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The Senior: PYeSer1f aj' EJZ1 Ycf..,,u,f. sm., M656 YC CY ow? 67 P741 j Aziz' 6? Q aj 'qv' I fvffi' J' I he ed, v e D 1' or 9 : f Ihface M f . f' or I' fxvrzcj fgfez-Jon Lan' MepnQcf . ff-r fag 27 ef 0 hd T797 DEDI ATIO With sincere thanks for all she has done for us, we the students of Archer High School wish to dedica+e this has been a real source of inspiration to us during her eight years service as Principal It is with deep regret that we announce her resignation and retirement from the teaching profession 1956 edition of the EAGLE, to Mrs. sybn Campbell: she ANNUAL STAFF Left to Right Seated Williams, Rodney Harms Glenda Reekers, Sharon De Boom, Marvis Krauss Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager Sports Editors Music Reporter Social Reporter Grade Reporter Typists Advisor Compliments of Nancy Peterson, Larry Koepnick, Janice Standing, Thelma Peelen, Bruce Stofferan, Koepn1ck,Sheryl Storm, Sylvia Dykstra, Gary Mrs Uest, Margorie Koepnick Janice Williams Nancy Peterson Rodney Harms Thelma Peelen Bruce Stofferan Sharon Koepnick Sheryl Storm Glenda Reekers Hargorie Koepnick Marvin Krauss Sylvia Dykstra Gary De Boom Mrs Best ARCHER C0 OPERATI VE GRAIN CO , u ' 0 Business Manager. . . . . . . . Larry Koepnick su Mr zrsrouwer C21 bell Suoerintendenf Principal FACULTY Left to Right Pront Row Mrs Wilkins, Miss Winterfeld, Miss Ryno, rs Vander Lee, Miss Hadlocv, Mrs Lamkin Second Row Camobell, back iow Pr Brouwer, AF Wolverton, Mr uraham, Mr Mafzdorff Sponsored by QULLN CAFL SHLRMAN MOTOR COMPANY VERSCHOOR'S JOHN'S CENTRAL SHOE STORE FRITTVS SKELLY STATION H E MATSON THB WHITE HOUSE LANDHUIS JEWELRY QUEEN CAFE SHLRMAN MOTOR COMPANY VhRSCHOOR'S JOHN'S CBMTRAI SJOL STORE SHELDON Mrs. m 4 O J. I 1 Q ' Y v . . . ' M , ' . A I 0 L Q 0 ' Mrs. brouwer, Mrs. Kleinwolterink, Vmrs. west, Mrs, Skaar, Mrs, A ' A : A 0 Av Q Q H o 4 O R O I q s W 1 L J . Mr R Brouwer Superintendent Hull, Iowa High School Central College Pella, Iowa Iowa State College Ames, Iowa Graduate Work University of Iowa Iowa City, Mrs Sybil Campbell Principal Sheldon, Iowa High School Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois B A Degree Education Major History, English, Education Dept History, English Mr Robert Wolverton Stanton, Nebraska High School Wayne State Teachers College, Nebr B A Degree Dept Athletics, Math , -Tr' High Mrs Eva Skaar Iowa State Ames Buena Vista College B A Degree Dept Home Econlmics, Science Mr William Graham Harris, Iowa High School Buena Vista College Degree Dept Music, Jr High Mrs Gertrude West West Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa Dept Branch, Ia High School Commercial Mr H W Matzdorff Storm Lake, Iowa High School Buena Vista College B A Degree Dept -Manual Arts, Science Mrs Eleanor Boyden, Iowa Northwestern Dept Junior Mrs Richard Little Rock, Kleinwolterink High School Junior College High Brouwer Iowa High School Iowa State Teachers College Dept Junior High Miss Alma Haddock Climbing Hill, Iowa High School Westmar College Dept Elementary Miss Marlene Winterfeld Sioux Center, Ia High School Westmar College Dept Elementary Mrs Glenlce Lamk n Sanborn, Iowa High School Morningside College University of Colorado Dept Junior High Mrs Ruby Vander Lee Hull, Iowa High School Northwestern Junior College Dept Elementary Mrs Arlin Wilkens Archer, Iowa High School Morningside College Dept Elementary Miss Berniece Ryno Washington High Sioux Falls, S Sioux Falls College Iowa Wesleyan Mt Pleasant, Ia Dept Elementary -' Iac V . . 1 Paullina, Ia.-High School B, A, e' O , ' O COOKS Left to Right Mrs Te Paske, Mrs Idso, Mrs Tanner ARCHER CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL , , '- '- 4 V'g:5.gv'4"' S :Ll ASVA. F .,.vAlyw,,: . ' Q ' rv, 4. ' ' CUSTODIAN Charles Krauss 1 , . v n1'x'3fQ-x' wx li GUS'-Q I' "wx 1 mu w 1:1 fs '4tw1'lr'ys ,W ., . ..,.,.,,QJ4L nuxuvxn x-Hum lu VZ' Z -4,7'J7ZZi NO SEHIURS l , v 4 1 "fr,'f"v- . 7: . rf A Wiz ""'- ' bi- n, , L.,-"r"Flf ' 3 Y . L K . ff ' i 1.8 New ,jj 15' 1 A M. - 1. . 3. , ' -N .11 .- . A - , ,..,- AA if ,wz lg " .ffm .YL 54, ,A 10,067.97 'Num Q li MW'- 1 ,f X 2 ry 3 Ruth Ann Cleveringa Joanne Niebhur President Vice President Carole Morfitt Sec'y Treas Larry Koepnick Paul Saupe Leo Kuiper Marjorie Koepnick Marlin Idso Janice Nilliams Marvis Krauss Xtf Sylvia Dykstra Thelma Peelen Gary De Boom Ruth Bruggom Glenda Reekers Sheryl Storm Jordeane Habermehl Gary Ballon Roger Lemkuil Ir: C' w '53 'N SE IDR JOANNE NIEBUHR Class Vice President M Class Sec't Treasurer 2,3 Cheerleader 3,M Pep Club l,2,3,M Basketball l,2,3,M Softball 3,M Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,M Newspaper Staff M Class Plays 3,M Reference Librarian 3 GORDEANE HABERHEHL Mixed Chorus 1,2 3 M Glee Club l 2,3 Band l,2,3, Vocal Soloist l,2,3,M Mixed Quartet 3 M Girls Trio M Vice Pres of Pep Club 3 President of Pe Club M Pep Club l,2,3 Class Plays 3, Double Mixed Quartet M GLENDA REEKERS Band 1,2 Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 1,2, M Annual Staff M Student Council M Basketball l,2,3 M Softball 3 M Class Plays 3 M Operetta 3 Sextette M rep Club l,2,3 Vocal Soloist l,2,3 M THELMA PEELEN Band 1,2,3,M Mixed Chorus l,2,3,M Annual Staff M Student Manager 3 Basketball l,2,3 Softball 3 M Class Plays 3 M Operetta 3 Pep Club l,2,3 M LEO KUIPER Baseball l,2,3, Basketball 1,2 M Class Plays 3,M TIVITIES SYLVIA DYKSTRA Pep Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 1,2 3,M Glee Club l,2,3,M Sextette M Operetta 3 Class Plays 3,M Softball 3,M SHERYL STORM Operetta 3 Glee Club l Mixed Chorus l,2,3,M Librarian 3 M Annual Staff M Pep Club l,2,3 Student Council 1 Class President 3 Class Vice Pres 2 Basketball l,2,3 M Softball 3 M Class Plays 3 M CAROLE MORFITT Band l,2,3 M Glee Club l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Sextette l,2,3 Girls Trio 2,3,M Clarinet Quartet 2,3 Basketball l,2,3 M Softball 3 M Cheerleader 3 M Class President 1 Student Council 2 Secretary Treasurer Pep Club l,2,3 M Conference Team 3 Class Plays 3 M Operetta 3 Magazine Sales Captain Editor of Newspaper M ROGER LEM UIL Baseball l,2,3,M Basketball 1,2 3 M Class Plays 3 GARY DE BOOM Baseball l,2,3 Basketball 1,2 3 Class Plays 3 Mimeographer Annual Staff M Newspaper Staff M ,L ' ll I1 3, ' u Glee Club l,2,3,M Double Mixed Quartet M M , DL' ,L I - W . L fl at 1 A L ' RUTH ANN CLLVLRINGA Class President 2,M Sec't Treasurer 1 Student Council 3 Newspaper Staff M Newspaper Ass't hdito Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Glee Club 1 2 3,M Band l,2,3 M Cheerleader 2,3 M Softball 3 Ba ketball 1 2,3 M Pep Club 1 2,3 M Class Plays 3 M Operetta 3 Reference Librarian 3 Magazine Sales Captain Reporter M PAUL SAUPE Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Boys Quartet 3 M Boys Double Quartet M Student Council 3 M Student Council Pres Class Plays 3 M Baseball l,2,3 M Basketball 1 2,3,M Annual Staff 3 Vocal Soloist 2 3 M RUTH BRUGGOM Girls Glee Club 1,2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Operetta 3 Pep Club l,2,3 M Class Plays MARLIN IDSO Baseball l,2,3 M Basketball l 2,3,M M All Conference Second Team 2 All Conference First Team 3 Class Plays 3 M Basketball Captain 3 M GARY BALLOU Class Plays 3 M Boys Quartet 3 Boys Double Quartet M Mixed Quartet 3 M Double Mixed Quartet M Vocal Soloist 2 3,M JANICE WILLIAMS Basketball l,2,3,M Softball 3 M Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,M Glee Club 1 2,3,M Vocal selelet l,2,3 M Sextette M Operetta 3 Twirler l,2,3 Drum Magorette M Class Plays 3 M Pep Club l,2,3 Newspaper Staff M Ass't hditor of Annual 3 Annual Editor M LARRY'KOEPNICK band l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus l,2,3 M Boys Quartet 3 M Baseball l,2,3 M Basketball l,2,3,M Student Council 1, Newspaper Staff 3 Annual Staff 2,3 Class Plays 3 M Magazine Sales Captain 3 Magazine Sales Bus Mgr Operetta 3 MARVIS KRAUSS Bend l,2,3 Glee Club 1 2,3,M Mixed Chorus 1 2,3,M Sextette M Newspaper Staff 3 Ass't Newspaper Editor Annual Staff M Basketball l,2,3 M Softball 3 M Captain Basketball Team 2 M Co captaln Basketball leam M Operetta 3 Class Plays 3 M Pep Club 1 2,3 MAQJORIE KOEPNICK Basketball l,2,3 M Softball 3 M Band l,2,3 M Mixed Chorus l 2,3,M Glee Club 1 2,3,M Sextette 2,3,M Newspaper Staff M Annual Staff 2,3 M Class Plays 3,M Pep Club l,2,3 Operetta 3 Horn Solo 3 ' I I . ' r 3 ' , , . I I , . I ,M e 3 1 9 I' I I ' 1 M , I I I I I 1 'W , ' 2 I Operetta 3 Annual Staff Bus. Mgr. M I I I , 1 C l I I .H ,3,M , I I 3,5 - 1+ ' I I I I ' 'I I I I I I I I I I I I , , I SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The records for the first two years of our schooling are not com plete, so many of the facts for these grades may not be right In the fall of l9h3 the kindergarten room of the Archer Consoli dated School was invaded by 18 eager beginners Their names were Alice Beltman, Beverly Bolkema, Bill Harkin, Marlin Idso, Larry Koepnick, Marjorie Koepnick, Marvis Krauss, Leo Kuiper, Carole Lea Morfitt, Paul Saupe, Joanne Niebuhr, Thelma Peelen, Norman Stofferan, Curtis Jass, Janice Williams, Gary De Boom, Gary Ballou, and Allen Brown Our tea cher, Miss Dorothy Crooks, QMrs Harry Kaiserl, was ready to start us on our way As we entered the first grade we found that we again had Miss Crooks as our teacher During this year Curtis Jass moved away, thus bringing our total 6nPO11m6nt GOWH to 17 We entered the second grade with the same enrollment and with Mrs Garrison as our teacher Allen Brown moved away that year reduc ing our class roll to 16 Upon entering the tkird grade we found that we were to have four new classmates, Carolyn Ferrand, Clair and Carole Pederson, and Henry Wagenaar We also found that we had lost one of our classmates, Nor man Stofferan had moved away during the summer Our teacher for the year try Ruth also was Miss Baker During the summer preceding our fourth grade year two of the coun- schocls closed adding four new students b ourclass Glenda Reekera Ann Cleveringa, Ruth Bru gom and Roger Lemkuil Norman Stofferan came back, Our teacher was Mrs Wilson Miss Joan Roelfson greeted us in the fall of our fifth grade year Norman Stofferan and Henry Wagenaar left us, cutting our enrollment to twenty During the year Carolyn Ferrand left us, leaving nineteen pupils In the fall of l9h9 we entered the sixth grade as Junior high pupils Our enrollment was tw same as at the end of our previous year Opal Bussanmuss was our escort for that year During our seventh grade year we galned Gordeane Habermehl, mak ing an enrollment of twenty two Mr Parnasky was the prin ipal of the Junior High In our ei hth grade year we lost Clair and Carole Pederson and We entered high school with an enrollment of 21, consisting f Alice Beltman, Ruth Ann Cleveringe, Ruth Bruggom, Gordeane Habermehl, Marjorie Koepnick, Joanne Niebhur, Glenda Reekers, Sheryl Storm, Bev erly Balkema, Sylvia Dykstra, Marvis Krauss, Carole Morfitt, Thelma Peelen, Janice Williams, Roger Lemkuil, Paul Saupe, Gary Ballou, Gary De Boom, Marlin Idsq Larry Koepnick Leo Kuiper Going to high school was quite a change, especially when it came to initiation After that everyone got adgusted to high school life we lest one elasemete that year Alice Beltmar left during that year Our sophomore enrollment corsisted of twenty pupils and Mr Matz dorff was our sponsor On September 25th we initiated the new fresh men Durirg the year we had several dances, chaperoned by various teachers We also had several assenbly programs during the year We started our Junior year with no changes in our enrollment Mrs Skaar was our spoxsor During this year we received our class rings ard gave our Junior Class Play, 'Lets Face It' with Miss Ras mussen as the director we also gave the Junior Senior Banquet with the themenNeptunes Garden The barquet was served by the Baker Metho dist Ladies Aid Beverly Balkeme left at the end of this year We started our last year of high school with an enrollment of 19 we are looking forward to graduation with anticipation We had our senior class pictures taken at Sioux City This year we are going to have a prom with our Junior enior banquet We know we will enjoy Skip gay and giving our Senior Class Play,which is entitled, nOff the frack Bill Harkin. Sheryl Storm joined us at the start of this year. T o : . .ll. ! - - CLASS WILL we,the members of the graduating class of 1956 of the Archer Con solidated School, city of Archer, County of 0'Brien, and State of Iowa, being of sound minds and memories do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament,hereby revoking all former wills and condb oils by us heretofore make Section I To the Juniors we will the honor of being the graduating class of 57 any worn out material we may have left such as gum, inkbottles, papers, pencils, erasers, books and the senior privileges To the underclassmen we will the use of the pencil sharpeners, desks, class rooms, and the hope that someday they too may be seniors Section II Individually we do will and bequeath I, Marvis Krauss, do willand bequeath my height to Ted TU my back seat in the assembly to anyone who has the ability to keep as quiet as I did, m shiny tin trumpet to Rodney H , who has always envied it, my basketba l suitto anyone who has the money to get it cleaned, my ability to study so hard to Nancy . my giggling on the basketball floor to the sophomore girls of '57 my quietness and timidness to Willa Jean, my abilityto get along with Mrs Westto the Juniors cf'57, my extended sympathy to all the teachers who put up with me all through school, and the best of luck to the Seniors of '57 I, Roger Lemkuil, do will and bequeath my old papers to Charlie, desk to Don B , my good grades to Ted Tiemens, and the best of luck the Seniors of '57 I, Marjorie Koepnick, do will and bequeath my ability to behave the study hallto Henry W , my back seat in the assembly to Bruce S, laughing and giggling to Norene D my gift of gab during school without permission to Judy E , my typewriter to anyone who can make it work, my job on the newspaper to Ted T the responsibility dfcarrying on the name of Koepnick to Sharon K , my liking of hillbilly music to the best of luck to the Seniors of 1957 I Janice Williams, do give and bequeath my nickname Zeke' back to whoever gave it to me, my seat in the back of the study hall to Willa Jean, the annual job to Nancy, my basketball suit to Bea Ballou, all my fights with Larry to Nancy my ability to try to sing to Arlene Beckman, to the underclassmen, all the fun I've had in high school and best wishes to the Senior Class of '57 I, Paul Saupe, do give and bequeath my ability to make fouls in basketball to Bruce, my position as student council president to Hr Brouwer, my black Ford to anyone who thinks they have enough money to keep it running, my ability to stay home every night to Don B ,and all my grades to anyone who does not want to graduate, and the best of luck to the Senior Class of 1957 I, Carole Morfitt, do will and bequeath my basketball suit to Roberta B , my job as editor of the paper to Rodney H , my cheerlead ing suit and experiences to Nancy P ,my alto part in trio to Bruce S , m old used clairnet reedsto Judy E ,my good times in A H S to Sharon K , and the best of luck to the Seniors of 1957 I , : 3 3 s I my .O l to . :Ln .- - my . Nancy S.: and all my good times in A:H.S. to all the underclassmen and II I D I, Thelma Peelen, do give and bequeath my long hair to Hank my desk in the study hall to Don M , my ability to go steady to Judy E my student manager job to Marilyn R , my old History and Government papers to the Juniors, my ability to stay on the road while driving a car to the Drivers Training Class, my bus rides to Stanley W , my old gu to Phyllis B , my notes to and from Ruth to any one who can read them, m place as first drummer to Lorraine I , my pad lock on my desk to Don , and the best of luck to the Seniors of 1957 I Ruth Bruggom, do give and bequeath my natural curly hair to Donna B , and anyone else who wants the stuff, my Government and His tory papers to the wasteoaper basket, all my sweaters to Arlene Beck man, my willingness to at least try and sing to my brother, my Book keeping troubles to the whole Sophomore Class my desk to anyone who doesn't want a front seat, and the best of luck to the class of '57 I, Gary De Boom, do will and bequeath my job as mimeographer and duplacation machine operator to Raymond, my job as the movie machine operator to Ted Tieme s, my used rubber bands to Bruce my seat in the study hall to anyone who wants it my job on the paper staff to Ted, my habit of talking in the study hall to Donald Blankers, all the good times in high school to the underclassmen and the best wishes to the seniors of 1957 I, Sheryl Storm, do give and bequeath my ability to keep from talking without permission in study halls to Henry W , my basketball suit to Mary K my good times in high school to Sharon K , my height to Don M , my work in the library to Nancy P my bad habits to Narner I Marlin Idso, do give and bequeath my place on the All Corfer ence basketball tear of my junior year to Don Blankers, my car to who ever can afford to keep it running, my position on the baseball team to Ted, my height to Donald Menke, my interest in Sheldon to Arlene Beckman, my being in trouble all the time to Bruce S my ability to keep busy to Nancy, and the best of luck to the Seniors of 1957 I, Glenda Reekers, do give and bequeath my letters to Willa dean, my ability to tell experiences to Phyllis my expression Wwe all got to go sometime' to Mary, my chair between Judy and Nancy in english class to Dennis, my red hair to Arlene B ,my basketball suit to Sharon B , my ability to try to sing to Larry B my desk by the window to Nancy if she can stand frost on her nose in the winter, my ability to write notes to Norene D my ability to broadcast basketball games to Sharon K ,and last but not least my cheerful good mornings to Charlie: and the best of luck to the Seniors of 1957 I, Larry Koepnick, do give and bequeath my old Geometry papers to Sharon, my back seat in the study hall to Hank, my good driving habits to Nancy and Jim my height to Dennis my position of the annual bus iness manager to Rodney, my ability not to go steady to Judy E , my sympathy to the underclassmen, and my sincere wishes of success to the Seniors of '57 I, Gordeance Habermehl, to give and bequeath tae following my second soprano part in trio to Henry Wagenaar, my drawing ability to Dennis Anderson, my height to Ted, all my reading of books to anyone who has the time, my Pep Club presidency to Arlene, my American His togy grades to Mr Matzdorff and the best of luck to the Seniors of 19 7 .' .3 I : I ' .' I I .5 ' B., my back seat to Judy E.: and my best wishes tothe Seniors of 1957. n ' 1 ' 0 .3 3 3 ' I vary Dallou, do vlve and bequefth y DSSMP'bQ1I Tl J to Dennis, wlo I m suxe wl l u b e chance I le1ve my Qood nature to Mr N931 who aon eclated it so n I IH 1d my olonles to Jim, IO ook all t n or 1 a n ar, t Ted I n ' eava l 2 to FP nan f and to Snaron ani Nancy I'll hli led to harl when ne does lnz complexion in case of en somethlnv to Arlene b f I c ass I ave m otfs t at year as I dld out I hone t bit better than I did and I Leo for ls hulper, sive and bequeath the Government papers to our c basketball tears to ucn nice warm railator to some to behave in bookkeenlnv Seniors of 'p7 I, Qylvia Dykstra, do eave no 1 U Ffp pt to 1on 1rn sier 1er to EIUPG leav lfl r ency 1 Pe 1 slre what 1ey a e m e get alona Wltl t1SlP t pwlf 9 lvlfl rvfg a ttle appreciate w at e a e 1 1 be 0 of sound m nd and in coed ae t c ips off my snoes tc can cneressman my DOSltlODS Ol tne OHGGOQII and a Don D resnec1 vely 1 coli blccdel DGUIOI dxldxt yelr J aolll y c ass to brace, a d tke be t llcy to the will and bequeath all my nlstory and cv r nment papers to anyone J 1 enou n to :ant new o ar cu1h to ab e to aflord tle m 16 ack o he 'eac e job IH f book stole to Norene, a lllty to ge 3f1CP 3 to anarcn Buren, my name on the donor ioll to any e w1o already do n'1 hav the r name on lt, my job as typlst on tue ewspaper H10 a1nual staff t anyone interested my mood behavior to Milla Jea1, my ability of al ays bein? able to keep fron talking ln the study nalls to ev ryone who lacks the ablllty my desk in the study hall to anvone tnat has trouble keeping cool, and the best of luck to t1e senior class of l957 I Ruth Ann Cleverlnna, do Dive and bequeath all y Good tl es in Archer Hivh S hool to Nancy my Ch96FI68dlHV ability to Henry my abl llty to get kicked out of glee club to Judy Donnie no eboom to Sharon P all my Wood times in basvetoall OP8C'lCG to Phyllis y old tests and paoers to 'ha lle my tonslls to Arl e and the ve y best wlsles to the benlors ot '57 Qld all the unler lassfen I Joanne Nlebuhr, to give and bequeath vy cnee leadlnu ablllty to Haymord B my unfinished arfuerents to Jim a vool times n Archer ilph bchool to Judy mnlers ry American History and uovernment outlines to 1' Matzdorff all the Junk that is found in my desk I will leave never wants class of '57 to tne blrls my ability to studv harl to Jancy my ability to whispe ln tne study hall to wllla Jcan my books to wdoever to pay a bl bxll of bookrent a1d t1e best ofluck to the senior , ' ' U 1 1 1 m Ni ',. . ,'arinv :all- ity U do n ' ' l j my at an 1 , to vet lt: 4 Q, 1 s. W 3 r , ,, 1 . rue' Y ow: ar 1 ap ' , 1 wi t ,he rlbbl1g Cr 1 mei nl I this ,ast e ' O thi k I ll l, m ab! 13 , pests U1 cv an: Snarln' . v I 1 , I , ti'mr ,pew ' Y ye t'ey ,1't 1 I1 Q ' 1 pe Q, t?,qg Q1 ,Q I , e YJI-UlQSh- 1 , we M , : I Ynve a 1,elldq I shfuld leave . L, , 1 , u' 'm nft -1 , 1.1, lt lsg to and E1l, Jr1l r l lef .y 5 as .H tk 'El . v, as 1uc. fun ln their Jen- r f ' . I ' A b y ,s 1 O ' 3 E '1 eacuers li J , , 1 1 A , 11 an y r fo'nq For us. , R rl ' ln, , 1 .i , J,z, do J , -., n 1 K . 1' ' lr. Brouwer: Ameri 1 1 M 3 ' ' 1 ' :' . ' 11 W1 N. 'nd I. 1 tl ': my desk by tne 1 t .. n 1 ' ' 1' ' 1' ' 2 3 if f' t , . A O l ' ' ' n '1, ,s of 1 X V" . . I 1 . ' A 1.1 rj - 2 'umb 'g V t H r sm- t 8H',j ' be l 1 ' 1 rg 11y sfraf s b t tt Q lu rsg my .'1 ' the ' ' my ,b ' ' get ln bel 'L l :OO 'f 11 ' ' ' "V - 1 " ' 1, n E 1 1' 3 1 e 1 1 ' 'E n, 1' r ' o g My 1' ' w' , 1. 11 - 1 1 ' e 1 a ' - If I V I A . ' A 1. , 1 w D ' 1 ,' m N m, , Q1 c A 2. . J , J . 3 1 - Q . ' r 7 1 Y M, :J Q , 1.1 U .,g . ,, 1 " . V , u 1 : m . L u r , 3 1 en 3 , ,r' 1 1 ' 1 1rl ' 1 Q c n . J Q 2 11 ' F 1' 5 ' 1 1 ,g 1 1 W : ll my A f 1 1 I Y A - M t A A L N M . . , D , , 1. , ' n - r f1 u , , , V 1 , , r ' ' " 1 : 1 1 y 3 l ' g 1 E ' ' , ' . CLASS PROPHECY Last wednesday, April 20, 1975, was the scene of the first flight of g passenger ship into space There were twenty passengers with the Commander Richard Brouwer It SSONS all the passengers were trying to escape and forget their worldly troubles for the time being Our first couple to enter the ship is the former Carole Lea Mor fitt and Paul Saupe of Archer, who are on the verge of a divorce after raising a family of twelve It seems Paul has fallen for their maid and Carole has taken a tumble for their butler Next we see the distinguished Dr Lawrence Paul Koepnick who is taking the trip into space to find out what kind of medications are used on Mars He also plans to build a hospital there for the care of broken hearts Next in line is nSquirrely McGou , alias Roger Lemkuil, who has just escaped from the penitentiary He has been sentenced for 99 years for shooting paper wads at the squirrels Now coming aboard is Thelma Peelen,who is noted for her long hair the world over She has many rivals, since her hair is insured for billions of dollars It takes ten maids to comb it At her last wed ding her hair took the place of her train Next we see General Krauss and Lt Koepnick, the former Marvis Krau s and Farjorie Koepnick They were dishonorably discharged from the WAC'S for being too wacky It seems they learned this at Archer Now we see Gordeane Habermehl the great interior decorator of all times Her most famous work is decorating dog houses The dogs like it, at least they haven't complained The great Professor De Boom is coming aboard He is studying the great question of all times, how to use ain't and hain't in place f is and are This 1 very technical and he needs time to think about it Here comes Mrs Ruth Rockefeller, the former Ruth Bruggom,who mar ried the mutli millionaire from New York City He sent her on a trip into space to give her a rest from d sting all the piles of money Now we see the famous Janice Williams,who now is owner of a chain of re taurants, which are famous all over the U S She has become fa mous for her recipe ot bean soup, which she obtained from the Archer cooks Everyone seems to want to eat at 'Jan's Here comes the famous spinster, Syliva Dystra, who lives alone with her many cats It seems she prefers cats to men She had t Next we see the great columist 'SNOOPY CLEVERINGA , the former Ruth Ann Cleveringa from Archer high, where she was taught everything she knows about journalizing She writes for the great 'SNOOPY JERTIES CHRONICLE' There also in line is the agriculture expert 'Soily Kuiper the former Leo Kuiper, who is going into space to study how to change the color of the soil by what he learned in good old Archer High Next we see Miss Niebuhr, the famous teacher, who has devoted her life to teaching little innocent children She has been teaching in Nut Grove, U S A for twenty years Now she is going into space to start teaching on the moon Perhaps everyone of you has seen the 'Great Crooner the former Marlin Idso of Archer He is now entering our space ship He's start in a new show and a TV program station MARS on Mars H9 3 promised two million Mars candy bars for his first performance Going with him is his side kick, Gary Ballou, who is also his arent Marlin and Gary are ooth from Archer, where they be an their close friendship while still in school Now Senator Reekers is entering the space ship She is going into space to escape the problem of 'Child Labor ,which she has been debat ing with congress since she was a graduate from Archer High She should be very successlul, since she as several children of her own. Our last passenger is Sheryl Storm, who is now librarian of a do it yourself library She is very efficient at doing it herself, since she acquired this talent when working in the library at the Archer School Now e eryone is on the ship, and they are ready for their journey into space de hope they have a happy and successful trip ahead and we Juniors wish them luck I C 0 O 0 O . . l N I- D s O I e 0 " I O S A g ' 7 O O I . 0 . 0 0 . ' o . s . ' 0 u . c a ' Y! 0 O . -' . o move outg the cats are taking over. I II I 'Q Q 0 - O N O I O O I 0 O N I I 0 ' 5 D . - p , fr . 1 . A . O I n - . 0 1 . ' O V . 1 0 xx f" 3' , - x L THQ THE1 ff Wrunz n CAR The or 'Wonv Y 'tus 76 If! Circ FOF.: .J NES ' A., v'--..., s M . . 'Fx A -K., N! :QNX Vlsao S , gvf , 'D I . -Qiffqnf , 'A Qifif F JUNIORS Left to Right Front Row Judy Ehlers, Sharon Koepnick, Nancy Peterson, Arlene Beckman, Willa Jean Harms Back Row Mrs Skaar, Theodore Tiemens, James Rohwer, Dennis Anderson,Donald Menke,Donald Blankers, Rodney Harms,Bruce Stofferan JUNIOR CLASS PLAY THE GHOST HOUSE, directed by William Harrison, heir of the Ghost House Gloria Willoughby, his sweetheart Henrietta Willoughby, Gloria's mother Ann, G1oria's young sister Andrew Barnes, Ann's boyfriend Patches, a colored boys Mother Blake, a strange old woman Mrs Glen West James Rohwer Sharon Koepnick Judy Ehlers Arlene Beckman Theodore Tiemens Donald Menke Dennis Anderson Oliver Mellon, an attorney Sandra, Oliver's wife Soleless Sam, a tramp Rebecca West, a mysterious girl Dr Jean Roget, a doctor Sponsored by ARCH R GROCRRY and LOCKRR GA1RETT'S MO OR SUPPLY CO VAN'S PRODUC ROY LrNKbIL ARC ER , IOWA Nancy Peterson Bruce Stofferan Willa Jean Harms Rodney Harms . . . : . . . ....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Donald Blankers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IE ' R ld W' , E I' -3.' wwh 'W SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to Ribht bront Row Davld Je hok, Raymono use, doubles Iorfitt, Rlcharu so aaro, Larry Lruggon, Thomas vlllians Back Row M Matzdorff, Fenry iabonaar, Jene Ehlers, Charles Rolfes, Jerry Saunders Nendell rykstra, Stanley wilkens, warner Bonder an FRESHMEN CLASS Left to Ri ht Front how N8AHllD6 Ballou, bary Kulper, M rilyn Rolfes, Norene Dykstra, Donna iobaaro, Sharon Stren Back Row Mr volverton, Rooerta Blok, Bradley Pletens, Edwin Wolthulzen, Stanley Lemkuil, David Ballou, Arvin Verberg, Ernest Sorenson, Phyllis Bruggom. Sponsored by SHELDON WALLPAPER and PAINT STORE SHELDON CO-OP. OIL A'SSN. SHELDON GREENHOUSE SLAGLE LUMBER CO. SHELDON, IOWA STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right Front Row Arlene Beckman, Glenda Repkers, Paul Saupe, Donna Bogaard Back Row Bruce Stofferan, David Ballou, Douglas Morfitt, Jerry Saunders " A ARCHER CONSOLIDAThD SCWOOL Sponsorea by L'TRIO DRS BRADY Q KUSHNER STARRhTT'S FEDERAL SAVLNGS R LOAN ASS'N SHELDGN IGWA 0 Q v . ., Q , Q 0 X, , ' F, . Q ' I , A X - 7313" .v , MJ ki La", ' , , vh 4 ,X 4- Q -if v Y X . I . W' I . M, 1 -. Q . '1 1 1 - -' X . Y NEWSPAPLH SLAFF Left to Right Seated Gordeanne Haoermehl, Marvis Krauss, Nrs Glen West, Carole Morfitt, Gary De oom Standing Nancy Peterson, Marjorie Koepnick, Sylvia DYkStT8, Donald Blankers, Rodney Harms, Janice Williams, Joanne Niebuhr, Ruth Ann Cleveringa nditor Assistant Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Grade Editor Reporter Typiats NEWSPAPLK SlAbr Carole Lea Morfitt Marvis Krauss Gordeane Habermehl JoannerNiebuhr Nancy Peterson Sylvla Ddkstra Janice Williams Marjorie Koepnick Ruth Ann Cleveringa Circulation Manager Rodney Harms Mimeographer Gary De Boom Advisor Mrs West Sponsored by DARLYNE'S BEAUTY SHOP WILLARD ARCHLR, IOWA DR E SUNDuUISTn-SANBCRN, IOWA FARMS N "" "1 4 , : : u ' u . D . . U 1a T1 OOOOOO O 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald Blankers l O O 0 . . . 1 . . S- I O 0 0 O V - O O O 0 O I T I 0 l 0 O A O I . . . . . . . . . . . . . in ' X SWVUNFH A J El PTF UPA ES Left to Ri ht rout Row ara halser, wnia Earnsvordg Hhyl lis Ver er , Jelores Pear cn, Rvelyn Jolth 1 en, karen loepnick Jacquelyn enke, Sharon Menke, Vyrna va onaar, Loleen Cleverin a Middle Row r urahan, Jon Koepnick, Charles oltruizen, Darlene Rolfes, Lorraine luso, Judy Schwartz, Baroara Peter on, Paulette Lemkuil, Joan Farfs, bred va onaar, Ienny Nllliams, Mrs Lamkln sack won Donald Rozebooz, Leonard lok, Jonald harrs, Jim Na5on aar, larren Rulst, Perry S pe, Norman Appleton, David Reeves bIrlH AND Slffn GRAUES Left to Rirht Front Row Brenda Farnsworth, Patty Fadden, Letha Bogaard, Elaine Peterson, Llnda Bogaaru, Joan Pearson, Bonnie villlaws, Jeannie Kleinheksel Middle Row Ricky Schwartz, Lyell Ballou, Ross Ballou, Marilou Koepnick, Nar ene Sorensen, Judy Pearson, Judy Brouwer, Kenny Baxter, Robert Na,enaar, Stanley Schwartz Back Row Mrs Kleinwolterlnk, Daryl Van Meeteren, Paul Marley, Sharilyn Lemkuil, Alice Buse, Doubles Reeves, Billy Ballou, Mrs Brouwer FOURTH GRADE Left to Right Front Row Phyllis Kaiser, Carolyn Wolthuizen, Jolene Byers, Cheryl Fay Wilkens, Carol Koepnick, Paula Saupe, Margo Kleinheksel Kenneth Iverson, Sharol Williams Back Row Duane Heerde, Norma Pietens, Sheryl Honkomp, Myrna Wolthuizen Absent Roger Menke FOURTH GRADE ANNUAL NEWS when 18 pupils eagerly entered the fourth grade room they were greatly surprised New desks had been added to the room They were thrilled to think they were the first in the whole school to have new desks Ronnie Vlaming moved away at Thanksgiving tire leaving five boys and twelve girls We had lots of fun together, celebrating birth days, enjoying our holiday parties along with our studying We were also able to attend assembly proprams during the year SHALDON SWANSON'S HOLLANDhR'S S R 10 SANBORN- SANBORN SAVINGS BANK Middle Row: Miss.Haddock, Donna Van Meeteren, Jimmy Koepnick, THIRD RADE Left to mlvht Bront now Lonnie warb rton, Margery wagenaar, Barbara Flaugh, Shirley Proehl, Linda Noteboom, Beverly Verberg, lommy Farnsworth Middle dow Carol Lemkuil, Snerry Niebuhr, Ielva Snip, Diana Menninr, La Donna Bosch, Carolyn Van Metteren, Piss winterfeld Back How martin Stofferan, nichard Akeson, Wendell Ive son, Jeffery Noodman, Dennis De Vries, Donald Jeerde, Floyd Larson Absent Gregg Menke and derdella Grooters THIRD GRADE ANNUAL NEWS In the fall we started with nine boys nd twelve girls At the semester, Grevg Menke, Joined our class, he came from a country school Early in October we took a schod.bus to Sheldon to get our second polio shots In January Miss Southern gave us I Q tests We also took 'Iowa very Pupils Tests, for the first time this year During this year we have enjoyed everyones birthdaytreats Having a part in the operetta, and all the things that help to make school more intere ting BOOSIEH ADS PRIMGHAR PRI GHAR LUPBEH STORE HI WAY CAFE PETERSON LIVVSTOCK SATTLRLEE'S APPAHLL GLENN'S F RNIFVHE SHERIDAN'S 5 10 SHUBERT'S CLOTHING BnRGEN'S STORE f . L1 - 1 ' ' . . A, : : Ln f . 1 1 0 .' . w Q I xv , v ' tg 0 . 1 H1 ' -z . 1 - . A .. . . 4 . J ,. , -s , v ' 91 o . L7 o I o o 0 qv ll A.. , ,.. S Q Q 1 1 'W , an 17 Nl L 'I v -1 A-4 .1 v-mv-w .a r 5 1 . -, u 4. -1 'SECOND GRADE Left to Qipht Front Row Marilyn Fenspeter, Judy Nagcnaar, Louise Schwartz, Linda volthuizen, Chrlsta rosten Diane oriitt, Betty nilllams Ka1ser,Karen Blok Carol Manning Connie Haduen, George Schneider Back Row Loren Flaugh, Donald De Kok, Lonnie Van Veeteren, Gregory Hofmeyer, Eugene Smith, Billy Farnsworth, Dennis rarns worth, Neil Johnson SECOND GRADE ANNUAL NEWS The second grade consists of l2 girls and 9 boys making a total d' 21 children One of the most thrilling things we did during the year was learning how to do cursive writing We read tne books Friends and Neighbors and More Friends and Neighbors in Reading The friends we made during the year seem to be so much like we are In Nuwbers, we learned about telling time weasuring objects with our rulers, and vainly many new numbers examnles Spelling, Health, Science, and Language taught us an innumerable number of otner things Sponsored by GREY SHOP HARTOG'S ELEVATOR WHITE'S CIGAR STORE SWANSON CHEVROL.T CO SHELDON ARMY and NAVY STORE STANDARD CAFE MODERN APPLIANCES CHUCK'S GROCLRY SHELDON, IOWA SANBORN, IOWA ., . V 'V - A 1 li y . , . Middle Row: Mrs. Vander Lee, Marjorie Cleveringa, Connie Lee l ,F x' " N Q : I .A A - O O O , L C . 3 , I . I , 1 I , . 1 O Q: 0 FIRST RAJF Left to Ripht ront Row Elaine Vollink, Glenda Proehl, Kathy Farnsworth, Cynthia Balloq Susan Ballou, Carol Vanden Hull, Judy uen este, Marlene Naaenaar Tiddle Row Tommy Potten Jim y Stofferan, La Vonne Van Metteran, Darlene Gloden, Carol Marie Cleverinsa Billy Merley, Mark Summa Back Row Ronnie De Boom, Jimmy Burns, David Byers, Billy Stofferan Larry Narburton, Joel Woodman, Buddy Peterson, Danny Rohrbau h Kenny Hadden, Mrs Vilkens FIRST GRADE ANIMAL have On August the 29th, we had twenty five cheery faced pupils in our room There e twelve girls ako, by nale were, Marlene Na enaar, Elaxne Vollink, La Vonne Van Meterer, Carol Vanden Hul1,ulenda Proehl, Darlene Gloien, Linda Vlamin , Kathy Farnsworth, Judy uen Beste, Carol cheery faces belon ed to Jimmy Burn ,David Byers, Ronnie DeBoom, Kenny Hadien, lilly Marley, Buddy Peterson, Tommy Potter, Danny Rohrbauah, Mark Summa, Billy Stofferan, Jimmy Stofferan, Larry Warburton and Joel voodman ve were sorry to have Linda Vlaming move away after the first semester She then attended the first raue at the Sutherland school On our first day d'school we spent much time ettina reacquainted and explorln everything in the room Ve locked forward to starting our new books wlth reat ant clpation So fror then on e have found ourselves v ry busy wlth our te t books Althcu h ae dlu much Nork in school, we also had many times of fun We celebrated many blrthdays and had parties on the various holi days Sponsored by HUFF IMPLEMENT COMPANY M and M FOOD STORE NEARY DRUG STORE BOGAARD CLEANERS MARSHALL WELLS STORE BARTEL and SON DON ENGLISH CLOTHING ELLERBROEKS SHELDON, IOWA G. TJ s Q 0 I f J . . . ' .L A Y' J L a 5 . J ' - Q 1 ' ' ' ' , w re ' L Q ' 5 . n ' I g ' A ' s Cleveringa, and the twhs, Cynthia and Susan Sallou. Our other thirteen 5 s ' .' . ,' f 3 rv ' ' H s 'S 0 l . ' Q g Q .. . . c :Z . 1 ' 0 .1 A - - e 1- " S - .. . ' . ' .,, ' . 1 H , , SY KIID ROIRTEN Left to Right Pront Row Linda Ballou, Kathy Burns, Beverly Flaugh, Connie Brower, Sandy Farnsworth, Andrea Bosch, Betty Vanden Hull, Glenda De Kok, Miss Ryno Back Row Glenn Van Meeteren, Keith Iverson, Billy Williams, Bobby Rohrbaugh, Lloyd Warburton, Ray McCracken, Paul Smith, Steven DeVries, Gary Heerde Absent Marvin Bosch KINDERGARTEN ANNUAL NEWS Eighteen anxious little kindergarteners started out the School year to see if what their brothers anisisters had told them was really true Wayne Gilbert came later and stayed until after Christmas when he left to join his father in Germany. That left us with eight girls and ten boys. Through the year we hauaworked in two books of our very own. They are WE READ PICTURES and BEFORE WE READ. Some ofus will start a readkg book about Dick, Jane and Sally like they use in the first grade. BOOSTER ADS SHELDON- O'CONNOR IMPLEMENT JOHNSON FARM SERVICE SHELDOL VENETIAN BLIND CO. REAGAN BEAUTY SALON REAL ESTATE 8 FARM LOAN ASS'N. SANBORN- BOONE'S PHILLIPS SERVICE VANDER WOUDE D. X. ACHTERHOFF BARBER SHOP WATSON FURNITURE 1 , ' ' 2 , - X,,...Q5"fnW"f I . J I Y 5 E 'x . . 1 ' . - L . . O . . A . 2 . A-I . RAFHJ. I 1 1 Q41 NB. k ' f . ,, , 3,9 , U1 'l QW. -15' GIRLS BASKLTDALL Left to Right Front Row Joanne Nlebuhr, Janice Williams, Sheryl Storm, ulenda Weekers, Marvis Krauss, Carole Morfitt Second How Miss Winterfeld, Chaperone, Judy Ehlers, Marjorie Koepnick, Ruth Ann Cleveringa, r Wolverton, Coach, Sharon Koepnick, Nancy Pet erson, Phyllis Bruvgom, Thelma Peelen, Student Manager L---YQ GIRLS CHEERLEADERS Mary Kuiper and Bea Ballou SPONSCRLD BY BRAUMSCHNLIC r D SIORE TAIS d INSUdANCh AGENCY CAMBILH MOTOR COMPANY MALHISLN ICE CRLAM STORE BILL'S STANDA D SEQVICE BURDhTT'S MARKWT KERN R FRISBEL IMP CO DON'S WOODSHOP PRIMGHAR, IOWA 1 -1 -'N Q . ' . Q f' Q I , . L. ' - A . ., bl , L - Q w ' 0 ' ,, . ,.,........v.. ,.,.,..-..-,MM . . ..-I L... ' ' ,..-4. , I . ,. i I 1 .V ., r ' - 41 fu '-wq-fp rn ' lv v - - 1 Lu.: X. 5.4 44 ' " 4' ' 7 ' ' K jr 1 ' 1 Ak L A 1.1 -1 s 0 GIRLS Name Sheryl Storm Carole Morfitt Janice Williams Phyllis Bruggom Sharon Koepmick Nancy Peterson Glenda Heekers Marvis Krauss Joanne Niebuhr Ruth Ann Cleveringa Marjorie Koepnick Judy Ehlers BASKLTDALL Total Points Position 327 332 226 17 16 5 Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard The girls had an average season with 8 wins and 9 105368. The schedule for the S5-S6 season is listed below. Archer Sl Archer 71 Archer S2 Archer 66 Archer 76 Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer 69 Melvin Primghar Ocheydan Harris Moneta 71 M8 M9 M3 axcelsior Ashton Lake Park Ocheydan Little dock Sanborn Ashton Hartley Sect Tourn Ashton Lve ly Primghar Left to Right Lorraine Idso, Judy Schwartz, Nanda Farnsworth, pnaron 'enke M9 55 ' 35 55 71+ 60 71 eo 76 ae V ' ea 56 57 58 68 Archer 70 Moneta 55 M6 71 M9 . . 69 SS J r Sl 59 BOYS' BASKETBALL Left to Right: Front Row: Donald Blankers, Bruce Stofferan, Marlin Idso, Paul Saupe, Leo Kuiper. Back Row: Mn.Wolverton,Larry Koepnick, Gene Ehlers, Jerry Saundera Donald Menke, Roger Lemkuil, Narner Bonderman, Theodore Tiemens, Stanley Lemkuil. BASKETBALL Total Points Position 1'-eZ.ClC'F"Z'-U UZWU3 F' CDSDlDOSUO?"1SDDSj0 "5"SD5'3UQD-I-'S-"SSO "3BCDSU"SCD Ol-'P-'SD '40 P-J'4'1'-Bm ""7"'f74 '1I'JQ. P- MDD-C U3 D' IXLHOUJSD P-'- SHED!-'3OCDBd'Cl-1U1'U 5000024006590 .'35"5g"U DHJOUWW QJC1-U1 5C5U0""b Og' CDO CD!-"I-" CD E5 gl-' "3 2 5 Q U, OQDNONU1-57b0NH Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Arcner Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer 1 1 10 BASKETBALL SCORES County Tournament Sectional Tournament Melvin Forward Forward Center Guard Guard Guard Forward Center Guard Forward Forward Guard Primghar Ochydean Harris Moneta Excelsior Ashton Lake Park Ocheydan Little Rock Sanborn Ashton Sanborn Gaza Calumet hverly Primghar Ashton Hull BIG FOUR CO OP ASSOCIATION FARMhR'S CO OP LLEVATOR ASS SHELDON S8 ' 3 6 M2 7 82 68 53 10 15 10 ' 6 8 69 hh 60 vu 67+ 33 67 6h 76 LLM 63 Sh 53 52 60 S7 81 56 10 M9 no 11 71 61 12 60 31 13 Archer no Moneta M1 11+ 142 63 15 ' 69 140 16 69 85 17 75 ' M8 18 75 L48 19 66 r M2 20 ll ll This page sponsored by " e If 1 - e 1 1 I N 0 DAYS' BASEBALL Left to Right Front Row Dennis Anderson, Jerry Saunders, Bruce Stofferan, Donald Blankers, Henry dagenaar, Marlin Idso, Rober Lemkuil, Paul Saupe, Leo Kuiper, Donald Menke pack Row Mr Wolverton, David De Kok, Larry Keopnick, Theodore Tiemens, darner Bonderman, Douglas Morfitt, Stanley Lemkuil 9-'fdo'.':rtbo3Scr0+8Oo' o,'-socncbg-r-'zrctn uammsosl-' mom'-gm m.4crCDD'lD4i1 UI 0 :OH 0 gm ow go dev- P-sm ra magm 5 omdvows U24 5 QCP OCHOI-"1 mer O D'U'OcrmO 465040005 cr'.Z5fDSD 0'-40 CD'C WF-LSD QCDC1' '1 0'-ruth:-r r-'UQ SDD' '40QO"biO"50"SwSDOQmb-' OG :3'g5023OOEKDOCD ooD'crom::' cz 01331-r wawuwsoobd Q H o 140:34-1-'1 Qamr-A Oo MUD. H-In U1 mDSD'U 0998565 UI CZ rrfbo r-Ibm U'.cr-'-or-f :JO I-' ml-'14:':SHacrrr 05 c'fCD'4! 99 0D'D'CL"d ww-mo' mrlmcrfloo cn Ozzmsvcr 5' Scra- Bl--'CDtn'U40 mfDa"r-" og p-Imogen r-cv cr :sol-' fro!-'Herrin P-on-H Qmrvrn '1v-H40 cfdsno mn- cbcfcncn c: P-mr-'23 D1 mini' Q-0'-sworn:-I O moo r-'D IS: P1 0"":: OB"5cfOSDxOSDf-'IBO C HD S03 r-'crmd dns' or-H-,gmcncp com zzrvstr-144:o U ers?-mer "btbO"3 CUQCTSO OB' SDD-'CO ULOQSD PPWS r-"'sOf1D'tD 27332555 14 H D'W 0 H 3 L 0 UQOFSMHH- OHJSDSIDP-'SD ww: 0552505 rf'1 010520 P-'-KD"5CDt-'D' W0 W"SDv.'fcf'1 UO O' cnmcrm0:s::',':r :vcr mm OvD' O0 F-"3 Nl G14 13 CDOOCY' PM-'OSD 49 SD IB'-bb"-'ND-:3'cr4r--D 25'-so moosw r-'-0 v-O-ibm!-"'ScffD -'1 04-rt-J cr I-' N DW-'cr OcrOiD :re-rl-13 UQ ua oGO"3w D' Ovlgv-"P"'b4D"'1'41c+ W0m"3 OSDCDO-4 mo 0 '1"s'1'4 OH: ONOSD I-' 0 D-0437 Bmdbgb 'ZSDQCDD-' r-'mov-cf UQ mCD50"5l-' so tri' zol-J '1 '11-r crON Q 42. qua. o5'rfogoc-fret.:-'-mLbSDD' o m :fad 0 oc+m 5 mens m oicmr- r-1 -9-1 S5923 '1 OI-'MO I-' 4d CLCIUCSDOQ QOONCI' r-Qmmr-CD mr-4"3.'5 U' Odd' 4-r'1'pcrm '-4 yo Ee gs, A on af r' r' U1 fa P -3 P-4 U2 -3 I-4 O U2 sa Cf' cn SD Cf :- 4 0 v-.1 sn ou 0 Bonderman Menke Blankers Kuiper Saupe Stofferan Idso Saunders Wagner Morfitt Harms Teimens D9 Kok Koepnick Lemkuil vlxlvuo-PTO Q NJ? f-'OOOOOINJ Z O Z3 L" O ca Cf OOO 2 29 200 2 222 111 1 OOO OOO OOO O00 OOO Non Lost '11 H cr o 'J' cn 'S m Ui cf O "5 P9 o '1 SD 'J 4:- O CU I-' SD I3 5' cn '1 m Sponsored by THORSON an THORSON DRS POPPEN 8a HEMERSON IONA PUBLIC SERVICE DR A G KORVER SHELDON, IOWA - . A . n -. 5- ' . a Anderson 214, .292 12 . IM . 86 21 .h 25 . 21 .333 19 . 63 18 . 18 . ' ' 15 . 33 1 . , 1 . 1 . O . 2 . 3 .333 -- -- 2 1 PEP CLUB Left to Right Front Row Marilyn Holfes, Donna Bogaard, Gordeane Habermehl, David Ballou, Arlene Beckman, Thelna Peelen, Ruth Brug gom, Middle Row Mrs Skaar, Bradley Pietens, Edwin Wolthuizen Sharon Koepnick, nuth Ann Cleveringa, Joanne Niebuhr, Carole Mor fitt, Mary Kuiper, Madaline Ballou, Arvin Verberg, Raymond Buse, Mrs West Back Row Willa Jean Harns Roberta Blok, Sylvia Dyk stra, Sharon Buren, Norene Dykstra HIGHSCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Left to Right Sharon Koepnick, Joanne Niebuhr, Mascot,Bobbie Wol verton, Ruth Ann Cleveringa, Carole Morfitt Sponsored by THE O'BRInN COUNTY BELL HUNT'S DRUG STORE KxUVM'S HARDWAHE NORMAN BHOS PRIMGHAR, IOWA . - . . A - . V1 . , . , -Q 1 N . . g g - 1 , '- 0 g , L Y I , 1 K : 1 1 v , ., 5 , . T, V . Y L.,-I Y. W - , .4 I I .- , . 4 w 1 1 Q - - o -1 -. '- 4 1 . L L. " . A JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL Left to Right Front Row Barbara Peterson, SharonvMenke, Paul ette Lemkuil, Judy Schwartz, Lorraine Idso, Joan Harms Back Row M Wolverton, Coach, Brenda Farnsworth, Bonnie Williams, Myrna Wagonaar, Coleen Cleveringa, Wanda Farnsworth, Barbara Kaiser, Sharilyn Lemkuil, Alice Buse, Student Manager JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL Left to Right: Front Row: Fred Wagonaar, Perry Saupe, Jim Wag- onaar, Don Harms, Don Koepnick. Back Row: Charles Wolthuizen, Douglas Reeves, Norman Appleton, David Reeves,Leonard Blok, Warren Hulst, Kenny Williams, Mr.lWolverton, Coach. . ,' '-- - . Q, . g, I - .- - , e n o o a ' o g o Po O Timo out in the Archer-Ashton Idso shooting a jump shot at game, tm sectional tournament Idso as he out jumps one of Kuiper going in for a shot at Hul1's players in the section tm sectional tournament aginst Sponsored STATE BANK ARCHER PHONE no 21 ARCHER, IOWA l l al tournament . Hull . by Wir ei, X. ig A BAID Left to Right ront Row Carole orfitg Judy Ehlers, Judy nrou4en Leonard Blok, Marqorie Koepnick, Larry Koepnick Middle Row Judy Schwartz, Rooerta Blok, Marvis Krauss, Rodney Harms, Stanley Nilkins, Dou las Morfitt, Richard Boaaard, Donald Harms, Perry Saupe, Joanne Harms, Sharon Menke Back Row Mr Graha Gordeanne Habermehl, Lorraine ldso, Thelma Peelen, David De Kok, Myrna vagenaar, Paul Saupe, James Rohwer, Appleton MIKFD CIOHL Left to Ri ht Front Row Marjorie Koepnick, Madeline Ballon, Jonna Bogaard, Thelma Peelen, Glenda Reekers, Gorleane Habermehl, Arlene oeckran, Nancy Peterson, Sharon Koepnick, Carol Morfitt, Janice Nilliaws, Mr Graham,Director Middle Ron Larry Koepnick, Nllla Jean Harms, Roberta Blok, Sharon duren, Marvis Krausa Norene Dykstra, 4arilyn Rolfes,Judy Ehlers, Ruth brufJom, Joanne hiebhur, Ruth Ann Cleveringg Mary Kuipen Phyllis Brubgom, Theodore TlSm6HS Back Row Dou las Morfltt, Rlchard Bogaard, David De Kok, Stanley Wilkins, Rodney Harms,Gene Ehlers, James Rohwer, Paul Saupe, hruce Stofferan, Gary Ballou. Sponsored by BILL'S TEXACO SERVICE DR. E. B. GETTY SEIVERT'S DR. N. C. BOLENDER PRIMGHAR, IOWA 3 5 2 F n : ' H o '. 1 F 1 ' Y . . In X w . Q . 5 1 C' 2 . . m, . Ruth Ann Cleveringa, Sharon Koepnick, Donald Rozebocm, Norman . , 5 S I 3 3 . ' "' U IA , . , A 0 1 . n I Y 1 55 Q . . B I 2 5 , 600 GIRLS GLLL CLUB Left to Right Front Row Glenda Reekers, Roberta Blok, Janice Williams, Madaline Ballou, Thelma Peelan, Arlene Beckman Middle Row Ma1jorie Koepnick, Joanne Niebuhr, Nancy Peterson, Marilyn Rolfes, Judy Elhers, Norene Dykstra, Ruth Bruggom, Donna Bogaard Marvis Krauss, M Graham, Back dow Willa Jean Harms, Sharon Buren, Sylvia Dykstra, Phyllis Bruggom, Mary Kuiper GIRLS SEXTETTE Left to Right Sylvia Dykstra, Marjorie Koepnick, Marvis Krauss, Glenda Reekers, Madaline Ballou, Janice Williams Sponsored by DEVRIES HARDWARE ORLIN HENSPILTER SNACK BAR ARCHER TELEPHONE EXCHANGE ARCHER RECREATION KAISER ELECTRIC TANNER OIL STATION ANDERSON BLACKSMITH ARCHER, IOWA BOYS QUARTET Left to Right Theodore Tiemens, Rodney Harms, Paul Saupe, Larry Koepnick BOYS DOUBLE QUAHTET Left to Right: Mr. Graham, Douglas Morfitt, Richard Bogaard, David De Kok, Gary Ballou, Stanley Wilkens, Paul Saupe, Rodney Harms, Theodore Tiemens, Larry Koepnick. Sponsored by THORSON and THORSON DRS. POPPEN and HEMERSON IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE DR. A. G. KORVER SHELDON, IOWA ,W .X 4 A ,g W I nf- .--, ,B , O DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET Left to Right Front How Gordeane Habermeh1,Judy Ehlers Sharon Koepn1ck,Carole Morfitt Gary Ballou, Rodney Harms, Ted Tiemens MIXED QUARTET Left to Right Gordeane Bab ermehl, Snaron Koepnick, Gary Ballou, Rodney Harms Band in Action Sponsored by KOOLBECK Back Row: Douglas Morfitt: . L r GIRLS TRIO Left to Right Gordeane Habermehl, Sharon Koepnick, Carole orfitt MUSIC NLNS Our Band this year was composed of 29 nembers, about half of them being Junior High students Ne met every Monday, wednesday and Fri marching at Lords'Acre Day and attending the Band Festival at Paullina on December 7th We had 35 members in mixed chorus with the girls outnumbering the boys about three to one We had practice from 8 35 to 9 20 every Tues day and Thursday The girls'glee club consisted of 20 members, which met every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday from 12 MS to 1 30 The contest for the large groups was held in Primghar, May Sth This included the mixed chorus, girls' Qlee club, and band On April 13th and lhth, the small groups went to Alton Those participating in this contest were Small groups Vocal Solos Girls' Trio Rooerta Blok Boys' Quartet David De Kok Double Boys' Quartet Dick Bogaard Mixed quartet Gene mhlers Double Mixed Quartet Sharon Aoepnick Sextette Jim Rohwer Janice Wllliams Instrumental Solos Glenda heekers Gordeane Habermehl Judy Ehlers Paul Saupe Rodney Harms Gary Ballou The music concert was held on April 3rd with the above groups participating This page sponsored by THE SHELDON MAIL LANGE'S CAFE Sheldon, Iowa Primghgr, Ia, gem day from 8:35 to 9:20. .Our only outside activities this year were History Class Junior High Assembly School Secretary Typing Class i llyyllllllr Manual Training Time to eat PRIMGHAR SAVINGS BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK ELITE CLEANERS Primghar, Iowa A W I F yu .Ji T I Y P I U ,F'W I N""" ' C ., A L l S - ... C H ' ul O 0 . L ' D A -g'4, Q Ll V VWQ- -J SOCIAL NEWS The Sophomores gave the Initiation Party for the Freshmen on Sept- ember 20 Individual school pictures were taken on October 6 On October 10 an assembly program was presented featuring variety acts On October 19, the Seniors went to Sioux City to have their pic tures taken They also went through the Old Home Bakery, the KTIV Television Station, the Police Station, and the Fire Department The losers of the magazine contest gave the winners a theater party at Sheldon on October 25 The two captains were Carole Morfitt and Ruth Ann Cleveringa The business manager was Larry Koepnick, The Junior High gave three one act plays on the 21st of October ll On November h the Junior Class Play, entitled Ghost House was given, directed by Mrs West On November 7 the Northwestern Junior College in Orange City played host to fourteen Archer seniors, along with seniors from other surrounding schools. The day was dedicated to explaining about teach ing and the college On December 7 the band went to Paullina to participate in the County Band Festival The Seniors gave the annual Christmas Party in the school gym December 21 Christmas carols were sung at sevenal of the homes Archer. January 23 World Day of Prayer was held at the Archer Reformed Church February 17. A show party was given by the Junior Class on March 6 The Archer Athletic Banquet, served by the mothers, was held in the music room on March 13 An assembly program, featuring a magician, was presented on March March 21 was the date of the Northwest Iowa Conference Banquet, which was held at Archer The banquet was served by the band mothers On March 28 a music concert was held in the school gymnasium It consisted of the group and solo contest numbers On April M an assembly program on liquid air was presented The Senior Class Play, entitled nOff the Track, was given on April 6 The Junior Senior Banquet was held on April 20 Baccalaureate was held on May 13 Rev Hm.Foster was the speaker Graduation was held on May 15, with Dr Mason, from Sioux City, as the speaker The class flower wasnthe red rose and the class colors were aqua and white The motto was Tonight we Launch, Where Shall We Anchor9n II 9 I on Q 1 n A horse and dog act was the subject of an assembly program on O on 20. ll JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET A very pretty banquet was held on April 20, 1956 The theme of the banquet was 'Hitch Your Wagon to a Star with the main colors blue and white The banquet was held in the Music Room and was served t O P The menu for the banquet consisted of Little Dipper Zodiac Special Peas Venus Style Fleecy Clouds Full Moon Salad Half Moon and Star Dust Milky Way and Floating Clouds Big Dipper PROGRAM Toastmistress Sharon Koepnick Welcome Sharon Koepnick Response Ruth Ann Cleveringa Song Sharon Koepnick and Rodney Harms By The Light of the Silvery Hoon History Sheryl Storm Prophecy Judy Ehlers When You Wish Upon a Star will Joanne Niebuhr Song Mr Graham My Blue Heaven Speaker Reverend P C Hoyt of the Methodist Church from Sanborn The Prom Billy Redman Dance Band from Alton played until midnight we hope everyone had an enjoyable evening The Juniors had many worries putting it on, but they all enjoyed doing it 4 J 4: X gr N-,fn-IW!! X X 'ij I 1' O . a 6:3 . M. : Sgng .... 11:12:12IIIIIIffI:IfIIffI-J1,,,Rome, .9 Ek 1 IAiilIIIIIIII,,Qs.'. 2:3 f Ivy? 'o, 4 , . s'Vlx15. 4 r' 2: K ' Q 95' 43 5 Gi' J Ball G Jean Hb m hl f Icls QV' fc, M -E- Chlors th B Elrr F' 14' 'F Tha! if-Cl,h1'Q',C, Vvlff Ql775 CLYIYIE. U XWQVVIS rauss :- 'Hr-'B' B 2 :Rig 1101 ?ee! J' Kufper MQ c Q L Yhk i Rau! Garj Dc Baofh xsau- C' X fc old gkrs 3 BYIIOYS 5 Dkf 3,412 y.5'7'.i' fp G n pe 6 l XS-Lev' I Qgfvfm Q . ff Q 56 I' F nn L fcvc Mn Q i BF Wh J . QTfJ'W fAQ QQIXAOQ A81 and fxpabbitf cc cr-VIS N efeni' T is U0 we 'fp Arn 1-A S513 CPFY' asf Q Nj 'Q Lgfp 1 3 M J AQ LJ 5 Q 3 sf AA'? vii .OVW Q' 1 'T ? Qokx -JA La -fl 07 OM G Q X fCf?7l7r2y Swecf' b dsx? tl C9 az rf? 46414 X Z!! ef 0,,fc'1 IL -Zfffr' 1p0Sfff3 3 ff' ,Off Sw f 4' P,-MS' Look Wl4Qf I gof DAOXJXY 0-f 6' Q Z! 'I 5 6 QJVXOM l Fx . Gear? X V X 00 L' ., "' QM , I rf, x" . C Q It 8 . . of 1 + 973 G 72,2 0 J' Senior Pictures Sponsored By N I L D For Fine Portraits 711 Pierce Street Sioux City, Iowa Publishers Cover Manufacturers Book Binders Factory R Home Office 615 Wyandotte Kansas City 6, M5-SSOUT1 Compliments of C ARVID BANKSON Representative of Holcom Manufacturing Company Souix City, Iowa G E L I S T U I O S I N T E R-C O L L E G I A T E P R E S S LZ INTER COLLEGIATE P S FAC Kunsus Cnty Puhlwhclx fmev Mnmfnxwwr-' Emi- Bvnw' YOPY HOVf UVHU

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