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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1998 volume:

-HP OF THi SPLVk CHARLIE RAiMANr GULF TPOUR " ■J ¥ MCM Rotational Crew Charlie Mine: Symbolizes the mission of MCM Rotational Crew Charlie and MCM ' s Chain: Symbolizes unit integrity. Flag: Demonstrates the pride and patriontism of the crew and their ded- ication to the mission of national defense. Globe: Symbolizes the world wide capabilities and impact of the sur- face mine warfare assets. Officers sword and enlisted saber: Indicative of the professionalism and expertise of all surface warfare officers and enlisted surface warfare specialist. " C " on gold field: Symbolizes the " midas Touch " . As a rotational crew, the most important goal for making the MCM fleet strong and always capable of completing the mission is to leave every MCM in better condition than when it was taken ad completely capable of fulfilling its mission. IRAQ Th NAG IRAN MANAMA O BAHRAIN CAG CO his SAUDI ARABIA " Ox4tar DUBAI SAG. ,R n [ebel-ali GULF OF OMAN OMAN 531 MUSCAT O 2 O ECTCEEW CHARLIE ' S MISSION The AVENGER class MCM ship design incorporates modern mine countermeasures technology into a specially designed platform which includes low magnetic signature diesel engines, a precise electronic navigation sensor, a mine detection classification sonar, a battle space profiler environmental data collection system and a remotely operated mine neutralization vehicle, all encased in a wooden hull. Due to vast advances in mine technology and deployment methods the MCM mission of hunting and clearing all types of bottom and moored mines in coastal and offshore waters has once again moved to the forefront of Navy operations worldwide, especially in vital, high interest littoral regions. MCM ROTATIONAL CREW CHARLIE ' s mission is to continuously maintain the MCM platform in which it is embarked in the highest possible state of operational and battle readiness to fulfill an integral role in the long-standing objective of main- taining the nation ' s overall mine countermeasures capability. CHARLIE crewmembers truly are highly trained " Mine-Killers " . 030 Commanding Officer LCDR J. Boorujy Commander Boorujy is originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In 1983 he was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following Nuclear Power Training, CDR Boorujy was assigned to the USS TRUXTUN (CGN-35). There he served as Electrical Division Officer and as the Chemistry and Radiological Controls Assistant. This tour included deployment with the ENTERPRISE Battle Group to the Western Pacific and the Mediterranean in 1986. He then served a staff tour at the A1W Prototype during a complex overhaul. After the Surface Warfare Officer ' s Department Head Course, he was ordered to the USS CARR (FFG- 52) as Operations Officer. While in CARR, he participated in Maritime Interception Operations while deployed to the Red Sea. From CARR, he was assigned to the USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41) as Engineer Officer. This tour included a deployment to the Arabian Gulf with the CARL VINSON Battle Group where ARKANSAS served as the Anti-Air Warfare Commander. After ARKANSAS, he became a mem- ber of the Pacific Fleet ' s Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board where he participated in 63 exams. CDR Boorujy took command of MCM Rotational Crew CHARLIE in October 1997. He served with Crew Charlie in command of the USS PIONEER (MCM-9) from October to March 1998 for pie-deploy- ment training. From April to October 1998. he served with Crew Charlie in command of the USS ARDENT (MCM-12) in the Arabian Gulf. 040 I C : , ., Weapons training. Battle readiness. Ceremonies. Tre of Life Tours and recreation. - j Crew half-way party. Crew turn over. Recognition and awards. 050 M , ' , ' , " !■»« l Executive Officer LCDR R. Reifenberger OhO Splinter Beach Picnic. " Okay, who doing that growling. " • ' P b; « ; XO assembles this for turnover and Bravo Zulu from MCM Ron 3, MCM Ron 3 FWD, and the CO. 070 i BMC(SW) J. Lewis COMMAND CHIEF o so Overseeing deck operations. The cooks, BMC Lewis and OMC Chabot serve up the fixins at the crews midway party. • BMC J. Lewis doing what he does best. 090 LT T. Shaw LTJG D. Young LTJG J. Snyder ECTCCEW CHARLIE CmCEES LTJG . . KHngenberg E VS S. Berkowitz ' " Km ■ CPCS K + + f X BMC(SW) J. Lewis OMC(SW) P. Chabot MNC(SW) S. Seals SKC A. Evans RMC(SW AW) M. Conner PNC(SW) D. White ENC (SW) J. Trovillo " -K 4f M • J " 1 i0 H + OIIO ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LT T. Shaw ENS R. Kent OMC(SW) P. Chabot ENC(SW) J. Trovillo EN1 H. Brown EMI A. Pellon EN1 S. Higgins ENl(SW) C.Baker DC1 J. Ellis IC 2 R. Storme Chief Engineer -It f + -It -V ™ i Emm 3-M Coord (Command) I V Damage Control Ass. (DCA) ENG LPO Main Prop Ass. (MPA) EN2 A. Rios HI 2 I). Manovich EM2 A. Cepeda EN3 R. Reasoner EN3(S V) M.Carter IC3 .). Gatewood o i:o N i EN3 R. Castillo EM3 L. Lennington EN3 A. Jackson EM3 D. Bakken DC3 M. Alford ENFN V. Cunningham FN F. Aguirre FN J. Asselin EMFA J. Stone FA S. Hibbert ENl H. Brown " Do you want to play? " DC I J. Ellis and FN Aguirre " Porcelain Gods ' O 13 O IC2 Storme En ' Trovillo EM3 Bakken " What am I doing? " EN I Baker at the midway party. " Clear to lounge. " EM2 Cepeda " Where am I. " It slut ■: " Hey ( isco the brow u tecure! " OMC Paul Chabot: Am I a mineman??? O 14 O EN3 Castillo " Yo quiero Taco Bell. ' • Can you believe this? RMC Conner actually working. EMI Pellon and EM2 Cepeda. " Over the top. " ESI Higgins crane operator " What?? " O 15 O OPERATIONS LTJG D. Young MNC(SW) S. Seals RMC(SW AW) M. Conner ■-mm Operations Officer CIC Officer MWR RSO Communications Officer CA CI DIVISIONS OSl(AW)J.Young MNl(SW)T.Vail MN2 E. Butler STG2 R. Koedvker " • •« [1 : w», 1 A MN2 R. Robinson MN2 A. Graham MN3 K. Corn W Young. " Can I go back to sleep now? ' O 16 " Spoils of Mi rem " OC OE Divisions » + ?i r BE + w ± 4 1 I RMl (SW) K. Keller ET1 (SW) Schmidt ET2 (SW) Dube RM2 J. Rodriguez _J " a. ' . ♦ ■ v i 1 M m -. ET3 M. Greene RMSN S. Downey 4 titan " 4 familiar sight: RM3 Wong behind bars. " Recognition of a job well done. CO. awards RM3 Dyer with a Navy Achievement Medal (NAM). RM3 S. Dyer ET3 D. Figg RM3 N. Wong RM3 V. Mims Caption Carlson presents an award to RM3 Mims ET3 Figg: " The sound of the keel cracking after we hit that mine will wake me up. ' ! " © 17© RM3 Wong: " Can I exhale now? " 1st LT and STG2 Koedyker return after spending the day on a Saudi sweep. MN3 Corn after cleaning MMR: " Well at least it looks like I worked hard. " " Ooh Chief, what did I do now? " O 18 O MN1 Vail: " Shhhh ... I ' m hunting rabbit! " ri i " OPS finally receives his G.E.D.M " ti MN2 Graham tries the local cuisine: " A Shwarma to go. " MN2 Graham and MN3 Corn: " Frick and Frack. " O 19 O Deck Weapons; LTJG .1. Snyder BMC(SW)J. Lewis BVV1 (SVV) R. Wilde IM M. Ringrose BM2 R. Lee (;M(;2 S. Reaume SN C. Hidalgo BMSN A. McElroy AN .1. Waters SN B. McAnufT SA I). Penn SA T. Robinson SA A. Russell SA I). Smalls BMSR J. Weaver First Lieutenant Deck LCPO Command Chief 1 •k trz a ■ 1 ■A i ■fc I J i ib O 20 O Muster deck department on the Foc ' sle for mine sweep safety brief. All the big guns are in the Navy: " Unfortunately they ' re not on the mine sweeps. " " Ready, aim, fire. " MN1 Ringrose " MNV overboard " . BM1 Wilde, EN1 Baker and SR Weaver recover the MNV after its ERG. 21 O SNta V SN Smalls: " Charlie ' s manual evel wind assembly. " Flying the Double 0: " Deck department at their best. " 022 SN Mcanuff on the port crane. BM1 Wilde and EMSN McElroy: " Chico and his daddy. " " So, where ' s the emergency? " Rescue and assistance team ready for action. 23 O Supply Department LTJG J. klingnberg SKC A. Evans Supply Officer Supply LCPO Command CMAA MN1 A. Weitekamp MSI B. Carol lo SK2 P. Perdue MS2 Clifton MS3 M. Johnson MS3 T. Dennis SN L. Biggs SN A. Cains MSSN C. Sims II A I • 1 1 Of H p tf ■ N f NSSNSi Ons.two One, two O 24 O SKC Evans LTJG Klingenberg (SUPPO): " Sorry guys, but we ' re out of money. " MSSNSims: " Jack of the dust " One, two, three, Oh _ _ ! One, two, three, Oh _ ! MSI Carollo explains the art of mess cooking to SN Clifton: " + @ ? ! Get to work!! " 025 " Of course it ' s real beef!! " MSSN Cains: " This one is for me -- get your own! " MS2 Johnson: " Good job MS2. " " Time to bake the bread. " After a gutsy re-enlistement, MSI Carollo high-fives the SUPPO. 26 O MS2 Clifton on his ESWS Quest. " Hey Suppo -- The bow is in the other direction. " ' -- — - ■ Who is April, May, and June -- and why aren ' t they on the watch bill? " 27 XNav: Klmin Navisaticn ENSS. Berkowit PNC E. White QM1 (S V) D. Burns VN1 A. Pinales, Jr. QM2 (S V) R. Thomas QMSN I. Mitchell fit ¥Jk, 1 E it. wife " ■ 1 ■ A ' ill II Ml iNW .WV FMF) R.Brown SMI R. Kelsej [i H 1 LTJG J. Klingenberg SKC v A. Evans IDC Corpsman O 28 O ™ i VI Command DAPA YN1 Pinales and FR Hibart: " YN1 explains the ways of the Navy. " QMSN Mitchell: " Let me see, I think we are right about here. " HM1 Brown: " After hours of struggling, I made it to level two. " 029 PEOPLE r PLACES 8 THINGS " PORT O CALLS " BAHRAIN r % SHfiRJfiR DUBfil ■s O30 O Tree of Life MM The Tree of Life ' -ay- " Ships of the desert in convoy. " 031 O Charlie sailors ready to race at Ralley Town. i A day at the races. UK h " Hey guys -- the winner ' s circle is for winners!! " ! " Gentalmen - start your engines. " 32 O The SOUQ just inside the arch. - ' M [$U®0 The Grand Mosque. " Shwarma anyone?? " Iff V 33 O . i uiii; IIF U ' . r . DCl Ellis, DCFN Alford, SN Biggs and MS3 Dennis enjoy fine dining at Wasmiya Restaurant. i " til i .11 , AriMHiMitJij ' :) T 34 O 0i I I J Si ENS Kent, SN Downey, LT Shaw and FN Cunningham take a refreshing dip in a desert pool in Oman. ! liri - r- Can you believe it is a store? FN Cunningham and ENS Kent ride the camels. They ' ll put oil rigs anywhere. SHARJAH I i J Ahab ' s used camel sales. The finest in desert transportation. 35 O Desert Mountain Tour 5HARJAR ENS Kent, LTJG Snyder and LT Shaw try to remember their way back to the ship. " OK guys, where did we park the ship? " Walking for hours and still no surf. 036 e " The Mall " -- City Centre, Dubai. i 4 a ' -■• .3SR!§ " ' Jl Vail enjoys a ride on a Dow boat in Durai. 37 O OMC Chabot: " Looks like, smells like, must be chicken. " MidrWay Party OASIS £ 038 h I LttllSh : ' • ' 4 l 1f " RMC Conner: " Is it luck or skill? " Mims and McAnuff: " Slam dunk Champs. " Mims going to the rim. " McAnuff as Air Jordon. " B-Ball Shoot Out! 39 O Everyone is in attendance for the free raffle. " OK, so was wrong. You can Pitch. " am _ irrt " f,» BMSN McElroy and RM3 Mims demonstrate their strength. " Is that Storme in a plain shirt? " O40 O MN2 Graham: " Stretch!! " LT Shaw and HT2 Manovich. VJ Ji i I a. H JSPPP fS I m . " r 3 RMC Conner: " Pull!! " " Everyone tried the B unjy Run!! it •: RM3Mims: " Just a little further. " 041 O MNC Seals gives away a ton of prizes. MN2 Butler, ET3 Figg and MN2 Graham storm the coolers. 42 O 1st Class ASSOC steps out for an end of cruise party. Eats, drinks, and a room. What else could you ask for? 043 LCDR Boorujy CO. and his new friends take a photo opportunity. JC Seals and EM3 Bakken help children with motor skills. Charlie Sailors Lend a Helping Hand!!! 44 O LTJG Young and SN Weaver with visiting D.O.D. school children. ; ] Community Relations COMREL Snacks on the mess decks. • •• 45 O MS2 Clifton assists with math. RMC Conner helps with daily exercise walks. YN1 Pinalesand his new friends. EM2 Cepeda helps with counting and motor skills. 46 O r W TTTTTTTTt r° —s .y fT TTTflTmh r r The Captain takes a few shots. " Yes sir, Captain. We appear to be moored. 1 Dow dead ahead. A Saudi Sweeper. Bahrain Flagship -- Bahn Saba. 048 IG3 Gatawood demonstrates his Rocky impression. MN1 Ringrose and SR Weaver prepare the MNV for launch. SNPenn02 , 2 aft lookout. 49 O OMC Chabot ond BMSN McElroy. " Are you talking to me? " YN1 Pinoles. " Greasy Jimmy doing his best T-Rex impersonation. O50O HNI1 Brown, LTJG Young, LTSG Nye, and MN1 Vail during layover in Amsterdam, Holland. LTJG S.Snyder and LTJG J. Nye: " Dumb and Dumber. " MS2 Clifton: Alert as usual. 051 O OMC Chabot taking in some rays on the 03 Level. SK2 Purdue, SUPPO and " Cisco Shaw " . Movie call. 052 BMSR Weaver and MN3 Corn in crews rec. ET3 Figg cuts the monthly birthday cake. MSSN Sims in the ultra roomy racks of the ardent. Monopoly marathon on the mess decks. 53 O SURFACE WARRIORS Qualified Surface Warfare Officer (SWO): First Lieutenant: SupplyOfficer: LTJG Jeff Snyder LTJG Jason Klingenberg Qualified Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (CSWS): RMC (SW AW) Michael G. C onner HM1 (SW AW) Robert C. Brown RM1 (SW) Kevin B.Keller YN1 (SW) Antonio N.Pinales ET2 (SW) LauranceM.Dube EN3 (SW) Antonio O. Jackson MS2(SW) Thomas A. Clifton 054 J CREW HUM 070CT98 5): rtK ' 55 O 56 O THE LAST HOURS As wc sit here in anxiety on this plane (You know the one that signifies the last conned inn flight that will bring us back to our awaiting wives, girlfriends, ehildrcn. families, and friends.) Nobody can help but to ponder oh the events that happened six months ago. The hume-siekness, tension, sadness, anger, and the tear of what lies ahead. You could have heard a pin drop on the entire flight over to Bahrain. Silently most of us asked ourselves " Why am I here? " . Not even sleeping helped the uneasy feelings present. Hut now here, on this last hour of our deployment, what six months ago was a seemingly impossible dream is now a heart-warming reality, it doesn ' t even seem like six months has passed. It seems like yesterday that we kissed our loved ones that last time before we looked in sadness down that narrow walkway. The one that led to the plane we all hated to sec. For all we know this could be the same plane. Only now its as if this plane is first class all the way to the last row. We sit here and joke about the bad times and recall all the good limes. Spirits are definite!) high. Nothing could spoil this joy. We ' re on the ground now, pulling u - seat-belts " sign as the simultaneous soui the cabin. It ' s almost silent again besides the! overhead bins. Onlv this time the silence is di e pilot turns k ' the " Fasten elt buckles being torn apart fills kind of baggage removed from the Lrrent. As we slow]) filter out into the . For we know that the ' Impossible at six months ago was a one way ticket een waiting for. As you walk closer, nly family you ' ve had for the last six r so long. As you arrive at the door. dreams " lies at the opposite end. The walkw; to the unknown is now a porthole to what we ' you can hear your shipmates, your brothers, i months, returning with those they have missei you notice the floor. The dark spots that were ix months ago dampened by the tears oi sorrow, arc now moistened with tears of joy. You can see that everyone is finally gratified, proud of what he ' s accomplished, EWiat we as a team of professionals have accomplished. The pride is obvious here on this warm fall Corpus Christi night. We ' ve done what we needed to do and we did it withUbsolute perfection, and it shows. As you pass through the door and search the disorder for that special someone your heart races. Finally your eyes meet, your throat fornmv lump and your eyes tear, as the last log entry is made Welcome home, ROTATIONAL CREW CHARL1L, WELCOME HOME! SMI KELSEY 57 Executive Officer: LCDRMark Fields Chief Engineer: LCDR William Pelton Damage Control Assistant: ENS Robert Kent RMC (SW AW) Michael Conner OS1 (AW) Joseph Young MT2 David Menovich RM2 Jorge Rodriguez EN3 David Bokken ET3 Mark Greene QMSA Donald Clifton SMI Brian Nelson ENC Jerome Sagrato FREugeneO ' Neal EMFA Jason Stone Executive Officer: Chief Engineer: LCDRR.Reifisnberger LTTomShaw Damage Control Assistant: LTJG Jim Nigh ENC(SW)CharlesTrovillo MN1 Anthony Weitekamp (Retired) RM1 (SW) Kevin Keller MS2(SW) Thomas Clifton BM1 (SW) R.Wilde EN3 (SW) Antonio Jackson MS3 Thomas Dennis 058 NAVY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL LTJG Klingen Berg SKC Evans HM1 (AW) Brown ET2 Dube RM3 Dyer EN3 Reasoner EN3 Castillo FNHibbert EN Higgins GOOD CONDUCT LETTERS OF COMMENDATION QMl (SW) Burns DC1 Ellis EMI Pellon YM1 Pinales MN1 Ringrose EM2Ceveda IC2 Gatewood MN2 Graham BMSNMcElroy SAPenn SN Waters BMSRWeaver STG2 Koedyker MS2 Johnson HT2 Manovich SK2 Perdue EN2Rios RM2 Rodriguez GMG2 Realime SA Robinson SARussell SASmalls FN Stone EM3Bakken MN3Corn RM3 Dyer EN3 Jackson EN3 Lennington QM3 Mitchell RM3Wong FN Aquirre DCFNAIford FNAsselin SN Biggs MSSN Cains ENFN Cunningham SN Hidalgo 59 O Charlie Advancements CYCLE 1 59 MAR98 BT2 David Wayne Figg MN2 Andre E. Graham DC3 Michael Alford QM3Jarod Mitchell OFFICERS CDRBoorujz CCDR Reifenberger LTJG Snyder LTJGKIingenberg CYCLE 160SEP98 MN1 EdgerL Butler SKI Parry E. Perdue IC1 Raymond Storme EN2 Marc CCarter MN2 Kenneth J. Corn RM2 Steven C.Dyer DC3 Jerry Asselin EN3 Victor Cunningham RM3ScottA. Donney GM3 Chad A. Hidalgo BM3AdamM.McElroy RM3 Jermain Waters COMMAND ADVANCEMENTS (CAP) EN1 (SW) Baker DC2 Gatewood ■ O60 O Holidays THE BEST NEVER REST " 62

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