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X I gfj.,-f ' ' 46 ff vw . J N N-A . 1 '. X 1 4 a 1 1 4- , X N 4- . v 1 T 41, is 1 4 1 fm ,, f if 2 A 'il -I, wg, , I'.,.g mn y., 'I A I'l'.4II Q C- .4-55, X b-I , 4 ,If 1- 1 -. - . . ., ,,.. I .- ,fu -gf... H.. .. gd "UQ f"X Eff: - -Q.. K' 133.4 I .5f.,- 45. ,, -' -1 V.. f .f ,.- II I.j'-3Q3'r:"w-- 3.6. J mf- - ' Jw' ,zg ' -.. ff-.f 7 U I 1 x.-.- I, ,au-.-.,',,I - - .,.,:' J ' wi .gn ,, 1 af ,W " . .-ly " I ' ,,- : r V N - I 'F' 1 , ' . I, A 13. I. 31 . -' W 3, IFF I I .i. Hg, ' . ' . H- EI Q . r "5 x .- . . .Q I . . . I ' . f 5 - 1 I'-'s'.?'w .L - N A ' 'Je . XA. Ha., . wi .I ,gj - .rs -' ff. s II IIII IYI .,'II ' fy- ' ' , I , , L I as . I I .ir - ,., . .fi ' f C1 : i Q, -9-5 ' f . . I . V-.. .-,IUII ,QI -. . . I III-I IIIIIQIIIII , ' U Q'-1? f .. ' M 8 15' ,i " , ' 35" "wig, .N I 'I X I .- 4 rx? ' Q. " - I 5 I ' .2 . S' 4, L- " I -5 , 1v fl'. Y '13-L f ' .'- 1, I I ' T -' , .I 1, ,-1 'f . ' 'Z-7' , " -4 . .. ' ' I --gg Sr '1'xFf' 'itll' -,xii -, - 1 " J III -I -IjI . f.LII ., II iv , . .. .I , ,, .. W I V-j --W L -.. w:-.-- -.'-we Z ' . f - .,,,. . - gg T II ., ..Y.' S "Y'. ww 1,-J 9 ,.g,L- ,M ,511 , , - , :., . - '-.Nm ' ,A 1-. - ' lf'-1 1 NH -f -1, ' :.' ,Q-X ?' 1:13 f: ' - 151' L, , , ., 1....f ,JJ 'g . is .I - II .,. 3: IIIiI.I.II I? ,,. I-Q I . V ig 1-I . Wi . - - f ' L . IM -Iva., ,, -- '+,,.y , ' .. -r.4 I "J Lg sf ff,-g. ,z .3-1. '- 1 -rx? .fa gl.. ,.. ff' ' ' sf ,I:43,. if :Labs .j.-sffs .31 If .rx V 5- ...ig .2 'av ,II 9 f':'fj.1:'i:.' 'I 'f' -' '.'-.- 'V' ' 'f' ' .:4A'."'- ...Az '.- -.-,-"4'.IV.:g.752'4.5f- ff:- j-xf M- rf..-1, I' ',.,.,1 ,,.-, i H IA',.1, I5 5' ar-1 . '- I' -1 r wk-f-' 1 . 1 . 1 yr. l,A1f'YQ-if ' 7,2 gum 4'-A -Q 'ff T "IL"-f.':Y .- .",,4i. V '41,--.fa ' .Y Nw' . .' A 1 , .' ffm' ' 5 ,1'9.'i3 ' ' ,gif ri-F 1 'fn -.. I .wr . -- nw... . IQ -- . yijjvf . gig 1 -rg if - 5 5 'N-f.-f I, A . -I, .M , ,L , , dp ,.3gv,r3'f. . ,, ., f,w'.-aff, .A 15 .V-' sr. Q.. '4""?' f -- ' 'Ti-A.' , .F '- -.ff J .- II5.3,:III .2 ' 'L L.:,Q Eel -" Q . e. M ' '1 .' ' ' u 'ff r .L - N-.-diff. sfvv, - I , 9'5" 11. . It I: ,nik 1' ifigli H H -A g:.f,' f.5g.. -f f'i425ff'ff '-1. 5 55,4 1.2 I. .I.. ,II ,fzjp -Q . ' Il: , , 14. 1" 1fJ:hZ..1-5 A- 4- sf.. , 4 .gI 1I'I.,:, I . ' .-1, ' Ix A-15 -:V . -4, 1 ,V .T rf, ...V - . L ' -uf' fr: -. '11 .f.4..g' ' 119' :sa . I ., I fs . f. -2. . P' -rw P :1-I,,,: , "::-'- 'L,,' , 1.:.. . "7f,.I:5g-51 x -MII' . ,- ' " Ql'-n-f'f'1i..,s .f, . gw'1'1If I "r" 4.I , ' '- .71 . . ,, My ,,,i,...- . ,-,J " ' "W-L II. J?-,.e,1 1 - I LT -jFIz-, ' Q , . rf "ing ., A .-. H' 4' ' . , A1 V. W X , v "V ,- -, lr . A nel' 1 A. 1' I I ' , Vx , Q F1 A a ' ' 8 LS' ,:,W ,7 W A I, . 3 ...n , P . . V X .VV--'-Q. ws, .V. A "M . - " .' J' ' , ii v in . , , -' It 4 . I ,-n 'fi -I - -, ,. -V 15 ,I .2 . wi, 'M' . F . . s. ,- ' ,- N .-VV. Q 1 - V A. ,- , -QV ' E A I .,. Vx . ' - A 9 Y I ",, 0 h A. ,' ' -.VV .V A- - .' . V . - 1 -- . -.4 ... . V , 5 . . , --4.1, I N ,. - . 4 ', 1 I . 4 X f ,',, Q A V g ' 91" fi VV V x M -. Y It ' .V Q Q ' -u V ' . 'J 4 5 ' , I ' , . ' I . , 1, gi 4 4 5 gg . ,, - ' I I . , - U . If , . - 1 Wo' . ' ' . I , 4 .1 - , Q . , i.'v 1 ' I ' rf- ' E- ' 3-J. -V '53 ' x' 1' ' A ' V ', K4 . I R I . .Q -o - ' ' -. - M Q. v V . V' . 3 P ' V' P1 ,- , , V, 1' -' + 4 " V , ' r. L. . H I. , 8. 5 I . -- 9 , . ,, M - it A ' ' . . " 4 . V," 5 ' 1 FJ' lf , 5 " -3 v . P . - 4 A S' 0 " . :' 'L . 4 v . gp .. . ' 4 fr t'. l ' -e . ' A , . r , H 1 . ,ij 1 u J- Q' I ' . ' s , ,. A -I ' ' Q, 'A tv I , 1 . 1 1 . 4 A . . , - Q 1 a - . , ' ' f . -, - 1' l ' , ' s , . i . .' f , 1 , - 4 ' , 4. y ' ' ' ' . ' i U iv-h ...J i A iw , v A ' A A 34' v 74 ' A P . . ' ' I ' . , a . . 4 5 ,. U ' :,' 'P . gi v . 2: uw ' www. . t .r .' I A ? l 5.5 0 .' ' 0 I n - A K' E I . ,Z , al... - l I, 1 '. . V- -. Z - " v - ' 1 . U ' Q I 'Q' p 1 X Q , , . ,' 5 . w' V- - ' :-1.-ef Vp V' . G R . ., , . at ated , ' . 4 A 'J' 'O ".,'.' -V '.k . ' Q . ', ., Y . f 'V T 4 V 5 . l -QQ , Q' , I. . 'I . ' ' al V '- as A ' 'A.- 1' 4 9- ,x 1... A, lt . A 1, It' A V, 3, .rig 2 .' 1 A n 1 V ' A .X f D ' ' ' vw Q I -,QYQLV l 4 in I ,U ,iii I a I .V I, V b . -- I I! -QV 'L ' : -V I ax. ,ii "1-h. -H 'M - f ' ' 4 ' .Q ,v w . .. A . . . it ,iv V 1-VT, .Q1.kL.-A Q, iz AL V t , V . 4 I. V 1: F-if , "' f V .V 'f - 4 . V H 5 ' 'V .. - Q V. V-VN ',. - V V V , ' ' i z - -.w +V .,V Ai'-.1 if V- -41,.- W,-P V.- , V .4395 "3" ,, .- ' 5 . ' , -- .1 I 'Vw .' .mga-jg . , V, .V , , 4' Vip V , . . . - K nw. L .L L-A . Il 'L THEPATIO PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS O Q' , 7ff1fZ P Tlo E 4nf7f1f:f'50fy fi X 1, 6'0W1bfZ CHMERE ACADEMY, CLAYMONT, DELAWARE OUR PURPOSE . . . The Class of l942 wishes This looolc lo be a souvenir of The Tull and happy years spenl al Archmere. May il recall days passed, knowledge acquired, and friendships formed-golden memories of unlorgelrable limes. The yearbook has been dedicaled in 'rhe pasf io: The R+. Rev. Bernard H. Pennings, O. Praem., T935 The Mosr Rev. Edmond J. Fifzmaurice, I936 The Very Rev. Michael J. Mclfeough, O. Praem. l I937 The John J. Raskob Family, I938 The Very Rev. Daniel F. Hurley. O. Praem.. I939 The Molhers' Guild, l94O Mr. Leonard J. Farmer, I94l -L, :- 4 -C WE DEDICATE OUR BOOK TO . . THE REV. Jusiiu E. DINY, o. Pfaem. Direcfor of Afhlefics Through your diligence and enfhusiasrn in execufing your dufies as a priesf and Teacher, you have acquired in fhe space of a few years a splendid repufafion as an oufsfanding figure in manliness and good sporfsmanship. As evidence of your leadership we have only fo observe fhe flourishing condifion of fhe afhlefic program af Arch- mere, largely fhe resulf of your unfiring efforfs. The sfudenfs as well as fhe faculfy have always looked upon you as a frue friend. And so, wifh fhe deepesf feeling of appreciafion, we dedicafe fhis, fhe l942 Pafio, fo you. 5 s A PICTURE HISTORY CDF . Iv1R.JGI-IN J. RASKOB'S I-IOIVIE The Radio IVIAIINI BUILDING 6 . ARCHMERE ACADEMY Corpus Christi Proc ession June, 1933 rr, 1-'ZW it THE VERY REV. M. J. MCKEOUGH, O. Praem THEVERV REVDANIEL F. HLIRLEV, O. Praem. First Hegdmggter 19391936 Headmaster Since 1936 NOW Prmcipql gf S h Prior Immaculate Conception Priory out east Cotholc High School, Philadelphia, Pa. 7 THE ARCHMERE GYMNASIUM Complefeel in l939 Classes were moved +0 Manor I-lall in l94O 8 Graduates Serving Our Country in the Armed Forces . . . R it ,K t .K t l V' it 1. 'K uk g 4 ' Y ,T W ,Ar I I A .xg ,Ig l i 'i 5 'gi M l +1 1 1: "' 1 l ' .- 'hifi Q- l Y' Viii 3, ig, iz :Xi 'K l l ' fl. l 'i l . l ,i. J. Ferdinard Convery, '35 John A. O'Connell, '35, Gerard S. Garey, '36. Roberl F. Kelly, '36. Leo A. O'Connor. '36. Philip Simeone, '36, Ross J. Arnold, '37, David M. Oliver, '37, William Mouquin, '37, Anthony Celesfe. '38. Anfhony Jurich, '38. Edworcl J. Qolces, '38. Gerolcl P. Doherty, '39, lvlallhew F. Judge. '39, Fredericlc K. Balmer lR.O.TCl 39 Roberl DeCosin, '4I. 9 FACULTY THE VERY REV. DANIEL E. HURLEY, O. Praem. Heaclrnasier, Guidance, Language T T i REV. JUSTIN E. DINY, O. Praem. REV.DONALDI-LVANDERHEIDEN,O.Praem ' ' At Latin Secretary Mathematics, Athletic Director ' V, 1 TO . "i f l l REV. GERALD L. NOLAN, O. Prciem. REV. GABRIEL A. HINKES, O. Praem English, Latin, Patio Germon, Religion, Music L . L... 1 REV. ROLAND J. HOFFMAN O. Proem I ' MR. LEONARD J. FAR ER English, Green Arch Science Coach M 'll MR. EDWARD V. O'BRElN MR. HARRY P. WENDEL French, Socicl Science, Speech Director of Orchestra MR. JOHN F. MULLINS Art Former Teachers al Archmere Very Rev. Michael J. McKeough, O Praem., I932-36. The Rev. Mark A. S+einmefz, O. Praem. i932-34. The Rev. Cyril H. Miron, O. Praem. i932-35. Mr. John C. Fleck, l932-37. Mr. Francis X. Gallagher, l932-35. Mr. John Oakes, i932-34. Mr. Jerome Connell, i934-36. The Rev. Hugh E. McDonnell, O. Praem. I933-37. The Rev. Roberi Sromovslcy, O. Praem. I934-37. Miss Cafherine Pie, l934-36. The Rev. Paul Savageau, O. Praem l935-37. Miss Helen Slephens. I936-4l. Mr. John Cabrey, I938-39. ,J E' ON THE WAY TO MANOR HALL WILLIAM JOSEPH BERL, lll "Bill" 902 Du PonT Rd., WesTover Hills, WilmingTon, Del. AcTiviTies: EooTball, 2, 41 Baseball, 2: Mgr., ly Green Arch, 4: PaTio, Business Mgr., 4: PaTio Club, lg Tennis, 4. Bill is The pioneer ol: The class: having come To Archmere as a Second Former, he has led The way Tor The lasT Tive years. During ThaT Time he has esTablished Tor himselT a repuTaTion as a True scholar and genTleman. A real sporTsmanship aTTiTude, boTh on and oTT The aThleTic Tield, coupled wiTh a ready smile and hearTy laugh, gives a preTTy Thorough descripTion oT a regular Tellow. TENTH ANNIVERSARY HAROLD ALBERT BURGARD "Dyke" Rock Hall, Md. N ,, Achvlhes PaTio Club, lg Choir, l, 21 OrchesTra, l, 23 Herman Joseph SocieTy, I, 2, 3, 4i Golf, 2, 3, 41 Tennis, 3, 43 Green Arch, 4i PaTio S-TaTT, 4. ShorT and sTocky, Dyke is Trom 'way down yonder in Rock T-lall, Maryland. From The Top oT his abun- danT brown hair To The boTTom oT his TeeT every pound is one oT good naTure. Though sTudious enough To display an excellenT reporT card, he al- ways has one eye on The lookouT Tor mischieT. Be- cause oT his Nordic descenT, Dyke has To bear The brunT oT many nicknames, such as BliTzer, Duke, l'-limmer. Having chosen a career in medicine, he will surely succeed wiTh his abiliTy oT applicaTion and his high sTandards oT moraliTy. 'I4 ERNEST BAYARD CROFOOT "Ernie" Rock Hall, Ivld. AcTiviTies: Phi Sigma Alpha, I: PaTio Club, I: Class Vice-PresidenT, 3: Ivlgr, OT EooTbaII and BasIceT- ball, 3, 4: EooTbaII, I: Green Arch, 4: PaTio, 4: STudenT Council, 4: Herman Joseph SocieTy, I, 2, 3, 4. AcTors Guild, 4. Ernie, The oTher haIT OT The Roclc Hall represenT- aTives, is The manager OT The class. He has been manager oT TooTbaII, basIceTbaII and baseball Tor Two years, and did a Tine iob oT iT Too. He has been The dance manager OT The Junior and Senior Proms and he has managed To abrain good grades and many Triends during his Tour years aT Archmere. An independenT and sTudious lad, Ernie will always be a leader aT whaTever he underTaIces. 1932 -1942 I JOSEPH FRANCIS DEVLIN "Curley" 202 JeTTrey STreeT, ChesTer, Pa. AcTiviTies: Herman Joseph SocieTy, I, 2, Pres., 3, 4: Choir, 2, Pres., 3, 4: Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: BasIceT- ball, I, 3: Green Arch, 3, 4: EooTbaII, I, 2, 3, CapTain, 4: PaTio, 4. Joe Devlin, The besT aThIeTe in The Senior Class, is one oT The TriendIiesT and besT-Iilced sTudenTs aT Archmere. IT would Talce a IoT To malce Joe angry: This is cerTainIy a crediT To his geniaIiTy. Curly is a quieT, sTeady worker, and There will be many who will miss him, noT only among The Seniors buT oTher classes as well. IT he achieves The popularify in IaTer IiTe ThaT he enjoys Today, he will be a real success. I5 JAMES FRANCTS DOLAN, JR. "Jim" Box lO9, WilmingTon, Del. AcTiviTies: FooTball, I,4: Bowling, I: Herman Joseph SocieTy, I, 2, 3, 47 Phi Sigma Alpha, Pres., 3, 4: Choir, I: Green Arch, 2, 3, 4: Tennis, 43 PaTio STaTT, 4. Genial Jim, The iolly iiTTerbug, isn'T a Tellow To disagree wiTh. He's noT a hard man lvlcDolan, buT he surely can argue. This abiliTy he has puT To good use as presidenT oT The school debaTing socieTy, Phi Sigma Alpha FraTerniTy. Perhaps ThaT is why he aspires To be a lawyer, buT whaTever he underTal4es, we lcnow ThaT he will succeed in The usual Dolan manner. Good luclc To a swell Tellowl 1932 -1942 THOMAS ANTHONY FILBRANDT "Tom" AnTigo, Wis. AcTiviTies: OrchesTra, I, 2, 3, 43 BaslceTball, 2, 3, 41 FooTball, 43 Green Arch, 41 Baseball, 43 Herman Joseph, 4. QuieT and reserved, Tom hails Trom The good Wisconsin TerriTory, The moTher-sTaTe oT The TaculTy. Arriving iusT This year as a senior, he accusTonned himselT To easTern ways righT Trom The sTarT. A sTar in TooTball, baslceTball, and baseball, Tom couples his aThleTic TeaTs wiTh a Tine scholasTic record. He is one oT The besT-lilcecl Tellows, because oT his quieT sinceriTy and his ever-presenT smile. Since he has These Tine aTTribuTes, we lcnow he will succeed. 16 CHARLES THOMAS GRACE "Chasl' I534 Beale Slreel, Linwood, Pa. Acliviliesz Palio, 4, Green Arch, 43 Choir, 2, 4. Charles was welcomed back wilh open arms lo Archmere aller a year's absence. He soon made up lor losl lime by providing The class wilh numer- ous laughs and earned lor himself Ihe lille ol Ihe Ulunniesl fellow." However, il isn'l all play wilh Chas, because he is a conscien+ious worker once he enlers The classroom. An inleresling hobby ol col- Iecling guns keeps him enlerlained aller school hours. We wish him every success in his lulure career. TENTH ANNIVERSARY JOHN DOLPH HARVELL "Jack" l909 Baynard Blvd., Wilminglon, Del. Acfivifiesz Eoolball, I, 2, 3, 43 Baskelball, I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I, 2, Caplain, 3. Jack Harvell ioined lhe class ol l942 during Ihe lasl hall ol +he year and Iherelore he isn"r quile as well known +o 'rhe Seniors as some who have been here lour years. Neverlheless, in Ihe shorl lime he has been wilh us, he has proved To be an excellenl scholar. Ivlosl ol his school years were spen+ in Canada, allhough his home is in Wilminglon. Our acguainlance has been shorl, bul we predicl success lor lhis lall, reserved young man. I7 JOHN DAVID HENRY "Hank" 305 Wesf 5Ih Sfreef, Wilmingfon, Del. Acfiviliesz Choir, I, 21 Herman Joseph Sociefy, I, 2, 3, 4: Golf, I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling, I, 2, 3, 42 Eoof- ball, li Class Vice-pres., 2, 4: Sec., 33 Palio, 43 Phi Sigma Alpha, 43 Sfuzlenf Council, 45 Base- ball, 4. Salufaforian. Hank, The scholar of our class, has displayed his many +aIen+s 'n mosf of fhe exfra-curricular acfiv- ifies. Injured in a baskefloall game in his freshman year, Hank was kepf ouf of The field of sporfs unfil fhe currenf baseball season, during which he proved fo be fhe spark-plug of fhe feam, His manly pera sonalify has also been noficed in his homefown, Wil- minglon, where he has befriended many a lad and Iassie. We all know Hank will go ahead, so good luck, pall TENTH ANNIVERSARY JOSEPH PATRICK IVIONIGLE "Joe" 2809 Monroe Sfreef, WiIm'ngfon, Del. Ac+ivi+ies: Class Sec., I: Choir, I, 3: Green Arch, I, 2, 3, 4i Pafio Sfaff, 4. Joe in his fruly Irish manner can manage fo gef info more frouble fhan any ofher five boys. Buf if's all in fun, and no harm's done, so Joe goes sailing along. Tall, blond and goodelooking, Joe does all righf wifh fhe ladies, foo. A scholarship sfudenf, Joe has mainfained a high scholasfic record during fhe four years he has been here. He has become a friend of everyone because of his sparkling wif, which has provided many laughs for all. We shall miss him-a good friend, a fine scholar, and a "greaf guy." 'I8 WILLIAM IVIICI-IAEL OCONNELL "lvlouf" 703 Rodney Sfreef, Wilmingfon, Del. Acfivifiesz Class Vice-pres., I: Pres., 2, 3, 43 Choir, 2, 37 I-Ierman Joseph Sociefy, 2, 3, 47 Baseball, 2, 3, 4: Green Arch, I, 3, 4: Pafio, 47 Phi Sigma Alpha, 4, Sfudenf Council, 45 Civics Club, Pres., 4. Commencemenf Speaker. Bill is a genfleman and a scholar in fhe classroom, and his name has never been absenf from fhe I-lonor Roll in his four years of affendance af Arch- mere. I-le has also shown himself fo be an all-around sfar in sporfs, playing varsify baseball for fhree years. Class presidenf for fhe pasf fhree years, Mouf has led fhe class fo all kinds of honors, and we know he will confinue fo lead in anyfhing he affempfs. 1932 -1942 JOHN PAUL NESTER "Jack" IOOO Boofh Sfreef, Chesfer, Pa. Acfivifiesz Choir, I, 2: Tennis, 27 Golf, 2, 3, Foof- ball, 2, 3: Baskefball, 2, 3, Pafio, 4: Baseball, 4. Coming from Chesfer I-ligh School in his fresh- man year, Jack has been wifh us for lhree and a half years. "Lesfer de Pesfer" has done much fo liven up fhe somefimes dull class-work. I-le has many friends in Wilmingfon as well as in Chesler, and has become acquainfed wifh mosf of fhe policemen from Chesfer fo Wilmingfon. A lively person wifh a ready wif, Jack may be expecfed fo affracf suc- cess and affenfion in lhe years fo come. I9 ANTI-IGNY FRANCIS PILEGGI "Tony" 32I WesT 3rd STreeT, ChesTer, Pa. AcTiviTies: Herman Joseph SocieTy, I, 2, 3, 4: GOIT, I, 2, 3, 43 FooTbaIl, Ig Green Arch, 2, 3, 4: Choir, I, 23 PaTio STaTT, 47 STudenT Council, 4. Valedic- Torian. Tony has disTinguished himselT as The TirsT sTu- denT in The class by heading The I'lonor Roll con- sisTenTly in his Tour years aT Archmere. I-Ie is The EinsTein oT The class. I-Iis lcnowledge of IvlaTh will be very useTul To him when he Talces The diTficulT Civil Engineering course aT Drexel lnsTiTuTe. Tony's perse- vering aTTiTude will malce him apply himselT sTren- uously in any worlc he chooses To underTaIce. All hail and all luck To This swell Tellow cIassmaTe. TENTI-I ANNIVERSARY ALBERTO SANTA MARIA "SanTa" Wawa, Pa. AcTiviTies: Choir, I, 2: I:ooTIoall, I, 2, 3, 4: Dra- matics, 25 Tennis, 3: Green Arch, 2, 3, 4: Class Sec., 47 EdiTor oT PaTio, 43 Baseball, 4. SanTa is, beyond a doubT, The besT-lilced member oT The Senior class. Never have we seen him lose his Temper in Tour years ThaT he has been wiTh us. We will all miss SanTa's sTaTion wagon: iT made such a nice recreaTion room aT noon-Time. Capable oT handling equally well The TooTbaII on The gridiron and The TexTbooI4 in The classroom, SanTa gives The impression oT one who will persevere in anyThing he aTTempTs. Q0 DANIEL FRANCIS Sl-IIELDS "Dan" Greenville, Del. Aclivifies: Class Pres., I3 Sec., 2: Treas., 43 Choir, 2, 3, Green Arch, 4: Palio, 47 Baseball, 4. In Dan 'rhe school has one of lhe mosl clean-Cul and quielesr lellows imaginable. I-lis popularily was shown when he was unanimously eleclecl class lreas- urer. Allhough he doesn'l lalce an aclive parl in sporls excepl baseball, he really Iilces Ihem, and was presenl a+ all Ihe school games. I-Iis oulslancling lealures are his red hair and big smile. Nolhing in lhe four years al Archmere has bolherecl Dan: he perseveres in everylhing he begins, and evidenlly will do The same in Ialer life. FIRST STUDENTS AT ARCHMERE Seplember I4, I932 Joseph Aldworfh Jerome Carson Thomas D'Onofrio Louis Del-lan Thomas Dewey yl Thomas Donnelly Jack Feldman Thomas Filzsimmons Gerard Garey Leo Gordon Joseph Healy Roberl Kelly Neal McLaughlin Vincenl Maguire William Navin John O'ConneIl J. Presfon Pew Paul Taggarl Joseph Walker lp 'i E21 SENIGR SUPERLATIVES Mosl Handsome Mosl Popular Mos? Scholarly Besf Dresser Mosi Humorous Mosl Ouispoken Mosf Alhlelic Mosf Likely 'ro Succeed Bes+ Ma+hema+ician Mosf Scien+ific Mos? Dependable Mosf Friendly Besl Dancer, Mosf Roman+ic Mosl Bashful Mos? Unconcerned Mosi' Sincere Mosf Popular wifh Girls Mos+ Pugnacious Mos? Opfimisfic Mosl' Pessimisiic Mos? Digniiied Mosi Carefree Mosf Serious lvlosf Jovial Besl Personalily Mosi Lackadaisical Mos+ Reserved Mosf Business Like Mosi Egoiisfical Tallesf Smallesi Favorife Favorife Favoriie Favorife Favorile Favorile Favoriie Favorile Favorife Favoriie Favori+e Favoriie Favorile Favorile Favoriie Favoriie Cavorife Band Vocalisi lfemalel Vocalisf lmalel Spor+ Universiiy Subiecl Year Norberiine Falhers Acior Aciress Moiion Piciure Aihleie Swing Song Sweei Song Rival School Comedian Hangoui' O'Connell San+a Maria Shields Monigle Grace Crolooi Devlin Sania Maria Pileggi Sania Maria O'Connell Class of '42 Henry Monigle Burgard Grace Harvell Henry Pileggi Everybody excep+ Dolan Dolan Filbrandf Burgard Shields Nesler Devlin Nesier Filbrand+ Berl Shields Harvell Dolan Glenn Miller Dinah Shore Bing Crosby Foolball Nofre Dame Maihemalics Senior Fr. Hurley and Fr. Diny Clark Gable Lana Turner "They Died Wiih Their Boois On Joe DiMaggio Blues in 'rhe Nighl Slumber Song Claymonf Monigle San+a's Sfafion Wagon To righf: W. YeTTer, J. FilbrandT, F. Miller, W. Maloney, J. Murray, W Zechman. THE POST GRADUATES "QualiTy, noT QuanTiTy," is The moTTo oT The PosT GraduaTe class. Though Tew in number, The P. Gfs have Talcen parT in every acTiviTy oT The school. Joe Murray, lv1idgeT TooTball coach and VarsiTy baslceTball player, hails Trom WashingTon, D.C. John FilbrandT, Trom AnTigo, Wis., was lcepT ouT oT bofh TooTball and baskeTball when he injured his knee in The early parT oT The season. Bill YeTTer. Trom ClaymonT High School, played TooTball, baseball, and baslceTball. Wales Zechman, our represenTaTive Trom WilmingTon, is a sTrong advocaTe oT The new STudenT Government Francis lvliller leTT us in The early parT oT The second semesTer To awaiT The call To arms. Bill Maloney, Trom P. S. DuponT l-ligh School, is The newesT addiTion To The class, coming in The beginning oT The semesTer. AlThough Trom diTTerenT parTs oT The counTry, The P. Gfs have suc- ceeded in Their many diversiTied acTiviTies, and will long be remem- bered aT Archmere. Q3 FORM FIVE Since The beginning OT The year The Juniors have proved Them- selves a valuable asseT on and abouT The campus. Ever campaigning, They are responsible Tor The now Thriving STudenT Council and The many innovaTions resulTing from iT. No acTiviTy Tinds iTselT wiThouT a Junior represenTaTive7 sporTs have more Than Their share. The Junior Prom was a huge success, bringing well-deserved credil' To an enere geTic and ambiTious class. Press conTerences abouT The sTaTe, radio programs, compeTiTive dramaTics, all have seen Juniors Taking no back seaTs. The Tollowing class oTTicers were chosen in The elecTions in Sep- Tember: Edward O'Neill, presidenTy Richard Cavanaugh, vice-presi- denTg Spiros l-laldas, secreTaryq George AruTTo, Treasurer. Firsf row-LefT To righi: John Shields, W. Nesler, T. Grimm. G. AruTTo, M. Culbert E. O'Neill, S. l-laldas, C. DiSabiTino, W. Craven, R. Gallagher. Second row: E. Lawrence, D. Murphy, J, LaPenTa, W. Grace, R. Cavanaugh, Fr. Nolan, J. Weelcley, G, Close, T. Parvis, B. Doig, l-l. Wendel. Q4 Fronl row: W. Craven, J. Cassidy, J. T. Callahan, R. Grace, J. Tiqani, J. Phillips, hy, W, Dewson, c row: R. Shiols, R. Wheeler, R. Boyle, C. Ochrymowicz, Fr. l-linlces, F. Dudley, J l'-l ley L 1 pl ,.l-lu. FORM FGUR ln lhe early parl ol lhe school year, we had our lirsl class meeling, and, as is lhe cuslom, elecled lhe lollowing class ollicers: Joe Tigani, Presidenl: Diclc Grace, Vice-Presidenlg Chesler Ochromowicz, Secree lary: and Bill McLaughlin, Treasurer. Though lhe maiorily ol lhe class are small in slalure, we are ade- qualely represenled in every alhlelic lield. We had Joe Tiqani, Bob Boyle, Diclc Grace and Frank Dudley playing Varsily loolloall. Repre- senling us on lhe Midgels we had Jim Phillips, Bob Murphy and Bill Dewson. Baslcelball has also lell our mighl. The Midgels' mosl suc- cesslul season was greally due lo Bill Dewson, Jim Phillips, Bob Murphy, Bill McLaughlin, Jim l-laley and Bob Wheeler. We are nol an enlirely alhlelic-minded class. Our musicians in lhe orcheslra, our scholars on lhe honor roll, our aclive parl in lhe ad- vancemenl ol lhe sludenl qovernmenl, our vocalisls in lhe choir, our debalers, and our l-lerman Joseph members, all show lhe diversilied aclivilies in which we look parl. We'll lceep il up always. Q5 FORM THREE Look Them over-The newesT addiTion To Archmere environmenT, The class oT '46. Their change from children To high school sTudenTs can be noTiced by a glance aT Their enviable TirsT year record. They're a qreaT lounch oT boys. The TirsT acTion oT Form Three was The elecTion oT class oTTicers. They chose Jimmy Dugan Tor PresidenT, Doc DoherTy Tor Vice- president Jimmy Nolan Tor SecreTary, and Dick Kaiser Tor Treasurer. Their records speak Tor Themselves: They sold more chance books and TickeTs Than any oTher class: They had aThleTes in TooTball. loaskeTball, and baseloallg They have scholars leading The honor roll, Their class is a sTrong advocaTe oT The sTudenT governmenT, Their chorisTers, l-lerman Joseph members, and Their debaTers. Since This is The TirsT year's record, look ouT Tor nexT year's Sophs. Fronf row M Wendel L PoTTs J. Nolan. J. Dugan, J. R. Callahan. c row T Galv n F Burr G. Callahan, R. Schilly, Fr. Diny, S. Reczek, Fronf row M Wendel L PoTTs J. Nolan, J. Dugan, R. Kaiser, J. R, Callahan. Q6 l Fronf row: John Burr, John Wilson, Fafher Hurley, Francis Foriunafo, Willard Presion. Back row: George Briflingham, Thomas Law, Roberl Manion. FORM ONE AND TWO Whai we lack in numbers we have in spiril. Early in lhe year we mel To choose our class officers and from rhe cream oi lhe class we chose John Wilson as presidenl, Francis Foriunalo for vice-presi- dent Willard Presron lor secrelary, and John Burr for lreasurer. John Wilson, Franny Forlunalo, and Willie Preslon are our besl alhleles. Bul' we musl' noi lorgel our 82-Ib. Alias in lhe person of Big Jaclc Burr. We also have our browny, loullcy, baliering Tom Law. Bob lvlanion acls as lhe class hislorian, while Franny is our aulhorily on "Correc+ English." l-le oilen experiences diiiicully in impressing his views of our language upon Johnny Wilson. George Brillingham, by his marvelous impersonafion of The Indian chief in "They Died Wifh Their Bools On," has well deserved lhe nickname "Chief Crazy Horse." You will easily undersiand aller lhis brief descriplion why, wilh such a variely, we canno+ achieve our goal-regular menlion on ihe l-lonor Roll. This we will do nexl year when we become responsible Frosh. Q7 HISTORY CDF THE CLASS OF 1942 In '38, fhe class of '42 began ifs acfivifies af Archmere wifh I9 hard-working sfudenfs. Under fhe skilled leadership of Fafher Hinlces, we quickly adopfed fhe manners and cusfoms of fhe school, and sfarfed off on 'rhe righf foof fo success. The officers elecfed in Sep- fember were: Edwin Whalen, presidenf: William O'Connell, vice- presidenf: Joseph Monigle, secrefary: Joseph Devlin, freasurerg and Harold Burgard, cheer leader. Lafer Daniel Shields was elecfed presi- denf fo' fill fhe posifion made vacanf by fhe prolonged illness of Edwin Whalen. As sophomores we enioyed a very successful year under fhe vigilanf wafch of Fafher Nolan despife The loss of several class mem- bers. Af fhe firsf meefing fhe elecfions were held and resulfed in fhe choosing of William O'Connell as presidenfg John Henry as vice- president Daniel Shields as secrefary, and John Crowley as freas- urer. As Juniors, once again under fhe experf guidance of Fafher Hinkes, we prepared ourselves for fhe heavy responsibilifies of being seniors. The class officers for fhe school year were as follows: William O'Con- nell, presidenfg Ernesf Crofoof, vice-presidenf, John Henry, secrefary: and Donald Raine, freasurer. And now, as seniors under fhe able leadership of our esfeemed Headmasfer, Fafher Hurley, we find ourselves swiffly approaching graduafion. The class officers: William O'Connell, presidenf: John Henry, vice-presidenfg Alberfo Sanfa Maria, secrefaryz and Daniel Shields, freasurer, are preparing 'rhe class for fhaf evenfful day. Though mosf of us are nof endowed wifh afhlefic abilify, we really excel as scholars, as fhe monfhly honor rolls have been showing. However, we are able fo boasf of such oufsfanding afhlefes as: Joe Devlin, William Berl, Alberfo Sanfa Maria, James Dolan, and Tom Filbrandf. Of course, fhe wifs of fhe class: Joe lvlonigle, Charles Grace, Tony Pileggi, and John Nesfer are nof fo be forgoffen eifher. Now fhaf our four years al' Archmere are virfually complefed, we are viewing fhe fufure wifh sfrong minds, healfhy bodies, and wifh renewed vigor. We have been spirifually forfified by fhe Norberfine Fafhers fo face wifh courage all fhe problems fhaf fhe world will 'rhrusf af us. Though few in number, we will never forgef Archmere wifh ifs beaufiful campus, ifs smiling faces, and ifs guiding lighfs- fhe faculfy. Q8 MUSIC, MAESTRO, PLEASE . . . CDRGANIZATIONS ALPHA OMEGA Beclr row: J. Devlin, H. Wendel, R, Boyle, A. Pileggi, J. Henry, J. Tigani G. Callahan, W. O'Connell, M, CulberT. Second row: T. Grimm, J. Murray, T, FilbrandT, W. NesTer, H. Burgard, Fr. Hinlces F. ForTunaTo, E. CroTooT, J. Dolan, J. Nolan, J. FilbrandT. Third row: J. Craven, W. Dewson, J. Callahan, TJ. Phillips, J. Dugan, l.. PoTTs M. Wandel, R. Murphy, J. Callahan, T. Galvin. The Alpha Omega SocieTy in The TiTTh year oT iTs exisTence has Tor iTs moderaTor and organizer FaTher Gabriel Hinlces. The socieTy was Tounded in order To Teach more boys To serve Holy Mass and BenedicTion. ln order ThaT all members may parTic:ipaTe in The serving, The boarders serve Mass on Sundays and weekdays and Benod'cTion on Sunday evening, and The day sTudenTs serve Benedichon, STaTion OT The Cross and High Masses which are aTTended by The sTudenT body in a group. Four Tormer members of Tho sociely have enTerod seminaries To sTudy Tor The holy priesThood. The socieTy is under The paTronage oT The Blessed Herman Joseph. a devouT priesT oT The NorberTine Order, who lived during The TwelTlh and ThirTeenTh cenTury. The oTlicers elec:Ted by The socieTy were: Joseph Devlin, PresidenT: Tony Pileqqi, Vice-President Bill O'Connell, SecreTary: and Jim Dolan, Treasurer. 30 THE GREEN ARCH STAFF During The lasT Three years The Green Arch has been represenTed aT The Columbia Press AssociaTion meeTing aT Newarlc, and aT The Middle STaTes Press Assoc?aTion aT Beacom College. The currenT EdiTor-in-chieT is John T-lenry: associaTe ediTor, ErnesT CroTooT and business manager, Thomas EilbrandT. , Timely Topics and imporTanT noTices are broughT To The aTTenTion oT The sTudenTs by The well-wriTTen and eTTecTive ediTorials Day by day hisTory oT The school is recorded in The pages oT "The Green Arch." The sTaTT members work in harmony wifh each oiher and Turn ouT a paper comparable in iTs class To any in The counTry. From a Iirerary sTandpoinT "The Green Arch" has given To The sTudenTs an opporTuniTy Tor iournalisTic expression. Besides The Tra n ing OT The usual ediTorial wriTing and news reporTing, iT has carr ed ThroughouT The years TeaTures, columns, and poems wriTTen by our Tellow sTudenTs. Back row: J. Devlin, S, Haldas, W. Zechrnan, A. SanTa Maria, FaTher l-loTTman W, O'Connell, W. Berl, J. Weekley. Second row: R. Gallagher, T. FiibrandT, T-l. Burgard, E. CroTooT, W. Dewson J. Callahan, J. Phillips, J. Callahan, R. Cavanaugh, H. Wendel, Fronf row: A. Pileggi, J. Dolan, E. O'NeiIl, B. Doig, J. Henry, J. FilbranclT J. Dugan, F. ForTunaTo. 31 LefT To righT: B. Doiq, E. CroTooT, T. Grimm, S. T-Ialdas, FaTher l-loTTman, R. Gal- laqher, J. Weelcley, l'l. Wendel, E. Q'Neill. THE ARCHMERE PLAYERS The Archmere Players organized several years ago, and Tor The pasT Three years have been under The direcTion oT FaTher l-loTTman. Since Then, The players have been noTed Tor aT leasT one sTar per- Tormance each season. On Palm Sunday, March 20, I94O, The dramaTisTs dislringuished Themselves wiTh a splendid performance OT "Monsignor's Hour," a peace play by EmmeT Lavery. The players were again honored when They enacTed Their one-acT play, "The FaTal LeTTer," in The PrivaTe School SecTion oT The Dela- ware STaTe DramaTic FesTival in April, l94l. Again, on April TiTTeenTh oT This year, They produced "lT lsn'T Done," by Carl Gliclc in The Delaware FesTival. The play was enacTed aT Ursuline Academy in coniuncTion wiTh compeTiTion from Salesi- anum, Tower l-lill, and Ursuline. Leading roles in The producTion were Taken by Barry Doig, Jefferson Weelcley, and Thomas Grimm. They reTurnecl Trom The compeTiTion wiTh second place. 32 THE PATIO STAFF "Bigger and BeTTer" has been The moTTo oT The Senior class, while They have been pursuing The diTTiculT problem OT publishing The i942 PaTio, and we sincerely believe ThaT we have accomplished our aim. We wish To express our sinceresT Thanlcs OT appreciaTion To FaTher Nolan, who has been our co-worker and TaculTy advisor. Since The day he was chosen To be ediTor-in-chieT, Till The evenTTul day oT prinTing, The hardesT worlcer on The sTaTT has been AlberTo SanTa Maria. The diTFiculT Task oT Tinancing was ably handled by our business manager, William Berl. Heading The sporTs division were Bill O'Connell and Joe Devlin, co-ediTors. Dan Shields was The club ediTor, and his assisTanTs were Jaclc NesTer, Jim Dolan, and Charlie Grace. Tony Pileggi was ihe' class ediTor and his chief assisTanT was Hank Henry, and The members oT The business sTaTT were Joe Monigle, Wales Zechman and Joe Murray. All The phoTography used in The PaTio TirsT had To pass Through The hands oT Harold Burgard and ErnesT CroTooT. Our problems have been numerous, our rewards Tew, buT The supreme saTisTacTion oT lcnowing ThaT iT will provide a lasTing record oT our accomplishmenTs and as a source OT enioymenT To our Tellow sTudenTs, is The reward oT which we are proud. STanding: J. Devlin, W. O'Connell, J. NesTer, H, Burqard, FaTher Nolan, C. Grace D. Shields. A. Pileggi. Seafedz J. Dolan, E. CroTooT, W. Berl, A. SanTa Maria, J. Murray, W. Zechman J. Henry. 33 Fa-on? row: W. Craven, W. Dewson, J. Dugan, J. Cassidy, L. Polls. Second row: C, Ochrymowicz, G. Callahan, R, Boyle, R. Wheeler, J. Tigani, M. Culbmi, J. Weclcley. C. DiSabilino. Back row: W. Nosler, P. Cleary, F. Forlunalo, J. l-laley. Af The organ: Faiher l-linlces. ARCHMERE Cl-IORISTERS The Archmere chorislers are under rhe able leadership of Falher l-linlqes. The Chair which originaied during Jrhe school year I939-l94O is open lo any slrudenl inleresled in vocal lraining. The purpose of lhe Choir is lo sing good polyphonic church and classical music and 'ro aid lhe members in learning a grealer variely of sacred hymns and pa+riO+iC songs. They have dislinguished 'rhemselves in many paslr achievemenls. A few of These successes have been singing al gradualion exercises. during High Mass, and during our yearly relreals. 34 THE ORCHESTRA WiTh endless eTTorT and paTience, lvlr. Wendel has labored wiTh The Archmere musicians Tor Three years. Beginning in l937, The OrchesTra has played aT various occasions such as The card parTies, and aT qraduaTion, where iT was hearTily appreciaTed. We do noT inTend To heap praise on our boys, yeT we give Them Tull crediT Tor Trying so hard and so conscienTiouslyg and we Tincl ThaT This year, Archmere's TenTh anniversary OT exisTence, Tinds The Or- chesTra aT iTs besT, and on iTs way To success. LeT's go back a Tew years, and call To mind some OT The Tellows which The Orche-sTra should loolc up, The boys who sTarTed iT all. l:irsT, our own Torn Maloney, The noTorious Tinlcler oT The ivories. Everyone should remember Tom, The 'ouTsTander." Then There was Ed PeTers, The "hoT TrumpeTer," and Don Raine, who was ever willing and quiTe able To "swing iT" on his Tiddle. WiTh These in mind, leT The Orches- Tra "sTrive on To Tinish The worlc iT is in"-To be an ouTsTanding success in TuTure years. T righT: T, Filbi'andT, M. Wendel, Mr. Wendel, J. Callahan, R. Grace. J. Phillips, J, FilbrandT, l-l. Wendel. 35 Mrs. M ichael Morley, PresidenT I94l- I942 FORMER PRESIDENTS T932 and l933-Mrs. Franlc Garey I934-Mrs. James Dewey James Houser Rose Boyle James Haley . Maybelle Oakes . Joseph Cavanaugh . William NoThnagle James Dolan I935-Mrs. I936-Mrs. T937--Mrs. T938-Mrs I939-Mrs l94O-Mrs l94l-Mrs. ln- 36 MOTHERS' GUILD The MoThers' Guild OT Archmere is comprised of moThers oT pasT and presenT sTudenTs. The organiza- Tion meeTs every TirsT Wednesday of The monTh, alTernaTing Trom aTTernoon meeTings To evening meeTings. AT These meeTin-gs, plans Tor Their Fall and Spring card parTies are discussed. The loeauTiTul sTaTue oT The Blessed MoTher in The garden was donaTed by Them This year. On December Third, The Tollowing officers were elecTed: Mrs. Michael Morley, President Mrs. Thomas J. Haley, Vice-President Mrs. John P. NesTer, SecreTary: and Mrs. J. F. Cavanaugh. Treasurer. AT THE SPRING CARD PARTY Top: The Committee Bottom: The Players BOARDERS' STUDENT COUNCIL The Boarders' STudenT Council is a new organizaTion sTarTed by The boarders early in February I942. The orqanizaTion has as iTs adviser FaTher Diny. AT The beginning oT each monTh, new oTTicers are elecTed so as To leT each member have a chance aT iTs worlc. AT The TirsT meeTing The Tollowing were chosen as oTTicers: Eddie O'Neill, President Ernie CroTooT, represenTing The Senior class: Barry Doig, represenTing The Junior classy and Bob Boyle, represenT- ing boTh The Sophomore and Freshman classes. Le'f+ To righT: B. Doig, E, CroTooT, E. O'Neill, R. Boyle. 37 OUT OF THE PAST Q I MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB During The school year oT I939-I94O, The Archmere Modelairs held Two Model Air MeeTs and parTicipaTed wholehearTedly in The Annual Archmere Hobby Show. In November l939, They held a successTul rubber band model conTesT and in June I94O, They sponsored a com- bined gas and rubber powered model show. These conTesTs were managed and direcTed by I:aTher I-IoTTman, The club adviser. Club officers Tor The scholasTic season were: Genaro Trueba, presi- denTg John Hairskme, vice-presidenTg and Joseph Kisielewicz, secreTary PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB During The scholasTic years I937, I938, and I939, The PhoTography Club Tlourished and expanded rapidly. The snapshoTs on many oT The PaTio pages were made by members oT The organizaTion. IT was Mr. John Fleclc who broughT up The idea oT Torming a club Tor sTudenTs inTeresTed in The Taking and developmenT oT picTures. ITs purpose was To Teach every one in iT The arT oT phoTography, as well as diTTer- enT Techniques Tor developing picTures. The TirsT leaders OT The club were AlTredo Trueba, presidenTg Thomas Maloney, Treasurer: and Genaro Trueba, secreTary. The Board oT DirecTors Tor The second year consisTed oT AITredo Trueba, Louis Sannini, Genaro Trueba, and Paul Riley. PHI SIGMA ALPHA The Phi Sigma Alpha I:raTerniTy originaTed Tour years ago under The supervision oT Mr. E. V. O'Brien. The purpose OT The socieTy is To oTTer iTs members opporTuniTies in oraTory, debaTe, drama, and radio. Because Tew sTudenTs were able To parTicipaTe, The TraTerniTy was noT as acTive This year as iT has been in The pasT. The highlighT oT The year was a broadcasTed program on The liTe oT ST. NorberT, Tounder oT The PremonsTraTensian Order, over STaTion WDEL in WilmingTon. The CaTholic Form oT The Air sponsored The evenT. This year's members are: Barry Doig, William O'ConneII, John Henry, John Shields, and James Dolan. PasT presidenTs are: I939-RoberT E. Carson: I94-O-Ralph Coughlan: I94I-James Dolan. 38 and Treasurer. AT Tl-IE JUNIOR PROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Mr Joseph Walker In This, fhe Tenfh Anniversary Pafio, we have looked back over The pasf years af Archmere and have nofed fhe oufsfanding evenfs and personalifies which have shaped ifs course. In This secfion of fhe book we have lisfed fhe graduafes of Archmere and have succeeded in felling, for fhe mos+ parf, whaf fhey are doing af fhe presenf fime. The lisfs for each year do nof include fhe posf-graduafe sfudenfs, even fhough fhere has always been a class of boys who have come 'ro Archmere fo puf in anofher year of preparafion for college work. Perhaps some fufure class will be able fo find ouf and publish fhe acfivifies of all 'rhe alumni, since fhe associafion is made up of graduafes, posf-graduafes, and also fhose who have spenl' al' Ieasl' one year af Archmere and have wifhdrawn in good sfanding. Seven groups of young men have passed fhrough fhe halls of 'rhe school before our presenf class. From Archmere fhey have gone on fo higher educafion, fo 'rhe armed forces of The Unifed Sfafes, and fo fhe indusfrial life of fheir communifies. Eighf alumni have dedi- cafed fheir lives fo fhe holy priesfhood. Fiffeen graduafes in addi- fion 'ro many ofher alumni are af presenf in fhe army, navy, and marine corps. Wifhin a few monfhs many more will become a parf of fhe armed forces in fhe presenf fifanic sfruggle. We who are abouf fo join fhem in a shorf 'rime salufe fhe former sfudenfs of Archmere, and wish fhem Godspeed in fheir life work. 40 OFFICERS Presidenf ..... .. Joseph Walker Vice-Presidenf 4 . . . . . Joseph Healy Secrefary .... . . William Navin Treasurer .... . James Haley If TT I Frefers: Waller Ziegler, Roberf Carson, George Feldman, Neal McLaughlin, and Joseph McLaughlin. WITH THE GRADUATES . . WILLIAM REILLY Valedicforian-I935 Requiescot in pace. CLASS OF '35 James W. Cleary-Res+aura+eur, Philadelphia, Pa. J. Ferdinand Convery-U. S. Army. James Conway-Georgeiown Universiry. Washing- Ion, D. C.: Yale Universify, New Haven, Conn.: Federal Bureau of Invesligaiion. Thomas Fifzsimmons-Pusey 8: Jones Co., Wilming- fon, Del. Joseph Healy-Temple Universily, Philadelphia, Pa. John Keaveny-Easlern Air Lines, New Yorlc, N. Y. Francis Milano-Cavalcade of America Program. New York, N. Y. John A. O'ConnelI - Beacom Business College: Hecules Powder Co.: U. S. Army. Francis Pufahl-The Ciladel, Charlesion, S. C. John Rebman-Drexel Inslilule, Philadelphia, Pa., Insurance Co. William Reilly-S+. Norloerl' College, Wesl De Pere, Wis. ldeceased-Feb. IO, I942l. Russell Wheeler-U. S. Army. 41 PAUL iJ. TAGGART, J Valediclorian-l936 CLASS OF '36 Thomas J. Dewey-Baldwin Locomolive Co., Eddy- sione, Pa. Thomas J. Donnelly-Philadelphia, Pa. J. Goorge Feldman-S+. Norberi College: Soulh- oasf Catholic High School, Philadelphia, Pa. Gerard S. Garey-Cafholic Universiiy of America, Washinglon, D. C.: U. S. Army. John Glenn-Eleclric l-lose and Rubber Co., Wil- mingion, Del. William J. Hanley-Dickinson College, Carlisle Pa. William P-leilcen-Baldwin Locomoiive Co., Eddy- slone, Pa. Rober+ F. Kelly- S+. Norberi College: S+a'rion WILM, Wilmingfong U. S. Army. Vinceni Maguire-Mounl S+. Mary's College, Em- mifsburg, Md. Neal McLaughlin-S+. Norberl' College: Soulheasi Cafholic High School, Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph lv1cSweeney-Universily of Delaware, New- ark, Del. William J. Navin-Villanova College, Philadelphia, Pa. Leo A. O'Connor-U. S. Army. l-l. Presion Pew-Grove Ciiy College: Sun Ship- building Co., Chesler, Pa. Philip Simeone-U. S. Army. Samuel J. Slichfer-Wilson Meal Co., Wilming- lon, Del. Thomas Sullivan-Slevedore, Philadelphia, Pa. Paul J. Taggari, Jr.-Mouni S+. lviary's College: Taggarf 8: Lange, Inc., Wilmingion, Del. William J. Walker-Insurance Agency, Philadel- phia, Pa. Joseph A. Yuravich-Fordham Universify, New Yorlc,N.Y. 42 JAMES COLLINS Vrilfcliclorian- -I937 JOSEPH M. McLAUGl-lLlN Valedicforian-I938 CLASS OF '37 Ross J. Arnold-Villanova College, Schoolship Annapolis. Joseph Bowers-U. S. Army Air Corps Levan Bowers-Temple Universily, Philadelphia, Pa. Francis Boyle-Calalylic Developmenl Co., Lin- wood, Pa., Universily of Pennsylvania. Gordon Brosmer-Villanova College, Philadelphia. Pa. Marlin Coggfns-Peirce Business College, Phila- delphia, Pa. James Collins-Villanova College: Universily of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. George M. Curlin-Llniversily ol Delaware, New- arlc, Del., U. ol Virginia Law School. James Frilchrnan-Moravian College. James F. l-laley-Universily of Nolre Dame, Soulh Bend, Ind. Edward J. Jurkowski-Villanova College, Philadel- phia, Pa. Joseph Milcesell-S+. Norberl College: Pennsylvania Railroad. William Mouquin-U. S. Navy. David M. Oliver-U. S. Army. James Shea-Mounl S+. Mary's College: George- lown Medical School. CLASS OF '38 William T. Baker-Universily of Pennsylvania: Baker Laundry Co., Collinswood, N. J. George P. Bishop-Ballimore, Md. Anlhony L. Celesle-U. S. Army. Charles l-l. Darrah-Hoclcessin, Del. Viclor E. DeBerardinis-Chesler, Pa. James H. l-louser-Universi+y of Delaware, Newark, Del. Anlhony J. Jurich-Temple Universiryg U. S. Army. John D. McSweeney-Sun Shipbuilding Co., Ches- fer, Pa. Joseph A. McCormick-Penn Slale College, Penn Slale, Pa. Joseph M. McLaughlin-S+. Norberl College, Wesl De Pere, Wis. Edxlgward J. Oalces-Wharlon School, Philadelphia, a. Michael D. O'Connor-Sun Shipbuilding Co., Ches- +er, Pa. James P. Whelan-Calalylic Developrnenl Co., Lin- wood, Pa. Leon J. Woiciechoslci-Sun Shipbuilding Co., Ches- ler, Pa. 43 ROBERT E. CARSON Valediclorian-I939 WALTER H. ZIEGLER Valecliclorian-l94D CLASS OF '39 Louis J. Apichell-The Apichell Coal Co., Kulp- monl, Pa. Frederick K. Baker-Valley Forge Junior College: Syracuse Universily, Syracuse, N. Y. Roberl E. Carson-Universiiy oi Hawaii, Honolulu, S+. Norberf College, Wesf De Pere, Wis. Sfuarl l-l. Degginger-Fordham Universify, New York, N. Y. John H. Dewson-S+. Charles Minor Seminary: S+. Mary's Seminary, Baliimore, Md. Gerald P. Doherfy-The Bancroff Co., Wilming- ron, Del. U. S. Marines. Howard J. Gallagher-Mounf S+. Mary's College, Emmilslourg, Md. Joseph W. Hess-Philadelphia Eleclric Co., Phila- delphia, Pa. Mallhew F. Judge--Unifed Siaies Marines. Joseph F. McLaughlin-Chesferlown College, Chesferrown, Md. Francis X. Mullen-Uniied Gas lmprovemenf, Ches- Ter, Pa. William E. Nolhnagle-Uniied Gas Improvement Chesier, Pa. Louis J. Sannini-Wharfon School: Philadelphia Baking Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Francis W. Tigani-The Du Poni Co., Wilminglon, Del. Vinceni L. Tigani-Villanova College, Philadelphia, Pa. Raymond S. Traceski-The Wesiinghouse Co., Phila- delphia, Pa. Alfredo Pafino Trueba-Papanlla, Mexico. Eugene F. While-The Sun Oil Co., Chesler, Pa. CLASS OF '40 Roberi J. Cavanaugh--Universily of Delaware Newark, Del. Ralph J. Coughlan-Wharion School oi Business, Philadelphia, Pa. George F. Davis-Mounr S+. Mary's College. Emmilsburg, Md. Pafrick J. Coyne-Mouni S+. Mary's College Emmilsburg, Md. Alberl A. Ewald-Calralylic Developmenl Co., Lin- wood, Pa. Philip Doherly-Universily of Delaware, Newark Del. 44 THOMAS R. MALONEY Valedicforian-l94l John J. Goodbody-The Sun Oil Co., Marcus Hook, Pa. Roberl E. Griner-The Horn and Hardarl Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. James F. Henry--Universily of Delaware, Newark, Del. Thomas J. Kilcullen-Sun Shipbuilding Co., Chesler, Pa. John Nicholas Judge-Universify of Delaware, Newark, Del. John P. Lynn-Wilminglon, Del. Joseph A. Kisielewicz-Sun Shipbuilding Co., Ches- ler, Pa. Fred J. Neeson-The Sun Oil Co., Chesler, Pa. Francis L. Nesler-Uniled Gas Improvement Ches- ler, Pa. James C. Reischer-Lehigh Universily, Belhlehem. Pa. Paul J. Riley-The Du Pom' Co., Wilmingfon, Del. Henry McC. Winchesler-Universily of Delaware, Newark, Del. Joseph J. Walker, The Weslinghouse Co., Ches- fer, Pa. Edward J. Zarnoski-Villanova College, Philadel- phia, Pa. Waller H. Ziegler-S+. Norberl' College, Wesl De Pere, Wis. CALSS OF '41 James W. Callahan-Villanova College, Philadel- phia, Pa. Roberl J. DeCosin-U. S, Arm Air Corps. William J. Flaherly-Mounl gil. Mary's College, Emmilsburg, Md. John E. Hairsine-Villanova College, Philadelphia, Pa. William J. l-lelmig-Villanova College, Philadel- phia, Pa. Thomas R. Maloney-Fordham Universily, New York, N. Y. Dennis J. McLaughlin-Providence College, Provi- dence, R. l. Edward J. Pelers-Georgefown Universily, Wash- inglon, D. C. Julius A. Oua'r+rocchi-Sun Shipbuilding and Dry- dock Co., Chesler, Pa. Anfhony S. Rozowicz-The Du Ponl Co., Wilming- lon, Del. Gerald P. Slevenson-Sun Oil Co., Marcus Hook, Pa. JohnIB. Thomas-The Du Pon+ Co., Wilmingfon, De. William J. Tigani-Buddy William's Orcheslra, Philadelphia, Pa. Norman J. Traceski-Traceski Eleclric Shop, Ridley Park, Pa. Genaro Trueba-Corlizas lmporling Co., Philadel- phia, Pa. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS The Mos? Rev. Edmond J. Fi+zmaurice, Bishop of Wilming- ton, hcisoFFicioted citcill the Archmere Commencements, ond has presenled lhe diplomas +o The graduales. l-le has also spoken 'ro The assembled graduales, rheir parenls, and friends on imporlanl queslions before +he Church. l935 i936 I937 -The Very Rev. Maurice S. Sheehy, Ph.D. -The Very Rev. Edward V. Slanlord, O.S.A., Ph.D. -The Rev. Joseph F. Thorning, Ph.D. l938-The Very Rev. Anselm M. Keele, O.Praem., Ph.D. I939-Mr. Adolph Wasililslcy, Ph.D. ln 'rhe following year a policy of all-sludenl par'ricipa+ion was inlroduced. l94O-Mr. James F. l-lenry and lvlr. Ralph J. Coughlan l94I-Mr. John E. l-lairsine and Mr. James W. Callahan T942-Mr. William Qfonnell. hm: 46 SPGRT OF SPORTS Ri FlrsT row-leTT To righfz D. Murphy, L. l-laupT, J. LaPenTa, J. Wilson, S. l-laldas. Second row: G, Close, R. Grace, iJ. Dolan, E. Tigani, C. DiSabaTino, J. Devlin, J Tlgan T. FilbrandT, W. DoherTy, W. NesTer, G. AruTTo. Sfandlng lf. CroTooT, W. YeTTer, W. Berl, A. SanTa Maria, R. Boyle, Fr. Diny, M Farmer, F. Miller, W. T-lagee. R. Cavanaugh, M. CulberT, E. O'Neill. VARSITY FOOTBALL Archmere began iTs '42 season auspiciously enough by deTeaTing Church Farm 6-O on a hoT OcT. 4, in Glen Lock, Pa. HighlighTing The game was Dick Cavanaugh's 55 yard sprinT To paydirT on an inTercepTed pass in The opening quarTer. Jim La PenTa, The signal caller, kepT Church Farm boTTled up wiTh his lengThy punTs. OuT- sTanding Tor The Archies were Johnny Wilson, Dick Cavanaugh, Jim La PenTa, Gene Tigani, backs, and Spiros T-laldas, CapTain Joe Devlin, "Sabby" DiSabiTino, and Tom FilbrandT in The line. On a cold, windy OcT. IO, The Green Wave suTTered a hearT breaking deTeaT aT The hands oi Conrad. Though ouTweighed and ouTmanned, Archmere scored Twice in The TirsT period. Aided by La PenTa's superb kicking and TerriTic line play, They managed To hold Conrad Tor a while. However The Conrad aTTack began To click and Archmere was nosed ouT I4-I2. No one could be menTioned as ouTsTanding player as everyone played a bang-up game. On OcT. I7, Archmere was again vicTorious. They downed Tome School 7-6. Tome scored in The TirsT guarTer buT The Archies re- TaliaTed in The second period wiTh SanTa Maria scoring Trom The Tive-yard line, climaxing a 60-yard susTained drive. AruTTo, Devlin and l-laldas were bulwarks on deTense while La RenTa, SanTa Maria, Tigani and Wilson shone in The secondary. The season was balanced aT 2 vicTories and 2 deTeaTs when The 48 Green Wave was clelealed by Cheslnul Hill. Oul- weighed buf fired wilh delerminalion, Ihe Archies played credilable ball. The lirsf Ially came on a pass from Cavanaugh Io I-Ialdas. Again Iale in Ihe 4'rh period, Lew I-Iaupf Ihrew a desperalion pass lo Caplr. Joe Devlin in ihe end zone Io culminalre +he scoring lor Ihe day. Archmere I2-Cheslnul Hill 25. Nov. 3 saw anolher deleal lor Ihe Archies, 'rhis lime al Ihe hands of Claymonl Io Ihe Iune of I6-O. Archmere Ioughl' vainly 'ro +urn The 'ride buf were unable +o capifalize on Iwo golden scoring oppor- Iunilies. Neverfheless even in defeat Ihe Team played a good brand of Ioolball. Again on Nov. 7+h Ihe Green Wave mei Ihe Blue and Gold horde from A. I. Du Ponl. Johnny Wilson blocked a kick and scored on a 25 yard run. I-Iis Jrouchdown wenl for naughl as A. I. rolled up I6 poinls To lake Ihe game. Sparkling on The line were Arulifo, Berl, Devlin, Joe Tigani and Tom Filbrandl. Slars in The backlield were Cavanaugh, Wilson, La Penla, Sanla Maria and Gene Tigani. I 9 42 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Ocf. Church Farm School ......, Home Oc? IO A. I. DuPon+ .....,. ..... A way Oc? I6 Tome ........,, Home Ocl 23 Friends School ,... Away Od 30 Chesfnuf I-Iill . , Away Nov Nov. I 3 Clayrnoni .... . . I-Iomecorn ing Game New Casfle .. .... Away Away ww Coach Farmer, Eafhe D COACHING STAFF r iny, Eaflwer Hogman STARTING ELEVEN Line: leff fo righf: J. DevTin, W. Berf, C. DiSabi'rTno, J. Tiqani, T. Eilbrandf, G, Aruffo, S. Haldas. Baclfleldz A. Sanfa Maria, J. WiTson, R .Cavanaugh J. Lapenfa. Fllb dt B MIDGET FOOTBALL , Because oT Their hard blocking and vicious Tackling The MidgeTs never losT a game and were scored upon only once. lT is Tor This reason ThaT They are called 'lMighTy MiTes." The scores oT The games were: MidgeTs 34, lmmaculaTe l-learT oT ChesTer O: MidgeTs 20, WilmingTon Friends O1 MidgeTs I4, A. l. DuPonT 6. The members oT This very successTul Team, coached by Fr. l-loTTman were: James Phillips, wiTh Three poinTs was one oT The eTTicienT back- Tield men. The oTher Tour ball carriers who composed The backTielcl were: Bill Dewson, 7 poinTs, Jimmie Nolan, IO poinTs and Lawrence PoTTs and Bob Murphy TogeTher made 20 poinTs. The ends who wenT ouT Tor many passes were J. R. Callahan, S. Reczek and Richard Kaiser: The go-geTTer Tackles were George Callahan and Ralph Schilly, also our sTar-kicker: The guardians oT The ball were Francis ForTunaTo, Willard PresTon and RoberT Manion and The Two cenTers who sTarTed The ball rolling were Frank Burr, and Jimmie Dugan. Fronf row J, Nolan, J. Duqan. cond row: L. PoTTs. J. Callahan, W. Dewson, J. Phillips, R. Murphy, R. Kaiser. r row Fr. l-lcTTman, R. Manion, F. ForTunaTo, G. Callahan, W. PresTon, R. Shilly, Joseph Murray. T"""5Jf53Z'.lM 51 erl Devlin S t M VARSITY BASKETBALL Back row, le'F+ fo righf: T. Filbranclf, J. Wilson, W. Dougheriy. J. Filbrandf, C. DiSabi+ino. Froni' row, le'f'r fo righf: H. Burgard, J. Murray, W. Yeiier, Coach Farmer, S. Haldas, J, Lalnenia, E. Croiooi. Wiih a iough schedule before ihe ieam, ihe currenl campaign in baslceiball go+ under way on December l6+h. A glance ai lhe record reveals ihai only four games of ihe season were won. However, a number oi ihe games were very close, having been losi in 'rhe final minuies in many cases. During The eniire season ihe Archies showed considerable iighi and spirii, buf did noi have suiihcieni scoring power in lhe cluich. Noneiheless, ihe players, mosi of whom will reiurn nexi year, received much needed experience, which will be a valuable assei nexi year. RECORD Archmere. .... 2l A. l. DuPonl' High ...., .,.. 3 I Archmere. ,, Archmere. ., ,.. Boolhwyn High .. Chesinul' Hill ,... Archmere. Tower Hill ....... Archmere. Friends School .., Archmere. Sanford Prep. ,,. Archmere. Archmere.. . . New Casile High A. l. DuPoni High Archmere.. Claymoni High ,, Archmere. .. S+. James, Chesier Archmere. The Alumni ..... Archmere. .. Tower Hill .,.... Archmere.. .. ,,.. Claymoni .,.,. Archmere .. Saniorcl Prep. ... Archmere. New Casile .... SQ J. V. BASKETBALL The Iulure varsily baslcelball squad boasls of one of 'rhe scrappiesl J. V. Ieams ever +0 represe-nl Archmere on The hardwood courls. Playing againsl bigger and more experienced opponenls, 'they played lheir hearls oul' every second of Ihe game. They Iypify The Archmere alhlele-one wilh 'rhe incenlive lo win, buf always a good sporls- man. The aciual resull was 4 wins againsl IO losses, bul several of Ihese were Iosl by close scores. They have gained valuable experi- ence, which Ihey can pul lo good use nexl year in Their eflorl Io become varsily members. RECORD ARCI-IMERE J. V. .. I6 A. I. DuPon+ ARCHMERE J V. , 13 Boolhwyn .. ARCI-IMERE J V. ,. 25 Warner , . ARCHMERE J V. ,. 20 Friends . ARCI-IMERE J. V. .. I8 Sanford ARCI-IMERE J. V. . II S+. James .. ARCI-IMERE J V. .. 8 A. I. DuPon'r ARCI-IMERE J V. . 29 Clayrnonl' .. ARCI-IMERE J V. . I7 S+. James .. ARCI-IMERE J. V. .. IO Tower I-Iill , ARCHMERE J. V. ., IO Sanford ARCI-IMERE J V. . I5 Claymonf .. Back row, Ieff fo righfz J. I-Ialey, W. Dewson, W. McLaughlin J Ph R. Murphy. Fronl' row, Iefl lo righf: T. Law, A. Buslo, Coach E. Crofool, R. Wheeler, R. Cavanaugh D Murphy Farmer. 53 FronT leTT To righf: G. Callahan, W. FresTon, J. Burr, J. Callahan, J. Callahan. c leTT To righT: F. ForTunaTo, L. PoTTs, Fr. Diny, F. Burr, R. Schilly. MIDGET BASKETBALL The Archmere MidgeTs opened Their l94I-42 season by losing Tour sTraighT To ClaymonT and lvlounT PleasanT. Soon They hir a winning sTride, however, and overcame Two small buT sTrong Teams, Friends School and ST. Ann's, WilmingTon. The miTes Then played Resurrec- Tion and ST. James oT ChesTer, and were dealT Their TiTTh and sixTh losses by close scores. NexT ST. Ann's and ST. ElizabeTh's invaded Their Tloor, buT The Green and WhiTe proved vicTorious in boTh games. The Tinal game oT The season wiTh The All-STars oT Wilming- Ton Turned ouT TaTal To The STars as They were Trounced 25-4 by The MiTes. Bill Dewson was The high scorer oT The Team. OTher ouTsTanding players were James Phillips, Ralph Schilly, John Callahan, and Larry PoTTs. FaTher Diny deserves much crediT Tor his perseverance as The coach, 54 VARSITY BASEBALL Wiih buf four velerans-Jim Lapenla, Bill Doherly, Joe Devlin and Bill O'ConneII-relurning from Iasl year's nine, Coach Farmer is aliempling 'ro mold a winning combine from The fiileen candidales 'frying for Iirs+ Ieam berlhs. Aspiring 'ro fill "Dodo" DeCosin's shoes a+ iirsi base are John Shields, Jim LaPen+a, and Eddie O'NeiII. Over ai second we have Doheriy. Collaboraiing wilh "Doc" around Ihe "Keys+one Sack" is Hank Henry. On Ihe hol corner is Bill O'ConneIl. Working behind Ihe bai is Tommy Filbrandi and Johnny Wilson. The guardians of Ihe ouler pasiures will be selecled from 'rhis formidable group: Dick Cavanaugh, Bill Yelier, Wales Zechman, Joe Devlin, John Filbrandl, A. Sanla Maria, and Gene Tigani. The mound slalil will be composed of Jim LaPenIa, Gene Tigani. Joe Devlin, and John Filbrandl. SCHEDULE Archmere .. ... I2 Tower Hill ... " IO Friends " .. 5 Sanford .,. " 2 New Casfle . ... 3 Claymoni ... I A.I.DuPonf ... 2 Claymoni ... 5 Tower Hill .. , 3 Friends .. 0 Claymonl , .. I3 Sanford Fronf row: C-3. Tigani, R. Cavanaugh, J. Henry, W. Ye-Her, E. O'Neil, W. Doheriy Back row: Coach Farmer. W. O'ConneII, IJ. Devlin, A. Sanfa Maria, J. Lapenla J. Filbrancll, T. Filbrandl. 55 J. V. BASEBALL FronT row, lefT To righT: J. Nolan, G. Callahan, J. Philips, W. Dewson, J. Callahan L. Poffs, R. Murphy, T. Galvin. Back row, leff To righT: T. Walsh, J. Haley, W. McLaughlin, W. Presfon, F. Dudley T. Law, R. Wheeler, R. Schilly, F. ForTunaTo. This year's much improved Jay Vee Baseball Team enioyed a very successful season. One of The main reasons for This brillianf showing was due To The superb playing of such experienced veferans as Tom Law, James Philips, John Callahan, Bill Dewson, and Francis ForTunaTo. Credif should be given To The ouTfield who acquired such polish as The season progressed and To The infield for Their smoofh ball playing Throughouf The season. Wiry Tom Galvin did The cafching for The effecTive piTching of Jim Nolan, Bob Murphy, and John Callahan. John Shields and Bill McLaughlin did excellenT performances on firsf base. Dewson held down The busy second bag, "omnipresenT" Francis ForTunaTo filled The shorTsTop posiTion, and Ralph Schilly compleTed an excellenf infield on Third. In The depThs of The ouffield we find Tommy Walsh, James Phillips, John T. Callahan, and flashing Tom Law. SCHEDULE Archmere Friends School J. V.'s .. 5 0 MT. Pleasanf School 8 7 Sanford Prep J. V.'s 3 4 MT. Pleasanf School 8 4 Tower Hill ........... 7 5 56 TENNIS Wirh The coming of spring Fr. Diny issued a call for 'rennis can- didales. Some of lhe hopeful aspiranls who lurned our fo fry lheir hancl al 'rhis popular sporl' were: Harold Burgard, George Aruffo, Joe Murray, Bill Maloney, Gerry Close, Dick Gallagher, Tom Parvis, Spiros Haldas, and Bill Berl. As 'rhe yearboolc goes To press several mafches have been arranged by Fr. Diny with Friends and Salesianum of Wilminglon. We are sure +ha+ lhe lennis +e-am will have a rnosl successful season if They confinue wilh 'rhe zesf ancl enlhusiasm 'rhal 'rhey have shown +hus lar. fo rlghf: J. Dolan, H. Burgard, J. Murray, W. Berl, T. Parvis 57 4 P PATRGNS AND PATRONESSES Col. and Mrs. William Berl, Jr. Mrs. l.. M. Boyle Dr. and Mrs. Alberl Burgard Mr. and Mrs. Auguslus Burr Senor y Senora Anronio Buslo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. J. R. Callahan W. F. Callahan Joseph F. Cavanaugh J. l-l. Cassidy Paul Cleary George l-l. Close M rs. Margarel Craven Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. W. G. E. Dewson William Doig James F. Dolan Edward A. Dugan .John J. Filbrandf Luigi Forrunalo Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Galvin Mrs. Agnes l-logee Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gluszek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. l-laley Mr. and Mrs. Louis l-l. l-laupl Mr. and Mrs Mr.and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs James F. Henry Richard A. Kaiser Frank F. Law James La Penra William J. Maloney Mrs. Bridger Murphy Miss Kalhryn l.. McDade Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Monigle Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs Joseph B. Murray John P. Nesler James Nolan M. E. O'Connell Edward O'Neill R. S. Parvis Willard Preslon A. Fl. Sanla Maria Ralph C. Schilly Daniel F. Shields J. V. Tigani Slephen Wilson l-larry P. Wendel To OUR ADVERTISERS Despife fhe fad 'rhaf 'rhe business of +he counfry has been disorganized by our wholehearled na+ional efforf in 'rofal warfare agains+ 'rhe Axis, +he response fo our adverlising campaign was indeed grafifying. Needless fo say, wifhouf this help if would have been impossible fo publish lhis Tenfh Anniversary yearbook, 'rhe Pafio of l942. By means of 'rhis shorl' nofe I wish, in fhe name of lhe Pafio slaff. +o express my appreciafion for your Financial aid and 'ro invife fhe benevolenf reader of The Pafio fo pa+ronize your business enferprises. ALBERT SANTA MARIA -Edi+or in Chief hun 59 6011325 TRADEWIARK - Phone -I-5577 CHARLES I. SISOFO Tailor Ivilminglolfs Alost Aloclern Stock ol' FULL DRESS TUXEDOS AND CUTAWAYS FOR ALL OCCASIONS NVe Specialize in XVeclclings Silk Hats Summer Formal 515 W. FOURTH ST. WILMINGTON T. H. CAPPEAU PHARMACIST Upposife Bannl 0 Station Telephone WIC Deliver Phone 8537-8558 lame T. Mullin and Sons, Inc. I 6th and Market St. WILMINGTON f The Family's Fashion Store Steinway Kimball ancl Other Leading Pianos CAPEHART 4 xlxc l Other Popular Radios Victor anal Columbia Recorcls GEWEHR PIANO C0. 2112-I4 Xvest Qtll St. P1 lcbrl e 7l50 JAMES J. DOHERTY FUNERAL SERVICE V SEVENTH AND RODNEY STREETS WILMINGTON DELAWARE Phone 829l JAMES HALDAS FOOD MARKET 605-5-7 King Sf. IVILAIINGTON, DELANVARE Where Quality and Service Are Yours at No Extra Cost DUPONT PAINTS VARNISHES AND ENAMELS LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL l AND MILLWORK AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR WEYERHAEUSER ANTHRACVUE 4-SQUARE LUMBER r E LU'n3 0 R-'fc o OPI' C LUMBER and COAL CO. GREENVILLE, DELAWARE PHONES -I-5396 - -1-5397 Mount St. Mary' s College 1808 Emmitsburg, Maryland 1942 K A fully accredited Catholic College in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Maryland. A.B. and B.S. degrees. Courses Classical, Scientific, Business and Educa- tion. Pre-medical, Pre-legal, and Pre- dental preparation. I For detailed information write the REGISTRAR Gas and Electric Are Your Cheapest Servants-Use Them DELAWARE POWER and LIGHT COMPANY Hospitality Awaits You at the Hob Tea Room, Inc. Arcade DELAWARE TRUST BLDG. Luncheon 11:15 to 2:50 Dinner l 5:15 to 7:50 Sunday Dinner 1:50 to 7:00 Phone 24821 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Est. 1880 HARRIS and GROLL CREDIT IEWELERS 7th and Shipley St. YVILMINGTON Compliments Yorkshire Worsted Mills Dominick Pileggi 81 Sons MASONRY CONTRACTORS 521 W. 5rd sf. CHESTER PENNA. CHESTER, PENNA. s'i1f'Mm F p yi 11161111 N For Portraits oi' Quality, Style :incl Distinction Visit DAVIS STUDIOS Wetlcling and Portrait PHOTOGRAPHERS For Appointment Dial 5-5584 504-6-8 CITIZENS BANK BLDG. Compliments of A DELAMORE DAIRY V Phone 2-6212 Wilmington Star Shop Inc. IouN E. l'VlCCiOl.DRICK, Mgr. Stair Building Special Mill Work and Cabinet Work 407 North Adams St. WILMINGTON, DELAWARE GEORGE CARSON BOYD FLOWERS Phone 54588 216 NV. Tenth St. WILMINGTON, DELAWA RE William G. Robelen Q Plumbing and Heating Contractor 625 Shipley Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE 1. T. WARD EXCAVATING - ROCK DRILLING CONCRETE CUTTING 1401 W. llth Street WILMINGTON, DEL. GARRETT, MILLER 81 Co. 12' Tl' DELAWARE? OLDEST YETTER'S RESTAURANT ELECTRICAL HOUSE CLAYMONT DELAWARE N. E. Cor. Fourth and Orange St. if W NVILIV1., DEL. Phone 3-422 Diamonds -- Wedding Rings - Watches Frank C. Sparks Company Radios - Fountain Pens -Schick Shavers CARL A. DOUBET, IR. 10th and Orange, Wvilmington, Del. Carl A. Douhet 8th and Edgmont, Chester, Pa. MASON CONTRACTORS V 1710 Lovering Ave. XVILMINGTON, DELAWARE Phones 8563-8564 ANDRENV H. SHELLHORN HARIIY B. HILL SALES SERVICE Toridheat Oil Burners Delolene Fuel Oil Office and Warehouse ELSMERE, DEL. Phone: 1Vi1. 55293 SAN-NAP-PAK ROCKLAND, DEL. NIANUFACTURERS O1-'I Sanitary Napkins Cleansing Tissues Facial Toilet Tissues Phone 7416 Compliments of Pennsylvania Military College CHESTER, PA. 'A' SA' aff aff sir if FRANKLIN G. WILLIAMS, PH.D. FRANK K. 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Brittingham BELL'S BARBER SHOP PHARMACIST MURRAY'S, CHESTER, PA. gg MiChea1A- Mealey 81 SOD Medical Arts Bulding INCORPORATED Delaware Avenue and Jefferson Street A WI MINGT , L FUNERAL DIRECTORS L ON DE WILMINGTON, DELAWARE HORACE GREELEY Said: "Go West, Young Man, Go West" If you are looking for a college education that will include: A change of scene and associations, A recognized A.B. or Sc.B. degree, A democratic college life in a clique-less atmosphere, A chance at intercollegiate football, basketball and other sports, An intensive intramural sport program, R.O.T.C. training leading to a Lieutenancy in the U. S. Army Reserve Corps, Several opportunities for dramatic experience each year, Practical work on the college paper as well as journalism courses, Participation for singers or speakers on weekly radio programs, Membership in the military band for musicians, AND all for less than S550 a yearfincluding tuition, room, board, etc. Write to: THE REGISTRAR ST. 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Sth Street 925 Market Street T Q WILMINGTON 2-1452 Phone 2.2204 oracc amp oz INCORPORATED Printers and Lithographers This Book from Our Press WEST CHESTER, PA. Q Q A . V .z 4. . 1, mv. , - ,- k. 'Y A A1-Nl-'., N Fa, ... ji . ' ,. - 'f G- , L .- ' .fwf fy xx is 1. ,, 2. xv., , ms, , f ,- f.. , , ,, , 4 A n w ...1.'u,,,1T wg . , h, :- 0,2 ws - ,A Ii-.J - v qw-L' .,. 5 4.: f . wh . J... x WV. ', 1-f f Lf. 7' , -1, J 1. ict-ffeg ,, .A 1V,",,.1 N - ' 'LU' ,mb 5. - 4 Vg.: I U X. . . ,L ff' 4-if A 1 1 V J - ' 'g x1-"'. 44, gui, 4 gl . H,-1' " , V. .. , .. fy. , ,n 'if' 5 23' WK-, I X-E J! , 4- y. , 4. 54. .."jg,.1i .1kf'r?" : 9" . x M., P ' . ' ,Q . gs .,,r. if ,,,4f , 1 , .1-. ,v F'- 'J j,j . iq-' f .'1.,n '- J .x- ' H Q 1. vi ' 4 ,Y 1 ..1,, , n K1 1- 1 f.. . -- 1- f 4 f f w 1 4 n 1 1 1 -. . 6.1.0 l. Q - K- og I , ..g..Q"- A AE ' - . N F 7 . as-1 1'lF7'l.T"F' . X., W N1 v-.,. , , 4 .4-rx , . 5 w- z 2 .951 . : --2. ..-, 7 1. 'Q "-x fr ,,' UT.. -.uni ,u..: ...J if .1 4., , , .-',' - J . .- L . . ,P ,, . H' 41.5 L- . . ,shi , A , vm' .,, : L ,:' in ing., g V b I 4 'fgg-9 Jr, 1-rf, -4 V3 11 . . t 'f 1 'N 11.526 H 4' ,v ha' , Q, - ' FIS: . by ,J t. ,yn 1 , , 1 'w 1' ,Q , WBAR r 1' " -,,,,"' . N, X . MFSSIQ . , . , Q. ,- .WA .r . .3,",,'f ,xg A '1-4..x mag- 1 ' fsfg., A ' '11, 'f fly., . W . 1 F' ' ' ,., ,, .. , .3...,fig1r ' ki' Qgfg -- L., m ' f ,A R.: , 5iT".Tf.'. - 'f' 1: 51- . , .ba-., if. 'ilf ' 4 ..:, V, Q.. . V, - ,gf - , K. , 1,k J. .Y 5 +6 .. f lf' K 9 Q. , v , A, 'ff W 5 ' 1 tk M -W ax :Q 'I ff wb: ,.., 1 T. ,,u,.. ' .E-, -fr. ,, H .rv I - ".. 4. -A-A ,ea ..,.' 1 " 'Z 7. W , , ,,.f-Y, . , , , l ' '18 1' 4' e. . ny., - - 1 ' tr-1 5 ., 4.51 xr' , ,lr .. 1, ,, -,, J Q, J x,--, ,J-, L-f '-' K-,, 5- .. M' X 1 5? K , I HV. x ' .'?.- - w' 3... Q . fu'- . . . Q "f 4 . ,- W Y E .xlib n ' lf r '- 5 fi A , ,L . I' , , ..,x ' , f ,.. .f A . ' -- rv " . N, , f -ks, , Q , f , .4 Q ,A . . . 2' f .1 , A "Ly K .,. Av, A gn Yr X , . , . fp 1 Q' f ' -. ,wi ' , , .,., M 1 V .X H , 5 ,f U ' f s ,, is , . - C.. . - r---' 1 '-'xl . .qv J 5. , ,,Ll.i , -s. I... .x., ,..,

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