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L,--f ...41 ' ii ' f I., 7 x i Cimix f ,Aj I , xA L, Xf A N ' I i 1 , . 5 if M "AA , -A , '1 A .1 Ai X AJ , ii kiwi, 1 f 4 f' ll X, V A A ' ' ' """" T'ifl?9fff,L"fL?11,Q M ,QI Q, Q.Q,Qf fm, 'A Af QA f"'M1,U ly PRODUCE OIL COMPANY Poultry, Eggs, Chicks, i----- VVoyrie Feeds ond WOSPIUQ Seed Com Greosmgl Tire Repoiring I I PHONE 206 SANBORN, IOWA I PHONE IOS SANBORN, IOWA I Compliments of TANNER OIL STATION Automobile Accessories Oil, Greases, Tires, Tubes cmcl Botteries PHONE 25 Archer, lowo , m f N, xg' ' 'SX K. Q49 f 1 WX N Q ., ' x Xxxx K -, ,X Xxx N b ,.. 1' -- X X f NJ 'Ax I , ' i' J M yxx I - , muh. I -,L ' Z 6 XX, 5.5. I, X, X F- 1, --v,A- ' Ar 'Al'k' 1 fr , l I l x.5 M. Y . 4 r ,Jr ' - an-g""lv-.' i "4 X B V -1 U .ff . .K , ' X",-,,. , .N ' l -1 - -r-ln.. - i I DRY GOODS SHOES Abstracts - Loans - Insurance I Real Estate ---'P'-' O'I3RIEN COUNTY , ABSTRACT COMPANY, inc E. A MAYNE AND soN PR"QfHAR,OfWA Sanborn, Iowa . E, R, WAGGONER, President J GUERDON ARCHER, SGCIY.-TFECIS. CATHERINE R. CONNERS, Manager READY TO WEAR GROCERIES I , Membe' QI . . American and Iowa Title Association I FARMERS COOPERATIVE OIL COMPANY Sheldon --bien ARYR -- Sanborn ......---g .... -- Cooperative Supply Store Co-op Products GOODYEAR Tires, Tubes, Gas and Home Supplies l- 1 ll 1 I l 's MJ.. , is v V NU' 1 1 I l l 1 1 1 Compliments of State BankOfArcher STERLING ARCHER LLOYD ARCHER HERMAN TIEMENS O-Reol Esta te Loans- O 0-Insurance-C ARCHER IOWA ,, l, W. , L,.p, I.. ou' tfig -vfcrfff pivf ff1:','cf' "fl A 5, nr. M-, A. PAT QU 't, 'GTE' vf-'."Qc ,,,. HM.,,L Ft H"QYL. , 'uni --Y.-D ' WT ,irq U x , .. f'nm'1Vmrc' HD, .pf -, Vip.. rw. H .1 Mc, ,x .M. . M 1 7. DG, VF-UClf81, MU iii. ln gh I w 1. , xx .1 -f, ALOT., EMP .P 7TKtQF9x-S W1'2f' l A. HVTQL pf: 4rLxcHv'l, g UTgI'VFF ,-1 , f- ' 1 '--fl ips -LA A' fi 9 yd, +..f f Alf. '- v L T . V , gf C . H, H ' ., . - . pry , '1,. -. .L .ug dvd ., A Y! - ,,. , ,, , -,,,FL Ap, ,I f :C 1 1T',. ZF -V my v" 'A' Dfw Qt ,.- 9 iv. ' 1'x,. -.V A ,, rv. ,, ,. qc, '.r.3wf' ,' "Q, v-LW 'f',L 'h,'a "" "i Q ,, .. , , .. ,C wx,-iq ' llr-X. . ..vv on A 1" A -A. f A " 7 ' -, . , - , ,. .A , k ' fi ,A+ ,-.1-xw gg-' fu ,,' .. " ' V A, ., -,, A., .. 5 1 ' tyfixf M l ' 1,5- V' -,ml , F.-. -,,.4', 4 ,- 7x1n, AI., ' fU.,f. . . N v 'V - J, - , A, N., t .V .rxy sk J .zfjkrf I x If xv 1,--,x.,-..f A' ' - N 1Q9f"' '-f',. ,- - -rx, ' wxm-, - pg-Ima: ., - L- V ..- .. ,-v,," ',v"'1 sn n-mf Akjc'Q K H ,. A' 'f',.,' J L- nv-' 'V' 7111 'DC Wh.-xnh ' H ,x .V -F.-k L: 'I , l'4 ' .' , A - f rf- wfmw- - --' " ' """ Www 'fftp vw.1f D " f ATEN ,xi I, H7 J-- M -U,-'f ff' n N'swQ ru nw- 1',,,-D -.fxvx 1 , .-I-loo r ncwmp ,--W Q, -"D'f:v'fv--v 1-,"" 1 D K fri' x' W1 1 I 1l .nu l -Amin, :If-H Y, I:-Y SAN BORN MOTOR COMPANY Tractor, Truck and Car Repairing Painting -- Greasing - Tires - Batteries Sun - Visors Seat Covers GUARANTEED USED CARS - WRECKER SERVICE K. Gorsett PHONE 85 R. Gorsett. THE O'BRIEN COUNTY BELL "A County Newspaper For Every Home In O'I3RIEN COUNTY HUNT'S DRUG STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE PRESCRIPTIONS MAGAZINES FILMS "WI'iitmans" Candy PHONE I4 PRIMGHAR, IOWA i S lu' --- - -1uar2--:-- ---3 rf X V- wix 4 fA,f 21 1-Mx '-2., f, J, VV ,hge 'EEIIIIIHIS I S Compliments of l BOGARD CLEANERS so G. BARTLES e som Q CLEANING l PRESSING l 'Jewelry i . R Q li Hots Cleaned ond Blocked l l Berlou Mothproofing 11.0-1. South 3rd Ave. Sheldon, lowo PHONE 22 SHELDON, IOWA Furnishing Northwest lowo's Finest I-lornes Since l93O HOME FURNITURE A. Rowenhorst 6' Sons SI-IELDON, IOWA QU' 4 7, - r GN Xxx Q55 QA Qs. Y i..- --.. Y- --ia- - --- 4-nav, -J-1: - a .-w.zun-qznnlnfna. L. 1,4 1.v.,x.v--.- ... BAKERY BAKERY I 'U C' '-wedgimg i aries -- Our gpeciaity Tasty Pasfries CLAUSSEN EEAKE SI-IOP YoU'VE TIQIED Ti-IE REST Now TRY THE BEST A: Business ICS, Resid-noe 3I7fPI'iI'T73IWGF, Ia. ELITE CLEANERS I I f 1 'we piease Others- Imef as Please You SAN3ORN PRIMGI-IAR ARCHER FARM BUREAU OEF ICE Educaiiazfai Service Boys and GirIs 4-H LegisIafion Irwformasiiorm Phone IIS Primghar, Iowa ---1 ' --azr--1:w2'!mn-ana.-f -, -,f- 4-'rrn'ns.r:. nr-m1- - C . ....r. .-J.--......--.,. . . 4. '-zz .n, -.n,-.. N3 JY' X I Cx ik B . 4" .A Ivy. .. L- HO' ,g-.-r if 1 i ?-Q - in- lu w - C pl 'rs of Archer. Co-operatlve Grain Company .....w......- GD ALL KINDS OF GRAIN 0 MACHINERY I LUMBER 0 COAL 0 FEED 0 INSECTICIDE 0 DDT ...Q.... L. W. NIEMAN, Manager Phone 12 Archer low -r"'-z- L- ,i , ,-V- 1- T . u w 154 fn ALPE IIQPC Pzpp,--l,m, Jaw iLL--1,O,5,: TIOPC Clay--O,7,4 Fvnf--4 'um :QL--1,",3, Annuwl -Gitcr--4 Utvvi jPfruS--4 T?PPrl9fFer--4 VQPQVXRP TQ1nr Ju .VE ELL 1- Pn5iE VFW Jlub--l,n,F,4 TXCFT Viay--?,f inc--4 1199 C1gL--4 annuvl buf. QWCHV J1HP? V0fWrtDv-H1 'tyoj TVIQT - p--H " ffl ine SalPF Jh . N ,H . .- . 7,4 4 C N er--4 Q1rmHn--4 Qlrmfn--4 .,.:x.... . Mil... TGA Jlpu--1,O,3,4 STQQ Jlub--1J?,f,4 'IQCC V109 D DC,4? '1QCr Sec.-Trnar.--A 'XXQQ iF1ruf--J iwnd--4 1 U, , U ,HDDFIQ .Qr--.,4 'uw fig-f-J,?,4 'npnnir iwloc Jr ,IALL P5335 Aqp+0+ nw' -1 5 1 A m M ..- ., ,.,. mqcomqww- 1 P 1 ' U'-+ ' 1 v' - H dx., 1 7 M to -'A-L'L"'w'-1 J' If f1QFf Dlvy-H1,X,4 'Gnd--4 lice Qlbg--4 Hivsi v'AFUF--M -W V,, M.w fr.I1u.'1HLA .,-TvE Dev C1 L--l,n,7,4 S199 alum--1,',7,4 i1QFf Play--i,4,' fee.-Iron?--4 -lqff Vice PIPC.--3 Mixed JhOruF--4 ,Agiih :J,nK WP' Slum--1,',?,4 ' - D V 1 A ,1QPeX,lDL--., Jlee vluc--4 Mixed CVWFUF--4 UOHNA BOHDERMAN Dev Club--1,n,3,4 Glee C1ub--1,',3 Clase Dlqy--7,4 Qn.-- Lgnlnl S.-LLnnu flue? GEM,-TIP?C. JPQPr1QfCQr--l,7, Qlars Play--l,',? CQU fluc--l,n,7,4 ?QnH--4 Yixei 3?0FU9--4 TLDO IIUL--1,7,7, APSL. Snnuwl Milt JAQK QAIXEH Glee Slum--Q Clic? P1g5--,,?,f 3mC4PtgQl1--?,? Ewcepnll--n,3,4 Fbwurter--L,n hAhY SAHEM C1Q9 vlCP frog.- Tlirs 'PwArtPr--3 jlqqr tiny--0'f,4 3199 uluL--l,?,3 POW Slut--1,',3,4 -ELL Eiiiihi C A "'f ' 0 1 A ,D,'J1.,M--A,.,s.,, . , fwf, w n A Z?29f-?llJ-- ,k,. JLG? ,LDL--A YXXQS Ckirus--4 Fvcreisell--l,.,? 51994211--1,?,3,4 .U:L Jhg LLJVUA Peo ilu:--l,',5,4 GIPQ Slum--J,3,3 Il2rF flay--3,4 Taclqmatlin--1 - . .f,,- ,.- - - I'..L'I'.I'.- vl"J14d Q '11 ' 'K 'T I Mew -Amp--- g,k,w Clare :lay--h,7,4 ?QPfet3Q11-4A,3,4 Eweesall--1,',?,h 4QhApM VA,pgn :AQ 2QCypLQQ114-C,E Den Slum--?,?,4 FQfQQG11--',? Clifv DlQy--3,4 Glee 2135--4 VLFDQ CKXFQP--Q 'z 1 4 I 4 1 a w- L I I SH ERMAN MOTOR CO. who-A -A JOHN'S STUDEBAKER CENTRAL SHOE Cors ond Trucks U. S. Tires ond Botteri: I idnone 52 Mobile Lubrication I Sheldon, Iowo I Sheldon Iowo J. A. Cummings Co. BILL ADKINS SERVICE THE REXALL DRUG STORE' STATION .., Vff'XLl.PAPER Y- PAINT TIRE REPAIRING WASHING COSMETICS W- FOUNTAIN SERVICE OAS C7 OIL GREASING ...,g-- ......O,.. Faust Er I-loye si-IELDON, iowA Sheldon, Iowa "1 i , ni, i l CLASS PROPHECY The newspaper today nine Archer Airingsn CAugust 21, 19603 has a great deal of information about our seniors, I believe. The head- lines are especially eye-catichlngz NRocket a Success.N The inventor has just returned from a trip to the moon in his special rocket ship. This has taken lO long years of research and experimenting along with the 1nventor's general knowledge--the in- ventor of course is none other than Walter Bjork. His plane is not only able to make journeys to the moon but can also go around the moon. Apparently he got his idea from the class motto he had when he was a junior in high school: uThe higher we' climb, the better the v1ew.' A large advertisement of the opera HFaustN catches my eye as I turn the page--featuring the famous soprano, Olga Casto, formerly Margaret bosch. It's a shame the class couldn't see her performance. For en- cores she has often sung her high school favorite NTell Me, Do You Love Me?U You see I borrowed Fred's season t1cket for the first box and en- joyed myself heartily. On the sick list we have several Archer people. Ronald is evid- ently extremely busy lately. His new hospital being built for his is almost comoleted. He has completed his years of training with outside research on organic disorders of the stomach. Several of his Archer patients are suffering from this ailment--the chief cause being not nOn guard.' As a hobby we find he has charge of the nSad Saxn orchestra at the Skyview :allroom featuring Terry Harkins. I wonder if the paper has anything about Mary in it ------- Oh yes, here it is. HMlss Sanem home on vacat1on.N The water follies of 1960 have just closed after a very successful run. Miss Sanem the featured star, will be home for a two week vacation before the l96l follies be- gins its tour. Sne is the nationally known swimming champ, famous for her high diving and her incomparable Nflip flop.N This year Miss Banem will present her origlngal specialty called the uLover's Leap.N Madame Pierre is c.using quite an excitement in Paris. We are of course concerned because this famous ballet dancer is our own Elaine Bilsland You probably wonder why she is in Paris. Did you ever see their men instructors? Madame Pierre starting something to do with a something about WDgnce Ballerina, Dance.W Hal Ha! Listen to again from burma. Someone told Mr. Reekers led such an exciting life that people in Ame reading his life's history. The results of mally seen in Fred's new book NHurem Scarem Elaine did! It is hintel that the reason for her famous career before the footlights had silly little sons that was the rage about l9A8, this: Fred Reekers has just arrived in America on his last visit that he rica would be intemsted in this statement can be for- H The book holds intense interest for people interested in adventure stories for his life has been anything but dull. This is noti ue of the entire book, though, for they say that for the first few pages are very monotonous as they merely list the names of his wives and children. Skeptics wonler about the peculiar choice of names his children have recieved. They are listed as Margaret the first, Margaret the second, Margaret the third, and so on, and Jean the first, Jean the second, and Jean the third. I remember even as far back as l9L8 the styles were lowering. Now we are confronted with the same problems as our ancestors had to face. Donna has certainly helped Archer Keep in style. Listen to this ad: 'I have new styles, new fashions, and new fabrics in stock now. Come in and I will personally make you a dress to give you 'Grandmother's' look.W Come to Donnu's Hoot Sxirt and hustle Business. Fashiorn Avenue, Archer, Iowa. SCHUBERT CLOTH I NG The Only Exclusive MEN'S and BOY'S CLOTHING and SHOE STORES --m-- SANBORN PRIMGHAR PAULLINA Prince Electric NORGE APPLIANCES "Better Products for Better Living" Sanborn, Iowa Van Den Brink FOOD MARKET Fancy Fresh Fruits ancl Vegetables Groceries, Fresh Meats MEAT GRINDING, STUFFING, spiciuo, CUTTING Sheldon, Iowa .- i -'-1- Class Prophesy, Cont. and here's an interesting item headed, WGuest MINISTER at Archern. Last Sunday, the Virst Reformed Cathedral at Arches was privileged by the appearance of Reverend Robert Craig, from Peterson Charel in Texas. His address was titled Wwhy smoking and Gambling Should be Abolished.W Sudienly my eyes become wide with shock as I see written in the right hand corner of the want ad section an item about our owr Miss Rohwer. It reads: WAre you alone? Wanting the companionship of a- nother? We'll do anythig for a price so brine your disillusionei hearts to me. If in doubt about these methods write to may other customers who will confirm this report.U The Miss Jean Rohwer Matrimonial Com- pany, 26 and Court Streets, Archer, Iowa. And always remember WLove is sunshine, Hate is shadow.H I just about missed this item about Jack. If I remember right he was drafted in 1950. It says here that he has re-enlisted again. After three weeks back in camp as a Seargent, Jack Tanner is a Private again and was put on special duty--K. P. Duty. He now holds the honorable positions of Chief Potatoe Peeler and Garbage Clearer. Seems as though Jack was assigned to be special guard to the General when he returned. By some slight misfortune, the General received a bomb and went to pieces and that explains Jack's predictament. This large ad features Betty's Beauty Shop with manag r Theora Saupe Now she cin fulfill h-r high school ambition--getting into people's hair ani twirling pin curls for hours. I can bet Iheora is wishing everyone had curly hair. Seems her business has been fallinr since she was un- successful in dying Mary Sanem's hair blonde. Now we can imagine Mary with a great deal less hair. I rather doubt if lheors's business will dror.because she is quite famous for her marvelous dandruff remover which has taxen years to perfect. As we read farther we see Rose has carried out Mr. Maxson's Dro- rhecy that one Senior whouli walk up the aisle to the strains of Lohen- grin's wedding march within three months after graduation. The Orange City tulip festival has been eiven with her husband as manager--a ter- rific success! This year a feature of the show was different varieties and shades od tilips displayed as the result of Rose's patience in cross- ing tuli-s. Ah, Jummy Tiller, alway' my favorite colurn. Nell, well, Conald Roleman, alias Ronald Vander Sluis, has again remarried. One could hardly expect anything less from so'eone who is so used to playing all those dramatic love scenes in the movies. His latest picture is HMess in the Moonlightw in which he plays opposite Jane Russell. I see Russell is mentioned too. I always wondered what he would do after graduation. WRUSSELL TE PASKE, FAMED PROFESSOR OT HISTORY, T0 JOIN ARCHER UNIVFRSITYH Russell, a former student of Archer High, has raised to the highest position a teacher in history could obtain--prof- fessor. He has just signed a contract to be with the Archer University for the next fall term. Perhaps most of the citizens remember 3 cer- tain Mr. Kuhns. Now professor Te Paske has him employed as his private typist and there's olenty of work for him as Russell has been the star contributor to the Wamerican Observeru for the past two years. When asxed what was the secret of his success, Proffessor Te Paske states, WI owe my success to the precise way my entire existence has been calculated. Every individual should endeavor to obtain some re- laxation that will divert their mental trends from the toils of every- day life. Toillustrate this debatable fact, I shall reveal my unfal- tering, refreshing, exciting, secret--WI raise chickenslq .,i.C 4- ilq... ---Hn...-xgg S.-.u +- -.grew unrunarz-,,.-uvvau.-xra-,--. , - - ... - 47 .- -...G LAHN'S SHOP Soles ond Service i.i ELECTRICAL .APPLIANCES RADIOS CMFTS AND NOVELTIES ELECTRIC PUMP VVOEQIQ PLUMBING ELECTRIC NNIRINO A ,- 4 , ' Ori ID-I Prinnjo . '- .A PAULLINA PRIMGHAR SAT-ITEORN Compliments of DR. W. C. BOLENDER DENTIST Frirnglfior - lowo PINK 6' FAUI-ILENKAMP Well Boring ond Repoiring PHONE 294 or 344 SANBORN I, Walter Bjork CLASS HILL We, the members of the :rsdubtinv class of l948 of the Archer Consolidated School, citv of Archer, Connty of O'Erien, and State of Iowa, being now of sound minds and memories do meke, oublish and decl8re this our lest will End testament, hereby revokinf all former wills and condicils by us hertofore made. Section I To the Juniors we will the honor of bein? the graduhting class of l949: our matnre conduct: Env worn out materials we may h-ve left, such as: jew breakers, bubbls sum, inkbottles, er-sers, textbooks, old Amer- ican Observers, and Senior oriveleges. To the underclbssmen we will our modern tyoewriters, use of oencil sh-roeners, classrooms, and the hooe that somedav they will be Seniors. We do individually sive and b and fancies as follows: I, Russell TePaske, Section II nd benuevth mv do sive s enuesth some of our notes oualities snare drum to Mary Ann or Marv Jog my ability to pst along with Shirley and Verb to Alling my book reoorts and Biology notebook to Junior, and mv tyoewriter to the junk heio. I, Theora Sauoe, do zive and benuectn mv cheerleading skirt and healthy lunvs to Jackie' mv naturbllv curly heir to Donald Andrisag the , . , arivilege of bein! the onlv Sauoe in Hifb School to Donna, and the rest of mv former bov friends to Marne. I, Elaine Eilslhnd, do sive and becneath mv stron? vocal cords and scrsechinf to Bobby Wilkins: mv crsmminr sessions for tests to Dnaneg my horribly coined nicknhmes to Morse to be distributed as she sees fitg and mv whole hearted sood wisbes for lQ4Q's basketball tesm ini cheer- leaders to the High School. I, Robert Urals, do sive and benueath mv heirhth to Beverly, mv f waist to Marge: mv oitcrin: .bility to Ole: and mv ristorv tests to Arnie I, Donna Eondermbn, do :ive and beoneith my curly black hair to Bobby Wilkins, mv brother Glen to anvons who whnts him, mv big brown eves to Mersey Hn? my carefree revs of stncv to Arnie. I, Ronbld Hbrms, do sive and beoneath mv chin ins -bility to Oleg mv debts to Daley mv bHsketbbll abilities to Glenn, and my friendshio with eighth grade girls to Arthur. I, Jeanne Rohwer, do sive end bennehth mv rinr to Dale, mv seat in the bus to Charlene, all mv mail to Marge, and my Toni cnrl to Ole. I, Ronald Vander Sluis, do sive and becneefh my tvoing ability to Kenneth, mv friendshio with Primchar Qirls to Eugene, and mv Cheerlead- ing -bility to Charlene. I, Margaret Bosch, do hive and becnebth mv reindeer sweater to Bev- erly, mv sooreno voice to Allan: end mv lonr cnrly e el-shes to Kenneth. I, Fred Reekers, do Qive and becueath mv old drivinn abilities to Stanley and Glen, black hair Shirley: mv interest in the Sheldon Roller Rink t book rsvorts to Mavis, and brown ewes to o Marge. Q ve uni becne tn mv blond hiir to rni 3. clothes ility t , do i Q b t e C H e mv to Jackie, and mv bed habits to Ken eth: also, mv mechanical ab o Eugene. FIRST NATIONAL BANK PRIMGIEIAR, IowA VJM. PINGEL Buyer of Livestock Generol Trucking PHONE 271 PRIMGHAR, IOWA GEIGER'S OBRIEN COUNTY SEED COMPANY Gorden, Field 6' Elower Seed I-lordwore - Generol EIecIric Products Sporting Goods Feed PHONE 35 SI-IELDON, IOWA 0 -f. - ,.L . ,: A " - I, Mary Sungm, do plve eng heogPo.h my Olo tlok FROGPIS to IGVIS, driv- ing abilities to Stanley anc Glenn: block hair and brown eye? to Shirley my lntereet ln the Sheldon Roller Rink to Marge. I, Hose Ann DeEoom, do give atc Pecueath mv ability trouble to Bruce, my oar' ec Widow in the Clegg Oldvg 30 to get into Gladys: And my jaw breakers Ann bubble num to Junior. I, Jack Tanner, do give emi heoueafh my whiskers to bctlng abllltv to Ole, my rleineesllke attitudes to Allan: End 811 old traeh b the schoolhouse for the next We, the Seniors of 1943, to the Archer S chool. Stanley, my to Bruce, Gail's love found around elonvlnr to me which mov be 'wo yevre to Jackie. Section Ill do vlve Ano beouedth the school annual In witness whereof we hhve hereunto set our hbnd and seal this twenty-third day of Aorll A. D. 1345. CLA LA SS HIS Senior Clase of 1948 Archer High School Archer, Iowa TORY In the fall of 1936 ten bright-eyed younzsters, some with their oarents, walked throush the west door of the Krcher Consolidated School and thereby stbrted on the greatest adventure of their lives. They were: Elaine Blleland, Mary Sanem, Russell TePceke, Donnv Bondernan, Jack Tan- ner, Agnes Waqenaar, Donxh Moeller, Mhrjorle Stofferhn, Jerry Harn, and Mildred Ezcorf. Sl ce some of these voongoters were too olo to start ln thn orlmbrv system, which hoo just been Set un ln the school, they were oromoted to tne second crane the next veer clonw with Walter Bjork, Honelf Harms, Leeter Ezdorf, Jeai e Rohwer, Arioli Stbllmsn, Wilmer Van Eunfen, Gnd Shlrlev Hanfen, who had reon unier the dlrectlon of Miss Pe'Tv Long the oar' year rn' Maj 'vke1 fire' :ride work. Durlnm the year of l?35 and 1937 Else Charlotte Mverc woo The teucherf A Qride school clrcus nbc orefette to the oullic with many of these students oertlcloitlng. The next veer thee- students, now one clesf, come under the watch- ful -Vee of Mlof Ellnaleth Denhfrtog. Of c urce there were some changes. Three of the vonn -et 1-zhere, Marjorie Stofferen, Jerry Hwrn. and M11- dred Ernorf steven behind. Herbert Maotterren end Wllber Van Eungen toyed ln March, 515 Huseell TePioke :ni Conga Moeller moyei Qgrlns the summer. Arlene Steffene Lnc Vlrglno Gounlen jolned us m kip: U class of twelve. We bruln oreoented b circuo to the oubllc. Durinf our 'hlri veor we were HFylT onder M152 DenHartoq. The class loot its two letee' cocltioic when V1rrinlAfGaud1a: ani Arlene Steffens :ovei in Dctoh-r an: Fehrucrv, reeoecflvely. Owen Sauoe joined us this vewr. Nlth 'heoe ch msec we moved on to the fourth grade, 8 class of eleven. We were met hr R155 Helen Moen. Darlnf this year we became inter- eeten in hothlee. exQ ever -Q.' one hui b collection of some Vind. However, Hlsf Moen toooei the fielc w1'h her collection of devel shoes, mostly of Qluee and chlnw. Our olrtures booegred ln the Horlv Corner of the Sheldon Sun. ' During our stay ln the fifth wrade, again nnder Miss Moen, our class hefan to grow. Our Senior orefident, Theord Shnoe, along with Joyce Nlltc cnc hueeell TePaeke enrolled, Jlthouvh Agnes derenaar moved, le8v1n thirteen to move on to 'ne Sixth grhde hoc Mr. felson Goodman. This oroved to he a hnev rn? 'fU?Mfl?Hdl yewr for ue hll. Many of us bought War Bonds and Strmos throofh the school this year. - 1 0, ,,.,A... -..,. ,,,.5, ,.,...?,,, .T - --- - Q. 1 V---me-nnanm:u.-Q-,W L7 Y -- I Lan-, L L Compliments of C 0 R N E R C A E E Sl-IELDON -1- The BW Ol M DRY CLEANERS ll S-TEAKS-Cl-lORS-Cl-lICKEN -Eu i FENNS ICE CREAM Phone 2 iv I :W l I I Slieldon, lowo Sheldon, Iowo Comp' imems xfArf1zE'rY GI FTS ,-LQLE J. C. P E N N E Y ' THE GOLDEN RULE C O M P A N Y J, R, VVHORLEY, Prop. .ia-1 l Sheldon Iowo Q Sheldon, Iowo ,..,, J, Vn-..- A- - - ' l -71 i .1ii.-4-'--1,i-- .- Y o f- r C vw x Y... ' - f- v- Q 1 r, 4 a 'T U 1 S S 8 olwef xlefoe., U.,. The xexf fall we nun- E ' fi- C21 roor Eg? Q new 'evcher, Mr. 301 Lex F-Hiif Zde ' "e HIC' Fraxiie FQ3rk xvs Tiere to fhke :ver our 1pf'r4r'io:. Tie fl-ff vein-? "o'her 1-:Fer wQe: Merforet FSHC: Q01 eu ue. Tzir ve v Ae nreCey'e. h. ooerut'o 'o Tie oublic with no elf harms ang Je2H'e Hpnwer EC Klif cnc Queen. It seems Russell Te- PPQke HNF Tie l'Q'FF or Cffef'1df. Tgl' veor we Feiume The fire' clhs ln fn- f1e'orv of rye 2 ,col +4 'X 4xAnC'u oeinrnezlo certificates from 'he Pelmer Twine' The icy' ve P on., leo ie :z e 'irelr pew qrwooGi'-on 'o the six- Teen ei hfh fPll'WC, who 1ore5 uoe' ire 'o the aefeirlv. Clblre Hansen emo Joh: Feekef were wif' 1' 'ELC v-or. ?e"inr on To fb- Hlrh School refulatlons Qin mvre 'rap one 'ewnier for various eukjects oroveo to be lulte A talk. Hone Ap 2-:wut Qiixe' 4' ix March cnc A-noli Stallman leff arfu' the Same flze. A' 'Le cgoee of tile vecr we or fenfed two one-oct nloyc, UNili?.' Millie 1-'C Ural: Fever,M uni HPaJl Faces the Tire 3xor'fve.N hf'er 'f-fe i' ve we receive' zur '1?ifQ zrude dioloze From Suoer1n'enouzf Purl :J'O'V The clbef e1'erec v ' School one memFer Szort, Fred Reekere and Jeroli DYXQfF5 L vizr Q Exe ge, M,m llwlre Hansen, Jon: Feekem, and Leqter Escorf h vii lef' ue. H- were 1 i'1afei Yr fke Sonhomoree, and everyone remevlev' 'ie ' in.' Fe'e L-1 eo Hgii 'un feejlxr 'i us. We rave V r Turn oerfv 'Q 'he Sovzoxor-Q in Tue snriar. Ronulo V5njerSl11 'oref Le hYou' 'bf' '11e, ' Jerili Ira tf le'T Qurli' 'ie veur. '. v'.,f+ 4,-4 f.-V. 'N vfvf... .,.:,r "W"-.av ,+V-1-,H YY. 1,1+4,,+.f2 +L'- ,, N .. l1.'7 ,.4. DU... .L V ,A .. e . .1..z. ff, .. ...,. . .A ml- Freehmen unc Eifn'H Srsiere "le To fie ef 'Vs of Frefhmenf and Save A Elem School QR-'inf o r'v. Jo ce N'L'F w1e Owen Salle dronnei and Borer? Crelf enrolle Lie f'-tee? 1i'o 4 turf 1: fie Seglor Plav where he some Ev fhe nlckiwme ' ' has e'4?k ever Since'-H3Hrvev.H Our Junior vear wb! A Euev one. We oreeen'ej N30 Helo Ne.N under the clr2c"o' 9' Vrf 'e- en o' Hore"er f're' VA' fo' w"rouT Hove . . .- U , H, . .-.. , ,A H . ,eA. , eu . l,H- - n olfflculrlee. Jeep e Hzgwev wee e11r"Lv lHQQf'd in bn automobile Rc- cloenf Jus+ twv Flocke fror 'he Fcnoil 3 wsf uiwrle io fuk- her ovrt in Tne olev. Jscnuelvne Dekooe reel '?e vert. The F-Skefrdll team ouhllfleg fur the Sgbf' 'e Tzuribmen' M hnnulu ufuniorn Herne found nu' bf Luraree wiv' Q Q rf K-si he n -. Tn- ounlor-Senior Ewzouef whs flvei ut 'ke Brllxrfii fo'e1 DK Airil Ti, ani he :er'tr1ei the Aeukl Ju lor T41:+Lon2 for FC?lJlllT' 'e Uni foiieiceie:'. We Sfarfed our 3-plnr Herr fe-Eixf v Vi' loc' nlfnou' our slstex clue? of les' yeir. On Halloween we we.' Tv Sioux Cl' 'n hdve our cleef nlcturel 'Hken uf Voilwii-3e:el11's. Iw Decemrer we S1OHl5FSd H Chr1Q'1wG Par" fwr tie High School. Three of our meirere, Elulne Eilslwni. Merfare' Focih, M13 Jock TM1,er were 1: 'ie one-oc' coi'est olhv N obocv Sleeoen which wen' to 'he Qflfe Soeech Zonfeet at Boone. Jean e Rohwer on' Marfcre' Qoech recelve' Elvisloi I Ratings in 'he Muflc Con'eFT w1'h clwrfne' Rn: vnnel pumlere reSoec'1vtlY- NP will nresenf our Senior Pl Y, w3'r wrerrr Ks+e,' under the direction of Mr. Muxeon fh- fire? week in Huv. The Junior-Senior Phncuef was heli at !.,f-,YN YJ Flf' 11 S A ral OL I... lj Q.. will w -plv. Aur- Idmmel s ou e r nencer on o l Q. ,n Aan ' A. 'l .,c.l e o dlolomus and ?ld uFon Vnveseu fn elf onr Yrlenif in Archer High. Senior Officers ' 0 PFCS1dCHt Theora qaupe Reporter Russell TePaske Vice Pres. Sec'y.-Trees. Mary Ann Margaret San Bosch Om Sponsor Mr. Maxson 31 l 1- 77, inn..- WORTHMORE KRAHLI NG IMPLEMENT ICE CREAM STORE COMPANY 1.-Oil. John Deere Form Mochinery ond Troctors G. M. C. Motor Trucks De Lovol Seporotors ond Milkers Minnie Kreykes, Mgr. O PHoNE 190 SHELDON, IONVA i PHONE 276 SHELDON, IOWA THANKS People ot Archer ond Vicinity for Your Loyol Potronoge PLEASE ACCEPT OUR SINCERE GOOD WISHES 1...- SANBORN SAVINGS BANK TELEPHONE as SANBORN, iowA All I 1 q l Ft, , i 'Q' ' ' ' A- A , , .4 W A L 1 l 'c, . E - l fl- 'lsr I :JC S ' I I y 1 l 1 E 5 ! i - i ' I - W 2 gig: , 5' : i i'1ii A g'! Nicholson 8LOhme Grain :-: Coal Feed PHONE 50 Archer Iowo GLENNS Sporting Goods ,- Kel W' 4" nlll'HllII llIif'1 --:g- , ,wi A- -Y .. - .- ..-ul -xxx 11,7721-... Z . 1.-.aux r--is xx -aaxmaulvrb.. .. f .mavv l i -Ds V.-- 1 me E., De VFUES HARDWARE ll RAULsEise PLUMBH-AG 65' HEATING ARCHER, IOWA ill lil l oownvowo Si ..... ..... Q-,.,,..,,. .... : fl I l fxuiinorized Lennox Deoler Everiliing For Your V-foter W D Vi P- . sl! A mme Q res" mp :ysfem - We Fix lt ll Esiliqowivs Quolity Groceries - Meots fo, Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes For Entire Fomily PHONE l2 FREE CITY DELIVERY Primghor, lowo ,--.- .l. - ..,.,,, 'WV -.wc 'DQZIPA' .1 renveff Jer' iier "5"iiVf' 'P V " Har wrlv Etc? vrnn f'0L:-F f,rst Jeme5Ler VVS, EFWF ififri W Yrs. FP rilf ' e " w." --p - -wa'-" wr.. 2' unit, 're f f-iqfqw-5 9 D " 'A Qu. 0 0 4 5 i 1 ZW., -.ANS w,M..-,. ., 1 , , L x,, , . r - w-AM-. N- C H.rr Hr ,-ug ,nnsdv C- 1:22. 1163- .f'-N zoran? fr. fafz'nrY ,VH ' , .H fl V.. .K 14- U n ,- ,1 A 'z , rn Q ,K A 1,.5'-'Q--A V. 4 , . H Dvk U- . .., .,., - , , . K -M , My h- g--f-rs, J., A . , . , , .. . ' :Hn .N -T n -m'-H M. I . . H V xa 1 . W , . . . A Y ,, . , .. f A J 5-.-yQr , , . ,b -H ...-- ..- - 'iff' 3- "':7'. Fv'Q'EHi x 'x-wc . C' A 'ff 'aww-'-' N.-574 'hi..4Y--2 " L. IN - .'Y QWOUQT' T'fn, V 'vili .YU ' , I A".-xv -'. 1 . Phone l96 Louis J. Ahles, Prop "MARK EVERY GRAVE" SHELDON MARBLE AND GRANITE Q WORKS Builders ot HIGH CLASS MONUMENTS ond MARKERS Sheldon, lowo nn-nz , , nil. .- 1? 41--V SWANSON'S SUPER STGRES iQ, Grocery -- Meot Locker Service lg, Sheldon Phone 74 Compliments ot ARLINGTGN HOTEL T.c Sheldon, lowo "Where Better Photogrophs Are Mode" THE HASTINGS STUDIO lFormerIy Fredericks' Studlol Portroit ond Commerciol Photogrophy PHONE lO9 Sheldon, lowo , Y- f -.-v1-,-f--- ----4- -- annie- :J ,L . - A-..qm:.,g.:mu ..J..,.fn,w-uv..---1--1. -2--r ' V Y 41 f X Xu I :f u nn Xl,r s I f-4. ' A fy! .. 11 -A , ' I Ill I ' I 1 ll I I E ey KLEIN:-iEKsEl.'s cAFE I KAISER INSURANCE AGENCY GEO. H, KAISER, Agent I Meals, Lunches, Hamburgers Fenn's Ice Cream I Insurance of All Kinds Homemade Pie +- Primghar, Iowa ARCHER 'CWA 9 Office Phone 118 - House Phone I I 1 I - SHHl.l.'F, ELLS .lo-.i. Everything in Hardware Appliances Gifts and House Furnishings W, A. KRUMM, Owner Primghar, Iowa 11' V, 2 , 3 , ,:'. ', , " '. 1 . ' , " . . ,A V Z :"l' ,.L.l . ' . . " . ' " . 0500000 f I 1 sign I T WALDH ELM MARKET PRIMGHAR, lowA Kuiper Brothers FOOD CENTER Groceries I-I Meots 3-1 Lockers Custom Bufclfmering - We Deliver Phone 77 Sonborn, Io. STAN DARD CAF E Fomous for our Delicious Steoks We'II Serve You A Meol Or A Sandwich "It's A PIeosure" ON HIGHWAY I8 SANBORN, IOWA ,- .1 1 i --- .-.. -inf --- - mhh wi v H -..fs-7--vnu ,, -. , ' Creom - Eggs - Poultry - Eeeds ond Seeds Eggs Bought on Grode Free Route Service NAGLES PRODUCE PHONE 34 PRiMe.HAR, lov-JA COD?-AES CLGTI-l l NG Sheldon, lowo Compliments from DR. J. A. Wogner Physicion ond Surgeon PRIMGHAR, IOWA Olfice Telephone l45 Residence l45R2 -. - 11- l'--- lvl-me--mx. -mnwmsnum.'nnznm7mn1.:lnn O 5,89 DDE' ' T nh? I' ww Garrettas Motor 6' Supply Company J bb f Motor Ful Ol G N g Appl Roadside Lunch tSi-Sd'h F IC E 101-3 ARCHER, lowA 1 L! A 1 . xp, 4 - . ' ' A Y 'Y Y N AQ- 'b W ft , d,f . X,f'V,f V: 'X f a, K ff l VAC IIIIIIVIIIEIZI SCHEMPER lMPLEMENTS SANBORN, iOwA H. E. MADSON ""' Insurance of All Kinds -OE McCormick Deering PHONE 375 SHELDON, iOwA l Sales and Serwce Phone I46 LAN DHUlS JEWELRY -l- Bluebird Diamonds ------- Watches - Silverware - Jewelry ..l Sheldon, Iowa Fairmont, Minn. v Q f - -.A, . ,i A 'i . UTA gwifff' '- 2 Qfc- fi-"L: af " il- "wwf -'Q , I . . U , -. . . A 'HTJ ?ave ine Leer ff 'r"r1L vfoof ai 2.16 fTQ5qiF in iii' con T' ,f 'WPC 1' of K- '1- i.rW't:'f fri rrv at f'n'i7. -Ze 7 1 if-' -U V-f-,rr-,-nys 'f'V: 1,-,fW':fo 'g:1,:-pr Joie'--i, 'ot,fr,f-ltr win i -yfpfb-+. f flpv- rg'-f -A 1- fn, Y- . . - . ,, J of Joiff-- gf 1' Eri' ,--1: er. 4' fff-,1- .jf --,E' ' fp' -vi ,wap 1 ',f A--,nu . - A , . , ., --',,,,1. A. ,f.1l-,Arnfff CHE nfl 'W , Aho I iHQLPf ?g.0" H ' W 'if - 1 ww :nfl vH" ":t" " 1 "' ' T'-'cu i :'t Hf4fF rfnrlzinr f f'ffrivr nfl 1 Lev or+il'iiHrU :inii ' zwlfri thfr rfi' tu the 'of f,f1x'o' lo. 'Q 2 f 'or 'snow ' f4'1Hf: ff-2 fr Evi rL'1. w,if ' W ei: " f T 1, -PHT 9' i 1 Troif, n FWF c.F' ii'Q ,.fr Q' , 1-"V f I3 "A ' S1256 'N"11r"'. " if -W if ' ' '+R--eff' -11 VT z'f' '- -c""--4: '--g"'f-L vp Af'-yr 5 ' -'v--Ee' - 5"fi: w.,,,. L ,,.,,.--f' 715519. Ll' vu- c"'..- f rrvv-Qt ' fffffff 1'4" LfA'.' 7've ff':f f 6, ign F1 ', :W -ffff: 2 iff " qrWo1f oziwff. The H-V, ' 'Qrif ff' 'ef r"+' 3 5fLf 'ifrnwon Yet WA W ' .- - ':--w - !f- -xv ir' :,,,Qf F . ip--'y."l,,,, 1: R. A :imply '-W. A - ', 31. QP- 'f'--1 :F J Y' f, -.iv - 'i-' ft' onnif--M' ' fffl 'fn'-vl- fif f' ei 'i"fii' -1--'o 'j , 'wr wg -- K A - ff o't I , " .. Q". SCFTCL FCARD Rlchhrd Dedoay. President E rl Evniermkn Martin Paulsen, Secretary w. h. Bilslanc Herman Tiemene, Treasurer Leoxvrd Plok Ivan M. Nfyeon. Sunerint-nient Ltnferd Sauoe AfI"IAI. STAT? Editor ..... . . Theora Beane Aesistant Edltor. . . Elaine Eilclano Ensinesc M never. . . . . Assistant Enslness Krueger Soorts Scitor. . . . . . . Social Hevorter. . Dramatic? Reoorter. Kuqlf Editor. . . . . Rncwell TeP8ske . Gladve Abesoi .DPle DeWahy .Marv Senem . Marv Jo Morfiti . Donna SS45- The HEaglen staff and the Class of l9b8 tried presenting the Nnnual this year. We are aware that many mistakes have crept into the work. However, we are sure that much has been learned this year which will permit the production of very excellent yearbook in 19A9 a new system of CASS! DY and HALBACH Hardware - John Deere Machinery PHONE 57 PRIMGHAR, IOWA H A R T ' S The Cafe of Quality Food Phone 80 PREMGHAR, IOWA "lRV" FARNSWORTH Guaranteed Skelly Products and Service PHONE 326 PRIMGHAR, IOWA .- -- - 1:7 1: u SEKIgE CLAoS PLAY U1'HAVLT2PV FATTN Cn the nlgnzs of May l' ent lf, the Senior Slfss Play was irescnlro in tne Scnool Auoitorlum. As mifht be guessec from the title, ine oleg vas, essentially stout strewtfrrles. It concerned tne humtle hone of Ars. Winton, e wi ow, gnu rfr erettg niece, Kete. The Wlntone, who were strewterry growers, neo Let: troubled vltn th'eves end Kete Fee meter- mlned to senu the next ones tnrt were ceugnt in the patch to jail. The fest-moving comed, tnrt folloveo vnen Kate caught two younL men in the oatcn kent the auutence leu-:ing throurhout the entire play. The Cast of Cnarecters were: Kate Winton, N5trewherry Keteu.. ...ilelne Eilslnnd Mrs. Winton, Knte's aunt......... ...Rose Ann De boo hercl Downing s 'retty nel5LLor.... Mergnret Bosch , . .................. . Cwencolyn Norton, A member of tne local erlstocarcy... hlnnle Holzannel, A Germen women who is looklrt for 9 nuscenc ......... Eetty Crewforo, :ob's imolsh sister.. Cnrysanthemem blots, the hired girl.. bot Crawford, Nbebbllng broomsu ..... Charlie Grenger, nls friend ........ Tommy Meedows, 9 nelgtcor boy ....... . Ezra Norton, J11 Tucnett, l. .-.. .....-..- tne rlgiest mnn in Cedar Grove.. 2 uenuty constabl E'...... mllly, a Western Jnlon messeni r Cnerlle Pooster, M1nn1e's se cond nuscend.. .-... .- .Q Jeanne Rorwer Mary Snnem Theore Sauce Donna bondermsn Jack Tanner ..Ronald Harms ..Russell Te Paske Robert Crali Ielter bjork Fred Heekers Ronslc Vander 5l w . . L- Tnls was tne first time inc good many years that 2 clay has Leen given two nights and tue returns of this exneriment were very gretifylnh, 'I I the nlay belng wresented to near caosclty crowos on botn.n1gnts. The olsy was under the direction of Hr. Maxon, and music tetween ects was under the direction of Mr. Kuhns. Tre spuurnts oi Arc1er E' 4 School VI eenlfd ine fzlfl f W1 lie 1:47-'45 Lenz on "uLfsuP - Hin., LCV-rx r lftr. Tzls clay Ufre Jurse or the InceS,U L minors C'fr r,, vet unqer ire uirecti'n if Qr. nexson Tue vleg we' e mgsifrg-c its 'n w11cr its clot revolves Cf Ina Lze efforts of Liffer'nt grouns of lnuivitnals to locate jewels slolen from an Inca Temcle. From the first cvrtnfn tc the lest, trunuer, ll !tn'n,, moans, PSC groans, slrinlnf clocks, trosts, knocks, screens eng r'mance, mane tae evenlne full of thrills snu nlontj of lau,3:er. Fro: sl' re orts ine ev ninf was s success. Tie fone. takfn 'n wee useu to ourcrsse r dyneiic soeaner snu stenms to to witr our mnvint olcture Carbine. Tne cast of clarectens 1s as follows: hocert Grayson, Cerol's ex-Ffencee. . . . Jack Tanner Henry Clay, Els colorec cieufffur .... . Allen Eertelsen Professor Armstrong, 9 fr? nc oi ore son. . Russell TePasAe Cerol Auams, Running from Tcve. . . . . . .Jecnuelgne Dent Miss Ann, Cnrol's Punt .... . HEFQRTGE bosch Petrnle, Her colorei weld. . Marjorie Stoije Jerry, C:rol's Lrotrer . . . bruce bzxter Zelue, Tre Ines nrlncese. . . . Mary Jo NOTfiLC Tec hudson, Secret servlce. . . . Ronald Karts Mary McCarthy, tfe Irish thief. . Jean Hohwer Ame ,wi qt -Mtv . l . . . V . , T' l'e -rel' A.: oe 1. . v.. L Cnfpfv S,-L -wid - U., .... o. ch.. A. Xeurenf DFf37f 1 -I -1 i l 7 PRIMGHAR MARCUS NAGLE'S CLOTHING Two of America's Best Apparel Stores for Men, Women and Children ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES BROWER BAKERY Bakers of Dutch Oven Products .-..,.-.-.-..-...,,..., .-vvv-..-.-..,..,. PHONE I35 SHELDON, IOWA THE SHELDON SUN The Paper with the Pictures Publ ished Mondays and Thursdays NEWS WHILE IT'S NEWS i -I in in I 1r uf 1 '- if-v - , lflvklv .JNL ....,.. - .e nere very fortnnste in getvinb Mr. nnnn: Q. ",l-Line music insbructor. Tne last time we nnd n noel: in,.' , or z.. Jr. Fritrssgne in l'2.Q3. flr. rlunns has cone al fine Jon ,iL.. Lug llrlh, Qlee, ooyfg glee, gixed Jnorns, olnd ing verio,s -nl,i.Ls. Our lnrge grouls have aryreered at tne ,lsy- .nn ,robvnms neld during the year. At the all-school ,ley, lgne ,lrle of LL: in x.,' gov. lg, l9l7, tne 5irl's glee sang 'Little groin JnU,' 'Voice in Ln, Old Village Qnoir, and qxagan Love .on5u. In: DOf'L glee s nb qgorn- field Melodiesu, ond the bend ,layed several nnmnerz. In Dec mber a musical onrisnmr, program 4's lrodncio lor gnu puolio. Q program 'gs .'.' given by tne .. l. 1- to rnife funn: for rue no luncns. The nano olnyed pnd ine nixeo cnorui .uno Qor pno lr-L p,pe in yuoiic. 'gtesg fwnyw und ngornlng lnfitetinn' ere ns C. Tne girl's.5lee :ang 'Aoonlight J,yH uno Wln nn Qld flpon ,'roenN Qnrch lo at another P. T. A. meeting. Ine soloists nnve aspnnred mt many sl'cv.Win Lrv .ro.p9f rim Qhurcn at -anborn, the Odd Fello': Qonvenzion .Z yrimgnn , 4-g. mlfsgn und in the rnelnon Qomnunity Quilting. Qney nlso i,,e,?ee in osn school for the ussemoly and in the gym for tne entire Scnonl. Qrcner terticiosted in Lne nusig festival at yringnnf. Q Jnxeree flur iClOF .nd Lni mind yleyed three numoers, 'Jerry len', Hrromozitnu and wUlU6 Loonw. ine climax of our yeer's Music M-. Luv mn-ir CuULJ-L.. fre gglog were'held in Sanborn April 3, 1948. Fifteen of our soloists rec I and Il ratings as follows: i ieved I n..L..,...,..,:. lu,,tw,,l lxrgnret Hoscr vocni Jelnnn pl rinet Donna Lnupe Hinno ll Vlyf jrry Jo iorfitt .oprpro Glgdys 'meson .o,r no Eele Ye,'uy p'riLtne lruco :einer pgritene .Lnnley Quilgnonrb Tenor 1l.s ll ,p ' . Q Tenor Jr. Vend r ,ilf. lenor iAplnUM NlQL 5.2-iavis oil. l-llld Urtnur Qs naar: Binno rtnnr JlhHA6Vf Trombone Sale Ee, oy mnritcne ineors .gene Clyrinet ine yrelimln ry lZV5p Qrouy: More hola ,gril ll, l9A5 at Milford. Inu mixeQ Chorus receivec . l rxtirb, and tne D nd, boy's nnd Lirl': glee .ll recieved ll rmnlnbz. ine three soloists uno reoegveq l r ting: ut ,unborn a,peprnd n Qin at the rt Lv oontelts in ,mmetsbwrg on jiril jo, recievqo tzo econds and ,..-.1 Lnirli. gne ,nor r.,, tue l5Ol.:OT.'iIlt dey, may l, recieving L li rating. nsril Qi, 1343 our opui started' ill-'-I'Cl.lI1b for Lilo first time. e leirned guicmiy gnd Q geared with Karl ning at :anb.rn on Lay T and wunin in nirtley on Ley l7, 1943. Our glee clnor are already looming fornnrd to tra gctivities yot this string such as ogcculnnre to end Q ymonoilgnt. g.l in ali, pe nii g very successful year. l nl it :itil li ELLERBROEICS Northwest lowo's Most Complete Reody-to-Weor Store SHELDON, IOWA Compliments of E. B. GETTY, M. D. Physicion ond Surgeon PRIMGHAR, IOWA Compliments of SECURITY STATE BANK SHELDON, IOWA , .' . ', . . , . . . ,, V- lf f - -jeff Fi QDRSQE HQ? QJQAY 1 fff ,,mR 1 5 fx, V-,.' .n . A W ' ..,. ,,, A . -9 - X 1 ' . . ' ' U' , , Sheldon Roller Rink OPEN EVERY NIGHT -g.. E yP M Af M y I5 S d y S d y P M .-g- ,fylondoy Nights - Privote Parties "For Heaftlfs Sake, Roller Sfcatefn 4- . - A r ,H . ' -11 , J.- 1 fu-I V.- 1 Q Q 1 ' 1 al' 4 X,,.,..- Q-.xA vo 4 Q n .N H, L ..n , .'L , . Pm .K. ' Q AAF L Q . v 9 -K -f Q T1 2'z'I" . C - w -. '- -f-. :'.'. . . P, . fx' J , A A , . I . - . , a s 3 A - Q sn.: ' P, -5 9 li 1 ..i i - : V .. C. K OLBECK -Dealer In- 6 SMPLEMENTS 0 LUMBER 0 FENCING W OILCTGREASE Telephone: Dey 16, Night 47 ARCHER IOWA 1i FJ Y 53 Q CH N 'Q x -4 1 'Q '--- fl- '-n Y - g n Q L A - , .. Y . Y 114+ , rx + Y. -.V . . 4 , ..Y ." ..Y - ,. ", -. ' Y ,. . 1 fin-lu, ... K L .Y Y . . ,, .. Y A ' o-'pn' U. - ' f . Y . . ..'r1g-s"JI- v-'-- . - Q 1 ...HA Y - .,, , ,,.k . Y :tum-K, ig-.-,C ,1,,--.. vw . .f, " " 1 ' "Ar Y. v Af-'.,. '.- . f 1.1 Y' 1. .a QQ Y . . . . .-- . ,., Y A Y J.-...' 'L , ,.1.Q.' V Y' . - 'Y .. . ... .Y -- Y Y T AX- A ,Y - Y"'C v . v Q H Q' Y ., Y Y L.. .Y,.,., NN .. ',,,,: QL. C , E ,A - . . 1 ' - " - y ' -' a 'V .N ",..: 1...'Y,.,.c 4. 'N . .Y . . 1 . . Y - - -A Y ' ,. l ,Q , 'V '4,.-.Q 1 , Q ,. Y . . Y A Q 5 .1 Q . Q ' BH . 'k. ', ,,. --.n-al..- 1- LOCKE ond LAMPMAN Attorneys ot Low PRIMGHAR, IOWA JENS ANDERSON MEAT MARKET ond GROCERY SUPPLY RESH FRUIT, VEGETABLES, AND MEATS OF ALL KINDS We trim our meats, but not c: s'forners" Archer, Iowo DR. M. J. SHANAHAN DENTIST Sonborn, lowo ice Phone 254 Res. Phone 233 R"SHERlDAN'Sfff'3 iw 'sf' FF SMGHAR, IOWA 1 , WW L 7-- :ul - 11--F -:vm--me-rr LL- ,, , -. , -i 'I' x yy, i V. mfff "5 il.. ll.. Home Furnishings -2- Funeral Directo T r CAMBIER MOTOR "' COMPANY WATSON FURNITURE STORE gAi,Es SERVICE Stoves - Washers , -- W Il d P ' Ggiopelcm U mms . Mobiloil - Goodrich Tires oor overing and Tubes Hi Sanborn, Iowa Business Phone 41 Res, Phone 272 Telephone 90 Primghor' IG T T O 1'lH1 Theatre Primghar, Iowa REMEMBER-ALWAYS ..i.O.-1- A GOOD SHOW AT THE PRIM -1 A. ATE LETICS The Lisle' of Archer one:-1 fie l'47-l945 cbmuefiticn with a glor- ious sect, bit a very on-efioneble imzeiiute future. From the crack out- fit of the ornvious vear urich wo: Qecfionvl and districf toorniments, only one rerilhr re: inei. Obviously, fhe uainfol Joh of rebuilding was next on fhe cgfiia. Under 'he eoleniid direction of Cobch Mht7dorff, the orocess went an-ei in ro'h Faeeball and boeketbcll. The start was m2de Et The fourfh :rode level, with two meetizrs 5 week in Fork bbee- ball and bcekethall no throo h The junior hizh. A continuatizn Gnd el- hrorarinn of Tnif orozral vf emohasis with the sr-de groupe will pro- cuce bet'er teams over Q oeriod of years. Wi'h the P?7JlwT feume, emwhxeie who on soohomcren, wifn all ten boye vaininf vwloeble exorelence. Size on? skill may nof cermltstrong t-uma in l?43-l94Q, but ootenflhlitien should begin to muteriblize a little. lntenee in'erest, added skills, and increased team loyalty could Frinf very encolririnr reeglts. Stetisfice cnc schedules: Fall bneebull vemes olavedz Players and Poeifionsr Hoeoers Vender5luie, J. C Ceiomef Berfeleen, A. C ffllie' CSec+ion5ll Petereon, D. P-53 Lnrrabee Craig, R. lB Monefa Tanner, J. UF Larraree F-ll:-rts, H. ZH-CUt.Inf'dr.D R1ne'b Fuilenrurr. 3. CF-P Soriny Eeefbull vane? olbvedt Reekere, A. EE HoQoer9 DeHEav, D. LF Prlmsher Ecxter, E. CF-P Cfilornet C5ectionalD Heekerfa, F. HF' Sanborn Y-iwenhuis, E. RF Pwnjermen, S. RF fUt.Outf'dr.D ?fQYefball Scnedglez PoeiT1on'Points Moilenrorf, S. C BT Iovember Tl. , .Fovden Fpqg R9-y.T, F QQ fovenrer 95. . .Prlnvher Crnir, R. F SC 'December P. . Zonetf Harms, R. G ll? Deceiler 5. . . Lzrriree Peferson, D. T CT December l?. . .fflgtef 2eK2ey, D. 3 December lf. . .Larrwkee Fexter, F. C January o. .Gare Vom.erSlnis, J F 'January F. .Koze'a Heekrrs, A. F Jnnuery fl. . Bovde: Tieuwenhois. E F January 04. . Sutherlind Eer'eleon. A. G Jznnvry 05. . . Co. Tuqrney Eozcerran, G. G 'February E. . . St. Joseoh'QWilkens, R. F Felrubry lO. . .Gaza Alberts, R. F FeFroQry l3. .Calumef 'Ferrnarv l7. .5T. Joeeoh's February UG. .Sectlonbl 'Grmec won I Tourney Ne woulo like 'O frank Tn- foqr cheerleciers: Jeen Ronwer, Theore Sanne, Elaine Eilel nd, Und Jackie DeRooe for the solenoid work they did it helolnr To keen no the Tenn eoirit. The nlvh echool ani eirnfh FTET' e'1den's orfanir 5 L wet clot. The officere were as followe: Prevldewt, GlHdvS Akeeong V ce-President, Ronald Hlrmeg Sec.-Trees., Marze Sfofferang Renor'er, MLT?bP' Eoechg Swoneor, Misc VerHoef. Hoc' of 'ne memrere of tie Club ro? our le rni gold emblems to wear on Tneir uw-2'ere or ecervef. The Pen Tlqb he been very Ective in helninv fre cheerleaferc nreoere +:e oewmeetinic rv olbnninq hurorous Qkits and Qoeechee. AT The berinninv of The Qeifin Th meibere were divided lnfn several fefme, eccn of which choee cheerleecere w o led the Teim if Qome new velle. Thie vvf in the form of Q coifecf, with Th Feeketrell Qcufd Und col on 2 ctirn Q1 44c.'es. M G M FOOD STORE The Home of Ouolity Eood PI-IONE 70 Sheldon, Iowo TEXACO SERVICE STATION ToM BYERS, Prop. I-Icivoline ond Texoco Oils Gos, Lubrication, Accessories Phone 42 PRIMGI-IAR, IOWA Best Wishes from Mwmwmm, WOLFF STORE SHELDON, iowA .1 a 1 v 1 1 1 7 i 1 I 6--ui , X, xo U D 9 Q r 'n v r .v ii LEE WILLIAMS --o- I CLIFF'S COAST TO COAST 1...9...... AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES General Trucking ELECTRIC eooos ' HARDWARES HOUSEWARES LIVESTOCK AND GRAIN SpORTlNG GOODS 1.1 Sheldon, lowo one I3 Archer, lowo O Congrolulotioris From 1..... O'BRlEN COUNTY COOPERATIVE CREAMERY Elutfcr - Cheese - Milk Powder 'Condensed Whey - Skim ond Buttermilk ....-Afvv-.Afvvvvvvvv-no puunnunnfwnnvv-Annvvnav SANBORN, IOWA TELEPHONE l3O QUALITY PRODUCTS nnownrwfi 41 l -4 I 7 1 1 KOPP'S CAFE Lunches Steoks - Chicken Beer Soft Drinks Cigorettes - Phone 357 - l Primghor, lowo HARDWARES SPORTING GOODS MARSHALL-WELLS STORE Sheldon, Iowo APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES THE GREY SHOP Lodies Reody-to-Weor .-.toii sHEi.ooN, iowA 597' 3 Q F I' I I ,,3f V. 4 ffj -'w A U. 'Q ' an Bb- A I Y-1 .."Wv' U gg. -B: ANIMAL L0Vf:1'.S fm 'se cc P fel- 2- ffrcfv l , LOHFFKS - , P - V. -,-vu-.uv cffnug Rosle? JTEfv-snuff MF- .A Scwfzz E, sz CONSEQMENCES PHL5 TRY1NG THEIR WINGS JL-3-.H-gu- U E --il., ELITE CLEANERS V E EEEE no Sonborn, lowo 7 SPAINVS BARBER SHOP w-9,,- Po tronoge Apprec io fed W 1 Sheldon, lowo IF THEVRE NOT BECOMING TO YOU Cf - A! THA SHOULD BE COMING TO US --,4m ,w-W-,HoiMTSW-qi" STARRETT BROS. ..-Q.. Your Dsporfment Store Sheldon, lowo . f.Q-1 K' a ' f, ., ,W , . 5 ? , X U ggi fhiim 'u -,,. - 5 Q..G,K...A. ,gg 3339, Q Tfliiifi dj ,,, - Qi du' i X unovv 'mpgs OOPS .7 I ' -3,3 U Il- CHHDPEN pi., XA KATA 'YAKATA l SOFTIES n 4 EDMQATOQ Fi La!g,v 1.-si R' - +-1-' f3 15 un- ,f "' ,Mr .Il l??..,.t 1' V. v. PEEAGH- 800 CHARUE - f' ,LQ '- w u f fx ,A 67" os ' v 'S '- dh I lrfg' 'L ' L , 'f'- iwe 1 Rugs THRE E HEADS 8 INSPIRED LUMBER FENCE J F ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY C W sCol.Es M Og PHONE 70 Sonborn Iowo IVERT Quolaty Furnnture Armstrong Lvnoleum PHONE 40 PRIMGHAR IOWA NITE 55 ANIWERQOI I I-I ATCHERY Chucks of Dustlnchon Purlno Chows Lioti PHONE I9 PRIMGHAR IOWA ,- 1 I -If . A , on er I PAINT -2- COAL S E ' S NI I A ,MTH UR, C O Y ? fjff, SLIP emo Y f ,..: Eg 15 ew w hy 3 fp? Q A if W, ..,.:. .15 A. .11-... . 'ff' .fm I MAJ -. M, ' "x ,f We J- I ' Z.- 7,-Le' 1 ' BOTTOMS UP FRED GUARDS GARBAGE MANLY E if , at ,M -' H 's n 1. - l im- If fbgfbr ., 4 iff " X E fr- , ie,Q mg - Y,-I A s K,5!,"'Qf:- 4 Q ' ,-IQQK - SHIP HHOT CLOSEHUP 4 DE JONG and FEDDERS HATCHERY Buy - Eggs and Poultry Sell - Wayne Feeds, Hi-Line Chicks .....g..,. PHONE 5lO SHELDON, IOWA CHUCK'S GROCERY Fancy Meats -1- Quality Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Pi-ioNE iis sANBoRN, iowfx G. E. Electrical Appliances House Wiring .ici WESTSIDE ELECTRIC PHONE 237 PRIMGHAR, iowA an +.w'2w IDSo cl RLS ix SPEED NUTS TE4 fwfr GRHDUHTES :U mtl CUT: E WI LLT NG fl7"y.? x X1 FIFSTUFY SATNKDA J , If . ' 'LS S BANQ5 ii f - M yn Y L PRIMGHAR SAVINGS BANK SATTERLEE BARBER SHOP I I I .... ...Q... L I I Full Line of Your Friendly Farmers' and Sfockmans' I I TONICS Bank, will welcome your account, I I SHAMPOOS if it be large or small I and I I HAIR OIL YOU WILL LIKE OUR SERVICE I - js Laundry Agency Dry Cleaning :L 7-5 . Y , I PRIMGHAR, IOWA VVE WORK BY APPOINTMENT Phone 259R2 Compliments of AL DUEIS MOTOR COMPANY ,,,......1...i-l- Ford S ales and Service Complete Body and Fender Service ,,... ... PHONE IO4 SHELDON, IOWA , For The BEST BUILDING MATERIALS ---See--- F. M. SLAGLE Sz CO HOSPERS ond SH ELDON il I . I 1il1 zl..-ll- 6 MORE NEWS Q MORE PICTURES I MORE FARM SALE ADVERTISING Only Audited Circulation In The Entire Sheldon Areci IIQ -ZOO Papers Printed Every Week" MORE PEOPLE READ THE HELDON MAIL -l, 7------43:1 ---r-v:-- -1 A Z J Pruce Per Box 8Oc PX. US Yol R STATE SALES TA Z For All Deusms I hrfut lift 56311866ELXGHIUIQYEKERXQICE 4925 Glendale KANSAS CITY 4 MISSOURI .Z -1, V - l , ' 3- A ' 'gf " m s im if Y af K ' I ., .fgxir-5 ig!! Afvlfl A , X v V " , 4 ,N . '. -gg.. .' L- s ' 1 Q , X E41 X Xxx, - - , . N ,J 5? R: f-S Xrx g QV? I 'l' v . , 1 x l9'f."fl L7 ' C. ., DQS?-1.1 'ff T 'wwf i5Q'I'E.f 'Il X , ANDERSON FOOD MARKET Fruits ond Vegetables Frozen Foods Meots FREE CITY DELIVERY PHONE 35 Primghor, lowo Prepare for the Future . . . x I "rv- no Wishing You Success ond SGXXXXAYXQH Hoppiness in Your 5. QGW X WIJ A 55 Future Problems r-:' O... i i"'1'i 'W-------'U---f B U I LD ANYTH I NG no. uza ......,.,....,..,.,,.,,,,,,,,--R.. me Named Aoomon T0 THE wivslulnsusslz PSQIIAIE HOIE BUILDING SEIVICE Sheldon, lowo DAV-S0 CORK BACK BULLETIN BOARDS For Use In FACTORIES SCHOOLS OFFICES STORES CHURCHES CLUBS PUBLIC BUILDINGS HOSPITALS SALES ROOMS The above Illustration shows the 24 x 38 size S QA 9 9 DAVSON Cork Bock Bulletm Board with single ut mm, , CC K 13 k Bdllgim Bgggd plain, wg QI, In qlau door lock and key See pnce hst glass doo, S99 png., 1,31 PRICE LIST DAV SON Cork Buck Bulletm Boards are con structed wrth lxqht walnut fmzsh frames Post mg surface consrsts of V4 cork mounted on A 3 ply veneer These Bulletms ore mode to lcxst as only the fmest muterrols ore used Fumhhod In the following :Ixos and llylla Order by Slylo and Suu STYLE PLAIN NO GLASS 3 STYLE SINGLE SEI' IN GLASS DOOR x 24 x70 STYLE TWO SETI' IN GLASS DOORS FOB Chl ofwo Spocx l rvle prices S 415 575 920 1465 1750 SH 50 17 50 2000 san 00 32 50 31 25 36 25 mes ami Fxmshos The cbs'-e xllus ro xcn I us If x U3 sxze DAVSON Cork Bock Eu' etm BCC d xx h two ne! m qlusl doors l rn cool kov See prfce lla! D,S,R,,,U,ORS SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE DDU 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4 MISSOURI I U " Carle 111-Jgemem h -'S th 24" x ee" 51: I WW I I 1 n P I - 12:" X aa"-I I, ,.,, I I I I 18" 1 24" I I I I ,I I 2401 e" I .I II . as" X ras" I, , ,I I I I ae" X eo" ,.,. I I, , I 24" . " ..... I 24" 1 se" I sol' x 48" II ,I I so" X so" II I ...,. ,... I II I I I ae" X 48" I , . se" x en" I. I I I H MH H h V I it AH - - U ,F x A , 1 5,1 A , -' 1 2 .shin-V' so I MIM A I A 'II r 'LI I GM I ,WI IIAVI A-CIIANGEABII IEIIEII UR CORK BUIIEIIN FUR IVIRYINIEU-EUNSUII US ,- YZ.-,EES GREENLEE FOOD MARKET Where Your S Has More Cents Quality Meats, Fruits and Vegetables PHoNE 206 Prirnghar, Iowa ARMOUIHTS CREAMERI ES Cash Buyers ot Pouitry Eggs ,........9....... Phone 57 Route Service Sheldon, Iowa Compliments of THE WHITE HOUSE This is the Suit Store ......O-1.. su-IELDON, lowA ,, ma 1 n1 'il Boosters SHELDON Wilson s Quollty Foods NN:ekornp Bros Trucking Service Von Oorth C1 Korselmon Sfonclord Service Moclern Appllonce Ver Hoff 6' Hoze 1. Trio Grill Qoyce Hotel Ploth Bokery C M Overlee Plumber Johnson s Cofe SANBORN Swonson Horclwore Sonborn Bokery Rosello s Beouty Shop Sonborn Co op Grcun Compcany PRIMGHAR G H Beckley Roy M Hughes nzclword Leemkusl F G Merrill H Hofmeyer Prnmghor Locker Hub Hotel l I I f n Q ' 1 I I lNill F. Koiser I' . . ' 9 f5 v

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