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 - Class of 1956

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Arcola High School - Torch Yearbook (Arcola, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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at , , i ,sq ,Q . I 4' Mercer ., , . ,,g7xs,1. 1 ' K+ '28, b i Q ,A 1, ff' ,H , Honoure Hilgenberg, Ronnie endell Smith, Jim Foltz, Donna ROW: Helen Dague, Margaret a Carroll, Nancy Keal. FOURTH Little, John Wood, Larry Cox. A it WW M. -a-' if i 'A f .il +1 1 3,5."1'i ww, f'gr,k 1.-', ' 2 s , 1' , em W V1 ' 55 17 1' wi, ' ,if-,, fa, :Tiff-HV 'A A 'f ' 6 Q Eg . ie u ' '1T,f'Qx1f"V,f A in W ,Milf E Z frm' MSXWQJ 'Hwe Sefvfor' Ciagg QP Q x 'Wu mo. OYYIYNKAYXVLI Unf+ Qqxqool 131.341 306 U: ARC CLYD AFTER 5 O E D LA COM BROWNINZS HETURN T MUNITY . suvgmwrz UNIT SCHNDENT OOL DIST . 306 .s1ATE I 5' 'N 6' ARC OLA 1 ILLINOIS Q-,,,. slo z Q- L 5' A 1 in - 6, K-yi Mr 830 51134 M,-, IXYKCCLPL COXAXAUN-llc! ONYX SCHOOL DXSTBXCT No 306 CKHDE BBOYNNXSG, SUYEBXNTENDEN1 PLBCOLPS. XLLXNOXS nares 1, was Senlor C-lass Parents Arcola, llllnols Dear Yarentsz Vie, the Glass oi l956, dedlcate thls 'Yorch to sjou, PARENTS. Wie hope this will express ln a small viaq our deepest and sincerest appreclatlon for all the love, guidance, and devotion you have glven us roughout our ll-Jes. r the golng was hardest , trouble -das on hlens seemed unsolvahle , you, YAR- s and helped bring us 'oach ou shared our jo-gs, hapf levemnent th eneve pro 'og u so, -1 t ach "thank n W0 our door-step, 'E-WY5, always stood to our normal life. Ixl plness, and success. 'de want to share our most lnportan in high school with you. This ls our ilna . you" for our high school days. We only hop he as understanding and helpful as you have he 'Yhe Senlor Class 0-S. l e vie ca en to 50 A - f 1 ff .,,- , y' ! X X mm f ,U ,EJ .5 f 1 f w. - f ef 2 Ni J , as--ra are SCHOOL CALENDAR 1955-56 August 28. Football practice begins - Oh those aching bones September W gg 1. School Begins - Back to Work ' I 6. Labor Day - Yipee! no school X ,I ' RN 9. Teachers Institute - No school - Goody Goody vi HR. 19. Fresh-Soph Lovington, there E' J 20. Senior Pictures - Don't break the camera I . 21. Organization Pictures , If '- 23. Varsity Football Game with St. Elmo here, we won 81-O E 26 . Fresh-Soph 27. Circus Assembly - Took some of the students with them ha! ha! 30. Monticello, there we won M.-O October he ul W 3. Fresh-Soph Paris, there A f I+. F. A. Initiation X Ag 6. Homecoming - rained all day and night, we won in the mud S 7-6 over Sullivan 1 N X 7. Teachers- Institute - no school 10. Fresh-Soph Sullivan, there 13. Teachers dinner at Kaskaskia County Club " jx I llp. Arthur there we won 38-O i f I 17. Fresh-Soph Arthur - no school because of no heat -T" f 18. No school still no heat V X gl 19. School begins again and the grade cards were issued , - 2O. Dean Sanders leaves for haircut L1 Assembly program - Band party NKXQQQ A 21. Oakland there, we won 1,6-6 W, 22. Seniors picked up corn for money making project 21.. gelcilded on Senior Class Play ' a and game there cancelled 5 4 25. Gibson and Young leave for haircuts xi 26. Important torch meeting - Seniors received football pins to sell at games 28. Assumption here, we won 52-O November E? M I.. Newman here, we won 1.3-13 15' lO. Football boys excited about the big game coming up Q, ll. This is it, the game with Tuscola, we won 39-6, a wonderful is day and a wonderful game, we are the co-champs lL,. Sophomore class party 15. Football Banquet ,J 16. Supper at Kaskaskia County Club for the football boys 1 17. Assembly - Bobo The Magician 21. Atwood and Arcola football boys have a steak supper , 21.. Thanksgiving vacation 25. Thanksgiving vacation 28. Back from four-day vacation - had too much turkey Q ,En XUm,g, 29. First basketball game with Mt. Zion there, we lost 63-1.6 QU OOC December l -:tg :O 2. Arthur here, we won , y 1 NO ' Senior pictures came - is it really me?? ' T ,QB 6. Atwood there, we won 67-53 F' g, 1 7. Report cards issued - dread to go home " , 8. Assembly - Mr. Butler talked 9. Unity here, we won N ll. Senior Play Practice - long session 0 13. Senior Class Play - big turnout - I'm shaking in my boots 15. F.F.A. Parent St Son Banquet 16. Cerro Gordo here, we won 73-68 ,N 17. Christmas Dance and Annual Football Banquet nf 'xi " lg. ghristmas Dance and Anmaal Football Banquet . orch meeting - P.T.A. hristmas Program , U 20. F.H.A. Tea -' ,QQ , Monticello there, we won ,- ,- 5 21. All classes had Xmas parties 'rf C 22. School dismissed for Xmas vacation at l:l+5 " 21.. Senior Bake Sale L, iff W 9 27. Start of Monticello Holiday Tourney, we lost to Argenta first game, not quite as lucky as last year January 3. School begins - Findley here, we won 75-57 6. Newman here, we lost 1.3-BL, 9. Band Boosters Meeting - class meetings 1O. Paris here, we lost 7O-61. I Q ll. Youth Committee Meeting , 5,5 13. Villa Grove there, we won g,, gf l 17. Tuscola there, we won i ' " H, 19. Semester Exams - Oh I'm beginning to feel sick!! "" fp 2O. Bement here. we won. Semester Exams ' -I' 25. Okaw Tourney at Oakland, we won over Oakland 1 724. --.-, A 27. Report cards issued - Arcola won over Sullivan Mm- wmefwf, 28. Too bad but you can't always win - we got second place ' Newman took first 3O. Big snow on ground 31. Danville Schlarman here, we lost 1 qi- 4.1 " . ,, ,IEE ' ' - - . K- 5: - ' 11- ,,:::::-::,,.,.-gg. 5-:Y:3 hgye ,ag 5 1 A X H .5.,:.-:.:-:ur ei-1 I - ' f Q 1 . is a'::::f:':r:i::rsfe he 1 :ET ' Q' ' : -Lge:-.-.4-5.-g.-.-Q k.. R 1. 4 5 5 Q i -"1ffff7fZfZ11 ECP - ' 1 2: .h " "Eg: ' rr!! .., . X Q is angie "1 ' L .grsf 5 : February 3 6 7 9 10 13 11+ 16 17 20 21 22 23 21+ 25 27 29 March l 2 5 7 9 16 21+ 27 30 April l 2 5 7 13 19 20 21+ 27 May 10 13 23 21+ 25 26 27 28 29 Sullivan there, we lost G.A.A. a Letterman Meetings Arthur there, we won Band Festival at Arthur Oakland here, we won Class Meetings Argenta here, we won Chorus Festival at Arthur - out of school hour early Tuscola here, we won ,fx Assembly Program - P.T.A. Meeting ' A School Being Inspected mv, - ,, , Still Inspecting - Minstrel Show - very good K .3 N Minstrel Show i " gh Casey there, we won -'2.'-:-33.3 Leap Year Dance sponsored by Junior Class 'IR Worked on Torch at night .5 Regional Tourney at Mattoon, played Neoga - we won 70-62 'S Play Mattoon, we lost - out of school at 2:l,2 Q.: End of six weeks rs 1 Faculty committee meeting Q - Z7 Report Cards Oh My!! QQ ' U Douglas County Teachers Institute f Naval Recruiter talks to Senior boys '15, ,,,, District contest here Uiusicl .L ff ' f Eastern Gymastics Show at noon ":E5gg5m, :,, Good Friday - no school April Fool - no school :Faster px, Easter Monday - no schoo .1'1'f Unit Meeting Music Contest D 1 End of six weeks ' Junior Class Play Junior Class Play Q High School Assembly Junior-Senior Prom S X N z- 1 ,M 1 Potlock for Band Boosters Jkt 1 Spring Concert Class night practice f Class Night Z- , ' Senior Trip -635 Senior Trip P 4 6 gaccalaureate 49 ornmencement Grade School Graduation Q4 - "f'1"i'THE ENDWU9' Phyllis Vickroy Mary Key Ka mg. kg L K ge S s ' v- E M Tr-51:1 Trang EIIJUVUES Tsang I, 7 QT?i'3STNllQN3.QTN'l39'?i'l3M E. Q QA .fx ff D C' S I . 'r f 5 in s I -L mm 634 fb r 'H 4 R Q, Q? 4 'i gpg 3 'EG ' 75" f KD Q if E Our school was erected by the citizens of this district as evidence of their faith in the American system of public education. It was dedicated to the development of you as students and to their understanding of the ideals and practices of American citizenship, morality, and righteousness. May you return the cost to this community many fold by being a well educated and responsible citizenry for the future. I Clyde Browning B.E. M.3. Uni. of So. Illinois, Uni. of Illinois ll ur l E l re l l ' n n ll I' "i nc i il Free people need to know how to compete with each other successfully in business, industry or professions in order to earn a living. They must also know how to co-operate with one another in community activities to be successful contributing citizens. Students learn individual skills through study and practice. They learn the social skills of how to co-operate with one another, also through practice in group activities such as this publication effort. We hope that the Arcola School System and community has given you sufficient training in both, so that you can com- pete successfully in earning your livelihood and co-operate successfully with your fellow human beings as contributing members of our free democratic society. Your future success in both areas will be a measure of our success as your teachers. Congratulations to the Torch Staff and sponsor on your fine production. M Thomas M. Butler Western Illinois State College Western Michigan College of Education University of Illinois f Back row-Supt. Browning, Paul Hudson,Charles Herrington, Dr. J. Virgil Fishel. Front row-Charles Harshbarger,John S. Hilgenberg, Alva Young, Don Baker. Secretarial Staff L Elise Scott Joan Stewart Louid Baker, B.S. Illinois State Normal Uni. Coach-Boys P.E.-Drivers Training Veda A. Ballein, M.S.,B.E. Illinois State Normal Uni. Uni. of Illinois Shorthand-Typing-Bookkeeping Office Machines .iy I N 'G 'X .sf M. Jean Willmann Anderson College Uni. of Illinois Junior Class Adv. G.A.A. Adv. Girls Physical Education Lois Smith, M.S. Eastern Illinois State College Uni. of Illinois F.H.A. Adv. Home Ec. 1 AA S -4 I 'f'-3 'T 'X ', xfff . 5,5 s'. .5f.ig,. lg 'I QL! P? M 'Ci' X' ii -llliif' L sf W X Q 'SGW Modesta Scott A.E. James Millikin Uni. EVe1Yn B' Shields, B-E- - - - Eastern State College Uni. of Illinois S h Political Economy-American History COP Omega Class Adv- worid History-Torch Advisor imefa lub Adv- igwuhs Visual Aios fxfqgri-up Physics-Biology-General Science k :if Ci ll 'AJ' Willa HQ 5' -if iitwibg ,l'.w?-Q L Carroll Livingston Dunn, B.E. ,M.S. .wk Charleston Teachers College 'wkxgfgf--"" Uni. of Illinois ewip' Auqrey Newmann, B.S Freshman Class Adv. Student Council Adv. Mathematics-Assistant Coach Uni. of Illinois Freshman Adv. Librarian Samuel L. Stone, BLS. Southern Illinois Uni. Sophomore Class Adv. . Director Senior Play .f' N Arco-Lite Adv. lst. Sem ' ' Spanish Club Adv. I ' Spanish-English lI,IV 2,- . 6 S Ui' ifjfg fp 1 ix- aww Y J V ENN x ' 1 A M I 'GFJPaff1ggQ.i , , w L.l:jj52 i:ulx::,f,:' Harold E. Scott,B.V. Ill. Wesleyan Uni. Uni. of Illinois Band Booster Club Adv. Dance Rand Adv. Bend S 61 p 5 55 :uhh .ln :ua -E!-2: 2gg'uu eg- 2:5 QQ, - o 'IL fa Donald L. Crist: B.S. ' Ill. Normal Unizlersity ge?sOnfPi1?9bertSn B-S Junior Class Advisor .J FHFAO Ad lnois Crafts, Ind. Arts 1,11 4 Ag .I.II gil Iv ' ' 9 ! 1 Q in Maintenance Department 4 I - 'i . l ' ' Sanford Alcorn School Cafeterla , , 1 A Claudie Younger ' 1 li Raymond Rayburn Mrs. Murphy Mrs. Bright ' 5 ' Mrs. Gray Mrs. Hartford ENIORS Jr L'47.'lQJff.UUl-. . V ' , f UM M X ,L N A ,im ' 'X 1'W '1 PRESHNZNT JACK FISHEL Majors: ACtiVitieS2 Science Football l,2,3,b, CO-Captain Math Basketball l,2,3,A English Lettermen's club 2,3,L Lettermen's club officer 2,3,A Minors: F.F.A. Spanish Mixed Chorus 2 Boys Chorus 2 Spanish club 3,L Spanish club officer 3,L Student Council 3,L Sr. Class Play Arco-Lite 3,L Torch Staff A Class officer 2,3,L Social Studies SECRETARY MaJ0rS2 Activities: English G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Commercial 5-.H.A. 1,2,5,4 H0mG BC F.H.A. officer 2,5,4 Junior Class Play Minors: Senior Class Play Math Torch Staff Social Studies Arco-Lite 5,4 Science Chorus 1 L. if Class Officer 4 Q , 42.153, S DeLANE WARE LINDENMEYER ei .2 Majors 2 Acuivini es: 5 fe wif Math Junior Class Play ty? f vggy V:"' i Science Senior Class Play T qzgag, f English Lettermen's Club 2,3,b ,gg SRM -.:V:Qq Lettermen's Club Officer h .Angry yeb ..: SWS, ":'- lyr Minors: Torch Staff wWQE4TQgQu :il 1: -III Aiuu Social Studies Camera Club 2,3 'wiiga Yllg' ?mh'S: ..:. Football l,2,3,h fa 3 Basketball l,2,3,L+ 'ff - '-- P he 'rr-ack 1,2 Q? X it leywbhfg yllee Arco-Lite 3,L , ig, , . 2 -, ,E I 5i sgigggjg fbie Mixed Chorus 1,2 ' gggijgi Student Council 3 AygEgQ'f Class Officer l,2,3,b 2 X , ivmcri- DREQQDENT CO-TREASURER ELBY WALLACE Magggi: Activities: Scien Junior Class Play En 1133 Senior Class Play g Eettermen's Club 2,3,L Minors: ettermen's Club Officer A Spanish Torch Staff Football l,2,3,L Football Co-Captain L Track l,2,3 Arco-Lite 3,L Spanish Club 3 Spanish Club Officer 3 Class Officer A Social Studies DEAN SANDERS Majors: Activities: EIIESJ-1511 Class Officer l,2,5 Math Junior Class Play Social Studies Senior Class Play Camera Club l,2,5,4 Minors: Camera Club Officer 5,4 Commercial Lettermen's Club l,2,5,4 Ind. Arts Lettermen's Club Officer 5 Science Torch Staff Football l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Track l,2,5,4 Arco-Lite 5 4 student Council 2, 5,4 Q E K' .. ROGER FOSS HHJOPS1 Activities: Math Class officer Science Junior Class Play English Senior Class Play , Torch Staff Minors? Mixed Chorus l Social Studies Boys Chorus 1 Ind- APtS Basketball 1 Track 1 COTFTQEASUFQER PHYLLIS VICKROY PAUL A. RIPPEY Majors: Math Science English Social Studies Minors: Ind. Arts Activities: Senior Class Play Lettermens Club 2,5,4 Lettermens Club Officer 4 Football l,2,5,4 ma3ors: Activities: Home Ec Class Officer l,2,5 English G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Commercial F.H.A. l,2,5 F.H.A. Officer 2,5 Minors: Junior Class Play Social Studies Senior Class Play Science Torch Staff Math Arco-Lite Queen Attendant 2 Student Council 5 Chorus l BONNIE UPHOFF Majors: Activities: Science Student Council 4 Math F.F.A. l,2,5,4 English F.F.A. Officer 4 Agriculture Lettermen's Club 5 Torch Staff Minors: Football l,2,5,4 Social Studies Band l,2,5,4 Band Soloist 5,4 Band Ensemble l,2, Junior Class Play Senior Class Play ,4 4 JOANN HAWKEYE Majors: English Math Commercial Home Ec Minors: Science Social Studies Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5, F.H.A. l,2,5,4 F.H.A. Officer 4 Queen Attendant 4 Chorus l JACK BARNES Majors: Agriculture English Social Studies Minors: Science Commercial Activities: FQFOAU 1721594 F.F.A. Officer 2,5,4 Lettermen's Club 2,5 1-,2l5l4 Track 1,2 RONNIE GIBSON Majors: English Science Social Studies Minors: Art Ind. Arts Activities: Football l,2,3,L Basketball 1,2 , 3 , I+ Track Manager 3 wi K O7 'M L,A, WILMA KEY Majors: English Home Ec Minors: Science Math Commercial Social Studies Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5 G.A.A. Officer 4 Torch Staff Homecoming Queen Chorus 1 i BILL YOUNG Majors: Agriculture English Social Studies Minors: Ind. Arts Activities: Football l,4 Lettermen's Club 4 F.F.A. l,2,5,4 DENNY JOHNSON Majors: Agriculture English Social Studies Minors: Science Commercial Activities: FoFoAo l,2,5,4 F.F.A. Officer 4 Class Officer 1,2 Camera Club l,2,5 Lettermen's Club 4 Football l,2,5 Arco-Lite 5,4 BARBARA RUTH HARRIS Majors: Activities: English G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Math G.A.A. Officer 4 Commercial Junior Class Play Home Ec Senior Class Play Camera Club 1,2 Mir1OI'S2 Band Ensemble l SCiG1'1CG Torch Staff Social Studi Arco-Lite 5,4 Chorus 1 Band 1,2 Cheerleader HBH 2 CARL HUDSON Majors: English Math Commercial Minors: Ind. Arts Art Activities: Camera Club l,2,3,L Football Manager l Mixed Chorus 3 Boys Chorus 3 Band l,2,3,h Library 1,2 DANNY CURRY Majors: English Math Social Studies Science Minors: Ind. Arts Activities: Lettermen's Club 3,A Football l,2,3 Basketball Manager 2,3 Track 2,3 SONJA WIRTH Majors: Home Ec English Social Studies Minors: Commercial Science Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Torch Staff Arco-Lite 5,4 NBR Cheerleader 1,2 Chorus l EDWARD RAY ASHLEY Majors: English Commercial Social Studies Minors: Ind. Arts Science Activities: Letternen's Club L Football l Basketball Manager L Track 1,3,h X DICK PROUT Majors: English Math Agriculture Minors: Science Commercial Activities: Band 1 Football 4 F.F.A. l,2,5 PHYLLIS JOAN YOUNGER Majors: Activities: Math G.A.A. l,2,3 English F.H.A. 3 Science Class Play, Senior Social Studies Class Play, Junior Camera Club 2,3 Minors: Torch Staff Spanish Arco-Lite 3,L Chorus l,2,3 Chorus Ensemble 2,3 Band l,2,3,A Band Ensemble 1,2 Band Soloist l,2,3,u Band Officer 2,3,A Dance Band 2,3,L All-State Orchestra 3 Jlli Majors: English Science Math VOG L Social Studies Minors: Commercial Industrial Arts Activities: Band Ensemble Torch Btaff Band l,2,3,A l,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Boys Chorus 2,3 Band Soloist l Dance Band 2,3,L LARRY Majors: English Science Agriculture Social Studies Minors: Commercial Activities: F.F.A. l,2,3,L Band l,2,3,h Camera Club 1, COX 3,L+ FRANCES EILEEN CRIST Majors: English Home Ec Social Studies Minors: Math Science Commercial Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5 F.H.A. l,2 Mixed Chorus l,2,5 Library Club l,2,5 Library Club Offic Girls Ensemble 1,2 GT2 ,5 JIM ADAMS Majors: Science Math English Minors: Ind. Arts Activities: Camera Club l,2,5,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Football Manager 1,5 Basketball Manager l, Library Club 2 CHARLES M. JANES Majors: English Social Studies Commercial Minors: Math Science Activities: F.F.A. l Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2 VERA DRAKE Majors: English Math Home Ec Minors: Social Studies Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5 BYRON BRADFORD Majors: Agriculture English Science Minors: Math Social Studies Activities: Class Play, Junior Class Play, Senior Lettermen's Club 3 4 gore? Staff ' oot all l 2 3 A F-F-'M 1,2f3I1+' F.F.A. Officer 3,4 Arco-Lite 3 HELEN DAGUE Majors: English Home Ec Commercial Social Studies Minors: Science Activities: F.H.A. l,2,5,4 G.A.A. l,2,5 Band l,2,5,4 Band Ensemble l,2,5,4 Band Soloist l,2,5 Library Club l,2,3 Ei Class Play, Junior DON VANDEVEER Majors: Social Studies Art English Minors: Industrial Arts Science Activities: Lettermen's club 2, Football l,2,3,h Track l,2,3,4 3, BARBARA CURRY Majors: Social Studies Home Ec English Minors: Commercial Math Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5,4 G.A.A. Officer 5 F.H.A. 1,2,5,4 F.H.A. Officer 2,5,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Torch Staff Mixed Chorus l MARY ELIZABETH CARROLL Majors: English Social Studies Home Ec Minors: Commercial Science Activities: G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Senior Class Play Torch Staff Arco-Lite Girls Ensemble l LINDA THOMPSON Majors: Home Ee English Science Minors: Social Studies Commercial Math Activities: F.H.A. l,2,5,4 Girls Ensemble 5 Band l,2,5,4 Senior Class Play JOHN VAN VOORHIS Majors: Math Science English Minors: Spanish Social Studies Activities: Senior Class Play Lettermen's Club 2,5,4 Spanish Club 5,4 Spanish Club Officer 4 Football l,2,5 Basketball l,2,5,4 Football Manager 4 Track l,2,5,4 Arco-Lite 3,4 Class Officer 5 HOW WE LOUKED THEN Jim Ed Jack Carol nLiZn Adams Ashley Barnes Bilbrey Bradford Carroll Larry Frances Danny Helen Vera Jack Cox CI'iSt Curr-y Uague Drake Fifihel ggi 5Q,lMi Q ' i 5 Roger Ronnie Joann Melvin FOSS Gibson Harris Hawkey Janes Denney Wilma Dee . Johnson Key Key Lindenmeyer Prout R1PPeY Dean Linda Ronnie Don John Phyllis Sanders Thompson Uphoff Vandeveer VanVoorhis Vickroy Jim . Elby Sonja l B111 Ph 11- Vogel Wallace Wirth Young Yognggi 'EZESHCEEJEQERCEEQQ H of H E! Si ESI - 5? .....Q F4102 IKYIZ :WIS ZIV: full CHI KVI flfll KVI KW: XVII :VII IHII :KVI lllll XYZ ZITI: CWI: 1712 ZITI: CWI: :KVI flu: :KVI 1112 IWII :Ulf :VII CHI! IW: :Ulf 111: :UWC KVI 1111! Ziff: ZIV! 119123112 :KVI :KVI QUIZ 102 :WE :lm CWI: If-'II IHII 3 355353535555555553555255555352???E5i5Eii53iii5ii535i53if5555555E5i555i535g5E5E5E53535?5?5?i??E?E Z S as il ES E ' 54 xl 54" 5 ::::: -2 51:21 S gi ess gi 5 94 '---" 2:11 E Q ,.. 62 , V , A ,, , , , , , +, , . , Q ?S?S25?S?S?S?E?S?S2535?S?S?iQSQSQS?i?Si555iiiiQQQQQQQQQiiii?5?5iiQii?i?iii?S?S?S?S?S?S?S?S?S?SRS 3 "ffRiTIIllZIlhI?IMf fllll fill: flllfflllf fill! TIM! flhiflllfflhf :IMI :IMI IINIIMZ flflfffhffllif IIHZIIUZ fill: fill: flfif flhfflhf :IMI flliiflliffllii IIHZ :mf IIHIIIBT flllf fluff!!! fllif 2101110131531 IIB: fIll2fIllfflM1fIHffR1I fllfifl PlWHiSY0lmger JdCKEsheI an . , , 4 D HR Q, nm aww: Hmemzm Lew and 5 HR gt u u U n u ll H U u ua u la ll u yy 4-S,4uix.f4nvx.,4uwx.,4nvx.A,1uPX ,1nvx,,1ivxZ5f l I : f: : X: X il 1 ' X 1 I I - x f 1 I - f 1 ' f Nqlyf Xslzf XX ff XX ,f XX ,f'Xx ,f'Xx f"WT Joan HCWKBY Hmericom Legion u rf U Sembr L74 5 A ard: -SXT? A+? 2 li ? SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS l Year BAND AWARDS CHGRUS AWARDS Joann Hawkey 2 Year Dean Sanders l Year Phyllis Vickroy Barbara Harris Barbara Curry 2 Year Roger Foss A Year Carl hudson Byron Bradford Mary Key Larry Cox Jack Fishel Phyllis Vlckroy Helen Dague Dee Lindenmeyer Carl Hudson John VanVoorhis 2 Year Linda Thompson Ron Uphoff Jim Vogel Phyllis Younger Q Year Phyllis Younger A Year Mary Key Elby Wallace ATHLETIC AWARDS l Year Danny Curry Melvin Janes Denney Johnson 2 Year Ed Ashley Byron Bradford Ron Gibson Paul Rippey Ron Uphoff Bill Young gli' Jack Fishel Jim Vogel 3 Year Phyllis Younger Q Year Jack Barnes Dee Lindenmeyer Don Vandeveer John VanVoorhis Elby Wallace 5 Year Jack Fishel Dean Sanders New VA sf' 1. gp , bf ss"'x 06, MQ sf W' my 9,512 yi QSM-2 fi? 6 M gif? QMWJZK WW H " ggi!!! WM? Q,-Afwmwiw Q W f 54:3 ,M Qw JW' Jffbfxfaw 55215 'Fl Qoxyyny twjg' 9225717 0 -Q WM QM MWMMZT 0 A Q ww Qu! -1 ic? QM QM Jgffzff QJWVJMQ SENIOR HISTORY In early fall of 1952 Arcola High School was honored by the arrival of h9 green, spanking new, eager, intelligent, and curious Freshman. The pack was lead by: president, Dean Sanders, vice-president, Phyllis Vickroyg secretary, Dee Lindenmeyerg and treasurer, Denney Johnson. The pack was held in check by Mrs. Hanson, and Mr. Carpenter. PHghlites of this introductory year included: Homecoming, when the first of four lousey floats was nRocket to Victory,' and Carol Bilbrey was our Queen Attendant, the semester exams, which we faced dreadingly and courageouslyg a bang-up party at the Mattoon Skating Rink, and a sizzling wiener roast. In 1953 we returned with the newness worn off, and feel- ing quite cocky. President, Dean Sanders, vice-president, Jack Fishelg secretary, Phyllis Vickroy, treasurer, Denney Johnson, sponsors, Miss Ballein and Mr. Davis, were taking on quite a task in keeping this clan of A3 in order. Our float, WFlush Down the Oaks,n was our 'ace in the hole.' We had another spine tingling party in the high school gym. Con- clusion of this year placed us at the half-way point of our battle. Next we were to undertake, perhaps, the most active year of our high school career. Leading us in these activities were: Dean Sanders, president, Jack Fishel, vice-president John VanVoorhis, secretary, co-treasurers, Phyllis Vickroy and Dee Lindenmeyer. Only 38 were left to undertake this second- half of our mission. Naturally, our Homecoming float was an underdog, but due to faulty weather conditions we didn't win anything. Our Queen Attendant was Gayle Evans. Our class rin we all agreed, were exceptionally pretty and as practical as the deflated pocket-book they represented. Magazine sales- presented a way in which to restore this deflation. This was probably our biggest money making project throughout high school. Our class play 'Good Night Ladies,W directed by Miss Whitson, was enjoyable to all the on-lockers and loads of good clean fun for the cast. The year was highlighted by the Junior-Senior Prom at the YMCA at Champaign-Urbana. This rang our 'register' to the tune of S600.00, but we thought it was well worth its while. In 1955, thirty-five seniors returned to finish their high school career. For our last year we chose: Jack Fishel, president, Dee Lindenmeyer, vice-president, Mary Key, secre- tary, Elby Wallace and Roger Foss, co-treasurersg as our offi- cers. Our final float in the Homecoming parade followed the pattern of the first three, which won nothing. Homecoming Festivities were highlighted with the crowning of Wilma Key as Queen. Joann was our Senior Attendent. Our senior class play, 'Coddled Egbert,' was as original as the money it made. Mr. Stone was our director. We netted 3.22 PLUS from this production. For the remaining of the year we are saving our money to take a trip to the Ozarks. None of us are sure what is ahead of us, but we are eager and willing to find out. Helen Dague , chairman Linda Thompson Barbara Harris Jack Barnes Dee Lindenmeyer Roger Foss ' Ed Ashley S CLASS RUP!-I ECY f l l4lVlVyf!Vf7lVg, The Re-election of 'Pie' Adams Now we take you to Arcola on the morning of June lst, 1988 for the re-election of Mayor Jim 'Pie' Adams who has held this lofty position for 32 straight years. All things are as they will be then except 'You Get To Be There.' It's a foggy morning and it looks as if Mayor Pie Adams faces stiff opposition from 'Russian Paul' Rippey and 'Siberian Eli' Wallace who are running on the Communist tick- et, while the peoples choice, 'Honest Ron' Uphoff and 'Blackie Dan' Sanders are running on the Amerikano ticket. One of the unusual aspects of this election is a woman candidate, 'Lus- cious Liz' Carroll who is the Carsonb candidate. The fog is beginning to lift now and the people are beginning to congregate at the polls. We now take you to the south side of the square where news correspondent Barney 'Cronkite' Bradford is waiting for the arrival of some of the more prominent dignataries present at the election. Come in 'Cronk.' Here comes 'Romantic Ed' Ashley who spearheads the local chapter of the 'Lonely Hearts' club as president, but I see that 'Romantic Ed' is busy checking out new prospects now so we won't bother him. 'Arizona Jack' Barnes just flew in from London where he completed his Zbth channel swim. He is accompanied by his wife, Joan 'Chadwick' Hawkey who is training to swim the Mississippi the hard way. I see Larry Cox coming our way noun Dig Larry is manager or tne Filson Flats Speedway. There's three of his top drivers with him, 'Wild Don' Vandeveer, 'Roll- em' Roger Foss and 'Speed Shift' Richard Prout. They definitely will vote for the Amerikano Party as Ron and Blackie Dan are favorite sons of the area. Let's switch over now to the north side of the square where the announcer who doesn't give a 'hoot', Dee 'Lucioffi' Lindenmeyer is waiting. Come in 'henpecked.' fhere's a lot of excitement over there as 'Frenchy' Drake and her 'Phoenix City' Five are there. She is definitely leaning toward 'Lus- cious Liz' and the Cacti's. Let's hear from the members of her troupe. How you gonna vote,Tantalizing Helen Dague? 5he says, 'Pie Jims my man.' Well, how about you Bubbles Barbara Curry. She also opines that she'll stick with 'Luscious Liz' and the Cacti's. What do you say 'Big Barbara' Harris. 'I like Honest Ron and Blackie Dan and the Amerikanos. Here's Linda Thompson and 'Malicious' Mary Key who opine that they're gonna stand for 'Russian Paul' and'Biberian Eli' and all the comrades. Folks, here's a real treat, here comes Melvin 'Coon Dogn Janes the famous big game hunter from the banks of the Kaskaskia Biver which runs deep in the Chesterville Jungle. Another big deal, here comes ULumberin Jim' Vogel who's been lumberin' a lot of lumber up in the lumber lands of the Yukon. Well, there he goes, lumbering off. Oh, by the way gang, Jim's a lumberman. Hey gang, here's nSwampy Carl' Hudson who has just returned from Viet Nam in British Guiena where he has been wrestling alligators for the past few months. Wahoo, it's WDirty Billn Young, foremost matador of Mexico. iBoth Swampy and Dirty Bill lost a few fights and a few limbs along the way.J Seems to be a big commotion down the street as the autograph hounds are seeking autographs from Curley Johnson, president of the Mercury Corporation, who has his secretary, Phyllis Vickroy with him. Also with him is 'Greasy Ronn Gibson, Curley's top Afl mechanic. Here's a late news bulletin just handed me. Let's see, it seems that Jack nStrongarm' Fishel has just accepted the position of director of the nArmstrong Hourn, a top TV pro- gram originating out of Tuscola. Who's this hunkering over here. It's NDancing Dann Curry. It is true you now own 853 of the General Electric stock? Well, good for you Dan. Being interviewed now is an interesting personality, WMusical Phyl' Younger. She now leads the WBang It Up Institute Of Higher Music.N What a treat gang, here comes Queen Willie Key, who is the fiance of.May0r Jim 'Pie' Adams. Wonder how she is going to vote. Hold on folks, there goes Sonja nBooneW Wirth. After AO years of waiting, she finally got to meet Pat Boone. John 'Harry' VanVoorhis is coming down the street. He is now the head of the Arcola Ditch-diggers Association. He will vote for 'PieW Adams, because he gives WHarryn higher wages. The fog is beginning to settle now and the people are anxiously awaiting for the election results. Here they come now. Odds Bodkins, nPieN Jim did it again, triumphing over the communists, amerikanos and the cactis. Ron Uphoff-chairman Elby Wallace Paul Rippey WLiz' Carroll Dean Sanders Vera Drake Bill Young cg 'I x X .lm 61 f H+," 57 Vi E.-2 0 1' L X , of 5 C J X, 1 X FUOUN' AROUND AID I-99K WH 'I' WI FOUND!! NAME: Jack Fishel NICKNAME: WVirg' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: Wwell I'1l Ben WHERE FOUND: North 0 FAVORITE SONG: NThe Lord's Prayer FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Swimming-Golfing FUTURE: Physician IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: Doctor NOTED FOR: Slow Actions OUR ADVICE: Be A Doctor PET PEEVE: Two-Faced People NAME: DeLane Ware Lindenmeyer NICKNAME: WLindyN AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: UHoly Catsn WHERE FOUND: Fgneral Home FAVORITE SONG: You'll Never Walk Alone' FAVORITE SPORT: Golf HOBBY: Females FUTURE: Editor and Printer IDEAL: Father AMBITION: Follow My Father's Footsteps NOTED FOR: Friendliness OUR ADVICE: Make The Most Of Your Future PET PEEVE: 'Pokey' People NAME: Mary Key NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Well, Gosh Darn' VHERE FOUND: Insurance Office FAVORITE SONG: WHeW FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Cooking FUTURE: Secretarial Work IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Private Secretary NOTED FOR: Hard worker OUR ADVICE: Be A Secretary PET PEEVE: Two-Faced People NAME: Elby Wallace NICKNAME: 'Elin AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Well, I'll Be Darnedw WHERE FOUND: Watching T.V. x FAVORITE SONG: VDancing In The Dar? FAVORITE SPORT: Baseball HOBBY: Listening To New York Yankee Games FUTURE: Civil Engineer IDEAL: Burt Lancaster AMBITION: Live To See What's Going On In The Year 2000 NOTED FOR: Big Part In Senior Play OUR ADVICE: Be An Engineer PET PEEVE: Arthur Godfrey NAME: Roger Foss NICKNAME: 'Rog' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'I'll Be Dipped' WHERE FOUND: Riding Around In C r FAVORITE SONG: Qmomenns To Remembef FAVORITE SPORT: Sports Car Racing HOBBY: Working On Car and Hunting FUTURE: Engineer IDEAL: Brother AMBITION: Automotive Engineer NOTED FOR: Avoiding Girls OUR ADVICE: Get A Girl PET PEEVE: Nagging Teachers NAME: Dean Sanders NICKNAME: 'Coon Jr,' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: Wwell I'll Ben WHERE FOUND: Anywhere FAVORITE SONG:'Blue Moon? FAVORITE SPORT: Track, Football HOBBY: Playing Golf FUTURE: Running A Businegg IDEAL: Audie Murphy AMBITION: Businessman NOTED FOR: Being A cassanova OUR ADVICE: Establish A Business PET PEEVE: Gir1's Who Can't Dance NAME: Wilma Key NICKNAME: 'Willie' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Holy Mackerel' WHERE FOUND: Mgttoon 5 FAVORITE SONG: Tina Mariex FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball HOBBY: Sewing FUTURE: Air Line Stewardess IDEAL: Perry Como AM ITION: Air Line Stewardess NOTED FOR: Ability To Be Queen OUR ADVICE: Stick With Your Ambition PET PEEVE: 'Big Shots' NAME: Carl Hudson NICKNAME: 'Ruddy' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: None WHERE FOUND: On Route 133 FAVORITE SONG: "The Yellow Rose Of Texasl' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Painting FUTURE: Decorator IDEAL: Myself AMBITION: Interior Decorator NOTED FOR: Being In A Green Ford OUR ADVICE: Make Everything Pretty PET PEEVE: Strict Teachers And Principal NAME: Danny Curry NICKNAME: 'Deep' AGE: 19 EXPRESSION: 'Oh Fiddle' WHERE FOUND: Wgrking N FAVORITE SONG: Glow Worm' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Coins FUTURE: Electrician IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: Electrician NOTED FOR: 'Being Married PET PEEVE: Teachers OUR ADVICE: Stick With Married Life NAME: Barbara Harris NICKNAME: 'Mouse' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Oh Darn' WHERE FOUND: Syeet Shop FAVORITE sons: 'The Great Pretenderm FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Dancing FUTURE: C.P.A. Work IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Certified Public Accountant NOTED FOR: Going To Mattoon OUR ADVICE: Get A Job In Mattoon PET PEEVE: Two-Faced People NAME: Edward Ashley NICKNAME: 'Big Ed' AGE: l7 EXPRESSION: Work! Folks! WHERE FOUND: Hxiting ga FAVORITE SONG: ove and Marriage FAVORITE SPORT: Track HOBBY: Hunting FUTURE: Businessman IDEAL: None AMBITION: Own My Own Business NOTED FOR: Getting In Trouble With The Teachers OUR ADVICE: Work Harder PET PEEVE: P. E. Teachers NAME: Sonja Wirth NICKNAME: 'Worthless' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Darn It' WHERE FOUND: Syeet Shop N FAVORITE SONG: 'Tutti Frutti' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Dancing FUTURE: Get Married IDEAL: Pat Boone AMBITION: Be a Private Secretary NOTED FOR: Ability to tell things OUR ADVICE: Stick to the Truth PET PEEVE: Two Faced People NAME: Dick Prout NICKNAME: 'Proot' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Americana' WHERE FOUND: American History FAVORITE SONG: "Haw FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Hunting FUTURE: Farmer IDEAL: Miss Ballein AMBITION: Farmer NOTED FOR: Pinkies OUR ADVICE: Be A Farmer PET PEEVE: Nagging Teachers NAME: Jim Vogel NICKNAME: 'Big Jim' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Oh My' WHERE FOUND: Cutting Trees FAVORITE SONG:"'B1ue Scar' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Cars FUTURE: Car Racer IDEAL: Henry Ford AMBITION: Drive Race Cars NOTED FOR: Coronet Playing OUR ADVICE: Stay Away From Race Cars PET PEEVE: Talkative People NAME: Larry Cox NICKNAME: WLarmie' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: WOh Myln WHERE FOUND: Shoe Store FAVORITE SONG: "He" FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Airplanes FUTURE: Mechanic IDEAL: Jane Russell AMBITION: Mechanic NOTED FOR: Visiting Jails OUR ADVICE: Stay Away From Jails PET PEEVE: Girls NAME: Phyllis Joan Younger NICKNAME: 'Levin AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'I Don't Known WHERE FOUND: Band Room Q FAVORITE SONG: 'The Love Of God FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming HOBBY: Collecting Records FUTURE: Music Career IDEAL: None AMBITION: Music Instructor NOTED FOR: Playing An Instrument OUR ADVICE: Go On To Music College PET PEEVE: People Who Won't Get Down To Business NAME: Jim Adams NICKNAME: AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Tumba-Komgon WHERE FOUND: Home FAVORITE SONG: 'Dogface Soldierll FAVORITE SPORT: Golf HOBBY: Playing Golf FUTURE: Undecided IDEAL: Flash Gordon AMBITION: Expimental Pilot NOTED FOR: Crazy Ideas OUR ADVICE: Be A Serious Kid iET PEEVE: Argumentive People NAME: Melvin Janes NICKNAM : WMelvineW AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: UAmericano' WHERE FOUND: Sullivan s FAVORITE SONG: 016 Tons' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Hunting FUTURE: Engineer IDEAL: Mr. Baker AMBITION: Engineer NOTED FOR: Getting Out Of Classes OUR ADVICE: Learn All You Can PET PEEVE: Go Hunting And Never Get Anything . NAME: Frances Crist NICKNAME: 'FranieW AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Oh Sure' WHERE FOUND: Around Home FAVORITE SONG: '16 Tor? FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Quilting FUTURE: Marriage IDEAL: None AMBITION: Housewife NOTED FOR: Getting Engaged OUR ADVICE: Get Married PET PEEVE: Two Faced People NAME: Byron Bradford NICKNAM : 'Brick' ACE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Is That a Fact.' WHERE FOUND: Hindsboro FAVORITE SONG: 'fTende1-I,-9 FAVORITE SPORT: Baseball HOBBY: Baseball and Showing Cattle FUTURE: Raising Cattle IDEAL: Brother AMBITION: Play Professional Baseball and Raise Cattle NOTED FOR: Raising Cattle OUR ADVICE: Stick To Hindsboro PET PEEVE: Sheriff Sid and Bosco NAME: Helen Dague NICKNAME: None AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Oh Noi' WHERE FOUND: Hhgdsboro FAVORITE SONG: ove Is A Many Splendored Thing FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball HOBBY: Cooking FUTURE: Secretary IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Private Secretary NOTED FOR: Playing In The Band OUR ADVICE: Don't Sit On Your Boss's Lap PET PEEVE: Gawky People NAME: Vera Drake NICKNAME: 'Duck' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Dog Gone' WHERE FOUND: ABRHome 5 FAVORITE SONG: ock Around The Cloc9 FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball HOBBY: Baking FUTURE: Secretary IDEAL: Dale Robertson AMBITION: Secretary Being Friendly Always Be Friendly When Somebody Say's For Sure They're Coming On A Certain Day Then Don't Come NOTED FOR: OUR ADVICE: PET PEEVE: NAME: Paul A. Rippey NICKNAME: 'Rip' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'What The Heck' WHERE FOUND: UB Town FAVORITE SONG: The Song Of FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Running Around FUTURE: Married Life IDEAL: President AMBITION: Get Married NOTED FOR: Wanting To Go To Colorado OUR ADVICE: Go To Colorado X A Dreamef PET PEEVE: Old Fashioned Teachers NAME: Ronnie Uphoff NICKNAME: 'Uppy' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'I Sorry' WHERE FOUND: In A 'Studie' FAVORITE SONG: hShifting Whi Sands" FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Showing Cattle FUTURE: Farming IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: Farmer NOTED FOR: Interest In F.F. OUR ADVICE: Use What You've Learned PET PEEVE: Girls With Bleac NAME: Phyllis.Vickroy NICKNAME: 'Philn AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Well I'l1 Be' WHERE FOUND: Sxeet Shop Q FAVORITE SONG: No Not Much FAVORITE SPORT: Football spering A. hed Hair HOBBY: Popular Songs CRock and Rolll FUTURE: Secretarial Work IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Secretary NOTED FOR: Running Around OUR ADVICE: Settle Down to Ambition PET PEEVE: People Who Don't Their Word NANE: Jack Barnes NICKNAME: 'Bennie' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Well I'1l Be' WHERE FOUND: Near Hindsboro FAVORITE SONG: '16 Tong FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Hunting and Fishing FUTURE: Married Farmer IDEAL: Dad AMBITION: Be a Farmer NOTED FOR: Going Steady OUR ADVICE: Get Married PET PEEVE: Nagging Teachers Keep NAME: Ron Gibson NICKNAME: 'Gib' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Hecky Darn' WHERE FOUND: U8 Town FAVORITE SONG: Begin the FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Hitch-Hiking FUTURE: Businessman IDEAL: Eddy Howard AMBITION: Own My Own Business NOTED FOR: Going Everywhere OUR ADVICE: Travel All You Can PET PEEVE: Rin Tin Tin T.V. Show Beguing NAME: Joann Hawkey NICKNAME: 'Hawkeye' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Nuts' WHERE FOUND: In A Green and White F orqh FAVORITE SONG: "He FAVORITE SPORT: Softball HOBBY: Listening To Popular Music FUTURE: Secretarial Work IDEAL: Judy Garland AMBITION: Private Secretary NOTED FOR: Taking Dictation OUR ADVICE: Fulfill Your Ambition PET PEEVE: People who Stare NAME: Bill Young NICKNAME: 'Dirty Bill' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Well Durn' WHERE FOUND: In Green Ford FAVORITE sous: '16 Tonxs FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Chasing Girls FUTURE: Farmer IDEAL: Alan Ladd AMBITION: Farming NOTED FOR: Ability To Run Round OUR ADVICE: Stick To Farming PET PEEVE: Chevies NAME: Denney Johnson NICKNAME: 'Curly' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: 'Well Holy Cow' WHERE FOUND: Charleston x FAVORITE SONG: 'Band Of Goldx FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming HOBBY: Girls FUTURE: Farmer IDEAL: Frank Sinatra AMBITION: Farming NOTED FOR: Driving A Mercury OUR ADVICE: Stick With Farming PET PEEVE: Teachers Who Have Pets NAM : Barbara Curry NICKNAM : 'Bid' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Well' WHERE FOUND: Telephone Office FAVORITE SONG: WTenderly' FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Drawing KArtl FUTURE: Campus Girl IDEAL: Parents AMBITION: Go To College NOTED FOR: Wearing Large JewelrY OUR ADVICE: Be A Housewife PET PEEVE: Bossy People NAM : Mary Elizabeth Carroll NICKNAME: 'LizzieW AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: WBy Gum' WHERE FOUND: gp Town 0 FAVORITE SONG: Band Of Gold FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming HOBBY: Dancing FUTURE: College IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: P. E. Teacher NOTED FOR: Talking OUR ADVICE: Be A P. E. Teacher PET PEEVE: Two Faced People NAME: John Van Voorhis NICKANM : 'Verse' AGE: 17 EXPRESSION: WI Don't Know' WHERE FOUND: H?nting FAVORITE sono. 'Star Spangled Bannep FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball HOBBY: Hunting FUTURE: Digging Ditches IDEAL: Mr. Lynch AMBITION: Ditchdigger NOTED FOR: Foreign Accent OUR ADVICE: Don't Dig Too Deep PET PEEVE: None In Particular NAME: Don VanDeveer NICKNAME: WSoaky' AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: 'Well' WHERE FOUND: Filson 8 FAVORITE sono: 'fi Get Ideass FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Girls FUTURE: Coaching IDEAL: Danny O'Shea AM ITION: Coach NOTED FOR: Getting In Trouble OUR ADVICE: Be A Coach PET PEEVE: Girls Who Fight NAME: Linda Thompson NICKNAME: Uwindyn AGE: 18 EXPRESSION: Vwanna Bet' WHERE FOUND: With Bethel FAVORITE SONG: ffHe" FAVORITE SPORT: Football HOBBY: Sewing FUTURE: Marriage IDEAL: Mother AMBITION: Housewife NOTED FOR: Being With Bethel OUR ADVICE: Keep On Sewing PET PEEVE: Two-Faced People tm A 7 D SENIOR POEM VWPFWQ .Vs 'AU Jim Adams is like all the rest, Q. R 5 Doesn't like to take a tgst. if Bmw He has always tried his very est E If he didn't know, he's always guessed. Q mif , X S 0:9 9. Edward Ashley is a likeable fellow, -g 05, v , P O0 But he liked to make Mies Ballein bellow if-v2:'1f,,,wl 0 He has been a friend of us all. ff He's seen quite often in the hall. ' . i i 4 Jack Barnes lS rough and ready. -f" For several years he has When it gone steady. comes to football, he's got fight And always brings the team through right. Byron Bradford always made the field goal kick, in .. In his work he's never licked. ?'7 f He goes with a girl named Jean, J On others he will never lean. "Liz" Carroll, with her lock of peroxide hair, A Takes much kidding but does not care. 0, - f 1 She and Ronnie makes quite a pair! Q X9 To break them up we shouldn't dare. I I 5,5 god' Larry Cox who is all brawn and brain, A When he leaves school, it'll never be the same. gl Sometimes he is quite the clown. Occasionally he is seen in a southern town. Francis Crist has married and quit. In our classrooms she'll no longer sit. It -Q' when graduation time is here, We all hope that again she'll appear. -WNW' ',' , , J N Barbara Curry is really sweet., She makes average grades in class. Everyone knows she would make A certain lad a very nice "lass." Danny Curry, we all know, ' A t getting married, he's not slow. - 5 His happiness will have no end. a , f 9 Most everyone calls him a friend. u. ' f.. .u T: " . QED Helen Dague is a cute little lass. 5,2 Liked by one and all of our class. Q' 'fu She plays well in our school band, , -dj . NU in And always willing to lend a hand. Vera Drake who is a very smart lass, fl" ,J Gets very good grades in her History class. -' While she's never been guilty of stressin', She always keeps the boys a guessin'. portsman type. b, A twin from Tuscola he does like. of His future is quite plain to see. ' A doc like his dad he'll sur I , I Y Jack Fishel is the s '7 ylv-151: ely be. 9- I Assistant class treasurer is Roger Foss. A 1 90 if . x Cd Around this school, nobody's his boss. i fix KAP' He's a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed boy. " gv: ,kf: 0? Having a good time is his greatest joy. 'QUE - Ronnie Gibson doesn't believe in going steady, ,fy At least, not until he is good and ready. ' ,' '4 But we all know when he's buried f, , 9 I , K l He will long have been married. . . - 1 X Barbara Harris really enjoys Q' ' The friendship of the Arcola boys. . W, 09' Barbara is a whiz in typing. Ze fn' ' 09 Dancing is to her liking. 'Xl f 'Q 1 T Joann Hawkey is a girl dependable. Will do anything asked, if physically able X., To all the boys she turnes her back 7 X That is, to all except her Jack. X P Carl Hudson is quite a guy. X Q l When he meets a girl he passes by, ' 1 5 l Because Lila is his steady. A! ' When asked to help, he's always ready. Q I '1 Melvin Janes from Chesterville, '1 p Sometimes noisy, sometimes still. png What does he do in History class? W, 'f"-'- Does he sit and wonder if he'll pass? 'IEW Mu 'A f, f x Denney Johnson's sometimes a menace. ' He goes with a girl by the name of' Janice. He may be short, but he's not shy. ,X I Everyone thinks he's a remarkable guy. X ,u, Mary Key, a straight "A" scholar ', Youlll seldom hear her shout or holler. VD To our class she's sure a credit. A .. She's lots of fun, there's no doubt of it. Wilma Key holds the title "Queen," A Down at Mattoon she's often seen. The most popular girl of '56. Some Junior girl should learn her tricks. 5 4 To Uee Lindenmeyer we all owe a lot. NoRKlN He keeps our class really on top. We all agree that he's not slow, ' At football, basketball, or courting "Jo." Dick Prout has a world of fun. mage, He's got a smile for everyone. 90,921 A Miss Ballein, his favorite teacher, W "' QF Thinks that Dick is quite some creature. I M 'I One more in our class is Paul Rippey. ,M,-,-,J A At playing football he sure was zippy 2'5" "Q f":'3L He's very good at Math, knows Mr. Dunn. x ff e, g Can anyone guess what he'll become? JJ XQT . Dean Sanders is as "cocky" as can be. .7 i An all round athlete is he. "' He drives his car at quite a speed. 1 More nights in a week is his greatest need. -f-2-.-as e 1 , Q Filing. Linda Thom son one of our clan, - Has already branded her man. Xqag We all hope good for her future plans. , Hx J Probably farming on Bethel's land. I yi, vgfgz QS- Ron Uphoff, who in history is a whiz, wif ,486 s sweet on a girl named "Liz." ilk y While in Ag he gets straight 'A's.' ' Y. On the football field, with all his heart he plays Don Vandeveer is quite some guy. 9 ' We all know that he's not shy. 1 gg Qglfrf In football he was really good. -+--l5-- We all know he'11 pasa, at least he should. N. ffxlwlfgf 9 is ' . Qxgx X3 f , af' John VanVoorhis is better known as WHarry.n QSNB A: "'J QSNQ To sing, he sounds something like Perry. Q' ' ' V f But to run he could do much better, sa 5 '.7 So in track he earned a letter. Phyllis Vickroy a tall brunette, 'G Vho doesn't sit around and fret. ' f Is it her manners or her poise 4 That makes her popular with all the boys? ts, In bookkeeping class Jim Vogel's a whiz. V He's smarter than the rest, that is. He goes for band and chorus and such. . X 0 For our senior class he has done much. Elby Wallace is our football captain. ' He played with lots of will. He helped our team go very far. Rf To victories that were real. I 9 Sonja Wirth doesn't miss a thing. fs Giga! Her sayings has a large category. 9 She collects most things just for gossip, But for school work---well that's quite a story -o . ' Jiif N Bill Young who is not very quiet QQ .V ,- Used to make his classes a riot. , 0' " I "' A green "Ford" he does drive. - if Toward a high goal he will try to strive. 'H'5,,g.53-.1131-T,-fi," ' Phyllis Younger is the quiet type. You'll never hear her complain or gripe. She helped to make the classplay a scream. She has no time to sit and dream. Joann Hawkey-chairman Barbara Curry Denney Johnson Wwillien Key Ron Gibson Melvin Janes y f Jim Adams ' -fi -l x xmejff rf Q TV J 33 'U A Km N 'fs y Q T3 A X 3 'NI I sfldggx vm amy-al J X 3 pf" fs :Oxy cuss son X XX CTune: Yellow Rose Of Texasl 9 ." CX5 Oh, this dear old school has been a place 'GQPM f V where we have learned a lot., gx sf ,sf Through summer time and winter "" Ji we've struggled on and on. We have had such fun together it's a shame we'll have to part, A 1 These dear old halls won't be the same ! after we have gone. i Oh, the championships that we've won, 5 the memories that we have, . 1 Of dear Arcola High School l 0 ' and all the people there. WN l We'l1 remember that we've learned here if ' my P is through all the years to come, . that we've a job well done. - .. 'Q . adsl! 5 PN Y!" And we hope that all the world will say ' J 2- ich I S 'XC' Phyllis Younger-chairman 7 A Jim Vogel 5 Larry Cox Q h Don Vandeveer ,K Byron Bradford 4' X, lf' , xx Xia df. ai W R34 YQ - . X, rely 'x, w. r-Ci. lf: ale' A 1 r L. Carl Hudson Dan Curry f 1 I , ff 1,2 -t'i's"fv3u, ' Y '44 A' ' 7 E ' e : ull I M CLASS dfff l 1 9 vp '.X ' .Q .I Z" WILL ? . v . ' J KNGVN ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that we, the Committee for the Class of 1956, of Arcola Community High School, of Douglas and State of Illinois being of unsound mind and poor memory and desiring to make disposition of their pro- perty to take effect at their Entrance to Jacksonville, DO HEREBY MAKE THIS, our LAST VILL AND TESTAMENT, revoking all former Wills and Testaments by us heretofore made. County who has a Jim Adams wills his ambitions to fly to Tom Romine, good start in his '55 Plymouth. Edward Ashley wills his way of working through High Tim Monahan. School to to Bill Jack Barnes wills his ability to stay with one girl Perkins. Byron Bradford wills his ability to attempt to kick to anyone on next year's football team. WLizW Carroll wills her formula for bleached hair to can master it. extra points anyone who Larry Cox wills his Nwhip-crackingn ability to Alden Frances Crist wills her ability to get married in her senior year to anyone who is as lucky as she. Barbara Curry wills her ability to go steady for two half years to Marquitta Herrington. Danny Curry wills his electrical knowledge to 'Lightin John Gibson.n Nay. and one- Helen Dague wills her height to Mary Jane Idleman. Vera Drake wills her quietness to Donna Rae Wood. Jack Fishel wills his ability to go with a Tuscola cheerleader to Lyle Johns. Knot the same girl? Roger Foss wills his sensible driving habits to Larry Shafer. Ronnie Gibson wills his ability to stay in training Monahan. to Tim Barbara Harris wills her manly size to Suzie Tefft. Joann Hawkey wills her dumbness in American History who can overdbme it. to anyone Carl Hudson wills his bookkeeping chair and Miss Ballein to anyone who wants them. Melvin Janes wills the freshmen girls to the freshmen boys. Denney Johnson wills his ability to get along with Miss Ballein to Dick Prout, since he will be back next Mary Key wills her ability to make NA's' in Shorthand II to Joan Sanders. Wilma Key wills her popularity to Dee Lindenmeyer wills his 'deadly Dick Prout wills his ability as a year. her sister, Charlotte Key. ways' to Pat Monahan. fast driver to Robbie Arrol. Paul Rippey wills his big muscles and good Dean Sanders wills his ability of 'Being a Wilson. Linda Thompson wills her piccalo and chair Margaret. looks to Jerry Wingler Cassanova' to 'Red' in band to her sister, Ronnie Uphoff wills his ability to play in ball game to Norman Strader. Don Vandeveer wills his ability to miss school on Monday's to Frank Vandeveer. - only one losing foot- John Van Voorhis wills nothing to anyone because he needs it all. Phyllis Vickroy wills her ability to get along with the boys to Mary Gooch. Jim Vogel wills his ability to get out of school for a half-day to Stan Allen. Elby Wallace wills his ability to be the worst miler in Arcola history to 'Juicyn Strader. Sonja Wirth wills her dancing ability to Ellen Kay Cunningham. Bill Young wills his good behavior to his brother, John, who definitely can use it. Phyllis Younger wills her ability to win scholarships to anyone who appreciates them as much as she does. Mr. Browning we leave a Mr. Butler we leave our To To quiet school. kindest feelings lhe needs theml. To Mrs. Smith we leave our cooking and sewing ability. To Miss Scott we leave our wonderful American History classes. To Mr. Stone we leave our ability to learn class play parts- To Miss Whitson we leave our receipt book. Mr. Dunne we Mr. Scott we To To we leave a To Mrs. Shields To Mr. Crist we To To Miss Ballein To the janitors the cooks we To haven't had one To Miss Newmann we leave a leave our mathematical problems. leave all our hot air. mixture of trouble. of Wildroot Cream Oil leave all our sleepiness and a bottle Mr. Roberts we leave all our cap guns and water pistols. we leave 33.00 for the scissors we never used. we leave all our Torch scraps. leave a good receipe book, because it's obvious they for the past four years. series of new books that we've taken. To Coach Baker we leave all the trophies we've won. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twenty-fourth day of February, A. D. 1956, in the pre- sence of the Witnesses, who we have requested to sign this our Last Will and Testament as witnesses and we have declared this to be Our Last Will and Testament in their presence and signed the same in their presence and they have signed the same in our presence and in the presence of each other. Jack Fishel-chairman Mary Key Phyllis Vickroy John VanVoorhis Dick Prout Sonja Wirth We, the undersigned, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the said committee for the Class of 1956 signed the above and foregoing paper in our presence and declared the same to be their Last Will and Testament on this the twenty-fourth day of February A. D, 1956 and requested us to sign the said will as witnesses which we , did in their presence and in the presence of each other be- lieving the said Committee for the Class of 1956 to be fully unpossessed of all their faculties and unsound mind and poor memory and ln every way not capable of making their Last Will and Testament. The Senior Class i ! ANNUAL STAFF X Editor ----- Assistant Editor Business Manager Art Editors- - - Photography- - - Music Editors - Literary Editors Feature Edit or- if . Puma.: 'RIDERS - - - - - - - - - Dee Lindenmeyer --------------Phyllis Younger ---------------DeanSanders - - - - -Barbara Curry, Wilma Key Sports Editors - Girls Sports- - Liz Carroll, Barbara Harris Boys Sports - - Elby Wallace, Ronnie Uphoff T ------------RogerFoss - - - - .. - - -Chorus- -- - - Helen Dague Band- - ----- Jim Vogel - - - - Mary Key, Phyllis Vickroy - - ----- - -------- Jack Fishel at I' 1 '7 '4 f. , E EX 'MA N ff are ' f ,.,:gs:f :.,.,-is-5ff'1. - 91 N' n Y?3!3:Q:f3' -4 w ff ORCH lst row: Wilma Key, Phyllis Vickroy, Dee Lindenmeyer, Phyllis Younger, Dean Sanders, Mary Key, Liz Carroll, Miss Scott. 2nd row: Barbara Harris, Sonja Wirth, Jack Fishel, Elby Wallace, Jim Vogel, Roger Foss Ronnie Uphoff, Byron Bradford, Barbara Curry, Helen Bague Loorcnvo, I. nsf l'7mwrf Svmvowa fn N1 Deux! DN-L 9' TAFF E uf-'R vans ls WORKING- IIELENQQ Pam Y5-3 I LiKE I1: f 1 EDITOR 'LINOV' ll TYP1sr 37 OH' ' 1 Uhnrfv 77-mr? Somfmnvo 'Y-FU' 'Cunun .4 . '- 9 Eu ERR? il UNJOHJ J x r' v . R555 fNx,?1 Q4 Q41 as 4217 . -5. 5-4, f' I ' 1' :i q - ,gfifgi , , , ' sg 1 A ,K w zjyf V, , z -I 51.-g,, 52, M 1 My and l s, any x ,L , I David David B??U?? Herrington Uphoff Blggo President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer HISTORY As nGreen Freshmenn we elected as our officers: Audrey Landreth, presidentg Bill Perkins, vice-president, Brenda Biggs, secretaryg and Joan Sanders, treasurer. Our Home- coming attendant was Audrey Landreth and Tim Monahan was her escort. Last year as nSil1y Sophomoresn we elected Larry Ander- son, presidentg Bill Perkins, vice-president, Janet Smart secretary-treasurer. Brenda 5iggs was our Homecoming attend- and with Bill Perkins as her escort. This year as WJolly Juniorsn our officers are: president, Dave Herrington, vice-president, David U hoffg secretary- treasurer, Brenda Biggs. This year our Homecoming attendant was Peggy Phillips with her chosen escort Tom Romine. The float was WThe Longest Walk.' We are looking forward to next year as WSophisticated Seniors.n ,ffff S .,. s x QW a f: 6-S, if 4. "NW I . X . 5 ,A rr 1 eaa?aaaaaaa2 KQV fame M Eg 2, ,i',, lv I ,,f: ,fff 5 ff? ",i 5 ' aaa agar iiii saaaa!E T 'mQij0r1e' an stnn n n n , Qufeiarx , f? Kay Donna Raeig, if gg winnett Wood Q if Z? I was er s d Stan L ff - . . n T . A er Halen faq , 4 anderson rm Waldron 5 EEE? W. Louise Bright f Roy Ashley Bright Jack shirley Mar Browning Carlberg Chumblev Robert Arrol Rarbara Conners 5. fa V 3 S if s . - Virfftinia 2 , Janet 1 Patsy , t s l M VTom Conn or S ..VQ: 5 Z COX ' Cox 1 l sw f l Cox 5 xi. , E1-, A. - ,f it -QWV - .,.:,:., nezawilfizwff ., -.1 'V D' N I 'J I k . . Gf' .s W s so l W Q s H ' l.1?g , 'E' ' Q Z" s M h f57"ks , s P -- ', .. W Bgobert s 9 Ethel Q- Gene 1 ' is , .,,.h ,.,,.,A:v,A.v, , ,A . s . f , . . . .. .YQ - rkiirk it so s ,. l ll of A ! in P' s i , .::. - - Joe Jerry M y Qfv-- I ,Q Beverly Q A Pat Gaylord Gibson L ' Guyot T mwl ss Harrie j l l ll s , s l s -M Mafquitta l Ronald of MSFY J H19 Herrin 'non t Hudson Idleman I lntl ' Ruth Arm Sandra Betty Q ,W Audrey Keal KODP I Laley ' 6 Landreth eee ' . . ,,,. . ss e ' k E .-A. ,.:: U gg ,-Q f L' t f ., ' . Ann .,. - f' , sv, It-. f': 5 L inda LHYUIOYI l 'M Little Mcflvene t :l,2 l H arri et e r gels s his N Tim l l 'll Dianne Mil 1 sr o Mols-r I l Monahan l Myers llle , "' lellelllell s elll I i l'l1 W' 7 'i 'Vlk , A 'l"V we -- Aw ls gif xy , , K , ,Q . -A: I: M L I . ,,.,, . W H I Q , fls,,.,e, .. 3 Bill V I Donna . Pemy A K W e , 5 Perkins l W Perkins -. Ohill ips " " s V so l if , 7 f s 'kzs N l 'fs , - 'l . s ,. L ' L it l gil' I Tom Joan 4 ,Q A Myron Bob Sanders ssllls l s Shonkwiler , s Sitz l l l llsl of M to s -- l h 'll,ss f 4 A m K I mk.A '::1 A ' AV K3 ' 5 Janet s Jerry Wl l Mary Lou my .... nf Smart .V Steproe i t s h. Stillwell L ls l slszl l ' il 1" I W se, fiigfz L. , .....:,: Monte Jerry Bethel Reta Stump Thompson Turner Vandeveer ? .5 SSS H Lyle Norman Dorothy Jim Johns Strader Wood T Clark President Vice-President Secretary reasurer :iss A ee ,, : , 5 3 H 5. A 9-'- .s f 'f-iislf 'L Our officers for our Freshman year were: Lyle Johns, presidentg Norman Strader, vice-presidentg and Sharon Bennett, secretary-treasurer. Georgia Herrington and Ed Harshbarger served as student council representatives. Miss Olson and Coach Baker were our advisors. Pink and black were our colors and a pink rose was our class flower. Connie Johns was queen attendentg Doug Mullikin, escort. Our Homecoming Float won second prize. This year Lyle Johns, presidentg Norman Strader, vice- presidentg Dorothy Wood, secretaryg and Jim Clark, treasurerg are trying to keep us in the running. Mr. Stone and Mrs. Shields are our advisors. At Homecoming we chose Shirley McNary as queen attendent and Lyle Johns as escort. Our float won second prize again this year. We are at the half-way point in our high school career, and are looking forward to the next two years. 5 , 'P A xi' .Qi 3 gi W 79 e-o'l L m-e ' fL'n1-o"f 1 , .-.. V lk T a. ' ffl lfgiiiiii d' l' J J M l - A C a rlwes Sharon f u ' e Bill J, ii Qld Anderson Bennett r -ii? Beyers J :W Jay e 6 JL mn QQHEL Nancy Max Chiara Janice Boland Carey Chapman Clark :V what 2 5 ,gl?g, JS we . . :sf ' Kay Clark sg 2 . . -1 ff:- ' 2: ses-.-2gsv,.11' 2 Xa 'L ' of Q sf Bert Fidler w 'F 5 Connie Johns Q' az' in ,iii 1 Rosalie Murphy Margaret Thompson Frank K 'A 14' Vandeveer' 'M n' we : 'Q Q W x 2 Q "' Llnda arwn 4. Connor Cook Cothron Jangt' f 2,1: M nm atty z :": COX Cunningham or ii- k E111 SGH rrrkrr I it n Foltz Q Franklin Jlbnnn In :QE ziwzriw vvv K Wf - -- I 1Q.,f' f,n 7 ' Ed r , f Georgla Harshbargei nnE r Hepplngton Janes fd-rry no vf nn. . Char otte lf? Lavoice Kearns .lH iw key E54 giize Key ' kkkk Patx . I lj ug ' I 5- McNarY in A r j Monahan is Mull j-kin n b fggfjf 13Efi H R ss Alden Nellie Moore 1 n n fini Na Perklns f 2 as 4 ,.,,4 Liffy h ?k.yigi E Stewart Shafer Tefff? E ' ,r::' f f-Q Q, 5 wrfk1k, rooo k n o roogi Jerry + RO1'1n'1e 2 inn. 2 k . t nf S W1 61311811 M9515 wi-ngler oeah Lorene . Wigntnan Wilhelm nllson , R 6 W U 6 If ,t X WY NG A Y , ' .Q J A A AA '73 , Danny Arthur Rosemary V NX X ff? Strader BeazleY Soupis XQ5 'fx V 'L?fi?I'SSident viC6"'PI'8Sid8l'1t Secretary N . 17' I Treasurer i X X N 'Z' HISTD September, 1955, sixty-one 'green' Freshman started their high school career. After the first few days of adjusting ourselves to the routine of changing classes, we are now doing fine. Our class officers are: president, Danny Straderg vice-president, Arthur Beazley, secretary- treasurer, Rose Mary Soupis. Mr. Dunn and Miss Newmann are our advisorsg Jo Elaine Hoots and Bob Waldron, student coun- cil representatives. Red and gold were chosen as class colors. Barbara Biggs was Queen Attendant and Danny Strader her escort. Our Homecoming float didn't win a priza but we enjoyed making it. We are looking forward to the year of 1956, when we will become 'silly' sophomores. S23 Q!! 'Riff V u reii 1 3 W ,X Wggfk K if? . 3 W f iff! is ' ,.,, sssQ7 f if A ,,,,, Sandra L I i,,, ' ye Sue P ,:,, in John 5 5 Barbara And arson' i "'i r f Anders on , BGYSPS B 18555 H V A If S as K . 4 H AK V, VV Ya Q M Jim fi 'e,e' gaPfV a', PHUSY and M L, L ,.,, owers E H , b 5 1-,Wi K , W' i"" R A . . : ltigz. V is L 1 r 2 ,.1,. , 5 " Q ' ' ' i if 1 if , lj, Gaythel , Janet e - 4 on igginbara Bun B BH ELI Bllrge S S u C a rlb GI' g l,:V I E C 3 pro 1 1 H if H yfyt P A i i e r eii m Jdhn E Bob 'W f?g,g l wayhQ Young . Cox Q Cothron J im Tom J erry Cox Cox Davis Dowel-1 David llison X 2 1 .,::. I Q, ,. 1 Q X r 3 Q X N 1 J oyoe - i ,LL - t m Shlflebf J lm 5 Mary t Foltz Gooch I g k g l ? I ff, I W 2 n , Larry GBFY 2: :1-- . l .2if5iff?LIl7l5.lW f f 3 i n Good Gross 5 Guyot. if-1115--'M , ' "'Al'k 111 , Bennie " Eula fl' A Jo Elaine Hays . Hays Hein Q H oots l nnn n l .. H o o qw V!5V g mL', 'f A ' R L L f K-if ' A - Orettg Faribell E112 Alma g n: , , Hudson Idleman J inkins oonl 1nW oonono o oool ofnn . t j k ooino on o ono, t oooloo no so of V Wig? -g f - Zn QI., K xi. gf ,::" , Iii om-win Phvl 115 .A le ' f -' Kopp l l o q l Lawrence Little Q A::. S .5 ggi 6 .S i ' X5 J erry Karen Joan Mallady l Morris Murphy ,VVVVV M I ,,.? T 'I' A fA ,.' , D , f rm De n n i S J ohn 5 5, S hauna R obe rt Myers 3 Phillips ' Powell Rogers t lot 'o', Margaret Max Dorothy Rus se 1 1 Shaw S it Z Loretta 2'l: f:- Q Cha rl K th Mary Spaulding Igl Ar- Stewaii 'zihoi-:SSH i M r l TYXOYHFFSOY1 l l ' ,t l l l l 59 -P l o ottt o l , YES l ...E : A g," , l - Peggy "E Q l Dorothb' n .. Bob QQ r ll Titus ti "1- , Q Q Vandeveer :-.1, zgr: ' Vyverberg B073 Laffy John David Waldron wel 161' Wood 'f'r ight -L 4+ 'ff l l . l 5 - o L l or ' - A M cz, 5 ' 'Q 'm,h X' ' fy H , I 'VI" X vv , Pl f , fi, V,gJ K 7, if fi l Y Q A " A if E f 1 :I ' no David Sandra Harold Joanna Hay Lilg Billy Rich Sisk Johnson Good 1'-'iloox Brlght Connor L oo 1 f x r , ' l , c .,.. if L. V is ,.kr,.,. 1 'fy rg G Johns Young Goff Snillwell Allen ngevens I A l .V o , .P . :-- ooo . HSFFY Eugene Bright VOX lf T. o g, 5 sr E2 an ' oo Ann Sharon Smart cloyd Mrs. Barricklow's Eighth Gradelllll .J 1 f c M 00, . QL, A r Michael la l 5 h m 2 ,Q ,. Ashley A W hlngler . ' A 1, ,kt K, :. 'V 3' " A m . ig z 4, Y e 9 ' pg ' W ' 9 ooll if if loo X : -a vqavne Martha Eddy Virginia Joe . Younger' Armor Maliar-y Burch hawxey E1l1son K, so k i ..- , X N '-v X I W . It , 9 it ji Q Rl, K - 3 . in ,. I V ., -, Wendell Benita Jimmy Babb Alice Henry Smith Little Y Jacob Carlber Bushu Coombe 3 Jerry Blagg Afsvissesx-'f V -f+1m1Q-mm ., ,ang -Memme:21.:: - -,,::: ,A:Q, 1,i !L,i , , W -- Qg5a3'Qig,Qfffrieziwge,1529 iifitgu, H Q:45wsfQQw'fgQw5z5gg ,5.fwWAwm,.L lE?5'3E5?i?21'ze KmiE"'2'2'MiW2 lf'l7WZiSiT'Av: ' 1375 -'E-V12 T' " -r'3 V :' iSz:Qwi: A.,, ,lm ., .. -WWF? - vM,kW,,,, f,,, ,, . .. Sieabiv wszam-Y ':.': -- .new 'V -Viz K 1 KSQFMTEIW1 sfir,-lkis T?115'A55'ifi' 1 . 2222525 akrfiig 2' " s22:fw , .9755 15, .. 'iz 4555 'I' l2TQiYfT' , 'f -f , , - Q, 3 T A , ' , 54 L w i ' lMarY lDuane Koger a Madonn Newman Dave Linda J oe Fletcher Monahan Mattingly Loughary . 1 H., . e. 5: 3 153233 35:5 F i 9' QC was Q ffl 1 V . f k,.. Ai, ' fl- "'k.. A isa. Di ' chaifign .main sQs in swiff- f fi, ' . . .V Paul MC Nary Peggy Stewart, .::- :: A-f,ia4 ,wfeq,:5 Hewnne :Q VAY' ei-. :ngnsz J SSEHMM Eiawigil lffgiie EQ: leef ee e, welegiiikiiegliile eell eeeeel 55535553 jefiii niefgi' :'E eeee eel eeee n fi eeee I n . iff: lee eel e L ee e eee 11 eeeeee eeee e eee1 l jfsf 1 ff e n 1 e l eleleee e eele eee lelee l .2AV'1' , Melba Phillip Nancy Ronnie Linda Gary lgQFQfEQQQ1 Goad Anderson Keal Roberts Stump Hom-ey ""f ff-w,.,, L, .,, kg ., . K . K k K1 L ilifiif' Wanda Pe rkins ,xg V- 2 . Q iq Haw ,Qi , ,M Roy Rovers enfi' f Q 5 QF le FW 12" 313532: ' J9?TV5S"' .1eil-vgQzz:14.1,-1- f . . ,gggi ,, f ,fky ,W , V . A..- :Q-w':-:af-S,:ff -2, if-1-3. A' 5 H .. 11.4 . -f,..,. ,. le, ,W We V I X- nmfyfe Mr. Lundy's Eighth Grade wljfggw A ,A ykhy .U n l Wvvd enne ":-. M e A'.' .',' -.A' ' :a" ll lEmQ3?V' f'F' 'W Feffiiiigiiiigflwifnwf'wWWfie'Qelenwm Yen eii 55,1-f K--fA-f,. V - K ., KaY Fred Alice Bright Shields Sargeant Laffy Mary Billy Finn Finn Harshbarger , .e,. ,-ff .,,,e,,,,, Ai., ,,.,.fg-gg ,.,, . an-5? SQEVLEW-f-WLW-.5-5f',g1E1lH1L-ifFleZE'931gf .ifliwxrfr IVF:-fy ii''L--"l59Y'L'f-"E..S' L-T..',X': -Tiff?-fc:-me 223253121'u'L-255515: .ey :. , - nfl-5E'.lEiTiI F5T'Q59,gY'e55"'p5Z2.2 5 -fisemi "g.l?T"-" :715?11l"1! lg-:?E.lTls'f9 ,:il5E'f-5I?xfQQf7l55iiTi7f991 .fl-5ffFN:,SQ l'1'f?'?H " ': ff5,Eg'ZS W e-1,2152-fr-11 il as V K' 'F A-1 ': fisziwfsixwr' f..:,'g-wet ':.:,L's"f:-wle, :hm 5-v.:,. , V I ' .fy 591212 :za-9L!2i1': 1' -' ., . A , ' , W 1-1 - F en ' , f-ii" :fn w.,,g:Lfi ' , Q ::, ',: g.sL Ql',gffgf-ffaiis -' YF . 2 . 5232 ,I :I f , 1:1 ,, ,Mg WI: v ' K' , ft" 11 .::' -2.1 5 K , K. -I-lljy, ,R fu:j,,i' wg , ...,.W, . ,..- M ,. A K lf. '-', . ff , . ., A- MM. s1Vsfz::u?5Q5.g:f ' , .3 ,mfg , V .,: -,MSM f- . - f. , . zefewlfez - V. - fs-I , f f. W4 -1.1.2, , Ps-1, 'fx -iQ1:i:effv K Iaizz- K ' -3' gy- y aff 4' ' in 55552 I 7 - ,. 1655- V ' f ,, , fl1"- I ' f 'J . - l"::." . ' 2 v Eiggkii M 'A , Q k ' L 1L5EH:v.l, V ' 5 ' f f- f ' , A I A , , 13 ' E i i? 'MQ in f"fl-SX' :- " f ' " -f , BQSH Kenneth Charles George Andy L H'-1.11 Elder Dewey Vandeveer Shields Di-gil s, ,A 5-,..-.Xp-:.-. Q S , 4 is we wlssfgi SLE 5 3 1 QQ? fQfEf gin? Q rfeaif r Qgaee .QQQQ , 'VV - , VLVV, J! , 5?7:??w' e fiiIIllfI? G .earn f lf Lara Mike Judy Kenneth Kay Roger Sue Delbeck Metzger Browning COX HOWGY Ashley Vandeveer miie , aea?f? , ggi? A nigga M W 5 n, r i . Ki I S 1 r a t gi Li , l fi Roger Anita Marvin Cgrgl Alexander Sheildg Anderson Thompson Davis F053 3 ! 5 , 5 52 Carole Bullard figs A 132' a g, A 53 anCy Biggs IF. '7?7A96,o.. ',f'Q gif f-4: .r.,. f 1: il ' :ef rrnn g?nn in ' M. i'ii??ei'.,a'1:2:Q Omas Linda GX Johnson Binnion Bridges Z vi g I i w. ,gqjlfiimh Marsha Virginia Jim Hoots Ghere Uphoff r W Qi gf 11331 a in P iweii' ? 2 ' if ie e eee ei r e Terry Barbara Murphy Gee Good e ' wvk. 'R Sally l'Jerry lAneta5 Stillwe1lHeidelbaugh James Q 3 . - L vw! I -1,2 Rf ' 5 TV at ty McCory Marilyn Barley . E' f . je , fi . ,ff 5 gs!-1 A ' , I Joyoe Kearns ....,,..,..,,, . ., g f n H e , ' Q 11 -5 1: ' . c V. -,.. Q l ',A. . 4 VL K .W VL A .,., 4 fy J,'k i c, 1 ' ggi gl, N Vkk Q. "in ' if' :gi 5 f . f I: 1 ' mQ,' Q ' N l e in in l llln , ncnc . ' ' e f 5-'teVe Helen Jam Marcella Judy Annett Virginia CUDUY Thornhill Dan 16 ls York Akers Duam Hawg gy -:-. -A l or , i,., A o . e c h .i,: Q f ff : i iiii ..i, f " he n I - on i e e i.': o we p e iiiii e iii h or iiiii Jane DOI! Joyce Larry Janice Glen cc, Li ver. Hudson Shaw SON Bgkef' 3.029105 f K M arilyn, Llgcy Kearns Brandon 22 A. few Q.. 1 , Malco ln Wayne Chandler Wilhe lm Mr, MOOBVS Seventh Grade K A , 5- 31: 3 TOT15- no S o io ,, o , l Rebecca Slat K K K 1 -f fi JOhI'1 SCU ' ' - l c M an ' .V r r . " iff ' V o ' . A. ,1q,, S n A 5 ii y , n n , A M M ' A 7 if gi L, f - -1 for , Edna Tony Ida John June Dick England Thompson Jenkins Heidelbaugh P25911 91' Weller 2 ri- iill H 1. in e l .gain If ,,.2 1- ':" 1 ' 'imap l i n i c P . Ig, 2" .. ho o c :,i c c ' h V 'hcc lvl l Q W l . N Ronald Keren Don Virginia Danny lioie Ronald Qqenni S Jrake Lawerance Munson Stevens Filson Ealy Carlberg ur-055 HEHvvwEQhTs I2 - 2 Front rowzlleft to right! J.Monahan,B.Harshbarger, D.Kroger, P.McNary,Coach Jack Moon Back row: M.Thompson,R.Vyverberg,D.Pi1son,D.Munson,D.We1ler. ChEEF?l..EHdERS Cleft to rightl Nancy Biggs Lianne Allen, Ann Smart, Jane 5lagg. I-9 Front rowzlleft to rivhtl S.Cuppy,D.Gross,F.Shields,H.Bright, R.Bridges,C.Clark. Back row: B.Harshbarger,B.Uiller,Q.Coon,Coach Moon,D.Hudson, J.Uphoff. 3 . f y' " t?"f' 1 xi xx . ' -J vi, an wif '-'S fl Tr Tr ERE:-P: S as Recon! of' I?-95" Uncle-FeA'h.J Puvple- S Ta..-f'fsT'fc.S R,A,,.g HFC-DIA. OPPOnen-VS ft? Downs H1 39 ArcolA- 31 ftflmo- 0 Rualnfna Xanls IWIQ 301 'PQSSFIUS yaN'S 902 387' Argon- 44 Mau-hctuo 0 TOT!! yxdqoe 181' 685 Arcola- 7 Sulhvnu- 6 Hv-.5.'R.,.,,1,:.3 :.3v.9 37.4 Avcolg- 38 Affhur- o ,qv-3. 'Passing Ill- 7 '78 Arcola- 46 Oakland- L ?"55'5 Hit H3 88 Arcola- 52 Assunphon- o 'Passes Cv'-1ple.Te-I CO 26 Com ple.'l"':'on Za .503 ,295 Argon- 43 Newmuv- I3 7"vf-ludowns H7 5' Aff-0,4 IQ. T"'C"l" ' ...L EXTPQ Pol'hT ToTQl 'pohfg 4:0 gl 300 3' lqY'qo 'PC-r Gam: 37.5 3-8 FIRCQLF4 o+'FENsivE ELEVEN W Sfnion u 60, ll QQLJQM, Q . QW Lfnemen .Z Q? 4K5l 41-tag n X Q4,a,v7f E Bmw! Kal Semor' x-N QE? W Mwfffv fffza Ba..c,k5 wWwW""f"'D Swgyfgjff M M 077' ffm!-1 QQMW COACHES2vvvl955 Kneeling- Bob Sink, Lou Baker Stnndir- Carroll Dunn Q. 15' U A F-I-osL'S'oPlw 'Record I '? 55 Hxcom 0 vu.a.n onovf I7 Ffncouf sq sognivnyw H Rc.oLH 25 'PH Ris o A R conng csnxo sonoagjl, 77 51 lst Row-Mullikin, Byers, Wright, Lyon, Hein, Monahan, Johns, Carey, Gibson 2nd Row-N. Strader, Anderson, Mallady, Young, Vyverberg, D. Strader, Waldron, Weller, Fidler, Kearns 3rd Row-Coach Dunn, M. Cothran, Beazley, B. Cox, Shaeffer, Clark, Weirman, Moore, Guyot, Gross hth Row-W. Cothran, T. Cox, J. Byers, Shaw, Phillips, Ellison, J. Cox, Nay, Benford 7' E Fa.r'Fc.c.T- SC'.a.SOl'1 e.n rovTe To Toudadovvns over T I N531 ff' gg: N-I , 1 ff Nigga! 1 Q x LETTERMEWS CLUB g se Jr, 1 ffl in 7' er G6 TOP ROW: Don Vandeveer, Dean Sanders, Eddy Harsh- barger, Tim Monahan, John Van Voorhis, Bill Young, Jack Barnes. SECOND ROW: Robbie Arrol, Bill Perkins, David Herrington, Danny Curry, Tom Romine, Bob Curry. THIRD RON: Ronald Hudson, Jim Clark, Ed Ashley, Byron Bradford, David Uphoff, Denney Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Baker, Paul Rippey, Elby Wallace, Jack Fishel, Dee Lindenmeyer. . Lp X sg- Q i el. X, D- H1 x A A' ZX!- Q -VJ S X ja w 'U if ' , ea- ,, ,s 7 ff K f Q L ' QTLH Pat Cox ER5f Harriet Virginia Conner Miller Donna Bright Vicky Rothrock Louise Bright El MJ? LEFXDIFQ Front to back Peggy Phillips, Pat Cox, Connie Johns, Brenda Biggs E-TERM VHREITY S Left to right Rosemary Soupis, Bobby Sue Biggs, Georgia Herrington, Faribell Idlemen ,C Ed. Ar cr :Umsn Ssneltfs 'Ron C- Nason ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARcoLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA ARCOLA MT. ZION ARTHUR ATWOOD UNITY CERRO GORDO MONTICELIO ARGENTA FINDLAY NEWMAN PARIS VILLA GROVE TUSCOLA BEMENT OAKLAND SULIIVAN NEWMAN SCHLARMAN SULLIVAN ARTHUR OAKLAND ARGENTA TUSCOLA OAKLAND CASEY NEOGA MATTOON T'IDE VHFQEITH' , Varsity Left to Rlght-T.MoQohan,E?Harshbarger,L.Johns,D.Lindenmeyer D.Sanders R.Gibson R.Arrol T.Rom1ne J.F1shel Miss' d rn b r- , ' , Kneeling-Coach Lauid Bakei lng Squa nom e John Van Voorhls B-Team Left to Right-L.Foltz,J.C1ark, T.Romine,P.Monohan,L.Johns, R.Arrol,D.Mi1likin,N.Strader Kneeling-Coach Dunn B-TEHM Freshman Squad , , Left to Right-Coach Dunn,J.Benford,A.Beaz1ey,B.WaldrOn,Q.Ell1SOH,C.SCGW8Ft,L.vHY0t B.Cox.L.Weller,B.Vyverberg,E.Hein,Da3trader,J.Cox,J.Ph11l1PS XX KFIIN 9 99 Q9 99 4 PLFl'l'5 J U M F3 ,Q L 'Zvi kour' 735. Cfass si ' I, KR h Lv?- x I ff . Qs! X ' I5 Pb V5lZ'df fy fgo fsr AM- gr-'cf hour' WE Cfa ss Q Au? Cfass 1. Tfgd, 'NL -WIFI 1 W1 CF I ! M mm, Queen I' ,D 9v,peaL N-er-3 Hun:-zcnrmuz HIEHLIEHT5 3 F' .masxv YY' ofo X X ' ill 5 " x R N QI D A" x, 'A A ' ""1 H1 , 1 'ff '-'ga , , JIM i --x, - lQkf:l,J5, L ,Eff, :--1 ::.:.:: 5 -- Q3 if -y: 'zszsf X E S 'e-: -s p ,- + W 4'N 4 it VhmVmhVh V ,7.Q , a - - f. ,. ' 44 ' NH -...E f ' ' 2 C , ' Q ' 4? - P 3 A :':: ,, ,,:1 L In 'N gl 0 Emi: , - - I ' ., " Fx' . " , ' X - , -, , i Homecoming Dance W Co SENIOR ARCO L I TE TOP ROW: John Vanvoorhis SECOND ROW: Dee Lindenmeyer, Elby Wallace THIRD ROW: -Phyllis Vickroy, Mr. Stone, Jack Fishel, Paul Rippey. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Harris, Dean Sanders, Phyllis Younger, Mary Key. 1 -Ng M y x ,Q 6,111 fx if 4 fi- If iff.: X, O 5 5 vii z Jumon Ancourz 'Rf' 0 1 "E qi 'Q' lf! in TOP ROW: Marquitta Herrington, Barbara Conner, Marjorie Chumbley, Ethel Daily, Janet Cox, Jerry Thompson, Miss Whibson. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Romine, Brenda Biggs, Tim Monahan, , X X. Z '- iai a V Q ., 3 ix 9 1 in Robbie Arrol, Sandra Kopp. K, D , , ? . 05 5 9" AJ 'A A S .g - .1 W .1 Ss I r 3"14+f.. ' ','?3'E373i , Ov CLASS Pl-AY WGOOD-NIGHT, LADIES' Junior Class Play April 22, 1955 CHARACTERS Helen Raleigh, a senior at Grayson .. ........ Mary Key Jane Raleigh, her sister, seventeen ......... Phyllis Vickroy Sam Raleigh, their brother, enrolled at State...Dean Sanders 'Jug' Brown, Jane's carefree boy friend ......... Elby Wallace Professor Dexter, a professor at Grayson..DeLane Lindenmeyer Dean Eggleby, Dean of Women at Grayson ......... Carol Bilbrey Angela Rimini, a sweet and lovely freshman ....... Sonja Wirth Larry Dobson, a very busy Grayson student ......... Roger Foss Lulu Giffen, a freshman, so bright she acts nutty .......... .................Barbara Curry Judy West, a friendly, attractive freshman....Barbara Harris George West, her brother, attractive but bashful............ ...............Byron Bradford Betty London, a sophomore at Grayson.... ....Phyllis Younger RN . I . Q -fp? CJ W .13 Loon moms! E533 N , L Q1 ELL Acct H HELLO r Dex 'rrk flvnfr Bandera. DH' G-fond-E. Gooo LODK- f 1 i L L0 HND HUNT BARDHRN an Is 1'-r Snmi? Tom, on IOL: on. HARRY DRESS: N0 Nong N0 'I' rv7' ao CR Y. Vis, Tfmrls Umar LJHQ1' HH PP2NED?? I-r SAYS. M-M- P7 WWWWWWQ QMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW rg. Q. 53 as si CLASS PLAY 'CODDLED EGBERT' Senior Class Play December l8, 1955 CHARACTERS Miss Amarilla Drayford the owner of Rest Haven ............ ' ................Barban Harris Nan Drayford, her niece of eighteen .. ....Sonja Wirth Debbie Drayford, her niece of sixteen..........Barbara Curry Egbert Kilroy, a young science-fiction addict .............. ' ...............Dee Lindenmeyer Mrs. Melicent Kilroy, his fond coddling mother, who has a dog phobia............Mary Key Miss Flavia Fleetwood, who is allergic to feathers and Meb icent..........Phyllis Vickroy Orlando Fleetwood, her young braggart nephew......Roger Foss Maisie Moran who has hallucinations and a barking dog...... , looiuclieooocclbn nl-lizn Frank Kilroy, Egbert's uncle, who poses as Dr. Yorlik ...... ...............John VanVoorhis Sparky Parks, a scientist.......................Dean Sanders Citronella Jenks, a calamity-howling maid....Phyllis Younger Ubiquifvus Botts. a handy-man .................. Jack Fishel Pug Andrews and Blackie whine, sinister hitch-hikers ......, ..Elby Wallace and Paul Rippey WWWWWWK I Pnorsssmmuf BNN 0 9 0 NK vxk K V , 4,0. 4, 4,144 f,,,, eff! an wp 9 x m 720 xxx wx mx xii' THINKING HAP-Dr' ooo 0 K4 v Xl N7 N4 if Rd 1 'md 9 WP G FK i li dk FN lk IN li ii 0 Keep Hwny DR. Yoguckf Down: Gus BLACKlEf 'Yw ,D wbgk-Rap! 4 X fl as. SNXQ-35 View-X p"Soffl 4' Uv' S-H-H-H 9- -A-H 'FA ..k .K I fi i'vD1+H1 Thee 51,5 ffvfs M... 1 01 J 7 ., ge. fa 'x' 9 lv' 1X5 ' G-A-N OFFICERS B TOP ROW: Dorothy Wood and Dianne Myers, Sophomore and Junior Board Members. SECOND ROW: Faribell Idleman, Freshman Board Member, Miss Willman, Advisor, and Barbara Harris, Senior Board Member. THIRD ROW: Patsy Cox, Secretary, and Marquitta Herrington, Treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Cox, President, and Betty Laley, Vice-President. f, ' 3 w 2 hi ER, xJ" 5 X ex fx. .x X .frfy 'O Q P 'O Qi, ' B -. , if og a . , v,,,.-'H 90 0'-"0 21365 I0 me G-.A.A. UPF ERCLASSM N KM N f' 'T' I GW 1 45, " ye- X I ,W 5'-G94 -if 7 N . zialifflsa. M f :' f J 0 .sa ' 'Q 1 iyff3Sfk'f' K T7 TOP ROW: Brenda Biggs, Mary Jane Idleman, and Phyllis Vickroy. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Stillwell, Pat Harris, Mary Key, and Virginia Connor. THIRD ROW: 'Liz Carroll, Janet Cox, Betty Laley, Dianne Myers, and Joan Sanders. , FOURTH ROW: Reta Vandeveer, Donna Perkins, Kay iaggx Waldron, Janet Smart, Barbara Curry, M. , d, -25 and Audrey Landreth. Cgwwis X f .QQ A' --:. FIFTH ROW: Louise Bright, Sonja Wirth, Patsy Cox Miss Willmann, Ruth Ann Keal, and Sandra Kopp. OTTOM ROW: Barbara Harris, Marjorie Chumbley, Donna Wood, Barbara Conners, Shirley Carlberg, and Marquitta Herrington. G'-A-A' U N D ERCLASSME N X ff' X - 'S f-16 '1 N 'Q x A . N 5.1 4+ 'F . N '.,Q6 X , xx if TOP ROW: Nellie Perkins, LaVoice Key, Dorothy Woods, Ellen Cunningham, Suzie Tefft, Joyce Good, Janet Cook, Rosemary Murphy, Mary Gooch. SECOND ROW: Linda Connor, Virginia Franklin, Connie Johns, Patty Ellison, Bobby Biggs, Jo Hoots, Sue Anderson, Janice Clark. Faribell Idleman, Georgia Herrington, Shauna Powell, Dorothy Sitz, Karen Morris. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Soupis, Shirleg Fletcher, Loretta Spaulding, Oretta udson, Leah Whitman, Charlotte Key. THIRD ROW: Chlora Chapmen, Barbara Carroll, FIFTH ROW: Mary Thompson, Sandra Anderson, Margaret Russell, Alma Jenkins, Cathy Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte Bunten, Peggy Titus, Gaythel Burgess, Joan Murphy, Janet Carlberg. 'Xu 1' E3 . X S 7 PL . W M W g:Q ?Z lv:lAhI1lJMlo 4lJ,IF,l:1hI:IIiIHkai TOP ROW: Chlora Chapman, Mary Key, Janet Smart, M ' Marquitta Herrington. Q fi! J ie - J 'C QD , SECOND ROW: Kay Waldron, Pat Cox, Margaret Thompson. THIRD ROW: Barbara Curry, Mrs. Smith, Connie Johns. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Cox, Ann Laymon ,XL x ? . A 3' XX ,N?3i,U43 g,J f mal I GU 05 S F.l'l.A. UPPERCI. SSMEN Q 5 TOP ROW: Janet Cox, Mary Lou Stillwell, Virginia Connor, Mary Key, Mary Jane ldleman, Brenda Biggs, Dianne Myers, Betty Laley. SECOND ROW: Patsy Cox, Janet Smart, Kay Waldron, Barbara Curry, Donna Perkins, Reta Vandeveer, Ruth Ann Keal. THIRD ROW: Ethel Daily, Donna Wood, Ann Laymon, Sandra Kopp, Louise Bright, Shirley Carlberg. BOTTOM ROW: Helen Dague, Marquitta Herrington, Marjorie Chumbley, Mrs. Smith, Joann Hawkey, Linda Thompson. E, Em 3' fi rang? e Q Q59 X an QLD F.H.A. UND ER LASSMEN X VX ul- X5 Ji.. . .7"' Ya TOP ROW: Janet Cook, Nellie Perkins, La Voice Key, Ellen Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Connie Johns, Chlora Chapman, Bobbie Biggs, Jo Elaine Hoots. THIRD ROW: Margaret Thompson, Charlotte Bunten, Rose Mary Soupis, Leah Wightman. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Thompson, Janet Carlberg. 'le , 1 VN x f IJ? 1 ,-9 xg I ' 1 G1 HU J as ff 14 r.F.A. orrlczns Q ,. 71 14- 4'x s a N' 5 x, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Jack Barnes, Denney Johnson, Byron Bradford, Mr. Roberts, Max Carey, Eddie Harshbarger, Jim Clark. E 3 ax- - x N 4?'.,-if E L 3443 f v , Q I .F.A. UPPEKCLASSMEN TOP ROW: Lloyd Little, Larry Cox, Jack Barnes, Jerry Thompson, Bill Young, Myron Shonkwiler. SECOND ROW: Dick Prout, Byron Bradford, Tom Cox, Bethel Turner, Charles Moler. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Hudson, Gene Eversole, Mr. Roberts, David Uphoff, Denney Johnson. R7 f 1, ' D HV . f IZ 1 f CDT, QL tn C La, f 7 -Q 9 S3 4- C. Y ' ' 0 ego Q9 Q9 5-4 , x 0 -TQFSJ' si A1 .. l f , ,. I J Q X' 'ff ,-x - x S 9 if F.F.A. UNDERCLASSMEN TOP ROW: Bert Fidler, Don Wilson, Lyle Johns, Ed Harshbarger, Max Carey, Danny Strader. SECOND ROW: John Young, Larry Weller Arvin Lyons, Delbert Davis, Bill Beyers. THIRD ROW: Larry Shafer, Norman Strader, Jim Clark, Larry Guyot. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Myers, Glen Little, David Ellison, Tom Cox, John Beyers. x , ?fgLV J fx! - Imrlarlorv Uonklfvg H400 1.1 i w'Ew"'x es' J is QQ. Tun-rfs inoucff. 97-H Gmane 77219 fx U -7? 4CnecK Ti-fav! 0 P sh i Wan 'r 44' l'7o0f1.S Jpv 009 M of gxd G' Cans Fw.. 'Geneva p I .3 Musxzrzsns as-15 we f Qt' C' ' r F IAZAA iu,:EE.gEEE3?fil- SPANISH Cl-U3 TOT RON: Shauna Powell, Brenda Biggs, Mary Jane SECOND OTTOM RQ 7 '3 Q9 I ,. X87 Idleman, Ed Ashley, Doug Hullikan, Janet Cook, and Mary Lou Stillwell. ROW: Larry Foltz, Phyllis Younger, Patty Ellison, ROS311S Murphy, Janice Clark, Leah Nightman, and Alden Nay. ROW: Alma Jenkins, John Van Voorhis, Jack Fishel, Mr. Stone, Robbie Arrol, and Ethel Daily, 5'- fa s 'AOA 11:2 WE.-ZZ LIBRARY CLUB 0 T ,Wm Q P X Y ' Hui5""-5' of ' yi ' fra' X , S55 YM TOP ROW: Max Shaw, Sue Anderson, Bob Cox. SECOND ROW: Sandra Kopp, Alma Jenkins, Mary Gooch, Sandra Anderson. THIRD ROW: Kathleene Thomas, Shirley Carlberg, Charlotte Bunten. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Dowell, Peggy Titus, Larry Foltz. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Foltz, Miss Newmann :F 355 CQ ' A54 ,. f 0 V- isa -L A N50 STUDENT COUNCIL 1 7- Q A W Q fi GQ 1, .- 'T D, TOP ROW: Lyle Johns, Dean Sanders. In SECOND ROW: Danny Strader, David Uphoff. 5 THIRD ROW: Bob Waldron, Georgia Herrington. X 423' '.44, "r -N147 '-A FOURTH Row: Jack Fishel Jo Elaine Hoozs. X We, ' 156 J FIFTH ROW: Mr. Dunn, Mr. Butler. 1 ' gr .' -4 4 - J: Eg- ' BOTTOM Row: Robbie Arrol, Larry Foltz. -. f Wu if ' EXTRA 4. 65I i. l ' Q X I-Zi : c X , I J- Q, Lf x 1 ' Qi I Q 'i f. "5 max B' E" QAAXLSN , X i2 . X5 ,f .,-- '13 H V' I X ,- Q! UL? " 'ah ' ,sp N., N NX If., S NXJJXQP I -,,., ',,. , fi 2 Q U E X 5 li 0? 'tu 'G ' -3 f' Q5-U X W "Ceo - R: j gi 4 JJ x V' I f X f I -' sw Qin' Q-M, X 5 E 4 P ' f 4, , gp ,3 P - .V igQ " 4 P 'ba v - AS .1 1 ' f ff gi' W 4:1 ' 1 upf if 6 , 5 ww 6' . I -1 1 ,QW 2 Tl ik N 4l A Q0 -Q ' an C ,.., H" f?: X 1 Lu' 'F HHH 720 ILH- 67 ,979 P 'HFX' gl1o'lS Qu J' LONE' Sfanyqeg 4 Bn RL- 'lulnegE3. Lckll I AEA" l ge S b 'ee 0.S'fn JRE, . Y DJ + 4 Qomgl-f 4 Nyghncp? SA mi? mf'1'f" ff f IS 572 Req!! A- Z E3 ' il gg, I QEV' i .N I X : A H '3A. 1,0 xi 'Y :.,f b Q l WE? Q .59 f '-" f L' 1' wziv h ,, f J I H ' 'Nia' 1 'LMT w"'H1X!XX3l ' A TWT' 5 Q., ' - , X N 2' 'f f .: ,v X , 4 2, 'L' J D 0 fg fifa7?!"" I2 g , . f- i ,. WQAKRKEO f l 1 KN S513 eh Sign I i T cloafft' .Q gn ,f F believe ,660 05,2 151 'N-l I veg. pklpa . Q' Q 'f m ' ' 0 ffl W You DKERME QV WMM: Viiiff -36 'gin A O vw, rd 5 i-ff 151 f . fx" 46" LMT QW CL' G Sue Y! BHNDEHBI W 6 ' ,f 0, ,IQ ,QI 4.:Q9 001 O W7 W 4 NET F' T. I f! 't, rf ' .! 570 QW5 wie SHN. Qggsggb Qs' XX ss QQ: 4SESS:NXfqSSk Qssggygj X x 'Xe Front Row: Janet Cook, Sec.-Trea.g Phyllis Younger, President, Ronnie Uphoff, Vice-President, Helen Dague, Librarian, Back Row: Wendll Smith, Custodian, Larry Foltz, Librarian, Bob Vyverberg, Custodian, Art Beasly Custodian, Louise Bright, Librarian, Lew Hingler, Custodian. 3 DHNEEBHND X ,,,vo , ,QV ' 4 1 f' J ,,4?f ,gl 4' 71 F x ?3'w', igff' 7 vf Qvf' I 1 2 V X .. . ' ,7W ze x 5 , f 1 49,! , Q4 Front Row: Harold Scott, Art Beasly, Joe Gaylord, Ronnie Uphoff. Back Row: Jim Vogel, Larry Foltz, PhylliS Younger, Bob Vyverberg. I ai? wwih, fs-- SQQSENN. "QQ, imiggsfh- REEF g. X wy.,g meiaygmiaeopw ff ' Segway fwfw ' ff f fl www: W ew, , - , ' H1 , ,, ., , , 45551.24 f-ff WWF' il - f ff ,-giei:ea4ivHfxs1i'i ,Q ie , , Z yooyy iw. ,M v, M, ':,,,g5'-i Left to Right. Mr. Scott, Lmda Thompson, D1ck Weller, Bobby Coombe, Wayne Younger. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Younger, Sandra. Sisk, Larry Foltz, Gaythel Burgess. THIRD ROW: Connor, Karen Morris, Chlora Chapman, Leah Wightman, FOURTH ROW: Joe Gaylord, Bob Vyverberg, Larry Weller, Art Janet Cook. Ns- . ,g'X-I-wxvyrzoiii 5 fm, fb f E F 1 V - avi k A L- .,-1 V ' 'S ' H yi ,X S5 C 4 is .1 ,L a wp., M g - . , rp his X QQ V .5 ""':', ., XV As M ix - if 'U Y W 1 .fm 7l' L,A.-.-Ul,- L, K 1,-' N 4.15-1-1.-WN1 un.u 4? .. 'H 4 AQ? 42' EULUIETS 3' 12 4' ' X: ef , 2 ,r l I Front Row: Larry Foltz, Joe Gaylord, Ronnie Uphoff, Art Beazley. Back Row: Dorothy Sitz, Chlora Chapman, Dorothy Wood, Phyllis Younger, Jim Foltz, Gaythle Burgess. ff sf ENEEMBLE Janet Cook Lind C Beth Hull a Onnor S. ww XA x is ix wk xx R w. 'XX XS' ENSEMBLEE Jim Vogel Joe Gaylord Ronnie Uphoff FQ gm W 1 we Q45 ix was Nw QR ,F Q95 9:55 N S Lloyd Little Virginia Connor Art Beazley Gaythel Burgess 64 41 ' 19' ,gg ' 4 14' zggg C, 10 v QQ, Ronnie Vyverberg Barbara Caroll Bill Byerly 42 - 1 4',,fv4'e' b f?f" ,ax 4 'V - . x4 EEMBLE5 Dorothy Sitz Janet Cook Jim Foltz Beth Hull R .gsgss x KX ,Nx Nsx SN .Q sis 'W X Q Sandra Sisk Margret Thompson Nancy Keal Honoure Hilgenberg .M XV! 494' 16? 424 ' QQ O 7 4 M ! K , A ,Al o -ee' Bob Vyverberg '1 Chlora Chapman Linda Connor Helen Dague Glee Hub Rgw 1: Mar Ann Thompson Ann Laymon, Margie Chumbley, Barbara Gunners, Linda McAvene, Charlotte Bunten, and Janet Carlberg. Row 2: Rose Mary Soupis, Louise Bright, Alma genkins, Linda Connor, Audrey Landreth, Ruth Ann Keal, Donna ood, ShirleY Carlberg. Row 3: Georgia Herrington, Bobbie Biggs, Faribll Idleman, Jo Elaine Hgots, Shauna Powell, Connie Johns, and Kay Waldron. Rop Row: Virginia Franklin. Diane Myers, Virgina Connor, Ellen Kay Cunni gham, Mary Jane Idleman, LaV0iC6 KGY, Dorgthy Wood, and Mary ooch sic by AY Vhen M W ,Mx ed Mora: Row 1: Ann Layman Margie Chumbley Jerry llngler Ge Gross, Linda McAvene, Barbara Connors a d Ha ' ' ry , n ry Ann Thomp- son. Row 2: Ruth Ann Real, Andrey Landreth, Alma Jenkins, Marion Cothr D 1 on, av d Ellison, Donna Wood, Louise Bright, and chaI'1Otte Bunten. Row 32 Lorttta Spaulding, Kas yaldrgn, Bob Waldron, Ronnie Wiernan Arthur Beasley Linda onnor, and Shirley Carlberg. Row L: Shauna Powell Joan Sanders, Larry Weller, Larry Kearns Roy Ashley, Bob fyverburg, lary Gooch, and Dorothy Wood. lop Row: Pat Harrie Virginia Connor Ellen Kay Cunningham, Danny Strader, bon Wilson He And I F7 E He 1, Arvin fyoh, Mary Jane Idleman, Diane Myere, and LaVoice'Key. s 1 Il Egg: V J Ef, ii V il said Have 305' flzoru fax avays-shine. Dmi Gm7 C7 - . 1 D0 your best ef' He 5E.i'7-?1. - X J' 1 X. Row 1: David Ellison, Jerry Wingler, Gery Gross. Row 22 Ronnie Wierman, Arthur Beazley, Bob Waldron, Marion Cothron, Row 3: Larry Weller, Roy Ashley, Bob Vyverburg, ROW br Larry Kearns, Danny Strader, Don Wilson, and Arvih Lyon. 3 J J J 31 ! E 5 J ' -5 ' rim J- , lj P .X 1 . 4 H' .B f 45:1 asked me if fd tell al e lit-tle clouds try, Thafs 1? Q Row 2: Linda McAveneg Row 32 Audrey Landreth and Ruth Ann ealg Row L: Jo Elaine Hoots Shauna Powell and Linda Connorg How 5: Dorothy -ber THE cv 1 Row 1: Mary A n hom son' Row 2: Donna wood ang Ann Laymong Row 3: Ruth nn down and Keal Jerry Wingler, and Charlotte Bunteng Row L: Jo Elaine Hoots, Arvin Lyon, N Marion Cothron, and Mary ' Goochg How 5: Benny Str-ader, Don Wilson, and ob yverburg. Wood and Lavoice Key. ADVEHTJSJJW X X x mf , w -W ,U . JA 'XY 9 5 LQ, lx ' is ' X . M JH --SX STATE Bm or ARTHUR 1. Q - p Ml-:Mmm ' Q A .,. rrznsnm. nsssnvr: CX svsn-:M K -I. Q " , .'EMD66 COMPLIMENTS OF HARVEY PULLEN THE THOMPSON STUDIO BOX 384 OSSV THE. '99 9. O S A aft' SU CA :Q ' S 2 O 'Y "fern - 'HBQQ ' ,OP 5, COMPLIMENTS OF and GIFT SHQ JETTAE BEAUTY SHOP Pr-cum: 1386 ARFUHA' 'U-1 COM LIMENTS OF GLAZE GARAGE . PHONE 1Oh3 ARCOLA ILLINOIS EXPERT CAR REPAIR ww sg lb 6: 0 'Zo I J .f ' J' ere ' ug tion K b I F, 1:14 q S ' l NJN 3 UUJC rt ' . 5 'Q wie ' X KC ' gg QE AT 0 I' . - GH ' - i I S f 0' "fa 1 2 : ' -o ff IIIII H A DOUGLAS COUNTY SE VICE g C IVIPANY COMPLIMENTS OF ELMER BILBREY AN D SER VIC-Q' REPA INC' QIJALITP ' 459752541 SWS .,...............,,.,., ifiwr'-f' A u an S5 if as G Mx , WN eS f TH Q M0'f11lij lZ'ff 11iL1ia 5f47JfSi!! if : '- GMM GORDON S CLEANERS Thunderbnrd CUPPY MOTOR SALES FORD CARS and TRUCKS ARCOLA, ILLINOIS 5? L , h nm CHAS BEN '3 xx- HM! ME . Q DON HANK FLOYD I S Ov , REAE COMPLIMENTS OF FINFGELD SHOE STORE SERVING THE SHOE NEEDS OF FOR OVER SO YEARS. HOME OF RED GOOSE, GRACE WALKER, AND JOHN C ROBERTS SHOES. ffm I SEREJICE H E H MODERN CABINS U.S. ROUTE AS HAZEL HARLAN SERVICE STATION PHONE 110 ARCOLA ILL. I If :S- ' , , ' COMPLIIVIENTS OF ,x I' TOTS TO TEENS 4, SHOP A N ARCOLA, ILLINOIS X! BETTY ff- MARION COMPLIMENTS OF KEENEY'S PASTRY SHOP SEE US FOR THE BEST IN DONUTS, SWEET ROLLS, R SPECIAL ORDERS. YOU'LL KNOW IT'S GOOD IF YOU GET IT AT KEENEY'S DON Tw COMPLIMENTS OF OKAW SPRAY SERVICE AERIAL SPRAYING IS OUR SPECIALTY. SEE ROY THOMPSON, ARCOIA ILLINOIS. moss If , I-had INTERNATIONAL-HARVESTER P Vfzsnfizigj- iq ag4'?""",I'A Sales Service , I 1 1111 on 'TNQ' lunnnanoum Arco a' n f...f-"" nnnvssrsn Phune 595 T E 6 'PRI ING4 66 3 0-1' 000 EN00 QU YOU Mus-r as smsruzp QUAI-'Ty S AN D ERVICQ' l THAT REALUY INSURES 3 INSURANCE F' 7 MULE'Hlli ROOFS :org 1-1:1 In A Mnucv Ill' r 1 l sg qsrAN oAno I FUEI. 0IlS f'f1h yn -, fsmpqvmuck X- ' TRUCKING . ARCOLA, ILLINOIS SATISFIE D SMITH BROS. 'I '?9'g'9 v i Q 5 W 'Mlm iAw?4"9 135 M -1 e uozs . ' REQQQEBED L. cS'z H Flower Shop and Greenhouse' - 1 s 'vi m IE EAAIAA1 , IgWwm'gggmwAE5W!: A A fl ifi3gAwE zg PATRIDGE FOOD SERVICE MR. so MES. RAYMOND PATRIOOE, an SON JIM. PHONE 162 ARCOLA ILL. 8ISK'S GROCERY AND FILLING STATION PHILLIPS 66 GAS AND CII EN SUNDAYS 3 P.M. T0 8 P.H fu gjfgjujg ,I ,,v1., I a ny y Wx A ,A . . M A A ,,E T5HhpS PHONE LSL lu. Tidhps A4 I pwlxr IQRQ1 igLi A NA Af I. N Q I .Q 4 -. as I ff ff ..,4 5 5 .Q ,',.E ER H '.:: 5 1 I O i A xp, - ' ,":k 'V 1'hg'i COMPLIM NTS OF LYONS MARKET A3333 QMMQMQ Vf MARKET A WwwwwuurN1igPyAW I I COMPLIMENTS OF KASKASKIA COUNTRY CLUB CHICKEN R STEAK DINNERS OUR SPECIALTY. ED. HEIN,MGR. --BEST WISHES-- ARROL DRUG STORE .COSMETICS .SUNDRIES .PRESCRIPTIONS .DRUGS .FOUNTAIN SERVICE .NOTIONS IT'S ALWAYS RIGHT AT ARROL'S. DRUG STORE Hz in M -.N ax .TX I-Qfggfleiig ' .wi F ' ff K H 4 4 gh-. ' 7.-.' 'viz " 'G 'S-'w?'c'o'v0' 5 1 Q NQERQMQALQ K.a,' . Ur D ' Q35 will S f-N 1l0'5'I'w R, COMPLIM NTS OF 6lST YEAR IN HINDSBORO W. H. BARRICKLOW INSURANCE SERVICE Vhone YOUR BUSINESS IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED W! wish to thank the following professional men of our com unity for supporiting the '56' Torch E. S. Allen M.D. J. A. Phillips D.D.S J. V. Fishel M.D. R. H. Foster D.D.S E. J. Gross M.D. P. R. Green D. 0. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE FOR THE HELP THEY GAVE ME IN MAKING POSSIBLE THE ADVERTISING SECTION OF THIS TORCH. CARL HUDSON PHYLLIS VICKROY BARBARA HARRIS MARY KEY MR. EARL BRIGHT MISS. AUDREY NENMANN MRS. EVELYN SHIELDS MISS. MODESTA SCOTT SIGNED DEAN SANDERS BUSINESS MGR. wb MW W My M I X ? INTER-COLLEGIATE PARESS WSF will FACTORY ' HOME OFFICE Kansas City

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