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. f+ X,J 'X I C A -ffxx ,ff Q fx .XXX LIBLRI 3 y Q W" . Xin M A K2 ,iw I .I E.. ! . Published by the Commercial Department Ar This Annual is dedica and to the Graduates of l9 of the cher High School Archer, lowa ted to the Archer High School 53-'5M. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all those who worked to make the Eagle a successful and interesting yearbook. in reading the Eagle as we lditor-ln-Cheif Assistant Editor Uusiness Manager Assist. 'us. Manager Wusic Venorter Grade Wcnorter Social Reporter Sports Reporter Tvpists We hope that you find as much engofment did in arranging it. The ANNUAL STAFF Gloria Stoffernn Rohort Blankers Warvin Vanden Hull Ray Portz Harfe Alherts Leona Grooters Lila TePaske Vonalf Storm Lvelvn Foreboon W , - haren Yer hoe? Jean Honferwan XNXSTR no 'G 'A .. .L L af . V- H fi .LV- K'i:, scHooL BOARD standing-Left no Right :LEONARD BLOK ART ROHWER FLOYD MCQUEEN Seated-Left to Right! EARL BONDERMAN, PRES. MILDRED WATSON, SEC'Y. HENRY HARVS . STUDENT COUN C IL Starding-Left to Right: Sheryl Storms, Lam-v Koenn'c:k, Harold "u11er-Burp, Lnrrv Menke, Joan Shultr. Seated-Left to Right: Glenda Vforfitt, T-THY'Vfl'1 Vanf'enEZu11, Tiargje Alberts. Booster Ads ARCHER THOMAS HARMS PRIMGHAR SH, H. SCI-IULTZ BAKE SHOP WILL F, KAISER, County Treosurer PRIMGHAR LOCKERS KAISER INSURANCE AGENCY EARL BENNER'S D-X STATION PRIMGHAR IMPLEMENT CO. NELLE'S MAYTAG STORE ROY HUGHES, County Recorder G, H. BECKLEY, Clerk District Court SANBORN FOLEY'S CONOCO STATION LONG'S HARDWARE HUNTTING ELEVATOR COMPANY PHILLIPS SERVICE STATION i SHELDON SLAGLE LUMBER CO. LANDHUIS JEWELRY PIN UP BEAUTY SHOP J. C. PENNY H. R. COCHRAN SHELDON PIANO CO. MOBIL GAS TANK WAGON - BOB BORNHOLDT JOHNSONS CAFE FACULTY BACK ROW: Mr. Tarnasky, Mr. Stolaas, Mr. Brouwer, Mr. Hennler, Mr. Matzdorff, Mr. Good. FRONT ROW: Miss , DeBeer, Mrs. McCrill, M s. Campbell, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Lamkin, Mrs. Hulsteln, Mrs. Stolass, Mrs. Steffens. Mr. Brouwer - Superintendent Hull, Iowa - High School Central College - Pella, Iowa Iowa State College - Ames, Ia. Graduate Work University of Iowa- Iowa City, Iowa Graduate Work e C be - gigldon gigh School Northwestern University - Evanston, B. A. - Education Major - History, English, Education Dept. - History, English, ML. Matgdgrff Storm Lake, Ia. - High School Buena Vista College B. A. Degree Dept. - Manual Arts, Economic, Science Ill. lgona Ia, - High School Iowa S ate College and Augustana B. A. Degree Dept. - Home Ee.. Vocations, General Science Stglaag iq-5. MCCI'1ll A Egchanic Arts High School - St. Paul, Minn. B. A. Degree Augustana - Sioux Falls, South Dakota E. Hgppler rris Ia. - High School Buena Miata College Standard Secondary Cert. Dept. - Athletics, Geometry, Math. A Jr. H. ehr E. E.-- High School Dako a Business ollege Westmar College - LeMars B. A. Degree Standard Secondary Cert. Grad. Credit - Colo. State Teacher College - Greeley Dept. - Jr. High gg, Gogg heldon High School Sheldon Junior Gollege Iowa State Teachers College Westmar College Advanced Elem. Cert. Dept. - Junior High . Ta na Els Mrs. Stolaas Parker, outh Dakota - High Sc Augustana, Sioux Falls, S. D. Mrs. Steffen Archer High School Morningside College GREEN LEE FOOD MARKET QUALITY MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LOCKERS AND PROCESSING Phone 206 Primghor, lowc ELLERBROEK'S NORTHWEST IOWA'S MOST COMPLETE READY - to - XNEAR STORE SHELDON, IOWA CORNER CAFE LUNCHES -- 0 --- DINNERS SOFT DRINKS - CANDY - CIGARETTES "WE PLEASE OTHERS . . , . . . . . LET US PLEASE YOU" SHELDON, IOWA M . Bgguggr Rock pids Iowa - High School Iowa State feachers College - Cedar Falls, Iowa H1:.:.2Q.1.rB0 orthwestern Acdemey - Orange City, Iowa Northwestern Jr. College Mrs, Hulgggig ioux enter, Iowa - High School Northwestern Jr. College Egg. Lgmklg anborn igh School Morningside College University of Colorado BUSES Drivers are Bill Huck, John Tanner, Ray Farnsworth, Jake Vanden Hull Mr. Matzdorffz HDo you know anything about this course? Wayne: NA little Sir, what would you like to know? FOOD CENTER "YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR AMBITION" LOCKERS, MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 77 Sonborn, Iowo PRI NS INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE REAL ESTATE - FARM LOANS Agents for DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn ond Chix Telephone Office: 252 Sonborn, Iowc I I FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR ASSN. GRAIN - FEED - SALT - SEEDS - TWINE - FERTILIZER FEED GRINDING AND MIXING Phone 338 SheIdon, Iowo 1 . - I E -TM ..Q I "1 .1 ixiu-fn - . W www,- CUSTODIAN Mr. Charley Krauss , 'T -.44 Q 1 -- Lf: 5 L : " ' r .fy 5:55- .N xx ,' .g59::t-5: .41 l ,fum " 'Inv l '.p V - 'Y 4 QOOKS Left to Right: Mrs. Te Paske, Mrs. A .-.T LM-, 4 l......L and 3 9 Tanner, Mrs. Idso. ELITE CLEANERS SANBORN . PRIMGHAR - ARCHER VVE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE BUT NNE TRY SH ELDON ARMY-NAVY STORE WORK SHOES - JACKETS WATCHES - LUGGAGE Phone 243 Sheldon, Iowo CHUCK'S GROCERY FANCY MEATS - QUALITY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone 118 Sanborn, lowo .unsee- to uv" fs cy E "C" w p f al R. Wrouwer, Sunt. Sybil M. Campbell, Prim. Robert Tiemens, Pres. Evelvn Rozeboom, Vice Pres Z., Xxx Ronald Callenius, Sec'v-Tres. Karen VerHne', Renorter GARRETTS JOBBERS OF MOTORFUELS - OILS - GREASES BOTTLEGAS G. E. APPLIANCES - TELEVISION NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES PHONE I O-J-3 Archer IOWCJ Lila TePaske Gloria Stofferan Marvin VandenHu11 Larry Krauss A il Marjorv M-b01"ES Jean Ronderman Compliments of J. C. KOOLBECK -Dealer- 0 IMPLEMENTS 0 LUMBER 0 FENCING 0 OIL AND GREASE Telephones: Doy, l6 - Night, 47 ARCHER, IOWA 4 s mi , car ieheuiu 4 K1 Septrmter L, 1 .ng L, ..ifrry .d f.j A , lgsters met Miss Iichardson, who to i-r uv me an eil .rip in the .ee ship we were ab ut to iter- ' s,arIQi cv' fitw the pri wrj 'eom in the Archer C0nsoLit:tcd Qchf. The p1ne,nge:s inclu:,d Jvrn Fonderman, Evelyn P:+iTw, Tera, Maxine, hairy Krauss, Jens derensen, dloria Stofferan, But Hiimtns, siren Ver Nerf, Marvin Vanlef Hutl, Marlo Vanden Hull, and Raland Axacrson, During this primary flight the girls had doll parties and LDS boys playel cops and robbers. The two new passengers who were added on our first flight wereg Marjory Alberts and Lila Te Paskc, making our number thirteen, Miss Richardson still our guide. All Thirteen of us helped our gov't this flight by buying saving stamps each week, Poland Anderson was retained on this flight, thus lowering our passengers to l?. Flight number two was guided by Kiss Den Hartog. Peter John Zylstra, Denny Klien, and Howard Hsdden were added. We began to have to study a little on this flight because we were introduced to the 3r's. ln the fall of 'LB we started our 3rd flight still guided by Miss Den Hartog. Our new passengers included Betty Jean Buus, and Tracy Elgersma. MOst of us had to have vaccinations of some sort or another during this flight. Toward the end of this flight BCtty Jean Buus, Kenny Klien, and Peter John Zylstra left us, making our number 13, Greeted by a new teacher Mrs, Williams, we began our nth flight climbing higher and higher each time. One of our passenger, Marlo Vrnlcn Hull was retained at the end of the third flight, leaving our number of passengers at 12. During this flight we constructed miniture villiages in sand boxes, ln l9hS we began our fifth flight with Miss Nagel as our uide. Four new passengers were added to our list makingishe number fi, the new passengers wereg Evelyn Rozeboom, Richard Craig, Robert and Duane Hanks: Activities for this flight included fancy work for the girls and handicraft for the boys. Near the end of this flight Robert and Duane Hanks, Tracy Elgersma, and Howard Hadden left us for other ships. This left the number of passengers at l2 again. During our sixth flight, guided by Miss Mc Nutt, Evelyn Bottin was taken ill with rhumatic fever and was unable to join us again. This year we stopped long enough to give an operetta, HThe Farmer In The Delln. We also joined a bird club, called the HAudubon Bird Club Society.N No changes were made on our seventh flight in the number of passengers, however one change was made, This change took place during Christmas vacation when our teacher Miss McNutt changed her name to Mrs. Vollink. During this flight we also drew pictures which Mrs. Vollink sent to the state fair, Some of our pictures won prizes, On our eighth flight we were guided by Mrs, Wolfe. By the time of Eighth Grade Graduation we had lost Richard Craig as one of our passengers and gained Ellen Gill who joined us from South Dakota, As we started our Qth and first year of the high school flight our passengers included: Marjory Alberts Jens Sorenson Jean Bonderman Gloria Stofferan Ellen Gill Lila Te Paske Terry Harkins Robert Tiemens Larry Krauss Marvin Vanden Hull Evelyn Rozeboom Karen Ver Hoef with Mr. Kuhns as our sponsor we gave a theater party. Ellen Gill soon moved away. Planning for the Freshman Initiation was the big event on our lOth flight. We also had the thrill of ordering our class rings during this flight. Starting our eleventh flight we realized we were nearing the ond of our trip. Four exciting events took place during this flight. The first event, we recieved our class rings. Naturally we all thought they were prettier than they had been any of the other years. Second we presented our class playg NCrazy But Cuton, under the direction of Mrs. Jensen. Soon after this Terry Harkins moved to South Dakota. On April 8th we attended Career Day at Sheldon. Last of all we sponsored our Junior-Senior Banquet, the theme being Moonlight and Hoses. The banquet was served by the Baker Ladies Aid and Mrs. McCri1l was our viry able sponsor under all this, At last we boarded the ship again for the last time, undertzhe guidence of Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Brouwer, Our passengers were the same except that Ronald Callienius joined us from the Hospers ship. and Jens Sorenson left us after the second semester. This year was filled with days of enjoyment. The day we had our pictures taken, the Christmas party, Senior play HKay Beats The Bandn, Skip Day at Storm Lake, and now the Junior-Senior Banquet. Last but not least Bacelaureate and Commencement. we have nearly completed l3 years of school and will soon be setting our on flights of our own. We will all try to make our new flights the best we have ever had using the knowledge we have gained on our last l3 flight. Of course we want to thank every one who had a part in giving their timp'for our guidence for us and we hope the Seniors to come can Say they had as much of an enjoyable time as we did through our flights. QUIPS AND QUOTES The most efficient labor-saving device is still money. The trouble with some of today's smart children is that they don't smart in the right places. It isn't what girls know that bothers parents. It's how they found it out. Thrift is a wonderful virtue--especially in ancestors. Walking isn't a lost art--one must, by some means, get to the garage. I always like to hear a man talk about himself because then I never hear anything but good. ---- Will Rogers Women have recently been placed at a disadvantageg man can new travel faster than sound. The most disillusioned girls are those who married because they were tired of working. The palest ink is better than the most retentive memory No matter how much women race to buy Christmas presents for men, the race always ends in a tie. I f f I x FM KAREN VER HOB? HARJORY ALBERTS JEAN BONDERMAN IVTLYN ROZEBOOM C'CNfI'1,',L ,.,.,,- . A-.y ,-i,.'.l K,lCx-, fn--x ,,f,,,-,.,,1,.. ,M .,.. t, 1. 1 ,. ... ,- r- . . 1.l::etx KflO?"'lS 1--2--3-lk Vocal solo 2-3-M Twirler 3-4 Pand l-2 Pep Club l-2-3-M Class Sect-frees 3 Student Council 3 Class Reporter M Class Play 3-H Annual Staff 3-4 Sextet l-2-3-M Newspaper Stiff 3 Cleirnet Quartet 2 Girls Gloe Club l-2-3-M Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-M Trio 3-M Vocal Solo 2-3-M 3an6 l-2-3-M Fe? Club 1-2 Cbeerleader 3-H Class Play 2-3-M Sextet 2-3-M Student Council 1-N Class Vice President 2 Annual Staff H Drum Ensemble 2 Operstta l-3 Girls Glee Club 1-2-U Mixed Chorus l-2-M Pep Club l-2-3-M Band 1-2-3 Class Sect. 1 Pep Club Vice Pres. Class Play 3-M Operatta 1 Annual Staff 4 Girls Glee Club l-2-3-M Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-N Pep Club Sect-Trees 3 sep Club 1-2 -3-1+ Class Play 3-H Class Pres 1 Class Vice Pres H Operetta 1 Annual Staff 4 ' CLASS PROPHECY In the Archer Newspaper of today, HTHE SUPER ARCHER JETU Liuly lO, l98Cl there seems to be a few words here and there of our seniors, andy way I think they were seniors once. Just look at the heaflines, HOSCAR, THE FAMOUS JOCKEY HAS JUST BROKE A NE! RECORD.H Usoar is none other than Marjory Alberts. She and her horse, st broken a new record at the Archer Speed Bowl. .l.. - ' went ei and C2 MPH all the way around. when she was asked what d I Sr R fcuit have ju In , n"f fl Sea Biscuit W,u ties H For a pass time bca. :un on cobs and ide sports news Kridss has again won again been a row. He still understand he he decided to Now that Archer to clean up the place. After who do you thirk took the jobo None other now Beulah, she spends almost day and night have some one but when she has a f go so fast she just answered, HI feed him Miss Oscar models Hot Rods. Her latest is a big wood. has a New World Championship to report for Larry it, in what? You gressed it, yes, Larry has crowned the worlds snooker champion, for the 25th year in is . . . . . ., e looking for someone to give him competitifn. W has found a good use for some of the money he won for trade his M6 Nash in on a M7. has an Atomic Energy Plant, of course they must a little advertising than Jean Borderman, scrubbing and cleaning, ew minutes to spare she takes to studying her favorite subject, Physics. And here off in a corner we see a big little fancy ad. Brain Specialist. If you have a little brain trouble come and see me for more. I have a big fancy one roomed Hospital on the Main Drag of Archer. I take every one but specialize on Ant brains. Dr. G. Stofferan, and from what we've heard she has had pretty good luck, only one of her pati The Grand in Archer, He years in what G. C. stands fo is a Gum Cleaner going anywhere chairs and benches, he has a standing contract with In the Social news we read home for a short vis Geometry now for the and admiring her long gray hairs she decided she so she wouldn't get looking for a home to settle down in, in her last years. ents lived. other day Bob Tiemans G. C. opened his office at Zkth and is experienced in this work after working many the Yankee Stadium. Many people have been asking this paper r. After an interview with Bob it was learned he taking gum off the bottom of all you think he foes Wrighleys. that Prof. L, Z, family, She has -five. The other with the gum. Why and what do TePaske has returned been teaching day while counting better quit t I guess will it with her last forty eaching be too many more, Her next 'ob In the movie section I see where the comedy is featuring HMighty Mouseu and his Famous standin Ronald HMighty Jr.H Callenius. He has become quite famous in Movie land. He is now making his home in an abandoned garage in We should also This I think is his ulated. Here he have a Beverly Hills. congratulate Ronald for being Grandpa again. 99th Grand child and he should really be congrat- small little ad of some kind of Beauty Salon on the main drag of Archer. Come in and get our Suppr Egg wazh just once ind it will convince you never to come back for more. This shop belongs to none other than Evelyn Rozeboom. This gives her a real chance to get tangled in other peoples hair, -9 , 1 .A ,5A,, , firlls Glfw .l1ND - -4 '.,-- flx,1 Unoru: l-2-3- . for Cllr lb?-3-A 4, , rW,w nv, 1 . A JH4 f VALQEQTQ Q lo 1-2-Z-4 ffl- l, f. xvlffl' 2 .A-4, FV.U F ' Ofor,11 , Siufznl 7 Annual iixfz reporter 2 Annuu' Qpfirfunt Editor 1lz,?i11-HQL 17:35 fir f' 4 Mo6rQf'Q 9-Q Class flux 5-4 Nofdiina So7aS Wirmgor 4 firm Zo Sr' "elif rgj -4 Arai Lino Llornrlnn 5 Li' r x'5'ri 4 fm' f Y .ifiolaf 2 V lfjLp1 ,or 'ocal Paper 4 LILA TE PASKE Gio' Cl.w Club l-2-5-4 UQ l Q Wnut 1-2-5-4 Zfi f1fM A +P-J-4 PC! l'lT?l qff"v 4 C1152 Fluf T -4 Operoitv - TE Hddio Tvwfking 4 Annual Social Reporter 4 Vocal Solo 3 ' Hnnugor of Snpoii Room 4 LARRY KRAUSS 7 Base fall lui-Q-4 Baskctbwll l-2-5-4 Class Play 5-4 I.1fRV7fET VANDENHULL Student Council 5 Annual Stuff 3 7? L BnsoBall l-2-5-4 Rmsketball l-2-3-4 Student Manager l Band l-2-5-4 Boys Glow Club l-9 Mixed Crorus l-2-3-4 Class Prc:.? ClQQsVioo Pros. l-5 Studcnt Founcll Pros. 4 ClnssPl1' 2-5-4 Annual Stiff 5-4 Newspaper Staff 5-4 Oporotta l-5 Radio Speaking 4 Drum Unsomblc 2 CCLASS PROPHECYJ And here we read a little note of some one winnining a big ' prize in a coupon contest. Why! it's Karen, and she won part of a new house in Archer. Guess now she'll have a little moreereemfier ll the boxes she got the coupons from The last time we visited her she could only let us ln a few of the rooms for all the other rooms were full As wew nt through the hall she told of some thlngs t t were ln the rooms, the flrst all full of breakfeast food, she get some sllver ware coupons from them, then a room of soap from whibh sh won some more soap to wwn the house, Now she'll have to flnd someone to use the thlngs so she can collect some more -U-"1-J'-I5--EH. J FOR YGU 0 DETOCRACY Come I will make the contlnont lndlssoluble, I wlll make the most solendld race th sun ever shone upon l wlll make dlvlre magnetlc lands, Ilth the love of comrades, Jlth t e llfe long love of comrades I wlll plant compaoronship th1ck as trees along all the FlVCTS of Amerlca, and along the shores of the great lakes, and all over the pralrles, I wlll make lUSODQP8b1C C1tlCS wrth thelr arms about each other' necks, By the love of comrades, By the manly love of coar des For you these from me, O Democracy, to serve yuu ma femme! For you, for you I am trilllng these songs. There Was A lhlld ent orth There was a child went forth every day, And the flrst ohgect he lookfd upon, that obgect he Llfame, And that object hecmme part of him for the day or a certaln part of the day, Or for many years or stretchlng cycles of years Iver s omlttedl The moth r at home quletly placlng th dlSheS on the supper table The mother wlth mlld words, cl an her cap and gown, whol some odor falllng off her person and clothes as sh walks, Toe father, strong, self sufflclent, manly, mean, anger'd, unjust :he blow, the qulck loud word, the tlght bargaln, the crafty lure The famlly usag s, the languave, the company, the furniture, the yearning and swelllng heart, Affectlon that wlll not b ga1nsay'd, the sense of what is real the thought if after all lt should prove unreal, These became part of that child who went forth every day ,, A A . . Ll ' U . . , fa - . 1. v. I , . F . . l-:1, . G -- . - - 0 n v , v Q U u ly we Q5 :ur 1 :n Q ' rg 5 3: ug gg y v 5 rude 1H?w5 ans.: wiv- .. .ni .. H . We .. .. ,. 1- un. 1. 4 " , lv . . t . . 5 ' ' 5. rs u A , L 1, e ... . . . I . H - 5 A A 4' ,. . , . 5 3 ' . . ll -' J Q I O I ' , L I Q K A . ,. 1 4 X C' 2 . . c ., " 1 ' S 3 3 H W Y 1 Y fl L1 Us . ' c , 'J 5 -5:1 -4 1: n v Juv wr L v fn in 143:44 n -Ly 03' n sa my 3: Q, o 1. .r.. wSr".? 1: ,X .f -.rivfr fri? .r if .v fr nn. ,: and! if .n.- ,rw-5: . , . I W - . , . H ' . 4 '-A 1 I . A . 'U . , O cw f ' ' U .J 5 ' 5 . . A . A i R, f V x A .1 1 . . 2 1 , L A Q, .J rw -, ' V 1,1 C ' Q , . . , . - I , . - : '71 ' , 4 0 ,, I 1 A 1 3 'J 'E . I . L1 J r A 'J Y 3 1 ' 'Z I 0 F c XJ T 'X - , . C V 1 . U TP.. .b X it -- f If 1-rg'r Rotrnf Tlrl J Pessefvg. Q 3 s+Q.ffr , T", ..7..'P.1-- - -A - 1 . Q - .wi-'-L 1n' n.v, l, 11, J 2 lance u,4:.v 1-NME-4 11.7. 5 ,, W, ,J-I. ZH,-il 'zMJ,,f,i, fPCfif4f 'rduP zN3 Joys Unf:i.n i 'fpcg 1 QM- v, 'y ,.?...'f .lp Class resleent 4 Cless Seca. trees. 3 Student Council Class Play QU3-4 innuel Stuff 2-3 Speech Ceukgst 3-H ODC1' e 31,21 in-3 TB Radio Spanking 3-M RONALD CALLPNUI9 Baseball l-7m3-N Basketball 3-3-4 Boys Glee Club 2-3 Mixed Chorus M Student Manager 1 Suit. Treasure H History is prophecy. It proves how the human mind Works under actual testr hurry U.: HDO you helieve kissing is unhealthy?n trifle V ' NI cdn't say--I've never.....H H v- Y - 0 Lc.Tr 'Ecu neun you've never heen kissed: Cwivlu Q.: I've never heen sick. Glerisz 'Is Leone still looking for her ideel men?H Nergcnc: Miood heavens, no! She's far too husy looking for e hushend.n These tryinf times are the Npoed old deysn we'll he long- ing for n few years from now. A young married couple had just settled down in their new home when they received n pleasant surprise in the mail--two tickets to the hest show in town. hut the donor hed omitted his name and for the rest of the dey the question was nwonder who sent us the tickets to that wonderful show.n They enjoyed the srowg but when they returned home, they discovered all their beautiful wedding presents had been taken. There was, however, e note from the burglar saying, nNow you knowln Mr. Philby: USO you want to hecome my son-in-lew?u Marvin: nEr--not exactly. I only wanted to merry your daughterfu Ronnie S., e truck driver, stopped sudddnly on the highway. The car behind crashed into the truck and the owner of the passenger car Sued. Nwhy didn't you hold out your hnnd?n the judge asked Ronnie. HWell,H replied Ronnie indignnntly, nif he couldn't see the .- in 5 ,.1 trucx, how in honv.n: .ine 1 .,i he see my .e4d?' JUUIUR-SENIOR BANQUET On Wednesday evening the Juniors, Seniors and Faculty enjoyed 3 lovely banquet put on by the Juniors. The theme carried out was MURDER WESTERN SKIESH. PROGRHH Gr-nd March--Directed by Mr. and Mrs. Stolnas Vw .inc--Vsyno McQueen Rcs,tnso to Welcome--Robert Tcimons When Song Is Sweet--Mixed Quartet Clos: Vill--Marvin Vanden Hull Clues Pronhocy--Rny Ports The Jorld ls Joiting For The Sunrise--Girls musrtct Class History--Evelyn Rozcboom ntulk On youth--Rev Travis Group Singing--Directed by Nr. Stolnns A Movie HKOLGOH The room was beautifully decorated und Q delicious dinner was served by the Reformed Ladies Aid, BASKET-BALL QAUQUET On April 8, the boys and girls basketball olayers and cheer- leaders were honored at a banquet given hy their mothers. The tables were decorated with ninature heskethalls and purnle and gel' circles spread over the tables. After the apoetizers, Hr. Brouwer introduced the captain of the teen. The boys elected Uarvin as caotain and Pob as co-captain. Each gave an entertaining talk about a few of the haooonings and actions of the players. Te then were served a delioions dinner with all the trinnings ind deserts. Hr. Wrouwer than gave in the nest year of sports activities. a word of thanks to those who perticinated SPTILE-A-WHILE Ruth Ann to Glenda--"There's never fa dull moment when vou're out with Clair, it lasts the whole evening." 1.-n-Q-QQ-----.---QQ--. A woman driver is a person who drives the same way a man does ----only she gets blamed for it. --Q-----------Q-Q--N Treffio: Where you sit in your car and watch the pedestrians whiz by. CLASS WILL OF 1953 GRADUATES We, the Senior Class of '53 do make our last will as followsz We do give and bequeath to the class of 'SM the seats of the north side of the assembly, the honor of being USeniorsH, and all the excess junk found around the school building, We wish the best of luck to you the Senior Class of l95M. Individually we do give and beoueath as followsg I, Marge Alberts, do give and bequeath my old Physics papers to Charlie to burn first thing next year, my noisy snare drum to Glenda Reekers, my glasses to anyone for a blind dog, any Air Force letters to Joan if she finds them interesting, all protractors and compasses to Ronnie Storm, my cheerleading outfit and experiences to LaVerna, my interest in American Literature to Larry Menke, my naggrally straight hair to Ray, and my Good Luck to the class of I9 . I, Jean Bonderman, do give and gequeath my Hnaturalu hair to Joan Neibuhr, my driving ability to Marvis, my old Physio papers to anyone dumb enough to want them, my braveness in the dark to Larry Kogpnick and my best wishes for a successful year to the Seniors of I9 . I, Ronald Callenius, do give and bequeath my black curly hajr to Ronald Storm, my height to Larry Menke, my ability to run to Roger, my want for fresh air to Bob Blankers, Ronald Storms, and Larry Menke, who froze in study hall because I opened the window, and last but not least to Wayne McQueen, leave my position on the baseball and basket ball team provided he learns to get along with mr. Hepoler. I, Larrv Krauss dd give and beoueath my ability to get along with Mr. Heppler to Larry Menke, the ability to break bats to Ronald Storm, my athletic ability to Keith Verburg,a d my bashfulness to Ray Portz. . I, Evelyn Rozeboom, do give and becueath my pencils to Wayne, 1 my terrific notes to Ruth Ann, my interest in Boyden to Leona, my old Gepmetry papers to Jeannette and the best of wishes to the class of 'fo I, Gloria Stofferan, do give and bequeath all of my fun in voca- tions to Mary Ann Jarvill, my glasses to Larry Koepnick, my smile to Keith Verburg, my hearing to Mr. Stolaas ahd anything left in my desk,CPhysic papersl, to Ruth Ant my work in the library to Glenda Morfitt and on the annual to Robert Blankers, my seat on the bus with Norman, to Glenda Reekers, my transportation on all future trips to State Music Contest to Audrey, and best wishes for the future for the swell bunch of Seniors for IQSM. I, Lila TePaske, do give and bequeath my ability to sleep in class to Larry Menke, my Geometry papers and grades to Margene, my arguments in vocations class to Squeek, my seat in the assembly to any warm blooded person and my best wishes to the seniors of '5M. I, Bob Tiemens, do give and benueath my messy desk and every- thingin it to Ray, my atheletic ability to Roger Lemkuil, my musical talent to Larry Menke, my ability to get along with the teachers to Gary Ballou, and any junk laying around to Squeek and the best of luck to the Seniors of l95M. I, Marvin Vanden Hull, do Norman Van Donslear, my height to Ronald Storm, my big feet to Joan Shultz, my give and bequeath my pitching job to to Larry Menke, My dark wavy hair in the assembly to Norman Philby, bass drum to anyone who's fool enough the back seat to take it, my ability of going steady to Keith Verberg, and my girl- shy attitude to Wayne, Harold M., Ronald S., and Larry Monkea I, Karen VerHoef, do give and beoueath my baton twirling ability to Joan Shultz, my ability to always be on time to Katy, all my old pencils and pens to Squeek, my baton suit to Kieth Verbefg, all my u'5 clothes to Joan Neibhur, my chair in the second soprano section ia glee club to Carole, my baton to Ray Portz, and my best wishes fo: a successful year to the swell Seniors of l95H. Jkikiflkvkilrikakvkiklkvkikfkikvkik BACCLAUREATE mosacisas MAY io, 1953 Processional . , . . . . . . . , Joan Shultz Invocation . . . . . . .,. . . . . . . . Rev. Yff How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings. . . . . . . . S. Liddle Gloria Stofferan. Scripture and Prayer . . . . . . . Rev. Yff Faith of Our Fathers . . . Audience Sermon . . . . . . . . Rev. Yff The Lord's Prayer . . . . . . . . Malotte Robert Tiemens Benediction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rev. Yff Recessional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joan Shultz Let me To the Let me Let me Let me Let me Let me Let me Ikikikilikiklkvkrkakvkvkaklkvkfkfkfkik DAILY CREED be a little kinder, Let me be a little blinder' faults of those about meg Let me praise a little moreg be, when I am weary, Just a little bit more cheeryg serve a little better Those that I am striving forg be a little braver when temptation bids me waverg strive a little harder to be all that I should beg be a little meeker with the brother that is weakerg think more of my neighbor and a little less of me. C OMYHEII CEMENT EXER C I SES MAY 15, 1953. Proccssional . . . Joan Shultz Invocation , , . . Rcvorond Shultz 1215, G J. and I c Q Q 0 o o n n a 0 U O U 0 9 A i.LlLT1,"iS A. L rgene Dcfok and Glondo Morfitz ,xddrcss . . . . . . . . . . . Dr, lconfwrd C. Murray Prcsontdtion of Eighth Grade . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Good Junior High School Principal Prcscntdtion of Diplomas . . . . . . Mr. Brouwer Suporintondont Holcomo to High School . . . . . Mrs. Campbell High School Principal Gift of Bonior Gloss . . 4 . . Robert Ticmcns Prosidcnt, Scnior Class Presentation of Sonior Class . . . Nr. Brouwer Prcscntution of High School Diplomas. . . Mr. Earl Bondcrmon President, Board of Education Stout Foartol Non . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sigmund Rombcrg Clair Dolaxy, Mrt Stoldas, Bob Tiomcns, Marvin Vundon Hull Bcnniction . . . Rov. Shultz CL ST HOTTD . . BUILD BGR CUhWgCTER NOT FOR FAME CLASS TLDVER 4 4 4 . . . UMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE CL SS COLORS . . CRIWSOH HID GR.Y JUFTLR CLASS BHCK ROW: Larry Menke, Claire De Waay, Robert Blankers, Ronald Storm, Wayne McQueen, Norman Ray Portz. FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Jarvill, Leonr Grooters, Da Harms, Glenda Morfitt, Mir CLASS OFFICTRT Wayne KcQu en Ronald Storm Margene De Kok Glenda Norfitt .. -.T-.R-,,.-,V . . -,T-v V- ... .f..- . . ,.e 1. J- J.. .. . .X Glenda Horfitt Philby, rlene Rene DeKok. President Vice Presi Sec'y Tre ierorter Larry Henk d 9 Compliments of STATE BA K OF ARCHER STERLING ARCHER LLOYD ARCHER W. C. HAHT H. TIEMENS REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE ARCHER, IOWA P9 OHES ,-.. Our Q. . Y- .54 .. 049'-'v 4-fr.. wail 4 ii J -5 7 . N u my vi- , A -Q . - ' 5 -X -' M I 1 " , .gl ' wa! .-., ,-is ' Nil' -L ,IS gf , ,'X ., ' ' Q ,.agxg,v Q WWA XT i , ,pw-.Z?Q,ii1L'.-.YV-M ,1e.D,wf'-.- W -- r 's s Q " 'Q' 'UVVXV A Q.. , ,avfi-leg, Q' X ,i , V Vx u ,, . E-5,7-4 am Q A , Q , A if- ' -'f""'43, -X -" 3 Jftxk 1, Ft, 'f V 1 1 1 .I l A A-X' 1 - . ..., - f . -,, . .. xxg 'iw 5 f .X .. ., Q '4 Eff Q' f ' r' . 3 ,r i1'f al 1 1 . . .' U.: I N-f J' '.' ' , ' Y I "' I 1 H4 Q. f if t 1 di ,Q l Q SOPHOMORE CLASS Third row: Mr. Hatzdorff, Lowell Waxter, Georpe Wlankcrs, Harold Muilenhurg, Norman VanEonslear, Keith 'erherg. Second row: Charlotte Dykstra, Patty Tallou, Lvalena Fykstra, Judy Andersen, Katheleen Lemkuil, LaVorna Nieuwenhuis, First row: Audrey Keopnick, Rita Dolnhin, Joan Shultz, Glenda Blok, Lois Bonderman. l FRESHMAN CLASS Third row: Paul Saupe, Marlin Idso, Roger Lemkuil, Larry Keopnick, Garry DeBoom, Garry Wallou, Leo Kuiper. Second row: Vr. Heppler, Joan Neibuhr, Waverly Balkema, Sheryl Storm, Janice Williams, Glenda Reekers, Marjorie Keopnick. Third row: Ruth Ann Cleveringa, Thelma Peelen, Sylvia Dyxstra, Carole Morfitt, Marvis Krauss, Ruth Bruggom, Gordean Habermin, O'CONNOR IMPLEMENTS On Highwoy 33 SI-IELDON, IOWA Phone: 626 MCCORMICK-DEERING MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS REFRIGERATORS AND EREEZERS NICHOLSON STUDIO SHELOOIXI, IOWA ---1-., Q ? PORTRAITS - COMMERCIAL PI-'IOTOS - COPYING 3: ENLAROIIXIO - PHOTOSTATS - OIL cOLORIIsIO II Phone 265 Anytime - Anywhere - Anything BOX 647 II 'I I I I I I I gi I I I AI , I I, I I' G I II I Q, Compliments Of . , I I I' II I' S I I I I I I I I TANNER OIL STATION I I I Automobile Accessories I ig OII - Grease - Tires - Tubes ond Botferies If I I I I Phone 25 Archer, IOwO I I IQ jr II I, I II I I I - f'f'f'f'f'f NEWSPAPER STAFF Hack row: Mariory Koonnick, Narvin Vanden Hull, Glenda Wlok Glenda Morfitt. Front row:Knren VerHoef, Gloria Stofferan, and Harpene DeKok. Annual Staff Rack row: Ronald Storm, Ranhenl Portz. Second row: Lila TePaske, Karen VerHoef, Vnrpe Alberts, Evelvn Roreboom, Jenn Qonderman, Leona Grooters. Seated: Robert Rlnnkers, Gloria Stoffernn, Marvin Vanden Hull. SAN BORN SAVINGS BANK Sanborn, Iowo "A GOOD PLACE TO BANK" Member FDIC Business Phone 4l Res. Phone 272 WATSON FURNITURE STORE Wallpaper - Paints - Philgas Stoves Quaker Oil Stoves - Washing Machines - lronrite lroners Sanborn, Iowa 2 I MODERN APPLIANCE ORVILLE VER HOEF, Proprietor Zenith, Motorola Television Frigidaire Refrigerators, Ranges, Freezers Wacker Dryer, Water Heaters, Lewyt Vacuum Cleaners Easy and Dexter Washers - Geneva Kitchen - lronrite Hamilton Dryers 1 l l l SENIOR CLASS PLAY "KAY EQATQ THE BAND" Directed by Mr. Good While Mr. and Mrs. Meredith are out of town, their daughters, Kay and turbulent young Judy, are left in charge of Bessie, the Meredith housekeeper. Unexpectedly, Madeline Ross, a disturbingly attractive girl from a nearby city, urrives for a visit. Since Madeline's futher is one of Mr. Mer dith's best customers, Kay must make Madeline's visit u pleusant one. But both Kay and her chum, Lois Andrews, ure uneasy as to how Mldelinc's charms will affect their boy friends, Steve and Tom. The high school band, of which Steve is leader and Tom a member, is to give a concert nt a neighboring town the same night. Kay, determined that the boys shall not meet Madeline, refuses to attend the concert, as it would be necessary to take along her too-charming guest. Lois frames the excuse, by telling Steve that Kiy is to have a business interview with a certlin Dudley Harvard Smith a ndme Lois picks from s book. Steve is openly suspicious. In desnerrtion Kuy eroduces e perfectly strange man whom she introduces as Mr. Dudley Farvdrd Smith. When Miss Denny, the high school history teacher, learns thmt Mr. Dudley Varygrd Smith is visiting Kny, she discloses the electrifying fict that he is a noted historian and that he has undoubtedly srrived tom' nwurd Kay A prize for her essay on Americinism. In addition, Miss Denny announces that the bend will cancel their concert 1nd will insteid give a party it the mercdith home in honor of Mr. Smith. From this point the play is u riot of fun and action. The band shows up to serenddc Mr. Smithg Kay wildly uttempts to keep Mndeline out of sightg and events seem to prove that the strange who now refuses to leave the house is and escaped patient from a hosvital for the ensune. Before matters are happily adjusted for everyone, the audience is treated to three ucts of constant leughter and hilarious suprises. CAST Kay Meredith, Youthful and vivacious. Jean Bonderman Judy Meredith, her tcmpestuous kid sister. Karen Ver Foef Lois Andrews, Klys best friend. Evely Rozeboom. Steve Woodward, leader of the high school band. Robert Teimens Tom Nolan, Steve's Pul. Marvin Vanden Hull Madeline Ross, a week-end visitor. Marjory Alberts Phil Hunter, with a girl- shy complex. Ronold Callenius Bessie Trotter, Housekeeper at the Meredith home. Lila To Paske G.T. Ellison, on an unexpected mission. Larry Krauss Miss Denny, the high school history teucher. Gloria Stoffcrn JUNIOR CLASS PLAY NFIHDERS CREEPTRSV DIRECTED BY MR. GOOD Perhaps they didn't know when they were well off, or maybe they were just gluttons for punishment, but Hercules Nelson's uncle and aunt had long wanted him to come and spend a week end with them. nhl to top it off, they even went so far us to say he could bring his bosom pal, Jilbur Maxwell. So with suitcases in hand, the boys Ccontinuedj arrive at Uncle Bob's, set for a big week end. Thatfs puttin' it mildly indeed because Hercules Knows his uncle has taken a new job, but what he doesn't know until it's too late is that his uncle is Q 5 mortician. That's right, an undertaker. Needless to say, the boys are terrified. They're all for heading home pronto, especially when they find there's another nguestn in the house, an old boy named Jason Quigley who Nran out of gas.H His funoral's to be Monday. But then Wilbur spots Celeste, Herc's cousin, and boom just like that, decides to stay. Well, it's not long till things start happening in ways that would put most brave men to flight. For one thing, Mr. Quigley, the Nguest,H walks around, reads the paper and climbs into bed with Hercules. He gallivants around in s most uncorpus delecti fashion. The boys are mortally terrified. But they haven't seen anything yet. Mr. Quigley isn't really dead. Someone tried to do away with him while he was asleep, so he evolved a plan: He'd make his family think he was dead, then show up at his own funeral and trap the guilty party. New Herc's for leaving until he sees N113 the udeceasod'sH grand-daughter and boom, just like that, he decides to stay. Well, no doubt Mr. Quigley had a good plan, and no doubt things would have ended peacefully, but there's two things he failOd to reckon with: Wilbur Maxwell and Hercules Nelson. They set out to solve the case and matters soon go from bad to worse to terrible. Hercules tips off Nina that her grandpop's alive, she tips off the family, and everything's messed up. Uncle Bob is implicated and mistakenly'c.rted off to the klink, and the boys finally come face to face with the culprit, after first getting everyone out of the house who could help them. The boys finally escape with their necks but not before one of the wildest finishes ever. CAST Jilbur Maxwell-Thirteen, full of life and action. Larry Menke Vercules Nelson-Wilbur's bosom pal. Wayne McQueen Celeste-Very cute and sweet and the object of wiiburfs affection. Glenda Morfitt. Nina Ouigleyfa sweet young girl and the object of Hercules affection. Margene De KeK. Frankie-A live wire whose main love is mystery stories. - Jeanette Rolfes. Aunt Mary-Hercules aunt. Leona Grooters. Untl Bob-A mortician who loves his family and loves a good joke. Robert Blankers. Granny-Uncle Bob's grandmother. Mary ann Jarvill Mr. Quigley-Is concerned about the attempt made on his life. Claire De Naay Dr. Brown- An immaculate dresser and has a nice appearence. Norman Philby Madeline-Mr. nuigley's sister. Lavonne Brown Parry Schuster-The Quigley family lawyer. Ray Portz Daphne- The Maid. Darlyne Harms Claude- The caretaker. Ronold Storm Wayne McQueen was unable to be in the play due to an operation so our able director Mr. Good took his part. MUSIC c.fxL13NDER Another year of music activities to leave behind. we want to thank Mr. Stolaar, our director, very heartily for working with us, and helping us ec rush, Best of luck to you hr, Stolaas. We started the year eff,with the pap band playing at the home basketball vames threugh the nonths cf November and February. We enjcvel listening tc Q snappy pep bind. Thanks for the fine entertainment, kids. On December l, the band boarded the school buses and journeyed to Hartley for the Anrurl O'Brien County Band Festival. They are ' stayed all day and participated in the evening concert along with the other county bands. . As a Chrlstnas program, the music department presented a program that included the mixed chorus, girls glee club, and several smell groups and solos. We are sure it was enjoyed by all. March 2k was the date set for a concert of all the contest pieces entered at Sheldon Prelimary Contest. Of the nineteen entries, our group came home with six I ratings and ten ll ratings. Following this, on April 23 and 24, the six I ratings went to Perry, Iowa for the State Music Contest. The returns from this cortest were three I's and two II's. The I's were, Bob Tiemens bass vocal solo, and also tuba solo, Robert Blankers baritone solo. The ll's were, Cloria Stofferan with vocal solo, and the brass'quartett. C ' - - ,F The lIl's were, Gordeane Gabermill with vocal solo. Jean Ulrltz was accompanist to these entries, and she was kept busy t-iough out the year . - U1 May 2, the large groups journeyed to Arnolds Lark for more coixcsts The mixed chorus, 5irl's glee club, ind the bank all rfnx :ed II ratings. We felt it was work well line, and all enjoyed it, 1 On May 9 the band marched at Sheldon for the marching band A festival. The tvirlers wore their new uniforms for the first time, and aided attraceion to the band as they looked very nice. The festival was planned by the Sheldon Chamber of dommerce. May 16 was the day of the Orange City Tulip Festival. The band participated in the parade along with the many other bands. We want to congratulate the twirlers for doing such a fine job, and special thanks to Karen, our Drum Majorette. D L The words Hln God We Trustn were placed on pennies for the benefit of those who use then for fuses. i, QUIPS AND QUOTES A modest girl never pursues a mang nor does a'mouse-trap a mouse. What this country needs is less public speaking and more private thinking. ggttagis a long time for people to get over an illness if compensatio he one is entirely useless. Even the worst of us can serve as horrible examples. Children are full of whytelity. SOCIAL NEWS INITIATION On September 26, l952, the high school was entertained at a gym party given by the sophomores. The first part of the evening was spent initiating the freshmen with stunts such as washing Mr. Hepplers car, rocking the baby to sleep, washing hair in eggs and scrutbing sidewalks with a tooth brush. The latter part of the evening was spent playing games in which the lunch served by the Sophomores. entire highschool took part. This was followed by a delicious PARKINSON'S On Wednesday October 1, 1952, the entire school enjoyed a musical pre lf- 'fin musical instruments. fram presented by the Parkinson's. This year the program included fery talented young girls who played the piano and also various MAGAZINE PARTY The Annual Magazine Party given by the losers was held on October 6, 1952. a choice of going to the show NMonkey Businessn or skating at the Sheldon Roller Rink was given each individual. Everyone came back to school afterward where the losers served a very refreshing lunch, the ice cream Publishing Company. being furnished by the Curtis SENIOR CHRISTMMS PARTY On December 19, 1952, the senior class entertained at a Christmas party in the Archer gymnasium. The gym was beautifully decorated with a tree and mistle-toe, which was distributed very conveniently about the room. and playing games followed by served by the seniors. HIGH On January 28, 1953, the SCHOOL Archer school dance. It was the first time learning, each of us had a wonderful by three of the high school teachers Everyone had a very good time and we dance. We spent the evening Christmas carolin gift exchange and a delicious lunch DANCE High School had its first high many lf us had danced but af er time. The dance was chaperon d who also sold pop and candyg all look forward to each coming THE AL BELL PROGRAM Student and teachers alike look forward each year to the Al Bell program. This year was no exception and as usual the program was wonderful. Bell and his family had spent last summer in Nova Scotia and brought back with him a movie telling us much of life in that lovely country. Of special interest was the dog, a hugh St. Bernard a very beautiful animal, who only understood French. JUNIOR CLASSPARTY On March 17, 1953, the Juniors gave a high school gym party, carrying out the theme of Saint Patricks Day. The evening was spent playing corner kick, volley ball and other gym games. The traditional wearing of the green was carried out followed by a lovely lunch in the same theme. '1 Left to ripht Girls' Sextette Patty Rallou, Karen Ver Hoef, Carole Horfitt, Judy Andersen, Marge A1Herts, Glenda Vcrfitt Left to Right Mixed Quartet Claire De Waay, Gloria Stofferan, Margene DeKok and Bob Tiemens. Q Compliments of. . R ER CULQPER + L f A1 N f Q '11 LUMBER 0 MACHINERY 0 ALL Ki!NiDS DF COAL 0 FEED ' R. C. A. - TV 0 D D T ' INSECTICIDE lil.. Q Phone 32 Archer, Iowa Clarinet quartet Left to Right--Carol Morfitt, Glenda Morfitt, Marpene De Kok Lois Ronderman. M , I Girls Glee Club Left to Right--Director-Mr. Stolaas, Gordeane Habermill, Glenda Reekers, Audrey Koepnick, Gloria Stofferan, Lois Bonderman, Janice Williams, Judy Anderson, Beverly Balkema, Sheryl Storm, Glenda Morfitt, Margene DeKok, Marge Alberts, Lila Te Paske. Second QQ!--Marjorie Koepniek, Glenda Blok, Rita Dolphin, Marvis Krauss, Jean Bonderman, Evelyn Rozeboom, Carole Morfitt, Darlene Harms, Kathleen, Lemkuil, Charlotte Dykstra, Sylvia Dykstra, Rith Bruggom, First Row--Thelma Peelen, Joanne Neighbur, Ruthann Cleveringa, Mary Ann Jarvill, Joan Shultz, Leona Grooters, Karen VerHoef, Evalena Fykstra, Patty Ballou, LaVerna Nieuwenhuis. Compliments of . . J A K E MU L D E R O'Brien County Sheriff Primghor, lowo Compliments of SKELLY SERVICE IRV. JOHN PAUL TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES PRIMGHAR - PHONE 326 I Mixed Chorus Claire De Waay, Rohert Blankers, Norman Van Donslear Bob Tlemans, Harold Muilenhurg, Marvin Vanden Hull, Mr. Stolaas-Director, Ronald Callenius, Larry Koepni George Blankers, Paul Saupe, Jimmy Rohwer. Gordeane Habermill, Glenda Reekers, Audrey Koepnick, Gloria Stofferan, Lois Bonderman, Janice Williams, Judy Anderson, Beverly Balkema, Sheryl Storm, Glenda Morfitt, Margene DeKok, Marge Alberts, Lila TePaske, Sharon Koepnick. Marjorie Koepnick, Glenda Blok, Rita Dolphin, Marvin Krauss, Jean Bonderman, Evelyn Rozeboom, Carol Lea Morfitt, Darlyne Harms, Kathleen Lemkuil, Charlotte Dykstra, Sylvia Dykstra, Ruth Fruggom. Pack Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row: Thelma Peelan, Joanne Niebur, Ruthann Cleveringa, Mary Ann Jarville, Joan Shultz, Leona Grooters, Karen VerHoef, Evalena Fvkstra, Patty Ballou, LaVerna Nieuwenhuis. , ' f- M lu, , Left to Right: Glenda Morfitt, Margene DeKok, Marpe Alberts. I ck BABY CHICKS - STARTED CHICKS NUTRENA FEEDS PURINA CHOWS Make Arrangements for CUSTOM SPRAYING - With - SUPER CHICK HATCHERY Phone 420 'Harmelink Sheldon, Iowa VERSCHOOR MOTOR SHELDON - HOSPERS CHEVROLET AND BUICK Sales and Service Alemite Lubrication SWANSON'S SUPER STORES GROCERIES - MEATS - LOCKER SERVICE SHELDON, nowA BAND rnlrd Row: Bob Tiemans, M3TV1D Vanden Hull, Gloria Stofforan, Glenda Blok, Jim Ronwer, Robert Blankers, George Blankers, Thelma Peelen, Glenda Reekers, Marge Alberts, Paul Saupe. Second Row: Mr. Stolaas-Director, Marvis Krauss, Claire De Waay, Norman Van Donsleer, Rodney Harms, Bruce Stofferan, Larry Koepnick, Sharon Koepnick, Marjorie Koepnick, Joan Shultz. First Row: Ruth Ann Cleverlnga, svelyn nozeboom, Audrey Koepnick, Lois Bonderman, Beverly Balkema, Margene De Kok, Glenda Morfitt, La Verna Nieuwenhuis, Carol Morfitt. I J Mixed Quartet Left to Right: Robert Blankers Audrey Koepnick, Claire Dewaay, Norman Van Donslear. BIG 4 CO -OP PROCESSING ASSN. SHELDON, IOWA SOYBEAN PROCESSORS PRIMGHAR SAVINGS BAN K YOUR FRIENDLY FARMERS AND STOCKMEN'S BANK PRIMGI-IAR AND GAZA, IOWA SEIVERT'S QUALITY FURNITURE -2- ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM MODERN FUNERAL HOME Phones: Doy, -40 - Night, 55 Primghor, Iowa rs x - f I 2 Left this re TWIRLERS to Right-Patty Ballon, Karen Ver Hoof, Judy Ahd0Pl0Up J Janice williams FOR BOYS ONLY QRead Backwardl - nDidn't you if girl a be wouldn't you, ad would you knew we.N Life is a joke, All things show it. Look at the Freshmen, Then you'll know it! A wood-pecker lit on a Sophomore's head, and settled down to drill. He bored away for half a day, and then he broke his bill. The world is old, yet likes to laugh, New jokes are hard to find. new editorial staff can't tickle So if you see some ancient joke, out in modern guise, Don't frown and call the thing a fake, Just laugh,--- Don't be too wise! Awhole every mind. Decked HIS OWN WORD HLook here, Hilda, what do you mean by keeping me at the corner waiting an hour and a half and looking like a silly fool. ---I know I kept you wait1ng,-- but really you did the rest yourself. MAYN ES STORE I I SANBORN, IOWA I I I I GENERAL MERCHANDISE I I I I I THE EASY PLACE TO SHOP I Best Wishes From D R. D Y S O N OPTOMETRIST PRIMGHAR, IOWA Compliments Of SLOAN MOTOR COMPANY PRIMGHAR, IOWA 1 dj., A ., 3: - gsbvw .1 n 1353 C?- ak, ' , 4 Y' rf-!1, -Je 4 ,., Boys' Basketball Back Row- Norman Philby, Norman Van Donslear, Marlin Idso, Lowell Baxter, Leo Kuiper. Second Row- Garry De Boom, Ronald Storm, Ronald Callenius, Larry Krauss First Row- Claire De Waay, Harold Hullenburg, Mr. Heppler, Bob Tiemens, Larry Menke, Marvin Vanden Hull. Girls Basketball Back Row- Marjorie Koeonick, Joan Shultz, Lois Bonderman Janice Williams Thelma Peelen, Ruth Ann Cleveringa Joan Neibuir. Second Row- Mr. Hepoler, Judy Anderson, Beverlv Balkema, Glenda Merritt Laverna Nieuwenhuis, Audrey Keoonick. , Front Row- Glenda Blok, Rita Daulphin, Glenda Reekers, Carole Morfitt, Patty Ballon, Marvis Krauss. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 THE WHITE HOUSE "THIS IS THE SUIT STORE" SHELDON, IOWA Best Wishes From THE GREATER . . . WO LF F STO R E SHELDON, IOWA SCHUBERT'S CLOTHING CLOTHING AND SHOES EOR MEN AND BOYS LAURENS - PRIMGHAR - PAULLINA I If ilnuvafwv-vn. nl -rs . '7UV'S 'S.XTQgJ":W.J I Tlzirn row: Harold Muilonberg, Ronald Storm, Ronald Callenius, Larry Krauss, Marlin Idso. Second rowg Student Manager, Ray Portz, Paul Saupe, Norman VanDonslear, Marvin Vanden!-Iull, Lowell Baxter, Georfze Blankers, Coach Heppler. First row: Leo Kuiper, Claire Dewany, Bob Tlemens, Larry Menke, Normm Philby. PRIMGHAR LUMBER CO. READ THE KNOT-HOLE IN THE BELL EVERY WEEK PHONE 32 PRIMGHAR, IOWA L ' TRIO GRI LL SHELDON, IOWA HOLLANDERS 5 - IO - 25c STORE SHELDON, IOWA '-a, f ere l l' - T511 IS -rmosocf ' if vit 'hfVQl f.Y1ff 'ull Marold Lrrlfiberg QT Xormwh Fh.lhJ :lL' Pob T eweri 'YV Clalre Dowaoy f Leo Kufper Y Lovell Efxtor .1 A Il Hormrr Van Don leer .ep, cr U6 fvrlih 1050 .3'f'CT'V Goorve Bl'NkGFC .223 or 23 PitCWer'h 'eooriw UrrdrhEvll umMnm---' MMM'-mm V8rD'Wpl?+ for' 3 lost' S Jon Q loft l lGw2 Fall ?hT,37ll 1 - Wihl' 5 Loi es? 6 BACETTBALL wif? LOT 1 fFINT NhTVlN VahdehHull ?pf Roh TlEWGHS C6 Ltrry 'riuis 2l Lorry El"q lf? Ronnie Q,Xfw 53 Rcnhje f1.'fHiUS 77 Claire in ,'ay 99 Ngpmnh Phil y 17 Lowell Bnxier 6 Gmry Defoom ll Mirlix llso 18 Harold Muilehberg 176 Normwh V8U'OHSlQOT Ao if 211 PI1 344 Pk if Dk 111 Uk HF 221 if P9424 Pk 3:4 if ak 231 HF FT1 wk flf Tk Dk ff: 'l A Mother had been lecturing her Smell son, stressiri that we are iN-ihis world to help others. He considered this for some time, Chen asked somhorlyz Nwhat are the others here for ik '51 f'1 o' 254 X1 Tfifi Pk 251 fk 'I Pk X Pk At a warm-up of fhe Unix Kids radio show, somebody asked, NCSU you think of any proverb that helps yow in relatiows wifh your own father?U One ahcel-faced moppet shot up her hahi wil ylfff. HThere's no fool like and old fool.H ,4 1 1- '- 1 ? nf, ... , ,.,.. . -0 .Yu--0--.ov-Qs-wg-o-1-p-mg. ..,,-.-,.,....,...,7., ,,-, ,',, ..v', , ' 'YS' 'sv wp... , - -4, ..., -.-, --uv---..... M... ., ..,, , , -" ,v - W .4-Q . ' .4 Left to Right: La Verna Nieuwenruis, Judy Anoerson flenda uornltt. Kariorv Aloenis PEP CLUB Third row: Joan Shultz, Joan Neibuhr, Srlvia Dvkstra, Chnrolette Dvketra Leona Grootersg Teverlv Folkema, Shervl Storm, Janice Williams Vargene Ee Kok, Gloria Stofferan, Glenoa Heekers, Ruth Bruggum, Glenda Blok. Second row: Lois Qonoerman, Jean Fondernan, Evalina Fvkstra, Darlene Harms Lila TePnske, Aathleen Lenkuil, Evelyn Rozeboon, Carole Horfitt Jarvis Krauss. First Row: Dolphin, Wiss De Beer, Patty Vallou, Wary Ann Jarvill, Marjorie Keoon'ok, Cheerleaders: Laverna Nieuwenhuls, Judy Anoerson, Yarge Alberts. Audrey keopnick, Thelma Peelen, Ruth Ann Cleverinra, Rita Gordean Habermill, Karon VerHoef. Plenda Norfitt, SAN BORN CO-OP ELEVATOR SANBORN, IOWA MOLMEN'S DAIRY GRADE "A" - PASTEURIZED MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM DAILY DELIVERIES IN ARCHER LET US SERVE YOU Phone 472 Sheldon, Iowo GEO. C. GETTING .. . . Lli, OLIVER AND MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE FARM EQUIPMENT DE SOTO AND PLYMOUTH CARS SoIes ond Service SANBORN, IOWA Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn lst Row 2nd Row: JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM : Douglas Morfitt Donald Menke, Henry Wagenaar, Bruce Stofferan, Donaid Blankers, Dennis Anderson. David De Kok, Ted Tiemens, Rodney Harms, Jerry Jo Saunders, Warner Bonderman Larry Bruggom. aoach Heppler 44 -'- ..., .t,.. ,,. .-l?,i..,, ,Q W 1 , , Q4-w JUNIOR HIGH CHYERLEADERS Sharon Koepnick, Nancy Alberts, Norene Nieuwenhuis. ' MORE NEWS 0 MORE PICTURES ONLY AUDITED SUBSCRIPTION LIST IN THE ENTIRE AREA "3,7OO PAPERS PRINTED EVERY WEEK" MAIL CIRCULATION IN THESE FOUR COUNTIES IS 85 95 GREATER THAN NEAREST COMPETITOR COMMERCIAL PRINTING ili O i. ADVERTISING IS WORTH MORE IN THE SHELDON MAIL BECAUSE OF OUR LARGER CIRCULATION MORE PEOPLE READ The Sheldon Mail lst Row: 2nd Row 3rd Row Nth Row: JUNIOR HIGH Douglas Morfitt, Dennis Anderson Larry Bruggom, Richard Bogaard, Nancy Alberts, Roberta Slok, Mary Kuiner, Beatrice Ballon, Donna Bogaard, Marilyn Holfes, David Ballou, Stanley Lemkui . Mr. Tarnasky, Fhvllis Bruagom, Sharon Koennick Willa Jean V . 1 Harms, Mr. Good, Nancy Peterson, Hrlene Beckman, Edwin Wolthuizen, Donald Menke. Charles Rolfes, Wendell Fykstra Tommy Williams, Stanley Wilkins, Warner Bonderman, Bradley Pietens, Larry Dolphin, David De Kok, Arvin Verburg, Mr. Stolass. Ernest Sorenson, Raymond Buse, Donald Blankers, Ted Tiemens, Henry Wagenaar, Bruce Stofferan, Rodney Harms, Jerry Jo Saunders, Jimmy Rohwer, Norene Nieuwenhuis, Marcella Rolfe FIFTH GYfDE Back row: Richard Dykstra, Norman Arpleton, David Reeves, Jimmy Wagenaar Kenny Williams, Paul Merley, Mrs. Stolaas First row: Barbara feterson Judy Schwartz, Lorraine Idso, Joanne Harms, Paulette Lemkuil, Barbara Kaiser, Wanda Farnsworth, Sharon Menke. S M Gr M CLOVER FARM STORE "The Home of Quolity Food" Phone 70 Sheldon, Iowo BERGEN'S STORE 1.i Q .. .. "YOUR ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER" PRIMGHAR, IOWA Quality Groceries - Meofs - Dry Goods - Clothing ond Shoes For the Entire Family AN DERSON HATCH ERY CHICKS OF DISTINCTION PURINA CHOWS Phone I9 Primghor, Iowo FOURTH GRADE 2nd Row: Charles, Wolthuizen, Leonard Blok, Donald Harms, Donald Rozeboom, Warren Hulst, Perry Saune, Fred Wavenaar, Donald Koepnick. lst Row: Phyllis Verburg, Colleen Cleverinza, Myrna Wavenawr, Darlene Rolfes Helen Balkema, Evelyn Wolthuizen, Karen Koepnick, Mrs. Sgeffen THIRD GRADE 2nd Row: Billy Ballou, Alice Buse, Kouglas Reeves, Sharilyr Lemkuil, Hrs. Brouwer. lst Row: Elizabeth Dykstra, Brenda Farnsworth, Narilou Koepnick, Bonnie Williams, Hargene Sorenson. , .. , Y-- -Lx,-.L-.-:.-.-L-,-,-,-J ,TY-Y-.-.-4.-L-.-L - - - - Y Y - V, .-.- A-.-:A -v-.-f-: Formers Hybrid Seed Corn KAISER ELECTRIC I . Fo rmers Hybrid Hogs 5 i HOUSE WIRING Roy C. Koiser Otto Meyer FIXTURES Hospers Primghor APPLIANCES We SeII To Pleose Our Customers SAUNDERS ICE CREAM - CANDY SOFT DRINKS ARCHER, IOWA ELECTRICAL REPAIR Phone 28 - Archer Compliments Of ANDERSON'S MEAT MARKET GROCERIES - LOCKER SERVICE ARCHER, iowA SECOND GRADE Back Row: Miss DeBeer, Kenny Baxter, Ricky Schwartz Daryl Van Meeteren, Stanley Schwartz, Lyell Ballou, Butch Ballon. Front Row:Gladys Neiman, Linda Bogaard, Judy Brouwer, Jeannie Kleinheksel, Letha Bogaard, Elaine Peterson. First Grade Back Row: Mrs. Hulstein, Don Allen Merley, Kenneth Iverson, Duane Heerde, Norma Jean Pietens, Sheryl Honkomp, Jimmy Koepnick, Ronald Vlaming, Anthony Proehl Roger Menke. Second Row:Phyl1is Kaiser, Carol Roennick, Paula Saupe, Margo Kleinheksel, Carolyn Wolthuizen, Donna BULK Van Meeteren, Sharol Williams, Myrna Faye Wolthuizen, Jolene Byers, Cheryl Fay Wilkins. I 'I I I I li I I I I I E5 .,., S F A-.,Av A , ,v,V - I I 2 I DON'S WOOD SHOP 2: DE VRIES HARDWARE T- Wayne DeVrieS, Prop. l . . . Specializing ln , . 1-.i A KITCHEN CABINETS I 1. BOOTHS AND COUNTERS GENERAL HARDWARE FORMICA CABINET TOPS HOME APPLIANCES I Finished Woodworking of All Kinds i ARCHER Phone: Red 362 Primghar I I: VENETIAN BLINDS I REPAlRlNG Compliments Of l Shades Traverse Rods 2 I I COrniCleS FREE ESTIMATES I ' SERVICE I I ALTON BRANCH SHELDON VENETIAN BLIND CO. Qi Phone 690 HENRY R. KUIPER 4l3 6th Ave. Sheldon Kindergarten Back row: Dennis DeVries, Jeffery Woodman, Martin Stoffepgn Donald Heerde, Floyd Larson, Mrs. Wayne Lamkin , Richard Akeson, Wendal Iverson, Randy Baker, Thomas Farnsworth. ' Second row: Nelva Snip, Waverly Verburg, Dimnm Manning, Pamela Dolphin, Barbara Flaugh, Carol Lemkuil, Berdella Grooters, Carolyn Van Metteran, Sherry Nlebuhr, Linda Notehoom, LaDonna Bosch, Shirley Proehl, Margery Wagenaar. Teacher: HBoh talks in his sleep.n Student: HThassoH. Teacher: uYes, he recited in class todav.u Student: HWhat I want to know is, an I a bass or haritone?n Mr. Stolaas: UNO vou're not.h- Student: nGee, I oouldn't answer that third question in General Science about what makes ra1n.u Second student: HNe1ther could I, so I put down that the big dinner sprano a leaKL:-m'4 n , vv Teacher: Who is the smallest man ln history? I Karen: ' I give up. Teacher: nwhy the Roman-Sgldter who Fell asleep on his watoh.H Glenda M: Nhow did Harold pet interested in Sheryl?u Margene : NThey met in a rgyolving-door and started going around together Norman P. speaking of a recent acquaintance: uShe is the only girl I know with a winning smile andug losing face.H Jean: HMy feet were sticking out from under the covers.n Lila: Nwhy d1dn't you null them in.n Jean: HI ain't putting those cold things in hed with me.u Wayne nMy tires aren't so good. The air has begun to show through.u VAN'S PRODUCE CASH BUYERS - POULTRY - EGGS USE OUR FEEDS AND POULTRY REMEDIES -1.-1 . -i... PHONE 53 ARCHER, IOWA Ol-IL'S CONSTRUCTION CARPENTER CABINET CEMENT Work Of All Kinds ARCHER, IOWA CLASS NEWS KINDIIRCARTEN Sept. 1 We welcomed 24 to our kindergarten class. Sept. 2 Eva.Lauderback moved to Primghar, ' t Sept. 4 George Schneider left our class, stricken with polio. e Oct. 17 Science tour for Fall le es etc. 2 Oct. 51 Enjoyed a Halloween Party with the lst grade, Oct. 51 .trip over to George Schneider to give him HalTUwe9n'treats. Nov. 12 Our Mother'm and Dads visited school. Dec. 21 Christmas party and exchange of gifts. Dec. 21 Last day Jerry McCarty-was with us. ' Jan: 4 - Feb. 19 Mrs. Kaiser was our teacher. Feb. 15 Valentine Party. George Schneider was the guest. April 5 Easter egg hunt. April 1O Tour of the school building. April 29 Children preformed during acts of Senior Class play. May 11 Art exhibit. ' ' May . 12 Spring Round up. May ' 21 Picnic. Progress1Printing of our first names,'Numhers to 10, recognition of all colors, ahility to read color names, recognise left from ' right, Units correlated with the following hooks. 'Ee Read Pictures, Qejore We Read, Come and Hear, and We Look and See. Also lessons fwvm Come and Count. A Lent. 1 sam. 2 O"AtAc 51 15 Oct Nov l Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan Fen 17 24 Dec 6 . 20 A 15 Mar. 15 il 5 Apr M 1317 2 We with Jud added an We store wh learned We down to In brought watched Fiv percent tinker t - FIRST NEWS enrolled. us to go to Primghar- Made murals of where each lived and their babies. ' Grade enjoyed a Halloween Party. was our teacher while Miss Schutt Nine boys and 15 girls Thomas Lauderback left Unit Study of Animals. and one of the mothers Kindergarten and First -22 Mrs. Dorothy Kaiser became Mrs. Hulstein. Judy Youngers left us to live in Sutherland. Hxchanged gifts and had a Christmas Party. Patty Hadden left us to live in New York. Sheryl Honkomp joined the First Grade. Studied Seeds and Leaves. ' We each had our own mail hox for our Valentine Party. Ronald Van Heuvelen left us to go to Gaza. Easter Egg hunt.' Community Picnic. Second News ' began our school year with thirteen pupils, 7 boys and 6 girls y Brouwer the new member in the class. No' new comers were d no one left us. , have done many interesting things this year. We had a ere we learned how to buy and also sell things. We also how to exchange money for the things we sold. studied about the post office and Mr. Peterson invited us' the local Post Office and he explained to us how it works. ' science we studied a unit about seeds and plants so we soil to school and planted beans, corn and flowers and them sprout and grow. e months we had the pTA award because we had the largest of parents present. With our money wegot a large set of oys and a puzzle of the United States. THIRD NEWS ' Although our room is small, there is always lots of activity, what we lack in size we make up in Spirit. We have learned many new things this year. In Arithmetic We learned to carry in addition and to borrow in subtraction, also how to multiply and divide by two and by three. Our Social Studies has been interesting. We'visited Rusty Hlake in his home town of Westport and learned a great deal about :ne different activities in the town. After our unit on Dairy Froducts we made butter and cottage cheese. The butter was very good when we ate it on crackers. ' Reading and Phonics has been one of our main subjects. We have learned many new phonics rules and have learned to apply them In attacking new words. It has been fun to dramatize stories either in our own room or for some other rooms. Our music class has been with the second grade. We learned many new songs and marching drills. We sang between acts of the operetta and also in the Christmas program. Our Animal Booklets which we made during our units on animals in science were on display for exhibit. We also covered units on plants, land and water, and simple machines. How to write letters was one things we learned for English. We wrote kmtere to Jack Youngers who moved to Sutherland in December. We were very sorry to have Jack leave. ' We had some interesting contests in Spelling. Each month we made individual spelling charts which we marked with stars or some appropriate seal. We also had some spelldowns. We have worked hard all year and hope to be fourth graders next September. FOURTH NEWS Our year began with 16 enrolled, eight girls and eight boys. The first of March Judy McCarty moved and later Kenneth Schilling came to our room. One of our first projects was an Eskimo village, during which time we studied the Eskimo and his environment.. Later we studied China and wrote personal diaries of the life in China. We entertained our mothers and everyone enjoyed having a part in it. We won the PTA prize money,by having the most parents during Jducation week. With our money we bought fish and a bowl. In March Mrs. Steffen left our room to bewith her husband in Hawaii and Mrs. Kaiser was our teacher the remainder of the year. FIFTH NEWS ' Our class began and ended with an enrollment of fourteen, but there were some changes between September and May. We were left with seven girls in our class when Joan Youngers moved to Sutherland. However, a new fifth grader came to he with us in March., She was Barbara Pe erson, from Marcus. ' The fifth grade had their parts in the operetta "Tom Sawyer" which was presented by the four upper grades. Lorraine Idso played the part of Becky. There were many projects for us to work on. The one we worked on all year was keeping our room decorated and looking as nice as possible. A history pro ect which we really enjoyed was that of ugaking Indian tepees and setting up and Indian village. We also made houses from cornstocks to represent the log cabins pioneers 'nade. Our biggest geography project of the year was making maps of all the countries we studied this year. Recording our voices for English and Reading classes was a lot of fun and we learned a lot from it. Other things we did was to have an arithmetic progress chart, health charts and spelling contests. U Four members of our class took baton lessons and five took band lessons. Playing in Junior Band was really fun. Our room won the PTA banner and one dollar award once this year. All together we had eleven bithday parties plus parties for all the major holidays. Nor shall we forget April Fool's Day and our Easter basket hunt. SIXTH NEWS 1. The sixth'grade started the year with eleven pupils, five boys and six girls, and ended with eleven. Glass officers were elected as fellows: President-Stanley Lemkuilg Vice-President-David Ralloug Secretary-Roberta Blokg Treasurer-Phyllis Bruggom. Each one did his er her job very efficient ly. During the course of the year, we held some interesting parties such as skating, game, etc. It is hard to choose the best party because, we had so much fun at all of them. Mr. Good was our class sponsor this year. SEVENTH NEWS The school year of 52 and 55 was begun with l4 members in the seventh grade. This is an unusual grade, because in it we have l5 energetic boys and one lonely girl, who has to seek comnanionship someplace else. Would you like to be the girl? I think she deserves a great hand for endurance. ' ' Warner Bondcrman was elected president. Wendell Fykstra, vice president, Douglas Morfitt, Larry Bruggom, and David DeKok were re-elected respectively as Secretary-Treasurer and class reporter. Another boy which should receive extra recognition is David DeKok. Through the entire year he very ably wrote the class activities every week. Thanks David from the entire class. The Jr. Hi Dept. had a Halloween party in October. Next was a roller skating party, when the seventh grade invited the sixth grade. We also enjoy a show party at Paullina. We'are all looking forward to our last year in the elementary grades, The Eighth Grade. 'f EIGHTH NEWS ' Our class has had both its bad and good moments this year, but after all is said and done we all agree that it's been a good year and we are all looking forward to entering high school. Our class started out with fourteen members but at the end of' the first semester we lest Karen McCarty who transferred to Royal. For six weeks we had that unlucky number thirteen but than we were fortunate enough to have Nancy Peterson put our membership back up to fourteen for the remainder of the year. Our social activities of the year included the theater party at Paullina and a very enjoyable snow party out at Jimmy Rohwer's place. Freshmen News At the beginning of the year we received a new class mate, Svlvia Dykstra hut a little later in the vear, Alice Beltman moved and left the numher of our class at twenty. During the weep we have worked hard on all our suhiGCtS- In alrehra we have none from the simnle addition and suhtraction of signed numhers to orohlems of fiddle? the SQUHVG P00t' In English we have studied hasic Comnosition and we have also read from our literature hooks. In reneral science class we have done many experiments on such thin s as nannets, electricitv and the telegranh. We have Studied nanv dif?erent suhjects from the field of science. In Home Economics and Wanual Training classes we have all learned and wade manv new things. Reporter--- Marjorie Koeonick Sophomore News As the saying goes HWork hefore play? so first we will tell of our studies for this year. English was regular grammar and some litature. We read the novel, HThe Tale of Two Citiesn by Charles Dickens and Shakespeares HJulius Caosar.H Mrs Camp- bell always managed to get a few oral and written compositions in dur assignnents. Worl History was studying nrohlems of the whole world from the earliest record of man up to the end of the second World War. Lverv Friday we would trv to hring in current news rcnorts. The first semester we had Wusiness Train- ing fron which we learned a lot that we will need to know in the husincss world. The second semester we had dusiness Arithnotic, which is more or less a course in working with numhers.- We did this hv finding ares, volume, cost and weirht of articles. Mr. Lfooler alwavs seemed orettv good at giving a test when we least fIvY3t9d it. During the vear many of the Home Ee. girls ha'e cooked delicious things. Thev planned, prenared and served the School- Hoard-Faculty hanquet. Many have made some of thier own articles of clothing such as dresses, blouses, skirts, suits, pajamas, slacks and jackets and stuffed tors. Some of the girls entered a sewing contest at Sheldon. Congratulations go to Joan Shultz who won a pair of pinking shears. In Manual Training the boys have made some nice furniture such as, desk, sewing cabinet, bedside tables, lamps, hookcase, vanity chest, footstool gun rack, pencil display case and many others. We have one girl Lois Wonderman, in our class, who took Geometry instead of Home Ec. Mr. Matzdorfi u.s sponotr of our class which C nsists if sixteen members. Officers were: Pres. Lois Bondermwn, Vice Pres. Judv Anderson, Sec. Treas. Kathleen Lemkiul, Studcrt Council Pep. Joan Shultz, and Harold Wuilenburg. Reporter Glenda blok. Most of the members of our class participated in most of the aetivities.' The biggest thrill of the vear was when we ordered our class rings, even though we wont get then until next fall. In April we attended HCareer Davu at Paullina where evervbodv went to four classes about different occupations in which they were interested. We are now looking forward to being Juniors next vear. Reportcr--- Glenda Blok. Junior News This year has proven to be a busy one for the Juniors. We re- cieved our class rings soon after school began. HFinders Creepersu was the nano of our class play. We found we had were talent than we thought especially when one of our leading actors decided to take a vacation a couple of nights be- fore the play. Of course we attended most of the parties. Our own turned out to be rather ruff judging from the wav Evelyn looked the next day. Some of us took part in the various music contests. Margene found out that she couldn't wear the left shoe on both feet. The banquet was a western theme with western nusicg guitarsg cowboy boots and even hails of straw fitting into the setting. 0f course all of the above was just fun and our studies oc- cupied most of our time. We hope we learned all that we will need to know. Senior News When school started this fall there werefll new seniors who were rather scared or nervous. hut whv should we be we were the big-shotsnowll We soon get over that feeling when we began to get burried in studies. About the first important thing we did was to have our Senior Class pictures taken. On October sixteenth we left the school house about 7:00 A.H. which was pretty early for some of us. Since Mr. Brower was unable to go with us, Ur. Uatzdorff took his place. We had our pictures taken which took until about 11:00. Next we visited the fire station and the police debt. None of us liked the padded cell very well. We also visited the court room where Hr. Matzdorff was accused of murderi Due to the kindness of Judge Paradise he was found Hnot guilty.N Jean Bonderman was the lucky person that day, she won a tripple banana split, and two tickets to the nTomban By the way Jean did you ever use them? The next big step we took was to order our graduation announce- ments. By doing that we felt we could really see the end coming closer. How disappointing. 55 .. :I ' ers Gcr 2 .Jer talkinc 'csv " es ' , ." i - 1'n n ,T us k 1 decided if M. e U. to college -nd iere ,, o eft some of us undecided. 4 Our Senior Class Play was, HKay Beats The Bandu, which was given April 29th. .Because of Mr, Good's fine job of dirccting every thing went eff with a bangi Next came that day of days, NSkip Dayu which we lucky Ceniors spent in Storm Lake, Iowa. The morning was filled with such unforgettable experiences as touring the packing plant, the National Guard Armory, and the Cobblestone Inn. Soon after this we went to the Buena Vista college where we got a glimpse of the new Girl's Dorm. and had a very interesting time studying animal embryos, and one of the college professors gave us a short talk. The Physics lab. held many wonders for the Physics students, for we get a chance to see static electricity in action, and to view marvels of an electric eye, Ask Karen how it feels to have static electricity running up your arm. At this time we left our guide and went to lunch. We spent the afternoon doing various things of our choice, as shopping, going to a movie, dancing, roller skating, or anything else we wanted to do. That evening several of us went dancing to the Jimmy Palmer orchestra at the Cobblestone Inn, we are now looking forward to the lives, HCommencementH at which time we We can only hope that next yearfs all important date in our receive our diplomas. C?7 class will have as full and as happy a Senior year dS ours has been. GOOD LUCK, GOOD HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS EVERYONE. see:-ze ea:-as ease -:eases aeaeae saw- assess as-seas eeee- Miracles W y, who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know of nothing else but miracles, Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan Or dart dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky, Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of thc water, Or stand under trees in the woods, . , , Or sit at table at dinner with the rest, Or look at strangers opposite me riding in the car, Or watch honey-bees busy around the hive of the summer forenoon Or animals feeding in the fields, Or birds, or the wonderfulness of insects in the air, Or thc wenderfulncss of the sundown, or of start shining, Or the exquisite delicate thin curve of the new moon in springg To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle, T e se the fishes that sw' --the rocks--the waves and ships what stranger miracles are there? --......,,. . .ov fy' q',' foo "'06 a4..5t0Ag .Ong 3004.4 4. , xi, 1.0.4, 4 5 Voc! Evelyn - 0 'ln aren 5. f.. l 1.1.13 . x ' 5 VW? 4 " may Tear! .' J 4 9 34? . YS, M"'9e clofaa W .W - Q., ,.., , I?v', .-+4 Larry N ,. I . v ,, ew 3' ,. '- Q . ww . 4' 'X " '!x'?fs9 -' I ,l VN X. B' v 5 X, . 5. 'f+??f "l' "7"-.:+r7'f'1'?r24.iI7i' ovvme f:N.iaq:3gt ,if,. E ,Q-SPN Marvin Congrotulotions from . . STARRETT BROS. Your Deportment Store Sheldon, lowo Compliments ot . . HAUER LUMBER COMPANY Sheldon, lowo .. fam ' 1 , ff W L 'Q , is " '51, 1. 7?r4rQ, f 4 ' " ' ,L - 'X I 6ffQQ9fL Q A . 1 g, f,.X K ' ' -3 H Who in H70 world can -1 EVOILLYLIOYI fi ve W1'ff10Ll f 1 ' 5 X . -,X 7LaUf1'gj 2 A , 1 , , I t y M1 as ' JR ff A QM S Q 7117 N 'fx E 535+ 5 I ' Real Buick ? +0Y'm S VIC ' ' No Life Insurance. While S-JfPOllfY.LS'fhroujh Theqlyrk. Congratulations from . . FIRST NATIONAL BANK PRIMGHAR, IOWA CAPITAL AND SURPLUS SI50,000.00 HUNT'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS JEWELRY MAGAZINES FILMS PANGBURNE'S AND WHITMAN CANDIES Phone I4 Primghor WE FEATURE FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION MADE TO ORDER SHELDON GREENHOUSE WHEN YOU THINK OF FLOWERS THINK OF OURS Phone I78 311 W. 9th St. Sheldon, Iowa x ' T-'1eg'rc WIZOYIQUCS I U K are Waggin! lhus l5 Lols .Sf u-V971 -33:-E. wg , i - -. ,.,,f,-, V .V u ,y - XJ: H' -Q, , " 'QHWY J -' Igfx f' Pro-Vessor? The Godd Old Days 7 -1' ' ' -vc V, .J ' Inofffsflilfl ,CK 1 I X 'f Blind or fired? Roy Rogers Tr. ANDERSON BLACKSMITH SHOP i NEARYIS DRUG STORE i T WM. H, NEARY ALL KINDS OF WELDING i 3 PHARMACIST GENERAL BLACKSMITH i I ' SHELDON, IOWA Phone 56 Archer 1 STANDARD CAFE JOHN'S SHOE STORE 1 ...- THE BEST IN FOOD G BEVERAGES JOHN GANZEVOORT, Prop. SHELDON, IOWA "Where Your Friends i Meet Their Friends" On Highwoy I8 - Bus Depot - Ph. 286 EXPERT SHOE FITTING Sflnbom, iowo dx 'I n -1, J A , 35. LaVcrna1 Pasf 'Erase Lcih? Nghff Q .mx W ,X E L - SYM, ki 2 1' . " , ,aft Escap-Ce ? n "i'4g:b Th ree Shpgge s 'Ride Em aoyqglrfg ts Congratulations trorn . ' O'BRIEN COUNTY COOPERATIVE CREAMERY Sanborn, Iowa Compliments of . DR. E. B. GETTY Prirnghar, Iowa ,-... I A I C lr 'if fn L 1 -5 --fx --NL .alt BQ W Eikqql AZ. t fx xx N Ld 6, I fy ' 3 Uur Dirccfor Q Good enough +0 COT. , cm ' EP' Our Hero 14 C590 UH Uld "Block" M if Compliments of . . FARMERS CO-OP SERVICE STATION CO-OP PRODUCTS Sheldon - Sanborn Goodyear Form, Truck ond Cor Tires DONALD FAAS JOE WOLTHUIZEN PHONE IOS SANBORN, IOWA Congrotulotions frorn . . NICHOLSON 6 OHME .i.ii. . .Ligi- Gro in Feed Cool ' il,, ARCHER, IOWA PHONE SO Uamouwcla e ' ,:, ' .,f0 gm ...- - ---1. V 0 1 LOOIYS arcdcceivipzy. . L In " Q . 'YT' .-4.-, rlf' 5 4 Ihghifc, - Th Swe.c.1'ncss H8551 is 'UCP mind since. Cid hi? awgg. Q5-k oo , 'fb 6 E-ncmlcs Vwfzfch fr! hgs 0f"f'0nl"? S+I"0YL-9 nd ? COMPLIMENTS OF - - THE O'BRlEN COUNTY BELL -,,,l,----- COMPLIMENTS OF -- J E W E L R Y A COW NGWSPOPS' ED. G. BARTLES C1 SoN For Every Home in O'Brien County Phone 830 Sheldon PRIMGHAR REAGAN BEAUTY SALON For Appointment Coll 3l 5 COMPUMENTS Complete Service Cold Wove Permonents Personalized Service OF H DR. W. C. BOLENDER "Air Conditioned" PRIMGHAR 3lO 3rd Ave. Sheldon ? Q .I iv H ' ,I ,V I faf 27 ' H1 , W Q 4. : G , h ' 4- r gg E5 No words fo express Jail-Birds 1-j wg. fktiilqf F YN M Q ffxf 2 V 1 ,fx Iowa -' 'Hia Appfc Sfafc, One wg?-D 1-0351- mm '27 4--1 W' -'SX' , xl 'S ff ' M4 X . 1 7116 Sk-gg Hia ffmhl. O- ea . He WhO 5iH'CH'l upon 0, 4' If ac , -yea, he shaff rise. I Sloan M otor C o. FORD - MERCURY Soles cmd Service Phone 58 Primghor, lowo C.- WE ENDED e-7- C- eww,,W44.- -N N A G L E ' S PRODUCE AND FEEDS PHONE 34 PRIMGHAR ORLIN HENSPETER GENERAL TRUCKING And Corn Shelling PHONE 45 ARCHER THE SHELDON SUN NEWS WHILE irfs NEWS Published Mondays and Thursdays HIGHEST QUALITY JOB PRINTING DE JONG G FEDDERS HATCHERY Wayne Feeds Hi-Line Chicks Triple Tested for Quality First Chicks Bred Like Hybid Corn Congratulations From . . DR. E. SUNDQU I ST VETERINARIAN PRIMGHAR, IOWA J EH U E MOTORS SANBORN, ioWA OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service U. S. RoyaI Tires Dilco Batteries Alemite Lubrication Phone 365 ----,,.---A.,,.--------. Compliments Of . . . THE SI-IELDON NATIONAL BANK W, P. IVERSON, President SI-IELDON, IOWA Congratulations From , WEST SIDE G-ROCERY SANBORN, lowA Best N'VisI1es From . . DR. J. A. WAGNER PRIMGHAR, IOVJA was ,, Congratulations From . I . KLEI NI-IEKSEL'S CAFE MEALS - LUNCHES HOME MADE PIE 3ENN'S ICE CREAM ARCHER, IOWA A-.-.-.-f .,v-g: Q- SHERlDAN'S VARIETY STORE PRIMGHAR - SAN BORN BEST WISHES . . . SLEEP'S SKELLY STATION SHELDON Sheldon Paint and Wallpaper Store Paints - Wallpaper - Glass Installing and General Repair Across from New Hospital Highway I8 Phone 900 O'BRIEN COUNTY IMPLEMENT COMPANY SHELDON, IOWA Phone 840 MASSEY HARRIS Sales and Service VERN SCHEMPER ----- ....... i,,, ,--- ---s - .... ,. ........... ss Congratulations From . . . BilI's Standard Service STANDARD PRODUCTS Primghar, Iowa EAT I I At Matt s Phillips - 66 Cate Sheldon, Iowa We Serve Only The Best Breakfast Lunches Dinners Snacks "Prompt Intelligent Service" Matt Harthoorn, Prop. .4.,, A.-.-.-...W - - - A WA v-.-.-,-.-.Af 'wx-.-.A--A Congratulations From . . DR. M. J. Sl-IANAI-IAN SANBORN, IOWA Compliments Of . Keen-Korner Service Station Sheldon, Iowa BILL'S TEXACO SERVICE "MARFAK LUBRICATIONH HANOLINE OILS Phone 42 PRIMGHAR BRAND'S BODY SHOP SHELDON, IOWA Phone 235 BODY AND FENDER REPAIR AND PAINTING RAY BRANDS, Prop. SHERMAN MOTOR CO. Since I934 STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS Soles ond Service U. S. Tires Mobilubricotion Modern Service Deportment Complete Front End ond Wheel Boloncing Equipment Phone 52 7I7 3rd Ave. Sheldon Compliments Of . . SAN BORN MOTOR CO. FORD SALES AND SERVICE FISK TIRES Phone 85 Sanborn 'SL Aa

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