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2 1:7 4 1 rf? 'Fw' W -.v11:,'--' nl, ff: wc: ' 1 11111, 21- 3,1 W 11112 1 Jw, 1 1 U R 1' w . 1,1 'L!i1I'H11'R31' ' . 1 1 ' 1. 1 1,1111 131, , 1 11 .1 1, 1 111- XW V' 1 1 .1 f ,QQ fa 'v .1 J, 1 11 fan 1.41 gh wtf. 1? 'Z-fief if-1' M' 1' I Q2 f if - "1-1 u wh! '. r A1-A 1 1 115' ' 1111, "1 1 ,'1Fn:'55 '1-'W12' A 11. 1 ' - 11 "'1,1,:,121 'Q-I 11'1' 1' 1I1 11P'11 'W ' Q" 1 1 1.111 ' 111 . ,,,1 51 1 1 1 1wM,111W', g11111,1,,1:.A11,11 ' " 1111! 111 M ' -1 - 1 5 DEDICATION We would like to dedicate this Eagle to our mothers and fathers in deep appreciation for helping us through our most important years. If it weren't for you behind us, giving us a helping hand here and a discipline there, we would not be the people we are today. Your guidance has helped to make us ready to take that important step forward into the world of tomorrow, and has given us many happy memories. ANNUAL STAFF Seated: Left to Right: Arvin Verburg, Jeannie Lemkuil Roberta Blok stan Lemkuil, Kenny williams. ' ' Standing: Sponsor-Mr. Smith, Edwin Wolthuizen, David Ballou, Donna Bcgaard, Norene Dykstra, Sharon Buren, Mary Kuiper, Brad Pietens. Editorbiiliiillllil lOlOOlORoberta Assistant Editor..........Jeannie Lemkuil Business Manager...........a.Stan Lemkuil Asst. Business Manager.....Kenny williams Sports Editor............Edwin wolthuizen Social Editor................David Ballou Grade Editor.... ....Arvin Verburg Typists........ ...Norene Dykstra Sharon Buren Mary Kuiper Brad Pietens -r54.Pf.rn'v A :sf WSIB - , . I-:pg-ft'-1,t,. ,,..,'. - Qui Lk: L-.:-43,1-14'.A-1,1-1'14.5-'. '- ngggz- ::.1:g -mia-',-'J , .1 if ,UNH .H nw-n,4nq nn 1-sq , ... .. N ' ' wmmmi-lwuwiluamlmmlalllmmnmmwmmm FACULTY Seated: Mrs. K1SiI1W0lIB1'iI1k, Miss Gorter, I'-HSS Suit. Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Smith, Miss Qdlins, Mrs. Graham Standing: Mrs. Tanner, Mr. Wolverton, Nrs.Meyer, ,Mr. Brouwer, Mr. Graham, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Colvin. 'Superintendent R. Brouwer ARCHER IOWA Principal H. W. Matzdorff ADMINISTRATIO Mr. Brouwer-Superintendent Hull, Iowa-High School Central College, Pella Iowa State College, Ames University of Iowa, Iowa City University of Colorado, Greeley Mr. H. W. Matzdorff-Principal Storm Lake, Iowa-High School Buena B. A. Degree Dept. Vista College, Storm Lake Manual Arts, Science Mrs. Stella Tanner Newell Iowa-High School Morningside College, Sioux City B. A. Degree Dept. English Mr. Robert Wolverton Stanton, Nebraska-High School Wayne State Teachers College, Nebr. B. A. Degree M. A. Degree Dept. Athletics, Math., Jr. High Mr. Marvin E. Smith Indianola, Iowa-High School Simpson College, Indianola Iowa State Teachers, Cedar Falls Dept. Business Education Mr. William Graham Harris, Iowa-High School Buena Vista College, Storm Lake Dept. Music Mrs. Miriam Colvin Battle Creek, Iowa-High School Iowa State College, Ames Dept. Home Ec., Education Mrs. Karen Smith Mr. Myron Meyer Sheldon, Iowa-High School Northwestern Jr, Cgllege MmgeCRy Westmar College, LeMars Dept. Jr. High Mrs. Richard Brouwer Rock Rapids, Iowa-High School Iowa State Teachers, Cedar Falls University of Colorado, Greeley Dept. Grade 5 A Mrs. Elizabeth Graham A Newell, Iowa-High School Buena Vista College, Storm Lake Dept. Jr. High Mrs. Eleanor Kleinwolterink Boyden, Iowa-High School Northwestern Jr. College Orange City Dept. Grade 3 Miss Carol Lee Collins Ireton, Iowa-High School Northwestern Jr. College Orange City Dept. Grade l Miss Sylvia Gorter Hull Western Christian High School Westmar College, LeMars E. A. Degree Dept. Grade 2 Miss Eileen Smit Hull, Iowa-High School Northwestern Jr. College Orange City Dept. Grade A Iowa Falls, Iowa-High School Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls Dept. Primary ARCHER RECREATION ARCHER HARDWARE SNACK BAR WILTS HOG YARD ARCHER ARCHER TFLEPHONE EXCHANCE 4 -1 BCARD' CF EDUCATION Seated: Carl Akeson, Jr., Patricia Schwartz, Sec'y., Charles Fykstra Standing: Pat Ballou, Pres., Roy Lemkuil, Emil Koepnick. BUSES Drivers: Bill Haut, Raymond Buse, George Blankers, Jake Vanden Hull. Cooks Mrs. TePaske Mrs. Williams Mrs. Idso SECRETARY Pat Schwartz JANITORS Charlie R Mary Krauss L I. -s 5 I 1 MWIDVR .-.L-' .:,, va: ',.5e'.'1 ,a'1:Jl- .f,1,'.Q..'f-,". 343, 3-1,-5.3 Q.,-nj.,-AL, g.y,.-.3g1'1,g1 - 1':.z1g"TYggz-4.1 ..,'3'i,,- 1.- F'?H LJ 1 ' FT? T-I I? I! I John Stanley Lemkuil llstanll PRESIDENT Student COunCi1eoeeeeeeee2,3 Class P1ayseeeeeeeeeeeeee3gh Baseballeeeeeeoe eee1,2,3 I 4 Basketba11...... ...1,2,3,H Clubee ncoa eeeeeeeeeeeee2 Annual Asst. Bus. Manager..E Annual Business Manager.... Student Manager............1 Senior Most Likely to Succeed Madeline Ballou 'Bean VICE-PRESIDENT Mixed ChOruSuseeenneen1,2,3,L+ Girls Glee................1,H Girls Sextette........l,2,3,4 Double Mixed Quartet. Vocal So1o........... Dec1amlOl0OOIOlIUOlll Softba11.... ... Basketballilillil OID Class P1ays........... Girls Cheer1eader..... Newspaper Asst. Ed. 8 Class Pres1dent....... aeeee3,,1' eeeee3,,+ eeeeeeeu' -laisgsh ee ffff..1 Ed..3,U Magazine Sales Captain....3 High School Reporter.... Norene Dy eele3 kstra NNoreneN SECRET Mixed Chorus..... Girls G1ee...... ARY eenee1,2,3,,+ Student Council ........ Playsllillill ill Newspaper Staff. Pep Clubeeoeeeee eeeellel eeeeeeee Typistilililiilil Magazine Sales Captain.. Mary Ann Kuiper nMaryn TREASURER Mixed Chorus.......... Girls G1ee...... Softba11...... Basketba11.... Cheerleader.... Class Plays..... Class President. Librarian ...... Annual Typist......... Newspaper Typist...... eeeeee eel ll lee Q el ell one ee 112931k 1,2,3,N 1s2a3su 1 2 ililsl'-Q eeee3,l+ COOOIOE ::::?:1, Qeeeeeh' eeee1,2,3,l+ Band. Mixed Girls Girls 'EASLGQIIIII David G. Ballou NDaveH Student Council............l C1ubIlIlO0ll0lUOlOiiOCl1 Class Vice-President.......l P1aysOllOO0OllOOlOO3,,+ Dec1amOODOll!lOOOOlll OOCll+ Annual staff... ....h Roberta Kae NBertn Blok oouoo1,2,3,l+ oooul-,2,3Ql+ G1ee0l0uo0l0l00o1,2,3,k Sextette... OIOIICIIU3 l+ Double Quar-cet....2,3,1+ Basketballooesaoooooocoo2,3,l+ Student Counci1.............2 So1oCllll.lCl.ll1,2,3,l+ Annual Asst. Ed. 8 Ed.....3,k Class P1aySaol000ilv0000o03,k Mixed I l l C U l I O I 0 I Softba1l.... ....3,N Dec1am..... ...l.'l+ Majorette...... Annual Staff.'. Donna Dee Bogaard NDonH Basketball...............l,2 Mixed Chorus.........1,2,3,h Girls Glee...........1,2,3,N eosooo1,2,3,h Student Council..........1,H Class Treasurer.... ......2 Class Plays...... ....3,h 9 as mousse Newspaper Staff.... .....E Newspaper Typ1st..... ... Arvin Roger Verburg HArvN Basketball-senceoosoolscosoaolf P1ays.......'..'....3,k Annual Staff............ Magazine Sales Manager.. :DOOM leech Bradley Pietens NBrad' Pep Cluboooaueaooanooosl-52, Mixed Chorus............... Boys Double Quartet........ Class Treasurer...... .... Student Council..... coco Class Secretary... ...... Class P1aySuaaoeoooanoaen3, Mixed Double Quartet: I I f I II Annual Typist.......'...... Newspaper Staffoooousoeou2, 1 M Declamonlncceeeiitel K H H Sharon Kay Buren nSharonn Basketballooeoosoooooo1,2,3,u Mixed Chorus....,.....1,2,3,h Girls G1ee0lCOlOOlCOOOOOl,2,h Class P1ays...............3,'+ Class Vice-President........E Softba11UlCOOOllOOIl0O1,2,3, Annual Typistaocoeaoosooooelh Newspaper Typist.... .......N Edwin John Wolthuizen HEdU Pep C1'l1bonaasonooeoooaoo1,2 Class PJ-BySoaoeoeoooeaao39l+ Newspaper Typist..........E Annual SPOTCS Editors ooo o Baseballooeoooooanooaooolgll' SENIOR CLASS WILL A E- -5 -wa Era: Il:-llsxnlzg 4 o 9 535, of.: Q, as We, the Seniors of 1959, do hereby will and bequeath our beloved title of nSeniorsn to the class of 1960 and best of luck in their future year. I, Stanley Lemkuil, being of sound physical and mental being, do will and bequeath the following: My ability to keep out of trouble to Jim, my singing ability to Lorraine, my Studebaker to everyone because one person can't keep it running, my muuue to some good dog, my quietness to Sharon M. my space in the parking lot to Don K., and the best of luck to the future graduating classes of A.H.S. N uw, . TM' XL, Jam .- Jig ' fv ' v" 4. ,am ad .uf Y -. "' K 1 'J' 5.0! , "ix W g wQr1p'q:gwWwwrWg,,'rXXWW ,wxqfx 'NM -'fwzw . ' H K . hx , .. cw: ,M ,f J ,fwx v U. 1 Mx' 'X'-'E 1' W ,H ,,3,.vW' MQ, , , 5,1 N v 1+ulm.W,.1 M ,, '11 ,, ?Jn'?jISl'?LiM 1 I, Bea Ballou, being of sound mind and body,KI thinkb, do give and be- queath my cheery, sunny, even, disposition to Sharon M., my guitar playing ability to anyone who wants a sore thumb, all my old jokes to Bonnie Eq who I'm sure will enjoy telling them, my singing ability to anyone who likes to sing flat, my dramatic ability to Everett B. and Henry D.,nw letter writing ability to anyone who wants to go bankrupt buying stamps, my ability tokeep quiet in the study hall to Mr. Smith, my limp to whoever wants to be called NChester,n my newspaper editor's Job to Jotand the hopes she doesn't end up in the bughousell And most of all I leave my appreciation to all the hush- ers who helped me so much this year and the best wishes to Um class ofZMbO. I, Norene Dykstra, do give and bequeath my seat in study hallto whxwer is unfortunate enough to get it, my seat in American History to Joan, my glasses to Barb, my back seat in English class to Jeannie, my long blond hair to Wanda, my typewriter to Delores, all my old test papers back to the teachers, and all ogger papers and whatever else is found in my desk to Charlie, and last b not least, my ability to go Usteadyn to Sharon Mq an the best of luck to the Seniors of next year. I, Mary Ann Kuiper do give and bequeath to Kenny a sure cure for Qeqr ing in class, my argumflts with Brad to whoever could win, all my unfinished gossip to Larrie, my interest in Calumet to Joan, any old hidden milk bot- tles to Sharon M., my cheerleading chevrons and experience to Jeannie, and all the fun and best of luck to the Senior Class of 1960. . I, David Ballou, do give and bequeath, my seat in the far corner by the radiator to anyone who likes to roast with privacy, my heighth to Joan Hqny speaking ability to Mr. Brouwer, my grades to any dunce, my absences to Mr. Matzdorff, the junk in my desk Cwire, paper, gum wrappers, boxes, old pen- cils, American Observers, rub er bands, cough drop boxes, etc,D to help the school's fuel 5111 and Good ck to all future Seniors. , I, Roberta Kae Bdok, declare this my Last will and testament and do hereby give and bequeath the following: my first chair in band to Judy who is better than I am, my old history quizes to anyone who wants to flunk the course, my basketball'suit tpiqarilou, my English notebook to anyone whocan decipher what I wrote, my abil ty to get along with Mr. Brouwer to Jeannie, my backseat tqlanyone who thinks he or she can keep it and the best of luck to the Seniorsiof 1969. ' A M I, Arvln Verburi, do hereby give and bequeath my ability to get Uupugh school without study hggto'Kegny Williams, my ability to butter up teachers and my studiouj and attentivev'ttitude, in class to James Wagenaar, my hot lunch job to Herman Z., my,study hall,to anyone whawantg iq all my worn out erassrs, pencils, gum,papEriQQs, rubber bands, doodles, etc, to anyone who waqhs'them as knicknacks, souyenirs, or decorations, and allthe best of luck to the Senior Class of l96O.' , A . I, Donna Bogaard, do-give and bequhath my majorette suit to anyone dnt likes to freevsor roast while marching, my old papers to mnmne dumb enough to stop and pickfthem gp, my ability to wear glasses to Warren H.,the,parts in our class plays as randma and an old maid to anyone who wants to feel old.. I wish to thank all the teachers who put up with me all th ough school and the best of luck to the Seniors of the next years. ' J Q 'J' ' I, Bradley Pigtens, being of unsound mind and body, do give and benemm the following: My height to Glenice E., my ability to argue with Mr, Smith to,Perry, my typing ability to Jim Wagenaar, my big feet to'Sharon M1,XAmy athletic ability' toJDon Harms, my crewcut to Bonnie E., in study hall to any displaced Eskimo found wandering around, and the best of lmk to- the Seniors of:l96O. A I, Sharon Buren, do sive and bequeath my desk by the cold and- breezy north window to anyone with an electric blanket or hot water bottle, all text books to,my brother, Everett, my basketball suit to Sharilyn, all my old papers to anyone who doesn't want to pass, my typewriter to one of the sophomores, and the best of wishes to the class of l96C. I, Edwin Wolthulzen, do give and bequeath my seat in the study hall to Jim Wagenaar, my grades to whoever wants them, my ability to keep quiet to Jackie Menke, my mischeivous nature to the senior girls of next year, my engineer boots to that cowboy, BudBlok, my throwing arm to Bonnie Williams, and the best of luck to the class of 1960. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall roundup of September, 1946, ll head of wild, roly - poly, five and six year olds were corraled fromthe range into Archer Consolidated School. These critters carried the following brands! Stanley Van Den Berg, Beatrice Ballou,David Ballou, Roberta Blok, Richard Dykstra, Robert Hoekaan Katherine Harkin, Mary Kuiper, Bradley Pietins, Edwin Wolthuizen, and Nancy Wolf. Miss Juanita Begg had the job of keeping us corraled. By the time the next year rolled around, we found we had lost Stanley Van Den Berg, but we had gained Janice Den Beste, Phyllis Bruggom, Stanley Lemkuil, Marilyn Rolfes. Miss Ver Hoef, the teacher, tallied the group to be 11+ head. In 197-+8 we found ourselves in second grade with Miss Thompson as the teacher. After gaining Arvin Verburg and losing Nancy Wolf and Robert Hoekman, we totaled 13, an unlucky number. In third grade Miss Thompson was still Trail Boss. After the loss of Janice Den Beste we totaled 12 in all. when 1950 came along we were in fourth grade with Miss Payson as the teacher. with the loss of Richard Dykstra and the gain of Donna Bogaard we still totaled 12. Fifth grade found us with Miss Brink and we still totaled 12 after losing Katherine Harkin and gaining Voly Louderbeck. By now we had reached Junior High. Since we had then entered into departmentalized instruction it woid belnrd to record the various teachers. In sixth grade we dropped Voly Louderbeck, taking us down to ll. In seventh grade we gained Ernest Sorensen, bringing us back up to 12. In eighth grade we gained Jacqnlyn Macky, totaling us to 13. We entered High School in 1955 with a group of lk-afterlosing Jacqulyn Macky, but gaining Sharon Buren and Norene Dykstra. After suffering the usual punishment of initiation, we became adjusted to high school work. Mr. Wolverton was our sponsor and Mr. Matzdorf was our principal. In our Sophmore year we lost Phyllis Bruggom, totaling us to 13. Mr. Wolverton.was our sponsor. This time we enjoyed the Freshman initiation. In our Junior year we totaled ll after losing Ernest Sorensen and Marilyn Rolfes. We presented our class play, UHappy Dazen with the help 0f.Mrs. Tanner. with Mrs. Colvin's help we gave the Junior-Senior Banquet with the theme of NThe Gay Nintiesu. We didn't lose anybody in our Senior year so we still totaled ll. These wearied, worried and worthy graduates who had made it tnmgh. the many years and were fortunate enough not to have moved away will be the ones who will be remembered as the class of '59. They areg Beatrice Ballou, David Ballou, Roberta Blok, Donna Bogaard, Sharon Buren, Norene Dykstra, Mary Kuiper,Stanley Lemkuil,Bradley Pietins, Arvin Verburg, and Edwin Wolthuizen Mr. Matzdorf was our sponsor with whose help we planned our various esca- pades to which, Seniors are entitled. Mrs. Tanner helped us present our Senior class play, HKeep Movingu. After our graduatiqm exercises the faculty willsorrowfully and regret- fully let us slip from their grasp with the hope that our thirteen years exposure to academic life will have rubbed off on a few of us. But let's give credit where credit's due: We had to be slicker'n a hounds tooth and twice as sharp to come out of Hthat onen standing up. . CLASS FLOWER: PINK ROSE CLASS MOTTO: TODAY WE FOLLOW3 TOMORROW WE LEAD IIN HOWARD WOLF DECORATING , Q K CHAIWBFR OF COMMERCE INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS, INC SANBORN KANSAS CITY, MO If T41 .A HOSPERS -'siege A -1,41 PROPHECY One Sunday afternoon in 1970 as we were driving to the beach we saw a large group. It turned out to be the class of '59 having an alumni picnic. The first one who caught our eyes was Johnny Kuil. He is the newest thing since Elvis Presley retired. The famous actor is also well known in the stock yards as nBuy-All-Stan.n He is a very wealthy cattle-buyer. Mr. Kuil was the former wit from Archer High School--Stan Lemkuil. By that big oak tree, we see Mademoiselle Marie,the famous hat design- er from Paris. As you all know, she bases her hats chiefly on chicken and bird feathers. This arose from a high-school fantasy for a liking of chick- ens. Mademoiselle Marie is the former Mary Kuiper from old Archer High. way over there we see the distinguished Professor Ballou, who has been touring the country the last ll years, speaking to many different groups of students on the subject of NRopes.N Although he has never tried using a rope we know one thing and that is that the distingnshed Professor is David Ballou of Archer. Nhile making her home in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Norene, with her husband Bud and her five younguns, has come all this way just for this picnic. To pass her spare time she changes tires at Bud's Automotive Hospital. We hope that she has an enjoyable time in the United States while she is here. She was Norene Dykstra of AHS. Sitting on the picnic table we ses Professor Van Irvingburg. He comes from Dodge City, Kansas, where he was formerly assistant to Matt Dillion. Ne are happy to say that he has also worked himself up to Professor of his Institute for Mathematicians. CArvin Verburg remains free for all husband seekers. Donna DeBoer, formerly Donna Bogaard of AHS, has now completed M years of home work and also 6 tears of advanced house-keeping. She will soon re- ceive her degree as a very good housewife and mother. She is off again to help Harlen Jr., who just fell off a stump. And here comes Ed Wolthuizen sliding to a stop. He has just arrived from Los Angeles, California, where he had a big race this morning. As you all know, Ed is the world champion in racing. After all these years he has not settled down. He says, uSettling down would take all the fun out of life.n But he is still chasing women. Gnly through exheme preparations was Miss Roberta CParakeetJ Blok able to attend this picnic. For you see she is specializing in raising hybrid parakeets. In fact, she even took a few along to show. Roberta made the remark that she couldn't stay long because she soon had to be back to her little apartment house in Archer to attend to her birds. That much publicized accordian player from the Kentucky Hills has just arrived. He is followed by a string of kids too long to count. Brad 'Hicn Pietens is noted for making the best Kentucky Moonshine ever. Dr. Madeline Florence Nightingale and Dr. Snron Scalpal are also here. The Dr's, formerly Sharon Buren and Bea Ballou, have a very fancy one room hospital on the main drag of Archer, where they specialize in ant brains. Beside this vocation, the Dr's are also very interested in racing and very often participate in the Archer Speed Bowl. when we asked Dr. Nightingale whatymade her horse uOcean Biscuitn go so terribly fast she replied, 'I feed him May-po.' Lets hurry back to tgwn and put this fascinating bit of news in the paper, Maybe Weld better not, no one would believe it anyway. HOW WE LOOKED HDAVE K BEAN r , ff., Q NED!! - '-1' gig 'w "MARY" U NH N BRAD!! ' 'BERTW fri- Q HARVH WSHARONW N STAN!! MWMDIYII L.-.3-.1 s ank,-.:.'-.ff-' 'uri '-'.1..,....:fst11 123'if.:J.-",-,'-:2i.".'.A"f.--'I-".'.f1 um- ,rl .- . -- - --, , .- in , ..... , ,.l .I fm 1,4 ,:..,.gg.. .f-':,..,.---.J -1,-f. nurml 1 13 . 4 W, c -.1 .11 'I ,E x 5 'Fl 1 . r 4 EWuHwww lmuMmnwIanxmlm:mUwmnMcumniwnMMmmmLmm,iwmImnwmw.1mMJtwIm'MimwmHm -l'z9LPv".fA J. L-I nv .1:-.Aw I-'aft-1.1,. ,,L.,vA 3 ,gi E-,":?',', 1"'I-Iii-',j1'g,g1'f E':.z:-QGFLL1-:..-'Fnf:-,V ,:. V 1 5 5 I 4 ul nu-p-mx:-un 11-up lllluwlwl -. .- -1 -' -3.-.-.' f.'J'1v.'::-2 :H-.'.-.1 z:.":.f '. .-:- u,,, ,A .-,- .' .' ...-.:-.: n.,..x' V. Q. , IWIIIH mmulvEmwfmMimwunLmulL14u1mn,Mi vhwuw-1wAin1hmu:ELW uslmwmfmnwmmmmn ww 1 IUNIORS First Row: Jackie Menke, Barbara Kaiser, Delores Pearson, Jeannie Lemkuil, Sharon Menke. Second Row: Bonnie Ehlers, Lorraine Idso, Wanda Farnsworth, Judy Schwartz. Third Row: Jim Nagenaar, Joan Harms, Kenny Williams, Mrs. Colvin, David Van Beek. SOPHOMORES First Row: Evelyn Wolthuizen, Myrna wagenaar, Glenice Ehlers, Karen Koepnick, Colleen Cleveringa. Second Row: Roy Stangeland, Warren Hulst, Perry Saupe, Don Koepnick. Third Row: Don Harms, Leonard Blok, Don Rozeboom, Mr. Wolverton. X nn we-uwn ,,, ,'T""'7"M -. .15-,f-."p,i 'f'E,n K ? H711 .'f4f.1.-0.1.-f. -.,-5515111 isug ,---,w sf- ,f-M :- if--L Q'-1 f.. ,. .A,. .,... , ,f FRESHMEN First Row: Sharilyn Lemkuil, Marilou Koepnick, Bonnie Williams, Alice Second Row: Margene Sorenson Mr. Smith Brenda Fa th Third Row: B111y Ballou, Heniy Dyksu-a,'Everett Bufgffogerian Zylstra S T UD YI N G 'H Buse il A S V 5 r , - , v!Immm'mwMMmmmwLmm1m':' ,w:rfu.'f.,,mu mmlmuwwwmulwmwmulllllv 'm J unior High LGW DGWN N 'Auf Q, 12 X4 P91 w g 455 Sixth Grade: Mrs. Graham Ili, cyl! Seventh R Eighth Grade: Mr. Meyer FIRST SEMESTER 6th Richa A Lib? I fy rd Akeson Wendell Iverson Linda Noteboom Berdella Grooters 7th -M" dfkyas-CZ' xi If" ,afg,f r 'f bfi Jimmy Koepnick Roger Menke Paula Saupe Donna Van Me Wm J' J! eteren Sth Judy Brouwer Patty H adden Kenny Baxter LIBRARIA SSMGSVGF 2nd Semest Ligrarian: Patty Hadden Assistant: Margo K1 er M einheksel argo Kleinheksel Elaine Peterson TUDENTS EIGHTH GRADE Bottom Row: Stanley Schwartz, Linda Bogaard, Elaine Peterson Joan Pearson Kenny Baxter. ' ' Midd e Row: Patty Hadden, Jeannie Kleinheksel, Letha Bogaard, Judy Pearson, iaron ZylJ5t?tra'S u L 11 B 11 R B 11 R b 1: w D 1 V33 HggtrenckMr'cRg?gra, ye a ou, oss a ou, o er agenaaz, ary OFFICERS lst Semester 2nd Semester President: Lyell Ballou Ricky Schwartz Vice-President: Kenny Baxter , Stanley Schwartz Secretary: Patty Hadden Joan Pearson Treasurer: Letha Bagaard Judy Brouwer Visiting a court session was a highlight in our Civics course. This year marks the end of our Jr. High years. We have many pleasant memories, such as skating parties, close games and other fun-packed events. We were active in all phases of school ----- baseball, band, basketball, and in our studies. Many students maintained a high scholastic record even while being in many activities. Graduation night was a memorable occasion also, and we are anticipating many happy hours in high school next year. ROY LEMKUIL ARCHER GROCERY TANNER oIL STATION vAN's PRODUCE ARCHER ARCHER SEVENTH GRADE First: Norma Pietens, Jolene Byers, Roger Menke, Phyllis Kaiser, Don-Mer- ley, Carolyn Wolthuizen, Carol Koepnick. Second Row: Marge Kleinheksel, Kenny Iverson, Jerry Ganzevoort, JimnyKoep- nick James Van Beek, Donna Van Meeteren. Third Row: Myrna Wolthuizen, Paula Saupe, Duane Heerde, Sharol Williams, Sheryl Honkomp, Mr. Meyer. Officers lst Semester President: Don Merley Vice-President: Paula Saupe Secretary: Jolene Byers Treasurer: Jerry Ganzevoort -This, our second year in Jr. High made the teams in baseball, basketball games. These who didn't make the team w visited the planitarium in Cherokee last ence. Many class members were also active 2nd Semester Sharol Williams Donna Van Meeteren Jolene Byers Roger Menke has been very eventful. Many of and enjoyed participating in the ere active rooters for A.J.H. We fall in connection with our sci- in band this year. FRISBY IMPLEMENT C0 We trade for anything Primghar, Iowa QUALIIV FARM PL EQUIPMENT . Souuinrtkl' Your John Deere Dealer SIXTH GRADE First Row: Beverly Verburg, Margery Wagenaar, Shirley Proehl, Barbara Flaunzh Ld Donna Bosch. Second Row: Donald Heerde, Floyd Larson, Tommy Farnsworth, Jeff Woodman. Third Row: Berdella Grooters, Diana Menning, Richard Akeson, Wendelllversay Nelva Snip, Linda Noteboom. Back Row: Mrs. Graham,Larry Ganzevoorq Carolyn Van Meeteren,Carol Lemkuil. OFFICERS lst Semester 2nd Semester President: La Donna Bosch Margery Wagenaar Vice President: Wendell Iverson Richard Akeson Secretary: Diana Manning Jeff Woodman Treasurer: Linda Noteboom Linda Noteboom Our first day in Jr. High was an exciting day. we finally fbunddeskg met our new classmates and teachers, and settled into our new environment. During the year we participated in many activities: band, sports, and Jr. High parties. We held a very successful candy sale during our last home basketball game to raise money for our class funds. We all paid dues at each class meeting, too. Towards spring we visited a newspaper office. Ne all enjoyed being part of our own department and hope the next two years will be just as successful. M E M FOOD STORE SKEWIS HATCHFRY SHELD ON SHFL D ON SJELDON SHELDON WOLFFS NEAL CHASE LUMBER CO. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM First Raw: Carolyn Wolthuizen-Student Manager, Jolene Byers, Joan Pearson, Paula Saupe, Letha Bogaard, Mr. Meyer-Coach. Second Row: Margo Kleinheksel, Jeannie Kleinheksel. Third Row: Payyy Hadden, Judy Pearson, Carol Lemkuil, Donna Van Meeteren, Sherry Williams, Sheryl Honkomp. NAME QS . E . DATE Town sc onms Joan Pearson F 120 Nov. 25 Primghar Paula Saupe F 47 Dec 2 Moneta Jolene Byers F 310 Dec 9 Hartley Letha Bogaard F 18 Dec 18 Sanborn Sherry Williams F 11+ Jan. 19 Germantown Donna Van Meeteren F -lg Jan 16 Sanborn Jan 20 Primghar Total 2H5 Feb 3 Hartley Feb 20 Moneta Feb 27 Germantown PRIMGHAR ARCHER Saupe Insurence Norman Bros Farnsworth Skelly Anderson Machine Works Garret's Motor k Supply Co Dar1yne's Beauty Shop Henspeter Trucking 1 Stevens Barber Shop BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Mr. Meyer-Coach, Kenny Iverson, Don Merley, Roger Menke, Ross Ballou, Wendell Iverson. Second Row: Robert Wagenaar, Kenny Baxter, Jim Koepnick. Top Row: Duane Heerde, Ricky Schwartz, Stanley Schwartz, Daryl Van Meetmen, Lyell Ballou. SHELDON SANBORN NAME POS. POINTS DATE TOWN SCORE -... ... ...... -.... 1. A.-.. Ricky Schwartz F 110 Nov Primghar T7-35 Roger Menke G S2 Dec Moneta 2h-23 Kenny Baxter G no Dec Hartley 27-23 Daryl Van Meeteren G no Dec Sanborn 27-20 Stanley Schwartz F 38 Jan Germantown 31-18 Lyell Ballou G S Jan. Sanborn 18-20 Robert Wagenaar -2 Jan Primghar 20-M6 Feb Hartley 23-35 Total 287 Feb Moneta 36-30 Feb Germantown 28-26 fovertimel Feb Calumet 35-17 POPPEN R HEMFRSON WHALEN CABINET R LINOLEUM CENTER SHELDON SANBORN CHEERLEADERS 1 Cheerleaders: Phyllis Kaiser, Linda Bogaard, Joan Pearson, Jolene Byers. BASEBALL TEAM Eront Row: Kenny Baxter, Roger Menke, Don Merley, Richard Akeson, Robert Wagenaar. Second Row: Wendell Iverson, Jim Koepnick, Stanley Schwartz, Boss Ballou, Kenny Iverson. Third Row: Ricky Schwartz, Daryl VanMeeteren, Mr. Meyer-Coach Duane Heerde, Lyell Ballou. ,www 4314? .V 1 rg 2 U: ,HM ,L .4 . , ,, 4 ,I , Q ,fig 3 s I X X K 'Q 5 x Q , ix Xxx Q 0 X X X xx xx q ,hx X Q K fu ,di ' ,,,. -1, Q X "-. N -3' . . iff ,fs J -aw -: F gk, ., , s,..' Q. F .Q is z. Q 3 90K aft Win Che ---- Jodi. "No ' ' Y aw Q 'Qi ' 1 " , up My 11 2. I 3, fs. M C ' ' 1Mmia.,Lun1931A',mrhi,iMmmm,:mqu.u,uu1'3u:wn,wum ,mwmlnlmxwmmww nhimlmw , m mm EESESS3 1:55555 ' , xiii? Vffii? :fn :::ii FIFTH GRADE Front Row: Greg Hofmeyer, Gene Smith, Diane Morfitt, Betty Williams, Louise Schwartz, Lonnie Van Meeteren, Don DeKok. Second Row: Billy Farnsworth, Marjorie Cleveringa, Judy Wagenaar, Linda Wolthuizen, Remona Ganzevoort, Robert Van Beck. Third Row: Marilyn Henspeter, Carol Menning, Karen Blok, Connie Kaiser Connie Hadden, Mrs. Brouwer. Back Row: Loren Flaugh, Greg Menke, George Schneider, Neil Johnson. Twenty-two pupils entered fifth grade in September, ten boys and twelve girls. We were happy to have Ramona Ganzevoort join us. She moved to Archer from Primghar during the summer. This year our room has new desks so we were the first group to get to use them. A particular high light of the year, for the boys, was the chance to learn to play basketball. We practiced once a week with the fourth grade boys with Mr. Brouwer coaching us. Then we played between halves of several high school games. Our cheerleaders were Carol Manning, Diane Morfitt, and Louise Schwartz, with Betty Williams as alternate. A new subject for us this year was history. Some of us thought we wouldn't like it but we soon found the history of our country quite fas- cinating. We are looking forward to being sixth graders next year. SHELDON Ver Hoef's Modern Appliance Dr A G Korver White House Clothing Store Murphy's Store H E Matson Claire Broun's Dwaine Conoco A. M. Idema, D. D. S. Mmvnwummwwuwwwasmmmmwmu, M1 1 ,1m,1wuwmwmmlu,wwWlM:,,mamW1mvnulIHW1 FOURTH G RAD! Front Row: Joel Woodman, Carol Vanden Hull, Laurie Bruggom, Beverly Gauze- voort, Glenda Proehl, Judith Den Beste, David Byers. Second Row: Elaine Vollink, Carol Cleverlnga, Marlene Wagenaar, LaVonne Van Meeteren, Darlene Gloden, Miss Smit. Third Row: Kenneth Hadden, James Burns, Thomas Potter, Mark Summa, Bill Her lay, Ronald De Boom. Not pictured: Cynthia and Susan Ballou. we started our school year with twenty children. In February Darlene left us, and in March Beverly moved away. The boys joined the fifth grade boys and played basketball between the high school games. Carol C., Laurie, and Marlene were our cheerleaders. We gave some puppet shows, and did many science experiments. Geography brought us to every continent of the world. All of us agree we would enyw visiting them in person some day. HIGHWAY 33 SHELDON, IOWA SHELDON, IOWA HY-WAY BODY SHOP FRRMER'S CO-OP ELEVATOR ASS'M 1 wi-Wm THIRD GRADE Front Row: Ray NcCracken,Betty Vanden HulL Sandra Farnsworth,Andrea Bosch, Paul Smith, Mrs. Kleinwolterink. Second Row: Beverly Flaugh, Glenda De Kok, Kathy Burns, Linda Ballon. Third Row: Billy Nilliams, Keith Iverson, Glenn Van Meeteren, Marvin Bosch Gary Heerde. , There are lh students in our class. He have had an enjoyable year, working, planning, and playing together. made tines Our language learning has ban1put into practice in our various classes In social studies we have given many reports. After our dairy unit we butter and ice cream. Mmmm was it goodl we enjoyed several parties this year--Halloween, Christmas, and Valen- We have had a good year together. FARMERS co Ol OIL co OUR DRY CLEANERS MOLNhNS DAIRY SMITH R GETTY SHELDON PRIMGHAR SHELDON SANBOHN .MMM 1- mmwmmXQW,u',Ln1m:luJ,':vmmA,ruziwuw ' wwummw: ' ' ' ' N SECOND GRADE Front Row: Lorene Potter, Norma Korbyn, Ronald Vollink, Wynita Zorgdraager, Patsy Van Dyke. Second Row: Miss Gorter, Larry Proehl, Edward Storm, Howard Wagenaar, Mer- lynn Wegter, Robert De Waay, Dick Burns. Third Row: Loren Den Beste, Jerry Wagenaar, Mell Sum a, Lloyd Hofmeyer, Dar ne Noteboom. Top Row: Kathleen Woodman, Marlys Grooters, Linda Van Meeteren, Lynn John- gon, Michelle Baxter, Ronnie Vanden Hull. The second grade began the school year with one new-comer, Wynita Zag- draager, making an enrollment of 22. We've had a busy year of work and play. In the spring we Art and Poetry contests. There were few long illnesses although many child- ren had the flu. The children who had birthdays during the year treated the had a Halloween masquerade party, Christmas, and Valentine part Christmas operetta the girls were in the rythmn band and the boyswmre polka- men. entered the class andwe y. In the PR IMFHAR PR IW HAR DR BOLENDER PRIMGHAR SAVINGS BANK PRIMGHAR PRIMPHAR ELITE CLFANIQS SEIVERT'S FUHNITURE 'wwmirumfmm-mmimG,u,,m-neffmmm,z1u,,w1',m wm'u,wwmuawMm'r amy-ww"'w"1wL1m'immm, Wim, ,w':w.11tw mmwmrmv.,'ew'AnA1nwm'WwmlWmwmwmw ' FIRST GRADE Front Row: ,3hgnda'4ggggn, Karen Vollink, Michael Baxter, Willis Hofmeyer, Dale KorbynQ JerryfLynn Vanden Hull, Judy Zorgdraager, Martha Iverson. Second Row: Miss Collins, Leon Reekers, Arlan Flaugh, Dennis Ganzevoort, Jerry Alan Wolthuizen, Mark Bruggom, Galen Haack, Bryon Storm Third Row: Mary Ann Buse, Dwayne Van Meeteren, Kenny Wagenaar: Billy VdDink Monty Summa, Bonnie Farnsworth. Top Row: Kathleen Smith, Richard Van Beek, Connie Vander Sluis, Dennis Van Meeteren, Mary Wolthuizen, Not pictured: Scotty Hadden. The first grade began its year with 18 boys and 9 girls. Dennis Ganze- voort moved in March, leaving our class total at 26. Parties were enjoyed at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines. In reading we completed the three pre-primers, Tun with Dick and JmB,n and 'Our New Friends. Our number book was 'One by 0ne.n Some was hard work and some was play, but all in all we had a gud mar. STATE BANK ARCHER 5' KINDERGARTEN First Row: Karen Wagenaar, Connie Holthuizen, Shirley Sauer, Kathy Lewis, Julie Proehl, Donnaflloden, Mrs. Smith. Second Row: Kenny De Kok, Terry Reekers, Glenvanden Hull, Leslie Stornn Pat Ballou. Third Row: Denise De Waay, Vernon Wallinga, Myron Rozeboom, Raymond Bjork, Bobbie Wolverton. Absent: Cheri Vander Sluis, Gregory Meyer. The kindergarten began the year with 17 students, 8 girls and 9 boys. At the beginning of the second nine weeks Kathy Lewis joined our class. In the spring Donna Gloden moved so we again had 8 girls and 9 boys, Some of the many experiences the class enjoyed together were doing the song and dance as teddy bears in the Christmas Program, nSusannas Christmas Auction,' making a paper-mache giraffe, making an Easter Egg tree mobile, and taking a train ride from Sanborn to Sheldon. Through the year we covered two books gf the Learning to Think series, The Red Book, and the Blue Book. In the Scott Foresman Series we used three readiness books. We Read Pictures, We Read More Pictures, and Before HeRead and one of the pre-primers, the new We Look and See. In numbers, we all completed Come and Count, and some of the class used Playing with Numbers. SANBORN SHELDON Mary's Fashion Shop Queen Cafe Bowl-Mor Lanes A Boone's Radio R T. V. Standard Cafe Vander Ploeg Funeral Home Watson Furn are SheldOI1 G1Tee!1hOl-ISS B A 'nM'N"'n -'-9'-' '--- -'M'-'v----': .g','-nfv'--,-6,,L-.'. .VM ..f -.-.f-f5'1,,-,l y :.y,:.-, -.'g.,1-f:.z:3,,,:L.-:..- ,-, ur-:.V,,f,4C:l,LA t -4.4.--1 X, -, H. 1...r' ' w w lmmwmnmwmwwmmmmallwn, ' lmwmwmmwmmmufwummmwmummzuuwrwlw-ummm.M GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Seated: Judy Schwartz, Wanda Farnsworth, Joan Harms, Lorraine Idso, Jeannie Lemkuil, Sharon Menke. Standing: Coach Wolverton, Myrna Wagenaar, Roberta Blok, Glenice Ehlers, Bonnie Ehlers, Bonnie Williams, Sharon Buren, Sharilyn Lemkuil, JackiePbnkB- Student Manager, Karen Smith, Chaperon. NAME Lorraine Idso Jeannie Lemkuil Sharon Menke Bonnie Williams Glenice Ehlers Myrna Wagenaar Sharilyn Lemkuil Bonnie Ehlers Joan Harms Wanda Farnsworth Sharon Buren Judy Schwartz Roberta Blok PTS 252 152 79 39 6 2 POS. Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard DATE Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec, Deco Deo. Jan. Jane Jan. Jan. Feb. TOWN Everly Primghar Harris Sanborn Ocheyedan Moneta Ashton Lake Park Little Rock Melvin Moneta Primghar Excelsior Ocheyedan Hartley Sec. SCORE 37-55 39-M2 2M-56 29-M2 M6-57 28-18 MM-37 25-63 33-61 5 -38 33-M0 29-56 M9-19 27-63 28-57 BIG M CO OP PROCESSING ASS'N SHELDON, IOWA S' 711 Pierce Street Sioux City, Iowa BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Wolverton, Perry Saupe, Kenny Williams, Warren Hulst Stan Lemkuil, Don Koepnick, Leonard Blok, Don Harms. NAME Don Harms Jim Wagenaar Perry Saupe Don Koepnick Stan Lemkuil Kenny Williams Leonard Blok Norman Appleton Warren Hulst POS POS. DATE BM6 Center Nov lO5 Guard Nov 82 Guard Nov. 7? Forward Nov 75 Forward Dec M2 Guard Dec 17 Guard Dec M Forward Dec O Forward Dec Dec Jan. Jan Jan. Jan Jan 'W X ff ,' 6 U A LlTy Ssmnci Feb Feb Feb TOWN Everly Primghar Harris Sanborn Ocheyedan Moneta Ashton Lake Park Little Rook Melvin Moneta Calumet Primghar Excelsior Ocheyedan Calu et Sutherland Primghar Se ARCHER C0 OP C. SCORES 35-53 33-62 3M-53 35-3h 3w50 65-66 30-3M 52-53 33-35 38-36 M2-63 Ml-63 MO-62 50-37 72-61 32-66 M0-55 32-61 'AND' GRAIN A RCH ER IOW'A CHEERLEADERS Mary Kuiper, Lorraine Idso, Barbara Kaiser, Sharon Menke. SOFT BALL TEAM First Row: Brenda Farnsworth, Myrna Wagenaar, Glenice Ehlers, Bonnie WH, liams, Roberta Blok. Second Row: Sharon Buren, Jackie Menke, Bea Ballou, Wanda Farnsworth, Judy Schwartz, Bonnie Ehlers. Third Row: Mary Kuiper, Sharon Menke, Mr. Smith, Jeannie Lemkuil, Lorraine Idso. BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Don Harms, Stan Lemkuil, Edwin Wolthuizen, Perry Saupe, Warren Hulst. Second Row: Don Koepnick, Kenny Williams, Coach Wolverton, Don Rozeboom, Leonard Blok, Henry Dykstra. Name Position Date Town Score A Perry Saupe Pitcher Sept. Little Rock 7 - O Don Harms Catcher Sept. Calumet-Sec. Q -10 Kenny Williams First Base Sept. Melvin 7 - O Stan Lemkuil Second Base Sept. Harris O - 5 Don Koepnick Third Base Sept. Moneta Lg. - S Jim Wagenaar Shortstop Sept. Ashton A - 1 Leonard Blok Left Field Oct. Excelsior 23- O Ed Wolthuizen Center Field Norman Appleton Right Field 'O Warren Hulst Substitute .. Don Rozeboom Substitute Henry Dykstra Substitute x Everett Buren Substitute fa SHELDON Drs Brady A hushner Tho son k Thorson Sheldon Mail A Sun Straks Clothing Johnson Farm Service 'Trio Grill Dr K O Fer g Anonymous -ru -'LL af.. l-rr!-I! PIMP! L.-.1-. w. :'.rp-EIT'-'.'1'.'11"-:fl-.1:,.',,.s-.'. Lvz. r2f'ga1-41.19.11.-..f-f -,n:f..'.-1g2'1.,1f2':.::-.FHL1-,f-. , apqfz, wh . . .,., ,..,Vllllr?l!,nu-p,1,x1ll 7.1-01. ay.-4:1-:-.,x .1-:., .-1,-. .- I -'1,.1- '- .-111 ,:.-,,".'-.-T-. .c --- : f.- i-'g'---.H -Ar: s' . v 1 , BRASS QUARTET Perry Saupe, Don Rozeboom, Don Harms. Absent! Norman Appleton. Mr. Graham, Sherry Williams, Jeannie Lemkuil, Judy Schwartz, doberta Blok, Paula Saupe, Leonard Blok, Don Hozeboom, Perry Saupe, Don Harms, Kenny Williams. N W N .mmm111wwwwwlmwmmwwwwmwwz'waum, vzwwzfmvmP,2m:wc.,Cw.7m,M,,w , , v,Xu,f,mmm,mW+,,2m,,."41w,imM amfvwwmmmmmzmdwmwmmmwww B ' mmm ' MIXED QUARTET Front Row: Roberta Blok, Lorraine Idso, Bea Ballou, Joan Harms. Back Row: Kenny Williams, Leonard Blok, Don Harms, Bradley Pietens. MIXED CHORUS First Row: Judy Schwartz, Marilou Koepnick, Barbara Kaiser, Karen Koepnick, Myrna Wagenaar, Mary Kuiper. Second Row: Bonnie Ehlers - pianist, Jackie Menke, Sharon Menke, Colleen Cleveringa, Norene Dykstra, Glenice Ehlers, Bonnie Williams, Bea Ballou, Donna Bogaard, Roberta Blok, Wanda Farnsworth, Mr. Graham, Director Third Row: Perry Saupe Sharon Buren, Evelyn Wolthuizen, Alice Buse, Mar- gene Sorenson, Brenda Farnwworth, Sharilyn Lemkuil, Kenny Williams. Fourth Row: David Van Beek, Leonard Blok, Lorraine Idso, Jeannie Lemkuil, Don Koepnick, Jim Wagenaar. Fifth Row: Don Rozeboom, Don Harms, Joan Harms, Bradley Pietens. ' ' "MnA1mmmvawnmWmwummaiwMmw41M,wmumm,mm1mmmM1.wMv:wnml:vm:" ' BAND Kneeling Left to Right: Letha Bogaard, Donna Van Meeteren, Linda Bogaard, Wanda Farfiisworth, Barbara Kaiser, Donna Bogaard, Bonnie Williams, Brenda Farnsworth, Sharilyn Lemkuil. First Row: Judy Schwartz, Roberta Blok, Paula Saupe, Beverly Verburg,Shamn Menke, Joan Harms, Leonard Blok, Ricky Schwartz, Patty Haddon. Second Row! Duane Heerde, Stanley Schwartz, Sheryl Honkcxnp, Don Harms, Perry Saupe, Colleen Gleveringa, Karen Koepnick, Roger Menke, Wendell Iverson, Tomy Farnsworth, Kenny Iverson, Jimmy Koepnick, Don Rozeboom, Mr. Graham. Third Row: Marilyn Henspeter, Billy Farnsworth, Kenny Williams. Fourth Row: Sherry Williams, Jeannie Lemkuil, Lorraine Idso, Myrna Wagenaar. BAND IN ACTION 'S W W MumLLww,'mumM'n1u,1,,wmu',Mmwm,,wwnwm1'W ' , m lrlmllw SEXTET Front: Bonnie Ehlers. Middle Row: Roberta Blok, Bea Ballou. Back Row: Sharon Menke, Lorraine IdsO, Joan Harms. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Judy Schwartz, Delores Pearson, Marilou Koepnick, Barbara Kakwr, Karen Koepnick, Myrna Wagenaer, Mary Kuioer. Second Row: Mr. Graham, Sharon Menke, Colleen Cleveringa, Glenice Ehlers, Bonnie Williams, Bea Ballou, Donna Bogaard. Third Row: Sharon Buren, Norene Dykstra, Alice Buss, Margene Sorenson, Roberta Blok, Sharilyn Lemkuil, Wanda Farnsworth. Fourth Row: Lorraine Idso, Jeannie Lemkuil, Evelyn Wolthuizen, Joan Harms, Bonnie Ehlers, Jackie Menke, Brenda Farnsworth. QUARTET Left to Right: Paula Saupe, Stanley Schwartz, Roberta Blok, Judy SohwartzJ First Row: LaDonna Bosch, Shirley Proehl, Karen Blok, James Van Beek, Neil Johnson Louise Schwartz. Second Bow: Glenda Proehl, Elaine Vollink, Linda Noteboom, Donald Heerde, Donnie DeKok, Kenny Hadden, Diane Morfitt, Billy Merley, Carol Cleveringa, Carol Vanden Hull, David Byers, Connie Hadden, Marjorie Cleveringa, Mark Summa, Tommy Potter. Third Row: Mr. Graham, Joel Woodman, Carol Lemkuil, Nelva Snip, Betty Will- iams, Jeff Woodman. ' Wlawmimwwlmwmqmww, wwwzlnlw'M'w,.wwwr'v 1 uw Mm ,um wM.w""' ' ' ,UMW I' BOY'S DOUBLE QUARTET Back Row: Don Rozeboom, Leonard Blok, Don harms, Bradley Pietens. Front Row: Perry Saupe, Kenny Williams, Don Koepnick. Absent: Norman Appleton. CLAHLNET TRIO Roberta Blok Judy Schwartz Paula Saupe MUSIC NEWS Our band this year was composed of 34 members, meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:15 to 12:00. Our outside activities this year were marching for Lord's Acre Day, the Spencer Fair, and the Orange City Tulip Festival. We have 36 members in Mixed Chorus, and meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 11:15 to 12:00. We went to a vocal festival on November 15 at Sutherland in which the Girls Glee Club and Sextet also participated. In Girls Glee Club there are 27 girls or all the girls in High School. They meet every Tuesday and Friday from 2:M5 to 3:30. We have Six different small groups this year. They are: Mixed Double Quartet Clarinet Quartet Boys Double Quartet Brass Quartet Girls Sextet Clarinet Trio Several people are working on vocal and instrumental solos nr contest. VOCAL Instrumental Lorraine Idso Leonard Blok Bea Ballou Tenor Saxophone Murna Wagenaar Perry Saupe Bonnie Williams Trumpet Roberta Blok Bonnie Ehlers Glenice Ehlers Piano The spring concert was held on April 10 in the gymnasium. A week after this on April 17, the contest for small groups was held and on May 2, the contest for large groups was held. A new activity that added much to our school spirit was the pep band that played at our pep meetings. NI1amMMmy.4imamaW4nrrwwwmmwvumwhuwlwwmw,uLu'uMwmNH1,,ivmwullmwnimulnrl-mu"M ww 11 Mwnmwwumwwwm,w1'Hwuvu-umk:JAmW'wmri 'IWKAMMWWMML ' ' ' ' NEWSPAPER STAFF W T Seated: Don Harms Bradl Pi , ey etens, Bea Ballou, Joan Harms, Bonnie Ehlers, Standing: Mr. Smith, Mary Kuiper, Margene Sorenson, Sharon Menke, Sharon Buren, Norene Dykstra, Donna Bogaard. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Barbara Kaiser, Donna Bogaard, Bradley Pietens St di ' an ng. Don Rozeboom, Colleen Cleveringa, Sharilyn Lemkuil, Henry Dykstra, Kenny Williams. CALENDAR OF MEMORIES At the end of the school year, when the Seniors graduate and everyone, usually, advances one grade, each person retains some part of that year for memory. Usually the students remember their social events much more readily than their school work, probably because 1t's more fun. September On September l, 1958, school was called to order for the year. We started right away with a Magazine Sale. On the 2Hth there was the Freshman Initiation Party, in which they provided entertainment in more ways Quan one. On the 30th the losers of the Magazine Sale sponsored a Theater Party for the winning side. October On October l there was Teacher's Institute at Spencer solubschoolfor us. On the 8th the Seniors took the day off and went to Sioux Cityfbr pic- tures at Genell1's and later visited places of interest. The next day K9thJ the entire school had their individual pictures taken. The lOth was the end of the first 6 weeks. On the 22nd the Juniors gave their class play: nGran- ma's Best Years.n On the evening of the 25th the Junior High had a skating party, and on the 28th the High School held a dance. November On November 6th we had an assembly program on Chemistry by Mall Robins and on the 12th another short program on Conservation by a representative from the Floyd Valley Watershed Program. The 21st marked the end of the second 6 weeks. Thanksgiving Vacation came between the 27th to December lst. December On December 3rd the High School had a dance. On the 15th was the Christmas Program and the next night Cl6thD the High School held their Christmas Party. School was dismissed for Christmas Vacation from the Zhth to January Sth. Januar oi January 15th we had an assembly program on Laplanders by Charles Strong. The 16th was the end of the third 6 weeks. On the 28th the school held a local speech contest. On the 30th the Board and Faculty enjoyed the annual banquet. On January 20th the High School held a Sock Hop after the Primghar basketball game. February On February 3rd we had an assembly program by Charles Ramsdenon music. On the hth the winners from the Speech group went to Sutherland to represent the school in a preliminary Speech Contest. world Day of Prayer was on the 13th and the grades 6-12 attended the Reformed Church for services. T h e 28th marked the end of the fourth 6 weeks. March March 6th and 7th was the District Speech Contest held at Spencer. On March 17th the Seniors gave their class play: uKeep Moving.' There was no school on the 23rd for Teacher's Institute at Sioux City and no school on the 27th which was Good Friday. April - April 10th marked the end of the fifth 6 weeks. On the 17th we had an assembly program by Al Bell. The next week the Music group participated in the Misuc Contest. l May May 8th held the evening of the Junioridenior Banquet. On thel5th the Seniors took the dag off KSk1p Dayl to visit Minneapolis an returned the next evening. On t e 17th Baccalaureate Services ere held with Reverend Lubbers of the Reform Church as the speaker. Caumncement services were held on the 20th. The annual school picnic K22ndJ marked the end of the school year of 1958-1959. well, another school year has been completed. So we say farewell to Um preceding year and to the graduating Seniors, whose footsteps will never echo again in the cqnddorsof good old AHS, and then look forward to summer vacation and then another good year. umNwMWl WwwLMvmmun1mLMmw mu,wnMWuAlmrmimuwl9MMm nGrandma's Best Yearsn J U N I O R P L A Y o l On September 25 Mrs. Tanner handed out play books and we all startedto work on our parts. Since this was our first year for a class play we had all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our books. The first two weeks were spent learning lines and cues and getting the stage ready for the play During the next two weeks everyone was beginning to get just a little ner- vous and started studying their lines a little harder. The last week of practice finally arrived and we started putting the acts together and began wondering if we'd ever make it by the 22nd, Dress rehersal was full of mistakes, nervousness, and general confusion, but all in all it went over better than expected. The night of the play arrived and so did the nervomv ness! There was an unusally large attendance and the play went quite smoothly in spite of all the butterflies and fluffed lines. The manor Ckss would like to thank Mrs. Tanner for all her help and patience. When Grandma Simms comes from the farm to visit her daughter,she finds a situation which is not to her liking. It seems that her daughter, Mrs. Abbott, has become a social climber since the death of her husband, and the three Abbott children and Sadie, the maid, are having a miserable time. The very day Grandma arrives, Mrs. Abbott is bringing three upper-crust guests home for the week end. One of them is rich and snobbish Edwin Carl- son, who, Mrs. Abbott insists? her daughter Joyce must marry, although she loves Jim Meyerson, a local telegraph operator. Another of her guests is Miss Quelch, an unlikable spinster, who runs an exclusive girls' school, to which Mrs. Abbott intends to send Marion, her fifteen-year-old daughter. Willie, the thirteen-year-old son, is suffering also, because his mother won't allow him to do anything he wants, and insists that he practice on his violin so that she can impress people with his culture. Well, Gram is determined to-put a stop to all this, and she comes up with the brilliant scheme of inviting the family blacksheep to Mrs. Abbott's week-end party. She thinks this ought to sufficiently disgrace her social- climbing daughter and set things straight. This scheme doesn't come off quite as planned because since she has never seen cousin Oscar, the family blacksheep, Gram mistakes a criminal for her long-lost relative and he, needing a hideout, accepts her invitation and even brings his wife and daughter. Naturally, the week-end party is hardly what Mrs. Abbott had hoped for, but neither is it exactly what Gram wanted, for the criminal Wrelativesn find it necessary to get rough, causing plenty of exciting complications. But when Gram gets ahold of her trusty shot-gun, she emerges the heroine of the situation, the police nab long-sought gangsters, Mrs. Abbotdlbegins to see the light, allowing her children to follow their true inclinations, and Jim and Gram both recieve rewards, allowing Jim and Joyce to get married. Mrs. Abbott.. Sadie........ Joyce Abbott. Marion Abbott Dottie Morgan.... Willie Abbott Shorty.. ..... Jim Meyerson Gram......... oocoosuooocooauo-n one oeaounnnuaucaoaaooo mecca-Q use on evo one coo can so on .....Joan Harms Jeannie Lemkuil .Barbara Kaiser ...Sharon Menke Delores Pearson Kenny Williams Norman Appleton ..Dave Van Beek ..Bonnie Ehlers Patch ... .....Jim Wagenaar Mab1e....... ....Lorraine Idso Bubbles...... .....Judy Schwartz Mrs. Carlson. Miss Quelch.. Edwin Carlson.... Cousin Oscar. W ands Farnsworth Jackie Menke ...::2gophmoreJ Don Harms ...CSophmo rel Perry Saupe M mwwmmw1m,mm'mmLn'a :M mmnumlwmimmwwnl SPEECH Seated! Bea Ballou, Jeannie Lemkuil, Bonnie Ehlers, Standing: Bradley Pietens, Roberta Blok, Mrs. Tanner, Judy Schwartz, David Ballou. Absent: Kenny Williams. ' S L gggfgtfig IEO Qkfwii Q, Qnalhglg, On January 28th the home elimination contest was held in the school gym- Out of this group Bea Ballou recieved a I rating in the Dramatic division, David Ballou recieved a I and Kenny Williams a II rating in the Oratoricd division, and Jeannie Lemkgil recieved a I rating in the Humorous division, These four went to the pre-district contest at Sutherland on February kth. Dave recieved a I, Bea a I, Kenny a II, and Jeannie a II. Then on March 3 k A our two Seniors went to the district contest where they both recieved I ratings. On April 3 8 A they will go to the State contest at Storm Lake. Brands Body Shop Dr I L Churdh Dr Hanno Hollander's Shgldgn Sheldon Sheldon . Sheidon HKEEP MUVINGH S E N I O R P L A Y with the help of Mrs. Tanner, the Seniors presented their play, nKeep Movingf on Tuesday, March 17. Despite the fact that we goofed on our lines, in a few places, and Stan exited in one place and came in another, we feel that the play was very well accepted by a good audience. Trouble starts for Anne Baldwin when unwanted, trombone plgdng Profes- sor Randolph arrives at the Baldwin home and announces that he intends to stay the entire summer. he isn't such a bad fellow, but that horrid moan- ing trombone is enough to drive---well it practically did drive Mr. Baldwin into a nervous breakdown the summer before, and he has been away in the mountains ever since, trying to recover. Now he is coming back and wantsto find his house peaceful and quiet, and Anne intends that he shall find it so. That is she thought it would be, until the Professor arrived for his second summerl To make matters worse, in comes Hush Harris who brings with him tnmerug reasons for gray hairs to pop up in everyone's head. To begin with, he is running away from someone, or something, and everyone expects the police to break in any minute and haul him off to jail. On top of that, he is inventing a new type of motor fuel called "Liquid Power" and immediately takes over the house for a laboratory. So Anne and her friends try to figure a way to oust both the Professor and dush. Their best idea to supposedly rent the house backfires and all is confusion as the house is overrun by a snooping detective, a gossiping neighbor, a mysterious young girl selling soap, a complaining maid, and a strange woman who keeps insis- ting she has rented the house, intends to move in the next day and has a contract to prove her rights! When the Professor accidentally drinks some of Rush's powerful invention, he disappears in his pajamas, hat and with his trombone. But things turn out all right in the end. The Professor comes back after proposing to Emma Knight, Lorema turns out to be Rush's fiancee, and Harriet returns the lease to the house. After Charity decides to leave, especially since Mr. Baldwin isn't coming back until fall, Anne decides to marry Tom and go on her honeymoon. Anne Baldwin............. ....... .. ...Mary Kuiper June Harris... .......Bea Ballou Rush Harris... ....,.Stan Lemkuil Tom Jeffrey......... ...Bradley Pietins Douglas Wells........ .,.,Arvin Verburg Professor Randolph..... ...David Ballou Harriet Mason ....... ,,,Norene Dykstra Emma Knight... .... ..,, Donna Bogaard Loretta Phillips.... ....... ...Sharon Buren Charity Lynn...... . ...... .....Roberta Blok Sam Vine......... ...QSophomoreJ Don Harms BOOSTERS Shoeneman R Warburton Sanborn Dairy Maxine's Buttercup Ben Franklin Store Sanborn Body Shop New Look Barber Shop Phillips 66 Nerschoor Rosel1a's Beauty Shop Kleinheksel Cafe Harry Kaiser wiumnuuvmmmumumfmwimiiWwwwumwauwusmmmwvummmzxmxwmwnmmiwunwwmugx .1 ,'v.'f,m,, ,IM Ir-0 1,Jm'L1:,4:1'm.w.,:M, u,nm1Wlm.-1 ',A'url:um.wmmvmwWm11,ihw!x41m'wmumMmH mmwm JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Many hitched a ride on a passing half-note and hopped aboard a flying platter and joined us for the No. 1 hit on the nHit Paraden for the 1959 Juniors and Seniors! In our magical world of musical madcaps, music flowed like Spring Showers. We nsay it with musicn--in tribute to our Senior Guests, NA Melody from the Skyn sets the tempo--na Song-In-The-Heartn the mood. Ceiling decorations were one continuous mass of uMelodies Hom the Sky' streamers with a balloon bag in the center which was ripped open during the dance. Song-In-My-Heart wall banners were hung above the doors to carry out the theme of the banquet. The walls were decorated with pink and white streamers, balloons, and hearts. Table decorations tied in with Us ceiling and wall decorations in decor and color scheme as harmoniously as the flow of a symphony. Each table had a decorated flaming candle to help set the mood. I -K 4.x pt zjuf ' wniii ian: ggfawg 2-Ag pgvgiu wwf Qia i psl 'll is "in i : -' QQQAQITL as 'Qu 5 u 19 Royal Purple Hi-F1 Supreme Heart Beats Rhapsody in Red Hit Parade Potato BHt0H Sticks Rock 'N' Roll Syncopation Fluff Encore Grace Notes Music in the Airooooe 0 0 oooo eoooaosoooooo ooo oo o eoslooby B Sha-PP Jim W. Under the SP91-loonooooooooano o ooooooooeeaaoo o ooooooooooooooloby High C Stan L. Music M9U'10I"ieSooooseeano e so one so cososoocssooeooooaooooouoooeooooby H9.I'Il10I116S Dave B. R Norene D. Forever and Everooooo ooo ones ooo ooo oo 0 oeooooosooouby the Mello TOTISS Lorraine, Sharon,Ken Music I Spin 9. P19-tterooooo cocoon ooo oo sooo sooo! llOlOllOlllThe Disc Jockeys Senior Class Sh9.1"P3 and F1-atsnooc o oo sooo oeoo o ooooooooouoono so by Happy ChOI'd Mr. Matzdorff ' wmemwvm'-rlmumvmw-Iwwwvwuw vm mm1mm.,,::,:1,1La- my-mm nM.1'..mml!WMm'mwWMlhl f4Z7 -Lf- ,O I 6 wi' - , x ' PHYSICS VOLLEYBALL ' 'PLAY PRACTICEH HUKUI' TW! Q X 00'f NOON HOUR Q' TM f 5 Q1 J' LAST GAME F .. x , Mm ix N . "NOW KENNY: 1" J H H ,J 4 KXXWX HEAVE-Ho it , N N Q gb N71 NMS FOR ME?? "IN 'PHE HUDDLE" ,xxx I ,A f 1 H' -HooP1Nc" A1NvT sm: swmsrnx ' Num. YOU DON'T SAY! H HPALSW WR M k N X Q fi X AJ , , . I S I N nMY-MYH 4 WL NHOW COZYN WE DIDN'T KNOW" "' . Q! S z ,., xg i NEW CAR?? HW MPX :ET . x -o C.. 'f .::: 1 ---:L. .at zz: "2l T::::12 M 1 " A cf HISTLER'S SISTER" HyEs???U 4-UP A TREE NME-JANE1W fsf fwv a U2 ,Mg id . , '55 ff. .ii "' f 3 35: J " ' ' gy! '35 A01'0GRvflP0 0 WW?" ' l C M Q QE INTER-fUl.lEGlATE PRESS Publushers l Cover Munufaclurers- Book lunders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN U. 5 A. 014343 TCA. W af,

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