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 - Class of 1957

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Archer City High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Archer City, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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A J' .W 1 5. f . r" fu. "i Q Vs ,s i a- fk k 5 J Q E X 5 i , E Fa :I s J. . 1 . T 1' f A ' f ic- - 1" 'l -m f , . 15 7 .1.8 e - 7 -1 ' 8214 31547 . A" 3 Q - if' UW. il .P , 9 G ye if fs' y ,J f .. 57 E? ffs Q5 ,Q 'nn Q 5? is fi A LB- ln' Ez g. 4 132 H wg IS lf 9 :A ffm' Awvw' rnfa 'Mff'J57A,'V IFL gb ?vTQ'f,' ii, Mamma '-emu mum :am ' rn. mia 1 n.....:..-'.ff.n, zu- .ar mn an lLfL!Ax!m1S.Wx'ffaK"Ff'E1K9,.ff2 :atv 413926 MIMVWQH mm WNLDCAT VQL YX ffj g SQ 5 K K5 xmswflvg f 49X df Zz 14 N V! X797 W 1 X QF I 95 7 0? 95-'55 Nl YV X lx ! Gi 2 ,f 1 A4 fi is 1 XFX Sm ,K I7 f 4 , .. 7 1 ' :six X2 ' I--fi 2 4 X X X4 lg! X?-, ali' ff ff' ag , ,-""' L40 -if? 35" 64 ,xxx 1" um., WW Y V ,V Wx AQ XXX h ' XM X xl aff of I 6 , , Q Hx 1 .4 51' ax 1, A TY Q Z4 scuool. S ,f 'Wlflafiw .73 I ---- G f JJ? Q QPR' WILDCAT ANNUAL STAFF Edltor EVELYN FLELCHER 60 5839 XX' 'L S 417 hr O git S Roof r-so C- 'bvacbcfls Q, Gfsvfxge x okxfo We 041 UFO ta 1- L4 pbe S4 7, Sponsor AMELIA SPENCER w-.,w"'x Stnce 1880 ArcherC1ty Schoolhas stood as a center of learmng ln ourcom muntty Hundreds ofstudents have gone out from this school to take therr places tn colleges vocatlons and Jobs The records of achtevement which they have left behrnd and the measures of success whlch have come to them mdrcates that Archer Ctty School was and 15 an tnstltuuon of learmng of whlch any community mlght be proud to call 1ts own Yours rs a speclal responstblllty to uphold a superxor tradmon of scholar shrp to stnve to become a well rounded cmzen and to adhere to only those pracuces whlch wxll develop you physically mentally and morally To every wholesome and sxncere student who has helped to make Archer Ctty School what rt has been and 15 we the edltors of The Wlldcat dedtcate thrs space rn thrs twelfth volume of our annual AND SC TO THESE . ARCHER CITY STUDENTS NOT ONLY FOR 1957 . AND . . . TO THE BUT FOR. .. YESTERDAY CITY W Alu'--It mn ARCHER 'T' HE K-V -A AND TODAY 'T Em .5 5 5. x Q4 D 3? W .4 A ' A ' . ,, . W ,v .Q t . 42 s. M J ' i Q. , -A V TO EVERY STUDENT WHO HAS PLAYED THE GAME IN THE STANDS ON THE FIELD OR IN THE GYM TO EVERY STUDENT WHO HAS BEEN A CHEERLEADER If .A 1' WALKED I THE CAMPUS OR STUDIED IN THE LIBRARY TO THOSE WHO HAVE PERFORMED ON THE STAGE TO THOSE WHO AND TO OUR HAVE WORKED ' p ff' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS TO THOSE WHO HAVE RIDDEN THE BUSES OR PLAYED IN THE BAND TO THOSE WHO HAVE PLANNED OUR PROGRAMS THOSE WHO HAVE ENTERED HERE AND TO THOSE WHO GRADUATE THIS THE I957 WILDCAT IS DEDICATED March? 1" S A'0fl3T0f effwr f l - lfljf 'W 5 -'.,'11,'1".l.j.' 1 ! '.x J , s 1 X S . 5 Y . 57 bxi. lui I . I SN 1 c gs. N' Y NX: Superintendent J. F. GERRON A PM Secretary MRS J F GERRON Alas "'h..--I MR W D IETER, M A MR CLIFFORDL BAILEY M E Hrgh School Prrncipal Grade School Prmcrpal MISS JO ALICE STOUT Home Economics Junlor Sponsor MISS AMELIA SPENCER, B Sclence A Annual Sponsor MR S I KNEPLEY B Band Drrector Orchestra MR P B SCHUELKE M E Mathemancs Socral Science Asslstant Football Coach Girls Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Sophomore Sponsor MR D W DAVIS B Enghshl History Span1shII Freshman Sponsor MRS D W DAVIS Secretary H1gh School MRS A W BEARD M.E Mathematics Speech Senior Sponsor MISS IDA HAWKINS, B. S. Eighth'Grade MR C R COE M Hlstory Physical Educatlon Football Coach Boys Basketball Coach Senlor Sponsor Track Coach MRS L N BARTON B Shorthand Bookkeepxng Typmgl II Car s Claw Sponsor Freshman Sponsor MRS I D MULLIS M L1brar1an English 111 Sophomore Sponsor MRS VERNA FINKS B A En 1shI II HI Jumor Sponsor MR. JOHN ENGLISH, B. S, Eighth Grade Physical Education Health Science Assistant Football Coach "B" Boys' Basketball Coach MR. F. U. POWELL, B.A, Math Seventh Grade MR DEAN FISHER B Sixth Grade MR DON WALDRIP B Seventh Grade Junior I-hgh Coach 5.x MRS GENE GANN M Fifth Grade MRS A B BLAKENEY B Sixth Grade MRS D A BROTHERS M E Fifth Grade MRS JEAN STRAWN B Fourth Grade 'K MRS GORDON ELMORE B S Frrst Grade MR C R COE B S Second Grade MRS R O BENNETT M A First Grade MISS CHLOE BYERS A B Muslc MRS. JACK WINGFIELD, B, S Fourth Grade MISS FRANCES DUREN M E. Third Grade MISS IUANITA NASH B A Second Grade MRS TROY WELLS B A Thrrd Grade -19' .1 ',,,,.f , 'N r' , eff" x-xtxf-x .' ,ff f1-'- .1- IN'T MISBEHAVIN' .,v" MOSSMAN 'R BEYOND THE BLUE gi .L EIH EIS HV 'If'l:II.L AVG -ff, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARGARET HELEN A LEXA NDER Junlor Play Choral Club Offrcer 1 FHA 1 Arts Crafts 2 FTA Offlcer 3 Press Club Paper Staff MARTHA JEAN BRITTON Basketball 1 FHA 1 FTA Offxcer 1 Choral Club 2 4 H 1 Press 2 World Frlendshlp Club 1 PHYLLIS ANNIS CAMPBELL Class Treasurer 1 Jumor Play Llbrary Club 3 Offlcer 2 FHA 3 Officer 1 FTA 1 Band 4 Offrcer 1 Outstandmg Gxrl Jumor Ranch Week Jumor Favorite Paper Staff 1 Library Club 1 IRIS NADINE COX FHA 1 World Frrendshxp 1 Choral 2 Offrcer 2 PATRICK DUANE COX Football 4 Track 1 Basketball 1 Baseball 3 Band 4 Offrcer 1 Vrce Presrdent 2 Arts Crafts 2 Ranch Week Jumor Favorrte Ranch Week Krng Honorable Mentron Defenslve Lmebacker Co Captarn EVELYN ANNIE FLETCHER Basketball 1 Scorekeeper 2 Tenms 4 Jumor Play FHA 4 Arts Crafts 2 Spanrsh Club 1 Annual Staff 4 Offrcer 2 Edrtor 2 "A" Club 4 BOBBY MERLE HICKMAN Football 4 Basketball 2 Track 3 Baseball 4 Presldent 2 Student Councrl 2 Jumor Play 2 Student Councrl Play Arts Crafts 2 A Club 4 Orchestra 2 Band 4 Offlcer of Student Council 1 Honorable Mentlon Defenswe Guard ALLAN LOUIS FRERICH 4 H 4 THOMAS BERNARD HILBERS Football 4 Track 1 4 H 4 World Frrendshxp 1 'A Club 3 - I N n .- I n NEBEHA ANN HORA NY Basketball 3 Vlce President 1 Class Favonte 1 Iumor Play 1 Speech Plays 2 Library Club 1 Orchestra 1 Press Club 3 Offrcer 2 Paper Staff 2 Edltor 1 Spamsh Club 2 FHA 1 Band 3 Choral Club 2 Llbrary Club 1 FHA 1 Dlstrrct Typmg Second Place .TERRY WAYNE LEWIS Football 4 Basketball 3 Track 3 Baseball 3 Class Secretary 1 4 H 1 A Club4 Arts Crafts 1 Orchestra 1 Band 4 LORETTA JOHNSTON JOHN VERNON LINSCOTT JR. Football 4 Track 4 Student Council 2 Vice President 1 President 1 Class Favorite 1 Student Council Play 1 "A" Club 4 Arts, Crafts 3 Spanish Club 1 Band 4 BETTY FRANCES MARTIN FHA 2 World Friendship 1 Choral Club 1 Library Club 1 Press Club 1 FTA 1 Paper Staff 1 Scholastic Award 2 District Spelling First Place District Typing Second Place MARCIA ANN MCGRIFF Basketball 1 Class Secretary 1 Class Favorite 1 Arts Crafts 1 Press Club Officer 2 Paper Staff 2 FHA Officer 4 Octet 2 Band 4 FHA Sweetheart 1 is-4' HOUSTON K PETTY Football 2 Basketball 3 Baseball 1 Tennls 1 Arts Crafts 3 Band 4 Number Sense 2 Iumor Play Speech Play Band 4 Press Club 1 Orchestra 2 World Frrendshlp 1 Llbrary Club 1 FHA 1 TOMMY LEE ROBERTSON Rmotball 1 Track 2 Baseball 2 Iumor Play Interscholastic League Play Won Dlstrict went to Denton Interscholastic League Speech Speech Class Play Arts Crafts 1 Press Club 1 Paper Staff 1 Band 4 Orchestra 4 SUE ANN PEYTON CAROLYN ANGELINE SC HENK Basketball 4 Tennrs 1 World Frrendshxp 1 Offrcer 1 Choral Club 2 4 H Club 1 Offrcer 1 Press Club 1 Arts Crafts 1 Volleyball 1 MARY ELLEN SLACK Basketball 3 Iunror Class Secretary Student Councrl Offrcer 1 One Act Play Press Club Offrcer 2 FHA 1 Orchestra 4 Band 4 Offrcer 1 Choral Club Offrcer Octet 2 All Regronal Band 1 Volleyball 1 Paper staff 2 Spanrsh Club Offrcer 1 2 Frrst Place Interscholastrc league 1 BOBBY RAY STONE A Club 1 l Senior Class Vice President EDWARD MAURICE STRAWN Football 4 Basketball 3 Track 4 Presldent 2 Student Council 2 Offxcer 1 Class Favorite 1 Student Councxl Play A Club 4 Offlcer 1 Arts Crafts Band 4 Basketball Z Reporter 1 Cheerleader 1 Jumor Play Arts Crafts 1 FHA 4 Off1cer 2 Library 1 Press 2 Paper Staff 3 Ranch Week HENRY VEITH Football 3 A Club 2 Baseball 3 - 2 Honorable Mention. Defensive Halfback l l SARAH MAURINE TARR Class Treasure Qu Band 2 LONNIE LYNN WILSON Football 4 Captam 1 Basketball 4 Class Treasurer 1 Track 4 Arts Crafts 3 A Club 4 Spamsh Club 1 Baseball 4 Honorable Mentron Offenslve Quarterback REBECCA LENN YOUNG Basketball 4 Student Councll Offrcer 1 Speech Plays 2 Jumor Play Orchestra 2 Llbrary 2 Press 3 Paper Staff 2 Band 3 FHA 1 World Frrendshlp 1 Spamsh Club 2 THIS IS YOUR LIFE Ladies and Gentlemen as we approach the Archer City High School build ing we see that a crowd IS gathering Today IS a big day for twenty six young people of A C H S As we draw nearer to the audrtorium we see that the stu dents have taken their places on the stage To the students thrs gathering means their graduatron but today SENIORS OF 1957 This rs YOUR life As we open the curtain of the past we see that life began for you as in divxduals in the years of 1938 and 1939 but as a group it started in 1945 when you first gathered to begin your life of drudgery as school children Only four teen of the original group sttll remain Martha Phyllis Evelyn Pat Ann Johnny Betty Marcia Sue H K Tommy Maurice Sara and Lenn The first disappointment on your young lives was the separation of some of you Wllh the division of the first grade But then you were all together and happy again rn the second grade where you gained three new members Mary ment when you were again split up and to make matters still worse half of you were taken upstairs and half remained below Another addition was made this year when Loretta Johnston Joined with you Finally the rest of you made it up the sta1rs and you were again reunited 1n the fourth grade The next four years were difficult but with no important changes except the addition of Bobby Hlckman who registered with you in the seventh grade The next year an lmportant change took place for not only did you move from grade school but were also blessed with the presence of four new mem bers Ins Bernard Allen and Henry By the time you were Freshmen Qafter having wandered around for a year as eighth gradersp you pretty well knew the ropes but as Sophomores you were convinced that you were the smartest ones in school and were confronted with the problem of convincing the rest of the world That was when Carolyn and Bobby Stone joined forces with you Peggy Alexander finally showed up at the begrnning of your Junior year to complete the roll As you moved from the Junior to the Senior row you were suddenly aware of the amazmg fact that this was the last of your high school days As Seniors you worked as individuals toward one goal receiving your diploma and as a group toward the Senior Trip And now before we look at what s 1n store for you in the future let s hear a word from your faithful lawyer I B Queath who w1l1 disclose what each of you have left in the form of a will Jerry, and Lonnie. The third grade confronted you with another disappoint- PROPHECY And now for a look tnto the future Ten years from now we see that Peggy Alexander rs preparrng for her weddrng whrch rs to take place soon She rs to marry her multr mrllionatre employer rn a colossal ceremony wrth Rev Bob Stone offlclatlng Musrc rs to be presented by the world famous organrst Sue Peyton Another woman of socrety rs Mrs Brll Rrsk the former Ann Horany who has just celebrated her tenth weddrngannrversary wrth a drnner dance at the Galveston Country Club A look rnto the sports world reveals that the famous Harlem Globetrotters are to have a new coach Maurrce Strawn In the boxrng rrng Ttger Tom QTommy Robertsonj wrll meet hrs chal lenger for the world s heavy werght champronshrp trtle tomorrow nrght A new professor rn Englrsh has Just taken her posrtron at Oxford Unrversrty She rs none other than the former scholastrc awards wrnner of A C H S Betty Martrn Whrle speaktng of educa tron we see that Choc Lewrs rs about to enter hrs frfth year as a senror at T C U where he wrll eventually recerve hrs dtploma wrth a degree rn Bachelorhood Scheduled to speak on a natron wrde televrsron broadcast rs Mrs Marcra McGrrff who wrll speak from experrence on Chtld Development After havrng successfully reared three charmmg daughters she rs qurte qualrfred to grve advrce and suggestrons to young mothers all over the country The eleven years of no crrcuses wrll come to an end thrs summer wrth the reopenrng of the Barnum and Barley Crrcus under the name of Petty and Verth Mrss Arrerrca prevrously known as Sara Tarr wrll be crowned by the prestdent and manager of the Mrss Amerrca Contest Pat Cox News has just arrrved that Captarn Johnny Lmscott has recently been appornted Commander rn Chref of Annapolrs Naval Academy Presrdent of the Unrted States, whom you wrll all remember as Bobby Hrckman, has recerved a letter from Moscow rn whrch Lonrkov former Lonnre Wrlson requests htm to vrsrt Russra early rn the fall Two forergn mrssronarres Martha Brrtton and Irrs Cox wrll leave for South Afrrca to con tmue work after a two months stay rn Amerrca Phyllrs Campbell rs provrng the statement Cheaper by the Dozen as she properly and ec onomrcally keeps house and rears her twelve chrldren Loretta rs puttrng her Commercral abrltties to good use and rs now bookkeeper and secretary for the Santa Fe Railroad Co Allen French and Bernard Hrlbers have Just collaborated on therr second great novel whrch wrll be released soon Evelyn Fletcher has Just recerved word from the Assocrated Press rn Hollywood that she rs to take over the column formerly wrrtten by Louella Parsons Carolyn rn sprte of her trarnmg rn speech class has gained fame as an actress and wrll make her debut on Broadway early rn the fall. Mary Slack IS busy rn her laboratory frgurrng on a new theory whrch rs to take the place of the Atomlc Theory whrch seems to have Just about worn itself out Lenn Young rs busy rn New York modelrng the newest Pans Fashrons on Frfth Avenue and try mg to keep from breakrng too many hearts . . , , - s . - f ' , . W . . . . . . . .v . ' . . .- - ' ' v - 1 a , . 1 . v N ' . ' ' ' n n 1 . 1 n WILL We the benrors of nmcteenhundred and frfty seven bemg of twenty srx drstrnct parts but of one sound mrnd do hereby publlsh thrs our last W1ll and Testament de clarrng a1lW1lls publrshed heretofore null and void Peggy Alexander leaves to Lynn Dele Adams her dull personalrty Martha leaves her poetry recrung abrlrty to Helen Taylor lr1s would lrke to see her herght go to Jo Ann Dugan Phyllis encouragrngly leaves her ablltty to catch a man to Io Ann Patrlck To Tommy Thurlkrll Pat Cox would lrke to leave hrs speakrng abrlrty Evelyn bequeaths her posltton as Annual Edrtor to Nancy Sullens Bobby Hrckman would l1ke to w1ll hrs walk to Davrd Power Bernard s seat in the Engllsh IV Class ts to be turned over to Frank Velth Allen s athletrc abrllty IS left to Pug York Ann Horany leaves her quretness to Krrby Blay staff Q Johnny bequeaths hrs place on the Student Council to Ardre Wood Choc s scholasuc enthusrasm must go to Peanut Ashton Good Luck Peanut' Marcra wants Malena to have her athlettc abrllty Sue Ann leaves her abrlrty to garn werght to Patsy Deen Betty would lrke to see Davtd Jackson mherrt her good grades and scholastrc ablllty H K has declded to leave h1s talents on the volleyball court to Bxlly Gore Tommy s broad mlndedness Qespecially ln Englrsh Classy IS left to Wayne Eckstme Carolyn s helght and athletlc ab1l1ty goes to Sharon Mason Mary leaves her Innocence to Wayland Abshxer Maurrce wrllmgly leaves hrs love for basketball to Charles Pryor Sara bequeaths her sweet temper to Lorene Hmsley Lonnre leaves hrs honesty and truthfulness to Kenneth Estxll Lenn s freckles go to Martha Worley And last but not least Henry wants Janet Shlelds to have hrs musrcal talents Stgned sealed and dellvered on th1s day of May runeteen hundred and f1fty seven The Sen1or Class of 1957 Loretta's typing ability must go to Cecil Haigood. fln case he ever gets on the paper AN jd KW S W W CHRISTMAS l, 'fv DERLAND ' 1.. F Q0 'W NX in s fJ3 ' i DRIFTING ANDYDREAMINCE-i .A ff "'wl' Jumon CLASS OFFICERS Vice President ------------------- JIMMY ASHTON Secretary ----------------- ----- H ELEN TAYLOR Treasurer --------------------- WAYNE ECK NE fx "'-Qi j DALE ASHBROOK JIMMY ASHTON All Dlstrlct Defenslve Ha lfback WAYLAND ABSHIER LYNN DELE ADAMS KIRBY DORIS BLAY LANIUS BRYAN PATSY DEEN JOAN DUGAN KENNETH ESTILL All DlSU'lCI Defenslve End IACK GENTRY Honorable Mentlon Defenslve Tackle 3 WAYNE ECKSTINE GEORGE ESSLER CECIL HAIG OOD CURTIS HARRELSON I BILLY GORE FREDA GRACE CHRIS HEMMI HELEN HILBERS LORENE HINSLEY DELBERT HUFFMAN 1'--sr we fir' ' 4 ' 'S"'4"4 xi VA X ' BAILEY LASATER MALENA MARTIN JUDY IRWIN DAVID IACKSON 'TN IO ANN PATRICK NANCY POLLOCK SHARON MASON GEORGL MORROW JIMMY POWELL DAVID POWER Honorable Menuon Offenswe End Ci'- if I H. I CHARLES PRY OR LESTER QUISENBERRY JANET SHIELDS HAROLD STA LLCUP KENNETH REEVES DELORIS RODERICK by MW' TOMMY THURLKILL All Dxstrlct Defenslve Guard FRANK VEITH 117' NANCY SULLENS HELEN TAYLOR an 1 WILLIAN WILLIEFORD ARDIE WOOD CLYDE WORLEY MARTHA WORLEY ANGIE LEE RHODES I-40 EARNEST WRIGHT ALVIN YORK All Dlstrlct Offenslve Tackle I ,OOO ful' s .0 2,4 Q 9' , yd' ttf '..o' .0 4 J ' ,iw M QS' NKKXN T ,ff '. Z' S ES Presrdent OLIVIA FERRELL Vlce Presldent JERRY PEIRCE Secretary Treasurer HELEN ELLIS Ina Ada ms Be thalice Berry Rebecca Bryan Cllff Byrd -ef Q sim, v Wie.-?2,.i Edna Mae Byrd Dorls Canady 'M' Polly Cox ., Davld Deen , , . F fl , N Fa,-5 l.,glf6'11L y A x R, 5: 44, Q74 - -, W , ., t 3 -E .CAT I 4Jgj'.1Q3fXf'1 Ml, , . gikff, 'jf '15 -"1 . . ' 1-gi fi ' ' .' , - 'H' gf . , ' ' "' L 5 fi- .. A , A, , ' .Q 5 1 5 ' - 8' YL -. 1 h 1 x 3 .X ' . '4 , Ara ' , N Martha Hodge Mary Carol Jackson Billy Jansen Pat Lasater Helen Jane Ellrs Q., S Ollvla Jean Ferrell Robert Gough Phlll p He ard Betty Sue Lobstein Eddie Loftis Charlotte Martin Virginia Martin Nancy Moore Vincent Murphy Jr Caroline O'Donohoe Jerry Peirce M S-4 'Y' l i Troy Stone Jimmy Strawn Sandra Sullens Mary Trdwell Leonard Power Shu-ley Reeves Penny Roberts I B Smrth YQMQ AT.J:'EAPI..m ff ff "A TROUT NC DOUBT F N x5 P, Yvggfgfgczvss U45 F -414 1.1 ia' Bemamm Buerger Glenda Covlngton V1rg1l Dugan Arthur Eckstlne Rosalee Essler Llmmle Eustace Uhtchj Butch Adams Joe Benton Buster Boren Wayne Browning KM- V' ', . x. D, R 'vga Aa' . 55.4 I ir- Tom Farmer Ronnre Gore James Harrls Donald Harrelson Janrs Harvey .17 Donna Horany Bette Jansen Leann Krrkland Gayle Darlene Knox Rlchard Krahl Margy Mason Pat Maxwell Sue McMurtry Dale Moore Jrmmre Morrls Claude Morrrson Jr Carlton Lear Amy Lewrs Jerry Lrght Margre Martm 1 Sandra Mornson Peggy Pataro M lke Pickett Tommy Alexander XX Tommre Power Neva Io Rhodes Tom Scarbrough Gowdy Slack Mary Wan Stone Sharon Thurber xii, J? info-vfv Alf , 'Iv X 4, 4 - K 51 ' ..-.-5 Dell Whee le r Rane tte Wood Emlha Yeager Gerald Smlth Guy Strlckland Betty Ann Thurlkill Frank Truelove Betty Velth Rufus Walker Virgil Rux t NEW STUDENTS ENTERING LATE ,,oCo.. ' f f ' 7 ' 1 ' fflxfffvf 1 11641 ff Wr' 7115 lr fl 'K Fry: fi fftfxfifff . . "ff, .173 K4 -iff!! 1, f ., I 1211.1 ACJAIYJ lla fx 'X J4- 'Q V R X. Qi 2 SL JY' ni! Y' V Q?" Xiu 'caii +m..2, Lena Peut Tony Pollock Sandra Porter David Schalbs Kay Shepard Sophia Simons Lee Roy Smith Paul Stone f WN '27 'HS -'X iq Z' fl 5 X , ' All Glenda Alsup Jerry Bryson Larry Canady Alvrn Cox EIGHTH Harrell Cross Fern Deen Severrne French B1ll1e Gentry GRADE Judy Glenn Ronald Gough Lawrence Lowack Burness Morgan MISS HAWKINS Q Q. C! ' 'N : er I Brenda Abercomble Carolene Allen Jeanle Bratt Sue Cox EIGHTH Carlton Deen Donna Frndley Raymonda Hander Tommye Mullrs GRADE Dottie Murphy Paulette Perkrns Jrmmy Prtts Brent Proffrtt MR ENGLISH ss,- if T -4 4- Q9 ,-5 -q-Q E' img' Q5 Qs. S f S-5 XX X 1 E' In Ronald Reed Gayle Stewart Linda Strawn T I Taylor Joe Victory Edmon Vreth Jerry Walsh Ronald Wrlleford Gwen Yeager Iudrth Thurber Sandy Graham Lemuel qButchj McLemore Jamce Bennett Audry Byrd Nora Crawford Shrrley Crawford SEVENTH Ronnxe Dlckey Jerry Don Downlng Joann Essler R L Hmsley GRADE L1111an Huffma Bobble Krrk Jean Lofus Charles McWhorter MR WALDRIP Sue Moore Mahnda Moms B1111e Morrison Mary Sue Perdue Gary Rucker George Schenk Walter Schlabs Dale Shelley T' 1 Patsy Smrth Frances Stone Mary fo Tharrmgton Benny Vieth B111y Walker Mane Walsh Carlyn Wheeler Wayne Whlte C" Suzy Abercrombie Barbara Allen Joe Bledsoe Peggy Boggs SEVENTH Alice Brothers Carolyn Buerger Marketta Clingman Linda Crowley GRADE Fred Edge Billy Ellis Tommie Eustace Neamona Everett MR POWELL Vrrgxma Graham Speedy Hander R D Hmsley Connle Horany Barbara Howell Frances Krahl Philip Martrn Ruth Mason V ff 4, 1 12" .sl ,B ' -Z1 l J 7 . R -5. 1 pg 5 .sg ."?A ng -Pw- I R , 1 ei 'EF' rf: .51 s if is ' E' Ronnie Nelson Joe Nowell Frances Peck Jtmmy Pendergrass Brenda Proffitt Patncia Schenk Marvona Smxth Bonnie Taylor Gladys Vleth Ronnle Wood David Wrlleford Michael Wrxght Jerry Berryman Richard Browning Kathrine Diggs Lisa Eckstine SIXTH Dorothy Eustace Carol Gllliam Junior Harrelson Dxckey Kirkland GRADE Linda Lear Dranne Martin John Henry Morgan Lucretxa Mullis MR FISHER Q- 7 fgi.. xi-1 ff u I i it Karen Barton Jxmmy Boren Eula Buerger Everett Byrne EHXTH John Crain Jrmmy Crawford Mary Deen Linda Drake GRADE Judy Froman Dorothy Geis Janet Gillem Ross Glenn BLAKENEY 55.4 3 xx Wxlma Graham Karen Jansen Bobby Jones B111y Loftxs Ima Jean Lowack Beatrice McK1nney Barbara Stone Jrmmy Swenson Sylvara Yeager James Walsh Donna Wilson 7-v I , it :ft zi- 7 !'x 1 345. . .A'.v. N Q Ib. i 1 Kenneth Texchman Jeame Van Hemert Sharon Wales Lillie Whxte f "nn 2"'.L', .., Q s X' Na 4' v'Qs..f if 'fir Q'-wr, iv 1-1, , gk, , . 'Cixi 1, I 0, Q, Y ,va 21 'li 0. Y -Q x Y ' L L l -nan Q,-.f S. Wx, YN Marsha Clark Larry Davis Laverne Deen Mike Denhart FIFTH Carolyn Sue Harrelson Jimmy Higgins Kenneth Hinsley Katrina Horany GRADE Judy Huffman Donna Johnson Carolyn Jones Mary Jones MRS BROTHERS Donny Lmscott Laura Lovmg Monty McCarty Joyce McNe11l Ronald Moms Sharon Porter Gary Rhodes Rxckey Stover Patsy W111e ford ., Carol Wnght .13 f t A as x V L A .. Q I 2:2 , I 7 r gn K R 1 , . A ta at -I 2 J Q. . . 225414115 ' ' ' Ei? ' if x L V rf fy' O. A A V - . 4 S. .Q .1 X A . Lg-. , 1 'W' 1 1 g .4 1 X - fa- T y . 1:- X. 'QL 'Ig v .J v I . . fi 4 ' ,t . . i -3 . If"3,i" -T ' , "- 2 , fi IJ: 1 3 . 5-f X ' I -Ha' r V 3 4 K A V R . . f . . M at . Alf- ' - F., 71 -'Lf 3.51 V ,A l ' - i f ' 'I 'vi - .WN . . 5 1 . .. Thomas Bennett Dianne Blakeney Charles Brock Dorothy Browning FIFTH " Q- his Rona Bryan Mary Ellen Byrd Ellen Campbell I P Co felt GRADE Llnda Davis Elaine Goforth Anna Lou Holm Neva Bell McLemore MRS GANN A J Morris Johnny Peirce Kay Perkins Dianne Sue Peters James Pollock Danny Pryor Charlotte Roderick John Rutherford A Qgi .ffl A w-...F . T V' Pts- 5- 9' VD. Q.. 7 iff? X QI. 1 .-P Af! C -iw? E559 Q... Wig. J 'visit Sharon Shields Melvin Splawn Carolyn Tarr Gloria Thacker Ronnie Wright 1- 1771 G- Y' ffq,?i3 ay, Margaret Loftxs Judy McMurtry Erwln McWhorter Lyla Bo Mmmck Barry Mornson Pamella Pataro Jxmmy Peck Joe Peut James Phllhps Nxna Robertson Mlldred Stephens V1ck1 Strawn Edward Sternadel Mlke Stewart Rlchard Threet Phyllxs Wnght Lanme Yeager -...J 'W Wil- 6.x- .3'f, . vi 4,.,gir' XJ Jerry Allen Billy Gene Anderson Shlrley Bracey Mavls Coleman Judy Crowley FCURTH Kenneth Culwell Alxce Dav1s Joyce Denhart Mlchael Falls Butch Hannah GRADE Harold Hlnsley Mack Howell Etta Mae Johnston Butch Knox Marsha LCWIS MRS WINGFIELD -Im :qw -Mzzlfllh sz s 'J Co 44 +I:- Brenda Kay Ayers Aqullla Boren Eddle Campbell Ronme Canada Sharon Drake FOURTH Ann Eustace Berry Ann Fmdley Raymond French Jamce Gaulden Bobby Hammontree GRADE . as Dxckie Hander Jane Huffman Wayne Johnston Nancy Lewls 'Q' SLN K. uf: 'Q N Clarence McWhorter I Ai an X MRS STRAWN :JIU -vt, w-W QYWKX 'll V The Squurrel Nix, 'YU I f""X A' Sharon Moms Danny Moore Jerry Wayne Morrrson Gaylord Mosberger Lee Nelson Steve Parsley Brlly Puts Linda Pollock Pamela Roberts Dolores Schlabs Sharon Sheppard Frerle Trlgg Bobby Vleth Jerry Wakefleld jern Watts Judy Wrlght 9 1 .f sum H815 Judy Jackson Jack Klrkland Audre Knox Gary Mornson Joe Petrce Darla Ptttman Leonard Schenk Jr James Smtth Harold Smttson Tommy Lynn Stuart Kathleen Sullens Robbre Taylor Johnme Sue Ttdwell Connle Van l-lemert Shxrley Wrlllams l Tom Adams Connte Atchley Becky Sue Bates Jimmy Boone Sue Ann Brock THIRD Bobby Coffelt Sammy Crutcher Dolores Day Pamela Davrs Ellen Denhart GRADE Brenda Elledge Rlckey Glllem Erxc Haseman 11m Horany Gary Johnston MISS DUREN sn., ago Dana Burkett Gerald Byrd Jrmmy Ray Coe Les Coleman Pamela Drckey THIRD Kay Eustace Larry Graham Sheryl Dean Halgood Clrfton Harrelson Henry Heard GRADE Gladys 1-lrnsley Jrmmy Holm Mlckey Horany Lee Wayne Jones Danny Klrkland MRS WELLS 'S' ..s l Ixfs, uf 4 fxx 'L -l li! f Vmson Lowack Jr Shirley Luzg Rlta Kay McBroom Carla McKinney Mary O Donohoe Melrssa Powell Irmmy Reeves Dolores Roberts Carl Schlabs Kathy Seay Malcom Splawn Davrd Stone Danny Thacker Davlda Wxckham Davld Wright Jane Wright Judy Jo Wnght H Georgene Abercrombie Judy Anderson Linn Battey Sandra Bracey SECOND Lonme Bunch Leslee Burkett Jan Byrd Rrcky Campbell GRADE Jlmmy Lee Culwell Jrmmy Davrs Steven Fall Gen Ahce Fmks MISS NASH Jackre Graham Pennxe Hannah Becky H1gg1l'lS B111y Holder Bllly Wayne Kmg Shlrley Lmderman Lynda Lurg Gmger McWhorter 9' 15, 9 Qt 4 Lugenla Adkins Ann Baughman Gary Boren Joe Cameron SECOND Debora Crane Gena Day Terry Dowmng Jerry Ensey GRADE Dxane Faulkner Nxta Gholson Tommy Goodwm Davld Lee Jones MRS COE Jud Kmg Glenda Lear Renee Mayes Joe Metcalf Edd1e M111er V1ck1e Perdue Lxnda Rames Loulse Schenk -0 Y" 'Wu 1 S CCW AMX" l,X l i ir' 1 1 1 Lewls White Q Vxrglma Wy11e i I 'X K Larry Smlth Larry Sternadel Margaret Vieth Troy Wells Jr -'Qs thi 119 Ill 'CT' 65 i Jo Ann Johnson Lynn Lewrs Raylette Luxg Gerald Moms Dale Murphy Jr Donald Petty Grnger Peyson Pat Schlabs VICRIC Stover Kenneth Stubbs Robbie Walker Carolyn Whrte Carol Ann Wrngo Connie Wright Gene Wright Weldon Adams James Ashbrook M1chaelAtch1ey Lrnda Canada Mrke Cavrtt FIRST Gtnger Cooper Johnnre Crawford Mehssa Crawford Io Eustace Nancy Ruth Everett GRADE Bobby Foster Anrtta Grllem Patrrcra Holder Davxd Huffman Nlta Lou Huffman MRS ELMORE W Q,-fi fl xl N L 1' How I Hate +o Get Up 5 0 on QW 'i 4 Sharon Barton Sandra Bunch Carolyn Byrd Stephen Byrne Billy Coffelt FIRST David Crutcher Mary Davis Donald Dugan Larry Foster Billye Gene Gels GRADE Carol Harvey Nancy I-Iollima George Ikard Dana Joiner Michael Lisle MRS BENNETT Q-, 94 I :V IN Mary Had a LiH'le Lamb Tommy McBroom Claudia McKinney Charlie McMurtry Gerald Mobley Martha Morgan Burk Morris John O Donohoe Carol Parsley Jimmy Earl Phillips Brenda Schlabs Ricky Stone James Teichman Jeffrey Wickham Kathy Wright , 'Z fini, ' 4 .4 . gafddfo 359055051 .rf STUDENTS ENTERING LATE f""'- 'Q' SN-N, 'Y Davrd Schlabs Larry Smlth James McNe111 Elghth Grade Erghth Grade Sxxth Grade Mrss Hawklns Mr Englrsh Mrs Blakeney Ahce Morrow Judy Hale Larry Woods Srxth Grade Frfth Grade F1fth Grade Mr Flsher Mrs Brothers Mrs Gann . Bob Games Allen Foster Terry Dowmng Second Grade Flrst Grade Mlss Nash Mrs Bennett 3 I ' N 4 A v 1 I - I A T 's .1 'T f ' I 'y , Q 5 A ' ll X' F M if-'Q ' LJ . CHRISTMAS PARTIES ' -, 1'-mg' -4 . . ami 51,1-. - X ,fi . .1 , . Sf xx-X , V' "M "1 ' 'wi ff. I L35 42 f Y-1 - --2 ' V .-fga, - GRADE SCHOOL PLAYS Th3I1kSg1V1l1g Play Presented by Mrs Wells and Mrss Duren X Mrs' Christmas Play Presented by PQ. 1 'jf51l'IfZl Ili.-WN Mrs Coe Miss Nash N r M b 1, L 3 ,V ? 1. ' F 4 , A ' rf . . ?f,. i?i A .,Q+j T I I 1 7 , a Q I .1 , 4 " 1 7' - 1 V ii., 1 H h V ii f'j'5:1.' J sl A U Q' ' 5" im gwww AT PLAY PARTY GRADE SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS I F, Slut- L .:i5,1lV-'-':54r- u ' v , . V .M V ' Q , .. - A E, .. ' C7 "9 . p . V N :gtg . ,Mi Q2 K I L N -ward er'-1 --- 4 .. W , 4.524495 EY , 9 8 xx :Wee Z 1 1 ! .- xy, xVI,,rf1 ', mf' , ' I ' It 'L' ' 1 1 ffl! fill? -" . .- PRIMARY WMI: PLAYING ax. f' L .. jfsv- ...:: N6 .T 'QW V vu f CHILDREN " x V ua- I " ".. I ., -1 Pi ... 5 'V ,ev gfwm , if A -i K I. . - jgar fff ,,.. . I If 3 ' . -. . ."'. I .' i ,. L? U 'A In V, s- ck .I i -v- 'Q Y 'J I .' .' lc 'I ' I I I mlltud? 1 .J I I i I M1 - QR R I - im-'13-at ff K h, K A tg. .. A ' I ' .g'I'!1,f4ln 4 4, .. . 4, , ' 'N . K: ' A . 'I I ' ' .,,f I 1 4 Q H - 1 R R , 3 I -s 1 1 I I I 'A 1 - , " 7 K .,,4.L,1f9iW" 4 ' IP , . ,H .f. van' v I . , 3 - - 4 I L I I ' 9 ' I ' i If-g s? I , ' 'I ' 1 'A.x I-I xl -L 5. :W 'N ' x g ' ' '5 , Q3 I I 5' 'I W p ..--f' , 'Q-54 0"-3-fl YQQOQI '33- f"ll' vo-I Ile tll'O : .-. f.!f'f!""' Inq: bw - umm. 7 U80 U'-'fr - Jawa in WI 1 ow num, mud. . DW? F.-Aff pQ ZN', ' 0123 I ,, V' A-Q 040-Q8 15013 bfi lb-.fu IX? iff? R Uh Lv 7, v-, .Q 3. 1 'Q A : O6 has-on-.4 .lltrbdhoous i'QDivlmo 4lTNQi00nun+z Xllllbldlqnq - .Bll0l 'VQSRMKDA KI .0 "Wilbur vs . fibhbivhno-0 . . g u v an-no Q aww. 1- naiinwsn.a-m '- ' liimlr WND XC' ' Cdl'-OC-1 li!-il l9'h" -' xr- C " - ' 4 f--In li' 1'--1 YOU RE THE TOPS MOST POPU LAR BOY I Y , N W X X X X . X 5' ll ll ob' Z' :X 0 Q! cd C7 OHNNY LINSCOTT OVER THE RAINBOW MOST OUTSTANDING L ML 5.415 IM SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD EMF J J MOST OUTSTANDING 1 Vue V 708 P' 1' 1.,,.,f ANCHCRS AWEIGH Ti HP MOST ATHLETIC CAROLYN SCHENK ALVIN YORK X BAN D SWEETHEART I FOOTBALL QUEEN IO ANN PATRICK 2 fx sg Syn Jumor Favorxtes KENNETH ESTILL HELEN TAYLOR 7, Semor Favontes MAURICE STRAWN MARY SLACK N Sophomore Favorites LEONARD POWER OLIVIA FERRELL Freshman Favontes TOMMIE POWER AMY LEWIS 'Wh ,X 1 -1 -gg K D JP' Ranch Week Favorites DAVID POWER HELEN TAYLOR Home on +he Range H-iw WE BJ Ranch Week Favorltes BOBBY HICKMAN PHYLLIS CAMPBELL wxx X5 J The Shlfhng Whispering Sands H Ranch Week Sophomore Favoutes POLLY COX JERRY PEIRCE 'L '-eff' 44 Mm Q21 Ranch Week Freshman Favontes AMY LEWIS GOWDY SLACK F 2 I 'Ei' S il A-5 6 11 YM , L X F Co? R if A xx 1 AJ f fi I 9 it 1' Y J Q.- M l, R 5 U 9 R 9' R 'A - b-Qi: -QA- Y 3 .gl 1 uw J., ' 4 4? RANCH WEEK ll. ilk 1 Uh -T2 Q2 'UUE wk 3 E 'Q him at 'BHS wazWQ lag If gm wil-I Sl an My F15-' wifi-- .gm-5 1--1... shi' A A -5. K' -5' J. . N, F-i"'..:i ' 7'- 3 -no 1 fu -lx n 'sw N.. a, an ir: if- -. .. E..."'.::-:i :- a -V-. .335 1 4 ' vu-..,,:'f',f -.-an 'tg Q' ...,,,, me ' an - - - - li"N':lx Uv wig? Dwarf 'fs 25 55 Xiamen' - Km 3 iii"W?-Ki 11194 nqgq H lllti 1 1s l". '-Q-L 155335 " lim 0123? "!'!'!7 i I! 'lla CM 8 'Gi DK' QU' aww: ' mm!-H ""' Qi :Mft A eiffgw .-dvumvgu Queen BETTY sus Kmg VINCENT of the house of Of the 1101159 Of LOBSTEIN MURPHY .9 11" aa., 6 ""5 ua... AN ...........- I, , 21 , fn ' . ' , "" f.-... u I, 5. , 4 N4 " 'fl is A- I ' .- , , ig ' K fl f ' 1 ' , S " . ' ' , fm A - 1- v I NX 5 1 x 1 5 f 5 S , , I . '. i ' X X 4 " ., 'rl , ! . 1 3' ' 4, g ' 1 4 .J 5 f 1 I 5 1 . . ' V , K l'-' -M., - i W -a -- fa-5 1 :tg k H K., .I .Eff 'W L, 1 we 'f V .. MQ ' ' - ' -. ,Q ff Q, ' ' ' - - v my 1 ,. -V . 5 , K ' ' ' ' H, ' Q ' V 4 ,- x M-, fn. 4 , '4- " ' 3 x K ': , , Do ' Q -'ni G ' I , M ' ' " '. 5 - i s lf' ' , , , - is mpg , Mn, ,gl ., i':"' , ' Fl . . ' ' k f , ' xslt, "W: , W, t lpn- M. fy Q V' V i9wyk,,,g H "CNW: 7 Eva.- 'P' Q , :I Q X. , ,. ,M , A J - M xasagu M arm' .f :.M. "1 1, aa Rn it A X 7, .1-mf 5 , Il, z .- qw ff , ., , . WA , K , Q 3i!. L4 z,r2Q1 -, - , A , X vw. vlbvvm, M...fff ' F' 4 ' , V. W ' 1 rf ""' - la x xv :J Iwi h 4' - . .. g A , N W it Y, I x., 1 Lum: 1 , 5 ' .910 W. ? 95' .. - UNK M A ,w 1 ,.-J if . t X'ivg3g!g, if' ' Q -, "KH: 'iw' .v . f QQ ,Nt ' ' "A .M . . X ' f v rw A 1 . , , as 4 , ,N ., ' W . I K I W. AQRYKJF .Zvi ,M . ' f' ' ,fl - .W 5. V if f an , M. 'fx ' Kf Ag ,I , wr- n a-rf' Q' K . , 'QW A1111 b 1 ly. Ll, I N .nf , x December .il l956 AfChCl' City TEXSS Page 5 STUDENT BODY ELECTS IDEAL BOY AND GIRL Several weeks ago the Press Club asked the student body to elect an Ideal Boy and Grrl from the four classes rn Hrgh School After ll had been counted we determmed the wtnners Here IS your chorce of the Ideal I-hgh School Boy and Grrl Grrl Harr Ann Horany Eyes Delor1s Roderrck Smlle Helen Ellts Malena Martrn Complexron Teeth Frgure Personallty Scholasttc Ab111ty Athlet1c Abrlrty Muslcal Abrlrty Walk Best Dressed Wrtuest Frlendllness Talkatrveness Laugh Blush Neatness Hands S Best All Around Sweetness ' Denotes a t1e Jo Ann Patrrck Janet Shlelds Phylhs Campbell Mary Slack Betty Marun Helen Taylor Sue Peyton Mlssy Thurlkrll Carolme O Donohoe Carolyn Schenk Peggy Alexander Ton1 Scarborough Polly Cox Lenn Young Ina Adams Evelyn Fletcher Rebecca Bryan Besta Berry Marcxa McGr1ff Harr Eyes Smrle C om ple xron Teeth Physrque Personalrty Scholastlc Ablllty Athlet1c Ab1l1ty Musrcal Ab1l1ty School Sp1r1t Best Dressed W1tt1est Frrendllness Talkatrveness Laugh Blush Neatness Hands Shy Best All Around Sweetness Wxlllam W11lCf0fd J1mmy Ashton Davxd Power Kenneth Estlll Jerry Lewrs Tommy Thurlkrll Wayne Eckstrne Barley Lasater Bobby Htckman Lonnle Wllson Tommy Robertson Jerry Perrce Jrmmy Strawn Charles Pryor Wayland Abshler Jr Murphy Robert Gough Henry Velth Cecll Hargood Hank Ltght Bllly Gore Johnny Lrnscott Pat Cox ' : Boy: - - I .-........ ' .............. ' School Spirit ---------- Patsy Deen Walk ------------ Maurice Strawn hy ------------- ------ -------- ' wb? SE SCxxQX5t QX ,ffl gp? AWARDS 1956 MORGAN POWELL 'w,sN If 0 oscar e ,, fbi' J-an To Oscar for Semor Pla MUSIC C iuzenshlp HELEN TAYLOR e BABYCA " o nny Cam 9 GUY STEPHENS School Spmt JANE PERDUE Valedlctonan S fa iiltfilff Ig Most Athletic GWEN WAINSCOTT Sa lutatorlan Most Athleuc YVONNE GRA HAM One Act Play like 4? Archer Crty Archer Cxty Archer Clty Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City Archer City ' - Conference Games FOOTBALL SCORES FOR 1956 Decatur Electra Newcastle Olney Chillicothe Iowa Park Holliday Crowell Paducah I E5 ...D COACH SCHUELKE Assrstant I I f 5-l fd- C 1 COACH COE LONNIE WILSON Captarn Back Honorable Mentxon All Dlstnct All Area 1 A PAT COX Captaln Center Honorable Menuon A11 Dlstnct A11 Area 1 A MAURICE STRAWN Honorable Mentlon A11 Dxstnct A11 Area 1A En BOBBY HICKMAN Back Honorable Mention A11-District JOHNNY LINSCOTT Back JERRY LEWIS Guard COACH ENGLISH Assistant ITM!! al 4' Us I4 1-I I-1'-4 BERNARD HILBERS H K PETTY Guard Tackle Tl x YI' KENNETH ESTILL En All Dlstnct lst Team Honorable Menuon All Area lA JIMMY ASHTON Back Honorable Mennon All Area 1A ALVIN YORK Tackle All Drstnct lst Team All Area 1A 2nd Team DAVID POWER En Honorable Mentron All Drstnct All Area 1A TOMMY THURLKILL Back All Distnct 1st Team All Area 1A lst Team Honorable Mentxon All State WAYLAND ABSHIRE Guard BOBBY STONE Back . A 4.l 'A r I 4' Q i X 'Q , ,N - . Y I ' 1 ' I I V'fff -J e X n .4 . A E I,,,,,, -I" 'V d - 4 -w 1 "I M , All-District lst Team "--f'1f .'n..., 'X lf' .F - . . 1: '- , - . 'N d . sv - . N ' ' - .M,',,iin" J so 3 2 5 A JACK GENTRY Tackle Honorable Mennon A11 Dlstrlct 1 1.15 Kam f" X1 CECIL HAIGOOD Back WAYNE ECKSTINE Back CURTIS HARRELSON Guard BAILEY LASATER Tackle CHARLES PRYOR En CLYDE WORLEY Guard LESTER QUISENBERRY Back ARDIE WOOD Center I 1 I S' Q x 2 iff' my A ., - 1 ' It ' LJ f' .- '- , ll! .. 1 f N L M L?-' I 4 1 - 4 . xr r X A d 2 L 5 We L L -:Y I x, ,lf-1 '- A I 1,45 K. 153 'rx ll FRANK VIETH ROBERT GOUGH JERRY PEIRCE Guard En Back TROY STONE Back BUTCH EUSTACE Guard ..-n N TOMMIE POWER En JERR1 LIGHT Back 4- GOWDY SLACK WILLIAM WILLEFORD J. B SMITH Back Manager Manager Touchdowns Agamst Olney an Munday 18555 . ir . 4 . 1- ' -49.-,gs av .mga A Team Offenslve A Team Defenswe 4 B Team X ,uf .. ',- J ,C , PAT COX LONNIE WILSON MAURICE STRAWN Center - Captain Back - Captain End Homecomxng parents honored by Quarterback Club BOBBY HICKMAN DAVID POWER JOHNNY LINSCOTT JERRY LEWIS Back Back Guard WAYLAND ABSHIRE BERNARD HILBERS BOBBY STONE H K PETTY Guard Guard B ack Tackle MARY SLACK and PAT COX Band Sweetheart and Band Preudent xo ANN Pnaxcx and LONNIE WILSON Foolb all Sweetheart and C0 Captain MARCIA MCGRIFF JOHNNY LINSCOTT JANET SHIELDS MAURICE STRAWN MARY SLACK PAT COX .TO ANN PATRICK LONNIE WLLSON ANN HORANY - BOBBY HICKMAN MIKE ATCHLEY CARLA MCKINNEY DALE MURPHY CLAUDIA MCKINNEY NEW JACKETS Semors Junxors Freshmen Sophomores Managers Band Sweetheart Coaches Football Queen HELEN TAYLOR KIRBY BLAY MELENA MARTIN DELORIS RODERICK CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL 'B Group Basketball "A" Group Basketball COACH COE A oys If H K PETTY Forward ALVIN YORK Forward Co Ca ptam KENNETH ESTILL Guard Co Captaxn GUY STRICKLAND Center LEONARD POWER Forward I ERRY PIE RCE Guard COACH ENGLISH B oys 1'Q gn-Q BANQUET rv -.-,Q '--up --'-ni Z-mil' Y' Q 'Ziff , .s 'W in ll T . 41 i ' Basketbau Group Co Basketball ach Schuelke Gxoup B Basketball I unior High Forward Captain MARY SLACK Guard LENN YOUNG Guard HELEN TAYLOR Forward JO ANN PATRICK Guard DELORIS RODERIC K Guard KIRBY BLAY Forward BETHALICE BERRY Forward BETTY SUE LOBSTEIN Guard EVELYN FLETCHER Scorekeeper CAROLYN SCHENK l ,- BASKETBALL SCORES Chrllrcothe Burkburnett Archer Crty Munday Archer Crty Olney Chllhcothe Archer C1ty Megargel Wmdthorst Archer Crty Megargel Archer Clty Jacksboro Archer City lowa Park Archer Crty Holllday Newcastle Newcastle Archer City Iowa Park Wmdthorst Archer C1ty Holllday Archer Clty Olney Archer Ctty Munday Archer Crty 52 Munday Archer Crty 46 Munday Archer Cnty Archer City Archer Crty Archer Cnty Archer Crty Archer Clty Archer C1ty DISIIICI ' fX Il ...B b A P- ,A .' 7 ff"+ 'f - ' if F' fp Q "'Nrf1Tw f lk: Q ' jj l I . ., 6 u st. A "J" A A 4 1 :xx ml V ' X A n. 4' t 5 I 1 l i t l I A x ' '73 ' ' 33 ' 54 41 ' 42 57 ' 57 47 ' 67 ' ' 20 ' 41 '71 ' 58 ' 37 ' 49 69 ' 44 42 ' 68 64 ' ' 71 ' 53 ' ' 61 29 ' 59 38 ' 62 41 ' ' 58 ' 24 ' '14 ' '72 ' ' 51 63 ' 62 54 ' ' 62 ' .sf -Rl! 461-I COACH COE COACH ENGLISH KENNETH ESTILL 120 H H Second 18 6 TOMMY POWER 120 H H Fourth 19 JACK GENTRY Shot Second 43 2 BILLY JANSEN 880 Fourth 2 A C 42 1!2 Fxrst Intersectxonal Meet TRACK TEAM Shot Put First 44 6 ft ALVIN YORK Dlscus 's DAVID POWER WILLIAM WILLEFORD TOMMY THURLKILL LONNIE WILSON B J Second 17 11 ft JOHNNY LINSCOTT 440 R First B J Fnst 18 5 fr LONNIE WILSON 440 R First P V Second 8 4 ft 180 L H Thxrd 21 9 fr 440 R Flrst JOHNNY LINSCOTT MAURICE STRAWN 100 Second 10 5 ft 220 First 22 9 ft 440 R Fust 46 JIMMY ASHTON CHARLES PRYOR P V Fourth 8 fl H J Second 5 6 fr. H J Second 5. 6 TENNIS af? il L QAM COACH MR IETER Q I5 DOUBLES Evelyn Fletcher Bethallce Berry Won East Half of Dlstnct SINGLES Clyde Worley SINGLES Betty Thurilkill COACH SCHUELKE BASEBALL SUMMARY 1956 The Wlldcats won Flrst Place IH the DISUICI B1 DISUICI Team Bamng Average 262 DISTRICT BI DISTRICT Archer City LONNIE WILSON DAVID JACKSON WAYNE MAXWELL GUY STEPHENS ALVIN YORK JERRY LEWIS JERRY PEIRCE PAT COX H K PETTY Electra Archer C ny Jacksboro REGIONAL Archer Clty Grandbury BATTING AVERAGE At Bat Hits Average 4 6 5 3 11 1 5 6 5 11 4 3 5 4 4 10 0 11 63 21 .333 21 '7 . 333 ROBERT KRAHL '70 21 .300 66 18 . 273 58 15 I . 259 58 15 . 259 59 15 . 25 52 11 . 211 37 7 . 189 , , 1 . 166 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Offensive A Stnng Stnng JUNIOR H IGH BASKETBALL Managers COACH WALDRIP -1 , , .U ,L ws " K A , , x. .,- 'V 1 A .- X I 1 1 , I F , ,Q , fs ' M . f 3 K I X - X 1 V' ' ' 'K . 1 ,. V ' ..B,, , I IHE UP THE BHHI 5 1 IIA GIISHWII GEOIGI GIISNIHI xx xsfhlgj sf N fd..JJ-XXV gi STAFF Edxtor Co Edxtor Sports Edrtors Ann Horany Marcra McGr1ff Jtmmy Ashton Tommy Thurlklll Sharon Mason Ina Adams Lenn Young Helen Jane Ellis Mary Slack Peggy Alexander Amy Lewis Mary Slack Productron Managers Cecll Haxgood Charles Pryor Jerry Perrce Busrness Manager Sarah Tan Typxsts Betty Martrn, Sue Peyton Phyllis Campbell SPONOI ' ' - - Mrs. Barton Exchange Editor Club Edrtor Feature Edrtors Edrtonal Wrrters Art Edrtors Af' K I X x. DEAKS TO ft, Pro cssor . . mdw rds, dwcstfrn nrv rsitv History oartrsent, spoke on "World f'a1r's' to aaout seventy oeople O ftended the D19fP1Ct Toach s ottinrj hero on Januar-y ol. 'he thcmc or thu meotinq was sod around th " f'lSC 'wld Owl." ch tfble an owl, made of oard, was placed with can- 'Na c od as on on-h slde md wlth cedar 'I our---14,5 Pt tho base. The ales were dfcoratod by 'iss OL mOHG' E2lSH In 'rOm DOCH 112D I Stout with tho asalstance of hir STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Johnny Lmscott Presndent Tommy Thurlkrll Vtce President Lenn Young Secretary Bobby Hrckman Treasurer Carohne O Donohoe Reporter Bethalrce Berry Parlramentarran Maurrce Strawn Hrstorran PROJ ECTS Sponsorrng assembly programs Servrctng soft drrnk and candy machmes Sponsorrng the edmng of a school handbook Sponsormg an mtramural sports program MONEY RAISING ACTIVITY Sponsorlng the sale of sports garments rmprmted wnth school emblem - v FHA Q Z Inmates F5 2. '22 F. H. A. Club MISS STOUT Time out for tea 'P September October November December Bethahce Lynn Dele Delorxs Phyllls vga .rw ff 5,55 ?V:,,,,ggsY!KqA QHSVV FF' Liigqdg- gens-frakgia y it 1369 K February Polly ' THE January F H A Sweethearts Janet Janet Shrelds Maunce Strawn March A Pm May I0 ADH Emma C arohne 4 H CLUB MRS COFFMAN MRS BEARD Safety Demonstranon vgsva Public SPeakm8 Etymology Team I Jumor Declamatxon 2nd Clothlng Cemfxcate lst Cattle Reserve Champ Womens Department 2nd Chlckens Flfth Heavy Welght Pnme Steer - . . . , - . . .'-.s?,',gr,wag5k 1 V V I ' IQ., 'nf ' E W .0 as ,V t . '-... 5 5 :L I J?--XE A P R ' 4 , :E , x I Q L Q K .5 - I 1 X , , S , st . , n f ' c N64 N -ow 0 P' WJ,4,Q-X4 if 1:-f pflad' .f K 6 ""'-if Q X I I, K fin x.'1--, Jrx .. . I, AQ V". I M 'V , A ' , 'Z ----v....,,,'l':- s I 1 --.......'r::g'-T76 N.. '--W- h X1-M. h .t G 47.2 SN. ll., jj ,Inf fx! f rf! f! X f 'AL' 1 ff w a I x J. '. x ,Ill I x A - ,e , f 4' -, f T A X1 x ' K . g- 7 , V4 C. " NR . '77 ' . ,Q ' 4 A Club SCHUELKE coAcH COE COACH 'pi Arts and Crafts MISS STOU T MR DAVIS 3 f'x's-'XR 'rs Duvers Educ auon Press Club 31" gl Future Teache!S Fxre Ch1CfS Llbr ary C hlb Student Councxl Servxcmg soft dnnk and candy machmes f ' -fff 51'-. IO ANN PATRICK Drum Majors BETHA LICE BERRY Q1 WK- Sir sr 'E' Comphments x -,. 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N, I I x 1-H-35 l STATE 1n Ar Cher Clty, Texas Dependable Banlung Servlce Slnce 1909 Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon BANK iff' WTLDCAT BOOSTERS RRTS J HOTEL AVE HA N SPUR IUDGE AND MRS D AND MRS CLAUDE MORRTSO L CAVTTT f AND MRS I DAGGETT MR AND MRS GUY MR AND MRS BEN PAGE GENE S BEAUTY SHOP MRS JAMES W HARVEY D MR AND MR AND MRS LOUTS T WYLTE .fi TUDGE RS P AUL NETT 46 MR AND M R F BUR MR AND MRS TN Im 1 l iii 5 lf, I , 2 - Nm. . - Nm. . . . ' Nm. AND . . . S. DON TKAR 11 . . HOLLAND 1 1 T V! 1 M-:--"- LILLIAN'S BEAUTY SHOP MRS I W COVINGTON Archer C1ty, Texas Phone HO 2 5660 THE ARCHER COUNTY NEWS MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MARTIN Archer City, Texas Ph. HO. Z-3151 HORANY'S Archer Clty Phone HO Z 3191 Olney Graham MRS LEWIS MRS PICKARD MR HORANY MRS HORANY 4 .555 4.4.1 Gail V1 A 0,0 Www 1.5 X' I KING'S GROCERY 8: MARKET Archer C1ty Texas Phone HO 25612 'HL-:.-K '47 1 1 . C I Q Q I V n Us , , , v"': ,I 'x .I , ,. 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TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY New Heat Pump Automat1ca11y Heats or Cools Your Entlre Home Usmg Only A1r and E1ectr1c1ty' JOHN RAINS MANAGER Telephone HO Z 3101 CITY CLEANERS MR AND MRS ALSUP 2 ... 3 Q . ' 'f . ,V Y I, we 'H , gs Atv-'se f FW, vu , . O O f!'l 1 sul. STURGEON 8: LINSCOTT WELDING 8: MACHINE SHOP if WE .. .AL I . I 2? ,. . .-ff" Nuo- un.: Luuecamas s cum A, ,,.,......i ...,.... GANN TEXACO SERVICE STATION GENE GANN Archer C1ty, Texas xg! .I 1 ' -K Q . 1 -' ,.....f ., U . , N I A l ev-514 J--5 HA, ...--. Q, In ,,,, F,-'W - - - H .. r. - . .- .,,...a ,,,.x Q-v,L,,-...ft--, .. - V - . fi . .-..--- .... ,M ns'-LGA. ' ' ,., in ,,,,w- M , I ' -'npr -. , - , V ,. A . ,,..o4efg,J. . ' - Wy, J, - . ,en R...-' .U rf- HGV, -1- - I - 0. V "' ,.,.,. .H , . . -- NHL, ir , , .-Q-'.,n..,. . ..4 . .. ,I A U "x...'-" I -- - ' 4 -- .- I . ,,..- ' ,. 3 IHQV-.. -2- , KB . f ' - , h vf -' ' ' male' ..: lv' ' ,, - , f'- ..lg.1135w-,-..1:li H , .1 . f"" " A - ...N-.. . 1-'-"""""' - - 11' ,... ' t 1-,,....-....,-... -- ' . W , Q,- ' U If I 1 . at W Wiafzfzfe f Sams FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES Archer C1ty Megargel New Furniture and Appliances SPUR COFFEE SHOP Phone HO Z 3219 Archer C1ty Texas ' E lk? v r"- f--f C D SHAMB URGER LUM BER CO INC lllb I C D SHAMBURGER LUMBER Co BOYCE E LEATH Manager Phone HO 2 3153 14. . -quail ., .,.. 5 'A . .y 'sv- . , Lf ,' ., Mfr" 9-ff"--Z MCALISTER 8: CAMERON MOTOR CO SAM MCALISTER DAY CAMERON HAROLD MQALISTER Parts Manager 'U H JF!!! mam C-BECDFZC-SF-.f E EOVVEIXI WELDING SERVICE Archer C1ty Texas . 4 1' rp D - Q . ' I l Fw ' I AY Q V --.1 .mn 0: , , ,..--- 11 A-f I . 6 , , Nw, ' . -, . ,- .. ...................-..........-........... ..,, . .... ...-.M..AW-- -- --f - 'T 6 I' Q "' A ' A V V C L 'O 65f"nfq,- :W , 1. A ,qv ' ff . .V J' H '- QB -I . 4 ,:f'f " 1 5. 5' fx ' kt " NSY ,K ., r 1- 'l W ,, H5 .gg , - L A t .wg . 51 ,sir A ' ' l 9 VINCENT lNflLJF2l3l-INf CHEVROLET CO Sales Chevrolet Serv1ce Archer Cxty Texas LET US REMEMBER That ln the beg1nn1ng God clothed us w1th human affectlon and sympathy Laws of our Soc1a1 Ex1stence lend a help1ng hand to our FELLOW MAN GUATQANTEE AESTIQAQ I CLCQ L K HYER Manager Phone HO 2 3174 I . I that we might, according to the c 0 Q . - I-I Z VV VVELL. SEQVICE Dr111 In and Clean Out Archer C1ty Texas C M QSHORTYQ HICKMAN EDWARD WALES HO Z 5504 Box 71 HO 2 5564 :Ti- 'i ""'I A J MORRIS AGENCY Insurance Real Estate Bonds Archer C1ty Texas Phone HO 2. 3150 I o o Q ,, 1 8 'lx I V 4 ,. W . o I , P , Q- A V Q -,Alix e A I Q ' . 5 . an qc , ' ' fy I .. 1 ' , o o , n q SOUTHSIDE GROCERY GROCERY 8: MARKET Phone HO 2 5211 A O CAMPBELL R L HAIGOOD Archer Clty, Texas ANNIS FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers for A11 Occas1ons Phone HO 2 5712 Archer Clty, Texas WALSH BROTHERS SERVICE STATION Archer C1ty, Texas Phone HO 2 5752 HOLDER 'S JEWEL RY Watches, D1amonds Sllverware Watch Repalrmg and G1fts Archer City, Texas SEQ mb ,Q .. M1 I fy x 'I My of L' VARIETY sToRE Archer crty Texas l TIQIGG sri INSURANCE AGENCY you X L1fe Insurance i Insurance and Bonds I I Ip.E I Telephone HO 2 3152 Located ln Archer County Abstract Co Offlce Z AXNI3 LAUNDRY Wet Wash Dry F1H1Sh Work Phone HO 2 5668 W P PEIRCE Archer Clty Texas ae .Z .fgzfm INS Serv1ng Your Needs 1n General Insurance Agenc1es - Flre - Automob11e - Bonds Ph. HO 2-3252 Residence Ph. HO 2-3252 Q f .. A Q- I A , ' I Y W Q - Q Q U .5 X 3 ' 'L 0 5 W Fifi" .qs ' - e 7:4 K eff' Xi, f' a XXX wx E e ' ,E A , , I I 'T"'I Compliments of DQ . AND NIQS IXAELVI N HOQANY Archer Cxty Texas QGYAL T EEA I T2E. MR AND MRS HARRY GARDINER Phone HO2 5765 Archer C1ty Texas l THOELES I-ILJIVIBL-E SERVICE STATION Archer Cxty Texas Phone HO Z 3350 DAVIS SUPPLY Archer C1ty Texas Phone HO Z 3232 l l U 0 s I - t Q N - Q Q I I w l WILDCATTER DRIVE INN Propr1etor, MRS BEULAH STRAWN H1ghway Z5 Archer Clty, Texas PAT 'S AUTO SUPPLY New and Used Auto Parts for All Makes BEREND BROS FEED STORE Purlna Checkerboard Feeds Bu11t to Produce Lots of Eggs, M1lk, Meat Archer Czty, Texas 00 3 MODERN CLEANERS MR. AND MRS GORDON BRANUM 1 9 w nf 1, 1 -x -.-r f .,., vo Y ' 4. ' 4 ' 1 . 5'-f"! if ' . " ' W I .vf " " 5" 44" 'FF-K 'ff J L , "" '5 " 'ef ?' P " 'i W 4 ' M' 5 4 T' f VR. JA .1 'H ix: A2 4. fo' , P! ' Q -fl 4,- W 'fv ax rf-, 1.4 QAA A '01 15 , 3 lr I ,fl ga .11 J . H 'ic ,1 QE 95' 'H Y 2 J ti fi J!-. s f' it :ff YQ -1 4 4 34' J' if r 0 Y tl I in ian. Q4 1 Zhu , gt 4 flim q up 5,1 5, tqxff se ptr' IS'- 2. gf Qi . r-gt, i' . 5 'z 1 ,fy 5, 1,13 Q" 'VE EW sf, z' iz-'R . X, K. er! Q .5 72 if, ug, .ix , . 'Yi . A 1, ,A -. .g, X512 'na' . EA- Tl, .,. fr af s L P' vi 35 .,-r. . 3 , 4 Q 'gli 'EVM'-"VV-"" ?W'5f 9--'3'- 'J 'f4'1'.f ' f'f9f'i. '7'? .ff ?357f'5""'fw" ff-15".I-1.'f5" 2l' 5-'7L'f,k'r ETF' '7ff'f 51?-ffL'j'-if ?'3'.:."i'-.' 5941"-2 1!9g:'ffi?"5,."T 'fi-VZ Wf ff .

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