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9 . S5 , v TO MRS. PAUL FRAME-outstancb ing Amateur Photographer of Ok- lahoma, and member of the State Exhibitors' Association - We owe the success of this year book. We express our appreciation for the untiring efforts of Mrs. Frame in giving us the best in photog- raphy. The love of her work and the joy received from aiding the Seniors of 1941 were her only compensa- tions. 1 ' T' 'f '4 I 14. V. ---if , 11 , -5, 'I Q 'V A if . , , ' if, . I ,U 1 1 ,Q . ty - ' I 'r' .rm I .' . if " ,fi ' ge- F' fy '- S'-Y V3 ng V ' Q ' ' s- " . , - ' - - . ..., ,gi ' - ' ' ' i 76 4-3f'W'w ' f ,Y . '7 .- YIVK !'. A -:F t I ' ' P '-' -1 , -My ' f - firv .' . ' ' 'Wi S F7 'V A " " -. f J-ig' f T . ., . tm, P. .- . -1 V , - ,ff ff ' -' ' ,, L' I ' ff ' "' 4 1 L ' -' ", . , .-Q' , - is ff 1 1 , I 'J ,' 4 P 1 ' N eil' ,L , P. 'J . 'J - , -1: , ' 3 X - 1- ,.. ,,-- l"' lf" '3' 'i " 1 l "7"- V' iotl rllfff ld' :Wi V' ' ' 5' 'fv i ' V . 7" ""'vr li. -4GM, ,! 1' " ' """ ' ' .fr Q : , A :H . l?"v' .malt '7 if 4 S 'FMF as sf , 1. .a- . .X M .- CRITERION 0 VOLUME THIRTY-SEVEN ' MAY 22, 1941 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS OF ARDMORE HIGH SCHOOL, ARDMORE. OKLAHOMA CONTENTS A. H. S. .......,...................... .............. . .. ..................... .... - ....... 2 2 Our Muncy .............,......,........... - ......... Their Maiesties-The Oueens ....... Administration ...........................,. Principals ..................... Baccalaureate Speaker N.-- 3 -M ..... ...,..-- 7 .- ........ 8 Departments . ................ ....... ..... - ........ . . -...9-10 Seniors .-..- .......,. Iunior Officers . ..,...... Junior Pictures ........... .... Sophomore Officers ,....... .. ....... - Sophomore Pictures ...... Oratorical Contest ...... Student Council ........ Criterion Staff ............................... lunior Police, Honor Society ....... Iunior Rotarians, Girl Reserves ...... Art ......................,......r .,,.,,....,,,,.,,,,,,., Vocal Music .............. ........... Chorus ......................,................... Senior Play - All School Play Instrumental Music ...................... Orchestra ............,... Athletics . ......... Basket Ball ................ Senior Past History. ...,... ., Tiqerite and Tiger House Ad Section ..,.......,............... - .......... .. .... .. ..... -. - ........ 12-22 .- ......, 24-28 .....-....29 ..........30-32 ......... ..33 .. .........,..... 34 .........35-36 ......-,.,37 .......38 .......39 .....-40 ........4l .,......42 ........43 .- ............ 44 .....,..45-46-47 66 ..........49-50 1-66 Page One Page Two I - 'm Av V T. , I 1 , -, Q, SN '. . , 4 ,. . 1, , .. -, , Y , , . , H Y' , . . I - n , H If N .fl ' , A x , A, x 1 ' . mr J., 1 , ,I T 1 J I , . ,t -,F l... - -i It is with warmest affection and appreciation that we, the Criterion Staff, dedicate this issue of the Crite- rion to Miss Muncy Rece, senior class sponsor par excel- lence, who has so nobly succeeded in quidinq the senior class through perils and dangers alonq the road to success. Page Three ,sf-N Page Four DARLENE HOUSLEY, popular soph- omore, was crowned the l94l football queen in an impressive ceremony during the half of the Ardmore-Pauls Valley game Thanksgiving Day, re- ceiving her crown from Bill Freeman, game captain. Darlene's attendants were Virginia Isbell, senior, and Vir- ginia Lindahl, junior. Reigning graciously over all band festivities, Mary Lois Enqelhardt was elected by popular vote and crowned by Drum Major Billy Galt as band queen at an elaborate ceremony during intermission of the Spring Band Concert. Attendants were Mar- jorie McNees, junior nominee, and Carol Risser, senior nominee. 1 .N Success through cooperation has been the keynote of the admin- istrative staff in determining the policies of the city schools during the year. Superintendent George D. Hann and his secretary, Miss Clara Behnke, have Worked with the Board of Education for many improvements in the school system. Other members of the ad- ministrative staff, The Board of Education, are pictured below. They are, left to right, Ralph Sullivan, member: T. E. Garrison, business manager and clerk, Mrs. Iohn Murphey, vice-president: R. G. Colvert, member: A. C. Hall, president: and W. G. Lamb, member. Ardmore can Well be proud of this Board of Education. Page Five fmlt 'NH , - v -.':- , ., . II' fr ' 1' 'X' 35' Fi , Ma z i z N flu' t J I Page Six I , :QP , K iv' ' v X Q i 5,1 tx, Efficiency in means high standards in the school, and because the "forgotten men" of our office join hands with efficien- cy every day, our standards and scholastic activities are near the front on every occasion. Heading the office force is Principal Ben F. Ogden, assisted by Miss Elizabeth Woodruff, who knows Well the importance of accurate daily records. Completing this group are five girls: left to right, Mary Louise Hudgins, Annette Lowe, Dorothy Engelhardt, Ioyce Conger, and Marie Wilson, not pictured. FRANKLIN SCHOOL lohn F. Newcomer, Prin. Gladice Carpenter Lily Chandler Anna Corhn Ella Hardie Mrs. Ingram Henry Margaret Hopson Robert E. Palmer Lily Riser Naomi Rollins Iennie M. Smith LaVada Walker WASHINGTON SCHOOL David Crockett, Principal George Connely Byrd K. Craig Ella S. Davis Ruth O. Dawson Eula Galt Iulia Garrett Thelma Henley Mrs. I. M. Iohnson Clara Mansfield Virginia Rawlins Carolyn lane Zumwalt IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ralph I. Hall, Principal, Eloise Grimm, Mary Carlock, Melba P. Cates, Claire D. Cisco, Marion Clark, Doris Duston, Marjorie Goodnight, Willie Hooks, Louise Iohnson, Della Cox Larsen, Lula Mauldin, Maude Napier Max- well, F. L. Mills, W. A. Moore, lean- ette Poland, lulia K. Sparger, Mar- garet Stewart, Eva C. Taylor, lean Warinner, Mabel Wolfe, Edna Wynne. LINCOLN SCHOOL Paul Alexander, Principal Mrs. I. S. Berkshire Mary Dale Brett Dorothy Gill Carolyn Humphrey lohn H. Lawrence Charlotee Seren Mrs. Wm. R. Smith Robbie L. Stewart Miriam Watson IEFFERSON SCHOOL George W. Coffman, Prin. Elizabeth Brandon Mrs. O. R. Bridges Geneva Evans Irene Pate McGoodwin Mary Ringer Mrs. Io Ann Shackelford Mrs. Rose Kahn Solomon Burr Stout it . 'Page Seven get The Reverend Harry Grace Ryan, Pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas, for the past three years and the present District Super- intendent of southern Oklahoma Methodist churches, will deliver the Baccalaureate Service Sunday night, May 25, in the First Methodist Church. The Reverend Ryan is a graduate of Ashbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. His daughter, Margaret, is a member of this grad- uating class. Dr. Iames S. Chubb, noted speaker who is a Pro- fessor of Psychology at Baldwin College, Bald- win, Kansas, and the Pastor of the First Metho- dist Church there, is to give the Commencement Address Friday night, May 30, in the Conven- tion Hall. Dr. Chubb is a member of the Chris- tian Missionary Association and a youth leader and organizer of church circles throughout the nation. Page Eight - -tiff? 1- ff? -f N '43 ..- , ' i V IZZRDQHEEANOR Env 'KJ' 9' Our Faculty --those who guide and direct us each day, who make the golden rules which mold and build us into citizens of tomorrow- ln the history department is Miss Ford Eleanor Barry, who teaches World History, American His- tory, and Problems of American Democracy. Gustave Ediger, science instructor, directs various athletic activities. New members of the faculty are Walter E. Rappolee, mathematics instructor, and Robert R. Council, Iunior Police sponsor. Mr. Council teaches mathematics and science. Besides teaching home economics, Miss Elinor McPheeters sponsors the Student Council. Marie R. Morse, who teaches typing, bookkeeping, and journalism, also sponsors this Criterion and the Tigerite. An- I if it ' 542' -R 'limi-2 it 'V A 1 H ,K l. ' tr 'X f.. J 1 ' , . -' ,its ., y ., ' " ff., , , xt' ' ,,'.?i, A T f ' p whiz' V .,,,.,., i , Z, . 15, hx., gf - - 'vii-Q . tw F' n ' ', , gf. fit 'fx u .5 QA WALTER E. RAPPOLEE ROBERT R. COUNCIL ELINOR MCPHEETERS f-og 2 MARIE R. MORSE RUTH FRASER MILDRED GRIFFITH ' 9 Page Nine dl MRS. RAMONA B. MADDEN C- W- MCINTIRE other instructor in mathematics is Miss Ruth Fraser. Miss Mildred Griffith, of the science department, teaches biology and is general chairman of the program committee. Instructor of senior English is Mrs. Ramona B. Madden. C. W. Mclntire, lan- guage instructor, teaches Latin I, II, and III. I. Hamilton Green, English instructor, sponsors the sophomore class and the debate team. In the commerce department, Miss Bernice Bow teaches bookkeeping, shorthand, and typing. Miss Lillian E. Bishop, junior English instructor, brought notor- iety to herself and the school when the motion picture, Continued on Page 553 1 If W, X, ff ,f ..,.,, ft we ,... R I. HAMILTON GREEN BERNICE BOW LIU-IAN BISHOP Q5-1 0,0 LILLIAN G. SCHENK MUNCY RECE EYTHEL MCCLURE 7 9 Page Ten . .,,. . E. ,.....n...... l bm...- VXA Q '45 " 2 What fun, what troubles, cmd what romances we have had. Yes, the time has finally come when we can say, "Those high school days are gone-butnot forgotten." The seniors of 1941 had their share of honors-also worries. From this class could be found the top-ranking scholars, athletes, and orators of the school. Leading these seniors was George Ellis who was always ready, willing, and able to do his part. The scholars are too numerous to name, but outstanding among these are Bobbie Norvill and Mary Louise Suggs. During the year sports caught everyone's eye especially those of the senior boys. Iames Crowe, Billy Freeman, Robert Hutchins, Hiram Keith, Hubert Heron, Vernon Stanley, and Durwood Pate were the senior football lettermen. The basketball players consisted of Hubert Heron and Dur- wood Pate, and the wrestlers were Edwin Ewell and Hiram Keith. While these different sport activities were in full swing, the Ardmore High School Playhouse pre- sented the senior play, "American Passport," in which eighteen seniors participated. At the end of the first semester, a number of honorary plaques were awarded to the different classes by the Student Council. The seniors won several, two of them being for scholarship and attendance. Nine represented the seniors in the Student Council, of which Martha Colvert was president, Bobbie Norvill, parliarnentariany Nancy Gray, secretary: and Carol Ptisser, treasurer. Page Eleven r Page Twelve -N A, 1:1 Q ' ' ,S f wr f . ' --1 t , , . , , is , rc,-, we , ,. af , 3 f - - 1 - ,Q ,.y , , ' ,497 fi' . .' i g-fr'Gh,.,f,- xii' if 1 5 ' e N , if gf . 4 1' V ,"' - f is it , -5? J . ef: or ati' ' ' ' - .-f . P7 x vi' 55 .zu ,-L. 1' 1 uf '- 'I -Q . ' 1 , 1 F' ' -M - , ff' ,, nh. s , 4134 ,WJ , X ' , -'r gn - :i-L 592. A -' 'a 131 ' , 1 ' .--4-iv.- 1 , l qt., 5 -4 -ml . MX' ff :ATN . . a t 1 - ' M l ' '5 ' . 7 .. f' -rf . 4 .- ' 5 N' 5 xi? l? :fi -"wr-' fe -13: Intelligent looking? I should say so. In fact, all the seniors of 1941 look that Way, and these on this page are even more so because they are the officers of this year's graduating class. Holding one of these offices is quite a responsibility and also an honor. The president is George Ellis who is one of the most outstanding persons in this class. Other officers are Flora Belle lvie, secretary: Evelyn Moore, vice-president: and Martha Mclntire, treasurer, while the Student Council representatives-at-large are Walter Coin and Nancy Gray. Advisor for the senior class is Miss Muncy Piece, who has for three consecutive years held that position, and helped to make all activities successful. O' A .wwf-, ,aa I' '. , f .. gd? Yi- V. 'Q 4-., K .- 1 J L1 1 ' r 5 1 f ,4 MG' 5, - i ,.' 5 J, ig? ng -1. X .W iihi in 31.9 l L 5'0" 133 38 we, IMA DALE TROTTER-RETA RUTH SON-W. D. HALL-BILLIE FRANCES ALEXAN- DER - DAN MAHONEY - RUTH JACKSON - OTHELLA GORDON - DOYCE HORNER - MARY CANNON -- ERNEST IAMESON - HELEN WILLIAMS - CHARLES COE - ANDREW RIDDLE - MEREDITH MOORHEAD - ROBERT WARD-KATHLEEN WILKES-GEORGE ELLIS-ELINOR LOVE. Page Thirieen A 1" , Q " 5 s U , Aj: , 4- ff 1 - 4 'ig - 'fic - -5 aw" , A "' , 5 if ' r N .' 54' H Fgiflvf.. 'A ug I . V 'V A, mf I , . is, , g I, , U I , , . A' WNSWME ' P , V sn? ' I ws, as ,rw 436 Y REQ E Q' Nx ggfp 4' , if xt . .fff .QL-Ll.-..- DARRELL WHITEHURST-KATHLEEN WILLIAMS-IIMMY COLLINS-KATI-L RYN LEIS-ROBERT MCCRORY-MAIDETTE OAKMAN-IUANITA HODGES -ROBERT PAUL BAKER-IOSEPHINE LEECH-DAVID HANCOCK-MARY COLE-GEORGE NAIL-I. B. MCCULLAR-MARTHA DAVIS-MORRIS ALLEN -NANCY IANE HARTNITT-KEITH BUTTS-MARY ANNE HARTNITT. Page Fourteen M' AM Q N c MELOWEEN FORD-CHARLES HALE PARKER-ROTHA STUBBS -VERNON STANLEY--NOVELLA CYPERT-GLEN ELMORE- RAYMOND HOWIE-RUTH PHILLIPS-WALTER COIN-MYRLE WATTS-IOHN LUCIAN HOARD-MARIE DARTER-LOUISE WALKER - KENNITH FRAKES - EARLENE WATSON - DUR- WOOD PATE-DEE ADRIAN BUCHANAN-ROBERT MOBLEY. QF J' 6' ww N Page Fifteen Q .L 5 E """-I' iq' HI Q' Q J 6 . 45 I , 4 M 78A 3 -wtf Page Sixteen 336- 'px ,ng iw W ,ff S96- 1 III ffm-XJ 5511 . M I V 1 2' Q ROY GRAY-SYLVIA IOI-INSON-RANDELL LONG-PEARL WAGNER-IOE WALKER-MARY LOUISE RAWSON-LORETTA YORK-MAURICE TEMER- I LIN - LUCRETIA STOUTT -- CLEO NOLLS - DWAIN GREENWOOD- FRED STAYTON - DAVID BOSTWICK - GLADYS WHITTAKER - IOI-IN FISHER - DORIS OLMSTEAD-G. C. SHAW-TI-IELMA DEATONQ "J" ' 1- .1 wwe gg .af . 1 ' ,. gf ,fe I, If I I r- "'4'. ,Aff ,5 ' .' .-"Y .H A "- 1. XZ' is ' VK KAKIYI I 'Y RONALD HOUSLEY-FLORA BELLE IVIE-HUBERT HERON-MARY ANN TAYLOR-ROBERT SCRUGGS-BILLY FREEMAN-MARY FRANCES SUMMER - GERALD BRIGHT - MARY IEAN SPREKELMYER-GAYLE COOK. OPPOSITE PAGE:-BETTE IANE HARRIS-RICHARD COUCH - DE MAURICE PRATOR-CLAR- ENCE BIVENS - MARTHA MCINTIRE - TOM LOUGHRIDGE-BETTY IEAN MCLEAN-BOBBY NORVILL-SARAH ANN LOVE-LOWELL BRANSFORD-MARGARET WOOLVERTON-ROYCE MEANS-OLETA DAVIS-GUY BREWSTER-MARIORIE OLIPHANT - CRAWFORD ROGERS - MYRTLE STAMPS-WEAVER IOHNSON-IOSEPHINE WHITE-HIRAM KEITH, IR.-DOROTHY DILLINGHAM - IACK ELLES -- LEONA YATES - I. D. SCEARCE - EVA MARIE OGDEN- TRAVIS HEARON -- KATI-IERYNE RAINWATER - ALBERT IOHNSON - DOROTHY DAVIS - LENCIOUS COURCIER. f Page Seventeen Scff , ,L f I Y li 3 1- Gr fa - 3 'I P' A gm ' H h f f, Jn- 4 'K Q 'R' 'N '- f "' r R 2 Ml' Q e ifgsfwy-1. Q W f A ' wiki ' 15 1' 'G 1 'K -FS.. Q 25 X1 ' J in panty 237:- W IHQY' P q Eqhi 9'3- XJR? wav!! UPPER PANEL: ROBERT HUTCHINS EMOGENE DICKERSON IOHN ROBERT RIESEN MANETTE LOWENSTEIN KENNETH MURPHY DEVEREUX SMITH EULELA IOBE CLEBURNE CUDE MARGARET RIDDLE JOE WILEY SOUTH IUANITA DAVIS KIRK DYER IAMES CROWE BETTE RUTH SANDERS MARY FERN PATTERSON RUDOLPH HUTCHINS ayjfg-A25-Jil ..ef -' 1' V ' A 1 ,I f.,,4, AS! 'Y' . C., L..- 4 'fx fl Pcxqe Nineteen RC if gi i Z5 I ,i,f K FEI Lf S at W T A h 702' .af-ffffpca, -S ' fri- 1 , , a - IW-wiv 'S A Page Twenty UPPER PANEL: ELMO VEAL DOROTHY TRAMMELL JACKIE SANDLIN LOUISE LUCKEY EARL IONES BERTIE EDNA ALLEN BETTY IO SCOTT BILLY GALT VIRGINIA ISBELL THOMAS NORMAN ESTELLA MAUDE BARNETT MARK DOUGLASS CHARLES BIGBIE MILDRED ADAIR IOSIE IOHNSON PAUL IONES V K A, 1 , Ag, '36 GAYLE ROSE HARVEY IEANNE HICKS EVELYN MOORE MARTHA COLVERT - NEYSA SON - DOROTHEA LEYS-BETTY IANE FIELDS-MILDRED UNDERWOOD-FRANCES ANN DUNLAP-DORO- THY ENGELHARDT BETTY IO VAUGHN BOBBIE IEAN CAUDLE-IVA DEE MURPHREE--PAYE WIL LIAMS-VALLIE F ERN CROSTHWAIT. 'Y Page Twenty-one 4, ' A A IOANNE MAYFIELD NANCY GRAY ELIZABETH MERRICK s f W -- Y . f -' 9 w .- 2, Y fgfixm as 5 A ff? '.: - f Y-P CAROL RISSER - MARY Q0 U I S E SUGGS-MARGARET RYAN-ELNORA MCMURRY -IOYCE CONGER-ALICIA WHITENBERG-MARY IANE WILES-MARY BELLE FOLSOM-MAVIS Mc- CARTY-IUANDA BRADY-IUANITA COLEMAN- ANNETTE LOWE. WWN 'Q' ...rdf aiu.. E Q7 Page Twenty-iwo M -..I .. R ,K V M- X. If I Ri? 'ffgwx r L L BQLL 4 WWW- N365 ,fs QQ' , If the junior Class had won nothing but first and second places in the Oratorical Contest, it would have been honor enough to last one class all year. But these perky juniors, scorned at first by the seniors and ignored by the sophomores, again left their rival classes far behind in the race for the much-strived-for Service Cup, which was awarded at the end of the first semester. On top of all that, the juniors got away with the punctuality award which was given with the Service Cup. For weeks now, since these honors befell the "great middle class," the sophomores and the mighty seniors have lurked in the dark corners of the building in a half-bewildered, half-ashamed state. To add to their misery, Mrs. Schenk's junior home room won the home room Basketball Tournament. In addition to this, three of the nine members the juniors have in the Student Council are execu- tives-namely, Elmer Klein, vice-president, and Helen Fletcher, corresponding secretary, both Stu- dent Council representatives-at-large, and jimmy Duke, reporter. Elmer, incidentally, was elected vice-president of the Southeastern District Student Council Congress at Madill, November l, 2. Marjorie McNees put up a good fight in the Band Queen Contest, not to mention that the juniors, winning the competitive assembly, made their chances for the next Winning of the Service Cup even better. Miss Ethel McClure is sponsor and class officers are: Margaret Gilreath, president: Kenneth Payne, vice-president: Gwendolyne Moyers, secretary: and Stanley Woodruff, treasurer. All in all, this has been very definitely a junior year! Page Twenty-three :4'Qf, ' v N V. . 'h X V -HQ' flgflx -u .af K f 198 -vi. Ava- I, R1 7- H173 ,Divx ' 11.41 " A I J ,tl-L. ., vi Fi, fb 5' 3 Q. ' R -I' ls .- Qvj, I' A' MATT? L, I lv , I4 M39 I Qi 6 28 0 0 0 f-R' 1, Rv-11-'v 'Y' is 45 ' .,g,3 4 AA Ig, ,Iwi N97 MV QW wi 'Y Q' f il A JU If , QQ- I' .Qs-.I ITN A 'H S b . y a cs. B Q 1 Zig V :singly . uvz' in gg ig, Page Twenty-four - n LYNN GILSTRAP CLETA BURTON VIRGINIA LINDAHL WANDA LEE WILLIAMS TOMMY KYLE IEAN MURPHEY MARIORIE MCNEES WAYNE RABURN FERNE HOWARD LOIS EVELYN MAY DONALD WHITE ' BETTY ARMSTRONG KARLENE TACKETT MONA RAE SMITH DON CUMMINGS MARY HUNT WANDA SNOW BILLY MCCOY KATHLEEN COLSTON INA LEE MOORE I. T. SALYER CHERRY CHISHOLM GWENDOLYNE MOYERS OUIDA TENNYSON BILLY BRADY MARY LOU HILL BILLIE MARIE PATTEN HAROLD WALIZER PRANKIR LOIS MAYO FRANCES BINGHAM W . V y M .f f?iZfZf6"'Z'Af fxvf L jvvv lx TRUMAN RICHARDSON-BETTY WHITFJD-MARY BETH LYNCH- PAUL PASCHALL-HELEN FERN CALDWELL--MILDRED CASTLEMEN -STANLEY WOODRUFF-IEANNE ORR-RUBY MAE SHAW-CHAR- LOTTE TYER-MARGARET TYER-IACK SMITH-LINNIE MAE HURST -BETTY RUTH PARISH-WARREN WOOD-GILDA KING-BENNIE MURIEL HIX-STEPHEN A. GEORGE, IR. KENNETH FARRIS - MARION ROBINSON - CAROL MARSH - KEN- NETH HUMPHREYS-LADELLE TURNER-IEANNE LOWENSTEIN-H. A. LEDBETTER--ELIZABETH IONES-BILLIE GRIEDER--MARY ELLEN MCFALL-BETTY URIE-KENNETH LAMB-COLLEEN MASSAD-VIR- GINIA FREDRICK-JESSE LEE CA ' -MARY FRANCES STUFFLE- BEAN-NINA MAR AR PQE. T A A A Qs f ' 5 in ' R HF A f A 'S M A A A Vn LL W 1 ' 'Q LY 1 i R ,. L ' 4 I L - V , A 5 ,. I H ' E - V. -,Q,'f Q .Qiy.-y'- in MM TA T ' T 2 A T ,. , , 6 5 .5 Q, W ,Q .ww 9 A ,R "' HD? L,.QLW ' A A fi. 5 ' ' 4 I T.A . 1 flu Lf , . . 11, A E. 1 ,, V. in I ll kiL- V I 5 .gig Kxyzgw .W WW1 ,-7 Vx Page Twenty-five If- Q ln SAM MOORE-BETTYE GRIFFIN-BERNICE CHADWELL-I' RQXL D. STANLEY - AUDINE SEARS - MARY KATHERINE LIVELY - IIMMY DUKE-MOY GEE LANE-COLLEEN IONES-MARGARET SPRADLIN -IUNE LEYS-IACK WILLIAMS-MARY LOUISE I-IUDGINS-CLAU- DIA STOUTT-IOHN I-IOLLENSBE-FLORENCE FRANKLIN--NADINE PHILLIPS-IACK BOSTWICK. DOUGLAS BELL-IANIE LEE LATHROP-MARY IDA RIDDLE-RAY- MOND HELMS-CHARLINE DE HART--FRANCES WILKES-EDWARD ERNST--LINDA COLBERT-MERLE REICHERT-MARY GENE WILSON -IANE CASHMAN-ELMER KLEIN - NADINE SIES - MATTIE IEAN HAMM - SHERWOOD THOMAS - IRMA LEE BRUMLEY - CLARICE GOLDNER-FRANK I-IERR. 'g' Iryyg Q0 had-f . ARG'- 'Qu Q 56 1,19 QQ D' . NX l I 'QUI- QQ 90 Page Twenty-six Q6 I 2:6 ' I Map" wxrifx ' -5 IX IOHN SPEARS- IIMMIE FINE-BOBBY GENE SCOTT- IANIE RUTH ALEXANDER-I. W. KELLEY-RUTH BAU- COM-PATRICIA THOMPSON-HELEN IO FLETCHER- BILLY GILSTRAP - WANDA DuBIEL - H A L L I E M A E THOMAS - WILLIE IOE HIGHTOWER - MARY MERTIE MILLS - BOBBIE BENNETT - KENNETH PAYNE - MAR- GOT GRUENBAM - CHARLES CUNNINGHAM - MAR- IORIE BUTCHER-BETTY LOU PATTERSON-DOUGLAS DILLARD - GLADYS MILLER - CAROL SMITH - NOR- MAN HARRIS. IUNIORS NOT APPEARING IN BOOK Iohn Alvis-Ice Birchfield-Charles Brewer-Charles Buchczncn-Lcxun ence Burkett-Norma Collins-Mcrrqczret Cowen-Iczmes Creecy-Lillian Donnell-Gilbert Ellis-Lillian Icme Fisher-Mcxuva Io Floyd-Alfred Gardner-Robert Goode-Cora Mae Goodnight-Iarrold Green-Alean Griffin-Bob Grisham-Brudenell Hart-Ruth Holder-Clifford Horton- 59 Mu. WV . -'+,, , U V 4, J' .f QW 10" T VA 4 , .0 lwibw . 2515.1 A ,mf I -usllfiq I Egfffz -f A Page Twenty-seven agqfgh " - .-W A I- ' 'fl Q- Qi- I A If A ', A. I N 5 ls 3 E 'lr-3 L' , has 40' IOE PATE-MARGARET GILREATH-THARON DE BANKS-IUNE BROOKS - DORA CALLIS - CHAR- LES BAKER-TIM BERRYHILL-ALBERTA PHILLIPS -ODESSA ARGO-DIXIE HEFLEY-VIRGINIA PHIL- LIPS - TOM IOHNSON - EUNA LEE DAVIS - WANDA SAVAGE - GEORGE GURLEY - MAXINE I PINKARD - CUB DILLARD-BETTY TOMLINSON - HELEN PRITCHARD - CLIFTON YATES - ELOISE IONES-KATHRYN BENNETT-MELBA CLEETON. IUNIORS NOT APPEARING IN BOOK Robert Hutchens--Mary Hunt-Donald Icxckson-Russell Lavers-George Ledbetter-Archie McNeeIy-Mary Meek-Mary Nell Musqrove-George Otey-Glenn Owens-Mcxx Pinkczrd-Io Muriel Richerson-Ted Rye- Leon Scruqhcxm-Landon Son-I. L. Walker-7Douq1cxs Wallczce-Elizcr beth Weldon--Iohnie Wilburn-Iucmiicr Wilson. 'as L55 IVR e 'Ad 5 at F 'J yvx .V Page Twenty-eight '36 ' ' 'QW 'D Leading the entire school in scholarship, the sophomore class boasts six straight "A" students for the year. These are Mar- garet Brown, Gene Coin, Roberta Hefley, Billie Ruth Masden, Ierry Newman and Elizabeth Wilson. As class officers the sophomores chose four very cap- able students. These were Lynda Cathey, president: Elaine Nolen, vice-president: Iohn Snodgrass, secretary: and Iane Ritter treasurer. Eight sophomore students are represented in the Student Council, and include Margaret Brown, Gene Coin, Lynda Cathey, Mary Engelhardt, Darlene Housley, Shirley Lindahl, Patsy Poindexter and Dorothy Norvill. The sophomores lost the Service Cup for the first semes- ter by only ten points. Gladys Harris is the only sophomore on the debate team and was rated excellent and superior at the Durant and Ada debate meets. She worl two out of three debates. ln speaking ability, the sophomores had two forceful orators entered in the Oratorical Contest. These were Ierry Newman and Dorothy Norvill. Darlene Housley victoriously won the election for foot- ball queen, and was crowned by Bill Freeman on Thanksgiving Day. Mary Lois Engelhardt, sophomore beauty, won the honor of band queen and was crowned Thursday night, March 20, by Billy Galt, drum major. This ambitious group has three Iunior Policemen to help in traffic situations and at football games. Page Twenty-nine Iimmy Loggins, Leland Weichbrodt, Vernon Parleer, Bill Balthrop, Albert Stringer and Robert Hensley received athletic awards for their participation in football games. Class sponsors are Miss Ford Eleanor Barry, Miss Ruth Fraser, I. H. Green, Robert R. Council and Walter Rappolee. MARTHA PRATOR-IOI-INNIE THOMAS-DOROTHY DOWDY-WANDA TENNYSON - MAR- GARET BROWN-IOI-IN SNODGRASS-ELAINE NOLEN-ROBERT WOLVERTON-BECKY POR- TER - BETTY IO VAUGHN-WANDA IEAN WILLIAMS - BILLIE RUTH MASDEN - MARY LOUISE ROSELLE-BILLY SWOAP--ROSE MARIE BUNYARD-BOB DAVIS-IERRY NEWMAN- DOROTHY NORVILL-IAMES SON-CECIL COURCIER-MARIORIE BRAWLEY. ,af 'aQ".v ?"U I 56" 2 A of if I s ,' K ' ' A I., E X I 1' A t gift? Y 4 A-6' Q5 v,FD'9'3l 36' 1:1 ffxl af, bmw E' 0 L 53 L AAI Page Thirty 'ZZQJ-Q 9104-N 326 . l pn M-'X iq: ae- YWVKI, I 35' t--N' A i ff W' A ' , ,ff IIMMY LOGGINS-RUTI-I CASTELLO-EDITH BEAN -MONTRUE PITTMAN-IANE SMITH-IOHN OX- FORD - MARY LOIS ENGELHARDT - LEONARD LOWERY - PATSY POINDEXTER - GLEN ERWIN NANCE-BETTY JEAN GAZAWAY-DOYLE TRENT -BOB RECTOR-ELIZABETH WILSON-IULANNE CUDE-DORIS THOMPSON-LOUISE SULLIVAN- LYNDA CATHEY - CONRAD COOK - KATHLEEN HUDDLESTON - LAWANA LONGINO - FRANCES ALICE FELL-EDDIE LOU DAVIS-ALLAN SHELL- IOY IONES-BETTY SUE DAVIS-IEANNE MULLEN -GENE COIN-VIRGINIA LAWRENCE. SOPHOMORES WHO DO NOT APPEAR IN BOOK H. E. ALEXANDER - DOROTHY ANDERSON - ELBERT BALL - BILLY RAY BALTHROP-CARL BARNETT-VICTOR BARTLETT- LOWETTA BICE - LEOTI-IA BLALOCK - EMMA BLOOMFIELD- IOHN BOWLING - BRUCETBOWMAN -- ALICE BRADY - MARIE BRIDGES-MILDRED BRUCE--LINDAL BUCHANAN-DOUGLAS CAMERON-CARL CARTER-BILLY COE-GENEVA COLLINS- GWENDOLYN COX-IOE CURTIS-ZAYLON DAVOULT--PATTY DESKINS -- IUANITA DIXON - EDWIN DONALDSON - BYRON DONN ELL -IDA BELL DRAKE - LAWRENCE DUNLAP - A. B ECI-IOLS-RICHARD ELLIOTT-IOYCE ELLZEY-ANNA MAE FAIR -DICIE FISHER-BUSTER FORD-TI-IELMA IEAN FROST-LOIS FULTON-EUGENE GAMBEL-ETHEL GIBSON-L. D. GRIDER- DOROTHY I-IELM - ROBERT HENSLEY - HOMER HILL - BILLY HOGAN-IAMES HOGAN-IAMES HUNNICUTT-EI-ILA IO HUT- CHENS-NORMA IACKSON - FRANKIE I OI-INSON - BARBARA IEAN IONES-LAVON KING-FRED KRAEER-GEORGE KRAEER -DO OTHY KRIEGER-VIOLA LA ROCHE. -35. gl' JDK 'Q' A , N Page Thirty-one i I WANDA HARBOUR-ROBERT FERGUSON-CARO- LYN IONES-IACK CLEEK-CECIL HARVEY-BILL BAILEY-WILSON HENDERSON-DOROTHY NOR- VILL - DOROTHY THOMPSON - IUNE RITTER - JANE RITTER - DOUGLAS DAMRON - GAYTHER BAKER-GLADYS HARRIS-BILLY IEAN WOODS- ROBERTA HEFLEY - IEANNE WILLIAMS - I OYCE BUTCHER - LELAND WEICHBRODT -- MILDRED PATTERSON-IULIA ANN COLVERT-MARY ANN MOORE - SHIRLEY LINDAHL - IOE CROWE - NORMA RUTH OAKMAN - ANNE MCDANIEL - DARLENE HOUSLEY - IACKIE DUKE - BETTY RAY HARRIS. SOPHOMORES WHO DO APPEAR IN BOOK HARLIN LAVERS - ALINE LAYTON - WARD LIVINGSTON - LAURA LUTTRELL-BILLIE MAYS-BILL MCCOY-IIMMIE MCA GEHEE-BRUCE MCLAUGHLIN-BICE MCMURRY-BILLY MICH- AEL-IACK MICHAEL-FLOYD MILLER-TALMADGE MOORE- ARTHUR MOREHEAD-SUE MORRIS-GLEN NANCE-TERR NICHOLS-BONNIE O'BRYANT-TOMMY OLVEY-LOUIS PARI F s r Y - I I If-rx U Y., 'W W' -' 75' 5? A K I , V A ,,7g gf? QMIY DDII Qi Q93 Aj' fr You QR Iiggvzr A N I -, 'I fe ' lil L '.--,ff7vf fi. L i.i,.5? Qfiffi' iq "' 'Q Q ,. A A I ia- .1 ii A SQL Q9 44 ii i VVLVI - Wf SAwAE 1 , xg. '- E i I . ' . ,. -VERNON PARLIER-DORIS PYLANT-CI-IARLINE RADER-ED- I I 2 GE F .1 :- ll W I SON - DAVID STRASMICK - ALBERT STRINGER -- FREMO 1 , T 5' ' ., X WARD RICE-OLEN ROGERS-NORMAN SANDLIN-BETTY Jo Xi' 3' 6: I , 9 G SHAHAN-BILLY s1sK-PAY SMITH-JAMES SON-GENE sT1N- I A 4 I Rv , STUBB-CHARLES TANNER-CHARIS TATE-RAY TEEL-COL A I 1 gi O ,g,,ff I S. LEEN THOMAS-RALPH THOMPSON-zEALoN TURNER-BOB ,-. A 41965 as,::-ff? UNDERWOOD-VERA WADDLE-WILLA DEAN WALTERS-I. c. A V S' I YYUA A ' WELDON-BILLY WEST-JAMES WILLIAMS-CHARLES WILSON b I ' E' A A A I g -JEAN ANNLEE WILSON-ALFRED YEARWOOD-GUY YEAR- I , I g WOOD. ,Q In ' "' Q' 'E' V: ,Q f 4 I 1 I r .. 'I mi' f I V I ' ' -:I 'ff . fi 5. 'ff . L- A29 I ' ' ' mg .jj 4 S 1 is I A "?"'-'13 , I A -6, W I A I S b W A . j V , h I :Aa I A I ' ' I Y' , N I I I .., 1 .k ' , - QF 3 6.1 an 5' I ,QQ ig 'QI' lim A O' Y - w ' VVVI I , I 4 . I Q I -Iii "'. -. H " Nik fy I I QMm1.wmM QyI Th KWWW if AAAS IW We Ta NMI! AI I La 1 L VV,"L 5 I A ,. I ix. .f'M9N-- 4"7 I Pcxqe Thirty-'two ,YIYII SJDI l 1, M ,. ,, . 5 , . , j 1 ' 9.4- A t fit f 'I 1 I r V. ' .6 - ', Q , ' - u- , , .d . . n , L-' sf-4, , - .. .. 2 ' .1 s. . '- ' -1 ..- 4' , - l , ,U ,ln ,-, A . f, 4,3 -1.3 Z v, g-qw., ,- I 1- , ., - yr -ff qs , ,, i ,., Je- I' of it . 4 5' qv , s ' 1 . ' ,' -gf , .af .' - 4 ' '. ' at - , , -in 1 "-1, .J J., -, J, f ,gp- 1 1 W -V V .L-N . .-- -' 'we ,4- .E x 5 .f , , "Born Rich" won tor Margaret Gilreath the gold medal award at the 36th annual Oratorical Contest February 20 and brought the first A A place honor to the junior Class. This oration was written by Dr. Roy Q 5 f L. Smith. The juniors also claimed the second place award won by ,W f Iimmy Duke with Howard Grossman's "The Monster in the Public Square." Ronald Housley, senior, took the third place award with " ' N "The Way of Life" by Chauncey Fay. s . if A ' 1 X Other contestants were Flora Belle Ivie, senior, and jerry Newman and Dorothy Norvill, sophomores. Superintendent George D. Hann was chairman, and A. C. Hall presented the awards. judges were Cloe Armstrong, Dr. E. T. Curry, and Barbara Gamble. it ,t , 5 T ' ts Gold medal winners are: Margaret Gilreath, junior, 19417 Billy Ingler, senior, 1940, Ioe London, senior, 1939: Roger Gray, senior, 1938: Ingram Henry, junior, 1937, Kenneth Lowe, senior, 1936: Max Cook, senior, 19357 Tom Brett, senior, 19347 Weldon Peden, junior, 1933, Ioseph A. Callaway, senior, 1932: McMillan Lambert, senior, 1931: Anna Norris Vaughn, senior, 1930: Iohn Lawrence, senior, 19297 Eugenia Wilkes, senior, 19287 Helen Kelly, senior, 19277 Mary Anderson, junior, 1926, Irene Baum, senior, 1925: Hershal LaVan, senior, 19247 Jeanette Lanford, junior, 19237 Gwen Whiteman, junior, 1922: Gretchen Comegys, tContinued on Page 563 - Page Thirty-three Q G, 59' yt jx . . f t 1. lg f lu , .Encouraging and - up- . y , holding the standards of 9 our school, the Student , -K J? Council - c h i ef governing - . V body-promotes a feeling of V ' I ' . : X friendship, sponsors all activities, , ' , A K V ' and urges participation in all school ' - - . Q' ' ' events. . - N , , , . Th " Attending the Southeastern District Slu- dent Council Congress at Madill, Novem- ' ' it ,- ber 1 - 2, was the local Council. Elmer f f' Klein was elected vice-president of the Con- Ui- gress. A representative of the group also ap- " peared at the State Federation of Student Councils Meeting held at McAlester, November 22-23. , Officers for 1941 are: Martha Colvert, president: Elmer Klein, vice-president: Nancy Gray, recording secretary: Helen Io Fletcher, corresponding secretary: Carol Risser, " A treasurer: Bobbie Norvill, parliamentariany Iimmy Duke, re- 2 it K porter: and Miss Elinor McPheeters, sponsor. ff , Other members include: Odessa Argo, Margaret Brown, Gene f W A Coin, Walter Coin, Wanda Dubiel, Kirk Dyer, George Ellis, Mary Lois Tx! , ' ' Engelhardt, Margaret Gilreath, Darlene Housley, Ernest Iameson, Wea- I t ver Iohnson, Shirley Lindahl, Lynda Cathey, Patsy Poindexter, Margaret K . y y ,, i t My Tyer, Mary Meek, Mary lean Wilson, and Dorothy Norvill. 'K SSL' A 'V Page Thirty-four Page Thirty-five ff 'l , Ha fb Q C3 This, Mr. Reader, is the Iournalism Staff of the l94l Criterion. Those worn out looks are not from senior activities, not from national defense problems, but rather from the saying "Lite beqins and ends in one year of journalism." We do mean the "end" tor some twelve poor, care- worn souls-those who have sacrificed their "youth" to the editing and publishinq of this book. Bobbie Norvill, editor-in-chief: Carol Risser and Mary Louise Suqqs, as- sistant editors. The other members of the editorial staff are: Frances Ann Dunlap, class reporter: Tommy Norman, sports editor, Margaret Riddle, news editor: Iarnes Crowe, Dorothy Davis, copy readers: Othella Gordon, Dorthea Leys, Mary Belle Folsom, and Crawford Rogers, reporters. .tiff i an . , b. E 1rrv" .Y in-Mah .9 ff . 3' 'ff .fi 4.--Q. ' ' avr'-A. V lgvuww Above the roar of national defense and senior high activities a com- pany of students drafted for work on the Criterion entered the journalism room late in Ianuary 1941. Among those drafted were: Kennith Frakes, Business Manager, Frances Ann Dunlap and Myrtle Stamps, Assistants, Kirk Dyer, Advertising Manager, Ronald Housley and Dar- rell Whitehurst, Assistants. After many Weeks of soliciting advertisements the financial goal was reached, thus these few emerged from a mental huddle with the finished product, and on May 22 this staff, numbering 17, delivered the 1941 Criterions to 325 high school students. ""'lu..,,s Page Thirty-six T3 . "Safety for all" is the motto of the Kiwanis Iunior Police who devote much time to directing traffic near the school, to assisting the Ardmore Police at football games, and to directing all student pa- rades. They are I. D. Scearce, captain: Lowell Bransford, lieutenant, Talmadge Moore, lieutenant: Roy Gray, Randall Long, Norman Harris, Iohn Hollensbe, Norman Sandlin, I. T. Salyer, Gene Stinson, lames Son, and l. W. Kelley, members, Robert B. Council, faculty sponsor. nb' ' : ,07Z0'Z 5.02.43 fl F? Honor Society rnernbers are elected for character, service, citizenship, . . ,V T34 leadership, and scholarship. Chosen last year were Martha Colvert, Mary Louise Suggs, Flora Belle Ivie, Nancy Gray, Carol Risser, and it 1 George Ellis. Selections first semester included Elizabeth Merrick, Bobbie Norvill, Durwood Pate, Lowell Bransford, Martha Mclntire, Billy Galt, Neysa Son, Weaver Iohnson, and Kirk Dyer. Mrs. Lillian E. Schenk, sponsor, has as her special duty the supervising of the annual induction Service each Spring- Continued on Page 553 A Page Thirty-seven y lamb? Selected on scholarship, leadership, and participation in school activities, ten boys were chosen as guests of the Rotary Club for one month each. They were Darrell Whitehurst, Ronald Housley, Durwood Pate, Billy Galt, Lowell Bransiord, Weaver Iohnson, Kirk Dyer, Bobbie Norvill, George Ellis, and Royce Means. Arthur Straehley, typical of the friendly Rotarians, sponsors this group and acquaints them with all members of the Club. '19 With their motto, "We face life squarely and in so doing find and give the G' i best," as a guide some forty Girl Reserves have completed one more suc- 1 cessful year of community service. Leading the club are Meredith Moorehead, president: Dorothea Leys, vice- president: Iuanita Coleman, secretary: and Dee Adrian Buchanan, treas- urer. Willingly and cheerfully Miss Elizabeth Woodruff has taken time from her school duties to sponsor the Girl Reserves this year. 1 l ll 1552. "7 Page Thirty-eight ' E " 2 - . " I f - I , . 1- "'-' .. YW!! With originality as The distinction and honor which the art the keynote of suc- department has Won is due mainly to the cess, Io Ptussell's lsilperior instruction of the director, Io A.. art classes out-did , SSQ-ll. Q themselves this year ,521 4 rf, lg ,rl. ff in turning out more ' ' ' ' 1 "M " than one masterpiece of painting and sculp- ture. Students had the opportunity of expressing themselves in such vari- ous fields of artas interior Wwww- decorating, mural paint- ing, and stage setting. The Art department de- signed and laid out the l94l Criterion. The printing room has sup-' plied the school with pro- grams and cards for many occasions. Page Thirty-nine 4 Directed by Mrs. Meredith Rawlins, Mary ' W o Meek, lean Murphey, Mildred Under and Claudia Stoutt form the girls accompanied by Neysa Son. O d, QQ? 'fin makes the world go round," only in senior high school it's M r s . Meredith Rawlins. Her department in- cludes the triple trio, boys octette, and the m ix e d chorus. This department is respon- sible for the Christmas re- cital, as Well as many as- semblies and civic pro- grams. F or the first time in the his- tory of the school, the mixed chorus sang with the band in a Spring Fes- tival, May 2. Page Forty X .A i Tops vocally this year among the several organizations of the music department have been the 100 voices of Mrs. Meredith Raw- 1in's mixed chorus. The chorus was presented in two outstand- ing programs during the year, the annual Christmas Pageant and the Spring Recital of May 2. Page Forty-one M nge y-two - 1 A l 1 1 N. w 45012162 75 Eighteen seniors, each with a bad case of iitters awaited behind stage the rise of the first curtain of "Ameri- can Passport," last November four- teenth and fifteenth. Afterwards, however, sighs of relief were heard x. plus two long groans from Mr. Io - Russell, director and Maria lane Hall, assistant, for the first night of the play was over and a success at that. The same story may be told of Friday night's presentation which ful- E filled and completed the tradition of the annual senior play of Ardmore High School. The cast included George Ellis, Manette Lowenstein, Virginia Isbell, Crawford Rogers, Nancy Gray , Martha Colvert, Bill Galt, Bette San- ders, Carol Risser, Darrell White- hurst, Othella Gordon, Betty Io Scott, Mary Louise Suggs, Iuanita Davis, Thomas Norman, Iuanda Brady, Betty lane Fields, and Weaver Iohnson. ggi i "What a Life," a Henry Aldrich play, was pre- sented last April as an all-school production under the direction of Mr. Io Russell, with Mary Louise Suggs, Bette Sanders, and Nancy Gray as student directors. Henry Aldrich, who was portrayed by Robert Scruggs and Thomas Norman, emerged from one mix-up to find himself in more confusion. However, the entire trouble was traced to George Bigelow, a bully and trouble-maker. And so the curtain fell on another "Oh-but-I'm-in-a-mess" plot which ended happily, leaving an audience just as happy. rg 1 l W if Al. .E Page Forty-three . .4 The pride and joy of Ardmore Highschool this year has been its snappy sixty-piece band. Under the supervision of E. Paul Enix the band has done more than its part in bringing distinction to Ardmore High- school. At the Ada Band Meet in February Drum Major Billy Galt marched his high-stepping red and Whites straight to top honors. In front, leading the parade With Billy were prancers Dorothy Engelhardt, Betty Io Scott, and diminutive Bobby Gene Scott. The band was presented in two outstanding programs this year, the impressive Band Concert March 20, and the Spring Recital given jointly with the mixed chorus May 2. - ' i c .fl W 'UW H' 'li Page Forty-four Twenty-two members seem like a small organiza- tion, but the Work the orchestra does and the technique it displays proves that recognition comes from quality rather than quantity. The orchestra furnished the accompaniment for the all-school play, the Baccalaureate and Commence- ment services. The repertoire consists of standard symphonic or- chestral literature. E. Paul Enix is the conductor. .ty 1:44, 4f'Avi - ,V .. v, is . R t 3 t 2 2 Page Forty-five MW 'ist YS' Winning 6 of 9 games, plus one tie, the fast, hard-hitting Tiger foot- ball team made excellent showings in each of their gridiron contests, despite a noticeable Weight advantage held over them by many teams Coached by Paul Young, one-time All-American center, and his as- sistant Gustave Ediger the senior lettermen on the squad Were: Honorary Captain Iames Crowe, Billy Freeman, Robert Hutchins, Hiram Keith Durwood Pate, Vernon Stanley, Hubert Heron, and Dan Mahoney. Those who will possibly see action again next season are: Iimmy Duke, Vernon Parlier, Max Pinkard, Ieral Stanley, lack Williams, Warren Woods, Lynn Gilstrap, Don Cummings, Billy Ray Balthrop, Robert Hensley, Iimmy Loggins, Albert Stringer, and Leland Weich- brodt. "-3 Page Forty-six Gustave Ediger, in his capacity of assistant football coach, aids Coach Young in the training of the Tiger football team. He finds time to officiate at the elementary school basketball and football tour- naments. Also, he served as an official in the Alumni game. Walter Rappolee, wrestling coach, is the B-team football coach, and, incidentally, a new member of the highschool faculty. Neither the wrestling nor the B-team made exceptional records this year, but great things are expected under his leadership next year. The'three energetic girls pictured are the feminine cheer leaders of the school. . i - .tix t 5 . :Q .six f-Tea., zimueiaizmaniuusal nL,,,, , , -sr' ,gg-mmwumw ...Mgr lmxwwwmmMwwmwwWrw,,,gMg Aww-.fwuew ysmswwmwwwm Atie forthe Big-Five Conference basketball championship befits the Tiger basketball team of the playing season 1940-41. This year'.s Tigers featured dogged defense, consistent scoring, and ex- cellent teamwork. The Tigers were comparatively small in stature but big in playing heart. Their real fight and de- termination became apparent in the last game of the season against their present co-championship holder, Ada High School's Cougars, in a game that went into three overtimes. Lettermen this year were: Charles Baker, Don Cummings, Lynn Gilstrap, Hubert Heron, Willie Ioe Hightower, Kenneth Humphreys, Durwood Pate, Max Pinkard, I. L. Walker, and lack Williams. With the close of the wrestling season, three of the squad's members were brought into the lime- light after winning various honors at the regional meet held in Pauls Valley last February. They were Leland Weichbrodt, heavy weight championship, Hiram Keith, third in the 154 pound class and Albert Stringer, third in the l65 pound division. The boys, under the direction of Walter E. Rappolee, math instructor, and present coach of the wrestlers, who were given let- ters, were: Captain Kenneth Payne, Carl Barnett, Bob Davis, Laurence Dunlap, Elmer Klein, Edwin Ewell, Bobby Under- wood, Tim Berryhill, Hiram Keith, Albert Stringer, and Le- land Weichbordt. Page Forty-seven 9 5 Q , cgjv ff, ,,- ' 3 . --5 , H,.,r,5i - 'F' ' ' 1 I L . f' 3 1 V ,, nr ,ff ,V1 x 1 ,V sf . f J '13, ' A 1.1.74 , F x- ' ' "' , l 'X H. al' Al ,Sw-M, ,auf-Q34 iiiam JJS 4' fu ...1-.., Q wh Page Foriy-eight Cliey to Baby Pictures on Page 56? .I Ae y a 4 tik ffsuie W Edited bi-monthly and on special occasions, the Tigerite has succeeded in furnishing up-to-the- minute news and unusual feature entertainment this year to some six hundred students. The selection of editors, who are changed at intervals, is based chiefly on the amount of enthusi- astic effort and Work put out on each issue. This year's editors have been Tommy Norman, Carol Risser, Frances Ann Dunlap, and Myrtle Stamps. Following the pictures at the top of the page We see the Tigerite in its six main stages. The first of these steps is getting the facts on the hot "neWs-tip," which may come in the form of an athletic event, an important school election, or merely a Friday night at the "Y." After se- curing his information your reporter settles down to the Herculean task of Writing the article in such a manner that it catches and holds the interest of the reader from beginning to end. Next comes the tedious job of stencil cutting, the finished product often turning out to be more correction fluid than stencil. The special touches and heads are now ready to be cut. This step is not half so drastic as it sounds but does require an abundant supply of time and pati- ence. After being mimeographed, it goes through the last stage of being stapled, and it is now that your copy of the Tigerite, as you see it, is ready to go on sale. Thus the editing and publishing of the Tigerite is just another phase of glorifying the poor, insignificant news-tip. Page Forty-nine -nw ' x . -. A- . . 1 ,-.-M ,. f L ' 'V N i gl . 14. I. af., 'V 05,2 V . I A 2' -1 - - -r X . r , ,- fx , Q -. . is A A ' . . W - The little red schoolhouse has undergone a great change. lts hard wooden benches, its old wood stove, and its small hand bell have made way for more modern things. The building itself has grown in size to provide room for an increasing number of minds eager for knowl- edge. The specialized training required for today's successful life demands that the old cur- riculum of readin', writin', and 'rithmetic be supplemented by various forms of physical de- velopment-as both are necessary for a well-balanced school career. A special expansion of our school is the brick, tile, and concrete gymnasium located be- tween the junior and senior highschool buildings. This structure is to contain the school ad- ministrative offices, a maplewood basketball floor, coach's quarters, equipment rooms, locker rooms, and a practice room for the band. Seating 1,500 people, heated by four motor-driven fans, and possessing a basketball court that will better its model, the court at Classen highschool of Oklahoma City, in that it will have the best locker room obtainable. Our gymnasium will be the best of any such structure now owned by any school in southern Oklahoma. The construction of the building is under the supervision of Mr. A. C. Brown, superintendent in charge of construction, and Mr. Harold Flood, architect. The seniors are moaning because they won't be able to use the gym this year, but it will be ready for the present junior, sophomore, and freshman classes this fall. ms f :fem Page Fifty cVVleacIonA-aqnnow Cha-:onoQet Co. 201 W. Broadway Phone 495 il' HI' il' Compliments 4 of Wiri: Franklin Petroleum Corp. Complete One-Stop Service For Your Car IN STERILIZED BOTTLES 18 MILLION EVERY DAY SO I'I' MUST BE GOOD Coca Cola Bolztling Co. Ardmore I Phone 652 P F'f We invite your attention to our advertisers. They are our friends and supporters, some oi Whom have advertised with us for over a quarter of a century. Patronize them. Be loyal to those who are loyal to us. ITHIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY FRIENDS OF THE SENIOR CLASSI. With khe Closing of School . . . Comes the Change from Heavier to Lighter Wear Protect your Winter clothes investment with our Certified Cold Storage Service. Send Winter garments, bulky household articles, and furs to us for protection through the summer months. Next fall you will be glad you took the precaution. STANDARD RATES M . M . W A L L I S Telephone 1400 Cleaning and DYei11Q Plant sos west Main Exchange National Bank of Ardmore MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page Fifty-t W tomers' V checks. transaction. At left is a picture of M G trude Helms, operat I EC ORDAK, making p tu e f O Exchange National of Ardmore makes a RECORDAK picture of every check paid against your account. This extra record is always available if ever you need it to settle a disputed STRAEHLEY INSURANCE AGENCY CB 0 L G ri SI1 Q m 620 Simpson Building Phone 224 CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 207 WEST MAIN Ardmore, Cklahcma COMPLIMENTS OF , 7 dem 5 READY-TO-WEAR snmor Dear Gert: Well, here I am making my usual dry report. Being a census'taker in a place as large as New York City ls no fun, but today I saw so many of my old schoolmates that it made me think of the good old days. Remember what a record-fiend Clarence Bivens was? Well, he and Betty lane Harris have a shop of their own, now. Richard Couch's familiar name was mentioned in our con- versation. He is really famous, now that he is starring in the title role of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Cleburne Cude is doing all right, too. Bobbie Norvill and Kennith Frakes finally became editor and business manager, res- pectively, oi "Mademoise1le." I happened on a theatre where Bette Ruth Sanders was directing Shakespeare's "Macbeth," with Dan Mahoney in the title role. Othella Gordon was Lady Macbeth and Iackie Sandlin was disguised as Hecate, Queen of the ARDMORE PRINTING CO. 22 North Washington Phone 1392 Robert L. Turner Witches. Mary Louise Rawson, Gladys Whittaker, and Rotha Stubbs were "honorary witches." This came as a result of their wonderful performances back in Mrs. Mad- den's English classes. As promptress Betty lane Fields did an excellent job. F As it was late and I was nearly starving to death, I dropped into the first cafe I saw and came face to face with none other than George Nail, chef du cuisine of his own restau- rant at last. Employed as chief dishwasher de luxe were Raymond Howie and G. C. Shaw who really get the job done. While waiting to be served my Gray's Granulated Food Tablets, originated by Nancy Gray who directs the functions of a New- Foods Plant Ltd. of London, Vienna, Toronto, and Ardmore, I glanced at a newspaper lying near by and in Winchell's column I saw the names of four of my old friends, Oleta Davis, W. D. Hall, Mary Frances Sumner, and Gerald Bright who are still double- dating. Will the boys never say "yes?" HILL 61 SHIPE A. C. HALL Real Estate Loans and Insurance CURTIS WILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 702 West Broadway Phone 216 Washing G Greasing-Specialty Page Filtylthree COMPLIMENTS OF g I H. C. SEAMAN CO.. 1' I I ' A U I ' I I A INSURANCE. REAL ESTATE 8: RENTALS -j 1' j "AlllllllIl1CllJll'Rl9 "-A-,iziisftsftuzerrsr -, ' - I ' - . 5 o r ARDMORE. oKl.AHoMA U il I EAT AND DRINK 414 WEST MAIN ARDMORE .Tfaae On the front page in headlines I discovered Maurice Temer- lin has at last captured the largest snake in captivity, and Iohn Lucian Hoard and Charles Hale Parker, also big game hunters in Africa, have just returned from their latest expedition successful with the capture ot Thomas "Tarzan" Norman, who years before on account of Mrs. Madden's reporting his unexcused tardy and therefore causing him to take all his exams, threw up his hands in despair and fled to the dark continent to get away from it all. I also saw where Iva Dee Murphree, Lucretia Stoutt, Bobbie lean Caudle, and Alicia Whitenberg are assistants of Mary Fern Patterson who has lately become keeper of the Art Museum. Miss Patterson, with the aid of her assistants, has just completed an art project she started under Mr. Russell in senior high school which has unanimously been named the ninth wonder oi the world. Then turning to the sport's page I discovered Hubert Heron and Iohn Fisher have become a professional basketball team with Guy Brewster as their manager, and have writ- ten a book on "How to Become a Basketball Team in 10 Easy Lessons or One Hard One." Also read where Fran- ces Ann Dunlap now stands in for Katherine Hepburn be- cause they look so much alike. "The Ardmore Story," which tells of life in Ardmore, Oklahoma, back in 1941 is Frances' latest hit. Billy Freeman has become head fore- man of a brand new ranch a few miles from New York City. It was christened "El Rio Rancho de La Grande" and I hear Bill really makes those cows hustle! And Martha Colvert has been recently appointed President of the Presidents Club whose members include people who are President of so many things they have to keep a record of it! Kenneth Boles made his debut into the Metropolitan but hasn't sold any insurance, as yet! After my lunch as I walked through the park I saw David Hancock plucking the petals off a daisy as he mumbled, "Earlene Watson--Betty McLean-!?" l-lasn't he made up his mind yet? Then here came De Maurice Prater with her happy little "tribe" behind her and stopping by the skating rink at the far end of the park I recognized its owner to be Homer "Sonja Henie" Longino. I noticed Earl Compliments GRAVITT DRUG strons . . 620 WEST MAIN Davis 6. Eakm Lumber Co. , , PHONE 882 uh 6 Caddo Friendly Neighborhood Drug Store 'gliilfiisz HEIQIEEEOBE Shop in Comfort - Lowest Prices FULSON AUTO SHOP Motor and Brake Service LORETTA BEAUTY SALON 404 Gilbert Bldg. ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA Page Fifty-four Congratulations Seniors PEDEN'S IEWELRY STORE IOHNSON FURNITURE CO. 208 West Main DIXIE CAB COMPANY Phone 242 Congratulations Seniors CHICKASAW LUMBER CO. FONVILLE STUDIO 113 West Main Phone 437 MRS. STEVENSON'S A R T S T U D I O S Special Prices For Graduation Pictures 120 E. STREET S. W. ARDMORE C. R. ANTHONY CO. UUBLE LULA 7' r ,, . Iones putting air in someone's tire and Vernon Stanley, who always has adorned uniforms, has a filling station of his own now. And saw Betty Io Scott on the street, but the crowd was so thick she didn't hear me call to her. I heard she never became a dancer, having been sidetracked by love, but is now training her family of seven daughters to take the place of the "Rockettes." Charles Coe was teeing off as Ipassed by his miniature golf course, where for l0c an hour he teaches small children how to become the world's greatest amateur junior champ- ions. As I was walking by the Little Church Around the Corner I saw someone on the steeple. At first I thought a repair job was being done but then I recognized my old friend of high school days, Walter Coin, getting an angle shot ot Mary Ann Taylor's and Tom Loughridge's wed- ding. Incidentally, this was a romance dating back to high school days. As I crossed Fifth Avenue I was accidentally tripped by Lowell Bransford who was standing in the middle of the street waving his arms frantically. Don't misunderstand- he finally realized his ambition and is now the assistant to the assistant of the third traffic cop of New York City. A loud scream startled me and I turned to see Randell Long a block away, carrying on his duty in vain. Randell is likewise employed. Saw Mildred Underwood walking down the same street with a book on her head-she was practicing poise. Mil- dred was on her way to Conde Nast's studio where she is gradually taking the place of that famous model Iinx DEPARTMENTS tContinued from Page 101 "Cheers for Miss Bishop," was dedicated to her. Teaching both Spanish and English, Lillian G. Schenk sponsors the National Honor Society. Although she teaches history throughout the day, Miss Muncy Reae spends much time spon- soring the senior class , Miss Ethel McClure, librarian, sponsors the Junior class. fsfafsfsfnfsfefefsfw HONOR SOCIETY lcontinued from Page 371 The I-Iigh School faculty has selected the follow- ing seniors for the 1941 roll of the National Honor Society: David Bostwick, Ioyce Conger, Frances Ann Dunlap, Dorothy Englehardt, Ken- nith Frakes, David Hancock, Virginia Isbell, Sarah Ann Love, Royce Means, Doris Olm- stead, Kathryn Rainwater, Betty Io Scott, Mary lane Wiles. Iuniors selected to become members next year are: lack Bostwick, Iimmy Duke, Margaret Gil- reath, Kenneth Humphreys, Tommie Iohnson, and Elmer Klein. Page Fifty-five Falkenberg. Glancing up I saw a sign which said "Neysa Son-Music Department" and as I stopped in I was just in time to see Neysa herself making a successful sale of one large nickelodeon. She still loves music, I see! I was nearly run down by I. D. Scearce as he sped along Broadway in his Mistletoe Express Truck. He's running the whole works now and really didn't mean to slaughter me. I-Ie was merely fulfilling the slogan: "You say it, Mistletoe, I can't express myself." Heard a loud commotion and turned to discover Flora Belle Ivle and Durwood Pate having it out with Einstein over the eighth dimension. In case you'd like to know, Flora Belle and Durwood beat Mr. E. to the Sth, 6th, and 7th, Saw Virginia Isbell, "dripping" with silver fox furs, stepping out of a limousine in front of the R. C. A. Building. Ouothe Miss Isbell, "I bow to Bow!" I wonder if she is a secre- tary? On a signboard nearby I saw where Professor Robert Paul KEY TO BABY PICTURES tPage 481 1. Louise Walker: 2. Clarence Bivens: 3. Eva Marie Ogden, and Frances Ann Dunlap: 4. Martha Colvert: 5. Dwain Greenwood: 6. Bobbie Norvill: 7. I. B. McCullen: 8. Frances Ann Dunlap: 9. Ioan Mayfield: 10. De Maurice Prather: ll, Martha Mclntire: 12. Tom Loughridge: 13. W. D. Hall: 14. Billie Frances Alexander: 15. Lowell Bransford: 16. Earlene Watson: 17. Billy Galt and Gale Harvey: 18. Ken- nith Frakes: 19. Dale Trotter: 20. Gladys Whittaker: 21. Betty Vaughn: 22. Mildred Underwood: 23. losephine Leech: 24. Carol Ftisser: 25. Myrtle Stamps: 26. Dale Trotter: 27. Ruth Phillips: 28. Eulela lobe: 29. Nancy Free and Mary Ann 1-lartnitt: 30. Durwood Pate: 31. Maidette Oakman: 32. Novella Cypert:33. Margaret Rygn: 34. Billy Freeman: 35. Sarah Ann Love: 36. Elinor Love: 37. Dorothy Engle- hardt: 38. Marie Darter: 39. Novella Cypert: 40. Reta Ruth Son: 41. Bobbie lean Caudle: 42. Estelle Maude Barnett: 43. Gale Cook: 44. Darrell Whitehurst. ORATORICAL CONTEST iContinued from Page 331 senior, 1921: Valter Poole, senior, 1920: Kelly Baker, freshman, and Pernic Clowdus, senior, 1919: Louis Norman, junior, 1918: Bonnie Dus- ton, junior, 1917: Mildred Galt, senior, 1916: John Thompson, freshman, 1915: Doris West- heimer, senior, 1914: Anne Anderson, senior, 1913: Leland McNees, 1912: Paul Frame, fresh- man, 1911: Ezra Dyer, junior, 1910: George Wil- liams, 1909: Fred Tucker, 1908: Samuel New- man, 1907: and Iames Ina Iohnson, 1906. Page Fifty-six RIS SOM-KEY QA SAFE DRUG STORES Nationally ,Advertised Merchandise Lowest Prices Easy Terms us zssr MAIN sr. Annmonz ...amz gaze, ea. Cecil Baber 'Everything Electrical' Advouk Drug Co. imon asltion Shop Rafi Office Supplies and Office Equipment: 15A South West Phone 367 ARDMORE. OKLAHOMA 1553135 HARDWARE, " Eb wa HAVE rr 215 W. Main Phone 54 0 I '7!w Muzi I Baker cmd his touring Model Secretarial Training Corps were making a personal appearance in this city in a few days. His secretaries are Mildred Adair, Ruth Iackson, Ioyce Conger, Margaret Riddle, and Kathryn Leis who openly admit that their training was tn good 'ole Ardmore High! In the little white duplex adjoining the cute little mail box marked "Murphy," I found that Kenneth had finally "popped the question" and Doris Olmstead had said "yesl" ln the other part of the duplex, were Dale Trotter, Ioe Wal- - x l n ker, Ioe Wiley South,.and lack Elles, who formed the "Bachelor's Bunkhouse, Inc.," and who keep the girls step- ping, I hear. Entering the Red Cross Building I noticed an advanced branch, "Bund1es for Bartlesvi1le," which is under the supervision of Elnora McMurry, Maidette Oakman, Mary lane Wiles, and Evelyn Moore, four of Ardmore High School prize seamstresses. I heard that Ruth Curtis, after years of waiting, finally fell heir to-the Curtis Candy Works of world renown. She WHITE WAVE FLOUR F y K at J f X '-,,:, ll .intl -mlm-' i' - ' ,,r r. ' 9 5 BLUE RIBBON FEEDS lt I I VI r if f , gnsnxcgss at E Hlqhest Quallty-Falrest PIICGS Qllgikgaggflll ' , 3gg',g,gg,-g,, ,Fri - - ?l5?3'.2'2'.!2?t','f. Ardmore M1111ng Co. ' I' I ' Established 1898 Phone 1654 . a U ' ' Q as Oklahomcfs Best Meals ON HIGHWAY 77 ARDMORE. Og-LAL - - Page Fifty-seven Frensley Bros. Lumber Company "lf it's to build We have it" has announced that she intends to change the title of the candy bar slightly making it "Baby Ruth Curtis." This being the opening night of Eva Marie Ogden's latest hit "Oklahoma Purchase," I was the first one therel As the time went on I noticed my old pals Ruth Phillips, Gayle Rose Harvey, and Mona Ruth Frensley, attracting customers by a large neon sign saying "Chewing Gum." Ruth also demonstrated the art of using the product, which she mastered in senior high school. Upon turning in on- other direction I discovered that Meloween. Ford and Iuanita Coleman had.finally fulfilled their hearts desire. They were hat-check-girls-in-chief!I Glancing at the hats I noticed the chapeaus ot Robert Hutchins and Hiram Keith, football heroes of 1941 on Ardmore Tiger's team, and saw them buying peanuts from Paul Iones, who sold them in a booth all his own. As the floor show started, lights dimmed and everyone settled down to enjoy the first showing oi "Oklahoma Purchase." The world famous "Comets," a chorus includ- ing Marie Darter, Juanita Hodges, Billie Frances Alexander, Congratulations Seniors gffiww Gwffwf Slow 'WMM fouiae Kemp A Graduate of Ardmore High School invites you to buy your Graduation Gift at Beattie and Larsen Jewelers . Page Fifty-eight seep an .4 f DEPARTMENT STORE Q YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME People Federal Saving and Lean llsso iatien Ardmore Geo. P. Selvidge. Manager 226 West Main-Phone -345 imnmoniz. oxumomi Safety of your Investment Insured up to 55,000.00 Mary Cannon, cmd Bertie Edna Allen introduced the first act with a song and dance number, "OhI You Nasty Man" ia 1930 hit brought back in modern fashion by Glen El- more, who always told Mrs. Rawlins he would, someday, be a songwriter, or writer-overerlll Later I recognized the beautiful show girls who paraded gorgeous costumes across the stage to be none other than Reta Ruth Son, Mary lean Sprekelmeyer, Emogene Dickerson, and Betty Io Vaughn. Upon leaving l noticed Morris Allen, elaborately dressed doorman, flirting with Dee Adrian Buchanan, Novella Cypert, and Dorothy Davis, which was perfectly all right except that they were part of the show across the street. Eva Marie flew into a rage but was soon calmed down when the girls departed, Novella having seen Hubert fa childhood romance still bloomingl entering their show build- ing across the street. Saw Dorothy Engelhardt, Mary Belle Folsom, and Dwatn Greenwood had opened a new beauty parlor named "Toupee de la Blondeeeee." They also appeared in medi- cine shows out in front of their building, which was for the sole purpose of drawing customers, in which they sold "Golden Gleme" hair tonic and gave free demonstrations twice a day. And, as a branch of this Beauty Shop, Myrle Watts and Vallie Fern Crosthwait are now running a "Reduce-While You-Wait CFor-Your-Hair-To-Dye-Or-Dry!J Department." They ought to know. Best customers are Dorothea Leys and Leona Yates, who must weigh 98 pounds each, by this time!! I picked up a paper and read where Marjorie Oll- phant finally went into the business of offering her popular- ity secret to every girl in the United States. Her ad read as follows: "For sale: books telling about my sure-fire line. Can be easily altered to fit blonde, brunette, or redhead. Well-used, but still good." Prominent in Washington, D. C. are Loretta York, Kath- leen Williams, and Faye Williams, who are the only three Women senators. Their latest bill is the "WXYZ Affair" which had to do with the reversal of the present day alpha- betical seating arrangements. Kathleen, Loretta, and Faye agree that they never could hear a thing because their names begin with the last letters of the alphabet. I stopped in a drug store for a cool drink and looked up to see that this was Rudolph Hutchins pharmacy I had heard so much about! Another old friend, Travis Heron was helping Rudolph, and Eulela lobe was tending to the feminine interests of the store. Looking over their maga- zines, I saw an interesting picture which caused me to read within where the regular 4-H Club had recently gained an extra H or 2 and now the Club is called 7-H be- Page Fifty-nine X cause George Ellis, who is the newly appointed president of the organization, has put his progressive program into use, and you all remember how progressive George was when he was senior class president '4l. On the back of another I recognized Louise I.uckey's picture. Louise, liv- ing up to her name, can now be seen on any magazine cover advertising "Luckies 2 to l." Coming out of the drugstore I decided for a bit of relaxa- tion I would drop in the fashionable "Palace de la Savoir" and came face to face with Crawford Rogers who, after working his way up from third usher, now owns the place. This theatre was recently completely done over by Iuanda Brady, successful interior decorator. The smiling face of Mary Cole greeted me from the ticket window and Cleo Nolls with his new uniform and shiny gold epaulets, showed me to my seat. To my surprise the picture showing was "Romeo and Iuliet" starring Estelle Maude Barnett and Roland Bumpass. Then flashed across the screen was an advertisement from the Solon of Senor Elmo and Monsieur Royce, or Elmo Veal and Royce Means who, on account of Elmo's ability to wave hair perfectly and Royce's beauti- ful golden locks, have collaborated and are doing a profit- able business in hair-dressing. Unable to hear the movie clearly because of q heqged argument behind me I turned around to see Kirk Dyer, who is now a successful lawyer in the firm of Dyer, Dyer, Dyer, and Son, and David Bostwick still debating the same old issue fincidentally, I never quite understood what it wasll. After the movie I strolled along the street and noticed the Theatre where I had heard Robert "Boogie-Woogie" Mobley and his Bugle-Woogie Boys oi Co. O, which in- cludes limmy Collins and his trombone and features the low-down rhythms of Myrtle Stamps and her typewriter, express their musical thoughts. Myrtle beats out their eight to the bar as an excuse to keep time until the group can afford Fred Stayton's newest price--52.00 a beat! I had a short conversation with Mr. Mobley and inquired about some other old friends I hadn't run across, as yet. It seems that Edwin Ewell, who used to be the leading spirit of all "Y" dances back in Ardmore in '4l, has retreated to his secluded cavern, where he leads the peaceful life of a hermit. Blood brothers of the cause are Charles Bigbie, Ralph Collins, and lames Crowe, who cheats oc- casionally by sending up smoke signals to Nancy. This group is giving Andrew Iackson's "Hermitage" a run for its money. And still hoping against hope that I-Iedy l.amarr's type will go out and the new era of the blonde fulees music Store 81146815395 SCHOOL ANNUAL DEPARTMENT . me House or PHoToPR1Nr EIIIIIII llllllll IIESS Q5 A X' ala-416 N. W. ann ST., OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Page Sixty 0 ' Ly .HSA A gg.,32Q1 mam om COMPLIMENTS or wosnz Bnos. W0W SOUTHERN OKI.AHOMA'S LARGEST ' AND LEADING FLORIST 501 EAST MAIN iv Fir t ational Bank Our courtesy is extended to you in personal and business needs. will appear are Manette Lowenstein, Margaret Woolverton, Dorothy Dillingham, Gail Cook, and Devereux Smith. Iohn "Dumb Chick" Reisen and I. B. McCullar, said Robert, are Informer." With I, B. as sales manager, the circulation has greatly increased. l-Ie finally got his mother to read it and now there are 3 of themll Miss Mavis McCarty's exclusive Ritzy School for Tiny Tots has increased its en- rollment 50'Za since securing the services of Andrew Riddle and Keith Butts as bus drivers. Patents are comforted with the thought of such careful drivers, but the children came along just for the ride! And it seems Bobby Scruggs and Billy Galt are making their debut at Carnegie Hall. Having outsung the other two members of the Barbershop quartette, they are presenting their perfected arrangement of "Bei Mier Bis Du Shane." Agree Bob and Bill: "All we are today we owe to Mrs. Rawlins." Later, while having my dinner, I heard a radio newscast which gave me information on some more familiar per- sons. This defense program Washington is still pushing really gave Darrell Vtfhitehurst a wonderful opportunity. . He took all those model airplane drawings he used to 15 West Main Phone 24 create in Journalism and sold them to the government, and f . vm -1 ' .. 'WGS' A "i V ' . A2115 N,-' Milk, butter, cream, and cheese K, t COLVERTS products are sure to please 'Cause they're rich, pure, and clean, And the best you've tasted or ever seen. - - - I ! Q - - Page Sixty-one YOUR OWN GOOD SELF "It's apt to be pretty fine if given a chance" Hunt-Goldner Green House and Flower Shops Phone 4th 6. L S. W. 139 ARDMORE Tyler and Simpson Co. 1879 1 1941 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Moon Rose and NuOrest Canned Fruits and Vegetables 0 Estimates Furnished 59- 0 Information on E. H. A. Loans 0 Plan Books at Your Disposal 0 Everything for the Builder Phone 32 HARVEY BROTHERS FUNERAL Dmscrorzs S U P E R I O R AMBULANCE SERVICE moms 7 things are so had that they're actually using them. Mark Douglas has been put down in the Hall ot Fame for being the most conspicuous thing this side of the Mississippi. When he crosses to the other side, the Statue ot Liberty gives him stiff competition. Greatly surprised one morning, Robert Ward awoke to find himself President oi the U. S.! Commented the President as he stepped into office: "Well, I'll be dog-goned!" Also heard that Meredith Moorhead, who used to be presi- dent of the Girl Reserves back in '41, has gradually worked up to president of all Scout organizations. I heard she Page Sixty-two originated a Ladies Reserves-I wonder what they reserve, At a medical conference, it was related, Weaver Iohnson, brain specialist, was comparing notes with veterinarians Albert Iohnson and Doyce Horner, who turned to this profes- sion purely in self defense as their "dog-farm" grew too large for the two of them to manage. Weaver's nurses and "Guinea pigs" tmuch to their disapprovall are Dorothy Trammell and Iosephine White, while Kathleen Wilkes and Juanita Davis serve as nurses for the Horner-Iohnson Pet Hospital in many brain experiments. Iosie and Silvia Iohn- son are giving the already famous Osa lohnson a little 1 i1 iii? SAM P. HALE USED CARS AND AUTO LOANS 'k'k'k Ju! competition, for they've written a book--"Adventures South of Madison Squareuland it's rumored that it is in line for the Pulitzer prize! Walking out into the street again I noticed tar from the maddening crowd, a cozy retreat above the door of which those all-too-true words were hung: "Abandon hope: all ye who enter here," or, "This will do until the real thing comes along!" As you might have guessed by the cap- tion, this is the restful haunt of such ex-charmers as Mar- garet Ryan, Elizabeth Merrick, leanne I-licks, and owners of the Bachelor Girls' Home, Carol Risser and Mary Louise Suggs. Later, as I was wearily wending my way homewqrdl the strains oi the latest hit tunes floated through the air and I K saw they were coming from that swankie night spot on its opening night---"Iamie's loint" where Roy Gray and his "l-las-A-Coma" orchestra were featured with Helen Williams and Pearl Wagner as vocalists. Naturally, I wanted to see my old friends again so I went in and imagine my sur- prise when Katherine Rainwater checked my hat. I was still more amazed, however, when Robert McCrory, head waiter, showed me to my table. The floor show had already begun and the Hartnitt Sisters had just finished an acrobatic number as the Love Duet came hurtling toward me in the midst ot their original version of the La Conga. Next, in contrast to this modern number, Edona Mae Ful- lingim and Lencious Courcier did an old-fashioned version of "Put Your Little Foot." RITZ DRY CLEANERS Compliments COLD F UR STORAGE L C PENNEY CO 909 W. MAIN PHONE 2400 ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA Page Sixty-three STRASMICK'S S IEWELRY Glancing around, I noticed none other than that Wall Street Magnate---Ronald Housley, who has made millions from his many Safeways. He now owns all the grocery stores in the U. S. Well, it's about time I "turned in" because I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, as usual. So long, MERT P. S. Oh, I forgot to tell you. My income tax exemptions were increased by Martha Mclntire, Louise Walker, Thelma Deaton, Ioanne Mayfield, and Annette Lowe, who are rais- ing large families, They have sacrificed their children to Ierry Putnam for his Experimental School of Precocious Children. FOOD STORE The only one We can't sell is the one who won't investigate Jizz ff- A'Av'f'fA - '- '-o-"' - """"' ' "M "lf it's Worth owning lt's Worth insuring" MMM 6' WEST MAIN STREET ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA Page Sixty-four 'S :AUM r0R O W SMAWWOMEN When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them." ir li ll ll Il ll ll Il I S mnmn nnmnnnu Buick-GMC Trucks and SI This smarl Buick Special business coupe with 'll5- hp. Fireball engine has fewer bumper-lo-bumper inches . . . is easier lo handle . . . has the bigness ancl com- S 10 fort you expect in a Buick . . . andsellsforonly ...... nluvzuu Good Used Cars. "For A Better Dectl, See Guy Harris" PqSt Y . , , - mfg ww Mm, x.,: 4.3- M - W -4 U-w,m1,Wgpg..f sigma my S' ' 'zzwhfkli i 1L,.av1H:':Qif'zfYw'fqagm: Y gf 4' A gi 13552 Q 'filouofvkbtlrn kf an K ' 'fi,-if'Ai3:i-5-Xr1,ffig'f22e" 1 ' up , V A ' h f pw x WE, Msg W? S X ' 5 VV ' e ' 2 . r , N as r '51, M, wry, .-.V V, ,, ,., , ., NH -www., W, .., ., , QMMMMM, - .., Qwfff , CidQJ

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