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5?-,...,g A ,sf- TH E SENIOR CLASS ARCHER HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS THE EAGLE o j . .-' ' T , R wx -' T Br' Q v Yi 4 -f 1.2: ' 1 5 -G1 lays- M x x Mr R Brouwer Mr H W Matzdorff Superintendent Principal FACULTY Sitting Mlss Gorter, Mrs. Kleinwoltrink, Miss Hansen, Miss Smit, Mrs. Brouwer, Miss Collins, Mrs. Graham. Standing Mr. Smith, Mr. Matzdorff, Mr. Brouwer, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Colvin, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Wolverton, Mr. Graham. Sponsored by MOLMEN DAIRY FARMER'S CO-OP OIL CO. FEDERAL SAVINGS R LOAN ASS'N CHRIS 8 LOU'S SHELDON we-r ' I ' A I ' 7 15153 , , ,XI fr ' 1 . f - 1 S Y ,' xx' 3 , Ds.-. dfEff ' . 13 W 'W -J, . li' Y ,,.ufx3'fL1.'v.g,2,: , , me .6 K. I .Eh QQJQLQ --wef-l A .'- --.+-Q . mug' ..5J ' WQn i gf 1. -I 1-3. , f,-, V: gig,-giff,,,v l fjx 5 g. Inj? kj ' i , '1- f if 1, i-ui J ff1l?f'1! ' :A iff? ' -iii' 'J 1 'iL,?i69Q' ,, -. ,lim ,ggi-fx ' r ' 711.3 'rz W .5 ' 11 , .iyfz-1--,V Ld ,-. 71, -' KT ' 0 0 o o o Iowa Falls, Iowa High School ADMINISTR TIO Mr Brouwer Superintendent Hull, Iowa Hiph School Central College, Pella Iowa State College, Ames University of Iowa, Iowa City University of Colorado, Greeley Mr H W Matzdorff Principal Storm Lake, Iowa High School Buena Vista College, Storm Lake Degree Dept Manual Arts, Science Mrs Stella Tanner Newell, Iowa High School Morningside College, Sioux City B A Degree Dept English Mr Robert Wolverton Wayne State Teachers College, Nebr B A Degree Dept Athletics, Math Jr High Mr Marvin E Smith Indianola Iowa High School Simpsom College, Indianola Iowa State Teachers, Cedlr Falls Dept Business Education Mr William Graham Harris, Iowa High School Buena Vlsta College, Storm Lake Dept Music Mrs Miriam Colvin Battle Creek, Iowa High School Iowa State College, Ames Dept Home Ec , Education Miss Karen Hansen Mr Myron Meyers Sheldon, Iowa High School Northwestern Jr College Orange City westmar Dollege, Le Mars Dept Jr High Mrs Elizabeth Graham Newell, Iowa High School Buena Vista College, Storm Lake Dept Jr High Mrs Richard Brouwer Rock Rapids, Iowa High School Iowa State Teachers, Cedar Falls University of Colorado, Greeley Dept Grade Mrs Eleanor Bovden Iowa Orange City Dept Grade Kleinwolterink High School Miss Uarol Lee Collins Ireton, Iowa High School Northwestern Jr College Orange C1ty Dept Grade l Sylvia Gorter Hull Western Christian High School westmar College, Le Mars B A Degree Dept Grade 2 Miss Eileen Smit Hull, Iowa High School Northwestern Jr College Orange City Dept Grade M Iowa State Teachers, Cedar Falls Dept Primary Sponsored by SNACK BAR TANNER OIL STATION ANDERSON BLACKSMITH SHOP VIRGIL OHL FRED WILTS ARCHER HARDWARE ORLIN HENSPETER WILLARD HARMS Archer, Iowa B. A. . . O P P 5 Stanton, Nebraska-High School Northwestern Jr. College . . ' . 3 . ., . 1 I u BOARD CDF EDUCATIO .. ii, VV.: .- F O R O S3 .E O I-. ZI1 I'-4 'U F- F' la 3 P3 7 V-3 W .n ' 0 AJ V- 4 13 -' Q U S O ll 'lj U1 .J U ' FJ rd o P9 U U1 El E 2 f, swf-. , 4. sk -- Hs? if Front Row Emil Koepnick, Mrs William Schwartz, Sec'y , Pat Ballou, Pres Second Row Art Rohwer, Charles Fykstra, Roy Lemkuil SECRETARY Mrs w1'1'I1'InT 5hwarcz SPuhSOR.D BY U0LLukD H S 0 10 THE SHQLDON MAIL SHLLDON Cooks Mrs Te Paske Mrs Idso Mrs Williams Custodian Bus Q31 gg Jake Vanden Hull William H ht Maynard De Boer George Blankers SPONaORED BY M.k F. CLOTHING SANBOHN, IOWA ROY KAI SER HosPERs, 1owA O'BRI3N COUNTY BELL PRIMGHAR, IOWA Charles Krauss f'X xxxxxx 1 xxNx- 'X f K Sli' ... ,l 1 Raymond Buse Pep Club 2, Student Coun cil 3 Class Plays 3 M Annual Staff M Charles Rolfes Baseball 3 M Basketball M, P1878 3 M Q 4 Stanley Wilkins Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h,Band l,2,3,h, Boys Double Quar tet 2,3,h Brass Quartet M Trumpet Trio 3 pian Solo l,3, Paper Staff 3 M Student Council 2, Class Secretary 3, Class Plays 3,h, Baseball 3,h,Basketi ball l,2,3,k Gene Ehlers Baseball l,2,3,h, Basket ball 1,2,3,h, Mixed Cher US 2 3 U Boys Double Quartet 3,h Mixed Double Quartet M, Student Council , Class Secretary 2 Class Treasure 3, Annual Staff M So o Contest 2 3 A Plays 3, Nt J , . ,:fA , i ,Hx K, f 5 , Xl 3 X . ,Q , , , A ,g . U . ' D. ' . 5 ' . ' , , 3 ln. ' Warner Bonderman Basketball 2,3,h, Baseban l,2,3,M, ClassPresident 3 3,h, Student Council 3,h Annual Staff 3 h Class Plays 3 M S Tom Williams Basketball 1, Annual Staff M, Plays 3nU, Vice Pres 3 Jerry Saunders Basketball l,2,3,h, Base ball 1 3,3 M Newspaper staff M, Plays 3,h, Stud ent Council 2, Class Pre sident 3, Annual Staff M .pf Wendell Fykstra Basketball 1,2,3,h, Base ball l,2,3 M Sport porter M lays 3 M Vice President 4'Si, gif . 31' f . - Y U F - - 3 9 , . Q 1 ,,L,f - , ,V ' se , - f ' W x I ' n n 3 . - o S O R9': ' . ' : F B. 9 F Dick Bogaard Mixed Chorus 1 2,3,h Basketball l,2, Baseball 1,2, Operetta 1 Boys Double Quartet 2 3 M Solo 2,3,h, Band 2 3 M AnnualStaffh, Newspaper Sta!! M, Class Plays 3 h Dlvid De Kok Doubles Morfitt Band l,2,3,h, Chorus 1,2, 3 M Boys Double Quartet 2,3,u Mixed Double Qumr tet 2 3 M Trumpet Trio Vocal Solo 3 M Baseball 1 2,3,h, Basketball 1,2, 3,h, Student Council 3 Newspaper Staff H, Class Play 3 M Band 1,2,3,h, Mixed Chor us 1 2,3,h, Vocal Solo 1, 2 3, Boys Double Quar tet 2,3,h, Boys Quartet 3 Baseball l,2,3,h, Basket ball l,2,h, Class Plays 3 M Operetta 1, Business Manager Magazine Sales h Assistant Editor of Ann ual 3, Editor of Annual M Student Council 1,h, Sec retury of Class 3 M Treasurer of Class h X .Qu I, Jimi,-lr : X A-1 zi2k,ZR :rf 1 F ' A ' 1- S 0 3 - : c 1 1 3 1 1 5 Trumpet Trio 2,3,l4,g Vocal 3,745 Brass Quartet 3,13 ' 1 1 3 ' 1 F U r . ' 1 0 ' 3 , . 1 5? ' ,' A S O ,IE I 0 - 3 1 3 F2e,. o ' i ,f,ff .ij ' rift' PRCPHECY It is 1980, and the feature staff of the New York Times is in Archer to do a story on how the people live in this bustling city As we set out to interview the Hman on the street,n we come upon Thomas Wllliams, going into the private entrance of Casey's Department Store Tom related that he has been employed here as the head of the complaints dept for the past 20 years, and went into the work directly after graduation with no further education nFour years of having high school teache complain about me made an expert,H says Thomas Quick' Out of the way' Roaring through Main Street is a a green streak It must be some sort of car Certainly traveling at a speed faster than sound' Yes, here comes putting along behind We weren't able to interview the frightened pedestrian told us that it was Wendell Fykestra, cloud of dustad this vehicle is the sound now, driver, but a 15 times winner of the Indianaplois Speedway races, and owner of his own drag strip on the edge of town A newsboy is coming down the street, yelling UEXTRA EXTRA, Read it what is this? Why, the entire front page is taken up with ular advice to the lovelorn column, uDear D1ckie,N written by that author on love problems, Sir Richard Bogaard Sir Richard told us relys entirely upon his own hlgh school experiences in his work We now see a sedate looking man, dressed in conservative black du about the pop emminent that he coming down the street It is Warner Bonderman, professional Quiz Program player who had just won two million dollars, and is returning gome with the loot I understand that even though he owns the largest bank in Iowa, he is havkg trouble finding places to keep all his money Saunders Barber Shop Jerry is quite busy with his work today, but in the unused Barbers chair, sits his faithful companion Delores sewing for her hope chest, CI understand she's still hoping J The two have a very unusal hobby, Now street entire The they save green stamps we see the popular boxer, Charles UBoBon Roelfes, jogging down the Charles has a very interesting record, only H2 losses in his career, of N2 fights local movie theater is featuring a picture starring that handsome, dashing, romantic leading man, Gene Ehlers Gehe is currently appearing in a gripping suspense thriller with Kim Novack called 'I was a Teenage Tree Surgeon ' Here comes the best, and richest farmer in Iowa, Raymond Buse Raymond owns a ten thousand acre ranch, and hundreds of head of cattle I under stand that Raymond came to town today to buy a new Cadilliac, it seems that the old one lost a hubcap In the park we meet the towns busiest undertaker, Stanley Wilkins Stan says that he is out looking for the one that got away Drop over some time he told us, and I'll show you our friendly lay away plan speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty Hide the silverware, David Cowboy Dekok is in town Dave really doesn't cause too much trouble but every Saturday he comes into town to shoot holes in Roberta Blok's flying Lessons sign These ranch hands are more trouble aD the time Last of alb we see Douglas Morfitt, on his way to work as janitor of the High School Doug began this work 20 years ago, not because he was unable to get another job, but because he loved the old school so well, that he couldn't bear to leave it As our plane once more streaks back to New York, we are not sure that we will be able to use any of this facinating story material after all, who would believe such fantastic tales anyway? . rs ll 5 - Down the street we see a new glass-fronted building. Why! It's the Jerry . I I A ll l ll ll I ll . SENICDR CLASS HISTORY As school started in the fall of 19M5 twelve students were enrolled in primary They were as follows, Rodney Zegers, Ped Hoekman, Douglas Mor fitt, Stanley Wilkins, Richard Bogaard, Donna Bogaard, Arvin Verburg,Verlon Webster, Warner Bonderman, Wendell Fykstra, David DeKok and Tom dilliams Mrs Joe Harms was our teacher First Grade, l9h6 l9h7 The enrollment was enlarged when Nancy Alberts Darrell Harkins and Larry Dolphin moved to Archer and attended our class to make the enrollment 15 The teacher was Miss Juanita Begg Second Grade, l9h7 l9h8 During this year the class grew considerably when Freya Ritter, Larry Bruggom, Charles Rolfes, Jerry Saunders, Paul Mil ler, and Gene Ehlers moved to Archer to attend our class The enrollment was 21 until Ted Hoekman moved to George Arvin Verburg was retained in grade two for the following year Miss Marlene Baker was our teacher Third Grade, 19MB l9h9 Ernest Sorenson started with our class along with Lawrance Epperson and Alfred Gill Lawrance moved away a few weeks after school started and Paul Miller transferred to Cherokee, and Alfred Gill moved the following summer Jerry Saunders moved to Sioux Falls the last semester but returned the following year Rodney Zegers moved to Shel don at the end of the year Miss Corrynn Thompson was our teacher Fourth Grade, l9h9 1950 Jerry Johnson moved to Archer and attended school in our class for one semester and moved again Then Donald Bethel came to Archer and attended our class for the remainder of the year but did not return the next fall Miss Joan Roelfson was our teacher for the year Fifth Grade, 1950 1951 Freya Ritter moved and Raymond Buse moved in to fill the vacancy in the class Sixth Grade, 1951 1952 Gene and Darrell Harkins moved to South ler from the maximum attendence of was now only 15 Almon 'lhrnasky was Donna Bogaard was retained in the fourth Ehlers transferred to a different school Dakota The enrollment was getting smal 2l in senond grade The number ln class our teacher for the year Seventh Grade, 1952 1953 During the year no one came or left Eighth Grade, l953195h Larry Dolphin moved to Sanborn and Ernest Sorenson remained in the seventh grade which made the enrollment 12 High school, 19514 1958 Gene Ehlers came back to attend A H S and Hank Wagenaar also returned to start the freshman year Nancy Alberts moved to Waterloo the summer following eighth grade graduation Larry Bruggomck cided to move to Sanborn after his sophomore year and Henry Wagenaar joined the Navy The enrollment after thirteen years was now only eleven The mem bers of the 1958 graduating class are Gene Ehlers, Charles Rolfes, Wendell Fykstra, Jerry Saunders, Warner Bonderman, Stanley Wilkins, Raymond Buse , Douglas Morfitt, Richard Bogaard, Tom Williams and David DeKok Booster Adds SANBORN BODY SHOP JOHN'S SHOE STORE Sanborn, Iowa LANDHUIS JEWELRY VFRSCHOOR MOTOR PEDERSON STANDARD SERVICE SCHOENAMAN WARBURTON LBR CO INC MURPHY'S STORE FRANK'S AUTO ELECTRIC THORSON R THORSON DWAINE CONOCO SERVICE NEW LOOK BARBER SHOP RAY VELLINGA Sheldon, Iowa Sheldon, Iowa ANONYMOUS 9 f - . I ' O O I ' o 0 I ' o . . . . ' o O I , - . . ' o .. . s . grade. Miss Marlene Brink was our Teacher. Q . 1 , , - O O - O O 0 4 O 1 c ' ue. . . 'Vx 3 0 A . I I .J - I O I SENIOR CLASS PL Y The Senior class presents three one act plays directed by Mrs Tanner SUMMFR COMES TO THE DIOMOND O Cooky, chef for the cowboys Stanley Wilkens Curly, a cowboy and a dreamer Jerry Saunders Stub, plays a guitar and sings Douglas Morfitt Tex, a ranch hand, more practical minded Charles Rolfes Granny, a grizzled, weather worn cow hand Raymond Buse Mr Houston, the boss of the Diamond O e Stranger, better known as Mindyn Sheriff Lash, a stickler for the Law GENTLEWEN OF HONOR Dennis Scott Neil Fleming Howard Meuret Julius O'Gara D C J L nn V H Henlein THE OWL AND TMO YOUNY MEN Warner Bonderman Gene Ellers Tom Williams Wendell Fykstra David De Kok Gene Ehlers Dick Boggard Raymond Buse Stanley Wilkens Jim Purdue Dick Bogaard Jerry Procter David De Kok 711 PIERCE SlREET STUDIOS SIOUX CITY, IOWA FARMmRS CO OP ELEVATOR AbS'N H GHwAy 33, SHELDON, 1owA O ................. Th' - .fIIIII..... 'A IOC!! IIOOIICIIDODCIOIUOI 0000, Chuck Kavanaugh... .... Warner Bonderman ..... ..... 0000 III!! 0000 lllll r. . . y .... ....... . . ...... . ....................... .. ................................. .... .... .... in 4 . It Y Q ,M FL! vin :lx r JU IOR CLASS vi Front Row Mary Kulper, Norene Dykstra, Donna Bogaard, Roberta Blok Middle Row Stanley Lemkuil, Bea Ballou, Mrs Colvin Sponsor, Sharon Buren, David Ballou Back Row Edwin Wolthuizen, Bradley Pietens, Ircin Verburg HAPPY DAZE Mr Maxwell, Head of the houshold999 Wilbur Maxwell, The son, age 13 Connie Maxwell, A daughter, age 17 Betty Lou Maxwell, A daugtter, age l Bernadine Smith, Betty's best friend Mrs Brown, Mrs Maxwell's mother Aunt Mary, Mrs Maxwell's aunt Directed by Mrs Tanner Arvin Ver Burg Stanley Lemkuil .Bea Ballou .Sharon Buren Norene Dykstra Donna Bogaard Mary Kuiper Mr Mallory, Mr Maxwell's boss Edwin Wolthuizen Elmer, a would be kidnapper David Ballou Muggsy, Elmer's not too bright heoper... ...........Bradley Peitens Hercules Nelson, Wilbur's STORY Betty Lou feels plan a fake kidnapping to wells are frantic and if bosom fri-ends o s s o Q Q 0 0 0 0 .Kenny fSOphmOPe, that whe is being mistreated so she and Bernadine arouse the Maxwells. According to plans the Max only she were back they world be more lenient. Elmer and Muggsy learn about the kidnapping and plan to steal the ransom money. Betty Lou's plan leaks out, so to still get the money, Elmer and Muggsy really kidnap her. Their plan fails so they take Betty Lou back and kidnap Wilbur. This causes another frenzy but all remain safe. Betty Lou, decides to wait awhile before she gets her way. VanOrt Clothlng Standard Cafe Chuck's Grocery Wa'son Furniture Sanborn Sponsored by Norman Bros. Farnsworth Skelly Stevens Barber Shop Vaiser Insurance Agency Primyhar ,f 1 g A ,ij A -A Ways ' . W x N N ll 0 -an0UO0 l llllllitll Mrs. Vaxwell, Head of the household???.. .....Roberta Blok ' aoanoooo 0 one ' l'BZI1 12Z ' oosoossooete lbeoooeseoeoo - - i , -I fm Sophomores Front Row Sharon Menke, Wanda Farnsworth, Delores Pearson Jackie Menke, Barbara Kaiser Middle Row Bonnie Ehlers, Judy Schwartz, Paulette Lemkuil, Lorraine Idso Back Row Mr Wolverton Sponsor, Kenny Williams, Joan Harms, Jim Wagenaar, Norman Appleton Freshman First Row Warren Hulst, Myrna Wagenaar, Glenice Ehlers, Evelyn Wolthuizen, Fred Wagenaar Second Row Leonard Blok, Mr Smith Sponsor Third Row Donald Rozeboom, Perry Saupe, Don Koepnick, Don Harms NEAL CHASE LUMBBR CO Sponsored by INTERCOLLEGIATE PRESS BRANDS BODY SHOP PRIMGHAR SAVING BANK S ld I wa Primghar, Iowa he on, o 2 N., Q . . . . I . 1 . . . U I N iw . . U 2 e ' e . . e . 4 . 9 KI DERG RTE QNFNF' Egggt Rgg Bryon Storm, Dwayne Van Meeteren, Rhonda Akeson, Karen Vollink, Bonnie Farnsworth, Arlan Flaugh, Michael Baxter Secon Ro Mark Bruggom, Leon Reekers, Dale Korbyn, Willis Hofmeyer, Kenny agenaar, Jerry Lynn Vanden Hull, Galen Haack, Monty Summa Lrg Rgg Richard Van Beek, Mary Ann Buse, Connie Vander Sluis, Billy Vol link, Martha Sue Iverson, Jerry Alan wolthuizen, Kathleen Smith, Mary wol thuizen, Dennis Van Meeteren Not pictured Scott Hadden Teacher Miss Hansen In the Kindergarten class, the boys outnumbered the girls 17 to 8 They began the year by becoming acquainted with their classmates and learning many songs, stories, poems, and nursery rhymes During the year they studied in the Come and Hear, Come and Count, we Read Pictures, Before We Read, and many read in the first pre primer book, We Look and See They carried out many interesting art activities, such as making an Indian tepee, Christmas presents, and Valentines STATE Q ARCHER N ARCHER IOWA L 4 r Th - BANK FIRST GRADE First Row Lorie Potter, Michelle Baxter, Edward Storm, Jerry Wagenaar, Dick Burns, Norma Korbyn, Kathy Woodman, Miss Collins cond Row Patsh Van Dykd, Merlynn wegter, Larry Proehl, Bobby De Waay, Lloyd Hofmeyer, Bonnie Vanden Hull Meeteren, Howard Wagenaar, Mell Summa Not pictured Ronald Vollink, Lynn Johnson The first grade started the year with twelve boys and nine girls w had many happy days working and playing together The boys took part in the operetta as bakers and the girls were stars ur favorite days were party days and we enjoyed parties at Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day J C KCOLBECK ARCHER IOWA Se Third Roy Loren Den Beste, Danne Hoteboom, Marlys Grooters, Linda Van . e 0 P SECOND GRADE First Row Betty Vanden Hull, Ray Mc Cracken, Andrea Bosch, Sandra Farns worth, Paul Smith, Linda Ballou Second Row Miss Gorter, Glenda De Kok, Kathy Burns, Beverly Flaugh irq R91 Glenn Van Meeteren, Marvin Bosch, Gary Heerde, Billy Williams, Keith Iverson The second grade began the year with an enrollment of 15 children In February Steven De Vries left us to go to Rapids City, South Dakota We've had a busy year of work and play There were many absences be cause of Asiatic flu, whooping cough, mumps and chicken pox These ill nesses have given us much to ncatch up', however, before we've completed our work for the second grade The children who had birthdays during the year treated the class and we had a Halloween masquerade party, Christmas, and Valentine party In the Christmas operetta the girls were icicles and the boys jesters we've had a good time working and playing together during thapast year f ARCHER co CP GRAIN co Q ARCHER IOWA Th I . - V! f ?x - U f THIRD GRADE First Row Left to Right, Joel Woodman, Judy Den eeste, Elaine Vollink GI da Proehl, Carol Vanden Hull, Marlene Wagenaar, and Kenny Haddon Second Row Mrs Kleinwolterink, Eavid Byers, Cynthia Ballon, Carol Clev Inga, Susan Ballou, Ronald DeBo0m Third Row Lavonne Van Meeteren, Mark Summa, Thomas Potter, Billy Merley, DE Iene Gloden, not pictured Laurie Bruggom, and Jim y Burns The third grade class started the school year 1957 S8 with 20 students Bboys and 12 girls and Mrs Kleinwolterink as our teacher During the year Kathy Farnsworth moved to Washington Severl parties were enjoyed throughout the year Namely a Halloween party, a Christmas party, and a Valentines party SPO'SORmD BY N 8 M FOOD STORE WHITE HOUS CORIAR DRUG STORE D I L CHJhoh BEN FmANKLIN STORE M ID'MA D D SH LDON 911 4 el' . 0 I' 2 4 DON ENGLISH CLOTHING VLHHOEFWS MODLLIRN APPLIANCE I' ' A. .. n. . .S. FOURTH GR DE 1155 Rgw Miss Smit, Lonnie Van Meeteren, Diane Morfitt, Betty Williams, Linda Wolthuizen, Gene Smith cogg Row Judy Wagenaar, Donald De Kok, Robert Van Beek, Louise Schwartz Lrg Ro! Connie Hadden, Connie Lee Kaiser, Carol Menning, Karen Blok, Marjorie Cleveringa, Marilyn Henspeter Fourth Row Greg Menke, Billy Farnsworth, Grorge Schneider, Neil Johnson, Loren Flaugh, not pictured Greg Hofmeyer We started our fourth grade year with 22 boys and girls Dennis Ferns worth moved away soon after our year had begun leaving us with 21 children During the year we have traveled to many new and exciting places W also made many different villages which we studied about All of us had a good time together working and playing SPUISORDD BY RAY'b BOWL, n R BARN B STdAK'S CLOTHING SHmLDON Gin'NHOUSn BOON1 RADIO SHOP L'TRIO CAFE K EN KORL R CArm HCUDON v F Se . Th . e VANDERPLOEG FONERAL HOME DR'S, BRADY 8 KUSHNEH FIFTH GRADE -1131-Egg Diana Henning, Margery Wagenaar, Shirley Proehl, Barbara Flaugh, Nelva Snip cong Bog Carol Lemkuil, Linda Noteboom, Tommy Farnsworth, Jeffrey Wood man, Beverly Verburg, Mrs Brouwer irg Ro! Donald Heerde, LaDonna Bosch, Berdella Grooters, Carolyn Van Meeteren, Sherry Niebuhr, Floyd Larsen urth Ro! Wendell Iverson, Richard Akeson Nineteen pupils enrolled in fifth grade in September, twelve girls and seven boys We were sorry to lose Denny DeVr1es, who moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, in January We have done many interesting things this year in connection with our work As we completed our unit on letter writing each of us chose a state to write to for material we could use in our study of The Uhited States we received many maps, pamphlets, etc, which proved to be very helpful and interesting to us The fourth and fifth grade boys have had some basketball wiihllr Brouwer as coach They have pla ed between halves of several high school games How they did enjoy it e elected cheerleaders for this They were , LaDonna Bosch and Sherry Niebuhr The school year will soon be over We are all looking forward to being sixth graders next year SPONSOHMD BY SDAHQLTIS AiC1 R TnLnPHONn MXCHANGE VINK BROS SCHNInDui RADIO R T V S KVICE QUmmN CAPE J D AND IfnTTA BUCHAN GPCS HUFF IMPLLIJNT DAdLYNh'S BUAUTY SHOP SH LDON AiCH R I Se - O O I Fo . U O O O O . E . I l I I O ,P ., V U. 1 v-. v-. 1 In x .m .:. 4 ' - 1 H 7 F. , . , . Ol ii I1 I All '1 1 'I ' ' 1 O- 0 LJ A' nj. ' 'P 'P '- 'J' r -J LA A L.: JU IOR HIGH SCHOCJL w I 'F gr! cuz First Row Phyllis Kaiser, Linda Bogaard, Carol Koepnick, Elaine Peterson, eryl Fay Wilkins, Carolyn wolthuizen, Jolene Byers Second Row Mr Myers, Bonnie Williams, Robert Wagenaar, Kenny Baxter, Don rley, Roger Menke, Kenny Iverson, Jim Koepnick, Paula Saupe, Mrs Graham Third Row Marilou Koepnick, Margo Kleinheksel, Norma Pietens, Sharol Wil Iams, Joan Pearson, Letha Bogaard, Gladys Nieman, Patty Hadden Fourth Row Paul Merley, Billy Ballou, Lyell Ballou, James Van Beek, Ross Ilou, Stan Schwartz, Ricky Schwartz, Duane Heerde, Daryl Van Meeteren Fifth Row Myrna Wolthuizen, Judy Brouwer, Jeannie Kleinheksel, Sharllyn I mkuil, Alice Buse, Sheryl Honkomp, Brenda Farnsworth, Judy Pearson, Har gene Sorenson Bot pictured Donna Van Meeteren We began our year with forty two students, our sixth grade being the largest with eighteen and our eighth grade being the smallest with only eight. There are sixteen seventh graders. We have an honor roll this year and the following student's names were on it all during the first semester. Jim koepnick and Donna Van Meetern from sixth grade, and Alice Buse, Marilou Koepnick, and Sharilyn Lemkuil from eighth, and Judy Brouwer, Patty Hadden, and Gladys Nieman from seventh We congratulate thesl students. we gave the one act play, Junior is a Genius, and Getting Gracie Grad- uated in November. Though they were postponed due to the flu they were still a success. We had a magazine drive in December which was more successful than we had planned. We won a fine globe for our Junior High and some cash income which was divided between the grades. Very nice prizes were awarded to James Van Beek, Sheryl Honkomp, Margene Sorenson, Brenda Farnsworth, and Donna Van Meeteren for outstanding work in salesmanship records. We are very proud of our athletics, some of them which are very out- standing. Our baseball team did very well in the fall. Our g1r1's basket- ball team was especially outstanding ln that they remained undefeated throughout the entire season. Our boys basketball team, though not boasting f th 1 d f d h d ibilit t 0 ?JgZ383S1'w2rRa3 Ze5ZH123g.?52L3E.a2nd 2 B.-5??t.B'i2sy...n- Jidniife 5?-35a to belong to Archer Junior gh. I. y I Jai 4 ' ' ' ' .6 'I M ' Y 1 y I ' Q , jp J Q ' Y - Q - Ch . Me , V . . 1 . Ba 7 . e .- N BASEBALL TEAM ggg Roy Wendell Fykstra, Warner Bonderman, Jerry Saunders, Jim Wagenaar, David De Kok, Perry Saupe, Doug Morfitt, Don Harms, Gene Ehlers cogg Bog M Wolverton, Coach, Stan Lemkuil, Stan Wilkens, Norman Appleton, Don Koepnick, Kenny Williams, harren Hulst, Student Manager Not pictured Charles Rolfes Hams l:l.mss..a3i.Ea1 Hits Jerry Saunders Warner Bonderman Wendell Fykstra Douglas Morfitt David De Kok Henry wagenaar Jim Wagenaar Perry Saupe Stan wilkens Charles Rolfes Don Harms Stan Lemkuil Kenny Williams I-'UNDP-'I-' Norman Appleton I-' Schedule of games played Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Hy way Body Shop 702, 6th Street Sheldon an an H1 W o o D m Q Cf' w m H UI . W O H w wwoowwo - m u o D UI S Hwmwvwwgw 0 cnoownnxocufa as n U If oooooomwrwrwrmw I I I 'U I I O I l O l U I U l 4.1Jw4H +4 rd waox Luna he -I- QCD-'I-' G .-OW-'QS U10 Hospers Hull western Christian Little Rock Moneta Ashton Harris Excelsior 2 2 2 0 211 200 OO OOO 000 OOO OOO 7 Y Big H Co op Processing Ass'n Sheldon BASKETB LL TE M First Row Jim Waoenaar, Jerry Saunders, Don HBINS, warner nderman, Doug Morfitt Second Row Mr Wolverton Coach, Stan Lemkuil, Dave De Kok, W dell Fykstra, Stan Wilkens, Don Koepnick, Perry Saupe, Not pictured Charles Rolfes Name Position Warner Bonderman Douglas Morfitt Donald Harms Jim Wagenaar Jerry Saunders Stan Wilkens Wendell Fykstra Gene Ehlers Perry Saupe Stan Lemkuil Charles Rolfes Dave De Kok Donald Koepnlck Fred Wagnaar Leonard Blik Boy's Game Schedule Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer 61 IJ!-'P-'D-'D-'IU ON O OIUCDGNO OUJ'i1rUO SEARS 06550 '40 '0-2'4 Q- SmD'0 5' 32 5 Ashton Lake Park Little Rock Melvin Moneta Paullina CO0 Tourn Q Primghar Excelsior Peterson Everly Ashton Calumet Sutherland Everly Csect Tourn D Mono ta Qsect Tournd Forward Guard Forward Guard Forward Forward Forward Forward Guard Forward Forward Guard Forward Guard Forward Bo . en A 3 , 95 88 68 7 . 7 S2 32 18 174 39 33 57 149 ' 39 65 39 50 S0 no Archer 52 Moneta S1 614 311, 6 3 U3 63 71 U1 1 37 146 65 68 . . 82 66 63 76 50 5 6 61 M7 59 50 11.1 51 96 no 80 52 . . So . 63 GIRL BASKETBALL Back Row Glenice Ehlers, Delores Pearson, Sharon Menke, Roberta Blok, Shar on Buren, Judy Schwartz, Jackie Menke Cstudent Managerl, Coach Wolverton Front Row Paulette Lemkuil, Lorraine Idao, Bea Ballon, Wanda Farnsworth, GIRLS SCDFTBALL TEAM Back Row Wanda Farnsworth, Judy Schwartz, Mr Smith Clnstructorl, Jackie H ke, Roberta Blok, Bonnie Ehlers, Paulette Lemkuil Front Row Sharon Buren, Sharon Menke, Myrna Wagenamr, Glenice Ehlers, Bea B Ilou, Iorraine Idso, Mary Kuiper. 0 N Bonnie Ehlers, Joan Harms. f en . a CHEERLEADERS Name Total Points Position Lorraine Idso Bea Ballou Sharon Menke Paulette Lemkuil Glenice Ehlers Delores Pearson Myrna Magenaar Sharon Buren Roberta Blok Wanda Farnsworth Judy Scwartz Joan Harms Bonnie Ehlers Colleen Clerveringa Girls Game Schedule Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer 2 IO Ocheyedan Primghar Harris Sanborn Ocheyedan Honeta Ashton Lake Park Lit t le Rock Melvin Moneta Primghar Peterson Everly Ashton Hull western Christian CSect1ona1J SPONSCQVF BY Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard DR BOLU'DAR FLIWF CLFAN1RS DR'S SMITH R FUmTY IV iT'S PWINJPAR 98 I56 I 31 28 O O 36 M6 30 as 34 '+3 29 56 27 HI 46 sk 38 3 38 66 26 52 31 kk 50 55 32 HI Archer 27 Excelsior E3 55 53 33 Q 55 6 72 Junior High Baseball First Row Jim Koepnick, Kenny Baxter, Roger Menke, Don Marley, Kenny Iver Second Row Stan Schwarts, Lyell Ballou, Daryl Van Meeteren, Billy Ballou, EF Byers, Paul Morley, Duane Heerde, Ricky Schwartz, James Van Beek Junior High Basketball First Row Jim Koepnick, Kenny Baxter, Mr. Myers, Roger Menke, Don Marley Secona Row Stan Schwartz, Robert wagenaar, Ross Bsllou, Lyell Ballou TBI 3 Row Daryl Van Meeteren, Ricky Schwartz, Kenny Iversonystudent man a er, BIIly Ballou, Duane Heerde, son, Ro5rrt Wagenaar, Ross Ballou. r . - 8 Girls' Jr High Basketball Undefeated First Row Mr Myer, Coach, Margo Kleinheksel, Letha Bogaard, Joan Pearson, Paula Saupe, Marilou Koepnick, Alice Buse, Student Manager Second Row Bonnie Williams, Jeannie Kleinheksel, Patty Hadden, Brenda Farnsworth Third Row Judy Brouwer, Sheryl Lemkuil, Margene Sorenson Jr. High Cheerleaders GARRETT'S MOTOR 8 SUPPLY C Sponsored by l Linda Bogaard Bonnie Williams Marilou Koepnick ARCHFR GHOCERY a LOCKER H ROY I-EMKUIL Archer, Iowa VAN'S PRODUCE fiifgzgi. m v fgw fig -1 'N L 1 ,-N 'X N -.2 Q First Row Judy Schwartz, Roberta Blok, Judy Brouwer, Phyllis VerBurg, Joan Harms, Sharon Menke, Leonard Blok, Ricky Schwartz, Marilou Koepnick, Patty Hadden Second Row Stanley Schwartz, Paula Saupe, Doug Morfitt, Don Harms, Dick Bogaard, Perry Saupe, Wendell Iverson, Roger Menke, Kenny Williams, Stan Wilkens, Norman Appleton, Jimmy Koepnick, Don Rozeboom Third Row Sheryl wilkens, Duane Heerde, Bonnie Williams, Donna Bogaard, M Graham, Director, Myrna Wagenaar, David De Kok, Lorraine Idso, Paulette Lemkuil, Barbara Kaiser, Wanda Farnsworth o Girls Roberta Blok, Bea Ballou, Lorraine Idso, Joan Harms. Boys Kenny Williams, Doug Morfitt, Don Harms, Gene Ehlers. x..! K 1 .KF-7f'g..,c.:f' 1 V .. ' ,, ,X-. iQ,:.n,,2, ,T 7 fn A L . X Q , K 1 f 49' ,g.f:,. ,sa .Q ta 'A ,ga 591, . 'awww woiwm-4.5. -v f Q.ZT., 32's if , 1 , . . i, x ' 1 f--V lag. or - we I . O O MI ED CHORUS First Row Evelyn Nolthuizen, Glenice Ehlers, Myrna Wagenaar, Sharon Menke, Donna Bogaard enaar, warren Hulst, Stan Wilkins accompianist Third Row Bea Ballou, Barbara Kaiser, Judy Schwartz, Norene Dykstra, Roberta V Blok, Jackle Menke, Paulette Lemkuil, Fourth Row Donald Koepnick, Lorraine Idso, Sharon Buren, Wanda Farnsworth, Mary Kuiper, Bonnie Ehlers, Joanne Harms, Don Harms Fifth Row Gene Ehlers, Leonard Blok, Donald Rozeboom, David DeKok, Douglas Morfi tt, Norman Appleton BOYS DO UBLE QTIARTEW' - Left Row Donald Harms, Dick Bogaard, Doug Iuorfltt, Kenny Williams Right Row Stan Wilkins, Gene Ehlers, Dave DeKok, Freddy wagenaar Second Row Graham Instructor, Perry Saupe, Kenny williams, Freddy Wag TRUMTE2 TRIO Dick Bogaard Perry Saupe Douglas Morfitt Norman Appleton Donald Harms Douglas Morfitt Roberta Blok Judy Schwartz Paula Saupe bgggg Qugryeg Stanley Wilkens GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row Sharon Menke, Evelyn Wolthuiien, Glenice mhlers, Myra Nag naar, Donna Bogaard Second Row Judy Schwartq, Norene Dyks ra, Roberta Blok, Barbara lhiser, Third BQV Bonnie Ehlers, Mary Kuiper, Jackie Menke, Wanda Farnsworth Fourth Row Lorraine Idso, Mr Graham, Director, Joan Harms GIRLS' QEATET Sharon Menke Roberta Blok, Bea Ballou, Bonnie Ehlers, Lorraine Idso, Joan harms Q , lll Paulette Lemkuil. b Q W llll.l.. MUSICA ACTIVITIES Our mixed chorus this year was composed of 35 members We met every tuesday and thrumhg We pnnticed from ll 15 to 12 OO We have 35 members in the band this year We held practice every Monday, wednesday, and Friday from ll 15 to 12 OO The girls glee club consisted of 19 members, which usually met at 2 115 On Ppril 18th and 19th, the small groups and solo ists went to Sutherland Those participating in this contest were Gene E Vocal Richard B Vocal Lorraine I Vocal Stan W Vocal Daug M Vocal Dave D Vocal Bea B Vocal Roberta B Vocal Bonnie E Piano Boys Double Quartet Mixed Double Quartet Clarinet Trio Brass Quartet Girls Sextette Trumpet Trio The Boys Double Quartet sang for several events including the Faculty School Board Banquet Our clarinet trio played for 0 Jr Class Ulay, P T A , and also for the Senior Class Play The mixed chorus sang at the grade school opperta This year our band marched for the Lord's Acre Festival, we also marched at the Orange City Tulip Festival Also this year some of our soloists sang at our Class Plays and at a few P T A meetings Sponsored by POPPEN 8 HERMANSON DR A G KORVER DR HANNO, DENTIST ATT FREEMAN G MERRIL Sheldon, Iowa . . : : . O I . I . C I O O C O O Kenny W. Vocal O O I O th . , I l Q l I O O O 0 O 0 U 0 O O 0 JUNIOW B WD Front Row Karen Blok, darilyn Uenspeter, Shirley Proehl, Don Nerley, Don De Kok, Don Heerde, Tommy narnsworth, Sherly Honkomp, Niel Johnson, Back Row Billy arnsworth, Elalne Peterson, Mr Fraham, Kenny Iverson, Connie Hadden, Marjorie Cleverinva, eff Woodman, Snarol Williams, Carol Lemkuil, Nelva Snip TUDENT COUNCIL Front Row Lorraine Idso, David De Kok, Gene Ehlers Pres, Fred Wagenaar, Bonnie Ehlers Back Row Stanley Lemkuil, Norene Dykstra, Mr Matzdorff A . 111 . Tv A A ,A a , Louise Schwartz. F ' , J L F . I ' 2 U P A ANNUAL STAFF Sitting Dick Bogaard, Stan Lemkuil, David DeKok, Roberta Blok, Warner Bond erman. Standing Mr' Smith, Gene Ehlers, Wendell Fykstra, Raymond Buse 4. Sitting Bea Ballon, Jerry Saunders, Stanley Wilkens, Douglas Morfitt, Donna Bogaard Standing Dlck Bogaard, Mr Smith Typists Tom Williams and Jarr-y Samplers Wendell Fykstra 'll lPN Junior- enior 32041107 On the evening of Friday, May 9 the Junior Senior Banquet was held in the N R f the Archer School The room was in lovely decoration to lusic oom o carry out the theme of a Firemar1's Ball of the Gay Ninetys The Soph omore girls acted as waitresses The Menu was as follows Smokey Clouds Fireman's Special Sip 'o the Old Brown Jug Flora Dora Girl Gems Flame Salad Sip 'o the Old Oaken Bucket Casey's Strawberry Blond Golden Nuggets Lillian Russell Powder Puffs was PROGRAM Bea Ballou Guest Night warner Bonderman At the Border Song Yesterdays Daily Doings At the Barber Song Sum Total Speaker 65 Shop ,OZ If I Bradley Pietene quartet David DeKok ai XX ?'sgl Y r v? 'Rib MQ 7 . , - 1 ' .ll - 0 Uffflfflf , ' ' III A , I . , in -.,' Rf. T 3 -P 5 fi sn ,' ' P .rv , -. . . i K .JE -:L .J F :Q We - J , G ll ,. m::13:5':f::' ' x ', -:A ' 0 - Q5 23:-K A-:fi -THE:--A --LTL . N AA 22 V' x, i . 'A September 2 October November December Hanuary February March April May SCHOOL CALENDAR First day of school Freshman Initiation Party Assembly Program on Temperance Junior Class Play Band went to Storm Lake to hear Air Force sand Assembly Pro ram Through the Sound Barrier Basketball at Ocheydon Girls W Ht to Basketball Clenic at Spencer Home Basketball with Primghar Senior class pictures taken at Sioux City Home Basketball with Harris Jr Figh Plays Basketball at Sanborn Thanksgiving Vacation Home Basketball with Ocheyedon Magazine Pheater Party at Sheldon Basketball at Moneta Grade School Operetta Home Basketball with Ashton Home Basketball with Lake Park High School Christmas Party Basketball at Little Rock Christmas Vaca1ion started Basketball at Melvin Home basketball with Moneta Boys bounty Fournement at Sutherland Semester Pests started Basketball at Primghar Home Basketball with nxcelsior School Faculty and School Board Banquet Home Basketball with Everly High School Dande Pictures Taken for The Annmal Basketball at Ashton Girls Sectlonal Fournement at George Home Basketball with Calumet Home Basketball with Sutherland Boys Sectional Tournament at Sutherland Assembly Program World day of Prayer for Youth Conference Athletic Banquet at Lake Park Woys to go to DesMoines to State Tournament Local Athletic Banquet Music Contestp Small Groups Nusic Contest Large Groups Junior Senior Banquet Baccalaureate ommencement School Picnic FRISBY IMPLEME T CO an DEERE YOUR TOHN DEERE DFALER WE TRADE FOR ANYlHING ouaauv :ARM PRIMGHAR, IOWA eouunmznr 214. . 1 . 18 . 25 F 30 S Y. - F ' 15 . L6 . G . 19 . 20 . 22 . 25 . A . 26 ,, . 28-29 ' . 3 . . 1+ f' ' - 6 . 9 Y . lO . . 13 . . 18 . 20 , . 21 . , 3 . 10 . 12 ' ' , lS Assembly Program Snow White. 16 ' . 21 f . 214 . 29 ., , 1 . 5 6 . 7 - . 10-14 2 ' ' ' . 12 . . 114, . 17-21 , 21 ' . 21 - . lm . 7 - . lb, . 17 . 2-3 ' . 9 . 18 20 G 28 . P MQ BABY PICTURES 4 BB TW 00k D5 js WB Su 9 aby Puctures 777 W 3:62211 L! 55 ,I ,, ' 7'-Levis I K . A N gr: Y N A - f' Ik' 1 -ar .V , in ' A 'Q' U h , . 3 ' i x A 3 .Q 4 an Q 'A - V' ' A 7 f A' fx ,K :Z-,, F . f , I 3 W A ' v . I ' . l . Q I 3 Q I 4 35 I are VA ll ! 'X K 6 Zu , in v A A 7.1 ' J' . ' M. ' 1 , ltunafnlg Pflfcol ' Q Q R ..- - S L, - N Mcmc Af0llf007 f , B If ' - ' w . - ' 4 - - ' Q ' . . ' I ' -. ,Q V It ' , 'V il. 3 , 1 , . V. A XX I 1' x me 4 A w - W '- 14 7' 1 V ' I f' ' r K ig U .Lg f X P' 3,-Lfjl 1' gf? Q 4 , CANDID SHCTS A unplug l 4-if ls 1081 J'--f f' Sp 8 01 campy J'

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