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.H-we-.if , 1- - 4 1 ly , 'A . ,.3'.x.E ,'w5..f: I .wi .xr ,.,- 71, -- fr .V ,r,x, , 1-4. -. if H . lv 1 L . -X V -1:-1-'E - ,.H.:,5,.A,-. 7 '. ,- f.f'f.jW' V - ,.4. Amvrrev Q- : 'H why, ?9.,,-S 1-1-2- ' 'J -651 .-L f --d.',,':g 'f if Q " 7 x , 1- " 1 - , x V kl'-1 '-mf.. I .' ' - 4 . J, 1 7- -A I . K' J . f 'I A ,. , ff ' , 8, 1 , t ' H A ff ' WI. 1 , . , ,. L V "" . I . . Q , Q . x 1 y X Y, r f , X , A x -, L ,I - -1- X . 11: :" H' f -' n.. 2 , . 4- X p V , , P , 1 .Q . , X .3 -V rl.. X , . f .5 ' V 1 16 A t Q, X ' 1 ' ' , :Y - 1, . 5 ,Q f . . , -, 1 A A 1 A L, K , 1 RHF , VI, ,. ,f :ix ., 1 -lg, f 'ff A TT 1' - - ' ' " f- X ,Y K 1 1-5 ,. A , , ,, , sf.-+V - .f -' .5 ' ',' . , A ' ' ,.- - 1 f- 'X' .-'. . wi'- 1 . :Agg- , . ,M , -,- . Y --L, f . , -, - .f , .gf-2'-YQ 4-fa' A -if 3. . h - . ff-VM, 1 V af H - . -gg am: .' ---J 7 Y . - Y 51'Q.I " 7 M. Q ' ' . ,ai ' f, ' Ap -- r 1 .- I W H v, , .la - 1' P v ' - 5,1 1 -x x ,. 0 y n, r -- V' -.51 ,f X x fa' ,utr s. A J' , .Y . . -4. ..,Q, , 1 .Y ,V . . ,, -ZX.: ,'4 I. -I ,iw Q, 1' if 'EL . . 1, ff ,tf'f'?5 5 g. QQ C ? ii iw E: v E1 Q 5 53 Fe Yi 5 5 11 2. A 2 Q 5 E 21 Q: Y K! L KL 55 Ef ii E EQ Q4 E5 F4 ii '1 E4 E E E V l'llBlISHEIl BY THE SENIIIII MASS IH THE AIHIHIVIHIE PREPAHATIIHY SCHIHH HAYMIINT, IIHAWARE :MPAIIU Inf P H0 ' Q ' n O' v - f MR. EDWARD V. O'BRIEN P57 - Because he stands foremost a man in the right as God has ordained it, Because he Hghts on in a World and a time when it is easier and more pleasant to yield and surrender, Because he lives in his calling the fullest life of Christ's goodness and counsel, , Because he prides in the fruits of his life-the finest of families and the Hrmest of faiths-midst the sneers of the world, Because these things and more he has taught us and leaches us still, We, the Class of 1944, humbly dedicate this, our PATIO of 1944, to Mr. Edward Vincent O'Brien as .a tribute, a token and a symbol. It is a tribute to his hiding greatness, it is a token of our appreciation, it is a symf bol of the great Faith, so much of which he has, with Father Hurley and the Faculty, given us, by which we mean to live as he has done. lllllllllllll The Very Reverend Daniel F. Hurley, O.Praem. Headmaster and Prior of the Immaculate Conception Priory HEAIIIVIASHH Left no right: MR. LARRY CICERO, Biology, General Science, Head Coach. REV. JORDAN R. BLECHA, O.Praem., English, Assistant Coach. REV. JUSTIN E. DINY, O.Praem., Chemistry, Algebra, Prefect of Discipline, Direcf tor of Athletics. VERY REV. D. F. HURLEY, 0.Praem., Headmaster, English, Spelling, Guidance. REV. CLETUS L. WAGNER, O.Praem., Latin, Geography, Prefect of Studies. REV. HERBERT H. TOONEN, O.Praem., Latin, Spanish, Choral Group. REV. BENEDICT R. DEMERATH, O.Praem., Physics, Geometry, Librarian. MR. HARRY P. WENDEL, Music, Director of the Archmere Orchestra. MR. STUART H. DEGGINGER, '39, French, Speech, Social Science, Phi Sigma Alpha, Green Arch, Patio. Hlllllll Q ' 4 . If W 3 3 F3 CHARLES L. BROWN 32 West 40th Street, Wilmington, Delaware "Charlie" Activities: Treasurer 4g Herman joseph Society 3, Patio Staff, Sports Editor 4, Green Arch 3, 4g Civics Club, Secretary 3, Football 3, 4. Charlie transferred to Archmere during his Junior year and became an intrinsic cog in cam' pus life. Immediately upon his arrival, he dis' played his friendly disposition and scholarly manner. By no means a man of limited capabilf ities, his adeptness was exhibited in all fields. Truly a talented mathematician, Charlie hast frequently lent a helping ha ai to his less gifted classmates. In the realm of .ports he held forth both on the football field and the basketball court. His ready smile won him the friendship of all who worked with him. The abundance of talent he possesses, coupled with his fine char' acter, will serve him well in future years both as a Midshipman in the Navy Vfl2 and as a Naval Engineer. JAMES H. cAss1DY, JR. 723 Nottingham Road, Wilmington, Delaware fSJim,, Activities: Treasurer 3, Secretary lg Patio Staff 4g Green Arch 4, Orchestra Sub Frosh 13 Choir l, 2, Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4g Tennis 35 Civics Club 3. jim has the distinction of being the only member of the Senior class remaining from the subffreshman class of '44, Then, too, he has the credit of being the youngest member of the graduating class. In the past live years jim has gained the reputation of being the class car' toonist, Through his ability he has been known to awaken many a dull class with his cartoons. Although Jim did not participate in any of the major sports, his reputation is well known in the bowling alleys. We are sure that jim with all his outstanding abilities has a big future ahead of him. Good luck, Jim! WTLLIAM EDWARD CRAVEN 17 Walkers Banks, Henry Clay, Delaware "Bill" Activities: Green Arch 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Civics Club 3, Patio Staff 4. Bill in four years has left an indelible imf pression as a gentleman and a scholar. His aptif tude in the classroom is best expressed by the quality of his literary compositions. However, his mathematical talents should not be over' looked. A consistent honor student, Bill is ex' ceptional in his neatness and efficiency. Because of his quiet, sincere attitude towards both friends and teachers, he has become well liked and respected by all. Though not a proficient athlete, he was a prominent figure in the bowl' ing alley. His ready wit and fine sense of humor have made him a pleasant companion. The knack of getting things done will insure his suc- cess in later life. - WILLIAM F. DEWSON 1916 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware "Bill'l Activities: President 1, Vice President 3, 4, Her- man Joseph Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Patio Staff, Busif ness Manager 4, Green Arch 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Civics Club, Vice President 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2. Bill has been the most spirited member of our class since the freshman year. His untiring ambition and steady concentration have made him a leader in all activities. In his classwork Bill followed the example of his brother, who was one of the hlst students to enter Archmere. Of Bill it may by said that to meet 'him is to like him. His fighting spirit extends also to the field of sports. The football and basketball teams have been greatly enlivened by his fine play. We are especially appreciative and gratef ful to Bill for his unselfish participation in school affairs. Take a tip from us and place a bet on Bill's eventual success. JOHN F. FILLIBEN, JR. 506 S. Elmwood Avenue, Glenolden, Penna. JAMES HALEY 527 Marsh Road, North Hills, Delaware i6Duke93 Kilim!! Activities: Patio Staff 4g Green Arch 3, 4, Civ' ics Club :Iii Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Base' ball 4. Duke, since entering Archmere last year, has proven himself astute and gentlemanly. His inf nate politeness and courtesy have made him a pleasant companion both of the faculty and the student body. In his quiet way Duke has played an important part in the administration of class activities. Though hurt before the actual playf ing season, he received his football monogram as a token of appreciation for his fine spirit and sportsmanship. He also uncovered his talents in basketball and baseball, On the diamond his pitching prowess was a well recognized fact. If he matches his enviable record at Archmere, in the coming years he will be a sure Hre success. Activities: Vice President 1, Patio Staff, Editor 4, Green Arch 1, 4g Choir 1, 2g Football lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4. Jim is a lad who might very well find his cue for life in Shakespeare's Hamlet or Lear: he has built himself quite a reputation for clowning and caprice, yet underneath this surf face there is quite a wealth of potentialities. For Jim is an uncommonly fine student of English -as much of this book is testimonial-and, more rare, a keen observer of life. He held a vital position on the basketball court, where he amassed a large number of points, and then turned in a very successful season on the base' ball diamond at first base. If he really makes use of his talents, he promises to have an out' standing career at the Wharton School of Finance during the year before going into the Navy. 1 L. JAMES PHILLIPS 1214 Pine Lane, Chester, Pennsylvania "Pl1il', Activities: Secretary 4, Herman joseph Society 1, 2, 3, 41 Patio Staff, Editor 4, Green Arch 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Alpha 1, 2, 4, Crchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club President 3, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Ten' nis 3, Bowling 3. jim, a well balanced mixture of muscle and mentality, is the scholar of the class. In each of his four years, he was the pace setter in schof lastic achievements. His dynamic personality has made friends for him among teachers and stu' dents alike, The consistent excellence of his grades has won the respect and admiration of all. Nor is he deficient in athletic ability, His compact frame cavorted on the gridiron, the basketball court, and the diamond. His selffeonf fidence and fine competitive spirit will make him a man to be reckoned with in the years to come. Jim intends to enter the Army Vfl2 in July and so attend a scientific school for the year or so before he enters upon active duty, RICHARD J. SHIELS 2301 Field Road, Wilmington, Delaware Cloickf, Activities: Herman Joseph Society 3, Patio Staff, Photography Editor 4g Green Arch 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1g Civics Club 4, Football 1, 3, 43 Baseball 1. Dick is a likeable fellow despite his chronic- ally pessimistic attitude. His ease in making friends may be attributed to his sparkling per' sonality. In his easy going manner he has en' deared himself to everyone. Dick attacked his studies this year with an unforeseen zest. Knuckling down to work since September, he has set a good example for his classmates. How' ever, he is not only a connoisseur of studies but also an accomplished football player. He played center for the past two years for the Green and White. Dick's savoir faire has made him indisf pensable in class affairs. We are proud to say that he has enlisted in the Navy. Lots of luck! JOSEPH F. TIGANI, JR. 1313 West 9th Street, Wilmington, Delaware aloe!! Activities: President 2, 3, 4, Herman joseph So' ciety 1, 2, 3, 4, Patio Staff, Business Manager 4, Green Arch 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, Civics Club 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Bowling 3. Joe for four years has been an indispensable member of our class. His congenial attitude puts him near the top in popularity. Because of his many redeeming features, it is hard to choose an outstanding mannerism. The proof of our confidence in his leadership is expressed by the many oihces he held while at school. None other had more of a hand in the dispensing of class affairs. His election as captain of the football team was the climax of three years of stellar play. To include all of his achievements would necessitate more space. Let it suffice to say that joe has all the essential qualities and abilities necessary for the attainment of success. THOMAS M. WALSH ' 1412 Huddell Avenue, Linwood, Pennsylvania CCTOm7, Activities: Secretary 3, Herman joseph Society 2, 3, 4, Patio Staff 4, Green Arch 2, 3, 4, Civics Club 3, Tennis 3, Bowling 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 4. Tom has been a bright spot in our class for the past three years, His easy smile is a big factor in the large number of friends he has made. However, his countenance is not his only asset by far. He is a hard Working and capable student. His cutting wit has enlivened many otherwise dull classes. As for class spirit, his has always been of the highest caliber. This fact is best seen by his active participation in class affairs. With regard to sports he has played plenty of football for the Green and White. With such a great record to leave behind, Tom has plenty to look forward to in the future. aaaam,gmf1a51mDg1944 We are a Class who marked the change in things. W'ith use sometimes silent, watching, sometimes active, loudffArchmere has grown older, passed its childhood, entered its "Second Springfl We came in the Fall of '40 sixteen strong to inaugurate the new classrooms in the IVIanor Hall. Everything was so bright and new: the sky held few, if any, clouds. In '41, as Sophomores, we returned almost gleefully, if such a thing is possible! Archmere was larger now: the lower tract of woodland and the houses had been bought, but we were more inf terested in football, and the rest, for it promf ised to be a gala year-Archmere's tenth annif versary. But with December seventh came Pearl Harbor and the warfour Hrst and Archmere's. It didnit mean too much 'cause we were still too young, but, then, brothers and friends who had gone off rather gaily for a year "to train" came home to say goodfbye and no one knew when they would be home again, There were airfraid drills and Red Cross nhrstfaidn and activities galore. Now we were Juniorsfjust fourteeniand we tried to tighten up and buckle down, but the current was against us: everything was flux. Change was the motif: in the faculty there were four new faces: Fathers Nolan, Hinkes and Hoffman, and Coach Farmer had been changed for Fathers Wagner, Blecha and Demerath and Coach Cicero: we had "commando" training, and lots more Math.: at home there was rationf ing and shortages and blackouts: in the papers new names gave way to newer names: Eisenf hower, Doolittle, Coral Sea, Guadalcanal, Stal' ingrad-and a million more. Is it any wonder we were changelings? When we returned Seniors in September, 1943, we knew that we were the hrst of the new age. Father Vanderheiden was gone and in his place came Father Toonen. At the midfyear Mr. O'Brien left to be replaced by Mr. Stuart Degginger, '39, In June two of the early graduf atcs had been ordained priests -- Fathers Feld' man and McLaughlin, and now another alumf nus had returned to teach. Surely Archmcre had come of age. But each day now saw a short visit of one or two or three Archies in uniform fcome home on leave before going over. Why we were only 10 Seniors: Dick Crace had left us for the Navy, Bob Boyle and Bob Murphy for the Army, Bob Wheeler for the Merchalat IVIarine. And then rapidly in sharp succession came three messages to sadden and to impress us all: three Archies had given their lives: Pfc. Wil' liam IVIcDowell, U.S.M.C., was killed in the Gilbert Islands: Lt. Reed DeRouen, U.S.A., at Salerno: Capt. Dan 0'Donnell, U.S.A,A.C., in Australia. May God grant them refreshment, light and peace! May He preserve all others! We are Seniors now. We have this, our Patio, and our Senior Ball. In ten days Charley Brown will deliver the Salutatory, and jim Phillips, the Valedictory at our graduation and commencef ment. And we will have our memories, But we have something moref-esomething which is hard to tell in words. We know what Archmere means. It is a Faith . . . Trust . . . Love. It is why we fight and what we fight for, and if we persevere in its defense, we must be eternally grateful to Archmere. Left to right: W. Craven, Haley, T. Walsh, R. Shiels, J. Phillips, The Very Rev. D. F. Hurley, O.Praem., Tigani, Filliben, Cassidy, W. Dewson, C. Brown. Seated, left to right: Callahan, R. Kaiser, W. Doherty, R. DeFiore, I. Nolan. Standing: R. Eisler, M. Wendel, Leahy, L. Potts, C. Jones, R. LaPenta, R. Schilly, C. Firebaugh, Dugan. Father Vtfagner this year had the distinction of mod' erating the most active class in the school, the juniors- - though some people were disparaging enough to assert that the class was forced to this activity to keep one step ahead of the sheriff. Knowing Father Wagner we doubt this. Still the class did elect Bill Doherty as President, Dick Kaiser as VicefPresident, Bob DeFiore as Secretary, and John R. Callahan as Treasurer, which is enough to excite anyone's suspicions. Five new members were added to the class in September: Bill Crawford, Connie Jones, Bob Eisler, Bob LaPenta and Charles Firebaugh. With this group the class was able to put over a very successful junior Prom on April 21, 1944, to participate decisively in all athletics, and, most im' portant, to be continuously well represented on the honor roll and in all scholastic activities. Two juniors received medals at graduation for placing second and third in the annual spelling contests: james Dugan and Martin Wendelg at the same time Ralph Schilly took the award for scholasf tic achievement, and the awards for second place in the State Essay Contest on "Unity for Peace." I 4 HIRNI V REV. C. L. WAGNER, O.PRAEM Seated, left to right: W. Hutchison, Kelly, T. Nester, F. Filliben, McLaughlin, John- son, R. Pacyna. Standing: R. Walton, Kane, L. Santa Maria, Kiely, P. Sullivan, D. Devine, Daley, G. Crofoot, j. Carney, B. Fagan, Wilson, Remedio, G. Herbert. IURIVI IV REV. H. H. TOONEN, O.PRAEM. Once again a new sophomore class clambered back through the pillars of Archmere with determination and vigor. This ambition was quite fruitful, too, for many prominent Hgures in the field of sports and scholastics came forth from the Sophs. Diligent scholars, such as Donn Devine, John Kelly, and Francis Filliben have represented their class on the honor roll, while Johnny Wilscnn, Tom Nester, Jim johnson, and Bernie Fagan highlighted the Basketball, Football, and Baseball teams. When the new term opened several newcomers were seen. John Daley, Laine Santa Maria, and Robert Pacyna proved valuable additions to their class. The sophomores chose, for their oilicers, Francis Fil' liben as president, Thomas Nester, vicefpresidentg john McLaughlin, secretary, and jimmy johnson, treasurer. All activities were entered into with utmost enthusif asm. Debate Society are John McLaughlin, John Kelly, and Donn Devine, with John Kane and Bill Hutchison in the Orchestra, and several other sophomores filling the draf matics club. The Sophomores' record under Father Toonen's tute- lage so far is certain proof that as upperclassmen they will be even more outstanding. !5 First Row, left to right: P. DiSabatino, B. Murphy, Rowe, C. Daley, Cavanaugh, D. Monigle, C. Gurberler, W. Shields, D. Kane, V. Filliben. Second Row: Kennedy, D. Davis, D. Brittingham, R. Stanford, F. Fagan, R. Tigani, Haley, V. Mazzula, Johns. Westhead. Third Row: R. Kane, Brady, R. Bright, Burr, M. McDonough, Berl, T. Haupt, E. The Class of 1947 entered Archmere on September 13, 1943, to begin their prep school careers. Though they started off on the right foot by attending the annual Mass of the Holy Ghost celebrated by the Very Rev, D. F. Hur' ley, O.Praem., in the Chapel, still it took a few weeks to become acclimated to Archmerian customs and to wear off the irritations that were the upperclassmen. Fortunately Father R. Blecha was the moderator for the class, whose officers were Jim Cavanaugh, Don lvlonigle, Chas. Cutberlet, jack Burr and Bill Shields. A young and inspired squad of gridiron warriors an' swered the call for a midget football team, basketball and baseball also found them ready for competition. The class is splendidly represented in the Phi Sigma Alpha and on the Green Arch and in the select group which is the Junior PATIO staff, as well as in other student activities. They wish to express their gratitude to the Faculty for a very happy year. I 6 REV. j. R. BLECHA, O.PRAEM . X . M. Seated, left to right: C. Brady, A. Monigle, R. Berl, P. Kelly, P. Buckley, D. Fillingame, V. Alava, B. Mosebach. S Standing: Carlson, R. Allen, P. Desmond, A. Thompson, G. Warner, Kindbeiter, A. DiPinto, R. Grant, McKernan, Hartnett, Quillen, L. Frank. HIRNIS IA REV. B. R. DEMERATH, O.PRAEM. Boasting the largest subffreshman roster yet to at' tend Archmere, this year's First and Second Forms claim to he the liveliest group in school. In all activities, whether scholastic, athletic, or social, the suhffrosh have taken a part out of all proportion to their size. Consistently repref sented on the honor roll by Ivlonigle, Allen, and Berl they also supplied much of the manpower of the various midget teams which Father Blecha organized. Separated in their classes into two forms, still they act as a corporate body in relation to the rest of the school and consequently have one moderator, Fr. Demerath, between them and it is he to whom much of their unity and spirit must he atttrihuted. There are three distinct sets of class officers in Forms One and Two, and this was the source of much fun and fight in political campaigning. For the whole group Art Monigle is President, Quillen, VicefPresi- dent, P. Desmond, Secretary, D. Fillingame, Treasurer. For Form II R. Allen, J. Quillen, A. Monigle, P. Desmond are the officers respectively, and for Form I the following: P. Buckley, A. Thompson, D. Berl, !7 'W l I9 3 Lefr to right Mr Degginger, Father Hurley, R. Shiels, W. Dewson, C. Brown, I. Tigani, J Phillips J Haley I Filliben, T. Walsh, Cassidy, W. Craven. lHl PATIII STAH There was much to hinder the publication of a Patio this year, and the fact that Father Hurley could not see his way to giving his consent until late in March is fair indication of how great the obstacles were. But the very fact that he did so must stand as a testimony of his and the entire staffs fortitude and perseverance in overcoming them. Consequently we must confess that much of the effort normally put into creating a masterwork has had to be spent in creating any book at all in a limited time. And yet the Seniors of the staff and their moderator, Mr. Stuart H. Degginger, are to be praised, if not so much for the book, at least for their gift to the School of a fine profesf sional camera by which the scope of future Patios may be widened im' measurably. The staff composed of the entire Senior Class of 1944 was superbly or' ganized: Editors, james Phillips and James Haley, Business Managers, Wil' liam Dewson and Joseph Tigani, jr,g Associate Editors, for Sports, Charles Brown and John Fillibeng for Organizations, James Cassidy and William Craven, for Photography, Thomas Walsh and Richard Shiels. But no book is possible without the entire school behind it, especially in the matter of financing, in this the Business Managers had the support of a large group of underclassmen fsee page 361 to whom a large measure of their incomparable success is due. 20 First Row Seated, left to right: D. Devine, R. I.aPenta, Tigani, Nolan W Craven, Haley. Second Row Seated: W. Dewson, J. Callahan, W. Doherty, R. DeFiore R Shiels B Fagan T. Walsh. . Standing: Mr. Stuart H. Degginger, E. Westhead, J. Kane, M. Wendel I Haley R Schilly W. Hutchison, Dugan, R. Walton, R. Eisler, F. Filliben, D. Monigle, C Brown T Nester Kelly, Daley, McLaughlin, W. Crawford, Cassidy, Phillips. IHI lillll ARCH In the high cost of printing, the Green Arch fthe bimonthly newspaper of Archmerefhit its First snag this year. In the veritably exclusive participaf tion of the students in athletics, it met its second. These and several other factors, including a change in moderators at the midyear, limited Volume XI to three issues. Mr. G'Brien directed the first issue with a regular staff under the editor' ship of joseph Tigani. For the first time in several years the Green Arch in this edition, and the two succeeding, appeared in its former large size and layout. The second edition was assembled by Father Hurley and Mr. Degginger, who had been editor of the Green Arch in 1939, from the best articles in papers submitted by the different classes in competition. The final edition-W totally an undergraduate productionffwith Mr. Degginer as adviser came out in the final week of school. The submission and acceptance of articles in this issue was made a condition for eligibility for an editorial position next year, and this final paper was organized as a tribute to the graduates of 1944. Y I First Row left to right: L. Potts, W. Shields, F. Filliben, R. Stanford, Phillips, A. Monigle, M Wendel Mr S H Degginger. Second Row J Rowe, E. Westhead, J. Kane, J. Kelly, D. Devine, I. McLaughlin, J. Dugan, D Momgle R Kaiser R. LaPenta, Cavanaugh. PHI SIGMA AlPHA After a lapse of three years the Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity of Arch' mere was reorganized to undertake to defend Archmere in the Wilmington Catholic High Schools' Debating League. Under the direction of Mr. E. V. 0'Brien, who was its founding spirit five years ago, for a short time before he left in january, and then under Mr. S. H. Degginger, a Charter member in 1939, the boys who enrolled at the call became L'Members of the Second Charter." Later, others attracted by the vitalized program were accepted as pledges and are in various stages of initiation. The original Constitutions and Byflsaws were reaffirmed with few abrogations, and the stated purpose was broadened: "to represent Archmere in any cultural activity whenever called upon." In the four debates in the League the several debaters of the Phi Sigma Alpha were in the anomalous position of being able to convince everyone ex' cept the judges. In its first debate Archmere unanimously defeated St. Eliza' beth's, but in the other contests, where a different and disadvantageous sys' tem of voting was employed, it was defeated. A more satisfying activity was the research for and the composition of a radio sketch portraying the littlefknown history of the Norbertine Canons in Pre-Columbian America. 22 Left to right: 1. Phillips, Mr. Harry Wendel, J. Kane, W. Hutchison, M. Wendel T. Galvin R. Pacyna, C. Jones. lHl ARIIHIVIERE URIIHESTHA The Archmere orchestra is not to be judged by its size, for it has always had the distinction of being able to produce praiseworthy music. Because the members are amateurs and because its main object is to inculcate into the members a true appreciation of music and to give them that satisfied feeling that comes from a piece of music well played, the orchestra must not be ex' pected to play in perfect rhythm and harmony. Mr. Harry Wendel is the well chosen director His understanding and patient nature brings out the best in his somewhat reticent students . . . So much so that no one has ever regretted the time spent in the orchestra. 23 9 9 Left to right: Mrs. W. W. Crawford, Mrs. R. C. Schilly, Mrs. Daley, Mrs. J. H. Cassidy. THE NIIITHERS' lillllll The Mothers Guild, composed of mothers of former and present stu' dents of Archmere, has reaped lasting benefits for the school since its incepf tion. The participation of the mothers in various activities connected with the school has enlivened the spirit of cooperation between the parents and the faculty. This year, as in the past, the Cuild sponsored a Fall and a Spring Card Party with successful results. The mothers again contributed the funds for the medals presented at graduation. Prompted by the war, they have also created a fund to enable a Mass to be said each month for the Archmere boys in the service. For these and other meritorious achievements the mothers well deserve any praise we may render them. At the initial meeting the following officers were elected: Mrs. R. C. Schilly, Presidentg Mrs. J. Cassidy, Vice'Presidentg Mrs, W. W. Crawford, Secretary, Mrs. J. Daley, Treasurer, and Mrs. F. Cavanaugh, Publicity Director. 24 25 SP0 W 1 N 1 P i VARSITY First Row: B. Fagan, W. Doherty, Wilson, T. Galvin. Second Row: R. DeFiore, T. Nester, W. Hagee, Tigani, R. Judge, R. Schilly, W. Crawford. Third Row: Father Diny, Kiely, R. Knox, Callahan, R. LaPenta, C. Brown, W. Hutch- ison, J. Daley, R. Kaiser, R. Manion, C. Firebaugh, R. Shiels, J. Filliben, Coach Cicero. Fourth Row: J. Carney, I. Phillips, T. Walsh, J. Kelly, J. Johnson, W. Dewson, J. Leahy, Hl0lllAll VARSITY 1943 Schedule J. Dugan, L. Potts. Archmere 48 .......... Archmere 14 Archmere 27 . . . Archmere 12 . .. Archmere 21 Archmere 26 ..... Once again Coach Larry Cicero's Green and White foothall team completed an undefeated season, the second in two years for the jersey Coach. Facing such rivals as Friends Central and Conrad, Archmere looked forward to not nearly such a successful year. However, despite a muddy Held, and a thin rain, Archmere downed the strong Friends Central team with . . . . Church Farm O . . Friends Central 0 Wil. Friends O Sanford O Conrad O . . .. St. Andrew's 6 a decided margin. The next few engagements merely added to her everfgrowing scores, while the opposing teams departed from the field with no score whatsoever. The Conrad game was fast and hard, and, although Archmere held a rather large lead, she was forced to give ground quite often to Conf rad's effective passing attacks. Nevertheless Conrad, too, was held scoreless. VARSITY LINE-UP Line, left to right: DeFiore, Nester, Fagan, Galvin, Schilly, Crawford. Backfield: Dick Judge, Bill Hagee, Doherty, Wilson. In the final game of the season, on St, An' drew's home field, Archmere led with a 21fO score, having held the upper hand all the way. A quick pass brought the Andies down to about the tenfyard stripe, From here they drove to within a few feet of the goal, and then over, Sun., Fri., Fri., Sun., 1944 Schedule Oct. 8, St. Matthew's, Conshohocken ................ Oct. 13, Wilmington Friends ..... Oct. 20, Friends Central, Phila. .... . Oct. 29, Holy Spirit, Atlantic City. . Sat., Nov, 4, Claymont High School ..... for the only points scored against Archmere in Sat., Nov 11, Conrad High Sohool -.... the year. Fri., Nov. 17, Sanford Prep ............ The ReiA.lie'2L'f321iLt2'Pn'em' Mf-Hgggvggafgfefo Home Away Away Away Away .Away Home 953, My f- ' MIDGET First Row, left to right: C. Gutberlet, R. Berl, A. Monigle, V. Filliben, J. Berl, I. Burr, R Bright. Second Row: A. Thompson, R. Tigani, F. Fagan, T. Haupt, P. DiSabatino, D. Monigle, I Rowe, Cavanaugh. Third Row: Father Blecha, D. Fillingame, H. Lewonas, P. Kelly, D. Davis, I. Carlson, B Murphy, Father Toonen. Fourth Row: C. Daley, P. Desmond, lVIcKernan, R. Grant, Haley, L. Frank, P. Buckley MIDGET FOOTBALL The prospects of a Midget team were exceedingly bright this year. The number of gridders was sufficient to form two squads. However, one obstacle blocked the path of a successful seasonflack of opposition. In the few games played the Midgets were victors in a majority of them, Patiently coached by Fathers Blecha und Toonen, the midgets rounded into a team capable of maintaining Archmere's record on the gridiron in the succeeding years. 30 VARSITY First Row, left to right: W. Dewson, Wilson, W. Doherty, Johnson, Haley. Second Row: J. Dugan, J. Phillips, Filliben, Robert DeFiore, Coach Larry Cicero. BASIlllBAll The Archmere cagers enjoyed another sucf cessful court season under the tutelage of Coach Cicero and led by Bill Doherty as Captain. Ferf ris was trounced in the first game: 6161, with Doc scoring 29 points. But in the St, James' game the score turned against Archmere in the last two minutes: 3866. Tower Hill visited the Patio, only to he met hy a 3523 defeat. Then after Christmas the team defeated St. Agnes, 5066, while in the most thrilling game of the season Archmere fell to Claymont, 35-33, after a tiefpoint hy Claymont in the last second sent the game into an extra period, Archmere def feated St. Andrews, 4805, St. James downed the Green, 44-'30, then the Green came into winning stride, defeating St. Agnes, Friends, Sanford, Tower Hill and St. Andrew's for a second time. Claymont closed the season by ending the winning streak: 2400, in a well' played game. The j.V. cagefteam had one of the most sucf cessfhl seasons of recent years in a short schedf ule: four wins and three defeats. In an unf scheduled encounter the Archie J.V.'s defeated the Linwood Boys' Cluh, starring treacherous Tom Walsh. For the first time in its history Archmere was represented hy two Midget teams, coached hy Father Blecha. The surprisingly prolific pros' pects were divided into thirteen and fourteen year old teams J.V. First Row, left to right: W. Crawford, L. Santa Maria, Carney, L. Potts, F. Filliben. Second Row: I. Dugan, C. Brown, R. LaPenta, R. Eisler, M. Wendel, Coach Cicero. J. v. MIQSEU First Row, left to right: A. Monigle, McKernan, B. Murphy, C. Daley, R. Kane, M. McDonough, R. Berl, Rev. R. Blecha, O.Praem. Second Row: Haley, I. Rowe, D. Davis, D. Kane, Berl, R. Bright, D. Brittingham, T Haupt, L. Frank. Third Row: Carlson, C. Gutberlet, Burr, P. DiSabatino, F. Fagan, R. Tigani, V Filliben. 532 V VARSITY First Row, left to right: Filliben, T. Nester, j. Phillips, L. Santa Maria, G. Herbert. Second Row: M. Wendel, Callahan, R. DeFiore, F. Filliben, R. Schilly, Haley, W. Doherty, Johnson. Third Row: R. Kaiser, Kiely, B. Fagan, R. Knox, Daley, Kelly, Carney, G. Crofoot, Coach Cicero. BASlBAll Despite the fact that Archmere had no hasef only to the strong Claymont team. The game hall team last year, it started this season quite with Boothwyn was anticipated to be a strugf successfully with a varsity and midget team, Of gle, but did not show up a team to he eonsid' all the teams played so far, Archmere bowed ered dangerous. MIDGET First Row, left to right: A. Thompson, P. Buckley, M. McDonough, R. Berl. Second Row: C. Daley, T. Haupt, L. Frank, P. Desmond, J. Rowe, J. Cavanaugh. Third Row: A. Monigle, I. McKernan, R. Stanford, D. Davis, V. Mazzula, R. Kane, R. Grant, C. Gutberlet, Rev. Coach Blecha. 33 .ax lm my x3,' 6' h w Zg.A 1 ff ' vi 2 'xr Y, . A A 1' Fi in fy 3 211 , E ' . k 'wQ?x,, 5 V' X ..mW.,.w.V, . .. 1' U ""' ...- 4 14 Q K as 5,5 v,,3'f fs - 532 2 'A , 1- . '41 gm ,V wr :W w 'Hg ' YQ 5 'V w5f3,iL,gkfEf.- eQb'5sP5Fgfi3. z , mL,4,. , 5 25 255 Elgar' Jw Sf - 'QA i'-v51f'L5W?'w?'NHS'7f'f'1fZLW:mTi'3l .ifflvflf T, We ,- -, Ewffgg- WM 4 iiigiif' wggiiuwig zZ,Tv'1fz NH buf fig-vwriu-46 ' i,w5ffif11Q -S545 V 2jLg'?54 ae ' ? i , - k .- 1 5, 1119" 4? VQGQMQQQQZKIJEQQQ 7 291-f-wf'fv?,Q,:rfL-w1fzg4n,:ffflvewgwfv'x A K 44 UN PAIRIINS All Pfllllll ESSES . DR. AND MRS. P. ALAVA COL. AND MRS. WILLIAM BERL, JR. DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. T. BRIGHT H. LELAND BROWN A. BURR W. F. CALLAHAN JOHN A. CARLSON JOHN L. CARNEY JAMES H. CASSIDY J. E. CAVANAUGH MRS. MARGARET CRAVEN MR. AND MRS. W. W. CRAWFORD PVT. MATTHEW F. CULBERT MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. PAUL W. DAVIS JOSEPH DeFIORE PAUL I. DESMOND FRANK E. DEVINE W. G. E. DEWSON PAUL DiSABATINO GERALD P. DOHERTY EDWARD A. DUGAN H. EISLER JOHN EAGAN JOHN F. FILLIBEN N. FILLINGAME MRS. GERTRUDE FIREBAUGH MR. AND MRS. DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. LOUIS J. FRANK THOMAS K. GALVIN EDGAR GRANT CHARLES H. GUTBERLET LEWIS H. HAUPT JOHN J. HALEY MR. AND MRS. THOMAS HALEY MRS. JONES ' MR. AND MRS. C. L. JONES MISS JACQUELINE JUIQAN MRS. PHILIP JULIAN MR. AND MRS. RICHARD A. KAISER MR. AND MRS. JOHN V. KANE MR. AND MRS. R. A. KANE MRS. M. KEILLY A MR. AND MRS. JOHN KELLY MRS. HANNAH KNOX MR. AND MRS. JAMES J. LaPENTA MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH L. LEAHY MISS KATHRYN L. MCDADE MR. AND MRS. P. MCLAUGHLIN MRS. J.'E. MONIGLE MR. AND MRS. C. E. MURPHY MR. AND MRS. F. NESTER MR. AND MRS. JAMES J. NOLAN MR. AND MRS. L. J. PHILLIPS MRS. ROGER L. PIERPONT MR. AND MRS. LARRY POTTS MR. AND MRS. GEORGE L. RALPH MR. AND MRS. RALPH C. SCHILLY MR. AND MRS. W. SHEPLEY MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH D. SHIELS MR. AND MRS. PAUL S. SULLIVAN MR. AND MRS. GEORGE THOMPSON MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH TIGANI MR. AND MRS. PATRICK J. WALSH MR. AND MRS. THOMAS WARNER MR. AND MRS. HARRY WENDEL MR. AND MRS. MARTIN VOLK There is no question that this book would not exist except for the generosity of our Patrons and the kindness of our Advertisers. We thank them, and we assure them that those who read this Patio will take every opportunity to repay their kinldness to Archmere with like Patronage. William F. Dewson, ' Joseph E. Tigani, Jr., Business Managers. 1 1 Seated, left to right: Haley, R. Schilly, R. LaPenta, Dugan, D. Davis. Standing: Carlson, V. Alava, R. Berl, P. Disabatino, A. DiPinto, E. Westhead, P. Buck- ley, D. Kane, A. Thompson, J. Remedio, J. Cavanaugh, P. Kelly, W. Shields, R. Bright, A. Monigle, C. Gutberlet. Jll IUR PATIO STAFF VINCENT DeLELLIS CGMPLIMENTS OF 'Q' W O R K .Qi C L O T H E S DELAMORE ef' DAIRY Sixth and Scott Streets WILMINGTON. DEL. QQ' 36 IOSEPH BANCROFT - 1831 IOSEPH BANCROFT 6: SONS- 1865 IOSEPH BANCROFT 6: SONS CO.- 1889 IOSEPH BAN CROFT SONS and COMPANY WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Bleachers, Dyers, and Finishers of Cotton Piece Goods Makers of the world known BANCRO1:'T'S SUN-FAST HOLLANDS, a window shade material that is unaiiected by constant exposure to the rays of the sun. Budget Terms - Charge Service FINER FURNITURE FOR 30 YEARS FEENEY'S 711 Shipley Street Compliments of WILLIAM A. DiNARDO Dial 2-6814-If It's Available We'11 Have It C- Compliments of PHARMACIST IOHN E. HEALY 6 28th and Washington Sts. WILIVIINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 4-5515 SONS. INC. GENERAL coNTRAcToRs 707 Tainall Sw, 'P 'al' WILMINGTON, DELAWARE 37 INSURANCE - NOTARY PUBLIC IOSEPH A. I-IANLEY REAL ESTATE 629 West Fourth Street VVILMINGTON. DEL. Phones: Office 3-2446 - Residence 2-7203 Established 1917 HORISK'S, INC. Specializing in Fine Foods For More P- Delaware Ave. and Lincoln St. I-IINDYZADE ZEKI GABRAEIL Importer of ORIENTAL BUGS AND CARPETS RUGS CLEANED AND REPAIRED Than 70 Years. WILMINGTON. DEL. Phone 8194 A ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING Tenth 6. King Streets WILMINGTON, DEL. CLASS OF '45 Iohn R. Callahan William wrawiord Conrad Iones Richard Kaiser Robert DeFiore Robert L. LaPenta William I. Doherty Ioseph Leahy Iames Dugan Iames Nolan Lawrence Potts Ralph C. Schilly Martin Wendel Robert I. Eisler Thomas K. Galvin The REV. C. L. WAGNER, O. Praern. Faculty Adviser 38 We are headquarters l for famous paints BARRELED SUNLIGHT-DUTCH BOY and MASURY PAINTS our specialty g for all types of PAINTS and PAlNTER'S ACCESSORIES just call BAMBERGER and ROBBINS Paints - Ladders - Glass - Painter's Supplies 204-208 West 7th Street Dial 4-3132 Tires - Batteries Complete Line of Accessories HILL and ISAACS SERVICE STATION Gulf Gas and Oils Lubrication - Washing Eighth 6. Washington Sts. WII.MlNGTON 22, DELAWARE Call 20167 IAMES I. DOHERTY FUNERAL SERVICE Seventh 6. Rodney Streets WILMINGTON. DELAWARE Phone 6951 ' ALBERT BUNIN PHARMACIST 1713 W. Fourth Street . WILIVHNGTON. DELAWARE Phone 2-9226 Phone, 23153 PATSY CIIVIINO TAILOR Clothing 61 Haberdashery Headquarters for Formal Clothes to Hire Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing 17 4th Street WI GTON, DEL. Compliments of Phone 8590 Established 1888 PHIL'S DISTRIBUTORS B- COHEN 51 SONS CO- "The House of Value and Satisfaction" IEWELERS 1330 King Street 533 Market Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 4-2323 CHESTER. PA. RYAN BROS YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR GRADE III TIRES 13th and Washington Streets MICHAEL A. MEALY 6 SONS Incorporated FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILMINGTON. DELAWARE CLOTHING YOU'LL LIKE- TERMS YOU CAN MEET Compliments of BERNIE SKLAR IEWELER - CLOTHIER 107 West Eighth Street WILMINGTON, DEL. Phone 3-2515 Compliments of THE CENTRAL BEAUTY SALON 10 East Eighth Street WILMINGTON, DEL. Compliments of BOOK SHOP Delaware Trust Building THE WILMINGTON ' BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS FISH MARKET "Gifts That Are Different" Rental Library - Framed Prints FUR STORAGE 10070 Protection tor 2"!o oi Your Own Valuation CLEANERS - FURR1-ERS I MARTINS Expert Repairing - Relining - Remodeling ot Cloth and Fur Coats 2000 Market Street Phone 2-5922 LINCOLN PHARMACY 1901 Delaware Avenue 14th and Washington Streets WILMINGTON, DELAWARE 0 PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED 9 DEPENDABLE 0 Appliances for the Home O Cars, Accessories, Service 0 Air Conditioning I Refrigeration 0 Heating W KEIL MOTOR CO. Eleventh 6. Tatnall Streets THE FROST STORE Since 1904 915 Shipley Street WIILMINGTON, DEL. 203 N. Sth Street CAMDEN, N. I. KODAKS - MOVIE CAMERAS And Their Gadgets phone 3591 Developing - Printing - Enlarging TAGGART 6, LANGE, INC. INSURANCE In All Its Branches 907 Orange Street WII..MINGTON, DEL. Phones 8368, 8369 1-I BUY BONDS WITH YOUR CASH And Back Up The Attack Use Your Credit at MORRIS SQUARE DEAL Iewelers And Buy a Multi-Facet or Certified Perfect DIAMOND Remember:-MORRIS prices are always the same- CASH OR CREDIT 813 Market Street WII..MINGTON, DEL. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1944 IOSEPH A. L. ERRIGO Dial 4-5017 Telephone 2-5552 G All Work Guaranteed I. LASS msn n. PEOPLES Hnnnwnnf TAILOR 412 King Street WILMINGTON. DELAWARE Vaughan Clavey Cleaning - Dyeing - Repairing Furs Remodeled and Glazed 401 N. Rodney Street WILIVIINGTON, DELAWARE Highest Quality Material Used FRANK R- REMEDI0 LINDSAY SODA SHOP SHOE REPAIRING 1527 West 4th Street W'ILM1NGTON. DEL. Phone 2-5366 14th and Washington Streets WILMINGTON. DELAWARE in w I 42 Compliments of ERNEST DiSABATINO 6. SONS MILLARD F. DAVIS -1NcoRPoRA'rED- 831 Market Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Ieweler - Silversmith NAAMAN 'S TEA HOUSE Phone 4-5577 CHARLES I. SISOFO . TAILOR 515 W. 4th Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE MAMIE'S BEAUTY PARLOR 702 Adam Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 2-3394 Compliments ot ROBERT BRIGHT DONALD BRITTINGHAM IAMES BRADY MURPHY 6 FINKLE, INC. MEN'S FURNISHERS Clothiers . . . Hatters Clothing Made to Measure 417 Market Street WII.MINGTON, DELAWARE Compliments of ST. ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC CLUB - ME .. I MANSUR'E 8: PRETTYMAN HABERDASHERY HATS. u CLOTHING DUPONT BUILDING 'WILMI N GTON. DELAWARE MODERN BARBER SHOP CO. D. Gerbctsio, Prop. 12th and Orange Streets Ladies'-Children's Haircut WII.M1NGTON. DELAWARE 147 S. Kentucky Avenue ATLANTIC CITY. N. I. Compliments of IoHNsoN's MARKET L 305 King Street WILMINGTON. DELAWARE Compmnfs of N. B. DANFQRTH, INC. H Market and Second Streets WILMINGTON. DELAWARE 2nd and Shipley Streets O WII.MINGTON DELAWARE WHOLESALE DRUGGIST 44 Compliments ot KULP'S CORRECTIVE SHOES T- 6' C' BAKING CO' ' Specialists in HEALTH SHOES for Men, Women and Children' 1801 W. 7th Street 808 Edgmont Avenue WILMINGTON, DEL. CHESTER' PA. HUMMER AND GREEN Fifth and Fulton Streets CHESTER, PA. Phone: Chester 7277-8151 Compliments ot MICHAEL DEL GROSSO PRICE COTTAGE 12 South Ohio Avenue ATLANTIC CITY, N. I. PATSY'S SODA SHOPPE SANDWICHES -- PLATTERS BEVERAGES - ICE CREAM Frank N. Davis, Prop. Blvd. 6 Van Buren Street Phone 2-9596 Compliments ot HYLANDER'S Compliments of IOHN 1. HARTNETT Where Quality crnd Service Are Yours at No Extra Cost DUPONT PAINTS, VARNISHES AND ENAMELS LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL AND MILLWORK FAMOUS READING ANTHRACITE Authorized Dealer for WEYERHAEUSER 4-SQUARE LUMBER c0"" :P 5 C 1-HMB GREENVILLE, DELAWARE Phones 4-5396-4-5397 i l I 46 l l COLLINS ' Seventh at Edgmont Avenue CHESTER. PENNSYLVANIA ROBERT SURREY CLOTHES NEW GARDEN MARKET "EVERYTHING FOR THE TABLE" 1920 Lancaster Avenue WILMINGTON, DELAWARE CONTINENTAL BLOCK COIVIPANY Manufacturers ot Concrete and Cinder CON-VI-PAC BLOCKS duPont Boulevard F ARNHURST. DELAWARE Telephone: Wilmington 4-6909 Daniel A. Matassino Phone 3-2920 SEELIG 6 PIERCE FLORISTS 704 W. Fourth Street WILMINGTON 15, DELAWARE Compliments ot PAUL DiSABATIN O FRANCIS FAGAN IACK HALEY BRENDAN MURPHY RICHARD TIGANI I Distinction in Men's Clothes Hcberdoshery, Hats, Etc. CLAYMONT PHARMACY SHUSTER S FRANK BOURN, Ph.G. 820 Market Street CLAYMONT DELAWARE WILMINGTON, DEL. Compliments of THE CLASS oF' 1946 President--Francis Filliben Vice-President-Thomas Nester Secretary-Iohn McLaughlin Treasurer-Icrmes Iohnson Sergeant-Bernard Fagan FACULTY MODERATOR THE REV. H. L. TOONEN, O. Praem. Compliments of F. TIGANI, IR. LIQUORS - WINE and BEER 1302 Washington Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 4-1247 48 66 jim J4 A I"C l'l'l9I"e gl"e6Al'l'lel'l wanf 920061 061404, Sniora . President-lim Cavanaugh Vice-President-Don Monigle Secretary-Chas. Gutberlet Treasurer-lack Burr Sergeant-Bill Shields lack Berl Iim Brady Lefty Bright Don Brittingham Chas. Daley Don Davis Sabby Disabatino Hank Drozdowski Fran Fagan Vin Filliben lack Haley Ted Haupt lim Iohns Dave Kane Bob Kane Ioe Kennedy Bob Knox Mark MacDonough Brendan Murphy Vince Mazzula lack Rowe Bob Stanford Dick Tigani Eddie Westhead THE REV. I. R. BLECHA, O. Praem. Faculty Adviser X a 27 Compliments of TOADVINE'S, Inc. Men's Fine Furnishings PFC. IOHN W. CRAVEN Knox Hats U. S. M. C. R. 835 Market Street Clcxss of 1943 WIIMINGTON, DELAWARE L- C- PARKER IOSEPH 1. RAPUANO REAL EZTATE PLUMBING AND HEATING INSSIILIANCE CONTRACTOR 921 N. Lincoln Street 1014 Delaware Avenue WILMINGTON, DEL. WILMINGTON, DELAWARE PHONE 8291 IAMES HALDAS Foon MARKET 603-5-7 King Street WII.MINGTON. DELAWAEE 50 Compliments of I. V. TIGANI CO. PARKWAY BOWLING ACADEMY 13th and Union Streets WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 4-7848 "A Pinboy On Every Alley" General Automobile Repairing TRAYNOR - DEVER, Inc. Washing - Polishing - Lubrication Tires - Heaters - Batteries Day - Storage - Night 13th 6. Orange Streets Phone 3-2336 10th 6. Walnut Streets Phone 2-l92U WILMINGTON, DEL. Compliments ot A FRIEND SI HORACE GREELEY said: "Go West, Young Man, Go West" If you are looking for a college education that will include: A change of scene and associations. A recognized A.B. or Sc.B. degree, A democratic college life in a clique-less atmosphere, A chance at intercollegiate football, basketball and other sports, An intensive intramural sport program, R.O.T.'C. training leading to a Lieutenancy in the U. S. Army Reserve Corps, Several opportunities for dramatic experience each year, Practical work on the college paper as well as journalism courses, Participation tor singers or speakers on weekly radio programs. Membership in the military band for musicians, AND all for less than S550 a year-including tuition, room, board, etc. Write to: THE REGISTRAR ST. NGRBERT COLLEGE WEST DE PERB. W1scoNs1N Most Most Most Most Most Best Most Most Most Best Most Most Most Most Most Most Best Most Most Talle Best The Patio Senior Poll scholarly-Iim Phillips popular-Ioe Tigani likely to succeed-Iohn Filliben diplomatic-Charley Brown absent-minded--lim Haley artist--Iim Cassidy likely to be married first-Dick Shiels lackadaisical-Tom Walsh reserved-Bill Craven singer--Bill Dewson worrisome-Dick Shiels intelligent-Charley Brown optimistic-Bill Craven pessimistic-Dick Shiels diminutive-lim Phillips likely to have a corporation build-Ioe Tigani ' athletic-lim Phillips sincere-Iohn Filliben st-Haley and Filliben dressed-Ioe Tigani first-To Did most for ARCHMERE-Bill Dewson Best Best Most Best writer-Bill Craven dancer-Chas. Brown original-Iim Haley politician-Tom Walsh Biggest bluff--Dick Shiels Best jokester-lim Cassidy Biggest tease-Tommy Walsh Most Most Iollie Best Most Most Most Most triendly-Bill Dewson romantic-Ioe Tigani st-Tom Walsh behaved-Iohn Filliben polite-Bill Craven daring-Chas. Brown superfluous-lim Phillips poetical-lim Cassidy Did most tor the class-Ioe Tigani Most Most Most pugnacious-Dick Shiels debonair-Iim Cassidy nonchalant-lim Haley m Walsh Most mathematical-Chas. Brown Best actor-Bill Dewson Most carefree-Bill Craven Ice College-lim Haley Most self-sufficient-Iohn Filliben Favorite Headmaster-Who else? Favorite teacher-Father Demerath Favorite lay teacher-Mr. Degginger Teacher who'll be remembered-Father Diny Favorite jug-giver-Fathers Blecha and Diny Best friend on the Faculty-Mr. Degginger Favorite Preacher-Father Hurley Favorite Iunior-Ioe Tigani, IUNIOR Favorite Soph-Iim Iohnson Frosh-Dick Tigani Favorite Funniest teacher-Father Blecha and Prof. O'Brien Favorite bus-driver-Father Diny Favorite Cop-The Cop that stopped Father Diny. Favorite opponent in sports-Friends School Favorite opponent in debate-The Iudges Favorite Girl's School-Sally's Favorite Boy's School--Oi course! Favorite subject-Physics Most difficult subject-Math. Favorite year at ARCHMERE-Fourth sport--Football Favorite Favorite newspaper-The Claymont Clipper Favorite magazine-The S ------- Yearbook Favorite comic strip--Dick Tracy Favorite Beer-Root Beer Favorite Whiskey--Schenley Favorite Hotel in N. Y. C.-Edison Favorite Hangout-The Spic Favorite radio program-Dawn Patrol Favorite Movie of the year-Cover Girl Favorite Actor-Dick Shiels Favorite Actress-Rita Hayworth Favorite Male Singer-Dick Haymes Favorite Female Singer--Ginny Simms The Only Song-ARCHMERE Alma Mater, by Fr. Toonen CLAYMONT TRUST COMPANY S CLAYMONT. DELAWARE Seryes the Entire Brandywine Hundred Area Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CARR'S SERVICE STATION 1705 Lovering Avenue WILMINGTON. DEL. Phone 2-9337 ADAMS CLOTHES COMPLETE SHOP FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 716 Market Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phone 3-5274 IINICKISII FAIRLAWN FOOD MARKET Green 6. Commonwealth CLAYMONT, DELAWARE Delicatessen - Meats - Fruit - Produce Dolly Madison Ice Cream Dulaney Frosted Foods HOURS: Week Days--7:30 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sunday-10:00 A. M. to 2 P. M. Green, Claymont Holly Oak 2278 AMPERE ELECTRIC COMPANY 7th and Green Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Bought, Sold, and Exchanged Compliments of Compliments ot CONRAD IONES DEL CAMPO BAKING CO. 621 W. 2nd Street Greetings from FORM I cmd FORM II Dick Berl Vic Alava Paul Buckley Dick Allen Lou Frank Charlie Brady Bob Grant lack Carlson Pat Kelly Tony DiPinto Bernie Mosebach Des Desmond Alex Thompson Fats Fillingame THE REV. B. R. DEMERATH, O. Praem. Faculty Adviser Iack Hartnett Pete Kindbeiter lack McKernan Art Monigle Oufil Quillen Don Toner Geo. Warner Congratulations and Best Wishes W' E- P-D to the Senior Class PHARMACIST BRANDYVVINE 407 Philadelphia Pike, Pennyhill BELLEFONTE. DELAWARE WILMINGTON, DEL. Holly Oak 5507 Compliments of Compliments of MAC'S SERVICE STATION AUGUST SEILER 2001 Penna. Avenue 30th and Washington Streets WILMINGTON. DEL. W1I.MINGTON. DEL. GEORGE L. RALPH. INC. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Branches: CHESAPEAKE CITY, MD. SALISBURY, MD. DOVER. DEL. Main Office : 118 So. Market Street WILMINGTON, DEL. IOHN A. CARLSON MEN'S STORE 923 Market Street Manhattan Shirts - Knox Hats Wilmington 2-1452 55 Compliments ot A. PETRILLO CO. Compliments ot BURR BROTHERS WASHINGTON HOUSE CHESTER. PENNA. I Phone 2-5412 BRINTON S FOR 1osEP1-I F. REHRMAN Cleaning - Tailor - Alterations Formal Clothes Rented Orange at Seventh Streets 43 E Sth Street Phone 4-5013 CHESTER, PA, Compliments of the MARCUS HOOK HERALD and CLAYMONT CLIPPER C. E. PIERSON CO. INSURANCE Odd Fellows Bldg. WILMINGTON. DEL. Phone 6257 Compliments ot Steak and Submarine Sandwiches , FATS and LOU Shallcross Ave. 6 Lincoln Street WILMINGTON, DEL. WORTH STEEL COMPANY CLAYMONTQ DELAWARE n Steel Plates up to 150 inches wide Flanged and Dished Heads Manhole Covers, Saddles and Fittings 57 CHARLES E. LEBET IEWELER Delaware Trust Building WOLHAR BROTHERS, INC. 1714 Pennsylvania Avenue WII.M1NGTON, DEL. Seniors Overheard Ioe T.-How can I tell if she really loves me? Bill D.-Easy. It she really loves you, you can make her do anything she wants to. Prof.-Does this draught bother you? Phillips-No, talk as much as you please. lim H.-What would you say it I asked you to marry me? The hidden "Flame"-Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time. At the Ball: I have an insane impulse to kiss you. She: You're not insane, you're talking sense. Iohn F.-What would you do it you married cr rich RO1Vl1VIEL'S, Inc. STATIONERS 105 W. 8th Street qirl? I Chas. B.-Absolutely nothing! Bill C.-Say, Father, is this peach or apple pie? REESE-BAXTER COMPANY 1 .- o, can . Fr. Diny-Well, then, what ditierence does it make? D. Shiels-I wouldn't be cr fool, if 1 were you. Fr. H.-It you were me, you wouldn't be a tool. Tom Walsh-I tell you she was. I never saw such a Q girl. lim Cassidy-When you say that, I believe you. 706 Edgmont Avenue Fr. B.-What a class tor asking questions, I'd like to know what'would have happened it I had asked so QCHESTERI PA- many questions in class. soar: OI-Iiielrrlhgvras, youd have been able to answer Phone Chester I Wines - Liquors PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT Scott SIIBBI Market Street I WILMINGTON, DEL. MARCUS HOOK, PA. I WILMINGTON SHEET READ METAL WORKS, INC. ROOFING AND SHEET METAL ' CONTRACTORS I ' 25c 507 Tatnall Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS I Thomas I. Haugh, Mgr. Wear Clean Clothes I Compliments of FLETCHER'S I F, '37 SUBURBAN CLEANERS PHILA. PIKE H. O. 2425 I Compliments of I I OHN I. KELLY 329 Lloyd Street CHESTER, PA. Phone Chester 3319 59 SALVAGE LUMBER 6' and Under For Shoring, Boxing or Crcxting S2UU.UU per car, freight incl. MAIN LINE SUPPLY COMPANY BALA-CYNWYD. PA. Cynwyd 0445 B. KLEITZ 6 BRO. CO. LAURENCE E. WADIVLAN IEWE1-ERS ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION P11039 4-7738 11th and Washington Streets 6th and Market Streets WILMINGTON, DEL. WII.MINGTON, DEL. Phone 2-9353 ORLICK'S PHARMACY KENYCN S 505 MUd1SOn Street S. E. Cor. 4th 6 Madison Streets WILMINGTON, DEL. WILMINGTON, DEL. C t R t H3219 'Ig F. C' tt or - egen - ive ive lgare es Phones 2971862918 Tobacco in All Its Branches Compliments of KNIGHTHOOD FANCY FOODS "GOOD FOODS SINCE 1828" 60 Phone 2-6212 WILMINGTON STAIR SHOP. Inc. A John E. McGo1drick, Mgr. Stair Building - Special Mill Work and Cabinet Work 407 N. Adams Street WILIVIINGTON, DEL. Phone 3-4923 .S. 6 S. SHOPPE, INC. CIGARS, PIPES and TOBACCO MAGAZINES and NEWSPAPERS Delaware Trust Bldg. Arcade Phone 3-5624 EVELYN S. ZEBLEY DRESSES 6. SPORTSWEAR HOSIERY IEWELRY 6: UNDERWEAR 3 East Ninth Street WILIVIINGTON, DEL. SAM Di MAIO Retail Compliments of DAWSON'S SEA FOOD LIQUORS - WINE - BEER 1918 Lancaster Avenue SILVERSIDE SUPPLY COMPANY HOME INSULATION BUILDING SUPPLIES GARDEN SUPPLIES Holly Oak 805 6I BEST or' WISHES AIRPORT GARAGE FROM NEW CASTLE. DELAWARE A FRIEND MCGLNLEY 6. FRYSINGER U NGIN E PRINTERS E BEAUTY SALON DISTINCTIVE COIFFURE orange Stfeet Cgndjtioned Delaware Trust Bldg. Phone 2-8112 W1I.MINGTON. DELAWARE Phone 3-2521 KRIENEN BROS., INC. HENRY I- LAW FUNERAL DIRECTORS 4th 6 Broome Streets 100 West Sth Street WILNHNGTONI DEL. WILMINGTON, DEL. 34 W. Sth Street NEW QASTLE, DEL. ARROW SHIRTS PAIAMAS GILBRIDE'S 310 Wes, gn, Sm., MRS. DESMOND A. LYoNS Phone 6677 SWEATERS YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING A. E. MITCHELL PLUMBING - HEATING OIL BURNERS 1113 South Broome Street WILMINGTON, DEL. 62 I EDGE MOOR IRON WORKS, INC I EDGE MOOR, DEL. Contracto for United States Government ALLIED KID COMPANY Specialty-New Castle Division and Standard Division WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Compliments of THE WILMINGTON PROVISION COMPANY Manufacturers ot Tower Brand Sausage WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Compliments of IOSEPH I- CICONTE STERLING PRINTING co 1506 West 8th Street WILMINGTON. DELAWARE 423 Tatnall Street IOHN G' MARTIN WILMINGTON, DELAWARE TEXACO SERVICE Philadelphia Pike Telephone 4-2466 CLAYMONT. DEL. 64 William L. Galvin, Secretary Ioseph M. Galvin, Treasurer Compliments of HORSTMEIER LUMBER COMPANY East Falls Avenue, Stiles and President Streets BALTIMORE, MARYLAND WHOLESALE ONLY 65 Phone 2-6215 I. P. CRISCONI, Manager NEW YORK FISH MARKET 835 King Street WILMINGTON. DEL. Enjoy Lite - Eat at the NEW YORK OYSTER BAR Wi1mington's Only Sea Food Bar 835 King Street Telephone 2-5147 66 IHA YEAR HAS SWIHlY SPHI AIAUSHI IAEAAAIAIS SAVE AUS AAIIH-AAIII NIEAAAIAIIS IHA BASS IS EAIIIHI 67 .fd Qbidincfiue MCWLUOA . . 7 is the product of the efforts of a capable editor plus the interested cooperation of a seasoned specialist. 'l'o an editor, who wishes to make a success of his Hrst publishing venture. speciali- zation ollers innumerable advantages that are Ill0St helpful-in fact-indispeiisable. lt is advisable to have a specialist handle your yearbook. Investigate the services of "Campus," an organization Whose entire business is college and school publications. llrllllllll l' lllll lll ll C0. INCORPORATED 1316 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Penna. LE'l"l'l'lRPRESS - ILNGRAVING - Ul"I"Sl'1'l'LITIIOGRAPIIY - A,R'I'SliRVlCE 5 F. ,L Z! I Q Z' 91 FT L. 511 Z , X A x C. iz I, gn 3, E 1 E E 5 E 5 4 1

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