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ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC 3 1833 01758 1536 GC 977.202 AR2HS, 1961 y:3 presenting THE SPIRIT OF ARCOLA HIGH SGHOOL Areola, liidiana It seems as though Stan, Kathy, Pat, and Leonard are enjoy- ing themselves at the 1960 Junior-Senior Prom. They were looking into a treasure chest which helped to carry out our theme which was " FANTASY OF THE DEEP " . Carol Sitton, Pat Conner, and Bobbie Sue Meyers are wait- ing patiently to lead the team oa to victory at one of our home games. This one was at New Haven. The Senior girls gave plenty of pep to the team at the class tourney in 1959. We don ' t know what Joe, Stan, and Nolan were looking at but it must have been enticing. Being prop man isn ' t that bad is it Bennie? Bobbie was used for a demonstration in speech class. Judy and Karen were show- ing the importance of make up in dra- matics. A Halloween party provides fun and brings many laughs, especially to Bobbie Sue and Kathy as they win the " Darkie " class. ARCOLA ' S MASKED VILLIANS Inspiration moment at tlie Junior Play practice, how about it Bill and Joe? What Junior or Senior boys have our wives now ? Everyone young and old enjoys the Areola Days Carnival. But Barb and Joe seem to be in a world of their own. Steve, Don, and Danny seem to be enjoying the tractor pull at the Areola Days. Nolan gets his eyelashes curled by Pat for the Jr. Play ot ' 59. One of the high- lights of last year was the donkey basketball game. Elaine rode to victory on this tricky little wooden donkey. The Junior class put on a skit to open the basketball season. A variety of humor goes along with good spirit to welcome in the 1960-61 basketball season. AWARDS Mr. Eytcheson presents a trophy to Stan Peppier for being the most valuable player. Joe Geller receives from Mr. Eytcheson a trophy for having the highest batting aver- age for the 1959-60 season. Joe had an average of .364. Citizenship awards: Barbara Battenberg, Joe Swoverland. Cindy Kite, Tom Eviston, Ruth Yarian, Elaine Guiff, and Mrs. Nellie Bell. ADMINISTRATION i Principal John Burl Hite Trustee Don Graft Secretary Imogene Foor FACULTY Homer Schipper Alice Luyben Ken Eytcheson Fern Berg James Beard Sharon Allison WilUam Mull Mary Andrews Arline Denig BUS DRIVERS 1 Row: M. Hitzeman, D. Stahlhut, F. Blessing. 2 Row: L. Harmeyer, O. Hillie, R. Linton, G. Butts, W. McCormick. JANITOR Al Sinnegan YEARBOOK STAFF 1 Row: Paul Reith, Business Mgr. ; Bobbie Meyers, Editor; Joe Swoverland, Co-Editor; Joyce Tustison, Features. 2 Row: Bill Snavely, Photographer; Max Moore, Advertising; Judy Foor, Cir- culating Manager; Keith Colchin, Advertising, Stan Peppier, Sports. COOKS Mrs. Gevers, Mrs. Felger, Mrs. Walker SENIORS Seniors Flower Carnation Colors Blue and White Motto The door to success is marked " PUSH " . CLASS OFFICERS B. row, Iter: Lee Guiff, Reporter; Judy Foor, St. Council; Joe Swoverland, Treas- urer. F. row: PaulReith, Business Mgr.; Bill Arnold, President; Barbara Batten- berg, Secretary; Ed Hilger, Vice-President. t h NOLAN ARNOLD TOM BRANDT BILL ARNOLD DIANA BRINKER BARBARA BATTENBERG RICHARD BYALL BERNADINE BENZ KEITH COLCHIN Seniors! Rememberthe year 1957-58? This year should bring back some cherished mem- ories to each and every one of us. Here Bobbie and Pat are having fun trying to wear wooden shoes. When we were Freshmen, Mr. Schipper, our Biology teacher, took us on a field trip to Kado-Lato Gardens at Spencer- ville, Indiana. I ' sV «A ' «, PAT CONNER JUDY FOOR KATHY DAFFORN PAT GARRISON ED DEMSKE LEE GUIFF TOM EASTERLY RICHARD HARMEYER HOWARD GRAHAM BOBBIE SUE MEYERS ED HILGER MAX POOR KAREN KURTZ STAN PEPPLER ADRIAN LEDGER EDITH PUFF m t fi Barb, Bobbie, Kathy, and Judy waiting for Keith. LEONARD KNIPSTEIN BILL SNAVLEY PAUL REITH BENNIE SNYDER CAROL SITTON MELVIN STAHLHUT LARRY SMITH JOE SWOVERLAND y ' ■%w JOYCE TUSTISON NOLAN R. ARNOLD FFA 1-2-3-4 St. Council 4 Drivers Club 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Track 2 Cross Country 2-3- ' Jr. Sr. Plays WILLIAM JAMES ARNOLD Class Pres. 3-4 FFA 1-2-3-4 Choir 1 St. Council 1 Drivers Club 3-4 Basketball 1-3 Track 1-2-3-4 Cross Country 2- ' -4 Volleyball 1-2-3-4 Jr. Sr. Plays BARBARA JEAN BATTENBERG Class Secretary 4 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 4 Citizenship Award 3 School Paper 3 Jr. Sr. Play BERNADINE MARGOT BENZ GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club l-?-3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Choir 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2 TOM E. BRANDT FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 DIANA BRINKER GAA 2-3 Pep Club 2 Drivers Club 4 RICHARD L. BYALL FFA 1-2-3-4 St. Council 1 Drivers Club 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 Cross Country 1-2-3-4 Volleyball 1-2 KEITH ALAN COLCHIN FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 (Capt.) Yr. Bk. Ad. Mgr. 4 St. Council 4 School Paper 3-4 PATRICU ANN CONNER GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1 FHA 1-2-3 Choir 1-2-3-4 Cheerleading 2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 (Sec.) Sr. Play KATHLEEN ANN DAFFORN Class Treas. 1 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Twirler 3 St. Council 2-3 National Rep. 3 School Paper 3 Jr. Play EDWARD DEMSKE FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 4 THOMAS O. EASTERLY FFA 1-2-3-4- Choir 1-2 Band 1-2 Basketball 3-4 Track 2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Volleyball 3-4 Sr. Play JUDITH JEAN FOOR GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 FHA 1 Choir 1-2 Cheerleader 1 St. Council 4 (Sec.) Yr. Bk. Circulation Mgr. School Paper 3-4 Jr. Sr. Play PATRICIA ELAINE GARRISON FHA 2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 GAA 1-3 Choir 1-2-4 LEE A. GUIFF FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 RICHARD L. HARMEYER FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 HOWARD E. GRAHAM FFA 1 Choir 1-2 Drivers Club 3-4 EDWARD M. HILGER Class Pres. 2 Buss. Manager 3 Vice-Pres. 4 FFA 1-2-3-4 St. Council 1-2 Drivers Club 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Cross Country 1-2-3-4 Volleyball 1-2 Boy ' s State 1960 Jr. Sr. Plays LEONARD C. KNIPSTEIN Class Sec. 2 FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 KAREN RUTH KURTZ GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Choir 1-2-3-4 Twirler 3 Drivers Club 4 PAUL ADRIAN LEDGER FFA 2-3-4 St. Council 3 Drivers Club 4 School Paper 3 BOBBIE SUE MEYERS Class Sec. 3 GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1 FHA 1-2 Choir 1-2-3 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Drivers Club 3-4 Girl ' s State 1960 Yr. Bk. Staff Editor Jr. Sr. Plays MAX ALLEN MOORE Class Vice-Pres. 1-2 Class Treas. 3 FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 4 (It.) Sr. Play STAN ALLEN PEPPLER FFA 2-3-4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 2-3-4 Cross Country 2-3-4 Golf 4 Volleyball 3-4 Yr. Bk. Sports Ed. EDITH JANE PUFF GAA 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 4 Sr. Play PAUL REITH FFA 3-4 (Pres.) Drivers Club 4 Sr. Play CAROL ANN SITTON GAA 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Choir 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Jr. Sr. Plays LARRY SMITH t ( FFA 3 WILLIAM G. SNAVLEY FFA 1-2-3-4 Drivers Club 4 Yr. Bk. Photographer BENNIE EUGENE SNYDER, JR FFA 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2 MELVIN STAHLHUT FFA 1-2-3-4 Class Buss. Mgr. 2 Class Treas. 3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Volleyball 4 JOE DUANE SWOVERLAND Jr. Play Class Treas. 4 Yr. Bk. Co-editor Volleyball 1 Baseball 1 Citizenship Award 3 JOYCE ANN TUSTISON Class Secretary 1 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 (Pres.) GAA 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3 Twirler 1-2-3-4 (Capt.) 3-4 St. Council 4 Drivers Club 3 Jr. Play Yr. Bk. Feature Editor Girl ' s State 1960 SENIOR DIRECTORY " 1961 " UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS F. row, 1 to r: St. Council, Alma Auld; Vice Pres., Sharon Byerley; Treas., Judy Swover- land; Secretary, Karen Byerley; Reporter, Connie Felger. B. row: Asst. Treas., Curt Sampson; St. Council, Bruce Lydy; Pres., Joe Geller; Pub. Chairman, Ed Harrison. OFFICERS Don Ashbaugh Alma Auld Bill Bell Linda Bentz Jean Brandt Judy Brinker Judy Brudi Karen Byerley Sharon Byerley Mary Carroll Suzanne Cutshall Connie Felger Robert Fritz Joe Geller Doris Gerding Bill Harrison Pat Hilger Jim Johnson Charlene Kennedy Don Lawrence Bruce Lydy Marilyn Markle Susan Nern Jean Phillips John Thatcher Curt Sampson Betty Schneider Kenton Schneider Steven Schultz Diane Shaw George Shaw Troas Sinnegan Judy Swoverland Dick Walker Marcia Wilson David Wolf Don Yarian SOPHOMORES Class Officers, Row 1, 1 to r: Judy Stucky, President; Kay Sutton, Secretary; Susanne Ledger, Student Council. Row2, Itor: Larry Bauman, Vice President; Ted Caudill, Treas- urer. Eli Arnold Larry Bauman Don Bentz Ted Caudill Nelson Arnold Juanita Bell Susan Brudi Sharon Colpetzer t L - -J fh Amy Felger Patty Fudge Danny Graham Mike Kite Ronnie Fraizer Rebecca Gevers Steve Hewes Greg Krantz 1 j -i jr Susan Ledger C ..N " ' !V A4 ( Darlene Peppier Dale Quinn Karen Schaefer Kathy Neher Stanley Pflueger Tom Ruhl Doris Stahlhut if a a PI a ' :; 1 ' :i ii ' -i tif Judy Stucky Terry Tustison Asha Winders Kay Sutton Ed Vaughn Bill Whittenberger Ronald Zeimmer FRESHMEN j - - :i L w Rosalie Arnold o F F I C E R S f PI f F. row, 1 to r: Pres., TimSchultz; Reporter, Ruth Yarian; Secretary, Rosalie Arnold; St. Council, John Hilger. B. row: Treasurer, Tom Evlston; St. Coun- cil, Dave Walker; Vice Pres., Steve Hilger. Warren Auld Joann Bell James Brandt Janat Colpetzer Dean Battenberg Berry Beyer Mary Campbell Billie Jo Coyer = " »» « ' -ms fijv I yap Jf ,. ' A t ilt! " Tom Eviston Joann Graft Ik I Jolui Hilger Carolyn Dunfee Lee Ford Elaine Guiff Steve Hilger ' ' -X. u Cindy Kite Stanley Kruse Bob Minnick Charles Prewett Lee Allen Knipstein Bill Listenberger Teresa Perry Tim Schultz l mate k AW Nancy Stahlhut ' Clem Swaidner Adelma Thatcher Dave Walker Susie Stout Jack Swoverland Marcia Tucker Rutli Yarian (Little Miss Miscliief) is shown here in her usual form, trying to take the away from Bobbie (Miss Barbara Carter). n.-.j JUNIOR HIGH GRADE 8 Front row, 1 to r: V. Pres., B. Sitton; Treas., Paul Felger; Pres., Tarn Hewes. Backrow, 1 to r: St. Council, S. Springer; Sec, Rosie Markle. P. Hite D. Houston J. McCormick D. Pippenger D. Humcke R. Markle J. Meek M. Rapp M rt| i i}- ; trj ykMmb)t£ i ' " ' a 4 ! B. Schipper C. Schultz J. Smith C. Yarian E. Schoch B. Sitton S. Springer S. Vaughn Front row, 1 to r: Treas., Gloria Downing; Sec, Carol Geisleman; St. Council. Ruth Felger. Back row, 1 to r: Pres., Jim Geller; V. Pres., Dean Krauskoph. 41: Kathy Kyler Dan Snyder Ruth Felger Carol Geisleman ft Gene Listenberger Ricky Malott Kathy Spaekman Dillard Sturdevant lk B Dean Krauskoph JR. HIGH SPORTS JR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front, L.-R.: P. Hite, A. Shanks, K. Graft, D. Thatcher, M. Thatcher, J. Geller, D. Humpke. Back, L.-R.: P. Felger, D. Huston, B. Schipper, Steve Swaidner, Eldon Schoch, John Meeks, Coach Bev Etzler. JR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Barb Sitton - Linda Hagan ELEMENTARY f,«r 6 R A D E S I X Row 1, 1 to r: E.Yarian, L. Ashbaugh, T. Fetty, J. Felger, G. Hewes, R. McFarren, J. Carroll. Row 2, 1 to r: C. Vaughn, L. Greener, B. Meek, E. Winders, W. Dahl, J. Hair, G. Krantz, M. Thatcher, R. Johnson. Row 3, I to r: W. Fritz, J. Snyder, P. Thatcher, J. Tucker, B. Roach, P. Meyers, G. Fuller. Row 4, 1 to r: D. Loveday, S. Sturevant, V. Swoverland, D. Lytle, L. Colpetzer, D. Carney, C. Felger, K. Swihart. Row 1, 1 to r; R.Gregory, M. Felger, S. Blessing, C. Pippenger, J. Felger, P. Johnson, J. Geisleman. Row 2, 1 to r: M. Hagan, V. Lydy, C. Poinsett, R. Swaidner, J. Krauskopf, C. Bercot, P. Coyer, S. Brumbaugh, P. Rapp. Row 3, 1 to r: B. Lolmaugh, B. Luessenhop, T. Schipper, L. Thatcher, B. Eviston, J. Sturdivant, D. Hart, J. Price, D. Snyder. Row 4, 1 to r: S. Humcke, K. Kyler, M. Bishop, K. Kite, G. Ashley, G. Col- petzer, G. Belcher, D. Fudge, M. Alexander, F. Green. Row 1, 1 to r: J. Green, S. Beaver, M. Kronmiller, M. Fick, T. McFarren, S. Dahl, C. Hite, D. Loveday. Row 2, 1 to r: M.Yarian, A. Caudill, F. Schock, C. Bell, C. Stahlhut, J. Arnold, G. Thatcher. Row 3, 1 to r: D. Hair, R. Benz, R. Geller, D. Nestel, L. Fritz, T. Dafforn, D. Blaugh, C. Stalte, M. Ford. Row 4, 1 to r: B. Sherman, B. Neely, G. Ford, K. Manor, M. Peppier, C. Malotte, S. Hart. Row 1, 1 to r: S. Fick, C. Kite. N. Linnemeier. C. Branning, D. Briiiker, S. Blessing, J. Kronmiller, B. Felger, Donna Listenberger, P. Ruckman, B. Sui-fus, M. Geisleman. Row 2, 1 to r: K. Kenning, J. Lane, K. Trahin, C. Lolmaugh, S. Coyer, E. Kyler, P. Erickson, R. Meyers, J. Frederick, M. Fritz, A„ Miller, D. Pippenger, R. Fetty. Row 3, 1 to r: B. Eviston, D. Benz, J. Bishop, D. Hollingswortli, D. Hampshire, R. Battenberg, D. Sturdivant, D. Olsen, T. Stahlliut, T. Carney, D. Hackett, D. Roach. G R A D E T W O ' a i Row 1, 1 to r: P.Bulmer, G. Hampshire, D. DeBailUe, R. Johnson, L. Rapp, P. Bell, A. Surfus. Row 2, 1 to r: D. ' Miller, B. Lane, B. Gregory, M. Fick, L. Hissong, G. Grepke, T. Roach, L. Andress, J. Geisleman. Row 3, 1 to r: ' L.Spranger, G. Belcher, L.Johnson, D.Bonar,D. Buckles, M. Alexander, C. Ford, B. Luyben, J. Frazier, C. Roach. Row 4, 1 to r: L. Stoner, R. Tester, R. Mote, S. Peppier, J. Bercot, J. Byerley, R. Hunnicutt, K. Johnson, J. Bulmer. Row 1, 1 to r: W. Chaney, B. Koch, D. Andress, D. Bulmer, B. Linnemier, D. Henning, S. Brumbaugh, S, Halsey, C. Spranger, J. Bosserman, J. Stout. Row 2, 1 to r: B. Surfus, T. Stoner, D. Bireley, G. Hackett, T. Listenberger, K. Luessenhop, T. Stolte, R. Vaughn, M. Green, A. Fudge, D. Yarian. Row 3, 1 to r: A. Brinker, P. Olsen, S. Erickson, P. Greener, C. Mote, T. Paul, S. Blessing, H. Hembree, A. McFarren, A. Lane, M. Ashley, S. Hampshire. Row 4, 1 to r: C. Green, J. Branning, L. Worman, R. Geisleman, G. Bell, R. Stahlhut, D. Schipper, B. Gordon, J. Ford, C. Johnson. ROOM 19 Row 1, L. to R.: Sandra Rife, John Gordon, Shirley Rife, Dennis Phovermire, Gary Trahin. Row 2, h. to R.; Jerry Phovemire, Sharon Listenberger, Harris Gordon, Marcia Hoover, Jane Neher, Franltlin Surfus. Game time again! Our morning exercises! Bevan Etzler Grade Six Asst. Coach B. S, Seward Neb. GRADE TEACHERS Lois HuxoU Grade Two Manchester College Indiana University Leslie Krock Grade Five B.S., M.A.Ball State Helen Byerly Grade One Manchester College Indiana University Don Kinsel Grade Four Elem. Ball State B. S. Manchester College Lola Thomas Grade One Ball. State Indiana University St. Francis College Margaret Haley Grade Three B.A.St. Francis College Marjorie Andrews Room 19 B. S. Indiana University Northerwestern ORGANIZATIONS BAND Future Farmers Girls Athletic Association OF America HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Row 1, 1 to r: R. Yarian, D. Gerding, C, Sitton, P. Conner, S. Cutshall, K. Kurtz, B. Battenberg, J. ' Brinker, P. Hilger. S. Brudi, D. Shaw, S. Stout. Row 2, 1 to r: D. Stahlhut, J. Brandt, L. Bentz, S.Nern, J. Bell, M.Markle,K.Schaefer,C. Kite, C. Dunfee, R. Arnold, J. Swoverland, P. Garrison. Row 3, 1 to r: J. Stucky, N.Dafforn, K.Dafforn, J. Johnson, E.Arnold, T. Schultz, B. Fritz, L. Bauman, T. Caudill, N. Stahlhut, B. Bentz, K. Sutton. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, 1 to r: Tom Ruhl, Bruce Lydy, Judy Foor, Alma Auld, Mr. Schipper, Sharon Springer. Row 2, 1 to r : Paul Reith, Joyce Tustison, Judy Swoverland, Susie Cutshall, Judy Brudi, Connie Felger, Susanne Ledger, Ruth Felger. Row 3, 1 to r: Keith Colchin, Nolan Arnold, John Hilger, Dave Walker. SPEECH CLUB Row 1,1 tor: B.Snavley, C. Sitton, J. Swoverland, P. Conner, E. Hil- ger, B.Meyers, C. Sampson. Row 2, I to r: L. Smith, E. Puff, B. Battenberg, K. Kurtz, J. Foor, S. Cutshall, S. Schultz, Mrs. Sharon Allison, Instructor. PEP CLUB Row 1, 1 to r: P.Conner, D.Stahlhut, B.Meyers, K. Schaefer, C. Sitton, N. Dafforn. Row 2, 1 to r: E. Puff, B. Benz, P. Garrison, J. Foor, B. Battenberg, K. Kurtz, K. Dafforn, J. Tustison, J. McCormlck, Miss Andrews. Row 3, 1 to r: M. Wilson, B. Schneider, A. Auld, J. Brandt, L. Bentz, J. Brinker, D. Shaw, M. Markle, R. Markle. Row 4, 1 to r: C.Felger, S. Byerley, T. Sinnegan, P. Hilger, C. Kennedy, J. Swoverland, S. Cutshall, K. Easterley, F. Barber. Row 5, 1 to r: K. Byerley, J. Phillips, J. Brudi, A. Felger.B.Gevers, J.Stucky, K. Sutton, K. Neher, S. Ledger. Row 6, 1 to r: R. Arnold, N. Stahlhut, C, Duntee, S. Stout, A. Winders, M. Cunningham, L. Arnold, J. Bell, C. Schultz, S. Brudi. DRIVERS CLUB Row 1, 1 to r: L. Knipstein, K. Colchin. Row 2, 1 to r; J. Geller, M. Stahlhut, Ed Demske, A. Ledger, C. Sampson, D. Bentz, B. Lydy, G. Shaw, R. Byall, T. Brandt, P. Reith, H. Graham, K. Kurtz, J. Thatcher, B. Arnold, B. Meyers, E. Hilger, P. Conner, B. Battenberg, E. Puff. Y TEENS WMil tiiiiktnu ' i nmtnhiitmHmiim ' !tm ' A%iim»itmnti.i n Row 1, 1 to r: L. Arnold, S. Gregory, S. Beyer, S. Blessing, R. Felger, S. Springer, J. Spackman, K. Spackman, K. Easterly. Row 2, 1 to r: Miss Mary Andrews, F. Barber, M. Cunningham, C. Schultz, J. McCormick, N. Carroll, G. Downing, C. Geisleman, M. Bishop, R. Markle. JUNIOR CHOIR Row 1, 1 to r: T. Fetty, J. Hair, M. Coyer, P. Meyers, J. Felger, G. Hewes, T. Hewes, P. Thatcher, R. McFarren, J. Carroll, M. Rapp, K. Spackman, E. Yarian. Row 2, 1 to r: L. Ashbaugh, C. Yarian, W. Fritz, D. Loveday, S. Beyer, S. Gregory, L. Hagan, B. Sitton, M. Bishop, S. Sturevant, N. Carroll, J. Spackman. Row 3, 1 to r: D. Thatcher, A. Shanks, R. Brown, S. Swaidner, L. Arnold, R. Markle, K. Easterly, C. Schultz, M. Cunningham, F. Barber, J. McCormic, A. Calhoun, V. Swoverland. SPORTS Stan Peppier- -Senior Nolan Arnold- -Senior County Top Scorer Tom Easterly--Senior SEASON VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Joe Geller- -Junior Bill Bell-- Junior ARCOLA . . 75 WOODLAN . . . . 59 ARCOLA . . 55 LARWILL. . . . 45 ARCOLA . . 47 LEO 56 ARCOLA . . 56 ELMHURST. . . 52 ARCOLA . . 65 ROME CITY . . 83 ARCOLA . . 61 CHURUBUSCO. 57 ARCOLA . . 74 HARLAN .... 63 ARCOLA . . 72 BISHOP LUERS 67 ARCOLA . . 82 RIVERDALE . . 64 ARCOLA . . 57 FREMONT . . . 68 Richard Byall--Senior Ed Hilger- -Senior Ronnie Frazier- -Sophomore Danny Graham --Sophomore RECORD ARCOLA . . 67 BISHOP LUERS. .62 ARCOLA . . 83 LAFAYETTE . . . 38 ARCOLA . . 62 HUNTERTOWN . . 64 ARCOLA . . 54 HOAGLAND . . . . 57 ARCOLA . . 52 LAFAYETTE . . . 53 ARCOLA . . 75 HUNTERTOWN . . 55 ARCOLA . . 73 MONROEVI LLE . 60 ARCOLA . . 67 CLEAR CREEK. . 52 ARCOLA . . 62 SOUTH WHITLEY ' . 64 ARCOLA . 102 ROCK CREEK. . .66 Bruce Lydy- -Junior VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Carol Sitton - Bobbie Meyers - Pat Conner Mel Stahlhut- -Senior Tom Ruhl- -Sophomore RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Karen Schaefer - Doris Stahlhut Nancy Dafforn STUDENT MANAGERS Stanley Pflueger - Dick Walker TWIRLERS Doris Stahlhut Karen Schaefer Marcia Tucker Joyce Tustison fc il TRACK TEAM CROSS COUNTRY o Kn w s« p J( : v ' ' A lLi£TA ADVERTISEMENTS BRUMBAUGH ' S Grocery and Locker Phone Areola 5-4431 Areola, Indiana Milan Blessing ALLEN DAIRY CENTRAL DIVISION of Wayne Co-op Bulk and Can Hauling 8006 Leesburgh Road Phone Areola 5-4884 MILTON ' S GOOD FOOD Regular meals Short orders Complete earryout service 1236 Wells Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone Anthony-0833 ALLEN WHITELY GRAVEL CO. Fort Wayne Yard Phone: T-32105 Leesburg Road Plant Phone: Columbia City 799 Washed Sized Sand Gravel Limestone of Various Sizes FRED BUESCHING PEAT MOSS By the Bushel or Load Located Off 33 on Buesching Road Phone Areola 5-4862 WEYRICK ' S COUNTRY STORE Groceries - Meats - Hardware - Sporting Goods - Paints 6016 U. S. 24 West - Phone H-6104 Fort Wayne, Indiana Builders Supplies Ready Mix Concrete OLD FORT SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. 2013 S. Anthony Phone A-6425 Fort Wayne, Indiana Compliments of HENRY FLAUGH SON DAIRY HALL ' S DRIVE IN California and Lima Rd. Telephone T-7015 Open 6:00 A.M. -1:00 A.M. Fort Wayne, Indiana KINZIE SUPER SERVICE INC. Spring Sherman STs. Phones A-0502 - A-2150 Fort Wayne, Indiana " SERVICE WITH A SMILE " You ' ll Always Get Friendly Service at BEN ' S WESTERN AUTO Churubusco Indiana TIME ' S CORNER standard Service Complete Car Service Highway 24 Visit the Garden Center WALLEN FARM EQUIPMENT R. R. 13, Wallen Road Phone T-8300 or T Fort Wayne Indiana HERB FELGER ' S PEAT MOSS Peat Moss, Black Dirt Sales at Pit or Delivered General Hauling R. R. 13 Phone Busco 4113 Valentine Rd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. BOB AMBER CHEVROLET CHURUBUSCO, INDIANA Phone Churubusco 3525 Fort Wayne E-5711 ARNOLD ' S SUPER SERVICE Sinclair Products Phone A-0879 1502 W. Main at Osage Fort Wayne, Ind. ARCOLA HARDWARE General Hardware and Service Areola, Ind. T. E. Herron PENQUIN POINT Famous for " Big Willie " and Bieaded Loin Junction 9-30 Phone 105 Columbia City HALL ' S STOCKYARD CAFE 3005 Maumee Telephone E-2037 STEIN ' S FLEET-WING SERVICE 1531 Oakland at Spring Fort Wayne, Ind. Phone E-1009 BELL ' S WELDING SHOP Highway 30 West R.R. 5 Ft. Wayne, Ind. PhoneT-2777 Railings All Types- Plow Points ALLEN DAIRY PRODUCERS INC. Phone T- 1141 Fort Wayne, Indiana DOUBLE B GARAGE Transmissions Rebuilt General Repair Phone T-7725 3911 Goshen Road Fort Wayne, Indiana COLUMBIA GRAIN CO. INC. Columbia City, Ind. When You Have Grain to Sell Call Columbia City 54 Comptitnenti 0 CARL ' S BARBER SHOP 1434 W. Main Fort Wayne, Indiana FLAUGH Auto Clean- Up Shop Specializing in clean up - buffing - waxing New cars sparkle newer than new. Older cars take a new lease on good looks. We Specialize in Upholstery Cleaning - Convertible Tops - Steam Cleaning Porcelainizing - Blue Coraling - Simonizing Ft. Wayne 1429 West Main Street Phone E-5121 EARL C. NETTERFIELD SON Well Drilling Repair Phone E- 4838 3010 Moore Drive Fort Wayne Indiana SHELTON ' S MARKET CHURUBUSCO, INDIANA COLUMBIA RADIATOR SERVICE 310 So. Main St. (rear) Phone 915 Columbia City, Indiana 14 years experience open 8-5 week days 8-12 Saturdays Genuine Pfister Hybrids HERB KUEHNERT R.R. 3 O ' Day Road Phone T-8255 ARCOLA LUMBER COMPANY CASH AND CARRY " Everything to Build Anything " Building Materials Cement Roofing Millwork Hardware Insulation Sewer tile Paints Fence Sash Doors Areola, Indiana Flooring Areola 5-4261 DELAGRANGE FORD INC. 134 W. Lincoln Hi-Way New Haven, Indiana Phone Windsor 117] GRIEGER CHEVROLET Cars and Trucks South Clinton at Elevation CHURUBUSCO STATE BANK A bank for farmers Deposits insured to $10,000.00 for each depositor by the Federal Deposit Insurance Co. Churubusco, Ind. McCOYS CHICKS, INC. Churubusco, Indiana Egg Production Chicks Started Pullets Broiler Strain Chicks Broiler Feeding Contracts Phone 3713 Harold McCoy Clayton Boggs Home Phone Home Phone 6674 6963 Builders Supplies Ready Mix Concrete OLD FORT SUPPLY COMPANY INC. 2013 S. Anthony Tel. A-6425 Fort Wayne, Indiana i . 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Suggestions in the Arcola High School - Quotanis Yearbook (Arcola, IN) collection:

Arcola High School - Quotanis Yearbook (Arcola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Arcola High School - Quotanis Yearbook (Arcola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 9

1961, pg 9

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1961, pg 36

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Arcola High School - Quotanis Yearbook (Arcola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 28

1961, pg 28

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