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 - Class of 1959

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9 X S 3 5 Q I z ll z 3 3 '4-. r' 'I L, fri-pi ,. 1 W . .f w .J n,m' ' . .ng Ifb- V ,av 'SEV kg N5 ,XA W , 1 f ,. , Z 1 4 'l 5 ' ff , ff ,kv A ar as QS E 94' ' N VZ' 0 M 1 I- 4 h ' ' . 1 0 ' V4 wi ' 4a vM5w M ., X sf Y ,Q D 4 - ,F 4 it lx, 'ik f A Q 4 A Q A 1 1-E' W 'f- 1 're' ' 0 O 4 ' , 4. : A 5- 1 f Q 1 I 1- , , l v'q 'nl -' N 0 p ft! 1 1 ' 4, c if ' 'E . . 'fi-, Ks f + ' 44" ar fo I s K 1 , Qivlqfs v I f Y if a 3 If fl 8 'I ' , fs 'K I , ,Lf fig' ,f Q M, R A I 1 if wi '28- . , . 4 J' gy nr ff, 11' O X sw Q za J, IQ r -0 4 s A 4: ,ws S n "-ff ish 2f"""M Q NWH XM 'F?'fW?WW SX 6 Ai f Z X -:.i'?l2h-,Q Z . K Tix ff f Q X N 'EL' x 1 gi . ff' X if ,rjff 15 MZJ4 V " 4 N 5 X f 5 ,i N. Q'- 19 ff l 9 Pu blishecf 'bl-le. Senior Class me lq59 Arcola Comm unify Unif School Dist. No. 506 Arcoli, Illinois DEDICATIDN We, the Seniors of Arcola High School, Class of '59, dedicate this Torch to Mr. Dunn. Having been with us ror four years, Mr. Dunn has shown his ability as a teacher, a class advisor, and a a friend to all. He has been a wonderful example to all of us and his school spirit is unsurpassed. we feel he is entirely desirving of this distinc- tion. Mr. Dunn, the Class of '59 again wishes to ex- press their sincerest thanks for all you have done for us. We wish you all the happiness in the world f?0 j WT!- in the future. 58 - 5 9 uRRE T EVENTS August: E? 2O-21-22 The days the Halls of Ivy are the busiest. School Registration. ' 1 23 Riders return to the grid iron. Oh! My aching bones. 5 -28 The first official day of school. Everyone here? September: l Annual holiday, Labor Dayg no school. Vacation time already. S Election of B-Team Cheerleaders. Freshmen-Mary Bright, Diana Boesiger, Susan Romine, and Sophomore-Jane Blagg. eg ll Instrument display in school cafeteria tonight. . 12 Riders win first football game with Lexington here. 25-O Ks 15 PTA Pouuck. l6 Fresh-Sonh football game with Villa Grove there. 11' 17 Tuscola Student Council were our guest today in joint X meeting. Welcome! s ' 18 Senior pictures were taken today by Mr. Blankenberg, nSmile pretty.n l9 Finished Senior pictures and took other class pictures Election of Homecoming Queen, Miss Bobbie Biggs. Riders down Cerro Gordo Sl-O here. 22 Fresh-Soph football game here. Go! Riders. Go! 23 Band Booster Potluck in school cafeteria. 6:30 p.m. 26 Riders meet first defeat at Unity. lh-l2. 29 Fresh-Soph win football game over Unity at home. 30 Mr. Sitter and Mr. Roberts attended an Ag dinner at Tolono. October: l The first six weeks tests were written today. Good luck! 2 Mrs. Cripe attends Music Clinic. 3 Riders travel to Atwood and win 25-O. gl 6 Fresh-Soph victory over Atwood there. I 7 Mr. Sitter attends Principals Conference at Champaign. 8 First six weeks grade cards were issued today. - . 2. 9 Homecoming Parade, dance and game. Riders meet defeat A W- in nfifth down play with Sullivan. what a game!!! lO IEA meeting at Charleston. No school. Yea!!! 13 Fresh-Soph Game at Sullivan. lh Assembly Program with Paul Knevlo and his leader dog. 15 Mr. Sitter and Mr. Roberts attend Ag Meeting. 17 Riders venture to Arthur and return with a win no-o. l8 Band Booster Bean Supper held in school cafeteria. 20 Fresh-Soph game cancelled with Arthur and game scheduled with Lovington. 21 PTA Meeting. 23 First official Torch Staff meeting held in Miss Scott's room activity period. 55 2h Riders down Oakland 27-O there. 9 t 27 Fresh-Soph play Oakland here in last game of the season. , ' 28 FFA boys pick corn at Bob Combe's. 29 FFA boys finish picking corn today. F . C' ayzigs 3j,rf J A3 M 'sf X. 0 Torch Staff meeting in Miss Scott's room activity period 59 ' 7 1 tes 565 X X1 ' .fi' , 1 2, I 2 P E November: M 7 ll 12 13 lk 17 18 19 20 21 2h 25 26 27 28 CJ 0 0 Cb 5 U' 0 '1 Aj?" CDU1. l'0lXJr-'r-'P' r-'P-JSO UNK:-2S0U'lUJ IDI-' -27-29 January: 5 6 9 12 13 1h 15 16 17 20 21-22 23 26 27 30 Larry Guyot, Tom Cox, and John Young skip school and get haircuts. Basketball practice starts. Let's really go!!! Pep Club begins Block NAU. Armistice Day. No school. Student Council meets. Lettermen's Club elect Co-Captains Joe Monahan and Harry Bright for next year's football season. Pep Club meets and practices Block 'An routine. Chamber of Commerce honor football boys at banquet. Extra-Curricular Activities pictures taken for Torch. Assembly program. Pep Club Block WAN practice. Eideis begin Basketball season with a win over Assumptio O-2 . Three boys locked Sam Blackwell in his locker. Second six weeks tests. Riders down Mt. Zion M3-30. Grade Cards issued. Everyone pass? Thanksgiving Dayg No school. No school, we need the vacation. First day back to school after Thanksgiving. Several Ag boys and Mr. Roberts leave at 5,00 a.m. to attend Livestock show in Chicago. Return Assembly Programs between Tuscola and Arcola. Game at Tuscolag Riders win Sl-39. Junior dress rehearsal for class play. Junior Class Play. It was a real success, Juniors. Mysterious bell rang at 11:30. Pep Club meeting. Riders toss over a win of 66-28 beating Atwood here. Assembly Program. Riders travel to windsor and meet defeat MO-72. Talented students travel to Unity in exchange program. Riders venture to Arthur and return with a win of 39-29 Christmas vacation begins. Monticello Holiday Tournament. Riders meet defeat in first game against Villa Grove, MO-MB. First day back to school after Christmas vacation. Riders downed 38-M7 at Unity. gideis venture to Cerro Cordo and toss over a win of l-3 . Reveiw for first semester exams begin today. Riders downed Tudcola here 62-37. Last minute review before exams starts. Semester exams begin. Good luck to everyone! Riders downed 62-58 by Monticello here. Riders were downed 66-58 by Moroa here. Bonfire was started in study hall today. --Jack Phillips Game scheduled with Assumption was cancelled because of bad weather. No school because of bad weather. Ridgis venture to Newman and return with victory of Beginning of Okaw Tournament, held at Unity. Riders lose game to Villa Grove in the Tournament. School dismissed early, teachers go to Tuscola for chest x-rays. 11 I ,x f February: 9 3 5 6 10 12 13 16 18 19 20 23 211 S 26 27 S52 28 March: 2-6 6 9-10 12 16 17 27-30 April: Qsf 10 13 17 23 , May: X 15 17 19 22 25 26 28 Feature Editor Mary Ann Thompson Riders downed the Arthur Knights here 53-h3. The game was broadcasted over WLBH FM in Mattoon. Chorus attends annual chorus festival at Villa Grove. Miss Scott's History Class was locked in the room fifth hour. John Young was hung out the window and banged on Mr. Browning's window with a chair so they might be rescued. Riders traveled to Argenta and meet defeat 63-73. No school. Abe L1ncoln's birthday. Minstrel show begins. Riders traveled to Bement and tossed over a win of 52-38, Study Hall had a visitor, a bird. Riders traveled to Assumption and returned with a whopper of a win 73-Sl. Eastern Junior High Band Concert held in gym. Band members attend the Band Festival held at Villa Grove. The Riders scalped the Sullivan Redskins M9-3h here. Celebrate George Washington's birthday. Ping Pong Tournament starts toda . Riders were downed 55-Zh at Casey. Solo's that were going to the contest sang for the Lions Club. Parents and sons banquet. Fourth six weeks ends. Solos and Ensembles attend Contest at R0sSvi11e. Regional Tournament held at Tuscola. we lost again to Villa Grove. Teachers Institute, no school. Dorothy Sitz gets married. Her name now is Dorothy Ashley. Fresh-Soph Basketball Tournament at Tuscola. FFA meeting. Y., PTA meeting. Saint Patr1ck's Day. The wearing of the green. No school, Easter Vacation. 5,4g:Fy 6 QS 'Ze Fifth six weeks ends. 0 Grade School Spring Festival. All the first in Roseville go to state contest. Band Booster Spring Potluck in the cafeteria. Safety Program. Chorus Concert. Junior-Senior Prom. The Big Night!!! Spring Band Concert at 2:30. Class Night. what fun!!! Senior Dance and Banquet at the Country Club. Everyone have fun. High School Graduation End of Second Semester The last day of school . 'The Really Big Night. . Eighth Grade Graduation . Good luck to all. JT ,Ea fig fi' W SQ DMINISTRAfION UPERINTEN DE T 'S MESSAGE George W. Cecil once said, "On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest and, resting, died." May it be said that this was not true of you. The very fact that you desire to have a school annual helps to make this statement true. The time spent in high school has been used for study- ing, playing, and working together. You have used your gifts of lively minds, physical vigor, and active curiosity in these experiences. May you look back and be able to say: I was able to see a forest instead of only trees. While you are now reading this, may you be determined to continue through life to always attempt to see the forest. By doing so, your efforts will be toward the positive things of life. Congratulations to the "Torch" staff on this year's production. I I PRINCI PAL'S ME SSAGE To this year'e graduating class I wish to offer nw congratulations. You have had many notable achievements during your four years :Ln Arcola High School and you have left a. fine example for our underclassmen to follow. It is my hope that you will carry the same enthusiasm, initiative, and drive into your vocations that you demonstrated while you were stu- dents. May this Annual serve to remind you in later years of the many worth while experiences and activities you enjoyed while attending school in Arcola. iw ix- 4 BOARD OF EDUCATION Top Row: Charles Harshbarger, Donald Baker, John Hilgenberg. Bottom Row: Clifford Strader, Fred Shrader, Bill Cunmingham, Dr. J. V. Fishel. CITIZENS' ADVISORY COUNCIL Top Row: Mrs. John King, Merle Mohr, Jess Sargent, Charles Taylor, Clifford Williams, Lowell Thompson, Eugene Rothrock, Mrs. Ben Bushu, Exel Beyers. Bottom Row: Mrs. Herman Ramsey, Mrs. Gerald Bright, Robert Coombe, Mrs. Earl Chapman. Absent: Mrs. Dale Gardner, Mrs. Delbert Keepper, Howard Weller, Mrs. Sam Blackwell, Kenneth Johnson 4JL.N.fIXlQ I I'KlN.ll.QJ CCCKS JANITORS o l 155319 MUPPUY: Alma Wilson, Edward Duhamel Joe McCoy Nelle Hartford, N611 Vest' Russell Burch,,Sherwood Ellis Margret Davis, Minne Thompson, Kathern Gray THE FAC U LTY Mrs. Rosemary Woodruff, B.of Ed. Eastern Illinois State University Physical Education G.A.A. Advisor Carrol Dunn, B.E., M.S. Violet Whitson, A.B. Eastern Illinois University Blackburn 0011989 University of Illinois Wheaton College Miami University, Oxford, Ohio English In III, IV Algebra I, II Latin I, II Geometry Arco-Lite Advisor, Trigonometry First Semester Math IV Sophomore Class Sponsor Senior Play Direcotr Mildred Rea, B.S. Lois Smith, M.S. Eastern Illinois University Eastern Illinois University Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Librarian Home Economics Library Club Advisor F.H.A. Advisor Harold Scott B.M. M.Ed. Carolyn Jokisch, B.A. Illinois Wesleyan Gniversity Macnurray Co11,g, Um-V9T'5itY of 11113013 University of Illinois Band Booster Club Advisor Valprasio University Band Office Practice Shorthand I, II Bookkeeping Typing I Arco-Lite Advisor i Nelson loberts B.S. Marcia Crips, B.S. Univlrtlny of Illinois University of Illinois Ag I II, III, IV Girls' Chorus Ffllilll Class Advisor Boys' Chorus F.F.A. Advisor Grade School Music Don Harmon B.S., M.Ed. Modesta Scott, A.B. Shurtleff College James Mullikin University Southern Illinois University University of Illinois Driver Training Political Economy Biology American History Physical Education World History Basketball Coach Torch Advisor F.T.A. Advisor 95 Lloyd Atterberry, B.S. Illinois State Normal University Xi3'iZ2s?2ilafBifimis ggigggaffggggggion Home Economics y Football Coach Letterman's Club Advisor Charles Reed, B.S. Murray State College University of Illinois Industrial Arts I, II, III, IV Eighth Grade Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Advisor Pep Club Advisor Lucille Burns, A.B. University of Indiana Eastern Illinois University Butler University English I,Il Junior Play Director Phyllis Parmentier Eastern Ullinois University Physical Education Kathleen Kleiss Eastern Illinois University General Math G 1 S ' Freshman Class Sponsor eneia Clence G.A.A. Advisor Chem stry Junior Class Sponsor vw' N A 6- X , 3 fs . A . sf 1 :YJ C13 O t Y 1' Wx X f 'A ' 1 4, MAN 83 . 'q ,lm K X 1 7 fr qw KHP? . ff A q fA'Q ' K SC? -,g X X, V' N l Q N f " H QQ Q 0 xi ' , 1 fn 1 f ,1 f xil Qh Q Z? 1 17 F x f fini ? X Milk Nl X .gg 13, MQ 10? warm n--4. vvwvyvvvyvrvyv-""' vv-.vv-.1-...4- I V , F05 5 ,NPI 1 2,9 ZA 43? 79 L36 7 ENIORS Minors: Social Studies, Latin Activities: Football, l,2,3,hg Co-Captain, kg Basketball, l,2,3g Track, l,2,hg Letterman' Clubs 2n3nh3 Banda 1:2o3nh5 Band Officer, 3,hg Camera Club, lg Chorus, 1,23 Class Officer, l,2g Student Council, 2,3,hg Student Council Officer, 3,h: Arco-Lite, Mg Torch Staff, M. Majors: Math, Science, English. Minors: Social Studies. Activities: Industrial Arts Club, 23 Basketball, 2. T O M C O X Majors: Science, Math,English Minors: Latin, Social Science. Activities: Football, l,2,3,h3 Basketball, l 2,3g Track, 2g cuss Play, fly Letterman's Club, 2,3,hg Class Officer, 2,33 Pep Club, 3,h3 Torch Staff, ug Arco-Lite Staff, 33 Student Council, A B E N J A M I N J A M E S B I N F O R D Majors: Agriculture, English, Social Science. Minors: Commercial. Activities: FFA, 1,2,3,h. B A R B A R A S U E B I G G S Majors: English, Hbme Ec. Minors: Commerce, Math, Social Studies, Science. Activities: FHA, 1,2,3,Ag FHA officer, 2,3,Lg GAA, l,2,3,hg GAA officer, 3,ug Arco-Lite, 3 ug Torch Staff, Queen Attendant, 1,53 Chorus, lg B-Team Cheerleader, lg Varsity cheerleader, 233,hg Class officer, Lg Junior Class Play' Homecomin Queen, Sweet Eeart , a 5 3. C H A R L O T T E A N N B U N T E N Ma'ors' Home Ec En lish History. J f 'Q S 1 Minors: Com ercial, Science. Activities: GAA, l,2,3 Lg FHA, l, 2,3,L,g Library Club, l,f,3,l4.g officer, Lg Chorus, l,2,3,hg Pep Cmb,LhgNA,L3AgCmnm Ensemble, 1,33 Mixed Chorus, l,2, 3,h- Majors: Industrial Arts, English Minors: History, Commercial, Science. Activities: Industrial Arts Club, l,2,3,hg Camera Club, l,2,3,A. C L A R E N C E W' A Y N E C C T H R O N Majors: English, Math, Industrial Arts. Minors: Science, Social Studies Activities: Track, 2: Football l,2,3,45 Basketball, 1,2,3,4g Basketball Captain, Ag Letter- man's Club, 2,3,hg Industrial Arts Club, 3,hg Officer, 3,bg Pep Club, 3,hg Officer, h. B O B C O X G A Y T H E L B U R G E S S Social Minors- Math, Home Ec. Activities- Pep Club 2,3,Ag G.A.A. 1,2,3,L5 G.A.A. Officer Lg Band 1, 2,3,Lg Band Solo 1 2,35 Band Ensanble 1,2,3,L,g Band officer 35 Arco-Lite 3,hg Torch Staff L. J A N E T G R A C E Majors- Home Ec., Commercial, English Minors- Math, Science, Social Science Activities- G.A.A. 1,2,3,Lg G.A.A. camp 33 F.H.A. l,2,3,hg Pep Club 2 3 L' Chorus 1 2 3 4: Arco-Lite Lg lil ll! Class Play 3. C A R L B E R G Majors: English, Home Ee. Minors: Social Science, Math, Science. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,hg Pep Club, 2,3,hg Band l,2,33 Chorus, lg Torch Staff, bg Homecoming Attendant, L3 Arco-Lite Staff, 3,hg Class Play, 3. B A R B A R A C A R R O L L Majors: Social Science, Com ercial. Minors: Math, English, Latin, Home Ec. Activities: Band, l,2,3,hg GAA, 1,2,3,hg FTA, 33 FHA, 1,25 Chorus, l,2,33 Pep Club, 2,3,h. S H I R L E Y F L E T C H E H Majors: Math, Science, English, Social Studies. Minors: Home Ec., Industrial Arts. Activities: Football, l,2,3,hg Basketball, l,2,3g Track, 2,33 Camera Club, 1,25 Letterman's Club, 3,h3 Officer, M. Majors: Science, English, Math. Minors: Social Studies, Latin. Activities: Band, l,2,3,hg Pep Club, 23 Camera Club, l,2. Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: Science, Social Studies, Math, Home Ec. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,hg Board Member, kg Pep Club, 2,3,uf Arco-Lite, kg Torch Staff. E D N A J O Y C E G 0 O D Majors: English, Commercial. Minors: Math, Science, Social Science, Latin. Activities: GAA, 1,2,3,ug FTA, l,2,3,hg Library Club, l,2,3,hg Officer, hg Chorus, l,2,3,h3 Ensemble, l,3,ug Pe Club, 2,3,hg Arco-Lite, 3,83 Torch Staff: Mixed Chorus, 1!2!3lh" M A R Y T E R E S A G O 0 C H D A V I D E L L I S O N Majors: Science, Agriculture, English. Minors: Math, Social Studies, Home Ec., Bookkeeping. Xctivities: Chorus, 1,23 Letter- mmsCmb,Lh5NM,l2JJu1WP Jlub, 3,ug Football, l,2,3g Basket- aall, l,2,3g Track, l,2g G E R Y G R O S S Eajorsz English, Math, Science, Social Science. dinor: Latin. .ctivitiesz Football, 1,33 Chorus, ,2g Pep Club, l,2,3,hg Torch Staff, .ettermanfs Club, 3,ug officer, Lg rco-Lite, 3,Lg Junior Class Play, Majors: English, Math, Social Studies. Minors: Science, Agriculture, Commercial. Activities: Football, 1,2 3,43 Basketball, 3,25 Track, 1,25 Camera Club, 1,23 FFA, l,2,3,L, Chorus, 1,33 Letterman's Club, l,2,3,4, Basketball Manager, 1, L A R R Y L E E G U Y O T Majors: English, Math, Science. Minors: Latin, Social Studies. Activities: Football, l,2,3,L5 Basketball, l,2,3,bg Track, l,2g Lettermanfs Club, l,2,3,hg Junior Class Playg Student Council, 2,3g Arco-Lite . 3 .l+. E D W' A R A D C H A R L E S H I5 I N Majors: Commercial, English, Social Science, Home Ec. Minors: Science. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,Lg Board member, 23 Chorus, Junior Class Play, Twirler, 2,3,ug Pep Club, 33 B-Team Cheerleader, lg Torch Staff. I Lliejors: English, History, Home Ee., Commercial. Minors: Science. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,h3 Chorus, l. 2 Majors: English, Ag, Science Minors: Math, Social Science Activities: FFA, l,2,3,hg Officer, 3,h3 Torch Staff. G L E N L I T T L E Majors: Science, English, Math, Social Studies. Minors: Commercial, Latin. Activities: Football, lg Camera Club, 1,23 Pep Club, 2,3,h3 Chorus, 1,23 Torch Staff. J E R R Y R A Y M 0 N D M A L L A D Y' 9 Majors: English, Social Studies, Commercial. Minors: Latin, Science, Shorthand. Activities: GAA, 2,3,hg Class Play, 3,hg FTA, 25 Pep Club, 2,3,hg Student Council, 23 Chorus, 2,33 Arco-Lite, kg Torch Staff. ? Iajors: Commercial, Social ltudies, English. liners: Math, Home Ec. Activities: GAA, 1,2,3,hg Jfficer, hy Homecoming Lttendant, 35 Pep Club, 2, s,ug Band, 1,2,3,1,g officer, L: Ensemble, 2,3,h: Arco-Lite, L,hg Torch Staff. A R E N M R Majors: English, Social Studies, Commercial. Minors: Home Ec., Shorthand Activities: Torch Staff: Pep Club, 2,3,hg GAA, lg Library Club, 3. J 0 A N Y V O N N E M U R P H Y' Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Science, Commercial. Minors: Science. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,h: Pep Club, 2,3,U: Band, 1,23 Ensemble, l,2,3 Chorus, 3: Arco-Lite, 3,hg FHA, l,2,3g Class Play, 3. D O R 0 T H Y' S I T Z D E N N I s M Y E R s L Majors: Agriculture, English, His- tory, Minors: Commercial. Activities: Library Club, 192n3nh3 FFA, 1a2s3nh' J O H N C H A R L E S P H I L L I P S i Majors: Science, Math, English Minors: Latin, Social Studies. Activities: Class Officer, 3, Torch Staff, Basketball, lg Track, 25 Foot ball, 1,2,3,Lg Student Council,-3. Majors: English, Home Ec., Social Studies, Commercial. Minors: Science. Activities: GAA, 1,2,3,h3 FHA, 1,23 Chorus, 1,23 Pep Club, 3,L. P A T R I C I A S N I V E I Y Majors: English, History, Home Ee. Minors: Hath, Science . Activities: Band, l,2,3,hg GAA, l,2,3,hg FTA, 33 Chorus, l,2,33 Pop Club, 3. K A R E N S II IB IL I IJ I3 Il S CJ ll Minors: Ma ial Studies. Activities: Letterman's Club, 2,3,hg Officer, 3,h3 FFA, l,2,3,hg Officer, hy Football, l,2,3,h3 Track, l,2,h3 Basketball, l,2,3,M: Class Officer, l,h3 Football Co-Captain, My Pep Club, 2,3,h3 Queen's Escort, M: Attendant's Escort, lg Student Counsil, l. Kajors: English, History, Industrial Arts. Minors: Math, Commercial. Activities: Football, L,3,h3 Library Club, l,2g Industrial Arts Club, l,2,33 Letterman's Club, 3,h. Majors: English, History. Minors: Math, Science. Activities: Camera Club, l,2,3,h3 Industrial Arts 1,20 C H A R L E S S T E W A R T Majors: Math, English, Science- Minors: Latin, Social Studies. Activities: Band, l,2,3,hg Dance Band, l,2,3,h3 Torch Staff, Track, l,2,hg Chorus, l,2,3,h3 Football, l,2,3,Mg Basketball, l,2,3g Letterman's Club, l,2,3,hg Class Officer, 33 Arco-Lite, 3,h3 R O B E R T V Y' V E R E E R G Majors: English, History, Commercial. Minors: Math. Activities: GAA, lg Library Club, l,2,3. Majors: Home Ec., Soc Studies, English. Minors: Commercial, General Science, Math. Activities: GAA, l,2,3,h, FHA, 1,2,3g Chorus, l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,uj Pep Club, l,2,3,h, Secretary, M Arco-Lite, 3,hg Torch Staff: Majors: Math, Science, English. Minors: Industrial Arts, Social Studies. Activities: Football, lg Industrial Arts, 23 Camera Club, l,2. D A V I D W R I G H T Majors: Science, Math, English. Minors: Latin, Social Sciences. Activities: Band, l,2,3,hg Letterman's Club, 3,hg Arco- Lite, 3,hg Class Play, 3,hg Dance Band, 3,hg Chorus, Lg Torch Staff: Track, 2,hg Class Officer, 3,hg Camera Club, l,2. J O H N R O B E R T W O 0 D Majors: Science, Ag, English. Minors: Industrial Arts, L History. A Activities: FFA, 1,2,3,h3 R Football, l,2,h3 Camera R Club, 1,23 Track, 1, Y Letterman's Club, M. W E L L E R J 0 H N hjors: Mata, English, Science. Y Mnors: History, Ag. g Lctivitiesz FFA, l,2,3,hg 2 'ootbal1, l,2,3,hg Track, 23 hsketball, 1,2,3,hg Band, lg C1 2 3 M T h .etterman's ub, , , 3 orc itaffg Class Play, 33 Chorus, .,2,3,h. Pep Club, 2,3,u. AUTOGRAPHS ,950 Q 4 QW? 777"""tf'J8' 01-if B ig' ffhw' ffm-4.11. awww MG-LE Pwww4B' 717494 JXQQ- Zzzimww ffmmxil iiffjg '6L7zz5cLAAdL1?"" gi tuzf ff. lfjtionfvtjf,fCE2:2L4Ja4J QW gmluf' f5-LW-J 1' Afmzwfuf W 344'-101444410 UMM: 6!.,w!a.-MJ 777517 PM we W Q,'L'1,7,'f,Mq,,, i?f'JZljZ SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Four Year Art Beazley Ed Hein Karen Morris Jack Phillips Bob Vyverberg Three Year Joyce Good Carolyn Kluesner John Wood Two Year Gery Gross Jim Binford BAND AWARDS Art Beazley Gaythel Burgess Jerry Dowell Shirley Fletcher Karen Morris Bob Vyverberg John Wood Three Year Barbara Carroll Two Year Dorothy Sitz One Year Larry Weller ATHELETIC AWARDS Three Year Art Beazley Bob Cox Larry Guyot Ed Hein Danny Strader Larry Weller TWO YBBI Jim Binford Jim COX Jack Philllps Max Shaw Bob Vyverberg One Year David Ellison Gery Gross John Young John Wood CHORUS AWARDS Four Year Charlotte Bunten Janet Carlberg Mary Gooch Mary Ann Thompson Bob Vyverberg Three Year Shirley Fletcher Faribell Idleman Carolyn Kluesner Larry Guyot Larry Weller Two Year Barbara Biggs Dorothy Sitz Gery Gross John Wood Art Beazley E GOOD ART BEAAZ DAR SAR AWARDS AMERICAN LEGICN li. THE SCIENCE AWARD This annual Award--a handsome bronze medal-- is given at graduation to the senior student who achieves the highest scholastic standing in science subjects. It is presented in almost 7,000 schools. Since its introduction in 1933, there have been 125,000 winnersg and a substantial per- centage have been encouraged by the Award to follow scientific careers. John R. Wood THE ARION AWARD Each year the Arcola Band Boosters Club awards to a Senior in the Band the National Arion Founda- tion Award. This award is based on the following qualifications and the student is chosen by the members of the Band and faculty. l. Better than average scholastic standing 2. Co-operation over and above normal duties 3. Attendance M. Ambition S. Diligence 6. Insprition to others 7. Personal habits 8. Qualified to carry on the best tradition of the school. Bob Vyverberg x 1 THE AGRICULTURE AWARD Each year the DeKalb Agriculture Association awards a medal, a certificate, and a plaque with the studentls name engraved on it to the most outstanding senior Ag student. This is based On all four years of his Agriculture COUPSS- 0 D D S A N D E N D S NAME: Larry Bowers NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Where's Cheesey?' FAVORITE SONG: 'Tom Dooley' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Freshman Girls TYPE: Quiet NOTED FOR: Being bashful IDEAL: None AMBITION: Be an engineer OUR ADVICE: Work hard. NAME: Patricia Snively NICKNAME: Pat AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: None FAVORITE SONG: 'Autumn Leaves' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who are late TYPE: Lots of fun NOTED FOR: Being with Barbara IDEAL: Her aunt AMBITION: Beautician OUR ADVICE: Go to beauty school. VAME: Robert Vyverberg VICKNAME: Bob LGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'I d1dn't say that' FAVORITE SONG: 'Street of Dreams FAVORITE SPORT: Golf 'ET PEEVE: Disloyalty FYPE: Very ambitious IOTED FOR: His varied abilities IDEAL: Frank Sinatra ,MBITION: Be a singer 'UR ADVICE: Stick by your ambition. GAME: David Wright HCKNAME: Wrong AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'That's life' FAVORITE SONG: 'Don't be Cruel' PAVORITE SPORT: Basketball 'ET PEEVE: School lunches HPE: Hotrodder IOTED FOR: Getting away from cops .DEAL: Alfred E. Newman .MBITION: To graduate from college PUR ADVICE: Drive slower. NAME: Karen Sue Anderson NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Oh nuts' FAVORITE SONG: 'Lonesome Town' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Nosey People TYPE: Friendly , NOTED FOR: Going with Bob IDEAL: Ricky Nelson AMBITION: Housewife OUR ADVICE: Get married. NAME: John Robert Wood NICKNAME: J. R. AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'How about that?' FAVORITE SONG: 'You'1l Never Walk Alone' FAVORITE SPORT: Track PET PEEVE: Social Pressure TYPE: Studious NOTED FOR: Laugh IDEAL: Perry Mason AMBITION: Be a doctor OUR ADVICE: Get a pretty nurse. NAME: Kathleen M. Thomas NICKNAME: Cathy AGE: 18 N EXPRESSION: 'I don't care FAVORITE SONG: 'I Believe' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Special class meetings TYPE: Sweet NOTED FOR: Being with Max IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Beauty Operator OUR ADVICE: Go on to school NAME: Jim Binford NICKNAME: Minnie Gamble AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Phooey' FAVORITE SONG: '77 Sunset Strip' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: P.E. Teachers TYPE: Shy NOTED FOR: Football Ability IDEAL: None AMBITION: Graduate from Notre Dame OUR ADVICE: Study. NAM : Raymond Arthur Beazley NICKNAME: Fuzzy AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nDon't flatter yourself.' FAVORITE SONG: nAutumn Leaves' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Insincere People TYPE: Ambitious NOTED FOR: Being with Linda IDEAL: His Dad AMBITION: Not to become bald OUR ADVICE: Use a hair tonic. NAME: Danny Strader NICKNAME: Dan AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: None FAVORITE SONG: uIt's Only Make Believen FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: None TYPE: Muscular and goodlooking NOTED FOR: Sports Ability IDEAL: Coach Atterberry AMBITION: Coach or farmer OUR ADVICE: Go to college and get married. NAM : Barbara Sue Biggs NICKNAME: Bobbie AGE: 17 ' EXPRESSION: nReally' FAVORITE SONG: 'Till' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Insincere People TYPE: Glamourous NOTED FOR: Her long hair IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Go to school and marry OUR ADVICE: Go to school first NAME: Carolyn June Kluesner NICKNAM : Carol AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nOh darnn FAVORITE SONG: NOne Nightn FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Childish People TYPE: Studious NOTED FOR: Willingness to work IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Private Secretary OUR ADVICE: Be a secretary. NAME: Faribell Idleman NICKNAME: Farl AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nHowdyn FAVORITE SONG: nEbb Tide' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Wise guys TYPE: Friendly and pretty NOTED FOR: Boys falling for he IDEAL: Sister, Mary Jane AMBITION: Commercial Artist OUR ADVICE: Be a movie star. e I' NAME: Larry Weller NICKNAME: None AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: None FAVORITE SONG: nChant1lly Lace FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: None TYPE: Friendly and funny NOTED FOR: wise jokes IDEAL: Coach Atterberry AMBITION: Coach OUR ADVICE: Go on to school. NAME: Mary Ann Thompson NICKNAME: Mat AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: nHeavensn FAVORITE SONG: nIt's All in th the Gamen FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Being late TYPE: Hard worker NOTED FOR: Singing Ability IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Professional singer OUR ADVICE: Be a singer. NAME: Janet Grace Carlberg NICKNAME: Jan AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: nReallyn FAVORITE SONG: nTwilight Timen FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Insincere People TYPE: Polite NOTED FOR: Her turquoise Packard IDEAL: Her sister, Pat AMBITION: To travel, then marry OUR ADVICE: Marry, then travel NAME: Glen Little NICKNAME: Little Glen AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: nOh gosh darn' FAVORITE SONG: "Weekend" FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: People TYPE: Easily embarrassed NOTED FOR: Talking fast IDEAL: Mrs. Kleiss AMBITION: Farmer OUR ADVICE: Slow down and farm NAME: Clarence Wayne Cothron NICKNAME: G. F. AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nCensoredn FAVORITE SONG: nYoung and Beautifuln FAVORITE SPORT: Racing PET PEEVE: Teachers TYPE: Flirty NOTED FOR: Gang fights. IDEAL: Nick AMBITION: Grease Monkey OUR ADVICE: Be one. NAME: Lowell Robert Cox NICKNAME: Bob AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Censored' EAVORITE SONG: 'Tom Dooley' FAVOR ITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Work TYPE: Flirty VOTED FOR: Sports ability IDEAL: Harry Truman LMBITION: To get what he wants JUR ADVICE: Go into politics. IAME: Charles Stewart IICKNAH : Stu LGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Bell' FAVORITE SONG: 'Queen of the Hop' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball ?ET PEEVE: Teachers EYPE: Always goofing off VOTED FO : Blonde hair DEAL: Girls LMBITION: To get out of school JUR ADVICE: Study more. FAME: Dennis Meyers VICKNAME: Dennis the Mbnace AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Gosh' FAVORITE SONG: 'Beep, Beep' PAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Cops FYPE: Mischa ivious VOTED FOR: Being with Tom HEEL: Mr. Roberts LMBITION: Farmer JUR ADVICE: Slow down. IAM : Jerry Lee Dowell IIC KNAME: Zorro LGE: 17 BXPRESSION: 'How about that?' FAVORITE SONG: 'Three Carborators' FAVORITE SPORT: Tennis 'ET PEEVE: State Cops SPE: Shv OTED FOR: His Black Ford DEAL: Zorro MBITION: Electronic Engineer UR ADVICE: Forget Zorro and be engineer. AME: Shirley Ann Fletcher ICKNAME: Fletch GE: 17 XPRESSION: 'Shoot' AVORITE SONG: 'Cimarron' AVORITE SPORT: Football ET PEEVE: People who stare YPE: Bashful OTED FOR: Red Curl DEAL: Miss Scott MBITION: Secretary JR ADVICE: Keep your ambition. NAME: Dorothy Sitz NICKNAME: Dot AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Don't sweat it' FAVORITE SONG: 'To Know Him' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People she can't trust TYPE: Tough NOTED FO : Soaring freshman girls IDEAL: Brother AMBITION: To graduate with class OUR ADVICE: Take good care of Ed. NAME: John Young NICKNAME: Filthy John AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Shoot' FAVORITE SONG: 'Good Bye, Baby' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Liars TYPE: Goodlooking NOTED FOR: Playing pranks IDEAL: None AMBITION: Success and happiness OUR ADVICE: Stay just as you are. NAME: James William Cox NICKNAME: Big .nm AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'I never saw you setti the world on f1re.' FAVORITE SONG: 'April Love' Football FAVORITE SPORT: PET PEEVE: Duane Koger TYPE: Quiet NOTED FOR: Being shy and bashful IDEAL: Mr. Dun AMBITION: None OUR ADVICE: Be a mathematician. NAME: Edna Joyce Good NICKNAME: None AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Oh golly' FAVORITE SONG: 'You'll Never Walk Alone' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: None TYPE: Ambitious NOTED FOR: Being Smart IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Super Secretary OUR ADVICE: Gft a young, unmarried oss. NAM : Mary Teresa Gooch NICKNAME: Gooohie AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Oh heck' FAVORITE SONG: 'Oh Holy Night' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Disloyalty TYPE: Nervous NOTED FOR! Friend11qggg IDEAL: Jean wlllman AMBITION: School Librarian OUR ADVICE: Be a librarian. U8 IDEAL: Parents NAME: Joan Yvonne Murphy NICKNAME: Murph AGE: I8 EXPRESSION: 'Oh roar' FAVORITE SONG: 'I Believe' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Senior boys at class meetings TYPE: Always laughing NOTED FOR: Temper IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Secretary OUR ADVICE: Be a secretary. NAME: Karen Morris NICKNAME: None AGE: L8 EXPRESSION: 'Oh Shoot' FAVORITE SONG: 'Stardust' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Insincere people TYPE: Sweet and quiet NOTED FOR: Red hair IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Go to college OUR ADVICE: Don't ever change. NAME: Edward Charles Hein NIGKNAME: E. E. AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Oh gee' FAVORITE SONG: 'Till' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Girls who tease boys TYPE: Romeo NOTED FOR: Girls falling for him AMBITION: Test Pilot OUR ADVICE: Get off the ground. NAME: Larry Lee Guyot NICKNAME : Goa t AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Oh heat' FAVORITE SONG: 'It's All in the Game' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Liars TYPE: Happy-go-lucky NOTED FOR: Being tough IDEAL: Coach Atterberry AMBITION: Coach OUR ADVICE: Settle down and be a coach. NAM : Max M. Shaw N IC KNAME : None AGE: l7 EXPRESSION: 'I'll be darn' FAVORITE SONG: 'It's only Make Believe' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Study Hall TYPE: Shy NOTED FOR: Being with Kathy IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: Carpenter OUR ADVICE: Get married. NAME: Barbara Ann Carroll NICKNAME: Barbie AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Well touch you' FAVORITE SONG: 'It's All in the Game' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who are late TYPE: Pretty NOTED FOR: Loving IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: To be a OUR ADVICE: Go to study Shakespeare teacher college and Shakespeare. NAME: John Charles Phillips NICKNAME: Smiley AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Don't sweat it, ace FAVORITE SONG: 'September Song' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Unfriendly girls TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR: Being friendly with girls IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: To be a bachelor OUR ADVICE: Donft be so friendly with the girls. NAME: Jerry Raymond Mallady NICKNAME: Bone Crusher AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Lover' FAVORITE SONG: Clair de Lune FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Wound-up Teachers TYPE: Flirty, but bashful NOTED FOR: His wink IDEAL: Grandfather AMBITION: To own a business OUR ADVICE: Study your bookkeeping. NAME: David Ellison NICKNAME: Elferd AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Things happen that way' FAVORITE SONG: 'Ginger Bread' FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Wise guys TYPE: Ambitious NOTED FOR: Fighting with Senior boys IDEAL: Coach Atterberry AMBITION: Certified Accountant OUR ADVICE: Go to business college. NAM : Gery Gross NICKNAME: Gerome AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'How about that?' FAVORITE SONG: 'Melody of Love' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Unindividualism TYPE: Sweet NOTED FOR: Being polite IDEAL: Palladin AMBITION: To be somebody OUR ADVICE: Use smaller words. AME: Gaythel Burgess ICKNAME: Gay ,GE: 17 IXPRESSION: nOh shootn IAVORITE SONG: 'Deep Purple AVORITE SPORT: Basketball ET PEEVE: Conceited People YPE: Happy 'OTED FOR: Her smile IDEAL: Parents MBITION: To go to college UR ADVICE: Keep smiling. AME: Oretta Joyce Hudson IC KNAME: None GE: 18 XPRESSION: nShootn AVORITE SONG: nThe Lord's AVORITE SPORT: Football ET PEEVE: Sam y YPE: Pretty OTED FOR: Being wise DEAL: Mother MBITION: Secretary H Prayer' JR ADVICE: Get rid of Sammy. NAME: Charlotte Ann Bunten NICKNAME: Bunnie AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: nOh Georgen FAVORITE SONG: nLoving Youu FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Her little brother TYPE: Fidgity NOTED FOR: Being engaged IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: To get married OUR ADVICE: Don't worry so much NAME: Tom Cox NICKNAME: Tig AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nwown FAVORITE SONG: NShe Says' FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Cops TYPE: Misoheivious NOTED FOR: Being with Dennis IDEAL: Mr. Roberts AMBITION: Farmer OUR ADVICE: Be a farmer. TORCH STAFF EDITOR- Jack Phillips ASSISTANT EDITOR- Art Beazley BUSINESS MANAGER- Bob Vyverberg ADVERTISING EDITOR- Ed Hein ACTIVITIES- Karen Morris - Jim Binford ADMINISTRATION- Jerry Mallady ATHLETICS Boys- Dan Strader - Larry Weller Girls- Barbara Carrol FEATURE- Mary Ann Thompson MUSIC- Gaythel Burgess - Mary Gooch SENIOR CLASS Literary- Barbara Biggs Pictures- Gery Gross UNDERCLASS- Glen Little GRADE SCHOOL- Jim Cox ART- Joyce Good Photography- John wood TYPING- Carolyn Kluesner PHOTOGRAPHY- John wood S E N I O R C L A S S W I L L We, the wise lovable, attractive, beautiful, harmless, competent companlonable, courageous, truthful, successful and the most intellectual Senior Class ever cellmates of Arcola High School, County of Douglas, State of Illinois, do hereby make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament. Being of clean minds and bodies and always thinking of the best tnlngs in life, to our respective heirs, faculty, and certain unfortunate members of the student body, we bequeath all property and rights herein designated. I, Sue Anderson, will my ability to get along with boys to Madonna Mattingly. I, Art Beazley, will my hairy legs to Eddie Malray. I, Bobbie B ggs, will my hair to Sue Vandeveer. Jim Binford, will my club to anybody that will use it Jerry Dowell. I, Larry Bowers, will my quiet ways to 'Russian Ray'. In on Charlotte Bunten, will my ability to get engaged I to Sandy Cletcher, I, Gaythel Burgess, will my smile to Miss Whitson. I, Jan Carlberg, will my polite and thoughtful ways to everyone. I, Barbara Carroll, will my ability to cut my hand on a can Cbeerl to anyone who wants it. I, Wayne Cothron, will my wrenches, bolts, hammers, etc. to Mr. Reed. a I, Bob Cox, will my ability to 'foul out' to Joe Monahan. I' Jim Cox, will my ability to go steady to Jack Shaffer. I, Tom Cox, will my ability to get picked up by 'cope' to Bob Coombes. I, Jerry Dowell, will my ability to be a 'ham' to anyone. I David Ellison, will my ability to use pliars instead of tweezers to Carl Cloyd. 5,1ihirley Fletcher, will my Freshmen boys to Janet e s. I, Mary Gooch, will my way with teachers to Phil Anderson. I, Joyce Good, will my art ability to Miss Scott. 1, qgpy nrggg, dsiving ability to Sterling Hoes. I, Larry Guyot, will my ability to get picked up Ucopsn after the Tuscola game to Harry Bright. I, Ed Hein, will my ability to Wknock outn girls to Ronnie Spaulding. I, Oretta Hudson, will nSammie' to anyone who will take him. I, Fari Idleman, will my boys to my sister, Janet. I, Carolyn Kluesner, will my brains to Gery Thomas. I, Glen Little, will my motorcycle to Neal Allen. I, Jerry Mallady, will my ability 110 Crush 501195 to Terry Gee. I, Karen Morris, will my red hair to George Vandeveer. I, Joan Murphy, will my temper to Kate Hood. I, Dennis Myers, will my manly physique to Coach Atterberry. I, Jack Phillips, will my bottles and cans to Charley Hee I, Max Shaw, will nothing and take Kathleen with me. I, Dorothy Sitz, will my rough ways to Benita Bushu. I, Pat Snively, will my ability to run laps around the gym to any Junior Girl. I, Charles Stewart, will my ability to get expelled and then go back in to George Vandeveer. I, Danny Strader, will my muscles to Joe Bill McCoy. I, Kathleen Thomas, will my cooking ability to Mrs. Grays I, Mary Ann Thompson, will my working habits to Barbara Good. I Bob Vyverberg, will my ability to get along with Whappy Haroldn to Roger Shields, I, Larry Weller, will my Wcattyn ways and female attraction to Gary Howery, I, John Wood, will my 'hot Chevie' to Paul McNary. I, David Wright, will my stop signs to Miss Scott. I, John Young, will my hair to Joe McCoy, the janitor. The foregoing Last Will and Testament was signed, sealed, and published by the above-named Senior Class, in the presence of witnesses, this twenty-sixth day of December, the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and fifty-eight. d C L A S S P 0 E M Sue Anderson is a black-haired beauty, who goes with a boy from Villa Grove. Whenever asked she does her duty, She's quite a gal we all know. Art Beazley's sure to succeed in life, Because he is so wise. To the U. of I. next year he'll go. He'll reach his goal, we all know. In footballl he whizzed right through the line, Because he is so small and fast. In school he's bashful most of the time, But when Jim Binford talks, everyone laughs. Larry Bowers is a real gone lad, when it comes to cars he's not half bad You see he drives a brown 'Chevie.' with him any girl would love to be. There is a girl that we all know, Who's engaged to a boy from Villa Grove. Charlotte Bunten's not worried you see, A pretty wife she soon will be. Gay's friendly, hop, and full of pep. She has no worries as of yet. We're sure she'll lead a happy life, That Burgess girl will do alright. To Chicago every summer she goes, A good job waits she well knows. Jan Carlberg likes to travel too, But anywhere she's a friend to you. Barbara Carroll is a pretty lass, who is always seen with Pat. In school she is so very neat, And as a friend she can't be beat. Wayne Cothron's quite a mechanic, who loves to work on rods. In class, he is a panic which makes the teachers nod. A turkey-raiser is John Young, And a football player, too. A bright future's sure to come For John, we think, don't you? He gives Miss Scott a pretty rough time In American History, you see. But David has an intelligent mind, This Wright boy's sure to succeed. John R' WOOCI is our treasurer, And makes our money last. He spends it in his leisure, We hope it's for the class. Jerry Dowell is a likable guy. At Mattoon he's often seen. Always able and willing to try Be's never off his beam. Joyce Good is a teacher's joy, Because she is so smart. Football is his life. A coach he wants to be. Goat was mentioned on As a.lead1ng athelete. All State Her future is all planned you see, A secretary she wants to be. Dave Ellison a farmer may beg As for a mate, we'll wait and see. He's always a riot in our class, But wefre sure that he will pass. Ed Hein, another star of sports, Of several girls there are-reports. In studies, he's a smart one too. To him a big success is due. Always seen with Tom, He drives a nChevie' bomb. Dennis Meyers is quite a riotg And the teachers don't seem to The oops all know Tom Cox In all the towns nearby. Gery Gross is a bashful lad, Seldom seen when he's mad. A girl from Tuscola he does like. We tease him a lot, but it's not spite like it- Carol Kluesner is a wonderful kid. Excellent work in the Torch she did. As a class-mate she is swell, And in her studies, she does well. Those cowboy boots must do some good The way he makes that 'Chevien Mary Gooch is a talkative lass, Hho is well-liked by her class. A member of the Torch Staff, She's always good for a laugh. fly. Oretta Hudson is a lass with charm. She never does any harm. She is well-liked by everyone. As for her enemies, there are none. Pat Snively is slender and tall, And always full of pep. When she talks she is a ball, This gal is really hep. Bobbie Biggs was our Homecoming Queen. She's pretty, sweet, and her personality's keen. Cheerleader, too, she likes to yellg We all think she is really swell. Jerry Mallady is quite the winker. He's always using his right blinker. But if it weren't for his friendly face, High School would be a pretty dull place. Dorothy Sitz has got her man, She doesn't have to hurry. A ring on her finger proves she can, Live without a worry. Larry Wellerls quite a guy, Who loves all the sports. But when it comes to girls he's shy, None of them he courts. A friendly gal named Joan To all she is well-known. Although she has quite a temper, She is so nice, we can't resent her. We all know that Jack Has got a secret nknack' That makes him tops with all the kids. He's se smart that he deesn't have to dig, For grades, that is. A girl with lots of charm, She never does any harm She is known for her pretty, red hairy To Karen Morris, no one can cwmpare. Kathy Thomas is a gal, Who's always with Max seen. A quiet, shy, and bashful pal, She's never ever mean. Co-captain of our football team, We're sure you know just who we mean. A guy that's get personality plus, Danny Strader is tops with us. To us his name is 'Stunt To you his name is Charlesg He peps us up when we are blue: Because he's just Charley. Faribell Idleman is quite a girl She keeps the boys all in a ihirl. With her talent and pretty face, She's sure to really go some place. Shir1ey'Fletcher is shy. She couldn't harm a fly. She never gets mad And never is sad. It is the year 198k and the Class of '59 is holding its In sports there is a star, Who's sure to go real far. He was named on 'All-Okawn, Bob Cox sure knows his football. Max Shaw is a quiet guy: Kind of bashrul and shy. For our class he is a worker, This guy 1sn't a shirker. Although he's shy and quiet, He often is a riot. Jin Cox is seldom heard or seen, But when he is, he's really keen. When called upon to h01P: Or just to give advices Mary Thompsonfs on hand And usually knows what's right. A bachelor. Glen Little, wants to be. He swears he will By sun and sea. Bob Vyverberg is sure to go tar, Because he has what it takes: Good looks, talent, and a desire A fine musician Bob will make. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY twenty-fifth class tion down in South 'Smileyn Phillips, the builder of the reunion. The reunion is held on a planta- America. The plantation is operated by a nuclear reactor engineer, and Dave wright, famous Rite Racing Rod. The serenity of the jungle is suddenly broken by the sound of an airplane crashing and the great uCrashN Gross arrives. Suddenly there is the beating sound of bongos as nBaldy' Beazley, the bongo fabulous showgirl beater, announces the arrival of the and movie star, Fari Idleman, closely followed by her manager, Winky Mallady. There is the roar of hot mufflers as Jerry nMattoonW Dowell and Tig nOaklandn Cox zoom in just back from the Mexican Road Race. The party is about to start as Glen Little and Dennis Myers come in on their nHarleysu bringing nGuzzling Goatn Guyot with some of his home brewed Jungle Joy Juice. Suddenly a school bus arrives and Dot Sitz arrives with her friend, Mary Ann Thompson, and their forty-three kids. The party is going good with entertainment being supplied by nJ. R.' wood D,D,S., 5,0,B,, Ph.D., a jungle witch doctor. All the classmates are here even Miss Scott came with her permanent assistants nBig Jim' Cox and Mary Gooch. Over in the corner, Wayne Cothron and nElfordn Ellison, owners of a chain of gas stations talk shop while nMakeoutn Bowers, a building contractor, tries to sell nFilthy Johnn Young a hundred new turkey houses for his turkey farm. Suddenly there is an ape call as 'TarzanN Weller swings down with his harem of girls, Shirley Fletcher and Sue Anderson. Joyce Good, a successful commercial artist, quietly talks with Carolyn Kluesner, secretary to Unfortunately, the great star of basketball, football, and girls, Bob Cox, couldn't be here. Max and Kathleen Shaw are down here in South America and were happy to come to the reunion. Max and Kathy are down here on their second honeymoon which they won as the Most Compatable Couple, a contest sponsored by Danny Strader, a rich farmer who is down here with his personal secretary, nRedn Murphy. Over in the corner is a group of people carefully dis- cussing sports and the famous stars of football. But Miss Whitsona Charlotte Bunten, and Oretta Hudson are carefully eyeing Swivel Hipsn Binford, a professional football player for Notre Dame. Much commotion is caused by Ed Hein, our high school Romeo now a test pilot for the Burgess-Morris Lipstick Corporation. He tests the quality and taste of their smear-proof lipstick. Ed is carefully guarded by his two employers to protect him from all the women. Slowly a big, black car pulls up and the brains of the Chicago Syndicate carefully step out. Barbara Carroll, Pat Snively, Janet Carlberg, and Bobbie Biggs are the brains of the beautiful but deadly crime syndicate in Chicago. The evening comes to a perfect end as all the members of the class of '59 enjoy eating their favorite meal consisting of nStewed Sittern and Broiled Browningn ' 1 fm: X 15? GS y W. fm K X i . vf7 " Q- 1 is X X 5 As, . L 4 CLASS HISTORY September, 1955, sixty-one ngreenn freshmen entered Arcola High with a will to be the best classever. Although we were just ngreenn as all the preceding Freshmen, we thought we were the of the cropn. But the upper-classmen soon taught us to think as ncream differently. Our freshman officers were Danny Strader, President, Art Beazley, Vice-President, Rosemary Soupis, Secretary-Treasurer, and Bob Waldron and Jo Elaine Hoots served as student council members. Our class advisors were Miss Newman and Mr. Dunn. we chose red and gold as our class colors. when Homecoming rolled around, we were all real excited, because it was our first rgal Nbig' dance. Our Homecoming float didn't win a prize but we enjoyed making it and getting out of study halls. we chose Bobbie Biggs as our Queen Attendant and Danny Strader as her escort. The semester exam, gave us our big scare but we soon became familiar with them and settled down to studying. when May rolled around, we weren't quite as green and were looking forward to a busy Sophomore year. with a gain of two and the loss of several, only fifty-five nsillyn Sophomores entered A. H. S. in the fall of 1956. Our officers were Art Beazley, President, Shauna Powell, Vice-President, and Jim Binford, Secretary-Treasurer. Ed Hein and Carolyn Kluesner were chosen as student council members. Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Willmann were our class advisors. Our class colors were black and white and our flower was a rose. Bobble Biggs was our Queen Attendant again and Ed Hein, her escort. Our Homecoming float won third prize which thrilled all of us. Because we were still under-classmen we had a few class projects but we were anxiously awaiting our Junior year when we would be upper- classmen. There were only fify njollyn Juniors that returned to A. H. S- in 1957. Our class was slowly diminishing. Our officers that year were Jack Phillips, President, John Wood, Vice-President, Jim Binford, Secretary, and Bob Vyverberg, Treasurer. Ed Hein and Art Beazley were our student council representatives and Mr. Roberts and Miss whitson were our class advisors. Our class rings, we thought, were the prettiest yet,but than Q11 Juniors think that. Our Queen Attendant was Karen Morris and her escort was Bob Vyverberg. Our float with the slogan, 'we'll Chop Down the Oaksn, d1dn't win a prize. After the magazine sales and Okaw Tournament concessions, our treasury was full of hard earned money, which we spent on the Prom. The Junior-Senior Prom was held at Mattoon . Our Class Play, nHere Comes Charlien, was directed by Mildred Dennis and was a huge success. Forty-three Seniors resumed their studies at Arcola High in September of 1958. The class officers were President Ed Hein, Vice- President Danny Strader, Secretary Bobbie Biggs.Treasurer John wood. Our student council members were Art Beazley and Jim Binford, M155 Jokisch and Mr. Sitter were our class advisors. Danny Strader and Art Beazley were elected Co-captains of the football team and Bob Cox WHS elected captain of the basketball squad. Our Homecoming Queen was Bobbie Biggs and our Queen Attendant was Barbara Carroll. The Senior Class Play, nNo Moon Tonightn, directed by Miss Whttson, was as big a success as the Junior Play. Our biggest nights were Class Night, Prom, and our Graduation Dance. The Prom was held at the Burgess Auditorium in Mattoon and the Graduation Dance was held at the Country Club. Thus ended our four years at Arcola High from 'green Freshmenn to nsophisticated Seniorsn. It was a wonderful, fun-filled four years and we hope that the future classes of Arcola High have as much fun as we have had. QQ HA NDERCLASSMIEN W JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS B111 Harshbarger. . . . . . . . . . President Ed Kalray . . . . . . Vice-President Kay Bright. . . . . . . Secretary Dixie Chapman . . . . Treasurer Class Roll Beginning with TOP ROW, Left to Right: Lianne Allen, Phil Anderson, Martha Armerg Mike Ashley, Mary Blagg, Harry Bright, Kay Bright, Benita Bushu, Henry Carl- berg, Dixie Chapman, Sharon Cloyd, Bill Connor, Bob Coombe, Gene Cox, Vernon Dienerg Larry Drake, Kenneth Elder, Bill Elliott, Erma Ellison, George Fidler, Larry Finn, Mary Finn, Linda Fletcher, Melba Goad, Joanna Good, Bill Harshbarger, Gary Howrey, Beth Hull CIGS5 'F' 4 F x 4- aif Qi Q 3 x Fit? Q, . up-an s... Ex 'S- .-RA . in Class Roll Beginning with TOP ROW, Left to Right: Alice Jacob, Beverly Johns, Nancy Kealg Duane Koger, Jimmy Little, Jerry Lougharyg Ed Malray, Madonna Mattingly, Ann Mc Coy, Paul McNaryg Joe Monahan, Wanda Perkins, David Ronnie Roberts, Alice Sargent, Jack Shaffer, Fred Sh Sandra Sisk, Wendell Smith, Shirley South, Linda Stu George Vandeveer, Janet Wells, Lew Wingler, Patsy Wo Mary York, Larry Young, Nayne Younger. clasS 1 TN 9 f:'2I:" f ,a E 1 ll WSG, If ,L wtf ii 5 553 wily 5 1 J X 5 ' 14. i' 9 ,,W . .wai1W. Rich, ields mDi ods, M, , 'if 'f ,i ,.., 5 Wwe ,.., 'V fs, W 5' we S ,Q at J J"'i,.m Q1 X -f' S A SPM fx, ,fini 515 . i X.-.v'itzg3i3?.Ii3 'six E SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Judy Browning. . . . . . . . . .President Pat McCrory. . . . . Vice-President +Nancy Biggs. . . . . .Secretary Toni Gilbert . . . . .Treasurer 4 Absent CLASS ROLL Beginning with TOP ROW, Left to Right: Judy Akers, Wilma Alexander, Anita Anderson, Roger Ashley, Janice Baker, Nancy Biggs Jane Blagg, Lucy Brandon, Judy Browning, Carole Bullard, Ronnie Carlberg, Sandy Cletcher, Ken Cox Steve Guppy, Annet Daum, Carol Davis, Laura Dilbeck, Ronnie Drake, Virginia Enlow, Terry Gee, Vir- ginia Ghere, Toni Gilbert, Barbara Good, Denis Gross, Jerry Heidelbaugh, Don Hudson, Anita Janes, Ida Jinkins. CIG55 of i r CLASS ROLL Tom Johnson Joyce Kearns, Marilyn Kearns, Linda Kluesner, Elaine Lance, John Lewellyn, Don Munson, Dan Pilson June Pfeifer, Glenn Rogers, Joyce Shaw Roger Shields, Dale Shoemake, Dean Shoemake, Chas. Snively, Jane Stillwell Marvin Thompson, Tony Thompson, Helen Thornhill, Ray Underwood, Jim Upho Sue Vandeveer, Dick Weller, Ray Wilcox, Dorthy Yod 7 ff, er, cIaS5 of 61 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Phil Lawrence. ........ Honours Hilgenberg .... Vice Diana Boesiger . . . . . . Danny Ghere. . M . . . President President Secretary Treasurer CLASS ROLL Beginning with TOP ROW, Left to Right: Neal Allen, Archie Armer, Sam Blackwell Larry Blagg, Diana Boesiger, Mary Bright, Ronnie Brooks, Bill Byerly, John Carter, Corky Clark, Carl Oloyd, Robert Cook, Edwin Cunningham, Teresa Duffle, Barbara Edwards, Sue Fletcher, Danny Ghere, Tom Gilbert, Roger Good Lynn Hall, Marie Hall, Bob Harshbarger, Honoure Hilgenberg, Katherine Hood Sharon Hull, Janet Idleman, Phyllis King, Phil Lawrence. claS5 of 62 1'i?5S3hV55EMW'W .vihzi-law'i CLASS ROLL Beginning with TOP ROW Left to Right: Joe Bill McCoy, Jack McCoskey, barolyn McCrory, Bill Miller, Waneta Miller, Tommy Moler, Eva Monforg Mitchell Reece, Susan Romine, Ronnie Sanders Ronnie Spaulding, Robert Stewart, Marsha Tayloq Gary Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Robert Tuttle, John Vandeveer, Ronnie Vyverberg, Andy Walton, Donald Wiegel, David Wilcox, Jantha Wood. claS5 of 52 M fX I Row: First il Harmon. ch O3 6 O- -r-4 r-I .Cf K1- O 'ULD -- CDD F-QUJ GJVJ D4 K-1 Q A gms G DI CID 'CT mv-1 C 'C 35 YUCJ .C UQ a CJJ E n La :PED O Q vu L 'U xr-4 'U n.,.g S-aka UD E 0 CD b-,Q S449 5.2 DBO Le-f-4 07-4 DCD 4 4-7 42 III .C O CHU OP- OO r-4 up-3 +9 ,CQ 2100 'H L, an GD Ol-4 D0 .-CI -DCD 9-4 D 0 f-'ICJ I-4 0 hns OD M30 ID 'Q Q- O MC UDE-' S4 00 .OE4 Lu Un bln buh bt!! DD OO nan: DDCJ L4 0. .OP-4 I-ICD Lu-4 mn om -'11 I :E 0 E 'U l-'C OC! 9-4'r-I CEA 'H 1 u n-J v-3 -. La .0 09-4 O9-4 ECU GLC f-QCD 3 QU 0 v-l"'o on D-445 O np.. 435 .-CU 50 on-1-I c 25-of-J O 05 'U O F44-72.3 -1-45-4 .CU ' E-'a-'lm wi 0- 4-TN S B E A N C I K O S R J. Binford, D. Strader, B. Vyverberg, B. Cox, A. Beazley- Co-Captain A. Beazley Co-Captain D. Strader Coach L. Atterberry Cox, M. Shaw, L. Guyot, L. Weller, J. Phillips, E. Hein, J, Youn Larry Weller Bob Cox Ed Hein Danny Strader Jack Phillips Jim Binford John Young Max Shaw Danny Ghere Len Rogers Larry Finn George Fldler Duane Koger Ron Vyverberg Jack Shaffer yt 7K F O O T B A L L S T A T I S Kickoffs ITD ....... Average yards of kickoffs . Yards on kickoff returns . Fumbles .......... Opponent's fumbles recovered Penalties, yards ...... First downs . . Punts ........ Average yards per punt . . Punt returns, yards . Passes attempted . Passes completed ..... Yards gained by passing . Passes Intercepted . . . Net yards by rushing .... INDIVIDUAL RECORDS ON RUNNING PLAYS R. Vyverberg A. Beazley B. Cox B. Vyverberg D. Strader J. Binford Arcola-25 Arcola-51 Arcola-12 Arcola-25 Arcola- 8 Arcola-L7 Arco1a-20 12 30 86 37 63 58 T I C S 52212 39 b0.5 211 15 13 L91 78 22 26.1 501 78 37 571 7 . . . . . . . 1b32 Attempts ids: Average 110 10.0 171 5.7 b53 5-2 230 7.0 283 5.b 223 b.7 Lexington- Cerro Gordo- 0 Unity- Atwood- Sullivan- Arthur- Oakland- Tuscola- Arcofa-31 Courtesy of Ho1terman's Grocery Market Ogoonent 12 L0.9 298 2h 5 315 51 L1 25.5 82 79 2b 298 5 702 ll Q M 2!.'f V593 J' 'QE Q Q1 i? , Q R- ' ' A R 3 A' ig ff .5 Q , N rev 5 -:., . X: 194 AWA 1' ,V w' a N 12 if 'ii ill gi, 4 Y L I ,s ff'9,,f -Wang? 5 4 Nh: A32 if I - ,sig X if ' jx .,., 2,595 A f v- . ak W 1 ' .. V xg ' qi 5 fr if , wg, F V .L A f if 5 HERE COMES THE RIDER U21 MP1- Q CHEERLEADERS 1' B - T E A M Diana Boesiger Mary Bright Jane Blagg Susan Romine V A R S I T Y Nancy Biggs Linda Stump Lianne Allen Bobbie Biggs L B S 0 R B Y 3 w X E L L E R C AS ETB LL - I Front Row: Coach Don Harmon, Capt. Bob Cox, Ed Hein, Joe Monahan, Dan Strader, Bill Harshbarger, Assistant Coach Atterberry. Second Row: Bob Harshbarger, Ron Vyverberg, Dan Ghere, Larry Holler, Charles Snively, Dan Pilson, Glen Rogers, Mgr. Ken Cox. D A N E D S T H R E A I D N E R Courtesy of Thomas Monahan R Co. e , S If Q- fm A W "X ! fy! 4 ? ii 2 ?' '- 2 ., , fi ' ..-,-,.. 1 l Q f ' . . .'.,', In Q V " Q . .':' 3' H 2, , ,gg V. Aiil fix 1 ,ff 3 was Nm, - ,, i ' x II? Y M hw' Xl Q , ' Q 5, 12? ' J , X 4- , gl u 4 I 09? First Row? M. Thompson, D. Pilson, C. Clark, C. Cloyd, T. Johnson, P. Lawrence. Second Row: G. Rogers, S. Cuppy, D. Munson, R. Spalding, R. Sanders, T. Thompson, L. Blagg. Third Row: B. Miller, B. Harshbarger, D. Gross, Coach Jarvis, D. Weller, D. Hudson, J. Uphoff, J. McCowsky. NB!! SPCDRTS Front Row: G. Thomas, T. Gilbert, M. Reece, C. Clark, M. Thompson, R. Sanders, Coach Atterberry. Back Row: S. Guppy, D. Weller, P. Lawrence, L. Blagg, B. Miller, D. Gross, J. McCowsky, N. Allen, Mgr. A. Armor V V "7 7' 7 - ,,,n'fn'Di i f ff, CTIVITIES HUMEC 0M1NG QUEEN HOAIECOHING QUEEN AND HER COURT CROWNING OF HOMECOMING QUEEN 5 Y BRIGHT JRT, PHIL LAWRENCE JANE BLAGG ESCORT,DANNY PILSON JRT, DANNY STRADER -il Y WOOD QUEEN BOBBIE BIGGS BARBARA CARROLL RT, JIMMY LITTLE ESCORT, ART BEAZLEY ken Ck 11.8 BPO Dunn LU ki! Tc Uo DU NC LT' First Row: Secretary Linda Stump, President Art Beazley, Vice-President Bill Harshbarger, Ed Hein, Jim Binford. Bob Coombe. Advisor Leon Sitter. Second Row: Mary Bright, Carole Bullard, Phil Lawrence, Jane Blagg, Judy Browning. 9 5 First Row: Second Row: L u B Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Vice-President Jim Binford, Butch Cummingham, Ron Vyverberg, Bill Harshbarger, Art Beazley, Advisor, Lloyd Atterberry. Bob Vyverberg, Larry Finn, Max Shaw, Dus Bob Vyverberg, Larry Finn, Max Shaw, Duane Koger, Secretary Gary Gross, Larry Guyot. Mike Ashley, George Fidler, Bob Cox, Ronnie Roberts, Danny Ghere, Harry Bright, Kenny Cox. President Dan Strader, John Young, Joe Monah Treasurer Jim Cox, John Wood, Ed Hein, Larry Weller, Davd E111-801'h Bn PEP LUB Q 'f President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Advisor. . . OFFICERS Mary Blagg Bonita Bushu Mary Thompson Bob Cox Mr. Reed SENIOR ARCO- LITE STAFF Back Row: Mary Thompson, Barbara Carroll, Dorothy Sita Back Row: Mary Thompson, Barbara Carroll, Dorothy Sitz, Bob Vyverberg, Ed Hein, Carolyn Kluesner, Karen Morris, Mary Gooch, Barbara Biggs. First Row: Gaythel Burgess, Art Beazley, John wood, Joyce Good, Miss whitson, Gery Gross. Co-Editors Joyce Good John Wood Features Activities Column Mary Gooch Barbara Biggs Mary Thompson Gery Gross Karen Morris Barbara Carroll Bob Vyverberg Sports News Art Beazley Carolyn Kluesner Ed Hein Janet Carlberg Typists Dorothy Sitz Gaythel Burgess NDR Ju ARCO-UTE STAFF Back Row: Lianne Allen, Mary York, Patsy Wood, Melba Goad, Gary Howrey, Beverly Johns, Beth Hull, Linda Stump, Dixie Chapman. First Row: Miss Jokisch, Joe Monahan, Kay Bright, Bill Conner, Nancy Keal, Bill Harshbarger. Co-Editors Bill Conner Kay Bright 1 t Features 'EI2'E'E' Sgorts B 1 J Nancy Keel eggzag wgggs Joe Monahan Column News Lianne Allen Mary York Benite Bushu Linda Stump Activities Clase Reporters Dixie Chapman Ronnie Vyverberg Gary Bowery Sharon Hull Beth Hull Elaine Lance Melba Goad Kenny Cox Bill Harshbarger SENIOR CLASS PLAY Qu 1' Mr. Terry . Mrs. Terry . CAST . John Wood . Joyce Good Susan . . . . Karen Morris Ellen . . . Bobbie Biggs Bill . . . . . Jim Binford Jim Russell Barney Homes Mr. Sanders Mrs. Winkle Mrs. Bracken Mr. Duncan . Larry Weller Art Beazley . . Jim Cox . Carolyn Kluesner . . Gaythel Burgess Larry Bowers UNO MOON TONIGHTH By Ralph MacDonald Just for fun Ellen Terry fills out an application falsifying her father's qualifications as director of an important Chicago planetarium. Little sister, Susan, adds to and mails the application. Mr. Terry, amateur astronomer, winner of quiz programs, adsorbed in a book he is writing on astronomy, gets the job. To his amaze- ment and that of the whole family, he keeps it, what is more they all live happily ever after with no more leaky roofs. Junior Class ,Play - NGLAMOUR BOY CASTH Miss Davis . . . . Clarissa Green . . Miss Higgins . . . . Flash Horner . . . . . Chauncy Jay Mooney . . . Mr. Garfield . . . . . . . Georgia Belle Roberts. . . Corky Williams . . Rozanne Towner . . Miss Prescott. . J. C. Roberts. . Audrey Nelson. . . Mrs. Mooney ..... . "Life" Photographer . . . N B C Announcer. . Miss Thorndyke . . s 0 l s e Q 0 c u 0 0 e Nancy Keal Linda Stump Mary Blagg Bill Harshbarger Ed Malray Bill Conner Benita Bushu Bob Coombe Dixie Chapman Linda Fletcher Joe Monahan Beth Hull Mary Finn Gary Howery Dave Rich Lianne Allen K-,iii First Row: Charlotte Bunten, Erma Ellison, Sharon Cloyd. Second Row: Linda Fletcher, Lianne Allen, Benita Bushu, Bill Harshbarger, Mr. Harmon. Third Row: Linda Stump, Kay Bright, Melba Goad, Mary Gooch, Nancy Keal, Beth Hull. E X LIBRARY CLUB Standing: Phyllis King, Erma Ellison, Melba Goad, Paul McNary, Harry Bright, George Fidler, Shirley South, Marv York. Sharon Cloyd- Sitting: Charlotte Bunten, Mary Gooch, Mike Ashley, fi XX f-"""' I DLISTRIAL ARTS CLUB P R INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Row: Roger Good, Jack McCoskey, Tony Thompson, Don Hudson, Neal Allen, Mr. Reed. Second Row: Glen Rogers, Charles Stewart, Paul MoNary, Ronnie Sanders, Roger Ashley. Third Row: Mike Ashley, Larry Drake, Harry Bright, Bob Cox, George Fidler, Jack Shaffer. Fourth Row: Jerry Heidlebaugh, Gene Cox, Mitchel Reese, Ron Spaulding, Phil Anderson, Bill Elliot, Gary Clark. OFFICERS President. . . . . . Bob Cox Vice-President . . . Harry Bright Secretary. . . . . . Mike Ashley Treasurer. . . . Paul McNary Advisor. . . Mr. Reed GIRLS 'l'HLE'I'lU ASWIA 'I'l0N Q FlFSt Row Ga thel PUPPCSS, Charlotte Bunten, Sharon Cloyd, Erma Elllson, 1x1e Chapmdn, Mary Ann Thompson, Madonna Second Row Sandra Slsk, L1Anne Allen, Beth Hull, Bobbie Blggs, Patsy Wood, Shlrley Fletcher, Benita Bushu, Linda Stump. Third Row Melba Goad, Mary Gooch, Linda Fletcher, Faribell Idleman, Mary Blagg, Carolyn Kluesner, Nancy Keal. Fourth Row Barbara Carroll, Beverly Johns, Ann McCoy, Alice Sargent, Joyce Good, Pat onlvely, Karen Morris, Dorothy Sitz. President: Bobbie Biggs Vice-President: Karen Morris Sponsor: Mrs. Parmentier Secretary: Linda Stump Treasurer: Gaythel Burgess First Row: Sharon Hull, Lynn Hall, Janet Idleman, Carolyn McCrory, Sue Fletcher, Tereasa Duffle, Mrs. Parmentier, Sponsor. Second Row: Eva Monfort, Janice Baker, Judy Browning, Mary Bright, Diane Boesiger, Marsha Taylor, Dorothy Yoder, Laura Dilbeck. Third Row: Carol Davis, Jane Stillwell, Joyce Kearns, Helen Thornhill, Sandy Cletcher, Joyce Shaw, Wilma Alexander. Fourth Row: Judy Akers, Jane Blagg, Virginia Ghere, Honoure Hilgenberg, Ida Jenkins, June Pheifer, Barbara Good, Sue Vandeveer. Fifth Row: Patty McCrory, Toni Gilbert, Linda Kluesner, Marilyn Kearns, Elaine Lance, Annett Daum, Carole Bullard, Susan Romine, Nancy Biggs. Senior: Joyce Good Junior: Nancy Keal S .h : Janice Baker Board Members op omore Freshmen: Eva Monfort l WK FH ,X FHA OFFICERS Sitting: Mrs. Smith, Toni Gilbert, Kay Bright, Beth Hull, Nancy Biggs. Standing: Judy Browning, Dixie Chapman, Mary Blagg, Barbara Biggs, June Phiefer, Sharon Cloyd. Upper-Classmen First Row: Mary Finn, Charlotte Bunten, Mrs. Smith, Dixie Chapman, Mary Thompson. Second Row: Sharon Cloyd, Joanna Good, Barbara Biggs, Janet wells, Erma Ellison, Beth Hull. Third Row: Mary Blagg, Shirley South, Ann McCoy, Alice Sargent, Beverly Johns, Melba Goad, Kay Bright. Under-Classmen First Row: Mrs. Smith, T- Duffle' C' Mccroyf L' Hall' S. Hull. Second Row: J. Baker, W. Miller, P. Thomas, S. Cleteher, B. Edwards, J. Browning, M. Hall. Third Row: H. Thornhill, M. Bright, M. Taylor, J. Kearns, J. Blagg, B. Good, S. Vandeveer, A. Anderson. Fourth Row: J. Phiefer, C. Bullard, S, Romine, T. Gilbert, A. Daum, N. Biggs, M. Kearn, A. McCroy, J. Akers- Activities for the Year The F.H.A. theme this year has been 'Be Wise--Economize' and the goal is to promote better family living. The programs for their meetings have been highlighted by a talk and demon- stration about the use of cosmetics for teenagers by Mrs. Don Stump and ideas for gifts for different members of the family were suggested by Mrs. Nell Logan. The F.H.A. supported no fund raising campaigns this year. The year was climaxed by the annual Heart Sis Week, Christmas Tea, initiation of new members, and the installation of officers for '59-'6O. FFA OFFICERS President. . . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . Secretary. . . . . . Treasurer. . . . . Dan Strader Dave Rich Tom Cox Dennis Meyers Reporter . . . Jim Little AdVi80I'- - . . Mr. Roberts Sentinel . . . . . . . . . . Glen Little Upper-clasamen First Row: Dave Rich, Henry Carlberg, Duane Koger Little, Bill Harshbarger, Larry Guyot, Mr. Roberts. Second Row: Tom Cox Jim Little Fred Shi , , elds, Bob Third Row: Dan Strader, Dennis Meyers, Gene Cox. Fourth Row: Larry Young John Youn La W ll , g, rry e er, Ellison. Glen Coombe David Under-classmen First Row: Ronnie Carlberg, Bill Byerly, Bob Harshbsrger, Jim Uphoff, Joe McCoy, Don Hudson, Sam Blackwell, Hr. Roberts Second Row: Steve Cuppy, Tony Thompson. Third Row: Don Munson, Carl Cloyd,-Marvin ThomPl0n: Phil Lawrence. The Arcola FFA Chapter consists of thirty students who are or have been enrolled in Vo-Ag classes. Business is transacted at their day meetings once each month. Recreation usually of a nrough and toughn nature takes place at the night sessions. Some of the activities during the past school year were as follows: l. Trip to International Livestock Show 2. Exhibiting projects at Sectional Fair at Fisher 3. Officers Training School at Tolono M. Initlating six Green Hands S. Awarding of ten Chapter Farmer Pins 6. Pest Eradiation Contest and Barbeque 7. Parents and Son Banquet 8. Conducting Experiments on Dwarf Corn NO . Conducting yield Checks on Corn It is the aim of the local FFA Chapter and Advisor to help develop worthy citizens that will be the Agricultural leaders of tomorrow. jon , L 1.2 NB Q6 s . X ,Q 'iv 5- 2 J -5 of QW- - 5 . QMS 'gkq' ol: IWW? 10 "' ., , A :" Q, S3522 gxh ki ll? N5 f' ' , f it 1 11 :5 'l z :I 1 v x x 3Tiif ... av' Q ii lv R- gi, fi? W' Q. 4 ,, -5 76 -445,1 ,U g .1 2 Af-ff-A M 'par E19 a ww 0 Q kv-JW' G' 5 .1 'v U M Q F -.W A 9' 00 hw Y rift W, WM, ,.5Q ....-v . rf . Y Wm fha 2 ,QR of . ' 'QW '?""u v of XX 4.-K 1 xg? ix A -, ' l J Y A 1w li fad 7Q CDF FICERS President Art Beazley Vice-President Karen Morris Secretary-Tresurer Beth Hull BAND HISTORY The Arcola High School Band began its season by marching during the half-times of the home football games. After football season, the band started practicing on concert music A winter concert was given on February 8. On February 19, the band went to Villa Grove for the Annual Douglas County Band Festival. The District Solo and Ensemble Contest was held at Roseville and seven ensembles and nine soloists attended. Those receiving firsts will go to Jacksonville on April l'7. If the band should receive a first on April M, they will go to Jacksonville on April l8. On May 17, the band will hold a Spring Concert. To finish out the 1958-S9 season, the band will march in the Memorial Day Parade. I L 1 First Row: Bob Vyverberg, John wood, Larry Blagg, Art Beazley, Beth Hull. Second Row: Tom Gilbert, Whyne Younger, B111 Byerly, Ronnie Vyverberg, Mr. Scott, Dave Rich DANCE BA D 9 ,e First Row: Sandra Sink, Beth Hull, Gaythel Burgess. Second Row: Art Beazley, Ronnie Vyverberg. Third Row: Bob Vyverberg, Kenny Cox, Tom Gilbert. ENSEMBLES SAX TRIO Art Beazley Gaythel Burgess Larry Blagg TRUMPET TRIO Sharon Hull Karen Morris B111 Byerly BRASS QUINTET Ronnie Vyverberg Karen Morris Wayne Younger Tom Gilbert Jantha Wood FLUTE TRIO Lana Colclasure Phyllis Gray Absent--Benita Bushu MIXED CLARINET QUARTET John Wood Orson Baker Honoure Hilgenberg Kenny Beazley WOODWIND TRIO Sandra Sisk Beth Hull Absent--Benita Bushu CLARINET QUARTET Kenny Beazley Honours Hilgengerg Bob Vyverberg Orson Baker Vlrginia Ghere ,SQ-,2 -D r TWIRLERS L-Z Alice Sargent Faribell Idleman Marilyn Kearns ADVANCEDGIRLSEHOIR S DC Y-li?" "'-' Alun-D477 First Row: C. Bunten, Second Row J. Kearnes Third Row: 5 Mrs. Cripe, M. Finn, D. Chapman, S. Cloyd, J. Baker, J. Browning. : S. Sisk, B. Bushu, L. Stump, L. Allen, . E. Ellison. M. Thompson. J. Blagg, J. Pfiefer, K. Bright, L Blagg N. Keal, J. Wells, P. woods, B. Hull. ' Fourth Row: L. Fletcher, B. Johns, M. Kearns, TL Gilbert, A. Sargeant, C. Bullard, S. South Ac oMPAN:sTs M. Gooch, M. Goad. , J , 'i ll L ' l - ' l -f---2122211 xx' ' y Accompanists Seated: Mrs. Cripe Left to Right R. Shields N. Keal J. Blagg B. Bushu M. Taylor MIXED CHORUS First Row: C. Bunten, D. Chapman, L. Allen, D. Weller, S. Cloyd, S. Sisk, Mrs. Cripe. Second Row: J. Blagg, J. Wells, H. Goad, R. Vyverberg, B. Vyverberg, N. Keel, M. Blagf M. Thompson. Third Row: S. South, A. Sargent, R. Shields R. Spaulding, T. Gilbert, M. Gooct 7gA-I X 3 GI RLS' DGUBLE TRIC' Lrst Row: D. Weller, Hrs. Cripe. 9001111 How: R- VYVOPUGPS, B- VYV91'b01'S- First Row: L. Allen, B. Bushu, Mrs. Cripe. 11rd Row: R. Shields, J. Wood, R. Spauld1ng.3,c0nd Row: N, Keel, T. Gilbert' Dsent--L. Weller. Third Row: B. Hull, L. Fletcher, L. Stumr f ZX f'X GIRLS' DOUBLE QLIARTET First Row: J. B owning, J. Kearns, J. Baker. Second Row: J. Pfeifor, M. Kearns. Third Row: V. Ghere, C. Bullard, C. P. McCroy. 'RI 7K Obi, IRLS' DOUBLE TRIO Y I -W ' GIRLS' D UBLE QLIARTET st Row: S. Vandeveer, B. Good. First Row: J- C9Y'1b91'S- ond Row: K. Bright. Swond HOW: L- Stump. L. Allen. rd Row: A, Daum, Third Row: J. Blagg, L. Fletcher B. Hull ent: M. Gooch, C. Bunten. Absent--B. Bushu, M. Blagg. I FRESHMAN SGPHOINTORE cl-lokus . Third Row: J. Browning V. Enlow S. Cletcher rgflggflg, ,f5,s?a'5f,2Ige'f" Anderson' K' Hoodwr. rhemhill, w. Alexander, J. Balier, D. Yoder cond Row: S. Hull, B. Edwards, M. Tay1or,FbuPth Row: S. Vandeveer, B. Good, J. Akers, Bright, D. Boesinger' P. King' 3. gggigg H. H11genberg, J. Pfiefer, J. Blagg Fifth Row: I. Jenkins, A. Mc Croy, M. Kearns, T. Gilbert, E. Lanse, A. Daum, C. Bullard, A. Janes. J. Stillwell. SOLGISTS MIXED ENSEMBLE 1 -3519-Ze, First Row: M. Thompson, N. Keal J e Second Row: M. Kearns, J. Pfeifer, 3, South First Row: B. Vyverborg, J. Blagg. Third Row: B, vyverberg Second Row: R. Vyvorberg, S. South. Fgurth Row: J, wood Third Row: L. Weller, J. Wood. Absent--J. Carlberg. Absent--B. Bushu, M. Blagg. 8th GRADE cHoRuS First Row: C. Williams, N. Bright, S. McNary, B. Whiteman, Mrs. Cripe, L. Ray, C. Saniford, P. Brandon, L. Cox. Second Row: C. Carlberg, C. Cruse, G. Saunders, D. Barthomew, N. Malray, J. Saunders, D. South, M. Horv. Third Row: S. Garrett, B. Good, L. Enlow, J. Ruff, R. Khal, C. Cruse, L. Rollings, N. Loughary, C. Thomas. Sth GRADEQLIARTET D. S o u t h Mrs. Cripe 5 X ' - l El X' UNIOR HIGH V Q b-TWD ,WM 1 as mf m4,gw 4 X x. -f ,,,f n k1 1 fx -6, is Y y N 4-2 ww 3 J? s . if g lox . F gf 2 F fa mi ,, 5 .3 -5 -Q' ,rf -A Lg-1' ,mi-,ff fs KW iw H fi may 'GAIN 'Q ' . - S ,Q 3 57m rimggawf QWFL oyggh o n ,w 'WWQSIEV '0i'F2l:sv:,.. gxn :QA nkfwwi x F1ohf g'vff Q5 in 1 X Dwi f! iiiiiihgki fi - , MH, , n f . 'S'-wif. n giig fg L . Lge' ,Y i Q x ,, by Y 3 ' sa. sgmm X V V kr V, . ': - A! M ommo iii' M RS. BARRICKLOXXVS EIGHTH GRADE CLASS ROLL? Richard Keal Judith Albin Alice Key Billie Jean Arthur Nathan Malray Josephine Brandon Sharon MCNary Nancy Bright James Monahan Shirley Clavert Patricia Profitt CaP1 CTUSB Larry Rollings Lloyd Cummings James Ruef Shirley Daily Carolyn Sandiford Don Elder Gregory Saunders James Finn J ff S d sally Garrett 9 SPY sun GPS Richa d Hein Diana South r ' St h W 11 Richard Helmuth SP an e 8 Michael Hogan ,, F f my ,,,n Wm oi? W W Y ,Q M ww if o In X 1mlm ' - wise on Ag ., AV fin 'M Vawngw . TW Ewigg ' 2' KEN? ogoihicg 3 'VM' fasmm rx 4 5 ,,M,,x . ,Egg ,Ai gk , ,," Q om'f W' 35994 , , stil? nh. Q . 2 M , - ,si . M I own - bwgngoo my-mefm mooo 1 A 1 K 7 , ,, ..,.1 'I i L- -f .V 7,-A w ' - 5' ak A ,. ' xgwf :m,Qv1 q!Ei !lill ilI5E. 4 ,n, n,gV or 4, QW, guw k,,,., ,QUE - B f E1 . LW fn mt ,K vw' x 5 X f v Q K my k L x vs, 4 sg is - , if ,fi MR. CLASS ROLL! Billy Anderson Orson Baker Duan Bartholomew Ken Beazley Phil Blaase Billie Kay Biggs Charlotte Carlberg David Carwile Leona Cox Phyllis Cox MOSS'S EI Carol Cruse Louis Enlow Josephine Farris Gary Gardner Brenda Good Guy Hammonds Mary Johns Norma Loughary James Nacke Joe Pullen Larry Ray Charlotte Thomas Bill Wightman Cheryl Williams GHTH GRADE -L A 'gag than 2 Q , C n,,nyw an - " 'Y dd d ,H ,ff , J. .,.:.. ,N .,.. , W. I 1 E dt: he an ri 'Q 5 AJ, ww li, ,255 ,:fw,.:en.e--1 3 it 4 5 R S an he i CLASS ROLL: Sammy Anderson Dorothy Bolton Suzy Bowers Lois Browning Richard Burch Edward Carter Lana Colclasure Sheril Cook Betty Cummings Shirley Davis Mike Doyle Linda Duhamell Shirley Edwards Kenneth Ghere Brenda Grant Phyllis Gray Larry Good Richard Key Philip Laymon Vicki McK1mmy Terry Miller Suzanne Monfort Lee Ann Morris Linda Morris Bill Nacke Jerry Partlow Robert Perkins Carolyn Runck Donna Smith Jeannie Stewart Billy Thornhill Martha Vandeveer Samuel Walton Tomm Wilcox Valerie Wirth Raymond Younger MR.HANNA5 TH GR DE G ' I z ,,,.. .. C 2 Sf C e,-' "" n i7fffl:5l f Qi f 2: ., ', , VL , .A ,A . ,x ifgw thi Lrlr I Lf K. if 1.6: 15 ii pg ' gf: 'W' 7 , V - M-V f'W 45 nfl mwllyu ' 1fNf3', gh? Yeymwfm aae ffm! rf -fe ' vu. CLASS ROLL: Donna Ghere Roger Armgr Janice Ghere Norman Baker Phyllis Green Jo Ann Boesiger Michael Hilgenberg Brenda Bollman Lawrence Jenkins Diana Botts Ruth Ann Perkins Nancy Campbell Donald Reece Roger Carlz Randy Rothrock Karla Cloyd Stephen Sietz Barbara Davis Suzanne Shrader Rochelle Daum Gary Simpson Jerry Drake Martha Smith Bonnie Elliot Robert Smith Donald Edwards Suzy Stump Sue Ernst Sandra Thomas Reggie Finn Robbie Williams Bob Foster Billy Wood Connie Ghere MR. .lARVIS'S SEVENTH GR DE A 1 : f W 5 Q75 Q ' h e ae n a ea me 4 3 w Grade Basketball Li hts .1 'SPPY 01' Je I' Send rs G Bill Whiteman. , S ' reg Sanders' Bottom Row: Mike Hilganberg, Garry Gardener, Sam Anderson, Ken Ghere, Larry Ray, Allen Yoder, B111 Thornhill, Lloyd Cummings. Cheerleaders Suzy Bowers, Lianne Morris, Joanne Boesiger, PHY115-5 Green' Grade Basketball eav ies Left to right: Coach Jarvis, Joe Pullen, Phil Blaase, Guy Hammond, Jim Monahan, Dick Hein, Carl Crouse. Bottom Row: Nathan Malray, Bill Andarson, Stove Walls, Sam Walton, Duan Bartholomew. Chee-':rIeaderS Mary Johns, Norma Loughary, Billy Jean Arthur, Pat Profit Courtesy of Thomas Monahan and Company AUTOGRAPHS X SQ? EQ T ,4x.,.,vv O U UU Q Ku DVERTISINQI 'L-2...? lx One Board or a Trainlo 9 A MULEHIDE ..,,.'390F5 V - 61. , ll ,gs gg GOOD LUCK SENIORS 4fFEDElAl,RESERV5t? W ywf n'In EEE SWEE IWW! 25 interest on savinpvb deooqits 'WEEFXX 'FN 1. f X. ix 4 JWQQQ 3 a.2'1"0.."f. , I 5 b'W i Y ST WISHES FROM PFEIFER GRAIN COMPANY coLA , ILLINOIS 'OOM CORN SEED HYBIRD SEED CORN 1 H - c. w. VAN GUNDY JR. JOHN B- KING FWEENEWN J yverbery .S Qggas No N VVa1l'papcr Y qi in Piggt Arcoh Illinois ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION SERVICE Arcola , Illinois ET, COMPLIMENTS OF SMALL ENOUGH KNOW LARGE ENOUGH INSURANCE FNESREZ 1:1 I! 2:1 Ei? L Y? Nw fff " A ' wf af - 1' ' 22- Ld MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM STATE Bm or ARTHUR 1 if 'I aa 3 4: 'Lx ' . 1 '-.Arn L ' 'gr I Q 1 I -.L ' f r 1 532 J1Z Q Q N mg 5? -AH ? 4 ' - yi-Q-1 - TT A" ' 1 , l T I ARCOLA TRUCKING - . - Ancou, ILLINOIS PQ Mm :Qi "-- fr ' ' 'P U IF YOU VE GOT IT A TRUCK BROUGHT IT C OI'-'IPLIME NTS OF ..lETTA'S BEAUTY EHCIF' PHONE ee - W 5 3 ,q ,.,, ' F .,,,,,. ., ULLHICH GRAIN I A LEVATOR BAR RIC K L OW STUDIO verything In Photographic Needs GENERAL BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS WRIFHT'S CLFANERS r Arcola 11113015 GALTON GRAIN COMPANY R.F.D.4f1 o PHONES TUSCOLA 1o-F-21 - ARcoI.A 270 ARCOLA, ILLINOIS ,W I I Nw., .I I' W-""""" . I E' 4.-ZW,--: ,, . ww.. ,M V , ,qg..g5mf3I:1,m,, fg,, ,14., ,W ifgv'f1'm,,,5, Nm, I . . ,F '11'm?:':fwtq,., +12x,N':"' ' N mp- M n . Inf A - 7 X KA W' t EE- nn: I 2. . Ringing A ,JMX l O 1 'PA HI1 W I W r' M' vs UWB' Q Us 4 af H Q fn .X wg J H' Ik x 'Q aiiifg gswu g I yn K i N N N x f H N5 I 3131 I Q- X w 3 .I I 1 ,xxx Max, , ff? . x waxy. X If, 'W 1 " Q, I Q Emma V I swf' - if V N' dv " 'xx N A 'Xi 4,3:w,,,5g,hI F Im , sf 1 H" K X Q , I V' IN'N "W AKG' i , MM W- N Tuscola, Illlnols QW 1 1 N '22:3:aHI !!liiEi:ll MOIEY TIME FRANK BOLIN On Route 133 --Phone 27 Arcola, Ill. '545"N iii' J V4 '- I COMPLIMENTS OF KEENEY'S PASTRY SHOP . , SEE U5 FOR THE BEST IN DONUTS, SWEET HQLLS, a ia - F1 .1 Q Zia .595 1 um 3335 ' Q' x gsgi mfg REA ,'4""Wf- . .N-M' giqg-,-P-A 5-. - ,..-0 'Z'-'v -.. AIN.,-f--I COMPLIMENTS OF HAYES BROS. SPECIAL ORDEIS IN DECORATING CAKES k COOKIES. ELLlSON'S D X PHONE 8058 KEMP, ILL. -LlEll'l'l--l- JEWELRY STORE 1 E 4 DELBERT' s L0'l'lllER'S Eli Arthur. Illilbil EL DERKEY FOR ALL YGUR SHELL NEEDS. like to thank the following WeSt8I'l1 A0120 Warren Arcola First Arthur Blaase Arcola 4 A T heres q 1 It TNS 95 1 E WPC ' x0 PM iv u96'fi.0n FJ ""1l1 Qx abou ,M E E X9 advertisers: Broom Co. Co-Op National Bank of Arcola Bowling Lanes Implement Candy Kitchen Citizens Gas Co. Clapp and Ghere Cuppy Motors Diamond Bros. Insurance E.C. Wood Johnston's Market Finfgeld Shoe Store Frank Bolin Jettas L and Arcola Miller Beauty Shop H Flower Shop Lumber Co. 's Station Parsons Variety Store P and H Motors P.A. Lindenmyer Marathon Station Smith Bros. Trucking Thompson's Studio Landreth Redi-Mix Ullrich Elevator Logan's Jewelery A and J Sinclair Station First National Bank of Arthur Arcola Sweet Shop Arrol's Drug Arcola Electric Shop Arcola Record Hearld Stump's Style Shop Filson Store Mullikin Trucking Pfeifer Grain Co. De1bert's Clothing of Arthur Vyverbergs Q Cafe Berky Walton Galton Grain Co. Van Gundy Grain Co. Barricklow Insurance U.S. Industrial Chemicals Ellison's D.X. Dr. Gross Dr. Green Dr. Phillips Dr. Allen Dr. Foster Dr. Fishel - Thomas Monahan Ho1terman's Keeney's Pastry Hayes Bros. Store Gordon Clothing King Bros. -u. 6 xy INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publrshers V Cover Manufacturers- Book Brnders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN u s A. we f , X ,mx 'J' xi? Q' w -4. ' 2 .w,- 1, gf Q :K '. A'ir rigid' if M g ff wa E, , X E Q V, if if ' V , f mir I Q 1 3 f I U Sw , M A K .. Q " A Q W J 'M!t ,ii g J Q A Q 4 435 N, R, ff i- +f""f'wf -W 1 1 . " S' , 4 , x A ,, fl ,, ' 38" "Q v 5, my , V? S ff Y , arms! " ' f, 9 Q' f 1' ,Q F mg 4. wg W yi 4 fair ' An 4 , f. my vw, M K 4 '53 at P 1, :mai f 'ff QQ gm. 25.2235 A' h Y 1' A5 aww ,QM-M fa. ,. X if ' 4 5 r gsm 'L

Suggestions in the Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) collection:

Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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1959, pg 62

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