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1 , .i .L.k Qifyg 'g.'4 yww ' .awk ,, w I wh-V xn, A ,. -,L H WPG 'ag - lL,,.....g,..ov'-' , N. Q B! -'1 ,...-4-s---1-q..1... W -4, mi W, ' ' 'Q f.. S" 'af 4. 'Q 4 ' QQ . . clhf,0.'f. . . ' V mit.-4 QQ ,Ng 'Wi E xxx-I. . wi 49 ' ff' as Nnwf iff! il ' 'V j 1.1.13 ww Www Bawfixmapw 'O fy Mmvdyf MZ! WQMQTQWJ wwf jwfwmiff 'fffjffb xv!! Q J if M M, Q WWW iw M ,s ?ig g5s5s 4 J ,VV , ' WG ' M .., . ws Q "MQ MWA? PM Q3 0, ' LJ e fa 1 ' K ow X A WJ . VM . V9 :QW ,wb O N A Hwfiiidw E , 4, Ri W J XM WV I 1 WS ilk X X - a 3f NfN X sl? iii XY-vig' My ww gw . 4 xifa x Lp.:-.1 LQ., ' A in gjfxn- Vvf,-L s WM q1,v..n,,'. , A As . Ma! 6 U 70 XNW , WW L I me AV W sail? ildc VOLUME I5 WM QJCWW X Y' .xv X W 5 IN MEMORIAM In her devotion to duty as a teacher, superior in every regard, in her love for youth, unique and genulne,1n her Christian character, a true saint, Mrs. A. W. Beard will be remembered with unfailing regard. Her true memorial will be in the hearts of the many who knew the influence of this lovely woman. We the Wildcat Staff Proudly DEDICATE To you who have made a permanent place for your- selves in the hearts of all the student body and corn- mrmity by your Christian service and high ideals and standards which are reflected in our school and grad- uates by the lessons learned here, scholastically and otherwise. SUPERIN TEN DENT'S MESSAGE If I could leave a worthwhile thought with the students of the Archer City High School, it would be that success in life does not depend on genius. Any yotmg man of ordinary intelligence, who is morally sound, above-board in his deal- ings, and not afraid of work, should succeed in spite of ob- stacles and handicaps - if he plays the game fairly and squarely and keeps everlastingly at it. The possibilities be- fore one are measured by the determination within one. Since this will be my last year as Superintendent of the Archer City Schools, Iwant to express my appreciation to the students, teacners, boards of education, and other per- sonnel with whom I have worked for the cooperation and consideration given me in myeffort to direct the school pro- gram. I shall never forget you, and my prayers will always be for your success in your school and personal endeavors. Cys. ks , , SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: S. A. FRERICH A. J. MORRIS, Vice President BEN MOORE CARLTON MCKINNEY, President AMOS PARSLEY CECIL HAIGOOD CHARLEY KING, Secretary GYM ELEMENTARY HIGH SCHOOL SHOP HOMEMAKING COTTAGE X ,QMQSX VK W M. x, - U xx., Y 2 img .gaM,gW,-vQ- I 'N 5 W. R ,wggwq . W K ma Q 5 Q 'V rf.. 7 My -, '- '. -.4 Nihlim X X, 'Wx -Q 5.3 NiM.Nms- f5Wf25'1..,x Am QA X. , X V Q w ex X-' . v QQVM K fy XxQ+X3.XN'qfx?fM V N x Mig, R.52Q"" X A ,vm ,Y X.,. A X fw-.wwfw -. X H' ' - X .. K xx A X, . . se-MTX Superintendent J. F. GERRON Secretary MRS. GERRON MR. CLIFFORD L. BAILEY, High School Principal Senior Sponsor MISS BETTY SUE LOBSTEIN High School Secretary MR. A. C. WALLACE, M.E Grade School Principal M. E. MRS. DOROTHY BROCK Grade School Secretary MISS LAVONDA JORDAN, B. S Home Economics Junior Sponsor MISS AMELIA SPENCER, B. S. Science IV Annual Sponsor MR. RICHARD PEROT, B. M. Band Director Orchestra Choral Club Sophomore Sponsor MR. BOBBY A. PATRICK, B.S History Football Coach "B" Boys' Basketball Coach Physical Education MR. FRED McCOWN, B. Shop Mechanical Drawing Freshman Sponsor Girls' Basketball Coach MR. JAMES C. BEATTY, B. S. Mathematics Sophomore Sponsor MRS. LAVERN CEARLEY, World History English III Junior Sponsor MISS CHLOE BYERS, A. Music MR. HOBART LYTAL, B Civics Boys' Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Track Coach General Math MRS. L. N. BARTON, B. Shorthand TYP5-U8 Cat's Claw Sponsor MRS. J. D. MULLIS, M. Librarian English I Student Council Sponsor Freshman Sponsor MRS. C. C. CROWLEY, English Il, IV Senior Sponsor MISS IDA HAWKINS, B. S Junior High Social Studies MR. BOBBY PAGE, B.S. Science Physical Education Junior High Coach MR. F. U. POWELL, B.A Junior High Math MRS. JAMES TRENT, B.S Junior High English MR. DEAN FISHER, B. S. , M. E Sixth Grade MRS. HOBART LYTAL Sixth Grade MRS. D. A. BROTHERS, M. E. Fifth Grade MRS. GENE GANN, M. A. Fifth Grade MRS. EDITH LEVELL, B. S. Second Grade MRS. GORDON ELMORE, B.S. First Grade MRS. R. O. BENNETT, M. A. First Grade MRS. NELL GILLILAND, B.S. Second Grade MRS. BARBARA PAGE, B.S. Fourth Grade MISS FRANCES DUREN, M. E Third Grade MRS. TROY WELLS, M. E. Third Grade MRS. A. C. WALLACE Fourth Grade f7"VLW' " Y w 49" -7. wif? "2 , il M zu AE, V" L" in T5iQ'Ff .K- I I Y. 9 ,M I -un ' .Q ul ...lg J' .'.' 4 F f A Q 5 TS- g' 'Yr :P 'lt' 5 vw- N sux. P , F . x-Vx. x51 . ALR' 15, Q, I fl .iff . 11 .J 4.. ,y J -JV N ,K-' if 1 ' f . .44 :xp ' . If mar '49-Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GOWDY SI-ACK, President SHARON THURBER, Treasurer KSTINE, Vice President y ARTHUR EC LEANN KIRKLAND, Secretar SALUTATORIAN DONNA HORANY VALEDICTORIAN BEN ADAMS BUTCH ADAMS "A" Club 2 Football 3 Junior Play Press Club 3 staff 2 Track 2 4-H Club 2 Officer 2 Interscholastic League Arts 8: Crafts 1 Speech Play 2 GLENDA COVINGTON Basketball 4 Press Club 2 Library Club 1 4-H Club 3 Officer 1 Choral Club 1 Cheerleader 2 Best Dressed 1 CLAUDE MORRISON Football 1 Ranch Week Can didate 1 JOE BENTON Basketball 2 Football 2 Baseball 1 4-H Club 4 Officer 1 DONNA HORANY Band 4 Junior Play Press Club 4 Staff 3 Class Officer 2 Library Club 1 FHA 1 Choral Club 1 BETTE JANSEN Library Club 1 FHA 1 Future Teachers 2 Officer 2 4-H Club 1 Speech Play Editor 1 Annual Staff Arts 8: Crafts Club 2 Officer 1 Cheerleader 1 MIKE PICKETT "A" Club 3 Band 4 Officer 1 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 Football 3 Junior Play Track 1 Stage Band 3 Annual staff Arts 82 Crafts 2 Interscholastic League 3 JIMMY SINGLETON Football 1 Arts 8: Crafts 1 WAYNE BROWNING "A" Club 2 Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Football 4 Track 4 4-H Club 1 Arts 8a Crafts 1 NEVA JO RHODES Band 4 Library Club 1 FHA 1 Future Teachers 1 Interscholastic League 3 Arts 8: Crafts 1 Choral Club 1 MARGIE MART IN Band 4 Basketball 2 Junior Play Stage Band 2 Library Club 4 Officer 1 FHA 1 4-H Club 1 RONNIE GORE Baseball 1 Football 2 Arts 8a Crafts 2 ARTHUR ECKSTINE "A" Club 2 Band 4 Football 3 Junior Play Track 4 Class Officer 1 Stage Band 4 Boxing 1 Interscholastic League 3 PAT MAXWELL Band 4 Basketball 1 Junior Play Stage Band 3 FHA 1 4-H Club 1 Arts 8: Crafts 1 Interscholastic League 4 Choral Club 1 DONALD HARRELSON Basketball 1 4-H Club 1 ROSALEE ESSLER Press Club 1 staff 1 Student Council 1 Officer 1 4-H Club 2 BUTCH EUSTACE "A" Club 4 Basketball 3 Football 4 Junior Play Student Council 3 Track 2 Class Officer 1 4-H Club 2 Class Favorite 1 Student Body 2 Officer 2 BETTY LOU VLETH Band 4 4-H Club 1 lnterscholastic League 3 Arts 8: Crafts 1 Choral Club 1 TOM FARMER Band 4 Basketball 3 Junior Play Press Club 3 Library Club 2 FHA 2 4-H Club 1 Arts 8: Chafts 1 Choral Club 1 Majorette 4 interscholastic League 3 RICHARD KRAHL Baseball 2 EMILIA YEAGER Band 3 Majorette 2 Basketball 2 Press Club 3 Staff 2 Student Council 1 Stage Band 2 Class Officer 1 Library Club 1 FHA 1 Interscholastic Lea g Class Favorite 1 GUY STRICKLAND "A" Club 4 Basketball 3 Football 3 Track 3 4-H Club 1 Arts 8: Crafts 2 Class Favorite 1 Ile GOWDY SLACK "A" Club 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 2 Football 4 Track 4 4-H Club 1 Student Council 2 Class Officer 2 Ranch King 1 lnterscholastic League 4 MYRLE HANSHEW Basketball 1 Future Teachers 1 Arts 8: Crafts 1 DALE MOORE "A" Club 2 Football 4 Junior Play Student Council 2 Officer 1 Track 1 Class Officer 2 4-H Club 1 Officer 1 Boxing 1 SHARON THURBER Band 3 Officer 1 Press Club 3 staff 2 4-H Club 2 Officer 1 Future Teachers 1 Officer 1 Class Officer 1 Arts 8: Crafts 1 Interscholastic League 3 DOTTIE MURPHY Band 3 Majorette 3 Basketball 2 Stage Band 3 Class Officer 2 Library Club 2 Annual Staff 3 Choral Club 1 Tennis 1 Interscholastic League 2 BENJAMIN BUERGER Basketball 1 Baseball 2 4-H Club 3 Officer 2 Arts 8a Crafts 2 SANDRA MORRISON Press Club 1 Class Officer 1 Library Club 1 FHA 1 Future Teachers 2 Officer 2 4-H Club 2 Arts 8a Crafts 1 Choral Club 1 Ranch Queen 1 HANK LIGHT "A" Club 4 Basketball 4 Football 4 Press Club 2 Staff 1 Track 4 Arts 8a Crafts 2 SUE McMURTRY Band 4 Ma jorette 2 Drum Majorette 1 Basketball 3 Junior Play Press Club 3 Staff 1 Student Council 1 Stage Band 2 Library Club 2 Football Sweetheart 1 Interscholastic League 4 VIRGIL DUGAN Basketball 1 Football 1 Track 2 4-H Club 2 Choral Club 1 GAYLE KNOX Band 4 FHA 2 Arts 81, Crafts 1 Interscholastic League 3 LEANN KIRKLAND Band 4 Officer 2 Junior Play Press Club 3 Staff 1 Library Club 1 FHA 1 4-H Club 2 Future Teachers 2 Class Officer 2 Class Favorite 1 Band Sweetheart 1 Interscholastic League 4 Speech Play 1 YY-9 S-v, 960 35005 Swim ,Wm 'Lax CXUSSKOS N1 . . . NRS. Que YAYQ Xwoopcixos . . Yve4.Xix1xXeS 9. qcwlek QOCPAJ 9'-OXJO ..... . Nxt. Yixckx-M6 Yemx VSWY-QXWKECIYXOS 'YO SYSBXKYM . . Som. 3. VS. Gecfoxx 599905 ..... . Yvvl, 5. 9. Ceaiei ?SY592'90X31 , Gow, XXoX31" , . . . bxxdxmce Yvifixfi-OXCWXOS . . . Yvef1NNXava 001. YrY5Cf3E55XQS by . XMB. Goa EXBQ 0:30215 Semi WaXsXx 92.436 'Se-X9-509 X3-gfxetemee Samara Yoxms M631 'Veneer . e 3'S'zds!s, Xefaifx faux Ueexx -4uflf1I1VCE1lfl'7JVT E-YEROISES mwah May 2Z 1960 PROOESSIONAL . . . Jim 00e Ellllv IYVVOOATIOIV . . Sharon Tlzllz-bel' SALUTATORP . . . . . Donna 1101-any SO1VGX"Tbe Halls of Ivy" . . Seazbz- G13-Ja Noble Hopes Pole TOMORROW" . Pat Maxwell PIANO SOLO . . . . . . Sue af0AflII'Z'IfP VALEDIOTORP . . . . Bea Adams CLASS SONG ....... "JIU You Always" PRESEN714 QYOJV ORA W41-308 . . . Supa J 117 Gen-011 PRESENTATION olw olqss . . Pub. owls: Ig Balvey PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS . . Supa J IQ Gen-on BEJVEDIOTION . . . . . L ECFSSIONAL . 94-lla Qiklahd . 01133 Ooe Ellzb SENIOR CLASS 1960 JOURNEY TO THE HIGHWAY OF GRADUATION As we, the Seniors of 1960, approach our graduation date, we remember vividly the wonderful years we have enjoyed during what we might call our Journey to the High- way of Graduation. Let's look back over the paths of our first years in Ar- cher City Grade School. Yes, it was in September of 1949, Mrs. Elmore and Mrs. Bennett, as they regretfully smiled back and tried to separate the mischievous from the more mischievous. Let's look back over these people: there sat: Wayne Browning, boy wonder: Glenda Covington, all freckles, mouth, and blonde hair: Patricia Kay Farmer, lTomj, stout and stocky: and Virgil Dugan, big, brawny, but really quite intelligent. And who was the kid with his long brown locks parted in the middle? Oh, Lemmie Elmo, of course. fWe all know Lemmie as our distinguished Student Body President, Butch Eustace, and he was every bit as distinguished look- ing thenlj That brat with his thumb in his mouth and his eye on the little girls must surely be Ronnie Jo Gore! ! And then, Donna Horany, all big brown eyes and stringy black hair fbelieve it or notlj. Bettye Jansen followed, lean, lanky, and bossy even then! Then came bouncy and cheerful Pa- tricia Maxwell! Wou1dn't you just know it! Sue McMurtry was on the scene with her mother. Just cou1dn't get used to being away from her, could you, Sue? That girl cried every day for the first six weeks! The Morrison's were well represented by Claude Jr. and Sandra Ann. Cute kids, those two, Junior with his devilish grin, and Sandra with her dangling blonde pigtails. This next kid could easily FLY with those BARS! OH! ! It's Mike Pickett. Well, I guess he finally grew to them. Dimples Slack we called him then, as Gowdy swayed lnto the room winking at all the girls. Wow! What a guy, even at Six! And last, but not least, I, LeAnn Kirkland, :ame stumbling in - all mouth, eyes, and long skinny f?J Legs! 'I'hus we concluded our first year's walk on our path lnto the thicket of grade school. The same group of "mental wonders" continued to walk on through the second grade. As we journeyed on to :hlrd grade we picked up pretty, perky Emilia Yeager, with mer receding hair line, and beautiful big red ears. Fighting our way furiously through Mrs. Trent and Miss 3lymer's fourth grade, we found Jerry fHankj Light, who :hen showed the possibilities of becoming a notorious Casa- ioval Going steadily deeper into the thicket, we were able :o pick up Richard Krahl, Rosalee Essler, Betty Lou Vieth, and Donald Harrellson in the fifth grade. All of these people were astonishingly quiet and surprisingly enough have re- mained so, with the exception of Rosalee, who began jab- bering the following year, and hasn't been quiet since then! I ! As our journey took us into the sixth grade, we ac- quired Sharon Thurber, with her exacting ways, and Dale Moore, with his pearly white rabbits' teeth and big green eyes. Horrified, we crept into the seventh grade, where we were in the able hands of Miss Ida Hawkins and Mr. Don Waldrip, During this year, we were greeted by the dry wit and slow ways of Margit Martin. Thus we finished our walk through the thicket some may call Grade School. Upon leaving the path through the thicket we knew nothing of the many changes which were in store for us when we embarked upon our journey through Junior High. Stomping deep into the jungle of Junior High, we were able to conquer enough knowledge to complete these stud- ies in ONLY one year! But WHAT a year! Yes, we left our mark - - - on everybody and everthing we touched! During this hectic year we added to the confusion Arthur Eckstine, with his gangly legs, and quick wit, and Joe Ben- ton, with his quiet, unassuming ways. After this year of unsound, though happy times, we made our escape into the wilderness of High School. Another eventful year came our way as we journeyed past Eighth grade graduation, with only one mishap, fPat fell up the stairs as she made a run for her diplomaj. Thus, we went merrily on into our debut as High School Freshmen. During this year we gained the very studious, Ben Adams, the not so studious, Ben Buerger, and Neva Jo Rhoades, with her solemn wit. Going further into the wilderness we found perky and freckled, Myrle fSunshineJ Hanshew at the close of our Sophomore year. No additions were made as we moved steadily on into our Junior year. As we embarked on our last months in the wilderness, we heard the vivacious laugh of Dottie Anne Murphy, and turned to greet her into our class. Then, at the last side road to the highway of graduation we were greeted by the cheerful grumble of Mr. Bailey, and the antics of Mrs. Crowley, who, joined with our room mothers, Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Jansen, prepared to lead us into our last days in Archer City High School. These last weeks are our Journey ON the Highway of Graduation. They are full of more excitement than per- haps any of the years past. We thank all those who have made our school life so enjoyable. Yes, we stand before you, the Archer City High School Senior Class of 1960!! PROPHECY If we should gaze into the "Crystal Ball" tonight and axplore the mysteries of the future, this is what we would :robably find for the class of 1960. I see GOWDY SLACK riding through New York City 'ollowed by his thousands of fans: as he enters the new, fabulous theater, "The Texas House, " he is crowded by millions of teen-age girls seeking an autograph. Why? "Well, " said Gowdy, "somebody had to take Fabian's place. " PROPHECY I can see DONNA HORANY as the author of a well- known book entitled "Ten Ways To Improve Your Height. " In the future, I see SHARON THURBER as the head of a huge hospital in New York. This old maid rules with a stern hand and a cruel heartl I I see MIKE PICKETT fifty years from now as the same old bachelor and man about town that he has always been - - - still chasing girls, girls, and more girls. I see BUTCH EUSTACE, ten years from now, still washing dishes at the Spur Coffee Shop. We must give credit to Mary Sue - - - How did she do it? BETTE JANSEN is seen teaching the first grade in Archer. The first grade is composed mostly of her chil- dren. Bette - do you have a hard time trying to get them to learn? SANDRA MOMUSON is seen as the first woman on the moon. Seems as if she was used as a Chemistry experi- ment. "How is it up there, Sandra?" NEVA JO RHODES is seen as a writer of a 1ove-lorn- column in the Archer City Newspaper. Neva, will you ever progress? In years to come, I see that A. C. H. S. is composed mostly of redheads who belong to .none-other than BEN BUERGER, I see MYRLE HANSHEW after her quiet ways in high- school as a champion yodeler in the Swiss Alps. Come on, yodel for us. I see PAT MAXWELL sitting in a Freshman English room still trying to learn to spell cat - - - C A T in- stead of K A T. 'The only odd thing about it is that Pat is only 83. Ten years from now I see RONNIE GORE as Professor of Mathematics. He gave up cars, hot-rodding, and girls. Believe it or not! ! I My how teachers have changed! ll A strong breeze and whiff of far, far prairies, a girl of the plains - a pioneer of distant wildness and vastness: - riding bareback over the broad spaces comes - Speed-Demon BETTY VIETH!! Look high into the air, higher! You will see LeANN KIRKLAND practicing for the tight-rope spectacular. She is truing to stand on her finger, so far she has not succeeded. Will she succeed? How gracefully she floats. It couldn't be done, and I think the point was proved. "Come in and Dance," is a sign that hangs over EMILIA YEAGER'S neat, dancing studio. She is teaching the art of dancing to her close friends, "Peat" and "RepeatI" In the dim and misty future I see DALE MOORE. His beard is turning white, and the gray in his hair is very rec- ognizable, - - - but what are those things he's still cling- ing to: none other than - his hot rod jacket and black motorcycle boots! I And his wheel chair is still the fastest in the hospital. ROSALEE ESSLER is till living in Scotland and waiting until she gets up the nerve to pop the question to Edward. Meanwhile, she is waiting tables in Joe's Jerk House. A woman of strong mind, strong will, and strong sub- ject - - - an old maid demonstrating her independence of men. Her name escapes me - Wait - - - Oh, yesll It is MARGIE MARTIN. The water was parting, just then DONALD HARRELSON appeared. Attached to him was some odd looking equip- ment. It must have been strictly for the fishl The roar of motors is heard above. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Noi It's BUTCH ADAMS, after he cut thirty- four thousand heads of hair. Butch has finally made enough money to get an airplane license. Looks as if he'll have to cut twice that many to get an airplane! The crystal ball is getting dimmer. Oh! Waitl I see TOM FARMER driving a bus on a Tour of Archer City. He is quite an authority on the places to go in this thriving metropolis. A blur passes my eyes as I look at the 'crystal ball. " I see JOE BENTON teaching a group of professionals how to ski, or the other way around. Joe hasn't quite mastered the art, but give him time and money and he will. You'll learn, won't you, Joe? Now coming into view, is another one of Archer City's former citizens. It is GLENDA COVINGTON. She has just gotten married again for the seventh time. What! This one's a cowboy. Well, why not! Just a minute! I think I recognize this one. Wasn't he the one that was on NAME THAT TUNE. I see VIRGIL DUGAN back at A. C. H. S. teaching Eng- lish. He is taking Mrs. Crow1ey's place, who by a slight accident was left in Washington, D. C. What will Chester say about this class! Ten years from now, I see WAYNE BROWNING as chief car-hop at the famous Anabeth Drive-In in Graham. "Does "Doesn't he make a cute one?" Years from now I see ARTHUR ECKSTINE, Vice Presi- dent of the "What Is Thine Is Mine, Loan Company." Yes, it's the same ole Arthur of A. C. Pencil in hand, paper on the desk, and asleep. It seems as if Arthur never gets enough sleep. How come, Arthur? I see CLAUDE, JR. owner of a famous night club in Mexico with a great comedy team of JIMMY SINGLETON, and RICHARD KRAHL. I see DOTTIE MURPHY modeling for the chevrolet corporation. Seems as if she had some extra 'Green-backs' left from the Senior Trip. She didn't want to throw them away, so she started the Murphy Gum-Popping Corporation with a new gum just put out called the AMAZING GREEN GUM. I see SUE McMURTRY as the Dean of T. W. U. teaching t.he famous steps in the art of waddling. HANK LIGHT has just published -his novel "The Art of Understanding Women. " He has indicated to his publishers that his next novel will be entitled "How To Woo and Win Women. " It should be a success with boys, and Hank will need a wheel-barrel to hold all those fan " Letters. " CLASS WILL The members of the senior class of Archer City High School, being of bewildered mind, of weak heart, and being on the verge of departing for realms unknown, do make, publish and declare this our last will ana testament. Article I - Having spent all our money on senior class rings, pins, trip, commencement invitations and rental on graduation gowns, we are in bankrupt circumstances. We eamestly pray that we shall have enough friends left to take care of all our debts left at the soda fountains, our library fines, and any other unpaid obligations. ArticleH - We intended to leave all our brains and knowl- edge to the freshmen of next year, but on second thought, realizing the sophomores would treat them rough at the beginning of another term, we have decided to place them in safe keeping, and so request that they be left to the juniors. Article Ill - To the members of the faculty in general, we will our penmanship ability, in order that they may learn in recording grades, the lower line should not be left off the printed form ofthe capital E. Article IV - To the student body as a whole, we leave an automatic electrical machine which is guaranteed to write any and every type of excuse which will pass the scrutinizing eye of our principal, Mr. Bailey. with the use of these machines, it will be possible to cut classes and by pressing the proper lever, you will receive an ex- cuse which states that you were unable to be in school the previous day due to a severe case of smallpox. Article V - In our private locker, located in the base- ment and safely guarded by the janitor, will be found a secret formula for a special brand of chewing gum. This gum has the special characteristic of suddenly disappearing when inquisitive faculty members get too inquisitive. This formula is willed to the care of Tommy Eustace and Lucre- tia Mullis. Article VI - Our seats in assembly are willed and be- queathed to the next year freshmen in order that they may not have to buy season tickets for the high school assem- blies. Article VII - Hank Light has decided, since he has such a prolific beard, to divide it between Jerry Walsh and David Schlabs. Claude Morrison wills his '54 Chevy, minus a few minor parts, - bumpers, grill, and rear window, to Bud Lowack. May you enjoy it as much as I have. Myrle Hanshew leaves her freckles and chair in Geometry to Sandy Graham. Emilia Yeager leaves her mousey ways to Fem Deen. Stay in there and squeak, Fernl Joe Benton leaves his ardent note-writing ability and his chewing gum to Larry Canady. Sandra Morrison leaves to Jeanie Bratt her pony tail and long-legged boyfriends. Glenda Covington leaves her ability to keep her foot in her mouth disease to Gwen Yeager. Tom Farmer wills her ability to concentrate diligently for sixteen hours a day to Tony Pollock. Gowdy Slack leaves his cute dimples and crimson blush to Judy Glenn. May they do for her what they have done for him. Donald Harrelson wills his loud mouth and his domlneer- ing .personality to Billie Gentry. Rosalee Essler leaves her much-used eraser fwhat's left of it after the boys in English IV finish with ity and her soft. sweet voice to Lena Petit. LeAnn Kirkland leaves her quiet, reserved manner and her lovely disposition to Glenda Alsup. Bette Jansen and Mike Pickett leave their sweet platonic friendship to Rex Jarvis and Eileen Marsh. Sharon Thurber leaves her tight- fisted money-collecting ability to Donna Findley. Margie Martin leaves her Holliday road map to Carolene Allen. Ronnie Gore leaves his magnetism for younger girls and his hot rod literature to LeRoy Smith. Sue McMurtry leaves her "waddle" and duck tall to Lucretia Mullis. Burch Eustace leaves his forcefulness to girls to Brent Proffitt. Neva Jo Rhodes leaves her shorthand ability and lst flute position to Gayle Stewart. Pat Maxwell wills to Mr. Perot, her watch, and offers a prayer for next year's band, hoping that maybe he won't march completely through lunch hour. Richard Krahl leaves his calm, cool, and collected ways and his gift of gab to Tommye Jane Mullis. Jimmy Singleton, without regret, leaves his seat in physics class to Jimmy Owens. Dale Moore leaves his bugs bunny type front teeth to Judy Thurber. Happy carrot-eating. Virgil Dugan leaves his excessive physical and mental speed to Harrell Cross. Butch Adams leaves his gambling ability and his scholas- tic achievements to Carlton Deen. Donna Horany wllls her height. which helps to attract tall boys to Sandra Porter. Dottie Murphy wills the bow in her hair to Ronnie Reed for his ducktail. Arthur Eckstine, with due consideration, does will his left-handed monkey wrench to Jimmy Pitts. Use it right, Jimmy. Benjamin Buerger wills his red hair to Butch McLemore so he won't have to spend money on hair dye. Wayne Browning wills his cigarettes and his chair in English III and IV to Frank Truelove. Article VIII - To the worthy superintendent of schools, we leave all the good thoughts that assembly speakers have attempted to pass on to us. We, full of ambitions, have no room in our already too full heads, for these thoughts. This bequest is made to the superintendent of schools with the kindest of consideration and after much deliberation, although he will not be with us next year. We wish him -all the happiness in the world and are sorry that he will no longer be with us. All our other worldly belongings, consisting of note- books, pencils, athletic records, and many other things too numerous to mention, including all the scholastic and other honors we have ever had, we direct the executor of this will to sell at public auction, the proceeds to be used to build a new high school. Article IX - with the utmost appreciation of our faculty, we hereby will and direct there be delivered to them all our other possessions from our personal property. In witness whereof . we, the senior class of Archer City High School, have to this, our last will and testament, subscribed our names this 6th day of May, 1960. SPIYIUR PIA Y "ME AND MY SHADOW" The New MQSTQQ- , masier I om xjovr SYQVQU I n,w my wq 3 L.o"'e.I Q40 vgt Y IS She dead? flxsx C053 ' Shack 4 WS? E P55 b as . 8 F 1 QQ', Ng. f ,, R I' 'Q' ik Q, L N wwtigvol 'T- gatllqf. RQIURC ci , XL Q rvw SQ ,, R. - 4, 5 u13:.:5::.. VW 3' f . R QM +G P ff 3 r f 5 fix l 1 ,, .X ay -., , , -1. L . ,,. v lv. ,f H.:-Q 4 h ' :ia f A . A ,. A LR 1. ,NV 5. -2' - " , , - 551:55 . '- ,,.. . - -f ' " o if ,,,, . :Q . K - A - a Avm ,-x. WHAT WE SAW IN WASHINGTON, D. C JERRY WALSH His gay spirit and cheerful ways wakens us to better days. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, JERRY WALSH Vice President, DAVID SCHLABS Secretary , GAYLE STEWART Treasurer, JEANIE BRATT Reporter, BRENDA LEWIS GWEN YEAGER She studies, but what? BRENDA ABERCROMBIE LEWIS "Love conquers all. " CAROLENE ALLEN "Believe nothing and be on your guard against every- thing. " GLENDA ALSUP "Hear much, and speak little. " JEANNIE BRATT "The word food brings her running. " LARRY CANADY "Beware the fury of a patient man." HARRELL CROSS "He's a hard worker especially with the girls. " ' JUDY GLENN "So what!" SANDY GRAHAM "Big things come in small packages. " DONNA FINDLEY "Well, I didn't do it, teacher!" CARLTON DEEN "A lady's man from way back. " FERN DEEN "Fern's high school days have many delights, but can't compare with high school nights. " BILLIE GEN TRY "There is no love sincerer than the love of food. " REX IARVIS "Hey, girls! 1'rn here." BUD LOWACK "The strength of twenty men. " EILEEN MARSH "That's just what I was thinking. " BUTCH MCLEMORE "Sigh no more, ladies: sigh no more!" TOMMYE JANE MULLIS "Did somebody say, 'Cheese'?" JIMMY OWENS "Just gimme a hint of what it's all about. " LENA PETIT "Knack for knitting. " JIMMY PITTS "I've got the beat, Man BRENT PROFFITT "A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world. " RONNIE REED "NO man ever grew rich all at once. " TONY POLLOCK "Look, Moml Imade it!" SANDRA PORTER "The world looks easy to conquer from a height. " DAVID SCHLABS 'A good hunter and his game. " SOPHIA SIMONS "To worry little, to study less, ls my idea of happiness. " LEE ROY SMITH "A common name for a not so common fellow. " GAYLE STEWART "I laughed 'til I cried. " JUDY THURBER "She takes it easy, Has her fun, As hours slip by One by one. " FRANK TRUELOVE "Whatta' ya' mean, 'Study harder'?" UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET When do we eat? Master of Ceremonies - Jerry Walsh Host - Hostess Who has a flower? Sponsor - Mrs, Mullis Mr. and Mrs. Gerron Pres. Lucretia - Jr. Tommye Mr. and Mrs. Bailey ,woo OV' 1-Ag' WV X" +5 QW , g K. QQ' to Q' bS Oo ww ":rvmon co ..., ,A S0910 WHRN qreq l 91 0 WHS' UNE 0N'r on OP I r-I A 6 + WAY 'wr' gan" , x., ,, I , ' Lift: - . . r , hx' we ' ev I 2,634 y 1"flf'Ff " -' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, TOMMIE EUSTACE Vice President, BILLY ELLIS Secretary-Treasurer, PATSY SMITH Wayne' White Marie Walsh Sammy Williams Jerry York Marketta Clingman David Wallace mbie Suzy Abercro Barbara Allen Joe Bledsoe Peggy Boggs Alice Brothers Carolyn Buerger ks Benny Bur Burks Judy Alvin Cox d Shirley Crawfor Linda Crowley Hugh ' Dorrls Billy Mmm Phillip Marti n Lejeune McMi11ion Sue Moore Malinda Morris Billie M orrison Billy Ellis Jo Ann Essler Tommie Eustace Connie Horany Lillian Huffman Frances Krahl Sue Perdue Mary Corine Petit Pollock Daisy Gary Rucker Gaye Rutherford Walter Schlabs Dale Shelley e Singleton Io Donny Small Patsy Smith Stallcup Jam es Benny Vieth Sow M0 R me QQWHANDS .. f - W' ' we AND sflz Ca new Qu fx T81 GYKLS Taz mn-NBP-S 0 RG S563-55 n i hcl Race nuslvuxrrr' I J 'br All ki ew s'f"'Q - f?ffQ':".1 3 . ,wi .Qs 5 'g iifgf' 1 x . 'S 'u if F RESHMAN CLASS OFFfCERS LUCRETIA MULLIS, President KAREN BARTON, vice President BRINDA PROFFITT, Secretary-Treasurer Karen Barton Richard Browning Everette Ann Byrne John Crain Jimmy Crawford Ann Curtis Mary Deen Fred Edge Lisa Eckstine Dorothy Eustace Judy From an Carol Gillem Ima Jean Lowack Dianne Martin Linda Martin Lucretia Mullis Ronnie Nelso n Joe Nowell Janet Gillem Ross Glenn James Griffin Karen Jansen Dickey Kirkla nd Linda Lear Frances Peck Brenda Proffitt Bonnie Taylor John Townsend Johnny Townsend Mary Vieth Raymond Vieth Donna Wilson JoAnn Baumbach Sylvara Yeager James Walsh .p . 3013 4 ,L 0. fl K L ,E 5 H 5 05 vp , . 1 RUB! Kw- Q xv M4 O .li be 61' ef 'li NFRESHMEVV Cav'-U" R Mus uausklvs LLB? YC-CA fl! Luhoofiy 2 -J if Q9 .. I 'iybgnqyfvs , 0' Q L99 ROCK - A - BY12 1195 8,51 ! 1:-,Rift " u ilu. V I f Y gf: 1 Y r f vx - , f, fix W1 fl 3 ,K M fl 3 fr' 4? -cz ff '- ' I H Z , U1 rj J! 1 M"- .I , .. wr J 3 Q I :MQ ig... 1 N 3 1. . Afiwf x x MM, -:fl . .1 ,. A f- V wx Fi 'Pk mf :z Wf Wi: '04, wfz:Q:1'fA ,iffisa ., f ,. H V W.. if ,W ,U wg A S ,. ??g,.5W . 41 WK H? .ffiffief -- A ",X,.b'f3?'f,-?-MQEQ, X X J qi-ff i3,41ngN5.5:s, 'wil' ,Vik V, '4 '.f"'zf' ,' " 'lgfllfg sqm-, f1F Q'l 425 "1 hwlw-5?ifx f'1i f?'T 9 WW Q 4 1 Iv' 'A 'X , V W 4, '1-4: 3. - 7 f, ' N Wi 'fs' 'W fu , - , - df 2 ., X . ,Mm ,, 4 .4 H ,.., . .,-,,- . i f A W 'X 'E E . A 11 fig - 1:9 ,.1x-- JW Wu 4 ' s + , -,5'Q,,:'.f L' .15 Qs. AQ wwf I . f. , Q- ' K' , Mix X was ..,.. .-,X ,,L .M X X W X. weliixw W W ' V f . mifgws Q-+Qn,.y,V, -' f ,Q V ' A . MM, YL ,N ,W . , r , . - .. 19 ,W N Mg- AWg,a1,x,,d5 v .f, .,V,f J, LQ ' ,Q ' 4-nr ' f Ha ' 1' V 'WI' 4" "?'ffifg 'I ' ' A " A K of fn X? L , ,- ww-' "' ii - L. EIGHTH GRADE MISS IDA HAWKINS l President ---------------- SHARON SHIELDS Vice President - ---- ---- S HARON WALES Secretary- Treasurer - - - - - - DONNY LINSCOTT Reporter -------- - - -ELLEN CAMPBELL Charles Brock Rona Bryan ROW 2: Ellen Campbell, Laverne Deen, Elaine Goforth, Carolyn Harrelson, Katrina Horany, Sharon Jarvis. ROW 3: Donny Linscott, Laura Loving, Monty McCarty, Neva McLemore, A. J. Mor- ris, Janell Rogers. ROW 4: Sharon Shields, Kenneth Teichman, Sharon Wales, Patsy Willeford, Carol Wright, Ronnie Wright. EIGHTH GRADE MR. BOBBY PAGE President ------------ JIMMY BOREN Vice President ----- - - DANNY PRYOR Secretary-Treasurer ----- WANDA BURKS Reporter ----------- SHARON PORTER Jimmy Boren Eula Buerger Hr' 1' M ROW 2: Wanda Burks, Mary Byrd, J. P. Coffelt, Kathrine Diggs, Ann Howington Judy Huffman. ROW 3: Donna Johnson, Billy Loftis, Eddie Maxwell, William Parker, James Pollock Sharon Porter. ROW 4: Danny Pryor, John Rutherford, Clifford Rux, Bobby Stone, Jeannie VanHemert David Willeford. President --------- MIKE FALL Vice President - - -STEVE PARSLEY Secretary ----- BARRY MORRISON Reporter ------ PHYLLIS WRIGHT SEVENTH GRADE MRS. JAMES TRENT ROW 1: Jerry Allen, Billy Anderson, Linda Burks. ROW 2: Mavis Coleman, Judy Crowley, Mike Fall, Berry Ann Findley, Janis Gaulden. Jr. Harrelson Butch Knox Judy McMurtry Barry Morrison Lee Nelson Steve Parsley Jimmie Peck Garry Rhodes Charlotte Roderick David Singleton Mildred Stephens Richard Thrdet Trecie Trigg Gary Tepfer Sue Walker A Phyllis Wright James Phillips I J President ------ LANNIE YEAGER Vice President-RAYMOND FRERICH Secretary ------ JANE HUFFMAN Treasurer ----- GARLAND BURKS Reporter ------- AQUILLA BOREN SEVENTH GRADE MR. F. U. POWELL ROW 1: Shirley Bracey, Dorothy Browning, Aquilla Boren. ROW 2: Garland Burks, Kenneth Burks, Ray Bussey, Donald Dorris Raymond Frerich. Elvis Gensler Velda Goforth Jane Huffman Etta Johnston Marsha Lewis Nancy Lewis Margaret Loftis Danny Moore Jerry Morrison Billy Pitts Bobby Pitts Nina Robertson Dolores Schlabs Leon Singleton Mike Stewart J Judy Wright Lannie Yeager Q 3 i SIXTH GRADE MRS. HOBA RT LYTAL Jimmy Boone Delores Day Sammy Crutcher Brenda Elledge Ann Eustace Kay Eustace Rickey Gillem Bobby Hammontree Butch Hannah Mack Howell Judy Jackson Gary Johnston Danny Kirkland Vinson Lowack Rite McBroom Carla McKinney Mary O'Donohoe Karen Parker Jimmy Reeves Delores Roberts Carol Schlabs I. W. Segler Robert Tepfer Jayne Townsend Connie VanHemert Davida Wickham Paula Williams Sue Brock Dana Burkett Ronnie Canada Les Coleman Pam Davis SIXTH GRADE Mn DEEN FISHER Toni Adams Connie Atchley Kenneth Blocker Larry Graham Sherly Haigood Danny Hall Jim Horany Mickey Horany Jack Kirkland Buddy Knox Shirley Luig Darla Pittman Linda Pollock Melissa Powell Kathy Seay Elwin Singleton Harold Smitson Kathleen Sullens Sue Tidwell Bobby Vieth David Wright Jane Wright Jodie Wright FIFTH GRADE MRS D. A. BROTHERS Judy Anderson Linn Battey Ann Baughman Gary Boren Sandra Bracey Danny Brewer Carolyn Burks Joe Cameron Debora Crain Steven Fall Nita Gholson Tommy Goodwin Glenda Lear Lynda Luig Judy King Sandra Maag Virgil Martin Gary Morrison Carolyn Nichols Joe Petit Jerry Pittman Norman Singleton Barbara Townsend Juanita White Dianna Williams Virginia Wylie Melba Burks Gerald Byrd Jan Byrd Jimmy Davis Barbara Franklin Georgene Abercrombie Lugenia Adkins Leslee Burkett FIFTH GRADE MRS. GENE GANN Janette Hall Henry Heard Billy Holder Ginger McWhorter Renee Mayes Joe Metcalf Eddie Miller Linda Owen Vicki Perdue Linda Raines Danny Schenk James Smith Larry Smith Donna Vickers Margaret Vieth Cherry Walsh Joy Walsh Troy Wells FOURTH GRADE MRS. BARBAM PAGE James Ashbrook Linda Canada Michael Cavitt George Ikard Dana Joiner Jo Ann Johnson Tommy McBroom Charlie McMurtry Gerald Mobley Janice Parker Carol Parsley Penny Hannah Don Petty Brenda Schlabs Linda Sheppard Lewis White Jeffrey Wickham Carol Wingo Connie Wright Kathy Wright Debbie Coleman Tommy Gillispie Leslie Griffin Charles Harrelson Patricia Holder David Crutcher Gena Day Nancy Everett Jo Eustace Bob Gaines FOURTH GRADE MRS. NELL WALLACE Weldon Adams Mike Atchley Carolyn Byrd Billye Geis Evelyn Gensler Anttta Gillem Charles Goforrh Carol Harvey David Huffman Nita Huffman Billy King Raylette Luig Claudia McKinney Gayle Maag Burk Morris John O'Donohoe Jimmy Phillips Gary Pitts Vicki Riley Pat Schlabs James Teichman Carolyn White THIRD GRADE MRS. TROY WELLS Larry Brown Dale Coleman Johnny Geis Carolyn Gholson Lois Griffin Danny Horany Alan Ikard Lynn Lewis Phillip Nichols Sharon Petit Ketta Pollock Rex Ridenour Judy Roderick Earl Schlabs Barbara Tedrow Lamoine Tedrow Mike Townsend Sandra Triplett Juanita Wallace Barbara Wylie George Abercrom b1e Vicki Baughman Mike Bratchers J Richard Bracey Pamela Bryan Johnnie Crawford THIRD GRADE MISS FRANCES DUREN Deborah Dorris Donald Dugan Cal Gaulden Scottie Goforth Joyce Gross Deborah Hoffman Belinda Hudson Rebecca Jordan Randy King Jerry McWhorter Deloris Pitts Joyce Raines Alan Dale Riley Homer Smitson Larry Stone Deborah Thomas Joe VanHemert Robbie Walker Richard Wingo John Wright SECOND GRADE MRS. EDITH LEVELL Bobby DeMoss Glenda Frornan Bobby Griffin Carol Groves Jack Harris Dona James Eddie Keener Carolyn Loftis Janis Luig Bianca McCarty Kathy McKinney Walter Mayes Johnny Selph Jimmy Sheppard Vicki Small Danny Smith Donna Teichman Darrell Unger Freddy Walsh Cynthia Woods Harola Adkins Terrell Battey Twilla Boren Allen Campbell Ricky Cheves Sandra Crawford Becky Crow Jim Crowley fr Preston Crutcher Ronnie Day George Eustace Wayne Frerich Larry Gillispie SECOND GRADE MRS. NELL GILLILAND Jimmy Bacon Viola Byrd Gary Canada Patricia Harrelson Brice Jackson Theresa Knox Barbara McAlister David McDaniel Joe McWhorter Debie Martin Lanell Mobley Dianne Nichols Ava Gale Porter Paul Schlabs Vera Simons Richard Shelley Eddie Trigg Joyce Veith Loyd Walker Joy Walsh Jimmie Dee Woods Eddie Wright FIRST GRADE MRS. R. O. BENNETT ROW 1: Darenda Aimsworth, Gerald Battey, Mike Baughman, Kandace Bell, Terry Boone, Mary Sue Covington. ROW 2: Donald Cox, Gregory Fogg, Teresa Gross, Debra Haigood, Gloria Hannah, Phillip Harris. ROW 3: Karen Holder, Cyd Hornady, David Jackson, Susan Jordan, Deborah Keener, Terry Lear. ROW 4: Kerri Matthews, Myrle Metcalf, Stephen Selph, Mike Sheppard, Gary Smit- son, Nancy Thomas. FIRST GRADE MRS. GORDON ELMORE ROW 1: Robert Adams, Janet Bacon, Sharon Bailey, Michael Cameron, Ronnie Cavitt ROW 2: Ronald Cox, James DeMoss, Sandra Franklin, Shirley Genlser, Patricia.Gross, Pete Harris. ROW 3: Doug Johnson, Laqueta Kile, Raymond Luig, Gary Miller, Nancy Murray, Debra Petit. ROW 4: Janice Pitts, Doyle Riggins, John Segler, Lora Smirson, Jackie Whitsitt, Billy Woods. WELCOME NEW STUDENTS Brenda Ward lst Grade, Mrs. Bennett lst, Mg. Elmore Jerry Thomas Glover Browning Tommy Bunch Sandra Bunch Terry Randell 2nd, Mrs. Gilliland 2nd, Mrs. Levell 3rd, Mrs. Wells 4th, Mrs. Page Lonnie Bunch Kenneth Randell Dianne Denhart Brenda Thomas 4th, Mrs. Page 5th, Mrs. Gann 5th, Mrs. Brothers 8th, Miss Hawkins SCHOOL ACTIVITIES 6th Grade Mrs. Leve11's 2nd Grade Miss Hawkin's Btn Grade x-'lay School Day's A11 Grades Represented Compliments of LILLIAN'S BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Covington BOWEN'S WELDING SHOP George Bowen FIRST GRADE PLAY Director MRS, BENNETT JUNIOR HI BAND Cluigtmag Director, MR. PEROT than fade, 3Y'BY1"L, 4-4.7-,erlvs :WLT Gr-AAC ,Proj YATH .. Nw JUNIOR HIGH BANQUET Program CLASS MOTTO: Watch Us Make High School History Master of Ceremonies. Ellen Campbell CLASS FLOWER: Pink Roses INVOCATION . Patsy wmeford COLOR: Silver and Pink DINNFR WELCOME . . Ellen Campbell School Cafeteria OUR SCHOOL , . Janell Rogers 1- CLASS WILL . . Sharon Porter Saturday, May 14, TRIBUTES .... . Donna Johnson - , SUPERINTENDENT 4:30 p. DJ. PRINCIPAL TEACHERS Archer City- Texas BENEDICTION . . 1-:un Faye Buerger ACHIEVEl.ENT DAY PROGRAM PROGRAM Invocation ... ee Anne Harrington Welcom ..........-. . ... Katrina Hcrany -,gig "il Q ,. .Qi 2 :z 51 '- 212, ' 41' '- . V1.1 If: '-,wifi E? ,- .513 .. .. .. , , Archer City School Auditorium Wednesday, May 18, 1960 2:00 o'c1ock P. M. Pledge of Allegiance ... Charge of Tent Bridage '... Clarinet, Trio .......... Clarinet Trio .... Hurrah For Junior High N.. Piano Solo ... . .... . - Good Bye ........... . n u n 0 Attendance Awards .... Diplonla ......... n Benedietion .... .ngn unna Q Q ev ......un Clase ... Roma:-yan .... Sharon Wales Carolyn Harrelson Jsnsll Rogers .... Sharon Wales Carolyn Harrelson Laura Loving ........... Class -... Ellen Campbell aeeeosoeeeo Bobby Stom fu Prim A. C. Wallace -... Supt. J. F. Herron nun.. A. J. Morris CITIZEN OF THE YEAR selected by S d r C unc11 DALE MOORE SCHOLARSHIP selected G des TOMMIE EUSTACE BEST ALL-ROUND ATHLETES Selected by Coaches GOWDY SLACK SANDRA PORTER JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES CARLTON DEEN .IUDITH THURBER FAVORITES BUTCH EUSTACE GLENDA COVINGTON SENIOR CLASS SOPHOMGRE CLASS FAVORITES JOE BLEDSOE LINDA CROWLEY li, 3 F RESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES ROSS GLENN MARY DEEN X X AWARD 19 9-1960 Betty Crocker D. A. R. PAT MAXWELL SHARON THURBER One-Act Play Senior Play Junior Play School Spirit Band Oscar Oscar Oscar JERRY WALSH TOMMYE EILEEN MARSH BEN ADAMS JIMMY PITTS JANE MULLIS Regional Band Ensemble, First Twirling GAYLE LUCRETIA CONNIE EMILIA First STEWART MULLIS HORANY YEAGER DOTTIE MURPHY Regional Band, First Oboe Duet LISA ECKSTINE KAREN BARTON I TERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE DONNA HORANY JUDITH THURBER Second Place Fourth Place NEVA JO RHODES SANDY GRAHAM Third Place Third Place Shorthand - First Place Typing - Third Place JUDITH THURBER BEN ADAMS LINDA CROWLEY LINDA CROWLEY Slide Rule GWEN YEAGER Ready Writers Sr. Declamation Spelling Second Place LINDA CROWLEY FRANCES PECK KAREN BARTON HUGH DORRIS Sr. Declamation Fourth Place Poetry Reading JANET GILLEM King - Queen and Attendants House of Morrison House of Slack BEST DRESSED High School GLENDA COVINGTON BUTCH MCLEMORE Junior High ELLEN CAMPBELL CHARLES BROCK Crown Bearers FOOTBALL QUEEN BAND SWEETHEART SUE MCMURTRY LEANN KIRKLAND e'B'7 TEAM ,Y , .L COACH LYTAL COACH PATRICK "Aw TEAM - .,,-- -ff .'--. .'L' QT' lv? 5 X- lf? . ., J . i 2 - L COACH LYTAL DALE MOORE Guard OFFENSE NAS OFFENSE "A DEFENSE QQ-A77 "Let Me Call You sweetheart" R R FERN DEEN MARY PERDUE SUE MCMURTRY LEANN KIRKLAND DONNA HORANY GOWDY SLACK BUTCH EUSTACE CARLTON DEEN MIKE PICKETT HARRELL CROSS IAN KING JILL BLEDSOE LONNIE MAAG STEVE BELL Compliments of D. A. BROTHERS Distributor TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, Archer City GLENDA COVINGTON BETTE IANSEN QHEEHLE ADEH5 SANDRA PORTER FERN DEEN BOYS' BASKETB LL "A" TEAM WILDCATS Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City COACH LYTAL SCORES Won 5 Lost 15 SCORE OPPONENT SCORE 25 Seymour 60 38 Electra 20 36 Megargel 41 24 Seymour 46 23 Electra 20 32 Megargel 45 29 Megargel 36 43 Electra 28 39 Knox City 55 33 Chillicothe 47 37 Seymour 47 25 Byers 39 35 Goldburg 30 24 Iowa Park 45 40 Iowa Park 44 42 Holliday 49 39 Henrietta 37 29 Iowa Park 35 48 Holliday 57 30 Henrietta 34 BOYS, BASKETB LL HBH TEAM SCORES Won 1 Lost 9 ARCHER CITY SCORE OPPONENT Archer City 23 Seymour Archer City 21 Electra Archer City 23 Megargei Archer City 23 Megargel Archer City 15 Electra Archer City 17 Seymour Archer City 22 I acksboro Archer City 31 Zundy Archer City 24 Zundy Archer City 32 Iacksboro COACH PA TRIC K SCORE 44 25 48 31 39 51 38 18 26 42 GOWDY SLACK Tri-Captains HANK LIGHT JERRY WALSH Center BUTCH EUSTACE Guard Guard Guard BILLY ELLIS SAMMY WILLIAMS BUD LOWACK I-IARRELL CROSS Guard Forward Forward Forward BUT CH MCLEMORE Guard GIRLS' BASKETBALL TOMMYE MULLIS Scorekeeper for Boys - Girls Dec. Dec Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb Feb Feb Feb COACH MCGOWN SCORES A. C. 17 Megargel 35 A. C. 26 Megargel 34 A. C. 19 Megargel 30 A. C. 24 Oklaunion 32 A C. 31 Valley View 41 DISTRICT GAMES A. C. 39 Iowa Park 19 A. C. 45 Holliday 39 A. C. 43 Henrietta 25 A. C. 54 Iowa Park 25 A. C. 36 Holliday 37 A. C. 55 Henrietta 48 PLAY FOR DISTRICT A. C. 32 Munday 35 A. C. 40 Munday 49 GLENDA COVINGTON TOM FARMER Guard, Co-Captain Guard, Co-Captain SANDRA PORTER FERN DEEN DOTTIE MURPHY Forward Forward Forward GWEN YEAGER SUZY GAYLE STEWART Guard ABERCROMBIE Forward Guard JUNIOR HI FOOTBALL TEAM COACH PAGE MANAGER SINGLET ON ROW 1: Garry Tepfer, Monty McCarty, Eddie Maxwell, Danny Pryor, Barry Morrison Donald Dorris, A. J. Morris, Billy Pitts. ROW 2: J. P. Coffelt, Jerry Morrison, Steve Parsley, John Rutherford, Donny Linscott Lannie Yeager, Ronnie Wright, Billy Anderson, Jimmie Peck. ROW 3: Kenneth Burks, Mike Stewart, Kenneth Teichman, Rusty Pollock Danny Moore Lee Nelson, Garland Burks. Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City SCHEDULE SCORE Valley View Iowa Park Henrietta Holliday Iowa Park Henrietta Holliday CHEERLEADERS: Katrina Horany, Ann Howington, Nancy Lewis, Charlotte Roderick Liz Patrick. JUNIOR HI BASKETBALL Coach: BOBBY PAGE FRONT ROW: Ronnie Wright, Mike Stewart, Rusty Pollock, Lannie Yeager, Steve Parsley, Lee Nelson. BACK ROW: Gary Tepfer, Richard Rux, Monty McCarty, John Rutherford, Barry Morrison, A. J. Morris, Donny Linscott. JUNIOR HI TRACK FIRST ROW: Jerry Allen, Steve Parsley, Lannie Yeager, Garland Burks, Raymond Frerich. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Peck, Danny Moore, Jerry Morrison, Bobby Stone, Mike Stewart, A. J. Morris. THIRD ROW: Gary Tepfer, Billy Pitts, Barry Morrison, Monty McCarty, John Rutherford, Coach Page. ANNUAL STAFF Editors: Bette Jansen, Patsy Smith. Art Editors: Karen Barton, Mike Pickett. Bus- iness Managers: Dottie Murphy, Tommye Mullis. Photographer: Linda Crowley. Sponsored by MR. and MRS. A. W. IANSEN ARCHER CITY WELDING WORKS General Welding Co-Owners DAN PICKETT and SON Editor BETTE JANSEN CAT'S CLAW Eighteenth Year Editor ------- News Editor - - - Club Editor - - Feature Editor Sports Editors - - Editorial Writers Art Editors ---- Business Mgr. - - Typists ----- STAFF No. 6 SHARON THURBER - - - - FERN DEEN " ' 'IEANIE BRATT ' ' JUDY THURBER - - - - BEN ADAMS JERRY WALSH - SUE MCMURTRY LeANN KIRKLAND -SANDRA PORTER DALE SHELLE'Y - - BRENDA LEWIS -DONNA HORANY ROSALEE ESSLER - - MRS. BARTON Sponsor - - - Sponsored by Owner WILSON'S VARIETY STORE - DOUGLAS WILSON Owners PAGE'S BARBER 8a BEAUTY SHOP - MR. and MRS. PAGE 1 GUOEN go R' STUDE T Q con CIL V It Q 41 Sponsors -------------------------- MR. BAILEY, MRS, MULLIS President ----- ------- B UTCH EUSTACE Vice President - - - - ------ JERRY WALSH Secretary ----- - - - SUZY ABERCROMBIE Treasurer - - ----- DALE MOORE Reporter - - - - - JUDY THURBER Historian ------ - - - ROSALEE ESSLER Parliarnentarian - - - - - TOMMIE EUSTACE STUDENT COUNCIL PROJECTS, 1959-1960 Sponsored Assembly Programs Conducted School Elections Serviced Concession Machines Selected Citizen-of-the-Month and Citizen-of-the-Year Operated Concessions Stand for Boxing Tournament Sponsored A11-School Picnic Raised Money to Purchase Popcorn Machine for High School Delegates and Sponsors attended District and State Meetings Led discussion group at State Meeting STUDENT OF THE MONTH Selected by STUDENT COUNCIL September - GLENDA COVINGTON October - DALE SHELLEY November - CONNIE HORANY December January February March MIKE PICKETT FRANCES PECK ARTHUR ECKSTINE BILLY ELLIS April - DONNA HORANY May - LINDA CROWLEY STUDENT OF THE MONTH Selected by F UTURE H OMEMAKERS I September LINDA CROWLEY October November December SUE MOORE MARIE WALSH ALICE BROTHERS January February March DOROTHY EUSTACE PATSY SMITH FRANCES PECK April May LILLIAN S YLVARA HUFF MAN YEAGER T I Sponsored by HOLDER'S HARDWARE 8: FURNITURE Owner - BILL HOLDER FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 'im N xx x A I 1 , g -u f 1 5 X 2 Ei. E1 U ' . 2 I ., , v 'W I VN Pres. Crowley, King Pickett 0121210113125 F.H.A. CLUB F. H.A. Club on their toes Initiated new members Sold candy - bought silver tea and coffee service for department Attended Dallas State Fair Held sweetheart banquet and elected F. H. A. King Observed F. H. A. week April 3-9 Devotional each morning Red carnation on the desk of each teacher Washed windows in the home economics building Tea for the eighth grade and the faculty Hobo day to make money for the swimming pool lx CX Compliments of D. A. BROTHERS - DISTRIBUTOR TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ARTS AND CRAFTS Sponsor MR. MCCOWN 41ICLUB Sponsors MR. WILHOIT MR BEATTY I V Compliments of PHILLIPS GARAGE EARL PHILLIPS GRAI-IAM'S GULF SERVICE STATION Main - Sycamore St. Archer City, Texas ARTS AND CRAFTS S ponsor MR. Mc COWN FUTURE TEACHERS S pons or MRS . CROWLEY PRESS CLUB V LIBRARY CLUB DRIVERS EDUCATION .il-Q Compliments of GUARANTEE ABSTRACT CO. - L K HYER PAT'S AUTO SUPPLY - PAT WILMUT gww' Y I T? gf 2 L KYIFHM ii - L 1' Q. , kwi- vg 2 N1 ' M1 , - A . . W ' 3552 - - -S. I .- S - A , I 'sg K 2 3 ef Q ,,.. it ,-.M ,- -f 2, .- w i , Q iivixiiili ' N - ::S?:'-w I 1 - .A W 1 - ' 1 iififl. . -Sf E ' R ' . f , bw 'Q' , 'g,".:f-e f 2-fig . 'S - ' , A -L A fir.-Q .X Q Wig- Q N 8 f -wid PM und , , 4 Qf'Tf'f' " - -ff 5 44 k . X L.'5x,1W if. . i ,, x F Y " X .4 sgrr' Y . H new - f ' ' rw, W . . 57.5 -- ,, MX - R in LY N Q .,wL,,,,mW W , '?? - - G- M.: - Q ff S gig 5 f We - - - -pw w , Q ' I 1--if ' 'k'k -"' W' 'N-f"A"' " - , 1---, A , - A - x .. WA. . ,Wu up I .+L -1, 1 . ' i Q: X f Q NF' NW . - .4 'Q 55 3 fx wig ff E, Sauna-ww?vV 3 ., 7,-in N35 fm '-.QD A 9 THD A' 1' si 5-:ks 'v::fZ":-32113 QQ? f K VK-W "' 'uw 4, , "L ,. iii. - "T ' 11514 ,XL 'x f V , J, 1 L Km-T W 9 W. w 1 9' f if gg W if . 1 7 . ' A3 K , . KK twm.. K KK Xf-Kg ' W -f' 5 Qi? my 5 3. Q L. 7 ' A Q , A K L KK D? Ky , , 4, , , V K, QQW' ., 5 , 3 5365? x KM K, A . , 3 VK, NK , MK . . , K AZ' A K N , ' K k A Q 4A If is was Q ww x K A N G K. V 4 . x ff , K X Ax sf +R ' .X ' :TNR x I P S , - with , f ,I x M . , XX 1 me ,L ,K KK M L. K 3 f VK RK . E N 'T' K x . 4 if 1 A ' X 4 , -if . fly S35 Q Q Y, T - 6, - - it , f f , , K nfzvif' ,' K - Q-f K, g N wr, ---sn,::"" ' A K Kg K A - 1' - " . KK K ,rr - -- - .X A KK KK W V . A g"1u-.mKy. K , A . , ' -fi ,V X' 1. S 'ff :, f:,, .. . iaqugzgfgg ' 'M' w ,XS-in ' . I . fi, ,K , g::,. - .KK K fw,'L1-X,1,A:,g,k1Q, - 53520 "1"'5W -ww m. asm W'-..,ga" . ,.... TOM FARMER Drum Major SUE ELLEN MCMURTRY BARBARA ALLEN EMILIA YEAGER DOTTIE ANN MURPHY STAGE BAND H SCHGUL HQQA11 AT PT BAND OFFICERS " A" CLUB FOOTBALL JACKETS Coach Patrick Queen Sue Perot Sweetheart GIRLS' BASKETBALL JACKETS Leann Compliments of ARCHER COUNTY NEWS DON JAMES PLE WE APPRECIATE CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIAN S BUS DRIVERS Compliments of O RI NN - TROY LL H L8a CO E H DAVE PERDUE Ll U23 'NS 0NSTYUCTx ONS O of 2,44 7 O Y Yu "X QQ K' , 69. .ot 'a J' 'LL' 'Q' K ev' W: N -AH Cgtn ,N li YWL4, BE N AlN'T LG ve GM . ND?u 03.069 af' 63910 0:4 UGH. I PHYSocs" 9 ai 961 get W' 3 .90 I DECQAHE' 1' 0. our v wdg Wh, pw, 3 4 . J . 6' .xx 5. ef f fi' S' 3' K ,rc Rf keg, if ,ri www. 3 qi f A f ' .uf .VS -auqm , v Q, 5 i TQ, V 1, A ' . K E' . 4 5 ' , h ,fee ,Aix NQQN' , SL ' 'r I ,3- 1 MRS. ELMORE'S FIRST GRADE PLAY SHOP WORK PHYSICS S FIRST STATE BANK in Archer City, Texas Dependable Banking Service Since 1909 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HAIGOOD 81 CAMPBELL PANHANDLE GAS AND OIL WHOLESALE P O Box 427 Archer Clty, Texas HEARDS A R MR. AND MRS. ROY HEARD MRS. PEYTON MRS. WILLIAMS MRS. STEWART MRS. CAMPBELL Compliments of HORANY'S Archer City, Texas Since 1928 MCWHORTER FCOD STORE KING'S GROCERY AND MARKET CCE ELLIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE RCA Whirlpool Sherwin-Williams Paints RCA Victor Furniture Gifts Fishing Tackle Archer City Texas Ph. HO 2-3217 COMPLIMENTS OF CITY CLEANERS MR. AND MRS. ALSUP ATCHLEY'S READY-TO-WEAR RED AND ELINOR PERRY PITTMAN CO Authorized Ford Sales and Service Archer City Texas 0 P I a n n I n a Il e a :I Io r ,, . . I 9 0 I f M c Your e ectrlca uture wg How many new uses for electricity will you enjoy 10 or 15 years from now? No one can M, Qyiu, ' AX X f f , tell you today, but men are at work in the Q A I! laboratories developing new electrical con- I veniences you will use in the years to come. Il "l':V I li And there will be plenty of electricity to :JEEN ,, I , operate these electrical appliances of tomor- MXN? row. Business-managed electric companies, like Texas Electric Service Company, con- i I XXV X stantly plan and build ahead to keep your - - ' 1 electric service supply plentiful and depend- T G' 5 X able . . . ready when needed for progress 3 . and for better living. I ' TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY CITY PARTS AND SERVICE Owned and operated by GENE STEWART and GEORGE GHOLSON Complete line of automotive parts and repair Hopkins 2-5208 Hopkins Z-52.84 VINCENT MURPHY CHEVROLET COMPANY Your authorized Chevrolet dealer for 10 years Hopkins 2-3121 Wichita Falls 322-6522 Sales and Service Archer City, Texas Compliments of THURLKILL DRILLING CO. C. D. SHAMBURGER LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber, Sash, Doors, Lime, Cement Builders' Hardware Telephone Hopkins Z-3153 Archer City, Texas A. J. MCRRIS AGENCY Insurance Bonds Re al E state Archer City, Texas Phone HO - 2-3150 l I ARCHER CITY FLOWER and GIFT SHOP Owner MRS. SALISB URY LASATER'S STUDIO YOUR ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER ARCHER LOCKER PLANT Custom Killing P cessing C g L k R tl J. W. COVINGTON ELDON SHIRLEY Compliments of LOWACK'S SPORTING GOODS ARCHER DRILLING 81 PRCDUCING Phone I-I.O. 25411 G. W. GHOLSON SOUTHSIDE GROCERY 8. MARKET Ph. HO Z-5211 Owners MR. and MRS. A, O. CAMPBELL SR Arch C ty Texas C mpliments of BEREND BROTHERS WILDCATTER DRIVE IN Owner MRS. G. M. STRAWN Compliments of CITY GAS CO. S. N. MOORE, Local Manager Owners D, I. BARNETT H. D. MAN Archer City, Texas Compliments of JOE E. SHELTON INSURANCE MRS. .TOE E. SHELTON Archer City, Texas Best Wishes from MCALISTER LucKY Dou.AR MOTOR Co. Pontiac Rambler Ar che r City, Texas "The best of both" Sales and Service Archer City, Texas Drilling and Fishing Tools Twenty-four Hour Rental Service DORRIS TOOL COMPANY Box 991 Archer City, Texas Phone Hopkins 2-3295 Presented by W. W. DORRIS Compliments of MR. and MRS. CLAUDE MORRISON and FAMILY 5 Boosren PAGE We 1 - gy Royal Theater Archer Drug Archer Ind Lumber Co. Modern Cleaners Ashtor1's Serv1ce Statlon P1ckard's Garage C C Martm and Son Hudson Groc 8: Stat1on Petro Dr1ll1ng 8: Producing Carol Jane Harvey Walsh Bros Stat1on Wh1te Auto Store Neeley Auto Salvage Dav1s Supply Co o . . y A- u o a o J A r . ' 4 IF - Q ifig COMPLIMENTS OF H. D. CATHEY WELL SERVICE P. O. Box 698 COMPLIMENTS OF GECRGE BRCCKMAN CATTLE HAULING Archer City, Texas Ili an wx 1 Nr 1 1 , H ,MXL , ' 1 f , 'ull u ' M H.. , , W H LA 111,11 r , ,.,. w. - fp. i' ! 191 Q .1,-.,,g r a ' 7: , U!--L, ,z fl-79, J , . -Av.. -flu J., nk ,nv , I-, 4 . .A-3 ' 'FSF ' 'D.FaP.3 ,. -, ...lf A xv ,. vw. 1s fWL..,f V, 1, 5-,saw 1. K 'n:,:f:' ,aw ,':':." Y w, - vi Q, ,, t . V. ,Q fm si :bln-., 5- Af 'W - ' 54.5 v -.WW Hr 1 rr r5llI:, I, . r"'T":-1 :ali -.U X ' I W H , X ,WW W 52' K wx Q , ig anxi- vfifgfi ww X m.:l"! uw - W 1 w 4 ,E .. U A Qu P41-,Q H L 1 g 5. ' Pjl"Qqnn.:'yWlg'y ,xl i M' I , ' M'gQ.'7f'7-:'25h - W 'Y r ,X .. , "'- ,r Y Y.,fw,H,A, i km! I. X-,155 ' L- , w ' fsf 1--4. -, 7 Ly- - L 1 1.3 '45 . l - L L: ,7.V .y4 , A ,-,, V- . g Z QA 1 ' ' ' 4 5 un, ,V 55, , . 'Z-4 O I xf 5-r M 1 w ,S '. .,mi.L .mm ,- ' 1, 1 ' 4 -,- -'.:..-',-',,- '--. - g , u' , - 4 w .- ,-V-Sv uw- . fww.f.l,- 1 gg. ' T-.-',,: 5. 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