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CQ 97 Keep on Truckin ,Ja if af , .513 4+ wa , ,im " xi i .,, A 4 W an Y 5 'Ir X ' 5 ig 3 3 , , 15 1, pf ' J :AMW ff 5 nw EW 5 ...W ff? 9 if n-sq. M, iii ,pal E F ,wfw 1rwfjf1++fM4pf4yx5A'12WQ'3'7I'21iVl1T!-'fE' 5 Q Q- fgffl' R Q... QV, as if-,. F, "L v E. 5 1 I 0 l 1, if H1u4 l , 'ii S ja, N, W JH' iw! QF 1 ,o, 'as 'k ,...- 0 4' ,K we nf L, ,, A -M.-'.MW...... M? F , gf' 4 i Sq? 0 S' 'M Ffrniors ......... 18 Underclassmen .... 44- Activities . . . i ' Music ........... 98 Organizations Faculty and Ad. . . 126 Advertising ...... 144 J' my shoes are simple, last a long time brown and sensible. because they'll go out of style i got tihem to keep my feet Warm. before too long. my shoes are rugged so they last longer i like my shoes because they're practical your shoes have platforms and i don't have to Worry about them and stacked heels. but i like your shoes, too, they are red because theyire beautiful and made to be seen. and i get a lift they don't have to When i look at them. chink eniors 5 5 Q if 5 ,Q xl I ' I N h. N f 1. l f --gn. his 'N'-2. '.: " f fi -ig, ' M it I 411 an Q? fi 'fr' 5, I L 'HCA x "aw, XA are we ready? we have been waiting thirteen years we are ready. chink Seniors finish exciting year! Class Officers: james Ebersole, Presidentg Andrew Brodbeck, Vice Presidenrg john Waidelich, Trea- surerg Margaret Keim, Secretary. Y i ,.,- X .nge - 5g1: R: ::: , ,:e.e1i L . ...e., i ,. . ,ezimwfl W 4 We miie S, 6 . 44 'I is 'K JN- . x V W M ,OM . zz . me J Q v x K f . "ii ' K A fi p X , ,, CC 97 . saying good-bye Deborah S. Apger -nu-+ F ll-n... Robert james Apger,-Ir Cheryl D. Armstrong Marvin L. Armstrong Lori Lynn Bankey Dana jean Barber Carol A. Beck to "dear old AHSN Marilyn K. Beck Neal H. Beck Mary Ann Benecke Daniel E. Bcrnath Michael james Bernath Scott Bernath jerry M. Beck Kevin james Beck ,r ,.- BM 2,,pff Y 6 4, 'lo ' v f r . f K., ' 71? if Y .,,g,,-f if r v iw J .:f""' pw Dchbora Lynn Berry if David J. Clark every day for Cindy Lou Bingaman Nancy jean Bischoff Matt Boddiger Andrew Ott Brodbeck Scott Edward Burkholder Brenda K. Cameron J an Christine Dominique Thomas joel Crossgrove li... iff fx a Whole year. - Chink - jennifer Lynn Dominique Theresa Ann Dominique Joyce Ann Durham Myra jo Eash james jay Ebersole Kathryn M. Etheridge Susan K. Finley Mary L. Garman Gary L. Gerken vi-di J' hm i AQX Edward 1. Grieser Anne Mary Hackett CeAnn Maree Harris Wendy L. Heer David P. Hess 45' Becky R. Hddebrandt Connle Hoblet Stephen D. Holian Robert H. Holsinger friends changing changing friends I xy Patti Lynne johnson Roger Allan johnson, jr, Margaret Ann Keim jeffrey Allen Humbarger Ari-,Iukka Ignatius Sharon Kay Jacoby 'Glenda F. .Iantzi Martha M. Holsopple M.. 'l':." X his 3 ,gk Q .. .' K forever trying to find out who We are Cheryl Ann King Dan Klcck Sandra K. Lantz Connie Sue Lauber Michael B. Lecklidcr chink Danielj. Leininger Edward A. Leiningcr june Gricscr Lciningcr falling up and falling down james Daniel Lugbill Patty Lumbrezer Andrea Gayle McIntosh Lowell Merillat,-Ir. john W. Meyer Arlene Sue Miller Michael Lienau Craig Link 5 N-I -...-warfmv-"" healing, hurting, helping Cynthia Ann Miller M' 1"':j!Y julie A. Miller Michael Kenneth Miller Robert E. Miller Douglas J. Nafziger Gregory W. Nafziger .Ion H, Nofzigcr Neil David Nofziger Gary Lynn Oycr hurrying to never-never land. Mary Paiz Dan E. Pape Glenn Patterson Virginia Kay Quillet jeffrey O. Reeb Cathy Helen Riegsecker Chink Keith Lee Oycr ,ww-P' Tlnwnnv Sharilyn Mae Robertson 3, ww-If Moses Rodriguez jenny H. Rohda Debra Sue Rosebrock Gary L. Rosebrock Ricky Lynn Rosebrock Dawn Renee Roth james I, Roth Teresa Sue Rupp Ann H. Rychener Deborah jill Sauder We have been ' f .ii Paul R. Sauder Susan Schmucker Evelyn Fay Serler Douglas A. Short Gregory A. Short Geoffrey S. Short -- K 1-we" Harold jr. Short " Reid Alan Short Steven j. Short Q5 1 Q ' ' . r , L S in e -' .,.- I I Q m H0 ill? 56" X W V+-'-my Mark Richard Stockman Laura L. Stotzer Glenda Kay Stuckey Sandra Kay Stuckey Keith A. Thierry Lynn Louise Taylor what others have made us Craig W. Sports Gwen Marie Stamm Robert A. Stamm now we will try Rebecca D. Thomas james K. Trowbridge jose O. Tijcrina - 'i Estclla Vielma john D. Waidclich Peg L. Watkins " - chink - " jan Christine Ulrich Ann Victoria Wcires qt.: ,. 1 X xx 'wav """"lv lk X 1""'!ln Debra A. Wesche Judy Ann Wolf Roberta L. Wooster Edward -I. Wyse to become what We are. Chink Rodney M. Wyse Sharon Wyse Heckel William Yedica Barbara Sue Yoder No pictures available for: Manual Luna and Sally Palacios, Vernon Ball Final Flashes awtatfiwewbwewhwfdoow, bodvafdewmmkeddeath owafoofvwas lavage awifiwodfwwssmld. lwwafg choswdesmllwdow aeumeaiaudjowdgoldewsbzeefx awdcomplewhappawaslmewu asawmanypeoph passing Maoughlielangeabofm magbeaeumw6dw0af1gedoofv0ww aadmaybwlfauaseewheli butlffatwildueuwmawv jowhawclfoaewufell fffatleaimefofheauem 4 - dauicl .1- Qcifmnwhoag Feb. 16, 1956 Oct 20, 1965 RIGHT: Mary Ann Benecke, Top Ten, NHS, Vicki Weires, Top Ten, NHS, Outstanding Girl, Lynn Taylor, Top Ten, NHS, Debbie Sauder, Top Ten, NHS, Outstanding Girl, Roger johnson, NHS, Top Ten, Evelyn Seiler, NHS, Cathy Riegsecker, NHS, Outstanding Girl, Connie Hoblet, Top Ten, Nation Merit Finalistgjan Ulrich, NHS, Missing from picture, Judy Wolf, BPW Award LEFT: David Clark, NHS, james Ebersolc Top Ten, NHS, National Merit Winner, Readeris Digest Award, Governor's Award Outstanding Boy, Craig Sports, Top Ten, NHS, Susan Schmucker, Top Ten, NHS, Iaura Stotzer, NHS, Terri Rupp, Top Ten, NHS enior Awards I' 9 Evelyn Seiler, Horticulture, Bill Yedica, and Deb Berry, Child Care. U' "'- Dislributive Ed. LEFT: Mark Stockman, NHS, Top Ten, National Merit Semi Finalistg jeffrey Humbargcr, Top Tcn, Rotary Awardg Mary Garman, Top Ten, NHSQ Andy Brodbeck, NHS, Anne Hackett, NHS Class Motto You are today where your thoughts have brought your You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. Class Flower Class Colors Pink Rose Maroon and White i Tl Outstanding Senior Bo y and Girls Cathy Riegsecker, Deborah Sauder, Viclce Weires James Ebersole Honor Students H a seagull Mary Ann Benecke Terri Rupp if i Jim Ebersole Debbie Sauder ' Mary German Susan Schmucker Connie l-loblet Craig Sports Jeff Humbarger Mark Stookman Roger Johnson L ynn Taylor Vieke Weires Class Officers President: Jim Ebersole Vice President: Andy Brodbeck Secretary: Peg K elm Treasurer: John Waidlech . . . . . afewklsscs. . .kmd ds raduanon was a lmlc orgamzzmon , . . some marchmg . . . Eioht -third Annual PROGRAM Processional , , ....,..... SeniorClziss "Theme from Ben I-lor" Invocation ....,.., Reverend Charles Gaiitsche Central Mennonite Church G Y Meditation ......... Reverend Robert Gilison 'F' ' ' Zion Lutheran Church "Glor'ies Everlasting" ...,.... lVl. Thomas Cousins fl' ' 9 . Nl 269 1 P' M ' "I'll Walk With God". . . Arranged, Douglas Maclean "Climb Every fVloLintain" , , . Arranged, Charles Smith Archhold Choirs David NlcDunel, Director Senior Awards ...,..,. , . Charles Winzeler Director of Guidance "The foundation has been laidg now it is ours to build on"' Seniors. .,.,.. Dave Clark, Jim Ehersole, Judy Wolf Superintendent's Comments ...... Richard Harris 1 "nifty" motto. . JOWS Of M0ff3fb03fCl5- - - Presentation of Class Gene L. Rupp, Principal n vlll ,ip 5 ' iw? LM- az. C yddihfwf if MQ ,, line 0 -fr .. .,.. ... -0 wuoiltluzipv Q Ht' reeks MNKM, . . wstessteet, - K 4 some humor. . .some tears. . .a little philosophy. . , 4935.123 A l '- ' , fr Prem we 5? p V, S, , 'iv I 1 'f 5 ff , t t r . V v' for i L: VVVVV V , V---i il, LF 4 fra g l .: , a1, f'g,'9" N. '50, . va.. .. I ' ',f 9 ' 2 l, P'-1 sss mul an ,L Presentation of Diplomas , .... Board of Education Hal Hackett, Vice President Benedlction .,,.... Reverend Donald Holsinqer Nazarene Church Recessional ....... ..., G radiia "Procession ofthe Nobles" and finally complete EXULTATIONYH ting Class '....,-- E ". t E Qwest? Senior Trip have tall 7 , nf 9 5 4 11,14 steps . . .tal1mcn. . . M A"' 'Awww HN ! V' WWA ' an . t . .:'h 51 time in the sun a chance to be little kids again . . . future "Girls who act like lad girls with pockctbooks. . . moments of great surprise . . . and the classics! shoes in town! fnobody told us to lock the windows!j 43 Underclas me , ,JN 1'i.,,A. f :Q it , 311 gg 1 "Elf :il ,.,.5j.q!55g:, M -fi. 314- 32.2 9 fniiffr' 'U Ji 1'-mf 1' ff '- yr' Swv!-fi,i jing-FQQFPQQH ' -7. .' . "W JL: ff'3i34V si-h 'sfifiti " ff , - 3- 'L lx 1 nie. , ,QQ 'V .ffsy 4 ,12, confused by so many problems that parents and teachers just d0n't understand: time goes faster but seems to have no end. chink an UF' nn ' - av I1 ga if Z Qi' 11- at g L iafi H . 1 'Ql- Q 53-f 45 Juniors Grace Aguilar Diane Amstutz Lois Andre Daniel Arend Mike Avina Terry Aschemcier Denny Baer Lenny Baer Gary Beck Gregory Beck Judith Beck LaDonna Beck is X. junior Class Officers: Mark Nafziger, Vice Presidentg Laura Taylor, Treasurerg Patti Brodbeck, Presiclentg and Kathy Quillct, Secretary. OHS HIOTG 631' Todd Buehrer Cathy Burk Cathy Clair jenny Bischoff Pat Brodbeck Cindy Buehrer Lynn Beck Mark Beck Terri Beck Dave Bernath Dan Berrison jane Dominique Ron Cody Karen ,Io Cowell Tim Croyle Donald Dennis Andy Dominique l 47 JEO gil Grant Drake rv- Vicror Eash '21 nf' Cecilia Eirher George Emmons Carolyn Fluckinger ww, Bccki jo Frey 1728 Marcia Frey In Davc Grieser Sara Gricscr Melinda Grimc Tim Grime joe Hcer Ricky Frickc Daniel Gracia Tom Graf Ann Griescr X, fi l uw -, 'L ..R N"ig5r"r-, . X in .af f. v ' cm? " ' U Q. l A ' ' X R " -' x Wayne Henry Dale Horst Luann Horst Pam Howell 'NW a. ,MQ Q 1' . Kapil. l 7? -5?-i .'L"'a1h Ll . v ' - ' tx x ft! .YV y Q Wi Y i i limi aw .3 .ffcq I I We're going. . . Mmam ,Iarqum Steve Meyers Sheha McClory Susan Merillat Sandy johnson Marlo Kauffman Mike Kauzhck Mary Leininger Robert Liechry Stephen Lindhorst Lisa Mack Barb Keezer Harry Kohv Mike Kruse jim Laneve Pamela Lange push Margie Mignin Cindy Miller jim Miller Kevin Miller Mary Miller Bruce Rosebrock Billy Roth Ron Roth Charles Rowe Debra Rufenacht Merrill Miller Donna Moraz Thcresia Myers Mark Nafziger Norma Nafziger Lonnie Nofziger Monty Nofizigcr Ross Nofziger Mike Penrod Mike Norden W Brenda Plassman Kathy Quillet Kandy Rohda ahead Richard Rufenacht Jeanie Rupp vror Roxanne Russell Vilma Schenhals Ruth Schoenhals 'l"n..,e1. Sara Schrock Teri Sharps N lr julie Silcox jef f Smucker Alice Shenkel Laura Shirey Scott Shirley Brad Short Gwen Short Iaivonne Short Lyn Linda Short Fiierri Short Dave Sigg IIOOIIC. . . .-nl Judy Stamm Brent Stockman Barry Stoltz Gary Stoltz Karen Storrer jonathan Stotzer Mike Sruckey Pricilla Sruckey Laura Taylor Rod Taylor Cynthia Thieroff Alpha Tijerina Mark Wanemacher "in---W -...W ,, Mary Siller jewel Spencer 'T"v 'L 4. Lowell Weber Donus Welke jeff Wells Steve Spengler Cindy Stamm Evert Vw indy Wyse CQH sto US. Luann Wyse Greta Yoder Linda Yoder Tim Yoder Suzie Zimmerman Doug Zuver Chink - Pictures missing for: Silvia Aguilarhlune Childs, Pam Miller, Bill Over mier, Mike Robinson, Anna Wlasiuk is Sophomores Teresa Apger Cristie Badcnhop Brian Beck Dawn Beck ,Ian Bernath Denny Berry Paul Bertsche jeff Bosco Pam Bowman Kim Brighry Holly Buehrer Dan Burk QP- Sophomore Class Officers: Evanne Webb, President Sue Merrilat, Vice Presidenrg Ann johnson, Secre taryg Kim Brighry, Treasurer class rings. . . Irma Gonzales Vrfkl -Io Cameron Sandy Carrwrighr Sherry Cochran jane Gracna D. j. Gricscr Donna Gricscr Nora Gallaga Raymond Garcia Lee Genrcr Douglas Gnagcy Cynthia Coresscl Audrey Cowell Alan Crossgrovc Thomas Croyle Debbie DcGrof f Ronald Double Wendy Edwards .Joyce Eicher Valeri Elling julie Frank hcenses Elizabeth Grieser Gary Grieser ,Iucly Grieser Melody Grieser Mark Grime Tim Grime Bill Hackett james Henson Terry Hill Ann Hoffman Gene Horst Robert ,Jacoby john .Iarquin Anne johnson Bette King Douglas Kinsm Kathy Kramer Ralph Krueger 'X' max L, We -.5 C vm. I l 4 saw- N, s . -1 '- .Tk -I wi Daniel Lange james Lantz Scot Leininger the long awaited treasures Sandy Meyers David Mignin Anita Miller Cynthia Miller Deanna Mowery Steve Myers Chris Neucnschwandcr Cynthia Nofziger mini HTG leo Suarez Diane Sauder Harold Scarberry Veronica Schlieser Monika Schmidt jan Schmucker Ed Schnitkey Michael Schriner Rick Shenkel Denver Short Sherri Short Vicky Springer Brenda Stamm Tina Stamm janell Stannard ,Ief f Rentz Susan Robinson Edward Ruf fer Jef f Rupp Pam Rupp Philip Rupp Daniel Rychener Raymond Santiago Debra Wyse julie Wyse Patty Yoder Steven Zaerr Tracy Ziegler Beth Zimmerman Chink james Trudel Becky Tuckerman Tommy Uribes -Ieri Vitello Max Walter Pat Watkins Evanne Webb Paul Wlasiuk Keron Stone Ted Stone Craig Stoner Mary Storrer - Sandra Storrer jim Swalley Fermin Torres Thomas Thatcher Doug Thierry jane Tijerina is f S! i ,,k, 'Q Pictures missing for: Eli Fuentes, Becky Swaney Freshmen Sandy Baden Douglas Ball Lisa Ball Aaron Barber -Ioyce Beck Patsy Alexander Mark Andrews Bob Armstrong Karen Amos Brenda Arps Pamela Babcock Q Kent Beck Luana Beck Ray Berkebile Barb Bemath M Freshman Class Officers: Sandy King, Secretaryg ,Joyce Yoder, Student Councilg Mark Miller, Vice President Tim Ziegler, Treasurerg Cal Rychener, President. X 4 I , 1 , wtf., john Galvan james Gautsche Steve Gelios Cheryl Gericl-te Cindy Gericke Lynette Gif fey Gary Goll Verl Graber Debra Bernath Douglas Bernath Kirk Bosco Bennett Buehrer Betsy Childs Cheryl Clair Cynthia Cranson Bonnie Dominique Philip Drake Vicki jo Elling Martha Emmons Debra Feclderke Lynn Fielitz Bob Fluckinger Nancy Fruchey ever thingis. . . mi.. Duane Horst jeri Humbarger Sandy Hurst Edward johnson Mclissajohnson Michael Hall Rhonda Harmon Ed Hart Cindy Hausch Mitzi Hayes Robert Hesterman Gaylene Holsinger Joyce Holsopple t ws, lx -Ion Grieser Max Grieser Beverly Grime Paul Grime Roger Grime louis Guerrero Lisa Kennedy Sandi King joanne Kingsbury up-up vwf mA Jeannie Leu Mark Leu Tim Lugbill Mark Mignin Barb Miller David Miller Josette Miller Kurt Miller stillwe. . . Teresa Nofziger Vicky Nofziger Wendell Nofziger Randy Oyer john Palacios Mark Plassman Nancy Quillet Stuart Ries Mickey Robertson Sam Rodriguez David Roehl Denise Rosebrock jeffrey Roth julie Rufenacht Greg Nafziger Deanna Nofziger Michael Nofziger Kent Rupp Leslie Rupp Steven Rupp Calvin Rychener Tom Schriner Dawn Schroeder Tim Schroeder jean Sharps Daniel Shircy jill Short Laura Short Lisa Short Michael Short Mary Sierra LI- 11'1... Luann Sommcrs Deb Spengler Peggy Spiess Curtis Sports Alan Stamm Terry Swalley Lisa Taylor Cheryl Thicroff Max Thierry Audrey Thomas YA 1 49 if Andy Stuckey Marilyn Stuckey Cathy Sullivan jane Thompson jane Trudel john Ulrich Dave Storrer Andy Stotzer Denise Stuckey Kathy Stuckey our time. - chink lllll J tim joel Vasquez Mike Waidelich Greg Wanemacher Colette Rceb Steven Waidelich Steve Walker Tom Warner No picture available for. Sandra Coressel Donna Wyze Keith Wyse Keith J. Wyse Susie Wyx ll Joyce Yoder Terry Yoder Ida Zavala Tim Ziegler Randy Zuver R 5 lv r A W -.1 . o 0 o Q ' ,' iw- Ctl V 111165 35:22 fan ff 5:1--. ,gm ibjy. -,Q fa! 1 .-4 I . 1 i e 1 Tonight We,re Special People, Trying Not to Think of Tomorrow Mornings Clean-up 3.55 i i g :': F. -' sf - - 'i ' i 3' i'27q5'55' -7 -Chink A Man alled Peter at W Q- W- wunggwvgmvnyfwrmwaws "" I r' q ' I 4 l 5 eng, t - r l"" This play tells of the life of Peter Marshall previ- ous to his appointment as chaplain of the U.S. Sen- ate. Peter was played by jeff Wells and his wife was Ann Grieser. Others in the cast were: Sara Schrock, Mark Nafzoger, Ross Nofziger, Rick Rufenacht, Cindy Stamm, jane Dominique, .Ion Stotzer, Marcia Frey, Diane Amstutz, Greta Yoder, Mary Ann Benecke, Marlo Kauffman and Todd Rupp. Miss Yanosky as a first year director, as well as the entire play cast presented an outstanding show. David A. McDonel was production manager. 70 2 s mi Wizard of Oz A MJ f 1 cf' if f, Q as ' C f 5 . 5 K iw EN 5 -ai N 3' l .,z11?24 A -9 Q, C 5 M ., Z y d' Cast, FRONT ROW: judi Gricser, Vilma Schcnhals, jenny Bischoff, Priscilla Sruckcy, Donna Moraz, Srcvc Short, Cindy Sramm, Diane Amsturz, l.uAnn Wyse, Caroline Fluckingcr, Mark Sroclcman, ROW 2: Christie Badenhop, Gwen Smmm, Pat Brodbeck,-Judi Beck, Mark Nafzigcr, ROXX7 5: Marlo Kauffman, Tom Crcmssgriwculcff Wclls,jan6 Dominique. Mary Ann Bcncckc, Karen Cowell, Barb Yoder. Kcith Oycr, Rick Rufenacht, Marcia Frey, Dan Pape. Tom Graf, Dave Bcrnath, Tim Croyle .... ,i.... . ,, ..,.. ...,. ,Msgs A. N , 1- CC 79 Whispers of a Wave 5 ,. .X 3 N X v A x Q Jr.-Sr. Banquet TIRVI 41 K -1 f-,---.:-f.:-' X... S: 'gif s' , T f fr V. W .zizz X , ..,. ,Mi m higf . f 1-.,a1:X::sfvf2?1aWSt Homecoming '73 Homecoming Court, LEFT: Sophomore Mark Grime, Deanna Mowery, Senior, Greg Shon, Cathy Riegsecker, Beth Shon, Queen Vicke Wcires, Adam Falonjunior, Terri Beck, Barry Stoltz, Freshman, Sandy King, Calvin Rychener 11311, 1 A X , 552:1- E 'X L, ,,, ,Y ,,,, , ports ww.- 1 1 Q 3 . :D V if .-Wav . L .-Lg' , ii' 1: Q7 . if .K 93 W. 4. 4. 1? J 3 ' ic . , , I J. .. - 13 . 3. , , 3 E Q Q Q Q E 5 2 vi 11:4 , V... ,N 4 ' ,Hx- f 4 i a if 'f sf HM! A H., , . We Work Hard - Sacrifice - and Not Just for the Team, but Also for Our Own Satisfaction. --Chink BELOW: Head Coach, Randy Riddle, Tom Dominique,-Ioe Furko and Ron Dilbone SCOREBOARD AHS OPPONENTS 6 Wauseon 22 13 Pat. Henry 27 O Bryan 22 14 Libery Center O 14 Evergreen 12 22 Swanton 12 30 Delta 22 8 Monpelier 27 14 Napoleon 36 , 'I' N . Varsity Squad, FRONT ROW: Roger johnson, Dave Clark, Neil Nofziger, jon Nofziger, Kevin Beck, Tom Crossgrove, jim Ebersole, john Meyer, jeff Humbarger, Dan Bernath, Gary Stoltz ROW 2: Monty Nofziger, Andy Dominque, Dave Grieser, Gary Beck, Harry Kohv, Steve Meyers, Bruce Rosebrocknleff Smucker, Mike Kauzlick, Dave Bemath, Ron Cody BACK ROW: Dave Mignin, Dan Burk, Tom Thatcher,jim Trudel, Cliff Paterson, Terry Hill, Phil Rupp, Dan Rychener,-Ieff Bosco, Max Walter, Bill Hackett, Eli Fuentes,jan Bernath Football The football team, after losing their first three games, came back to win four in a row showing the drive and determination of an ever-improving squad. Coach Riddle was proud of the fine team effort, as well as individual performance. jim Ebersole was tabbed first team defensive back, and Dave Bernath received honorable mention as an offensive back in the Northwest Ohio All- District football selections. jim also was named All-State second team defen- sive back. LEFI' jim Ebersole in position! ABOVE Team Managers, Robert Apger, Martin Schmidt and Philip Badenhop LEFT Roger johnson named most valuable player, keeps on truckin'. Fighting Streaks e, 1LQ'Qi5R. f 3 1 ,MJ nz Q GKUW E ,L 1. 5 Freshman Football Frosh take pride in their -1-1 record sa Taylor, Lisa Kennedy, Cathy Sruckey,-Ioserte Miller Freshman Squad, ROW 1: Kirk Bosco, Mark Mig- nin, Roger Grime, Bob Fluckinger, Doug Schmucker, Wendell Nofziger, Randy Zuver, Coach Wendell Beck ROW 2: Manager, Tim Lugbill, Mike Hall, Greg Nafzigerhjon Grieser,john Ulrich, Tim Ziegler, Sid Schnirkey, Coach Mike Walker ROW 5: jeff Roth, Doug Ball, Mike Short, Max Grieser, Keith Wyse, Terry Yoder, Kent Beck ROW 4: Aaron Barber, Mark Miller, Norm Schen- hals, Bob Armstrong, Phil Drake,joel Vasquez Cross Countr Coach Neff, Who assumed the duties of coach of the Cross Country Team, found that the improvements were more promising than the record. Cal Rychener, who was only a Freshman, consistently finished first for the Archbold squad. Senior Andy ., V Brodbeck, also added strength to the total team effort. Cross Country Team: Coach Dan Neff, Lynn Beck, Cal Rychener, Andy Brodbeck, Todd Buehrer, Chuck Rowe, Brent Stockman,jim LaNeve FRONT ROW: Denny Berry, Steve Walker, Lynn Fielitz, Ross Moraz, Dan Bcttison A Volleyball The girls of AHS have shown Northwestern Ohio that they, too, can "put it together" as a volleyball team, and win. The varsityls season of 9 wins and only 2 losses was climaxed by Winning a trophy as champion of the NWOAL Volleyball Tournament. Varsity Squad, LEFT: Ann Rychener, Susan Schmuclcer, Theresia Myers, Susie Zimmerman, Nancy Bischoff, Laura Taylor, Carol Beck, Barb Yoder, Mary Ann Benecke and Coach Char Sharpe o , l 1 i n 7 5 A junior Varsity: Coach Elliot, DeAnna Moweryhlerri Vitello, Cheryl Thieroff, Sherrie Sauder, jenny Bischoff, Sue Wyx, Marilyn Stuckey, Luana Beck, Cherie Short,-Ian Dominique, Cindy Thieroff f M V' V , ' K 'ff' " , 'A ' V 'ff ' VK ' 1 ' 5 , 'if' F gzixxx xXx Varsity Basketball Squad, LEFT: Neil Nofzigcr, Tom Crossgrovc, Wayne Henry,-Ion Nofzigcr,jim Ebcrsolc, Bruce Roscbrock, Phil Rupp, Mike Kauzlick, Andy Brodbeck, Dave Bernath Lynn Beck, and Dan Rychcnc: CENTER: Coach Dan Neff ABOVE: Andy drives ing Phil sets a pick. LEFT:-Iim reaches for a field goal. Varsit Basketball Coach Neff 's first year for the Bluestreak Cagers was one of satisfaction. He brought a new type of ball to Archbold - controlled basketball - that both farrsand players alike accepted. His coaching abilities and fine attitude of determination were rewarded in the end. The Streaks ended the season with an 11-7 standard. Things looked rather bleak in the beginning for Coach Neff's Cagers, but the Streaks came out of the slump with a five game winning streak. They captured a 52-51 verdict over two-time rival Delta to take a piece of the NBL title along with Patrickl-lenry, Wauseon, and Delta. Andy Brodbeck was tabbed first team in both the NBL and NWOAL leagies. jim Ebersole and Phil Rupp made second team in the NWOAL, and jim was also given Honorable Mention in the NBL. 3 515, -t a, -L ii . S K a 391' Managers, LEFT 1 Curt Spotts, Terry Yoder, Calvin Rychener, and Mark Miller RIGHT: Neil puts it up for two! Reserve Basketball The reserves compiled an outstanding record of 16-2 under the patient leadership of Coach Wendell Beck. ABOVE: Gary lays one up. LEFT: Lynn shoots for two. Reserve Squad, LEFT: Coach Wendell Beck, Denny Berry, jim Tnxdel, Ron Cody, Chuck Rowe, Terry Hill, Gary Beck, Dan Rychener, Gary Stoltz, Mark Beck, Lynn Beck, and .Ian Bcrnath Freshman Squad, BACK ROW: Coach, Steve Rettigg Mickey Robertson, Norbert Shenhals, Curt Sports, Wes Graber, Calvin Rychener, Mark Miller, Terry Yoder FRONT ROW: Doug Bemath, Kent Beck, Lynn Fielitz, Tim Ziegler, Curt Miller, Tom Warner Freshman Basketball is .. , M' g , - ABOVE: Victors of Toumamenti!! LEFT: Sports takes a bunny shot. Frosh Finish 16-O ami? , I t ,qv iw. awww 2 1' 1 Wx Wrestling Matmairls, FRONT: Susan Merillat, Cathy Clair, Pat Lumbrezerhloyce Yoder, Susan Schantz, Che- ryl Clair, Dana Barber, Karen Cowell, Alice Shenkel, Cathy Burk Schmucker and Merillat, Archbold's representative at State. Varsity Wrestling Squad, BACK ROW: Kevin Beck, Harry Kohv, Craig Link, jeff Schmucker, john Meyer, Eli Fuentes, Lowell Merillat, Dan Burk, Dan Bertison FRONT ROW: Monty Nofziger, Mike Hall, Dan Lange, Roger Grime a.fc.-me ., . Reserve Wrestlers, BACK ROW: Gene Horst, Bob Jacoby, Dave Grieser, Lonnie Nofziger, Donnus Welke, Max Grieser ROW 1: Ed Schnitkey, Andy Dominique, Gary Oyer, Mike Penrod and Mark Plassman The wrestling squad, under Coach joe Furko, could not bring the record over 500, but nevertheless enthusiasm and team spirit prevailed. jeff Schmucker in regular season was undefeated and Lowell Merillat only tied once to lead the team in state representation. The squad placed first in the Napoleon gold medals. Coach and fans can count on the experience gained by this year,s relatively young squad as they anticipate another season. ,, , ,r.,,,.,,,,W,,.,,,,,t,,, .,.,,,i .,,, , ,,,, ,:.,,,.,,.,,.,.., Basketball Varsiry Team, FRONT ROW: Mary Benecke, Barb Yoder, Wendy Heer BACK ROW: julie Wyse, Laura Taylor, Nancy Bischoff, Miss Char Sharpe, Lynn Taylor, Carol Beck,,Ian Dominique Reserve Team, LEFT: Cheryl King, Jeannie Leu, Susie Wyse, Deb Fedderke, Cindy Thieroff, -Ienny Bischoff, Marilyn Sruckey, Sherri Short, Anne johnson,-Joyce Yoder, Miss Kathy Elliot jan lays one up! 90 GAA Track Squad, FRONT ROW: Carol Beck, jan Dominique, Pat Watkins, Evannc Webb, Donna Moraz, Cathy Clair, Linda Yoder, Shiela McClory, SECOND ROW: Brenda Arps, Sandy Hurst, Teresa Nofziger, Cindy Nofziger, Mary Srorrer, Ann Rychener, BACK ROW: Coach Cathy Elliot, Kim Brighry, Cheryl Thicroff, Deb Feddcrkc, Susan Schmucker, LaDonna Beck, Glenda janrzi, Pam Rupp, Anne Hackett, Nancy Bischoff, Coach Char Sharp Track mi ' ' r' V "' 'H""""""N"""f"' " ff'f ff -y,,,,'-W - ..M,..,,,.,.-,- -,,,,, , ,,,, W. W, " Varsity Cheerleading Squad, LEFT: Cathy Riegsecker. 'Ienny Dominique, Laura Taylor, Terry Dominique. Ann Hackett, Donna Moraz Freshman Squad, LEFT: Lisa Short, jose-ne Miller, Lisa Kennedy, Cathy Sruckey, Lisa Taylor, Deb Spengler, Sandi King 5 L. .......... Reserve Squad, LEFT: Linda Shortulerri Virello, Susie Zimmerman, Anne ,Iohnson,jan Schmuckenjulie Franks Cheerleaders Softball 'Sig x, .nf GAA Softball, FRONT ROW: Susan Schmuckcr, Mary Ann Benecke,jan Dominique, Laura Taylor, Carol Beck, Ann Rychcner, BACK ROW: Coach C, Elliot, Luana Beck, jenny Leu, Sherry Cochran, Gwen Short, LaDonna Beck, Cheryl Thierhoff, Suzy Wyse, Deb Fedclerke, Coach Char Sharp vw -1 . ,,f- ,xkfio Li , 'ff- 1974 Golf Team, FRONT ROW: Rick Rufenacht, Marlo Kauffman, Mike Hall, Bob jacoby, Greg Nafziger, Alan Stamm, Keith Wyse, Greg Beck, BACK ROW: Coach Larry Lirot, George Emmons, Chuck Rowe, Craig Spotts, jim Lugbill, Andy Brodbeck, Cliff Patterson,-Jim LaNeve, Bob Hesterman Golf The golf team under the direction of Coach Larry Lirot showed form by finishing the season at 11-5. The squad was led by three seniors with three or more years of experi- ence. They were Andy Brodbeck, jim Lugbill and Craig Spotts. E I Track The Archbold track team only won one dual meet, and defeated Patrick Henry in a three-way meet for the 1974 season. Coach Randy Riddle believed it a year of building for next year, 12 of 15 lettermen will be returning. The relay foursome of john Meyer, Terry Yoder, Gary Stoltz, and Dave Bernath have the new school record of 3339-55. if Kal' le f' A Coach Riddle plots strategy, 96 Track Team, FRONT ROW: Dave Bernath, Tim Ziegler, Denny Berry, Bcn Buehrer, Lynn Ficlitz, Dave Mignin, Bil Hackett, Doug Bernath, Mark Miller, ROW 2: Brent Stockman, Kent Beck, Terry Yoder, Steve Walker, ,Ian Bemath Mark Grime, Dan Bettison, Cal Rychener, Bob Armstrong, BACK ROW: Ron Cody, Todd Buehrer, Cfary Stoltz, Harrj Kohv, Gary Beck,,Iohn Meyer, Terry Hill,jon Nofzigenjim Ebersole , 1.1, ' - if as . -, Baseball Coach Bill Rufenacht had a tough time getting things cracking with the Archbold baseball team. The highlight of the season was a setback in Patrick Henry's undefeated season costing them an undisputed NBL title, which they now have to share with Evergreen. The baseball team finished the season with a 5-10 slate. Tom Crossgrove was chosen most valuable player and Bob Liechty was selected the most improved. l l l l l l 1 , , , i Baseball Team, FRONT ROW: Randy Zubcr, Wendell Nofziger, Neil Nofziger, Tom Crossgrove, Bob Liechty, Max Walter, Mike Miller, ROW 2: jeff Roth,,Ion Grieser, Tim Ziegler, Mark Miller, Tim Kleck, Tom Warner, Phil Rupp,-jeff Bosco, Curtis Sports, Terry Yoder, Bruce Rosebrock, Lonnie Nofziger, Mike Kauzlick, Dan Rychener 0 an . USIC B. IC. Q. 8 1 .xr if'-, ' . 71 '91 YQ, xp. V. Y: -2"-W' ' " , I lt ' 1 . 3' - 3 , 13 ., 4 lc.. '25 . J W. x ,wi X s x 4 W. XX UC? there are those of us who can't keep quiet when we're sad. we've gotta tell somebo tell everybody, tell nobody. and when we're happy we can't keep it inside we've gotta let it out, we've gotta sing and thatis why there's music. YW chink 19 3 Marching Band Under the direction of Thomas Ehrman, the 1973 Bluestreak Marching Band supported The Blue Machine by performing seven times. The band intrigued the fans by their stirring performances. A great contribution to school spirit was made by the '73 marching band. Mr. Ehrman was very pleased with the whole brass section, and he noted that the trombone sec- tion was outstanding. ., . V -W 1' A , ,V ++2'w1ff" ' M ?:f'x: , ff V, f f a .' " N. ,,,'mfWP'e ' ' " f ' cv' ""'ff , W, J 4 aw 'w 4' ,. , I W LY 4 ,Q J Q f W if 4 uf f 14 , LEFT, Band Of ficcrs and Repre- sentatives: Barb Yoder, Seniorg Ann Hackett, Secretaryg Cathy Riegsecker, Vice Ptesidentg Pris- cilla Stuckey, juniorg jim Eber- sole, President, and Terry Yoder, Freshman. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Steve Meyer, Sopho- more Symphonic Band The 1973 Symphonic Band kept up its tradition by earning straight I's at contest in March. The citizens of the area had several chances to hear the Symphonic Band at eve- ning concerts and an exchange concert with Wauseon, tang., tt'!"!", 59' ?'ifX Concert Brass Band 'ESR 'IO 4 Our President Josie Easb! RIGHT: Accompanists, FRONT ROW: Peg Keim, Susie Zimmerman, Ann Hackett SECOND ROW: Deb Wesche, Lynn Taylor, June Grieser THIRD ROW: Evanne Webb, Liz Grieser Vocal Music Choir Senate, FRONT ROW: Josie Eash, Cathy Riegsecker, Becky Frey SECOND ROW Mary Benecke, Rick Rufenacht, Bill Hackett, Judy Wolf THIRD ROW Sharon Jacoby Karen Cowell, Sue Merrilat and director Mr, McDonel A Cappella Choir The A Cappella and Mixed Choirs, under the direction of David A. McDonal, sang their hearts out. Both choirs will remember the fun times and hard Work they put in during Sth and 6th periods. The A Cappella Choir impressed southwestern Ohio on the spring tour, while the Mixed Choir made The Follies a success. The Mixed Choir Womenas and Menas Glee Clubs have Successful year. Fresh Choir trains for the future years. ' ' Deb Sauder David Sigg Brent Stockman Becky Frey -w "The Compan 7, 1973-74 Cathy Riegsecker Anne Hackett joe Tijerina Josie Eash Rick Rufenacht jon Stotzer Dan Bettison Deb Wesche jeff Wells Tom Graf Sara Schrock Mark Nafziger Accompanists: Susie Zimmerman and Lynn Taylor jane Dominique Terri Dominique Vicki Weirs Ed Leininger 1974 Music e'Follies Extraordinairew The Archbold Choirs climaxed the year by performing the "Follies Extraorclinairel' May 23 and 24, 1974. The talent show consisted of soloists, group acts, and three previous musical choruses. 3 Archb0ld's own Lilly Tomlin, LuAnn Wyse. 1 I 71- Gary's broke again! Barbershop Quartet adds humor to Follies Group Highlights Choir Tour CZ' Q7 Q QW. :muy Q 6,7 ., Q-4'Q.i3f 'wg eil' Band Rates Superior In March, 1974, the A cappella choir members packed their bags and toured southern Ohio. Mr. David A. McDonel and the choir were greeted with standing ova- tions and hospitality throughout the tour. Choir members will never forget the bologna sandwiches in Delphos, the locker rooms in Camden, the students of Wilmington, the motel, and the mansions of Indian Hill. After four long days of bus rides, the students were happy to see Archbold. L.. "It was a sincere pleasure to hear you perform . . . you have been taught wellf, The Symphonic Band received 4 superior ratings at State Band Contest which was held at Bowling Green, Ohio on April 27. IO Organizations X au ,ig 5 nf., Iwi' - ,,, LiQ P Q . 'fy , sg egg , Q ewan: ,gh yszwgh t 34,4 , gi x"-'so united by mutual interest, we have at least one thing in common. as the year progresses WC share I1'l0I'C and I'fl0I'C. we f "'f..:', if , "in V - ' f +ix3is:k,-f ' t L L chink 111 ,. ,x,,.,,,.,, M V ?', , ,f ,, LL,, mam., ,J ,g ,,,. 1 ,, , j, ul 4 Qf gf ,, Q ,. , , I, ..,,. ,,Wm,,, ,,,, , , .,,, T. 7 ' 5 ' - 4 2 l l 4' 7' il snyii i FFA Members: Mr. Ronald DeLong, Advisor BACK ROW: Kurt Miller, Steve Waidelich, Ed johnson, Andy Sruckey, Doug Thierry, David Roehl, Tim Schroeder, Mickey Robertson, Tim Grime, Leslie Rupp, Roger Grime ROW 3: Steve Rupp, Ray Berkebile, Mike Short, Dan Rychener, Ed Schnitkey, Scott Leininger, jeff Rupp, Lee Genter, Doug Kinsman, Dan Gracia, Mike Waidelich. ROW 2: Duane Horst, Bill Roth, Dave Bernath, Chuck Rowe, Brad Short, Mike Sruckey, Kevin Miller, Mark Wanemacher, Steve Zaerr, Alan Crossgrove, Randy Oyer. ROW 1: Keith Oyer, Mark Beck, john Waidelich, Mike Miller, Dan Bernath, Ross Nofziger, Neil Nofziger, Doug Nafziger,-Iim Trowbridge, Steve Short, Greg Wanemacher FH FHA Members, BACK ROW: Bernadette Osborn, Cindy Nofziger, Donna Grieser, Ann Hoffman, Arlene Miller, Vicki Nofzigerhleri Humbarger, Terri Apger, Cindy Hausch, Marilyn Stuckcy, Teresa Nofziger, Alice Shenkel, Deb Berry, Miss Otte, advi- sor, Sandy Storrer FRONT ROW: Deb Wyse, Susan Merillat, Debby Apger, Evelyn Seilcr, Sharilyn Robertson, Sandy Cartwright Pep Club Pep Club Members, ROW 8: Deb Spengler, Deanna Nof- ziger, Brenda Plassman, Cristie Badenhop, Sandi King ROW 7: Arlene Miller, jane Dominique, Sara Grieser, Laura Tay' lor, Cindy Stamm, Mary Miller ROW 6: Sherri Sauder, Sherri Short, jenny Dominique, Donna Moraz, Mary Ann Benecke, Suzie Zimmerman ROW 5: Cathy Clair, Cathy Burk, Lisa Mack, Pat Brodbeck, Marcia Frey, ,Jerri Vitello ROW 4: Sandy Meyers, Cheryl Clair, Lisa Kennedy, Kathy Stucl-rey, Lisa Taylor, Kim Brighty ROW 3: Cathy Rieg- secker, Ann Hackett, Terry Dominique, julie Frank, Teresa Myers, Laura Short ROW 2: Lois Andre, Audrey Thomas, Linda Yocler, Kathy Quillet, Nancy Quillet, Josette Miller ROW 1: Mrs. Short, Advisor, Cindy Buehrer, Sara Schrock, Margie Mignin, Barb Yoder, Melody Grieser 114 GAA GAA Members, ROW SIX: Ann Rychener, Cheryl King, jane Trudel, Patsy Alexander, Luanna Beck, jean Leu ROW 5: julie Wyse, Teresa Mowery, jean Norden, Anne Hoff- man, Cindy Nofziger, Cindy Thierhoff ROW 4: Diane Sau- der, Nancy Bischoff, Lynn Taylor, jenny Bischoff, Sherri Sauder, Laura Taylor ROW 3: Barb Yoder, Cheryl Thier- hoff, Susy Wyse, Marilyn Stuckey, Jerri Humbarger, Shiela McC1ory ROW 2: Suzie Zimmerman, Pat Watkins, Evanne Webb, Sherri Short, Donna Grieser, Teresa Myers ROW 1: -Ian Dominique, Susan Schmucker, Carol Beck, Glenda jantzi, Sandy johnson, Mary Ann Benecke and Miss Sharpe, faculty advisor 115 Club Members, BACK ROW: Kathy Quilctr, Cindy Wyse, Arlene Miller, Peg Keim, Dave Clark, Marilyn Beck, jim Ebersole, Margie Mignin, Diane Amsrurz, Mrs, Wanner, advisor FRONT ROW: Poz Harris, Barb Yoder, Judy Beck, Vilma Schcnals, Linda Yodcrululic Silcox Medical areers lub 116 SAE 'Student Action for .org , Educationl' I 2 "" V KW 'al 1 f V Q r V' f 59 ?-E t if W , Club Members, BACK ROW: LuAnn Horst, Gwen Short, Terri Purdy, Dawn Beck, Arlene Miller,jan Ulrich, Miss Rupp, advisor FRONT ROW: Ruth Schoenhals, Terri Rupp, Ann Rychener Glendajanrzi FH 'sr X Four County Vocational Students ft 144 X ,ff""7,k 4 J Q Q V W, ,,Qfr any M, QP' .k-, K+ " vi , :-Q P, ,.4" M 5, int, A X -....,....,' , V ,, V QA . . ' 2 N X ,gi vb X. Q . A H g J , .. : ff, .. .Q 2 j 1?j l g W 3 9 53 ui -' 5 X " .lx vmf ' A Q .fr-' Annual Staff 1974 "Blue5treak" Staff, LEFT: Steve Holian, Organiza- tionsg Ed Grieser, Activiticsg Mary Ann Bernecke, Fac- ulty and Staffg Poz Harris, Seniorsg Craig Spotts, Editor and Sportsg Josie Eash, Photographerg Peg Keim, Musicg Dawn Roth, Underclassmen 120 4"'Pm,,, xxx '-..5'E', 3 Of 1 mu ' L, ' I f 1 -QW , " 2 Y I. im ' Q Ju. 5 K fx , ,M eil , ., Q .1 '. 4 V i l , 4 lg 4' ' i 'lik W 4 I A mg A ,I Blue Gold is 5 i K 52 ir 3 QR x V, l Mmm Blue 'n Gold Staff, LEFT: jeff Humbargcr, Kevin Beck, Lynn Taylor, Mrs. Short, advisor, Dave Clark, Connie Hoblet, Cindy Bingaman, Sharon Jacoby, Cheryl King, jim Ebersolc, -Ian Ulrich, -Iudy Wolf, Deb Suadcr, Andy Broclbeck, Vicks Wcires, and Pat johnson 3 Council Members, BACK ROW: Bruce Roscbrock, Parry Brodbeclc, Kevin Bcclgjcrri Vitelloulan Schmuckcr, Calvin Rychcner, Karen Cowell, Joyce Yoder, Donna Moraz, Evannc Webb, Advisors, Mr, David A. MCDoncl, Mrs. Cherie Short, Dave Clark, Cheryl King and blames Ebersolc 122 Student Council 1 gs- ' X 3 ww aww' If lf Ja lf. awk' .Jig S u x ,,'v 1 .- f xg T fs 4 a a 'SQ f , a 4 rf, QR if li NHS 2nd Year Members, BACK ROW: Deb Sauder, Susan Schmucker, Roger johnsonhlim Ebersole, Craig Sports, Mark Stockman FRONT ROW: Terri Rupp, MaryAnn Benecke, Anne Hackett, Lynn Taylor, Vicki Weires, Evelyn Seiler lst Year Members, BACK ROW: Andy Brodbeck, Dave Clark, Laura Storzer, Cathy Riegsecker, jan Ulrich, Diane Amstutz, Lois Andre, Pat Brodbeck, Cindy Buehrer, Cathy Clair FRONT ROW: jane Dominique, Marcia Frey, Ann Grieser, Margie Mignin, Donna Moraz, Brenda Plassman, Priscilla Sruckey,jeff Wells wi? 123 mateur Radio Club Club Members, LEFT: john Meier, Norbert Schenhals, james Lantz, Leslie Rupp, Advisor, Mr. Ken Lause, Bob Hesrerman, Alan Stamm, Ross Moraz, Mark Mignin, Mark Plassman, and Mike Nofziger QP' 124 The-7, z VN.. ,,- ' V 16-ff f --W ' 2 v vs. 1 1 1 n , ri' ,aw-""' ,..--f x 1 -s ,.., 1.. L VIA' wwh W " a Q Rx fa nr 1 ' fin. 1, rf? 53 Q Y' sg 4" .ff " ' ,- w ff! . . , J l V,'..'.f. J: t . , Q . , . 4 , . ffp. ..2,'i',l.f- , ,A to . ., ., U .N .H 1 "' Af"' Wins' 1' ff M., "f:,":0 'sn 1. 'VA u . W O 1 X gw Q3-3. v'u.:.- :- .H11 ,,..,,'vo Mu. 1 - .Q s ,V ...," 4 , 1 M.. H: Ono. n ' N., . m.,..,,. On ligne . " ..,,...,, t A gn., . u ,,,,,, nu , u 4 vw. Q'-U -. alt. ., 1 ...A , xy ,Y .Q , lo-1.--f' :'l1, ,WL , . 4 usb, Ur., QM. , , H .M :N ,N 2 ' ,, , , Ag, um ,N M 4 N? , . 0 . f . ' , 25 ' , -.4 0 ':,' f lr, ,,, g, I S Mr xv 5 at ' X vm W ng fwfr Z lu Z 5 4 V N .6 A, 3 1 fi: V34 Wi J 4 , ' I Facult and Administratibii K fm.. , :L ea- 45252 ag . L. 2 educate, educate, teach, teach, teach! hey, wait, maybe there's something more than just give and take and teach and learn. i remember once i heard teachers are really people in disguise now i'm not saying that's true, of course. but we could pretend . . chink HN ,, I 7,4 .1 1 , ia-sf. ' "' -,, V ,.,,.' ,W , ri fifffftf' 'Z' K y . 'qt f f ' vp, ' 4 -A :Agua Lv f9f'...6'f' Zff , f' 1 as 'fsffilffv , , i t Ji 1 .U-t1iH:s't.e1grr'z me:-ff as F Mhftg., A' ,,, ,ef Aviefm, , or V ,,gT,A,1'9f' Q ' fg.,'5l'i!- " "ff QL .i .f,f?gjgjK,L '1 ' ,rx K 'ef-25' i M f W. ,. A W ' , " ,Q - IQ? T a-,Q , it ,A X gn + 0 "' w 'iw' F' 1- I2 7 Superintendent and Board of Education 2 Superintendent MRS. MARY CORNETT Secretary MR. RICHARD HARRIS Board of Education, LEFT: Mr. Richard Harris, Superintendentg Dr. Hal Hackett, Mr. David Rupp jr., Mrs. Mrjohn Zimmerman and Mr. Elias Frey ABSENT WHEN PICTURE WAS TAKEN: Mr. Dale Nafziger handsj to open the gates which lead to virtue or to vice, to happiness or misery." Nancy Taylor, "It depends on education Cthat holder of the keys which the Almighty hath put into our jane Porter Viz, 4 Nfl MR. GENE RUPP Principal "You are young, my son, and, as the years go I by, time will change and even reverse many of I the present opinions. Refrain therefore awhile from setting yourself up as judge of the highest matters? Plato - Laws 728 Director of Athletics 'Some things will not bear much zeal: and the more earnest we are about them, the less we recommend ourselves to the approbation of sober and considerate men." Tillotson 130 Director of Guidance MR. CHARLES WINZELER Director of Guidance MR. GENE GRIME Director of Athletics 'iq-M A That wh1ch h1story can g1VC us best 15 enthusmsm Wh1Ch If ralses in our hearts., Goethe '- MRS. CHERIE SHORT English, journalism MRS. CAROL WACKER English MRS. SHELLEY WANNER English I KWH 1.4.2 ' Wik ve English Reading maketh a full mang conference a ready mang and writing an exact man. 44' l Bacon , 4 ,, sw., A MRS. CHARLOTTE SHININGER English, Latin MR. KEN LAUSE Spanish MRS. CAROL HACKETT Spanish Mark Hopkins af Goethe XX. MR. GERALD GEIGER Chemistry, General Science Science Survey MR. RON DILBONE Biology Science Survey MR. GEORGE CLARK Earth Science, Physics Science Survey Science and ,ax in 1? "Science is knowledge certain and evident in itself, or by the princi- ples from which it is certainly connected." William Fleming 'U-Qi. ., ,M "We hail science as man's truest friend and noblest helper." XY 154+ Moses Harvey 4 I' nm. ...-q.-aunidllffl Q X MRS. NANCY SULLIVAN Consumer Economics English MR. WENDELL BECK Algebra II, Geometry College Math kk -Q,-if A W W 1 El th "Mathematics may be briefly defined as the science of quantities, and is one of the most important of disciplining studies which engage the practical stu- dent." Whately rj x Jiaifit 'Q g - i Q ..,. 593. ,fs-L t ua .. ...-.1 t "Mathematics are the most abstract knowledge." ibm Bacon ci, by-qt -t, ,.,,,..,.. ,. ocational and MISS SUE OTTE Home Economics Family Living "Nothing is denied to well-directed labor." MR. RON DeLONG Agriculture MR. LARRY LIROT Industrial Arts Crafts MR. GENE FALER Industrial Arts Crafts Sir joshua Reynolds W V ,gn I M ,rl I . Business Education Success in business is seldom owing to uncommon talents or original power which is untractable and self-willed, but to the greatest degree of commonplace Hazlitt 'J ,w if 5 , , S X 4 .. Q Q A' 'ww MRS. ELVA KEIM Business MISS EVELYN RUPP Business MRS. MARY ANN THATCHER General Business K ., 71 ,, gl, i .,' " 1 KJ 41 : ...+- lf 'wi -0- I ' 1 1 f ,.fi.l MR. DAVID A. MCDONEL Vocal Music MR. THOMAS EHRMAN Instrumental Music MRS. SHARON KOLB Fine Arts Music and Arts Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm anc harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. Every artist was first an amateur. Platc Novali: Health and Physical Education He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. Arabian Proverb MR. DAN NEFF Boys' Physical Ed., Health MISS CHARLOTTE SHARPE Girls, Physical Ed., Health MR. MIKE WALKER Health, Drivers Education l l l 1 40 Special Education and Guidance Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important, in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. Hawthorne MR. JACK SEXTON Special Education 3 V MRS. HELEN WELDY Guidance MRS. ELANOR ENGLER Strings f in it is f 53 Photogemc Faculty? 142 Cafeteria Staff: Forence Grime, Betty Barger, joan Eash, Elnora Rupp, Director, Ella Berkg and Margerite Kingsbury -1 ,, ABOVE: Margerite washes the "home grown" beans, as she and other members prepare one of their memorable Hawaiian Luaus directed by chief "Ella," 5 1 MAURICE HOOTMAN, Custodian Library Staff: Myra Short, Miss Cynthia Wasch, Directorg Mary Schlatter, Mary Beck MARTHA SCHANTZ, Secretary p 1 WARREN KINGSBURY, Custodian Transportation Staff Mrs. Eash loses count after 631 . . . hmmm . . . on-teaching Personnel 5, 6 W-fn, i Av-yi , gg ,D , 'wt 1 Z ff , 55 e yf . Aw . . m,:, 6, .,A,, A 'S 'K , A S '. Another smile. . .another clean floor. . . Qnx Mbsumm-of ,pf ,X xt.-3 4, 1 1 5 CHRISTY MCTOR SALES 3 I4!3 I6 N. Defiance Sf. Ph. 445-440I Body Shop 454I IC K EY' S Besf Food - Besf Fun - Besf People ARCHBOLD BARBER I SHOP I I6 N. Defiance Sf. Ph. 445-68 I 6 Greg Grime - Dan Biedersfedf 2 I 5 N. Defiance Sf. Ph. 445-445I Poz Harris Iooks for an ad. FARMLAND NEWS I05 Vine Sfreef Ph. 445-9456 Serving Seven Norfhwesfern Ohio Counfies The Trend Today, I I Is To IGA I I I I 690 W. Sfryker S+. Ph 445-2586 ,f Y ,V A, y . 44,5 ,, ,MTH James Lan+z, Doug Zuver, Mike Bernafh, and Tracy Z egler keep Ihe food mo ing! JIM 81 DALES ISA Lugbill Addifion Ph. 445-20 I 0 f ,y,,f". Ga y Rosebroclx gives accura'fe e'gh+ a+ +he supply s+ore. CompIimen+s of LUGBILL BROS INC 81 LUGBILL SUPPLY CENTER I ' 5. 0 . . 35.33321 ' i , :: ,a I l I I. RICH BROS. FORD S+ryker S+. Ph. 445-30 I 0 STUCKEY REAL ESTATE Auclioneers and ReaI+ors 224 N. Defiance PI1s. 445-383I 445-490I f Mike Leclrlider delivers anofher chair. Dave Grieser, Geoff Shor+, Tim Croyle and Paul Ber+scI1e approve of Mr. WinzeIer's new Mustang II QUICK PRINTING SERVICE RU PP'S FU RN ITU RE 203 N. Defi ance Ph. 445-34I6 146 Lugbill Rd. Ph. 445-63 I 6 .XR . I -rw , . ' X3 v A., ...X , ,. N - ' .Q J J yr Jeff Humbarger delivers ano+I1er Blue 'n Gold Manuscripi' 'For prin+. r-vw B Wise C Wise 4 Office Supplies Julie Wyse looks for a WYSE BOOK 81 OFFICE SUPPLIES I405 S. Defiance Sf. Ph. 445-543 I Mary Beneclce finds fhe "in 'I'I1ing" af Hess' Shoes. H ESS' SHOES 2 I 4 N. Defiance Sf. Ph, 445-345I good paper back. Donus WeIIre Icnows qualify! SHORT FU RNITU RE 220 N. Defiance Ph. 445- 3566 SHORT FUNERAL HOME 500 N. Defiance Sf. 445-3556 BILL'S SOHIO IOI S. Defiance Sf. 445-6396 Dave Cleric pleases a cusfomer. . , x.., .. ,..:,,,... ,kkkik V ,wigiuu K K Wm CapH'al and Surplus S2,000,000.00 "I+ Does Make A Difference" When you Save and Bank a+ 'rhe FARMERS 81 MERCHANTS STATE BANK A hbold Ohio Member F D.l.C. eg Keim opens her Chris+mas Accou if BERNATH'S SUPER DOLLAR Lugbill Rd. Phone 445-2426 Ch N h d dM IIMII k p+h h I + k d , as i IA i f ieei ie A K' W ,,,, AVVL 1:4 H 'M AIIAV I ' -V ' ' ., ,5,.., , ff ' ' Q e W l ' iiii eii 'li LA CHOY AV -M' Denny Baer decides +o "Swing American" WHY NCT? 90l Sfryker S+. Phone 445-8Ol5 I I :, P MEYER FARM SERVICE Case Tracfor - ImpIemen+s Riclgeville Corners Ph. 267-3848 as Joe has his eye on a new Pon1'iacI L1 H NOPZINGER MOTOR SALES K , I 2 if en I09-I I I E. Mechanic 445-358I y Q' W as D We, , BELOW: Cheryl enioys a new IooIrI II Lkieiy gj -,Ael. fl , 1, Deb knows where fo go for "service." SCHWIEBERT ORGAN 8: MUSIC Ridgeville Corners Phone 267-5 I 89 ALEX PRODUCTS INC. 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S+ R+ 66 Miller Shell Service Ridgeville Corners Nafionwide Insurance 3 I 7 Sfrylrer S+. Orville Pursell, Sohio 505 Brussel Red Cross Drug Sfore 20I N. Defiance Sf. Ridgeville Elevafor Ridgeville Corners Ro+h's Garage S+ Rf 20 A and S+ Rf 66 Rufenachf's Haberdashery 225 N. Defiance Sf. Rupp Furnifure 203 N. Defiance Sf. Rupp Insurance Agency Inc. I I6 N. Defiance Sf. Rupp Lumber Co. Pe'H'isviIIe Sa uders T V I07 S. Defiance Sf. Sauder Mfg. Co. 600 Middle S+. Shepherd Tobacco Co. Ridgeville Corners Sohiogro Service Co. Ridgeville Corners Sforrers Marafhon Service Lugbill Addn. Sfofzer Hardware 30I N. Defiance Sf. Tri Sfafe Elevafor Inc. S+ Rf 66, Elmira V. S. Beck Ins. Agency I20 N. Defiance Sf. Vernier-McLaughlin-Probeclr Co. I07-I I I N. Defiance Sf. Wyse Mofor Repair I04 Monumenfal S+. Young Daybroolr Inc. Barre Road Zaer's Home Resfauranf 2 I6 N. Defiance V PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Archbold Medical Group Drs. Haclceff 81 Galloway Dr. J. R. Pefers Dr. Sferling W. 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Suggestions in the Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) collection:

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