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I i I i i 1 The ARCTURUS departed Norfolk on 25 October for the Med. In-chopping on 6 November, ARCTURUS transferred transient personnel to USS TRUCKEE using the ever popular boatswain ' s chair. The next day Phase I consolidation with USS CONCORD (AFS-5) was completed and ARCTURUS continued on what was to be an eventful cruise. On 9 November we anchored for engineering repairs in the midst of three Russian ships - a cruiser and two destroyers on ma- neuvers off Malta. After a combination refueling, replenishment, and vertrep operation with the SEATTLE (AOE-3) over 10 and 11 November the ARCTURUS anchored with Amphibious Landing Force in Navplion, Greece. Stores were then transferred by boat and vertrep. On 16 November, off the coast of Italy, ARCTURUS unrepped with the KENNEDY (CVA-67) and refueled from the PAWCATUCK (AO-108). Enroute to Naples on 17 November, the ARCTURUS conducted RAS with the HAMMERBURG (DE-lOiS). On 19 November the stay in Naples was suddenly extended by an auto accident which put both Captain Irwin and Executive Officer Millard in the hospital. The ARCTURUS remained anchored outside Naples Harbor awaiting the arrival of Captain J. P. Shelton from CONUS. Rough weather then stranded a liberty party ashore. It was not until after the arrival on 21 November, of Captain Shelton, that ARCTURUS re-entered Naples Harbor for fresh water and her liberty party. From 23 to 25 November the ARCTURUS was again in a liberty port, this time Barcelona. Out-chop took place on the way to Rota, Spain where the ARCTURUS was met by its Executive Officer. After picking up retrograde the ARCTURUS left Rota about 1800 on 27 November, the day she arrived. Until 3 December, when she was detached for Newport, Rhode Island, the VAN VOORHIS (DE-1028) provided company on the return trip through the Atlantic. The ship was refueled by ARCTURUS on four separate occasions during the crossing. Twenty-five foot seas and sixty knot winds delayed the end of this eventful cruise for two days, until 10 December. After off- loading in Norfolk the ARCTURUS wAs nested for the new year and a tender availability with the VULCAN (AR-5). USS ARCTURUS AF-52 Ship ' s History r ' , I USS ARCTURUS (AF-52) is a refrigerated stores ship as- signed to Commander Service Squadron FOUR. The ship ' s allowance is 15 officers and 205 enlisted men. She displaces 12,000 tons with a length of 460 feet and a beam of 63 feet. ARCTURUS was built in 1943 by the Moore Shipbuilding and Drydock Company and cele- brated her silver anniversary in 1968. Originally christened SS GOLDEN EAGLE, she served with the Merchant Marine until 1961. Following overhaul and conversion, the U.S. Navy formally commissioned her ARCTURUS in November 1961, taking her name from the principle star in the constellation, Bootes. Since commissioning, she has served with pride as an ' ' under- way supermarket for the Service Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Nearly 800 ships have received food, stores and freight from her during her busy nine year Navy Career. ARCTURUS carries suf- ficient food stuffs to supply 30,000 men 30 days in addition to large quantities of non-edible stores. In her five holds, ARC- TURUS stores over 180 varieties of fresh, frozen and dry provisions. In carrying out her primary mission as an ' ' underway super- market ARCTURUS plies the waters of the Atlantic and Medi- terranean in support of the U.S. Navy ships in these waters. The year 1970 has seen ARCTURUS in the Mediterranean twice and also with the Amphibi- ous Forces on two occasions. One of the benefits of these trips is the ports visited such as; Bermuda; Malta; Malaga; Spain; Palma de Mallorca and others. A particular sense of pride is the three E ' s on her stack and bridge signifying a clean sweep in all available awards for the 1970 competitive year. The big red E on the stack is for Engi- neering excellence, the blue ' ' E is for supply excellence, and the white E signifies Battle Efficiency overall. I Captain Charles M. Irwin, USN Commanding Officer Captain IRWIN received his commission upon graduation from the University o( Virginia in 1945. His first assignment was at the Mine Warfare School in Yorktown, Virginia, followed by a tour in USS YMS 10, conducting minesweeping operations in and around the Philippine Islands. Prior to entering Submarine School in 1949, he served consecutively in USS YMS 442 and the USS MALOY(DE-791). Subsequent assignments were in USS SPIKEFISH (SS-404); USS TRUMPET- FISH (SS-425): Staff, Submarine School: and USS TRIGGER (SS-564). Upon completing the Armed Forces Staff College in 1959, he was ordered to Washington for duty in OPNAV. Two command assignments followed in USS CREVALLE (SS-291) and USS TIGRONE (SS-419). In 1963 Captain IRWIN became the United States Liaison Officer with offices in Hamburg, Germany. Returning to the U.S. in 1965, he assumed duties as Operations Officer for Task Group ALFA (Commander Carrier Division 16) on board USS RANDOLPH (CVS-15). His most recent assignment has been on the Staff of the Commander in Chief Atlantic. Captain IRWIN is married to the former Mariette H. Wallace of Niagara Falls. N.Y. Captain and Mrs. IRWIN presently make their home with their two daughters in Virginia Beach. Lcdr. David R. Millard, USN Executive Officer i Lieutenant Commander MILLARD was commissioned in May of 1957 upon completion o( Officer Candidate School. He had received his BS from California State Polytechnic College two years earlier. His first two assignments were involved with Oceanographic Research which led him to San Nicholas Island off the coast of Southern California where he stayed until late 1959. Upon completion of Fleet Gunnery School in December of 1959 he was sent into the Pacific Fleet where he spent the major part of his time. In Operations and Weapons billets, he served consecutively aboard the USS HELENA (CVA-75). the USS SIRIUS (AF-60) and the USS FLET- CHER (DD-445). He completed his stay in the Pacific as a staff member of the Manned Space Craft Recovery Force Pacific and Coastal Surveillance Force Vietnam. In 1969 he was transported to the East Coast where he was assigned as Executive Officer of the USS CHIKASKIA (AO-50) which was decommissioned in December of 1969. Soon after he reported aboard the ARCTURUS. Lieutenant Commander MILLARD is married to the former Vicki Odenweller of Cleveland, Ohio. They presently reside with a daughter and son in Virginia Beach. HfrT r r T |p.r „ I Deck Department I til LT BERNARD B. BROWN FIRST LIEUTENANT K First Division it T kf TIT BMl J. Lavin BM2 R. Lynd BM3 B. Cope SN E. Barfield SN R. Bousquet SN J. Cressman SN W. Earl J: SN R. Harris I SN T. Livingston f. SN G. Schiller SN C. Shuman SN S. Smith w «T I I jT o !?■ ' ir 5? ► SN T. Paine 1 SN H. Standiford SN E. Strawn SA J. Grant SA E. llolston SA P. Jardo SA T Lanza SA M. Reeves SA G Roger Second Division BMl J- Funderburke GMG2R. Honick BM3 T. DeBusse SN W. Bridges SN J. Hilars SN R. Engelman SN J . Kay 1 SN B. LaMere SN L. Lyons SNJ.Piech SN C. Prowant SN L. Sammet SA E. Bernal 9 % SA D. Gray SA E. Jefferson SA J. Korth SA S. Milton SA R. Radford SA Z. Shoffield SA N. Spencer Engineering Department LT BOBBY K. REDWINE CHIEF ENGINEER MMl E. Ralston MMFN G. Fleagle M Division MM2 F. A bare MM2 R Rockey MM3 S. Arsenault MR3 T. Lasch MMFN D. Wright FN J. I.aMasten FN J. Phillips FN F. Robinson FN G Walsh B Division 1 BTl J Lewis BT2 S. Jenkins BT2 W. Stevens BT3 J- Frye BT3 J- Holden BT3 M. Miller BT3 G. Stanley FN J, Home FN D. Reed FNM. Strzelecki FA P. Estridge E Division EMI D. Williams f EM3 M. Boyle 1C2 F. DeCarlo IC2 D. Hasiie EM2 J Roycht EM3 C. Cofcr 1 M3 R Place EMFN J. Emden EMFN E. Pappas SN D. Doseck R Division 111 i SF2 J. Repsher M K y 1 ? DCFN J. Kenzie T! 1 5 -.c l SFPFNR Veltman DCFN C. Yerby FNR.Barath FN P. Bergevin FN B. Creasap DCFA D. Kolb FR J . Ventimiglia A Division MM2 J. Davis y MM2 R. Hackett EN2 J. Oglesby If s J MM3 R Emory )? FN S. Dillard FN A LaPorte FN L. McElroy FN E. Ross FN M. Sarvich FA S. Spears i operations Department LT JAMES H. METTLER OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT A OC Division RADIO GANG RMl R. demons ETN2 T. Davis SM2 R. Kirkman .! SX ETN2 W. Mackay RM3 T. Ball SIGNALMEN : . f RM3 A. Haasz RM3 W Pierce RM3 J Rose ETR3 H. Watkins SMSN G. Nowak RMSA B. Berezansky SA A. Minetto ON Division ' e. RD2 R. Dudas QM2 J. Pine ? QM3 T. Bethm RD3 T. Jenkins J s. i RD3 E. Lutz QMSN K.Collignon f QMSN J . Macaulay RDSN W. Scruggs 1 RADARMEN SN E. Meyers SN R. Thompson X Division YN2 E. Brown YN3 D. Owen PN3 J Repsher PC3 J Sexton HM3 J West YN3 W Whitaker « PNSN W Kerr PCSN J. McKisson SN M. Clarkson Supply Department SKI J Corey SK3 J- Arbaugh SK3 T. Charlton S-1 Division SK2 R. Nygaard SK3 H. Banks SKSN S. Dufault DP3 R Parker SKSN C. Kennedy n., DPSN S. Lawlcy SKSN P. Long SN R. Eastcrling SN D. Shafer SH3 O. Paquet SK3 R- Polak S-2 Division SK3 W Peterson SHLSN R. Dyer SN T. Holmes SN A. Miller SN D. Ruiz SN E. Town Stewards Cooks I CSl R Butler SDl R. Herrera CSl E. Lilly ' ■y. SD2 A. Catucutan SD2 F. Hugo SD3 E. Cena CS3 T. Dukes GALLEY CREW SD3 C. Holland CS3 B. Thompson CSSN R. Vandegeer 9 STEWARDS TN J. Aragon TN M. Ballcsteros TN A. Cuartelon ! 1 9 X 14 SN G. Dumayas TN C Fernando TN R Hernandez TN R. Mcjia TN W Swaney TN A Tiglao TN A Tuazon Ik 7 1 9 I 4 LCDR M. WALSH LT B. B. BROWN LT B. K. REDWINE LT J. H. METTLER The Wardroom LCDR D. R. MILLARD LTJG R. HARRISON LTJG B. RANDALL LTJG E. RUOTSINOJA LTJG W WOOD LTJG R. ZAJAC ENS C. CLOCK ENS K. PHILLIPS CW02 L. FREY CW02 G. MCCULLEY The Chiefs SKCM C. LEFTWICH BMCM R. PILLE MMCS A. MORMANDO QMC G. CHAPMAN SFC H. COVINGTON 9 HMC E. FOSTER SKC F. GOnFREY MMC R. PERKINS RMC G. SMITH CSC J. YAZEK J ' ' 51 i i K ' Ck Replenishment at Sea I i f 4 j|y B I X I Excellence in Performance i e I Ports of Call imphGi ' JST ' Tt B BWi aoa :ii tJ v ' I A Party Picnic : si f ?r f H ' ' m ifiS! -»5k .— i vi i uhif ' A-a-jfti({ri... , •■ ' 1 1 5 Captain John P. Shelton, USN Captain SHELTON was assigned on board the USS ARCTVRUS in Naples on 18 November 1970, as an emergency relief for the injured Captain Irwin. As the former Commanding Officer of the USS ALSTEDE (AF-48), a sister ship of the ARCTURUS, he quickly adapted to the idiosyncrasies of the ARC and guided her back to the Continental United States. A little more than a month after arrival Captain SHELTON retained his previous position as Chief of Staff of COMSERV- RON FOUR, the ARCTURUS ' Stateside Command. Navy Ship ' s Crew Questions Safety NORFOLK - On Monday, the 27-year-old store ship Arcturus will begin her umpteenth ' ' gro- cery truck run to the Mediterra- nean with a cargo of victuals and mixed emotions. The mixed emotions are those of the crew, part of whom believe the ship is so old and so badly in need of a major overhaul (she ' s been 1,245 days out of drydock) that a safety factor is involved. This the captain and his chief engineer stoutly deny. Servlant (Atlantic Fleet Service Force ) is not going to deploy one of its ships if there ' s any question about its safety, says Capt. N.E. Larsen. The question was raised whethe r the tight money situation had resulted in skimping on repair work that should have performed. ' ' Servlant has yet to refuse me money for essentia! repairs, the captain said. Crew members had singled out the engine room as having the most deficiencies. They cited fires, a non-working fire main system, cracks in the boiler and many past breakdowns. They say that there is no exit from the fire room except by climbing to a higher level , that a hatch to the shaft room from the fire room was welded shut when the ship shifted from the mer- chant marine to the Navy in 1961. Chief Engineer Lt. Bob Red- wine says that there has been only one fire in which an alarm has been sounded and that oc- curred some two weeks ago when over-amperage led to fire in a ca- ble leading to the main circulat- ing pump. The pump was under repair and scheduled to be installed yesterday. A ship ' s normal redundancy (duplicated equipment) prevent- ed the fire room from having been a hazard, Redwine said, while the only crack in a boiler was that in the outer shield (air under slight pressure is kept be- tween the inner and outer walls of a boiler to serve as insu- lation. The hatch to the shaft room had been welded shut when the ship shifted from MSTS to com- batant role in order to preserve compartment integrity, he said. As to past breakdowns, the bottom blow piping had given trouble in Naples on the last de- ployment, and again after she was alongside the tender Vulcan after her return from the Med December 9. This entire system has now been radiographed and is within acceptable limits, Redwine said. While is was true that the ship was on water hours returning from the Med, this was due in part to their giving a large quan- tity of fresh water to a destroyer escort which returned with them, he said. Redwine pointed out that the ship had undergone a ' ' rigid InSurv (inspection-survey) by a board last September before her last deployment. This included a full backdown (reversing engines at high speed). In view of her age, I didn ' t particularly want this to bedone, but she held up fine, Redwine said. He said he considered the key elements of the engine room (boilers, gears and turbines) ' ' in excellent shape in view of her age. Arcturus is scheduled for a full yard overhaul from August to November, Captain Larsen said. »l

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