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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1949 volume:

, S . Yi. . gfw-.2 W 3 X, ,,:',.Xu4, V , -74 IQ X. 'gk fs ,fw -' V 1' 2'fEii'4,iVQ-'-.1 - Vx,,p'ir.ff1,r-QV f f jw V gizefif V swf V wi ax- W V ..-V-V.,-, yy F , . . hx. 5 X.-, . , 1 . , 1 4' ,fn ff wff,g.':1 ' 1 H 'R Q ' " ' Tl -- yan n- , . , ,Q gi. . f : Ln '. 5 . P' .-Vgff-C-fi'x Q 0 .5 xl ' -Kg' V K N ri Q ., M . , , -,, .. , ,. ff 'Yin - X 'F' ' fd XV " V Q- , -rg 4 3,-Y V -,V ,E-k?.mMg :I v k. lx Um fin , Tr f "L V J'-4 ' , ' 'ba Q ' ck "MQ K W , fu., L V ' , ,, '1v.W.v, Q t 2 3 Am, V -Vs, 'il' 4, I M- n , K K 4plUnu..,Vq,, """'-m., -f Ei .- . V ' , if: 33 4 .x ' '. K , 4 K , sw' V. .vw-N -..,p.,,.M,gs,V 9-'fl :xg 2 ' 'Xf+,,,, 4 , V W, m Anhunf. MW M - 1. WM- : , QV -- H'--V fff'f":-'QV-444, --1' :ggN1r4:g-U :wi-, . , -' ' . x '-QV "V . WN, ' , 'M' -f, Q 'V'V-.f""'+.'1' Q , . f V ,Nqr .vyrf Magi. j .. - L 3 ff -- - -- ' 7 A: ,F 'W +'-f ' pa, I L, if . V - x- ,.e+" ,Wg 'i ' 3 fg- V Q, fviiiig 6? 1 jf- , -K- ,ns ' fy' ' 2.23" 51 V Y .52 ' it , lfv,-5' Q I ,H V l U ml? '-A .LfQm'i.'f,l,g1.'l.s.f.,a:sf:-rw-df" .4 dn V ,, . -fra.,--4 V , . V . 1 k ,A V-kr ph' , :wwf - " V-1:g,qM , Nswfz, --My V, - V WV -. 'E f JA' I b a A ry fu A f f, 5, NY Wnqf-Z w ,QS f "' X ' x f 7 , A h U Q ...- Y 19' " Q' ' , ,fill X If , A I i fxx 1 ff igillff! 'V ' I' J if 9 I P.: r AI V 4 xx Q ' "4 X xX .Nff'f' A fi .. , . f "1 W Q Qx 1 i.: -L I Lf We Muglmm F. 2..Ai.:ii i gouffr of Toocug ifre CItIZCIT5 1050 will be Ute lecmoe1'S oi' Tomorrow an m whom resfs The hope of a beffer 'worlo e emors of 626ICdf6gg'Y?5 book 0 6 th E3 ' iv I y if na f f O 9 Q. .1- To the Halls of Winthrop High School-H 6 1 1 N lL 3 1 f W. 'I' I tif? F f 1 . 1 x x . wg , I X . P ,. Y, , I, ! A if I ' 1 ' v Li Q Q .' AX ' -.N .-"" 'L 'Ny , 1' U lIllIllIIIl'iIIiIIlIllII Y ffl 1" A 1 f.-I Q L A -'Zvi Board of Education Y if 'u CI 1, IFN QI tr- V1 J I A V 1 f ' 74 if 3 m 'B 'wx I as 9 ,, 1 fd D 'Cz' ,., qv ' f ff af 1 . is ll I IL I I I Wi E' 'Wx r, ,f Jfvl' ' Ki I I CHRYSELLA UTHI . . . . . . GAA 1234, GAA OFFICER 4, Speech 1234, Cleo Club 124, Mixed Chorus 4, Librarian 3, Dramatics 54, Paper starr 4, Annual Staff 4, FHA Officer 34 STUART NELSON . . . . . . Claes Officer 4, Glee Club 1234, FHA 1254, Basketball 23, Band 1234, Speech 4, Paper Staff 4, Dramatics 34, King Candidate 4 DON IE FOSTER . . . . . . FPA 1234, Glee Club 1234, asketball 1234, Softball 1234, Track 1234, Dramatics 34, Band 1234, Band officer 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Octet 3, Paper Staff 4, Clase Officer 134, Annual Staff 4, FFA Officer 34, King Candidate 12 PHYLLIS GRAY . . . . . . . GAA 1234, CAA Officer 24, FHA 1234, FHA Officer 4, Class Officer 23, Dramatics 34, Band 1234, Band Officer 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Queen Candidate 12 GEOFGIA KAMPMEYER . . . . . GAA 1234, FHA 1234, Band 1234, Glee Club 14, Mixed Chorus 4, Dramatic: 34, Paper Staff 4, Band Officer 3 CLIFFORD HOTCHKIN . . . . . FFA 1234, Class Officer 4, Paper Staff 4, Dramatioc 4 Senior Play 1012 F3 W Bert Williams . Helen Gray . 00 .President . Vice President Arden Young . . Secretary Norma Griffith . . Treasurer Mary Ellen Heath . Student Rep. Richard Heyerdahl . . Adviser MOTTO WThe door to Success is labeled, 'Push' I' COLORS Orchid and Green FLOWER Lilac who's who in the Senior Glass Who's the tallest? ------- Ivan Franklin Who's the shortest? - - Betty Gosnell Uho's the noisiest? - - Mary Leponic Who's the quietest? - - Florence Tuze Who's the youngest? - - Rose Abraham Who's the oldest? - - - Raymond Roser Who's the smartest? - - Melvin Martin Who's the most popular ----- Louise Moodey Who's the shiek? -------- Ivan Franklin Whofs the class crooner? - - - - Donald Fifse Who's the singer? ------- Alice Stockey fi 5 6 ta L2 580 'bw xv 59" We c H A . QBHRI R as Q fm 'f sie' 1 , KIEF + HFILLIE 'NHRTHH 0 i , - Q x H' flu LE ,Q 1 E '52 N Z'2 -ws 'EBSQ' , LIWLE 9 Q 3 f' X l G F 'T 'TUBBY KUBE -ww- ""P' KRIS ss. Q 5 'I ,Q i 3 z V .1..1A.- K 3 "S NE 1 5 S 2 'GORDY' fn H 'sfufs - 'Z I-'xlft' 3 . 'BONNIE N- - 'VIRC' ' ' kmnu' 'YUWNNY' :Y :fo 15 -ffqxg s oo-mm .. .. , UL " none F7 , niQ - QW? ,. TU ,QP DIPLUNHEH 4 I fi .H ! - IIUSTORYTV Q Q gsm , The Senior Class of 19L9 has been decidedly different from'the usual High School class throughout their four years of school work. The l9L6 Freshman class enrolled with 52 students, the largest number ever to be enrolled in the Freshman class up to that date. The Freshman - Sophomore years were uneventful, except that during these two years the class held its own in every activity and par- ticipated whole-heartedly in all school extra curricular activities. The class was sponsored by Miss Jacobs. The class party was given at George Holts, in spite of the snow drifts. During the Sophomore year, the outstanding - event was the lavish weiner roast at Johnny Nelson's grove. The Junior year was a busy one for every member of the class. The Seniors were entertained at a Prom and Banquet given in their honor. The class also presented their first class play, entitled 'Ruth and her Buddiesn, directed by sponsor Mrs. Harsh. Can you ever forget the certain masculine Student's grace in high heeled shoes? So dawned the Senior year destined to be one of the outstand- ing years of the class history. The sponsoring of the Year Book was an outstanding accomplishment. The sponsor for this year was Superintendent Goethals. Ivan Franklin came forward to fill the presidential chair for the student body. Alice Jamison, vivacious brunette, was selected and crowned Beauty Queen. The entire class will give to this school a distinction in musical, athletic and scholastic affairs. fa I .mi 72 ii E lllllllllil :fi A i -1 u A MARY LANDRETH FLOYD 'ITZEISS X l :if2.:i-fjfx uri!!- .V svijx 'f7!:g24 EILEEN GLYNN LEE THACKER iigf JEANNE SYMTHI BUFORD RAY 5-f1.ff-Z' 44:1-J. Y , . .ri lr 5- .' ,f ANG ELLA FAYE fx BETH HARTLEY BOB GEORGE 4 Q X . A I X, xl , I f' N ' ' Kfdlr I rf! E A i La", ' ' , r L6 '1 ' MT 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.u Freshmen -- The bright morning in September about three years ago, a starry-eyed group of youngsters decided they would like to go on the stage. Of course, we knew very little about it, and little did we realize that we could not be actors and actresses at first. Sophomores -- The next year we advanced to property managers. Altho we were a bit older and were granted more privileges, we sympathized with the stage hands because we had been in the same boat the year before I Our social life consisted of a class party at which every one enjoyed himself. Juniors -- This year we became understudies and we let the other classes know that we could do things as well as they could. We gave the Seniors a Prom and we feel sure that they who attended had a delightful time. We also had a meeting and selected a class flower and class colors. We are just under studies now, but it won't last long. We have already made up our minds that next year's Year Book will be the best ever. Seniors -- Soon we will be the leading characters. Of course, we cannot see into the future, but we hope to make the Senior Year our best and then reach that shining goal - graduation. M. R. '50 .- 1 Qs -a ' I 759 Ll'ESMVf: L 1 b - . - 6 . iqi.!KJL!'iFi, ' l I lllli .. I J X' 7 Ay SOIDHDMOIQES A- 11 J,g 5 af garb of ag fr 'T I I H IHIIIHI ' 455 vw: A X Q Ar , ,4. rg ,gf r 714 f, . XX 4 A I Ill I 1 ll I f W .-I O vip'- gl THE FRESHMEN We caught the bus that day And shyly sat aside. when we arrived at school, Some dignified seniors we spied. Oh, how we wished we were they! They knew what to do and to say! But they couldn't down the Freshmen! We were on our way, We elected our president. Carol Lynn was the one. She lays down the rules, Ne follow them, son! We sponsored a hobby show, It was a great success. Everyone knew We were making progress. Our order in meetings deserves a prize. The president is polite, we compromise! Now we're getting some place. we're having a dance. The work is done, The music fine, And it's all lots of fun. Ne're well represented, Mary, Fred, Bill, and Sue. There are lots of others And l'm there, too! Don't fight a Freshman Because we're telling you, now-- You can't beat a Freshman-- No matter how! s ,....... .3 l .l..- :mamma-lmm.uan.q CLASS OFFICERS President ..... ....... . Carol Lynn Russell Vice-President ........... . . Charlotte Duet Secretary-Treasurer . ......... . . Jean Paige Byrd Representatives Tommy Savage Freddie Gray Barbara Smalley ,,.l...-.1---- .......1-.-1 s iii.. 4 ,J .M F cific? 4 R HOST MOST XOST HOST BEST POPULAR GIRL POPULAR BOY BEAUTIFUL GIRL HANDSOME BOY GIRL ATHLETE Jo Rene Terrell Otis Earle Wanda Jean Moon Larry Neil Boyd Jonette Snapp 'M f :ff 'T . fy 9 il' f ' I I I f i! C BEST BOY ATHLETE RaS Cade ff 'I BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL Bobble Lee Wright BEST ALL-ROUND BOY Jerry Don Dean H y, i 1 1fA ,N 1 Ni JYJ f I ,mx X 'J' J "' 11 1' 4 . . 4 X H-A X x A .4-f':4,:e 61 l e W F , ..L.,1 5 f . A 5 f if ff aff- -f A W' eo AN! gf! I I 2:-tw LARRY NElL EOYD nProfessor Needs to be less irswlsive. I RAS CADE uBudH Needs more height. JERRY DON DEAN HPotheadN Feeds to eat less peanuts. AARON DALTON nRoebuckH Needs tc show his teeth more. OTIS EARLE nBeakieH Needs to eat more spinach. VERNON HART HGoogn Needs more girl friends. WANDA JEAN HOON HCoonN Needs to stav at home more often J BROOKS NORRIS nBubbaH Needs to be less effervcscent. JONETTE SYAPP HSnapperW Needs less temyer. CARROL SPARKS HSparkplugn Needs to play more basketball. JO RENE TERRELL NBonyn Needs to weigh mare. BOBBIE LEE WRIGHT HChickenH Needs to stop making faces. MRS. FOSTER nFossleU Needs to use shorter words. e J . 4 34 HKIKRALR . me 0' f H' f' A ' xy ,V gy 2 1 T L ' S 5 0 0 I A - Lvl M 1, ig MQ5X3 ,X X -- . f J QQ- ' wax NN R -W fs." ' JIT ' -H:::1-ff 1 - I .11 E v' .an Illl H 1 I I r l H I Hill I I ll .J 1 a ,Kai v I f Q. auf'- , , I Ai J -4 1 W 3' 0 + vw 1 Q A ' 35x 3 - , 9 9 .3 . x XX - x 1 "' 33 . I -J .17 i f . 4 ft 3. 2.5 S X ' uv ' ! 17 FI i f uJ 1 Q ?r . 4. it x A I : It .DQ -4? K' K 1, V , , I u 5 5 2 ag ' I . . -1 ' x Y "" - . Q . ' f X "' If , , sa , r y .1 , G Q , J L' N , .1 7 X -1- 1 :sg Q xi i 1 ' I 1 ' S -'1 L I V V ' I ' 4 ' Tb' " , 'P 11 Bob Ancel Forward 272- 'xf' 99 Norman Knight Center 331 55 Eldon Ancel Guard 1 77 Iohnnie Bowman Guard 22 51 Jack Lanqthorn Guard W? 66 lack Wareinq Forward 1' 2 'A 50 Pete Lieb Guard r ., 88 Frank Knapp Guard A L Dale Brairhrr Cer12e1r-Forwavti Lv 'I 3 ' E11 44 Elmer King Frzrwcrxd :: I 5 I l OO Randy Wood Guarf ' ' - 4 1 2 Tex Brulchcfr Guard .-i A .4 5s,TPTSK?TBjE"'- The champions of last year's girls' inter-class basketball tournament were the sturdy Junior Team. In the final game played with the Seniors, the Juniors met with some real difficulty but came through with flying - - - happy colors. The inter-class basketball practice started this year at the last of February -- with the Seniors practicing first. The only ones eligible for the inter-class squads were the outstanding players on the entered roll in the home room tournament. The Senior group was unusually large which made it difficult to cut down the squad to first and second teams. The Junior squad also had a large group out and showed promising material for a good team. Basketball holds sway in the girls' gym during the months of January and March. Many girls who are tested out in the classes of gym have never had the opportunity of understanding the fundamentals of basketball. Many new plans are expected for next year. ...Q 4 wi w IIIIW I u :ff Q. f , J Yi P a' ' Q Af I ' llll . III .. -1 A Sealedi Bratcher, Peterson, Arnwine, Sutherland, Preece. Standing: Mr. Gerard, Bowman, Jackson, MacDonald, Pringle, Baumgartner, Putman, LaForest, Guernsey. Not Pictured: Hanneman, Miller, Hall. ANNUAL STAFF 1- Through worry, finanee, and pages of copy, the Bobcat Staff worked their way, and managed to meet the deadline date in March. In spite of the many trials, produc- tion ran smoothly. This is Houghton Lake High sehool's third annual. The Staff has attempted to accurately portray life at Houghton Lake School and makea yearhook of which every- one interested should he proud. We want to thank Phil Geney for helping our staff with the advertising. The Staff members are: Adviser . ,.e..,.,. Mr. Gerard Editor-in-chief , . -- . ,.Marjorie Arnwine Asst.. Editor . ., - -. , -,,- M -. or ,tlieona Sutherland Literary Dept.-Oualee Jackson, Judy Baumgartner, Norma Pringle, Tex Bratcher Business Dept..-Vivian Peterson, Bill Guernsey, Carol MacDonald, Ann Miller Typists , ,, ,.,- . ,- uw, -,,.. ...t, Eleanor Preece, Lorraine Putman Photography . ,Loraine"orest, Kenny Hanueman, Rhea Bowman Art Editor H. , -.-, .- v .... ,. .... . .... ., -Lonna Rae Hall li U5 4 i i 1 l , , The orchestra made up of members of all four classes has closed its books on another successful season. The Director, Mary Carlson, is to be highly complimented on her exceptional record since start- ing this appreciated musical organization in our school only three years ago. The willingness of this organization to help out in all school events and activities as well as their assembly appearances is ap- preciated by all. We now realize that no High School should be without its orchestra. Individual members of the orchestra who are outstanding in their accomplishments in solo work and in participation in district and state music Violin .... Cornet .. Piano e 0 o Trombone .. Saxophone . contests are: ..............Margaret Ritchie Harold Beaty ....James Billings Gerald Holme Lester Evans ....Esther Higgins ....Harry Peterson Oloeoooqee eet0ESth91' Johnson Harold Beaty and Gerald Holme won first place in their district contests and participated in the State contest held April 16th. Harold Beatty-received honorable mention in the State contest. I' 3 w I Y i "+I A, r if ,R F 6.1414 ,-1 i wgi H, X r ' f' ' ' ' Q Hllaflmflllli fi J -Z 'UN' .5 X 'Aff ff cj 15500 9 ff P15 lf? 5 5225 .aiu pjgwww W0LA ' 311, 4 W?',Q,.ML V mV QMKJW Www DSPQZMJ? ff Sgfgi' 15ffz ol-1 2 Q 6l4 " ,.v ,I ,QAM , , 1 Qty '-' I jfhk 'fl ' ' ff xv 1 fW,. 'z fa ,,ZVWmL3fW,- .CD.5f05fDw-251 g'L1ff5Vj?fi Q,fWf,QMQ,g5 , ffl k I MQ-f1Jy"-Q' 21? Jybtftwv vs jifga ff, if,fgff4, 3 ' Q WMMQX5 Wflwkf -g uf 'X 'fl ' , ,- fk-419 ' Amy azfyngwaww 0 af ' TN Glfyjpyf' A xA W4 frtdnzfd A zj ,Lp1,..,Q7f.f. fgwb ZZ 0fg M Maw ' A3 cf gwzw Wfmw ,QJwf.12fWM vfgwffdw.. - ' , 7g4,W,,,JgsWffMMfW1 M Mg Wx Uoyh Z U E Z S in X. ATQZQSZ ,Q-JZ? aff jf'W 5 f 7'?Mo2fW9MmL mia d ' If M? 'Muff' Cf' f Wm? F .A E CLJC1 LlCLr't DRINK ,., Cc aff-my X ESURLINGTQN' C CJCNCQLA' BOTILJNGCQ , 1 rr COMKLIM ENTS UF 'HQQD'SPQ1'2'HNG'Q QQDS' zum mom sw. BURLINGTON NC. PHQNE 6--1797 I D1 STRIESUT DRS OF M Q G REQ: OKGOL DSM! 'fH'SPfX LDINGREDIUIQ ATR-ILE TIC EQUIHVXENT I .2 5 l.OEH'LtH BRCJTHER3 HHRDHHREA APPLIANCES 3 SHLE5 -- SERUICE X A 'ME fJAEuAL1zE M' 4 IN j HPPLIHNCEREPHIRINGI A DEALERS for Magi "Um, QA,w17uu awww' " ! CELL? K Jo ETTH5 BEHUTY SHOP FHRVXERS UNION CO-OP OILCOHPHNY In GHSOLINE- OIL' GREASE STHTION -TANKLJFXGON .SE RV I C E ! GD I 4 Q 4 -I -hi Williams Supply Co. The Office and School Supply Store BEDFORD Phone 203 1020 l6th COIVIPLIMENTS SECREST IIERR Electrical Appliances l4l2 I Street Thrift Mart FANCY FOODS---f QUALITY MEATS FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Ray Bodenhamere-'Mack Todd, Props. E 16th 391 TIIREE PIGS IIRIVE INN Phone 265 Sandwiches, Short Orders 512 Lincoln Ave. Bedford, Ind. Lewis Electric Company S. P. LewisWOwner 1023 16th St. COMPLIMENTS OF Bell Cleaners 1705 I St. Bedford, Indiana Dependable Dry Cleaning And Mendit Shop Service PARK VIEW DRIVE INN Floy Root, Owner E 16th Phone 1871-Fl American Security Company Bedford, Indiana Phone 629 1630 I St. K .MITQU Gm ,MH 5 f 3 l'IAOf'I.-X C011 IIE! l4,1,Rr4.1cA, hams xx I R K B TO THE STUDENTS OF UTOPIA COLLEGE Until a month ago, because of the limited size of our student body this first year of Utopia College, it was thought your desire for a year book would have to remain unsatisfied due to expense and length of time required by conventional methods of printing. Then, three weeks ago, the facilities of the Inter-Collegiate Press of Kansas City, Missouri came to our attention with the present excellent results. It seems only just, therefore, to put these few lines in your year book to express appreciation to the Inter-Collegiate Press for making the publication of this first Utopia College year book possible. The excellent workmanship, speedy service and reasonable cost are all sincerely appreciated UTOPIA COLLEGE Walter A, Bowers President Rl HI' PR If I' l I 4 Wa .4- Compliment Your Letter WITH cgfafionazy Your Deoler Hos lt! -I I DAV-SON CORK BACK BULLETIN BOARDS X I K ' JJ 4q:A xx Ji- ,Vit DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of W inch cork mounted on W1 inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. . . FOR USE IN B II 1' b d 'th 1 1 B I b d h u e in oar wi wo se ul ehn our WH two Set SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork in glass doors' Both Sldes CHURCHES the other changeable letter COYIK. InSel'l. sTY1.E1Two SETIN GLASS fLetters are not Included, " . 1......,,, ..... s sooo '- , . 22--.221 1......... 32.50 STORES 32.-.23-I ,,,,,,, .,,s2f.33 36 48" A 32-25 CLUBS 32.2331 ,,r,r, 1"'iQ5j? 3332 36" eo". .... ...... , L ,,1.. 3 .25 X ELIC sPEc'AL ASSORTMENT off soo 34 ALL PRICES F. o. B. CHICAGO AND, ,NCH LETTERS 5,200 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. 1 DISTRIBUTORS: I UHU.50n 4925 GLENDALE il, KANSAS CITY 4. Missoum IIlVIifHL'1IiIIBlI IIIIIRURCURKBUIIIIIVIURIIIPiNIIIIfI1LI1t.1I 1- V -R

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