bvcn gnmtezf 7?'ZL'7?1lIc'7'5!JIlI into tba .Yatiozmf Honor .S.!lCIt.'fy. Bexizfcf bumg !JI'0771l71L'VZl IH .vcfmof f1cl11'it1e,v, ctzcb bas lm ontxizfc intcreyt, .15 Ifzctfzrezl' l7l,'7'L'. 1. George fI'IK7'lI. 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Pr'1.'.v11fU1f nf lffc .N!r111tf1cL1,x11'1'f1 171111101 ,X't111fc11I K,-Illl7lL'!'1, C.4ll?'1' 4Q?'L'JJ. L'?1If!y'A blllflflflg f!'J71gA. 19. f1n11f1y 17111511 1y1'w11f1'11t nf H415 .X-1721117 f,'1..,x .1 nf nf ffm 1f1c1u!y. fzmff .J gnu! 911,11 nf' 1f1u.f.f fzum 1':w:y!f11f1g, 13 rx ml 19 L x X 1 ,K , f 49 x ,M . M 1 '15 . XNINF 'ir Y 3-F 9' X Club, w.1s lurgelv irspciiisilmle for initiating rlle Iiinior Rvonis Pl'OUl'.lI1l ws -1 Sfllillll. I l IANE CASHMAN KATHRYN BENNHT NIARGARET C11.REAT1-1 mg: 4, 53'- llIOR lN'lARY HIEl.IEN It IYlEEK F1.1E'rcHER Ill lllx' rXril111ore Hilrli Mus. l'l.-XRRY H. Ru1'E1.1.13 Adopting tlie same policv practiced bv rlie Rotarians, e . . the Ardmore Ryonis Club began in Ianuiirx' to select two outstanding senior girls montlili' to serve as lllIllUf ivlembers. Tlie girls were honored to attend the regular meet- ings for one montli and to participate on Progrunis sponsored by rlie club. Also, all girls of rlie senior elnss were lionored :it rlie zmnuril spring liinclit-on of tlie Ryonis club, Tliese Iunior Rvoniiins were selected bv tlie senior liome room tenclmers upon the basis of sclioliirsliip, lend- ersliip, and piirricipntion in selmol activities, YUNI ... 7 C0l.I.IihN E1.1Mm3'1 11 kflASSAD Iomgg ,fr , . . 1: , Q PF 3 ' 3 5' '1 Sl Nlrs. H.ll'l'N' lievelle. lW!'L'YlllL'l1l ol tlie llyoilis i c? 37: 1 .ul . ,. I A 46 l Q - . 4: lf i K A Nb' ' A 4. fwb Q mv f5 '5' - ln Q' ann- -1: 'H .. , it 1 .. if . , fy , cf'-A V +. 1. I 4 l ' ,E W A I X A' I 5 ' L if A i , lf If ' f f lii.NNi.i ii IAYK 'IQJMMY linxvsiui HARMII, GEORM Hmnu nu rs liosi wing IOHNQON ERNST XXNIKH, G, im H Y Y 1 1 l l 1 ' . L l One of the most covctctl honors that gi senior hov can N win is that of being chosen :is gi Iunior Rotzirizln for thc ' Ardniorc Rotary Club. Each boy attends four meetings anti is fguniliiirizccl with thc principles of Rotnrv. At his first incctingg hc is introduced to thc groupg at his scconcl anal third meetings hc is a guest: nt the fourth meeting hc gives gi short tulle and inttotluccs the incoming Iunior Rotzuizui. ilnhosc thus honorccl are chosen by the scnior honic room tczichcts, using as n hgisis lcnclcrslup, scholar- ' ship, auul rim participation in school activities. TRVMAN RICHARDSON ELMER lmxw KLEIN , Duns Q 3 N: Q . 1 ,,, 3' ' T7 til' tan? ' Doxmiu V VK nm. P , 5 A , up Q ..,..v ' 4 i nnnnlnln gave n - ...this 370' Annual Uratnrinal Contest uRCIllCIl'lbCl' Versailles won for Donald VVhire the gold medal award at the 37th Annual Oratorical Con- test February zo and took first place honor for the Senior Class. Don- ald's oration was original. The junior class claimed the second place award won for them by Ierry Newman with I. H. Bumby's oration The Sacri- fice That Failed. Ieanne Orr, sen- ior. tool-L the third place award with There VVas A Klan hy Dorothy Thompson. Other contestants were Patsv Poin- dexter, junior, .md Dorotha Longino and Frnnccl Lea Durham, sopho- UUNALU WHITE you Medan IIIOFCS. Superintendent George D. Hann acted as ohairman, and R. G. Colvert presented the awards. judges were Dr. W. B. hflorrison, Dr. john W. Mcurris, and Mrs. Floy Perkin- son Gates, from Southeastern Col- lege, Durant, Oklahoma. Gold Nledal winners to date are: Donald Vlfhite, senior, I942Q Mar4 garet Gilreath, junior, 1941, Billy lngler, senior, 1940, joe London, senior, 1939, Roger Gray, senior, 1938, Ingram Henry, junior, 1937, Kenneth Lowe, senior, 1936, Nlax Cook, senior, 1935, Tom Brett, sen- ior, 1934, YVeldon Peden, junior 1933, joseph A. Callaway, senior, 1932, lwlelklillan Lambert, senior, 1931, Anna Norris Vaughn, senior, 1930, john Lawrence, senior, 1929, Eugenia VVilkes, senior, 19281 Helen Kelly, senior, 1927, Mary Anderson, junior, 1926, Irene Baum, senior, 1925, Hershal LaVan, senior, 1924, jeanette Lanford, junior, 1923, Gwen Vvlhitenian, junior, 1922, Gretchen Comegys, senior, 1921, Valrcr Poole, senior, 1920, Kelley Baker, fresh- man, and Pernie Clowdus, senior, 1919, Louis Norman, junior, 1918, Bonnie Duston, junior, 1917, Nfil- dred Galt, senior, 1916, john Thompson, freshman, 1915, Doris Westheimer, senior, 1914, Anne An- derson, senior, 1913, Leland Nie- Nees, 1912, Paul Fraine, freshman, 1911, Ezra Dyer, junior, 1910, George Williariis, 1909, Fred Tucker, 1903, Samuel Newman, 1907, and james lna johnson, 1906. i Page 41 wa, , We JEANNE Ullll aww M6422 JERRY NEWMAN Salam Medal L .K X. A 'Wa 4 f l w ve 5 MR. li PAUL l1NlX Dzreftor Tlmc lnstrun1t'nt.xl Klmic lDCp.ll'UllCIH consistx of tlncc lJl'LIlll1lZ.lflUl19 tllc sf'IHPllOlllC Concert Band. tlxc cDl'Cl1L'NU'1l. and tlw Xlnrclming lixntl. Tlxc Iyldlflllllg llmml. ctmmining NCXCIIU-llX'L' nmcnllvcrs, is .xctnc nt all out-door gltlllctic wants :xml pup rallies. Tlx' Sl'IllPl1OlllC Conccrt Bgtnnl witlm ite seventy mclnlwcrs atalgus .un nn- nnnl lxlml concert nml nlw lms cnsctnlnlw wluiclx 1lfI'.1l1g4' lllLlSlC.ll prcwntm done for Qpccinl UCC.1NlUIlS. The forty-Picvgc Urcllcstrn Prcst-nts ll spring recital cnclm ycnt for tlxc launc- Hr of tllc stntlcnts. Also tlxc O1-clmm-11 plgn cd for .lll lntlnnr Kcluml events, tlmus ntltlxng lllllfll intcrcst to tlxc sqlwul l3I'0gI'.llH. 41' Q- Q 'V' ft v-if-5 VlHUXlNlY KYl.lf Stfrzferzt .-l5.w1.wtfzr1tAD1ractor E Xl xx .f -Af J g S Qu? QHIV 'QETJUIV D . Yom M ll Ill... linrnnng unc nl tlit' mmm suuglit .illcr ilciuirtiiiciiu in ilu' xtliuul, ilu- xutail niuxir grniiys wcrc .itriw in .ixsr-iiilvlicm .mil Y.ll'lUllS ntlici' CIllL'I'LllHIHCl1IS, Tlu' tlimns Lit lliu lvlit PI'L'KL'I1lL'tl .ll flllI'lHlIlLlN uint' .in iiiipu-vixuV1'ogr.iln ln .1 Lugo .iiiiliriiux ln Xiu' tlii tlinrns. wiila xlwucml nuinlit-iw ln Ilir- twii tiii.iru-is .inil triple mu. gmc in .lIlIlll.ll spring uimvil. fi 6 4 'ff' 'T' f , I as - E, , . Q ' 'iii XIKN Xli lil llllll ll.XXX'l INX Xlxxxiwlxq. - l'ffi.f! linkin 0 , u.u'K . nlt X . ww ul ilu i mtl lmnlx Xlcml . ,ntl ' Xxu, if l xg- g',l.n If 4, . Ag . 3 'n Y ,E K An K wr-x t lk L. 'n, la' XLR ulw Su ,Sv pi- or 7 .v l is ,. - '7 ,, 5. 6 ' i7 Kylix l.itl4 Blwllllklfi. liillx fiilxrmlw, .inil lm The triple trio is pcrligips one of tlie most popular organizations in scliool. Well-kiiowri .incl cvcr in demand, this group of girls was continually' singing for town and scliool uctiviticx. Mciiibcrx were lvlontruc llittmain, lcnnnc Qrr, Billie lcun Xvootls, lililgi Io llutcliins, l.1lWLIl1Ll lxingino, Row iVl.1ric ljuingirtl, Bcttx llLlflL'fSOI1, Cfollccn Klas- sginl, :incl lfinogcnc iNl.n'o. fwfr -1-1 Cniiilvmiiig tlu- lim si qiniilut writ' linninix The Culiru C mst MISS JUNE ELLIS Director The SCNIOI' Play for 111.43 was tl1c story of Ll sclmul paper 11111l tl1c 11'i.1lw of 1l1c cmlitor 11111l l11s glfl ll'lL'IlLl. lr was Ll l1igl1lv L'I1lOyLll3lC COII1CLlY tl1.11 truly clcpmrcrl school llfc 11111lScl1o11l PL-1wo1111l111cs. Thr- play was PI'L'8L'I1ff cal two nights w1tl1 ll kllllL'I'L'llf CLISE of girls c11cl1 111gl1t. Thr- Play wax llIltlCf rlu- 1l11'cct1u11 uf NIM I1111c lillls. Peg: 45 g if 695 6 If E 1' . 3 Since ' an UH XlL'IHl1L'l'5 ul 1l1c CQINI wsu' l.x'1111 GllNll'LllW, Kc11111-tl1 H11111pl11'c1's,'l5l- mer lily-111, XIJX P111l4.1r1l, Du1111l1l C1lSl1I11.llI, XlL1I'gLll'CI Tvcr, lc111111c O L rr. lc.11111v Lcmx-11Qtc111, Rulbv cc L,LlI'l'Lll7CL', Xllfgllllll l-i111l.1l1l,' KJV L 1 C lll XI '1 lVL' V. JNYCINK YH . l1X'k'I'S ,HIL 1.111105 Dul-cc, - . I , --,ff ,W '. --. ,X lr Mb Tal-'xv ,4,1-A--I' XxYlllfC. Xl.ll'Q,'.1I'Cf Glll't'.1Il1. l.1111' 'f'N-I I N., 4 Xi lg, . A su N. 3:- 2 4-if I x.-' ' i F. -rv- Wb . N -, , li 00? Since their organization seven years algo the Iunior lloliee have been quite efficient in promoting safety in the Arclrnore High School. They are on duty before school, :lt noon, after school, and serve as special officers during every school function. These boys probably receive the least recog- nition for their efforts of any of the students serving the school. This ye:1r's group was sponsored by Robert Council and elected Tnlinaclge Nloore ns captain with T. Salyer and Stephen A. George ns lieutenants. Other members were Delnmn Woodlesf, Iimmy Ray Snlyer, Robert Hensley, Olen Rogers, Incli Bridges, David Turner, and Bruce Nlel.aughlin. 5 1 'fx b . - tink X71 1 'Z 1 . n,L,X 1 zzliff X -i. xr, L0 ' .-.its + Mgr! -Q 1 I-:adn HE IILVEII hat 'lEvery able-bodied male citizen should have at least one year of military training before reaching the present draft age was the state question on which all contests and tournaments in Debate were based this year. The debate team sponsored an intra-mural de- bate tournament, held during the first part of the final six weeks of school. The Debate Squad consists of nine members: Edward Ernst, Ierry Lee Newman, Francel Lea Durham, Iimmy Duke, Harry Revelle, Carolyn Iones, Gladys Harris, Tom Iohnson, Ieanne lN4ul- len. The three teams representing Ardmore in the Southeastern State Teachers College tournament at Durant were Iimmy Duke and Edward Ernst, Tom Iohnson and Carolyn Jones, and Ieanne Nfullen and Gladys Harris. These six also con- stitute the letttrmen for the organization. I. I-IANTILTON GREEN Debate Coach f ..,.,s if K' Lf' Page af 1 -,X hi '-f:.,M 'st ' ' N4 -.4 .Nj M ,A it .s 5- 1 f 3.4- U, . - .gs -.1-an , Z -4,-v, -v 0110111161 ggi? -6' 4 C 1 Mary Lois Englvlmrdl V Rmzcf QHUU1 O M -f'lI'?, iw! Wm 'iii' Anna Lauise Stringer Football Queeh 4 Rm t I ' . , I ., I V' H Aww, ,N P,'i.'-K ' 'tag' iff-Ax., . . 5, , , ' WANNA TENNYSUN fr' 4 Banc! CQHUUH fm- IQ-A3 4,6 Q 1' ' , ' ' ft ' , .L .3 f , ' . 'JJ' , dn: O A 4, Q a Y VI ma fytidam .vopboiiflf N- . 11 I Seflw' Ba Queen flzzena' dn: W HN xx I f 63 D . 1 9 M: iff XX.. ff., FAMILIAR I Som. . . . W! Omwmn lm. fQn1W1VlmgLN Q 1 n tenyns kr Wm' 5 V5 W' i05JtoY17'be1YOm N 7 V1 5 o I ll gnwlno on befor: the no Peggyfv RILQYL Hobby Cnot the Ralzf lutxb. IDIZUIZI Sf7'tl.VW1lL'b ' IJ7'llV717?1L'T 15052 Z'-SQ , n fa zt 511617 Crezuy frmom an nflneIf014mf Pif1f2.f1rd,camen1l10g5. f-S, f-it Q -iff L KXYqplw' IIINTI Ol IIP' Clif 1 Ixzn amor Betty 0 1 mann yunm ml 'Hale In U00 wphomore II HOST L omit the In out 0 tflezr C077 'Env V1fRS'.'1TII.lj DMX - flfnrbzlf, l1.u,lwzl1.1H non' Zl.ZXt'l'l.Z!f'. A lllll' Gllllllllll great . . . Eighteen Tiger football players, eleven of them receiving red and white letter jackets, graduated this spring leaving Coach Paul Yotmg only seven returning varsity lettermen for the I942 gridiron season. The Tigers won five games, lost three, and ended the lust game with their traditional rivals, the Pauls Valley Panthers, in a 6-6 tie. 1. ' VVARREN WOOD f ' South All-State Back T A A 1941 honorary football captain X ., ,rv PAUL YGUNG HL'arf Tiger Crmvb and South Allfsmtc' Corral for August, 1942 114 - 7 IACK WILLIAMS IOHN ALVIS BILLY BRADY .ni ff.. 4 DONALD CDLLQ ' Nl' lint!- 'i 'dn . TAVE E The Tlger team was supported excellently DICER by tlmc entire student body, as well as by the city of Ardnrore. An organized pep squad, the Marclmirxg Band, and the Iunior Police gave support on foreign fields as well as lmonle games. TIINI BERRYHILL GLENN OXVENS VERNON PARLIER' IOE FRANKLIN ROBERT HENSLEY IIMMY LUGGINS DON CUIVIIVIINCS BILL BRUNILIDY TOM MEASON BILL GRISSOM LYNN GILSTRAP ALBERT STRINGER CHARLES BAKER IIMMY DUKE MAX PINKARD LELAND XVEICHBRODT ,..,A A, wr- . than at N. Q :pf +a-.1.- W, ,v,f-I' .. -' 1 R 15 ,ag Son lr ,gg 2-94, -r vo., A O L. '- ,gb ' 4-Fa 'iw- ' Look . -4 H MA M A. ,lc Tha: Meimy' 3 nf QP .. M. ' 4. Q. . ' '.,- Q fHms1le TEAM Makes P effect Coach s ,- I , I 5-, Pmcticc ,Q- V Double T1 'onblc , J' '55, 's L 1 1 Tlie Tiger wrestling team eoaclietl lui' Hamilton Green, endecl tlie season,luy taking one first and tluree third places 111 the Regional To11rna111c11t at Pauls Valley on liebrnari' 20 anrl 21. Leland VVciel1brodt captured tlie lieavyweight title for the scconel successive year, and Ellis Aycox, Tim lzferrtliill and Allxert String- er took tliird places at 112, 154, and 165, 1'Cspectivel1'. Letterman include Tl10Il13S 'llilean Brown, Ellis Aycox, Carl Barnett, Bob Davis, Rolmcrt Spears, Laurence Dunlap Ir., Tim Berrylmill, Kenneth l711y11c, Iolm Spears, Bob Underwood. Albert Stringer, anal XVeiCl1broclt. Kennctl1 Pavnc served as cap- tain for the season and Laiirencc Dunlap is captni11-elect for the coming year. '43 f ' X2 Q 15 . ,W- NQ -- v,. .. W 1. Z- 'mf 1 1 lllllll llllllll MAX PINKARD CHARLES BAKIER KENNETH HL'NlPHRliY5 1. L. wauurn Our Tiger lxrslactlmll team won thirteen Dunes .nul lmt seven in ll most successful season. rl-he Six grnclunting seniors, Don Cnnnnings, 'llnluol' Gilstrnp, Nlnx llinlmrtl, Charles Baker, L. VVnll4cr, and Kenneth l-lurnplmrcys. A .f DON CLMMINGS lrlonor.n'x' llligur Cage Clalptnin nnll at-conrl high scorer for rhc '41 at-anon. nncl one soplnonrore, llohlvx' Hagen, gulvnncccl to the Reg- ional hnnls .lt Atoligl this year. liolvlxx' Hagen will lac I Conch lllllll Youngs onlx' returning cngcr next venr , . ..SlfllllllUlll'l .. flrdmore Uppnncn! A I Ringling 58 , , 33 L Norman ,38 , ,, 33 E Central . 25 , 27 Durant , , A 33 18 A. H. S. Alumni , 33 32 Chickasha , 29 15 Norman 38 , ,40 Classen 30 , 36 Chickasha , , 21 ,,,,,tt, ,,,, , .12 Ada ., 20, 32 Pauls Valley Y 29 30 Central , . 34 ,, ,, 20 Durant , 38 , 16 Ada , ,, , , 35 ,, , 31 Duncan , , 28 , 27 Classen 1 21 35 Pauls Valley , ,,,, , 43, , 20 Regional Tournament Madill , ,, ,, ,, , ., 41 11,30 Idabel ,,,, 26 ,18 Ada , 28 ,, .37 N LYNN HOBO GILSTRAP Xllinnt-r of thc Dr. Pepper Awurrl, nnml Kinnvv Shoe Store Awnrcl for Carttr CKYIIKIDD' CHQC SCUYUF. BOBBY HAGEN Thu only xophonuore rlu- '42 Tiger nquml ll'LlCl'lUlI'l C Page 56 I on . fi.: 1 4 if u ' A 5 Ti s? fran . 1- ,, 'vu-z.-.. , 'V fag, 57 wi PAUI , . B - X OLNG 16 UI' 1 U11 ffiffffbfflf com, ' A ' . . . 'Many Oiainiioinn pxriiierie nombies pnrricioared in riie dedienf Lion or die new gyinmsirixn December io, i94i. Tiie Tigers opened miie season bv defeating, Norman on miie nigh: oi riiis event. This bniiciing niliorcis 11 eompiete and gicicquarc indoor atixietie orogram, and mrinv inrminurai soorrs are presented and direered for the benent oi aii the ixigiiseixooi srurienrs. buiiciinw houses riie eoaeiiinv stun. the grdminisrrative offices, 'D U i iense nrogrmi. This ' i of tiie ee and LX seixo oi bmne i fiction , . . lx like this mqdc 'Ct 1 ' Our n .ill season out fbgg- I , OSI successful , 0 the YCHYS, in many Peoples Federal Savings and Lean SW ,M A Z , Assoglatlqn DEPARTMENT STORE Ardmore Geo P Selvldge Manager 226 West Mum Phone 345 ARDMORE OKLAHOMA Pl S5000 D :u an fe BUY YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Exchange Natlonal Bank of Ardmore MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION f EC ORDAK 422 Exchange Nalronal of Ardmore makes a RECORDAK prclure of every check pard aqarnst your account Tlms extra record rs always ava lable rf ever you need rt to Settle a drspuled lransaclron 0 I 0 O af I f S I ty f your Inveslment Insured u .gg F' ' k ,!'L. ,r UNITED 4 '., STATES 1 SAVINGS I oNns f ANDSTAMPS will A Arrfr' pw rm c- ' trude H1 po t R - - 4 A , k' q p' 1 f .- - lomers' check . i . AF W rigs- . of ls... llvlvy tcizcflwg fm fin! Smbn niini ii wli iw ui xivcchil rxpist .incl gc 1 lin 'T' Li is lDIl IARIH K2CC'f:f71IWf,f nj gulf .2174 ' Iifif1l'ln',a1rig tfu' fnmf :L ay 4 ' '2 , TJ3. ' H :L'.:'.: f hh f 1,-5 The fiitwt Ill fclylzofinf fwxlzzn ,ws in sl. Wh? in lmlomlslicil. Sud isnt it? fest lvu liorgut . TIIL' Long cmcl tlze bll0l'f of ft . . . Sliortlx' Lifter tl1iQ pictnrc was tnlxcn Nliss Rccc, wlio w,u liigling gi Ll.ll'4'L'l' lx-liinnl licr buck, snilmlwcol Donulil. Tliix wiix flu- flinmx U1 qi loving fricmlsliip flint cnclccl lglfl lien? Tlinic CLITCEFCIJ cliilclliooil Ll.lX'S wliun wc worricil not over tlic lessons Imipcil upon us by lic.ii't- len tcziclicrs, Anil Elia ninncroux ntlicr trials slut wc now cnconnf ter. :incl .ill was scrcnc--Ali? HM X -v-sun--q.-'r Tlxcin was rlic good old dnsl Compliments f, 1 fm STROMAN SUPPLY CO. I ARTS TOOLS EQUIPMENT ARDMORE. OKLA. COMPLIMENTS OE r 7 T' 7 ' guzg L zzzmus 'nslzzon K 1101? IXEXDX-TCLWEAR GREENFRONT GROCERY 6 MEATS Cecil Baber Cash Goes A Long Way Everyihmg Electncal E I O ceSppIsadOFf Eqpe S h W ARDMORE OKLAHOMA Idfock Drug Co STQSXSES RISSOM KEY Shaw fflqefwlf A SAFE DRUG STORE 6 WEST MAIN STREET ARDMORE OKLAHOMA COMPLIMENTS OF G O L. 4' pg., GQAVS ew Jgwgm ead A Magavme To Nlte r X1 A C HALL IIIUIIIRJDII II'-LUJ db-HL! Newspapem Magazmes Perlodlcals euzwzz .ww ea fafmfion Zzufuulwze ea 21 N Wa h gton Ph e 2310 Compliments of Ra ll ' I ffl u ie n ice ui m nk ISA Ou! esl Ph 367 The NICHK Store ' I 7 0 f 1 . O ' QBOIJ risI1am LOTHING AND FLJRFIISPII 1 207 VVEST MAIN 0 ArJmore, Llc omu 5 f 1 x-,-,,. 1, ...I -li ' ' I 1 1 1 -'-S 0090 'Cl llff ' ' I 'I f ' ' I Q5 I' J I ' I I . . ' -u ' -n U . s in pd ,z 9 'FE W :Nz if + . 1:14,-sac, E? , 72-'e' 9 f' ' - Q v ff 9531 With the Closing of School . . . Comes the Change from Heavier to Lighfer Wear Protect your winter clothes investment with our Certified Cold Stordqe Service. Send winter garments, bulky household orticles, ctnd furs to us for protection through the summer months. Next fctll you will be qldd you took the precdution. STANDARD RATES M . M . W A L L I S reieph 1400 Cleuninq Gnd Dyeing Plant sos west Main ibwdz 18 MHJLION EVERY DAY SO lT MUST BE GOOD Coca Cola Bokkling Co. Ardmore Phone 652 IN STERILIZED BOTTLES Compflmenfs WIFE Fra n I n Petroleum Corp Complete One Stop Servlce For Your Car Lukas lluszc Store Sznce 1803 Q., -Q, :mn nunn nss SCHOOL ANNUAL DEPARTMENT X THE HOUSE OF PHOTOPRINT I l ana 416 N W sun ST OKLAHOMA CITY OKLA of : lr c E xl . I ' I A I ,- V, KY 4, 4 .f- 1 W, . sy-b Y N in - will 'P 1 E First National Bank Our courtesy is extended to you in personal and business needs. I 15 West Mdin Phone 24 . - v-, ' Qi' ' x'Nz9 'f A u.3+' 'WUAA .Couibre Kemp A Graduate of Ardmore High School invites you to buy your Graduation Gift at Beattie and Larsen Jewelers 10 W.l ARDMORE PHARMACY Main Phone 5 STRAEHLEY INSURANCE AGENCY 620 Simpson Building Phone 224 WHITE WAVE FLOUR BLUE RIBBON FEEDS Highest Quality-Fairest Prices Ardmore Milling Co. Established 1898 - 1.- llullsnn-lfuustnn lnumher Du. 1 . ' iw .EQ .X-,if V: ,f.. T' . P' s Y! W' 0 Estimates Furnished . 'uf if o Information on F. H. A. Loans P' 2: I 0 Plan Books at Your Disposal gif-b H 0 Everything for the Builder Phone 32 mire' 'ZIUQ ,PF NVJEE fgfifei' .fl-aiiafgf' COMPLIMENTS OF WOERZ BROS. SOUTHERN OKLAHOMAQS LARGEST AND LEADING FLORIST it Good Food is an American Institution IIIIIIIIIIIIIE lIll'I'Ell DIIFFEE SIIIIP ir eazwdawgoauwaeu U R .A 1WEAN AR E SP:-OR WON' PRATT'S Foon sToRE The only one we cc1n't sell is the one who won't investigate Law 95 Mm WWW? 501 EAST MAIN YOUR OWN GOOD SELF lt's opt to be pretty line if qiven o chance Goldner Green House cmd Flower Shops Phone W Bdwy- at L 139 AHDMORE Watches Diamonds Silverware Gifts Cards - I ' ,l ,. ,W flat!! i.. ,f w' ff' , 1: Qi 5,2 106 W. Main Phone o3'S Bal Jlamdmqma at '7aam Phone 1654 Q . . 4 - 60994 Y 435 ON HIFHWAY 47 1 ur TAFF of '42 Receiving the praise and slums for this book will bc Donald VVhitgwl1o served as Editor to thc iI1dl1Sfl'iOUS staff bc-low. HC was assisted by Ladcllc Tumcr, Nfoy Gus Laila, and Linuic N130 Hurst who slaved for thu cclxtor -while lu' got chc praise. 4 HA song of xfrzfmorc' 11111 her worlecrf tru: Is printed on tbzsc jmgrs 517161 CUC' p7'C'5l'7Il to V014 lxge 6j ifif JF' lr 1 lv-6 N ' 3 Q 5 I 3' Charles Cnnninghznn, who as business manager signed the COIIIYQICEI will be the one to go to jail if we are unable to Pay for this book. ln clirect contrast to C:llllI'lCS'S consisf teney, we find our 'ltlearn plmotogrnplxer, Frank Herr, whose teniperanient clelnyecl this bool: for go days. Elmer Klein, advertising manager, sef cnretl the cooperation and financial backing neetletl. The Criterion was sponsorecl by Nlrs. IN1llI'lC R. Nlorse, who with L1 little heclcling, got the stuffings for this book. 23' PS. All pictures of the staff appearing in this book were nmtle before work began. QYOLI ought to see them nowlj 'S Q ffvx 1 f an K ity ,-Y l.. t 5 3 A 5 x .I fl fi ' A 1 ' M154 r,. s -Q, ,,.. ik it his ls The ENII . .. of this hook-aiitci' 38 icqits of piihlitgitioriftiiscrmtiiiucd i-or the duration hi' thcsc students who lm-abit tcm-w 411141 rccoiisectatc their faith in thc Priiiciplcs of Dciiiocmci' :md iii clicii- Aimrticgiii VVSQ' of Life. Hmccfortlu, gill their cfforts xlmll hc ricciiczitcd to maiiitgiiuiiig freedom for xiii! inacn.-aff i01ihrQa4 'fiesta 'issuan- --' a X .,. , ix - X iii . fig u Q X t fong Wing It Xxvflhll' . .7 iv' .fr ' ii --'-G3-'vii-V : ,, 153 . , . A 4 , ,- -

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