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br X? Q E L BRI XR xi!! SJ , X ,J-:--f' Pubhshed by THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT of the ARCHER HIGH SCHOOL Archer Iowa Thls Annual IS dedlcated to the Archer H1gh School and to the Graduates of 1954 55 We w1sh to express our smcere appremation to all those who spent much tune workmg on the Eagle to make lt an mterestlng and successful yearbook We hope you w1ll enjoy readmg the Eagle as much as we enjoyed worklng on lt THE ANNUAL STAFF Editor In Chlef Asslstant Edxtor Bus1ness Manager Mus1c Reporter Grade Reporter Soclal Reporter Sports Reporter Typlsts Faculty adv1sor . Robert Blankets Judlth Anderson Ray Portz Larry Koepnlck Glenda Morfltt Marjorle Koepn1ck Ronald Storm Glenda Blok Charlotte Dykstra Mr Brouwer , Assistant Business Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lois Bonderrnan MMI NISE? if .45 4 1. ff I 5 L1 I . Ng Ne' f Q f IQ R BROUWER SYBILM CAMPBELL Supt Prm N FACULTY BACK ROW Mr Tarnasky Mr Matzdorff Mr Graham Mr Heppler Mr ROW Mrs Graham Mrs Lamkm Mrs Klaser M1ss DeBeer Mrs Heppler Mrs Brouwer Brouwer, Mrs. fensen, Mris. M.cCri11, Mrs. Csmpbell, Mr. Good. FBON1: MR BR OUWER SUPER INTENDENT Hull Iowa H1gh School Central College Pella Iowa Iowa State College Ames Iowa Graduate Work Un1vers1ty of Iowa Iowa C1ty Iowa Graduate Work MRS CAMPBELL PRINCIPAL Sheldon H1gh School Northwestern Universlty Evanston I B A Educatxon Major Hlstory Engllsh Educatlon Dept Hlstory Engllsh MR MATZDORFF Storm Lake Ia H1gh School Buena V1sta College B A Degree MRS MCCRILL Algona Ia H1gh School Iowa State College and Augustana B A Degree Dept Home ec Sclence MR GRAHAM Harr1s H1gh School Buena V1sta College B A Degree Dept Mus1c and Jumor H1gh Math and Enghsh MR HEPPLER Harr1s Ia H1gh School Buena V1sta College Standard Secondary Cert B A Degree Iowa State Teachers College Dept Athlet1cs Dr1versTra.m1ng Math and Jun1or H1gh MRS JENSEN HIHIOH Ia H1gh School Morn1ngs1de College Standard Elementary Cert Dept Typ1ng Sn Jr H1gh MR GOOD JR HIGH PRINCIPAL Sheldon H1gh School Sheldon Junlor College Iowa State Teachers College Westmar College Advanced Elem Cert Dept Junlor H1gh MR TARNASKY Lehr N D H1gh School Dakota Busmess College Westmar College LeMars B A Degree Standard Secondary Cert Grad Cred1t Colo State Teachers College Greeley Dept Jr H1gh MRS BROUWER Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls Iowa MISS DE BEER Northwestern Academy Orange C1ty Ia Northwestern Jr College MRS LEMKIN Sa.nborn H1gh School Morn1ngs1de College Un1vers1ty of Colorado MRS HEPPLER H1ghv1ew H1gh School Buena V1sta College MRS GRAHAM Newell H1gh School Buena V1sta College MRS KAISER Splrlt Lake H1gh School Mankato State Teachers College Buena V1sta College ' - , ll. ' ' " . Dept: - Manual Arts, Social Science. Rock Rapids, Iowa - High School SCHOOL BOARD FRONT ROW Art Rohwer Mlldred Watson Sec y Earl Bonderman Pres STANDING Henry Harms John Peelen Leonard Blok ANNUAL STAFF Morfltt Mar1or1e Koepmck Ronald Storm SEATED Ray Portz J udy Andersen Rob e rt Blankets Lo 1S Bonderman Lar ry Koepmck STANDING: Mr. Brouwer, Charlotte Dystra, Glenda Blok, Glenda FRONT ROW Carole Lea Morfltt Patr1c1a Ballou Glenda Morhtt Nancy Peterson BACK ROW Larry Menke Lowell Baxter Mr Brouwer Larry Koepmck .Rodney Harms DRIVERS ARE B111 Haht John Tanner Jake Vanden Hull Absent Ray Farnsworth - 1 1 1 . . , , . , A, . . , , . CUSTODLAN Charles Krauss COOKS Left to Right: Mrs. TePaske, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Idso Ulu ll ,Q ff .33 JX QQ ,I fun 'mx Af UI 1. I, V 1-- 1 ' i ' ,rg-Q . A x 47,1 .x 'fx E XiXjMullQ. X -m f ' Q 4- ,J 'xv I I X -N LVAXN . Q A I 1-'N'-L ,' . 'jd' -"""fIi Ronald Storm Pres Glenda Morf1tt Sec y Treas Larry Menke Darlyne Harms Wayne McQueen Q. Norman Phllby Vlce Pres Leona Grooters Roland Ande rson Margene DeKok Robert Blankers Jeanette Rolfe s Clalre DeWaay Raphael Portz Mary Ann J arv111 CLAIRE DE WAAY Band 1 2 3 4 Mixed Quartette 2 3 4 Brass Quartette Boys Glee 1 Student Council 2 Vocal Solo 4 Operetta 2 Madrigal 2 Class Play 3 4 Radxo Speakmg 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Boys Quartette 2 Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 MAR GENE DE KOK Girls Glee 1 2 Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Mixed Quartette 1 2 3 Trio 2 3 4 Clarinet Quartette 2 3 Madrigal 1 2 Music Reporter 3 Grade Reporter 1 Class Sec y Treas 3 Speech Contest 3 Operetta 2 Class Plays 2 3 4 Vocal Solo 2 3 4 Accompanist 4 Newspaper Staff 3 RAY POB TZ Baseball 1 Basketball 1 2 Student Manager 3 Class Play 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Mixed Chorus 1 2 Humorous Declam 3 Annual Staff 3 4 LEONA GR OOTER S Girls' Glee 1 3 Mixed Chorus 1 3 Class Plays 3 4 Class Officer 3 Annual Staff 3 ROBERT BLANKERS Band 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 1 2 Boys Glee 1 Instrumental Solo 1 2 3 Madrigal 2 Operetta 2 Brass Quartette 2 Brass Qulntette 2 M1xed Quartette Class Plays 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 GLENDA MOR FITT Band 1 2 3 4 Girls Glee 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 Democracy Contest 4 Girls Tr1o 2 3 4 Student COUIICII 1 3 Class Pres1dent 2 Class Secretary 4 Class Reporter 3 Annual Staff 4 Llbranan 3 4 Mixed Quartette 4 Clarinet Quartette 2 3 Girls Basketball 3 4 Cheerleaders 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 Operetta 2 RONALD STORM Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Class President 1 Vice Pres1dent 3 Armual Staff 3 4 Class Play 1 3 4 MARY ANN JARVILL Girls Glee 1 3 4 Mixed Chorus 1 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 NORMAN PHILBY Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Class Plays 3 4 Operetta 2 Student Council 1 Vice President 2 4 Band 1 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 Boys Glee 1 2 Boys Quartette JEANETTE ROLFES Girls Glee 1 2 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 LARRY MENKE Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Band 1 4 Boys Glee 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Student Counc1l 3 Vice President 1 DAR LYENE HAR MS Girls Glee Clubl 2 4 Mixed Chorus 1 2 4 Class Plays 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 ROLAND ANDERSEN Baseball 1 Class Play 4 Student Manager 1 WAYNE Mc QUEEN Class Pres1dent 3 Baseball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 Class Play 3 4 -' -' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P I 1 1314 1 1 14 2,3,4 ' , ' 1 1 14 ' 1314 I 1 . ' 4 ' , ' ' 1 ' l 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 , 4 ' . .3.4 ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 ' . , , Band 1121314 Girls' Sextette 3,4 1 1 1 . " '4 1 1 14 I ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 14 ' 1 . ' - 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ,4 , - P 3 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . -4 14 " . -V I , - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - , , - 1 " 1 We the Sen1or Class of 54 do make our last w1ll as follows We do gxve and bequeath to the sen1ors of 55 the honored t1tle of Seniors and o11r best wlshes to all the future classes of A H S I Wayne McQueen do g1VE and bequeath my dual exhaust system to Ke1th V My mterests 1n Cherokee Rock Raplds and Sheldon to Harold M My wh1te bucks to Katle My had habits to Roger My good tunes to LaVerna My Evolut1onary theor1es to Mr McCr1ll St Anthony Idaho to whoever can make the tr1p My ab1l1ty to be 1n bed by three o clock and all my speed 1ng tlckets etc to Gary Ballou My hot rod 1deas to Professor Emsteln and last but for sure not the least my ab1l1ty to get mto trouble to Gordean I Mary Ann Jarvlll do g1ve and bequeath my red ha1r to Glenda R My desk to the un lucky person that gets lt My fun that I had 1n school to Jamce W and all my old papers and penc1ls to Kathleen L I Cla1re DeWaay do glve and bequeath my curly han' to Lowell B my old Buck Sk1n to anyone who can run her My f1rst cha1r 1n band to Norman My interest 1n surround1ng towns to Harold M and the best of luck to the Junlors I Jeanette Rolfes do g1ve and bequeath my hexght to Donald Menke My mcknames Peedle d1nk and skmny to Sharon K and Judy E My back seat to Evalena F My ab1l1ty of gomg steady to Patty B I also wxsh the class of 55 luck 1n the com1ng year I Robert Blankers do g1ve and bequeath mus1c ab1l1ty and f1rst 1n the state 1n my Junior year to Norman Van Donslear My typewr1ter and off1ce work to Charlotte and Ke1th The movxe mach1ne and popcorn mach1ne to Ted T1emans My pos1t1on 1n Band to J1m and George the annual to Judy my long ha1r to Marl1n my ab1l1ty to dr1ve on the road to the g1rls takmg Dr1vers Tra1n1ng my seat by the wmdow and rad1ator to the next year Senlors and the best wxshes and luck to the Class of 55 I Leona Grooters do g1ve and bequeath my he1ght to Denms Andersen my h1story grades to anyone who wants them My work for the hot lunch to Charlotte my n1ckname legs to Patty my desk to whoever wants It next year my lnterest of Sanborn to Glenda B and I w1sh the class of 55 the best of luck 1n the future I Ronald Storm do g1ve and bequeath my blond ha1r to Lowell Baxter my he1ght to Donald Menke and Denn1s Anderson my glasses to Harold Muxlenburg my basketball and base ball su1t to Ke1th Verburg my seat by the n1ce warm reglster to some cold blooded soul and all my success and happy t1mes at A H S to the Class of 1955 I Norman Phllby do glve and bequeath my manner Ui' anyj to Ted Tlemens My helght to Harold my shortstop pos1t1on to Donald Menke and my umform fNumber lj to the bat boy the Junk 1n my desk to Charhe seventy f1ve cents to Ted so he can get a ha1r cut all the danc 1ng steps I learned to Ke1th Verburg and anything else that m1ght be laymg around plus my car to anyone who stops to plck It up And the best of luck to those swell k1ds 1n the Class of 1955 I Darlyne Harms do g1V8 and bequeath my dark ha1r to Evalena my bookkeeplng ab1l1ty to Ruth B my h1story papers to anyone dumb enough to want them my corny Jokes to Ja.n1ce and my fa1th 1n g1rls to Ke1th and the best w1shes to the class of 1955 I Glenda Morfltt do g1ve and bequeath my basketball su1t to Ruth Ann my seat in the bus to Audrey or anybody else who wants It the typewrlter 1n the back corner of the typmg room to the Junk dealer the llbrary w1th all the OLD books to Loxs my babys1tt1ng Job fln the playj to Ke1th the many good t1mes ln A H S to the underclassmen and my best w1shes to the class of '55 . , . 1 , . ' ' I ' ll ll ! 1 J Q s . . . . . , . l . , . l I I .- , . , . . U . ll -J ' ll ll ' I! ' ' . . , . . , , and my position in chorus to Paul S. My small feet to Roger L., my whiskers to Bruce S., . ' I , J . . . , . ' ll I1 ' I I I 9 , . 1 I I . .I . 1 9 " 1 3 J J ' ' 1 ' J I I , , , . . . 'I I , . I ' J I . I . , 1 D CLASS WILLS fcontinuedj I Margene De Kok do g1ve and bequeath my short ha1r and halrgroommg sess1ons to Audrey Koepmck my ab1l1ty to go steady to Ke1th Verburg and that squeakmg clarmet to the Ind1ans to use for the1r war dances' Also Harold s teas1ng 1n Typ1ng Lab to Sheryl for years of further use and best w1shes to the Sen1or of the com1ng year I Roland Andersen do g1ve and bequeath my drawmg abihty and speedmg t1ckets to Ke1th V my abil1ty to tease the g1rls to Leo my worn out mud flaps to my l1ttle brother and my ab1l1ty to stay 1n the back seat of the assembly to Gary Ballou I Raphael Portz do g1ve and bequeath my black curly ha1r to Marl1n Idso my back seat U1 the assembly to Harold Mu1lenburg my student manager Job to Ke1th Verburg my ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mr Heppler to Fuzzy my mterest 1n Royal to Leo my he1ght to Gary DeBoorn and my old typing papers to George and anythmg found lymg around to anyone who thlnks they can use lt I Larry Menke do g1Ve and bequeath my dark ha1r to Patty B my he1ght to Harold M my ab111ty to stay away from g1rls to Ke1th V my lucky number 14 to Marlm my ab1l1ty to behave 1n the study hall to Leo any Junk laymg around to Audrey the Job of keep1ng a southpaw on the p1tch1ng staff to Bruce S and the best of luck to the class of 55 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST OF CHARACTERS Gertle Ranger a young Wlfe Margene DeKok Opal Peebles Her next door ne1ghbor Mary An Jarv1ll Tommy Ranger a proud young husband and father Wayne McQueen lst Ma.n a husky young mover Norman Ph1lby 2nd Man H15 helper Ray Portz Patr1c1a fPeepJ Manv1lle a teen age baby s1tter Glenda Morf1tt B111 Blodgett Peep s latest boy friend Larry Menke Sh1rley Bond another baby s1tter Jeanette Rolfes .lame Carr st1ll another Darlene Harms Bob Drake and yet another Robert Blankers Jack Norton and another Clalre De Waay Mrs Harper Gert1e s mother Leona Grotters Off1cer O Ban1on a pol1ceman Ronald Storm Synops1s When Tommy Ranger wants to take h1s pretty young Wlfe Gertle out for the evemng to cele brate their wedd1ng ann1versary they have no 1dea of the terr1ble m1x up that w1ll result 1n the h1r1ng of teen age Patr1c1a Ma.nv1lle who IS to s1t w1th the Rangers baby unt1l they come home Now Peep l1ke all teenagers loves T V and Mr Ranger has g1ven h1S Wlfe a per fectly beaut1.t'ul set for an annlversary present So Peep calls all her fr1ends hop1ng that some of them can come over and see the TV set But they all happen to be s1tt1ng w1th bab1es them selves even the boys! But that doesn t deter them They come over and brmg the1r bab1es w1th them' A regular party results but th1s IS broken up by Mrs Ranger s mother who has come to warn her daughter that the man she Jllted when she marrled Mr Ranger and who 1S a mental case has escaped wxth the avowed 1ntent1on of k1dnap1ng the Rangers ch1ldl Well the teen agers rush away to the respect1ve homes where they ve been s1tt1ng But Horrors' Every last one of them has taken the wrong baby So the1rs 1S a mad scraxnble to f1nd the r1ght bab1es before the parents come home In the shuffle even the Ranger baby 1S m1sla1d wh1ch proves to be a good th1ng ln the long run because the kidnapper 1S h1d1ng 1n the house wa1t1ng to steal lt and how can he steal the rlght baby when there are so many to choose from? So he makes the best of a bad bargam and steals Mr Ranger s mother 1n law 1nstead' Every th1ng turns out all r1ght. So that Peep 15 someth1ng of a l1tt1e hero1ne 1n the end , . I . . . . . I I , . . , . -, , , I J ' I I I J . . 01 I '3 'J J , , . . , J I I I , , , , 1 ' J ' Il Y ii J f J I I , , J I ' I 9 J J Larry Simms, an escaped mental case, Roland Anderson . , . 1 . , . . , . J . n . . . . , . . . . ,Q . ' 1 as u - - - - - . , , . . . , . . . . . . . . , . , . --' . - . . . . ,--. 1 ' J - ' I ll ' ' ll - . , , , , -. - . L . . ,, ,, . . . . . . CLASS PR OPI-IE CY We are assembled here th1s even1ng to b1d farewell to the graduat1ng class of 54 Of course we are all xnterested ln know1ng how the members of th1s class w1ll be occup1ed IH say 65 We s1ncerely hope that there is not one among you Sen1ors who will take this prophecy ser1ously However anyone W1Sh1Hg to see us after the Jumor Senxor banquet will find our present addresses unknown On Sunday morn1ng 1n the summer of 1965 as we tune 1nto stat1on WMB Saint Anthony Idaho we hear someone preachlng It doesn t sound too 1nterest1ng so let s try another stat1on NO WAIT! Doesn t h1S voice sound fam1l1ar? It s Reverend McQueen orxglnally from Archer H1gh My how he changed! It seems somethmg attracted h1m to Idaho it couldn t be a gal he met back in the summer of 53 could 1t? lt seems another stat1on 15 trymg to drown hun out Let s see who th1s 1S Well Lf lt isn t Gabel Gertie the well known opera star She has just f1n1shed her song and IS now being 1nterviewed It 15 the one and only Mary Ann J arv1l from good old Archer H1gh Now as we change stat1ons we hear the successor to John Cameron Swayze w1th the pre historic news of today Roland Andersen who IS reportmg on Professor Ronald Swede Storm He is giving one of his large bu1ld1ngs to the college of Nonsense! Mr Storm has made out very well m his l1.fe s work Next year he plans to pay off the U S National debt Smce the news IS over let sl1sten to the famous French Horn Player successor of Harrey Jacobs of the Chicago Symphony Norman Howard Philby While he was 1n the Archer H1gh Band he advanced so much and became so accompl1shed that he quit and now he has advanced to th1S h1gh position Now back to Roland Andersen w1th the pre h1stor1c news of today Master Detective Ray Shovel Spade who 15 d1gg1ng in a very bafflmg case now reports that one of his old time pals the late Coach Heppler has turned up mlssing Last t1me we saw h1m he walked onto the basketball floor and yelled get to work Dld the boys mob h1m or Ray dlgs h1m out Now to tell of a most fascmatmg' woman truck dr1ver who has had only 10 accidents 1n the past week As the driver is being interv1ewed we find that she 1S Da.rlyene Harms for merly of Archer Hxgh A late bulletln has just been rece1ved concermng the escaped convict Clamity K1tts al1as Larry Menke formerly of Archer He was caught m the act of stealmg a show He was conv1cted 1n court and while U1 pr1son was such a perfect model of a cr1m1nal that they made h1m the warden When readlng the evening paper we notice that Rockhead Blankers the former Robert Blankers of Archer Hlgh was recently elected the most valuable hockey player for the New York Yankees Well well what IS this? Clalre De Waay known as Snoopy D1g em up Joe has recently returned from excavating a pyram1d at the North Pole There he found tlfe remams of h1s w1.fe Naghead Magg1e We are t1red of hstenmg to the radio and readlng the paper let s turn on telev1s1on for a while Oh look it s K1dS Corner and who should be on but a couple of l1ttle Andrmgas who have lnher1ted their mother s ability to smg Let s take a look at the parents who are sitting in the audience Well if it isn t Margene Andringa the former Margene De Kok of Archer We have tuned 1nto channel 11 and are now v1ewing a cowboy show It seems it 15 our western star Hopalong Cassidy and h1s w1fe Dragalong Casulty Hopalong has been havmg trouble keepmg Dragalong out of the way ofthe bullets because she can t dodge them as good as he can Mrs Casulty is the former Glenda Morf1tt of Archer High As we v1ew the wresthng tonight lt seems a couple of former Archer g1rls have taken up the profess1on In this corner we have M1ll1e Muscle the former Jeanette Rolfes and in the other corner Lose Limb Leona After all the hair pulling and f1ght1ng the referee has determined It to be a draw We smcerely hope that th1s prophecy will be rece1ved by each of you w1th the same sp1r1t of fun with whlch lt has been prepared did Larry Menke bump him off? Tune in next week and find out what happens when Spade Shovel CLASS HISTORY 1941 1954 Th1rteen years ago on September the second 1941 s1xteen children started to Archer School They were Carol Jass Lavonne Brown Marle Bottm Wayne Mc Queen Ke1th Smlthers Glenda Morfitt Ruth Norton Harold Bottin Claire De Waay Robert Blankers Lavonne De Kok Berme Saupe Frankhn Vanderberg Frances Bonescott Rus sell Stembeck and Margene De Kok Our teacher who started us was Miss Rlchardsen Dur1ng the year our number 1ncreased to seventeen This young lad who came was Larry Menke One of our ma.1n activxtxes was the May Pole Dance When we entered first grade we had twenty PUPIIS Roland Andersen Kerm1t Stofferan and Mary Ann Jarvxll came Those who left us were Frances Bonescott Harrlet Notebone and Ruth Norton Our f1rst grade teacher was M1ss Crooks Durmg the second grade year Stanley Al berts and James Mc Cosh came and Russell Stelnbeck moved Our teacher for the next two grades second and third was M1ss Den Hartog Our outside act1v1ty was scarlet fever and the mumps In third grade Lavonne DeKok Carol Jass Frankl1n Vandenberg and Stanley Alberts moved leaving our number fourteen but in the same year Marlo Vanden Hull Mary Funderman a.nd Betty Jean Buus came brmging our number up to seventeen In fourth grade M1ss Nagel was teacher Darlyne Harms came and Berme Saupe and James Mc Cosh left us In f1.fth grade we were met by M1ss Beran Those who Joined us were Marllyn Ferrand and Jack Dolphin During the year we had an oper etta named The Farmer In The Dell which most of the fourth fifth s1xth and seventh were xn Some of the boys had sore faces from the slaps of the gxrls In s1xth grade Marlo Vanden Hull and Ke1th Sm1thers left Jeanette Rolfus and Norman Ph1lby came Our falthful teacher was Mrs Voll1nk We entered seventh grade w1th flfteen puplls Larry Manke had a we1ner roast Our teacher was Mrs Hascall who helped us put on a elghth grade w1th s1xteen pup11s Ke1th started w1th us at the f1rst of the year Frances Gill moved to Humboldt South Dakota InMarch Rayphael Portz came Durlng the year we attended several skating pa.rt1es at the Sheldon Roller Skatmg Rmk Ronald Storm and Leona Grooters graduated w1th us from eighth grade As we started our Freshman year our class cons1sted of Ronald Storm Roland Anderson Wayne Mc Queen Claire De Waay KelthSmithers Ray Portz Norman Ph1lby Larry Menke Robert Blankers Lavonne Brown Leona Grooters Jeanette Rolfes Mar gene DeKok Glenda Morfitt Da.r1yne Harms and Mary Ann J3.l'V11l W1th Miss Dornbusch as our sponsor we gave a theater party and later came to school for a wemer roast Mr Matzdorff was our sponsor durmg our Tenth grade but we were mlnus one whlch was Roland Andersen who had gone to Montana We had the enjoyment of planning for Freshman In1t1atlon and of ordering our class rmgs Starting our eleventh year with Mrs McCr1ll as our sponsor we were minus one more which was Keith Smithers Lavonne Brown also left us during th1s year We re ce1ved our class r1ngs which we thought were the prett1est of all the others We also presented our Junior Class play F1nders Creepers with Mr Good as our director Our class attended career day 1n Paulhna and we sponsored our Senior and Junior Ban quet with the theme being Under Western Skles The banquet was served by the Reformed Ladies Aid As we beg1n our last year we are happy Roland Andersen is with us and we are under the gnudance of Mrs Campbell and Mr Brower This year was f1lled with days of engoyment We had our pictures taken on October 8 1n Sloux City In December we gave the Chr1stmas party Our play Bables Nlght Out 1S to be presented April 14 w1th M1ss De Beer as our director. We are now looking forward for Sk1p Day the Jun1or Semor Banquet and of course last but not least Baccalaureate and Commencement v I I I . ' : I I I I I I I I I 1 1 0 1 A ' I ' l I . U ' . . u 1 - , I . . . . ' I I I I , . . , ' I 0 I I . J 0 . , ' I I I I ' I I I I I . . , puppet show. Finally, after eight years of school, we entered eighth grade. We entered p a j I I I . ' 2 . I I I I I .I J 1 A 1 .I ' J I I I ' I 0 . I Il ' If F . ll ' Il - . I . . . . . , . ,, . . ., . . I I , - I I I ' xv, lim? W Q9 :N Q X ' - r . 'V IW if N X . ,V wx' "4 ,N x 12 if f f X 1 2 f"' A F C, X 9 if 5' . 1 5. 4lQ ,DD ff ,Q X K N, FIRST ROW Audrey Koepmck Evalena Fykstra LaVerna N1euwenhu1s Katheleen Lemku1l Judy Andersen Glenda Blok LOIS Bonderman SECOND ROW Patty Ballou K1eth Verbuxg Norman Van Slear Harold Mu1lenburg Lowell Baxter George Blankers Charlotte Dykstra JUNIOR CLASS PLAY D1rected by Mr Good Homer Hollowbone Norman Van Donslear Mel1ssa Dugan LaVerna N18UWeHhU1S Paw Hollowbone George Blankers Maw Hollowbone Charlotte Dykstra Sarah Jo Hollowbone Kathleen Lemku1l Gracle May Hollowbone Patr1c1a Ballou Franme Jane Hollowbone Lo1s Bonderman W1dow Bla1rhouse Evalena Fykstra Bertha Blalrhouse Glenda Blok Shm Blalrhouse Lowell Baxter Granpap Harold Mu11enburg Isabel Todd Judy Andersen Pepper Ke1th Verburg The hero Homer Hollowbone has fallen 1n love w1th a debutante whose plcture he found 1n a newspaper that was wrapped around some f1sh He begms a correspondence w1th the g1rl tell 1ng her that he l1ves 1namans1on w1ll be vacat1on1ng 1n Europe over the summer and IS a very refined person To put it mildly he has exaggerated He 11V6S 1n a shack 1n the mounta1ns w1th h1s d1rty Sh1ft18SS famlly Maw and Fanny Jane work hard Paw only eats sleeps and teaches Glor1a his pet skunk to do trlcks Sarah Jo and Gracle May spend then' t1me teas1ng Homer and chas1ng boys It s been a hard w1nter and now they are 1n the m1dst of a snow storm Homer is wr1t1ng a letter to h1S debutar-te Mel1ssa Dugan when Gracxe May grabs 1t and reads 1t aloud Paw 1ns1sts lt 1S a court1n letter and demands to know the g1rl s name They Jump to the conclus1on that lt was written to Bertha Bla1rhouse Just as she her W1dOWed Maw and her brother arrxve to take refuge from the storm Homer 1S bus1ly duck1ng Bertha when another unexpected guest arrlves No less than Mehssa Dugan herself' She tells them she became lost 1n the snow storm Wh1l6 on her way to marry a handsome well educated young gentleman w1th whom she has been correspond1ng Homer almost chokes He hadn t 1ntended h1s letters to sound THAT ser1ous' Desperately he tr1es to keep her from d1scover1ng h1S 1den t1ty H1s efforts nusfire however and Mel1ssa Dugan learns the truth Her method of revenge was very amusing Homer f1nds hlmself engaged to the bolsterous Bertha unt1l Grac1e May tells Bertha that Homer suffers perxods of unconscwusness dur1ng Wh1Ch he th1nks he IS a dog Homer IS unaware of h1s s1ster s efforts 1n h1s behalf unt1l Bertha glves h1m a bone to chew. There s also a b1t of feudmg and a wonderful happy surpr1se end1ng I ' 1- .v ' - 1 I 1 : 1 - I , ' , . , , , . Hortense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Audrey Koepnick , I . . . . s 3 - I J 3 ' ' I J I I 0 . , . . . . . . . . ,, . , ,, . , . . . . . . . U. ,, ,U I J - . . , . . . . . 1 I . . I I ' ' ll ' ll ' if , af fm .I Q g 4- A F A? Q FHESHMEJV ww fx w Q ix X 71' 'Nix f ,h K, Xp: pg A .MA A SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW Glenda Reekers Gordeane Haberrnehl 'lhelma Peelen Ruth Bruggom Ruth Ann Clevermga Marvls Krauss SECOND ROW Mr Marzdorf Sponsor Sylvla Dykstra Janlce Wllhams Beverley Bolkema She ryl Storm Joanne Nlebuhr Carole Morfltt Larry Koepmck Gary Ballou Leo Kulper FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW Norene Nleuwenhuls Marcella Rolfes Wllla Jean Harms Arlene Beckman Nancy Peterson Judy Ehlers Sharon Koepmck SECOND ROW Donald Menke James Rohwer Rodne y Harms Bruce Stofferan Donald Blankets Theodore Tlemans Mr Heppler Sponsor ABSENT Denms Anderson Marjory Koepnick., THIRD ROW: Roger Lemkuil, Marlln Idso, Paul Sauoe, Gary De Boorni l FIRST ROW Sharon Menke Barbara Peterson Kenny W1ll1ams Rlchard Dykstra Wanda Farnsworth Paulette Lemkull Marllyn Rolfes Stan Lem ku1l James Wagnaar Judy Swartz Dav1d Ballou Donna Bogaard SECOND ROW Mr Tarnasky Barbara Kalser Madel1ne Ballou Douglas MOPf1tt D1ck Bogaard Mary Ku1per Lorrame Idso Nancy Alberts Dav1d Reeves Norman Appleton Edw1n Wolthmzen Larry Bruggom Arv1n Verburg Mr Good THIRD ROW Tommy W1ll1ams Wendell Dykstra Dav1d DeKok Charles Rolfes Bradley P1etens Stanley W1lk1ns Warner Bonderman Mr Graham Roberta Blok Joanne Harms Phylls Bruggom Raymond Buse Ernest Soren son Jerry Saunders CLASS OFFICERS 8th Grade 7th Grade President Wendell F Pres1dent Stanley Lemkull V1ce Pres1dent Warner B V1ce Pres1dent Dav1d Ballou Treasurer Stanley W Treasurer Mark Kuiper Reporter Dxck B Reporter Bea Ballou Sponsor Mr Graham Sponsor Mr Tarnasky Sth Grade Pres1dent Kenny W V1ce Pres1dent James W Secretary Lorrame I Treasurer Joanne H Reporter Joanne H Sponsor Mr Good Z I , . . , . 1 1 1 1 ' I I J I U I I ! .Y J I I I 1 I 1 . . I , . J I I I I l I 1 J .v s ' , . Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David D. Secretary . . . . . . Phyllis Bruggom FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW Left to Rlght PaulMerley f'olleenC1ever1nga Charleswolthulzen Phylhs Verburg Donald Koepnxck Fred Wagenaar Evelyn Wolthulzen Kenneth Schlllmg BACK ROW Mrs Brouwer Warren Hulst Leonard Blok Darlene Rolfes Donald Harms Myrna Wagenaar Donald Roozeboorn Helen Bolkema Perry Saupe FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW Left to Rlght Bonme W1ll1arns Ehzabeth Dykstra Sharllyne Lernkuil Brenda Farnsworth BACK ROW Mrs Lampkm Douglas Reeves B1llyBallou Margene Sorenson Mar11ouKoepn1ck ABSENT Al1ceBuse , 2 ,v . ' , ' , , , - I - 1 1 v 1 1 1 , , , - , : .' . , ' , . 2 . . . , , . . . THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW Left to Rlght LyellBallou Ross Ballou GladysN1eman Jeann1eKle1nhekse1 Letha Bogaard Llnda Bogaard Elame Peterson SECOND ROW Mrs Graham Daryl Van Meeteren Judy Brouwer Patty Hadden Robert Wagenaar Stanley Schwartz Kenny Baxter Rlcky Schwartz FIRST ROW Left to Rxght Cheryl Wllkens Carolyn Don Merley Paula Saupe Margo Klemheksel Jolene Byers Phyllls Kaxser Carol Koepnlck Roger Menke SECOND ROW M1ss DeBeer Kenneth Iverson Sharol W1ll1ams Myrna Wolthulzen Sheryl Honkomp Norma Pletens Donna Van Meeteren J1mmy Koepmck SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW Denms De Vrles Marg ry Wagenaar Llnda Noteboorn Beverly Verburg Barbara Flaugh Dlane Mennmng Tommy Farnsworth Jeffrey Woodman Shlrley Proehl Rlchard Akeson BACK ROW Donald Heerde Floyd Larsen Sherry Nlebuhr Carol Lernkull Wendell Iverson La Donna Bosch Nelva Smp Berdella Grooters Carolyn Va.n Metteran ABSENT Martin Stofferan KINDE RGARTEN Farnsworth Betty Wllllams Dlane Morfltt Karen Blok SECOND ROW Mrs. Heppler Judy Wagenaar Connle Kalser Loran Flaugh Marllyn Henspeter Marqorle Clevermga Nell Johnson Carol Menmng Conme Hadden Loulse Schwartz Donald DeKok Denms Farnsworth ABSENT Darlene Gloden Gregory Hofmeyer George Schnelder Lonme Van Meeteran FIRST ROW: Jimmy Stofferan, Eugene Smith, Linda Wolthuizen, Christa Foster, Billy JP! mira 3,2911 - , X 1 Q a xg F ' 1 Z n 99 1 f ,":' sb MUSIC NEWS Th1s year we were pr1v11eged to have Mr Graham a new d1rector to conduct our mus1c department We thank hxm whole heartedly for his able d1rect1on and aSS1StaI1Ce Our band wh1ch was composed of 29 members rehearsed every Monday Wednesday and Frlday from 8 35 to 9 20 o clock In the fall and spr1ng there was marchlng band On Decem ber 16 the entire band boarded the school bus and went to Calumet where the O Brlen County Band Festxval was held The day was spent pract1c1ng and xn the evemng a mass band concert was g1ven The band also went to Sanborn to march mn the Sanborn D1amond Jub1lee Parade Everyone enjoyed themselves 1n sp1te of the heat that day Also dur1ng the basketball season a l1vely pep band prov1ded sp1r1ted entertamment In the Spr1ng the band part1c1pated m the Marchxng Band Festlval m Sheldon On the 8th of May the band partlclpated 1n the contest wh1ch was held at Alton The march1ng band also went to Orange Cxty on May 22 to march 1n the colorful Tuhp Festival parade 8 the mixed Chorus also took part 1n the large group contest Although the g1rls outnumbered the boys almost three to one the results of the s1ng1ng was not changed 1n proport1on as 1f the Chorus was evenly balanced Some students part1c1pated 111 the small rnusxcal groups such as the g1r1s tr1o the mxxed and brass quartets the gxrls sextette and the Clarlnet quartet The small groups and solos that took part in the small group contest at George on Aprll 9 and 10 were as follows Patr1c1a Ballou Gordeane Habermehl Glenda Reekers Audrey Koepnick Instrumental solos Robert Blankers Audrey Koepnick Judy Ehlers Small Groups Brass Quartet Girls Tr1o Girls Sextette Margene De Kok Thlema Peelen James Rowher Sharon Koepnlck Baritone Euphon1um Trombone Clarmet Mixed Quartet Clarinet Quartet Jamce W1ll1ams Norman Van Donslear Cla1re De Waay Paul Saupe Gary Ballou Thelma Peelen Plano Sharon KOCPHICR P13110 The girls glee club met every Monday Wednesday and Frlday 12 45 1 30 There were 35 girls that partxcxpated We would also like to thank our accompamsts Beverly Balkema who played for m1xed chorus Margene De Kok who played for g1rls glee club and Sharon Koepn1ck who played for most of the small groups for the1r fine co operat1on and ass1sta.nce The mus1c department presented an all musxcal program on February 26 Most of the program was devoted to the people who part1c1pated 1n the contest. The mixed chorus met every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:35 to 9:20 o'clock. On May BAND LEFT TO RIGHT CLARINETS Beverly Balkema Jud3 Elhers Lols Bonderrnan Carole Morf1tt Margene De Kok Glenda MOTf1tt Dlrector Mr Graham PER CUSSION Gordeane Habermehl Thelma Peelen Glenda Reekers Kathleen Lernkull La Verna Nleuwenhuls Glenda Blok BASS HORN Paul Saupe BARITONES Robert Blankers James Rohwer George Blankers TROMBONES Audrey Koep n1ck Ruth Ann Cleverlnga TRUMPETS Clalre De Waay Norman Van Donslear Larry Menke Marv1s Krauss Rodney Harms Bruce Stofferan Douglas Morfxtt Stanley Wllkens SAXOPHONES MarJor1eKoepn1ck Larry Koepmck Sharon Koep n1ck TWIRLERS Patr1c1a Ballou Jud1th Andersen Jamce W1ll1ams MIXED QUAR TET LEFT TO RIGHT: Claire De Waay, Margene De Kok, Glenda Morfitt, Robert Blankers MIXED CHORUS LEFT TO RIGHT BACK ROW Jamce Wxlllams Sheryl Storm Gary Ballou Robert Blankers Paul Saupe Rodney Harms Larry Koepnlck Norman Van Donslear Claxre De Waay George Blankers James Rohr Mr Graham d1rector MIDDLE ROW Lo1s Bonderman Darlene Harms RuthAnn Clever mga Joanne Nlebhur Jeanette Rolfes Glenda Blok Sylvla Dykstra Kathleen Reekers Audrey Koepn1ck Beverly Balkarna accompanlst FRONT ROW Judy Ehlers Gordeane Habermehl Patr1c1a Ballou Thelma Peelan Ruth Bruggom Evalena Fykstra Mary Ann Jarvll Carole Morfltt Marv1s Krauss Marjorle Koepmck Sharon Koepnlck GIRLS TRIO LEFT TO RIGHT Carole Morfltt Margene DeKok Glenda Morf1tt I : . . . , J I l J I I J I . I I I I -- ' . : ' , , J - . J I 9 J J ' J Lemkuil, Glenda Morfitt, Laverna Nieuwenhuis, Margene De Kok, Glenda , ' , - ' . : J f - . J J I Q , , .I . , . I , I . , , . CLARINET QUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT Loxs Bonderman Carole Morfltt Glenda Morf1tt Margene De Kok GIRLS GLEE LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Judy Ehlers Gordeane Haberrnehl Thelma Peelen Patr1c1a Ballou Wllla Jean Harms Evalena Fykstra Mary Ann Jar v1l Ruth Bruggom Arlene Beckman Nancy Peterson Audrey Koepnlck MIDDLE ROW Mr Graham dxrector Lols Bonderman Jan1ceW1ll1ams Darlene Harms Glenda Blok GlendaMorf1tt Judy Anderson Marcella Rolfes Norene Ne1wenhu1s Carole Morfltt Marvls Krauss Margorle Koepmck Glen da Reekers BACK ROW Ruth Xnn Clevermga Joanne Nlebuhr Jeanette Rolfes Charlotte Dykstra Kathleen Lernkull Beverly Balkema Sylvla Dyk stra La Verna Nxewenhuls Margene De Kok Sharon Koepnlck 3 ' , ' , ' , I 1 5 1 , J J J J -I 1 , , 1 1 - 2 - , S , ' J I 1 1 1 , . J J J l J '- . I I V , A , 1 I J l J y J I - I . I J If BRASS QUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT Clalre De Waay Norman Van Donslear Audrey Koepnlck Robert Blankers GIRLS SEXTETTE A nd e r s o n , Glenda Morfltt Margorle Koepmcx Patrlcxa Ballou LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Koepnick, Carole Morfitt, Judy CE A na Q' 1 'F t?"E1:.m:19 A, X Aknmk M 'Q 'Q HIGH SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Left to Rlght Coach Heppler Clamre De Waay, Larry Menke RonaldStorm Harold Mullenburg Marlm Idso Norman Van Donslear Ray Portz Student Manager BACK ROW George Blankers Norman Phllby Paul Saupe Lowell Baxter Gary De Boom Donald Blankers Leo Kulper FRONTROW Leftto Rlght RayPortz StudentManager NormanPh1lby Donald Blankers LeoKu1per Donald Menke CoachHeppler MIDDLE ROW LarryMenke Roger Lemkull Clalre De Waay George Blankers BACK ROW Paul Saupe Lowell Baxter Harold Mullenburg Ronald Storm Marlm Idso Norman Van Donslear HIGH SCHOOL BASE BALL HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT La Verna N1ewenhu1s Judy Anderson Glenda MOPf1ft Ruth Ann Clevermga HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Left to Rlght Mar1or1e Koepmck MBFVIB Krauss Carole Morfitt Glenda Storm Beverly Bolkerna La Verna N1ewenhu1s Mrs Heppler Chaperone BACK ROW Joanne Nlebuhr Jamce Wllllams Glenda Morhtt Audrey Koepmck Reekers, Alldrey Koepnick.. SECOND Row: ME. he-pp1er, coachg Judy Angel-WH, Sheryl JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Left to Rlght Tom W1111ams D1ckBogaard Douglas MOFf1tt H1rnWagonaar Larry Bruggom BACK ROW Coach Heppler Stanley Wllkens Warner Bonderman Jerry Joe Saunders Charles Rolfes Davld De Kok JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL FRONT ROW Left to R1ght Jlm Wagonaar Torn Wmlhams Larry Br-uggom Dav1d De Kok Kenny W11l1ams Rlchard Dykstra BACK ROW Dlck Bogaard Stanley Wukens Charles Rolfes Jerry Joe Saunders Warner Bonderman Douglas Morfmtt Coach Heppler N W i I Z I ,V A 1 . 1 . : 0 , , , , , - N , 5 ,- , , , 1 - 3 1 , , . , , . I JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Left to Rlght Beatr1ceBa11ou Donna Bogaard Wanda Farnsworth Mar11yn Rolfes Sharon Menke Barbra Peterson Paulette Lernkull Judy Schwartz BACK ROW Kulper Nancy Alberts Barbra Kalser JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT P h y111 s Bruggom M a r y Kulper Lorrame Idso Nancy Alberts Coach,Hepp1er, Lorraine Idso, Roberta Blok, Phyllis Bruggon, Joanne 'Harms, Mary SOCIAL NEWS Woe to the Freshmen last September 25' As you probably have guessed that was the night of the b1g 1mt1at1on party g1ven by the sophomores The usual 1n1t1ation stunts were called for such as washing someone s feet with a toothbrush eatxng worms etc The ent1re high school was mvited and everyone had a good time At the close of the evening a del1c1ous lunch was served On November 11 the losers of the magazme subscriptlon contest gave the winners a gym party Glenda Morfitt and Cla1re De Waay acted as captalns and Robert Blankers was the bus1ness manager After an evenlng of volleyvall we enjoyed refreshments mcludlng 1ce cream furmshed by the Curtls Pubhshmg Comp any The A H S students spent the night of December 18 spreadlng good cheer by slnging carols at several homes ln Archer Back at the school house we played games exchanged glfts and enjoyed a dehcious lunch served by the Seniors Then on April 23 the Freshmen entertalned the hxgh school with a party Refreshments were served Thanks for the good time Freshmen' The Juruors gave the1r party on March 17 It was a comb1nat1on skating and show party at Sheldon Everyone had an enjoyable t1me Dux-mg the year we had several dances They were chaperoned by var1ous teachers and pop and candy bars were sold We all enjoyed the dances very much and looked forward to the next one We also had several assembly programs On October 5 we were entertamed by the comlcal and fast movmg mag1c1an Roy Mayer Ed Stelnmetz and h1s wonderful trampohne act appeared here on March 22 Then on May 5 we enjoyed watchmg Ben Hammond and h1s act wh1ch mcluded cartoons and ventnloqulsm This year we were g1ven a new k1nd of entertalnrnent we were gxven the priv1lege of watch1ng telev1s1on We watched the World Ser1es and the telecast of CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN Pres1dent Donald Blankers V1ce Pres1dent Judy Elhers Secretary Treasurer Donald Menke Reporter Sharon Koepmck Representatlves Rodney and Nancy SOPHOMORE President Ruth Ann Clevermga V1ce Pres1dent Sherly Storm Secretary Treasurer Joanne N1ebuhr Reporter Janice Wilhams Representatlves Carole Morf1tt Larry Koepmck JUNIOR President Judy Andersen Vice Pres1dent Kathleen Lemkuxl Secretary Treasurer Audrey Koepmck Representatwes Lowell Baxter Patty Ballou I D . . . , . I I , . . . . . , ' i , . . , . , . ' I , . . President Eisenhower. '?f wr V Q J X wk ,Wood 56" im .4 01 Squaw Wx f' f 'fc- NSQJB, X005 Y 0 'N The L ,Three G 5uArM077 Er fi fl it N if 'N av' -"' X f O S 'A x 7 Q ,. I o x Xi - X X wk n eb f I, ,x E 9 . 729096 .F l x M zk, QNEZ Q Zll , oi 01- fn I , ff e mf K. X .' ,435 Q? v "gs 'Vi' .4 ' 'N X X I X - ch S xl cliff Q1 f W ' I X JS .i . ' N ' J . O 2' ' r I ,zffrq 5 A 'B 'J xi .- ig I' 1 T CIYTWIJ Car Umfaenff 'lf T ruff H9 Hmslie +'7 H' TQLMC K e Q' 7' V Cmfly To vr'na.'mem1' -9' Ngy, gg HT S4-nb YN Drake VSMncT4 census ' H G09 NVD !Yll"'TT JT! f..ur15 mfr R176 N k h ' D "' I 4 - ' 3 Juni N an-43 K , 3 - ' Y . !' I Y' -. Pq,g1'-1iE'n3t-PC-Inf.. 71531 c.o. , .0 I 0 ,, ., .. nn ". ., Hll MFIN ddhfgys P? ::iv!,fl , In 4 ' in Robe-T Q- ge., Q X X JH VN 3 W . W Q Fifa tt 11 :ev xl ff Q mf - , ' xf 4 jaqfaa jfnx '- Er :' 'R 1, X . ' I l ,M N ,J X "A Ux23i: COMPLIMENTS OF ARCHER C0 UPERATIVE GRAI C0 BUY FE LCO FEED CUSTOM GRINDING and MIXING LUMBER MACHINERY COAL FEEDS DDT FERTILIZER Archer Iowa Q R. C. A. TV COMPLIMENTS OF 'IANNEII IIII, 'IATIO AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES OIL GREASE TIRES TUBES and BATTERIES Phone 25 Archer Iowa ACK BAR TI-IEORA SAUNDERS PROP SHORT ORDERS ICE CREAM and POP WILLIAM J VA IIVIIE Archer Iowa Phone 26 VA PIIIIDUCE CASH BUYERS POULTRY EGGS Use our feeds and poultry remed1es Phone 53 Archer Iowa 'III CIIING. SERVICE TATE BA K of ARCHER ARCHER IOWA STERLING ARCHER HARVEY Var1DONSLEAR J. C KOOLBECK LEE BOINDERMAN HERMAIN TI.EMENb HERBERT O SAUPE FIRE and WIND INSURANICE AUTO INSURANCE HAIL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS Archer Iowa J. R. PEELEN Wm. C. HAHT DRS BRADY WARNE and WITHERUP ROY LEMKUIL GARRETT S M0'I'0Il and SUPPLY CUMPANY SAUNDERS 0 Q OPTOMETRISTS GENERAL TRUCKING O Jobbers of MOTOR FUELS - OILS - GREASES BOTTLE GAS . . IANCES - TELEVISION AM CANDY SOF J.C KOOLBIJCK DEALER IMPLEME NTS LUMBER If ENCING OIL. and GREASE Telephones Day 16 Nmght 47 Archer Iowa . 4, I Archer, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS F ROM lCHOLSO and 0HME GRAIN FEED COAL Archer Iowa Phone 50 DR E SUNDQUI T Prlmghar Iowa S WOOD P Speclahzmg In KITCHEN CABINETS BOOTHS and COUNTERS FORMICA CABINET TOPS FINISHED WOODWORKING OF ALL KINDS Phone Red 362 Prlrnghar BILVS TEXACO ERVICE MARFAK LUBRICATION HAVOLINE OILS Phone 42 Prlmghar DR. . . D0 ' H0 HU'VS DRUG TURE PRESCRIPTIONS JEWELRY MAGAZINES FILMS PANGBURNE'S and WHITMAN CANDIES Phfme 14 Primghar MAR HALL WELLS STORE Prlmghar Iowa GENERAL HARDWARE PLUMBING and HEATING APPLIANCES PAINTS CHUCK' GRUCERY FANCY MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 118 Sanborn Iowa SANBUR C0 0P ERVICE TATl0 CO OP and GOODYEAR TIRES We speclallze m STEAMING CAR MOTORS TRACTORS ETC Donald Faas MGR 1 .v D 1 1 - , . SA BOB MOTII C0. FORD Sales and Service FISK TIRES MOBILUBRICATION MODERN SERVICE DEPT. COMPLETE FRONT END and WHEELS BALANCING EQUIPMENT Phone B5 Sanbo rn MAY ES STORE Sanborn Iowa GENE RAL MERCHANDISE The Easy Place To Shop Shoes for the entlre famlly X Ray Flttlng SAMPSONS SHOES SAMPSON SHOE STORE Sheldon Iowa GAMBLES Hardware and Appllances Sheldon Iowa THE WHITE HOUSE CLOTHING STORE Th1s 1s the sumt store Sheldon Iowa NEARY S DRUG STORE Wm H Neary Pharrnaclst Sheldon Iowa M SL M CLOVER FARM STORE Phone 70 Sheldon Iowa NOBLE ETTER SL RAY BODLE Partners Sheldon Iowa Venet1anBl1nds Repalrmg Shades Traverse Rods Awmngs Draperles Cormces Free estlmates SHELDON VENETIAN BLIND CO 413 6th Ave Phone 690 Sheldon KEEN KORNER CAFE Sheldon Iowa Junctlon of 33 18 J "The home of quality food" Barber Shop CONGR ATULATIONS SENIORS and BEST WISHES from The Store That Serves You Best PLUMBING and HEATING Sheldon l0WA P BLHI ERVICE C0 SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DEPENDABLE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sheldon Iowa COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELRY ED.G BARTEL and S0 C.M.0VERLEE 0 BRIEN COUNTY CO0PERATlVE CREAMERY DR E.B.GETTY TU LAT IONS F .... o I MORE NEWS MORE PICTURES Only audlted Subscription Ilst IH the entlre area MAIL CIRCULATION IN THESE FOUR COUNTIES IS 85071 GREATER THAN NEAREST COMPETITOR COMMERCIAL PRINTING ADVERTISING IS WORTH MORE IN THE SHELDOIN MAIL BECAUSE OF OUR LARGER CIRCULATION MORE PEOPLE READ THE HELDO MAIL THE WO0DS EW PAPER FARMERS C0 OP 0lL C0. CO OP PRODUCTS TANK WAGON SERVICE Sheldon Phone 600 GOODYEAR FARM TRUCK and CAR TIRES H3800 PAPERS PRINTED EVERY WEEK" HAUER LUMRER CRMPANY NRRMAN RRRS. FORD CARS and TRUCKS EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHIN OF FORD CARS AND TRUCKS BERGE S STURE YOUR ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER Pmmghar Iowa QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS DRY GOODS CLOTHING and SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EIVERYS QUALITY FURNITURE ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM MODERN FUNERAL HOME PRIMGHAR AVINGS BA K YOUR FRIENDLY FARMERS AND STOCKMEN S BANK Pmmghar and Gaze Iowa O Phones: Day, 40 Night, 55 Primghar, Iowa COMPLIMENTS OF .... KELLY ERVICE IRV JOHN PAUL TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Prmm ghar Phone 3 26 Congratulatxons From BILL S STANDARD SERVICE Standard Products Prxmghar Iowa NAGLE S PRODUCE AND FEEDS Phone 34 Prlrnghar Iowa Complunents From DR B C HAGEN STANDARD CAFE The best ln food 8: beverages Where your frxends meet the1r frlends Sanborn Iowa Busmess Phone 41 Res Phone 272 WATSON FURNITURE STORE Wallpaper Pamts Phllgas Stoves Quaker O11 stoves Washlng Machmes Ironmte Ironers Sanborn Iowa PRINCESS THEATER Sanborn Iowa Open Frlday Saturday Sunday One top show a week PRINCE E LECTRIC Maytag Frlgldalre APPIIRIICES Bulb and Bottle Gas Serv1ce S anbo rn Iowa DR C MARIS DR L J SWEENEY Sanborn Iowa Phone 76 Primghar Iowa On Highway 18 - Bus Depot - Ph. 286 HELDO PAI T and WALLPAPER TURE PAINTS WALLPAPER GLASS INSTALLING and GENERAL REPAIR Across from New Hospmtal Hlghway 18 Phone 900 VER CHO0R MOTOR SHE LDON HOS PE RS CHEVROLET AND BUICK Sales and Servlce 0 G and FEDDER HATCHERY WAYNE FEEDS HY LINE CHICKS TRIPLE TESTED FOR QUALITY FIRST CHICKS BRED LIKE HYBRID CORN H FF IMPLEME T C0. JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM MACHINERY Phone 276 Sheldon Iowa Alemite Lubrication HOLLA DER 5-I0-250 TUBE lCHOLSON TUDl0 Sheldon Iowa PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOS COPYING ENLARGING PHOTOSTATS OIL COLORING ANYT IME ANYWHE RE ANYTHING Phone 265 Box 647 FIRST ATIO AL BA K Prnnghar IOWH CAPITAL and SURPLUS S200 000 00 CONGRATULATIONS FROM .... ELITE CLEA ER Sanborn Prxmghar Archer WE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE BUT WE 'IRY GREE LEE F000 MARKET QUALITY MEATS FRUITS and VEGETABLES LOCKERS and PROCESSING WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Phones 206 Prmmghar Iowa Sanborn Iowa A GOOD PLACE TO BANK MEMBER FDIC A BORN SAVI G BA K F000 CE TER "Your satisfaction is Our ambition" LOCKERS, MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 77 Sanborn Iowa SA B00 00 0P ELEVATOR H E MATSON JOHN CENTRAL SHOE STORE ln urance Sheldon Iowa Sheldon Iowa LANDHUIS JEWELRY Blueb1rd Dlarnonds I-FTRIO GRILL Longlne Wlttnauer Watches Sheldon Iowa Sheldon lowa The annual staff appreclates the ads g1ven by the buslnessmen They also w1sh to thank all those that have helped to prepare th1S annual Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova WDLFF S'l'0RE SWANSON S SUPER S'l'0RES BIG 4 C0 0? 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