Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1958 volume:

,. .-, . v 1 , ,. I X x- 'E-' .gg . 1 ' x .ik .Tv ., ,pf M, H., V-V. .1-69.-. - Q jg:-'eiif gf . -, ' 1 ".,', ,l , :K ' P.. 1 fn' '1- 1 -z :X ,F .,..v. 'X -1-' ,v 1 5 1 X v . X , X 1- In f Ml ig ' ALL x-Rbfjl , 'gal -, 1 H X 1 - 4 v . .Mg ' , 'L iq' Ml .V V- ,. -N :tk K .jJ.fsQEg':jg,, x Q ff:YfA,f'QFf" ' risk: 4 x rf .- 1 Y' D .A L.. .fl , 9' 111.-.: . .A LA: 4- . t. , ri an '-.,-wF.ra- 4, k.,.L,.- e',!', Elf,- nli ' ,1' qi: vi E .5 L . . L", f ', 5 x"'b , i' r-. 1, if gr. ,ar , sf 'z a - .- ,-11 s Vi I . 1 'JJ L I 'F' n . n,-. v -.A -4 b ' I 'EQ irii - , QM! rs L. 44 - I1 - nf: IL v I L 4'xl Emof? CU-95 PUBLISHED 55,1 is-5-Haul. DlSU?1c'T'4f'306 ,QRCOLH COMQINATY 'GH 'X X .f L53 J X, fm: Q , t I, MW' " mf J' 5 IE A Q f .rf..- X I uve- ' if I 5' .2 ' V rA 'H . ,W 'K 3 . . Q 1 4 L' 1 . L. , , I " ., I ,M Ag uma VALL 2 0 gv jp. I 3 s .. 9 fssf H 1 , 1 1 -.. ,, -fi-f' ,Q 461423445 Qkbff xfrfhff MQW Zi225,,:W Mffmz if ' ja! JW . 13' C744 za-JI, awww af! , ,za-fs: JAN? m-m yMmm Awxmdlkf f5447,'pi447fJ 647 ad J Jada! V .- AA0l,,M6, 5- - 1 Ja-MMM ALM ,hwwwcwl 2 I ' - . ML add. you 4471! iw? If M fmldmcwmmf -444-M M557 xgfkwc ,6Q10 - M X - ' D j5f!QQQf xiii! gzuzfwef ffm ,wnfg-4Z4a'j4yf,wc4zf:a'a70f wgwhmwmfiwwbmff .. Y 13-15' wigs f WWW lf, -W Z W fZ4QLZZ6fZ 2433! f5m,?zfAiAdff1zf,Ww 14-Jzfwgifzlw fmfAWff!W"f"U 15??if'XMWZ 27- 1140424-rf 4-ggifwfkwkw 'WWW WW! gif if fwewdff ,awffwfafaffffs W' - JM! MJUWH' 52-ZZMQZ ? 4541 W M fy-QMWWZ if F772' 23- . M-22-Jffbffwfffnffz MMWWVWMXJ? ,4j,,J:,?4fM4p4.f44-44.Mff4!fw41wg4wwl94fMM Q4 .ijfmff MA C75-.7ff,foVif7f0l 'Y Mawr f' Z : My MQ M457 W -WJ -awww WV ?ffd4iiZ,,e ohdfwwm -5gg9,,,f 45WWW,,h.2fJ7d4f I 55141 M iff. ' WW sf-f4ZLAMwmMM!aM if -' ' ' 0gjg 'fekhmzf 1 jf- M4 E41-W fl- !ofb467 '4!f'0f'L04f-7 22' Mahan fvfffgdwwf wwf ,d ebian Cflf-'Jill 25- ' u Z?2Z - MM QQMy,Q,,4 L, MMM , Wawmff 471.44460 Wake! 5. Wham-Mwagbdif - fm ,MQ ' .,,,,wa-fnnamdlf l2 a!lu2L 14-fmwzA4fwa47f2a'5'9'4fafW 4-7-afdadaabwi 4 , . 15-fff-6fa 3f5dW'fZ'Q ,U JM may fzQfQMaMfMwfMf .25 fitgfffzfwzafff - Zami? -3-5 Q0 QQM Z' .wi I fwwf 7-f-Z 'AZQ 'U ' ff' ,dffzfff MW WMM? ff W W ld-522 If?- 1.6.ffM2,,M ,,,.!W away faewoizzfi CH 51 T0 A Fourth Row: Bill Beyersg Doug Mulliking Larry Kearns: Lyle Johns, Don Wilsong Bob Meyers, Russell Mooreg Alden Nay Third Row: Chlora Chapmang Janice Clarkg Dorothy Woody Ellen gunninghamg Susan Tefftg Janet Cookg Connie Johnsg Charlotte ey A Second Row: Georgia Herringtong Patty Ellisong Rosalie Murphy: Miss Scottg Virginia Franklin, Nellie Perkinsg Leah Wightman' First Row: Jim Clarkg Linda Connor, Eddie Harshbargerg Pat , Monahang Sharon Bennett: Kay Clark Editor-in-chief Pat Monahan Assistant editor Ed Harshbarger Business Manager Kay Clark Assistant Business Manager Dorothy Wood Music Editors-- Band--Chlora Chapman, Alden Nay Chorus--Janice Clark, Janet Cook Art Editors--Virginia Franklin, Bob Myers Athletics Editors Boys--Max Carey, Doug Mullikin Girls--Ellen Cunningham, Nellie Perkins Typing Editors--Rosalie Murphy, Connie -T01'1!'1S Feature Editors--Leah Wightman, Charlotte Key Underclass Editors--Susan Tefft, Norman Strader Activities Editors--Georgla Herrington, Bill Beyers Senior Editors--Linda Connor, Jim Clark Literary--Dorothy Wood, Patty Ellison, Russ Moore Photography Editors--Don Wilson, Larry Kearns, Larry Shafer U UR SUPERINTEND ENT Secret!!! M s. Pauline Llwrence May your repeated examination of this book continuously rem nd you - until you never forget- that 'We are not here to dream, to drift. He hare hard work to do and loads to lift. Be stron It is my hope for you that your high school days may have been filled with those Joys of activity, friendship, and endeavor that make life wholesome. But I also know that these days have given you a certain high resolve to order your life for the benefit of others, for such a plan is the only one known to provide happiness which will last.' I Clyde Browning, B.Ed, M.S. Uni. of So. Illinois Uni of Illinois OUR PHINCIFHL Secretary M s. Garnette Clark Congratulations to the class of 1958 for your issue of the Torch and upon your success in completing the requirements for graduation. I hope that the knowledge, skills and attitudes you have developed during your school years prove adequate to meet all future challenges and that you look back upon high school as a very valuable, happy and satisfying period in your life. we have tried to make it so, but our success will be determined by what you make of your future. It has been a pleasure to work with each one of you even though we have not been in agreement at all times. Good luck to each of you. 2Z.E,v'fAL, Thomas M. Butler B.S., M.S. Western Illinois State College Western Michigan College of Education University of Illinois BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Bill Rollingsg Donald Bakery Clifford Strader STANDING: Charles Harshbargerg John Hilgenbergg Bill Cunningham MISSING: Dr. J. V. Fishel C OOKS JAN IToRs SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Bill Rollings HAROLD E. SCOTT, B.M. Illinois Wesleyan University University of Illinois Band Booster Club Advisor Dance Band Advisor Band M5 1 E i MODESTA SCOTT, A.B. James Mdllikin University University of Illinois Political Economy American History World History Torch Advisor DOROTHY SMITH, B.S. Eastern Illinois State University Gir1's P.E. Grade School Home Economics G.A.A. Advisor LOUID BAKER, B.S. Illinois State Normal University Head Coach, Boys P.E. Letterman's Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor 1 3 I K . MARCIA PAINTER, B.S. University of Illinois Girl's Chorus Boy's Chorus Grade School Chorus MILDRED DENNIS, B.S. East Central State College Arco-Lite Advisor, 2nd Semester Director of Junior Play Sophomore and Junior English CAR OLL L. D NN, B.E., M.S. Eastern Illi ois State College University of Illinois Miam University, Oxford, Ohio Student Council Advisor Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math IV Sophomore Class Advisor CAROLYN JOKISCH, B.A. MacMurray College Valparaiso University Shorthand I, Bookkeeping Typing, Office Machines Senior Class Advisor JESSE D. WALLACE, B.S., Murray State College University of Missouri University of Illinois Diversified Occupation VIVIAN HULL, B.S. g University of Illinois General Science MILDRED REA, B.S. Eastern Illinois State University Illinois State Normal University Librarian Library Club Advisor Freshman Class Advisor NELSON P. ROBERTS University of Illinois F.F.A. Advisor Junior Class Advisor Agriculture I, II, III, IV i CHARLES W. REED, B.S. Murray State College Industrial Arts Club Pep Club Advisor Industrial Arts I, II, III Freshman Class Advisor Advisor VIOLET WHITSON, A.B. Blackburn College Wheaton College Director of Senior Play Arco-Lite Advisor, lst Semester Latin I, II Freshman and Senior English Junior Class Advisor LOIS SMITH, M.S. Eastern Illinois State College University of Illinois F.H.A., Advisor Home Econom cs ROBERT E. SINK, B.S. Eastern Illinois State College Biology, World History Assistant Coach I 1 Linda Connor Jim Clark Magorsz English, Ag. Minors: Ind. Arts: Commerce, Social Scienceg Science Activities: Class Officer 2,3,h3 Basketball 1,25 Track l,2,33 Football l,2,3,hg Football Captain bg Lettermen's Club 2,3, hg Lettermen's Club Officer bg F.F.A. l,2,3,hg F.F.A. Officer l,2,3,h5 Ind. Arts Club hg Pep Club 3,h3 Student Council 3,h3 Torch Staff hy Arco-Lite 33 Majors: English, Science, Home Ec Minors: Social Science: Math: Commerce Activities: Band l,2,3,b5 Chorus 2,3,h5 Ensemble 2,3,h5 Arco- Lite ig Torch Staff hg G.A.A. L2,3, 3 G.A.A. Officer hg Class Officer bg F.H.A. lg Mixed Chorus hg Class Play h Georgia Herrington Majors: English: Science Minors: Math: Social Science, Commerce: Foreign Language Activities: Chorus 1,2,hS Ensem- ble l,n, G.A.A. 1,2,3,h5 G.A.A. Officer 1,33 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Student Council l,2,3,b5 Pep Club 3,h3 Student Council Of- ficer 3,b5 Pep Club Officer bg Torch Staff M5 Class Play 3,h5 B-Team Cheerleader l,25 Class Officer hs Homecoming Queen Majors: English: Ag. Minors: Social Science: Science, Ind. Arts Activities: Football l,2, 3,115 Lettermen's Club hy Pep Club 3,b F.F.A. 1,2 ,hg Camera Club 1,23 Torch Staff Bill Beyers Majors: English3 Foreign Language Minors: Home Ec.3 Science3 Social Science Activities: Band l,2,3,h3 Band Officer 23 Band Ensemble l,2,3,h Chorus hs Chorus Ensemble hi G.A.A. 1,2,3,u5 F.H.A. 2,3,ng F.H.A. Officer 3,143 Spanish Club 3,h3 Camera Club 33 F.T.A. L43 Arco-Lite 33 Torch Staff M3 Class Play b Majors: Englishg Ag. Minors: Science3 Social Science3 Ind. Arts Activities: Camera Club lg Pep Club 33 F.F.A. l,2,3,h5 F.F.A. Officer hs Football 23 Track 1,25 Chorus 1,23 Ind. Arts Chlb 23 Class Play 3 Charles Majors: English3 Social Science3 Science3 Math Minors: Foreign Languages Commerm Activities: Football 1 2 3 h. Basketball 1,2,3,h, ieitQrQen.S Club 3,145 Ind. Arts Club 143 Student Council Bsbj Student CQUEC11 Officer M: Class Officer 5-'2 1255 P1EYt3,l15hCarnera Club ' CO' i 9 3 ' P Cl Bibf Torch Staff L ' ep Hb Majors: Englishg Home Ec.3 Social Science3 Commerce Activities: G.A.A. 1,23 Pep Club 3,15 Chorus 3,113 Mixed Chorus by Torch staff I4 Charlotte Key Maggrsz Englishg Math: Science: Sciences Math Minors: Social Science Minors: Activities: Band l,2,3,h Activities: Football l,2,3,h3 Officer 3 hu C A A L2 , , 1 U I O Football Captain bg Track l,2, 3,h3 Basketball 1,2,3,hS Bas- ketball Captain hg Lettermen's Club l,2,3,h3 Lettermen's Club Officer 3,h3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,hS F.F.A. Officer 2,33 Class Play 3,hg Attendent's escort 3,h3 Student Council lg Pep Club 3,h3 Arco-Lite 3,h5 Torch Staff h Class Officer 3 Majors: English3Social Scienceg 3 Band :3sb5 G.A.A. Officer l,h3 F.H.A. l,2,3,h3 F.H.A. Officer 33 Torch Staff h, Chorus 3,h5 Mixed Chorus hg Class Play 3,hg Majors: English' S ' 1 S ' - Commerce , ocla clence' Magori: gathg Ind. Arts: Ag.: ng is Minors: Science: Home Ec. Mi S , 1 S ,ence nors: ocia ci A t' 't' : G.A.A. 1 2 ' . . call? giirus 2 3 h,'Pg3'Qiuifaf, Activities: F.F.A. l,2,3,h5 Chorus S' '. ',' ? P ' l,2,33 Camera Club l,2,33 Torch panish Club 2, Mixed Chorus hg Staff h. Ar L.t 3 M Torch Staff L, 2 Co' 1 6 f Patty Don Wilson Doug Majors: English: Science: Math Minors: Foreign Language: Social Science, Ind. Arts Activities: Football l,2,3,h5 Basketball l,2,3,h5 Pep Club 3, hs Camera Club l,25 Ind.Arts Club 2,h5 Lettermen's Club 3,h5 Spanish Club 1,23 Chorus 3,h5 Class Play 3,hg Attendent's Escort lg Torch Staff h Majors: English, Science, Math, Social Science Minors: Foreign Language, Com- merce Activities: G.A.A. l,2,3,hg G.A.A Officer 2,hg Chorus l,2,3,h3 Chorus Officer 23 Mixed Chorus 2,3,h3 Ensemble 3,h3 Soloist l,2,35 Arco-Lite 3,h3 Torch Staff hg Class Officer 23 Pep Club 3,h3 Pep Club Officer 3: Magorsa Minors: Math, Social Studies: Commercial: Social Science Activities: F.H.A. l,2,3,hg F.H.A. Officer 3,145 Band 3, G.A.A. l,2,3,h3 G.A.A. officer bg Pep Club 3,h3 Pep Club Officer hg Chorus 1,2,h3 Chorus Ensemble 1,113 F.T.A. 3,113 Jr. Class Play 33 Sr. Class Play hg Arco-Lite 3,bg Torch Staff M' Mixed Chorus 1,3 Majors: English, Ag. Minors: Math, Social Scienceg Ind. Arts: Science Activities: Football l 2 h- Pep Club 3,h3 Camera Club l,23 Ind, Arts Club 25 F.F.A. l,2,3,L3 Chorus 3,115 Torch staff by Lettermen's Club h Dorothy 2, Max E. Carey Majors: English: Social Science: Commerce Minors: Science: Foreign Language Activities: G.A.A. 1: Chorus 1: Camera Club l,2,3: Spanish Club l,2: Pep Club 3: Class Officerl Torch Staff M: Arco-Lite h Majors: English: Ind. Arts: Math Minors: Social Science: Science Activities: Camera Club l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3: Ind. Arts Club M: Track l: Football l,2,3 Russ Moore Majors: English: Ind. Arts Minors: Social Science: Science: Commerce:.Math Activities: Football l,2,3,h: Pep Club 3,b: Track 1,25 Camera Club l,2,3: Ind. Arts Club 2,h: Torch Staff M: Lettermen's Club h Majors: English: Science Minors: Home Ec.: Social Science: Commerce: Foreign Language Activities: Band 1,25 G.A.A. l,2, 3,145 G.A.A. officer bg F.H.A. 2,3345 F.H.A. officer 3,115 Pep Club 3,h: Arco-Lite 3,b: Torch Staff M: Class Play 3,b5 Camera Club 2: Spanish Club l,2: Band Ensemble 1,2 Leah Wightman Bob Myers Majors: English3 Maths Art Minors: Social Science: Foreign Language Activities: Torch Staff M3 Pep Club hs Boys Chorus hg Mixed Ensemble3 Boys Quartette Majors: English3 Commerce Minors: Foreign Languageg Science Social Science Activities: G.A.A. l,2,3,h3 Pep Club 3,h5 Camera Club 2,33 Chorus 1,2,3,h3 Spanish Club 1,25 Arco-Lite 3,h3 Torch Staff .Rahul rib, 'fmwf Rosalie Murphy Majors: English Minors: Mathg Home Ec.3 Scienceg Commerceg Social Science Activities: G.A.A. 1,2,3,h: Pep club 3,u5 Pep Club Officer bs Chorus l,2,h5 Mixed Chorus 23 Ensemble M3 Chorus Officer 1,25 Torch Staff hi Arco-Lite bg Class Play 33 F.H.A. 1,2,3,hs F.H.A. Officer 2,35 B-Team Cheerleader 13 Varsity Cheer- leader 2,3,ug Queen Attendent l Majors: Englishg Science Minors: Math3Commerce3 Foreign Languageg Social Science Activities: Chorus 3,h3 Pep Club 3,h3 Band 3,h3 Class Play 3,h3 Spanish Club 1,23 Football 1,25 Sports Manager M Alden Nay Janice Clark Majors: English Minors: Commerceg Social Scienceg Science5Foreign Language5 Home Ec. Activities: G.A.A. l,2,3,b5 Pep Club 3,h5 Pep Club Officer M5 Drum Majorette 3,h5 Torch Staff L15 Chorus 1,115 Ensemble 1,115 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 3,h5 Span- ish Club 1,25 Queen Attendent M Majors: Englishg Ind. Arts Minors: Math, Social Scienceg D. O. Activities: Ind. Arts Club, l,2, 3,h5 Chorus 1,2 Norman Strader Majors: English5 Ag. Minors: Ind. Artsg Social Scienceg Scienceg Commerce Activities: Football l,2,3,h5 Track 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,h5 Lettermen's Club 3,h5 Lettermen Club Office L5 Pep Club 3,h5 Class Officer 1,25 Chorus l,2, 3-1h3,F'FfA 1-:2s3:h Majors: Englishg Home Ec. Minors: Math, Scienceg Social Science5 Commerce Activities: F.H.A. l2,3,h5F.H.A. Officer bg G.A.A. L,2,3,b5 F.T.A. 3,h5 F.T.A. Officer 3,h5 Chorus l,2,3,b5 Chorus Solo M5 Class Play 3,h5 Arco-Lite 3,b5 Torch Staff bg Pep Club 3,h5 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Ronnie Wierman Ellen Kay Cunningham Susan Tefft Majors: English: Social Science: Commerce Minors: Foreign Language Activities: fep Club 3,h5 G.A.A. 3,b3 Library Club 3,h5 Torch Staff Mg Arco-Lite 3,h5 Class Play 3,h3 Chorus 2,3,h Majors: English: Ag. Minors: Ind. Arts: Social Science: Science Activities: Football l,2,b3 Let- 1 termen's Club by Chorus l,3,h5 F.F.A 1,2,3,L1g F.F.A. Officer l,h3 Pep Club 3,h5 Ind Arts Club 2,h3 Camera Club l,23 Torch Staff b Larry Shafer Johns Majors: English: Ag.: Science Minors: Ind. Arts: Social Science Activities: F.F.A. l,2,3,h3 Pep Club 3,h3 F.F.A. Officer hg Lettermen's Club 3,h3 Chorus lg Camera Club 15 Ind. Arts Club 1,23 Ind. Arts Club Officer 23 Torch Staff M Majors: Englishg Social Science: Minors: Science: Commerce Activities: G.A.A. l,2,3,h5 Pep Club 3,h3 Chorus l,2,3,h3 Chorus Officer lg Mixed Chorus 2,hg Torch Staff h Virginia Franklin Nellie Perkins Kearns Majors: Englishg Home Ec.g Social Majors: Englishg Ind- A1553 Scienceg Commerce Science Minors: Science Minors: Mathg Social Science Activities: G.A.A. lg F.H.A. l, Activities: Football 1,23 Pep 2,3,hg Torch Staff h Club 3,h3 Camera Club 1,2,3,hs Camera Club officer l,25C1IrUS5 Torch Staff ug Class play M ,Y 52' - H fx , gi? 6 'Af R7 QMM ig QMQW Llyaqbqgii 1209 C ' 'xii 5 QV? X ww X ' OW Ekxwipyff mfg EASE? Wwf,9: MMM 2 my FQ if fa aw 2 9 E Q affiw If W My 25 iw W2 ff2'a,,fQQ,5EXdg Z W 3 W fl Min H24 1 A 1 EA.,....x A..,,1.L..., DA R SA R AMERICAN I.EGl0N 'I BAND AWARDS 1 Year Kay Clark 2 Year Alden Nay Leah Wightman h Year Linda Connor Chlora Chapman Janet Cook 1 Year Janet Cook Lyle Johns Senior Awards 2 Year Ronnie Wierman Max Carey Chlora Chapman Janice Clark Marion Cothron Charlotte Key Doug Mullikin Rosalie Murphy Larry Shafer SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 1 Year Connie Johns Doug Mullikin Leah Wightman 2 Year Georgia Herrington Linda Connor 3 Year Kay Clark Chlora Chapman h Year Ed Harshbarger Dorothy Wood Pat Monahan CHORUS AWARDS 3 Year Bill Beyers Kay Clark Patty Jo Ellison Georgia Herrington CmmR.hmw Larry Kearns Alden Nay Norman Strader Don Wilson Linda Connor ATHLETIC AWARDS 1 Year Russ Moore Larry Shafer Bill Beyers 2 Year Doug Mullikin Pat Monahan Norman Strader Lyle Johns 11223 Jim Clark Ed Harshbarger b Year Virginia Franklin Dorothy Wood M, e film znews Q ,MQ 0 R S17 1636 8 tb ml' o' e I 9 uxaogb item 6 3 iooxf, Heflays E7 Ed, Wed 100 OO-L, Q0 pbet SI' 8126! atv . Gyrffa '06 69:0 1 is ty 8 clap 8 of Queen, as 19 '6f9ngqe ,me Wtxe mile inet jtefl 8 " all om a we vw' 5 is 0 g een- af Garew e9 no 59.33 , d Hal' alps! be b J Vi .Wef 4,0 una He -9121, -9 1 afld 9169 soft 11 , Z 1 M7611 ,d0e,5- 61.865 II dem, ae 'bum up 5 uG00K?xZ Yxooxpe, 772agl,t Colhzeallyis Q be and- 1 ' s s Iv 6,1 , Vname-ye VX?-,veil-6? Qee' Chloz-,sto 85.11 on PDO:-g 6 gnc XJ 15015 1,0 5 g 30 sgbr 1,5-J 6 the I wiv-05 Gavin come .,,e'3-319 gel? E 's bask oooh been ev ik' A ff' HWS 'fad oetball sagem neqefl Q6 'Vin E00 01188 Coq!- X135 a 5119 prebv-I ed Q2 1009! lf, I5 19 tb Sxxe 5 509' e I' P-9 1112! Big Jan is the Teen Queen's boss When it comes to words, she's riever at a lossg -,J She does the mambo, the be-bop toog There isn't a dance that she can't do. Jim Clark runs the six-minute mile 3 He's always seen with his winning smile. When the going gets rough, Heis at his best 3 He goes with a girl who lives over west. ,gg gg Linda Connor is a braing gl 1 U She's often seen in Champaign . Is , 3 While in the school, she's very quiet, 5' H I But out of school she is a riot. 6 Q i ' n A 6'-9-Z 63 ' S Wh . 5 :ca Q09 t 0 eb gms no 'Jaan QXXQO. A bo rips ', Jus t eat X9 a YQQ9 bex, 'bxxaxjsixvg Y y thereto as 8 heb d arson 5 to cess his Qxa for Moo" I'-mall a inner- v. P126 some 1010 6 me 18'-9 Cher? of: can 2, 0.090 0 -Q9 as 'O 5 99 Q1-lo eh. ei Wet Visas! , ttefxf . . 1 Th ey? Y-51561 -LK: head, Glue 'S S xr! Ted beg rx Wemougb iz boy in Qfeb it '90 X050 like ' E' doe our cl 1-'Q 9 ie? QW? ' B1 g In-fl? ' an ' t 383 . . 5 091- 956 granite 0,00 see 30:1 Wie-Lust the io too ws name I .xafi ,X acl end 500i exbing man is hiameo 'V 80041 ls 'Wee as C mul 5 an e 5910 8 nam deeds dsn: R Qvcxue age 6, , Befge ,il ga-'yxg 6 081981.31 zoo -Le as an e Var YM 151' wean' -1009 faeafns' - e - .man TY PAA- go-Q 0 on 'K-he Sofa as qq,e9rn OV- 553 5015 ya loo 5 feaxlgi ae -Pie? ie aovfgdshev in was Bene' nn ie im V9 OO The iris Q!-fgis 290 00159 6,4161 ,ma Basketball, football, -track, or girls, This lad has ways to thrill, A hep-cat dancer-- any beat, Lyle Johns fills the bill. 4 V f 4 ' . !"," 5 "nf M3 - ' ml 8'-Xxxx-QYSS Q0 110166- 006 'fl-G aw, Wade nzqer. 5 dredge adef exe ,S X0 ye ,nav Wear' Ylang 1' wer ggf ,939 5937 ,AJQ-3' yo Segoze -oe 0 e 5006 059 O9 WG? ,t . 'Q R' :xp O we qvsowxg e0f::m Y . 5 35,9 ar '96 cXa59 6 are 30 9111 T11 St A fr at barons rr im .9 . Ozq our Q d Sc 4-Z tl -Za ir den ps qlf' IW '38 O 0613, lzayrh 10:05, A gelli 4524 Q1 Wglyks hbqcisgy 19170 ma 6,8 LZ-d ahdkinti' cites Us 0 .Z 13' Shari? Witfzryr augb - a Q quiteOol8 an a ga-Vid tb-in A shy little friend whom we all know, Virginia Franklin by name, Has drawing as one of her hobbies 3 We'd like it to lead her to fame. W 2547700 She bf' is Q ea., And e-Zdomizpely-8 she 'ever ob 1: pat -is Q at be fy J 'SU ops 80. 0,0 49 t J ily at 2 z-est. lr eb been 05, ' 86 0 'Vent 'Wee othb 40616, to 11-1 00' Ot b Q 81157618 S so ' I J e b i 6 Ygfxiixefg Yce 2600 553, 89 QSQZI, -Z tovibeedabdsola gel'-xx 03' 0 14,0 ma e no beat 0 Jr Ca S-' 109 5 xfx-W -IJ, all gedl 103196 90 Shged4t 5xxG5Yxe me seed' Wood J ge E nes 11 en . K sharp oe. Wen, o From hay helped ,L-5 :LS is-569 an Tse She ep-' .YOU npla-TJ our 195 W ine efo' 1. ef' I' was Ou ever 17 tri vxonakya u V5 bbc exile uture isl' sports a DJ. Yale "digs baske cinch nothing Wi feiilfpf eww' rv a but br- ' P5566 lghte Y fin x0 the cgjlnu. ova gcffgrliflfine basket gee. sal' SRYKY wfawzhaqi? Makes friifjkinf begfllf Player-- male? ist HO 5 05 W 1-3 600, But gif-1 S and goo nown as ll Pr is 913901, 'QOOKS equal S he just sg grades i MaSe,ll ' Q -gl 'L 1 1 Xnqxxig Siwden 'UP .Y Wonrt chjsglassr-OOM r w , --Q, A brown-eyed Herrington named Georgia, Q, with short and brovm hair, an Q9 Has pleasant smiles and manners ' For all of us to share. A roar and a flash and a dust-cloud, nRedH Wilson goes driving again! He likes best the road to Tuscola, And for a young miss has a yen. In bookkeeping class, Susan Tefft's a whiz, Shels smarter than the rest, that is. She works on the Torch, Arco-Lite, and such , For our Senior Class, she has 'done much 1453 -4 ' Begg Job t 1,9 new , Sf, , o d we me "' ad? ' 0111- 6 -Y O? - 5 9 'L 'oe L Pe G exngiqieggfsbo ,lx isaqlslgjlzifig uf A 3,534 395 S g -. 8 .ooghgf Esrtkix B333 gov? and Staziefilzenind able is ka B 0 Q' as u . J 'fxxeregg go N35 bwgdd we -is G0 is 'L ,aide Wen is ge .4 ,F le . 64 I3 f1d1,, if?-en ,Yer -Z-it .Po as QQTZQQWP, ' So 0 bl' 'HJ' lvl, . swf' 'cd 15 regar, 'net' S f' RUS 001 Xelftc ' e WT? 'Desk' 10,05 lass ltiebdskiell HWS all 1' 9 R5 atb Regal-fner on nd bei' U1 ge h , by hoops lik Oosfend vlv"'Ie se ard to is tea., we me We endure hers 71M Zyl!! M ..-ur X ff E 'ff' F' M L, Te rv rf y Cf! oT1'5 fy E PAST SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It is the Y9HT'1968. We are in Reno, Nevada at the million dollar mansion of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harshbarger Jr. Mrs. Harshbarger is the former Miss Chlora Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Harshbarger are staging the lOth reunion of their graduating class of 1958, of Arcola, High School, in Arcola, Illinois. The guests are to arrive by 9:30. The time is now 9:00 and the butler and the maid, who were the former class sponsors and teachers of the soon to be re-united class, Mr. Thomas Butler, and Miss Carolyn Jokisch, are rushing around making all of the last minute preparations. The time ticks by, and just as the S300 Cuckoo Clock cuckoos 9:30 Mr. and Mrs. Harshbarger take their place in the lavishly decorated front hall to greet their guests and welcome them into their home. The doorbell rings, and Thomas, the butler, announces the arrival of the first guest, Miss Dorothy Wood and her escort, HHis Honorn, Patrick Monahan Miss Wood is an atomic scientist, doing important rese rch on atomic missiles nHis Honorn, WPat,H is the mayor of Las egas, Nevada. While the two couples are renewing old friendships, the butler answers the doorbell and announces the arrival of five lovely young ladies, once known as the nTeen Queensn. They met back east in Chicago, Illinois and made their trip to Reno together. Mrs. Harshbarger and Miss Wood were also a part of this group, when it was famous in Arcola. The members of this group have all gone their seperate ways, but, they keep in touch, when they are not too busy with their own schedules. Upon analyzing this group, we find that the soloist, Miss nJanW Clark, has carried her early start in music right into her career, she is now starring at the WBlue Angeln, one of New York's most famous night clubs. Other members of this group are Kay Clark and Janet Cook, more commonly known to their friends as UKaysien and WCookien. They both teach school in their home state of Illinois. It seems that they are going to be the traditional Hold maid school teachers,U as they are both still referred to as WMissn The last members of this group are Miss Georgia Herrington and Miss Connie Johns. Georgia is quite famous for her figure, talent, personality and looks. She has won the WMiss American beauty contest and various other less important titles. She is also well known as a model, both in exclusive fashion shops inl Chicago, and on magazine covers. Connie is a hair stylist in St. Louis, Missouri. While these guests are getting settled more guests are drifting in. Being announced at this time are Don Wilson and Marion Cothron. They have.done quite well for themselves. They have a co-ownership in a prosperous filling station-garage in Arcola. 9 The maid is starting to serve cocktails to the guests while others gather around the fireplace, the piano, and the beautiful coffee table in the center of the room. The noisiest group consists of all men and they are grouped in one corner of the room discussing the old days, when they were seniors at A. H. S. They laugh about things they did in class to drive the teachers wad and things they did after class, just for Ukicksn. In this group we find Bill Beyers, Norman Strader, Larry Shafer, and Jim Clark, all prosperous Illinois farmers, and Wweedsu Wierman, a mechanic in a garage in Wyoming. In another group we find Virginia Franklin, Charlotte Key, Nellie Perkins, and Patty Ellison, com erlng notes on the air transportation, as they are all associated with airlines. Above the noise of many people talking we hear the roar of racing cars. No sooner is it quiet than in stroll NBoN Anderson and WMoeN Moore. These two live by the code of a fast car. "Bo" is a sports car driver and "Moe" doesn't do much of anything if he can get out of it. All members of the class of NSSW are here but two. Ellen Cunningham and Susie Tefft. Susie won't be able to make it as she is a foreign correspondent, and Ellen Kaye is late as usual. She is a journalist in Florida. Our Chicago, Illinois carreer women, Linda Connors and Leah Wightman, are chatting with Alden Nay, the president of a large corporation in New York, Rosalie Murphy and Larry Kearnes are also here. Larry is a TV cameraman for CBS Television in New York and Rosalie is married to a very nice salesman, from Oklahoma. The two clean cut gentlemen are Doug Mulliken and Lyle Johns. Doug is the owner of several large gambling casinos and Lyle is a card-shark. There is Now that singing their UBOU Anderson quarters. the doorbell. Ellen Kaye has finally made it! everyone is present, the gr0UP reminesce's by Senior song to the tune of UGarden of Edenu and gives his well-known imitation of WElvisn and' his 'Hound Dogn. No one notices the time until the cuckoo cuckoos 5200 AM, and all the guests are shown to their sleeping As they go, good nights are said and the tired but happy friends retire for the night. The has been good for reminiscing, but the future is sure to hold many new experiences for one and all. l'7'07fI!C y Commffftf' Lyle Johns Charlotte Key Alden Nay Rosalie Murphy Susie Tefft Norman Strader L8-T'I'Y Kearns Ronnie Wireman Nellie Perkins LASS WILL Know all men by these presents, that we, the will Com ittee for the ingeniores Class of 1958 of the Arcola Community High School, County of Douglas and State of Illinois, being of un- sound mind and poor memory, Do hereby make this, our Last Will and Testament, revoking all former Wills and Testaments by us hereto fore made. Charles Anderson- wills his ability to drive through gardens to anyone who can uphold the tradition. Sharon Bennett- wills her unbalanced books of this years annual to next years business manager. Bill Beyers- wills his pink slips to Bob Vyverberg. Max Carey- wills his five Ford transmissions to WGeroneN Gross. Chlora Chanman- wills her ability to go steady with one boy to Faribell Idlemen . Janice Clark- wills her golden voice to Miss Scott. Jim Clark- wills his ability to run the mile to Larry Finn. Kay Clark- wills her ability to rinse red hair to green to Karen Morris. Linda Connor- wills her ability to get excuses for coming in class late to Phillip Anderson. Janet Cook- wills her pony tail to Mary Blagg. Marion Cothron- wills his southern dialogue to M . Moss. Ellen Cunningham- wills her ability to fall nup the stairsn to Pinkie Blagg. Patty Jo Ellison- wills her good driving habits to Sharon Cloyd. Virginia Franklin- wills her quiet ways to Roger Shields. Ed Harshbarger- wills his basketball uniform to Ed Mallary. Georgia Herrington- wills her cheerful disposition to T.M.B. Connie Johns- wills her figure to Miss Whitson. Lyle Johns- wills his unused basketball ability to John Robert Woods Larry Kearns- wills his electrical ability to Joe nLloydN Monahan. Charlotte Key- wills her typewriter to Miss Jokisch. Pat Monahan- wills his big La Salle to the Green Hornets brother John Beyers. Russ Moore- wills his ability to get in ball games free to Henry Carlberg. Rosalie Murphy- wills her typing ability to anyone who needs it. Doug Mullikin- wills his dancing ability to Russian Ray. Robert Scott Myers - fbeing of soundest mindl wills his hubcaps to Tommy Cox who already has them. Alden Nay- wills his football managing ability to Big Ed Mallary. Nellie Perkins- wills her bashful ways to Nancy Goff. Larry Shafer- wills his membership in a Ford Club to Jr. McNary. Norman Strader- wills his half of the UBlue Bombu to Danny, since he's already boss. Susie Tefft- wills her bookkeeping ability to Charlotte Bunton. Ronnie Wierman- wills his muscular physique to Dan Strader. Leah Wightmar- wills her brown eyes to Bobbie Sue in case Bobbie has another accident. Don Wilson- alius nCrashU and Crude Red wills his careful driving habits to Bob Vyverberg. Dorothy Wood- wills her brains to Patsy, she wants to keep it in the family. To Mr. Butler, we leave all the money he paid us to Uthrowu the Globe-trotters vs. Faculty game. To Mr. Browning, we leave a fire burning brightly in the wastepaper basket in study hall. To the Cooks, we leave all the birds heads collected in the pest contest for next years Thanksgiving dinner. To the Custodians, we leave a king size can of Sani-Flush To the faculty, we leave 3 months of peace and quiet in hopes that next years seniors will take over where we left off. To Nr. Baker, we leave the memory of the first 2 undisputed champion- ships in one year. To Miss Scott, we leave a hardy WWORKW. In Witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this sixth day of March, 1958, A.D., in the presence of the Witnesses, our Last Will and Testament as wit to be Our'Last will and Testament in their presence and they have in the presences of each other. whom we have requested to sign this witnesses and we have declared this in the presence and signed the same signed the same in our presence and' We, the undersigned, Do Hereby Certify, that the said committee for the Class of 1958 signed the above and foregoing paper in our presence and declared the same to be their Last Will and Testament on this sixth day of March, 1958, A.D., and requested us to sign the said will as witnesses which we did in their presence and in the presence of each other believing the said Committee for the Class of 1958 to be fully unpossessed of all their faculties and unsound mind and poor memory and in every way not capable of making their Last Will and Testament. jig S Claw TIES xll, I O ffl, NAME: Charles Anderson NICKNAME: WBon AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: NI'm gonna hit you right in the mouthln FAVORITE SONG: Melody Da Mor FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: The LAW TYPE: Ambitious NOTED FOR: His customs Chevy AM ITION: Mechanic OUR ADVICE: Find a garage NAM : Bill Beyers NICKNAME: My Bill AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: Uwhoopsln FAVORITE SONG: Old Chisom Trail FAVORITE SPORT: Football PEI' PEEVE: Mr. Butler TYPE: Shy and bashful NOTED FOR: Going steady AMEITION: Mechanic FUTURE: Mechanic OUR ADVICE: Settle down NAME: Chlora Chapman NICKNAM : Chlora-Burger AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WOh, Eddieln FAVORITE SONG: One Kiss FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Short, fat boys TYPE: Homebody NOTED FOR: Going with Eddie AMEITION: Landscape architect FUTURE: Unknown OUR ADVICE: Go on to school NAM : Janice Clark NICKNAME: WBig Jann AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: UThey've got a name for it?W FAVORITE SONG: I Believe FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who think only they have troubles TYPE: Flirty NOTED FOR: Talking a lot AMEITION: To be a singer FUTURE: Singing OUR ADVICE: Keep on singing J' NAME: Sharon Arlene Bennett NICKNAM : None AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WOh, geeln FAVORITE SONG: Special Angel FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Teachers TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR:Being engaged AMEITION: To get married FUTURE: Uncertain OUR ADVICE: Be a good housewife NAME: Max E. Carey NICKNAME: WHughW AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WOh, crapln FAVORITE SONG: Raunchy FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Thomas M. Butler TYPE: Shy and bashful NOTED FOR: Romantic entanglements AMEITION: Mechanic FUTURE: Mechanic OUR ADVICE: Get a steady girl NAME: Jim Clark NICKNAME: "Jimbo" AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: Wwhat it is?n FAVORITE SONG: Baby I don't care FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Cats Cboth kindsll TYPE: Bashful NOTED FOR: Going steady AMEITION: Marry a nurse FUTURE: Ditch diggerC?D OUR ADVICE: Marry your nurse NAME: Kay Clark NICKNAME: WKaysieU AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Shoot' FAVORITE SONG: He Painted a Picture FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who are not on time TYPE: Flirty NOTED FOR: Red hair AMEITION: To be a teacher FUTURE: Housewife OUR ADVICE: Make the kids behave! NAME: Linda Connor NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nYou said itln FAVORITE S NG: Don't FAVORITE SPORE: Basketball PET PEEVE: Conceited people TYPE: Glamorous NOTED FOR: Going to Champaign AMEITION: To go to college FUTURE: Undecided OUR ADVICE: Go to college NAME: Marion Cothron NICKNAM : VLittle Gilesn AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: Wwait a minuteln FAVORITE SONG: It is no Secret FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Conceited people TYPE: Quiet NOTED FOR: Going with Atwood girls AMEITION: To be a draftsman FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Go to college NAME: Patricia Ellison NICKNAME: VPatty Jon AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: VWell!W FAVORITE SONG: Silhouettes FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Two-faced people TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR: Going to Mattoon AMBITION: To be an airline hostess FUTURE: Housewife OUR ADVICE: Fly high! NAM : Ed Harshbarger NICKNAM : VEasy Edu AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: WOh, you cutieln FAVORITE SONG: Tam FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Roger Shields TYPE: RomanticC?D NOTED FOR: Basketball ability NAM : Marjorie Janet Cook NICKNAME: nCookieV AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: Wwellln FAVORITE SONG: Stardust FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Two-faced people TYPE: Sophisticated NOTED FOR: Running around with Janice AMEITION: To be a teacher FUTURE: Housewife OUR ADVICE: Pass Chemistry NAME: Ellen Kay Cunningham NICKNAM : None AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: VYou guessed it, Buck Wheatln FAVORITE SONG: Silver Bells FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who are always telling others what to do TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR: Always having a good time AM ITION: To be a history teacher FUTURE: Career girl OUR ADVICE: Calm down a little NAME: Virginia Franklin NICKNAME: WGinnyV AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: Wwell, my goshln FAVORITE SONG: You Send Me FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Roger Shields TYPE: Quiet NOTED FOR: Going to Charleston AMEITION: To go to South Carolina FUTURE: Airline hostess OUR ADVICE: Be an airline hostess NAME: Georgia Herrington NICKNAME: VGracieW AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: Wwhoopslu FAVORITE SONG: Tenderly FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Conceited people TYPE: Sweet and quiet NOTED FOR: Going with David AMEITICN: To be the father of a large family OUR ADVICE Go to college and play Checkers NAME: Connie Johns NICKNAME: VNadaV AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: VRea11yV FAVORITE SONG: Stardust FAVORITE SPORT: Football AMEITION: Secretary FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Be a model PET PEEVE: People who sit outside and honk their horn TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR: Running around AMEITION: To get to California FUTURE: Go to school and get married OUR ADVICE: Go to school first NAME: Lyle Johns NICKNAME: nwiltn AGE: 19 EXPRESSION: UWho'd a Thought Itlu FAVORITE SONG: Tequila FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Butler TYPE: Ivy League NOTED FOR: Running around AMBITION: To be a farmer FUTURE : Farming OUR ADVICE: Stay at home for a change! NAME: Charlotte Key NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: UOh, my landsln FAVORITE SONG: You Send Me FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: People who don't tell TYPE: Pesky NOTED FOR: Being seen in Mattoon AMBITION: Go to California FUTURE: Airline Hostess OUR ADVICE: Be an airline hostess the truth NAME: Russell Moore NICKNAME: WMoW AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: HYou betlu FAVORITE SONG: The Story of my Life FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Bob 'SquirtW Myers TYPE: Bashful NOTED FOR: Being a milkman AMBITION: To be a high school graduate FUTURE : Unlmown OUR ADVICE: Study hard NAME: Doug Mullikin NICKNAME: uMaseH AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: UYou're crazylu FAVORITE SONG: Rock and Roll's here to Stay FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Shafer bothering him in Am. Hist. class TYPE: Ivy League NOTED FOR: Good looks AMEITION: To be an engineer FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Go to college NAME: Alden Ernest Nay NICKNAME: WNay-Nayn AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WOhlu NAME: Larry Dale Kearns NICKNAME: nCornyN AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: None in particular FAVORITE SONG: Honeycomb FAVORITE SPORT: Chess PET PEEVE: Work! TYPE: Loveable NOTED FOR: Being a radio man AMBITION: To be a radio and T.V. commun- icator FUTURE: Marriage and radio and T.V. work OUR ADVICE: Get a T.V. shop of your own NAME: Pat Monahan NICKNAME: NTomn AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nOh, hello dereln FAVORITE SONG: Teenager's Romance FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Girls TYPE: Practical joker NOTED FOR: Being a character AM ITION: To be an engineer FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Don't let Notre Dame down get you NAME: Rosalie Murphy NICKNAME: "Murph" AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nOh, Shootln FAVORITE SONG: Special Angel FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball, PET PEEVE: Loud-mouthed people TYPE: Friendly NOTED FOR: Commercial ability AMBITION: Secretary FUTURE: Business school OUR ADVICE: Go to business school NAM : Bob Myers NICKNAME: WMay In AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nTi1t!n FAVORITE SONG: Honeycomb FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: Chevys TYPE: Sleek NOTED FOR: His little grey Ford AMBITION: To be 5 commercial artist FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Go to art school FAVORITE SONG: Stars and Stripes Forever FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Bossy and impolite people TYPE: Quiet NOTED FOR: Politeness AMBITION: To go to college FUTURE: Travel OUR ADVICE: Go to Paris CFranceJ NAME: Nellie Perkins NICKNAM : WPerkyn AGE: 19 EXPRESSION: None FAVORITE SONG: Home on the Blues FAVORITE SPORT: Baseball PET PEEVE: People who stare TYPE: Shy NOTED FOR: Friendliness AMEITION: To be a housewife FUTURE: Unknown OUR ADVICE: Fulfill your ambition NAM : Norman Strader NICKNAM : 'JuicyU AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WYou little cutien FAVORITE SONG: I'm in the Jailhouse FAVORITE SPORT: All sports PET PEEVE: Forward girls TYPE: Lovable NOTED FOR: Big smile and good looks AMEITION: To be a farmer FUTURE: Farmer OUR ADVICE: Be a farmer NAME: Ronnie Wierman NICKNAME:'WkedsW AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: nBu1l' FAVORITE SONG: Raunchy PET PEEVE: Baker TYPE: Shy NOTED FOR: Speeding AMBITION: Mechanic FUTURE: Mechanic OUR ADVICE: Slow down NAM : Don Wilson NICKNAME: uCrashW AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: UYou'll never known FAVORITE SONG: You Send Me FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming PEI' PEEVE: Blinky TYPE: Working NOTED FOR: Going to Tuscola AMEITION: None FUTURE: Mechanic OUR ADVICE: Slow down! Now NAME: Larry Rex Shafer NICKNAME: WGeorgen AGE: 18 ' EXPRESSION: uHi, cat manlu FAVORITE SONG: That,will be the day FAVORITE SPORT: Football PET PEEVE: Chevys TYPE: Family type NOTED FOR: Horsing around AMEITION: To be a hot rod farmer FUTURE: Race car driver OUR ADVICE: Stop horsihg around NAME: Susan Tefft NICKNAME: nSusieW AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: WOh, wowl' FAVORITE SONG: No favorite FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball PET PEEVE: people who are stuck on them selves TYPE: Flirty NOTED FOR: Talking to boys AMEITION: To bela secretary FUTURE: Business school OUR ADVICE: Settle down NAME: Leah Wigntman NICKNAM : None AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: nOh, you guysn FAVORITE SONG: Stardust FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming PET PEEVE: People who are always TYPE: Sophisticated NOTED FOR: Carrying a pink brush AMEITION: To be a newspaper-woman FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Get married NAM : Dorothy Wood NICKNAM : nDottieU AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: WOh, you guysln FAVORITE SONG: Are You Sincere FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball late PET PEEVE: People who don't turn their Torch literary assignments in on time TYPE: Studious NOTED FOR: Playing the piano AEEITION: To be a Chemi8t FUTURE: College OUR ADVICE: Have a little fun 43 A f X 'ff 5. ,N Zoo: 5'-"S . Po".:Q.stlf , I X' The Halls of A.H.S. CTune: "Garden of Eden"J When we walk through the halls, of A.H.S. with a down-hearted look, that you won't forget, Then you'll know that we're thinking, of years gone by, When we were greenies, at Arcola High. When never forget, Remember you found it, at A.H.S.g They're loyal and true there, and you're never blue there, When you went to school there, at Arcola High. when we walk through the halls, of A.H.S., with a down-hearted look that you won't forget, We're remembering the good times, when you gave the best, And we're glad to have been here, at A.H.S. Janice Clark, chairman Janet Cook Chlora Chapman Dorothy'Wood 5 Linda Connor , 4 Kay Clark .- xx -, 0' bc Z'e I V -'-? ' I QP? Q 'Eb ' xv r -If :E!!Y'm!:'J ! X 'lp 5 :::::s.' Fffffmf J' :f::sssfi'lssff,gf' ' f you're yearnin' for friendship, that you'll US gif vc it 4 Q A5 A A "ee 'I r , Q -Yi A5 ' 51 -, 2 we Q' M 252:5- K af ' Qs . Z4 X, ' it 1 +5 eeQ'XS X- ,Z ol' In the fall of l9Sh, Arcola High was blessed with the ar- rival of 52 green freshmen. There never was a greener bunch, but we entered with a wish for growth and learning. As our class officers, we chose Lyle Johns Pres., Norman Strader Vice-Pres., and Sharon Bennett Sec-Treas. Ed Harshbarger and Georgia Herrington were our representatives to the Student Council. We chose pink and black as our class colors and the pink rose as the class flower. when Homecoming time rolled around, we were all enthusiastic about our first dance. Con- nie Johns was elected the Queen's attendentg Doug Mullikin was her escort. Our float, HThey Can't Stand the Pressurenwon second prize. Our first semester exam was something we'll ne- ver forget. As the year moved on, we became more familiar with high school life. We looked forward to the time when we would become Silly Sophomores. Forty-seven of us managed to walk through the doors of A. H.S. as sophomores. Our class officers were Lyle Johns Pres., Norman Strader Vice-Pres., Dorothy Wood Sec., and Jim Clark Treas. Our float again won second prize with the theme of -- nCanoe Beatum, Oar Not.n Shirley McNary was our attendent 5 Lyle Johns was her escort. we spent the year thinking up mon- ey making projects for future years. A short period of time seperated us from the status of upperclassmen. Our number had diminished to 143 'when the Junior Class re- turned to the Usalt minesn to start our reign as upperclass- men. Our class officers for that year were Pat Monahan Pres., Jim Clark Vice-Pres., Chlora Chapman Sec., and Doug Mullikin Treas. To mark us as upperclassmen, we chose a class ring which we thought was NOut of this world! The price tag proved this assumption to be true. Our Honwcoming attendent Was G90- rgia Herrington and Ed Harshbarger was her escort. Our float, WWe'll Root 'Em Upn failed to win anything. Our Nnest eggu for our Senior Trip, next year, was enlarged by income from our magazine sales, concessions from the Okay Tourney and our class play UNo Boys Allowed? which won us recognition as superb actors and actresses when under tear gas pressure, In the fall of '57, 3h of us entered A.H.S. with much en- thusiasm. Our last year, we intended to make it a memorable one. We chose for class officers Jim Clark Pres., Georgia Her gdmgton Vice-Pres., Bill Beyers Sec., and Linda Connor Treas. We immediately started plans for our Senior Trip. we decided to go to New York City. Our mailbox campaign was one of our projects for raising money to make the trip possible. Georgia Herrington was elected Queen for the 1957 Homecoming Festivities. Janice Clark was chosen as her attendent. Their escorts were the football co-captains,Jim Clark and Ed Harsh- barger. Our float, WWe're in Shape, Are You?H failed to place in the money. Our representative, Chlora Chapman, was crowned Queen of the Okaw Valley. Her escort was Ed Harshbarger, bas- ketball captain. Our class play NLove is Too Much Troubleuwas a great success. The Prom was our last big fling of our high school career. We shall always remember it for the fun we had. By graduation time,our class had shrunk to 32 members. We don't know what the future holds for us, but no matter what we do, we can always look back to the wonderful, dearing experiences we received at A.H.S. . 'gggcg 'v . Q 5 5 JG GR O - -K fu zxiwsfw . ., -- f ,,'. - L f ' , A ., X Vx P esident-Jack Phillips Vice President-John Robert wood Secretary-Jim Binford Treasury-Bob Vyverberg Junior Class History The officers for our Freshman year were Danny Strader, President, Authur Beazley, Vice-President, Rosemary Soupis, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bob Waldron and Jo Elaine Hoots served at student council members. Our class advisors were Miss Newmann and Mr. Dunn. Barbara Biggs was chosen as queen attendent and Danny Strader was her escort. During our Sophomore year, our officers were Arthur Beazley, President, Shauna Powell, Vice-President, and Jim Benford, Secretary- Treasurer. Ed Hein and Carolyn Kluesner were chosen as student council representatives. Mr. Roberts and Mus. Willmann were our class advi80rS Black A white were chosen to be our class colors. Barbara Biggs was our queen attendent and Ed Hein was her escort. Our Homecoming float won third prize. As Juniors we chose Jack Phillips, President, John Wood, Vice- Presidenty Jim Binford, Secretary, and Bob Vyverberg, Treasurer. Ed Hein and Arthur Beazley served as student council representatives. Our class advisors were Mr. Roberts and M ss Whitson. Karen Morris was our Homecoming Queen Attendent and Bob Vyverberg was her escort. Our class play was entitled, nHere Comes Char1ie.n Sandra Anderson Jim Binford Barbara Carroll Jerry Dowell Gery Gross Sue Anderson L 3 dg,-?fv5gyV LKLL ffwf-'Y . Y iwkkffwl wfwf 1 gala 5fl," MEQA Larry Bowers Wayne Cothron Arthur Beazley John Beyers Charlotte Bunten Gabwhel Burgess Barbara Biggs Janet Carlberg Bob COX Jim cox s Y -A Tom Cox David Ellison Shirley Fletcher Mary Gooch Joyce Good yiti , zgz Q ,a E- .V V P y :QQ aes! ':'?Ygffw '.dd Adi ?fQSiQ' ,, 3'? ii-if .X 5 . .. ' JK I I i 1. : w k kv 1 U in i Q: , xi A, ..k, ,. xkykk 1+-..E,irxt ..i L K Larry Guyot Eula Hayes Ed Hein Oretta Hudson Faribel Idleman I l Carolyn Kluesne bk.figQ3dNf5A an qEQQF'o . lglliiggggi it - N fggii f Jerry Mallady Karen Morris . T?M 3.r- i h -V..2 f 4 n fdfgg r .' Iwiy 3965 efW3ifQrfif5w, LLZI :QA Lill M is r r Kr 7 fi Zln2 gi John Phillips Max Shaw ' VLL' A Zi- i:EQHA i f H',sgql?!s1H "' R .iiQ,, a , .V "1-:. . - I r r rri. rrrt MIM, V , in Charles Stewart Danny Strader qlliggggl 1 I' Sharon Lawrence Joan Murphy Dorothy Sitz P Larry Luechtefeld Dennis Myers N k 45 X Q iv I , aaa in , Glen Little Jeannette Parro tt atricia Snively Loretta Spaulding Kathleen Thomas M317 A1111 TTIOYHPSOD Peggy Tiff11B H? iv o,. Ss? B' J Robert Vyverbers Larry wener John wood David Wright John Young . Y S OP,L,f : President-Beth Full Vice Pres1dent-Fred Shields Secretary-Beverly Johns Treasury-Linda Stump HISTORY OF CLASS OF H6oH Class officers for our freshman year were: President, Joe Monahan, Vice-President, Bill Harshbargerg Secretary-Treasurer, Lianne Allen. Student Council members were Benita Bushu and Ann Smart. Our freshman homecoming float won second prize. The slogan was UWe'll Make the Knights see Stars.n Our home- coming attendant was Mary Blaggg her escort was Joe Monahan. Class officers for our sophomore year are: President, Beth Hull, Vice-President, Fred Shields, Secretary, Beverly Johnsg Treasurer, Linda Stump. Our student council members are Benita Bushu and Bob Coombs. Our sophomore homecoming float won first prize. Our slogan was nWe'll Croak Before We Let'em Win.H Our attendant was Lianne Allen and her escort was Bill Harshbarger. Lianne Allen M x it r :N'yf9Qa5EQr Qg'yi ii,Wf?? Harry Bright I .,. FE ,VV.k in ki: IQ MP? Udell Chambliss fi' Gene Cox Larry Finn Phillip Anderson Kay Bright Dixie Chapman iw at u?2.j y Q ihh . no ff. a M Larry Drake Mary Finn Martha Armer Lila Bright Sharon Cloyd Kenneth Elder 4I!!iE5?!'i A xi ii Linda Fletcher Michael Ashley Benita Bushu Billy como,- Erma Ellison Melba Goad Mary Blagg Henry Carlberg 445 Coombe Robert George Fidler Nancy Goff Joanna Good B Beverly Johns .2., 1 in S I d .euawggffw L jus: ,Q k.,1 f Ann McCoy Joe Monahan fl oiaafmg Fred Shields illy Harshbarger Nancy Keal William McCoy S Wanda Perkins Sandra Sisk Gary HOWTGY Beth Hull Alice Jacob Duane Koger Jimmy Little ,Y Q ?5jEgi'o QE ,A,,: aagig . gk. V' ,, E i 1' of k',L if '. saafwwsava f Paul McNary Eddie Malray David Rich Ronnie Roberts .sf ' rw J W - ',., 'D Y-efnt'Q haf .onn ig Jerry Loughary Madonna Mattingly R H -QEQQQA . 555 , .. ,Tyo S, ,g Alice Sargent Wendell Smith Shirley Ann South Linda Sffump N Q 4 1 '-W' .. 3 George Vandeveer Janet Wells Lew Wingler Patsy W00d Larry Young Wayne Younger plfllllll iffy: " is ww xmmw. NN cxxxx mm 'Sm gm 111- 506 1,1 fd dl 1,19 gniugv agixg -v Pres1dent-Tony Thompson Vice President-Nancy Biggs Secretary- Toni Gilbert Treasury- Danny Pilson Class History We, Sh ngreen freshmenn, started our high school career in late August, 1957. The spring before, we elected our class officers Tony Thompson, President, Nancy Biggs, Vice-President Toni Gilbert, Secretary, and Danny Filson, Treasurer. Our student council members are Jane Blagg and Don Munson. Mrs. Rea, the librarian, and Mr. Reed, the industrial arts teacher, our class advisors. Our Freshman initiation was September 30. we had a list of questions given to us several days before, which we were to answer. we elected Nancy Biggs as our homecoming queen attendent. She chose Dennis Gross as her escort. Our Float theme was nWe'll Pot the Pansiesu. The theme was carried our by having a large flower pot on the truck and huge pansies growing out of it. Our float didn't win a prize but we had lots of fun working on it. We are looking forward to our next high school year as silly sophomores. Toni Gilbert Secretary o o o 3 Wilma Alexander Jane Blagg a if Ronald Carlberg .2 . ' A S ELL , ,., XX 4 r, x 4 Carol Davis Virginia Ghere Judith Akers K, ,Q 1 Anita Anderson Nancy Biggs Lucy Brandon e e Vii. 5? 12 " Sandra Chapman Kenneth Cox Laura Dilbeck Toni Gilbert he FZ? v ll 'Z Ronald Drake Barbara Good Roger Ashley f Judy Browning n Q sig? Steven Cuppy Virginia Enlow P99 n -9 .. P. Janice Baker Carole Bullard ,., w f V, ".: Lx . '11, A Annett Daum Terry Gee A. ini! E if que , -g f' - A fir? L 'lfii ' bl? f M 4' i A ' Ar. 1.11 Denis Gross Jerry Heidlbaugh mana? H V vw if ss, gmfnpr o4f'5g5!?ffi W'L' ' '51 "'L l 5 gJ3fi1Vi'?i2f' Donald Hudson Marilyn Kearns June Pfeifer H 452 Egggio Edward Smith ij, ' fr, 1354? ,v Marvin Thompson Anita Janes Linda Kluesner Danny Pilson Dean Shoemaxe ?? X 5' W4 Z ,fag ...:, Q., 1, .. gif n Q , iii" ix Ida Jinkins Elaine Lance . if ssifaefiifel f A 1, fixed? Q E32 l, 'ff2if:?ii'i9 --ggisig' is ' A W1 7,,'. is .fg5f,g1Qg -1 2 , 1, .. , gem , wi X .. . W 'QT ,igigffifif fygt Tn,5HQMiy fnswmn iq pqgg Glenn Rogers Dale Shoemake Tony Thompson Helen Thornhill Thomas Johnson Joyce Kearns A I oz 1 L1 , .517 ' . 4 A52 my 1 ,Q JF?" .L .. i,e5gQ Mil W -' e eg--5-eggs 4. 613 1 .. ff' ,..1Iw :"g,v 3, To 7 :::',f'?: 'f ' , I I . JK .N..x4tr:'1', '1"9"'1- ' .' . x bg c'..4f :figs - QQM goin in-5 -sss Patty MCCr0TY Donald Munson ,mfw -f-'- , .,., - is 5 if o n gy nnos sooon Joyce Shaw Roger Shields E Charles Snively Sally Stillwell l '2' WI-' A igqfr .V 13 K liifV? l i?i.i 1W5W'kgi53W ' in "h- 5,55 nf L'.." if .V f . Jim Uphoff Ray Underwood Sue Vandeveer ' i tif ? , i Richard Weller Ray Wilcox mxwxxw xxx ag 0' C04 44477714 pffdlfllf ko 10 mmmwwxki fk T7 e I ,, ,A- A -4 I v H4 .Vw xx- - -f H1 1 ,. I . . - I :, - . as:-N U, w, --- - . , - ,. -'gg .rffvi---3 ,--51.1" ' 1 , I . '- --1" - . , A . .fl-11'k'f""'45,g'9 X- N-fiivmps--me '- f 5 - :J - ic.-,'-,, . 4. ,nf . f Y ' Y ' ggi,-'-'? 'f'4f'4.5gQgf4y--!..i'fif' K, EMT-UQgi4-WEE 9 .. f' ,' ,SEQ-ug f , ,J 1 ' ,, , .xl ,grit-f9"! ?' . 7 - 1,1 .JI 42332. v-PV. J' I xx... I. Y . . .LH-. A- ,. I N W ' 'V' " qi? ,-QFEHH "F-'Q f- Q .x g -fa ' , ' 2 " , ,M 44... A HQ- 1 my--3,-'ff -X xx'-. fs -- 1 5 ' . ,,--'M2llfxRV'--T13 ' -uf . L- ,jk -2-- " ' - " '- 11.1312 -ff. li' .Y F E?" . ' -H. , . ., ,V r 1 . , . . ,- . .A . .i.- 5 'D,,-,.'1'f,ff5",..- ' X-fu. M 4-2 ll., l -' L Q. I 4., ww- X , ' 72'-'F' :ima fi , ' 5- . ' ,M - 1 . -1' I , ' 3' A ' 1 5 - . - ' .' . ' L, ' Q , . M ,. -. - , -, L. , x' Y "' T,-15 ,gf '- , - ' ,-qi 1 A Y , ', 12.21 1 X' ,-.-4 V .i v 4 1. ' ' Ili- . A 'E ln ' ' H. ' 1- . .ff-Q-rw , I A, - i ff, . 3 . -9, . 4 - ,,- ,..d , -- M-4 4:1 x ' - , -1 - I ,. -1-'1 1321371-"':1:tfA-1 0' . ' I -" -, 5 ": -. f. f.. ' '--. L g' .- .p , 1 WI -' 1-PPf,ii-vf-,f,RH5:?55fj- T' -' : - A-1: ' '1 A -4- N1-92 '-i-:Q-s'f--.aafvhe ' "Y,-"1mH:fe-b' .Q ,J-fy -'fl' 4 9 'H '.-if 'Xi' ' - Q., Psyyri ff, " , ,- F. 5151 1- ' ' - 'L' fgafiiejfjm iuvgqg .- - - ,kjjiidf T24 Ari-' iz. "fr 1 ' 'Y ' ' , .341 .vs-sr . 1.-wk!-.. rug. .. N - - 1 , .- ,J 'j. g up 4 -' L 51'-N' 4' " . I 5 K',f,Ti'l 'ffffig n?'1f7"' ' - . f , , ,, ,J-, 1 " ,e--- -235532,--fp. 5 1 ' - . -- Lf- -- f 'ji'-K?"i.-ik."-9 , ffa2.'S:'-,,-aw - , .. Q , 1- , A ', ' '- -A.-My u,,,-.235 4. , ' "if,-, - ef- f - ,fr 6? 1 , ,- :'. -L: Y JJ- - .'1,,, . A . . '-K A - 1 , ", , , R 'Q-I ' . ., v . .1 A 'ii . , . '- - . if 3.75-' IM' -'K ' :F A x - 3- - . 1. - '- ' W-'. -15 ! .2 . 'X 1 ' 450' ' . if ' f ' 'i ' A 5. ' QM., . '-' - if -,A mf, ' -.- ,QQ , 'Fm l F. 1--'f A I-.. 1 .Sf A :iz , -,V , .55 . , .Y 1.4. ,' ,-21 . gr . x '- 'Q'-, . -4-' J' K J , , Q . , , I .f ' ' aff, . r, L ' I.. I-QI-T' A P 1 . ., , ,v,.,:' '1 - Y V 1 .- iff, - ' . -1 1-,iw .Y rzg,,:.,u 1 Q V-19-r - ' , A , P155 ' , .ff - - f fl A K I ' W 5 1" ' ,Q-Q --if . , V M ,H . +V M., .,.,.Y.4,,', H VA W-5 ., ' L - V rg 1.5. V Q 7 , , 1 , Y ..,. . 'L Y. ' ' U' j , 5 , , . - fl 'Tw jf , I ' QM 5 . - . - , ., ' L A . Y, - U - . ru- 1 '. , I 3, , -' I an-1. Wgfy' -,-, ', . ,. H .I I. J V, 5.3 f' K -.3 , , V X V . Ag W 'Pu nf Y gd mg - 1. 4. ,, ' -saw I L' ' :Y an-,L ,V , 4- V ' gh- ..- ' 1 'I' .1 Q In ' ' ... , ' v"m 'tifi f A ' L X , , 4- LQ. ,"'31gK1' . ' " ' ---A - -' K 25:4 11-15 , -r 1, "" , , - H" 1' ,-1, . - f- -I 1 t ati, , A ' 1 3 , 4 ., ' 1 I 5 ,Q .. . , , ' in L ,. ,-la, . ,V 'y-.4 ,- . 1' ' ' :fig - .' A - - 4 'f- ""l'7 ,diy '- ' .- .-, -f A 3 - I, 1- , 1-, - 1 , l ' V 'f 4 F- ', ', T'nL,u.." " IJ' -' ' - 2:-' .v V " J., -' .- 1 . , , , . if-,o rijg-5-gn' 1 .4 -4- ,V Y P QT- f: - Q, 3 N A . ,-,Q - -,Y A -. - gnu, Y a,pf,u. 1,3 ., 'f-1" - , ,- - ' ,, .--Q'-:"5ff -1 "' .. - , . .. . ,..- , l A , , , l ' if -u.-sf a . f bv- ,. ff ' ' ' .. "inf-a1?:g ,, . . f ,b ui, , 1. 5 ! 'jus 1.-.hw Qi l'. Q uw BM A ' gk g f imgnorf L "' l A CD 3 0, W -.ff m Q' mb Standing---Coach Sink, Doug Mullikin, Jim Clark, Norman Strader, Russ Moore, Larry Shafer Kneeling---Coach Baker, Lyle Johns, Ed Harshbarger, Pat Monahan, Max Carey, Bill Byers. SQQLJQTALJ 2554, EWR'-vw sm, vgfwzw ff qw 617,44-wsnnw faffffmf-4 ,aw,f,,,,,,. WM WWW Jain 8J Qzwwf j.-,pk ,PJ-J-Cid WMM' fffffmk Uyfdgg-5 6306600 zfmf' flyfff ,QM Sum am Sw-A fL,.,17fQZ6p BJXZQPYL Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola Arcola FOOTBALL Arcola St. Elmo 13 Arcola C.Gordo- O Arcola Oakland- O Arcola Sullivan-20 Arcola Lexington-O Arcola Bement- O Arcola Arthur- O Arcola Tuscola- 13 Won-7 Lossed-O Tied-l BASKETBALL Mt.Zlon- A8 Atwood- 38 Westfield-M7 Arthur- 26 Unity- El Cerro Gordo M2 Monticello Holiday Tournament Casey- Tuscola- Montlcello36 Tuscola- no Newman- M6 V.Grove- no Arthur- M6 Bement- 3h Argenta- M9 Sullivan- El Oakland- 35 Sl 29 Arcola Unity- 28 Arcola Robt.Thaw-M8 Arcola Trinity- M3 Arcola Mansfield-hh pkaw Valley Tournament Arcola Bement- 30 Arcola- C.Gordo- Ml Arcola- Unity- 33 ArcolafRegional Tournament Arcola 77 Neoga Arcola Arcola - - 55 -SO Cumberlandh6 -33 Mattoon- 29 u Sub-State scores too late to classify. T zz E T Fi E M F9 J lvl X LETTERME 'S LUB Top Row: Alden Nayg Russell Mooreg Larry Shaferg Bill Beyersg Doug Mulliklng Coach Bakerg David Ellisong Bill Harshbargerg Art Beasleyg Jim Binfordg Wayne Younger Second Row: Ronnie Robertsg Jim Coxg Lyle Johnsg John woodg Pat Monahang Eddie Harsnbargerg Joe Monahang Larry Wellerg Max Careyg Danny Strader Sitting: George Fidlerg Bob Coxg Jim Clarkg Norman Straderg Bob Vyverbergg Max Shawg Larry Guyotg Harry Brightg John Beyers ERS V Left to Right: Ed Harshbarger, SecretarylL Treasurerg Jim Clark, Presidentg Norman Strader, Vice-President . YQ G3 ' .ei Joe Monahan Bill Harshbarger Bob COX Ed Harshbargel' Norman Strader Absent: Ed Hein, Awafweees '-f- f aimzmwsr Q1 .. -. --fy - Courtesy of Urbana Courier R 6 I me M, Q I k A ,,,:l,n. :aim , rrr 'W m ar' 1 rrrrr ' r , , J rapt 1 . , .3 ,f f .ww ie - .,,, W ,H A Q Q R 1 A .f. 1 Yu - xv ww ,. N... W V, .V 134 j Q -3 wx 3.1 2 's 7555 a 1 .,1 fx , , f x W.. X4 'iff W f 'xg 5 ., .ggi g gy 1 , ,A .X f -11: ,X - 4 X 'f'?3lf, X44 ,f ' A' auria 125655 L 1. , QQBSX ve' -QQ,-1. , -X X1 -A-A f ,K , mf, .Bm Team Sports Top Row: Alden Nayg Terry Geeg Dean Shoemakeg Dale Shoemakeg Steve Cuppyg Ronnie Drakeg Roger Ashleyg Dick Wellerg Jim Uphoffg Ronnie Carlbergg Frank Jarvis Second Row: Ed Malrayg Wayne Youngerg Don Munsong Bill MeCoy3 Thomas Johnsong Dennis Gross Tony Thompsong Larry Finng Glen Rogersg Don Hudson Bottom Rowg Henry Carlbergg Duane Kogerg Mike Ashleyg Jimmy Littleg Larry Drakeg Marvin Thompsong Paul McNaryf Danny Pilson Standing! Coach Sinkg Don Hudsong Don Munsong Bill McCoy3 Jim Binfordg Duane Kogerg Tony Thompsong Glen Rogersg Steve Cuppyg Dick Wellerg Alden Nay Kneeling: Marvin Thompsong Danny Pilsong Bob Vyverbergg Ronnie Robertsg Jim Cox 3 David Ellisong Charles Snlvelyg Harry Brightg Larry Guyot his nnup in annn.-,.A nw unrmvnunmle K 1 v lsoPHoMoRE ROYALTY CD Clueen fg1z1?2g? , s Q 4 ., ' - ,S ie. . ww f . 3,13 my VX 133535 K fi ,L in F5211 P2511 ,. . 15, Q41 . ., 4, K Qgf f ?L15fi 1 'if 1 Vx ' 'Q' RK W- wifi , iwm J , Georgia Herrington 4 N? . ,K . 3332 , Y fn" ' Y mgl, K, , A . - A. ,xg : , M I ,..' I 5, 5 : .,:f-,:N..: VQ.. ,,.,Z :A',., 1 f i, + A A 2 g " ' , , , ,1 5 ag Maw wk ,, .FF . gf' -W . SW. , 'S AF A 7 1' 'E--i g 5542, Z1 11 HE E., ia '33 Af? Wig , My . 5 Q? an 5 ivesssf' --Q MM V K 453933 wir: Y? x M, ,:,Q .M :', Q! USN A l if ' .A 5, ,, f A 5 -F" lf! , ., 5 - 1 ..,,A V ' ' ' ' x I , L'-' V ' f ? . . A , ,f7. Mig. V 2 , .ig Q if 3? fr af x 'gum as . ' 1 ,-W, , z., Z.L,Am9 gy q.,H 3 i I' 51 iw 5 I 3 ' Wk X QV- X.m,.f 1 f if L., . ,, , P? 15" . ,R A -ggagfb ' ' bfi! m o ' X 1 'N' N- V -J:-Q . AKw7 QE N4 . , Ax .4 '-Q, 'x Jw I Cc. '. SAw mggu 3 We 5-,K Bac' F LR C Sf ffc I -.-lui , ,, . Q QQ I'm Senna tdl P . You 'a story LEQA 5-. llu ' v f iw ikawixhf 4' ...iv X ,. .532 15' 511 ij' E93 ,ifiigpigf 58 mode.: I S ff X Beqavsx- S ff Z f 5 1 Z' YOU Qonovr me if SE , Jin' ' V my I ' " 'R fib- Hround lifie 'Om Ol' D05 V i ff 25 Am an 'x . , N ' r l ff MP0 Reed, Sponsor Kay Clark, Secretaryg Janice Clark, Presidentg Georgia Herrington, Vice-Presidentg Connie Johns, Treasurer During football season the Pep Club ran the team onto the field when it was possible. The Pep Club sold nPurple Ridersn license plates, and shakers to make extra money. Buses were taken to the out of town games so that more of the school students could attend and back up the team. The Pep Club members wore white blouses or shirts to look uniform at the games. UPPE RCLASSME .... 1 Top Row-Left to Right Bill Beyers: Ed Hein: Ed Harshbarger: Pat Monahan: Lyle Johns: Larry Weller: Doug Mullikin Alden Nay: Bob Meyers: Larry Guyot: Bob Cox: Jim Clark: Russ Moore: Dorothy Sitz Rosalie Murphy: Janet Cook: Pat Snively: Ellen Cunningham: Mary Gooch: Dorothy Wood: Virginia Franklin Karen Morris: Bobbie Biggs: Patty Ellison: Shirley Fletcher: Fgribell Idlemenz Barbara Carroll Gaythel Burgess: Charlotte Key: Jeanette Parrott: Leah Wightman: Mary Ann Thompson 'N , Pa. U DE RCLASSME Sixth Row: Billy Connorg Kenny Coxg Bill Harshbargerg Gary Howrey Roger Shieldsg Joe Vonahang Jim Glarkg Duane Kogerg Danny Pilsong Lew Wingler Fifth Row: Linda Fletcherg Vary Blaggg Nancy Biggsg Ann InCby5 Elaine Lanceg Toni Gilberti Dennis Grossg Nancy Kealg Beverly Johns Fourth Row: David Richg Beth Hullg Marilyn Kearnsg Carol Bullardg l Patsy Woodg Lila Brlghtg Don Vunsong Benita Bushu Third Row: Dick Wellerg June Pfeiferg Nancy Goffg Shirley Southg Judy Akersg Virginia Ghereg Jane Blaggg Second Row: Dixie Chapman' Sue Vandeveer' L1 All , , anne eng Linda Stumpg Janet Wellsg Helen Thornhillg Sandra Cletcherg Sharon Cloyd 'D First how: Jim Uphoffg Joyce Kearnsg Erma Ellisong Carol Davisg wninvz .Taming Qnlrmf- Judy Bro SR Back Row: Kay Clarkg Kay Brightg Bob Vyverbergg Susan Tefftg Ellen Cunninghamg Don Wilsong Elaine Lanceg Rosalie lurphyg First Row: Pat lonahang Leah Uightmang Sharon Bennettg Dorothy Woodg Eddie Harshbargerg Viss Whitson Eeatures Sharon Bennett Clubs Kay Clark Don Wilson Co-Editors Leah Wightman Pat Nonahan News Dorothy Wood Elaine Lance Kay Bright Bob Vyverberg Cglggn Ellen Cunningham Lyplsts Rosalie Nurphy Susan Tefft F.F.A UPPERCLASSME Fourth Row: Lyle Johnsg Eddie Harshbarger Third Row: Danny Straderg John Youngg Larry Wellerg David Ellison Second Row: Bill Beyersg Jim Clark First Row: Tom Coxg John Beyersg Larry Guyotg Charles Andersong Dennis Myers: Glen Little SENIOR OFFICERS f - -a Y' """"' """" Seated: Max Carey, Presidentg Jim Clark, Secretaryg Norman Strader, Vice-President Absent: Charles Anderson, Treasurer F.F.A. U DERCLASSME Fourth Row: Larry Youngg Jim Little Third Row: Wendell Smithg Fred Shieldsg George Fldlerg Marvin Thompson Second Row: Tony Thompsong Duane Kogerg Billy Harshbargerg Gene Cox First Row: Jim Uphoffg Steve Cuppyg Don Munsong Dave Richg Bob Coombeg Don Hudsong Ronnie Carlberg Standing: Dave Rich, Reporterg Mr. Roberts, Adviserg Duane Koger, Treasurer Seated: David Ellison, Vice-President: Danny Strader, President: Glen Little, Secretary Absent: George Fidler, Sentinel F. H. A. 1 I Third Row: Leah Wlghtman, Degree Chairman, Janet Cook, Parmentariang Ellen Cunningham, Historian, Mary Blagg, Recreation Chairman Second Row: Dixie Chapman, Co-Degree Chairman: Jeanette Parrot, Public Relations Chairman, Mrs. Smith, Adviser, Beth Hull, Project Chairman First Row: Bobbie Biggs, Secretaryg Kay Clark, President: Chlora Chapman, Vice-Presldentg Kay Bright, Treasurer ACTIVITIES The F.H.A.'s motto this year has been "Future in Careers." To carry out the theme they have had: Mrs. Harriet Herrington to give them a talk on interior decorating, Mrs. Garnette Clark to give them a demonstration on cake decoration: Mrs. Fern Wightman gave a demon- stration on hair fashionsg Miss Carolyn Joklsch gave a talk on job opportunities for secretaries. To help the financial side of F.H.A. the members sold "Wash and Dry" packets and sponge rubber clothes hanger covers. To climax the year, the F.H.A. had the Annual Christmas Tea, Style Show, initiation of new members and installation of the officer for '58-'S9. Mrs. Rose Blagg has been the F.H.A. Mother and Mrs. Lois Smith has been the Adviser for the past year, UPPERCLASSME fi .qu 2 3 -v .maj , LX Top Row: Loretta Spauldingg Janice Clarkg Janet Cookg Ellen Cunninghamg Connie Johnsg Nellie Perkins Middle Row: Kay Clarkg Bobbie Biggsg Dorothy Sitzg Chlora Chapmang Leah Wightman Bottom Row: Mary Thompsong Jeanette Parrottg Charlotte Bunten Janet Carlberg 45" , aww YX ix, I II- Ts-Tx ' Ns. U DERCLASSME Fifth Row: Nancy Goffg Carole Bullardg Nancy Biggag Pat McCrory Beverly Johnsg Toni Gilbertg Marilyn Kearnsg Ann McCoy Fourth Row: Melba Goadg Shirley South: June Pfeiferg Judy Akersg Virginia Ghereg Kay Brightg Joanna Good Third Row: Janet Wellsg Barbara Goodg Lila Brightg Mary Blaggg Beth Hullg Jane Blagg Second Row: Sharon Cloydg Erma Ellisong Sue Vandeveerg Helen Thornhillg Sandra Cletcherg Lucy Brandon First Row: Carol Davisg Judy Browningg Dixie Chapmang Joyce Kearnsg Janice Bakery Sally Stillwell w, QQ! 4 0' J X 4 x s nl E ... 1 vs! .1--4 u. n'.',', A - "o .L s','x0'a', t Lx, texto., if , 1. K ' 1, .'.'.'.g ,I v 1 ....,x , 1.9. ' 0 11 IO. '54, .. v-., . , s...,, 4 . ..,,,, K , V Q., 'ac I DUSTRI L RTS LUB Fourth Row: Lyle Johns: Jerry Heidlebaugh: Larry Kearns: Joe Monahan: Pat Monahan: Doug Mulliking John Young: Bill Beyers Third Row: Bob Cox: Wendell Smith: Charles Anderson: Ronnie Roberts: Ronnie Wiermang Phillip Anderson: Jim Clark: Ken Cox Second Row: Mike Ashley: Russell Moore: Paul McNary: Gary Vowrey Thomas Johnson: Ronnie Drake: Gene Smith: Lew Wingler First Row: Mr. Reed, Adviser: Dean Shoemake: Roger Ashley: Charles Stewart: Wayne Cothron: Glenn Rogers: Dale Shoemake: Terry Gee Standing: Mike Ashley, Treasurer Seated: Lyle Johns, Vice-President: Norman Strader, Secretary: Bob Cox, President Fourth Row: Janet Cookg Toni Gilbertg Bill Harshbargerg Nancy Biggsg Linda Fletcher Third Row: Kay Evightg Nancy Kealg Mary Goochg Shirley Fletcherg Second Row: Kay Clarkg Nancy Goffg David Richg Bonita Bushug Zharlotte Bunten First Row: Beth Hullg Lianne Alleng Ellen Cunninghamg Yr. Butler TUDENT CGUNCIL Top Row: Bob Coombeg Tony Thompsong Beth Hullg Don Nunsong Benita Bushug Eddie Heing Jack Phillips Sitting: Nr. Butlerg Adviserg Jane Blaggg Jim Clarkg Georgia Herrington, Secvetavyg Pat Nonahan, Presidentg Missing, Art Beazley, vice-President LIBRARY LUB Third Row: Charlotte Bunteng Sandra Andersong Nancy Goffg Gene Smithg Lew Winglerg Mary Goochg June Pfeifer Second Row: Sally Stillwellg Helen Thornhillg Roger Ashleyg Bill McCoyg Dick Wellerg Sue Vandeveerg Sandra Cletcher First Row: Joyce Shawg Ann McCoyg Mrs. Rea: Mike Ashleyg Dean Shoemake Standing: Ann McCoy, Treasurer Seated: Mike Ashley, Secretary? MPS- Rea, Adviserg Kathleen Thomas, President G. A. A. Officers L ft to Right Standing- Lianne Allen Sophomoreg Kay Clark, Senior e Boardmembers: M s. Dorothy Smith, Advisorg June Pfeifer, Freshmang Bobbie Biggs, Junior Boardmembers, Left to Right Sitting- Linda Connor, Secretary, Dorothy Wood, Presidentg Chlora Chapman, Vice-Presidentg Leah Wightman, Treasury. G. A. A. Activities Last spring we elected our officers for this term: President-Dorothy Wood, Vice-President-Chlora Chapman, Secretary- Linda Connorg Treasurer-Leah Wightman. We also chose our board members: Senior- Kay Clark, Junior-Bobbie Biggsg Sophomore- Lianne Allen, Freshman-June Pfeifer. The Board-Members are to take care of the points in their class. G. A. A. Activities the first semester include-Initiation day and party for the new members-Operating concession stand at football games and sponsoring the Homecoming and Christmas Dance. Upper Classman Left to Right Fourth Row-Chlora Chapman, Janice Clark, H-mt' Underclassman Mary Gooch, Dorothy Wood, Ellen Left to Right Cunningham, Janet Cook, Connie Fifth ROW- Johns, Linda Connor Third Row- Loretta Spaulding, Georgia Herrington, Virginia Franklin, Rosalie Murphy, Shirley Fletcher, Patty Jo Ellison, Second Row-Carol Kluesner, Dorothy Sitz, Third ROW- Karen Morris, Barbara Carroll, Bobbie Biggs, Fari Idleman. First Row- Janet Carlberg, Mary Ann Thompson, Jeannette Parrott, Leah Wightman, Charlotte Bunten, Gaythel Burgess. First Row- Carole Bullard, Marilyn Kearns, Nancy Biggs, Elaine Lance, Toni Gilbert, Ann Mcoy, Pat Mcroy, Lila Bright. Fourth Row-Virginia Ghere, Judy Akers, Mary Blagg, Linda Fletcher, Nancy Keal, Nancy Goff, June Pfeifer. Jane Stillwell, Linda Stump, Beth Hull, Jane Blagg, Benita Bushu, Lianne Allen, Helen Thornhill. Second Row-Sharon Cloyd, Sandy Chapman, Erma Ellison, Sue Vandeveer, Wilma Alexander, Dixie Chapman. Laura Dilbeck, Carol Davis, Beverly Johns, Joyce Kearns, Judy Browning, Janice . Baker lL r Qaafx 3 -k 1' I 3 -v ,Z . 5 dl 3 nga YW nf fu l w .. ,' 1 . 'F if F X1 w in 4 ev - A A y, Ig? , 6 S 4 sfx 1 ' , Ji Z gm 'A 'X ... 'x ,fL,,.- ' 5 s. : bf ws 'Y ,. QSSQQ N ..- -R XY ' A4 f Have Gun, Wfll 'lf-ave! v 4 U, KE- 'Boys yowre -t ' I .':3'!'m5 s 'Y tk oo you nj M Aa bb xx, : ,. . ': ' Il A rv E ' ' 411 J ,f 1-ff' AR'iP..,. 'H I AW UHERE COMES CHAHLIEH i af A, f 'W M55- ! x by Py Jay Tobias Directed by Frs. Dennis w Y Nw SENIOR PLA Y WLOVE IS TOO MUCH TROUBLEW By Guernsey Le Pelley Directed by Miss Whitson WTOASTY,U motherly and harassed proprietor of the Poison Pot... .... .SUSAN TEFFT JOE BURKE, a college boy with troubles ........................ ..... DOUG MULLIKIN UPINKYH HAMILTON, his chum, also with troubles .............. .......... PAT MONAHAN OGDEN HOGGYW McCLOSKY, a student with a scientific theory... ............. ALDEN NAY CONNIE ASHTON, college girl, nworking her way throughn ..... .... GEORGIA HERRINGTON EBB DUNHAM, happy-go-lucky college girl .................. ..... ELLEN CUNNINGHAM FLO DUNHAM, her sister ................................................ .... CHLORA CHAPMAN SHIRLEY BRADFORD, a campus belle .............. ......................... ....... KAY CLARK SUGAR LOU JACKSON, college girl with ruffles, and a Southern accent .... .... JANET COOK MONICA BATES, a visiting high-school senior ........................... .... LINDA CONNOR MRS. J. WORTHINGTON BATES, her mother ........ ...... DOROTHY WOOD DR. PILLSY, President of Ivy Gate College... .... ED HARSHBARGER MISS EMILY ROSS, Dean of Women ............. ..... LEAH WIGHTMAN CLIFF HAYWARD, a well-meaning visitor.... ....LARRY KEARNS 11 1 ' 'ax DID YOU SEE A GHOST, MISS ROSS? Q, ou, vou came 1 wHA'r's coma ou? T-Rouglgga Ton? I I N. X I , X"1!'iQ 5 1 In .,,.:. :Mu 6 A 4 9:im s ' L Gp You are m XXOBKW g Special Y RA 69630 RFISQI 'S' r The Mad Waiter W ' iff G YI e' 5 x.. A 145 Q X ZW- 51 j" " Like a m3nK d n Tha1"Jl R be 1-'he - Day 1 ,,,1-fi - -L,,.--.L-.- fi-rg? ,,,i,7,.-lr I ,...,., 1, : IYQ,B.,L5.EPl N'-'mber if Tod LAST ROW: Ronnie Vyverberg, Roger Shields, Tommy Gilbert, John Woods, Alden Nay, Gray Thomas, Jerry Dowell FIFTH ROW: Linda Connor, Nancy Keal, Lew Wingler, Kenny Cox, Art Beazley, Linda Fletcher, Janet Cook, Bob Vyverberg FOURTH ROW: Karen Morris, Orson Baker, Elaine Lance, Chlora Chapman, Dave Rich THIRD ROW: Sandra Sick, Bob Coombe, Janet Wells, Beth Hull, Benita Bushu, Shirley Fletcher SECOND ROW: Eva Monfort, Billy Miller, Wayne Younger, Honoure Hilgenberg, Gaythe Burgess, Billy Byerly FIRST ROW: Sharon Hull, Kenny Beazley, Larry Blagg, Randy Talbot, Phyllis Gray, Lana Colclasure THE ARCOLA SCHOOL BAND'S FALL CONCERT Nov. 2Lq,, 1957 BURST OF TRUMPETS ------------- Harold L. Walters recorded this summer at our State Fair Concert by WGN for broadcasting SIR GALAHAD- - - SENTIMENTAL CLOWN FORGOTTEN DREAMS SLEIGH RIDE- - - THE NUTM GGERS- - HIGH BARBARY- - - LI'L ABNER ---- SERENATA ----- 11? an Avrn Tx? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -R. E. Hildreth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Solito De Solis - - - - - - - - - - -Leroy Anderson - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Leroy Anderson - - - - - - - - - - - Eric Osterling - - - - - - - - - - - -Leroy Jackson - - - - - - - - - Mercer and De Paul - - - - - - - - - - - Leroy Anderson UA-'In '51-4--1-A 114-'I Aman BAND ABINET LAST ROW: Dave R , , U T U, LVDS T Tel MIDDLE ROW: Benita Bushu, Art Beazley, Chlora Chapman FIRST ROW: Bob Coombe, Alden Nay DA NCE BAND 'gess, Lew Wingler F9 .1 ' 1' .I' 'yxfq LAST ROW: Mr. Scott, Jerry Dowell, Benita Bushu MIDDLE ROW: Dave Rich, Roger Shields, Billy Byerly, Ronnie Vyverberg, Tommy Gilbert FIRST ROW: Beth Hull, Art Beazley, Bob Vyverberg, John Wood BATO TWIRLER Nancy Goff Virginia Ghere Janice Clark Alice Sargent Faribel Idleman Marilyn Kearns SCDLOI STS LAST ROW: Beth Hull, Kenny Cox, John Wood., Roger Shields, Bonita Bushu MIDDLE ROW: Art Beazley, Linda Connor, Gaythel Burgess, Bob Vyverberg FIRST ROW: Lew Wingler, Wayne Younger,Dgve Rich I CLARINET QUARTET Bob Vyverberg Chlora Chapman Janet Cook Sandra Sisk 25 fs Q? if 1 V, I 4' Q A t fy I N! II CLARINET QUARTET Nancy Keel, Orson Baker Kenny Beazley, Honours Hilgenberg 'NX E96 MIXED CLARINET John Wood Janet Cook Chlora Chapman Linda Connor SAX TRIO Art Beazley, Gaythel Burgess, Larry Blagg 5 V 1 ,ff , 0-X WOODWIND TRIO Beth Hull, Benita Bushu, Sandra Sink FLUTE TRIO Phyllis Gray, Dave Rich Lana Colclasure TRUMPET TRIO Roger Sh1e1ds,Ronnie Vyverberg, Karen Morris pa.--ag ,QLQZIEQ dii5g 'FFHD l!lli -n il.. ---E ,,... .YKHN f,- s 4-., ' - -. --N- .r- , ,,, I , .., BRASS SEXTET Janet Wells, Tommy Gilbert, Wayne Younger Karen Morris, Shir1ey'F1etcber, Ronnie Vyverberg TRUMPET TRIO Billy Byerly, Bob Coombe Barbara Carro11,Knot shownh ENSEMBLES 'l,..,, Top Row: Left to Right Linda Connor: Linda Fletcher: Nancy Keal Second Row: Chlora Chabmanz Dorothy Wood Third Row: Lianne Allen Mary Gooch Jeanette Parrott Charlotte Bunten Sandra Cletcher Teen Queens Top Row:Connie Johns: Kay Clark Second Row:Janet Cook:Dorothy wood: Janice Clark Third Row:Ch1ora Chapman:Georgia Herrington .f' cHoRus ,, 1 I Top Row: Left to Right Janice Clark: Linda Fletcher: Connie Johns: Mary Gooch: Ellen Cunningham: Dorothy Sitz: Janet Cook: Rosalie Murphy: Nancy Keal Second Row: June Pfeifer: Kay Bright: Carol Bullard: Shirley Souhth Beverly Johns: Mary Blagg: Nancy Goff: Lila Bright Third Row: Beth Hull: Kay Clark: Barbara Good: Patsy Wood: Georgia Herrington Benita Bushu: Lianne Allen Fourth Row: Instructor: Miss Painter Linda Connor: Janice Baker: Joyce Kearns: Lucy Brandon: Judy Browning Sharon Cloyd: Janet Carlberg 17 Top Row: Left to Right Patty McCrory: Tony Gilbert: Mary Gooch: Elaine Lance: Marilyn Kearns Nancy Keal: Virgina Franklin Second Row: Helen Thornhill: Jane Blagg: Virginia Gherel Patty Ellison Judy Akers: Melba Goad Third Row: Dixie Chapman: Sally Stillwellz Jeanette Parrott: Sue Vandeveer: Sandy Cletcher: Janet Wells: Charlotte Key: Fourth Row: Karen Lawrence: Mary Thompson: Dorothy Sitz: Charlotte Bunten Janet Carlberg: Instructer: Miss Painter Judy Albin Richard Keal Charlotte Carlberg James Finn , k, .:, a n-2, , W it James Nacke Jeff Saunders ,.J,g'j..'f,m-' 5 1 f l as J Be? Billy Anderson Clyde Clough ,-m'hf:V Ullg fg Gary Gardner Egg :5,,:E:l ,,,.,:G Egg? wif J .REX 'F-iw 5. , Norma Lou2harV Duane Bartholomew Leona Cox Sally Garrett Philip Blaase Nancy Bright Phyllis Cox Llovd Cummings Lewis Enlw Brenda Good Mary Johns I Jim Monahan J Frank Jarvis L Pat Proffitt arry Rollings fag, Greg Saunders iell Steve Wells Judy Calvert Michael Hogan M 'iw sxai. XA hfai hw Billy Arthur Carl Cruse ' ..., F ai ' M Q awk as , vi ig vb X X n Vi JE x ' . 1 ki x w,- Dick Hein Joe Pullen Orson Baker Kenneth Beazley Billy Biggs P K 'Q vkvl- . Josephine Brandon David Carwile L C sg x fi is Carol Cruse Shirley Dailey Donald Elder Josephine Pharris Guy Hammond Dick Helmuth Alice Key Nathan Malray Larry Ray James Ruef Sharon McNary H Carolyn Sandifcrd Donald Smith Nw .ns Billy Wightman Mike Hanna Charlotte Thomas Darlene Woolard W Larry Blagg Phyllis Goff 2 TG T wWim', ,Qi I 55,1 ' i 1 7. X :3 Ronnie Brooks Ruby Campbell Teresa Duffle . , . no if i t KE fi Vi A 49? 00' , s U ,, 1-41596. Q Donna Ealy lloo 'T Wai :F . 'Y Tommy Gilbert Roger Good Lynn Hall Bobby HaI'Shb31'8eI' Katherine Hood Janet Idleman gl' in ffwg if , To l Qrer T 2'- Qglmiu M.f Phyllis King Joe Bill McCoy Carolyn McCrory Billy Miller ,, -' R S ,. qw X ' 'QQ . I U g K Mitchell Reece T 2 If My . 3, 5'5?frwL 11 Robert Tuttle 1 af -15 David Wilcox 51,27 z WN' W . so A nirmvien fizan qgi- N Tommy Moler Eva Monfort Susan Romine Ronald Spaulding Ronnie Sanders Patricia Thomas Floyd Moss Andy Walton Janet Wilson Gary Thomas ru, 1 'V' Neal Allen -X"-., 1 x Billy Eyerly Edwin CunninghamBarbara EdwardsSusie Fletcher 1 . , 'Hmv. on W! -of inf' 'i.k Sharon Hull , ve get , 3, Eff-- 'Is mf Q ,- 1 Robert Stewart is ., K F .iiglf if John Vandeveer Donald Wiegel - I f I if fur qqlgggliig Sggkvgi o , Archie Armer Sammy Blackwell Diana Boesiger Barbara Brehm Mary Bright l. ,: r cll gs H EEE? 'n m lE ggJgj ,AL , lam? a C. Q W? Nancy CHTTOW John Carter Gary Clark Carl Clcyd Robert Cook AKQW' - , C . ssfs':.s,:.2 J K . f' 'Z APY. ' - 7 " ,1- ' if I Xxmf n CNrrw2'g2 W . r,l Efrki fr , , C rn, ,f Danny Ghere Marie Hall Honoure Hilgenberg . ,., ' in I k N K Q Q i K ,,.. if .Zi gi K IVJA A I 32+ lclr 3' -f X nrr. . Philip Lawrence Wayne Luechtefeld Jack McCoskey Kenneth McCoy w ooo ' Marsha Taylor I . W Q, x P N X Ronnie Vyverberg 5 w I V JZ Mrs. Hazel Barricklow Jantha wood Grade Basketball Eeason's Record County Tournament ------ 2nd place County Conference ------ Champions Sectional Tourney ------ Champions Heavies Won 19 Lost l Lights Won lil Lost E County Tournament ------ 2nd place County Conference ------ 2nd place Sectional Tournament---gna Place N Coach Frank Jarvis eavies Top Row: G. Thomas, M. Reece, R. Sanders, B. Byerly, D. Hein,A.Walton Butch Cunningham, Lloyd Cummings, Mgrs. Bottom Row: D. Ghere, C. Clark, R. Vyverberg, P. Lawerence, B. Harshbarger, L.Blagg, Archie Armor,Mgr. CoachJarvis Light Top Row: A. Armor, B. Cunningham, J. Saunders, D. Bartholomew G. Saunders, B. Wightman, Coach Jarvis, L. Cummings Bottom Row: R. Rothrock, N. Allen, J. Pullen, J. Monahan, T. Miller M. Hogan, J. McCoske'y, K. Beazley. Cheerleaders S. Romine, D. B06Bi!lge1', B. Arthur, N. Brivlt This page is sponsored by THCHAS IOHIIMI BRO!!! CORN CO. is e 9 in tn o-.pmqrs Q I' 'E 'F' ,, 73: 73 A T, fa s iv 'iQ I K A. E M AX .sw DA-r 3 NLNTTCKNV Phone AD 4-7277 Bam' klow CHEVROLET Tuscola, Illinois 0136 p dab: s2':5'fucE oe QQ E K M Motor Co. Tuscola. Illinois ' ' 55? lm ,W 9 . l U O I m X Arcola Co-op Grain C0- 4 W , , MSX- .X.,..w THOMPSON 1 STUDIO it voun NEWSPAPER ' " IIGIIIS Tll W , 0F FIlEEn0M B ,- If 5, :' 1 Arcola Record-Herald I , S S0 fi., Q. Ti on ,W A , COMPLIMENTS OF KEENEY S PASTHY SHOP SEE US FOR THE BEST IN SPECIAL OHDEL DECORATING CAKES E COOICIES 1 DONUTS, SHEET ROLLS, In 'IS IN 1 n and Greenhouse L. rS'z H Flower Shop One Board ora Trainload -iii' .'-Q il.. T li LID! REPAIRED v'6'u"wk'a?f sag, 5 EA1f1..1 9 A num-moe' M ROOFS warg -fu 'N I wwe- ru' COMPLIMENTS LOUIE PROUT EEE og:-"-L Mlllllllvgi 1 v 7 'i' i' ..... S 1 Willips SISK'S GROCEHY AND FILLING STATION PHILLIPS 66 GAS AND OIL OPEN SUNDAYS 3 P.M. TO 8 P.M. PHONE 48h naar! V ,a SMITH BROS f TRUCKING -in-:iii-I ee 0 MEMBER SYSTEM FEDERAL RESERVE ig- XRC UI X CAPITAL Sf SURPLUJ S100 OOO STATE BAHH OF ARTHUR Gixx , M IN XX mrou 5 Y X1 ,I ,f' fr ex. mfg ut ' FEET PM-Qr IN: LOT BANK AND SHOE IN ARTHU11 36 BLOEK M T OF BANK Mef-9' II 1 mms BEN B PROCESSVED B9 QOUNTRY CHARM MONTICELLO ILLINOFG "TIE GIVE GREEN STAMPS" CUPPY MOTOR SALES 4 5 f'? f, -NM. J-, "QPF 1 - Q :f NX ' 1' -177i - -- "W, M 41 -Jiv5"' W X .T f ? '5W'5 Hx 'J 541.2 Sew? :":" ' ' 'T 7' '-X' . . . - + , - 5: ffm ..-,u,,.. 11 A - x V ' ' 552 X! Y N? Q9 .f-'f Q - Q5 X A M f A CLYDE GOOD GROCERY MEATS - CANNED GOODS - VEGETABLES . ." X4 si-' ini Q ' .- 4, U ' ' -, - its Q1 LKYSNE kflg-ga if 1 W1 . 7 ' - ' . G4::Ksg gg N x 2-oe.-O.g!.4gbQ.l,.e .- 7 Phone 521 Rt. 133, Arcola ROOTBEER nge Pi. sh CO'V1I-'LIMENTS OF I Mr. 8f Mrs. Lloyd Bryant KIN BRCS. BEE: px ,Q-f' Q .LSA f'-7'-Q..--'X A, -5? 1 ff! 4 gf-L. ,. ,Q .F..- v- 1 ,jx Fl. .. , ' , 1- -1. i I I. 5- x -'-'34 Xg, . -na- -A H . I -.,2r: ,-,,- , f. "' ' ,r Q. .env G 'ff ' '. .4 ' qty , N..-1-f--'- R 3 k ,gf ,GLA , 4, .. r f qv' I . .- 5 " "" f,., , ,. W Best llvishes ln lraduating Class llf ' COLA ILLINO 1 1 M cU1v1P1.11v1ENTs of GALE vb mxmo ZAV X Vilf X G3 ga gg and T V REPAIR Thggiiong E Sing :Cil.zA:IiR! J-IX, 1 Q1 E., QU Q' Vg about If! 'Q KW he . , i. - - THIS IS PLACE TO EAT 5 W COMPLIMENT 0 dETTA'5 BEAUTY SHUF' Well-Brewed Women Everywhere Depend Un Professional Beauty Ilan - 4 JOHN B. KING Hindsboro 5 C. W. VAN GUNDY, JR. Filson FLOYD HEATON KEMP , w u Co-- ARC OLA ILL. PHONE 3-P22 SEE BERKEY FOR ALL YOUR SHELL NEEDS ,:. V ' I '1 f 4 ,11-,a 'MffW . . .,,... , .L 2-ff 5 sw -1 V jg, A si? 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N w yu h MEMBER Q ' "-"0" Z ISEDEIIAL Rssnnvn K' E 'Eiga 3 srsrzn r savings deposits e lmm I, V N ' "'lEno6" Thornhill Standard Service COMPLIMENTS OF MULLIKIN TRANSFER PHONE no OR 391 ARCOLA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF CLAPPQGHERE GL BLLLDWRS and CLfT'Tix,XCTn,11.L3 1 Illluol I loimorxl Brvs 3E,l'kC pflux CEI G U N N I N G H D N F I N P F R I N G C O I N C ENGINEERING a d COJSTFUCTION SFRVICE A 1 Iujn Phone 25 -TI-lk CLQK YOULQ 7!k0.nR You ll C1CfXUEr-"'f.iSEV'S 'For' your jen.. erous Su6p6Jovft and doncif-ic.m5 wlxkc-Llfx Have Wxmae 'ELJ5 Lfir-'aku 69551 big, 5f'nQ2fvc:!!v "ff A rc ,, x 1 9517" Fl IS As we look out into the world, we see many new hopes and new dreams. We realize, that soon, we are to leave Arcola High School. As we step forward into the business or career world, we depend more on individualism. We shall have to apply everything we learned in high school to meet a world with great respon- sibilities. This new world will be what we make it. The future lies in our hands. vm .X L" f. X. - f --XX.: J, X LL-X, Q " 'X .:, if Y:,1.f.'X- ' ' .X-'g"4' f.,-:-55 - ' 'f X H H -X- ..,. -- X.. XXL," 3 7 -1 TQ" , , wk -TTL.. X ,, ,MX ,. v. - 05 ,Q ll ,-w,, :XA , , ,FW iw -.r . -...:. . rw- ,," , 'Fw -. .- an ,aj '. ,A . z..g3:' ' tv ..r. . ,Xg .,X..' . n 1 , Ng, ...JI -,,1.",1 ' .. 'M ...fldf .T"' ',- 4X-4f.fXg--'- M- 1,4 , Jr. f 'ff' XJ " .,,..q. ,. -7- L ,. -' . X1 .1-ff ' '5.X'- N'-rn! P X ' " X' v ..4 i .X .al-. ,, .gn 1.7 . wjfm-. ' X :XT , . . w.. ,. X.,.L .mg ,v,,.- ."X. .'-!'. ' X- 4 Y ,.'.L.3 ,X ... w, ,f.P:-4. gy w . Y ' v2Z..x . 1 -f' . X. X 'X .fl s X-,. -+,, ,Xu . .fm fn 11 :X .+ '1,,.- X S yu- C1 N .:.- cw ' sq: N v . riff. .: r- j., X.f, v ' .in. .X 4 mg..- X. ,L-. 4, XA., -V4 , A,,:,W In , . . .L YL: , V,...A , . ,Q-L . :4 '- 5,3-A A-.1-X-:f..4' .-U4 - . H'-X N41 XX , . ,. X., , , V, -,.. . 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Suggestions in the Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) collection:

Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 74

1958, pg 74

Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 83

1958, pg 83

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